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Testicle Pregnancy: A Miracle of Modern Medicine

"Welcome! Welcome to Ordinary Daytime Talk Show!"

"I'm your host, Opal Winters, and do we have a show for you today!"

"Originally, we had an entirely different topic planned for today's episode. However, when we learned of an incredible new discovery, and the amazing people behind it, we knew that we just had to share their story with you immediately!"

"As I'm sure many of you know, the specter of cancer haunts nearly everyone's thoughts these days. It affects one in three people during their lifetimes, so even if you are fortunate enough not to be a victim of it yourself, you're sure to know people, probably many people, who haven't been so lucky."

"My first guest today is on the front lines of the battle against this deadly scourge. She is a researcher and scientist at the Geminine University of Medicine, head of their experimental cancer research laboratory, and, as you'll see from today's show, an brilliant woman responsible for one of the most fantastic, and potentially revolutionary, discoveries in modern times."

"So, please, help me welcome Doctor Jennifer Washington!"

Thunderous applause greeted this, as a woman, dressed in elegantly casual clothes, walked on to the set. She was smiling widely, and waved cheerily at the audience as she made her way over to the show's host. She was a fit, slim woman of good health and vigorous energy. She looked to be in her late thirties or early forties and unabashedly confident about her age, judging from the small amount of un-dyed silver threads running back from her temples into her long, dark hair.

"Doctor Washington, welcome!" Opal said, as she shook her guest's hand and motioned for her to sit.

"Thank you, Opal. It's great to be here, and, please, Jennifer is fine." She replied, smoothing her clothes as they both took their seats.

"So, Jennifer. Can you tell us a little about what you do first, at your research laboratory, before we get into the main reason you're here today?"

"Of course." Jennifer said, smiling at the question.

"Just as we women must always be on guard for breast cancer, examining ourselves regularly," she said, laying a hand lightly upon her own chest. "so too must men be vigilant against their own form of the disease: testicular cancer."

"Fortunately, Testicular cancer isn't as prevalent as breast cancer is, but it can often prove even more deadly. My colleagues and I at the G.U.M.'s cancer research lab have been working on proactive preventative measures men can take, while also searching for possible cures once a positive diagnosis has been confirmed."

"Have you been having much luck?" Opal asked.

"Unfortunately, no. Up until just recently, the best course of action once testicular cancer had been identified was simple surgical amputation of the affected organ. Obviously, this is less than ideal, both for the patient and for the patient's partner, whoever she or he might be." replied Jennifer.

"'Up until recently' implies that something has changed. Could you tell us what new development you're working on?"

"We've been testing a new, experimental procedure on male mice. We induced testicular cancer in them, something relatively easily done because they've been bred for susceptibility to it, then administered the new treatment to them in hopes of achieving a cure."

"Just what does this treatment entail?" asked Opal.

"Without going into too much detail, we've been attempting to 'reset' the DNA of the cancerous cells in the testicles of the male mice. We modified a retrovirus with normal, un-mutated DNA from the mice themselves, hoping that, when introduced into the testicles, it would invade the cancer cells. We thought it possible that the virus, in the process of infecting the cancerous cells, would overwrite the damaged mouse DNA with the healthy mouse DNA it brought into the cell with it."

"Fascinating." Opal said. "Did it work?"

"Unfortunately, no." Jennifer answered, sighing in disappointment. "But, some of the mice exhibited side effects that we had no way of anticipating, and were actually quite astonishing."

"Such as?"

"Allow me to show you." Jennifer said, as an image appeared on the large screen dominating one wall of the set. "This is a cross section of a portion of cancerous tissue from a mouse's testicle. You can see the cancer cells here, highlighted in red."

Both Opal and the audience looked at the image with interest.

"This next image," Jennifer continued, as the view changed. "is of the mouse's other testicle, showing cells just a few days after we administered our experimental treatment. The second testicle had an identical cancer as the first, which was the control for the experiment."

"It looks.. worse?" Opal said, a hint of confusion entering her voice.

"Not just worse, it looks downright weird." Jennifer said, as the image changed again. "Most of the cancer cells persisted, as you can see here, in red."

"These other cells, in what appears to be several new clumps of cancer-like tissue, seem to have formed from previously completely healthy testicle cells." she said, as the new cells were highlighted in blue on the next image. "At first, we were at a complete loss as to just what had taken place, and what these new cells were exactly."

"What did you find out about them?"

"That they didn't look anything like cancer cells at all. In fact, after thoroughly examining them, we determined that what they resembled most closely were embryonic cells." Jennifer replied, her eyes bright and wide with excitement.

"Embryonic cells?" Opal asked, now sounding even more confused. "You mean, like from an embryo? There were baby mouse cells growing among the cancerous and healthy cells in this mouse's testicles?"

"Yes!" Jennifer said, enthusiastically.

"And, no." she continued, hedging. "They weren't actual embryonic cells, that's just what they most resembled. We were quite astonished, as you can imagine. It was such an intriguing discovery that we put our cancer research on hold entirely, so we could devote our time to studying this unexpected and most interesting development."

"So, what have you found out about it? And how long have you been studying it for?" Opal asked.

"We've been researching and refining this discovery for several years now. After considerable time and effort, we have been able to induce the creation of not just partial embryonic cells, but actual full, viable embryos within the testicles of males."

"That is astounding, Jennifer, but, if you'll pardon my bluntness, what good does it do to achieve such a thing?" Opal asked.

"Many of my colleagues felt exactly as you do, Opal." Jennifer said, nodding. "They had dedicated their lives to trying to cure cancer, after all, not to transforming perfectly healthy testicle cells into similarly healthy but ultimately unnecessary, as they saw it, embryonic cells. After all, we've always had a simple, and usually quite pleasurable, process of creating embryonic cells readily available to us."

"What changed my colleagues' minds was the incredulous reaction of our fellow scientists working in the G.U.M.'s fertility research department; it really convinced them, the ones who had doubts, of just how much good our new line of research could do." Jennifer continued, smiling in recollection. "The fertility researchers just about flipped over backwards when they learned what we were working on."

"Why were the fertility researchers so impressed?" asked Opal.

"Because we were creating potential mouse embryos without involving egg cells from female mice, at all. The DNA was coming from two places on only a single male animal: from the testicles, naturally, and from the skin. We sourced the healthy DNA we used in our first cancer experiments from perfectly normal skin cells on the test mouse's stomachs, and continued to use DNA from the same place on each test subject during every successive experiment."

"Partnering with the fertility research group was the best thing we could have done, because, with their added expertise, we were able to develop a new, completely novel fertility treatment." Jennifer declared.

"So, you've been able to create mice babies using only DNA from male mice?"

"Not only that, Opal, as great an achievement as that has been. We've also adapted the process so that any other mouse can be the DNA donor, as well." Jennifer confided. "And perhaps the biggest accomplishment has been that we now don't even have to implant the resulting embryo into a female's uterus to complete gestation. The males are able to carry the embryos and eventual fetuses to full term themselves!"

"Incredible." Opal enthused, clearly just as excited by the news as Jennifer was. "But, you've only shown that the procedure works on mice. Can it also work for humans?"

"That was our next step: human clinical trials." Jennifer agreed, nodding.

"'Was'?" Opal asked. "So, you've you already begun testing it on humans?"

"Oh, yes." Jennifer said, satisfaction and pride in her voice. "And it has been absolutely the most fascinating and rewarding project I, or any of my other colleagues, have ever worked on, let me tell you. I think, perhaps, that it is time for some of your other guests to reveal themselves. They'll be able to help me explain the rest of the story."

"I think that you're right." Opal agreed. "So, audience, please help me in welcoming our next two guests: Beverly and Victor Tate!"

A woman and man, both in their mid twenties, walked onto the stage. They were holding hands and waving to the audience, the woman leading, as they made their way over to Opal and Jennifer. Beverly seemed happy at the round of applause and cheers that greeted them, but Victor was obviously a bit uncomfortable at the attention, even a little embarrassed.

"Beverly, Victor, welcome!" Opal said, greeting them and shaking their hands. "Please, please, sit."

They settled down, Beverly next to Jennifer on the couch, while Victor sat apart on a single, well padded easy chair.

"Thank you, Opal. I can't tell you how happy I am to be here, today. I'm such a fan of yours!" Beverly said, enthusiastically.

"I'm glad to have you, Beverly." Opal replied. "I couldn't resist, actually, after hearing about you and your husband's story."

"It IS pretty amazing, isn't it?" Beverly agreed, smiling over at her husband, then back at Opal and Jennifer.

"Can you tell us how you came to meet Jennifer here? How you came to be involved in her research?" Opal asked.

"Yes. It starts, I'm afraid to say, with the fact that, no matter how hard we tried, Victor and I couldn't seem to get pregnant." Beverly said, her face grave. "We had tests run, of course."

"It turned out that the problem was me." Beverly continued, touching her abdomen and looking a little bleak. "Victor was perfectly healthy and performing flawlessly, but I was, and continue to be, completely infertile."

"Oh, dear, I'm so sorry." Opal said, genuine sympathy in her voice, as Jennifer patted Beverly's hand comfortingly.

"It was very hard, at first. I've always wanted children." Beverly said, her voice still unhappy. "Victor was great, though. He was my strong pillar that I could lean against when my grief seemed too much to bear. Many men might abandon a woman who couldn't give them children, but not him. Any time I got too low, he would bring me back up, talking of fertility treatments, adoption, or even of having a surrogate fertilized egg implanted. He never stopped romancing me, either. He made me feel wanted and desirable even when I was feeling my most worthless."

The audience, silent throughout Beverly's speech, "aww"ed at this, and let out a polite round of appreciative applause at the look of gratitude and support that passed between the couple as Beverly paused in her speech.

"When I found out, through the fertility community's grapevine, that Doctor Washington was looking for volunteers for a radical, cutting edge experimental treatment, Victor was the one who encouraged me to go for it." Beverly finally continued, her smile finally returning. "Of course, he was as surprised as I was when we learned that the one undergoing the trial treatment would actually be him, not me. He stuck by me, though, and went ahead with the procedure, even knowing its risks."

"Just what procedure did he undergo? We've heard the general outline of what happens, but none of the details so far." Opal asked, curiously.

"Jennifer is probably the best one to explain it." Beverly said, looking at the researcher. "She's the one who designed the procedure, after all."

"Looking past the technical details, it's actually a fairly simple procedure." Jennifer stated, picking up the story. "The first thing we do is take a sample of the donor's DNA from somewhere on his or her skin. In this case, the donor was Beverly. Like with the mice, we usually use a sample from the stomach."

"We take that DNA and split it in half, then attach one half to a stripped down retrovirus that we use as a delivery vehicle." she continued. "After than, we copy the virus and donor DNA combination several million times, and store the resulting serum in a refrigerator until we're ready to inject it into the man."

"I've brought video recordings of the rest of the procedure, which Beverly and Victor were kind enough to allow me to share, but it does get somewhat explicit. Victor's genitals are in clear view throughout most the process, so you probably want to warn your audience. If they don't want sensitive little eyes and ears around to see and hear, they should leave the room now."

"You heard that, studio audience and those watching at home." Opal said, looking directly into the camera. "However, I've viewed the footage already, and in my opinion, if you would allow your children to see a normal childbirth, you might consider allowing them to watch this as well. While the video does focus on male genitals and what they're subjected to during this procedure, hearing the process explained and seeing it take place is quite educational, as well as downright fascinating. Girls and young women, in particular, might find the information it contains to be of particular significance to their future reproductive choices."

"I, personally, don't think seeing it would do most older children or teenagers any harm, but the decision is up to you, of course." Opal finished, smiling at her audience. She then looked back to Jennifer, prompting the researcher to continue.

"After the retro-viral DNA serum has been created, the next step is to prepare the man's testicles to receive it." Jennifer said, resuming her dialog, as video started playing on the studio's large screen. "As you can see, we completely removed all hair from Victor's genital area. This isn't strictly necessary, but we wanted a clear view of his genitalia for the rest of the trial, the better to observe any and all changes that would occur."

"Prepping the testicles to receive the donor's DNA serum means injecting a complex mix of hormones and chemicals, one individually tailored to the specific biochemistry of the subject, directly into each gonad. The injection alters the chemistry of the organs, slightly reshaping the outside of each reproductive cell so that the retrovirus delivery vehicle can more easily attach to them and insert the Donor's DNA. A beneficial side effect of this is the temporary halting of production of sperm cells by the testicles."

As Jennifer talked, the video showed Victor, with Beverly standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders, sitting in an examination chair. His hips and legs were strapped to and spread wide on sturdy supports, with his genitals on clear display. His scrotum was bunched up fairly tight, as if in fright or simply merely cold, while his penis was half turgid, as if the organ couldn't quite make up its mind about whether or not it found the situation it and its partners were in to be arousing or not.

Jennifer herself entered the scene then, and proceeded to wrap one latex gloved hand around Victor's testicles, gently tugging them out and away from his body. Her other hand held a syringe ready. After pulling and trapping the testicles down to and at the bottom of Victor's scrotum, Jennifer brought the syringe to bear, poising its fine needle tip just a fraction of an inch away from the man's taut, stretched skin.

Victor, seeing this, gulped, and took several deep breaths with his eyes closed. Then he re-opened his eyes and nodded to Jennifer, while biting his lip and looking quite concerned about what only a second or two away from happening to him. Jennifer, seeing his nod, hesitated for only a moment, seemingly to slightly adjust her aim, then plunged the long, steel needle deep into Victor's left testicle.

Victor bucked, his eyes wide, but Jennifer seemed to have anticipated this. She moved her hands with him as his hips moved within their restraints, keeping a steady hold on his gonads and the syringe both. Once his squirming lessened somewhat, she pushed down the plunger of the syringe, slowly emptying its contents into his trapped and skewered testicle.

At this, Victor went rigid, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open, in total shock. It was apparent from his reaction that having several cubic centimeters of hormones and chemicals injected into the center of his testicle was far more painful than he had anticipated. He collapsed into violent trembling when Jennifer withdrew the emptied syringe, his body shuddering, with his eyes squeezed tightly shut and his head rocking back and forth in a vain denial of the pain he was experiencing.

Jennifer allowed him a few moments to gather himself, still holding his gonads gently but firmly, then reached back, out of frame, with the hand holding the now empty syringe. A second later, her hand returned to view, holding a second syringe, one obviously intended for his other testicle. Victor, who had pried one of his eyes open by this point, saw it and shook his head harder. Though the video's sound was off, it was clear that he was rapidly repeating the same word: "Wait, wait, wait, wait."

Beverly moved her hands from her husband's shoulders, using one to stop his head from shaking and hold it steady, while she placed the other gently over his mouth, silencing him. She looked down the length of his body to Jennifer, nodded her head to the woman and spoke once, firmly. The words were easy to make out, even if no one on the set or in the audience could hear them: "Do it."

As Victor watched, his eyes wide and fearful, Jennifer sank the second syringe into his right testicle. This time, she ignored his frantic bucking and writhing, and immediately depressed the plunger of the syringe down fully. She emptied the device into him in less than a second, rather than over the course of several seconds as she had with the previous injection. Victor's whole body twisted at this, and his eyes rolled up into his head completely for a few moments. It almost looked like he was about to pass out, but apparently he managed to retain consciousness. His chest and stomach began heaving hard, as though his body was trying to expel his pain through his mouth, as Jennifer withdrew the second syringe from his flesh.

"Oh, the poor man. That looked like it hurt quite a bit." Opal said, concerned. "Couldn't you have used an anesthetic on him?"

Everyone in the room, both Opal and her female guests, as well as the entire audience, looked to Victor. The man was staring at the video screen, which had faded out to black after it had finished. He had crossed his legs, and his expression was a little queasy, as if experiencing half remembered pain he had hoped to forget.

"Unfortunately, no." Jennifer answered. "Despite the moderately severe pain the injections cause, we don't know how the contents of each injection might react to anesthetics, so we couldn't risk possibly disrupting the process. The odds of an adverse reaction are low, granted, but, especially on the first human trial, we just didn't want to chance it."

"I see." Opal said. "Well, it was very brave of Victor to endure that kind of pain for the sake of his wife. I think that deserves a round of applause, don't you?"

The audience responded with a smattering of polite applause, along with a few low cheers of encouragement from some of the female audience members, causing Victor to turn a little red.

"You said that the hormone cocktail stops sperm production, and that this was beneficial." Opal continued, after the applause had ended. "Why would stopping sperm production be beneficial during this procedure? Aren't sperm a necessary part of reproduction?"

"In normal human reproduction, and even in normal fertility treatments, yes." answered Jennifer. "But in this case, neither of the normal human gametes, the female egg cell or the male sperm cells, play any part in the process. The cells that we're targeting with this procedure are not sperm cells, but the cells that are the precursors to sperm. These cells, which have undergone only a portion of the normal meiosis process to become sperm, are very, very similar to the egg cells that women usually produce. They're spread all throughout the man's testicles, and there are quite literally millions of them at any one time."

"The sperm cells themselves can interfere with the process, as, if they're still present within the testicles in their normal numbers when we inject the donor DNA serum, they can be mistakenly targeted by the retrovirus delivery vehicle. This results in a significant portion, perhaps even a great majority, of the serum going to waste. Mature sperm cells simply don't have the necessary resources to become viable embryonic cells."

"So, even if sperm cell production has been stopped, aren't their still millions upon millions of sperm within the testicles? Won't they still interfere with the procedure, even if no new sperm are being made?" Opal asked.

"Yes, which is why the next step of the procedure is to empty the man's prostate and testicles of sperm as rapidly and efficiently as possible." Jennifer replied. "Unfortunately, due to some lingering pain from the hormone injections, the normal methods of accomplishing this proved to be far less effective than we had hoped."

"Luckily, some on the team had anticipated this eventuality, and we had an electrostimulator on hand to speed up the process." Jennifer finished, as a new video began playing on the large wall screen.

The video showed a squirming Victor's backside, the man himself bent forward over a padded table, with a rather large device being inserted into his obviously well lubricated bottom by his wife. An electrical cord trailed from the thing, running past the kneeling Beverly and likely plugged into a power outlet somewhere out of frame. Once the device was firmly seated deep into her husband's rear, Beverly looked behind her, towards the camera, and mouthed a few silent words, seemingly asking a question that the audience couldn't hear.

Beverly nodded in response to whatever answer she got, then turned back to the device and casually flipped a switch on it, activating it. The reason for the video being muted became apparent when Victor surged in response this act. His hips bucked violently and he appeared to begin yelling quite loudly, if the sudden flinch, grimace of annoyance, and rapid plugging of the ear closest to her husband by Beverly were any indication.

The writhing and hip bucking continued for several more moments, until a sudden full body rigidity and thrust of the hips preceded a powerful stream of viscous semen spurting from the end of Victor's penis. He shot out several more jets of the fluid, seemingly one for each heart beat, over the course of the next few seconds. Just as the spurts of semen began to drop off in size and duration, the artificially induced orgasm obviously beginning to subside, Beverly touched the switch on the electrostimulator again.

Everyone watching the video realized that the device must have had multiple intensity settings, because, once again, Victor began bucking and thrashing, his hips thrusting and his buttocks clenching, as the the streams of semen began to spurt from him with renewed vigor and strength. Once again, the streams began tapering off after only a few moments, which was when Beverly yet again adjusted the electrostimulator's switch to an even higher setting. Victor's body went almost completely still at this, body bowed and his every muscle flexed taut against his skin. His only movements were involuntary twitching in some of his back and shoulder muscles, almost as if he were being electrocuted, and the slight bobbing of his penis in time with even more thick spurts of semen.

Eventually, it seemed that Beverly realized that no more semen could be forced from Victor's body, or perhaps the electrostimulator simply didn't have another, even higher setting, because she touched the switch a final time, turning the device off. Victor slumped down to the table immediately, all voluntary control of his body seemingly lost, and merely quivered in reaction to the induced ejaculation he had just been forced to experience.

Leaving the electrostimulator buried in her husband's bottom, Beverly cupped his dangling testicles in one hand, hefting them experimentally, as if trying to gauge how much sperm had just been extracted from them. Then she turned to the camera and smiled broadly, giving a thumbs up with her free hand. The last thing the video showed, before it faded to black, was Beverly gathering up the layer of paper towels that had been placed beneath Victor's legs, which had caught every drop of semen he had produced. She then crumpled them up, and the mess that had splattered upon them, into a ball and casually threw the large wad off screen, apparently towards a trash canister.

"Well, I don't think it would take many of those sessions to accomplish your goal." Opal said, slightly bemused by what she had just witnessed.

"Probably not, but we wanted to be thorough. It takes about two days for the hormone cocktail to finish its work, so we electrostimulated Victor a total of ten times, five times each day, just to make sure we got as many sperm cells as possible out of him." Jennifer answered, glancing at the man as she spoke. "I think we got every one of them, too. The last three sessions, Victor couldn't produce anything at all, no matter how long we left the electrostimulator on."

Victor, who was by this point beet red, ducked his head in obvious embarrassment when a woman in the audience wolf whistled at his on screen performance, producing a susurrus of quiet, amused female chuckling and laughter from the studio audience.

"So, at this point, Beverly's DNA serum had been created, Victor's testes had been prepped to receive it, and he had been emptied of sperm. What else was required to finish the procedure?" Opal asked, after the audience had settled down once again.

"Only one final thing remained to be done, which was to actually inject Victor's testicles with Beverly's DNA. We knew that once we had accomplished that, all we would have to do is wait and watch. The rest would be up to Victor." Jennifer answered, as the next video started playing.

The view that greeted the audience was very similar to what the last video had ended with. Beverly was crouched down at Victor's rump, his legs spread and bound securely to the same padded table as before. She was smiling and waving at the camera. After a moment, she bent down to Victor's hanging scrotum and gave each of his testicles a quick kiss, holding his ball sack steady with the fingertips of one of her hands while she did so. She then stood back up, smiled again and spoke to the camera, the words on her lips easily readable: "For luck!"

Then Beverly moved around to the far end of the table, which Victor's torso and arms were also strapped to. He was looking up at her, the back of his head to the camera and his face hidden, as she smiled warmly down at him. She then moved in and cradled his head to her chest, stroking his hair gently as she nodded towards the camera, signaling their readiness.

Jennifer walked into the frame then. She was holding a syringe in each of her gloved hands, one of which she set down on the padded table next to Victor. With her now free hand, she firmly grasped Victor's testicles, pinning them between her fingers at the bottom of his scrotum. Then, with a quick look up at Beverly, she calmly slid the first syringe home into the center of one of Victor's testicles and, without hesitating, depressed its plunger. The serum containing Beverly's DNA flooded into the her husband's right testis.

The reason for Victor's restraints became apparent at his reaction to the injection he was receiving. He bucked and fought against the restraints, hard. The entire table shook and jumped at his frenzied movements. He tried to toss and whip his head back and forth too, but Beverly held on to his head with her arms, keeping it still. She crushed his head against her chest, trapping his face between her breasts, her own features scrunched up at the effort. Victor's struggles only subsided when Jennifer finished emptying the first syringe into his flesh and withdrew it. Though he quit trying to escape his bonds after this, his body still shuddered and heaved, wracked with sobs that were muffled by his wife's bosom. Beverly began patting him upon the head, obviously doing her best to console him, while still keeping a close eye on the events happening at and to his genitals.

Jennifer allowed Victor only a moment's respite, then picked up the second syringe and repeated her actions on Victor's other testicle, filling it too with his wife's genetic material. Victor once again fought the restraints, equally unsuccessfully, and seemed to sob all the harder for it when Jennifer finally finished with him and released his scrotum from her firm grip. As Jennifer turned to the camera and gave small smile and satisfied nod, Beverly bent towards her husband's face, talking and whispering to him, clearly praising him and trying to offer whatever comfort against the pain she could.

"We had to restrain Victor more securely for the second set of injections, as the pain of the first set had caused him to become a little hesitant about allowing the procedure to continue." Jennifer said, as the video ended. "Thankfully, he managed to overcome his cold feet and allow us to persuade him to continue, but we felt it wisest to take steps to prevent any last second reticence he might manifest from interfering with the trial. And, as you just saw, it was a good thing that we did, too."

Victor looked a little green, his eyes still on the screen. Then he gulped and shook his head, apparently trying to dismiss the memories seeing the video had brought up. He managed a small, wan smile for the women sharing the stage with him, all three of whom were looking at him sympathetically.

"So, with that, the procedure was complete. All that was left for us to do now was wait and observe. We knew, generally, what we could expect Victor to experience over the next weeks and months. We also knew that we needed to keep a close eye on his progress, though, in case anything unforeseen came up that might require our intervention." Jennifer stated.

"Just what did Victor experience, after he had finished with the procedure?" Opal asked, curiously.

"Well, the first thing that happened, over the course of the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours subsequent to his final injection, was the fertilization of all the reproductive cells in his testicles. They had been prepared and shaped by the first mix of hormones we had injected, and were ready and able to receive Beverly's DNA, with which the retrovirus delivery vehicle now supplied them." Jennifer answered. "Every time one of Victor's testicle cells received its share of Beverly's donated DNA, it created another fertilized embryonic cell, which began dividing and reproducing in short order."

"Within two or three days, Victor had several million tiny new embryos growing within each of his testicles." she finished.

"Several million, my goodness." Opal breathed.


Then the host of the talk show frowned, a thought suddenly occurring to her.

"Wait a moment." she said, thinking. "If Beverly's DNA fertilized a million different testicle cells, each of which was a precursor to a normal sperm cell, wouldn't each embryo have slightly different genetics, different DNA, from Victor?"

"Yes, indeed." Jennifer agreed, nodding. "Victor's DNA is made up of half of his mother's DNA, and half of his father's. When a new sperm cell is made, it gets a randomized assortment from both these sources, which means that every sperm cell, and every sperm precursor cell, has a unique set of DNA. Combining all these different cells with half of Beverly's DNA resulted in millions and millions of unique embryos, each of which was competing with all the others for space and resources."

"So.. what, they fought each other?" Opal asked.

"Sort of." Jennifer replied. "At first, they simply grew, and those embryos that were able to grow more quickly, either through luck or innate ability, soon began to crowd out their slower siblings."

"Were all of these embryos compatible with each other?" Opal asked, fascinated.

"Most were not." Jennifer answered, shaking her head. "However, just as in our own society, the ones that could work together fared much better than the ones who couldn't. Eventually, after about two weeks, the cooperative groups resolved themselves into two extremely large embryos, one in each testicle, made up of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of different cell lines."

"I seem to remember that we did a show several years back on people who were made up of two or more separate lines of cells. I believe they were called.. chimeras?" Opal asked.

"Yes, that's the proper term for such people, Opal." Jennifer answered, nodding. "The new embryos in each of Victor's testicles were a sort of super-chimera. It was at this point that the struggle between the cooperative and the lone wolf cells truly became a fight. Once the new chimera embryos came into being, began growing, and eventually started differentiating, they began to see every other cell line not involved in the process as outsiders, a threat, and began attacking them. Every cell line that wasn't either Victor's own or a part of the growing embryo was isolated, strangled of resources, and destroyed."

A new video, only a short clip, began to play on the wall screen. It showed Jennifer gently holding Victor's scrotum within her hands. The entire thing was beet red and swollen, each testicle clearly swelled far beyond it's normal size and bulging the skin around them, and Victor winced at even the slightest touch to them. Jennifer turned the inflamed organs this way and that, ignoring Victor's trembling spasms of pain, to give the camera an excellent view of their condition from every angle.

"This process was rather painful for Victor, as you can see. Each of his testicles swelled considerably, becoming inflamed and very tender to the touch." Jennifer said. "It lasted only a week, though, after which the embryos were free to grow and thrive without any interference."

"Amazing. Just amazing." Opal said.

"Isn't is, though?" Jennifer agreed, her enthusiasm evident.

"By this point, virtually all of the cells that remained within Victor's testicles belonged to the growing embryos. As they continued to grow and differentiate, gaining form and strength, they ceased being embryos and became fetuses. Though relatively small, they soon began to show recognizable human features, such as appendages, the arms and legs, as well as a distinct head and spinal cord."

"This was a dangerous time for them." Jennifer said, gravely. "Normally, a tiny human fetus is protected within the abdomen of the woman it is growing in, sheltered deep in the relative safety of her womb. Beverly and Victor's fetuses didn't have that protection. Even a small bump or nudge to Victor's scrotum could have damaged or destroyed them."

"How did you overcome this, and keep them safe?" Opal asked.

"At first, a simple sports cup was enough." Jennifer said. "But soon enough they outgrew it, and we were forced to fabricate a new protective device. It was sort of an extra large cup and jock strap, and wound up looking sort of like a low hanging, single cupped, heavy duty bra for Victor's growing scrotum and his testicular fetuses.

Another short clip played, showing Beverly and Jennifer gently easing Victor's bare, bulging scrotum, now much larger than it had first appeared, into a large, padded, formed-plastic half sphere. They then attached the filled protective cup to a belt strapped around Victor's waist. The straps connecting the cup and belt were long enough that Victor scrotum, within its new protective shell, hung loosely and at roughly the same level it would have naturally. Victor gave a few small, experimental bounces, testing the device's support, then nodded to the women in approval. Both Beverly and Jennifer turned to the camera at this, happy and grinning, each giving a thumbs up.

Just before it ended, the clip jumped to another scene, showing Beverly and Victor, both holding hands, walking down a hospital hallway on their way out of the research center. Beverly was moving easily, her stride smooth and normal, while Victor's was a far more clumsy and slow waddle, due to the large, inconvenient mass hanging between his legs.

"Clever." Opal said, while nodding her head in approval of her own at the protective device.

"Yes, it worked very well, though we had to swap out to a new, larger cup every few weeks." Jennifer agreed. "So protected, each fetus was able to grow in safety."

"How long did they take to come to term? And just how did you know when they were ready?" Opal asked.

"Well, normally, when a woman's pregnancy is nearly over and she's about to give birth, she is well aware of the fact and usually knows what to expect and how to prepare for it." Jennifer answered. "Victor's pregnancy, on the other hand, was, at that time, utterly unique, and we had to make educated guesses as to when his and Beverly's infants would be ready to face the outside world."

"So, we simply went by body weight." she said. "When each fetus reached about eight and a half pounds, which they did at almost the same time, we decided that the time was right. Interestingly, it took only seven and a half months for them to reach that size. We think that starting with so very many fertilized testicle cells gave them something of a head start. At three weeks, after each embryo had stabilized, they were well ahead of the normal growth curve."

A new short video played, showing Victor, his knees bent slightly, with his by now enormous scrotum being carefully weighed on a scale by Jennifer.

"This next video shows the birth." Jennifer warned. "It's a bit graphic. We had to surgically remove the infants, so there's a bit of blood. It's very interesting to see, but if you're squeamish, you might want to look away."

"Our surgeon, Doctor Yokiko Amari, designed and performed the surgery required to birth the new infants. She's one of the top obstetricians in the country, and, thanks to her, everything went perfectly."

The next video started. Victor was sitting in another exam chair with his legs spread wide, allowing a clear view of the enormous, pendulous mass of his expanded, pregnant scrotum. The bulging sack was hanging from him, stretched tight, into a padded depression below his bottom. His limp penis, looking rather shrunken and sad, was taped to the skin of his abdomen, held up and out of the way, apparently unnecessary.

Doctor Amari was sitting before him, in scrubs and clearly about to operate, holding a small scalpel in one of her gloved hands. Beverly and Jennifer were standing on either side of Victor, each holding one of his hands in theirs, with their free hands resting his shoulder nearest them.

Victor, clearly somewhat stressed by the situation and looking more than a little apprehensive, was strapped down securely to the chair. The only parts of his body that he could move on his own were his hands, which were clenched in nervous anticipation around Beverly's and Jennifer's own, and his head, which was bent forward so he could see the surgeon work.

Doctor Amari, without even the slightest bit of hesitation, carefully opened up the left side of Victor's scrotum. She made a long incision, starting from nearly the top of his sack, which ended more than three quarters of the way down his bulging, strained looking flesh. She used the fingers of her free hand, slipping them inside the incision as she lengthened the cut, to prevent the small blade of her scalpel from coming into contact with the fragile, invaluable contents being protected by the thin layer of Victor's skin.

Victor's chest hitched, inhaling sharply, as his skin was cut into by the woman, and he bit his lip and furrowed his brow in consternation at the sensations he was experiencing. He was clearly uncomfortable, but apparently not in an excessive amount of pain. His eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise though, when, after she finished the incision, Doctor Amari reached her hands inside of his scrotum. Spreading the cut wide, she slowly and gently pulled another large, grayish-fleshed sack out of him. The sack, which actually appeared to be thicker by some measure than the skin of the scrotum which had contained it, looked fibrous and tough, and was connected to Victor by a large, purplish cord of thick, veiny flesh.

The sack was moving slightly within the surgeons hands, it's contents clearly alive and agitated.

Moving with extreme care and precision, Doctor Amari slowly sliced open the second sack, spilling a moderate amount of watery fluid from it into the padded basin as she did so. Ever so gently, she reached into the newly opened sack, as she had Victor's scrotum before it, and extracted its contents.

The newborn was pale, plump, and absolutely perfect. She writhed and shuddered gently in the surgeon's hands, apparently unaccustomed to and unhappy with the feel of the relative cold and dryness of the world outside of her father's body. The veiny cord of flesh, which apparently continued through the thick wall of the second protective sack, ended at the girl's belly.

The newborn made no sounds as she moved, and didn't seem to be breathing on her own.

This state was remedied when the good surgeon, holding the newly birthed infant girl carefully, gave her a gentle slap on her baby bottom, causing her to gasp at the air in shocked surprise, then let out her first sound, the same first sound almost every healthy baby makes upon their arrive into the world: a wail of outrage.

Victor had arched his back, his expression of surprise deepening into complete disbelief, at the extraordinary and apparently quite powerful sensations passing through him. Having his new daughter extracted from his body and handled by Doctor Amari, while still attached to him through her umbilical cord, was obviously far more intense than he had expected. His expression turned from disbelieving to shocked though, when the woman smartly patted the infant's bottom to jar her into breathing. The blood drained from his face, his eyes went blank, and he jerked hard against his restraints, in apparent agony, as the girl started to wail and writhe.

When Doctor Amari handed the newborn off to a ready nurse, who held the child as the surgeon cut her umbilical cord, Victor went into a full body spasm. His fit lasted for nearly a minute, his movements spastic and uncontrolled, after the baby girl, who had been his completely ordinary left testicle just a few months earlier, had been snipped free from his body.

The baby was removed by the nurse, out of frame but apparently not out of the room, judging by how Beverly's and Jennifer's eyes kept track of it, as Victor was allowed a few minutes to recover. The video then skipped forward, to show Doctor Amari cutting into the right side of Victor's now much reduced scrotum. She extracted the second internal sack, and then cut free the second beautiful baby girl.

Victor was, by this point, shivering, sobbing, and crying continuously. As Doctor Amari prepared to clip the second newborn free of her umbilical cord and her father, he began begging, over and over, the same word: "No no no no nononooo!" He spasmed again when his pleas were ignored, and the final cut delivered. His whole body twisted up on itself, every muscle locking up in rigid agony, then fell limp, unconsciousness sweeping him mercifully away from the pain.

The last scene of the clip showed Beverly and Jennifer, each holding a swaddled and sleeping newborn, with glowing smiles, ecstatically happy. Victor, still bound to his birthing chair, lay unconscious between them, with his large, empty, and now unnecessary scrotum covered by a towel. The surgeon, Doctor Amari, stood behind Victor, her hands resting on the shoulders of the two beaming women, looking tired, proud, and satisfied.

"My goodness.." Opal said, into the quiet that surrounded the set after the video ended. "That was simply amazing! I can hardly believe what I just saw. That such beautiful babies could come from so unlikely a source."

"Yes, it was truly incredible to behold, Opal." Jennifer agreed, nodding to her host.

"If you think you can hardly believe it, then imagine how I felt, witnessing it firsthand." Beverly said, her eyes damp but shining. "A few months previously, I had all but given up hope. Then, to see my girls come into the world, flawless and perfect! It's been a dream come true. Even re-watching this clip, which I've probably seen a dozen times already, makes my heart flutter and my whole body tremble with giddy happiness."

Jennifer reached her arm around Beverly, giving the woman a one armed hug. It was gratefully and eagerly returned.

"How long ago was the birth?" Opal asked. "And how have the children been doing?"

"Well, rather than tell you, it might be easier to just show you. Both you and the audience, Opal." Jennifer said, as Beverly wiped at the dampness in her eyes.

"Yes, I think you're right." Opal agreed. "Studio audience! Silence, if you would, please, as our final guests come out."

Beverly shifted on the couch, turning towards the entrance to the set. She peered down and smiled at someone the audience couldn't see, beckoning with her hand.

"Come on. It's time." she said, pitching her voice a little higher than normal. "Come on out to the stage with Mommy, Auntie Jennifer, and Daddy."

Beverly stayed that way for several seconds, looking off set, as nothing happened.

"Umm..?" Opal asked, as the silence stretched on and the nothing continued to happen.

Beverly sighed, which turned into a light laugh, and rolled her eyes.

"Of course, they choose NOW to be shy." she said.

"We usually can't keep up with them; they love running over and introducing themselves to new people." Jennifer confided to Opal.

"Come on, don't be scared." Beverly said, smiling and beckoning again. "Everyone wants to meet you, so come out!"

Two heads, one above the other, poked out from behind the entrance, just far enough so that one eye each could peek out at the silent, waiting audience. Seeing everyone looking expectantly at them was apparently too much, because they immediately jerked back behind the edge of the set, hiding from view.

"Oh, come on!" Beverly said, starting to laugh again. "There's nothing to be frightened of! Come on out, you two."

Slowly, one small form eased out from behind the entrance, looking around warily. When nothing untoward happened, she moved a bit to the side, and her sister, who looked nearly identical, stepped into view as well. They were wearing matching outfits; cute little dresses, shoes and hair bows, and each held a hand of the other.

At their mother's continued encouragement, they walked over to their parents, Jennifer, and Opal. As they neared their father's chair, he smiled warmly at them, opened his arms, and beckoned to them as well. The passed him by though, with hardly a glance, which caused his smile to falter somewhat, and hopped up, one each, into the arms and laps of Beverly and Jennifer.

"They're.. what, three, four years old?" Opal asked, a little breathlessly.

"A little over four years old." Beverly confirmed, snuggling her daughter down into her lap happily. "They'll be starting kindergarten this next year."

"Their coloring! It's like nothing I've seen before.." Opal continued, trailing off, her amazement obvious.

"They're gorgeous." she finished, her mouth open.

"It's a result of the great variety of the cells in their body, we think." Jennifer said, stroking the hair of the girl she held. "Basically, they're the average of every possible skin, eye, and hair color combinations that was possible, taking into consideration their parent's heritage. Given that both Beverly and Victor are of predominantly European extraction, it's no surprise that their skin turned out as pale as it did."

"The hair is another matter entirely. Their scalp is made up of many different cell lines, several thousand at least, and possibly quite a bit more, often varying even within the same hair follicle. They grow hairs of almost every color found naturally in humans. Normally, this would probably average out to a medium to light golden brown color of hair, possibly with a bit of a reddish tinge and the odd highlight here and there, but, most unusually, they appear to be going grey astoundingly early."

"So, is it the grey hairs mixing in with the others that makes their hair look almost blueish?" Opal asked, fascinated.

"Yes. It depends on the lighting a great deal, too. In some light their hair looks almost like a pale purple, and in still others, more of a mousy grey-brown. But, if they continue going grey at the rate they have been so far, by the time they're in their early teens they'll probably be snow white."

"Incredible.." Opal replied. "Have they shown any signs of early hair loss too?"

"No, not at all." Jennifer replied, smoothing the hair of the girl she was holding, then giving it a light kiss. "They're simply losing their hair color really, really early. We haven't been able to figure out why just yet."

"And last, but certainly not least, their eyes!" Opal exclaimed. "They're the most beautiful shade of violet that I've ever seen."

"Again, that's the result of having irises with a thousand different cell lines, all with a slightly different idea about what color they should be expressing. Apparently blue, green, brown, and grey, along with the red of the hemoglobin in the blood cells flowing through the tiny veins in their eyes, all add up to a purple-violet color."

"So, what are their names?"

"Lily." answered Beverly, hugging the girl sitting on her lap.

"And Violet, of course." said Jennifer, smiling and giving the second girl a hug of her own.

"Our two beautiful flowers." they finished together.

"Well. Hello, Lilly. Hello, Violet." Opal said, looking the each of the children in turn and smiling benignly. "My name is Opal Winters, but you can just call me Opal."

Lilly, who had been looking up at her mother's face during most of the conversation, looked over at Opal when she heard her name mentioned and stared at the older woman for a moment, then buried her face in her mother's shoulder. Violet, who seemed to be slightly more brave than her sister, gave a hesitant little wave of her fingers to the talk show host, then followed her sister's example, hiding her face from view against Jennifer.

"Ha, I can't believe how shy they're being." Beverly said, stroking her daughter's back and chuckling slightly. "It must be being in front of such a large crowd."

"Oh, it's simply darling." Opal gushed, her eyes sparkling.

"So, they're healthy?" she asked.

"Oh, yes." Jennifer said, confidently. "Even more than healthy, perhaps. They've never been sick a day in their lives, and they've shown absolutely no signs of any abnormalities, aside from the early greying of their hair, either in body or mind."

"Wonderful." Opal enthused. "Do you have any idea about why that might be?"

"Again, we think it is because of the multitude of different cells lines of which their bodies are made up." Jennifer said. "Even if some lines might be more susceptible to a certain kind of disease, or more prone to manifesting a certain kind of physical or mental disability, there are even more that are not. Our girls are living proof of the power and strength that can be found in diversity."

"If I might, I have a few more questions about their birth." Opal said, after the round of enthusiastic applause that had greeted Jennifer's statement faded away.


"Of course." Jennifer said, rocking Violet back and forth slightly.

"Victor's reaction to the surgery was quite extreme. Did you elect to do that procedure without painkillers, as well?"

"Yes." Jennifer answered. "Once again, we were unsure how anesthetics might interact with Victor or the girls, and wanted to take no chances."

"I see. And Victor's reaction, to when Doctor Amari was handling the newborns while they were still connected to him. It almost seemed like he could feel her touching the girls, most especially when she shocked them into taking their first breaths." Opal said. "Is that normal? Pregnant women can't feel what their babies feel, can they?"

"Now, that is actually a very interesting question." Jennifer said, looking thoughtful. "Victor reported, both during his pregnancy and afterwards, that he could indeed still feel what was happening to his testicles, even after they ceased really being his reproductive organs and had become growing fetuses."

"We think that when the super chimera embryos were destroying their competition within Victor's testicles, they didn't target any of his own cells in the same manner. That means that, even as they began to differentiate and grow into true fetuses, they still had a network of living, active nerve cells within them, separate from their own developing nervous system, passively sending Victor sensory information. Most of the original structure of Victor's gonads was pushed aside by the expanding fetuses, but, for whatever reason, the nerve cells seemed to be excepted from this process. They remained and were incorporated."

"Victor said that he could even feel it, both through his own flesh and theirs, when the girls began moving of their own accord." Jennifer finished, grinning. "Near the end of their gestation, he said it sometimes felt like they were having a wrestling match in there."

"Fascinating." Opal said. "Is that why he reacted so strongly to having the umbilical cords cut?"

"Yes." Jennifer said. "What looked like umbilical cords were actually the blood vessels, as well as sperm and nerve cords, that had originally connected Victor's testicles to the rest of his body. The blood vessels had greatly expanded, to accommodate the increased demand for resources, and the sperm cords atrophied nearly entirely, but the nerve cords remained the same, still transmitting sensation to Victor, as if nothing had changed."

"So, when those cords were cut, it was exactly as if Victor's testicles had been cut from him. In fact, given how much larger his daughters had grown than his original testicles, and how thick the cords connecting them both to him had swelled in turn, it wouldn't surprise me if it was nearly an order of magnitude more painful for him than an ordinary, anesthetic-free castration would have been."

"The poor man." Opal said, sympathetically, nodding to Victor.

"He held up fairly well, given the circumstances." Jennifer allowed, glancing at him and tilting her head in acknowledgement.

"We know how well his daughters turned out, but how about Victor himself? How well has he recovered from the experience?" Opal asked.

"Given the extraordinary demands placed upon his body by the experiment, I think he has recovered very well indeed." Jennifer said. "Granted, there will be some long term repercussions to his pregnancy, such as a higher risk of osteoporosis due to bone demineralization, but both that and many of the other effects he's currently experiencing are almost exactly the same things that a woman who had gone through a twin pregnancy could expect to face."

"The largest consequence was, of course, the complete transformation, and subsequent surgical removal, of his testicles." Jennifer stated.

"There was nothing of them left after the pregnancy had been completed? Nothing that could have been salvaged?" Opal asked.

"No. All of the active reproductive cells in his gonads were chemically altered, fertilized, and transformed into embryonic cells. And as I said earlier, pretty much everything else was pushed aside and atrophied away into nothing as the new fetuses grew larger and larger." Jennifer answered.

"Even the sheaths of tough fiber, which had helped to protect each of Victor's original testicles, had been co-opted and re-purposed by the fetuses developing inside of them. They grew and expanded, becoming the second, inner layer of protection for the girls growing within his scrotum.

"The only things that remain of his testicles are here, and here." she finished, once again kissing the top of Violet's head and then reaching out to touch Lily's shoulder.

"So, did he retain any sexual function at all?" Opal asked, eyeing the man, who seemed to be shrinking down into his seat.

Victor was obviously uncomfortable with the topic being discussed, and apparently unwilling to meet any of the women's eyes as they discussed whatever was left of his sexuality.

"He might have eventually regained the ability to gain an erection, and perhaps to orgasm." Jennifer said. "But, given certain other facts, I advised Beverly, and she agreed with me, that complete surgical nullification was probably the best thing for him, at that point."

"Nullification? Do you mean to say that you removed his entire reproductive tract? Everything?" Opal asked, her eyebrows raised.


"My goodness, why?"

"There were several reasons." Jennifer answered. "The first of which was that Victor had not managed to achieve or sustain an erection for nearly three months before the pregnancy ended. We tried, once a week or so, to see if he could still become erect, and by the end of his second trimester it was evident that he no longer had the ability. We had Beverly manipulate him to orgasm once as a test, just before that occurred, to see what would happen."

"Interesting. What did happen?" Opal asked.

"Victor reported that the more aroused he became, the more painful it felt, for both him and the fetuses he was carrying. After a great deal of effort on the part of Beverly, Victor managed a weak orgasm, which he said was both something of a relief, as he had gone without for several months by that point, and also uncomfortable in the extreme. Even the fetuses, immature as there were then, seemed irritated and agitated by the experience. It was a dry orgasm; he produced no ejaculate at all. We didn't bother to try and repeat the experiment afterwards."

"Another reason," Jennifer continued. "was that the pregnancy was severely taxing for his body. The growing fetuses demanded a lot of him, and many of the resources that would have gone to other parts of his body were instead redirected to feed and support them. It seemed that the closer an organ was to the fetuses, the more strongly affected by this phenomenon they were."

"Victor's penis, as the organ in closest proximity, took the brunt of this. It actually shrank by nearly two inches, in its flaccid state, from its pre-pregnancy length. It was almost as if his member was simply being deconstructed by his body, and the resulting resources fed to the growing girls within him."

"So, even if Victor eventually had recovered the ability to become erect and orgasm, there wouldn't really have been much point, because of how atrophied and insignificant his penis had become. That fact, balanced against the scientific value that could be derived from dissecting and studying effects of his pregnancy on both it and its supporting structures, convinced Beverly to allow me to have Doctor Amari remove it surgically."

A new video started playing, showing Jennifer and Beverly standing before Victor's spread legs. It must have been taken just a short time after the birth, because Victor was still unconscious and strapped to the examination chair, with the towel that had been covering the remains of his genitals flipped aside.

Jennifer was talking to Beverly, gesticulating towards the man's enormous, emptied scrotal skin and his shrunken, flaccid penis. Beverly appeared to be considering Jennifer's words carefully, nodding along in understanding or agreement. Beverly then reached down and pinched the skin of Victor's penis between thumb and forefinger, lifting it up from its limp flaccidity as if by the scruff of its neck, examining the organ as Jennifer continued to speak. Finally, Beverly nodded once, sharply, and dropped Victor's member, flicking it aside in a casually dismissively motion that clearly communicated how little regard she held for it in its current condition. Jennifer looked satisfied, then turned and called to someone out of frame, making a scissoring, cutting motion with the fingers of one hand, while hooking her thumb over her shoulder at Victor with the other.

The video jumped forward, to Doctor Amari bent over Victor's crotch, mid operation. She made a few more small cuts with a scalpel, then set the surgical blade aside and reached down, with both hands, towards the large incision before her. A moment later, she lifted Victor's penis out of the wound. She had taken the entire thing from him, all the way down to the root. She set the piece of raw, bloody meat into a clean surgical tray, which was handed off by a ready nurse to Jennifer, who was standing in partial view at the edge of the frame.

"We learned quite a bit from Victor's penis, the remains of his scrotum, and the bits and scraps of now useless connective tissue and plumbing that we pulled out of him. There was enough material in them to make several thousand slides. We kept about half of them, and distributed the rest of them to any lab that expressed interest in our project." Jennifer stated, as the video ended with a shot of Victor's crotch, sewn back up, completely empty and, with the exception of a bit of minor swelling around the stitches, totally smooth.

"Victor is completely sexless now, though he takes hormone supplements to help make up for the loss of his testicles." she finished.

"Oh, you poor dear." Opal said, turning to the man.

"And you too, Beverly." she continued, turning again to face her guest. "With Victor no longer able to perform, you must be suffering as well."

"Oh, it's not as bad as it might seem." Beverly said, waving one hand dismissively. "Granted, Victor's not quite as much fun as he used to be. But, with a little imagination and the help of several.. ah.. marital aids, we make things work."

"Plus, he's always had quite talented.. um.. oral skills, shall we say. Not having a penis hasn't affected that in any way." she finished, with a little self-satisfied smile. "And I've had help from.. others, as well."

Beverly shot Jennifer a glance, one that was both a bit shy, a bit grateful, and a bit heated, and reached out to take the other woman's hand. Opal picked up on the interplay between them at once, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

"So, when you called Doctor Washington "Auntie Jennifer" earlier, you meant a bit more by it than might have been readily apparent." she stated.

"Jennifer's practically part of the family, now." Beverly agreed, nodding happily. "I think of her as my girls' other mother. And it's completely true, in a very real sense. They wouldn't exist now if it wasn't for Jennifer, the rest of her research team, and all the time and effort they've expended to make my girls possible."

"So, would you say that the trial has been successful, then, Jennifer?" Opal asked. "And Beverly, would you say that the sacrifices that both you and Victor had to make for the sake of the experiment were worth it?"

Both women looked at Opal, eyes raised in faint surprise at the questions. Then they turned to each other, smiled, and hugged. The girls they were holding joined in the hug, all four of them forming a happy, loving circle. Then Beverly and Jennifer looked directly to the camera as they answered, their voices filled with firm conviction.


"Without question, Opal."

"And you, Victor. Has it all been worth it?" asked Opal, turning to the man.

Victor looked from Opal to the women hugging on the couch. His eyes rested first on Beverly, the woman he had married. The woman who, when offered the choice, had asked him to sacrifice his perfectly healthy and functional testicles, with which he could have fathered children with any other woman, to make up for the fact of her own barren infertility.

He then looked to Jennifer, the woman who had, at the cost of so very much pain to Victor himself, actually made the sacrifice of not just his testicles, but his entire masculinity. She, who had taken so much from him, who the wife he was no longer able to satisfy had turned to and taken as a lover, had planted the seeds into him, created from his wife's own flesh, that had transformed and eventually devoured his reproductive organs entirely.

Finally, he looked to the girls. His strange, but wondrous and gorgeously beautiful daughters, each of whom was the flesh of his flesh in the most literal sense possible. Everything he had given up for them, his virility, his sexuality, his pride, and even the loving embrace and respect of his own wife, would have been worth it. Worth it all, if they had deigned to returned the love he wanted so very much to give to them; if they had even bothered to notice him at all.

"Er.." he started, pausing to clear his throat, speaking for the first time.

"Er, yes. Of.. of course." he finally said, trying to cover up the bleak, hopeless look that flashed across his features by swallowing and rubbing at his face.

"Of course.." he repeated, faintly, his words trailing off as his head bowed down, his eyes lowering to his empty crotch, his body seeming to shrink in on itself, as the applause from the audience rolled thunderously over him and everyone else on the stage.

"Amazing. Simply amazing." Opal said, after the applause had died away. "We're almost out of time, but I have one more question."

"Are Beverly and Victor's daughters, Lily and Violet, going to be unique? Or, will other couples, who might be experiencing fertility problems of their own, be able to someday go through this same procedure, and receive the same amazing results?"

"Oh, well, as to that." Jennifer said, her smile becoming one filled with confident pride. "The third round of human trials is already taking place. If everything goes smoothly, and we've no reason to think that it won't, we'll be starting the fourth round sometime next year."

"You're already on the third set of human trials?" Opal asked, surprised. "So, how successful have they been, then?"

"Our progress and success rate have been phenomenal, Opal." Jennifer answered. "Out of the nearly two dozen couples we selected to take part in the second round of testing, not a single mature embryo, fetus, or child was lost, or even suffered any serious problems or complications."

"Well, that doesn't sound too unusual, Jennifer." Opal said. "The mortality rate for newborns has been extremely low for decades and decades, now."

"For full term pregnancies, yes." Jennifer replied. "But, many pregnancies done the old fashioned way don't make it to full term. Some studies have found that as many as thirty percent, or even more, of natural pregnancies end up failing, for one reason or another."

"With our new procedure, however, every single testicle that received the treatment went on to become a healthy baby girl. Every. Single. One." she finished, underscoring her last words dramatically.

"You said every single testicle." Opal said, stressing the word single. "Don't you treat both testicles on each man?"

"We tried an experiment during the second round of testing." Jennifer answered. "On several of the men, we only treated one testicle, rather than both. It was an attempt to see if the man's sexual ability, or a part of it, at least, could be preserved and retained throughout and after his pregnancy."

"I see. Did it work?"

"No, not at all. Do you remember what happened to Victor's penis? The resource drain that affects the men during their pregnancies hits untreated testicles even harder." Jennifer said. "It's too bad, because it would have been an excellent variant of the procedure, for women who might not want to lose their husband's sexuality entirely."

"Still, even though it didn't work out like we had hoped, we still wound up with excellent material for more slides afterwards." she finished.

"I see." Opal said. "How large is the third trial currently taking place, and how large will the fourth be?"

"The third trial is about a hundred men in number, and the fourth is planned to be around a thousand, spread throughout several cities around the country." Jennifer answered.

"Men, not couples?" Opal asked.

"Most of the men taking part in the third trial are part of a 'normal' couple, the standard pair of a husband and a wife. Several of the men, however, are in less standard relationships." Jennifer said. "Two of the men are a gay couple. They wanted to take part at the same time, so each is carrying embryos fertilized by DNA from the other. They're only nineteen or so, and they make a very cute pair, let me tell you. Practically the entire research team adores them. It's rather sweet."

"Another of the men is taking part at the behest of a lesbian couple." she continued. "He agreed to undergo the procedure for them, after they told him about it and asked him to participate. One of his testicles was fertilized by DNA from one of the women, and the other testicle with DNA from her partner. Both women are apparently very happy with the entire arrangement."

"So, you're not limiting participation to those with fertility problems, then?" Opal asked.

"No, not at all. We think this procedure should be available to anyone who wants it, without exception." Jennifer said, emphatically. "Just think of all the potential girls out there, waiting for the chance to come into existence. Why limit it?"

"So, all of the children born via this procedure have been girls?"

"Well, that is something of a complicated question, actually." Jennifer said, thoughtfully. "Genetically, all of the children are a roughly even mix of both male and female cell lines. Physically, the great majority of the children also seem to be completely female, growing and developing exactly as one would expect a female fetus, infant, and toddler to do so."

"The majority, but not all?" Opal asked, perplexed.

"Yes, some of the children, about one in ten, are developing normal female bodies, but growing genitalia that often contain a mix of both female AND male physical traits." Jennifer answered.

"Oh, my goodness. Is that.. bad?" Opal asked, a bit hesitantly. "Something that might need to be fixed with corrective surgery?"

"Bad? No, not at all." Jennifer said, frowning at Opal's choice of words. "We don't think of anything to do with our children as bad. Is it unusual? Yes. Is it abnormal? By the standards of many people, yes, it very well might be. But what we think, however, is that, given a chance, it could become a part of a new, better normal, one that is far more inclusive, open, and accepting."

"We're certainly not going to put our beautiful girls under the knife, just so they fit into our own, or anyone else's, preconceptions of the world." she finished, sternly.

"Of course." Opal said, nodding her head in understanding. "I was simply surprised by the fact, that's all. I certainly meant no offense; I apologize."

Jennifer nodded, accepting Opal's apology.

"Oh, it's no problem." she said, smiling and laughing a little. "We're all just so proud of them, our beautiful girls. Just like any other parent, I suppose we don't take criticism of our children easily."

"One final question: do all of the girls share both Lily and Violet's lovely coloring?" Opal asked.

"More or less." Jennifer said. "Most of the participants in the second trial were predominantly European in origin, like Beverly and Victor. Those with more varied ancestry tended to have similar coloration, just shaded a bit darker. Two of the girls, born to a mixed race couple, have the most gorgeous, deeply dark purple eyes you'll probably ever see, which pairs wonderfully with their light brown skin tone."

"We have a more diverse selection of participants in our third trial group, and we're all very eager to see how the girls turn out." she continued.

"One thing we know for sure, though: whatever color their eyes, hair, and skin turn out to be, they're all going to be beautiful." Jennifer finished.

More applause greeted this, quickly growing to a roar, as women in the audience cheered along in enthusiastic agreement.

Opal stood up, her guests standing with her, and patted the noise down as best she could, trying to be heard.

"Beverly! Victor! And especially Lily and Violet! Thank you for being here today!" she exclaimed. "Jennifer, it has been absolutely fascinating talking with you! When can a woman expect to be able to have this new procedure available for her and her husband?"

"If the third and fourth rounds of human trials go well, then sometime in the next three to five years it will become available in most major cities!" Jennifer replied, smiling.

Then everyone on the stage, even a somewhat morose looking Victor, waved to the cameras as the show came to a close.

"Wonderful!" Opal said, over the enthusiasm of the audience. "That's our show for today! Thank you so much for tuning in, and we'll see you for tomorrow's episode! Goodbye!"


Author's Note:

This is one of my stranger ideas, I have to admit, but I'm pretty proud of it. I feel like I might be inventing new fetishes with this story, or at least expanding on some older ones. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has written, or drawn, anything similar to it before.

Male pregnancy isn't usually my thing, but a guy getting used for his balls and then discarded afterwords, definitely is, so I felt that I just HAD to write this one out once I thought of it. The fact that his penis just sort of gets ignored and lost in the shuffle, and then thrown away afterwards, as useless and unnecessary, is frosting on the castration cake, I think.

As always, I'm very interested to hear what people think, positive or negative. I love criticism.

On another note, collections of my stories may be found at several different locations, aside from this one, under the name of Htabdoolb; at the Eunuch Archive(castration and penectomy stuff only), at HentaiFoundry, at Eka's Portal, and at the Dolcett Girl's Forum(look for the index of story indices), as well as on Gurochan's literature board. If there is any other site that you think might be a good place for my stories, please, let me know, because I also love reaching a wider audience.


... This one was strangely satisfying, and I don't know why. Maybe the detailed sciency bit got me, maybe the story itself (yada yada for plot), maybe the form of the narrative. I'm not even into castration or anything close to it. Anyway, good read!


Awesome combination of sci-fi and fetishy body horror...

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