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John Trimbell woke up with a start in his living room. He had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for his wife, Judy, to get home. She was out fucking her boyfriend while he waited at home. He loved licking her cum filled pussy when she got back. He didn't mind her having a lover, especially since he had started fucking his eleven year old daughter, Trish, with his wife's approval at that. Of course they were no strangers to incest, being brother and sister as well as husband and wife. His daughter, who had just turned eleven when he started fucking her, had just begun to show with his child, and she was hornier than ever. He smiled thinking of her having his baby, maybe it would be a little girl he could fuck as well. He was jolted out of his reverie by the sound of the door opening; his wife's car must have been what woke him up.
"Hi honey, how was your date?" he asked as she came in and kissed him on the lips.
"Lie down and I'll let you taste for yourself," came the reply, with a smile.
"He quickly lay down on the couch and she straddled his face, hiking her dress up and pulling down her panties before sitting on it.
"I wore those just to keep it in for you, I know you like licking his cum out of me. You should try it right from the source sometime."
His cock, which had been spent earlier from a session fucking his pregnant daughter sprang back to life.
"Hmmm, I'll have to do something about that," smiled his wife as she spotted his erection.
"Maybe you could sit on it after my face?"
"No, I don't think so."
"Why not?"
"You might try to cum inside me, and I'm trying to have my boyfriends baby."
His cock got even harder at the thought of her cuckolding him and getting pregnant. He really liked the thought and it had inspired some fantastic lovemaking sessions with the married siblings.
"I can see how you love that thought," she purred as she started to stroke his silky yet rock hard erection.
His tongue got to work licking up his wife's lovers semen.
She continuted, "I'm fertile today, and he came so deep inside me. But I'm not going to fuck you until I get pregnant. I may want to have more of his babies. He is jealous of me and you, so I came up with a solution that would work for us. You have had two children, your daughter with me, and your child with your daughter. And I am going to have two of his children. Since you have already had yours, he suggested and I agreed to castrate you."
As she said that his cock immediately began to spurt.
"Ohhh, you like that idea don't you?" She purred, rubbing his semen into his cock, and then bringing her hand to his mouth so he could lick the rest off.
"Mmmm-hmmmm," He agreed, spent from his orgasm, but still semi-hard.
"I wasn't sure when he first suggested it, but now that I see how much you like it I'm convinced. It's going to be so hot to see you without those balls dangling below. And don't worry, we can get you hormones to get you hard again. It's a good thing we have some sperm stored in case you want to get your daughter pregnant again. If you do that though I may just have another one myself."
A few days later a package arrived in the mail. Ripping it open with excitement, Judy produced a strange looking implement.
"What is that?" he asked.
"It's an elastrator, it puts a rubber band around your balls that will cut off the blood supply and castrate you."
He felt his cock swelling at the thought.
She said, well you need to take a couple of weeks off of work, because you will probably not be able to walk while this is going on.
He grew harder.
His wife and daughter were gathered with him in his bedroom.
"This is going to hurt quite a bit, so I need your help to make your father feel good while we take his balls."
"Do we have to? I like fucking daddy"
"He can still fuck you, he just won't be able to get you pregnant."
"But I like having Daddy's babies"
"Well you need to finish school. If you still want to have your fathers babies afterward we have sperm stored up that you can use to get impregnated by him. But you can always take a lover to get pregnant. I'm actually pregnant right now"
She had just taken a pregnancy test that revealed the news last night. What she hadn't revealed, was that her boyfriend was black, boy would her husband be surprised at that. But he was a true cuckold and would take care of the baby like his own.
As his wife slipped his balls inside the rubber band that would remove his manhood, his daughter started stroking his cock. Her little titties, which had only barely gotten to the point where they were distinctly tits and not just the flat chest of a child, had rock hard nipples. Those and her slightly showing belly were helping him focus on what a little cum slut she was, instead of what his wife was doing to him. He jumped as she slipped the rubber band off the end of the elastrator and it snapped tight around the base of his sack. He saw her loading another one on and looked at her quizzically.
"I'm just going to slip one more on to make sure"
"This doesn't hurt at all he told her."
"It takes a bit but then it begins to hurt more. Once your daughter isn't enough to mask the pain let me know. I got you some percocet, that will help you through the rest."
At that moment his daughter slipped her wet, pregnant pussy over his cock.
"Mmmmm, daddy, you are so hard. Are you getting off on getting castrated? Are you getting off on having impregnated me? How about on mommy having another mans baby?" She moaned, talking dirty to her daddy as she rode him.
His cock just kept getting harder as he fought to keep this fuck going. He loved hearing her talk like a little slut, almost as much as he loved her being a little slut. He moaned and pulled her down to kiss her, and she moaned back into his mouth.
"I am getting so turned on by this daddy, can I please take your balls?"
"Honey, you are, you're helping mommy do it."
"No, I want to do it myself."
"Well, how are you going to do that?"
"I'm going to get a knife from the kitchen and slice them off."
His wife, who was watching the whole thing had started fingering herself with all the talk, and now joined in, "The bands would keep you from bleeding out, and the whole recovery would probably be quicker."
He responded by shooting his final fertile load deep in his daughters willing cunt.
Judy returned with her sharpest knife, it was brand new from one of those late night TV commercials and was supposed to be able to cut through a battleship or some such nonsense. She wondered if they would make a commercial about cutting off balls if she pitched it to them and smiled at the thought.
Handing the knife to her daughter, she pulled her husbands sack out for her.
"It's true, the bands are starting to hurt now."
"That means it's working, but now your daughter is going to unman you."
With that Tris brought the blade to the base of his scrotum, just below the rubber bands that were slowly castrating him, and accelerated the process.
John moaned as he felt a sharp pain in his scrotum and felt his balls come off his body. His cock, which had remained hard with the thought of his impending castration, began to spurt again.
Despite the pain he looked at his incest impregnated daughter and cuckold pregnant wife and said, "I love you." He felt truely emasculated by them as his wife slipped a percocet into his mouth and gave him some water. As he the pain dulled and he drifted off to a dreamless sleep his last thought was that he was a eunuch now.


John Goes Gay, Trish Tries Black

About a week later, when the pain where his sack used to be had subsided his wife was inspecting the site. The small bit of flesh that was below the band had shriveled up even more and fallen off, leaving a smooth patch of skin where the bands had been. His cock, which had once stood proudly about his balls was limp and unable to get hard. His wife had ordered some testosterone through the mail, but it was taking a while to arrive (having to come from Mexico.) Since he was feeling much better she decided on a family outing. As her eunuch husband and precocious daughter piled into the car they peppered her about where they were going.
"Come on, give me a hint please?" implored John.
"Why do I have to wear so much?" her 11 year old daughter whined, adjusting her clothes so more of her skin showed. The child had become quite a slut after losing her virginity to her father and seemed to always want to be scantily dressed when out of the house, and naked, preferablly on her fathers cock when in it. She was also a little on edge because her father had not been able to fuck her while he was healing.
"You have to wear that much so people don't see how young you are, now pipe down we're here." They had pulled up to a nondescript building that just said "Broader Horizions Bookstore" out front.
"What is this place?" Trish asked, seeming a little annoyed.
"It's an adult bookstore," her mother said, "and they have a some private movie rooms in the back."
"A gloryhole?" Trish asked, not sure.
"How did you know that?" her mom asked.
"It's not like I'm a baby, I know stuff." She insisted.
"Well, keep your voice down or they won't let you in."
They all got out of the care and walked in. Trish tried to act older as the passed the clerk at the front of the store. He eyed her warily as she went in, but made no move to stop her.
John, Judy, and Trish all went into a private booth in the back where a movie was showing a woman being fucked by a black man with a huge cock. She looked almost in pain and Trish stared at it wide eyed, failing to notice the equally huge black cock that poked through the hole next to her. Her mother grabbed her hand and put it on the cock, Trish jumped as she felt it in her hand, and turned her attention from the movie to the cock. Looking at her mom she started to stroke the cock and, hesitantly tasted the head. It was so massive that she couldn't get it in her mouth. Her mother motioned to her father and they both began to undress the child. Trish felt a rush of excitement as her parents took her clothes off while she stroked and sucked at the massive cock in front of her. When they had her stripped down they moved her around and lined up her pussy with the huge cock. Trish felt nervous at having such a big cock inside her and held her mommy's hand as she backed onto it. She had become quite aroused by the movie and then by playing with the black mans dick and was very wet, but was still having trouble getting his dick inside her.
"You'd better get used to that, for when you have to push out your daddy's baby, her mother whispered to her.
She gritted her teeth and pushed back harder, but was unable to get more than a couple inches in her.
"It hurts mommy," she whined, wincing in pain.
Just then the black cock withdrew from the hole, Trish was afraid he did not like her and had pulled out because of that, but just then the door opened. The black man was at least 6'4" tall and very muscular. He looked starteled to see three people in the booth, and started to back out, but Judy beckoned to him to come in.
"Trish here has never had a dick as big as yours, but is eger to try. Why don't you take her back to your booth and show her how good it feels?"
Trish looked nervously at her mom, and then at the huge man before her, not sure what to do. But he just grinned and took her by the hand saying, "Don't worry, I'll make her feel really good."
He led her back to his booth and Judy watched eagerly through the hole as he laid her down and slowly worked his way into her, making sure she was able to get used to his size as he fucked her deeper and deeper. She looked a lot like the woman on the monitor, almost in pain, but definately enjoying it. As he got his whole cock inside her she locked her legs around his backand began to push up to meet his thrusts. Judy began rubbing herself thinking of her own black lover.
Satisfied that her daughter was enjoying her first black cock, she turned around to her husband to see if he wanted to look. Before she could ask she noticed another cock coming through the other side. This one was white and definately just average. Seeing that her husband had noticed it an idea crossed her mind.
"Why don't you suck it John?" she inquired of her husband.
He looked surprised at the idea and considered it a moment.
Noticing his hesitation she said, "It's ok, I want you to. It would be hot to see my castrated husband sucking dick." With that she began to guide his head down to the cock, there was a moment of hesitation, and then he opened his mouth and took the head of the cock in, beginning to lick and suck. His wife was guiding his head down deeper and deeper, as the cock began to reach his gag reflex, she told him, "Act like you are swallowing it."
He tried and was able to deep throat it a couple of times, but in the end his gag reflex won out and he pulled off the cock before puking on it. His wife began undoing his trousers and he helped her pull off his clothes. His sex drive had definately decreased, but the taboo nature of what he was doing had produced a weak erection and gotten him in the mood (as much as he still could). His wife took some of the lube provided and stroked it on the strange dick with one hand and began to lube up her husbands ass with the other. When she was satisified she backed him up to the cock and aimed it right into her husbands ass. He realized what was going on as his wife lubed him up, and as excited as he had become he decided to accept it and began to work his way onto the strangers cock. Painful at first, he went slowly and tried to force himself to loosen up. As he did the pain subsided and he began to feel a full sensation in his ass. He started to rock back and forth on the cock, going deeper and deeper each time. As his wife watched him get fucked by another man she had her skirt pulled down and was furiously playing with her pussy, thinking that she would definately have to watch this more often.
For his part, John had just pushed back enough to reach his prostate. The feelings that accompanied that made him moan out loud. His still weak erection got stronger although not full. John noticed that and smiled. He had been worried that he would not feel anything sexually after being castrated; and that, hot as it had been he would go completely asexual. But he was loving the sensation of being assfucked and thought to himself that he would have to take a male lover. Even if he could not find a totally gay man he knew that his features would soften up some, and he could begin to dress as a woman for his lover. His thoughts were overcome by the cock in his ass getting harder, and he instinctively knew that the man was about to come. He pushed back on the cock and held there as he felt it begin to spurt inside of him. Feeling the man cum in his ass triggered his own orgasm; his first since castration. Still not fully hard, his cock oozed out a white milky stustance, more fluid than usual. A load that no longer would impregnate anyone.
His wife, who had had two orgasms of her own as she watched her husband cheat on her with a man, looked through the hole as her husband collapsed on the seat and the spend cock of his lover withdrew. She saw a wierd circular tribal looking tattoo above his dick. Not sure what it meant she put it out of her mind as her daughter stumbled back into the booth. Full of the strangers cum and looking very satisfied.


Is there another chapter to this? I have trouble finding any more Ducetur Manibus on this site.


I have a question.

What the fuck? I don't have anything against any of this. Bur the way it's written... It's so happy.



Bumping because I really want more of this

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