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Tell me what you think. A lot of what I do is furry right now.


A little fox girl sits in a closet. She's comforted by the close walls. Her tail is hooked up between her legs, her knees curled up into her chest, and in her hand she slowly inspects a silvery, dark revolver, twirling it around in her soot black paws.
"I... don't know if I want to do it any more."

She speaks for the rabbit boy that stands outside the closet door, his hand on the wall and his expression a snarl as if he's waiting impatiently for the bathroom.

"You're in a lot of pain because you're a fox right?" He says

"I guess." She replies.

"It's not going to get less painful if you wait it out."

"Maybe... I could..."

"You can't be a vegetarian and a fox." He says. She doesn't reply, so there's an awkward pause and he wonders if he's losing her. "You already ate meat, your parents fed you when you were a kid. So there's no going back." Still very much a kid now, the little fox girl starts to cry. She's done nothing but cry for two days, cry and hide in this closet. It makes her feel even worse when she thinks about the fact that that's all she's done.

"I'm nervous." She squeaks out.

"Would you be able to do it if you were looking at me?"

"I... maybe."

The rabbit boy opens the door. She's taller than him, but he looks much bigger as he stands, towering over her form which is balled up against the back wall of the closet, framed by adult clothing hanging from a bar. She shyly looks up at him.

"Do it. Now."

There's a bit of hesitation, it's quiet. The girl takes the revolver up towards her neck. She points it in at herself. There's a explosive sound that shakes the closet walls. It's louder than she could've imagined. The rabbit boy smiles, the fox herself is driven deaf by the noise.

The rabbit watches blood pour out from the fox girls neck. It bursts out of her in red waterfalls at first, and she coughs and scrambles randomly. She tries to leave the closet, and the rabbit boy pushes her back, slamming her against the wall. Blood splattering from the hole through the side of her neck and painting the wall in big red circles.

"No, open your mouth. Do it like we planned."

Blood now seeps from her neck in rhythm with her heart beat, trickling out and then flowing out and then returning to trickling as her confused heart wastes blood by pumping. She can hardly breathe, and her wheezing breath is the only sound as the rabbit boy impatiently waits for her mouth to open. She complies. Slowly, slightly opening her mouth with what she has left of her quickly draining energy.

Unzipping his shorts, he wastes very little time in pressing his little red cock up against the fox girls parsed lips. He pushes in slightly, he feels her tooth, feels her naturally failing to keep herself open. Her eyes are up and facing his, her eyebrows are wrinkles up into a sad little w shape.

He pushes a thumb in along side his cock and pushes her jaw down hard, forcing it open. The pain makes her eyes roll up, and then he's completely inside her. Enveloped in her warmth, the rabbit boy starts to thrust and pound, making her head bang against the closet wall. Soon, she can't breathe, and her frail hand reaches up to touch his thigh and beg for another chance. It's too painful. She's suffocating. But she won't feel that way for long, the blood loss is starting to take her.

The rabbit boy slaps away her hand, and when she tries to pick it up again she finds that it's too heavy, so it lays there, open on the floor beside her. Her eyes mean to lock with his but remain in a sleepy state, only hovering in his direction. She finds herself unable to focus on anything. Darker and colder and darker and colder, the greatest warmth the fox girl feels is in her mouth and throat, where the rabbit's blood soaked cock proves to be a consistent source of heat and is only getting hotter.

It starts to pulse, it makes her scared, uncomfortable. She tries to weakly back up, only able to squirm her shoulder a bit and slightly cock her head, but it's enough to trigger the rabbit boys aggression. He grabs her ear and pulls her into him, cutting into it as he cums.

As darkness envelops the would be vegetarian, the last thing she feels is the thick cum pouring down her throat and into her belly. Her heavy body sinks into a lower and lower place until her soul slips right out of it. Her eyes don't make contact with anything, her heart neither beats nor quivers. The deep cut in her ear turns numb, and then can't be felt at all. She doesn't feel like she's breathing in blood anymore as her lungs have stopped breathing.

All she can do is hear. Hear the cruel rabbit who pushed her to this end for all those weeks. She hears him pull from her throat, hears wet gloopy liquid splash against her blouse. She hears him shuffling her clothes, and the forcing himself upon her lifeless near-corpse. He occasionally says things like "still tight!" And "take it you little toy fox." And she can only imagine what's happening and it makes her want to cry. Everything makes her want to cry. The pain hasn't stopped... the pain hasn't stopped...

"You stupid meat eating slut." She still wants his forgiveness.

"But I don't want to eat meat! I tried! I tried." She wants to say out loud. She tried her best to move something, to be a pleasure as a way of begging forgiveness for her life. She doesn't really even know what position her body is in. Everything is cold and numb, but she tries to move her hips, she really tries.

The rabbit boy is deep inside her rear at this point. He sees a little twitch of her muscle. A random, minuscule twinge in her back. Her brain short circuits trying desperately to send more signals, those twitches are suddenly all over, her bloodless body doing its best to convulse, life starved muscles undulating and spasming randomly. She gets to move her hips quite a bit, but it's only in her final electric moments of seizure. The rabbit boy cums again into her jerking little body, the mix of complete limpness and random twitching sending him over the edge. Then she's dead, and he's done with her. He grabs her by the wrists and begins to drag her.

Her cum covered corpse would be found in the garbage outside the orphanage in the morning with notes scratched into it and drawn on in lipstick, sharpie, whatever it is people had as they walked the busy street. "Whore" "enjoy the meat?" "Well done!" She would've cried if she could've seen even a single message.

The rabbit boy would go completely free after that, and the orphanage owners would be charged for letting a fox and a rabbit stay so close together alone. "The rabbit", according to the judge, "was in great danger and must've been terrified during the incident."

The fox owners of the orphanage bit their lips and took the scolding.


Good story I hope there will be some karma in the future for the Rabbit maybe a fox girl bites it off. I just love a good karmic justice ending.

You said you alot of others are they on here under the same name Guiltstar?

 No.10335 is where I keep my stuff lately.

This is basically my first story, what I do mostly is art. I'm glad you like it and I very well might make more, especially if I get comments.


Guiltstar! I know you! Might remember a certain squirrel with a superhero complex on f-list. This is a pretty good first story, for sure. Look forward to seeing more.


definatly sexy. especialy love that the bunny boy explicitly recives no cumuppance.... would be hot to see him destroy other pred fems.

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