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Let me know if you like this story. It starts out pretty standard but gets pretty fucked up in part two. I have a story arc of Sal the gangters origins, and how he got his taste for cruelty, and eating people. I also have a lot of ideas on how sal and the chef expand their empire to become the first Michelin started cannibal restaurant.

Usual disclaimer this is just a weird fantasy in my head, I in no way condone any of the activities in this story.

Part one "one of the boys"

Frank Sardone was a all American success story. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in NJ he had self made himself into a successful business man. He studied haute cuisine in Paris on a full ride scholarship, and now owned a large restaurant that had become a institution over the past 20 years. He drove a big Cadillac escalade, and had a huge house. He had a beautiful family with 7 kids, and a gorgeous wife, who kept her figure even after being pregnant for almost a decade straight. They were expecting their 8th in about 2-3 weeks now. His wife was very pregnant, but this was routine for her.

Frank only really had one problem, and that was himself, and his bad habits. In his old neighborhood almost all his friends went into a life of crime, those that weren’t dead or in jail, had risen to chief mobsters. He still hung out with them all the time. Most nights he would go down to Sal’s Gentle Men’s club, after closing the shop. It was a one stop shop for any depravity you had.

Out front they had a strip club, staffed with mostly 16-17 year old run away girls. For $200 you could fuck them, and for a few more bucks you could do whatever else you wanted to them. In the back there was a huge private area, much bigger then the front strip club. You needed to get past a row of goons to get in, but once inside you were in another country. Basically anything went back here, they had a full Casino, huge lounge area for sports betting, drugs were openly consumed, and traded in huge quantities.

Over the years Frank had become a fixture over here. Getting in real tight with the made guys. Sometimes blurring the line between a mobster, and the civilian he was. He got real close to the owner Sal, and would spend time in the most private rooms in the far back. Here is where the high stakes poker games took place, and buy in started at $500. Fortunes could be won, or lost in a evening.

This is also where the guys discussed their plans, openly admitted who whacked who, and sometimes got even with each other. Sal had a favorite tactic to get people to pay him his money, he wouldn’t threaten the guy, he would just go right to threatening the guys wife. and kids. For the most part this worked, the guy would do anything to get the money. Still since Sal owned almost all betting, probably once a week a guy would fail to come up with the money. He had a choice he could bring in whoever Sal wanted, and let the boys have their fun, or Sal would send guys out looking, and after that there was a good chance the guy would never see his women again.

Over the years they eventually just stopped kicking Frank out for these sessions. He drank beers in the corner, watching as the guys raped scores of women, from young kids, to grand mothers. Sal really got off on cuckolding the men, making them clean their women pussies after each load. The first time he was allowed to participate netted him his nick name Frank the Tank. A guy owed Sal about $27,000 after not being able to pay back his loan. He had ran out of time, and Sal told him personally to send him a picture of his family. The guy had a fat wife, a 17 year old son, and a 8 year old daughter. Little young for Sal’s tastes but they had run trains on toddlers back here just to prove a point. Sal informed the man that he was to bring his daughter in on Friday night. He matter of factly informed him of all the things that would transpire, and what was expected of him. If his daughter fought back too hard, they would choke her to death, she was to fuck every guy in the place even the dishwashers, and her father was to suck the cum out of her pussy, after each load.

The night rolled around and the man showed up with his daughter. She was unceremoniously lead over to a bed in the middle of a large open room surrounded by about 20 men, all erect through their jeans. Sal sauntered in, and walked up to the girl. “Hello precious” he said, “did your daddy tell you what we are going to do tonight”? She nodded sheepishly. “Good we are going to take good care of you tonight” his hand slipping under her summer dress and caressing her vulva under her Dora the explorer panties. “Remember you can thank your deadbeat dad for all of this”, as he lifted her onto the bed, and removed her clothes, folding them neatly into a pile.

Sal always went first, and liked to actually make passionate love to the girls. Later on guys would demean them and fuck them hard, but he liked to think that the slow passionate enjoyment weighed even heavier emotionally on the watching father. He started by giving her a nice sensual kiss on the lips, working his way down the nape of her neck slowly kissing the whole way to her collar bone. He continued kissing first up one arm, then the other stopping to kiss the top of her hand and make eye contact with the innocent little girl, who smiled up at him. He then kissed down to her totally flat chest lightly suckling on her tiny light pink nipples, all the while unlocking new feelings the girl had never felt before.

This is about the time he started very lightly rubbing her bald dewy little cunt. Lightly teasing out her sexual juices for the first time ever, as her father watched on tearfully. He kissed down from her chest to her belly button, and then suddenly for levity blew a big raspberry on her stomach the girl broke into giggles for a moment, but then he increased the intensity of his rubbing on her child cunt. She suddenly went stiff, as her skin got clammy, and she started to make primitive sounds, as Sal’s rough fingers rubbed circles on her tiny bump of a clit. He worked his way down to eye level with the young girls pussy, and continued to manipulate it. Nothing but two little pouty lips, and flashes of glistening pink as he molested the innocent girl parts. Sliding his pinky into the vice tight pussy he felt the hymen resist him about a inch in. That was his cue to remove his fingers, to some protest from the girl, and latch onto her little bald cuntlet with his mouth. Sal began to expertly start sucking the innocent virgin secretions from her depths. He absolutely consumed her pussy chasing her up, and down the bed until finally she gave in and surrendered her first orgasm to his incessantly slurping mouth.

Without much ceremony Sal whipped out his 5 inch cock rubbed it a few times on the outside of her sopping hole, and started to push in. Her hole was so tight that her whole pussy pushed in, instead of yielding entry to the warm folds inside. After a little prodding his head finally found a warm wet purchase, and slid inside. He slowly worked his way in and then after he was a inch deep, and sitting at her hymen. He took the moment to soak in the scene, looking down was a scared little girl, lips obscenely stretched out around his pulsing prick, all around him were his friends staring silently, at the union between the Mob Boss, and the immature slit of the little girl. Each man crazy eyed, some feeling their bulges, and others openly jacking their cocks. All looking forward to a crack at her hole(s). He looked up and met eyes with the dad. Sal grinned mischievously as he pushed his cock past her girlhood.

She winced in pain, but old Sal was gentle with her. Slowly letting her adapt to the cock invading her, working up a tempo starting very slowly, and whispering sweet nothings in Italian to her. He spent a luxurious 10 minutes churning his cock in her cunt, exploring every nook and cranny of the girl. He caresses the little gils face, and comforted her with his smile. After a while he increased the tempo, his fat gut slapping up against her small legs, he rubbed her clit, and bringing her to another crashing orgasm. He then laid his fat body on top of her one last time to steal a kiss, and then grunted as he emptied his balls into the creamy insides of her pussy.

He withdrew slowly admiring his handiwork as a huge load of off white cream bubbled up around his still buried cock. He withdrew slowly, large ropes of cum following his cock, and then collapsing onto the messy cunt. He looked at the father incredulously, as seconds ticked by. The father thinking about how things would never be the same. With a hard slap from Sal, the father snapped out of it. The man reluctantly dipped his head between his own daughters thighs and lapped at the leaking globs of cum, salving his daughter’s sore box with his saliva. It wasn’t until Sal pushed his head deep enough to cut off his air, against the tender pussy did the man begin to really start to suck the cum out. Sal looked on, and could see the man mentally shatter as he probed, and sucked deeper trying to get it all. He came up with Sals cum dripping down his cheeks, but his daughters box was indeed cleaned. Sal smiled approvingly, but then said ”missed a spot”, and put his leaky cock next to the mans head, brushing his cheek. Accepting his fate, but slipping one notch closer to total insanity the man accepted Sal’s softening cock into his mouth. Sucking the slightly bloody cum off the tip, and vacuuming the head to extract the rest of the load from within.

Jockeying was starting to occur in the crowd for who would have second crack at the girl, a bunch of pushing and shoving was going on. Sal spotted Frank in the corner with his beer in hand, and called him over. “You’re next” he said. Frank looking around like their may be someone behind him. Sal made eye contact again, and waved him over. What Frank didn’t know was their were now 3 HD cameras recording these sessions, after this Sal owned Frank, since he was a public figure, and he could blackmail him with a clear recording of him banging a kid. “OK” said frank a little sheepishly, as he walked over to Sals warm greeting, and a pat on the back. Sal seeming not to find anything odd about the raped little girl, or her father sucking his dick.

Still one look at the girls little opening still pouty from the fucking, and Frank caved into the peer pressure. He unbuttoned his slacks, and let them drop, leaving just Armani tighty whities that contained a cock bulge that wrapped all the way around his thigh. Pulling them down unleashed one of the biggest cocks Sal, or the gathered crowd had ever seen, and actually made Sal’s penis come back to life in the fathers clumsily sucking mouth. It was probably damn near a foot long, extremely fat, curved in the middle, with angry veins, and bumps studding it. Sal always hired a few well endowed Black Guys to attend these events, but they had baby cocks next to this.

“Maybe I should go last?” said Frank. “No by all means go first” said Sal. Frank spit a huge amount onto his hands and rubbed it up and down his dick. He lined his cock up to the little red orifice and balked at the extreme size difference. He then rested his balls at her vagina, to measure how deep he could go, and his cock was crossing her whole torso, and resting on her nipple. Lining it back up he met eyes with Sal, who nodded, and then looked down at the dad who took time out from sucking Sal’s now rock hard cock, to shoot him a pleading look.

With that he started trying to enter the little girl. First in missionary, then in cowgirl, he made almost no progress. Her tight little cunt was not accepting even his head. Finally in frustration he flipped her over to doggy style, and spit on her dirty cunt. He lined up the bulbous purple head, against the tiny little hole, and leaned down with all his weight supported by his cock. He began pushing with enough force he was worried about snapping his dick, but eventually her cunt started to yield. slowly but surely the entire outside of her vagina was pushed deep into her body, but eventually the head found its way in. The girl who had just had a very positive first sexual experience was now heading for a life long complex, trying to make sense of the feeling of being torn in two, by the relentless bumpy log being forced into her immature body.

Frank started to lose it. He grabbed the girl off the bed by her shoulders and stood up. She was impaled on his cock with 10 inches still to go, lips stretched to almost ripping. Sensing he needed help two other guys came over to join him. With all three pushing her down on her shoulders she slowly started to slide down his cock. He started pistoning, at the tiny hole fighting him off. But it was no use, as they kept up the pressure soon enough he was, bottoming out in her cunt, then he was pushing past her cervix, then he was fucking her womb, and then he was finally balls deep. Tossing her back on the table he now started to really fuck her, tight tube. With each stoke a few inches of her pussy sleeve would prolapse out holding his cock. He ruthlessly pounded her non stop for 20 minutes, switching positions, and reveling at the outline of his dick poking out the front of her stomach. Looking deep in her scared eyes, and enjoying her beet red face, as he rearranged her insides, knowing that this was the most pleasurable, and painful night of her short life. Slapping his hips with no mercy against the girls tiny frame his climax approached, until he finally rooted himself, gutturally screamed at the top of his lungs, and dropped a pint of cream into her ruined cunt. At the same moment Sal came deep into her fathers throat.

After a pregnant pause the two men high fived, and looked down at the girl. Her sweet succulent cunt that Sal had just been just nibbling on was now replaced with a gapping red orifice, absolutely gushing cum, and chunks of cunt he had knocked loose. Sal grabbed the dad and held his face in the girls ruined pussy making sure that he cleaned her good. Moments later the next guy in line took his place, and plowed into the girl. his 6 inch dick was barely brushing the walls of her raped pussy. Angrily he flipped the girl over and with no lube started fucking her ass, and choking her for being a little slut.

Part two "Latin dinner"

Sal took Frank aside, and said “from now on you are Frank the Tank. Jesus look at that thing” He put his hand on Frank’s cock and his mouth seemed to water for a moment, then he snapped out of it.

“Look I was actually planning on letting these two go, but I’m not sure she is going to survive that fucking you gave her, and honestly if she is already getting buggered, and choked this early the guys are probably going to kill her”. “I have a big ask of you, and you can say no, but since you are this deep already you might as well go all the way”. “What is it” said Frank, emotions rushing through his head realizing he just murdered a girl the same age as his oldest, and realizing he couldn’t say no to Sal since he helped him start his business.

“I don’t know how to put this so I will just say it. If someone is inconvenient we… Get rid of them. We throw their bodies to the pigs to eat, at a friendly farm. They leave no traces, but before that we… eat a few parts” Said Sal. “Eat a few parts?” Said Frank. “I came to power crushing weaker men, and ever since the beginning I have done it this way. I like to think that I consume a mans power if I eat his penis, and his future if i eat his children. About half of the guys, and kids who either show up for these payback sessions, or we go get, end up in my belly. I eat their genitals, and serve other parts of them as meatballs, and burgers to all the guys here in the club. I’m sure you have eaten a few people worth of meat, at this point the way you eat” laughed Sal. Frank was dumbfounded, he had went from innocent man, to child rapist, to murderer, to now unbeknownst cannibal in the span of a hour.

“Just come with me” said Sal, and they walked back into the kitchen. Sal pulled a small lever in a shelf, and access to hidden room opened up with another full kitchen facility, There were a few tables fully set with cloth, nice silver, and plates. Large industrial oven in one corner, and a range in the other. In the center was a large steel prep area with a bunch of eyelets to tie rope to. “Come, come” said Sal as he walked to the back of the room. He opened the door into yet another large room this one lined on both sides with cages.

Flicking on the lights Caused a stir in a few of them, as things came into focus he realized the cages were full of people. The cages were lined with one way mirrors so the captives couldn’t see out. Frank followed Sal down the hallway. In some of the cages were teenaged girls, In others there were single men who all seemed to be quite well endowed, in others were random kids of all ages, and ethnicities. Towards the end there were many cages full of families. Some just the parents, and one kid, but a few were multi generational from grand parents, to toddlers.

“How hungry are you” asked Sal. “I get starving, every time after I fuck” said Frank only catching the ramifications of that after he said it. “OK lets see then” said Sal ask he walked the hall. Lingering on a large asian family, and then walking on. “I have been saving these for a special occasion” said Sal. Most of these people in here owe me money, or slighted someone in the family, but these people just came in to let their daughter use the bathroom, and we snatched them.

He unlocked the door to a cage containing a very light skinned attractive looking young hispanic family. Handsome Father, Beautiful Mother, and four of the cutest young kids. All chained up. All completely naked. Sal handed Frank a hand gun, and then selected a cattle prod from off of the wall. Even though the family didn’t speak english they got the message after Sal Hit the dad with the prod a few times. They got up and shuffled in their chains to the kitchen area, with Sal scooping up their toddler and carrying him along, under his arm.

“I find latin people taste the best for some reason” These people are from Chile according to their passports. “Perhaps we should do a little Mexican themed snack” said Sal as he placed the toddler on the counter and then shackled each remaining family members to the wall. “Can you help me with some prep work?” said Sal. Frank aimlessly nodded looking at the super uncomfortable family.

“Go in the fridge and get me some shredded cheese, lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, salsa, onions, tortillias, poblano peppers, and whatever other things you like for Mexican food, you are the chef after all” said Sal. Frank did as he was told as frank started up the range, and started collecting implements from around the kitchen.

Frank went to the huge commercial walk in fridge to find ingredients from the list. Mingled in with all the provisions of a working restaurant were all different body parts in different states of disembodiment all preserved in food saver vacuum bags. There were stacks of genitals all cleanly butchered in slightly different ways some vaginas had just the labia, while others contained all the other reproductive organs, Some containing the entire groin area with the hips cleanly sawed off. There were so many penises he couldn’t count all soaking in various marinades, and spice rubs. There were large tubs of ground meat, all labeled with the ethnicity. There were also whole babies soaking in clear tubs with different sauces. Everything was neatly tagged with the age, and date. He quickly grabbed what he came for, and then went back to the kitchen.

After everything was assembled on the main table Sal, went to the ice machine and filled a bucket up then produced a 12 pack of Corona and dunked them all in. Cracked two open and sat down next to Frank. “Look I am so glad I could finally take you back here. You are the best chef I know, and I consider you a friend of mine… That being said, If you ever leak a word of this to anyone I will kill your whole family, and then release the tapes of you ruining that girl earlier”.

With that they awkwardly sipped their beers. “I want you to taste these people fresh, since it is so much better that way, after a few bites you will be hooked. I have no doubt you will be my new chef. A lot of important men have ate in this kitchen, we have had CEOs and Senators, even had a president or two reach out to us to join us for dinner. We facilitate the ultimate end to grudges between people, and family members for the right price. This is definitely a special place. Hallowed grounds in the cannibal community. You would need to go to Berlin to find, anything even close to the quality we serve here. I have a large network of bookies, pimps, and spotters all over the country. We can get any type of meat our customers prefer.”

Sal drained his beer, and said “shall we get started”?

Without waiting for a answer he walked over to the other side of the table, and collected the toddler. “I want you to take the biggest plunge first, it will all be easy after this” said Sal with the little scamp under his arm. “You have a lot to learn about eating people but I assure you I have eaten in the finest restaurants the world over, and nothing compares. This is the finest cut of meat in the world” he said presenting the three year olds groin area to Frank. “Suckle him but don’t hurt him, I just want you to taste him, and think of the flavor. Taste him for the meat that he is.” With that Frank leaned over, and sucked the small penis into his mouth. He let the soft flaccid juicy little package roll around his mouth. The tasty essence of the fresh skin, with just a hint of stale pee started to invigorate Frank. Popping it out of his mouth, he lavished the outside of the baby cock with strong licks. He cast his eye over to the rest of the family, and the fury of the father, and the sobbing of the mother started to make him tingle.

To his surprise his ministrations on the tiny morsel stated to have an effect on the cooing toddler. He started to get erect in Franks mouth, and he increased his efforts in earnest sucking the lille shaft in and out of his mouth. Then sucking the whole package in, licking the tiny testes, and rolling the little filet mignon around his taste buds. Without even consciously realizing it frank started to bite the cock. Just little nibbles at first but then he clamped his teeth down viciously on the head leaving a row of teeth marks.

Sal was delighting in the whole show but his own cock was starting to get painfully hard, and this whole time he had been working his finger in and out of the small boys bottom. He wanted Frank to have the whole experience for his first time. Reluctantly he pulled the toddler away Franks teeth holding on momentarily. He grabbed a rubber band and triple wrapped it around the base of the baby cock, grabbed a jar of medium taco sauce and dumped it all over the baby’s groin. He then positioned a chair right in front of the parents and with taco sauce as lube sunk his modest cock all the way up the boy to the hilt. He motioned for Frank to come over, and with a combination of lust, and hunger he attacked the raw cock with a fury he had never known.

Without sharpened teeth it is actually quite a effort to bite off a live cock. Frank gave it every thing he had biting the shaft like a pit bull, after many tries he succeeded in tugging it free. The taste in his mouth was heaven on earth, he rolled the most succulent morsel he had ever experienced around his mouth luxuriating in it. He knew he would never look at child, or have oral sex again without fighting the urge to bite down, instead of just licking. He came back for the balls with renewed vigor and soon enough come away with a face coated in blood and taco sauce, and a mouth full of delicious.

Sal wanted to save his load for later, but watching a friend graduate into total depravity was too much. His balls clenched and rocketed all the juice into the tight little bum. Frank came to his senses just as he swallowed the last of the boy. The sounds of the family screaming were all at once deafening. With no warning he punched the mother hard in the gut, bonked their 8 year old unconscious, then quieted down the 5 year old twins by shoving what he could of his cock down their crying throats .

Sal woke up to the toddler still wailing on his cock. In one move he stood up grabbing the boy by both of his legs, and then caving his head in after a overhead swing to the corner of the table. Grabbing the cattle prod he approached the parents, applied it to the moms vagina and pulled the trigger. She lay there shaking and pleading, a little dribble of pee escaping her bladder. He locked eyes with the father, and pointed at his cum covered cock. Without words he gestured what he wanted, the father shook his head no defiantly, and then he gave the wife 10 solid seconds of cattle prod scorching off her sparce pubic hair. The broken man dropped to his knees and submissively started cleaning off Sals cock.

Meanwhile frank had unlocked the twins. he had herded both of them on the main table, his hands were all over the two of them. Roughly rubbing their cunts, and asses. His cock taking the full drivers seat, he ran off desperately searching the kitchen for some lube the . He found a jug of Olive oil next to a turkey baster, and tore back to the two tots. He assessed the situation, and there was probably a slim chance of getting his cock in anywhere besides their bottoms. However looking at their pouty pudendas suddenly had him ravished again. He dipped his head down and started callously lapping at their tender vaginas. Speading their lips to get at the creamy pink nether regions. Dipping his tongue in deeper, and deeper tasting their youth, and licking their hymens. The panicked little girls actually found a bit of enjoyment in his probing. That is until he bit down, on the left girls labia, and then frustratedly bit the right girls puffy cunt mound. He was determined to consume their oysters raw, but you need sharpened teeth, or a sashimi knife to accomplish that.

Sal Meanwhile had been beating up the other family members, and with the prod, and bad Spanish had successfully coerced the mother to lick her daughter’s cunt while the dad continued to bob on his cock. He didn’t get much sexual pleasure from having sex with men, but he loved the power. He would probably end up fucking the fathers ass one last time, before he killed them. Then he noticed Frank frustratedly trying to bite on of the girls cunts off. He walked over and saw the poor mans raging erection, and knew he needed to cum before he had a heart attack.

He insistently nudged Frank away from the abused vagina. He grabbed the turkey baster and filled it with oil cilantro, and lime juice. In rapid Succession he shot generous squirts up the asses, and pussies of both twins. Then He took a knife and nicked the top, and bottom, of both the girls vagina holes, cutting the delicate skin between the anus, and vagina.

Needing no more invitation Frank climbed up on the table and sunk into the first girl, the nick in her pussy becoming a huge tear, as his cock ripped through her body. As he pushed he worked the oil spices, and stinging lime juice deeper, and deeper into her cunt. He really couldn’t last long, this was all just way too much. But Sal insistently pulled him out, and then positioned the other girl in front of him. He wasted no time in plowing ahead. Looking down at the tiny girl his cock brushing her lungs as he utterly took her humanity away. His balls were boiling. In the corner of his eye he saw Sal stuffing in a bunch of peppers and onions to the small girls distended cunt, and ass.

He couldn’t take it anymore and unleashed every bit of cum into the young girl, and collapsed on top of her, cock still twitching trying in vein to inseminate the pre pubescent pussy. He looked down at the pussy that had been just barely a slit, and it was now a gaping black hole. The girl laid there catatonic, and likely bleeding internally. He searched his brain for some regret or emotion, but felt none.

Just then Sal came by with the baster, and a bowl of chopped up veggies. He slurped a good amount of cream out of the girls pussy, and asked him to lightly pack her pussy with the veggies. A few moments later he returned with the first tike, and squirted the cum from the baster into her cunt. He slid a ball gag in her mouth, and proceed to tie her to the table. He pulled on a lever, and two extensions came from under the table, that were perfectly aligned to strap her legs up with her crotch right at the edge. He walked over and quickly prepared Franks girl the same way.

He then placed two plates in between them with Spanish rice, chopped lettuce, shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream with a few slices of avocado, and lime wedges. Next to that he put a covered bowl with heated tortillas, and two freshly cracked coronas. He looked over at the family, and was happy to see the mother still dutifully licking her daughters vagina, he came to the conclusion that he would make her eat a little piece later.

With that he went to the range and got his implement. To cook live pussy the best way is to stick a red hot rod up inside. He had a blacksmith make him ones shaped like small dildos, that have a sliding cup along the pole that toasts the outside of the cunt as well.

With no ceremony Frank drove the hot poker deep into the girls cunt. He set it for 12 inches, but it didn’t seem to bottom out. Franks cock is a damn wrecking ball he thought. A vision flashed in his head of eating his cock one day, but he swiftly brushed it off. The girl was screaming fighting against he bonds, but it was too late 3 minutes later, and her cunt was cooked to perfection. 3 more minutes later, and her twin also had a bright red crackly skinned vagina with flagrant steam wafting out.

Little taco sauce splashed on top, of the steaming holes, and it was pussy fajita time. The men toasted their coronas to “a new chapter in their friendship”, and then started digging out chunks of the five year olds cunts. “It is still a bit bloody to eat cunt alive, but well worth it to see them squirm” said Sal. Frank made a heaping fajita pulling with just his hand, as the cunt shredded like well cooked chicken. He loaded all his toppings on the bottom, and placed the griddled labia on top. Hitting it with cracked pepper, and fresh lime juice. He took one last look at the immature pussy lip staring back at him, and bit down into nirvana. The cum, oil, spices, and veggies all mixed together into a delicious sauce. The cunt was cooked with such delicate perfection, his French chef mentors would have been over the moon. Her pussy absolutely melted in his mouth.

After the first fajita he just dove headfirst into the pussy. He started feeding right from the source, biting and sucking off pieces of cunt, mixed with onion. Chewing down until there was nothing left. Biting on her on the well grilled fallopian tubes, but leaving the hard to reach inner sex organs. Never had Frank felt more sated.

Sal was more civilized, and stuck to his fajita cunt. Making up a few picture perfect cunt tacos. He felt eyes on the back of his head, and looked at the remaining family. They weren’t making the noises he thought they would be. As a matter of fact, they were dead silent, and staring intently at the tacos. “Hmmm, may just be getting jealous of all the tasty food”. Thought Sal. Who could blame them with the heady aromal of grilled cunt meat, an onions smelling so good. Plus the only thing he fed people when they came here was water, piss, and as much cum as they could extract from him and his dogs. These people hadn’t eaten in 10 days. He wanted their asses clean for sausages after all.

He broke off a piece of cunt, and made a fajita. He walked up to the mother and daughter, and ripped it in half. There was no doubt that this contained their daughter/sister’s vagina, but when presented with it they snapped it up, and gobbled it down. He went back and broke off just a piece of cunt for the father. He begrudgingly took it and greedily ate it down.

A fun thought crossed Sals mind. “Hey Franky are you full for now?” Frank nodded but said “still a bit hungry but I can wait”. “Grab the gun, and hold it on them then” said Sal.

With that Sal unlocked the family, and lead them over to the table. He moved all the provisions away, and chained all three of their hands firmly to the table. Giving just enough slack on the chain so that they could plant their faces into either of the twins cooked cunts. Without much hesitation the family began to feed. A week with no food clouding their minds as they smell the tasty grilled cunt. The two men had both taken a lot of the easy meat so the family really had to bite and dig into the groin for viable meat, but they absolutely attacked the cunts. Devouring them like piranhas barely stopping for a breath of air after each bite.

Sal, and Frank both sat back with their beers, and took in the sights. What a strange night this has turned out to be for Frank. Sal looked down at the father, and was taken aback. From the moment his men kidnapped the family, and raped his wife e the first time, Sal noted that he had a tiny cock, but it turns out he is a grower, not a shower. The fathers cock was pendulously dangling there, at a healthy 8-9 inches.

Sal went to root around the cupboard and brang back a device of his own design. It consists of a large cylinder with a harness on it similar to a strap on dildo. He filled it to the top with oil, then plugged it in to heat up. He then came up from behind the man and started, rubbing his juicy manhood, then kneeled down and slid the father’s turgid cock into his mouth. Delighting in the tasty flavor, he received a nice squirt of pre cum as a reward for his loving milking. Sal nursed away, and began looking forward to eating the cock off of the man.

Against all odds Franks cock started to lurch again, as he saw the sexy mother, and daughters naked bums bobbing, as they ate the cunts off the twins.. He saw that Sal has a plan to take care of the father with some weird device, and noted him happily sucking on desert. Frank went back into the fridge, and grabbed a can of whipped cream, and a bottle of chocolate sauce. On the way out the door he grabbed a pickled baby cock out of a jar, and popped it in his mouth almost fainting from the delicious flavor, as he chewed it on the way back.

He unchained the mother and daughter, taking them away from their feast, to the other side of the table. They both seem a bit coy, and modest considering both of their faces are both covered in red oil, and gristle from eating a cunt down to the uterus, and the fact that both of their vaginas were puffy, and leaking juice profusely. For the first time he actually looked at the two women. The mother is stunningly beautiful with a fair complexion, sharp features, contrasted with a shock of dark hair. The daughter is her spitting image, and looks like she could be a youth model, or a pop star one day. As he fixated on the both of their bald vaginas, they both take note of his long cock, as it filled in with arousal and began to twitch with his heart beat. It was still lightly coated in the cream of the twins, and now dripping translucent cream from the tip. Both women got lost in staring at it bob as he prepared their desert.

He laid out a nice blanket on the cold steal table and patted it with his hand, motioning for the mother to sit down. He passionately kissed her, tasting cunt on her breath. He rubbed her red juicy cunt as the daughter looked on. His fingers expertly flashing in, and out until a stream of cunt cream drooled through them. He reached for the chocolate sauce coating the whole cunt from clit to asshole, then placed the whipped cream nozzle in the mothers pussy hole, and sprayed until her cunt over flowed with cream. Before he could get his hand out of the way the 8 year old dove in. She happily sucks at the sweet cream, and pussy juice seeping out of the cunt. The mother looking down at her baby nursing her cunt, almost instantly shudders in orgasm. Frank climbed up onto the table and sprayed a thick line of cream onto his cock. Presenting it to the mother who happily licks up and down his prodigious penis, stopping at the top to clean the flavorful stale cum, and pussy viscera off, and to lap the tip getting little spurts of pre cum which she gulps down. He comes back with the chocolate, totally coating his cock. She begins to bob her head on his prick only taking a few inches, but expertly churning his balls, and working desperately for her milk. The whole room is consumed by the sounds of grunts, and happy slurping of genitals.

Just this moment alone would have been the most erotic moment of Franks life 5 hours ago. A gorgeous latin woman, is sucking him like there is nectar in his cock while her sweet pig tailed daughter laps her juicy slit, like a purring kitten laps a bowl of milk. Times sure have changed though, as much as he is enjoying this loving moment, in the back of his mind he is already thinking what king of dish to make out of their pink little cunts.

Meanwhile Sal is making fast friends with the father. He gave the guy a full beer, and poured the rest of his fajita plate on what was left of his daughters cunts. The dad was contentedly eating like a pig in slop. The hunger pangs washing away any apprehension he had. One bite of the grilled cunt, and he too was entranced. At this point he had worked his face deep in the cunt. Tearing away shreds, of his still twitching daughters pussy. His mouth seized on a little ball, and he crunched down getting a little sour cream and rice with this bite. He concluded it must have been a ovary, and relished the tangy crunch. Dipping his head back down he started gnawing the other side of the cunt, desperately searching for the other one.

Sal had been dutifully milking the mans cock. Taking him right to the edge of orgasm, then settling for just a little precum snack. Sal knew that all of this would build up a nice load in the balls for him to enjoy later. He kept his eye on his contraption, watching the digital temperature gauge slowly climbing, and continuing to pump, suck, and milk the throbbing member. As the read out began inching closer to the 350 degree mark, Sal reluctantly slipped the fathers cock out of his mouth, and went to the cupboards to grab a few bowls, and supplies. He returned and set everything down behind the man. After setting up he went back to rubbing the mans member coating every millimeter with a new smooth lubrication. The father was still to busy nibbling his dinner/daughter to pay attention to his cock is getting coated in beaten eggs. Sal then dipped his cock in a bowl of flour then, soothed him with more slippery eggs again, then finally a cornmeal batter. He then slid on a tight cock ring that acted as a gasket for his contraption, and locked in the fathers burstingly hard cock juices. He got up to check and sure enough the oil was bubbling in his machine.

He came up to the father and slipped the harness on him, having him step gingerly into each leg. It all latches into his tight cock ring. He then caresses the mans back, and raises his feminine face from the cunt. The man is also quite pretty in a androgynous way, and Sal takes him in, for a moment wanting to remember him this way, completely broken with pieces of his daughters cunt dripping down his cheeks. Sal undoes all the bindings on the man, taking off his hand cuffs, and shackles. leaving him free to move, and stretch for the first time in a week. In a soft moment, he brushed the mans bangs out of his eyes, and then handed him a cold corona.

As he began to drink the beer Sal grabbed the machine off the counter, and in one practiced move he latched the boiling oil right over his cock, locking it in place in a way only he knew how to remove..The tight high heat resistant cock ring completely sealing in any splashing oil, and Battery operated heating elements keeping the oil at a solid 350 degrees. A timer set for 6:00 begins counting down as soon as it clamped on.

I takes a second for the man to feel the pain. He dropped the beer shattering it. Realizing he is free, and snapping out of the trance. He books for the other side of the kitchen. Sal gives the guy a 30 second head start to arm himself, or make a move, then takes off after him. He tackles the much thinner man who is so desperate to try to free his cooking cock that he isn’t doing anything about Sal’s cock probing his ass. Next thing you know Sal is back in total cruel domination savagely fucking the mans ass, watching the time count down, and salivating as the air fills with the smell of fried churro cock.

Frank is still entertaining the ladies, who actually seem relatively happy to be getting all this attention from a dashingly handsome Italian man despite all their dead or dying family members. Sal had thoroughly broken them all Frank thought. As long as the moms snatch is full of the cream the daughter was absolutely latched on. Frank kept dotting the mothers clit with the chocolate sauce, and the little girl would greedily suck the whole top of her labia to get the sauce from the folds. The daughter had her mother absolutely inconsolable with how she hard was cumming, the whip cream running clear with pussy juice.

She was too far gone to effectively suck franks dick, with the expert rough tongue of her daughter swallowing her cunt whole. Frank smoothly slid behind the daughter and rubbed her slick juicy vagina with loving care. Streaks of pussy juice running down her thighs.

Using the rest of the olive oil Frank lubed his cock and then lined it up to the 8 year old box. To his surprise his cock slid in without much of a fuss, she was still tight as a drum. This 8 year old has gotten stretched by a cock before, he though. The more he thought about it there is no way that she learned to suck a cunt that expertly just tonight either. Her parents must have been touching her all along.

His cock lurched thinking about the mother sucking the little girls pussies of her own volition. He pictured her licking the twins, and suckling the tiny toddler cock as she changed his diapers . His cock grew yet another size larger, and he redoubled his efforts slamming the 8 year old sluts cunt balls deep, as her pussy clenched on for dear life. No chocolate needed anymore, her mothers cream was all she needed now to stay latched on. Her mom was turning beet red from another climax, and so much juice was flowing, that it had to be piss at this point. He could feel the girls young pussy coming on his dick, and the mother was seizing from her orgasm.

Suddenly he pushed the young girl up so she was face to face with her mother, they locked lips and reveled in the flavor of each others mouths. Frank now had access to both red puffy cunts. He alternated back and forth, slamming deep into the mother, and then going deep into the daughter. His hips moving at lighting speed he continued to pump harder and harder. .Finally he got to the point where he is moving the 500 lb steel table with each thrust, and buried his cock root deep in the daughter while furiously rubbing the moms clit. He feels both of the girls going off at the same time cum flying from their cunts. As the first spurt of cum shoots from Franks dick he reaches for the pistol puts it to the back of the daughters head, and shoots straight through her brain, out her face, and straight through her mothers head.

The death throes on his cock, are unlike anything he has ever felt. The little girls cunt feels like it may break off his dick. He starts pumping cum from the farthest reaches of his balls, shooting deep into the warm cunt he then slipped out and rams into the mother. Her slut cunt milks any last drop of cum her daughter left on her way to the afterlife.

Sometimes Franks wife makes him fuck her when he gets home to prove he isn’t cheating. He doesn’t think he will be able to cum for a few weeks, after tonight, and she better lock up his daughters. He thinks of his toddlers cunt for a second, and then shakes it off.

Sal meanwhile is watching the clock tick down, on the cock fryer 2000, and with 30 seconds left he too is trying to get his nut. He has the man pinned face down near his dead son. One last load to drop, into this latin man’s colon and then it is desert time. He picks up the tempo, trying to find the strength to just fill the guys ass with his seed. Desperately he looks around the room for inspiration, and he need not look any further then the two dying twins, mexican food strewn across their missing groins, the dead toddler, and dead mother/daughter cum leaking out of their gaping twats to find his inspiration.

with a scream he emptied the contents of his testes just as the clock ticked down. A festive electronic tone comes from the cock fryer. The father completely broken just slides off his cock. Frank gives him a pat on the ass, and then he pushes a button on the side of the machine A blade activates chopping off his manhood, but leaving the ring attached, so the father won’t bleed out.

Sal inverts the machine on the counter and pulls a perfectly breaded, and fried cock cutlet out. Frank slides out of the dead mothers creamy pussy, as the smell hits his nostrils. He walks over to Sal cum dripping from his cock. They both stand there cocks deflated, as Sal raises the Cock corndog to his mouth. He bites off the head savoring all the juices running out. He passes the cock to Frank who takes a large bite in full view of the father who is lightly sobbing in the corner holding the ring where his cock used to be. “Is bueno”! Said Frank and gave him a thumbs up. Luxuriating in the tender perfectly cooked cock.

Sal reached over, and broke off a testicle for Frank to enjoy. “Kids are the most tender, But a grown mans cock is also absolutely delicious. See how much cum he had stored up, you are going to be eating more dick then a fag after tonight!” laughed Sal as Frank bit into a flavorful ball. Frank rolled his eyes and just said “MMMmmmm” getting his first taste of cum, and really enjoying it as a condiment.

“What should we do with those two Mr. Chef” asked Sal, for the mother and daughter, with their cum filled cunts.

“On tonights menu we will be serving a pussy ceviche, cooked raw in nothing but cum and lime juice”

“You are hired” said Sal as took his last bite of cock

“Do you have a can around here asked Frank, I have to piss like a race horse”

“We have a full traditional bathroom with a shower, and I took the liberty of having your clothes laundered, they are all folded neatly in there but follow me for the fun way to pee”

They walked back into the room full of cages, and down to the end where the families were. Sal slid a small waist level hole open in one of the cages and started pissing. The mother inside grabbed her toddler daughter, and shoved her up against the cage door. The thirsty little girl latched onto Sals flaccid cock and greedily drank everything down. Cleaning the shit and dried cum from the mans ass off in the process.

Frank got the message and found a cage with a family holding a infant daughter he repeated the process, and this time the family all took turns drinking from Franks cock. When he was done pissing the mother left the baby nursing his cock, hoping he could feed her a nutritious load. He was tapped out completely, but somehow after a few minutes returned to half hardness as the toothless tike gummed his cock. He gave in, and came a piddling half a tablespoon load. The mother gave him a bit of a dirty look, but wasted no time in kissing her daughter on the lips trying to share some of the cum.

Sal said “I am feeling generous tonight” left for a moment, and came back with two huge St Bernard dogs. He let one into each cage that had serviced them, and watched as the families all descended on them, flipping them over, and rubbing their bellies. “Both of them cum enough to feed the whole family” Wish I had the energy to make one fuck a toddler but I am beat” said Sal. The families had each coaxed out 9 inch dog cocks, and were sucking them hard for their dinner.

The two men went back into the main room. Processed the two remaining cunts, for the ceviche salad which Frank took as a doggy bag. Frank hopped into the shower, and headed home.

Part three "good morning Daddy"

The next morning Frank woke up next to his wife.

The pregnancy hormones made her extremely horny, and her no good husband was never around to fuck her. She slid down under the covers, and pulled down his spotlessly clean under wear, to smell his dick. It smelled of a industrial locker room shower soap, not the hippy stuff they had, at home.. She knew he was up to no good, and she was going to prove it. She nursed franks cock into her mouth and did her damnedest to illicit a reaction. She bobbed up, and down jerked him off, licked his balls, and not a twitch from his dick.

Frank started to stir, and looked down under the covers at his wife glaring back at him, soft dick in hand while she fruitlessly milked the end. She popped the tip out, and was just going to start giving him hell, when their 4 year old daughter came tearing in. Trying to keep 7 kids clothed is almost impossible, for busy parents like them so the youngest ones spent most of their time naked around the house.

His daughter jumped up onto the bed saying “Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!”. She jumped into his arms and showered him with kisses. His embarrassed wife hid under the covers still with a mouth full of soft cock. Frank slowly processing everything at once hugged his daughter back, and lifted her up. His hand innocently landing on her bare butt.

Suddenly there was motion under the sheets, Franks cock involuntarily started to grow a bit. His wife probably should have stopped but she continued to nurse. Frank was completely unsure how to proceed, he hadn’t had a chance to cope with the last night, and here he was with touching his daughter with his wife in the room, sucking him off no less. He raised the sheets just a bit so he could just see his wife, and she could see his hand on his daughters ass. He lightly squeezed it, and he heard his wife groan a little, around his cock. She was also rewarded with a suddenly harder cock, and a dribble of precum.

He said “come here sweetie, and give daddy a kiss” His daughter stood up, exposing her little cunt to her mother still clandestinely slurping his cock under the covers. Frank knew that this next moment would either make his sex life infinitely more interesting or would end his marriage. As his daughter puckered up to kiss him, he slid his rough fingers into the downy soft folds of her cunt. He couldn’t see his wife, and she paused sucking for a moment. He doubled down starting to manipulate his daughters cunt. After a minute his daughter closed her eyes and started sitting down into his fingers enjoying the new feelings from down below. Frank continued, and to his surprise her pussy juiced up nicely.

He pulled his fingers away small strands of gooey girl juice clinging to them, and then brought the fingers down under the covers. They stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, until finally he felt his wife accept them into her mouth, and suck off every morsel of cunt juice. He then returned to strumming his daughters cunt, and his wife resumed sucking his dick.

“Does that feel good baby?” He asked his daughter. “MMhmm” she replied sheepishly her little cherubic cheeks flushed as she ground her cunt into his hand.

He then slowly lifted the covers off of his wifes head, and said “mommy wants to love you too”. With that he brought his daughter down closer to his wife. She looked on wide eyed as the leaking little slit approached her. Perhaps if she wasn’t pregnant, and feeling her most horny she would have acted differently. Instead she let her daughter turn her head and see mommy nursing on daddies pee pee. As Frank brought her closer she had no choice, she spit out his cock, and gently began to lap at her daughters juicy baby slit. It was nothing but a little puffy mound with barely even a opening, but to her tongue it was the best thing she ever tasted.

She continued to lap the precious folds gently as her hand was a blur on her own cunt, and the new baby in her belly kicked at all the excitement. She then reluctantly let the cunt go knowing what she needed. She placed her daughter so that her cuntlet was resting on the shaft Franks huge cock. She then began to rub her daughter back and forth. The friction of her little cunt on his dick, was getting too hot for both of them. Mommy increased the tempo frantically rubbing the poor confused little girl back and forth, leaving new streaks of fresh pussy juice with each pass. Finally as they both got close to bursting, she suddenly grabbed her daughter and positioned Franks cock right at the entrance. Jerking Frank off she just intended to have him cum on top of her cunt so she could eat it out, but the two were so frantic for more father daughter genital contact that he went up, as she went down, and in one motion his bulbous head penetrated her spec of a pussy.

Within seconds both of them were screaming, and Frank somehow after last night produced a 1/4 cup of jizz, delivered up his shaft into the warm embrace of his daughters immature pussy. The mom unceremoniously ripped the still pumping cock out of the daughter, not out of concern for the well being of the sore little vagina, but to get at the creamy cunt she so desired. Frank always was convinced she was a prude, but in college she was a freak, and back in her babysitting days… Lets just say this wasn’t the first tender young cunt she had ever cleaned a load out of.

As soon as her tongue hit the creamy pussy and she watched a creamy blob of cum seep out onto her tongue she lost it. Her body broke down, from how hard she came. She came like a sprinkler making the puddle near her piddling cunt now seep deep into the mattress.

Out of no where they heard a loud creak. For the first time they took notice of the door to the bedroom being wide open. Along the hall and all looking in were their six other kids, alarmed by the passionate screaming, and still processing mommy licking their sister where she pees. Franks young son sporting a stiffy.

Franks cock was still twitching and spurted a long rope of cum across his daughters belly. His wife unrepentant looked straight at him, and took another long swipe with her tounge into the creamy depths of her daughters red little slit, causing her to shudder with another orgasm, and secrete another gush of little girl juice onto her mothers waiting tongue.

“I’m going to kill you” she mouthed to Frank, and then patted the big double king bed. Addressing her assembled kids she declared “Today is birds and the bees day. Me and daddy just taught Claire about them, who else wants to learn?”



Damn that was one of the hottest stories I have read in a while.


One of the best canibalism stories around, and the mix with incest and cuck it's a win combination. You should write more. like canibals stalking incestuos couples, like moms and son, surprise them and you know the rest.... ;)


Part four "Dr feel good"

Frank, and his wife waited in the Dr’s office waiting room, with a few of the kids. Frank listlessly paged through out of date sports illustrated magazines. Finally the hot little Indian secretary called his name.

Frank landed on the Dr’s table with a thud. He looked like absolute shit. Unshaven, and sleep deprived. He had to position himself just right to avoid being sore.

His wife and the three kids sat quietly in the corner, the kids entranced by their iPads, and newborn peacefully sleeping.

Dr carter, New Jerseys best urologist 4 years in a row walked into the room. He took note, of the handsome, but disheveled man sitting on the Dr’s table. He seemed to recognize him from TV or, a billboard, something but couldn’t place him.

“What can I help you with today”? Asked the Dr.

“I need some dick help Doc” Said Frank matter of factly. “I need to get some viagra, cialis or something to help me cum more volume , and get hard more often.” Frank stood up, and dropped trough, his long cock still impressive when it was soft. “I’m also going to need some ointment” Said frank. The Dr approached, and with a gloved hand inspected the long cock closely. Taking note of the children in the corner, and his wife nodding back at him. Franks cock looked sore, it black and blue, with chaffe marks up, and down it. The Dr. peeled back his foreskin, to find a deposit of dried cum, and a still leaking pee slit. The Dr. adjusted his glasses, and trying to be inconspicuous simultaneously gave frank a few pumps, admiring his girth.

“Mr Sardone, it seems that your Penis has been getting plenty of use, I am sorry but I can not ethically prescribe you any medication, to encourage sex. Your lab results came back, and your blood pressure is high, and you are becoming anemic. Is there something you would like to talk about, perhaps I can help you find a support group? Why do you need these pills”?

Frank rolled his eyes and said “Look I spend most evenings these days with my cock up the ass of a various young children at work, and then I get home, and I have a row of 8 kids, plus a whore of a wife who will not rest until they have milked me absolutely dry”…

He let the statement linger in the air. The Dr was trying his best to look incensed, at what was just said, but was betrayed by his foggy glasses, and flushed expression.

He looked over at the wife, and she gave a mischievous grin. She then opened her six year olds legs, to reveal a bare slit staring back at the Dr. Even from across the room, he could see the shimmer of pussy juice leaking out.

The Dr. tried collecting himself, and placed his note pad over his rapidly inflating cock.

“Mr.. mr.. Sardone he blurted. I do not condone you, or your wife molesting children” he said shakily. With that his wife dipped her hand into the bare cunt next to her, and then snapped her fingers. As she stared down the Dr, her 4 year old on the other side put down her iPad, smiled widely, and lifted her mothers dress revealing to the good Dr. a hairy bush, that was soon obscured by the little girls head as she began to lap her mother’s rank cunt in hopes of some cream. Her mom was quite granola, and had decided to forego toilet paper opting for the much more sustainable method of feeding her dirty pussy to her kids to clean.

“I’m sorry I am going to have to ask you to…” said the Dr, pausing as the smell of cunt hit his nostrils.

This whole time the Dr. had been absentmindedly holding Franks abused cock in his hand. Even though right before the family embarked on this trip to the Dr, Frank’s wife was weening the baby on his cock, to give her tits a rest, resulting in Frank giving her “daddy milk” as it was now called. Even though a hour before that his son ambushed him in the shower hopping in unannounced and stroking Franks cock, then “dropping the soap” his hairless boy cunt flashing into view, leading to a thorough bugger, and the boy escaping with a mouthful of seed. Even though a few hours earlier he had returned home from Sal’s to tuck everyone in, and stumbled on his 2 year old, and three year old unpromptedly locked in a 69, cuntlet, and cocklet, both being endearingly nibbled, prompting him to offer his bloody cock to the tots to drain. Even though a hour before that he was live streaming 3 Yugoslavian mobsters having their cocks grilled, streamed back to a paying customer in another country, while Frank and the boys were raping their asses, the taste of the grilled cock making him lose a load he couldn’t spare. A hour before that Frank had fucked the Yugoslavian mens three youngest children to death, right in front of them, and lost a load eating the cock off of one of the toddlers, while the one of gangsters mother tearfully sucked his cock.

Despite all this seeing his baby disappear under her mothers skirt, and start to lick her smelly pussy, made franks cock jump in the Dr’s hand. Shameless as ever she whispered in the ear of the 4 year old who’s cunt she had worked into a lather. She walked up to the Dr. and her daddy smelling of soap from her bath, and looking like a little princess. Her hair a fine blonde, and her piercing blue eyes looked right through the Dr holding her Daddy’s half inflated cock. She looked up spotting the crusty left over secretions on the tip of her dads cock. Frank knew he was in trouble, and his wife couldn’t even let him have a Dr’s appointment without it turning into this.

She had no way of reaching Franks cock from the ground so she started climbing up into the Dr.’s lap, knocking his pad to the ground, as she pulled herself up. She accidentally put her little hand onto the Dr’s groin as she settled her butt down. To her surprise she felt a large warm lump under the pleated khakis, and promptly scooted herself directly on top of it. Her skirt riding up as she slid leaving just a bare cunt drooling on top of the Dr’s groin, only a zipper, and a thin pair of briefs separating him from the little girl. She still had her eye’s singleminded focused on the crusty dried cum, and new precum lightly accumulating, at the tip of her fathers cock.

She reached out with both hands struggling to get the cock, just out of her reach, and still in the Dr’s hand. With every reach for the cock she rubbed against the Dr. leaving a wet spot from her drooling cunt, to match the Dr’s quickly spreading blotch at the end of his cock. Never a man to be able to say no to a doe eyed little girl, he pulled back Franks foreskin, and lead his cock the last few inches into her clutches. Franks cock looked like a six foot party sub in her small hands, but she knew just what she wanted. She brought Franks cock into her small mouth, and started happily nursing on the cum barnacles some how missed by her other siblings.

The Dr was having a hard time processing this, turn of events. Somehow a new patient briefing had gone from routine to him dry humping a 4 year old, while she terrorized her poor father, milking him like livestock, his cock growing in her mouth and dripping a new batch of milk. Frank looked down at the Dr’s crotch, and took the initiative. Unzipping the Dr’s pants and freeing his thick 8 inch dick. As it sprung up it finally got to meet the 6 year old cunt that had been teasing it, so cruely. The girl feeling the warm skin wasted no time started rubbing her cunt up, and down the cock, leaving her snail trail of shmegma lining the Dr’s cock.

Frank was understably a bit exasperated, and called the rest of the family over telling the wife to bring her iPad. Her daughter a seemed bit peeved to be kicked out of her mothers cunt. The wife was actually wondering if the girl was orally fixated. As much as she loved leaking her secretions into her daughters mouth, If she didn’t draw any boundaries the little girl would be sucking her mother 24/7. She staked out the mothers bathroom habits, and was usually happily waiting outside waiting to hear a flush for chance to lick her pissy pussy, or rim her mother’s poopy anus for hours on end. Even the wife’s periods don’t stop her, she will wake up to a severe orgasm as her daughter sucks her bloody cunt, and then fall asleep at night with the little leach sucking her mana.

Frank takes the liberty of lifting his daughter up, and sinking her onto the Dr’s cock. She wasn’t big enough to take Frank yet but he now paid for goods, and services with his harem of young cunt, and she took his sweaty African American yard guy’s cock to the hilt last week. The Dr. had always liked them young, and he had been fucking hot secretary since she was just under 13, but this was a new level.

“I guess I get those pills now then huh”, said Frank. Just then the wife arrived with his brood, and snapped a crystal clear photo of the Dr. buried 3 inches in her daughters tender pussy. She handed him the iPad, and Frank said “BTW, I work for Sal”, and produced more photos of the Dr in the front strip club, railing a 14 year old dancer, in one of the dirty booths. You also owe him money BTW, pointing towards the photo on the Dr’s desk of his asian wife, and three half asian kids.

The Dr had heard whispers about what went on in private, at Sals, and imagined if he could gag a teenager with his cock in the public front, for only $300, then the back must be crazy. He had been hoping to get invited to Sals back room for years, and supplied Sals men with all types of pills from boner medication, to opiates. It all started to make sense why Frank came to him, he had invented a cocktail for Sal that made the 60 year old man more virile then 2 20 year olds.

All the commotion started to wake the baby up in her carrier. She stirred, and began to cry. Her shrill screams killing the vibe for the people working on their nuts. The Mom dotingly raised her up and sniffed her cloth diaper. No number 2, but she could feel the number 1 sloshing around. Luckily she had the her little leach with her. she stripped the diaper off and laid the baby down, on the examination table. Then lifted her daughter up to join her. The little girl spotted the saturated pissy skin, wrinkled from marinating in urine for a hour. Needing no instruction she dived in and began to clean her baby sister up with her tongue. The babies screams quite and turned to happy burbles as the fresh air, and loving tongue soothed her micro pussy.

Franks wife went behind her little leach and decided to return the favor for once. She shoved two fingers in her daughter, rubbed her clit with her thumb, and buried her tongue in her little bottom. All the while keeping a eye on the Dr’s cock working it’s way into the daughters cunt, and seemingly getting close. Besides special occasions it was the rule of the house that the Mom, being the woman of the house got dibs on creampied pussies. Even if it was hours later, she instructed her slut daughters to plug their pussys, and save it for her to suck out.

Everyone set into a rhythm, fucking, and sucking each other, until suddenly they were rudely interrupted. The secretary barged into the room without even knocking, holding a bunch of files, she looked up and said “Dr. Your next patient… Oh my god” as she took in the scene of the cute family from the waiting room all naked with their faces slurping each other’s privates. “Clear my schedule, kick everyone out of the waiting room, and get back here immediately” Said the Dr. “What should I tell them” said the secretary. “I don’t give a fuck, tell them I got called into the Hospital. Tell them I got sick. Tell them I am too busy fucking this little whore, just get rid of them”! Screamed the Dr. Flushed the secretary ran out.

Moments later she shyly peeked her head into the room, wondering if she dreamed everything. She was not in any position to deny the Dr anything he not only held her job, but her whole families immigration status in his hands. He had used this like a weapon first having a affair with her mother, and then later beginning to touch her as she came of age. He would corner her, and rub her all over, kiss her neck, and eventually he started feeling her dick. Back then she was a very androgynous boy, who dressed feminine, and was late to puberty. Having total control over the family the Dr. eventually got time alone with her to go on “fishing trips” he told the parents, and his wife.

On these trips he finally coaxed out her cock into the soft light of a hotel room, and marveled at its size for such a little sissy. She wasn’t even full grown, and her cock was as big as his but slightly thicker. These trips were where he discovered his inner pervert, and pederast. He also discovered his love of cock, and fucking boy cunt. He wasn’t a fag though so he had to change something. He started the boy on strong female hormones before puberty, and now here we are years later with a absolute bombshell Indian girl, who has one little secret between her legs.

Franks wife let go of the sloppy cunt she was licking, and met the secretary half way through the room. She kissed her on the lips, the secretary tasking the distinct taste of cunt on her breath. Franks wife started undressing the professionally dressed young woman. Finding a set of well done fake c cup breasts under her modest blouse. She unzipped the knee length skirt and let it fall. Standing back she admired the figure of the woman, looking absolutely gorgeous in just a matching modest white bra, and panties contrasting against her brown skin.

She came back over to the secretary and deeply kissed her, as she undid her bra. She dipped down, and lightly sucked her tits, rubbing her back and building suspense. She knew just how to get any woman dripping like a faucet. After suitable foreplay she reached down intending to just brush the girls cunt, in her campaign to drain her pussy juice reserves baron. To her surprise she felt a lump in the panties. She looked up into the angelic indian girls face, and she was biting her finger with shame, and arousal.

Franks wife, pulled at the panties and as they came down the tucked cock came into view, and sprung into life. Drooling a bit of cum Frank’s wife bobbed her head on it for a moment thinking about how hot this was to be sucking her first tranny off. She then had a better idea. She lead the girl by her moist cock over to the table where her young daughter was busily lapping her new babies cunt. She brought the secretaries face down close so she could see the baby pussy being suckled. With her hand on her dick the whole time, she felt it jump, and knew that the secretary too was turned on by raping kids.

With that she lead the secretary to the back of her daughter, sucked her a few times drooling on her cock, the spit on her daughters already leaky cunt. She pushed the secretary forward, and with apprehension Secretary diverted her dick to rest on the tot’s buttox. She said “I don’t want to hurt her” As she noted that her cock went half way up her back. “Just go slow, it will be fine” Said the mother, greedlily only considering how erotic it will be to suck a tranny creampie out of her daughter’s stretched hole. She lined her up again, and this time her cock met the pussy lips. To the secretary this was so hot she felt like her dick was going to melt like butter at the warm entrance. It was hot enough to finally fuck a young girl like the Dr, and her had fantasized about, but to also have her mother coaxing you, and the daughter too busy sucking a baby cunt, to mind her cunt getting stretched was too much. She felt like she was on the verge of cumming just from watching, her cock twitching in the AC air of the Dr’s office.

She slid in slow, tiny pussy folds making way for the woman cock. She marveled at the tightness. As soon as her head made it past the lips, and her cock was warm from a girl cunt, knew she wouldn’t last long at all. Franks wife watched eye level as the cock sunk in, hungry to eat the cum from inside, her hand flashing a 1000 miles per hour over her hairy clit. Eye flicking over to the iPad recording the secretary raping her kids in 4k.

The Dr. Frank, and his daughter were all getting close as well. The Dr still being gentle, had managed to worm another 2 inches into the warm depths of the child, and his balls had the pressure of a out of control boiler, about to explode. Frank really didn’t have any cum to spare, but the girls unblinking eyes staring at him, as the first few inches of his cock slid in and out of her loving mouth were too much. His daughter actually tipped all the dominos by climaxing unexpectedly on the Dr’s dick, juice splashing down the sides. Her cunt contracted hard, but when it momentarily let go, another inch of the Dr slid in. On the next contraction the Dr wondered if his dick would be crushed, but couldn’t be bothered to care as his cock released it’s baby butter into the scarlet red little cunt.

The extra inch sliding in, made the girls climax increase 10 fold, and she almost doubled over, forcing Frank into her throat for the first time. As he tilted his head back to moan at the new sensation he noticed for the first time, that the hot secretary from out front was naked, looking down at her tits, flat stomach she was just as hot as he thought she would be. Then he noticed his wife feeding the young woman’s cock into his daughter’s tight pussy, pulling it in, and out. Frank could take no more, and relented feeding the little girl her milk. It almost hurt to cum, at this point but duty called, and she got 5 thick ropes, on her waiting tongue.

The secretary just stood completely still. Frank’s wife worked her thick cock in and out of the tight girl, controlling the tempo, and pushing deeper then the secretary would have gone on her own, for fear of breaking the cunt. Frank’s wife was hellbent on getting to felch her daughters creampie. She didn’t have to wait long. The secretary tensed, and released a torrent of cream up the tight sleeve gripping her cock. The mother pulled out the cock and nursed it as the orgasm subsided. Then she had her prize. The secretary hadn’t cum in a week per Dr’s orders, and had filled the entire inside with cum. She flipped the girl over, and then went to collect the other girl, from the Dr’s cock before the cream spilled. Lifting her off she cupped the young girls vagina closed, and then set her next to her sister. She then proceeded to feast on the two cummy little slots. Absolutely melting at the taste of girl juice, mixed with thick cum. She could even taste a hint of curry, in the Indian trannys cum. She was a woman possessed, and milked the two girls relentlessly.

The secretary looked on behind her salivating at the creamy young cunts, but not about to get between a dog, and her food she just watched closely. The mother in a rare moment of clarity between crashing orgasms, decided altruistically to push the secretaries head into the other cunt, and allow her to eat her first creamy girl pussy. The secretary was instantly hooked as well, at the creamy concoction.

With the two daughters busy having their cunts sucked clean, no one was tending to the baby anymore, and she was becoming fussy. She was hungry, and Franks whore wife was hardly pumping milk anymore, insisting that he made milk too, and this was a 50/50 marriage. Frank didn’t have the volume of cum needed to feed a growing girl, and do his other duties. However he loved his family above all, so he walked over and fed his flaccid dick into his daughters mouth. She gummed him half hard, and through concentration he worked up a piddly tablespoon of cream for her.

He looked over at the Dr’s cock still throbbingly hard, with precum pumping with each heartbeat thicker then his actual cum. “Please help me” said frank as the baby still nursed him. The Dr. always committed to his patients came over, and very lightly fed the baby his cock. Her eyes lighting up, at the volume of cream just on the tip. This was the most erotic thing to ever happen to the Dr., and was a culmination of years, of fantasies. He tried to relish the moment, but the second he opened his eyes to see that it was no dream, a baby was determinedly trying to eat his cum, he lost it. His balls churned mightily, sucking up into his body like raisins, and pouring a 1/2 cup of jizz into the waiting mouth. The baby not used to so much cream almost choked, and shot a rope of cum from her nose. She quickly recovered though, giggling as she swallowed his load, and then went back to sucking.

The Dr’s cock didn’t deflate a bit. He was on a double dose of his wonder pills. He could drop 3 loads up the secretaries ass, go home fuck his wife twice leaving her happily sleeping with a load in her mouth, and one seeping onto the sheets. Then he could still go to the bathroom, and beat off to fantasies of raping his daughter 4 more times, and still be ready to go.

Frank marveled as the Dr’s cock seemingly never deflated. He watched in amazement as in the span of 10 minutes he came 3 times, each one thick and creamy filling the baby up. The Dr, then went over, and ripped the secretary away from her tasty cunt dinner. He put the secretary’s cock into the babies mouth, and instantly she came feeding her almost a full cup of cum, which poured down the babies cheeks. The Dr came up behind the secretary, and slipped his cock up her boy cunt. He slowly pumped so as not to disturb the suckling baby still eating from the cream buffet. Sure enough the baby extracted another load from the young woman.

Mom came up and burped the baby. A rope of cum still hanging from her face. The mom bounced her on her shoulder, and softly rubbed her puffy cunt, until the baby drifted off to sleep happily full of daddy juice.

Just the buggering caused the secretary to ejaculate in mid air again, with nothing touching her cock. The two daughters were starting to catch on that this pretty lady was a bottomless well of cum. They both came over and ate, the next two loads, and started milking the third. The Dr. lost it watching these nymphettes loving cock cream. He dropped his load in the secretary, and soon his cock was replaced by leaches head, more then happy to suck the load out of her ass.

Then all the girls lined up and took turns getting their pussies creamed, and then lapping it out of each other.

The family left the office three hours later, with sore cunts, a big shopping bag full of medicines, and a new baby sitter/wet nurse in the secratary.

They also had the Dr on tape fucking young cunt, so they owned him now


Very nice




fucking awsome


cum eating of a man from another woman's pussy. Ew.


Hi, Your story 10256 is such good, i would like
to read more and maybe i can give you some
ideas more ?
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