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Getting a little frustrated getting myself to write Abby's story so I wrote this short story as a way procrastinating. Have a sort of world idea for it, so I may write more.


She ran with a practised, predator's grace leaping over large stones low branches and high roots. At times it was hard to tell whether she ran on two feet or all fours, her body always low to the ground and her hands grabbing onto everything about them in order to pull herself forward as much as her legs pushed. She was quite a sight if anyone had been watching, dark brown skin glistening in the morning sun as her slender, muscled form pushed itself through the underbrush. Her hair hung nearly to her waist in heavy brown dreadlocks, not held back by anything simply bounding around her face while she ran. She wore little. a necklace of long bones hung from her neck, the only thing that covered her chest, a rough leather belt that housed a small though packed pouch, and a loop that held a stone knife with a leather wrapped bone handle. The last bit of covering could hardly count as clothing, two straps crossed between her full breasts, holding a long quiver filled with three narrow javelins with barbed tips and a single smooth spear as long as she was tall that had a strangely honed stone head, no hints of chipping to create the edge, as though the sharp stone had simply been found in that shape.

Before long she took to the trees, sprinting as easily along the branches as she had the forest floor, bare feet finding the trunks of trees for but an instant and launching her toward the next while her hands caught onto branches allowing herself to fly further than even her strong legs could throw her. This way, as only the most attentive would notice, she made much less sound, only the occasional scrape of skin on bark, rather than the snap of the scarcely noticed branch that would come from crushing the plants on the ground. The only sign of her quarry was a barely seen flash of antlers in the copse ahead, but it was enough to push her onward.

The chase lasted almost the entire day, the sun that had been rising in the beginning was orange and glaring through the trees by the time she caught up to her exhausted prey. The Hunter dropped to floor of the forest, the beast leaned against a tree, looking at the Hunter and panting heavily. It had been a good hunt, lasting most of a week, the Hunter finding her quarry's trail beside a river, following it to the beast itself over the course of a day and a half and almost managing to make a kill before her prey knew what had happened. The spooked creature however had bolted at the last instant, alerted by a misplaced breath. The chase that followed had varied in speed ranging from the initial energetic running to even loping with hardly a chance for the pair to rest.

The Hunter smiled down at the defeated creature. It was a doe, pale skin and hair with long pointed ears. The flesh instead of fur hinted at human heritage somewhere in her recent ancestry. She was much more soft and full bodied than the Hunter, antlers marking her as a reindeer grew from grey-blonde shoulder length hair that hung over purple eyes. She wore only a small strip of white cloth that hung from a wide brass collar. One that denoted station in the herd rather than ownership. Her large breasts rose and fell quickly, glistening with the exertion of the past several days running, as well as the wetness of a river they had run through half a mile back. Yet, despite her predicament she touched herself, fingers moving over, though not entering, her slit. It was damp and not just from the river and the chase.

“I don't want to die.” She said quietly with a quavering smile. Her voice was filled with lust and fear as the dark woman stood over her, looking over the soon to be kill with large brown eyes.

“Then it is good that you do not have a choice.” The Hunter's voice was throaty and carried far, it had an obvious grin on it even through the heavy breathing. The simply sentence clearly made the deer even more aroused, her fingers pushing against the skin around her mound, making the flesh even more pronounced. But she did not touch it, it wasn't hers anymore. The Hunter knelt in front of her writhing prey, smile still on her full lips. She lifted a hand and grasped one of the deer's antlers, yanking her head to the side and drawing a fearful whimper.

The Hunter leaned forward, her mouth claiming the sound before it could fully leave her prey, lips sealing over those of the deer she had chased down. The Hunter stood, lifting the creature painfully by the grip on her antler, causing more frightened, pained whimpering sounds to come from the mutual kiss. Soon the deer was pressed roughly up against the tree bark digging into her bare back, her exhausted body held up by the powerful Hunter's single hand and the pressure between the tree behind her and the hard dark skinned body.

The Hunter moved her free hand to draw her bone handled knife, the deer sufficiently distracted not to notice anything but the lips on hers and the tongue exploring her mouth. The strong woman moved the knife to her quarry's ample chest, not touching the stone tip to her, but hovering there for a moment. She pulled back from their kiss, releasing the woman's antler. “Touch yourself.” She commanded simply. “Cum, as I clean you.” The dear what this meant and her fingers pushed desperately into her plump cunt, hips bucking and mouth hanging open in almost silent gasps as she stared at her to-be murderer.

The Hunter stepped away, holding the knife where it was beside the woman's breast. She finally decided against taking them first, wanting to see her prey hanging open with her heavy sacks before they were removed. The knife instead found its home in the base of the deer's belly. The animal's expression changed from pleasure and fear to pain, her fingers never stopping as blood flooded from her body around the Hunter's hand, mouth opened in a silent scream. The pale body jerked with each harsh movement the Hunter made in order to open her prey, if not for the ripping sounds of the knife tearing through her abdomen one might think that she was being fucked roughly. Until that is, blood began to leak from the corner of her mouth, prompti for ng a cough that splattered red onto the Hunter's face as well as the first tear dunning down the deer's cheek to join the crimson streak.

The Hunter was unphased, looking on to her prey with just as much lust as the animal looked upon her. The knife finally pulled from her body, a quiet sound of stone on bone as it raked along her sternum, prompting the creature to fall to the forest floor with a cry, reaching her climax even as she collapsed. The deer whimpered, sitting at the roots of the tree for several moments as she spurted over her fingers, large eyes hazed over until her orgasm ended, the creature slumping onto her side, intestines and other severed viscera leaking from her the opening in her stomach as she did.

Dark hands found her shoulders as the Hunter turned the deer onto her back, straddling her hips and pulling bits from the woman's belly even as the Hunter rubbed her own slick sex against the blood and cum-stained mound of her prey, drawing weak gurgles and moans from the woman. Soon the deer was empty of everything but what she needed in the short term. The Hunter slid up her prey's heaving body, she didn't even ask if the deer was ready. She just cut the animal's throat, dragged the sharp, if jagged, knife through her pale neck several times before she reached the woman's spine. The Hunter then gave the head three brutal twists until it popped free of the spine.

The deer's head never moved after her throat was cut, but the body jerked and writhed almost in what seemed another orgasm for nearly two full minutes after the head was removed. The Hunter paid no mind, taking the head several feet away and leaned against the same tree she had caught her prey beneath. She sat and first pressed the still warm lips to her aroused opening, her hips rolling against the slightly open mouth for several minuted. Her pace picked up quickly however, and she turned the head, inserting the ribbed remains of the deer's spine into her cunt, using her as nothing now but a toy to bring herself to orgasm.

Once she was sated, the Hunter lifted the severed head to her lips, kissing the deer one more time. She tasted her own cum in the blooded mouth, it must have moved up the animal's throat and into her mouth. This prompted a deeper kiss until the opening was cleaned. The Hunter then dropped the head to her side, the open eyes deer rolling against her thigh as the dark woman looked over her still slightly steaming kill. It had been a good hunt, she would finish preparing the beast, then take it back home, perhaps mount certain... parts.


this is some good shit

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