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Man I just powered through this. Hope it's as fun to read as it was to write!


“I’m honestly surprised you haven’t just given up yet, Luthier. I mean, you’re such a lost cause, and all,” Delthea says, during one of her brother’s forced training sessions. He is taken aback, not sure what it is she’s referring to. He assumes she means his inferior magical prowess, which is an incredibly low blow coming from someone as naturally gifted as his little sister.

“Do you mean my aptitude with magic? I may have to work harder than you, but I’d hardly call myself a lost cause!” Luthier retorts, doing his best to remain calm. He is trying to get Delthea to actually study, after all, the only true lost cause he can think of.

“Oh, well, yeah, that too! But I meant why do you bother trying to make friends? Nobody likes you, you’re so boring even at your best,” Delthea says, her tone one of brutal honesty. “And good luck ever finding a girlfriend. After the war, I’m going to go off to a big city, and find a handsome husband, and you’ll just be stuck back in the village.”

“I… W-what?” Luthier says, unsure of where this sudden venom is coming from. “Why would you say something like that?”

“It’s just the truth, y’know. You’re so lame, especially when you drag me off to practice magic like this. Like I need your help, I’m so much more gifted,” Delthea says, grinning wickedly. Luthier feels his rage boiling up, threatening to overflow. Still, he clenches his teeth, doing his best to contain it. Lashing out won’t do him any good, as he’s learned countless times with his precocious little sister.

“You know as well as I that women carry our family’s magic better, there’s nothing I can do about that,” he argues, “But you could still do with being a bit more grateful. I’ve done my best to care for both of us, and… my training has at least done something, right?”

“Nope, it’s been pretty useless. And you really call what you’ve done ‘caring for us?’” Delthea says, still pulling no punches. “More like barely scraping by. It’s pathetic, honestly, you should have gotten us out of that stupid, boring village! But I guess you liked it because it’s just like you, stupid and boring! It took me getting captured to get you to leave, and now you just feel obligated to help the Deliverance. You’re pathetic!”

Something in Luthier snaps, then. Delthea stands before him, looking up at him with borderline revulsion, and he can’t stand the look on those otherwise adorable features. He grabs her, and slams her down, onto the sturdy table that hold his notes and study materials. Things she was always so quick to dismiss.

“B-brother?” she manages to squeak, her features suddenly twisted by fear and pain. But his hands wrap around her slender neck, and any further words are lost in her desperate fight for air. She begins to flail, arms waving, legs kicking, sending his books and papers fluttering around the tent, but Luthier’s grip stays firm. His little sister’s eyes lock on his, finally showing the slightest shred of repentance as her face grows redder and redder.

“Who’s pathetic now, Delthea? You brat,” he says, his tone surprising her. There’s so much hate in it, her struggles cease for a moment. Has she really driven him this far? Made him despise her so much that he can strangle her, staring his little sister in the eyes as he ends her life? She suddenly wishes she could take it all back, apologize to him. Plead with him, do anything to convince him to give her another chance.

But all of her chances have been used up. Luthier’s grip does not slacken in the slightest, until his sister’s struggles slow, grow feeble, and finally stop. Even then, he doesn’t let go. He holds on for a few moments more, watching her face shift from red to blue, the spark of life in her eyes fade as her life slips away. Delthea’s last thoughts are of how sorry she is, how she should have been more grateful to the brother who gave her his best. She’s far too gone to notice her bladder failing, and the stream of hot piss that escapes her, pooling beneath her on the heavy table.

Finally, Luthier lets go. He stands over her body, panting from the effort of holding her down. With her small, feebly body, it was no real trouble. As he looks over his sister’s corpse, Luthier suddenly notices how hard he is. Somewhere between slamming her onto the table and choking the life from her, from her horrified expression the the puddle of piss her body now rests in, he was aroused. Of course, he’s always noticed what a fantastic body his little sister has, just another way fate favored her, but now… now that’s all his.

With shaking hands, he lifts her skirt, exposing more of her pale thighs than he’s ever seen before. He feels himself twitch as her panties are exposed, soaked as they are with her piss. He tugs at her panties, tearing the fabric and exposing her folds. He works quickly, then, pulling himself free from his robes. If he’s going to do this, he’d prefer her to still be warm.

He climbs onto the table as well, positioning himself on top of his sister’s body. It’s easy for him to line himself up, to press the tip of his cock against her cunt, something he’s sure he never could have done were she still alive. The very idea of fucking his sister’s is something he’s never thought of, but it’s enough to drive him mad now.

“You’re mine, Delthea,” he mutters, as he thrusts into her, moaning weakly once he’s in. “You’re pathetic, and you’re all mine…”

The mage doesn’t hold back, as he begins fucking her body frantically. This is his first time, after all, and Luthier knows nothing of pacing as he pushes his cock in and out of her tight body, savoring the warmth, and the tightness of his sister’s cunt as she clings to his cock. It takes him no time at all to reach his climax, to spill his seed into her, adding a bit more warmth to the rapidly-cooling body. He collapses on top of her, then, as the weight of what he’s done finally settles in.

She’s really gone. The sister he’s worked so hard to care for, to raise, who’s always been such a pain. So ungrateful, so rude to him, and so much more gifted than he. There’s guilt, yes, but beneath that is a sick sort of accomplishment. He finally has some peace and quiet, now, and quite the prize to enjoy it with. He feels himself growing hard again, looking over her empty expression, her spread legs, and wonders how many times he can fuck her before someone comes looking for them.




I need that, though I wish she struggled abit more they die alittle too quick aside from that good story


I know what you mean I remember I read a a fic where the girl was knocked out and woke up during sex then he snapped her neck and continued as she peeed herself.


I think I know that one it was a Deathstalker original story from back on adultfanfiction. This girl breaks into a house or apratement and gets caught by the guy fucks and kills and continues to fuck her.


You are taking about Breaking & Entering

I loved that story I actually printed it and kept the copy hidden for years...till it tore. Sadly deathstalkers stuff isn't on adultff anymore I checked so not sure if it might get posted here one day

Props on the story Buzzard, I don't think anyone else but her brother deserved the right to strangle her. Though it would be funny and maybe ironic if Clair did it she to protect her brother she seems like a brocon.



Good stuff, as usual buzzard. Any chance of a Faye Suicide story?


Thanks that is the one

Yeah I would like that too and maybe Silk could comfort herself with the body


Well now I have to finish the game quickly


I've started an AO3 for this writing, and am starting to cross-post my work, so here's a link to this one!


Yes this pleases me greatly

and thanks for the Kagerou story


has it occured to you to have just a Fire Emblem thread?


Until you mentioned it now I feel kinda silly we could have all the stories in one thread from the second story


Nice stories question do you do stuff for like traps like Lucius from Blazing Swords


I haven't gotten around to Blazing Sword yet but come to think of it I could definitely get into some Forrest snuff God he's so cute


Indeed until he speaks you would never know..

I just had an idea what if Oboro killed him if she was not his mother and fuck the dying Forrest its like almost yuri and at the same time yandere. Or revenge depending on if the mother is Nohrian worse if Forrest makes better clothes. I don't thinkk I have read a FE fic where the female does the killing and necro. Forrest is all kinds of doors

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