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It's been a good while, but I've finally finished the next chapter to this story. For those who haven't read the previous chapters (or who have simply forgotten what happened), you should start by reading PogueMahone's original story at and then read the first chapter of my continuation at

All caught up? Then I hope you enjoy this next installment in the series. For those who enjoy audiovisual aids, you might want to play the following video when Carissa turns on her iPod, since it served as the inspiration for the scene that follows:

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The Interview

Chapter 13: The Gift

Sally had only been back at her desk for around 15 minutes when there was another knock on the door.

“Sally? Are you in here?” came the voice of Carissa from outside.

Sally looked down at her taped-up stomach. Not wanting to spoil the surprise just yet, she frantically looked around her for her clothes. “Uh, yeah, sure, just a sec!” she yelled. She spotted the discarded clothes in a corner, diving toward them and fishing her black t-shirt out of the pile. “Come in!” she said as she threw it over head and yanked it down. The door opened as she got to her feet and her transparent-headed lover stepped into the office.

“Hi. I just came to see if you were okay. I realize that in getting payback we… may have gone a little overboard. If you want, I can ask the various department heads to give back–”

Sally walked up to her and interrupted her by putting her index finger against the older woman’s lips. When Carissa stopped talking she removed it and gave her girlfriend a quick kiss.

“Shush. As I told Leia when she came by to apologize, I’m perfectly fine. I had fun, actually. So stop worrying about me, alright? We agreed we were going to be the craziest girls around, so this is just par for the course.” She hugged Carissa and gave her another peck on the lips as she dropped her hands down to the woman’s ass and gave it a squeeze.

Carissa gave a relieved smile and mirrored the younger girl’s actions by cupping the girl’s bare butt and squeezing. She tilted her see-through head. “What’s with the t-shirt?” she asked, “Or, alternatively, the lack of pants?”

Sally only hesitated for an instant before giving a pretty good approximation of a nonchalant shrug. “Oh, it was a tiny bit chilly in here but I still wanted to be able to masturbate.”

The older woman chuckled. “Why am I not surprised? However, I still want to give you a little present to make up for what we did to you today.”

Sally’s eyes lit up. “You didn’t have to, but I’m not going to say no to a free present, am I? So where is it?”

“Patience, young grasshopper,” Carissa laughed, “it’s not ready yet. Why don’t you come by my house on Saturday and I’ll give you your present then.”

“What? But that’s three days away!” Sally said, putting on an exaggerated pouty face. “What am I going to do with myself until then?”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something,” the older woman said as she slid the fingers of her right hand between Sally’s legs and slipped her middle finger into her folds. She rubbed it back and forth for a bit before pulling back her hands and exiting the office. As she crossed the threshold she stopped and turned her head. “Oh, and wear something sexy,” she said before walking off.

The rest of the week passed agonizingly slowly; Sally’s curiosity was almost killing her. To make things worse, Carissa had other appointments every night, which meant the girl had to entertain herself. This wasn’t too difficult now that she could suck her own nipples and fellate her uterus. She even tried shoving her brain in there a few times, but try as she might she couldn’t stretch her cervix wide enough.

Saturday morning found her lying in bed, shutting her eyes against the sunlight streaming through the blinds until she remembered what day it was. She practically leaped out of bed, established a new personal record for quickest shower and practically inhaled her cereal, not even bothering to use Carissa’s head but opting for a plain old bowl instead.

Standing in front of her closet, a few water drops still trailing their way down her skin, she considered her clothing options. “Let’s see, something sexy…” she muttered to herself. She pulled out a sling bikini, untangling the strings of the glorified dental floss outfit. It was sexy alright, but a quick look at the overcast, drizzly fall weather outside made her reconsider. She would like to get to Carissa without a severe case of pneumonia. Besides, one of the key components in keeping a sling bikini in place was a firm set of tits and well… she pushed on her chest with one finger, creating a giant dent in the front of her torso, which was only being held together by duct tape. “Yeah, I don’t think so,” she said, wadding up the garment and putting it back until summer. Her favourite pair of lacy black lingerie was rejected for the same reason. Looking down at her concave body, Sally decided she might as well remove the tape now. No use wasting time doing that once she and Carissa got down to business. Using her nails to pull up the ends of the duct tape, she slowly peeled off the two horizontal grey strips followed by the vertical one. She folded back the two loose flaps of skin, using her tits to more or less keep them wedged behind the metal rod serving as her spine.

Of course, she’d need to wear something that would hide her missing rib cage and spine. She dug through her wardrobe for a bit until she found something that would work: a light grey cowl neck sweater dress. She slipped her arms into the sleeves and raised them high up in the air, letting the sweater slide down her arms and over her head. Once the hem cleared her shoulders, the bottom half pretty much fell straight down, her almost entirely absent midsection not providing anything in the way of friction. After a bit of shimmying with her hips she managed to guide it down to her mid-thigh, about five inches below her pussy. Of course, the outfit wasn’t complete with the matching pair of light grey thigh-high cable-knit socks. She sat down on her bed and raised her left leg, slowly pulling a sock past her ankle, across her calf and past her knee until the top edge was a mere three inches or so below the hem of the sweater dress. She repeated the process for her other leg, stretching it high in the air as she did so, which lifted up the dress far enough to get a few glimpses of her pussy. She stood up, debating whether or not to go commando, but it did look rather chilly outside. She settled on a wine red thong and put it on, eyeing herself critically in the mirror.

She adjusted the dress a little to smooth it out and turned her body to judge her appearance from multiple angles. Her flat chest was a little disappointing, but that couldn’t be helped right now. Regardless, Sally thought she looked pretty damn hot. Grabbing her phone off the night stand, she sent a quick text to Carissa.

Morning babe. You up yet?

Yeah. I figured you wouldn’t be able to wait for your present :)

I have no idea what you’re talking about ;)

On an entirely unrelated note: can I come over yet?

I finished setting everything up a few minutes ago, so you can come by whenever you want

Stepping out of the door now

See you in about 20 minutes

Since her sweater dress didn’t have any pockets, Sally dropped the phone into her empty skull and stepped out into the hall, stopping only long enough to put on some shoes and grab her car keys and baseball cap.

The drive over to Carissa’s was uneventful, and far too long as far as Sally was concerned. She quickly parked her car and rang the bell to her girlfriend’s apartment.

“Good morning, honey,” the older woman’s voice came through the speaker. “Come on u– wait, is that a baseball cap? I seem to recall telling you to wear something sexy. Please tell me you’re not wearing a jock strap or something.”

Sally rolled her eyes. “Of course I am. And I’m all sweaty from running around a big field and hitting a ball with a stick, so I hope that turns you on as much as it does me. Come on Carissa, give me a little more credit than that. This is just to prevent people seeing my head. Or lack thereof.”

“Don’t want people to know you’re just an airhead, huh?”

“Wow,” laughed Sally, “I thought I was coming here to get my present; if I’d known you were just going to insult me, I’d have stayed home.”

“Oh, you know I’m only teasing you,” said Carissa as she buzzed the girl in. “Now get your cute ass up here and I’ll give you your present.”

Sally took the elevator up and knocked on Carissa’s door. When it opened, her mouth fell open a little. Carissa was wearing a tight-fitting black long-sleeve crop top that left most of her stomach exposed, ending around midway between her belly button and her ample breasts, which were hugged in all the right places by the taut fabric. Two small bumps poking out were a tell-tale sign she wasn’t wearing a bra. Beneath it, she wore a black miniskirt that, at a mere 4½ inches high, was more like an oversized belt than a proper skirt. And she clearly wasn’t wearing any panties underneath it: Carissa had pulled it down low enough to reveal the top of her pubic mound.


“Ya-huh?” the younger girl said distractedly.

“You’re drooling.”

“I… wha– oh.” Sally closed her mouth and wiped off her chin.

“Now, instead of ogling me why don’t you come inside…” she said, grabbing Sally’s collar and gently pulling her into the hallway before shutting the door, “take off that silly cap…” She grabbed the baseball cap by the bill, pulled it off of Sally’s head and, with a flick of her wrist, sent it sailing through the hallway into her living room, where it skidded to a halt on the floor. “…and follow me.” Still holding Sally’s collar, Carissa pulled her into the bedroom and backed her up until she bumped into the bed. After pulling her in for a kiss, she pushed the younger girl back onto the bed.

“When I was a little girl,” Carissa said as she turned around and walked over to the dresser against the wall, “my favourite part about getting a present was never the gift itself. It was the anticipation. The months before birthdays spent tweaking my wish list. Getting up early on Christmas morning and seeing the presents under the tree. Tearing off the wrapping paper. Sure, the gift itself was nice and all, but half the fun was in the time leading up to it. So with that in mind, I figured I’d put on a little pre-gift show.” She picked up her iPod from its cradle on the dresser and started navigating through the menus to pick out a song. Sally quickly kicked off her shoes and leaned back to place her phone on the nightstand, never taking her eyes off her girlfriend’s ass. As Carissa placed the iPod back into its cradle, guitar music came from the speakers.

The older woman turned back towards Sally, grabbed her boobs in both hands and jiggled them around as she opened her mouth a little. Her plastic head didn’t allow for much expression, but Sally knew this was supposed to be a big smile. Carissa lowered her hands, but kept shaking her torso, making her ample bosom bounce from side to side beneath her top. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, she pulled it up until just below the edge of her areola, revealing a generous amount of underboob. She stared pointedly at Sally as she caressed the bottoms of her breasts before letting go and shaking them again. One rock-hard nipple managed to peek out below the edge of the shirt, but Carissa was swift to pull the hem back down.

The guitar music made way for a drum solo and Carissa started dancing, snapping her fingers and enthusiastically shaking her hips from side to side, causing her boobs to swing about wildly. Sally’s gaze was magnetically fixed to them, following each bump and bounce beneath the black cloth, which was starting to ride up a little with all the movement. A male voice joined in with the drum solo.

I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel.

The line was followed by a few bars of guitar music, and the younger girl burst out laughing when Carissa started playing air guitar to accompany it, moving her upper body to keep her tits jumping around.

There’s a voice in my head that drives my heel

Once again the woman in black played her pretend guitar, and Sally had to admit she was giving a pretty good performance, although she was having a difficult time focusing on it: between Carissa’s big breasts which were wriggling beneath her top as if they had a life of their own, her by now completely exposed belly and the occasional fleeting glimpses of her pussy when her miniskirt flew up, there was a lot of competition for attention.

It’s my baby callin’, says I need you here

And it’s a half past four and I’m shiftin’ gear

The air guitar loop was followed by an air drum solo as Carissa waved her arms up and down wildly. Sally would have loved to join in the joyful dancing, but since this was supposed to be a show she remained seated. Perhaps some other time.

When she is lonely and the longing gets too much

She sends a cable comin’ in from above

Don’t need no phone at all

We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love

As the chorus started, Carissa pulled her top up all the way, freeing her breasts to jiggle around even more wildly. She walked over to Sally and leaned down until her tits from the younger girl’s face, giving her more than an eyeful.

We’ve got a wave in the air, radar love

Sally couldn’t stop herself from reaching out to touch them, but Carissa gently grabbed her hand and pushed it back down before walking back to the dresser, pulling down her top before grabbing the zipper at the back of her skirt and sliding it down as the second verse started.

The radio is playing some forgotten song

Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong

She started wiggling her hips again, causing her miniskirt to slide down a fraction of an inch at a time.

The road has got me hypnotized

And I’m speedin’ into a new sunrise

Once the skirt had cleared the middle of her thighs, it swiftly fell to the ground. Carissa stepped out of it, spread her legs and, still with her back to Sally bent down until her head almost touched the floor, giving Sally an unobstructed view of the woman’s pussy, which was more than a little wet.

When I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough

She sends her comfort comin’ in from above

Carissa reached out with one arm and plunged it into her pussy in one quick motion, almost up to the elbow. When she withdrew it, it was followed by a pink balloon, connected to her pussy by a tube of the same colour. There were two little holes in the bottom of the balloon. She stood back up and turned around in time for the chorus.

We don’t need no letter at all

We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love

We’ve got a light in the sky, radar love

The prolapsed womb jumped around even more wildly than her breasts when Carissa resumed her dancing, snapping her fingers and waving her arms with cheerful abandon. Sally relished seeing this side of her. Sure, she had seen the normally calm and collected businesswoman lose her composure in a screaming orgasm more than a few times, but this silly side of her was a new discovery. Sally would have to try to bring it out more often.

No more speed, I’m almost there

Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care

Last car to pass, here I go

The music had slowed down for the next verse, as had Carissa’s dancing. She looked down, twisting her hips and moving her arms slowly back and forth. Pulling her top up once more, she made her way back to the bed step by step, slowly rocking her boobs left and right.

And the line of cars drove down real slow

And the radio played that forgotten song

Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong

She put one foot on the bed next to Sally and reached down to her dangling uterus. Holding it in place with her right hand, she inserted the index and middle finger of her left hand into her left fallopian tube, stretching it a good inch and a half wide. The thumb and forefinger of her right hand followed suit, and soon emerged clutching the ovary. When she released her fingers the hole quickly shrank back to its natural size, leaving the elliptical ball hanging about an inch below the opening.

And the newsman sang his same song

Oh one more radar lover gone

Her right ovary was extracted in the same fashion, putting the entire inside of her reproductive system on display right in front of Sally’s eyes. When the music picked back up she lowered her foot back down to the floor and started dancing again, keeping her legs spread to give the insides of her vagina room to move about.

When I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough

She sends her comfort comin’ in from above

Carissa grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it off completely, leaving her completely naked as she tossed the garment into a corner.

We don’t need no letter at all

We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love

We’ve got a light in the sky

Sally watched in trance as her girlfriend gave it her all for the finale, dancing even more energetically than before. Every part of her moved around to the beat: her arms were swinging above her head, her boobs at times bounced up to shoulder height and her womb and ovaries were doing a highly intricate dance of their own.

We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love

We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love


When the final chords died away Carissa slowed down and looked down at Sally, panting slightly. “Wow, that’s a hell of a workout,” she laughed, “I’ll need to remember that one.”

“Yeah, just make sure you invite me to watch,” smiled Sally. “If your job at Noland falls through, you could always take that show on the road. I’m not sure we’d be able to print tickets fast enough to keep up with demand.”

Carissa chuckled and sat down on the bed next to Sally, tucking her womb back inside herself. “Nah, you’re all the audience I need. Besides, don’t you want to continue unwrapping your gift first? I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty of taking some of the wrapping off during that dance.”

Sally tilted her head. “I’m not sure I follow.”

“I’m talking about me,” said Carissa. “I’m your gift. And I want you to unwrap me.”

Sally’s confused look only deepened. “Oookaayyy… but… you’re already naked. There’s not much left to unwrap.”

“Are you absolutely sure about that?” Carissa said, pointing at her see-though plastic head. “After all, you’ve already made a pretty good start. Now I’m asking you to make the rest of my body match.”

“Are you saying–”

“Yep,” Carissa nodded. “I want you to skin me from head to toe… or, um, neck to toe, I guess. I love the fact that everybody can see my brain; I want them to see the rest of me as well.”

“Oh, wow… I gotta admit, that is hot.”

“Heh, I knew you’d like it. After all, now that you’ve gotten rid of all of your insides I couldn’t very well fall behind, so I figured I’d join you and get rid of my outsides, almost as if we’re a matching set.”

Sally looked deep into Carissa’s eyes, a smile on her face. “What did I do to deserve such an awesome girlfriend? But I have to ask: are you sure about this? And I’m not just saying that because I’ll miss that killer bod of yours. Even though I’m totally empty now, I still look like myself; you won’t. There’s no going back if we do this.”

Carissa chuckled. “Honey, I think we passed the point of no return around the time you decapitated me, don’t you? Trust me; I’ve given this a lot of thought and it’s what I want. Besides, if I ever want a normal body again – or if you want me to – I can just have Leia build one; after she finishes the transparent one I asked her for, of course.”

“We really should get that poor girl something nice one of these days. Between the two of us keeping her busy, I’m surprised she gets any work done.”

“What do you mean? Did you ask her for something as well?”

“Yup. And since I’m feeling a little overdressed anyway, why don’t I show you?”

“Can’t wait.”

Sally lifted her right leg into the air and began seductively pulling off her thigh-high sock, giving her girlfriend a lustful look as she revealed her leg a fraction of an inch at a time. It took her a good thirty seconds to clear her knee, her ankle and finally her toes. She let the sock fall to the floor and raised her other leg, stripping off that one as well. Once she had bared both legs, she stood up, reached under her sweater dress, hooked her thumb behind the waistband of her panties and started slowly pulling them down until they came into view below the hem of her sweater dress. There was a large wet spot in the front that was noticeably darker than the surrounding material.

Sally stopped and reconsidered. “You know what? This is taking too long. I like foreplay as much as the next girl, but I can’t wait to get my hands on you, so what do you say we speed this up a little?”

She didn’t even wait for Carissa’s nod to yank down her underwear to the ground. Grabbing the bottom of her dress, she pulled it over her head in one smooth movement, sending it flying. She hooked her fingers around the edges of the flaps of her torso and spread herself wide, showing off the metal pole that was the only thing left between her pelvis and shoulders aside from her skin.

“Wow. Can I touch it?”

Sally smiled. “Of course. Might as well enjoy the use of your fingertips while you still can, right?”

She sat back down, allowing Carissa to run her hand along her makeshift metal spine. The older woman reached in with her other hand as well, rubbing them all over the insides of Sally’s skin. She grabbed the left flap of Sally’s torso and started licking the nipple.

“Mmmmm. Can you still feel this?”

The younger girl moaned in affirmation.

“Good. How about this?”

She opened her mouth wide and began pushing on the back of the breast, trying to shove it into her mouth. With her other hand she squeezed the boob tight, trying to make it small enough to fit. Her efforts partially paid off: she was able to swallow almost half the breast.

“You do realize that breastfeeding doesn’t actually mean eating the breast, right?” Sally chuckled.

Carissa pulled back, allowing the tit to slip back out of her mouth. “No, but it sure is a lot more fun this way,” she said jokingly. “Now, why don’t you lie down? I want to get a good look at you.”

Bracing herself with both arms, Sally slowly lowered her rigid upper body down onto the sheets before folding her hands behind her head, elbows out to the side. “Examine away.”

The older woman took the two loose sections of skin and spread them out to Sally’s sides, smoothing out any wrinkles with soft strokes of her hands.

“I love how soft you feel,” she said. “So silky smooth. I almost wish your whole body was like this; all spread out on my bed so I could caress every square inch of you.”

The younger girl struggled to keep from grinning. “Oh really? And what else would you do to me?”

Carissa thought for a second, stroking her lips with her index finger. “Hmmm… I think first I’d roll you up into a big tube and use you like a big dildo to fuck myself silly. Would you like that? My pussy lips clinging to your skin as I pull you out, before slamming you back in, in and out… in and out… deeper and deeper until your whole body is buried in my hungry cunt? My walls squeezing down on you as I cum? And when I’m done I’d push you back out, giving birth to you until you plop back onto the bed, drenched in my juices. Does that sound like a plan?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” nodded Sally, a look of awe in her eyes. “Hell, I’m plenty drenched already.”

Carissa looked down at the slowly growing dark spot between Sally’s legs.

“And who knows? You might just get your wish sooner than you think,” the younger girl winked.

“I’m not sure I’m that patient,” Carissa said as she reached for the knot of duct tape keeping the metal rod affixed to the girl’s pelvis and started loosening the end with her nails, but Sally grabbed her hand in hers.

“Given what I’m about to do to you, it’s probably best if one of us remains in one piece, don’t you think?”

“Ehh, you’re probably right. Spoilsport,” Carissa pouted.

“Speaking of which, how ‘bout we switch positions?”

With a little help from Carissa, Sally got to her feet, allowing the other woman to take her place on the bed. After stowing her skin flaps behind her spine again to keep them out of the way, she picked up the red pen and knelt down atop Carissa’s torso, twiddling the pen in her hands. “Last chance to back out.”

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Excellent. So where do you want me to start?”

“Let’s save the best for last and start with my arms and legs.”

“Alrighty. Should I try to keep the skin in one piece or can I just take it off in pieces?”

“Well, you’re the one getting the present, so you can unwrap me however you want.”

“As a kid I always used to tear off the wrapping paper.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Carissa chuckled. “Okay, have at it then.”

Sally tweaked the settings on the pen for a bit before placing the tip against Carissa’s shoulder. At the click of a button, a red glow spread out around the pen and a tiny wisp of smoke drifted upward. Sally started dragging the pen across her girlfriend’s skin, leaving a dark red line in its wake. She traced the line down into Carissa’s armpit, then lifted up the arm so she could complete the circle. When she reached the start of the loop again, she turned 90 degrees, cutting about five inches along the top of the arm before making another crosswise loop. Turning the pen horizontal, Sally began moving back up the lengthwise cut once more, this time cutting just below the skin to separate it from the underlying meat. She dug the nail of the thumb on her other hand under the loosened edge and lifted up the corner, pinching it between her thumb and index finger. Her grasp was a bit tenuous, but it was enough to start pulling up, moving the pen back and forth along the cut, severing the skin from her arm bit by bit. After a minute or so she had peeled off about half of the strip of skin.

“It almost feels like you’re pulling off a band-aid,” said Carissa.

“Want me to try ripping it off in one go?”

“Hm, probably best not to.”

“Yeah, knowing my luck I’d take half your arm with it,” Sally laughed, returning to her efforts. Slowly but surely, more and more of the skin came off, until with a final tug it came away completely, leaving a bright red ring around Carissa’s arm in its wake. She held it up in front of her girlfriend.

“One down. Ready for number two?”

“Yup, go for it.”

Sally was happy to oblige, tossing the flap of skin over her shoulder and settling down to start working on the next, similarly-sized strip. Over the next ten minutes, she proceeded to flay Carissa’s arm down to the wrist, leaving only the hand still covered. To remedy this, Sally started by stripping each finger individually before slicing off the palm and back of the hand, finally baring it. Carissa lifted up her now entirely flesh-coloured arm, raising her hand to her face. She flexed her fingers, watching the flesh bulge as she tightened and released her muscles. She turned her gaze back to Sally.

“Ah, much better. Do you want to touch it?”

She held out her hand for Sally to touch, who gingerly reached out with one finger, brushing it across her palm.

“It’s so soft… and a little slippery.”

Her other fingers joined in on the action and soon she was gliding them over the back of Carissa’s hand and intertwining them with hers.

“I can only barely feel you touching me,” said Carissa. “I knew it was going to happen, but I am going to miss the feel of your skin on mine.”

“Oh, I hadn’t really thought of that. Okay, how’s this?”

She grabbed Carissa’s wrist and leaned down, guiding her middle finger into her mouth and closing her lips around the red digit. Her tongue licked up and down the length of the finger as she sucked it, moving it in and out of her mouth. She didn’t settle for one finger, and soon took her girlfriend’s ring finger into her mouth as well, thrusting her tongue between the two as she continued her blowjob. Only when she had thoroughly licked and sucked every part of the two digits did she let them pop out of her mouth.

“How was that? Did you feel that?”

“Mmm… I did.” With her other arm, Carissa started stroking Sally’s thigh. “Of course, I can’t go around looking asymmetrical, now can I?”

A grin spread across Sally’s face.

“No, that wouldn’t look right at all. So why don’t you let me fix that for you?”

Over the next fifteen minutes, Sally proceeded to flay Carissa’s arm in similar fashion, making it look as if Carissa was wearing a sleeveless shirt. After marvelling at them for a bit, she started rubbing her hands together, flesh gliding along flesh as they twisted around each other. She trailed one hand all the way down her arm, across her chest and down to her breast, which she started circling in a spiral pattern, slowly making her way up the mound. Her other hand joined in as well, and when she reached her nipples she started kneading her breasts in earnest.

“Nnngg… my legs,” she moaned, “strip my fucking legs.”

Sally didn’t need to be told twice, and shifted down to the foot of the bed. She drew a circle around the top of Carissa’s leg as before, the pen passing just below her ass cheeks, but this time she switched up her strategy and, rather than making another circle a few inches down, she made the second loop around Carissa’s ankle. One of Carissa’s hands had journeyed down to her pussy, and while she was masturbating Sally started cutting long lines between the two circles, spaced about an inch apart. Tuning the pen to cut an inch deep, she turned it horizontal and began the task of peeling off the long strips. Each one was a good three feet in length, and as Sally dropped them on the floor next to the bed they formed a messy, steadily growing pile of coiled pink and red ribbons.

Carissa was squirming more and more as her orgasm approached, and the younger girl had to use her other hand to keep the final leg in place and avoid cutting deeper than she wanted to. When she removed the final strip, Carissa climaxed with a scream at the sight of her bared legs. She settled down after this, allowing Sally to flay her feet without incident. Once she finished pulling off the skin of the final toe by the toenail, she interlaced her fingers with Carissa’s toes, rubbing slow circles over the soles of her feet with her thumbs.

“Quit it,” Carissa giggled, “that tickles.”

“Oh yeah?”

Sally grabbed Carissa’s left foot and lifted it up to her face, giving it a long lick from the back of her heel to the tip of her toes.

“Ha ha, me… hi… mercy!” Carissa snickered.

Sally relented and let go of her girlfriend’s foot. She ran her hands up the older woman’s now rather slippery legs, crawling after them as she trailed them up Carissa’s sides until they came to a rest on her shoulders, with Sally straddled across her chest. She leaned down to give the woman a kiss before whispering “Ready to continue?”

Carissa just nodded.

“Then turn around for me.”

Carissa rolled over onto her stomach, resting her plastic head on her skinless arms.

Considering the expanse of bare skin beneath her for a moment, Sally tuned the pen and started drawing a grid pattern on Carissa’s back, each line about an inch and a half apart. Having finished the last line across her ass cheeks, she began removing each of the squares one by one, almost like doing a jigsaw puzzle in reverse.

“There we go, all done,” she said when she pulled off the last one. She leaned down, rubbing her stomach and boobs across the slick red and white-colored flesh. “Mmm, so smooth. And hey: once we’re done you’ll never have to shave again.”

“Hm. Hadn’t really thought of that.”

“Well, it’s good you have me around to think of these sorts of things,” Sally chuckled. “Alright, let’s turn you back over so I can finish skinning you and we can clean up this mess, because you’re all over the place,” she said, indicating the strips and squares of Carissa’s skin that she had strewn all around them on the bed and on the floor.

“Not so fast. When it comes to the front of my torso, I don’t want you to just remove the skin; I want you to strip it all. I want my organs on full display. I want you to be able to reach in and grab my beating heart, or pull out my intestines or feel my lungs breathing in and out.”

“Uhm… that last one’s going to be a problem. You do know that once I open your chest cavity you won’t be able to breathe anymore, right?”

“Don’t worry, I do. Which is why I had the guys down in bio-tech install small air compressors into my bronchi a few days ago to overcome the air pressure. I’ve got this all planned out.”

“And did they test them? I really don’t want to lose you because of a malfunctioning prototype.”

“Relax, they’ve had several dozen test subjects before me. And before you ask: yes, they’re all still alive.”

“Oh, all right, I guess,” said Sally, comforted a little. “Wait: what about your breasts? It’d be a shame to get rid of those spectacular tits of yours.”

“Yeah, I’m really going to miss them, but I don’t want them obscuring the view of my heart and lungs. Besides, they’re not going to have anything to attach to, so I couldn’t keep them even if I wanted to.”

“Well, if you’re sure about it… What do you want me to do with them?”

Carissa shrugged. “I don’t know. Skin them along with the rest and then cut them off, I guess.”

“But that seems like such a waste. I mean, I’d kill to have boobs like y– wait; maybe I can. How about I cut them off of you in one piece? I could seal up the back and keep them as souvenirs of you alongside your head. Maybe use them as a stress ball or something.”

“Sure, why not? Go for it.”

“Okay, let’s see… can you get up on your knees and elbows for me?”

Sally scooched over so Carissa could get up, allowing her pendulous breasts to hang down freely. The younger girl increased the length of the laser blade until it was a good five inches in length, looking like a miniature light sabre. With one hand she grabbed the front of Carissa’s left breast, pulling it down even further. With the other she positioned the pen as close to Carissa’s chest as she could and slowly moved it forward, amputating the boob with a slight hissing sound. The red light slowly made its way through the breast until it came out the other side. Sally pulled the severed tit away and gave it an experimental squeeze.

“Oh yeah, this will make a great stress ball,” she smiled.

Carissa’s right breast soon followed suit. Sally let it plop onto the bed.

“Well, that’s a weight off my chest,” Carissa joked.

“Aww, you beat me to it,” Sally pouted. “But man, you’re not wrong; these things are heavy.” She placed one on each hand and lifted them up. “Wow, I’d hate to go running with these puppies strapped to my chest.”

“One of the many reasons I was never much into sports.”

“Yeah, I can imagine.”

Carissa turned onto her back and caressed Sally’s cheek with her skinless fingers. “Are you ready for the final part?” she asked.

“Ready when you are.”

Carissa breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. “Okay, open me up, doc.”

“Alright, just give me a second to fine-tune this thing,” Sally said as she tweaked the settings on the pen, “I don’t want to cut too deep and slice open your stomach or something.”

Once she had the device configured to her liking, she placed the tip at the side of Carissa’s neck just below the plastic at the edge between her flayed back and her front which still had the skin attached. At the click of a button, a red glow emanated from the front of the device and she began guiding it along the edge down Carissa’s shoulder, turning the corner downward when she reached the top of the arm. She kept following the edge into the armpit, then down the side of her girlfriend’s body to her hip, turning once more to climb the swell of her abdomen, crossing her pubic mound a mere half inch above her clit and descending down the other side. She completed the cut by taking the same route in reverse on the other side until she ended at the top of her neck.

Carissa watched with great interest as Sally dropped the pen and inserted her fingers into the cut at the bottom of her belly. The section of skin and flesh lifted easily as she folded it open, revealing the contents of her abdomen in all their glory. When she had uncovered about half of the woman’s torso, she encountered resistance.

“It’s probably easier if you cut through my ribs and remove everything at once rather than trying to remove the skin first,” suggested Carissa.

“True, but with your skin in the way I can’t see how deep I need to cut,” replied Sally. “So I’m afraid this is going to require a bit of brute force. Try to hold still, would you?”

She repositioned herself to straddle Carissa’s head, who couldn’t resist reaching her head up and giving the girl’s pussy a lick.

“Hey, don’t distract me,” Sally laughed.

“I’m not making any promises.”

“Well, don’t blame me if this goes wrong then.”

“Oh, all right, I’ll behave myself.”

“Good girl.”

Rolling up the free half of the front of Carissa’s torso so she could get a good grip on the part at the bottom of her ribs, Sally started tugging it towards herself, slowly tearing it loose from the ribs beneath. It was a slow process, but one at a time each pair of ribs was laid bare.

“Carissa? Are you still breathing?”

“Yup, everything’s fine. Remind me to compliment Ted on his work.”

Sally kept tugging, revealing the entire ribcage and then the collar bones before tearing off the front of Carissa’s neck, showing her windpipe.

She held the pelt out in front of her. “Maybe we could make a nice towel out of this or something,” she suggested.

“I doubt it’d be a very good one,” Carissa laughed. “Skin isn’t exactly known for being very absorbent. Nah, just chop it up like the rest. I like the permanency of it.”

“You’re the boss,” Sally smiled and started carving vertical strips off of Carissa’s hide. Once she had sliced up the whole thing, she gathered up all of the strips, held them in her hand by one end and started making horizontal cuts, letting the slivers of skin fall on the bed like fleshy confetti.

Carissa moaned as she witnessed the destruction of her body, rubbing her hands all over herself, slipping between her exposed intestines and running her fingers across her lungs through the spaces between her ribs. She had known there would be no going back, but seeing it occurring in front of her eyes was what finally made it real; with previous lovers she had never fully committed, always keeping up part of her defences. Now they were literally being stripped away, and she was okay with that. She wanted to open herself up both physically and emotionally to her young co-worker, the enthusiastic girl who had taken her farther than she had ever conceived before. She extracted her hand from her guts and moved it down to her pussy, slipping two fingers between her already soaking wet folds. She wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life like this.


As the final flakes of skin drifted down onto the bed, Sally got up and said “So, let’s see about that rib cage, shall we?”

Carissa shook her head. “Not so fast. There’s still a small bit of wrapping paper left.” She spread her legs wide, revealing the few square inches of skin still surrounding her pussy and asshole.

“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?” Sally laughed. Grabbing one of the pillows, she sat down Indian-style at the foot of the bed.

“Could you lift your ass for me so I can put this under you?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ll do you one better,” Carissa said, raising her legs up and folding herself in two until she could hook them behind her shoulders, crossing her ankles behind her head.

“Woah, how have you never told you were this flexible before? Think of all the things we could have done!” Sally exclaimed.

“Oh, I think we’ll have plenty of time for that still,” Carissa smiled. “And yes, there’s a lot about me you still don’t know and I promise you we’re going to sit down and fix that very soon. But not now. For now, let’s just focus on having fun.”

“Works for me,” Sally said and she bent down towards Clarissa’s pussy. Tuning the pen to its shortest setting, she started using it almost like a razor blade, meticulously cutting away all the surrounding skin, the labia majora, and the skin around her asshole right up until the point where transitioned into the inside of her colon.

“Do you mind if I let you keep your pussy lips?” she asked, stretching out one of Carissa’s labia minora before letting it spring back into place. “They’re so fun to play with, and it doesn’t really look like normal skin anyway.”

“Oh, all right,” Carissa chuckled. I suppose it’s not really covering anything anyway.”

“Well, almost nothing,” Sally said as she positioned the tip of the pen against the top of Carissa’s clitoral hood. “But we’ll soon fix that.”

The red light turned on an as the younger girl moved the pen forward the skin around Clarissa’s clit split in two, before being removed altogether once Sally drew a ring around the base. She pulled the loose bit of flesh away, fully unveiling Carissa’s clitoris. You could even see the part where it split in two. After a little bit of extra cutting to round off the top edges of the pussy lips, she sat back and admired her work.

“Well, Miss Thornton, I do believe you have been completely flayed. You might even say you’ve been given the full Bolton.”

“Heh, now that you mention it. Though I’d rather have you do it than Ramsey any day of the week.”

“Well, it’s nice to know I rank above a lunatic psychopath.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge: I’m sure there are tons of people who would call you one for getting rid of all your organs.”

“Said the woman who’s currently almost nothing but organs.”

“Okay, so we’re all crazy,” Carissa shrugged. “As long as you’re my psychopath.”

Sally crawled up to Carissa’s face and gave her a long deep kiss. “Wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.”

“Good,” Carissa smiled. She grabbed her girlfriend by the shoulders and pushed her up a little. “Now, how about we get rid of this useless thing?” she said, knocking against her rib cage.

“More than happy to.” She put the pen against the woman’s left bottom rib, right at the edge of the remaining meat at her side. She lasered through each rib in turn, then switched to the other side and cut through those as well. Putting away the pen, she grabbed one rib on each side, lifted the series of bones out in one piece and let it clatter to the floor. Carissa looked up from her innards into Sally’s eyes and held out her hand. When the younger girl placed hers into it, Carissa guided it down, squeezing in between her lungs and guiding Sally’s hand until it clasped her heart. The girl could feel it beating in her hand.

“This whole ‘present’ thing wasn’t just an excuse to have you come over, you know. My heart is yours now. I hope you’ll treat it well; I’ve never given it to anyone else.”

Sally smiled, her eyes getting a little watery. She raised her hand, bringing the heart out from behind the lungs. Leaning down, she placed her lips on it and gave the heart a soft, slow kiss. She felt it flutter against her fingertips. “I’ll try my hardest to keep it safe. And I hope you know that mine is yours as well – even if it’s currently in a lab somewhere.”

She gently put the heart back in its place before wrapping her arms tightly around the prone woman. They lay in an embrace for several minutes.

“Okay, okay, enough with this mushy stuff,” Carissa said, a slight note of emotion still apparent in her voice. “It’s time for you to play with your present.” She moved her head so that her mouth was right next to Sally’s ear and whispered huskily “Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Sally said. She gave Carissa a quick peck on the lips, then one on her plastic chin. Slowly moving down the flayed woman’s body, she gave it a little kiss every few inches, pressing her lips to Carissa’s windpipe, lung, heart, stomach, intestines and finally her exposed clitoris. Rather than moving on, she sucked the little organ between her lips, gently exerting pressure with them and teasing the tip with her tongue. As Carissa started moaning loudly, the younger girl slid her hand between the woman’s entrails, gently squeezing whenever she wrapped her hand around something. Her right hand, meanwhile, made its way to Carissa’s pussy and slipped three fingers inside with barely any resistance. Sally started moving them in and out slowly, quickly ramping up to a faster pace. After letting her pinky join her other three fingers, Sally started rotating her hand a little on each stroke, gradually loosening up Carissa’s hole. After a minute or so, she formed her hand into a wedge shape and plunged all five fingers into the skinless woman’s depths, her fingertips bumping into the cervix. Carissa’s moans raised in pitch at that, her cries coinciding with the rhythm of Sally’s hand slamming into her back wall as she slowly picked up the pace again.

Noticing the slight shift in her girlfriend’s intestines every time she hit home, Sally grabbed some of them and started pulling them out of the way over the side until she had a clear view.

“Hey, look at this: you can totally see my hand inside of your vagina,” she said.

Carissa lifted herself up onto her elbows and looked down. There was an unmistakable bulge in the tube between her pussy and her uterus, which grew even bigger when Sally extended her fingers, turning the pink cylinder into a cone. She flexed her fingers a few times, causing the tube to expand and contract as she did so.

“Hm, stretchy,” she said, “but I think we can do better.”

Sally placed her outstretched left hand against her right arm and slid it into Carissa’s pussy alongside the other one, well past the wrist. Once it was all the way inside, she started pulling her wrists apart, slowly gaping open Carissa’s labia further and further until there was a 4-inch gap between them. At the same time, she spread all ten of her finger wide, stretching the bottom of Carissa’s vagina over 10 inches in diameter. With the older woman’s sex sprawled open like this it was easy to see inside. Even Carissa’s cervix was dilated almost 5 inches, giving Sally an unrestricted view all the way to the back of her womb.

“Hey look,” said Sally, “I can see your fallopian tubes.”

“Mmm,” Carissa moaned. “More. Stretch me wider.”

“With pleasure,” Sally smiled, and worked her fingers one by one into the ring of Carissa’s cervix, keeping it stretched as the vagina contracted back into a wide cylinder. With the woman’s birth canal already stretched well past the point of offering any resistance, all Sally had to do to plunge her hands into Carissa’s womb was to lean forward a little. Her fingers traced the walls of the prone woman’s uterus, visible as small moving bulges from the outside. It didn’t take her long to locate the entrances to Carissa’s fallopian tubes, and she slipped the tips of her middle fingers inside. Moving her hands deeper until her index and ring fingers touched at the very back of the womb, she buried her middle fingers deeper and deeper, causing the tiny tubes to expand to over half an inch in thickness, until her fingertips emerged from between the fimbriae.

“Look,” Sally said to the other woman as she wiggled them around. “I’m touching your ovaries.”

Carissa reached down, touching her own fingertips to Sally’s. “Well, don’t stop now,” she said with a coy smile.

Sally raised an eyebrow before drawing back her index fingers and started worming them in alongside the other two. With increasing effort, her ring and pinky finger joined in as well. With an impish smile, Sally tucked her thumbs between the other fingers and shoved forward with all her might. Carissa’s sex clung to the hands for several seconds, stretching almost half a foot before they burst free from the open ends and clasped around Carissa’s hands.

“How does it feel to have your fallopian tubes fisted?”

“Wonderful. But now my cunt is awfully empty…”

“And what, pray tell, do you propose I do about that? As you can see, my hands are a little busy.”

“Oh, you’re a clever girl. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

Sally cast her eyes around the bedroom, but didn’t see anything that would come in handy. Looking down at her own body, she suddenly had an idea. “So, you want to be stretched, huh? Move down to the edge of the bed for me and I’ll see what I can do.”

The two pushed themselves to the foot of the bed, which was a little awkward with Sally still embedded elbow-deep in Carissa’s womanhood. In the end, she managed to lower her legs to the ground and got to her feet as the older woman inched across the sheets until her ass was right at edge of the mattress.

Sally lifted her right leg, bending it until her heel rested against her ass, and positioned the knee between her arms at the entrance to Carissa’s vagina.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Oh, fuck yes.”

The younger girl leaned forward, her leg sinking several inches inside. She pulled back and thrust her hips again.

“Oh, fuck!”

And again.


And again, faster this time.


Sally could feel Carissa’s cervix brush against her knee on each of her strokes now.

“Fuck me!”

As she pulled out, Sally withdrew her arms as well. The tightly-stretched fallopian tubes held on the her wrists, though, and she pulled Carissa’s birth canal out between her legs before her next thrust plunged it right back in again.

Carissa had lost all self-control at this point, and her flayed hands were squeezing organs at random as her legs quivered uncontrollably.

“Fuck, I’m almost there!”

The prone woman’s sopping wet vagina and womb were being pushed and pulled in and out of the opening between her legs like a rubber glove as Sally sped up the tempo even further.

“Fuck… fuck… fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!”

Sensing that Carissa was close to her orgasm, Sally quickly pulled out her leg and arms completely, bent over and rammed her empty head into the gaping opening, spreading the opening even wider than it already was. Carissa’s pussy lips stretched over her eyes, her nose and finally her chin before they limply closed over her neck.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk!” Carissa cried out as she came.

Sally could feel the muscles of the woman’s vagina and cervix spasming against her neck. There was a particularly strong contraction when she gave the inside of the uterus a lick.

Feeling the oxygen running out, she put her hands against Carissa’s legs and pulled her head back out. She looked at the woman who lay there panting, her lungs expanding and contracting in deep breaths.

“Did you like that?” Sally asked.

Carissa chuckled. “Fuuuuck.”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Ready for round two?”

“Oh, I’m not sure my pussy could take much more right now.”

“Not to worry; I wasn’t thinking about your pussy.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, you did ask me to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I think I’ve got an idea how. I’m going to need you to remove your head, though.”

Carissa reached behind her ear, pressing the small button that was there. With a small click, the front half of her transparent skull separated along the seam that ran all the way around the head, just in front of the ears, and sprang up a fraction of an inch. With a bit of gentle pressure, she pushed her eyeballs out of their sockets and back into her cranial cavity before carefully lifting off the transparent shell. Sliding her fingers along the top of her cerebrum, she cupped her hand behind her brain and lifted it up and out of the back half of the plastic container, which she pulled out of the way with her other hand.

At this point Sally jumped in, cradling her hands beneath Carissa’s. The older woman pulled her hand away, handing control of her brain over to Sally, who carefully guided it to the side, arranging the eyeballs so they faced Carissa’s neck hole. She sat down next to it, her legs drawn up against her chest – or, rather, her lack of one – and stuck her thumbs into Carissa’s windpipe. She pulled them apart, causing the woman’s throat to gape open in an oblong shape. Scooching her left foot forward, she inserted the first two toes between her thumbs. With a bit of effort, she stretched Carissa’s neck even wider and managed to worm in all of her toes.

Pulling out her thumbs, she hooked her hands under Carissa’s armpits, using them as leverage to keep the woman’s body in place while she pushed her foot forward, which sank in fairly easily. There was more resistance when she got to her heel, but through some persistent application of pressure she finally managed to squeeze it in.

Sally watched the bulge in Carissa’s windpipe travel steadily downward as her calf disappeared into her girlfriend. Reaching the bottom of the oesophagus, she felt her foot enter Carissa’s stomach. She wiggled her foot around, trying to find the exit until her big toe caught in the hole at the bottom. With no fingers to help her, it was a good deal more difficult to get the rest of her toes in as well. After struggling for a good minute or so, Sally started to notice a slight burning sensation on her skin. Having no desire to have her foot dissolved, Sally thrust her leg forward, jamming it in up to the knee, which provided sufficient force for her foot to pop through the hole and into Carissa’s intestines.

With the hard part over, Sally just had to keep pulling her girlfriend’s body up her leg, almost like a pair of pants. Carissa’s neck was stretched unnaturally around her thighs as she moved her foot this way and that, trying to straighten out the woman’s bowels. When the top of Carissa’s neck was just inches from her pussy, Sally’s foot was still nowhere near the end. The girl leaned forward, wrapped her hands around the guts stretched around her ankle and started trying to pull them upwards. It was a bit like trying to get her leg into a particularly slippery stocking. Progress was slow, but Sally was determined, and inch by inch her foot travelled further down Carissa’s digestive system. It took the better part of five minutes, but Sally’s hard work paid off. With a final push, her toes emerged from Carissa’s asshole into the open air, soon followed by the rest of her foot. Carissa’s labia clung tightly to her ankle. Sally was amazed by how her leg went all the way through the prone woman’s body. Satisfied, she lay down, grabbed the brain of the woman that was impaled on her leg and started rubbing against her folds.

“Bet you haven’t been fucked like that before,” she said, even though she knew the other woman couldn’t hear her. She was getting aroused, and once her clitoris swelled and her clitoral hood retracted, she wasted no time in smooshing the brain against the little nub. Thanks to Carissa’s earlier striptease show and the act of flaying her, Sally was already dripping wet; she could feel the puddle soaking into the bed sheets between her legs. Grabbing the two bouncing orbs attached to Carissa’s grey matter, she angled them towards her face so that she could look the woman straight in the eyes as she rode her brain.

Without the rest of her face, it was impossible to judge Carissa’s expression, but Sally imagined an amused smile. Keeping her eyes firmly locked on the ones across from her, Sally moved the brain up and down faster and faster, small whimpers escaping unnoticed from her throat. Her hand reached a furious pace until with a loud cry she pulled the brain away from her womanhood, juices gushing out from her pussy and showering Carissa’s brain in cum. It took her a while to compose herself and for the adrenaline rush to calm down a little.

Once it did, she was aware of a rhythmic squeezing feeling around her ankle, which was now covered in liquid. It appeared Sally hadn’t been the only one to enjoy that little display. Leaning down, she pressed a kiss to each of Carissa’s eyeballs before giving her brain a long and sensual lick, tasting her own juices on her tongue.

“Right, let’s get you up and running again, huh?”

A quarter of an hour later, Carissa was sitting up on the bed. Her brain was back in its protective casing, and her torso wrapped in saran wrap to keep her innards from spilling out.

“You know what I just noticed?” asked Sally. “My lower leg is completely hairless now. Would you mind opening back up? I could save a lot of time on shaving this way.”

Carissa laughed. “Why don’t we save that for another time? I think right now I could do with a nap.”

“But it’s only eleven o’ cloooo–” a big yawn cut off the end of her sentence. She smiled sheepishly. “Okay, maybe I am a little tired after all that.”

Carissa slipped under the covers and held them open, patting on the bed next to her. Sally joined her.

“Ew. Give me the side with all the wet spots, eh?”

“It’s your own fault,” said Carissa, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “But I’m sure you’ll survive.”

The two soon drifted together, arms locked in a tight embrace.


Loved it. Definitely worth the wait. If this isn't the end, I feel like you're on the path to combining them both into one person. Sally being the skin, and Carissa the organs and body.


Wow. Just... wow. I'm speechless.



Glad you liked it. I've got one more chapter planned after this one. And as you already deduced, while I haven't worked out the exact details yet, I couldn't very well end the story without the two of them being merged into a single person at some point.


In a good way, I hope? :)


Thank for this new chapter. But know I'm asking myself so much questions about Carissa. If they are exposed to sun will her organs get tanned? She might at least have to put sun cream of them as they can get sunburn. Plus internal organs are sensitive to cold. Sally could (if she know how to) knit her little wool clothing for each of her organs to keep them warm and comfy. I'm also really sad to have her loosing almost any form of tactile sensation. I was already quite disturbed to have her loosing facial expression. Maybe it's part of you fetish, but she ended deprived of the two most intuitive, primal and intimate way of exchanging with the one she love. It would be cool if she could have a treatment that give full tactile sensation to every part of her body, so she could fully enjoy it when Sally cuddle her guts or lick her brain.

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