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Hello! I'm Lilac. I've decided to start posting the short stories and drabbles I've written and am writing to the public! Feel free to critique and comment! In any case, I hope you enjoy the stories!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Chapter 1: Black Hats

M/F | Snuff | Non-Con | Shooting

Twin black hats rode on a train to the lawless west. The first and the second were practically identical in clothing and appearance, resolving to change in the same room even. Though the former had only just arrived, the second was a seasoned veteran. He had snuffed a generally large sum of his hosts in his time and was one to brag back home. His feats were only brag worthy in the sense that he had gone farther than anyone in the house, be it a good or bad run, and in secret, he was hoping that his sister would change that.


“I’m still so glad you’ve decided to go black hat with me,” Leonard said giddily, bouncing up and down the street. Erin hated it. He generally made an ass of himself, but this was too much, even for her. “No one comes here to do good, trust me! Those who do only do it because their family is watching or cause that little nazi killing zealot inside hasn’t smashed enough fucks over the head with a bike lock!”

“Glad to see you’re having fun, Leonard…” She replied, following his lead and tying her own honey colored hair back into a bun before placing her stetson over it. “I’m more here to prove to you that not everyone is a goddamned sociopath once left to their own devic-” Air leaves her stomach in a hacking cough as a stray bullet in a showdown slammed into her gut. The lithe blonde fell to her knees, blue eyes wide as she dug into her black blouse for a bullet wound she couldn’t find. She blinked, tapping the flesh until a grape sized welt appeared on her stomach, denoting a hit.

“The guns can’t hurt guests, sis,” He chortled before grabbing his twin by the shoulders and picking her up. “Now… Go on to the Mariposa. The family that tried their hand against Bethany failed and ran off. I wanna have a go,” He tipped his hat and walked twenty paces away from a brunette with dazzling green eyes. Bethany, as her brother put it, was dressed in a checkered shirt, crossed and tied back to expose a toned, tanned belly. Leather chaps lingered over light brown leather boots the same tone as a the handkerchief over her mouth and the brown of her hat. Erin let her feet go stable under her as she jogged to get closer to the bar but still in view of the show down.

“Bethany! Do you remember me?” Leonard called, hands cupped around his mouth. “Robbed a bank or two together? All that fun we had in Pariah?” Erin blinked. All terminology she had heard in passing from her brother’s bragging but could never really make sense of.

“I’d know another snake eyed varmint if I saws it. And when I looks at you? Heh, you’re nothin’ boy,” Bethany pulled the cloth mask down and spat on the ground in front of the dark clothed male, only making the giddy smile wider. “Ye best draw befor-” Her face stiffened, eyes going wide as she looked down and found that her taut stomach had been penetrated. A cloud of red fell slowly from behind her as the first gouts of crimson red began to shoot out from her. “Shit!” She shouted in horror dropping her revolver to clutch the hole before another shot rang out, piercing the palm of her hand and her ring finger. It hadn’t occurred to Erin that she didn’t hear the first shot in the way of her being awestruck. It just all felt so right, the picture of the tough abiet slightly slutty cowgirl before the bullet broke the illusion.

“Hey Bethy!” The lanky blonde called as he walked closer. “Just a little payback for hurtin’ my kin,” His faux southern accent actually quite convincing, a badge of his repeat customership. “You won’t mind, will you?” He walked closer to Bethany, eyes contempt filled as they rose to the shadow looming over her. “You’d do the same for little old snart.” She opened her mouth to issue a retort, a rejection, before the barrel made it’s way into her throat. She choked, eyes wide eyes wide before he pulled back quickly letting her cough and spit up a little whisky from the way the barrel triggered her gag reflex. “Hehe, wasn’t the first time I heard that from your pretty mouth, but I believe we were on friendlier terms, Darlin’,” She leaned forward, coughing the rest of the drink that lingered on her palate before blood began coming off her lips in small drops. He nestled his foot right where her head met the dusty trail and kicked upwards, knocking her on her back and cracking the skull on the dry earth. Her chest rose and fell as she endeavored to scoot her way back to some help before another shot dug its way through her right breast, eliciting another cough and yelp of pain.

“Do me a mercy and at least do it fast, you fuck!” Bethany growled between groans, legs quivering under Leonard, spread as she didn’t have the decency nor the care to pull them together. He shook his head and smirked, falling forward setting one knee on her stomach. “ACK! FUCK!” She gasped in pain, the blonde holstering his iron briefly to rip at the checkered blouse. The ample chest was just Leonard’s type, but Rin couldn’t tell exactly why she too was salivating. She was intoxicating, how real she was in a place that sold fakeness. “Wha-what are you doin’? Yeou had yer fun! Now just! Just kill me!” Her voice got higher, throat gravelly as blood began to cake from the blood that found it’s way up her windpipe. He pulled both handfuls of pillowy flesh up by the darkened little nubs, tan extending past her visible flesh and through skin hidden under the scraps of clothing she had left of her top.

“I haven’t had my fun just yet… I’ll have a turn, but not with you and not now…” Leonard reaches over for Bethany’s dropped gun, “Just you wait, I plan on doing a lot of fucking o’er these two weeks.” He sets the gun to point straight to her forehead, pulling the hammer back and letting the junk round carve a neat circular hole into the lucky brown haired girl’s head. Her quivering body went limp, what brain it had firing off whatever signals it still had. Her eyes blinked rapidly before staying wide, green orbs staring at the blue sky. The roguish twin stood up from the body, striding to his sister’s side to admire his handiwork. Her form was still, the sheriff finally walking close to collect her.

“That was disgusting…” Erin said under her breath, watching the beautiful girl get pulled up by her arms and into a position that would be easy to throw into a coffin.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” Leonard smirked, adjusting his hat and offering the downed desperado’s pistol. Erin paid no mind to it as she watched the girl. Apparently something in her face gave away her concern, as her brother immediately rebutted the silence. “She’s not real! This is like… the third time I’ve fucked her up like this!”

“She wet herself.” The greener twin responded, eyes narrowed as she tried to catch the action. It seemed so… natural, disgustingly so in her eyes.

“What? Are you serious?!” He leans over the wooden railing, before laughing. Indeed, a wetness had began to grow at her groin, trailing down her leg and leaving a humiliating trail behind her. “Haha! That’s choice!” He slammed both fists into the railing and spun half a circle. “They didn’t have that the last time I was here! Fuck that’s great!”

“You said we were going to Mariposa?” Erin grumbled, head lowering into a cradle of her folded fingers. She felt her brother’s smooth hand grab her wrist and looked up to see the same smile he had riding Bethany’s wounded stomach.

“Come on, you need a lay.”


Great depiction of violence and suffering in this. I want to write something with violence too.

I didn't realize that this was based on a show until after I read it. Thanks for including enough explanation about how the premise works.

What did the Nazi bike lock thing refer to?

It's nice to see siblings that get along and can play together. I'm happy for them.

Does "The lanky blonde" refer to Leonard?

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