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Iris slowly approached the majestic creature, a big cat with a golden mane. She smoothed his black and white maid clothes and approached the lion, approaching slowly for caress him, making no quick gestures for not rushing him. When she placed his hand on the muzzle, the lion approached his head, rubbing against her. Then he stood up, revealing himself slightly smaller than her and he gently passed his large head against that of Iris, before giving him a little lick, while his fangs could tear it in an instant. Iris knelt down, running her hands through the soft fur, starting to rub the lion, laughing at his licks. She ran her hands all over her body and lion prides itself on that attention, rubbing himself to her, so that he overthrew her in his ardor.

Iris looked at him staying on the ground, waiting, breathlessly. The lion approached her and put a paw on her chest, which had the effect of causing breathe faster. the claws sprang of the paw and began to tear very slowly. Iris did not utter a cry, the lion is soft enough to tear her clothes without touching her skin. The claw went down her skirt up, the cutting through also. The lion raised his paw and Iris slowly undid the remains of his clothing, staying on the floor. The lion gently licked her body nibbling her neck, her shoulders and breasts. Obeying his signal, Iris stood up, putting on all fours beneath him, before revealing her neck, pushing her hair, leaving the lion plunging her fangs, making her moan of pain and pleasure.

Iris raised her buttocks, caressing the object of her desire from the beginning. The lion growled and the girl froze immediately. The lion released her neck and got up to put his paws on the shoulders of Iris, and brutally transfixed with his manhood. Iris groaned before to move for better welcome him in her, allowing her to move into her intimacy already wet with anticipation. An approver purring was heard and the lion began to move, making slow back and forth before to accelerate, making moan with pleasure as the claws sprang to his paws and to penetrate her skin.

Iris slumped forward, lion pressing harder on her shoulders. She knew that her shoulders were bleeding and knew that the lion was well enough educated for withdraw its claws if she were rejected him. But instead of that she will accelerate its movement , laying to the lion a new pace, to be more tired. The animal responded to his leadership, going faster in it. Soon she felt his semen fill her. She stood up again slightly to caress him his muzzle and lion put his paws on either side of her. She did not cum, but she knew that the lion was genetically modified and could enjoy up to three times in a row. He resumed, his neck between his fangs and his kidney shots, and Iris raised her back, feeling the caress his fur. The lion were pressing harder, and Iris no longer felt that white and pleasure. When she opened her eyes the lion continued to come and go in her, and had dropped her neck. Despite this, the pleasure went back inexorably.

Iris abandoned herself once more to pleasure she had resisted as much that she could to the wave that engulfed her slowly, but had yielded when the lion had slumped on her, his paws going under her, his claws hugging painfully her breasts.Iris gave himself up to pleasure, groaning, overcome by this vicious attack of the lion. Iris raised her head, rubbing against the muzzle of the lion who growled fun, completing her out again of semen and the girl found herself to thinking that it was a pity she could not carry his lion cubs. She stretched gently , waiting for the third assault of the lion, softer, while the lion began to accuse the fatigue of their embrace.

Iris raised an arm to caress the muzzle of the lion, resisting its pleasant assaults and whispered gently to start there, knowing that if she didn't guided him, the lion would do silly things. She moaned in pain while all feeling in her hand disappeared. She had seen it numerous times, but between seeing and feeling the lion snatch the arm, there was a world. She heard a bone crack and realized that it was hers. The mouth of the lion attacked the wound, tearing a portion of a breast.Overwhelmed with pain, Iris grabbed his neck to lift herself, utilizing his sex as a pivot to turn, and face him, in order to offer him a better target. The lion knew or was neck and heart, but was well educated and do would kill her that when she would ask him. With a smile, while her other breast was torn, Iris, stroked her maw, inserting hand between her lips, moaning while two fingers had been snatched him.Feeling her spirit falter, she whispered him to crunch, and felt his fangs tighten her throat for the devour this time around. Just before this, a sublime joy crossed her as she felt the lion cum again in her.

Iris was only a pile of bones that the lion had cleaned carefully when three maids went into his den, armed with combs for cleaning fur reddened of the lion. Each of them hoped to make the short straw to the next draw to feed him.

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