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With both a Persona 5 and a Persona 4 story, it was inevitable that I'd also write a Persona 3 story. A lot of thanks to Blau Sturm for the story idea and discussing it a lot with me.

Gekkoukan High School Reunion

Part 1

Yukari Takeba pulled a pink sweater on over the white shirt she was wearing. She stopped for a moment, wondering how Mitsuru had managed to find the exact model she used to wear 4 years ago, when the two of them were still students at Gekkoukan High School. The short black skirt she had on was also similar to the one she wore back as a student, and so were the black stockings that reached to her knees.
She was currently alone in one of the private rooms in a building owned by the Kirijo Group. The whole building was now the site of the Gekkoukan High School Reunion – an event organized with the resources of the Kirijo Group by Mitsuru Kirijo. People who went to Gekkoukan High School at the same time she did were finally given a chance to reunite in one big gathering. And to witness a grand performance – in which she’d play the main role. She blushed as she thought about it, and that’s when Mitsuru walked through the door.
The ex-Student Council President also wore clothes similar to what she did when she was a student – a white blouse and a longer black skirt, along with black knee-high boots. The whole meeting was her idea – as was the performance the two of them were about to give. When Mitsuru first proposed it, Yukari wasn’t sure, but after she convinced her it would give them a chance to reunite with their leader, who sacrificed herself those 4 years ago, she immediately agreed.

“Are you ready, Yukari?” Mitsuru asked her, and Yukari replied with a smile. “Of course, let’s go!” Yukari jumped from her seat and followed her redheaded friend through the door. The pair walked through a few corridors towards the main hall, until they ran into a group of former Gekkoukan students. It was a trio of men with their cocks out, and Chihiro Fushimi on her knees in front of them. She still had a black skirt on, but the top of her uniform lay discarded on the ground near them. She was sucking one of the men off, while her hands were giving the other two handjobs. By looking at her now, no one would be able to tell that those 4 years ago she was afraid of even talking to men. Of course, that girl was long gone by now – Chihiro replaced Mitsuru as the Student Council President after she graduated, and her expertise with men was obvious now.
“Please, hurry up Chihiro. You wouldn’t want to miss the main event.” Mitsuru spoke to the brown haired woman as they walked by. Encouraged by her, Chihiro sped up and as Yukari passed the corner, she could see Chihiro’s face being sprayed with semen.

Yukari and Mitsuru finally reached the main hall, but Mitsuru hesitated as she reached for the door.
“It’s your last chance to back out - once we enter, there’s no turning back,” Mitsuru warned Yukari again, but she just laughed at her, then replied.
“You know that I want to be reunited with her as much as you do.” She then grabbed her hand with both of hers and squeezed it. “Let’s do it.” She moved one of her hands to the door and pushed it open, and they entered the main hall, holding hands.

The room was filled with Gekkoukan alumni in various states of undress, but Yukari and Mitsuru ignored the orgy, as their eyes were both locked on the twin nooses waiting for them in the middle of the room.
They stood in the doorway for a while, but Chihiro walking in next to them snapped them out of it. The pair slowly walked forward, taking looks around them to check for familiar faces. Fuuka and Aigis were already in one of the private rooms, but Mitsuru noticed Rio Iwasaki, who led the school’s volleyball team 4 years ago. She was an expert athlete now, but that didn’t stop her from coming here. And the energy she usually put into practice was now going into riding the cock of one of the ex-students. Her skirt was flopping wildly as she bounced on top of him, and her black ponytail was forming a loop around her neck. It was restricting her breathing a bit, but she didn’t seem to care about it at all.

Mitsuru nodded towards her and she waved back as they passed her, before coming to a stop in front of the stage. They ascended them together, and Mitsuru headed over to a microphone stand in the center. As she turned it on, most people in the room became quiet as they wanted to hear what she was going to say.
“Thank you all for coming here. My name is Mitsuru Kirijo and I’m the head of the Kirijo Group. Four years ago I was your Student Council President. I’m really glad that so many of you decided to come here, and I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.” Mitsuru stopped for a moment as a few happy shouts told her just how satisfied people were, then continued.

“However, one person isn’t able to be here with us today. She was really a dear friend to me… But she gave her life to protect us all. And in honor of her sacrifice, me and Yukari” – She gestured at her friend next to her – “Are going to do the same.” The air in the hall filled with conversation on what she meant, but she still wasn’t finished. “The two of us will hang from those nooses, and you all will be able to watch it.” People’s voices were so loud now that she had to speak up as well. “And we are going to do it right now!” She let go of the microphone, and walked back towards Yukari.
As she walked, she pressed one of her hands against her head – the spot she usually shot with an Evoker to summon her Persona. She cast a spell that Elizabeth taught her. “It will send your souls to her.” That’s what Elizabeth told her when she told her what she and Yukari was planning to do.

The spell took some of her strength, and she embraced Yukari to keep standing. She hugged her back, and Mitsuru’s mouth found hers. The two women kissed passionately, as the crowd cheered them on. When Mitsuru broke away, they both started working on getting the other naked: Yukari opened up the buttons of Mitsuru’s shirt, while Mitsuru pulled Yukari’s sweater upward. Yukari let go of Mitsuru’s shirt as she undid the final button and pulled the sweater over her head, throwing it to the floor. Mitsuru took that time to pull her arms free of her sleeves, also letting her shirt fall to the ground. While Yukari still had her shirt on, Mitsuru's bountiful breasts were barely covered by her white bra with a knot on the front.
Yukari quickly pulled on the knot, and the bra slid down Mitsuru’s body, exposing her breasts to everyone as they bounced slightly. Just the mere sight of them seemed to remind a lot of students, both male and female, of the fantasies they used to have of her – and now there she was, undressing another girl in front of them.
Yukari grabbed them gently, and squeezed them a bit before moving her thumbs to Mitsuru’s nipples. Mitsuru closed her eyes and moaned quietly, but it was still loud enough for the microphone to catch, and her moan was transmitted all over the room. Her hands worked on opening Yukari’s shirt, and after she did, Yukari let go of her breasts and took it off. Her breasts, though smaller that Mitsuru’s, were still quite decently sized, and her pink bra only barely covered them.

Mitsuru dropped to her knees and pulled Yukari’s skirt down to her feet. The bronze haired girl kicked it away along with her shoes, leaving her long legs just in black stockings. Her red panties didn’t last long either, as Mitsuru hungrily tore them and threw them away. Yukari was already wet, so when Mitsuru’s tongue entered her pussy her moan was a lot louder. Even if she only did a few licks before backing out, Yukari’s moans sounded clearly all over the room. As Mitsuru stood up, Yukari wasted no time getting down and pulling her longer skirt down her legs. Her purple panties didn’t stand a chance either, and Yukari buried her nose and tongue deep inside her lover’s sex. She eagerly started eating her out, and only after a few moments she remembered that they were not supposed to come until the end. She withdrew, a bit disappointed, but Mitsuru’s red face and her heavy breathing told her she stopped just in time.
Yukari got back up and Mitsuru undid the strap of her pink bra, throwing it away as well and leaving both women naked up from their knees. Mitsuru’s fingers entered Yukari’s pussy, working to bring her to the edge as well. Yukari grabbed one of the nooses and put it over Mitsuru’s neck, looking deep into her eyes as she did. Mitsuru took the other one and placed it around Yukari’s neck, her other hand still fingering Yukari’s pussy. With the nooses around their necks, their mouths connected for the final time, sharing one final kiss.

It took them some time, but they finally pulled away, and they both took a step away to their respective trapdoors. Mitsuru put her hand, stained with Yukari’s pussy juices, over the lever that’d drop Yukari to her death, while Yukari grabbed the lever for Mitsuru’s trapdoor.

They pulled the levers at the exact same time. As the trapdoors opened, Yukari fell for just a moment. The rope was digging into her neck, cutting her breath off. She kicked with her legs a few times and moved her eyes towards Mitsuru. The redheaded woman was also now red in the face, and she was already swinging and kicking wildly. One of her hands was fingering her pussy now, and that reminded Yukari of her own arousal. She forced her hands between her legs and desperately touched herself. In just a few moments, she saw the expression on Mitsuru’s face turn to incredible pleasure for a while. She could clearly see Mitsuru’s cum running down her legs, and it seemed her bladder gave out as well.
Mitsuru’s head was pretty clouded right now. Her final orgasm gave her a lot of pleasure, but the pain caused by lack of oxygen was also there. She realized that the spell must have weakened her as she jerked on the rope, sending her body into a spin. As the world was moving before her eyes, she was given a chance to see all the ex-students that were watching her, but her mind didn’t care about them at all. She caught a glimpse of Yukari who was still touching herself, and their old lover entered her thoughts. Her red eyes flashed before Mitsuru’s brown, and her face lightened up. She seemed to be waiting for her. “I’m coming, love.” She thought, and then she passed out.
Yukari sped up the fingers she was forcing in and out of her snatch, and the additional stimulation brought her to her final orgasm. Even though it felt amazing, the pain returned to her quickly. She spun to the side a bit to take a look at Mitsuru. From the look of it, Mitsuru was already gone. Her tongue was hanging from her mouth, and her eyes were staring blankly into nothingness. Her face was frozen in pleasure, however. Yukari realized Mitsuru was given an easy way out as another wave of pain hit her. Her lungs were burning at this point, and she could feel her breasts bouncing as she swung on the rope. Her eyes started leaking tears from all the pain she was feeling, but she still had some life in her.

The eyes of most moved from Mitsuru towards her as the redhead stopped moving, and they could all see Yukari’s face turning purple from the asphyxiation. Her legs were jerking wildly without her control now, and she fell her bladder releasing as well. She could feel some piss running down her thighs, but her mind was still sharp. As she looked around, she saw all the gathered people watching her. They all seemed very satisfied with her and Mitsuru. It pleased her to know that they performed well, and the pleasant feeling continued as she noticed their leader watching her. Yukari tried to reach out towards her with her hands, but she found no energy to do it, and as the dying woman looked again, she was gone. After a few more jerks, her eyes rolled towards the back of her head as her mind went blank.
Yukari’s body was swinging for a few more moments, then stopped. The crowd realized that the two women who gave their lives for their enjoyment were dead now. Their attention turned towards themselves now, with people quickly getting together for sex and possibly more.

Chihiro quickly found herself a man. The sight of the woman she respected hanging herself willingly just to please all of them shook her deeply, and she needed an orgasm to at least calm down. She hungrily forced herself onto him, and he started to pound her pussy with enough force that she almost lost herself to the pleasure. She closed her eyes to avoid accidentally looking towards the two hanging bodies, and just enjoyed her sex. Her orgasm came far too quickly, and it made her open her eyes. What she saw terrified her – the man was holding a knife now, and he was about to stab her. She instinctively reached out and grabbed his hand, stopping it just as it dug into her skin.
“What are you doing?“ She asked him, but he didn’t answer. Her mind worked extra fast to think what to do now. An unexpected thought came to her – if even Mitsuru Kirijo died for others’ pleasure, why shouldn’t she do so as well? With this conclusion in mind, she let go of his hand. He moved the knife a bit up, then forced it back down. The knife easily cut through her neck.
Blood came out of her mouth as the man continued fucking her body, the shakes to her body spraying her face and glasses with blood. As he finished inside her, he pulled on the knife a few times, tearing through the remainder of her neck and fully cutting her head off. As the man stood up from her body, another took his place, and yet another picked up her head.

Rio was riding another man now. She already came once, and after she made the man cum she moved on to someone else. She couldn’t quite get another orgasm yet, but the pair on stage only made her ride him harder. She realized what could give her the release, and she knew she needed it. “Tighten itttt!” She moaned at the man she was riding, and he obeyed. As her hair cut off her breath, her arousal skyrocketed. With a few more bounces, she came all over the man’s torso. Her mind was a bit numb because of the orgasm, so the pain in her chest didn’t feel strong. She kept riding the man with the rest of her energy, until the lack of oxygen caused her to pass out. The man just took hold of her with both his hands, and continued fucking her until he came as well. Then he let go of her, but he left the loop of hair around her neck. She died because of the lack of oxygen shortly after, as no one helped her. Her body was used by a few more men afterwards.

“It seems people really enjoyed what Mitsuru-san and Yukari-san did.” Aigis’s robotic voice sounded out in a small private room. She and Fuuka Yamagishi were staying there, watching the double hanging on a screen.
“Yes, they did. And both Mitsuru and Yukari seemed very happy as they died.” Fuuka’s responded in her usual weak voice, then stood up.
“You still want to do it, right?” Aigis asked her, and Fuuka simply nodded back at her. Aigis felt a pang of sadness at the confirmation that she’d lose yet another of her friends, but she knew Fuuka wouldn’t change her mind now.

Yukari opened her eyes. She was surrounded by whiteness. The only thing standing out was Mitsuru’s lush red hairstyle far in the distance. She ran toward her, noticing that both she and Mitsuru were completely naked now. The cold made her nipples harden as she got close. And then she saw HER. She would recognize that auburn hair anywhere. It belonged to their old leader, who sacrificed herself 4 years ago to save the world. And she was also her and Mitsuru’s lover during the final month before that. She couldn’t do anything but stare at her slightly grown body, stunned that their plan actually worked – Mitsuru had HER held in a tight embrace, and it drew Yukari’s eyes to her breasts, which were slightly bigger than what she remembered. The two women in front of her were kissing passionately, and Yukari couldn’t bring herself to interrupt them. But then those beloved red eyes opened, and they were filled with more joy and love than Yukari ever saw before.

“Mitsuru! Yukari’s here too!” She broke free of Mitsuru’s embrace, and slammed her body against Yukari’s. Yukari hugged her tightly in silence – no words could voice what she felt now. Her head was pulled for a kiss, and Yukari recalled that her lips tasted just the way they did those 4 years before. The memory filled her eyes with tears of joy. They were finally back together!

When she finally pulled away, Mitsuru began to speak:
“As you see, our plan worked perfectly. Us being here means we’ll support the Grand Seal with our life energy as well. And that means we will stay here together, forever.” Mitsuru’s voice was shaking as she spoke, and Yukari knew she was also crying. The three women embraced again, and Yukari heard HER voice again. “Thank you for joining me here. We’ll never be separated again.”





For anyone not familiar with the game, the her the story's referring to is the player's character - she dies at the end of the game.

Gekkoukan High School Reunion

Part 2

Aigis looked at her friend sitting next to her on a bed. They’ve watched Mitsuru and Yukari hang, but after they finished Fuuka just kept staring at their bodies on the screen. She still wanted to go through with her own death – Aigis already asked her that much, and it broke her away from just looking at the screen.

Suddenly, Fuuka got up and walked towards her.
“Let’s do it!” she spoke while grabbing Aigis’s hand.
“You first need to get ready, Fuuka.” Aigis told her, and Fuuka froze in place. She realised she needed to undress herself before they began. Because she knew that before, she didn’t bring her school uniform and instead just wore a white sundress and a black pantyhose underneath. Her boots were standing next to the bed.

Since Fuuka wasn’t moving, Aigis decided she had to act. “Don’t be shy. If it makes you feel better, I’ll take off my clothes too.” She spoke, and eagerly pulled down her black skirt, then grabbed the hem of her shirt and took it off, too. Her robotic body was quite modified for the event, and Fuuka’s eyes widened as she saw the realistic-looking nipples on the sizeable breasts Aigis had now. Fuuka moved her eyes downward, and to her bigger surprise she saw a vagina between the robotic legs.

“Your body, it looks different now.” Fuuka commented as her eyes immediately snapped away.
“I asked for a few modifications so that it fit in more with the theme of this event.” Aigis replied, moving her hands towards her breasts. “They should give me the same feeling any human would feel. It just felt appropriate to do this.” Then she moved her gaze back towards Fuuka. “It’s your turn to undress now.”

Fuuka nodded to show that she understood, and her fingers went towards the front of her dress. She quickly undid all the buttons, and pulled it open, revealing her small breasts. She pulled her arms free of it and let it fall to the ground. After a quick pause, the blue haired woman grabbed the seam of her pantyhose and pulled it down her legs. She got it off her feet, then took a step forward and looked at the table in front of her. At the knife that was waiting there for her.

As she stared at the knife, the door unexpectedly opened. A grey haired woman looked inside, noticed Aigis and Fuuka were inside, and immediately backed out.
“Who was that?” Aigis wondered, and Fuuka didn’t even seem to notice what happened.

The grey haired girl’s name was Saori Hasegawa. Currently she was searching for an empty room – she never liked any of the Gekkoukan students, and she didn’t want any of them to witness her suicide. She only had one friend among the Gekkoukan alumni, but she was already dead. And from what Saori understood, her friend had been dead for those 4 years already.
“At least that redheaded woman mentioned her before the hanging.”
She came to the reunion only after Mitsuru contacted her, and she was convinced by Mitsuru telling her what happened to her friend, and saying it’d also be a memorial for her. Saori loved the sound of that, and the idea of dying like her friend did was what was filling her mind as she walked around. While she encountered some students on her way, she mostly ignored them as they were having their fun. She realised that they’d probably use her body after she killed herself, but she was fine with that.

Her search led her to some of the rooms that were unused at the moment. As she peeked inside one of them, she realised she found exactly what she was looking for. An empty room… With a guillotine waiting inside just for her.

Saori’s eyes flashed up with new energy as she walked inside the room. It looked like a lab, but it looked like a long time passed since it was last used. There was a research log on the table, but it was covered in dust. The guillotine also didn’t seem like someone used it recently. Saori looked around to see if she could find anything to wipe the dust from it, but she had no luck with that.
As she stared at the deadly machine, she came up with a new idea. She took her dim green dress off, leaving the flesh of her chest naked as she used the dress to wipe the guillotine clean. When she was done, she threw the dress to the ground, knowing she’d never wear it again anyways.
Another thought crossed her mind. Saori walked over to the frame of the guillotine. She forced one of her arms through the hole, all the way to her shoulder. With the other arm she pulled the lever. She had to make sure the the guillotine was still working and able to cut through her body. Saori did her best not to scream as the blade dropped and cleanly severed one of her arms, covering her chest in blood as her whole arm fell away from her. When the initial shock and pain weakened, a smile returned to her face. She now knew for sure that it’d kill her.
She quickly used the machine to rise the blade back to its starting position, then climbed onto the guillotine. She grabbed the lever with the intention to pull, then hesitated. If she was to die, she had to feel an orgasm before. She moved her remaining hand from the lever to her waist, and pulled the black tights a bit down her legs, exposing her slit. Her hand entered it slowly, and she used it to bring herself to her first and only orgasm. She had never taken a lover in her life. The one man she loved died because of her. Saori only realised that she loved her after she’d left the school. And even though she nearly confessed that when writing a letter to her, she decided not to do it. But now her gentle face flashed before Saori’s eyes as she used her fingers to give herself pleasure, up to the point of finally coming.
When Saori felt the orgasm down between her legs, she immediately moved her hand out of her pussy and towards the lever. With the pleasure coursing through her, she had no regrets as she pulled it. The blade dropped almost instantly. Saori felt lightheaded for a moment as the dark lab spun before her eyes. Her head fell on top of the dress she discarded earlier, staining the green material with spots of blood. And with that realization her mind went blank.

It didn’t take long for her body to be discovered, but no one seemed to be surprised by her death. The men who found her paid no mind to the fact that she was dead, using both her head, her virgin pussy and her neck stump to satisfy their needs. Just as Saori expected them to. If she saw that, she’d be happy to see that she was finally able to bring pleasure to someone.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” Fuuka asked as she finally turned her eyes away from the knife.
“Some woman walked in, then immediately left. It’s not important anyways. Let’s get started.” Aigis told her. Fuuka took the final step forward and grabbed the knife with her right hand. Even though she knew just how sharp the blade was, she touched it with one finger. She moved it back instantly, but she’d already cut the finger a bit. Some of her blood stained the blade, but she ignored the pain. She steadied herself with a deep breath, then fell to her knees in front of Aigis, who was looking at the weapon she was about to use. A weapon that once belonged to their dead leader.
Fuuka grabbed the handle of the knife with both hands, then took one final look at the female android. Aigis slightly tilted her head and smiled at her, encouraging her to go on. Fuuka drew another deep breath, then forced the blade into her abdomen with all her might. It easily sliced through her flesh, and she had to stop herself before she went too deep with it. Tears appeared in her eyes for a moment, but she blinked them away. With redoubled efforts, she drew the knife across her belly from the left to her right. The increased pain filled her mind, but despite that she managed to call a smile upon her face. Aigis just stared at her, but after the android saw her smile, Fuuka could swear she’d seen tears running down the robot girl’s cheeks.

However, Fuuka wasn’t allowed to look at Aigis’s tears very long. The blonde haired girl suddenly spun around, grabbing the naginata she had prepared. With another spin she slashed the blade right through Fuuka’s neck, cutting her head off. As the blue haired head fell, Aigis finished her whirl and grabbed it. She pulled the head close to her face. Aigis stared into Fuuka’s grey eyes until she was certain that Fuuka was dead, then planted a kiss on her still warm lips. She did it on the spur of the moment, not really thinking about it until she finished.
After she was done, she gently placed the head on the table which held the knife before, then looked back at Fuuka’s headless body. It had already fallen on its back, but Aigis had a perfect view of Fuuka’s modest chest that was stained with blood now. The knife had also slid out, and it was now on the ground in front of the body. Moving as if in a trance, Aigis walked over to it and grabbed the knife, wiping the blood away from it with Fuuka’s pantyhose that was on the ground nearby.

After she stood up with the knife in her hand her mind finally started responding again. What was she doing? As her mind pondered over that question, faces of her friends started to flash before her eyes. Fuuka… Yukari… Mitsuru… and she also came. Aigis was never shy with showing her love towards her, but she was ignored then. Only now, after Mitsuru and Yukari died just so they could reunite with her, Aigis finally understood why she got turned down – she loved them back.
But why was she thinking about them now? It was no use thinking about them anymore – she had to live on, carrying their legacy with her, as she already did for her. However, as the reassured herself with that, she realized that it was no longer correct. With all her closest friends dead, she no longer wanted to live as well.
The realization hit her extremely hard. She fell backwards onto the bed, trying to come to terms with what she just learned. She examined the thought from all sides but the conclusion remained the same. She was tired of living like that, and if she continued it’d only add to her burdens. She’d make new friends, then they’d also die – and as an android she’d live forever. She knew she wouldn’t be able to handle another day like this, with so many of her friends dying. The solution seemed so obvious now that she considered it. She simply had to end her life.

Now that she decided to do it, Aigis stood up. She knew why she took the knife now – she’d use it to kill herself. Since she was a robot, a simple death wouldn’t be enough – as then people would simply reconstruct her. What she had to do was destroying her personality module. And Aigis knew just how to do that.
When she was undressing earlier, she left her red ribbon on. It was tied at a point on the front of her neck, like an usual bowtie. However, it also served a different purpose – to conceal the part of her body that was housing her Papillon Heart. It was the object that allowed her to develop a personality even as an artificial being, and it was placed right between where a normal human would have their collarbones. And to protect it, she also had several parts of armor installed with the latest modifications to her body
She removed the ribbon, then touched her neck in a few specific spots. It caused the metal plates around her neck and the top of her chest to loosen, and she began to remove them one by one. After she was finished, anyone that looked at her would be able to see the mechanical parts that connected her head with her torso. And they would also be able to see the butterfly shaped personality module. Aigis didn’t need to look, though. She knew exactly where it was.

The android girl grabbed the knife by the handle with both of her hands, mimicking the way Fuuka held it just minutes before. She took one last look at Fuuka’s body, then glanced sideways towards the screen on which Mitsuru and Yukari were still dangling from their nooses. Tears started to flow freely from her eyes as she knew well that it was her parting look at the world. She closed her eyes to preserve the image in her mind, then stabbed herself with the knife.
The feeling was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. She could feel the pain spreading from the Papillon Heart all over her body. With pain, however, came the feeling that she was no longer in control of her body. Her legs gave out almost immediately, and she fell backwards to the bed yet again. She lost control over the rest of her body, but the hands only strengthened their grip on the knife, that was still buried in her “heart.”
After completely losing control over her body, Aigis started to lose her memories. First the memories of her creation back in the Kirijo group labs, then of her missions afterwards. When she came to the memories from 4 years before, a face appeared in her mind, replacing Mitsuru and Yukari. It was the face of the one that lead them back then. Her face. And even as the rest of Aigis's memories slowly disappeared, her lovely face still remained.
“I’ll… never… stop… loving… you…” Aigis’s mind was nearly gone at this point, but she managed to think this much before she expired.

Even after her death, the pose Aigis’s body was in was extremely inviting for anyone who’d come in. And with the modifications to her body, anyone would be tempted to fuck her body. Fuuka’s body was similarly pretty inviting, so it was no surprise that the men who found their bodies did just that.

Elizabeth watched the screen with increased interest. She was sitting on a couch in the Velvet Room, and the screen was showing her the body of Aigis as it was being used by some man. Her gloves were laid out next to her, and one of her hands was buried beneath her dress. She was moaning as she used the hand to touch herself.
“Hello, sister. What are you doing?” Margaret, Elizabeth’s sister, asked her the question as she suddenly appeared next to her on the couch.
“One of our old guests just committed suicide along with a few of her friends, and I’ve been watching them. It proved to be quite… entertaining.” She answered without stopping the rapid movement with her hand.
“I see. Do you also wish to do so?” Margaret asked her sister, and when she received a nod in response, she smiled at her. “Then I’ll be joining you in that.”


Not bad, but what about Saori's severed arm? I thought she would play with it. At least it deserved a mention being put away from the table (or, if Saori put it from the table's side, laying on the floor beside her head).
Also Aigis's reasoning to kill herself sounds so sad. But apparently there'll be another part on Elizabeth and Margaret, who sound pretty casual about is, so I'm looking forward to it.


At first I wanted her to play with it, but I wanted her to be a virgin so I decided against it, and then I just forgot about the arm. And I felt a bit bad for Aigis while writing this part – she loves the player’s character in game canonically, and with the setup in part 1 she couldn’t get a happy ending. One might argue that her suffering makes her death all the hotter though.
As for Margaret and Elizabeth – they’re incredibly powerful, so dying isn’t that much of a deal for them. I think you’ll like the way I’m writing Margaret. Thanks for replying!


Here comes part 3!

Fun in the Velvet Room

Elizabeth watched the screen with increased interest. She was sitting on a couch in the Velvet Room, and the screen was showing her the body of Aigis as it was being used by some man. Her gloves were laid out next to her, and one of her hands was buried beneath her dress. She was moaning as she used the hand to touch herself.
“Hello, sister. What are you doing?” Margaret, Elizabeth’s sister, asked her the question as she suddenly appeared next to her on the couch.
“One of our old guests just committed suicide along with a few of her friends, and I’ve been watching them. It proved to be quite… entertaining.” She answered without stopping the rapid movement with her hand.
“I see. Do you also wish to do so?” Margaret asked her sister, and when she received a nod in response, she smiled at her. “Then I’ll be joining you in that.”

“Thank you, sister. But before we start, there’s something else we have to do.” As Elizabeth said that, she stood up from the couch and pulled the hand out of her pussy. She gently placed her hat on the couch, then bent over and grabbed the hem of her blue dress. She pulled it upwards, and she quickly took it off. As she was pulling it up, both her wet pussy and her moderately sized breasts were revealed since she wore no underwear. Then she sat back down and pulled the blue knee-high boots off. She put the clothes down on the couch, completely naked except for her blue hat which she put back on.
“Why are you taking your clothes off?” Margaret asked her, unfazed by her sister’s sudden nudity. “The girls I’ve been watching did so too, and I want this to be similar to what they did.” Elizabeth replied, and Margaret smiled again. “I shall undress too then.” She undid the belt of her high-cut blue dress, then pulled the dress upwards. She kicked the high heels off her feet as she did, and she put the dress over her sister’s clothes after she got it off. She sat down and took her black tights off, then looked at her sister. “Are we going to get started now?”

Elizabeth didn’t answer her. She sized up her sister’s breasts, noting with satisfaction that hers were still a bit bigger, then moved her eyes down to Margaret’s snatch, confirming her sister still wore no underwear. She then moved closer to her, and placed the hand that was already stained with her juices over Margaret’s pussy. She moved her face closer to her sister’s and leaned in for a kiss, but Margaret stopped her with her hand.
“Why are you doing that? Weren’t we supposed to kill ourselves now?” She asked with genuine curiosity in her voice. She knew her sister used her to indulge in her lust, and although she didn’t feel that way about her, she had no problem in letting her do it.
“They did so too, and I want to do what they did.” Elizabeth told her sister as her fingers entered her sister’s pussy. Margaret removed her hand then, and leaned her head so that their mouths met. Her hands went towards Elizabeth’s pussy as well. She did this enough times already to know exactly how to pleasure her sister well.

Her fingers went straight towards Elizabeth’s clitoris, and the short-haired sister moaned with great pleasure as Margaret stimulated it. Elizabeth moved her second hand to do the same, with both her hands focused on bringing pleasure to her sister. Margaret couldn’t help but moan, dropping her calm composure for a moment. No matter how many times Elizabeth did that, she never failed in bringing that reaction from her.
Elizabeth’s hands moved far faster than usual today, and Margaret realized just how aroused her sister was by what she had been watching when she walked in on her. She had troubles thinking of another occasion when she was like that – and her tongue seemed more eager than usual as well as Elizabeth pushed it inside her mouth. With the speed and sheer ferociousness of her hands, Elizabeth managed to bring her sister to coming in a lot shorter time than usual. Margaret’s composure broke again as she felt the orgasm going through her body. She howled in pleasure as she broke away from the kiss and tilted her face upwards.
Elizabeth removed her hands from Margaret’s pussy, and since Margaret was working on pleasuring her with her hand, Elizabeth put her hands over her breasts, working on further stimulating herself. The additional stimulation, and also Margaret increasing the speed of her hand, quickly brought the younger sister over her edge. As Elizabeth’s orgasm rocked through her body, Margaret removed her hand from her sister’s pussy and moved it towards her mouth, licking her juices off her fingers.

Margaret waited for Elizabeth to calm down, then asked in her perfectly calm voice: “Are we going to kill ourselves now?” Elizabeth’s face fired up as she nodded. “Who is going to die first?” Margaret followed up with another question. Elizabeth stood up and walked to the round table in the middle of the room, and showed her the usual deck of the Tarot cards that their master used for divination. Elizabeth shuffled the deck, then handed it to her sister who walked up to the table as well.
“They will decide our fate – we will uncover cards until one of ours’ comes up.” Margaret shuffled the deck again, then put it back down on the table. The sisters took turns drawing cards, waiting for either The Empress or The Fool to appear. They quickly worked through most of the deck, leaving only a couple cards before The Empress finally appeared.
“It seems I will go first.” Margaret commented as Elizabeth ran off excitedly. The older sister waited for Elizabeth to return, and soon she did – with a gallows and a guillotine floating behind her. “Which one do you want?” Elizabeth asked her as she set the twin instruments of death facing each other with a little space in between them.
“I think I will take the guillotine. It just seems more fitting to me.” Margaret replied as she walked over to where her sister set up the guillotine.

She walked to the spot usually reserved for the executed Personas, and dropped to her knees. She moved her head through the hole, and used one of her hands to move her long hair out of it, so that the blade wouldn’t cut it. Elizabeth walked over to her with a few chains, and wrapped them around her sister’s body, forcing the cold metal to hold her firmly in place. The chains dug into Margaret’s skin, and she was forced to wait as Elizabeth tightened the chains with a sadistic grin on her face. Her sister tied them around her feet, binding them together, as well as forcing her arms against the side of her torso, while another pair connected her to the base of the guillotine, stabilizing her body completely. Margaret was still able to move her head a bit, but since the stocks cut off her view backwards, she could only ask for her sister to hurry up. However, she didn’t do it – she knew that Elizabeth was having fun now, so she let her continue.
Eventually Elizabeth decided it was enough, and walked back to the front of the guillotine. Margaret looked at her, and was glad to see that Elizabeth’s hand was set at the lever now. The older sister smiled brightly at Elizabeth, wanting her face to stay smiling after her head was cut off. She felt shiver of fear as she saw her pull the lever. The fraction of the second that it took for the angled blue blade to slide down later, she felt bliss as her head was separated from the rest of her body. Margaret’s head fell into a blue-colored box. Her body remained in its’ kneeling position, supported by the chains – not that it didn’t twitch against them, but Elizabeth made sure it’d stay still.
Elizabeth herself didn’t stand still, though. She ran over to the box, and pulled Margaret’s head out. She rose it to her face so that their golden eyes met, and kissed the head on the lips. Margaret kissed her back weakly, but her consciousness couldn’t stay there for much longer. When Elizabeth broke away, Margaret was already gone. As Elizabeth realized that, she pulled the head towards her chest, staining her breasts with blood as she hugged it tightly. “Thank you for doing this, sister.” Elizabeth spoke during the hug.

When she was done hugging it, Elizabeth mounted the head on the lever for the guillotine so that it faced the gallows, then turned towards them herself. Just as she was to walk towards them, she felt a surge of energy going through the room. She knew it marked the arrival of someone powerful. She walked towards the middle of the room instead, and because of that she was able to see who it was right away.
“Hi, Elizabeth! I was feeling a bit nostalgic today, so I decided I’d come and visit.” Marie greeted her in a cheerful voice as she looked around the room.
“Is that why you’re also wearing your old uniform?” Elizabeth asked her with a smile – while she wasn’t expecting the goddess-in-human-form to drop by, she liked her – and since her sister’s execution aroused her again, she was also happy to have another person to play with.
“Yes, that’s right. But why are you naked? And what’s up with the blood on your chest? Where’s Margaret, anyways?” Marie responded with a flurry of questions, a bit flustered by Elizabeth’s appearance.
“A girl that was our guest in the past committed suicide along with some of her friends. I’ve been watching them and decided it’d be fun to try it out, and Margaret decided to join me. That’s her blood on my chest, as she’d already died. We’re both naked because the girls I watched were naked as they died too.” Elizabeth answered Marie as she got closer to her.
“I see. I picked a good day to visit, then.” Marie answered as her mind considered the idea of joining in. It didn’t take her long to decide to do so, but she also decided not to tell Elizabeth about it. Instead, she simply started to strip out of her clothes. She undid the buttons of her sleeveless white shirt and pulled it away, revealing that she also wore no bra today. Elizabeth noted with a bit of frustration that Marie’s breasts were bigger than hers, but her eyes still followed the moves of Marie’s hands as she continued to undress. The belt and tie quickly came off, and she pulled her red checkered skirt down her legs, that were still covered in black-and-white stockings, squatting down as she did. She decided to keep the stockings on, along with her high boots and her black-red fingerless gloves that reached nearly to her shoulders, since it’d be too much of a hassle taking them off.

As Marie stood up, Elizabeth was already next to her. The Velvet attendant was already aroused by her sister’s death, but watching Marie undress only made her more aroused. Since the visitor wore no panties, Elizabeth’s hand was already reaching for Marie’s pussy. Just as Elizabeth’s fingers touched her, Marie’s hand latched onto Elizabeth’s wrist.
“I told you this already – if I want to have sex with you, I’ll tell you!” Marie snapped angrily at Elizabeth, but she didn’t want to hear any of that. With a snap of her hand, Elizabeth cast an aphrodisiac spell on her. Just before Marie’s mind became clouded by lust, she thought that she really should have seen that coming, with Elizabeth doing this a few times she visited them.
As the spell started working on Marie, she let go of Elizabeth’s hand, which almost immediately went inside her already wet pussy, and instead moved it to repay the favor. But as her fingers entered Elizabeth’s pussy, the platinum-haired woman realized she wanted something more firm inside her. With another snap of her hand, she conjured a blue-colored double-sided dildo. She shoved it inside her, and laid down on the couch. Marie’s lust-filled mind made her climb onto her, and she slammed onto the dildo, taking it inside her pussy.

The two women continued to use the dildo for a couple more minutes, with lots of moans coming from both as they continued to ride it out to their orgasms. As Elizabeth started to near her orgasm, she realized that if Marie wanted to also kill herself, there wasn’t a device ready for her. But what should she bring over for her? The options appeared in her mind one by one, with each accompanied by an image of Marie killed. The images flashing before her eyes were enough to bring her to her orgasm, and she came, with her hips shaking heavily underneath Marie.
The black haired goddess came as well shortly after, with the orgasm freeing her from the aphrodisiac spell. She was glad that she at least could feel the pleasure as herself. Still, she was annoyed by what Elizabeth did, and some payback seemed appropriate. She had just the perfect idea for that, too. With a quick punch to her face, she stunned Elizabeth for a moment, called out: “StupidmoronIhateyou!” then she jumped free from her and ran off towards the gallows.
“Y’know, I didn’t expect you to do that even after I asked you to stop doing that. Because of that, I decided I needed to trouble you in return. And using this noose you had prepared for yourself is a perfect way to do it. Maybe this will make you act less impulsive?” With that, Marie pulled the lever and the blue wooden trapdoor opened, letting her fall so that she and Elizabeth were almost on the same level, with her feet stopping just a couple inches above the ground.

The rope immediately dug into her neck, restricting the access of oxygen to her lungs. Whatever air she had in there was used up almost immediately, and a wave of pain coming from her chest hit her. She didn’t expect it to be this painful, and with each moment the pain increased. Marie’s face turned red as she started wildly kicking out with her legs, in a futile effort of trying to reach the ground. Her hands moved towards the noose, but they couldn’t help her at all. Her eyes darted towards Elizabeth, who was watching her every move and twitch. Her muscles were now spasming without her control, and her tongue extended past her open lips, with drool leaking from her mouth. Similarly, her bladder also released, and piss ran down her long legs, leaving a yellow stain across her stockings and over her black boots.
Her kicks were starting to die down, and her hands also went limp, dropping down from her neck. Elizabeth’s eyes locked with her green ones as the spark of life slowly faded away from them. Her body’s swings came to a stop, and Elizabeth walked over to confirm if she was dead. She bent forward a bit to fit underneath the gallows, and grabbed Marie’s wrist. No pulse confirmed what Elizabeth already knew – that Marie was dead.
“Thanks for the show, Marie. As much as I enjoyed watching you hang, you were successful in annoying me as well.” Elizabeth chuckled as she said that. “Now, how can I kill myself so I can join you?” She asked out loud even though she was the only one left alive. However, she also knew her sister and Marie were watching her, so she looked around trying to figure out what to do.

As there was nothing she could use in sight, and bringing another device over would take too long for her liking, Elizabeth reached into her memories. As she watched the deaths she already witnessed today, Aigis’s and Fuuka’s death stood out to her – they both used a simple knife to do it. With the robotic girl being the person she was closest to outside of the Velvet Room, she decided she’d use a knife to kill herself too. With a quick snap of her hand, she conjured a knife with a blue handle.

She walked to the spot between the guillotine and the gallows, next to the lever with Margaret’s head on it. She turned towards it, and moved the knife close to her neck, to the left of it. She pulled the knife towards herself, cutting through her throat all the way to the bone. She then moved the knife to the right, cutting her throat fully open.
Blood started pouring out of her wound, but Elizabeth wasn’t done yet. Her blood poured over her chest, covering the already dry blood of her sister. She was still in control of her body, and she fought hard against the loss of blood and the lack of oxygen coming to her brain. She used some of her magic to help herself persist a bit more.
Her hands were shaking at this point, but she ignored it and moved the knife so that the tip was between the bottoms of her breasts. Elizabeth grabbed the knife with both hands to help stabilize it. She tried to line it up with her heart as well as she could, then plunged the knife in. As she did, her muscles finally gave out and she fell to her knees, lining her head up with her sister’s.
Her hands released their hold on the knife, falling limply to both sides of her body. With whatever strength she had remaining, she forced her body to lean forwards, with her head resting against Margaret’s. Elizabeth’s lips lined up with her sister’s, and Elizabeth kissed her sister for the final time. With that, her soul left her body.

The two siblings and their guest were back on the couch. As Margaret was the first to die, she was also the first to return, and so she cleaned most of the room up before the other two came back. All the blood was gone, as were the gallows and the guillotine. She also cleaned the blood from the bodies, lining them all together in one spot. She took her head, and sliced Elizabeth’s off too, then placed both heads on the table in front of the couch. She then briefly considered putting her clothes back on – but since Marie came to visit, she decided against it – she was sure she would then have to undress again anyways. When Marie came back, she greeted her calmly.
“That idiot forced herself on me again!” Marie shouted angrily, though her heart wasn’t really in it. Margaret simply gave her a warm smile in return – she knew her sister did that sometimes. Marie also calmed down, and when Elizabeth also returned she came back to her sister and Marie having a friendly conversation.
Elizabeth’s eyes flashed up as she saw the two heads on the table, and she walked and checked her head with fascination. Eventually, she put it back down and took her hat from it. She put it on her head where it belonged, then looked back towards the two other girls. They seemed to be done talking, so she decided she could step in.
“Wanna have sex again?” Elizabeth asked Marie with a playful smile, and Marie sighed in response. “You never change, do you?” Marie commented while shaking her head, then smiled brightly in return. “…Whatever. Let’s have some fun.”


I had fun working on this with you!! :D

Even if I mostly provided feedback and ideas, I really enjoyed working on this.

I'm looking forward to our next one, and I'm on the relevant doc for conversation purposes. :)

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