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Uraraka improves herself!

“Are you absolutely sure, that this will make me stronger?” Uraraka ask still in disbelieve, that’s she actual plan to do it!
“Well, there are other options you can try… but nothing will work as fast and efficiently like cutting off your breast.” Deku explains blushing.
Deku’s notes are 100% perfect. He knows every strength and especially every weakness, from his Classmates. His notes say, that’s her breasts are too heavy for her small body! Her body instinctively compensate it, using her quirk to hold them in balance…
That is why she always feels nausea when she changes the gravity of her own body. Her body is thrown out of balance.
However, if she removes these two obstacles, she would have much better control over her quirk. It would improve her skills by about 17.2%. According to Deku.
“I know. I know!” she shouts shyly. “Still… roasting them, sound a little bit extreme.” Normally she is cheerful girl but this situation it’s a little bit difficult.
Yaoyorozu taps her shoulder. “You wanted to get artificial replacements, right? If you want them to be realistic. Then it isn’t enough to see them. I must also feel and taste them. Otherwise my Quirk doesn’t work.” She grins. “Besides, it would be a waste to throw them away.”
Uraraka looks at the floor. “And they really would feel realistic?”
Yaoyorozu continues to explain. "They will be like the real deal, only smaller. I bought all the material from which women breasts are made. There will be no bare copies, they will be real breasts!”
Urarake sighs. "Okay, but please don’t tell anyone that I'm doing this. If someone asks, we just have to come up with an excuse!"
"I'm doing it with my own regularly. So far, you haven’t noticed." Yaoyorozu laughs.
"If someone finds out that I've recommended, to remove your breast… They think I’m a pervert! All Might would never look into my eye again… I will be silent like a grave!" Deku answers serious.

Uraraka approaches the grill, Deku has bought. All the ingredients and the coal are already prepared.
Only the flesh is missing. She ignites the coal with confidents. This was the easy part…
She breathes deeply in and out several times. Then she slowly opens the buttons of her school uniform. With a hectic movement she removes her undershirt, freeing her breasts completely. Uraraka not wears a bra beneath her uniform. Because of her quirk she never needed one. She should get used to wearing one…
Chuckling she register that Deku tries to look away. She has a crush on him! she hopes he like small breast too... On the other hand, it was his idea after all!
Puh… Uraraka still doubts. She is way above the grill and its already extremely hot! anxious, she holds her breasts. This probably will hurt. Hurt a lot! Hurt like fire! Well, she plans to roast her breast after all!
Her breasts really are heavy, now that she holds them…
She breathes once more deeply. The coal is almost ready… She could still chance her mind. It’s too hot! There is no way, that’s she can survive the pain…
The grill is now ready.
“fuck it!” she thinks. She knees down and drops onto the hot metal…
“It hurt, hurt, hurt” she should.
Its hurt even more as she would have imagined. desperate she fights against it. Everything in her body wants to get rid of the grill!
She can’t do it ... She has to stand up!

“nope I will do it!” She cries to herself courageously. She taps her breasts and makes them heavier.
“hahahahaha!” She cries in tears. “now there is no way to leave!”
Her breasts turn red. She feels dizzy in pain. She has trouble not to fall unconscious…

“Uraraka!” Yaoyorozu wakes her up. “Not forget to season them!”
Its hart to speak for Uraraka. She simple nods.
“Seasoning… Seasoning… what I have to do?” She thinks in panic.
She looks onto her now fully red breast. Hopefully they will not burn… “Right! I need butter!”
She takes the brush and dips into the butter. Frantically, she brushes the underside of her breasts. The butter melts in a fraction of a second. It really is hot…
Uraraka was hoping, that’s the cold butter would lessen the pain. But actual it’s made it even worse. The sudden cooling down stings like knives.
"It was not a good idea! We should stop!" Deku says.
It’s already too late to save her breast. Uraraka knows this already. She finishes coating her breast.
With a smile, she answers. “No! I can do it!”
It hurts like hell. But there is a hope. Her pain receptors are slowly dying away. It not will hurt for long!
Even if it is still unbearable, she should not forget her duties.
This time she reduces the weight of her breasts. She must prevent them from sticking with a spatula.
However, it is already difficult to remove them. She bites her teeth and raises her left breast. She breathes out. Then she uses all her strength to repeat it with her right breast.
Now she must be fast. She quickly covers her bottoms with butter. Then she places her breasts back on the hot metal. It doesn’t hurt as much as before.

Her breast has grown a little bit. This is a good sign. Slowly the pain dies down. Its start to get bearable. Her breast also slowly turns from red to a red brown.
Time to season them! Uraraka takes a knife and cut into the tips off her breast. That still hurts extremely… But after the pain of her roasting flesh, isn’t too bad!
She takes her brush again. Time to coat their inside.
She must scream again! Apparently, there are still a few nerves left. It burns like acid. It costs a lot of concentration, not to wait. No matter how much it hurts, it must be done now!
Breathing heavily, she takes the spices in her hand. As good as it is possible, she distributes everything to her two delicacies. Not only that, she puts a few onion strips into her wounds. One last time she has to endure the pain…

“Phew that should have been enough!” Uraraka says. Her breasts already exude an incredibly beautiful fragrance. Their color also looks more appetizing, from minute to minute. She now longer feels pain. She knows what that means. Now she only needs to wait half an hour, then they are ready to serve!

Half an hour later!

"Still awake?" Yaoyorozu ask.
“yeh…” Uraraka answers exhausted. Roasting your own breast is a bit tiresome. Stumbling, she stands up to put her breasts on a plate.
Yaoyorozu doesn’t hesitate. With one cut, she separates Uraraka from her breasts. She didn’t even feel anything!
"They look really delicious." Uraraka stuttered exhausted. She has to sit down; her legs are too heavy.
Deku Dare to approach. “Let us share the fairly” At this point Uraraka not care anymore…
She looks unconcernedly at her share. She's not really hungry. Only when she sees the others eating. She tries it herself.
Wow! They really taste divine! She wouldn’t have ever thought about eating her own breast. it had a beneficial that her breasts were so big. There is enough for three people!

After the meal:

"Okay, time to give you new breast" Yaoyorozu says smiling. She touched Uraraka wounds and small perfect breasts emerged. “How you feel?”
“Very light! I don’t know if I can get used to it." Uraraka replies thoughtfully.
"Don’t worry, you'll get used to it after a week or two.” Yaoyorozu promised. “If not, I’m always ready to do it again!”


April hanging around.

"Can you at least tell me what the plan is?" April ask calmly. It is not the first time that April gets abducted… This time she was caught by some aliens.
To be honest, she is more curious than she is afraid! You not often have the chance to study other species. Except the Krang… But they are boring!
Unfortunately, the aliens don’t speak her language. The only thing she knows is that they have led her into a big building. Everything is white, there is hardly any furniture and only a few doors.
The big Creature, which consists of several arms and tentacles, points to a container.
It takes a moment until she understands. “Oh, you want me to strip?” This should not be a problem. After all, all aliens are naked here! It is more embarrassing to wear clothes!
hectically and without shame she undresses. It doesn’t take long before all her clothes end up in the container. Naked and excited, she smiles at the alien. With its seven eyes, it inspects her body.
Without warning, it grabs her breasts. April startles slightly but decided to play along. She is a guest here and want to adapt to the customs. It touches her whole body. Slaps her butt and looks at her curiously. It shakes his head and seems to be thinking about something. It pulls at her red hair and seems to be confused. Then it takes a tentacle and penetrates her vagina.
"Could you please stop this?" April asks kindly. That's a little bit too intimate for her.
The alien, however, penetrates deeper and seems to smile.
“It's probably just curious.” She excuses the behavior. It's embarrassing. But it doesn’t really hurt her. It probably just wants to explore a little bit.
After it appears to be finished with his test, it draws its Tentacle out quickly. It presses on a button causing a door to appear.
This wasn’t pleasant. Nevertheless, April decides to play along. She enters the room. She sees a production line. Many animals and female aliens are attached to it.
Is this a form of factory?
As she looks closely, she sees that they are only attached to one place!

She is not an expert. But it looks very painful. Maybe she should get out now! That’s going too far!
But the alien is already behind her and keeps her firm. It grabs a hose from the line.
“Please! Don’t!" It's hopeless. It doesn’t understand her language anyway.
It tries to put the hose into her vagina. The hose is extremely thick. It has the diameter of a melon! It takes quite a hassle to put it in her little vagina. It's impossible! It can’t fit. Nevertheless, the alien keeps pushing.
Minutes pass away. April has enough! She tries to fight back. However, although April tried to prevent it. It Succeeds...
The alien moves the hose back and forth. Likely to secure it even better. April squeaks. It isn’t the most pleasant guest. She tries to stay calm… well, it isn’t easy! Its hurt like hell! Something as big like this, shouldn’t be inserted into her vagina.
However, it isn’t the pain that bother her. It feels like she's sitting on a pyramid. It feels wrong!
Then the alien let go of her. just like that, it loses interest in her, leaving her alone…
Of course, April tries to free herself immediately! They should bound her hands next time! She pulls as strong as she can on the hose. It doesn’t move an inch… It is too tight! No human power could remove it. Especially not the strength, of a thin red-haired girl, like her!
"I should have focused more on muscle building during training ..." She complains. Exhausted, she tries to sit down but suddenly the hose starts moving!
It's getting shorter!
She tries to run away. But it pulled her back in direction of the production line! She tries to fight it. But she is already below the belt. Soon it will not be long enough to stand.
April needs a plan quickly. But what should she do? It is getting stronger. She falls. Her vagina is pulled upwards. She lies on her back while it continues to go up.
Is there no other Option, as to give up?
She uses her arms to support herself. Her head still touches the ground. She has to act quickly! With her right arm, she pulls the hose. She tries everything to remove it. She now has to stretch to touch the ground…
April cries out in pain. Her weight is now only supported by her vagina. She fidgets, but gives up quickly. That only makes the situation worse. The hose stops moving, she seems to be in her final position.
April breathes in and out deeply. It may hurt hellishly. But she should remain optimistic. Whatever the plan of the aliens is. She will experience it firsthand! Not everybody could claim this!
3 minutes passed by. After what has felt like half an eternity, the production line starts moving. One of the other female creatures is transported further inside. April moves up a place. Apparently, there is a fixed order.
The world is upside down. That is why it is hard to say. But she can still see at least eight other creatures, that’s will go inside before her! There is probably not much that she can do, except waiting!
It is very interesting that she still hangs. It feels as if her vagina tears. But it doesn’t happen! It seems to be a very clever construction…
Two other creatures disappear. April tries to speak with the other victims. But nobody answers her. Its starts to become boring. Slowly she gets used to her upside-down vision and the pain. It is not to bad... Once you got used to it.
She wonders why they suspended her like this? Wouldn’t it have been easier to hang her on her legs? Well they probably had a reason for it! Now that the pain subsides, it is definitely an interesting feeling!
A new female creature is brought into the room. Finally, something different. For an alien, she doesn’t look to bad. She almost has something human. At least she looks good upside down.
In contrast to April, she introduces the hose herself. She looks happy. As if it is the best think that’s can happen with her. She seems to have an orgasm as she takes her place on the line.
She is the first living girl that April sees, so she tries to communicate. “Hi…”
"Hi" the alien girl answers. “You are alive? Nice to meet you!”
Finally, someone who speaks her language. "Do You know what they plan to do with us?"
"Ah I've been wondering, you're actually way too thin and too tender, for a volunteering meat girl." She explains as the next girl get pulled inside. “We have the great honor to become a meal for the greatest stars of the universe. In the best restaurant of the universe."
Another one is pulled in. It seems that April will be next… this really sounds exiting! April doesn’t want to die. But if it can’t be avoided, it doesn’t sound bad, to become a main course!
April grin. “And you volunteered?”
“Yeah. I have trained for it for month. By the way, it is impressive that you have survived without training. It is said to bring happiness, when a girl survives the pain”
April doesn’t know if she should be proud of it. “We humans have endurance!”
It starts moving again. Now it seems to be Aprils turn.
“Have fun.” Says the alien girl goodbye.
With at least 40 Kmh., she got transported through the building. Like a sack, she is shaken back and forth. Even if they come to save her… her pussy would suffer permanent damage.
“There is really no reason to hope for help!” Laughs April like crazy as she finally reaches her goal.
She is apparently in a kitchen. A skilled cook starts working immediately. He cleans her outside with water. While the hose starts its first task, cleaning her inside with much more water… April dizzy as her belly swells due the water.
The alien is already in the process to dry her off. The hose sucks the water out of her too. April blushes when she realizes she is slightly aroused. However, she doesn’t have time for breaks. In order to dry her inside properly, hot air is poured into her…
April breathes heavily. It is quite exhausting. Although she doesn’t actually do much herself.
Again, something happened with her vagina. She feels a strong pressure. Something is pumped into her. She has to groan. She really becomes meat…
Her belly begins to bulge. The pressure is getting stronger. She must be full by now. Why doesn’t it stop? She hears a click. It seems to be finished… finally!
The cook baste her with an alien sauce. He doesn’t need long to brush every corner of her. Impressive. She is his first human after all. April is glad that it is quickly over. Everything was going too fast for her…
The cook pushes a button…
Without warning, April falls down on her head. Finally, the hose is removed. However, where her vagina used to be, there is now a big hole. It would probably take a while for her vagina to get back in shape again ...
Not that it should disturb April anymore. Her vagina doesn’t remain empty for long anyway. A very thick heating rod is inserted into her. Hardly to believe that he still fits, her stomach is already full...
She now understands what the plan was. They wanted to prepare her pussy, so that they could boil her inside and outside at the same time!
Carefully, they place her into a big oven. BEEP. Alien technology is fast. Hardly she were placed in the oven, it is already starting to get hot. Not only her outside… She also feels her pussy to start burning.
In this tempo, she will probably die quickly. Her skin feels as if she is on fire. Especially her labia. But she already realizes that her pussy will be very crispy. It also smells good.
It will probably taste very good…
She is getting tired…
It definitely was an exciting experience!


Oh I love these stories! Especially the one with April. I don't know why but there's something about aliens/monsters being confused about a human female before finding a use for it that just hits the spot.


Oh I love these stories! Especially the one with April. I don't know why but there's something about aliens/monsters being confused about a human female before finding a use for it that just hits the spot.


It's a clever idea and I mean no offense, but this was a little painful to read due to all the errors. A few I can ignore but I spent so much effort decrypting what you meant that I had no brainpower left to get immersed in the story.
What I'm saying is that you could really use a editor and I have plenty of free time ;)


Dude there's a difference between being critical and being a jerk.


"You make spelling errors, I had a hard time. I'll edit for you if you want." Oh yeah such an asshole.


The first story was good, the second was not that interesting.
I did not notice any serious spelling errors that would ruin the experience.
but if you want to make it better you should do spellcheck with something like Ginger or Grammarly


Would you mind doing the Nintendo or Disney princesses?

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