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Here we go! Now Scarlet got the treatment, hope it's to the requestor's liking!


Corrin's forces breathe easy, having vanquished the rebellion in Cheve and taken many of their soldiers - including their leader, Scarlet - prisoner. Generally, prisoners of war are protected, and that's exactly how Corrin plans to treat them. Unfortunately for them, however, the princess can't be everywhere at once.


“On your feet, maggots. That is, unless you want to die seated?” a deep voice challenges. Hans, a reformed criminal serving as King Garon’s subordinate, strides into the center of the holding cells, oozing contempt. The group of men following him all appear to be cut from the same cloth. “King Garon wanted this rebellion crushed, not chastised, and I aim to finish the job.”

“Excuse me, ser, but we're prisoners of war. Wounded, and those who surrendered. Aren't we protected?” a blonde wearing all red armor asks. She'd be an imposing opponent, had her rebellion not been crushed only an hour before. Now, she stands in Cheve’s own dungeon, her cell set at the head of the block, offering full view of all of her compatriots. As such, it takes all Hans can muster not to laugh in her face. He can't deny she's pretty, however, and Hans would love to find out what's under that armor of hers.

“The face of the rebellion herself, eh? Scarlet, isn't it?” he says, sneering. “Soldiers are protected. Traitorous bitches who turn on their own country? They get put down.”

“P-put down? But, we surrendered.”

“Are you stupid? This is war. You should have taken things more seriously before declaring a revolution.”

“But Corrin assured us we'd be safe if we-”

“That whelp’s word holds no sway here. I'm tired of this talk,” Hans says, slotting a key into the door of Scarlet’s cell. “You'll make a fine example, hm?”

“An example of what?” she asks, backing away from the imposing man. Her back hits the wall of the cell agonizingly quickly, leaving her nowhere to retreat. In answer, his hand wraps around her throat, squeezing tightly.

“What happens to those who rebel,” he says, and Scarlet can see her own horror reflected in his hungry eyes. He holds her like that for a moment, not allowing her the slightest gasp of air.
When he finally releases her, she drops to all fours, coughing and sputtering. He laughs, then, and places the heel of his boot on her back. Pressing down, he knocks her flat, and kneels on top of her. He produces a dagger from his belt, and begins slashing the bindings of her beautifully adorned armor.

Once separated, he pulls the plate covering her toned back away, casting it aside. Scarlet struggles beneath him, feeling herself being exposed. With a grunt, he buries his fingers in her short hair, lifting her head and slamming it back down against the stone floor. There's a satisfying crack, and as Hans stands, pulling Scarlet up by her hair, the wyvern rider is dazed. With her armor cut loose, her breastplate remains on the floor, leaving her wearing nothing but her underclothes.

And with a flash of the dagger, those are rent as well. By the time Scarlet comes to her senses, she is naked before Hans, his men, and worse still, her doomed troops.
“W-what do you think you're doing?” she asks, her tongue dry and heavy as it works around the words.

“Making an example of you. Did you think I'd just off you and be done with it? Laughable!” he says, chuckling as if to prove his point. She kicks, then, desperately trying to gain her footing. In response, Hans’ free hand pulls back, only to slam into her stomach a second later. With a groan, Scarlet's most recent meal splatters onto the floor, mixed with the acids of her stomach. She all but goes limp, then, dangling from his grip on her hair. “Disgusting. Can’t you keep your last meal down? What a shame.”

“Just… get it over with…” she says, dreading what is to come, but seeing how utterly futile it is to fight it.

“There’s no fun in that. You’ve been a thorn in King Garon’s side for too long now, and now that we’ve plucked you, you need to suffer. It won’t be so easy as lopping your head off and putting it on a pike,” Hans says, dragging her towards the wall. He forces her onto her feet, then guides her wrists to some shackles on the wall. Once Scarlet is bound, he works on freeing himself from his pants. Seeing his enemy bound and helpless is enough to have him hard already, and he’d not want such a thing to go to waste.

Scarlet tells herself not to look, to take whatever punishment is coming facing the wall. That it will be easier that way. And yet, she can’t help a glance over her shoulder. Once her eyes lock on his cock, however, she begins to struggle.

“No! Not that, please!” she begs, tugging at the shackles with such force that the metal cuts into her wrists, and lines of blood begin running down her arms. Hans only chuckles, forcing the head of his cock against her tight folds.

“Let me guess,” he says, as he begins pushing in. “First time?”

He works his way in, then, marvelling at how tight she is. Her toned body is incredible, that’s for sure, and with each inch he pushes into her, she tightens up a bit more. He can tell from her groans that it hurts, but that only makes him more excited. A life of pillage and plunder gets a man to a point where that’s all he enjoys, and by the Gods does Hans love it.

Scarlet’s troops, injured and battered as they are, look on in horror as their leader is raped in front of them. Hans is slow, at first, even pausing to let her adjust once he’s worked his way in. And as he thrusts into her, there’s a purpose to his motions. As if he’s searching for something, probing her. Before Scarlet can put much thought into it, the top of his cock brushes against her clit during one of his thrusts, and she whimpers involuntarily.

“I’ve got you now,” he says, and suddenly his thrusts are all focused there. Before Scarlet can do so much as blink, his motions have a new edge to them. There’s a sick heat spreading through her, starting in her core and radiating outwards. She knows he’s pleasuring her, and can’t help but feel sickened by each moan that escapes her lips. Any glance to the side finds the face of one of her soldiers, already filled with dread at their fate, now filled with shame as the woman they put their faith in moans on the cock of their soon-to-be killer.

Tears begin streaming down her face, despair and shame mingling into a singularly depressing mood, backed up though it is by carnal pleasure. Hans takes his time fucking her, bringing her to an intense orgasm that has her crying out and sees her knees nearly buckling beneath her, before he finally finishes. With a thrust that is deeper, and harder, than any of his others, he finishes, his seed spilling into her womb without care or concern. Worst of all, the heat that fills her feels so damn good she can hardly stand it.

She feels relief, then. At least that part is over, and this torment can finally end. But as Hans pulls out, and steps back, he gestures to the man closest to him.

“I know it’s sloppy seconds and all, but go on and take a turn with her. In fact, I’d like all of you to. Consider her a treat, on me,” he says, grinning menacingly.

“No! No, anything but that, I can’t take more of this!” Scarlet cries out, any will she had left stripped away in her shame.

“Now, now. Don’t you think you should enjoy your final moments? Though, don’t expect these guys to go as easy on you as I did. They’re not quite the… expert that I am,” he warns, before moving to the back of the cell.

And true to his warning, the soliders are rougher. They fuck her without any attempt at pleasure, taking her for themselves. The first one to go for ass instead nearly causes her to faint, using nothing but his spit as lube. Then, it becomes a trend. Eventually, two will come at her at once. Then they loosen her shackles, and it becomes three. One fucking her face, one forcing her to ride his cock, and another slamming into her ass, all at once. It goes on for what feels like ages, until most of the soldiers have taken several turns with her, filling her and coating her in their come.

By the end of it, she lays on the floor, panting, not even noticing she’s on the remains of her meal from earlier. Her eyes are glassy, hardly seeing anything around her as she withdraws into herself, hiding from the horror of her situation. But then Hans is above her. That voice rings out, and she’s forced back to clarity.

“I think my boys’ll spread what happens to traitors just fine, don’t you? I mean, a fuck as good as you is bound to get them talking,” he says. “And I’ve decided to let your men go free.”
She breathes a sigh of relief. At the very least, they’ll return home, to their families and friends, and whatever peace they might find. “Of course any of them that try to leave during your execution will be killed on the spot.”

“And what am I sentenced to?” she asks, some of her fire returning.

“I’m going to hang you. But don’t think it’s going to be easy. In fact, I’m giving you a chance to get out of this too. If you survive the night, you can go free. Boys, go on and string her up by her throat,” Hans orders, and his men comply. In no time, she’s dangling from a rafter, legs kicking desperately just inches from the ground that could so easily save her from choking. By now, her men are freed, none daring to come to her aid in fear of being cut down where they stand.
“Now, I’m gonna let your soldiers help you. But the thing is, they can only support you by fucking you. Anyone tries anything else, and they’re dead,” Hans explains, a sadistic smile curling his lips. Meanwhile, Scarlet kicks, gurgling as she struggles for air and her men look at each other in bewilderment.

Finally, one comes forward, desperately pumping at his cock, trying to get hard. He grabs her hips, and thrusts into his leader, doing his best to support her weight as he does. He hears a sputtering breath, and knows its working. It feels incredible, the way she tightens up around him as she struggles for breath, but he does he best to hold on.

After all, Scarlet’s life is on the line, as are theirs. And each and every soldier wants to last as long as possible, to save her. Even if the method is horrifying.


Of course, the night is long. A handful of soldiers, most of them injured already, have their limits. Despite their love for their leader, they can only do so much, and the fact that many of them crumple to the floor before giving up speaks volumes to their dedication. It simply isn’t enough, however. After no more than an hour, Scarlet is left dangling with no one to support her. After being fucked so far beyond raw, blood oozes from her, and she hardly registers the slow loss of her life’s breath. Hans approaches her, eager to watch the final moments of such a nuisance.

Scarlet slowly loses consciousness, no longer strong enough to kick, or even to make a sound. Her eyes lock onto Hans, however, watching her killer with contempt until even that small focus is too much. Just before she fades completely, she loses control of her bladder, hot piss rushing out of her and splattering onto the floor in a steady stream. Were she in a better state, it would hurt, as her piss ran over the ruins of her folds, but it hardly even registers as she slips away.


Once she is well and truly dead, Hans cuts her down. He draws his axe, then, and chops the head from her body. Those of her soldiers that are still conscious look on in shame, knowing they weren’t enough to save her, even given the chance. And then, Hans’ voice rings out again.

“Kill all these dogs, as well. They couldn’t even save their own leader, and should each be put down,” he orders, holding her head by the hair, and dragging Scarlet’s body along behind him with his free hand. Once outside the castle, he displays her head and her violated body for all to see, before setting out for Corrin’s party. Still more traitors linger around the Nohrian royals themselves, and that can’t be allowed. In their defeat, they might strike at their conquerors, and Hans would never allow such a thing.


Really nice stuff. I don't figure you would do something for the older games, would you?


Depends upon the game, really. I'm fairly familiar with Shadow Dragon, Binding Blade, and a little bit with Sacred Stones. And I'm always familiar with characters I happen to get in heroes


DO you kill enemies too? There were some sorceress that really gave me a hard time that I would have loved to take my time ending like Ursula and Sonia from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade


I know of Ursula through Heroes, and have read a lot of her role in Blazing Sword. All I know about Sonia is that Ursula has a somewhat uhhh intense fixation on her, haha.


Sonia is a serious manipulator and damned hot


Fire emblem loves evil seductresses


This story is awesome the anon that recommmended Wulfsmund the tryingto save Scarlet reminds me of a chapter with the merchant father and son.


I actually read up to that point and it may or may not have influenced that. (It totally did, caught me)



I can't complain as a matter of fact props to you for being able to make this crossover so smooth


SO thats why it felt so familiar could make a game trying to decide which FE girl fits what death


Hey, I'm always up for requests/ideas if that leads anywhere. I mean, no guarantee on what I actually end up writing, but I always enjoy seeing what people want.


I'm curious what you would do with L'arachel from Sacred Stones, if you're familiar with her.


I know of her, a lot of her supports are really funny and she seems great, but sadly I'm not far enough in the game to come up with much. Really need to pick the old games back up, I'm partially through so many of them.


Did he love to run of on her own either to find the theif she travel with and the berserker


In all honesty I'm not sure that Scarlet would expect mercy from Hans, especially given her view of the oppression and how Cheve had been treated thus far. I think she went into the rebellion knowing full well that if it was crushed her life was forfeit, so her confused reaction to Hans telling her she's going to be executed seems a bit out of character.


Perhaps, save for the fact that it's explicitly mentioned Corrin, a literal member of the Royal family had offered protection. I think given two opposing viewpoints/sentences from the same side, one from a prince/princess, the other from a man like Hans, would be a bit surprising.

But nah come in and talk down on a fic for one line, that's cool. I thought it was a good read, good work!


Corrin saifd Mercy I doubt she expected Hans and even if it was Hans she probalby expected some abuse but not execution going against the word of a royal. After all no one knows Garrons real intentions for Corrin so anyone would be a bit surprised


Well remember Kagerou and how she was caught and we had to save her I think she would be the girl from the second chapter she fits perfectly even how she ends up getting killed feels like how Kagerou would go out


THATS PERFECT that means that Orochi would be the inkeeper. I like where this is going.


Makes sense would Corrin be Walhter then?


Man, both Orochi and Kagero would be fun to snuff. I've technically already written a gangbang with Kagero while captured, could always just add on some snuff to that someday, maybe.


If you don't mind you could put the original up on say pastebin then do the snuff version. Cause I would read both


I want to read is it up even if its not guro I want to read it



Here you go! I finally got around to starting an AO3 for this stuff, as well, and will begin cross-posting to there. So there'll be an archive for the work I post here.


Looks like they took it down guess we should go with the single fire emblem thread on here


Can you post the Kagerou on her I missed my chance to read it on AO3


Hopefully I'll have a chance to make that thread tonight. I'll post the Kagero fic there, and have two others I've written.



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