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A quicky story done in a night, decided I wanted this cause of the whole Wendy craze so forced myself to write it out quickly less its never done :P.

Once again I manage to find a thing you won't find elsewhere, doom!

Chick breast nuggets.

Wendy brushed one of her red pigtails back absently with her gloved hand. The small tails were not really in the way, but it was just a force of habit as the hair ticker her neck, her other hand rested on the opening of the neckline of her white and blue striped dress with little white frills, fingers laying over the bare tops of her breasts. Her large e cups tits bulged out of the tight neckline, dotted by lots of little red freckles, the same for across her cute petite face, and really any part of her, frankly. She shifted a little nervously and more then a little from excitement as she waited for one of the more tech savvy coworkers to finish setting up the webcam. It was hooked up with a, quite honestly, a little crappy computer they had pulled out of the managers office and set up behind the counter of the fast food restaurant and it had taken some jury rigging The little webcam was attached to one of the little stand up plastic ad signs with a clip, the sign advertising their specials.

As the guy stepped back finally finished, she leaned forwards flashing the new Headbook's feeds viewers a smile. They had sent out a bunch of notifications to the subscribers to the stream a half hour ago as they setup for their new advertised special.

And that was her of course, the restaurants new product, fresh breast meat nuggets, right off one of their own employees. The franchise, thinking, with the new cannibalism craze, why not use the fresh breast meat attached to their few hundred thousand young female employees as both easily attainable, and even fresher then anything sent from a farm? Fresh was their selling point after all, never frozen, so on. Course the franchise wasn't going to force their employees to do anything of the sort, so it was up to a few busty volunteers here and there to help out with the special menu.

Volunteers like Wendy right now, as she looked down at the bulge of her freckled cleavage in the low cut white and blue stripped top, before with a little bit of a cutesy flourish, pulling down on the neck and reaching a hand in to flop her large breasts out into the open, to bounce and flop once or in the cold restaurant air.

The twin mounds jiggled, larger then her head, and torpedo shaped, as they were left to hang freely for a moment as she brushed her red pigtail back again with her hand as she looked over her bust one last time. She then hefted her large breasts up with her white gloves and let them slap down onto the cutting board with an unceremonious hefty whack that vibrated the counter and just reinforced their new role.

"Nothing' fresher then fresh perky breast meat right off the chick!" Said Wendy to the camera, as she started up her little "advertisement" smiling at the camera as the feed went fully live. A natural showboat for the company she knew how to put on a show, and her palm sized erected nipples bulging out showed just how much she was enjoying the tease she was putting on for the people seeing it Normally Headbook wouldn't allow nudity, topless, full frontal, or otherwise, but with the new laws in effect, special provisions were made to allow canni theme restaurants and producers to put up their ad ads and streams as long as the things shown were now "meat."

This change of status was something Wendy was *very* aware of as she gave her fat boobs a little slap on their tops, causing them to jiggle where they rested on the wooden cutting board, now in full view of hundreds if not thousands of viewers and even the open restaurant itself visible thru the open air kitchen. She could see a few people watching intently already, and she knew that with the video being archived, even more people were going to see her turn her breasts into the newest special item on the menu.

“And they don;t come fresher then these ... And now to get the special ingredient...." said Wendy, to no one in particular as she picked up the knife off the table next to the board, she was pretty sure the webcam goers could only see her breasts and her large smile, the top of her head probably cut off by how close the webcam was, and she wanted to make sure to put on a show. The knife was specially designed to make sure any cut it made would coagulate, using some new materials or tricks. She had no idea how it worked, other then it looked a bit different the edge dotted with a few darker spots, but all she knew was it meant so you could cut off a limb... or a couple of freckled and fatyt tits, without the girl bleeding out. As she brought the knife down and lightly dragged the top over the base of her left breast, teasing the viewers with its threat, she could feel her nipple harden at the thought that she wasn't just going to be lopping off her own breasts and cooking it, but be able to finish up her own shift selling it herself.

The idea itself made her nipple so hard it almost hurt as it bulged at the end of her slightly squished and torpedo shaped globe, in full view for the viewers as she began her sawing. She gasped and winced, as the knife cut into the base of her breast and the boob jiggled and smooshed as she started sawing away at the base, holding it down best she could with one hand, arm resting across her other breast. The red freckles wiggled back and forth on the mound as it went, the elastic and fatty nature of her boom just made it that much harder then normal to carve for something so big in comparison to most meats. She had to really work the knife, breathing hard as she sawed vigorously at the meat,, hearing and feeling her breast cut, slowly and almost bloodlessly separating from her chest, and extra burning feeling sting where it did her only hint of whatever the knife did extra.

Forcing thru it she winced, one eye clenching and her smile taking on a more teeth gritting bent as the blade sunk half way thru the base, nearly disappearing behind the mound for the camera, and then started getting faster and easier as the tit jiggled less and the amount of meat grew smaller before quickly the knife sawed back and forth one last time, popping thru, clacking as it hit into the cutting board.

"Hahhhh~" Wendy let out a pained gasp as she put the knife down, shaking her hand free of the strain that had built up as she tried to step back a little and look at what she had accomplished. To her amusement, and probably those of everyone viewing, the two breasts still laid almost perfectly side by side, one severed, one not, jiggling as she accidentally pulled at the board with the one breast still attached.

She flashed the camera a mischievous grin, and bent forwards, lifting herself up a little so the red circle of her now half debreasted chest could be seen on the camera, pulling up the still heavy, right torpedo shaped tit on her right side while the one on the board remained, before leaning back down and cupping and picking up both, side by side before letting the carved off one drop back to the cutting board and giving the camera a raised eyebrow and a “yup I did that” look. Grabbing her other tit with her two gloved hands, careful not to get any of the small amount of blood on her white gloves from the stump next to it, she stashed it back into the neck of her shirt with a little bit of effort, feeling her shirt sag a little on the right without the large breast to keep it up. The large areola of her nipple peeked out slightly from the sagging fabric.

"Alright, that's one for now," she emphasized, as she patted the tit on the cutting board making it jiggle some more, "and one for later." She patted the top of her freckled breast in her shirt, having to pull up on the shirt as the neckline drooped a bit exposing her nipple again in full. "With this much fresh breast meat, its gonna be awhile before we need its sister, so I'll just keep it nice and healthy on me till then." She smirked, shaking her chest back and forth a little enjoying the feel of just one large breast flopping back and forth as she held her shirt up to keep it from slipping again. She actually felt a little off balance now, with no surprise as it was pretty much about ten pounds of her own freckled meat on the cutting board now.

"And now we just have to drain this one a little..." said Wendy, taking another knife, a regular one this time and hefting the breast off screen. Those in the res truant still able to see, could see her bring the massive breast over to the sink and cut into the base where it had coagulated from the knife, bypassing the area, and let the blood in the breast drain out into the sink over the course of around a minute, squeezing it now and again and holding it up by a pinched nipple. The small girl winced a little when ever she accidentally aggravated the stump of what used to be the same breast she was holding in her hands and even had to keep adjusting her arm to hold up her shirt as her remaining breast threatened to pop out.

Once she was sure it had drained as much as was reasonably possible, having done it off camera to "keep the sexual nature" of the whole thing more appealing, she brought it back to the cutting board, making sure to flop it down so it slammed a little onto the wood, and bounced for show, nipple bobbing in front of the camera, now just a little paler. This put the breast now so it turned on its side towards her and the camera, instead of facing nipple on and made the next part easier.

"Now to make our special breast meat nuggets, first we need to actually make the nuggets, so this is kinda the fun part...." Said Wendy taking out a serrated knife and slapping her glove hand down onto the middle of the tit. She then started carving, the tit juddering under her administrations even as she held it down and it bulged around her palm. Cutting a 3rd into the mass of the tit from the “base”, she carved herself off a huge 5 inch thick slice like it was a hunk of ham, that slowly peeled off and then flopped onto the board from the "base,” using the nipple itself even in the end to hold the main mass still as she finished it off and then started in on the slice.

"We just need to part the breast meat into nugget like bits like this..." she said carving it into little cubish rectangular shapes, and pushing them to the side with the knife till she had a large pile to the side, "and then we roll it in our special spiced breading.." She grinned, and taking a bag from under the counter, first showing it in front of the camera for show, poured the contents of the special restaurant variant breading for the nuggets onto the pile. Rubbing and rolling the breast chunks thru it till they were thoroughly coated, she pushed the pile of now breaded breast bits back into a pile "and now all we just need is to deep fry the whole batch to get our finished special!"

She reached over, pulling the webcam off its clip and let the lens look over the mound of breaded tit meat she had made before going over the remnant of the tit itself next to it, nipple still protruding out even without its owner, before holding the camera over herself and pointing at it with a grin She knew her breast was exposing itself again, the nipple just peeking out over the edge of the neck hole as she looked up and gestured for the camera, giving it a straight shot down the neck of her shirt,

"So if your in the area, come on down and get your self some fresh breast meat nuggets straight from your friendly neighbor hood Wendy here" She grinned wider, hefting her remaining tit and bouncing and squeezing it for the camera, the nipple bulging clearly out of the dress as she held it up, freckles on display over the tops of the mound. "These are a special event menu item, so supplies ARE limited, even with breasts like mine!”

“Once this first one sells out, ol' righty will follow, and when that's gone, their gone, so better get down here fast!" She gave the camera her sweetest "evil knowing grin" before setting it down back on its clip, and turning the camera off putting the feed on standby.

Breathing in, still feeling the adrenaline rush of being naked on camera and cutting off one of her own tits, she got one of the deep frier baskets from the frier, winking at one of her fellow employees as she readjusted her top to cover her nipple again (it wasn't meat yet!) and then began scooping a bunch of the breaded meat into the metal basket.

She whistled a little, as she lowered the basket into the frying oil, the strange sensation of knowing that she was frying up her own breast meat now, smelling the enticing odor, even as she idly squeezed her other breast absently, made the whole thing somewhat unreal, and even more exciting. Not only was she cooking her own breasts, she thought, but as she pulled the basket out of the frier, and started sliding 5 nuggets of the meat into the little chicken nugget holders that had been re purposed just for her own meat, she could already hear the first of the customers on the drive thru radio ordering up a pack of her nuggets.

"Here you are sir!" Said Wendy grinning as she dropped the first pack into a bag with the rest of his order off the rack . Making sure to bend forwards next to the drive thru attendant so that her remaining large tit dangled freely, she handed off the bag as the loose fabric drooped far, far, below what was anything decent. Completely visible, her hard erect nipple, stone hard from all that was happening to her, dangled in full sight of the driver and her coworker, the freckled mound swaying in the cold breeze of the outdoors. "I hope you watched the stream and enjoyed the show!" She grinned even harder as she waved and saw the guys eyes not even meeting her own at first, instead staring straight down her shirt at her breast. Technically she wasn't supposed to be flashing anyone cept on the stream, but its not like she could "do anything" about it with her shirt so loose.... could she. She giggled at how "evil" she was being. Anything for the customer right?

Looking out the window as the driver drove off, she saw the dinner rush, a little more crowded then normal lining out around the building, and realized she had more then a few more orders to quickly fill. Though quite obviously not all of them had known what was on the menu! Patting her somewhat shocked coworker on the shoulder as she quickly filled a couple more breast meat nugget packs for the rack and went back to butchering her large breast.

Chopping the pale freckled meat into cubes, and throwing more of it into the fried, she smiled as she watched pack after pack of the fatty tit meat, breaded and deep fried go out with the customer in little boxes and bags. Apparently it was a hit, the regular chicken nuggets on the rack barely moving, while even as she finally got down the the last bit of her hefty tit, the nipple and a small hunk of pale tit flesh all that was left behind, she could still barely fill the orders till they eventually had to have a few people wait a little further up as the tit meat fried up in the fryer.

Carving off a little more meat into a nugget as she used the nipple itself as a brace, she twisted the small nub one last time, playing and pulling on the nipple and stretching it as she mused how just a bit ago the meat had been a part of her. Almost reluctantly she brought the knife up to cut the much too large palm sized aerole in half for the breading, but then stopped. She thought for a moment, and then just took the nipple whole, rolling it in the breading and then threw it in the basket with the rest, frying it up, barely able to see the nub sticking out of the top of the pile under the bubbling oil, until the whole batch was crispy. With a little wiggle of her hips at the thought of it, she slapped the whole nipple into an now overstuffed box of breast nuggets, the nub now barely visible with the breading, ontop of the very recognizable mound of the aerole, a little bit of slightly burnt and darkened pink skin visible from a crack in the breading. Someone was going to be happy, she thought, smiling, as she closed it, dropping it into the bag and handing it off to the window attendant, watching as her nipple was handed off and then driven off to be eaten by some random stranger.

Still there were even more hungry customers on the way, and she had one more supply of breast meat to go to fill the order... and with a little shiver of anticipation she pulled her remaining tit out of the neckline of her shirt, looking around the restaurant as eye raised to look, and slaped it down again, now bereft of its sister, onto the cutting board as she turned on the webcam. The feed that was connected to it rebooted up with a little bit of a delay for a possibly still waiting audience as she brought the blade down again at the base of her breast.

Gasping, she quickly made quick work of the breast, sawing thru the base till the knife clicked again against the wood, the breast with little flecks of breading from where she had rolled the others pieces thru the mix, and with a quick trip to the sink bled that one out as well, squeezing the large mound in her hands. Chopping it into pieces when she brought it back, she breaded this one as well watching the tit sizzle and fry in the oil and be given out in little boxes and bags, all the while making sure to flash the stumps of where those massive mounds used to be, a freckled chest visible with nothing holding the slack of a dress meant for very large endowments.

As the final bit of tit meat for sale went out the window, Wendy flashing a cutesy salute as she bent forwards so that it was VERY obvious where the meat the man had just bought had come from, she finally let herself relax. It was now finally time to take her break, not that time hadn't flown. She was sweating from the heat, and the excretion of having cut off her own breasts, and chopped them into pieces, and into a boiling pot of oil, and a whole mess of things, but she was happy to have done it. The idea of all that tit meat being eaten in at least 40 something cars and houses, as they had managed to get roughly 46 cases out of what had once been her massive tits, made her flush in a way that had nothing to with heat, and even if she didn't have them anymore, the idea of what she had done for the customer today was definitely going to make it worth it when she thought back again.

She rubbed the area above her stumps, as she slumped down into a seat in the backroom, and let out and exhausted breath. A 15 minute break, and then shed hop a cab to the doctors for a little after the fact top off and bandage, and then she'd back at work tomorrow, probably to a bunch of staring customers at her new petite body. She wondered if any of the other girls would sign up now for the special...


You hit two of my favorite things, consensual, and debreasting. Nicely done, especially for a story done in one night.


Glad yah liked it : ).

Also since this comes off almost as a prequel, a bestiality in public fict with another wendy (or the same wendy if you want :P)

Wendy's Customer Service:

“WOOF!” barked the dog, loudly, scaring the customer that was walking back towards his table causing him to drop his fries. Making a short dash, Wendy caught it, the red pigtails of her hair bouncing as she skipped once, catching herself lunge and stood up, having caught most of the fries as she handed them back to the man, but the few that had dropped the large German Shepard was already gulping down. Waving the customer off, Wendy turned to the dog but it was already scampering off in the crowded Wendy's, claws clicking on the tiled ground as it ran back and forth, frantically looking around for more food as the owner tried his best to get it to behave.

“Sir, can you calm your dog, pleeeeease?” Said Wendy, giving a knowing, pleading smile, but a hint of annoyance in her voice as she cutely leaned to the side, with her arms behind her white and blue dress as she rocked back and forth a little bit. She was dressed in her usual Wendy attire, twin redheaded pigtails, that bounced with her movement, tied with blue ribbon, a frilly blue and white trim dress with a pocket on the front, and two white and red striped stockings and gloves. 

“Sorry, sorry! I was just trying to get something to eat before I made my way home... its just been such a long work day, and its a two hour drive, and I can never leave him in the car alone and....” Said the dog's owner, stuttering and trying his best to hold the dog back as he finally grabbed him, but the dog slipped free of him again as the heavy dog pulled hard and the man's fingers slipped from his collar. “Annnd there he goes again...” the owner sighed, bowing dejectedly, resigned to the fact he should probably just leave hungry.

“Ah... I see...” Said Wendy, feeling pity for the poor man as she watched the dog make a full loop thru the restaurant, bopping into chairs and knocking over one of them with a loud clatter. It jumped, tail tucked between its legs for a moment before it ducked and weaved back thru the busy restaurant, thru the area with the counter for ordering, weaving between waiting customers, and then back into the dinning area again. She didn't want the poor guy to walk off food-less, and it wouldn't do much for customer appreciation to kick him out, but the dog was still a problem....

Wendy pursed her lips, thinking, jutting out and moving her jaw back and forth cutely before stopping, lips still protruded and off to the side as she snapped her fingers, “I think I can help!" Said Wendy excitedly, as she brought her hands down to the hem of her dress, "Do you mind if I let him take me for a ride?"

The man looked surprised, the raised hem of her dress giving just a hint at the area between her thighs leaving no doubt as to what she meant, but nodded, "Are you sure?"

"Oh, definitely!" said Wendy grinning as she pulled the hem of her dress up and began shucking it off over her head. A shaved little tuft red haired bush became visable, crowning her camel toed pussy as she pulled the dress over her belly button, her hips wiggling, the manager clearly not having worn any form of underwear today. "My pussy is always available if it's needed!" she said happily, and with a muffled chuckle as she brought the dress up and off over her head. A large pair of freckled tits, topped with large pink nipples flopped down into view, jiggling as she tossed the dress off onto a nearby table, now nude save for her pair of striped socks and gloves.

"Come on boy, here boy!" called Wendy, getting down on her hands and knees and wiggling her wide hipped freckled ass. "You want some pussy, boy?" 

The dog paused in the middle of trying to pester one of the other guests for their meal and looked at the girl on her hands and knees quizzically, unsure what she was doing, but noticing her calling to him and in an odd position. Walking up to her, he sniffed her face curiously, followed by a quick wet lick on her cheek.

“Haha, hello boy.” Wendy gave the dog a friendly pat on the head and then with a little push on his shoulder towards her behind \, she crawled a little on all fours to to turn her rear end invitingly towards the dog. Finally taking the hint, the dog sniffed the girls flushed pussy, eliciting a YEEP! from her as the cold nose pushed into her cunt followed by a wet tongue, before he finally started trying to mount her.

Still smiling as she shifted, trying to let the dog get his best angle over her as his forelegs came up on either side of her, she looked back and up, whistling as she saw the long 9 inch, and quite thick, red member push out from its sheath, wiggling back and forth with the dogs hips, trying to find her opening. 
“Your a big one aren't you!” she cocked her head watching with joy as the member began pushing against her legs and then ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle and smearing them with a trail of pre-cum as the dogs hips continued humping now with a bit of desperation. 

“Come on, come on! You can do it b-OOY!!!” said Wendy ending with a bit of a squeak. Bending down and raising her ass up towards the large cock till her nipples were almost touching the cold tile floor, the dog finally managed to hit home, driving its huge cock into her pussy to the hilt and thrusting the girl forward breasts bouncing. Gasping Wendy didn't even get a moments chance to get used to it as the dogs legs scraped at the floor for a second and then wrapped around her waist, gripping her tightly as it began fucking her furiously, its tongue lolling out of its mouth.

Squishing and shlucking noises soon filled the air, drawing the gaze of the customers around them,as the slimy cock thrust in and out of the girls pussy, her body bouncing with each motion and making her pant as the tapered cock rammed and grinded against her cervix. “A-a-a-ha thats it b-BOY! Seee!! Redheaded pussies are the best!! Am I right??” half cried Wendy.

“Wow!” said the dog's owner, watching wide eyed as the girl's large freckled breasts bounced and jiggled around uncontrollably, just partially squeezed between the two arms she was bracing her body with at the same time as behind her her wide hipped ass jiggled and jolted with each thrust and smack of the dog into them.

“Haha!” laughed Wendy, having to breath hard to talk as the dog fucked her. She nodded to the people watching her, “Please enjoy the show! Customer enjoyment is a huge deal to us at Wendy's! Isn't that right boy? I'm sure your reaaaaally enjoying my pussy aren't you?” Her eyes and grin took on a look of lusty enjoyment as she looked back, watching the long cock appear from between her ass cheeks just to hammer back in moments later at a jackhammer's pace. “I'll admit this is my first time fucking a dog, well anyone actually! Who knew it'd be so fun!” 

“Oh, hey, did you want a picture?” asked Wendy, noticing as the owner pulled out his cellphone. The owner seemed a embarassed at being caught, but nodded, “My family would never believe this if I didn't!”

“Go right ahead!!” Said Wendy flashing a toothy grin that gave way to a gasping tongue out smile now and again as she gasped for breath before she managed to clench her teeth shut again. Raising one hand up over her head in a peace sign, she posed for the man, “And be sure to post it on headbook, too! Take all the videos you want as well! It'll really show people just how customer friendly we are here at Wendy's!” She continued grinning, watching as the man lined up a shot, trying to get all of her naked body all in one shot while all the while her large tits and ass jiggled even harder with only one arm bracing her as the dog went to town behind her.

The cellphone clicked and whirled, as the owner took a few pictures, and then a short couple second clip, with Wendy posing a few more times before suddenly looking back at the dogs fucking her with a sly expression on her face, “You.... want some shots of him fucking me from behind as well?” she asked, reaching back and spreading her pussy, having to rebrace herself several times as the dog nearly knocked her down as she wiggled herself into more of an ass up, chest down pose, pushing her large breasts into the floor. The owner took another shot of her new “pose” and nodding walked behind her and bent down. Now able to look under between the two's legs, he could see her now spread pink pussy with the red cock furiously banging in and out of it. His dog's furry balls bounced into her ass with each thrust and he could easily see the flesh of her ass ripple with each impact of the dogs hind legs and hips into showing just how hard the dog was banging the girl.

The owner was transfixed for a few minutes, recording with his camera as he watched his very own dog fucking the young girl manager before his eyes, her pussy making lewd squishing noises. Before long though the dog began grunting even harder, his pace taking on a frenzied pace even faster then before, before suddenly slowing a little, and then pausing, tensing up. 

>SQUIRT!!! SQQQRTTTICH!!!< The sound of hot liquid being sprayed into the girls womb was heard audibly, as a small stream of white cum, jetted out dribbled, out from the girls cunt. Wendy looked back, her eyes somewhat hazy, as she realized what was happening even as she felt the tapered head shoved flush with her cervix spraying hot cum into her thru the tiny opening. The dog wobbled a little from the awkward pose, pulling back slightly, dragging the girl with, as a small, rapidly growing bulge at the base of the cock pulled out before Wendy reached back and caught him, tugging him back in.

“Nope, nope! Hold on boy, come on, you can do it! Knot with me! You know you can!” Said Wendy panting, out of breath and somewhat hornily as more audible squirts of hot dog cum sprayed into her, her face flushing red as she was thoroughly mated with the dog. 

“Can you...?” asked Wendy as she looked back at the dog's owner, waving her hand she was trying to hold the dog in her with, telling him to have him hold the dog in place for her. The owner nodded, and pushed down on the dog's backside, forcing it back into the girl, as the dog weakly humped a few times here and there as it's knot bulged and grew bigger, popping in and out for a moment or two with increasingly more difficulty, before it finally swelled enough to get stuck in the pigtailed redhead. 

All the while the owner kept one hand on his cellphone, recording the whole thing, a little bit of the dog cum spurting out and just missing it, landing on the tile floor below her with quite splashes.

Wendy gasped as the knot finally grew to full size and sealed her shut, tying her completely to the dog. Her small pussy bulged around the sightly visible top of the softball sized dog's knot as she looked back panting hard, one of the dog's legs now on her shoulder as he panted with her. Now fully tied to his “bitch,” the dog relaxed, just standing there as every few seconds to a minute, he let out yet another hot spurt of cum into Wendy's filled womb, the girl's who's eyes were slightly glazed as she took in the feeling. It stung a little, her cunt over stretched, but she could happily feel the dogs cum sloshing into her womb, added to with a splash by more every other moment, the cum unable to escape and sealed in by the dog's knot.

“T-There you go boy...” said Wendy breathing hard. Petting the dog's muzzle as it panted over her, tongue out. Swallowing hard, Wendy blinked free of her stupor and grinned at the dog's owner who had walked around in front of her and watching as his dog tried his best to make the human girl pregnant. 

“There you go sir! Problem solved!” She swallowed again and flashed a toothy and happy, but somewhat strained looking grin. “Supposedly a dog knot take something like an half hour to deflate! I should be nice and tied to him for long enough for you to order and enjoy your meal!” she beamed happily, nude on all fours, tits hanging with a dog knotted in her in the middle of a store full of customers with not an ounce of shame. “He should be nice and quiet while he fills me with his puppy batter for awhile!” She smirked and grinned as another customer took a shot of her with his cellphone while yet another audible spurt of cum into her womb was heard. She took a moment to wave, before re-planting her hand back down on the tile for balance. She looked back and under her seeing the cum that had leaked on the floor below her. “Jeez, I'll have to clean that up as well, that's a health violation and a half there for sure. She tilted her head and frowned a little, as all the while the dog's balls tensed again, forcing another audible spray of cum into the manager.

“Er he can't...?” asked the owner, suddenly a little concerned.

“OH, no no sir, Dog's can't do that.” Said Wendy, referring to her puppy comment, “That's why I was happy to let him fuck me for you. It'd be another thing to have sex with a customer like this! My pussy might be at your disposal for this, but I don't think my health benefits would cover me getting knocked up all the time!” Wendy laughed, “Anyway go ahead and order your meal in peace, I'll just be here for awhile till you come back and then you can come back and reclaim your dog when your done at your leisure!”

“Er... Right. Thanks!” Said the dog's owner, putting his cellphone away. Walking up to the counter he got in line with the rest of the customers, a lot of them looking back and commenting, or taking their own shots of the girl on the floor next to them with a dog knotted in her. The owner was certain she was a Facebook and YouTube hit by now, as he finally got his meal and sat down. 

Twenty minutes later, finishing with his meal, all the while having watched the redheaded manager handle customer comments, and more pictures as she was knotted with his dog, he dumped the trash into the bin and strolled up as the young girl as she was giving someone directions to a nearby gas pump. The loud spurting noise of the dog's cum was gone, but as she moved, her breasts shaking, there was definitely the sound of sloshing coming from the girl's stomach. 

“Oh, are you ready to leave sir!” Said Wendy beaming up at him, still on all fours. She was a lot less flushed now and breathing easily, though she shifted a little uncomfortably under the dogs weight and with the large knot making it so she couldn't close her legs together in the slightest.

“Y-yes, I'd er.. like to get my dog back...?” The owner looked at her, not sure how she was going to do that.

“Perfect! I think he's allllll done trying to knock me up, so he should be softening up just enough...” she reached back and tried pushing the dog off. The dog pulled its tongue back into its mouth, and started twisting to un-mount her as his cock still remained tightly bound in the girl's tight cunt. She nearly fell over as he dragged her a little as he got off behind her as he spun around, kicking a hind leg over her and kicking at her ass till he was butt to butt with the girl. Whining a little, and looking at his owner, realizing it was time to go, he began pulling away, Wendy gasping as the dogs knot pulled her cunt lips further and further out.

With a wet squishing noise, and a gush of white cum from the girls cunt, the long wet cock, and the now about half the size of a baseball, knot, pulled out of her, flopping out as she nearly collapsed before catching herself. She brought her hand back, feeling her slightly gaping cunt, still leaking cum, as she pulled herself up right on her knees, trying to keep from making more of a mess. She offered the other hand and shook the owner's hand as the dog spun around to lick her face again, obviously tuckered out from his “efforts.” “I hope you enjoyed your meal sir! And if you're ever hungry again and need me to take care of your dog for you, please feel free to stop by!” she grinned, looking back over her ass as she arched her back, so she could see her still leaking around her hand cunt. “I better hurry up and clean this up though, before we get a call from the health inspector! So if you don't mind if I cut the goodbye's short!”

“Ah. By all means! Not at all! said the owner still somewhat flabberghasted as Wendy called for a roll of tape from the back of the counter. She grinned at him one last time as she took off a stretch of it, and using a napkin to quick dab herself clean enough applied a bit of tape over her pussy to keep the cum in her from leaking out, her stomach making sloshing sounds. 

As the owner left he looked back to see her, on hands and knees again, freckled ass wiggling and tits hanging as she began wiping the floor clean of the dog's cum, having not gotten dressed yet so as not to get her outfit dirty. She grinned as another customer came up and she said something, looking back over her ass and posing as they took a picture, and then directing them to the counter, not missing a stride.


I wias you'd write digimon diner story again!!! :))


Was a good one. Always enjoy it when they are happy to serve their own meat.


I still haven't transferred all my stuff to the new comp so that'd be awhile still sadly.
Glad yah like it. Self serves kinda rare, but fun thing : ).



Anything that gives a full body roast serve with reluctant meat, before and after is amazing. We always await your stuff.

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