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“Lord Vader.”

The hologram of Emperor Palpatine smiled in the dark cavern, a soft cackle escaping his lips as Vader knelt before his master. His stomach sickened as he wondered why his master called – for he must have learned, or soon will learn, the truth of what happened to his child. He had a son, a child he believed to be unborn and dead inside the remains of his wife, and he was skilled and talented. The Force flew through him more than the youth could have ever known – bringing their paths together on opposite ends, in a cruel display of fate.

He made little pretense in his search for the man. Yes, he was the individual responsible for the destruction of the Emperor’s prized Death Star, also responsible for the loss of trillions of credits and putting the Empire into immense debt, but there was little fooling a person as powerful as Emperor Palpatine. Every ripple, he waved away. Every lose thread, he unraveled until it burst to disorder. Darth Vader hated that man, more now than ever before, as his own deception became apparent.

“There is a great disturbance in the Force.”

“I have felt it,” huffed the Sith, the rage in his tone muffled out by the respirator.

“We have a new enemy – Luke Skywalker.”

“Yes, my Master,” he stared as his hands clenched, his focus on the Emperor completely still, unwavering, as he pretended to go along with the charade. There was a pause between the two men as Palpatine smiled once more, the flesh where his eyebrows had once been raising with interest. Vader knew he was at risk – him and his boy. He scowled underneath that helmet, waiting for his Master to speak.

“He could destroy us.”

“He’s just a boy,” bitterly replied Vader as he twisted in his position, though his bow towards his Master refused to break. He was a boy that had been robbed from him – and now, Palpatine wanted to strip him from his grasp once more. That could not happen under any circumstance. “Obi-Wan can no longer help him.”

“The Force is strong with this Skywalker; he must never become a Jedi. We must find him and eliminate him at all costs. I have warned many of our regional governors and moffs of this boy; should they find him, they are to kill him on sight. He is a threat to our order and a remnant of someone that died years ago. He will only cause us, you, torment. We must end him and quickly.”

“My lord, if he could be turned, he could be a powerful ally.”

“Yes,” nodded Palpatine as he laughed, his cackle growing more deadly and vicious with every second. “Yes, he could be a great asset. But you reveal yourself too well, Lord Vader. I sense the anger you are currently feeling. You.. are fearful of me. Good. Very well, the boy may be able to join us, but only on one condition: bring me the manhood of young Skywalker, prove that your loyalties lie still with me.”

The Sith Lord was silent as he stared at his Master, the skin and bones underneath his mask and armor clenching and shaking in wrath. His boy was robbed from him, the future he had wished to sustain all those years, and now he had to himself of the man he would once be? It was too cruel, too sick. But there was nothing Vader wanted more than to be reunited with his son – he would do anything for that. He waited a long second before nodding. “He will join us or die, my master.”


“We are going to Bespin, Artoo.”

The droid chirped at Luke as he slung back in his seat, peeling off the heavy helmet mid-flight. He was heaving from the heat of the cramped cockpit, and the dreams that had been haunting him whenever he closed his eyes didn’t help the matter. “That’s where I saw Han and Leia,” he said into the speaker. “I just know they are both there.”

There was another nightmare that went along with that dream, though he didn’t dare mention it to his Master Yoda or even the droid that navigated his ship. It wasn’t just his friends that were feeling immense pain – it was him, too. The entire thing was one big blur, he’d fall asleep, and the next minute in that lucid state, he was collapsed on the floor, his hand clasped over his dick as he cried. He wasn’t sure but he could have sworn that his dick got sliced off. There wasn’t enough time to really tell, as he almost always woke up when he got around to that part, usually by a nocturnal emission.

“Hey, Artoo?”

The droid beeped back at him. “I think I’m gonna turn off communications for a couple of hours. I want to make sure that I get some good sleep before we get there. Wake me up if anything crazy happens,” to which the droid booped and whistled a few more times before the comm channel went static. Luke waited a second to make sure Artoo wasn’t listening in, then began zipping down his orange flightsuit. Those dreams disturbed him – he wasn’t really sure how to decipher their meaning. He wondered if it was because of how much he’d repressed himself the past three years, maybe his body was begging for him to spill itself once more. With his left hand, he scooped out his cock and balls from the confines of his white briefs – which his friend, Han Solo, made sure to tease him about whenever he wore them – and stared at the flesh.

“I don’t know why I keep dreaming about you, little guy,” he said, combing his hand through the hazel pubes that surrounded his sex, before tracing the thick vein that ran all the way to the top of his penis. Luke wasn’t big but that never bothered him. He cupped his hand over his foreskin and fingered it with his thumb. “I remember back when you and I were best friends. We got pretty familiar with each other every night on the farm. I’m sorry I haven’t played with you more.”

His dick twitched in his hand. Luke moaned softly as he pulled down his foreskin and exposed the head of his cock, sliding it up and down as he was reminded of his more basic pleasures. It had been over a year since he last masturbated – and it certainly felt like it had been over a year, as his balls tightened and ached with every tug. Though he fawned over the dear Princess Leia, she was nothing compared to the other crushes that made him swoon. The attention of smuggler Han Solo, for example, was often the target of his dreams. The infatuation they both shared over Leia boosted this feeling – how he wanted to get the upper hand over Han, to dominate him, to tell him who the real man was between them.

“Han,” moaned the young man as he lifted himself above the seat, his hips bucking up as his body prepared to release his seed. “I’ll show you who you are calling kid,” he warned, arcing his back as he bit down on his lip. Luke ran his hand over his dick once more, crying out as his semen shout of his cock and splattered onto the window of the cockpit, smothering it with his essence.

A red flash appeared on the screen, and Artoo was there, staring at Luke as his penis continued pumping out his semen. “Artoo!” He screamed, shoving his hand over his cock and balls, blushing pink with embarrassment as the droid desperately wooped and hollered. The Jedi shivered as he pulled up his tight and white briefs, scowling at the droid. “I thought I told you to only wake me up if there was an emergency.”

Artoo cried out condescendingly as his message appeared on the screen, in which made Luke roll his eyes and laugh awkwardly as he read it. “You detected an implosion in the cockpit, huh,” giggled Luke as he zipped up his pilot suit. “I guess you could say that happened. Don’t worry, Artoo, I’ll clean it up. You go back to autopilot. And, Artoo, please don’t tell anyone about this.”

The droid chirped sarcastically before cutting itself off.

Luke felt himself through the confines of his suit and underwear, feeling a very small trace of the damp wetness he just erupted. “You don’t need to worry anymore, little guy. You’re gonna be alright.”


“You are beaten,” the Dark Lord of the Sith hissed through his respirator as he thrusted his blade dangerously close to the young Jedi’s throat. The boy squirmed against the steps of the catwalk, his entire body trembling in fear as he kept scooting as far away as he could from the lightsaber. His eyes focused on the red heat as it bled into his every opening, momentarily blinding him. “It is useless to resist. Don’t let yourself be destroyed as Obi-Wan did.”

Luke huffed as he threw himself up from the floor, lightsaber in hand, adrenaline pulsing as blood rushed throughout every inch of his flesh. His weapon met Vader’s as blinding flashes seared across the narrow distance between the two men – Luke going for the offensive this time. He lunged with renewed viciousness at the man, cutting haphazardly into the railing and floor.

“It is time.”

Vader took control of the youth’s disrupted mind and regained control over the duel, allowing Luke to strike but taking his blows and redirecting them in an effort to wind him down. The boy pressed on his assault but Vader proved his worth in deflection. As soon as a window of opportunity took place, Darth Vader took his chance. The fledgling Jedi stood still for too long, allowing the Sith Lord to circle his blade around the other and twist it enough that the youth had to let go involuntarily.

The cyan lightsaber fumbled out of Luke’s left hand and spun down into the belly of Cloud City, relinquishing control to the depths below. Luke grunted as his eyes widened, stepping back as the menace continued to approach him. Though he meant to escape along the narrow catwalk, his body suddenly refused to listen to his command. His body frozen but his mind terrifyingly aware, he stared at the devil before him, painfully aware of the gloved hand outstretched that was instructing the Force

“It is useless to resist,” repeated Vader as he loomed ahead, his cape blowing menacingly in the wind. “You have no weapon. There is nothing you can do to defeat me – all that you can do is give in. Let the Dark Side flow through your veins, let your hatred be the fuel that drives you. I can already sense the anger on the outer reaches of your conscious; you open yourself too easily.”

Luke spat in the direction of Vader, as his body shook against his invisible confines.

“I see it, right there,” the Dark Lord marveled, raising his clenched fist and lightly pressing it against the youth’s chin. “So much contempt you hold for me, for the Empire. Deserved it may be, though I am afraid you have little choice in the matter. You are our prisoner, soon to be the apprentice of Darth Sidious, and your previous life is now forfeit. Luke Skywalker must be no more.”

“I’ll never join you,” shouted the youth as he wrestled in his arrest, the vein right next to his temple bulging in unrestrained malice. “You might break me, you destroy me, but you’ll never be able to become your willing slave. I saw what you did to Ben – to Obi-Wan. You thought you could destroy him but you were wrong. He will outlive all of you. He is one with the Force.”

Vader quieted as he studied Luke, carefully examining him as he remained locked in place. The Sith Lord remembered the demands of his master – and it made him shiver, feeling emotions he had thought he had left behind. Twinges of fleeting regret and sorrow for what he must do.

With the snap of his finger, Luke’s belt unfastened itself and fell straight to the floor. His eyes widened as he stared at Vader, his mouth quivering as he momentarily gave up his struggle. “No,” pleaded Luke as his jacket split apart at the seams with the twist of Vader’s wrist, the fly of his fatigues slowly beginning to unbutton with every second, his trousers delicately falling to the floor and falling off the ledge below. Skywalker stood there unceremoniously naked, save for the tight pair of white briefs that clung to his waist. The fears and anxiety of what may happen next caused him to form an erection, tenting his bulging briefs.

“Please, don’t,” Luke begged as he shivered in his underwear, fighting off the invisible spirit that held him there as best he could, fearfully turning his face away from the monstrosity that stalked him. Darth Vader raised his hand one last time as Luke’s briefs slid all the way down to his ankles, completely and utterly exposing him to his captor.

Vader paused as he examined the trembling young man before him, staring intently at the manhood of his spawn and wondering if he was truly doing what was right. He couldn’t not compare himself – whereas he had once been an impressive six inches, Luke was barely over four inches fully erect. The tight skin that clung to the head of Luke’s penis was foreign and unknown; nothing like the exposed shaft the Sith Lord had growing up.

His penis was robbed from him as he burned to a crisp on the molten surface of Mustafar, his remaining limbs severed from his body as he was roasted alive by the nearness of lava. He had lost everything – was this something he was prepared to do to his own son, robbing him of the potential of a family, of the continuation of the Skywalker name?

“Bring me the manhood of young Skywalker, prove to me that your loyalties lie still with me,” he remembered the Emperor saying. That insidious bastard of a man was vague – in truth, it was not necessary for Vader to take it all. No; only the penetrative sex was needed to keep the boy safe from harm and back into his grasp. That was all he needed to do to protect his son – he must sever Luke Skywalker’s penis from his body and present it to the Emperor Palpatine

“I will make sure you do not endure too much pain.”

Scarlet red drew itself from the remaining lightsaber, as Luke stared in horror. He looked to the weapon and then to his stiff cock, shaking his head violently as tears began to form in his eyes. “P-Please don’t,” whimpered the naked Jedi, his cock twitching as Vader made stroking motions with his free hand. “I’ve never even had sex before,” pleaded the youth as his hips bucked against an invisible tendril of energy that gripped around his cock. He moaned in response as the energy continued to fuck him, feeling his body let loose and free itself unconditionally to carnal pleasure. He jerked forward absentmindedly as his mind struggled it’s best to freedom. “Please,” he cried out, feeling the restraints around his right arm begin to wear down slightly. He moaned once more as his foreskin slid up and down the head of his dick, terrified at knowing that the time neared.

Just then, as Vader began to swing down his blade, Luke felt the restraints within his right arm collapse. He cocked his head back as he also felt himself begin to climax, reaching desperately as his eyes closed for his sex, yanking it back as much as he could in that short window of time. When Luke screamed as his eyes slammed shut, he wasn’t sure if it was from intense pleasure or excruciating pain. Tears were stinging through the lids as he continued to scream, feeling as if his inner throat was being scratched by millions of little needles at once. He opened his eyes to see semen shooting out of his penis and onto Vader, as it flew to the floor, severed along with his right hand.

The bindings were suddenly removed – Luke felt himself collapse to the ground of the catwalk as he reflexively tucked the stump of his right arm into his armpit, his remaining hand firmly clasped over his oozing groin. Semen pumped out of the gaping hole as it mixed with smoke, pushing through the cauterized flesh. The young man fell to his knees as he cradled himself over to his severed cock, crying as he attempted to push it back into place.

Just hours ago, he was stroking himself in the cockpit of ship, thinking of what wonderful sex he might yet experience after he rescued Han and Leia. His manhood had never felt more alive – now, it remained stiff in his hand, sliced off from the base to which it belonged.”My penis!” cried Luke as he held it over the stump, wailing up into the heavens before letting it go, knowing it was futile.

Vader raised his hand once more, the severed organ raised itself from the ground, the right hand that held it dropping into the chasm below. The last cock of the Skywalker line flew into the Sith Lord’s hand, to which he nodded sadly before clipping it to his belt.

“Please,”Luke stood as best he could against unbearable agony, his legs bowed in as he pushed up his briefs, black ash and dried blood staining the outside of his underwear. “Give me back my little guy.” He walked to Vader, shivering and shaking before utterly collapsing and slipping into unconsciousness, falling into the arms of the father that had just mutilated his only son. The Sith Lord held his son tightly in silence, nothing but the sound of breath hissing into the air, before turning around and taking them both to their master.


This was good.

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