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Ch. 1

Rahul’s birthday gift
“Yes! Yes! Rahul harder, harder!! ”, screamed Sapna “OOH! Mom, here it comes!!” screamed Rahul. “Do it baby, fill your mother’s pussy with your hot, white spunk my son!” she screamed in throes of passion. Not needing anymore encouragement than that, Rahul emptied his balls into his mother’s overflowing snatch. As both mother and son came together, they kissed each other deeply, exchanging each other’s saliva. As they slowly calmed down, both were panting from the intense lovemaking session that they just had.
Rahul is a 21 year old guy. He is fair skinned, well built and muscular. He is studying electrical engineering at a college in his town, so he was able to live in his home. Sapna is Rahul’s mother. She is an obstetrician and gynecologist, currently working in the local city hospital. She is a fair skinned woman, 42 years old, fat, huge tits which were 44ddd in size and long black hair that flowed right up to her knees. Even though she is fat, she isn’t ugly. In fact, because of her beautiful baby face and huge tits, she looks like a bomb.
The mother and son pair moved to the city of dolcett nearly 5 years back, almost 3 years, after they had begun this phase of their relationship.
Lying down beside his mother, Rahul looked her in the eyes, “Mom are you sure about this? Absolutely sure, that you want to do this?” he asked her, as he slowly teased her huge, right nipple, from over the thin blue salwar that she was wearing. Sapna looked right back into the eyes of her son “I think I have said this a hundred times by now beta [son], I am sure about this.” “Knowing, that you might not survive the night, mother?” Rahul asked her. “You have already told me everything I needed to know beta, I am not going to change my mind about this.” she said, with a most determined look on her flushed face. “This is going to be the last time I ask mom,” Rahul said in his most serious voice, “I am ready son” said Sapna.
With an almost sad look on his face, he kissed his mother deep and said, “Goodbye, mother…” Suddenly, Sapna felt a pang of cold fear, “he might actually kill me…” this sudden realization took her unprepared. “Happy birthday son,” she said and then whispered “and goodbye.”
It was almost 6 months back, that Rahul, upon entering his room, found his mother using his PC. As he slowly tip toed into the room, in order to surprise her, he noticed that Sapna was watching one of the snuff movies that he had kept in a hidden folder. It was a video recording of a torture and snuff show at the local snuff club. In the video, a Caucasian woman, about Sapna’s age with huge knockers which were almost as big as Sapna’s, was hung by her tits. Her tits strained and stretched, trying to hold her entire body weight and had started turning purple. A man in a hood was slowly burning away the soles of her feet with a blowtorch, while the woman bellowed into her ball gag. Sapna had earphones on and she was watching wide eyed, clearly horrified at what she had found.
Upon noticing Rahul behind her, she suddenly turned. In doing so, she pulled the earphones out of the audio jack, resulting in the sounds of the video coming on to the speakers. Moving quickly, Rahul turned off the speaker and the screen. Not being able to think of anything to say, he said, “What are you doing home, back so early from the hospital, Ma?” Sapna looked crestfallen, as her mind kept going over what she just saw, she could only reply in silence… “Say something ma.” Said Rahul, as he moved towards her and tried to hug and kiss her. She pushed him away and walked out of the room, without saying anything. Later that night, as Rahul was being buffeted with feelings of immense guilt, his mother came to him, dressed in a thin nightgown. Putting her hand lovingly on her sons head, she bent down and kissed him. “Mom?” Rahul wasn’t able to comprehend her behavior at that point. “Shhh beta, just listen to me, ok? When I saw all those terrible things, which you had hidden away from me, I was shocked and terrified, yes. But I think the main reason I acted like that, was because, I think I was turned on by that too. So it’s not your fault. Will you forgive me son?” she asked with tears in her eyes. By that time even Rahul was in tears and the mother and son pair accepted each other, in loving embraces.
As the days went by, it became a habit for the duo to watch torture and snuff videos while they were making love. One day, after a particularly sweaty morning romp, Sapna asked Rahul “Son, have you ever considered doing those sorts of things to me?” at that time, a middle aged woman was getting strangled by her own guts on the screen. turning his head away from the tele and looking at his mother lying naked in his arms, he said, “I will never do anything you don’t want me to mom.” “But, have you ever thought about doing it?” asked Sapna, looking very excited. Turning his face back towards the TV, he said, “Yes I have. What about it mom?”
“Well beta; I want you to take me like that.” she said in her most casual voice. “What the hell are you talking about mom?! You know that I could never actually do something like that to you, I mean… You are my mother for fuck’s sake!!” She put her finger on Rahul’s lips to shut him up, “This will be your upcoming birthday gift from me to you, my dearest. For 24 hours, I will be your property and you can do whatever you feel like to me. I have to go to work now, don’t refuse your mothers gift beta.” Before Rahul could say anything else, she kissed him on his lips and then pecking on the head of his now flaccid cock, went to the bathroom to get ready for her job.
“MOM!” Rahul shouted, following her into the bathroom, “we need to talk about this” Sapna was wearing a translucent, red colored sari that morning. That, together with her wet hair, made her look like the Hindu goddess Parvathi. “Not now beta” she said putting on the white doctor’s apron, “we will talk more in the evening ok?” After that, putting on her spectacles, she left the house. As the day progressed, Rahul started to come around to the idea of torturing his mother more and more, but he was still determined to refuse her. Later in the evening, after both mother and son had returned home, they talked for hours on end and Rahul found out that his mother was completely serious. In fact, she was looking forward to it herself. As they made love later that night, he realized that he could never say no to his dear mother, no matter what she asked of him.
Ch. 2

Sapna takes a beating.
After mother and son had said their final goodbyes, Rahul seemed to turn into a different person entirely. “Well mom, it looks like your days of sucking your own son’s cock, has come to an end, huh?” he teased her, knowing that she was turned on by the humiliation. Sapna’s pale face turned to a shade of red at the jab. “Answer me whore!” screamed Rahul, as he slapped her right cheek with all his strength, sending her sprawling on the bed. She looked shocked for a few seconds, but quickly recovered and said “If that is what you want beta, then yes, they are over.” trying to give her son a smile.
She still hadn’t changed out of the kameez on her body and the dupatta was still around her neck, which she was wearing while they were having the romantic dinner earlier that night. Her salwar (Indian trousers) lay strewn across the couch in the other room, leaving the lower part of body naked, with her sons cum slowly dripping out of her snatch and down her thighs.
Rahul took a fistful of his mom’s long hair, thus holding her head in place, he rapidly fronthanded and backhanded her pretty face until her cheeks started turning red and blue. Instinctively, Sapna tried to protect her head from the oncoming barrage. Seeing that however, made Rahul even angrier and he punched hard in her fat belly. Sapna’s belly was much larger than usual at that time, as Rahul had blocked his mother’s asshole for the last 3 days with an inflatable buttplug. Sapna doubled over, intense cramping pains assaulting her bloated tummy. “Give me your hands, bitch!” said Rahul, positioning himself behind Sapna. At that moment however, Sapna was experiencing a white, hot flash of pain and couldn’t respond. So, Rahul grabbed his mother’s hair and pulled her head back with all the strength he could muster. Bellowing in pain, Sapna felt as if he was going to tear her scalp off. She started pleading with Rahul to leave her hair, saying that the pain was killing her. Holding her head in place, Rahul got hold of a smaller tuft of hair at the nape of her neck and, in one swift motion, teared it out of her scalp. “I said give me your hands mom!” Rahul said slowly but firmly, holding her head tight using her hair. Sapna, obeying her son’s command, put her arms behind her back. Rahul then tied her hair to her arms with a duct tape such that, it made it impossible for her to look anywhere but straight up.
Slowly, Rahul started to pinch Sapna’s huge nipples over the salwar, resulting in an agonized shriek from her, a minute after. Rahul pulled out her right tit from over the neck space of the salwar. There were a few droplets of blood on the nipple, where Rahul’s nails had dug in the cracked skin. Rahul grabbed her nipple again, at exactly the same spot, but with even more force this time. Sapna started howling in pain “It willll tttear off beta, it will TEAR...” she cried. Rahul then immediately punched her in the jaw to shut her up. Feeling the urge to pee, Rahul grabbed the taut band of hair (between her head and her arms), Rahul dragged Sapna off the bed and threw her on the ground. Sapna, who was still dazed from the punch, saw Rahul’s face upside down from the floor as her locked head kept her face upside down. Rahul then kneeled down on the ground and slapped Sapna’s fat tits a couple of time to get her attention “Mom, I am going to pee and you are going to drink it all, got it?” Through her dazed state, Sapna managed to reply “Yes beta.” weakly.
Making Sapna kneel on the floor, Rahul put his semi erect penis in his mother’s mouth. Looking below, on his mother’s lovely face, he saw her making the most shocked face. Pinching her nose shut, Rahul started peeing down his mother’s throat. “If you don’t drink it, u will drown and die mother.” said Rahul, but Sapna was already gulping the yellow stuff down, like there was no tomorrow. Rahul had a lot of beer at the dinner earlier, so he had a lot of pee saved up for his thirsty whore and he ended up peeing for a full one and a half minutes straight. During the end, Sapna started coughing violently, which forced Rahul to hold her jaw open with one hand as he finished peeing. “YOU GOD DAMN TOILET BITCH”, screamed Rahul kicking Sapna on her exposed right breast. Coughing violently and making horrible wrenching noises, Sapna fell to the floor because of the kick. As soon as she hit the ground, Sapna started puking up the noodles which they had for dinner earlier along with all the urine that her son had deposited in her stomach. Watching this spectacle, Rahul was rock hard and he started kicking his fat mom in the gut to help things along. After she was finished puking, Sapna was gasping desperately for air, noticing this, Rahul got behind her and put a tight elbow lock on his mother’s outstretched neck. In about half a minute, Sapna’s eyes rolled towards the back of her head and she passed out on the floor, lying in a mixture of her own puke and her son’s recycled pee.
Ch. 3

A late supper for Sapna
As the 40 something woman laid passed out in her own filth, Rahul who was watching this scene unfold before his eyes, couldn’t believe all that he was seeing and doing to his own mother. Somewhere deep inside, he felt that he had always wanted to do this to her, ever since he started seeing her as a woman. Rahul thought about the amount of strength it must have taken, for his mother to submit to him like this and started feeling a great amount love towards her. However, he had work to do. As the entire day was still ahead of them and he had plans for more than a dozen extreme tortures for his dear old mother to enjoy, many of which, required prior preparations. Leaving Sapna in the filth, he went to the dining room of the house. There, he opened the refrigerator freezer revealing, two airtight boxes, completely filled with Sapna’s frozen up shit.
It was three Days back at around 6 pm that Rahul, who was already back home from college, heard Sapna’s car pulling in the garage. “Great, mom’s finally back.” thought Rahul. As soon as he went to the door (to give his mom a welcome back kiss), the door opened and Sapna fell right into his arm, “I can’t do this beta, I can’t take this anymore” she said, sobbing in Rahul’s arm. “I really need to shit Rahul, please understand…” said Sapna looking at her son pleadingly. Rahul helped his weakened mother to the couch “Mom if you can’t even handle something this small, you will never be able to survive through what I am going to do to you on my birthday.” “Please beta Rahul,” she cried, “I have to work beta.” Rahul thought for a moment while Sapna continued to cry because of the cramping pain in her bowels. “Ok mom, this is what we are going to do.” Rahul said, with a gusto “I will allow you to evacuate your bowels but I am going to save it and feed it to you on my birthday, how does that sound mother?” hearing that, at first, a look of pure disgust crossed Sapna’s already pained face. After that look disappeared, Sapna said “Ok beta that sounds wonderful. Can I please shit now?” “Not so fast mother, after you are done, I will be putting the plug back in and you can’t remove it till my birthday, agreed?” “Yes beta, anything you say.” After this, Sapna was allowed to shit into the containers. Following which, the butt plug was promptly put back in its place…
Rahul carried the frozen pieces of Sapna’s turd into the bedroom, using the pictures of Sapna’s parents as a platter. There, he set down dinner for his mother on the puke covered floor. After this, he made many other preparations which included stuff like, laying out all the tools, putting a kettle of water to boil, making a noose in the middle of the living room etc. etc. .Heading back into the bedroom, Rahul lit up a cigarette to cover the overwhelming stench of puke and piss, filling the room. Looking at his mother half dressed, one tit out, lying in her own vomit, with her dupatta still around her neck, her head held back by her hair and surrounded by the platters of shit she was going to have to eat, Rahul thought that she looked like a typical snuff whore right about then…
As the cigarette neared the end, Rahul got ready to wake his lovely mother from her sleep. Winding the dupatta around her neck, he pulled hard at the ends, choking her off. Sapna woke up quite suddenly, not being able to breathe, hands tied and pain all over her body, she was confused and thought that she was having some kind of nightmare. Rahul took the (now finished) cigarette, pulled up Sapna’s kameez to expose her bellybutton and stuffed the burning cigarette right inside. Terrified and in pain, Sapna tried to scream for help but couldn’t as Rahul was strangling her with her dupatta.
“Good morning dear mother.” cooed Rahul into Sapna’s ear, “you have been a real dirty girl, you know?” Rahul whispered in Sapna’s ear. Hearing Rahul’s voice, she remembered what was happening to her and why she was feeling all the pain. “I am so sorry beta,” Sapna whimpered, as Rahul slowly eased the hold on her neck. “I am sorry too mom but a dirty slut like you needs to be punished severely, right mom?” Rahul asked. Sapna was sobbing and shaking violently, in between her sobs she cried, “Yes beta, a disgusting whore like me deserves the most severe punishment.” “Well that’s true” said Rahul with a smirk on his face “I will take care of that, but for now, clean up this mess you have made”
Sapna stood frozen in her place, hearing this command. She didn’t understand how she was supposed to do anything with her hands tied up like that. Rahul got a hold of her stretched out neck and slammed her face right into the turd lying on her father’s portrait. “Lick it clean rand (Hindi-prostitute), don’t you understand?” screamed Rahul. Sapna knew better than to disobey her son’s commands by now. She put her naked ass up in the air, kneeling on the ground so she could reach the mess, Sapna first licked the frozen turd to check the taste making the most revolted of expression on her beautiful and shit smeared, pretty little face. “Beta please…” Sapna pleaded with Rahul. In return, Rahul kicked her right in her pussy sending her sprawling. Clambering back up into position with a more determined look than before, she took a small bite out of the turd and started gaging. Rahul was sitting on the bed, he had lit up another cigarette and was watching Sapna struggle through the monumental task of consuming all that filth around her. he couldn’t see how his mother could possibly finish eating all that, Especially because each time that she was done with eating a few bites, she would start retching and gagging horribly and throw up a bit more. Her white face was red and swollen from all the slaps, all the veins in her necks were engorged, showing the amount of strain that she was under. During one of her gagging episodes, he used the cigarette to burn her exposed nipple while he fucked her in the pussy. Somehow, Sapna finished lapping up all the filth in just under an hour and kneeled there, waiting for her sons next command, with all manners of filth covering her face
Ch. 4

Sapna the toilet whore
By now, Sapna already looked quite fucked up. By this time, she had been beaten, burned, knocked out, and was forced to eat a pile of filth. She also had an immense pain in her neck, from her head being stretched back in the same position (as her hair was still tied to her arms). The blue salwar that she was wearing was half covered in puke and also stained by the shit meal she just ate. Grabbing both ends of the dupatta, Rahul pulled them tight and started to choke Sapna again. Then pulling on the dupatta, he pulled his asphyxiated mother into the bathroom. Sapna followed behind stumbling, falling and slipping, while being strangled by the dupatta around her neck.
Once inside, Rahul teared off the duct tape binding her hair and hand together. By now, all of Sapna’s neck muscles were extremely stiff and even the slightest movement caused her to babble uncontrollably because of the extreme pain. Holding her head firmly by the neck, Rahul dunked Sapna’s head into the toilet bowl and flushed. Soon, Sapna was convulsing uncontrollably, as her lungs ran out of air and shit stained water started to enter her airway. Through the entire struggle, Rahul forcibly held down his mother’s head, drowning her in the process. After about three minutes, as Sapna’s struggles started to weaken, Rahul let his mother up for a breath. She came up gasping and sputtering for air, “Please,” wheezed Sapna in between gasps, “beta please, gasp..gaasp… let me rest for a while.” she pleaded to Rahul and started kissing his feet. As her face was not yet fully clean, Rahul backhanded her hard and grabbing her by the hair, dunked her head back into the toilet bowl for another round of drowning. After a full 5 minutes, she came up sputtering and coughing as before. By the time Rahul let his mom get up for air, she was extremely weakened and slumped onto the floor, breathing very fast and heavy.
Rahul then proceeded to tear off Sapna’s kameez, leaving just the dupatta around her neck. Using the dupatta, Rahul tied his mother’s neck tightly to the bottom of the pot. He tied the noose just tight enough, so as to not choke her completely, but still make it very hard for the poor woman to breathe. “Listen up mom, I want you to push the buttplug out.” Rahul said, pinching her pussy lips with his nails to get her attention. Sapna couldn’t speak out because of the knot around her neck, however, she didn’t want to disappoint her dear son, so Sapna strained her fat belly as much as she could. The process was made much harder because of all the punches and kicks she had received earlier. After a few minutes of severe effort, Sapna broke down into tears, completely defeated.
Rahul was completely rock hard by this point, watching his mother suffer in anguish. He got a surgical blade from the medicine cabinet. Waving the blade in front of her face, he said “If you can’t get it out by yourself, then let me help mom.” with the most evil smile on his face. Sapna looked absolutely terrified at the idea and resumed her straining efforts with renewed vigor and panic. While she was straining, Rahul held her fat butt cheeks open to watch the progression of the buttplug. As it slowly, further stretched out her puckered little asshole, which was already stretched to the max. Saying, “C’mon mom, that’s a good girl..” Rahul encouraged his dear mother to do her best as Sapna strained even harder, pushing out a cm more of the buttplug’s length, out of her anus. Rahul started massaging his mother’s clit to further motivate her. ”I CAN’T!!” screamed Sapna as she broke down crying. “Shhh, shh…” Rahul shushed his crying mother while caressing her pussy. Then climbing up to his feet, Rahul said “Here mom, let me help.” Saying that, he put his right foot on Sapna’s belly and pushed down hard. With the combined renewed efforts of both mother and son, Sapna’s ass stretched a little wider to let a bit more of the monstrosity out, after which it got stuck. With no further movement in sight, Rahul again went down between his mother legs, to check on what was going on down there. Looking at his mother’s ass, Rahul could see that it had stretched out as far as it possibly could. Putting pressure on his mother belly with his right fist, Rahul nicked the rim of Sapna’s ass with the blade.
Everything that happened afterwards, seemed to happen in slow motion from Rahul’s perspective. He watched, with much amazement, as the nick he made at the rim of Sapna’s asshole, started extending inwards and toward the back, ripping Sapna’s ass quite literally. Then came a loud howling from Sapna herself, as levels of pain never before experienced in her entire life, ripped throughout her body beginning from her ass like electricity. As Rahul watched, the large inflatable dildo was pushed out of her anus, as the buttplug came flying out of her ass, it was followed by a huge torrent of semisolid and liquid feces, followed by big chunks of hardened shit which further ripped apart her torn anus on their way out. Sapna kept howling in pain for minutes, as Rahul watched the spectacle on the bathroom floor with amazement, only stopping when Rahul stomped her right breast flat with his foot and told her to shut up.
Untying his mother’s neck from the base of the pot, Rahul said, “You are such a stinky and disgusting scat bitch.” Sapna just stared blankly at her son from the shit covered bathroom floor. Grabbing Sapna by her tits, Rahul pulled and threw his mother into the bathtub. Climbing in himself, he said, “Let’s clean you out properly mom. Rahul then proceeded to stuff the toilet brush into his mother’s ass. “AAAHHHH !! AAAAHHH !!” Sapna started to scream, Rahul then stuffed the shit covered buttplug, down Sapna’s throat to quieten her up. “UGGGHHH! GLUUGG!” Sapna’s screams turned to grunts. “You sound just like a pig mom” said, laughing. Holding the toilet brush firmly with one hand and his mother’s tit with the other, he thrust in and out of his mom’s ass, cleaning out her rectum. As her son violently assaulted her anus, destroying it completely in the process, as Sapna kept on grunting against the buttplug in her mouth. Grabbing a bottle of toilet cleaner from the cabinet, he started pouring it down his mom’s anus, as he continued to destroy her ass with the toilet brush. As Sapna felt the burn of acid inside her injured rectum, a toxic warmth rose up from her stomach and collected in her mouth and nose, then Sapna fainted. Rahul kept assaulting his mother’s ass with abandon. Taking the toilet brush out of her ass, he stuffed half of her dupatta into her ass. Having the long piece of blue cloth hanging out from her ass, gave Sapna the look of an exotic animal. Noticing that his mother wasn’t moving, Rahul, worried, checked and saw that she was still alive.
Removing the butt plug from his mom’s mouth, he saw brown colored puke dribbling out of her mouth, Rahul turned her onto her side so she wouldn’t choke, and sat and waited for her to come back to consciousness.
Ch. 5

The burning of sapna
As Sapna’s eyes flew open, she woke up coughing and retching for dear life in the bathtub. As her consciousness returned, so did all the pain, especially, the burning from her rectum following the extreme torture earlier. Sapna looked up and saw her son standing silently, watching her with a grim expression and a rock hard dick. “What’s wrong honey?” sapna asked, as she reached over and slowly stroked her sons cock. “For a second there mom, I thought you were dead.” said Rahul. “So?” asked Sapna, as she deep throated her son’s raging hard-on. “Well mom, that turned me on more than anything we have done all night.” Said Rahul as he released ropes and ropes of cum into his mother’s suckling mouth.” “I know that beta, you can kill me if you want to today.” Said sapna with a slight smile on her pained face, “I booked a one way ticket to India earlier today, and I have also resigned from the hospital as well, nobody would even notice me missing. And even if they did, it’s perfectly within your rights, as my lover to take my life, in the county of dolcett.” Nothing could describe the astonishment that Rahul felt when he heard his mother say that, not only was she fully prepared to die for her son’s pleasure, but she was also making it as easy for him as she could. Running his hands across his mother’s thigh, he reached her anus along with the makeshift tail (which was dripping with the blue toilet cleaning liquid filling Sapna’s torn ass). Using his fist, Rahul pushed a bit more of the wet cloth further inside her ass, drawing a sharp groan from her. Rahul bent down and starting kissing his mother’s neck, “aaahhh beta…” moaned Sapna, as her son licked her neck, while his fist was moving inside her gaping ass. Giving her right ear a lick, Rahul asked his mom if she remembered all the times, when she used to pull on his ears, to discipline him as a little boy. Sapna said “I am sorry if I hurt you then beta”. “It doesn’t really matter to me mother.” Rahul said, biting on her earlobe. “ooowww!!” sapna screamed at the latest assault . Holding the earlobe between his canines, Rahul bit down as hard as he could, pushing her head away, and trying to tear that part off. “OOOWWW OWWW! OWO! WOWOWOWOWOW!” Sapna screamed, but didn’t try to stop Rahul. After a minute or so, of painful biting and stretching, the lower part of Sapna’s ear tore off free from the rest, with blood gushing out of the cut portion. Rahul grabbed his mother’s pretty face, kissing her deeply, he fed her a piece of her own ear.
Sapna swallowed the piece, blood and everything, then opened her mouth wide, showing it to her son. “Taste nice mother?” Rahul asked, as he grabbed and twisted the mutilated ear. “Unnngghh!! Yeeees beta…” groaned sapna. Pulling on the ear, he dragged sapna out into the small room which she regularly used for praying. There, standing in front of her, Rahul kneed Sapna in her cunt. Sapna fell to the floor, grabbing her crotch with both hands. Rahul then proceeded to restrain both her arms and feet securely, leaving Sapna in a spread eagle position on the floor. Taking a wide bore needle, Rahul proceeded to stab her tits with it, around twenty times in each one, putting in an incense stick in the hole thus created. As Sapna’s right tit were soon filled with more holes than a piece of cheddar cheese, blood flowed out freely from around the incense sticks matting her whole chest with blood. Not satisfied with just that, Rahul stuffed firecrackers into her pussy and mouth. He then turned off the lights, lit up the incense and the firecrackers and watched, as his lovely and beautiful mother lit up like a human fireworks display. As fountains of hot burning sparks flew out of Sapna’s pussy and mouth, Sapna started buckling wildly despite her restrained limbs. Rahul watched, as his beautiful mother’s wiggled on the ground, while thousands of small pieces of heated metal assaulted her lips, eyes and nose. Things really started to heat up just a few seconds later, as Sapna’s pubic hair caught fire from tornado of flame emanating from her pussy. As her crotch skin burned away, sapna started babbling incoherently. After the fireworks were spent, Rahul held his lighter under Sapna’s injured ear and said “Too bad your pubes burned away ma, I wanted to rip them out later myself.” Rahul switched the lighter on, burning away the cut ends of Sapna’s left ear, as Sapna howled. Grabbing his mother by her blackened nipple, Rahul made her stand up. As sapna stood up, her legs started shaking and she fell flat back on her as, causing her to howl again. Growing impatient with the blubbering pig, Rahul grabbed her hair with both his hands and dragged her across the floor of their house, all the way to the living room. “OOOOOOWWW MERCY BETA! HAVE SOME MERCY ON YOUR POOR MOTHER BETA!” screamed Sapna, as she was dragged across the length of her home by her hair, leaving a trail of dripping blood and the blue toilet cleaner dripping out of the wet cloth in her ass .
“See that mom?” Rahul asked Sapna, pointing her head towards the ceiling where Rahul had strung up a foreboding looking hemp rope in a noose. Sapna’s pupils went wide, she started shivering and peed all over the floor. Dragging her face towards the puddle his mom had made, Rahul commanded “Lap it all up mother.” Rahul stroked his now growing cock, as Sapna sucked up her pee from the floor, lapping like a dog. After Sapna was finished, Rahul ordered her to lie down on her back and put her hands behind her head. Obeying her son’s command, sapna spread her legs on the ground like a wanton whore. Bringing over a white plastic bag, Rahul dangled it on top of Sapna’s head. Jingling the bag, Rahul, with a smile on his face, asked Sapna “Remember this mother?” Rahul flipped the bag over on top of Sapna’s head, pouring out all kinds of sharp medical and surgical instruments right on her face, as Sapna thought back to 15 days ago.
Ch. 6

Sapna gets mutilated
5 days back, it was a sunny Sunday morning. As soon as Rahul had woken up, he began plowing his mother’s ass with his morning wood.
As Rahul’s birthday was coming closer, he had been getting nicer and nicer to his mother. Each day, Rahul took his mother out on romantic dates and all night long, he used to fuck her brains out, quite frantically. To Sapna, it felt like, when she wasn’t making out with her son in a dark movie theater, restaurant or park, then he would be shoving his cock down her throat, pussy or ass.
Feeling her son’s manhood in her rectum, Sapna woke up and thought that she had never been as fulfilled as she was over the last month. As per habit, Rahul was playing another hardcore torture video on his pc while he fucked her. In the video, there was a man wearing a surgical gown and mask, who was working on a heavily pregnant women who was strapped to a table. As Sapna watched the man in the surgeon’s mask cutting of the girl’s tits using a scalpel, sapna moaned as the crescendo building her up towards the peak ended in a light orgasm, leaving her breathing fast and heavy, as Rahul filled the depths of rectum with white hot jizz.” “Good morning mom.” Rahul said, kissing Sapna while his pulsating cock slowly wilted away in his mother’s ass. “Good morning son.” Said Sapna, practically beaming with euphoria. With his now flaccid cock still resting inside his mom’s ass, Rahul said “This gives me an idea mom, can you get a few of those surgical instruments you have in your office?” “Sure son, what do you need?” replied sapna as her pussy started to heat back up at the thought of being tortured like the woman in the video. “Well a few syringes, scalpels and forceps to begin with” said Rahul thinking. “Are you planning to do a surgery on me beta?” asked Sapna, looking amused at the thought. “Maybe mother, either way, it will be fun to play with the same instruments that you use every day.” Rahul replied. As his cock slowly plopped out of Sapna’s ass, she said “Ok beta, I will get you what you want.” “You are wonderful mom.” Said Rahul kissing his mother deeply while the woman on the pc screen was gutted by the man in the mask.
As a flurry of medical implements hit Sapna’s face, nicking her skin in a few places, Sapna started to tremble in anticipation of all the pain that was coming her way. Grabbing a beak shaped apparatus, Rahul asked “What’s this mother?” “That’s a speculum beta, you can use it to look into my cunt or ass.” Sapna replied. “Is that so?” Rahul said, looking intrigued at the possibility of getting a closer look at the place where he was made. Pulling out the spent firework from his mother’s pussy, he spread her burned pussy lips apart and inserted the speculum while his mother told him how to use how to use it. Once in place, he lit up a candle and brought the flame into her pussy, so as to get a better view of her cervix. “Aaaaiiiiii!” screamed Sapna, as the hot wax dripped right onto the surface of her cervix, making a hissing noise where it solidified. Rahul watched in deep interest as the lips of her cervix seemed to tremble in fear. Using his ring finger, Rahul touched and teased his mother’s cervix. “So this is where I came from mother.” Rahul said pushing his way, into his mother’s womb. As Rahul swirled his finger in Sapna’s deepest regions, she was grimacing in pain. “It’s absolutely beautiful mother!” Rahul said looking excited, and suddenly, within the face of her torturer, she saw her baby boy sucking her tits and staring at her intently. “Rahul, my lovely son.” Cooed sapna as she kissed Rahul with his finger still inside her womb.
Withdrawing his finger from his mother’s womb, Rahul went into the kitchen while his mother waited on the ground, legs spread and cunt gaping wide open. Rahul returned with an assortment of spices and a funnel. Pulling his mother up with her legs, Rahul made her lie upside down with her lower back to the wall, head and neck on the floor and her gaping pussy facing upwards. “I think it’s safe to say that you won’t be having children after this, huh Mom?” Rahul said, grinning, as he forced the tip of the funnel into her womb while sapna screamed her throat out. After getting the funnel in place, he proceeded to douche her womb with boiling water, following which, he proceeded to fill her womb with hot sauce, chilly and onion gravy. During the entire process, Sapna kept on crying, screaming, and begging hysterically to her son. Tired by the constant noise, Rahul grabbed her tongue and sliced it down the middle with the scalpel “How many times… DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH ?!”, screamed Rahul, as blood dribbled out of Sapna’s mouth. Bringing the mechanical toolbox over, Rahul took out the soldering iron. Plugging it in a nearby socket, Rahul pulled out the funnel, leaving the speculum in the cunt. Standing on his mother’s tits, Rahul used the soldering iron to burn away the entrance to her womb, point by point. Throughout the whole ordeal, Sapna remained shocked with mouth open and blood pooling around her head. Rahul proceeded even further and burned away the cut ends of Sapna’s tongue. “It’s not over yet, bitch.” Rahul said, kicking his mother’s face, which made her loose her balance and tumble to the ground.
Rahul filled two syringes with tobacco sauce, slapping Sapna back to consciousness, he asked “Do you know what these are mom?” while waving the tip of the needle in front of Sapna’s eyes. Instinctively, Sapna backed away from the needle. Grabbing the back of Sapna’s neck, Rahul said “Here mother, have a taste.” Using one of the syringes, Rahul pierced his mother’s left cheek and squirted a bit of the sauce directly into his mother’s mouth. then holding a syringe in each hand, he inserted the needles into the base of her breasts, bringing the needle upwards and forwards, Rahul stopped when the needles started poking up against the areolar skin. Sapna was breathing fast and heavy which was making her huge tits heave. Rahul then simultaneously injected both of Sapna’s breast with the tobasco sauce, while Sapna cried and bawled. After that, Rahul bent down and started sucking his mother’s nipples, squeezing and biting viciously, trying to squirt some of the sauce out. Even After much effort, Rahul just couldn’t make her breast express the sauce. Frustrated, Rahul kicked sapna to the ground and started smashing her tits repeatedly with his feet. After a few hits, a red liquid squirted out of her right breast, making a line on the floor. Licking the nipple, Rahul could taste the hot tobacco sauce, satisfied Rahul made sapna lick the floor clean.
Rahul then made sapna sit on the dining table, keep her breasts and hands on a 5 by2 wooden board, placed on her tummy. Returning with a hammer and 4 nails, Rahul proceeded to nail both of Sapna’s tits to the middle of the board and her hands to the end. After that, Rahul sat down beside his mother and lovingly kissed and embraced sapna. Standing up, he brought his renewed cock up to his mother’s mouth. Like any good mother, she immediately knew what her baby boy wanted from her and started to give him the most loving blowjob, using her newly forked tongue. In no time, Rahul came in his mother’s loving mouth. With her tits safely nailed to the board, Rahul got a few sand paper pieces from the toolbox and stuffed a few up Sapna’s nose. “I have always wanted to get my cock inside your tits mother.” Said Rahul, as Sapna reflexively sneezed out the piece of paper. Rahul then proceeded to slowly grind Sapna’s burned and cracked right nipple, which was nailed to the board. As he slowly grinded away at Sapna’s huge, black areola, the blackened part of the skin came off revealing the pink flesh inside. It took a total of four hours, of slow grinding, to destroy the nipple and another two, to grind away her black areolas as well. Sapna passed out thrice during the entire ordeal. Grabbing a bottle of water, Rahul spit some water on his mother’s face, as he put two of his fingers into Sapna’s (now open) right breast and twisted. Sapna awoke with a start and unsuccessfully tried to move (as her hands were nailed to the board). Pulling the nail out of his mother’s right tit, he positioned his now hard cock in front of the hole in her tit. “You ready ma?” asked Rahul as he slowly pushed his way through his mother’s titmeat. Rahul was in an entirely new world of pleasure, as his mother’s wet tit meat clamped around his cock tighter than anything else he had fucked before. Fucking her breast, Rahul came in no time at all. While Pulling out, a mixture of blood, cum and small pieces of flesh dribbled out of Sapna’s destroyed right tit.
Kissing his mother on her head, Rahul made her stand on a chair. As he put the noose around her neck, Rahul asked Sapna “Any last words mom?” “I lwov yoo bweta…” Sapna managed to cry out as Rahul tightened the noose around her neck. Standing back, Rahul took a good look at his mother standing on the chair with the noose around her neck and her arms nailed to the board, sobbing quietly with a determined frown on her lovely face. As Rahul kicked way the chair from under her, the fat old woman started dangling at the end of the rope. As seconds passed slowly, her face started turning purple and she started kicking and jerking.
In a few minutes, Sapna’s movement had almost stopped and she had started frothing from her mouth. Rahul got up and cut her down with the knife. “Not yet mother” Rahul said, noticing the disappointment on Sapna’s face, “You will have to suffer a bit more, before I give you my permission to die.” Rahul said caressing his mother’s lovely face which had almost turned blue.
Ch. 7

Alternate ending no. 1: Sapna’s last ride
It was almost 8:30 pm in the night, As Rahul dragged Sapna out of the house using the chain tied around her neck. Naked and bare feet, in the chilly November night, Sapna stumbled behind her executioner. To Sapna, the cold gravel and dirt under her feet felt like small static shocks. Opening the door to the garage, Rahul ordered sapna to climb onto the roof of the SUV, on the luggage rack. As sapna tried to heave her fat desecrated body onto the roof, Rahul came back with a good length of chain and a shovel. Using the chains, Rahul tied Sapna to the luggage rack tightly. Then, throwing the shovel onto the back seat, Rahul started the engine and was soon pulling onto the highway. As the cold wind chilled Sapna’s bones from inside out, her skin started to turn blue. By an hour into the drive, her cunt juice, which had been flowing almost constantly throughout the whole day (within the warmth of her home), had frozen to a stop, icing over her cunt lips. After driving for around 30 miles, Rahul turned onto an off road following a dirt trail into the forest. Tied to the roof, Sapna had no idea where Rahul was taking her. Coming to a stop in a clearing, Rahul got out of the car and checked on Sapna. Her whole skin had turned bluish and she was shivering madly. Turning her head sideways to look at her son, Sapna said, “Rrrrahul, bbbeta.” her mouth chattering, because of the intense cold. “Ooww Are you cold mom?” Rahul asked, in a mocking tone. Climbing on to the top of the roof himself, Rahul positioned his cock on his mother’s face, “Let me warm you up mother.” Rahul said, as he started pissing all over her face for the second and last time in her life.
Untying her from the roof, Rahul kicked her off onto the bare dirt beside the car. Getting the shovel from the back, he swung it at Sapna’s ass, telling her to get up from the ground as she still had work to do. Shivering all over and chattering her teeth, Sapna stood up. Throwing the shovel to sapna, Rahul commanded his mother to dig her own grave. Naked and in severe pain, Sapna started digging slowly. *thwishh* Sapna gasped, as the skin on her back was ripped apart, “faster mom!” shouted Rahul as he flogged her lascivious white back with the steel chains. With tears streaming down her face, Sapna started digging faster. Each time she slowed down, Rahul took off more of her skin with the chains. It took almost two hours after furious digging, for Sapna to make a whole on the ground around 6 feet deep. She was only allowed to rest two times during the whole ordeal, and that was while Rahul fucked her destroyed ass. As Rahul shouted “Enough.”, sapna stopped digging and fell in the whole, sprawled out. Dragging the fat woman out by her hair, took considerable effort on Rahul’s part.
Dragging her towards the car, Rahul attached two huge metal hooks to the chains, which he then attached to the car’s bumper. Bringing the hooks over to his expectant mother, “Your tits mom.” Rahul demanded. Sapna obliged, holding her bleeding udders using her hands. Using the hooks, Rahul securely hooked his mother’s tit to the axle of the car. Rahul then furiously fingered Sapna’s pussy and clit, building his mother to one last explosive orgasm. “Th… Thank you beta.” Sapna sobbed. Getting into the driver’s seat, Rahul started the ignition and slowly pulled out of neutral. As the car started moving, Sapna started to jog to keep up with it. Slowly, Rahul increased the car’s speed, while the fat woman tried her best to keep up. At around thirty miles per hour, she saw the SUV pull away and the chain attached to her breast going taut. As the hooks pulled on her breasts Sapna tripped and fell. She was dragged along the rest of the way by her tits. Rahul watched in the rear view mirror, as his mother fell to the ground and was ripped apart. Turning the car around on a wide arc, Rahul dragged his mother over to the freshly drug grave and stopped when her body fell into it with a loud thud.
Getting out of the car, Rahul walked over to the grave. He noticed that one of the hooks had come free. Climbing into the whole, he saw that the right breast was completely ripped apart and the hook was ripped free from it. Unhooking the hook from the left breast, Rahul was glad to see that she was still alive. Even though most of her skin was gone and she was breathing in a very strained rasp. Pulling his pants down, Rahul sat on his severely injured mothers face and started shitting right into her mouth. Tearing a piece of her destroyed right tit, he wiped his ass with it. “Thank you so much mother, this was the greatest birthday present of all time.” Rahul said pulling up his pants as sapna stared at him with her one remaining eye and mouth full of her son’s shit.
Climbing out, Rahul started to pour the dirt back on his still alive mother. As dirt and rocks covered Sapna up, she started to suffocate. Buried in the dark, her body was destroyed but her heart was fulfilled, as the last signs of life faded from her shit covered face. Covering up his mother’s grave completely, he flattened the soil. Then, taking his dick out, Rahul started to pee over the freshly packed earth, as he considered buying a slave from the auction next day.
Ch. 8

Alternate ending 2: Disposal of Sapna
The bluish hue on Sapna’s face disappeared slowly. “Look at you bitch, right now, you are worth even less than garbage mother.” said Rahul, as he fucked Sapna’s pussy with his foot. Hearing her son’s voice, she realized she was humping him back without even knowing. “Yes beta that’s absolutely true.” Said Sapna nearing another orgasm “I am so sorry to be such a filthy mother, so please beta, you mustn’t let such a filthy mother live anymore.” Sapna said, with tears in her eyes, as she squirted all over her son’s foot. “You are right mom. In fact it is my duty, to see garbage like you disposed of properly.” Said Rahul, grinning at his mother’s whorish behavior.
Rahul went into their bedroom and came back with a thin stretch of black rope. Sitting down in front of his mom, Rahul forced the rope into her nostrils and down her throat, then he took it out of the mouth. Doing the same thing on the opposite side, Rahul made a harness for his mother. After that Rahul made sapna get down on her knee and hand, then with harness in hand, he sat down on her back and put his toe inside the gash in her right tit. Pulling the harness back, Rahul explained to Sapna, what he wanted her to do. “When I pull on your tit that means go faster. If I pull your head back, you stop. And I want you to go to whichever direction I point your ugly face, ok ma.” “Ok beta.” Sapna spluttered through the internal harness.
Rahul then rode out on his naked mother, in to the cold November night. As the son slowly rode his mother through the streets, tugging on her tit to make her go faster, he stuffed whatever garbage he found on their way into his mother’s ass. So, things like rotten food, a dead rat, a few broken shards of glass and used condoms filled up Sapna’s ass and cunt, making it even more difficult for Sapna to carry her hunk of a son on her back. After a mile or so, Sapna fell to the ground with a splat, her fat belly and tits spreading out under her like jelly on the street. “Beta, something is wrong beta!” said sapna, her voice trembling with fear. When she refused to get back up, despite Rahul kicking, punching and even stabbing her twice, Rahul realized that she couldn’t move her legs even if she tried. Rahul then stuffed an assortment of garbage into her mouth and closed it with a tape. After that, Rahul used his mother’s face as a punching bag. As Rahul punched sapna in the head left and right, she started to bleed from her nose and cheeks profusely, as several pieces of glass shards pierced through them. Holding her head up by her hair Rahul said to Sapna “Well, why don’t you drag yourself using your hands then, bitch.”
Soon both mother and son were back in motion as sapna slowly crawled along the street naked and battered, helped along, by a few occasional kicks given by Rahul, who was walking behind her now. As she dragged herself on the cold gravel road for another 500 meters or so, suddenly, an intense stench hit Sapna’s nose. Looking up, she saw that they were at the local garbage dump. There, Rahul took the tape off his mother’s mouth, as she spit out garbage and blood in one big goop out of her mouth. Grabbing a baseball bat, Rahul returned to his mother, “I hope you understand why, I have brought you here.” Rahul told her questioningly. “You want to throw me away, right?” Sapna replied. “You always know exactly what I want, don’t you mother?” “You are my dearest son Rahul, of course I know what you want.” “Well then,” Rahul said, raising the bat in the air, “then you understand what’s going to happen now right?” In answer, sapna merely closed her eyes and accepted the inevitable, as the bat landed on her tits with a thwack. Before the pain had even registered in Sapna’s head, he had swung and hit her other breast. Soon, after just 6 clean swings, her breasts had burst open completely, their contents lying strewn on the ground.
Rahul then proceeded to slowly break each and every bone in her legs and arms, while sapna thrashed around the garbage dump, like a pig in heat. Finally, he stuffed the baseball bat into her pussy and pushed it in all the way to the handle. As blood started pouring down Sapna’s cunt, she started convulsing as the biggest orgasm of her life hit her. Then, tying his mother up tightly, Rahul put her in a huge, plastic garbage disposal bag and heaved her into the garbage pile undistinguishable from all the other garbage filling that place up. Within the bag, darkness enveloped what was left of Sapna, as the full sense pain, impending doom, and abandonment took control of her mind. Until the end, when she was tossed into the incinerator unceremoniously along with all the other garbage bags, ending her life, while Rahul ate a hearty breakfast comfortably back in his house.
Ch. 9

Alternate ending 3: Sapna’s last meal
As the bluish tinge disappeared from Sapna’s face, her breathing slowly returned to normal. . “I am hungry mother”, said Rahul “you think you can cook me one last meal, mother?” as he pulled out the nails from Sapna’s wrist and left tits. “”Sure beta.” said sapna grimacing in pain “What do you want son?” She asked Rahul. “Well,” Rahul said, squeezing her tits, “I want you mother.” “You want to eat my tits beta?” Sapna asked, sounding alarmed. “Not just your tits maa, Said Rahul, while he pulled on his mother flabby armpits, tearing away the hair. “I want to cut your hands and legs off too,” said Rahul, as he teared out the hair from her other armpit. “And I want to eat you for a long time to come.”’ said Rahul licking his mother’s now hairless armpit. “You are going to amputate me?” said Sapna, terror dripping in her every word. “Yes mother.” Rahul said and kissed his terrified mother. Standing up, Rahul put two fingers in each of his mother’s nostrils, using which, he pulled her off the chair. As Rahul pulled her behind him, with her legs shaking violently, sapna lost her footing and fell face first, onto the floor. “We can’t have this mother.” Rahul told sapna, as she trembled on the ground. He then grabbed a plier from the toolbox and catching hold of his mother’s eyelid, he pulled her into the kitchen.
Using some length of rope, Rahul securely tied his mother’s arms and legs to the four corners of the rooms. Leaving sapna trembling on the cold floor, he returned a few minutes later, with a saw in his hand. As sapna saw the evil grin on her boys face and the saw, something snapped in her mind. She started crying hysterically and furiously started to struggle against her binds, “No beta, please anything but that, I can’t take such pain anymore. Just fucking, kill me already…” Sapna begged her tormentor/son. “Shhh…” Rahul said, putting his finger on his mother’s trembling lips, “Just a few more hours’ ma, you have been such a lovely girl today, just a little more ok?” Bringing over a dental gag, Rahul inserted it into Sapna’s mouth and spread it open, then he tied pieces of ropes tightly around her left arm and her left breast, cutting off the circulation. Sitting down on the floor, he brought the saw closer to the skin of his mother’s breast, while Sapna cried and wailed through her outstretched mouth. Blood flowed freely and puddled around Sapna, as Rahul hacked away at Sapna’s saggy tit. Sapna screamed and screamed, as her son cut off her womanhood. Thwack, the breast came off as Rahul sawed it off completely, then using the lighter he burned away the wound he had made. As Rahul brought the saw near his mother’s now purple arms, Sapna’s screams turned to terror filled screeches. While Rahul was finishing the arduous process of hacking his mother’s limb off, Sapna passed out.
When Sapna awoke one hour later, she saw Rahul skinning away what used to be her left hand. Looking down, she saw the black stump where her left arm used to be and broke down crying. “Freeing his mother from her restraints, he helped her to get to her feet, “let’s have one last meal as mother and son, ok?” Rahul said, as he kissed his amputated naked mother. Wiping away her tears with her remaining arm, sapna forced a smile to her face and said, “That sounds wonderful beta.” Rahul then helped sapna cook her own tit and arm, into delicious dishes. An hour later, Rahul was sitting on the table while Sapna kneeled on the floor beside her son. “Come here mother.” Rahul said, pointing to his dick. as sapna sat down on his rock hard dick, Rahul took a piece of her cooked tit and stuffed it in her mouth. Almost retching up, Sapna forced the morsel of her own body down her throat. Then the mother and son, joined at the genitalia, fed each other the delicious dinner.
“That was amazing mom!” Rahul said, as he stuffed what was left of her hand, into Sapna’s open ass. “I am so glad you liked it my son.” Sapna whispered out. After this, Rahul spend the next two hours hacking away at Sapna’s body, as she struggled and wailed. After finishing cutting and burning the stumps, Rahul put the limbs in the freezer. Returning back to the mangled torso of his mother, Rahul slapped her awake for the 6th time that evening. Sapna looked up at her son, “are you done playing beta?” she asked weakly. Smiling at his mother, Rahul said “Just one last thing to take care of now.” Then he slung his mother over his shoulder using her hair and carried her out to the backyard. Putting her down near the septic tank, Rahul opened the latch and reflexively closed his nose, as the smell of sewage wafted up. Sapna was panicking and hyperventilating by now. Holding her up by her remaining mangled tit, Rahul kissed his mother for a full 2 minutes. “I am going to miss you so much ma, Rahul said, after which, he dropped her down the hole into the septic tank. As Rahul closed the lid, the last remaining light disappeared in the tank and a full sense of panic and terror gripped Sapna. As she slowly sank to the bottom of the sewage, the last thing she saw was the first time she breastfed Rahul, right after he was born.

Ch. 10
Alternate ending 4: The continuation (#shepersisted ;)

Rahul then bent down and kissed his mother for a full five minutes with her arms still nailed to the board. She was crying constantly while she kissed her dear boy, glad to have gotten that last kiss, before, what was looking to be her end. After separating, Rahul collected whatever saliva he had and spit on his mother’s face to get rid of the faint shit taste that he got from Sapna’s mouth. Then, leaving her lying on the floor, he went back in the house. He returned a few minutes later with his electric shaver in his hand. Bringing it close to her eyes, he showed her the shaver with a wide grin on his face. Sapna closed her eyes and waited, quivering in anticipation of the worst. Rahul started up the shaver. As he started to slowly shave off all of Sapna’s hair from her head, he thought back to how he had always remembered his mother having long flowing hair which had, only recently, started to grey around the edges. Sapna, who had always been proud of her ideal hair was crying from the brand new humiliation.
After finishing the shave (which also included her eyebrows), Sapna looked totally different to before. The thorough hair removal reduced her from the gorgeous mature woman to a very bestial looking slave. Rahul smacked his cock on his mother’s (now bald) head, dripping his precum all over it. He then kneeled down, grabbed Sapna’s right tit, pulled it off the nail and shoved his now hard cock into the hole in the center. After using his mother’s tit as a cocksleeve (while she groaned and bawled the entire time), Rahul pulled the tit off his cock and came all over her bald head. Using his hands, Rahul spread his cum all over his mother’s scalp and face.
He then proceeded to tie Sapna’s feet with the rope which was swung over a thick wood branch of the maple tree in their yard. Pulling the rope, he lifted his mom upside down with her hands still spread and nailed on the wooden board, giving her an inverted cross appearance. “This is the final step mom, I want you to keep sucking my cock, while I beat the shit out of you.” Rahul said, grinning, as he slowly stroked his rapidly hardening member “If you let go of my cock, I will kill you. If you faint, I will kill you, understood?”. “Yes, my master.” Sapna nodded in agreement, with tears flowing from her eyes as the ropes around her ankles cut off their circulation to her feet, turning them to a shade of blue.
Sitting down on a stool, he punched her lightly a few times, making her swing back and forth. Then, grabbing her by her (now bald) head he pulled her towards his groin. “Ready mom?” he asked, staring into her eyes, as Sapna grunted a “Yes” in return. Rahul then bought his reinvigorated cock near Sapna’s mouth. As soon as she could, she took her son’s huge rock hard cock deep into her mouth and started applying a strong and steady suction. Then, Rahul started to punch Sapna’s flabby belly (which was hanging upside down). As Rahul’s punches sunk into her belly fat, he could see waves forming and travelling over her abdomen, making all the fat jiggle. He started with the sides first, punching Sapna over her kidneys. Making her groan around his cock lodged in her throat, in between, he would punch her in the middle, surprising her just enough to make her loosen her suction on his cock (enough to really scare her). As Rahul neared his final orgasm of the day, he took out a small club that he had brought along with him and start to hit and make her scream around his cock. When he was about to cum, Rahul used the club and bashed her abused and swollen pussy with it. This finally made her let go of his cock, as squirts of ropy cum covered her already soiled face…
As Sapna dangled upside down on the rope, with her feet swelling up by now, Rahul bent down and brought his face close to Sapna’s. “You let go mom, u know what that means right?” he said, showing her the large knife. Sapna closed her eyes with tears flowing out of her eyes, onto her scalp and the ground, and then…
*THUD* Sapna fell to the ground, head first, as Rahul cut the rope tying her to the tree. “You were very lucky mom, it’s over now.” He said, showing her his watch, on which, Sapna could see that the 24 hour period was finally over. Sapna broke down completely, sobbing uncontrollably, as Rahul cut her ties and pulled the nail out of her arms and breasts. Rahul then hugged and kissed his (now bald) mother and Sapna kissed him back. “This was the best birthday present ever mother, thank you.” Said Rahul, his own eyes tearing up. “This is exactly what I wanted too son” she said, lying back flat on the ground. “What now mom? We need to get you to the hospital.” Said Rahul bringing out his phone. “Give a call to Alexis beta, I told her of my plans and she said she’ll take care of me if I survived.” Dr Alexis was a colleague of Sapna’s and one of her bffs.
Rahul then called into Alexis’ [private nursing home cum Body modification center] where, Sapna was taken and admitted. There, with the help of the advance medical science of Dolcett County, Sapna recovered rapidly in about 4 days’ time. Her ass, breasts and pussy were rejuvenated using Nano-reconstruction surgeries. Leaving her tongue forked/split (as Rahul said her blowjobs were better with a forked tongue), On Sapna’s request, they turned the gash in her right tit into an improvised pussy (which was almost as sensitive as an actual pussy) and also jumpstarted her ovaries, allowing her to conceive again. While she was admitted there, Sapna told Rahul that neither can she/ nor does she ever want to go back to their previous relationship anymore. “I would love to have you as my slave wife mother, there are so many more things that I want to try out on you.” Rahul replied, as he fingered her brand new titcunt, making her orgasm from her breast, right there, on the hospital bed.


Hahaa not bad, but I was hoping for a killer other than the son! Nice story btw, hope 2 see more!


nice story, but please try paragraphing better. Sorry, I'm a snob when it comes to writing.


Incest and snuff its a rare thing and i love it everytime i see it.I also like your style.I would also love to see someone stalking and attacking the mom and son couple, a maniac or neibhors maybe, as an alternate plot.Gj btw!

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