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This is my first time writing something like this in years, and my first time writing something with the victim being a canon character. The OC used here is essentially if Stain were a hot girl who just wants to fuck. I actually adore Endeavor, i know a lot of people want him dead for their own reasons, but I just think he's hot.
Anyway, here's this. I might write her fucking up more pros in the future, I don't know.
The only thing Enji Todoroki can think about is how much of an idiot he is. All these years and all his training and all the villains he's defeated with minimal effort, and tonight had to be the night he let his pride trip him up, the night he finally faltered, the night he allowed himself to fall victim to someone he should have been able to defeat without difficulty.

She calls herself the Temptress, but she's only recently made a name for herself. Her Quirk is nothing special in terms of combat, but if she gets a hold of someone, she can be deadly. She's not the first person to have a sort of control over people, and she's been compared to the now out-of-commission Hero Killer, though her motives aren't nearly as easy to sympathize with. The Temptress targets only men, and, from looking at the victims, it isn't hard to tell what it is she wants with them.

All she has to do to get a man under her spell is kiss them, anywhere as long as her lips touch their skin, so the idea of someone like her getting the jump on Endeavor, with all his range, is laughable. But somehow, she does.

She's faster than he expects, or stealthier, or he underestimated a woman of her build, and believed that she would be small fry, that he could take her down without even trying. Now he can't do anything but look up at her, while she surveys him, a bright grin on her face. Slowly, his flames die out, and the only part of his body he can move is his face, but his words of intimidation do nothing to deter her.

“Ooh, you're so handsome under all that fire,” she says. “I mean, I guess I could always tell you were. You know, I've always had the biggest crush on you. Getting you alone tonight is like a dream come true!”

“Just as soon as I break free, I'm going to make you regret this,” he warns her.

“Too bad I'll be done with you before that.” She pulls out her knife to begin cutting away at his costume, getting as much of it off him as she can, all with a greedy look in her eyes. “I don't normally get guys as buff as you. Seriously, you are just <i>shredded</i>.”

She climbs on top of him, straddling and leaning down to kiss him properly, and no matter how he resists, he can't actually pull away. When she forces her tongue into his mouth, he tries to bite, and she pulls back with a laugh.

“I knew you would try something like that,” she murmurs. “Well, that's fine.” She inches back so that she can take his cock in hand, and, though the contact is unwanted, the more she works her hand up and down, he finds he can't stop himself from growing hard. Enji bites the inside of his cheek, trying anything to distract himself, but it's not enough. She has him fully hard in no time at all, and poses herself above him.

“I'm sorry that it's not my first time,” she says, almost sincerely. “I never thought I'd have the chance to fuck <i>Endeavor</i>. If I'd known that, I might have even saved myself!” With that, she sinks down onto him and he lets out a groan.

<i>I'm such an idiot</i>, he thinks desperately, and this is the first time in a long time that he has felt this desperate. So many fights have come so effortlessly to him, and he's gained his position as the second best (and even now he thinks of that with a hint of bitterness) through skill and strength and intelligence. But now, he's immobilized in some back alley, with a villainess having her way with him, and he isn't sure he's going to make it out of this alive.

“You're so big, daddy! Oh, is it weird if I call you that? You do have children, don't you?”

He musters up what strength he can to spit in her face. “Filthy whore,” he mutters.

“Ooh, yeah, just like <i>that</i>, daddy! I can be your whore if that's what you're into!” She rocks her hips on top of him, riding him with abandon, and he can't hold back a gasp every now and then. He hates feeling powerless and he hates the power she has over him now, but she is warm and tight and each jerk of her hips creates new friction, and he is only human.

It hurts, how badly he needs this, and her words grow incoherent as she gives way to her own pleasure. He can feel how close she is, and the way she tightens around him is maddening. Still, he refuses to give in, doing all he can to hold back through sheer force of will, but then, she lets out a sharp cry, and he can feel each pulse and spasm of her orgasm, and he can't stop it.

“<i>Fuck</i>,” he hisses, shooting inside of her to her delight.

“Ooh, I hope you got me pregnant,” she coos. “That would almost make it worth it to keep playing with you, but if I let you go then I’ll get in trouble! If I do have a baby, I promise I'll name them Endeavor Jr., okay?”

“No disgusting child of yours deserves my genetics,” he says weakly.

“That's kind of mean. I guess that means your fun is over, and my fun is just beginning!” She stands on shaky legs, climbing off of him and kneeling beside him, her knife in hand. For a moment, she only turns it over in her hand, playing with it, and then, so fast he can barely see it, she plunges it into his stomach.

There is nothing but pain so bright it is blinding, and Enji can feel nothing else. All of his senses dull in comparison, though his hearing comes back first. He hears a ringing first, and then a loud, hoarse screaming, and then he starts to feel the pain in his throat and registers that he is the one screaming. And he screams and he screams, and she twists the knife inside of him, and he can't see anything but that blinding, bright <i>pain</i>, and he can't stop screaming, and it can't be like <i>this</i>.

It is a long time before he comes back to his senses, or maybe it isn't, or maybe it is an eternity, but it is some time after she's pulled the knife out. He's bleeding so much and his vision keeps blurring, and she grins down at him.

“You're not supposed to pull the knife out if you get stabbed, but I wanted to use it more,” she murmurs, pressing the blade to his cheek. Compared to what she’s already done, this is child’s play. It only stings when she drags the knife along his skin, down one cheek and then down the other, and then she drags it down his chest, and traces circles around his wound. His breathing is unsteady and he can hardly remain conscious, and he knows, he <i>knows</i> he isn't going to make it out of this alive.

All these years, and he's going to die like this, to a nothing of a woman like her, and so close, yet so very far, to achieving his goals. He still has so much to do and so much that he has to teach Shoto, and he has to be there to <i>see</i> his creation reach its potential, but he is going to die here, and it hurts so much, and she drops her knife unceremoniously, rising to retrieve something else.

He is too weak to protest when she returns with a hatchet, and in the back of his mind, he is glad for that. At least he will not go out begging for his life, he thinks, as she brings it down on one of his arms. Enji comes close to blacking out, as the pain overtakes him; he does after she pries it out and brings it back down harder. He drifts in and out as she hacks away at his arm, and sometimes when he looks at her he can see her mouth moving, but he has no idea what she's saying.

She takes his entire arm, leaning down close to talk with him. Her voice fades in and out as she says, “...just by...favorite thing to keep...beautiful like…”

The only thing Enji Todoroki can think about is how much of a failure he is. He is not lucid enough to have any concrete thoughts, but he thinks of Shoto, he thinks of All Might, he thinks of himself, and he thinks that he is a failure, and the Temptress presses her knife to his throat.

She is sad that he closes his eyes as she kills him. They're such a beautiful shade of blue, and she wants to be able to watch his hollow stare as she plays with him more. Endeavor, her favorite hero, her favorite trophy, is dead now, and she sits on his face, and plans to stay like this until she can feel the warmth draining from his body.

If only, she thinks, she could keep him throughout the majority of his rigor mortis, but she only has so much time before she risks getting caught, and as fun as he was, she still isn't satisfied. She needs more, even if she isn't sure if anyone will be able to compare to the number two hero.


okay so italics don't work, good to know. In future stories I might just avoid them, or use slashes for emphasis if i have to, sorry if this fic is unsightly as a result


This is some good shit! I'm really hoping you write some more BNHA, such a good series with so many hot people.

And the Temptress is a hell of a fun villain so far!


I agree, nice story. Would you perhaps be interested in writing something with Aizawa?


Nice !

For italics and formatting, look at the FAQ, there's a markup section.


Nice !

For italics and formatting, look at the FAQ, there's a markup section.


Actually, Aizawa was the next one on the list! Planning on doing one with him, one with Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady, one with Best Jeanist, maaaaybe one with Present Mic (if I can bring myself to do it), one with All Might, one with Tomura Shigaraki, and, if I actually make it to that point, an ending where she gets her comeuppance at the hands of Kurogiri

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