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My actress and I usually work on dubbing body Inflation and weight gain literature, but we wanna branch out a bit. Anyone want to have their stories read?

You can check out her work on our YouTube channel, sexyblimp. Since her work is fairly professional, I think charging a $.90 fee to download an audio recording of a guro story would be an okay price. So, any ideas? What stores would you want her to read?


Would the original authors of these stories receive a cut?


If we make enough money then yeah.


If it's Katy Perry and is autobiographical, sure.


I've thought about such a thing before. Perhaps not simply a reading out loud, but more along the lines of audio dramas. Narrator's voice, character's voices, foley sounds and fitting background music. Well-produced and not just recorded in someone's basement.

Or maybe just read by someone with a sexy voice. Think Kate Beckinsale. :)

Alternatively, perhaps just custom sexy/guro-related one-shots acted out by a voice actress. Like video game injry/death sounds, but more... custom.

I've skimmed through a video or two on the channel you mentioned, and it's definitely better in quality than I was preparing for. Props for that. Tbh, the genre of the stories is not my thing at all and I prefer a different timbre of voice, so I'm not interested in this content, but well done regardless. It just needs a little more clarity I think; dialing up dynamic range compression more or boosting the midranges a bit should solve it.

Wrt payment, I know it's Gurochan and it's probably not the best place on the internet to have discussions about copyright, but the thing about derivative works (and an audio retelling of someone else's story is a derivative work) is that they're either distributed for free, or the author of the original receives a cut. Regardless of whether there's a contract between you and the author of the original, it's widely agreed to be a fair practice from the ethical POV, across all kinds of derivative works, from fanfiction to bootleg remixes in music. Your audio wouldn't exist without the original author writing the story, so it's only fair that not all money received goes to you. With that in mind, you can either
– send the author X% of the money received
– make an agreement with them that the money sharing starts once you hit N$ and not earlier (it's all about the author's consent that at first all money made on something that they are a part of goes to someone else)

I don't know how reasonable it is to expect that you make a lot of money from this, but consider this last paragraph anyway, this is a widespread POV when it comes to derivative works.


Thanks for the reply. I will definitely keep this advice in mind. We were thinking about doing dramas at some point as well. Also, we get the permission of authors to make profit off their stories, but we can totally understand if someone wants a cut of the profits. It depends on the author really.


I will give this one final bump


I will give this one final bump


Considering sexyblimp on youtube I can't make adequate impression from few minutes but it looks like this voice is a bit too young for reading stories in narration mode and it does not look extremely professional in comparison to other audio stories read by professionals.
But overall it is not bad.

With that voice I woud suggest reading manga's or comics because it is great for character speech and there is far more room for acting too (Probably that twill be too much work on editing while it will be less reading )

At least you could do some short test and see how it works.

As for audio porn stories I do not think this is that useful because main benefit of audio story is that it allows you to do multitasking you can listen while doing something else what saves lots of time
In case of porn this is not that good because you are not going to do any work while listening and it feels somewhat strange when eyes have nothing to do.
If you try to watch unrelated pictures it messes up comprehension of the story.

But of course this is only my opinion, and I a not likely to pay for anything like that anyway.


Question do you know of the anime Fairy Tail? I might be interested if certain things align.


I understand where you're coming from but she is a full-grown adult so I don't think her voice sounds too young. That's just me though. I happen to thoroughly enjoy sexy audio stories and many others do. That's why we are making a business out of it. I can understand if people don't like it though. We were certainly considering dubbing comics at some point too.


A tiny bit. I've seen the first season. Plus the new movie coming out has me interested. I might go see it in theaters.


A tiny bit. I've seen the first season. Plus the new movie coming out has me interested. I might go see it in theaters.


A tiny bit. I've seen the first season. Plus the new movie coming out has me interested. I might go see it in theaters.


A tiny bit. I've seen the first season. Plus the new movie coming out has me interested. I might go see it in theaters.


Woops, my web browser bugged out. Sorry.


So how much would I pay exactly if I asked for an audio reading of a story? How would I pay it? Finally how long do you think it would take to complete the audio session for an 8000 word story?


A story that long would cost uh... not sure... I'd have to ask the actress what she is comfortable with. 8000 is just pretty lengthy. You can pay us via Patreon though I don't think you should pay us just yet until I get an answer.


Also, she might split up the story into parts. So the first part would be finished within about a week, and the second part would be finished by next week.


This might sound like a bit of a stretch but what about $45?

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