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John Trimbell's eleven year old daughter, Trish, moped into the kitchen that morning and sat down with a sigh. He looked up from his paper and asked, "something wrong honey?"
"I really don't want to go to school today daddy."
He looked at her inquisitively, "It's Friday baby, just this one more day and then you're on the weekend."
He got up to pour himself another cup of coffee, and as he did she rose and slowly walked over to him.
"But dadddyy, you aren't going to work today." She almost whined at him.
"I have the day off and...." He cut himself off as he felt his daughter hug him almost sensually. He began to get hard as her little body pressed against his. She was just beginning to enter puberty, her chest was still almost completely flat and her tight pussy was just beginning to be fertile. He was noticing changes in her behavior as well, she was much more flirtatious with boys, and the looks she gave him made him start to think of her less as a daughter and more as a sex object. He tried to hide his hard on from his daughter, but she pressed right against it and unconsciously rubbed it, making him rock hard. She definately felt the bulge in his pajama pants, but pretended not to notice as she smiled up at her handsome daddy.
"Pleeeassseeeee Dadddyyyy???"
He thought for a second, "Alright honey, just this once."
She jumped up and down, "Thank you daddy, you are the best" and then gave him a kiss right on the lips, lingering just a moment too long.
then bounced into the living room.
John, couldn't help but watch her ass as she went. She had outgrown her nightgown an he could just see the bottom of her ass through it.
"Don't you think you should be wearing underwear young lady?" He asked.
She flopped on the couch, without realizing it that her night gown rode up to her waist giving him a clear view of her young hairless pussy. She noticed him staring and smiled, "It doesn't look like you mind daddy."
His hardon seemed to get even stronger, and he blushed as she stared at it.
Just then her mom came downstairs, and with one look instantly could tell what was going on. "Young lady, stop teasing your father this instant. If you don't I'm going to have him teach you what happens to little sluts like you."
She instantly snapped her legs shut, but was curious enough to ask, "What does happen mom?"
"They get fucked honey."
Trish felt a shudder run though her body as she imagined her father fucking her.
"I've never been fucked mom...." She didn't finish her thought, but her mom could clearly see what she didn't say.
"And you want to huh?"
Meekly, "...yes mommy."
"Don't you have school?"
"Daddy said I could stay home."
"So you want to stay home and fuck your daddy?"
She just blushed and stared at her dad's hard on.
Her mom asked her, "When was your last period, your dad never pulls out you know."
"It was about two weeks ago mommy."
"That means you're at your most fertile right about now, no wonder you are such a little tease. If he fucks you there is a good chance you will get pregnant."
She hadn't considered that possibility, but felt a shiver of excitement run through her at the thought.
Judy looked at her husband and then at her daughter and considered for a moment.
"Do you want to fuck your daddy? I know he won't stop at one fuck, and even if we get you on the pill there is a good possibility he will get you pregnant before it becomes effective.
"Yes mommy."
"Oh all right, but if you get knocked up don't say I didn't warn you."
John moved to the couch, where his daughter was waiting pensively, and picked her up, carrying her like a bride to the master bedroom. His wife called after him, "I'm going to give you two some privacy and go see my boyfriend. I think that I will let him knock me up as well, we can be pregnant together."
John loved that his wife fucked other men, he had been after her to have a baby with her boyfriend for a while, she had been considering it seriously. But that is another story for another time.
As John laid his daughter on the bed he slid her nightgown up and off. He stood and admired her little pubescent body. She had only just begun puberty and still looked like a little girl, her pussy had no hair on it, her chest was almost completely flat, just the beginning hint of breasts, and although her hips had widened some, her figure was still very young. John licked her lips as she laid there, nervously looking at him and biting her bottom lip. He thought she looked beautiful, he preferred younger women, having knocked up his wife when she was just 13 years old and he 15. She and him frequently role played with her being very young, sometimes as young as 6.
Now John stood in front of his own daughter, removing his pajamas, and preparing to fuck her. Once he had disrobed, he laid down on the bed with her and began to play with her little titties.
"I'm sorry they're so small daddy"
"I think they're great honey, I love your small titties," he said as he began to rub her clit. He could feel how wet she was and leaned over to begin kissing his daughter like a lover. She was a little surprised at first, but began to kiss him back earnestly. He moved over her body without breaking his kiss and positioned his cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. Rubbing it around he began to slowly thrust in and out, just a little bit at a time. Her juices coating his head made entrance to her tight pussy feel like heaven to him. She gasped as her pussy got used to having her daddy's bare cock inside her. He was a gentle lover with her, wanting her first time to be pleasurable, but it was hard for him to hold back, and he began slipping more and more of his shaft inside her. With her slick pussy providing the lubrication to allow his cock to penetrate her virgin pussy, he thrust just a little deeper with every thrust made him come close to cumming several times; but he wanted to spray his sperm deep inside his daughter. If he was going to impregnate her he wanted to do it right. On her part she was feeling a fullness she had never felt. She was expecting it to hurt for her first time, but the lubrication provided by her extremely wet pussy allowed her daddy's cock to slide into her without hurting her. As John got his cock all the way inside his daughter he paused, kissing her passionately, while he let her get used to it. Then, slowly, he began to move it in and out of her no longer virgin pussy.
"You love having your daddy's cock deep in your cunt don't you baby?" He asked, after breaking the kiss.
Looking up into her loving daddy's eyes, "Yes I do daddy, I love it so much, and I love you." She was lost on the feeling and the thought of the cock that made her putting a baby in her.
"I love you too baby, and I'm going to show you how much I do. I'm going to put my cum deep inside you, you're going to have daddy's baby."
"Oh my God daddy," she wailed, "I want it, I want your baby."
"You want to feel daddy's baby growing in your little belly?"
"Yes, Daddy, cum deep inside me, make a baby in your daughter, just like you did with mommy. Make me a mommy!"
The though of his own daughter having his baby was too much for him. Looking into her eyes he buried himself balls deep in her tight cunt and sprayed the sperm that made her deep inside her fertile pussy. His timing couldn't have been more perfect, as the thought of her daddy impregnating her sent her into her own orgasm, sucking his cum up into her womb, moving it closer to the fertile egg waiting there. They didn't know it yet, but that egg was going to get fertilized that night and she would be pregnant by the next evening.
He rolled over onto his back, pulling her on top of him, and they fell asleep, his cock softer, but still inside his daughter's pussy, keeping all his cum in there. Making extra sure that his daughter would become a little mommy. Just before he drifted off he thought what a lucky man he was. His sister and his daughter with his sister were both cum sluts.

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