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This story is not a racist's prophecy of Europe. It's about zombification diseases that explode, and dedicated to anon.

BOOM. I jumped up. Looking towards the sound, where it originated, people were screaming.

First thing I did was check social media. Nothing. Some posts asking "the hell was that" and jokes about world war and accusations.

Glancing out the window again and saw smoke billowing from over some trees. I ran downstairs and out the door towards the source.

"Run! There's a terrorist attack! Or something! I- I don't know what-"

some blonde lady caught me trying find trouble and kept lfinching her eyes towards where I was running, which was where she clearly had just been. She caught her breath and gulped.

"Look, call 911, someone did. I don't know, just- ugh. Just be safe don't go there."

Her eyes were wide and she was paler than usual. I had seen around before, such a pretty girl.

"Miss, can you tell me what happened?"

"A bomb went off! Duh!"

"Ok miss." I started jogging again, and she called me crazy. Turns out, she wasn't wrong. I should've stayed.

As I ran to the explosion, I noticed the air grtting thicker. Much thicker, like I was breathing stone gas. It dawned on me that I would have respiratory issues unless I turned back immediately.

I started sprinted the other direction and into an apartment building. Knocking on a random door on the top floor, I was able to find an old asian man surprised by my appearance.

"What? Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Please can I watch from your window? I'm a journalist." Partially true. I wrote a lot about what I've seen.

"Okay, just for some time." He went into his kitchen and I heard him pouring liquids.

In the distance were shambling victims of the attack. There were several people lumbering around, many more strewn over the ground, and others were gathered around rubble actively trying to help the fallen.

The cloud of exploded metal and concrete had grown rather green in patches but was mostly brown and gray. I noticed that even the healthy volunteers who had just rushed in to save people were increasingly itchy; they couldn't keep from scratching themselves. I felt itchy just looking at them.

"Wouldnyou-" "wh@HGH! SORRY, I UH... I was startled, this is intense." He was obviously as startled by my reaction. I took my phone out to record.

"Understandable. Would you like lemon ice tea?"

"Yes, thank you." I took a cup with my left hand and recorded the scene with my right.

"Do you know what is happening?"

"Not yet. Wait." I stared out the window, the old man followed my gaze.

"What are they doing?!"

"I... don't know." But it was clear that they were attacking each other.


Several people in the distance, some without arms and I swear even a man who's head dangled like his neck broke, were punching, kicking and biting each other, and then the screaming volunteers who all fled. Pokice sirens blared and I saw doors open and cops jump out and immediately shoot. Every rabid man and woman dropped dead.

Over the course of an hour, it became clear that the area was being quarantined. Cops had rushed in and posted tape lines and makeshift fences. Announcements abounded in media.

I was about to excuse myself and head home but the gentleman offered to let me stay the night. He was as curious as I and had lost his wife, thus wanted company. I saw over time that the fog had grown very green. It couldn't be normal.

The buildings were being eroded, like it was acid. Patches of brown mold or something was growing over the brick and grass.

The news anchor on t.v. was a pretty woman. "AKHEM. Kuh. Excuse me." She had trouble not coughing while informing her audience that tapeworms were found in some victims of the explosion and bioterrorism was suspected, in addition to conventional explosives. It drove them mad like rabies.

Late in the night, I tried to pass the time by watching funny videos and music videos, but still surfed for answers on my phone. By coincidence, I stumbled on a link to some study where the tapeworms were isolated in petri dishes. They multiplied rapidly when given much protein and, with other nutrition, they grew erratic with seizures and some randomly exploded.

The patients that survived were in various conditions. Some were stable and a few were even lucid. Most were comatose and some had dementia and a few of them were very hostile.


This shit was /lit/.


How the hell did I not see this? This looks good so far


This is like something I imagined playing Plague Inc.



You are the worst author on Gurochan. All your positive comments are sockpuppets. Now please go die.



The worst? Oh, I'm blushing! Please, flattery will get you nowhere.


>>10816 Here think of me when you listen to this </:)


Half the city is dead. The rest live on the outskirts. On top of economic and ecologic disasters, we now have plagues. I've dealt with one bomzom in person. It was horrifying.

Running low on groceries, I bused to the shop at the edge of town, but they were out of everything. A woman there was arguing with the shop owner.

"What am I supposed to do? I need eggs and milk!"
"There's another shop downtown.." The guy behind his counter was unsure.
"Oh yeah, so I can march into a wasteland battlefield? It may as well be in the quarantine zone."
"Miss, I'll go for you, if you pay me." As always, I'm one to make an easy buck off a gambit. She agreed, giving me her number and promising to meet me with cash after I show up with her list fulfilled.

As I waited on the bus- which didn't get within a mile of my new destination- I contemplated how it was ironic the sky was bright and cloudless. Perhaps the foggy quarantined zone absorbed all the moisture.


I was all alone with the driver on the bus for over 3 miles, getting off at the last stop. The entire ride was eerie. Some people still lived in these houses, the lights were on, but nobody was walking around. It used to be a very traveled road. Looking out the windows, only one other car passed us at some point, and some dude was puking in his backyard.

"Thanks." I stepped off.
The bus driver sighed and shook his head then said "Good luck."

It was a long quiet walk. Perhaps 20 minutes. I saw a couple of people in their windows, but heard almost nothing. No birds chirping, nor dogs barking. Occasionally, I heard someone hammering or puking.

Nearing the store, there was a lanky woman leaning against a wall. Because of how thin she was, I initially thought she was taller than me, but she was just very thin. She had to be a heroin addict, I thought.

"Buy me some water please.." She said before she even saw me. Maybe I was in her peripheral vision or maybe she heard my footsteps. She moved her head up and her eyes danced around then locked on to me. She stood up and it clearly took effort for her to stand on just her own 2 feet.

"Why not drink faucet water?"

"It's not running. You didn't hear? What's it like on the other end of town? I should... check... ugh." She collapsed.

"Girl are you on drugs or withdrawing right now?"

"I don't do drugs..."


"Ok ok, I smoke weed.. when I can.. and I've snorted before but... there's something in the water."

"The water that's not running?"

"Not anymore... It's still running for some people but they said it's green and murky."

"Ok, I'll spot you a bottle just this once." I walked down a block, letting her sit instead of following me, and rang a bell. I heard shuffling behind a half-open door and some rusty old man, dirt covering him, bumbled half-asleep to the register.


"WHAT WAS THAT?!" I jumped. He seemed only half scared, like a kid jumped out at him.

"Happens." He shrugged.

I gave him the funds and left, walking past the thin thirsty girl and tossing her a bottle.

"Thank you." She said weakly.

"Good luck." I walked briskly, occasionally jogging, until I reached the bus stop. Druggies everywhere. Where'd they come from? Some fat, some skinny, none were fit. They were moaning "oww." All of them were aching.


"Fuck!" I was startled but everyone else just looked in the explosion's direction. Then, stunningly stupid, they walked towards it. I pondered why, why were they going that way and why had they not left? Who could still live here if it was so eerie? But I told myself it was just normal, people lived there and were used to their own homes, After all, most people don't move out just because of one terrorist attack. But now explosions were happening regularly. I looked up towards the the shambling crowd and saw a smoke stack in the horizon.

I waited for an hour but the bus didn't show. Looking it up on my phone, eventually it changed from "delayed" to "canceled" and I realized the drivers probably weren't willing to show up after the explosions.

I called the lady who's groceries I bought and she agreed to drive through and pick me up. As I was waiting, I noticed the girl I had bought water for. She was shambing in front of me, her clothes torn. She was fatter now, but still thin, except her belly and ass and breasts were bigger.

"Hey.." She whispered, "you... thank.. you..." She started walking towards me as her belly and boobs swayed.

"Um.. You're welcome." I raised an eyebrow, her belly was... falling off. She fell to her knees and then put her hands on the ground, and pushed herself up, but her belly just fell off and stayed on the ground.

She didn't notice at first, she just saw me looking wide eyed at her open stomach. When she noticed it, she couldn't say anything, but just stared at wound. Then her ass exploded. BOOMBOOM. "AH! AH AH! AHHH AHAH AH AH AHHHHAAA!!" I could see her pelvis and blood running down her legs from all sides of her. Her shorts had been flung away and dissolved by the corrosive explosion. She was jumping and screaming in the air and then rolling and crying incoherently on the ground- all with bare, bloody legs and open wounds where her ass and belly no longer existed.

I ran. I heard another explosion, followed by 2 more, and I didn't look back. I kept running and saw a car in front of me.

"What was that? Get in!" the lady who agreed to pick me up shouted as I jumped into the back of her car and then shuffled to ride shotgun.


The lady who's groceries I bought parked outside the old man's apartment building and asked if she could come up with me.
"So you saw a girl's ass explode. I still can't get over this."
"Like balloons but grenades. Boom. Then boom. She was crying and boom. One cheek then the other, not a half second later."
"And she didn't drop dead?"
"Nope, she danced. Like I said, all around... stomping all around and the guts, how they slowly fell like sludge then ripped..."
"How? I mean-..." She looked down and bit her fingers. "How... did she not die, instantly?"
"I guess she wasn't lucky, the explosion wasn't that bad, no shrapnel, just globes of assfat slamming her back... It almost got on me. Gross."
"Gross?! A woman is dead!"
"I know! It was horrifying!" she leaned back and sighed. "Can I come up with you? My husband is a long distance away. I don't want to do anything but... I want company."
I figured she was a cutie and rather young, and the old man could use more company- as could I, in all honesty. She might keep us both young.
So she comes up with me and the old man is shocked to see us, literally hugging me and saying there's a massacre where I just was. Bombs going off everywhere. We already knew that simply from hearing explosions and witnessing.
"People got killed by bones flying into them! A man died when his brother's arms flew everywhere!"
I looked up videos of this; Peoples' arms were too fat for them to go anywhere, like tumors, but then they'd grow mushrooms from their arms and sometimes just explode. They were collecting everyone suspected of being infected.
'WARNING: STAY CLEAN. GIVE EVERYONE PLENTY OF SPACE. COVER YOUR MOUTH.' underlined horrific photos of what can go wrong if people didn't fall in line.
There was even a host of videos on porn sites of guys and girls who were masturbating over their diseased chubby moldy legs. On other, more sinister sites, people were tormented, mostly the infected being shot at with bb guns or hit with sticks on their diseased limbs, a particularly tortured girl was hung upside down, being taunted about how she had flat chests and now her giant pale boobs were just disgusting- even though in truth, there wasn't much wrong with them color-wise or in any other way except being cartoonishly big and having incredibly long nipples that were like rope. Some taller hotter girls were like vixens, slapping her breasts and tying her nipples into knots. They were all laughing and she was crying when she exploded and they all died. It made me jump, how they instantly shifted.
I clicked next, and it was even more absurd, a bully had cut off his leg and dangled it over a petite young girl in a deep narrow pit. Boom. "SHIT I DIDN'T MEAN TO FUCKIN-" the video cut off after his vocal realization.

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