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Swift Justice

Part 1


By the year 2003, society was fed up with crime and the way that criminals convicted of capital crimes evaded punishment with seemingly endless legal delays. Justice delayed is justice denied. This was especially true for the families and friends of the victims.

Even when an execution took place it was performed by the painless antiseptic method of lethal injection. It could hardly be considered punishment when compared to what the crime victims frequently suffered. Murderers that should have been fried escaped their just end. The Charlie Manson gang escaped execution as did Susan Smith the child killer. The death sentence of the torture murderess Judith Healy was commuted. Even when Aileen Wornose the female serial killer was executed, it was by lethal injection and not by electrocution which she so richly deserved. Enough was enough.

By a two-thirds majority national vote, a new criminal justice code was put in place that eliminated most of the unfairness to the victim's family and ensured swift punishment of the perpetrator upon conviction of first degree murder or treason. A different type of jury system was also put in place that allowed for a quick but fair trial.

The new system was rooted in the belief that for capital punishment to be a deterrent, it must be certain, exquisitely painful and humiliating. Capital punishment should be punishment. The convicted criminals should contemplate their misdeeds while writhing in agony in a public forum.

Lethal injection was replaced by the only method of execution that allowed for the precise delivery of pain, pleasure and humiliation to the executee - THE ELECTRIC CHAIR. Society had turned full circle. Depending on the jury's decision, the man or woman could be electrocuted quickly or slowly depending on the nature of the crime thereby ensuring that justice was properly done.

The following is the story of Laura Mae Wells, a beautiful but treacherous woman who tried to beat the new system. She used her sex to wrap men around her fingers and get what ever she wanted. When she was finished with them, she had them killed and disposed of without a trace. But the last time, she was betrayed by her accomplices and now must stand trial for first-degree murder. If convicted she would immediately go to the electric chair.

In the fight of her life, could she use her sex one more time to seduce the men on the jury to spare her the humiliation of a public electrocution? Or will Laura Mae Wells fry in the electric chair, writhing and twisting in the punishing current to the orgasmic ecstasy of electricity surging through her voluptuous body?

The New Criminal Justice Code

Before any one can be charged with first-degree murder where a death sentence was possible upon conviction, a number of criteria must be met namely;

1. There must be a body or bodies where the cause of death can be unequivocally determined.

2. The accused must be linked directly to the crime with undisputed DNA, finger print or other high tech evidence.

3. No circumstantial evidence is allowed.

4. Only corroborated eyewitness testimony between parties known to each other is allowed.

5. The accused makes a confession to the crime that was not coerced.

If 4 out of 5 of the above criteria are met, then an indictment can be made and a trial begin.

The Rules of Trial

1. A jury of peers and alternates are chosen as under the old system except that it must consist of 6 men and 6 women.

2. After each day's testimony, the jury is allowed to retire and permitted to discuss the day's testimony for up to one day before returning to court. This ensures that no critical information is lost with time and the guilt or innocence decision is an evolving process!

3. When both sides rest their respective cases, each side is given one half hour to make their summation arguments.

4. The jury then has up to one half hour to reach a unanimous decision or else a mistrial is declared.

5. After the jury decision is made, then the jury (without further argument) is given 5 minutes to vote on the punishment. A majority vote determines the penalty.

6. In first degree murder or treason cases, the penalty can be life in prison, death by quick electrocution or death by slow electrocution - the penalty to be carried out immediately without appeal.

The Rules for Court Room Spectators

1. All court room proceedings are open to the public by lottery. A potential trial spectator (except for a limited number of family members) must draw numbers. The numbers represent the days of trial.

2. Those that chose the day of the jury decision (along with the press) will be the official witnesses to the immediate public execution of the prisoner in the electric chair in the manner recommended by the jury.

3. The electric chair will replace the court room witness box in all capital death penalty cases. The accompanying electrical equipment to energize the death chair will be set up in the front of the courtroom for all to see.

4. All witnesses giving testimony in the case will be required to sit in the electric chair while giving their testimony.

The Court Room Rules for the Accused

1. The accused is required to see all court room proceedings either in court or on close circuit monitors.

2. The accused can wear any clothing of their choice.

3. On the day of the jury decision, the accused in a death penalty case must be prepared for immediate electrocution.

4. Appropriate body hair must be removed and at a minimum the accused in given the mandatory enema followed by a quantity of adsorbent cotton pushed up his or her rectum.

5. The accused can wear any clothes of their choice. A diaper is optional. If the accused is confident of an acquittal then they usually decline a diaper to preserve their dignity.

6. The accused before the jury reaches their decision, is strapped into the electric chair bound with leather straps at the ankles, waist, arms and biceps. This prevents escape from the chair in the event the jury returns a guilty and death penalty decision.

7. If innocent or the accused is given life then he or she is released from the chair.

8. If guilty and the accused is sentenced to death then the chest and chinstraps are tightened. The electrodes are then secured to the back of each calf leg muscle and to the prisoner's head.

9. The electrician checks all connections and the electrocution program on the equipment that will deliver the juice into the man or woman's body.

10. After a final statement from the condemned, the switch is thrown and the court room witnesses can follow every plea and scream and spasmodic twitching of the prisoner frying in the electric chair until justice is done.

The Electrocution Protocols

There are only two electrocution protocols namely;

1. The quick and somewhat painless method of death by electrocution if the jury recommends mercy. Natural sponge electrodes soaked in salt water are attached to the curve of both the prisoner's bare calf muscles. A sponge electrode soaked in salt water is secured to the prisoner's shaved head. The electrodes are wired with heavy cables that are connected to a three phase programmed high voltage AC electric circuit. This ensures the even flow of electricity through the prisoners legs, genitals, buttocks, torso and head. The first electric shock is delivered at from 200 to 500 volts at low amperage completely through the prisoner's body for 30 seconds. The prisoner will be rendered unconscious within 30 seconds and experience some pain as the AC current surges back and forth from legs to head. Then the amperage can be increased and the voltage raised to 2000 volts to electrocute the man or woman in the chair and stop the heart in several one minute intervals or as long as required to carry out the death sentence. An exhaust fan should be installed above the electric chair to take away the odors of burning body fluids, hair, sweat and flesh during the execution.

2. The slow painful method of death by electrocution if the jury recommends conscious extended punishment before death. The preparations, equipment and securing of the electrodes to the calf muscles and head are the same as protocol 1 except for the electrocution program. The Supreme Court ruled that protocol 2 was not cruel and unusual punishment because the prisoner will experience a perverse sexual pleasure that will mitigate the pain of electrocution as their genitals are stimulated to orgasm. Female subjects experience multiple orgasms and lubricate profusely during protocol 2 electrocution. A male prisoner with his penis erect from the cotton plugs up his rectum stimulating his prostate will ejaculate copious amounts of cum when the juice passes through his genitals. The first electric shocks at 200 to 500 volts and low amperage are passed only through the prisoner's legs at one-minute intervals with a minute rest between the extended shocks. The AC electric current surges back and forth at 60 cycles per second up the prisoner's legs shooting through their buttocks and genitals. Sometime during the three long electric shocks to their lower body, the prisoner will experience a profound sexual orgasm then loose bladder control. Their buttock and anal sphincter muscles will be blasted open by the juice but the cotton plug will prevent any embarrassing expulsion. Writhing in the current, the prisoner will have time to contemplate his or her crimes, which has led to their shameful end, exposed to the curious gaze and the prurient interest of the witnesses. After the prisoner has been sufficiently punished, the voltage is increased to 2000 volts and the amperage is ramped up as the head electrode is turned on. The prisoner is then fried by a full body electrocution until the sentence is carried out and justice is done.

The Crime

Laura Mae Wells was a beautiful 28 year old woman who used her sexual powers to lure rich men into relationships that would lead to the loss of their fortunes and lives. Her accomplices were adept at disposing of the body without a trace and shared in the ill-gotten gains. She learned as a young teenager that she could seduce boys to do her homework and shop lift for sexual favors. She knew just how to string the young men along to do her bidding. She was an exhibitionist and sexual tease with no conscience. The girls in her high school graduating class knew her all too well. They voted her most likely to end up in the electric chair. Little did they know that their wish just might come true.

By her mid 20's Laura Mae's appetite for money, drugs and the finer things of life became insatiable. She could only feed this obsession by bilking rich men out of their money. To cover the crimes after she was through with them, she would have them killed. She successfully disposed of five unsuspecting men in this manner before something went wrong.

Another couple Leila Marston and Billy Travis were her partners in crime. Their lust for money was just as insatiable as Laura Mae's. This unholy trio met eight years ago at a local bar. They got to talk and over the next few months they formed their evil pact. Laura Mae would search out well to do single men then lure them into a sexual relationship to learn their secrets. She would find out about their bank accounts and location of valuables. On a few occasions she married them and arranged to be the beneficiary on the life insurance policies. She would then poison the men with chemicals supplied by Leila and Billy. Her accomplices would dispose of the body leaving her clean. After enough time had passed, they would divide the money.

Her first murder was committed at the tender age of 21. Without a body or a confession, there was no way to prove that a murder was committed. No matter how suspicious the police investigators were, they couldn't do anything about it. The evidence was only circumstantial. She lived the good life after each murder thumbing her nose at society.

Then after the fifth murder, two neighbors spotted her accomplices placing the body into their car trunk and driving off. They alerted the police and the two were caught with the body still in the trunk. The pair were known by the neighbors who seen them at the house on a number of occasions. That was all the police needed to bring first-degree murder charges against the pair. A confession wasn't even necessary.

Leila and Billy knew that they were going to the electric chair for sure unless they fingered Laura Mae. There was insufficient evidence to tie Laura Mae to the crime and she would go free. Leila was shaking with fear thinking about what it was going to be like, bound with heavy leather straps into that ugly oak wood chair while thousands of volts of electricity ripped through her young body. She imagined herself screaming and jerking against leather restraints as she burned in agony from the electric shocks.

NOOOOO! She won't die this way while that bitch Laura Mae goes free. To save themselves from the electric chair, Leila and Billy confessed fingering Laura Mae as the actual murderess. That was all the police needed to bring charges of first-degree murder against Laura Mae and ask for the death penalty.

The Trial of Laura Mae Wells

Her trial proceeded quickly. Every day the courtroom was packed with press and spectators watching every curve and ripple of Laura Mae's sun-tanned flesh and breasts in her revealing outfits. To prevent any escape attempt she had to stay in jail during the trial but she was free to wear anything she chose from her large wardrobe. And she made the most of it.

Laura Mae knew that she was in real danger of receiving the death penalty while her accomplices would most likely receive life sentences. Although she didn't especially like the idea of wasting away in prison for the rest of her life, she feared dying in the electric chair even more. Just thinking about it sent a chill through her body. Strangely, her nipples would harden and her panties would get wet whenever she imagining herself tightly bound into the death chair with heavy leather straps waiting for that first massive electric shock to smash through her body.

Maybe it was the bondage or the helplessness that she couldn't do anything about it that had her so aroused. Once the switch was thrown a thousand volts of red-hot electricity would invade her body like a cruel electric lover to both punish her and bring her orgasmic pleasure until she was dead.

But NOOOOO! - She can't let that happen. She must have a plan using her sex to save herself from electrocution. She was guilty and deserved to get the chair but she wasn't going to become a spectacle to feed the lust of the hungry crowd. Her only chance was to dress seductively at her trial and sway the men on the jury to spare her the humiliation of a public execution.

She planned out her wardrobe with cunning detail. She would wear no bra over her firm pointed breasts. She wanted her breasts to press against the tight thin fabric of her blouse seductively outlining her erect nipples. As for underwear, she would wear see through white lace panties that would darken from her fur covering pussy but show the lighter flesh tones above her pubic mons. At strategic points during her trial she would open her legs a little to flash the jury and courtroom. Next she would wear a garter belt to support sheer dark stockings over her sun tanned legs. Her legs from mid thigh to her flimsy panties would be completely bare. In the sitting position wearing a short dress, glimpses of her tanned thighs would be visible. As she spent more time in jail, the sun tan would fade and her milky white upper thighs would contrast her stocking covered legs. High heel shoes came next. She would make sure that the shoes matched her tight short skirt or mini dress. The final touch would be her red lipstick, natural make up and full wavy hairstyle for her blond hair.

For the first day of her trial she wore a light blue mini dress and matching shoes. When she entered the courtroom to take her place at the lawyer's table, she saw the electric chair for the first time. In place of a witness stand on a rubber mat stood the ominous thick oak wood chair bolted to the floor with open straps at the ankles, arm rests, and at the top of the head rest. She also noticed two thick leather straps to go across the lap and around the waist to hold the victim firmly in the chair. To the right of the chair resting on the floor were two large metal book case size chassis with dials and switches. She realized that these displays were voltage and amperage meters and the controls were directed to send high voltage electricity to the chair and into the body of whoever was strapped into that chair. She shuttered to think that it could be her. To her relief she didn't see any wire connections or electrode type devises attached to the chair just yet. Her gaze was drawn to the ceiling above that electric torture chair to the exhaust fan. She instantly knew that this was for real and would be used to remove the odors produced by her body frying from the electricity if it came to that eventuality.

She sat down at the table filled with apprehension at this scene. As she sat down her mini dress rode above her mid thighs flashing the judge and on occasion the jury box. This was serious and she had to use all of her seductive skills to keep her buns from frying in that hot seat.

Her partners in crime would be tried next but for now they would be housed in the county jail. They will be able to see Laura Mae's trial by remote camera. They will be able to follow the trial and see in frightening detail the minute by minute possible execution of their friend and partner in crime.

The trial lasted for a total of 5 days. It was clear to Laura Mae that it was an open and shut case against her. She would be found guilty. Nothing could stop that. She took the stand (the unwired electric chair) to plead for her life and say how sorry she was for what she did. She wore very seductive clothes for the occasion. She wore a tight fitting very short white Lycra mini dress that accentuated every curve of her body. The material expanded and contracted tightly against her body sculpturing around her braless breasts, hips and buttocks. You could clearly see the outline of her narrow profiled sheer panties through the thin Lycra fabric. Her buttocks crack and hillocks were perfectly displayed. Her large firm breasts slowly rose and gently fell hugged in the Lycra embrace as her nipples pressed outward in a constant state of erection. Her slender muscled legs were covered with sheer dark hosiery up to mid thighs and hooked to a garter belt.

As she was called to sit in the electric chair to give her testimony she would weave her seduction spell on the courtroom. All eyes followed her as she got up, took a deep breath then walked toward the thick oak chair, paused to look around then sat down on the hard pad of the hot seat. Every contraction of her leg muscles and ripple of her body was clearly visible as she walked to the chair. When she turned around to sit, her short white dress rode above her mid thighs as planned. She placed her arms on the chair arms then for a few moments opened her legs to cross them concealing that intimate place between her legs from the gaze of the crowd. But for a few moments her panty-covered pussy was visible to the court. She wore narrow sheer pink panties that showed her darker pussy hairs through the thin fabric.

She kept her composure throughout the testimony but it was clear that on cross-examination that she was guilty and couldn't justify her crimes. Her only chance now was to gain the sympathy of the men on the jury to spare her a death sentence. After all, she was too cute to electrocute. She admitted her guilt but pleaded for her life. She said that she was remorseful and can change her ways. She turned to the jury with her legs uncrossed exposing herself and with tears in her eyes begged them not to give her the chair. She said "I'm afraid of the electricity - please don't burn me in the chair - I'm too young to die that way - spare me - I'll change my ways". She appeared to gain the sympathy of many in the court but how did it play with the jury?

With that plea, the presentation of the case ended. All that remained was Judgement Day.

Judgement Day

On this day the prosecution and defense give their summary arguments, the jury makes their decision and the sentence is carried out. All this takes place in the courtroom behind closed doors with only the press, witnesses drawn by lottery and family members present. In Laura Mae's case, she must be prepared for electrocution before entering the courtroom. Her accomplices will view the proceedings by close circuit TV.

The Day before Judgment Day

On the day before Judgment Day, Laura Mae can make her last request. After all, tomorrow could be her last day if she gets the chair. She requested to spend the night with her secret boyfriend Jack Carter. Although she was caught shortly after killing her last husband, the jury won't find out about spending the night with Jack until the trial was over.

She was excited at the prospect of seeing Jack and having sex with him even in the prison cell. She put on the sexiest clothes that she had for him. She wanted Jack to unwrap her, garment by garment like she was gift-wrapped. Her panties were getting wet from her natural lubrication while fantasizing about his rock hard penis throbbing inside her soaking cunt - thrusting and rubbing against her swollen love button. This could be her last chance to experience sexual ecstasy with her man before being held in the leather embrace of the electric hot seat writhing in it's penetrating current to her death orgasms.

After a strip search, Jack Carter came to her for that last night. The guards left the area to give them their privacy. As soon as Jack entered her cell she rushed to embrace him pressing and grinding her pelvis into his while they kissed their lovers kiss full on the lips with open mouths and tongues intertwined. They held this embrace for several minutes like it was their last. It lasted for as long as it would take for her to die in the electric chair the next day.

They wasted no time. She leaned back seductively inviting Jack to take off her clothes items one at a time. He unbuttoned her blouse revealing her large firm tits with swollen nipples pointing toward him inviting him to take her. Her blouse came off followed by the short skirt, which he raised above her hips and over her head. She stood before him in sheer bikini briefs and stocking encased legs. She kicked off her high heels and invited him to roll the stockings off her beautiful legs. After that he rolled her panties down off her hips to reveal her furred pussy. Her pubic hair was darker than the wavy blond hair on her head and surrounded the passageway to the inner essence of her sex.

She sat on the prison cot with her legs open to his gaze as if to say, "this is all yours tonight". He took off all of his clothes and stood before her sporting the biggest erection he ever had in his life. It stood straight out like an iron ramrod with its purple head swollen and throbbing eager to penetrate her hot lubricated love canal. He laid on top of her naked body as she opened her legs and raised them to bring her hot pouting pussy lips in contact with his dripping swollen cock head. She guided his stiff member past her vulva and into her vagina opening spreading apart her love canal walls as he thrust deep inside her. She let out a moan of ecstasy as he started to plunge and draw back inside her body.

The lovers swooned with sexual abandon throughout most of the night as he ejaculated, rested and ejaculated again while deeply buried inside her spasming vagina. She moved her hips around so that his muscular ramrod rubbed her sensitive protruding clit bringing her over the edge with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

She savored every moment of this sexual pleasure with her man because by morning the only sexual pleasure she might get would be mixed with the excruciating pain of electrocution if she must die in the electric chair.

Morning came too early and her lover had to leave. He kissed and embraced her one last time then turned and left escorted by the guards. He had to keep his identity secret so he would not be in the courtroom today. Besides, he couldn't stand to see Laura Mae die in the chair if it came to that. One of the guards had a cell phone and contacted one of jury members about the appearance of her lover. This was going to infuriate the jury who was asked to believe that she repented of her crimes. That was going to seal her fate for good.


Part 2

Preparation for Judgement Day

It was time for Laura Mae to make her appearance in court but first she must be prepared for execution. They gave her a good breakfast then she made her outfit selection for this special day. She chose a black low cut blouse with buttons up the front and a short black mini skirt with matching high heel shoes. Underneath she would wear no bra, a white thong bikini with see through crotch fabric fixed with a garter belt and sheer dark hosiery. Her head would have to be shaved so she brought her blond wig for the occasion.

Several matrons came to her cell and escorted her with her clothes selection to the preparation room. There she had to strip down to her underwear, sit in the barber chair and submit to having her head and legs shaved. She offered no resistance but let them have their way with her. She still believed that she would not be executed because she gained the sympathy of the jury who would spare her. She did not let them shave her genital area because that was going too far and was unnecessary.

When they were finished she got up and looked in the mirror at her shaved head and ran her hands over her smoothed legs. They then instructed her to take a shower which would be private since she was not convicted of anything just yet. After the shower she dried off, put on a robe and came out into the room again. She noticed set up along the wall a table near the toilet with a full enema bag suspended from a ceiling hook. She followed the long hose down to the table to a long black colon tube. The matrons explained to her that an enema was mandatory before she went back into court just in case. She exclaimed "just in case of what?" The matrons paused in their answer then said, "just in case she was given the death sentence". They need to clean out her colon because during an electrocution her anal sphincter muscle will open causing an embarrassment and mess on the electric chair pad.

She cringed at the thought but after a moment of hesitation got up on the table. She was told to kneel on the table and lift up the robe above her hips. One matron placed her hands on her ass cheeks and held them open while the other matron pushed her down in the kneeling position. This spread her ass wide open exposing the rose bud of her anus for the colon tube. One matron lubricated her anus with Vaseline on her gloved finger working it in until the opening relaxed. The other matron inserted the colon tube into her rectum and released the full enema into her body.

They gave her time to expel the enema then had her go up on the table again. She was told that now they had to insert a large quantity of cotton up her rectum to keep everything inside her no matter what happens. Again she had to submit to the indignity of this handling. She knelt down and bent over for the insertion of the cotton. The cotton was pushed up her rectum filling her emptied bowels, which started to arouse her.

After this treatment, she was offered a diaper. She refused. In the eyes of the jury, that would be an admission that she expected to be executed. And that would only encourage a death sentence for sure. No, her only chance was to remain as alluring as possible and sway the men on the jury to spare her. She got up now and put on her make up and wig. She took off her robe and stepped into her white thong bikini and garter belt followed by her sheer dark stockings. Next was her blouse over her bare breasts followed by her short tight skirt and matching black high heel shoes. She reached under her short skirt and snapped the garter belts to her stocking tops. Upon pulling her skirt back down over her hips, she was ready to go into the courtroom. The clothes and wig she was wearing would give no hint that she was prepped for execution.

The Verdict

As she walked into the crowded courtroom, she looked around at all the people and press watching her every move. Her gaze fell upon the electric chair in the front of the room on the elevated platform. It was wired! Thick black electric cables led from a conjunction box under the chair to the metal chassis that would control the delivery of the electric current to the chair. There were three lesser cables leading from the conjunction box to electrode type devises at various places on the chair. One led to a helmet type of devise holding a wet sponge on the headrest. The other cables led to wide strap electrodes each fitted with a wet sponge, one on either side of the ankles stocks. It was clear to her that all that was needed to complete an electric circuit was to have a human body strapped into the chair and fitted with the electrodes. That body was going to be hers. The ominous switches and buttons on the control panels would finally close the circuit that would send the punishing current into her body. She would pull and thrash against the thick leather straps begging and screaming for her life as she sizzles and pees all over herself.

But no it isn't over yet. There is still a chance the jury won't vote to fry her. As she walked over to the table she was aware of the fullness in her bowels from the cotton plugs up her rectum. The sight of the chair in front reminded her of why that cotton was there.

She took her place at the table then both sides gave their summation arguments. Her attorney argued that she repented of her crimes and has changed. As a result she should be spared execution. A life sentence would allow for parole. But, unknown to her, the jury already knew that she had a secret lover while married to her most recent murdered husband and that they spent last night together. The jury was angry that she was thumbing her nose at the system and making fools out of them.

But they held her fate and punishment in their hands. She looked at the faces of the jury members but she didn't see the sympathy they signaled before today. This started to worry her. For the first time she began to mentally prepare herself for the possibility that she might be put to death for the entertainment of the court room witnesses.

The summation arguments were completed and the jury retired for one half hour to render their verdict. As soon as the jury left the courtroom, two matrons walked over to the electric chair and stood facing the courtroom one on either side of the chair. Two male guards walked over to Laura Mae and told her that it was time for her to sit in the chair. The room was filled with low murmuring as each guard held an upper arm and guided her to her feet then slowly led her over to the execution chair. Now she was really getting scared and wanted to scream. The guards had to nudge her forward as she held herself back. But she was also getting somewhat aroused at this handling. She felt a dampness between her legs as she stared at the open leather chair straps waiting to enfold her.

When she arrived at her final destination, they turned her to face the courtroom then firmly pushed her down into the chair. As she sat her curvaceous thinly clad buttocks in the chair her tight short black dress rode up to about her mid thighs. Instinctively, she spread her legs a little and placed her arms on the chair arms holding on tight. She squirmed her bottom back to center herself better on the hot seat. The matrons then proceeded to secure her to the electric chair. The first strap was brought over her upper body just under her protruding tits. The strap was tightened to secure her body to the padded backrest. Her bare tits nearly spilled out of her blouse. In her aroused state, her engorged nipples provocatively pointed straight out moving up and down with her breathing. Next her arms were bound to the chair with thick wrist and biceps straps. Finally, the matrons knelt down in front of the chair and spread her legs open wide to strap each leg to an ankle stock. While they were tightening the leather straps around her ankles they couldn't help notice how wet she was between her legs. The thin lace see through panties couldn't hide wet pubic hair and the fabric clinging to her moist vulva. That was as far as they would go for now until the jury returned their verdict. Laura Mae sat uncomfortably in the chair spread eagle with her thinly covered sex on display. But that was her choice. The wait for the jury was excruciating. The courtroom was filled with murmuring and stares for the next ten minutes until the jury walked back into the courtroom. They only deliberated for 15 minutes. Laura Mae wasn't sure what that meant. Then the foreman handed the verdict to the judge.

Strapped into the chair, Laura Mae followed the foreman walking to the judge. She was breathing heavily now and she started to sweat. Would her plan work? What would she do if it didn't work? The judge read the verdict, "You Laura Mae Wells have been found GUILTY of murder in the first degree by a unanimous decision of the jury"!

She gasped at those words and tried to get out of the chair but the leather straps were too strong. All she could do was squirm and buck against them. The jury was then allowed 5 minutes to decide on the punishment. After a few minutes discussion in the jury box, they took their vote. There was one vote for a life sentence, four votes for execution according to protocol 1 but seven votes for execution by protocol 2! By a majority vote, Laura Mae was to die by slow electrocution in the courtroom - the sentence was to be carried out immediately.

Laura Mae cried out NOOOOO! Please don't burn me - I don't want to die - I've changed my ways - I'm sorry for what I did - I'm afraid of electric shocks - no don't - please don't she begged. But the jury foreman explained the decision. He told the court about her secret boyfriend during her marriage and how it mocked the justice system. As a result she deserved to suffer while being electrocuted. The courtroom doors were now locked closed and the witnesses took their seats to watch the show.

All that remained was to pass sentence. The judge turned to the hapless Laura Mae already strapped into the electric chair and pronounced the death sentence. You Laura Mae Wells having been found guilty of murder in the first degree are hereby sentenced to death by electrocution. A current of electricity will be passed through your body according to execution protocol 2 in such a manner, that you will remain conscious feeling the juice while reflecting on your crimes. Executioners you may proceed to carry out the sentence, may God have mercy on your soul.

The Punishment

A hush came over the courtroom. The exhaust fan above the chair was turned on. Its purpose was not lost on Laura Mae. The head executioner explained to the witnesses what they were about to see. Electrodes would be attached to the woman's scalp and to both of her legs. These electrodes would be of copper metal with a natural sponge soaked in salt water pressed between the electrode and her bare skin. These electrodes will be strapped tightly to her body and cables from the control consoles will connect these electrodes on the woman to the high voltage electric circuit. She will be shocked with electricity entering and leaving her body through these electrodes.

She will be given three one-minute low voltage electric shocks to her lower body with a one-minute of rest in between them. She would remain conscious during this part of the electrocution and can be expected to beg and scream for her life. She will feel sexual arousal and spontaneous sexual orgasms as well as an intense painful electric surge through her legs and genitals. It was common for the prisoner to loose bladder control during electrocution but the cotton plugs up her rectum will prevent any embarrassing expulsions. Then after this punishment, the head electrode will be activated and a protocol 1 electrocution will be applied. The woman will be hurled against the heavy leather strap restraints when the electricity goes through her entire her body. You can expect her to jerk and twist against the straps but that is normal. Her flesh may burn during the electrocution but the exhaust fan will remove all offensive body odors from the room. Smoke will issue from under her leg and head electrodes as the water boils away and her flesh burns. You are all asked to keep silent and sit still during the execution. The press may videotape the event.

Her accomplices were viewing these proceedings on a close circuit monitor from their prison cells. They were scared stiff but getting sexually aroused watching their friend about to die in the electric chair. They were sure they wouldn't share her fate but they wanted to see her jerking around and begging for her life as she fried. They wanted to see her thrusting her hips and flashing her pussy as she gets the juice. From the privacy of their cells they could masturbate themselves while watching her die.

The matrons approached the chair once again and removed the blond wig that Laura May was wearing. Then they applied the shiny electrical conductive jelly all over the top of her shaved head. She looked quite the sight almost comical wearing lipstick and makeup with a shining top about to be fitted with the head electrode.

Next the matrons bent over and pushed up Laura Mae's very short dress well above her bare mid thighs to unhook her stockings from her garter belt. That completely exposed her wet crotch to the gaze of the courtroom. The witnesses smirked and quietly laughed at her aroused condition while getting wired up and undressed for electrocution. The matrons reached up her thighs to roll the sheer dark stockings down her gorgeous legs. One matron using her finger massaged Laura Mae's soaking wet pussy and said, "you must be enjoying this honey", adding "well we shall see how much you like it when you get the juice". The other matron jumped in and said, "Be brave Laura Mae, the orgasms you'll get will help you overcome the pain and make it easier for you - I'm told that some women even enjoy this way of being executed". At those words of encouragement, her stockings were rolled down to the top of the ankle stocks revealing her bare legs in all their glory.

Next they knelt down and smeared the conductive jelly all over Laura Mae's smooth bare lower legs and calf muscles. Now she was ready for the electrodes. Fresh salt water was added to the electrode sponges then they were wrapped around her calve muscles and secured with leather straps. Electric cables were attached to the leg electrodes and the connections tightened. Her short black skirt was pulled down a little to preserve the little modesty her clothes would allow. Fresh salt water was added to the head electrode sponge then pressed down on her head and strapped in place. A chinstrap was cinched to hold her head still during the execution. Finally, a belt was tightened across her lap to hold her hips in the chair and limit her involuntary jerking when the juice hits.

The matrons and guards stepped away from the woman wired up and strapped into the execution chair. There she sat in the elevated hot seat bound with tight leather to the ominous oak wood throne; crowned with the death helmet dripping with salt water and her naked legs held apart revealing her barely covered aroused glistening pussy from under her short dress. Her breasts heaved up and down with her heavy exited breathing. Beads of nervous sweat appeared all over her body wetting her blouse causing her tits with their hardened nipples to cling to the fabric.

One of the matrons walked back over to Laura Mae and started to unbutton the front of her sweat soaked blouse. Her blouse was undone right down to the thick leather chest belt under her breasts that tightly bound her body to the backrest. The blouse was pulled open so the attending doctor could check her heartbeat and certify when the execution was complete. Her breasts where so firm and large that they partially fell out past the open blouse up to their protruding nipples. Her hurried breathing and squirming in the chair caused her exposed tits to jiggle provocatively to the delight of the men in the courtroom and I might add to the secret pleasure of many of the lesbian and bisexual women witnesses.

There were hardly any women in the courtroom with dry panties or men without a dripping hardon bulging in the front of their pants. The executioner walked over to the control panel and activated a series of switches to warm up the electrical delivery system. The lights above the voltage and amperage meters lit up and the indicators registered the high voltage electricity ready to be sent through the woman sitting in the chair. The local Power Company transformers were in another room so that the only sound heard was the high voltage hum coming from the control consoles. The switch activating the electrocution program for protocol 2 was closed and now all that remained was to throw the main switch to begin the automatic execution.

No hood was pulled over Laura Mae's face leaving her to stare at all the people assembled to watch her die. She was really scared now and began to whimper and cry. The judge asked her if she had any last words to say before the execution begins. In her frightened and aroused state the only thing she could think of to say was, "I hope you enjoy the show". As soon as she said that, her agitated stiff clitoris jumped and her wet vagina contracted against nothing but it gave her a momentary sweet pleasure spasm that took her mind off her predicament.

The men watching Laura Mae on display were highly aroused and were shifting uneasily in their seats. Many were wishing they could feed their hungry stiff pricks with her open sopping wet cunt. Women were discretely squeezing their thighs together with their crossed legs hoping to bring themselves to orgasm when Laura Mae gets the juice. Back in their cells Leila and Billy were watching intently their friend's plight. Both were highly aroused and planned to masturbate themselves to orgasm when Laura Mae is electrocuted.

As for Laura Mae, she sat in the chair shaking and waiting for that first long jolt of electricity through her shapely legs. Her semi-exposed breasts felt cool from evaporation, which kept her nipples hard. She thought that it was the way she used her sex that put her in the electric chair. Her sex didn't save her from a death sentence but probably hastened it. And now for the last time her sex would respond to the electric current in a humiliating execution orgasm. But electricity hurts and its coming any second now. Laura Mae imagined what it felt like when she picked up a live wire as a barefoot teenager. Her whole young body shook from the sudden painful tingle as it surged through her. When she let go and caught her breath, a sexual wave washed over her that made were panties wet. Now it was going to be far worse than that!

She looked over in the direction of the humming sound. The executioner was ready to throw the switch. Instinctively she tensed up and held the chair arms tight digging in with her fingernails. Then after what seemed like an eternity ZAPPPP! PHFFFTTT! The juice hit her with an audible WHOMP! She jumped in the chair breaking her high heels as her toes curled upward and her body was flung against the restraining straps. She let out a shriek, AAAAAAUUGH! NOOOO! - As the electric surge shot through her legs and buttocks. She felt her anal sphincter muscle open but she couldn't expel anything. Her ass cheeks twitched and bucked in the hot seat. The muscles in her beautiful legs spasmed convulsively as they were electrocuted. Hundreds of volts of alternating electric current passed back and forth through her sensitized genitals.

Her legs splayed open from the electric shock. She seductively humped her hips like she was having tortured sex with her electric lover. But that lover's leather embrace was going to hold her in that chair teasing and tormenting her while the electricity crackled and buzzed in her legs and cunt. Her wet genitals were a perfect conductor of electricity filling the inner walls of her vagina like an electric penis begging to be squeezed by her uncontrollable passion. The juice passed through her vaginal opening and licked her protruding clitoris. Within seconds, she was pushed over the edge. Her cunt muscles fluttered and contracted as the first orgasmic wave washed over her electrocuted body. She floated in the pleasure wave as the painful pounding electric surge faded from her nervous system. She fantasized that Jack Carter's ramrod penis was plunging in and out between her legs. Her hips bucked up to met him as she moaned her orgasmic release.

Then the wave subsided bringing her down - back to the electric chair where her legs and ass were twitching from the hot pounding voltage surges coursing through her lower body. Shocked back to reality she screamed out to SSSSSTTTTOOOPPPP! NOOOOMMOORREE! She couldn't take any more and had to pee. Then the juice was shut off. She let out an OOOOOOHHHHHH! And slumped in the chair with her full tits wobbling. Her bright red hardened nipples swelled as big as they ever were from the minute long electric shock.

Unable to hold out any longer she lost control of her bladder and peed in her panties. Panting rapidly, her pee wet the hot seat pad, dripped down her inner thighs and legs making contact with the damp sponge electrodes on her calves. Recovering her senses she started to beg for her life. Please don't kill me like this, it hurts, I'm sorry for what I did, nooooo don't she pleaded. But the execution program was final and could not be stopped. As she started to beg again, the next voltage surge was sent to the chair.

Laura Mae jumped again in the chair as her exhausted leg muscles and buttocks felt the horrible hot electric tingle sting her lower body. But this time there was something different. The cruel electricity found a new diabolical path into her body. The hot juice took the path of least resistance passing up the inside of her sweat and pee soaked legs converging in her crotch zapping her pussy and ass hole. She let out a shriek and bucked her hips as the juice parted her vulva then ran along her ass crack meeting at her open wet cotton filled anus. At this new torture her body was wracked by another orgasm as her lower body openings and sphincter muscles contracted. Since her pussy wasn't shaved, the electricity singed and burned her pubic hairs right down to her bare swollen pussy lips. Puffs of smoke rose from between her open legs accompanied by the sizzle and crackle of blue electrical sparks teasing her clit. The witnesses gasped and quite a few ladies experienced their own orgasm as Laura Mae's thong bikini burned off her ass.

In their own cells watching the TV monitor, Leila was fingering her own sopping wet pussy and Billy was stoking his hard rigid sex pole while Laura burned in the electric chair. They weren't too concerned that they might be next to fry. They just gave in to their lust and enjoyed this once in a lifetime show. It was their way of having three-way sex with their partner in crime for the last time. They would go out in a blaze of ecstasy - one clit would fry, one clit would be rubbed off and one cock would squirt its load.

Laura Mae frying in the chair was fully aware of all that was happening to her. She was torn between feelings of orgasmic sexual ecstasy and the unimaginable hot throbbing electric pain between her twitching legs. As she thrashed and bucked in the chair she tried to concentrate on keeping her orgasm going by clenching and relaxing her electrified inner cunt muscles. All the witnesses knew what was happening to her. Her pulling and pelvic thrusting was the movements of a woman having an orgasm. This sent many of the men and women in the courtroom over the edge with their own ejaculations and clitoral spasms.

Leila in her own cell screamed out her own orgasm while plunging her fingers deep inside her pussy. Billy's agitated rock hard penis exploded as his balls emptied their contents shooting his white-hot spunk up in the air in spasmodic spurts. The notorious threesome's sex act was now complete as they all reached their orgasm at about the same time.

Watching a half-naked beautiful woman getting the electric chair is a powerful voyeuristic sexual stimulus for both sexes. Listening to the whine and hum of the high voltage electricity coursing through her body while she twists and jerks around against the thick leather straps will arouse almost anyone to a possible orgasm.

Then what seemed like an eternity the juice to the electric chair was shut off and Laura Mae slumped down in the hot seat as her punishment stopped. She breathed rapidly now at the temporary relief from her electrocution. Beads of sweat dripped from the tips of her tit nipples as her heart raced wildly and the muscles in her legs and buttocks twitched uncontrollably. She started to cry again begging the court to let her go and stop the torture. Her seared reddened cunt and anus was punished enough. But the blood lust of the court wanted this punishment to continue to its inevitable conclusion. She must get one more jolt of juice to her genitals and legs to remind her of her crimes before taking her all the way to her death by electrocution.

By now, every one in the room was in an agitated exited state fidgeting around in their appointed seats, touching themselves or their companions in private places. Laura Mae's nakedness and exposure was apparent to all since her panties were burned away and her bare buttock now rested on the hot seat. With all that spastic shaking, her short dress rode up well above her hips. With her legs strapped wide open she would remain fully exposed on the electric chair for her final punishment.

At that, the juice was turned on again and Laura Mae's tortured womanly frame hit the straps once again. She let out a GGGGNNNNUUGGHHH! - Arching her back she froze in the chair as the juice buzzed. Her tits with their large red pointed nipples stuck out of her open blouse quivering and bouncing up and down as the shocks ravaged her lower extremities. Her fingers flayed open as she made one final effort to break the straps holding her in the wooden chair of shame. Failing that, all she could do was to submit to the punishment, thinking of all the men she betrayed and killed. Yes she deserved to suffer death by electrocution and it should be long and painful. In her shame, she must fry nearly naked in the chair for all to see. She felt another orgasm wash over her electrocuted body one last time. She savored her ability as a woman to have these multiple orgasms to sweep away the hot stinging electric pain. Then the electricity stopped. During the next shock she was going to die.

She slumped back in the chair shaken from the three long electric shocks to her nearly naked body. She was too exhausted to beg for her life but tried to prepare herself for that final jolt that was going to send her on her way. During this one-minute pause, the electrocution program was automatically changed to give her a long 2000-volt jolt of electricity through her entire body. The current will now pass between both her legs and the head electrode paralyzing her entire body. She would remain conscious for a short time until the current was ramped up to the maximum voltage then she would fry until she died.

Laura Mae was now seconds away from electrocution. A hush settled over the crowd, the cameras rolled. Leila and Billy in their cells were about to see Laura Mae get her final lethal jolt - a fate they might share. Laura Mae tensed up and squirmed her naked ass cheeks on the electric chair pad bracing for that final jolt. All eyes were on Laura Mae with her heaving breasts and exposed pussy, clutching the chair with her hands as the humming power timer indicator moved to zero.

Then suddenly Laura Mae was hit by a white hot high voltage electric shock, this time passing through her entire body with a loud PPHHHFFFTTTT....BZZZZZZZZZZZ! She lurched in the chair emitting a pitiful AAAAAAGGGHHHH as the air was expelled from her lungs and the current was slowly turned up to full power over the next 30 seconds. Her beautiful face contorted with a painful grimace and her eyes bulged out in horror starring at those assembled to watch her die. Laura Mae convulsively twisted and writhed in the death chair as hundreds then thousands of volts of electricity forced its way through every muscle and crevice of her still beautiful but profusely sweating body. The electricity danced across her wet skin as well as frying her sweet feminine meat. With her last moments of consciousness she tried to muster one final orgasm to ward off the pain. Her last thoughts were "I'm being electrocuted - I can't breath - I'm going to die - I must have that final release" - then AAAAAHHHHH! - Her throbbing clitoris jumped into action and her vagina contracted hard spasmodically as she reveled in the orgasm. The electric pain faded with the sexual wave but her white-hot world dimmed to blackness.

Smoke began to billow from under her head electrode and from the drying leg electrode sponges. Her flesh was starting to sizzle but the exhaust fan spared the witnesses from any offensive odors. She twitched violently in the chair and thrust out her jiggling and bouncing tits. The juice frying her body caused her woman's milk to squirt and dribble from her swollen tit nipples while her bare pussy lips glistened with the female lubrication flowing out of her vagina. This was a common occurrence when a young woman gets electrocuted.

As the juice continued to flow into her, her skin was starting to redden especially around her lower legs. Although unconscious, she still writhed and wiggled her bare buttocks seductively on the electric chair pad and made her naked tits jump and jiggle. This was a show to remember and the public lesson was clear. Don't do the crime unless you're ready to due the time! In this case, it meant spending quality time in the hot seat.

After two minutes the current to the chair was shut off. The doctor walked over to the motionless woman strapped in the hot seat lifted her dripping left breast and tested for a heartbeat. After a few moments he pronounced her dead. Justice has been served.

The lesson was not lost on Leila and Billy who were sitting in their cells watching the execution. This put the fear of God in them because they were going to be tried next.


Part 3

The Trial of Leila Marston and Billy Travis

Several days after Laura Mae's execution, the pair was tried together. The courtroom and the electric chair was cleaned up and readied for the their capital crime case. Since they turned states evidence against their executed crime partner, they expected to be spared a death sentence. But the final determination under the new trial rules was left to the jury.

As the trial progressed, the jury developed a common idea that the defendants fingered Laura Mae only because they were caught red handed with the body. Why shouldn't they suffer the same fate as Laura Mae Wells? But the jury will wait to hear the closing arguments before making their final decision.

The Fate of Billy Travis

The defendants would go to judgement day separately. Billy would be the first to go. He was granted one last request before his time was up. He chose to spend the night before his fateful day with his lover and partner in crime Leila Marston. She was brought to his cell early in the evening. Once the lovers saw each other, they fell into each other's arms, caressing and fondling. They became highly aroused at their groping and had to make love immediately. They felt the urgency as if this was their last night together. And it just might come to that. The guards left the area to give them their privacy. They would return in the morning to get Billy and prepare him for judgement day.

The infamous couple spent the night in each other's arms making love. Early the next morning the guards came to get Billy. They kissed for the last time, then Billy flanked by the guards left for his own cell. Leila would be permitted to watch the court proceedings on the closed circuit monitor.

Billy was given a good breakfast then taken to have his legs and head shaved followed by a shower. The last meal for male inmates was always spiked with a large dose of Viagra. In possible death penalty cases, a diaper was optional. Therefore, it was necessary for the male penis to be fully erect during the execution in order to hold a take off tube firmly in place. Next, he was given the mandatory enema and cotton plugs up the rectum. He put on a regular set of long pants, shoes and a shirt then with his head shaved was led into the courtroom.

Leila watched and listened to the final arguments. The defense asked for leniency because he turned in state's evidence but the prosecution left that point up to the jury to decide. Leila was confident that a death sentence would be avoided. After the jury left the court to deliberate, she watched as Billy was taken to the electric chair and strapped in. A short time later, the jury returned to the courtroom and the judge announced the verdict. To her shock and surprise, the verdict was "guilty of first degree murder and the sentence was death by electrocution protocol 1".

Leila was stunned by the verdict. This meant that her lover would die in the electric chair right before her eyes and that she was next to die in the same chair! She was filled with terror and fright but at the same time was getting sexually aroused watching the guards preparing her lover for electrocution. Since he was already strapped into the electric chair, it was an easy matter to cut away his lower pant legs to expose his shaven calves for the electrodes. She noticed the unmistakable bulge between his legs from his huge erection. The helmet electrode was then secured to the top of his shaven head. She couldn't help notice the cables leading from his wired body to the control console. These wires would carry the electric current that would fry her lover punishing him for his crimes. Now that all the leather straps were secured around his young muscular body immobilizing him in the electric chair with his legs spread open, the guards opened the front of his shirt and unzipped the front of his cut off pants.

To the gasps and surprise of the courtroom witnesses, the guards pulled out his turgid penis with it's large swollen purple cock head and attached a long transparent tube to it rolling it over the long muscular shaft. Leila in her cell was almost pushed over her sexual edge at the sight of his throbbing member which spent many hours last night deep inside of her body with it's shaft rubbing against her swollen clitoris. Many of the women courtroom witnesses were almost jealous of Leila who was pleasured by that love muscle. But now they would be squeezing their own thighs together pleasuring themselves as Billy and his impudent penis perform a twitching death dance in the hot seat.

All was ready, the sentence was passed, he mumbled some last words and the executioner was given the go ahead. The gauges on the humming console dials registered high voltage current ready to be sent to both leg and the head electrodes attached to Billy's body. His rigid penis stood straight up bobbing and twitching with his racing heartbeats and heavy breathing. A hush passed over the courtroom. The only sounds heard were the nervous shuffling of the witnesses in their seats and the high voltage-humming coming from the console.

Billy looked quite the sight, nervously waiting for the lethal electric jolt to his young body, clutching the electric chair arms and his huge exposed ramrod penis standing at full attention. Then the executioner pressed the start button to activate Execution Protocol 1. After a few moments pause, the high voltage current was sent into Billy's waiting body with an audible WHOOOMP! BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! His young masculine body was thrown against the restraining leather straps as he twisted and writhed in the punishing current. He thrust and bucked his hips like he was having sex - his long thick love shaft waving like a tall flagpole accentuating these convulsive movements.

The crowd gasped in awe as his hidden scrotum tightened against his body expelling its contents through his long penis shaft. As the juice voltage was turned up, he jumped violently in the chair while copious amounts of white cum squirted from the opening in his swollen purple cock head in spasmodic twitches. The ejaculations appeared to be timed for his penis reaching the height of each twitch. Many of the women witnesses were overcome by this sight and even fell back faint in their seats.

All the muscles in Billy's body throbbed in white-hot electric agony once his ejaculation was over but by now he was losing consciousness. The voltage was now at maximum and he was starting to fry. The sizzle and crackle of electricity could be heard as his young body writhed in its death spasms. Leila was so aroused at watching her lovers' electrocution with his hardened penis sticking up in the air that she rubbed herself to several orgasms soaking her prison cot. She was repulsed and confused at her conflicting passions and emotions. She couldn't help her sexual lust at viewing his execution; perhaps if she was to die this way she will be punished for her lack of self-control. In less than a minute, she watched Billy lose bladder control. The long tube on his penis led the pee stream away from the chair to the waiting container. This signaled that it was almost over. Puffs of smoke began to curl from under the leg and head electrodes as the high voltage electricity surged through his sweat soaked body. A minute later it was all over. Leila sat stunned in her cell at what just happened and her reaction to it. After she recovered her composure, the reality set in that she now will be the focus of the same execution drama.

The Execution of Leila Marston in the Electric Chair

After witnessing the execution of her two accomplices in the electric chair, she knew that she had to come up with a different plan to save herself. She made no selfish last requests before going back to court. Also, she would wear just a plain prison dress. This would remove any appearance of arrogance or insolence but could portray humility and remorse. This might spare her a horrible death in the electric chair.

Before going back to court she humbly submitted to being prepared for the electric death. She had her head and both legs shaved. Remembering the smoke that billowed from between Laura Mae's legs as she was electrocuted, Leila asked to have all traces of her pubic hair removed. She lifted her prison dress and removed her panties for the barber to shave her pussy fur. It was obvious that the barber enjoyed this task. He took his time lathering her pussy and carefully shaving all around her vulva and ass crack. She then was given a private shower. Afterwards, she dried herself off and put on a robe. Upon re-entering the preparation room, she lifted her robe, climbed up on the table then bent over spreading her ass cheeks to expose her anus to receive the mandatory enema.

Leila was a beautiful shapely young woman and in such a compromising position had a sexually arousing effect on the male guards and the matrons present. The matron that was to administer the enema couldn't help marvel at her puckered anus contracting and relaxing with anticipation. She quickly slipped on a surgical glove, dipped her middle finger in a jar of Vaseline, and then inserted it past Leila's anal sphincter muscle lubricating and massaging the puckered hole until the opening relaxed. Leila found this handling quite stimulating. She lifted her buttocks to help the fingering and heighten her arousal. Now she was ready for the nozzle. She felt the intruder slide past her greased rectum and get buried deep in her colon. She savored the rush of water filling her tummy and the release that followed.

She had to submit to the final indignity of having the matron fill her bowels with cotton plugs. But she did so without complaint. So as not to antagonize the jury, she dressed conservatively except like Laura Mae, who preceded her, she did not wear any bra. She put on regular bikini briefs but left her shapely smooth legs bared. She slipped into a short light-blue prison dress buttoned down in the front and a set of matching pumps. Finally, she put on her make up and lipstick and wrapped a scarf around her shaven head to cover her baldness.

Now she was ready to go back to court. She sat through the closing arguments but was unsure of the final outcome. She was going to be found guilty but the best outcome was to avoid a death sentence. When Billy was found guilty, the vote was 7 to 5 for death in the electric chair, perhaps she could get a hung jury and default to life with a chance for parole. Remorse is what she has to show. Can she do it?

The jury left the courtroom to decide her fate then two guards escorted her to the electric chair. She had a knot in the pit of her stomach as she approached the chair. Up close it looked like a mean devise that could inflict serious pain and torment on anyone unfortunate enough to sit in it. She saw the three thick cables that would carry the high voltage current to the required three points of her body if the ultimate penalty was imposed. As she arrived at the foot of the chair, the guards turned her around to face the witnesses and firmly pushed her down in the chair. At once, the matrons first brought a strap across her chest just below her protruding breasts and tightened it to the backrest. Then they strapped each arm to the chair arms and proceeded to her bared legs. Her dress was too tight to spread her legs for strapping to the ankle stocks so the matrons opened the lower buttons on the front of her dress up to mid thigh. One at a time the left then the right leg was secured to the stocks with thick leather straps at the ankles. This spread her legs open exposing her panty covered genitals clearly visible from under her unbuttoned dress.

That is as far as they would go for now until the jury returned to the courtroom. After a few minutes the jury returned and rendered their verdict. She was found guilty of first-degree murder. After a few more minutes, the jury voted 5 votes for life in prison and 7 vote for death by electrocution (protocol 1)! The punishment verdict sent a chill up and down her spine. She said, "Oh my God! You're going to kill me". No! Please, I don't want to die, don't burn me that way, and please NOOOOOO!

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Why should she be spared the electric chair when both of her accomplices died in the chair? The matrons walked up to the chair holding the struggling woman in its deadly leather embrace and removed her headscarf. Then they applied the electric conducting gel to the top of her head and to her lower leg and calf muscles. She started to cry and whimper as they fixed the wet sponge electrodes to the back of her lower legs around the rounded part of her calf muscles. They were secured with tight leather straps and two of the lower electric cables were attached to the electrodes, one to each leg. The matrons couldn't help admire her firm young body and smooth muscular but very feminine bared legs. A peek up her dress at her covered pussy showed her panties were very wet at getting prepared for electrocution.

Now the matrons placed the wet helmet sponge electrode on her head and firmly secured it in place with a chinstrap. The final electric cable was attached to the top of the helmet completing the electric pathway between her body and the local Power Company. She was breathing heavily now and beads of sweat began to form on her exposed skin areas. Her head was secured to the back headrest with an additional chinstrap and a leather lap strap was secured over her upper thighs to hold her firmly in the chair when she gets the juice. Finally, the matrons unbuttoned the front of her dress down to the chest strap to allow access to under her left breast. The executioner activated the high voltage circuits and checked the current to each cable relay going to the electrodes on Leila's body. He was getting aroused at watching the woman's nervous shaking and whimpering while waiting for the electric shocks that will fry her. The judge at this point pronounced sentence. A jury of your peers has found you Leila Marston guilty of first-degree murder. You are hereby sentenced to die by having a current of electricity pass through your entire body that is of sufficient intensity as to cause your death. Your electrocution will be carried out by Electrocution Protocol 1. The execution may now proceed, may God have mercy on your soul!

The executioner turned on the exhaust fan above the death chair and made one final check of all connections and the circuits to the chair. Like her predecessor Laura Mae, her face would not be covered with a hood but she will look into the eyes of the witnesses as she gets jolted. Her breasts almost spilling out of her open dress were heaving up and down provocatively as she gripped the electric chair arms waiting for the first electric shock to hit her.

She starred at the faces of her tormentors as she listened to the humming sound coming from the control console. The executioner with his finger on the button ready to electrocute Leila Marston paused to admire the woman's beauty and fear, as she was helplessly strapped in the chair. Then he did his duty and pressed the button to punish Leila Marston for her crimes.

The juice hit Leila with an audible PHFFFTTT, followed by a long whining sound. The young woman heaved against the leather restraints as the electricity coursed through her body. Her back arched pushing her tits outward past the dress opening exposing her swollen dark nipples. She let out an AAARRRRGH HHNNNNN! - as the air was forced from her lungs by the paralyzing current. Her feet and hands flayed upward as the high voltage electric current forced its way through every muscle of her beautiful sweat soaked body. She thrashed and bucked her hips against the restraints while her muscles contorted in electric agony. But the thick leather straps did their job holding Leila in the chair no matter how hard she fought to escape. She will be held in that chair to take her punishment until she was dead. The lights slowly dimmed and brightened as the current draw to the electric chair changed with the execution protocol program.

Still conscious, she was aware of an awful white-hot stinging surge of electricity racking her entire body and her open ass hole. Her legs twitched convulsively, her head hurt, her tits began to swell, her torso writhed in the leather restraints and her wet pussy was on fire. Slowly over the next half minute, the juice would be turned up to the maximum 2000-volt setting.

Still alive and feeling everything, her tortured vagina contracted with sexual spasms and her engorged clitoris popped out of its hood cover jumping to escape the electricity surging through her body. Her bared tits wobbled and danced with their gyrating hardened aroused nipples as she felt a powerful orgasm greater than any she had ever experienced wash over her. The electric pain left her body and was replaced by a sexual ecstasy that transported her to the arms of her lover Billy Travis. She felt him holding her in a sexual embrace penetrating her twitching vagina and stroking her eager clit with his rock hard plunging throbbing love muscle. She felt his ejaculations squirting deep inside her pussy hitting the walls like stinging electric shocks. She bucked and gyrated her hips in coital movements to meet his thrusts. Ooh, it felt so good! He would save her from the electric chair. Then she realized that Billy was dead, he died in the chair that she was strapped into, she saw him die, she saw him shoot his big load while he was being electrocuted and now she just had an orgasm in that same chair!

The current to the electric chair was being increased toward maximum as she passed over her orgasmic peak. She started to lose consciousness, as she became aware that those were leather straps that embraced her and not her Billy. She was here to die for the entertainment of the crowd. She had to be punished with this electric torture for her crimes until she was dead.

As the blackness engulfed her, her sweating body began to sizzle and fry from the electricity. Smoke began to curl above her leg and head electrodes as she released a pee stream from under her dress all over the hot seat. All eyes were on her bright red exposed breast nipples to see if anything will squirt from them like when Laura Mae was electrocuted. The crowd wasn't disappointed. A minute into the electrocution, her quivering tits started to squirt their contents under the prodding of the 2000 volts of electricity coursing through her body. The exhaust fan swept away the sweet odor of the young woman's body frying in the electric current.

Since her panties were already soaked from her vaginal lubrication before the switch was thrown, the crowd felt sure she had at least one good orgasm early in the execution before she died in the chair. After two minutes, the juice to the chair was shut off. Leila's tense punished body slumped in the chair giving an occasional twitch and quiver. The electrocuted muscles in her young and still beautiful body continued to react from the electric execution made possible by the local Power Company. Wisps of smoke could still be seen rising from her head and legs. The doctor placed his stethoscope under her hot left breast dripping with milk but couldn't find a heart beat. She was pronounced dead. Swift Justice has been served.

The videotapes of the executions of the notorious threesome were viewed all over the country and abroad. The lesson was that crime doesn't pay and if caught, you will pay the ultimate penalty without delay. There will be no more 10 or 15-year delays; you will be electrocuted immediately. Although this was to be a deterrent, many people of both sexes derived a secret titillating voyeuristic pleasure from watching a woman and for some a man die in the electric chair. They love to watch the fear registered on the faces of the condemned during the strapping in process and their reaction to the reading of the death warrant. They are sexually excited at watching a beautiful woman or for some, a muscular man writhing in the buzzing electric current taking their punishment until they paid for their crimes. Either way, justice was done.


Equal Justice

(Part 1)


In the year 2003, the Electric Chair had returned, favored by the majority of Americans, as the primary means to carry out the Death Penalty. The application of the new swift criminal justice system code with the immediate public execution by electrocution in that heavy oak chair of shame had a powerful deterrent effect on society. After 200 executions in the first year alone (150 men and 50 women) the capital crime rate dropped off dramatically. Assaults, robbery, break-ins and crimes of all sorts especially gun violence by youths fell by nearly an unbelievable 70%. Edited video taped versions of actual executions were shown to senior high school groups to scare the kids straight. The impact on the audience was electric. The young boys and girls would squirm in their seats watching a young man or woman getting strapped into the chair but they would not be shown the actual electrocution unless they were 18 years of age or older. The school principal would just describe the censored parts to the audience.

Watching a video of a criminal, man or woman half-naked, sizzling while strapped tightly into an electric chair will both arouse and frighten the viewing audience. You can count on the viewer empathizing with the victim getting electrocuted right before their eyes. They will be captivated by the scene and couldn't help imagining what it would be like having thousands of volts of electricity surging through their own body unable to escape the leather embrace of the death chair.

Most people contemplating committing a capital crime would think twice lest they wind up a public spectacle, jumping, writhing about and screaming while the juice surges through and convulses every muscle in their body for the voyeuristic pleasure of the crowd. And did it work!

Yet there were some who would be so aroused by the scene that they would actually be drawn like a moth to a flame to that electric death. Maybe it was the challenge to avoid being caught or being the focus of the death drama as they were tried, convicted then prepped for electrocution and finally strapped into the chair and fried. It could be the final explosive orgasm the condemned get during a slow electrocution or the helplessness of the leather bondage with the electrodes attached to their body sending powerful electric shocks through them until they were dead. Who knows? But on balance the crime rate dropped dramatically and there was no going back.

However, during the last 200 executions some old problems were evident. A public execution in the courtroom seemed barbaric and reminiscent of the days of Tyburn Prison in Merry Old England. The execution should still be immediate, but only a non-working replica of the electric chair would remain in the courtroom as a witness seat. The actual execution would take place in another part of the building in a room complete with a working electric chair and seats for the witnesses. When the court house lights would flicker and dim, people would know that the just convicted criminal was being electrocuted. The public and talk show hosts would vie to interview the witnesses to the execution for details. The purulent interest of the public was not completely satisfied with just videotapes of the executions. They needed the tingling titillating first hand accounts of the condemned frying and writhing in the electric chair.

There was also one reoccurring problem with electrocution. Each person is different. The resistance of the human body to the flow of electric current varies widely. It not only depended on weight and height, but on perspiration and the placement and the tightness of the electrode fit as well as the amount of fat and muscle of the chair victim. Too much resistance and the prisoner would linger in the electric current a long time suffering excruciating agony until he or she would die. Too low a resistance and the high voltage juice would fry the person in the chair much like a fuse popping.

The problem was to overcome the resistance of the human body to the flow of electricity in such a manner, that the same electrocution protocol could be used on any prisoner. Furthermore, the execution method should be applicable to both sexes to satisfy the principles of "Equal Justice".

The skin of the human body sets up a resistance barrier to the current flow. One electrode can be placed on the outside of the body but the other cable carrying the electric charge should be inserted into the prisoners body past the surface skin and buried deep into the wet moist inner flesh. The inner electrode placement should be centered in the torso so the current pathway to the other electrode was straight and even. An electrode on one lower leg follows a jagged uneven path to the head electrode. That could cause unnecessary suffering especially if the electrode fit was not tight with enough brine to pass the juice effectively or is placed incorrectly.

If the body resistance is lessened, then a lower voltage can be used to electrocute the man or woman in the chair and avoid burning. Also, the controlled lower voltage would even be sexually pleasurable to the person strapped into the chair getting electrocuted. If they were aroused and a bit horny from the start they would experience an explosive orgasm as they were getting the juice.

The answer to the electrocution problem was anal electrocution!

The Anal Electrocution Protocol

I wouldn't say that there were people lining up to sit in the chair for such a one way experience but it was easier for those convicted of a capital crime to take their just punishment without too much fuss.

For "Equal Justice" to apply, the state wasn't allowed to use a vaginal electrode on women prisoners but the anal electrode served the purpose. Keeping the current away from the genitals directly during the execution would allow for the vagina/clitoris or the erect penis to react to the stimulation leading to the one way execution orgasm as the voltage was slowly turned up to a lethal level.

When the electric chair was first introduced in the late 19 th century as the preferred mode of execution, they almost got it right! An electrode was placed on the victim's head but the other electrode was placed on the lower spine just above the ass crack. However this gave erratic results that may not have been too erotic for the prisoner strapped into the chair.

Now if the second electrode was placed lower on the prisoner's body down the ass crack and inserted up his or her rectum, then the even flow of electricity through the center of the body with the lower resistance would lead to a more satisfying electrocution for victim and witnesses alike.

Applying an anal electrode to a prisoner in public would be too embarrassing for all concerned so the execution was held in a special room with a limited number of witnesses. The new electrocution protocol called for the inmate getting a thorough enema first followed by insertion of a butt plug type of electrode at least eight inches into the cleansed anal canal. It should be inserted far enough inside so that the stretched anal sphincter muscle closes shut over the trailing narrower electric cable exiting the body orifice. The electric cable is then run up the inmate's ass crack and attached to a waist belt harness. Straps dangling from the harness are run around the inmate's crotch and reattached to the harness on the other side. Once the straps are tightened, the anal electrode will be held firmly in place no matter how much the man or woman lurches in the chair when the juice hits. The electric cable ends at the harness with a single female plug. A male plug from the chair's conjunction box would be inserted into the harness female plug when the inmate is seated and securely strapped down. This type of harness allowed for the free access to the inmate's genitals. It was permitted to stimulate the woman's vagina and clitoris to wetness so that she was fully aroused and on her way to an orgasm before the switch was thrown. Female guards were permitted to tease the man's penis to a full erection while he was strapped in the chair waiting for the juice. When pre-cum starts to drip from his rigid member signaling that he may be near an orgasm, then the switch was thrown.

The electric chair is easier to take when you are sexually aroused and horny when the electricity hits you. For official executions, the other electrode was attached as a head electrode to the inmate's shaven head. But for "unofficial executions", such as those taking place in prison when inmates commit capital crimes while incarcerated, the placement of the second electrode was at the discretion of the Warden.

The inmate was then strapped into the standard design electric chair with ankle stocks and strong leather straps around the legs, wrists, biceps, waist and lap. The lap strap had to be in very good condition when the inmate gets the electric shock up his or her ass. The leg muscles will involuntarily jerk the inmate's hips out of the chair when the shock hits. The lap straps must hold the inmate in the chair no matter how much he or she lurches or thrashes around in a futile attempt to escape the electric surges coursing through their body.

The automated electrocution program starts at a non-lethal 200 volts of AC electricity and increases at 30 volts per second until it reaches the maximum 2000 volts after one minute. The amperage is kept at about one half of what is needed when the electrodes are attached to the lower legs and head. This prevents excessive burning and gives the aroused inmate a pleasurable orgasm within the first 30 seconds of the electrocution that drives away the painful electric surge. Now in a state of sexual ecstasy the juice can be increased to a lethal level over a one-minute interval to complete the electrocution. The inmate will hardly know what was happening experiencing a confusing mix of stinging electric sparks and a mind blowing sexual orgasm as the man ejects his sperm in spastic spasms or the woman's clitoris jumps and tingles in counter point to her clenching sopping wet vagina.

We should take note that the fur industry has found that anal electrocution is an effective way to dispatch chinchillas on their way toward becoming fur coats for the ladies. This leaves no marks on the outside fur and I am told that the male chinchillas shoot their wads when they get zapped up the ass. A similar electrocution protocol for humans should have the same effect.

The Saga of a Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde

How it got started

Against the background of the return of the electric chair and the new anal electrocution protocol emerged Bonnie Richards and Clyde Bellefleur. The couple was high school lovers with a morbid fascination with crime and erotic execution especially when the electric chair was used. The pair was also well aware that their first names were the same as the ill fated infamous 1930's crime couple whose lives were snuffed out in a hail of gunfire. Had they lived and were captured, that pair would have most certainly met their end frying in the electric chair of that era.

At age 18, just before high school graduation, Bonnie and Clyde had the opportunity to watch the complete video taped execution of a young man in the electric chair for drug and gang related crimes. It had a powerful erotic effect on the two watching the scared young man with an obvious bulge in the front of his pants being dragged by the guards to the waiting oak wood chair. They squirmed in their seats and held hands while the guards had to force the young man down into the chair and one belt at a time strapped him into the chair of shame. He begged pathetically not to burn him but the guards just completed the job of fixing the electrodes to his bare shaven legs and head.

Bonnie's panties were getting wet and she was squeezing Clyde's hand with a death grip as the scene before her unfolded. Their attention was fixed on the boy in the chair about to be electrocuted. He squirmed against the leather straps holding him into the hot seat. He was given a butt plug before hand but the guards dispensed with unzipping his fly to release his stiff penis straining in his pants. The guards checked the tightness of the electrodes attached to his legs and head then the death warrant was read to the whimpering boy begging for his life. Bonnie was so aroused that she was afraid that she might cum doing his execution. Clyde was getting aroused too. His arousal was more from his girl friend's reaction to viewing the execution in progress.

Then the guards stepped back and the executioner closed the relayed with several audible clunks. At each clunking sound the boy jumped in the chair but no juice came. It must have been excruciating torture for him waiting for the inevitable electric shock to hit him. Bonnie synchronized her heavy breathing with the boy's agitated breaths in the chair. She was in complete empathy with the boy imagining what it was like for him sitting in that electric chair. His hard-on tented out in front of his loose fitting pants waiting for the jolt. Clyde was also sporting a big "stiffe" by now watching the helpless boy waiting to die knowing that there was nothing he could do about it.

As the boy in the chair waited for the juice to hit him, Bonnie's thoughts briefly wandered to her early teenage years when she used to spank her younger brother's bare bottom. He was only two years younger than she was but she noticed that his penis always engorged to a rock-hard erection during the over the knee spankings. Sometimes he even would loose control and leave a mess of white sticky jism on her legs. The notion that a man can get sexually aroused from corporal punishment was firmly implanted in her mind. She also experienced sexual arousal and an occasional orgasm when she was spanked as a pre-teen and teenager.

Her mind snapped back to the proceedings at hand. After a few moments of silence, which seemed like an eternity, the executioner pushed the control switch down locking it in place with a "thunk"! PHHHFFFTTT! ZZZZAAAPPP! - The juice shot through the boy's body into both legs and out his head. He lurched in the chair against the heavy leather straps and gurgled a pathetic animal like sound as he was getting electrocuted. His hips bucked back and forth with desperate frantic humping like he was having sex with an invisible lover. His raging hard-on stuck up in his pant like it was thrusting into an imaginary pussy. Bonnie at this point experienced a violent sexual spasm in her own wet pussy as her swollen protruding clitoris jumped to the rhythm of the electrocuted boy humping in the electric chair. Wow! Bonnie exclaimed as she gripped Clyde's hand and let her orgasm roll over her. Clyde by now was so aroused that he was ready to stick it to Bonnie at any second now. Only they had to wait until the execution drama playing before them was completed.

Small damp stains appeared in the front of the boy's pants where the tip of his rock hard penis was pressing into the tented fabric. The boy was having an electrocution orgasm as he profusely ejaculated his cum into the imaginary pussy that he was humping. "Look at him spill his nuts" proclaimed Bonnie. You will have to fuck me when this is done, okay? "No problem" Clyde answered. Then as smoke began to billow from the boy's leg electrodes and the one on his head, he soaked his pants wetting the electric chair seat. Now the high voltage electricity crackled and sputtered from the wet pad on the hot seat. His fried body twitched uncontrollably from the lethal juice coursing through it.

Soon the switch was opened and the electrocuted boy slumped in the chair. Justice was done. Bonnie fell back in her seat and told Clyde to take her now! She reached under her short dress and pulled her panties down and off her legs. Then she asked Clyde to wait! Please rewind the tape and play it from the beginning while you are fucking me. I want to watch it again with your big throbbing cock inside me! Clyde co-operated with her request and laid her out so she could see the screen then he plunged his throbbing ramrod penis deep into her wet hungry pussy. Bonnie moaned in ecstasy at Clyde's frantic plunging as she relived the frightened boy's pornographic execution in the electric chair. As he lewdly twisted and bucked around in the electric chair spilling his nuts for Bonnie's sadistic pleasure, she rode the wave of her own sexual excitement to a crashing orgasm while Clyde's sperm squirted against her spasming vagina walls. Exhausted, Bonnie and Clyde relaxed in the afterglow as the poor boy's hot body cooled down in the death chair giving an occasional after execution twitch and spasm.

Bonnie talked about the execution video with Clyde for hours. Needless to say, she was hooked on male executions especially when the electric chair was involved. But at the same time she also imagined in her fantasies what it would be like going to the electric chair herself. What would it actually feel like being dragged to the chair, getting strapped in with wet cold electrodes placed on her beautiful young body and finally having thousands of volts of electricity coursing through her writhing womanhood? What would her terminal orgasms feel like? Would they be better than any she had ever known?

The video she was grooving on showed the old execution method. No tapes were publicly available yet showing the new "anal electrocution "protocol in action but juicy descriptions were abundantly available in the written accounts of the eye witnesses to the executions. Experts claimed that the experience was sexually highly arousing to the one being executed.

Clyde on the other hand, grooved on the videotaped execution of Laura Mae Wells. It was a classic and a favorite of "electric chair devotees". The slow electrocution of Laura Mae in her short black mini skirt flashing her bared pussy for the cameras was a powerful erotic image for the straight male and bisexual/lesbian audience. As her gorgeous bared suntanned legs where being electrocuted and she was fully conscious, she humped and lurched provocatively in the electric chair. Her pathetic pleas as she was getting the juice added to the sounds of the electric current buzzing through her twisting body. Her sexual orgasms were obvious and were accentuated by the excitement dripping from her sizzling cunt.

Clyde got his rocks off many times watching that tape. Bonnie and Clyde talked endlessly about the fantasies that these executions aroused in them. Wouldn't it be exciting to tempt fate just like their predecessors who had their same first names? Perhaps they could go on a crime spree-robbing stores and banks as they go from town to town. Of course they wouldn't kill anybody-they just wanted the thrill of the game. If they were chased by the police, then all the better. That would just add to the excitement. When they collected enough money, they would cross the border into Mexico and live like king and queen.

The Crime

The pair got a fast car, several large caliber handguns and several assault rifles with plenty of ammunition. They started out by robbing a convenience store for several hundred dollars. They got a real thrill from the fear registered on the face of the store clerk when they told him "Your money or your life". They laughed at the nervous clerk handing over the cash register money. Their getaway was just as easy. They even passed a police car down the road before the alarm was sent to the police. They just continued on their way gloating at their success and easy money.

But now they wanted more. They got away and lived on the road going to out of the way motels to avoid discovery. There they planned a bank robbery. A small town bank would do just fine. They picked their bank, one in a small quiet country town with a small police force.

On a late afternoon just before closing they entered the bank each carrying a handgun and an assault rifle. They had the few customers in the bank lay on the floor and ordered the tellers to empty out their cash drawers. They introduced themselves as "Bonnie and Clyde". But this wasn't the 1930's and even a small bank had a sophisticated silent alarm system linked to the local police station. Several of the tellers pressed their silent alarm buttons alerting the police to the robbery in progress.

Bonnie and Clyde were elated as to their success so far and prepared to leave the bank with their cash when a police car pulled up in front of the bank. Instinctively they fired their assault rifles at the police car to disable it. As they ran out of the bank and headed for their get away car, one of the officers prepared to fire at the pair. Bonnie turned and fired a few rounds at the officer who fell to the ground and later died. The other officer dropped to the ground to avoid further shooting. The pair jumped into their car and fled the scene but not before onlookers got their license plate number and descriptions.

After a brief investigation the authorities pieced together the identity of the couple who were wanted up to now for only some convenience store robberies. The newspapers however were quick to latch on to the new modern day "Bonnie and Clyde" bank robbers who shot the police officer dead. The press had a field day building them up to almost over night legend status. But the law was hot on the trail of the pair and determined to capture them before there was any repeat of the old "Bonnie and Clyde legend".

The police learned that the running couple was hold up in a remote farmhouse not far from the nearby town. The police planned their approach carefully and using modern weapons like rubber bullets and electric stun guns sought to catch them off guard and take them alive.

Under the cover of night, a dozen SWAT officers silently moved up to the farmhouse and surrounded the building. Inside, Bonnie and Clyde were still sleeping with their guns on a nearby table. On cue, the dirty dozen smashed down the doors and covered the windows to the room where Bonnie and Clyde were sleeping. A blinding light was shone into the room spotlighting the couple for the assault officers who entered the room with weapons drawn. Surprised by the sudden attack, Clyde reached out for one of his guns on the nearby table shielding Bonnie by the move. He was hit by a flurry of rubber bullets knocking him out but Bonnie pushing the unconscious Clyde out of the way reached for the weapons. Before she could get one in her hands, a special weapons trooper shot Bonnie with the high voltage stun gun exclaiming "This is a just a dose of what you are going to get". Bonnie's voluptuous body spasmed and convulsed from the low amperage 50,000 volt electric shock. All the muscles in her scantily clad body twitched and contracted uncontrollably as she flopped around like a fish out of water on the bed. Her scrambled nerves kept her twitching like a near naked go-go dancer for a full minute to the delight of the police present. In her spasms, she peed her panties soaking the bed sheets. A person getting zapped with a stun gun frequently looses all bladder control and passes water. The thoughts running through the minds of the police watching Bonnie twitch were that they couldn't wait to see the inevitable execution video of Bonnie being electrocuted with a hot wire up her ass while strapped into the electric chair!

Now that the pair was subdued, they were arrested and taken for a speedy trial.

The Trial and Punishment

The case against the pair was open and shut with a certain death sentence for Bonnie who killed the policeman. But in Clyde's case the outcome was less certain. After all, he actually didn't kill anyone.

Bonnie and Clyde were 19-year-old teenagers but were eligible for the death penalty, which the prosecuting attorney was seeking.

If a death sentence were imposed, then the convicted person would be taken to another area of the courthouse for immediate anal electrocution. The prisoner would be required to strip down completely then be given a full enema and shower. A second enema is given with a dilute saline solution to insure that the inserted electrode would be bathed in a conducting solution in direct contact with the prisoner's inner body tissue. Afterward, the prisoner's bodily hair would be removed from his or her head, genital area and from the buttocks cleft around the anus. Though not necessary, sometimes the hair on the prisoner's legs if excessive would also be shaved so as to minimize any chance of fire from singed body hair when the high voltage electricity goes through their body.

After the initial preparation, the naked prisoner's anus is lubricated with slick electric conductive gel and the anal electrode that will send the current into his or her body is inserted up the cleaned rectum well past the anal sphincter muscle. The electrode is secured in place with a harness around the waist with thin straps run up between the legs. The narrow electric cable leading from the anal opening is run up the ass crack and terminates with a female plug at the back of the waist. The plug will be connected to a male plug leading to the conjunction box under the electric chair when the prisoner is strapped down.

After the strap down, the standard salt water natural sponge electrode is attached to the top of the prisoner's bare scalp. Now the prisoner was ready to have the electric juice pass through his or her body until dead - but not before experiencing one of the most ecstatic mind blowing sexual orgasms unlike any they have ever experienced.

The trial of Bonnie and Clyde proceeded quickly. The pair was tried together and the prosecutor asked for the death penalty for both. Bonnie was the person who killed the police officer and was certain to be convicted and given the electric chair as her punishment. Clyde was an active accomplice but he didn't actually kill anyone. However the prosecutor argued that he was a willing partner in crime with Bonnie and should also be given the death penalty. The jury agreed and after a half-hour of deliberation came back with a guilty of first-degree murder verdict during the commission of an armed felony and no mercy was recommended.

Bonnie expected that outcome but Clyde was stunned. The judge in the case had no choice but to sentence Bonnie and Clyde to be put to death by electrocution - the sentence to be carried out immediately.

Bonnie and Clyde embraced each other for the last time in the court room then were led away separately by the guards to the death row holding cells to wait preparation for their execution. It usually takes about 2 hours to prepare someone for execution. The electric chair equipment has to be checked out for proper operation, the witnesses needed to be assembled and the prisoner had to be properly prepared.

The executioner decided to execute Clyde first and make Bonnie wait to increase her fear and anticipation of her own execution. The two were held in separate cells across from each other in the death row block. They knew that their stay there would be short and the guards would be coming for them soon. They exchanged glances and talked about their life together the last few years to take their mind off of what was going to happen next. A short distance down the end of the row stood a preparation room and next to it a heavy green door. The electric chair and the witness gallery were located on the other side of that door.

Bonnie and Clyde sitting in their cells listened to the shuffling feet and murmuring voices coming from the end of the death row corridor. They heard a short buzzing sound followed by the noise of a door opening. It was the door leading into the execution chamber where the staff was getting the electric chair ready for it's first victim. The wiring and electrodes were carefully checked as well as the integrity of the wooden chair securely bolted to the floor. The leather straps and buckles were individually examined and test pulled to make sure the victim was going to be held down in the chair when the juice is turned on.

They could only imagine what was going on during the testing and preparation of the electric chair. The noises were scary. They could hear the clanking of metal against a heavy wooden object and the pulling of leather. The electrical equipment had it's own peculiar sound. They could hear the electricity humming and switches opening and closing. Soon that whining electric current would be shooting through their bodies torturing and teasing one final execution orgasm from them while helplessly strapped to the chair.

But before the chair can be used on a man or woman, it had to undergo a test under the actual electrocution program protocol conditions. The program called for an initial 200 volt current to pass continually between the inmate's anus and head electrodes that would increase at 30 volts per second until full power is reached at +2,000 volts then the current is shut off. A medical person then takes the inmate's heartbeat and if it is still detected then the electricity is reapplied until the heart stops.

The current that powered the chair was from the local Power Company. A power line led into the court house transformer which directed power to the execution chamber as well as the house lighting. The electric control console had two rows of lights and volt-amp meters to show the current flow to the electrodes on the chair. The first row of lights when fully lit showed the maximum +2,000 volts of electricity that was available to send to the chair. The second row of lights is connected to the output from the first row through an automatic variable rheostat controlled by the program. The second row of lights goes on one by one as the voltage starts out low and is increased to the maximum +2000 volts surging through the prisoner's body strapped into the electric chair.

The court staff tested the electric chair by placing a large vented container of saline water on the hot seat and connecting the chair electrodes to resistance pads on opposite sides of the container. The container approximated the resistance put up by a man or woman against the electric current surge going into the chair. A metal thermometer was inserted into the vented container to measure the temperature rise as the mock electrocution progressed.

In their cells, Bonnie and Clyde were only a short distance away from the electric chair down the end of the corridor when it was tested. The staff official who was to be the executioner that day turned on the switch that lit the first set of lights to full power. He closed the large switch that slowly lit the second row of lights sending the juice into the container on the hot seat. As the juice increased to the chair, the container let out a humming sound as the current was drawn from the court house electrical system. This caused the lights in the death row cells to flicker and dim as the current flowed into the chair. Bonnie jumped in her cell and became terrified as the lights put on their electrocution display for what seemed like an eternity. She thought to herself that the electricity in the death row cell lights would soon be going through her body for as long as the lights dim and flicker when she is strapped into the chair. Electrocution was going to hurt no matter how many orgasms she gets.

But the lights just kept fading in and out as the chair buzzed and hummed with electricity. Bonnie began to shake at the continuing light show and screamed out for it to stop. The guard on the death row block walked over to Bonnie and said, "You're soon really going to be screaming and begging when they fry your bare ass in the chair honey". Continuing his taunts he exclaimed, "With that live wire up your ass you're sure going to jump and twitch around on the hot seat for as long as the lights you see flickering now" - "But of course I'm told that you may even enjoy the ride". He added, " We'll make sure that you are plenty wet and aroused where it counts before we put you in the chair". The lights suddenly came back on for a short time then dimmed and flickered again. The guard said, "Well if the first one doesn't get you then the second one will".

After another minute, the lights stopped their dance and came make to normal. Bonnie was shaking and sweating from fear and anticipation from what was coming next. Strangely her fear aroused her sexually. She felt the butterflies flutter in her tummy and her vagina was getting very wet during the lighting episode. She took a deep breath to relax and let her excitement wind down.

Back in the execution chamber, the execution team checked the condition and temperature of the test water container on the hot seat. It appeared that the electric chair worked perfectly and was ready for it's first victim. The team opened the chair straps and soaked the head sponge again in the salt-water bucket. Now it was time to prepare Clyde for his execution.

Bonnie watched from her cell as she heard footsteps walking toward them. As the footsteps got closer, Bonnie and Clyde looked at each other for the last time as they knew that their time was up. A few moments later four uniformed men and one very sexy woman dressed in a short skirt nursing uniform appeared in front of Clyde's cell. His cell door was opened and one of the men read the death warrant to Clyde. Bonnie listened to the words with fear and foreboding. The sentence was read- "You have been sentenced to have a current of electricity of sufficient intensity to pass through your body as to cause your death" - "The sentence is to be carried out within two hours in the electric chair using the new anal electrocution protocol".

After the warrant was read, the guards on either side of Clyde stood him up and escorted him from the cell down the corridor leading to the green door. From this point, Bonnie could only imagine what was happening to Clyde aware that she was next.


(Part 2)

By Doc Rob

Clyde is Prepared for Electrocution

The guard escort stopped at the end of the corridor and they turned to enter the prep room before the large green door. The sexy nurse in the short skirt followed the precession into the room. She was going to play a key role in getting Clyde ready for the electric chair. She was the traveling executioner's helper whose job was to get the condemned ready for execution. Her shapely legs were bare and suntanned and her tight short mini dress accentuated her large firm breasts. Her long wavy hair framed a pretty face and along with her knockout body, would arouse any man and even many women. But that was her purpose in the execution preparation room. For the time being, she walked to the side of the room and just watched the proceedings.

Clyde looked around the room and saw a barber chair with straps and shaving utensils on a table beside the chair and a table with straps and a raised area which would elevate the buttocks of anyone who had to lay over the table.

The guards ordered Clyde to undress. He had to take off every thing including his socks and underwear. He was somewhat embarrassed when he pulled down his under shorts while the nurse watched his every move. As his shorts rolled off his hips, his semi erect penis popped out. The presence of the sexy nurse eyeing him from her vantage spot was arousing him. Next the guards strapped him into the barber chair and immediately began cutting his hair with scissors and an electric shaver. When they were finished they lathered his head and legs and shaved off nearly all of his body hair.

The nurse now walked over to him and introduced herself to Clyde. She said' "Hello Clyde my name is Lisa and I am here to help you through your execution. I will be with you all the way and if you listen to me and go with the flow you will have an easy time of it". "I see from the condition of your penis that you like me - that's good"! She reached over to Clyde's rising member and holding it in her hand said, "The electric chair is easier to take if you are fully aroused and sexually excited when the juice is switched on". "The orgasm you get will take away the pain from the electricity going through your body and you will float away in a state of ecstasy". "I'll keep you excited up to the time you have to sit in the chair", "is that okay with you"? Clyde said, "Yes, do it - just keep stroking me down there it feels better already".

Good said Lisa now we have to shave off all the hair around you pubic area and ass crack. Now let me do it okay? Clyde replied "okay, I trust what you have to say". Lisa skillfully lathered the base around Clyde's aroused penis and scrotum then slowly with her razor shaved off all the pubic hair from around his stiffening shaft. Lisa lifted his long cock to reach under his balls shaving the hair down into his lower ass crack between his spread legs. Strapped into the barber chair the guards could have done the same thing to him but it was much better to having Lisa do it.

Clyde asked, "why do you have to shave off the hair around my private parts"? Lisa hesitated a little but had a policy to answer all and every question the person about to be executed asks. She said, "Well, as you know by now, I will have to insert one electrode up your rectum after you have been given a thorough enema". "When you are seated in the electric chair and the electricity is turned on, your natural muscle contractions will force some of the wet enema fluid out of you onto the chair pad soaking the seat along with your ass crack and cheeks". "If we don't remove your body hair from that area it could catch fire as the electricity crackles between your legs". "You are here to be electrocuted but we want the experience to be as painless as possible for you". "And if you go along with me, I am told that many men actually find the experience pleasurable especially if they ejaculate during their execution". "I am going to help you do that".

Now I am going to unstrap you from the barber chair and ask you to lay face down across the table over there. One by one, Lisa unbuckled the straps holding him in the barber chair. Clyde naked and almost completely shaven all over his body laid across the table with his hips protruding up in the air and his legs bent at right angles to the floor. Lisa proceeded to strap him down to the table. His wrists where bound to the table, a wide leather strap across his lower back held him over the table and thigh straps held his legs apart for the next step in his execution preparation. In this position his ass cheeks were spread open exposing his inner ass crack and anus. Lisa loved her job as execution nurse. As a bisexual woman, she always got sexually aroused handling a young man's private parts during the preparations. She also got sexual pleasure from preparing a young woman for execution, which was going to be her second job today. She brought several changes of panties with her today for the double execution. Right now she was getting wet at manipulating young Cylde's masculine body and would have to change before going into the execution chamber. But for now she must continue with her job.

She lathered in between Clyde's spread ass cheeks down to his anus then slowly and carefully shaved all of the remaining body hair from between his cheeks right down to the deepest recesses of the crevice. She toweled him off then putting on a glove, dipped her finger into some Vaseline and lubricated his ass hole inserting her gloved finger into the passage and rotating it around. Lisa said, "Now Clyde, I must give you a thorough enema at this time so relax and enjoy it". Clyde's penis responded to the intrusion by going rigid while pressed into the table. "Now don't ejaculate right now - hold out until we get you in the chair, it will be better for you that way", she told him.

Clyde held back at her command and let her give him the enema. Lisa brought over a full enema bag, hung it up well above the table and taking the lubricated nozzle, slowly inserted it into Clyde's slippery rectum. It was all that he could do holding back his ejaculation as Lisa filled his bowels with warm fluid. After he was filled to almost bursting, Lisa quickly unstrapped him from the table, pulled the nozzle out of his anus and let him go to the commode behind the curtain. After 5 minutes, he was called back to the enema table for one more treatment. Lisa told Clyde that they would have to give him a second enema with dilute saline water to be certain that the electrode will conduct the current smoothly into his body.

After the second enema, Lisa told Clyde to make sure that he empties his bladder completely. Clyde sitting on the commode began to realize that this could be the last time that he would be using the rest room. Lisa called Clyde back to the room for the next step in his preparation. Lisa now told him to take a shower and she would be waiting for him when he dries off. After another 5 minutes, he stepped out of the shower and hesitatingly walked over to Lisa.

At this time, the witnesses began to assemble in the room with the electric chair. Clyde could faintly make out some movement sounds coming from outside the room in the direction of the green door. When he came to Lisa, she said, "now Clyde, I need you to co-operate with me for the next step in the process - I must insert the electrode into your body and you must accept this without protest". Clyde cringed at the prospect of having an electrified probe stuck up his ass hole and exclaimed, "please don't do this, I didn't kill anyone and I shouldn't have to die". Lisa paused a few moments then softly said, "Yes Clyde you must die but I will help you do it, just listen to me and it will go easier for you". As she spoke these words she reached out to his semi erect penis and held it in her hands. Clyde's penis responded with a twitch and began to engorge once again. She said' "now that's better Clyde I like it when a man responds to my touch the way you have". "It excites me to know that you will take your punishment like a man - show me how manly you are - show me how to go to the electric chair like a man with your penis hard as a rock proudly sticking up in the air". As she stroked his rising cock she whispered in his ear, "I want you to go to the chair with your swollen purple cock head leaking pre cum - that will show everyone how brave and proud you are of your sex - show them how to die - when you feel the juice hit you, squirt your jism at them from your long beautiful rigid boner".

Holding on to his erect penis she told Clyde to once more lay over the table so she could strap him down. With all the times he has been strapped to something, it seemed like a dressed rehearsal for his execution but in his case without wearing any clothes. As he laid face down on the table once again, Lisa bound his wrists and legs with the leather straps secured to the table for that purpose. She bound Clyde to the table with one final strap over his lower back that now firmly held him down for the insertion of the anal electrode. Sometimes the prisoner would panic at this point in the preparations, and must be restrained.

Lisa was getting very excited now and felt the moisture leaking from her vagina soaking her panties. She would have to change them at an opportune time before witnessing Clyde's execution. She looked intently once again at Clyde's spread legs and upthrust buttocks with his open cheeks. Her eyes followed the valley between his ass cheeks to the thoroughly cleaned anus that waited for her expert attention. She really loved her job.

Lisa dipped her latex-gloved fingers into the electric conducting gel and smeared it around his anal opening. Then she inserted a lubricated finger into his ass hole and smeared the gel all around inside his rectum. She hit his prostate fingering Clyde and he let out a moan of pleasure as his stiff cock twitched at the stimulation. "Careful Clyde" Lisa exclaimed, "hold out until you are in the chair".

Now Clyde was ready for the electrode that would electrocute him for his involvement with Bonnie. Lisa lubricated the large anal electrode and brought it over to Clyde's exposed ass hole. She pressed the electrode against his anus until it opened and then deftly inserted it past his slippery anal sphincter muscle pushing it deep into his body until it disappeared from view and his anal opening closed around the dangling electric cable.

"There now Clyde, that wasn't so bad," she said as Clyde once again moaned at the pressure building in his balls and raging hard-on screamed for release. Now Lisa ran the straps around his crotch and upper thighs along with the waist straps securing the electrode permanently in place. No matter how much he shakes and thrashes around, the electrode would remain in place delivering the required voltage inside his body for a clean electrocution.

They were only minutes away now before Clyde would be taken to the electric chair in the chamber next to the prep room. Lisa took this pause to change her under panties and get her automatic vibrator in place before leaving for the death chamber. She stepped in front of Clyde who was still bound to the table and she lifted her short skirt, removed her panties and produced a large long lubricated feminine vibrator. Almost next to his face, she spread her legs and showed Clyde her dripping pussy. "I don't want you to die without you seeing my pussy that is dripping with excitement for you" she said. Then she spread her vulva lips exposing her glistening vaginal opening to his gaze and inserted the dildo all the way up into her love canal. Then she put on a fresh pair of panties.

"I love to have my "nunu" filled to the hilt when I watch an execution", she whispered in Clyde's ear. "That way we can cum together when they throw the switch on you". "So let's do it together, you strapped into the chair and me sitting in front of you when you get it". Clyde was filled with bewildering and confusing feelings. Clyde thought, "Lisa was sexually aroused as much as he was but she would be receiving all pleasure at watching me die while I would be suffering in the electric chair shooting my load for the purulent interests of the witnesses assembled to see the spectacle". She must be a sadist getting orgasms while watching helpless men and women die in the electric chair!

But there was no escape from the situation except through the green door and what was waiting for him on the other side. Lisa walked to the back of the table and ran the wire cable from his ass hole up between his ass cheeks and secured it to the back of his waist strap. A female plug was attached to the other end of the electric cable that would be connected once Clyde sits in the chair. Lisa then unstrapped him once again from the table and let the naked Clyde up. Lisa pulled her short dress down over her hips and handed Clyde a long T-shirt to wear. Clyde put on the short sleeved T-shirt rolling it down over his hips and buttocks. The shirt however couldn't cover his huge boner that was sticking out and pointing upward. He was given slippers to wear but not much else.

The male guards were getting quite aroused at the sight of Lisa playing with her pussy and dildo and her movements while her dress was raised. But Lisa was aware of the effect she had on men. However her job was to make the condemned as comfortable as possible and using her sex to get them to co-operatively accept their death in the electric chair no matter what it takes.

Now all was ready to take Clyde into the execution chamber where he will meet the electric chair for the first and last time. The guards telephoned the next room to see if the witnesses and chair were ready for their ignoble guest. The signal came back that all was ready.

Lisa walked over to Clyde and holding on to his stiff hard-on she said, "Now Clyde, we are going to take you into the execution chamber". "Everyone is waiting for you and I want you to die like a man". "Keep you cock hard and don't be frightened". Lisa stroked his throbbing penis, which was as rigid as an iron rod. His purple cock head swelled at her touch and started to dribble clear sticky pre-cum. That was the signal to take Clyde to the electric chair.

Clyde's Erotic Execution in the Electric Chair

Lisa holding on to Clyde's cock, was flanked on both sides and the back by the other guards. The prep room door was opened and they stepped out into the corridor and faced the green door. Bonnie from her cell used a mirror to watch what was happening to Clyde. She saw him bare legged and the nurse woman holding on to his penis. Her mouth opened at the sight and she thought, "What is she doing to Clyde" - "I'm the only one who can do that to him". Lisa then said in a load voice, "Dead Man Walking"! At that time, the green door opened and the group walked through the door. Clyde for the first time saw the electric chair and stopped! It looked like a hideous torture device. The thick dark oak wood chair had heavy open leather straps on it with electric cables leading from the back of the chair to a wall control panel covered with lights, gauges and switches.

Clyde began to panic at the sight but in his fright was even more aroused than ever while Lisa held on to his turgid penis. Lisa said to him, "Steady Clyde it will be okay, just think of me as I squeeze your beautiful penis". "We'll do this together and I know you'll go out like a man". Clyde wasn't entirely reassured, after all he was the one who was going to sit in the chair and get fried by electricity.

While the door was still opened, Lisa in her mirror caught a glimpse of the electric chair that awaited her shortly. She also panicked but was also somewhat aroused. Fear and anticipation can be sexually stimulating blurring the line between pleasure and pain. Clyde the subject of everybody's gawking stares was shuffled along to the electric chair. It stood on a slightly elevated platform lit by bright spot lights so that every one in the room could see in minute detail every twitch and contortion of his young male body once the juice goes through him. He realized that he would also ejaculate profusely when he gets electrocuted. It was all he could do to hold back his orgasm from Lisa's exquisite torments.

Lisa's hand was getting wet from the pre-cum drippings from Clyde's cock. She reached under her dress and pressed the on button for the vibrator buried in her pussy. This brought a few moments of ecstasy to her aroused body to satisfy the tension building inside her tummy and swollen clitoris. Clyde was scared stiff so to speak and highly aroused at the proceedings. Lisa was doing her job well but she had to restrain Clyde's orgasm until he was electrocuted. Clyde now stood facing the heavy wooden chair bolted to the platform and waiting for him.

Lisa let go of his protruding penis while the guards turned him around then ordered him to sit in the electric chair. Lisa lifted his long shirt above his waist exposing his buttocks and aroused genitals to the execution witnesses. Then she said, "go ahead Clyde, don't be afraid - I'll be with you - sit in the chair". Naked from the waist down, he sat his bare buttocks down onto the black leather padded hard cushion seat on the electric chair. He was acutely aware of the electrode pushed up his ass pressing against his prostate keeping his penis erect and rock hard. He was getting very nervous and scared from sitting in the chair which was making his cock twitch with anticipation of his impending electrocution.

Before he could change his mind and run, the guards quickly buckled the waist strap around his abdomen to hold him in the chair then they started to secure the other straps. His arms were strapped to the chair armrests followed by the biceps straps. Lisa stepped up to Clyde now partly strapped into the chair, and finished the preparations to electrocute him.

She knelt down and pulled his right leg over to the right ankle stock then strapped his right leg in place. Next she pulled his left leg over to the left ankle stock separating his legs several feet then tightened the left ankle strap. With his shirt partly pulled up, his penis stood up like an iron bar topped with a big shinny purple cock head. Lisa looked up at his huge bobbing flagpole and felt the orgasmic waves building in her clitoris and sopping wet vagina contracting around the mechanical dildo teasing her insides. She had to get on with the execution before she exploded. She momentarily stopped to soak up the close up view of Clyde's young masculine body shaking nervously in the chair. From the condition of his fully aroused sex pole, she understood the expression, "scared stiff"!

Lisa stood up and moved to the side of the chair. She reached under his scrotum sac and gently massaged his sperm filled balls causing some pre-cum to once again dribble out of the top of his shinny purple knob. She whispered to Clyde, "You're doing good - just trust me - you'll have a beautiful death - your orgasm will be ecstasy taking you to the fields of ambrosia". "Just keep your penis erect and it will even feel good to you". She stepped behind the chair and took the male plug from the electrical conjunction box under the chair and inserted it into the female plug leading from the cable coming out of his anus. Then she took a large quantity of conducting gel and smeared it on the top of his shaved head. Next she took the head electrode with the wet natural sponge inside and pressed it down on his head. Cold salt water dripped down on the side of his face but Lisa told him to stay calm and that she is with him. She strapped the head electrode tight under his chin then with another chinstrap, she secured his head to the back of the chair's headrest. She talked Clyde into not having his face covered during his execution so they could see each other throughout the process.

Now, Clyde was ready to be electrocuted. The executioner turned on the switch that lit up the first line of lights on the control panel that showed the full amount of electricity available to go through his body from his ass hole to his head. Lisa leaned over to Clyde and sliding her hand up and down his bulging sex shaft she said to him, "Clyde, I'm proud of you that you're going to die like a man". "I have to leave you now but I will be in the front row so you can see me clearly". "Any moment now you can shoot that big load churning in you balls". "I'll be sitting in the front row directly facing you so you can clearly see me". "I can't sit with you in the chair when it happens but I will orgasm in my seat when I see you squirt your milky load". "Just think of my pussy when you feel the juice going through you and I'll think of your big hard cock fucking the day lights out of me". "Just ram it to me and you'll just float away in exquisite ecstasy". Holding his cock one last time she leaned over and planted a big sloppy kiss on Clyde's mouth. She said' "Goodbye Clyde and good luck" as Clyde for the last time felt the touch of the beautiful woman on his body and penis.

Then Lisa with the vibrator tingling in her sopping wet pussy, walked over to her reserved seat in front of Clyde and sat down. As she did, she spread her legs so Clyde could see her panty-covered pussy with the end of the vibrator poking out of the side of her cunt. Lisa tried not to be too obvious about her excitement as she squirmed in her seat. It was all she could do to hold back the orgasmic wave rising inside her until Clyde gets the juice. Although her job was to get the condemned man or woman in the electric chair calmly by any means necessary, she didn't always tell the condemned person the entire truth. True the condemned will experience a mind blowing sexual orgasm in the chair when the switch is thrown, but the electrocution of their body will hurt once the orgasm subsides! This is the main reason she finds watching an execution by electrocution so sexually arousing. The surprise registered on the condemned person's face when the electricity shooting up their buttocks is ramped up beyond their pain threshold and they start to fry in the current. The way the condemned jump and twist around on the chair in a vain attempt to escape the electricity surging through them while the man shoots his wad or a woman's clitoris and dripping vagina tingle and spasm with multiple orgasms.

Lisa's vagina was starting to clench the vibrating dildo up her pussy with stronger and stronger contractions as the exquisite moment approached. Clyde and Lisa just starred into each other's eyes as the seconds ticked away and the executioner reached for the final switch that would send the electric surge through him. Lisa watched intently as Clyde nervously clutched the chair arms and began to tremble in anticipation of what was coming next. Naked from the waist down, the nervous twitching of his turgid penis was on full display. This was known as the "Dead Man's Erection", which was common in men going to the electric chair.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was waiting in her cell for the telltale sign that her Clyde was being executed - the dimming of the lights when the house electricity was diverted to the electric chair. Lisa watched as the executioner held on to the lever that would send the current through Clyde helplessly strapped into the chair. Butterflies fluttered wildly in Lisa's tummy, as she was about to witness the results of her handiwork. Her panties were soaked once again from the vibrator teasing her pussy. She wanted her sexual release now but also wanted to see Clyde's electrocution right now. The executioner closed the first lever that lit up the first bank of lights on the control console. The voltage - amperage gauges registered the full amount of high voltage electricity ready to go through Clyde Bellefleur's young masculine body.

The witness's gazes were transfixed on the partly naked young man strapped into the electric chair as the executioner pushed the second lever down with a loud "Thunck"! The first light bulb lit up on the second row of lights sending the first phase of the electric shock up Clyde's rectum. He lurched in the chair like he was kicked in the ass by a mule and let out a scream as he was hurled against the confining leather straps. His dripping cock stood up like a rigid iron pole topped by a swelling purple knob head. Lisa let her orgasmic wave build as her clitoris jumped and her vagina spasmed violently.

The lights on the control panel lit up one by one sending more and more electricity into Clyde's twitching body. More sticky pre-cum dribbled from his bulging penis that sent Lisa right to the edge of her orgasm. As the voltage reached 1000 volts, Clyde shook violently in the electric chair as he strained against the straps. Suddenly his huge twitching penis erupted. A stream of white cum squirted several feet from the opening of his shiny purple cock head. The electrocuted young man ejaculated his manly fluids from his tortured body as the electricity sizzled and crackled around his ass hole.

At this sight, Lisa was sent over the edge to her own exquisite orgasm that violently gripped her pussy. She couldn't contain her sexual excitement as she stiffened then shook in her seat emitting a staccato of grunting sounds as her clitoris jumped in sympathy with the manly jism squirting from Clyde's penis. Her multiple orgasms just washed over her one after another as she drank in the sight of the young masculine Clyde spilling his life giving fluids, as he was dying a slow torturous death in the electric chair. The witnesses were in awe at this titillating spectacle. His leg muscles contorted in a vain attempt to break loose from the death chair. His body twisted about but was held in the hot seat by the thick leather straps. As the electricity increased to 1200 volts, then 1,500 volts going toward 2000 volts, wisps of steamy smoke rose from between his legs and from the top of his head electrode. His legs splayed open wide affording an unobstructed view of his stiff hard on and balls that were getting squeezed by the muscular contractions in his groin causing a prolonged ejaculation of his seminal fluids. His hips bucked like he was humping an invisible pussy with each semen squirt. But now his face was contorted with wide-eyed surprise as the high voltage AC electric current surged back and forth through his young body torturing him with a hot stinging pain that his orgasm was no longer able to overcome. Now his punishment began. After all, the electric chair is capital punishment and he must now be punished for his crimes until he is dead.

Bonnie sitting in her cell noticed the lights suddenly dim; a little at first but more as time went on. Her precious lover Clyde was now being electrocuted and she was both excited at imagining her lover dying in the electric chair but also frightened of the chair because she was next!

Clyde has been in the chair one minute since the switch was closed and is feeling the painful high voltage surging up his ass and forcing it's way through his body. With his last moments of consciousness, he was aware of the most excruciating stinging pain from the hot electric current shooting through his bowels as he stiffened in the chair with his back frozen in an arch. The juice sizzled and fried his young masculine body with audible pops and crackles. His mouth gaped open, dribbling drool. His penis remained rigid with veins bulging, sticking out from between his legs at a near vertical angle.

Then the electric current going through him was shut off. Clyde relaxed in the electric chair slumping in the hot seat. His erect penis also relaxed settling down to a 45-degree angle. Its bright purple swollen knob was topped with wet semen trailing from the tip forming spunk puddle on the electric chair seat.

Lisa was going wild in her front row seat driven to one orgasm after another from the vibrator buried in her pussy at the titillating sight of the nearly naked young man's electrocution. Bonnie noticed that the lights came back on and she knew that this signaled the middle of Clyde's execution.

Again the switch was closed sending the punishing electric current into Clyde's unconscious frame causing him to jump and hit the straps with an audible PHFFTTT! The juice fried his ass hole making his cock stand at attention waving in unison with his twitching body. Surprisingly, more spunk was squeezed from his balls as his legs and torso shuttered violently in the electric chair. His fresh emissions came in contact with the spunk soaked hot seat pad and the salt water dribbling from his ass hole grounding his cock to the electric circuit. A blue colored high voltage electric arc, could be seen passing up his cum stream right into the tip of his penis electrocuting his manhood. Clyde was instantly animated jumping again in the chair as the veins in his hard-on swelled in protest of this final indignity. The juice emitted a high pitch whining sound as it surged through Clyde, frying his manly meat that now began to smell of burning flesh.

The witnesses were repulsed at this obscene sight but at the same time mesmerized by the titillating electrocution of the young man in the electric chair. Most of the woman witnesses were sexually aroused during the execution especially at the penis zapping and a number of them reached an orgasm in the death chamber while Clyde was frying in the chair. This was the exquisite moment that Lisa was waiting for. Her helpless trust was in the final process of getting electrocuted and he was past the point of no return. The punishing electricity tore through his handsome young masculine body. All of his twisting and contortions could not free him from the leather embrace of the electric chair. The electricity whined and sputtered and sparked around his genitals, ass crack and head and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He must die in the electric chair for his crimes. The executioner continued to pass the high voltage electricity through his body until the sentence was carried out. After a full minute of the second electrocution cycle the current was shut off. Lisa watched as the doctor examined the smoking twitching body strapped in the electric chair and he declared him dead. Justice has been served and it was now time to turn their attention to executing Bonnie Richards.

When the flickering lights came back on again, Bonnie knew that her Clyde was dead and soon they would be coming to take her to the electric chair. Back in the execution chamber, the guards unstrapped Clyde's lifeless body from the heavy wooden death chair and placed it on a gurney. His head, buttocks and groin area were reddened from the electricity but did not show any excessive burning because of the lower amperage used during anal electrocution.

The witnesses still in an excited aroused state, filed out of the death chamber to be replaced by a new set of witnesses to watch Bonnie die in the electric chair. The clean up crew quickly washed the electric chair to remove Clyde's seminal and anal emissions from the hot seat. The head electrode sponge was replaced and a fresh new anal electrode was readied for Bonnie. Clyde's sheet covered body on the gurney was wheeled out of the death chamber and down the corridor past the cell where Bonnie was held. She cried out to her Clyde as they passed her cell but Clyde was motionless. Now it really hit her. She was going to be electrocuted. She was now going to feel the terror and pain and supposedly the perverse orgasmic pleasure of death by slow electrocution.


(Part 3)

By Doc Rob

Bonnie is Prepared for Electrocution

Lisa calmed herself down. The court house staff congratulated her for a job well done so to speak. The execution went like clockwork as she got Clyde to accept his fate and die in the chair without incident. Lisa went to the ladies room to clean up and wash off her vibrator. After changing to a fresh pair of panties she was ready to get Bonnie ready for the electric chair.

Lisa as a young bisexual woman, found that participating in and viewing a man or woman die in the electric chair by anal electrocution, a powerful aphrodisiac. After participating in dozens of executions of both sexes, she became an expert in the electrocution of men and women's bodies. She knew how to help the condemned derive sexual pleasure from the execution experience. She also knew how to use electricity to deliver varied levels of pain from a mild tingle to an excruciating stinging fire deep in their bodies. And she knew how to deliver the juice in such a way that the condemned would be aware of every volt and amp of electricity for the longest possible time. She was now going to apply her skills and knowledge to her favorite execution subject; a young slim beautiful woman named Bonnie Richards.

Lisa found that watching a young man's bodily reactions to being electrocuted in the chair sexually stimulating. The preparations of the condemned would be her foreplay and the main event - the execution her orgasmic fulfillment. A man's reactions were all to obvious always centered on his penis. The effects of electrocution on a man were easy to gauge. But a woman was another issue. Her sexual organs were inside of her body and her arousal and orgasms were more complex. It would take a knowledgeable woman's touch to properly electrocute another woman. Lisa was very excited about getting Bonnie prepared to die in the electric chair. Her job now was to provide a satisfying experience for the condemned, the witnesses and the State. She gathered her composure to carry out the death sentence and make sure that justice was served. But within her boundaries, she will calm Bonnie with words and her skillful touch, staying with her all the way up to the time Bonnie is strapped into the chair and her young supple body wired for electrocution.

Lisa wearing a short tight skirt and high heels accompanied the mandatory four male guards as they walked toward Bonnie's cell. Bonnie heard the footsteps coming her way. Among the softer male steps she heard the unmistakable click of high heels. "A woman was coming to get her ", she thought. Was this the same bitch that was holding on to her lover's cock as she led him to the electric chair? After what seemed like an eternity the entourage arrived at her holding cell. She starred at the four men and the one woman outside her cell. The woman looked like she was wearing a very sexy nursing outfit that accentuated her firm uplifted breasts and long sun tanned legs supported by a pair of matching high heels. After a few moments gaze at her she thought to herself, "That's the same bitch that lured her lover into the electric chair and she was going to try to do the same thing to me".

The guards opened the cell door and the woman walked into the cell toward the cot where Bonnie was sitting. Lisa took a few moments to drink in Bonnie and size her up. Bonnie sitting on the cot was shaking a bit like a frightened rabbit. Her short dress rode up to her mid thighs to a little above her stocking tops revealing some bare upper legs just a few inches from her panties that covered what would promise to be a beautiful pert pussy. A young somewhat athletic attractive woman was her favorite victim to prepare and electrocute in the court house hot seat. Bonnie's firm tits with their pointed somewhat engorged nipples moved up and down in her tight dress in unison with her heavy agitated breathing. "How sexy", Lisa thought to herself. "This woman is beautiful and for the next hour or so she will be all mine to do with as I please just as long as I get her into the electric chair without incident". "I'm getting wet already just thinking about it". "And from Bonnie's agitated demeanor, I'll bet that her pussy is getting as wet as mine".

Bonnie was definitely afraid of being electrocuted but at the same time was drawn to the sexual side of the experience. She read with a morbid fascination much about the subject. Medical studies of men and women who have died by electrocution strongly indicate that death is not instantaneous. The condemned don't lose consciousness immediately but can be aware for minutes of an excruciating pain from the high voltage electricity bouncing around in and around their body. The skull bone is not a good conductor of electricity and in a judicial execution using a controlled measured current, little brain damage was evident. Only when excess current was used were there signs of serious brain damage. The conclusions are obvious. The condemned person being electrocuted feels every volt and amp of electricity going through them. They suffer intense horror, dread and extreme pain from the moment the first jolt hits them until their brain ceases to function, - and that could take minutes which can seem like an eternity to the person getting fried. A continuous electrical shock to the brain may not dull the pain as some claim, but may intensify it by exciting the brain with electrical charges.

Death in the electric chair is torture. The condemned eventually die by muscle contractions in the throat and chest that causes death by asphyxiation, or by paralysis of the heart muscle which starves the brain of oxygen. It is like hanging by your neck with a rope while suffering a long drawn out high intensity electrical shock ripping through your body.

But ironically, it is this double torture of both asphyxiation and the violent and complete contraction of all of the body's muscles that has a peculiar and powerful sexual effect on the person getting electrocuted. The contraction of paralyzed muscles causes the blood pressure to shoot up. This gives the condemned man a rock hard erect penis and the woman an engorged sensitized clitoris with intense vaginal contractions. Add to this the high voltage electricity invading their bodies and the condemned are at least initially stimulated to uncontrollable involuntary sexual orgasms. The brain endorphins released during electrocution will dull the pain for as long as the condemned are in sexual ecstasy. But when the man is finished shooting his wad or the woman is exhausted from her multiple orgasms, the torture and punishment begins.

Bonnie knows what is in store for her but Lisa was there to help her through it. Lisa said to Bonnie, "Hello Bonnie, my name is Lisa and I am her to help you". "If you do as I say then you will have an easier time with the electric chair". "I will be with you through the whole process and you may actually find the experience not only easier to take but you may also find the overall experience pleasurable beyond your wildest dreams or fears". "Just remember, that I am a woman and I understand your body as no man can". "I know what gives you pleasure and I know what gives you pain". "Together we will get your mind and body to focus on the pleasure you can find in the electric chair and divert your attention away from the pain". "Drugs are not given to the condemned so we have to use natural means to dull the pain".

Lisa continued, "Will you trust me and let me guide you to a beautiful death"? "Or will you resist and suffer the full terror and agony of dying in the electric chair without my help"?

After a few moments of consideration, Bonnie decided to co-operate with Lisa as her only hope to get through the execution with the minimum of pain. And perhaps maybe experience that once in the lifetime execution orgasm that the condemned allegedly get in the electric chair when the juice hits.

Lisa said to Bonnie, "I'm glad that you will trust me and co-operate - it will be easier on you that way". "Now please stand up and walk with me to the execution preparation room". Bonnie thought to herself, "Well this is it - I deserve to die for what I have done and the State is determined to electrocute me whether I co-operate or resist - so I might as well go with the flow". As Bonnie got up and slowly walked with Lisa out of her cell and down the corridor leading to that green door, Lisa said to Bonnie, "Your Clyde died like a man in the electric chair and it made me proud about the way he took it". "Now you have to show the world that a woman can die in the chair as bravely as any man".

Surrounded by the four male guards, Lisa gently holding on to Bonnie's arm guided her to the execution prep room next to the green door. The sounds of high heels clicking were heard as Bonnie was shuffled along down the corridor that would lead to the electric chair. "Step in here please and we will get you ready", Lisa spoke. Bonnie turned and sheepishly walked into the prep room. She noticed a table with straps at the arms, waist and legs. A full enema bag with a hose leading out of it hung above the table. Along side the table was a cart with what appeared to be shaving instruments. Next to the table there was a barber's chair with straps at the arms, legs, chest and neck. Was that for a dress rehearsal or to get shaved? And in the corner what appeared to be a shower and commode with a movable curtain. Looking around further, she noticed a mirror and sink with what looked like some woman's makeup. These almost looked like a beauty parlor with some gym equipment except for an ominous looking strap-on device in the corner. It looked like a dildo with a thick electric cable secured to an array of leather straps. "Is that the electrode that they're going to stick up my ass", Bonnie thought to herself. "I don't know about this, that thing looks serious". "I can't imagine what it's going to be like having a powerful electric shock going up my ass hole".

Lisa said to Bonnie' "Now I want you to take off your dress and heels". The four male guards were eager to watch the treat of a strip show featuring the young slim and sexy Bonnie Richards. "Are they going to see me undress", exclaimed Bonnie. Lisa answered firmly, "Yes they must". " But you must understand that they are professionals and they are just doing their job". "Just ignore them and keep your eyes on me". "Remember, you will be naked from the waist down when we take you to the electric chair". "There are going to be many men as witnesses to your execution so you might as well get used to it".

Bonnie with a sigh of resignation, lifted the hem of her short mid thigh dress above her waist then pulled the dress up and over her head revealing a well proportioned athletic but very feminine body. She stood there wearing black bikini briefs, dark sheer stockings and a half-uplift bra that pushed her firm tits upward with her engorged nipples poking out. Lisa commented, "I see from the condition of your nipples that it appears that you're getting excited about this".

The bulge in the front of the pants of the four male guards watching the strip tease show of the voluptuous 19-year condemned girl betrayed their agitated sexual arousal at the scene. This was better than an evening at the local tit and ass bars in the nearby town.

The effect that Bonnie had on the men was not lost on her. She sneered, "Do you perverts gets your rocks off by watching a naked woman die in the electric chair"? "Well I hope you morons enjoy the free show"? After a brief pause, Lisa continued with her instructions. "Now Bonnie, you have to remove all of your under clothes". Standing in her high heels, Bonnie reached back and unbuttoned her bra which feel away revealing her young firm full breasts with their engorged pointed nipples in all their glory to the aroused men and to Lisa whose panties were getting quite wet at the preparations.

Next Bonnie lowered her bikini briefs and slid them down her sheer dark stocking covered legs. Lifting her legs one at a time, she removed her panties and tossed them aside. As she lifted her legs to remove them, her legs parted exposing her damp fur covered pussy lips momentarily to the gaze of the preparation team.

Lisa told Bonnie firmly, "We have to remove all of your body hair so it won't singe or catch fire when you're in the chair". "Electricity going through your body is going to make you hot in many ways, so we want your electrocution to be as clean and painless as possible". "If we do this right you won't smoke too much". "What"? Replied Bonnie, "You mean your going to fry me don't you"? "Electricity hurts doesn't it"? "And it can burn me can't it"?

"Now, now Bonnie, just trust me and I will let you in on a secret about the electric chair and the way we do it", said Lisa. "What secret?" replied Bonnie. I have a policy to answer all questions from the prisoner completely when asked. Lisa explained the secret as follows. Yes, electrocution does hurt but if done in a certain way and you are properly prepared, much of the pain will be eliminated. In its place, you will experience a prolonged very pleasurable sexual orgasm unlike any you have every experienced before or ever will again. The electricity when slowly applied to you will stimulate all the nerves and muscles in your body in a rising crescendo as you ride your sexual wave to your orgasmic peaks. Your natural sexual highs will wash away any pain you might otherwise experience if you were just outright fearful and apprehensive about the electricity. I will stimulate you to such a high of sexual arousal before we take you in the execution chamber that you may be even eager to sit in the chair!

Because the electrode will be inside of your body bathed in conducting fluid we use a lot less electrical amperage to perform the electrocution. Also, if you wish, I will insert a vibrating dildo up your cunt when you are in the chair to keep your sexual arousal high. The electric chair can be easier on a woman than a man. The poor man, once he ejaculates his load of spunk in the chair, his sexual arousal subsides and his awareness of the electrical pain returns for the rest of his execution. That can be torture! But a woman on the other hand, can experience multiple and prolonged orgasms. She can keep herself in a state of heightened sexual ecstasy for the entire time the electricity is passing through her body. Her flow of brain endorphins from her orgasmic waves will anesthetize her from the pain of the electrocution. It is also believed that women in this excited dream like state will relive moments and experiences of their life much like an LSD trip. A good trip can be ecstatic. To this Bonnie replied, "and a bad trip can be hell"!

I have prepared more men and watched them die in the electric chair than women. And I can tell you from first hand experience, that by the expression on their contorted faces, men suffer in agony in the electric chair once their single orgasm is over. But when a well prepared aroused woman dies in the electric chair, the expression on her face is one of ecstasy from a most fantastic prolonged "Big O". When a woman fights me and the electric chair, she will suffer as much as any man during her execution before she expires.

The choice is yours Bonnie, to die in ecstasy or die in agony. But you must die for your crimes so why not take the easy way out? Bonnie after considering Lisa's arguments accepted her fate to die in the electric chair and she would follow Lisa's guidance to get her through it.

"Good", exclaimed Lisa! Now remove your sexy stockings, you can replace them later. Bonnie rolled her mid thigh stockings down her beautiful slim muscular legs one at a time. Again she had to spread and lift her legs exposing her secret charms to the gaze of the men in the room in order to remove her stockings. Bisexual Lisa was aroused as much as the male guards at the strip show.

"Please sit in the barber chair Bonnie so we can shave your body". Bonnie now completely naked sat in the chair. The guards walked over to her and strapped her arms and legs down so she couldn't move much. Her legs were spread open by as much as three feet at the ankles to provide unobstructed access to her fur covered pussy. Finally, her head was secured to the back of the chair with a neck strap. The guards with their scissors now began to cut her long flowing hair down to short stubble on the top of her head. One guard (the lucky fellow) knelt down between Bonnie's legs and cut most of the pubic hair away from her beautiful young pussy. Bonnie started to cry at these indignities but Lisa told her to be brave and that this has to be done for a clean contact with the electrodes.

Lisa checked Bonnie's legs and found that they were free of body hair so she left them alone. The guards mixed the shaving lather and spread it over the top of Bonnie's head stubble. Strapped into the barber chair, Bonnie could do little to resist. Lisa then walked over to Bonnie and told her that she has to now shave her head. Carefully and with slow deliberate razor strokes Lisa shaved the top of Bonnie's head. When she was finished, she dried the top of her head with a wet warm towel. Lisa then told Bonnie that she now has to shave the hair from between her open legs. "It's better if I do it than any of the guards", Lisa spoke - "Okay"? "Yes, go ahead"' replied Bonnie. Lisa now lathered up Bonnie's fur covered pussy and with great care and with a delicate touch shaved Bonnie's entire genital area exposing her bare vulva and cunt slit. Bonnie really felt naked after nearly all of her feminine genital hair was removed. She sat strapped to the barber chair with her legs spread wide like a practice rehearsal for the electric chair. Her naked reddened pussy lips covered the opening to her wet vagina and swelling clitoris button. But the hair removal process was not complete.

The guards opened the straps that held Bonnie in the chair. After she got up, Lisa instructed her to bend over the table so they can strap her face down. Bonnie slowly walked over to the table, bent over and laid face down. The guards quickly strapped her wrists and ankles to the table legs. Her legs were bound spread eagle at her thighs with her buttocks pushed up in the air by a table cushion in the bend of her stomach. Bonnie was thoroughly embarrassed at this exposure of her buttocks cleft. This position spread her ass cheeks wide open revealing the crinkled rose bud of her dark ass hole for the next phase of her preparation for electrocution.

Lisa explained to Bonnie that she has to shave any remaining body hair from between her ass cheeks and around her anal opening. Afterwards, she will be given two enemas. The first will be to clean out her bowels and the second to put weak saline water into her colon so that the anal electrode will make complete contact with her body and allow the current to flow into her with little resistance.

After giving her explanation to Bonnie, she continued with her task. Lisa called two of the guards over to hold Bonnie's buttock cheeks open so that she could lather Bonnie's butt cleft with shaving cream. The guards eagerly came over to get their hands on Bonnie's smooth white ass and hold them open for Lisa. Lisa was taken in by the sight of Bonnie's young curvaceous buttock mounds. She peered down into her cleft, which opened like a flower. Deep in the valley of Bonnie's ass flesh emerged the crinkled radial lines that converged into the woman's sexy little anus.

Lisa lathered Bonnie's buttocks cleft down to the floor of her valley. Skillfully, she shaved in between her sexy cheeks on each side of the inner hillocks. Then she examined Bonnie's ass hole for hair and then delicately lightly shaved in and around the anal opening. She finished by cleaning in between Bonnie's ass checks with a damp towel. Now Bonnie, I have to give you your required enemas. Lisa brought over the filled enema bag with a long hose tipped with a colon tube. Lisa put on her surgical gloves and dipped her middle finger in a jar of Vaseline then inserted it into Bonnie's ass hole. She lubricated her anal sphincter muscle inside and out. Then she lubricated the colon tube and slid it up Bonnie's rectum and opened the valve. Bonnie let out a sigh of pleasure as her tummy filled with the enema. When it was finished, the guards unstrapped her from the table and allowed her to relieve herself. When she returned, Bonnie laid herself down on the table voluntarily to take her second enema. It wasn't necessary to strap her down - she found the enemas pleasurable and took them without protest. When the second saline enema was complete, she again relieved herself and returned for the final preparations.

Bonnie thought to herself, "the serious part of the preparations will soon begin". Lisa took in the sight of the naked Bonnie waiting for the next instructions. Lisa said, "Now Bonnie please take your shower, dry yourself off and then I will let you know what comes next". After a few minutes of shower, Bonnie emerged well aware of her naked hairless body. Lisa then told Bonnie to lay across the table one more time. Bonnie said, "I'm starting to get scared again but I'm also getting excited down there". "Good", said Lisa, "That's what we're looking for". "Bonnie, it's time to insert the anal electrode into your body". "It's okay to feel frightened - it's only natural". "But you'll also feel the sexual arousal build from here on out". Bonnie, with an apprehensive look, slowly laid herself face down on the table once again. The guards quickly moved over to the naked Bonnie and strapped her down to the table at her wrists, ankles and this time with a belt across her back and thigh straps to immobilize her.

Lisa was now ready to insert the electrode up Bonnie's ass. She took some lubricating electrical conductive gel and covered the anal electrode with it. Then she dipped her gloved middle finger into the gel and separating Bonnie's ass cheeks once again to expose her anus, lubricated the rim of her rectum and inserted her finger into her hole. Bonnie squirmed at this invasion which also heightened her sexual arousal. Lisa found her anal sphincter muscle quite relaxed from the two enemas and easily accommodated her invading finger. From Bonnie' reaction and coital type movements, Lisa knew that she was getting excited. A look at Bonnie's darkening puffed wet pussy lips, confirmed her suspicion.

Lisa then took the lubricated anal electrode and pressed it against Bonnie's butt hole. Working it around a bit, Bonnie's anus opened to take in the electrode that would shoot the juice up her ass when she sits in the electric chair. Bonnie realizing that the thing going up her ass was going to electrocute her, she lost control of her emotions and shouted, "No, don't do this to me"! "I don't want to die". "Please don't burn me - I don't want to fry in that electric chair". But there was little that she could do strapped to the table. Lisa tried to calm her as she pushed the electrode deep into her bowels clearing her anal sphincter muscle, which closed around the electrical cable now dangling out of her puckered rectum.

Bonnie's fear and sexual excitement intensified as she felt the electrode fall into place inside her colon. It was like getting butt fucked by a big hard dick and she loved it. But at the same time that surrogate dick up her ass was soon going to shoot high voltage electricity up her anus and that scared the hell out of her.

Lisa removed her gloves and using her middle finger explored Bonnie's wet pouting pussy lips. Bonnie responded to her touch with a sudden jerk and a feminine pleasure moan as she pushed out her hips to accommodate Lisa's caress. Lisa parted Bonnie's vulva and slipped her middle finger into her wet vagina massaging Bonnie's love canal. Bringing a finger to the top of her pussy she found her protruding love button. As Lisa rolled her finger over Bonnie's swollen clitoris, Bonnie's vagina responded with involuntary contractions around Lisa's invading finger.

Bonnie was surprised that she was getting so excited at this woman's touch. Bonnie was not a lesbian but she did have some bisexual tendencies. Her sexual arousal has taken her mind off her predicament. But that was Lisa's job - to keep Bonnie sexually stimulated to the edge of orgasm while they get her into the execution chamber and strapped into the electric chair.

While Bonnie was savoring her arousal, Lisa reached around Bonnie's upper thighs and tightened the electrode harness straps between Bonnie's legs. Next, Lisa loosened the strap across Bonnie's back and secured the harness strap with the electrode plug around Bonnie's waist. While Bonnie was still bent over the table, Lisa ran the electric cable leading from Bonnie's ass hole up her open buttock cleft and tightened it to the harness ending at the electric plug above the waist strap.

After completing these preparations, Lisa said to the woman strapped to the table, "Bonnie, I want you to be brave". "We'll go through this together - I'll help you to keep excited so it will go easy for you". "I'm also very aroused". "Do you like the thought that I'm sexually aroused by your beautiful body"? Lisa walked around and stood in front of Bonnie so she could see Lisa lift her short skirt and remove her wet panties. Lisa then produced a vibrating dildo and then worked it in between her pussy lips slipping it into her eager vagina. "Would you like a vibrator in your pussy when you sit in the electric chair"? "It's easier that way and we both can orgasm together when you feel the juice"? Bonnie just looked at what Lisa was doing and saying but didn't answer her at this time.

Lisa opened the wrist, ankle and thigh straps letting Bonnie up. Bonnie felt the electrode up her rectum buried in her colon as she walked a short distance from the table. Lisa suggested, "Bonnie I want you to look your best before you go in the next room". "Go over to the make up table and put on some makeup and lip stick". "Here is a dress for you to wear and you may put on your sexy stockings and high heels if you wish".

Bonnie still naked walked over to the make up table and looked into the mirror. She gasped at the sight of her clean-shaved head and the hardness of her young protruding reddening tit nipples. She asked, "Don't I get any underwear or bra to wear"? "No", answered Lisa, "We need access to your breasts to check your heart beat and your panties&ldots;well frankly they may smolder and smoke during your&ldots; execution". "You wouldn't want that to happen - would you"? "I, guess not"' replied Bonnie. Bonnie grabbed the dress Lisa gave her and kept it near her at the make up table. She noticed that it was a light blue short dress with buttons up the front. She thought, "This short dress is going to expose her secret charms to the audience when she sits in the chair". "This dress will ride up when she sits and they spread her legs spread eagle in the hot seat". "Well, I'm going to be putting on quite a show for the crowd - twitching and jerking around in that electric chair with my pussy and tits on display". "I wonder how many guys are going to cream their pants and ladies wet their underwear when I fry"?

Bonnie turned her attention to applying her make up. She put on the make up base followed by a setting powder and her lipstick. In the mirror she thought to herself that she looked like the folk rock singer Sinead O'Connor going to the electric chair and that just increased her sexual arousal. After applying the make up, she put on the dress Lisa gave her and buttoned it all the way down to the hem. She wondered how long that would last? Finally, she decided to put on her sheer black stockings over her lithe sculptured legs and slip into her high heels. The beauty of the young sexy woman who they now have to put to death in the electric chair captivated Lisa and the male guards.

Behind the green door, preparations were underway to get the electric chair ready for Bonnie Richards. The chair worked flawlessly a few hours ago when Clyde Bellefleur was executed. But all the electrical connections were carefully checked anyway. They wanted to make sure the next execution would go without incident especially when a woman was going to be electrocuted. The sponge in the head electrode was replaced with a fresh natural sponge soaked with salt-water. The electric cables leading into the conjunction box under the electric chair and out to the head and anal electrodes were inspected for any breaks that might short out. The only short circuit the electrician wanted in the death chamber was through Bonnie Richards's body. The electrocution equipment would draw from the courthouse electrical system directing the full voltage power into her writhing womanly frame. Each leather strap (ankles, arms, biceps, waist, upper torso and chin) was individually checked for any frays. The padded leather straps had to firmly hold Bonnie Richards in the electric chair when the juice goes through her.

The electrician knew that a clean electrocution with minimum pain to the man or woman sitting in the hot seat took place if it was accompanied by evidence of sexual arousal consummated in an orgasm. He would look for a man to ejaculate copious amounts of milky cum in jerking spasms as the juice was turned up. And for the woman's genitals to be wet and dripping clear love juices from her pussy lips as the electricity passed through her body on it's way to 2000 volts.

Lisa had performed her job well. She has done a great job in the past getting the condemned person sexually aroused and near a state of orgasm just before he or she was strapped into the electric chair. She was now ready to do the same for Bonnie Richards. The witnesses assembled in the execution chamber and took their places in silence. One seat was left open in the front row for Lisa so she can see close up the results of her skillful work getting the prisoner ready for her date with the electric chair. The chair was now ready for Bonnie. The padded leather straps were open ready to embrace her as soon as she sits in the hot seat. The electric cables attached to the head and anal electrode plugs were wired to the control console humming with high voltage electricity. All that was needed now is for Bonnie Richards's head and ass hole to be connected and the electrocution apparatus would complete the circuit making her one with the electric dynamos of the local Power Company. The electricity would soon invade her delicate female body like a cruel lover inseminating her with sparks of pain and pleasure. Bonnie was now minutes away from putting on a rather obscene and lewd execution show - twisting and jerking her near naked body with her tits jiggling and legs splaying open exposing her bare thighs and pussy for the witnesses to her execution.

In the preparation room Bonnie was now ready to be taken into the execution chamber. Lisa approached Bonnie and told her it was time to go. She asked her again, if she would like to have a vibrating dildo in her cunt before she was taken to the electric chair. Stalling for time the frightened but also very aroused Bonnie said, "Yes".

Lisa took Bonnie to the barber table and opened a drawer containing the promised cunt teaser. She produced a 2-inch wide, 12-inch long ridged vibrating dildo. Bonnie's eyes widened with anticipation of having her pussy filled with that surrogate cock. "Lift your dress and spread your legs", Lisa commanded. Bonnie complied with the instructions pulling up her short dress to above her hips and opening her legs wide to allow for the insertion of that mean looking vibrator up her vagina. Bonnie was soaking wet from the preparations for her impending electrocution and did not need any lubrication. Lisa reached up Bonnie's spread legs, separated her vulva then easily slid the ridged dildo into her dripping pussy. Bonnie took a deep breath and sighed as Lisa pushed it home. "Now we're both ready for your execution", Lisa commented. "We both have vibrators in our pussies". "You will have to sit in the electric chair to feel the full effects of your vibrator but I will sit right in front of you where you can look at me when - well when the switch is thrown". "And I fry with it in my pussy", exclaimed Bonnie! "Yes, but we will have our orgasms together - many times I hope before it's over", proclaimed Lisa. "And I will be as close to you as I can when it happens". "See Bonnie, I still have it in my pussy and it feels great the way it moves around inside me - I've been ready for some time to have my orgasms from our foreplay". "Foreplay"? Thought Bonnie, "Is this woman some kind of a pervert"? "She gets her jollies from preparing men and women for execution and getting off as they fry to death in the electric chair". No matter how good that vibrator feels up my pussy, this is for real". "They're going to take me in the next room, strap me into the electric chair and fry me with electricity until I am dead".

Bonnie started to break down again. "I'm too young to die no matter what I did". "I didn't mean to kill that cop, it was an accident - Please don't burn me - I don't want to die"! Bonnie started to sob and beg for her life. Lisa said, "I'm sorry Bonnie but you must pay for what you did - you must die in the electric chair - it won't be so bad now that you are so sexually excited". "I saw how dripping wet your pussy was getting and believe me, you will experience as lot of pleasure when you are electrocuted". "It won't hurt much after your preparation". Lisa reached down to Bonnie's stretched pussy and maneuvered the vibrator in and out twisting it from side to side as its ridges scratched her inner vaginal walls. Bonnie's attention was diverted to the sweet pleasure building in her cunt. Lisa in her manipulations pushed the dildo up against her G-spot and put pressure on Bonnie's hardened pearly clit button sending pre-orgasmic pleasure waves rippling through her body. "That's it honey, you're ready to go now", said Lisa. "You're doing just fine". "Hold my hand and we will go in the next room together".


(Part 4)

By Doc Rob

Bonnie's Erotic Execution in the Electric Chair

Back in the death chamber, the assembled witnesses were eagerly waiting the infamous guest of honor to take her place in the hot seat and fry for her crimes. Some of the men and women witnesses commented to each other in soft whispers about how erotic it was going to be watching a young beautiful woman die in the electric chair. Experienced witnesses spoke in low tones about how a woman's quivering tits boil out and squirt during the electrocution. And also about how the woman writhes and jumps around in the electric chair opening her legs so you can see her wet shiny pussy slit dripping female love juices on the hot seat as the electricity hisses and sizzles between her legs.

Several bright spotlights illuminated the elevated electric chair from above and the exhaust fan was turned on to draw away any offensive burning smells emanating from Bonnie as she is electrocuted. All eyes were now turned to the green door to wait for Bonnie's entrance into the execution chamber.

Holding Bonnie's hand, she was led out of the preparation room flanked by the four guards toward the green door. As Bonnie walked slowly with small reluctant shuffling steps toward the green door, she concentrated on the feeling of the anal electrode up her ass and the ridged dildo teasing her vagina and clitoris. Tradition called for Lisa to say at this time the infamous words, "Dead woman walking"! As they arrived at the green door, Lisa reached up the front of Bonnie's short dress and clicked on the vaginal vibrator buried in her cunt. Bonnie's vagina contracted with sweet spasms around the vibrator sending butterflies fluttering in her tummy. Lisa wanted to wait up to the last few minutes before turning on the vibrators. She didn't want Bonnie or herself to have their orgasms prematurely. Lisa's main job now was to gauge Bonnie's level of sexual excitement and contain her orgasmic explosions until she sits in the electric chair and the switch is turned on. Lisa also wanted her orgasmic climax to take place when Bonnie was getting electrocuted - so she had to control herself. Lisa now reached under her dress and clicked on her vibrator that was covered by her panties soaked from her love juice dribbling out of her cunt. She took a deep breath of relief as she climbed to the next level of sexual excitement on her way to a most satisfying orgasm.

Bonnie very nervous and holding Lisa's hand tightly, now stood in front of the green door leading to her date with the electric chair. One of the guards pressed the button to open the door. A loud buzzing sound was heard for a few moments that signaled the opening of the door. All eyes in the execution chamber turned toward the door to get their first look of Bonnie Richards as she stepped into the room. The door opened in front of Bonnie and she had her first close up look at the execution chamber. Once she stepped into this room she knows that she will die here and she just prayed that it wouldn't hurt too much. The four guards behind her nudged her into the death chamber. She looked at the men and women assembled to watch her die in the chair. She tried to read the faces of these witnesses. Many seemed eager to be here to watch the "Bimbo" writhe in agony in the electric chair". And she was right. Bonnie stood in front of them young and beautiful and sexually alluring. She was slim with a slightly athletic build. From top to bottom, she had her head shaved clean but her face was made up naturally with just the right amount of makeup and lipstick. A short light blue mini dress with buttons in the front covered her body accentuating every luscious curve. Her naked breasts pushed out against the fabric of the dress outlining her hard-aroused nipples. Looking down her body past the hem of her thigh high dress, her slim muscular legs covered with sheer black stockings supported by high heels completed the intoxicating view. Her dress covered the anal electrode harness that was holding the electrode up her rectum. The dress for now concealed the fact that she was not wearing any panties and a vibrating dildo was massaging her inner spongy cunt walls with delicious pleasure spasms.

She turned her gaze to the floodlights illuminating the horrible looking heavy oak wood electric chair that was waiting to embrace her in a final death grip. She gasped at the sight and her legs began to shake nervously. "Steady Bonnie, just hold on to my hand as we go over there - you're going good". "I know your afraid but aren't you also very excited too"? Bonnie was filled with confusing emotions. The electric chair was ready to burn her to death with electricity. But she was also getting more and more sexually excited at getting electrocuted and feeling the juice invade and ravage her beautiful body.

"Its time Bonnie, you now have to sit in the chair", Lisa prompted. "I can't - I'm scared", Bonnie replied with a shaky voice. "I don't want to die". "You must sit in the chair now or the guards will put you in the chair". "You know why we are here and you must sit in the chair now". "We've done okay up until now, now lets go through with it". "I promise you, you're ready for the chair and it won't be that bad". "You know how excited you are and your orgasms will blow you away". "Just trust me".

The guards moved forward and firmly moved the reluctant Bonnie forward to the hot seat. When she arrived at the throne, they turned her around to face the witnesses. Lisa lifted the back of Bonnie's short dress above the back of her hips and the guards gently guided her down into the electric chair seat. Bonnie's now naked buttocks rested on the electric chair leather padded seat. Once in the seat, the guards wasted no time in strapping her into the chair. This part had to be done quickly before the condemned woman changed her mind and started to fight back.

First a wide leather strap was pulled across her waist to hold her hips in the chair. Next her right then her left wrists and biceps were strapped to the heavy chair arms. Now they have her were they want her and there is no escape from her date with the electric chair. The final preparations for her electrocution can now take place.

Lisa walked over to Bonnie who was partly bound to the chair and consoled her while she finished the job of strapping Bonnie down and applying the electrodes to her body. Lisa explained to Bonnie, "Now I have to strap your legs down". "Please spread your legs so I can buckle the straps around your ankles". Bonnie replied, "But that would expose me". "They could see all the way up my dress and between my legs". "I, know Bonnie but that is what happens when you sit in the electric chair - it's part of your punishment". "Just concentrate on those delicious pussy spasms you're having from that vibrator up your twat and get ready for the biggest "O" you ever had".

Lisa knelt down in front of Bonnie, took her right leg pulling it to one side a little, and placed Bonnie's right ankle in the leg stock strapping it in place. Then she moved over to the other front side of the chair. Lisa took hold of Bonnie's stocking covered left leg and strapped it in place causing Bonnie's legs to spread open nearly two feet exposing her youthful inner milky white thighs and the charms that reside between them. The witness's gaze naturally could follow up her sheer black stocking covered legs ending at mid thighs where her contrasting white upper inner legs converged to her slightly red glistening pussy lips spread open by the vibrating dildo sticking out. Many of the woman witnesses kind of snickered at the sight of the vibrator in Bonnie's pussy who was after all, about to be electrocuted. They wondered if it would really help her die easier with it in there.

Lisa now stood up and started to unbutton the upper front part of Bonnie's dress. She explained to Bonnie that they need access to her chest to listen for her heart beat. But, it would expose her breasts a little to do that. Bonnie exclaimed, "You mean my tits are also going to be on display when I get shocked"? "Well, I'm afraid so Bonnie - you don't have any bra and it's too late to get one now". "I'm sorry, I don't want to embarrass you unnecessarily but we have to continue with the preparations". Bonnie's tits were partly exposed, her left tit was bared enough to show her hardened nipple sticking straight out from a small red circular base at the end of her youthful breast globe. Lisa brought around an upper body leather strap running it under Bonnie's tits pulling her tight against the padded backrest of the electric chair. This caused her breasts to protrude straight out accentuating her hardened aroused nipples. Next, Lisa took some of the electric conducting gel and liberally smeared it all over the top of Bonnie's shaven head. Stepping back, Lisa noted that Bonnie did look like Sinead O'Connor with her shaven head and lipstick strapped into the electric chair. Although Bonnie was horny from the vibrator massaging her dripping cunt and was ready to explode, she was shaking nervously at being subjected to this electric chair bondage.

Lisa now reached up to the top of the chair and taking hold of the head electrode pressed it in place on Bonnie's head. Cool salt water dripped down the side of Bonnie's face causing a slight run in her makeup. Finally, a chinstrap was tightened around Bonnie's head preventing any excess movement during the electrocution.

Lisa in a low voice spoke to Bonnie. "You can have your face covered if you wish but it would be better if you looked at me when it happens". "We can have our orgasms together". "I'll be sitting right in front of you and you will be able to see me clearly the whole time". Bonnie said, "You mean I can watch you getting your rocks off while I fry in this electric chair don't you"? "But you will also have fantastic multiple orgasms in that chair when the juice is turned up", replied Lisa. As Bonnie's nervous vagina twitched and contracted around the vibrator in her pussy she retorted back, "You'll get all the pleasure and I'm going to get all the pain". Lisa sensed that Bonnie was losing it and it was going to break the spell. Lisa's horny itch in her twat had to be scratched and soon. She had to complete the execution preparations quickly before she lost control of her sexual libido. But first, she had to divert Bonnie's attention back to the pleasurable side of the electric chair experience. Lisa moved to the back of the hot seat and reached down to the open panel between Bonnie's bare ass cheeks and her hips and took hold of the electric cable lead connected to the anal electrode up her rectum. She plugged the conjunction box lead into this anal electrode receptacle thereby completing the electric circuit with Bonnie's body that would supply all the resistance to the flow of electricity.

Quickly, Lisa moved to the front of the chair and leaned over to Bonnie. She reached under the front of Bonnie's dress and taking hold of the vibrating dildo in her pussy, moved it in and out rubbing the ridges against her swollen clitoris. "Bonnie sucked in a breath of pleasure as Lisa whispered to her, "I love you, I really do". "You're so beautiful and you excite me more than any man could". "Let me make love to you in my own way in these final moments". Bonnie's clitoris jumped at the surprise touch and words from Lisa. She thought to herself that I can hardly believe it, Lisa is trying to seduce me while I'm helplessly strapped into this electric chair. But it's making me hornier than ever and I love it. Still moving the dildo in and out of her wet pink pussy Lisa said to Bonnie, "It's time, I'll have to say good bye". "But I'll be sitting in front of you and we will have our orgasms together ". "We'll go out together floating in our mutual sexual ecstasy".

Time was now running out for Bonnie. Lisa in her final act of preparing Bonnie for her execution, lifted her short dress up over her lap to get her dress off her thighs and out of the way so that the fabric doesn't catch fire during the electrocution. There was also a lap strap that could be used if Lisa thought it was necessary. She had witnessed many executions in the electric chair and the condemned person does jump around a lot in the hot seat. However, she would like to see Bonnie jumping and writhing around in the electric chair putting on a show with sparks flying out of her buttocks so she didn't use this strap. Lisa's butterflies fluttered wildly in her belly as she leaned over and kissed Bonnie full on the lips. The kiss lasted for about 10 seconds while their lips parted and their tongues touched.

Lisa left Bonnie strapped and wired to the electric chair to take her seat in the front witness row. Everyone became quiet in the execution chamber. All eyes were on the young nearly naked girl strapped spread eagle and nervously shaking in the electric chair. Lisa's vibrator was doing a fantastic job tormenting her pussy nudging her toward her inevitable orgasms. All that was needed now was for the executioner to activate the electric system that would send the juice into Bonnie's sweet feminine body. The Zap and sizzle of the electric current going through Bonnie making her jump and twitch would be the signal for her own body to be sent over the top of her orgasmic waves.

Nearly all the witnesses wondered why this young girl who was scarcely a woman came to this end. They wondered, "She has to die for her crime but how did she go down this path that has her bound to the electric chair waiting for the switch to be thrown". A few just wanted to satisfy their perverse sexual desires to watch a beautiful young woman fry in the electric chair - to watch her naked body convulse and spasm in a lewd dance of death in the hot seat. Bonnie sitting in the electric chair waiting to feel the first electric jolt to her young body was aware of the electrode up her ass that would deliver that jolt. The straps around her girlish frame embraced her tightly like a lover who was about to inseminate her with electric pain and pleasure.

The executioner walked over to the electric control console and turned on the switch that activated the first light bank showing how much juice would be diverted from the court house power system to go through Bonnie Richards wired and strapped down in the electric chair. The first switch was pushed into place with a loud thunk! At hearing this noise, Bonnie jumped in the chair and her vagina contracted tight around the dildo in her pussy but when nothing happened, her sex canal relaxed allowing more of her love juices to drip from her open pussy and down her thighs. For the moment, she gave a sigh of relief.

The executioner had a side and rear view of her sitting in the chair as she waited for the first jolt that would start to electrocute her until she was dead. The back of Bonnie's dress was pulled up exposing her bare buttocks resting on the hot seat. The executioner could see from behind the thick electric wire going up her ass hole. He also saw that the young girl's nervous reactions were causing some of the salt-water enema to dribble out of her anus wetting the electric chair padded seat. He thought that could cause some trouble during the execution shocking and possibly burning Bonnie between her legs as she was getting electrocuted. But too late now, Bonnie must die in the electric chair and it was now his job to pull the switch that would electrocute the young woman.

From the front, the witnesses could plainly see the beautiful young woman with her breasts and vagina exposed held in electric chair leather bondage, waiting for the first jolt of electricity. Her love juices dripped from her pussy lips held open by the vibrator buried in her vagina. Lisa saw how wet the hot seat was getting from the leaking enema and Bonnie's pussy glistening from her wet excitement. Just like a man who gets a dead mans erection in the electric chair, a woman's vaginal erectile tissue and clitoris engorge just before she is electrocuted. Fear and anticipation of an impending electric shock can be a powerful aphrodisiac and almost always result in an orgasm when the jolt hits. But Lisa also knew from experience that a wet electric chair seat and wet female genitals would make the electricity dance around her pussy and ass crack. The crowd might love it but the woman getting it in the chair would do a lot of jumping and twitching when it happens.

Lisa's vagina was clenching frequently around the vibrator in her cunt and was ready to explode at any moment. She squeezed her legs together to control the sexual spasms inside her until Bonnie's execution. Bonnie knew that she was going to get it any second now. She tried to divert her final thoughts before the juice hits, by fantasizing about her dead lover Clyde who died in the same chair that she was now strapped into. She imagined that it was his rigid penis teasing her pussy pushing her toward the big "O". She also fantasized about the electrode up her buttocks. She imagined that she was getting butt fucked by an another big cock. She dreamed that several lovers were fucking her in and out in both of her most intimate body openings. She started to relive her life and think about the events that put her in the electric chair waiting to die.

The decision to start the execution was now up to the executioner. He was also sexually excited about electrocuting this woman. It always gave him an erection in his pants when he had to pull the switch that would send the electric jolt up a woman's ass especially when his victim was a young beautiful girl like Bonnie. Her jutting breasts topped by bright red hardened nipples, the luscious curves of her sculptured almost naked female body with a wet shiny pussy slit filled with a dildo just drove him crazy. He placed his hand on the switch that would send the first 200-volt electric shock into Bonnie Richards girlish body. The electricity would increase by 30 volts a second for one minute until the high voltage reaches 2000 volts. Then the juice would be shut down. After a minute, the electric current cycle would be repeated again and again until Bonnie died from electrocution.

While Bonnie indulged in her sexual fantasy and the vibrating dildo teased her pussy to the edge of orgasm, the executioner pushed the lever down with a thunk and click sending the first jolt of electricity up Bonnie Richards's rectum surging through her luscious feminine body. Bonnie felt like a mule kicked her in the ass. She jumped in the electric chair and was thrown against the restraining straps. She screamed "AAAGGGHHHHHH" as the juice shot up her ass hole and out her head. As she looked at Lisa, she saw stars and blue flashes of electrical sparks dance around in her head as the punishing current hissed its way through her body. Her vagina contracted violently around the dildo in her pussy sending pleasure messages to her rigid clitoris that was poking out of its covering hood.

Second by second, the voltage increased never giving her nervous system a chance to saturate and always bringing her to new thresholds of pain forcing her to climb her wave of sexual ecstasy. The battle between pain and pleasure raked Bonnie's body. All of her muscles contracted and rippled in obscene spasms as she twisted and jerked around in the electric chair. Her legs twitched and splayed open exposing her moist dildo filled pussy to the witnesses to her execution. Her tits with their hardened nipples thrust outward and quivered as her back arched from her contortions. Bonnie was a real crowd pleaser performing her lewd electrocution dance in the hot seat as the current buzzed and shocked her supple girlish body. Her love juices dripping from her over excited cunt came into contact with the wet electric chair seat shooting jolts of electricity from her ass crack up between her legs through her open pussy lips and into the moist inner flesh of her vagina. The sudden shocks to her spasming cunt caused her body to lurch forward violently once again in the electric chair and squirt urine from her open vulva. But this time she was sent over the edge of her rising orgasmic wave to a stunning delicious sexual climax as the electric current coursing in and around the outside of her pussy flesh teased her pink erect clitoris knob. As the voltage increased she focused on her orgasmic spasms to drive away the hot stinging violent electric tingles ripping through her body. Thirty seconds passed from the time the executioner closed the switch on her. She was sweating profusely and unable to breath. As more than 1000 volts of electricity surged through her she felt like she was getting fried. Her sweet orgasms were no longer able to drive away the pain. Suddenly she was filled with feelings of dread and terror as the hot stinging fire up her ass and in her head became unbearable. She twisted with all her might to break the leather straps holding her in the chair but that would never be. She felt herself frying as her beautiful young woman's meat heated from the high voltage alternating electric current forcing its way back and forth from between her legs and head. Her electric lover was torturing her whole body including the delicate moist recesses of her vagina and rectum. She wanted to scream but her lungs were paralyzed. All she could do was fry from the electric current going through her as puffs of smoke began to rise from between her legs and head electrode. As the voltage neared 2000 volts, her wet open pussy and ass hole sizzled. Her girlish body now froze in the electric chair shaking in place. She fell unconscious unaware of the orgasmic spasms still gripping her vagina and clitoris.

The sight of the young woman's electrocution captivated the witnesses to her execution. Her obscene twitching and pelvic thrusting gave every man watching her die in the electric chair a raging hard-on. The women witnesses to Bonnie's electrocution were also highly aroused at watching her suffer in the chair. Whether through empathy with the girl frying in the electric chair or through some hidden bisexual urges, a number of the women had intense orgasmic spasms watching the titillating spectacle. Lisa reveled in sexual ecstasy from one extended sexual orgasm after another gripping her body from head to toe. Her groin and tummy was filled with the most delicious spasms and vaginal contractions from the vibrating dildo massaging her inner cunt muscles as she watched the climax of her day's work - a job well done.

After a long one minute of passing the high voltage electricity through Bonnie Richards smoking body the current to the electric chair was shut off. Her stiff arched body relaxed and slumped in the electric chair unconscious but with her muscles rippling and twitching in the aftermath of the electric punishment. The attending doctor walked over to the electric chair and lifted the unconscious Bonnie's left breast with its hard erect nipple dripping white fluid and listen for a heart beat. Her heart was still beating and they had to electrocute her again. The doctor saw how wet the seat of the electric chair got from Bonnie's leakage and the redness around her genitals and buttocks from the electric current. But she was now unconscious and they had to complete the execution.

After the mandatory one-minute rest, the doctor stepped aside and nodded to the executioner to push down the lever switch to electrocute the young woman in the electric chair once again. The second jolt to Bonnie Richards's body would start at 200 volts of electricity from the electrode up her buttocks to her head, increasing by 30 volts per second until the high voltage reached 2000 volts, then the current to her body would be shut off. This cycle would be repeated until Bonnie Richards was pronounced dead by electrocution.

The assembly saw that Bonnie's naked breasts started to heave as she began to breathe again. To the surprise of the witnesses, guttural moaning sounds came from her open mouth. She was regaining consciousness and recovering from the first electric jolt to her strong young body. At only 19 years of age, the young athletic woman was full of life and fight, and she would be hard to electrocute without an extended application of electricity through her body. But the executioner had a job to do and he pulled the lever that sent the second jolt of electricity into the condemned woman sitting in the electric chair.

Bonnie jumped in the chair held in place by the restraining straps, as the juice slammed into her body with an audible "WHOMP"! - Followed by a "PHFFFFTT - BZZZZZZZZ" sound that faded into a steadily rising whining high-pitched hum. Bonnie's eyes opened wide as she felt the terrible hot stinging electric pain surge into her tortured body once again. Tormented by the pain and pleasure in her smoking pussy and ass hole, she let out a shriek - "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as the current hissed its way through her young womanly frame. She arched her back in the hot seat causing her tits to stick straight out once again with milk squirting from the erect enlarged nipples. The buttons on the upper part of her dress popped open as if her taut firm tits were trying to jump off her chest to escape the punishing electric jolts going through her body.

But there was no escape and now at least for the moment fully conscious and feeling everything, she was again filled with dread and foreboding - she was going to be electrocuted to death. She summoned all of her sexual arousal aided by the vibrator still massaging her inner love canal walls and clitoris in one last orgasmic wave to drive away the torment. She thought of Clyde and how much pleasure she derived by him fucking her. She thought of what she could have done different to avoid sitting in this electric chair frying for the pleasure of the people assembled to watch her die so shamefully exposed. Then she felt it for one last time - the exquisite execution orgasm as her pussy and clitoris quivered in sexual ecstasy and she fought against the electricity inseminating her body like a cruel rapist. Pleasure then pain again and again until she couldn't sustain her orgasms anymore and a white blur began to surround her. Unable to breathe, the voltage kept increasing, - 1000 volts - 1200 volts - 1500 volts. Bonnie shook violently in the electric chair once again putting on a final obscene show of an exposed woman getting electrocuted. She flashed her smoldering pussy, as sparks appeared to emanate from her ass crack and smoke rose from her head. She now lost consciousness and her heart couldn't take the electric jolts anymore but the juice continued to pour into the helpless young woman's body - 1600 volts - 1800 volts -2000 volts. Bonnie sizzled and fried writhing in the high voltage current. The executioner from the back and side saw a steady stream of white misty smoke issue from Bonnie's ass crack around her ass hole. From the front, the witnesses just gawked at the spectacle of Bonnie dying in the electric chair. She stiffened in the high voltage current with her legs fully open. Steam appeared to hiss from between her legs and blue electric streamers danced around her wet open pussy as Bonnie finally succumbed. As Bonnie sizzled and popped, the current to the electric chair was suddenly shut off. Bonnie slumped in the chair as she was released from the electric death embrace. The beautiful condemned woman paid the ultimate price for her crimes. The electrocuted woman sat in the chair smoking from her body orifices giving an occasional twitch in final defiance of the capital electric punishment ordeal that she just endured. The doctor checked for a heart beat then declared that "Bonnie Richards was dead, she died from asphyxiation and cardiac arrest caused by acute electrocution to her body". JUSTICE WAS DONE AND IT WAS APPLIED EQUALLY WITHOUT A GENDER BIAS.

The witnesses filtered out of the death chamber in silence. They were both stunned and in awe at the titillating spectacle that they had just witnessed. It wasn't everyday that you get the chance to watch a young woman still a teenage girl die in the electric chair putting on such an erotic show. Lisa was drained both emotionally and sexually at the double execution that she just presided over. The court officials and the doctor congratulated her on a flawless job well done. Her knowledge of psychology and female - male sexual physiology was indispensable in carrying out a proper execution in the electric chair. She did it with minimum of pain to the condemned and in a manner that would not repulse the witnesses. As a matter of fact, the witnesses were eager to watch these executions. They were done in such a manner as to be highly arousing sexually for the condemned man or woman, and for the witnesses. After all the witnesses left the execution chamber to report to the press, Lisa excused her self from the court officials and walked to the far corner of the chamber. She reached under her dress, and pulled out the vibrator that was buried in her sopping wet pussy. It came out with a pop. Her vagina was so constricted from her sexual contractions that it just didn't want to let go of the ridged dildo.

Her job was finished but she liked to stay around for the post electrocution examination of the condemned person, especially if it was a young woman. After all, she was bisexual and was always excited by the body of a beautiful woman.

The guards unbuckled the straps that held the lifeless body of Bonnie Richards in the electric chair. The head electrode was removed from her shaved head and the anal electrode was unplugged. The top of Bonnie's head was red from the electrocution but not burned. The white smoke rising from her head appeared to be steam from the salt-water sponge and not the result of burning flesh. The lower amperage from using the "Anal Electrocution Protocol" worked well. Bonnie was electrocuted with the minimum of damage to her still beautiful young body. Her makeup ran somewhat but her lipstick was still fresh and she still looked like a pretty young girl. The guards lifted her body from the electric chair, placed her on the gurney then wheeled her out of the execution chamber and took her to the preparation room. Laying on the gurney with her short dress, bare mid thighs and dark sheer stockings was very sexy and was still giving the attending guards stiff erections in their pants. The electric chair seat was soaked with body fluid leakage from the electrocuted woman and had to be cleaned up.

Lisa moved to the preparation room for the post electrocution examination of Bonnie Richards's body. In the room, Bonnie's dress was removed and they turned her face down to remove the anal electrode from the young woman's rectum. The guards moved her body so that her hips rested on the raised part of the table. Her buttocks were pushed up to spread her ass cheeks and gain access to the electrode inside her body. The skin around her buttock ass crack was red from the electricity exiting her ass hole during the execution but not burned. Here it also appeared that the white smoke issuing from between Bonnie's legs when she was being electrocuted was steam from her enema leakage, urine and the woman's' sexual juices flowing from her vagina. This part of the examination confirmed the effectiveness of anal electrocution.

Next the guards spread open her ass cheeks and the doctor reached for the electric cable imbedded in her ass hole and slowly pulled out the anal electrode. It came out easy and was still soaked from the salt-water enema. The doctor examined the electrode and there was no evidence of burned flesh. The doctor placed a glove on his right hand then inserted a finger up her rectum and found that her bowels appeared normal. He filed a report on this electrocution and was pleased about how it turned out.

Lisa lingered a while around the gurney still sexually excited, took in the sights and felt the soft youthful feminine skin of Bonnie Richard's body for the last time. Lisa thought to herself that it was too bad that this girl had to be electrocuted - she would have really enjoyed making love to her. But all jobs had their down side and she now has to focus on her next assignment.

She was contracted to help in the execution of a woman named "Hanna Waters" who was an inmate at the Marion State Correctional Institution for Women. She killed a guard while in prison and by the authority of the warden, Hanna was to be electrocuted in the prison's new electric chair. They needed Lisa's skillful electrocution expertise to execute Hanna. She was a young very defiant woman and was going to fight going to the electric chair. She was not going to cooperate or accept her just punishment. She would have to be dragged kicking and screaming all the way to the electric chair. This was going to be a very challenging problem for Lisa. How would she handle it?

Stay tuned for the next story about Lisa and the electric chair in "Secret Justice".


Has anyone seen "Secret Justice"?Or can someone re-wirite "Secret Justice"?

Well, welcome to post other erotic electrocution stories!!

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