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The girl opened the door to the basement and peered in. She reached to her side and flicked on the lights, illuminating the room. The room was cold, and the bare cement walls were a spotless dull gray. The room was almost clinical with no decorations or improvements, just emotionless gray cement. It was identical to the pictures the man had shown her.

The only furniture in the room was a line of chairs down the left wall and a sink against the back wall. There was also a small drain a few feet in front of the sink. Next to the sink and in the middle of the right wall were two large, expensive-looking cameras with microphones mounted on top. There was also a camera hanging down from the ceiling.

Of course, there was one more piece of furniture, if you could call it that. A large guillotine sat in the center of the room, strikingly out of place in the otherwise un-noteworthy room. The lunette faced the back of the room, placed just above the drain in the floor, and the blade rested against it, missing a rope to hold it up. A thick layer of dust covered the guillotine, but otherwise it was in perfect condition, just as the man had said.

At the imposing sight of the guillotine, the girl's legs went weak and she felt herself getting wet. She took a deep breath and stepped into the room, closing the door behind her. She was carrying a large bag, filled to the brim, which she set on one of the chairs. She opened the zipper and fished around for a minute before finding what she wanted.

She pulled out two vibrating dildos and a pack of batteries. The girl quickly put the batteries in the dildos and switched them on. After making sure they worked, she turned the off and placed them on the guillotine. Then she moved in front of the camera.

She faced the camera and began to slowly strip, putting on a show. She was short, with a petite body and small tits. Her hair was a light brown and came down to her shoulders. As she pulled off her shirt, showing her tits to the camera, she smiled. She knew the man was watching right now, somewhere else in the house. After removing everything but her panties, she stopped and kneeled in front of the camera.

The girl grabbed the dildos, one in each hand, and began to lick them. She alternated between the two, and while she licked one dildo, she seductively rubbed the other on her nipples or crotch. Soon they were covered in her saliva, and she moved on to sucking them. She started with just the tip, trying to look slutty in front of the camera, but she quickly took the deeper. Alternating between the two, she pushed the dildos farther and farther into her mouth, still masturbating with the one she wasn't sucking. Now the girl started to moan, the sound muffled by the dildo in her mouth. Before long, she was swallowing them to the base, gagging and moaning at the same time.

After a few minutes of her fake double blowjob, the girl stood up and turned around. She laid across the table of the guillotine, with her ass facing the camera, and slid her panties down. They were soaked, and juices were running down her legs. The girl slowly inserted one of the dildos into her pussy and began to move it back and forth. Once she had fully lubricated it, she slid it from her pussy and into her ass. She moaned louder and felt herself grimace as the large dildo slid into her. Then she slid the second dildo into her pussy and switched them both on.

The dildos started buzzing, and a loud moan escaped the girl's lips. She felt a shudder go through her body, and began to move her hips in pleasure. She grabbed both the dildos and started slowly fucking herself, wiggling her ass seductively at the camera. The girl stood bent over the guillotine for a few more minutes, enjoying the vibrators, but reluctantly stood up. As much as she would like to, she knew she couldn't stay there all day. She pulled her panties back up, holding the dildos in place, and went back to her bag.

The girl pulled out some simple cleaning supplies: a small bucket, a brush, and some soap. The guillotine was covered in dust, and she wanted it to look nice when she used it. She knew she could have asked the man to clean it before she arrived, but the girl thought it was much hotter for her to clean the thing that would kill her.

The girl filled the bucket with water at the sink, and poured some soap in.
She turned and walked to the guillotine, each step bringing waves of pleasure.
Each step rubbed the vibrators inside her, and she moaned quietly.
Starting with the bench, she scrubbed the guillotine down.
As she cleaned, she imaged herself strapped down, helpless and awaiting her death.
The thought made the girls knees go weak, and she felt an orgasm start to rise within her.
She took a few deep breaths to calm herself and continued scrubbing.

After polishing the bench to a shine, she started cleaning the lunette. As she cleaned, she began looking at the blade up close. The girl felt her breath and hands start to shake. She could see its weight, and imagined it plunging down through her neck as she struggled against the lunette. She couldn't hold back her orgasm this time. The girl fell to the floor, spasms shaking her whole body. She laid still, trembling slightly, for several minutes.

The girl laid on the cold floor, shivering and recovering from her orgasm. The only sounds she could hear where her own panting and the subtle buzz of the vibrators inside her. She pulled herself to her feet and unsteadily walked over to her bag. She pulled out a thin rope and tied to the blade of the guillotine. Next, she stood on the guillotine's bench and looped the rope through a pulley at the top of the tower.

After getting down, the girl pulled the rope, raising the blade all the way to the top of the tower. She admired the shining razor edge of the slanted blade, then released the rope. The blade sped down the tower and crashed into place. The girl was overcome with another orgasm, and nearly fell to the floor again as her knees buckled.

Now she was ready to start her execution. The girl had thought for a very long time about how she wanted to go, and had meticulously planned this day for months. She wanted to be completely helpless before she died, and was turned on by the idea of not being able to save herself. At the same time, she wanted to be in control of her execution. She wanted to kill herself, instead of letting the man off her. But most importantly, she wanted to be in suspense, unable to control the exact time of her death.

She went to her bag and started pulling out a variety of bondage equipment. First she got straps to hold her to the table, which she placed loosely across the guillotine. She had four, one for her ankles, knees, waist, and chest.

Then she pulled out two pairs of fuzzy handcuffs. She closed one end of each of the handcuffs around the legs of the table near the lunette, then closed the other end of each one notch before placing them on the table. Next, she took out a ball gag and blindfold, and placed them on the table. She also took out an open lock, and placed it near the lunette. She had thrown the key away on her way to the room.

By now she was panting heavily. Every breath was half moan, half gasp. The girl took the final items from the bag. One was a mesh bag with a small loop on the top, and the other was a large thermos. With shaky hands, she unscrewed the lid of the thermos and opened the mesh bag. The girl walked over to the sink and poured the contents of the thermos into the bag.

A single large ice cube and a small splash of water poured out. She closed the bag and walked to the guillotine. Her legs were shaking and her whole body swayed as fear and pleasure rushed through her. The girl pulled the blade up and passed the rope through an eye bolt on the side of the guillotine. Then she carefully tied the rope to the bag, so that the ice kept the blade from falling. With that, her preparations were complete.

The girl unsteadily climbed onto the table, slipping her body under the loose straps. As she wiggled under them, the vibrators pressed into her, making her shudder. She could feel her heart beating in her chest, and could only hear the blood rushing through her ears. She tightened the straps one by one, stopping before the chest strap. At each one, she tested that she was immobilized. Once she was done, the girl could barely move her lower body.

Her panting grew so intense she was practically gasping for air. Laying back on the table, she placed her neck in the lunette. Her entire body trembled as shudders racked her body. She moved the lunette down, and slowly picked up the lock.

Once she locked the lunette, there would be no turning back. With a moan, she placed the lock on the lunette. She hesitantly slid it shut, until she heard the click of the latch closing, sealing her fate.

The girl gasped, and came hard. For a minute, she thrashed wildly in her restraints, then slowed to a stop. She still wanted to finish her original plan.

She felt next to her and grabbed the ball gag, and awkwardly reached around the lunette to put it on. Then she did the same with the blindfold. Her hands shook harder once her sight was removed, but the girl carefully found the final strap around her chest and pulled it tight. With even more care, she felt for the handcuffs. Once she found them, she slipped her hands through. They were already closed, so all she had to do was press her wrists against the table to click them shut.

Now she laid in the guillotine, completely immobilized, blinded, and gagged, and naked except for her panties. She was truly helpless.

Over her desperate panting, the girl could hear the buzz of the vibrators (still sending pleasure to her ass and pussy), and the steady drip of the melting ice.
The only thing she could do now was lay there and await her eventual decapitation.

The girl let out an aroused yet terror filled moan and started bucking against her restraints. The only part of her body she could really move was her arms, and she struggled against the handcuffs. Her wrists were rubbed raw as she futilely tried to pull herself free. Suddenly, all her muscles tensed, and she orgasmed. The girl felt her eyes rolling up, and the sounds of the room faded away as she passed out.

After a time, the girl groggily regained consciousness. She could not see anything, and felt something in her mouth. Confused, she tried to sit up, and found that she was immobilized. She tried to move her arms, and heard the clink of the handcuff chains.

The girl suddenly remembered her situation. She also realized that she had no idea how long she had been unconscious. The blade could fall at any moment. She strained against the handcuffs, trying to escape. The girl desperately listened for any sound that would let her know how ling she had left. As she listened, she found it harder to concentrate. The pleasure from the vibrators and the arousal of her certain death were overpowering. Soon she gave in, moaning through the gag and trying to buck her hips against her restraints. If she didn't know how much time she had left, she might as well make the most of it.

Suddenly, the girl heard a new sound. It was a faint sliding, cloth against metal. The bag was slipping through the bolt.

A terrified whine escaped the ball gag, and the girl started to thrash and buck against the table. She heard the pulley at the top of the tower start to spin freely, and she began to scream. Before she could let out much noise, the blade crashed down. It cut through her neck with ease, parting her head and body and cutting her scream short.

The girl, still blinded, lost all sense of direction. Her head felt weightless as it fell to the floor and rolled away from the guillotine. Her eyes moved rapidly under the blindfold, and her mouth tried to form words, but her head fell still in moments. Her body struggled for just a few seconds longer, blood pouring down the end of the guillotine. It too fell still, and the room was almost silent. The only sounds to be heard were the buzz of the vibrators still working in her corpse and the steady trickle of blood falling from her neck. The girl, now just a worthless thing, had finally fulfilled her deepest fantasy.

The room was still for a few moments, until a hidden door opened up in the wall. The man stepped through, pushing a small cart in front of him. With swift, deliberate movements, he pulled a pair of bolt cutters from the cart and started cutting the girl's corpse free. He cut all the restraints and the lock on the lunette, then pulled a paperclip from his pocket and unlocked the handcuffs. Then he carefully picked up the corpse and placed it in the chair closest to the door. He picked up the head and placed it in the girl's lap, still blindfolded and gagged.

He then pulled out a toolbox, and with practiced ease disassembled the guillotine. The man put all the parts on the cart, along with everything the girl had brought with her, and left the room.

He returned shortly with a new cart of parts. The man pulled a hose from the cart and attached it to the sink, then rinsed the woman's blood down the drain. Then he started assembling his new instrument of death. He worked quickly, knowing that he would have more visitors soon.


Very nice story. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks. It was my first attempt at writing anything. I'll probably add more later.


Very interesting. Definitely liked what happened here. :)

Definitely hope we can see a hanging at some point, or perhaps a drowning. :)


Really good work. I really like that scenario a lot!


this is GOOD


Very good


Part 2

The car pulled over to the side of the road and two girls got out. "Are you sure this is where you want to be let off", the driver asked. To him, it seemed like he was stranding two girls in the middle of nowhere.

"Yep", replied Liz, smiling. "There's a trail head just a little ways from here, and our friends know where we are." She hefted her backpack over her shoulders to make a point.

"If you say so", the driver said. He slowly drove off, watching the girls through his mirror. Once he was out of sight, the girls started walking. They weren't actually going hiking. Instead, they followed the road.

They were about two miles from the man's house. To avoid any suspicion, they hitchhiked most of the way, pretending to be hikers. They could have had a friend drive them, but then there would have been a loose end, and the man wanted to remain as secret as possible.

It took them about an hour to get to the man's house, and they arrived a few hours before noon. Liz was carrying everything they needed, but was barely breathing hard. On the other hand, Jen, who was carrying nothing, was panting hard and starting to sweat.

Liz stopped at the house to let Jen catch her breath. "You really should have worked out more," Liz said playfully. "You won't last long on the rope if you're struggling now."

"Shut up," Jen said back, still panting. "It's not like it'll matter." She took a few deep breaths and started walking again. The two girls went around the back of the house and found the basement doors. Jen looked at them with a bit of hesitation. "Are we really doing this?"

"Of course," Liz replied. She opened the doors and confidently walked down the steps. Jen timidly followed her down. After a short set of stairs, they reached a heavy door. Liz cautiously opened it and peered inside.

It was a dull, cement room, but it was well lit and had several cameras placed around it. In the center of the room was a large platform with two bars held above it. At the end of each bar was a strange box. A sort of mechanized gallows that the man designed himself.

Liz looked to her left and gasped. Stepping into the room, she called behind her, "Holy shit! Jen, look at this!"

Jen stepped in behind her. "What is it?" She looked past Liz and at the row of chairs along the wall. "Oh my god!" Sitting in one of the chairs was a beautiful young woman, naked except for her panties. Only her head was not on her neck. It was in her lap, blindfolded and gagged. The corpse's arms hung limply at her sides.

"I guess this is the real deal," Liz said nervously. She walked up to the corpse and gently picked up the head. "Check this out Jen." She tossed the head over to Jen, who was still staring in shock. Jen let out a squeak of surprise and awkwardly caught it.

"Now what's making that noise?" Liz asked, looking at the corpse. She pulled down the dead girl's panties, and found the two dildos, still buzzing away. "Look at this Jen," she said. "This bitch was getting herself off when she died."

"I don't think you should do that," Jen said nervously. She was looking at the corpse with a strange look on her face. Liz couldn't tell if she was scared or excited.

"What? It's not like she cares," Liz responded. Suddenly, she got an evil look in her eye. She pulled the two dildos from the dead girl and turned to Jen. "Strip."

Jen swallowed nervously. She put the girl's head back on the body and started to take her clothes off. She was much shorter than Liz, and a bit more plump, with large breasts and voluptuous curves. Liz was taller and more muscular, and clearly more commanding in the relationship.

While Jen stripped, Liz put her bag down and pulled out a length of rope. She wanted to do some role play with Jen to set the mood for their execution. Once Jen's clothes were off, Liz grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her back.

She bound them behind Jen's back tightly, then wrapped the rope around her chest, cutting Jen's breath short. Jen grunted, but did not resist her. Next, Liz stuffed the two dildos into Jen. Jen cried out as her ass was invaded by the un-lubricated vibrator. She held back tears as Jen continued wrapping the rope around her, now looping it below her crotch to hold the dildos in place. She added a large knot just above Jen's clit. Once she was done, Liz pushed Jen to the floor and stood above her.

"Do you know why I brought you here, slut?" Liz demanded.

"N-no mistress", Jen stuttered out, struggling to sit up.

"Then let me tell you!" Liz put her foot on Jen's chest and pushed her back to the floor. "You've been disappointing me slave. Lately, it seems that you're too distracted or 'busy' to please your master. A slave that cannot please her master is useless, and useless slaves need to be disposed of!" She glared at Jen, waiting for a response.

Jen looked away, blushing with shame. She's just too cute, Liz thought to herself. She leaned forward pressing her foot painfully in Jen's chest. "Well slut, anything to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry mistress. P-p-please show me mercy." Jen's lips trembled as she looked back at Liz. Liz smiled.

"I guess I should make sure you aren't completely worthless before I get rid of you," Liz said. She quickly pulled off all of her clothes and sat next to the girl's corpse. "If you can get me off without getting distracted, I might just let you live." Saying this, she reached into her bag and pulled out a thin cane.

Jen awkwardly slid across the floor, clumsy with her arms tied behind her back. As she made her way to Liz, she felt the dildos shift inside her, and her pussy started dripping. Jen knew what Liz was up to. It was a game of who would cum first, and Liz was determined to win.

Jen kneeled down in front of Liz and looked up at her. "Thank you for your kindness master. I will try to redeem myself."

"Well get to it then!" Liz snapped. She lifted the thin cane and smacked Jen's breasts. Jen flinched slightly, then leaned into Liz's legs and started licking. She carefully ran her tongue over Liz's pussy, savoring the taste of her master. "You'll have to do better than that," Liz said, and she reached over Jen's head and brought the cane down on her ass.

Jen trembled, aroused at the sharp pain. She moved her tongue a little faster, but still slowly. Two more blows hit her, and Jen could feel herself getting wetter. She carefully pushed her tongue into Liz and began moving it. Liz grabbed Jen's nipple and pulled it hard, then smacked her with the cane a few more times. Despite this, Jen still moved slowly. She knew the point of this game was for her to lose.

"If you don't pick up the pace, you won't live much longer," Liz cautioned, then followed up with more abuse from the cane. The blows raised Jen's arousal even higher. Combined with the pleasure from the dildos, she was getting close to an orgasm. But she did not move faster. Jen continued to slowly probe Liz's pussy with her tongue, enjoying the taste, knowing it would be her last.

Liz looked down on Jen and grinned. "I see how it is. You don't want to be saved. You're just a worthless slut, only fit for snuffing." Liz smacked Jen a few more times, then grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor.

Jen stumbled and fell on her back. Before she could try to get up, Liz was straddling her face, smothering her with her pussy. "Come on slut, at least try to get me off before you die!" Liz bent forward to grab the dildos, and started fucking Jen while grinding on her face.

Jen almost orgasmed at the sudden pleasure, and started frantically licking Liz's pussy. She tried to stay calm, but Liz was relentless. Liz suddenly reached forward and grabbed the cane, then brought it down on Jen's clit. The unexpected pain brought Jen to orgasm, and she trembled, trying not to let it show. Jen tried to lick Liz faster, hoping that she got away with her orgasm.

"Don't think I didn't notice that you slut! Getting me off now won't save you," Liz shouted, and began moving the dildos even faster. Now Liz was feeling an orgasm building up, and she moved her hips faster, rubbing her pussy across Jen's face.

Jen could already feel herself start to orgasm again, and she frantically tried to please Liz while bucking her hips from the pleasure of the dildos. The two girls tried to satisfy the other, faster and faster, until they both came.

Liz stood up and looked down at Jen regretfully. "You tried slave, but I saw you get distracted and let yourself cum before me. It's time to get rid of you."

Jen struggled to her feet. "Please forgive me master. I didn't mean to. I swear, just-". Her words were cut off as Liz grabbed her hair and dragged her to the platform. In her hands was a noose, one that she made before coming to the room. Jen trembled, but obediently followed.

On the platform was a metal bar with a small hook in the center. The bar had a box at the end, and a pad was placed under the bar. Liz tied a loop at the other end of the noose and placed it on the hook, the pushed Jen onto the pad. As soon as Jen touched the pad, the bar started to rotate. It was extremely slow, and would draw out Jen's death for a while.

Jen looked up at the bar with horror and arousal. Suddenly, she wasn't sure that she wanted to do this any more. She looked at Liz, but before she could say anything, Liz brought the noose around her neck and pulled it tight.

Jen felt herself start to panic, and broke the immersion of the role play. "Liz, I don't want to do this any more. I'm scared," she pleaded, with tears started to form.

Liz looked at her, then slapped her hard across the face. "Shut up slave. You showed your worth, and now it's time for you to die." The bar slowly winched the rope up as Jen stood stunned.

Jen was crying now, a few tears fell down her face. "Come on Liz, I'm really scared. Just let me down. I want to go home." Jen was really starting to panic now, and she felt the rope slowly being lifted up. In a few seconds, it would be pulled taught. She stared at Liz, hoping her friend would reconsider. [i]Don't look at me like that Jen[\i], Liz thought, [i] you're too cute when you're scared[\i].

"Silence slave! You brought this on yourself! Now be quiet and face your death like the trash you are!" Liz said forcefully, raising her hand again. Jen stared at her in shock, and started sobbing.

"Liz, please. I don't want to die. Please just let me down. I'm scared Liz. I just want to get down." The rope continued to rise steadily, and Jen began to bawl. Tears streamed down her face and her breathing became frantic gasps. At every breath, her breasts bounced and her chest struggled under her bondage.

Liz looked at her terrified friend, and thought to herself, [i] You're like a kid that's scared to go on a roller coaster. I almost feel bad about killing you[\i]. Liz broke her character to comfort Jen. "Shh, it's okay Jen," Liz said softly. She placed her hands on Jen's face and looked her in the eyes. "It's okay Jen, shh, it's okay. You're doing great." Jen stopped sobbing and looked at Liz with pleading eyes.

Just then, the rope was pulled tight, forcing Jen to stand on her toes. Her eyes went wide, and she started begging again. "Please! No! NO! Just let me down Liz! I don't want to! Please! PLEASE! LIZ!"

Liz grabbed Jen's face and placed her mouth over the terrified girl's. She kissed Jen deeply, passionately moving her tongue inside Jen's mouth. She reached her hand down and found the dildo in Jen's pussy, and gently moved it up and down. She could feel Jen's whole body shaking in terror.

Liz broke off the kiss and gently hugged Jen. "Don't worry babe, you're okay. You're okay Jen, just look at me," she whispered into Jen's ear. Liz looked into Jen's dread filled eyes. "You'll be okay Jen."

Jen tried to plead one last time. "Liz, please ju- ughh," but her words were cut short. The noose lifted her off the ground, closing off her throat. "Ughh, guh." Jen tried to breathe, but was only lifted higher as the bar slowly rotated. Her face turned red and her tongue hung out of her mouth. Once her feet were a few inches above the ground, the bar stopped moving.

Jen could feel the burning of the noose around her neck, and her vision was starting to fade. Desperate for even one breath of air, she kicked and swung her legs wildly. Liz stepped back to keep from getting kicked and watching with arousal.

Jen could barely think, and she felt her legs growing weaker. As she spun, she saw Liz in her fading vision. She tried to call out, to plead Liz to save her, but her friend only stared back. Jen watched as her Liz slowly moved her hand down and started masturbating. [i]Please ... Liz ... no[\i], Jen was fading away.

Liz watched on as Jen's face turned blue and all her movement slowed. Her tongue was hanging out, and her eyes were stuck in a pleading stare. As Jen stopped moving, Liz moved her hand even faster, rubbing her pussy and starting to moan. "Ohh god ... ohh fuck ... Jen ... JEN!" Liz came, and shakily walked over to her bag. Reaching in, she pulled out another noose and a pair of handcuffs.

Liz tied her noose to the other bar and placed it over her neck. She shuddered and pulled it tight, then cuffed her hands behind her back. She looked longingly at Jen. Her friend had stopped moving, except for some occasional twitches, and a trickle of piss flowed down her leg.

Liz cautiously stepped onto the pad, and heard the bar start to turn. I'll be joining you soon, Jen, she thought to herself. She made her rope much shorter than Jen's, and could already feel it start to tighten.

Liz reached her hands down and started to finger herself from behind. The noose was now pulling her up, and she had to stand on her toes. She started hyperventilating, put forced herself to calm down. Liz wanted to last as long as possible, so she took several deep breaths. On her fourth breath, she tried to inhale, but couldn't. A moment later, her feet left the ground.

Now the only thing Liz could feel was the burning pain in her throat and lungs. She suppressed her urge to swing her legs and kept fingering herself. The bar stopped, and she started to slowly spin. Liz's body was desperately screaming for oxygen, and her mind was screaming just as hard for a last orgasm. Her vision was starting to fade, but she used all of her last energy to get herself off.

As she slowly spun, she caught sight of Jen, hanging limply with her tongue out and a trickle of piss running down her leg. Her empty eyes stared at Liz, as if to ask her "Why?". At the sight of her friend's corpse, Liz came hard, sending a spray of juices to the floor and losing consciousness.

After waiting a few minutes to make sure the girls were dead, the man entered the room. He smiled at the sight of Jen's terrified, pleading face and Liz's blissful, aroused smile. He carefully cut the two girls down and placed them on the chair's next the the headless corpse. He left the nooses and Jen's bondage on.

Then, like before, the man sprayed down the room, disassembled the gallows, and started preparing for his next visitor.


Nice work with the hanging. :)

Would like to see a drowning, perhaps, or an impalement. Maybe even a bisection, horizontal or vertical. :)


A vertical bisection would be great. Its a pretty underutilized death in /lit/.


I'm really liking this series


I really like where you are taking this. And as mentioned by others, maybe an impalement would be a great addition!


Bump in hope of an update. :)


update coming "soon". I've been getting back into school and almost forgot I even wrote this.


I found third story in this cycle by another author Netzteil:



Not everyone has an account over in Dolcett. Could you copy/paste it over here for those of us who do not?



I gotchu fam:

I wrote a third story continuing forceoveracceleration's stories in "Suicide Executions".

I had this idea for quite some time, and finally put it into words, I think it just fits into forceoveracceleration's story theme / setup.

English is not my native language, so please excuse any minor faults and errors. Of course I'm looking forward to get some feedback about major screwups or just how you liked the story! :-)


The door to the room opened and a black haired girl looked inside, reaching for a light switch right beside the door.

The dull cement room was well lit by a cold neon light on the ceiling, and on one side of the room was a line of chairs. One chair was occupied by the body of a naked girl, only wearing her panties, with her freshly decapitated head placed on her lap, some splattered blood visible around her neck and on her legs. In the next chair sat a naked girl, with her hands bound behind her back by rope, which was wrapped around her chest several times, and disappeared between her legs, where it seemed to hold in place two still humming dildos, one in her pussy, one in her ass. The girl was obviously hung to death, with the noose still embedded in the folds of her neck, her tongue pushing out of her mouth and her once beautiful face blue and red colored and grimacing in death, which must have been quite painful and gruesome. In the chair next to her sat another naked girl, her hands bound behind her back by handcuffs, and another noose around her neck, obviously also the reason of her death. In contrast to the second dead girl, this one's read and blue face looked rather happy, as if she experienced one last orgasm while hanging. Between the legs of these two girls, moisture and some urine could be seen.

The new girl closed the door where she came in, and walked over to the chairs, looking at the three dead girls with interest and a hint of lust in her eyes. Definitively she wasn't shocked by the sight, she knew what to expect when coming here. She wore a big black bag, which she put on the floor and looked around the room further more.

Beside the sink on one of the walls was a new construction. It was made of solid metal bars, and looked like a big "X", with attached metal cuffs for the ankles and wrists on its four ends. On top of the "X" was a horizontal metal bar, with some kind of a plastic mold in the middle for the back of the head, and some kind of a fitting glass bowl front, attached to the plastic by hinges on one side. On the other side was some kind of a locking mechanism and all around the glass bowl and the plastic mold was a flexible plastic seal. All in all it looked like some kind of aquarium or fish bowl, to completely seal in the head of the person who would be strapped into the "X" construction. Right below the seal for the neck, another big cuff was attached to the plastic mold. On a shelf just above the "X" was a clear plastic container, from which a flexible plastic tube led from the bottom right into the top of the glass bowl. There was some kind of a valve on this plastic tube, which could be opened with an attached string.

The girl examined this construction for quite some time, and then turned to one of the many high definition cameras, which were installed all over the room to cover every corner. She was obviously excited, as her cheeks were flushed and her voice was a little bit shaky. She knew the man was watching, and if not, her show would be recorded for sure.

"Hello, my name is not important, for I am here to die for your viewing pleasure, in a most brutal and gruesome way. I hope you enjoy this and put my dead body next to the other girls for the next one to enjoy afterwards! I will continue now with my preparations, have fun!"

She winked at the camera and forced a short smile to her face. Then she started slowly to undress, first her high heel shoes, then her blouse, then, while slowly turning around, her trousers came off, leaving her in her black bra and sheer black pantyhose. She neatly folded her clothes and put them on the floor beside her bag. When bending over, her sexual arousal could clearly be seen by the dark stain in the crotch of her pantyhose. She turned to the camera again, and slowly undid her bra, showing her nice C-cup breasts to her anonymous watcher. She wiggled them with both hands, and gave her perky nipples a little twist. She moaned softly, and then slowly pulled her pantyhose down, creating a slick string of wetness from between her cleanly shaved vagina and the crotch of the hose. She touched her wet clitoris, pushed some fingers into her soaking pussy and licked them clean, moaning again with arousal. She went down to her knees, and put the pantyhose and her bra on the stack of her clothes.

Then girl opened her black bag and got out a big plastic bottle filled with water, and a smaller empty one. She also pulled out an enema bag with a long plastic tube, a black anal plug with a pumping ball and inlet tube with a small valve, a medical bladder catheter with a small detachable pump balloon and a small tube of lubricant, a clear medical urine bag, a small padlock, a wooden spoon, a transparent latex swimsuit and a pair of black high heel stilettos. She looked at all her equipment, nodded in approval, and carefully placed the stack of her clothes into the now empty bag, leaving it open.

She walked over to the dead girl with the vibrators inside, carefully bent her over and pushed her a bit to her side, so she could move the soaked rope in the girl's crotch aside and pull both dildos out of the girl’s pussy and ass, the latter one covered in what seemed to be dried excrements around the top. She turned both dildos off and sat the girl upright in the chair again. She quietly said "Thanks for that" and walked back to her equipment on the floor. Carefully she stepped into the high heel stilettos and closed the buckles around her ankles.

The girl squatted down, turned on the cleaner one of the dildos, and started teasing her clit and wet pussy with it. She started moaning again, and lasciviously licked her lips. It didn't take long to bring her on the verge of an orgasm. But she had to wait, those were her rules. She turned the vibrator off and put it on the floor. She took the enema bag, checked that the valve at the end of the clear plastic tube was closed, and held the open side on top just below her pussy. She was breathing heavily and her legs were shaking, as a few drops of her wetness dripped into the enema bag, directly followed by a hissing stream of yellow urine. Obviously she was really holding a lot of urine, she didn't stop urinating for almost half a minute, and by then the one liter bag was almost completely filled. She sighed in relief and smiled at the camera in front of her. She stood up, and carefully attached the full enema bag on a small hook on one arm of the "X" construction.

She picked up the black butt plug from the floor, and sucked on it to get it wet. She smiled at the camera, turned around and bend over, and with some effort pushed the plug all the way into her tight asshole, making her gasp out loudly as the biggest part at its base went in. She turned around again, and took the pump device dangling from the butt plug between her legs. While smiling a painful smile at the camera again, she gave the pump a few firm pushes, probably doubling the size of the plug in her ass. She went down on all fours, and connected the tube coming from the enema bag with the tube going into the butt plug. Teasingly looking up at the camera again, she opened the valve on the plastic tube, allowing the warm yellow liquid from the enema bag flowing into her ass trough the butt plug. She took the vibrator again, turned it on and started fucking her pussy with it, while the enema bag was slowly emptying it's content into the girl on the floor.

It only took a few minutes until the enema bag was empty, and all the urine was pushed into the girl's ass and belly by gravity. And by then the girl was close again to an orgasm, and turned the vibrator off. She reached between her legs and closed the valve on the butt plug, then disconnected the tube coming from the enema bag. She stood up, obviously in discomfort because of her full belly and the size of the pumped butt plug, keeping her urine inside her. She removed the enema bag from the "X" construction, coiled up the attached tube, and put it back into her bag on top of her clothes.

She took the smaller empty plastic bottle and squatted down again. Penetrating her pussy with the vibrator again, she started urinating into the bottle again, not as forceful as the first time, but she managed to fill the bottle with almost another 500 milliliters. She must have drunk a lot before coming into the room. She was getting close to an orgasm again, and pushed the vibrator all the way up inside her pussy, where it grinded against the huge butt plug in her ass. Smiling at the camera, she took the bottle to her mouth, sniffed on it for a second, and drank its warm content down with a few dedicated long gulps. She retched for a second, which pushed the vibrator out of her pussy again. She turned it off, put the now empty bottle into her bag and stood up again.

The girl reached for the plastic container on the shelf above the "X" construction, which was quite easy thanks to her high heeled shoes. Carefully she removed the plastic tube from the container, and put the container on the floor in front of the "X". Smiling at the camera again, she turned around facing the "X" construction, and squatted down over the plastic container, presenting her ass to the camera. She took the vibrator and started playing with her clit and pussy again, from which more wetness of arousal could be seen dripping slowly into the container. She grabbed the pump coming from her butt plug, and opened the valve to deflate it. A faint hiss could be heard, as the air escaped from the balloon sized plug in her butt. The girl didn't have to wait or push long, with a loud plop the still big butt plug popped out of her gaping ass, directly followed by a big splash of urine and shit. It all went into the container, and for the next 30 seconds more shit and liquid followed. She was breathing heavily, and calmed a little bit down while waiting for the rest of the enema to drip into the container.

She stood up, turned around, and squatted down again, now leaning over the plastic container with its foul smelling content. She reached for the second vibrator, still covered with the shit of the two dead girls. She looked at it with disgust but nonetheless arousal, turned it on as well, and after a moment of hesitation started licking and sucking on it with her mouth. With her other hand she was still teasing her clit and pussy, carefully not to get too close to an orgasm. She started deep throating the humming vibrator, starting to retch as it disappeared into her throat again and again. She spat up some bile, which ran over her breasts down to her belly into the container, and continued pounding her mouth and throat. She moaned and breathed heavily, choking up more bile and liquid from her stomach. She withdrew the vibrator from her mouth, and let out a big splash of vomit into the mess beneath her, adding slimy bile, urine and the remainder of her last meal to the shitty enema. She continued stuffing the humming vibrator into her mouth and throat, until she retched up nothing more than some clear bile. She turned off the vibrators, wiped off her mouth with a hand, and scooped the rest of her slimy vomit down her naked breasts and belly into the container.

The girl grabbed the wooden spoon, and started stirring the content of the container and smashing all bigger excrement parts, until it was a homogeneous brown and slimy liquid. Then she stood up, walked over to the sink on the wall, fished the butt plug from the plastic container and put it into the sink, together with the wooden spoon. She walked over to "X" construction and carefully placed the container back on the shelf above it, reattaching the plastic tube at the bottom again, which led to the head bowl. Then she walked back to the sink and cleaned both the butt plug and the wooden spoon, before putting them back into her bag.

Squatting down again, she got the medical catheter out of its bag and put some lubricant on it, then started inserting the tube into her urethra, while spreading her wet pussy lips with the other hand, and once in a while touching her visibly swollen clitoris. It was obvious she had done and practiced this before. It took her less than a minute to insert the catheter all the way into her bladder. She used the small pump device to blow up the holding balloon inside her bladder, preventing the catheter tube from slipping out of her again. Some urine was visible in the tube coming out of her urethra, but was stopped by the small closing valve at the end of it.

The girl stood up one last time, and slowly put on the transparent latex swimsuit. She turned around for the cameras a few times, smiling at the hidden watcher and presented her tits, ass and pussy under the clear latex. She bent over and pulled the latex covering her crotch to one side. She lubricated each vibrator with her mouth one more time, before putting one effortless into her still gaping ass and the other into her dripping wet pussy, both still turned off for now. Then she put the latex crotch back in place, to keep them in her for the rest of the show and also for the rest of her life. The tube coming from the catheter was dangling between her legs, and she just plugged it into the clear medical urine bag, which was now hanging from the catheter tube.

She went to her bag one last time, and took the big bottle filled with water. She opened it, turned to the camera, softly said "Cheers!" and started drinking all of the two liters of still water, while touching and rubbing her body covered with the transparent latex, fingering her crotch, pussy and ass, both filled by the big vibrators. She was shaking a little bit, and despite the cold room started sweating under the latex swimsuit. After finishing drinking, the girl put the bottle as the last item into her bag, and closed the zipper. She took the small padlock, and slowly went to the "X" construction. She attached the padlock to the locking mechanism of the glass bowl, and then carefully took the string attached to the valve on the tube, which connected the now filled plastic container with the glass bowl. She made sure, that the string was almost tight, and fastened the loose end to the urine bag dangling between her legs.

The girl turned around with her back to the "X" construction, spread her legs and with dedication locked both ankle cuffs just above her high heel stilettos. Now she wouldn't get away from the construction anymore. She stood upright again, and put the back of her head into the plastic mold, closing the big cuff beneath it tight around her neck. Now she was really locked into the metal contraption. She nervously smiled at the camera again, whispered "Good bye!" and closed the glass bowl around the front of her head, locking it on the side with the padlock she attached earlier. She brought no key, and wasn't able to get it now, anyway. She could still breathe fresh air through a small opening on top of the glass bowl, but would definitively not come out of it alive.

She reached for the two vibrators in her crotch, and turned them on both, making sure the latex swimsuit was pressing them as deep into her as possible. Then she opened the small valve on the tube coming from the catheter deep inside her bladder, and immediately some urine began to drip into the urine bag dangling from it. She touched her breasts and nipples through the latex one more time, than locked first her right hand in the upper right cuff, making sure it clicked really tight, and then her left hand in the other cuff. She was now trapped in the "X" construction and her fate was sealed. Slowly the urine bag was filling, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. And she knew, once it was too heavy to stay attached on the catheter tube, it would simply fall downwards, pulling the string attached with the container valve. Sooner or later, she was determined to drown in her own bodily fluids and shit.

Realizing the fatality of her situation, the girl moaned, and feeling the vibrations in her ass and pussy, she couldn't prevent her first heavy orgasm, which almost made her black out. She screamed out loud, but the sound could only be heard muffled by the glass bowl around her head. A big splash of piss was pushed into the urine bag, and for a moment the girl couldn't stand anymore, and was hanging by the cuffs around her wrists and neck. She made a gurgling sound, and stood upright again shocked. Already she could feel the next orgasm approaching, and she knew she wouldn't last long in this contraption.

Half an hour later, the girl was still alive. She was sweating all over her body, especially under the latex swimsuit. After at least 10 orgasms her legs were shaky and soaked with fluids from her pussy and ass, everything was wet from her crotch down to her high heel shoes and even the floor. Her wrists, ankles and neck were sore from pulling and hanging at the cuffs, she passed out at least three times for a few seconds. The urine bag was near its maximum capacity of about one and a half liters, but it was still hanging between the girl's legs, pulling on the catheter tube with all its weight. The girl felt as if her bladder was being ripped out of her, and the feeling between her legs was more pain now than pleasure. But she knew she was in for a very bad ending, anyway, and somehow started to wish it would end soon.

Between her orgasms and waves of highest arousal she had some real intense panic attacks, and thinking about the predicament she brought herself into and what was about to happen to her, she even had to vomit at least two times, filling the lower part of the glass bowl with water, bile and urine from her stomach. The smell inside the glass bowl was terrible by now, and she retched again, throwing up some more water, while another orgasm ripped through her ass and pussy. The fluids inside the glass bowl were now almost up to her nose, and as another gush of vomit came out of her mouth, she was forced to swallow it down immediately, or she would have breathed in the foul liquid. The vibrators deep inside her brought her to the edge of another orgasm, and despite the terrible taste and smell she just kept swallowing her vomit to lower the level of liquid inside the glass bowl. She knew every gulp would be going inside the urine bag through the catheter locked in her bladder without any possibility of stopping it, and the thought of her urine, vomit and stirred up shit drowning her eventually made her ass and pussy cramp around the humming toys, as the next orgasm hit her with full force. She screamed into the glass bowl, her legs giving in from exhaustion, which made her hang by her hands and neck once more, letting her almost pass out again.

The girl tried to stand on her legs again, getting some weight off the cuffs around her neck and wrists. She felt a big squirt of urine being pushed from her bladder into the urine bag, and started wondering, whether the urine bag would just slip off the catheter tube if sufficiently full as intended, or if the small balloon inside her bladder would be pulled out through her urethra. The pain certainly felt as if the balloon wasn't in her bladder but in her urethra meanwhile. She screamed and moaned into the glass bowl, and retched up some vomit again.

Suddenly the weight from the urine bag dangling between the girl's legs was gone.

There was a splashing sound as it hit the floor, and she could feel some urine splattering her legs and squirting from the now open catheter tube onto her thighs. The valve on the container was pulled down by the string attached to the urine bag, after a faint click there was a gurgling sound, and the brown and slimy mixture of urine, vomit and shit started pouring into the glass bowl around the girl's head from above. She closed her eyes and let out a gasp knowing her fate was sealed, taking one big last breath before the liquid rose above her mouth and nose, filling up the entire glass bowl within a few seconds. The girl's shocked face disappeared forever in the now brown colored glass bowl.

The girl kept her breath and tried not to panic, hoping for one last orgasm from the merciless vibrators. She just concentrated on the feelings between her legs, which was getting harder and harder, as her lungs were running out of oxygen. Just as the last orgasm of her life started deep in her lower belly, the girl panicked and started swallowing the mixture in a desperate but technically hopeless attempt to maybe empty the glass bowl by drinking all of its content before suffocating. The terrible taste and slimy texture made her retch and vomit immediately, which resulted in inhalation of the liquid into her lungs. She coughed out most of her last breath, and immediately sucked in more of the liquid. More gurgling, retching and coughing was heard, all muffled by the full glass bowl around her head. Some of the liquid was pushed out by the small breathing hole on top of the glass bowl, but there was more than enough of the mixture left in the plastic container, pushing into the glass bowl through the tube. The girl’s legs and arms were twitching and pulling on their cuffs, as she was trying to get her hands free and reach for the glass bowl. Another gurgling scream escaped the girl’s mouth, some muffled retching and burping sounds could be heard, and suddenly the girl’s body relaxed and went limb, for the last time hanging only on its neck and her hands.

The room was quiet now, except for the faint humming of the vibrators embedded in the now dead girl’s body, and the sound of some urine tickling out of the catheter tube dangling between the girl’s legs, forming a small puddle just beside the black bag...

15 Minutes later, the hidden door at the back of the room opened, and the man stepped inside, dressed in some kind of a plastic rain cape, pushing a cart with a toolbox on it in front of him. He removed the urine bag dangling from the valve on the attached string, and put it on his cart. He took the plastic container from the shelf above the "X" construction, and lowering it below the glass bowl, let all liquid inside the plastic tube flowing back into the container. He disconnected the plastic tube from the container, and cut the padlock locking the glass bowl with some pliers. He held the plastic container under the glass bowl, while carefully opening it on its hinge, catching all brown liquid in the container. Slowly the girl's smeared face became visible again, her facial expression one of pure terror, eyes wide open and bloodshot, her mouth also wide open, leaking brown liquid and slimy bile. The man opened the cuffs on the girl's legs with a key from his toolbox, followed by the hand cuffs, which let the girl's arms dangle on her sides. At last he opened the cuff around the girl's neck, and he caught the girl's body in his arms before she could slide out of the "X" construction and fall to the ground. Now the use for the man’s rain cape became obvious, as the girls liquid smeared face rested on his shoulder, leaking slimy bile all over his body.

He pulled her body to the next empty chair besides the three other dead girls, and sat her in it in an upright position. He pushed her brown smeared face backwards, until it seemed the girl was looking at the ceiling with her dead eyes. Brown slimy liquid was still drooling out of her mouth, flowing over the clear latex swimsuit down between her legs, where it mixed with the urine dripping out of the catheter tube, forming a growing puddle on the chair. The two vibrators were still trapped inside the girl and humming away.

The man walked back to the "X" construction, removed its wall and floor bolts, and put it on the cart. He stacked his toolbox and the girl's bag on it, wiped the floor with a mop and disappeared with his cart out of the back door again. After a few seconds, the lights in the room went off.


Nice story there. :)

Hope that the OP can post another story soon. :)


Majestic stories. You wonderfully catch the moment of no return. I love to imagine I'm in their shoes. Please write more.


superb stories. thanks


More, please!


Bump with hope for more.


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