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I tried my hand at cooking guro, mild I believe. Feedback would be good.

Lizard roast.

Ever eaten a lizard? A lizardgirl?

Their meat is juicy and tangy, like spicy snake. Especially tied to a spit and roasted alive.

It's what we ate at the Lizardgirl village with our trade caravan, buying slave animal girls to sell to butchers of monster cities.

When me and Emiko visited the village to trade, we were invited to a feast. Passing a small trophy hut full of preserved pretty feet and heads, we were invited to dine with the village shaman, a lizard girl who was going to prepare the best feasts.

It came to be that she'd serve her best daughter, roasted over a fire, which we also offered to supplement with one of our own:

"Chocolate glazed human girl."

Everyone looked at Emiko, voluptuous, her chocolate skin, her large breasts, bubble butt, thick thighs and soft face was delicious, for one brief moment. Human was another delicacy in dolcett world.

The Lizardwomen smiled, offering Emiko a cup of berry wine. "We can guarantee a VERY pleasurable experience." Taking the cup, Emiko chan shyly smiled, and took a sip.

"This is good!"

"We'll be marinading you inside a keg of it, can drown you in it if you don't want to feel the pain of roasting." Civilly explained the lizard woman, whose face was very humanlike save for scales.

"Can I ask what happens then?"

"We'll take the body, take the head and feet off, and spit you, from anus to neck, and roast it along my daughter."

Her daughter, gagged, did not resist as she was being tied to a large metal spit, arms and legs bent back to be housed by metal rests alongside it. We could not take our eyes from the sight of her anus and pussy, which was apparently cleaned, and now being pumped with some sauce by the youngest lizard girls, and a human slave girl who apparently grew up with them, an iron collar around her neck, wearing nothing and looking quite happy.

"Of course, we'll cover you with chocolate as your thick body roasts, and fill some hot chocolate inside your ass and neck and stomach."

Emiko giggled, finding the idea of being a savory rump of meat eaten by monstergirls very funny.

"I will sacrifice myself, but...I want chocolate and wine till I faint." She grinned, pointing to chocolate drink and wine kegs. "And my stuff is left with John over there.

She pointed to me. Kind girl. I'll enjoy eating her soft cunny and arse. I always wanted to eat human but it's difficult with the skirmishes. A bunch of orc-girls nearly ate me in an incident.

They taste like ham and bacon, by the way. Especially thigh steaks and breasts. Every time killing a roaming orc girl raider meant ample meat for us, caravan already loaded with a bounty of slaughtered, naked orc girls, throats slit, preserved with ice, magic and bundled into carts on top of each, ample buttocks and breasts straining the cart. Preservation is good, don't want to torment anyone. Frozen orc ham for the market!

We had even caught a lynx-girl, but she was caged and fucked into unconsciousness: she was more valuable as a pet, waiting in the back of the cart in the cage, sleeping peacefully.

In any case, the lizardgirls argued amongst themselves, and nodded, some females amongst themselves blushing and approaching some of our males for some fun before dinner.

"Our eggs are many, with no males around...would you sirs?..."

Laughter and giggles took most men as they left with cute, naked lizardgirls for some fun, leaving me and Emiko alone.


Emiko was mostly naked anyway, preferring a thong and bra to run and fight fast, to hunt monstergirls for meat and delicacies. I cupped her voluptuous ass, sliding the fabric free to free her hairless cunt and arse, as lizardgirls took off her bra, and handed her a cup of wine, some inspecting her meat and squeezing the chocolate covered breasts. Emiko moaned, giggling as she downed a cup of wine, and went for a hot chocolate cup, smelling delicious.

ıt was a hot scene: Lizardgirls started to massage and clean her naked flesh, cleaning it of travel dirt and accumulated grime and sweat, paying attention to her armpits, anus and vagina all the way. Another group started preparing a large keg with restraints and weights to drown and marinade her.

"Oh this is sweet." Emiko chuckled, going for the third cup of chocolate.

"Not as sweet as you'll be, human." The shaman lizardgirl smiled sweetly at her.

They fed Emiko wine and chocolate until she felt woozy, and sick...massaging her temples, they lifted the chubby black girl, and bundled her, Emiko struggling weakly and tied her hands and feet to the bottom of the barrel.

She was ready for marinading, mouth weakly opening like a fish. The shaman smiled, and ordered the barrel to be filled with wine, as she herself force-fed Emiko hot chocolate with a funnel until she started to cough, and shut her mouth with strong, hot resin, making Emiko open her eyes in shock from the pain.

Mumbling a cooking song, the lizardgirls kept pouring until her body was covered, wine bubbling as her vagina and anus bubbled, absorbing some...they let her breathe through her nose once, and kept pouring until her body was covered, and shut the lid.

Her head threashed, eventually disappearing under the wine, bursting bubbles as the barrel shook.

She shut the barrel with a satisfied nod, leaving her to drown, the barrel frnatically shaking, and eventually, dying down. Then the lizard woman went over to her tied daughter, over the spit, and kissed her forehead, sprinkling spices, blindfolding her to spare the travelers her shame and pain, and ordered the fire to be lit.


The lizard girl moaned sensually, hands and legs bound around the spit as the Lizardwomen kept turning it. Her flesh was already red as she started screaming, muffled by the gag, as the smell of some wonderful meat aroma started wafting.

I helped take Emiko's cute body out, now smelling of sweet wine and cocoa. Shaman started sawing her head and feet off and let the blood drain before re-dipping it into a smaller stone trough with chocolate and wine, pouring some through her torn neck, and stuffing some inside her plump ass and pussy, and sawing with a knife, emptying all her organs into a large bowl, washing them, marinading them with vinegar, and chopping them with large tool into unidentifiable small pieces, quickly fried with cornmeal.

Then they took the result, stuffed, chocolate glazed human girl and impaled the corpse to another spit with a CRACK, licking their lips.

So, Emiko's body was added to the roast.

The lizardgirl gasped, and shuddered, slowly dying on the fire, as a wonderful mix of aroma spread around the room as her body felt painful to breathe.

I gifted the shaman graciously two orc female corpses so they could hang the bodies and eat the Orc-bacon in the coming days. They took the bodies with delight, already slicing some bacon from their pussies and asses.

We roasted the orc bacon as a starter, munching to the bacon until the roasts were ready, dead human and lizardgirl roasting on the fires.


Lizardgirl's pussy and right leg was given to me.

Roast lizard is soft. Juicy. Her leg, opening under the knife yielded marbled meat that was soft to eat.

I finished the meat with gusto as the shaman and her tribe slowly sawed off Emiko's plump breasts, filling them with ground, fried organs and potatoes, like big meat pies.

Each of her breasts were devoured slowly until the dead body of Emiko had just limbs and torso, which were distributed evenly.

Human meat is different. Emiko's double so, like spicy pork with wine: I took some slices of her legs, and some arm, but that's it..

I even had the lynx girl brought and fed her Emiko's hands and ribs. Of course, our guards couldn't wait, so after feeding, they took her out of the cage, and kept fucking her gently, on all fours, making her mewl with pleasure.

"I hope she gets knocked up with cubs." I mumbled, eating a lizardgirl leg steak. Lynx petgirls were rare. Breeding them was a sign of success, and a way to ensure they'll stay good girls taking care of their cubs...

Emiko's torso was lifted, and the shaman lizardgirl and some dug in with their hands and mouths, noisily eating the dead girl's body slowly. I hoped they enjoyed the meat....which they did, a girl tearing at Emiko's plump buttocks each with their mouths was a sight. They apparently enjoyed the wine-drowned girl meat, brown, pink flesh being gulped down and devoured in mouthfuls. A lizardgirl reverently took her head, and mounted it on the trophy wall where many female human and other beast heads were mounted. They took her head and slowly set it on a spike with a wet squelch, and wrote "Emiko chan" under it.

Back to her body, Now they were tearing it to pieces, body cleaned and roasted, refilled with cornmeal going down like a turkey in a thanksgiving feast. All that was left was some back, side of ribs and stumps of shoulders, a meaty bone carcass. This their children happily stripped to the bones, which were thrown to a soup pot for later.

I couldn't help but noticed the soup pot had limbs, small carcasses and a lot of herbs. It would be grand.

The lizard girl? Our men and me stripped it to its limit. The tail was delicious, cut open and stuffed with rice and soy sauce (its mostly fat inside), and sewn shut and roasted. It felt like a huge meat dumpling with fried rice!

Her breasts were smaller, simply cut apart and eaten as tiny steaks, her body was fuller around the limbs and buttocks, and a large, edible tail. When we cut her cute body into steaks, the meat came easily, and our plates were SO full...

I even burped a little, but I hope no one heard it.

We were full...


When the meal was done, we drank some wine, and coffee as cocoa was used to prepare meatgirls with and now was taken away. Males,all having fucked lizardgirls were quite happy, as was I.

Of course, why is the shaman smiling, and checking my arms and legs with her fingers? And my belly? Why do they whisper and smile at me?

And why do I feel sleepy?



Love this story so much BZT! <3 you rock ^_^

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