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I think it would be a good idea to post all my stories in one thread, so it doesn't clutter /lit/ and also it is easier for people to read them. Perhaps some people enjoy them xD

Melissa Want To Move Up In The World (M/f, sex, snuff, some gore)


There's a brief pause.

*knock* *knock*

"Come in, please!" a man smoking a cigar and browsing through some expenditure reports says in a bored tone.

A pretty and young woman comes in. She's wearing the Snuff Club's uniform designed for the so called Satisfaction Bunny–high heels, a pair of reddish stockings that stop just under her lower thighs. No panties. Her role as a sex doll at the club is to provide the guests with as much pleasure as possible during the snuff show that goes on the stage, so her beautiful and succulent pussy has to be on display. She also has a reddish bra, but the fabric is very thin and molds beautifully around her tear-shaped natural breasts, which are probably D cups. There’s little else that could be considered clothing on her. There’s also a small heart tattoo on one of her butt cheeks. It usually grabs the attention of some customers.

“Hello” she says a bit shy at first;

“Well…Hello. I’m pretty busy now, so state the purpose for this visit.” Replies the club manager.

“My name is Melissa. I’ve worked here for a few months now. The pay is really nice and I’m grateful for that… but I want to move up! I want to serve the club’s more select clientele. All my collegues say I’m doing pretty good and I should move up. There’s been no –“

“Fine. No need to over explain yourself Melissa.” The manager cuts in, seizing her up. She’s a fiery latina with chestnut velvety hair that floats like a curtain around the back of her head, accompanying her hazelnut eyes. She’s clearly aroused judging by her protruding nipples and prominent outer labias.

“Come now…I won’t deny you the change to try and move up the ranks. You seem like an ambitious young woman. I’ll give you a test. You have 10 minutes to make me cum…starting: NOW!” the manager says, as he rises from his chair.

Melissa is clearly surprised, but she obliges right away. She begins her routine by locking eye contact with Carl, the manager. She bites her lips in the most provocative manner that she can, then runs her hands from her mouth to her breasts, which she squeezes while twirling and arching her back. Her body flows like a sine wave, her hands playing with her body and highlighting her various parts as she gradually approaches Carl who is leaning on his desk. Not even two minutes have passed and he is clearly aroused by the latina’s lustful gaze and moves. He undoes his belt. Melissa is now almost rubbing her luscious, full booty against him. She shows incredible dexterity by pulling down his pants with her back towards him. While she’s crouched she looks up behind her, fixing his gaze again with hers as she grabs his hands. She works herself up again, leaning on Carl and rubbing her ass against his crotch, while doing so placing his hands on her delicious and soft, ripe breasts. Carl plays with her tits for a few seconds, squeezing them roughly and then tearing her bra off and throwing it away. Melissa takes this opportunity to turn towards him. She begins kissing him ardently as she feels him being overcome by lust. From her perspective, it seems she’s doing a great job at arousing and seducing him so she proceeds to pulling out his cock and rubbing it to her labias, the gates of her sex temple. After about 6 minutes of prelude he’s fucking her brains out. He enjoys her young body and beautiful face. She’s truly beautiful. Carl has mounted Melissa on his desk and is pounding her pussy quite violently, but it doesn’t seem like he’s about to cum anytime soon. There’s a minute left and Melissa feels her time running out so she tries to get him interested in playing with her other body parts while fucking her so she fondles her breasts frantically, stares at them and then at him and rubs her thighs and belly. Carl suddenly yanks his shaft out of her cunt, gives himself a few more tugs and spurts his load all over young Melissa’s nubile body. He came after about 11 minutes. Melissa looks worried and doesn’t utter a word.

“You did good. Get yourself cleaned. Ivan handles most private and upper echelon business here, so you’ll also have to go through a meeting with him.” Says Carl in a reassuring tone.

He dresses himself back up while Melissa grabs a few tissues and wipes herself then he pushes a button. A few moments pass and a door on the side of the office opens up. A bulky, probably more than 6 feet tall man is standing there, like a giant statue of muscle.

“I am Ivan. Come with me…” he speaks towards the eagerly waiting Melissa, in a low pitch, grave tone. Melissa takes one last look at Carl then follows Ivan.

“Have fun you two…” Carl says to Melissa, slapping her ass as a sign of good bye and making a nodding gesture and a blink towards Ivan. Unbeknownst to Melissa, this is the signal that she’s to be snuffed on tape and made an example of in the process to other would be employees that seek to waste his time. The Club’s policies are harsh on employees that can’t meet deadlines.

Melissa follows Ivan through a few dark corridors and then they enter a cubic room, not very large. The walls on the right and left side appear to be mirrors. They’re one way mirrors...made of reinforced, bullet proof glass, so that whatever happens inside, stays inside. In the room, there’s a locker on the far other side, and there’s also a bed in the middle of the room, that looks more like a hospital bed. There’s a black sheet of fabric placed over it that conceals some constraints. The room is also fitted with UHD filming cameras in all four upper corners and there are a few mobile ones behind the one-way mirrors. There’s a certain feeling of panic that Melissa feels, but she tries to calm herself down by thinking this is just the next step towards her promotion. ’Yes, that’s right, I’m moving up the chain.. there’s no need to feel afraid.’ She thinks to herself. Ivan grins at her.

“Take a seat on the bed. It doesn’t bite I promise.” He says, pointing towards the rather scary implement in the middle of the room.

Ivan then goes and opens one of the shelves from the locker and gets out a big bottle of body oil. The locker also has a few of Ivan’s favorite snuff toys: a bat, a pair of steel claws that can be attached to each finger, an assault rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, an iron tipped flail, a set of knives and many other useful tools… plenty to choose from. He looks over them a bit but doesn’t take out anything yet – he wants to enjoy Melissa a bit. As he turns around, he sees her laying on the bed, supporting her head with one hand and masturbating with the other. He approaches her with the bottle of oil, pours some on his hands and puts his hands around her collarbones. He starts massaging and rubbing the oil over her tanned body.

“Look at you... so delicate, so voluptuous, so…vulnerable and… beautiful. No wonder Carl forwarded you to me. You’re going to fit right in with our high end customer’s demands.” He says as he gently takes her head in his hands and gives her a passionate kiss in order to relax her.

“Thank you…Ivan” she replies shyly. It’s hard for her not to be a bit afraid of the giant mountain of muscle that is Ivan.

He moves his hands all over her precious and tender body, oiling her face, neck, shoulders and arms. He takes the bottle and pours a lot of oil right on Melissa’s seductive and toned belly. He spreads it evenly across her abdomen then moves over to her chest, fully encompassing her luscious breasts with his hands. He rubs them for a good few seconds as he notices the enjoyment she gets from him rubbing her nipples. Ivan leans in a bit and gives the crowns of her mounds a few licks and a gentle tug with his teeth.

“I’ve seen plenty of women in my life, but none had nipples as perfect as yours…” he compliments her.

“Oh, really? What do you say about this, then…” replies Melissa, spreading her legs and provocatively thrusting her pelvis upwards, towards him.

Ivan doesn’t say anything, instead grabs some more oil and places his hands on her thighs and works his way around her now wet and cock-hungry pussy. He teases her sex a bit, rubbing gently on her clit then moves up, massaging her uterus with the palm of his hands, feeling her protruding hip bones and rubbing his thumbs on her pussy every now and then. He thinks of all the ways he could destroy Melissa’s cunt. Her frail body could be subjected to so much pain. The thought of running a knife through her womanhood, rending her uterus and piercing her ovaries turns him on so much. She’s clearly an apex natural specimen, ripe for breeding, but Ivan doesn’t want to take into account nature’s intentions. He’s dead set against the mindless will to reproduce. He thinks how he could cut her clit and make her eat it, how he could fuck her with a shotgun’s barrel, blowing her innards all over when she cums, how he could beat her with a bat, gut her alive, snap her neck, strangle her, bash her head against the walls, flay her alive, tear her breasts and stab her heart, make her suck the barrel of a desert eagle until it’s load ends her… there’s so many brutal ways beautiful Melissa’s life could end. The feeling of power over her life is intoxicating. He just has to choose. For a moment he stops fantasizing about killing her and thinks of sparing her…after all, she’s wronged him nothing and he could bestow upon her the position she wants… He moves his gaze too meet hers. Melissa’s eyes are filled with lust. She is in serious heat. She sees the bulge in Ivan’s pants and unties his trousers belt, takes them down a bit and reveals his monster sized cock.

“Eager to begin, aren’t we now…Just let me turn on the cameras.” says Ivan throwing his pants and underwear away and approaching the cabinet again.

The cameras had been rolling all along, but he pretends to push a button inside the cabinet, while he attaches the steel claws to his fingernails. They’re hardly noticeable, but they should allow him to tear her flesh freely. He also quickly puts a knife and a gun inside the pockets of his inner jacket. He plans to surprise her. Ivan turns around and quickly walks towards her, takes her hand and motions her to stand up.

“Now, Melissa, introduce yourself and show us your moves.” He tells her, while taking a seat himself on the bed. She springs playfully around the room a bit and opens:

“My name is Melissa, I’ve been a Satisfaction Bunny for the club for just over four months now. Words aren’t really my keen point, so I’ll show you what I’m best at” she says as she begins to walk provocatively from a corner of the room towards Ivan. She strides with finesse, each step made from the hip, so that her ass looks good from behind and her tits jolt a bit while she plays with her hair. Her hypnotizing gaze is set upon Ivan. She’s now in front of him, her oiled body having the feint smell of spring cherries. She leans over, allowing her tits to swing provocatively in front of Ivan while her hands massage his shaft. He grabs her head and kisses her passionately for a few seconds then grabs her firm ass and turns her around with her back to him. He then slams her down on his cock, penetrating her cunt painfully and fast.

“Aaaah” she moans in pain as Ivan begins to slowly fuck her petite and succulent cunt from behind. He’s careful not to scratch her with his claws right away as he plays with her soft tits. They feel so nice when he squeezes and tugs at them, but her moist vagina feels even better. He slowly escalates this, now rubbing her belly with his left hand and holding her by the neck with his other hand, while he kisses her shoulders and fucks her ever so faster. The initial pain has faded and now Melissa is in pure ecstasy. Her escalating cries of pleasure and moaning signal Ivan that she’s about to cum so he gets ready, putting his clawed hand over her delicate right breast and squeezing it roughly, while his other hand still holds Melissa by the neck, but not too tight. Melissa begins her orgasm. She’s literally trembling from the pleasure while she’s atop Ivan’s cock that’s still relentlessly pounding her sweet cunt. Ivan finally climaxes himself and unloads all that he can inside her, filling her vaginal canal to the brim.

“You’ve been good kid. Damn good.” Ivan says to her after he comes to a rest. Melissa is still orgasming and moaning like a cow. Her girlish voice now seems a bit annoying.

“AAAAAARGHHH. What are you doing??? STOOP” Melissa suddenly screams as Ivan plunges his steel claws at the base of her nubile flesh jewel. He revels in her scream and pain and digs his fingers deeper, ripping her skin and deforming her breast. He squeezes it a last time then, with a quick yank, tears off her beautiful mammary gland. He holds it in front of her while she’s still restrained.

“Whhyyy? I thought….I –“ Ivan stuffs her mouth with her tit before she could finish her protest. He suffocates her for a few seconds with her own bloody teat then throws it away towards one of the cameras.

“Well, it’s quite simple…there aren’t really any upper positions that don’t have the risk of you being snuffed. I’m doing you a favor by ending your career in full glory and on tape.” replies Ivan nonchalantly as he caresses her face with the claws, leaving little trails of blood behind. It soon starts mixing with her tears as she starts sobbing uncontrollably. He strengthens his grip on her throat, almost crushing her larynx, and plants his claws on Melissa’s vulnerable lower abdomen. He feels her tummy for a while, preparing to strike, then viciously slashes horizontally across her lower abdomen. Melissa tries to scream, but nothing but muffled noises of an incredible struggle and pain come out. She’s still flailing around, panicked and desperate. Her beautiful face now dirty from her eyeliner tears mixed with the blood from her superficial new scars. Ivan doesn’t dwell too much in her anguish and moves on to the next part. He feels the tender skin around young Melissa’s yet undamaged cunt and he prepares to strike. Within a second he pinches and rips out the poor girl’s central receiver of pleasure – her clitoris. Unfortunately for her, having so many nerve endings there not only allows for great pleasure, but also unimaginable pain. Her bleeding body arcs in pain and stress, but doesn’t get much respite from the pain, as soon Ivan is at it again. He slides his claws inside her sex canal and abruptly tears upward, ruining her cunt and uniting with the other horizontal cut, to form a slashed T where her inviting temple of pleasure once was. At the rate she’s bleeding from her chest and cunt… Ivan reckons she’s in no immediate danger of bleeding out. He releases her choke hold and allows her some respite so the shock and lack of oxygen doesn’t knock her unconscious. He then flips her around again so that he might asses her.

“Well, you still have your other breast intact…Something must be done about that.” He says, grabbing her left tit with his un-clawed hand.
He tugs at it and begins licking it. A tiny amount of satisfaction seems to seep on her face as his tongue fiddles with her erect nipple. But that is short lived as he suddenly clamps down his teeth, guillotining her precious milk dispenser. Ivan chews it while Melissa looks at him with disgust. She suddenly gets a second wind and overcomes her cowardice, striking Ivan’s face with all the strength her little body has left. His head is turned by the blow, yet he doesn’t feel much pain. He spits her nipple in her face then grabs her by the neck again with his safe hand, lifting her into the air. He’s done playing. Ivan’s strong enough to hold her nubile little body with only his left hand and he rushes with her towards one of the mirror walls, slamming her and crushing her throat. She quickly begins suffocating and gurgling so Ivan knows he must finish her fast. He punches through her abdomen with the claws and pulls out a handful of her viscera and intestines and throws them away. He gets an idea… He turns Melissa facing the one way mirror, pitting her face on the glass. She’s on her knees, her head locked in a vice grip between Ivan’s hands.

“Say your prayers, cunt.” Are Ivan’s last words to Melissa.
She tries to say something, but only manages to produce a few gurgling sounds of desperation. In her mind, she’s still denying what’s happening, still thinking she’ll get her promotion and live a lofty life. She’s clinging on to any stray thought that could bring her hope as she watches herself in the mirror and the cameras record her last few seconds…the expression of a beautiful woman that’s soon to be no more.

Ivan suddenly bashes her head from behind with his knee, making the reinforced glass crack a little from the force of the impact, but it’s clear that it fared far better than Melissa. Her face is now riddled with cuts and cracks that bleed out, rendering her once pristine and perhaps even innocent looking face into a bloody rag-like looking mask. He bashes her again, disfiguring her further. She’s now probably unconscious or dead…her dreams will never become true. Her body will probably be cleaned up like a pile of trash and be sent to processing to be recycled as pet food. Ivan bashes again, her skull cracking with a loud noise, vaguely distinguishable from the cracking of the glass. He bashes her head two more times, completely opening her cranium and splattering her brains over the glass and unto his hands. There’s parts of Melissa all over the room now. Bits of bone…brain…blood and a lonely ruined breast over in a corner.

“Boy, oh boy. I’ve sure made a mess of her. I’ll definitely get myself a copy of her execution to watch on rainy days.” He says as he unclenches his hands from around the remains of Melissa’s once attractive pretty little head. Her body slumps to the ground and blood begins slowly pooling around her carcass. Ivan puts back his clothes and walks out of the execution room.

Outside he’s greeted by two other very attractive girls that seem to be making out while they’re waiting to go inside. They’re Snuff Bunnies – girls that want to be snuffed for the club and become famous post-mortem.

“Oh. Sasha and Laura… I almost forgot about you two being scheduled for execution today. I’m sorry to tell you, but there will be some delay while the room is being cleaned after an unplanned execution. Why don’t you join me in my office while the cleaning staff does its job. Have a few drinks on me.” Says Ivan towards one of the girls while he slaps her ass. His day as head snuff meister has just begun it seems.


The emperors acquires new ordinance

Part 1 - The Weapon Testing (shooting)

8 A.M. on a Thursday morning. I was sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, relaxing in my armchair on the porch of my beautiful estate, after having enjoyed my breakfast. Suddenly my majordomo calls for me
"Sir, our guests from CryoTek Armaments have arrived."
"Wonderful, go and announce the target bunnies too. This will be a bloody good day." I say with a wide smile on my lips.

Garrus, my long time friend and esteemed Majordomo welcomes the envoy from CryoTek into my domain and then goes to fulfill my other request. I welcome the envoy myself and shake the representative's hands warmly.
"So what made you travel all this way to my estate, esteemed gentlemen?" I say jokingly.
"Same ol', same ol' - business never takes a break sire. You seem to be in quite a jolly mood, so let's get right down to it. Our company has developed a new anti-tank gauss riffle. It uses 20mm slugs and has enough stopping power to pierce through an entire building or any armored vehicle."
"Oh my, that seems like an overkill, but I will spare no expense to ensure our victory on the battlefields. The rebel countries have indeed acquired some state of the art tanks, so these will come in handy." I say looking at the huge case the other two men from behind are carrying.
"I will test your weapon's accuracy as I am sure the stopping power is more than enough. If satisfactory I will issue an order and have two of my units equipped with your weapons. On to the firing range then, it's just behind the mansion."

As we arrive, so does Garrus, driving a bus full of target bunnies. They are all stunning women from across the empire, willing to die in service of the great motherland.
"They're all our finest lingerie models and porn actresses" replies Garrus as the herd of women align in front us. "I'm sure they will prove to be adequate targets for your tests."
They're dressed in provocative pink, red or orange stockings, with or without panties. Some of them wear only a bra, others use corsets to bulge up their already overflowing breasts. I can only blush in their presence and salute all of them. They're all shouting "Pick me, pick me sire, I wish to serve!" "I want to help the motherland!" "My body is yours!"

I feast my eyes upon their voluptuous bodies as I inspect each of them.
"Silence". I shout and they simmer down to silence. "I will pick 3 of you to test the new weaponry CryoTek has provided and the rest will be invited to stay for the night, in the eventuality of a party for the contract - tending to the guests needs. Let's begin."

The first target bunny, from the dozen or so, that catches my eye is a stunning middle-length haired brunette, with a devilish stare of lust. She's about 19 years old from what I can tell, sporting a pair of probably natural c cup breasts. She's wearing red high heels, stockings, no panties and a pink latex blouse that molds around her breasts. "You there, present yourself and come by me" I say. "My name is Emily. It is a great honor....sire" she says with a warm inviting voice as she comes by me.

The second girl that I select, whose name is Roxanne, is a blonde bimbo,with long overflowing hair. She has an hourglass figure, totally fake E-cup udders and is wearing a slightly transparent plastic nurse "outfit". By outfit meaning a bra and a pair of panties so tight I can even see her clit sticking out. I can't really tell her age from all the make-up but that will be irrelevant in today's tests.

The third target bunny has her hair painted in a mild green, holding it in a pony tail, with short-shaved hair on the left side. She has fair dark skin and a jewel piercing in her navel. She wears almost no clothing except for only a few black duct tape pieces over her nipples and a thin line across her waist and legs, forming a panty shape, but leaving her genitals exposed. Denise is her name and boy what joy it brings me to watch her stride, bouncing her double d's up and down with pride. She looks like a seasoned porn star, but I don't know her.

The rest of the girls go inside with Garrus, while the people from CryoTek unpack their almost cannon-level weapon.
"That weapon sure is a piece of art I say as they begin mounting it. I assume you ladies know the risks you're taking, so I won't detail out the horrible way you might die."
"Oh, sir. Stop teasing us. This is our choice, to satisfy your grace as your willing bunnies with whatever you would like." says Roxanne with an almost moaning voice. The blonde bimbo oozes horniness.
"Then hop on into that land rover and let's get you all mounted and prepped for the weapon tests. " I say, slapping Roxanne's ass.
On our way, the girls seemed to forget where they're going, until Emily asks "Your majesty, how big are the bullets you'll be firing at us?" A bit surprised by her question I reply "A bit bigger than the average cucumber. You won't feel a thing. I can give you some drugs to feel even better when you're sent over to the other side."
"Oh, that won't be necessary, I want to feel all of it" said Denise, licking her lips.
"I'll pass" replied Roxanne.
"Sign me up" was Emily's response.
I gave her the drugs and walked with them in front of a big concrete wall. I spaced them about 10 meters apart between each other then went to my car and grabbed 3 jars.

"Listen up my darlings, these teflon jars contain fluoroantimonic acid. It's pH is -31,1 so it's a few billion times more potent than most acids,but I won't bore you with the details. You'll each be bond by a device that forces you to sit in a bridge position (leaned on the back, with feet and hands touching ground). The device will help you maintain your weight, so you needn't worry about your arms failing. It traps your arms, legs and torso with metal bars. The device has a release lock in the middle, that when shot will set you free. One of you will hopefully be set free and enjoy a night with me. Now about the jar. You will hold it between your breasts with utmost care as I test the weapon's accuracy and try to hit it and spill it's contents over your chest, ending your life. Any questions?"
"When do we begin?" yells Roxanne.
"Ah, an eager one. That's the spirit" I grab her hand and move her to the left position and secure her in place. "Nice and comfy?" I ask nonchalantly. "Yes, but the wait is killing me sir." "Oh, I doubt you'll die of old age" I say in a chuckle as I place the jar between her luscious meat orbs, though they're mostly silicone. That doesn't stop me from getting a good squeeze of both her udders and giving her a goodbye kiss.
Next, in the middle position I put Denise. She comes to me, flopping her tits around and licking one of her fingers provocatively then giving her vagina a good rub. I get her bonded, secure the jar between her breasts and pause a bit to admire her fleshy lady bits. Her outer labias are quite pronounced and her cunt looks inviting. Whether it'll be a bullet or my cock that penetrates it remains to be seen.
On the last position is Emily, with her adorable stockings and high heels. She's drugged and makes no gesture whatsoever, but willingly gets into the device. As I secure the locks I catch a glimpse of her pink sex and her portruding hip bones. What a sight I think to myself. She glances at me and smiles as I place the jar between her mammary glands, fondling them in the process. I notice, and give her a long parting kiss with her head in my hands before I leave.Her breasts aren't as big as Denise's or humongous like Roxanne's, but I hope they'll hold the jar in place. The target bunnies are aligned to face the wall and have their cunts pointed towards my firing position.

"The empire thanks you for your service" I say as I get into the car and depart. I arrive at the firing position and find my weapon carefully mounted. The targets are situated around 1 km away from our position, on a hill.
"Gentlemen, the test is simple, yet very clever. I have to shoot a recipient holding the world strongest acid in such a manner that it sprays all over the girl's chest and kills her. If I shoot the top of the jar, it will probably be blown away over her head and only a few droplets will ever touch their skin, disfiguring her rather than killing her - and that would be a waste. If I accidentally shoot one of their breasts the jar would be dislodged and fall off, again having an unsatisfactory result. To succeed I must shoot at the base of the jar so that all the acid splatters on her chest making short work of her internal organs. Alternatively I could try shooting the release mechanism that's right bellow their cunts, releasing them, but I'll see if I feel like it."
"Sir, that's an amazing test, but isn't it a bit too cruel?" asked the CryTek representative
"I know it's amazing, I devised it myself. About the girls, it is their wish to serve the empire in any way they can and their families will be amply rewarded in the case of death. You needn't worry about them."

"Let's get to it then." I say as I grab the riffle and put in a huge magazine, the size of a box of bread. It holds 8 20mm bullets, so it should be more than enough for today's test.
First in line is Roxanne. The scope of the riffle is top notch indeed, as I can observe every twitch in her body, making her E-cup breasts jiggle with the jar. If only she had the brains to realize how potent the acid she's holding between her breasts is. I thought It'd be wonderful to show her first hand so I aimed very carefully at the base of the jar. I savored the sight a bit more then slowly pulled the trigger while holding my breath. The bullet exited the muzzle with a deafening sound and I didn't get the chance to blink that I already saw through my scope the jar being blown clean, probably hit where I intended. As soon as the acid made contact with the skin, we heard a distant cry of unimaginable pain. The acid absolutely devoured her fake bosoms, breaking the bonds of every layer of her being. Skin, fat tissue, silicone, it was all reduced to goo. In less than 5 seconds the acid reached her heart and put it out of order. It was almost sad to watch her glorious chest melt away, but there are probably a million more like hers, so I didn't regret much. Her screeching screams lasted for about 12 seconds, but for her it must have been an eternity of anguish. Finally she went quiet and passed out. She probably died from lack of oxygen to her brain, but that's a nice way to go as all the pleasure hormones get released while dying of her a last all-time high.
"A great shot sir" commented Garrus.
"I think I'm starting to like this riffle already" I reply.

Next in line was Denise and her lovely hair. She was probably a bit scared by Roxanne's dying screams so she began twitching nervously. Thankfully the jar didn't fall from atop her chest. I lined up my shot and begin squeezing the trigger. Just as I was ready to shoot, the sun went out from a cloud and blinded me for a second. It was too late. I had already pulled the trigger. The bullet flew at an astounding speed, so I barely got time to realize what happened. I then noticed a blood cloud form for a few seconds above Denise. The bullet went a bit left and had completely vaporized her delicious right breast. The jar then tumbled over and fell. It didn't break and I felt damn happy it didn't because they cost quite a fortune, unlike the dispensable target bunnies. I then switch my gaze back to Denise and her flayed chest. She has to be put out of her misery, so I take her cunt in my sight. She's squirming in pain, but her head is aligned with her vagina so a quick shot there should end her misery quickly. I lick my lips in anticipation as I squeeze the trigger. The bullet exits the barrel with a short muzzle flash and a huge noise. Before I realize it, the bullet had already spread her pussy leaps wide, making it's way through her flesh and leaving a burning trail along the way. Though it happened in a blink, I can imagine how it perforated her cervix, then left her body through her lombar region, only to then pierce through the back of her skull and splatter her brains on the wall. What a beautiful sight. Denise died quickly, though I highly doubt that's the kind of vaginal penetration she wanted.
"The riffle shoots true, only human error can mess up the bullet's trajectory" I say with a smile.

The last target bunny is Emily, which upon inspection I find had managed to let the jar slip from between her tits. I am a bit disappointed and settle on shooting her locking mechanism instead. She's still a bit dizzy from the drugs but she knows what this means, so she unshackles herself and begins walking to us. I get up from the firing position and shake the representative's hand.
"We'll sign a contract for three dozen riffles so we can arm three units. Your riffles are worth their price"
"Very well then, it has been a pleasure doing business with you, your majesty."
"Ah, pish-posh, you can call me Nisroth. Come on inside the house, and don't be shy, help yourself and your men with some of my fine selection of women. You can do with them what you like, even kill them. It's all on the house."
"Shall I prepare Emily for you tonight, Nis?" asked Garrus.
"Ooooh yes Garrus, I need some meat on my cock. Also, please clean the firing range and dispose of the dead meat. After that you're more than welcome to join us for supper."

Part 2 - The After Party (more shooting, debreasting, stabbing)

The day continued with a wild orgy at my place. Emily was sent up to my quarters to rest and take the drugs out of her system so she will be ready for tonight. Me, Garrus and the 3 gentleman from CryTek all had a very nice time with the remaining 10 bunnies that came. We drank, joked and fucked their brains out. We then had a drunk hit the girl contest. Each of us took a few vodka shots, spinned around a few times then, with a loaded .357 magnum we tried to hit as many times a target bunny. This happened in my huge living room, where a stage with a stripping bar is placed. To make things a bit more interesting the girls were dancing at the bar while we were trying to shoot them and the rest of the girls try to distract us with their bodies, but not really get in our way. It was no official contest, but we settled that each hit is a point and hitting the girl in her tits or pussy is two points, while a head shot is 3 points. With 6 bullets in a cylinder, the maximum points one could hope for were 18.

Garrus went first. He took 3 shots of vodka, spinned a few times then grabbed the gun. His vision was probably all blurred up as the first shot went up in the ceiling, causing almost everyone present to chuckle a bit. He noticed and got annoyed. He steadied his aim and took another shot. His bullet flew right bellow the stripping girl's crotch, leaving a trail of heat. She felt it and gasped a bit, stopping her dancing. Garrus seized the opportunity and double tapped her left flesh melon, replacing her nipple with a bleeding hole and making another mark right above. The target bunny was now in clear shock, gasping for air and holding her hands over the wound. Garrus took another shot at her, but only managed to hit her left loin, creating yet another hole through which the young damsels blood was now spilling out. His last shot was yet another miss. He totaled barely 5 points, yet he was not disappointed as it was about taking part, not winning for him. We then terminated the damaged target bunny with a shotgun blast in the mouth and continued.

Next I let the guys from CryTek give a try at the game. First went the boss, whose name I learned to be Murphy. He was very shaky after the shots and a few spins, yet he was an excellent marksman. He must've been in his line of work I thought. His first shot went straight into the dancing girl's vagina, making a total mess of her sex and stunning her in the process. As much as the girls on the side tried, they couldn't distract Murphy and he then nailed the poor bunny's area three times and nearly hit one of her tits. The girl had collapsed on her knees, trying to cover her wounds with one hand and touching her damaged pussy to get some pleasure with the other hand. It would be her last pleasure. Murphy was a bit puzzled by the girl's expression of orgasming pleasure. He let her go on like that for a few seconds then popped his last slug right in her forehead. "9 points, I am impressed. Good shooting Murphy." I say in admiration as I clap a few times for his score.
The other two CryTek employees managed to hit a whopping total of 0 times. I was stupefied. "Did they not teach you sons how to shoot?" I ask.
"Nnnnno, your majesty. I've barely shot a gun a few times and never at such provocative targets." replies the first.
"Heh, I didn't want to make you all feel so bad with your firing, that's why I didn't hit her. I also would enjoy her in a more traditional way." replied the second.
"Oh, I see. Why didn't you say so? I'll let each of you pick a bunny from the ones that remain. You can take her home and do as you wish with her."
"Thank you for your generosity, sire." they all three shouted in a chorus.

It was now my turn, and seeing that there were 2 bonus alive target bunnies left from the other 2 competitors, I ordered a total of 3 to dance on the stage in front of me, while the remaining five were strolling around, flashing their tits, spanking each other and engaging in what I'd call men attention grabbing activities. Two of them even started fingering themselves at my feet and grabbing my crotch. After a few shots and spins I could barely see so I ended up missing all of my shots. I felt a bit mad and ordered Garrus to bring me a fully automatic good old M4A1. I unloaded a full magazine at the 3 dancing sows, reaping their lives. It was a total massacre. Two of them were so full of holes that they looked like sieves, while another, the one in the middle had her face damaged beyond recognition.
"Ah, so much good meat. The dogs will feast tonight." I say as I peel away the cunts that were trying to unzip my trousers and work at my shaft.
"Congratulations, Murphy - you get to take home 2 bunnies due to winning the contest. The rest each get one, including you Garrus, so you can have a well deserved break after a long day of service"

And so it was said and done and only one target bunny remained unspent and unused - Emily, who was probably patiently waiting for me in my room upstairs. I open the door and find her laying on one side on my bed, with her back to me. Allowing me to gaze at her glorious ass. She was still wearing the stockings and the pink latex blouse from the firing range, quite the attire. She turned her head but for a moment, gave me a perverted smile while I was undressing from my formal war, then turned her head back to sift some more through a boring magazine. Once fully undressed I had a full hard on and I could barely stave off my anticipation for how I'd fuck her. I go to the bed, roll her slender and thin body to face upwards and begin feeling her body. I look her in the eyes. They're green with a taint of dark blue - a very rare color. Her round face and full lips beckon for a kiss. My massive arms encompass her thin, slender waist almost entirely. My hands make their way up to her breasts. I grab her mammals in my hands and gently rub them as I line myself up to her and insert my shaft deep into her sex canal. As I begin to slowly grind into her, I rip her latex blouse and expose her nipples. They're almost as pink as her blouse and I find them almost perfect. I give her c-cup natural jugs a few more squeezes then I lean forward, grabbing her head in my hands. As we kiss, full of lust, I begin pounding her harder and harder, her legs now being wrapped around me.Emily's moans are almost indistinguishable from a woman in pain's screams and her young pussy feels heavenly, it's very wet, warm and tight. After a few mere minutes of coitus I explode inside her.
"Did you enjoy it, Emily?" I ask after pulling out and stopping the kisses.
"Ohhhhh yessss, sire. I couldn't ask for more pleasurable fucking." She says smiling, still aroused and orgasming.
"Come now sire, do me the right way... you can't stop halfway though! I'm still nice and wet." she continues.
"Very well, if that is what you wish..." I reply as I open the drawer and get out a big hunting knife.
"Where do you want it?" I ask.
She takes both her breasts in her hands, fondles them a bit and then touches her heart. "Right here."
"Emily, I just want you to know you're the finest piece of ass I've had in a while, and it almost tears me apart to end you..."
"Ohhh, your majesty, your praise is too much for me, a mere target bunny. PLEASE, feel free to end me how you see fit, don't hold back on anything - I live to serve!"
"Very well" I say as I lean forward, with the knife in my right hand. "You don't mind if I get some souvenirs, do you?" "Oh, not at all, go ahead. I look forward to the pain."
I grab her left breast and fondle it a bit, then lick the nipple a few times. "Glorious nipples!" I say as I get the knife ready. I stab her left breast at the base, going full knife length. Her face lights up with pleasure and pain. Blood gushes out quickly and stains her body and the blade. I grab her funbag and tug at it with my left hand while I slice with the right. A few vigurous sawing moves later and her breast is separated. "Aaaaaahhhhh, MORE, SIRE, MORE!!" she screams as I mutilate her chest. She's losing quite a bit of blood so I have to hurry. I cut off her other tit as fast as I can and place both on a platter on a nearby drawer. "Are you ready Emily?" I ask in an ultimatum. "YES, DO IT NOW, STAB MY HEART" she screams in a voice that turns me on like a set of christmass lights. I plunge the blade in her heart in a sudden, glorious move. Her body begins to spasm and shiver in pain and in anticipation of death. I quickly spread her legs and begin licking her sex. Her whole body is going haywire with pleasure and death as I caress her labias and clit with my tongue. I can only imagine the pleasure she felt for the remaining thirty seconds of her life. After she passes out from lack of oxygen to her head, I stop. I pull the dagger out of her chest and rest it on the drawer, near her severed jewels. In the last moments of her unconscious life I kiss her and cuddle with her body. I pull a blanket over us and go to sleep. I'd be waking up covered in blood.... but it was a sign of a good night for me. I now feel kinda sorry for Garrus who has to clean up the mess. As for Emily...she got what she wanted I suppose, too bad I won't be seeing her walk around no more.

This was it for that spring Thursday. A pretty lucrative day, considering I signed that contract and got those powerful anti-tank riffles.


Some of my short snuff stories from /rp/

Finish Her! - Asami (from Avatar)

Asami lays on the bed, her eyes filled with lust. She looks at me as if she was asking "what are you waiting for?". I find her despicable, but I act mutually and approach her, with my dagger concealed. I give her a surprised look and say: "My oh my, who have I stumbled upon?"
"Are you here to stare at me all night.... or do something that would make us both happy?" she says, hardly controlling her wish for sex.

I get undressed lean over her and begin to feel her soft skin with my hands. I drag my hands across her belly and massage her abdomen, working my way down to her thighs rather quickly. I glance at her sex, then begin to lick her clit and outer labias. She begins to moan as I delight her genitalia with my tongue, but just at the peak of her excitement, I bite hard on her pussy, reaping her clitoris and the meat around it. Her moan turns into sudden scream of pure excruciating torment. It delights me. I spit her sweet meat on the side of the bed and restrain her arms with mine as she begins to struggle. I stare into her eyes and say: "The fun has just begun, though that's true only for me".
Her screaming only intensifies and she struggles more to break free, but her strength pales in comparison to mine. I begin pounding her mutilated genitalia while watching her in the eyes, observing her desperation. The screams die down after a while and turn to sobbing.
"What have I done to you? Why are you doing this? PLEASE spare me!" she cries.
"Someone paid me to put you down, it's as simple as that."
"I'll pay you all the money my family owns, just PLEASE *sobs* let me go*
"All the money in this world ain't worth seeing you suffer and die"
As I say this, I break her arms with a swift move and ejaculate inside her.
I get up and grab my army knife from my trousers. She is still in shock, in disbelief that this is really happening, but I already got bored of her and her crying, so I grab her head with one hand and say: "I'll see you in hell soon, cunt." I stab her through the back of her head, my blade severing her nervous system from her body and the tip exiting through her mouth. As she's still conscious I give her a goodbye kiss and fiddle with my tongue in the blood that gurgles in her mouth.I proceed to get my clothes back on and leave her to die alone.

You are sent to a interloper hideout to eliminate some high ranking mobsters. After finding them naked you quickly eliminate them and find their toy, what do you do with her?

Finish Her! - X23

X-23 lays down at my feet, defeated and her claws broken after trying to break my superior adamantium armor. She looks frightned, but she doesn't show any sign of pleading for mercy, perhaps because she doesn't know what I'm going to do with her yet.
"Now, now, my little sabrecat...don't be afraid, your end won't come so abruptly." I say to her in a comforting voice.
"What...what are you going to do with me?" she asks in a still scared tone.
"Pleasuring ourselves doesn't need describing, we'll just do it." I then extend my hand to her to get her up. She reluctantly accepts my offer and I lead her to my "den" in the vicinity. Once there I bring her to my bed. "Doing it on that rooftop would have been..."
"A terrible idea" she completes my sentence as she gives me an alluring smile, as if her lust had awakened. "So the cat does want to play after all..." I say as we both undress eachother rapidly. I take her in my arms and hug her while we kiss eachother passionately. I then throw her on the bed and climb on top of her, looking her in the eyes as I lower myself over her. By that time, I wasn't sure wether my cock was or not harder than my armor, but her moaning as I penetrated her sweet meat sure felt satisfying. I fuck her with slow, ample moves as I fondle her breasts and play with her perky nipples. As my craving for an orgasm intensifies, I go faster and faster until I can't hold it anymore and we both come, in a flurry of moans and screams of pure carnal satisfaction. I then kiss her on the belly and slowly make my way to her left breast, that I lick sensually. I then gaze upon her whole body, as she lays relaxed, with her feet spread and cheeks blushing.
"Fighting you was one of the worst ideas I've ever had, but it lead me to one of my best nights" she said to me, exhausted.
"Oh, but it's just the beggining, I won't tease you anymore, but tomorrow's a great day. For now, let's sleep." We cuddle together and as soon as she falls asleep, I extend my hand to the drower and grab a vial of gas. I unplug it and hold it near her nose. The fumes cause her to fall into a deep sleep and I then get up, put my gear on and pick her up, carrying her to my basement. There I shackle her in a 10x10 meter steel enclousure until she'll wake up. The next morning she wakes up with a headache and all she feels is confusion and fear. "Now it's time to fight for your life, little warrior." I yell at her from the other side as I throw a katana at her feet and push a button that unchains her. Then I let a black panther into the enclousure. The animal hasn't been fed for several days and is now as vicious as death itself.
"Please free me, this can't be the way things end between us." She yells in desperation as she dodges the panther's first dash, while also managing to stab the animal in the back leg. The beast roars and then rushes to it's left and claws X-23 across the stomach and bites her leg. She falls down, dropping her sword. The beast seizes the oportunity to further maim her by biting a chunk of meat from her left breast and clawing her face and neck. The cuts to her neck are only skin deep but the pain is atrocious. Suddenly the beast collapses, struck by a bullet to the head, that I fired. "You're not gonna go this way, I feel too... uninvolved." I say as I come closer to her and take the beast away. Her stomach is torn apart and she's bleeding heavily and the look on her face is a mix of betrayal, anger and fear.
As she lays there, dying in a mess of her own blood I get excited again and go down on her, licking the blood off of her tits while slowly massaging her clit. She's in shock as her system gets overwhelmed by both pain and pleasure. But as she opens her mouth to say something, I yank out my fingers from her pussy, grab a knife and stab her uterus, while muffling her scream with my other hand. Tears of pain roll down her eyes as I stab her sex repeatedly. After that, I make a deep cut in her left breast that I fuck till I come. I then get up and gaze upon her. She's stunned from the bloodloss and pain but still conscious. I rush to get a gasoline tank before she passes out and as I come back I hear her dying voice. "At least...end it quickly, not like this." Not being dissuaded by her request, I douse her in gasoline and lit her up. Her screams are music to my ears, as she rolls on the floor in shear agony. But then I pull out my pistol and put a cap in her head, probly because of some splinter of remorse for causing her to suffer so much. Nevertheless, I grab an extinguisher and put out the fire, then I take X-23's charred body and feed her remains to the rest of my wild animals.

Makoto(GITS) and Nami(One-Piece)

Makoto and Nami lay defeated, on their knees before me, with their hands tied behind their back. First I approach Makoto who looks at me in defiance. I unzip and signal her to blow me, but she replies blatantly. "Just you try to put that filth in my mouth, I'll bite it off!" Not wanting to risk anything, but enjoying her defiance, I grab her neck with both my hands and plunge us both to the ground. She struggles and screams as I rape her. After I'm done, I go get a knife from my gear. I revel in the sight of her face turning from aggressive to that of a doomed soul as I grab her head with my left hand. "Please, no! I don't want it to end like this!!" she pleads as I take my knife closer and closer to her neck. As I press my blade against her skin, tears begin rolling down her eyes. I slit her throat as deep as my strength allows, feeling the knife grate against one of her vertebrae. Her jugular vein sprouts blood like a fountain. I put away my knife and put my hands over her wound, slowing her demise. For the next few minutes I stare into her eyes as she struggles, the light of her eyes ever dimmer.
After finishing with Makoto, I remember that I also had to deal with Nami, was was now sitting in a fetal position, crying over her friend. Growing tired of all her crying, I give her a cold stare then proceed to curb stomping her head on the ground till it turns into a bone'n'brain stew. I then carve out her genitals, put em in my backpack and leave their bodies to rot.


Tsunade doesn't think I'll actually kill her so she comes moaning towards me. She grabs my dick and rubs it while she presses her tits against my face, trying to seduce me. She turns me on and her efforts buy the worthless cunt a few more minutes of life. I begin licking her left tit as she places my cock inside her warm vagina. It feels nice, moist and her moans only turn me on more. She's up against a wall, in a corner, with no place to run. I give her a few more thrusts then look into her eyes. She's orgasming and I didn't even begin my number.

"Hold on, this is just the beggining" I say to her as I pull out of her and grab her neck sofly. After she gives me a confused look, I throw her to the ground, forcefully, yet she still doesn't understand my intentions and is excited, wanting more meat inside her. I quickly cast a restraining jutsu that pins her by the arms and legs. Her confusion begins turning into fear as I take out a kunai from my backpack and kneel besides her.
"What are you going to do with that? I didn't really bet my life. Come on... don't harm me please" she pleads as I examine her genitals with interest. She gives out a ear bursting shriek as I plunge my knife into her uterus, from above. I then carve it out over the course of a few minutes, while enjoying a serenade of cries and screams. I then proceed to masturbate myself with her uterus over my dick while watching her cry.

After I'm done cumming inside her destroyed genitals, I grab her funbags and play with them a little, until I get a second wind and my dick gets hard again. Those bags of fat feel nice to the touch, but ultimately get in my way, so I slowly cut each of them with my kinda dull kunai. I lube myself with some tit fat by fucking one of her mammaries a little then proceed to opening her chest, this time with a precision chackra blade, not to damage her heart. She almost feints from the pain and I can see foam around her mouth, but somehow she's still staring right into my eyes. I make a small incision in one of her heart's ventricles and proceed to fucking her bleeding heart untill she dies.

Kitana & Jade

I am the mighty Shao Khan, emperor of the Outworld and konqueror of mortals...and yet I can't sleep in my own palace. I'm hearing echoing moans from the halls. They arouse and annoy me in equal measure so I get up and try to find the source. It doesn't take me more than a few minutes of stumbling through the dark corridors to find the source of the moanings. In a corner of my armory lay Kitana and Jade, fucking each other with a long dildo. Jade is gripping the instrument with her delicate hands and oscillating it between her wet and tight cunt and Kitana's nubile ass. I stare at them and they notice me too, but they don't react much to my presence and continue pleasuring themselves.

'Such insolence, even from my own daughter Kitana. Well then...' I angrily think to myself as I go to the back of the armory and grab my war hammer. As I come towards them, dragging the enormous hammer across the floor, they notice...then they stop...then Kitana says in a very sorry tone:
"No, father, please...we were only having a bit of fun. Don't harm us pleeeaase."
"Silence. You have failed me so many times and now I can't even sleep because you're humping your childhood friend? I won't stand for this." I reply and lift my hammer above my head. I strike towards them, but they both roll away from each other and dodge. I leave the hammer planted in the ground for now, as it is a hindrance. I then quickly grab Jade by her leg. She squirms around like a worm but I drag her to me and grab her from around the waist with my arms. Kitana tries to stop me but I giver her a massive kick in the gut, sending her flying and hitting a column. She collapses, unconscious. Jade is trying to free herself, bucking and kicking, but my grip around her young and weak flesh is adamant. I press her against a wall and begin choking her with my left hand, causing her to stop any action and try to free herself with her hands. My grip around her neck barely allows her to breathe, but she's not in any real danger...yet. I reach with the other hand and feel her voluptuous breasts jiggling around as she struggles in fear. I play with them a bit and get myself fully hard down bellow. Jade is however very annoying in her struggle so I place my hand across her chest and look her in the eyes.
"It's time to die, whore." I say in a menacing tone.
"Pleeeaseeeee, I just wanted to...." she starts saying, but her words are replaced by screams as I push with all my strength my right arm through her chest, crushing her heart and spine. While she's still screaming, I hold her body down with my right hand, through the new orifice I've made in her body and snap her neck with my left hand. Her cries are silenced, yet she still has a few more moments of consciousness so I tear her head from her body and throw it against a wall, smashing it and splattering her brains all over. Her headless body lays naked at my feet and her legs are spread in an inviting manner so I lean over and begin to fuck her young and tender cunt. It's really wet and nice after she pleasured herself along with Kitana so it feels heavenly as I force my massive member in and out of her limp body, my member tearing her tight sex. As I come I squeeze and then rip off her slender massive jugs with my hands.

I then get up and grab my hammer. Kitana is still unconscious as I make my way to her. She lays on the ground, half naked with her tits and pussy exposed. I drag her to the middle of the room and spread her legs to the sides. Her cunt is fully exposed and I lift up my mighty hammer, preparing to strike. As I'm almost ready to strike she comes around and sees her impending punishment. I cast down the hammer with mighty force and mash her bare helpless cunt. Viscera and innards spray out of her ruined uterus as it is destroyed by my mighty strike. Her shrieks of agony echo the halls of my castle - serving as a dire reminder that I am not to be disturbed from my sleep. As I retract my hammer, Kitana is crippled by pain as she reaches with her hands down to feel her pussy, but only finding a mush of flesh and innards. I revel in her suffering for a while, then I decide it's time to end her. I place my foot on her neck, crushing it and making her suffocate...but that won't kill her that fast so I've got time to improvise. I raise my hammer up and prepare to strike from the side of her head - this way I will throw it away like it were a golf ball.
3...2...1... SWING. I hit the side of her head with my mace as hard as I can, smashing her skull and probably killing her with the initial hit, but her head goes on and flies into the same column that I threw Jade's head towards. Now they are together.... a soup of mushed brains on the stone floor of my castle.
At least I'll be able to get some shut eye now.


Some more of my /rp/ with a bit better and more recent stories.

Hinamori(made up character)

Hinamori went over the edge this time... She went behind the master's back and fucked an entire squad of rival gang members. One of our spies found out about her promiscuous rampage and reported her to our leader. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll be executed. Brutally.

I'm in charge of executions in our gang. It's a really rare that I get a treat like her... a nice break from all the dull head chopping of trash. I used to gave a crush on this little morsel. Her sharp face...innocent smile...ample bosoms and tender body made her an ideal candidate for my fantasies, especially the dark ones. Now I'll get to fulfill at least one of those.

She's been told to wait in the main mating room of our palace. It's a simple room, with only a bed in one of the corners and bland walls that are sound insulated. Unbeknownst to the court girls of our palace, it also serves as an execution room for those that bring great prejudice to our gang. As I approach the room, my heart is pounding uncontrollably, I can barely wait to begin. I open the door. I see Hinamori laying on the bed, fondling herself. She's wearing only a few garments that enhance her sex appeal. Her breasts and slit are exposed. I close the door behind me. She has no escape now, but she's still unaware of my purpose.

"Nisroth-kun, have you come to play with me? I always fancied you, you know?"
"Oh, my sweet Hinamori..." I say in a little bit sad tone, turning towards her.
She springs off the bed and takes a few majestic leaps towards me, her tits bouncing wildly. I feel more and more aroused. I think I'll leave her to play her piece, before I show my cards. I have a 9mm pistol in my inner jacket and a serrated knife. I've also brought some brass knuckles, but I'll see what I get to use.

"You've been so hard at work. I think that's why our leader decided to reward you. Come, don't be shy! I'll help you unwind. Touch me anyway you like."
"Oh... that I will, my sweet Hina."

I approach her, fully clothed in my black suit. I place my hand on her face, caressing her and working my way, down her neck. I feel like strangling the little cunt, but that would be spoiling the fun too early. I move my hands on to her shoulders...they're so delicate and fine, I could probably snap her arms in a moment's notice. I continue my descent, feeling her nubile body emanate heat towards my cold hands. She's staring in my eyes as I grab a hold of her twin meat orbs, squeezing them, but not too hard. I fiddle a bit with her nipples , tugging at them.

"Come." I say, grabbing her by the arm.
I go and take a seat on the bed.
"Move that body, show me why even our leader fell for your flesh." I command, while undoing my pants.

She wastes no time and begins twirling in front of me. Her dance is a true symphony of the flesh - a unique display of the feminine body. She's agile, contorting her back to bring out her breasts. Her movements flow in a manner most provocative as she struts around, touching her genitals while mimicking being fucked by thrusting her pelvis. Her body beckons to me and she probably can tell, by looking at my erect shaft. As she dances, she's sending me warm smiles, probably meant to melt my frozen heart and seduce me. I return a few faked smiles. She now kneels and begins to lick the tip of my dick. I grab her head in my hands, caressing her blue hair, as she begins sucking. Her mouth around my member feels so damn good that I almost lose control. I snap out of it, before cumming. I stop her.

"Ok. That's enough you promiscuous little cunt." I say in a grave tone.
Her face is riddled with confusion, as her hands are still on my cock.
I grab her hands and move them away, unpeeling the cunt from around my member.
"I'm not here to play games Hinamori. You know what you did... and so do we. You couldn't control your cunt and you betrayed our trust. YOu fucked rival gang members." I say, noticing as panic sets in on her face.
"But...but...I... I only did so to-to-to spy on them. I'd never betray our family! You must believe me Nisroth."
"You're going to die today, Hinamori. There's NOTHING you can say to make me stop from reveling in your demise." I say, pulling out my knife.
"Ttttt-his is s is a joke, right....Nis...? Nnnnisroth-kkkkun, I thought you loved my body." she says stuttering in panic, while retreating slowly from me.

She makes a dash towards the door and tries to open it.
"It's locked. Your fate is sealed." I say, delighting in her dread.
She backs herself into a corner and starts to cry. Her sobs make her young flesh shiver. I slowly walk towards her, with my knife in my hand.
"Ppleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase *sob* *sob*!! Don't....pleeeeaaaseeee!! L-l-l-leeeet me..let me show you...l-l-leeet me pleease you" she begs pathetically, managing to restrain her fear enough to make a final attempt at using her body to save herself. She leans against the corner, spreading her labias and protruding her pussy towards me. I'm still fully erect and I'd probably enjoy her cunt, but duty comes before pleasure. I glance at her shivering cunt for a few seconds, then look at her face. She's trying to smile, to believe that she'll get out.

I take another step towards her. Now I'm rubbing myself against her skin. The knife is in my right hand. I put my left hand behind her, bringing her closer to me. My dick is touching her wet pussy. I give her a kiss - a last act of affection. I slam her against the wall, pinning her neck with my left arm. She doesn't really have much time to react, before I plunge the knife in one of her ass cheeks, drawing first blood. She screams as loud as her lungs allow. Her face contorts with pain and agony as I take out the blade.
"Come now sunshine, I'm just getting started." I say, dragging the dull side of the blade between her labias.
"Noooooo, stooooop! I-I-I-I ddddon't wannn-" she protests, but I give her a kick in the stomach, stopping her.

I sheathe the knife for the moment. I dislodge her arms at the shoulders, so she doesn't flail as much. Her delicate flesh offers little resistance in the way of my onslaught. Her beautiful tits bounce around like crazy, while she struggles. I give her beautiful, vulnerable face a few solid punches. I then take out my gun. A new wave of fear settles on her gaze at the sight of it. I wave it in her face a bit then place the muzzle over her right nipple. Her soft breast deforms as I press the gun in it. I move it in a circular pattern, playing with her fat bag. I angle it so it doesn't point towards her heart and shoot. There's a bang, but not as loud as I would have expected it. The bullet went straight through her, obliterating the nipple and carving a tunnel through her breast and lung. Her cries stop suddenly, and she coughs up a bit of blood.
"That about does it I'll die in a few minutes, but until then..."
I throw her against the floor and put the gun away. I take back the knife and lean over her. She's convulsing in shock, her eyes already kinda blank. I slap her a few times. Seeing as that doesn't produce any reaction, I shift my sight towards her undamaged cunt. A few moments of anticipation...and then I stab her. I stab her in the left ovary and then cut horizontally across towards the other. Massive amounts of blood begin leaking from her vagina. She's probably only going to last a few more minutes. I grab a hold of her left breast and take a stab from the left side, at the base. I starting thrusting inside her left breast, my cock displacing fat in her breast and enlargening the slit. I've never tried this before....actual tit fucking. Her gurgles and spits of blood are starting to get on my nerves, so, while I keep thrusting inside her breast, I take Hinamori's head and bash it on the floor. She goes unconscious after two bashes. The third cracks her skull. I thrust harder and harder, bashing her head again and again, even though she's already probably dead. When I see her brain staining the floor, I give a final thrust, cumming in her tit. I pull out, a stream of blood, cum and bits of fat flowing from her mammary.

I get up, put back my pants and wipe the knife off her garments, before sheathing it back in. I gaze at Hinamori's dead body. Her once beautiful face, now disfigured and crushed. Her ripe, luscious tits, now penetrated and ruined.
"A shame I didn't get to fuck that young, tight pussy of hers..." I say looking at her now cut up sex organ.
"Oh well, too many people used it anyway...that's why she's now dead." are my last words, as I stomp her uterus with a mighty kick, causing a few more spurts of crimson to come out.
" I have to clean up this mess. There's always a downside to having fun. I suppose the dogs will eat well tonight."

An offering of peace(fucked to death/cocksleeve)

The war between humans and orcs has been going on for decades. Countless families have been butchered, too many good soldiers and valuable resources. Now, there is a moment of respite, for both factions. It is Llane Wrynn, king of Azeroth, decision that the Alliance shall try and make peace with the invading horde, for too, among them there are creatures that would rather have peace. Cassie, one of the most beautiful maidens in the kingdom is to be sent as a token of peace to the warchief of the horde, Gul'Dan.
"Cassie, after long consideration, we have decided that you will be sent to the horde's leader, carrying our message of peace and offering yourself for all his pleasures. The kingdom of Azeroth relies on you." declares king Wrynn loudly, standing on his throne, Cassie in front of him.
"Yes sire! I live to serve humanity! We shall prevail!" she salutes the king and takes off with her delegation of a few guards.

As Cassie and her delegation reach the outskirts of the orc encampment, she's adorned with a beautiful violet long dress, embroidered with a golden pattern of Stormwind's flag on her front and back. The dress is a tight fit that brings out her voluptuous body and matches her eyes. The envoy is unarmed and the orc scouts that notice them don't attack on sight, but rather approach.
"Humans... what seek you here?" asks the orc scout.
"We come in peace, and bring forth Cassie, as a token of our will for negotiations." replies in a calm voice the envoy's leader.
"Is that so..." speaks the orc, cunningly
"Yes. I offer myself to your warchief, so that we can begin negotiations between our species." replies Cassie bluntly, unmounting her horse and standing in front of the huge, menacing orcs.
"Fine, we'll take her to Gul'dan. The rest of your envoy shall leave at once." were the orc scout's words.
There was a sign of protest from the humans, and a battle of stares between the groups, but ultimately the humans departed.
Cassie is quickly brought in the encampment and rushed to Gul'Dan's tent, so she doesn't draw much attention from the other orcs.

"I came to speak on behalf of the alliance. We want peace. The war has taken too many of our families, destroyed our homes and ravaged the land. No more. I offer myself as a token of peace and trust." opens up the beautiful Cassie, kneeling before the old orc, sitting bored on his throne made of human bones.
He is silent as he assesses the young morsel. She has beautiful, sparkly violet eyes, uncommon among humans and unexistent in orcs. Her chestnut hair flows freely at the slightest gust of wind and her body would arouse even the fiercest of orcish warriors. He finishes seizing her up and mimics the guards to exit his tent, as he doesn't see her as a possible threat.

"Well then...human. I am willing to consider the prospect of peace. Do you give yourself unto me with all that you are?" grins the old orc, with anticipation in his eyes, still standing on his throne.
"I am yours, body and will. You can do with me as you wish. My name is Cassie." she replies confidently, her lustful eyes piercing Gul Dan's in an attempt to charm him.
"You are a most exquisite offering, Cassie. Please. Show yourself to me as you would to the human you love, if you love any."

Cassie reaches to the back of her dress, with her young and delicate arms, and unzips her dress. She maintains eye contact with Gul'dan and licks her lips as she strips of her garments, to reveal her lingerie: a provocative red satin ribon across her huge bosoms, blue silk panties that mold around her prominent female forms and a pair of dark magenta stockings that complement her eyes. She walks slowly towards the warchief, her hands playing across her breasts, stomach and inner thighs. She's now standing within arm's reach of the orc leader. She now begins to dance in hopes of stimulating Gul'Dan. Cassie provocatively leans towards Gul'Dan, flopping her jugs up and down in his face, pirouetting and parading her delicious ass in front of him. Gul'Dan watches her every twist and move, lust slowly overcoming him. As she begins another round of shaking her ass, with her back towards him, he reaches forward with is left arm and drags her closer to him, in a gentle manner. Her ass is now rubbing against his crotch and he can feel his shaft becoming erect. He rips the ribbon across her breasts and grabs her lovely appendages in his hands. To a human, her breasts would seem large, but they fit snuggly inside the orcs massive palms. Gul'dan gives her flesh melons a tight squeeze, almost making Cassie let out a shriek of pain, and then pushes her in front of him, almost making her tumble down. She turns to him, a bit confused, but that feeling vanishes as soon as she sees Gul'Dan getting rid of his robes and standing up, to reveal a massive body. He stands towering at around 2,5 metres and his orcish breeding instrument is probably 30 centimeters in length. He's a menacing mountain of muscle. He smiles, exposing his beastly teeth, with which he could probably bite her head off. Cassie is a little bit scared.

"Do you want to use my body, warchief?" she asks, revealing her fear to him, masking her bare nipples with her hands.
Gul'dan doesn't reply, but instead walks to her and gives her face a gentle caress with his right hand and then slides it down, removing her arms from her pristine breasts, revealing her hardened, pointy brown nipples. His cock's girth is slightly bigger than her arms. She knows this will not end well, but there's nothing she can do, she must help the alliance. Gul'Dan is still licking his lips, anticipating the pleasure that's to come and his arm now goes down to Cassie again. He massages her sex with a finger and caresses her face with his other hand, looking her in the eye. He can now feel that she's wet, even through her delicate panties, so he rips them away, exposing her precious clit jewel and her subtle, delicate outer labias.

The time has come. He lifts her up in the air, holding her in his left arm from the waist, while his right arm supports her from behind. He places her on his massive, horizontal shaft, as if it were a stool. Cassie begins fondling her promiscuous body and moaning as Gul'Dan grinds her along his cock, using her overflowing pussy juices to lube his dick. He does this for a few good thirty seconds then as he pushes her to the end of his dick, he lifts her up a bit with his left hand and begins rubbing her cunt with the tip of his cock. It's clear it won't be a nice fit, but Cassie doesn't get any warning before Gul'Dan slams her onto his member, tearing her beautiful sex orifice until it's inside. Her blood adds a second layer of lube as she lets out a loud cry of unspeakable pain. Gul'Dan begins to relentlessly fuck her, sliding all of is cock inside her, rupturing her cervix and causing massive internal bleeding. He's literally fucking her to death. Cassie is in shear agony, tears falling from her eyes, as she's brutally penetrated again and again by the warchief's massive dick. Her stomach rises and falls with the orc's dick. Gul'dan is amused by her cries and continues unabated.
"You are nothing but a cocksleeve, Cassie. You'll die here today, trying to save your miserable race." Gul'dan says to her, but she's in too much pain to discern what he's saying. She desperately tries to stop him, flailing her arms at him. Gul'Dan notices and cackles, amused. He grabs her hands, one by one, and snaps them like twigs, exposing her bones. Her pain is now even more excruciating as she flails and struggles. Her massive tits flop around like baloons and Gul'Dan is staring at them, almost hypnotized, as she fucks the life out of the poor young Cassie.
Suddenly, he gives a final good thrust, bursting through her stomach and cumming all over her tits and face.
"You'll have your peace as long as the alliance delivers more cocksleeves" as he says this he grabs Cassie's head with his right hand.

"Any last words?" he asks coldly.
But she's in shock and soon she'll be unconscious from the blood loss, so he grips her head in a vice and rips it apart from her body. Gul'Dan gives her probably still conscious head a satisfied smile. He tosses her once beautiful pristine, now ravaged body aside and calls in the grunts.
"Feed her body to my war wolf and mount her head in my quarters. Deliver, then, a message to the Alliance that I will accept their deal for peace, as long as I'm sent beautiful maidens, like Cassie, every week. Dismissed" were Gul'Dan's only words before resuming his silent vigil on the throne made of human bones.

'I wonder if humans would be suitable for anything else other than being cocksleeves' he thinks to himself, looking at Cassie's head, her face now contorted from all the suffering she's been through.

Snuff Faire (hanging, shooting)

The Snuff Faire is back in town and this time with more fun booths than ever. It's Friday evening and I decide to blow off some steam so I pack my stuff and go to the Faire. My first stop this evening is at a little enclosure where 4 young girls ready to be hanged. Their cunts and voluptuous breasts are exposed and their cute faces are very alluring. One look at their charming young bodies and I am trapped.

"Hey there, mister! Only 50 bucks and you get to see us hanging! Don't hesitate! You'll have the time of your life killing us!" the one on the far left screams out towards me in very girlish voice.

I am intrigued by her offer, so I get to the front of the booth. On the desk ahead of me, there are also quite a few firearms: a classic AK-47, an AR-15, an M60 heavy machine gun, quite a few pistols, and lots of throwing stuff: knives, stilettos, a few hatchets and even a few javelins.

"If you want to use these it will cost you another 50 bucks, but you'll get to shoot at us as we hang, or before we hang. The customer's choice matters most here." replies the kyosk manager as he sees me marveling at the weapons.

"How much more if I decide that I also want to buy them for snuffing later at home?"
"Once you've paid for them here, you can use them anywhere you want, as long as you have a Snuff Free Pass"
"Thank you! That's great to know. Here's 100 bucks" I say handing him the money.

I grab the M60 in my hands and stare down the sight in front of me: 4 absolutely lovely cunts, ready to be snuffed or used for my pleasure. They don't seem to be afraid of dying or the pain that the bullets fired from this machine gun could cause. I aim at the the feisty one with the green attire and glasses that's at the right and fire a bullet. It's just a tease as it passes right bellow her cunt, leaving a trail of heat that she certainly feels. She begins touching her cunt, getting herself wet. The others follow suit and begin pleasing themselves for their last time, while looking at me with their doe eyes, pleading to be killed.

"Hang them" I give the command.

Soon a lever is pulled and the three ladies are short drop hanged, beginning their (probably) first and last performance. Oxygen deprivation will kill them in about 3 to 4 minutes, but I'll try to make that their most desirable outcome.

I take the one on the far right into my sights again. Her huge tits flop around in a manner most beautiful as she struggles to get air. I gaze at her nubile body for a few more seconds then open fire with the M60. In just a few seconds, a barrage of bullets shreds her beautiful and vulnerable body. Her milk jugs exploded with the first bullet, splattering her mammary tissue all over. It's a shame I didn't get to hear her scream while I rained distruction on her belly and womb. Her ovaries must have been disintegrated by the mighty 7.62 bullets that were piercing her lower abdomen, unabated from their path by her flesh. After firing an entire magazine into her and being careful to only hit her, she stopped jerking around. All of her torso was basically a sieve now. A bloody human sieve.

With that done. I lay down the M60, get a javelin and gaze at my next target. She's swinging sideways, in a way the brings out her amazing round ass that jiggles like crazy as she dances on the rope. I throw the javelin right through her neck, leaving her to bleed out like a stuck pig. This one I'll take home to roast and eat.

For my next target I decide that a bit of marksmanship is in order. I take one of the .45 pistols from the counter. She's moving a bit too fast for me to be sure of my shots, but nevertheless my first hit is where I intend it to be: right through her clit. It gets immediately replaced with a crimson hole that pours out blood. Next up, I shoot for her belly button, but my first shot is a miss that goes in her uterus region, probably in her cervix. I get tired of careful aiming and just shoot the entire magazine in her general direction, popping two into her left tit, one in her heart and the rest in her neck and clavical region.

My last target is almost expired due to oxygen loss. That's a terrible thing as she's not too lively and I like my targets to be a bit more mobile. I grab one of the hatches. I aim carefully and sever her rope, making her fall to the ground.She was the one that caught my eye at first, the one that called to me. I decided I'll enjoy her in a more vanilla way.

"I'm taking this one home. Does she have a name?" I say to the shop keeper stroking my boner from under my pants.
"We don't give names to Snuff Sluts. You can call her whatever you want, but remember...she's a Snuff Slut, she's made to be killed, so don't get too attached. They don't live for more than a few years."
"Yea, whatever.I want the one with the javelin in her throat to be delivered to this address." I say as I hand him an address paper and jump the counter and pick the last girl up, severing her noose and throwing it away.

"Your name is Ray from now on. Come, let's go home."
I could use the warmth of a woman in my life...even though it's just a Snuff Slut. Maybe I'll kill her, maybe I'll keep her. Only time can tell.


Contract for a sow(shooting, beheading and cunt removal)

Part 1 - The Preparations

I'm sitting in a chair, in front of Diana's office, waiting for her to return with a contract. It's 7 AM and I am ready for my next assignment. Every muscle in my body twitches with anticipation. Suddenly, the door opens and she comes in with a big file in her hands. She takes a seat at her office and beggins.

"Good morning 47. Your next target is Isabella Morningwood. She's a caucasian 24 year old ex model from Europe. She stole a very important notebook from our client which contains information that could compromise him. He requests that you neutralize her 'with extreme prejudice' and secure his data. I'll let you look over her file so you can plan your approach. Good luck 47." she says as she hands me the file and goes towards the window to stare at the horizon.

I take the file and begin sifting through it. It seems Isabella started her career as a porn star. Her nubile young body got the attention of some important business moguls in the fashion industry and after using her sexual talents on the right people she progressed to a top tier fashion model. There's a picture of her on set for a porno from two years ago. She had long curly and black as tar hair that was flowing over her shoulders down to just bellow her DD cupped breasts. Her delicate face was very attractive indeed. Her green emerald eyes, small pointy nose and smile helped her amass quite a fortune. She should've known however that stepping on that many rich people's toes for information and then blackmailing them will lead to her getting terminated. Though I am void of emotion, my carnal desires pulse through me as I look at her young, slender body. Her pink pussy and nipples make my anticipation for this contract pierce through the heavens. Let's see... She has a nice estate in the Crete mountains of Grece. She goes there alone once a month to relax from all her 'hard work' and plan her next move. She stays a week, so I'll have plenty of time to scout the area and plan the hit. I get up and walk towards the door when suddenly Diana says
"The man who issued the contract has given us a contact number so we can confirm the kill and the information recovery. I've booked a flight to Greece. Safe travel 47."

The flight is long and tiring, but on the way I can't stop thinking about how I'd fuck that girl's body till she goes limp. I've taken only basic equipment for this contract: a 50 cal. M195 sniper riffle, my silenced Silverballers, a knife and the trusty fiberwire. The briefcase with the weapons has been delivered to my hotel by the agency, a day prior to me getting there.
Upon my arrival I waste no time to find Isabella's house. Her estate is located at the outskirts of the city, nearly in the woods. It has a high brick fence that doesn't allow me to gather much, and it looks like it has electric wire on top, so it will be hard to breach. I notice an abandoned traditional church a few hundred meters from her house. Maybe I can get a better view from the steeple. Success. From the steeple I can see the estate's courtyard and have view of a few windows. I can now also see the lines of electricity that connect the house to the grid. I'll camp here and see if she has a schedule that I can exploit.

After a long day of watching and thinking I've made my plans. It seems she takes a shower at around 11 PM and then goes to bed. I have her bathroom window in sight from the Church's steeple, but it would be a very tricky shot. I should rather cut the house's power while she sleeps and infiltrate. I find it kind of weird though, how she's all alone in the house... she's so naive thinking that only that fence will keep all the dangers out. The sooner I get this contract over, the better... though I can't shake the feeling that it's a trap. Though I haven't seen any body guards around the area I should be careful.
"I'll make my move next night..." I think before I drift away into sleep.

Part 2 - The Night of Blood

The following day, at around 8 PM I sneak around to the back of the house and plant a device that will cut the house's power at exactly 2 AM. That's when I make my move. I then go back to the church's steeple to observe. Disaster... a limo arrives a the house and two more ladies come at the house, accompanied by 3 bodyguards. Isabella welcomes them and they go inside. She's probably having some kind of celebration. I get out my phone and dial the contract issuer, telling him about the other guests.
"What you do with them is up to you, I care not what happens to them, just get me the information back and deal with Isabella as soon as possible. Every moment the notebook is in her possession is a moment of terrible danger for me."
I must deal with the target this night, there is no other way. Her guests are complicating things however... They'll probably have a long party and go to bed much later.
Nonetheless, I rearm the device for manual activation. At around 4 AM I snipe the two guards patrolling outside, rush down from the steeple, get to the walls, cut the power and jump over. I can only hope that the girls are asleep by now and that I will find the other bodyguard on time, before he does anything. I rush to the backdoor, pick the lock and as soon as I open the door I'm welcomed with a boot to my face, launching me on my back on the dirt in the courtyard. The remaining bodyguard got the drop on me, but before he can get out his pistol from his harness I take out my knife and throw it at his jugular. A stream of red sprays over me as the shocked man collapses and goes into the spasms of death. With all the commotion, it may be that the girls have woken up. I sneak to the second floor, where Isabella has her bedroom. I press my ear on the door, but there's no sound. I try to look through the keyhole, but there's no light. I give a quick relief sigh as I open the door: they're all wasted and asleep.

I can't risk opening the lights until they're neutralized. I can make out 3 womanly figures. Two on the bed and one on a coach. I fumble in the dark and get to he coach, upon close inspection I find an asian girl with red painted hair. She's not my target, but she could be a nuisance so I put my hand over her mouth and slice her throat. She wakes up panicked and struggles for a few seconds, but it's over before she realizes it. [i]"What a waste"[i/] I think to myself as I get a closer look at her thin young body, with her nipples hardened and pointing out through her thin satin dress. I then walk towards the bed and find Isabella, sleeping carelessly, her body intertwined with that of another asian girl. I can't kill the other girl without waking Isabella up so I decide to switch on the light. They don't seem to react much. The other girl has dark brown middle length hair and is wearing only a pair of leopard pattern silk panties. Her skin has the color of capuccino cream and her soft overflowing breasts are pushed against Isabella's back as she embraces her from behind. Isabella is wearing a red velvety and transparent night dress. The contract issuer didn't say I can't have some fun with them, before disposing of them, so that's what I intend to do. I cover the girl on the sofa with a blanket so they the others will not panic right away. I then pause a bit to gaze at their shapely bodies in anticipation...

'It's show time' I think to myself as I get a Silverballer in each hand and fire a shot into the ceiling, waking the doves up. It takes them a few moments to realize what the sudden booming noise was and notice me, but as soon as their vision clears up they let out a scream and are petrified at the sight of me aiming at them.
"Scream all you like Isabella, your estate is in the middle of the forest and nobody is coming for you." I say with a devilish grin.
The asian girl doesn't seem to understand anything and is now only trembling in fear on the right side of the bed. Her hands have let go of Isabella and are now attempting to cover her large, probably E-cup bosoms, but they barely manage to obscure her lovely brown nipples. I enjoy seeing her young body tremble in fear and her tits bounce up and down as she begins to sob. Isabella lies on the left, with a blanket pulled over her body, giving her a false feeling of safety. She musters up the courage and says
"Www-what do you want from me? Ssspare me please, I'll give you anything you want. Money, sex...just let me live." she begs, almost crying.
"You should've known that sooner or later blackmailing all these people for power is gonna come back and ruin you. It's too late for begging now."
I shoot at their pillows, giving them the scare of their lives...their now probably very short remaining lives anyway.
"My main objective is to secure a notebook that you stole, so you may get out of this alive Isabella...but first, I want a show. Throw away that blanket and make out with your asian friend here." As she reluctantly begins to do so, I grab a chair and watch.

"What's the name of your friend, Isabella?"
"Mei Ling..." she answers as she pulls off her red velvet dress, revealing her milk-white body and her luscious full breasts.
"Tell Mei Ling that if satisfy me, you may live. Tell her that she has to make out with you." I can't really tell if it's chinese or japanese, but as soon as Isabella talks with Mei Ling, she calms down a bit. Mei Ling stands up on her knees on the bed. The now completely naked and unprotected Isabella does the same. Mei moves her tender, delicate hands under her swollen udders and gives them a nice, sensual squeeze then she makes her way down, feeling herself with both hands. She caresses her lean flat stomach and plays a bit with her diamond navel piercing with the left hand, while her right hand moves down to her sex temple. Isabella watches, licking her lips as Mei Ling inserts her right hand down her panties and begins to rub herself. Isabella follows her example and begins to rub her clitoris with the right hand and fondle her meat melons with the other. They stare into each other's eyes seductively, almost forgetting about me pointing my deadly silverballers at them. They're clearly lesbians. After a while, they're both very wet and Isabella begins kissing Mei Ling, while they fondle each other's mammaries. They're now in front of each other, on their knees, with their sides towards me, allowing me full view of their splendorous, soft and bouncy tits. Isabella stops kissing Mei Ling and begins to lick her caramel tits, giving both her nipples a pinch with her teeth. Mei Ling moans with pleasure and pain as Isabella works her way down her cunt, while massaging her torso with her hands. As she passes the navel, Isabella's hands give Mei Ling's ass a loud slap and then pull down her panties. She's not quite comfortable on her knees, so Isabella now positions herself face up between Mei Ling's legs and begins to lick her wet dripping pussy. She gives her friend a bit of help with the right hand while she squeezes her fun bags with the left. Isabella is masturbating herself with both hands while giving Mei Ling's pussy a thorough licking. The sound of their moans makes me rock hard and I get up from my chair. The sex keeps them distracted and they don't even notice as I get close to them. I leave put back the silverballer from my right hand in my harness, while keeping the other pointed at the girl on the top - Mei Ling. Her young asian voice and moaning were really arousing at the start, but after 20 minutes it got kind of annoying. I am now behind Mei Ling, but neither of them notices me. I lean over the bead and grab, from behind, a hold of her round and fat meat orbs with my right hand. They're soft and pleasing to the touch so I play a bit with her provocative appendages. I then bring forth my other hand, with the pistol. I roll the cold barrel over her nipples, but she's so intoxicated with pleasure to notice what I was actually doing, so she doesn't panic. I then give both her nipples a hard tug and think to myself.
'It's about time for this sow.' I grab hold of her neck with my right hand and kiss her on the back of the neck as I line up my gun to her temple. After a while I stop the kissing, depart my head, grab her right teat again with my right hand and begin squeezing her teat and the trigger at the same time. After a few seconds there is a loud POP noise. The bullet went straight through the asian bimbo's head and made a hole on the side of the wall. Isabella stopped licking as she heard the sound. Panic was quickly settling inside her. Mei Ling had an expression of shock on her pretty, dumb face for a few seconds, but as soon as the smoke cleared from the barrel, her body toppled to the front, landing her face on Isabella's cunt as blood and brains were flowing out from both sides of her head on to Isabella's thighs, staining her delicate white skin with crimson. She panicked and threw Mei Ling's body to the side, on to the pillows. I was now directly above Isabella, with the gun pointed at her forehead.

"I thought you needed some motivation. This will be you in the next five minutes if you don't tell me where's the notebook." I say to the distressed girl as I pull out the other pistol and pump more lead into Mei's body. Her swollen breasts jiggle with every shot as black bleeding holes replace her nipples and navel. She's as dead as she can be now, but it still feels nice to see her body dance when the bullets hit, making small waves on her fat fun bags and her tummy.
Isabella begins to cry... " told ....spare me PLEAAAASE." I smack the dumb cunt's head with the side of my pistols.
"Show me the notebook." I command.
She doesn't stop crying, but gets up and mimics me to follow. She goes to a a bookshelf and from behind a few dusty tomes brings out a small thin laptop. She hands it to me. I get out the phone, take a few pictures with the computer's contents and send them for confirmation to my client. A few minutes pass, with me holding Isabella at gunpoint and then the phone rings. I pick it up and hear
"Very nice job. I knew I could rely on the agency. Can you please put me on speaker, so the cunt can hear me, assuming, of course, that you didn't end her yet."
"Yes"I reply and do as asked.
"You wretched whore, you thought you could just fuck everyone around and get away with their data? You've upset more people than you could imagine, little cat and now it's time to pay. Kill her and bring me proof. Also, I wouldn't mind pictures or a movie of it, hehe." he said in a grisly manner as he closed the phone.
'I'm happy to oblige.' I thought to myself.

"End of the road, Isabella. But don't worry, your body won't go to waste." I say as I put the notebook in a bag and set up a camera to look at her. I start the camera and go to her. She's on her knees, with her hands held together in a praying position, begging me with her doe, green eyes. I sheathe the silverballer in my left hand back into the harness and untie my trousers. My shaft was solid for about thirty minutes now, so I can wait no more. I go to her, putting my hand over hear forehead, caressing her and playing with her hair for a bit.
"Make me spare you..." I say as I make her take my dick in her hands.
I wouldn't trust her to suck it, but a handjob will do. Her small, delicate, white hands wrapped around my cock feel very nice.
"Come on, you know the motion...this is how you got here." I say to the sobbing cunt.
She's clearly got some experience as she moves her hands around my member, while I hold her head with my left hand and point the gun at her temple. I look into her eyes as I blow my load on her face, decorating her already pretty, milky skin with some more white.
"That felt awesome" I say to her as she takes her hands off my shaft and begins to masturbate herself.

"A final orgasm...?" I say as I notice. "Let me help you with that." I say as I'm still hard.
I make her lean on the ground and thrust my cock inside her well lubed, pink lipped cunt. As I thrust myself in her, I rub my pistol across her right nipple and choke her a bit with my left hand. I'm beggining to go limp so I place the barrel over the apex of her right tit and push down, aligning the barrel to her heart. I push down with savage power, deforming her lovely breast almost to a doughnut shape. I squeeze the trigger only half-way and then back out.
[i]"I've another idea"[i/] I say to her as I pull out. I raise us both off the floor and grab her from behind in a choke hold position with my left arm. I then position her lovely, big tits in front of the camera, about two meters away.
"Let's give our common friend here a show." I say, positioning the gun to her back. The orgasm hungry whore begins anew to masturbate her moist cunt with one hand and play with her jiggly tits with the other. I leave her to her act for a few more minutes, until she begins to moan in front of the camera. As she closes her eyes and lets out a final moan, I unload a full magazine into her back. The bullets go through her chest like a hot knife through butter and make gaping red holes in her nubile young breasts and spray red powder in the air, in front of the camera. From the seven bullets I had in the magazine, two probably hit hear heart, impairing her vital functions, the other five wound up in either of her now destroyed appendages. As Isabella is dying, I throw away the pistol and massage her destroyed chest with my hand while I kiss her. I turn her head a bit to watch as the light in her eyes fades away. As soon as she's dead I go and stop the camera.

The contract issuer also mentioned he wanted some more tangible proof of this whore's demise.... I grab my hunting knife and slowly but surely hack away at her neck, severing her head from her body.
'Her dead eyes aren't so beautiful anymore, but beauty is subjective anyway.' I think to myself as I toss her head in a bag.
'A head alone is kind of useless though' I murmur to myself as I take a look at her still very attractive young flesh. I then get an idea... I take the knife again and begin carving out her sex. Her body is still warm and blood still gushes from the wounds...the kill is still fresh.
'I don't want it spoiling, so I better hurry'. I finish carving out Isabella's pussy, being careful not to damage her temple of pleasure. I put it in another bag, then take everything: head, pussy and notebook and leave.
'I'll send some agency rookie to clean up this mess' I say to myself as I leave.
'I'm sure her pussy will be made into a fine fleshlight and her pretty head will be a great ornament for the contracter.' were my final thoughts in regards to that contract.


My latest completed story posted in one single glorious part.

"Damn it, why do they always take the hot ones?" (a Duke Nukem babe slaughterfest)

Duke descended deeper into the alien lair that resided in the bowels of the city. With each passing minute, more and more slimers, octabrains and pregnators were creating a road of dead bodies along his way.

"How deep does this shit hole go?" he yelled in despair, blasting through waves of enemies with his trusty shotgun.

After about half an hour through his journey, he began hearing feminine voices. He could hear the desperate cries of babes echoing through the halls of the damp and dark alien lair. He kept pushing on, until after one turn he reached a big open chamber. There were at least two dozen alien eggs in the middle. He then looked around the eggs, and realized - much to his dismay - that there were kidnapped babes all around the eggs. There were 3 hanging from the ceiling, their feet trapped. They were looking at Duke, pleading to be saved. 4 of them were entrapped in vines along the walls of the chamber. They were all naked and voluptuous and Duke would have loved for the circumstances to be different. He didn't really have time to oogle at the hangin' tits of the ceiling trapped babes or gaze upon the sweet flesh of the others - suddenly 2 pregnators sprang from the dark corners unto two babes, clamping their marvelous and soft tits with their pointy mouths(?) and wasting no time to penetrate deep into their succulent cunts with their penises. Duke wasted no time and sprang into action, bashing the pregnators off the two distressed girls. In the process, their breasts were violently torn away, leaving their chests mutilated. Duke then stomped the pregnators and began destroying the eggs in the middle, before more of them hatched. His ripper machine gun made short work of them.

"NOT MY BABES. NOT IN MY TOWN." he shouted with rage, but it was too late - most of the babes were probably already fucked, literally.

He went over to the first attacked babe - a tall brunette with curly hair and good physique. She was probably not even 21. She was heaving and convulsing, clearly in shock from being raped by the pregnator.

"Damn waste of good tits..." Duke said looking over her flayed mammaries.

Upon inspecting her sex, he saw a white substance dripping from her ravaged cunt. In about half an hour she would die violently as the octababies would tear her womb apart and eat her from the inside, then bursting out and devouring the rest of the women in order to grow.
He put his golden eagle beneath her chin.
"Sorry babe, it's better this way." he said as he pressed the trigger, splattering the babe's head across the walls.

"What a mess. Now, to finish the job."

He took her lower abdomen into his sight, took one last look at the dripping wet cunt of the dead babe, then fired the rest of the magazine into it, annihilating the alien seeds and making a gory mess of her uterus.

He went over to the second violated babe - a feisty blonde with fair skin. Only her left milk bag got torn off from the attack, her other one being in pristine shape. Her perfect pink nipple prompted Duke to give it a really hard squeeze. He almost tore off her remaining breast himself, not realizing his strength in comparison to the softness and delicacy of her flesh. He then brushed off her long hair from her face to look at her more closely. She had a cute, innocent looking face, with sky blue eyes...and she begged him. Begged him to save her. He wanted to help, he wanted for there to be a way, but he knew that once she was fucked by a pregnator, there was no coming back. He looked down at her pussy. Her lips were spread apart, alien semen was dripping down her legs...

He had to spare ammo and be efficient, so he got out his shotgun. He crouched down, and pressed the barrel up in her vagina, slowly inserting it. He pushed it in only a few centimeters, so as to damage as much of her sex as possible and end her life by causing massive internal injury. It wouldn't be a quick death, but certainly better than being slowly devoured. He rubbed his hand over her womb, caressing her, before he said his goodbyes.
"See you in heaven babe!" as he pulled the trigger, liquefying her insides and turning her womanhood into minced meat. She gave out a blood curdling scream, then coughed blood a few times and tilted her head backward, her beautiful eyes rolling over. Blood and gore poured out of what once was a tender teen pussy.

"Damn it..." He exhaled with anguish as he looked around at the rest of the 5 women, who were probably also doomed. As he was going to see the third babe who had her feet and arms stuck in the wall, one of the babes from the ceiling started convulsing and screaming in pain. Duke immediately saw her tummy being deformed as if something was inside. He didn't really have time to react as her belly burst open and 3 octobabies sprung out. Duke whipped out his Ripper and mowed them down as fast as he could, but in the process he also hailed the fourth wallbabe with a shower of lead. She was probably of african descent as her skin was dark brown. Now, however, it was colored with something even darker...her blood. She was hit all over, from her big milk filled udders, to her belly, thighs and womb. Crimson holes dotted all across her feminine form. She expired before Duke could get to inspect her to know if she had been compromised. The ceiling babe that had just burst was somehow still alive and in grave pain - her moans of distress catching Duke's attention.
"Kill me...*cough*...please.... *cough*" she pleaded. Duke responded by grabbing her hanging head with his arms and snapping it in a sudden, powerful move.

The remaining wall babe was a hot, freckled redhead. Butt naked, with her precious twin jewels the size of coconuts. Her protruding hipbones and toned belly made Duke instantly have a hard on. He was hoping, now more than ever, that she wasn't yet compromised, but he was weary. He approached her and pointed his shotgun directly at her womb, almost pressing the trigger.

"Don't shoot! I haven't been fucked yet! They only entrapped me in the wall and left me to be food for the hatchlings! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!"

Duke raised his eyebrow in anticipation. He inspected her tits bite marks. He probed her pussy with his middle finger as deep as he alien sperm.
"Jackpot. Let's get you out of there."
He pulled out her limbs one by one out of the living walls, almost snapping her slender arms due to the necessary force, but she was grateful nonetheless. She was pretty small, barely 1.6 meters tall and with a tiny frame, yet her fiery long hair and her green eyes made her incredibly seductive.

"Hold on, before we go on. I need a fix." Duke said as he unzipped his trousers and let out his glorious man rod.

She gave him a dirty look then kneeled and began to work his member with her feeble and delicate arms, licking it as she progressed with circular motions. She clearly could use her tongue.

"Ooh yeah, that's the spot" exclaimed Duke as he was looking into her green eyes.

He couldn't really get to the orgasm, as the babe's beautiful face and head suddenly exploded in a shower of blood and brain. It was an octabrain that shot an energy ball. Somehow Duke's dick escaped barely grazed. He quickly grabbed the shotgun and sent the flying alien monster to hell, exploding in the ceiling and killing the other two babes trapped on the ceiling in the blast. Only their charred carcasses were now visible. Their skin was burnt and their fat tits were splattered all over. But somehow, Duke had to finish his job, so he grabbed the redheads corpse by the shoulders and thrust his member down her neck stump, fucking her esophagus.

"Now that's what I call deepthroat!"

He quickly came, spurting his seed deeo into her belly. Afterward he tossed her corpse away, cleaned his cock and stomped viciously on her cunt a few times, just to be sure there won't be any octababies coming out. His force was enough to make her neck stump and pussy to spurt jets of blood.

He proceeded through the halls until he reached a terrifying corridor. Upon opening an anus-shaped door, he saw a 15 meter long, 3 meter wide corridor filled with babes plastered all around the walls. There were probably a dozen or more of them. Some of them were stuck in such a way that only their lower half was encased in the wall and their upper body was free to flail, while others were encased in an opposite way, only their feet and pussy being exposed. They seemed to be blinded by something and were grasping at the air in front of them, wailing and crying. As Duke approached and tried to pass through the corridor, he was quickly grabbed by their hands.

"Let me go, god damn it. How am I going to save you if you keep pulling at me."

But common sense didn't seem to reach them, so he had to break himself out by force, snapping their arms like twigs and kicking them back. There was no way around it...he had to kill all of them.

Just as he was preparing a pipebomb, he heard noises from the other side of the corridor. A pack of octabrains were coming his way, from the other side. He caught a quick glimpse of them before he ducked away behind a corner - they weren't full size yet, probably not mature.

Duke knew that just throwing the pipebomb at the agile octabrains would do nothing, as they could dodge away. He had to wait for an opportunity, so he took cover, ducking in a crevice. The pack of not yet mature octabrains didn't seem to notice him, and instead stopped at the first babe that was hanging from the ceiling. She was a pretty dumb looking blond bimbo, whose arms were encased in the alien slimy structure that covered the rocky walls. She was rather shapely, sporting a pair of overgrown mammaries, probably G cups, that would have hypnotized any human with their bouncing glory.

The pack of octabrains quickly surrounded her and began licking her with their long and slimy tongues. She could have found it a bit pleasing if it weren't for the acidity of their saliva that caused her to feel like she caught fire. She started screaming her lungs out, bucking and kicking while hanging from her feeble hands - her efforts to escape the pain finally prompting the aliens to begin their feast. There were five octabrains in total. One sat behind her, waiting to gorge on her fat ass. Another gravitated around her head, while two others were licking her dangling huge twin meat orbs and the last one was going to tear at her puffy cunt and her sweet thighs.

"Oh my god....are they going to.." thought Duke observing the octabrains.

His thoughts were cut short as he witnessed the octabrains coordinatedly beginning their onslaught upon the young trapped babe. A fountain of blood formed as her jugular, and probably most of her throat, was ripped apart in a vicious bite, causing the nubile young girl to gurgle blood and silencing her screams. Her voluptuous chest was savagely bitten off...chunk by chunk by chunk, until not even her heart and lungs remained unscathed. To be fair, the size of her tits was big enough to warrant more than 6 bites from the hungry, developing aliens in order to be fully consumed. Her delicate twat was, however, promptly torn off in a single bite, along with a sizeable chunk of her uterus, leaving a gaping, bleeding hole where once her sex tunnel was. That hole grew with each moment, as the aliens took bite after bite off of her tender meat. Her suffering ended when one of the octabrains that was behind her, sunk it's teeth into the back of her skull and with a sudden clench, caved in her skull and mushed her brain - extinguishing her existence. All that was left of her were the bloody stumps of her arms that were left in the ceiling.

It turned out that the tunnel acted as a larder for alien food. All the naked, vulnerable human females were nothing more than food on display, or hosts to be impregnated and consumed afterwards at best.
This became abundantly clear to Duke as well, as the pack of octabrains, being done with their appetizer rushed to devour the remainder of nubile, helpless flesh babes, each choosing a separate cunt to eat as their main dish. If it took them three minutes to devour one babe, it would mean that their new victims would agonize in pain for at least ten minutes each. Soon a wave of agonizing screeches washed over Duke's ears as the octabrains sank their teeth into the many exposed areas of the naked babes that were plastered over the walls. This was his chance he thought, they wouldn't notice him throwing a pair of pipe bombs their way. He peeked his head outside of his hiding place and saw the unsettling carnage that was unfolding. There were babes with their heads bitten off or horribly mutilated, babes whose entrails were falling out, whose breasts were replaced with gaping crimson holes... Duke was horrified so he threw the pipebombs, duck back and pushed the detonator.

The sea of screams was briefly replaced by an inferno of fire and debris. The cleansing flames engulfed both the aliens and most of the babes, immolating them and leaving only a mass of charred carcasses behind. They were burnt beyond recognition and the ones closer to the blast had their limbs blasted off and their torsos littered with rocky shrapnel. A few babes that were closer to the entrance, where Duke resided, survived the blast, but were now badly burnt by the blast wave. They were blind and full of fear, as they didn't know whether they were going to be gnawed at by aliens or blown apart. They had to be put out of their misery.

"Sorry babe. It's better this way." he said as he bashed in a young brunette's head with his Ripper machine gun's stock.

What a fragile creature...her head caved in with a single blow. Her hazel eyes popped out of their orbits and her brain matter stained Duke's gun. Her body twitched a bit, shaking her decent, yet not amazing tits, and then went cold. Another one, a shaking redhead with her arms broken and bones protruding, was in front of Duke. He took her head in his strong arms, caressed her hair and whispered into her ear "These aliens bastards are going to pay for what they did to you".
*crack* her neck was snapped quickly after those words, sending her into the eternal dark abyss that is death. Two other babes had to be executed in a similar fashion...their beautiful heads and round faces with full lips never again to be used for sucking cock.

He now walked forwards, through the tunnel that was plastered with the mauled corpses of at least two dozen once beautiful babes. They were unrecognizable now, just butchered and burnt meat and gore.
Walking forward, he came upon another large oval room, with a bunch of eggs in the middle and a handful of naked babes stuck to the walls. Only two of the eggs had hatched. Duke still had hope that he'd rescue some of the babes. He quickly opened fire and destroyed the unhatched pregnator eggs then proceeded to inspect the babes. To his surprise, the first two babes that were bound together close to each other, their limbs intertwined and stuck in the wall... were the Holsom twins - Mary and Kate. They were startled by Duke and let out a brief scream. Duke inspected their pussy, probing their cunts and to his shock, finding that they had been fucked.

"Duuuuuuuke. Get us out of here!"
"It was our first time...fucking with an alien."

He placed his hand over their warm uterus and bellies to confirm his suspicion. There was movement inside. The twins would soon be eaten from the inside and die a violent and gruesome death, as their most precious female parts would be turned into alien snacks.

"Don't worry babes. I won't let you die. Not without a fight." Duke said with conviction.

He decided he had to forcibly abort the alien spawns, even at the price of the twins's sex caves. Without much warning, he raised his foot and kicked Kate in her womb, smashing her insides and probably destroying her pelvis. A jet of blood came out of her cunt and an eardrum bursting scream followed.

"Sorry babe... at least now you won't be killed by the alien from the inside."

Kate coughed a bit of blood then her head slumped down as she fell unconscious. Duke wasn't sure if the alien was dead, but he couldn't risk another kick, it could cause internal bleeding beyond what she could sustain. He turned his attention to Mary. His cock was throbbing inside his pants. He wanted so desperately to fuck her petit cunt, but he knew it was compromised. He crouched, massaged over her lower abdomen with his hands one last time, then inserted two fingers into her sex. He fingered her for a few minutes, rejoicing in her moans of pleasure while groping her perfectly pear shaped tits with the other hand. He gradually inserted the other fingers into her twat, causing gradually increasing pain up to the point where she was clearly almost sobbing from the pain that replaced her pleasure.

"This is gonna hurt." he said, trying to prepare her for what was to come. But words alone couldn't have any effect on the torment she was about to experience.

Duke made a sudden move up into her sex and grabbed what was nesting inside. With unbridled force he yanked out his hand, pulling out the alien octabrain baby and...unfortunately for Mary, a big chunk of her uterus along with her vagina and labias also came out. Came out is a nice of putting it, for her organs were ripped apart viciously and now all she could do was scream. She screamed her lungs out as large streams of blood were now pouring out of her ruined lower abdomen. She passed out soon thereafter. It was pretty clear that she wouldn't survive the hemorrhage so Duke decided to give up any other attempt at forcibly aborting babes. He also knew that he had to end Mary, so he took out his pistol, pressed the barrel inside Mary's unconscious mouth and aimed upwards.

*BOOM* the cave echoed as one of his most precious babes was sent over to the other side, her empty shell's brain matter being either vaporized or mixed with fragments of her skull and littered across the cave's walls and floor.

A good few minutes passed since Kate's abortion. Duke had hoped he could save at least her. His hope was soon ruined though, because as soon as Kate seemed to come back to consciousness, her belly seemed to move. He probably had missed one of the octababies with his kick. Duke couldn't let her be eaten alive so he got out his shotgun to finish her quickly.

"But Duuuuuuke! You promised you'd save u-" she was cut short as a cloud of flechettes from his shotgun round passed through her face, disfiguring her pretty face and interrupting her stream of consciousness. Her head was pulverized, blown almost clean off. An explosion of crimson painted Duke red. He had a tear in his eye, but he had to move forward, so he did the same to her lower abdomen.Her toned belly and smooth skin were no match for the flying projectile swarm that was released by Duke's shotgun.

His favorite fuck toys were no more, but their bodies were still warm. Duke unzipped and let out his monstrous erection. He wanted to feel his favorite babes one more time before moving on, so he groped Kate's tits, squeezed them hard then ripped her right meatbag from her chest, bit off it's pink and sensible nipple then placed her fatty tit on his cock, it's head going through the enlarged nipple hole. He ripped her other pristine breast and penetrated it from the bloody side with his cock. Her bloody tits felt amazing as the fatty glands inside lubed his shaft. He placed each hand on one of her tits and quickly rubbed one out, cumming all over Kate's corpse. He then placed the now almost empty skin sacs that were her tits over her shoulders then placed a pipe bomb in Kate's damaged, yet still structurally sound cunt. He would detonate once done in the chamber.

Duke turned to the other three babes and to his huge relief, they were all fine. They hadn't been blinded or fucked by the pregnators.
There was Tara, an ebony beauty with amazing hips and thick thighs that could only be outshined by her beautiful face with chestnut eyes and dark hair.
Another was named Michelle, and she seemed to be a french student with an amazing bosom and a very smart look with short auburn hair.
The last babe was Cassidy. She looked even better than the Holsom twins. Lean body, natural and firm tits, blonde hair and looks that could seduce any straight man... or woman for that matter. A definite fuck toy in Duke's book.
Duke released them from their bonds and guided them through the rest of the tunnels, blasting aliens and briefly executing other babes that weren't as fortunate as them. This made them question whether he was trustworthy or not, but after shielding them with his body during their last encounter with the alien bitch queen, they felt safe around Duke. Their perilous journey through the alien lair ended after a few painful hours of crawling through corridors and dodging octabrains.

A few days later, Cassidy, Michelle and Tara were coddling up with Duke in his massive pool at the top of Duke Tower. Cassidy was working on his shaft with her tight gripping pussy and awesome physique, while the other two were Duke's grope toys. He had a new harem of babes.

"HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!" he said gloriously as he came inside Cassidy.


This is my favorite, so hot! Thank you for great stories.


Decommissioning the Milk Maidens

Part 1 - A Little Debauchery

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick... TOCK...
The giant pendulum clock in Nisroth's mansion hall swings left and right, ceaselessly counting seconds.

"Time... Without it, nothing would be of any value, all things would be mere three dimensional slices of matter. Constant...
Through time, mountains wither into sand, rivers form and dry out, empires rise... but they also fall. People are born... only to inevitably one day die. It is through time that we achieve our greatest heights...and plummet to our darkest days. "

Nisroth clears his throat, looking at the other two men in the room, as they sip red wine from delicate crystal glasses and observe him. They probably don’t care much about his blabbering mouth.

"Tonight, my friends and gentlemen, we celebrate the passage of time!" dictates Nisroth as he opens the doors of the guest room.

"Ladies, come inside! Tonight, you're the stars of the show….”

As Nisroth finishes his speech, three beautiful damsels gracefully stride inside the room and align in front of the trio of suited men. They're all wearing cherry dark red high-heels, coupled with the same color of lipstick, but no other makeup. They're all wearing a pair of stockings, that bring out the form of their young, well-toned legs. They're wearing a pair of red satin panties. Their sex is barely concealed. They're wearing a black latex corset around their abdomen. Their primary assets, their well developed and juicy breasts, are hidden behind slightly transparent, red plastic bras. Their attire would awaken lust in any man.

“Each of you has decided that your time has come, that you reached the apex of your careers and that you want to go out in full glory. We are happy to oblige."

The first milk maiden in line, Britney, is a true black jewel. She's of oriental descent and her brown, smooth skin is accompanied by black as night, long, overflowing hair and a contrasting smile with perfect white teeth. According to her papers, she is 24 and has been milked since 17, more than most of her collegues. Since that age, her breasts have grown from splendid D cups to enormous, overbearing H cups. She's been impregnated several times to facilitate milk production and has also been exercising her body. It takes some pec strength to keep those milk jugs perky and centered.

"I'm pleased to be with you tonight, gentlemen. It's a true honor to be of service and offer entertainment to the emperor himself and to his guests." she speaks solemnly, looking straight ahead.

"And indeed you shall..." replies Garrus, sitting in his chair, without concealing his anticipation.

The second girl is Ashley. She's in her early teens. Her pure, golden hair, blue marble-like eyes, above average height and fair skin point to her being from somewhere in the Scandinavian peninsula. Her udders are approximately E cups and are looking to bust out of her bra. They'll get that chance later this night.

"Pleased to meet you all, I'm Ashley." she opens up with a candid smile, while strutting her body to shake her tits and provoke a reaction.

"We're glad to have a woman as beautiful and well endowed as you here, with us." replies Nisroth, in a full, deep voice.

The third girl is named Lydia. She looks restless, impatient. Her hands are constantly moving. She plays with her ashen red hair and smiles coyly at the men. Her tiny eyes and well rounded, warm face emanates anticipation as she exchanges stares with the three men. She has a tiny frame, barely 1,6 meters tall, but that just makes her all the more likable. Her tits are not as huge as those of her other two collegues, but definitely well suited for her petite body and more than enough for industrial production of premium quality milk.

"You can begin… anytime you want." she remarks, while maintaining eye contact with Ivan and running her hands across her torso, ending the motion with a nice, firm squeeze of her breasts.
"Nis, what are we waiting for, you know formalities aren't really my thing. Let us enjoy the ladies!" murmurs Ivan distractedly, his eyes still fixated upon Lydia's nubile body.

"Well, then, seeing as each of us has already found a favorite, we are ready to begin the evening. For one reason or another, these beyond beautiful milk maidens have chosen to end their careers, here, with us. First, we shall honor their service with a last milking. After that, when everyone's finished enjoying themselves, we shall proceed to the basement, where a game awaits us."

"Fuck, yeah! Nisroth, you the man!" yells Ivan as he rockets from his chair and jumps towards Lydia. He tears her flimsy red bra apart with his massive hands, revealing her tits in their full splendor. She gasps, a bit surprised and smiles at Ivan. He's almost half a meter taller than her, so he kneels in front of her and plunges his face between her flesh milk jugs, motorboating Lydia till her large nipples become prominent, aroused. Ivan looks at Lydia and notices how hot she's become. She bites her upper lip and begins massaging her crotch. Seeing this, Ivan pulls her panties to the side and marvels at her sex.

"You're truly a hot piece of flesh, aren't ya, Lydia?"

She doesn't respond, but instead takes his head in her arms and forces him down to please her with his tongue. He obliges and begins tasting her nectar. His tongue oscillates perfectly and soon she shivers from the pleasure, a wild orgasm taking hold of her.
Next, Ivan points his attention to her teats. They're full of potent juice and after this stimulation, he bets they're ready to give. He places his mouth over her right tit and begins licking it, and massaging it with his hands. With every squeeze he gives, her nipple oozes sweet, white milk into Ivan's mouth. He enjoys every second of it as he switches from gentle squeezes to hard yanks and tame bites of her mammary extremities.

Meanwhile, Garrus heads over to Britney. He grasps her in his arms. They're both smiling and eager to begin. First, they kiss, slowly, with refinement. Afterwards, he turns her around, and carefully unties her bra and her corset. Britney takes a few steps away from Garrus, still holding her clothes on and teases him with a few provocative moves. She throws her bra at him - he catches it and takes a whiff of her perfume. She proceeds to also remove her corset and panty, leaving her almost naked, except for the red stockings. Garrus is clearly aroused, judging by his massive erection and red face. Britney, eager to be milked, walks over to the table and grabs a big cup. She heads over to the stunned man and hands the cup to him - she takes his other empty hand and places it on her chest.

"These aren't going to milk themselves, you know?"

Garrus shakes his head, still a bit dazed by the marvelous shape of Britney’s tits. He places the mug underneath her left breast, angled at 45 degrees, as if he was pouring beer, then he begins. The slow massage and yanking of her breast make her moan.
“Umh. Umph. Tighter. SQUEEZE IT!” she cries in delight.
He kicks it up a notch and gets rougher, slapping her udders and squeezing them forcefully until he fills the cup, which he puts over on the counter. There’s a bulge in his pants. Britney notices. He doesn’t protest as she undoes his belt and pulls down his pants to reveal his massive erect cock.

“My turn to return the pleasure” she whispers to him as she places his cock between her tits. She massages his shaft up and down, engulfing it with her soft fatty mammaries and licking the tip. It doesn’t take long before Garrus explodes on her face and tits.

While Ivan and Garrus revel in the company of the soon to be decommissioned Britney and Lydia, Nisroth takes Ashley into the next room. He likes it a bit more private.

“Alright darlin’, let’s see what you’ve got.” says Nisroth as he takes a seat in an armchair.
The young girl winks provocatively at him as she approaches the armchair. She begins to tease. She springs around, up and down, shaking her tender ass and revealing her sex from time to time.

“You aren’t that innocent and doe eyed now, aren’t you, you little rascal…” replies Nisroth.

Ashley bows down, bearing her breasts in her arms and flopping them around in Nisroth’s face. As she retracts herself and turns around, to excite him some more with her ludicrous looking ass, he unzips his pants.

“Get over here!” he commands in a thunderous voice as he grabs her by the waist and pulls her down.

There’s an ‘Oh’ as she feels his cock briefly rubbing against her ass and then penetrating her cunt. She starts working on his cock, slowly sliding up and down, lubricating it with her juices. She’s leaning on him, with her back obfuscating his face and intoxicating him with her perfume. While she’s getting him warmed up, he unties her bra and gives her enormous tits a thorough groping. They’re ripe for milking so Nisroth, encouraged by the enticing sounds of her moans begins to rub and squeeze her nipples till she starts sprinkling milk. Nobody’s gonna drink it, but Nisroth gets an idea – with his hands still moist, he starts massaging Ashley’s clit. She slowly ups the pace of the fucking, gradually increasing the stimulation of the emperor’s cock. He stops playing around and grabs her by the waist with both hands – he’s now moving her up and down on his cock as fast as he can. Suddenly – crescendo, he unloads a full dose of royal milk up her sex cannal.

Seeing as everyone’s done with the warming up, Nisroth proceeds:

“Alright ladies and friends, let’s hurry up and get going with the main event. The night is still young! Let’s not waste it.” he recites gloriously while leading the group through the mansion’s corridors, into the basement.

Part 2 - Poke em full o' holes


A switch is pressed and the room lights up. It is a brick walled, long room with a high ceiling. The wall on the other, far side of the room appears to be riddled with bullet holes of all shapes and size. There are stains of dried up blood all over the granite floor. Immediately on the left and right sides of this shooting polygon style room, lay a few cabinets. Nisroth makes way for the group to enter the room and then grins, pointing at three cage-like boxes, hanging from the roof, positioned along the shooting gallery.

“Courtesy of our three retiring milk maiden, we’ll play a game…” he opens up;

“Oooh, a game! Describe it to us, sire! We can hardly wait to see what you’ve come up with.” interrupt Lydia and Britney;

“I hope you three aren’t squeamish when it comes to pain and death, because you’ll be experiencing some of that rather soon.” he resumes;

“Oh, bollocks! Of course they aren’t. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here, being decomissioned.” protests Ivan “Let us get started already!”

“Alright, so the gist of it is that our 3 damsels will be locked in three bulletproof glass cages. Those cages have, however, a hole at chest height, so that their breasts can hang outside. They’ll get inside the cages, muffled or unmuffled, then the cages will be hoisted up, so that they are face down, to allow their tits to hang diddily through the air. The fun part is that they’ll be placed 25 meters away from us, and they’ll be swinging perpendicularly to us while being swung by pendulums. First in line will be Britney, then, half a meter apart will swing Lydia and then Ashley. It’s important to note that they aren’t swinging in sync so there’ll only be brief moments when they overlap-“

“I see where this is going. So… what will we use? Bow and arrow? Pistols? Hatchets?” asks Garrus impatiently;

"Maybe even a minigun..." adds Ivan while eyeing Lydia's heaving chest;

“All of these are very tempting options, but considering the range…we’ll be using .308 caliber sniper rifles. We’ll take turns taking shots at the nubile breasts of our resident three beauties. We each have 3 shots. Each pierced breast is 1 point. Hitting and obliterating a nipple yields 10 points, considering the difficulty. Grazing or scratching a breast doesn’t count, a hole needs to be shot through for it to be considered a point. Any questions?”

“How will we keep track of our scores?” inquires Ivan.

“There are three high speed cameras that will be placed in front of each of our lasses’ fun bags. We’ll count at the end the score of each of us. Oh, also - the winner gets to decide who he gets to snuff…or, maybe keep for himself. I don’t really care what you do with them. Each of us gets a girl. Whether that girl will be damaged or not, is entirely up to us. Let’s get rolling.” are Nisroth’s last words for the moment, as he takes the three girls to the cages in order to prepare them.

He can see they’re a bit uneasy so he offers them painkillers and a gag, so they can bite down when the pain comes. Ashley takes both, even though she's least likely to be hit.
‘A shame, I would have liked hearing her melodious voice produce screeches of agony. Oh well…’ Nisroth thinks to himself as he gags her. Lydia turns out to be a true pain whore, refusing either of those, while Britney only takes the painkillers. She’s in first line and will probably need them most. Her breasts are also the biggest, so they’ll be the easiest targets.

“I thank you for your services. You will be remembered as our empire’s finest milk maidens.” utters Nisroth a bit nonchalantly as he hoists them up. He fiddles with their flopping udders a bit then starts the pendulum machine and heads back to Ivan and Garrus.

Nisroth opens up one of the cabinets, revealing 3 winchester 0.308 hunting rifles. He hands one to each of his friends and takes the last one himself.

“We all have a clip with only 3 bullets loaded. Garrus, seeing as Britney is first in line, I’ll let you take the first shot. Ivan and I will follow suit, and we will repeat this sequence 3 times. Oh, one last thing, if one of their breasts gets completely severed by one of our bullets, then that person automatically wins, with the other two having to count their points and settle who’s the second and whose third.”

“Fuck yeah. Luck’s always been my strong point.” yells Ivan.

“Let us begin, then!” replies Garrus.

The girls are swinging at about 1 meter above the ground, so in order to shoot from a prone position they use a table on which they stand.

Garrus takes aim. He wants to go big on the first shot, so he watches for a moment where all three are aligned. He takes a deep breath and shoots.

“AAAAAAAAAAAARGH” screams Britney as the big metal object blasts a hole through her milk melons, immolating her mammary tissue, causing searing pain and leaving behind a gaping red hole at the base of her feminine prides. The dark red hole that's just a few centimeters from her ribs begins to ooze out a mix of blood and traces of milk. Both her tits are pierced through, but Lydia and Ash escape the metal slug's wrath.

“You sure she took painkillers?“ asks Garrus.

“I suppose… anyway, good shot. Ivan you’re up”

Ivan kneels instead of using the table. He doesn’t aim for long and squeezes the trigger fully. Britney and Lydia both screech in agony. The bullet scratches Britney’s left tit, but it only manages to burn the flesh and cause pain, while Lydia’s breasts take a full centered hit that leaves behind a perfect tunnel through her soft fatty glands. Her scream only stops once she runs out of air.

“There’s more where that came from baby!” yells Ivan

“2 points for Ivan. Britney’s only got scratched.” says Nisroth reviewing the glorious slow motion footage of Lydia's torment;

“It’s harder than I thought. I like challenges.” mumbles Ivan;

Nisroth prepares to take his shot, he watches Ashley’s plump tits swing left and right. Her erect pink nipples are like a bull’s eye.


The bullet leaves a trail of heat that Britney and Lydia barely feel as their pain obfuscates their senses, but it passes between their dangling tits, not causing further damage. Ashley feels relief as well, as the bullet narrowly misses her nipples and instead gets shattered into a lot of pieces upon impact with the reinforced concrete wall at the end of the room that's stained with blood and impact holes. That wall has been the final destination of many bullets that passed through beautiful damsels.

"Pff, I'll get you next time... my dearest Ashley..."

*AAAAAAAARHHGHGH* scream Lydia and Britney in a chorus of shear pain.
Garrus's second shot is a 4 pointer. He manages to poke two more holes into Britney's already bleeding breasts, leaving streams of blood and traces of milk to pour on her forms and drip from her dark chocolate colored erect nipples. Lydia's slightly tanned and enticing breasts suffer a similar fate, now having 4 total cannals dug through her stupendous mammaries.

"FUCK YEAH." exclaims Garrus as he takes the lead with 6 points.

"Heh, that's nothing! Watch my next shot!" yells back Ivan.

He takes up his position on the table and watches with baited breath at the swinging tits of all three girls...waiting for them to be aligned. He probably wants to obliterate the nipples of at least two of them.

None of the three is breathing and then... the suspense vanishes as the bullet exits the muzzle with explosive speed.

Britney bites her lip before letting out a blood curdling scream as her breasts get pierced for a third time. Her delicate skin and soft fatty tissue that resides inside her twin peaks are no match for the steel bullet that carves a bleeding and burning hole right under the base of her aureolas, sparing her erect nipples the devastation.

Lydia, however, gets both of her pink prides removed by the speeding metal objects. Jets of blood stream out and stain the granite floor. They probably won't be cleaned any time soon. Once Ivan looks at the footage he jumps with joy as he has taken the lead now with 14 points. A very respectable score.

Nisroth look at Emily...drugged and swinging in her cage in the back. She hasn't even been hit yet, but this was part of his plan, to leave her in the back as possible so he could enjoy her demise in the best possible state. He takes his time to aim at her almost hypnotizing tits swing, anticipating the shot that would make Ashley a nippleless woman. He squeezes the trigger slowly until the riffle triggers the mechanism and the bullet flies. It pierces the fifth hole in Britney's tits, around the three hits that were at the base of her jugs, as at that height were also Ashley's most precious extremities. Britney's glorious tits are now a bloody sieve, almost ready to blown away by another bullet.

At last, success. Ashley bites down on the gag as the pain of her nipples being evaporated overwhelms her sensory neurons, even if it's dulled by the drugs she's taken. The bullet then finds it's resting place in the wall at the end, staining it with minute traces of Ashley's nipple and Britney's tit fat. No doubt Nisroth's dogs would like to lick that wall clean of all that blood then ravage and tear at the bosom of the three vixens, but that won't happen as they've already been fed and asleep. Nisroth is now the second, with 12 points to his name.

Garrus is looking a bit nervous, only having 6 points, so he decides that his only chance is to shoot at Britney, his chosen toy for the night. He must either shoot off her tits or her nipples to come in second. As her leaking tits swing back and forth, he makes a brash decision and shoots without proper aim. His shot, however, manages to completely remove Britney's nipples. Both of them. It was rather spectacular to see them on the slow motion recap as they get deformed and pushed with such speed that meat that made up her nipples is simply torn apart from the rest of her tit and then probably splattered on the wall at the end. Garrus becomes the second, with 16 points.

Ivan shows no mercy for Britney's jugs. He decides... or rather his bullet, that Britney's tits just can't have enough metal flying through them and he pokes the 5th hole at the base of her swinging meat bags, making them very close to coming off. Lydia gets only one of her breasts punctured. The screaming they both produce has little effect now on the boys. Ivan has 17 points and is now second.

"Watch and learn." says Nisroth as he prepares to take his last shot.

He must either destroy Lydia's nipples -the last ones in the game- or make Britney's meat bags go free from her chest, allowing her pectorals, or what's left of them... to be free from their burden.

A few moments pass as Nisroth prepares for the final shot of the contest. His nerves are cold as steel as he squeezes the trigger.



"AAAAAAARGHHHHHHH* Lydia and Britney's screams fill the chamber.

"The absolute madman himself..." grins Garrus.

"Well done." Ivan shakes Nisroth's hand.

Nisroth won the game with a demonstration of incredible skill, both severing Britney's tits from the base and at the same time pulverizing Lydia's hot red nipples.

"Ashley is mine." states Nisroth victoriously.

"I choose Lydia..." states Ivan a bit disappointed that he lost, though he did get to choose his favorite toy.

"Aaaand Britney will have her last meeting with me, then." ends Garrus. He's no sore loser, yet he still feels bad that his toy is the most damaged.

Nisroth pulls a lever and lowers the glass cages that held still living target bunnies inside. Their life still had the chance to provide so much pleasure, even if parts of their feminine beauty were damaged beyond repair.

"While I free the girls, go sift through the cabinets and find yourselves some grown man toys." says Nisroth as he unlocks Britney's cage and she springs out, her hands free.

She grasps and feels the place where her huge tits once were, but her hands only feel raw meat and get stained by her blood. The bleeding won't cause her to pass out anytime soon, but she feels a bit dizzy. She grabs her damaged tits from the floor. They barely even resemble breasts anymore and are but separate masses of fatty tissue that still holds a bit of milk. She tosses them away and goes straight to Ivan to browse the cabinets alongside him. As he stares at each weapon her look changes. She would like to go out suddenly, preferably with a boom...

"This. I want you to blow me away." she says, pointing at a large 20 gauge shotgun.

Garrus winks at her, smacks her ass and then grabs the shotgun with a hand then pulls her toward him with his other hand and he begins kissing her. Britney wastes no time to unzip Garrus's pants so that her cunt would have a last supper - big fat cock. They end up on the floor, Garrus on top, fucking her with ample motions, the shotgun besides them. As he rides her, he chokes her with his left hand a bit, while he uses his right hand to tear away what bloody extremities were left behind on her chest, until he sees the feint ivory of one of her ribs. Her cunt strangles his member even more as she remains out of air. Before she passes out, Garrus lets her breathe and gets his shotgun. He lifts her head up a bit so that he can place the barrel in her mouth.

It feels cold and big. Britney welcomed her impending demise and started to suck on the metal barrel, as if it were the juiciest dick she ever saw, while she rubbed her clit as her pussy was getting rammed ever so faster. Suddenly... climax. Britney feels her vagina being filled by Garrus's hot spunk. It is a fleeting feeling, as after that only darkness follows.




Her mind was splattered all over the floor, along with bits of her skull. Her face still looked like she was about to orgasm, like she was feeling intense pleasure, with her mouth around the shotgun's barrel. Her mind could not create these kinds of stimulations now, or any stimulation or feeling for that matter, as it was blown out the back of her head. Garrus took one more shot, this time with the shotgun out of her mouth - and destroyed her pretty face. It was now an unrecognizable gory mess that was littering the floor.

"You were a good girl, Britney." he says as he pulls out of her now dead and clenched cunt.

While the scene was unfolding, Lydia was freed and was now kneeling in front of Ivan, working his shaft. The tears of pain she cried during the shooting had ruined her makeup, but this only made her pretty face even sexier as she looked vulnerable, exposed. Her green eyes were making constant contact with Ivan's cold, lustful stare. He caressed her ashen red hair with his hand as she caressed his dick with her lips and delicate hands. 'She's very beautiful' Ivan thinks to himself. as he holds a bat in his hands, imagining how he'd strike her petite little head and destroy that beauty. The anticipation, the feeling of holding absolute power over her life sends so much dopamine up in his reward circuit that he feels almost transcendant. He could strike her unconscious at any time, maybe even crack open her skull with the first strike and watch as her mind oozes out while she twitches in her death throes. These mental simulations, accompanied by the nubile Lydia's lips around his cock make him cum. He cums in her mouth, pulls out and then cums for a few seconds on her face. She takes it all with an open mouth and then leans back on her hands, allowing her head to be struck clean by Ivan's merciless bat. The redheaded milk maiden is ready to embrace her fate.

Ivan raises his bat up in the air and prepares to strike. He swing.

Lydia is surprised as Ivan stops himself midswing. There is almost a look of disappointment on her face. A few seconds pass and Ivan looks at her vulnerable young frame, at her longing stare to be terminated. She's a total doll. Ivan leans forward, leaves the bat down and closes her surprised mouth.

"Only a slight detail..." he says.

He puts his big hands on her tits and fondles them a bit, then squeezes them, milk and blood pouring out the bullet holes and her ruined nipples. He then places two of his fingers from each hand inside the holes that were made in her breasts by the passing bullets. Her soft tits feel very arousing to the touch. Ivan rips her tits away without any notice, causing poor Lydia to scream out in renewed pain.

"Here. Eat them while staring at me with your beautiful, beautiful eyes." says Ivan as he hands her her own breasts.

She's reluctant at first, but being the good slut that she is, Lydia takes a bite of off her right breast. It tastes weird... a bit salty and irony from the blood, and the texture isn't better... chewy fat and skin. She resumes her kneeled position, ready to be executed, while eating her own tits. Her legs are a bit spread apart now, so that she might finger herself and give her clit some good rubbing. Ivan stares at her seductive face, slowly taking bite after bite, until her right breast is fully eaten, and her face is bloody. Her green eyes and lustful stare remain fixed on him as she takes the other one and begins to gorge on it.

Ivan watches with anticipation, preparing to strike. He's hard again and he knows what he'll do. He raises the bat. Lydia manages to reach orgasm as she frantically rubs herself harder and harder at the sight of the bat. She swallows her bite then lets out a moan of pleasure. Ivan casts his bat down with incredible force until the bat makes contact with the side of Lydia's head.

There's a sudden ringing in her head, followed by dizziness and then it all blacks out. She collapses on her side, her eyes staring blankly at Ivan's feet. He probably cracked her skull, but her brain was still in the cranium, making her body twitch on the floor. Ivan decided to remedy this twitching with a flurry of swings to her head, completely spreading the beautiful readhead's brain matter on the floor. Well, her face was indeed beatiful a few moments ago, but now it was a red mess of skin that wasn't properly supported by her shattered skull. The eye on the side where she got hit popped out of it's orbit and rolled towards Ivan. He didn't notice it, stepped on it and almost tripped.
That was the end for Lydia.

While this was taking place Nisroth had already freed Ashley from her restraints and snuck with her into his bedroom.

"You don't want to kill me you?" she asks while sitting on the bed, while Nisroth was locking the door.

Nisroth remained silent and turned towards her. She had her legs spread and was fondling her breasts. Her nipples were gone and she was now bleeding again due to her squeezing her tits.

"You placed me in the last line, even though my breasts were smaller. You took careful aim and only blew my nipples away...Why?" she continued;

"Maybe..." he responds criptically and gets closer to her.

"Maybe I'll cauterize your tits and keep you as my fuck doll for a few days." he says, grasping her tear shaped tits with his hands.

"Then...I'd swing a sledgehammer to burst those tits like balloons of milk." he says suddenly squeezing her tits until substantial blood began oozing out her nipples.

"Then I'd have to dispatch you in an entertaining manner...perhaps feeding my dogs with you. Maybe using one of my anti tank riffles to pop your pretty blonde head." Nisroth whispered into her ear, turning her on like a christmas tree light. If she'd have nipples, they'd be as hard as they can get.

"Or maybe you'll let me please you..." she whispers in an alluring tone, unzipping Nisroth's pants and stroking his cock, while smiling perversely in his face.

He takes her hands and pins them on the bed and then mounts over her. She's very agile and lifts her toned belly and pelvis in the air, brushing her cunt against the emperor's hard pole.

"So eager... so lustful. I like you Ashley."

Nisroth pushes his cock inside her and unites his lips with hers. Her nubile face with candid blue eyes were just irresistable. He fucked her senseless for a good thirty minutes, while playing with either her voluptuous tits or her cute, lovely face. He came inside her sex, impregnating her. It felt warm, moist, heavenly inside Ashley. He fucked her until she had orgasmed and he went limp.

He then kissed her one more time and pulled the blanket over them. He'd see how he feels about her the next day. Pretty little Ashley's fate was left undetermined for that night.


My last post is a previously unfinished story that takes place in the same universe as 'The Emperor Acquires New Ordinance' . It features breast destruction and head destruction. Also some self vore >:)


Melissa Want To Move Up In The World: I love the details and torture of this.

I really liked the casual violence of "The emperors acquires new ordinance". Emily got a lovely ending. I wanted more details with the acid blasts, but oh well, still great. "Decommissioning the Milk Maidens" was a great follow-up.

"An offering of peace" hit a lot of my buttons, but I really like huge orcs. Yummy!

Contract for a sow: I have a fondness for assassin stories. This one is lovely.

"Damn it, why do they always take the hot ones?" was pretty awesome. Lovely details, fun brutality.


Great stories there, my favorite /lit/ of all time.


Great stories there, my favorite /lit/ of all time.



Thank you for the kind words. I'd also appreciate some feedback on the following matters.

1. Do my phrases feel too long at times?
2.Do I balance well the world / character building with the actual erotic descriptions?
3. Is it easy to imagine what I describe?


I think nothing is too long in your writing. Everything get me to imagine very easily.
And the characters description is okay, it's quite enough but could have been more to write, like their personality or ethnicity or how their boob shapes are .


This probably won't be like anything I've written so far. It might be considered boring from a fapping viewpoint. It is more reflective.


===Part 1===


It's raining. Pouring buckets actually. The windscreen weepers are barely keeping up. It's autumn, so I suppose that's normal, though the seasons haven't been as clearly separated as they once were...
The windscreen weepers are kind of redundant in this day and age, as cars drive themselves... I suppose it is important for the passenger to still be able to see outside - that *MIGHT* save them from an accident. They don't really happen that often nowadays. Level five autonomy cars have been declared to be the only street legal vehicles five years ago, in 2047. Since then, we've had less than two dozen accidents a year across the country.

There's nothing to see outside though...nothing but the city and the endless maze of roads. It's 9 PM so there aren't that many people on the streets. I'll probably get to the LifeGen showroom in a few minutes. Plenty of time to read some synthesized information digests.

-Research team in China invents new non-invasive technique to enhance biological memory through EM stimulation
-Genetically engineered slaves are legalized in America
-An existential crisis of outstanding proportions takes over Europe and Asia as researchers prove with 98% certainty that we're living in a simulation
-A.I. research might be heading towards another winter, as consciousness turns out to be a non-solvable problem

Pfft. These aren't even news anymore... I have to revise the algorithm. I'll get to that tomorrow though. I've arrived at the LifeGen showroom. I activate my sonic umbrella hat and walk outside of my expensive four seat sedan. I twist a bit to the left and right to shake the numbness in my back after the long trip and then go on inside.

"Hello and welcome to our shop. What can we do for you today, Mr. Andrew?" a young girl in a black, stylish suit asks me after I've been identified by the quick retinal scans of the ultra high definition surveillance cameras.

"I'd like to browse your selection of purchasable companions. I seek to purchase two high quality specimens with a remaining lifespan of more than a decade." I say in a neutral tone, perhaps due to my tiredness.

"Sure thing Mr. Andrew. Describe the qualities that you desire in your companions." she replies with a cute smile and a high-pitched voice.

"Female. Young looking. Educated. Physically well developed, neither too skinny nor chubby. That should narrow it down." I reply with a bit of excitement.

She inputs the data.

"Right this way, we have 5 Companions that match your criteria available at this showroom." she says leading me to a simple room. There's a mirror on one of the walls, along with a door to it's left side. Across that window is a couch. There's not much else in the room. The room on the other side of the glass is just as simple, but is outfitted with a few holographic projectors and two metal bars on one side of the room. I can't really figure out their use, but that doesn't matter. Nothing really does...

"Here they are." The young girl from the front desk, whose name I haven't even bothered to read or ask for, says as five young women walk inside the room. They're all dressed in a formal red dress that isn't really revealing.

"They're all quite nice, aren't they? Remarkable even." the remark slips my tongue.

She nods in approval.

"Now time to face the burden of choice. Hand me their description tablets please." I command.

She obeys and hands me a tactile glass tablet that contains all their data.

1.Michelle: african, biologial age: 23 years, real age: 41 months, eye color: brown, hair color: dark chestnut, breast size: C cup, height: 175 cm, weight: 67 kilograms, education level: high school, misc. skills: poetry and acting. Recommended use: movie background character.
Price: $168,999

2.Nadia: caucasian, biologial age: 21 years, real age: 38 months, eye color: hazel brown, hair color: light blonde, breast size: A cup, height: 185 cm, weight: 72 kilograms, education level: high school, misc. skill(s): cooking . Recommended use: restaurant or hotel client relations.
Price: $165,999

3.Sophie: caucasian, biologial age: 23 years, real age: 40 months, eye color: emerald green, hair color: light auburn, breast size: D cup, height: 163 cm, weight: 58 kilograms, education level: college, misc. skills: philosophy and massaging. Recommended use: none available.
Price: $175,999

4.Taylor: caucasian, biologial age: 20 years, real age: 37 months, eye color: blue, hair color: black, breast size: D cup, height: 172 cm, weight: 66 kilograms, education level: high school, misc. skills: stripping and bar dancing. Recommended use: love hotel personnel.
Price: $159,999

5.Ava: asian, biologial age: 20 years, real age: 37 months, eye color: hazel, hair color: dark blonde, breast size: B cup, height: 175 cm, weight: 67 kilograms, education level: high school, misc. skills: tennis and fitness knowledge. Recommended use: tennis club coach.
Price: $179,675; 10% off.

Their profiles are accompanied by photos of an interactive 360 photo of them nude and a video showcasing their skills in action. I stare at them through the glass and at their profiles for a few minutes.

"I'm taking Ava and Sophie. I'll skip going into the room and meeting all of them. Get those two prepared. Please." I say, coming across as perhaps a bit in a rush, though I am on my paid leave.

"Alright. We'll just have to take care of a few legal matters then you're good to go." says the front desk clerk girl, waiving her long perfumed hair in my face and leaving the room.

"You will pay LifeGen the sum $355,674 for the acquisition of two Companions. You have the legal right to command them fully and use them to your will. You can return them within a month, if they have not suffered any severe physical or psychological injuries. LifeGen takes no legal responsability for any injuries that you might suffer due to direct or indirect action of the sold Companions. You are liable for a refund in case the Companions present high autonomy and insubordination or die prematurely - in less than a decade, as stipulated by the Engineered Human Companions act 561. Place your finger over the scanner at the end of the page to sign that you have understood these terms of conduct and to select the account from which you deduct the funds necessary for the purchase." she says in a rather monotonous tone.

I place my index finger on the scanner and conclude the purchase.

"A pleasure doing business. Miss..." I say shaking her hand

"Carla. A pleasure as well." she replies

"I hope I'll come again. You have quite the selection."

"We're the largest farmer and distributor of genetically engineered companions after all." she says as Ava and Sophie enter the room, ready to leave with me.

"Indeed. Well, it's time to go then. Come, the car is waiting outside... hopefully the rain has died down a little. Au revoire Carla." I say opening the door and stepping outside.

"Blasted's still pouring cats and dogs outside. Sophie, Ava - come closer to me so you don't get too wet. The car isn't too far."

They are a bit reluctant, but come closer and brush up against me. They're wearing the same red dresses they had in the showroom.

"You hungry? We could grab something from the nearby restaurant then head home." I ask them as we walk through the rain, the disk of ultrasonic waves above our heads deflecting the rain in a one meter radius around my head.

"We have had dinner at the shop, there's no need." replies Ava.

"What's your name, sir?" inquires Sophie.

"My name is Andrew." I state with confidence, taking a glance at Sophie as she was striding alongside me with finesse.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you purchase us?" asks Sophie.

"I don't know. I guess I liked you, if you wanted to know why you specifically. You have one of the cutest faces I've ever seen." I say, smiling at Sophie.

"What's to become of us?" asks Ava a bit concerned.

"Well...I might kill and eat you. I might just torture or sodomize you." I reply.

There's a long and eerie silence. They seem to be a bit glum about what they've heard, even though they're probably mostly okay with the idea. Upon reaching the biological age of 18, their general education that they're given across the span of 24 months is considered complete. They are thoroughly bathed in nihilism and conditioned to accept that life has no meaning beside that given to them by their masters. The will to live is usually very vague or completely missing in Companions, which is just a fancy way to call lab grown genetically designed slaves. This is the latest breakthrough in the devaluation of human life, brought to us by our corporate overlords, for which I am a slave too... a slave with a higher degree of autonomy and that gets paid a lot, but still just a cog in their machine. Through social engineering we've been made to renounce ideas like family life, decency, faith in a higher power, it's quite customary for people to buy and abuse Companions and even execute them at their whim.
They call this, the final freedom, the final liberation - the power to command and kill, given to the masses, as long as they kill Companions and not 'normal' people. Truth is, a lot of shady companies in third world countries have been just slapping the Companion chip on poor or disenfranchised people and selling them for obscene profits. For the ultra rich and powerful the common people were just cattle anyway, now they've become actual cattle. Most people in the world aren't even necessary anymore, due to automation swallowing 90% of the jobs that were available in the the past decade. Few companies, like LifeGen, bother to properly engineer and grow their Companions. Their leaders actually believe it's more ethical this way... or so they say, but it's probably because their HQ is in an eastern european country, where people would outright riot if they found that a company just abducts people and publicly sells them as Companions. In America, Africa the middle east and Asia it is common practice, even though the governments won't admit. They just keep blasting their propaganda and silence the few who dare to dissent. I've been fortunate enough to realize the nature of our reality and also realize that it's better I keep to myself about these sort of matters. I neither hate, nor like the current world status. After all, we're probably just pixels inside a powerful computer. Mere information being continually processed.

"Come on, get in the car. Don't be so glum." I say, opening the door.

We get inside and start driving towards home.

"You... you were joking about killing and torturing us...right?" asks Ava with a shiver in her voice. They're standing in front of me, our seats facing each other.

"Why would I be?" I reply.

"So our lives will only amount to the short lived pleasure that you will have while doing this...?" she replies, her eyes swelling up a bit. Sophie on the other hand seems to be detached, only looking out the window at the pouring rain.

"Do you want to live?" I inquire.

"I...I..." Ava stutters a bit, trying to hold in a tear.

"It's ok. You can say it, you can say anything you want" I reply, going towards her and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Psh.... 'want'... as if that term even holds any meaning. Our desires are nothing but the result of a series of events, a series of space-time slices arranged in a certain way. Our wills matter not. Neither does yours in the greater context of things... Mr. Andrew." replies Sophie, turning her head towards me, with a bit of disgust.

"So you are a staunch believer of determinism AND nihilism, then... Sophie." I utter her name, elongating the last sound. She turns back and ignores me.

"Yes... I want to live." replies Ava in the end.

"That's perfectly normal. You're human. What for, though?" I ask her.

"Well, why not. We're hardwired to place higher value on existing and perpetuating our existence, than not to. It is a biological compulsion. Our attempts to rationalize it are feeble and fruitless." replies Sophie, cutting Ava before she could respond.

"There are many things in this world. I want to see and experience some of them..." says Ava reluctantly.

"I have killed many Companions so far, 55 to be more precise, as many as I have lived years in my life. Always seeking a new thrill, a new way to exert power over other living beings. At first it was an intoxicating feeling. I was driven by lust and I seeked to unleash unspeakable atrocities upon other humans, just so that I might assert myself and make my existence unique... meaningful. Now, however, this too has been normalized...stripped of it's uniqueness. What a foolish struggle this is, the battle for asserting one's own identity through the suffering of others. Perhaps I've reached the point where the scale weighs more in the favor of keeping you two alive, if that's what you desire." I reply, looking at Ava.

"T...thank you." Ava murmurs.

" any cocktails and booze at home?" replies Sophie.

"You'll see for yourself. We're almost there." I say, turning my chair towards the front of the car.

Sophie seems to be completely detached from this world. She's almost like an empty shell, a depressed husk. I'm not even sure killing her would be exciting. Despite her hot, feminine body, she seems not to have any other charming features.
Ava seems to be a little, scared, asian girl. She could even be a regular human that got abducted from an overpopulated Asian country and raised to be a Companion. That might explain her will to live - she knows that the world there are a lot of things to see and do in this world, regular Companions don't.

The rain has stopped. It's 1 AM now and we're finally at my estate - a two story villa sitting at the back of a 4 square kilometer terrain that's mostly covered in trees and solar panels. They're mostly fruit trees-plums, apples, apricots. I have a greenhouse too where I keep a banana tree and a few palms for coconuts. There's also a firing range in the back, where I can usually have fun. I live alone, yet often I have friends visiting me and we throw parties and debaucheries where we usually kill a few Companions. I don't know if I will continue with these outings or not.

"Come in, come in." I say, welcoming them inside the main atrium.

"Whoaa, nice place." exclaims Ava, marveling at the chandelier in the middle.

"I try to keep it old school." I say with pride in my voice.

"Can I eat some of those?" asks Sophie, looking at a bowl of fruit.

"Yes, go ahead. They're from my own trees. I've grown them over the years and now I enjoy their fruits." I reply.

They both oblige and serve a few apricots and plums.

"Grab some and let's get you to your rooms. Follow me."

I lead them upstairs and into big guest room with two double beds, sitting at the left and right of the door.

"You have spare clothes in the cabinets over there, the TV's above your beds have vocal control.The bathroom is behind that door on my left. Consider yourselves at home. is your new home, maybe for the rest of your lives, however long or short that might be."

Sophie throws off her red dress on the bed and reveals her toned belly, shaved pussy and alluring tits.

"You aren't going to sleep with us?" she asks.

"I sleep better alone. Have a good night, sleep for as long as you like." I reply, closing the door, but not locking it.

I got to my own room, lock the door, change myself and lay to rest. Tomorrow's going to be a good, interesting new day.

This story probably won't feature snuff, it will probably have vanilla sex. I am interested to see how I'd envision this story going forward, as it is more of a mental thought experiment of mine about how my life could be. *perhaps*.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any input regarding this story. Do you want Ava or Sophie to die, or perhaps let THEM kill someone?


>"Psh.... 'want'... as if that term even holds any meaning. Our desires are nothing but the result of a series of events, a series of space-time slices arranged in a certain way. Our wills matter not. Neither does yours in the greater context of things... Mr. Andrew." replies Sophie, turning her head towards me, with a bit of disgust.

I couldn't help but crack a smile at this. It reads like one of those copypastas making fun of edgy atheists.


Sophie's getting on my tits a bit with her un caring bullshit, I'd like to see ava and mr Andrew snuff her in such a painful way that she is forced to see why she should fear her death, right before dying



Who is Makoto from gits? Didnt you mean Motoko? As if, i think she would not care too mutch cause cyborg body xD


I'll see what can be done about Sophie's uncaring behaviour ;)

When I wrote that one, I hadn't watched Ghost in the Shell so I didn't even knew that the person that posted the image on the 'Finish Her!' thread had gotten the name wrong. I also didn't really know her body wasn't human.


A few quickies I've done @ RP and at depravityrepository.

Petite Katie loses the Game

(sex, beheading)

The game was over. In less than 15 minutes, young and bright Katie Morris had been check mated. I turned off the live stream and was now alone with her in my mansion.

"Are you really going to do me...? make me disappear?" asks the beautiful Katie in a voice as seductive as she could muster, unbuttoning her shirt as she was looking me in the eyes.

I'm not moving, not even flinching. I scan her beautiful teen body, thinking how I'd go about killing her. She has a beyond beautiful face - slick, warm red lips, blond short and delightful hair and a smile that could probably melt even my frozen heart if I was exposed for too much. I'd definitely keep her around as a live companion - she's pretty intelligent and shows promise - but she lost the game... and the rules were set from the beginning. I try to keep my own bargains... even when it's this hard.

I begin to imagine how I'd smash her pretty teenage face to bloody bits, with my knuckles. First few punches would smash her nose, and a trickle of blood would run down her frowned face. After a few more hits she'd have her eyes ruined, bits of her glasses would be stuck in her face. I'd end her life by stomping on her petite head with my heavy military boots, then I'd defile her young, untouched cunt.

"TA DAAAAAA" she exclaims as she finishes unbuttoning her shirt and revealing her developing chest.

She isn't wearing a bra - it would be redundant for tits as small as hers. They're topped with beautiful, prominent and perky bright red nipples. I could probably bite off each of her tits in one go. The thought lingers for a bit, before it's interrupted.

"Come on! I know you want to feel them..." says Katie standing in front of my chair, fiddling with her small feminine appendages, provoking me.

I picture how it would be to have a nice, heavy double barreled shotgun and blow a hole in her belly, then another in her face, splattering her young, bright mind all over. 'No... that wouldn't do her justice' I say to myself, leaving my chair to approach her.

"Yes. I do." I say to her, cupping her delicate meat orbs.

They're smaller than my massive hands, but they are still pleasant to the touch - they feel soft and mushy to my touch. I pinch her nipples pretty hard, until a look of mixed pleasure and pain takes over her innocent face. I then slide my hands upwards, to her shoulders, massaging her fair skin. I then move my hands down, along hers - removing her attire.

"I want to feel all of you." I say confidently, smiling back at her and grasping her jean covered ass, pulling her closer to me.

Her hands immediately go down to unbutton the jeans. She's blushing and her face is red with excitement. She probably really is virgin. I help her remove her jeans.

She's almost naked now. Only a thin cotton panty covers her young, untouched sex. I can feel her pulsating with desire as she rubs herself with one hand and sucks the finger of her other hand, standing a mere feet away from me, watching as a bulge appears in my pants. I move towards her and grab the hand whose finger she suggestively sucks.

I drag her towards my queen-sized bed as she oozes excitement, murmurs of pleasure escaping her lips every now and then. We're now in front of the bed. I seize the opportunity to gently caress her hair to the side, then place my hand behind the nape of her neck and bring her closer to me. I kiss her passionately for a minute or so, while caressing her slender neck and delicate shoulders. I could probably snap her neck like a twig, but that would serve no purpose, not now.
I end the kiss with a little playful bite of her sweet red lower lip.

"Undress me." I say commandingly.

She obeys without hesitation, her nimble hands making short work of my trousers. I decide to speed things up a bit and throw away my shirt. I'm almost as nude as her now. I then place my hands on her tiny tits and push her over on the bed. She's now sitting on her elbows, with her legs spread.... waiting for the ritual to begin. She's staring at my thick cock, probably thinking if it will hurt, but also anticipating the pleasure I'd give her.

I lean over her, grasping her slim waist with my hands and rubbing my member against her thinly covered cunt. The tease doesn't last long as I tear her undergarment away in a brutal jerk, revealing her pink young cunt. Her clit and labias weren't really prominent, they were still folded inside her. I slip the tip of my cock inside her tight teen cunt and lean over her so that I can kiss her while I slowly move inside her, getting her juices going for proper fucking.

"AAARGH, DON'T STOP NOW... [b]PLEASE MORE[\b]." She cries out, moaning as her unused cunt slips a few drops of blood.

She had probably masturbated in the past, even used a few sex toys, but it didn't compare to my warm, long and thick shaft - penetrating her deeply. I stop kissing her, lift myself a bit and slap her tits hard, leaving them a shade redder than they already were. I squeeze and tug them, almost to the point of tearing her breasts away. This causes her great pain and she lashes out with her hands, removing them from her pussy. She was massaging her belly and cunt, moving her hands along the deformity that was my dick inside her. I pull out of her and am now laying on my back.

"Ride me Katie." I say, avoiding too much conversation.

She slides down, until her cunt's lips are upon my foreskin. I grab her waist and ease her down as far as she goes. I'm barely over two thirds in her and I already feel the tip of my dick touching her cervix. If I slammed her down hard enough I could probably rupture it and cause her to bleed internally.
I fuck her faster and faster, slapping and groping her round and jiggly ass as I watch her innocent looking face express pure pleasure and joy.

"YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSS." she moans loudly, the orgasm taking hold of her.

As she orgasms, her thighs and legs quiver and her cunt twitches around my member, almost making me cum. I pull out and instead make her suck me until I explode, guzzling cum down her throat and on her petite face after I pull out.

"You're a good girl Katie." I say as I brush away the spunk from her cute face. She's now lying on the bed, still feeling the orgasm.

"I'll end your life quickly."

She probably doesn't fully register what I just said. Before she realizes what's coming, I have already grabbed my medieval sword that was on display above the bed. It was already stained red from other executions, but little Katie probably didn't notice it when I dragged her towards the bed - she was too hot and exited to lose her virginity.

I raise the sword over her. She sees it and panics.

"Good bye!" I tell her.

I swing it over her neck, severing her head and cutting deep into the mattress.
A clean swing from a heavy two hander makes short work of her young and delicate neck. A shame about the bed that is now being progressively stained in blood as her neck oozes big trickles of blood. I put the sword away and grab Katie's head.

She's probably very dizzy by now from the oxygen deprivation. I kiss her one last time as she fades away. Well, last time for her, I'll probably use her pristine head at least a dozen more times. I'll be keeping it as a trophy.

Contract: Samantha Green

(sex, neck snap)

Ah, I still remember one of my first contracts... a low risk, average pay assassination of a nubile and dumb college girl. Samantha Green. That was her name.

I had spied on her for a few days, to figure out the best approach. She was living with 2 other girls in a rented flat, near her college.

It happened on a friday night, at the end of the week. Her flatmates went to a party, but she decided to get drunk alone and relax with some funky music. I had waited until she seemed wasted and would barely react to my presence. I entered through a window in the kitchen, that she had left open. I didn't have a plan at the time, but I had my knife and could strangle or beat her to death at any time, so I wasn't all that worried.

From the entrance to her room, I could see her laying on a couch, with her headphones on and a bottle of booze in her hand, whistling some tunes and looking really happy. She was wearing only a thin t-shirt that molded around her shapely chest and a pair of black panties that barely concealed anything.

"Is that you, Josh?" she asked, probably noticing my presence.

I panicked for a short time, then thought she wasn't seeing me well so she had me confused for one of her college friends.

"Yeah. I thought I'd see what you're up to. You haven't shown up at the party." I replied.

"Come on in. Have some J&B and let's relax together." she said with a smile on her face, dangling her head to the music and not realizing I wasn't Josh and that I was going to kill her.

'A tempting offer, maybe it won't compromise my mission' I thought to myself

"What you listening to?" I asked.

"The Apprentice. A new single by Gorillaz. You should try it." she said, extending me one of her ear pieces.

I leaned over her, our bodies touching and I plugged in the ear piece, and started listening.

"Not bad. I prefer their older work though." I said to her. She was too deep in the vibe to care though.

I could tell she was getting horny though. She was looking at me, standing over her and her eyes were dead set on mine.

"Come on. Put the music on the stereo and let's enjoy ourselves." I told her, while groping and massaging her massive tits.

She gave me a kiss then graciously got up, plugged in the speakers and started her favorite tunes playlist, then did a pirouette and started to dance provocatively, while I watched her from the couch. Her moves were fluid and her protruding nipples didn't stay concealed for very much, as she removed her t-shirt and thrown it away, revealing the full splendor of her tits and toned belly.

"Wooo, go Sammie, go!" I cheered at her, almost forgetting that I had to kill her. Ten grand was quite a bit of money for something that would only take me five minutes at most and I had little empathy left.

She got closer and closer, teasing me with peeks at her pussy, until my boner was clearly pointing out. She was now grinding on my lap, with her back at me. I could've strangled her right there and be done with it, but I decided to see what she felt like so I let her proceed and unzip my pants with her nimble hands, while I kissed the nape of her neck and played with her massive tits. She was teasing me with her ass, grinding up against my bare cock. I decided to tease her in return, by rubbing her young and tender pussy with my hands until she lifted herself up a bit and let my member slide inside her.

"That's it, Josh! I'm all yours. FUCK ME PLEEEASE. FUCK ME HARD!" she said to me, in an uncontrollable urge to feel pleasure.

I began pounding her cunt like an unstoppable machine... all my training and stamina put to use on something other than killing people.

"I'm your little slut, Josh. FASTER. FASTER." she moaned.

Her sexy moans of pleasure and yelling made something switch in me at that point. My reproductive instincts were shut off and my predatory ones took over. I put my left hand around her lower neck, restraining her, while I kept hammering her warm and tight cunt. As I was closing in on orgasming I began choking her. This made her quiver with pleasure, as she turned out to be quite the submissive little cunt. She was grasping for air, her face turned red when I came inside her and she left out all her remaining air with a long moan, feeling my warm load inside her uterus.

'SHIT, I wasn't wearing a condom...' I thought to myself.

"Time to sleep now, Sammie." I told her and then snapped her neck, killing the cheerful slut.

In her last brief moments of consciousness, I held her head in my arms and looked in her eyes as their light slowly dimmed and her stare became blank. I closed her eyelids with my hands and then realized I had done one more mistake...I hadn't worn any gloves. There was now a pile of evidence left behind, fingerprints, saliva and her cunt was dripping with my seed. I relaxed on the coach, feeling her limp body for a while and formulating my plan. Her body was still warm and very sexy, but it wasn't animated anymore. The ghost had left the shell.

I carried her body to the bathroom and laid it in the bathtub. I then came back to the room and carefully wiped the places I had touched, yet I couldn't really wipe away the cum stains from the couch. My safest choice was to burn the place down. I saw some flammable body oil laying around so I dosed the couch and then went to Samantha in the bathtub. I rubbed her corpse all around, feeling her belly, massive tits and her sex in the process. I couldn't be too sure that the fire will burn all the evidence, so I decided to carve out her cunt entirely with my knife. I then put it in an evidence bag so that I would present it as evidence to my employer and lighted her corpse on fire then the rest of the building and left out the front door, as if nothing happened.

As the flames engulfed the house, the music from the speakers become more and more distorted. I was long gone when the firefighters arrived.

Modeling Maria

(sex, shooting)

Maria. Her name was Maria. She sat there naked on the bed, her nubile body fully exposed to the cameras. She doesn't know it, but it will be her last modeling session. Behind the one sided mirror I'm standing in front of there are my two friends. They're equipped with a high caliber shotgun and a fully automatic, extended clip, 5.56 riffle. I could give them the thumbs up right now and they would fill Maria's body full of lead.

I can imagine how her pretty little face would be destroyed by the slug from the shotgun. Oh, how her head would burst into a mess of gore, how her beautiful, succulent tits would be littered with a hail of bullets that melt through her fat and how her heart would implode into a fountain of blood. Yes, that would be a good image for the snuff shoot. It can be done better least for me.

"Gorgeous body. Maria, I can tell you're gonna get a lot of fans. If you want me to be your manager though, you're going to have to sweeten the deal, though." I tell her.

"How's this, then?" she says, licking her fingers then placing them over her pussy and revealing it to the camera.

"Marvelous." I tell her, switching on the high speed UHD cameras. I'm gonna have her executed right as she rides me. The tape will easily sell for $10k on the black market and it only cost me about $4k to rent the apartment and put up a modeling site for a few months. Sure, cleanup might be another 2-3k and my staff and equipment aren't cheap, but my tapes usually sell in the dozens, so I'm not really worried.

I lose my clothes and jump on her like a starved tiger. I feel every inch of her body as I kiss her sweet, unsuspecting lips. Soon she'll be kissing death with those very lips. I lay myself on the bed and let her ride me, facing the cameras and the mirror. Her tight teen cunt is soon hard at work, rubbing my shaft vigorously. I hold her by her hips and watch as her plump ass jiggles as she rides. Her moans almost make me nut. I suddenly see her leaning towards the camera, protruding her heavy tits and playing with them. It's time. I give a thumbs up at the mirror.

There's a loud boom, then Maria's head bursts like a watermelon. Poor cunt was dead before she knew it. Her pussy twitched around my cock and her body continued the moves on it's own, until I came inside her, filling her uterus full of spunk. Meanwhile her upper abdomen was getting barraged with rifle fire. Those ugly aureolas that were atop her milk jugs were now just a red spot. By the time the magazines were empty, Maria's head had only the lower left, her neck got hit by a few bullets but it wasn't a full decapitation. Her torso was utterly destroyed though, her swift and pleasant to the touch titties were now gory sponges that you could stick your fingers through. Another magazine and I could probably put a hand tight through her ravaged torso and grab whatever was left inside...perhaps bits of lungs or a shred of heart. The boys did a wicked job.

I let them fuck her undamaged lower half all they liked and when they were done, they fed Maria's carcass to the alligators at the ranch. I bet they wanted to fuck her navel, cus' they only shot her one time there, to make a proper hole.


Do you take requests?


If the idea is nice, I suppose. But don't count on me too much.


This story is inspired by the scene in Fallout 1 when you are asked to kill some sex slave women in order to join a gang of raiders.

"Proove yourself ruthless!" (Fallout universe)

(f+, noncon, snuff, decap, neck snap, stabbing)

There is a menacing silence in the room. Garl is staring at me, sezing me up. His bodyguards aren't even flinching their eyes, they have their weapons drawn out at me. He has strong metal plated leather armor and some pants with kneecap protection. I probably couldn't kill him and make an escape, even if I wanted to.

"So...You come here. Into our den... You kill 3 people single handedly and with no firearms." he pauses and signals his man to retract their weapons.

"WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?" he shouts menacingly.

"To join your....gang." I say, trying not to insult him.

"We're the Great Khans, we're not just some gang. We bow to no one and raid all the nearby settlements. We RAPE, we KILL, we PILLAGE. THE WASTELAND IS OUR BITCH." he yells, almost foaming at the mouth.

I watch him, holding my ground and not uttering a single word. Eventually he falls back onto his throne. I notice his leather shoulder pads have...nipples. They look like they are made from the skin of the breasts of some unfortunate cunt. Neat.

"So... you wish to join us..."

"Yes." I reply shortly and confidently.

"You've proven yourself skilled in combat. You took out 3 of my men...not the best that I've had, but certainly capable warriors. I must fill that gap with someone who is just as capable. Are you ready to kill anyone whom I command you to? Are you that ruthless?"

"I wouldn't be here if I weren't." I reply, with a bit of defiance.

"Hehe, good. Guess we'll have to see..." he chuckles then stands up from his throne and motions me to follow him.

The... 'base' these Khans are using seems to be an old store from the prewar times. The concrete walls have seen some damage due to the age, but they're holding on quite alright. Garl takes me through a corridor and as we move I can't keep my eyes off the tit shoulder pads. I want a pair of those too. We finally arrive at a locked door.

"This is the Fun Room. In here we keep our sex slaves. Well, it isn't that much fun anymore... We've had the same slaves for two and a half months now. All of my men have fucked them at this point. At least a dozen times. All they do is get fed, fucked and occasionally beat."

"You want me to butcher them?" I say, anticipating what's to come.

"EXACTLY. We can't keep fucking the same three cunts till our days run out. And besides... they're probably already pregnant and we don't want extra weaklings to feed. You can fuck around a not too much. You either SLAUGHTER them or you will be killed yourself. Here, use this knife. They'll come at you thinking they just have to fuck and please one of us. Show these sluts they're nothing more than meat to us." he hands me the knife and the key to the room.

"I better hear the screaming and moaning from the other side of the shop!" he says with a devilish grimace on his face, as he slowly departs, waving a hand at me then crossing his fingers across his throat.

I haven't had a good fuck in a while and my arms are twitchy, my mind is racing at the thought of slaughtering three innocent sluts. I put the knife in my vest, grab the key and put it into the door. I turn it and unlock the door. I can already sense my dick getting hard. I slowly turn the knob and open the door.

The first thing I notice is a black woman, restrained to a wall on the other side of the room. She's completely naked and in a sitting position, her hands bound with rope, with her back at the wall. Right above her is a window that lets the dim light of the afternoon into the room. She's supple, black haired and probably being punished for something. Her tits are pretty damn big for her frame. Big, round and full. They'd make excellent shoulder pads. Before I can fully examine the one that's bound against the wall, another two women come into my field of view.
They stride carefully, probably wanting to make a good first impression. It's clear that I'm new around here, but they probably don't know what I'm here for, so they figure it's business as usual.

The one coming from my right is another stunner. She has short, light blond hair that barely looks natural. Her round, young looking face is especially enchanting as her red lips form a lusty smile. She's covered with a very thin fabric that's wrapped around her torso in a way that her body's shape is fully fleshed out by the material and her big nipples point out quite blatantly. Her tits are what some would call torpedo tits - not too big, pointy and a just a bit saggy. They're a perfect handful. Her tummy is also delicious and her sex is exposed, yet her cunt lips are on the inside. She notices me staring at her as she strides and she winks at me then turns with her back towards me and reaches down to her heels, putting her amazing ass on display. She slaps her buttocks and then spreads her pussy, with her head turned towards me. She probably thinks I'm hooked by now. To be truthful to myself... I am. My gaze is indeed fixated upon her exposed cunt, but I am imagining plunging the knife in her vagina and gutting her, not fucking her. Well, the more I think about it, I might even fuck her first. She's got one sexy bum.

"I am Enokate. I am.... pleasedto see a new...*giggle* face around here." she says in a seductive manner, squeezing her ass with one hand and massaging her clit with the other hand.

"And I am Fara." says another voice from my left.

I turn towards her. Yet another goddamn hot cunt. These Khan raiders really want me to maim, stab and butcher these cunts? All my life I've dreamed of this moment, when I may get to snuff such lovely targets, but now I'm kind of overwhelmed by their sex appeal. Sure, I've killed the occasional wasteland straggling women, but those weren't naked, weren't clean and their faces just begged for a shotgun round.

Fara's tits are barely developed. There's nothing special about her brown nipples and her caucasian skin tone or her long brown hair. She's wearing an improvised blue thong that wraps around her cunt, forming a prominent camel toe. She and Enokate are just as thin around the waist... so thin and vulnerable. Her face... Her face is pure beauty though. She has some complementing eyeliner and has very subtle, trimmed eyebrows. Her cunt is probably shaved too as I don't see any hair sticking out the sides of her sexy, covered pussy. She's playing with her blue thong, dragging it up and down, teasing me with peeks of her sweet and meaty cunt. I'd fuck her senseless, wait till she comes around then fuck her senseless three more times. I then remember Garl's words. He must hear them scream. He's chosen this as my last trial because he wants someone that can overcome his instincts. Someone that can kill and go against his natural urges. This will probably be the hardest thing I do, but I'll be damned if I let this challenge stop me.

"Fara...oh Fara. You're the most beautiful thing I've seen in this whole damn wasteland." I say as I push Enokate away. The damn cunt was trying to coil herself around my foot and unwrap my pants while I was hypnotized by Fara's delicate pink lips and sharp look.

"Oh...You'll get your turn too. Don't worry, my young lioness..." I tell Enokate after I close the door behind me.

I turn to Fara, who was fiddling with her hair and moving her hips in a circular motion, very suggestively.

"I see you have something big... coiling in your pants... I can help with that." she says, sliding her thong down to her knees.

A few steps later I find myself embracing the young, soon to be butchered Fara and grab her from around her nubile frame, moving her close to me. Our lips touch, a bit shy but then we begin to use our tongues. I rub myself against her and feel her ass with my hands. I give her a tight squeeze, then move my hands up, embracing her waist. I stop kissing her and my gaze lingers into her fine olive eyes.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH! poor Fara begins to scream as I suddenly squeeze her waist very hard, bear hugging her and her delicate hands. Her screams quickly scare Enokate, but it is but a matter of seconds until I snap her spine like a twig around the lombar region and Fara reaches the apex of her beautiful, ear bursting scream. Lovely voice she has. Once done I toss her onto the bed that was in the room. She won't be able to move very effectively, if at all. Her legs won't work and her arms are broken. She'll wait in agonizing pain until I finish with the other two. I haven't really decided yet how she'll die, but I want her pretty face to be a statement to Garl - 'I can kill anyone, no matter how cute or sexy they might look.'.

By now Enokate and the other, tied up cunt, are completely frightened. They don't know what's up with me.

"Relax... I'm not here to kill you Enokate. Garl just wanted Fara to be punished really badly. Don't worry, she'll come around in a few days." I try to bullshit her, but words aren't really getting through.

Enokate is coiled up in a corner, her eyes pleading mercy. She's right to be afraid, but I don't want to fuck her while she's crying so I go kneel besides her. I place my hand over her beautiful blond hair and stroke her head as gently as I can, looking warmly at her.

"Sorry you had to see that Eno, it was part of Garl's request. You won't suffer the same fate." I say as I embrace and hug her tightly, her wrapped tits gently brushing against my armored vest.

She starts bursting into tears.

"You... *sob*'ll either...*sob* beat me...*sob* or... *sob* kill me..."

Well, it seems she's smart enough to realize that.

I let go of her. I take a seat on the bed, near Fara who is still moaning from the pain and from time to time her pain peaks into scream. I stand and look at the ruined woman that's crying in front of me. She reminds me of a time when I was young and foolish....a time when I thought justice could exist in this world. Would the bombs have fallen if justice existed? Would the BILLIONS of people that perished in just a day still be around? Would these three women not have been captured, abused and now sentenced to die?

No. Probably not. Justice is just as empty a concept as God. People must make their own justice, or perish.

Enokate suddenly stops crying. Her eyes are bloodshot. Her grimace expresses terrible pain, but her look is a bit defiant. Her eyes tell me she's had enough of her misery, she wants release... to face her fate. She shakingly stands up and starts unwrapping the thin cloth that covered her torso. Disgust and anger begin to seep on my face. Enokate's body is beat up. Big ugly bruises cover her belly, tits and back. She also has quite a few cut marks across her body. She's been abused. A lot.

"Man like you did this to me..." she murmurs.

I remain silent.

"Go ahead..." says Enokate.

There's pause. A long and awkward pause.


"Look. At. Me." I tell her in a very grave tone. She was now paying attention.

"I will give you ONE chance. ONE chance to escape your cruel fate."

"... Why? My life isn't worth anything to you. Those savages might even kill you if you defy their orders."

"I'll decide if you are worth anything to me or not. How many Khans do you know of?"

"There are 9 of them. That's how many I've counted coming to us and using us. Those... damn monsters..."

"6 of them. I've killed 3 of them as I entered the camp. My intention is to join them, but those 3 thought they could just rob me and then put a bullet in my head instead. My plan remains unchanged, but MAYBE, just MAYBE I can spare you. As you might have guessed, they asked me to kill the three of you as viciously as possible to prove that I am ruthless. I am a twisted man...I've killed and enjoyed killing things since I was a child. It was the only way to feel powerful that I knew of..."

I pause. Enokate is staring blankly at me, as if through me. She probably doesn't believe what I'm saying. Maybe she's shocked to realize what was to be her fate, or still could be.

"Blasted words. I'm not good with them. Enokate, I want you to prove to me that you want to live. Not like this, to be used and abused and then disposed of... to LIVE."

"You know...I used to 'live' BEFORE these brutes massacred my tribe and took me as a trophy. We got sick of them extorting food from us and fought back, only to be killed one after the other. My parents had their throats slit right in front of me... HOW COULD I... HOW CAN I BELIEVE THERE'S A CHANCE FOR ME!"

"You don't have to believe anything. You just have to prove your will to live by killing that other black woman that's tied up. Show me you want to take your life in your hands. If you do that, I'll try to help you." I say, handing her the knife that Garl gave me.

Her arms are still a bit shaky as she grasps the knife. She could try to attack me, but that's bound to end up badly for her. I trust she'll do the right thing... so I pull down my pants and turn to Fara. She's laying on the bed, reveling in excruciating pain. Her exposed, soft cunt still looks very inviting and beckons me for a fuck. In a matter of seconds I get hard and begin humping Fara's young, tight pussy. Her beautiful face is now contorted by pain and I can tell she doesn't get any stimulation from my throbbing cock massaging the walls of her sex canal. It'll probably be better for her if I end her life at this point. I take her head in my hands and look at her face, then at the rest of her nubile body as I fuck her harder and harder.

Crescendo. I begin to cum inside Fara's senseless cunt. As soon as my orgasm fades, I look at her one more time, then snap her neck, abruptly ending her life. I watch as the light fades from her gaze... a splinter of regret scratching my heart. I then pull myself out of her warm cunt and clean myself. I am going to present Garl with Fara and that other black cunt's head and demand I keep Enokate as my personal companion.

I turn around to see if she had dealt with the tied up slave. To my surprise, she had buried the knife in the side of the black cunt's throat. Blood was spraying over Enokate's body. She was shocked with what she just did. She was terrified by the gurgling sounds that the other woman was making. She was trying to breathe, but instead rivulets of crimson were now flowing from her neck, making their way down on her heaving chest. The black woman coughed blood a few times, then her head slumped ahead.

"You did good Enokate. I couldn't try to save you both. I'll take it from here." I say as I give her a tap on the shoulder.

She's still shocked by what had just transpired so I take her hand and lead her to the door. I tell her to grab a chair and wait there. She grabs a chair and leans back, staring at the ceiling as if to beg for divine forgiveness for what she just did.

I take the knife from the black woman's throat and proceed to decapitate her and then...Fara. I saw at their heads one by one until they are detached from the bodies. Their gazes are blank, their faces distorted with pain and suffering. I sheathe the knife, inject myself with two doses of Jet and one Psycho. What comes next isn't going to be easy to pull off, if at all.

I leave Enokate in the room as I make my way back to where Garl's den room. I open the door with my foot, in a theatrical show of strength. I hold the heads of the two in my hands, by the hair as I enter the room. I toss each head at one of Garl's bodyguards. They didn't have their weapons drawn so they catch the heads of the two former sex slaves. They look pretty frightened at the grisly sight.

"Excelent. EXCELENT." says Garl, clapping his hands.

"This is what I like. A man that can get things done, even the ugly things. And the third one...? " he inquires.

"I want to keep her as my personal... companion." I reply bluntly.

Garl's left eye twitches a bit as he stares at me.

"You have quite the nerve boy. Coming here... killing three of my men and now making demands from me..." he pauses. We have a stare down. I blink first so he doesn't get angrier than he already is.

"If you don't drag that bitch right here and slit her throat right in front of us, I'll kill you myself. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING." he says in an ultimatum.

There's three men in the room, two of which don't have a gun in their hands and the third one is on the brink of exploding with rage. I take a deep breath.

*BOOM* *BOOM* I double tap Garl in the neck and one in the lungs.

The other guards immediately drop the severed heads and attempt to draw on me, but before they can finish their thought, I already popped a slug in each of their brains. I shot Garl so that he may be incapacitated, not killed. He's left trying to stop the bleeding of his neck with his hands. He'll last another 3-4 minutes surely if he does a good job. This leaves 3 other Khans alive in the vicinity. They must have been alerted by the shots and they'll surely come in guns blazing. I close the door of the room. There's a grenade on one of the desks in the room. I take it and then sneak outside the room through the window and crouch down. I listen as carefully as I can. Two pair of footsteps come closer and closer, then they open the door and enter the room. I pull the pin and toss the grenade inside. They don't have any time to react and are killed by the shrapnel from the blast. Taking out 5 khans proved to be quite easy, but I doubt I'd have the guts such risky decisions without being on Psycho.

I climb back inside the room and find the remains of a total of five. Well, seven if you count the shrapnel mutilated heads of Fara and the other cunt too. This still leaves one other Khan alive. I check my pistol to see if there's any ammo left. There isn't. I panic like a moron for a few seconds, then grab the gun from one of the dead Khans, problem solved. Just as I step outside the room to hunt for the remaining Khan, I am ambushed. Razor wire is put around my neck as I got snuck up on. It cuts pretty deep into my throat, almost cutting into my trachea, but I quickly grab the knife and cut the tendons of one of my attacker's arm. I am released and I turn around, seeing it's a she. A middle aged girl in a military outfit. I then tackle her head on and pin her to the ground. She tries to use her feet to strike me from behind, but I place the knife at her throat and she stops moving. Maybe she thinks that if she surrenders she'll have another chance of attacking me. I don't cut her throat...instead I stab her in her right lung with a vicious strike, penetrating her tit and cracking her ribs from the shear force. She lets out a vicious scream then begins to struggle. I stab again, putting another bleeding hole in her chest. I leave the knife inside and I restrain her hands as I watch her struggle. She slowly loses strength and begins to cough blood and gurgle on it. Her strength has now withered. I take the knife out of her chest and use it to cut off her clothes. She's barely conscious now, but she's still with me, so I use the chance to show her one more episode of excruciating pain. I plunge the knife in her cunt, cutting her vagina upwards, then her uterus and then her belly, essentially gutting her. I grab her entrails and fling them over her head, then spit on her face and get up. She'll die in a minute or two.

I planned to leave Garl alive so that Enokate would get a chance to make her own justice, buuut grenades don't do directed explosions, so he's now dead, with metal pieces stuck in his head. I stomp on it till it's but a pile of bone and brain, then leave the room.

I go to the back of the store and open the door.


There's a loud bang as soon as I step inside. I look in front of me and I see Enokate. She has a smoking gun in her hands and it's pointed at me. I feel a sharp pain in my right lung...

It gets worse with each second.

A dash of red appears on my vest and shirt. I feel myself a bit dizzy and my strength is beginning to wane.

"[/b] Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [/b]"

I hear her scream as I collapse to the floor. Her voice feels...soothing. I want to be closer to her... but I.... I...

If anyone reads this story, please vote on what happens next:
A. I die there. (the story ends);
B. Enokate manages to save my life. (there will be more parts and adventures in this universe, containing snuff, but in a combat scenario);

Regarding my other unfinished story, "Value", I'll probably finish it sometime. I don't like leaving stuff on hold, but I haven't really decided what turn that story should take.


A, but Enokate goes out on adventure. lol


This last story has got to be my worst one so far. It's neither the satisfactory babe butcherfest I originally intended, nor some well written character centered story. :(


I'm going to have to vote B as it feels like you've got so much to use.


Are you planning on writing more stories 47? You're the reason why I come to this site. My favorites are the Hitman and the ordinance stories.


I might write some more. I'm just disappointed that I can't think of anything satisfactory to finish Value or the Proove Yourself stories.

I overall don't like leaving things unfinished, but... I'll leave those die and cook up something else.


A continuation to 'Melissa Wants To Move Up in The World'. This story is my most polished and probably the longest I've done. It has two alternative endings, which are equally canon as far as I'm concerned. I will also post at the end of the story, links to the girls I modeled the characters after.

Then and now. Snuff Bunnies doing their job.

(M/f, f/f sex, slashing, tit and cunt shooting/mutilation, boxing)

"Liquor? Vodka? Whiskey? Red wine perhaps...?" inquired Ivan, as he browsed through his cabinet of fine alcohol in his office.

"What sort of liquor ?" asked the stunningly cute latina brunette, Sasha as she mingled with Laura on the coach across from Ivan's desk.
They were both dressed in the Snuff Bunny uniform - a very sexy red lingerie set composed of stockings and a garter string that extends a pair of panties made of a very thin fabric, that barely masks their gorgeous pussies. Their breasts are almost fully exposed as the bra is basically a hollow rectangular mesh that allows their splendid nipples to poke through and attract male and female attention alike.

"Sweet cherry. Shall I pour?" answered Ivan, handing them two glasses.

"Ohhh, but please." murmurs the blonde, Laura, extending her glass, as her other hand twirls her long and delicate hair - tips sprayed in black. It's clear that she's in heat and is anticipating her upcoming execution.

Ivan poured them both some of the beverage and left the bottle between Sasha’s coiled legs. He strode to his desk, unpacked a carton of Cuban cigars and leaned back in his chair. He smoked and gazed at the two sexy Snuff Bunnies as they pleased themselves on his coach.

"I see you're enjoying yourselves. Why don't I tell you how I ended up in my position...about my interview."

"It involves the painful death of a sexy gal, right? That'd be quite the turn on." says Laura almost moaning.

"Five years ago I was merely a bouncer at the club. My job was to keep rowdy clients out and Bunnies inside. The first part was rather boring and unsatisfactory and the second part really happened all too rarely. Well, it was in one of those days when I had to perform my second duty that my chance at an interview arose. There was this very cute redhead Pleasure Bunny dancing at a table with some very important clients. She jiggled her ass a bit too provocatively at the men at the table and one of them couldn't help himself. He stuck a knife with a huge blade right in her steaming hot pussy, dicing her clit. She cried out in horrible pain as blood gushed out of her sex. Panicked, she went mad and ran towards the door, fearing that she'll get killed. Silly twat didn't know she was signing her death warrant that way. Pleasure Bunnies aren't usually available for snuff, but she violated her contract by fleeing the customer's table."

"So what did you do ?" interrupted Laura, fondling her big and juicy tear shaped tits.

"As she was about to open the doors and bust out of the club, I grabbed the little morsel by her slender neck. I lifter her up on her tiptoes and started tightening my iron grip, toying with her as she pleaded with all her being to be allowed to live. I dragged that damaged cunt by her neck, back to the table of the infuriated patrons, all the while she still had the knife, buried to the hilt between her meat flaps. 'What shall I do with her?' I asked them, presenting the trembling redheaded bunny, her neck locked by my grip. 'Just hold her like that'. Said a tall dark haired man in a bleu suit as he drew the knife from her pussy, letting blood. I restrained her hands as I knew what was about to happen. The man fondled her flesh for a few seconds then mercilessly plunged the blade in her chest, right through her left tit. She started squirming like a dying vermin, but my grip was adamant, she couldn't do more than flail and cry out in pain. The man drew the blade then took another stab, in her other side. He was just getting warmed up at that point. He stabbed her chest again and again and again until her tits were flayed and she had clearly passed out, her head slumping forward. Being done with his onslaught he lifted her chin up to look at her beady dead eyes then stuck the knife in the side of her head. 'Amazing job sir, you're barely stained in this cocksleeve's blood' I pointed out. 'You also did a good job restraining her. I'll talk with Nisroth and maybe you'll be promoted. Now dispose of this mess.'"

"Wow, that's a pretty big mistake she did there. Good thing you were around." spoke Laura as Ivan finished his sentence. The luscious blonde had one of her hands in her panties, rubbing her already moist pussy and her other hand moved all over her upper torso, helping her get even more excited.

"What happened next, though? Did you get promoted?" asked Sasha with her hands clutched on the liquor bottle's neck as if it were a dick.

"Next day I get called into the big man's office. He looks all serious as he sips some fancy drink while rocking in his chair. 'I understand you're the one who stopped one of our misbehaving girls and returned her to our client for termination.' I stand straight, looking at him confidently. 'Yes sir, it was a pleasure to see and feel as she got killed.' He glanced at me, examining my posture and body. 'I think you'd make a great executioner here at our club. I won't take no for an answer and here you'll make your first kill. Don't disappoint.' I felt my blood pumping and I felt my throat dry up as he pushed a button on his phone at the desk and blurted something out that I didn't fully perceive. As I stood bewildered he sprang from his chair, took a briefcase from under his desk and opened it. He laid the tools inside on another table, adjacent to his big mahogany desk. They were a set of knives, claws and torture tools. As he finished laying the instruments of death on the table, there was a knock on the door."

Ivan paused for a few seconds, looking blankly at the ceiling, rememorizing all the details of that beautiful day.

"Ah, where was I... So in comes this short pale-blond doll of a girl. She had a football style Lycra blouse on her and some panties. She had a very nice spring in her step and her face was a smile. A very seductive smile. 'This little azure-blue-eyed treasure is Alice. She's been our top Pleasure Bunny for over two years now. She's pleased over 1000 clients during her service and probably very few of them considered killing her due to her beauty and skill in pleasing. She's looking to retire in the most glorious way - by being promoted to Snuff Bunny. So we'll oblige and help her on her way out.' 'How will this happen?' she asked, to which Nisroth replied 'You'll do what you do best and I'll assess Ivan.' "

"Oooh, did she dance for him?" asked Sasha excited.

"Did you fuck her little pussy with a serrated blade?" inquired Laura moaning.

"Patience, we'll get to the end of this story then you'll get your turn too. 'You may begin. Do with her as you please, but remember why you're here.' says the big man. I turn towards Alicia and feast my eyes upon her voluptuous and tender body. 'You're quite the piece, now aren't ya?' I ask her as I slap her round and firm buttocks and then pull at her green panties from behind, making the front string dip into her pussy. She responds with a moan and I follow up with groping her succulent tits from behind. I kiss her neck for a few seconds, then turn her around. 'Twirl for me baby...' I say as I head over to the table with all the torture tools. Alice begins to skillfully strip-tease in the middle of the room. As she sensually crouches spreading her legs and allowing us glimpses of her pussy, I imagine how I'd cut off her twat, but as soon as her hands begin playing with her blouse and momentarily reveal her perky nipples, I know how it'll go down. I equip my left hand with a pair of steel claws and grab a fine serrated hunting dagger in my right hand. Alice is still doing her number as I approach her. 'Come on Alice, time to use your mouth.' I say looking down at my erection. With elegant and fluid moves she unzips my pants, takes my cock in her hands and begins to work on it. I move the dull side of the blade along her face, teasing her. After a mere few moments I'm close to nutting in her face, but I put my hand on her forehead and push her off my cock, signaling her to stop. I look at her ghastly as she lay kneeling in front of me for a few seconds. She looks very surprised when I jab the knife into her throat from the side, spraying blood all over the floor in a quick crimson burst. I leave the dagger stuck in her neck and kick her in the chin with my boot, toppling her on the floor. I pounce on her nubile body like a cougar and tear her thin blouse and panties away, leaving her fair delicate body all exposed. She begins flailing around on the floor, me on top of her. I grab her tits and squeeze them as hard as I can, causing her immense pain probably, as she squirms. I tire quickly of playing rough with her breasts so I employ my clawed hand to rip and tear at her tits. A jab at the base with the claws and my fingers sink into her fatty left gland. I move my hand inside her tit, scratching her ribs and tearing her pectorals with the claws. I pull my hand upward and pull up, the claws tearing away at her breast and coming up through her nipple from the inside - blood rivulets forming atop her feminine mound. A quick yank and her mutilated left breast comes off, fitted around my hand like a glove. I peel her flayed mammary from my hand and toss it aside. I then check to see if she's still with me. The dagger prevents her from screaming too much, but also causes her to lose quite a lot of blood. She's still kicking though, so I continue ravaging her body. I look at her toned and bloodied belly. I plunge my claw into her navel, deciding to gut the cunt. My hand got into her as if her skin wasn't even there and I began clawing around in her inside and slicing at her guts, wrecking her innards. She was almost expired by the time I shredded into her uterus and crushed her ovaries. I knew my job was done when her succulent pussy was leaking blood all over. I pulled my hand out right through her womb, ripping it apart on the way out. She was heaving and convulsing, her eyes already spazzing like crazy and her body going into death throes, so I knew I had to finish her. I grabbed the knife and yanked it out of her neck. I then put my hand on her neck and looked at her bloodied mouth. 'Goodbye Alice' I said and I plunged the blade right through her left eye, the blade popping her eyeball. It pierced her frail skull and went into her mushy cunt-brain. A quick spasm and then silence. I jabbed her head six more times to see if she would react in any way, but her lights were already out. I then zipped myself back up, not having ejaculated as it might have looked unprofessional."

"Ahhh." moaned Laura. "I hope I don't go out wet and disappointed like Alice..." she says while fingering herself.

"We'll see about that." replied Ivan. "Well, that was the end of Alice. Her blood and entrails were cleaned from Nisroth's office by professionals and in less than an hour her physical existence was reduced to a few videos of her during work and her final moments captured in UHD. I still watch it sometimes."

"I hope you'll get to do us too." said Sasha, slightly tipsy from the liquor as she bites her lip provocatively.

Suddenly, the phone in Ivan's office rang. He picked it up. The conversation was brief and ended with Ivan saying "I've got just the right girls. I'll get them ready within an hour."

"You're two lucky girls. Looks like one of our biggest clients is coming to the club and wants two bunnies for a night of unwinding. He'll be arriving shortly."

"Finally." said Sasha enthusiastically as she sprung up from the coach.

Laura was a bit too immersed in her self pleasing and slumped her head back, continuing to rub her wet sex with one hand and fondling her splendid milk jugs wit the other.

"Laura... such a nasty girl you are. Come on, we have to get ready. I'll help you." said Sasha smiling innocently.

She knelt down in front of Laura and placed her head in front of her pussy. She dipped her tongue in Laura's wet cunt, tasting her nectar, and began to oscillate between sucking on her clit and rubbing her inner cunt with her tongue. While her mouth attended to Laura, Sasha's hands played with her own meaty opening. Ivan watched intently, thinking on who would finish first. Within a few minutes of cunnilingus, Laura let out a moan and squirted in Sasha's face, causing her to also orgasm and stain Ivan's floor with pussy juice. He leaned back into his chair and lighted another cigar as he drifted into memories of his younger days, forgetting about the two sexy Snuff Bunnies that were in his office and their upcoming horrible fate. He thought about how his life started and where it had come to. He felt lucky to be himself and have the opportunities he had. He was getting paid quite the big buck to revel in the flesh of endless young, nubile girls and then slaughter them. At first he felt attachment to quite a few of them, being unable to accept that such cute and virile females could be tortured and killed, but he realized pretty soon that they were made for this. He didn't know too many details and didn't really bother to find out, but he had learned that most of the girls at the club were coming from human farms where they were specifically designed and created to act as sex outlets and some of them were even conditioned to have no self conservatory instincts, making them perfect obedient slaves and Snuff Bunnies. It was 2049, after all. There were no more ethical debates regarding manufactured humans - their life was utterly disregarded. Most people cried over breaking their appliances, but not over killed human cattle - probably because now the media propaganda machine was streaming directly into people's thoughts and there was an entire lucrative industry that lobbied for ethics to be disregarded.
As he drifted through the ether of thought, Ivan got surprised by a pair of feminine hands reaching from behind his chair, massaging his shoulders a bit then moving up and covering his eyes. He then felt someone, probably one of the girls, climbing on top of him as he was rocking back in his chair. He reached forward with his hands and grabbed what was in front of him. It was an unmistakable feeling - that of grasping two full, natural breasts. He squeezed the mushy objects with pleasure and felt them as best as he could, pinching the hard and erect nipples. The girl on top of him began grinding herself on his crotch, making him hard.

"Laura... that pussy of yours just can't get enough, can it?" said Ivan with a chuckle, slapping the voluptuous blonde across the belly.

"Ah, damn. Seems we couldn't fool you, could we?" said Sasha with a giggle, removing her hands from over his eyes.

"I suppose we have a few more minutes to play." said Ivan, pushing Laura back a little so he can unzip himself and let out his enormous cock.

"Oh my, that could tear my little pussy apart." gasped Sasha. "But I'm sure the Laura's meat flaps can handle it."

Laura didn't speak much - she was a girl of action - so she mounted Ivan's massive shaft in one swift motion, her sex canal spreading and encompassing his instrument until it was fully engorged. Ivan put his hands on her bony hips and began grinding her along his shaft. Her pussy retracted and swelled as his cock slid inside her, assuring them both carnal pleasure. The unadulterated dopamine flow from the mechanism that ensured the survival of the species was now turned into just a tool of pleasure. Crescendo is reached in a few minutes and Ivan blows a full load inside Laura. 'It still feels amazing, after all these years', Ivan thought to himself. After a few seconds of bliss he pulled out of Laura, letting his spunk drip from her excited sex.

"Come now. It's time to get you ready for our client." he said, shoving Laura off of him and grabbing Sasha by her tiny hand.

He lead them to the club's showers so they could be cleaned. In under ten minutes with hot water and soap, the two little doves were squeaky clean. They dried themselves, but before getting clothed again Ivan did as per the client's instruction and oils both of them, giving their bodies a thorough massage in the process. He then handed each of them a pair of red bikini. The material was very thin and molded around their shapely bodies, aptly contouring their pussies and breasts. He grunted a bit at Sasha's nose ring, but he concluded that it won't bother the client and it only added to her charm. They both put on a pair of high heels and then went with Ivan, striding with finesse along the club's long corridors, ignoring the occasional agonizing scream of a dying Snuff Bunny that could be heard echoing. It was a business as usual day at the club.

They ended up in a well decorated room, with a large bed, a coach, a stereo system and a TV. There were also a few cameras, spread out throughout the room. It looked like the room of a luxury love hotel - clean and tidy. The girls take a seat on the coach at the side of Ivan as they wait for the client. They chatted for a bit, Sasha cracking a few jokes and acting as if she were oblivious to what was to come, while Laura only laughed here and there and gazed abysmally ahead. Suddenly the door opened and a tall, almost two meter man entered the room. His hair was black and slicked back. He had no beard, was dressed in a comfortable hoodie and wore some sports pants. He held a glass with some, probably alcoholic, beverage in it.

"Heeeeeeello everyone. I'm Martin." he said with a steady tone and a cheerful attitude.

"Martin who?" replied Ivan, clearly recognizing the man as one of his old time friends.

"Oh you know. Martin with the martini, whacking bitches in bikinis." the tall man replied cordially, raising his glass a bit and winking at the two girls by Ivan's side.

"Ah, it's good to see you, old friend. How are things?" continued Ivan.

"Never been better. I rejuvenated my body a week ago and I feel as young as I was in my twenties. And just as horny, hehe."

"What has it been now... five years? I remember that day clearly, when I stopped that redheaded cunt from escaping and brought her back to you."

"Ah yes, slashed her up real good. What have you been up to ?"

"I've been chillin'...killin'. I'm now head snuffmeister at the club and I am very busy devising new and entertaining ways to kill bunnies, such as Laura and Sasha here."

"Heh, tough job - but somebody has to do it, right?" Martin said light-heartedly towards Ivan.

"Come on, I'll meet you at the shooting range in an hour or two. Who knows." he continued, shaking Ivan's hand and giving him a pat on the back, signaling that he wanted to be left alone with the two. Ivan obliged and left the three alone, closing the door behind with a loud clank.

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here?" he asked, looking at the scantily clad brunette with a cute face that stood in front of him, presenting her body with a relaxed pose, hands on her hips and a wide and innocent smile.

"My name is Sasha." she replied with a wink and tapped her butt alluringly. "I can't wait to get killed by you, sir."

Martin slid his hand down her panty and put his index finger into her pussy, rubbing lightly. He grabbed her head from the back with his other hand and brought her forward, kissing her feverishly for a few seconds, their tongues intertwining.

"Good girl. I like eager Snuff Bunnies." he said to Sasha as he stepped back and to the left to inspect the other morsel.

"I'm Laura." the girl spoke up when she felt Martin's scrutinizing gaze over her. She pushed her chest forward and placed her hands under her breasts, protruding them as her most valuable assets. "How will you hurt these?" she continued.

Martin approached the tall, nubile blonde in front of him and placed his hands on her neck, only lightly choking the human doll and then slowly moving his hands down her neck, feeling her collar bones and then grasping her full bosoms in his hands. His hands slid under the thin fabric of her bra and felt her erect nipples. He squeezed her perky milk jugs delicately at first, but then applying more and more pressure, until it was clear from her grimace that it hurt her pretty bad.

"I can think of a few ways to bring pain to these puppies." he said, looking at Laura's lusting eyes and then tearing her bra apart to put her shiny perfect tits on full light.

"So... tell me." Laura continued, tugging at her tits by her monumentally perfect pink nipples.

Martin grabbed her by the waist and snapped the string that held her panties together. He then started licking her right breast and bit her glorious milk dispenser, but only enough to cause her to shake in pain. "You'll just have to wait and see." he said as he brought his head back and slapped her udder with a vicious palm, causing her tit to bounce left and right and Laura gave out a moan. In a few seconds her breast reddened from the burst capillaries.

"Please. Master Martin. MORE." she begged like a true pain slut.

Martin was a bit annoyed by this but indulged her and struck her breasts with a few more slaps and then pushed her on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and held her legs spread, presenting her pink lipped pussy to him.

"We'll see later what kind of things will fuck that tender pussy of yours, my sexy little Laura." Martin replied, barely containing himself from jabbing a kick between her legs and crushing her vulnerable feminine parts. ‘It would be quite the sight to see her twitch in pain as blood spurts out of her sex’ he thught to himself, but he wasn’t in any rush.

He turned instead towards Sasha, the other living toy in the room.

"Sasha, Sasha, Sashaaaa...Oh my how beautiful you are." he said hugging her in a warm embrace.

Her petite head looking upwards at his, propped on his chest. He enjoyed her calm gaze and dumb, innocent smile - so he caressed her head with his right hand while he skillfully unlaced her bra and panties with the other hand. He kissed her forehead for a brief moment, then pushed her back, her bra and panties falling to the floor. Sasha had small tits, but they were just as appetizing as Laura's, her brown nipple and areola being perfect targets for all sorts of sharp instruments. Her pussy was equipped with protruding brownish-red labia that popped out of her snatch and hanged freely in the air.

"Oh, how I'm going to pummel that tiny frame of yours, cute little Sasha..." smirked Martin as Sasha licked her fingers and began rubbing her clit and her nipples, while keeping her lustful gaze set on her master.

Martin watched her please herself as he shed his own clothes to reveal his toned and hairy body. After discarding his underwear and letting out his big, but not enormous dick, he approached Sasha again and grasped her neck in his strong arms. He lifted her up above the ground, causing her to gasp for air. He held her up like that for a good twenty seconds, her slender neck feeling like a twig that could be snapped at any time. Her life pulsed weaker and slight despair seemed to creep on her face, but it was still lust that she was showing as she fingered herself while fighting to get air. Her cute little face had all reddened up and she felt dizzy. Laura began working on herself, seeing as she wasn't getting any attention, while Sasha drifted more and more into unconsciousness. Martin enjoyed seeing as the cute and fragile Sasha struggled, but when he saw her beginning to close her eyes he stopped. With a quick, forceful motion he threw her on the bed along Laura so she could regain her breath. Martin wasted no time and approached the two nubile bodies on the bed, ready to begin. He first let Laura suck on his shaft for a few minutes, while he squeezed and tugged on her squishy fat fun bags. He went on to Sasha, who was laying on her back, still recovering. He spread her labia with his tongue and licked her meaty cunt a bit so it would be well lubed. He then put Laura on top of Sasha so she could have her twat serviced and penetrated Sasha with his instrument. He pounded Sasha's tight young pussy like a jackhammer, sending waves of pleasure through her numb body with each thrust, while he was tongue dueling with Laura. He soon came inside Sasha's vagina, filling her with his seed. Soon he'd be literally destroying that pussy anyway. He slid out of Sasha and let Laura lean forward in a 69 position so she could lick his jizz from Sasha's dripping cunt, while he got dressed.

"Come on girls. Time to get your bodies a few new holes." he said after letting them finish each other. He was quite generous to let them have final orgasms before being snuffed.

He took each of them by the hand and slowly lead them towards the club' VIP shooting range. The girls were quiet and probably slightly anxious at what was to come, but they went ahead willingly. They soon found themselves in a big, long room. The walls were covered in concrete. The door they entered through was on the side of the rectangular room, near one of the ends. Ahead of them was a low table, sandbags under and to it's sides. To their right, there were quite a few locked cabinets, containing all sorts of weaponry. The room was dimly lit at first, but then Martin flipped a switch and the shooting range lit up and the girls could see the other side, where the wall was riddled with dents and holes. Near those walls there was also blood. Blood of many shades, from many Snuff Bunnies through which bullets made their way. Soon their blood would also paint those walls, adding a few more strokes to the painting. To their left, at the bullet-riddled end of the room, were also three metallic X shaped implements to which bunnies would be restrained.

"Alright. We'll start with you Laura. Your tits will make great targets." said Martin, grabbing a weird looking tool from the shed. It was a laser skin tattoo gun.

It had five small aiming beams that shown exactly how big the painted target would be. He centered the sights on Laura's nipple and then pressed the trigger. "AAH" cried Laura suddenly as the gun immediately marked her right breast with a painted target. There were three concentric circles on her mammary, her now red painted nipple at the middle. She took her tit in her hand, rubbed it a bit then pointed it up. The inner ring, around her nipple and areola had a 50 texted around, while the other two circles had 25 and 10. Martin wasted no time and painted the same target on her other breast, on her belly and on her cunt too, at a 45 degree angle, centered on the entrance to her sex tunnel. She cried out in pain when her very sensitive womanly appendages were marked, but the pain quickly subsided. Martin then put a single big dot target on Laura's forehead, worth a hundred points. It would be the final shot. He then left the target tool on the middle table and grabbed a small box. It was full of steel tipped darts.

"We'll make this an interesting little game..." said Martin grinning at Laura. She felt aroused seeing the little darts and almost instinctively presented her marked tits to Martin.

"Please, let me feel them... feel them penetrate me." she asked Martin.

Martin approached with a dart, grabbed her right breast and squeezed her pear-shaped appendage vigorously. To Laura it felt almost as if he'd tear her precious tit away from her chest, but the pain remained constant along with his grip. He then teased her nipple with the cold tip of the dart, poking at the miniscule pores of her nipple with it. He then plunged the tip inside her flesh bags extremity, sending a new wave of agony and ecstasy to Laura's pain addicted brain. He pushed the whole tip of the dart into her breast, up to the wooden part of the dart, prompting her to moan with pain and pleasure. He then retracted the dart and kept on squeezing her tit, until blood began pouring out of her nipple quite readily. He licked her blood-oozing mammary for a few seconds, then let go of it and took Laura to the back of the room.

"You're a damn good pain slut, Laura. Depending on our score with the darts, you'll get terminated with a different weapon. Under 100 points means you'll die easily, with a few shots from an anti-tank riffle blasting though your chest and head and splattering your mind across the concrete wall." Martin explained, while Laura was already horny imagining her demise. "At two hundred points you'll be terminated with a .50 BMG that will put very nice and big hole in your abdomen and will vaporize your twat. At 300 points you get to be executed close range with a plethora of shotgun slugs that will tear your flesh and bones apart. At four hundred points you will be sent off with a desert eagle, placing 50 AE shells through your nubile flesh. At 500 points I'll execute you with a modern crossbow. I get 20 darts. Alright, let's get to it." said Martin, giving the box of darts to Sasha so she can hold it.

Martin took a distance of about 10 meters from Laura, grabbed a dart, wound back and then with an ample arching motion launched his hand forward, letting go of a flying dart. It plunged it's steel tip right into Laura's nubile left breast - penetrating her mammary in the 25 point region. Laura immediately felt the pain and screamed. A dull low effort scream.

"You're gonna have to scream harder if you want a quick death." yelled Martin, grabbing another dart from Sasha.

He arched back again and let another one fly. This time Laura didn't scream at all, for the dart went right bellow her twat, between her legs. It made Martin furious that after all his practice over the years, he couldn't hit Laura's clit. Nevertheless, he got another dart, aimed and let it fly. Laura screamed from the top of her lungs as the steel tipped rod bore itself into her pussy, right above her clit, penetrating right into her vaginal canal. Another 25 points.

"Ha, that's more like it." Martin told her. "Sasha, why don't you try a few shots while I bring something to spice this up?" he said, patting young little Sasha's shoulder with confidence and leaving the room.

"Looks like we're all alone now. Let's have some fun." giggled Sasha as she started unloading darts into Laura's vulnerable torso.

After a few minutes, in comes Martin with a weird looking box. It contained a corrosive substance that would eat away at the flesh of anyone that gets in contact with it.

"Let's see what you've done so far." says Martin, closing in on the girls. "My, my...not bad at all. Not bad. You've stuck three right in her other undamaged breast, one in the nipple, one hit her belly straight in the center and two more are propped up in her lower belly, firmly placed into her uterus. We're already at 300 points. Laura could get blasted with the shotgun. Let's see... 3 more darts. Not enough for a crossbow execution, but we'll have to see about reaching that desert eagle." said Martin and then stroking Sasha's head like he would his dog's. She was after all, a good and obedient bitch.

Martin dipped the remaining darts into the can of corrosive substance, then prepared to send another wave of pain towards Laura's gasping frame. She was moaning in pain already with that many darts stuck in her body, but when the enhanced darts hit her right in the remaining intact nipple, just above her cunt and one right into her left ovary, she screamed as if possessed. Martin seldom heard such serendipitous screams.

"385 points. No dice. Looks like we'll have to execute our beautiful Laura with a shotgun... but what shotgun. Come Sasha, let's choose a toy."

They briefly left the dart riddled Snuff Bunny Laura straddled to the metal X cross - the substance continuing to rot away at her right breast and her internals. By the time the Martin and Sasha came back with an pump action Ithaca Model 37, her womb was severely damaged by the corrosive substance that ravaged at her nubile flesh. Martin loaded in 5 tight spread 20 gauge shells.

"You've been a great assistant so far, Sasha. Why don't you inaugurate Laura's execution? She might like feeling the pain from all those darts, but all good things must come to an end." exclaimed Martin, handing the instrument of death to Sasha.

"Let's pop her cherry!" cheered Sasha taking the gun. "Ooooh it's quite heavy. I bet it packs a serious punch."

"Why don't you find out? Come on: aim, squeeze the trigger and watch as Laura's innards go flying." says Martin impatiently and slaps Sasha's round and sexy buttocks.

From a mere meter away, Sasha took aim at Laura's darted and bleeding cunt. She breathed in and then pulled the trigger. A roaring blast flashed before their eyes as the lead cartridge exited the muzzle and made it's way through Laura's lower abdomen. The blast was quickly followed by an ear bursting scream let out by the gravely mutilated Snuff Bunny. Martin moved in to take a closer look and he marveled at the utter destruction that had swept through Laura's womb. From a distance it seemed like her whole cunt and uterus had turned into a red and gory meatpie, but looking closer he could see dozens and dozens of little holes and charred flesh. The lead pellets blasted right through her sex, destroying her cervix, vaporizing her precious eggs and blasting out the back, probably even blasting through the coccygeal vertebrae. The other side of the wall was clearly stained by Laura's blood and torn flesh. Martin observed her suffering and convulsing for a few more seconds then went to her and removed the darts in her tits so he could get another squeeze off of them before he shot them off. And squeeze them he did - like an absolute beast he stretched and turned her fleshy fun bags, but they seemed to stay in place, atop her chest. Laura seemed to be in a state of shock after being subjected to so much pain and damage and could barely keep on moaning in pain, stunned. He thus took the shotgun from Sasha and pumped in another shell. He stood just a few feet away from Laura, aiming at her navel. Before Laura realized she was going to get hit again, Martin blasted her belly with lead. The shot burst out through her back, spraying the wall with fragments of her guts and backbone, as well as copious amounts of her red life sustaining liquid. Her intestines were nothing but a bloody internal organ mush now. 'This shotgun rocks' Martin thought to himself as he pumped the third shell into the magazine, the empty cartridge popping out on the floor. This time he placed the barrel right on top of Laura's right bleeding nipple. He pushed in the barrel, deforming her once pristine and beautiful tit. He angled it towards her heart and without any words or goodbyes, pulled the trigger. Laura's screams were cut short a few seconds after this event, her heart being absolutely obliterated by the storm of lead unleashed upon it. Her breast looked like a deflated football, most of her internal mammary tissue being either evaporated or blasted away, unto the wall. Laura's head slumped forward, signaling her passing.

Martin thus declared his first playmate officially dead and went to one of the cabinets in order to get a big serrated hunting knife and left the shotgun there. He used it to carefully slice her left breast off, as close to the ribs as possible.

"Keep this for me please." he told Sasha, handing over the severed mammary to her.

"Not a problem." Sasha nodded smiling. "Are you going to cook it?"

"Indeed. Tits are quite tasty if done right." replies Martin, preparing the blade to hack at Laura's neck.

"Well... would you let me cook it? I know a great recipe." said Sasha with her usual wide smile and soft voice.

Martin paused hacking at Laura's neck halfway through, leaving her half-decapitated. He then went over to Sasha who was fiddling around with Laura's severed jewel and looked at her with a bit of contempt.

"You dirty, dirty little weasel. You're acting all cute and useful so you can convince me to spare you and take you home with me, aren't you?" inquired Martin with a gaze that pierced right through her soul.

Sasha blushed.

"No. No. No. That's just how I normally act, Ivan can vouch for that. I always lend a helping hand." Sasha blushed and her eyes pleaded forgiveness.

"I'll gladly let you snuff me any way you like, master. No need to worry about me running or acting up on you." she continued.

"Huh...if you say so..." he replied and teased her face with the edge of the blade, making a very thin cut that barely drew any blood from her cheek.

Martin continued and cut off Laura's head, that he would use as a shooting range prop, a grisly prop. One day her skull would cave in and her brain would be splattered across his backyard by some random bullet. He then placed it on the desk and walked back to Sasha. and began scrutinizing her young, nubile frame.

Ending A

"Hmm. How am I going to kill such a happy little clam ?" rhetorically asked Martin.

"Anyway you'd like to. Your pleasure is the only thing that matters after all." said Sasha, teasing him by playing with her little handful-sized latina tits.

Martin approached the horny little bunny in front of him menacingly. He put his massive hands on her frail and adorable head. He thought about how he could literally crush her head with his bare hands, but then...

"I feel like doing some exercise. Haven't had a good cardio in a while." he said as he took Sasha by the hand.

They exited the shooting range, notified the club's staff that Laura's carcass is to be cleaned from the spot and then they went into the gym section of the club. Here there was also a boxing ring. Martin prompted Sasha to put on a pair of sneakers and hop into the ring, while he himself got prepared. In a few minutes he came back to her, wearing his comfortable sneakers, a pair of modified boxing gloves and nothing else. The gloves were both fitted with a small metal plaque inserted between the leather and the padding of the gloves, at the knuckles. From the metal plaque, four thick two centimeter metal rods jutted out. Their heads were like those of harpoons, to not easily come out of the flesh once they were inside. Seeing Martin enter the ring with these gloves, Sasha felt her heartbeat rise. She knew her demise would be excruciating.

"You ready to dance?" he asked

"How do you want me to sit for the blows?" Sasha asked in response.

"Doesn't really matter." Martin responded, gently pushing the little harpoons into her right tit as an appetizer for what's to come. He could see her pain from her grunting expression and light moan.

"Here I go." he said and pulled back his hand, rending her sweet latina tit.

His first punch was right into her tummy. The force of the blow made young Sasha cringe forward, gasping in pain. Upon retracting his hand with just as much speed, Martin pulled out a sizeable chunk of her flesh, leaving behind an incoherent bloody mess in place of her belly button. She was now bleeding from both her chest and belly. Martin's next hit was a side sweep across her soft breasts, dangling ahead as she struggled to stay on her feet. The tiny metal harpoons mercilessly mangled her left mammary, tearing off most of the fatty tissue and then skewered her other, only slightly perforated before, right breast. He paused to give Sasha a high kick in her flayed chest, sending the poor Snuff Bunny tumbling back on to the ropes of the boxing ring. Martin continued his onslaught with dozens of punches to her chest and belly. Her tits weren't even tits anymore, but a mesh of gory skin and torn muscle, through which one could see in a few places the exposed ribs. If she were to lean forwards, her guts could probably fall out on the ring's floor. At this point Martin knew she wouldn't live for much more, so he placed the final few hits in Sasha's cunt and lower abdominal areas, allowing the little harpoons to shred away at all that was still feminine and pristine in her - mutilating her reproductive organs in a manner most gruesome. Sasha was barely breathing now. Martin was intrigued by her determination to please him - she barely cried from the pain and always tried to resume her smiling posture and cheerful attitude, even as she was pummeled with savagery. Martin's cock was hard, so he decided that he'll give her a last mission - to suck him dry. And indeed, once his cock was in front of her mouth, she gathered all the vitality she had left took him in her mouth. She polished his shaft until he came, like a volcano. Martin was truly satisfied by her services as a Snuff Bunny.

"Rest now. You've done well." he said as Sasha was closing her eyes, her mutilated body hanging on the ropes.

Martin cleaned himself up with a shower then ordered Sasha's head to be cleanly cut and delivered taxidermied at his place. Unlike Laura's head, Sasha's will be mounted in his hall of glory, along the trophies of his other most memorable snuffed bunnies. Martin hung out a bit more with Ivan, watched a few Pleasure Bunnies stripping in the club, then, fulfilled with how his day off went - left.

Ending B

Martin approached the horny little bunny in front of him menacingly. He put his massive hands on her frail and adorable head.

"You said you could cook that breast earlier, right?" inquired Martin.

"Yes. In quite a few ways. I could make a soufflé, I could make desert, I could...."

"So you know how to cook?"

"Yep" she responded cheerfully.

He put his right thumb into her mouth, turned on by the little devil in front of him.

"Why don't you..." he told her pulling out his erect instrument.

He didn't have to finish the sentence, for Sasha was already on the job, putting her petite hands and hot wet tongue to use. She enthusiastically worked up and down on his dick with her mouth and hands, maintaining eye contact and paying close attention not to cause him any discomfort. Martin nutted in her mouth and she swallowed everything like a champ, licking his dick clean afterwards.

"Ahhh. Damn good job, my little Sasha." he said after a few seconds of intense release, caressing her innocent little head.

Martin pulled up his trouser and took Sasha by the hand. He lead her out of the shooting range, through the corridors. Martin notified the club's staff that the remains of Laura's carcass are to be cleaned and her head is to be delivered to his estate and then went to the showers, where he undressed.

"Why are we taking a shower, Master Martin?" Sasha inquired puzzled as the water started pouring on them.

"I want to see you cooking." he said, scrubbing her pussy with a sponge - Sasha biting her lip and moaning in response.

"You'll come home with me." he continued, his touch caressing the rest of her sublime body.

"You'll be one of my house girls." he added, seeing Sasha's eyes lit up with more and more joy.

Sasha hugged her master, full of gratefulness, then started cleaning his back in appreciation. After the shower, they both got dressed and greeted Ivan on their way out. He looked a bit surprised, but he knew that Martin had this habit of prolonging the lives of Snuff Bunnies he thought could provide more pleasure and utility over a longer period of time, rather than being a one night stand. Martin was content with his choice, because he seldom saw bunnies as obedient, energetic and cheerful as Sasha. He'd hold her around for at least a few more months, before she'd be finally retired, but that was in the unforeseeable future - for now he was happy to go home accompanied by Sasha. - Sasha - Laura - girl in the beginning - Alice


This story is inspired by loot boxes. Everyone's favorite thing in the universe /s.

The Bunny Box

(surprise, snuff, game)

"...up to two million combinations !!! Will she be willing? Will she be blond, brunette, maybe even the rare redhead? What will she wear? Will she be begging ?... " a sales man kept shouting intensely on the TV screen.


"Yea, yea, I'm coming" said Andrew heading for the door.

"... Sonic machine gun! Iron Maiden! Shrapnel grenade! Piano wire! Acid bath! Live roasting! The possibilities are endless !
Order our Bunny Box today, for just $399 a piece and relax - she'll do the hard work!" the voice yelled in the back as a small printed disclaimer made it clear that the metal band Iron Maiden wasn't going to be put in one of the snuff boxes and shipped to anyone.

"Nice, just unload them out back in the yard. Thanks for the prompt delivery, have a nice day! " Andrew told the delivery dude as he quickly biometrically approved the transaction.

"... each box comes with it's own tools, but once used, the tools remain yours and you can use them with other boxed bunnies! Now isn't that a bargain? Order two and get free disposal of the bodies! For every tenth box ordered, you get another one that you can gift your friends! Just -" Andrew turned off the holo TV. The add running on it was redundant for him.

It was a nice sunny day on Argus Rho II and Andrew had just taken a few days off from his job as a virtual construct programmer. Eight hundred protectorate dollars were pocket money for someone in his profession and he wanted to try new ways of killing time, among other things.

In his backyard were now two big red boxes, the 'Dolcett Entertainment™' logo on them.They were 2,5 meters tall, and two meters on each side at the base. The wrapping was of a slick metallic red projected onto glass and at the back of the boxes were some protrusions that looked like some toolboxes grafted unto the main enclosure. Andrew was a bit befuddled at the two boxes in front of him as he didn't see any button or any handle that would reveal the contents to him. As he touched the smaller box of the same intense red, some dim pink light shone under his fingers and the box detached from the main structure.

His attention was quickly diverted back to the main box as a flames pattern, colored neon pink, etched itself on the box at the top and began descending - making the glass transparent behind it. Andrew first saw dark blond hair, not unlike his own. Her eyes were of a beautiful hazel pattern and as soon as they found found Andrew's they locked on in a sharp, yet mild stare. She had asian and nordic features - small chiseled nose, slightly slanted eyes complemented by a round chin. All in all, very cute and to his liking.

"Name's Lara. Dolcett bunny at your service." she said, winking at Andrew as his gaze shifted down to her other body parts that were now being revealed.

Lara was clad in a skin tight dress made of synthetic material. It had no cleavage and ran like a wrapping sheet all the way from her sculpted collarbones to the middle of her ample thighs. Her physique resembled a hand drawn eight digit - slim around the belly and with generous breasts and hips. Her red attire combined with her subtle make up of matching colors made her extremely sexy.

"What do you say, handsome? Should I begin?" asked Lara, running her hands across her smoking hot body in an enticing manner.

"Begin...begin what ?" asked Andrew slightly dumbfounded.

"Well, what I was made to do silly. Offer you a show and then die." Lara giggled innocuously.

"Waaaait a moment. Can't I take you out of there...?"

"Hahaha. Don't be silly. It would be dangerous for you if I got out of this reinforced glass box."

"How so? Not even a quick fuck ... ? I like your look." Andrew asked, ever more puzzled.

"That's sweet of you. Don't worry, you'll find all your answers in just a few minutes." Lara told him as she began to twirl, her sexy body overflowing with sensuality.

As Lara begun her number, the box Andrew was holding opened up seamlessly, without him even noticing it. Lara made a small gesture when it opened, pointing it out. Andrew unglued his eyes from the nubile body that was pulsating in front of him and looked at the contents of the box. There was an enigmatic tablet inside - nothing else. He took it and discarded the thin metal box. As he put his fingers on it, the tablet lit up. It quickly ran some biometric scan to determine if it was held by the purchaser of the Bunny Box and then displayed a minimalistic interface, with only clad woman's body in the center. The silhouette had the same dress as Lara. 'Tap to unwrap your gift' flashed above the head.

There was a small noise as the caps behind Lara's dress popped off and her attire got even skimpier. She was now sporting a black laced lingerie set that drew Andrew's attention to her womanly parts. The interface of the tablet changed. It now had Lara's tits, head, womb and limbs highlighted. On the left a timer and on the right a button labeled with a bomb.

"You see... I'm not just hot, I'm EXPLOSIVE ! laughed Lara as she squeezed her massive jugs alluringly and grinded herself in the air as if she were riding a dick.

Andrew was visibly aroused, but he wasn't quite ready to push any further buttons. Seeing this, Lara undid her bra to reveal her firm voluptuous tits.

"They're yours to destroy. Just select them on the tablet and then click on the bomb." she said, tugging at her hardened perky nipples.

"Won't that kill you?" he asked sheepishly.

"They're shaped charges, designed to blow my limbs off, but not kill me outright. Unless of course... " she turned her back towards him, lifting her hair to reveal a small bulge at the nape of her neck.

Lara continued her dance, spreading her legs as she exposed her sculpted ass covered only by a thin triangle of fabric. She slapped her ass loudly then turned around, putting a hand in her panties and rubbing herself with lust, while slowly peeling them off with the other hand. Not before long, Lara was fully naked and her hands ran across her body to keep her and Andrew's lust going.

"Good cunt, Lara. Now play with your right tit." commanded Andrew.

Lara did as commanded and began fondling her soft right udder, jolting it up and down and squeezing it to feel the shaped charge inside. She began licking and tugging at her tit with her mouth and tried to milk herself for a while, but that had no effect besides further arousing Andrew. She lifted her head up and looked at him.


In a fraction of a second Lara's right tit burst open like a pinata of blood and gore, prompting a quick shriek of pain from the wounded snuff bunny. Bits of her perfect big rose nipple were now scattered across the glass, along with chunks of her tit fat and charred skin. Her other tit was rather intact, but her palms were burnt.

"WOOHOOO" Andrew jumped up ecstatically, looking at Lara's pulverized breast and the wound it left behind.

"Glad to see you enjoying yourself, master! What shall I do next?" asked Lara trying to seem eager while suppressing her pain.

"Bite off your left nipple."

Lara was a bit reluctant, but she did as asked. She took her remaining mammary into her mouth and bit down. As delicate as her skin was, it was still chewy and she had to fight her pain for a few seconds before she could finally sever her tit's extremity.

"Pull out the explosive charge inside your tit."

"I'm afraid I can't do that..." Lara excused herself, looking at Andrew as she chewed her nipple, her face covered in blood.

"Oh well..." Andrew sighed in disappointment, looking Lara in her pleading hazel eyes.


A wave of fire suddenly emerged from Lara's left tit and engulfed her precious female appendage. When the wave receded, only a bloody wound that exposed her rib was left behind. It wasn't the only wave, though - Lara's left arm was now also just a stub. Bits of bone prodded out, accompanied by red flesh - as her arm was blown apart at the elbow, just as she was sliding it down towards her still intact and succulent cunt.

"Aaaaaargh" she screamed in pain and Andrew swole with glee and satisfaction.

"Your cunt and legs are still intact, now.. aren't they? Stop screaming and start fingering." Andrew commanded, but Lara was still wailing and clutching her stubbed hand.

"You heard me Lara! Don't be a worthless cunt and start touching yourself! NOW!" he commanded again.

Lara put her remaining hand on her crotch and started rubbing apathetically. Her index finger parted her labias and sunk into her moist lips, rubbing gently at her inner pussy. Andrew watched as Lara's pain subsided and pleasure overcame it, allowing her face to form an 'oh' as she moaned.

"Good girl Lara. Now stab yourself in the womb with your left hand's stubbed bone!"

Lara was overcome with despair at this request. She didn't want to replace her slight pleasure with more pain, she was still human and no conditioning could change that.

"Do it you daft cunt, or I'll blow your legs off!" but Lara didn't budge, she just began crying and continued to finger herself.

"Fine...fine..." Andrew exhaled disappointed and tapped on Lara's legs then on the bomb.


Her knees were suddenly no more, being now just bits on the stained glass walls of Lara's cage. Lara was thrown on her back by the blast, but her body was largely intact, beside her 3 detached limbs and her mauled chest. Her face was still very pretty, but it was adorned with make up washed away in her tears of pain. Her cunt looked a bit roasted by the last explosions, but it was still rose colored and very alluring. Lara prompted herself up against the reinforced glass walls and mustered her remaining strength.

"P..please... end it already.... pl-" she sobbed violently.

"You're a beautiful girl, Lara. I'll give you two minutes before I blow up your cunt."

Lara panicked as she sensed her incoming demise. For a few seconds she just looked at Andrew full of despair, reconciling with reality in her mind. She saw Andrew turn the tablet towards her. Her cunt was selected and the timer was at 1:34... then at 1:33, 1:32... She quickly put her remaining scorched hand down to her precious sex and began rubbing frantically. She used her fingers with amazing dexterity, only so she could get herself off one last time.

Lara - a living limbless torso with a cute blond head on top.

3... 2... 1...

Andrew caught only a glimpse of orange as the explosion tore Lara's womanhood violently apart - splattering her gonads all across the cage's cold walls. Blood and guts were pouring out the gaping hole between Lara's crotch, severely limiting her amount of time left alive.
The explosion shredded her belly and inner thighs almost beyond recognition. As the bloody red dust cleared away, Lara was in shock, prompted against the wall and foaming at the mouth. Her body twitched a bit every now and then.

"Ok. Now off you go."

Andrew selected Lara's head and pressed the bomb button. The shaped charge was at the nape of Lara's neck and the explosion decapitated her, sending the head up in the air. Andrew noticed Lara fly free for what amounted to only a second or two maybe - and he smiled at her on her way out. Lara's head then thumped down on the ground, between the severed stubs of her legs. Andrew couldn't pinpoint the moment in time when Lara died, but he was satisfied with how she ended. He'd do it all over again if he could, maybe with a few different choices - but time travel technology was still not a thing.

Andrew left the tablet away and went to the next box... wondering what delight he'd find inside.

Would you order your own Bunny Box?


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The Greatest Gift

(WoW Universe, whorehouse massacre)

“Two lives, one key... Do not fail me, Nazgoth.” Razuvious barked at the towering orc.

A sudden burst of crimson red sprayed on Nazgoth. It was the blood of a petty night elf that dared to challenge him. His head flew free, as he received the gift that was once bestowed upon Nazgoth. DEATH.

“As expected, my chosen knight has triumphed! You are ready, Nazgoth. Report down to Death's Breach and join the others.”

The big orc sheathed his sword and did as instructed, treading on the bone floor with might, apocalypse in front of him and death behind. As soon as he landed at Death’s Breach, Nazgoth went to battle. He didn’t need another briefing or some order to know what he had to do: SLAUGHTER HUMANS.
He went straight into the fray, surrounded by a swarm of unholy bugs and with his sword cutting through living flesh with the ease of squashing plants. A scarlet crusader charged at him on horseback, weapon at her side. The unholy swarm of insects stung her eyes and she toppled down.

“Hah. Good try.” Shouted Nazgoth as he plunged his sword into the back of the fallen crusader, severing her spine.

“You’ll have to do better than that.” He said, leaving her to suffer and crawl until she would be eaten by some passing ghoul.
It mattered not what creature came before him – woman, man, child – Nazgoth cut them down swiftly, but not mercifully. On his way to New Avalon, he only left carnage behind: villagers clutching at their intestines as they were bisected, women with their eyes gouged out and their tits mauled, men with only stubs for hands, soldiers without heads and villagers without limbs.

“I WILL TEAR THE FLESH OFF OF YOU!” Nazgoth shouted as he kicked open some building’s door.

To his right was a well-dressed woman. Clad in full nobleman attire, her bosom full and her skin slightly wrinkled. She was probably the madam in charge of the establishment and Nazgoth’s next victim. She was frozen by fear as she stared at the hulking orc that had just shattered the locked door with ease.

“What is this place?” Nazgoth asked menacingly.

The woman didn’t respond. She was still paralyzed by fear. As she stuttered, a naked man came running downstairs from Nazgoth’s left, trying to make a run for it. He noticed the menacing orc and tried to slide by him in a rush. A few seconds later his brain was all over the floor, staining Nazgoth’s saronite sabatons.

“P…P…please… We’re just whores here. We won’t harm anybody. Just spare us please.” The madam begged as she saw the orc walking towards her.

“Whores you say… Hmmm . How many of you are in here?” asked Nazgoth grinning.

“J… just 5 of us here. Me, Mary, Theresa, Veroni ... “

“Good. You’ll be my appetizer. “ Nazgoth interrupted the madam, clutching her neck with his left hand and fiercely tearing her clothes off.

She was a woman past her prime. Her big tits sagged a bit and her cunt was covered by thick hair. Nazgoth pinched her hardened right nipple with his long and sharp fingernails, slicing off her nerve packed extremity and sending a wave of agonizing pain through her. He didn’t really like his first opened gift though, so he pushed his thumb into her neck, until her blood sprinkled out like water from a spring. He then clutched his hand tight into a fist and placed it in front of her lower belly. With just a punch, Nazgoth shredded the madam’s uterus with a myriad of icy spikes, causing her to shriek in agony. He then threw her on the floor to writhe in agony and bleed out.

Nazgoth turned towards the man’s corpse and focused his unholy power for a few seconds. A ravenous ghoul rose. As soon as it came to life, it smelled blood and went straight for the madam on the floor. He watched amused for a few minutes as his ghoul sunk its claws into the madam’s belly and pulled out her guts and everything else that could be pulled from her insides. By the time the ghoul had begun mauling her head, she was long expired. The ghoul devoured her almost whole… legs, thighs, cunt, belly, breasts and parts of her face.
Nazgoth then used his powers to command the ghoul as to stay guard and not let anyone escape. He was skeptical about the ghoul’s capabilities, but he also instructed it to capture and not kill any woman that would try to run.

He then laid his robe and the rest of his armor on a table at the entrance. Clad only in a pair of trousers that could barely contain his bulging orcish pride and with his trusty runeforged sword in hand, he went up the stairs to meet the ladies. At the top of the stairs, the small building housed two rooms, one on the left and one on the right – both with their doors shut. Nazgoth smashed open the door on the right.
Inside the room were three young and pretty damsels. They all shrieked in terror at the sight of the orcish menace and one of them threw an iron towards Nazgoth, missing.

“Come on… I don’t look THAT bad.” He said cackling.

“What doth ye want from us? We here are just poor women. We’re no threat to you vile scourge…” said a buxom brunette that stood in the middle. Her face was rather ugly, but her body looked delicious, even through her dress.

“See this blood?” he asked, pointing his sword at her. “It’s the blood of hundreds of your kind. If you don’t wish yours added to it, you’ll have to please me.”

The brunette, although nervous, shed her dress and revealed her nubile maiden body. She had a firm set of swell and soft breasts, complemented by a curvy figure. She kept her undergarments on, not wanting to reveal her cunt too early and proceeded towards Nazgoth, while the blonde and redhead in the room still stood back, their fear still holding them captive.

“I’ll only let one of you get out of here alive. Why are you two standing around? You’re not gonna make me change my mind with that attitude.” He said as the big breasted brunette unzipped his trousers.

Nazgoth laid his sword on a counter and started playing with the brunette’s tiny body. They were all tiny, the tallest of them being the redhead, barely 1.8 meters – compared to Nazgoth’s 2.3 meters of muscle and bone. He looked towards the other two women who were undressing. The redhead’s face seemed particularly appealing to him. He couldn’t recall why, but he felt regret looking at her, something that he almost never felt. He admired her freckled fair skin as she slowly peeled her dress down, revealing her feminine charms. Her tits had the shape and size of ripe pears, perky nipples pointing gloriously upward. She moved with a certain finesse that went beyond the vulgarity of an average whore. Like the brunette, she didn’t reveal herself fully.

To his right, was a long haired blonde with a candid face. Her hair was braided and she seemed pretty dumb by the look on her, but that only made her more vulnerable and appealing to Nazgoth. She lost her clothes quickly and entirely, putting herself on full display. Her shaven cunt had vibrant pink lips that were very inviting and begged for something to part them. Her breasts were nothing to scoff at, but her nipples had big flat aureole that begged to be sliced off… slowly.

Nazgoth’s cock was ready. The brunette’s use was thus quickly expanded. The other two still stood back, trying to make themselves attractive with various poses, but not daring to approach. He slid his hand down the brunette’s panties, his hand clutching her tiny snatch. She gave a moan of pleasure as he slid his index finger into her sex. Her pleasure was short lived though as Nazgoth pulled his finger up and towards him, his fingernail rending through the whore’s cunt. The brunette promptly started to scream like mad, her clitoris being torn away by the orc’s dirty nail. Nazgoth then held her up by her torso. He head-butted her and she slumped back, unconscious. He took a bite off of her glorious right tit and chewed quickly through it.

“Come on girls, you can do better than this sorry piece of trash. Don’t worry, I won’t bite you too.” He said with a bloodied face, taking yet another bite off the brunette’s chest, his teeth ripping flesh from her nubile bosoms.

The remaining two women were terrified, but they knew that inaction would lead them to a similar fate as the one of their colleague. Nazgoth munched patiently on the human’s flesh while the two worked up their courage to approach him. Upon taking his fourth bite, a bloody chunk of the brunette’s flayed cunt, the two were by his side.
Nazgoth looked at the brunette. It looked like she was still breathing so he put his hand on her pretty little head. She woke up, feeling the pressure and flailed her limbs, but to no avail. Her head caved in with a loud cracking sound, fragments of skull digging into her mushy brain and short circuiting the life out of her. The orc laughed at the human’s frailty and tossed her titless and cuntless corpse against the wall.

“Go on. Take me. I’m all yours, you filthy animal.” Said the redhead disdainfully, flaring her arms outwards and protruding her chest.

“I like what I see…” Nazgoth said as his hands crept over the redhead, feeling her delicate skin.

He held her head up from under her chin and gave her a bloody kiss on the forehead, then he turned towards the blonde.

Nazgoth was way bigger than the living doll in front of him. He lifted the tiny human blonde up in his hands, like a parent would with his offspring and carefully placed her on his horizontally erect member, as if it were a stool. She wrapped her hands around his neck so she could hold on, while he grabbed her plump ass with both hands and began to slide her back and forth on his long shaft. Her juicy young cunt and her tender thighs felt great as they encompassed his monstrous green and hairy cock. It was clear that she wouldn’t be able to fit the whole thing inside her, but it was also clear the orc wasn’t interested in the damage he’d do to her. The redhead stood silently and boiled with indignation as she seemed to be ignored. She saw the orc’s blade lying on the nearby counter and an idea hatched in her mind.

The blonde’s pussy was already dripping wet and juices were running all over the floor. She was craving to be penetrated and Nazgoth sensed it. He pushed her towards him and then to the tip of his cock again, this time holding her by her waist. He slid her off for a brief while and then rammed his member deep into her cock starving orifice. As soon as the tip parted her pink labias, she let out an agonizing scream. Nazgoth was turned on immensely by her pain and began thrusting into the blonde cocksleeve, stretching and tearing her fragile inner plumbing. Blood was oozing out of her delicate human pussy, even more so than her other juices. He rammed his instrument a few times into her with ample thrusts, ripping apart her precious womanhood. On the fifth thrust he broke through her cervix and into her lower abdomen. The blonde whore was now past any form of pleasure and was almost foaming at the mouth from crying out. Nazgoth continued unabated, ramming his thick prick into the dying damsel, her guts getting tangled around his member as her new cervix was the diaphragm.
Upon reaching crescendo and unloading his balls of icy white semen into the hot carcass of the blonde that he had just fucked to death, Nazgoth felt something tingle, almost like pain, in his left shoulder. He gleaned the tip of his blade sticking out of his left shoulder and immediately realized what had just transpired. The blade didn’t cut though the bone, so the wound wasn’t too serious - especially not for a death knight. Unfazed, Nazgoth pulled his member out of the blonde cunt, guts and semen flowing out along with it. He let go of the blonde’s corpse then stomped her trauma contorted face with his right heel, caving in her adorable figure and ending her life, if she still had any. The redhead was still trying to press down and cut through his shoulderblade, but it was clear she lacked the strength.

“Congratulations… You’re the last remaining cunt. You can go.” He said with mocking laughter as he turned towards the feisty redheaded morsel.
They both looked defiantly in each other’s eyes for a few seconds, the orc having brushed her hands off his blade with ease.

“Go…!? Go…?” she stopped.

“Go where, you green piece of shit?” she yelled at him – despair oozing from her voice.

“I’ll be slaughtered like a pig as soon as I leave this building. Don’t you dare insult me with such offers of false hope.” She blurted out and charged with her fist at the statue of muscle and bone that stood in front of her.
Her body was well toned and able to fight, but not against an unnatural abomination like Nazgoth, so her punches and kicks barely made an impression on him. Nazgoth stood silent for a few minutes and watched with interest as the beautiful creature in front of him tried her best to hurt him. The perks of being a reanimated corpse enhanced by necromantic sorcery was that he barely felt any pain, even when his balls were kicked.

“Before you… stands a choice.” Nazgoth spoke thunderously, pulling her out of the battle trance she was in.

“You either DIE like a vermin here – run through the sword like a pig.” he said and paused, staring into her soul.

“Or you become my thrall, serving me in battle until your last day – your will bent to mine.”

“I’ll die either way, so what does it matter?” she asked bitterly.

“Death is a gift. It only matters if one accepts it or not. When the Lich King gave it to me, I jumped at the chance to live again, to feel what it’s like to taste the blood of my enemies once more, to roam the battlefield in search of worthy opponents and bathe in their blood. To maim, feast and delight in the agony of those who are weak, like the whore’s I’ve just killed. To …” Nazgoth pauses for a moment.

“You don’t want to become just another carcass, a meal for a gargoyle or a bunch of body parts sewn into an abomination. You wish to fight – your eyes are burning with vengeance. Come, embrace your fate and you will be reborn, free from the weakness of just mere flesh.” Nazgoth said, stretching his arm ahead, towards her.

“Will I ever be free, then?” she asked, hesitating.

“Only fate knows what you’ll earn. Your will will only ever be yours again if it is stronger than mine.” The stern orc replied.

Time seemed to stand still for more than the two could appreciate, as she weighed her choices.

“So be it.” replied the naked redhead, treading ahead towards her fate.

Nazgoth put his arms around her chest, feeling her perfect tits. He then slowly moved upwards, clutching her slender neck. He ceremoniously lifted her up by it, applying pressure.

“I now give you the gift of death.” He said, strangling her forcefully, but not with all his might.

She tried to unbind herself, her legs and body twitched as she fought, but in few short moments, she passed out. As soon as she closed her eyes, Nazgoth started channeling and imbuing her with his own power and will. Her fair skin darkened and corroded slightly as necromantic energies engulfed her.

With the process finished, Nazgoth let go of the redhead’s body and she plummeted to the ground. Her eyes cracked open, cold death seeping out. She looked disoriented, as if she didn’t know how she got there. The new undead body felt weird, yet very powerful – she could sense everything around her: the pressure of the air, a faint taste of blood in her mouth, the smell of decay oozing out the big green creature in front of her. After a few seconds of awe she tried to mindlessly attack the creature in front of him, only to find that her body froze mid swing.

‘Aymara – STOP!’ the orc’s voice thundered inside her mind.

‘Your body and will are mine. You will obey my commands.’ The voice inside her head continued, cutting any thought she might have had.

‘Good. Now follow me down. Your first feast awaits.’

They didn’t need to even leave the room to hear the distressed screams of some young woman.

“Let me go! Someone! Heeelp! Let me go you wretched beast! HEEEEEEEEEEEELP! Aaargh, stop biting me!”

‘Come on, we can’t let her wait forever, can we?’ Aymara heard inside her head.

As they went down the stairs, they were met with a struggling young blonde, who had most of her clothes torn off. She was held embraced by Nazgoth’s ghoul, who was munching at her shoulder – obeying its orders as best as it could.

“M…Maria? Is that you? “ the captive woman asked towards Aymara.

“Hahahahaha. Maria was her name? She’s gone now. This is your executioner, cunt.” The cruel orc laughed and commanded Aymara to kill the ghoul’s prey, while he got his equipment back on.

Aymara strode gleefully ahead, encompassed by the orc’s will and bereft of her humanity, clutching a dagger in her right hand.

“Nooo. Come on, snap out of it Maria, this isn’t you…this-“ she was cut off as Aymara slashed at her throat with a vile move – blood spraying across Aymara’s naked body – baptizing her.

She watched the helpless woman struggle and cling to life – managing to free a hand and put it over her cut throat. It seemed that she tried to call out again and beg for life once more, but she could only gurgle in her own red liquid. Aymara suddenly felt free from Nazgoth’s will. She was now like a wolf cub, with a dying animal in front of it. She reached ahead and put her hand across the blonde’s forehead, calmly sweeping at her hair. Aymara began playing with the knife and the blonde’s body. She teased her shivering right nipple with the tip of the blade – then pressed it inside, slowly parting her flesh. She slashed viciously to the side, parting her prey’s tit apart. Aymara then started slashing at the blonde woman’s toned belly, leaving deep red flowing cuts. As the blonde continued to sob in pain, her body ravaged by the knife, Aymara slowly peeled down her undergarments to reveal her breeding instrument. Aymara sunk the dagger deep into the blonde’s cunt. She did it again and again, unleashing a flurry of strikes that tore her sex to pieces. The orc’s thrall was enjoying the bloodbath unelashed by the cold steel that defiled her once friend’s womb. Aymara only relented when the blonde stopped moving, which happened a few brief moments after she stopped crying and struggling. Her prey was dead now, slumped back in the ghoul’s arms. The freshly baptized death knight thrall walked away from the corpse and let the ghoul begin to gorge on the dead whore.

“Hahahaha. I knew you had it in you!” laughed Nazgoth, congratulating his apprentice.

“It is time for us to go now, Aymara. We have a meeting with fate… The High Whore Abbendis is due for a culling.”




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This is a rewrite of Prove Yourself Ruthless, which I didn't finish because I wasn't in my area of comfort or interest writing a wasteland adventure follow up with Enokate.

"Khans Shenanigans: ‘Prove yourself ruthless!'"

(Fallout Universe, f+, noncon, snuff, torture, breast skinning, decap)

There is a menacing silence in the room. Garl is staring at me, seizing me up. His bodyguards aren't even flinching their eyes, they have their weapons drawn out at me. He has strong metal plated leather armor and some pants with kneecap protection. I probably couldn't kill him and make an escape, even if I wanted to. Not in this situation.

"So...You come here. Into our den... You kill 3 people single handedly and with no firearms." he pauses and signals his man to retract their weapons.

"WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?" he shouts menacingly.

"To kick some serious ass." I say half shitting my pants, half bluffing courageous.

"We're the Great Khans, we're not just some gang. We bow to no one and raid all the nearby settlements. We RAPE, we KILL, we PILLAGE. THE WASTELAND IS OUR BITCH." he yells, almost foaming at the mouth.

I watch him, holding my ground and not uttering a single word. Eventually he falls back onto his throne. I notice his leather shoulder pads have...nipples. They look like they are made from the breasts of some unfortunate cunt. Neat.

"So... you wish to join us..."

"Yes." I reply shortly and confidently.

"You've proven yourself skilled in combat. You took out 3 of my men...not the best that I've had, but certainly capable warriors. I must fill that gap with someone who is just as capable. Are you ready to kill anyone whom I command you to? Are you that ruthless?"

"I wouldn't be here if I weren't." I reply, with a bit of defiance.

"Hehe, good. Guess we'll have to see..." he chuckles then stands up from his throne, motioning me to follow him.

The... 'base' these Khans are using seems to be an old store from the prewar times. The concrete walls have seen some damage due to the age, but they're holding on quite alright. Garl takes me through a corridor and as we move I can't keep my eyes off the tit shoulder pads. I want a pair of those too. We finally arrive at a locked door.

"This is the Fun Room. In here we keep our sex slaves. Well, it isn't that much fun anymore... We've had the same slaves for two and a half months now. All my men have fucked them at this point. At least a dozen times. All they do is get fed, fucked and occasionally beat."

"You want me to butcher them?" I say, anticipating what's to come.

"EXACTLY. We can't keep fucking the same two cunts till our days run out. And besides... they're probably already pregnant and we don't want extra weaklings to feed. You can fuck around a bit...but not too much. You either SLAUGHTER them or you will be killed yourself. Here, use this knife. They'll come at you thinking they just have to fuck and please one of us. Show these sluts they're nothing more than meat to us." He says, handing me the large serrated hunting knife and the key to the room.

"I better hear the screaming and moaning from the other side of the shop!" he says with a devilish grimace on his face, as he slowly departs, waving a hand at me then crossing his finger across his throat.

I haven't had a good fuck in a while and my arms are twitchy, my mind is racing at the thought of slaughtering two unsuspecting sluts. I put the knife in the interior of my vest, grab the key and put it into the door. I turn it and unlock the door. I can already sense my dick getting hard. I slowly turn the knob and open the door. The pale rays of afternoon flood my vision through a window in front of me, almost blinding me after my eyes having accustomed to the dark corridor before.
“Hey there, handsome! I haven’t seen you before, come to relax a bit?” a high-pitched voice shifts my attention.
To my left there’s this tiny little creature, barely over my shoulder height. She’s butt naked and dancing on a pole that looks like it originally held a punching bag. Her petite body would definitely make a fine substitute for it. She probably sprang into action as soon as she heard the knob turning.

“Wow… wow… wow… It must be pretty hot in here.” I say mischievously to her, noticing her glistening sweaty skin.

She giggles like a little mouse and twirls around the bar one more time, squeezing her tiny and pointy tits with the free hand. I feel an animalistic urge to beat her savagely, but for now I calm myself.

My gaze is shifted by a whistle. To my right, there’s a young nubile tribal girl - standing on some old dirty mattress. She’s on her knees, her hands mingling with her splendorous body. She’s very beautiful for a savage – a finely carved face with brown eyes, long straight hair and supple body, equipped with generous breasts. She’s not more beautiful than the shackled girl, but a definite second. Without a word she starts crawling towards me, letting her perfect tits dangle in front, almost hypnotizing me. If only I had my .50 AE with me, I’d shoot those milk makers right off her.

“Alright ladies. We’re about to have some fun.” I say, locking the door behind me and putting the key in my vest.

I go straight to the petite girl and taking her by the hand, bring her together with the busty tribal.

“You two can start playing. I’ll get ready. “ I don’t even finish my words and the savage is already embracing the petite stripper and they start kissing. I can’t really imagine why they’d be so horny, but it doesn’t bother me seeing cattle in heat.
I go around the room a bit to see what I could use to have a bit of exercise with the tiny one. To my relief, I find plenty of dirty rags in a corner and even a pair of handcuffs that Garl and his gang probably use to bind the girls. First, though, I ,myself have to get rid of the shackles of lust.
My member begins to swell, seeing as the two little morsels mingle with each other on the bed. They’re kissing and masturbating, bodies interlaced. It’s a real damn shame I can’t fuck them at my leisure and execute them at my whim. I could sure use a minigun right now to blast their fragile bodies with endless showers of lead – to tear flesh off their bones and see a red fog rise from their sieved carcasses. A flame thrower to burn those cunts alive and bask in their agonizing screams. That wouldn’t cook them very well though.
I stop fantasizing and lose my pants, throwing them in a corner. Next thing I know I’m right in bed with the black tribal riding on my dick while the stripper sucks my balls. The two of them do a great job together and for a brief moment, I think it would be best to just take out Garl and his gang and run away with these sex slaves all for myself – but that would be an unjustifiable risk. For now, I will enjoy the moment – leaning against the end of the bed with two sexy girls working on me. The tribal is very tight and her toned body moves fluidly, up and down… up and down, bringing wave after wave of dopamine to my little dumb mind. I reach forward and drag her down so we can kiss. She’s kind of pretty for a savage.

“You’ve got great tits. I’ll take them after this.” I say to her, my eyes locked on hers, but she just smiles, not understanding. I love her obliviousness. She probably thinks I just said something sweet to her.

I stop squeezing and tugging at her soft tits and bring my hands around her neck. I start gently applying pressure, feeling her every heartbeat. I begin pounding harder and harder, squeezing her harder and harder. Her pulse goes up and a sliver of fear appears on her reddened face as I squeeze her slender neck hard. Her hands have left her pussy and are attempting to undo my grip, yet she can’t really do anything. Her cunt tightens even more around my throbbing shaft as her struggles get violent. Squeezing the life out of this nubile young tribal gives me a rush unlike any chem I’ve taken. Before she passes out I come inside her virile young pussy, spurting all that I’ve got inside her cervix. I release the pressure on her neck and she gasps – visibly relieved. I unmount her and toss her to my side, so she can catch her breath, after all I need her to scream loud enough so Garl can hear me doing my job. I pet her head, parting her hair to the side and give her a long soothing kiss, before slapping her tits as a sign of temporary goodbye.

The stripper girl is sitting propped on her elbow on one side, looking at me curiously. I jump off the bed and grab a long rag and the pair of handcuffs from the nearby drawer.

“I hope you don’t mind some little restraints… “ I say, smiling at her so that she’s not startled.

“As long as you’re not too rough.” she says, smiling back and tugging at her slippery nipple.

I don’t say any other thing, but I cuff her and use the rag to tie her feet together. She’s now a punching bag that just needs to be attached. I massage her tiny and fragile body with my worked hands and imagine just how easily she’ll break from the blows. I move with my lips and tongue around her exposed and shaved cunt, teasing her clit a bit. I then lift her off the bed and go to the upside-down L shaped bar. It’s perfect. The bar has a notch at the end that will prevent her from falling or escaping once she’s attached. I quickly mount her on the bar. She’s in a quite uncomfortable position as her whole body hangs from her tiny wrists, swinging a few centimeters off the floor. I grasp her delicious ass and lift her up so I can penetrate her pussy, but it seems my member isn’t ready yet. Guess I’ll take care of the tribal first, then come back to her – she’s not going anywhere.
Stripper prepped and ready and tribal catching her breath on the bed. We’re all set to rock and roll.

I get back to the bed and gaze at the luscious black body of the tribal in all it’s naked glory. Seeing her semen dripping pussy and her spread apart cunt lips I know what must be done. As she’s still catching her breath, her hands are crossed across her chest and clasped around her neck. I take out my serrated combat knife with a swift, yet smooth motion that doesn’t alert my prey as to what’s about to happen. I stand by her side.

My left hand grabs both her hands and holds them down on her throat, but not so much that she can’t breathe. Without warning I press the edge of the cold steel blade between her pussy lips. She gives me a look of sudden panic, before quickly opening her mouth in a loud scream as I drag the blade along, ravaging her sex and mauling her clit. The other one is quickly alerted at the sound and begins agitating like cattle seeing one of their brethren getting culled, sensing the impending danger. I move the hands of the savage down on her collarbone, so I can restrain her with proper force without choking her. It would be lame not to let her lungs do their job. A few more sawing moves across her outer venison season the cunt with endorphins.

It’s time to do her inside too. I give her womb a little caress with the tip of the blade, drawing a horizontal line across – from ovary to ovary. I look at her sobbing face as she thrashes about helplessly, then jab the knife right into her egg – causing an unimaginably loud shriek of pain. Delighting in her torment, I saw with the blade towards the other side of her cervix, opening her cunt up. If I were to fuck her now, I could probably stick my member out through her new bloody crevice. Her cock riding days are done for though. Having looked mostly at her anguished face, I didn’t really notice all the red that her cunt has leaked onto the already dirty mattress. Guess we’ll have to get a new one of that too.
I reposition the blade so that it can penetrate her like a cock would. With each savage thrust her sex is sent further into oblivion. Her body will probably be cooked and served in a feast of triumph on the next slave raid, so I begin sawing towards her belly, eviscerating the black beauty. I only stop once I puncture her diaphragm, causing her to wheeze like a dying animal as her lungs aren’t getting properly compressed. I watch as she steadily looses steam and her screams grind to a halt, life seeping away from her beautiful face.
She doesn’t really struggle anymore and so I grab her bountiful right breast and give it a proper squeeze, but it doesn’t really prompt any reaction from the dying tribal. I bring the knife closer to her mammary and insert the tip at the base of her breast, just enough to cut into the skin. Carefully angling it at about 45 degrees from her tit, I begin cutting. Throughout the minute it takes me to complete the circular cut around her tit, the tribal barely moves. She is losing blood quite rapidly and can only breathe using her rib muscles. As I finish the cut I look into her eyes – there’s an unnerving calm that doesn’t really match the contortions on her face. Her pretty face and overall amazing body make me believe the Khans are making a mistake with culling these women, but that’s not really my problem. I take her remaining glorious fat bag into my sight. Her skin is soft and gives way to the blade very fast.

Putting the knife away, my hands now grasp her big udders. I begin squeezing and turning them from side to side, tearing the skin loose. As I do this, I check up on the stripper girl – she seems to be in quite a lot of pain due to her restraints. Her greasy hair and dumb looking face really make me want to punch her to death, but I’ll get to that in a moment. The skin on the tribal’s tits is finally pretty loose. I grab her by the nipples. A quick yank up as if to open a chest and her tits are now skinless. Looking at the exposed and bloody fat of her tits feels weird. I resolve to put the skins away for now. I’ll need to salt and tan them if I want to make a pair of shoulder pads.

Seeing the tribal is either dead or passed out, I shift my gaze towards the little dangling damsel that’s on the other side of the room. I sense an immediate desire to harm this little creature so I grab the knife and head over. Her fear is palpable, as is my lust for her to suffer. Of the two, I won’t lose any sleep over sacrificing this one. I place my empty left palm over her exposed slender neck, feeling her pulse.

Every passionate act, be it one of love or hate, has to have some foreplay.

“No. No. No…. PLEASE NOOO…” she begs seeing me grabbing the knife.

I begin caressing her mellow small tits with the blade.

“P-p-please d-don’t do this…. I…I…” she begs.

I press the tip into her right breast, above the nipple.

“Aaaaaargh… please stop!” she screams as I push the blade deeper into her soft tit.

“Alright. I’ll stop playing with the knife.” I tell her and drag the knife to me, slicing through her nipple on its way out.

I look at her gushing wounded tit for a second then slap it hard, making it bounce like crazy. I’m broken from my hypnosis by the little cunt’s screams. It’s a good thing I tied her feet together, because she can’t really try and kick me in the nuts while I torment her. I grab her soft appendage and begin squeezing as hard as I can, from below. Her tit deforms and begins to pour out through the vertical cut that stretches from the top of her tit to her nipple. It’s pretty gross, yet oddly satisfying to squeeze all her tit fat out, while she screams and begs me to stop. Finally, once I’m done squeezing, I use the knife to cut out the fat and throw it over in a corner. Now the stripper’s right tit looks like a gruesome deflated ball. I place my fingers into the wound and tear off the rest of her tit, prompting yet another serendipitous low pitched scream.

Seeing that her scream drags on for way more than it should, I sucker punch the skinny weasel right in the gut, prompting her to exhale and hunch over. Punching her soft flesh feels pretty good on my hard knuckles, so I give her left tit a well placed hook, followed by a kick straight into her exposed cunt. The hanging human punching bag is better than a stationary punching bag. With each hit I unleash upon her, she gives me audio feedback and spasms like a humpty dumpty back and forth. After a few more punches to her tit and belly, I give the little shit some rest.

“W…why… why are you doing this? Why… Please… don’t… Please….” She sobs, lifting her head up to look at me.

“Your only use is sex. You’ve been used that way for two months now. You’re expired.” I tell her

“Wh-wh-what….No… That’s not true. I was captured just a few weeks ago… I… “ she starts explaining, but I cut her words down with a jab in the face, bloodying her nose and loosening some teeth.

“Phhleazee…. I…I’m juzt a working girl from up nolth…. I… just wanted ta get ta New Leno… Pleeeeeeeeaze!” she starts wailing again.

“Kid… even if that’s true. I just don’t like your face.” I tell her, then place a powerful kick into her gonads.

I continue my onslaught with a flurry of punches to her remaining tit and belly, with the occasional boot up her cunt and jab in the face. I take a break to wipe off my sweat as I notice she’s coughing blood, a sure sign that her internals have been tenderized and her ribs are skewering her lungs. I notice she has some pretty nice muscles on her legs and buttocks. She’d make a fine steak. Looking back to her face, I notice she’s all dizzy from the hits, wheezing heavily while shaking her head slightly. I’m pretty sure I could cave in her skull with a few more hits. I could also snap her back or neck, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. If only I had a sledgehammer… or a flamer… a ripper knife… Ah well, I guess my hands will suffice.

Time to finish her. I grab the knife in my right hand and hold her head upwards, locked in place. The sight of the dagger causes visible dismay on my subject’s face. Before she can react, I plunge the dagger into her neck, from the side – right through her jugular, prompting a crimson spray when I pull it out. I plunge the knife again, this time further back. I luckily hit where I wanted, as I see her body going stiff and stopping it’s jerking. The cold and cruel steel has severed her spinal cord. I plunge the dagger a few more times into her neck, then slice from cut to cut. A little bit of tugging and voila – her head pops off. A grisly bloodied head that would make a perfect wooden pike ornament. I look at the detached head’s still and beady eyes and reminisce at how it looked just a few minutes ago, but it’s not particularly interesting. I toss it on the bed, near the tribal’s carcass. These two I’ve culled would probably feed the entire gang for a week or more, if they’re properly cooked. I do wonder about that two months thing Garl told me, but that’s irrelevant now.

I finish my job by gutting them both and then beheading the black beauty. Her cute face and warm lips could still be of service in matters of releasing lust. I leave their mauled bodies on the bed and take with me only their heads, that I will present as proof.

“Welcome aboard, kid!” are Garl’s only remark as I present him the grim trophies.

The girls I've based my characters on:
The busty tribal (Nia Nacci) -
New Reno stripper(some camgirl) -

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