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Kimmy was a good girl. Every day she would wake up early, dress up in the prettiest outfits, then take a calm stroll through the local park. She was an absolute angel, so sweet and kind. She knew the names of everyone she passed by on her walks and would greet them cheerfully each and every morning. In turn, the passersby would greet her back, often complimenting her beaming smile or her cute outfit for the day. These little interactions made Kimmy very happy. Mornings like those were the most blissful times of Kimmy's life.

This particular morning, however, was the worst one of Kimmy's life. This morning, right before she was able to complete her lap around the park, a stranger jumped out of a van and dragged Kimmy inside. The person injected her with a syringe and knocked Kimmy out in seconds. The whole time, Kimmy tried as hard as she could to fight back. Kimmy had recognized the van, she knew what they wanted with her. As her mind slipped into unconsciousness, she prayed for mercy. There would be none of that for her.

Kimmy woke up with a start some time later. For Kimmy, it had felt like time had passed in an instant. One moment, she was being injected with some kind of drug, the next, she was wide awake in a totally different location, laying on what seemed like a hospital bed. To her shock and horror, Kimmy discovered she no longer had any arms or legs. She was little more than a torso and a head now, completely naked with her long blonde hair tied into a tight braid. Kimmy cried out in despair. Her life was ruined for good. She would never walk in the park again, she would never be able to put on cute clothes herself anymore. The perfect mornings she used to know were gone forever.

A nurse came in to calm Kimmy down. As Kimmy had expected, the nurse had a NBIS badge on her uniform. The National Breeding Initiative Sector. Then it was true, Kimmy had been chosen by the specialized governmental department to serve as a living cum-station. Kimmy had always heard of girls being taken by the NBIS in the middle of the day, but she had never expected that she would be one of them. Kimmy sobbed pathetically as she realized that she would be forced to sleep with dozens of men daily for years to come.

"All to combat the unprecedented population decline." That was the reasoning behind the cum-station program. Soon, Kimmy would be transported to a local brothel where she would spend the rest of her days getting impregnated by high ranking officials and other elite members of society. Her limbs amputated to the base, there would be no escape for her, no way of harming herself or the many children she would carry during her term as a living cum-station. From the moment she left the hospital to the onset of menopause, her life from now on would be nothing but fucking, incubating, and birthing. As the nurse wiped Kimmy's tears for her, Kimmy lamented the cruel hand fate had dealt her, wondering what she had done to deserve this. Kimmy was a good girl, she really was.


This is a short little thing I wanted to write out to get it out of my head. I might write a few more parts myself, but free to continue the story yourselves if you want. Maybe we can even make a fun communal story out of this.


"You'll be transported to the Downtown Cum/Station tomorrow morning Kimmy"

The nurse told her while she dried her tears. Then smiling warmly at her she continued,

"If you decide that you volunteered your womb, your little babysister will get an excemption letter. You have 5 minutes to decide Kimmy!"

The nurse turned around and went to a cabinet. She pulled some desinfectant out and returned to Kimmy. Turning her around on her tummy. All Kimmy could do was to continue crying and thinking about Madison. Madison her little 11 year old sister who had her first period last month! And was now legal for NBIS to be collected. While the nurse desinfected an area just above her right buttock Kimmy decided that she had no other choice.

"Ma'am yes I volunteered to be a cum station."

She told the nurse through her sobs. She didn't see the big smile on the nurses face. Who pulled a blackened iron rod out of a drawer. The rod had a long black cable attached to it. She adjusted something at the top end and then plugged the cable in. Within moments the flat top of the rod began to glow red, getting brighter and brighter and then glowed white. The nurse had a sadistic smile on her face and she pressed the white hot iron on Kimmy's soft skin.


Kimmy was shocked! The pain, the heat it felt like she was in flames! The nurse hummed happily while she counted to ten. And then she removed it. On top of Kimmy's buttock glowed in deep red now a shield. In it were the letters

"breeder No"

A clear plaaster was glued over it and then the nurse turned Kimmy back.

"Oh stop whining you breeder whore! You volunteered remember and now you should smile so that I can let your parents and little Madison in! I´ll hand her her excemption letter. And then she will get her branding to show she is no longer legal to be collected."

The nurse gave Kimmy two sharp slaps on her cheeks when she didn't immediately stopped crying. The shock did the trick and she stopped crying. The nurse roughly cleaned her face and then went to get her family.


It was brief but lovely. I always have a think for amputation. Thank you.


Kimmy's family cried when they saw her small, limbless body lying there in the hospital bed. Kimmy's mom was inconsolable, clutching her face as she sobbed. Kimmy's dad stood stoically, refusing to turn away as tears ran down his cheeks. Kimmy's sister Madison cried the loudest, whining incessantly about how she didn't want Kimmy to go away. There was nothing any of them could do though; the law was clear and Kimmy had volunteered her womb of her own will, at least on paper.

The nurse came back after processing some paperwork, carrying with her a new branding iron, the one that would exempt Madison from being collected by the NBIS. Despite losing Kimmy, it was thanks to her that Madison would be allowed a worry-free life, so to ensure her sacrifice would not be in vain, Kimmy's parents held Madison down and cooperated as the nurse applied the brand. Madison's ear-piercing shrieks pained Kimmy's heart, but Kimmy took solace in knowing Madison would be spared the same unfortunate fate she was soon to be put through.

The time for them to leave drawing near, Kimmy's family was allowed to give their final goodbyes, each hugging and kissing Kimmy in turn. Kimmy dearly wished she could hug them back, but with no arms to do so with, she could only lay there and passively receive her family's love. Kimmy would remember their final hugs for the rest of her life, but being unable to imprint the warmth of her last embrace into her family's memories, Kimmy's own hugs were doomed to be forgotten forever, even by the ones who loved her the most. That chance cruelly stolen from her, Kimmy could only watch with a sorrowful smile as her family filed out of the room without a single objection.

Kimmy laid her head down and closed her eyes. A fitful night of dreamless sleep and a dreary morning of tears and sorrow left her completely drained the next day when the nurse entered Kimmy's room with a bucket in hand. After a quick scrub down with a sudsy sponge, she put the the cleaning tools away and dried Kimmy thoroughly.

"Time to go, Kimmy," the nurse told her, a calm smile on her face. A pair of men in suits stepped into Kimmy's room. One of them carried a large metallic briefcase with him. The man with the case stepped up to the hospital bed and held up the case for Kimmy to see. It seemed much larger up close, as big as a small child even. Popping the latches, the spring-loaded lid swung open automatically. Kimmy peered inside. The entirety of the case was filled by a single huge piece of soft foam cushion stretching from top to bottom. An eerie, connected pair of wide rounded holes had been cut into the middle of the foam. The other man walked around Kimmy's bed, picking her body up without warning. Before she could even get a chance to react, the man shoved Kimmy into the holes in the foam. The holes conformed to her limbless torso and head perfectly, securing her in place as the lid to the case was shut tight. Plunged into darkness, Kimmy cried out for help, but no one would be saving her. Kimmy was property of the state now. Their package secured, the men left promptly, carrying case in hand, thanking the nurse as they exited.

And so, Kimmy said goodbye to the hospital where the nightmare began, leaving for her next stop on the road to hell: the evaluation center.


Decided I wanted to pick up where E-Sarah 's post left off. >>10226

I don't think I want to do more after this, but it was interesting continuing someone else's contributions for a change. The tone of E-Sarah's choices felt very different from what I set up and did things I wouldn't have done, but that's what made it fun to play around with the new ideas like this!

I hope others join in and contribute to this story, it definitely has the potential to become something great.



I like the story Pung and I´m tempted to continue it again. And yes as you said the fun in this kind of story is to have different writers, kinks, and points of view come together. The idea of the NBIS made it easy for me to think that such an organization would attract sadists as workers. Because if you are a kind empathic beeing the pain and emotions in the breeders would clearly go to your heart. Thus the nurse became a bit evil lol.

I do hope someone else picks this up but if not as I said I´m going to add some more.

xo xo E(vil)-Sarah ;p


Well here I go again.

After a bumpy ride in a car Kimmy felt her briefcase being lifted out of the trunk. She was carried for a while and then she heard the clank of metal on metal through the foam. The locks snapped and the briefcase opened up. A young man in white scrubs pulled her out. Placing her on a raised padded lounger. Before Kimmy could even try to say something he pushed a big ball gag into her mouth. Shutting her up for good. Then he picked up and started shuffling through a file, he was muttering to himself while doing this.

“Okay lets see what I got here as a replacement for breeder 74925. Mhm a volunteer. Not bad. 13 and a half years old so lot's of good womb time left on it. That's good...”

Up to this point he hadn't really looked at her. Now he looked at her and then put a finger up her pussy just to be stopped almost immediately by her hymen.

“Ah a virgin! It's first time will most definetly be auctioned of.

Kimmy blushed deeply and was shaking in fear. Frightened of the pain that would surely come in this hell and because this man treated her just like what she was now. Property, just a womb to be bred. He didn't even address her at all. Ignoring her as a person. She was just a commodity and a number to him.

The man pulled out his finger from her pussy and then pushed it with one hard shove up her bum. Tears flowing down Kimmy's face as he used his finger to open up her dry bum. The gag effectively silenced her gasps and cries. Using two fingers then three he slowly worked on her bum.

“It's backdoor is nice and stretchy so placing it on the presentation footing will be no problem.”

Pulling out he casually wiped his fingers clean on Kimmy's tummy. Then his hands ran over her hips and up to her boobs.

“Yes good wide hips and those milk jugs will fill up nicely. Well she will be a good asset. Blond hair is in big demand too so it will be a big seller.”

That said he looked over Kimmy's head and nodded to someone behind her.

“Get it into booth 5 Darrel. And place it on the footing. We will sell it's first time this evening.”

“Yes Sir. I'll send in its handler once it's situated, so it will be looking its best to attract higher votes.”

A deep voice responded and a big, burly, brutal looking man stepped into Kimmy's view. Lifting her by her braid like it was a handle. He didn't seem to notice Kimmy's renewed cries of pain as he carried her limbless body along some corridors. They passed boothes and from inside Kimmy heard moans and cries. The cries were all high pitched and sounding young. Darrel opened a door and went to a window that was covered by curtains right now. On the sill stood a two feet high steel stool. From it's centre rose a wide steel butt-plug. Without hesitation Darrel lifted Kimmy higher and positioned her above the plug. Picking up a small tube of lube with his other hand he squeezed a liberal amount of it on the tip. Then he settled her on it.

Kimmy felt her bum being violated for the second time in her life. Being pushed in and then slowly stretched. The cold metal slid inside her cavity. Stretching her open wider then she ever had been stretched there. Sliding deeper and deeper. Straightening out her intestines until the almost a foot long plug was seated in her. Her ass touching the equally cold steel seat she was safely fixed on her footing. Ready to be decorated and then having her virginity and womb sold to the highest bidder.


Meanwhile Madison was smiling for the first time since her sister had volunteered! The nurse had slipped her a piece of paper after she was branded and said her good bye. On it was the address of the downtown cum-station and more importantly a paragraph and subparagraph number.

§17 sub 9)

Any female may volunteer to help the NBIS. Volunteers can choose how and where to help. Viable positions are housekeeper, cook, cleaner, server, breeder handler. They can in addition choose to offer customers visual stimulation and or manual stimulation. To ease the customers use of the breeder. Volunteers may choose a breeder to be assigned to them permanently or choose a different one each day.

After Madison read this she quickly checked it in the internet. Finding out it was true in the NBIS homepage she immediately signed up as a volunteer handler at the downtown cum-station! Requesting Kimmy to be “her” assigned breeder. After receiving a confirmation email from the NBIS local office she forwarded it to her parents and got ready to leave.

Choosing her cutest pink dress and most grown up underwear she got dressed. Madison winced when the strap of the dress came to rest on top of her fresh exemption brand. It was located high on her right shoulder blade. Getting in some sandals and grabbing her backpack she left home before her parents woke.

Taking the bus she got lots of stares by young men and women. The women and girls were mostly jealous at her status! And the men, well for them she had just become even more interesting then before. Now she was not just another sexy little girl ready for breeding but a girl that was girlfriend material! Since she wouldn't just disappear one day and becoming government property!

Arriving at the cum-station Madison saw the long line of windows. Some of them had the curtains pulled close, but most were open. She saw 15 other limbless girls sitting on metal stools in the windows. Displayed like mannequins. Madison walked slowly along the windows watching the dolls how they twitched. Most had plastic like smiles on their faces but their eyes were void of any trace of happiness, their eyes were dead. Madison swore to herself that she wouldn't let Kimmy become a girl with dead eyes!

Approaching a steel foor at the buildings side that was labelled volunteers she punched in the confirmation code into the keypad. The door opened and the nervous eleven year old entered the building.


I hope you enjoy it and someone will pick up where I left of!

xo E-Sarah


Bump. And hoping someone continues it.


Kimmy's handler, as it turned out, was a middle-aged woman dressed in a lavender PVC corset that made her large breasts loom over Kimmy's head. She wore black slacks, and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She stared down at her new charge through thick glasses. Only when her cold fingers took hold of Kimmy's jaw to examine her face did the new breeder notice her handler's bionic limbs.

Sockets at the woman's shoulders held long, slender, chrome-plated arms, and a glimpse of chrome at her ankle suggested her legs were artificial as well. She noticed Kimmy's stare and sighed.

"You've a lot to learn, it seems. That's good. Less I'll have to un-teach. To answer your curiosity, yes, my limbs are artificial. I used to be a breeder like you. In very rare instances, breeders who perform exceptionally are allowed to transition into the role of handler when their womb gives out."

Kimmy could only make a vague noise through her gag in response to this information, but it made her perk up a little. "Maybe one day I can become a handler, too!" she thought.

As if reading her mind, the woman smiled condescendingly at her and said, "The chances of you making the cut are pretty dismal, girl. Every breeder dreams of it, of course. It's your only way out except the incinerator. If you do exactly as I say and put every ounce of effort you can muster into your new role, you just might stand a chance."

Kimmy straightened her back and nodded, eager to earn a shot at a way out. Her young brain couldn't really conceive yet of the decades of abuse she'd have to endure to reach the promised reward, so it seemed simple: do what she was told, then get her limbs replaced and be a handler.

"My name, as far as you're concerned, is Mistress," the woman informed her, then set about making her clean and fresh-smelling. She'd just had a sponge bath maybe an hour ago, but Mistress was far more thorough. Her cold metal hands scrubbed under and around Kimmy's breasts, behind her ears, over the sites of her fresh amputations (which set off all sorts of strange sensations), and especially between her legs... her lack of legs... down there.

Kimmy blushed to be treated like such a helpless baby, but she could hardly do the job herself. When Mistress started scrubbing her lady parts, she blushed even harder. She knew this fate would involve that area, but she never really thought about it much until now.

"Get used to it. Every day for the rest of your life, men are going to come in here and fuck you. A few women, too. Every adult citizen is legally allowed to use the cum stations. Some of them might be nice about it, but most won't. Tonight, when it's busiest, they're going to auction off your virginity, and then you'll probably get fucked rather hard and painfully. The men who bid on that are rarely the nice ones."

Kimmy was shocked by Mistress's language. The woman's tone was as cold as her hands, and her words were harsh. Kimmy wasn't totally sure she understood all she was being told. Women would use her? She'd had no idea. She could hardly ask questions, though.

The stall was well-equipped with hoses and sponges and various soaps and shampoos. The water drained into the floor below her. Mistress wasn't gentle when she washed Kimmy's hair. She tolerated the girl's whimpering for a few minutes, but finally slapped her across the tits, making the girl's nipples sting. "Shut up. Some of the customers might want to hear you suffer, but I don't." Kimmy did her best to stay quiet, and Mistress finished giving her hair a thorough wash, condition, and blow-dry. Kimmy couldn't see the result, but Mistress gave her hair an approving nod, which made the girl feel a little better. She'd always been told she had beautiful hair.

Once she was clean, Mistress opened a case she'd brought along and began applying lotion, oils, and perfume to Kimmy's skin. She focused on the girl's boobs and pussy a LOT, making her blush deeper than before.

"Hold onto that," Mistress said, a little more gently. "Feel ashamed. Blush. Look down. They like that. It'll reflect well on the reviews customers leave. Before long, you won't feel the shame, but if you can convincingly act like you do, they won't be able to tell the difference."

For once, Kimmy was glad she couldn't say anything. She had no idea what to say to that.

Mistress spent a quiet half an hour putting make-up on Kimmy, interspersed with an occasional hiss of "Hold still!" and a few more slaps of her increasingly tender breasts.

"Good. I've put enough make-up on you to make it look like you're not wearing any. You should be thankful you don't have to do this yourself. It's a pain in the ass."

Mistress rocked back on her heels to take in the whole picture. She frowned and cocked her head to one side, then the other. "Young and innocent is definitely the way to sell you... I know."

Kimmy barely saw what Mistress pulled from the case before she felt a sharp stab in her ear. She yelped, and her eyes teared up. "No crying," Mistress snapped as she dabbed the tears away before they could smear her makeup. A moment later, her other ear was pierced, too.

"I was just begging Mom to let me get my ears pierced the other day," Kimmy thought. "I never thought it'd happen like this."

Mistress packed away all her tools and supplies, closed her case, and rose to tower over Kimmy's young, truncated body again. She pulled something down from the ceiling. It was a narrow pipe that extended down, and on the end of it was... Kimmy's eyes went wide.

Mistress laughed harshly. "This isn't even a real dick, girl. This is how you'll get fed from now on. You're going to spend the next four hours sucking this prick. If you do anything that would hurt a real person, it'll shock you, all the way from your mouth down through the plug in your ass. You'll want to avoid that. It sucks. If you manage to do things the computer recognizes as pleasurable, it'll squirt out some nutrient gel. The better you get at sucking cock, the more you'll get fed. You haven't eaten since you were acquired, so I'm betting you're getting hungry. I'll come back to check on you in a few hours."

Mistress unhooked the gag, yanked it out of Kimmy's mouth, and hung it on a hook on the wall. Without another word, she left through the curtain, leaving Kimmy alone in the harsh light of the stall, staring at the tan silicone shaft in front of her mouth.

"Well, fuck," she muttered.


Continued! I wanted to introduce some other female amputee characters who'd be able to do a bit more. I figure Mistress can be harsh but at least slightly caring. She's not a sadist, but rather a product of this system who considers all this normal. She absolutely is going to fuck Kimmy at some point.

I love the idea of Maddie getting involved; it's just not where I wanted to go next. I'm also not really sure where I'd want that to end up. Does Maddie become a victim of the system, too, just in some other fashion? Does she remain a legit ray of sunshine in her sister's otherwise hopeless existence? Can we find an excuse for her to lose a limb or two? Does the mindset of the cum station clients get to her, awakening her baby sadist tendencies and leading her to join in the cruelty to her sister? There are just so many possibilities!

I hope you enjoy, and I'll try to continue this later... especially if someone else takes a turn!


@ Asmora. I like your add! It's fun to see where you are going with this! The feeding and punishment device is nice! lol I didn't plan on that when I set her up on the metal plug! I was just thinking how to easily show of an amputee breeder to the customers!

My guess is that Mistress will teach Maddie the tricks of how to care for a breeder. Also Kimmy needed a full time handler since Madison will still have to go to school! But we will see what the next person who continues it will come up with lol!

@ Pung: In my opinion it's your turn to continue again lol! But if you and no one else will do, I'll do it propably next Sunday Aug. 6th

xo E-Sarah


This is one of the hottest things I've ever read, please keep it going!


Hey Ian, you've written amputee stories before, right? How about you try your hand at writing a part too?


Well, these are lovely additions. They are fantastic. Thank you!


Mistress closed the door of Kimmy's room behind her. Her shoulders sagged a bit, she hated to be so harsh to the girl but it was in her best interest. She had to learn quickly to be able to survive this harsh life.

After a few steps she reached the door to her office. Stepping in she arrived just in time to see Kimmy open her mouth and take the prick in. She looked around and saw that the young volunteer handler was sitting on the second chair in the room. Her eyes transfixed on the screen that showed Kimmy. Traces of tears were on the cheeks of the lovely young girl and Mistress wouldn't mind to have her in her bed too.

“It's okay Madison, the first few days and times are the hardest on the breeders. Then they either come to terms with this or they break. Anyway they are just wombs to be used until they fulfill their quota like I did! Or are barren as the desert and end up as roast or if they are ugly by then in the incinerator!”

“Okay Miss Brewer I understand but still it's hard to see her cry.”

Madison replied, and then flinched as a blood curdling scream erupted from the loudspeakers. Kimmy was twitching on her stool and the prick had pushed down some more. Locking her spitted on the stool.

“Don't call the womb a she just! It's just an IT until it regains human status again! Well it must have scratched the feeder with her teeth! It will soon learn to keep it's lips between them and the prick. Believe me Madison it makes it much easier for you to just see the breeders as things and not persons!”

Mistress Brewer said emotionless. It wouldn't be good for Madison to show that she too felt bad for the girls pain. But as before this was for her own good. If she did that to a customer she would most likely be beaten black and blue for it. Still the little girl needed to harden her heart because being a handler she would see a lot worse things done to the wombs in her care.

Madison nodded her head that she understood she had decided to not let anyone know that Kimmy was her big sister. She had told them that she wanted to do this for later when she wrote her college application.

Miss Brewer reached out to softly caress the girls cheeks and wipe away the traces of her crying. Then smiled at her saying

“Now we will continue your training Madison. In that locker is a life size breeder doll go and get it.”

“Yes Miss Brewer.”

Madison quickly got up and went to the locker. Opening it she pulled out the big limbless doll. She tried to lift it but it was to heavy and since there were no more armpits it was hard to hold for her. So she pulled it over to Miss Brewer and placed it on the floor. Miss Brewer bent down and grabbed a handful of the dolls hair. Pulling it up by the hair she placed it on a free table.

“The best way for you to handle a breeder is to grab it by it's hair and pull it around on it. Except when it is wearing the carrying harness.”

Miss Brewer opened a big drawer and pulled a tangled mass of leather strings out. Placing it next to the doll. Untangling it she placed it quickly on the doll with practised ease. A plug that was slightly smaller than the one on the stool went up the dolls ass. It's cunt was framed by thick leather straps. More straps criss crossed over it's tummy to then frame the boobs. From the top of the boobs two straps went over it's shoulders and then were buckled up to the back part of the harness. Just below the buckles was a handle to carry the breeder around easily like a briefcase.

The next few hours were spent with Madison learning how to put that harness and other utensils onto the doll. Including a diaper for the breeders free/sleeping time. They were a few times disturbed by new screams coming from the loudspeakers as Kimmy got longer and harder shocked for each mistake.

Then it was time for them to get Kimmy ready for the auction.

Kimmy looked at the prick in front of her. Her stomach grumbled and she felt hungrier than ever before in her whole life. Still she needed some time to get herself over the humiliation and to open her mouth to take that thing in. Finally she was ready and her lips parted. Slowly she slid the tip in, sucking on it in the hope to get the food to come out. Only a tiny drop of the slightly salty tasting slime appeared on her sucking. What had Mistress said she tried to remember, ah yes she had said,

“This isn't even a real dick, girl. This is how you'll get fed from now on. You're going to spend the next four hours sucking this prick. If you do anything that would hurt a real person, it'll shock you, all the way from your mouth down through the plug in your ass. You'll want to avoid that. It sucks. If you manage to do things the computer recognizes as pleasurable, it'll squirt out some nutrient gel. The better you get at sucking cock, the more you'll get fed.”

So I need to do stuff that is pleasurable! Kimmy started to rub her tongue around the tip while she continued to suck. She was rewarded with another this time larger drop. Sliding her head up and down the shaft was hard work but as soon as she had started the prick helped her by moving in and out her mouth on it's own. Kimmy played with her tongue on it. Rubbing and massaging the underside of the prick while it went in and out. A big squirt of the slime landed in her mouth and she swallowed! Happy to have something in her empty stomach after all. But at the same time she didn't watch out and her upper teeth scratched the “skin” of the prick a bit to hard!

The prick plunged down pushing deep into her throat and electricity cruised through her body! Kimmy twitched and shook a terrible scream erupted from her throat as the current continued to torture her young body!

Kimmy was crying and shaking. Her body ached. Even when the current stopped and the prick retreated from her throat she was just hanging there motionless. Until a very short shock from the prick reminded her to resume her feeding. Moaning she resumed to suck, lick and massage it. She watched out to keep her teeth away from the skin. The prick pumped in and out deeper and deeper this time entering her throat again. She was afraid that she would get shocked again when it slipped in but it only fucked her throat.

Kimmy got small spurts of the slime a few more times but by far not enough to still her hunger. Each time she made a mistake she got shocked longer and harder. What Kimmy didn't know was that she was putting up a good show on the cum stations website and on a screen above her window. The one thing that turned the men on almost as much as a young and innocent breeder was a young and innocent breeder in pain!

Miss Brewer and Madison stopped in front of Kimmy's door. Madison was carrying the stuff they would need to get Kimmy ready.

“Okay Madison remember to call me Mistress in front of the breeder as I will call you Miss. It doesn't need to know your name. That would only create an unnecessary bond.”

“Yes Miss Brewer, but wouldn't a bond make it easier for the breeder?”

“Well I guess it could but it would make it harder for you when it needs to be punished or at it's end when you shove it screaming down the incinerator chute or into the oven.”

Madison had to swallow at that but nodded her head yes. She got even more resolved to help Kimmy to get through this! Mistress opened the door and they stepped in. Mistress walked with long steps over to the curtain and pulled it open. Kimmy looked up at her still working on the prick. Then her eyes widened as she saw Madison. Madison quickly shook her head and mouthed,

“You don't know me!”

Kimmy blinked her eyes as a sign that she understood. Mistress pulled the prick roughly out of her mouth and looked at the indicator.

“Well not bad for your first time! Just 14 shocks and half the filling in your tummy! But you cried and smeared your makeup! We will need to punish you for that! Oh and by the way this is your second handler, you will call her Miss!”

Mistress grabbed Kimmy by the hair and pulled her of the stool! Kimmy had to cry out again as her sore ass hole slipped of the big plug! She carried the crying girl over to the bed she would get bred on soon! Madison came over and dropped the contents on her arms onto the bed.

“Okay Miss first you need to put it in a diaper. So the breeder can do it's business while you clean up her face and upper torso.”

Mistress stepped out of the way to give Madison room. Madison picked up the diaper and came closer. As she had trained with the doll she pushed her thumb into Kimmy's cunt until she hit her hymen. She used this grip to lift Kimmy's ass of the bed and slipped the diaper below her with her left hand. Then lowering her onto it. She gave her sister a little flick of her thumb Kimmy's clit when she pulled her thumb out. Quickly she wrapped Kimmy into the diaper then she looked up and Mistress gave her an approving nod. Looking at Kimmy she said,

“Girl you will now piss and shit into that diaper! That is your only chance to do either for the next twelve hours!”

Kimmy blushed again, she couldn`t believe that her humiliation seemed to have no end! But she nodded and said through more tears

“Yes Mistress!”

Mistress then looked at Madison and continued to explain,

“Miss, now you take the antiseptic wipes and start to wipe it down. No need to waste more good freshwater to wash a breeder than needed if this chemicals will do the same. It will get a shower every three days while you wash it's hair.”

Madison nodded again, she was concentrating on the job at hand. Using the wipes she cleaned up Kimmy's face first then she changed the tissue and continued down Kimmy's body. Reaching the top of the diaper she quickly turned Kimmy on her front to do her back. Kimmy had had no problem releasing her bladder into the diaper as she had fought the last hour to keep it in! But her guts were a different story all together. She squeezed and pressed and then with a loud PPPPFFFFFTTTTTTT the air was filled with a bad smell but Kimmy finally got a relaxed smile on her face as she felt her guts empty into the diaper. Madison wrinkled her nose at the smell but Mistress said,

“Just ignore the smell Miss it's like this with breeders they have no dignity like a baby! They just do what is needed. Once it's done shitting turn it around again and open the diaper. First wipe down her front. Her cunt needs special attention! This time you have to be careful but after tonight it will be easier. You wipe it first and then use a second wipe to clean it out! Watch out not to break it's hymen when you stuff the wipe inside. Then you lift her with your left hand and the handler grip, use your right to wipe her dirty ass clean. Once it's clean on the outside you take the bottle brush place a wipe over it's tip and push it in. Pull out replace the wipe and repeat it until the wipe comes out clean. It shouldn't take more than two three wipes! Throw the wipes and diaper down the incinerator chute immediately after it's clean.”

Madison was already doing this while Mistress explained it. She had tried it on the doll so the explanation was more for Kimmy's benefit than Madison's. This way the young breeder knew what was going to happen. Madison tried to be gentle with Kimmy but she couldn't help it. Cleaning out Kimmy's ass hurt the girl!

From there Mistress took over again. She looked at Kimmy sternly.

“I told you, you needed to be punished for smearing your makeup!”

And she gripped Kimmy's nipples in her bionic hands. She squeezed them hard and turned them. Kimmy started to shout in pain. Then suddenly electricity cursed again through her! From nipple to nipple! Kimmy's scream increased in volume. Then she let go of them sudenly. Looking at Kimmy's crying face again she gave a sigh.

“You disgust me! You get punished for crying and you cry again! Are you a retard? Stop that useless tears!”

Kimmy swallowed and tried to stop her crying, after a few minutes she was able to. Madison tried to look into her sisters eyes but Kimmy avoided her gaze as she was to embaressed to look at her sweet little baby sister.

When Kimmy stopped crying Mistress wiped her face once again then she reapplied the light makeup. Then she started to work on dressing Kimmy. While she was doing this she send Kimmy to clean up the plug and stool. When Madison returned Kimmy was ready for the auction. Mistress took the handle of her harness and picked her up. Madison couldn't believe that Kimmy could still look so beautiful even without her arms and legs. Mistress Carried her to a mirror and showed her herself.

Kimmy was wearing a white bridal dress. Complete with veil and a short skirt. A white corset gave her a wasp waist. A white ball-gag had been shoved into her mouth and her lips were deeply red from lipstick.

“Okay Miss let's get it on the stage. Once it is sold we just bring it back in here and it`s customer will do the rest. Then you can go home. First times are always a full night and you need to go to school tomorrow again Miss!”

That said she carried Kimmy out and along the floor. Reaching the backdoor to the stage they got on it. The manager was already waiting for them. He took up the position of the auctioneer. Madison helped Miss Brewer placing Kimmy on another presentation stool by lifting the skirt out of the way. Then they stepped of the stage and the curtains opened. Next to Kimmy a hologram of her naked body appeared. It rotated slowly so that everybody could take a good look. The room was full with men and even a few women. Gazing hungrily and full of lust at the girl.

The manager started,

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our newest breeder! It's still virgin and inexperienced! Bidding for her first time starts at 1000 creds. Bidding on her first child will start at 10 thousand creds. If someone bids on this the first time bidding will be obsolete. The winner in that case will get it's virginity and will be the only one to cum in it's cunt until it is carrying. Everybody else will have to settle for her ass then. To ensure this as you know it will get a chastity belt with a Biometric lock! Do I hear 1000?”

Kimmy`s eyes slowly adjusted to the light and she scammed the room. She swallowed hard there were a few of her teachers, her old principal and even worse her priest from church they all stood in the crowd and her priest opened the bidding by saying,

“I do!”

But then she got an even bigger shock. Her Mom and Dad stood there too! Dad lifted his hand and said,

“Eleven Thousand creds!”

Silence filled the room for a moment and then a firce bidding battle started between her Dad and her old principal!

After a long time her Dad won the battle! Kimmy let her head drop in shame. He had just bought her first child for 25 thousand creds.

Hope you like the name I choose for Mistress Asmora. It didn`t seem right for Madison to call her Mistress in privat.

In my opinion it`s just right that Kimmy's parents get Kimmy's firstborn as a replacement. I guess that Kimmy and also Madison are adopted from a cumstation themselve when they were baby's so it's no incest for Dad to breed his little girl! And this way they can keep a part of Kimmy!

Leaving the juicy part of taking her virginity to the next who picks this up!

xo E-Sarah


I hope this thread is not going to die an untimely death. And that someone will take Kimmy's virginity in a nice brutal manner! lol Even so it`s her "Dad" doing it! ;)


The name is great! I'm looking forward to her first time. Hopefully Mom will come along to help out and enjoy her daughter, as well.



Me too Asmora! Maybe you will write this part? I don`t really like to do it since the fun is to play with other Authors inputs and ideas for the story.

Well in any case if no one does by sunday after the next I will since I think this story is to good to let it die!

xo E-Sarah


Pung is backkk
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Really? There are people awaiting me? That's weird.


I got Kimmy's cherry poppin' Be up tomorrow (Sun 8/27)



Yes! I can`t wait to read it! hope you had fun writing it!

xo xo E-Sarah


No sooner had the auction concluded than Kimmy was whisked offstage by Darrel, the same huge scary man who had dragged her around by her hair earlier that day. He took her back to Booth 5, unceremoniously re-impaled her ass on her presentation stand, then unbuckled the leather carrying harness and set it aside. He proceeded to strip off her white ‘bridal’ gown and veil and removed the corset and ballgag, hanging the latter on a hook on the wall. “You’re lucky,” he rumbled in his deep voice before he stalked out of the room, “very few breeders have fathers who care enough, or have enough money, to buy their daughters’ first time, let alone their first child.”

Kimmy swallowed nervously. Her mind had been racing furiously, ever since her Daddy had won the bidding war. Why was her Daddy bidding on her at all? Why was he even there? What did he want with his little girl’s virginity? And how long had he wanted it? She was left alone with her thoughts in Booth 5 for several long minutes, before her Daddy finally appeared in the doorway.

Kimmy’s Daddy knew he had made the right decision. There was no doubt in his mind about it. But if there had been, the sight of his naked little girl, framed by her windowsill, would have driven it from his mind. He let his eyes wander over her, from the waterfall of her golden curls down over her shoulders, complete with two little tendrils that framed the sides of her face, to the pert swellings of her perfect C-cup breasts, her trim little waist, the subtle but womanly curve of her petite, growing hips and the way they curved round smoothly under her, leaving her hairless pussy utterly exposed, he had never seen anything so alluring. He paused there in the doorway, drinking in the sight of her perfect, helpless, nubile young body, feeling the bulge in his pants grow uncomfortably large.

Later, Kimmy would come to recognize the look on her father’s face as pure, unadulterated lust. But she didn’t know that then. All she knew was that her father had paid an enormous sum for her virginity and her first baby. Now he was standing in the door to her booth staring at her naked, helpless body with a strange look on his face, and she was more bewildered than ever. Finally, she said, “Daddy?”

The sound of his babygirl’s voice broke Kimmy’s Daddy out of his reverie. He shook his head lightly, as though he had just remembered why he was there. He smiled, and quickly walked across the room, stopping right in front of Kimmy. With his right hand, he reached out with and activated the wall control for Kimmy’s presentation stand, lowering it until her face was just below his belt buckle. Without saying a word, he swiftly unbuckled his pants and dropped his trousers, suddenly freeing his enormous member right in Kimmy’s face.

Kimmy let out an audible gasp as her father’s enormous penis suddenly appeared, nearly hitting her in the face! The swollen purple head bobbed about barely an away and she had to crane her head to peer around and get a look at the rest of it. What she saw alarmed her. Daddy’s cock was easily 9” long, and as thick as her wrist! Well, back when she’d had wrists, that is. Kimmy was now a little scared. She had no idea how Daddy’s huge cock was going to fit inside her! She didn’t think she could even get it in her mouth, let alone her virgin pussy! She knew, though, that she had better try, and soon or she was going to get shocked by the steel butt-plug! Tentatively, she craned her head forward, mouth open as wide as she could get it, towards her father’s cock. Her little tongue flicked out, testing, and made contact with the underside of his shaft. She tasted salt, and it was warm, much nicer than the feeding dildo from before. She thought for a second, then swirled her tongue around and all over the head, moistening it before taking it in her mouth.

Kimmy’s Daddy was in heaven. He knew his endowment would be a challenge for any first-timer, and he was proud of his little girl for gamely rising to the occasion. The flicks of her tiny pink tongue had felt amazing, and she was still working his frenulum with it after swallowing his purple knob. He paused there for a minute, letting her get used to it, before reaching out with both hands and working his fingers deep into the golden locks behind her head. He took half a step forward, then gently pushed forward maybe half an inch. Kimmy didn’t protest or falter, just opened her jaw wider and worked farther back on his shaft with her tongue. He repeated the pattern until nearly half his cock was in Kimmy’s mouth! He couldn’t help but beam with pride, looking down as his little girl’s head bobbed back and forth on his shaft, cheeks actually bulging, while she continued to do that thing with her tongue. He didn’t know how his daughter had learned to suck cock so well in a single day, but he owed somebody somewhere one hell of a tip!

Before long, though, Kimmy’s Daddy knew it was time to return the favor. That was why he had come here, after all. Gently, he withdrew his cock from Kimmy’s little mouth. He reached down and took her tiny waist firmly with both hands, then pulled her up off of her presentation stand, before carrying her over to the bed and laying her on it crossways, her hips nearly hanging off the edge. He knelt before her, enjoying the view of her bald little cunt for a few moments. Her pussy had definitely started to develop, with her inner labia and clit being clearly visible, but it was still far from fully mature, just the way he liked them. Then he leaned forward, breathing deeply of her scent before sticking out his tongue, lightly tracing the ridges and folds of her lips with the tip of his tongue, swirling it over the hard little bud of her clit before working it into her humid little slit.

Kimmy, for her part, had no idea how to react. Her Daddy was licking her peehole! That was so gross, why would he do that?!? But it felt SO GOOD! By now her Daddy had his whole mouth covering her pussy, and was vigorously probing her virgin hole with his tongue. Kimmy’s tiny torso started to get really hot, and her breath came in gasps and pants as she started to let out little moans from these incredible new sensations.

Kimmy’s Daddy loved the taste of his little girl, and was soon rewarded for his efforts with a stream of pussy juices. He moved his face to one side, focusing his tongue’s ministrations on the little girl’s clitoris as he brought up one finger and swirled it in her opening, coating the tip with her copious lubricant. Slowly, he pushed his finger inside her vagina, all the while working her vulva with his tongue, until it came to a rest against her hymen. There he stopped, and began swirling his finger outward, gently working the inside of her virgin cunt, slowly stretching her open. After a few minutes, he judged that there was room for a second finger, and slid another inside her. Now he began probing further in as well, gently but ever more firmly pushing against her hymen, even as his lingual efforts made Kimmy wetter and wetter. Suddenly, he felt a slight tearing sensation, and his fingers slipped forward a bit before he arrested their motion, as Kimmy’s pants and moans were punctuated by a brief yelp. He redoubled the ministrations of his tongue for a few seconds, before pausing to ask Kimmy if she was all right. It was the first time he had spoken since he appeared in her doorway.

“Yes! Don’t stop, Daddy!”

Kimmy’s Daddy grinned to himself, and went back to performing cunnilingus on his daughter. He left his fingers still, giving her newly opened body time to adjust to their presence, before resuming his gentle probing and stretching motions. He kept going like that for some time, eventually managing to work a third finger into Kimmy’s hot little slit. If she could take three fingers, he knew that with patience and care, she could take his giant cock as well. He slowly withdrew his fingers, enjoying the wet slurping noise Kimmy’s cunt made as he did so, before giving her soaked pussy and fingers a final thorough licking. Then he slowly nibbled his way up Kimmy’s tiny torso, kissing her flat stomach, between her perky tits, and finally placing a deep, passionate kiss on Kimmy’s little mouth. She kissed him back, tasting her own juices on his lips.

“It’s time, sweetie,” he said, looking down at his sexy, helpless little girl.

“Is it going to hurt, Daddy?” Kimmy asked, breathless.

“Maybe just a little for an instant sweetie,” he replied, not wanting to lie. “But the thing you have to understand about pussies is that they’re VERY stretchy. I’m going to go nice and slow, and give you plenty of time to get used to it.”

With that, Kimmy’s daddy climbed off the bed, and walked across the room to a shelf full of lotions, lubes, dildos, vibrators and other sex paraphernalia. He grabbed a big bottle of lube, squirted out a whole palmful of it and slathered it all over his cock. He walked over to Kimmy and gave her pussy a good slathering too. Then he tossed the bottle, wiping his hand thoroughly on the bed sheets. He was going to need a good grip for this next part. He climbed on the bed, next to Kimmy, and leaned back against the wall. Then he reached over for his helpless little girl’s torso, and grabbed her tiny waist between his strong hands. He lifted her high into the air over himself, then slowly lowered her towards his throbbing cock. Kimmy’s Daddy kept his eyes on his babygirl’s wide-eyed face as he slowly lowered her pussy towards his throbbing cock. Finally the tip of his penis met his little girl’s juicy mound. He paused a moment to rub her pussy around on the head of his cock, then slowly resumed his downward pressure.

Kimmy’s heart was pounding as Daddy lowered her onto his cock. She was anxious, not knowing what to expect but Daddy had promised it wouldn’t hurt, and Daddy wouldn’t lie to her, right? And Daddy’s tongue and fingers had felt so amazing! Kimmy felt so tiny and helpless in Daddy’s hands, but she kinda felt safe too. She liked it, this feeling of being scary-helpless and safe at the same time. Then she felt something bump against her pussy, and she knew it must be Daddy’s cock. He wiggled her hips around a bit, then continued lowering her. She felt her opening stretch as the giant purple head of Daddy’s enormous knob slowly worked its way inside her. It hurt a little, the stretching, but the pleasure more than outweighed the pain.

Kimmy’s daddy was so proud of his little girl. She hadn’t even yelped when the head of his cock disappeared inside her opening, although her breathing quickened and she started to gasp a little as he continued to lower her another inch or so past his glans. There he paused, tilting the upper part of Kimmy’s torso towards his own until her firm breasts rested against his chest, her head pillowed on his shoulder.

“Are you doing okay, sweetie?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy.”

“You’re sure? It’s not too much?”

“Yeah! It’s really big, but it feels really good too!”

“Ok sweetheart. I’m going to give you a minute to get used to it before we keep going.”

The truth was, Kimmy’s Daddy needed a minute. Kimmy’s pussy was the tightest he had ever felt in his life, by no small margin, and even with only two inches of his penis sheathed inside her, it was taking all his control not to bust a nut then and there. So he took some deep breaths and recited pi to about a thousand places. With Kimmy’s weight partially resting on his chest, he could relax his grip on her waist and slide his hands down over her little hips until they came to rest underneath her body, where just a few days before her legs had been. The feeling of her soft round orbs of flesh in his palms nearly set him off again, but after some furious multiplication tables he had himself under control. Then he resumed his slow progress, relaxing his arms so that the weight of Kimmy’s own pelvis slowly impaled her further onto his cock. Minute by minute she inched downward, until Kimmy’s dad suddenly felt firm pressure against the tip of his penis, and knew that he had bottomed out against her cervix. He looked down and saw that nearly half of his girthy 9” member was inside his adolescent daughter’s cunt, a cunt that half an hour earlier had been virginal!

“Kimmy,” he said. “Kimmy, look down. I don’t know if you can see, but you have almost half my cock inside you. That’s really good for a first time, especially for a thirteen year old girl like you! I am so proud of you! Does it still feel okay?”

“It… it’s really big, Daddy.” Kimmy had a little catch in her breath. “But it still feels really good too.” Kimmy was so confused. Why had Daddy told her he was proud of her for getting so much cock inside her little pussyhole? That was what whores did! She was a good girl, he wasn’t supposed to be proud of her for that! But there was no way she was going to disappoint him now. Besides, she wasn’t lying. Although the stretching did hurt a little, the enormous fullness in her little pussy felt amazing too. Plus she loved being here with her Daddy, resting against his big muscular chest, her head on his strong shoulder. Daddy had promised he would go slow and be gentle, and he had been true to his word. She still didn’t know where this was going, but she felt safer knowing that it would be with Daddy.

“Okay little girl. I’m going to give you another minute, and then we’re going to go at it properly.”

Kimmy didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded like it might be good. If it felt even better than this…

Kimmy’s Daddy spent that minute savoring the feeling of his tiny daughter’s helpless torso pressed against him, her incredibly firm, pert, still-growing C-cup breasts pressed against his chest, fondling her legless hips with his hands, and turned his head to kiss her hair. Kimmy, for her part, could do little but rub her head against Daddy’s shoulder. Then Daddy lifted up on her legless hips with his strong hands, slowly sliding her up his shaft until just the head of his dick was still inside, and then slowly lowered her back down. He repeated the motion, a little faster this time, and was rewarded with an “Oh!” from Kimmy on the downward thrust. He grinned, and did it again, a little faster still this time. He carried on like that, slowly picking up speed until he settled into a firm, medium rhythmic cycle, pumping her helpless cunt up and down on his shaft like she was a living fleshlight. His efforts were rewarded with a veritable cacophony from Kimmy as she experienced the first fuck of her life.

Kimmy, for her part, thought she was losing her mind. The feeling of her pussy being suddenly being emptied and then re-invaded by Daddy’s huge member was so unlike anything she had ever felt before, she couldn’t even process it. All she knew was that it felt like nothing before. Daddy’s first pump had felt good. The second one had felt AMAZING. The third had been mind blowing and Kimmy screamed out, “OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOD,” and then as her Daddy sped up even more, followed with “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!”

By the time Daddy steadied his speed, any semblance of actual words was long gone and Kimmy was screaming the place down with a nonstop barrage of screams, moans, squeals and grunts. Her Daddy just grinned to himself and kept pumping away, knowing that right now he was giving his little girl the time of her young life.

Suddenly, Daddy stopped, eliciting a startled “Huh?!?” from Kimmy as the mind-blowing stimulation abruptly ceased. Before Kimmy knew what was happening, Daddy had swung his legs up onto the bed and flipped her over. Taking her by the waist again, he lifted her up into the air. This time, Kimmy knew what to expect and eagerly awaited her Daddy’s cock filling up her pussy again, as he guided her tiny torso towards his waiting member. Kimmy’s pussy parted more easily as he slid her reverse-doggy style down his enormous shaft. There was a mirror on the wall, opposite the bed, and looking in it, Kimmy’s dad was pleased to see that a full 7” of his shaft slipped inside Kimmy. Kimmy was coherent enough to notice that Daddy’s cock did feel a little different this way – before, the most pressure had been against the back of her pussy, now it rubbed harder against her front wall. Kimmy didn’t know what the G-spot was, yet, of course, but she knew that this way felt even better! Then Daddy started sliding her helpless pussy hole up and down his lengthy shaft with long, firm strokes, holding her entire, tiny torso up in the air. Kimmy didn’t know which felt better, Daddy’s cock in her cunt or the helpless feeling of her tiny limbless body being held up in Daddy’s strong hands and maneuvered so easily.

Suddenly, Kimmy noticed her reflection in the mirror. What she saw she could barely process. At first, she barely recognized the girl in the mirror as herself. It was the first time she had seen her body since her amputations, for one thing. She couldn’t believe how tiny she looked now, almost like a doll. Then there was the way her tits were so firm they were barely jiggling, even as Daddy’s powerful arms pumped her the full length of his cock. And that… that was the mind-breaker. With every downward thrust, Kimmy watched the mirror-girl’s pussy take Daddy’s thick cock all the way to the base, her pussy lips stretched taut around his massive girth. Clear liquid coated his entire shaft and was even dripping off his balls. She thought she could even see a bulge in mirror-girl’s abdomen when Daddy bottomed out! But there was no way that could be her… only a huge slut or whore would be able to take dick like that! Kimmy was a good girl! And just thirteen! It would take years of sleeping around to take dick like that, wouldn’t it?? But as Kimmy continued to watch in the mirror, there was no denying the truth. The whore in the mirror was her! That was HER pussy stretched around Daddy’s cock, that was her limbless torso being pumped helplessly up and down! Kimmy watched as her own Daddy used her limbless body like a fleshlight, and… and… she liked it! Not only did the thrusting of Daddy’s cock feel amazing in her pussy, she was so turned on by how helpless she was, the way Daddy was just… USING her! But that meant she was a whore! Was she a whore?!? And Kimmy suddenly realized that, YES, SHE WAS a WHORE! She was a whory whory whore who loved to fuck and be used for sex and be a cum receptacle and get treated like a slut! If it meant she got to feel like this and make other people feel like Daddy did when he used her then she wanted to be a whore!

That revelation was what sent Kimmy over the edge. The constant friction of Daddy’s cock in her cunt, the pounding against her G-spot, had had Kimmy right on the edge anyway, and her sudden shocking realization that she loved being a fuckdoll was the last straw. Kimmy suddenly erupted in an enormous orgasm! She screamed out in ecstasy as her whole body – what was left of it – shook and spasmed. Her Daddy, caught completely off guard by her sudden squirming and the vise-like clenching of her pussy around his cock, nearly dropped her. But he recovered quickly, recognizing what was happening and quickly pulled Kimmy off his dick. He held her bottom up in the air as a long stream of crystal-clear fluid suddenly spurted out of Kimmy’s pussy and splattered all over the mirror. It was followed by two more almost as big, and then several more smaller ones. Kimmy’s dad took in the sight of his fucktoy daughter in the mirror. Her gaping pussy glistened wetly as her torso twitched and bucked in his hands until finally her orgasm died down. He was impressed! He was pretty sure that Kimmy would have at least one orgasm during her deflowering, but he never dreamt that she’d be a squirter from day one. Well, he certainly wasn’t going to waste this opportunity! As soon as Kimmy’s cunny quit clenching, he resumed vigorously sliding her up and down his shaft, forcing her young body to two more squirting orgasms before he decided to change positions.

Laying Kimmy down, he hopped round the end of the bed. Taking firm hold of Kimmy’s hips, he pulled her to the end of the mattress in one smooth movement and buried himself to the hilt. He lifted Kimmy’s smooth, legless orbs into the air, giving him the perfect angle to pound the top of the head of his cock against her G-spot as he resumed his powerful thrusting. Looking down, he could clearly see a bulge moving down in Kimmy’s flat little tummy as he thrust in and out. He grinned to himself. Kimmy was lost in a haze of orgasmic bliss, but there was no way he was going to let her miss this. He buried himself balls deep inside Kimmy’s pussy, then released her hip and reached up to pat her gently on the cheek.



It took Kimmy a few moments to swim up through the fog of unprecedented pleasure that had overwhelmed her young body and respond. Finally, she shook her head and opened her eyes.

“D-daddy? I-is everything okay?”

“Oh yes, sweetie. I just wanted to make sure you saw this,” he smiled at her. “I want you to watch your tummy while I fuck you, okay?”

Her tummy? What? “Okay, Daddy.” She didn't even notice his crude language.

With that, he pulled himself almost all the way out, then slowly pushed back in, grinding upwards against the front wall of her pussy to hit her G-spot. As he did, Kimmy could clearly see a round bulge appear just above her pubic bone. The bulge traveled upward as Daddy thrust in until it stopped just a few inches below her belly button. Kimmy’s mouth opened wide and her eyes bulged, too, as she realized what was happening. Daddy thrusted two more times like that before Kimmy could collect her thoughts enough to form a sentence.

“Daddy! OMG Daddy! Is that your thingy?!?”

“Yes, baby. That’s Daddy’s cock making your tummy bulge. Isn’t that hot?”

Kimmy could only nod as she stared wide-eyed at the big bulge in her abdomen. She must be the whoriest whore in the world, she thought. Only the sluttiest thirteen-year-old in the world would be able to take such a huge dick that it made her belly bulge!

Kimmy’s Daddy just grinned, and released one of her hips. Tilting his pelvis, he ground the head of his penis upward against her front wall as hard as he could, then placed his free hand over her bulging tummy and rubbed the head of his monstrous cock through the thin skin of her abdomen. He knew it felt superb to him, but he had to ask:

“Does that feel good, Kimmy?”

All Kimmy could do was nod weakly. Daddy smiled wickedly, and resumed pounding her, harder and faster than ever before, slamming and grinding his cock into Kimmy’s G-spot. Kimmy was so overstimulated by the pounding and the visual of her belly bouncing as her Daddy pounded her slutty hole, it didn’t take long before she was on the verge of another orgasm. Suddenly, her tiny body convulsed with an earth-shattering orgasm, her back arched taut. This time, though, Daddy didn’t pull her off. Instead, he rode it out as his baby girl’s pussy muscles tried hopelessly to clench around his prodigious member, and another torrent of pussy juice exploded out of her, soaking his lap and running down and dripping off his balls.

With no limbs, there was nothing Kimmy could do to distract herself from the incredible, overwhelming pleasure she was experiencing. She couldn’t grab the sheets, she couldn’t curl her toes, she couldn’t push Daddy off, she couldn’t do anything. Trapped in her tiny, helpless, limbless torso, she had no choice but to FEEL her orgasm to the fullest extent possible, twitching, bucking and screaming until she saw stars, and suddenly everything went black.

Kimmy’s dad noticed when his little girl suddenly went limp in his hands, her screams of ecstasy abruptly cut off. He grinned, and waited a few moments for her torso’s twitching and involuntary spasmic pussy contractions to die down before lowering her legless pelvis to the bed and slipping himself out. Crossing the booth back to the wall with the sex toys, he opened a small cabinet and found what he was looking for, a couple of hair ties and a pair of big, floppy bows. Returning to the bed, he quickly flipped the unconscious Kimmy over onto her tummy, and then began carefully parting her hair. He took his time, knowing that for what he had in mind, it was important that each hair be under the same tension. A few minutes later, Kimmy’s long blonde hair was in a couple of pigtails sticking out the side of her head, each adorned with one of the cute floppy bows. He paused a moment to admire his handiwork, then resumed his position at the foot of the bed. Placing one hand on the small of her back, he re-inserted his massive shaft into her now well-used pussy. Reaching up, he took a good, firm hold of her pigtails in each hand. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, Kimmy’s Daddy began to pound her pussy. Even as he increased the speed and power of his thrusts, he also increased the rearward pressure on her pigtails, gradually pulling her front higher and higher off the bed. By the time he reached full speed, jackhammering into her as fast and hard as he could, he had pulled Kimmy’s entire torso off the bed. With no arms or legs, Kimmy’s little torso weighed barely 30 pounds, and Daddy figured that between her hair and his cock, there should be no trouble supporting her weight that way. Frankly, though, by that point, he didn’t care too much. She was his little girl, he loved her and wanted to give her a good experience, but he had been so careful up to this point to make sure that she was enjoying it that he had given her four orgasms, the last so powerful she’d blacked out. It was his turn to enjoy himself, he figured, and in any case, she was so passed out she’d never know how he was using her body – and from what he’d seen so far, even if she did come to, she’d probably love it.

Kimmy in fact did come to, as Daddy was fucking her pussyhole mid-air. She swam back to consciousness slowly, dimly aware that her scalp kinda hurt and that her cunt was being pounded and she was bouncing around. Slowly, her cum-hazed brain correlated the facts, until suddenly Kimmy’s eyes popped open as it dawned on her how her little body was being used. Her… her Daddy was fucking her doggystyle in mid-air, using her pigtails to hold her up! Her only connection to the outside world was the pulling on her hair and the pounding in her cunt. It made her feel as though her whole body were nothing but a hole for cock. The pounding and the incredible feeling of being just… so, so USED made Kimmy immediately explode in another orgasm. She didn’t squirt this time – Daddy was fucking her at the wrong angle for that – but she shrieked and convulsed as her pussy spasmed and clenched all along his length as he continued to jackhammer her, forcing her to cum her brains out all over his massive erection. Suddenly, Daddy spun her around horizontally, right there on his cock, and slammed her to the mattress. He grabbed her hips hard and ground himself into her as he finally erupted in his own massive orgasm. Kimmy’s Daddy groaned loudly, almost painfully, as he exploded inside her, feeling himself spurt five, six, seven, even eight times inside his little girl’s cunt, drowning her cervix in baby batter. It was, he was sure, the largest cumload he had ever blown. He paused, gasping for breath, for almost a full minute before he weakly reached down to fondle his balls, giving a couple weak thrusts to make sure he drained as much of his cum as possible into Kimmy. He’d paid 25,000 credits for the privilege of being the first to impregnate his own baby girl, after all. Finally, he slipped his rapidly deflating member out of Kimmy’s hole. The smell of cum permeated the room as her deflowered cunny gaped open from its thorough pounding. Kimmy’s dad made sure to keep her hips tilted up as he slid her tiny body towards the head of the bed, then tucked a spare pillow under her pert round little bottom to make sure all that cum would stay where it belonged, doing the important work of impregnating his daughter. Finally, he collapsed into bed next to her, snaking one arm around her little body and reaching up to gently cup her left breast.

“Sweetie, that was amazing. I love you so much. Are you still okay?”

Sleepily, Kimmy replied, “I love you too Daddy! I’m great, just tired. But Daddy… I’m so confused about something you said earlier.”

“Oh no! What are you confused about, sweetie?”

“B-before, when you first put it inside me. You said you were so proud of me that I could get half your thingy inside me even though it was my first time and I was only thirteen. But… isn’t that what sluts do? I’m sposed to be a good girl, how can you be proud of me for being a slut?”

“Oh, sweetie,” her Daddy murmured. “Okay. I think I can explain. You’re a good girl, right? Well, would you agree that a good girl is a girl who makes other people happy?”

“I… I guess that makes sense.”

“Okay. So I was proud of you, because you were making me happy. I wanted you to have a really good first sexual experience, really enjoy it, feel safe and cum a lot. That’s why I bought your first time in the first place. So when you could take so much of my dick in your pussy on the first try, it made me happy, because I knew it meant I’d be able to give you a lot of pleasure, and enjoy myself too.”

“So… being a good girl means being a slut???”

“Well, no, not exactly. Or not for everyone. But for you, now that you’ve become a cum station breeder, yes. Your job from now on is to make men – occasionally women, but mostly men – happy by being a great fuck. From what I’ve seen today, you’re going to be a GREAT cum station, and make a lot of people very happy.”

“O…okay, Daddy. Daddy? Will you keep coming back? I want to see you and make you happy.” She smiled up at him.

Kimmy’s dad looked down at his little girl, then kissed her deeply and passionately.

“Of course, sweetie.”


Wow Ian you were much much nicer to her than I could ever have been! I loved your part! Thanks so much for adding!


I'm glad you liked it. Tbh, I was afraid people would be upset at the lack of cruelty, but I am just *not* a sadistic person, at all.


I`m working on a continuation. Mommy didn`t have fun yet so there will be some cruelty by a jealous Mommy. After all she didn`t make Daddy come this hard in her for a long time. So some cruelty to come and me writing my favourite sex parts lol lesbian sex!


That was a fantastic addition, thank you!


Very eager for the bit without cocks in. Thanks for writing this, y'all. It's so rare to find any amp content around here, and you're all contributing A+ stuff. Hopefully I'll find time for another go before too long.


^ Asmora


I personally am looking forward to more cruelty and sadism!


I hope this story isn`t dead


I must say you all did a great job with this story !!!
I think it would be a great addition to work in the reaction from Kimmy's little sister learning about sex from watching her Daddy and Mommy fuck her sister. Maybe even getting some actual incest action between the little sister and her Daddy and between the two sisters (after all she too can be a customer from time to time !).
I sure hopehe'll not impregnate her too soon ! :P

I hope to read more about this family anyway ! :D



It´s not dead I have the part of Mommy taking her pleasure almost done. Sadly RL is an interrupting bitch. So I´m not having the time I need to finish this part. But I`ll try my best to do it asap


Well I`m pretty sure there will be all of that. And I`m pretty sure Daddy will need at least a few more attempts to get her pregnant. ;)






Has the story been abandoned?


This needs to be bumped. I have some more ideas for Kimmy, but not until she's quite a bit older (she's going to be the first member of the NBIS's new hucow program!) but I don't really have any ideas for between where we are now and then. I hope E-Sarah comes along with her Mom's part soon.


I've been sitting on some ideas while waiting for E-Sarah's bit. I didn't want to step on her toes, as it were. It's been almost three months, so... I guess I'm going to write something else, instead. I'll see if I can get it posted tonight. I just want more amputee content on here, y'all. There's SO MUCH snuff, which is great, but this is what I'm into.


This is so good though please continue!

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