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I wrote this after some talk in the 2d board for fire emblem. Someone mentioned wanting to see Gray strangle Clair, and... I can't draw, but I can write!


Gray finds it harder and harder not to resent her. He confessed, he poured his damn heart out to her, telling her he loved her… and was told never to speak with her in response. Clair, who always speaks her damn mind, no matter how much it hurts. Clair, who he can't even think of without shaking, without getting angry.

Yet, she's so infuriatingly gorgeous he can't help but think of her. Before, he wanted her to be happy. Now, he wants her to hurt like he does. The villager lies awake at night, thinking of it. Of how badly he wants to hurt her. Of course he feels awful about it, but the desire doesn't fade.

And each night, it gets worse. Eventually he can't even try to sleep. Instead, Gray paces the camp, trying to keep his mind on other things. Trying to keep his thoughts away from making it so she can't speak to him. From her face, twisted as she gasps for breath. From his hands, locked around that slender, pretty neck. So alluring, so fragile…

And suddenly, Gray notices where he is. A very familiar tent is before him, dark, its entrance unguarded. He knows she's asleep inside, not a worry in her head. She can just cast him out, throw him away, and sleep like a baby? It isn't right.

Before he can stop himself, Gray is lifting the flap of the tent. He leans in, gazing at Clair. The light of the Moon makes her radiant, as she sleeps, her hair sprawled out beneath her head. That neck, so enticing… her chest, rising and falling with each breath, while he suffers under her words.

He can't take it. Gray steps in, crossing to her bed. He lowers her covers, slowly, so he doesn't disturb her. In the dim lighting, he can still make out her curves under the thin night gown, and he wishes things could have been different. He feels a stirring of arousal, and Gods does he wish it was different. But now, this is the only way. He'll win. Clair will be his, and no one else's.

So he climbs into the bed, straddling her. Each of his legs pins one of hers. The weight causes her to stir, to open her eyes and see the dark outline of her uninvited guest. Before she can scream, however, his hands clasp around her neck. It's so thin he can easily wrap his fingers around it, and squeezing feels so natural. Her hazel eyes go so wide, when she realizes her breath won't come. Gray watches as her mouth opens, closes. Silent gasps as she struggles for air. Then, those eyes lock on his. Even in the dark, she must be able to tell. Her eyes beg, they plead.

“Why are you doing this, Gray?” they seem to ask. “What did I do to you?”

Threw me away, he wants to say, but the words won't come. What does it matter, anyway? Gray has no intention of letting up, and slowly, that dawns on her. Her lungs scream for relief, for air, and suddenly she is desperate. She begins to thrash, to struggle against her assailant, but with her legs pinned she cannot overpower him.

Gray's arms have the strength of a man who's worked the earth, while Clair has lived in luxury. Her training isn't enough to win her the day, and her thrashing slows. Her hands, attempting to push at Gray, to claw him, fall. As she runs out of air, she goes limp.

Gray stares into her eyes, as the spark that gives them so much inquisitive charm slowly fades. Beneath him, Clair loses consciousness. Laying on top of her the way he is, he feels the warm rush of her piss as her bladder empties. And yet, he holds his grip. He wants to be sure. Absolutely sure that she's gone. So, he presses harder. Squeezes tighter. Until he hears a soft pop, and knows he's crushed her windpipe. He breathes deeply, then, enjoying the breath he's taken from her.

Only then does he realize how hard he is. Even in death, Clair is beautiful, and now… she's all his. With a shudder of apprehension, Gray frees his cock. He lifts her nightgown, and tugs down her soaked panties, revealing her cunt.

“I love you, Clair,” he says, as he pushes the tip of his erection against her. “You made me do this…”
He pushes in, then, marvelling at how warm she is, how alive she feels even though he knows she's gone. With nothing holding him back, he fucks her. He uses her, like nothing more than a pretty doll, thrusting into her, rough and hard. In moments, he comes, his seed spilling into her dead cunt.

There's a certain satisfaction in his climax, an ownership that he can't deny feels incredible. And leaves him wanting more. Of course, tonight is his only chance, and if discovered, he won't survive tomorrow. So he rolls over his lover, dead as she may be, and presses his cock against her ass, next.

He fucks her until just before daybreak, enjoying her every hole cold as much as he did hot. By the time he's done, her body is coated in his come. But, naturally, he has to leave if he has any hope of survival. Not that he cares either way, with Clair gone.


This is pretty great. Clair is a beautiful character, and took my breath away. Thanks for doing the same to her. I hope you do more Fire Emblem stuff!


This is pretty great. Clair is a beautiful character, and took my breath away. Thanks for doing the same to her. I hope you do more Fire Emblem stuff!


I made that comment and I thank you this was amazing and you struck all my fetishes in it. I near lost it with the peeing then you just kept going. I darely hope you will do more. If you do please make a name so we can find you quickly


I made that comment and I thank you this was amazing and you struck all my fetishes in it. I near lost it with the peeing then you just kept going. I darely hope you will do more. If you do please make a name so we can find you quickly



Another fic on here is mine, involving Charlotte. Ambitions cut short is the title, but I'm not sure it's quite as good. I wrote it over a long period of time, and it has some tense issues. (And is my first attempt ever writing Guro/Snuff)


I'm glad you liked it! I'm actually a huge sucker for piss/omorashi, to the point that it's likely what led me to Guro, so when I can include it, I do. I might pick a name for myself, hard to decide if I want to go for my usual username and link it to my usual writing or keep it separate.


You are an anon of refined taste. I do love a good necro peeing sometimes more than the necro itself when its described just right


I guess I'll go with this, for now. I have a penchant for bird-based handles, so what better than a carrion bird?

Anyway, if anyone has any further requests, feel free! Obviously anything Fire Emblem is very welcome, but there are several other series I could probably write for. And, of course, I'll probably only manage to write a request if it inspires me.


Buzzard considering where we are that is perfect.

Well my next request is kinda from another fic for fate Corrin is playing up the evil to trick Garon but ends up evil catches Hana to bend to his will. I want to continue where it left off, I kinda want him to promise her freedom and stab her through the back during climax. SHe lives to climax and die piss included after climax


Well if request are accepted what about the Conquest route what happen to Scarlet cause it sounds like some ryona then necro happened to her



I'd like to see the fic it's a follow-up to, if possible! If not I might still try it, I do love seeing Hana hurt.


I just looked back at the script for that chapter, and damn, the way Camilla talks about it.
"I'm sorry, but I just found out the injured Hoshidan soldiers have already been killed. And that rebel... what was her name... Scarlet? Yes, the poor thing. They killed her in such a way... Well, they clearly meant to make an example of her."
Definitely some shit went down.


Here is the fic

Yeah I wonder if they used the whole weapon triangle on her


Are there any fanfic sites we could use to archive your work I wonder?


Someone told me that FIre Emblem fics were being done here and all i can say is THANK YOU


I swear there is nothing more romanitc and passionate than strangling your lover or ex or rebuffer with your own hands



I know Archive of Our Own has very few restrictions on what you can or can't post, but it's kind of a pain to make accounts on there. I don't know of much other than that!


Hey, glad you found them! They've all been a blast to write so far, Fire Emblem is so good for pretty much any sort of porn, be it basic vanilla or kinkier stuff.


It was certainly fun to write! Though really anything involving Clair is so hot, throw asphyxiation in there and damn you're really cooking.


So I guess this means I now have a regular place for FE fics. Plus they are nice bits that I can just pic and read quick. So good job and thank you

Clair is indeed

I want her to get killed when she thinks she has won specifically when she say "I know I'm simply terrible" and arrow to the throat or chest at that point would arouse and humor me.


Please please strangle Delthea I would love if her brother did it I mean she put him through so much and she is so damned ungrateful to just about everyone. Not sure if you do incest necro but I would like that as well


Are you kidding? I love incest. And honestly have considered writing Luthier x Delthea anyway. I'll take a crack at it.


I await with baited breath


This gonna be good since she thinks everything she does is gold let me see that golden stream


Nice work I honestly cannot wrong Gray for this nobles tend to need to get strangled more often I say


Thinking about that I thought Fernand was going to kill Mathilda when he switched sides.

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