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It was noon, and the waves lapped at my toes as I walked along this stretch of coastline. I was wearing light blue bikini bottoms and my favorite Joan Jett tanktop.

This was my favorite spot on the beach. I usually had it all to myself. So I was surprised to see a figure in the distance. he was wearing a black speedo, and nothing else. the closer I got I could tell he was reasonably fit. not muscular, but not flabby either. A very attractive man. As I got even closer I began to notice that those weren't speedos, but in fact hip hugging black panties. They weren't frilly, so they could pass as a speedo, but I could tell. I could tell too that he had no bulge. I mean, none at all. Was he tucked? Was he an F2M? Was he simply unlucky at the genetic lottery? As we came closer and closer to crossing paths I could not break my gaze as I wondered.

"Hey, my eyes are up here" he said, as I realized we were now standing right next to eachother and my curiosity had been exposed.

"um, I... uh... sorry?"

"HAHA, it's okay, really. Most men don't mind a pretty woman staring intently at their crotches."

Still embarrassed, but glad that he cut the tension I continued,

"well, it's just so, so..."


"Well, yeah." surprised that he wasn't ashamed.

"Hehe, its okay, I get that alot. However, it's a bit more complicated than that..." he gently took my hand, and placed it on his groin. Normally I'd get very upset, but my curiosity had taken full control of my faculties. It was smooth. There was almost nothing there. no penis, no testicles. Just mostly smooth flesh. I did feel what I thought might be some sort of very short nub, and a bit of a vagina-like cleft, but nothing else.

"You probably have some questions, don't you?"

"Yeah, what happened? Was there an accident? are you a transman?" I said blushing.

"Well first, it's not completely gone. It's merely been altered. I'm still sexual, just in a different way. More like a woman, but like a man too."

"So it's a pussy?" I asked. Not realizing my hand was still cupping it, I began to tickle it with my finger absent-mindedly.

"mmm... not quite..." He pulled my hand off, lifted the front of his panties, and moved my hand under the fabric. Now I could feel something. It felt like a very wide clit. It had a hood that ran down and became unusually large lips. But as my finger explored further, there was no hole to be found. Well, not there anyway. As moved back up to the clit... it was getting larger, puffier, like the head of a penis. Just below it was a small hole, which had begun leaking sticky fluid. I pulled my hand out, raise a finger to my lips and licked it, holding his gaze in my eyes.



We went and found a spot by the rocks, and he lay down, his legs spread slightly. I knelt between them, my hand on his smooth chest, I leaned in and kissed him once, then moved down to see what I'd been feeling. I slowly removed his panties. It looked like a shaved pussy, but with a very exaggerated clit, and big, luxurious labia.

"You see, I had this ex... heh"

"Oh god, she did this to you?" I said as I massaged the glistening pussy before me.

"it's not like that. She started wanting to explore her bisexual side. At the time I thought it was great, what guy wouldn't want a threeway now and then?"

I moved in and kissed on the top of his hood. He shuddered, cooed and continued.

"But after awhile she started realizing she preferred pussies to cocks. But she still wanted to stay together. One day she asked me how much I loved her..."

My lips began engulfing his clit, like a cherry. a big cherry.

"...what I would do for her. I said 'anything'. She told me she loved me more than anything else, but she wished I had a pussy instead."

My eyes looked up at him, lips locked on, still tonguing his huge, semi-hard clit.

"Ooh, don't stop... I was shocked at first of course, but what she didn't know was that I had often fantasized about having a pussy instead of a cock. I wasn't ashamed of my cock or anything. I was proud, in fact. it was huge and fat, and I loved fucking with it and playing with it. but I had always wondered how the other half lived. I envied vaginas, and secretly wished that I had one myself. I told her this, and I told her I'd agree, but I would decide how it would turn out."

My tongue was licking up and down the front of his clit, which had a sort of channel that led down to the peehole below the head. I began focussing on this area, tasting his sweet fluid.

"Oh yeah, that feels good... We talked with a doctor who told us that it could be done, but not legally in the US unless I identified as female, which I just don't. There was, however a small island in the Pacific that performed the procedure, and he knew the chief of surgery there. He was highly skilled-- mmm, yeah, keep doing that..."

His clit continued to grow. it was about the size and firmness of a hard boiled egg by now. half of one at any rate. I stuck my finger in his butt and he bucked.

"UNF! So we talked with him at a nearby medical convention, and he told us how the procedure worked: my erectile tissue would be removed, and my glans, or 'head' would be sculpted into a small clitoris. The skin of my cock would form a short vaginal canal, while the scrotum would add to that, and make some small labia lips. I was disappointed with this, and asked if I could customize it some..."

I nibbled his labia, tugging them with my lips and teeth.

"I told him I wanted a full clit, I didn't want to lose any sensation at all. And I had always loved big labia, so wanted as much skin as possible dedicated to those as well. I didn't need a hole, because at the time at least I only identified as straight, and if that changed afterwards still had my butt."

"Well did it? did it change?"

"Yeah, it did. I'm still mostly straight, but I like having sex with men too. With their cocks I kind of feel like... well, like I'm pleasuring what I used to have."

This was good. I'd always been turned on by two men together. Most of the porn I watched was etiher gay or lesbian porn.

"He told me he could do this, and also recommended that the skin just below the glans be used to line the area between the lips. Soon we had come to an agreement, and I had an appointment."

Knowing this, I soon began licking up and down his cleft. my finger was massaging his prostate, and he was producing massive amounts of precum.

"ahh... uhh, uhh... Now, my testicles would have to be removed of course, so I can't have children, but I would be put on a cocktail of male and female hormones that keep my body relatively masculine, retain male libido, but female sexual response as well."

It was true, he seemed to respond like a woman to my ministrations. And I was having more fun eating him out than I'd ever had with any of my female lovers. His pussy was a perfect creation.

I was fingering my own pussy with my free hand. I'd worked myself all the way to four fingers without even realizing it.

"Ohh, ohh, I'm gonna cum... "

I began licking harder. I had to see this, story be damned...

"oh god, keep doing that! press harder on my prostate."

I moved into a 69 position so he could eat me out too. He was spectacular, he knew exactly what to do, like a lesbian.




Soon translucent cum was squirting at me. I tasted it, it tasted sweeter than a real man's cum. I actually liked the taste, and eagerly licked it all up. He pulled me up a kissed me, and we lay there as he continued.

"So after the operation I was out of commission, sexually, for awhile. My girlfriend and me stayed together for awhile, and whole she loved my pussy, she just wasn't into my maleness. It turns out she's fully lesbian, and I have no interest in living as a woman. We broke up amicably."

"So you don't resent her at all?"

"no, no. I wanted this, and as it happens, it's better than I imagined."

An elderly couple walked by. the husband noticed us and gasped. the wife let out a huge laugh. we just waved back.

"Want to come back to my room?" I asked, after about 20 minutes laying there in each other's arms.

"Sure, that sounds great."

This was going to be a hell of a weekend.

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