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Uncle Jim was my mother’s half-brother. I was just thirteen when my father left us and suddenly he was always around. Although he was seemingly eager to help and support us, I found him a little creepy. This podgy figure with slightly receding greying hairline would hug me a little too long and on occasion I would be aware of him being sexually aroused. Then slowly, as I got older and more confident, I felt a sense of gender superiority creeping in and brushed off his grubby groping with overt distain.

I’d just turned sixteen when he started making innuendos about my reaching the age of legal consent. Then the touching became more intimate. I’d smack his hand away but that just appeared to encourage him.

“Is everything ok, with you and Uncle Jim?” My mother asked one day.

“Fine.” I said. I didn’t want my mother to know the truth as she trusted him and he did do a lot of odd jobs about the house.

Finally, one day he arrived when mum was out and I’d just got back from tennis. I was wearing a short sports skirt and I could feel his eyes tearing it off. “I’ll just get changed.” I said turning to leave the lounge.

“No, come here.” He murmured and took my arm, pulling him to me so that I could feel his hardness. “You’re very sexy.” He growled.

“Fuck off.” I snapped and tried to pull away.

“Now, now Ariadne.” He hissed in my ear. “That’s no way for nice girls to talk is it?” And he rubbed himself against my hip. “Would you like some of this?”

“Touch me and I’ll cut your balls off.” I spat.

“Ooh, yes, I’d like that.” He snarled, and pushed me onto the sofa. “It would be worth it to sample your delights.” And fell on top of me.

I thought it would be easy to stop him, but he was stronger than I thought, deceivingly so, and with his hand around my throat he tore my panties off with his other and I felt his hard member pushing its way into me. “I’ll tell mum!” I said.

“No you won’t you little tramp. I know you’re no virgin.” And started to thrust within me.

“Make me pregnant and I won’t have to cut them off, mum’ll do it for me.” I cried.

The thrusting grew more urgent and suddenly he withdrew and I felt his ejaculation splatter across my stomach. Gasping he took his hand from my throat and pulled away. “Yeah, yer right. Next time I’ll use a rubber.” He muttered.

I lay with my legs open, skirt around my waist, not ashamed nor humiliated, but angry. A deep burning rage rising in my chest like an approaching cyclone. He watched me as he zipped himself up, a smarmy grin on his face. “Come on.” He said, “you liked it didn’t you…” He sniffed and tossed a fifty dollar note onto my stomach. “There yer are, clean yerself up and get yerself some new knickers.”

“You raped me.” I hissed.

“Nah, you were beggin’ for it. I could tell.”

“I warned you, remember that.” My rage settled into an icy hostility. He picked up my torn panties and tossed them to me. In silence I wiped myself clean with them and pulled my skirt down. I stood up and flounced to the door. “I’ll take a shower, get some of this filth off me.” By the time I came down again he was gone.

Two weeks later he turned up again, early evening, smirking knowing my mother was on her late shift. But this time I was ready and had help. My friend Teri was in the other room, waiting. I’d opened a bottle of wine and was pretending to sip a glass. I put on an expression of surprise as he entered.

“Me again.” He announced unnecessarily. “Needn’t have bothered with the wine.” He smirked and poured himself a glass.

“You know what I’ve come for.” He said menacingly.

“No good me saying no?” I replied, wide eyed feigning fear.

“No chance.” He sneered. “Let’s use the bedroom this time. Make a proper job of it.” He took a packet of condoms from his pocket and held them up. “Your mum’s bed hey?”

I nodded, “let me finish my drink first.”

“Yeah, no rush is there.” He swigged on his glass. “Not bad.” He pulled a face. I stood up.

“Not finishing your drink?” He drained his glass and put it onto the table.

“Be there afterwards, with better company after you’ve gone.” I said and turned for the door, my eyes downcast.

We went into the bedroom and he started to strip. I slowly did the same, playing for time.

He stood naked, his tongue flicking across his lips, his erection hard. He slowly stroked himself. “I’d ask for a blow job but you’d probably bite it off.” His laugh faded as I very slowly slipped my panties off. “You’ve got a fantastic bod.” He muttered, blinking and swaying a little unsteadily. I moved forward and gave him a push, toppling him onto the bed. “Oh yeah, away we go.” He grunted rolling onto his back. He started to breath heavily, his mouth opening slackly his eyes closing. Finally he went slack. I heard a voice behind me.

“He gone?”

“Out cold.” I replied, slipping my panties on and dressing.

“Ok, let’s do him.” Terri flicked open her case.

“When he’s awake.” I said and, securing his wrists and ankles, I tethered him spread-eagled across the bed. “Won’t be long. We can have a glass of wine whilst we wait.” Teri followed as I left the bedroom. “I’ll get another bottle. Pour that down the sink.” I nodded to the bottle of drugged wine on the coffee table and headed for the fridge.

With an hour we heard cries and grunts coming from the bedroom.

“I’ll go in.” I said to Terri. “You get ready, bring your camera and kit.”

I went into the bedroom and gazed down on Uncle Jim, my head tilted to one side. “Hello uncle.” I said sweetly.

“Fuck you!”

“Not any more…” I grinned.

“What’re you doin’ you stupid bitch?” He growled, tugging at his bonds.

“I did warn you.”

“Warn me?”

“What I’d do if you raped me.”

“Don’t be stupid. You touch me I’ll fuckin’ kill you.”

I laughed. “When we’ve finished with you, you won’t be harming anyone believe me. Especially young girls.”


“Yes, we.” I turned and Terri entered, wearing a surgical mask and carrying her camera and a small case. She handed me the camera.

Uncle Jim’s eyes widened as I snapped off a couple of shots. Terri went up to him and slowly kneaded his flaccid penis, bringing it to life.

“Who the fuck are you?” He squeaked.

“Your avenging angel.” She said.

His erection hardened and I took another few shots.

“My friend is a veterinary surgeon.” Which wasn’t actually the total truth as she was a veterinary nurse, but well equipped for this simple task. I sighed sympathetically. “She’s qualified to neuter animals. And, as you are an animal, she’s going to castrate you. Cut off your balls.”

For a moment he was silent, looking in turn at Terri, them me. “For God’s sake! Look, cut me loose and I’ll forget all about this. I won’t touch you again.” He finally gabbled.

“Actually uncle, I’m going to enjoy this.”

“You do this and I’ll see that you…”

“Shut up!” I shouted. “You raise a hand to me or anyone else after this and all these pictures will go on-line, with an introduction from me as to how you raped me. I’ll make a formal complaint. I’ve kept my panties with your semen on it.”

He went quiet, his erection collapsing. I felt an exhilarating sense of power as I looked down at this pathetic male animal. “You’d go to prison, and you know how they treat rapists in there don’t you, uncle?”

“What about you?” He snapped. “They’ll arrest you for GBH. You’ll get prison!”

“No chance.” I laughed. “What? For castrating a rapist? The women’s lobby’d have a field day. A good brief will claim I was traumatised and not of sound mind when I did this. It’ll be a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket. And would you want all that publicity?” I turned to Terri. “Ok, let’s do him.”

Terri stepped forward. “I’ll give you a small injection.” She said, removing a hypodermic needle from her case. “It won’t make the operation totally pain free but it’ll temper the worst of it. We usually use a general anaesthetic but this will suffice. She injected it into his groin. She left it a few minutes, ignoring his pleas, then clamped the base of his scrotum.

He squealed at the pain. “I’ll be a joke. The man without balls. All the women in my office will snigger at me. I’ll be a figure of fun. And, what will your mother say?”

I leaned in. “I won’t tell mum you’ve been castrated. In fact, I won’t tell anyone unless you misbehave again.”

Terri held up the scalpel. “Now listen carefully Jim. I’m going to remove your testicles and then some of the scrotum. I’ll seal the chords and sew up the wound with dissolvable stitching that will not need to be removed. When you leave here you’ll be a eunuch but will need no further treatment. However, if an infection sets in you need to go quickly to the hospital. Do you understand?”

Uncle Jim nodded, his eyes moist. “Please…” He begged.

His scrotum was bulging, and I took it in my hand, leaning in towards him. “I’ll enjoy seeing these being cut off. I think all rapists should by law be surgically castrated. It’ll come one day as women have more authority, so you’re just a bit ahead of your time.” I stepped back and allowed Terri space.

She slickly slit open his scrotum and removed his testicles, cutting and sealing the chords. She cut away the slack of his scrotum and neatly sutured up the wound.

“There, that’s done. Once the swelling has subsided it will look very tidy, almost as though you were born without your testicles.” She put away her instruments and clicked shut her case. “I’ll leave you some testosterone medication with a regime of usage to enable your body to adapt to its new condition. You’ll soon experience a loss of libido and impotence. Oh, and a tendency to put on weight. I suggest you get more exercise. On the up side, you won’t have to worry about your prostate or testicular cancer. Research has shown eunuchs generally outlive uncastrated males.”

“We’ve done you a favour, Jimbo.” I added. I picked up the camera and took a few more shots of him in his new state.

“I’m done here.” Terri said behind her mask, packing her instruments. I nodded to her grinning, and she headed for the door. “I’ll be in touch.” She said, winked and left.

“Now, Jimbo. I expect you to continue to help mum. And when you visit whilst I’m here alone I’ll expect total obedience from you. Is that understood?”

He nodded, stifling a sob. “How could you do this to me?”

“You’ve only yourself to blame, remember? And this is only the beginning. By obedience I expect you to do exactly what I tell you to. Chores, odd jobs, you know. And if they are not up to standard I’ll punish you.

“What?” His eyes widened.

“I’ve looked on the web how women should treat subs.”

“Subs?” He sobbed, defeated.

“Submissives. I am now your mistress and you are effectively my slave, my gelding. You will be subjected to my discipline.”

“Discipline?” He gasped.

“One single step out of line, or poor service, and you’ll bend over a chair and I’ll cane your naked arse till you get it right, understood?”

He swallowed, and nodded. “Oh God.” He said softly.

“Oh God what?” I said harshly.

”I mean yes, yes mistress.” He replied lamely.

I undid his straps and he heaved himself to sit on the side of the bed, head bent, gazing down at his aching groin.

“Good boy. I think we have understanding don’t you?”

He nodded, tears streaming down his face.


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