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So I do rp with an old friend. Since the Nobles and Clones story, we have made some use of that concept, if not that world because there are inconsistencies. Basically Clones populate the ’harems’ but other girls outside that structure are fair game to be brought home for any use desired. These stories won’t always or strictly follow one world or set of rules, but intros or in-story exposition will substitute for what we establish before we start playing. Nixon is generally the harem master. These are just cleaned up copied straight from our play. I will get back to Nobles and Clones soon enough, but I thought I would share, as we often bang out an entire story in one sitting, and if we didn’t think they were fun enough to maybe be worth sharing, we wouldn’t bother. Hope somebody enjoys!  we'll post some more of these when we get the chance to play through them

Ps-these are not heavily edited, I just take our rp and quickly make it a narrative, there will be spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, it’s just quick story for the sake of quick, cute story <3

Porkchop, Lin, and Codi

One of the forgettable cuties in our harem brings over a play date, Lin is Chinese and maybe 11, right at the cusp of puberty, old enough to have a training bra and be anticipating it, but not quite there, and completely adorable, and we quickly decide there's no way we can pass-up such a gift. We invite her in, her harem friend gives her a drink, spiked with booze, and she gulps it down, the drink sweet enough that she doesn't notice the alcohol, and light drug cocktail. Within 15-20 minutes, the petite Asian cutie is singing and sunken into the couch
The harem master has another youngster brought over, a girl affectionately known as ‘Porkchop’. She is 13 and chubby bordering on lightly obese, with bright red hair and an extremely huggable belly and pinchable cheeks, even if she doesn’t love her features as much as the harem master. She’s kind, but very quiet. She looks at Lin, not sure what to do.
Lin is on her 4th full drink, which despite the taste might as well be big glasses of vodka, the kid is well on her way to SMASHED.
She notices the chubby ginger looking at hering at her, stumbles over and hugs Porkchop, rubbing her cheek on the chubby cheek...'mmm, you're soft, and warm....' she looks at Porkchop with her cheeks pink from booze and embarrassment, slurring her words a bit 'can..I kiss you?'
Porkchop is shocked, she has confidence issues from her weight, this is a first. she can just nod quietly. moments later, the two loli are on the couches, soft lips locked, a few moments after that, they are fumbling at shirts
Porkchop, the more experienced of the two, not from having done things, but from having watched girls she considers prettier, lifts Lin's shirts and begins toying with the tiny girl's not even budding yet nipples. Lin let's out a loud moan, having never been touched like this before. She feels a strange tingle in her panties and finds her hand instinctively wandering into them, rubbing her most private place as the fat, barely older girl kisses and plays with her. Her free hand returns the favor, rubbing Porkchop's round belly before slinking up to her well-padded chest, amazed to experience what a larger breast feels like
Lin kisses Porkchop, this is her first kiss, and she is just giddy. her heart is racing a mile a minute, she doesn't know about the tiny amount of cocaine also in her drink for energy, or the other drugs for ‘other’ results. she breaks off the kiss, moving to her playmate's undeveloped but fat enhanced titties. kissing them, licking, nibbling at her nips, Porkchop is delighted, she doesn't know enough to realize that Lin shouldn't be breathing so hard, or turning so red...but Harem Master Nixon does, and recognizes the reasons, sending another loli to bring a message to some older girls

Lin suddenly begins feeling her heartbeat in her head. She hasn't felt this way since she broke the 3k run record at her school back in China. She ignores it at first, but the feeling continues to grow. She breaks her suckling on Porkchop's chubby tit and begins to clutch her chest, eyes widening, breathing getting more and more labored.
So Lin squeaks 'C-chest...hurts', but it isn't overwhelming just yet
Porkchop brushes it off, "That's normal, Lin!! We're having fun, ignore it!!", she coos as she begins rubbing the underdeveloped younger girl's snatch

Codi comes over as the pain grows. She’s a Clone of the 21st century model Codi Vore, with a smile that’s so sweet it makes people smiling whether they feel like it or not, HUGE tits, and plenty of padding, which she carries well. She’s equal parts hotter than hell and unreasonably cute. She's also kept on hormones, keeping her constantly ready to lactate, not true milk, but an enhanced version that can fatten a girl more quickly than an all candy diet. She's been told the situation and her job.

Lin has started to cry, her chest pains evolving into the start of a massive drug fueled heart attack. Codi hugs her 'it's okay honey, just relax, lay back......there we go, right on my boobies'

Lin, her mind hazy and half blind from pain, realizes what she is seeing, the finger in her pussy couldn't distract from the pain, but that view, those tits are the envy of every girl in the harem, to a loli...her eyes go wide with delight, just for a moment, then she doubles over in fresh agony, sobbing.

Codi pulls the kid back up, rubbing her back, bringing her head to one huge tit. 'here baby, just snuggle up, come on, hold my hand, it will be over soon. that's a good girl, brave girl'

Lin is shaking, heaving, head buried in that breathtaking cleavage, wishing the pain would go away or take her already. the fire in her core from arousal and heart attack is searing

Lin continues gasping for breath, but instinctively latches onto one of Codi's nipples, heaving deeply in and out through her nose, eyes beginning to roll and cross
Codi stroking her hair, holding the child close, whispering reassuring things.....and offering NO real help

Lin begins to convulse, roughly chomping down on Codi's plump nipple as she does so. The older girl screams and pushes the young girl off, milk and blood leaking from her udder as the tiny Asian turns blue and heaves on the floor, grasping at nothing, the cocaine/alcohol cocktail taking full-effect. at last, her pain drifts away as the cruel world lets her go to the darkness.

Codi is sobbing, clutching her breast and trying to stop the light bleeding. Porkchop is shaking as well, staring at Lin’s corpse in silent horror. The harem master sighs. Porkchop will never be able to help with another death, and a milker like Codi with a busted tit is not what he needs. He and another of the girls get Codi and Porkchop to their feet, both girls so focused on other things that they hardly register. they get them outside.

Codi starts to scream anew as they push her on to the paper cutter. begging for mercy, for a chance. her neck is kinda thick, but mostly from her still carrying her baby fat. it's no resistance as a fit weightlifter of a Clone lops her head off. it falls in the basket with a heavy thump. Porkchop is not even responsive at this point, she doesn't notice as harem master Nixon is handed a bolt gun by another harem girl....

As Porkchop stands, jaw agape, staring at the body of her little Asian friend and Codi, headless body trembling, still clutching the bloody, milky mess that was her right tit, Nixon places the bolt gun to her temple. With one quick pulse, the bolt penetrates the soft girl's brain, causing her to instantly go cross-eyed, collapsing in a heap beside her tiny friend. Just another day at the harem.


Done with another new friend. I am editing a few more.

Master, whom Ellen calls Sir, comes home from his office job, looking like he has had a long day as he sits on the couch. Ellen, 5 feet tall on a good day, round cheeks, brown hair, a slender, almost boyish figure, and a happy smile, hurries around, grabbing Master a beer, then coming over to the couch, sitting next to him, giving him the drink, and holding his free hand 'welcome home Sir. You look tired, shall I give you a massage?' she asks, with a loving look
Master gives her a half smile "It's going fine, except for one detail. It appears some rumors have sprung up. In fact," he stops as he got up and strokes her cheek "I think you might be involved with it."
Ellen had tilted her head up, with a goofy smile as Master strokes her hair, but at that comment, the smile goes away, and her eyes fill with worry, not for herself, but at the terrible though of letting Master down 'What rumors Sir? have....have I done something wrong? You know that all I want is to make you happy.' even with her worry, she subconsciously moves her cheek to rub his hand, treasuring the contact
But Master sighs "It was you wasn't it? Selling the secrets of the company I'm working for, slowly adding the payments to my account." He then started putting on gloves "Ellen, I'm grateful for what you did, but it was the wrong choice."
It dawns on Ellen, those plans would help right now, but they could hurt his company, or even get Master fired! Her eyes well up with tears 'I am SO very sorry Sir, it was stupid of me, I didn't think of what it could cause. I was just sorting your files like I always do, and I remembered how you said they didn't pay you enough. I...I thought I was helping' she lowers her head 'please Sir, I know I've been bad, punish me hoewever you feel I deserve, I earned it, but....please say you forgive me? Even if I must die'
'Master' sighs as he kissed Ellen's cheek "I forgive you, but I'm afraid you know too much and have to pay the price. I've made some calls and we're going to make this look like they were taken in a robbery/murder. Are you ready?"
He asked as he took out a pistol and attached a silencer to it
Ellen beams, wiping away her tears, his forgiveness was the only thing she had worried about, anything that happened to her was fine 'Oh, thank you, thank you Sir! Yes, I am ready! What do I need to do to make it convincing? Shall I leave my clothes on, or take them off? Do I need to have bruises, or just the gunshot? You know I would do anything for you!' she's not happy that death will take her away from him, but Ellen knows Master will find another girl to keep him happy
Master pointed to a wall "Go stand there and take off your clothes but leave the panties on."
Ellen walks over, standing by the wall. anyone investigating won't be able to tell what she did before undressing, so she goes slowly, providing a striptease. She's not very good at it, more enthusiasm than erotic talent, but she certainly gets an A for effort. She sways and rocks as she slips her shorts down, revealing her simple but pretty blue panties. Ellen lifts her shirt off, revealing her cute little belly, flat but not toned, she really lacks much muscle anywhere, but it's a cute belly. Her breasts are small and firm, topped with pointy, dark little nipples, small enough that she has no reason to wear or even own a bra, and sensitive enough to make them enticing targets for pain play. She runs her hands over her now nearly nude body, then stands against the wall, hoping that she has brought Master some pleasure or entertainment with her final performance
"Be brave Ellen." Smiled 'Master' before he fired a shot at Ellen's left rib
He walked over to her after a few moments and stroked her cheek "How does it feel kid?"
Ellen stumbles back against the wall, she would have fallen, but she is determined to stay upright until she either dies or is given permission to fall. Her resolve however cannot extend to silence, a sound between a sob and a small scream escapes her, again she feels the hand on her cheek and treasures it, but it can't touch the blinding pain. 'h-hurts' she whimpers ' that time you hit me with the car....if it had been on fire' this seems to have taken most of her endurance, she blinks away freely flowing tears and bites her lip until it bleeds, trying not to black out 'another?' she asks weakly, not sure if she can endure the pain of a fresh round, but wanting to do right for her Master, and knowing another bullet will allow her to die and escape the pain more quickly. Every breath is a wave of agony, her tiny frame is shaking
He shook his head and helps her sit on the couch. He then placed a chair in front of her and sat down before placing her hands on the wound to slow the bleeding….or perhaps just to feel her lifeblood leaving "Just so you know honey, I'm proud that you're willing to put up with this. Be strong Ellen. I want to make this last."
Ellen places her little hands on his own, understanding that there will be no new pain, but no hastened end either, although that is coming rapidly. She smiles weakly at him, feeling the strength draining from her body, knowing that she isn't long for the world 'thank you Master, you know how much it means for you to be proud of me, it's worth the pain, pain ends, but I can die with that. I'll hold on, I don't know how long I can, but I'll give it...and you...everything I've got' her lip is bleeding from her bite, not nearly as badly as the bullet wound, but enough to have turned her throat red, and her voice gets weaker even just during those few words and moments, but she's at peace, ready to meet whatever is coming, in her few remaining moments, and in death.
He nodded and kissed her lips while putting a strong hand on her wound
Ellen's fading mind is filled with pleasure, Master rarely kisses her like this, it's a special treat, and her pain is fading, so she can enjoy it better. She presses herself into his arms as well as she is able, and stops fighting. There is a sensation that feels like she is falling for a few moments, and then her mind and vision fade into a cold, soothing darkness.

Master called to report the break-in, she is a bed warmer, he death is a casual mention, the files are the only relevance to the police. Master finds another girl to keep him company soon enough, but Ellen’s legacy lives on in the increased comfort in his life, Ellen would have been pleased.


does anyone care about these? I don't really care either way, it's for the people playing, but if even one person sees something they like, that would be cool :)


I own nothing, all credit to Seth M. Written once again by myself and Nixon :) <3

Chopping the Truant (Cleveland Show)

Roberta cracked the door of the Brown home, trying to be as quiet as possible before peeking inside. The gorgeous ebony teen was topless, not even wearing a bra, and to her horror, she finds her mother and bumbling step-father waiting for her in the doorway. "Oh...h-hey, mama, hey Cleveland. The craziest thing just happened, see, I was out at the um...library...studying...!! My top got caught in the book drop box and, uh...I couldn't get it back!!"
Her mother, Donna, gives her daughter a thousand-yard stare, Cleveland quickly slipped out of the room to avoid the fallout that's about to ensue. Donna started shouting "Roberta, I don't even wanna' hear it. Ariana next door just called and said she saw a cop dropping your sorry butt off at the end of the block!!"
Roberta groans, throwing her hands up in protest, her perky young breasts jiggling as she does so, "Okay, FINE, mama, I was at a party at Federline's place!! What's the big deal?! I'm only a few minutes past curfew!!"
Donna quickly snaps back, "Try a few HOURS, girl!! I am so sick and tired of your crap, Roberta!! I ain't putting up with it anymore, and I freakin' mean it!!"
Roberta rolls her eyes. “Yeah mama, whatever, what are you going to do, ground me? I'm not a kid anymore in case you haven't noticed" Donna's volume decreases, she's now speaking in a calm, even tone "no Roberta, I have noticed, believe me. you're not a child, you're a grown-ass adult who has never held a job, sleeps most of the day, stays out all night, drinks, gets arrested, and makes our family look bad doing it. I'm not going to ground you Roberta, I'm going to kill you. Kill you and serve you up at a block party, get our good name back. Roberta’s eyes get huge.
Donna continues Before you decide to resist, remember that you still have your 'dependant of the family' chip that came with us getting you a phone. give me any trouble and I will shock you, then it will be worse'
Roberta looks shocked "you wouldn't!" seeing no joke, she looks offended, "Uggh! you are the WORST! and right after I fucked that cop to keep this off my record! I was so close, I was gonna be on 'Dolcett's Next Top Spitmuffin! Whatever! Stupid lame parents, bet you don't even KNOW how to snuff a girl right, it's always 'so messy and noisy' when we ask about getting a meatgirl. Lame!"
Donna roughly grabs her bratty daughter by the hair again and shoves her to the floor to prove she isn't messing around this time. In an instant, she begins pulling off her daughter's jeans and then starts sliding her skimpy thong down her toned thighs, "M-mama what the hell?! Don't undress me!!". Donna firmly slaps her daughter's cheek, "Girl, I told you I was serious!! Meatgirls don't wear no clothes!! Besides, we can't donate them to the church if they got your blood all over them!!"
Roberta rolls away, standing up, face flushed and annoyed 'NOT what I meant, like I said, NO clue how this meatgirl thing works. Meatgirls undress THEMSELVES, GOD! Fucking parents, I swear!' As Roberta is saying this, she is pulling her own pants down and stepping out of her panties. at that moment, Ariana, her friend from earlier (not related to the bear in any way), who had noticed and been worried shows up at the door "hey Roberta, are you oka...oh" Roberta sighs "hey Ariana, come on in. this actually works out, I'm apparently meat now, but my geezer parents are new to this, can you PLEASE walk them through this? I really can't tolerate having to coordinate my own damn slaughter!"
Her friend stands impressed, discreetly slipping her friend's thong into her pocket as a souvenir. "Damn, girl, I'm surprised it took this long for you to become an actual meatgirl!! Of course I'll help, I'll even help roast you, I know your mama makes damn fine barbecue!!"
Ariana looks over her friend top to bottom. This is the first time she's seen her friend totally naked like this, she's even more gorgeous than she'd fantasized about. She can't believe she's about to help kill and cook her best friend, it's truly a dream come true.
Roberta rolls her eyes "come on Ariana, I know you're the shy type, but I can't have you staring and distracted, no matter HOW hard you have been crushing on me for the last decade" Ariana looks at her in shock "you knew???" Roberta laughs out loud "of course I knew silly! You're smart, but not subtle, the whole school knows. I've tried bending over to grab something in front of you, giving you a good view down my shirt, I was playing to see how long it would take you to SAY something! I figured after I was moved out, I would ask you to rent a place with me, see if that did the trick, oh well. At least this way I can give my mom a demonstration why a proper meatgirl beats a turkey" and she steps up, wrapping her hand to the small of the redheads back, giving Ariana her first real kiss.
As Ariana’s tongue slide over her friend's. Roberta chuckles "and you know THIS at least is not traditional for the chef!" she says, pulling Ariana's white tee over her head. The innocent nerd gasps. Roberta comes back in, rejoining the kiss as though there had been no break, cupping her friend's incredibly pale breasts, caressing them gently, teasing her nipples enough to get a breathless whimper. Ariana presses her chest the ebony bombshell, with Roberta’s own much larger boobs feeling just as wonderful on her bare skin as Ariana had imagined during many showers. The petite redhead melts into her lover. Without even thinking, she immediately grabs and squeezes her best friend's meaty rump. The thought of getting to taste the ass she had admired after the slow-cook sends a tingle down in her panties.
She hears a cough from Donna ''sorry to hurry you Ariana, but we need to get my delinquent moving if we are going to provide a meal today" Ariana doesn't want to, but she knows that it's too late to change how this day will play out. Breathless, She breaks the kiss and looks Roberta deeply in the eyes, "C'mon, Roberta...let's find out where your parents keep the chopping block...I can't wait to see your neck stretched out on it"
Taking her friend and future meal by the hand, Ariana leads her favorite barbeque babe to the kitchen as Roberta's mother drags a stained and well-scored chopping block from the closet next to the pantry. "Thank goodness Cleveland installed that drain in the floor, otherwise cleaning up after your bratty self would take hours. Anyway, here it is, girls. The Tubbs family chopping block. It's been in my family for decades, glad I finally get to use it on my delicious tramp of a daughter!!"
Roberta suddenly feels a chill of nervousness as she lays eyes on the block. She gives Ariana's hand a firm squeeze and Ariana flashes a reassuring smile.
Ariana's eyes go wide "oh my goodness, I can't believe what I almost forgot!" and she scampered off. Roberta winces, she hadn't forgotten, but she HAD hoped to avoid....Ariana runs back with a BIG ass carrot "I totally forgot Mrs. Brown, these days it's tradition for a girl to die with a carrot in her ass. it's decorative for now, you don't need to cook it with her, it can come out for cleaning, but..." Donna smiles "why THANK you Ariana! Would you mind showing me proper technique to put it in?" Roberta growls, Ariana blushes "whoops sorry Roberta! I just figured, might as well have your mother know how to do it properly" Roberta grumbles "yeah yeah, just get it in there then get my damn head off!" she feels the carrot at her anus 'whoa, WAIT! you....GAHHH!!!! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BUTTER IT!!!!!" Ariana looks horrified, she opens her mouth to apologize profusely when Donna raises the axe. Roberta feels it on her neck, then it is raised, a heartbeat..."THUNK!"
Her head hits the ground, she sees her mother and thinks "I hope you choke on me! ...and I hope...Ariana finds a nice girl soon, she's a ...a tired" and it's lights out.
The party goes without a hitch, Roberta is DELICIOUS, and Ariana does meet someone, she spends the night in the corner of the yard, smelling the fading scents of the feast, in the arms of a girl named Bonnie. Right before the party ends, when nobody else is looking, Ariana pops the apple out of Roberta's mouth and gives the black girl's severed head one final, affectionate kiss. She finishes off one more of her tasty, tender ribs, taking it back to Bonnie to share her first, brief girlfriend with her brand new second!


Well, I for one enjoyed it. looking forward to anymore from you.

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