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Angelina sat beside her brother Marcus in the waiting room, her underwear damp with her juices, his cum still leaking from her pussy. Their mother was sat beside them looking up the the LED display waiting for their names to be called. None of them said a word to each other.

Marcus sat with his head hung low trying not to thinking about what was about to happen. Angelina was looking around the waiting room at all the other boys and girls, wondering why they where here. She briefly made eye contact with another girl a little older than herself wearing a low-cut top, who was sat the other side of the room with her mother. Their gaze was almost a sympathetic one, they both knew each others tender flesh would soon be going under the knife.

Angelina watched as another teary blonde haired girl and her mother emerged through a door back into reception. She could tell that walking was causing her some discomfort, the girl didn’t look at anyone as her mother lead her over to the reception desk. Angelina listened into their conversation.

“How are you feeling now?” The receptionist asked.


“Well that’s what happens when you can’t stop touching yourself,” her mother snapped.

“They ruined my pussy. My perfect pussy,” the girl sobbed, wiping away her tears on her sleeve.

“Well the soreness will go in a couple of weeks. And you’ll get used to the smooth look eventually, it might look a mess now but once it’s healed it’s going to look so clean and tidy,” the receptionist said handing her an information pack. “If you have any questions just call out information hotline,”

The girls mother took the pack and thanked the receptionist, she then lead her daughter slowly out of the building.

Angelina was now more worried and anxious than before. When the display bleeped she almost jumped out of her skin, nervously she looked up. Much to her relief it wasn’t her name on the screen. She looked around to see who it was, the girl she’d made eye contact with a few minutes earlier and her mother stood up.

“Mum please I don’t wanna,” the girl said sounding really afraid.

“I don’t care what you want Rebecca, now come on,” she said taking the girls arm and dragging her off practically screaming through the door.

Angelina looked at her older brother, he was still just looking down at the floor. She wondered if he was feeling as nervous as she was, he must have been. It was the first time he’d ever had sex and it was going to be the last. Their mother still hadn’t spoken to either of them, she was too busy reading a magazine.

After a few more minutes of waiting that felt like an eternity the display bleeped again. This time the display read ‘A & M Peters’.

Angelina’s mother stood up. “Right on you two come on, lets get this over with,”

They both followed her through the door, down the corridor and into one of the exam rooms. Waiting inside for them was a young nurse dressed in a blue surgical gown. She looked at them both and smiled.

“I’m nurse Anderson. Please take a seat,” she said pointing to the chairs beside her desk.

They both took a seat at the desk joined moments later by their mother.

“Mrs Peters, it says in my notes that you caught these two... experimenting?”

“Well I’d not call it experimenting as such, when I walked in she was just climbing off of his cock. I just can’t believe they’d do something like this, I brought them up to know better,”

Marcus and Angelina sat listening trying to hide their faces.

“Try not to worry about it Mrs Peters, these things happen. Now it says here Angelina is thirteen, she should really have been cut a couple of years ago. Is there any reason why you opted not to have her cut?” the nurse asked scrolling through the notes on her computer.

“You know what I have no idea. I thought I was being nice not limiting her to a lifetime of no sexual pleasure, but now I really don’t know why I didn’t have her cut sooner,”

“Well you’ve made the right choice by bringing them in, we’ll put an end to this behaviour once and for all. I just need you to sign these consent forms and we can get started,” the nurse said sliding two pieces of paper across the desk.

Their mother read them quickly and signed her name on the line.

“Here,” she said sliding them back to the nurse.

“Thanks,” she said taking the forms giving them a quick glance then placing them neatly on a stack of papers. “Which one do you want me to start with?”

Their mother looked at them both and thought for a second. “Marcus, He’s the oldest. He can go first,”

“Marcus stand up please, take your pants and underpants off,”

Marcus stood up but hesitated to remove his clothes.

“Come on then,” his mother snaped. “I don’t know why your being shy now you where only too happy to undress in front of your sister an hour ago,”

Marcus slipped his jeans and boxers down to his ankles and stepped out of them. His mother leant forward and picked them up, folding them neatly and placing them on the chair. Marcus stood in front of the nurse with his hands down by his sides as she put on a pair of gloves.

She reached out and began her examination, taking his penis between her fingers and slowly retracting his foreskin, revealing his sensitive glans still moist with his sisters juices. She felt his testicles rolling each one between her thumb and forefinger. After a minute or so of the nurse fondling his bits, blood began to flow to his penis rapidly causing it to become erect. Much to his embarrassment.

“Oh my!,” the nurse exclaimed looking at his erect penis “You’re pretty big for your age. It’s just a shame this thing won’t be much use for anything when your testicles are laying in surgical bowl. You really should have given more thought to the choices you made,”

The nurse stood up and walked over to the gynaecology chair in the corner of the room. “Just lay down up here, Legs in the stirrups please,” she said tapping the chair with her hand.

“No, fuck you,” Marcus said angrily.

“Excuse me young man,” his mother snapped. “You’ll have to excuse him, he’s like this all the time at home. I don’t know what to do with him,”

“It’s ok I get that all the time,” the nurse smiled, “It doesn't bother me one bit,”

She gestured to Marcus to come over again. “We can do this one of two ways, either we do it easily with your cooperation, or we sedate you and do it without,”

Marcus thought about it for a second, he didn’t fancy being sedated, at least if he was awake would know what was going on. So he walked over to the chair and climbed up, putting his legs into the stirrups. He lay there nervously as the nurse fetched some supplies and laid them out on a trolley positioned between his legs.

“Any questions?”

“Will it hurt?” he asked, noting the sharp looking scalpel.

“No not that much. I’ll give you a shot to numb the pain, It’ll just feel a little... uncomfortable noting to worry about,” the nurse reassured him.

“What will happen after?”

“After your castrated? Well the testosterone levels in your blood will begin to drop. You’ll start to loose interest in sex, after a couple of weeks you’ll have no interest in sex at all. Erections will be a thing of the past and you’ll not even miss your testicles. You’ll be given an information pack that explains everything in more detail,”

Marcus didn’t know what to say. The reality of his situation began to hit home, he started to regret his few minutes of fun with his sister. He wanted to get up and run but he knew that’d only make things worse. Any chance of escape slipped away as the nurse tightened the straps around each of his ankles.

She turned around to his mother “Would you like to come and watch the procedure?” she asked.

His mother stood up and stretched “Oh you bet I would. You too Angelina get up, I want you to watch this,”

“No it’s gonna be gross, I don’t wanna watch,” Angelina argued.

“You’ll do as I say young lady. Don’t you think your in enough trouble as it is?” her mother snapped.

“Sorry Mommy,” and she got up and followed her mother over to the nurse.

The nurse took a seat between Marcus’s legs. “The procedure is rather simple. I’ll explain what I’m doing as I go,”

Angelina and her mother watched as the nurse picked up a syringe from the trolley.

“This injection will completely numb the area,” she said pushing the needle into his groin and slowly depressing the plunger.

Marcus flinched a little as the needle went in. The nurse then cleaned his scrotum with a yellow coloured liquid on a cotton wool ball which she discarded into a small metal dish.

“Now I’m going to make a small incision down the middle here,” she explained running her finger down the centre of the wrinkled skin of his scrotum. “There will be a little blood but not too much,”

His mother leaned in for a closer look as the nurse picked up the scalpel in her right hand. Using two finger from her left she stretched out the skin of his nut sack and carefully cut down the middle. She had to cut along the same line a couple of times to completely cut through the skin. She placed the scalpel back on the tray and wiped away the spots of blood from the area.

She carefully worked his left testicle out through the hole. She took the scalpel again and made a small cut around the outside of the nut. It popped out from what looked like a milky white membrane that was surrounding it. “And this is what a males testicle looks like,” she said letting them see the purple coloured egg like object, with it’s cord still attached disparaging inside his scrotum.

“The cause of all his problems, the sooner he’s rid of them the better,” his mother laughed.

“Yes it’ll calm down his attitude slightly as well,” the nurse explained still handling the exposed nut.

Angelina felt sick she diverted her eyes to her brothers still hard penis, and remembered how good it felt filling her tight hole less than two hours earlier. Then she suddenly remembered she too would be laying right where he was soon, her own sex going under the knife. It sent a shiver down her spine.

The nurse tied off the cord to his left testicle. “You see I’ve just tied off the cord, this will stop any blood flowing when I cut the cord in a moment. Essentially all blood flow to this testis has been stopped eventually it would just shrivel up and die if we left it attached,”

She took a pair of surgical scissors from the trolley and cut through the cord, the testicle came free in her hand. She held it up momentarily for his mother and sister to see, before she placed it in the metal bowl.

She worked his right testicle out through the hole and once again she tied off the cord. “Would you like to do the honours Mrs Peters?” she said holding out the surgical scissors to his mother.

His mother eagerly took them in her hand. “Where do you want me to cut?” she asked moving in closer.

“Right here just below the thread,” the nurse said pointing to the portion of the cord just below where she’d tied it off.

His mother placed the scissors in position with the cord between their jaws. “Mommy said she’d calm you down one day didn’t she,” she said closing the scissors, it took much more effort to cut through the cord than she thought it would. But with a little extra pressure the blades closed fully, letting his severed testicle drop into the nurses hand, ending her sons sex life. The nurse placed the testicle with the other in the metal bowl.

“Wow that was tough, you must have very strong hands,” his mother laughed handing the scissors back to the nurse who laid them on the trolley.

“You get used to it after a while,” she replied, getting started stitching up his empty sack.

“Have you done many boys?” his mother asked.

“We get more girls come in here than we do boys, but I’ve done roughly twenty in the last two years. I get a strange satisfaction from it,”

The nurse finished stitching him up and applied a sticky bandage over the cut. “There you go all done Marcus. I’ll unstrap you and you can get up,”

The whole thing took just a few minutes. The nurse stood up and unstrapped his ankles. Marcus sat up and looked down between his legs. He couldn’t really see anything his penis was still hard, most of his scrotum was covered by the bandage. But he knew what he’d lost and he knew what it meant for him. He got up slowly, and put his pants back on.

“If you go back to reception they’ll give you an info pack and you can sit and wait,” the nurse said opening the door for him.

Marcus left the room and headed back to reception. Angelina stood nervously knowing it was her turn next, she didn’t really know what to expect.

“You next Angelina, bottoms off and up you get,” the nurse said.

Angelina was so afraid but she didn’t want to say anything. She didn’t want anyone to know how she was feeling and she knew her mother would only have a go at her. Trying to put on a brave face she slipped off her clothing and climbed up onto the chair. The nurse helped her place her legs in the stirrups and strapped them in securely.

“Now I’ll just give you a quick examination before I do your circumcision. Do you have any questions?”

“What are you going to cut out of me?” she asked her curiosity making her feel more and more nervous.

“Well sweetie that depends on what your mother wants,” she said turning to her mother, “What where you wanting, full, partial, basic?”

“I didn’t know there where so many options,” her mother said sounding surprised. “What’s the difference?”

“Well basic is where we just remove the glans, the visible part of the clitoris and a small amount of the clitoral shaft. The clitoral roots and labia are left intact. This method makes orgasm through stimulation of the external parts of the vagina impossible, but orgasm can still be achieved through penetration. Partial is where we remove the entire clitoris along with it’s roots but leave the labia intact. This method severs the nerve centre to the vagina effectively completely sexually numbing it. Orgasm will be impossible but with the labia intact the vagina won’t appear much different. And finally full is the same as partial except for we remove the labia and clitoral hood as well, giving the empty smooth look,” the nurse explained pointing to the diagrams on the wall.

Her mother thought about it for a few moments examining each of the diagrams. Angelina hoped her mother would only pick basic, she was still feeling horny and didn’t wanna think about life without ever orgasming again. Finally her mother broke the silence.

“Go for full, just cut everything out of her,”

Angelina couldn’t believe her ears. “NO,” she shouted. “Mum please. That’s not fair,”

“Not fair?” her mother asked angrily, “Is it fair that you broke my trust? Consider yourself lucky I’m not having you spayed as well. You’ll still be able to reproduce unlike your brother,”

“We do actually offer that as a service should you require it,” the nurse added as she put on a clean pair of gloves. “It’s a little more complex procedure than the circumcision but we do it quite a lot here,”

“No it’s fine, we’ll stick with just the circumcision for now. But if she gives me too much crap I’ll be bringing her back.”

Angelina decided not to argue, she didn’t want to push her mothers patience any more. The idea of being spayed seemed far worse than her current predicament, and she knew her mother wasn’t bluffing. The nurse smiled at Angelina as she sat down on the stool between her legs. She spread Angelina’s sex wide with her fingers.

“Oh yes, there’s clearly evidence of recent sexual activity,” she said pointing out the cum still oozing from her vagina.

“Disgusting girl,” her mother said in disgust.

Angelina felt ashamed and vulnerable. She’d broken her mothers trust and now she was going to pay the ultimate price for her moment of stupidity. She lay there staring at the ceiling as the nurse probed around insider her vagina with her finger, it felt good. She tried to enjoy it while she still could, knowing that once she left the clinic she’d never experience that sensation again. When the nurse withdrew her finger Angelina let out a little sigh, she didn’t want the feeling to end. As the nurse conducted the rest of her examination every touch felt like heaven. Angelina was so desperate to cum. Her brother had cum just before their mum walked in on them putting an end to their fun, she never even got to.

The nurse ran her finger over Angelina's clit, It was so sensitive she had to bite her lip to stop herself screaming out in pleasure.

“There that’s the examination over and done with. I’ll just get you cleaned up and then we’ll get your little operation underway,”

Angelina watched as the nurse walked over to the sink and filled up another metal bowl with warm water. She was still so desperate to cum but she knew she didn’t deserve it. She started to realize she’d done wrong, she felt bad for breaking her mothers trust. The nurse brought the bowl over and placed it on the trolley.

“Mum can I..”

Her mother cut her short. “You’re not worming your way out of this young lady. I should have had you cut when you started high school,”

Angelina’s eyes grew teary. “No mum please just listen to what I have to say.” she paused for a second and looked at her mother. “I know you put so much trust in me when you decided to let me keep my clit, because you didn’t want me to go my whole life without ever experiencing pleasure from sex. And I know I broke your trust by not waiting until I was in a serious adult relationship. I’m so stupid and because I can’t control my urges I deserve to be cut. I’m sorry mum,”

Mrs Peters feeling very moved by her daughter words, leant down over her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “That’s mummies good girl. Now you know this is for your own good don’t you?” she whispered.

“Yes Mommy,” Angelina said softly while nodding her head, tears beginning to stream down her cheeks.

The nurse picked up the douche syringe and squeezed the air from the balloon. She placed it’s nozzle in the bowl of water, releasing her pressure and allowing the balloon to fill with water.

“Wait,” Angelina’s mother said just a the nurse was about to insert the nozzle into Angelina’s sex.

“Yes Mrs Peters, What is it?”

“I know I never ticked the box to allow her a last orgasm, but is it too late to change my mind?” her mother asked in a much calmer tone than the one she’d been using since catching them together.

The nurse smiled. “No not at all,” she said, laying the douche syringe down on the trolley.

Angelina couldn’t believe what she’d just heard, if her legs weren't strapped in she’d have jumped up and kissed her mother. She opened her mouth to say ‘Thank You’ but “Th,” was all she managed before her mother placed her finger over her mouth.

“Shhh.. You don’t need to say anything. Just lay there, relax and enjoy the nurse giving you your final orgasm,” she said withdrawing her finger from Angelina's mouth.

“Actually Mrs Peters,” the nurse paused, “I’m not allowed to do it as you never gave consent on the form. But there’s noting that says you aren’t allowed too,” She said moving out of the way and gesturing to Angelina’s sex.

Angelina’s mother felt a little uneasy, her mind a flooded with a mix of emotions. She felt kinda strange at the thought that she’d have to stimulate her daughter. But at the same time she felt kind of proud that she’d be the one to give her the last bit of sexual pleasure she’d ever experience in the rest of her life. She moved in between her daughters legs and sat down on the stool the nurse had just been sitting on. She gazed at Angelina’s exposed sex, the wetness of her juices made it glisten and sparkle in the light. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, her heart began to race from excitement.

The nurse sensed Angelina’s mothers unease and went to sit at her desk so as to not be watching, hoping it would help to relax her. “Just let me know when your done,”

Angelina herself didn’t care who did it, all she wanted was to cum. She looked down at her mother smiling cheekily. Her earlier feelings of embarrassment and nervousness where over shadowed by the excitement of the moment and her urge for the release she was so desperate to have.

Her mother took a deep breath and placed her thumb on Angelina’s swollen clit. Angelina’s hips bucked a little from the sudden feeling of pleasure. Her movement rubbed her clit harder against her mothers thumb increasing her pleasure.

“I can tell you really want this don’t you?” her mother asked softly, “Do you really want it?”

Angelina almost screamed but instead let out an excited “Yes,”

“Tell Mommy what you want,”

“I want you to make me cum Mommy,”

Her mother increased the pace rubbing a little faster. Angelina began biting her lip once more, almost purring with excitement.

“How does it feel sweetie?” her mother asked gently sliding a finger from her other hand into Angelina’s wet pussy while still rubbing her clit with the other.

“It feels good Mommy,” she was barely able to speak as her mothers finger began to probe her g-spot, something she’d not discovered herself. “Ahh… mmmm,”

Angelina pushed her head back and closed her eyes as her mother’s fingers worked their magic, bringing her feelings way more intense than anything she’d ever experienced with her own fingers while laying in bed at night. As her mother slipped in a second finger her body gyrated in rhythm with her mothers movements. Her breathing grew rapid, her heart beating faster than ever. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter. Even her mother could feel her own juices beginning to flow, although she’d never admit it.

Angelina was in heaven. Her current situation was irrelevant as she enjoyed her moment of bliss. The thought that it was gonna be her last didn’t even cross her mind. The room was filled with the sound of her soft moans and the slurping sounds made by her mothers finger working her wet hole. The smell of her girl juices filled the air. Angelina began to arch her back and curl her toes as she grew close to climax, her muscles tightened around her mothers fingers.

“Go on sweetie it’s ok, cum for Mommy,” her mother said working her fingers and rubbing her clit even faster.

Angelina began to buck her hips, a wave of pleasure greater than anything she could have ever imagined radiated through her whole body. “Ahhh.. Ahh.. yes YES YES!,” she screamed out in bliss as her orgasm hit. She squirted one long stream of ejaculate hitting her mother in the chest, then another and another. Angelina didn’t know if she’d weed or what had just happened, she didn’t care. It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had in her whole life. Her mother withdrew her fingers but continued working her clit which was rapidly becoming too sensitive.

“Good girl I can’t believe you squirted, did you enjoy that?”

Angelina couldn’t answer, her clit was now so sensitive every movement of her mothers thumb tickled causing her to break out giggling. “S.. St.. Stop,” she managed to utter through her giggles.

Her mother slowed down her movements and came to a stop, lifting her thumb from her clit. Feeling very content her mother stood up and walked round to stand beside her daughter and gave her another kiss.

“Did you enjoy that sweetie?” she asked again.

“Hehe.. yes Mommy,” Angelina said still giggly.

“Good, You know what’s got to happen now though don’t you?” her mother asked in a more serious but still soft tone.

“Yes Mommy, I have to be circumcised,” Angelina responded as the seriousness of the situation beginning to return to her.

Her mother smiled at her for a second. “And you know why you have to be?”

“Because I can’t control my urges and I want to be a good girl,”

“That’s right sweetie. So you lay there like a good girl and don’t make any fuss,” her mother turned to the nurse. “We’re ready,”

Angelina lay with small waves of pleasure still shooting through her body. The muscles in her vagina still contracting and releasing, opening and closing her hole. The nurse walked over and took her seat between her legs once more.

“Sorry about the mess,” her mother said unsure of what else to say.

“It’s fine don’t worry. It happens a lot here,” the nurse explained putting on yet another pair of gloves. “You’ll be amazed how intense some girls orgasms are when they know it’s their last,”

Her mother took hold of her hand. “Mommies gonna be right here ok,”

Angelina nodded and smiled “Thank you Mommy,” she whispered as the nurse started to clean between her legs.

Her mother began to stroke her head running her fingers through her hair. Angelina lifted her head slightly to look at what the nurse was doing, her mother pushed her head back down.

“Don’t look down there just keep your eyes on me ok sweetie,”

Angelina nodded, she and her mother gazed into each-others eyes. They both felt a connection, a bond stronger than they’d had in a long time. Angelina felt a sharp prick in her most intimate area and squeezed her mothers hand.

“It’s ok sweetie,” her mother spoke softly. “It’ll all be over soon,”

Angelina began to loose the feeling between her legs as her entire vagina became numb.

Her mother’s eyes grew teary again as she looked down at her daughter laying there being so brave. “Your such a brave girl. Mommies so proud of you,” she started to sob.

Her mothers sobbing caused Angelina to break down as well. She couldn’t find any words to say to her mother so she just smiled. The nurse was feeling very moved by their show of genuine emotions. It made a change to see a mother and daughter shedding tears of joy as she accepts her fate. Instead of the usual arguing, struggling and reluctance that she usually got to witness. She actually had to fight to keep her composure and not cry herself, but she remained professional and stuck to the task at hand.

Angelina felt a odd tugging feeling as the nurse stretched out one of her labia. The nurse was determined to make this one of the neatest circumcisions she’d ever performed. She carefully began to cut into the tissue of the labia roughly the thickness of a drinking saw away from where it attached to her vulva. As the blade bit into her skin Angelina felt a faint stinging sensation, she squeezed her mothers hand again.

She wanted to look what was happening but she didn’t dare. The nurse continued to cut the labia free, stopping occasionally to mop up the blood with a cotton wool ball. She worked slowly ensuring she left the exact thickness of labia behind all the way along. Normally she would just cut them off quickly right at the point they attach leaving no trace but a small scar to suggest that they where ever there. But this wasn’t a normal case, she’d gained so much respect for this girl and wanted to leave her own mark on her. So she went against the usual procedure and decided to leave a tiny bit of each labia behind as a mark of her respect for this girl.

She reached the point in which the labia attached to the clitoris, with a small cut the it came free in her hand. She discarded it in the bowl along with her brothers testicles.

Angelina was still gripping her mothers hand tightly, as they continued gazing into each others eyes.

“You're doing great,” the nurse said reassuringly as she stretched out the other labia. “I wish all the girls we had in here where as good as you,”

Angelina felt rather pleased with herself, she never answered instead she smiles wide at her mother who was still as teary as she was.

“I’m so, so proud of you Angelina.” her mother said as she leant in to give her another kiss.

“I love you mum,” Angelina whispered as the nurse began to slowly and carefully cut through her other labia.

“I love you too sweetie,” her mother said giving her one more kiss.

The nurse smiled to herself as she continued cutting, paying close attention to the amount of flesh she left behind to make sure both sides matched. Her steady hand and skills with the scalpel where impressive. As she reached the point the remaining labia joined to the clit, she stopped and mopped up the blood again using another piece of cotton wool she dipped in warm water. Tenderly dabbing over the wounds she’d inflicted. She didn’t see them as wounds. She treat Angelina’s bits as a work of art. Carefully she separated the labia from the glans of her clitoris, and discarded it along with the other.

Angelina still didn’t know exactly what had already been done. All she felt was tugging and stinging. She still wanted to have a look but decided she probably shouldn’t. Both her and her mother had stopped crying and where now just holding hands. Angelina was still accepting her fate and didn’t even care. Her mother had given her the best last orgasm of her life even though she didn’t deserve it. Part of her was glad to be getting cut just because of how close her and her mum had become as a result. Her mother was feeling very, very proud of her daughter for being so brave, she too enjoyed their new found bond.

The nurse took hold of Angelina’s clit hood in a pair of tweeters and began to cut meticulously. She didn’t cut the entire hood off, instead she cut out a narrow upside down ‘V’ shaped chunk of flesh exposing the glans of her clitoris. She cut the point of the ‘V’ right back to where the hood joins the vulva, effectively leaving two completely separate pieces of skin behind. With the glans of the clitoris now exposed she stopped to mop up the blood again.

The nurse took hold of the glans of Angelina’s clit between the jaws of a pair of small forceps. She placed the blade of the scalpel above the clit and carefully pushed the blade in. Angelina felt only a slight sting, no worse than she’d felt before.

The nurse cut as deep as she could in-order to cut as much of the tissue connecting the clitoris to the rest of the vulva as possible. The more connecting tissue she could cut the less would be torn during removal of the clit and it’s roots, thus lowering healing time and pain levels during healing significantly. She knew she had to be incredibly careful though one wrong move, one slip would render Angelina incontinent for life. She caved out the shaft of the clitoris really slowly and cautiously. Blood oozed from the incision around her little bud.

Once the nurse was happy she’d cut everything she possibly could without causing unnecessary damage she laid down her scalpel. “Ok Angelina I need you to hold really still for me now. This might be a little bit uncomfortable but it’ll only last a few seconds,”

Angelina nodded her head and braced herself not knowing what to expect she squeezed her mothers hand in anticipation. Her mother curiously glanced down between her legs. She couldn’t see much from her angle and everything she could see was caked in a layer of blood. She noticed the forceps hanging there clamped onto her daughters clit. She turned her gaze back to her daughters face hoping she hadn't noticed that she’d had a peek.

The nurse took hold of the forceps and began to pull out the clitoris firmly. At first Angelina felt only an odd pulling sensation that seemed to come from somewhere she couldn’t quite figure out where. As the roots of her clit began to separate from her body a strong stinging, burning pain travelled up through her stomach. She wriggled her toes and her feet trembled, she began to feel sick.

“It’s ok sweetie, Mommy's right here,” her mother said sensing her discomfort and stroking her head again.

Before Angelina could even realize what was happening the pain stopped suddenly as the last remaining nerves connecting her clitoris to her nervous system where severed. Angelina suddenly began to cry again, she somehow knew that this was the end of ability to experience any form of sexual pleasure again. As the nurse withdrew the bloody ‘Y’ shaped organ from her body she too felt a little sad knowing she’d just ended Angelina’s enjoyment of sex forever.

“Can I see it?” Angelina asked curiously, still sobbing.

“Of course you can,” the nurse said holding up the dying peace of flesh for Angelina to see.

Angelina looked at the small snakes tongue like organ dangling between the nurses fingers and felt a sense of loss that she’d never experienced before. Remembering all of the amazing feelings it had ever brought her, knowing they where now just a distant memory. She was upset but deep down she still knew it was for the best. She turned to her mum again.

“I love y… you mum,” she sobbed.

Her mother gave her another kiss as her clitoris was dumped into the bowl. “I love you too my special girl,”

The nurse cleaned the area once more and began to stitch up the wounds. Even the stitching was done carefully so that everything would heal just perfectly leaving only minimal scaring. She inspected her work thoroughly. She’d left two really small strips of labia along each side of Angelina’s slit both pointing to the two remaining sections of her clitoral hood that both framed the area where the clitoris used to be. She was pleased with her work and pleased with herself, she’d left her own personal touch on this very remarkable young woman. She stood up and unstrapped Angelina’s legs.

“There you go sweetie we’re all done now,” the nurse said with a smile.

“You handled that so well sweetie,” her mother added.

Her mother and the nurse helped her to her feet. She couldn’t really stand properly at first, her legs felt like jelly. They supported her until she gained her balance.

“How are you feeling now?” the nurse asked her as they helped her over to the desk.

“It feels a little funny down there, and a little sore,” Angelina said looking down at the thread from one of her stitches protruding out of her slit

The nurse picked up a box of pills and handed them to her. “Take one of these every six hours they’ll help with the pain,”

“Thank you,” she said reaching out and taking the box. “Can I get dressed now?” she asked.

“In a moment, there’s one more thing I need to give you,” the nurse said going to a cupboard and taking out a box of adult size pull-ups.

Angelina stared at the box. She remembered one of her friends telling her that getting circumcised could make you loose bladder control if something went wrong. For a second her whole world felt like it had just been tipped upside down and her heart sank, she thought she’d have to wear them for the rest of her life. “Will I have to wear these forever now?” she asked sounding disappointed.

“No you’ll only need them for a couple of weeks, as you may experience some leakage and a little bleeding while your healing. They’ll just help to protect your clothes and stop you having any embarrassing accidents,” the nurse reassured her handing her one of the pull-ups.

Angelina felt so relieved and smiled again as her mother helped her put on the pull-up, and helped her slip her bottoms on over the top. Much to everyone surprise she gave the nurse a hug “Thank you,” she said.

“Awe you don’t need to thank me, I was just doing my job,” the nurse said handing the box of pull-ups to her mother and opening the door for them to leave.

Angelina’s mother helped her walk back to reception. Walking painful like she thought it would be, it just pulled on her stitches a little and felt uncomfortable. The lady at the reception desk handed her a package, a pink plastic bag filled with booklets, creams and stuff.

“Here’s your information pack. Inside you’ll find booklets on everything you need to know about after care, as well as some creams that can help with the healing process,”

“Thanks,” her mother said.

“Any questions just give us a call. Have a safe journey home,” the receptionist smiled as they turned away.

Angelina’s mother helped her out into the car-park and into the car. Her brother was sat in the back seat feeling sorry for himself.

“Hey Marcus, how are you feeling now?” his mother asked.

“Ok I guess,” he said more interested in playing his game.

“Do you understand why Mommy had to have your balls clipped?”

“No,” he muttered still engrossed in his video game.

“Well you do don’t you sweetie?” she asked smiling at Angelina.

“Yes Mommy,” Angelina said smiling back at her.

“What you say we get get McDonald's for tea? We can go through the drive through,”

“Not bothered,” Marcus groaned.

“Yes please mum,” Angelina said excitedly.

“McDonald's it is then,” their mother said happily as she stared the car.

Angelina gazed out of the window as her mum drove around the car-park to turn round. As they drove slowly past the main doors to the clinic something caught Angelina’s eye. It was the girl she’d made eye contact with in reception earlier leaving the clinic with her mother. She was crying uncontrollably, her face was pale, and her expression was just one of emptiness and loss. She was repeating “No,” over and over again. Angelina suddenly realized why when she caught a glimpse of the two bandages stuck either side of her lower abdomen, just above the waist band of her jeans. A sign that her ovaries and any hopes or dreams she might have had to one day have kids where left lying in a dish somewhere in the clinic. Angelina tried not to think about it. As they pulled out of the car-park and drove off down the road the girl became just a distant memory much like her orgasms.

Add t


bump. castration is pretty far from my thing, but the setup you have is very cute. I picture the same vibe but ending in snuff! thanks for a fun little read! <3



Yep! Snuff and non-con!!!

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