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Holly shivered as she stood in her families living room in just her panties. She was 14 and had already developed considerably. With a 34 C chest, a 22 inch waist and a 35 inch hips, her 5'1" frame was quite attractive. 'Breeding hips' her father had called them; and not lightly either. She had already had three of his children, a little girl named Mercades, born when she was 12, and had just given birth to twin boys a year ago. The kids were a handful, but her other sisters were helpful. She had an older sister, Clara who had three daughters, two her dads, and one her brothers. There was an older still sister Rachel, but she had been spit roasted and bar-b-qued last summer. She had had 4 girls in a row and had been roasted. Her oldest brother Ken, who had fathered them was cooked and eaten first. The human cannibalism laws realized that just cooking the girls was a recipie for no humans left, so boys were on the menu as well. Girls could be cooked, but only if they had enough children to replace them. That meant three children. Hollies youngest sister, Dana was only 11 and had not gotten pregnent yet.
Hollies brother Virgil, was standing on the other side of the room with her father. She was standing there with Clara. Their brother was working toward his journeymen certificate as a longpig chef and he needed a subject to snuff. As the only girls in his family he could practice on (their mom had been snuffed several years ago) he was picking between the two. Virgils eyes finally landed on Holly and he nodded. Her father dismissed Clara from the room. And they went into the back yard to practice.
"Go in just under the sternum, down, around the belly button, and end just above the cunt" Hollies brother demonstrated with a finger simulating the knife. Holly was on all fours with her brother behind her. He had been pointing out the things he needed to know for the journeymans exam. He was going to be getting a longpig selected from the lottery, but was allowed to practice at home under the eyes of his father, who was a master chef.
"Correct," said his father. "You're doing very well, I'm sure you'll pass this exam with flying colors."
"I sure hope so," said Virgil.
"Well, I think that's about all for now, and I'm sure you could use some time to relieve some stress." Jonas nodded to his daughter, "So I'll leave you two alone to do that."
Jonas Crittendon walked out of the room and Virgil turned to his sister, who remained on all fours looking back at him, almost expectantly, he thought.
He slid her panties down and slowly nosed the head of his rock hard cock into her already wet cunt. She moaned softly at the invasion, but pushed back like a true slut.
"God, I love your cunt sis."
"I have a name, do you have to remind me that I'm your sister?"
"I know you do, but yes, I have to remind you. It's hot to fuck your own sister."
Holly moaned softly, knowing that she felt the same way, but refusing to admit it.
"I know you like it, sis, you always get so wet when I remind you. You get turned on by taboo stuff, like having your little incest babies with dad, or getting your brothers cock. Hell I'll bet you are even a little snuff slut."
She couldn't help but moan at that, but tried to cover it up.
Her bother heard though and paused for a second. "You do like it! I knew it."
He resumed fucking her. "Maybe I should just do it now. You've had enough children."
Holly knew that he could not do it unless her dad agreed. Since her number had not come up in the lottery and she was not yet 18, she couldn't make that decision herself, but her dad sure could.
Jonas came back to check on his children, and found them still fucking. "You'd better finish up in your sister, I need to go to the market and pick up some meat for dinner."
"Well you don't have to dad, this little slut gets off on being snuffed."
Jonas looked at his daughter, who was blushing furiously, but did not protest. Hmm, he thought. Maybe we should, Virgil could use the practice on a real live one, and we could use the meat. The thought that she might be into it did not register as important to him.
"Yes, you're right, that be easier than going to the market."
Holly blushed with shame as she came on her brothers cock after hearing that.
Virgil took the knife that his father offered, and reached up under his sister. She took a deep breath as she felt the pointy metal poking the skin under her breastbone. All of a sudden there was a burst of pain as it sank in. She wanted to scream but held it in as the knife sank in. It seemed to take forever to slide in to the hilt, but in reality took only a few seconds. Once it was fully inside her she felt her brother begin to slide it back, the pain was delicious, and seemed to radiate from the growing wound in her belly to her pussy, stuffed with her brothers cock. As he slid around her belly button and reached her pubic bone her guts began to leak out. He slide the knife out and reached down to pull apart her belly flaps. With a wet squishing sound most of the contents of her abdominal cavity fell out and flopped on the bloody grass beneath her. She felt a strange hollowness, and then she felt the knife again as her brother, under her dads watchful eye, cored out her asshole. The end of her large intestine flopped out of her cavity and her brother reached under her to sever the end of her esophagus. with that her entire digestive tract was disconnected. She was losing blood rapidly and was unable to stay on her hands and knees. Feeling lightheaded her father was just able to get her entrails out of the way before she flopped in them. Her brother was still encunted in her and rode her down. He reached around, pulled her head up and sliced deep into her neck, to let the bleeding out finish her. As the blackness began closing in on her she felt her brother cumming deep inside her. That feeling caused her to have a last orgasm before the darkness took her.


Holly Goes to Hell
Holly woke up and immediately felt the heat. It burned like nothing she had ever felt. The last think she remembered was cumming as her brother snuffed her. She was naked, and did not recognize where she was. She noticed that her belly was instact as was her throat. Then the fire came roaring in.
Holly screamed in pain as it covered her body, she felt her flesh burning. The fire roared down her throat as she inhaled to scream more and singed her lungs. Holly felt as if her whole insides were on fire too. Her hair singed off the fire began to eat away at her skin. The thin skin over her eyelids was the first to go and suddenly her eyes were exposed to the fire. Almost instantly they were burned so badly she was blinded and the heat on those orbs began to expand them. Quickly they burst, but she hardly had time to notice. The fat under her skin was liquifying in the heat, and with the intensity of the fire it began to burst into flames. Her tits and ass had the most fat and burned like torches as the rest of her was covered with smaller flames.
Normally with that much heat and the shock to her system, a person would pass out and die soon after. But Holly was already dead, and was in hell. She had led a sinful life, having incesteous sex with her father, bearing his babies, being essentially voluntarily snuffed by her brother, as she came on his cock. The fact that this was the law of the land did not absolve her of her knowlege of right and wrong; but ensured that a lot more people would be in the same situation, sooner or later.
She was miles away from this line of thought. Consumed by the fire, she was preoccupied with pain. The organs in her abdominal cavity began to spurt out flames as the ruptured and released gasses that quickly caught on fire. The muscles in her arms and legs were being consumed in a similar way and her mouth, ears, eye sockets, and nose all shot out flames as the fire moved into her skull. A living person cannot feel when there brain is being touched or poked, or presumably set on fire. But inhabitants of hell were able to feel everything and Holly felt her brain burning along with everything else. When her soft organs had been totally consumed by the fire and just her skeleton remained, Holly still felt it. Eventually even that was consumed, and a kind of relief came over Holly as the blackness swallowed her again.
Holly awoke, naked in a dark, dank room. Lit by some unseen fires the cold stone floor seemed a relief after the terrible burning she had just endured. Driven almost to madness by the torture, it had consumed her just before her mind snapped.
Laying on the floor, exhausted from her ordeal she soon heard what sounded like hoofbeats on the floor. From around the corner a demon appeared. He was twelve feet tall with red skin on his hugely muscled upper body. Rams horns curled sinisterly above his head and his face was elongated, somewhat like a bulls; smoke came from his nostrils when he exhaled. He also had goats legs, capped with hooves. Between those legs swung a cock that was at least two feet long.
He had turned and was headed streight for Holly. She wanted to scream, or to run away, but was transfixed where she lay. The demon was in complete control. Reaching out a clawed hand he began to stroke her naked form. She shivered from the touch. Against her will she felt herself stretching out on her back facing the demon. He was controling her movement and she felt very afraid. Suddenly and impossibly long tongue raced out and began to lick her tits. She felt her nipples harden despite her revulsion. The cock between his furry thighs had begun to harden and was passing three feet long and thick as a baseball bat. The tongue then retracted and the demon began stroking his cock to full hardness with his own tongue. Once he was fully hard the tongue reached down and wrapped around her neck. Picking her up she felt control return to her body and began to thrash around. She felt the thought in her mind, "Good, struggle, I love it when you struggle." The demons tongue was wrapped so tightly she couldn't breathe. He grabbed hold of her wildly kicking legs and placed the armored head of his cock on her tight little pussy. Pulling down on her ankles he was able to force a few inches into her dry pussy. As her blood began to flow and lubricate his passage she felt her airway cut off again. Slowly, ripping open the walls of her dry pussy she felt the demon force his way inside her. As he reached her cervix she felt a terrible burning pain all along her pussy, and a growing more insistant pain at the point of his deepest penetration. Suddenly there was a terrible pain as he ripped her cervix open. Tearing the opening to her womb in several places the once tight ring no longer hindered his progress.
His cock switfly rose to the top of her womb. She felt the rocky head of his cock battering it; eventually the flesh gave way and he ripped into the rest of her abdominal cavity.
Removing the tongue from her throat, she felt it snake around to her ass, and felt as it slid inside the tight little opening, but was more concerned about the cock ripping through her abdomen. Suddenly she realized that the tongue was all the way inside her small intestine, and was moving the organ on top of the cock and helping to rupture that organ with his massive shaft. She was crying and sobbing now, in terrible pain. The cock soon forced its way through her stomach, releasing acid over her guts, buring them and adding to the agony.
As the cock reached the bottom of her esophagus she felt like throwing up, and the cock obliged her by moving quickly up her throat. The tongue had withdrawn from her ass and now grabbed the top of her head and tilted it backward, allowing the cock to emerge from her mouth. Ripping her throat and breaking her jaw as it came out. She stared as eight inches of the demons cock emerged from her mouth.
By this time a normal person would have died or at least passed out from their wounds. But Holly would be permitted no such luxery. A person who somehow manged to survive this in life would have their mind snap. But Holly would not get that relief. She would remain with a thinking feeling mind as she suffered an eternity of torture. Realizing her fate the girl felt the tears running down her face and abandoned all hope.




Write more you a fucker


Write more you a fucker


Your stories are great!


Agreed we need more! Holly can be reborn again and again and punished for her insolence! In countless different ways :)


I never thought of her being reborn, but that does sound intriguing. I have a couple more stories in the works, similar stuff involving more of her family. I'll get it out eventually...


I must say, the feedback is really nice. Even "Write more you a fucker" actually encourages me to write more, even as it brings a smile to my face. Anyway, inspiration struck. I didn't get to Holly being reborn, that is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure it fits in this world. I did however write quite a bit about Ken and Rachel, Holly's older siblings who are alluded to in the first part of the story. I have more than this in the works. Happy fapping, and remember, "We all a fucker"

Ken and Rachel
mf, mg, Mm, inc, preg, snuff

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, don't stop fucking me!" Rachel practically yelled at her brother. "Shoot your cum inside me! Knock me up again!"
"But if you have a girl we'll automatically become meat!" Ken, her brother, insisted. Despite this fact he did not slow down.
Rachels pussy twitched at the thought, "Cum deep inside me, give me our daughter! Shoot death into my pussy!"
Ken couldn't help himself, the thought of sealing their fates by impregnating his sister with a daughter were too much, and he flooded her pussy with his potent sperm. They lay their afterward kissing and cuddling.
"Did you really mean that, sis?"
"Mean what, big brother?"
"All of it, getting pregnant with a daughter, knowing it means we'll both be snuffed?"
"Yes, it's hot to carry my brothers children, and even hotter to think of you killing me with your cock."
"I love you you crazy little slut."
"I love you too my sexy big brother."

10 months later she gave birth to another baby girl, her fourth.
"You just couldn't stay away from your sister's pussy could you son?" Jonas asked Ken.
"No dad, it was just too good."
"Well you know what this means?"
"Yes, dad, I'm meat now."
"Yes, and six months down the line so is your sister."
"I know dad, she always says she wants it it when we're fucking."
"She does, she is a true snuff slut."

At 16 years old Rachel was quite the picture, broad hips, childbearing hips as her father called them, 36DD (since she was breastfeeding) they were normally 36C. Just after birth she was still recovering from the pregnancy, but her normal shape was a perfect hourglass. Her round ass was loved by everone in her family, or envied by them. at 5'4" her 115 lb frame was quite sexy, and had been since she had started fucking. Her dad had broken her in at 10, but it was her brother Ken who had fathered all of her daughters. The first one at age 11. He was 2 years older than her, and afther their first child they had gotten married. They got a thrill out of being a married brother and sister, and making babies together. Fucking at the drop of a hat, and not caring who saw them. Ken always came deep inside his sisters fertile cunt, trying to knock her up. For her part Rachel never took birth control, she loved feeling her brother spray his cum deep inside her, hoping she would get pregnant.

She also got a perverse thrill when Ken went into their daughters room at night. He started when she was 3, but could not get his cock in her pussy, she he just rubbed it on the outside, leaving her a sticky mess. By the time she was 4 he was able to get some of it in the little girl, and flooded her cunt with daddy sperm frequently.

Now however he was going to have to say goodbye to all of that. To keep populatons under control any woman who had 4 kids in a row was to become meat, along with whomever she had the most kids with or the last man who impregnated her if they were all by different daddies. Well Rachel had had all of her kids by Ken, and now they were both meat.

Jonas could have gotten her deferred, possibly even exempted, to help with the kids, but he chose to have her snuffed after her 6 month automatic deferrment for breastfeeding. Ken however was going to be spitroasted that evening.

Jonas was preparing the coals as some of his other friends were getting Ken ready, the women shaved him, one even gave him a goodbye fuck (despite knowing that he throws girls). Jonas got back in time to see most of it. Soon Ken's hands were tied and it was almost time for the pole. Kens cock had gotten hard thinking about it, and he wished he could stroke himself. Jonas knew what he was thinking, but decided to act for his own pleaseure; he lubed up Ken's asshole and slipped his own rock hard cock inside. Ken's erection got stronger. "You like that don't you you little fag," said Jonas as he spotted the aching shaft. As he started to cum in his son's ass, Ken's cock spurted another load of cum onto the ground.

"Well if you liked that then you'll love this," said Jonas as he picked up the spit. He bent Ken over and lined the head up with his ass. As the pointy tip disappeared into his ass he started to sprout another erection. This was quickly gone as the spit continued, and started ripping open his insides. But nonetheless he was alive as the point of the spit came out of his mouth. Jonas ran the gutting blade down Kens toned stomach, and it bulged and split open as his guts began to come out. Reaching inside he severed the connections and tied off blood vessels with twine. Stuffing was put in and then he was sewed back up again, and placed over the fire.

The heat was intense and Ken was in agony as his flesh cooked around him. At some point he died, although he did not realize exactly when. Since he had lead a sinful life, he went streight to hell, and spent an eternity in terrible agony. Everyone in his family feasted on his flesh, with Rachel getting his cock and balls, blissfully unaware that the same fate awaited them all.


Write more you a fucker. I want to see Rachel in hell with her brother.


Write more you a fucker. I want to see Rachel in hell with her brother.


Rachel Mf, mf, inc, snuff, Demon/female, eternal damnation, torture in hell

6 months later Rachel had her turn. Instead of being spit roasted she was going to be butchered for parts.
Her dad grasped her hips as he slammed into her, "Fuck yeah, take that you slut!"
She blushed at being called a slut by her own father, but at the same time was excited. She loved the thought of him using her for his pleasure and then killing her.
Jonas loved how tight his daughter was, it must be the thought of being snuffed, she's getting off on it, Ken was right, he thought to himself. He was getting off on feeling his bare cock inside his own daughter.
"Too bad I didn't get a chance to breed you," he told her.
"You can daddy, I would love to have your baby."
"Tempting, but you are on the menu tonight, so this will have to be it."
With that he pushed himself deep until the head of his cock was kissing her cervix and sprayed the cum that made her deep into her womb. He came extra hard thinking about impregnating his daughter. There was an egg in her womb waiting for daddy cum, but it would never get the chance to be fertilized.

Jonas was still hard inside his little girls pussy, and he reached back and pulled out the hunting knife he was going to use on her. Grabbing her hair he pulled her head back and cleanly sliced her throat, severing both carotid arteries and allowing her blood to flow. Rachel had another orgasm feeling the sting of knife on her throat and then feeling her blood flowing out. But as she bleed out she began to panic as the reality of dying took on an immediacy she had never known before. All those concerns began to drift out of her consciousness as the blood loss slowed her brain functions. She was too far gone to feel her father orgasming again inside her dying pussy, and by the time he was finished she was dead.

Jonas finished severing her head with the knife and went about the task of parting out his daughter with a circular saw unaware of what was happening to her soul.

Rachel had led a sinful life, marrying her brother, having his children, tempting and fucking her father, accepting being snuffed by him.

Rachel woke up unsure of where she was or how she got there. Looking around she realized she was in her bedroom. The last thing she remembered was panicking as she died, with her fathers cock in her. Looking out the window she saw him standing at the fire pit, removing her spitted brother, Ken, from the fire. She felt sorrow at the loss of her brother again, but still confused. He had been spitted six months ago. Was this a dream? Suddenly her dad turned around and walked up to the house; something about the way he walked made Rachel uneasy. As he d rew closer her unease turned into fear. She seemed frozen to the spot as she heard him open the front door and walk down the hall. Each footstep on the hardwood floor giving of a loud resonating sharp sound, like hobnailed boots. Rachel was almost in a panic, feeling the same as just before she had died, but she was unable to move. The footsteps came up to the door and stopped. Rachel listened, staring at the doorhandle transfixed; terrified to move but wishing she had somewhere to run, somewhere to hide. Then, she heard the doorhandle creek as it began to turn. Slowly rotating, seeming to take an eternity. Rachels heart was in her throat as she watched that doorhandle turn, and then the latch cleared the frame and the door slowly began to open.

Rachel wanted to close her eyes, wanted to run, wanted to scream, but she was unable to do anything. The door opened and her father stood there with his eyes closed. Finally Rachel was able to find her voice.

"Daddy?" Questioning, pleading, yet somehow knowing that this was not what it seemed.

Then, suddenly, her father opened his eyes. Rachel stared into them. They were black as coals. Then her father snorted, but it sounded more like a bull's snort. Smoke shot out of his nose, quickly slowing and forming a cloud around his face. Rachel smelled the overwhelming smell of sulfer.

In an instant her father was across the room. Rachel screamed as he tore her flimsy nightgown off her body. Throwing her on the bed her father stood over her, his black eyes fixing her to the spot as he tore off his shirt and yanked his pants down. Her fathers cock was a good size, 7 inches hard, it had made her feel full and good. This cock was at least 12 inches and was not completely hard yet. Rachel watched with trepedation as he stroked it and it grew. It was at least 18 inches long and thick as her leg. She knew there was no way that monster would fit in her, she also knew that was exactly where it was going.

At this poing Rachel realized that this was not her father and that she was no longer alive. As soon as she made this realization the figure before her transformed into a demon. Standing seven feet tall with the body of a man, the legs and hed of a bull, both covered in brown hair. What skin there was that was not covered in hair was red. The horns curved up and gave another two feet to his height. And there was still that enormous cock.

Her surrondings also changed. Her familiar home turned into a firey, garish mockery of her house. Rachel was definately in hell.

She did not have much time to reflect on these changes, with a terrifying laugh, the demon picked her up by the waist and lined his cock up with her pussy. Terrified as she was, her pussy had gotten a little wet, but it could never get wet enough for that massive cock to go in easily. The demon began to force her down on it. The head stretched her pussy lips painfully, forcing them to their limit, and beyond. Rachel screamed as her pussy began to tear open, and she only had the head inside her.

The demon forced more and more of his massive cock inside her, tearing her pussy apart in the process. As it reached her cervix, her screamed grew even higher as it ripped through that tight ring.

"Do you like fucking daddy now?" Rachel did not hear the demon so much as he projected words telepathically into her head. "You loved feeling his cock spraying in you almost as much as you loved your brother breeding you. You begged him to cum inside you, to shoot death into your womb. You got exactly what you asked for." The demon then laughed out loud as his cock tore out the top of her womb and further into her abdominal cavity.

"Remember this" he projected to her, and with that brought a blade identical to the one her father had snuffed her with across her throat. The knife severed both carotid arteries, just as her father had. Rached felt the same panic as when she was dying as twin fountains of blood lept from the hole in her throat. But this time she was in hell and incapable of dying. So the blood flowed and she got weaker and weaker, but could not lose consciousness. She would also not be spared by passing out or going insane. She was there to suffer, and suffer she would.

The demon then leaned down and ripped the rest of her throat from her body. His cock, which was deep inside her poked out through the hole where the bottom her her neck used to be. The demon then grapped the head of his cock with one hand, the other he grabbed her waist and ripped her streight back, his cock tearing her open from pussy to neck, ripping out internal organs, and spraying blood and gore all over the demon. He then went over to the hellish version of their fire pit and dumped the remnants of her body into it. He seemed to will a fire into existance and, although a normal person would be dead, she was an inhabitant of hell.

She felt every part of her body burn, being forced to bear an unbearable agony. The parts of her body that contained liquid, began to boil. Her eyes were the first to go, swelling briefly and then exploding, causing incredible pain and rendering her blind. Her intestines, where they had not been shredded by the demons cock, began to spew liquid and steam from little holes, just like grilling sausages. her blood vessles did the same, stretching and bursting. All while being consumed by fire. The soft tissues in her body were sizziling and burning away, and she felt every part of it. Her skull protected her brain for a time, but then it began to cook from the immense heat. Living beings cannot feel pain directly from their brain, but in hell you felt everything. As her brain began to expand from the cooking it was forced out through her eye sockets, nose, ears and every other hole in her skull, causing her unbearable agony. As the brain was pushed out it caught fire and burned away. The fire ate its way into her skull through these openings and consumed the rest of her brain. Eventually only her bones remained, and then they to were eaten away.


Hell is an eternity of suffering; and the concept of time has no meaning in hell.


Rachel and Ken in Hell m/f, eternal torment

Rachel woke up in a room, at leas she thought it was a room. It was dark, small and dirty, something like a small basement room in a rundown building.
She clearly remember her torture from earlier and was fearful of what would come next. Then she noticed another figure in the room. It was her brother. She looked into his eyes only to see actual human eyes, he was not another demon. Both of them were naked, and they rushed to embrace each other, but unseen forces siezed them and moved them into position. They bent Rachel over and placed her on all fours, her ass in the air. They moved Ken behind her on his knees. This sight caused Ken to get hard, desiring his sisters pussy, even though they were both dead and in hell.

He was moved forward by the forces and his cockhead touched his sisters pussy. Her pussy lips opened to accept his cock, and he was pushed forward by the forces and into his sisters pussy. It felt wonderful and he fucked her with wild abandon. She pushed back with all the excitement he had. Both hoping their torment was over. His climax caused her to cum all over his spurting cock. Normally he would go soft and they would cuddle, but he was unable to move from that pose, his erection still strong, and was forced to keep thrusting inside his sister.

She was simalarly unable to dislodge him and kept pushing back. Again and again the siblings were forced to cum. Each time it was less pleasant than the last. Eventually they grew to hate it, yet they could not stop. A demon laughed as he laid bricks to wall off their prison. They were left to an eternity in a windowless, doorless, dirty cell were they were forced to fuck, constantly, having long moved past hating it. Both of them prayed for death, darkness, an end to the torment. But they had been damned by God, and their prayers would go unanswered.




@polkan Thank you.


Ha, someone else who gets off on father-daughter impregnation AND snuff. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

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