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Honor Among Thieves

Part One – A Thief’s End

(Non Con, Stabbing Gutting)

Hidden in the back of an alley behind a stack of crate sat Petra, her thin frame pressed against the wall, chest heaving as she panted for air. Her body was cloaked in sweat, a testament of the eight miles she had just ran though the city, taking every detour, secret passage or dark alley, she knew just to be safe. Then again considering who she had just crossed she felt even that might not be enough.
Reaching down the front of her shirt she caught hold of a string that was looped around her neck. Pulling it out she gazed at the small golden object hanging, light glinting off of it which each turn it made.

The thief lords signet ring… To be honest it didn’t really look that impressive…

you would think someone called the thief lord would be able to afford more than just a simple gold ring.

There were the rumors of course… Curses, magical abilities, protection from the gods… The silly rumors the lower classes would make up just because they didn’t understand something.

Ridiculous… she thought to herself.

Although, Petra had understood the reason behind the rumors, she too used to be a useless beggar from the slums, unable to even care for herself without the charity of others. That was at least until she stole for the first time… The feeling, the thrill and excitement, was intoxicating. Honing her craft from a young age she soon rose from the pathetic beginnings of a street urchin to a renowned thief.
By the time Petra had reached the ripe age of nineteen she had already proven there was nothing she couldn’t steal, even the Royal Vault was child’s play to her. She was starting to get bored when a mysterious young woman had approached her with an offer that she couldn’t refuse…

“Heh” she said to herself. “Thief lord my ass”

Stuffing the ring back into her shirt, she sighed. Covered in dirt and sweat from the run she was craving the feeling of hot water on her skin. After this job, she deserved it and so much more letting her mind wonder she began to imagine everything she could spend her soon to be earned money on.

A shower first for sure… Then food and wine until I burst. She chuckled.

“I guess it’s about that time…” She mumbled to herself rising to her feet.

A mountain of gold… She smiled as she thought about her payment.

Making her way to the edge of the ally she was greeted by a crowed bazaar, vendors of every type covering the sides of the street trying to push their wares onto the unruly crown that seemed to move through the streets like a giant snake. Waiting for the right opportunity she pushed her way into the throng of people blending in in an instant. All she had to do was follow the crowd, eventually make a turn and in front of her would be the great eastern gate of the city.

This is almost going too easy…

Moving swiftly through the crown Petra made good time, it would be just a few more minutes of walking until she arrived at the gate. All she had to do at that point was make it through customs and she was home free. Distracted by the thought of success she almost ran right into a man who had stopped in front of her. Looking up last moment she stopped realizing that the entire flow of people had stalled blocking off most of the street. It had seemed from the mummers around that some sort of car accident had blocked off the road ahead.

Damn… I’ll have to find way around

Turning around she almost bumped into more people stalled by the commotion. It seemed she had been surrounded, stuck in a mass of people, the only options were push her way through or wait for the accident to be resolved.

“Tch” Petra hissed. “How inconvenient”

Petra sighed, resigned to take her time and avoid drawing attention to herself. It was at that point she started to hear anger building in the crowd apparently, she wasn’t the only one irritated by the sudden halt of traffic. The end of the mid-day market was chaotic enough with everyone trying to leave the city after a day of selling wares, she had planned to use that to cement her escape, simple enough in her mind but now with the flow of people had stop she was a sitting duck.

“What’s going on?” A voice ahead grabbed her attention.
“Seems cart lost its wheel, blocking the entire gate until they can get it moved.”

Shit… that complicates things.

“HEY WATCH IT” Someone yelled followed by a yelp of pain.

A sudden shove from behind knocked Petra forward into the person in front of her. “Gah!” She exclaimed as she hung off the man in front of her. He turned and glared back at her anger in his eyes. “S-sorry” she stuttered backing away. Another shove, this time from the side almost knocking her off balance. Looking around Petra suddenly realized the danger she was in. She had seen this before, first anger, then small things like pushing and shoving, soon enough a mass of people could turn into a riot. She had to get out of her fast before anything got really violent.

Spinning around she quickly scanned the crowd looking for a way out. Nothing it seemed, no matter which way she looked she was stuck surrounded by angry faces. The tension in the air felt like a powder keg and she was in the middle of it. She had to get out now…

Taking care not to fan the flames she moved low and fast towards the nearest alley way attempting to avoid any conflict. It worked well for the most part, a small break in the crowd showed her a straight shot out. Putting on speed she made a break for the gap. However just before she was free the crowd collapsed again halting her in her tracks. Before she could adjust her strategy, she was hit hard in the back, an icicle of pain lanced through her back exiting her chest.

Eyes wide she couldn’t move as the pain that speared her suddenly intensified as it felt like part of herself was ripped away. A hot salty liquid rushed up her throat filling her mouth. Bending over in pain she tried to cover her mouth while she coughed, a spray of red covering her hands. Paralyzed in sudden fear her mind began to race.

Oh gods, t-that’s blood, that’s my blood, oh gods, oh gods…

Another round of coughing spilt blood down her chin as she struggled to remain upright. A wet feeling began to spread down her back saturating her clothes.

[i] W-what was that… d-did I get stabbed??? IS SOMONE TRYING TO KILL ME?

Panicking she stared the people surrounding her, none of them seemed responsible, a matter of fact it seemed like no one had even noticed her… Like she was invisible, some ghost among the living.

H-have to g-get away… Need to get t-

Another spike of pain, this time low just above her waist, the pain causing her to cry out. A small glint of metal could be seen sticking through her taut stomach. Staring down she realized it was the tip of a knife impaling her back to front. Again, the pain intensified as she saw the tip of the knife slowly slid back into her and out her back. More blood poured down her body soaking her crimson. Primal panic set in, she had to get away, she had to run or die. Pushing back the pain she pressed forward shoving people out of the way as she moved towards the edge of the crowd hoping to escape whatever was hunting her.
A cloaked man stood his ground in front of her blocking the path forward. She attempted to evade to the side but she was sluggish from blood loss and not fast enough. Grabbing her by the collar the man pulled a knife with his free hand plunging it deep into her abdomen forcing the air out of her lungs. Shocked she stood there gasping in pain as the man pulled her face to his.

“The thief lord sends his regards.”

With that there was a violent ripping feeling as the knife was pulled free of her gut, the man fading back into the crowd leaving the path to alley open. It felt like her insides were trying to leak out of her body, wrapping her arm around her stomach she limped forward to the alleyway trailing blood with each step.

H-he knows… I… I’m going to die… H-hes going to kill me.

Whoever the attack was they seemed content letting her reach the alleyway. Using the wall as a support she slowly made her way towards the darkness leaving a red streak on the wall with each step she took. Painfully she looked behind her, no one seemed to be following her from the crowd. Maybe she could get away, if she just kept moving she could live. At least… that’s what she thought until she felt the cold hard chill of a knife against her throat.

“Please… No…” She gasped.

“Don’t you think it’s a little late to be begging?” The man said.

Grabbing her by the shoulder the man spun her so that she was face to face. The horror the situation dawned on her as she recognized the man. The thief lord himself…

I’m going to die! He’s going to kill me! She thought as fear paralyzed her body.

With decisive force, she was thrown against the nearest wall his hand wrapping itself around her neck partial cutting off her airway though not enough to kill her.

“P-please, I-I’m s-sorry” She choked out.

But her plea fell on deaf ears. The thief lord reached down to his belt pulling out a wickedly sharp looking knife. The light of the setting sun glinting off the steal as he raised it above her head. Closing her eyes, she waited in despair for the end of her life...


The cold evening air played against her chest as the sliced remains of her shirt felt to the side. Opening her eyes, she stared down at her bare chest and then back at him confusion wracking her brain. Reaching forward he ripped the string that was resting between her breasts breaking it while bruseing the back of her neck. Holding the remains aloft in the air in front of her he smiled.

“I believe this is mine…” He said, his voice way to cheerful for the situation.

Staring at his face she didn’t dare move, not that she could anyway, his hands were like iron around her throat keeping her pressed against the wall a slave to his will. Slipping the ring into his pocket he paused for a moment, his eyes wandering up and down her body. Another smile played on his face… this one sent a chill down her spin. Lowering his knife, she felt the cold steel past her navel into her pants. The unexpected moving bringing color to her pale cheeks. Swiftly he ripped the knife forward slicing through her belt sending them falling down past her knees.

Oh god… He’s going to rape me… She realized.

She closed her eyes again she waited praying for him to get it over with as soon as possible. But that wasn’t going to be her fate. Pain more intense than she had ever felt before erupted from between her legs causing her to gasp, her body arching against the wall unable to process what had just happened. Horror twisted her face as she realized his knife had been rammed inches deep into her cut. Desperately she tried to peal his fingers off of her neck but the blood lost had sapped her strength. She was completely at his mercy.

G-gods why... s-stop She thought her mind fragmented by the pain.

Gripping knife he pulled down slowing causing her to involuntarily moan as she felt every inch of blade leave her. “Please…” She managed to whimper out before gasping once more to the knife penetrating her. This time repeating the motion over and over using the knife as a makeshift toy. Each repetition causing spasms of pain to wrack her entire body. After a few moments, the blade was pulled out for the last time leaving a cascade of blood running down her legs. Although her vision was beginning to blur she was able to make out a wild look in his eyes, almost savage like he was a monster and she was his prey. Raising the blade, he pressed the tip to her stomach just below her naval. She begged with her eyes but she knew the effort was futile.

Slowly he sank the knife deep into her abdomen, her face contorting in pain as she wriggled against his grip. Once the blade was fully inside her he started to slowly slide it upward. Loosing strength, she went limp against his grip, her mouth opened wide gasping with each tug of the blade. Once he reached the middle of her stomach her internal organs started to migrate their way south out of the enlarging hole in her. The odd sensation of her body slowly being emptied made caused her shudder uncontrollably as more and more of her organs made their way out of her body slithering down her waist and landing with a plop on the ground. Her body reaching its limit violently convulsed as she lost control of her bladder, warmth running down her legs. The pain she was feeling was so excruciating it felt like it was going to consume her, she tried to scream in but all that came out was a gout of blood as her internal organs made way for the blade. After what felt like an eternity his knife finally bumped up against the bottom of her rib cage.

Finally, he let go of her neck but she found that she no longer had the strength to stand. Dazed she fell to her knees as she tried to contemplate the last few hours of her life, blood loss adding an almost surreal effect, making her feel light headed. She barely noticed as The Thief lord walked behind her grabbing her by the hair and pulled back and exposing her neck. Before she could even react, he dug his knife deeply across her throat. The precious remainder of her life blood poured from her mouth and neck down her chest soaking it crimson. Weakly she grabbed her neck trying to stem the tide of blood but it slipped between fingers staining them red. What remained of her strength faded as her hands fell limply to her side, the flow of blood from her neck reduced to a trickle as lost the strength to stay upright.

It felt like the world had slowed down as she toppled forward to the ground, the remnants of her blood pooling around her. Sluggish and weak her body was barely able to move. Gripping the ground in front of her she tried to pull herself forward her limbs felt like lead and she was so very tired. Looking up the last thing she saw as her vision began to fade was The Thief Lord turning a corner leaving her alone to die. The rest of her body started to fail, one ragged gasp after another until she exhaled for the last time. The sounds around her fading until the only thing left was the beat of her heart struggling to keep her alive.
Thump Thump

This it isn’t it?

Thump Thump

This is how I die…


And then nothing


Its been a while but I'm back to finish what I started. Starting off slow this is a re-mastered post of part one of my Honor Among Thieves series. I'm not sure if the original is still here but please let the thread die so I can continue updating without the GIANT WALL OF FAILED WRITING that was there before. Ill be sure to have the next part remastered soon and after than we will finally have part three that was never finished!


The knife rape could have used a bit more forepay in my opinion.




Glad to see you there's going to be a next part? Awesome! I had thought the series over since, well, the main character died lol


Yup ^-^ I was originally going to have a part four to finish all the loose ends but life got in the way and I only ever half finished it. Fast forward almost a year later this point and I stumbled onto the HAT (Honor among thieves) folder on my desktop while bored and ended up re doing the entire first chapter. I can't way to finish the next two based off previous feed back and release part four to finally give closure. I also have another project I'm working on that I hope goes aswell as this one does.


how about one where a girl gets stripped, chained up, and fed to dogs? Everything is better with pussy eating.


how about one where a girl gets stripped, chained up, and fed to dogs? Everything is better with pussy eating.



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