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I wrote this for this motherless thread

I would wait until she was home alone one night and then sneak in after she went to bed. I would sneak into her room, then rip the sheets off of her and taze her.


Once she fell unconscious, I would tie her up spread-eagled in her own fucking bed, and I would then proceed to fuck each of her holes bloody. After an hour or two of this, I would break both of her legs, and both of her arms.

I would prop her legs up on the side of the bed, and then jump on them, shattering them. Then, I would bend her elbows back the wrong way until they snapped.

At this point I will go and turn on the oven.

Now, I get an empty hypodermic needle, and after pinning her head down, I would insert it into her right eyeball. I then proceed to remove the vitreous fluid from that eyeball. Now, with her right, deflated, eyeball hanging loose from its socket, I would bring her head up to my rock hard cock. I would line up my cockhead with her left eye, and fuck it. After about three thrusts it would burst, but I wouldn't stop fucking your screaming daughter's eye socket. I would ejaculate in the mangled remains of "your little bundle of joy's" blue eye, my cum mixing with the vitreous fluid, which I would scoop out and feed to your now gibbering daughter.

Now I would grab the blind cunt by the hair, and drag her to the kitchen, with the now warm oven. I would place her legs on the chopping block, she would be so scared, she couldn't see anything. I grab a cleaver, and remove her legs.

She would let out a horrified scream, as I put her legs into the oven to start cooking.

I would repeat the process with her arms, but I would not put them into the oven just yet. I would shove one, hand last, up her ass, and then I would fuck her cunt, with her fingers playing with my balls.

I would be beating her over the head with the other arm, until I came once again in your defiled teen daughter's well used cunt.

Then I would shove her other arm all the way up her cunt, hand first.

I would survey her broken form, blinded, still with her right eyeball hanging from its socket, a small amount of cum and vitreous fluid in her other socket, de-limbed, with one arm shoved all the way up her cunt and the other shoved all the way up her ass.

Now I would begin gutting her, and then, as her guts begin to leak out of her now open stomach, I would raise the cleaver overhead, and bring it down, severing her head. I would pick up the head, and begin to fuck the neck hole.

Your whore daughter's last feeling would be my cock running through her throat, and coming out from her slut lips, and her last sight would have been that same cock bearing down on her eyeball.

I would continue fucking her head, preparing her cock-hungry body for cooking, taking care to remove her skin.

I would place her body into the oven, and remove her now cooked legs. I would eat one of her legs, and her cunt once it was done, but I would put the rest into the fridge for you to consume when you hot home. It was only fair, after all, you game me the key and arranged for her to be the only one home.

I would take her head as a trophy and a fucktoy, until I tired of it. After that, I would strip off the remaining flesh, removing the hair to weave into a garrotte for my next...dinner guest, and coat the skull in chromium. I would then mount it as the figurehead on my Harley, whose seat I would have upholstered in the leather I made from her hide.

That is all that remains of your whore of a daughter, a chrome plated skull on the front of a biker's ride, and the leather that cushions his ass as he rides around, neither remembering nor caring who she was or why he killed her.


This is the first piece of fiction I've ever written btw, and would appreciate some feedback :)


Can you interrupt a mom and son fucking and do the mom in a similar fashion? Ty!


I can do a mother/daughter one if you'd like, but I won't do mother/son. I wouldn't like what I was writing, and so it wouldn't be very good


Hot. My only suggestion would be some more description on the sex.


I LOVE the cold brutality! My main critique would be no emotional attachment to the victim.


What attachment? It's just a piece of meat, that's like saying you have no emotional attachment to your steak, or to your leather boots


Seriously, anyone want a similar story done, leave a link to a pic on motherless or something, and if there's a few girls specify if you want one in particular, and if you want it at that location or just in general. A few rules;
1: nothing directly involving dudes. I don't have an issue with that kind of thing in general, but I personally find it extremely Not Hot, and so wouldn't be able to write anything good
2: no granny's, see above
3: no obvious children. This is rather nebulous I know, but basically don't ask me to write about a toddler or an 8 year old or something


another "I'd do this" dickless fat white boy fantasy?



Another? Is there one on here? And I only offered to write a second one after someone else asked me to, originally it was just something I wrote that I thought some of you folks might enjoy

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