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*'s true. All of it. I was in the Poker Club, and during the weeks I played with them I was good and made a name for myself. But that's skipping ahead a little too far. I am about to graduate from college now, and have earned my degree, and so that time in my life is just one of those things that I just don't like to think about anymore. Still, it was a hell of a club. Now that I've left them I've gone on to other things, and cards don't even interest me anymore. Still, it was a hell of a time too; a good time even, and without any question those poker games were the best I ever played. Now don't look at me like I was someone evil, or did something that another man wouldn't have done. I'm not that different, and I really haven’t done anything that was that radical. But poker fucked up my life, and I guess the story is worth telling.

Yeah, yeah...the questions are always the same. My name is Jared, and I was a jock. I can say that without bragging, because it’s true and all of my friends would agree. And yes, it happened to me. But still, the questions linger, and I’m sure you are curious. I know, why would a guy ever bet his balls in a game of cards? And how could a man castrate someone and get away with it once it was done? Well, I know too that you're thinking that if I cut your nuts off then you'd go straight to the police. Perhaps you would. Perhaps you wouldn't. The only way to really know what you would do for sure would leave you with an empty space beneath a soft cock hanging lifeless between your legs. So, well, don't judge me. You have no idea.

It all happened two years ago, during the fall semester of my sophomore year at the university. I was twenty, and cocky as hell, a college stud who was into fucking the girls and I was having the time of my life. I've got bright red hair and vivid blue eyes that sparkle, with freckles on my face, and I was built and had that perfect body that all the girls crave. I liked to lift weights, and while I wasn't big or really muscled, I was well-toned, with a firm body and a flat stomach that was laced with horizontal lines. Being a red head, I didn’t have much body hair, except for the thick red patch above my cock and two small circles under my pits. That, and a very slight dusting that covered my legs. My chest was smooth, and I could get by shaving every other day. I liked my body, and I was proud of it and I liked to show it off and use it to get the girls.

The poker games all started out innocently enough. They were just Friday night poker games in the dorms. We bet little stuff really....a few coins and crap like that. Once we bet our baseball caps, and another time we bet swats with a paddle. All normal, college stuff, except well, that as I played these games I got addicted, and kept wanting to up the stakes and play for something more. I just felt this tremendous rush when I was holding the cards, keeping my expression solid when I held them in my hands. I knew when to hold, and when to fold. Soon I was winning a lot more than I was losing.

Now, it takes money to play the game, and while I never had a lot I did have some. I had managed to save a little money left from my summer job, and my father gave me pretty much anything I wanted. Not only did he pay for school and books and the dorm with a meal-plan too, but he also gave me a few hundred dollars of fun money each month. Now, it's not that my parents were rich, because the opposite is true. My dad was a fireman by trade, and we never had a lot of money because he didn't make shit. He was a good man though, and he taught me first aid and how to put out a fire. And he pushed me to college, so I could get ahead and "be somebody." He was generous with what little he made, even if it wasn’t much. Still, what he did make he spent on my mom and me. Without any question, I was the hope and the pride of my family.

All in all I had it pretty good. I drove a two-door Chevy pickup truck he had bought me when I was a senior in high school. It wasn’t new, but it ran, and it didn't eat the gas too bad. Like a lot of teenagers, I had put some real money into it though and I had fixed it up until it was a hot set of wheels. I had bought an LED light bar that was mounted above the windshield, and added a lift kit, along with four mag wheels and a set of very expensive off-road tires to match. I had put a winch on the front, and I had added chrome bumpers, with a chrome roll bar behind the cab, and I kept it waxed and it looked good. It also sported a two-thousand dollar sound system, complete with a sub woofer that barely fit behind the seat. I loved my truck, and it ran perfectly. It grabbed the girls’ attention, and that in turn translated into more women to fuck. As for money, I had enough dough to play poker, and I blew what I didn’t bet on poker chasing pussy. I was on top of the world, without a care in the world. I had everything going for me. I blew whatever cash my dad gave to me each month on chicks and parties and cards and I lived the college life. I really wasn’t in college for the studying, and my grades weren't the greatest. But I was having fun and so what-the-fuck? The girls were hot and there were lots of them and I fucked more than a few of them fairly regularly.

And like most twenty year olds, I loved fucking. Although it has been a while since I lost my balls, I remember the feeling of a super hot girl and a warm pussy, and who could ever forget that once you’ve filled one with a load of your spunk? The truth is since my first high school fuck I’ve fucked a lot of vaginas. I’ve fucked tight twats, and wet ones, and some that were bigger than others. I had my first fuck when I was barely sixteen, and from an older woman who spread her legs after I mowed her lawn, and after that I knew what my cock was for and I put it to use at every opportunity. I loved the freshmen girls and their tight little twats, and I know how to be gentle and make real love to a woman. I had never had a virgin, but hell, by the time I was in college there weren’t any virgins to fuck. I love the hot sweet twat of an incoming freshman, but older women are fun to fuck too and they sure love a young stud pounding them hard and going balls-deep with every thrust. I love big tits and small ones, and the petit cheerleader types are super hot too. But they are all good, and when my cock was sliding in and out and I was thrusting with my hips and banging a hot girl it always made me feel like a real man.

I didn’t have a steady girlfriend, because I didn’t see the point in limiting myself. It was not that unusual for me to fuck three or four different girls over a weekend, and sometimes I’d bang a chick on school nights too. I always used a rubber, unless they were on the pill, and in that case I’d do them bare. Looking back on that time of my life, it was a miracle I never caught anything. I was also into party fucking. One time I fucked three girls in the same bed at a party, and I’ve tag-teamed a few with some buddies too. My big nuts just seemed to keep me horny all of the time, and the truth was I could fuck a girl a couple of times in a row, and then an hour later do another one. And when I shot, I usually shot a big load and it came out under pressure. That’s especially true whenever I’d jack off. When I used to masturbate I could almost always shoot it out in front of me three or four feet, and five or six ropes of spunk was not unusual for me. Yeah, like a lot of college-aged men, I lived for pussy, and of course I also lived for the game and for the cards.

I don't know when I found out about the Poker Club....just not sure when really but I heard about it and I was curious as hell. It was rumored to be so secretive that you had to have an invitation, and the more I inquired around the less I could find out. Meanwhile, our own dorm games were getting bigger, with lots of students showing up for them. I got a reputation, and I deserved it. I was good. I could count the cards, know what was out and what wasn't, figure the odds in my head and make guesses that won me money. I also learned about the tricks of betting, where you can win a game even if you don't have the cards to do it. All you really have to do is to out bet your opponents, and if you can get them to throw their cards then you of course win anyway, even if your own hand is shit. You know, that’s the thrill and the secret to the game, and yet most of the guys that play have no idea what they are doing. They are so stupid that they think they have to have the cards to win.

But you don't have to have shit, not every time, and nobody does either. But if they THINK you do it’s the same thing, and so that's the trick of course. So, if you can figure them out, the guys you are playing against, read their expressions and figure out what they are holding, then you can even win when they otherwise would beat you. I was good at the bluff, and I got away with it more than I didn't. My favorite trick is to drive up the pot and then throw down a big bet they can't cover....and so they stare at you and fold....even though they are pretty sure they could beat you if they stayed. I never showed my cards when that happens, so they never knew for SURE, and I got good at keeping the expressions and making the faces that won me the games. As any true poker player knows, it's not the cards that are really important, at least, not as important as the bluff and the stare and the little grin you make before you make your bet.

Anyway, like I said, I was good and I slowly over time became the dorm champ. Then, after a particular hot game one weekend, where I sucked out some $500 bucks from my buddies, this man came up to me in the student union a few days later and said: "I hear you're a hell of a card player." He was almost twice my age, with grey hair on his temples, and I took him for a college professor. Well, it went from there, and then, almost before I knew it, I was invited into the Poker Club and that's when things changed.

The Club met on Saturday nights, once a week, in a rundown office in the back of an old abandoned warehouse on the edge of town, down near the industrial center. It was sort of creepy in a way, but I didn't care about the sleaziness and I just enjoyed the cards. The players were all a lot older than me, with the youngest in his late thirties. The oldest of the group was the guy that invited me to join, and he was probably sixty, and his name was Henry. He had grey hair, which was closely trimmed, and he looked to me like someone who might have once been in the military. He was in excellent shape for a guy his age, and he always was dressed in nice clothes and it was obvious from the way the other players treated him that he was also highly respected. For sure the other players looked up to him. Most of the time and for most of the games there were just three of them and me, but sometimes a new player would join or one of the regulars would be absent. That said, Henry was always there and he played in every game. The one thing that seemed obvious was that they were all powerful men, and yet they didn't talk about what they did or what they had done or who they were. Instead, they talked about poker, and how much they liked the game. I liked them in a way, because I liked the game, and they joked around and we shared stories. They seemed to be best friends, and were always asking about my last fuck and about the young college girls and their shaved pussies. Yeah, we had a lot of fun and I loved telling them what being a college stud was like. I think they were envious. They were pretty old, from my perspective as a twenty year old, and yet I could talk to them, and they always seemed interested in me.

The card games we played were very intense. For one thing, there weren’t any limits in the games we played, and even though I didn't have much more than a few hundred bucks in the bank when I started the first game netted me some real money and by the second week I had almost five thousand dollars. For talking poker and in theory being professional players, the truth was they weren’t that good, and I found them easy to bluff. In the Poker Club you played these games with chips, and you could have as many as you wanted. It was five-card poker, with a max draw of 4, so it wasn’t a complicated game but it was intense. Of course, after the game was over, the rule was you needed to pay up whatever you had lost, and you had to pay in cash. Generally speaking the pot didn’t get that big. Generally speaking. But, I didn't lose, or at least I didn’t lose any big hands ever. Of course, the one rule, as in any poker game, is that you can never bet more than you have. That wasn't a problem for them it seemed, and it wasn’t a problem for me either. Once a game ended, everyone paid up before we went home, or, for the bigger pots, you had until Monday to come up with the cash. It was called the “Monday Rule” and it allowed the loser the time to go to the bank and pull out the cash. Everyone always paid up and the bets never got so high that I couldn’t cover them, so the system worked well enough and the games were all played with those colored chips which we cashed out once the night ended.

I was winning more and more, and so my account grew very quickly and in just a few weeks I was feeling rich. And of course, the more games I won the more I had I could bet. They seemed to like me even so, even though I was taking their money. They never got angry when they lost, and so they were a fun group to play with. We had some good games together. For the most part they were just having fun, it seemed, but the betting was serious and real money was won and lost. They liked me, and I think it was because I was good, and gave them a challenge. Or, at least I remember thinking that way. Now, looking back of course, I realize that I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. But I guess it doesn’t matter anyway at this point. Regardless of the reason, soon I had won quite a bit of money. Yeah, week after week I started winning, putting the money in my account and watching it grow. It wasn't long before I forgot the dorm games altogether, as they weren’t worth my time, and so instead I just lived for the Poker Club and soon I was a regular. Then, well, it just slowly got out of hand and that’s when it happened and the razor came out.

I'll never forget that final Saturday night when things just got out of hand. It was my fourth week in the Poker Club, and I hadn't started out doing that well which was very unusual for me. I wasn’t getting the cards, and they were playing better than normal. By the time the night was late, and the evening was almost over, I had lost about six thousand dollars. Still, I had twenty grand in the credit union at that point in time, so it wasn't that big of a deal. It was the last game, so we agreed to up the ante to make it interesting. The cards were going out, with the initial ante of a grand each on the table. I figured it was time for my luck to change. I wanted to win, bad. When they dealt out the hands almost from nowhere I got dealt three aces....along with a three card and a seven of spades, and my heart started pounding as I fought the smile. Wow.

I bet three thousand bucks, but acted cool, just sort of pretending that I was betting high because it was the end of the night and we'd all be leaving soon. That’s a lot of money, even for the Poker Club, but a five spot had been bet once before so it wasn't totally unheard of. I was hoping it wasn't too big. The trick in poker is to draw them in, to make them stay and pay and of course that's the key to winning big. So, well, three grand was a big bet, but not that big, especially for the end of the night. As luck would have it they all three stayed. They matched my bet, and with the ante's on the table that put sixteen thousand in the pot, and that’s nothing to sneeze about.

Well, I dropped the three spot and the seven and picked up two more cards. The guy on my left took two as well, and the third guy took one. Henry, the dealer, took four more, the most he could, so it was obvious he didn't have crap. When I looked at my own cards I almost shit my pants. They were both queens, and with the FULL HOUSE and the three-ace anchor I had the best hand of my life! God...I never cracked a smile, and instead, looked disappointed, just for a second. Then, after I let them catch that look, I looked up and gave them my poker face and made them think I was faking a smile. The ruse worked, I could tell. I was hoping they would think I had nothing, and was now trying to cover it up.

It was my turn again, to start off the bets, and so I dropped a five chip and laid it on the table. Five thousand dollars. The guy to my left called me, but not immediately. Everyone was looking at me. I knew what they were thinking....that I was trying to bluff them the pot by scaring them off. The next guy threw in his cards and folded, but Henry stared and hesitated. Finally, slowly, very slowly, he looked at me...stared at me, and then he squinted his eyes. Then, almost like he was trying to figure me out, he called my five....and then, then he raised me, raised me another five thousand dollars!

I stared at the dealer. He stared back at me. The guy on my left tossed in his cards, and that left just the two of us, Henry and me, eye to eye, staring at each other and trying to figure out who had what. Then he said "You don't have shit." I swallowed, pretending to waiver. I had him. I had him, and if he was going to play big and try to win by making me run, he had picked the wrong hand to go against and the wrong guy to try that with. He had taken four cards, and I figured the best he had was a straight, or perhaps even a flush, but more probably three of a kind. It was my lucky day! I smiled.....then I slowly picked up a blue chip and slid it to the center...matching his 5 spot raise. I hesitated then, because I had 14 thousand of my money on the table at that point, which was most of my account. Of course, I still owed the six grand from the previous hands, but I knew I had it won, so I slid one more blue chip to the center, upping the pot again by another five grand. I was five over at that point, literally betting everything and more. I winked at him, and I saw his Adams apple bob as he swallowed. He’d have to put down another five just to see my cards. My heart was beating so fast I couldn't even think straight, yet I kept my poker face and never smiled. Instead, I slowly said: "Henry, you better have the money if you call my bet."

There was over forty-five thousand dollars on the table at that point, and it would cost him five thousand more to see my cards. I was in the game at this point for nineteen grand. He looked at me, and I saw him swallow. The edge of his lip quivered. He was scared, and the sweat on his face was visible. I had bet all my money at that point I had in the world....virtually my entire credit union account, and I still owed six grand from the previous games so I was way over where I should have been. Yet even so, I knew I was going to win and so it really didn't matter. Besides, I had won all of it from them in previous games, so the money was mine to wager. Still, it was intense, way out of hand, and yet I had it won and I waited for him to fold or to make the call.

He answered me then: "Well.....yeah....and so had you. If you don't have the money you are betting your balls. I’m not kidding. I’ll cut your balls off if you play with money you don’t have. I shouldn’t need to remind you, but the Club rule is you have to be able to cover what you bet, and pay it out in cash if you lose."

I said back to him: “I know the rules. I can cover my bet. That’s not the issue. Do you want to see my cards, or not?”

I expected him to toss in his cards and fold. But he didn’t.

Instead, for an answer he called my five thousand with a blue chip, and then, hard as it is to believe, he added three more blue chips to the pile! Three! The guy to my left said "FUCK!” and I gasped.

I couldn't believe it. God. Another fifteen thousand dollars! He had raised me fifteen grand! That was just way over the top. I knew the Poker Club was a no-limit club, but fuck, there had NEVER been a pot like this one before. Oh God I just never expected him to raise me, and now I'd have to match his bet to see his cards and win the game.

Of course, I didn’t have that kind of money, and he knew it. I figured he didn’t have shit and that’s why he was going to bluff the win by driving up the pot and force me from the game. Well, hell, I had a full house for God's sake and I knew he was bluffing. And there was no way in the world I was going to fold. Man....I was shaking though. I forced a smile then, the game all but over, and I said "Well Henry....that's a hell of a bet." I picked up three more blue chips out of the hopper....and my hand was shaking. Fuck! Slowly I said, as a kind of joking comeback, "I think you're the one that's gonna be like I said, you had damn well better have the money. I’d sure hate to have to take YOUR balls as payment."

I started to push the three chips to the center of the table, but he put his right hand on my wrist, stopping me. As he did he was staring right into my eyes, and then he said: “Jared, take my advice. Fold. Take the loss and go home. If you call me you are betting your balls. I’m not kidding here. I know you don’t have the money, and if you don’t, and you lose, then I’ll castrate you. It’s your decision, and your bet, and your balls. I suggest you fold, unless you want to be a eunuch.”

Then he took his hand off of my wrist, and stared at me to see what I would do.

He didn’t have shit. But, I was shaking. He was trying to scare me out of the money, and my heart was pounding. But I knew him, and I had been playing with him long enough to know he was bluffing. I wasn’t about to toss in the cards and walk away from that kind of money, not when I was sitting on a full house and he had taken a four-card draw. And besides, nobody was going to take anyone’s balls. That was ludicrous. I figured he was trying to scare me to win the game, and I wasn’t going to fall for his bullshit. So, I swallowed, and then with a determination I pushed the three blue chips to the center of the table, calling his bet, which ended the raises and brought the game to a conclusion. As I did I said: “I’m not tossing the game to you. That’s not going to happen. If you thought you could bluff me gone and scare me with a castration threat, you made an expensive mistake.”

The only thing left was to see the cards. As I called his bet and said the last word I flipped over my cards, and showed him my full house. When he saw it, I grinned, staring at him, feeling on top of the world as I watched his face and looked for his eyes to pop out of his head.

Only he didn't change his expression. He didn't even frown. He didn't smile either. He didn't gasp. He didn't do anything. Instead, slowly, very slowly, he just turned over the first of his cards.

A six of spades.

I looked at it, staring at him and trying to sense his thoughts. But he never moved, and his expression never changed.

Then he turned over the second one.

A two. A duce. Also spades.

So, he had a straight or a flush. I smiled.

And the third one. Another two. A pair.

His straight was in the toilet and so was the flush.

I laughed then, grinning from ear to ear. So, he hadn't had shit.

He turned over the next card, and it was also a two. He smiled then for the first time.

I stared.

Suddenly, I felt warm...very fucking warm.

So, it was a two as well, three of a kind. He had one more card to go.

Time stood still, and my heart started to pound. He stared at me. I stared mouth so dry I couldn't even swallow. Then, he turned over the last card, and suddenly I wanted to vomit. God. It was also a duce...a fucking duce! The fucker had a quad...four of a kind, and his fucking little shitty two's had wiped out my full house. While the odds of that hand were infinitesimally small, especially with his four card draw, nevertheless he had it and I had lost!

I stammered.



He was grinning from ear to ear now.

With the six I already owed, I now owed forty thousand dollars. FORTY THOUSAND! God. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was sick and I almost vomited.

Henry looked at me, and then he said, “I want my money by Monday. You had better have the cash Jared.”

I stammered, trying to figure out what to say. Finally I said, "Henry....shit.....I....I don't.....I mean....I'll get it. I'll get you the money. It's gonna be a while though...I....I only have twenty in my account."

The other two guys stared at me, and they weren’t smiling. Henry wasn't smiling either now and his face flushed in anger. I could tell he was pissed. He looked at me and said "Yeah....well Jared, twenty ain't gonna cut it. Nobody skips out in the Poker Club. Nobody. I suggest you call up daddy, sell your wheels and find the money somehow. You're gonna pay me dude, or I swear to God I'll have your balls. You bet em, so don’t think I won’t take them if you don’t come up with the cash. And I mean it!"

I tried to talk, and my voice cracked like a pubescent teenagers. Finally I blurted out: “I need more time! I…I can’t get forty grand by Monday. I can’t!”

He ignored me, and instead he slowly stood up, and then he started to turn from the table. But just before he walked out the door, he looked back at me and said "I’ll give you forty-eight hours.” Looking at his watch, he said: “I’ll see you Monday night, ten pm right here, and you better bring the money. And don’t you dare be late! No matter what! You know the rules. Find the cash. I'll be waiting right here for you.”

Then, he and his two friends were gone.

There was nothing I could do. I spent all day on Sunday calling friends and begging, and the truth was that my student friends didn’t have shit to loan me even if they would have. I finally called my dad.....told him, told him the story, or at least most of it, because I had no choice. Of course, I didn’t tell him I had bet my balls. And the truth was, I didn’t really think that part was real. But I knew I needed the money, but he didn't have it, or if he did he wouldn't give it to me. I needed twenty thousand and the deadline was ticking...but instead, I got a lecture. He told me I was blowing school, my grades were shit, and that I just took his money and played with it. He had zero sympathy for me. None. He said he had warned me many times not to gamble. And he emphasized that there was no way he was going to let me have the rest of my college money to pay off some stupid poker game. He said that it was all the money he had saved and he and mom had scraped it together to send me to school. He said I needed to work on my grades and stop playing cards. He said if I didn't think my education was important then I didn't deserve one. He then made it crystal clear to me that this was my problem and I had better solve it on my own.

I begged him. I even cried. But he wasn't changing his mind. He said I was twenty years old, and that I wasn't a kid anymore. Then he suggested that I go to the guy I had lost to and make a deal, to "work it out" as he had said. Finally, he ended the conversation with "I guess you can give him your wheels. Might do you good to walk for a while. And perhaps you should get a job while your at it. If you have time for poker games, you have time to work. Yeah...get a job and get your grades up. And stop screwing around and playing poker!"

God. I felt like shit.


I asked around the dorms and thought of pawning something, but I really didn’t have shit that was worth very much. The next day, Monday, the deadline day, I went to the credit union and was there as soon as it opened. They laughed at me when I tried to get a loan. Hell, I didn't even have a job. Next, I tried the “Advance Payday” places, but of course that didn’t work either. After that I just had no idea what to do. I was really in the dumps then, but even so I attended two classes and begged my professors, but again I got two lectures that I didn’t need and no money for my efforts. My mind wasn’t on studying that’s for sure! After my last class and around one in the afternoon one of my drinking buds jokingly recommended I call up Jennifer Torrance, because she was well known to be from an affluent family and she had always had a reputation for being a bossy rich girl. She also had a reputation for being a loan shark of sorts, and right now I needed the money from wherever I could find it.

He laughed when he had made the suggestion of course, and I knew he was joking. Jenny and I had gone to high school together, and even back then she was a girl everybody laughed at. My buddies and I called her the “Rich Bitch” and she sure had a reputation, but back then it had nothing to do with money. Supposedly she had paid guys to take her out, and it was rumored she had once offered the school’s quarterback a grand if he would fuck her. Needless to say, she was also known as the class slut. Consequently, I didn’t appreciate my friend’s joking suggestion, but I sure as shit was desperate and it did put the thought into my mind.

Jenny knew me, and that wasn’t exactly in my favor. She had once tried to get me to go to a Sadie Hawkins dance when I was sixteen, but at the time I had just laughed it off and walked the other way. She tried again my senior year, and that time she asked me in front of my friends in the school hallway. I don’t know what she expected me to say, but when I replied I was more than cruel. I called her a “Fat Ass Rich Bitch” to her face and I sent her away in tears. My friends had laughed at her as she ran away, and at the time I thought it was funny as shit. For sure I wasn’t about to date her in high school. In fact, I didn’t know anyone that would admit they had ever dated her, much less fucked her, and so I sure didn’t want to call her now.

We definitely weren’t friends, and never had been, and I didn’t see how I could just call her up and ask for money, and I figured if I did she’d tell me to go to hell. But, she did have money, that much was well known. A lot of money. So, what the heck? I figured it was worth trying and of course there was nothing to lose. But the reality was that Jenny was a super fat girl and the very last person on earth I’d ever want to see or be seen with. She had a round face and big fat thighs and she always acted like she owned everyone. And, as I thought of her I remembered the joke about her in high school.

“How do you fuck Jenny Torrance?”

“You don’t.”

“But what if you HAD to?”

“Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.”

God. Nobody liked her, and she was fat and she was ugly and she was bossy. On top of those attributes she had very her short hair that was cut into a butch style that made her look like a lesbian. I think a lot of my buds, and maybe me included, figured she was a dike on top of everything else. The truth was of course that no guy worth anything would ever have asked her out. So I sure didn’t want to call her now, but desperate men do desperate things, and I was desperate. So, I did. I got up the nerve and looked her up on Facebook, and there I found her number. I had no pride at this point and so I made the call, and when she answered I told her who I was and straight out asked her for a loan, and explained I was in trouble and needed help. I expected her to hang up on me, or say something ugly, but instead she laughed, and then she giggled, and clearly she remembered me. Then after a minute or so, her voice turned serious, and she asked me how much I needed. When I told her I needed twenty thousand she laughed again, louder this time. But even so, she didn’t hang up on me.

“Well, that’s a lot. You must be in a LOT of trouble Jared, especially to call me. I’ll tell you what. Come by my dorm after my last class is over and we’ll talk about it.”

I needed the money now, so I told her I really needed to see her sooner, but she said “no.”

Then she said: “I’ll see you at six…six pm. Not before, because I won’t be free until then. I don’t know how much I’ll loan you, but just maybe, if you do what I want and get down on your knees and beg me hard enough, then I’ll loan you some serious money. But how much depends on how well you do at begging for it.”

God. Fuck. I felt lower than dirt. I was a hot as shit guy, and I had my pick of girls, and now I was groveling to Jenny, the fattest girl on campus. But hell, what choice did I have? I was so fucking desperate I knew my options were limited, and so I told her I’d be there.

I was flat running out of time. I went back to the dorms and showered, partly out of habit and partly because I wanted to be clean and look good when I went to see Henry. I put on a nice pair of jeans and a button up dress shirt. The money was all I was thinking about. I owed forty thousand dollars! I was just so fucked and I knew it! I had twenty thousand in the bank, and all of that I had won at the Poker Club. But that was just half of what I owed. Clearly, I needed a miracle from Jenny, but I pretty much knew she wasn’t going to loan me twenty grand. I figured I’d be lucky to get a few thousand, but at this point anything would help. And hell, you never know until you know, and maybe I’d get very lucky. It was funny that she was really my only hope. But it was a long shot at best, and depending on how that went I knew I’d have to talk with Henry. The weird thing was that I had no idea how to contact any of the guys in the Club. I mean, I didn’t have a single cell number or anything for any of them. I had no idea where they lived or what they did. So, all I could do was beg as much money out of Jenny as I could, and then wait until the ten PM appointment time, and meet Henry at the warehouse and give him whatever I had. I’d have to try and work out some kind of payment schedule for the rest.

The one certainty was that even though I didn’t have the money I knew I had to face him and make a deal. I reminded myself that I'd graduate in two more years, and I'd be making good money after that. Perhaps he would wait until then? He had always been nice to me, and I thought he liked me on some personal level, and the vibes I had from the games we had played made me think of him as a nice and reasonable guy. Still, I knew he wanted his money, and I knew I owed it to him.

After I took a shower, and cleaned myself up, I put the title to my truck in my backpack. I figured it was worth maybe six or seven grand, if I was lucky, and I sure hoped I wouldn’t have to sell it. Then I went back to the credit union and took out all the money that I had. It would have been a lot easier to have gotten a bank check, except that I didn't know Henry's last name, and besides, the Poker Club payments were supposed to be in cash anyway. So, I took it out in cash...which turned out to be a bigger deal than I had thought it would be. I tried to explain it away, but I figured they were thinking it was for a drug deal or something. They didn’t have any trouble putting in the cash when I had won it, but now that I wanted to take it out it turned out to be a major hassle. Still, whatever they thought, I eventually got the money, but it took a lot longer to get than I had thought it should take and I didn’t actually get the cash until just after their six pm closing time. After I got the money I had to hurry to see Jenny, because she had told me to show up at six and now I was late for my loan appointment with her.

As soon as I knocked on her dorm room she invited me in, and then she closed her door and locked it, and then she came on to me. She was dressed in bright pink sweat pants, and a light blue halter-top that could barely contain her two melons. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I wanted to talk money and she wanted to talk sex. I just hadn’t expected that. I wanted to run, but I needed her help and it started to dawn on me that she might insist I fuck her to get it. Up close, she was even fatter than I had remembered, and she had giant tits to go with her very fat ass and thunder-thighs. The truth was she was the very last woman on earth I’d have ever agreed to have sex with. But it didn’t take her very long to get right to the point of what she wanted, and she was pretty insistent. She flat out told me that I was a stud, and if I wanted the money then I needed to show her what a stud could do. How could I respond to that?

I tried to put her off, and told her I didn’t have time, but she put it to me this way: “OK Jared…I suspect you have as much time as you have to have. From what you have told me it sounds like you are in very big trouble. Well, I’ve been watching you since high school, and the truth is I used to dream about you and I envied all the girls you dated. You were always fucking the cheerleaders and the hot chicks, and treating me like I had leprosy or something. Yeah, you and your jock friends treated me like shit and you called me a lot of cruel names and made me feel terrible. Remember? I was just the ‘Fat Ass Rich Bitch’ to you.”

It was clear she remembered me very well. I had the thought I was wasting my time and probably should just leave, but I was there now, and I was desperate for a loan so I kept listening.

And she had more to say: “Yeah, for a while the things people said about me hurt so much I even thought of killing myself. But, in spite of the way you and your jock friends treated me, I’ve wanted you since high school, and the bottom line is that if you want me to loan you money now, then you are going to have to earn it. I’ve heard you are quite the stud in bed, and you have a reputation of owning a big set of balls and having a big cock to match, and you also clearly have a reputation for knowing how to use it. Well, I expect you to treat me like a woman, and show me how much you want me. And, if you do a really good job, then I might be very-very generous.”

I stared at her, and then I tried to sweet talk her to get her to give me a loan. I begged her, saying: “Jenny…I..I’m sorry. I know I said a lot of ugly things to you back when I was a high school kid. I was…I was immature, just trying to impress my friends. I..I’m not making an excuse Jenny. I was a jerk to you. But now I’m begging, and I really need the money, and you are right, I’m in a lot of trouble. I’ve got to find twenty grand somewhere somehow. PLEASE…I’m supposed to have it not later than 10pm tonight! I just need a loan, bad. You’re my only hope Jenny, and I’m desperate and I don’t have time for sex. I don’t have time for anything. Please help me!”

For a reply she said: “Well, you’ll get your loan, but only if you make time and do what I want you to do. If you are in a hurry, then the sooner you start the sooner you’ll have your money. So, get your clothes off stud, and show me what you have. Or, get the fuck out of my room.”

I looked at her and I was shaking. I wanted to run, but instead I asked: “How much money are we talking?”

She replied, “Well, that depends on you. If you do a good job then probably a lot. Maybe twenty, if I have that much in there. I don’t know my exact balance, but I’m sure I have at least fifteen grand, so if you do what I say then you’ll get most of what you need. But if you don’t do what I want, then I’m not going to give you a dime. Now, strip. I want to see your cock.”

Fuck. She was in control, and I wanted so bad to tell her to go fuck herself and then leave. But I needed the money more than I needed to keep my pride. So, I took my clothes off. Yeah, I did exactly what she wanted me to do.

When I pulled down my jet black Diesel briefs, she gasped, and said “Fuck! They were right! That’s a hell of a cock! You look like a porn star Jared, and you aren’t even hard.”

My dick was semi hard, the way it gets when sex is on the agenda. It was sticking out from my body, but not up or at the forty-five degree angle like it gets when it is fully erect. But she seemed impressed, and she was definitely fascinated with my dick, and then she came over to me.

She reached out and took my balls in her left hand and my dick into her right hand, examining it, and she gave it a few tugs and her thumb slid over the head of it as she stared at my piss slit. I didn’t move, but just stood there in her room stark naked, and looking at her fully dressed while she hefted my balls and fondled my dick. I grew hard. She giggled, and then she said: “Kiss me Jared. Kiss me like you mean it.”

And so as she held my junk in her hands I kissed her because she insisted, and I probed her mouth with my tongue and she sucked on my lower lip and closed her eyes as she did it. Before long she wanted more, and then we went to her bed and she took her clothes off and that’s where she made me lick her smelly cunt and flick my tongue in circles around and around her engorged clit. I almost vomited but I did it. She had a big twat, and she didn’t shave it. As I was going down on her she held my head and pulled it to her sex.

“Suck my clit…that’s it. You keep it up, and don’t stop until I let you stop. Yeah. Oh yes, that’s it. Lick my pussy Jared, and lick it good. Play with my clit and keep licking it and show me what you know how to do.”

I had never in all my life had any girl talk to me the way she did, and it was really strange to be forced to do whatever she wanted done. I didn’t want to eat out her twat, but I did, because I knew it was my only chance to get the cash. I sucked her clit and licked and tasted her juices, and my mouth started to grow tired. But still I kept at it. Finally, after almost twenty minutes or so she gasped and her body shuddered and I gave her an orgasm. She screamed when it happened.

“OHHH, GOD! OH GOD. OH…oh Jared….oh that felt so gooood! I’ve never felt ANYTHING that felt that good! GOD!”

But, of course, the cunnilingus wasn’t enough. After her orgasm she pulled me to her, and then she grabbed my dick again and looked at it like she was inspecting a cock for the first time. She had it inches in front of her face, and I was rock hard after eating her pussy, and the big end of it was flared and purple. I was surprised at how hard it was, and clearly the taste of pussy had excited me. It was literally bobbing up and down to my heartbeat. She tentatively tasted the end of it, and ran her tongue over the shaft and finally took it part way between her lips. She bobbed up and down on it for a minute or two, and the attention and feel of her lips got me even harder. I’ve always had a soft spot for a blow job, and even with her sucking me it felt good. But she had no idea how to suck a cock, and clearly, she was an amateur. Still, she had me boned, and it wasn’t very long before she wanted it inside of her.

The thing was I didn’t have a rubber with me, as I hadn’t been planning to fuck, and so I told her I couldn’t do it unless she had one, or at least was on the pill. I expected her to get one out of her purse, but she didn’t. Instead she said “You aren’t about to wear a condom Jared. Not the first time you fuck me you’re not. Don’t worry, I won’t get pregnant. But I don’t want to feel a cock coated in a sheet of rubber. I could buy a rubber dildo if that’s what I wanted. No, I want to feel a real cock not a fake one. We aren’t going to make love through a screen door. I want your DICK Jared, and I want your sperm inside my cunt when you cum. I want to feel it when you ejaculate. I want to FEEL IT ALL! I want the whole experience, and I want to be fucked by a stud. So, you’re going to fuck me, and if you dare to pull out or you don’t do your best then I won’t give you a dime. You’re going to fuck me like you fuck when you’re doing one of the cheerleaders, and you’re going to do it right, and you aren’t going to fake an orgasm. No, you are going to shoot your man juice and fill my pussy with it. That’s what you’re going to do, so DO IT. IF you want the money, you’re going to do it right NOW!”

As she said that, she spread her legs and pulled me towards her, until my cock was at the entrance to her hole. God. I sure didn’t want to fuck her, but I needed the money and so I really had no choice. Hoping to God my friends would never find out, I pushed my stiff cock into her, and as I did I also hoped I wouldn’t catch something. As I was mounting her, I wondered who else had banged her hairy hole?

But as my dick started to slide into her it hit something, and it was like there was something in her cunt that kept me from penetrating her. I had this thought for a second that maybe she was too fat, or maybe her cunt was deformed or something. I mean, what the fuck? It was like the end of my dick was smashing up against a wall or something, and her pussy was different than any pussy I had ever fucked in my life. Had she had surgery? I was confused as hell, and my big rod only went into her a few inches and it seemed that’s as far as it could go. I was up on my knees, with her flat on her back, and I hesitated then, my stiff dick only part way in, and as I was trying to figure that out, she grabbed my ass with her hands and pulled me really hard into her, and suddenly I felt her hymen give and then she gasped and it was then I realized she was a virgin. What the fuck? I had never penetrated a virgin, and it was a totally new experience. But how could the “Rich Bitch” be a virgin? She made a small yelp as she pulled down on my hips and shoved my cock all the way into her, all the way to my balls, and then she whispered into my ear: “OK. Now you are in. Do it. Fuck me. I want you Jared; I want your cock. You’re in me now, so fuck me and show me what you can do. I’ve been dreaming for this to happen forever. I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.”

She was paying me to be her first fuck, and I felt cheap. But it was too late at that point, so I did what she wanted. I started fucking her slowly, to keep from hurting her, and she was so tight I could hardly slide my cock in and out. I could tell from her expression she was uncomfortable, but then she got really wet very quickly, and it got easier after that and she started to enjoy it. As I was slowly sliding my cock in and out of her pussy I was so damn humiliated it can’t be described. Then, she had another surprise for me.

“Faster! Don’t be a wimp. Fuck me fast and hard Jared. I want to be fucked, not played with.”

I had never fucked a girl that talked like her. But I did her bidding, and I increased the pace and I started going faster, but it wasn’t fast or hard enough for her.

“Faster I said. FUCK ME JARED. I want you to fuck me like a stud. Like a porn star! Don’t play games; I want you to FUCK ME HARD AND FAST AND DEEP!”


And so after that I was really pounding her pussy, and as I did I felt her fat snatch as it enveloped and gripped my cock. Even though she was very overweight, her pussy was tight, very tight, and the way her pussy was squeezing my big dick felt incredibly good; surprisingly so. Even so, the truth was I felt used, and in some ways it was the worst fuck of my entire life. But in other ways it was the single most intense fuck I had ever had. She was extremely wet and so turned on my cock was sliding easily within her well lubed hole, and so in spite of her extreme tightness I was soon pulling almost out and then driving into her balls deep, doing full strokes and really pounding her pussy. It felt like the walls of her virgin cunt were literally massaging my dick as I pumped in and out of her, and the feeling was incredible. But no matter how hard I fucked her she wanted it faster and harder and as deep as I could go. And the strange truth was that she was so slippery and so tight that her cunt felt better than any pussy I could ever remember fucking before.

“That’s it Jared…fuck my pussy. Yeah! Harder boy…fuck me harder damn it! I want it….yeah…that’s it. Yes! YES! That’s it, fast and deep! Yeah. YEAH. I want to feel your big nuts slapping against my ass. Yeah. That’s it! Give it to me. God your cock feels good! Come on stud, give it to me! Oh fuck…FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK! Yeah, give me your load Jared! I want to feel you empty your balls and fill my pussy with your spunk!”

She talked like some porn star or something, and she was ordering me to fuck her exactly as she wanted. I had always been in control when I had fucked a girl, but I wasn’t now. I felt like she owned me. She was ordering me and I was doing what she said. The weird thing is that part of it was a huge turn on in a strange kind of way. It was almost like I was her fuck toy, and she was in total control. I was being paid to do it, but of course at that point I still didn’t know how much. All I knew was my performance would dictate the amount, so in a very real way I was being graded. Shit! But even so I did her bidding, and as I pounded my cock in and out of her hairy hole and watched her two giant water melons bounce and quiver as she felt my thrusts, she just stared into my eyes and kept ordering me to do what I was doing. And as she did she seemed to savor the moment. She was clawing at my back with her fingernails, and my body was soon slick with sweat as I worked my pole in and out of her pussy like a jack-hammer.

I fucked her hard for at least seven or eight minutes, and then I started to slow down, because I was sweating so hard I was actually getting exhausted, but she almost screamed at me to speed it up and pound her faster and harder and deeper. I was her sex slave! And the weird thing was that I was very close to shooting my wad, but my mind was racing, and the thought of whom I was fucking and the cash I had to have and the worry of the pending appointment all seemed to keep me from quite reaching the point of ejaculation. I had never fucked a girl for so long and been so close to coming, and my cock tingled and twitched and the feelings were so intense I couldn’t believe it.

I wanted to cum, and I finally just closed my eyes and tried to fantasize I was with another girl instead. That was partially successful, except that she pulled my head down towards her, and sucked my neck hard, until she had given me what would later become a bright red hickey. The sweat was soon pouring out of my pores, and I felt like I was running a marathon. I was slamming my cock into her by gyrating my hips like a human fuck machine, and I don’t think I had ever fucked a girl as hard or as fast as I was fucking her. I ignored her fingernails digging into my flesh and the way she was sucking on my neck, and instead I just slammed my cock in and out of her tight pussy. I ignored everything, and just drove my rock hard cock in and out the full length of my shaft with every thrust, literally pounding her pussy. I was grunting as I fucked her, and my big nuts were slap-slap-slapping into her ass just below the entrance to her hole. She sucked harder on my neck, and her fingers scratched my back and dug into it with a vengeance. Fuck…I knew she wanted to mark me, to let everyone know that I had made love to her, but it didn’t matter and I didn’t care. She truly owned me, and at that moment in time the only thing in the world for me was her wet pussy and my eager cock.

I shut my eyes closed as tight as I could and tried to put my mind in a different place. I sped up the pace even more and pumped my rod in and out of her snatch as fast and as deep as I possibly could just to get it over with. But even so it took me a while. I must have pounded her hard for another nine or ten minutes before my balls started to churn. I was drenched with sweat by then, but thankfully finally the fantasy in my mind and the wetness of her hairy pussy and the tightness of her virgin hole put me over the edge and I ejaculated.

It felt so good and my body was so tense and I was so damn horny that I screamed when I came, and so did she. In fact, we came together, she and I. Her pussy seemed to grip my cock in rhythmic contractions as I was shooting my wad, and from the way she screamed and the way her body shuddered it was obvious we were coming simultaneously and with extremely intense orgasms. She grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her, driving my cock as deep as it could go as I pumped out my cream and injected my sperm deep into her vagina. I just seemed to shoot and shoot and shoot, and all the while I grunted and she gasped. Finally, after I filled her with my load I was spent, and I wanted to run, but she wouldn’t let me move or pull out, and instead she wanted to savor that magical moment when a man and a woman have become one and the same.

I didn’t dare move, not at first, and besides I was totally out of breath. But it wasn’t like I had a choice either.

“Oh God Jared. Don’t move. Oh. Oh God. God that was just so incredible. I want it to last, please, don’t move!”

And so she made me stay inside of her and hold her and kiss her, and she wouldn’t let me go. I was panting like a dog on a hot day, my hair drenched with sweat and my body glistening from the workout. I wanted to find a shower, but she wanted to cuddle. So, we cuddled. I wanted to pull out, but she wanted me inside her, so I didn’t withdraw my pole. I was face to face with her, staring into her eyes and feeling her lips kissing me, her tongue sliding inside my mouth and then her lips sucking on my lower lip. She was totally enjoying the afterglow of her first sex. Finally, my breathing slowed, and my heart rate returned to a more reasonable level. Still, my cock was buried in her hole, the end of it literally resting in the big load of sperm that now filled her pussy. I had taken her virginity and I knew she would never forget it and never forget me. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but eventually I lost my erection and my spent cock slowly wilted inside of her cunt, and finally it just fell out and wasn’t in her anymore.

Only then did she let me roll off of her, and so I was on my side, facing her, my head resting on her giant right tit like a pillow. I glanced to the clock on her desk and it was coming up on eight pm. I only had two hours before I was to meet Henry! I was nervous as hell about the time, and being in her bed was the very last place on earth I wanted to be right then. I needed a shower, bad, and I needed to get cleaned up. But, Jenny had other ideas, and she clearly wasn’t ready for me to get up. I knew I had to play it right, in order to get as much money as I could from her. So I couldn’t just leave, at least not without the money, and so I held her and kissed her and whispered nice things into her ear. She started to cry, and she told me about how hard high school had been, and how even in college none of the guys would go out with her, and how lonely it was to be the only virgin. She said her daddy had always scared off any boys that got near her and so nobody had. Then she said she hated being fat, and she hated herself because everyone hated her.

I told her I didn’t hate her, and I kissed her deep and let my tongue slide down deep into her mouth. Her sudden depression made me nervous as hell and I was afraid it might kill the loan, and so I didn’t dare get up. Instead I kissed her with more passion, and then I kissed her nipples, and I ran my tongue in slow circles around each one of them. I looked into her eyes, and told her how she had felt really good, and how the fuck had been awesome, which wasn’t a lie. Then, as I was talking she put her hand on the center of my chest, and with a firm push she rolled me over on my back, so I was lying on my back beside her. I tried to sit up but she pushed me back down. She was still in control.

“Don’t move. I’m not done with you yet.”

Together, we filled her queen sized bed. I didn’t dare move. She traced her fingers in circles around my nipples then, and played with the red hairs above my cock. I was trying to think of some way to get her to give me the money and let me leave, but before I could think up something to say she climbed up on top of me so she was sitting up, on my thighs with her own legs bent at the knees, and so she was looking down at me.

She was heavy, and was pinning me to the bed.

I said: “Jenny, I’m going to need to get going.”

For an answer, she grabbed my spent cock with her hands and worked the head of it along the wet slit in her snatch as she looked into my eyes. I had never had a girl do that before. She was staring at me and talking to me about my cock, and how surprised she was on how big my balls were.

“Your scrotum is a lot bigger than I thought. I mean, it’s like you have two big eggs inside of it. I’ve got three brothers you know, and two of them are teenagers and the third is older than me. And I can tell you that I’ve seen them all naked at one time or the other, and none of them have balls like this. Your cock is much bigger than theirs too. God you are a stud Jared. All the rumors about you were true and your cock is better and bigger by far than I ever imagined it would be!”

As she was talking to me and I was watching her play with my spent cock, she was sitting on my legs, holding my cock and just sliding it up and down, running the head of my dick along and just inside the slit in her sperm soaked pussy. In spite having just cum, feeling the juices of her slit on the end of my dick ended up making me hard again. My cock just seemed to slowly grow stiffer as she was sliding it up and down through the entrance to her vagina, and very soon it was rock hard and eager once again. When that happened, she moved her hips slightly forward, and then she mounted me this time, and rode my cock as I stared up at her. I grew harder inside of her, and then harder still and the tightness of her pussy once again gripped my pole. Up and down she went, riding my pole and literally fucking me! Once again I was balls-deep inside her, and then she grabbed my wrists and held my arms above my head, leaning forward and putting her weight on me, so that I was held down and in a real way unable to move. She had pinned me to the bed! And then, as she dominated me, she started to rock up and down on her knees, faster now, and as she did she was sliding her cunt up and down over my rock-hard cock.

As she was doing that she said: “I think I want to fuck you again before you go. I like your big cock. And I like feeling it inside of me. Right now you’re mine. All mine. I’m making you hard, and I am riding your cock, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Don’t worry, I’ll let you go in a minute, after you give me another load of your seed.”

God! I know my eyes went wide open, as I stared at her two huge tits bouncing as she rode my cock and held me down. I wasn’t trying to escape, but the way she was gripping my wrists and holding them to the mattress I don’t think I could have moved if I had wanted to. But she felt good, and I wasn’t fighting her. Instead, I was just lying there, feeling her super tight and very wet cunt sliding up and down my shaft, and then she increased the pace and I could hardly believe how good it felt. She was fucking me hard and fast now. Her pussy was just so incredibly tight, tighter than any pussy I had ever fucked, and the way it gripped my big dick was just amazing. This time my nuts started churning right away, and in only a few minutes I was extremely close to ejaculating. But then at the last second before I did she slowed the pace, and as the feeling receded she would pick it up again. It was like she played me right on the edge, like I had never been played before. I would get super close to shooting, and then once again she would change the pace and the feeling would recede. She did it again and again and again. I think she fucked me for twenty minutes or so, her pussy edging my cock on the cliff of ecstasy. Then, finally, she seemed to quicken the pace, ever-so-slightly, and as she did she looked into my eyes and said: “Give me your load Jared. I want your hot wad of sperm, and I want it NOW!”

At that very instant, almost as if it was on her command, the feeling came in a rush, and I arched my back and shoved my dick deep into her hole, shooting another wad and ejaculating my seed once again into the depths of her body. As I did she tossed her head back and screamed when I came, and then her body shuddered and her eyes went wide open as she and I reached another simultaneous orgasm, our bodies once again becoming for an instant one and the same.

After that I was done. This time my cock wilted right away, and it was clear to me, if not to her, that I was pretty much fucked dry. And she seemed satisfied as well with this big grin on her face. She laughed, and then she giggled. It was only then, after I had filled her snatch twice in a row that she let me out of her bed. She went over to her dresser and took out her checkbook and turned to the ledger, checking the balance in her account. Then as I watched she wrote out a check for fifteen thousand dollars and signed it. She didn’t make it out to anyone, and instead left that blank, so anyone could cash it just by writing his name into that spot. It wasn’t twenty grand, but it was most of it, and it was a hell of a lot of money. A lot more than I ever imagined she would give me. But it came with one catch of course.

She held it out to me, but as she did she said: “OK Jared…fifteen grand. You said you are in very serious trouble, and I have always liked you. Well, ok. I’d loan you the full twenty, but I don’t have it. I’ve written you a check for pretty much the balance in my account. I’m giving you everything I have. I might be able to ask daddy for more, but not tonight, and it would be best if I waited until the weekend before I try. I’ve left the check blank. You can put your name on it, or give it to the guy you owe money to and he can cash it himself. The check won’t bounce. Just remember, it’s a loan, not a gift. But I’m giving it to you interest-free, and I don’t care how long it takes for you to pay it back.”

I stared at her in disbelief. Fuck! Fifteen thousand dollars! I started to reach out for the check, but then she said: “If you take it, then you agree that I own you, until it’s paid in full. I mean it. I own you, until you pay back every single dime of it. And no matter what, even if you pay it back early, your cock is still mine to command until at least the end of the school year. Whenever I call you, you will answer your phone and you will come and do whatever I want you to do. You won’t jack off, or fuck any other girls. Instead, you will save your spunk just for me. If I want you to fuck me, you will come and do it, night or day. If I want you to eat my pussy, then that’s what you will do. If I want to suck your cock, then you will let me. If I want you to jack off and put on a porn show in front of me, then you will. In fact, you’ll kiss my feet if that’s what I want.”

I stared at her, my heart pounding in my chest. She was completely serious. I said: “Jenny, I, I really need it. But God…I’m not a sex toy you can buy.”

She giggled. Then she said: “Well, maybe not. Or, maybe you are but just don’t know it yet. But that’s the deal. If you take the money, that’s the deal. If you pay it back tomorrow you will still be required to service me until June. If you don’t pay it back, then you will be my sex slave until you do. So, decide. But no matter what, if you take the check you’re my fuck toy until at least the first of June, unless I get tired of you and let you out of the contract.”

My heart was pounding. She wanted to own my cock! Fuck! But what choice did I have? I stared at her, trying to decide, and she sensed my hesitation.

Then she sweetened the deal even more: “Don’t worry, it’s not forever. In fact, every time you fuck me I’ll also give you another $200 in cash when you’re finished and I’m satisfied, and that money won’t be a loan. When you fuck me five times, you’ll make a grand. I’m offering you an interest free loan for fifteen thousand dollars and that’s a lot of money for a single night of fucking. Fuck me ten nights in a row and you’ll make another two thousand bucks, and if you want you can pay the loan off that way. Nobody else will give you that kind of a deal and if you fucked me every night you could potentially pay off your debt in less than three months, if you’re man enough and your cock can handle it. Of course, in the meantime you’re going to be satisfying my pussy.”

She was hiring me to fuck her. God.


Then she added: “I know you didn’t want to do me, but you did. And I was tired of being a virgin. Now that I’ve had a stud’s cock, I am going to want it again. Nobody else will fuck me, and I like being fucked. So, make a decision, and either take the money or don’t. You whored yourself out, not me. But you got off, and you certainly shot a big load, so clearly you weren’t too grossed out fucking the fat girl. Well, don’t worry. Nobody will ever know you’re fucking me, much less doing it for money, unless you tell. But if you try and get out of our contract or if you avoid me or cheat, then I’ll make you infamous on Facebook. If you skip out on me before June I’ll ruin you. So, it’s your decision. Take the check, or leave without it.”

I took the check. Fifteen grand is a lot of money, and the “job” was potentially a way to make some real money in a few short weeks. And with the twenty I had in the bank, and the fifteen she was loaning me, if I added my truck to the pot I had enough to pay off Henry. I figured that ought to make him very happy. By a miracle I had basically come up with a way to pay off the debt. But of course now I felt like a whore, and in a way I was. I was a prostitute; a gigolo. A male whore. Who would have thought? Oh God….Jenny owned me now! And how long would it take me to pay her back? Oh God…could I really do what I was committing to? I felt so ashamed at that point and I was of course scared shitless my friends would find out. But there was hope now too, and I had the money now to pay of the debt and that should get Henry off of my back.

After Jenny gave me the loan and I finally got out of her dorm it was ten minutes past nine pm and I was suddenly rushed. I had no choice but to skip the shower and go direct to the warehouse, and the traffic was terrible and the trip took me over an hour to get there.

On the way my heart was pounding, and as I drove I was screaming at the idiots on the road and the slowness of the traffic, but there was nothing I could do to get there faster. Well, Henry would just have to be patient! I had the twenty grand in cash in my backpack, and a fifteen-grand check from Jenny to hand over to him, and then there was my truck and I planned to sign over the title as well if he needed to be paid in full tonight. So, I had the bet paid, and if I fucked Jenny often, I could make some real money and get back on my feet. Things were looking up!

As I was driving to the warehouse I was feeling good, and I figured Henry would be pleased. He had always seemed reasonable and I was feeling confident. Now, I know some of you would think I shouldn’t have gone, but at that time I sure didn't see any point in trying to run, and besides, as a student where would I go? Besides, I had the money, and so I was feeling good. And I wasn’t concerned about his castration threat, even though of course looking back I should have been. But at the time I was thinking that all the talk about taking my balls was just that. Talk. And beside, I had managed a miracle and scrapped up the money, and the money was what poker was all about. So, I wasn’t scared. I was of course angry with myself for losing so much money, but I had the thought that I’d get it back. Even win it back maybe.

The truth was that I was actually pretty pleased with myself that I had managed to pull the bet together in only forty-right hours. And as I saw things, I figured Henry would be happy to be getting paid, and so the logical thing for me to do was to show up and give him the money. I wasn’t keen on losing my truck, but if he insisted I had to pay it all tonight then I was prepared to give it to him, and luckily I owned it outright and had the title with me to sign over to him. But I was hoping he’d let me keep it and give him the last few thousand in a week or so. As I was driving there I wanted to call him to let him know I was running late, but I didn’t have his number. The truth was I really didn't know any of them well and as I thought about it I realized the Poker Club was pretty secretive about its members. But they had always seemed like nice guys, and so I felt ok, and I had the bet figured out and so I didn’t feel the danger. In hindsight of course, I should have run.

When I reached the warehouse there was only one vehicle parked in the lot. And of course, with it being ten at night it was dark as shit. My heart started to pound faster. I was nervous, but not all that nervous. Usually there were at least three cars on poker nights and the lights in the warehouse were on, but this wasn’t our poker night and so it was strangely quiet, and very dark. But Henry’s black Mercedes SUV was there in its usual place, and he was really the guy I needed to see, and I was sure glad he hadn’t left. But, I was ten minutes late and I knew that wasn’t a good way to start. Anyway, I went inside, to where we had played the games. None of the main lights were on, but there was one ceiling light on in the office where we played, and it was illuminating the poker table. It was just a big circle of light in an otherwise very dark room. Henry was there. He was sitting at the table, smoking a cigar and sipping on a glass of bourbon whiskey. Beside him was the bottle, and next to it was another empty whiskey glass. I hoped the bourbon was also putting him in a mellow mood. I knew we had to talk this out and I was very glad it was just he and I. Henry was just sitting and savoring his smoke and drink, all by himself at the table we used for playing the game on Saturday nights. Unlike poker nights, there were no other chairs at the table, and so I stayed standing.

He was smiling, which I took as a good sign. He looked up though and as he locked eyes with me he said: "Good thing you came. I didn't want to have to go and find you and I was thinking you had run. I don't like being made to wait. I hope you brought the money."

For an answer I opened my backpack and took out the money I had. I laid the cash on the table, in piles of fifties bundled in stacks of twenty, and each pile totaled one thousand dollars. I laid them out, one next to the other, until I had the twenty thousand sitting on the table. As I was doing that it came to me that it was more than enough to pay for another full year of college, and now I was giving it away. Of course, I had lost it all in a stupid game of cards, and without question my father would be very disappointed in me. I pushed the thought aside and laid the check made out for fifteen thousand dollars next to the money, and then I put my truck title beside it. After I did that I said "Listen Henry....there's twenty thousand in cash. The check is for another fifteen, and you can write your name on it and cash it in the morning. That’s thirty-five thousand dollars. I can give you the rest soon, or, if you need it tonight, then there’s the title to my truck too. If you want it now, then I’ll sign it over to you. I figure it’s got to be worth more than five, and with the upgrades and all I’ve got at least ten grand into it. So, the way I see it, I’ve paid off the debt I owe you. But, if you can wait a couple of weeks, then I’d rather keep my truck and just give you the cash. I’ve landed a job now, and for sure I can give you a grand a week to make up any shortfall, and you know I’m good for it.” As I said that, I forced a smile.

He looked at me, and he grinned. He took a last long puff on his cigar, and then put it out in the ashtray. He looked happy. Very happy.

He slid the empty whiskey glass that was next to the bottle so that it was now in front of me, and then he poured what had to be a little more than three shots of booze into it, filling it just past half full. Then he smiled, and said: “I think it’s time to celebrate. I know it always hurts to lose a really big bet. You lost a hell of a wager Jared. Have a drink—this is really good bourbon and I promise you it will help to kill the pain.”

He lifted his own glass up, which had about a shot left in it, and said: “I like you Jared. Here’s to me winning and you losing!”

I hesitated. I wasn’t yet twenty-one, and while I had tried a couple of rum and cokes at a few parties, for the most part the only drinking I had done was beer, and usually only when I was at some kind of party and it was available. I had never tried to drink straight whiskey.

I said: “Ahh…I’m not twenty-one Henry. I don’t know…”

He laughed. Then he grinned and said: “Hey kid, be a man! Don’t piss me off here, and drink with me. I’m in the mood to celebrate, and I promise you that you’ll be a lot happier if you have a drink with me. Losing hurts. Losing big hurts worse. Trust me, this stuff will kill the pain, and you need it more than you know. Now, drink with me!”

He raised his glass again, and I picked up mine and smiled. What the hell...I was always up for a new experience and if sharing a drink with Henry would keep him in a good mood, then it was worth doing.

“Bottom’s up!” he said.

“Yeah, bottom’s up!” I repeated.

He laughed. I laughed. I grinned back at him, and then with a here-goes-nothing attitude, I clicked my glass to his. Then he tilted his head back and slammed down the rest of his, all in a single swallow, and I did the same, following his example and drinking the three shots of booze in a single long continuous glug, until my glass was also empty. Wow! The booze burned, and my eyes got big as I took it down. I gasped, and my eyes watered. Henry laughed as he watched, and I laughed with him. Yeah, Henry was a good sort, and I could tell he liked me, even when he was taking all my money.

I had the thought right then that things were going to work out and clearly he was very happy and it seemed he was satisfied with the payoff. I still wasn’t sure if he was going to let me keep my truck and let me give him the rest of the money later, but clearly he was very happy I had come up with the money and I was very relieved.

The booze hit me hard, and that really surprised me. I felt the buzz almost immediately. It wasn’t like any beer I had ever guzzled, that’s for sure. Damn! Yeah, you could get fucked up on that stuff pretty quickly. I glanced to the bottle. The label said George T Stagg bourbon, something I had never heard of, and then I said: “God Damn Henry. That’s really powerful stuff.”

He grinned, and said, “Yeah, it ought to be. Hell, it’s straight 128 proof unfiltered bourbon and it cost a hundred and fifty dollars a bottle. It’s about as good as it gets.”

I smiled at him and he looked at me and grinned. For some stupid reason the booze made me want to laugh, and so I did.

He didn’t laugh with me though. Instead, his grin slowly disappeared, and he said very seriously: "I’m glad you liked the booze. You’re gonna need it. You see, unfortunately for you Jared, you owe me forty thousand in cash, not twenty. The Poker Club payments are always in cash. You know the rules. I don’t want a personal check from anyone, especially from someone I’ve never heard of. And your truck’s a piece of shit. And I don’t want the rest of it paid out a week at a time either. I want it now. You’re short kid. The cash payout is always due the Monday after the game is played. I appreciate your efforts, but this isn't gonna cut it kid. You’re twenty grand short."

It seemed strange to me he seemed so happy as he was saying it, and I took him to be in a good mood. Hell, hadn’t we just shared a drink together? He said he was celebrating. I couldn’t figure him out. Maybe he was just playing with me?

I sat the empty glass back on the table, and he did the same. My lower lip felt numb. I was really buzzed now. Fuck!

He seemed to be waiting for me to respond.

I said "I..I know it’s not exactly what you want Henry. I know. But I brought you forty grand man. Yeah, it’s true it’s not all in cash right now, but I can turn it into cash. So could you. You’ve got to be reasonable here. I got the check after the banks were closed, so I couldn’t cash it tonight. But, I can cash the check tomorrow morning if you want me to. But you can put your name on it and deposit it anywhere you want right now. It’s the same thing—it’s not going to bounce! But, if you want me to cash it for you, then I will, and you can have thirty-five grand in the morning. And if you want me to sell the truck I can do that and turn it into cash as well. Just give me a little more time. Listen, I pulled thirty-five grand together in forty-eight hours and I’m only twenty, and with my truck added in you’ve got your money plus some. Now, take it, and let’s call it good. I’m in debt up to my ass now, and I don’t want to loose my wheels, but I’m willing, and at least I came up with your money.”

He wasn’t smiling at all now. Then he said: "I don't want a fucking used truck. That piece-of-shit junker may be your pride and joy, but it isn’t worth anything to me, and certainly not five grand. Listen kid, I want my forty thousand. I want it in cash. That’s the rule, and you know it. You agreed to the rules when you joined the Poker Club. And you knew what was required when you made your bet. I’m not playing games here Jared. I told you to bring it tonight. I told you if you didn’t I’d cut off your balls. Did you think I was kidding?"

As he said that, he stood up, so we were eye to eye and I was staring at him. He was staring back at me, right into my soul. I could tell he was totally serious, and I didn't know what to say. My heart was pounding, and the booze was really making me dizzy. Fuck. Cut off my balls! Fuck that!

I tried again. "Listen...I brought the money! You can put my truck on Craigslist and you’ll get more than five out of it—I guarantee it! All of what I owe you is here, on the table, and if you want the check converted to cash I’ll convert it. I’ve paid the bet. You have got to be reasonable! Please Henry, I’m trying hard to make this right. I owe you forty grand, and there is forty grand on the table. You should be smiling. You won and I’m paying you."

But he wasn’t smiling. Instead, he had a poker face, and I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

Then he said very slowly: "You only showed up with twenty thousand in cash. I'm not waiting kid. You bet your balls, remember?”

Then I said back to him, raising my voice and talking louder now to make my point: "WELL HENRY, YOU AREN’T GETTING MY BALLS! That’s crazy talk. You’ll just have to wait if you want it in cash! I’ve got thirty-five thousand dollars on the table, plus my truck title. I’ll convert it to cash and give you it all next week. But right now, I’m leaving! I’ll see you next Saturday…”

I picked up the check and my truck title and stuffed them back in my backpack, and I turned around then, and decided to run out of there. If he was seriously threatening me with castration, then he was more of a nut case than I had figured him to be, and in that case I needed to bolt. I’d cash Jenny’s check myself, and sell my truck if I had to. Yeah, it was time to leave. But as looked toward the door I saw them. There were the other two guys I had played with regularly, plus two more men I had only seen once before. They were blocking the door I had entered, staring at me as I stared at them. One of them was holding some half-inch rope in his right hand. I stared at it, trying to figure it out, and as I did I realized how big they were. They looked like football players, and they were big middle-aged men with muscles that rippled. I knew with four of them and one of me, that I didn’t have a chance. I didn’t even have a knife with me. Fuck! Why had I come alone? Hell, why had I come at all? I thought about trying to run, but there was only one door in the room, and they were standing in it. I tried to stay calm, and slowly turned around to talk this out with Henry, but he didn’t seem to be in the listening mood anymore. I started to beg him then, and while I was looking at Henry and begging, the men came up behind me. I heard them and turned, and before they could grab me I hit one of them in the jaw, and punched the second guy in the chest. Then I tried to run for the door. I almost made it too! But the third guy grabbed me from behind, and then after that they had me.

I fought like a madman. But they dragged me kicking and screaming over to the table, where we had played our games and I had bet my balls. One of them ripped my shirt...half off in the front...just tore it half open at the buttons and it shredded down the front and after that it was only hanging on me. Then they were groping at my belt, and before long one of them unbuttoned my jeans...and I felt my pants being pulled down and then off. God I fought them! One of the men took a long piece of rope and with help from his buddy they tied my two wrists together, the rope going around and around my wrists and then back through the middle a couple of times, and then they pulled the knot tight. I struggled so damn hard, but soon I was flat on my back, on top of the table, with my wrists tied together. They jerked the end of the rope that was tied to my wrists and pulled my arms straight out, over my head, and then using the rope they stretched me out across the table and tied the end of it to one of the table legs on the opposite side, way beyond my reach. I tried to kick them then, but soon the four of them had my two legs and in minutes they tied ropes around my ankles and then they too were tied out separately, spreading my legs. They bent my knees over the edge of the poker table as they did that, so that my legs were hanging off the side, and once they had my legs where they wanted them they tied each of my ankles to separate legs of the table. After that, they then ran two more ropes around each of my knees, and pulled them so that the ropes were stretching my legs apart, very wide apart. As they were tying those ropes beneath the table to the table legs, I tried to struggle, but there was nothing I could do to break free. One of the men pulled my socks off. After that I was only wearing my black briefs and my shredded shirt. Other than that I wasn’t wearing a thing.

I was screaming as loud as I could and pleading, screaming out for help like there was no tomorrow coming. One of them stuffed my own dirty socks between my teeth, and then they took a roll of duct tape and pulled off a long strip of it and used it to cover my mouth, wrapping it around the back of my head and across my mouth several times until it was secured well and was holding the socks inside. I still grunted and screamed but it was muffled now and my mouth was stuffed full and my cheeks were bulging. The only way I could breathe was through my nose. With the socks crammed in my mouth and held in place with the tape I couldn't say a thing or yell for help...and after that all I could do was grunt in fear and jerk hard against the ropes that were restraining me.

One of the men said "He's a cute fucker. I like his little nips....and he's got a hot bod. His muscles really ripple when he struggles. Yeah, he’s hot. Look at the way his stomach is ripped. Wish I had a belly like that!"

Another one said: "Yeah....well.....he's twenty and you're not. Too bad he's straight. The kid's a girl magnet, that's for sure! I've listened to him brag about all the hot pussy he has been fucking for long enough. Guess that's about to change."

One of the others said: “Well, I think it’s way past time to see his package. Henry’s been waiting for a month to see his nuts, so lets not keep him waiting any longer.”

As he said that, he reached down and put his hands right in the front opening of my briefs, his two hands grabbing the sides of my fly, and then he just jerked his hands apart, ripping my expensive Diesel brand underwear almost in half. Oh GOD! He jerked harder, and ripped them some more, and soon enough he ripped them completely off of me. Another one of the guys ripped my shredded dress shirt next until he had ripped it right off my body too, and after that I was naked! My prick was smaller than it normally is, and I think it was because I was petrified. Whatever the reason, it was small enough to be embarrassing, almost like a bird’s head sticking out of my nest of red pubic hair. Maybe it was shrunk in fear, or perhaps it was small because it had just fucked Jenny twice less than two hours before.

But the one thing my small looking cock did was to make my scrotum seem larger, and my big bag was hanging down, like a bull’s nuts hang, and now my big balls seemed oh-so-vulnerable. I couldn't believe this was happening! God...were they actually going to do this? They were talking weird too, and their sexual comments scared me to the core. I was hoping they were just scaring me, and I had the idea that perhaps it wouldn't really go where it seemed to be moving. They couldn’t really castrate someone! But yet, they seemed so fucking serious and the way they were leering at my body was making me even more nervous. But still, castration? No!

One of the goons said: "Yeah, look at those fucking nuts! God the kid’s got a big sac! Damn Henry, you did yourself proud winning that bag. Fuck. Who would have thought Jared was carrying around such a huge set of nuts in his pants?”

“Yeah, I love red heads, especially ones with a big scrotum!" said the guy next to him.

One of the other men, who had been staying pretty quiet, suddenly spoke up and said: "Yeah, look at those pubes.....God! They are bright red—you don’t find that color in a bottle. But he’s got a pretty small dick if you ask me, especially for a guy with huge balls like that. For all the bragging he has done, I figured he would have a bigger rod. It looks funny, and it can’t be over three inches. I wonder what the girls see in that little knob?"

None of the guys in the Poker Club had ever talked like this before, and my eyes were wide with fear. I pulled down hard with my hands and tried to break the rope, but it was a half inch thick and the knots were tight as shit and there was no way to get free. I was totally helpless. I arched my back and lifted it clear off the table, and struggled hard against the ropes that held me with every muscle in my body, but all I accomplished was to shake the table. I grunted in fear, begging them as I mumbled into my sweaty socks that were stuffed in my mouth, but no matter what I did they didn't seem to care.

Henry walked up then and stood between my wide spread legs, almost to the edge of the table. He put his hand on my stomach as I was fighting the ropes, and he started to play with my smooth skin. Then he moved his hand downward, feeling the hair there that was growing up above my cock. As he did he looked into my eyes, and then he said: "Calm down Jared. Calm down. Quit struggling and take it easy. You’re going to give yourself a heart attack. You are tied tight, and you sure as hell aren’t going anywhere. You know the rules. Nobody bets in the Poker Club unless he can pay his debt in cash. Nobody."

He was playing with my red pubic hair, running his index finger through the patch, and then very slowly, he moved his finger down from there until he touched my shrunken cock. He briefly brushed the head of it, and then he gently grabbed my big scrotum, cupping it in the palm of his hand and hefting it, feeling out the individual orbs within my fat sac. Other than a doctor giving me a sport physical in high school, never in my life had another man touched my balls. I was shaking, my eyes wide with fear, and then he said somewhat matter-of-factly, "God Jared, you’ve got a big set of balls. These are a real pair of beauts here. What do you think a nice full sac of balls like this is worth? I guess your nuts are probably worth a lot to you. Undoubtedly, they are probably your two most important possessions. Yeah, I bet they are! Well, maybe so, to you I suppose. Umm, I'm a generous guy, and so I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. They say a man’s balls are his family jewels. Perhaps they are. I'll have to admit you do have some big nuts. Hell, they are almost the size of duck eggs! How does ten grand for each nut sound? When I’ve taken your sac I’ll call our bet even. You can keep your truck, and the check. I’ll take the twenty grand in cash, since we are the ones that gave it to you in the first place. But I don’t want a check. And I don’t want your truck. I’d rather have your balls. So, if I pay you ten grand for each nut, then the only money you’ve lost is what we gave you. Does that sound fair?"

My heart was pounding in my chest. I mumbled and tried to beg him, and jerked my head back and forth in desperation. No! No! A thousand times NO! I didn’t understand. I had the debt paid! I mean I had come up with thirty-five grand, and my truck too! And I had promised him I’d turn it all into cash if he wanted me to. It just made no sense to hurt me, much less give me back the check. He was going to get his forty grand, so why nut me? Why settle for twenty thousand, when he could have it all? Why? He had to know I was going to pay it! He couldn’t castrate me just because I didn’t have it in cash tonight! None of it made any sense at all!

He was looking at me, and then he grinned. Then he fondled my balls some more, hefting them in his hand, feeling the weight of my big scrotum. He traced his fingers over my bag, tickling the red hairs that were growing there, and as he did he said: “Figured it out yet? Yeah, you think this is about the money. This was never about the money Jared. Nope. You started with nothing, and we gave you everything you won. Remember all of the bets? How many times did we fold and let you win the pot? From the very beginning I just wanted your nuts, and that’s what the Poker Club is really all about. The real object of the Poker Club is to win another man’s balls. We each take turns picking out some hot guy to castrate, and then we have ninety days to see if we can make it happen.”

I was staring right at him, taking in every single word, my eyes wide open in disbelief and with my panic level increasing by the second.

He grinned, and then he continued: “Of course, in the Poker Club we all share the expenses involved with the collection challenge, and we have been playing together long enough to know when to hold and when to fold, and how to work together to drive up the pot so the big play can be made. It’s tricky, and has to be done just right, and the guy whose turn it is to try and win a set can’t lose more than fifty grand in the ninety days that the game is being played.”

He had my full attention, and I could tell he was totally serious. And clearly, he was crazy. Then Henry went on and said: “The main rule of the Poker Club is that in order to take a set of balls you have to win them at poker. And of course, in order to win them, you have to get the guy you are hoping to castrate to bet his balls, and know they are on the line when he makes his wager. Most guys fold, but occasionally we find a guy like you that is into the game so much that he thinks he can outplay us. Those are the ones we can sucker to make the big bet, and to knowingly and stupidly add their manhood to the pot. The real members of the Club wager each other on how long it will take, and if it can be done at all within the time and budget allowed. The truth is it’s not easy to win the game and it’s actually rare to be successful. So, for me to take your two nuts, I had to get you to bet them first. And you did, and I got you to do it in only a single month, and what’s even more surprising is that I won back all the money we had lost, so in the end your balls didn’t cost the Poker Club a single dime. Yeah, I got lucky with you, and I had a lot of fun beating you. I’ve got to tell you, you wagered a beautiful set.”

As he said the last word, he gave my scrotum a hard squeeze, and I gasped and made a grunting noise and I arched my back until my ass was off the table once again. He had me by the balls, literally, and he was dead serious. He was totally crazy! I was tied down tight and now I was staring at a lunatic, who really was going to castrate me. Oh God…and after hearing him out I was struggling then like a madman but I was helpless and he knew it. I started shaking my head back and forth again, pleading him with wide eyes and in total fear. I sure didn’t want to lose my balls! But I knew then he was going to do it, and then almost to emphasize that point, he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a straight razor, and then he opened it with a click.

As soon as I saw the blade I totally lost it and just panicked. He was really going to castrate me! I started grunting into my gag and thrusting wildly, my hips slamming up and down as I fought desperately against the ropes that were holding me down. I fought like a crazed maniac. He dropped the open razor on my flat belly, and it went up and down there as I jerked and struggled. I’ve never fought so hard in all of my life. I was using every muscle in my body to try and break free, and I was jerking side to side and lifting my hips upward and back off the table again and again as I bucked and jerked. It was almost like I was trying to fuck the air. The entire table was shaking and soon I was sweating, but even so I kept struggling. I was so damn terrified, and I was screaming into the socks stuffed inside my mouth and thrashing my head up and back into the table; bang-bang-bang! I had to break free! I HAD TOO!

But none of my struggles accomplished anything. And so, eventually, after a good six or seven minutes of hard thrashing and jerking against the ropes and struggling with every muscle I had, I just finally got too tired to keep it up, and so I fell back flat on the table, defeated. It was obvious at that point that my efforts had all been in vain, and there was nothing I could do to prevent what was going to happen. My heart was pounding like a jack hammer, and my armpits were drenched with sweat. My smooth chest was glistening in the room light, and even my red hair was soaked with sweat. When I finally collapsed and stopped struggling, I was just gasping for breath and sucking the air in and out of my nose in a panic. I was literally petrified and my eyes were wide open in absolute fear.

It was only then that he picked up my shrunken cock.


He leaned over and spat on it....letting the drool from his mouth fall down and wet my stub of a pole. As he did he said: “I can see you are terrified Jared. Hell, you are covered in sweat, and you look like you just ran a marathon. Well, I suppose I would be terrified too, if I knew I was about to be castrated. But you bet your balls, and lost, and you should have known this would happen when you made the bet you couldn’t cover. I certainly gave you enough warning. Right now, I think it’s best for you just to calm down, and relax, and let me nut you. Sometimes it’s just better to accept what has to happen.”

No! God no! His words once again got me to struggle, and I jerked against the ropes and arched my back once again, but it was a hopeless gesture and after another few minutes of uselessly struggling and pouring out more sweat I fell back again until I was flat on the table, the air rushing in and out of my nose as I gasped for air. Every muscle was hurting from the intensity of my struggling and the truth was that I was more scared than I had ever been in my entire lifetime.

As he was talking to me he was holding my cock, and he leaned over and added more spit to it, and then he started to rotate it in his hand and slide the skin up and down along the length of my shaft. Even though I was petrified and had fucked a pussy less than two hours earlier, and in spite of the three plus shots of high-class booze that was messing with my head, my dick started to stiffen anyway, the way it always gets hard when it’s getting attention. I stared at him as he worked my dick, and I grew harder and harder as his slicked up fist worked my rod up and down. As I became boned, he said: "Yeah....I thought you'd get hard if I played with it. You’re a hell of a stud. In spite of you being close to losing your nuts, your cock doesn’t care, and instead it’s just rising up and getting hard and eager just from the chance there could be sex in the air. Something sure is exciting it! Maybe your cock is eager for your castration to happen, even if you are not? Yeah, you are one very hot twenty year old! Jared, without a doubt you are a truly a stud.”

Then he smiled, and said: “You know, I ought to just nut you right now and collect the bet you lost, but well, I’m not in that big of a hurry. And looking at the panic in your eyes I figure you don’t want me to rush to get it done either. So, since neither one of us is all too eager for me to start cutting, I think instead I'm going to be really nice to you and let you squirt your wad one more time before I do. Clearly your dick would like to shoot one more time, and it doesn’t really matter to me if your balls are full or empty when I steal them. So, I’m up for some fun if you are. Ever had a blow job from a guy?"

I stared at him, and I shook my head even harder....shaking it side to side as I begged him and grunted into my gag. God, he was gay!

He was right about one thing. In spite of having shot two loads into Jenny’s cunt not very long before, my cock had grown very stiff in his hand, and as he worked the skin it got harder and harder. Soon, my small cock had transformed itself into my normal seven inches, and the big end of it was flared and purple. He was looking at it and then he laughed. After he was done laughing he said: "Well, how about that? You do have a nice cock after all. Surprise-surprise! God I wish I were twenty again! No wonder the women like you fucking them. Yeah, I bet you love shoving this beauty in and out of those tight little cunts! When was the last time…yesterday? Did you fuck another hot chick over the weekend? I hope you did, because this beautiful cock of yours won’t ever fuck another pussy again, not once I steal your balls it won’t. Sadly for you, no woman wants a man who doesn’t have his balls.”

I was shaking, and yet my cock got harder still, harder perhaps than I had ever been in my life. He added more spit to my cock head as he ran his thumb over the end of it. In spite of my fear, it felt good, and I didn’t want it to feel good. As he worked my cock that was slick with his spit, he grinned, and then he said: “Yeah, I have to say, you do have a beautiful pole and I really like the big mushroom head! I like sucking young men, especially red heads. I’ve always had a thing for young men who have red hair. And I've been thinking about sucking you for a long time now. Yeah, you are about as hot as they get. And I also enjoy the taste of a young man's cream."

He leaned over the table then, his mouth near my face, and then as he stared into my panicked eyes he said: "I’m in a generous mood. Would you like one final chance to save your huge balls? Would you?”

I nodded my head up and down, rapidly. OH GOD YES! At that point I’d have agreed to anything to keep him from castrating me.

He smiled, and then he said: “I bet you would. Well, OK then, you and I will make one more bet. You can think of it as a free bet, a poker game without the cards. The ante is your nuts. I’m going to suck your cock. To win the bet and to keep your balls, all you’ve got to do is not ejaculate. That’s all. That shouldn’t be all that difficult for a straight boy, with only another man toying with your rod. But I swear to God if you shoot your wad while I’m sucking you then I'm going to steal your hot young sac of balls and collect my bet. So, if you want to keep your jewels, I'd suggest you keep your wad. I should warn you, I’m very good at sucking cocks. I am betting your balls that you will cum. You’re betting your balls you won’t. Do you understand the bet?"

I was staring at him. Was he fucking crazy? The last thing on earth I wanted was for him to give me a blow job.

“If you don’t nod your head right now and answer me, then I’m going to nut you immediately and we will skip the blow job. But if you want to take the bet, then I’ll start sucking you and give you the chance to save your manhood. So, do you want to take the bet?”

I nodded, my eyes wide with fear.

He grinned, a huge grin, and I know my eyes almost bugged out of my head.

He looked to his friends and laughed. Then he said to them: “Didn’t I tell you that Jared would want the blowjob?”

The four goons laughed, and so did Henry. Then he looked at me and said: “Well, might as well start the game, and see who wins the bet. If I win and you shoot a wad, then you’re a eunuch. If you can hold in your sperm, then you win, and stay a man. Mmmm, this should be fun.”

Oh fuck! I decided right then that I wouldn’t cum. No matter what!

He smiled big, and then, he slid downward, his tongue on my chest....and he licked my nipples one after the other. He ran his tongue in little circles over each nipple, and then he blew air on them until they perked up and were pointed. Then, slowly, he licked his way down lower and lower. Finally, he reached my cock, and then he slid his tongue out between his lips and started licking my pole like a Popsicle. He took my rod into his mouth then, all of it, and then he suddenly quit sucking it and sat straight up instead.

He stared at me, and then he said: “Damn. I taste pussy! Wow. Was that why you were late? Getting in a last and final fuck before you lose your balls? I sure taste a cunt, yeah, that’s for sure. I know that taste and you’ve got cunt juice all over your fuck pole.”

Then he leaned over until he was closer to me again, and then his face lit up into a huge grin: “Nice. Well stud, you’ve got a really big hickey on your neck, and from the redness of it and the way it’s puffed I’d say you got it very recently. Well, I hope she was sweet. Yeah, I hope you enjoyed whatever her name was. One thing is for sure. A guy always remembers when he loses his virginity and fucks his first snatch, always. And a eunuch always remembers his last one too. Yeah, I hope she was hot, because whoever you fucked is always gonna be your last memory of being a man and squirting your DNA into a hot and eager pussy.”

I wanted to die. Oh GOD….was the fat dorm bitch named Jenny really going to be my last fuck? No! NO! Oh God I didn’t want to lose my balls!

He laughed. Then, slowly, he reached up and picked up the straight razor that was resting on my stomach, and then he turned it up on edge. Holding it that way, he began to run it downward, scraping it along my skin below my navel. The thing was so sharp it was shaving the hair there, dry shaving me. He kept at it....shaving me....pulling the knife downward until he was dry shaving my pubic hair and taking it off in big tuffs one after the other. As he started to do that, he began to suck my cock again, this time running his tongue up and down my cock, licking the end, playing with my prick with his tongue. He was good at it, very good at it. He worked down to the base of it again, and there he gently chewed on the bottom of my cock, working the sensitive spot under my pole and above my balls. Then, again, he ran his mouth up the side of it...licking the end again when he reached it. Then, almost like a woman's pussy, he opened his lips and sucked in my pole deep inside, so my entire cock was down his throat until my balls were resting against his chin. That was something no girl had ever done for me before. As soon as he did that, he began to slide his mouth up and down over my shaft, literally fucking it with his lips from the tip of my dick to the bottom of my shaft.

I grew even harder in his mouth, and that seemed to excite him. I couldn’t believe it, and I also couldn’t help it. With one hand he worked the razor, shaving all of my pubic hair, and with the other he fondled my balls...feeling out my big testicles as he sucked on my pole and worked my sex. I had never done anything sexual with a man before, and I didn't want to now. Still, it felt good on my dick, and knowing the consequences for ejaculating I fought the feeling with everything I had. But he was good, and knew how to suck a cock, and it was immediately obvious that mine wasn't the first one he'd had down his throat. The honest truth was he was giving me the best head of my life.

The other four guys were giggling as he was sucking my cock, and taking pictures with their cell phones too, while he kept sliding his mouth up and down and up and down....working my pole like it had never been worked. God it felt so damn good! I bucked my hips to stop the feeling...but that only intensified it and the movement shoved my dick down his throat and that made him suck even harder. God. Fuck! His razor was taking my pubic hair, and it was so humiliating. But the fear was the worst of it....the fear of what was going to happen. I was holding my head up, off the table, staring at the blade as it shaved my pubes, knowing my nuts were next if I shot my wad. I stared at him and the razor and the men that were watching. The feeling began to build....and then I knew I would never be able to hold things off.

He seemed to sense it, and he let my dick pop out of his mouth as he concentrated on the shave he was giving my sex hair. My prick quivered, bouncing up and down, the end glistening from his saliva and the tip anointed with a bead of my precum. God I was hard and so fucking close. But thank God he had stopped sucking! I tried to beg him, but the socks stuffed in my mouth turned my words into a mumble. My cock was quivering, bouncing to my heartbeat, and the end of it started to ooze a line of precum that was seeping from my cock’s single eye to the point it coated my shaft. I was very close to shooting my wad. He stared at it and smiled, but he didn’t start sucking again. At least not right away. I think he wanted my red pubic hair before he forced me to ejaculate. He kept dry shaving my groin, and slowly the pubes came off and then I was smooth there. I don’t know how long it took, but eventually it was done and my groin was as smooth as a baby's ass. One of the men put my pubes into a ziplock bag, keeping them as a souvenir I suppose, and held the bag up in front of my face and he grinned as he did so. I had the thought that if they really castrated me, it would probably never grow back.

My hairless cock was still jutting, eager even, stiff and tall and bobbing to my heartbeat as it rose up from my bald groin. My dick seemed bigger than it had ever been. The man with the razor was leering at it, and then he laid the blade next to my cock, and I could see there were markings along the handle of it. He was measuring my dick! Finally, he grinned, and then Henry said: “Almost eight inches. Nice. You are pretty hard kid. I haven’t seen too many men with an eight-inch cock. If I was twenty and had a cock like yours, I’d never in a million years bet my balls in a poker game.”

I tried to beg him, but the socks held my words, and he grinned even wider, and then he said: “Remember, don’t you dare shoot your wad. Otherwise I swear to God I’m going to castrate you.”

Then he leaned over and went back down on my prick, this time sucking it faster, and with more gusto and more like a vacuum cleaner.

Right away I felt my balls begin to boil; I was losing it. One of the other men said "He’s going to shoot Henry. His big nuts are drawn up tight now, and his nipples are points. I think you’re getting to him.”

Then one of the other big goons looked at me and said: “Yeah.....go ahead kid....shoot your wad. How many times have you done it today? Well, you know you want to. Go ahead. One last time. One final time! Yeah, shoot your wad now, yeah, shoot your final wad Jared so Henry can castrate you!"

As he said that, he reached over and started to toy with my nipples, lightly flicking my sensitive nips with his fingers and making tiny circles around them as Henry worked my pole with his wet mouth. I could feel his tongue caressing the underside of my cock head, and my nuts started to churn. I was being stimulated in too many places simultaneously, and it was too much. Way too much!

I squeezed my eyes shut, and tried to think of Jenny, and her fat hairy pussy and the ugliness of her body. I tried to think of anything that would keep me from ejaculating, but my nuts churned in spite of my best efforts and the end of my cock flared big. And so it was that as I thought of Jenny I lost control and lost the last bet then, and in spite of every effort I made my dick betrayed me and I began to ejaculate, squirting my last load of seed right down Henry’s throat. God! My entire body shuddered and I shot and shot and shot. Most girls I’ve been with who have given me a blow job always spit out my wad when I start to ejaculate, as they seem to hate the taste. But not Henry. He greedily sucked on my pole, sucking out every single drop of my warm sperm as his mouth milked me dry and I ejaculated my wad like a fire hose.

As I was having my orgasm I jerked against the ropes and my entire body shuddered, and as I arched my back I thrust my squirting pole deeper into his mouth. I wasn’t trying to, but I couldn’t help it. I had never had a feeling as intense as that one, and I'll never forget it as long as I live. As he sucked on my unwilling cock I squirted and squirted, splashing my load into the back of his throat, dumping my load out with a vengeance while he swallowed it down. I don’t know how long I came, but it was the most intense and undoubtedly the longest orgasm of my entire life. The really surprising thing is that I shot the most jism I had ever shot in my lifetime, and I just seemed to keep spurting. But all good things end eventually, and so finally I was done...but even so he kept sucking me...sucking me totally dry and getting every ounce of semen that he could. Even though it was empty, my dick continued to dry-spasm as he kept sucking it like it was giving him nectar from heaven.

He didn't stop even then, and the tip grew ultra sensitive. I never let any girl touch the head of my dick after sex, because it’s way too sensitive, but I wasn’t in control now and there was nothing I could do to pull my dick out of his mouth. He kept sucking, and all I could do was buck my hips and grunt, and soon I was literally screaming into the gag, the entire cock so stimulated that every single nerve tingled. It was way too intense and way too sensitive for me to handle! It was literally painful, the feeling so good and so intense that I couldn't stand it any longer. But he didn’t care. Still he sucked. Harder then, sucking up and down and pulling on it with the pressure of his lips. Then, in a total surprise to me and without any warning at all he shoved two fingers deep in my ass, and then he rotated his wrist and started working my prostate as he continued to suck my rod. What the fuck? Oh GOD, and then I felt the feeling again, building, a second orgasm approaching and my cock still hard and eager and buried to my balls down his throat.

I had never had that happen, ever, and yet sure as shit I started to squirt again, a second load right after the first. It was almost as intense as the first orgasm had been, and I know my eyes rolled back in my head as I started squirting out even more jism. I shot again and again. He was milking me! He was milking me dry and there was no way to stop it. He kept sucking, kept working his fingers deep in my ass, and he just sucked and sucked and sucked as I jerked and screamed and bucked my hips and ejaculated. He still didn't stop even after I finally stopped spurting and my second wad was done. Instead, he kept right on until my dick started to shrink even as he sucked on it. My dick was in overdrive, and it was so sensitive I was arching my back off the table and screaming into the socks stuffed in my mouth. Still, he kept sucking...kept pulling up on it, and working the tip, but nevertheless even so it was just too sensitive and I was too spent and so it slowly turned into a noodle even as he sucked on it like a baby sucks a tit.

Only then, when my dick was totally spent and flaccid in his mouth, did he finally let it go. My dick was like a noodle then, the end red and raw, and my balls were completely empty, my two loads of cream all in his stomach. He hadn’t spilled a single drop!

My spent dick flopped flat along my belly, and he moved back from the table a few feet and just stared at me for a long time, and was licking his lips as if he was savoring the two loads of spunk he had just swallowed. He was in no hurry.

Then he said: “Well, I guess you lost. I think we need to get you ready so I can take your nuts. Before I perform the surgery though, I need to get your balls shaved and prepped. It won’t take too long. Things need to be clean before I cut you.

Then one of the men opened up a small cooler, and Henry pulled out some towels that were steaming hot and very wet. Apparently they had been brought and stored in a cooler to keep them hot, and he took one of the hot towels and used it to wash his hands. I could smell the faint whiff of bleach, and it was clear they were not only hot but they were also made to disinfectant too. After he had cleaned his hands, he wrapped another hot towel around my balls. I almost yelped from the heat, but even so, as hot as it was the towel wasn’t scalding me. But it grabbed my full attention, and because I knew he was using it to get my balls ready for his blade, I started to struggle again as hard as I could. It didn’t make any difference. Next, he took a little shaving cream and smeared it over my bag, and then he used his straight razor and flicked it, in smooth strokes like an expert, over the skin on my sac. It didn’t take him long. In less than five minutes, he had shaved my scrotum as smooth as a billiard ball. He added some more shaving cream to where my pubes had been and where he had dry shaved me, and then he slid his straight-razor over that same spot, removing any stubble that he had previously missed. Then he used another hot wet towel to clean the soap off, and one more clean towel to wipe over his razor, bleaching the blade and wiping it clean of the shaving cream. I was a smooth as a ten year old!

I was staring at him, craning my neck and watching every move with dreaded anticipation. He paused, and put on a pair of surgical gloves, and then he took some kind of iodine based antiseptic that was bright orange, and he poured some on a medical sponge that had been wrapped in clear cellophane. Using the sponge, he swabbed the iodine over and around the top of my scrotum, right where my nuts were growing out of my body, and where he would be making the cut. Then he wiped the blade of his razor with more of the iodine to disinfect it I suppose.

He grinned, and I could tell he was pleased with his workmanship. The hot towels had softened my scrotum, and now my big set of nuts were hanging down between my legs, very much like a bull’s nuts hang on a hot summer day. My two testicles were clearly visible in the bottom of my bag, like two plums ripe for the picking, and the skin was very loose and relaxed and my nuts were swinging between my knees. I think he was waiting for that, almost as if he had done this before. Finally, he turned to one of his goons, and then he said: “He’s ready for the elastrator.”

Without a word being spoken, the man reached down to a bag they had placed below the table, and he picked up what I immediately recognized as a livestock bander, which is used to castrate sheep, goats, and piglets. I had never seen one for real, but I had seen pictures of them. Oh God, he was going to band my balls!

And sure enough, as I watched, he loaded a very tiny green rubber donut over the jaws of the bander, and then he squeezed the pliers and the donut expanded, held apart by four prongs. Then he handed the bander to Henry, and as he did he said: “The kid’s got some big gonads. Are they gonna fit?”

Henry moved the elastrator towards my scrotum, and as he did he said: “Oh yeah, they will fit. I just have to feed his big testicles through the rubber circle, one nut at a time. This thing is designed to castrate an adult ram, but it will work on a big bore hog too, and he’s not that much different. The bander doesn’t care—as far as the boy’s balls go, to the bander Jared’s bag is just another scrotum.”

I started to struggle again, but it didn’t do any good. He fed my big nuts individually through the stretched rubber donut, and then moved it to the top of my scrotum, very close to where my bag grew from my body. As he did that he looked into my eyes and said: “Jared, you’re gonna feel this. But, it will keep things closed nice and tight, and I don’t want you bleeding to death when I collect my debt. I’m going to put two bands on you. One is for you, and one is for me. Hang on tight boy, here’s the first one now.”

Suddenly I heard a snap and it immediately felt like I had been kicked in the nuts, and I grunted, and I jerked my legs against the ropes and tried to close them together. Of course, I couldn’t.

Fuck it hurt! I was banded now!

I've never felt anything like that, before or since. It was so damn tight it felt like it was crushing my sac closed! Oh shit, I bucked my hips and grunted, my eyes wide with panic. As soon as that donut of rubber cinched off my nuts I knew right then it was time. He was about to castrate me! I screamed and jerked like a maniac, and once again I fought the ropes with every ounce of strength in my body. But it didn’t do any good, and he didn't care. He just let me struggle until I had exhausted myself once again, and then as I lay there breathing heavily through my nose with my eyes wide open in panic, he slowly loaded the elastrator with a second green donut. Then, once again he fished my big balls through the opening one nut at a time, and slid it up until it was next to the first band. Then, this time without saying anything, I heard the same snap sound, and once again I felt like I had been kicked in the balls all over again. FUCK!

The two little rubber donuts were side-by-side, one on top of the other, and they were about a quarter of inch apart. They were so damn tight that my nuts started to immediately darken. The bands effectively isolated my balls from my body and cinched closed the top of my scrotum to the point that my nuts were now beginning to die.

I started fighting the ropes again then, and I bucked my hips and grunted into my gag as hard as I could...literally screaming for mercy. Oh GOD IT HURT SO DAMN MUCH!

He didn’t care. Then he said: “Well kid, you’re being castrated now. If I didn’t do anything else, you’d be a eunuch in a couple of hours. But I’m going to speed up the process, and get that big scrotum you wagered into a jar. It’s mine now, and has been, ever since you made the bet and didn’t have the cash to cover it.”

Two of the big Poker Club players then reached out and held me down, putting pressure on my shoulders and pinning me to the table. The other two men held onto my thighs and pressed them hard into the poker table too, immobilizing me even more than the ropes alone did. This was it! It was going to happen now! Then, as I craned my head forward at the neck and watched with wide eyes, Henry picked up my bound nuts in his left hand then, and holding his straight razor in the right, he said "Well...sorry kid, but I hope you enjoyed your last wad. Your sperm was really hot, and very sweet and you sure pumped out a lot of goo. You are one very hot young man. And of course I fully realize that it's a waste to nut you. At least from your perspective. Oh well, a bet's a bet, and so now I'm going to take your balls just like I warned you I would.”

He lifted the blade of the razor up so I could see it, and it caught my attention and I couldn’t help but stare at it. Then, he leaned over me until he was closer to my face, and that’s when he said: “Before I do it there is one thing that you should know. See the blade? In a few seconds it’s going to steal your balls. But as I said, the important thing for you to remember is that this was never about the money. You are a stupid fuck, and you can’t play poker worth shit. All I wanted, from the very first time I invited you into the Club, was to take your balls. Yeah, your balls were always my goal. You were the dorm poker champ, and the way you loved the game and were addicted to the win made you a ripe target. So, you caught my attention. But, of course, I couldn’t just take them. That’s not how we do it in the Club. No, the trick was I had to win them fair and square, so I had to get you to bet them, to put your own nads on the line and to bet your nuts in a poker game. And you did. Yeah, you bet your fucking balls in a game of cards, and you knew it when you did it. If it helps, at least know you aren’t the only stupid fuck that I’ve nutted. But you are definitely the hottest, and your scrotum is by far the biggest trophy any of us has ever taken.”

He grinned then, and I felt so fucking stupid. Then he lowered his voice, and said: “You know, you could have folded. All you had to do was toss in your cards and walk away and you wouldn’t be getting castrated now. Do you remember that I even told you to fold? I actually told you not to call the bet and to walk away instead. I also told you to your face that if you made the bet then I would turn you into a eunuch. But you made the bet anyway. And you know what? You are one stupid fucker. If you had followed my advice the only money you would have lost was the money we let you win. That’s really all you had on the line. But no, you got greedy kid, and you never should have bet your nuts if you didn’t have the money. Just remember that, because later, when you are feeling sorry for yourself, just remember it was your own greed that cost you your balls."


Then without another word he laid the sharp steel right up against the skin at the top of my sac, just between the two rubber donuts that were squeezing the top of my scrotum closed. I tried to struggle one more time, pulling against the ropes with all of my strength, but the ropes were tight and the four goons were still pinning me to the table with their full body weight. I couldn’t move at all! Oh GOD, he was going to do it! I didn’t want to lose my balls!

He looked at me, and our eyes locked, and then as he stared into my soul said: “You made the bet kid. You knew your balls were on the line but you made the wager anyway. Well, you lost. Losing always hurts, but hopefully the half glass of booze you drank will help make it bearable.”

He grinned then, and I felt him pull outward on my scrotum a little harder, and then I could feel the sharpness of the blade resting against the bunched up skin at the top of my sac. He hesitated, and let the moment linger, between a debt owed, and a debt paid. Between me being a man, and being a sexless neutered nothing.

Then his eyes sparkled, and he winked at me, and as he did he started to saw the razor back and forth, very slowly. He clearly wanted to drag it out, to make me feel it for a while as he was castrating me. Or perhaps he just wanted to savor nutting me? What I know for sure is that I was screaming, but the socks that were stuffed in my mouth muffled it. He didn’t care about my struggles or screaming, and instead he just ignored me and worked his blade, and as he was doing that he was grinning the entire time. I stared into his face, and I noticed some of my semen that was drying in the corner of his mouth. He looked into my eyes then as he castrated me, and as he was making the cut he said: "Yeah...oh yeah Jared.....this is very hot. You've got a big sac boy....a lot bigger than the other boy's I've cut. I'll always prize having it and for sure I'll never forget you. Too bad for you that you dared to play cards with the big boys."

He then looked up at his friends who were holding me down hard against the poker table and grinned, and then he said "This is fun.....Jared sure doesn't like losing his balls, does he?"

The men watching were grinning too as I was being castrated, and one of them said: "Nope. He’s struggling with every muscle in his body, and I don’t think he’s enjoying this nearly as much as you are Henry. Well, you warned him. Wonder what his girl will say when she finds out? Do you think she will give him another hickey?"

They all burst out laughing at that thought. As he said that, Henry started pushing the straight razor in then with greater force, much deeper, and I grunted and screamed louder and tried to get free with every muscle in my body. But they were pressing me into the table, and the ropes were tight, and there was nothing I could do but just live through my castration. I threw my head back then and stared at the ceiling and my muscles tensed as he cut off my balls. I closed my eyes tight, and then suddenly I felt the blade cutting like nothing else on was a searing pain that ripped through my groin and for a second there was nothing else on earth but that blade and my balls. And then, suddenly, that all changed in an instant and after that the sharp pain disappeared and only a very severe ache remained. The pain reminded me of a baseball game when I was fifteen, where I got hit directly in the nuts by a line drive baseball. Back then I had doubled over and grabbed my balls while my classmates laughed, but this time I couldn’t do anything and even if I could have I no longer had balls to grab.

He had castrated me!

I opened my eyes and looked back at him then, and he held up my severed sac in front of my face and laughed, and as my eyes stared at what had been the essence of my manhood he said to me: "Well's a nice sac. Not sure it's worth twenty thousand, but I guess it will have to do and it will make a nice addition to the Club’s collection. I’ve nutted a lot of stupid guys your age, but your balls are huge, and are without any doubt the nicest set I’ve ever taken.”


I felt so weak then, and I ceased all of my struggling at that point. The truth was that with my sac stolen there was really nothing left to struggle for. As I relaxed the men let go of me. One of them picked up a pint jar full of what smelled like formaldehyde, and he held it out to Henry, who dropped my entire sac of balls into it, the preserving fluid inside rising up almost to the very top. The man screwed on the lid and handed the jar with my scrotum in it to Henry. My shaved nuts floated there, still banded at the top, a big round bag of my manhood and as I watched it sank slowly to the bottom. In the curved glass of the jar it looked even bigger. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Henry had MY balls; MY entire scrotum filled with MY testicles and now in a stupid jar. Henry had literally taken my manhood. I looked down between my legs and all that was left was a wilting cock hanging limp from a bald groin, and the feeling of emptiness really can't be described.

I lay there then, castrated, staring up at the light and still stretched out on the table with nothing but an empty feeling where my balls had been. I was as limp as a rag doll.

Henry said to one of his friends: “OK, give me the super glue.”

One of the guys handed him a tiny tube, and then he leaned forward and put a few spots from it on the spot where my balls had been. As he was doing that he said to me: “This is some sterile super glue. It will keep the cut closed and the donut from slipping off. Just leave it alone, and in about a week or so the rubber ring will fall off on its own.”

Then, he handed the glue back to his friend, and took off the surgical gloves. One of the other men put five empty whiskey glasses between my knees and then picked up the bottle and poured out the bourbon and filled them with a couple of shots of whiskey into each glass. He sat the bottle down and lifted his glass, and Henry picked up his, and then the other three guys did the same. One of them said: “Congratulations Henry! You did it…set a record too! It only took you a month to win this set, and by far you’ve won the nicest scrotum in the Poker Club’s history. Yeah, a perfect stud, and a perfect scrotum! Look at those balls! Fuck man, they are huge! Damn Henry, if you had told me you’d get anyone to bet balls like these, I would never have believed it. But, he made the bet, and you won em fair and square. Yeah Henry, nobody can outplay you at the game!”

They clicked their glasses together, and then they all took a drink, and Henry was grinning again then, savoring his victory and the good booze and enjoying the afterglow of my castration.

One of the other men spoke up then, and he said: “Yeah, gotta give it to you. You sure beat me. Neither of the two sets of balls I’ve taken are anything like this dude’s. You played a perfect hand, and I love the way you tricked Jared and suckered him in with the full house. Congrats Henry. You played a hell of a game!”

They slapped Henry on the back, and then the third guy raised his glass and said “To fools with huge balls!”

And then they all said “To fools with huge balls!” and then they took a drink.

The fourth man in the group raised his glass and said “To the Poker Club!”

And once again they all raised their glasses and toasted.

Henry was grinning and his eyes sparkled, and he raised his glass one last time, and swirled the last bit of booze around in the bottom, and then he looked at me and said: “Here’s to Jared! The newest eunuch on the face of the planet!”

And then, for one final time, they all repeated the toast, “Here’s to Jared!” and then with a final swallow they all emptied their glasses. And then they just started laughing.

Henry looked at his watch, and nodded at the others, and then without saying anything they grabbed the glasses and picked up the bourbon and it was clear they were getting ready to leave. The other guys picked up the cooler of hot towels, and the bander, and then they walked out of the room, and once they had gone then it was just Henry and I. He turned to me one final time. He took two small medicine bottles out of his pocket and put them down right between my legs.

Then he said: “The bigger bottle is an antibiotic, and you should take two tonight, and one each day starting tomorrow until you run out of them. Everything I used on you was sterile, so I don’t think you’ll get an infection. But no matter what, don’t stop taking the pills until they are all gone. The other bottle will help with the pain. The whiskey is going to wear off pretty soon, and after that you will probably need something. I’ve given you four Vicoprofen tablets in there, which are a hydrocodone-ibuprofen mix narcotic. You might need them tonight, and for part of tomorrow, but by tomorrow this time the pain shouldn’t be much more than an empty ache. I’ve been told that being castrated feels like a hard hit in the balls, so if that’s what your feeling right now just know that’s normal and won’t last all that long. Within a couple of days you’ll be walking OK and the pain will be pretty much gone, although things may still be sore for a little while longer. If you do need the pain meds tonight and tomorrow, you can take one every six hours. After that, regular Tylenol will handle any discomfort you’re still feeling. Make sure you avoid taking aspirin because you don’t want to start bleeding, but if you do start to bleed, or if your cut gets infected, then go to the hospital.”

“I liked you Jared. I liked playing with you. I liked sucking you too, and yes, I really liked castrating you. Just remember, you bet your own balls in a poker game. You should have folded. I told you flat out if you didn’t fold I’d turn you into a eunuch, and now I have. What happens next is up to you. Of course, now you’ll have to decide whom you want to tell and if you want the world to know. Then he fondled my lifeless cock and gave it a couple of jack-off pumps to make a point I suppose, and then he let it flop back like a dead worm on my belly. After he did that he took his razor and just sliced it through the end of the rope that held my hands to the table leg, and as he did he said: “Take care Jared. If I were you I’d give up the poker.”

Then he reached down to my jeans and took out my cell phone, and put it in his pocket, and with a last glance he just left me there, flat on my back and with a deep ache between my legs and with my two wrists still tied together, but no longer attached to the table leg. I felt so violated, and so stupid, and now, nut-less, I didn't have any idea what to do. I was a eunuch! I heard a vehicle start up outside, and then they drove away and I was alone, and the old warehouse was totally silent. I didn’t move for a long time. I was just too weak, and I felt if I sat up I’d probably pass out. Finally, slowly, I mustered up the strength to move. Fuck it hurt between my legs! It felt like a hard hit to the nuts, but unlike a ball hit, the pain wasn’t going away. I slowly forced myself to sit up, and then I used my teeth to work out the knots that tied my wrists together. After about twenty minutes or so I had managed to get my wrists untied and my arms free, and then I took off the duct tape wrapped around my head and spit out my socks. It took me a while longer to get off the table, because my legs were tied to the table legs with ropes that went to my ankles, and more were tied to my knees spreading them apart. With the knots under the table, the only way to do it was basically to slide my ass off the table, with my legs still tied. That took a lot of courage, but there were no alternatives.

I hit the floor hard, and fell forward and my legs were still secured behind me then. I basically did a face plant. Fuck that hurt like shit, and it intensified the pain in my groin by a hundred fold. Somehow I finally got turned around to where I could reach the knots, and then after a lot of effort I managed to get myself free. Once I had untied myself, all I wanted to do was get out of there, but the pain was too great right then to get up and try to walk. The booze seemed to me to have totally worn off, and I found out that nothing will sober you up faster than having your balls cut off.

Of course, Henry had to have known it would take me a while to get free, so by the time I had got it done it was past midnight. I finally tried to stand, but I sat right back down. I would have called someone for help, but of course I didn’t have my phone. Fuck it felt exactly like I was being hit in the balls again and again and again! It seemed to hurt even to breathe. I decided to take one of the pain pills, and wait for it to kick in, and I figured I might be able to move once it did. My groin just hurt too much to walk without something. To add to my misery, when I glanced down between my legs the only thing beneath my cock was the little tiny green rubber donut, and when I looked at it I almost puked. I was in shock.

But after about fifteen minutes or so the narcotic pain pill starting working, and the feeling of relief came in a rush. Almost unbelievably the deep throbbing pain between my legs seemed to disappear. As the pain slipped into the background, I relaxed for the first time, and was just sitting on the floor, resting. But my head was really spinning then, and the pain bill seemed to bring back the buzz I had had earlier, but this time it was way more intense. I could tell I was pretty fucked up and I was smart enough to know I was in no shape to drive. I didn’t know what to do, but as I was trying to figure that out I must have closed my eyes, because the next thing I knew the sun was coming through the warehouse windows, and when I looked at my watch it was six in the morning! Fuck!

I think the ache between my legs woke me, but it wasn’t as severe as it had been, and the pill apparently was still helping to some degree. I was able to stand up then, and I could manage to walk too, but I was hunched over from the pain in my groin and it was still fairly intense, but not anywhere as intense as it had been right after Henry had castrated me. When I got in my truck my cell phone was sitting on the driver’s seat, but the phone battery was dead. Henry clearly had thought things out pretty thoroughly, and it was apparent that he didn’t want me calling anyone, at least until they had time to make good their escape. My truck started up OK, which was a relief, and I almost went to the hospital, but of course that would mean the police would be called and everyone would know. And what good would it do?

The problem was that I had no idea who really had done this, and by now so much time had passed they were probably out of the state, and perhaps even out of the country. I knew with absolute certainty they were long gone, and while I could describe them, I didn't know their last names, or even if their first names were real. I felt so stupid and so humiliated, I really can't describe it. I also knew though that I didn't want anyone to find out. I know that sounds stupid, but I knew my balls were gone, and I knew there wasn’t anything anyone could do to get them back. They were gone, floating in Henry's jar like some showpiece for his amusement, part of some perverse collection of lost bets stolen by the Poker Club. God. He had done this before, to others, and I knew he had set me up. Fuck I had been so stupid! I wanted to cry. He had taken all of my winnings and stolen my balls and it occurred to me that it hadn’t cost him a single dime. He had won back every bit of money I had won from them and then turned me into a eunuch. I felt like a fool.

One thing I was certain of. I knew if my father found I'd lost my nuts in a stupid poker game it would destroy him, plain and simple. So....I decided to live with the secret, and that's what I did. I never went to the doctor either. I used my first aid skills I had learned from my father and treated the wound like you would treat a really bad cut. But Henry was right. The super glue kept the elastrator’s rubber donut in place, and there was never any bleeding. The cut stayed closed and I took the antibiotics. The wound never got infected either, and the healing of the cut went pretty smooth, and the tiny green rubber donut fell off sometime late in the first week after my castration just as he had said it would. The pain pills got me through the first night and the next day, and after that all I had was a dull ache where my balls used to hang. So, yeah, on that part I got really lucky. None of my friends had any idea. I just stuffed a sock in my pants, and so nobody suspected and it was amazing how well that worked.

I figured my fucking days were over. For one thing, I wasn’t consumed by the desire any longer. Sure, I still had my brain, and I longed for pussy and for a cunt to fuck, but the horniness I felt before quickly disappeared. And the reality was I knew there was no way I was ever going to ask a girl out again. For one thing, once they found out my nuts were gone it would be all over Facebook, and everyone in school would know. I’d be a freak, and the laughing stock of my friends and probably most of my relatives. Sure, I had some girls hit on me, and others wondered why I wasn’t calling them, but that was my new reality. I felt very depressed. I mean, I still wanted to fuck and be the college stud, but my cock wasn’t hard and when I tried to jack off it was pretty much an exercise in futility. I was a eunuch.

I thought of suicide. When you are a stud one day, fucking the girls one after the other and emptying your balls constantly, and then the next you are a ball-less freak with a lifeless dick things just aren’t the same. And without pussy, what was the point? Before Henry stole my scrotum I loved fucking more than anything in the world, and now, with a few swipes of his blade, it seemed my fucking days were over. I think it was that realization that was the low point in my life.

Of course, it wasn’t long before one of the girls that reached out to me was Jenny, and while she was the last person on earth I wanted to see the truth is that I knew I would eventually have to face her and come up with some kind of explanation. And sure enough, on the weekend following my castration she called me and demanded I come by and see her, and she reminded me that we had ‘the contract.’ I told her I was sick and on antibiotics, which was true enough, and that put her off for a week. But then the following weekend she called me again, and this time she wasn’t going to be put off. I knew I had to go face her and get out of the contract we had, and besides, I still had her check and I needed to give it back. When I showed up at her dorm she wanted my cock…demanded it actually, and that just took me over the edge and I suddenly started to cry, and then before I knew it I had spilled out my story. I just needed to talk to someone, and perhaps I needed sympathy. She was willing to listen, and so I told her about the game, and about Henry, and about how he had cut off my balls.

When I finished my story she wanted to see it. By then the cut was healing well and the soreness was gone, and for the most part there was just a red line where my balls had been. I took off my pants, and pulled down my underwear, and then I lifted my soft dick up and showed her the empty space that now defined where my balls had been. It was so damn humiliating. She traced the red line with her finger, and that seemed to fascinate her. She couldn’t get over the smoothness of my groin, and none of my pubic hair had started to grow back, so I looked like a much younger boy now. I expected her to throw me out like a freak, but to my surprise she didn’t. In fact, she did exactly the opposite.

Jenny smiled at me then, and said: “OK Jared…so your balls are gone. You know what? I don’t see them as all that important. You need to quit feeling sorry for yourself. You are so fucking depressed right now you look like a walking dead man. Well, I don’t give a fuck about your balls, and as far as I am concerned you still have a cock and you still have a tongue and I still own you. And, even if you don’t know it, you are still my sex toy, and my sex stud. You made a promise, and balls or not, I own you. And you will do as your told and worry about me, not about you. And right now, you’re going to put that tongue in gear, and start licking my clit, and you’ll keep licking it until you make me come. So, start licking!”

She started to undress, and as she did and was sitting on the corner of her bed I shook my head…and started to say ‘no’ but then she said: “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. You work for me, and getting me off in what you are going to do, even if you are a eunuch. As far as I’m concerned you are still a man to me, and you’re the only man that has ever fucked me. And I own you, remember? So if you don’t do exactly as I say, then everybody in the world is going to know you bet your balls and lost.”

She finished undressing, and lay back on her bed and spread her legs, opening up her sex to me. Then she turned her right hand upside down and pointed her index finger at me, and then drew it towards her, in a “come-to-me gesture,” summoning me to come to her bed and so I did. Surprisingly, her pussy looked good, strange as that seems, and so I went to her and did her bidding. I went down on her, and soon my talented tongue had her screaming and moaning and jerking and thrashing as I played with her slit and manipulated her clit until she shook with a mind blowing orgasm. As I was doing that to her she was talking the entire time, demanding me to do what she wanted: “That’s it. Yeah…suck it. SUCK MY CLIT Jared! And while you’re doing it, get that fuck pole hard. I want you HARD damn it, balls or no balls. Your balls are for you. But your cock is for me. So I want your dick rock hard, and then I want you to start fucking me.”

And the strange thing was my hose grew stiff, almost as if she ordered it hard. Up until then I had not had an erection since my castration, but Jenny managed to get my eunuch cock got hard, hard enough to fuck her at least, and so I did that too. Soon, I was fucking her, fast and furiously, and I was soon literally pounding my pole in and out of her snatch like a man with a mission, and for the first time since Henry had taken my nuts I was feeling like a man again. While I didn’t have an orgasm or shoot anything into her cunt, she had two explosive orgasms one right after the other, and as she did she was screaming the entire time, gasping really, and it was crystal clear to me that she didn’t care at all that my balls were missing. It wasn’t the same for me, but she got off and she was more than satisfied and afterwards I felt wonderful.

A couple of days after that my dad phoned. We had a nice conversation, and I never let on what had happened. He apologized for being so hard on me, and told me if I really needed the money he'd find it somehow and get me out of the mess, but it would be the last time. I told him it was alright, that I had worked it out with the guy, and it was all behind me now. That seemed to make him very happy. That's when he recommended that I check into Gamblers Anonymous. I told him that I had been cured of betting, but if I ever got the urge again then I would.

I think I can say that Jenny saved my life. Sure, I missed my balls. And I missed my rock hard erections. And of course I missed banging the many different hot chicks like I used to, and I missed the feeling of squirting my seed deep into a warm and wet vagina. But as hard as this is to admit, the truth is I still found that I liked fucking Jenny, and I liked her tight pussy and the way she didn’t care that I had lost my nuts. She really cared about me, in ways that no woman had ever cared before. Sure, I was her fuck toy, her sex slave, but when I was doing her and pounding my cock in and out of her hole the truth is that not having balls just wasn’t the end of the world. And things got even better.

A few days after I first fucked her as a eunuch, she surprised me with a prescription for testosterone patches and another one for Viagra, written by a doctor friend of hers. She bought the drugs with her own money, and pretty soon I was feeling much better and I started needing to shave again. I also could fuck her and get her off and actually enjoy doing so, and the Viagra increased the rigidity of my erections and within an hour of taking a pill I was usually as hard as a piece of steel. Jenny demanded I get her off, often, and I did. Sometimes I used my mouth, and sometimes I would use my cock. Whatever Jenny wanted, Jenny got. And the more she demanded the more I did what she wanted. Pretty soon we were fucking at least every other night, and sometimes five or six times in a weekend. And I found out I still loved fucking even though my balls were gone. Henry had stolen my nuts, but he hadn’t stolen my cock, and my cock was all that Jenny cared about. Perhaps it wasn’t quite the same as before my castration, but we made it work and it was still really fun. Within two weeks the hormone patch seemed to bring back my libido, and then like before I seemed to be horny all of the time, just like before. And without my balls, I didn’t have to worry about birth control. Life was in some ways as good as it had ever been.

Of course she owned me, and she insisted that I keep my promise to serve her needs, and yet I actually started to look forward to our fuck sessions. Sometimes she would call me up, tell me to “take a blue pill” and then “get over here.” And I would. The Viagra turned my dick into a steel rod every time I took one, and it would stay that way for several hours and I could fuck her again and again. And that’s what she wanted, and so that’s what she got.

I was her “on command” eunuch fuck toy, and she called me a lot.

She loved to whisper in my ear as I fucked her, or ride my pole and pin me to the bed while she used my cock to massage the insides of her pussy. Needless to say, I didn’t dare try to date any other girls. For one thing, Jenny was in control and we had our agreement. So, she owned my cock, figuratively and in a way, literally. And besides, I knew no other girl would want me, and I sure didn’t want anyone to know. Jenny kept my secret, and she could care less if I had balls. She made life worth living.

I started to have feelings for her that I couldn’t explain. I mean, I looked forward to her calls, and I liked it when she demanded I come over and serve her needs. Things were moving fast and in a direction I never could have contemplated. Approximately two months after my castration on a Saturday night I was pounding my cock in and out of her hole, listening to her grunt and gasp as I fucked her hard and deep. I remember that night for a couple of reasons. For one, the hormones were working well by then, and I was fucking her with a super hard erection, and when I came I had a very real and very intense orgasm. Of course there was no seed in the fluid I ejaculated, but my cock did spasm and I felt the rhythmic contractions that define an orgasm and for the first time I shot a huge wad of seedless spunk and that really surprised me. The orgasm was very intense and extremely pleasurable, and very close to the feelings I used to get when I had balls and could shoot a load of living sperm. So, after I came, I had a big smile on my face because I knew things would be alright. But what I remember more, was that after she and I had come together, she whispered in my ear, and as she did everything changed in the span of a few heartbeats.

“I love you Jared. And I’m going to have your baby. So, I guess…I guess you’re going have to marry me. And don’t say no. If you didn’t want to marry me, you shouldn’t have got me pregnant.”

What the fuck? My heart started pounding, and at first I laughed and thought it was a joke. Clearly I couldn’t get anyone pregnant. But then she said she wasn’t kidding, and she was sure and she showed me the pregnancy test and the result was definitely positive. Fuck. She told me I was the only guy that had ever fucked her, so all I could figure is it must have happened when I took her virginity. I was scared shitless. I got up and got dressed and just ran out of her dorm room. As I did I said to her: “I need to think. I’ve got to go.” And then I ran. I ran like the wind.

I had no idea what at do. But I sure as shit wasn’t going to marry her just because she was demanding it. Fuck that! I couldn’t be a father! My mind was racing! What would my parents say? I was pretty sure they weren’t going to be too happy with me. And then there was the friends issue, and I could hardly even comprehend the humiliation that would come when they found out I had been fucking Jenny. Oh God. My mind was so confused, and I didn’t want a kid, but now that my balls were gone I knew I was lucky to have made one because I’d never have another. But why was it with Jenny? NO! Why didn’t I use a rubber? What was I thinking? God my life was so fucked up!

The one thing I thought I knew was that while Jenny liked to boss me around, I wasn’t about to get married because she was demanding it. And besides, I couldn’t marry her, at least not as a college student! I just couldn’t! I needed to get through school, get on my feet, find a job, and then figure things out. I had no time for a family, and no time for a kid. And as for marriage, she was way too bossy—I was used to being in charge when I dated girls, and Jenny was just the opposite. And of course, on top of all of that she was just way too fat and I didn’t want any of my friends to know I had ever fucked her, and was still fucking her. Yeah, if I married her it would be so humiliating and I’d be the laughing stock of the entire college. I was the class jock, and I was supposed to have my pick of the girls. And Jenny would never have been my pick.

The problem was that I liked her. I mean, she was the only girl that had ever said she loved me and she was paying for the hormones and the Viagra and had found a doctor to give them to me and not ask questions. Without her the sad truth was that my cock would be a useless worm. But a girl can’t just tell a guy that he has to marry her. It doesn’t work that way. I didn’t know what to say to her and I didn’t even want to see her. So, I ignored her. And of course, Jenny kept trying to call me. My cell rang and rang, and I just refused to answer and I blocked her texts. In fact, I totally ignored her for almost a week, but then I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize, and when I answered it her father was on the phone. I’ll never forget that one-sided conversation as long as I live.

When my cell rang, I answered: “Hello, who is this?”

“This is Richard Torrance, Jenny’s father. Is this Jared I’m speaking with, Jenny’s boyfriend?”

“Umm….well, I’m Jared. I..I don’t think though I would say I am her boyfriend exactly.”

There was clearly an edge to his voice. Then he said: “Well, what do you call it then? I’ve got a fast standing rule that nobody fucks my daughter unless they marry her first. Nobody. And it is my understanding you not only ignored my rule, but according to my daughter you got her pregnant too. I’d call you a boyfriend if you are the boy who has been fucking her.”

I had no idea what to say. I stammered, searching for words that would not come. What could I say to that? I said nothing, but it didn’t matter. He was giving me the lecture, and it was obvious that he didn’t really want a conversation.

He continued, his anger clear and unmistakable now: “So, let me make something perfectly clear to you. Are you listening to me Jared?”

My heart was pounding of course, but this time I answered: “Yes. Yes sir. I am listening.”

“If you don’t marry Jenny by the time my grandchild pops out of her vagina then I swear to God I’ll personally cut off your cock, and your balls too, and after I do I’ll let her three brother’s line up and take turns pounding your ass. And when they are done then I’ll fuck you too, and by the time I’m finished a bulldozer will fit up your hole. I’m not kidding here. If you relish your junk and want to keep it, then I suggest you ask my daughter to be your wife and do it today. And you better hope she says yes, because you’re betting your cock that she will. I’m not gong to have an illegitimate grandchild. You need to do the right thing young man, or there won’t be anything left between your legs to jack off with, much less use to fuck a pussy. And I mean it.”

Then he hung up on me.

My mind was crystal clear and focused then, and after that conversation I knew exactly what I had to do. I wasn’t going to take any chances, not this time, and I sure didn’t want Jenny’s brothers or her dad fucking my ass. And the one thing I knew with absolute certainty without having to even think about it, was that I wasn’t going to bet my cock. Not in a million years.

I asked her to marry me an hour after daddy’s call, and she accepted, and that same afternoon we went shopping for the ring. Soon she was talking about the wedding and making plans for her special day. I asked her for a very private wedding of course, because I still didn’t want any of my friends to know. The truth was she embarrassed me. But Jenny wanted something big, and her daddy wanted something bigger, and after I proposed and she had the ring on then she posted it on Facebook and after that the secret was out. We were now “in a relationship” and my friends were shaking their heads in stunned disbelief. And sure enough, we had a huge lavish wedding five months later and she invited everyone we knew. We were married in June, right after my sophomore year ended and a little over seven months after I had impregnated her. By then she was definitely showing, so everyone could see she was pregnant and figure out I had been fucking her before we tied the knot. It was embarrassing, and none of my friends could believe it. And, the truth is, none of the hot college girls I had been fucking before could believe it either.

The weird part though was that married life was enjoyable. Jenny gave me a reason to live, and the sex with her was still incredible. And, in time Jenny became my best friend, a bossy friend perhaps but a person I could talk to, like I had never been able to talk to any woman before. And of course the biggest point of all, was that she didn’t care at all that my balls were gone. As for her pussy, it was still super tight and very hot to me, and it was and is without question the tightest hole I had ever fucked, and the warmest and wettest hole I had ever felt. Losing my balls was life changing, but so was marrying Jenny. And lots of very positive things happened as a result. After I lost my balls to poker my grades made a remarkable comeback. I started studying hard, concentrating in my classes like I had never concentrated before. Poker and the parties and the wild pussy chasing were of no interest to me after that, and I got a job on campus and slowly started working my bank account back. One Friday night just before the wedding the guys tried to get me to play poker with them, and I started to go.....but as soon as I saw the cards the bile came up in my throat and I felt an intense shooting pain where my balls had been. I almost vomited, but didn't, and instead just smiled and changed my mind and told them I was busy.

Sometimes I think about the Poker Club, and wonder whatever happened to it or where it is now. I'm sure they are still playing, somewhere, meeting on a Saturday night and suckering some new fool into their lair. I wonder one more thing. I wonder how many other men have made their bets and lost their balls?

Overall, married life is good, and the funny thing is I slowly fell in love with Jenny. Thanks to Jenny’s dad we have plenty of money, and Jenny and I are good partners, and together we made a wonderful son. He was a healthy eight pounds seven ounces when he was born, and he has bright red hair and vivid blue eyes and he is the spitting image of me. He is a happy baby, and he giggles a lot, which I think he inherited from Jenny. I fell in love with him instantly. I wanted to name him David, after my father. I would have been ok with Richard, since he was Jenny’s dad. But she had other ideas, and whatever Jenny wants, Jenny gets. She named him Henry.


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