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I was a 14 year old boy. Tall and lean. I was told I had matured quickly. I was lean but with a decent amount of muscle. Skinny, but not stringy. I spent nearly every day tending the fields with my father. My mother had passed when she gave birth to me. My skin was bronzed from the sun and body toned due to the nature of the labor. I had yet to experience the pleasures of a girl but occasionally I would sneak up to a particular cliff and watch girls who were slightly older than I was bathe in the pool below. It was magical. I would often rub myself while imagining kissing them. I wanted so badly to touch them, but while I was attractive, I was quiet and shy.

It was a July morning, when my dad woke me up early. "Wake up boy! We've got a summons to the castle." I quickly got out of bed and threw on some clothes. "Grab the wheat we've got in the barn and load it onto a cart." I did as I was told.

We made our way into the city and up to the castle gates. The guards were very tall muscular men. They were meant to inspire intimidation. On the front side of the castle was a grand stage. On the stage sat various instruments of public execution. There were gallows, a block, several impaling poles, and a guillotine. The guillotine looked modified from others I had seen.

We left our cart at the castle store yard and made our way into the main courtroom in the castle. Many farmers from all over were already there. From what I could tell it was a mass collection of supplies for the castle as a tax for using the land. I was much younger the last time we came and don't remember much, but I remembered staying overnight in the city.

We found a seat and shortly the proceedings began. A skinny bearded man was explaining to the farmers what was expected of them and was babbling on about percentages and numbers. My eyes wandered to the front of the room where I saw the king seated at his throne. He was a large angry looking man. To his right was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, the princess. She had long flowing hair, soft skin, large blue eyes, and a body that took my breath away. She had to be about 17 or 18. I must have stared for far to long because I noticed horrifyingly that she was staring back. I dropped my face immediately to the floor and flushed red in embarrassment. I slowly looked back up and she was still staring. Then, something unexpected happened... she winked at me and smiled. I dropped my face again in disbelief. Was she interested? Why would she do that? Was this a joke? I did not look at her again the rest of the meeting.

At the meetings conclusion my father stood and beckoned for me to follow. "Will we be staying in the city tonight father?" I asked. He told me we would, but would be leaving first thing in the morning. As we were walking out, a figure slipped out of the shadows next to me and pulled me in without my father noticing. I almost let out a yelp but a hand covered my mouth. My panic subsided when I noticed it was the princess.

She put her finger up to her face and made a "shush" sound. "Meet me tonight at the moons highest in the castle flower garden. The back gate will be open." She let go of my mouth and then kissed me. She pushed her body into mine and shoved me against the wall. Slightly taller than her, I wrapped my arms around her as her tongue slipped softly into my mouth followed by a nibble of my bottom lip. She giggled, and slipped away into the shadows. "Don't be late" I heard her whisper.

I had never kissed a girl nor knew that it would be anything like that. In a matter of seconds I came as she had kissed me. I stood there panting for a few seconds before running after my father.

Later that night...

My father had fallen asleep and I was incredibly anxious. I hoped we would kiss some more. Maybe she'd let me touch her? I snuck out and made my way to the castle under the shadow of night. As she said, the back gate to flower garden was open. I snuck in and made my way to the center of the garden where there was a small bench in fairly shaded area. I looked up to see the moon just getting to its highest point.

"Hey boy." I heard from behind me as she emerged from the shadows. "H... hey" I stuttered. "I've seen many cute boys but non as cute as you." She said and then giggled. She sat down beside me and we talked for a while. I slowly relaxed and realized that she was pretty cool. We laughed as we talked about our parents and friends.

Eventually she stopped and stared at me. Feeling more confident than I ever had, I leaned in and kissed her again. She quickly straddled me on the bench to where she was in my lap, breasts against my chest. She suddenly stopped and said "oh!" And then giggled. Her hand slid down my chest and grabbed the bulge in my pants. I gasped. She began rubbing the bulge and kissing my neck. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and kissed her way down my chest to just below my belly button. She stood and in one graceful move removed her dress. It was like an angel stood before me. The girls I spied on were never this beautiful. Perfect skin. Her breasts were perky and her nipples hard. Her stomach was flat and toned while her pussy was as smooth as her face.

She dropped to her knees and slowly unbuttoned my trousers. She slide them down revealing my very erect penis. "Wow. Not bad at all" she said followed by another giggle. She stroked it with her finger first, watching my reactions. She slid her fingers under and gently massaged my balls as she slowly moved her tongue up the length of my shaft. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head. I shot ejaculate all over her pretty face, spurt after spurt. I couldn't stop.

I looked at her thinking she would be mad, but she wasn't, she was smiling, looking at me with those big blue eyes. She then took the tip of my cock into her mouth and began licking the cum off. I was hard again. Immediately. She slowly rotated around the tip and then began moving deeper and deeper until she was taking the entirety of my cock in stokes. It was more than I could handle. I came again and pushed deep. I grabbed her head and held down as far as it could go on my cock. I pumped everything I could into her throat. As I finished I pulled out of her mouth and noticed her demeanor had changed... now she looked... primal. "Fuck me, bend me over this bench and fuck me."

A smile spread across my face and I lifted her in my arms and stood her up facing the bench. I pushed her head down into the bench and grabbed her wrists so that her arms were behind her. "Oh god yes" she moaned. I spread her legs apart with mine and rubbed my cock on her ass. Her pussy was dripping wet as I put the tip of my dick to it. Slowly, very slowly I pushed in. She moaned in ecstasy and I gasped. It was so wet... and warm. Pushed in as far as I could go until she let out a small squeak. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard" she said. I began thrusting in and out of her, our sweaty naked bodies illuminated by moonlight. Faster faster. She was pushing back as much as I was thrusting. The sounds of our bodies clashing and our emissions of ecstasy filled the night. She leaned back and said "choke me while you fuck me." So I kept holding her wrists with one hand and I brought my other hand around and grabbed her by the front of the neck. I fucked her hard now. There were gasps for air as the continual slap of our bodies cascaded through the garden. I felt her tense and shudder as she moaned out "I'm cumming." I tightened my grip and kept pushing as deep and as fast as I could go into her gushing pussy. I could feel it like a fire deep within. It built to the base of my shaft and slowly climbed. Inch by inch the fire crept to the tip of my cock as it continued to plunge deep within her. I tightened my grip. My whole body was tensing. I was trying to hold back as long as I could. In one final thrust, I erupted inside her cumming harder than I ever had in my life. She slumped down and I collapsed on top of her.

I laid there out of breath for a few minutes until I heard the distinct sound of footsteps. "Princess!" I said "we have to go!" But she did not respond. I got off her and flipped her over. The realization hit me... she wasn't breathing. I looked at her in horror. I had killed her. I had choked her to death and didn't notice while we were fucking.

"Who are you!? What are you doing here!?" I hear a voice boom behind me. I turn around to see three of the castle guards rushing towards me. One grabbed me by the hair and pushed me into the ground. "He's naked... who's that on the bench?" The other guards approached the bench and picked up the princess. "My god... what have you done boy... what have you done?!" There was a punch to the back of my head and everything went dark.

I woke up to a bucket of water hitting my face. It was morning. I was in some type of cell, chained to a wall and seated on the floor. I looked down. I was still naked. One of the guards was towering over me. "C'mon little shit." He unshackled me from the wall and bound my hands behind me and pushed me out the door.

I was on the stage that I had seen coming to the castle. Much of the city was before me. I tried to hide my nakedness from their eyes but I was grabbed my by my hair and forced to my knees. I looked to the right and saw my father with the noose around his neck at the gallows. He was already dead.

The executioner, a muscular dark man who was wearing a hood and no shirt, walked over with a small parchment in his hand. My eyes locked with the Kings pavilion as it sat above and to the right of the stage. The executioner read "you have been charged with the rape and murder of the princess of our kingdom and have been sentenced to a dishonorable death."

Tears welled up in my eyes. I tried to speak, to defend myself but it fell on deaf ears as the crowd cheered for my death. I was led to the towering guillotine. I was placed on my knees and my head was locked into the lunette. A smaller metal device was lifted and locked around my cock and balls.

The crowd fell silent and the executioner held his hand up. "As is accustomed with dishonorable deaths, I will rape the criminal. Below his cock is a very sensitive tray. When he ejaculates, it will activate the guillotine mechanism. First his cock and balls will be severed. A delay of 10 seconds will occur and then the main blade will fall, decapitating him. We will impale his body on one pole and his head with his cock in his mouth on another. They will remain until the crows have picked every bone clean."

I began sobbing as the crowd erupted again in cheers. The executioner took his place behind me. I felt his cock being place at my ass and then in one violent motion he plunged in. I yelled. It hurt. I felt like he might have ripped something. There was no easing into it. I was getting fucked and fucked hard. The crowd was jeering at my screams and yelps. As he fucked me, something unexpected happened. I became hard. He was pressing on something deep inside me. It was a mix of pleasure and pain. I was humiliated and to make it worse, I had a raging hard erection. The fire was coming again. I could feel it. I fought it. I didn't want to die. This had to be a dream. I would wake up in bed. How could this have happened?

The fire continued to build. I held back as long as I could. Every ounce of strength I had went into fighting that orgasm, but the executioners thrusts were far to strong. I erupted cum down into the tray. I heard a small metal grinding and then, blinding pain as a blade severed my cock and balls. They fell into the cum filled tray and the executioner laughed and kept fucking. Blinding pain, and I was still cumming. My dick was gone and blood and cum continued to poor out from the stump where they once were. I felt something warm shoot up inside me as the executioner groaned. It happened about the same time I heard metal grinding overhead. There was a flash of pain across my neck and everything spun. I hit the ground and was fairly quickly lifted into the air by a guard. I heard the audience cheer and was spun around to see my quivering body on the guillotine. The executioner pulled his blood and cum covered cock out of my ass with a sickening "pop" as I watched the last bit of cum leak from my own body where my dick once was. I was carried towards the executioner. My head was thrust onto his cock neck first and the last sensation I had was the taste of shit, blood, and cum as his dick protruded from my mouth. Then, everything went dark.

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