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Here's another one with this ridiculous OC. I'm going to try to have a little more variety in the next one i do, which will be Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady together. Thanks to everyone who bears with this ridiculous scenario!


Shota Aizawa should have been able to disable her before she was able to get to him, but he doesn’t. He's only called in because they say he might have an advantage, but she kisses him on the back of the neck as she pulls something around his eyes, and he goes stiff as she ties the blindfold and lays him on his back.

“I knew I would get more popular now I killed Endeavor,” the Temptress murmurs. “I don't know if anyone will ever be as fun as him, but you're really sexy. In a gross way, like you kinda look like you need to shower more, but I dig that.”

“What's your game?” he asks. “Why are you doing this?”

“Cos I wanna fuck heroes,” she says, “and I want to break them and fuck them some more. I think you could be a lot of fun, Eraserhead.”

“How did you get Endeavor?”

“Because I'm better than I look. Oh! But I forgot you can't even see me right now. I’d let you take a peek but I don't know if your Quirk works or not under my spell, and I'm not taking that risk. It's okay, though! Blindfolds are so kinky, don't you think?”

She lifts him and drags him a few steps, and then slams his face hard against the wall. The force of her hit is not particularly strong, but it's enough to stun him, and it's enough to hurt. He groans as she pulls him back, saying, “See? I can surprise you with things when you can't see them coming. Totally kinky.”

This time, when she slams his face, it’s much harder, and he both hears and feels the crunch of his nose. A warm wetness spreads down his upper lip, and before he can recover from the shock of the hit, she slams his face against the wall again. Blood gets into his mouth this time, both from his broken nose and his busted lip, and he coughs pathetically.

“That’s enough of that for now,” she says, dragging his face back. “You look a lot better all busted up like this. I really wish I could see your eyes right now, you have no idea how much this is paining me. Eye contact can be so important at times like this.”

He spits out blood, struggling to catch his breath. Even if he wanted to say something to her, he isn’t sure if he can right now. The worst part is knowing that the worst is yet to come, that she is never this tame for long, not with any of her victims. He recalls the photos on Endeavor, bleeding from several places and missing his right arm, and the fact that he was one of her gentler kills. She at least left his face almost completely intact, save for a few cuts here and there.

“Would you like to make love to me now?” she asks. “I doubt you’ll be as good of a fuck as Endeavor was, but don’t want to play favorites. If I keep thinking no one can replace him, then I can’t have any fun, you know?”

“Good luck,” he says, and even he is surprised by how weak his voice already sounds. If he weren’t incapacitated, he knows that he would be strong enough to fight her, but his voice suggests otherwise, as he struggles to breathe with the injuries to his face.

“Come on, I know how to make you want me,” she replies. “I can’t seduce you by trying to look sexy, but that’s not the only way, now, is it?”

She props him up against the wall, and he feels her hand, groping his over his pants. The unwanted touch does nothing for him at first, and he’s never been the sort to fall prey to seduction when he’s simply not interested, and he is so far from interested in her. But she doesn’t stop groping him for quite some time, letting out little hums of excitement. When she stops suddenly and reaches her hand up, digging the heel of it into his lower stomach, he lets out a hiss.

“You’re so full!” she squeals, and, for the first time, he realizes how he’s been neglecting his bladder. If this had been over as quickly as everyone anticipated, it never would have become a problem, but now, her hand pressing into it would leave him squirming, if he could move to do so.

“St-stop that…” he groans, even knowing that she won’t listen to him.

“Why don’t you just let go? Oh, yeah, I don’t know if you can do that or not either. There are so many things I just don’t know about this. Either you have control over that or your body is reflexively holding back. You’ll have to let go eventually, right? Can you tell me which one it is?”

“I don’t have to tell you a damn thing.”

“Come on, Eraserhead, you don’t have to be an asshole. I just asked a question.”

“I’m not consciously doing it,” he admits.

“I wonder if your body will keep doing it until it’s dangerous, or if you’ll just give in and piss yourself eventually. Well, I guess we can’t know until we try! Either way, it’ll be fun!” she declares.

She doesn’t let up with her hand for quite some time, alternating between gently massaging, as if trying to coax it out of him, and harshly grinding the heel into him. So many times, he feels so close to losing control, only for something to stop him, and finally, she lets out a frustrated sigh.

“I wanted this done before I started fucking you,” she complains, standing up straight. She brings her foot down on his stomach, and he groans. “I have to get this over with before you snap out of it, or else you’ll definitely get away.”

Digging her foot into him allows her to put even more pressure, to put more of her weight into it, and he cannot recall having to piss this badly in his life. If he only had enough control of himself to do so, he knows that his pride would not have held up this long, that he would pissed himself as soon as she began grinding her hand into him. As it is, it takes her a bit longer, stepping hard on him, before she’s finally rewarded with a hot burst of liquid, soaking through his pants and onto the ground beneath him as he groans.

“Oh my god, that’s even hotter than I thought it would be! Why did I not think of that sooner? Sometimes I really feel like I wasted my night with Endeavor, you know? Sorry, I hope I’m not making you jealous.” He hears her drop down into front of him, and she starts pulling his pants down. When she pauses for a moment, she takes in a deep breath and exhales with a happy sigh. “It smells so good, I love it.”

“That’s pretty weird,” he mutters.

“That’s nothing, that’s such a bland kink. You don’t know the half of it,” she says. “While we’re at it, I really want to taste it…” She leans down lower, and he feels her lips wrapping around his cock, and he yelps without meaning to.

The Temptress lets out a soft laugh as she begins to suck him off, getting him hard even as he tries to resist it. For all the pain he is in, and for all that he does not want anything to do with her, his body doesn’t have the sort of resistance his mind does, and she rolls her tongue over the tip of his cock like an expert. She does all of this with indulgent moans, until she pulls back and he hears the rustle of fabric, and then she’s back on top of him, his cock pressed up against her dripping cunt.

“It tasted very good,” she tells him. “Now let’s see how long it takes you to fuck me.” With that, she sinks onto him, and as he fills her, he bites the inside of his cheek to keep from moaning. He doesn’t want to moan, he doesn’t want to enjoy any part of this, but she’s toyed with him so much that he’s achingly hard and desperate for a different kind of release now, and if this is the end of the line for him either way, there’s no point in trying to maintain his pride.

In fact, as much as he wants to be ashamed of the fact that he comes before she does, he’s having a hard time caring, about this or anything else. He’s not been too seriously injured yet, but he knows what’s to come, and he knows that he’s not going to survive this, and he’s having a hard enough time accepting that he’s at the end of his life to worry about anything else. She does not finish long after him, letting out a moan that he’s sure is exaggerated.

“Ready for round two?” she asks, before laughing. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna fuck you to death, though that is tempting. I just want to break that sexy-nasty face of yours a little more, okay?”

This time, once she’s climbed off of him and turned him to face the wall again, he’s almost prepared for the sharp pain as she slams him against the bricks, but this time, she really grinds him into it, scraping otherwise uninjured skin and irritated his wounds, and making it much more difficult for him to breathe. Now, his head is pounding so much, and when she begins rhythmically beating his face into the wall, he has no chance to catch his breath at all, and his thoughts are swimming, and he is so, so tired.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, she pulls him back once and for all, letting him fall on his back with a thud. After all that, he knows that she must have done some internal damage, but it’s hard to focus on how he feels, or anything else. She continues to verbally taunt him, but her voice sounds so far away that he wonders if she’s even standing over him anymore- until she steps hard on his chest and he coughs hard.

“I could keep doing this for hours, you’re so much fun,” she says, “but I don’t have much time left. You took so much work, I have to kill you before I’m done with you. Still, I can play for a while once you’re dead, so it’s all good.”

So he’s going to die now, then? He thinks that he should have more fight in him, that he should reject the idea more, but she’s made it so hard for him to think, and he’s exhausted, and he can feel some thought nagging at him, but he has to put forth so much effort to bring that thought to the front of his mind. It seems so obvious, once he’s able to picture his students, and to picture a close friend, and a certain woman, and everything he’s leaving behind, but then she’s pulling him back up and he can’t hold onto those thoughts.

She presses a knife to his throat before she pulls off the blindfold, murmuring, “At least I can make eye contact now, huh, Eraserhead?” And whether or not he can use his Quirk on her doesn’t really matter, because she’s plunged her knife in before he can even think to try.


Thank you. If I can ask, how would you feel about one or two characters from the main hero class or are those off-limit for you?


I don't have any problems with writing about the students, I'm just not sure if I would write them in this particular continuity. Who did you have in mind?


Mm, okay. Personally I'd probably be most curious about Deku or Jirou. But most could be fun reading about I think

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