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It's not complete yet, but here's part 1.


Duke descended deeper into the alien lair that resided in the bowels of the city. With each passing minute, more and more slimers, octabrains and pregnators were creating a road of dead bodies along his way.

"How deep does this shit hole go?" he yelled in despair, blasting through waves of enemies with his trusty shotgun.

After about half an hour through his journey, he began hearing feminine voices. He could hear the desperate cries of babes echoing through the halls of the damp and dark alien lair. He kept pushing on, until after one turn he reached a big open chamber. There were at least two dozen alien eggs in the middle. He then looked around the eggs, and realized - much to his dismay - that there were kidnapped babes all around the eggs. There were 3 hanging from the ceiling, their feet trapped. They were looking at Duke, pleading to be saved. 4 of them were entrapped in vines along the walls of the chamber. They were all naked and voluptuous and Duke would have loved for the circumstances to be different. He didn't really have time to oogle at the hangin' tits of the ceiling trapped babes or gaze upon the sweet flesh of the others - suddenly 2 pregnators sprang from the dark corners unto two babes, clamping their marvelous and soft tits with their pointy mouths(?) and wasting no time to penetrate deep into their succulent cunts with their penises. Duke wasted no time and sprang into action, bashing the pregnators off the two distressed girls. In the process, their breasts were violently torn away, leaving their chests mutilated. Duke then stomped the pregnators and began destroying the eggs in the middle, before more of them hatched. His ripper machine gun made short work of them.

"NOT MY BABES. NOT IN MY TOWN." he shouted with rage, but it was too late - most of the babes were probably already fucked, literally.

He went over to the first attacked babe - a tall brunette with curly hair and good physique. She was probably not even 21. She was heaving and convulsing, clearly in shock from being raped by the pregnator.

"Damn waste of good tits..." Duke said looking over her flayed mammaries.

Upon inspecting her sex, he saw a white substance dripping from her ravaged cunt. In about half an hour she would die violently as the octababies would tear her womb apart and eat her from the inside, then bursting out and devouring the rest of the women in order to grow.
He put his golden eagle beneath her chin.
"Sorry babe, it's better this way." he said as he pressed the trigger, splattering the babe's head across the walls.

"What a mess. Now, to finish the job."

He took her lower abdomen into his sight, took one last look at the dripping wet cunt of the dead babe, then fired the rest of the magazine into it, annihilating the alien seeds and making a gory mess of her uterus.

He went over to the second violated babe - a feisty blonde with fair skin. Only her left milk bag got torn off from the attack, her other one being in pristine shape. Her perfect pink nipple prompted Duke to give it a really hard squeeze. He almost tore off her remaining breast himself, not realizing his strength in comparison to the softness and delicacy of her flesh. He then brushed off her long hair from her face to look at her more closely. She had a cute, innocent looking face, with sky blue eyes...and she begged him. Begged him to save her. He wanted to help, he wanted for there to be a way, but he knew that once she was fucked by a pregnator, there was no coming back. He looked down at her pussy. Her lips were spread apart, alien semen was dripping down her legs...

He had to spare ammo and be efficient, so he got out his shotgun. He crouched down, and pressed the barrel up in her vagina, slowly inserting it. He pushed it in only a few centimeters, so as to damage as much of her sex as possible and end her life by causing massive internal injury. It wouldn't be a quick death, but certainly better than being slowly devoured. He rubbed his hand over her womb, caressing her, before he said his goodbyes.
"See you in heaven babe!" as he pulled the trigger, liquefying her insides and turning her womanhood into minced meat. She gave out a blood curdling scream, then coughed blood a few times and tilted her head backward, her beautiful eyes rolling over. Blood and gore poured out of what once was a tender teen pussy.

"Damn it..." He exhaled with anguish as he looked around at the rest of the 5 women, who were probably also doomed. As he was going to see the third babe who had her feet and arms stuck in the wall, one of the babes from the ceiling started convulsing and screaming in pain. Duke immediately saw her tummy being deformed as if something was inside. He didn't really have time to react as her belly burst open and 3 octobabies sprung out. Duke whipped out his Ripper and mowed them down as fast as he could, but in the process he also hailed the fourth wallbabe with a shower of lead. She was probably of african descent as her skin was dark brown. Now, however, it was colored with something even darker...her blood. She was hit all over, from her big milk filled udders, to her belly, thighs and womb. Crimson holes dotted all across her feminine form. She expired before Duke could get to inspect her to know if she had been compromised. The ceiling babe that had just burst was somehow still alive and in grave pain - her moans of distress catching Duke's attention.
"Kill me...*cough*...please.... *cough*" she pleaded. Duke responded by grabbing her hanging head with his arms and snapping it in a sudden, powerful move.

The remaining wall babe was a hot, freckled redhead. Butt naked, with her precious twin jewels the size of coconuts. Her protruding hipbones and toned belly made Duke instantly have a hard on. He was hoping, now more than ever, that she wasn't yet compromised, but he was weary. He approached her and pointed his shotgun directly at her womb, almost pressing the trigger.

"Don't shoot! I haven't been fucked yet! They only entrapped me in the wall and left me to be food for the hatchlings! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!"

Duke raised his eyebrow in anticipation. He inspected her tits bite marks. He probed her pussy with his middle finger as deep as he alien sperm.
"Jackpot. Let's get you out of there."
He pulled out her limbs one by one out of the living walls, almost snapping her slender arms due to the necessary force, but she was grateful nonetheless. She was pretty small, barely 1.6 meters tall and with a tiny frame, yet her fiery long hair and her green eyes made her incredibly seductive.

"Hold on, before we go on. I need a fix." Duke said as he unzipped his trousers and let out his glorious man rod.

She gave him a dirty look then kneeled and began to work his member with her feeble and delicate arms, licking it as she progressed with circular motions. She clearly could use her tongue.

"Ooh yeah, that's the spot" exclaimed Duke as he was looking into her green eyes.

He couldn't really get to the orgasm, as the babe's beautiful face and head suddenly exploded in a shower of blood and brain. It was an octabrain that shot an energy ball. Somehow Duke's dick escaped barely grazed. He quickly grabbed the shotgun and sent the flying alien monster to hell, exploding in the ceiling and killing the other two babes trapped on the ceiling in the blast. Only their charred carcasses were now visible. Their skin was burnt and their fat tits were splattered all over. But somehow, Duke had to finish his job, so he grabbed the redheads corpse by the shoulders and thrust his member down her neck stump, fucking her esophagus.

"Now that's what I call deepthroat!"

He quickly came, spurting his seed deeo into her belly. Afterward he tossed her corpse away, cleaned his cock and stomped viciously on her cunt a few times, just to be sure there won't be any octababies coming out. His force was enough to make her neck stump and pussy to spurt jets of blood.

He proceeded through the halls until he reached a terrifying corridor. Upon opening an anus-shaped door, he saw a 15 meter long, 3 meter wide corridor filled with babes plastered all around the walls. There were probably a dozen or more of them. Some of them were stuck in such a way that only their lower half was encased in the wall and their upper body was free to flail, while others were encased in an opposite way, only their feet and pussy being exposed. They seemed to be blinded by something and were grasping at the air in front of them, wailing and crying. As Duke approached and tried to pass through the corridor, he was quickly grabbed by their hands.

"Let me go, god damn it. How am I going to save you if you keep pulling at me."

But common sense didn't seem to reach them, so he had to break himself out by force, snapping their arms like twigs and kicking them back. There was no way around it...he had to kill all of them.

Just as he was preparing a pipebomb, he heard noises from the other side of the corridor. A pack of octabrains were coming his way, from the other side. He caught a quick glimpse of them before he ducked away behind a corner - they weren't full size yet, probably not mature.


Duke Nukem...the hero we deserve!

Great stuff


Looking forward to more! Hail to the king, baby.


I say he rips those wombs out while they're still alive. That'll save them, right?


I agree with puskiller


would love to see a little more detail but this is great. love a good slaughter of a bunch of hot, big titted babes. please continue.


Blasted fucking hell, I wrote another chapter and was nearly at the end, but I accidentally pressed backspace with the cursor out of the writing box and lost everything... I'll write that back though, soon.


Behold, part 2!

Part 2

Duke knew that just throwing the pipebomb at the agile octabrains would do nothing, as they could dodge away. He had to wait for an opportunity, so he took cover, ducking in a crevice. The pack of not yet mature octabrains didn't seem to notice him, and instead stopped at the first babe that was hanging from the ceiling. She was a pretty dumb looking blond bimbo, whose arms were encased in the alien slimy structure that covered the rocky walls. She was rather shapely, sporting a pair of overgrown mammaries, probably G cups, that would have hypnotized any human with their bouncing glory.

The pack of octabrains quickly surrounded her and began licking her with their long and slimy tongues. She could have found it a bit pleasing if it weren't for the acidity of their saliva that caused her to feel like she caught fire. She started screaming her lungs out, bucking and kicking while hanging from her feeble hands - her efforts to escape the pain finally prompting the aliens to begin their feast. There were five octabrains in total. One sat behind her, waiting to gorge on her fat ass. Another gravitated around her head, while two others were licking her dangling huge twin meat orbs and the last one was going to tear at her puffy cunt and her sweet thighs.

"Oh my god....are they going to.." thought Duke observing the octabrains.

His thoughts were cut short as he witnessed the octabrains coordinatedly beginning their onslaught upon the young trapped babe. A fountain of blood formed as her jugular, and probably most of her throat, was ripped apart in a vicious bite, causing the nubile young girl to gurgle blood and silencing her screams. Her voluptuous chest was savagely bitten off...chunk by chunk by chunk, until not even her heart and lungs remained unscathed. To be fair, the size of her tits was big enough to warrant more than 6 bites from the hungry, developing aliens in order to be fully consumed. Her delicate twat was, however, promptly torn off in a single bite, along with a sizeable chunk of her uterus, leaving a gaping, bleeding hole where once her sex tunnel was. That hole grew with each moment, as the aliens took bite after bite off of her tender meat. Her suffering ended when one of the octabrains that was behind her, sunk it's teeth into the back of her skull and with a sudden clench, caved in her skull and mushed her brain - extinguishing her existence. All that was left of her were the bloody stumps of her arms that were left in the ceiling.

It turned out that the tunnel acted as a larder for alien food. All the naked, vulnerable human females were nothing more than food on display, or hosts to be impregnated and consumed afterwards at best.
This became abundantly clear to Duke as well, as the pack of octabrains, being done with their appetizer rushed to devour the remainder of nubile, helpless flesh babes, each choosing a separate cunt to eat as their main dish. If it took them three minutes to devour one babe, it would mean that their new victims would agonize in pain for at least ten minutes each. Soon a wave of agonizing screeches washed over Duke's ears as the octabrains sank their teeth into the many exposed areas of the naked babes that were plastered over the walls. This was his chance he thought, they wouldn't notice him throwing a pair of pipe bombs their way. He peeked his head outside of his hiding place and saw the unsettling carnage that was unfolding. There were babes with their heads bitten off or horribly mutilated, babes whose entrails were falling out, whose breasts were replaced with gaping crimson holes... Duke was horrified so he threw the pipebombs, duck back and pushed the detonator.

The sea of screams was briefly replaced by an inferno of fire and debris. The cleansing flames engulfed both the aliens and most of the babes, immolating them and leaving only a mass of charred carcasses behind. They were burnt beyond recognition and the ones closer to the blast had their limbs blasted off and their torsos littered with rocky shrapnel. A few babes that were closer to the entrance, where Duke resided, survived the blast, but were now badly burnt by the blast wave. They were blind and full of fear, as they didn't know whether they were going to be gnawed at by aliens or blown apart. They had to be put out of their misery.

"Sorry babe. It's better this way." he said as he bashed in a young brunette's head with his Ripper machine gun's stock.

What a fragile creature...her head caved in with a single blow. Her hazel eyes popped out of their orbits and her brain matter stained Duke's gun. Her body twitched a bit, shaking her decent, yet not amazing tits, and then went cold. Another one, a shaking redhead with her arms broken and bones protruding, was in front of Duke. He took her head in his strong arms, caressed her hair and whispered into her ear "These aliens bastards are going to pay for what they did to you".
*crack* her neck was snapped quickly after those words, sending her into the eternal dark abyss that is death. Two other babes had to be executed in a similar fashion...their beautiful heads and round faces with full lips never again to be used for sucking cock.

He now walked forwards, through the tunnel that was plastered with the mauled corpses of at least two dozen once beautiful babes. They were unrecognizable now, just butchered and burnt meat and gore.
Walking forward, he came upon another large oval room, with a bunch of eggs in the middle and a handful of naked babes stuck to the walls. Only two of the eggs had hatched. Duke still had hope that he'd rescue some of the babes. He quickly opened fire and destroyed the unhatched pregnator eggs then proceeded to inspect the babes. To his surprise, the first two babes that were bound together close to each other, their limbs intertwined and stuck in the wall... were the Holsom twins - Mary and Kate. They were startled by Duke and let out a brief scream. Duke inspected their pussy, probing their cunts and to his shock, finding that they had been fucked.

"Duuuuuuuke. Get us out of here!"
"It was our first time...fucking with an alien."

He placed his hand over their warm uterus and bellies to confirm his suspicion. There was movement inside. The twins would soon be eaten from the inside and die a violent and gruesome death, as their most precious female parts would be turned into alien snacks.

"Don't worry babes. I won't let you die. Not without a fight." Duke said with conviction.

He decided he had to forcibly abort the alien spawns, even at the price of the twins's sex caves. Without much warning, he raised his foot and kicked Kate in her womb, smashing her insides and probably destroying her pelvis. A jet of blood came out of her cunt and an eardrum bursting scream followed.

"Sorry babe... at least now you won't be killed by the alien from the inside."

Kate coughed a bit of blood then her head slumped down as she fell unconscious. Duke wasn't sure if the alien was dead, but he couldn't risk another kick, it could cause internal bleeding beyond what she could sustain. He turned his attention to Mary. His cock was throbbing inside his pants. He wanted so desperately to fuck her petit cunt, but he knew it was compromised. He crouched, massaged over her lower abdomen with his hands one last time, then inserted two fingers into her sex. He fingered her for a few minutes, rejoicing in her moans of pleasure while groping her perfectly pear shaped tits with the other hand. He gradually inserted the other fingers into her twat, causing gradually increasing pain up to the point where she was clearly almost sobbing from the pain that replaced her pleasure.

"This is gonna hurt." he said, trying to prepare her for what was to come. But words alone couldn't have any effect on the torment she was about to experience.

Duke made a sudden move up into her sex and grabbed what was nesting inside. With unbridled force he yanked out his hand, pulling out the alien octabrain baby and...unfortunately for Mary, a big chunk of her uterus along with her vagina and labias also came out. Came out is a nice of putting it, for her organs were ripped apart viciously and now all she could do was scream. She screamed her lungs out as large streams of blood were now pouring out of her ruined lower abdomen. She passed out soon thereafter. It was pretty clear that she wouldn't survive the hemorrhage so Duke decided to give up any other attempt at forcibly aborting babes. He also knew that he had to end Mary, so he took out his pistol, pressed the barrel inside Mary's unconscious mouth and aimed upwards.

*BOOM* the cave echoed as one of his most precious babes was sent over to the other side, her empty shell's brain matter being either vaporized or mixed with fragments of her skull and littered across the cave's walls and floor.

A good few minutes passed since Kate's abortion. Duke had hoped he could save at least her. His hope was soon ruined though, because as soon as Kate seemed to come back to consciousness, her belly seemed to move. He probably had missed one of the octababies with his kick. Duke couldn't let her be eaten alive so he got out his shotgun to finish her quickly.

"But Duuuuuuke! You promised you'd save u-" she was cut short as a cloud of flechettes from his shotgun round passed through her face, disfiguring her pretty face and interrupting her stream of consciousness. Her head was pulverized, blown almost clean off. An explosion of crimson painted Duke red. He had a tear in his eye, but he had to move forward, so he did the same to her lower abdomen.Her toned belly and smooth skin were no match for the flying projectile swarm that was released by Duke's shotgun.

His favorite fuck toys were no more, but their bodies were still warm. Duke unzipped and let out his monstrous erection. He wanted to feel his favorite babes one more time before moving on, so he groped Kate's tits, squeezed them hard then ripped her right meatbag from her chest, bit off it's pink and sensible nipple then placed her fatty tit on his cock, it's head going through the enlarged nipple hole. He ripped her other pristine breast and penetrated it from the bloody side with his cock. Her bloody tits felt amazing as the fatty glands inside lubed his shaft. He placed each hand on one of her tits and quickly rubbed one out, cumming all over Kate's corpse. He then placed the now almost empty skin sacs that were her tits over her shoulders then placed a pipe bomb in Kate's damaged, yet still structurally sound cunt. He would detonate once done in the chamber.

Duke turned to the other three babes and to his huge relief, they were all fine. They hadn't been blinded or fucked by the pregnators.
There was Tara, an ebony beauty with amazing hips and thick thighs that could only be outshined by her beautiful face with chestnut eyes and dark hair.
Another was named Michelle, and she seemed to be a french student with an amazing bosom and a very smart look with short auburn hair.
The last babe was Cassidy. She looked even better than the Holsom twins. Lean body, natural and firm tits, blonde hair and looks that could seduce any straight man... or woman for that matter. A definite fuck toy in Duke's book.
Duke released them from their bonds and guided them through the rest of the tunnels, blasting aliens and briefly executing other babes that weren't as fortunate as them. This made them question whether he was trustworthy or not, but after shielding them with his body during their last encounter with the alien bitch queen, they felt safe around Duke. Their perilous journey through the alien lair ended after a few painful hours of crawling through corridors and dodging octabrains.

A few days later, Cassidy, Michelle and Tara were coddling up with Duke in his massive pool at the top of Duke Tower. Cassidy was working on his shaft with her tight gripping pussy and awesome physique, while the other two were Duke's grope toys. He had a new harem of babes.

"HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!" he said gloriously as he came inside Cassidy.


Yeah, that seems like a good idea.
I recommend reading the whole thing in one post in my main thread.

Now I'm done with creating other threads and spamming/bumping. Ciao.

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