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I've not really written Gore before this, so, hey. Hopefully it's decent. The first part is mostly non-con with elements of ryona, while the second is snuff.


She had beaten one with her bare hands before, but this particular Faceless simply would not go down. Charlotte had hit it time and time again, but it seemed to have insane durability. Honestly, she was impressed. Not much could survive a blow from her at her best, yet this faceless kept coming back for more.

"I'll rip you in half!" she exclaimed, tired of dealing with the monster. Charlotte prepared what she hoped would be a final hit, taking the beast out for good. She leapt at the monstrosity, swinging with all her might. And she landed the blow! She breathed a sigh of relief, as she saw the Faceless drop.

Then, the warrior woman paused to catch her breath. That fight had been rough, and she wasn't sure she could handle much more of it. Suddenly, her back exploded in pain, and she flew forward, slamming into the ground.

The blonde groaned in pain and surprise, and turned back to look at her attacker. A second Faceless loomed over her, even larger than the first, and Charlotte desperately tried to gain her feet. She didn't want to think about what such a foul creature would do to her, if she couldn't fight it off.

She scrambled, trying to push herself up, but the monster slammed its fist into the back of her head. The force slammed her face-first into the muddy earth, and she lay dazed for a moment. Finally, she regained her senses and started trying to rise once more.

But before she could stand, it was upon her. She felt its surprisingly warm hands lock around her wrists, pinning them down to the ground, then felt its weight press against her. She urgently tried all she could to break free. Despite her shocking strength, however, no amount of kicking, tugging, or squirming was loosening its hold on her.

"Help," she cried out, desperately. "I can't handle this thing!" she clung to her facade, even when there was little chance someone would hear her. Suddenly, one wrist was freed, but before she could push herself up or find a grip on the monster, she felt its fist slam into her head, then felt her head slam into the ground again.
Her vision swam with stars, and the pain was unbearable. She was too dazed to notice her hands were free, and the weight that forced her down lessened. By the time she gained her senses, however, her wrists were held once more, and the weight was back. Yet, somehow, it was different. It took her a moment to realize the Faceless had brought out something she didn't even know it had.

A large, hot cock was pressed against her ass, as the monstrosity pressed its weight onto her. It hadn't removed her bottoms, luckily, so she was not yet exposed to the beast. It was shocking and disturbing that the Faceless (at least this one) still had the equipment to begin with. The Faceless pulled back, lining its member up with her ass and pressing its way between her cheeks. It began to grind itself against her, and she grunted in surprise.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked. "I'm going to destroy you for this!" but her threats fell on deaf ears. The Faceless simply continued thrusting itself against her, and she felt the huge cock rub into her. It felt strange, as the heat of it rubbed against her ass as it thrusted, but it was not entirely unpleasant.

Suddenly, it sped up. It took her a moment to notice, but once she did, she cried out in protest. "Don't even think about it! I won't have you shooting that all over," she began, but already she felt globs of the beast's hot come shooting all over her back, some even propelled all the way into her beautiful blonde hair. "me." she finished, then groaned in disgust. The smell of the semen was cloying, and overwhelming, and Charlotte couldn't believe the Faceless were even capable of this.

After it finished, it rested for a moment, recovering from its climax. Then, it rose. Charlotte whirled to her feet, and turned to face the monstrosity. Gods, it was huge, even for a Faceless. And that wasn't even mentioning the massive cock that was still just as hard as it had been when it first started grinding it against her. She wanted to fight back, to tear the thing apart, but as it had its way with her, a crowd of Faceless had advanced on her. It seemed the abominations had some sort of pecking order, as they were content to wait until the hulking one that had claimed her was finished before they made any sort of move.

Charlotte's mind raced. Despite all of her flirting, she had not done much with men before. When her efforts went truly unnoticed, she had done a little...extra work, to bring a few stubborn men around. She had stroked men off, and she had sucked men off. But this Faceless was no man, and it seemed determined to use her body. It began to take a few tentative steps towards her, and lifted its arms up, as if it was planning to grab her. Instead of resisting, Charlotte had a different idea. Before it could grab her, she dropped to her knees, and began to crawl towards the monster. It stopped in confusion, as she knelt before it.

She reached up, and before she could talk herself out of it, took the Faceless' cock in one hand. She still marvelled at how warm the creature was, she had always assumed they were some sort of undead, and would have no heat to them whatsoever. Of course, she had also assumed they would be...lacking, in certain areas. She began to stroke, running her hand up and down the length of the beast's shaft, unable to wrap her hand around its entirety.

"If I make you feel real good, you'll go easy on me," the blonde asked, mostly talking to herself rather than the hulking monster. "Right, big guy? Maybe you'll even tell your friends to just let me walk out of here." That was a stretch, she knew. But perhaps some of her allies would find the group of Faceless in the time she was able to distract the creature, and she would be rescued.
So far, it seemed to be content with her stroking.

Eventually, she took hold with both hands, and began to stroke faster and harder. Using both her hands, she could encircle its girth, and grip it tightly, firmly as she stroked the length of the monster. She looked up at the curious mask, trying to use the hungry look that had driven the few men she had been with wild. But if her charms had any effect on the beast, she couldn't tell. Then, it grew bored. She felt its large, powerful hand grab the back of her head, fingers gripping her hair roughly, demolishing what curls hadn't been ruined by the beast's seed earlier.

"No...please," she began to beg, as the creature pushed her mouth toward its cock. "Don't make me do...that. I can't, I ju-" her protests were cut off suddenly, as she was forced onto the cock, being left with no choice but to take it into her mouth. It was massive, she had to stretch her jaw to fit even the tip in, and her complaints were soon nothing more than muffled gibberish.

With its massive hands tangled into her hair, gripping her head roughly, she couldn't fight as it forced its way into her, meeting momentary resistance as its tip hit the back of her throat. Yet the brutish creature only tilted the blonde's head, straightening her neck before forcing more of its length into her. Charlotte continued to groan, trying desperately to plead with the creature, for all the good it would do her. The beast only pressed in further and further, until it had pushed down her throat completely. The blonde flailed, striking the Faceless' legs, pressing against it, trying to pull herself off as she struggled for breath, but the monster's strength was too much for her. It's grip held her down, as she felt her lungs begin to burn from the strain.

Finally, it was in her to its hilt. There was nothing more for her to take, and Charlotte couldn’t begin to express how thankful she was. She sputtered around the massive cock, as her lungs screamed out for her to breathe. If the monster stayed in her like this for much longer, she would be facing real trouble. But finally, finally, it began to pull back. Once it was out enough for her to breathe, Charlotte sucked in air greedily, having to use her nose instead of her mouth. Sadly, she was not given much time. The Faceless thrusted back into her, luckily just as she breathed in, forcing Charlotte to hold what breath she had.

Then, it began fucking her throat. It fell into a rhythm, quick and savage, as it slammed into her throat over and over. At first, Charlotte tried to count how many times it thrust into her, how many times she felt her neck stretch to accommodate it, and how many times it nearly gagged her, causing her to cough and sputter around the massive member. It wasn’t long before she lost count, as the monster showed no sign of slowing or stopping, and continued fucking her throat.

Just as Charlotte wondered how much more she could take, it finally slowed, then seized up, and she felt the massive cock twitch within her. She tried to pull away, to free herself, knowing what was to come, but couldn’t overpower the massive Faceless.

All her efforts earned her was a tighter grip on her hair, the monster tugging roughly as it came. With its cock forced so far down her throat, its seed spilled into her directly, the heat of its come filling her stomach. Were it not for the member still blocking her throat, Charlotte likely would have retched up the hot, sticky substance, but the Faceless was so slow about pulling out that she couldn’t. And once it had pulled out, her only priority was sucking in as much air as she could. Her lungs still burned from the strain, but she finally felt some relief as she began to come back to her senses. Of course, Charlotte was too exhausted, too distracted, to look around her.

Just as her panting began to slow, she felt a massive fist slam against her head, sending her sprawling to the earth and dazing her once more. Before she could process what had happened, she felt another Faceless stripping the cloth of her bottoms off of her, leaving her bare. She tried to call out, to fight back, but was so exhausted and still trying to catch her breath, she could hardly muster any strength as she creature lifted her effortlessly.

“No…” she muttered, weakly, as it grabbed her hips, turning her away from it. She could only look back, and watch, as it lined the tip of its cock up with her cunt. It was so big there was no way in hell she could take this! “Please! It’s… it’s too big! And I… I’ve never...”

Her pleas were as useless as before, though, as the monster pressed the tip against her, rubbing it into the folds of her cunt. Then, she felt its grip tighten on her hips. It began to pull her, forcing her onto its massive cock, and Charlotte could only cry out in pain as it stretched her. Her body practically screamed for it to stop, and the blonde began to kick and writhe, trying desperately to free herself. Of course, the beast had several hundred pounds on her, and only continued its inexorable progress. Each inch it penetrated was a new, personal hell, as it stretched her, threatening to tear her with how large it was. All Charlotte could think of was how this would ruin everything. Who would want her, after this? After this monster ruined her, ravaged her?

But soon, the pain blocked out any thought. Then, overwhelmed her completely. She felt her mind strain to comprehend the pain she felt, before her vision began to darken. With a pathetic whimper, she drifted into unconsciousness. But the Faceless continued its progress, until its cock was as deep as it could go. Then, it began to fuck the unconscious fighter, her body limp, each thrust causing her limbs to sway as they dangled below her.

While she was out cold, another Faceless came forward, and took a position in front of her. It grabbed her by the neck, lifting her up, and lined up her open mouth with the tip of its cock. Following the lead of its comrade, it pushed into her, filling her throat once more. The two monsters fucked her, suspending her on their cocks as they thrust in and out of her, pleasuring themselves with her unconscious body as if she were nothing more than a toy. Time passed, and she was passed between the horde, each member taking its time with her. Occasionally, she drifted back to consciousness, but the horror of her situation ensured it was never a long trip back to reality.

It would be impossible to say for how long this lasted, but Charlotte eventually came to. When she did, it was quiet. The sounds of battle, and of the Faceless, had faded, and it seemed she had been left behind. EIther that, or her allies had lost the fight as badly as she had. Regardless of what had happened, she found herself alone, naked, and covered in the monster’s sticky come. The fighter was so sore she could hardly move, and looked down to see her body covered in scratches, bruises, and other injuries. She felt tears begin streaming down her face.

She felt absolutely ruined, and with no idea what she should do. But, at the very least, she was alive. Surely someone would come back to the battlefield, even if it was only to pick over what arms remained in the field. Hopefully she could bargain for some sort of help then…

But even as she thought this, even as she allowed herself some small sliver of hope, she felt the ground around her move. Charlotte let out a choked sob, knowing exactly what the sound meant. And sure enough, a Golem, a massive Stoneborn, rose up from the earth beside her, letting out an ear-shattering bellow.

Charlotte began to crawl, desperately pulling herself away from the beast, but its reach was far too great. Its massive hand grabbed her by the midsection, lifting her as if she were nothing more than a rag doll.

“P-Please…” she muttered, with hardly enough energy left to speak. “I don't… I want to live…”

The fingers that gripped her clenched, squeezing her experimentally. It hurt as the pressure built, but just as she began to wonder how much she could take, it stopped. The golem dropped her, letting her fall to the muddy earth. She landed on her back, the impact knocking the air from her lungs. She gasped, sucking in air, as she massive creature reared back its arm, hand balling into a fist.

“Gods, no!” she managed, before the fist crashed down into her midsection. Somehow, the blow did not end her, but it was enough to force Charlotte to retch. She rolled onto her side, and the come the faceless had shot into her stomach splattered onto the muddy earth, along with blood and bile. She sobbed, then, seeing no way out of this with her life intact.

Then, the golem lifted her once more. This time, its grip differed, with its middle finger between her legs, supporting her weight. Then, it shifted. The massive tip of its finger pressed against her entrance.

“No. No, there's just… there's no way!” Charlotte pleads. “Y-you can't! It'll kill me!”

But the stone mask shows no compassion. Instead, it pushes. Charlotte feels blinding pain as the massive finger stretches her. Rips her is more like it, as the flesh of her folds cannot stretch enough to take it. Yet, it continues. Charlotte finds herself wishing she could pass out, wishing this agony would end, but somehow it is enough to keep her conscious. That is, until more than flesh stands in the way. Until her uterus has been pierced, torn through, and her sternum hals the beast’s progress. Or, attempts to.

It pushes in, even harder than before, and Charlotte hears a sickening crunch. The pain is unimaginable, causing her eyes to lose focus, as her sternum shatters, allowing the beast to press in further. Still, the massive finger pushes into her, by now blood pours from her, cascading down the monster’s digit. Charlotte can only stammer pathetic half-syllables, likely pleas for mercy cut down by the pain she feels, as the horror continues. It pulls out, causing her to gasp with relief, only to redouble its efforts, pushing even further, either sliding her organs out of the way, or crushing them. She feels a horrible squelching, sliding pain, as her intestines begin to slip past the finger, trailing out of her. She looks down in horror, seeing the horrifying sight of her own blood, her own body mangled as it falls out of her, and the unimaginable sight fades, slowly but surely, as she loses consciousness.

Though the blonde has no way of knowing, the desecration of her body doesn’t end there. The golem withdraws its finger from the ruins of her cunt, dropping her to the muddy earth. It then lifts its ragdoll once more, and begins forcing the finger down her throat. It is much too large for her, and before long, the flesh of her neck begins to stretch. By now, Charlotte’s body has given out. The poor, ambitious woman doesn’t feel the last of her life fade, as her neck ruptures, her jaw pops off, and her head splits in two, torn asunder by the massive digit.

Her ruined body is tossed aside, no longer any fun. Her jaw and the top of her head are split, left attached by only the barest remnants of her neck. Her legs, half torn from the stretching, end in a horrible sight, as her innards spill out of her. What’s left of the fighter is sure to turn heads, though this sort of attention won’t do her any good.


You switch tenses from past to present, but it's good.


When I started the fic I wrote in past tense, but overall I switched to present later on. I always struggle to stay in past tense when I go back and work on stuff, ha. Thanks, though!

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