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Stories about female gurochan users

Hi all, so I am planning on writing a story that will involve female users on this site as characters. I could simply ask them for permission but that's a lot less fun and ruins the surprise. I would like to know if writing tribute stories to other users is in keeping with the culture here, since I am new to this place. If that is not something people appreciate on this forum then I will be sure to ask the relevant people for permission to involve them. But if it is something people enjoy, then I would rather make a surprise contribution.
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Cokking conversations(loli, cann, snuff, incest)


“Yes Princess?”

“Is it gonna Hurt?”

John turned to look at his 10 Year old daughter as she sat on the center prep table, her little legs, slightly parted and dangling off the edge showing her little Fillet, puffy, reddish and still leaking a bit of his seed from her first and only sexual experience.

“Well I won’t lie sweetie. Getting cooked is going to be more than just a bit uncomfortable, but I am going to start the oven on low and let the heat come up slowly so it should be just like going to sleep. We’ll worry about the stuffing once you have passed out.”

Mellanie absently played with the cum leaking from her recently deflowered pussy and watched as her father mixed the stuffing and collected the seasonings, he would be using on her. Her eyes drifted to the large assortment of Knives hanging off the magnetic rack next to the prep station.

“uh… what if… I mean couldn’t you stuff me now? “she asked.

John turned to look at his little girl with a bit of astonishment. “Well Yes, I could, but that would mean gutting you and doing that while you’re still alive and awake would hurt a Lot. I am already so proud of you for volunteering for this special dinner. I don’t want to hurt you more than necessary.”

“T-That’s ok Daddy, I don’t mind. I just want to be able to experience as much of it as possible. I read that it will make my meat taste better… the pain I mean… I want your special dinner with Maddie to be the best ever. You’re gonna ask her to marry you right?” She looked at her father with a seriousness he had never seen from her before.

“Yes, Yes I am.” He said simply, looking at his youngest daughter to see how she reacted.

“Then I want to taste my best. Its not every day you get to help your big sister get married.” She smiled at her father and reached for the knife rack.” Which one will you open me up with?”

John returned her smile and took the hook bladed gutting knife from the rack. “this one princess. It will go in here…” he poked her lightly with the point just above her bare pubic bone, “and then just like a zipper” he slowly dragged it up along her skin to just below her breastbone. She Giggled at the cold metal tickling her as it slipped up her tummy. “then we just take out all the inside bits and replace them with the stuffing.”

“But I’ll still be alive when you put me in the oven?” she asked worriedly.

“if I work quickly. But if we do it this way, once I get started, I won’t have time to be gentle or nice about it, not if you want to feel the oven heating up.” He looked his baby girl in the eye, trying to see if she was serious about this. “Is that how you want to do it?”

Mellanie thought for a moment, her eyes on the wicked looking knife in her father’s hand. With a nod she looked into his face… “Yes Daddy. That’s how I want it.”

“Well then I had better finish the stuffing now before we start.” He handed Mellanie a bowl of potatoes and a paring knife. “here you cut those into one-inch pieces while I get everything else ready.”

Mellanie pulled her feet up onto the prep table and sat cross-legged as she began to cut the potatoes that would be served with her roasted body. As she did, she though back to the evening before and her little pussy tingled again at the memory of her father cock stretching her unused sex. It had hurt at first then quickly the excitement of being fucked by her handsome father, her father who would soon be eating her, sharing her meat with her older sister. Made the pain fade and her first orgasm overtook her young body. She shivered at the memory and then yelped as her inattention had caused her to cut her finger. Looking at the small thin line in her thumb welling with blood made her imagine the much larger line her Daddy would soon be cutting in her tummy.

She looked up at her Father as he stirred the pan on the stove, the smell of the herbs in the basting glaze he was making for her made her mouth water. She was going to taste good. Her Daddy was a good cook and her only… well her biggest regret was that she wouldn’t be able to taste how good he would make her taste. Between the occasion and the fact, he was cooking his youngest daughter, she was sure he would do his very best job on her.

Mellanie finished cutting the potatoes and was absentmindedly sucking her sore thumb as she watched him finish the stuffing and bring the big bowl to the prep table and set it down near the shackles where her feet would soon be held.

“Alrighty then all finished with the taters?” He took the bowl of starchy cubes and after a quick look decided they were good enough. He put his hand on her knee and smiled at her. “Are you ready princess? If you’ve changed your mind, we can still get you in the oven now and do the stuffing later.”

Mellanie grinned at him and laid back with her hands above her head near the wrist shackles and spread her feet toward the ankle shackles.

“Make me delicious Daddy!”

With a nod and a grin John clamped his little girl’s ankles into place then pulling her slim little body taught and did the same with her wrists. He then took the thick leather strap and drew it across her thighs and buckled it tightly and did the same with the strap the went across her chest where the breasts she would never grow would have been. Once he was sure she was secured properly he took up the hooked gutting knife and placed the point halfway between her navel and her pubic bone. He placed a calming hand on her belly and leaned somewhat awkwardly over to kiss her on the forehead.

“Here it comes Princess, remember to breathe deeply and try not to move.” At her nod he pressed the blade in and winced at her strangled scream as she fought to not let him know how much it hurt her. He glanced at her face, her eyes were screwed tight and her teeth gritted. He adjusted the knife, so the hooked edge was now ready and pulled it up her body toward her breastbone. Her whining moan as he slid it up through her flesh made him wince, but it was much too late to stop now. He set the knife aside and smoothed the hair on her forehead. “Your doing great princess all done with the cutting for now try and relax.”

Mellanie let out her breath and panted through the pain trying weakly to smile at her Daddy as his pulled the cut edges of her tummy open and slipped his hand inside. She could help looking in fascination as he started pulling out the pinkish grey ropes of her intestines and dropping them into the tub on the floor at his feet. True to his word he didn’t speak and did his best to ignore her pained moans and squeaks as he emptied her belly and cut out her liver and set it aside along with her kidneys and other edible organs. She shivered as he finished, wiping his hands on the kitchen towel hanging on the bar just below the edge of the table. He glanced at his little girl and smiled gently.

“Well sweetie that’s the worst done, now to fill you back up!” he picked up the big bowl of stuffing and began packing it into her empty belly. Mellanie watched in fascination as he packed in more stuffing than she would have thought would fit in a girl her size. He picked up a large gauge needle threaded with heavy cotton cooking twine. As he started to stich her tummy closed, she was surprised to find that the relatively small injuries caused by the needle hurt worse than the giant gash they were closing. Soon he was finished and ran his hand lightly along her rough stitched belly she could see it was slightly rounded looking almost like Maddie’s had when she left for the hospital to have her baby.

She was still staring at her belly when she felt her father’s hands on her again. This time rubbing her skin down with cooking oil, rubbing it into her chest and arms then down her legs and feet and finally he spent several minutes rubbing it into her puffy little pussy… her filet. Then he unbuckled the straps holding her down, unlocked her ankles and pulled her feet up , tying her ankles together, he unlocked her wrists next bringing her hands don and tied them to her ankles wither fingers in just the right place to let her rub her pussy.

He lifted her in his strong arms again and moved her to the other counter, lowering her into the roasting pan that he had prepared for her. A final check to be sure she was properly positioned in the pan. Then he smiled… “one last special touch princess,” he held up a large oversized carrot and she watched looking down her body as he slipped the phallic vegetable into her pussy and moved it in and out like a dildo before pressing her hand down to touch it. She got the idea quickly and smiled at her Father.

“Thank you, Daddy!” she started sliding the carrot slowly in and out of her little pussy.

“Well pain isn’t the only thing that can help you taste good.” He smiled again and kissed her deeply letting his tongue slip between her lips. He pulled back and lifted the pan turning toward the open oven.

“Thank You, Mellie! I’m sure Maddie will love her engagement dinner! Thank you for making it such a special meal!” with that he slid his youngest into the oven and closed the door. Setting it to the live cooking setting he turned it on and set about making the sides that he would serve his oldest daughter alongside his youngest’s roasted flesh.

Inside the oven Mellanie worked the carrot in and out of her tender little pussy. Remembering how her Daddy’s cock felt doing the same thing last night. Suddenly the oven walls began to be lit by an orange glow as the heating elements turned on. It started to get warm but not yet hot. she craned her neck and could see her Daddy though the window of the oven door, moving about in the kitchen as he made the sides that would sit beside her on the table. He hopped she remembered how much Maddie likes green beans… “oh good he is getting them ready now”. Mellanie relaxed and tried to concentrate on fucking herself with the carrot.

She had just cum for the second time and was well on her way to a third cum when Daddy opened the oven door and pulled her halfway out to baste her. The air in the kitchen felt cold and she couldn’t help shivering a little before Daddy spooned the warm basting glaze over her reddening skin.

“you’re doing great Princess, starting to smell good already. Feeling ok so far?”

She found it a little hard to concentrate on speaking and her voice was barely a whisper. “I’m ok Daddy a little tired. Is it bedtime yet?”

John smiled a little sadly as he nodded and kissed her forehead. “Yes, Princess I’m tucking you in now.”

“Hmmmmm, Thank you Daddy, Ni Ni!”

John slid the soon to be meat back into the oven and whispered goodbye to his daughter.

Back in the oven Mellanie could smell meat cooking, “Oooh Daddy is making a roast I bet its gonna taste soo good.” She shuddered one last time as her third orgasm hit her and with a long sigh Mellanie was gone and only meat remained.
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Rebecca's Moment

In particle physics there are a set of measurements known as the Planck units. These measurements are extrapolated from the physical constants of reality, such as the speed of light and the Boltzman constant, which describes the mathematics of entropy. A Planck length is the distance a massless particle will travel at the speed of light (the Planck speed) and consequently the Planck time is the amount of time it will take for a particle to travel the Planck length at the speed of light. In the minds of many physicists, the Planck units are the smallest measurements of consequence in our reality, as the laws of physics as we understand cease to have relevance below these measurements within most models and theories. Because of this, the Planck units may be thought of somewhat like the underlying “grid” within our universe, on which the pixels of reality move. Perhaps a single unit of Planck time is the closest we can come to truly defining a “moment” in our world.

Rebecca stared blankly at her showerhead as the blisteringly hot spray loosened the blood from her supple skin and carried it down her hourglass form and swirling into the drain. She stood there for a long time, mouth slightly agape, eyes defocused as the water scalded her, punishing her for her sins, even as it comforted her, held tight and purified her. Took away the blood. She didn’t try hard to understand what she had done only minutes before, instead simply embracing the heat wrapping around her like a second skin and causing billowing waves of steam to emerge from her apartment’s open bathroom door and into the cool night air past her balcony. Closing her eyes, she felt at peace for the first time in the last… what was it now? Three weeks? A month? It didn’t matter now. A slight smile curled around her lips. All was well now. All could end now. The young woman reached down and gently twisted the two knobs at her waist level, causing the water to spurt to a trickle and for a sudden gust of cool air to run over her from outside.

She turned and opened her eyes, suddenly realizing she hadn’t even slid her shower door shut in her daze. Slowly, gracefully, her calm figure stepped from the tiled floor onto the fuzzy pink mat a couple steps away, where she stood for a moment and felt the soft strands of synthetic fabric tickle her dripping feet. It was the same sensation she had loved since she was a little girl, just as special as ever this time. Her smile widened. A genuine, sweet, kind smile. She turned once more, this time to the body-height mirror in the corner of the bathroom. She was beautiful, her ivory skin glistening and her perfect blonde hair draping over her shoulders and breasts and wrapping around the curvature of her body like a patient and caring lover in the reflection. She took another silent moment to examine her motherly hips, flared to perfection and curving into her flawless thighs, pressed against each other just enough to highlight the softness of her skin and the pristine balance of fat throughout her body. Her usually modest breasts presented a colorful, tantalizing contrast to her otherwise pale figure, swollen with breastmilk and taking a pinkish hue, shiny and ripe from the internal pressure that was stretching them into beautiful fruit.

Suddenly her eyes caught the pacifier laying by the toilet in the reflection, a few specks of blood still spatter across its soft plastic surface. Her expression changed for a few moments into, not a frown, but an emptiness. A void of emotion, of thought… characterlessness. But as soon as this transformation had taken place, it was reversed, and her gentle, motherly smile returned. “I love you,” she said silently into the mirror. To whom was unknown even to her. It just seemed a beautiful thing to say in the moment, as the cool night breeze played across her body and caused tiny spots of color to raise across her gorgeous arms and legs, nipples hardening, pointing up slightly from her immaculate breasts. For a moment she felt a thrill, and glanced down almost teasingly at her own lips, barely visible between her silky thighs. She could feel a rush of blood, warmth inside her, contrasting with the cold air as her sex prepared for something that would not come. Not now, not ever again.

The mother- the girl- the woman, walked with silent, perfect grace through her quiet one-person bedroom, careful not to step in the blood-stains on the carpet as she approached the balcony, hips swaying with the taunting sensuality of a succubus. Her pupils contracted as she exited her room to the neon lights of the city outside, and she took a deep breath of the midnight air, allowing it to play in her lungs for a few moments the way an addict would return to the smoke of a cigar after weeks of a miserable attempt at quitting. It gave her life. Grounded her in the beautiful world around her. And yet, it wasn’t enough. Or rather, it wasn’t a reason to continue. She was happy for this to be her time, her last mark on the world she’d loved living in until now.

Suddenly she heard a shout. Coming from in front and above her. She glanced up, and caught sight of a young man, appearing to be in his mid twenties, standing on the balcony directly opposite and one floor above hers. “Hey sweetheart,” he intoned with obvious intent. “Saw you out here the other night, but didn’t get a chance to talk.” She could sense his eyes on her naked, dripping breasts, and took no offense, instead smiling sweetly up at him.

“Enjoy it,” she spoke just loud enough for him to hear, her dark, smooth voice travelling the cool night air in two small, echoing waves. The depth of passion in her voice was unbelievable, and the man felt his heart, and his cock, pounding in his chest and pants. The words of the hauntingly beautiful woman were spoken as if she were instruction, with real power, her lover to enjoy their climax inside of her. He stared at her silently, unable to understand what was happening, awestruck by her beauty, as she lifted herself onto the railing of her balcony and stood up straight, wet hair blowing in the cold night wind around her like a sail in a storm. He tried to speak as he watched lean forward, her smile disappearing under her nose, but his heart had stopped for a moment, and his lungs failed him when he wanted to shout, to call out, to cry to her… “no”.

She fell, beautifully, gracefully, her body rigid at first, for the first two rotations of her drop, and then her limbs began to pull in every direction, painfully, as she tumbled down. She embraced the pain, embraced the tug of the centrifugal force on her tight, womanly form. The pain, the discomfort, the pangs of regret in those final moments purified her like the heat of the shower minutes before. It told her she was right to do this, to repent, to leave this world for a place more beautiful, whether it be paradise or oblivion, or perhaps the torture she deserved.

It’s often said that certain deaths are painless. That they happen “instantly”. That the person feels nothing, the damage is too great in too short a time and their brain, the seat of the mind, is incapable of informing them of the horror that their physical form is being exposed to. Many would think that about beautiful Rebecca as her body impacted the concrete below. They would be wrong. For Rebecca, the poor thing, the definition of a moment, of an instance, mattered so much. As her head slammed at near terminal velocity into the grey walkway, as her skull flattened, snapped, crushed to dust and brain began to pulp, there was a single moment, a single unit of Planck time, in which every surviving neuron up until that point worked dilligently, desperately, to communicate to Rebecca, to form the thought in her mind “I’m dying. My head is exploding like a melon onto the concrete,” and every nerve that still functioned threw a single wave of pain through her body. Every atom, every proton, neutron, and quark had their wavefunction collapse into the exactly correct position to enable a single, quantifiable moment of time in which Rebecca was fully aware that she would not exist in the next proceeding moment. That she was in her last remaining moment of her life; of her violent, gruesome death that she had chosen for herself.

And then she was gone, her head bursting in a wave of red that splattered onto nearby passersby who would spend the next several minutes screaming, crying, calling for help, and staring down at the beautiful corpse that lay there now. Twitching, shaking. Trying so hard not to die across every cell in her body. But it was too late. Rebecca, the girl, the mother, the woman, the human being, the consciousness, was gone. All that remained was this wet, flopping, dripping, beautiful object, emptying it’s bladder onto the street, breasts flopping with its violent spasms as grey matter leaked out onto the street with blood, her one intact eyeball several feet away where it was in severe danger of being crushed by the running footsteps of police, her dangling from her lower jaw which itself barely hung from the ruins of her skull.

Later, the young man on the balcony above, when he was done drying his tears, when he was done explaining to the police what he had seen, when he was done trying to understand why he had seen what he did, found warmth, solace, beauty once again in the privacy of his own shower, stroking himself and imagining that single moment, that unit of Planck time, in which he imagined Rebecca knew her fate.

His hot sperm ran down the drain the same way Rebecca’s blood and brains ran down the flood grating of the street below two nights earlier.
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A Looter's Experiment (Necro, m/f)

A Looter's Experiment

Levy militia were chickenshit scum half the time. Roderick knew this by being one conscripted peasant himself. Whenever he and the rest of the unlucky schmucks were in the field, he made sure to stick to the sides and a little bit to the rear. Staying at the rear was an amateur mistake; the ones at the very back were always pushed aside and trampled on once the rout started. That’s not to mention the fact that the commanding nobleman - whoever it was at the time - often picked out the ones at the rear and made examples of them.

Said nobleman - Roderick really couldn’t remember his name - was currently showing the world his guts by the city gates. To nobody’s surprise, the levy under his command had scattered in the wind, away from the city where the fighting was fierce. Most of them except for Roderick, that was. He was wily enough to understand that opportunities were to be had that outweighed the risk of death. He wasn’t that much of a coward.

Life was rough as a peasant, Roderick knew. Nothing but the constant drudgery of the fields, grazing of livestock and the fear of starvation if whatever lord that was currently ruling over his village had decided that feasting in the winter was the best way to ration the food stores.

The sacking of this city might just provide him enough money to live comfortably by himself.

And here Roderick was, scouring through the corpses in an empty street by the poor residences with a large burlap sack he had hidden beneath his tunic and passed off as ‘extra padding’. His gaze skipped over finely forged swords and plate and honed in instead on coin pouches, jewelry, and the daggers he found on noble warriors that were sure to fetch more than a few shiny silvers with the right buyers.

The sound of shouting men gave Roderick pause and he darted into a nearby house just as the first armored foot rounded the corner. No matter which side it was, he’d probably get run down once they recognized him as a looter, Roderick thought bitterly to himself as he watched the knights’ shadows dance beneath the crack at the bottom of the door. He gripped the haft of his short spear tight, the other hand holding the lip of the sack.

A high-pitched yell from behind Roderick startled him and he spun around and thrust the spear forward. An ashen-faced woman glanced at the spear stuck between her ribs and toppled backwards, her raised knife clattering to the ground beside her. Roderick blanched at the sight of the bloody spear tip. “Crazy bint,” he muttered, “Why’d you go and have to do that?”

The corpse twitched on the ground. No, Roderick realized, it was crawling away. The woman was still alive and his stomach dropped at the sight of blood oozing out of her chest. He left the sack on the floor and neared her apprehensively. He hadn’t actually killed anyone yet. After seeing her finally stop on the floor a few feet away with one last gurgle, he decided that he’d rather not do it again.

Roderick timidly poked the body with the butt of his spear. When the woman didn’t respond, he got down on his knees and carefully flipped her face-up. His fingers went slick with blood immediately as they slipped into the warm pool of blood below her torso. He grimaced and wiped his hands on the relatively unmarked skirt. He was no stranger to blood and corpses, but this felt different.

The woman was younger than he was, he realized after looking at the corpse’s frozen, agonized expression and picking out her youthful features. She was fair-faced with long dark hair. Some blood spatter marked her cheek and he stopped himself from wiping it away with his hand. Several pangs of guilt welled up in his chest. She was too young for this.

Then the cold and hardened part of him that opted to loot bodies and use friends as meatshields took over.

She charged him with a knife. She deserved it. If nothing else, better her than him. She was gone and all that was left was her body.

He frowned at the frozen expression and he felt the familiar pull of curiosity on his heartstrings. One thought that had been burning in the back of his head came to mind.

What was it like?

He’d never been with a woman like plenty of his peers had. For most of his life, he’d been stuck on a farm with hardly anybody but his father to talk to. Once the latter took ill and died, the responsibilities of the farm thrust themselves upon him and he’d had no time to interact with women unless he was selling produce at his stand in the village. He was twenty years old and all he had to show for it was a struggling farm and the spear that he was given by the local blacksmith.

Maybe it was time for him to try new things for new rewards.

Before anything else, he dashed over to the one window illuminating the room and closed the shutters. It was fortunate nobody had seen him beforehand. Streams of sunlight traced along the floor and illuminated the body.

Now all he needed to do was remove its bloody clothes. After a few seconds of thought, he retrieved a dagger from the sack and sat the corpse up. The corpse had a petite figure and the strength he’d gained from hard labor made hauling the corpse to a clean spot on the floor easier. As he set the body down and began cutting its clothes off, he noticed the faint acidic tang of urine in the air and made a face.

“Forgot that happened. You’re a real troublemaker, aren’t you?” he said to the corpse, propping it up and yanking its long hair to make the head bob up and down as if it were agreeing with his question. “I bet you acted all high-and-mighty back when you were alive.”

The corpse didn’t reply, opting instead to slide back to the floor with a thump when he released his grip. Its wide, empty eyes stared back at him as he continued cutting away the bloody tunic.

And then its torso was bare.

Roderick frowned. The piercing wound was an ugly mark and the blood looked and smelt unflattering. He glanced at its relatively clean skirt and pulled it off, wiping away the blood before it could dry.

The red stains remained though they were far less prominent than before. Water would have been a godsend to clean the rest but he didn’t have the time. Somebody could find him here and decide that they didn’t need a filthy defiler like him in the world.

Roderick shoved down his guilty conscience as far as he could. That woman was the enemy. He had all the right to help himself to whatever he wanted from defeated enemies.

She was the enemy. She was right there. He would take what he wanted. It was as simple as that.

He boldly grasped at the cor- woman’s breast. They weren’t as big as what his farmhand friends bragged about fondling, but they filled his hand just enough for him to squeeze without effort. The act was strangely calming and he poked at the nipples, all the while keeping his eyes anywhere but the gaping spear wound.

He experimented with a couple of holds: squeezing lightly and quickly, heavily for a longer period of time, by the lower half, by the upper half. The corner of his lips twitched as he twisted a nipple as hard as he could. “You’ve got fine breasts, you know that? That’s what I think. All those mothers feeding their babes have them too big or they got them shapeless. Haven’t seen any others ‘side from theirs though, so don’t let your head get too big.”

She shrugged her shoulders when he nudged her arms up. Roderick chuckled and he felt something stir below his waist. “Fine, fine. I’ll try something else now.”

While he had taken off her skirt, he hadn’t really paid much attention to what lay underneath. He looked down and saw that below a patch of hair, the vagina still dripped with piss. The other side of the cloth skirt fixed that problem.

He propped her up on a stool, spread her legs and took a good, long look. He knew what he wanted to do and with his cock was pulsating painfully against his clothes, it was easy enough to drown out the last of voices telling him this was wrong.

Something broke then and there.

Roderick disrobed and hesitated for only a moment before plunging in. It was still warm, warm and moist enough for him to shiver in surprise. He pushed slowly, sliding up against her cunt’s walls and with every motion.

He felt himself groan and savored the sound against his throat. One hand drifted down to her breasts while another yanked on her hair. Roderick pressed his lips against hers and his moans were muffled by them as he slowly moved his hips back and forth.

He would've kept the position longer if one of his legs didn't start cramping. Roderick grumbled as he shifted around on the wooden floor. If he had known it would be this difficult, he would have searched for some non-bloody clothes to kneel on.

In the end, he had to stand up fully and bend the woman on a table. The table was just a little too short, however, and he had to use his semi-filled burlap sack to lift her body a little further.

"Are you one of my treasures?" he said. "Spoils of war for little folk like me?"

He shrugged. "Prolly not what the gods intended." Roderick chuckled and smacked her ass. She didn't laugh.

Roderick lined up his stiff lower head with her cunt and pushed forward only to wince slightly. He pushed a little forcefully and was met with mild resistance. She'd gone dry on him.

He swore under his breath. What now? Should he look for water? Maybe some oil? As it was right now, he wouldn't be able to get off without scratching up his head.

"Revenge from beyond the grave," he muttered as he withdrew. Probably for the better, really. His cock was still hanging out, but he could smell the fire and hear the battle cries a short distance away.

He grumbled as he shoved the stiffie down against his pants. Maybe he’d try his luck once the city was sacked. The thought lingered for a moment before he brushed it aside. As if they’d let a dirty peasant farmer like him get picks while anything good was still left over.

He walked over to the doorway and hesitated. It just felt like a huge waste. He could find another pretty lady and do her in, but the thought made his stomach curl in distaste. Killing just didn’t suit him right.

Roderick turned around. He would leave; he just needed to make sure he could come back to something. The woman’s head lolled against the small of his back as he hefted her over his shoulder.

If he remembered right, he saw some empty barrels around the side of the street. He’d just remember to hunt down some oil while he was out looting.
R: 10 / I: 0

Annual Independent Gymnastic Clubs Fundraiser (preteen/teen, cann, cons, exhibitionism)

Pt 1

There was an excited hush in the room as the first competitors stepped up to take their turn. The Annual Independent Gymnastic Clubs Fundraiser, open to all the clubs in the region, was always a very popular event and this year was no exception. The tickets were pretty pricey for such an event but, as usual, every seat was filled and not just with family members of those participating. In fact, more than half the tickets had been sold to people with no connection to the event what so ever who were simply keen to be there. The AIGCH event, you see, was pretty famous and very special.

The event was structured much like any other – there were a number of events testing various aspects of gymnastic ability and artistry, divided into age groups and judged by a panel of respected veterans and coaches. The age categories were six to nine, ten to thirteen and thirteen to sixteen. Each participating group could compete in as many of the categories as they chose, entering one contestant in each age-group. All the money raised would go to support the local groups with the winner in each category earning more for their particular club but every club benefiting in some way.

What made the AIGCH stand out, however, against other events of its kind and what made it attract the spectators that it did was the prize that the winner in each category would receive. In addition to the money for their club and their picture on their club’s wall of fame, a kind of immortality in a sense, the girl who came first in each event would, during the presentation ceremony after all the events had been run, be beheaded and her body cooked and served to the guests – the price of admission also included a meal and that is what most of the public came for!

While they competed, of course, the girls all wore standard gymnastic leotards bearing the colours and insignia of their team but for the award ceremony, they would all change into different coloured togas with nothing underneath, each team wearing matching colours, in an attempt to emulate the great sporting events of ancient Greece. The winners would be crowned with laurel wreaths and mount a podium then, at a signal given by the master of ceremonies, they would pull on the knot that held their togas at the shoulder, revealing their nude, athletic bodies.

This was, of course, always a popular time for visitors to take photographs even if they had not bothered during the contest itself! Once everyone had got a good look at the winner’s bodies, the event would move outside onto the green behind the building where the spits, roasting pits, grills and pots would be set up and waiting. In the centre was a small stage with steps leading up to it and an executioner’s block at the front.

Each champion in turn, traditionally starting with the youngest, would mount the platform and lay her tender young neck on the block. The privileged of actually wielding the axe went to a local dignitary, usually the Mayor, for the first chop and then passed to the queue of mostly men but the occasional woman also who had paid for the opportunity.

In front of the stage, the rest of the girl’s team would gather to catch her severed head as it fell. These heads were then quickly passed to an employee of the local taxidermist who would pack them in ice ready to take back to the workshop and preserve. These preserved heads would be the most sought-after prizes in the raffle which would be drawn while the meat was cooking with other prizes including the leotards and underwear that the winners wore while competing. Those with the winning tickets would be notified when the heads were ready for collection and could opt to have them preserved either as trophies or with an easy-rinse throat-coating and removable base – this option was known as a “Happy Ending” and was by far the most popular, even among the parents lucky enough to win their own daughter’s head!

By the time the execution of all the winners was complete, the remaining contestants, having stood in huddles in front of the stage ready to catch the falling heads, were usually considerably splashed or in some cases, where one team had won more of the events than any other leaving only a few of them left, soaked in blood. Since it was nearly always a warm afternoon when the event took place, it was customary for the remaining girls to shed their togas and have a huge water-fight to clean off. This, as might well be imagined, was also very popular with the spectators.

While the girls were cleaning up, their beheaded colleagues would gutted and cleaned and either parted out or prepared for the spit or stew pot and, after a couple of hours, the naked gymnasts would help to serve the meat of their more successful team-mates to the hungry ticket holders.

This was the third year that eleven year old Chelsea had competed and she was determined that it would be her last!
R: 3 / I: 0

"Art in the Attic" (F/f, NC, snuff, water sports, teen)

"Art in the Attic"

(Different Chapters will have slightly different content, but generally will be F/f, non-consensual, snuff, water sports, teen)

Here's something I've been writing lately. I'm still not fully sure how long it'll be, but I'm guessing about 6-8 Chapters (around 6k words each). It's about a teenage girl named Conny, who encounters an older, supernatural woman named Autumn. Autumn gives Conny power to do bizarre, cruel and deadly things to people the latter doesn't like, and especially uses it against fellow students from her all girls school.


``(F-Solo, f, f, non-consensual, masturbation, melting, snuff, teen, water sports)``

`==(Chapter 1: "Melted Goo With a Side of Milk" - Pt. A)==

Conny and her friend Karen were getting stuff out of their lockers, finishing up an after hours drivers education class, at their public (but all-girls school) in suburban Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They had recently both turned 14 years old, which meant that right there in the Mount Rushmore State, the two could soon get a permit.

"So this weekend, you wanna come over? We can go and -" Conny, the freckled, pony-tailed redhead began to say, as they both were closing their lockers.

"Sorry, but I'll be busy this weekend!" Karen (an East Asian girl with long hair) interrupted, while quickly hurrying away in the mostly empty hallway. "We'll do whatever on the weekend after for sure."

``You said that before about this upcoming weekend, too…`` the disappointed girl thought to herself.

"Oh, OK…" Conny said out loud, trying not to sound let down, because Karen always seemed to have an excuse lately to not doing anything outside school hours. "I sorta understand. I guess…"

"Bye!" Karen said, without even looking back as she hurried off.

"Yeah… Bye…"

Karen hated disappointing Conny (especially since the former was the latter's only real friend), because she knew her friend had been a shy girl her entire life, with trouble making connections with people. The redheaded teenager had trouble making eye contact, even with those she knew. The introverted girl had anxiety whenever she was around people she never met, or didn't know very well. Lately, Karen was becoming more preoccupied with other things and people (especially a particular person).

After walking a few blocks away from the school (Conny hated walking by herself without her friend), the redhead suddenly realized she had to rush somewhere, too. The high schooler started racing home in the cloudy and windy (but still warm) fall day. Soon, she'd start a live online course with her tutor. She thought it was going to suck, like always, but thankfully nobody was at the house (or so she thought), so it'd be nice being home alone. Afterwards, she thought she'd masturbate to relieve some stress.

Suddenly the teenage girl had to take a major piss. She had missed the tutoring sessions before (from not giving a damn), and her Mother was pretty angry about it. Her Mom wanted her to log in and be with the tutor, 04:30-PM sharp, and that was less than 10 minutes away. Conny simply couldn't afford to miss any others, or even be a little late, so having to use the bathroom first was going to be cutting it close.

Only a block away, there was a park in the neighborhood. It had a small public bathroom building, with three rooms. Conny rushed up the women's door, and turned the handle, but it was locked. She tried the handicapped room, but it too was locked.

"Oh, come on…"

The only option left was men's. The frustrated girl didn't want to use it, but didn't have the luxury of caring, since a males' bathroom was still a bathroom. And of course, as she expected, it was locked. Out of pure desperation, the teenager tried shaking and pulling on the knob, but to no avail.

"Fuck this!" she growled in anger after stopping, before kicking the door a few times.

There was no rhyme or reason as to when they were unlocked for the public. Sometimes they were, sometimes they weren't. She'd now have to wait until getting to her home, still several blocks away. The poor girl hoped she didn't end up pissing her panties before getting back to the house.

The teen girl's home had one main floor, a basement, and the attic, which doubled as her room. After finally getting to her house about 5 minutes later, Conny rushed to the toilet. She slid down the skirt of her mostly gray school outfit, and panties. From there, the teenager sat her bare ass down, relaxed and started pissing. As the young girl sat on the toilet in her uniform, she thought it felt great to finally relieve her bladder.

"Aaaahhh…" she gently sighed in relief.

The teenager looked at her iPhone. She obsessively had been checking the time, as the yellow urine fell from her pink twat, and into the water below. There was only a few minutes left until the session started, but it felt like her bladder was taking forever to empty.

The redhead knew she shouldn't have drank so much Diet Pepsi earlier (not to mention it wasn't that good for her to begin with). Her eating habits were better, however. As a preteen, she was somewhat pudgy, but after changing her eating patterns, she lost the weight and became petite again. Being able to eat what she wanted without gaining weight was something the teen wanted very badly, but her metabolism wouldn't allow it.

"I'll drink whatever I damn well feel like…" she randomly mumbled to herself, thinking about what everyone says about the matter.

Along with the sound of her piss falling into water below, Conny thought she heard footsteps coming from the attic. However, she quickly dismissed the upstairs noise, figuring it was the wind or something, since nobody was suppose to be home right now.

"Hurry up, damn it…" the impatient girl groaned, with a stressed look in her green eyes.

After several seconds (but what felt like several minutes), she was done. The fully relieved girl flushed the toilet, stood up, and pulled her bottoms back up (being in a hurry, she didn't even bother to wipe her crotch or wash hands). The redhead ran upstairs to the small attic/bedroom. She opened the door, glancing at her iPhone again (it was 04:28, so there was only a couple minutes to spare). The young girl's life instantly changed once looking up.

With no light switched on, the attic was somewhat dark, and outside cloud cover made it even more so. However, Conny could tell there was someone there, causing her heart to race. An attractive, petite woman with curly, dark and long hair (with some light yellow streaks running through) in a ponytail was standing right in front of the room's window. She was directly across from her.

"Hi!" the mystery woman said (with a big smile), as Conny switched on the light.

As her heart beat faster, and breathing accelerated, Conny looked at the mysterious woman. The light revealed that she was totally naked, except for some black high heels. She looked to be in her late-20s/early-30s or so, and had C-cup tits along with trimmed dark pubic hair.

"Uh - Who are you?" the naturally confused girl asked, looking directly at the mysterious woman (normally the teenager wouldn't look directly at someone, but knew she had to for the sake of being on guard in this case). "And why are you… Naked?"

"Well I could ask you why you AREN'T naked," the brown eyed, mostly nude woman replied.

"I asked who you were," Conny said, getting agitated, but trying to keep calm.

"Call me… Let's say Autumn…" the 5'6" woman replied, walking over halfway (her large heels causing creaking sounds in the attic's wooden floor), and extending her hand out for a greeting. "You could say I'm a witch. Not really, but kinda-sorta. Nice to meet you there, Conny."

"How'd you know my name?" the teenager asked, keeping her distance, and not accepting the handshake (meeting new people in general was very difficult for her, and the fact this nude woman was suddenly in her attic obviously made it more difficult).

"Well you sign your name on your art, which I really like, Conny…" Autumn commented after putting her hand down, and looking around. "A lot of it's really imaginative. A couple kinda suck ass, but most of it's pretty great."

Covering the teenager's wooden, slanted attic walls were highly detailed paintings and colored sketches (all her own work) in picture frames. The pieces varied. Many were nature themed, especially flowers. Others were of people. A few were futuristic cities, while some contained weird, other worldly creatures she thought up. Regardless of what they were about, the bottom of her pieces each said Make the World Beautiful…

"And why are you in my room?" the redhead demanded to know, ignoring the compliment, plus feeling her heart beat faster and faster, as her anxiety got worse.

"Well, if you stop asking questions, I've got a surprise for you," Autumn said, pointing at her dresser against the wall, which contained a square object with a black drape over it.

"I asked why you're in my room, you stupid bitch," Conny growled while clinching her fist, going from anxious to angry.

Instead of an answer, the two just stared at each other. Autumn watched with a smirk on her face, while Conny looked back with an increasingly angered expression. The latter had done her best to be calm, but was becoming infuriated by this woman's lack of answers and trespassing in her room, which was such a private space to her.

"TELL ME, OR I'LL GOUGE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING EYEBALLS OUT!" Conny threatened, while slamming her iPhone to the ground (which broke the screen).

"You considered that option first, before calling the cops?" the naked woman asked, in a dismissive tone. "You'd rather rip my eyeballs out?"


"If my eyeballs are torn out, how can I watch?" Autumn asked, before tilting her head back and laughing. "See? I can ask questions too, ya' little pissed off psychopath."

"YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Conny yelled while charging.

Being called a psychopath was the final straw which broke the camel's back, so Conny ran to attack Autumn, but the latter just vanished and reappeared in the same spot the teenager had just been, so they essentially traded places. The redhead froze in place, not fully processing what she had seen. The creepy woman literally vanished in front of her eyes, like an illusion that suddenly stopped.

"You shouldn't have such a potty mouth used against your elders," the naked woman commented, after reappearing. "I'll let it slide for now, but keep it up, and you'll be disciplined."

"But how - I mean…" the confused teenager asked, after turning around (her anger was now partially replaced by confusion). "What the…?"

"By the way, you fucked up your phone," Autumn said, while laughing again, and levitating it off the ground for the teenager to see. "Your phone is now as fucked up as you are in the head, but watch this…"

The smashed iPhone screen began to fix itself. Conny watched in awe as all cracks gradually faded within seconds, and in no time, it looked like a brand new device. She wondered if this was some kind of illusion or trick being done on her, along with the vanishing and reappearing, but it was very real.

"You're welcome, brat," Autumn commented before rushing the device right at Conny, but with the latter quickly catching it.

Conny just stared the screen, as she swiped through files on the phone. Not only was the screen no longer filled with cracks, but the touch feature was working perfectly. Plus, some minor scratches on the device before were now gone, too.

"Wow…" was all she could say.

"See that?" the naked woman asked. "That's nothing though compared to other stuff I can do for you."

"Really?" Conny asked, while looking up at her, still barely able to say anything from amazement.

"Yeah, but you gotta behave," Autumn replied, who was now levitating a foot off the ground (which creeped the teenager out). "You'll go farther with me by not screaming that you'll rip my eyeballs out and eat them. Respect your elders."

"Elders? So what's your age?" the high schooler asked while putting her phone away (she could tell Autumn seemed young, but clearly still older than herself). "Like you know I'm only 14, right? I don't even have a permit yet."

"Yeah, so?"

"I mean, you could go on a sex offender list for exposing yourself like this to me," Conny warned.

"Oh, like I give a shit about the law," Autumn said, continuing to slowly levitate higher. "The only law that matters is what I say…"

"…and unlike the legal system everyone else has to live under," she continued, now appearing only as a large head the same size as her body, "I grant rewards, not just punishments."

Conny was obviously startled by seeing Autumn as a giant head, right in front of her. Suddenly, the witch wrapped her tongue around the teenager, and it curled around the latter’s body, causing the poor girl to scream. The mysterious woman pulled the redhead into her dark mouth, and swallowed. However, the high schooler instantly felt herself back at the exact same spot where she had just been, standing upright, with Autumn in her basic form, and feet back to the ground.

The teenager kept screaming and thrashing her arms for a couple seconds, before fully realizing things had just gone back to “normal”. She looked around with a very confused look, flabbergasted. The redhead went from horror, to outright numb confusion.

"Do you understand me, little girl?" the naked woman asked authoritatively, pointing her finger.

"Um… Yeah…" Conny replied, too confused by what just happened.

"Good," Autumn replied with a gentle smile, now fully back to normal.

The redhead liked the sound of getting rewards, but still wasn't sure what to think overall. The teenager had such a mixture of emotions in the last few minutes. As would be expected, she felt like there wasn't something quite right about Autumn at all (for very obvious reasons), but figured that if she played her cards right, great things could come of this.

"Well now that we've established who's in charge, don't you wanna see what's under the drape?" Autumn asked while pointing at the dresser.

Being a curious person, the still dumbfounded teenage girl went over to object, feeling drawn to it. She was a little afraid to uncover it, not knowing what Autumn had up her sleeve. She removed the drape, and took a look. To her surprise, it was a glass item (about a foot and a half tall, and across), with 3 girls, about 5 or 6 inches tall, crying and screaming.

"What?" the teenager asked, peering to get a closer look.

Conny recognized everyone. Two were girls she knew from the junior/senior high school (both in yellow cheerleader uniforms, one a blonde and the other brown-haired), while the other was a Chinese woman, in her early-30s who co-ran the local antique store, but instead of a cheerleader outfit, was in normal clothes.

"Is this… real?" Conny asked, turning her head back towards Autumn, and not knowing what to think.

"Yes," Autumn confirmed, walking a few steps closer. "Why?"

"You're the one who did this?" the teenager asked, although the answer should've been obvious at that point.

"Why yes. Yes, I did, but never mind that," the evasive mystery woman said.

"Um - Well why did you? And… Why are they all… Small?" Conny asked, turning back to see the prisoners.

"Again with the damn questions," Autumn growled in frustration, still dodging direct answers. "Because. That's why."

"Why don't you answer my questions, BITCH!!?" the frustrated teenager growled back, while turning back to look at her (and hitting the dresser with her fist).

"You really do got a temper, don't you, ya' little brat?" Autumn asked, after laughing. "I can tell you're gonna be one of the funner ones."

"And what does that mean?" Conny growled, trying to calm down and wanting to cooperate.

"Now pick one of those bugs out to start," the witch said, once again not answering. "I'd like to see you figure out things to do to them, but do it one by one. The fun'll last longer."

"What do you - What do you want me to do?" Conny asked, already calming down again for some reason.

"Anything," Autumn said, who now appeared as countless heads on the walls speaking in unison, replacing the framed drawings and paintings.

"OK, what do you mean by 'anything'?" Conny asked, apparently not phased by the countless heads.

"I mean exactly what I said," Autumn's faces explained, as they talked in sync. "I gave you the power to do whatever you want to them. No limits in terms of power, and no taboos."

"No limits?" the redheaded teenager asked, as the witch went back to her basic form.

"Are you dense or something?" Autumn sarcastically asked, sounding annoyed again. "Yes."

Conny peered down again, to take another close look. She wanted to kill the cheerleader girls at least, for different reasons each. It was strange. The redhead hated the two, but never had murderous ideas (although that was now quickly changing). She didn't know what got into her, or if these thoughts were even originating from her, but didn't care much.

Plus, Conny loved the sight of them. They looked so pathetic and helpless, crying, screaming and very small. Anything could be done to them, anything at all. The relatively giant teenager had complete and total power. She also had no trouble looking at them directly into their eyes, because they were now so small.

"You know what? Why the hell not?" Conny said with an evil smile, embracing her dark side.

"Yeah, that's right!" Autumn said, giving her own wicked smile. "Just go with it…"

"Hmmm… I think I'll take out…" Conny said, moving her finger along the glass. "Jessica to begin!"

"No! Leave me alone!" the 16 year old, blonde haired Jessica screamed, in a squeaky voice that was barely understandable.

The tiny girl started running away into a corner, getting as far away as possible, but could only go so far. She was the most popular student in the Sioux All Girls Jr./Sr. High School (a charter school for girls from 6th to 12th grade from all over the country, who were gifted in some way, had a learning disability, behavioral problems, or had well-off parents who made backroom deals in Jessica's case).

The only reason Jessica was popular was mainly because she came from a relatively wealthy background, and bought a lot of stuff for her friends (if they did her favors, sometimes questionable ones), so people gravitated towards her. However, the blonde teenager wasn't very bright, and one of the biggest sluts in town, too.

Conny was jealous of Jessica's popularity and extroverted personality. The shy girl wished she could have the same amount of friends (but being extremely shy, not having much money and somewhat new to town, the redhead had none). The cheerleader had so many things she wanted, but didn't have.

It didn't help that the blonde was often rude to Conny, since she didn't suck up to her for cash or expensive gifts. In the few times they interacted, the cheerleader was very rude, because she didn't think the redhead was of any use to her. If someone didn't do favors in exchange for money, or kiss her ass, why bother?

"Like I said, just go with it," the naked, dark haired witch said, reaching down to rub herself, getting turned on. "She's basically a bug, she doesn't matter. The world'll go on, anyway."

The teen reached inside, and carefully plucked Jessica's little body by her ponytail. She lifted Jessica out of the glass box, as the tiny girl kicked her arms and legs while screaming. The cheerleader looked down, and could she was dangling above what seemed like several stories up.

"Don't hurt me!" the small girl begged, with tears flowing down her blue eyes. "Let me go!"

To Jessica, Conny was clearly no longer the soft spoken, shy, socially awkward loser girl from high school who rarely looked up while speaking. She was clearly different now. The cheerleader may have been at the top of the social pyramid at school, but here in the attic, she was at the bottom, in terms of power and size.

"Oh, I might do more than hurt you," Conny warned, having murderous thoughts, and stepping a few feet away from the dresser. "Besides, you're only a snobby slut who sucks cock and smokes pot all day."

"Please, have me changed back!" Jessica pleaded, staring at the redhead's relatively large green eyes."I'll give you tons of cash!"

"Go shove Mommy and Daddy's money up your ass," Conny said (as tempting as the offer was). "You could offer me a billion dollars, and I wouldn't give a FUCK. You can't bribe your way out of this one, cunt!"

"I'll give you all of it! Every last penny! Just don't - Don't hurt me!" Jessica said, with tears constantly flowing down her cheeks. "I promise!"

"You know that nobody likes you?" the larger teenager asked. "People only become friends with you for the fucking money so you buy 'em things. When you're gone, everyone will miss your money, NOT you."

"OK! OK! PLEASE don't hurt me!" Jessica sobbed.

"The only reason you're even IN that fuckin' school is because your Mommy and Daddy bribed the higher ups!" Conny kept ranting. "They did it just so you can have bragging rights about going to a 'special place'!"

"OK! You're right!" the tiny blonde said. "Now let me go! I promise I'll be different!"

A small part of Conny suddenly began feeling sorry for the tiny girl. She was starting to feel conflicted. Jessica seemed sincere in being remorseful, even if it was partly to save her own ass. Plus, nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws. She was considering that perhaps this wasn't the best thing to do.

"Don't listen to her," Autumn insisted, with her mouth having vanished, but yet still able to speak. "She'll just go back to her old ways almost right away. People slip into old habits real damn quick."

"Good point…" the larger teenager agreed, still staring at her captive.

"Besides, I personally know that she wants to hurt you," the witch said, and her mouth slowly appearing back. "I don't know what it is, but she's plotting something."

"Really?" the redhead asked, starting to think Jessica was even worse than she already thought.

"Yes, really," Autumn nodded. "Lots of people wanna hurt you. Even those you wouldn't expect."

"So is that true?" the relatively giant girl asked, starting to fear that Autumn's words were true.

"She's lying! I swear I'm not plotting anything!" Jessica said. "I just wanna be turned back to normal!"

"Like I said, you can do anything to them," Autumn explained, standing behind her (but getting closer). "Just imagine, and concentrate."

Suddenly, Conny saw some yellow liquid sliding down the small girl's legs. For a second, she couldn't tell what it was, but almost instantly realized that Jessica had pissed herself from pure fear. The tiny girl had barely even noticed that she soiled her panties, being too focused on the overall situation.

"Awww, someone wet themselves," the larger teen said in a mocking manner, after laughing a little. "Let's get that uniform off you."

"That's right," Autumn nodded, seeing her concentrate. "Just think of it."

Jessica felt the cheerleader outfit go missing, so she looked down and gasped. The only thing left was her bra, the pissed-stained white panties (plus shoes and socks). After that, her underwear vanished, leaving only her menstrual pad.

"So you're on your period, bitch?" Conny asked, before laughing.

The large teenager concentrated, and made the bra, pad, shoes and socks all go away as well, leaving the crying and screaming girl's nude body visibile (with her B-cup tits and light, blonde pubic hair for all to see).

"Stop this!" Jessica pleaded.

"Well you're small, but still have a nice body, bitch," the redhead commented, poking her little twat. "So that's what all the guys our age in town get to see."

"Like I said, you can do anything you want," Autumn reminded. "Just think it."

"Anything?" the teenager asked like before, turning her face with intrigue to the mysterious woman.

"There's no limit to the creativity of the human mind, especially when it comes to someone like you," the naked witch said, still standing next to her, but getting close to her ear. "There's no limit to the power I gave you in terms of what happens to them."

"I see…"

"Use the power of your imagination," Autumn continued, with a translucent image of a brain vibrating several colors appearing in front of them, for a few seconds. "Use the same imagination that made all these pictures on your walls. Just like when you got her outfit off. The idea then becomes real."

"Well… OK," Conny hesitantly said, "I'll do it."

Conny thought for a few moments. She didn't know if Autumn was exaggerating, or if literally any idea could be done (but this whole situation was already way out there). Also, the teen wanted to kill Jessica, but was afraid to. After all, murder was obviously very, very wrong, but who'd know? She could easily take her out in a way to where there'd be no evidence.

The freckled girl began concentrating. A massive amount of pain (about the same as child birth) overcame the tiny cheerleader's entire body, causing her to scream in agony. It was the worst anguish Jessica had ever experienced, and it kept going. The larger teenager smiled. She loved putting her through this. In her mind, she was finally paying a price.

Conny wanted to go further, but something was holding her back. It might have been nerves, or her conscience. Either way, she was having trouble going past the limit.

"So that's it?" Autumn asked, sounding disappointed. "That's all you could come up with?"

"Fuck off," the pressured redhead growled, while giving a big stomping on the floor with her foot.

"Like I said, you've got a temper," the witch said after laughing at her. "Girls with tempers don't get nice things."

"Well maybe I do, cunt!" Conny somewhat admitted in a snotty tone, "but maybe I don't feel like being pressured to do something I might not want."

"Well maybe I don't wanna to do anymore cool stuff for you," Autumn warned, "I can just leave right now, and take all my nifty powers with me."

"OK, OK…" Conny said in a calmer tone, not wanting her to leave. "I'm sorry…"

"Now say 'I'll be a good girl from now on, Autumn'," the magical woman insisted.

"Um… I'll be a good girl from now on?" the teen halfheartedly repeated.

"You didn't say my name," the witch warned.

"I- I'll be a good girl from now on, Autumn? I guess?"

"Good enough for now. Now let's focus on this little cunt," the naked woman responded. "Like I've said, use your imagination."

All of a sudden, Conny had a sudden urge to go ahead and kill Jessica, in some way. The redhead didn't know if it was Autumn putting those thoughts into her head (or if it came from within), but either way, she suddenly felt ready. The teenager started feeling a little sexually excited about it as well, which she didn't like.

``No, I just like her body. It's not because I'm turned on by killing someone``, Conny thought to herself. ``That's the only thing it could be…``

"Well…" the relatively giant girl said, somewhat brushing off what happened, and still feeling the urge to kill Jessica. "Everyone thinks that you're the hottest girl in school. Let's make that literally true."

Conny placed the tiny girl on the dresser upright, right next to the glass box. She used her power to make the blonde stay right there, and not be able to move. The small cheerleader still had very intense pain, but that was nothing compared to what was seconds away.

Suddenly, a very intense heat could be felt immediately surrounding Jessica. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" the cheerleader screamed in her squeaky voice, looking down at herself, and feeling even worse pain from the extremely intense heat.

The cheerleader began slowly melting down into a puddle of goo, almost like she was wax. Her feet turned into liquid gunk, and her body was melting bottom up, along with other areas at the same time. Black and brown burn marks began appearing over various parts of her body, with blood oozing out.

"Wow, this is fuckin' awesome!" Conny said, with a big smile on her face.

"See?" Autumn told her, having a large smile as well (and rubbing her lightly hairy twat). "Like I said, you can literally do ANYTHING to these little bitches. Plus, even this is nothing compared to what else you could do…"

The horny redhead was getting even more aroused, from starting to get turned on by seeing the hot (in more ways than one) little cheerleader melt. The teenage girl wanted to touch her quickly lubricating twat, but resisted (from not wanting to admit to herself that she liked this). She didn't want to admit to herself that she was enjoying this.

The two glass prisoners watched in disbelief and horror. They were seeing Jessica melt before their very eyes, and wondering what would happen to them soon. Ashley couldn't bare to watch her dear friend die any longer, and decided to keep her eyes shut while balling like a baby.

After a few seconds, Jessica was already melted down to her kneecaps, as she continued screaming hysterically, and thrashing her arms. Her boobs suddenly fell off as well, like two blobs of goo. Her pubic hairs (plus the hair on her head) suddenly extinguished, leaving her bald all over.

"Yeah…" the teenager said, in an aroused tone, tempted to touch her wetting crotch. "Die, ya' little bitch…"

"Mmm. In moments she'll be total slime," Autumn explained, still pleasuring herself to the horrible sight (although the teenager was too distracted to notice). "All because of your imagination."


By the time Jessica sank down to the middle of her stomach, most of her skin was now burnt in black, brown and red marks. Her once beautiful face was now entirely scarred by the horrible burns. At this point, she wasn't even recognizable.

"Not so pretty anymore, huh, bitch?" Conny asked, before laughing.

Jessica's arms fell off from their sockets, once she melted down to her chest. Her screaming stopped, since her lungs were now gone. The cheerleader's cheeks, ears, eyes, jaw, lips and nose suddenly melted off, with their remains dropping down like wax to the ground.

Soon, there was left of Jessica, but black, peach and red goo. The beautiful, blonde high schooler was now nothing more than an ugly puddle of boiling, steaming slime with some fragments. The redhead just stared at the bubbling goo in amazement, not fully sure if it even really happened (as was the case with several events that afternoon).

"Um - So is she - I mean - Is she… Dead?" Conny asked, tempted to poke at it.

"Dead as a doorknob," Autumn confirmed, feeling her orgasm getting closer. "I mean… Just look at her. She's gunk now. She won't be sucking cock or smoking pot anymore, that's for damn sure. Plus, she can't hurt you."

Conny examined the little boiling puddle. She could make out things like bits of bones, hair and teeth, but for the most part, nobody would be able to tell this gunk was a human moments ago. This is all what pretty little Jessica was reduced to.

"Shit!" the teenager said with a disappointed face, still staring at the puddle. "I really wish I recorded that with my phone…"

"Hmm. Well look at your phone now," the masturbating mystery woman said. "Go to the Camera app."

The teen did so, hoping it was there, but not sure. To her partial surprise, there was a 720p High-Definition recording of the melting, right in the videos section. She tapped the file, and began watching what had happened only moments before.

"Fuck yeah!" the redhead shouted in glee, with a big smile. "Did you put this here?"

"Well… Yeah. Who else coulda, silly?" the masturbating witch asked while mimicking the melting, as her own feet and lower legs started to turn to wax. "I fixed your phone before, and I can put videos in there, too."

"Wow, thanks!" the teen said while looking at the file, still with a huge smile. "How did you?"

"You don't have to ask how or why I do everything. Just know that I can do lots and lots of really cool things," Autumn said, with her legs forming back to normal and the melting having stopped. "But you gotta be a good girl."

"Oh, OK…" Conny said, half paying attention to the video, and other half to the witch.

"So you gonna touch yourself to it, later?" Autumn bluntly asked, who fittingly was still touching herself.

The teenager looked up at her for a few moments, not knowing how to respond about the overly personal question. "Maybe…" was all she could manage to say.

``Why is she playing with herself right in front of me?`` the redhead thought, only now noticing that Autumn was masturbating (but quickly realized that masturbating was probably the least weird thing about her).

"Mmmm. Well I know what just happened turned you on," the masturbating witch said, as if reading the teenager's mind. "It turns me on, too. I really loved hearing her screams."

"No, I fucking WASN'T turned on!" Conny growled, pointing at her, but then trying to calm down, wanting to stay on her good side.

"Oh c'mon, Conny," Autumn groaned, rubbing her lightly hairy twat, faster and faster, eager to climax. "Just admit to yourself that you're a sick fu - OOOOOOHHHHHH!"

Autumn's orgasm interrupted the sentence. She partially closed her eyes, and loudly groaned in delight. The witch tilted her head back, and shook. Conny confusingly watched the magical woman orgasming, purely fueled by seeing Jessica melt and die moments ago. A few bursts of fluid shot out of her pussy, and onto Conny's wooden floor. Her brown eyes were half-open, and rolled into the back of her head.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" she groaned again, and still rubbing her twat in passion. "Mmmmmmm!"

The naked witch simply stood in her dark heels for several seconds, groaning, shaking and squirting from her orgasm. After several seconds of enjoying the climax, she fully opened her eyes, looked back at Conny, and let out a long, satisfied sigh.

"Well that was a pretty good one," Autumn said, before smiling. "I hadn't played with myself for a couple hours, so I needed it."

"Oh… OK…" Conny said, still glancing at her phone, feeling awkward again and not knowing what to say.

"You know, speaking of playing with yourself, you can actually masturbate with the blonde's remains," Autumn pointed out, while wiping some of her remaining juices off her pussy.


"You heard me, you can rub the warm goo on your twat," the naked witch said, licking and sucking bits of pussy juice off her fingers, like someone savoring sauce leftover from BBQ chicken. "It'll feel good."

"Um, yeah… That's really fucking gross," the shy teenager declined (her comfort zone limits were already pushed in such a short time anyway), while glancing at the melting video over and over again.

"Oh just try it," Autumn insisted, suddenly displaying a levitating pink sex toy. "It might feel even better than the vibrator that you hide from your family in your dresser!"

"How'd you know that?" Conny asked while taking a step back, offended and embarrassed. "Put that back!"

"Now pick out another one!" the witch insisted, pointing towards the glass prison, as the vibrator vanished and re-materialized back in its original spot.

"You just keep pushing my limits…" the teenager mumbled under her breath, but still wanting to stay on the witch's good side.

Conny peered back into the glass prison, and looked at the two future victims. They both screamed, knowing that either of them could be next, but it was an easy choice for the teenager. The next would be Jessica's best friend.

"Come here, Ashley!" she said, while giving a wicked smile and reaching inside.


``To be continued in Chapter 2…``
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Taking Cuntbusting Story Requests

Heyo all, as you know - I love extreme cuntbusting. I like writing it too!

If you'd like to have a custom cuntbusting story done, please drop me an email at Please put the subject as "Story Request" so I can filter it.

It must be about cuntbusting, as soft or as hard as you want. No restrictions on the characters involved. No restrictions on the methods involved. Have fun with it!
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Looking for stories featuring casual snuff withou cannibalism/dolcett

Hi all, I know this is a niche of a niche but I am looking for recommendations on stories featuring casual snuff of young girls, that do not feature cannibalism or dolcett. Ideally, there should be a "free-use" kind of air to the story with the girl not exactly wanting to be snuffed but going along with it anyway; though willingly participating would be fine too.

Examples of what I'm looking for are:
- Freedom to Snuff by SexistAliien ( (specifically the first entry in the story)
- School Festival by AbbotTar (
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Beautifully Basted Babysitter (cann, con, teen, loli)

“Come in.” Mrs Thomas smiled at the young girl on the doorstep. “Thank you so much for coming over.”

“Is everything okay?” Beth asked a little nervously, stepping into the large, elegantly-decorated hallway. She had been babysitting for the Thomas family for almost two years. She loved the children – five year old twins Percy and Jennifer, but had always found the parents a little intimidating. In truth they had been nothing but kind and polite to her but they were a fair bit wealthier than her family and she had never seen Mrs Thomas without full makeup and dressed as if she expected to be called to a wedding with only a few minutes notice. She worried they judged her for her more modest background, older clothes and usual lack of makeup.

Beth was fifteen years old, a few months shy of her sixteenth birthday. She was not especially tall but neither was she remarkably short either. She was just average. That’s how she viewed everything about herself really. Her red hair had a natural curl to it but no particular style, her lightly-freckled face was pretty but was unlikely to ever grace a magazine cover. She was actually quite proud of her figure which was trim yet curved in the right places but tended to hide it most of the time behind tom-boy clothing. She did well enough in school but was not top of the class, was a fairly good drawer but nowhere near professional standard and could sing passably but nobody ever suggested a music career for her. Beth was almost aggressively average, and happy that way.

She normally babysat for the Thomas twins two nights a week, Thursday and Friday. Thursday night was the parents’ dance class that they attended together and on Friday they each had their own social clubs they liked to attend. Occasionally she would be asked to watch the children on other nights and was even sometimes invited to the family’s garden parties but more, she realised, as someone to help keep the children occupied than out of any genuine desire for her company.

This was the first time she had been asked to come over on a Saturday, however, and she was a little worried. She had played Friday evening over and over in her head ever since she got the call, trying to think if she had said anything to one of the children, chided them too sharply or perhaps over-indulged them in some way that might have given the parents cause for complaint. Nothing she could remember seemed out of the ordinary. She had given them dinner, put them in the bath but never left them unsupervised and then the three of them had watched a Disney movie on the sofa until it was bed time. The small children had gone to bed without complaint and enjoyed the story she read them – one of their favourites from a book she had ready many times before, and had been asleep when she went back to check on them around twenty minutes later, little more than half an hour before Mrs Thomas had got home, paid her and seen her out with the usual cheery farewell about seeing her next week.

But then the phonecall had come. Mrs Thomas has said there was something they needed to discuss quite urgently and could she come over? Although she had no particular plans for the day, Beth had still not particularly fancied taking time out of her Saturday to call by, especially if she was going to get shouted at. She has asked if it was something they would maybe talk about on the phone but Mrs Thomas had insisted it be face to face and, as if to get round any potential objections she may have, told Beth that the conversation would likely not take any longer than an hour and that she would pay for her time at the usual rate. Figuring that she might as well go and find out and that, if her employer was upset with her, she wouldn’t have offered to pay her to come over and would most likely have driven round to her parents house to have it out with her there, Beth had agreed and told Mrs Thomas she would see her in about half an hour.

Her parents had been in the living room when she went to the door, watching her rather unexpected little brother play with wooden bricks on the carpet and making sure he did not try to shove them too far into his mouth!

“I’m going to the Thomases,” she had told them as she slipped on her short denim jacket, “they want to have a chat about something, do idea what ‘though!”

“We know,” her dad had smiled, “let us know how it goes.” Beth had been half way out the door but, hearing this, she stepped back inside and closed the door. Her mum was looking daggers at her dad who looked a little chagrined.

“You know about this?” Beth asked suspiciously. “What’s it about?”

“Oh, no, we don’t actually know.” her mum lied distinctly unconvincingly. “They just called a few minutes ago and asked if it was okay to ask you over, checking we didn’t have plans.”

“And they didn’t say why?” Beth narrowed her eyes.

“Something about a big favour they had to ask you.” her mum replied, believing that she could deliver a half-truth slightly more convincingly than an outright lie. “But they wouldn’t tell us what. They wanted to talk to you in person.”

“Well, okay.” Beth sighed, realising she was not going to get any useful information out of her parents.

“Just remember that we love you!” Her dad blurted out.

“Yes, and whatever choice you make, we’ll support you and be so proud of you!” Beth’s mum added. The teenager shook her head in bewilderment and stepped outside, closing the door behind her and wandering across the front of the house to the side-passage where her bike normally lived. There was clearly something going on and it was obvious that her parents had a fair idea what but had been sworn to absolute secrecy. Where they going to ask her to stay over and watch the children round the clock while they went on holiday perhaps? Or maybe even to move in and become a live-in nanny like Mary Poppins? How would that work with school, she wondered, and would she be expected to cook and clean too? Fixing more-or-less ready-prepared meals for a pair of easy-going five year olds was one thing but she really wasn’t sure if she was up to cooking properly for a whole family!

On the bike-ride over, she had decided she would simply have to wait and see. Surely if she was in trouble as she feared, her parents would have given her a slight tip-off at least or maybe even offered to come with her. The comments about being proud of her and having a choice to make were strange ‘though. What kind of decision could she possibly be asked to make that they would be proud of her either way?

Arriving at the house, she leaned her bike carefully against the front wall and walked up to the front door. On her first couple of visits she had carefully secured her bike but she very soon realised that it was so nice a neighbourhood that anybody thereabouts would be ashamed to steal her slightly battered, second-hand bike!

Inside, Mrs Thomas ushered Beth over to the open-plan lounge where the children were sat on the sofa, bouncing excitedly and very happy to see her. Mr Thomas was sat in one of the arm-chairs and Mrs Thomas invited Beth to sit in the other, perching herself on the arm of her husband’s chair and fidgeting a little nervously with her hands.

“You’re probably wondering why we asked you to come over today?” Mr Thomas, a highly respected local business-owner and rumoured to be a high-level Freemason asked with a smile. The children leaned forward eagerly as if waiting to find out what present they were getting.

“Well, yeah.” Beth replied, “I hope I didn’t do something wrong last night?”

“Oh, not at all!” Mrs Thomas assured her. “We just had something very important to talk to you about and it really isn’t the sort of thing to discuss on the phone. We thought face to face would be better. Avoid any misunderstandings?” Beth nodded, wishing somebody would get to the point. Mrs Thomas looked at her husband, encouraging him to take the lead.

“Well,” Mr Thomas leant forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers steepled beneath his chin, “you know it’s the twin’s sixth birthday next weekend? Well we wanted to throw them a very special party, whatever they wanted!” Beth smiled. The twins were indeed totally adorable and she understood how hard it must be to deny them anything. “Well they’ve asked for a special barbecue and…” he paused for a moment as if pondering, “I think I’m going to let them ask!”

“We want to cook you!” Jennifer grinned.

“That’s right!” Percy agreed enthusiastically. “We want you to be our birthday dinner!”

“What?” Beth exclaimed, gripping the arms of the chair in shock. “You want to do what?”

“We want to eat you!” Percy repeated, looking a little sad.

“For our birthday dinner.” Jennifer almost pouted. Clearly this was not how they had imagined the conversation.

“But…” Beth’s head was reeling. The next words out of her mouth sounded shallow and a little foolish even as she was speaking them but it was an accurate expression of how she felt. “I thought you liked me?”

“We do!” Both children ran forward, looking a little horrified. “We love you!” The small twins climbed onto the chair and cuddled close to Beth. “Why would we want to eat someone we don’t like?” Percy asked, with genuine confusion.

“We want you to be part of us for ever and ever!” Jennifer looked up at her, her blue eyes wide and hopeful. Beth really did not know what to think – too many conflicting thoughts were racing through her mind at that moment.

“Umm…” Beth searched for words. “That’s a pretty big decision. Do you mind if I use the bathroom?”

“Of course not, dear.” Mrs Thomas smiled. She knew the children had been sure their friend would agree immediately but she was far more aware of the enormity of what they were asking. She definitely hoped that the young redhead would agree but also respected that she needed a few minutes to order her thoughts. “You know where it is.”

Gratefully, Beth carefully lifted the children onto the floor and stood up, head head still reeling.

“You’re not going to run away, are you?” Jennifer asked, on the verge of tears.

“We thought you’d be happy?” poor Percy seemed genuinely confused. Not wanting her two favourite little people to be upset, Beth knelt down and smiled at them, wiping the tears away from Jennifer’s eyes with the backs of her fingers. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt these children who she loved so much.
“I’m very happy that you think I’d be so tasty,” she assured them with a warm smile, “and that you chose me over all the other, prettier girls you might have picked instead, but I hope you understand it’s a very big decision for me.” She sat back on her haunches, her hands on her knees, and explained her concerns to them as gently as she could.

“You see,” she smiled, “if I say yes to being your birthday dinner, that means I’m not going to have any more birthdays of my own. I’m not going to go to University, not get married or have children. Do you understand?” They nodded quietly. Beth glanced up at their parents to check they were not annoyed at the way she was explaining things to the children but saw that they were not. In fact, these were many of the same things their mum had tried to explain to them when they’d first asked for Beth to be cooked. She had suggested finding someone who had already registered as a volunteer but they were adamant it was their friend they wanted.

“So I have to go and have a little think.” She leant forward and gave each of them a hug. “I won’t take very long, I promise. I just need a few minutes on my own to decide. It would be such a big honour to be your birthday dinner,” she grinned, “but I just have to make up my mind that I want that more than all the things I’d be giving up. I hope you understand?” The twins nodded again and hugged her tightly before releasing her so she could go take some private moments in the bathroom.

Once inside, Beth slid the bold across and sat on the closed lid of the toilet. She did not need to go, just needed somewhere private to think for a few minutes. This really had come totally out of the blue. It was not as if the twins had been talking about eating people in general lately or, as far as she knew, seen any cartoons or TV shows about it. She didn’t even know if the family had cooked and eaten girls in the past. Now here they were asking her to agree to be barbecued for, presumably, a bunch of children she didn’t actually know, along with their parents and any older siblings who happened to also be attending.

Of course, no girl got this far through her teens without even pondering if she might like to be cooked and eaten. It was not exactly common and still considered a rare or even one-off treat for some poorer families but everybody knew that it was something that happened. Every town had at least one girl-meat restaurant and most regular establishments offered at least a small selection of girl-meat dishes. There were also butcher’s shops and delis where those wanting to cook smaller amounts of girl-meat at home could stock up. This was, of course, all aside from the many girls who were cooked at home by their own families or friends at private parties like she was being asked to do.

Beth thought about the girls she knew who had volunteered since coming of eligible age. There had been Sophie who was cooked by her parents in their back yard the day after she turned six, Marie who, at age eight, had provided Christmas dinner for her extended family, Sam and Ellen who had been sold to a local butcher when their dad lost his job, they had been ten and twelve. Then there was Briana who had been sold to her local Sidney’s restaurant and oven-cooked for their public carvery when she was thirteen and, just last year, Sally who had been ordered by a private party and spit-roasted for their dining pleasure. Each time she had heard of another friend becoming food, Beth had pondered her own body and if she would ever agree to let anyone cook and eat her.

Several times over the last ten years she had taken her clothes off and stood in front of the mirror on her wardrobe door, trying to picture her naked body as meat and wondering how different pieces would taste. Recently, she was forced to admit to herself, she had been doing that a little more often. Perhaps it was the wider advertising of girl-meat establishments and products? Maybe the slightly more aggressive approach meat recruiters had been taking with their publications and adverts lately or maybe it was simply the idea of time running out. She had been eligible to cook for almost ten years already. In a little over four years, that door would close. Beth had known at the back of her mind for some time that she would need to make a choice before it was made for her and yet she could never imagine a scenario or group of people she would be happy being cooked for. That was, until now.

Mr and Mrs Thomas were a typical, wealthy, upper middle class couple and she had no strong opinions about them one way or another. They had always seemed kind and had never openly sneered at her more modest background, certainly not in front of her at least. Then there were the children, her little angels! Without a doubt her two favourite people in the world that she was not related to. She loved making them happy, hearing their joyful laughter and their huge, natural smiles. She had to admit she had been worried about how they might change as they got older but, if she agreed to be cooked for them, that was an issue she would never have to deal with. She would get to see them happy and excited as they watched her prepped, showing off to their young pals that she was their special friend, and would die knowing that she was going to make them incredibly happy with her meat. What happened after that or as they entered the awkward tween and teenage years would be none of her concern!

All of a sudden, her mind was made up! It felt as if she had really always known that she would end her days as meat but had never been presented with the right circumstances until now! She would go downstairs and proudly tell the twins that she was more than happy to be their birthday dinner. Seeing a cosy-looking white bath-robe hanging on the inside of the bathroom door, Beth had a cheeky idea. The robe most likely belonged to Mrs Thomas but she was fairly sure she would not resent her borrowing it under the circumstances.

Quickly, Beth slipped off her outer clothes and looked for a mirror. There was a three-quarter-length one close to the end of the bath which would do very nicely. She admired her surprisingly feminine body in her practical white underwear then, giggling to herself, unhooked her bra and unleashed her perky round boobs which, while not as big as those of some girls her age, were nicely formed and, she had to admit herself, looked very tasty! After pausing to admire her chest for a few moments, she shed her white panties and looked at herself stark naked in the mirror as she had done so many times before when considering whether she wanted to be meat. She was quite glad that she had recently decided to shave her deep orange pubic hair completely before a trip to the pool. She usually kept it neatly trimmed but she had been running late and couldn’t be bothered messing about. Turned out to be a good thing after all, she thought to herself as she gently touched the lips of her puffy vulva, as nobody likes hair in their food!

She knew that, before cooking, she would need to use hair-removal cream all over to make sure her skin was completely smooth and hairless but there was still a week yet before she was going to cook and she had plenty of time to sort such things out. Turning around, she looked over her shoulder at her round, meaty rump and gave it a little wiggle. She had heard plenty of people say that that was where most girls’ best meat could be found and she was sure that hers would be no exception. Retying her somewhat rebellious curls into their loose ponytail, she slipped on the white bath robe and went downstairs.

The teenager’s change of attire was more than enough to signal to Mr and Mrs Thomas what her decision was, they were relieved but not surprised, but the children ran up to her excitedly as soon as she re-emerged into the large living room, anxiously waiting to hear what she had decided.

“So?” Percy bounced up and down on the spot looking as if he were about to burst, “What do you think?”

“Are you going to be our birthday dinner?” Jennifer asked, a pleading look in her pretty blue eyes.

“Well,” Beth began, looking forward to seeing the reactions of the little munchkins when she told them, “I thought a lot about how much you wanted to eat me and whether or not I wanted to be eaten.” She paused, finding the excited frustration on the twins’ faces extremely cute. Her hands went to the tied fluffy belt keeping the robe closed. She glanced over at Mrs Thomas who gave a small, encouraging nod, granting permission. Beth couldn’t help but notice that Mr Thomas leaned forward in his chair somewhat. No matter, there were bound to be plenty of other parents at the party – she might as well get used to the idea of being on show. Beth’s heart was beating fast and there was no denying that she was nervous but she was also excited too. Silently, in her own head, she counted down from three before opening the robe and throwing it back so it slumped off her shoulders and onto the floor.

“I’ll be your birthday dinner!” She grinned. The twins rushed forward to hug their friend who knelt down to put her arms around them too. “I assume you already ran this past my mum and dad?” she asked, looking up at the parents.

“Well, yes.” Mr Thomas admitted a little awkwardly. “We didn’t want you to say yes and for the children to get all excited only for your parents to throw a spanner in the works. Now don’t get me wrong,” he said hurriedly, worried that Beth may form a wrong opinion about the conversation or her parents’ attitude, “they insisted it was entirely your decision to make but did give their blessing if you decided to say yes and accepted the offer we made for your meat, in theory, of course.”

“Well that explains why they were acting so weird before I came out!” Beth laughed, breaking the hug and standing up so that everyone could get a good look at her naked body. The twins had seen her in a swimsuit occasionally when she had taken them swimming and very briefly nude in the family changing room but had never been able to take a good, hard look at her naked form before. They walked slowly around her in a circle to take everything in.

“So?” Beth giggled, “Like what you see? Still think I’m going to be yummy?”

“Oh yes!” Percy patted her bare bottom then squeezed her thigh. From an older boy she’d have found this inappropriate without an invitation but there was clearly no sexual subtext to his behaviour, he was simply testing the meat. “I think I want some of this first!” He rubbed and squeezed her left buttock.

“I want these!” Jennifer reached up and grabbed Beth’s perky round breasts, squeezing a little bit harder than she intended to.

“”Now, sweetheart,” Mrs Thomas put a warning hand on her daughter’s shoulder as she saw Beth wince a little, “be gentle. You know those parts are quite sensitive on bigger girls.” Jennifer nodded and loosened her grip, satisfying herself with simply rubbing them before lightly fingering Beth’s hard, pink nipples.

“I’m going to have some like this when I’m older.” Jennifer informed Beth, “When I’m a big girl like you. That’s why I want to know what they taste like!”

Jennifer’s hands were very warm and soft and the teenager was a little embarrassed how arousing she found the experience. She tried to subtly cover her pussy with her hand in case anyone noticed how damp it had become both from the breast massage and the whole experience of being naked and inspected as meat. Yet the movement of her hand only served to draw focus.

It was Percy who gently pushed her hand aside for a better look then gave her shaved lips an exploratory prod. Jennifer felt on more familiar territory than she had done with the breasts as what was between Beth’s legs did not look too different from hers but Percy was curious. Beth wondered if she should stop him as he ran a finger down her cleft and almost slipped inside when he reached the bottom but he quickly pulled back himself, looking with confusion at the clear, sticky mucus on the tip of his finger.

“Why is it all sticky?” He asked as Beth blushed furiously, her freckled cheeks burning.

“Well,” Mrs Thomas started to explain, seeing the girl’s discomfort and embarrassment, “it’s something a lady’s body does to make it easier to…” she paused, this was not a conversation she had expected to have for another couple of years at least! “It helps the…”

“Spit!” Beth practically yelled in a moment of inspiration. “When a girl knows she’s going to be cooked, her body makes that hole kinda slippery to help the spit go in.” Mrs Thomas looked at her with relief and mouthed the words “thank you” silently, over the heads of the children. Apparently not convinced, Percy actually slid his index finger up inside her, pushing it in and pulling it out several times until he was satisfied then wiped his sticky fingers on his shirt. Beth bit her lip. Percy’s finger may only be tiny but somehow it had been hitting all the right spots as he pulled it in and out. She gave a deep exhale to try to compose herself while the children stepped back to appraise her again. Mr Thomas, she noticed with amusement, was now sitting with his legs crossed, clearly enjoying the show! Beth found herself wondering about the other dads who would be at the party and whether they would find her hot as she was oiled up, spitted and mounted over to coals.

The children proceeded to prod, poke and squeeze various parts of Beth’s young body with intense excitement and curiosity for a few more minutes before Mrs Thomas decided it was time to give her a break, something she would be too sweet to ask the twins for herself.

“I think you know all about Beth’s body now.” She told them with a smile. “Perhaps we should let her go and get dressed then we can confirm the details for the party. Somewhat reluctantly, the small children agreed and Beth slipped the robe back on before returning back up to the bathroom to find her clothes. It felt strange getting dressed again – down in the living room she had really started to feel like meat and actually felt a little sad that she wasn’t going to be cooked right then and there! Once her clothes were on, she sat on the side of the bath to put on her shoes. What on earth had she just agreed to? In exactly a week’s time, she was going to be cooked and eaten by people she, for the most part, didn’t know and who would view her as nothing more than food as if she were a packet of sausages from the supermarket! She wondered if she would recognise any of the other children or their parents from trips to the park or the swimming pool? Would they expect her to be naked the whole time or just when it was time for the cooking?

Once she was fully dressed, Beth went back downstairs to discuss the practicalities. Jennifer and Percy were sat on the sofa and looked a little disappointed to see that Beth had put her clothes back on but they soon cheered up when she sat down between them and they cuddled up to her, one under each arm like a mother hen and her chicks.

“First of all,” Mrs Thomas smiled warmly, “we want to thank you again for agreeing. I hope you can see how much it means to the children?”

“I love them.” Beth replied with a smile ever bit as warm as her host’s. “I would do anything for them!” She knew that this was an easy thing to say, a platitude thrown around far too readily most of the time, yet under the circumstances she felt she had earned the right to say it. After all, she was giving up her body, future and life for them so that they could have the birthday party them dreamt of! Was there really any more a person could be asked to do for another?

“Now we have already agreed a price with your parents,” Mrs Thomas explained, “but we wanted there to be something in it for you too, otherwise it doesn’t seem entirely fair. So we wanted to give you this.” She reached into her white leather handbag and pulled out a thick envelope which she handed to Beth. The redhead opened it and peeped inside seeing that it was full of money – a thick wad of notes. She could not tell at a glance exactly how much it was but she was pretty sure it was at least the equivalent of three months of babysitting. “This isn’t part of the payment,” Mrs Thomas assured her in case she had felt any reluctance, “your parents will still get every penny we promised them but we wanted you to be able to have a great last week so this is a personal gift. Go out and treat yourself any way you want to. We just respectfully ask that you don’t get any tattoos or piercings or anything else that might compromise the quality of your meat, is that okay?” Beth nodded, slightly numb from the shock of the second big surprise of the day.

“I’ve got all the information I need to file the paperwork for the sale of your meat,” Mr Thomas chimed in from his armchair, “so now that you’ve agreed, I can get that filed online this afternoon. That was you won’t be expected to go to school this week or anything like that and you can have time to enjoy yourself.

“We’re hoping you’ll be willing to babysit as normal on Thursday and Friday?” Mrs Thomas asked. “I know the children would love to have a little more quality time with you before, well, you know.” She smiled a little awkwardly.

“Are you going to ask her, Mummy?” Percy leaned forward excitedly, “Don’t forget!”

“Don’t worry, dear, I’m coming to that!” Mrs Thomas chuckled. Beth wondered what extra favour the twins could possibly want from her? Maybe it was something to do with keeping some of her bones afterwards or making a wig out of her hair or something? If it was anything like that, she really didn’t mind! It was not as if she would need any part of her remains after Saturday!

“The children were wondering,” Mrs Thomas explained delicately, realising that they were already asking so much from the teenager and worried about imposing on her any further, “whether, since the party is on Saturday, you would consider staying with them Friday night for a sleepover? Then you’ll be here Saturday morning and can join in the preparations if you want to, but only if you want to, that is.” This was hardly Mrs Thomas’ first experience with a meat girl and she knew only too well that some wanted to be involved at every stage of the process and would do as much as they could towards preparing themselves for the table whereas others wanted to stay well out of the way until it was their time for the oven or spit.

“I’d love to!” Beth beamed down at the small people snuggled either side of her. She wanted to have a final meal with her parents and spend a bit of time with them before the end but that could be done earlier in the week. After all, she probably wasn’t supposed to eat much or anything at all after breakfast on Friday. She wondered if the Thomases were going to give her instructions for that sort of thing or whether she needed to research for herself? As it was, she could think of nobody else she would rather spend her final night with. “I’m always kinda sad when I have to go home after our play-dates on Fridays,” she knew this is how the children viewed her visits, even ‘though they understood she was being paid to be there, “so it will be lovely not to have to! We can have so much fun!” She hugged them both tightly as they bounced onto her lap excitedly.

“Now steady on!” Mrs Thomas laughed, “Beth’s agreed to be your dinner, not your climbing frame!” The children laughed as Beth tickled them then settled down a little, wondering if there was any more grown-up business to be discussed. “Oh, one more thing!” Mrs Thomas reached into her handbag again, “I nearly forgot this!” She pulled out a glossy booklet with a smiling, naked girl on the front who looked to be around thirteen or fourteen, shown from the waist up and smiling broadly. She reached across and handed it to Beth who studied the cover with interest.

“Be Delicious!” she read out, “A guide for meat-girls aged twelve to sixteen.”

“They do different versions,” Mrs Thomas explained, “for girls of different ages. I know all this stuff is online too but several friends of mine recommended this booklet when I mentioned the party plans to them so I thought you might find it interesting?”

“Thank you!” Beth grinned, starting to flick through while the little ones peered excitedly at the contents. She did ponder for a moment just how many people had known about the plans for the party before she had but it didn’t bother her too much. Although more the size of a promotional brochure than a magazine, the booklet seemed to be a mixture between a text-book and a typical teen mag. There were pictures of naked girls of various ages showing the different stages of development with notes on how this effected the meat, interviews with meat-girls, complete with photos of course, and with people who worked in the girl-meat industry. There was a feature about young celebrities who had volunteered to be eaten and, exactly what Beth had been hoping for, tips from professionals for meat-girls about how to ensure their meat was as delicious as it could possibly be, including advice about what hair-removal products to use, any body-rubs that could enhance the flavour and, most importantly, what to eat and drink! Having a quick flick through, Beth noticed with amusement that there were only two pages out of the twenty or so that did not have at least one picture of a naked girl on and she couldn’t help wondering how many copies were bought not by meat-girls or girls thinking of becoming meat but by boys and men who just wanted to look at the pictures!

“You probably want to go and clear your head then have some fun.” Mr Thomas suggested kindly. “We should let you go now. I promise to get the paperwork submitted this afternoon so there’s no need for you to worry about any of that!” The twins were a little sad that Beth was leaving but knew better than to protest. She gave them each a big hug and kiss on the cheek before standing up.

“Thank you again, dear, for everything!” Mrs Thomas clasped the teenager’s hands and gave her a warm smile of genuine gratitude. “Please do enjoy your week and we’ll see you Thursday?” The whole family stood in the doorway to wave Beth off as she retrieved her bike and began to cycle into town.

Although she had opted to go shopping rather than go home, Beth felt that she should at least let her parents know what she had decided. Part of her was still annoyed that they had discussed it with the Thomases and even agreed a price for her meat without saying anything to her but, on the other hand, they had insisted that it be her choice and the twins had clearly wanted to be the ones to ask her. Turning her bike off the road, Beth headed down an alley way towards the canal – it was a quiet spot where she liked to go when she wanted to think, read quietly or simply be alone. Apart from the occasional dog-walker, nobody ever bothered her down there. Letting her bike fall onto its side as she got off, Beth sat on the low, concrete wall designed to prevent people falling in and took out her phone.

It was her dad who answered but, when Beth asked, he put her on speaker-phone so she wouldn’t need to have the whole conversation twice. Neither parent sounded surprised that she had agreed to be birthday dinner for the twins and her mum kept saying over and over how proud of her she was. Beth couldn’t help but wonder if the money they were being paid for her was somewhat incentivising their enthusiasm but she didn’t like to ask. Since she had agreed to the proposal, it was better that they were in favour rather than against as they could have made things quite awkward and put huge strain on her relationship both with them and with the Thomas family if she had wanted to let them cook her but they had opposed it. She told them about the treat money and, after a promise not to be too late home, she put her phone away and had another leaf through the guide.

The interviews looked interesting and she decided they would make for good bedtime reading but it was the advice column and tips she was really interested in at that moment. If she was going to be meat, she wanted to be the best meat she could possibly be! The tips included drinking lots of fruit juice, eating plenty of grain-based food like bread and wholegrain pasta and a little alcohol (presented with the caveat that you would have to ask your parents for this) as well as fruits like apples and oranges. Another section was entitled “On Your Big Day” and, Beth was pleased to note, gave tips such as how long before cooking you should avoid eating and how much water to drink to make sure your system was properly flushed through.

Upon skimming the article on different cooking methods, Beth realised she had never actually asked how they planned on cooking her. She had assumed that it would be a traditional spit-road barbecue and had talked in those terms without anyone correcting her but it had never actually been explicitly specified. She almost took out her phone to call and ask but figured that could wait until she saw them on Thursday and, in the mean time, the method of cooking didn’t seem to make much difference in terms of what she could do to prepare herself. She rolled up the booklet and slipped it back into the inside pocket of her jacket then took out the envelope and, glancing around to check that nobody was coming, took out the money to count.

It was even more than she had thought – closer to six months’ earnings than three! It would be more than enough to buy the new bike she’d been saving for but, she thought to herself, what would be the point in that? It wouldn’t leave her with all that much to spoil herself with and she would only get to enjoy the bike for a few days, after which her parents would probably sell it anyway and she was sure that they were already getting more than enough. No, she decided, her current bike would do quite well enough until Friday after which she wouldn’t need it any more.

Feeling a little more resolute and clear about her situation, Beth tucked the money away safely, picked up her bike and continued her journey into town. Being Saturday, the shopping streets were quite busy. She chained her bike up in one of the public racks, patted her pockets to make sure she still had phone, money envelope and booklet then began to explore. It was a new feeling to her, knowing that she could pretty much have any product or service her eye fell upon. Her family were not poor exactly but neither were they rich like the Thomases and she had always been taught to be careful with her money, to save for the future. But now here future was a mere few days and she had a pocket stuffed with cash!

Beth fully intended to follow the dietary advice in the booklet from the next morning onwards and even planned to stock up on the food and drinks recommended while she was out shopping but right then and there all she wanted was a massive burger from her favourite fast food place, the biggest and most expensive one they did! Before going in, she remembered the small book shop next door and decided to call in looking for something to read while she enjoyed her meal. First she grabbed a two hardbacks from her favourite sci-fi and horror writers respectively. She had been waiting for them to come out in paperback but it seemed like she wasn’t going to have time for that now, and the potential price difference suddenly seemed very minimal to the newly-flush teenager. Next she found the novelization of a sci-fi movie she’d been interested in. She had missed it at the cinema and it wouldn’t be out on any sort of home media for a couple of months so she was unlikely to get to see it. No matter, she was a fast reader and could enjoy it in book form instead! After all, as she always said, books had way better special effects!

With the three books resting on one arm, she started to browse sections she wouldn’t normally have been that interested in. In the biography section she found a new book about Sidney Roebuck, the American girl who’s tireless campaign in her grandparents time had introduced the world to the idea of eating girls. She vaguely recalled that there had been some scandal eight or nine years ago where someone made claims about Sidney backing out of being butchered and having someone else killed in her place. Laws allowing cannibalism had been suspended for a few months but it had soon got ironed out and things went back to normal. Beth couldn’t remember how the situation had been resolved, she’d been too young to really understand the issues at the time, but wondered if this book might explain it a little. She added the biography with the smiling blonde girl in the rhinestoned cowboy hat on the cover to her pile and continued to browse.

Out of what what might be called professional curiosity, she began to browse the cookery section. At least half the recipe books focussed on girl-meat and she flipped through a few, trying to imagine the taste of some of the mouthwatering recipes. About half way down the shelf, however, she made an interesting discovery. There was the booklet that Mrs Thomas had given her with the naked cover-model, her breasts little more than perky little buds, grinning at the camera, delighted to be meat, but either side of it were the other editions aimed at girls aged 6-11 and 17-20. Beth was curious to see what different advice might be given to the meat-girls in different age brackets so picked up the two she did not have, noting with amusement that the one aimed at pre-teens had the most copies on the shelf and the one for older teens and young women had the least, going a fair way towards confirming her suspicions about who was really buying them and why!

There were other books that looked vaguely interesting, the kind that Beth thought she might have got around to reading “one day” but, she figured, she only had a few days left and, although she was a fast reader and it was probably her favourite passtime, she wanted time for other things too.

Beth took her selection up to the counter. As the kind-faced lady who looked to be around sixty years old scanned the barcodes, she looked at Beth appraisingly.

“Quite an interesting selection you have here!” Beth just smiled in response. “You know,” the lady reached towards the leaflet rack at the end of the rather crowded counter, “there’s a salon just down the road from here that specialises in treatments for meat-girls. Would that be something you’d be interested in?

“Yeah?” Beth replied tentatively.

“Here,” the lady smiled, “I’ll stick the leaflet in the bag for you. I think there’s a bit of a discount if you show the leaflet too.” She told Beth the total and the intrigued girl handed over the money, thinking as she did so that she really needed to transfer some of the cash from the envelope into her normal wallet, partly so she did not keep advertising how much cash she was carrying but also to make it look a little less like she’d just completed a lucrative drug deal or sold a state secret or two! The cashier, however, if she thought the cash-stuffed envelope was unusual, made no comment but simply smiled and handed Beth her change along with the bag of books which now also contained the flyer from the salon. Beth thanked her and went next door to the fast food place.

Before finding a table, Beth slipped into the Ladies toilet, found a vacant cubical and bolted the door shut. This was the second time that day she had used a toilet as a place of refuge, she thought to herself with amusement. She looked at the money in the envelope – how much would she need for what she wanted to do that day and how much could stay hidden? After a few moments pondering, she took out approximately a fifth of the notes and put the envelope carefully back in her inside pocket which she zipped shut. She would just have to be extra vigilant and remember not to leave her jacket anywhere! She then took the small wallet from the pocket of her jeans and stuffed the money in as best she could. It was still far more than she would normally carry unless she was going Christmas shopping or to buy an outfit for a special occasion, but probably not enough to draw the wrong kind of attention.

Out of curiosity, she fished in the bag for the flyer the cashier had given her. It seemed like a fairly standard hair and beauty salon offering various normal treatments but in the middle section of the inside, in a highlighted box, she found what she was looking for. It was indeed a list of treatments targetted at meat-girls including full body-hair removal, tenderising massage and flavour-enhancing rubs! This certainly looked interesting. Beth knew that she would need to need to do a more thorough hair-removal than her usual routine of legs and arm-pits with a Venus razor in the shower, even her fairly freshly-shaved vulva would need proper attention, not to mention her forearms and the fine, downy hair basically every else on her body. She had expected that she would need to buy a cream or something and do it at home in the shower but if there was a salon offering the service, that was sure to be much more enjoyable and would most likely get better results too!

Under the list of individual services was a paragraph explaining that the offered both one-off services and short-term treatment plans to get girls and women ready for their big day. It finished with an invitation to future meat-girls to call in and discuss their requirements. On the back, as the cashier had pointed out, was a voucher offering 15% off all treatments. Beth decided this was exactly the sort of thing her money was for – there was very little point in buying things if she only had a week left to enjoy them but salon treatments like this sounded great and, if they made her meat tastier, that was a very welcome bonus! She decided she would call in for a consultation once she had eaten, but first she wanted her burger!

The burger in question was one of the “specials” that the chain offered on rotation, usually twice a year, and it was Beth’s absolute favourite! Cheese, bacon and a special kind of sauce that was both creamy and peppery. Since budget was no issue and this was to be her last “cheat” meal, she upgraded her fries to wedges and ordered a sharing box of chicken nuggets on the side which she intended to eat all herself! Her normal trick of eating with one hand while holding a book with the other was simply not practical with a burger that large so she had to manage with the open book on the table, (she had decided to start with the sci-fi novel), her elbow holding it open while she used both hands to handle the huge burger, wiping her hand on a napkin to turn the page every couple of minutes.

Despite being relatively petite, Beth had always had an appetite to rival any of the boys she knew and, although it was a little bit of a struggle towards the end, she finished every last bite of what she had ordered, even finding room for an icecream sundae with strawberry syrup afterwards! Nearly an hour after entering and feeling ever so slightly like she might be pregnant, Beth left the fast food outlet and looked for the salon from the flyer.
R: 0 / I: 0

The Crown of Mark (Crushing, Decap, Freeze and Shatter, Transformation, Melting, Incineration, etc)

Part 1:

With a furious groan the stone doors of the mausoleum opened upsetting thousands of years of dust covering the room.

"You go first…" ordered Megan, the junior archaeologist.

“Fine” grunted her assistant Mark, still trying to recover from getting those doors open. Thinking he was out of ear shot he began muttering to himself, “Two weeks of marching through the jungle, now this bullshit. For what. An artifact that might not even be on this damned continent.”

"Don't think I didn't hear that!" shouted Megan as she began to follow behind Mark at a distance. Megan was a beautiful redhead that wore large circular glasses matching the color of her hair and partially covered her gorgeous face. She wore her hair back in a long braid, with a few loose strands hanging down over her forehead. She wore an off-white under-shirt and a tan short sleeve button-down. Her ample bosom forced her to leave one or two extra buttons to be undone. She also wore short khaki shorts that put her limber legs on full display and hugging her shapely thighs, and tight hiking boots that caused her ankles to muffin over them. "I'll write you up if I hear another complaint like that again- COUGH" Megan was interrupted by a coughing fit as the dust of the room got to her.

“Damn. If you’re personality was as good as your looks.” He muttered back, inaudible under the fit.

It was her looks that originally drew him to this assignment, when she first approached him he was absolutely captivated by he beauty, but as their adventure began her true colors began to show. Mark was simply a tool to Megan, and he knew that. All she did was order him around and ridicule him incessantly about any mistake, any miss step. Whether it was his fault or hers, he was always to blame.

There were good times between them though, like when—

"Quit your muttering and search the room!" Megan ordered after finally recovering from her coughing fit.

Nope just a bitch. Mark surveyed the room, dimly lit by his sole torch, which of course he had to carry. God forbid Megan lift a finger. Across the room he spotted a pedestal, the light of the torch reflecting off the top of it.

“Hey I think we got something!” He shouted with joy.

"Let me see!" said Megan as she rudely brushed Mark aside to see the treasure they found.

"LIGHT!" she shouted for the torch's return over the object after shoving Mark aside.

Mark regained his balance, standing next to her. Gazing upon a engraved copper ring sitting upon the pedestal.

“What the hell is this?” he questioned, anger welling up in his chest, “all of this for a chunk of fucking copper?”

Megan sighed. She was sure this was going to be the treasure they were looking for.

"Well, no sense leaving it here." she said as she reached for the ring. "Maybe it has SOME value." she said as she grabbed it.

And quite quickly, the sound of a mechanism being triggered was immediately followed by two large crude hammers shaped out of rock that came swinging down from above. Fast.

And, with only milliseconds of warning making it impossible to react, the crude hammers met. At the sides of Megan's head.

A loud clack like a gun shot echoed across the chamber, and Mark felt something warm splatter against his face. He stood for a moment in shock while his brain registered what just happened.

“M- M- Megan?” He stammered, slowly turning his head. He knew what happened, but he didn’t want it to be real. His eyes met the grizzly scene.

Her body laid on its back, missing its head. One arm rested on her breast, with the other out to her side. Her legs were both bent at the knees. Blood spurted from the open wound atop her neck as her body twitched on the floor. Hands grasping repeatedly at the air, tits bouncing with every jerk, a wet spot formed around the crotch of her shorts.

The hammers swung back a bit, releasing a grizzled mess of flesh, brain, hair, skull, and a broken pair of glasses, which plopped to the floor.

Mark fell to his knees, one hand resting on Megan’s abdomen, the other on the copper circlet.

“Please. Please come back.” He muttered helplessly knowing it would have no effect.

The mess of crushed remains that was once her head suddenly began to shift along the floor accompanied by a slimy, grimy sound, and came to a stop above the stump of her bleeding neck.

“Wh- what the fuck?” Mark gasped ask Megan’s lower jaw formed, her teeth and tongue visible, throat gasping for air.

Megan's random twitching started to come under control as the rest of her skull, brain, and face reformed.

Even her glasses reformed like new right above her eyes.

Megan took a sharp intake of breath as she literally came back to life.



To be continued…
R: 1 / I: 0

Casting call for girls to be featured in "American Whore story, 1984"

Casting call to be featured in my up-coming piece, "American Whore story, 1984: Massacre at Camp Deadwood" !!!

Hi Guys! So, after receiving positive feedback, my story idea is a go ahead, and I would like to offer lucky young ladies on this board the chance to sign up for Camp Deadwood this summer. Below you can find a short description of what this story will entail and what will likely happen to you should you make the mistake, I mean, take the opportunity, of attending.



tags: non-con, M/F, F/F, teen (18+), rape, disembowelment, throat slice, debreasting, tit stabbing, pussy slicing, womb removal, pissing, humiliation, necrophilia, corpse play, impalement (?)

American Whore story, 1984: Massacre at Camp Deadwood.

A parody to the setting of american horror story 1984, season 10. Several young high school bitches (18+) from gurochan are on a retreat to summer camp. Only, camp deadwood is no ordinary. The facility has just reopened after a long hiatus following the grisly and mysterious murders of several high school senior girls 10 years before. The young girls were found disemboweled and left in obscene poses, having been brutally raped and coated with the maniac killer's viscous cum. Now, as the camp prepares for its inauguration with a new cast of naive young campers, what could possibly go wrong???

I will use drawings from EeveE for each of the murders



[ Credit to Victoria for drafting this ]

Age: Mid-20’s.
Hair Color/Length:


Death Preferences:

Preferred Scenarios:

Sex Fantasy:

Enrolled and pending campers

- EeveE

[ no description … ]

- KittyKunt

[ no description … ]

- EmikoChan

[ no description … ]

- Victoria

Victoria 03/31/20 (Tue) 04:39:02 No.20876
I don’t mind being snuffed in a story.

I’ve decided to make a quick sheet for my physical description and preferences.

Name: Victoria Phommahaxay (not my real name, lol)
Age: Mid-20’s. (In your story, you can make me as young as 9.)
Eye-color: Brown
Ethnicity: Asian-American
Hair Color/Length: Waist-length, jet-black, occasionally dyed purple, or with purple streaks. It’s usually worn down or in pigtails.
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Measurements: 36D-25-34; my breasts began to sprout at the age of twelve.

Outfits: Depends on my age. If I’m under 11, generally something comfortable, such as a t-shirt and pants. Around age 11 I began to show off my body, with a preference for short shorts and skirts, and cropped tops. As my breasts grew out, tops were either low-cut or tight fitting. I also wear wireframe glasses.

Death Preferences: All of my death scenarios should be non-consensual. Prior to the age of eleven, my reactions to dying should be typical; trying to survive, even if it’s inevitable. As I get older, I should still focus on surviving, but, I will generally try to flirt with whoever is trying to kill me, and slowly removing my clothes(I prefer to die as naked as possible); if death is inevitable, I would masturbate, and plead with my killer to throw a goodbye fuck before killing me.

As for methods of death, my preference is breast and/or pussy mutilation, usually by gun or knife, followed by a shot to the head, through the month, or decapitation (either quickly after the mutilation, or after a few minutes). I’m also fond of hanging, electrocution, stomach trauma (knives and guns preferred), shot/stabbed in the throat, or throat sliced.

Preferred Scenarios:
Wrong Place
Civilian In Warzone
Tourist/Journalist In Authoritarian Country
Serial Killer Victim
Mass Killing Victim
Violent Robbery/Crime
Hitman Target
Gang/Organized Crime Victim
Violent Rapist
Domestic Violence

Sex Fantasy: As you can probably discern, I’m a bit of a slut. It would be virtually impossible to rape me since I would pretty much always consent, unless they’re extremely ugly. Not only would I likely flirt with my killer, but anyone else trapped with me. I prefer men, but can get flirty with other ladies if they’re cute enough. If you write me younger than twelve, I might put up a little resistance if someone tries to have sex with me, but relax once I start realizing how enjoyable it is.
R: 17 / I: 0

M's Patreon Stories

While my main focus is Fire Emblem stories, I also let my Patrons pick non-FE girls for the polls. Last month, Asuka from Evangelion won - so here's her story.
If you want to suggest a character yourself, or to read my stories a week early, come and support me on my Patreon!

Asuka's Brain Rape
tags: non-con, M/F, rape, brainfucking

Asuka Langley Sohryu sighed, loudly expressing her disappointment with the whole situation she was in. Forcing to stay after classes to clean up was already annoying, but she was also forced to do it with those three stooges! She made every effort of showing them that she blamed them for the whole thing, screaming at them while she made her way to a distant corner of the classroom. Shinji Ikari seemed unphased by her rudeness, obediently going to clean by himself. However, neither Kensuke Aida nor Toji Suzuhara were too willing to do any cleaning. Asuka took breaks from time to time to look at them, but the two idiots were just talking about something while sitting on a few desks. They were just quiet enough that she couldn’t make out what they were saying, only hear their voices. They were also looking in her direction from time to time - with stares that were nothing but lecherous. Even if Asuka wouldn’t admit it, she was a bit curious about the topic of their conversation - it would help to ease the boredom that came with cleaning like that. With that in mind, the redhead began to move towards them while still cleaning the floor.

“Man, it’s great that you managed to get these photos, Kensuke. Even if she’s so harsh to deal with, she also has an amazing body.” Of course. The perverts were talking about spying on some girl. “Yeah, and this time I’m sure I took some good ones. This new hiding spot let me see all of it. I’m kind of jealous though… Shinji probably gets to see it every day.” Were they talking about her? “Dunno man, Asuka would kill him if he ever tried to spy on her.” They were! And they had also taken pictures of her! “Idiots! Perverts! I hate you! Give me that camera!” The German girl screamed out while suddenly springing to her feet, and ran towards them, as fast as the skirt of her school uniform let her. “S-she heard us!” Kensuke called out, while trying to run away. However, he didn’t get far, for Asuka slammed into him from behind, sending him to the ground. He landed on his back, and Asuka immediately punched him in the face, all while screaming: “Give! It! To! Me!”, each word accompanied by one hit - with loud cracks coming from the boy’s glasses as she hit them. However, as she raised her hand again, she felt someone grab it from behind. She turned around right away, with her arm painfully bending as she was now face-to-face with Touji. He was just as guilty as the glasses boy - and she tried to hit him with her other hand. However, he just pulled on the arm he was holding - and Asuka doubled over in pain as she felt it snap out of its socket. Once he heard the satisfying crack that confirmed to him that he succeeded, Toji let go of her arm - and it fell down, hanging limply at the redhead’s side.

“You know, Kensuke… Now that she’s helpless like this, we could get more photos of her! And they would probably show even more!” Toji exclaimed while looking at Asuka who was glaring at him from below. Kensuke got back up, stumbling at first, and looked at Asuka, his glasses tilted on his face. “Well, with how much she beat me, it’s only fair that we do that now. She slapped you for a peek at her panties when she first arrived here - just how much would so many punches to the face would be, then?” Kensuke replied while getting closer to Asuka. He reached towards her waist, finding the seam of her shirt, then began to lift it. Reacting to it, Asuka turned around, trying to hit him again with her healthy arm - but Kensuke got away in time. He let go of the shirt, however. With how feisty Asuka usually was, it was clear that just taking it off wouldn’t be this simple. Toji understood that as well - and he grabbed Asuka’s shirt by the cloth. Then, he began to pull - making it harder for Asuka to turn as the piece of clothing began to rip in his hands. Tearing off a huge chunk of the green material, Toji could now look at Asuka’s naked back - her flawless skin only covered by a white strap belonging to the Eva pilot’s bra.

“Pervert! I hate you!” Asuka lashed out at him again, once more trying to use her surviving arm to slap him. However, doing this she only showed off her back to Kensuke - who grabbed the flaps of her torn shirt and pulled on them, continuing to rip it. He managed to tear it all the way down, the whole thing coming apart. In surprise, Asuka saw that the front of it began to fall off too. She tried to keep in place with her arm, to keep herself covered up, but Toji grabbed it again, and pulled it to the side - letting her shirt fall down. Now, her white bra was revealed to him - with her breasts, huge for her age, held tight within it. Kensuke walked around her, camera in hand, and quickly took a few shots of her - taking in Asuka’s uncovered chest and her distressed, angry face. She screamed at him a few times as he did that, but he ignored her - Asuka’s frustration at the whole thing building up.

After taking what he decided was enough photos, Kensuke decided it was time to go ahead. Getting down, he reached for Asuka’s skirt - only to be met with an angry knee smashing into his hand. “Ouch!” He called out while dragging his hand back, a sadistic smile on Asuka’s face. This was just the first part of her getting back at them… Or so she thought - and so, she didn’t see the hand coming right at her head at all. Kensuke smashed her on the side of her head, paying her back for the times she hit him before, and stunning her for a few moments. Moments, which Kensuke used to go ahead and rip her skirt off - Asuka’s white panties revealed as well. He immediately backed off again, grabbing the camera and taking a bunch more photos of her, Somehow, though, he felt these were lacking. After getting to take pictures of her changing, and getting what he hoped was a few good shots of her naked, this just wasn’t that satisfying - even if his dick was already hard at just the sight of Asuka in her underwear. Well, why shouldn’t they take it a bit further, then?

Leaning over once more, he grabbed Asuka’s bra and began to tug on it. It required him to put more force into it, but after pulling on it for a bit he managed to rip it off. While he was doing that, however, Asuka screamed - even louder than before. “Shinji, moron! Help me! Why are you letting them do this to me? What are you, stupid? Help me already, Shinji!”
The black-haired boy was busy cleaning by himself, his ears plugged by his headphones - with the music from his walkman easily cutting all that had been happening in the other side of the classroom. He was so focused on doing the cleaning, that he remained completely oblivious of the state Asuka was in. Still, her attempts to grab his attention succeeded, as her strong voice managed to get to him through his ear buds, catching his attention. Looking up in the direction the voice came from, Shinji was greeted with the sight of Asuka’s bra being torn off, her breasts swinging free as they were no longer contained by it. The way they bounced around, their shape… Just seeing them like this was enough to give him a boner already. But why was she like that? Why were his friends forcibly removing Asuka’s clothes?

Getting up, Shinji removed his earbuds and began to watch towards them. Kensuke paid no mind to him, taking photos of Asuka with a wide grin on his face - both him and Toji’s faces red because of excitement. Toji was massaging his cock through his pants, his arousal clearly visible through them. Asuka’s face was just as flushed as theirs - but hers was with embarrassment. The girl was furious - and she was going to take that anger out on anyone around her. That included Shinji as well. Seeing him walk to her with a confused expression on his face, Asuka lashed out at him angrily. “What took you so long, idiot? Are you stupid or what? And stop staring, pervert! Ah, you’re so useless!”

Hearing Asuka insult him like that, even in a position like this… Something just snapped inside Shinji’s head. All Asuka ever did was to abuse him both physically and verbally… But no more he would simply take that. He has had enough. In a sudden burst of anger, he launched himself at her - and shoved her to the ground. Asuka had no time to react, no time to shove him off her as he ripped her panties off. Then, just like that, Shinji pulled his pants and his underwear down, revealing his cock. “No! Don’t you dare! Moron! Pervert!” Asuka screamed as she saw him do that, her free arm uselessly slapping Shinji on the chest. However, he wasn’t bothered by that at all - he just drove his dick inside her. Asuka screamed loud as he took her virginity, voicing her pain at having her hymen broken very loudly. She began to throw herself on the floor below him, but Shinji didn’t care - thrusting into her with powerful, rapid thrusts. He fucked Asuka hard with a fury fueled by the constant bullying he had suffered at her hands - giving him the energy to rape her as hard as he could. It was his first time with a girl as well, however - and so, he wasn’t able to last for long. After a short period of powerful thrusts, he came - spilling his seed right into Asuka’s cunt. “You did it inside? Aaaah! You idiot! I hate you!” Asuka screamed at him once more as his semen went into her body, but he just ignored her while the rest of his cum left his dick. Then, breathing heavily, he rolled off her - her pussy leaking his semen while he laid down next to Asuka’s body on the ground.

Kensuke snapped as many pictures of Asuka’s rape as he could. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening - he never expected Shinji to do something like this. Still, now Asuka’s naked form was on the ground, with nothing to cover her up at all. There was nothing stopping him from taking pictures of her tits, of her nice legs and of her bleeding pussy - and he did just that. He had to do it with one hand though, as his other one was in his pants - stroking his cock gently because of how hard it was. Seeing that Asuka was free to use now, and encouraged by Shinji’s example, Toji couldn’t control himself any longer. He forced himself on top of Asuka, and ignoring her screams he shoved his erection inside her too. He pinned her to the ground, using one of his hands to grab her by the wrist, and using the other to feel Asuka’s tits up. Just like Shinji, he had never done this before - and so he clumsily humped Asuka’s pussy with his dick. Asuka screamed at him as well, and her voice only grew louder when she felt him fondle her boobies. “Let go of them, you pervert! Moron! Eeeeek!” She screamed at him at the top of her lungs, and in response Toji squeezed them even harder - causing her to squeal in pain. These squeals continued while Toji raped her, but all Asuka succeeded in was arousing the boys around her even more - Kensuke stroking himself harder as his cock throbbed in his hands in response to her voice. These lewd sounds Asuka was making could never be replicated with just his pictures, so he made sure to burn them into his memory while documenting all of the redhead’s rape. Toji continued to thrust inside her for some more time, but his lack of experience got to him too - and so, he came inside her fairly quickly. As he pulled out, Kensuke moved on to replace him. However, with the amount of stroking he gave his dick, he was already on the verge of cumming. He realized just that - and so, he stopped while standing over her. Asuka looked at him with disgust - but the double rape left her in no state to move out of the way. She just called him names while he finished jerking off - his semen shooting all over her breasts and her face. Then, with his balls spent, he resumed taking photos of her - making sure to focus on her cum-stained face and tits.

“So? Are you done, you jerks? Or will you use your tiny dicks on me again?” Asuka asked in an angry voice a few moments later, unaware that she was only stirring them to do more things to her. While Toji and Kensuke needed time to recover, Shinji was ready again. Her words spurred him to fuck her again - and the other NERV pilot got to her with his dick again. “Shinji, idiot. Sure, go ahead - with such a tiny dick, I doubt I’ll even get to feel it.” Asuka spoke at him again, and in response Shinji thrust in once more. Asuka didn’t stop insulting his dick at all for the next few moments - Shinji’s anger building up at her again. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. ‘S-shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!” He screamed at Asuka while grabbing her by her throat. His hands squeezed it tightly, making it impossible for her to breathe - and successfully stopping her from throwing insults at him. But that wasn’t enough for him, however. Holding on to her head by her neck, he brought it down onto the ground - making it hit the ground with a lot of force. And then, he pulled it back up - and slammed it right down again. Although he didn’t say anything, his face showed, just how furious he was - with Asuka getting scared of him for just a moment. But then, she reminded herself that it was just Shinji. He couldn’t do anything serious to her, even if he wanted to… Or that’s at least what she told herself. As her lungs began to burn once she ran out of oxygen, however, she began to feel afraid again. It didn’t help that he was still ramming her head against the floor - it was making her so dizzy… Her face grew red as Shinji choked her, the girl only making out pained gurgles - which annoyed Shinji even more. As he thrust deeper inside her, he just wanted them to stop - but they continued all the way until he was on the verge of cumming again. Then, he swung her head down once more - and came hard inside her as he heard a satisfying crack.

Letting go of her neck, he backed away - and Asuka sucked in deep breaths as she was finally able to breathe again. Her head was pounding with a splitting headache, and her heart was beating very fast inside her chest too. Her head hurt… So for a few moments she just laid down while trying to recover. However, even once she got fresh oxygen into her system again, her brain oxidized properly with the dizziness going away, the pain at the back of her head was still there. What was going on?

Asuka couldn’t see that, but when Shinji slammed her head into the floor the final time, her skull cracked. Now, pieces of it laid shattered on the floor behind her head - with a lot of blood flooding out of it. Asuka got up to her knees to take a look around - and as she did that, more pieces of her skull fell off because of the shift in position. Suddenly, she felt very lightheaded - so she grabbed onto the one of the nearby tables to keep her balance. She was able to remain in an upright position, even if her head pounded once more - and that in turn made off just what Shinji had done to her to her two classmates. A huge part of her skull on the back of her head was missing now - and the girl’s brain was clearly visible inside the hole. Kensuke kept getting more shots of her, going around to get all the angles of the girl’s post-strangling state - he documented the strangling as well properly before - until he came behind her. “Toji! Take a look at this!” He screamed out while snapping pictures of the open back of Asuka’s head. It was hard to see between her hair, but her brain was shown from time to time as Asuka moved her head, making her hair shift too. Grabbing Asuka’s hair, he pulled it out of the way - taking an unobstructed look at the hole in her head and at Asuka’s brain. “Toji, can you hold it like this?” Kensuke asked his friend once he got to him, Toji looking wide-eyed as the opening Shinji had created - and so he just nodded and held Asuka’s hair the way he was asked to. With Toji doing that, Kensuke was able to get a good shot of Asuka’s exposed brain - all while the redhead was growing more and more uncomfortable. Although she didn’t know that it was the case, having her brain exposed like that against the cold air was causing her to spasm gently at random intervals - and she really didn’t like the feeling.

“W-what are you two perverts doing there?” Eventually, she called out to them - and once she got no response, Asuka screamed at them again. Oh, if only there was a way to make her shut up… And then Kensuke realized he was looking at one. His cock hardened at the thought. But, wouldn’t it be wrong? As Asuka threw yet another insult at him, he dismissed that thought. The bitch totally deserved it for all the things she had said to them, for all the times she hit them. So instead, he just put his camera down - and then moved forward. In the instant he walked, Asuka seemed to have understood what had been going on - and screeched with an ear-piercing voice. “Nooooo! Don’t… Don’t enter into me!” But something like that couldn’t help her at that point. “NOOOOOOO!” She screamed out as she felt Kensuke’s dick penetrate her brain. It slid right into the back part of her brain, and the effects were visible right away. Asuka’s blue eyes bulged in their sockets, tears flowing freely out of them as pain unlike anything she had felt before consumed her mind. Her vision got blurry, Kensuke’s dick impaling the part of her brain responsible for sight. As the boy showed his dick further in, her vision went completely black, her eyes going blank as well. Asuka spasmed violently as the dick continued further into her head, only making it move around inside her head and mash through more of her brain matter. She screamed, and she screamed hard, as Kensuke fucked her head - but for the first time that day, she wasn’t insulting or threatening her rapists.

“P-please, stop! Don’t peep into my mind! Please, don’t invade my mind anymore!” Asuka screamed, tears running down her face, but her words fell on deaf ears - Kensuke showing his cock all the way into her brain. “P-please… Pleashe… let me liiiiiveeeeeeeeee!!!” The redhead howled in pain as Kensuke began thrusting in and out, messing up more and more of her brain with his cock. “Shinji… Anyone! Help meeeeee!” Her body was spiraling out of control - and no matter how much she begged, the pain and the thrusts into her head wouldn’t stop. Her mind deteriorated quickly, and soon she the only language she could remember was German. “Nein… Bitte, nicht…” She muttered, no one able to understand her. Kensuke just fucked her anyways, and soon her voice just turned into incoherent babbling - which was well accompanied by her sobs. By the time he came, his semen shooting into her skull and into the still-intact parts of her brain, all of Asuka’s feelings were overloading inside her brain. “Shinji… Help me… Moron! I hate you! I hate everyone! Shinji, please! Help me! Mama… Help me! Anyone, please! I hate you all!” Asuka sobbed as these thoughts bounced inside her head. The figure of her mother - her real mother, not the adoptive fake one that she had always despised - flashed inside her head for a moment before her image was replaced with Shinji. She couldn’t even remember her face anymore… Who was that woman anyways? Her old memories began to disappear as Kensuke pulled his blood, brain matter-covered cock out of her head - but the elite pilot was still clinging to her life. Her determination allowed her to keep going where many others would fall - letting her survive even such brain damage. If she was to get help at this point, if she was carried to NERV, maybe they’d be able to make her recover - but no one in that classroom had any desire to do that.

Seeing just how Kensuke fucked Asuka now, Toji knew he had to do it as well. When his friend freed up the spot behind her, he was already waiting with one hand at his prick. However, he wasn’t the only one. Shinji also wanted to fuck Asuka’s brain - and the two of them stopped right in front of her, neither of them wanting to stand down. On any other day, Shinji would have given in and let Toji go first - but not this time. The two boys looked at one another, unsure what to do. “Let’s do it together.” Toji finally said after understanding that Shinji wasn’t going to let up now. Grabbing the opening in Asuka’s skull, Toji pulled on the edge of it. While these pieces of her head had not fallen out, Shinji’s assault had still cracked them before - and now Toji was able to rip them off. Shinji did the same on his side, and so they both exposed more of Asuka’s brain - her hair brushing against it and sending more thrills through her body. Then, once they’ve created enough of an opening, they both thrust inside at the same time - Asuka’s brain assaulted by two cocks now.

The pilot shivered some more as her brain was speared at an angle this time. Their cocks took away any resemblance of control she still had over her body - and so the German girl began to shudder. Her bladder was released with nothing holding it shut - and a streak of piss squirted from between her cum-stained legs, Kensuke taking a few pics of the yellow liquid as she released it. Her body was shaking powerfully as the cocks proceeded deeper into her head - squashing the more elaborate thoughts Asuka still had. Now, her brain was reduced to just the simplest of ideas: She was going to die. die. die. die. She didn’t want to die! But she would. And now it was inevitable. With her brain mostly turned into a mush because of their cocks, it was a miracle that she was still living. Her spasms let the boys enjoy themselves more - making fucking her brain and ruining it in the process even more pleasant than it felt when they took her cunt. Their thrusts were out of sync, one of them slamming their tool into Asuka’s head while the other was sliding out, and the other way around. Because of that, her head was bobbing around between both of them, pieces of her brain and skull sent flying each time it was forced to change direction. Eventually, first Toji and then Shinji came - both of them shooting their semen right into what still remained of her brain. Their cum mixed with the still intact matter of her frontal lobe, contaminating the final surviving part of her brain - Asuka’s life leaving her as her head was inseminated once more. The girl went limp between them, but the boys holding on to her head as they came kept her upright for a little longer - Asuka’s body only slumping down to the ground once they both pulled out and let go of her.

Following Asuka’s death, the three boys enjoyed her body for some more time. Kensuke was able to get more footage than he’d ever want - enough for all three of them to have all the fap material they would ever need, as well as a lot of spares they could sell to other people. Shinji was finally able to get back at Asuka for all the times she had teased him back in their apartment - shooting more than enough loads into her pussy, her ass and her brain. Now that Asuka was dead, her mouth was able to be used as well - before that, there was always the risk that she’d bite them. Fucking her face was a fun way to change things up as well. In the end, the three boys ended up getting more sexual education using Asuka’s body than ever before in their lives. They fucked her together as well - one of them taking her pussy while the other went for her ass, and the third one would fuck her face or the massive hole in her head. At one point, all three of them also fucked her head at the same time - ruining all that remained of her brain inside it. Her skull ended up as nothing more than a bowl for their semen. Eventually, though, they were done with her - no one of them was able to make his dick grow even a little because of how much they had all came. That was the time to dispose of her body - and the three boys carried Asuka’s corpse off to a nearby dumpster. Dumping her cum-covered corpse in the trash, Kensuke took a few final pictures of it - then, the three boys left it and returned to clean the classroom up after their prolonged orgy.

Asuka’s corpse would later be discovered by a homeless person who was going through the trash, with them getting to enjoy her sweet young body even despite all the cum all over it. Even if the boys had used her a lot, their dicks were still small enough to leave Asuka’s holes very tight - letting them man who found her enjoy her in full. Once he was done fucking her, though, he left her back in the trash - for it was all Asuka was now. A sack of skin and bones that was of no use to anyone, unless they wanted to fuck it - the dead pilot left in a dumpster with semen all over her.
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Miscellaneous short(ish) stories: The Second [various tags, but expect lots of asphyxia and f/f]

Previous thread:

And we're back in business. Well, I was never really gone, but just too busy/lazy/distracted to make a new thread after my old one was suddenly way past the bump limit. But I did write a couple of stories in the meantime, of my own design or inspired by people from discord, which I'll be posting over the next days in no particular order. Something something feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated.
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Falquin's Fine Leather Emporium

Sorry there's nothing remotely "guro" in this introduction, other than by implication, but I needed to set the scene. Should get more "interesting" as it progresses ;-)

Pt 1

“Hey! This is new!” Chloe exclaimed to Abi as they rounded the corner of the mall and saw the double store-front with the stylised “F” above the entrance. The window display featured mannequins of girls aged from five or six up to young adult but most seemed to be effigies of girls their own age, albeit the impossibly thin, faceless type common to such stores. All seemed to be dressed in fancy leather clothing, from mini-shirts and crop-tops to slinky cocktail dresses and coats that swept the floor, worn over what could either be a leather bikini or underwear set. “Wanna check it out?”

“I don’t know…” Abi looked uncertainly at the fancy goods in the window. She was pretty sure there was nothing in there a twelve year old girl could afford to buy for herself, not unless she was the daughter of a movie star or something! “Looks expensive.”

“So?” laughed Chloe, “It’s not like we have to actually buy anything. What’s wrong?” she asked, “You never pretended to be rich before?”

“Well, when you put it like that!” Abi chuckled and followed her friend through automatic door. The air inside was pleasantly warm and had the comforting aroma of all leather shops mixed with something else the girls could not quite put their finger on. Sandlewood perhaps?

“Hello, ladies.” A smartly-dressed sales assistant approached them as they came in, her mouth fixed in a customer-service smile that did not extend to her eyes. “Welcome to Falquin’s Fine Leather Emporium. Can I assist you in any way?”

“Oh, no!” Chloe waved her away airily. “We’re just browsing for something to wear to my dad’s next premiere.”

“That’s right.” Abi caught on, enjoying the pretence. “You know how the gossip columns trash you if you’re seen in the same outfit on more than one red carpet!”

“Oh!” The sales assistant’s eyes went a little wide and she seemed to visibly recalibrate her attitude. “Well do feel free to take a look around and ask any questions you may have. Please remember that all our designs can be customised to your personal taste and if you don’t see anything that meets your requirements, Mr Falquin does offer an exclusive design service, creating one-off designs for premium clients such as yourselves.”

“Excellent!” Chloe smiled a little coldly, like someone who was well used to being sucked up to. “Thank you,” she made a show of leaning forward to read the woman’s name badge, “Amanda. We’ll let you know if we need anything.” With a polite nod, the smartly-dressed young woman returned to her station and left them to browse.

“You’re right!” Abi giggled. “This is fun!” The two girls browsed the store, from time to time taking garments from their pegs and, careful not to let their shock at the prices register on their faces, held them up against their bodies and discussed them before making loudly finding some fault and rejecting them.

“Jeez this skirt cost more than my dad makes in a year!” Abi exclaimed quietly, holding a fitted mini-skirt in front of her hips.

“Not in here!” Chloe winked. “In here, your dad makes enough to buy you one of these for each day of the week if you wanted without batting an eyelid! Why don’t you try it on?”

“Do you think I could?” Abi asked, wide-eyed. “Wouldn’t that be taking things too far?”

“Why?” Chloe giggled. “They have a changing room and your dad’s a famous movie star! Or my dad is and your dad works for him, or you’re dating me, or whatever!” She laughed. “Here,” she shoved a top into her friend’s arms, followed by a jacket and a cocktail dress. “Take these too! Might as well make the most of it!” Abi looked at her friend, in awe of her audacity. “I’ll try these!” Chloe selected a leather crop-top, a pair of shorts and what was described on the label as “Poolside lounge-wear” - essentially a bikini but, being leather, not designed to be worn for swimming!

As they passed Amanda’s station the girls noticed she was talking to a tall, handsome and smartly-dressed man in leather trousers and a leather waistcoat over a silk shirt in the same dark purple as the logo above the door. The young sales assistant pointed them out to the man and he looked over with interest.

“Maybe they’re trying to work out who our dads are?” Abi giggled, getting into the spirit of the prank as Chloe pushed open the door to the fitting room.

“Must be!” He friend laughed. The fitting room was a small, circular lounge with a comfy-looking pair of sofas back to back in the middle. Around the edges were roomy cubicals with swing, saloon-style doors and between each cubical was a floor-to-ceiling mirror. The girls could not help notice that all the upholstery, carpers and drapery matched the man’s shirt and the company logo. “What are you going to try on first?” Chloe asked with a grin. “I think I’m going to start with the bikini!”
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Thread For Gurochan Females Who Wish To Be In Stories

I decided to create a genetic thread for any female users of this site who wish to appear in stories.

I'm going to use the same sheet as I used for the other thread. You don't have to use it, but you should give some information concerning your appearance and preferences.

Name: Victoria Phommahaxay
Age: Mid-20’s. (In your story, you can make me as young as 9.)
Eye-color: Brown
Ethnicity: Asian-American
Hair Color/Length: Waist-length, jet-black, occasionally dyed purple, or with purple streaks. It’s usually worn down or in pigtails.
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Measurements: 36D-25-34; my breasts began to sprout at the age of twelve.

Outfits: Depends on my age. If I’m under 11, generally something comfortable, such as a t-shirt and pants. Around age 11 I began to show off my body, with a preference for short shorts and skirts, and cropped tops. As my breasts grew out, tops were either low-cut or tight fitting. I also wear wireframe glasses.

Death Preferences: All of my death scenarios should be non-consensual. Prior to the age of eleven, my reactions to dying should be typical; trying to survive, even if it’s inevitable. As I get older, I should still focus on surviving, but, I will generally try to flirt with whoever is trying to kill me, and slowly removing my clothes(I prefer to die as naked as possible); if death is inevitable, I would masturbate, and plead with my killer to throw a goodbye fuck before killing me.

As for methods of death, my preference is breast and/or pussy mutilation, usually by gun or knife, followed by a shot to the head, through the month, or decapitation (either quickly after the mutilation, or after a few minutes). I’m also fond of hanging, electrocution, stomach trauma (knives and guns preferred), shot/stabbed in the throat, or throat sliced.

Preferred Scenarios:
Wrong Place
Civilian In Warzone
Tourist/Journalist In Authoritarian Country
Serial Killer Victim
Mass Killing Victim
Violent Robbery/Crime
Hitman Target
Gang/Organized Crime Victim
Violent Rapist
Domestic Violence

Sex Fantasy: As you can probably discern, I’m a bit of a slut. It would be virtually impossible to rape me since I would pretty much always consent, unless they’re extremely ugly. Not only would I likely flirt with my killer, but anyone else trapped with me. I prefer men, but can get flirty with other ladies if they’re cute enough. If you write me younger than twelve, I might put up a little resistance if someone tries to have sex with me, but relax once I start realizing how enjoyable it is.
Here’s a blank template for anyone else wishing to use this.

Age: Mid-20’s.
Hair Color/Length:


Death Preferences:

Preferred Scenarios:

Sex Fantasy:
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Stories Commissions

Do you know of any writers accepting commissions? Am looking for someone to put into good words a story of mine. I have every scene plotted out already. Need someone who can describe feelings, pain and various guro stuff well. Must be prepared for some revisions to my liking. Can shell up to $50 depending on length.

You can drop your profile and work here or shill for someone else. We might even use this thread to list all writers accepting commissions. Thanks folks!
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Looking for stories thread

Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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Interesting products (Lez/ denial/ consensual/ fgm/ bodymod/ chastity)

(Lez/ denial/ con/ fgm/ femcirc/ bodymod/ chastity)


Interesting products

Working at the pre-marketing firm was very pleasant for Charlotte. She had landed a very interesting job straight out of high school, thanks to her language skills. She got to work with a supportive team, all of whom had become very close friends to her over the past two years. The firm was large, with dozens of different teams working of hundreds of different consumer products before they were passed on to different marketing firms.

Her team consisted of her and four other girls. There was Vivianne, the team leader, a cute short brunette in her late twenties. Then there were Codi and Klara, stunning blonde twins from Canada who mostly worked their phone lines. The two were about Charlotte’s age, with gorgeous 80s luscious hairstyles. They had a thing for vintage fashion and the natural beauty to pull it off. The twins were the stuff of dreams. They were taller than Charlotte and had sizable tits. Not as big as Charlotte’s of course. She was abnormally large. Her Italian heritage blessed her with beautiful olive skin, dark brown eyes, a captivating smile and tits that almost looked out of place on her short frame but seemed to defy gravity.

Lastly, there was Amber. Amber’s parents were from Russia and she used her knowledge of the Russian language when working with many of the importers and manufacturers. She also did a lot of marketing concepts for products going to targeted segments. Amber was a tall rocker girl with bright red dyed curly hair reaching all the way down to her hips, a sizable septum piercing and often wearing punkish, quite provocative clothing such as fishnets, collars and spiky high heels.

Charlotte and Amber were very close, more than just friends. Charlotte had not known she was into girls before but when Amber came into her cubicle one late evening with a bottle of wine the two soon found themselves drawing closer to each other, feeling each other’s breath on their skin and eventually their lips touching. They ended up at Amber’s place. Their office romance was no secret.

It was 2pm on a Friday. Charlotte, Amber, Codi and Klara were sitting at the coffee break room, chatting about the newest episode of “War and Love in the Amazon”, a show they all watched the moment a new episode dropped. It was cheesy, but very entertaining. Every episode seemed to follow a predictable script. Every week the all women tribe had warrior training, one of the warriors had love trouble, there was a training match among the skimpily clothed muscular women, usually a bet or some dare was involved, then lovers got together, got a blessing from their sisters and so forth. Somehow the show was super popular.

Vivianne popped in to the break room. “Hey girls, I just finished putting in this weeks reports. I am going to head out early. Feel free to take the rest of the day off when you are finished with stuff. Codi, you still need to log your calls from yesterday. Amber and Charlotte, we got next month’s products. The janitors are bringing them up to the conference room now. A big load. I do not expect you to go through all of them today. There are a lot of them. I left wine on the table in the first cubicle. Leftovers from the spring convention. Help yourselves, you have been doing superb work.”

She was out of the door quickly, the other girls joking about her having a hot date. Charlotte was very happy to have such a great team leader. Vivianne really took care of her team. Amber left to check on the new products. Charlotte did not really have anything left to do so she and the twins went to Codi’s cubicle to chat while Codi logged her calls.

Soon, Amber came back from the conference room. “Umm, Charlotte, mind coming with me for a second?” she seemed a bit rushed.

“Sure…” Charlotte followed her lover. “What is it?”

“You’ll just have to see this.” Amber almost dragged the smaller girl in her hurry to the conference room. “Ok, prepare yourself… The new products. They are a bit different. Kinky.”

“We’ve done alien dildos, rubber fists, even a damn spanking machine. What is the big deal” Charlotte was confused.

“Well, I haven't gone through the entire box obviously” Amber said pointing out the wooden crate containing many dozens of boxes “but check this shit out. This is all from a single company. CastraTech. And based on what I saw so far, it is about as extreme as it gets. Check this one out.”

Charlotte took the small box. Amber had already opened it. Within the packaging she found a shiny metal device. It was curved, about five inches in length. It had an opening in the middle, buttons and a small screen on the side. “Umm, what is this?”

“Well listen to this.” Amber unraveled a piece of paper. “CastraTech Clitoral and Labial Extripator model four. The first consumer model of the female circumcision tool with additional features, an improved of our patented root removal system and a laser cauterization mechanism.”

“What?” Amber did not register all of the words Amber had just read out, but she got the picture. This thing was a device for destroying a girl’s clitoris! Her heart was pounding in her chest as she looked at the thing in her hand. “This can not be real. They want us to find the markets and concepts for… this?”

“It is not the only thing. There are dozens of things from them.” Amber took out the next product. “This is for men.” She held up a black device which had a handle and a loop like hole at the end. “Listen to this. CastraTech Penile Reducer. A hand held, battery operated penectomy, penile reduction and glansectomy tool. Compatible rigid catheters sold separately.”

Charlotte could not believe what she was seeing. She was speechless.

Amber picked up the next box. “Here we have a box of chemicals and shit. This is a skin spray. It seals wounds with an artificial skin. Then there are syringes, numbing agents. This one is called Denial Ultra. It kills nerves permanently. All of this stuff is like the most extreme body modification stuff ever.”

“Who makes this stuff? And why is it here?” Charlotte was still in shock.

“CastraTech, they haven’t been on the US market before. They are from Germany. I know they sell in Europe, Asia and the Middle East” Amber explained as she picked up a small box and uncovered a clear plastic tube “Ah, a declitting tube!”

“How do you know THAT?” Charlotte felt her head spinning as she looked at the tube in Amber’s hand. Her heart was racing.

“Oh, you know, the Internet. This is their main product for the female market. They started with the stuff for men. Now they seem to be making more stuff for women. You feeling alright there?” She placed the tube back in the crate.

“Uhh, no. I did not know this stuff existed. It is quite… disturbing. I am going to need a drink.” Charlotte did not exactly know what to think of all this.

“Okay, let’s go see if the twins left any of that wine for us.” Amber took her hand again, leading her back to the cubicles.

Surprised, they found the twins still sitting in Codi’s cubicle. The twins had a bottle of wine open and a YouTube clip with the last season’s best bits of “War and Love in the Amazon” playing on the computer.

“Oh, you are still here. How’s the wine?” Amber pulled up a chair to join the twins.

“It’s good wine, grab a glass. There is quite a lot of it actually. Six bottles.” Codi paused the video. “Charlotte, you all right?”

“Um… yes.”

“Oh she’s just a bit stunned. The new products are quite incredible.” Amber poured herself a glass of white wine.

“Incredible? How?” Karla had a giggle in her voice. She had obviously had a few glasses already.

“We got a full shipment of the latest gadgets and stuff from CastraTech.” Amber smiled mischievously. Charlotte could not believe this. Amber was into this stuff? She had just held in her hand a device obviously designed to do serious harm to a girl’s sex.

“CastraTech? What do you mean”

Oh, so Charlotte was not the only one not aware of what CastraTech was. She felt a bit relieved.

“You got a browser open? Let me show you.” Amber leaned over Codi to type in an address.

It took the girls to a website with a dark background and a title. It read “New Wave Puritans”.

“Let me just log in.” Amber typed in her personal login details. “This video will explain. Charie, babe sit down.”

Charlotte sat down, still without words. She finally remembered her urgent need of a drink and poured herself a glass. A video buffered for a second and a strikingly beautiful asian woman appeared on the screen. She had funky metallic makeup, white stripes in her long black hair and was dressed in a long black rubber coat. ‘Oh, a fetish domme’ Charlotte thought to herself as the woman began her presentation.

“Greetings, my name is Amai. Welcome to New Wave Puritans, the modern day sexual revolution. Together with our partners at CastraTech we offer you a new level of liberation. Technology and social progression has finally allowed us to embrace sexual nullification as the new growing trend. No longer is sexual nullification a taboo, it is the new big thing. Join me as we hear from two members of our community.”

Charlotte poured herself a new full glass of wine from a freshly opened bottle as the video cut to a pretty blonde in a pretty pink tank top and a white miniskirt. “Hi, I am Francine!” The girl had an erotic French accent. “I joined the New Wave Puritans last summer on a holiday. I met a girl in a beach bar and we hit it off. In bed I found out she had such incredible sexual energy and a beautiful smooth pussy. It was incredible. She explained to me about her experience as a clitless woman and how incredible it was to be liberated. I had never been so fucking horny. We spent an amazing week together. Days on the beach, evenings at the bar, nights between each other’s legs. I felt like my orgasms were only holding back our passion, so at the end of our week I gave her a very personal souvenir.“

“On our last night, we used a CastraTech Clitoral and Labial Extripator on me. We then used the PreserveIt kit to cast my former clitoris and labia into this clear plastic. She promised to keep it by her bedside.” The blonde lifted her right leg up on a bench and the camera zoomed in on her exposed bald pussy. Her lips glistened with arousal. She spread her lips with her hand. “I have never felt so sexy. New Wave Puritans have set me free to enjoy my sexuality to the fullest!”

Charlotte looked at the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. It was so smooth, moist and inviting. She imagined just how it would taste, how it would grip on her fingers, how it would feel grinding on her thigh in bed. Francine was nullified, clitless, sexless, but the most sexual thing she had ever seen. She poured herself a new glass of wine as the video cut to another scene.

A pair of women appeared on the screen. A muscular brunette wearing a black leather corset was sat on a heavy dark wooden chair with a riding crop in her hand. Next to her feet on the ground was a naked girl with short dark hair and tattoos on her arms. The girl on the ground rested her head on the other girl’s thigh and gently stroked her shins.

The woman smacked the naked girl on her butt with the riding crop and commanded. “Tell the camera what has been done to your girly parts and why.”

The naked girl looked into the camera and spoke in a British accent. “I love my mistress. I serve her and my girly parts were distracting me. I only want to please her and not myself. I gave my clit and lips to her on the anniversary of our agreement. In exchange she gave me a ChastiLock to wear and keep my pussy shut.” The girl spread her legs and the camera zoomed in. Her outer labia was pierced in four places on each side by golden rings and between her lips there was a golden bar running down the length of her slit. “There was no need for another milker slave so I also wear the ChastiLock nipple shields.” The camera panned to her shapely tits. Her nipples were covered by smooth golden shields.

Charlotte felt her own arousal pounding in her loins as the scene switched back to Amai who spoke with a wide smile.

“CastraTech has such amazing products. Those ChastiLock line of products, they are quite permanent by the way. We are so happy to partner with them. You can see special offers on their current products and exclusive previews on upcoming products on our website. For a full catalog visit CastraTech, link is down in the description.”

“And as a parting gift, I shall leave you with a preview of the CastraTech’s upcoming ChastiLock Clear.” With that, she shed her coat and the camera zoomed in. First, the camera zoomed in on her nice perky tits which had clear plastic shields over her perfectly shaped dark nipples and areola. Through the plastic it was easy to see that the shields were attached to piercings running through her tits behind the areolas. Then the camera zoomed in between her legs where a similar plastic shield was attached over her entire pussy with piercings through her outer labia. There were a few small holes along her slit and droplets of moisture were hanging from the lower ones.

As the screen went to black, the girls were sat in silence. None of them had spoken a word during the video. The first thing Charlotte noticed when she began to come around was Amber’s hand gently caressing her inner thigh and her crotch through her jeans. She looked at Amber who looked at her. Amber’s eyes were full of seduction as she bit her lower lip.

Karla spoke first. “And you are saying… we have all of that and more in our office now? Wow.”

“Yep, in the conference room. Even stuff that isn’t on the market yet.” Amber answered Karla’s question without taking her eyes off Charlotte’s. “So, what did you think?”

“I mean… this is going to sound so weird. And so wrong. But geez, that was hot.” Karla admitted “I mean, I know of some kinky stuff. I am, eh, kind of sometimes into denial play. And edging.”

“Sometimes? Don’t try to lie when your sister is in the room. I’ve seen your browser history. she has a blog about edging and denial.” Codi smirked at her sister.

“HEY! That is so personal! You can’t tell them that!”

Codi chuckled. “Hey, nobody is judging. It is one of my kinks too. I read your blog.”

“This is just so weird. Too weird.” Charlotte was so conflicted.

“Nonsense. I can feel your wetness through your jeans.” Amber cupped one of Charlotte’s breasts, eliciting a surprised moan from her lover “Now grab the rest of the wine and let’s go check out some of our toys.”
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Jessica for Dinner (F/F, Semi-Con, Kidnapping, Knifeplay, Cooking, Snuff)

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Jessica for Dinner
Tags: Kidnapping, Bondage, Lesbians, Cannibalism, Knifeplay, Cooking, Semi-consensual, Drunk.

As she slowly returned to wakefulness the first thing that Jessica noticed was that her head hurt. Not just in the sense of a headache, but all of it, down to her jaw which felt strained and over-stretched. Her mouth was open, open wide, and there was something in it. She couldn't quite see what it was, just a flicker of red at the corner of her vision, but she could feel it with her tongue. Whatever it was was large and round and smooth. Like a giant jawbreaker, but it seemed less firm.

Jessica's addled mind put it aside as she noticed the next thing. She couldn't move her arms. They were locked in place; her hands up by her head and her elbows at right angles. It was pushing out her chest, and now that she realized that; looking down she noticed that her beautiful peach-colored breasts were naked, and so was the rest of her!

"Ah! You're up!" The sudden interjection drew Jessica's attention to the speaker. It was an Indian girl, younger than her, 18 maybe? Though she could be in her early twenties. She was wearing a cute white tube top through which Jessica could see her jutting brown nipples and a pair of skin-tight blue jeans. The girl looked incredible; her skin smooth and glowing and her smile wide and inviting.

"I'm Myra," she explained with the same radiant smile. "Don't worry about telling me your name, it doesn't really matter. Meat doesn't need a name, and really all removing that gag would do would be to let you scream and ask questions whose answers you won't have any use for after tonight. So as far as I'm concerned, you're dinner, and that's all the name you'll need, okay?"

It wasn't okay, obviously. She was trapped. Gagged and bound. Absolutely helpless in the home of some strange girl who wanted to eat her!

Myra must have seen the panic in her eyes, Because as soon as Jessica had processed that information, the lithe Indian girl leaned in and whispered into her ear.

"Don't try to struggle. It's no use. You won't be getting out of those stocks. No one else has…" She trailed off.

"You know, as soon as I saw you walking down the street in those yoga pants I knew that I had to have you. Seeing the outline of this cute little cunt of yours?" Myra paused, reaching down to stroke the outside of Jessica's sex. "I just knew that you'd be the perfect thing to serve to Lisa tonight! It just looked so thick, and juicy. So it's really your fault that you are in this situation, isn't it?"

Jessica shook her head wildly. It wasn't true! This was Myra's fault, not hers! And yet… Wasn't this what she had dreamed about? Of some stranger taking her and using her before discarding her? She'd fantasized about fatal gangbangs and barbecues on consent beach, hadn't she? She'd moaned and cum like a whore in her bed at night as she imagined being snuffed by a crowd of rowdy frat-boys!

But- but that wasn't real! She'd never actually gotten her meat tag! She'd never been graded and branded and registered! She was still a woman! She'd never gone that extra step! It was all just, just fantasy! But this was… This was real…

"Mmmmm… Such a pretty little pussy," Myra proclaimed as she continued to stroke Jessica's sex. "You really are the perfect treat for my first date with Lisa," Myra marveled. "She's never had girlmeat before and I'm really looking forward to her reaction. Snuffing a girl together… You probably have no idea how sexy that is, do you?"

Jessica didn't; but while she was interested in finding out, she certainly had not signed up to be the girl that got snuffed!

Myra bent down and fastened Jessica's ankles into what felt like manacles, spreading her legs wide enough apart that the naked helpless woman could no longer touch the floor. It happened so quickly that Jessica didn't even think of kicking and fighting with her legs until it was far too late to do so. Or, maybe she did. Maybe the thought occurred to her, but she hesitated, subconsciously tempted to find out what would happen to her. If she were honest, not even Jessica herself could answer truthfully what had happened. Though Myra certainly had her own suspicions!

"You're going to be such a tasty dinner!" Myra gushed as she stepped back to examine her work. Reaching forward she ran a finger between the lips of Jessica's sex, delving ever so slightly into the depths of the older white woman's gash and pulling her digit back slick and shining. "You're getting turned on by this aren't you?" Myra taunted with a smile. "Well, It's not like I care if you are or not, you're dinner either way…"

The Indian girl wandered off behind Jessica, and given her restraint, she couldn't turn to see her. When Myra returned she had a rope in hand. Jessica stared as the cute Indian girl tossed the end of the rope over a rafter and pulled it down. She bent down and tied the rope to the spreader bar between Jessica's legs, and Jessica could only stare, shocked, as she knotted the rope with a practiced ease and pulled it tight, hoisting Jessica's legs up to her shoulders and folding her body into a U-shape. Myra tied off the loose end of the rope, and walked over to the now completely suspended and helpless Jessica.

“This will be painful,” Myra informed her captive as she reached down to plunge her fingers into Jessica's almost dripping wet cunt, gently pressing down on the older woman's clit with her thumb. “I'm going to carve this cute little cunt out of you, and it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt so much,” she stated, practically grinding her thumb into Jessica's undefended nub. “But it'll all be worth it, okay?” Myra reassured. “Carving out and eating your cunt steak together is going to be the perfect thing to get Lisa into my bed tonight! I've even hung you up with a view of the table so you can see how tasty you are before you bleed out! I hope that's your last request; the last girl I let make one wanted me to untie her and not carve out her cunt for dinner, and obviously I wasn't going to do that, but she started begging and now this is what you get!” Myra finished with a smile.

Jessica wanted to beg for her life; wanted to beg Myra to stop; wanted to beg her not to stop as the Indian girl played her so expertly with her fingers… But with the ball-gag in the way, the best that Jessica could manage was a muffled moan.

Jessica was on the verge of cumming when Myra pulled her fingers from her sex, wiping them free of Jessica's arousal using the white woman's own long and lustrous hair. Myra was looking at something just over Jessica's head behind her. “Ah! I let time slip a way a bit, didn't I?”

Jessica moaned, staring at the younger girl with pleading eyes, but her attention was on the kitchen area of the open plan living space now; the naked, needy woman hanging in her home nothing more than an afterthought.

Myra bent over, her cute round butt filling her apple-bottom jeans marvelously as she rooted around underneath a counter for something. “Not that one, no… Never should have bought that one…”

Jessica squirmed, desperately, trying to finish herself off, but with her arms and legs bound in place there was nothing she could do to stimulate herself!

“There we go!” Myra announced, pulling a dark colored bottle free. “I won't bother you with the year and vintage, but this is a very nice wine, costs almost as much as a girlmeat filet from a butcher's shop. Of course, fresh is obviously better, and in your case cheaper, but my mom taught me never to cook using a wine that you wouldn't want to drink, so just know that you're getting my favorite!”

A few seconds later, Myra had the cork free, and was walking back towards her helpless victim.

“Open wide!” she smiled playfully as she spread Jessica's sex, maneuvering the neck of the slightly cool glass bottle in between the white girl's lower lips before tipping the bottom up to empty it into Jessica's cunt.

“Nghngh!” Jessica let out a muffled cry as the wine hit the unprotected inner walls of her sex. It felt like her entire cunt was on fire as the alcohol poured its way into her womb! Myra was humming some sort of nonsense tune, but Jessica couldn't even think past the pain!the alcohol was filling her up, sinking into her body faster and harder than any drink she'd ever taken before! Her mind was already falling away into a pleasant haze of drunkenness, but without any control over her intake it felt like a wild roller coaster careening off the tracks! A roller coaster that was on fire, as the burning pain in her wine-soaked cunt and womb reminded her.

What must have been seconds later, but what felt like an eternity, Myra pulled the bottle free, tipping the last drops into her mouth and licking the lips where they soaked in a mixture of wine and Jessica's own arousal.

“Delicious!” she remarked with a smile. “You're going to be the perfect meal,” Myra congratulated her, reaching down to pinch the white girl's clit.

Jessica could feel the wine slosh within her as her entire sex reacted to Myra's ministrations. She was so close! And the wine was only making her hornier!

Jessica let out a low pitched needy moan, muff;ed by her gag but still clear in intent.

Myra blinked. “You know I'm going to snuff you right? You won't be living out the night,” the Indian girl explained, before perking up. “You want this don't you? That's why you were wearing those Yoga pants! You wanted to show off that tasty little cunt of yours! I probably could have just asked for it and you would have given it to me…” Myra realized.

It was just as well that Jessica's mouth was muffled by the ball gag, because she couldn't figure out what to say in response to Myra's realization. Was the Desi girl right? Did she really, truly want the younger girl to snuff her?

Jessica wanted to say no, but… she couldn't.

“Well, that's a bit embarrassing,” the dark skinned girl admitted. “If I had known you were such a hopeless snuff-slut…” she trailed off. “Well, you're still keeping the gag; just in case this is a trick! I don't want you ruining my dinner with Lisa!”

Jessica was thoroughly drunk now; the alcohol seeping into her body much quicker than normal due to its unusual entry way. It was hard to think. She wanted… She wanted to cum! And Myra wasn't finishing her off!

The doorbell rang; pulling her Indian executioner's attention away from Jessica and back towards the door.

“Just a second!” Myra called out as she walked behind the hanging woman in front of her towards the door.

“Hey! You're right on time!” Myra called out, to the sound of a door unlocking, her voice full of eager anticipation.

Jessica couldn't see who was on the other side as Myra answered, but the voice that answered was soft and almost unaccented.

“How could I miss our date?” The as-yet hidden girl asked sweetly. “Especially since you said you had a surprise for me?”

“I did!” Myra agreed excitedly, and then a moment later, “Surprise!”

“A threesome?” the new girl asked in what was clear embarrassment. “I- I don't think I can-” her voice was nervous, clearly stuttering. “I'm sorry but I'm just not that kind of girl, Myra.”

“That's… Okay, I can see how you might think that, Lisa, but that's not what this is as all,” Myra rushed to reassure her date. “Sarah over there isn't a lover, in fact, I don't think she's even into girls at all!”

there was a moment of silence that the increasingly drunk Jessica found hard to parse. “Then what is she? Why is she hanging naked in your dining room?”

“That's because she's dinner!” Myra explained.

Jessica blinked. Sarah? Who was Sarah?

“Sarah's my friend, and she knows how much I like you, I've been talking about you all the time to her and, when I was setting up our date tonight I wanted to do something really special for you, and Sarah here volunteered to help me out!”

Sarah, was that her? Was she Sarah? Jessica wondered. This would be so much easier if she weren't so drunk! If she could just ask-! Myra knew her name, didn't she? She was snuffing her, she had to know her name right? The burning, sloshing sensation in her cunt and womb was so distracting!

“She really wants us to get together, that's why she offered to let us snuff her for dinner!” Myra explained.

“She… really?” the other girl asked. “Oh my, I've… Girlmeat is so expensive and to have it so fresh that's-! Oh my god! I can't- she really did that!?”

“That's why she's hanging there with a pussy full of very expensive cabernet,” Myra explained. “Do you want to go see what she looks like?”

“Can I?” the other girl asked nervously.

“She's our dinner,” Myra replied, her voice getting closer.

'That's right, she was, wasn't she?' Jessica remembered. 'She was dinner, and dinner didn't need a name,' the thought floated through her drunken brain as the two girls finally reached her.

Jessica tried to smile, but the ball gag was in the way.

“This, is Sarah,” Myra announced, patting Jessica's body. “And this,” Myra motioned towards the helpless woman's aching, burning cunt, “is our dinner!” she finished with an audible smile.

Lisa, that's what Myra had said the other girl's name was, hadn't she? Lisa? Lisa was a shorter, almost mousy girl with neck-length smooth black hair that shined prettily in the light of the dining room. She wore a pair of plastic-framed glasses that made her eyes seem larger than they were, and which gave her a sort of mousy librarian look, a look that was only accentuated by her chosen outfit of a clean white blouse and an ankle-length purple skirt.

“I've never… actually eaten girlmeat before,” Lisa admitted, blushing. “Is it rude to ask if she's a virgin?”

“She is,” Myra decided. “Sarah's a bit of a hopeless romantic. She's been saving herself for marriage but when she saw how crazy I was about you…”

“Did she… did you ask her? Or did she volunteer?” Lisa asked, staring at Jessica's naked body.

“She volunteered,” Myra replied. “I was telling her about you, and how brilliant your are and how nervous I was and that I wanted to do something special for our date and, well, Sarah suggested I treat you to some girlmeat.”

“She did!?” Lisa asked, surprised.

“She did,” Myra confirmed, her lie with confidence. “She suggested something from the butcher down the street actually, a nice pair of leg steaks for us to share,” Myra elaborated.

“What happened?” Lisa asked, enthralled as she stared at the hanging form of Jessica as the wine Marinated her from within.

“I…” Myra paused. “I didn't think a leg steak was good enough for a girl like you, and well, anything else was too expensive.”

'Was that what happened?' Jessica asked herself. Her mind was so… fuzzy. 'That wasn't what happened was it?'

“What happened next?” Lisa asked, clearly hanging on Myra's every word.

“'You really love this girl don't you?' That's what Sarah asked me,” Myra paused. “I do, you know. I know we haven't been dating that long but I really do love you,” Myra explained, looking Lisa directly in the eyes. Jessica couldn't tell if the Desi girl was lying. If it weren't for the fact that she didn't remember any of Myra's story, she might have sworn the Indian girl was telling the god's honest truth about her as well.

“'If you really love this girl,' she said, 'then you need to pull out all the stops for this date. You cant just give her girlmeat. You need to get a filet to share together. Fresh, if you can.'”

“But that's so expensive!” Lisa interjected, shocked.

“She was right though,” Myra replied. “And if anyone's worth it, you are.”

“So what did you do?” Lisa asked, drawn in by Myra's story.

“I told her she was right, that you were worth it, only…” Myra paused and even as drunk as she was Jessica could see that Lisa's interest had only increased. “I couldn't afford it,” Myra admitted, blushing as if ashamed.

“So I told her that, since I couldn't afford a fresh filet… I was going to serve you mine,” Myra started softly.

“No!” Lisa exclaimed, shocked.

“That was Sarah's reaction too!” Myra replied. “But, you're worth it. I wanted to treat you to girlmeat, and you deserve the very best, Lisa…”

Lisa's eyes were wide with shock. She was looking Myra up and down, really looking at her, her eyes soft with emotion. “So… wait, if you were going to…” Lisa blushed, “Serve me your… your filet,” Lisa managed to stutter out. “What happened?”

“Sarah did. She said that… If I was willing to go that far for you? I could have hers,” Myra explained.

It was nonsense. Nothing but lies, but told so earnestly that even Jessica was drawn in.

Part of her remembered that Myra had done this before; that she wasn't the first woman that the Indian girl had Snuffed and eaten. It wondered if Lisa really was Myra's true love, or if she'd merely be the next girl on the Menu after she was snuffed and gone. But, part of her wondered if behind the lies, if maybe the feelings that Myra had for this girl were real. She hoped they were…

“I…” Lisa was speechless. “I don't know what to say…”

Myra stood by, silent and accepting, waiting for her date to gather her words.

“I… If you'd served me your own filet, I would have… I wouldn't have said no? But… I think? I think I like this better,” the raven-haired girl decided. “What-? Why did she decide to- to let you snuff her?” Lisa asked.

“I think part of it is Sarah's a romantic,” Myra admitted. “But… I got a look at her phone and… I think she's been thinking about it for a while, becoming meat, I mean. I think she saw this as her chance.”

Lisa nodded, that made sense, didn't it? More so than just volunteering to help out a friend. But if Sarah wanted to do this from the beginning…

“She should be done marinating by now,” Myra interrupted Lisa's thoughts. “Do you want to examine your dinner before we harvest it?” Myra asked enticingly.

“Can I!?” Lisa asked excitedly.

“Of course,” Myra replied, “That's why she's hanging like this,” she paused. “Well, that and to make her filet easier to harvest,” the Indian girl corrected herself.

“So,” The mousy girl paused. “What do I do?”

Just go up and take a look, you can even touch if you want, she's just meat now.” Myra giggled.

Lisa nodded, nervous. 'Why was she nervous?' Jessica wondered, as her mind floated in an uncertain cloud. 'She wasn't the one who was going to be snuffed…'

Lisa reached out, her fingers almost trembling and stroked one of Jessica's long smooth legs. It was warm to the touch, and the contact sent a tremble through the bound and gagged woman hanging in front of her. “She's real!” Lisa cried in surprise.

“Of course she is,” Myra assured her date, standing in back of the shorter white girl, close, in her personal space really, but Lisa didn't seem to mind. “I told you she volunteered, didn't I?”

“Yeah, but I-” Lisa swallowed nervously. “There's something about how… It feels real now. You're really going to snuff another girl just for our date.”

“Unless you want me instead?” Myra joked.

From Lisa's lingering glance backward she just might. “Not you, but? I wouldn't mind trying…” Lisa's voice shrank nervously, “Indian food?” she offered. “It- I know another live girl would be too expensive, but, maybe just those leg steaks you mentioned? Just to- You know? If there really is a difference in taste between light and… dark meat?” Lisa finished, stuttering.

“Well, I do have a cousin that I could ask?” Myra mentioned and Lisa's eyes lit up. “I'll see what I ca do, but… lets focus on Sarah first. She's doing this for us, and I don't want her to think it's not appreciated,” Myra finished.

“Right! Yes, Sarah!” Lisa replied, jolted back to the present. “Can I- Is she a lesbian?” The mousy girl asked, her eyes locked on Jessica's flushed cunt.

“Straight as an arrow,” Myra replied. It didn't matter if the statement was true or not, only that it would be something she should know as 'Sarah's' friend. “But don't let that stop you. Sarah's been looking forward to being snuffed by a pair of cute lesbians all night, and you don't need to ask the meat if you can touch it.”

Lisa reached out, stroking the warm lips of Sarah's sex and feeling them quiver beneath her fingers. “Oh my gosh! It's so weird feeling her up like this and knowing that her pussy is going to be our dinner!”

“Sexy too, isn't it?” Myra chimed in. “Feeling the warmth and life beneath your fingers and knowing that you're going to take it from her? To snuff her? To end her life just so we can enjoy a single incredible meal together?”

“Yeah…” Lisa whispered, enthralled.

“She wants you to snuff her, you know,” Myra continued. “This is a fantasy for her; getting snuffed by a pair of cute lesbians like us,” the Indian girl explained as she guided Lisa's hand to Jessica's quivering cunt, gently pressing the younger white girl's fingers against the older woman's clit and probing inside her sex. “You can feel how wet she is, can't you?”

“She really is, isn't she?” Lisa asked amazed. “I- Is it strange that I kind of want to carve it out of her myself?”

Myra smiled. “Not at all!” she paused. “You can if you want?”

“Really?” Lisa's eyes were wide with shock.

“Well, there are only two options, me or you, and I don't mind,” Myra replied. “Of course, you'll have to undress first.”

Lisa blinked, before her face flushed crimson. “Undress! I- Why do I need to undress?” She asked, embarrassed.

“Well, I suppose you don't have to undress,” the Indian girl explained. “But you're wearing a very pretty outfit, and I thought you might want to avoid staining it.”

“Staining- Oh! Right! I guess it would be a bit…” Lisa blushed adorably as her voice lowered a bit in embarrassment. “I guess, even knowing where it's coming from the whole… you know, everything? hasn't quite hit me.”

“That's fine,” Myra reassured her date. “If you want, I can strip first?”

“I- I'd like that,” Lisa nodded.

Jessica trembled, the wine sloshing inside her as she stared as the Desi girl in the tube top and the skin-tight apple-bottom jeans. They were going to kill her; to snuff and eat her! Neither of them knowing her real name; but, Jessica couldn't help the feeling of excitement thrumming through her veins at the thought of seeing these two amazingly beautiful women naked. Her sex was still burning, the alcohol feeling like it was doing what the stove would actually end up doing to her cunt; but even despite that Jessica could feel herself getting wet from just the thought of it.

Myra lifted her tube-top over her head, her modest brown breasts bouncing slightly as they pulled free of their cloth prison. She wasn't wearing a bra beneath and it was clear that Jessica wasn't the only one fascinated by the Desi girl's well-formed breasts.

Bending down, to fiddle with her jeans, Myra turned away from her audience, sliding the denim down the curve of her ass and wriggling in place as she almost peeled it off. Her perfect butt revealed inch by tempting inch, no undergarments between it and the lustful pairs of eyes locked on her body. Myra's jeans slipped lower down her body, sliding down to reveal a perfect brown pussy beneath her beautiful bouncy butt, as well as the slender smooth legs beneath.

In under a minute, maybe two, Myra was completely and utterly naked. She turned around, revealing a neatly trimmed black landing strip above her cunt, the only piece of hair on her body below her head.

Lisa gasped. “Maybe- Maybe you should have gone with your first thought,” Lisa muttered, barely loud enough for the two others in the room to hear. “I have a real-” Lisa flushed crimson, struggling to get the words out, “a real craving for Indian, now.”

Myra smiled back widely. “You can have a taste after dinner if you want, but no biting. I'm not on the menu…” she paused with a sultry strut as she walked towards her date, “Yet,” she finished with a whisper.

Jessica didn't know what to think; how to reconcile the commanding girl who stole a stranger off the street to snuff her with this tempting Indian goddess hinting at the possibility of her own demise. Her mind was a twisted fog of agonized inebriation.

“Right,” Lisa agreed looking dazed as she stared at Myra. “Right!” she said catching herself. “I guess I should strip too then?” the raven-haired girl asked nervously.

“Unless you want to stain that pretty outfit,” Myra agreed.

Lisa nodded, pushing her purple skirt off and bending down to pick it off the floor, showing off a pair of comfortable clean gray boy shorts. “Where should I put this?” Lisa asked, blushing a bit as she gestured with her skirt.

“You can put it on one of the spare chairs by the table,” Myra decided. “That'll keep it out of the way of any spatter I think.”

Lisa nodded, heading over to the chair, and unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a matching gray sports bra. She folded her clothes neatly before pausing and looking over at Myra. “I don't suppose any of your stuff will fit me if I get mine dirty?” She asked staring at the Indian girl's much smaller chest.

Myra looked down at her own modest B-cups and back at Lisa who was sporting what looked like C's at least, and probably D's though without actually seeing the tag on her Bra, Myra wasn't sure. “Yeah, not even at my most optimistic,” she admitted.

“I guess I'd better take them off too then,” Lisa declared, firming her shoulders to psyche herself up.

The sports bra was removed first, the elastic making it almost effortless as she placed it on the chair with the rest of her clothes, not even turning around to show her date the fruits of her labor.

The Boy Shorts came off next, with Lisa pushing them down. Since she hadn't bent over, Lisa couldn't see more than the barest curve of her cunt beneath the swell of her ample butt. It wasn't until Lisa turned around that Myra and Jessica got a full and unfettered look at the raven-haired girl.

Lisa didn't shave, her pubic hair a wild and unfettered bush. Myra pushed down her disappointment, as her gaze turned higher. Whatever the view of Lisa's sex had lacked, her tits made up for. The pale expanse of kin n her prefect breasts drew Myra's eye, and the gorgeous nipples capping them certainly did not disappoint.

“Lovely,” Myra muttered to herself. She really hoped that Lisa wouldn't be putting any of those clothes back on tonight. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Lisa nodded. “Just, show me how, okay?”

Myra nodded, picking up a carving knife from the kitchen counter, as well as a plate. “No problem,” she saidm dragging over a spare chair with her foot and placing it behind her chosen meal so that it wouldn't get hit with blood spatter. Not that it would matter if it did since the chair was entirely metal ad plastic, she could just wipe it down, but it didn't hurt to avoid the mess if she could. The floor was tile beneath her victim, so she wouldn't have to worry about it until later, but she would need to clean it. An acceptable sacrifice for the experience she wanted tonight.

Placing the plate on the chair, in easy reach for when they needed it, she handed the knife to Lisa.

“Alright, Sarah wants this, bad, but that doesn't mean she'll keep from squirming or crying out once you start cutting okay? Having your filet carved out hurts, there's a lot of nerves down there, and while she's super drunk from the bottle of Cabernet her cunt's got in it as a marinade? We're still going to be cutting out Sarah's sex. She's going to die for us, and while she's okay with it, her body probably hasn't gotten the memo.”

Lisa nodded, taking the knife in one hand and using the other to stroke Sarah's flushed lower lips. “She's so pretty, it's almost a shame to take this from her,” Lisa replied. “Should we… Do you think she wants me to make her cum before we do it?”

Jessica's mind was in a cloud, the women were talking to each other talking about Sarah again, was that her? Was she Sarah? She couldn't remember What were they saying? Something about… Jessica blinked. It was gone.

“You can ask?” Myra answered. “But Sarah's pretty straight, and pretty drunk. It might take long enough for the wine to wear off and I don't have another bottle to pour into her. You can do it, I don't doubt that, but if you do?” Myra trailed off. “Besides, Sarah's really into being snuffed. She might cum just from that.”

Lisa nodded. “In that case, lets get started,” she gestured with her knife. “Where should I begin?”

Myra stepped behind the white girl she'd asked over, her dark nipples brushing against the pale skin of Lisa's back as she reached around her, grabbing her hand and gently maneuvering the knife into place at the junction of Jessica's cunt and left thigh. “Right here. I looked it up online. Just push it in, and then carve around. It'll slide right out once you're done.”

Jessica gasped behind her gag as she felt the blade begin its journey though her body. The wine wasn't dulling the pain at all, just making her… less aware of it. She could feel the knife biting into her, slicing her apart as it sank into her flesh. She was bleeding. She could see her blood, sprayed against the pale white flesh of Lisa's soft belly; but it didn't feel… important. She was going to die, the girls were going to eat her; and there was nothing she could do about it…

Lisa watched enthralled as the knife curved a thin red line into Sarah's supple flesh. The blade was thin, but tat didn't make it easy to control with Sarah's squirming. Myra's body pressing against hers from behind was distracting too. So work was slow, inch by inch so as not to ruin their prize and put Sarah's sacrifice to waste. She didn't know how to describe the feelings running through her. She'd never snuffed another girl before, never even thought about it. She'd always skipped over the girlmeat displays in the butcher shop too. They'd made her uncomfortable; made her wonder why anyone would ever want to murder someone else for what was just a fleeting meal. But… Standing here, blade in hand with a willing volunteer? She could finally understand. The feeling was intoxicating. The power of it, of ending another girl and- and feasting on her sex like some barbarian chief! And it wasn't just power either, it was… sexy. Sexy in a way she'd never felt before. Sarah was submitting to her. Submitting to her in a way that no one else ever had. This was something that Sarah would never be able to give to another woman. She was giving Lisa her life, for nothing more than a third date. God it was so… so fucking hot!

Myra grinned as Lisa hit the half-way point. There was no saving the girl she'd captured now, not that there ever was. That pretty pussy f hers was going to wind up on her plate one way or another. Lisa's too probably, unless she'd very much misread the girl. Subs and switches, it was almost like they couldn't resist. A few hints dropped here and there, and the knowledge that she'd do it for them if their roles were reversed (though of course she wouldn't); that was all it really took to get girls like Lisa to serve themselves up to her whims. And in the mean time? They were oh so fun to play with.

Jessica was squirming, tears streaming down her eyes as the pain overrode her senses. It hurt! It hurt so much and there was nothing she could do or say to stop it! She wanted them to take her cunt, wanted to believe the lies that Myra told, that she was Sarah, that this was all because of Myra's vast unending love, but none of it was true. This was murder, not a gift! They were snuffing her; stealing her sex from her just so they could eat it! And there was nothing she could do to stop them.

“Almost…” Lisa began, alerting her soon-to-be-lover to the fact that they were not within seconds of the final slice, “There!”

Jessica's cunt slid free, landing on the plate that Myra had prepared for this moment, her wine filled womb sloshing on behind it and Jessica's ovaries barely missing the porcelain. Jessica hung, her abdomen slightly in form the loss, a gaping hole between her legs.

“Okay, lets get this on the grill and pour the wine!” Myra announced happily, with no regard at all for the woman dying behind her.

They worked quickly, and now, with the alcohol still in her blood but no longer actively being absorbed, Jessica could make the details out a little clearer as Myra sliced her womb from her sex, pouring the contents out into a pair of long-stemmed wine glasses. Her ovaries were freed as well, and Myra set her accomplice to brushing them with what looked like a mix of olive oil and spices while she did the same to her stolen cunt.

Not three seconds later, the familiar hiss of meat hitting a hot frying pan arose from the kitchen and the smell of cooking meat began to fill the air. Her ovaries were held apart, on a plate as she continued to bleed out watching them.

“The secret is not to cook the meat for too long. It's fresh enough that you don't really need to worry about surface contamination, so the only issues you need to deal with are taste,” Myra explained as she dropped the ovaries into the pan and gently rolled them around using the handle.

Lisa was hanging on her every word, staring at the sex… no, the cunt filet, in front of her as it browned. It only took a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity as she waited for the meal to cook, but soon enough, Myra had the dish out of the pan and onto a single plte, with one sharp knife and a fork to carve and serve it.

“We'll need to eat quickly, girlmeat is best when fresh,” Myra explained as she carried to plate to the table and pulled out a pair of chairs right next to each other.

Jessica stared as Myra carved off slices of her sex, spearing one with a fork and feeding it to her date. Her vision was starting to fade now, she was dying. They'd snuffed her and neither of them even knew her name.

“Well? What do you think?” Myra asked, excited.

“This is amazing!” Lisa gushed. “This is… Oh god! No wonder people eat girls like us if this is what we taste like!”

“I thought you'd like it!” Myra smiled. “That's why I had to treat you!”

At least- at least she tasted good, Jessica thought, her body failing around her as the blood inside her continued to leak out through the hole between her legs.

“I… This is so incredible!” Lisa looked like she was on the verge of crying. “I love it and… And it feels and tastes so incredible! But…”

“But?” Myra asked, carving a slice of Jessica's sex off for herself.

“But it seems kind of wasteful to snuff an entire girl just for this, even if it is the most delicious thing I've ever tasted…” Lisa admitted.

“Well, if that's an issue,” Myra chewed, savoring the flavor of her victim on her tongue. “You know, you'd look lovely in a crotchless girlskin-leather catsuit,” she offered with a meaningful glance at the dying girl just beyond.

Myra looked back, but whatever her answer, Jessica couldn't tell. Her hearing gone, her vision faded all to black, she died seconds later, unknown and unmourned by either girl as they finished their dinner, and climbed together into a single, comfortable bed.

The End
R: 9 / I: 0

Put your tags in the subject line guys, the length limit isn't that stifling if you use some thought

The entire point is so we can identify things we either preferentially want to read, or absolutely want to avoid at all costs, WITHOUT clicking through to the actual thread and scrolling down to wherever the tags are hidden. Sort it out.
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Giving Head (fem, snuff, semicon, decap, necro)

Clarissa sat on the plush couch, her finger nervously twirling a stray bang of her golden blonde hair. The waiting room was minimalist, consisting of plain white walls, ceiling, and floor, and containing only the couch, a small table with a scattering of magazines, and a bottle of water. She reached over and grabbed the bottle, unscrewing the cap and taking a deep gulp of water. It was unseasonably hot, and her sweat stuck to her shirt, causing it to cling tightly to her breasts.

The young single mother grimaced as she thought back to the events that brought her to the room. It started with a letter in her mailbox. The royal stamp was on it, so she had quickly opened it and read the letter. She had been chosen by the king to attend his yearly birthday. The wording implied that it wasn't a voluntary invitation. The king had a reputation for choosing attractive women off the street and taking them to his castle. They were never seen again, although their families were compensated very richly. As expected in a small citystate like San Venizio, rumors ran wild about what exactly happened to these women, but no one knew for sure. Now it seemed like Clarissa was about to find out for herself.

The door swung open, making Clarissa snap out of her reverie, and a prim looking woman in a business suit walked in with a briefcase in hand. Clarissa didn't fail to notice the two large, burly guards flanking the woman, their pistols holstered on their chest plate carriers. "Ms. Clarissa Overmeier, I am the secretary and legal aide for His Majesty", the woman began. As she talked, her fingers unlocked the briefcase and withdrew a single sheet of paper and a pen. "Before we proceed with the ceremony, I'm going to need you to sign this form". Clarissa took the pen and paper, her eyebrows furrowing as she read the form.

"Name: Clarissa Franklin Overmeier. Age: 31. Social Identity number: 4558710". Her eyes wandered down, taking in the small print, and her unease only increased. "By signing this form, I hereby declare myself property of His Majesty, with all human rights afforded to me prior now forfeit. Any attempt at escape or causing bodily and mental harm to His Majesty will lead to severe punishment for the immediate family of the subject."

Her fingers trembled as she signed the last line with her name and initials. The secretary took the sheet and slipped it back into the briefcase. The woman gave a cold smile. "Rest assured, as long as you cooperate, your family will be looked after". She stood up, and motioned for Clarissa to follow. They exited the room, the two guards following behind. Their faces were emotionless, and Clarissa awkwardly looked away.

His Majesty was waiting in his bedroom when Clarissa arrived with the secretary. Clarissa gasped when she saw the room. It was huge, larger than the dingy one bedroom flat she rented. Her shock increased when she saw the sovereign at last. The king was a private person, so private that no one aside from his most trusted advisors and guards even knew what he looked like. Well, now Clarissa knew.

The king was a pale, slender boy, no older than 17, and about the height of her youngest son. He was dressed like any normal teenager, the same kind of clothes that her own children wore to school every day. A hoodie, graphic T-shirt, tight fitting jeans, and sneakers. The king sat on his bed, a laptop on his lap, engrossed in what was happening on screen.

"Your Majesty, I've arrived with the woman", the secretary said, bowing in greeting. The boy looked up, shut the laptop, and slid off his bed, landing on his feet. He looked up at Clarissa, his grey eyes wandering over her soft, curvy body. She shivered. The way the kid looked at her was predatory and hungry. Like someone sizing up a cut of beef at the butcher. "You are gorgeous!", he pronounced firmly. "Anita, you've outdone yourself again". "Thank you, Your Majesty", the secretary accepted the complement demurely.

The king leaned in close to Clarissa and groped her ass. She suppressed a shocked yelp, shaking as she felt the boy's fingers worm their way into her crack and rubbed around her pussy. Despite her fear, she felt a familiar warmth rising in her crotch, and her pulse quickened. His fingers pulled down her extremely skimpy jean shorts, revealing leopard print panties already moistened by his experienced hand. The king pulled his hand away, and motioned at the guards. The two men nodded, and exited the room.


Clarissa got to her knees. She stared at the floor as the king undid the fly on his jeans, and pulled out his cock.

"Anita, come over here."

"Yes, Your Majesty".

Something black went over Clarissa's eyes. A blindfold?
Slender hands grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, before securing them together with a plastic ziptie.

"Ah, I've been wanting to test this thing out for a long while". Clarissa felt something cool and metallic touch her neck. It felt like a metal choker, but a fair bit bulkier. There was a click, then an electronic beep.

The king grabbed Clarissa's hair and pulled her face forward, pressing his now erect penis against her soft cheek.

"Suck it", he ordered.

Clarissa obeyed, opening her mouth and stretching her tongue out to lick the pungent smelling cock. She felt like gagging, but buried the thought. She turned her head slightly, and took the cock into her mouth, carefully keeping her teeth clear of the penis. She sucked, her tongue wiggling over the head, then rolling around the shaft, She tasted pre-cum, and prepared herself for the inevitable blast of jizz.

"Okay Anita, press the button!" The king grunted.

The device activated as Anita dutifully pressed the button on the remote control.
A single charged monofilament wire zipped through Clarissa's neck, cleanly separating it from her shoulders. Her eyes shot open underneath the black silk blindfold. His Majesty came, long strings of cum squirting into Clarissa's mouth and down her severed throat pipe. Blood and vomit burst forth from the neck stump of the young mother, her shapely body quivering in mindless shock. Her torso fell forward in a tangle of twitching limbs, splashing blood all over the king's chest and crotch. Urine streamed out of her spasming cunt as her bladder loosened, emptying its contents all over the hardwood floor.

Clarissa's head dropped to the floor, her mouth opening and closing like a gasping fish, blood dripping from her nose and running down her soft, semen stained lips. Panic filled her dying brain. Clarissa knew something was seriously wrong, but what? She tasted the hot metallic copper saltiness of blood in her mouth.

The king exhaled, face flushed and sweaty. He looked down at Clarissa's head, leaned over and picked it up with both hands. Curious, he pulled her blindfold off, staring at her face. Her eyes wandered, unfocused and dull. He slapped her cheek and watched as she briefly looked at him. Her lips moved as she tried to say something, but it proved to be futile. Clarissa finally closed her eyes and slipped away into the eternal darkness.

The boy tossed the head to the floor. "Take the head to the taxidermist, I quite liked that one", he said to Anita. She stepped over the still shivering corpse, the blood spray now reduced to a dribble, and gingerly picked up the severed head, placing it into a plastic bag. Anita left the room, leaving the king alone with Clarissa's headless body. He knelt beside it, and grabbed her left breast, enjoying the pleasantly pliant sensation as her firm brown skin gave way to soft fat. His erection returned, and he lowered his body and breathed in her scent. The faint smell of lavender perfume intermingled with the stronger odors of her bodily secretions and fluids. Grasping her soft thighs, he pulled her legs apart and jammed his hardened cock into her urine soaked slit. As he screwed the corpse, the boy pressed his face against her still-warm chest and sucked her tits. To his surprise, milk trickled out of her nipple. His humping increased, and he finished with another orgasm, dick buried deep in her slowly cooling womb.

Exhausted, he pulled out and rolled over. There really was nothing like being an absolute ruler, was there? He smiled. As long as the nobles and financiers were kept happy, he could get away with anything. He dozed off, resting his head on Clarissa's toned abdomen.
R: 95 / I: 3

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary (Post-mortem Necro, Morgue, Sometimes Furry, MLP)

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary is a collection of stories surrounding the mortician Mort Momento and looking through the many corpses that head his way, figuring out their means of death, carrying out their terms for a funeral, and having some fun along the way.

This first entry is more of a pilot story. I had written it a long while ago (like a couple of years now) and I'm just now deciding to publish it here. If you have any ideas for future entries, please suggest them in this format:

Name: (this would be a character from MLP. It might branch out to other series, but for now, it's MLP. If your suggestion is an OC, please link to their appearence)
Cause of Death: (how did they die and how were they found at the crime scene?)
Death Outfit: (how were they dressed when they were processed by CSI?)
Funeral Arrangements: (what, if anything, have they requested happen to them for their funeral?)

Without further to do, let's begin!

Bittersweet (Pinkie Pie, 2nd person)

9:13 PM. That was the time they called it according to the note attached to the body bag of one Pinkamena Diane Pie. You were just a hapless mortician that was assigned to analyzing the body. You look at some of the notes attached to it, like how she was aged at 23 by the time of her death and that she died of cardiac arrest. You unzip the bag and by God was she gorgeous. Her eyelids were naturally closed and her face gave off a natural, peaceful look.

Her hair was long, curly to the point of it being fluffy like cotton candy and in a bright hot pink color. You continue to unzip the bag. She wore a pink sweatshirt and black track pants. Her body was a bit on the chubby side, but not to the extent of her being morbidly obese. You notice that CSI team have prepped her body for examination with the bagged hands and the fact that one of her feet are missing a sock. You take the body out of the bag and carry her to the metal tray that you prepared for her. Rigor mortis seemed to have passed for her as you notice the way her body limped as you carried her.

You sneak a grab at her butt as you lay her down and judging from that feel alone, you figure out what’s the first thing to be taken off. You take off the other sock and put it to the side. You observed both feet as you lift up Diane’s legs and worked your way to the waist. Tugging the pants down, you managed to pull down both her pants and panties down. The last tug to take them off was hard, so you turn and struggled. Her corpse flopped to its side as you pull them down. You pulled her down too, as you noticed her soles inching close to your dick.

You pull down your pants slightly and let your penis touch her soft feet for a moment. After that, you pulled them back up and go observe her body. You look at her smooth ass as it lined up with pink sweatshirt. The curves of her butt looked adorable. You take a squeeze on one cheek before squeezing the other. You pull down your pants, lower the tray, and mount Diane. You align your dick within the part where the two cheeks met the legs and plopped it there. You felt the coldness of the corpse, but can also feel your penis surrounded by soft, silk-like skin. You rub your penis in between her legs for a while, a few times your dick edged to her vagina, until finally you cum over her butt. Nothing that a quick wipe from a kleenex wouldn’t fix.

The time for more sex had to wait. You’re assigned to study the corpse, not fuck it after all. You flop Pinkamena over and try not to gaze at her vagina for fear of your sex drive taking over again. You figured that getting the shirt off would be more difficult. Rather than struggle with pulling it off, you decided to just grab a pair of scissors and cut the sweatshirt off her. You started at the bottom and began cutting upward. Her gut was revealed and you gave it a quick rub of her soft belly before you finished cutting. You take the shirt off her and all you’re left now is her bra. It was one of those lace bras that showed a bit of the nipple via see through fabric. You look at how the nipples were erect. With one cut, you take off the bra, put it to the side, and now you have a nude body.

Now was the time to look at her vagina. The first thing you notice is her fluffy bush of pubic hair. Already her appearance is giving you a hard-on. You part her legs and look at her vagina. You go to the sink and wet a cloth. You go back to the body and dab a little bit of the cloth onto her pussy to make it a bit more wet and lubricant. You lift her legs, undo your pants, and began to screw her lifeless body. With each thrust, you notice her breasts and hair bounce, her arms juggling a bit to keep up. Seeing the motion made you sick and you stop. You turn her body around to see her adorable butt.

You continue your sex. You can see her face rub against the cold steel, cheeks pressed up to the point where her lips parted. You hold her from behind and grab her large, soft breasts as you bury your head into her hair. You begin to wonder what kind of person she was and why she had to die. It often helped you making a personality for her. Eventually, with one last thump, you came inside Diane Pie. You got out and her body slumped to the ground.

You take out a small hose and began to wash her body, taking extra care with the pussy as your cum drained out of her. Soon, her entire body was wet and her once beautiful hair was now long and wet. Her mouth was open and you decide to give her a tongue before you set your sheet over her corpse. You’ll begin the autopsy in the morning.

Fortunately, someone else did the autopsy for you so you don’t have to go through the gruesome details. Looking at the scar on her nude body and her skin even paler made your dick hard. You raise her legs, inserted your dick into her body, and clung onto her for dear life as you humped her body.

Her nipples poked your chest as the scars rubbed against you. You hold her tightly as you ride out your lust onto her body. You could feel the embalming fluid inside her as you kiss her on the lips. Her breasts wobble a bit, but not by much. You comb your fingers through her hair and kiss her on the forehead.

Eventually, you cum inside her body. This time, you don’t clean it, but rather grab a cotton ball and stuff it into her pussy. You decided to do something different and take Diane’s hand. You pressed her fingers onto the cotton and shove it in. You leave her like that and get out your phone to take some pictures of the corpse “masturbating”.

You decided to go all out on her, licking her nipples, feeling up her pubic hair, even opening up her eyelids to look at her gorgeous yet lifeless blue eyes. You decided to go one more time, though this time, you’re going in protected. Although her holes were covered, you made an exception to her ass.

You go gently, as if she was alive and looking right at you. You massage her breasts and feel up her belly. You rub her legs before touching her soft soles. You grab onto her hands, continuing to pretend you and her were lovers. Eventually, you came again and took your penis out of her anus.

You close her eyes and get her clothes. She had been given a simple white dress with shoes that show off her cute toes. There was also panties for her, but you decide to put just the dress and shoes on. You bunched up the dress to see her pussy one last time. Taking a picture, you finally put panties onto her and leave her.
R: 6 / I: 0

Before exams (Cannibalism, fatal, consensual, decunting, brains)

Okay, so I made a thing, a weird thing, in a whim. I hope you like it.

"Suzie, pleaaaaaase!" Tim begged. "I really need to pass this test. I haven't studied at all!" he explained.

"No." the blonde girl said firmly.

"Suzie! We need your help." Leah repeated after her friend. "Just this one time!" the brunette with short hair asked.

Suzanne sighed. It was always like this before the finals. Everyone knew that she had the best grades, so they were circling her, asking for advice here, there, and everywhere. "How about trying to study instead of begging my help? You know, it might help." the girl said tired. "Not to even talk about the idea." she said, barely resisting the urge to facepalm to the two. It was always fun to go and chat and hang around with the two, but sometimes their whims made her reconsider the friendship. It had been just a few weeks ago when Tim had gotten a great idea to try to climb on the roof of the school building. He had almost broken his foot when he had tried to climb the school's wall. Leah wasn't as bad as Tim, but she often got excited and dragged into the ideas of Tim. Like this time.

The three were standing just outside the doors of a local grocery store. They had been walking to get some snacks before the last exam of the semester, mathematics of course, when Tim had told them his brand new and absolutely flawless idea for how he could beat the exam without studying for it at all. And as far as Suzie had observed, without studying almost at all at the class during whole semester.

"Hey, it is a good idea! I read it would work from! Just let's go and I can prove it." Tim insisted. The boy was quite a geeky nerd type. It was quite likeable in Suzanne's opinion, though she would had preferred if the boy had channeled his interest to actual schoolwork instead of reading all the lore about the latest fantasy novel. At least he wasn't like to worse geeks who wouldn't even bother to shower themselves. Tim was quite cute and handsome in his own sparky way, even though that sparkyness was also quite annoying from time to time.

"From where? Some random post from facebook? Or maybe lone blogger who tells about the healing properties of clits of virgins?" Suzie strike back.

"It is not just a random blogger!" Tim tried to argue back, his face turning a little bit red from embarrassment. "She is a big name on her field. Humanopathy is a serious business. You should read some of her texts, it is so compelling…" the boy insisted.

"Bullshit that is. Haven't you listened at all during the biology classes? None of that stuff is confirmed by science. Eating people can be all tasty and fun, but it doesn't have any medical or other special effects outside some very specific cases. And this one is definitely one of those." Suzanne argued. Mr. Franzeck had very clearly explained the topic just a few weeks back on the human biology class. She wouldn't had been surprised at all if Tim had spent the whole class on his phone. So eager to gulp in all the bullshit from the internet, when falling asleep when some actual information was shared. Well, the boy had to feel smart in some way, Suzanne though but kept his mouth shut. They were still friends after all.

"Don't be so stubborn about it Suzie. We should try to look into it from all the different perspectives." Leah tried to negotiate. She was sweet girl, and often more than was healthy. Her left arm, or well, lack of it, told about it. Some guy on the parallel class had forgotten his lunch two weeks ago, and not wanting to see him go hungry, Leah had volunteered to give her hand for replacement. Since then she had been the go-to-girl if you had forgotten your lunch, or even if you just were in mood for some fresh girl meat. She had lost her whole left arm and both breasts after that. You wouldn't usually go many days without seeing her in some random friend group, some part of her roasting on the grill.

"No. Every opinion doesn't need the same weight. You have to prove it if you claim some benefit from eating something." Suzanne said firmly. "Eating a girl's brains is not going to give you her intelligence, not even talking about her knowledge!" she explained.

"Yes it does! It about the passing of mind. When you eat a person's brains, the person's mind also passes to you. So if someone eats someone else's brain, and that person being eaten knows something, the other person will also learn it. Think about it!" Tim explained slowly. Like I hadn't understood what he meant, Suzie thought ironic.

"And if you make my brain into the Sweetened Mind Slurry and drink it before the exam, you think you would pass the test. Don't you hear how stupid that sounds?" the blonde said with annoyed voice. "Why aren't they then just slurring every smart kids brains and sharing it for all the other ones and make everyone as smart? Why to bother with education at all?" Suzie reasoned.

"Cmon! I need to really pass the test! I can't study anymore even if I wanted to. It won't hurt to try." the boy asked. "Just let's check the options. We don't have to buy them." the boy asked, and walked at the door. Leah looked at the other girl and walked behind Tim.

I guess no other options, Suzie thought to herself and followed the two to the shop. Tim ignored all the magazines and quick take-away snacks next to the front door and headed straight to the "self-serve" section of the shop. Companies were trying to make it easier and easier to make your girl-meals, and the self-serve section was born. Sometimes you just needed a snack from your friend and didn't have time to properly cook them over an open fire or in an oven. Or in this case, you just wanted to have their brains as a snack.

"Here! Wow, there are many options." Tim said and pointed at the top corner of the shelf. There were about 10 different versions of Sweetened Mind Slurry -makers with different tastes. There was also some diet-versions that used artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in the process. But all of them had basically the same mode of operation. The machine looked quite much like a straw with some machines stuck to its sides. It had the placement head that would drill a hole to your friend's head and then stuck the machine in place. Then there was the slurring part that made the drink by mushing the brain and the mixing the extra ingredients from side tanks to it. The last part of it was the straw itself, that would open and unlock when the sweetened snack was ready. It was thinner than the placement part of the machine, allowing you to reach every part of the skull in order to get even the last drops of your snack. The invention was quite elegant, Suzie had to admit.

"15 dollars… It would be just 7,5 dollars from both of us. Not a bad price." Tim said, looking at the options. "What flavor should we pick? Blueberry? Melon? Strawberry?" he looked through the options.

"Maybe strawberry? Her hair is kinda strawberry blonde color" Leah proposed, looking at her friend.

"I'm not sure if that is a good choice. She is more potent that sweet strawberry. I think strawberry would fit for you. Blueberry would be more elegant flavor." Tim replied to Leah.

"I haven't agreed to this yet." Suzie said. She felt still kind of annoyed, but it also felt little weird when her friends chatted what she would taste the best like. Unlike Leah, she hadn't had any part of her eaten, and hadn't really thought about doing it either. Her dream job was to be a doctor, and unlike most, she actually had the skills for it. It was widely known that even getting small part of you eaten usually meant you would be completely eaten pretty soon, so she didn't want to take chances.

"Nope, too sad… How about lemon? It had sharp but nicely sweet taste." Leah proposed, not listening to her friend.

"That… that sounds good! It makes sense!" Tim said and took the lemon-flavored Slurry maker from the shelf. He then turned towards Suzie. "So… could you do it? It would be a lifesaver. I need to pass the exam to graduate! Please…" the boy said with begging voice. There was a little bit of sad fear in his eyes. Why does he have to look so adorable like that when doing something so stupid, Suzie thought to herself.

"As I said it doesn't help." she answered. "But it doesn't seem like you will listen to me… I will do it. At least you will see to not trust those stupid posts on facebook." the girl said with judging tone.

"Thanks Suzie!" Tim said and his face blossomed to smile. "I will never forget this!" he said and hugged the girl.

"Well, you better not. You will be drinking my mind after all." the blonde answered snarky but still hugged back.

"Now that out of the way, I still need some snack before the exam. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast." the boy thought in voice. "I think I could use some pussy-filet at the moment. I'm kinda in a mood for it." he said and walked towards the take-away aisle. The girls followed him to the open fridge next to the entrance.

"Damn." Tim said as he looked at the girl-meat section of the fridge. Next to the usual sandwiches, ham, cheese, chicken, girlmeat, there was empty spot for take-away microwave-ready pussy-filets. There was some girl-ham left, but the boy didn't seem to be interested of it.

"Could I have yours?" he asked Leah and pointed towards the self-cook station at the other end of the grocery store. "Never mind, I don't think we have time to wait you to cook here… We still have to slurry Suzie." he said sadly as he looked the time from his phone.

"I think there are some on-go-cookers in the self-server shelf." Leah proposed, happy to help as always.

"Oh yeah, thanks! You really are the sweetest!" Tim said and hugged Leah. The girl smiled brightly and hugged back. "I'm always happy to help." she said.

Tim headed quick back to the self-serve for the cooker, leaving the two girls at the snack shelf. "I think I'm just going to take the vegetarian sandwich. I think they are pretty tasty" Leah said and took one filled with salad, cucumbers and tomato. "I don't think I'm going to need any" Suzanne said. She was feeling a bit hungry, but it wouldn't matter if she was gone in a half of an hour.

"Now, let's go!" Tim said as he carried two cooking-slicing-dildo combos with him. They were the typical model you could just shove into girl's pussy, and when the cooking was done, the slicer part in the base could be pushed in to remove the cooked pussy whole. "I took one for you too Suzie, I don't think Leah's one is enough." he simply said and then waved the two towards the cash registers. Suzie felt herself blushing a little as the boy waved the dildo around. Well, she was going to be gone anyways, it shouldn't be much of a extra hassle to have her pussy cooked too…

Suzanne felt a little bit anxious as Tim paid for the items, and Leah paid for her half of the slurry maker to him before paying for his sandwich. It would be

After passing the cash registers, the boy gave both of the girls their own cooker-dildos. Leah started to open hers without hesitation as he walked at the front window of the store where there was a good ledge for her to lift her leg up. She placed the plastic wrapping the dildo came in on the ledge and started to line it up. There was some workers from local working site on a tobacco rest just outside the window, and they gave the girl some looks as she pulled her skirt up, and slide her underwear away from her pussy. The workers got a nice view to the young cunt as Leah aimed the dildo, and then pushed it deep. She gave a small involuntary moan while she made sure all of the cooker was in her. When it was properly placed, she turned on the cooking operator, and Suzie and the workers could see how the cooking elements inside the dildo lighted up instantly. It wouldn't take long before Leah's cunt would be nicely brown and ready for consumption.

"We have to go Suzie. The exam starts in an half of an hour, and those cookers take at least ten minutes to work. And we still have to get your brain slurred." Tim said, bringing Suzanne's concentration back to the moment. She opened her cooker as Leah pushed her panties back to place. They weren't really covering her pussy anymore due to the large base of the cooker, but just holding it in place.

Suzie gulped silently as he pushed away the package of the dildo, leaving it bare in her hands. It was quite large, larger than any of her own toys, and quite transparent, allowing you to see the cooking elements inside it. Its shape was quite abstract and practical, build for reaching all the parts of the pussy to be cooked instead of trying to look like a cock. It was a cheap cooking device and not a sex toy after all. Suzanne touched it, and it felt quite cool and firm under her touch. It wasn't little elastic like normal dildos, but hard and unbending.

They didn't really have much time, so Suzanne lifted her leg to the same ledge that her friend had just a moment ago. Both of her friends looked at her impatiently as he worked, and the workers admired the show. Suzanne felt very embarrassed and dirty as she pulled the cover of her panties away from her most private parts. The air of the grocery store felt cool on her bare pussy. Not wanting to have her privates exposed more than needed, she started to aim the dildo into her, and then push. She could feel the cool plastic spreading her wide, wider than she had been ever before, forcing all of her vagina into contact with it. She tried to keep herself quiet while she put the cooking device inside her, but she couldn't completely make it. She let out small moans of pain and pleasure as she pushed the device deeper inside her. It felt like ages before the whole cooking part of the device was in, the back end of it resting against her cervix. The device a little bit thinner from the base-side, making it to stay inside more easily.

It was weird how cool the device meant to cook her cunt felt inside her, Suzie thought as the device finally sat in place. But not anymore, she thought as she pressed the little red button at the base of the cooker. The cool feeling immediately was replaced by warmth, and just a moment after, burning heat. Suzie grimaced as the discomfort from cooking filled her insides. The device was really not playing around, she had to admit.

"You will get used to it quite quick, don't worry." Leah comforted the blonde, her own expression not changing at all from the fact her most vulnerable parts were being cooked. "Let's go. We have to be in time at the class. It is no use to slurry you if we don't get in time to the exam." she explained.

Suzanne nodded, and placed her panties on the cooking device, which left her pussy open from sides like Leah's did. Luckily you couldn't see it when the skirt was in place, Suzie thought as he stepped down from the ledge, for the disappointment of the guys behind the window. Tim waited impatient at the door for the two girls. Leah jogged the few steps at the door, but Suzie had much harder time ignoring the feelings of her pussy getting cooked full-speed.

The walk back to the school was hard. Tim and Leah kept hurrying, but Suzie had difficulties to stay behind them as the heat and discomfort increased. It was weird how much the device could heat up. If it had first felt hot, it was quickly blazing. The blonde could feel herself as whole sweating like during a hot summer day, even though the spring air was still cool. Even though most of her attention went to herself, she could see the same effect on Leah, her smiling face tainted a little bit red, and some sweat droplets sliding down her cheek as she laughed. Unlike Suzanne, she was natural at this. Leah was clearly meant to be eaten, but Suzie? Just a moment ago she had been destined to be a doctor. Now she was going to be a snack to fill her friends superstitious needs. And Tim's stomach for the exam too. It didn't matter how smart or sharp she was. Her brain was going to be sweetened slurry in just a moment.

"Just the last steps! You can do it Suzie!" Leah cheered as they walked into the school building. She could feel her juices and liquefied fats sliding down her thighs as they stepped inside. It seemed to be even worse for Leah, as the blonde could see droplets of pussy cooking juices dripping to the school floor. Nothing new to the janitors though, she thought to herself as they headed to the second floor where the exam was going to be in.

The last meters were the easiest for Suzie. The pain and discomfort had been replaced by warm numbness around her pussy as the device started to finish its job. For the 10 dollars they had cost, they really did a good job. Suzie could smell the odor of her own almost-cooked sex, and she could hear her stomach growl. It is not for me, silly, she thought as they arrived next to the classroom the exam was going to be held in.

"It is ready!" Leah declared, lifting her skirt. And like she said, the led-light of the cooker was green, and the cooking elements were dimming back to the metal color they were before. The area around the cooker was cooked whole of the vaginal area turned nicely brown. The area around that was a gradient from brown to red to normal skin color, normal skin color starting at halfway the mons pubis and little down the thighs. A lot of her juices stained Leah's thighs and legs with brown tones, and a little bit of them still dripped on the floor as she showed Tim his snack.

"It looks tasty! I'll get me some kitchen paper to put it on." Tim said, and left towards the school snack area that had paper just for occasions like this. Leah casually sat on one of the benches, and Suzie sat next to her. Both of them leaked cooking juices on it, but neither bothered to care. What could had they done anyways? Suzie looked as Leah took casually her panties off, and then heard the small "ping" noise from her cooker. The second part of Tim's before-exam snack was ready.

"Here! " Tim returned, waving a roll of kitchen paper at the two girls. He headed straight at Leah, leaving Suzie to remove her own panties. It felt much less embarrassing doing it now, as her pussy was cooked. And it wasn't like everyone waiting for the exam hadn't already seen he cooked pussy. No one really seemed to care except for some guys. It wasn't a rarity to see part of someone getting eaten, especially during busy and stressing times like exam weeks. You really couldn't resist a good snack during those times.

Suzie looked as Tim worked through the last steps of the device. First, he pressed a smaller button under the cooking button, sending the blade of the cooker deep into Leah's meat. The girl barely flinched from the move. Then Tim pulled. Cleanly and easily the device made a quiet and lewd plop-sound as the cooked pussy-meat was removed. A small splash of cooking juices dripped out of Leah's womb through the new hole, creating a puddle on the bench as Tim moved the device on a small stack of kitchen paper he had placed ready next to the girl. He then pressed the blade button again, releasing the tube of pussy-meat on the paper. He then took hold of the meat that had been Leah's vaginal lips, and pulled the cooking dildo out of the meat. And there it was. Leah's cooked cunt, nicely brown and steamy, ready for her friend to eat.

"You look tasty! Can you put the Slurry maker in Suzie while I remove her pussy-filet?" Tim asked Leah, who had taken some paper to clean the excess of the cooking juices around her new hole. "Sure", she said simply. She put the paper away and took the slurry-maker out of their plastic bag.

"Can you sit at the end of the bench so I can put this on you while Tim removes your filet? Thanks." she guided her friend. Suzie breathed deep, the anticipation filling her with adrenaline. She had hard time concentrating to both of her ends. At her bottom, Tim started by casually pressing the blade-button like he had done with Leah. The blonde could barely feel the blades slicing through her meat, her privates too thoroughly cooked to feel any pain.

As Tim worked on her filet, Leah pushed the blonde's quite long hair away from the crown of her head. After she had made sure there would be no hair in the way, she pressed the slurry-maker to her friend's head. "Thanks for this! We will ace this exam!" she said excited as she pressed the start button of the device. A small short pain hit Suzie as the drills of the machine pierced her skull. Before she could even react to that, several metallic fasteners reached through the new hole and took hold of the inside of her skull, forcing the device into place. It was not going to get removed without significant surgical process, Suzie knew, having seen quite many Sweetened Mind Slurries being made. She had even tasted some, and without a doubt, they were one of the best sweetened drinks. Now it was her turn to be made into one. The class-ace turned to glass-ice. How ironic.

That was Suzie's last clear thoughts. At the same time as Tim pulled the girl's cooked cunt away to safety, the slurry-making part of the device stirred to life. The multi-directional blender stirred to life, making noises familiar for anyone who had made smoothies before. The Sweetened Mind Slurry was nothing special, just a smoothie made from a girl's brain, some cream, sugar, ice and other ingredients. Suzie didn't necessarily scream as he mind started to be blended by the merciless blades, but she didn't really not scream. The voices she let out were confused and mixed, reflecting the state of her brain. Tim put down the girl's pussy still in the cooker next to Leah's filet, and helped the girl to hold their friend down as the machine worked. All of Suzie's muscles jerked around as everything that made her was blended into unidentified slurry. It was hard to describe what she felt, but the worst and most absurd dream she had ever experienced was the closest comparison. For five seconds the jerks kept going, before the girl's body finally stopped in place.

Even though there was nothing that could be called "Suzie's mind" left, the blender wasn't ready yet. It kept blending the mesh, making sure it was nicely mixed and smooth before continuing to the next phase.

"Thanks" Leah said as Tim let go of their friend that was being turned to serving cup of iced drink. Tim repeated the last parts of the same process he had done to Leah's pussy-filet, removing the cooker out of it. He admired hungrily the two cunt filets on the paper, dripping cooking juices on the paper and letting out succulent odors. He took some more of the kitchen paper and surrounded Leah's filet like he usually did with sausages around campfires. He casually bit in, enjoying the familiar succulent taste of girl-filet, and then turned back to the two girls.

The noise of the blender changed as the device released the other ingredients into Suzie's brain slush. The girl's eyes stared into emptiness as the device finished turning the brains into yet an another serving of Sweetened Mind Slurry. For five seconds more it kept going, before finally slowing down. The blending noise slowly died out, and then a quiet pop was heard from the straw-end of the device. The drink was ready.

"Not a minute too early." Tim said to Leah as he took an another bite of her pussy. "Only five minutes left" he said and pointed at the clock on the wall.

"I better eat something too. Is it good?" Leah asked as she placed Suzie's body to lean to the wall, a straw sticking out of her head. She took then her vegan sandwich from the bag and started to savor her snack as Tim savored her pussy-filet.

"It is quite good." Tim said halfway in. "We probably should had taken some more expensive model, but this is fine too. Better than the ones you get prepackaged at least." he judged as he pushed the rest of the pussy in his mouth in whole, trying to finish her snacks before the exam would start.

"Well, good to hear at least that." Leah said little bit disappointed that her only filet had been only mediocre. Well, at least it had gone to good cause, she thought as Tim rushed to gulp it down. "Will you test her first?" Leah asked and pointed at Suzie.

"Yeah." Tim said simply and pulled Suzie off the wall and towards him. He then took the girl's head to his hands. "Ooh, she feels cold." he noted and then took the straw to his mouth. He sucked hard, pulling the slushie out of her friend's head. He nodded happily as the sweetened slurry reached his mouth.

"It is great. Lemon really fits her." He said and continued to drink more.

"Can I have a taste?" Leah asked, pulling her half-eaten sandwich away for the moment. Tim passed Suzie's head towards Leah, who then took the straw into her mouth and started to drink.

"Ooh, truly. It is so rich." she said and stopped to get more. "If this doesn't help us at the exam, then nothing does." she declared.

"You made Suzie into mind slurry?" a classmate of the friends interrupted them. He looked at the girl with a straw in her head curiously.

"Yes. I read that drinking someone's brain will transfer their knowledge to you. We really want to pass this exam." Tim said and took a gulp more of her friend's brains.

"Ooh, I see. I heard of it. Quite stupid honestly, but it won't hurt I guess. Can I try her too?" the boy asked.

"Sure thing. There is a lot of her here." Tim said and leaned Suzie's body towards the boy, who took it. As the boy took his gulp, Tim took Suzie's pussy into his hands like he had done with Leah's one, and started to eat it. "Isn't it tasty?" he asked, casually nibbling the pussy-filet.

"Definitely. Lemon really fits her. I hope it gives me luck in the exam!" he said smiling and passed Suzie back to Leah, who took a gulp of her friend.

The rest of the class members of the friends started to also express interest to the Sweetened Mind Slurry of Suzie. When the teacher arrived, most of them had already taken their good luck gulp of the ex-ace of the class, the last few rushing to finish their turn. Tim rushed the rest of Suzie's pussy into his mouth too, and then took a nice gulp of her brain-slurry to flush it down. Even though he didn't think much about it, the pussy seemed to taste better that Leah's one. Better quality meat, he thought casually as he drank the last of Suzie's brains just as their teacher opened the class door. Leah and Tim both stood up, leaving Suzie on the bench literally empty-minded, her brains and pussy both eaten for the exam.


"Oh fuck." Tim said as his grades finally arrived. It had been two weeks since the last exam, and the first evenings of the summer started to arrive. The exam had been difficult, very difficult, for even the good students of the class, and even with the power of Suzie, he wasn't confident if he had passed.

Looking at the results of the last exam on the internet, he had looked at familiar names. Like expected, Suzie had gotten 0 points, as she hadn't taken part to the test. Leah had passed the test, and quite nicely, with over 10 points over the pass limit. Of course it didn't matter much as three guys from the soccer team had asked her to their barbeque the last weekend. Apparently it had been a quite good party, by the pics Tim had seen in the facebook. As far as he knew, only bones were left of his friend at the eve of the party.

Suzie had of course gone too. The class had taken her to bring-your-own-meat restaurant after the last exam to celebrate. She wasn't enough for them all though so they had cooked the second-best girl of the class too, just to keep the theme up. The meat was not only thing Tim had managed to get from the evening though. He had managed to claim Suzie's head, it had been his slurry after all, and he had made it to a nice toy. Even now the blonde head was sitting in his secret sex-toy stash in his cabinet. It was shame that he didn't get to do the same for Leah.

However as Tim's eyes wandered to his own grade, his mood dropped. It was fail, with two points. "Shit." he said to himself. Maybe… maybe Suzie had been right at the end anyways, he had to admit. Only thing he could feel a little happy about was that he wasn't the only one that had failed. Almost one fourth had failed the last exam in fact.

Well, summer barbecues are not the worst way to go, Tim thought to himself. It would be one hell of a graduation feast…
R: 3 / I: 0

The Thesis

Pt 1.

Thank God, it wasn’t cold. I mean it shouldn’t be, it’s early may, but maybe my standing on the Greek theater of campus without a shred of clothing had something to do with it. Some of the first-year students in the podiums are already snapchatting. I can’t really blame them, I’m flattered, and really the more people see this the better.

The hilt of this knife is cold, wood, and shaped like a large penis. It’s amazing what your local carpenter will do for you if you say it’s for a “project”. My thesis advisor is the one who suggested the guy, cute, but a bit of a creep. Speaking of my advisor, there she is, in the middle of the front row, gorgeous, short skirt and shirt with the first two buttons undone, god what a slut, a sexy, super-smart, chain-smoking, slave-driving slut.

“Hi, everyone, I am Halley Valentina, my performance titled ‘The Other Sex’ explores the woman’s body as an object of anatomy. I wish to show, that beneath all this objectified beauty, there really is flesh and blood. That behind all the poetry about the feminine beauty, there is nothing but filth and gore, same as the ugliest man alive. Accompanying this performance will be Michael,” I quickly gesture backstage to a male porn star naked but wearing a blindfold.

“This performance is my final master’s thesis in feminist performance art theory, under Dr. Kate Pappi.” My advisor nods.

“Let’s begin”, I say, and with the same breath gently press the knife just below my sternum. This is it, I think. The crowd is deathly silent.

It doesn’t hurt, like at all, not at first. I slowly and meticulously bring the knife down, keeping my eyes at the crowd. Everyone has their phones out, as blood accumulates and slowly drips down the blade. I must hold the knife steadier and dig deep down as I come nearer my belly button, to cut through my abdominal muscles. I feel a sense of pride that my abdominal muscles are giving the resistance that they are, all those months of intense training have paid off.

Once I’m past my navels, the knife travels all the way down to my pubic mound and I take the knife out. That wasn’t so bad. But this just the beginning. You can hear the trees rustling in the May air.
A sudden wave of pain hits me, and I bite my lips to hold myself from screaming. Not now, not after all the anatomy lessons I’ve had to go through, not after all the grueling training I had to endure.

I take a deep breath.

I take another deep breath.

Dutifully I lay the knife down at my feet. Now for the more complicated part. I poke two of my finges into my abdomen and pull apart like trying to take off a jacket. Instantly my eyes tear up in pain and I want to die right there. But I continue. 300lb deadlifts had made my core rather strong, but I powered though until there was a gaping hole running down my abdomen.

I put my hand in and pulled out a coil of intestine.
R: 5 / I: 0

Cuntbust Olympics (extreme cunt busting, gore, snuff, extreme violence)

All works are completely fictional. All names were created via random generators, and any likeliness to actual people is a complete coincidence. Be kind to women, they're our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. With that said, this is fantasy – lets go destroy some cunts.

Cuntbusting Olympics

Event: Archery

The Locker Room
Four women showered together naked, their skins a multitude of shades creating a tone rainbow of international cooperation and camaraderie.

The beautiful long golden hair of a British woman gave off a torrent of water as Ailsa Davies squeezed her hair back. Her perfectly light toned body with beautiful arm and back muscle rippling steam filled room. She gently caressed her large D breasts, gently pinching her nipple and giving a piercing grin at Chun-hei across from her.

Chun-hei flexed her beautiful side muscles as she stretched out, her silky smooth brown skin reflecting gently off the sunlight. Her large dark eyes watching her opponents with a smile on her face. Her petite Korean body looked smaller than Ailsa, but her strong arm muscles show cased her right to be there. She showed off her small B breasts to Alisa, and slicked her hand up her thighs and shaved vagina, and gave her fingers a lick.

A long haired brunette woman from Belgium with fair skin and beautiful full lips bent over to expose her beautiful ass to the other two women in the shower. Emma Maes's curvy figure bent like a felines as she pressed her hands against the shower wall, and spread her legs to her opponents, letting her dark hair fall towards the floor, giving her opponents a great view of her genitals and strong leg muscles.

Lifting her leg high in the air, an American woman named Kelly Brown vertically spread eagle herself to her opponents. Her platinum blonde hair draping back, her large double D breasts bouncing, balancing herself out. She smiled seductively at the other three women.

“May the best woman win ladies.”

The Announcers

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2020 CB Olympics XXX! Hosted this year in the great city of Paris, Italy! This is your host Pus Kailer, and my co-host Cunt Slycer. How we looking today Slycer?”

“We are looking marvelous on this day Kailer, thanks for asking! We're here to celebrate the destruction of women's genitals once again! A special year, this being our 30 year anniversary, we have seen all our participants going the extra mile to make each and every death painful and excruciating!”

“And how! In our last event was saw our Javelin throw end with a surprise as Katina from Russia was impaled TWICE, once by her quick as a snake opponent Annchi from China who threw her Javelin so straight and fast Katina didn't even see it coming, then again as she fell on her own Javelin! She bled out in seconds!”

“That was absolutely amazing! I love her screams of pain as she saw her death coming. But that's not why we're here today, now is it?”

“No sir! We're here as our four finalists come up for the Archery competition. Ailsa Davies from Britian, Chun-hei representing South Korea, Emma Maes from Beligum, and Kelly Brown from the United States of America.”

“That's right Kailer, and we're in the final match were it is a battle royale! The four competetors will be let loose in our small arena, and only shots to the groin count. If any other kind of shot is done, it must be immediately followed up by a shot to the opponent's cunt.”

“Yessery Slycer, this is gonna be one for the books. Oh, and it looks like they're about to start!”

“My my, they're all beautiful. Who's beautiful pussy would you want to stay intact Kailer?”

“None of them! Hahahahaha!”


The Event

The starting gun went off, and Chun-hei bolted forward. Her large eyes dark back and for the to watch for the shadows of her opponents in the arena filled with white columns, and chest high walls. The soft hard foam floor padded the sound of running footsteps as the four competitors tried to strategically get the drop on each other.

A sleek light glint from her left alerted Chun-hei to an arrow coming at her, she kicked off a column to dodge an arrow that broke when striking the column next to her. Before she could get standing straight Kelly Brown stepped around the corner and let lose an arrow. It sunk deep into Chun-hei's shoulder and she muffled a scream to stop her situation from being announced to the other two opponents.

She whirled around with momentum of the arrow and took that moment to shoot her arrow back. It ripped through Kelly's beautiful left double D breast, splattering blood on the chest high wall behind her. The crowd erupted into a cheer. Chun-hei smiled, the rules of the competition were that the first hit always had to be an arrow strike, but afterwards any kind of attack could be used to subdue or put your opponent into a situation where their crotch was exposed.

Wasting no time, her tiny frame took off and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around Kelly's neck as she used her body weight to send the woman careening to the ground. Kelly's ass sticking into the air, and Chun-hei took the moment to get to a knee, stomp Kelly's face into the ground, and ran up her back, kicking off of the woman's beautiful ass, backflipping so she head a perfect view in the air of the American's beautiful cunt, and let lose a volley of arrows straight into her cunt. She screamed as every arrow sunk into her labia, clitoris, or into her vagina. Bullseye.

Blood erupted from the woman as she bleed to death on the soft mat, the crowd was in a frenzy seeing the beautiful woman die before their eyes.

As Chun-hei landed the second time, a smile on her face, Ailsa jumped over a chest-high-wall and let lose an arrow into the young woman's back leg. Chun-hei finally screamed out as she fell backwards, hitting her head on a column. Ailsa rushed forward to kick Chun-hei squarely in the stomach. The petite woman gasped before vomiting onto the ground. Her legs clamped shut, but Ailsa knew how to deal with that.

She quickly grabbed Chun-hei's ankles and lifted her effortlessly, and slammed the woman into the ground several times. Chun-hei screamed out on each impact before Ailsa grabbed an ankle in each hand and ruthlessly spread eagle Chun-hei so hard she heard the woman's pelvis pop. Chun-hei screamed as her legs dislocated, and Ailsa let go, leaving the legs to gape open and took an arrow in hand. Ailsa cackled maniacally as she stabbed the arrow into Chun-hei's exposed hairless cunt over and over, watching her labia fly into pieces with each jerk, genital blood spraying across her face.

As she cackled an arrow whizzed by her head. She jerked back, and stood reflexively, just in time to watch as an arrow destroyed her beautiful D sized breast. Her left breast almost exploded, and another arrow followed up to slice right through the nipple of her right breast. She screamed out as she gripped her mutilated breasts just in time to expose her cunt.

Before she could look up Emma, the Belgium woman, was in front of her, sliding her body against hers, her body slick with her breast blood. As she slid up, Ailsa felt and arrow slide into her vagina, she gasped out. Emma smiled grinded her crotch into the arrow, and pushed it further. Ailsa fell to her back as she stared at the single arrow produdting from her bleed cunt. Emma mounted her, putting her own pussy to the end of the arrow and fucked the arrow into her with sharp heavy thrusts. Emma and Ailsa cried out with each pelvis thrust, the blunt end of the arrow hitting Emma's clitoris, and the sharp end embedding itself deeper and deeper into Ailsa's uterus.

Emma cried out as she orgasmed, pushing the arrow fully into Ailsa, and letting the woman fall to the ground in a pool of her own blood.

Standing victorious, Emma ripped the arrow out of Ailsa, licked it, and showed it to the crowd.

R: 118 / I: 1

Megan and Melody - Barbecued Bridesmaids

(This is a sequel to “Megan and Melody’s Beach Banquet” which can be read here: )

Fourteen year old Melody was laying on her bed. She had not paid much attention when she heard the phone ringing a few minutes earlier, she was far more interested in the latest brochure from a girl-meat catering company she had received through the post that morning. Her little sister Megan who had not long turned twelve was, as she always seemed to be, in Melody’s room using her computer. The older girl had often complained that Megan had her own computer in her own room and should use that instead but her sister had insisted that Melody’s was better as it was far newer and, after all, her room was more than big enough for the two of them to hang out in, unlike Megan’s much smaller bedroom. This afternoon was no exception.

Life had been rather strange for the sister over the last six months or so. Both obsessed with the idea of cannibalism or, more specifically, being cooked and eaten, they had arranged a family party at their Uncle Frank’s beach house where they, along with three other girls of Frank’s acquaintance, were to be served to the guests in a great cannibal feast – a beach banquet! The night before the party, however, emergency laws had been passed in response to the scandal involving the death of Sidney Roebuck and the subsequent founding of the chain of cannibal restaurants named after her. These emergency laws has suspended the right to kill girls for their meat, although allowed for private individuals already in possession of girl-meat to eat it up rather than allow it to go to waste. Knowing that they had a small window of opportunity, Uncle Frank has suggested killing and butchering the girls that night, ready to cook the next say, and claiming that they had been slaughtered earlier in the day. With their hearts set on live cooking – Megan on a rotisserie spit and Melody allowing diners to cut raw meat from her living body to cook on a grill, the sisters had declined this suggestion. The other girls purchased by their uncle to cook alongside them, however, had accepted with quite a degree of keenness and had been butchered in the bathroom of the beach house a very short time later.

The party had still gone ahead, with Melody and Megan as hostesses rather than main course, dressed in nothing but grass-skirts and flower garlands, and had gone very well with everyone commenting on the delicious taste of the meat and remarking what a pity it was about the recent scandal and the issues it was creating for the massive girl-meat industry. The cat was out of the bag, however, as the sisters’ parents now knew that their greatest life-goal was to end up on the menu themselves. Eventually, after three or four months, the scandal had been revealed as a hoax and the ban on cannibalism lifted. At this point, it just seemed to be assumed that the girls would get their wish very soon. Yet the weeks had turned into months and it had not happened. Megan had even celebrated a birthday in the mean time, kicking herself that it did not occur to her until the evening when the party was over that she should have asked to be roasted for her friends. Nobody had really discussed the matter but there seemed to be a general assumption in the family that such a special, necessarily one-off meal should be kept for a special occasion.

“Knock, knock!” their mother said, pushing the door open the way she always did. Melody looked up from the brochure – there was a time when she kept such things a secret in a box under her bed but doing so felt unnecessary and a little silly these days. Megan paused her game and swung the chair around. Both wondered what their mum wanted. “I just got off the phone with your Uncle Frank,” she told them, causing both girls to immediately brighten and pay closer attention, “and he has a favour to ask you but he wanted to run it by me and your dad first in case we had any objection.”

“What is it?” Melody asked, daring to hope but wanting it confirmed.

“Go ahead and Skype him.” their mum suggested. “Let him ask for himself! Your dad and I have given the go-ahead so feel free to agree if you want to. Of course,” she smiled, “there’s absolutely no obligation on you if you don’t want to help him out but I suspect you might be quite willing!” With that, she gave a little wave and left the girls alone once more, closing the door behind her.

“Shift over!” Melody instructed, leaping off the bed and bounding across the room to the computer desk. Megan stood up briefly, allowing Melody to sit in the chair then sat back down on her sister’s lap, the way they often sat when they wanted to watch something together. Melody opened Skype and, seeing that their uncle was online, hit the button to start a call.

Almost immediately, Uncle Frank’s handsome, grinning face popped up on the screen.

“Hey!” He greeted them warmly, “My two favourite nieces!”

“We’re your only nieces!” Megan reminded him teasingly, the way she always did when he made this joke. “Mum said you had something you wanted to ask us?”

“Well, yeah.” Frank looked mildly uncomfortable. “Now remember you do not have to say yes to this, not if you don’t want to, but I think you will.” Melody was feeling a little impatient – this was almost exactly what her mum had already said and she was eager for some new information.

“Well?” the teen asked, “What is it?”

“Well here’s the thing.” Frank began. “You know I’ve been seeing Jessica for about three months now, right?” The girls nodded. They had met Uncle Frank’s girlfriend, a pretty young widow with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, twice on Skype during their regular chats with him. Before introducing them, Frank had extracted a promise from both sisters that what had gone on between them, and the other girls for that matter, the night before the beach party would remain a secret between themselves, along with the truth of when the meat-girls had really been slaughtered. “Well two days ago I asked her to marry me and she accepted!”

“Wow that’s awesome!” Megan beamed.

“Yeah!” agreed Melody. “Congratulations!”

“We’re going to be tying the knot at the Country Club in just over a month.” Frank continued. “And this is where the favour comes in. Jessica has three daughters from her first marriage. Awesome kids and I love them to bits but, well, she and I want to start over and make a family of our own. They’ve agreed to be cooked for the Wedding feast.” He paused a moment to see if the girls would react but neither did, intrigued to hear the rest of what he had to say. “Delicious little piglets that they are,” he grinned, “they’re pretty small and we plan on inviting a lot of people so I was wondering if you fancied joining them on the menu?”

“You want to cook us and eat us at your wedding?” Megan exclaimed, bouncing up and down on Melody’s lap in her excitement. “Really?”

“Yup! If you’re up for it, that is.” Frank grinned again. “You’d be bridesmaids too, of course, and be part of the ceremony but after that you’d be prepared for dinner.”

“How do you want to cook us?” asked Melody, wondering if they would get to be cooked outside in front of everybody as they had planned before or whether they would have to go to the Country Club kitchen which, while still great, would not be quite as much fun.

“Well Claire, her youngest, is only four so we’ll let them cut her head off and do her in the oven like a chicken,” frank admitted, “but we figured the rest of you could be cooked outside? They have a great patio for barbecues and that sort of thing. Daisy, the seven year old, will make a nice pot-stew and we thought you, Megan, and her eldest Laura could be spit-roasted, Hawaiian Luau-style! Sound good? She’s only ten but she’s got some good meat on her, like you Megan, and some nice little chubby titties!”

“Sounds great!” Megan gushed, already imagining herself with a metal spit running through her meaty young body, turning over hot coals while her skin while being basted with a delicious honey glaze.

“What about me?” Melody asked a little nervously. “You didn’t mention…” she tailed off.

“Ah yes!” Frank grinned. “We thought we’d let you go the way you wanted last time, if you’re still up for it? There’s a nice big grill there and a frame can be arranged!” Melody beamed with delight. “So, what do you say, girls?” asked Frank. “You in?” Neither girl hesitated for even half a second before agreeing. “That’s settled then!” their uncle looked relieved. “I’ll go let Jessica know we’ve got two more delicious bridesmaids on board! I’ll call again later to work out the details. Bye for now, girls, and thank you so much!”

“No!” Megan assured him just before they terminated the call. “Thank YOU!”
R: 6 / I: 0

Search Advice for Pussy Destruction?

Not sure if this is supposed to be here or in /req/, but I'm wondering if anyone has advice for searching for this particular fetish on /lit/? Tags don't seem to help and I keep getting "query too broad" on the lit search. Specifically a knife to the pussy, but really any kind of torture, gutting, bisecting…anything that starts between the legs.

Or if anyone has links or suggested authors I should look up. Thanks!
R: 3 / I: 0

God's Blessing on this Party of Onaholes! (Konosuba, cons, non-con, dismemberment, hanging)

Originally posted the first chapter of this in my Patreon thread, but with it getting a second chapter I decided to give this story its own thread ^^
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God's Blessing on this Party of Onaholes!

Chapter 1: Aqua Becomes Useful
tags: non-con, M/F, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Dismemberment, Beheading, Hard Vore

Aqua trudged happily through the halls of Keele’s dungeon. Not only did she banish the lich that was the master of this place, but he had also given her and Kazuma a lot of loot beforehand! And, since she did all the work here… Most of it was surely going to go to her! She got to obliterate plenty of undead with her holy magic on the way to him, as well… This trip to the dungeon might have not been that bad, after all!

"See, Kazuma? Without me, you wouldn't have made it this far! You should praise me!" The blue-haired goddess called out as she unleashed yet another of her spells on the skeleton in front of them. "With my supreme powers, those puny, stupid undead should be fleeing from me! I don't get why they keep coming for us."

Kazuma froze in place - and looked at the blue-haired deadweight with a mixture of disbelief and disdain.

"They can sense you? Are you telling me, you useless goddess, that you've been driving them towards us all this time?"

Aqua's eyes widened for a moment, then she shook her head with a nervous laughter.

"Maybe? But it's not a problem if I just turn them! Right, Kazuma?"

As if to answer her question, a growl could be heard from behind them. The two of them turned, only to see a horde of monsters running towards them.

"Well, that's your problem." Kazuma told her without any emotions on his face.

"Huh? Kazuma? What do you mean? What are you going to do now?" Aqua asked him, but the man just shrugged.


As the word left his mouth, Kazuma disappeared from sight - leaving Aqua alone and terrified.

"Kazuma! Kazumaaa! You can't just leave me here! Kazuma! Please, use Lurk on me too! Kazuma! Kazumaaaaaaa!"

The adventurer didn't respond - and so the monsters got to her.

"Turn Undead! Turn Undead! Sacred Turn Undead! Turn Undeeeeeeead!"

The goddess tried using her holy magic on the monsters, but it had proven mostly ineffective. Sure, she got rid of some of them, but there were living monsters among them too - and against those, her magic was powerless.

"Aaaaaaaaaah! Kazuuumaaaaaaa!"

Aqua screamed as the enemies swarmed her. Most of them were hounds, but she could see a few kobolds among them too. Their fangs, claws and knives quickly descended on her body - slicing through her outfit in many, many places.

"Get away from meeeeeee!"

Aqua screamed, but the monsters didn't care - continuing their assault. In just a short while, her blue dress had been torn to shreds. As her panties were invisible, the goddess of water's body was revealed to the monsters - Aqua covering herself up shamefully.

"K-Kazuma! You pervert! I know you're watching! They already took my clothes, so you can save me now!"

No response. All that Aqua got was a few cuts on her fair skin as the monsters fought against one another for the privilege of being the one to first desecrate her. Their battle took place over her body - and their weight pinned her to the ground below them.

Finally, one of the hounds was triumphant. As it positioned his rear over Aqua's big, bubbly butt, the woman could feel its prick slide in between her buttcheeks. She was so disgusted! How did those monsters dare to do this to her? She was a goddess! Far above what any mortal deserved!

"Kazumaaaaaaaa! They're about to… About to… Please, Kazuma! Save me! Kazumaaaa!"

The final howl came as the hound speared his cock through her invisible panties, ripping through them - and beyond them, straight into her slit.

As the goddess was given a new body when Kazuma forced her to come with him to this world, that also made her a virgin - in this body, at least. She screamed in pain as the animal tore through her hymen - blood flowing down the animal's cock as he initiated the rape. Her pussy hurt already with the initial penetration - and it only became worse as the protrusions on the animal's knot began to rub against her inner walls.

Aqua's cries turned into a full-fledged sobbing, two waterfalls of tears escaping from her eyes as the girl began mumbling incomprehensibly. She tried to struggle, but the monsters' weight was too much for her to overcome - and so she laid on the ground below them, forced to endure her rape.

Even if the other monsters lost their chance to take her virginity, they weren't going to just calmly wait for their turn. With her mouth open as it was, it was a very enticing target for their dicks. It didn't take long for one of the kobolds to plug it. All that resulted was making her screams a little quieter - and also making Aqua gag on it.

As a result of the continued pounding of her slit and mouth, Aqua almost felt like she was going to throw up. Trickles of rainbowy puke leaked from the corners of her mouth, down her chin and onto the cock fucking her face. She still crying, too - more fresh tears constantly shooting out of her eyes.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the blue-haired piece of fuckmeat, the hound in her cunt came. She felt her insides revolt some more as he fired off straight into her womb. At least, she had something to make it slightly less terrible…


She mumbled out through the cock still in her mouth, and her abdomen lit up as a result. Her magic worked on the semen that entered her body, turning it just into creamy water. Like this, the monster semen wasn't going to impregnate her… but its resulting consistency made it the perfect lube for whatever was going to use her snatch next.

Aqua didn't have to wait for long to feel the negative consequences of that. The moment the hound pulled out his blood-and-cream-covered dick, another monster immediately replaced it. As the result of the lubrication the goddess herself provided so generously, the second hound was able to hammer its shaft with far more force and speed than the one before. Pained growls made it past the dick between her lips as her strained cunt began to ache even more - Aqua's suffering only growing worse.

Servicing just two dicks at once wasn't going to be enough with how many monsters there were around Aqua. Some kobolds grabbed her arms and stretched them out to the sides - and then, began rubbing their cocks against her glove-clad hands.

They poked her palms with their dicks for a few moments - as that caused no reaction, they moved on to playing with her fingers. Once the monsters realized the extent of how useless their captive was - she wasn't even going to try to give them a handjob - that pissed the kobolds off. Grabbing her hands directly, they wrapped her hands around their shafts. Aqua still didn't budge, though. She wasn't even sure what they wanted from her! Maybe some party tricks would entertain them?

"Nahtures Beuteh."

As a result, twin fountains of water shoot out from her palms - under a lot of pressure, directly into the cocks in her hands. The two kobolds recoiled back in pain simultaneously, each of them holding their hurt cock. Aqua didn't understand, why they moved away - and she couldn't see the murderous intent she had awakened in their eyes, either.

A few moments later they made Aqua stretch her arms out again. This time, they were holding their daggers again - and brought them down on her wrists. Aqua let out another muffled scream of pain as she felt them slice into her extremities. She still couldn't see what they were doing, though. The fact that she couldn't feel her fingers anymore was confusing, and terrifying. It took her a while, but she managed to connect the dots. These monsters chopped her hands off!

As she came to that conclusion, the kobold within her mouth came as well. Another muffled "Purification" later Aqua was receiving a creamy load in her mouth. It was surprisingly tasty… Hmmm, maybe this wasn't that bad? She swallowed it contently as the monster pulled out, drawing a breath in before remembering, how bad her predicament was.


The goddess tried to ask for help once more - but she did it too late. If she managed to tell Kazuma that those monsters were putting her apart, maybe she would have even managed to stir his conscience and have him save her… But now, because of her failure to do so, she was going to become monster chew.

Emboldened by the first two cuts, the other monsters began to tear into Aqua's body as well. More kobolds sliced into her legs, specifically her ankles - severing her feet away. Stripping them from her boots and her socks, the humanoid monsters then began to use them for footjobs - pressing them hard against their cocks in order to get off. Her cut-off hands were employed for handjobs, just as originally intended - the kobolds grinding them up and down their members.

The hounds, meanwhile, took it as a sign to satisfy other carnal urges with Aqua's body. The jaw of the alpha snapped shut right over her left shoulder, biting her arm off - and it quickly swallowed it whole. Aqua's voice was strained from screaming so much, but it still reached a higher pitch as a result.

Following the alpha's lead, the other hounds also began biting down on Aqua's limbs. The others weren't as voracious as their leader, though - leading to multiple bites per each of her surviving limbs. With how rich her thighs were, they required multiple bites each to eat them fully - Aqua forced to feel the fangs tear through her skin and flesh every time.

Blood poured freely from Aqua's many wounds, creating a huge pool on the ground below her. Near her ass and head there were spots dyed a brighter white - splatters of semen in front of the kobolds who had taken her hands and feet.

For a while, Aqua's limbless form kept bleeding out as the monsters kept raping the goddess. She was unlucky enough to feel her asshole plundered by one of her rapists, too - her sphincter painfully breaking to let a cock into her rectum. On the other end, even if she liked the taste of purified semen, she had ingested enough of it to truly get sick of it.

Aqua was still conscious by the time the nezt step of her torment had arrived, if only barely. Still, she got to feel a cock pop out of her ass, more semen out of her bowels - only to feel that same monster bite into her plump asscheeks.

However, just seconds aferwards she felt teeth sink into her shoulder, too. The animals on both ends began pulling on her corpse, each of them wanting to claim it for itself. Aqua got to feel her body slowly, painfully stretch out in between them - up to its limit. Neither of them let go at that point, though - leading to Aqua's body coming in two in a loud plop.

The blue-haired girl was split at her waist, her guts bursting out of both ends in a bloody explosion. The lower half slumped down once more, her ass sticking up in the air - ever so inviting for anyone to fuck it. The upper half had her sizeable tits and her head, her face still twisted in pain - even if she had no strength to voice it anymore. The last thing Aqua felt before perishing was something slicing through her neck - her head separated from her upper half to more blood squirting from her neck.


Kazuma took his time making absolutely sure that the monsters were gone before dropping his Lurk spell. Listening to Aqua's screams was incredibly entertaining - the useless goddess finally getting to suffer for all the crap he had to go through because of her. He wouldn't have thought it before, but now he realized that was precisely what the blue-haired girl deserved.

As he stood in front of her dismembered corpse, he only wished he could have watched it himself - but he needed to hide from the monsters. Still, the sight was so rewarding! The bitch finally got what she deserved!

At that point, Aqua's thoroughly-raped lower part was sitting directly in front of him. Even of there were some bite marks on her cheeks, her ass was still invitingly laid out in front of him. Kazuma wasn't going to fuck it, however - the cum-dripping, gaping holes of her vagina and anus didn't really look all that inviting.

Her hands and feet laid discarded around her - and in the middle laid a huge pile of her guts. Her upper half had cum dripping from its both ends - both her ribcage and her neck stump having been given a proper dicking. One of her tits had a huge chunk of it bitten off - bit the other one was still there.

What caught Kazuma's attention, however, was Aqua's head. Her eyes were both rolled back - her face covered in a mixture of blood, cum and tears. Her mouth was obscenely open, her tongue sticking out just a little from between her lips. He could see some semen leaking out of the cut, too… And that gave him an idea. If he just took her head home, and then cleaned it… Then the goddess would finally have some use for him!

With that in mind, he threw the head in the bag of trophies he was carrying - making sure to shove it in as deep as he could. Megumin was still waiting outside of the cave… He didn't want the explosion-obsessed mage to see his new toy.


Aqua's blue eyes snapped open - the girl realizing right away that her face was in a body of water. Looking around, she recognized the starry backdrop. It was the space between worlds!

"Oh my, my… This is quite a surprise."

Of course Eris was here. Aqua tried to turn her head in the direction of the voice, but she found out she couldn't move.

"It is the first time I've seen an immortal appear in here as the client… This is not something I ever expected to see."

Eris's warm voice clearly showed her surprise - but Aqua caught a hint of amusement in there, too.

"What's going on, you second-rate goddess?"

Aqua asked rashly, Eris flinching a little at the sound of her voice.

"Ah… We've never needed to set this recovery up for someone like you, Lady Aqua. I'm truly sorry…" Now her voice definitely sounded amused, even if Eris tried to keep ot sorrowful. "But you've been delivered here in the state from the very moment of your death: in pieces."

H-huh? W-what?

Aqua's confusion got the best of her, and she just looked forward, wide-mouthed.

"Either way, you already know what this place is. Now, let us-"

"If I'm here, it means it's over, right? That stupid wish is over! I don't need to stay with that moron Kazuma anymore! Now, I can get back to my comfy job of sending more losers to that terrible world! Finally!"

Eris stopped for a moment as Aqua cut her off. She stayed quiet as her fellow goddess finished talking - trying to decide, how to best deliver the news to her.

Finally, she gathered enough courage - and then, taking a deep breath, began to speak:

"I-I'm afraid that's not the case, Lady Aqua. Since the Demon King is still alive, that means Kazuma Satou's wish is still active. I'm truly sorry for this - really!… But I'm afraid I'll have to return you to him."


Aqua let out a loud scream - her voice soon turning to anger.

"Why! Why would you do this to me, you second-rate, younger, ugly, stupid, good-for-nothing, padding your chest goddess! Why do I have to return to that terrifying world while you can keep your small ass in my throne! It's not fair! I'm older, better-looking, more powerful! I'm better than you! You just got lucky with one little thing and now you're the one everyone respects! You don't deserve nothing of it! You should be the one dying out there! You should be~"

Aqua stopped to catch her breath - only to see Eris standing over her head.

"Oh, lady Aqua, I'm sure you don't mean any of this. I know you must be upset, and this is why you're saying these terrible things."

Eris stopped for a moment, two tears flowing down her cheeks.

"B-but this once, s-since it's just the two of us here…"

Eris picked Aqua's head up and turned it around, letting her see the remains of her torn-apart body.

"I'll let you have a taste of those cruel, heart-crushing lips of yours."

Aqua’s body grew closer and closer to her as the older goddess stared at it with her eyes wide. What was Eris doing? Fortunately, the cum that the monsters have defiled her with had not been taken here - her snatch as divinely clean as it should be.

“H-huh? Eris?”

Aqua asked in confusion as her head had been shoved in between her thighs - her mouth pressed hard against her own cunt. The other goddess didn’t reply, just pressed Aqua harder against her own slit - and then began rubbing it up and down. If Aqua opened her mouth now, she’d be given the unique opportunity to eat herself out - but she kept her mouth stubbornly shut.

Eris indulged in the sadistic satisfaction that came with finally putting Aqua in her place for a while longer, continuing to grind Aqua straight into her own slit. The magic filling the place was already working on Aqua, reviving her body - and as a result, her vagina was already responsive. As a result, the water that was already on Aqua’s face was joined by splashes of her own cunt honey. She let out some more muffled cries of disgust, but Eris ignored them and just carried on - until she managed to coax a climax out of the goddess’ legless abdomen.

As Aqua’s body began to shudder, even more of her come gushing onto her face, Eris finally managed to stop herself. She let go of Aqua’s head while putting a hand up to her face, her cheeks flushed.

“Oh, my… Sorry, Lady Aqua. I’ll take you down there right away, alright?”

Aqua screamed loudly, but her own body stifled her down as the magical circle formed around her - and then sent her straight back into the world she had come to hate.


Kazuma slammed his cock hard into Aqua’s throat, having entered her head through the stump of her neck. He had now returned to their mansion, and for the first time with his life, was happy with something related to Aqua. The dead slut’s neck was a really tight fuck, one that Kazuma enjoyed a surprising amount… Once he turned her head away from him so that he didn’t need to look at her face. Even in death, Aqua’s pained expression still reminded him of her voice - and that memory still pissed him off to no end.

“Yes! This is all you’re good for, you dumb cunt! A goddess of water? More like a goddess of cocks!”

He was so absorbed in putting his prick to use on Aqua’s head that he didn’t even hear the magical circle forming next to him. It took for the entirely too familiar and despised voice to reach his ears again for him to notice, that he wasn’t alone anymore.

“Kazuma! You pervert! What are you doing to my head!

Aqua squealed in her usual annoying tone the moment she saw what Kazuma was doing. For a moment, the adventurer froze - but then he shrugged and just resumed fucking her head. Aqua’s return pissed him off… But he should have expected that. After all, he himself had also been brought back from the dead more than once - it wasn’t too outlandish to imagine that she’d unfortunately be able to return as well.

“Getting more use of your dumb, hot body than ever before.”

He told her calmly while bringing her head further down onto his cock - Aqua noticing with disgust that she could see the tip of his cock peek out from between her lips.

“Eeeeeh? W-what? Y-you pervert! How could you!”

She squealed, and then remembered how he had acquired her head in the first place.

“Why did you let these monsters kill me? It hurt so much! How could you just leave me there? Kazumaaaaa! Don’t ignore meeee!”

As Kazuma proceeded to pleasure himself with her head while paying no mind to her words, Aqua’s voice only began to grow more and more annoying. She kept pestering him - both to leave her head now, and to apologize for leaving her to die - with enough persistence that the man was having troubles staying hard. Oh, why did she have to be this annoying?

Looking back at Aqua again, he entertained the idea of just chopping the girl’s head off again. Still, he already had one toy… What good would be a second one? Wait a second… If he was enjoying using Aqua’s head this much, there was a fair chance that many of the guild’s other adventurers would as well. Considering how successful the succubi brothel was, any way to release some tension would be something many adventurers would jump on. And for a fair price… Like this, Aqua could actually be used for a profit!

Buuut he didn’t really want to bother with that now. The day had been harsh enough as it was - all he wanted to do now was relax and relieve himself using that dumb bitch’s head. For the moment… It’d be best if she just let him be.

He had an idea how to pull that off. Reaching to the side of his desk, he had picked up his bag - and from within it, he procured his wallet.

“Here you go, you dumb whore. Drink your moaning away, and don’t lose your head again!”

Handing Aqua a significant pile of eris wasn’t an issue for Kazuma - he knew the girl would earn that money back the next day. Just mentioning alcohol was enough to catch Aqua’s interest, and make her forget about his qualms with him. Soon enough, Aqua stormed away to the guild’s bar, oblivious to the world and drinking her worries away.

Kazuma continued to use Aqua’s head for a while longer before finally cumming, his seed splattering all over her face. As he came, he considered the onahole business he was about to open up. Aqua’s head was a good start, but if it was to be as successful as he expected… He’d probably need some variety. A smile creeped onto his face as he entertained that idea - realizing right away that a certain blonde, busty crusader would jump at the possibility if he asked her.
R: 3 / I: 0

The Clipping (preteen, Fm, penectomy)

The year is 2220, 150 years after the great war when half the human race left earth to explore space and the other half fought echother for whatever scant resources remained. One of the few winners was the Federal Republic of National Socialist Reichs, a neofascist state that has secured modernday North America, Europe and Russia for the purity of the glorious Aryan people. The future of the master race is ensured by the implementation of a strict eugenics programme which has the added benefit of securing dynasties of professionals and reducing crime immensely. Now the nations have been scourged of the degenerate and impure, the top eugenisists have figured out how to breed the most brilliant lawyers, doctors, scientists and artists - it is not enough that one should have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin but one must also be beautiful and pleasant to the eye with a pedigree of brilliance.

Helga, an officer who assesses boys for approval, oversees those boys who have failed the test. You see, at the age of 12, those boys who are aesthetically promising, not physically healthy and don't show evidence of some kind of brilliance, usually only 10%. Due to how much more investment women put into reproduction than men do, as with robots dominating the military, men are the easiest to narrow down for traits as less of them are required to spawn a new generation. As a result, those who fail will be 'clipped', penectomized at 12 - to ensure they do not introduce their failed genes or can rape - and castrated at 18 after puberty has built up the masculine physique of a labourer.

Helga's colleague, Victoria, was finishing this school's cohort with the final test - that of sexual performance potential. Not only were the next generation to be physically ideal and achademicly excellant but sexually performing as well - after all, there would be many women for each young man to impregnate. Two more applicants were stood naked before the milking machine: Dimitri, a short and slender boy with honey blond hair framing an androgymous face with green eyes; and Hugo, a tall platinum blonde with broad shoulders and a strong jawline below piercing silver eyes. Victoria first called up Dimitri.

This young man was a brilliant mathamatician, historian and geographer for his age at school but with his smaller build amongst the boys and swarvier than average features, he just passed the physical. Victoria also noticed a trend of late: boys are becoming more feminine - she assessed this to just be a side effect of breeding away body hair but still of significance for reassessing eugenic standards.
"Okay," Victoria said gently but still matter-of-factly, "You must maintain an erection and ejaculate into this machine as much as you can within the next 30 minutes."

As Victoria was speaking, her thick thighs, fat arse and big tits barely contained in her leathe uniform that hugged her tiny waist had Dimitri's dick stand at attention a full 13 cm long - exceptional for his age and almost disproportional to the rest of his smaller build- has his foreskin unfurled to show the red, pre-cum slick head. As he inserted himself into the machine's pseudovagina, the young boy gasped at the warm, silky, moist interior. He grabbed the handles and began to thrust. His penetration, speed, angle and rhythm were exceptional by the machine's numbers. He ejaculated within 3 minutes, earning a mediocre look from Victoria - that as until she saw the volume load of 10 mLs and peak sperm quality. Without hesitation, Dimitri caught his breath and began thrusting again, not ejaculating until 6 minutes later climaxing in another copious load. Again 12 minutes after that and finally, a last orgasm 9 minutes after that before the timer went off and Dimistri slumped back from the machine, knees wobbling and glistening with beads of sweat.

Victoria, slack-jawed, gave a slow applause,
"Young man, you may have squeezed by in the physical but you passed this with flying colours!". Dimitri's lips grew into a tired grin that slit his cute little face, excited that not only was he to remain to become a man, not only would he contribute to ensure his race becomes its best but that he would be afforded the pleasures of doing so.
"YES! YES! YES! Thank you officer Victoria!" he chirped.
"Clean yourself up and get dressed, Dimitri," Victoria replied with a smile ad Dimitri rushed off with haste.
"Oh, and Dimitri", she added, getting the boy's attention before leaving the room, "tonight I want you to meet me at my quarters for a special reward, you'll be assigned your first assignment as a breeder" she cood suggestively, winking at the boy before he returned the smirk and skipped off.

"Okay, Hugo, you're the last one" Victoria called up the final candidate.This boy struggled to meet the achademic requirements, only getting by a few points in music, language and literature classes. He, however, the phenotypical aim that the Reich was aiming for. Large and strong for his age, a head over most other boys in his cohort. Victoria looked him up and down promisingly as she repeated the instructions to him quickly, as if expecting him to pass - after all, every other boy who would have looked like that has so far. He stood naked before the milking machine. Victoria's anticipation quickly turned to concern as the boy had difficulty even maintaining an erection. Anxious being alone infront of the intimidating woman inhibited him.

He fiddled with his cock for 5 minutes of his alotted time, pullin on his foreskin, flicking it up onto his belly, rubbing the glans, any stimulation at all. Finally Hugo displayed ridgidity at a disappointing 7 cm.None the less, Hugo inserted his prick into the machine and similarly shuddered upon insertion as the pseudovagina embraced the boy in its embrace. It didn't take long - 32 seconds - where after a few clumsey, hasty bucks of his hips, Hugo dribbled out a pathetic sample. Despite this pathetic, Hugo collpased to his knees and precious minuted passed. Desparate to ensure his future, however, Hugo stood himself and began to fiddle with himself again in a desparate attempt to get hard. After 10 more minutes he entered again, thrusting desparately, failing wildly, to give a good sample but he went limp in the pseudovagina. Still with blind hope, he thrusted his limp dick against the machine but it was no use. Hugo knew he failed and he broke down and sobbed as the timer went off.

"I'm sorry Hugo," Victoria said not coldly but not comfortingly either, "you failed. Could you please join the queue to the clinic with Officer Helga?"
"No, wait, please!" he bubbled between his sobs, "Isn't there a retest?"
"Unfortunately you fall short of the criteria. Look, this ensures the best for our people's future, don't you want that?" she reasoned with him.
"I don't want to lose my weiner!" Hugo cried back. Victoria kneeled before the boy so she's on eye level, superficially concerned but reeking of the insincerity of a script she's uttered a thousand times before,
"Come, Hugo. It's just a little snip. Besides, look," she moved her hand between his legs to pick up and cradle the glistening, flaccid organ, "we're not cutting much off, just this little thing. Just a clip and it's all gone. You can live healthily and serve without this atached to you - you're certainly not going to serve us with it" With that, she nodded her head over to indicate to two robotic soldiers to drag the still weeping boy kicking and screaming to the clinic.

Hugo remained restrained by one of the cybernetic soldiers. Its arms gripped his wrists while rings fetterred its ankles to his. Four smaller robotic limbs sprouting form the front of its metalic torso held fast either side of Hugo's hips and shoulders. He joined a line of other similar mechanical restrainers, each with a naked young man vulnerably in the same position. Some struggled against the machines, some yelled for help or weeped of their fate while a few simply hung in despair. 20 were lined up in the quadrangle outside a truck that served as a temporary clinic, the last batch.

The boys quaked as they saw her, a figure who was more than plump but less than obese exposed in full by her tight leather uniform. The late middle aged woman's face wore what was the begining of what age would make jowles sagging from features that in youth may have been beautiful. Helga surveyed the queue of nervous victims with hungry eyes.
"Young citizens from the Federal Republic of National Socialist Reichs, today you have been deemed genetically and phenotypically unfit to contribute to the Aryan people's next generation. Fear not, after you are clipped, you will be trained as labourers so you may still serve your people." A few of the boys began to weep at the sentence that was being handed out to them.
"Worry not, much like a coup of hens needs only a couple of cocks, so too does each generation need only the handful of the pinnacle of males."

The boys' future was again desplayed to them as a round, soft, puggy would-be-man who served as a nurse assistant came to Helga's side with a trolley fo syringes and drugs. The man was a eunnuch, as were the majority of males now, those not among the privillaged few who would breed. He began mixing a coctail of drugs while Helga continued her debrief to the continued protest of young men.
"We are only clipping your penises today. This will ensure you are unable to deliver your unfit genes to the next generation. This has the added bonus of making rape an unheard crime. Before we begin cutting, I will administer a mixture of drugs to your pubis. One is a local anaesthetic, the next is to prompt an erection for easier handling throughout the procedure while the last ensures bleeding stops quickly and healing is sped up."

Helga moved down the line, injecting this concoction into the base of each boy's penis. The drugs was initially sting immensely followed by a painful erection. This would be the last time they felt their cock before it went numb. Hugo heard the yelps grow louder as Helga moved down the line. By the time Helga had moved onto the boy infront of him, Hugo wet himself in fright. Notcing this, after finishing with the boy before he, Helga and the nursing assistant strolled towards Hugo. She tutted him,
"Oh, look at this mess! It looks like you can't even control that willie of yours. That's okay, we'll just cut that off you soon and you won't have to worry."
"PLEASE, NO, DON'T DO THIS!" Hugo weeped as he watched her clean the base of his penis. She then donned new gloves and drew up clear liquid from several ampules into a small syringe. She then uncapped a needle and stabbed it into the left, then right, then top centre of the penis base. As she injected it burned like acid, Hugo thought his crotch was on fire. As it subsided, be quickly grew rock hard with an ache that throbbed into his guts with pain. Before long, however, he noticed that all the pain was gone, it was like nothing was even there. Tears welled in his eyes as Helga, satisfied that the drugs were effective, moved back into the clinic to finish this year's cull.

Helga returned to the clinic truck to set everything up. She made sure she had enough disposable blades that would fit into a paper guillotine like contraption, one for each boy. There was a warm throb between her legs, her vulva sweating in excitement as it anticipated the fulfillment of her duties. See, though she hated that throughout her fertile years she was effectively used as a brood mare by the state, she did take a linking for the youngest of her lovers - memories of their adolesent enthusiasm mixed with the innosence of youth and the lechery of masculinity. She missed their young, taught waistes and slender limbs of half developed masculinity. This was entangled with resentment of her pubescence and young adulthood being dedicated to motherhood. Cutting the cocks of young lads both gave her access to the bodies she fantasized about and an avenue to take out on them the wrong she felt was done to her.

Helga ushered the robotic officer into her clinic, the entrapped boy carried with him, striggling to escape to no avail. His amber eyes darting beneath his brown hair - the primary reason he failed. Othereise he was a handsome kid whose good build would tempt pure Aryan maids from the purity of their race. She glided over to him and held her hands against her body, one on his chest, the other between his shoulder bladres. He shuddered to silence as her caress as her sharp inhale betrayed the immense excitement she got off young bodies. The boy wimpered as she grazed her hands down his torso. Her hand on his back cupped one of the cheeks of his arse while the other carressed the young lad's balls. She then guided the robotic guard towards the edge of the table to where the young, turgid cock hung onto the edge ominously under the blade.
"Please," he begged, "don't cut me". Helga leaned in to to smell his hair,
"Look down boy," she whispered in his ear, "do you feel that?" as he glanced down to find his beloved dick cradled in her hand, dimond hard yet numb as wood.
"N-no…" he trembled. Helga responded, her other hand grasping the handle of the blade,
"That's because it's already gone" as she closed the blade slowly, his bucking hips trying to move backwards but stopped steadfast by the mechanicals limbs. Slowly, pinching, squeezing and eventually slicing the cock of right at its base.

"NO! NO, PLEASE NO!" The weeping could be heard from outside the clinic, the other boys growing anxious as they knew what had happened. Helga noted a little blood but the haemostatic drugs did their work quickly coagulating the wounds. He continued to scream at Helga as she picked up his still erect penis, in full ignorance to the wails. She inspected it with a smirk, admiring the young organ and its potential before dismissively tossing into a disposal unit labeled 'clinical waste'. Through a tiny window the boy could see his penis as the incineration process was initiated and his greatest treasure was turned into soot. His shrieking reaction was of no concern to Helga who was still admiring his body. His screams conculsed his beautiful musculature, his still childish face wide-eyed in disbelief, his exquisit scrotum hung unhindered by the meaty companion which was by a red circular stump in its stead. She was sopping wet at the sight as the young (un)man was flung over the robot's shoulder and taken to the changerooms to put a uniform back on him.

The boys still in the line watched as the cybernetic officer carried the visibly incomplete boy past them, disparing moans of dismay echoing through the queue as Helga called for the next student. She wiped down the surface and was changing the blade as the new boy came in, bucking against his restraints and in the same way, Helga still took full appreciation in her duties. This boy was circumsised, an indication of the outlawed Abrahamic religions and an immediate disqualification from the eugenics breeding programme. Like the last boy, she molested him through his penectomy, like the last he shrieked as his penis was taken from him and each time the young men turned Helga on as each cock left their host as were turned to smoke before their eyes. As each boy was carried out, another one was filed in, she loved feeling up these naked males before taking away one of their charactarizing traits. Sometimes she would even wank or blow the numbed cock to tease them of any last chance to enjoy themselves, other times she'd play with the detatctched cock instead, licking and sucking on their former penis as to remind them what they're now missing out on. In one case, Helga bargined with the boy of how much she should take, first clipping off the glans and asking if she should take a little bit more, each time saying
"Surely you'll have enough if I shave just a little bit more off the end, yes?" until she ignored his responses all the way to the base which she would mock,
"I think that's enough to leave you with." She truly had the dream job of the Reich.

Finally, now alone outside the clinic in the early evening air, Hugo was finally called up as the robot that carried him made its way up the steps. After struggling against his retraints all afternoon naked in the sun, he was now too exhausted to do anything but hang like a puppet from the mechanical graspers.
"Lucky last, I see. Oh, I hope the medication hasn't worn off" Helga said with concern, looking at Hugo's cock. She went over to have a feel to find that the 7cm organ was erect. She stimulated him a bit and found he was still numb. She then chuckled to herself,
"Oh, my, you're the one Victoria must have spoken about, how embarrassing. Such a shame, you're an attractive boy in every respect despite your cock. I think you'd be attractive even without it!"
"Please, officer, have mercy!" Hugo croaked out a whine, "I'll give you anything you want, anything! I can contribute to the next generation, I can!" Helga looked quite amused,
"What are you to contribute to the next generation? Are the next generation to be plagued with tiny cocks, performance anxiety, impotence and shit sperm quality?" Hugo pleaded his case still,
"I just want to keep my weiner, officer".
"So did everyone else, but our people are better off without it". Helga said ominously.

The Robot stepped the boy to the place where many other boys had stood before. Though Hugo couldn't feel his dick, he felt his balls against the side of the table, his thighs against the edge. On the table Helga used a marker to draw a line infront of the end of Hugo's tip,
"This line, boy, is the length of the largest boy I clipped today. It was twice as long as the thing you think I should spare: for what, risk contaminating the next generation? All you'll give us is more sons to be chopped. How selfish of you to risk all that over a couple of grams of meat."
"Not anymore" Helga answer with a smirk. Due to the drugs he didn't feel it. He looked down and his penis was already gone. He looked back up to find that, while he was distracted, it was already in the incinerator as he wached his penis collpase in flame.

Helga sat back and watched the handsome, dickless lad be tossed over the robot's shoulder, like many other and while she went from admiring his abs to admiring his arse, he reclined as Hugo ws carried out. In the doorway there was another figure, Officer Victoria, who looked rather disheveled and had a ciggarette between her lips.
"Had a good day, Victoria?"
"Not as good as you had, Helga, I bet."
"I do what I do for the good of the Reich. For all their wailing, it's just a clipping."
"Speaking of which, some nonbreeders are now 18, shall we round them up for tomorrow?"
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Avatar: End of Korra (gore, death, large insertion, rape)

Avatar: End of Korra

Avatar Korra sat up from her spot under the tree, stretching herself awake as she breathed in the fresh air. sighing happily, the Avatar turned to look at her peacefully sleeping girlfriend, she still could barely believe that Asami Sato had chosen to be with her. as she looked down at Asami, she admired her girlfriends naked body; not quite as muscular as Korra, but lithe, taller, curvier. Korra ran her fingers through her lover's hair as she recalled the prior night, hours spent in the serene spirit world consummating their love.
so caught up in her bliss, Korra didn't notice the two massive spirits approaching the tree until their giant shadows covered her and Asami. before she could react to the sudden presence, the larger of the two grabbed the naked avatar by the arms and hauled her above its head; while the other snatched Asami, shocked awake by Korra's startled scream, pining the young woman beneath itself. the two spirits had found themselves aroused by the nude lesbian couple, and began experiencing feelings of lust that they had not felt in centuries; now they needed to satiate those desires, regardless of the damage they caused to the girls in the process.
the spirits were being driven solely by lust, but they weren't stupid; they recognized the Avatar tattoo on Korra's back, they needed to get her bending out of the way if they wanted to have their fun with her. the large spirit yanked sharply on the tan skinned girl's arms, pulling them out of their sockets and drawing a scream from Korra. the spirit continued to pull, straining Korra's muscular arms to their breaking point, before tearing them messily from her body. Asami screamed in horror as her girlfriend was violently dismembered before her eyes; she had expected the spirit world to be peaceful, that they would have finally escaped the violence.
tears streamed down the Avatars bloodied face as the spirit turned her to face it, why wasn't she allowed to be happy? she was barely conscious from the pain when a massive penis formed on the spirit, and it began to line its tip up with her cunt. with a roar, the spirit slammed the avatar down onto its cock, tearing through her vagina and entering her guts. the spirit dick almost filled her insides entirely, smashing her heart and lungs against her ribcage and showing its massive outline through the avatars taught abs. the massive insertion woke Korra up completely, and with the near destruction of the Avatar's lungs, she could barely even scream in agony.
through her pain she somehow managed to catch the sight of the smaller spirit entering Asami, the other spirits cock was a lot thicker than the one that was killing her, and she watched in terror as her girlfriends sexy hips were stretched apart to accommodate the massive penis. the smaller spirit thrust rapidly into the young woman, crushing her organs and bones and drawing pained shriek after pained shriek from the unfortunate girl. the spirit stood up after a while of pounding into Asami, facing Korra and its compatriot and now jerking itself off with its victims flailing body; and giving the two young lovers a good look at the damage being wrought on each other.
tears flowed freely down both women's faces, and blood frequently forced its way out of their mouths, as well as out of the gory messes that were once their vaginas. somehow through the pain being dealt upon them, the two lovers locked eyes. words didn't need to be said; even if they wanted to both girl's lungs had been crushed, they both knew that they loved each other. their final moment together was brought to an end by the smaller spirit climaxing; its magma like cum inflating Asami's already stretched stomach for a few brief seconds before it melted through her skin, and the force of the climax obliterating the young woman's head. the spirit fucking its way through the Avatar didn't last much longer, pulling Korra fully down onto its cock, the molten cum that its dick shot out annihilating everything from her shoulders up.
with the spirits lust satisfied, the massive cocks phased out of existence and the two wrecked corpses of Asami Sato and Avatar Korra fell to the ground, the fiery cum still melting through what remained of them. because the ill-fated couple had been on a "vacation", their absences were not noticed until over a month later; but by that time their carcasses had rotted away, leaving no evidence of their violent deaths. meanwhile, the Avatar spirit moved on and its next host was born a few years later.
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Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/

Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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The Crimson Moon (g, extreme genital mutilation, vore, molestation)

The Crimson Moon
(g, extreme genital mutilation, vore, molestation)

All works are completely fictional.
All names were created via random generators, and any likeliness to actual people is a complete coincidence.
Be kind to women, they're our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.
With that said, this is fantasy – lets go destroy some cunts.

The dusk was riding low on the horizon, bringing the day's light towards its end. The darkness of the night was swallowing the sky, chasing away the sun and all the warmth it brought. Coldness, silence, and a chill brought fear to the fluttering heart of ten-year-old Rosie, who was running late on her way to her grandmother's house in the middle of the woods. Her red cloak flapped noisily as her blue eyes darted from tree to tree as the shadows between them grew.

“You must get there before dusk, for that is when the wolves start to roam and the woods become dangerous. Your grandmother and the nearby hunter can keep you safe, but you must reach your destination well before night.” mother had warned.

Rosie struggled to keep panic from her heart as the wind grew colder, the woods edged into darkness as the light vanished from the tree tops. She whimpered in despair and pain. She had left too late and had not taken into account that she had just started her 'crimson tide', as her mother called it. Her body cramped as she struggled to continue forward. All the while, she felt the stream of blood and uterine fluids from between her legs, dripping to the ground with each painful step.

Rosie's whimpering suddenly stopped when her blood froze. A howl echoed through the woods. Wolves. Weren't wolves attracted to blood? Rosie turned to look back at her trail of menstruation fluids and her mind went into a full panic. She dashed ahead in the direction her grandmother's house had to be – it absolutely had to be this way. She had been walking all day and the trail would be just past the next clearing.

She stumbled into the clearing, and ran full tilt across it, the short grass trampled beneath her hurried young feet. As she approached the edge of the clearing, she skidded to a stop. Before her, the darkness of the woods was lit with glowing eyes and growls. A pack of wolves.

Roise fell to her knees as her breath caught. Just as the wolves started appearing from the woods, their heads revealing themselves into the moon's light, a massive large howl filled the whole clearing from behind her. She heard the yelps as the wolf pack scattered back into the woods, but her attention had been held by the figure in the middle of the clearing.

A large, shadow approached her, the figure lumbering high over her with muscles and fur. It was a… alpha wolf? It was a massive figure with a huge torso, chisel toned limbs, and a fearsome head. Twice as large as the others had been, but what really caught Rosie's attention was the intense glare he had for her. She trembled and tried to back away, but the wolf immediately pounced on her.

She screamed a shrill shriek as the claws pushed her arms into the ground, and suddenly the wolf's snout disappeared under her skit. She yelped as she felt his canine nose prod her blood soaked panties, and inhale sharply.

A low dark growl reverberated from the wolf's chest and through the land, thundering into little Rosie's chest. She gasped, which the wolf barely caught sight of as he retracted himself from her privates.

Rosie didn't know what to do, but just shook her head in fear, the soft red hood falling off to reveal her beautiful red hair, and youthful face. Her lips trembled as she tried to put on a brave face. But the wolf barked at her causing her to scream. He lashed out with his claws and her beautiful dress and skit fell to the ground.

Shaking in fear and panic Roise could no longer move. As the large wolf gently spread her preteen legs and started ripping off her beautiful white panties. Not knowing what he was even trying to do Roise looked on in both terror and curiosity.

The wolf's large tongue gently lapped the stream of blood from her legs, and she cried out as she felt the foreign touch. The wet muscle riding up to little girl parts, sliding across her hairless slit. Some mixture of yelps and cries escaped her young lips as a mix of surprise and pleasure escaped in her voice.

The tongue retracted slightly, but gently dove in again, spreading her tight adolescent pussy lips and for the first time touching her virgin folds and clitoris. A vibrant high-pitched moan escaped her, and repeated as the tongue rapidly licked up her vagina. Her little young hips bucked as the wolf pleasured her petite body. She cried out in pure pleasure as he dug further into her folds, and roughly stimulated her clit.

Her screams, and pitch arched higher and higher with each ravishing lash of the canine tongue until her back arched, and a stream of pleasure erupted from her little girl parts and she bucked and cried out in euphoric ecstasy. Just then there was an evil glint from the wolf who's wishes had finally been met as the little girl's pussy juices flowed and gushed their hardest to give a rare taste to the most delicious part of a little girl's body. He snapped down viciously into the little girl's smooth hairless vagina.

Blood erupted from between her legs as Rosie's shrieks of pleasure tore into wracking wails of pain. Tears flew from her eyes as vicious pain ripped through her sweet nether regions. She bucked, cried, and flailed, but the wolf had both her legs spread wide as he bit down into her love canal, piercing her hymen, ripping her virginal tunnel open, and tearing her little pussy to pieces. He chewed, and tore, and gored on the struggling preteen in his grasps. She screamed, and screamed, and thrashed about in anguish as he tore her precious uterus from her body, her just coming-of-age fallopian tubes and ovaries trailing behind it.

The beautiful musk of her juices, blood, and reproductive organs were absolutely exquisite at her young age. He savored every bite as the little girl went into shock, not only from the violent loss of blood, but from seeing her love making organs eaten in front of her. She whimpered out cries to her mother, and how she was sorry she strayed from the trail, before death finally claimed the little girl.

The big bad wolf, left the rest of her to his wolf pack which had returned. He had finished feasting on the youthful delicacies of the flesh. The truly best time, during a girl's first crimson moon.
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How to Format Stories for Easy Reading

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.

I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
- I think I need a hug.
- No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

"I think I need a hug," said Maya.
"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

"I think I need a hug."
"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is that if you get lost while rereading your own story, so will your readers. Check your formatting and grammar; make sure it's not painful to read.

Feel free to add, criticize, comment, etc.
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Shiteater (Hyper scat, Lolidom, Futa, Shota and so on)

Tags: Scat, Futa, Rape, Snuff, Asphyxiation, Hyper, Loli, Shota.

Based on one of Nicknamehere's images. Credits to him for the inspiration (find the image itself if you want a visual aid)

Lucy had eaten a very large breakfast that morning, maybe a little too large. Her bowels ached and she had no idea where the nearest toilet was. She rubbed her stomach with one of her gloved hands in discomfort while her dick hung a little lower than usual, keeping her buttcheeks tight so she didn't end up spraying everywhere as, just like her cumshots, her shits were huge. She was starting to give in and would have resorted to shitting right there and then on the pavement (which would have stained her lovely thigh high boots) when she spied a small, 8 year old boy running down the street towards her. He was extremely out of breath and even stranger it was midday, he should have been in school. Lucy noticed the abscence of a backpack and realized that he must have left his stuff at home, and was running full pelt to get it. What a fatal, fatal mistake

Lucy grinned maliciously as the boy got closer and closer, knowing exactly what her next move would be. The boy himself was a kid called Andrew, a kindhearted forgetful 8 year old boy who lived with his single mother and older brother. He was having a terrible day, having forgotten his books, been chewed out by the teacher and being told to go get them during recess. Luckily he lived near to the school and had been sprinting non-stop so he could make it back by second period. In fact he was almost there, he only lived at the end of the street. He had almost made it. All of a sudden he was very suddenly stopped by a swift, booted kick to the groin. His eyes went wide and the little air left in his lungs escaped, as he felt a shock of pain in his crotch, and the squishy feeling of one of his balls rupturing.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, Lucy had stood behind a postbox, out of his view. She was amazed that he hadn't a: seen her from the end of the street, or b: reacted when she jumped out to kick his pathetic nutsack. Didn't hyper dicked futanari girls, who only wore latex gloves and boots, warrant some kind of reaction? 'Man you deserve to be a toilet' she chided playfully at the young boy, who had collapsed onto the floor, clutching his crotch. There was no response other than gasps of pain. The brat was so out of breath he couldn't even scream in pain properly. Lucy threw up her hands in exasparation and slowly circled the boy ending up behind him. She leaned over towards him, her schlong whacking him in the side. This finally made Andrew look up from the pavement and looking to his right, he saw the behemoth that was Lucy's cock. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped in horror, the situation advancing so quickly he had no idea what to think, or if this was even real. Lucy giggled from behind him, finding great satisfaction in his confusion. She always loved watching the innocent being unable to comprehend what was happening, but, with a gurgle of her stomach, she decided that it was time to get started.

Lucy spun on her heel and clasped her plump bottom with both of her hands, and with a bit of effort, pulled her butthole as wide as possible. And without any warning or hesitation, planted herself right on his head. She groaned in pleasure as the rim of her butthole slid all the way down past the kid's eyes, effectively blinding him. Now Andrew's entire world was shit and flesh, and he didn't like it one bit. With renewed breath he started to scream at the top of his lungs, his arms shooting up and starting to grasp at lucy's buttcheeks, desperately attempting to unseat her from his head. Lucy snickered at his futile attempts and efficiently removed his hands from her ass, holding them by the wrists at arms length. She then started slowly working her ass over the rest of the brat's head.'Fuck yeah' she grunted as his nose flattened against her slick walls, the boy's screams turning her on immensely. His hands were still going crazy despite Lucy's grip on his wrists, however she knew that blood flowed to the hand from an artery in the wrist, and quickly jabbed her thumbs into said artery, hoping that the lack of blood flow would make the brat's hands numb. She also continued to progress over the boys face, reaching and engulfing his upper lip, and she found the sensation of his features against her ass walls to be extremely pleasant. It wasn't the same as using her hyper cock to literally fuck peoples brains out but it was still pretty good. 'HEWLP!' Andrew cried out in panic, his speech slurred by the ass meat engulfing his upper lip. His brother was at home right? he must have heard his screams since the house was so close. Andrew just had too bide time before help came, in a last ditch effort to survive he took in a deep breathe before his head was consumed by Lucy's asshole.

Lucy groaned at the feeling of her toilets head slipping inside of her and a sadistic grin crossed her face when the boy started to writhe and struggle. She had found it cute when he breathed in, knowing full well he had only thought about the lack of oxygen and not the pressure she could apply. She wasn't even clenching and the tight space had caused her toilet's nose to break, and his bottom jaw (which had entered at a strange angle due to him breathing in) to be dislocated. Andrew had never experienced such pain and his mind was breaking due to the overload of his senses. The stench of shit invaded his nostrils, as well as the rotting smell of the other vistims in Lucy's ass. Small animals,babies even fetuses had wound up in that crevice but nothing as large as Andrew yet. However the death bell for Andrew was sounded when Lucy's stomach gurgled once again.

With a large grunt Lucy started to squeeze. Of course Andrew had no idea about the misfortune that was about to befall him, but he was aware of how painfully small it was getting in this girls rear. His hearing popped as his ears were smushed to his head and smeared in excrement, and his dislocated bottom jaw folded in two. His eyes flooded with tears as he felt his skull cracking and he wordlessly screamed with his useless mouth. Lucy started to move her feet away from Andrew, forcing his head backwards and putting pressure on his spine. 'What's wrong' she said mockingly, as Andrew thrashed around with the body parts he could still control,

"Don't you like my tight ass? well that's not very NICE!"

On the last word she gave a sudden sharp clench of her buttocks, further cracking the brat's skull and popping out his right eye. Andrew wasn't even able to scream , his strength in his limbs all but gone, completely dominated by the small girl. However, lucy noted, he was still alive. 'Well' she said in a sing song voice, looking innocently up to the sky 'time for the main event' she looked back down at her toilet, an evil smile on her face from ear to ear 'eat shit and die' she muttered.

Lucy's bowels opened like a floodgate, a huge brown tidal wave started to descend on poor little andrew. of course he did see it coming with his one good eye, but with his destroyed jaw there was no way to stop it. The tsunami of shit invaded Andrews mouth, knocking out his teeth and forcing it's way down his throat. Andrew was starting to suffocate as the large brown log snaked its way into his stomach, his ears started to bleed and shit started streaming from his bloody and broken nose. Lucy grunted and heaved to push the feces out of her system, all while her toilet spasmed underneath her, his lower arms flailing wildly, while his stomach started to grow. He was unable to move his hands, which were steadily going purple from blood loss. Fecal matter invaded Andrew's head, churning around his brain,starting to push his left eye out of it's socket. His belly had gotten bloated, and he could feel the shit pushing through his intestines. He wanted to cry, die, escape from this hell, but that wouldn't happen until this monster was done. Then something inconceivable happened, Andrew's dicklet burst from his pants, lumpy malformed and absolutely full of shit. The excrement started to push itself out from his baby cock, forming a long snake on the pavement. Lucy tilted her head and laughed maniacally at the sight

"Aw…did you cum?' she asked sweetly 'man what a fucking virgin…hey toilet, can you still hear me?" she asked. Andrew could, despite the bleeding in his ears and the stream of shit still entering his mouth. "If you can, i want you to know it's been fun, but it didn't get me off" she said as if she was annoyed "so i'm gonna have to find out where you live and fuck the shit out of whoever lives there, kay" she said sweetly. Andrew would have pleaded in that moment if at all possible, but the shit entering his brain was making it hard to think. "No response? I'll take that as a yes then! Thanks babe!" and with a deafening crunch Lucy's asscheeks clenched, crushing what remained of the kid's head.

Brain matter, blood, shit and bone mixed together in Lucy's crevice. The brat's body went limp so she simply let his arms fall down by his sides, and started massaging her petite breasts with her latex gloves. The pulpy remains dripped down her toys shirt while her waste continued to snake out of his penis. For the next minute lucy clapped her ass cheeks together, crushing the remains in her ass into a thick brown juice and causing the waste of life between her legs to spasm periodically. Finally after 3 minutes of hell, Lucy was done. She removed the boys neck from her rimhole, and let him collapse into the mound of feces that had formed beneath him. nothing was left of his head other than a twisted compacted twizzle of bone, blood and flesh. His stomach had burst from the sheer quantity of shit, and his dick had ripped in half.

Epilogue (events after the image)
Lucy rummaged through the pockets of the dead boy and found his phone. The moron hadn't even put a password lock on it, and she sifted through it's contents while emptying her bladder on the boys corpse. She found his address written in his notes and found several images that told her he had an older brother, a mother, and several hamsters. She chuckled when she realized that her toilets house was just at the end of the street.She ended up dealing with the brother first, arriving at the small surburban house to find the door unlocked and her next victim playing videogames with the volume on max in the living room, explaining why he hadn't heard his brothers cries. The dipshit was so absorbed that he only noticed her once Lucy's choker was already around his neck. She fucked his asshole while he choked to death, moaning lustfully at the sounds of his gasps and the way he clawed at his throat. He ended up dying of asphyxia and internal bleeding. Lucy decided to use a nearby necktie to hang his bloated cum filled corpse from the ceiling fan in the mothers bedroom. Now she just had to wait for the mother to get home from work. She passed the next few hours away by using Andrew's hamsters as urethra toys, pushing them in and casually leaving them in there to suffocate, while she watched tv. Once the mother arrived Lucy sprang over to the bathroom and waited eagerly for the mother to enter her bedroom and find the horror that awaited her. Andrew's mother walked through the door 'Andrew! Daniel! where are you?' she called out to no response.'they went out and didn't lock the door?' she sighed in exasperation 'I'll have to have a talk with both of them when they get back.' she said, as she veered into her bedroom with the intention of getting undressed and taking a shower
'AAAAARRGH!!!' was her first response, her hand coming up to her mouth and a state of utter shock overcoming her. Her eldest son was twisting in the air, hung from the slowly spinning ceiling fan, his face grey and dead, his stomach bursting out of his shirt, cum dripping from his gaping anus. The mother fell to her knees, horror overcoming her. She started to wail like a banshee, tears streaming down her face and her arms across her chest. She didn't hear the tapping of heeled boots, but she did hear the sound of the door closing and being locked behind her.
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Harry Potter Cannibalism Stories

It was Christmas in Harry's seventh year. As always, he was visiting the Weasleys. They were all drinking coffee when Mrs. Weasley got up.
She turned to everyone and said, "Ginny here just told me she decided to be the feast today."
Everyone in the room gasped, especially Harry. He had heard that cannibalism still existed in the wizarding world, but why did Ginny, his girlfriend, want to be cooked.
"Why Ginny. Why are you doing this to me. We're so happy together," he asked her.
"Well. It is in Hogwarts tradition that a girl and a boy are cooked from every house for the graduation party of the seventh graders. And I'm the only girl in Gryffindor in my year. So I only get ahead of it better cooked and eaten by my family and friends than by any classmates."
"She's joking or" Harry asked his best friend Hermione.
"No, this tradition really does exist. But you would know that when you and Ron would finally read" A story from Hogwarts. ""
Harry nodded. He could now understand Ginny why she wanted to be cooked today. Then a thought came to his mind.
"Ginny, I really can't live without you. You are the love of my life. What do you think about us being cooked together today?"
Now everyone was looking at Harry in shock, including Ginny.
Ginny was the first to catch herself. "Are you serious Harry?"
"Yes, I can't and don't want to live without you. I'd rather let me cook with you than the last experience together than to live without you."
"You are so sensitive. But that's exactly why I love you," said Ginny now. She got up and went to Harry and pulled him into a passionate kiss.
By now the others had recovered from their fright. Mrs. Weasley asked, "How are you two going to be cooked?"
"I was thinking in the oven, baked with pineapple, mango, etc. and cheese. But maybe I should talk to Harry again."
"No Ginny, that sounds perfect. I agree."
"Well then you should undress now so that the others can see what to eat later," said Mrs. Weasley.
Harry and Ginny both blushed and kissed again. Ginny then started unbuttoning Harry's shirt. Meanwhile, she whispered, "You can still figure it out Harry. You don't have to do that."
"But I want that. Without you, my life would no longer make sense," Harry whispered back and now began to unbutton Ginny's blouse. Soon the tops of the two were on the floor and they continued on with the other clothes. A short time later, they both stood naked in the living room of the burrow. "You look sexy and you will surely taste good," said the Weasley twins and then got a head nut from their sister.
"So say goodbye to the others and come to the kitchen," said Mrs. Weasley to Harry and Ginny. It was a tearful farewell, but everyone could understand Harry and Ginny by now. After a good 20 minutes, Harry and Ginny were then able to go into the kitchen, where Mrs. Weasley was already expecting them. There was already a large frying pan on the table. No sooner had they closed the door than Mrs. Weasley turned to them. "First of all, I will now cleanse you with a spell and remove your body hair, except for the head hair. Then there will be another spell that will empty your stomachs, intestines and blisters." Both nodded and Mrs. Weasley spoke the spells over her. Both felt their body hair fall off and their stomachs, intestines and blisters emptied. They also felt their skin become smooth and clean. With another swing, Mrs. Weasley's hair disappeared from the floor. "Together a pan or rather two pans," she then asked the two, although she already suspected what the answer would be.
"A pan together," said Harry and Ginny as if from one mouth.
"Well then climb in and make yourself comfortable while I prepare the fruit," said Mrs. Weasley, smiling slightly.
She turned again and continued to cut fruit into pieces. Harry and Ginny climbed into the pan and snuggled together. Harry accidentally penetrated Ginny's pussy. When he realized this, he wanted to withdraw, but was stopped by Ginny, who was holding him. "Please stay that way. I would love it if your cock was in me while I was dying," she said. "Of course only if you want to," she added quickly.
"Gladly Harry said. I would also love it if my cock was in you while I was dying." Ginny started kissing Harry after these words. Both hoped Mrs. Weasley hadn't heard about the little conversation. But Mrs. Weasley had heard it very well, but said nothing. Why should she? Why should she deny her daughter and her boyfriend such a last wish?
Shortly afterwards the fruit was ready. She now went to the pan where Harry and Ginny were still kissing over. The first thing she did was to brush both of them with a gravy. Then she distributed the pieces of fruit, which stuck to the two due to the sauce. Last but not least, she spread the cheese over the two. After an hour the two were ready to be put in the oven. Mrs. Weasley opened the oven. Then she asked Harry and Ginny again if we were really sure that they wanted to be cooked tonight. Both confirmed that. Mrs. Weasley then let the pan with the two float in the oven and closed the oven door behind them and switched on the oven.
At first the oven was like a sauna. Harry and Ginny kissed and felt it getting warmer. But soon the heat grew and the cheese began to melt and flowed over their bodies. But both enjoyed the tingling sensation that was triggered all over their bodies. At the same time they also felt how their meat started to cook. It was an indescribable feeling. It felt oddly good. Soon the delicious smell of their boiling meat poured into their noses. Both hoped that later they would taste as good as they smelled. The heat soon became unbearable and both sensed that it would soon be over. Triggered by the heat, the feeling of being cooked and being so close to Ginny, Harry injected a large load of his seed into Ginny. For Harry it was the biggest and strongest orgasm he had ever felt. Triggered by his orgasm, Ginny also had a last great climax. Her whole body just twitched. The two kissed all the time. "I love you," they both said after their orgasms had subsided. Her lips met for a last kiss before they both left the world peacefully. Ginny's tongue was still in Harry's mouth and the lips of the two were still pressed together.
From the other side, they saw Mrs. Weasley take them out of the oven and serve them 2 hours later. They also saw how the others praised their meat. It would be the most delicious thing they had ever eaten.
At the end of the school year, it was Hermione's who were cooked from the graduating girls from Gryffindor. From the boys, it wasn't Ron, it was Neville.
R: 3 / I: 0

Pris-tine Cooking Show (Trans-F/F. cons, non-fatal?, dismemberment)

A quick something I put together after a late-night chat with PogueMahone, featuring the same girls (though unnamed in the story) as my previous short fic posted here. PogueMahone edited and cleaned up my sloppy 2am writing, lots of love to him for his help <3

The lights flicker on, revealing a small, faux kitchen setup on stage, a la Jacques Pepin. A small live audience surrounds a large, wooden prep table, and a countertop with knives, bowls, pots and pans, joined by a freestanding fridge, oven and sink. Two women, one in a chef's apron, slender, blonde with blue eyes, and her partner, a brown-eyed brunette in a short white dress and opaque leggings, follow the light onto the stage.

“Well I am sure you all know how to get your butchered girls from the market, wrapped in plastic and sitting in the shelf for days, but the finest in haute cuisine needs the freshest! that's why you should always butcher your own ladies or gentlemen - I recommend your significant others, personally. love is the magic ingredient!” The lady standing beside her just smiles a little and waves to the crowd before her partner gets her up onto the big cutting board and has her strip off her clothes while explaining to the crowd, holding up a knife.

"Now you should awlays make sure your knives are in top condition," she says, running the tip along her partner's finger and drawing just the slightest line of crimson on the pad of her fingertip to show its edge. "So sharp you won't feel it, ma cherie. Well, you will, but the point is that if I'm here sawing away at your bones or trying to struggle through your ligaments, you're going to end up bruised. Someone could end up with a bone chip in their soup, and no one wants that." The naked girl reclines luxuriously before flashing her a grin and nodding, adding: "Don't butch meat of my quality with a bad knife job! Get it? Botch? Butch…er?" The chef looks at her solemnly before shaking her head sadly. "Let's not get ahead of yourself, dear, before you lose yours."

"Now! With a lady this size ("hey!" she protests), you will want to take her disassembly in stages. The important parts of her are here -" she uses the knife to prod her calves, thighs, rump, back, breasts, and arms in order, naming them as she goes before jabbing her in the cock with it - hard. "And lastly, any genitalia she might possess. You may notice that I do not include her head on this list, because while some people may possess a lovely brain worth preserving or reducing into a lovely fatty cooking base, my partner in particular has a brain full of lint and eggshells (her partner scowls and pouts, in the process of pinning up her hair behind her head so it won't get in the way of her girlfriend's knife), and would doubtless be of little interest to any discerning palate. Do make sure to get her cheeks, though - they are second only to her belly for tenderness and marbling."

"First, we begin with her leg - lift your leg for me dear, that's a good girl - I have seen many home cooks, inexperienced with working with anything larger than a chicken, attempt to lift the leg themselves before removing it from the trunk. This is nonsense - make your meal work for you, and you will save yourself some effort and your carcass ("I'm still – I'm not a carcass yet, hun" "hush, you will be in just a moment, I work quick") the embarrassment of looking like she was mangled by a dog. Take your knife and feel right here - along the axis of rotation of her thigh, against the pelvis, and cut -" here she makes one long incision with the knife, plunging it into the crook of her leg and curling it under and around her crotch, then stopping just under her right asscheek. "and once more, right along the outside. Curve the motion, follow the lower plate of the pelvis like so - dear, could you shift a little so they can see?" The girl moves awkwardly on her hands to turn her crotch towards the audience, lifting her leg higher so they can see the strip of red encircling her upper thigh. "Magnifique. Second cut, like so -" she makes another long, tight incision along the outside edge of her leg, curving around her ass and then cutting under it, before meeting at the ball and socket where her thigh bone meets pelvis.

"Now, at this point, you may be tempted to saw through my lovely girlfriend's hip, and simply be done with her, but I say non! Once again, you must make your meal work for you, and use her anatomy to your advantage." She hands the knife to her partner, slick with a thin sheen of red, before clasping her knee and thigh together and folding them up towards her assistant's chest. "Now, with her legs distended as such, you simply twist to the side -" There's a startled, pleasured yip! as she pulls down hard on the knee, and a snapping sound as the joint at her hip collapses as her leg swings outwards from her body like a butterfly's wing. "And there we have it. I will take my knife back, my dear, but please show them what has become of you while I work on the other side."

Dutifully, her assistant (now looking a little bright eyed and glassy, open-eyed stare, as if she had just come off an orgasm - which of course, she had), hefts her dismembered leg up, showing it to the crowd, running her fingers along the calf and arch of her foot, and turning it to show the stump where it had come off of her trunk. Meanwhile, the girl behind her is repeating the process on her left leg: "Now, curve the blade like so, gather under the rump, and smooth and nice all the way down to the hip. Would you try your best to break this one, my dear?" "W.. huh? Oh! Yes, of course. Make your meat work for you, right." She folds her knee up to her chest, and placing one hand on the tabletop and the other against her knee, she pushes down hard while clutching onto the edge, torqueing her trunk in the opposite direction as her leg comes free with a loud cr-crack!

"And there you have it, mon amis. So easy that even your dinner can do it for you! Now - at this point, we will turn her over onto her front. Her connective tissue in her arms is mostly tethered at the shoulder, you see, and that is better accessed from behind, where you have a good view of her spine. How are you feeling, ma cherie? Hungry, yet?" The girl, struggling to turn herself over, grins back at her. "A little hungry, I do hope you save enough of me for me. It'd be awfully rude of you to hog my whole body for just yourselves. Also, if I may make a few recommendations - later on, she'll show you how to butcher the different parts of my wayward legs. I keep my ass in good shape so you'll want to do it low and slow, maybe braised. Calves are one of the most worked muscles in the body, and mine are no different - maybe all those years in heels on stage didn't do me any favors there, so if any of you are modern gadget saavy, try them sous vide for a good eighteen hours. And for my feet, er… Any of you out there have a foot fetish?" She scans the crowd for a moment, then points at someone in the back row. "That lady, in the blue with the red hair. Ask her."

"Right, then, enough chatter, meatball. As for her arms (now laying facedown, she waggles her fingers towards the audience playfully), sadly, there's not much meat to be found here. However, in the case of beef, we might refer to this section as the fore shank, and you may know it for being used in the dish osso bucco! I don't know if any of you are interested in, er, Prisso… bucco? but at the very least, we should take these off her hands - er, well… you know what I mean." Without much preamble, the knife plunges into her back, just under the plate of her shoulderblade, following along the ribcage. "Start here, and cut down behind the ribs but in front of the shoulders. Unlike the cow, a human girl's shoulder blades run along the ribs, instead of perpendicular, so we must be careful with our knifework here. Run the blade up through the tendon connecting it to the neck, and then curve around her armpit here" (The girl suddenly twitches and starts giggling as the blade slices through her skin, earning her a sharp look from the chef and the unpleasant sound of metal on bone for a second before the chef can reorient herself). "Ahem. If you find your meat to be unruly, when it comes to certain parts of her body, you can just cut right here (she points at an inch-long section right along her spine) and sever the connection to her arm. However, once you've made this incision, you simply turn -" here she twists the arm backwards, bending the elbow as she does until her forearm is parallel with her neck, pointing upwards. "And then twist, just like we did with the leg." Crack! The arm pulls free, leaving a stringy, red and white mess of tendon at her shoulder, which the chef quickly clears away with her blade.

After another few minutes repeating the procedure on the opposite side, the chef sets down her knife and reaches for a large cleaver under the table. "Right, so as of now, we've removed most of the interesting parts of her body, and have only to contend with her viscera and her empty head ("Hey!"). Some chefs prefer to cut through the stomach to open the visceral compartment and remove her organs, but I prefer to go through the back. Simply take your cleaver, align it to the sides of her spine, and crack through the ribcage until the spine pulls free." She takes her blade and aligns it with the pale skin of her back, and is about to swing it down on her when the girl on the table yelps out: "Wait!"

"Wait, wait, you forgot! We have a special sponsor tonight!" She turns her head the best she can without limbs, and smiles out at the audience, while her partner takes a couple steps away from the table, looking a little confused. "That's right everyone! Tonight's show is sponsored by GutsGone, maker of the Spleenghetti intestine remover! My partner here was getting ready to show you how to crack me open like an egg, the way Julia Childs would, but we're living in the twenty first century, people! Here with us on stage tonight are two representatives from GutsGone to demo their newest model of… the Spleenghetti!"

Two women, each wearing skin-tight glittery red dresses and sporting a suspiciously impossible waistline come out onto the stage, towing what looks like a large stainless steel winch behind them. Nudging the chef out of the way and to the wings of the stage, one of them lifts up the reduced trunk of the girl and places a meathook through her lower jaw to leave her dangling about three feet from the ground, while the other stuffs the end of the winch into her ass. Her words a little slurred because of the hook in her mouth, she continues: "GutsGone's proprietary technology mnserts directly into the anus of your favorite meatgirl, and with just a single twist! – MMRRPGHGRUGHHH. HHHhHHuuuuu WOW alright, that– right. Okay. So it feels like it's got like, fifteen million little needles that stick into your asshole, and uh, correct me if I'm wrong here ladies, but you push the button and the winch rolls up your guts right out of your body like a fork with spaghetti. Ok, that's – is that all that was on the card? Alright, ok - go ahead and – hhhuuuuuuhhoooollyy shiiiiiittt thta's w-w-w-w-wierd!"

The winch whirrs to sudden life, and with surprising alacrity, begins to spin rapidly in its seat. The rope goes taut, and then there's a schlorp as something gives way inside the dismembered girl's body, and a thick tube of something deep crimson pops free of her anus. With a sucking sound, it's yanked up into the spindle of the machine as it continues to whirr, transitioning to loops of something long, slender and pale white, with multiple clusters of dark red or purple sacs hanging off of it, connected by thick, fleshy membranes. A few of them squeeze and burst as they're spun up into the tight coils made by the winch, and as the girl on the table is about to make another comment she instead gags suddenly. She clutches at her throat, then – for lack of a better way to explain it, her face gets pulled down her neck.

The tearing of skin signals the finale of the winch's tear through her body, as stomach, esophagus, and then the lining of her mouth, tongue, and the attached skin of her face streak in a red blur out of her ass and roll up with a satisfying squelch. The faceless woman, still wobbling on the hook, mumbles a quick, "W-well that's all for our sponsored message! T… tune in next time for the uh, the I don't know, the name anymore, we'll add that in in post." As the girl is let down from the hook and set onto the table again, and the two women roll the device away, the chef steps forward again, cleaver gleaming menacingly in her hands. "Is that all for your little side show, dear? You didn't tell me we'd uh, branched out into As Seen on TV." She smiles the best she can without skin or lips. "Hey, well, y'know. They made a good offer, and I have one of those at home. They're really handy." The chef hesitates a moment. "Y… actually you're right, that did seem kind of useful. I'll look into it. But for now, my dear, we have a show to finish and not much time left to do it in. Head down, ass up please."

"You're always so serious," she grumbles in return, wiggling uselessly to try and assume the position. “Liven up a lit–" Crack! the first blow of the cleaver crushes half the ribs on her left side, forcing the girl on the table to exhale sharply in a gasp. Crack! Crack! Two, three more swings, and the chef has cut through the entirety of her ribcage where it meets with her spine. Taking her kitchen knife back in hand, she cuts straight down along the line of her spine, down to what's left of the exposed bones of her pelvis, on both sides, before tearing it free from her body with a crackling squelch.

The chef continues her work, gripping onto the exposed edges of her ribs and beginning to force them apart while the girl on the table explains with the last of the air in her lungs: "My spine! I recommend chopping it up, along with my neck, and whatever you can get from that Spleenghetti, and cooking it down with butter, onions, and some herbs to make a thick, rich gravy. Great for mashed potatoes, or like, to spoon over roasted….me." Snap! Her sternum splits in two as the two halves of her ribs pull away from each other. The chef sets them down, breasts-up, on the table, where only her head and nearly completely voided pelvis remain. "Almost done," she says with a look of satisfaction, while the head sticks her tongue out at her. "Let's carve these breasts and give my unruly assistant something to keep her occupied so she doesn't run her mouth again –" She plucks up the head and sets it down onto the still-erect cock poking out of the disembodied pelvis, pushing the head of it through the puncture in her lower jaw from the hook and letting the tip peek out of her skinless face.

The knife makes two quick passes along the curve of her ribs, liberating the soft, fatty tissue into two fist-sized lumps, and then a pass of the knife along the lower arch of her ribcage cuts loose the soft, well marbled tissue of her flat belly. These she sets alongside the two arms, two legs, lumps of ass meat, and the two halved racks of ribs onto a platter. The rest of her - the head and pelvis and cock, the chef regards with a sudden aura of mischief. "Well, I'm sorry to say folks, that's about all the time we have for today." (There's a muffled, indignant outcry from the head speared on the cock that sounds like 'whut about my brain!') "The rest of her will just have to go into the grinder, because we just don't have time to disassemble her properly, sorry!" She leans with one hand over her ear to the crowd, listening to their disappointed groans. "What's that you say? A certain someone was so excited to see her brain after all of this work? Well, if you say so - I guess antiques roadshow will just have to wait."

While she's saying this, a large, person-sized meat grinder, with four gleaming stainless steel barrels of burrs clearly visible just under the lip, is wheeled out onto the stage. "Earlier in the episode, I spoke on the importance of keeping your knife sharp, but I've never taught a class on how best to do that. Well, a meat grinder wheel and a grinding wheel, and a head and a knife are close enough, right?" She kicks the machine once, sending it whirring into loud, cacophonous life. The cameras zoom in on the head in her hands, eyes suddenly very wide and eager. "First, let's send her cock through to make sure this thing is working properly," she says, cradling the faceless head under one arm and yanked the cock free, leaving a trail of spittle, blood and cum connecting it to her mouth before dropping it unceremoniously into the grinder. It crunches, groans, and slowly begins to consume the entire complex bone, her penis spraying one last gush of cum b efore being consumed by the machine.

"Well, that seems to answer that. And now - my sweetheart, give me one more kiss for the road - to sharpen a knife, or a head, I guess, it's all about angle. Too deep, and you'll break the skull and damage the brain - er, grain, of the knife. Too shallow, and you'll just strip the skin without making a dent on the bone, and you can't cut anything with that." To illustrate her point, she lowers the head against the burrs, eliciting a silent gasp and scream of excitement from the girl, and creating a spray of scraps of skin that confetti outwards from where the bone and blade meet. She eases it down further into the teeth, and the spray of skin and muscle turns into chips of bone. After a moment, she withdraws the head from the grinder, and shows it to the audience - her entire left side is a hash of crushed bone chips and pristine brain, drooping slightly as it extends out from what's left of the skull. A dreamy, goofy grin is on what's left of the girl's face, cut off just beside the nose bridge. "And now the other side," she murmurs, grinding the bone again into the whirring blades, now with one hand gentle cradling the exposed brain and protecting the tiny remnant of her wife from the spray of needle like skull chips and sticky, shredded mucosal membranes that shred through her face. The one remaining eye dangling from its socket, and the chef catches it before it tumbles in.

When the head emerges this time, all that's left is a small fraction of the jaw (the front, middle teeth - her wife always did have pretty, straight teeth, and this was a lovely chance for everyone to see that… even if there was only enough jaw for eight of them. There was also a bit of nose bridge, and even a tiny scrap of her brunette hair plasted over the remnants of a forehead. Gently, she pried the soft, squishy brain free of the little bit of brain, placed the eye in between the teeth and kissed it tenderly.

"Bonne nuit, ma cherie!" She croons, then drops it into the whirring teeth, leaving only the sound of crushing bone and the squishy lump of her wife's consciousness clasped between her hands. "And zhat, my friends - is how you disassemble a woman. Goodnight! I will see you next time, when we cook what we have harvested, and let my dear partner (she squishes the brain softly) be the centerpiece of our spread."
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Erotic Violence (Random Stories)

Erotic Violence

This thread will be for random stories, unrelated to any of my established settings.

Tags will vary, but you can expect the majority of my stories to focus on female victims in their teens, twenties, and early thirties; stories with preteen characters, ten to twelve, will not be common, but they won’t be super rare either. Victims under the age of ten will hardly appear in my stories, and will generally be closer to ten.

Unlike the Office of Termination, these stories will not be casual. You can still expect quite a few consensual stories, but just as many will be non-consensual.

The death of male characters in my stories will be rare, only occuring when the story required. When I do have to snuff a male character, it usually won’t get as much focus or detail as the death of a female character.
R: 5 / I: 0

Lara Croft: Bear Beware (Beast, Necro, Light Watersports)

Here's another one of my stories. Still a new author so please send me any criticisms that you have. And I'd still love to get requests!

Got more Mass Effect stuff coming, but here's Lara getting mauled and raped by a bear to tide you over in the meantime.

Lara Croft: Bear Beware

Once again, the renowned explorer Lara Croft was lost in the wilderness. By this point, she wasn’t even surprised when the plane transporting her over the wild woodlands of the Yukon crash landed in a particularly remote and forested area. In typical fashion, Lara was the lone survivor, the others having perished immediately upon impact. She had a raging fire going and shelter set up within two hours of the crash, and after tending to the bumps and scrapes she had sustained during the crash, she decided she may as well go out and scavenge for food while she still had daylight.

Taking a hastily crafted bow and slinging it around her shoulder, she set off deeper into the woods, hunting whatever game she could find. It didn’t take long for her to spot the potential prey of a lone deer. From a distance she looked as it pranced around in the snow, watching the way it moved, and using that information to guess it’s next move.

Satisfied, Lara knocked her bow, aimed at the deer, and let loose an arrow. But just as she did so, there was a rustling in the bushes, and the largest grizzly bear Lara had ever seen charged at the animal, apparently having chosen the same prey as the British huntress. The arrow whizzed through the air and grazed the behemoth bear, rather than Lara’s intended target. Even if the arrow had struck the beast directly, it was highly unlikely it would do anything other than agitate it, and it was clear the grazing strike had already accomplished that task.

Startled, the deer sprinted to safety. The bear, now both having lost his meal and being cut by an arrow, turned to face the direction of his attacker. Giving Lara a view of the brown beast. She looked at the bear with wide eyes, trying to come up with a plan of action.

It was more than twice the size of a grown man, had claws like sabers, and was covered in scars which represented decades of hunting experience. Lara sighed; There was nothing else she could do. Lacking the time to draw another arrow, she was at the complete mercy of the highly agitated carnivore, and she knew a beast like that would be anything but merciful.

The bear roared, and time seemed to slow as it charged towards Lara at a seemingly impossible speed. Trying to escape was pointless, fighting was pointless, and playing dead would be pointless to a hungry bear. Truly out of options, Lara could do nothing besides embrace her fate. So that is exactly what she did, and she felt surprisingly content to spend her last few moments on earth admiring the beast which would soon be the end of her. She always liked the way bears looked when they hunted, and her warped perception of time allowed her ample opportunity to watch the apex predator in action.

The vapour from it’s hot breath was like smoke, it’s thick layer of fur shook and quaked as the impacts from it’s full sprint charge sent shockwaves throughout its body. Every part of the animal was working in perfect harmony as it barreled towards the adventurer. There was only one part out of place. The massive, red, throbbing cock poking out from under his belly. Lara had never seen a bears dick before, and wished she had come into contact with one under better circumstances. Lara was no stranger to fucking animals in the wild, the nature of her occupation meant that good dick was often hundreds of miles away. But she had never seen anything like this. Even the most dominant of wolves had nothing on the sheer power this bear was exuding. She shuddered with anticipation as the bear closed the last few feet between them.

Several hundred Kilos of apex predator collided with Lara, immediately knocking the wind out of her, and forcing her flat on her back against the snowy forest floor. The last of the charges momentum went into the front right paw of the bear when it stomped on Lara’s left upper arm. The sheer energy of the impact snapped the bone like a twig, and caused a portion to break off and pierce through the skin of her arm. If Lara had the air in her lungs required to scream, or to moan, she would be doing both. The feeling of bone breaking through skin caused the explorer to feel the most pain she ever had before, but also the most pleasure.

Not giving her any time to process the fact that her arm had been rendered completely useless, the bear slashed her face with his knife like claws. Five deep vertical cuts opened up on Lara’s previously unblemished and beautiful face. Each claw had cut down to the bone, and while he was cutting Lara swore she could feel the tips of the claws grinding against the bones in her skull. The damage was immense; Aside from the damage to the tissues of her face and lip, her ear was almost entirely severed, and her right eye had been completely sliced open. Her one remaining eye rolled back in it’s socket as she was hit with another brutal pleasure-pain combination.

Again barely giving her time to process what had happened, the beast raked his claws against Lara’s taught, heavily muscled belly. Slicing through like butter, her guts were exposed to the cold wintry air as a giant wound was opened on her abdomen. This time, the bear did not launch into another attack right away. Instead, he positioned his gargantuan cock over the wound, prodding and poking at the bloody mass of guts with his cock, and dribbling precum into her open body cavity. Lara squirted cuntjuice on inside of her snowpants, the destruction of her body causing her an orgasm despite never touching her pussy

Despite her injuries, she looked down at the bears curious behavior, eagerly awaiting its next move. If that move was what she thought it was, she was more than happy to die that way. Unfortunately for her, the bear and her were not. It’s next move was bending down and clasping it’s muscled jaws around her slender neck, drawing pinpricks of blood as it’s teeth already started to penetrate her skin. As Lara’s final thoughts of disappointment towards not getting to feel that lovely dick flashed through her mind, the bear clenched its teeth, tearing through the soft tissue of her neck like wet tissue paper.

The bear scarfed down the bits of meat he had torn off, staining the fur around his maw a deep maroon red. Turning his attention back to his throbbing penis, the bear continued to prod at the barely contained pile of guts which was once Lara’s belly. Apparently finding a nice deposit of organs which suited him, he rammed himself deep inside, mashing the corpses organs into paste as he battered his cock against the underside of Lara’s ribcage. Every thrust could be seen as it pushed her chest outwards, sending her blood covered breasts bouncing towards the sky as his cock pushed it out from below.

The beast growled and increased it’s pace, each thrust crashing into her ribcage like a battering ram, pushing the limits of what a human skeleton could withstand before it failed. The brutal post mortem bestial belly fucking continued for several hours, the bears stamina unparalleled by anything else in the animal kingdom.The bear let out a roar and continued to pump, even as he ejaculated a huge quantity of viscous cum into bloody mess that was once her abdominal cavity. Panting, he finally pulled his slimy cock out of the corpse, where it continued to drip cum onto the surface of the dead adventurers bare body and clothing.

As a final humiliation, the bear unleashed a torrent of piss on the corpse, marking his territory and blasting away much of the now congealed blood which covered most of her unmoving body. Piss mixed in with the puddle of pureed organs, blood and cum which sat in her sliced open belly. Bladder finally drained, his cock retreated back under the thick layer of fur which covered his underside.

It was now late in the night, and the bear meandered back to its den, pleased at its handiwork. Apparently more horny than hungry, he left the mostly uneaten corpse of Lara Croft behind to be picked apart by small scavengers. At least until the next snowfall buried all evidence of the wildlifes activity.
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Kerry's Dinner Date

Pt 1

“So,” Kerry asked the slightly younger girl next to her in the shower, “do you know who’s going to be eating you?”

“Yeah!” The little girl grinned, “My brother and his wife. It’s their one year anniversary and I was a bridesmaid at the wedding so they’re having me tonight to celebrate!” She grinned up at Kerry as she rinsed the shampoo out of her almost-black hair, clearly very happy with the situation. “What about you?”

“No idea!” Kerry admitted, silently comparing her own thirteen year old body to that of the eight or nine year old beside her, glad that she had waited a little longer before signing up to be meat so that she could at least have an idea of the kind of womanly body hers would have grown into, given time, and had the chance to grow at least the beginnings of breasts – both experiences that this excited little girl would never have. Plus, she could not help reflecting, being a few years older and quite a lot taller meant there would be a lot more of her meat to go around and she hoped she would make a lot of people happy that evening! “I was advertised on the website and somebody chose me. I get to meet them before I cook, I think.”

“Oh wow that’s so cool!” the little girl enthused. “I think I’d have done that in a year or so if my brother hadn’t decided to have me tonight! I’m Emma by the way.”

“Kerry.” the red-haired teen introduced herself with a smile. “Don’t bridesmaids normally get eaten at the wedding? Having you for their anniversary seems a bit unusual?”

“Normally, I guess.” Emma shrugged, stepping out from the shower and squeezing the water from her hair. “But it was a pretty small wedding and the other bridesmaids were these fifteen year old twins with big tits, his wife’s cousins, and the wedding planner figured they’d provide enough food.”

“Ha! Fair enough!” Kerry chuckled. “Were they good at least? I’ve heard big tits are actually pretty bland to eat.”

“I didn’t get any breast-meat,” the younger girl giggled at the memory, “but I did get a slice of backside and that was pretty good! The chefs at the hotel did a good job. Of course I’m going to be much tastier!” She grinned and, as if to illustrate the point, turned and wiggled her admittedly tasty-looking behind in Kerry’s direction.

“Of course!” grinned Kerry, warmed by the little girl’s obvious enthusiasm. “Do you know how you’re going to be cooked?”

“On a big frame, like this!” She demonstrated by standing with her feet apart and her arms above her making herself into an X shape as if she had frozen mid star-jump. “It’s a new thing. It’s going over the heat and turns like a spit but it’s better for smaller girls like me, apparently, so the spit doesn’t tear our meat too much!”

“Ah!” Kerry nodded, “Makes sense! I don’t know how my customers are going to have me cooked by I’m kinda hoping for the spit!” She finished washing her own hair that was much longer and thicker than Emma’s and began to rub the liquid soap onto her arms and chest.

“I bet you’d look great on the spit!” Emma agreed, giving her new friend’s more mature body and appraising look up and down. “But you know however they cook you, you’re going to be delicious!”

“True!” Kerry laughed. “I hope so at least!” More girls were coming into the communal shower now, some alone but many in groups of two or three, friends or siblings who had volunteered together. Most looked to be around nine to eleven but Kerry noticed she was not the oldest meat-girl there – one girl, a slightly chubby, reasonably large-breasted blonde with long, dirty-blonde hair had to be around seventeen and she was accompanied by a much younger girl, no more than five, who looked enough like her to be a little sister. The age gap seemed large but not, Kerry reflected, that unusual since many families chose to have several daughters in order to eat them, or perhaps these two shared one parent but the little one was the result of a second marriage? Not that it really mattered – every naked cutie there, no matter her age, was destined for someone else’s plate and stomach, but Kerry had always been a keen people-watcher and guessing family dynamics was always fun.

“It’s starting to get a bit crowded in here.” She observed, looking around at all the showering girls and noticing at least three more waiting for one of the shower heads to free up. “I think I’m going to see if they’re ready for me in the kitchen!”

“Good idea!” Emma grinned. “I’ll come with you! I can’t wait to start cooking!”
R: 10 / I: 0

Release (M+/F, con, anal, snuff, guillotine, edging)

As the woman behind the counter went through the speech, Chelsea let her eyes wander over to the next counter, where men were checking in.

“…be aware that, although we make effort to minimize the risk, accidents can and sometimes do happen…”

She’d heard it all before. She knew the routine. Listen to the little legalese speech, sign the waiver, go in, have a good time. She’d been coming here most Thursdays for years now. She could recite the speech herself.

“By signing this waiver, you agree not to hold the company liable for any injury or loss of life incurred while using the service. If you agree, please say ‘I consent’.”

“I consent,” replied Chelsea. The man going through the other side of the checkin procedure wasn’t very attractive—a little shorter than she’d prefer, a little balder, a little fatter. In a weird way that made things better. He handed over his credit card. Men who come here have to pay. She signed the waiver. Women got in free.

“Alright, cool, you’re gonna be in room three today. Have fun, Chel!”

“I always do,” she smiled. The receptionists all knew her by name at this point, expected her at her normal time. She headed into room three.

“Hey Chelsea, welcome back.”

“Hey, Greg.” She smiled back at the doctor. They all knew her as well. Of course, “doctor” was more of a legal fiction than anything. Technically, if you went all the way with it, it counted as physician-assisted suicide, so the people with their hands on the button needed to technically be physicians, but getting certified for this work was something like a two week course rather than eight years of medical school. Chelsea began shimmying out of her dress.

“Okay, you know the drill. If you wish to go through with the procedure, please say the word ‘release’ in a loud, clear, unambiguous voice. You are free to request that we let you leave at any time, just let me know when you’re ready. Think you’re going to go through with it this time?”

Chelsea smirked back at him. “Maybe.” He always asked. She always answered the same way. They both knew she was never going to do it. She was here for a little thrill, to edge herself close, but not to go all the way. She didn’t have a death wish, more of a… death wish wish.

She lay on her back on the bench and scooted into position. Greg carefully pulled her brown hair all the way through so it wouldn’t get caught on anything, strapped her body down to the bench, secured her hands, and flipped the switch that marked room 3 as available. 

Chelsea took a deep breath and looked up at the impossibly sharp metal blade of the guillotine, her heart racing with excitement.

“Oh, uh, hi, ma’am.”


Chelsea couldn’t see who was talking to her given how she was strapped down. He must be new. He sounded new.

“So do I just…?”

“Yeah, go nuts. I’d appreciate lube, especially if you use my ass, and tips are always welcome.”


She heard the man undressing. Didn’t hear lube dispenser—was he going in dry or using her pussy? She felt a cock slide into her pussy, answering that question immediately.

“Oh man, this is hot.”

Chelsea didn’t respond. She was looking up at the blade hanging above her like the proverbial sword of Damocles. As the man thrust into her, the guillotine shook slightly. She bit her lip, gasping quietly. The thrusts got faster. He didn’t last long. Newbies usually didn’t.

She was empty again. “Thanks.” “I hope you enjoyed yourself. Come back any time!” She heard the rustle of clothing being put back on. A moment later, the sound of some bills being placed in her tip jar. She thanked him again. Awkward. She heard the sound of the door opening and closing, then opening and closing again almost immediately.

She felt her legs pulled up and some cold lubricant applied to her asshole, then she was being fucked. This was more like it. He was grunting, she was letting out little whimpers. She imagined the blade coming down. She imagined herself falling into the basket below. This guy was lasting longer. She made herself concentrate on feeling every inch of the cock penetrating her asshole, being as present in the moment as she could. Finally, he came, then almost immediately went. She thanked him as she heard the crinkle of some more money going into her tip jar.

The next man used her pussy again. He fucked her hard and fast. She concentrated on the shaking of the guillotine, listening for every little creak. She knew they tested them before every use. She knew they inspected them thoroughly every day. She knew there were safeties, redundant safeties, and redundant safeties to the redundant safeties. She also knew that all of those measures failed in about 0.02% of uses. It was in the waiver she had to agree to every time she came here. 0.02%. More than zero. There was a chance. There was always a small chance that this would be her last moment. She felt herself tensing up and started taking deep, meditative breaths to try to control her orgasm. She didn’t want to come yet. She wanted to keep herself on the edge as long as possible. Another wad of sperm was deposited in her pussy and another wad of bills in the jar.

“How’re you doing, Chelsea?” Greg asked. “Need a break yet?”

“Not quite yet. After the next guy, yeah.”

The next guy took a little while to appear. There were always lulls and rushes. She lay there for the next 15 minutes, looking up at the blade.


She didn’t say it. Not out loud. She just moved her lips. Feeling the word on her tongue. Feeling the motion of it. She moved her hips around a bit, squeezing her pelvic muscles. “Release,” she mouthed again. It was safe. You had to say it loudly and clearly. It had to be unambiguous. “Release.” Just mouthing the word wouldn’t make Greg hit that final button. She could feel the combination of sperm slowly dripping down her cunt. “Release.”

She was still very much on edge as the next client finally entered the room, then entered her. Her whole body was tingling. She felt alive, more alive than any other time in the week. She whispered “Release”, adding just the tiniest bit of voice to it. Still not enough for Greg to hear. She was still safe. It was still fine. She didn’t want to die. She wasn’t going to die. “Release.”

“Oh shit, dude, this bitch fuckin’ said it,” the man moaned, and she felt the thrusts of his orgasm.

Chelsea bit her lip. Deep breaths. Don’t come. Not yet.

“I didn’t hear it,” replied Greg.

“Come on, man, she said it.”

“Sorry, dude. She’s got to say it louder if she wants it. Those are the rules.”

Chelsea’s body was on fire. Still, she held it down. She wanted this feeling to last. The feeling of being on the edge. This had happened a few times before, where the man fucking her heard her. It always sent her into overdrive. She had to be careful, it was addictive. She’d started out being very careful not to make any noise, not to say anything that even resembled the word.

But a year or so in, she’d started mouthing it for that little extra thrill.

Then a year after that, she’d started whispering it. She certainly wouldn’t say it any louder than she had been, though, to be safe. 

After the man left, Greg marked the room as offline and helped Chelsea out of her restraints and into the bathroom stall. Her legs were pretty wobbly.

Tomas: Hey, do you know where my red hoodie is?
Chelsea: I think I saw it in the kitchen

Chelsea’s body was still flooded with endorphins as she sat on the toilet texting her husband.

Tomas: Found it. Thanks. Having fun at work?
Chelsea: Oh, you know it. Nonstop thrills.

She loved her husband. He was amazing, kind, handsome. They didn’t have their own kids, not yet, but he was great with other couples’. Everything a woman could want. Almost everything.

Chelsea: It feels like customers have been riding me all day.
Tomas: Aww, poor bby. I’ll give you a nice long massage when you get home.
Chelsea: You’re the best. I don’t deserve.
Tomas: YOU’RE the best. Kisses!
Chelsea: Kisses!

Tomas thought she was at her normal job, her Sunday-to-Wednesday job. He didn’t know what she did with her Thursdays. The tips she got here were far more than she ever made at her regular 9-5. It was a nice little bonus. Of course, she didn’t do it for the money.

After she flushed, she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. At 27, she was starting to notice the first hints of age, but she was still taught and tight in all the right places. She and Tomas had been married for five wonderful years. She’d been coming here for four. The sex with Tomas was amazing. He was vigorous, consistent, never selfish. She always achieved orgasm.

She always thought about the guillotine.

She’d caught herself whispering “release” when Tomas was fucking her on more than one occasion. Of course, he didn’t know what she really meant. He’d never come to a place like this. He was faithful. Plus, he would barely even spank her in bed, much less get off on fucking a random woman who might ask to have her head lopped off at any moment.

Sometimes she thought of Tomas while she was strapped down. Imagined him having a secret dark side. Imagined him flying into a rage seeing her spread and dripping with other men’s come, overpowering the doctor attending her, and pressing the button himself. She imagined him calling her a whore, a cheating slut, a filthy cunt. She imagined him lifting her head from the basket and giving her mouth one last good fuck.

She took a long drink from one of the little water bottles the company provided in the bathroom. It’s important to stay hydrated. Stay hydrated, stay healthy.

He was in her ass, her legs up on his shoulders, his whole weight leaning into her.

“Say it. Say it, bitch.”

Her mouth was moving. Forming the word at his command. Sometimes regulars did talk to her. 

“Fucking piece of meat. Tell him to release the blade. Tell him you want me to be your last.”

Most guys just wanted a warm willing hole to stick their dicks in. Some guys, though…

“Say it. Say ‘release’. You know you want to. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want it.”

She saw herself at the edge. He was the devil on her shoulder. He was the call of the void. She’d heard his voice before, on more Thursdays than she could remember. She’d also heard his voice in her head, with Tomas, commanding her in a way her husband never did. He’d heard her voice too. It was why he kept coming back to her, why he learned her schedule. She’d never seen his face, but they’d heard each other’s voices. “Release,” she said, barely audible, just barely.

“Louder. Louder girl. Shout it out.”

“Release.” Quieter. Just a whisper. She didn’t want to die. She was in control

“You little tease. I want to feel that ass of yours grab my dick when your head pops off. Say it!”

She bit her lip. She was close. So close. Deep breaths. So close.

“You KNOW you WANT it you WHORE you FUCKING SLUT you CUNT fucking SAY IT.”

His thrusts punctuated his sentence. The guillotine shook with each thrust. Zero point oh two. It could just come down. It could fall at any second, regardless of what she said or didn’t say. Deep breaths. Her lips moved. She said the word. Quietly. Oh so quietly. She said it for him. Just loud enough for him to hear. Quietly. But… louder. Louder than she had ever before.

He came.

“Worthless fucking cunt. Filthy cock tease cumdumpster. I fucking hope your worthless meat ends up in the fucking dumpster.”

She heard him putting on his pants. 

She heard a rustle of money.

He was always one of her best tippers.

The door opened and closed again.

“Doing okay, Chelsea? That was pretty intense.”

Greg was so sweet. One of her favorites. One of her favorite potential executioners. Her favorite potential murderers. 

“Mmm hmm.”

She was at the edge of the cliff. “Do you ever take a turn, Greg?”

She thought about Greg fucking her. She wondered why she’d never really thought about it before. Her killer. Her murderer. She thought about him giving her a good long fuck and then hitting the button himself.

“Can’t. Ethics violation to have sex with a patient.”

“Yeah, but I’m not *really* a patient…” She imagined his cock thrusting into her. His hands on her. His come in her. He always asked her if today was the day. Maybe today was the day. Maybe today was the day for him.

“Sorry. I’d lose my job, probably never be able to work in the industry again. Nice as it is to think about, it’s not worth it.”

Chelsea rolled the sentence around in her mind. “Not worth it. He doesn’t think I’m worth it. My life isn’t worth it. I’m worthless.” She was at the edge. Right at the edge. She was breathing. 

The door opened again.

“Hey man, is it cool if we both give her a go?” 

“Yeah, that’s allowed, right?”

Two men had entered.

“As long as everyone’s clear on the risks, It’s up to her,” Greg responded. “But, you know, she can’t give the command if her mouth is full.”

“Nah, that’s cool, we just wanna fuck her, not snuff her.”

0.02%. She’d done the research on that figure. There had been studies. She’d done some googling. In a private browser window, obviously, to be safe.

“Yes. I’m fine with that.”

Two hundredths of a percent. A disproportionate number of that percentage was when a threesome was involved. Something about the extra vibrations, the way the second man might sometimes grip the edges of the guillotine.

“Awesome. Thanks!”

She took a deep breath. There was a cock in her mouth, and another in her pussy.

She closed her eyes. Her face was being fucked. Her lungs were burning. Of course, sometimes a man would just choke a woman to death. That wasn’t included in the 0.02%. She couldn’t breathe now. She felt herself getting closer to the edge of the cliff. Her toes almost off. She couldn’t breathe. The cock was thrusting down into her throat. Men were advised not to fuck her throat. Men were advised that if they accidentally snuffed a woman this way, they could be held criminally liable for her death. She couldn’t breathe. The waiver she signed specifically recommended against it. She couldn’t breathe.

He pulled out and came across her face. She gasped for air. There was sperm in her eye and it burned. Her throat felt rough. She was in control. She was still alive. She was breathing. She was safe. She was taking deep breaths. She was at the edge of the cliff. The man in her pussy came, almost as an afterthought. She barely felt it. They were gone.

“Need another break, Chel?”

“Yeah. I could use some water.”

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was matted with sweat and come. Her eyes—one bloodshot, unfamiliar—looked back at her. She saw a wild animal in the mirror. She wasn’t there. This animal that almost looked like her was there. She saw the beast whisper “Release” to her with her own mouth. She was standing up. She wasn’t strapped in. She could say it louder. It was safe. “Release,” she said, clearly, in her normal speaking voice. It felt good. The rumble of it in her abused throat was soothing. She checked the time on her phone. She had time for one or two more. She always wanted more, but she had to leave herself time to get cleaned up and calmed down. Time to fix her makeup and her hair so she could stroll innocently back into her real life for another week.

She slid a hand down to feel her pussy, dripping with come. How many men? She’d kind of lost count. She knew it wasn’t too many, but it was still too much for stupid worthless animal like her remember. Animals can’t count. She ran her finger around her clit, staring into her own eyes. “Release,” she said again. Loudly. Clearly. Unambiguously. 

She closed her eyes, took another drink of water, took a few deep breaths. She wiped off her face.

This had to be the end. Her last for today. She knew her limits. She’d been edging herself all day, keeping herself from coming, and she knew the endorphin high was dangerous. She needed to come, and she needed to ask to be let out of the guillotine. Right after this last man.

She grunted as he entered her. She felt raw. Guys had been using lube, but still. She had to come, though. She needed that rel…she needed to come so she could get herself cleaned up and not spend the rest of the day a drooling mess.

She thought about the man from the reception area. What if a man like that were the last man to ever touch her? Maybe he was fucking her right now. She imagined that she felt his belly against her body. She imagined that those moans she heard were coming out of his mouth. That’s all she deserved. A mediocre, anonymous man. That’s all she was worth. Tomas could do much better. He was such a wonderful husband. She didn’t deserve him. She deserved a dumpy man who had to come to a place like this to get his rocks off. She deserved an old, bald, fat, short man. She deserved less than that.

Her pussy was a dull ache. The man fucking her was not really even necessary at this point. She was so close to the edge.

She mouthed the word. She silently mouthed the word with each thrust. “Release.”

It was time. She wanted to come. She needed to come. She needed to end it. She thought of Tomas and his kind brown eyes looking down at her. “Release.” She tasted the idea of his disappointment on her lips as she said the words. She was a worthless, base animal. “Release.” She was a set of holes to be used, not a human who deserves love. “Release,” she whispered. She was so close. So close to the edge. She just needed to tip herself over. She just needed a little bit more. “Release.”

“Fuuuuck,” she heard the man say in his nasal voice. Maybe it really was that man. Had he been here all day? “Release,” she moaned quietly in response. Such an ugly, disgusting little man, but all she deserved. She was coming. “Release.” She was finally coming. Her whole body was tense and shuddering. All over, every nerve ending on fire, a day’s worth of pent up arousal finally paying off. “Release.” She felt like she was flying. She opened her eyes wide, a smile on her face. She saw Greg. What a curious expression on his face.

She couldn’t see the blade.

She told Greg to let her out. She’d gotten her orgasm. She was done. Her mouth didn’t make a sound. Weird.

She replayed the last couple of seconds in her mind. She had just whispered it. She’d been so safe, so careful. She was going to get all cleaned up and go home to Tomas tonight, the perfect picture of a doting and faithful wife.

She’d been coming. She’d whispered the word. She’d been moaning. Her vocal cords… What was she looking at? Where was the blade?

She felt like she was flying.

She felt like her whole body was numb with pleasure.

Numb. Numb with pleasure.

She couldn’t feel her body.

She felt—
R: 4 / I: 0

Swimmer Problems - cann, willing

“Swimmer Problems” By T Vulture

Kami sigh causing her friends to look. They were concerned with the good nature teen who is rarely ever depressed or sad.
“What wrong,” inquire Stacy, a longtime friend she met and befriend Kami at the very first swimming team tryouts.
Looking up from her salad, Kami had been destroying with the fork. “It the last swim meets, we did. I just can’t figure out how I keep coming in last.” Dropping her fork no longer feels like eating. “I just don’t get it,” She continues. “I practice almost every day.”
“Hmm, do you think if I were to…”
“Oh come on Stacy.” Interrupt Brenda before tossing a bit of fried girlmeat into her open mouth. Stacy annoyed waits for the blonde who not on the swimming team to continue. “It her drag that slowing her down,” explains the teen before shoving a few more golden morsels into her mouth.
“My drag?” Ask Kami puzzle on what her best friend meant.
Brenda merely nods, as she swallows the mash up meat down her throat. Reaching for her soda, “It your oversized tits.” Declare the teen before taking a swig.
Turning red at Brenda frankness of her ample chest, “m-my t-tits?” Shudder Kami upset her tits have been drag into the conversation. “How are they causing me drag?” She inquires peering down at the two large lumps. Her D-cups had been and always a sore spot in her mind. She really does not care for them since they are always in the way, and she hates the nickname and jab relating to them.
Placing the now empty can on the table, “You are complaining of always being last places, and you are the only girl on the team with those mountains on your chest. Ergo, they must be causing you drag.”
“B-but Sam t-tits are barely smaller, and she does way better.”
“Ah! But does she ever win.”
“Um, not really,” replies Kami sinking in her chair.
“See that my point. Big tits will only slow you down.”
“Say the girl in a C-cup,” states Stacy upset Brenda is once again teasing Kami.
Brenda glares coldly at Stacy. “It does not matter what size mine are. I’m not on the swim team.”
Knowing her friends will just start to fight, “alright, so it m-my t-tits that causing me to lose. What do you think I should do about it?”
Stacy leaned back in her chair disgusted that Kami is willing to listen. Brenda on the other hand grins at having won the fight. Running a finger along her chin, she thinks on Kami problems. “Hmm, you could tape them, but still leave a lot of drag. It would be wonderful if you could, I don’t know flatten them flat like Kari A-cups.” Her fingers stops, give a quick taps, before she remove her hands. “I got it, she declares. “Why don’t you come by the butcher shop and let my Dad slice them off.”
Stacy groans, but remains quiet it isn’t her chest in trouble. She waits for Kami to outright accuse Brenda ideal as stupid and unreasonable.
After several nerve racking seconds, Kami spoke up. “Won’t that be painful?” She asks while absentminded fondling her amply breast. “And, won’t I die?”
Brenda shakes her hand, “nah, my Dad does it all the time.”
“Really? Your Dad cut off living girls tits?” Scold Stacy finding the blonde statement unbelievable. “And they don’t die?”
Deeply frowning, “We have a special spray on the act like real skin and stop the bleeding. For the smalls cut like tits or fingers. Beside my Dad place is just around the corner of clinic for anything riskier.”
Stacy rubs her side of head to quell the building headache of absurdity of Brenda statements. “Admitted it Brenda, you just want Kami to become your next meal.”
“Well no. I was going to suggest Kami serve her tits to her brother and Dad as a treat.” Retort Brenda upset by the jab. “Look, I’m not going to sit here and be accused.” She growl gathering her thinks before lifting up the tray as she stands. “Kami, it is your choice, if you wanted to win.” With that, she turns and storms out of the food court.
“Good riddance,” growls Stacy under her breath.
“Be nice, Brenda is trying to help.” Say Kami giving her chest curious stares, much to the Stacy disgust.
“Please tell me, you’re not actually thinking slicing off your tits?!”
“I-I don’t know,” replies Kami. “Brenda ideal does have merits. I meant these things do slow me down.”
Stacy bit her lower lip to prevent her from yelling. “Kami, Brenda is not your friend. She a bully that cannot stand you having a bigger cup sizes than her.”
This time it is Kami becoming angry. “Would you stop saying bad things about her?” She scolds, grabbing her tray. “Brenda has been a good friend to me. I know you don’t like her and that fine, but you please stop picking on her?”
“Kami, I am just trying to help you make the right choice.” Declare Stacy puzzle why her friend could not see the class bitch for whose she is.
“I know.” Replies Kami. “See you later.”
Kami stood nervously in line at Joe’s, Brenda Dad, butcher shop. She watches Brenda, dress in a suggestive white apron, grabbing customer order from behind the cold case before ringing them up.
As she got closer to the counter, her attention shifts to the cold case containing girlmeat. Normally she has mixed feelings about the meat. It very good tasting and she really love getting the treats that Brenda cooks for her before the swim meets. Her trouble is, well the meat had once been part of a girl or woman. Not a big issue unless she happens to know the sow beforehand, or in her case recognize the meat from one of the girls at the swimming competition. Lucky that has never happen. Still it makes her uneasy about wandering in to a butcher shop and of course, the other case containing boy, um, parts.
Today, however, her attention focuses on the tits lying neatly in a row. None of them looked familiar, nor did she really care at the movement. Instead she more concern curious on how the meat is harvested from a girl or women. A thought she has been having a lot, ever since Brenda proposes her solution.
The reasons Kami is feeling more nervous than normal. She has been serious thinking about how nice it would be to have a flat chest. Hers has never been on high list of things she likes about herself. In fact, she really hates how it obstructs her view of her crotch and upper legs. A reason why she isn’t too keen on shaving her pubic hairs more than she has to. It another reason she assume boy don’t ask her out.
“Um, hem!”
Kami startle looks up and realizes she next in line. Brenda from behind the counter couldn’t help but laugh.
“So… What can I help you with Miss?” Starts Brenda in her well practices customer service routine. “I see you’re interest in tits, are you wanting from the case, or will you be supplying your own?”
Blushing Kami looks down at her fidgeting fingers. “I-I was j-just interested in how y-your Dad harvest them. Um, y-you don’t think he would explain it?” Cowering under her own words.
Chuckling from Brenda made her look up. “Here why don’t we go asks.” Leaning back to an open door behind the counter, she yells “Hey Karen can you run the counter while I help a customer.”
“Okay just follow me.”
Kami could feel the other customer eye on her back as she walks around the counter. She knows what they are thinking. They wondering how long it before she toss into the cold case. Worse is when she feels their collective stare on her masses tits.
Needing a distraction, Kami looks at her best friends back as she follows to the back. Her glazes follow the smooth teenage skin down to blonde equally bare ass. “OMG, Brenda you’re naked,” she shouts in shock.
“Huh?” Brenda turns to faces the blushing girl. “Oh, yeah.” Her sheepishly reply after noticing Kami, wide eye expressions. “It is easier to show the customer where their cuts come from,” she states matter-of-factly. “Or to help a top heavy girl realize that deep down we are all meat,” she teased.
“B-but, aren’t you worry that a customer won’t mistake you for a meat girl?”
Kami eyes widen further, when Brenda casually pull the bottom of her apron aside revealing a metal grade tag hanging for her lower lips. “It a requirement for working here.”
“Aren’t you worry a customer would buy you?”
Brenda giggle, “nah. Dad is pretty partials to me. A customer has to offer some serious money to buy my ass. If does happen, then I be glad the customer paid for a top dollar for high quality meat.” Dropping her apron back into place, she gestures to Kami to fall her.
Wide eyes and puzzled by her friend boldness, Kami follow in silence reflecting on her friend statements. It seems weird that her friend would be so casual about being someone else's dinner.
“Hey Dad? I got a customer here wanting to know how you harvest tits.”
Kami startle looks up at the imposing man that is Brenda’s dad. She resisted the urge to go “eep” when his stern glazes move to her. Her body shivers as she tries to recall if they ever met before. They must have since her mother shop here all the time, yet the only thing she comes up with his name is Joe.
“Well… Okay… Just stand right there and you watch me to cut the breast off this sow.” He gestures to a headless woman already gut. Just waiting on being reduces to cuts.
“No, no.” Starts Brenda who seems to finds the situation funny. “She interest in live girl harvest.”
Joe looks down at Kami tits straining under her tight shirt. “Hmm, I see…” He then walks further in back before gesturing for them to follow.
He stops in front of a double guillotine. It really didn’t look like the typical one use at the front of the shop, just two holes and heavy mounts above and below attach to two shiny silver rails. Kami not being the most mechanically inclined recognize that it could adjust to a girl, um, chest height. She watches as he slips two plates under a slide connect to each hole.
“So yeah, a girl just stand in behind with her tit in the holes, and I pull the lever.” He then make a chopping motion with his hands. “Quick and easy.” His brief description of the machine in action did not help Kami nervousness. In fact, it made her want to cower behind Brenda even more.
“Dad?!” Shouts Brenda. “I believe Kami is more interest on what happens to the girl.”
He frowns as he thinks. “Well… I take this can and spray her chest. It seals the wound under fake skin. Afterwards she can go home or go get check out at the clinic next door.”
Kami looks at the stray spray can. She had seen it before at tracked or other serious sporty events. Not so much for swimming since being cuts is the least of the swimmer worries. Still she has seen it being used on her brother, and he seems to be fine afterwards.
“Well Kami, you want to stick your dragging inducing tits in the holes?” Tease Brenda clearly enjoying making her friend squirm.
“Um, I-I not really sure about this,” stammer Kami having second thoughts.
“Do you need a demonstration?” Ask Joe glancing down at Brenda tits.
“What? No way am I parting with these.” She hugs her chest tightly. “I am not the one being slow down by her oversized udder.” She snaps glaring at Kami.
Joe looks from Brenda to Kami before shrugging. “Okay… Just let me know when you want them gone.”
Before he got more than a step away, he felt a tug on his shirt peering down he see Kami slender hand tugging on his shirt. “Um, would it be okay if Brenda, um, operates it?” She ask turning red.
“She a little shy,” states Brenda.
Gently he pulls Kami hand off his shirt. Give a nod to Brenda before wandering back to his work.
“Shall we?” Ask a smirking Brenda from behind the guillotine. “Or do you want to lose another race because of your fat tits.”
Kami nervously eyes the frightening guillotine. She really wouldn’t mind losing the extra weight on her back, yet she not really sure if this the way to do it. Or if she should do it all. After all, is there not a reason girls have big chest? For life of her she could not remember the answer, if she had been told.
So engrossed with the machine that she fail to notice Brenda slipping behind her. “Come on, you wanna win the next races.” Purr Brenda over Kami shoulder. “You did come all this way without a bra on, so you must really want to get rid of them.” The blonde adds.
Brenda is right, thinks Kami. I do really want to win. With a slight hesitation, she slips off her shirt, and steps behind the dreaded machine.
Without saying a word Brenda, move to adjust the height. Occasionally peeking at visibly frighten teen chest. “Okay, it your turns,” she declared as they were playing a game of checkers.
Not wanting to disappoint her friend, Kami shaking slips her tits into the gaping holes. She waits as Brenda run a strap behind her back pinning her to devilish device. Alarm at the strap pressing into her skin, “um, this isn’t supposed to hurt, is it?”
Brenda placing a hand on the smooth wooden handle, with a grin she shrugs while pulling the lever.
Before Kami could react, she feels a sharp razor sharp blade slide up through her flesh. The path of travel startles her, like most she naturally assume the blade fall freely from the ceiling. Her eyes widen as her tits wiggle and wobble down onto their respective plates, a second later agonizing pain assault her mind.
Like most people, Kami had cut herself before yet those small cuts never felt like the pain shooting from the gaping hole in her chest. Before she screams, Brenda calmly sprays the fake skin through the holes dulling the pain almost instantly.
“See it didn’t hurt that bad.” Tease Brenda undoing the strap.
“Bloody hell it didn’t!” Shout Kami winching as her lung forcing the air out pulls on the skin around the wounds. “Ooh, that smarts,” she whisper.
Stepping back, she looks down at her ruin chest. “Wow, there is hardly any blood.” She declares unsure if that a good or bad thing.
A click of a camera shutter make Kami look up, to see her friend holding out her phone. “What are you doing?” She shouts before winching once more.
“Taking an after photo, it store policy.” Brenda then tosses Kami her shirt. “Just be safe. After I wrap these up, I walk you go to the clinic.”
Kami smiles happily as watch her friends gently pick up her former tits. She couldn’t help but think that Stacy really has Brenda all wrong.


Taking a break during a sluggish peak before final dinner rush, Brenda smirks at her phone, the latest polls of class sexy girl. Apparently, the accidental leaking of Kami current photo and chest sizes has dropped the “bimbo” down to just above average.
Rolling her eyes at the annoyance of needy customers, Brenda looks up at Susan, Kami mother, swim coach, and awesome cookie baker, meekly smiling at her. This can’t be good, she thinks.
“What can I help you with Miss?” She starts with her finest poker face.
“Actually, you can help me.” Reply Susan calmly. “Could you explain why I just happen to see my daughter very happily walking home with a very flat chest, and one your bags with what I assume are or was her tits?”
Brenda smiles changes to a slight frown, “what she didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“Kami has been wanting to cut them off, something about drag or something causing her to lose all those swimming races.”
Susan expression briefly sours before returning to her smile. “And, you just happen to mention that your father can just make them disappear.”
Hearing the hidden warning in the older women voice, Brenda calmly chuckle internally at how Susan has nothing on her. “Well yes, I mention it to her after she brought it up. If I didn’t who knows where she might have gone. I even made sure got to the clinic safe and sound. And I kindly forgot to ring her up for the charge.”
Susan eyes narrow, “why that is nice of you,” her voice cold with rage.
“Well I always looking at for my friend’s needs.” Replies Brenda making sure her smile is completely neutral. The same smile she uses to win a poker game with the worse hand in history against a pair of aces.
With a reluctant nod, Susan seems to accept Brenda answer. “Well you’re just lucky she happy.” Scold the older women.
“Do you anything else?” Ask Brenda unfazed by the glaring mother.
“Why yes. You wouldn’t happen to have the recipe for those girls bit that my daughter seem quite fond of. The one you made for the last meet.”
With a nod Brenda, reach for her phone. Making sure closed the polls before pulling up the simple recipes, she had been using minus a few special ingredients. “Well of course.” She chimes handing the phone over to Susan.
Susan quickly scans the ingredients looking for something off. Of course, she didn't expect to find anything. Brenda is much too smart, and she thinks Kami got her sweetness from her. “Hmm, is this the complete recipe?”
“Yep. Um, why?”
“Oh, it nothing really, I just happen to feel drowsy when I tried a few during the last swim meet.” Susan shifted her attention to the ever-smiling Brenda. “In fact I was worried that there might be a jerk tampering with the food, so I sent it in for testing.”
The ever-smiling Brenda seem unfazed by her statement. Susan had to admit it was a very good poker face. Except for that minor, flicker in her eyes, and of course the lack of concern revealing how frightened she is of being discovered. Otherwise, Susan would have guessed someone else drug the meet. Unlike Kami, Susan quickly filled in the dots.
“Say you wouldn’t happen to do something special for me, your best friend's mother?
Puzzle Brenda wonder what the silly old women is up to. Does she really think she will calmly spill that she actually been drugging Kami, so the bimbo would believe her stupid excuse and gladly get rid of her tits. Is she that stupid?
“Um, well sure I would. After all you make the best cookies.” She says through her poker faces. “What do you need?”
Brenda tense up when Susan turned to look behind her followed by simple greeting to her father, her longtime friend. She listens, as they chat casually about life, school, and butcher shop nothing to frightening to the teen. Until she felt her Dad, big strong hands on her shoulder, causing her lookup. Her eyes widen as Susan place her order.


Kami feels really happy. Her chest properly and quickly treated by the clinic didn’t hurt one bit. In fact, her back feel really nice with all that dead weight off. Clearly, Brenda had the best ideal. Kind of silly of her to doubt her friend liked she did. She is going to have to think of a good way to thank her for it.
She shifts her attention to her brother, gawking at her now smooth chest. Unlike Brenda, she wearing her usual shirt that now drapes weirdly down her front. Naturally, she assumes he just shock of not seeing her tits. Even her Father made a stun stare once she got home, but quickly stops after she explained it had been her choice.
Oddly her mother, seem rather unfazed when she came in. Actually, she seems rather happy for her. Even state she will cook everyone one of her famous grilled girl burgers using her meat and an extra pairs she just pick up. Highly unusual, since Kami hadn’t mention or text her mother about the decision. Maybe Brenda spilled the beans.
Kami along with brother and father watches as her mother passes out the freshly cook tits burgers. Her mother made sure that her brother and father got her tits while she kept one of tits she bought. The other one must be under the metal dome, which she placed in front of Kami.
“What up with the dome?” She asks curiously study it.
“Why don’t you look before I explain?”
Lifting the dome to reveal a well season filet cooked to the way Kami like her steaks. The more she looks at it, the more it looks familiar. Yet for the life of her, she could not say why.
“Oh wow,” she says looking up at her grinning mother. “What the special occasion? It can’t because of my tits?”
“Hey! Why didn’t I get a filet,” gripes her brother.
“When you decide to park with your manhood, I will buy you a filet.” Declare their mother. Unsurprisingly her brother wisely decides to drop the argument.
Seeing there won’t be any other interruption or complaints, Susan start her afternoon tale. “I stop by Joe’s to get meat for the weekend rump roast. Naturally I saw Brenda, who kindly told me about your recent reduction.” She lifts her hand for Kami to wait until she done speaking. “Naturally she was very happy for you. So move by your decision that she wants you to have her filet, since someone just happens to buy her rump, not a moment after I arrive.”
Kami look down at the filet. So that Brenda pussy, she thinks. It feels weird that she knows whose pussy this belongs to. Weirder knowing it had been her best friends not more than a couple of hours ago.
Picking up the knife and fork, she slowly cut a piece off. Bring it to her mouth before popping it in. She tastes the flavor of the spices her mother use before tasting the meat unique flavor. Brenda was right, her meat is high quality, thinks Kami feeling glad her friend had thought of her at the end.
R: 1 / I: 0

Graduation (cons, eye gouging)

Not my story, just reposting as requested in the Looking for stories thread.


Her classmates filled the small room, packed tight against one another but leaving some space around her. All their faces glowed with anticipation; the whole graduation day had been filled with a spirit of camaraderie, the students all excited for each other. Even if they had never known one another over the last few years, every soul was happily congratulating his or her peers, cheering for them and egging them on as they stepped up to the mirror to complete their final test.
As she stood before the mirror, she looked down at the objects in her hands: a knife in one, the handle warmed by the hands of all the students who had used it before her; and in the other hand a small glass jar filled with an antiseptic solution. Below the mirror was a sort of lectern with a socket in the center just large enough to hold the jar - rather like a cupholder. The mirror itself loomed before her in that intimidating way in which only a mirror can, her reflection staring back with all her anxiety on full display. Behind her she could see the expectant faces of all her classmates; unbelievable as it may have been, every one of them had passed the test and was waiting on her to follow them.
She placed the jar into the socket and raised the knife to her face, taking a deep breath. For the last three years she had been preparing for this moment; she remembered all the classes, the new language she'd had to learn, the training she had undergone to use the new tools she was soon to start using. She was completely ready, and yet, now that the moment was here, it seemed so intimidating. She glanced at the knife; this close to her eye, its every detail was sharply visible. The blade had of course been cleaned after every use, but a single ominous drop of blood remained on the handle. The knife itself curved gracefully both parallel to and perpendicular to its edge, its form following its very specific function. The edge was immaculate, not a single tiny kink, notch, or dull spot having been allowed to exist on it.
With the glowing faces of all her peers clustered around her into a solid wall of anticipation, she inched the knife blade closer to her face. Her heart was racing and time seemed to crawl like the slowest of snails, but eventually she felt the cold metal prick her skin. Now was the moment of truth - she had to execute her task perfectly. She pressed the point deeper into her flesh, the smooth, sharp edge slicing easily through it. She could feel sensations in places she had never felt anything before - the sharpness and coldness of the blade even as it penetrated deep inside her head. She rotated it in the well-practiced circular motion she all her classmates had been taught. When it completed a full circle, she felt her eyeball tip ever so slightly out of its place, touching her hand gently as if to kiss her farewell. She put the knife in her other hand and then grasped the eyeball - this part she knew was best done quickly, before the dryness of her hand made it too painful. Thus, in a swift motion, she plucked it away from her face and dropped it into the jar.
The pain was almost unbearable, but, she told herself, if everyone else had been able to take it, so could she. Her friends' cheers bolstering her, and her mind resolute, she brought the knife back up to her face again. Through her remaining eye she could see that it was now covered in blood, from the tip all the way down the handle to where it was dripping down the length of her arm. The fluid was warm and tickled slightly. She again pressed the point into her skin - it was easier the second time, the adrenaline rush making her motions swifter and less hesitant. She repeated the circular motion, and again her eyeball tipped out onto her hand, the world seeming to whirl around her as it did so. For the second and last time, she held it between her fingers, and then yanked it out and dropped it into the jar. The moment she did, the lights in the room went out - well, they hadn't really gone out, had they? As she thought about it amid the congratulatory cheers of her classmates, she started to feel both proud and incredibly turned on at the reality of the situation. She could scarcely believe she had done it! She had passed the test and graduated! All those years of lessons and practice were finally complete, and soon she would receive her very own cane and glass eyes.
She felt a hand take hold of hers, that of the assistant teacher who had been assigned to lead her to the clean-up room. There, her face was wiped clean of blood, and she was given bandages over her newly-vacated eye sockets. Then she was led back out to rejoin the other students. They cheerfully received her, patting her on the back and congratulating her. The last of the students finally ready, the crowd bustled out into the auditorium to be awarded their diplomas and canes. The diplomas were written in Braille, but as for the canes… Every year a new color was chosen, and the students graduating that year wouldn't get to see them before the ceremony. Unless someone told them, they would never know what color their canes were.
R: 31 / I: 0

I, Jed: Episode I

Author’s Note: This is a story set in the Star Wars legends (expanded universe). It’s a story I’ve wanted to write for a VERY long time, yet never got around to. Now that I’ve gotten around to the first chapter of the first episode, I realize that it probably should have stayed in my head until the day I died. This seemed like a MUCH better idea before it was transcribed. I actually have no idea who this story even appeals to, as it’s got a lot of stuff in it that doesn’t even appeal to me and I’m writing the thing!

If I ever get around to writing all 10 chapters of Episode 1 (and that is a very big if) then this story will have way too many different fetishes to conveniently list all at once. As for this first chapter, it includes (spoilers ahead skip to next paragraph if you want to be surprised): decap, necro, non-con, and some minor cutting and burning.

Also, as an aside, I’d like to point out that I am fully are of the fact that the premise of my main characters is extremely similar to the recently released game Jedi: Fallen Order. This is completely coincidental. The general idea for this story came about a very long time ago (you might be able to guess when I first got this idea based on the planet I chose to start the story on) and I didn’t even know of Jedi: Fallen Order’s existence until 3 weeks ago, after I had already finished the outline of Episode 1 and started drafting chapter 1. Believe me, the obvious similarities almost made me rage quit and throw the idea away forever, but then I thought “Fuck it, Star Wars already rips off Star Wars. Who cares if it looks like I do it?”

Anyway, Chapter 1: The Sword in the Scrap


“I sense,” the young woman paused, her goggle covered eyes squeezed shut as her outstretched arm strained against empty air. “this way!” She swung her arm about in a quarter circle and pointed to a heap of recently dumped starfighter skeletons, the light gray mass standing out like a bullseye against a backdrop of brown, yellow, and yellow-brown. “Yes, something of great value is buried beneath those wrecks.”

“So, scavenge the wrecks that haven’t been scavenged yet, yeah? Such insight The Force offers you!” The hulking reptilian humanoid replied, extending the fingers of his right hand while vibrating the same wrist dramatically.

“Humor is often borne of fear, and fear of the unknown is a natural response when faced with powers such as mine.” The woman responded, narrowing her eyes while the lizard man rolled his. “Tell me if your doubt persists, once we find…” she shut her big brown eyes and screwed her face into a tight knot, her wide set eyes and small puffy lips threatening to collapse in on her bulbous button nose with the effort. “…artifacts of the Jedi Order! Yes, The Force is certain. We are sure to find the belongings of Jedi within!”

“You mean, in those Jedi starfighters?” He asked, pointing to the unmistakable diamond shaped hulls of the Delta-6 Sprite class ships piled on top of the less impressive Torrent fighters and a half crushed LAAT. “Impossible!” He said, sarcasm dripping from the thin ridge that technically qualified as lips and pooling inside his oxygen mask thickly enough to threaten the flow of breathable air. Pushing the repulsorlift cart he had to share with this lunatic up to the base of the mound and pulling the brake lever to keep it locked in place, the scaly figure peered over his wide shoulders and asked “So, Jedi Master Jed, do you need time to meditate, or could you assist me in my noble quest to plunder your dead friends’ stuff to pay our water bill?”

Jed sighed deeply into her oxygen mask, the breath filled with too many conflicting feelings and overlapping sentiments for either of them to decipher its exact meaning. “You can deal with the scrap, Cabe. I’ll be on guff duty.” She said, pulling up her hood, stuffing the ends of her sleeves beneath her thickly padded shock-proof gloves, and tucking her robe down her thick cargo pants. She couldn’t afford to have her bathrobe catch on anything; it was already more stitches than fabric.

“Why am I always on scrap duty?” Cabe complained, removing his sweat stained overcoat and picking up the vibro-saw and coolant spray even as he spoke.

“Because you can lift half a ton?” Jed said, clambering up the hill of ship skeletons to start poking around for any valuable electronics, nick-knacks, or trinkets the Imperial inspectors may have missed before dumping the skeletons on Raxus Prime.

Cabe shook his head as he sawed through one of the of the LAAT’s thicker beams, applying coolant in the wake of his cuts so that he could quickly and safely load them onto their lift. Picking up a freshly cut 500lb hunk of military grade scrap metal and hauling it over to their cart with some grunts of effort but few visible signs of strain, Cabe asked “Well, how much can you lift with the Force? I heard some Jedi could pull ships clean out of orbit. Makes lifting half a ton seem like child’s play.”

“That’s just a myth! No Jedi’s THAT powerful.” Jed replied, leaning into the cockpit of one of the Sprites and peering around.

“So, how much CAN you lift then?” Cabe repeated.

“Well, it’s difficult to say.” Jed said, reaching into a hollowed out instrument panel for any wire scraps that may have fallen out when the controls were being removed. “I can only draw on a finite supply of the Force’s energy at any given time, and once I use up that supply I have to wait for it to recharge over time. Like a battery. I believe that well trained Jedi can recharge their Force battery quicker, and even learn to charge it while they’re using it. Since I haven’t had a master to teach me, I can’t do that. And since I use the better part of my Force looking for the best places to scavenge whenever we go out, I don’t have much left in me to lift stuff.” She explained,

“That doesn’t even-” Cabe started, and probably would’ve continued with “answer my question!” had he not realized the futility of the conversation. “Whatever.” He instead finished, lopping off and cooling another slab of scrap and tossing it onto their cart.

Cabe continued to cut wordlessly, though the conversation he’d been having carried on inside his head. In there, he argued against the imaginary version of Jedha Kraz who could see reason, understand logic, and be persuaded by evidence that she had no connection to the force, would never be a Jedi or rebuild the Jedi Order, and was destined to rot on the garbage dump of the Outer Rim, Raxus Prime, until the day she died. It was fun arguing against that Jedha, though the thoughts quickly became depressing once the implications of victory were realized. No, for all Cabe’s outward exasperation, Jed’s particular brand of unflappable insanity was the reason Cabe liked her. Her insanity gave her limitless reserves of hope, a precious commodity on a literal trash planet. It was adroable, like a stupid pet getting bamboozled by a pane of glass.

Cabe wasn’t expecting to hear “AAAAIE-EEEEEEEEHEEHEEHEE-HEE-HEE!” right then, and as such his jump of alarm, girlish squeak, and the flaring of the needle-like spines running from the top of his head down to the small of his back were justifiable reactions. Turning to the source of the cackling scream, Cabe saw Jed erupting through the empty frame of one of the Sprite’s cockpits. Even with her face buried beneath an oxygen mask, tinted goggles, and a hood, Cabe could tell from the way her body was literally shaking with excitement that she was wearing the widest smile of her life. “I TOLD YOU!” She shouted down at her friend, waving an arm wildly above her head. “I TOLD YOU WE’D FIND JEDI ARTIFACTS! THE FORCE GUIDED ME!”

“What are you yapping about?” Cabe asked, squinting as he tried to discern the small glinting object gripped tightly in Jed’s waving hand. “What is it?”

Jed didn’t respond. She stopped waving and drew the object close to her chest, looking it over in search of something. She found what she was looking for, and after checking one of the narrow ends of the thing to make sure it was facing the right way, Jed held the object out and activated it, answering her friend’s question.

“You’re kidding.” Cabe said, removing his goggles on the slim chance that the light was just hitting them a weird way and making him THINK he saw what he knew he saw. After repeatedly blinking his bared, dull yellow eyes, he was forced to accepted the impossible. Jed had found a lightsaber.

“What’s that?” Jed asked, dramatically swishing the emerald green energy blade through the air and “Hmm?”-ing in time with its humming. Mimicking her reptilian friend’s high pitched gravely voice, Jed said “I’m sorry, Jed. You really are Force sensitive, Jed. From now on I will only refer to you as Master Jed unironically.”

“Be careful with that thing!” Came Cabe’s actual response, flinching as Jed tripped climbing out of the cockpit and slapped the blade the Sprite’s structure with a sharp hiss of instantly superheated metal. Jed half obeyed her friend’s advice, climbing down slowly but refusing to turn the lightsaber off or let it go. As Jed maneuvered her way down the unsecured pile of trip hazards and clothing catchers, Cabe recovered enough of his senses to ask “Where did you find that? How did you find that so fast? Was it hidden somewhere?”

“No, it was in the glove compartment.” Jed replied, Cabe’s light green skin visibly paling. “It wasn’t even locked or anything. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Force wanted me to have this!”

“It’s obvious that some halfwit Imperial engineer needs to be court-martialed and summarily executed for negligence!” Cabe corrected, rubbing the rough ridge that would’ve formed his brow, had he had brows. “How do you forget to check the glove compartment when stripping down a ship for dumping? That is, literally, the first place any sane person checks!” Cabe shook his head, then with renewed frustration demanded “AND WHAT JEDI LEAVES THEIR LIGHTSABER IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT?!”

“I think it’s a spare.” Jed said, hopping off the pile with the still burning lightsaber and landing too close to her companion for his comfort. “Look, it’s got no personal touches. No name, no symbols, no customization, and the grip’s just a lump of soft plastic. My parents told me that every Jedi had to build their own lightsaber, and that it was supposed to be a reflection of their spirit. Whoever owned this ship probably carried their actual personalized lightsaber with them, and this was just a backup in case of emergencies.”

“Or you got Master Accountant’s lightsaber.” Cabe said, taking another step back as Jed continued to swish and flick the tip of the weapon around. “Seriously, Jedha, turn that thing off before you hurt me! Or yourself!”

“You know, Cabe, before today, you were technically right about me. I could CALL myself Jedi, but truthfully, I was nothing more than a youngling.” She explained, admiring the emerald blade as though it were actually made of such shimmering gemstones. “It wasn’t until a younlgling constructed their lightsaber that they officially became Padawans, and were recognized as Jedi. With this weapon, I am OFFICIALLY a Jedi.” She said, ignoring or neglecting the fact that she hadn’t constructed the blade she was currently twirling in a figure 8, so even if her hazy recollection of third-hand Jedi customs were correct she didn’t meet the criteria she set. “As a TRUE Jedi, the Force guides my blade.” Cabe hopped back with a yelp as the blade was unintentionally swung in his direction. “It is an extension of my being, like a part of my arm that’s always been there but until now could never be seen.” She swung the weapon back and forth like a bat, before standing in what could best be described as a child’s interpretation of a defensive stance. “So long as I trust my instincts, this blade will obey my every whim.” She turned her hips while slashing diagonally downward, carving a sizzling line of molten metal into the ground of Raxus Prime and completely unaware of just how close she’d come to cutting her left foot in half. “With this weapon, I am one step closer to fulfilling my destiny.” She turned and slashed again, not even hearing Cabe’s continued pleas for her to calm down, turn off the incredibly dangerous and illegal murder weapon, and just listen to him for five seconds. “With this weapon, I am one step closer to becoming the Jedi destined to rebuild my Order, topple the Empire that tried to destroy it, and restore justice to a galaxy ruled by tyranny!” She stepped back, posing heroically with her weapon held high. “With this weaAAAAAH!”

Jed jumped up and down on one foot, howling and flapping both arms wildly as she did. The Force may or may not have guided her blade, but it certainly hadn’t guided her feet. While posing, her left boot had planted itself firmly onto the swath of molten metal she had accidentally carved into the ground, its heavy duty rubber alloy sole bubbling out from under her as she spoke. By the time she realized just how hot her foot was getting, her boot had caught fire.

Holding the lightsaber, trying to remove her flaming boot, and trying to pat down the flames threatening to ignite her pants, proved too much for two hands, and Jed had to abandon one of those tasks. Luckily, for her own sake, some before unused survival instinct kicked in and she dropped the lightsaber before attempting either of the tasks which required her to grab parts of herself. Falling backwards and landing hard on a flat piece of cargo crate, Jed managed to launch her smoldering boot from her foot and arrest the flames licking her pants and robe. A brief moment of calm passed, adrenaline still in full control of her body, then the pain struck.

Jed could feel bits of molten rubber clinging to the flesh of her sole like hot squishy shards of broken glass. While the ankle and even the sides of the foot seemed to have come out unscathed, the boot’s insulation protecting her skin just long enough for her to extricate herself from the flames, she could already feel blisters bubbling up on her sole. Daring to prop her foot up on her knee to inspect the damage, Jed hissed at the sight of the bright red underside of her before pale white foot, the dark black specks of rubber fused to her skin, and the fat blisters bubbling up and threatening to burst.

“AH!” She yelped, touching her burned skin on some primal reflex and immediately regretting doing so. “Alright, so PERHAPS I should have concentrated less on the guidance of the Force and more on my surroundings. BUT, that doesn’t change any of what I said.” She explained, trying to deflect Cabe’s raucous laughter and sarcastic jibes.

Only, he wasn’t laughing. Nor were there jibes that required countering. In fact, all Jed could hear was the sizzling crackle of her nearly burned out boot and the continuous low rumble of trash being dumped in the distance that residents of Raxus Prime had either learned to tune out or learned an expedient method of suicide. Not even the lightsaber could be heard, the weapon somehow turning itself off mid-drop before landing in a heap of yellow-brown junk a few feet from Jed’s foot. “Cabe?” She asked, looking up. “CABE!” She screamed, finding him.

The majority of Cabe had fallen on its back, muscles writhing and twitching involuntarily as its central nervous system struggled to figure out why it was no longer receiving any input from its center of command. A small portion of Cabe was lying a few feet away half buried in debris, a smoldering black stump of freshly lightsabered flesh pointing directly at Jed like a parent pointing an accusatory finger at a naughty child. Jed clapped a hand over her open mouth, scared that she would either scream or puke at the sight. In her panicked arm flapping Jed had decapitated her best, and debatably only, friend.

She took one running step toward Cabe, was suddenly reminded that she was running across a field of rusted metal and jagged scrap with a bare foot covered in first and second degree burns on its sole, and collapsed into a screaming heap as blood gushed from a foot that was now both blistered and lacerated. She clutched the mangled foot and felt hot and unsettlingly sticky blood seep into the thick padding of her gloves, her cries continuing as she squeezed tightly to staunch the flow. When Jed recovered enough of her wits to make deliberate movements and had determined that she probably wouldn’t bleed out in the immediate future, she pulled herself up to one knee and both hands, one hand leaving a red imprint on the scrap beneath her as she steadied herself, and began half hopping and half crawling her way toward her friend’s pieces. At some point during her crawl she must have decided to go for Cabe’s head as opposed to his body, though when or why that decision was made was a mystery even to Jed herself. All she knew was that after crossing the longest 4 meters to ever exist, she found herself turning her dead friend’s head around to face her.

Or, rather, she should have turned her dead friend’s head around to face her. Instead, she was perplexed to turn her still very living friend’s head around to face her, Cabe’s dull yellow eyes staring intentionally into hers as his mouth flapped vigorously enough to shake off his now useless oxygen mask. While he could produce no audible words in his current condition, the ridge that technically constituted his lips positioned itself clearly enough for Jed to tell that Cabe was swearing up a storm, both in Galactic Basic and in his native Londarr.

“LONDARR!” Jed jubilantly cried, squeezing her friend’s surprisingly heavy head to her heaving chest as tears threatened to flood her goggles. Hope filled the buxom that Cabe’s face was buried in as Jed remembered some important trivia about Cabe’s species, the Londarr. Londarr regularly engaged in sexual cannibalism while mating, female Londarr using their sharper and longer talons to tear the male’s head off and consuming it for energy while violently mating with their body. Once satisfied that her eggs were fertilized, the female would dig a shallow pit, lay her eggs in said pit, and cover it with the male’s body. The body not only kept the eggs warm, but also provided the infants their first meal once they hatched, the babies consuming their father’s body just as the mother consumed his head. Because of this (or the other way around), the bodies of male Londarr had evolved to survive for an extended period after decapitation. They had an extremely advanced system of hormones, muscle reflexes, twitch responses, energy storage, and an acute sense of touch that, once the body detected that it had been beheaded, would kick in and allow it to survive for several galactic days. While a Londarr male’s head didn’t need to survive nearly as long, the hardiest and most lively males were the ones that attracted the most fertile females, and as such their heads could still last significantly longer than a human’s head could. One standard hour was the commonly cited galactic record, and that was with a massive drop in blood pressure from getting their head violently torn off. With the lightsaber’s clean and cauterized, Cabe’s head had the potential to not only set a new record, but survive long enough for Jed to get him life saving medical attention. That was Jed’s hope, anyway.

Jed noticed that Cabe had stopped silently yelling at her. Then she noticed that he was no longer looking at her, but over her right shoulder. Then, she noticed a shadow looming over her. Finally, Jed re-remembered why male Londarr had evolved to (temporarily) survive decapitation. It was part of their mating.

Jed yelped and scrambled away as Cabe’s body stood to its full height and spasmed violently, with limbs flailing, spines flaring, and an unsettlingly large tent pitching in its pants as the body disentangled itself from Cabe’s outfit. The clothes, designed to survive heavy duty work on a planet that was 90% sharp objects, was no match for the body’s animal instincts. Within seconds the spines running up Cabe’s spine tore through the back of his tanktop and sent the shirt fluttering down in front of him, and with short claws shredding his belt and a literally inhumanly hard erection that only a specially evolved ‘I will die having sex’ reflex could achieve, the middle of Cabe’s pants were soon jettisoned from his flesh, leaving dull ribbons of cloth streaming out of the body’s ankle high boots. It was certainly a sight to behold, a headless yet still six foot tall mountain of bared and extremely tensed muscle twitching unnaturally in the dull light of a muggy Raxus Prime morning. Every muscle was fully alert, from the abbreviated neck stump that twitched and shuddered as the body closed off its veins to avoid bloodloss, to the unfurled fingers with their short black claws waiting to pin down a mate, to the dark green spines standing just as erectly as the engorged and alarmingly pink cock jutting from the body’s crotch, to the thick thighs and calves that would propel this seed delivery monster onto its target.

Jed, however, had little time for beholding. Tucking Cabe’s equally terrified head into the crook of her arm, she crawled as fast as one good foot and one unencumbered hand could carry her, desperately trying to reach the repulsorlift cart. While Jed and Cabe couldn’t afford a cart with a functional propulsion system, if she could just unlock the cart and push herself along with her good foot she should be able to move fast enough to escape the body. Then, she’d just have to wait out its sex drive, collect it and her lightsaber once the body was dormant, and get then Cabe to a doctor. That was her plan. Unfortunately, her attempts at haste may have made things worse. Cabe’s body had only its sense of touch to guide it, and the vibrations of Jed’s panic driven movement through the shifting scrap made her an easily tracked target. The body turned in place with a sloppy, stumbling shuffle, then fell into a crouch and launched itself at Jed with a terrifyingly precise pounce. Jed had just managed to pull her upper body up and onto the cart, and was reaching for the brake release lever when the massive pile of hormone driven muscle landed right on top of her, its clawed hands wrapping around her shoulders with enough strength to threaten the structural integrity of her collarbones and slamming her chest down hard enough for Jed’s head to bounce off the cold metal bed. Raxus Prime momentarily disappeared behind a sea of stars and the blackness of space, and the only noise in existence was the slow reverberations of a large gong.

Jed very quickly returned to Raxus Prime when she felt a sharp set of claws tear straight through her clothes into the small of her back, then carve their way down her left butt cheek, pulling her pants down and rending the robe tucked into them. Jed cried out and reflexively twisted her waist away from the body’s claws, but with so much muscle pushing her down she could do nothing more than rub her face against the lift as her pants were dropped to her ankles and her robe was thrown up and over her back. Raxus Prime was a warm and muggy planet, yet Jed shuddered like her freshly scarred butt had just been dunked into a tub of ice water as it was exposed to the open air. The body didn’t seem to notice or care that Jed was a dirty, slightly doughy, very pale human that it literally could not impregnate or that she had cut its head off entirely by accident and wasn’t coming onto it. It no longer had an intelligence capable of understanding those nuances. It was programmed to do nothing more than find and fill a warm hole, and it had finished the first half.

The body loosened its grip on Jed as it repositioned for a more firm hold, and in that split second of reduced pressure Jed released a desperate cry and put all of her strength into one final lunge for the cart’s brake lever. The tip of Jed’s finger managed to graze the lever’s handle before both shoulders found themselves pinned to the bed of the cart by a weighty pair of roughly scaled hands. Sharp claws pressed firmly into her flesh, not hard enough to draw blood but so nearly there that any movement on Jed’s part threatened a puncture. She was stuck, and as she felt the bizarrely shaped tip of an alien organ grazed up the back of her thighs and across her folds in search of an opening, all Jed could do was bar her teeth and squeeze her eyes shut.

Jed had been mugged a few months back, and during said mugging she’d been shivved in the gut with a rusty screwdriver. Surprisingly, getting stabbed didn’t hurt right away. She didn’t consciously register what had happened until two seconds later, when the makeshift weapon was twisted and yanked out with a high pressure squirt of blood. That was when the pain hit, but those two seconds allowed her subconscious to brace itself. When the pain hit, she simply dropped to her knees with a low groan and clutched her perforated stomach, a far more subdued display than most would expect of a stab victim. For whatever reason, Cabe’s cock did not afford her those luxurious seconds of pain free shock that the screwdriver had, and as such her response to this impalement was not nearly as subdued.

“AAAAAAAAOOOOOH-OW-OW!” Jed screamed, her legs thrashing uselessly behind her as the engorged reptilian member was forced down to its base on first entry and was immediately pulled back and thrust again before Jed could even finish screaming at the first thrust. The corners of her vision saw the return of stars and black space, though she couldn’t tell if the gong was ringing as her own screams drowned out all noise. If there were any scavengers or bandits in a mile radius they’d be here soon enough to see what the commotion was and pilfer anything of value off the corpse of whatever poor animal was being mauled. In a brief flash of lucidity between the terribly powerful thrusts of the headless rapist, she wondered whether it would be better if she kept screaming. Even the lowliest of lowlife thieves would have to take pity on poor little Jed, they’d at least shoot the deranged humping monster off of her before robbing her at the same gunpoint. It’s not like she had anything of value to-


Jed twisted her head back and craned her neck as far over her shoulder as she could manage with two sets of razor sharp claws threatening to give her ten brand new orifices to scream about if she tried to get up. While her point of view rocked back and forth with each agonizing thrust, at certain angles she could just barely see the tip of the handle of her newest and most prized possession. Jed clenched her teeth and caught her next cry in the back of her throat, choking it down like a particularly pointy rock. She couldn’t have anyone coming to investigate this site, not until she and the lightsaber were long gone. She would have to escape, or endure.


With her cervix getting beaten to hell and back by an unthinking unfeeling sex machine that couldn’t be bargained with or reasoned with, and with her vaginal walls getting a sample of what childbirth would probably feel like, escape was obviously Jed’s first choice. Wincing, Jed slowly inched her right arm in a wide arc across the surface of the cart, moving as gently as possible over the beams Cabe had cut and syncing her movements with the apex of each thrust to minimize the chance of the body realizing that she was moving and tearing her arm off in retaliation. Eventually, around the time her ass had gone numb from the pounding and was wondering whether that was the body’s precum or her own blood that was beginning to lubricate the raw walls of her womanhood, Jed managed to get her arm down to her side. Under normal circumstances, Jed would now be in reach of her blaster, a small but powerful PN-m3 that could easily blow the headless body away (along with a meaty chunk of her own rump if she wasn’t careful). Unfortunately, with her weapon still in its holster and her holster still attached to a frayed scrap of belt lying somewhere around her spasmodically twitching feet, that option was off the table.


What wasn’t off the table, however, was Jed’s Jedi weapon slowly bobbing in and out of view as her hips were tossed up and slammed against the lip of the cart. Knowing where the weapon was, knowing where to direct the force, Jed could summon the weapon to her. She knew she could. She just had to trust in the Force and call on it. Jed closed her eyes, extended her fingers, and beckoned the weapon to return to her. She’d do her best not to completely destroy Cabe’s body. She was sure he’d want it back. She’d start by cutting off its arms and try to wriggle out from under the pumping mass of muscle. If its core strength proved too much for her she’d cut his legs off. She could definitely overpower a limbless torso. Cabe wouldn’t be too happy about her hacking his body up even further, but Jed was confident in their town’s doctor. She knew that Cabe could be put back together. Probably. She’d cross that bridge when it came. Cabe’s dissatisfaction was becoming more and more irrelevant in direct relation to her own vagnial distress. Everything below her hips was now either completely numb or burned like it was on fire, and Jed literally had been on fire today. If she wanted to save Cabe, fulfill her Jedi quest, and ever feel anything in her pelvis ever again, she had to clear her mind and focus singularly on the lightsaber. She had to focus.





“Ngh!- uoh-ho-hooooo.” Jed let out a stifled whimper as the lightsaber refused to acknowledge Jed’s efforts. It remained exactly where it was, not even twitching as Jed focused as much as she could on the weapon. Not that she could do much focusing, what with the increasingly intense pounding she was receiving from the increasingly aroused corpse. No one could concentrate under these conditions. Yes, that must be it. The Force wasn’t ignoring her, it couldn’t hear her.


With escape provably impossible, enduring was the only option left. Surely the body must be nearing orgasm. Its hips were thrusting at a blazing pace, and the pressure placed on Jed’s shoulders was growing increasingly severe. Jed turned her head down and attempted to bury her face in the metal. “NGH!” It couldn’t be much longer, she could make it. “UNHF!” This wasn’t a big deal. It hurt like hell, but it wasn’t a big deal. “RGNH!” She wasn’t being raped, this was an inanimate object made out of her friend’s corpse. A person could be raped WITH an inanimate object, but not BY one. “CHK!” She wasn’t biologically compatible, she couldn’t get pregnant. “KCK!” She was going to save Cabe, find a Jedi master, become the most powerful Jedi ever, defeat the empire, probably find her long lost sister along the way somehow and get rich and famous and none of this would ever come up again and how and why was this brainless hunk of reptile dung not done yet?!

The body’s pace picked up, and with a whimper ten small pools of blood emerged from her shoulders and began soaking into her bathrobe. The reptilian’s talons had broken skin. Jed knew that the body wasn’t trying to tear her apart. Not only because it had no consciousness at all and was technically incapable of ‘trying’ to do anything, but because Cabe’s species wouldn’t survive if both partners were killed in coitus. But Jed wasn’t a 6’2”, 260lb female Londarr in heat, she was a 5’6” 150lb human and she wasn’t built for this. Jed pressed her forehead into the cart as hard as she could, pulling in each shallow breath with great effort. If only she could reach the oxygen tank on her back, at least then she could give the whole breathing thing a fighting chance.

It quickened, and Jed grunted every curse she could think of.

It quickened, and Jed invented new curses with each thrust.

It quickened, and Jed choked on detached syllables.

It quickened, and Jed gurgled.

Jed felt chunks of the condensed protein bar she’d had for breakfast fire into the back of her throat like the pellets of a leadchucker as she was crushed into the surface of the cart, the talons grazing the muscles beneath her skin as the grip suddenly tightened. The Londarr’s cock slammed into her guts with finality before releasing a payload that, had Jed any ability to sense anything other than immense pain, she would have found unnervingly (and more to the point, inhumanly) grainy and thick. Despite these qualities, since all available space inside Jed was already occupied, the majority of the porridge-like substance found itself squeezing past the very cock that had delivered it and spraying back out onto the body’s lap with a sound that could best be described as “PPFffft-PLAP”. That “PPFffft-PLAP” repeated half a dozen times as the reptilian’s body pulsed out every drop of semi-liquid it could manage in its final act of self driven movement. Either between the second and third or the third and forth pulse, it was difficult for Jed to keep track while she was choking down her breakfast fragments and trying not to move her shoulders for fear of severing something on Cabe’s claws, a new and almost equally discomforting liquid hit her back. The body’s spiked blood pressuregre too great to be contained by the arteries’ naturally evolved shutoff systems and the unnatural layer of charred meat left by Jed’s lightsaber swipe. Geysers of blood erupted from the body’s neck stump, some firing several feet straight into the air in long thin lines and some spraying in sloppy cones of gore, but all of them drenching the shoulders of Cabe’s body and the back of Jed’s robes. As stray strands of blood dank through her short cut brown hair, Jed wondered why Londarr seed had to feel so alien while their blood got to feel so terribly human. She did her best to limit her shuddering as she grit her teeth through the final seconds of her torture. With one last sputter the body had finally completed its duty, and its breeding hormones subsided. The body was given permission to lie down and await consumption, completely oblivious to the fact that no consumption was coming as none of Cabe’s seed could fertilize any of Jed’s eggs.

“Y-AAAH!” Jed yelped, gravity yanking out the body’s talon’s and cock as it pulled the body to the ground. Jed heard a heavy clatter behind her, followed by the dull and continuous clatter of the planet. She remained motionless for a long time, her breathing weak and inaudible over the white noise of Raxus Prime. Pain immobilized her just as effectively as 300 and something pounds of humping alien, her body refusing to do anything more strenuous than twitch as Jed commanded its pieces to move. She didn’t know that a person could feel this terrible without being dead or horribly mutilated, and she didn’t know if she wasn’t among those groups. She concentrated, and between the waves of pain that washed over her with every heartbeat, she could feel the greasy and deflated walls of her devastated womanhood. If she were internally bleeding, she couldn’t feel it for the coating of alien seed that, she swore, she could feel moving inside her. Everything was throbbing equally, so either she’d been hollowed out and was seconds from death or she had survived with no permanent injuries. Other than her butt which was definitely bruised and had had one cheek clawed, her shoulders which had been pierced in ten places, her foot which oh yeah that still hurt like crazy, and her psyche which didn’t need any more damage than it already had.

As the seconds turned to minutes, and as each breath failed to be her last, Jed slowly realized that she had indeed survived. “ha ha.” She huffed, a faint smile creeping into the corners of her lips. “easy peasy.” She mumbled, far too quiet for Cabe to hear. Assuming he was still alive.

“Cabe!” Jed attempted to shout, though in her weakened state it was only as loud as her regular speaking voice. Remembering that the friend she had decapitated was running on borrowed time gave Jed’s body a sudden rush of energy. Jed jolted half upright, leaning on both elbows as her booted foot tried to plant itself firmly and her unbooted foot did its best not to get in the way. She tried and failed to push herself into a standing position twice, the muscles in her leg burning with each attempt and her knee refusing to stay in one place. Closing her eyes and concentrating on her slowly dying and/or currently dead friend, Jed willed herself into an approximation of standing, leaning heavily against the cart and feeling her new shoulder holes stretch and groan in the process. These fresh spikes of pain cut through some of her malaise, forcing adrenaline into Jed’s bloodstream. Her body steadied, and the world cleared up slightly. She had to move.

Hoisting herself onto the cart, Jed winced as weight rested on her lacerated ass. She pulled her pants up to her knees, and picked up an unidentifiable shred of Cabe’s clothes. She shuddered as she wrapped the shred around two of her fingers and began scooping as much of the porridge-like substance out of her crotch as she could and flicking it off into the junk with a series of heavy plops. Why was it so thick?

When she was as clean as she was going to get without a shower, Jed pulled her pants the rest of the way up, hiking them so high and tightening them so much that the belt was functionally a girdle. She was about to hop down from the cart and search for Cabe’s head when she remembered how well her bare foot had handled Raxus Prime last time. Looking past her feet, she saw a pair of very large boots and a lot of cloth scraps, and her plan basically made itself. Carefully reaching over the side of the cart, Jed pulled Cabe’s enormous left boot off along with several fistful’s of shredded pants. She began winding strips of pants around her slashed and burned foot, tying them as tightly as she could force herself to, until a rough and very unsanitary cast was formed. Shoving her enlarged foot into the boot and pulling the laces close to their breaking point before knotting them up, Jed found herself wearing a boot that was still ridiculously too big for her, but critically one that would stay on so long as she didn’t hike her legs up too high.

Bracing herself, Cabe lowered herself onto the surface of Raxus Prime and began to put weight on her bad foot. She managed to get about a little over a quarter of her bodyweight onto it before the pain grew too intense to bear. She’d be limping badly on her way back to town, but she could use the cart as a makeshift crutch. She could make it. She could save Cabe, save the Jedi, and save the galaxy. Her destiny was certain, even if she had to pursue it one step at a time.

One step at a time, Jed limped her way over to her lightsaber and clipped it onto her belt, before adjusting her robe to conceal the weapon. She then waddled her way over to where Cabe’s head had fallen, the grimy feeling of her still oily legs sliding across each other making her feel a little sick. Picking up her friend’s head and turning it to face her, Jed was delighted to see him deliberately glare at her and mouth another curse word followed by some sort of remark that about either her brain or her breasts that was spoken too quickly and angrily for her to lip read. “It’s okay, I’ll get you patched up!” Jed said, smiling and wiping some blood off his forehead. He’d gotten a few cuts and scrapes in his fall, and his oxygen mask had fallen off, though that hardly seemed relevant in his current state. He was alive, and that’s what mattered. She could save him, make this right.

Placing her friend’s head on their cart, completely oblivious to the fact that she’d just set him on his charred and incredibly tender neck stump and that Cabe was now silently screaming in horrific agony as the weight of his skull came down on his exposed nerve endings, Jed limped to the cart’s control panel and lowered it all the way to the ground before deactivating it. With a crunch and an ear splitting grind of metal on metal, the cart sank a few inches into the metal mire, just as Jed had wanted. She hobbled over to the massive collection of muscle and scales that had worked her over and shook her head in a mix of disbelief and some weird emotion she couldn’t comprehend. The Londarr’s slimy cock was still standing at half mast, even as blood trickled out of its neck stump and its muscles twitched in the week long death throes common to the males of his species. She disgusted, but curious.

With a huff she leaned over and began dragging the body inch by inch across the jagged metal surface of Raxus Prime. While Londarr skin was certainly hardier than human flesh, Jed knew that the body was probably getting the hell scratched out of its back. Cabe wouldn’t like it, but she didn’t like getting pinned down and ridden by this monstrosity so that made them even. A little bacta would heal those cuts right up.

With one last mighty heave Jed managed to pull the headless body onto the cart, patting herself on the back less as a form of self congratulation and more to ensure that she hadn’t pulled any muscles or slipped a disc in the effort. After nudging all four limbs onto the cart, Jed hobbled around to the controls again, noting the many thin trails of blood leading up to the cart and deducing that the body’s back had in fact had a rough time on Raxus Prime’s rough surface. Jed activated the cart’s repulsorlifts and raised it to waist height, the body’s stomach and thighs twitching a little but not enough to risk rolling the body off the cart.

Before she deactivated the cart’s brakes and started the journey back to town, Jed hobbled over to Cabe’s head and picked her friend up. “Cabe, I’m sorry I cut your head off. I was stupid and reckless and you were right to tell me so.” She said, the sincerity in her voice almost convincing her friend that she may have had a moment of clarity. “But I hope you realize that this ‘mistake’ was an important lesson on my path to becoming a true Jedi! Even with my amazing powers, I still have much to learn in the fields of discipline, cognizance, and knowing my surroundings, and it was the will of the Force that my blade would meet with you exactly how it did. The Force needed not only to discipline me for my hubris, but to test my ability to endure in even the most trying of circumstances. And I passed the test! So, again, sorry I cut your head off, but it was totally necessary. Also, I forgive you for what your body did to me. I kn-aAAH!”

Cabe couldn’t listen to one more second of his friend’s insane jabbering without going insane himself. It was bad enough that she was trying to tell the only person who ever tolerated her that cutting his head off was a net positive for the two of them, but now she was passing the buck onto the universe itself and shifting blame onto Cabe himself? His body would never have attacked her if she’d just listened to him and put down the incredibly dangerous weapon rather than flailing around like a spoiled toddler! He waited until Jed attempted to brush some blood off the ridge of his mouth, then bit her thumb with all his might. He didn’t even care that his attack nearly caused her to drop his head. If a concussion was what it took to get the silence he craved, then a concussion is what he wanted.

“Jerk!” Jed said, shaking her throbbing hand and sucking her gloved thumb as she half dropped and half rolled Cabe’s head onto the cart. Cabe used much more forceful terminology to describe Jed, though none of it could be heard. How dare he, after everything she’d done and was continuing to do for him! How ungrateful! She glared at Cabe’s head, which returned a cocky leer. Cocky…

“Heh, almost dropped you there! Can’t have that happening on our way back to town! I’d better get you secured!” Jed said, vengeance filling her eyes as confusion and fear filled those of her friend. Hoisting him up, careful to keep all of her digits away from his mouth, Jed lifted her friend up and slowly maneuvered his stump over the half erect cock that had so recently stretched Jed silly. She could only imagine how such a massive unit would stretch out a throat. Cabe wouldn’t have to imagine it.

Cabe’s eyes shot open in wild panic as Jed shoved the thick spade shaped head of his own cock up his gaping throat hole and into the back of his mouth, the slimy organ distending Cabe’s already sore throat and giving the Londarr a taste sensation that could best be described as “no.” The vengeful, delusional, self proclaimed Jedi continued shoving until the base of Cabe’s stump rested firmly on the body’s crotch, and the head of his massive and, much to Cabe’s alarm, slowly inflating penis poked out from between his teeth. His throat wriggled instinctually as it tried to produce a scream, its movements only serving to further excite the brainless organ that tiled Cabe’s view heavenward one painful degree at a time. Cabe willed every muscle he still had control over to remain as still as possible, not wanting his throat stretched any further. Shock had overridden pain for now, but that couldn’t last forever.

“That oughta hold you!” Jed said patting Cabe’s forehead playfully. “Now then, lets get you patched up!”

She released the handbrake of the cart, and began pushing her strange cargo back to town.
R: 24 / I: 0

Stillwater's stories- Hanging / f/f / Lesbian / Feet / Execution

Hanging / F/F


When I stood at the door to Emily’s workshop, my heart threatened to jump out of my chest. I couldn’t think of a person that would enter such a place willingly, and yet… here I was. About to enter a world people don’t tend to walk out of.

I straightened out my skirt, adjusted my hair for the second time. I knew I was delaying, but the thought of things that might await me there was enough to freeze me on the spot.

Finally, I knocked on the door, and after a couple moments, the bolt slid to the side, and the door parted. A short girl in jeans greeted me, in her hand an iron bucket.

“Good morning,” I said, doing my best to stay professional despite the fear. “Miss Emily? I am the help you ordered.”

“Okay, great. Just in time. Come on in,” Emily said, and nudged the door further. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

I scooted inside under her arm. “Lena Utkins. I have to say, I’m a bit new to this, but I will do my best to learn.”

“It’s no trouble. I’ll teach you everything.” Emily shut the door and turned to examine me. “So, you ever killed anyone before?”

That question took a moment to register. “I… no, I can’t say that I have.”

Emily smiled. She looked innocent, a plain brown-haired college girl that wouldn’t look out of place in a library or at a bus stop, just another face. And her tone of voice was sweet. “Mind if I have a look at you, Lena?”

“Not at all.”

Emily touched my cheek. “Okay, open your mouth please.”

I did. She pulled me down gently so I would be on her level, and peeked in my mouth. She touched the tip of my tongue with her finger. I knew what she was doing, checking the value of my body, how well I took care of myself. My value. Precious looking girls were the most valued on the death market. I knew she was doing it out of habit, though. I was just the hired help… there’s no way she’d want to kill me. She needed the help.


“Okay, straighten out your back, please.”

I did, and closed my mouth. She lifted one of my hands, checked the state of my fingernails. I trimmed them short and painted them blue. She turned my hand over and brushed it with the tips of her fingers. My skin looked good even in the yellow indoor lighting, my fingers were pale and slightly red at the tips. I was hoping she’d be impressed.

“Okay. Wonderful. But you seem a bit gloomy, why’s that?” Emily asked.

“Oh? I’m not.” I was a terrible liar.

“It’s natural to be afraid, but I promise you have nothing to worry about. Why don’t I show you what we do here?”

She motioned for me to go with her. I could see she was barefoot except for black stockings under her jeans, so I untied my own shoes and stepped out of them. I wore black thigh-highs, but it made little difference, as the floor was immaculate. Emily must have cared about cleanliness a lot, and it made sense in a dirty business such as this. Her stockings made soft padding sounds as we moved to another room, then downstairs.


“So, there are always executions to be done, and you can work just as much as you like, and ask me about anything. Any time. Okay? You can start slow, maybe do one or two.”

“Thank you,” I said. She was being very patient with me. But my heart wouldn’t stop thumping at twice the pace.

“I keep it all organized. Each dancer—I call them dancers—has a file in front of the cell, that says all you need to know.”

“Okay. For example?”

We descended into a long concrete hallway. Iron doors lined the walls, each with a one-way plexiglass mirror, and a file tucked underneath. Emily pulled a clipboard and showed it to me. “Here, see? We can start with this one.”

I took the clipboard. It was filled in with Emily’s neat handwriting.

Mary Stephens, 21 years old.

Video price: 28 000 $. Buyer asked for a prolonged hanging. Special request notes: Naked but start with both socks on, and slowly remove them as she’s swinging. Tie hands behind back. Legs free. Play with her while she swings.

The file also listed the girl’s likes and dislikes, and went on for another page with details.

Emily touched my arm. “You okay?”

I realized I must have been pale. “Yes. I’m fine. Just nervous a little.”

“It’s natural. Remember, you don’t have to tell them what’s going on. I like to be their friend. If you’re nice enough, they’ll follow you and do ask you ask, and then it’s just a little dancing and it’s done.”

“Okay. But what if they refuse?”

Emily laughed a clear, girly laugh. “Ah, I see, you’re worried someone runs off on you. Just unlock the food chute and ask them to put their hands together, then clip the zipties on. If you’re super worried, you can put zipties over their ankles, too. And if they refuse even that, I can give you some gas that’ll put them to sleep in moments.”

I still wasn’t sure, but Emily seemed quite confident.

“Oh, Lena. It’ll be fine, trust me. Look, I’ll do the first one.”

Emily turned a little knob on the door that sealed off the food chute, probably to make the inside of the cell completely insulated from noise. As the knob turned, the chute made a tsk sound, like opening a can of soda, and the metal was loose enough for Emily to lift.

“Mary? May I see your hands, please, sweetie?” Emily said.

And just like that, two petite hands appeared through the gap in the door. Emily removed a ziptie from her pocket, placed it neatly over the girl’s wrists, looped the end through a plastic gap and pulled it tight. It made the signature zipping sound, then clicked.

“You want it to be quite tight, like this,” Emily told me. “Here, feel it. Not enough to hurt them, of course, unless the file asks for it.”

I touched the wrist with my cold fingers. Mary’s wrist was warm, pulsing with life. I felt the pad of her palm, and the sturdy plastic of the ziptie. The girl curled her fingers over mine. More or less, I understood how tight it should fit.

“Okay,” I said.

“Sweet.” Emily nudged the hands away, and bolted the food chute. “So now you should be fine. Why don’t you talk to her while I get the noose ready? Take your time, make sure she’s just like the file says, and just bring her over to the dancing room. You can’t miss it.”

“By myself? Are you sure…”

“You’ll be fine, I know it. Here, this will calm her down.” Emily handed me a black hood. Where did she get that? “Take your time. I want you both to be comfortable, okay? You’ll be a great helper, Lena, I know it.” She squeezed my hand, and padded off, leaving me standing in front of the door, with a hood in my cold hands.

Well, she was probably right. I had to learn by practice.

I read through the file again, noted down everything. Fairly simple. At the bottom of the page, it even gave me the code to the door. I typed that in on the keypad, and the iron contraption parted.

Inside the cell stood a short-ish round-faced girl, her hands tied in front of her body. She didn’t look scared, just kinda confused. I left the clipboard on the back of the door and entered.

The cell… wasn’t really what I expected. It had a carpet, warm lighting, a bookshelf and a decently sized bed, even an electric kettle. Not to mention a TV and a PS4. Did Emily really care about these people? What a strange line of work to end up in, if that’s the case. But I suppose that made it easier. This girl couldn’t suspect even for a moment that she was on death row.

“Mary?” I asked.

“Yes, miss.” She smiled. “How’s Emily? She promised we’d play video games together.” Then, her eyes set on the hood. I thought she’d freak out, but she smiled even wider. “Oh, I’m going home? So it’s safe now?”

So they’re accustomed to being moved around blindfolded, then. That made it even easier. “Not just yet, but Emily wants to see you.” I wasn’t sure what else to even say. I wasn’t a good liar, I thought this part of the job would be… different.

“Okay.” Mary nodded.

Alright, that was all fine, but the file said she’s supposed to be naked. And she was wearing knee-high socks, not ankle socks. “So, uh, I’m supposed to bring you to the shower first.” That was the first thing that came to mind.

“Oh? I just showered, there’s one right here, in the back. I do every morning.”

And bust. I felt like an idiot. “R-really? But, uh… I have to make sure. You know, Emily’s orders.” I felt a rush of embarrassment. This was going to shit. I couldn’t lie to save my life.

Mary glanced at me, then nodded again, as if she understood something. “Oooh, I get it, you’re a little shy. But I know the procedure already, I’ve been here a couple of weeks, so I don’t mind, I know Emily has to check everyone, just in case.”

Procedure? “If you’re sure, then, mind if I, uh… start?”

“Not at all. Is this your first time?”

“It is,” I admitted, and approached her. “What does Emily… do?”

Mary laughed. “Well, she doesn’t tie my hands usually, and then I just strip down and she checks me.”

This could potentially dig me even further in, but I had to ask. “So what do you think we even do here?”

“Oh, you’re super new.” Mary laughed. “Emily is really honest with us. I know this is a top secret thing, but she told me right from the start, I’d have to be quarantined and checked for any signs of sickness. I mean, I know I’m not sick, so anything you guys have to do, you’re welcome to do, and it just means I’ll be home faster if I help you out.”

“I see. Turn around for me, please,” I said. I had to get this over with, before Emily finds a new helper, and I get quarantined.

Mary turned around. I nudged her to the wall and had her lean on it with her shoulder, then I knelt and touched her ankle. She was wearing Mary Janes with a silver clasp, and I slipped them off her foot, then peeled back the thin sock. She flexed her toes, and I ran my finger over the sole, pretending to check for anything. Her skin felt soft. Lively. She laughed when I touched her.

I got the other shoe and sock off, then stood. She was still leaning on the wall, so I unbuttoned her skirt and it just floated down to her ankles. Then, I just pulled her underwear down, and she stepped out of it, first one foot, then the other. I could see her pussy from behind, clean and trimmed, and I spread her butt open with two fingers, and touched the little puckered hole. I wasn’t really into girls much, well, never really thought about it, but the sight of that made me a little excited. I touched it.

It’s not like anyone could really stop me. It was my new job now, and I’d have to find some way to enjoy it. When I touched her there, she giggled, and the little star-shaped hole twitched. And then, just because I could, I leaned in and touched it with my tongue. It twitched again, I felt it move, clearly, I felt all the little creases with my tongue. She giggled. I quickly pulled back. It tasted a bit salty. She was a very clean girl.

Probably just thought it was my finger.

“Okay, everything in order,” I said, and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “I think you’re healthy.”

Mary was stepping from one foot to the other, visibly happy. “Okay. That’s awesome news. Will you tell Emily?”

“Why don’t I bring you to her? There’s really no point keeping you here any longer.”

“Awesome! Thank you so much.”


Next problem was getting her top off with her hands tied, but honestly, there was no point with the zipties anymore. I grabbed a hair pin from the table and pushed it into the ziptie gap, and they slid loose. I rubbed her wrists. The plastic still left a little mark.

Mary slowly turned around, and took my hand in both hers. “Thank you so much for the great news. What’s your name, miss?”

“Just call me Lena.”

“Okay. Thanks so much, Lena, this means a lot to me.” And she hugged me. I was very aware of the fact that she was completely naked below the waist, but I returned the hug in my own awkward way.

“Sure. Let me just finish up here.” I started unbuttoning her white shirt.

She nodded, looking up at me with the happiest smile.

“So, this may be an unusual question,” I said, “but do you have any ankle socks here?”

“Oh, sure, in the drawer. Second one.”

“Awesome. You finish up.” I let her do the unbuttoning, and pulled open the drawer. Honestly, the amount of different clothes in this room was astounding. I could see another wardrobe with hangers and different outfits. For different requests, probably. I found a nice pair of pink ankle socks, and while Mary was working the back of her bra, I leaned in and slipped the socks on. She spread her toes again. I wondered if she’d do that while she’s hanging. Honestly, just the few moments I spent with her allowed me the insight to make an amazing hanging video, gave me the ideas for all the right angles and shots. The butt, the feet, her smile. I understood why Emily got to know her dancers so well.

She made it an art.

The bra dropped to the floor. I rose, and touched Mary’s belly button, then moved my hand over her stomach muscles. Her nipples looked hard. I touched them, to make sure. She tensed, then raised both arms over her head. I touched her armpits, clear and shaved. Her skin was shining in the light. Her cheeks were a little red. When I touched her lips with my index finger, she opened her mouth. A set of perfect, white teeth. I touched her tongue, just like Emily did. I touched the tip of her tongue, gently moved my finger over its surface. Mary’s mouth smelled of strawberry lipstick.

I wanted to kiss her, but I knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. This whole situation just teased me to no end. I already had ideas of what to do to other patients, maybe make myself look like a real doctor, with gloves and all. This job could be fun. I was already having fun.

“Perfect,” I said. “So, I think we’re all ready. Let’s go see Emily.”

“I can’t wait.” She grinned, stepping from foot to foot. Her ponytail swayed behind her neck. I noticed she wore a thin silver chain on her neck, which wasn’t in the file. “Okay, turn around again for me.”

She did, in a theatrical way. I unlocked the chain and left it on the table, then got the zipties again, and crossed her wrists behind her back. It zipped on, no issue. I made sure it was just as tight as before. Her hands were warm, and so were mine, now. I held her shoulders. “Now the blindfold. You know the drill.”

“You’re great for your first time, Lena. I’ll send you and Emily a gift once I’m back home, I promise.”

“No need to for anything like that, I’m just doing my job.”

I placed the hood over her head. It was made from heavy cloth, and blocked off the light completely. Her ponytail caught on the back of it, so I pulled the hair-tie, and let her hair loose. It went just past her shoulders, ash blond. I could see goosebumps appear on her arms, and let my fingers slide over them, feeling the bumpy skin. She was tied up now, even if it was inappropriate, I could play with her. Standing behind her, I reached over her belly and touched her nipples, two small, hard dimples. She shivered a little. The cloth bag shook on her head.

“Come this way.” I steered her out of the room, one hand on her shoulder. She walked without hesitating, probably used to Emily’s guidance, much more confident than mine, no doubt.

I wondered, once the noose was on and there’s no reason to pretend anymore, I would have to play with Mary’s body. The file asked for it. I knew it’d be embarrassing in front of Emily, but I couldn’t really tune out that fantasy, and remembering Mary’s twitching made my own body feel sensitive. It made me squirm in my uniform. I knew my own nipples were hard.

We kept walking, her cute pink socks shuffling over concrete. I could feel her in my arms, she was excited, she was happy, alive. In my mind, I repeated the instructions. Get her socks off while she’s hanging. I wondered how it felt to suddenly lose ground under your legs. I wondered how long the dance would even last.

Past an unlocked iron door, the room widened, and we entered an echoing hall that stretched beyond immediate sight. This wasn’t just a basement, it was an entire compound. It must have cost a fortune… but when a single video could go for thirty grand, it must have been worth all the hassle.

I saw Emily, and she saw me, then raised index finger to her lips in a gesture of silence. She motioned me to another room, something that looked like a recording booth, except with a wooden chair in the middle.

And a noose, tied and ready.

Emily gave me a thumbs-up and a smile, then waited. I knew what that meant, she wanted to watch me work. I picked up a bit of confidence with Mary, but now the fear started to creep in again—If I was too much of a problem, I might as well end up dancing the night away myself.

I opened the door and marched Mary inside the booth. The air was warmer here, thicker, it tasted of sweat. Reminded me of a gym. I guess dancing is hard work.

There was a metal drain embedded in the concrete, probably for draining off bodily fluids. A rubber hose sat in the corner, and the entire place was wired up with cameras, in each corner of the room, and one behind glass. Even a couple handheld cameras on the table, and a GoPro, I’m guessing for the first-person view of the dancer. Other things, too. I’d have to come here on my own time and learn how everything was done.

But for now, my job was simple. The cameras were all set up, already recording, I could tell by their red blinking lights. Someone would be paid a lot of money to edit together the best angles, best moments.

“Okay, Mary,” I said, rubbing her shoulders. “We’re almost there, just have to set up a few things. Stand up on this chair for me.”

“No problem,” she said. Her voice was a little muffled from the hood. I went to one knee and gently lifted her foot, until her sole rested on the wooden stool. She felt for it with her toes. It was a little slippery in those socks.

“Up you go. I got you.”

That gave her the confidence to step onto the stool. She really trusted me.

“So,” I said, touching her legs. “I’ll run a few more routine tests, and then it’s all done. Just do what I say now, as well as you can, okay?”


“One of the tests will be a little uncomfortable.”

I felt the muscles of her thighs tense a bit. “Oh? Will it hurt?”

“Not at all, but I’ll need to measure your pulse. It’ll be a little hard to breathe, but bear with me, okay?”

“I’ll do my best,” she said.

I brought another stool over and placed it behind her, then stepped up myself, and reached for the noose. It was a sturdy bit of rope, black on the inside. It must have seen a lot of necks. It was bristly to the touch, and had an uneasy sweet smell that made me shiver. I pulled it looser, then gently slipped it over Mary’s neck. “I’ll measure your pulse now with this device. Be sure to be very still, or I’ll have to do the entire test again.”

She stood still. I tucked the noose under her chin. The hood pressed up against her face very tightly, and I could see the outline of her nose and cheekbones even through its heavy fabric. I tightened the loop on the noose until it was snug around her entire neck. I left a bit of slack in the rope beyond, enough to cause a slight drop, just for theatrics. Emily was watching me behind the glass of a viewing booth. She had the proudest smile. That made me feel a little bit better.

“Okay, Mary. You’re doing great.” I stepped down from my stool, and picked out one of the cameras from the table, flipped the screen sideways, and started recording. I knew this room had all the possible angles covered already, but I decided to improvise, and add a bit of my own. I made sure to record Mary’s entire body from a few steps away first.

She looked incredible. Standing completely still, her skin shining in the light. Completely naked, save for two pink ankle socks. Her body had reddish spots on her knees and shoulders and the tips of her breasts. I made a close-up of them, then moved around to the back of her knees and touched that spot. My fingers were a little cold. Mary moved her leg, bent it at the knee. I let my finger slide up and made sure to record the wave of goosebumps that washed over her entire thigh. Then, I spread her butt again, and recorded that, too. I touched it, and it twitched. I held the camera a bit away, and kissed Mary in there. She shook a little. I licked it. My tongue moved over her butthole, taking in the shape of it, the wet bumps. I licked it again, holding one of her legs to make sure she didn’t fall. I placed a gentle kiss on that spot, then lower, at the back of her knee, and moved to the front of her.

I recorded her chest, her nipples. I held the camera still and made sure to capture the way her chest rose with short breaths. The noose was already restricting some air flow, just from its weight. I smoothed her hair, touched the nipple, then kissed it. The muscles of her stomach curled.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I placed kisses over her stomach, until I reached her pussy, and I let my tongue glide over it. Her entire body responded, shook under my touch. I licked her again like this, and her knees touched. She could barely stay standing.

“What are you doing?” She asked. Her voice was thinner, but also more serious.

My saliva dripped on the inside of her thigh. I wiped my mouth on her stomach. “This is your last test, Mary. You have to do exactly as I tell you. It will be uncomfortable, but you have to trust me.”

“What do you mean?” Her voice was so cute and naïve in that moment.

I took a step back, and placed her entire body in the shot of my camera.

“Do what I say now. Jump from the stool.”

“Why? What—what’s the test?”

“Mary, please. You want to go home, don’t you?”

She was silent for a moment. I wondered how it all felt from her point of view, all the questions that would be racing through her mind right about now, but as far as she knew, she was in the hands of doctors.

If she took too long, I’d have to kick the stool from under her. But I decided to wait. “Go on, Mary. Give me a nice jump.”

Her breaths were short. She bent her knees a little, measuring it. The noose was still slack enough that it didn’t pull her, so at best this must have felt like some sort of collar, or device, like the cuff of a blood pressure monitor.

“Is there something in front of me?”

“Nothing,” I said. “I just need you to get your heart rate up. Go on.”

She must have accepted that explanation, because she jumped.

The noose caught tight like the snap of a seat belt, and she swung forward, then immediately back. Her legs hit the stool on the backswing, and it tumbled away. She was suspended in the air, with no way to reach the ground. Her hands were tied behind her back.

“Good girl. Now extend both legs for me.”

She didn’t listen, just squirmed in the rope, legs desperate to find ground.

“The sooner you do it, the sooner we’ll finish,” I said. “Both legs forward, please.”

And she listened. I could hear a stifled cough through her hood, but her stomach muscles tensed, and she raised her knees to her chest, then straightened out her legs.

“Very good, now hold.”

She almost dropped one of the legs, but she kept it straight. There was a silent gargle coming from her throat. I think she was calling for help.

“I know, it’s hard. But we have to do it.”

I touched the heel of her extended foot. She immediately tried to put pressure on my hand, but that just nudged my hand away.

“Keep straight, Mary. I know you can do it. Be brave now.”

She straightened out her legs again. Her thigh muscles pulsed with effort. I recorded her feet from the side and front, the ankle sock just a bit dirty on the sole from all the walking. I pinched the sock at the heel, and slowly lifted it, exposing her red sole, and then her pretty round toes.

“Spread your toes, please.”

Her leg shook from effort, but she did as asked. The toes stretched wide. I kissed her big toe, and proceeded to kiss all of them in sequence. Her foot was shaking, the gargle in her throat louder now. I kissed her heel, and both of her legs dropped, and she swung away from me. Her chest shook, but it wasn’t motion associated with breathing.

She wasn’t getting enough oxygen, and her body went into panic mode.

Her legs started to kick and buck, looking for anything to stand on. They found only air. She curled her toes down, as far as they could reach. The material of her other sock made a straight line from the tip of her toe to the heel. Her cute fingers were spasming, trying to grip at air. The zipties were sturdy. I filmed her stomach tensing and releasing tension in its struggle to pick up any air. The front of the hood was soaking through with spit. She was trying to say something, but only gurgles came out. I could see her mouth opening and closing by the way the material stretched on her face.

She swung her legs, bucked, her body glistened with sweat. During one of the kicks, a droplet of sweat fell on my cheek. Her dance was captivating. The way her body struggled was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She had been young and full of life, and the terror of this situation had her body put every bit of her youth into the struggling her muscles. The kicks stretched, some went wide, the others forward, some made a gripping motion. Sometimes they just shook. She joined her feet for a moment, as if trying to jump through air, reached down with them, toes together. Sweat dripped from her feet.

“I’m here, I’m with you, sweetheart. Don’t stop.”

But the kicks eventually began to slow, and it made me confident enough to approach. I touched her leg. She responded, raised her leg, and I felt her socked foot tug behind my knee, but she had no strength to pull me in.

“You’re doing great, Mary. Just a little longer. Keep fighting.”

With her leg holding onto me, I pulled her other thigh in the opposite direction and filmed her twitching pussy. It was enlarged, and looked insanely sensitive. I placed a gentle kiss on it, and her body twitched, a single shudder that took over every bit of her, from the toes to the ears. I kissed her there again, and slid my tongue up the swollen parts, and she shuddered, and I kept licking until her body lost control and started shaking, muscles tensing and relaxing. She even managed to raise both legs to her chest. I couldn’t imagine the intensity of what she felt. I placed one of her legs over my shoulder, then held her other leg spread open. I knew what was next. With my free hand, I moved the camera down, under her. It had the perfect view of her asshole and twitching pussy.

“It’s okay,” I said. “It’s okay, Mary. Go on.”

I let a drop of spit fall from my tongue onto her clit, then licked it and pulled my head back.

Mary spasmed, and a streak of liquid shot through the air and showered the concrete. I kissed her thigh. She spasmed again, and another streak followed, thin as a wire, and spattered the ground. I could feel her socked toes curl over my ear, and she spasmed for the third time. No liquid came out, so I ducked under her foot, letting it drop, and immediately began licking her asshole, and her body could not stop moving, struggling, twitching, shaking, her legs beating against me. Her asshole on my tongue pulsed like a heartbeat. I left my tongue in there for a moment, feeling her entire body’s movements, the pulses, the scared twitches of pleasure and shock. Then, slowly, I moved away. A trail of saliva stayed connected for a moment, but her twitching broke it off.

Her legs were barely moving now. It’s as if she was trying to walk at normal pace, but I knew it was all her body could give. I licked the muscle of her thigh, felt the taste of sweat. Then, I bent back her leg, touching her socked heel to her buttock, and began to peel off the sock. Her foot slowly unraveled, the movements of its toes gradual, as if gentle. I touched her sole, and she curled her foot in response. I gave it one last kiss, and let go, so she could finish her little kicks.

The door to the booth opened, and Emily shuffled inside, holding a bucket. She motioned for me to come over.

I did.

“Great job,” she whispered, and took the camera from me, then handed me the bucket. “I’ll spread her legs.”

I understood.

I approached Mary’s body, gripped her ankle, and lifted. The leg bent up without an issue, knee touching her breast. Emily did the same.

I held the bucket to Mary’s pussy, and waited. Nothing came yet.

“You did amazing,” Emily said. “I knew you’d settle in, Lena.”

“Thanks.” Still nothing came. “Is she going to pee?”

“Eventually. But we can talk in the meantime.”

“Okay. Are hangings usually this long?”

“I’d say it’s about the average.” Emily rubbed her nose against Mary’s breast. “She was a cutie.”


“So, do you think you can do another one?”

I looked at her. “Another hanging?”

“Anything you want, really. I get tons of requests, it’s why I needed a helper, after all.”

“Well, yeah. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m glad.” Emily lowered the camera.

The body shook again. It was more of a single jerk, as if something startled it. Then, I felt all the strength go out of the muscles, all at once. Her leg bent a little more, as the muscles no longer applied pressure.

And a trickling sound against metal, as Mary finally let go. Emily caressed the girl’s stomach as the girl peed. “She was a great dancer. Many of them are. I can’t wait for you to see all the different ways they can go.”

“Yeah. Me too,” I said. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

When Mary was finished, Emily wiped her pussy with a piece of a paper towel, then gently lowered the girl’s leg. So did I. Then, Emily closed the camera, turned the girl around, and kissed her bound hands. I watched it. Emily saw me watch.

Then, Emily touched my cheek. I tensed.

She laughed. “You can leave the body here for now. Go and have a look at the files, see if you like someone. Even go in and talk to them if you want. All at your pace.”

“Okay. Maybe a boy this time?”

“You can do a bunch of them at once, too, and without the hoods. You’re a creative girl, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

I nodded. This job would be an incredible experience. I wanted to see it all, try out every tool. I could see why Emily was so passionate about it.

I liked it, too.


Thank you for reading. Tell me if you enjoyed, and if I should continue Lena's story. - Still
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Liara in: The party Favour (Mass Effect, Snuff, Necro, Gape)

Hi all, This is my first story so please send me any constructive criticisms you may have. Comma splices are a known issue for me that I can't seem to fix, but I hope the story is still readable. Feel free to send me any requests you might have. Lord knows I could use the practice.

Liara in: The Party Favour

The orgy was going well, wherever Liara looked there was a cock filling a hole or a cunt being rubbed. Liara herself was no exception to this, she was currently nude and rubbing her clit watching the chaos around her. It Hadn’t taken long for the party at Shepard’s new citadel apartment to devolve into a massive fuck-fest. The intertwining of bodies and the cachophany of sex was a feast for the eyes and ears. Liara felt particular joy at watching Miranda be double teamed by both Grunt and Wrex simultaneously, the poor girl looked like she was about to burst; her belly was so full of krogan Spunk. Still though, she felt that this party wasn’t at its full potential, and that was something she would have to rectify.

Looking around the room for an object that could be of use to her, her eyes fixed on an M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol which had been carelessly tossed aside at the start of the orgy. She then knew exactly how to spice up the night. Grabbing the gun, Liara hopped up onto a free table, and almost slipped on the slimy coating of cum that covered it. Regaining her balance, she dropped to her knees and turned the pistol’s safety off. Some of the more observant party goers already started to take notice of her actions, and slowed their fervent pace so as to better watch the asari scientist.

Happy that she was getting the attention she desired, Liara decided to continue on with her display. Still on her knees, she inserted the tip of the barrel into her mouth, finger resting on the trigger. She sucked on it, pushing the weapon deeper and deeper into her mouth, twisting it slightly as she deepthroated it all the way down to the trigger guard of the pistol. Miranda thudded to the ground as Wrex and Grunt extricated their cocks from her holes so as to better watch the show. All but the most cock-addled party goers had stopped what they were doing to watch her performance. Closing her eyes, Liara drew the gun out from back out from the deep depths of her throat, strands of saliva dripping from the barrel. This caused her watchful crowd to let out a small,barely audible sigh of disappointment. This was all that was needed to inform Liara that she would not commit a party faux pas by the end of her show.

Suddenly, Liara RAMMED the gun back into her mouth, chipping a tooth as she did so. The pain from this was unbothersome, all she needed was the cheer from the audience, who were excited to see what she had planned next. Back and forth liara vigorously fellatiated the firearm, her tempo ever increasing, as if mimicking an enthusiastic blowjob with a male partner. Globs of spittle flew out of her mouth and her makeup ran down her eyes as she choked herself on the deadly instrument. Her friends cheered and masturbated openly at the sight, chanting a chorus of her name. “Li-Ar-a!, Li-Ar-a!, Li-Ar-a!” the chorus cried, as if celebrating a sporting victory.

Liara knew it was time for the crescendo, and so increased her pace even further. Liara slowed her pace and instead began to exaggerate drawing the weapon in and out of her mouth, mimicking an experienced lover sensing their partners orgasm, and adjusting their style accordingly. Liara opened her eyes and gave a wink to her adoring audience before pulling the trigger.

With an enormous BLAM the pistol fired, causing the Asari to jerk backwards slightly as the bullet penetrated her skull, before gravity took over and caused her to limply slump forward into the table with her face pressed downwards and legs slowly sliding into a more neutral position, now that her muscles were no longer controlling them. The shock of the blast had startled her audience slightly, but they quickly regained what little composure they had and crowded around her obviously dead body to inspect the damage. The sheer force of the weapon had all but annihilated the back of her head, plastering chunks of her skull and brain to the rear wall, as well as a massive heaping of blue blood to boot.

Hand trembling, Tali dipped her three fingered fist into Liara’s open skull cavity and cupped up part of the soupy mixture which used to comprise Liara’s brain. Taking the slop, the unsuited quarian girl mashed it into her pussy, causing her to have a quaking orgasm on the spot as she fisted her cunt with her friends brain.

On the other hand, the rest of the audience seemed at a bit of a loss, should they follow in Tali’s example and keep the party going? Or should they clean up the body; deciding they had had enough excitement for the day? Silently they debated amongst themselves, at least until the booming krogan voice of Wrex silenced their internal monologues.

“Why are we watching when we could be fucking!? Don't let that prime cunt go to waste! Get off your ass!”

The crew knew instantly that Wrex was right. It was clear that Liara wanted the party to get even more exciting, so why squander her dying wish. The crowd cheered in unison once more, feeling ecstatic and reinvigorated by the carnage.

Roughly pulling the corpse off the table and letting it flop harshly to the ground, Garrus stuck his dick into Liara’s open mouth, looking into her half lidded, unmoving eyes as he did so. Bloodied, his cock emerged from the rear aspect of her head. an obvious impossibility for a living cock-sleve. Eyes opened to the potential of corpse sex, commander Jane Shepard straddled the back of the asari, grinidng her cunt into the dead girls spine. Sliding forward, she met Garrus’s cock as he thrust it back in, taking his blood and brain soaked dick into her mouth, savouring the taste. Each time Garrus thrust inwards, Shepard crept closer to the point of entry, taking it further and further into her mouth with each of his pushes. Soon, shepard had her face pressed into the exposed wound, caking her face in giblets of blue blood and brains. Shepard struggled to breathe as Asari's blood blocked her nostrils and Garrus’s dick blocked her throat, but garrus’s pumping was relentless. Reaching over and grabbing Shepards hair, Garrus pulled his commander ever closer, denying her the air she so preciously needed. The force of his pulling caused liara’s skull to deform even further, as it now lost the structural integrity it needed to stave of such an assault. Shepard started to turn blue, and her arms went limp as she began to pass out from the lack of oxygen. Thankfully, she then felt his thrusting slow and the all to familiar sensation of hot cum pouring down her gullet. Contented; at least for the time being, Garrus released her. Sending shepard sprawling backward; her head landing onto the cushiony mounds of the asari’s ass.

Regaining her breath, shepard smiled, opened her eyes, and was immediately greeted with the sight of a massive Krogan dick barreling down on her. Summoning unknown reserves of strength she quickly rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the cock as it slammed against the asari’s backdoor. It was clear that shepard had unknowingly blocked the entrance Grunt had intended to use with her face, but the brute had continued on regardless, content with using any hole that was presented to him. It was a good thing that Shepard had dodged; it was unlikely that she would have survived another grueling facefuck like the one she had just endured. gasping for breath, Shepard wiped the blood from her face and tilted her head to the side so to get a better angle of Grunt pummeling the corpse with his fat dick.

Each of the Krogans thrusts sent shockwaves through Liara’s body, and the force of his hips ricocheting off her pillowy ass sent an echo through the room. With an animalistic ferocity he raped the corpse, her demolished anus squelching and squeaking as his cock passed into her welcoming hole. Both the Asari race’s legendary elasticity, and her body now lacking muscle control meant that her asshole was extraordinarily accommodating, having absolutely no trouble taking Grunts massive member inside. This elasticity was truly put to the test when Wrex forced himself into the hole as well. If Liara was alive, the double penetration would certainly have resulted in her howling in agony, but being dead she gave no such complaints.

Thrusting and thrusting, the two hulking krogans continued their onslaught. With each inch they pushed in they could feel the hole start to rip and tear. Ultimately, the two achieved orgasm before they were able to truly annihilate the hole. The pair of cocks ejaculating gallons of cum each into her wrecked ass. This caused the corpse’s belly to expand outwards slightly, although it was difficult to see the true effect the cumshot had due to her lying prone on her stomach. When Grunt and Wrex pulled out the pressure was great enough to result in a small fountain of cum, basting the blue skin of her hips a milky white as the krogan seed was forced back out from the depths of her intestine. The asari’s corpse had no way to close the gaping hole, so it remained stretched to an incomprehensible degree.

With Liara’s asshole looking like a crater filled with spunk and head resembling a partially deflated beach ball, the post orgasm Quarian onlooker Tali decided she needed a drink. Taking a straw, tali inserted it into the pool of cum which was occupying the Asari’s anus, and started to slurp down the thick mixture. Noticing the curious looks she was receiving, Tali cracked a quick joke.

“What? never seen a girl use her emergency induction port before?”

The crowd erupted into laughter, and Shepard inserted another straw into the corpses ass, the two friends sharing their creamy drink with one another. Around them the pace of the party was starting to slow, group members sharing stories and telling jokes instead of fucking like their lives depended on it. That wasn’t to say that there was no sex, Liara’s body was passed around as a sex toy, and Miranda continued to be used parties primary living cumdump. Eventually though, the guests left, which left Shepard alone to reflect on the evening’s events. The party was a true success, and they would have to do it again sometime. Although it was a shame that Liara wouldn’t be there for the next one, Shepard was sure that her actions tonight ensured a similarly extravagant event the next time.

The next day the commander had EDI send the footage of the previous night to all those who were at the party, providing them with a reminder of the night's events, as well as something to tide them over until the next gathering.

The End.
R: 3 / I: 0

'Jello' Shots (F, Sci-Fi, Nanobots, Melting)

Kayla was dragged along to the NanoTek Christmas party by her friend Stacey - who was dating a guy who worked there that she barely knew.

She wore a tight black cocktail dress that ended high up on her thighs - almost revealing her black no-show panties, and a black veil over her neck and upper chest that revealed an opening beneath exposing her cleavage.

She thought she might at least find some cute scientist and hook up with them - but the pickings were so far slim.

"Jello shots!" a cute drunk blonde in a lab coat yelled as she came around holding a rack of test tubes filled with green gelatin.

Deciding she needed to loosen up, Kayla was the first one to grab a tube.

"Bottoms up!" she toasted the cute blonde, who smiled drunkenly back at her in a flirtatious manner.

She raised the test tube to her lips and down the shot.

And almost immediately, Kayla's mind was no more.

The moment the "jello" touched her lips, an effect spread across her entire face and head, transforming it to the same green gelatin that she was just about to swallow.

Since she was leaning back, her jello head - still with her elegant long, brown, highlighted hair attached to the ball of green - slipped off her now gooey neck and fell to the floor with a SPLAT.

Her hand - still holding the test tube glass - spasmed and released the test tube, dropping it right onto her gelatin neck. It sank down as the effect quickly spread down, consuming her collarbones and moving onto her breasts. Her black veil conformed to the amorphous shape beneath.

Her other hand at her side instinctively grabbed and pulled, hiking up her dress and showing off her ass cheek.

As her body and hands twitched violently, her shoulders turned to jello, and her supple arms immediately slipped off and fell to the floor with a couple of thuds and smacks.

The effect works down her chest and tits, turning them to goo underneath her sexy black dress.

The dress loses shape as her body does the same underneath.

She falls to her knees, and her remaining body quickly slingshots into the floor. Her gelatin tits take the brunt of the impact - and her entire torso splashes jello over a couple of shocked but well-dressed female bystanders… and starts the same conversion process to them.

Kayla's dressed was ruined as her green gelatin body poured through it. The effect worked down past the bottom of her dress - her ass not being spared as her pale thighs became goo.

The rest of her legs followed suit, until each individual toe turned to jello. Meanwhile the unfortunate bystanders stopped screaming as their heads converted.

Kayla was nothing but a pile of green jello on the floor, surrounded by a soaked black dress, her fallen elegant hair, and her sexy pair of black heels. The bystanders were soon in similar piles of goo and clothes.

"Uhh, no one touch the jello shots," noted the drunk blonde still holding the rack of jello-full test tubes.

NanoTek security was quick to isolate the scene. Amnesiacs were administered to all witnesses quickly while investigations went underway.

Apparently the blonde used some test tubes that weren't properly cleaned from their last experiment, and some nanobots were still present initiating a chain reaction effect.

Stacey was interviewed and deemed to be a too big a risk for amnesiacs alone and was disposed of via experimentation - providing valuable data from her total destruction.

Stacey's boyfriend, who was an employee at NanoTek, was reminded sternly of the companies confidentiality policies.

And most everyone who witnessed the destruction of Kayla and two unfortunate bystanders had completely forgotten about them, waking up the next day with huge hangovers.

The cute drunk blonde was eventually promoted - but was destroyed in an unrelated accident before should could assume her new post.

And so ended another year at NanoTek.
R: 8 / I: 2

Jane's Promotion (Sci-Fi, Nanobots, Teleportation, Disintegration, Weird Shit)

Claudia Parker is the bright, beautiful and newest assistant to the brilliant scientist Dr. Nite. 30 years of age, she has reddish-brown hair with some occasional highlights, vivid hazel eyes, and a thin figure with a body that shows she exercises regularly.

The doctor's been enjoying her presence, not only because she's pleasing on the eyes, but also a competent apprentice and a team-player whether the doc needed her to go on a coffee run, or as a participant in one of the doc's various teleportation experiments.

Dr. Nite has all of this in mind as he watches her rush into the lab - a coffee for the doctor in one hand and a pile of notebooks and papers in the other. "A bit tardy, aren't we Miss Parker?" teases the doctor in a lighthearted tone.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Doctor Nite!" replies the exasperated Claudia as she hands the doc his coffee and drops her pile of paperwork on the table with a thud. "Traffic was murder today!" she adds as she takes a few breaths to recover from her run from the parking lot (in which her heels played no help).

"I'll look past it if you can help with another experiment this afternoon," states the doctor.

"But of course!" Claudia bubbly replies, adding a playful accent. While only being with the doc a few weeks in-between semesters at graduate school, she has already been successfully transported by Dr Nite's teleportation device several times, and is almost used to the experience of having all of the atoms in her body scrambled, beamed, and re-arranged from one chamber to another. She might even say she enjoys it!

"Excelsior!" exclaims the doc. "Fair warning," he adds, "it might involve a little bit of nudity again."

Being the good sport she is, she replies with a smirk and a laugh, "Hah, no problem doc! I know it's not for a show - it's for science!" Some of the previous teleport tests had Claudia in her birthday suit, as the doc wanted a pure human specimen without clothing possibly hindering the results, so she is also used to this aspect of testing. While the doctor definitely enjoys watching Claudia in the raw, he tries not to reveal it to his perky subordinate, and quite appreciates her down-to-earth attitude when it comes to science.

A few hours pass as they prepare for the experiment in the afternoon. A small group of VIPs arrive which Claudia greets with a beaming smile. She takes them to the testing chambers to meet Dr. Nite, who is toiling away at a panel in the control room. The room is quite wide, and has large windows that look into 2 smaller chambers - one which is currently empty, and the other containing a full-body but headless female mannequin with a small sign next to it. The mannequin's arms are angled with her hands against her hips, save a tiny space between each plastic hand and hip. Her feet are spread about 1 meter apart, with one leg mostly straight and the other more angled. The sign next to the mannequin reads the name "Jane" - a name Claudia came up with that Dr. Nite cheerfully approved. Jane is currently bare of any clothing.

The doc addresses the group, "Ah gentleman, thank you for joining me today! Claudia, please step inside Chamber 1, we are quite ready to begin!"

"Of course Doctor!" dutifully replies Claudia with a smile. The room is momentarily silent except for the click-clacks of Claudia's heels on the metal floor as she walks of the door to the empty chamber, then opening it and and stepping inside. As she shuts the door behind her and walks toward the middle of the room, it becomes clear that the rooms are sound-proof as her footfalls are no longer audible. She arrives in the center and turns toward the glass - which from her perspective is just a mirror view of herself. She crosses her arms up against her bosom and shifts her weight to one side, popping out one of her heels while gently bending one knee forward and inward in a wonderfully girly posture.

A crackle breaking the silence, Claudia hears the voice of the doctor thru a speaker in the room, "Thank you Claudia, please stand by a moment."

"No problem doctor!", Claudia's voice crackles in the control room, heard by the doc and the group.

"OK gentleman!" The doc addresses the group. This is inaudible to Claudia, as is usual when the doc explains the day's experiment. "Today we will giving you a look at the precise targeting capabilities of my teleportation system. As you can see, my assistant Claudia is wearing a lovely outfit today," he gestures to Miss Parker thru the glass. She is wearing a short-sleeve salmon-colored cardigan with a white shirt underneath, and a light-gray pencil skirt that cuts above her knees. She clad her feet in black closed-toe heels, one foot still popped out the back as she gently rotates her toe and leg in idle, girly fashion. The doc continues, "Using our precision algorithms, the transporter will be able to discern each individual item of clothing, de-materialize them off of our human specimen's body and re-materialize them in Chamber 2 on our mannequin 'Jane'. And please gentleman, let's try to behave!" The group has a short chuckle.

The doctor moves over the microphone, holding down a button to unmute it. "OK Claudia, the test will now start. Please stand still at attention!"

"Of course doctor!" says Claudia as she hastily follows his command, popping her foot back into the heel, standing up straight, placing her arms down to her side, and popping her chest out with some bonus cleavage now showing behind the open cardigan.

The sound of the transporter warming up made Claudia's heart beat faster and harder. This part always got her excited and even, as she admitted to her boyfriend in bed, a bit aroused. However another part of her deep-down found the sound absolutely terrifying, as it almost signified her impending doom in the event of some sort of freak accident. The doctor however re-assured her time and again that he would never put her in a dangerous situation and that everything had some sort of safeguard or backup system - plus he said that she herself would not be transported this time around. Maybe the terror even added to her arousal, as two hard pebbles appear to form behind her white shirt in front of her two globes. Her face starts to flush a shade of red almost matching part of her hair, while she tries to put on a neutral expression in an act of professionalism.

"Here we go gentleman…" the doctor says as he pulls a lever.

As Claudia hears the sound of the transporter activating, she feels a tingling sensation around her nether regions as they suddenly cool and get a sense of release. She blushes even more, having an idea what just happened, but maintains her cool expression.

From the group's perspective, nothing appears to be happening to Claudia in Chamber 1. However over in Chamber 2, a pair of light-pink "no-show" panties with white trim starts to materialize around the hips of Jane the mannequin. One of the VIPs lets out a snorting chuckle as the rest grin at each other, nodding their heads in approval.

"Jane's quite the dresser!" jokes the doctor to some giggling. "OK, continuing on," as he hits a few buttons and then moves the lever again.

Claudia feels her white shirt starts to de-materialize below her, exposing her still rock-hard tits to the spectators thru the glass, since she decided to forego the bra today. She lets out a breath as she jokingly rolls her eyes in a meltingly cute look. Her cardigan drapes over the outer edges of her bare breasts. The speaker crackles to life, "Aww come on honey, don't be a sourpuss! How about a smile?" Being the good sport she is, she obliges, taking a breath and then beaming her white teeth towards her reflection.

Over in Chamber 2, the white shirt materializes perfectly over headless Jane's upper half, changing it's shape slightly from the form-fit against formerly soft flesh of the female human test subject to now hard plastic and fiberglass that made up Jane. The two formerly hard nipple points level out on Jane's flat breasts.

"Let's continue," states the doctor. In Chamber 1, Claudia's gray pencil skirt disappears in a cloud of gray dust, exposing her buck-naked lower half entirely save for the sides of her thighs partially obscured by her draping cardigan. The skirt re-appears in Chamber 2 on Jane in almost exact reverse fashion, conforming around her spread legs.

One of the VIPs lets out a hoot which the others laugh while nodding in approval. "Now now gentleman!" chides the Doctor in a joking tone.

Still trying to maintain her smile while seeing her body in the reflection now on almost full display, Claudia instinctively moves her hands from her sides to cover her shaved private areas. The voice of the doctor comes over the speaker, "Come now sweetheart, don't lose your head in the middle of our test! We're not here to ogle!"

The human subject gasps with a surprised look and immediately retreats her hands back to her sides, again exposing her sexual organs. "Of course doctor! This is for science!" she replies with obedience while trying to regain her composure. Jane remains stoic in Chamber 2, now donning quite an outfit with the addition of the skirt.

In chamber 1, the speaker barks an order to the human female. "Legs apart and hands against your hips tightly - just like Jane! And don't forget to smile!" She obliges, quickly batting her hands around her hips, her fingers hugging the soft cardigan fabric against her flesh beneath, and her face beaming a confident smile once again. She spreads her legs about a meter apart, her heels making a couple of soft clacks on the metal floor, and leans most of her weight on one side.

Off mic, the doc addresses the group, "The teleportation technology even works under pressure and in tight spaces! Keep an eye on the subject's fingers and the fabric beneath!" he says as he pulls the lever one more time.

Claudia feels the fabric of the cardigan break apart in her fingers, with them quickly moving thru the de-materialzed cloth and onto her bare hips, pressing against her flesh snugly leaving and small indents below her finger-tips. The doctor said hold tightly and she obliged, still beaming a wide smile below her hazel eyes. Staring at her reflection, she is now completely naked except for her two heels cladding her feet partly spread apart. The thought of explaining today's experiment with her and Jane to her boyfriend tonight pops in her head - she does enjoy when he gets jealous.

While Jane starts receiving her lovely new cardigan in Chamber 2, there is some commotion in the control room that remains unbeknownst to both Jane and the bare-skinned human lab rat over in Chamber 1.

Two men in black suits and sunglasses have entered the lab, flashing weaponry and official looking badges. "Everyone except the doctor out! Now!"

Not trying to start anything, the group of VIPs quickly scatter out the door, leaving the doctor at the control board. The black suits could see a sharply dressed mannequin and a naked bimbo in pumps visible thru the glass behind the doctor - probably some dame the doc found in the red light district again.

One black suit moves to a terminal and inserts some sort of jump drive. "What are you doing?" exclaims the doctor. "You weren't supposed to come til later tonight!"

The other suit interrupts "Dr. Nite, we need to record a demonstration of the defense protocol immediately."

In Chamber 2, Jane looks fashionable. In Chamber 1, the female human subject still maintains her pose, hands tightly on hips, feet spread, and smile on her face. She notices her arching brows above her hazel eyes in her reflection, and tries to hide her confusion from lack of communication now that the test is seemingly over. Maybe he's deciding to try teleporting her heels too?

In the control room, the doctor protests, "No! I told you it would not be ready until tonight-"

The suit cuts him off "Our superiors want an update today, no matter the current status."

Before the doc can protest, the other suit at the terminal declares, "Initiating teleportation attack protocol now!"

In Chamber 1, the familiar hum starts again. The subject keeps on her white smile. The hum gets louder. The specimen's hazel eyes dart back and forth, but still keeps on her smile. She starts to feel the familiar tingling around her whole body. She guesses the doctor is doing a human test after all! Maybe she's swapping with Jane in Chamber 2? "Hopefully he teleports me back into my clothes!" she thinks hopefully.

That thought is quickly forgotten when an unfamiliar sound grows in Chamber 1, much more menacing than she's ever heard before. The terror from before is back, and now creeping to full force. Always the obedient apprentice, she still tries to wear a smile, though she could tell in her reflection that her eyes have become much wider and visibly terrified, and her smile is now incredibly forced.

"God dammit you fuckers!" the doctor unleashes as he furiously punches commands into his terminal.

The two suits ignore him as they keep their eyes on the dumb smiling floozie in Chamber 1.

Jane continues to look fashionable and stoic in her new outfit in Chamber 2.

The subject in Chamber 1's heart is visibly pounding between her breasts as they heave with each alarmed breath. The menacing sound is reaching a crescendo.

Claudia utters softly thru her forced, terrified smile, "D-doctor??"

An abrupt silence.

And then pain.

Intense pain.

Unbelievable pain.

From the top of her crimson head to the bottom of her heel-clad toes, all Claudia could feel is the most horrific pain imaginable. She feels as if she's being ripped apart from the inside out - an apt observation from the would-be-scientist-turned-test-subject.

She can't move an inch. While most of her senses are overwhelmed by pain, she could still see her reflection. And she can see that she still is holding her pose from before, legs spread and hands on her hips. Naked except for her heels like some whore. And that forced smile on her face. That god damn fucking smile.

She struggles to scream but all she can muster is some extremely strained moaning thru her smile, barely audible off the speaker in the control room.

She suffers in this hell for what to her is an eternity. Having to stare directly at her own stupid face smiling back at her in horrific yet unshowing pain.

Meanwhile in Chamber 2, Jane is lookin' fly!

As the doctor continues to clack at his terminal furiously, the two suits continue to look on at the dumb-ass, smiling dame in Chamber 1. Suddenly, her brown reddish hair glows a much, much brighter red, finally transforming into a white ball of plasma that dances around like a flame. The top of her head and her forehead begins to warp unnaturally, stretching and retracting in all directions. Finally, the plasma starts to shift downward, towards her hazel eyes and towards her still glowing white smile.

Whether Claudia witnesses any of this herself is unclear, as her mind is probably far-gone at this point.

Jane thinks about nothing in Chamber 2.

"Times up doc," says one of the suits. The doc doesn't seem to hear him.

In Chamber 1, the dancing ball creeps down, consuming the grotesque warping flesh below. The top of the subject's skull begins to de-materialize in a much more violent fashion - with no re-materialization visible in Chamber 2.

The warping effect continues down her head while the flesh is consumed around it. For a moment one of her hazel eyes appear to grow three times their size right out of the top of her open head while the other shrinks to a pinpoint before reverting back again. Both then stretch and thin in different directions, before finally being consumed by the surrounding ball of death. Her ears simultaneously succumb a similar outcome, growing to comically large like a cartoon animal - which elicits a snort from one of the suits - then shrinking, stretching, retracting, and finally de-materializing.

Her cute nose warps size and shape and then suffers the same fate as her eyes and ears.

Still holding her pose, the heel-wearing test subject is now starting to look quite similar to headless Jane in Chamber 2, except for the mouth and jaw that still exists below the hot ball of plasma dancing that has devoured all above out of existence. The smile still wide and facing towards the glass.

Finally, the smile succumbs to the effects of the warp. Her lips vaporize in a red puff, and her teeth all grow and shrink randomly, and clatter into each other like a swarm of flies, before finally and mercifully being disintegrated by the glow above, along with her jaw and the top of her neck.

Now Jane and the human subject look almost identical. Both share the same pose of hands on hips and feet spread, and both headless from the middle of the neck up, except while Jane's neck ends in a smooth, featureless surface, the human female's neck ends in a flat mess of blood, guts, and spinal column that is barely visible behind the dancing plasma flame. But of course the biggest difference is Jane is fully dressed like a lady, while the bimbo in Chamber 1 is completely buck-naked, save her heels.

The wave of destruction continues down poor Claudia's body - though she fortunately cannot witness it with both the lack of her former hazel eyes and a brain to process the image. The rest of her neck sparkles away like a lit fuse.

Upon reaching her collarbone, the effects of the attack protocol spreads out across the width of her frame and simultaneously proceeds down both of her arms and her torso. Her supple shoulders bend and distort before they succumb to disintegration, terminating the connection of slim arms from the rest of her body. While the muscles in her body (and body parts) are still petrified by the active teleportation, including the grip of her fingers around her hips, her slim arms start to bow to the greater force of gravity. Both her elbows start dropping, pulling down her upper arms above as top ends continue to decay into nothing.

However even in her death and destruction, Claudia is ever-obedient, and her hands still maintain a tight grasp on her hips as previously instructed by Dr. Nite. This causes her forearms to pivot around her wrists, thereby swinging her upper arms away from her torso when her wrists reach their maximum rotation like the hands of a clock swinging both clockwise and counter. Her arms straighten out as they both fall towards the floor. They reach their bottom position with audible smacks against her legs (as heard on the control room speaker), thereby applying the full weight of her arms on her grip. One hand caves into the weight and releases its grip, allowing her arm to then free-fall the rest of the way to the floor, followed by a couple of thuds echoing thru the speaker as her (quickly disintegrating) upper-arm, elbow, forearm and hand all tumble onto the floor.

The other hand however still maintains its grip (as if part of Claudia is still following orders), causing that hand's arm to hang against her leg in yet another humiliating display. Mysteriously, the destruction effects halt on this arm at this time - perhaps due to the doctor making some headway in the defense protocol.

Meanwhile at the top of her torso, the attack protocol plasma flame reaches her bosom causing all sorts of effects on her still rock-hard titties from her earlier sexual arousal. In a split second, one breast grows from her modest, natural C size to over quadruple its size. The sudden change causes the nipple on that boob to shoot forward like a bullet, pulling the soft flesh behind it - and with the help of the warping and stretching effects, smack right onto the one-way glass like a frog's tongue.

The suits cannot help but laugh at the sight and sound of her tit on the glass which makes a dull ring. "Holy shit, this poor bitch!" one says as the teat slowly pulls off the glass with a squeak.

Her other breast suffers the opposite fate - literally. Her hard nipple suddenly flips inversely, and pulls the rest of her boob in towards her chest. After a moment it too shoots out like the first, this time however out of her through back towards the chamber's back wall.

Finally both globes revert to their original position, then break down and disintegrate into nothing - much to the disappointment of the watching suits.

The doctor continues toiling away on his defense protocol, having witnessed none of this awfulness as of yet.

The effect continues across her slender belly as the flame disintegrates it from the top down. Her innie belly-button flips to an outie and back, accelerating rapidly until her waist and hips bubble away.

Without her hip to grab onto, her hand finally releases and her remaining arm drops to the floor with a couple of thuds.

Now all that remains of Claudia are her legs, attached to the very short bottom portion of her torso including her shaved pussy and her tight ass - and the dismembered arm on the floor.

Her cunt grows double size and opens wide, stretching horizontally, putting on quite the show for the suits in the control room, before smacking back together and smashing itself out of existence.

Each buttock grows and shrinks in alternating tempo, and then simultaneously flatten along their vertical axis into nothingness.

Only her legs remain at this point - the one she put her (former) weight on mostly upright and the other at an angle.

Finally as if with mercy, the beam stops.

So wrapped up in his work, the doctor slams the Enter key and shouts "Done!" He then looks up into Chamber 1. Just in time to see the two legs of his former assistant, still donning their heels, topple to the floor on top of one another alongside her arms.

"God DAMMIT! I had another test subject lined up for tonight! I didn't want to use my god damn assistant! Now I'll be way behind!" shouts the doc.

One suit replies uncaring, "Quit your crying, when our bosses want an update, we get an update. Besides, I'm sure you could just promote 'Jane' here to fill in for this dumb broad."

"Oh fuck you…" replies the doc.

On their way out, one suit asks the other "Did you remember to hit record this time?"

"I thought you said you were going to!"

A pause.

"Keep your test subject lined up - we'll be back tonight doc…"

Back in Chamber 1, the disembodied toned legs and arms of a naked female human test subject sits on the floor. In Chamber 2, newly-promoted Jane looks sharp in her new outfit.
R: 5 / I: 0

A Little Simulation (Sci-Fi, Black Holes)

NanoTek Incident Log #20997901129

Subject: Melissa Tanner
Age: 26
Position: Junior Lab Technician (Experimental Power Development)
Status: Permanent Reassignment

Summary: Incident occurred when subject approached prototype XBH-20107 - a device capable of simulating the effects a miniature black hole for the purposes of testing theories on near-limitless power generation. While presenting the prototype to some visiting VIPs, the subject attempted to show off the size of the simulated black hole by holding her hand out and placing her thumb and index finger around the target area. Due to an unexpected integer overflow in the clock of the prototype's programming, the device engaged and the simulation became active. As her fingers were suddenly inside the event horizon of the simulated black hole, the subject was sucked into the invisible simulated singularity, as can be seen in Camera Log [REDACTED]. The subject's hand being was pulled in first (stretching into a thin strand while approaching), followed by the rest of her arm, then her torso and head, her other arm, and then her legs last (the subject's high heels flew off her feet due to the sudden flinging force and are currently being analyzed in [REDACTED]). While the subject's body initially appeared to fully de-materialize in the process, further inspection of the incident site has shown that the subject was compressed to a sphere with a mass of approximately 800 micrograms. An investigation is currently underway, as well as a thorough analysis of the high-speed security camera footage of the incident.

Estimated Chance of Recovery of Subject: 0%
R: 1 / I: 0

Arctic Attraction (Freeze, Shatter)

Casey was waiting for his train at the metro station on his way home from his minimum-wage job. The young man was trying to make ends meet while living in the city.

He felt the cool wind come from down the tunnel as a train approached. He saw the symbol at the top - not his line. The train slowed down as it pulled into the station to let off its passengers.

As the doors opened, he heard the sound of giggling coming from inside one of the cars - and out stepped an absolutely stunning young lady. The clacks from the 5-inch heels on her dark plum ankle-high boots stepping onto the platform echoed over her and her friends' giggles.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay going home by yourself?" asked one of her friends still on the train.

"I'll be fiiine! You girls get home safe!" responded the dirty blonde beauty standing on the platform.

The girls gave their goodbyes as the doors shut and the train departed the station, leaving the beautiful blonde broad behind. And after a number of passengers had boarded and exited the train and left the station, she was all alone except for Casey at the other end of the platform.

He couldn't help but stare. The girl checked off all his boxes.

She had long, straight dirty blonde hair that she wore back in a luxuriant French twist. A few loose strands stuck out of the bun - a clear sign she had been out on the town for the past few hours.

She couldn't have been older than her early 20s - yet had the radiance of a movie star on the red carpet. She wore a short black dress over her slim body that contrasted and complemented her light skin. The dress had short sleeves that were partially transparent, revealing her upper arms underneath - as well having similar transparent spots across the less sensitive parts of her torso (although some rather large patches of her tight ass cheeks were visible). The contrast of the black hem of the dress against her pale upper thighs was particularly captivating. And GOD her legs! So limber and lean, and perfectly sculpted.

Just as he was gawking at her legs, she looked over at Casey, and he instinctively looked up and made eye contact with the beauty. And as he stared into her deep brown, big doe eyes, he immediately became infatuated. She was literally the girl of his dreams.

While it was a bit of an awkward moment, the girl nevertheless didn't seem to pay much mind to Casey's staring, and even gave him a flirty smile. Casey couldn't believe his luck.

Although a bit shy, Casey wasn't unaware that he was rather handsome for a young man his age (which was around roughly the same as the young dame's). Did he have a shot with this beautiful young creature?

He smiled back, and in response then she giggled and crossed one leg in front of the other, balancing between her heel on one foot and her toe on the other - giving off a sexy little pose for him to take a mental snapshot of. And Casey sure did - in extreme detail.

He pictured every curve of her body. He fantasized her slowly stripping off that short yet elegant black dress - and revealing her bare naked body underneath, except for those sexy ankle boots. And as he did, a cool feeling permeated his body. He fantasized her shoving her warm, naked body up against his. And as he did, the cold feeling increased in intensity - probably just nerves. He fantasized her perfect legs wrapping around him as they passionately made love. And as he did, the coldness became extremely intense - as if a block of ice was forming inside of his brain.

But before he could fantasize or analyze this odd feeling any further, Casey was rudely awakened by the very loud blaring of a train horn as it zoomed into the station without signs of slowing.

And as Casey was ripped out of his fantasy, he could feel the coldness exploding off out of his mind and body - right in the direction of the young girl.

Casey was helpless to do anything as he witnessed the impossible happen to her.

As she stood there in her flirty, cross-legged pose smiling at Casey, the young lady suddenly felt very chilly. The air that wrapped around her body supercooled to almost absolute zero. And while she still wore her smile, the experience for the poor young lady was extremely painful as her skin, blood, and bones all froze solid as every molecule of water inside of her body crystallized into ice - starting from the outside on her face and skin and then moving deeper inside. She tried to gasp, but all she could do was inhale a fraction of a breath before the water vapor inside the breath solidified into ice inside, piercing the walls of her lungs and freezing her entire pulmonary system solid from the inside out. Her bare arms and perfect legs all turned a deep blue as they chilled. Her lips froze, smile icing over in a flash, her big doe eyes speckling with crystalline frost before she could even blink. Her dirty blonde hair in the sexy French twist froze over solid into a bluish-white - individual strands fusing together. She didn't even have a chance to get goosebumps before she became a frozen statue. Fortunately, the experience was rather quick, and her life functions totally ceased within seconds of being blasted with the cryokinetic energy.

As the automated maintenance train zoomed thru the station, Casey could not believe what just happened. The girl of his dreams now stood completely frozen on the edge of the platform, resembling a perfectly carved ice sculpture. Her black dress and plum boots remained unfrozen, although the dress clung even tighter than before to her iced body, and even started hardening a bit as it chilled and became even more transparent.

What Casey didn't realize was that he was actually from a rare breed of human mutants - and he was just coming into age where he could begin harnessing his cryokinetic powers. This unfortunate incident would be his first-ever use of his powers and realization that he was something more than just a normal human being - and this girl was an unlucky victim.

He thought about what to do. If he got her out of this station, maybe he could save her somehow! However he did not have time to think much further on that, as due to her precarious yet flirty pose, the statue of the frozen girl started tipping over. Directly in the path of the oncoming train.

Casey was frozen in shock as he witnessed her perfect, smiling figure tumble forward down onto the tracks. But right around the time she was parallel with the platform, the train SMASHED into her frozen body.

As the statue shattered in thousands of pieces ahead of the train - completely obliterating her beautiful body and gorgeous face (smile totally smashed apart and big doe eyes disintegrated) - Casey could only make out her lower legs cracking apart - a few shards of them flying further down the platform. Her boots and the frozen feet inside - being the pivot point of the fall - remained safe on top of the platform, although the force of the impact slid them a few feet away from each other before they came to a rest, secure from the train as it zoomed out of the station.

Casey stood frozen for a few more seconds. He looked down the track, and saw there was virtually no sign of most of the poor young lady's body as the train had completely pulverized it. All he could make out were a few sparkles here and there.

The only remains of the poor girl were up on the platform - a couple of small pieces of her lower legs, and her sexy plum ankle boots with her frozen blue feet inside.

Casey looked around the station - empty. And leaving the poor girl's remains where they lay (for someone to eventually find) he made a quick exit out of the station. He could always just get a cab home.

He would not be forgetting this night anytime soon.
R: 33 / I: 0

Three Little Bitches Beheaded

Three Little Bitches Beheaded

by Azalel


Tyra Fastenne, Renee Dupois, and Kelly Green sat in the waiting room. The other hopefuls had already left the studio. The three preteens sat waiting while the producers talked to the mothers of the three little actresses.

"Would you three like anything to drink," the receptionist asked.

Tyra looked up at the woman. Bernadette Andrews was likely the last person one would expect to work for Child Bondage Studios. She was stunningly beautiful, had a quick easy smile that put everyone at ease, and really cared about the comfort of her employers' guests.

"Do you have soda," the blonde 10-year-old asked.

"I sure do," Bernadette replied. "I have orange, cola, root beer, ginger ale, and grape sodas. What would you like?"

"I'll have a cola," Tyra said with a smile.

The other two preteens, emboldened by Tyra's success, also requested a soda. Renee went with a ginger ale and Kelly went with a root beer.

"I'll be right back," the woman said as she went to retrieve the drinks her young guests requested.


Leanne Fastenne was not pleased. She had expected her Tyra to be the only actress selected. Leanne did not like that anyone would be sharing the spotlight with her daughter. As the producers conferred amongst themselves, she looked at the other two mothers.

Monique Dupois was a large black woman who was new to the child bondage scene. From what she knew of the picture being planned, it was expected to be a smash hit. It was a surprise that this woman's daughter was picked to be in it. Leanne had seen Carol and Danii Naylor in the waiting room and surely, Danii would have been a better choice.

Looking at the other woman, Leanne's confusion lingered. Lauraine Green was pretty, but slender to the point of being emaciated. Her daughter was a little more solid, but not much. The one thing this woman's daughter had going for her was the red hair. It was very uncommon to see a redhead in these films.

Looking back at Monique, Leanne had a thought. As drab as these women's daughters were, they would provide excellent contrast for Tyra. Oh, all three were pretty (well, Tyra was stunningly beautiful), but they had very little else in common.

The little black girl had sizable tits for a preteen where both Tyra and Kelly were flat as boards. There was something about Kelly....a kind of innocence not seen very often...that separated her from Tyra and Renee. Leanne was still pondering this turn of events as the producers entered the room.


"Thank you for your patience," Jim Armbruster said as he entered the room. "I apologize for making you wait so long."

"We were just going over the videos of your daughters again," Arnold Buchwald said as he and Jim took their seats.

"And," Lauraine asked, breathlessly, "what's your decision? Did Kelly get the part?"

Monique glared at the red-headed woman but Leanne just sighed. If you're too eager, they'll pay you very little, thinking you're happy just to have your daughter on the screen,

"Well," Jim said, "that depends on you. You may not want your daughter to participate. This film's a lot more extreme than most child bondage movies. This isn't without compensation, but I'll be frank. If they participate, your daughters won't survive the filming of this movie."

"Before you object," Arnold interjected before the three women could start yelling, "you should know that for their parts in this film, each of you will receive $100,000 and 1% of the gross profits."

Leanne was stunned. Tyra had been in quite a few films but had rarely earned more that $10,000 for a single film. And they'd never made a percentage of the profits. The other two women, being new to the scene, had no idea how generous the producers were being. Then again, there was that 'won't survive' bit to think about.

"You're talking about a snuff film," Leanne calmly said to the producers. "You're going to do whatever to the girls but, in the end, you're going to kill them. Is that right?"

Lauraine and Monique sat in stunned silence. The snuff part wasn't such a big deal. Snuff films had been legalized for a decade now. As long as the actor or actress signed the waiver, they could be snuffed in a movie. The catch was the age of the victims.

"Yes," Jim said. "A new bill in congress just gave parents unlimited control over their dependents. If the parent covers at least 51% of the dependent's living expenses, the parents can do as they wish."

"Until this bill passed," Arnold continued, "you had the right to commit your dependent to anything non-lethal. With the rising cost of living and the increasing number of children living with their parents, congress finally passed the bill."

"Granted, " he continued, "most people will think this bill pertains only to adult children, but our attorneys assure us that minor children are also covered in this bill. Something about unmanageable minors putting too much of a burden on their parents."

"To our knowledge," Jim said, "no other studio has thought to do a snuff film featuring children, but, with the growing acceptance of child bondage, it's merely a matter of time. We're just getting a jump on them."

"Let me get this straight," Lauraine said, "you're going to torture my daughter and then kill her?"

"That's right," Arnold said.

"And I'll get $100,000 and 1% of the gross profits? Preposterous!"

Lauraine turned to retrieve her purse and was halfway to the door when Jim called to her.

"Mrs. Green," he said, "you may want to reconsider that. If this wasn't a snuff film, we never would've selected your daughter. She's too scrawny to be a decent bondage model. And though she is pretty, there're lots of pretty 10-year-olds to star in bondage films."

"The same goes for your daughter, Mrs. Dupois," he continued. Though Renee is a beautiful child, she looks far too mature to be in child bondage films. She may be only 10 years old, but she looks 13 or 14. Most people who want to watch those films want to see a young child get tied up and punished."

"As for Tyra," Arnold said to Leanne, "well, she's gorgeous but she's no longer a big draw. She's been in what....13 films now?"

"Fifteen," Leanne said with a sigh.

Though she hated to admit it, Arnold was right. So was Jim in his accurate description of the other girls. Then again, it was their job to know what the audience wanted. Tyra was too well-known for her own good. The jobs would dry up and soon, there would be no more films for the young girl.

"How were you going to do it," she asked. "Kill them, I mean."

"If you and the other ladies agree, Ms. Fastenne, we'll behead them."

"You're going to cut their heads off," Monique gasped, no longer able to stay silent.


"And when will they find out," Leanne asked, surprised to find that she had already come to terms with the death of her 10-year-old daughter. "I assume you won't tell them up front that they'll be dead in two weeks time."

"No," Jim said. "We want them to be willing for the first part of the film. They'll find out halfway through the second week. At that point, we'd need to keep them at the studio so they don't run away."

"Makes sense," Leanne said thoughtfully.

"It makes sense," Lauraine asked incredulously. "What makes sense? Are you really going to let these men cut your daughter's head off?"


With a nod from Leanne, Jim realized she wanted to speak privately to the other mothers. She was coping with the shock better than he had hoped. Maybe she could explain things to Monique and Lauraine.

"I'm going to get something to drink, ladies," he said. "Would you three like anything?"

"Do you have scotch," Lauraine asked. "I really think I need a drink."

"I hope you'll understand but we can't offer alcohol to you during the negotiations. Once we've finished, I can get you a scotch, but for now, we have soda, water, juice, or milk."

"I'm fine," Lauraine said.

As the other two ladies shook their heads, Jim left, motioning for Arnold to come along.


The door shut quietly and the men were gone.

"You two," Leanne said patiently as she looked from Monique to Lauraine, "are new to the industry. I have worked with Jim and Arnie many times in the last three years and they're the best producers in the business."

"Other producers I've worked with would've hidden a clause in the contract. I would've found out about the clause when I came back to pick up Tyra only to find out she'd been killed."

"This is a rough industry and I understand if you ladies can't give up your daughters. You should know, however, that this genre has gained a lot of acceptance lately. With this acceptance, the would-be actresses are coming out of the woodwork. Three years ago, Tyra made $20,000 for her first film."

"Now, the average salary for an average girl is between $2,000 and $4,000. Your girls are above average and could possibly make between $5,000 and $6,000. In Tyra's last three films, she made only around $5,750 per film."

"I don't tell you this to brag, but to give you a realistic view of what they're offering. It's unlikely that any new actress will earn $100,000 throughout her acting career. There's just too much competition now."

Leanne sat on the couch and massaged her temples. This was giving her a headache. A scotch after negotiations would be greatly appreciated.

"To answer your question, Monique," Leanne said, "I am going to do it. What they don't tell you when you begin in this business is that the girls become addicted to the abuse. Tyra's already begging me to take a strap to her when she gets home from school."

Both Lauraine and Monique stared wide-eyed at the other woman.

"She likes the pain. She doesn't know why she likes the pain, but that's her youth showing itself. She's been praised for taking abuse. That positive reinforcement, along with the sexual pleasure the producers mix in with the torture, conditions the girls to the point where they associate the pain with feeling good."

"What this means," Leanne continued, "is that Tyra's turning into a masochist. A victim, if you will. Your daughters may not be there yet, but, if you continue in this field, it's merely a matter of time."

"I keep coming back to these films because if I didn't, Tyra would get someone else to torture her. An amateur could maim her for life. What I realized as Jim was talking was this: by allowing them to behead Tyra, her life as a victim will come to an end. "

"Yes. I know that Tyra will die anyway, but, this way is merciful compared to what awaits her. Believe me."

Lauraine hung her head. Although everything Leanne said was right, it was just wrong to kill a kid. The blonde woman, however, had made several good points. Lauraine knew that Kelly was already a bit of a masochist. That was what brought them to this audition. The troubled expression on Monique's face told Lauraine that the black woman was also seeing the truth.

Without knowing it, both Lauraine and Monique had made their decisions. Their daughters would be in this movie.


Arnold and Jim came back into the room. They sat down and looked at the solemn faces of the three mothers.

"I think," Leanne said, "that we've decided."

"And your decision," Jim asked.

"I accept your offer," Leanne said.

"Me too," said Lauraine.

Monique hung her head and sobbed but nodded her head as well.

"There's one thing, though," Leanne said. "I know the bill you speak of and it does indeed give you the right to use children in snuff films. My question is this: will we have to be there for the beheading?"

"I am afraid so," Jim said. "The law is clear. We can do this, but the lawful guardian has to witness the deed to make it completely legal. You'll have to be with us when we film the end."

"I was afraid of that," Leanne said. "It doesn't, however, change my mind. We have a deal."

"And you two ladies," Jim asked as her turned to Monique and Lauraine, "what's your decision?"

Neither woman could say anything. They just nodded.

Jim picked up the office phone and dialed a number.

"Bernadette," he said into the phone, "please convey our apologies to Carol and Danii, but the roles have been filled."


Tyra looked at her mother. Since leaving the studio, Leanne hadn't spoken. This silence, Tyra knew, meant something was troubling her.

"So," Tyra said, "I got the part?"

"Yes," her mother replied. "I should tell you, though, that this movie will be harsher than any you've done before."


"They're going to torture you, Tyra. There will be real pain in this movie. I don't know the details but they may burn you, cut you, or push needles into you."

"Is that all?"

"Is that all," Leanne asked incredulously. "That's enough, isn't it? I mean it's really going to hurt."

Tyra grinned at her mother.

"I like pain, mommy. You know that."

"You're weird," Leanne said with a chuckle.

"No. I'm just extreme."


Renee was humming along with the music. Monique looked at the 10-year-old and wondered if Leanne had been right.

"Renee," she said. "Do you like pain?"


"Don't worry." Monique said. "You can tell me anything."

"Yes, mommy."


"Yes," Renee repeated. "I like pain."

"Have you ever hurt yourself?"


"I promise," the mother said. "I won't be mad."



"Nikki and me poked needles in our skin."


"Well, we were watching these video clips on the 'net where this guy pushed long needles through a girl's boobies. He also pushed them through her cunny. It looked cool so Nikki and I did the same thing."


"I had Nikki push a needle through my nipple."


"It did hurt," Renee said, "but it felt good too. So we tried more."


"In one of the clips, the guy sewed the girl's cunny lips together. In another clip, he pushed. like, 40 huge tacks in a girl's butt and had her sit down."


"We couldn't find any tacks," Renee said, "but Nikki put about 20 pins in my butt. The were the pins with the colored balls on the end. I had her push them all the way in and then I sat down on them."


"It hurt real good."

Monique shook her head in astonishment. Maybe Leanne had something there.

"At least, it wasn't as bad as the competition."


"We saw it on the 'net. Mothers were killing their daughters. The one who got the highest score won a prize."

"Really? Mothers killing their little girls?"

"No. The contest rules said the girls had to be at least 18 years old. In the one Nikki and I saw, this woman had a really big fake penis and she used it to fuck her daughter to death."

"Fuck," Monique asked. "Where did you learn that word?"

"Nikki's brother Billy. He was watching the clip with us and then her did it to Nikki to show us how it worked."

"He fucked his sister," the mother asked, incredulously.


"And did he do it to you, too?"


"Come on, baby. I told you I wouldn't get mad."

"Oh, yeah," Renee said with a sigh of relief. "Yeah he did it to me but it hurt a bit and he freaked out when I started to bleed a little."

"Hmmm...." Monique said. "He broke your hymen."

Neither had anything more to say so they finished the drive in silence.


Kelly was a chatterbug during the ride home.

"That was so fun, Mom," the little girl said. "Thank you for bringing me here."

"I'm glad you had a good time," Lauraine replied. "Tell me about the interview. You were in there for quite a while. What did they have you do?"

"Well, first, they hit me with their fists. Not too hard, but I think I may have a bruise or two later. Then, they had me bend over and the spanked me with a wooden paddle. It had holes in it."

"It was broken?"

"No, the holes were like a design."

"Ah, I see. That's to reduce air resistance. It allows the paddle to hit you harder. Did it hurt a lot?"

"Yes," Kelly said with a grin. "It hurt real good. I was screaming and crying and everything."

"Wow," Lauraine said. The studio must have excellent sound-proofing. Nothing was heard from the waiting room.

"What else did they do," the mother asked.

"They put clamps on my nipples and cunny."


"Yeah," Kelly relied. "Like those big black ones you use to hold your papers together."

"Damn, kid. Those must've really hurt. Were they big ones?"

"Yep. I couldn't even open them."

"I'm surprised you still have nipples after that."

"Then they put a rope around my neck and lifted me off the ground."

"They hung you? That could've killed you."

"No," the 10-year-old said. "I told them it wouldn't. I don't weigh enough."

"And how, exactly, do you know that?"

"Siobhan and I have done it to each other before. It gets hard to breathe and it hurts, but it is fun, too."

"Siobhan has done this too?"

"Yeah, we were reading a book in in the library and it mentioned hanging people. We wondered what it was like."

"Didn't it say the people who were hung died?"

"Yeah, but that was because they dropped. When they fell, the rope pulled them up short and broke their necks. We went into her cellar and hung a rope over a pipe near the ceiling. Then we tied a loop and put it over our heads. Then we took turns pulling each other up."

"You weren't afraid you'd die?"

"Well, we were a little nervous, but everyone dies. If I died doing something I liked, that wouldn't be too bad."

"Do you want to die?"

"Not really," the little girl replied, "but I could die getting hit by a car while crossing the street. If I die, I die. If you're always afraid you might die, you never try anything new. That's awfully boring."

"I see."

"Besides, I've seen people die before and it wasn't too bad."

"Sorry kiddo, but when they die on TV, it's part of the story. They are just acting dead."

"No. It was on the Internet. Siobhan and I watched this competition where mothers killed their daughters. This one mother cut off her daughters boobies and cunny. Then she took the girl's skin off."


"Yeah, and then she put the girl in a pot and cooked her. When the girl was dead, the mother cut her daughter's head off. It was so cool."

"Where was Siobhan's mother while you were watching this?"

"She was out running errands. Siobhan's big brother Seamus was watching us."

"Did he know you were watching this competition?"

"Yeah. He helped us find it on the net. He's helped us find other websites before."

"What websites," Lauraine asked, intrigued despite her mounting horror.

"There's this website called Brutal Master and another website called Torture Galaxy. They have movies of women really being beat up."

"Well," Lauraine said thoughtfully, "when we get home, I'd like you to show me these websites."

"Okay, mommy."


After Leanne and Tyra got home, the mother called Carol Naylor.


"Hi, Carol. This is Leanne, Tyra's mother."

"Oh, hello, Leanne. Do I understand correctly that congratulations are in order?"

"I guess. Hey, do you have some time to talk tonight?"

"Sure, if you want to come over around 9:00pm."

"Thanks, Carol. I just need to talk to someone and you'd understand me better than anyone else."

"Leanne? Are you okay?"

"I can't talk right now, Carol, but I'll be over there around 9:00pm."

"Okay. I'll see you then."


After hanging up, Leanne arranged for a babysitter. Tyra resented it, but Leanne was not comfortable leaving the 10-year-old at home alone at night.

Carol would understand. Those two other women - Monique and Lauraine - thought they understood the hazards of the child bondage industry. They didn't. Danii Naylor hadn't been in as many movies as Tyra but she was in enough for Carol to understand the situation.

It was 7:00pm. Tyra was just finishing up her dinner. The babysitter would be there in about 30 minutes. It wouldn't take 90 minutes to get to Carol's. The woman lived only four blocks away, for Christ's sake. Leanne, however, needed time to think and collect her thoughts.


At 9:00pm, Leanne knocked on the Naylor family's front door. She still wasn't sure what she was looking for from Carol, but she just needed to talk to someone. Of all the people Leanne knew, Carol was the only one who would truly understand.

"Come on in," Carol said as she opened the door.

As Leanne entered the house, Carol handed her a tall glass of wine. Leanne looked at it for a few moments before turning her attention to her host.

"You know," Leanne said, "don't you?"

Carol nodded.

"Let's go out onto the patio. We can enjoy our drinks and talk freely."

"Where's Danii?"

"Sleeping. One of the reasons I want to go to the patio is I can see the stairs from the patio. If she comes downstairs, we'll know it immediately."

Leanne nodded.

They went onto the patio.

"Drink," Carol said. "You look like you need it."

"How'd you find out?"

"Bernadette's an old college friend of mine. She inadvertently let it slip that this movie is a bit more extreme."

"Extreme," Leanne said with a humorless chuckle. "I guess you could say it's extreme. Damnit, Carol. What am I going to do?"

"It seems you already know that. Tyra's going to be in the film, right? When does production start?"

"On Monday. Jim said it would take about two weeks."

"And when do they plan on notifying the stars of the film's conclusion?"

"Tuesday of week two. They want to keep the girls there. That way they can make sure the girls don't run."

"I can understand that," Carol said.

"Oh, Carol, how can I face Tyra? In five days, she begins a film shoot that culminates with her losing her head. My little girl will be dead in three weeks."

"How are the other mothers handling it?"

"Poorly. They thought their little darlings were going to be starting a film career. Instead, the girls' first film will also be their last."

"You and I," Carol said, "understand this industry. Looking around, how many child bondage actresses do you know who are still alive?"

"What do you mean?"

"The business grows on you. I don't know about Tyra, but Danii's already showing signs of turning into a painslut. How long before the 'tame' bondage is not enough? Eventually, she'll go too far and that'll be the end of Danii Naylor, child actress."

Leanne looked at Carol. The other woman had tears in her eyes.

"How can you accept that so easily," Leanne asked.

"Easily? No. I did this to her. It started with that first film, but she did so well that there was another, and another. I got her involved in this shit and now, she is hooked. I wasn't going to take her to this audition, but I caught her playing with a kitchen knife."

"She was making small cuts on her chest. She wanted to feel the pain. These films are terrible but at least, the ones causing the pain know what they are doing. Danii, in her ignorance, could kill herself."

"Yeah," Leanne said sadly. "Tyra's acting the same way. I told the other mothers the same thing. Maybe it's better this way. This way, at least, they'll end their suffering."

Carol nodded thoughtfully.

"That was my thought. I could almost wish Danii had been selected. I am, however, a selfish mother. I can't let her go like that."

"Is there anything I can do for Tyra," the doomed child's mother asked.

"Well, there's no school right now. Take Tyra away for a few days. Create some loving memories that you can hold on to."

"Yes," Leanne said. "We can go somewhere. She has always wanted to see the redwoods or the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I went to both places when I was a kid and loved it."

"Well, you have five days. You have to pass the redwoods on the way to Santa Cruz. Why not go to both places?"

"Why not," Leanne asked agreeably. "Thank you, Carol. I really needed to talk to someone."

"I am always here for you, Leanne. Like you said, we understand each other."

"Thanks, Carol. That really means a lot to me. I should get home now. I have to pack."

Leanne put down her untouched glass of wine and left.

"Poor woman," Carol said as she pick up the glass of wine and went into the house.

Filming ~ Day 1

Leanne pulled into the studio's parking lot at 8:45am Monday morning. She and Tyra had had a great time in Santa Cruz and Tyra loved the Redwood National State Park. There was something awe-inspiring about looking up at a tree that had been there for over 2000 years.

Tyra had loved looking at the old trees. They were absolutely huge. Leanne, on the other hand couldn't help but look at Tyra and the trees and realize how fleeting life is. The trees had been there for thousands of years. Tyra, on the other hand, wouldn't see her 11th birthday.

Getting out of the car, Leanne saw Monique and Lauraine smoking at a picnic table about 50 feet away from the studio's front door.

"Go on inside, sweetie," Leanne told Tyra. "I'm going to talk to the other girls' mommies."

"Okay," Tyra said with a giggle. She was really looking forward to this shoot.

Leanne watched Tyra run to the building's entrance before heading over to the other mothers.


"I just couldn't believe it," Lauraine was saying to Monique as Leanne arrived.

"I know," Monique replied. She looked up as Leanne sat at the table, lit a cigarette, and took a puff.

"You were right, Leanne," the black woman said. "I couldn't believe it when Renee told me, but, she's been experimenting with BDSM and torture for years."

Leanne nodded sadly. These poor women were just now discovering the horror of child bondage. In adult bondage, the participants are usually mature enough to balance their self-destructive behavior with self-preservation. They could enjoy the bondage without letting it destroy them.

Children, on the other hand, had no such experience. The feelings were new and exciting. It wouldn't take long for these 'innocents' to discover extreme bondage. That, Leanne knew, could easily end in the death of the participant. Tyra was already heading down that pass. This movie, horrible as it was, could be a blessing in disguise.

"Kelly has, too," Lauraine added. "She and her friend have been hanging each other. Kelly likes it. I asked her if she was afraid to die and she shocked me. She said that she could die getting hit by a car or she could get killed doing something she likes to do. She said she didn't mind dying while doing something she enjoyed."

"I don't know how Renee feels about dying herself," Monique said, "but she's watched a snuff competition on the Internet before and she said that it looked cool."

"A snuff competition," Lauraine asked. "Did it involve mothers killing their daughters?"

"Yes," Monique answered. "The one Renee saw involved this mother fucking her 18-year-old daughter with a gigantic dildo. Apparently, the daughter had development issues and despite being 18 years old, she looked like a 13-year-old. The dildo was way too big for the daughter to handle safely and the mother fucked her daughter to death."

"Kelly saw something from that competition," Lauraine said. "She watched this mother skin her daughter alive. She cut off her daughter's breasts and pussy before skinning the girl. Then she boiled the girl until the girl died. Lastly, she cut off her daughter's head."

Leanne continued nodding sadly. She and Carol had discussed these things. This was where their daughters were heading. Whatever Jim and Arnie had planned for this movie, it would be terrible but it would be over in two weeks. Tyra, Renee, and Kelly would be dead and their suffering would end.

The three ladies were so engrossed in their discussion, they never saw Jim approach. When Leanne saw him, she frowned. She'd known him long enough to know the look on his face. He had something to talk to them about and he was uncomfortable with it. He was going to kill three preteen girls in less than two weeks. What could be worse than that?


"Good morning, ladies," Jim said with a smile that never touched his eyes.

Leanne sighed.

"Morning, Jim," she replied. "What's up?"

The man looked at Leanne and the other two mothers uncomfortably. Swallowing audibly, he gathered his courage.

"There've been some developments in the script for the movie," Jim said. "Developments in which you may have interest."

The three ladies looked at each other. What now?

"The client would like to have you three involved in the film."

"Us," Lauraine asked uncertainly. "What would we do in the film?"

"You would, if you agree, be the ones to kill the girls," Jim said. "Now before you answer, hear me out. The client has seen pictures of you and your daughters. She's very pleased with all of you."

"Wait a minute," Monique said. "She? The client - the person paying for the death of our daughters - is a woman?"

"Yes," Jim said. "I can't tell you who she is, but she's very wealthy. She's offered to increase your compensation from $100,000 to $300,000 and 5% of the gross profits."

"Whoa," Lauraine said. "Let me see if I understand this. This rich woman not only wants to see my daughter beheaded; she also wants me to be the one to cut off my daughter's head. For this, I'll be paid $300,000?"

"And 5% of the gross profits," Jim said with a nod. "There is more, though."

Leanne had assumed so. The kind of money this woman was throwing around was not insignificant. This woman would want something special for her investment.

"She knows," Jim said, "that this is a terrible thing to ask of you. Some people couldn't live with the knowledge that she'd killed her own daughter. If any of you accept the offer and have problems with it, you may volunteer to be killed on-screen as well. In return, she'll increase your compensation to $400,000 and send the money to your designated beneficiary."

"I should tell you," he continued, "that this'll not be as easy for you as it is for your daughters. You'd be tortured before being allowed to die. The pain would be extreme. I don't need an answer now, but by the time we take possession of your daughters next week, we'll need to know your intentions. If you agree to everything, you'll be held just as we'll hold your daughters."

The three women just looked at each other. That was a good point. Could they live with the knowledge that they had allowed their daughters to be killed? Could they be their daughters' executioners? They all knew someone they could name as a beneficiary.

In Leanne's case, it would be Carol Naylor. She had visited with Carol every night she'd been home since accepting the role for Tyra. Carol had become more important to Leanne than she would've ever imagined.

On the other hand, he'd said that they would be tortured. Leanne knew her pain tolerance was very high, but she had no illusions. If Jim said the pain would be extreme, they'd likely be begging for death before the end.

"Jim," Leanne said, "I don't know about Lauraine or Monique, but I'll need time to consider both issues. When do you need the answers?"

"Well, for the question of you joining your daughters as victims, you'd need to let us know by the time we take possession of your girls next week. As to the question of you performing as the executioner, wed like to know by Friday so we can make the necessary arrangements."

"What sort of arrangements," Monique asked. "I thought would be cutting their heads off."

"That is most certainly true," Jim said. "The girls will lose their heads. The arrangements concern the manner in which they lose their heads. The client, if you choose to participate, may have special requests. Those are the arrangements of which I speak."

"That's for next week, though," Lauraine said. "Well, we have to give you our answers by Friday. What are you doing with the girls today?"

"This week is almost entirely physical beatings and strappings," Jim said. "We'll use floggers on them. We'll use paddles on them. We'll smack them around and maybe punch them. On Friday, we'll hang them. We won't kill them, but we will scare them."

"Wow," Lauraine muttered. "You don't hold back, do you?"

"This is holding back," Jim said. "Next week, we'll introduce electricity, fire, and knifeplay into the action."

"What should we be doing," Monique asked.

"For now," he said, "not much. Think about the offer on the table. Make your decision and let me know on Friday."

He turned to head back into the studio.

"Oh, yes," he said as he turned back to the three mothers. "You'll want to pick up some analgesic cream. Leanne can let you know what works best."
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First of four parts. If I don't receive actual hate mail that it stinks I'll definitely finish this. I'd love some feedback.

Field Diary: Captain Yuri Watanabe. Commander of the [REDACTED].

Date: July 9th, 2033. (Height of the European Union's annexation of the England and Wales campaign.)

I love being a Captain. I just do. I love ordering these young men and women to their graves. They come to the front from all over the country, full of spunk, and I make sure I watch as many as possible when they die. As I throw them at inefficient plans designed to get me my victory at high costs.

But today was special. Today, the revised martial punishment treaty was ratified. As of today, I had the authority to execute any of my subordinates, and all I had to do was fill in a single form per soldier.

So, I ordered the sergeants to each line up their unit's weakest. 20 people in total. 12 women, 8 men. I had them stripped, cuffed, and lined up in front of my tent.

I asked them to make sure everyone was present, because they needed to see why they should follow my orders. They needed to see the real me.

So I emerged wearing my holster, my boots, and my rank insignia piercings through my left nipple. Some of the privates gawked a bit at my choice of attire, but their respective NCOs showed enough fear that they got the message.

I walked past the damned score, and faced the 190 remaining soldiers and officers.

"Some of you have been talking about me. Saying I'm a coward, and I get off on violence. You're right about one of those things. I have had the sergeants line up who they thought was the least fit among you, and I will be culling my herd! If any of you wish to object to this, do so now, and it will be noted in my report on all twenty one people I kill today."

As I said that, I made eye contact with my Lieutenant. The fucker was nothing if not predictable, and sure enough he stepped forward.

I drew my pistol, and positioned myself behind the first one in line. A cute blonde who was shaking something fierce.

"Captain. I will not allow you to kill our soldiers for kicks. I thought-"


The bullet went clean through her head, and out her chin. She twitched a little, and fell over to the left, clean into the lap of the guy on her right.

"Your objections have been noted." I told him, before turning the gun on him and shooting him twice in the chest.

The girl two spots over began to scream. She wouldn't annoy me for very long.

I moved a step to the right, and looked at the next guy. He turned and looked up to me, tears in his eyes.

"Please don't kill me, Captain. I'm a great soldier. You'll see."

"No, I wont." I said as I pulled the trigger, the bullet entering just next to his left eye, but not making its way back out the other end. His eyes rolled back as a little puff of blood squirted onto my pelvis, and he fell forward, folding over the blonde's head in a position that looked rather sexual.

Up next was the screamer. A corporal, judging from her piercing. I kicked her in the back of the head, pushing her into the concrete and rubble as I lined up my shot to her back.

The fourth and fifth BANGs rang out, as I shot her in each lung. She'd be suffering for a few minutes. She groaned a little as I stepped back and approached my next mark.

A tiny little man, shamefully hunched over. I knew that hunch, that was an attempt at covering an erection.

I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, slowly crouching behind him, and resting my pussy on his cuffed hands.

I whispered to him, quite gently if I do say so myself.

"Private, I have a question for you. I would really like an honest answer from you. Can you do that for me?"

"Y-yes, ma'am."

"Are you turned on by this? I promise I won't judge. I know I am."

"Yes, ma'am." he said as he nodded a little.

As he said that, I moved my hand onto his erect cock, gently beginning to pump as I whispered and made eye contact with the platoon watching.

"If you can make me cum before I make you cum, I'll let you go and promote you." I lied.

I moaned and grinned as I felt his fingers curl into me, and I sped up my pumping.
His fingers skillfully found my clitoris, and he focused on that with his thumb as his index and middle finger delved into me as deep as the cuffs allowed him.

I slowly moved my right hand around him, rubbing his chest with the slide of the pistol as he and I moaned at eachother's touch. I rubbed my crotch against his hands vigorously as I whispered "open up." and I put the muzzle of the pistol into his mouth as I sped up my pumping, making him twitch and jerk as his fingers brought me close to the edge. I looked over to the struggling and bleeding girl on his left. She looked at me with hate and pleading for help. Delicious.

He was actively resisting my stimulation, working me with such skill and desperation that I knew he must be getting close, and before I knew it he came, blowing thick strands of hot sticky cum onto my hand.

I waited second, pulled my hed back from his, and pulled the trigger.

His head burst open like a melon, covering my tits and, hair, face with his brains and blood. I pulled the gun out of his mouth, and let him topple over into me; his wound painting across the length of my left leg.

Panting a little from his excellent effort, I moved over to the next one in line. She was clearly terrified, but was hiding it like a champ. She sat upright on knees, her head up and facing forward like a true soldier. The left side if her face and shoulder sprinkled with the last guy's blood. I looked back at him, and noticed that the girl before him had finally expired.

"I really respect your zeal, Soldier. What's your name."

"Specialist Martha Janeway, Ma'am." she said formally.

I raised the gun.

"Your unit must be excellent if you're their worst."

"They are, ma'am."


She collapsed, managing to stay somewhere upright despite being dead.

"Master sergeant Michaelson!" I barked at my now second in command.

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Tales From The Office of Termination

Tales from the Office of Termination

Common tags; cons, semi-cons, casual, teen, post-mortem release (piss), cann, decap, hanging, shooting, throat slitting, execution.

I will post individual tags in stories that contradict the above, or contains something extreme but not tagged here.

Since many of my termination stories won’t take place at school, and I can’t change thread titles, I decided to create a new, appropriately-titled, thread. So fans don’t have to continuously bump the old thread, I will import the two stories to this one at some point.

My stories will pretty much be focused on female terminations, from the ages of 13 to 35; though, I will occasionally go as high as 40. While I won’t write male victims, they are implied in-universe, and others are free to write stories involving male victims. I only ask that you loosely follow the canon of this setting.

The Office of Termination takes place over a thousand years into the future, near the star system Nu Phoenicis. A highly advanced intellect known as The Emperor, formerly human, essentially rules over the system, after establishing a human colony on and around the fifth planet, Kalma. The Office of Termination was set up, more for his own deranged entertainment, and the entertainment of other deranged individuals throughout the colonized galaxy.

Once a citizen turns 13, they become eligible for the Regular Termination System, although, they cannot willingly volunteer themselves until the age of 16. Termination Days occur irregularly at the provincial level. During those days, citizens are scheduled for termination should they violate any laws, regardless of how minor. During these days, schools may also terminate misbehaving students, or students with low grades, and citizens who lose their jobs may be terminated. Parents and legal guardians may offer disobedient children from 13 to 15 to the Office of Termination.

At the age of 35, or 30, if the individual doesn’t have children, they may be randomly summoned to the Office of Termination, regardless of what day it is. If a citizen reaches the age of 40, they are terminated within a week of their birthday.

Anyone, even children under 13, may be terminated under the Emergency Termination System, at any point. The ETS is used when a citizen has committed murder, attempted murder, rape, theft of anything worth 100,000 credits or more. If a citizen speaks out against The Emperor, makes an attempt to aid any external threats against the regime, or attempting to disrupt the regime, the ETS is enacted on the individuals responsible, along any immediate family members. Unlike the Regular Termination System, citizens terminated by the ETS are killed in a public location.

Due to genetic manipulation, most residents, though fearful, are conditioned to cooperate when their termination comes; a small minority will still resist, and may need to be restrained. The same manipulation makes them a bit apathetic, and cooperative, about letting their fellow citizens get terminated. The average citizen of Kalma is also much more sexual than baseline humans, and their sexual appetite increases tenfold when faced with death.

While many terminated citizens are used for meat, this is not the case for the majority of the victims. Those that aren’t turned into food are usually turned into lifelike dolls, and often sold illegally in other parts of the Galaxy. Either way, termination methods should take care to limit damage to the victims.

ETS terminations are generally not used for food or doll making, but to set an example, and methods of execution will be messier, and less concerned with preserving the bodies. Some are also more likely to make terminations unnecessarily painful.
R: 2 / I: 0

Not coming home tonight (loli, snuff, throat cut)

This is the first story I wrote and my first post here, so please be patient. I first wrote the story in German and with the help of DeepL I translated and corrected it to English.

Part 1

She screamed. The man suddenly grabbed her and wrestled her to the ground. He caught her rowing arms trying to fight him and bent them onto her back. Then he rammed his knee on it and she wheezed, the air was pressed out of her lungs and with her face on the dusty floor she struggled for oxygen.
"Do something! It can't be!" The voice in her head ordered her to defend herself and to rebel against the tormentor despite the pain. She tried to kick after him, but she could not reach him. She tried to turn on her side, but he was too heavy. She tried to sink her teeth into the hands which now reached for her, but the man just laughed. He laughed a deep, excited laugh, like a child who had permission to destroy something. The thick fingers reached into the dark long hair and the braid, lovingly done this morning, disintegrated.
She screamed again. How could no one hear her? She wanted to shout 'help', the only word that came to her mind. At that moment her head was jerked back, then smashed violently onto the asphalt. The impact was so violent that she almost lost consciousness. She felt her forehead burst and the blood ran down her face. As he lifted her head and inspected the result, she looked dazed through a red glassy veil back into the grinning face. She swallowed, the metallic taste of blood on her tongue and whispered, "Please…" Please, what? She didn't even know who that person was. Apparently, this redneck took pleasure in what he was doing. Over and over again, he banged her head on the floor: On the fourth blow, she went black.
When she regained consciousness, now lying on her back, she felt something tampering with her top. Only a little time could have passed. She opened her eyes slightly, but closed them again immediately. "No, this couldn’t be," she thought. The man was now kneeling over her; he was naked! He must have undressed when she had been unconscious. She didn't want to open her eyes again, didn't want to see his fat fingers tearing her shirt. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. Her mouth was dried out and she could hardly think straight. Panic seized her. The situation was hopeless, what could she do? Why did no one come to help?
R: 25 / I: 0

The Melting Pot Feast (teen, cons, cann)

“Mom, mom, I made it, they’re going to cook me for the feast!” Thirteen-year-old Heidi beamed as soon as her mother returned from work and opened the front door. The dirty-blonde teen had found the letter from the girl meat restaurant in the mailbox when she came home from school, and had spent the time up until her mom came home masturbating furiously to the thought of soon fulfilling her desire to become girl-meat.

“Oh my, honey, that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you,” Heidi’s mother said and gave her daughter a hug. “What about your friends, have you heard anything from them?”

“Yes, they were both selected as well! I think they’re just as excited as I am!”

Heidi, along with her two friends Suki and Padma, had applied to be meat-girls for a big feast that was being held in the town’s largest and fanciest girl-meat restaurant to celebrate the prosperity of the city. For the fist time, the city had been named the best city in the country to live in, and the mayor had invited a selection of invited guests to celebrate. The city had a diverse population, and as a way to pay tribute to this the feast would feature a wide range of dishes from all over the world, prepared with girls from the respective countries. The three girls had talked about volunteering to be meat for a long time, and when they saw the poster for the Sidney’s chain requesting applications from ethnically diverse girls they had signed up immediately. Heidi had German parents, Suki was born from Japanese parents and Padma had immigrated to the city from India when she was very little, along with her parents and older sister. The girls figured that they had a good chance of being selected with such diverse backgrounds. After submitting their applications and undergoing an interview, all the girls had finally received the news they were waiting for.

A little later Heidi was in her room, chatting with her friends in their messaging group about how they though they’d be prepared, when her mom knocked on her door. She made sure she heard a ‘come in’ from her daughter before she entered, in case the girl was up to other things than being on the phone with her friends. At that time though, Heidi had exhausted her sex drive at least for a little while.

“I just got a call from the restaurant, about the practical side of things. The feast is on Saturday as you probably know, and they said that you’ll probably be be cooked that day as well. However, they want you to come in on Thursday evening for some preparation, and that you can stay there in one of their suites until Saturday. Are you okay with that? It would mean that you have to say goodbye to me and dad a bit earlier, but I’m sure your friends will be there as well so you’ll have some company at least. What do you think?”

“If the others are there I want to be there as well! We’re doing this together, remember!” Heidi replied. She quickly asked the others in the chat if they’d been asked to come Thursday as well, and not long after she could confirm that they had.

The next few days went by fast. It all seemed a little unreal to Heidi; this was actually it! In a few days she would be nothing more than pieces of meat, to be devoured by a lucky selection of people.

The girls had gotten the letter from Sidney’s on Monday afternoon the same week as the feast. The girls decided to hang out together that Tuesday and went for ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop. They chatted eagerly about the upcoming feast, and about how excited and glad they were for themselves and each other.

“How do you think you guys will be cooked?” Padma asked the others. “I mean, we’re supposed to be cooked according to our home countries’ cuisine, right?”

“I hope they’re going to make me into sushi!” Suki replied. “It’s so delicious with fish, imagine how delicious it will be with me providing the meat!” The Japanese girl beamed. “As for Heidi, I bet they’re going to turn her into a giant sausage!”

“Maybe they will,” Heidi replied amid giggles. “But in that case it will be the tastiest sausage ever! I’m really curious about you, Padma. Indian cuisine is so diverse, they have a lot to choose from!”

“You’re right,” Parma replied, “I have no idea to be honest. I bet it’s going to be spicy though!”

“You bet!” Suki remarked.

The girls chatted for way longer than they used to, and suddenly they were all a bit late going back to their families. They parted, looking forward to seeing each other the following Thursday.

Wednesday was spent with their respective families, savoring the last time they had together. The parents were going to miss their little girls, but acknowledged that they were old enough to make their own choices, and respected that choice. The large lump of cash they would be receiving from the restaurant also helped. The parents of Heidi and Suki even talked about using the opportunity to start over and create a new family from scratch, seeing as neither had any other children.

Come Thursday evening it was time to deliver the girls to the restaurant. They were driven there by their parents, and after some final hugs and kisses the daughters parted with them for the last time.

Heidi was the first one to arrive and once inside she was greeted by a friendly but stern woman in her mid thirties. After crossing her name off a checklist, she directed the girl towards the restaurant’s changing room.

“Please undress and put your things in one of the plastic bags hanging in the corner over there. We’ll bring your belongings back to your parents. You won’t need clothes for your stay here, though you may make use of one of the bathrobes if you feel more comfortable covering up for now.” Heidi thanked the woman, who left the room to greet the other girls who would soon be arriving. The girl had only worn a simple t-shirt and jeans, and she quickly stripped before neatly folding her clothes and putting them in a plastic bag. Although Heidi was the only one in the room, she opted for wearing the bathrobe for now. She felt reasonably okay with her own body, but Heidi had always envied other girls’, like her friend Suki’s, tall and slim form. Heidi herself was rather on the short size, and while not exactly chubby she still had some baby fat left, especially around her hips and thighs. She was happy with her breasts though, they were full and round, crowned with pink, puffy nipples.

Heidi had just donned the bathrobe when another girl entered. She was very friendly looking, and smiled cutely at Heidi once she saw her.

“Hi, I’m Mei! What’s your name?” She asked as soon as the woman at the reception had finished giving her introduction.

“I’m Heidi, nice to meet you!” Heidi replied.

“Hah, nice to ‘meat’ you too! After all we’re going to be just that very soon!” Both girls chuckled heartily, and Heidi appreciated Mei’s cheerful mood. “So, Heidi, you must be German, right? Do you know how they’ll cook you?”

“I don’t know actually, I’m guessing turning me into sausages or something, or perhaps a roast? How about you?”

“I’m Chinese, so I’ll be turned into a Peking duck! Or Peking girl rather!”

“Wow, sounds tasty! How do you know?”

“One of the chefs here is a family friend, he kind of spilled the beans, it’s supposed to be a secret. So don’t tell anybody! Anyway, I should get undressed or else the woman out there might get angry with me. She did look kinda scary, I think!”

Mei started undressing while the girls continued making small talk. Heidi learned that the Chinese girl was just shy of her thirteenth birthday, and attended a school in the same neighborhood as Heidi and her friends. She also noticed how beautiful the girl was as she revealed more and more of her body. Heidi felt her heart beating harder in her chest, and she was pretty sure her face was blushing. Something about this girl stirred feelings in her that she’d not previously known about. When Mei had finished undressing completely, Heidi could finally appreciate her full, uncovered beauty. The Chinese girl was also quite short, and had long, straight jet-black hair that went down past her shoulders. She had a gorgeous, soft body with just a bit of fat in the right places, though she was still slim. Her breasts were small and perky, and her smooth shaven pussy had a delightful plumpness to it.

“Like what you see?” Mei asked, waking Heidi from her trancelike admiration of the Chinese girl’s appealing body. Heidi realized she must have been staring, and apologized before nervously uttering;

“Y-you have a beautiful body!”

“Thank you!” Mei replied, and did a confident twirl on the spot, giving Heidi a peek of her cute little bottom. “Since you’ve seen my meat, I think it’s only fair that I get to see yours!” Heidi hesitated for a moment before she defied her shyness and agreed to shed her robe.

“Wow, you certainly look appetizing!” Mei said when she’d had a good look at her. “Let me see your back!” Heidi tried to imitate Mei’s elegant twirl, and although she felt it was rather lackluster, Mei was pleased. “Pardon me for being blunt, but you have a fantastic ass! A lot of boys would seriously dig that, you know?” Heidi blushed, and thanked her for the compliment.

Just then, a handsome, mid-thirties man entered the room from the other end, which led further into the establishment.

“Eddie!” Mei excitedly erupted and ran up to him to give him a warm hug. Eddie gave her a peck on the forehead and returned the hug. Heidi connected the dots and figured that he must have been the family friend Mei had talked about.

“Nice to see you, Mimi!” The man said. Heidi thought it was a cute nickname, and she warmed up a bit to the man. Eddie directed his attention towards Heidi, and asked for her name. He then introduced himself as the head chef at the restaurant.

“It’s probably time to get started with the preparation, for now we’ll just take your measurements and do a quick inspection to make sure we you’re healthy and that we’ve selected the right recipes for you. I could do you two together if you want?” Eddie said. Mei looked over at Heidi with a warm smile.

“Umm, I’d love to, but I’m kinda waiting for my friends…” Heidi said apologetically.

“Of course! Looks like it’ll be just you and me then, Mimi,” Eddie said and gave the girl a playful smack on the butt. Mei giggled, grabbed his hand and went with him through the door Edie had entered from. Heidi was alone in the room again, and noticed that she was still naked. It was the first time a man had seen her naked since she was a child, and although she was a bit embarrassed she liked it too. After all, meat girls was usually naked, both for the spectacle and for necessity. Heidi decided to wear the bathrobe again but didn’t bother with closing it. Realizing that Eddie had seen her naked made her tummy tingle, and her hand was drawn to her crotch almost by instinct. She dared not actually touch herself though, as someone might have barged into the room at any moment. Heidi was certainly looking forward to the inspection though, and hoped she would get to feel Eddie’s hands touching her all over.
R: 37 / I: 0

School Festival (Cons/Semicons, Watersports, Drowning, hopefully more to come)

School Festival

Chapter One, Intro and Swim Club (Cons/Semi Cons, Watersports, Drowning)

Each year the local high school runs a festival and each year many beautiful and sexy young women meet their end promoting their various clubs and classes. Of course not only do students participate in these events, many attendees either volunteer or are volunteered to join in the festivities.

This year I approached the gate to see a trio of sexy young girls in revealing attire handing out pamphlets to those walking in. One girl, wearing a short tartan skirt, thigh high stockings, a bikini top and a tie (in what appears to be a parody of the schoolgirl uniforms of old), noticed me walking up and handed me a pamphlet.

"Have you been to one of our festivals in the past?" she asks me.

"Yes, I've been to the last three I think, one of the things I look forward to most each year"

"Well welcome back, I'm sure you remember but that pamphlet has a schedule of all the timed events, and a map with all the other events and booths on the back." "If you have something specific you want to do, make sure you plan around it, some of these lines can get a little long to hop in right when the schedule lists"

"Thanks" I said, eying her cleavage as it shifts beneath her top "I'll keep that in mind"

Seeing where I was looking she shifted forward slightly to provide a better view "Also our main event, where we auction off the ten girls with the most attendee votes, starts at 9:00, if you want the chance to do anything you want with these, make sure to vote for me. My name is Corine. And welcome again to our annual festival"

"I'll also keep that in mind" I said, before nodding to her and walking through the gate.

As I wandered the grounds without a set goal I admired the scenery around me. Hundreds of girls wearing various degrees of revealing outfits, some much more daring than what Corine wore at the gate. Many of them were students of the school but there were also plenty of adult women about, some of them teachers, but most were just attendees visiting from around the city and neighboring towns. I could also see several gaggles of girls from the local middle schools wandering about, and the occasional girl of any age being led around by a leash around her neck. Girls young and old wore clothes spanning the whole range, from what would be considered normal in the old world, to being entirely naked. Of course there were approximately equal numbers of men in attendance mixed in with the crowd, but they weren't what I came here to see.

After wandering for a few minutes I decided I wanted to do more than ogle, so I pulled out my pamphlet to see what seemed interesting. As I browsed the list something caught my eye, the swim team was running a dunk tank. Knowing where this was likely leading I decided to investigate.

As I approached the swim teams booth I noticed a kiddie pool with two hot young girls sitting in it just off the path next to it. One of the girls was wearing a thin white one piece swimsuit and the other was wearing a thin white bikini, they both were quite petite with small breasts, they looked almost identical, probably first years, maybe twins. The pool had a sign labeling it "Public Urinal" and both girls were clearly quite soaked, their hair was matted to their skin and you could see their hard nipples and smooth pussies through their swimsuits as they sat giggling and making out. As I watched then I saw an older man walk up and start pissing on them. The girl in the one piece took a break from her make out to turn her face towards the stream and opened her mouth, letting it fill up and overflow all over her body. Occasionally she would swallow a mouthful or kiss it into her sisters mouth. After twenty or so seconds of this the man's stream let up, the bikini clad girl took his member into her mouth and massaged out the last few drop, before letting him go and giggling. After that he zipped up and he went on down the path as the sisters returned to making out, rubbing each others pussies through the suits. Unfortunately I didn't need to pee. As I decided to search out some kind of drink at next convenience part of me wondered if these setups are just some ploy to make more drink sales.

Leaving the urinal I finished making my way to the swim teams dunk tank. Sitting in the seat of the dunk tank was another petite looking girl (seems the younger ones often get stuck with these jobs few want). This girl appeared nervous as she sat in her bikini shivering, with chains attached to manacles around her ankles. she was also soaking wet, showing off her hard nipples as she sat there. Standing around the dunk tank were several girls, all in revealing swimwear that would give up their secrets at even the thought of water. Some of the girls were selling tickets to throw at the tank, and a few were manning areas nearby, yelling about the booth and trying to sell people on it. Listening to one of these spiels I learned that the team was selling $2 tickets to throw a ball at the dunk tank. When dunked the girl would try to swim out, fighting against the chains which retract into the floor of the tank, after she struggles for a minute the chains release and she swims to the top, where she would be pulled out and set back on the seat. One in ten balls has a chip in it to signal to the machine to not release the chains so the girls can't escape to the surface. The lucky thrower wins the body, getting to do whatever he pleases with it, whether taking it to a cooking booth, taking it home, donating to the festival, or having his way with it right then and there before doing one of the former. Factoring in the initial difficulty of landing a shot in the first place with the one in ten chance of having a lethal ball, it seemed the tank usually only went through two or three girls each festival. Of course it was early in the day and the girl they had up was still the first of the day.

I watched the proceeding for a little bit, many misses and one hit with a standard ball. As I watched the girl climbing back out of the tank coughing, shivering, and seemingly trying not to cry I thought to myself. "Seems all the girls can't be as into the festival as Corine, unfortunately I like the shy ones."

I decided to buy two tickets and got into line. As I got closer to the front of the line I once again saw many misses and a single standard dunk. Watching the missed shots and successful shots I planned how I was going to make my own. When I got to the front of the line I briefly made eye contact with the girl in the seat. Her teary eyes seemed to plead with me to fail my shots, and I felt myself become slightly engorged. I readied my first shot, wound up, and released. WHAM. It hit just off center of the target, a miss, but closer than most of the shots I saw. I saw a brief look of fear in the girls eyes and she saw how close my first show was and how I still had one left. Again I aimed, wound up, and let go. WHAM. Right on target. I heard a short scream as the girl was dropped into the tank. I watched as the chain reeled her in, holding her at the halfway point in the tank. I watched as she struggled trying to swim upwards without success. I watched her chest, nipples clearly visible through the cloth, thrashing as she fought. As time passed her movements got more frantic and I got more hard, I thought I had to have had it when I heard a buzz and saw the chains release. "Damn I got a dud" I thought as I watched the girl spluttering and coughing up half the tank as she gripped the edge, knuckles turning white.

I decided to make use of one of the swim girls who wasn't too busy to relieve my erection before moving on. I decided on a bustier older blonde student wearing a one piece suit that had large curves cut out of the sides, the empty space filled with crisscrossing straps. As I bent her over a convenient table and filled her up, I watched the dunk tank. After watching several complete misses I watched a man in a suit make a toss that landed straight on. Once again watching the girl struggle in the tank I pistoned into the girl I had under me. After a time it begun to look like this ball hadn't been a dud, and it seemed the girl in the tank knew it too. I felt my self get even harder as I watched her thrashing growing more and more fevered, one knot on her bikini had come undone and her hard nipples were thrashing for all to see. As I watched her moments slow and then stop I came hard into the girl I was fucking. As she floated halfway up the tank, moving no more, I shot rope after rope into the cunt of the older teen beneath me.

As I pulled out of the girl beneath me she said "Man, seems you really liked Emily, kind of hurts a girls feelings when your balls deep in her but she's not really the one getting you off."

"Sorry" I said. "But its kind of hard to beat that kind of display when you're still breathing at the end of it"

"True enough I guess" she said "I think I can forgive you if you vote for me before tonight’s auction" as she struck a pose accentuating her large tits as my semen dripped from her pussy. "My names Hannah by the way"

"I'll think on it" I said

"You'd better" she replied "I have to go help set up the next girl once they fish Emily out, hope to see you later" she said before running off toward the tank.

I watched the swim team pull Emily's corpse from the tank before presenting it to the winning man. He threw her on the ground tearing off his pants at the same time. I watched him pump a load into her dead pussy, her unseeing eyes staring out into nothingness, before deciding to move on, so much to see so much to do.

Literally my first attempt at creative writing since elementary school assignments, critiques welcome, presumably much room for growth
R: 1 / I: 0

I swear I did not imagine this one existing

So I spent last weekend looking for this one story but it seems to have completely vanished from the web. If anyone has a clue about even the title, I would really appreciate it. It was a femdom story about a mother who dominated her two sons and husband and engaged in serious guro scenaria with them. In particular I remember one where she basically burned the father alive under her car. Does it ring any bells fellows?
R: 3 / I: 0

The Lonely Casualty (Superhero, Immolation, Incineration)

Brooke was thrilled. She just landed her dream job as a journalist at her favorite news organization, and was at the sea-side park to watch the sun set peacefully in a moment of self-celebration.

The pretty brunette found an isolated section along the railing and approached, resting her hands against it as she neared.

The near setting sun cast a golden light against her pale skin. Her sleeveless blue blouse, black pencil skirt, and black high heels were hard to identify when viewing her silhouetted yet stunning figure against the glowing sun behind her.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and let it out with a smile as she opened her eyes, gazing upon the beautiful sunset.

Life was perfect, and was only going to get better.


What Brooke wasn't currently aware of was that she, and everyone else in the city, was in imminent danger of total annihilation.

The evil mastermind Doctor Zoron has launched a missile from his hidden submarine that was only seconds away from impact - unleashing a cloud of man-eating nanobots that would turn each and every person in the city into gray goo!

The missile had to be stopped - no matter the cost. And there was only one man capable of stopping it.

Magnificent Man!

He was on the other side of town helping a girl's cat out of a tree when he was alerted to the missile launch. He spent a moment delivering the rescued cat to the elated girl, even allowing a few seconds to let her give him a kiss, then sprang into the air and sped across town.

His senses told him he was cutting it close, but he knew he should still be able to defuse the missile within time.

He approached the sea-side park at the edge of the city - that should be a good spot to shoot down the missile with his laser beam eyes.

Unaware of Brooke's presence as his focus was on the immediate threat, he landed just a few feet behind her, while she was still staring out at the sunset and unable to see the approaching missile.

She heard the noise of his landing behind her and spun around. And upon seeing him, she smiled brightly.

"Oh my god, Magnificent Man!" she squealed with joy.

Finally aware of her presence, he gave her a quick glance. He did not return her smile - giving her a cold, vacant expression in response instead.

Then his dead eyes quickly glowed bright red.

Brooke looked at Magnificent Man's terrifying expression and her smile quickly washed away, replaced with fearful confusion.

"M-Magnificent Man??…" she asked quietly.

And from out of his glowing eyes suddenly shot out an ultra-high powered laser beam.

The beam shot directly above Brooke's head, missing it by centimeters.

It struck the missile that was only a couple miles away and blew it apart into pieces - neutralizing the evil Doctor Zoron's threat - for now.

However, while the beam itself missed Brooke, the effects of her being in such close proximity to the beam still took place.

And those effects were quite major.

The air surrounding the beam became superheated to over 3,000 degrees Celsius. Hot enough to make the concrete and steel below her to glow red-hot.

And hot enough to make Brooke combust.

The air she was breathing was now hot enough to flash steam water on contact. And it was now being absorbed by her lungs.

Her blue blouse and pencil skirt instantly disintegrated into ash, revealing her pale white skin very quickly turning a charcoal black.

Brooke let out a piercing scream as her once pretty hair burned off her skull. "AAYYIEEEEEEE!-"

Her squeal squickily stopped as her blackened jaw fell off as her cheeks turned to ash.

The rest of Brooke's body quickly followed suit in falling to pieces - arms one by one collapsing into piles of ash on the ground and into the sea. Then the rest of her head fell off her neck, breaking apart in half before both halves exploded into puffs of smokey dust on impact. Her breasts fell off and did the same, followed by the rest of her torso falling apart. Finally her legs toppled over, breaking off at the ankles, as her feet started to break down from all the pressures above inside of her singed-yet-still-intact heels.

And finally, the beam's energy fully dissipated, and Brooke was nothing but some ash sitting atop a pair of heels above scorched concrete.

Magnificent Man stared at Brooke's remains. He thought about the past few moments.

When he arrived at the park, he knew he only had a few seconds to line up a shot and fire his beam.

When he realized Brooke was right in the danger zone of his shot, he had made an almost instantaneous decision between two choices: to either spend another few seconds to move aside and line up another shot, risking the missile reaching its target and detonating; or to fire his shot and chalk Brooke's fate up to collateral damage in defense of the greater good. He quickly chose the latter.

As he warmed up his beam, he thought that maybe if he didn't spend the time getting a kiss from the young girl whose cat he rescued, he would have had the time to move and line up another shot. But that was the past, and he had already committed to his decision. And so he fired.

And now faced with Brooke's remains, he quickly blew a breath of air through his lips.

In response, the ash and heels toppled over the edge and fell into the sea - leaving no trace of Brooke or her remains at all up on the burnt ground above.

And then Magnificent Man heard the sounds of applause. He turned around and saw the crowd of onlookers cheering him on.

No one had seemed to notice what had just happened to poor Brooke. They were all so focused on watching Magnificent Man save the day and could not possibly see Brooke burning away under the blinding light of his laser beam once he engaged it. Even was so caught up in the spectacular nature of what just happened, no one cared to think much about the girl was just standing against the railing a few moments earlier.

Magnificent Man was once again heralded a hero for his actions that day. He spent the rest of the day celebrating with the citizens of the cit - feeling no guilt at all for the poor girl that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brooke's apartment remained empty from then on - until her lease was terminated and her belongings were moved to storage. Her new dream job at the news organization was quickly filled by the next applicant. And Magnificent Man had completely forgotten about Brooke by the next morning.
R: 10 / I: 0

Pyhrea of Thorolund

I'm absolutely uncertain how this hasn't been made yet. But I'm writing this as a sort of break from trying to come up with stuff for Tor, or Bottom. It's actually been really relaxing.

Anyway, this is a story based on the first Dark Souls game, I would have made one for Demon Souls first but I was never able to get my hands on any sort of Play Station. This wouldn't have been posted here at all as I feel it's in need of some heavy editing, but I decided to do so anyway as the game's remake is cominf out soon.

Needless to say, there WILL be spoilers and opinion based lore translations either based on my own interpretation or made for the purpose of writing this character. Please let me know what you think and drop any suggestions you have as a comment, as with most writers I love to know what the people who read what I've written thing of it.


Escaping the Asylum. (Gore, death, no sex, zombie)

I remember the first time I died. The moment was hardly special, some Cleric Lord had been coming too quickly down the street as I turned the corner, I don’t even think he stopped. I remember staring up at the sky and wondering how I had ended up on the ground, trying to sit up only to realise the arm I was trying to push myself up with was no longer there. I cannot remember turning my head, but I remember seeing my arm laying on the street along with the lower half of my body. It was surreal then, I don’t think that I formed a single coherent thought that entire time my consciousness was fading, though I do remember the pain flaring back to the surface near the end, pushing through the shock my mind and body been forced into.

I don’t remember waking up after that, though I feel it must have been days later given the state of my body. They probably killed me again as soon as they noticed the Darksign emblazoned in me, packed me in a cart with the rest of the undead and carted me away to the asylum like I’ve seen done hundreds of times before. For some reason i never thought it would be me in that cart, in hind sight I doubt many do.

But now here I am, a rotted husk left to continue rotting in this cell. I spent some time exploring it when I was first left here. I don’t know if I was trying to find a way out or something to eat aside from these undead rats or anything really. But I did find this sword, broken and rusted as it is, barely more than a handle now, but it feels comforting in my hand. I think I was a mercenary, back in Thorolund, maybe some kind of body-guard because I’m wearing armour, simple and cheap I’m fairly sure they meant to bury me in it before they discovered my condition. But still, this too is comforting.

I’m not certain how long he’s been crouching there, staring at me. But I know he’s there, even if I haven’t looked at him. He’s wearing heavy armour, by the sound his footsteps made when he walked over to the hole in my ceiling and looked down at me, but I haven’t looked up to check. I didn’t think that humans guarded the Undead Asylum, I thought that was left to the malformed beasts brought low by the Gods. Still, I can think of no other reason for him to be here.

I feel my face trying to redden in shame after I jump when he drops a body, even more rotted than I, directly in front of me. I’m not certain why I’m ashamed about being startled, perhaps because I was so stoically refusing to acknowledge him and my sulking petulance caused me to miss him dragging it over.

I look up at him, then back down to the body. There is a key embedded in its back. I look up at him again, and somehow I know it’s the key to my cell. I can almost feel him smiling even through his helmet. It’s infuriating, but endearing all the same. This little bit of light coming to me even in this rank place, what kind of man must he be to aid some simple Undead without a clue as to who they are? He nods, almost imperceptibly, then stands and walks away.

I find myself staring at the body for many minutes, perhaps even hours. Then I look down at my hand. Even through the glove I can feel the small ring on my middle finger of my left hand. I don’t remember her face, but her crackling little voice pierces my mind as clearly as the day she had given the piece of jewellery to me. “Thou, young warrior, thou hath not yet been tested. Oh do not look upon me so, whatever thou hath experienced will be brought again one thousand-fold fold upon ye, and yet ye will forge on, never ceasing until found is that end ye seek. Take this, this ring. It shall offer thee comfort when least it is expected. And it will be needed.” Her voice trails off in a laugh, more a wheezing rattle than a cackle as I recall.

The next thing I know, I am pulling that key from the corpse I’ve been given and moving toward the cell door. Questions flutter through my mind, “Why am I doing this? What is the point? What could I, of all people accomplish?”. But I feel a swell of determination and the gate swings open to reveal the no less depressing, but much more open, hallway beyond.

I make my way slowly down this hallway, the sounds of dry, ragged breathing coming at me from the nearest cells, containing undead nearly as emaciated as the one that was dropped into my cell, they stare and exist but I know that they do nothing more. I am nearly at the end of the hall before I notice it, a constant sound to me by now, but louder than it yet had been. A rhythmic thumping that shakes the crumbling stone tiles that I walk on. My head turns slowly to my right and I see it. A massive, bloated beast, covered in thick grey-green skin that falls in flabs over it. Horns wreathe its head, wings in a pathetic approximation of the Everlasting Dragons I remember hearing of from the Maidens, it takes a moment of staring, but then I see a massive flaccid flab of flesh dragging along the ground between its stocky legs. I turn ahead and make my way quickly out of the hallway and up the set of stairs beyond, hoping not to draw the thing’s attention.

I pass several other undead, but they are no more coherent than the rats that moved through my cell, and I do my best to ignore them and how I close I came to becoming one of them. It is after a long climb up a ladder out of a cistern that I find it, an open courtyard. The walls are still high and oppressive, but I can see the sky cold and grey as it may be. Thunder drowns out the still rumbling footsteps of the thing bellow and sparse plants bring some comfort, I find a small flower, grey like everything else here. It is a weed, I know this, but I still tuck it into the armour over my left breast where I can still feel the Darksign burning.

Better than any of these however, there is a sword. It looks flimsy, charred and perhaps poorly made. It is jammed into the earth, with burnt piles of what appear to be bones. But it is still a better weapon than this broken thing I hold. I move toward it, reaching out. But then my Darksign flares just before I can touch the thing, a burning sensation shooting through my arm and into the blade. A fire catches in the small mound of bones and ashes, the flame drawing me to sit.

It is some time before I realize that I’ve been resting here, all thought of taking this weapon gone, simply gazing into the flame as it twirls in a slow dance around the charred, coiled blade. But I must press on, this I know.

Standing from my place I look about the courtyard. The most obvious place to go is a massive set of double-doors up a set of stairs. I also note a smaller door set into the masonry to my right, but decide to look that way after investigating the massive gates.

They are easier to open than I had expected, though the reinforced wood is heavy and the hinges are rusted I am able to get them open after a few seconds of effort. Through them I find what seems to be some sort of destroyed chapel with another set of smaller doors on the other side. I am making my way toward them when that massive beast from down bellow, near my cell falls directly in front of me. No, not the same beast. This one is smaller, though not by much, and holding a gigantic hammer rather than the spear-like weapon I’d seen on the other. None the less, it is massive and not happy to see me. I cannot imagine it will do much, but I attempt to strike it with my broken sword, the decimated blade simply deflecting off of the thing’s hide. I hear it laughing, rolls of flesh jiggling before I feel myself crushed between its club and the stone tiles beneath us.

I jolt awake at the small fire I had lit in the courtyard only meters away. The doors are closed again, but I can still feel the pain of my splintered ribs piercing my sides. I decide to check what might be through the smaller door at the side of the courtyard.

It’s locked.

With a bit of trepidation I make my way back to the massive doors that led to where the disgusting demon had been found. I find the room empty yet again, but looking up I can see it through a hole in the ceiling. I imagine it waiting for me or any others to try to and make it through the door at the other side. I take my time now, studying the area for an advantage against the beast, in doing so I notice a small doorway to the left side of the large room that could once have been a grand hall. The portcullis is open, and looks thick enough from here that I wonder whether the demon might not be able to break through if I were to make it past.

It was waiting for me this time, I’m certain of it. It falls in the same place as before as I run toward the small doorway, but what had once been a flaccid mass of flesh dragging between its legs is now standing erect, nearly as long as I am and wider than my own body with almost as many rolls of fat and skin as the rest of it. I do my best not to dwell on this, focusing instead on pushing myself toward the doorway.

When I am running straight for it the run seems almost trivial, he is far too slow and I slip beneath the portcullis long before his hammer slams down. I hear the metal opening slam shut behind me, and wonder how that happened just as I hear and feel his hammer slam into the rusted metal. But it holds strong, prompting a roar of rage from the monster while I do not slow my sprint even as I run down a set of stairs and find myself standing before another coiled sword.

After lighting this and taking a nearly irresistible rest beside the flames I move through the dank area the only way I know I can go without heading back to the monster with the hammer. I’ve barely turned the corner when an arrow finds it’s way into my chest, sprouting from directly between my breasts. My armour takes the brunt of the damage, and I feel more able to continue with a wound like this than I would when I was alive, allowing me to take cover in a cell to the left, prying a shield from a mummified body within.

I’m in a hallway, similar to the one I had been placed though clearly higher in the asylum than my own given I could see sky through a hole in the roof. At the end of the hallway is another nearly mummified undead, this one is holding a bow and firing arrows at me down the hall. I lift my shield and move slowly toward it, deflecting each shaft that comes my way with relative ease. The thing shooting at me runs away as soon as I get near, ducking into another hallway to my left and disappearing.

I find a longsword on a corpse in the hallway, fairly kept though old. I am still examining it when the archer reappears not ten feet from me. I lift the shield and feel an impact, moving forward once more and blocking another arrow. I lower my shield and take the thing’s mouldy shoulder in my left hand, jamming my blade into its stomach and letting it drop to the floor with a hissing gurgle. It’s more satisfying than I’d like to admit.

After some exploration I find the other side of the locked door from the courtyard, a pleasant surprise that allows me some rest to recover from that arrow in my chest. Flames flicker over my body, bringing warmth, comfort and a tingle of pleasure while they heal the wound. This feels oddly natural and I hardly want to leave. But I do, working my way up a staircase when i find a massive metal ball rolling down toward me. I lift my shield, managing to be forced to the side rather than crushed beneath it, still ending up on my ass with bruises and scrapes, but alive. Looking back I can see that the iron sphere made a hole in the wall across from the staircase.

Curiosity gets the better of me more often than I think it should. Inside, to my surprise, I find the man in heavy armour who had dropped the key to my cell to me. He does not look well, his leg at an awkward angle and his breathing ragged. Looking up I can see that he likely fell through a hole in the roof, given the state of his body perhaps he was helped through by the demon up there.

As I approach him, his helmeted head turns to face me and I hear a young voice call out. “Oh, it’s you, I’m Oscar of Astora. I’m glad that you made it out of there. I’m done for I’m afraid, but we’re both undead. If you would... would you hear me out?” I consider for but a moment, he had helped me when I was at my worst not but hours ago, I could not very well deny him.

“Of course.” Is all I can say, kneeling beside him, feeling the thin layer of water that lay over the floor soaking around the leathers of my armour. He speaks of his failure, that he will go hollow just like those things in their cells, as all undead do eventually. But he then speaks directly of his mission, how an undead is meant to leave this prison and go ring a bell to awaken some... thing. And that doing so would allow one to learn the “Fate of the Undead”. He then with some difficulty passes me a small flash filled with some sort of warm liquid, and a key.

“I do not have much time, left. You should go, I would hate to harm you after death.” He finishes, a gloved hand lifting and stroking the tips of his fingers across my face. I cannot not help but smile. This man had helped me, not only by releasing me from that cell, but by giving me something to strive for. I need that, I can feel it. An impossible task to push towards all of my lives. A purpose.

“Thank you.” I say, lifting his visor on an impulse and leaning down. He looks human, rather than like a corpse. I wonder how he did that for a moment before I press my lips to his. I hear a quiet gasp, but pull away from him and begin walking out the hole I had come before he can do anything more.

A few more hours of exploring and many fights with the resident ill-equipped undead I find a place that I recognise. It looks to be the back of the room I had been crushed by the giant demon in, though I am some ways up I can hear his growling breath through the doorway and down, likely still waiting for me to come through one of the doors.

A surprise attack then. I wonder if I might be able to land on top of him, using my weight to drive this sword through his thick hide. There is nothing for it but to try, so with a running start I leap off the balcony into the dreaded room, finding the beast directly bellow me. I angle my weapon down even as he looks up, the massive shaft of flesh I hardly even dare name still erect before him.

I come down on his back as he flinches away from my plunging blade. I feel my sword sink into his flesh and past what I assume to be bone with a scraping sound before wrenching it out and sliding down his huge body to the floor. He roars in pain and attempts to spin and face me at his back, though he appears to be rather encumbered by his erection, the massive thing slowing his movements just enough for me to roll to the side as he brings his wicked hammer down at my head.

It takes some doing, but I mage to begin opening his body, cutting at one side of his belly before dodging his strikes and working at the other. His skin, however thick is easily split once I have a blade in it and soon he is well and open. He drops his hammer and small arms attempt to hold his roiling intestines inside of his belly. As he sways and I realise he is about to fall, I notice too late the twitching of his member just before it sprays almost half-heartedly in front of him and onto me. It could have been worse I feel as he crashes down before me. I wipe the searing semen from my face and arms. It smells of sulphur and heat. It had been clear how he had intended to use that thing before I had fully armed myself. I am certain I got the better end of the deal.

To my surprise, his corpse simply dissolves, though the sticky mess he left behind does not it seems. But where he lay is now a large key, almost as stout as he. I take it to the door I wanted to head through from the beginning.

I had taken a few glancing blows of his hammer through our fight, but nothing that I felt was too dangerous. However, before I try the door I decide on impulse to drink from the flask Oscar gave me. I only take a sip, though a generous one. It fills my body with warmth, and this only grows. It feels like drinking the fire from where I have been resting, the pleasure and comfort moving through me is almost a shock and I let out a quiet gasp, hardly even noticing as my wounds disappear.

Through the door I find myself in a graveyard out on a cliff surrounded by nothing but mountains miles and miles away. But, more importantly I am outside of the Undead Asylum. Free to pursue this quest that Oscar spoke of. I do not linger, making my way as far away from the Asylum as I can. Something fills me as I distance myself from that place, taking root in a hole I had not realised was there deep in the pit of my stomach. I feel alive again.

As I reach the very farthest edge from the Asylum that I had learned to hate so much, I hear it, the beating of wings. It is a sound that feels comforting, not the same warmth as the bonfires from before, but something I feel a connection to. An image enters my mind of a weeping Goddess surrounded by crows, and even in that moment a massive crow appears before me, wings opening to reveal reaching claws. I almost fall into them and I am carried away.
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Goodbye, old friend. (Dark Realm of Polaris, an ASSTR subsite, is down)

It was just too good to last. Polaris is no more.

If anyone has a collection of stories from the site, this would be the best place to dump them.

For those who don't know, Polaris was a master of the dark and twisted. Many of his stories, and the stories that he hosted, featured dark and brutal scenes of torture, often on children, sometimes even infants. He also had a penchant for scat, WS, abortion, incest, rape, and pretty much everything else you could think of.

Also ITT, discuss Polaris and his stories, and the stories he hosted. Truly a unique man with a unique talent.

Feel free to move this to /dis/ if it fits better there.
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AbbottWarr's Single-Chapter Story Thread

Thread for me to post any one-off stories I write.
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The Death of a Lovely Battle Maiden. (Snuff, watersports, feet, decapacitation)

Bruno took a deep breath of the beach air. He knew that the outside world was not his home, he knew that his home was deep within the walls of Echaberg, or in the sinful halls of the Redway, but damn it smelt good out here.
“Well met assassin” the beautiful woman with her back turned to him said. Loa Palinic was his targets name, and she was a work of art. The islander was shorter than he expected, only crackling five foot, and she was thin to. Well she was thin save for her to luxurious sets of lumps. Her skin was tan, and her small, yet curvaceous figure covered only by a short grass skirt, and a flower-patterned top that only covered her chest. A smile crept across Bruno’s face as how ridiculous of a world he must live in, for the fact that this tiny woman slaughtered dozens of his brothers and sisters in arms.
“I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t been causing trouble for my allies” he said stepping forward. She turned to him, and her face was…Her face was wow. Even with her young features, and adorable little dimples, her expression was fierce, and her big brown eyes pierced into his very soul. He felt his heart quicken, and his cock stiffen. Now here was a woman worth killing.
“Your allies” she said, her thick black hair blowing behind her in the wind. She scowled. “I don’t think you could call them allies. You’ve had to have killed at least twice as many of them as I have” she said.
“That my dear lady” Bruno said taking another step. “Is an insultingly low number. I’ve lost count of how many I have killed, but we are Followers of Eteus, and killing is our business as are all things evil. A business you should have stayed out of might I add” he said.
“Riding the world of scum like you is my business, and I do not fear it. I will give you one chance assassin. Drop your weapon, and I will make your death painless” she said, and a powerful presence emanated from her. A strong, sturdy presence that to be put simply, meant business. “We both know you can’t beat me here. Maybe in the filthy alleyways of your city, but here in the open. You stand no chance against me in an honorable fight” she said. Bruno’s smile twisted into a grin so fowl, that calling it evil would have been cruel to all those who swore by the word. He began to radiate a presence of his own to match the battle maidens. A sickly, and hate filled presence, soaked in his blood lust.
“Oh, but I beg to differ” he said, grasping the hilt of his sword, and slowly pulling free the blade which was blacker than the abyss. He held the wicked blade in front of him. “I think because you exterminated a few rats masquerading as assassins, you’ve becomes full of yourself oh Honorable Follower of Bellow”. The dark-skinned woman grasped the shaft of a spear embedded in the sand next to her and yanked it free.
“Then have at the assassin” she said before lunging at him at incredible speed. She thrust her spear forward, and Bruno just managed to dodge. A second later, and he would have been dead. He prepared to thrust his blade, but Loa grasped her spear in both hands, and swung it like a club. The blunt side of the spear slammed into the assassin’s gut, and he was sent flying backwards, tumbling in the dirt. He rolled out of the way, just as her spear sank into the dirt where he was laying and got to his feet. He eyed her up careful. He knew that her strength was his biggest problem. Because of his high ranking in Eteus’s cult he was superhumanly strong, but he knew that even if this woman was one hundred and three years old, plagued with debilitating, diseases, and the lowest ranking member Bellows Army, her strength would still overpower his own. They however seemed to be matched in speed, so he knew that he’d have to play this just right to kill her. Loa twirled her spear overhead, and then brought it down. Bruno sidestepped, but still suffered a nasty cut on his cheek. He lunged forward, but the woman leapt backwards, avoiding the bight of his sword.
“Stop moving hot stuff. You’re making it hard to kill ya” he said as blood gushed from his gash, soaking his black and red garments, and dyeing the sand crimson. She simply scowled at him and charged forward. Bruno prepared to dodge another thrust from the spear, but instead Loa dropped the weapon, and skidded the direction Bruno was dodging. She planted her feet firmly into the sand and throw a roundhouse kick at the assassin who could only watch in horror as his attempted dodge only throw himself into the kick. There was satisfying Pow as Loa’s leg collided with Bruno. The assassin went flying, and crashed into the dirt at, his arm at an odd angle.
“Surely you see by know all your causing yourself is more pain. Surrender, and make it easier on yourself scum”. Bruno gave a pained cackle.
“And why would I do that when I’m so close to killing you?” he asked, blood covering half his face. For once, an amused smile crossed the islanders face.
“Kill me? Is it not clear that you cannot beast me in battle?” she asked.
“In battle no, but I am an assassin, not a warrior. I deal in traps, not weapons” he said holding out his good arm as if to reach for her. “And you have fallen for my trap” he said grinning. Loa gasped before a crimson red spike emerged from the puddle of Bruno’s blood next to her. She screamed in pain as the spike pierced her firm belly, blood gushing out of her mouth. Bruno grasped his sword and lunged toward her. Loa only had time to give her attacker a panicked expression, before with one smooth swing, Bruno severed her head. Her body fell to its knees as Laos head smacked into the sand with a vacant expression, her tongue hanging out. Finally, her body collapsed into the ground, tits first and began to spasm, blood gushing from her neck. Bruno whistled to himself as the poor girl’s body gave an impressive fight, kicking and lashing, squirting out more and more blood. That was one of the interesting things about the Army of Bellow. The deities influence would persist for a little bit after death, causing violent bursts of spasming. Her kicks and thrashes continued, her feet leaving trails in the sand as they kicked. Her toes curled and uncurled, and her fingers dug into the sand, trying to send sensation to a brain that no longer was attached. Finally, her spasms began to slow to minor twitches, before Loa Palinic lay completely still, headless, and very dead. The stream of blood from her head had ceased, but urine splashed onto the sand from her pussy. Bruno walked over to the dead girl, his broken arm realigning. It was a painful process, in fact it would have been less painful to snap each digit, and lib of his individually, but by the time it was done his arm was almost as good as new. He slipped of her grass skirt, admiring her perky little butt and flipping her over. Her tight pussy was covered by a deep brown bush which was soaked with piss, He reached behind her back, and undid her top, slipping it off. Her tits struck a beautiful balance between perky and large. Both where a solid handful with brown nipples on each. He ran his tongue across her stomach, enjoying the sweaty taste, his tongue sliding into her belly button. His tongue ventured further up her body to her breast where he lapped her nipples which stiffed in his. His hands went to his belt and went through the lengthy process of undoing his pants. His pants, and underwear fell to the ground, and his hard cock was already dripping pre cum. He excitedly shoved his cock into the headless girl and moaned as he felt her cherry pop. He thrusted faster, and faster, her blood and piss acting as a lubricant.
“Fuck you’re the best bitch I’ve had for a while” he said, looking where her head used to. He lifted her leg up, so her little brown foot was in his face, and ran his tongue across the sole of her foot. They tasted of sand, and sweat, but oddly sweet as well, similar to some fruits. As he lapped her lovely soles, he cam into her. Bruno pulled out, admiring his work. But he figured that he wasn’t done, a cum covered body wasn’t enough desecration. He walked over to her head and tipped it over with his foot, so she was facing him, her mouth hanging open, and pissed into her mouth. He sighed in relief. He went to his clothes to get dressed and began his trek home.
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Short Capital Punishment Stories

Death Row Destiny

The years leading up to the passing of the Brooke-Strickland Act were filled with mass overpopulation, societal decay, and violent crime. In 2046, the year before the Act mandated the death sentence for even the smallest crime, the homicide rate in 7/10 major cities in the former United States was at record highs.

A little known add-on to the Act also extended the death penalty to minors. This would soon arouse extreme controversy when it would be utilized to hang a gang of street children accused of raping the daughter of a wealthy executive.

"Alright Merle, what do you have for us today?", Charlie yelled.
Charlie was the executioner that day. I was the photographer in charge of documenting this historic event. The first time anyone under the age of 18 had been put to death in almost a century.

"Just some street rats, Chuck!" the guard answered with a chuckle.
Charlie handed Merle a sheaf of paperwork. He turned to the prisoners, and winked. The kids didn't react, their senses having been dulled beforehand with a tranquilizer solution added to their last meal.

There were 5 of them.
Tom, age 13, a slender, almost feminine boy with long blonde hair tied into a pony tail.
Sara, age 16, a latina short stack with a glare permanently plastered on her face.
Luca, age 15, a string bean with curly brown hair and freckles.
Mika, age 12, the youngest in the group, tan skin contrasting with an explosion of pink hair cut short on her head.
Nate, age 17, sharp eyes and a buzzcut, biceps and legs toned from daily hard labor.
All were wearing the disposable jumpsuits given to death row inmates. They stood listlessly as Merle scribbled on the sheet of paper authorizing the transfer of the prisoners to the executioner.

"Alright, that's it then", Charlie said as Merle gave back the forms.
"Let's go, guys". He yanked on the chain, and the doomed children slowly shuffled forward to the execution chamber. The chamber was simply a large featureless room with a digital clock, and a series of drains embedded into the floor. Several HD cameras tracked the prisoners as they walked in. A specific request from the father of the raped girl, the execution would be streamed live to the world.

The prisoners stopped, their eyes wandering up to the gallows. Five nooses attached to a solid steel pipe attached to the ceiling. The trap doors each had an X painted on them, where the prisoners would stand. A standard long drop would snap their necks, ensuring a quick death.
Charlie prodded them forward, and they slowly ascended up the steps.
Each kid stepped in front of a noose, and Charlie began to slip a noose over each head, tightening them as he went.

The tranquilizer had begun to wear off by then, and the kids were slowly realizing that the rest of their lives were measured in minutes. Mika began to cry, and Luca started trembling. Sara just uttered a string of Spanish and English profanities as the noose around her neck was tightened, and Nate just bowed his head and whispered prayers. Tom desperately pleaded with Charlie, but the executioner had heard it all before.

"Alright, all done". Charlie turned to me and asked if I wanted to take one final set of portraits of the convicts. I nodded, and walked up the stairs. Each prisoner had a different expression as I took their photographs. Luca averted his eyes, Mika had finished crying and just faced the camera with a blank face, Tom had tears in his eyes but tried to present a brave face, Sara stuck her tongue out at me in one final act of childish rebellion, and Nate smiled sadly.

I finished, and walked back down the stairs to rejoin Charlie. He had taken a remote control from his pocket, and scrutinized the clock. "Five, four, three, two-"
all of the kids had closed their eyes tight by now "-one!"

Charlie pressed the button on the remote. The trap doors clattered open, sending five children to their demise. Five corpses twisted and swung, twitching spasmodically as their nervous system shut down.

Two guards walked in to assist in taking down the bodies. I photographed each corpse, marvelling at the grotesque contortions frozen on their faces. I asked Charlie what would happen to the bodies. "Well, no next of kin, so we usually just send them to the medical school next door for autopsy practice", he answered absentmindedly as he checked off the names on his list.
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School Terminations

School Terminations

Kelly stepped through the glass doors, never to set foot in this high school again. She took a deep breath as her hair, a stream of orange down to her waist, fluttered in the breeze. Her outfit consisted of a blue sweatshirt, wrapped snugly against her athletic body, mountainous breasts curving out, a pair of tight jeans left little of her firm legs and round ass to the imagination, and pink flip-flops.

“Wait up!”

Mister Jenkins, assistant to Miss Hamilton, rushed through the doors behind her. He was an overweight man in his forties, balding, in a flannel shirt and khakis.

“You need stay with me. I have to make sure you don’t try to run off.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…,” Kelly rolled her eyes, “maybe you should keep up.”

The man scowled and opened his mouth to say something. Probably realizing it was pointless, he merely shook his head. Kelly turned and trotted briskly down the walkway, Mister Jenkins waddling behind her, to a small red building. She always knew she’d end up in there one day, though she would always joke with her friends that they would be the first to go. A buzzard went off as Mister Jenkins pushed the metal door open. Kelly entered without a word. The door closed behind her, with the assistant making his duck-walk back to class.

The room wasn’t how she imagined it. It was no different than a normal office; white walls and ceiling, tiled floor, illuminated by a row of florescent lights, and a speaker on the wall. There was a receptionist near the entrance, two maroon couches along the walls, and another steel door near other end of the room. A few random paintings and fake plants were strewn about for decoration.

Kelly approached the window. The lady, a slim blonde in her thirties, looked up from her computer, lips smacking on the chewing gum in her mouth.

“Name and grade?” She droned.

“Kelly Smith, Eleventh Grade.”

The receptionist typed the information into the computer.

“Take a seat and wait for your name to be called.”

Kelly headed over to the couch. There was four other girls in the room. Kelly only knew one of them, and she was hardly surprised that Monica was sitting there with only white latex panties and a pair of black socks. She was an Asian lady, curvy, but not fat, D-cup breasts, which she displayed proudly; jet-black hair, which normally fell down to her thighs, was tied up in a bun. She held a huge jug of orange juice between her legs, half empty; if Kelly had to guess, she drank most of it in this room.

“They finally got you?” Monica shouted.

Kelly plopped down on the couch next to her friend.

“Yup!” She replied. “I kinda forgot about it being Termination Day and knocked the shit out of Miss Hamilton. She wouldn’t let me text my boyfriend, even though it was his birthday.”

Monica laughed. “I wish I could’ve been there to see that. She’s always been such an uptight cunt.” She downed another gulp of juice.

The speaker crackled, and a woman’s voice spoke. “Faye Glover!”

A brunette on the other couch started sobbing as she walked towards the back door.

“Yeah. But, that’s okay, my boyfriend has already vowed to avenge me.”


“Before they confiscated my phone, he told me when Termination Day comes up for guys, he’s going to show that Miss Hamilton. Then we can be reunited in the afterlife.”

“You think he’s going to murder her or just rape her tight little bitchy cunt?”

“Both. Miss Hamilton might be a bitchy little cunt, but she’s a sexy bitchy little cunt. I know I’d rape her.”

“That ain’t no lie.”

Monica lifted the bottle to her mouth, guzzling orange juice until a few drops remained.

“Jane Glover!” Another brunette, identical to Faye, left the room.

“So, I see you decided to go out topless?”

Monica looked down at her half-naked body. “Haha! Yeah. Actually, this is the reason I’m in here.”

Kelly tilted her head. “You mean, you stripped in class? Or did come out of the showers after P.E. and realized too late that your forgot your clothes.”

She snorted. “Oh, heavens no. I showed up to school like this. Figured it was only matter of time before I ended up in the Office of Termination, so I decided they’d send me here for something people will be talking about for years to come.”

“I’m sure they will be. At least, until Kevin is terminated for raping and murdering Miss Hamilton. Though, I’m surprised I didn’t see you in the halls.”

“Nah. As soon as I got here I went into the boy’s bathroom. I was in there until it was almost lunch time.” Monica had to cover her mouth to suppress a fit of giggles. “I can’t even remember how many got to touch my tits. Even blew six of ’em.” Two guys fucked me, and one gave me this orange juice for letting him stuff my twat. Still feel their semen dripping from my twat."

Instinctively, Kelly slipped her hand into Monica’s underwear and fingered her pussy. When her hand emerged, a stringy mixture of semen and cunt juices dripped from her index and middle fingers. She stuck her index finger in her mouth, slurping loudly as she swallowed her friend’s tasty treat. Monica giggled as Kelly’s tongue licked at her finger until the taste of sex juices were gone.

“How’s it taste?”

“Fucking delicious!” She then stuck her middle finger in her mouth, cleaning it as she did her index.

“So, how did you get caught? I guess one of the boys snitched, or a teacher walked in.”

“Surprisingly, no. I eventually got bored and went to class. Mister Conway was practically stuttering as he sent me to the Office of Termination.”

Kelly finished licking her middle finger, then whimpered when the taste was gone.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance to do?”

“What’s that?”

“Eat out another chick.”

“You offering?”

“Uh huh.” Kelly nodded.

“Monica Natsui!”

“Ah, goddamnit!” Monica and Kelly shouted in unison.

“Well, gotta pass on your offer, unfortunately.” She lifted herself up and headed for the door.

“Would you have accepted if they hadn’t called you back?”

Monica looked back and sighed. “Yup.” Then she disappeared into the other room. Kelly was left alone with the receptionist and a petite black girl.

“So…,” Kelly said as she looked at her companion.

“Sorry, I’m not into girls,” the black girl said.

“Fair enough,” Kelly responded as she sat back in the couch.

After a few seconds of boredom, and with mere minutes to live, Kelly slipped her fingers into her jeans and started rubbing her pussy. She started slowly, and allowed herself to delve into fantasy.

“Alicia Brooks!”

The black girl shuddered. Her sobs filled the room until she too disappeared into the other room.

Kelly began masturbating more frantically, eager to reach the last orgasm of her life before it was too late. She was moaning loudly, though the only other person in the room was completely unfazed by this. Finally, Kelly screamed, and kicked out wildly. The pleasure of her last orgasm spread throughout her body and consumed her. Her hand emerged from her pants, sexual fluids once again dripping from her fingers.

A new girl, brown bushy hair, black polo and blue checkered skirt, was standing at the front door, staring at Kelly with a smirk on her face. She was clearly trying hard not to snicker. Apparently, Kelly was too engrossed in her fantasy to hear the door open.

“Hey, I was bored.” Kelly proceeded to lick her own sticky treat from her fingers.

“I’ll bet. Guess I know what to do with my remaining time.”

She approached the receptionist and introduced herself as a freshman named “Wednesday Little.”

“Kelly Smith!” The intercom lady called.

“Well, guess it’s my time.”

Kelly stopped before entering the door, and removed her top. Her tits plopped down as she lifted her sweatshirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. “It was getting a little too hot.”

The next room was a small concrete chamber, with several nozzles and hoses hanging from the ceiling, and a large drain in the center. The nude corpses of Faye, Jane, Monica, Alicia, and two unknown girls, were stacked on a cart. Blood caked their lips, and poured down the sides of their cheeks. The clothes they wore were piled into a bin; Kelly could see Monica’s underwear, now featuring a large yellow stain around the crotch.

A man stood next to the drain, watching her enter. His outfit consisted of a plain white polo shirt covered by a blood-stained apron, and beige pants. He clutched a nail gun in his right hand.

“Good afternoon Miss Smith. Any last requests before we get on with this?”

Kelly nodded. “I just want to get it over with. I hate waiting.”

“Very well, then. Open your mouth and I will send you to your maker.”

She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes as the executioner pressed the nail gun against her lips. Kelly’s eyes closed as she felt a warm sensation in her pants, which quickly streamed down her thighs. He fired, sending a nail through the roof of her mouth to be lodged in her brain. Kelly’s twitching body hit the floor, with bloods gushing from her mouth.

The executioner immediately went to work undressing Kelly’s corpse. Her flip-flops and piss-soaked jeans ended up in the bin with the remaining clothes. Once her body was thoroughly rinsed off, Kelly was tossed onto the cart with her friend.

The executions were briefly paused while he moved the corpses to a freezer, adjacent to the execution chamber. The cart returned, empty and ready for fresh victims. Wednesday Little was called minutes later, to begin filling it again.
R: 160 / I: 12

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition

I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…
R: 31 / I: 0

Rosie gets in a stew (loli, cann, cons)

A simple Sidney's story - enjoy! :-)

Pt 1

“Are you going to have some of me?” Rosie asked for at least the eighth time, bouncing with excitement in the back of her parent’s car. She has wanted to come naked and ready to cook but her mum had insisted she at least be decent in case they had to stop for petrol along the way or got pulled over, not to mention avoiding funny looks from other drivers and pedestrians along the way. The eight year old had compromised by agreeing to wear a bikini – the one she had got on holiday when the family’s luggage got misdirected. It was lemon yellow with skimpy bottoms and a top designed to look like two fishes swimming towards each other across her chest. Her dad had thought it was a little too daring for a girl of her age but her mum had pointed out that there had been very little else and the alternative was skinny-dipping! Even so, once the family had finally been reunited with their belongings, Rosie’s parents had insisted she use the far more conservative swimsuit she had brought with her. Although she would have preferred not to be wearing anything at all, Rosie was quite pleased to have another chance to wear the fishy bikini, as she called it.

“We’ll try, we promise!” Her dad chuckled, amused rather than irritated at having to answer the question for the umpteenth time – it was nice to see his young daughter so excited and enthusiastic. “But you know we sold you to be served to the public, it’s not like we can order you specifically.”

“I know,” Rosie sighed, looking out the window and hoping they were getting close, “I’d just love you to get a taste of me!”

“We know, sweetie.” Her mum smiled warmly at her over her shoulder. “And we will try, I promise! We’ve got our table booked and we’ll try to wait for you. We just don’t know exactly when they’re going to bring you out. It depends how busy they are.”

“Yeah, I know.” Rosie said again, hoping that the restaurant was going to be busy that night and full of hungry customers all in the mood for girl stew so she would not have to wait too long to start cooking. At her health check earlier in the week, the assistant who had been dealing with her explained that her body-type was best suited to the stew pot as she was quite slim and boiling was the best way to make the most of her meat. Rosie had happily agreed, feeling that the stew pot was the most fun part of the carvery anyway, for the meat-girl at least, as she would get to sit in the slowly-heating pot serving portions of her predecessors to the diners and chatting with them, all the while adding her own flavour to the mix until she passed out and got chopped up, ready for the next girl to ladle out.

The days in between the orientation session and now had taken what felt like months to pass but the day was finally here – Rosie was on her way to Sidney’s Family Restaurant to be cooked and eaten! When her parents had first agreed that she could sign up, she had thought of putting herself on the private menu so a family or group of friends could choose to order her but she knew that could take weeks or even months before she got picked and Rosie did not think she could wait that long so had agreed to be part of the public carvery where three girls were always cooking in the public area – one on a spit, one in the oven and one, as she would be, in the stew pot!

“Well, we’re here!” Her dad grinned, pulling up in the designated drop-off area right in front of the doors. “Good luck and hopefully I’ll see you in my bowl later!” Rosie clambered over the drivers’ seat to give her dad a quick goodbye kiss before leaping from the car and heading towards the doors with her mum following close behind, struggling to keep up with the over-excited little girl.

The lobby of the restaurant had been very exciting and interesting on her first visit but now it felt like old news and she was eager to get down to business. Before she was half way across the floor on her way to the reception desk, Rosie’s bikini top was off and by the time her mum caught up with her at the reception desk, she was wriggling out of the bottoms, much to the amusement of the young woman at the desk.

“Table for two?” she asked teasingly. “Would you like to see a menu?”

“No!” Rosie practically shrieked. “I’m here to be cooked! I’m meat!” The naked little girl stood with her hands on her hips, proudly showing off her smooth and toned young body.

“Ah!” The receptionist nodded sagely. “That would explain the outfit!” Realising that she was joking, Rosie giggled and bunched up the bikini in her hand, ready to give it to her mum who arrived behind her moments later.

“Rosanna Barker.” Her mum supplied the name, followed by her date of birth.

“Ah yes, I’ve got you.” The woman smiled, looking up Rosie’s details on the computer. “You’re expected and I can see you’re ready,” she chuckled, looking at the naked little girl, “so you can go straight through. Just wait through those doors,” she pointed to the same locker-room style waiting area where Rosie had undressed when she came for her orientation and assessment, “and someone will come to collect you shortly.”

“Here you go!” Rosie thrust the yellow tangle that had been her bikini into her mum’s hand and gave her a tight hug. Warmed by her little daughter’s happiness and enthusiasm, her mum leant down to give her a kiss and a playful pat on her bare behind before the naked little girl skipped happily off towards the swing-doors that led to the waiting room.

“My husband and I have a reservation for seven o’clock?” she checked with the receptionist who confirmed the reservation on her computer. “Lovely. We’re hoping we’ll be able to see Rosie cook and get a taste of her?”

“I’ll put a note on her file.” The woman smiled. “It’s a fairly common request with carvery girls. We can’t promise but we will of course try our best.”

“Oh, I know.” Rosie’s mum smiled. “It’s just that she’s been so excited and insistent, I promised we’d try!”

“Trust me, I can relate!” the woman chuckled. “So we’ll see you around ten minutes to seven tonight and we’ll have a table waiting for you, close to the public cooking area if possible.”

“Lovely!” Rosie’s mum thanked the receptionist while shoving the discarded bikini into her handbag. “See you later!”

In the waiting room, Rosie was sitting alone on one of the wooden benches, wondering if any other girls would arrive before someone came to take her through to the kitchen. She hoped they weren’t going to make her wait there until it was time to start cooking – it was not cold but the benches were hard, especially with a bare butt, and it was kinda boring. When she had come for her tests and assessment, there had been two other girls already there and another three had arrived before they were all collected and taken for processing so she had never spent any time in this room alone.

Looking around, the room struck Rosie as a cross between a swimming pool changing room and a doctor’s waiting room, which she supposed it technically was. There was a TV in the corner turned to a channel popular with children and young teens and there were a number of magazines scattered around – slightly newer and more interesting than the ones at the doctor’s but only just! She picked one up and flicked through it idly but none of the articles caught her attention.

In preparation for being cooked, Rosie had asked her mum to tie her shoulder-length, dark brown hair into a number of neat braids, each one finished with a different brightly-coloured band. She said and fiddled with the end of one while she waited for something to happen.

It was a great relief to Rosie when the doors swung open and another girl came in, followed by her mum. After a brief hello to Rosie, the girl, a blonde about her own age but with a little more meat on her bones, started to undress, handing each garment to her mum as she removed it. While Rosie had arrived in nothing but the string bikini, this newcomer seemed to have dressed as if she were going to a party, in a silver dress with spaghetti straps over a pink bra and panties set, even ‘though she had no more need for a bra than Rosie did. Once she was completely nude, she kissed her mum and assured her that it was okay for her to leave.

“Hey.” The chubby blonde smiled, sitting down next to Rosie once they were alone. “I’m Emma.”

“Rosie.” Rosie replied. “Has someone ordered you or are you going in the carvery?”

“Carvery!” Emma grinned. “I’m really excited!”

“Hey me too!” Rosie was delighted to have someone to chat to – especially someone who might understand the way she was feeling. “I’m going in the stew pot. What about you?”

“In the over, they told me.” Emma replied, giving Rosie’s lithe body an appraising look. “They said it was the best choice for my body.”

“Yeah I can see that.” Rosie agreed. “So you’re gonna get stuffing shoved up your butt and in your pussy?”

“Yeah!” Emma laughed. “Don’t know how that’s going to feel! Probably less uncomfortable than the spit anyway!”

“I don’t know,” Rosie chuckled, “I quite fancied the spit but I’m a bit too skinny. Happy with the stew ‘though as it means I get to chat to diners while I’m cooking!”

“That does sound kinda fun!” agreed Emma. “So if you’re going on the pot and I’m in the oven, I wonder who’s going on the spit?”

As if on cue, the doors opened again and another girl walked in alone, a small backpack over her shoulder. She looked to be about the same age as the first two girls with long brown hair in a loose ponytail and cute freckles across her nose and cheeks. She was dressed simply in a t-shirt and shorts with a blue baseball cap and trainers. She looked as if she might have come straight from a sports session of some kind.

“Hey!” The new arrival grinned, seeing the two naked girls sat waiting. “I guess I’m in the right place?” Her joke broke the ice and the others introduced themselves. “I’m Bobbi, with an I!” She grinned. “Looks like I’m a little over-dressed?” She quickly stripped off her t-shirt and shorts shorts. Underneath she wore a boyish under-vest and a pair of simple black underpants which she also removed in short order, shoving everything into her bag as she did so.

“I think you forgot something!” Rosie pointed out with a giggle as Bobbi sat down next to them, apparently satisfied that she had stripped completely.

“What? My bag?” Bobbi looked puzzled. “My mum’s coming for it later. They said they’d stick it behind reception when I got through to the kitchen. I’m going on the spit by the way!”

“That’s great!” Emma chuckled, having noticed the issue at exactly the same time that Rosie had. “But won’t those melt?” She looked pointedly at their new friend’s feet that were still clad in slightly muddy trainers and sports socks!

“Oops!” The otherwise naked girl laughed, pulling the trainers off without bothering to untie the laces and shoving them into her bag on top of her other clothes. “Glad you spotted that, could have been embarrassing! Sorry,” she explained, “I’m kinda tired. My rounders team had a big game this afternoon and I didn’t want to let them down so I played before coming here.”

“Oh wow!” Rosie exclaimed, genuinely impressed, “That’s commitment! How did it go?”

“We won!” Bobbi grinned proudly. “I was the star player!” She looked uneasy for a moment and sniffed briefly at her own armpit. “They do have showers here, right? The game over-ran a bit and I didn’t have time to rinse off before I came!”

“I’m pretty sure we get scrubbed pretty thoroughly before they cook us!” Rosie assured her, grinning at the thought.

“Well that’s a relief!” Bobbi laughed good-naturedly. “For me and whoever’s gonna eat me!”

“Okay, girls!” The other set of doors, the ones that led into the kitchen, opened and a cheery looking woman in the blue polo-shirt of the kitchen staff burst in. “Great to see you’re all here! Now, who’s ready to be delicious?”
R: 4 / I: 0

A Birthday to Remember (Cons, Cannibalism, Incest, Father/Daughter, Light Watersports)

A Birthday to Remember

The man was gently roused from his slumber by the familiar sensation of a mouth around his cock. As he laid there, blinking away his drowsiness and enjoying his morning blowjob, it dawned on him that the techniques he was experiencing and the quiet moans he was hearing did not belong to the maid that was on today's morning duty. Looking down to identify his mystery guest, he recognized the familiar head of his daughter, topped by a white headpiece, her two high brown pigtails bobbing on either side. She looked up and made eye contact, smiling around his cock, before speeding up her actions. The man didn't know why his daughter was dressed up as a maid, and he didn't know why she was performing the maid's morning duties, but he decided to just lay back and enjoy. It only took a couple minutes under her practiced tongue before the man was ready to blow. He reached down and put one hand on the back of her head, gently encouraging her to take him all the way in. She did just that, running her tongue lovingly around the base of his cock as she coaxed his first load of the day down her throat.

Relaxing, the man lifted his hand. Now free, his daughter bounded to her feet. Seeing the inquisitory look on her father's face she grinned.

"Happy birthday Daddy!" she said. "Today I'm your personal maid!"

She hopped back from the bed a step and slowly spun in place, showing off her outfit. She was wearing one of the several different designs the man had selected for his staff. She wore a frilly short black skirt with white trim, partially covered by a small white apron. The top was a matching tiny white tube top, with black trim and a small black bow in the center, it hugged her slim chest snugly, the outline of her nipples visible if you looked closely. Her pretty pale stomach was left bare. She had on frilly white stockings that ended a couple of inches below the skirt, held up by black elastic woven through the tops. She had medium height black heels. Her wrists were covered by black and white cuffs, and, as he had noticed earlier, a white headpiece sat atop her head between her high pigtails. Lastly she wore the maid's collar, a thick iron ring, lined on the inside with soft black cloth, a single chain link dangling from its center.

"Do you like your present Daddy?" she asked, leaning forward slightly, hands clasped behind her back, emphasizing the slight swell of her chest.

"I do indeed." he said. "But today I'm 'Master' not 'Daddy', and if you're going to be my personal maid all day I hope you don't intent to shirk any of your duties."

"Of course not Master." she said, crawling back into his bed and latching her mouth back onto his now flaccid dick.

"Make sure not to spill a drop." he said, relaxing his bladder.

She drank it all down, a slight grimace on her face, careful not to spill a single drop.

Several minutes later the man was seated at the breakfast table. Laid out in front of him was a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and a glass of milk. It was simpler than his usual fare, but since his daughter had made it for him personally he didn't mind. He usually enjoyed a second blowjob at breakfast and without prompting his daughter crawled beneath the table and took his member in her mouth. He had finished around half the meal before he felt his orgasm approaching. He grabbed a pigtail in each hand and pulled hard, jamming his dick as far down her throat as it would go. It took longer for her to bring him to orgasm the second time, the movements of her tongue becoming desperate in her attempt to finish him off and get access to air. He released her as soon as the last rope was shot down her throat, and in her haste she hit her head on the bottom of the table, spilling the still half full glass of milk.

"Go get a rag and clean that up." the man commanded his daughter, who was sitting with her legs splayed on the floor, coughing and rubbing the back of her head.

"Yes master, sorry master." she apologized, running off to get a rag.

While the man was eating the rest of his meal his daughter returned and began to wipe up the spill. The man watched his daughter as she bent over the table, ass swaying from side to side as she soaked up the spilled drink with her rag. Commando was the standard for his maids and the contents of her tiny skirt were fully on display.

Neither the man nor his daughter had bothered to put the man's dick away, and while he watched the highly arousing scene it began to swell once more. Without bothering to finish his meal the man stood up, moved behind his daughter, grabbed her hips, and thrust forward. She gasped as he slid deep into her soaked folds. The girl squeaked as her father grabbed one of her wrists, twisting it behind her back and pushing her forcefully down onto the table, right into the puddle of milk. He began to fuck her in earnest and the dining hall was filled with the girls lusty moans and his low grunts. The pair quickly reached climax together, the man shooting his load deep into his daughters womb as she loudly cried out her pleasure.

The man collapsed back into his chair while his daughter lay bonelessly in the puddle of milk, the pair breathing heavy as they collected themselves. Belatedly the man remembered having heard a crashing sound he had been to distracted to process. Looking down he saw that the glass had rolled off the table and shattered on the ground.

"Spilled milk and a broken glass?" the man said. "I hope you didn't assume the duties of a maid believing you'd get special treatment."

The girl pushed herself up and turned around, sitting on the edge of the table. Her white top was now nearly transparent, soaked through with milk, her cute little pink nipples hard as she met her father's eyes. Her eyes were wide as she shivered under his gaze. She wavered a moment, gulped, and opened her mouth.

"Of course not master." she said.

"Good, once you clean up this mess go to the basement and pick out which paddle you think your mistake warrants, I'll meet you there once I've finished my meal."

The girl gulped, nodded, then hopped down from the table, leaving to get a dustpan and broom.


The man entered the basement, the door clicking shut behind him. He had referred to the room as a basement, but aesthetically it was modeled much more like a dungeon. Faux stone siding panels covered the walls, and by default the led lights flickered dimly in their sconces along the wall, emulating torchlight. Implements of torture and worse were scattered around the room, used for punishing errant maids, though occasionally their only error may have been arousing the man's darker nature.

The man hit a switch and the lights brightened and grew steady. The room suddenly felt much less foreboding, the room was still full of the dark implements of torture, but it now had the atmosphere of a modern historical exhibit, describing the atrocities of the past rather than foreshadowing those of the imminent present. Mood was important, but today the man was more interested in seeing his victim clearly then he was in setting the stage.

His daughter was standing next to a chair. With both hands she held a tray, and on the tray sat a leather paddle. The man smiled as he saw which paddle she had chosen. Of the many paddles in his collection it was far from being the most capable of dealing damage, but it also was not one he would recommend for a couple with only a casual interest in the idea of erotic spanking. The black leather tool was around a foot and a half in length with a wide flat striking surface attached to short handle. The flat part was studded every half inch or so with a diamond shaped rivet, the shiny silver metal contrasting starkly against the matte black leather. Yes, the man thought, his daughter had made an excellent choice.

The man walked up to his daughter and picked up the paddle from the tray, never breaking eye contact with the girl. She waved under his gaze, but didn't look away, her face flushed. The man didn't know if she had picked this paddle because she was afraid of incurring harsher punishment if she picked too leniently or if she had picked it because it was the one she genuinely most wanted to be struck by.

The man took a seat on the chair and patted his thigh. The girl laid across his legs and flipped her skirt up onto her back, exposing her bottom bare. The man reached with his off hand between his daughters legs, probing at her lips. She was absolutely dripping. Some of the fluid she leaked was admittedly the cum the man had deposited earlier, but she was clearly quite aroused, probably even more so than she had been back on the dining room table. The man withdrew his hand, fingers dripping with cum and arousal, and stuck his fingers in his daughter's mouth. The girl moaned as she greedily sucked their combined fluid off his digits.

The first strike of the paddle came while she was distracted with her treat. She squealed, accidentally biting down on the fingers in her mouth. The bite wasn't hard enough to break the skin, but it still hurt quite a bit.

"Careful with the teeth. I would threaten harsher punishment, but I suspect that might have the opposite effect, so… just don't bite your master's fingers off." the man commanded.

The girl nodded, closing her eyes as she braced for further impacts.

The man began to rain down strikes, he did not count nor give any other verbal indication of incoming strikes and he didn't establish a steady rhythm. Sometimes he would follow up a strike almost immediately, sometimes he would give the skin several seconds of reprieve before the follow up. Most strikes were on the light side, these serving to set expectations such that the strong strikes stung that much more. The girl lurched forward with each strike, one would assume recoiling from the strike, but the man didn't miss her clitoris dragging along his thigh. As the strikes continued the girls yelps of pain began to tinge with lust, the man's sweatpants nearly soaking through as she smeared her arousal across them. The man could sense she was close and removed his hand from her mouth, placing it on her back, holding her in place and preventing her from lurching forward. She whined as she tried to scoot forward, looking balefully up at her father as she futilely tried to stimulate her clit. The man smiled back at her. It wasn't that he didn't want her to come, but that he wanted her to come from the pain alone. He raised his arm, his muscles tensed, and he brought down the paddle with all the force he could bear. The girl screamed as she came, losing control of her bladder as she spasmed in her father's lap, slumping spent as her scream petered out.

She roused a few minutes later, her father gently stroking her back as she laid across his lap. She met his eyes and he smiled at her.

"Welcome back, once you can stand go fetch me a fresh pair of pants." the man said.

The girl looked down at his absolutely soaked sweatpants and flushed beet red. She hastily tried to stand on wobbling legs but fell on her ass, which was even redder than her face, and let out a shrill yelp. The man threw back his head, laughing joyfully.


The man spent the next few hours leisurely enjoying his day, attended to hand and foot by his maid daughter. After a short walk through the grounds he enjoyed a blowjob while sitting on a concrete bench, his daughter kneeling in the dewy grass. He watched a bit of the news, his daughter bouncing in his lap, wincing every time her bruised backside met his pelvis as he fucked her ass.

Her second strike happened while she was preparing lunch. The man was doing his best to distract her while she worked, fingering her, slapping her raw bottom, and even a bit of cunnilingus while she tried to busy herself around the kitchen. Eventually it worked, an orgasm distracting her long enough that she forgot about the sourdough she had started toasting for sandwiches. She had only just turned off the toaster and opened it to let the smoke air out when her father ordered her to the basement. She opened her mouth, as if to protest that this wasn't a fair strike, but then closed it. She averted her eyes and her face flushed, it seemed she welcomed the excuse for punishment just as much as he did.

In the basement, the man affixed two iron shackles to his daughter's wrists. The chains were attached to winches in the ceiling and the man pulled her up until the girl was standing precariously on just the toes of her heeled shoes, her arms stretched in a Y-shape above her. The man retrieved a whip from where it hung on the wall, moving into position behind his daughter and letting the whip unfurl to the floor. He stayed like that for a long moment, his daughter shaking with anticipation.

A loud crack was immediately followed by an anguished cry, the girl almost losing her footing, an angry red welt now visible on her back. The man continued, the same way he had done the paddling, with no consistent force or rhythm. Welt after welt bloomed on the girls back, her tube top tearing with each strike that hit it until it fluttered to the ground. Rivulets of blood began to run down the girls back, dying the white trim of her skirt. She had completely lost her footing, nearly her entire weight now hanging on her wrists. The man had planned to pause after a while, to stick a vibrator in her to mix in pleasure with her pain until they became indistinguishable, to turn it off just before she came and to bring her to climax from just the business side of the whip. This proved unnecessary however, her anguished cries becoming more tinged with pleasure with every strike, her arousal dripping quite evidently onto the floor without any added genital stimulation. The man was amazed at how magnificent and sexy a pain slut his daughter had become in just a single day.

It seemed his daughter was on the brink of orgasm, and so the man brought the whip down hard, perpendicular across several welts that had already split and begun to bleed. The girl let out a harrowing wail, screaming out her agony and ecstasy. She lost control of her bladder, urine streaming from under her skirt to the concrete floor. Her scream became strained and her voice failed, and after a few more seconds of the overwhelming sensation wracking her body she went slack in her bonds, the basement silent save for the sound of urine splashing against the ground.

The man gently lowered his daughter to the ground with the winch controls. He unshackled her wrists then grabbed a first aid kit. He disinfected the wounds on her back and then dressed them, bandage wrappings encircling her torso. His hands roamed the slight swell of her chest much more than was necessary and the nipple tweaking hadn't been necessary at all, but he got the job done and he did it adeptly. He applied some ointment to her chafed wrists, adjusting her cuffs to cover the damage. He wiped off the sweat, blood, and piss then gently carried her unconscious form to the living room. He laid her on her stomach, her head resting on his lap. Between her ass and her back she'd be sleeping on her front for weeks. The man cracked open a book, settling in, idly stroking his daughter head while he read, waiting for his birthday present to awaken.


"Daddy?" a weak voice asked blearily, about twenty minutes later.

The man looked down to see unfocused eyes looking up at him. He smiled back.

She shook her head side to side and suddenly stiffened.

"Ahh! I mean Master!" she said bolting upright.

"Ahh!" she cried as she put weight on her wounded posterior.

She bounded to her feet, for a moment it seemed she was about to fall back over, but she somehow managed to find her footing.

"Relax, don't worry about it baby girl." the man said, smiling and patting her head from where he sat.


Lunch preparations were resumed and eaten. The rest of the afternoon and then dinner passing without major incident, the man continuing to leisurely enjoy his day and his daughter. The red sky outside the window was steadily dimming, and the man sat sprawled on couch. His daughter lay lengthwise across the couch, her head in his lap. She had her mouth around his rapidly deflating dick, cleaning him off after having just blown him as he watched some evening television. When she finished she let the dick drop from her mouth and laid her head on her father's thigh. The pair stayed like this, the man gently stroking his daughter's head, until the episode finished.

The man turned off the tv, just sitting their for several minutes, his daughter's warm breath tickling his thigh.

"Thank you." the man said. "I don't think I've enjoyed a birthday like this since I was your age, maybe not even then."

The girl twisted around to look up at him and smiled.

"You're welcome Da-, Master." she replied.

"I know it's a little early, but I think it's about time for me to head to bed, I haven't fucked like this since college, and your dad was a lot more fit back then." He said, poking his stomach with chuckle.

The girl looked up at him, expression a little forlorn. The man could guess what was bothering her. He smiled and patted her head.

"Tomorrow you'll be back to just being my daughter, but I'm sure we'll be fucking even more than before, and now that we've both had a taste I'm sure we'll find an excuse to get you in the basement every now and then too." the man chuckled.

She didn't respond, her face screwing up into a deeply contemplative expression, the girl apparently thinking very hard about something. A full body shiver went up her body and her face relaxed for a moment before hardening into an expression of determination. A tremble of her lip and eyebrows belied her nerves, but whatever she had been thinking about, it seemed she had reached a decision.

She pushed herself up from the couch, wincing as her back tightened. She walked over to the entrance to the hall and turned around to face her father. The man admired his beautiful daughter as she stood there, seemingly working up to say or do something, her hard nipples quite plain to see through the bandages wrapping her chest. The man said nothing, patiently waiting for his daughter to gather her nerves.

She took a deep breath and reached her hand out to her side, resting her palm on the side of an expensive vase sitting on a pedestal. A long moment passed, father and daughter staring at each other with bated breath, and then she pushed.

The vase fell to the ground and shattered. The third strike.

The man rose from the couch. He thought he was completely tapped out, that he'd need one, maybe even two, full nights rest before he would even think about seeking relief from a maid, but as he followed his daughter out of the room he felt his blood begin to rush and he began to stiffen once more.

There was many different ways that the man liked to punish his errant maids. Generally, each subsequent strike was met with a harsher punishment than the last, but beyond simply being the harshest of all the third strike also had a defining theme. The third strike, the point at which a maid has thoroughly demonstrated that she no longer had any redeeming value as an employee of this household. She has proven herself so incompetent that her only remaining value was that of the meat on her bones.


The pair arrived at the kitchen and the girl began to disrobe. She winced as the bandages she was unwinding stuck to her wounds. She then slowly removed her clothes, not so suggestively as to be a strip tease, but definitely with the appreciation of her audience in mind. She folded her scant uniform neatly, placing it on a counter, and tossed her bandages into a waste bin. She then busied herself about the kitchen, preparing the necessary implements. The man watched as her naked body rushed to and fro, taking a brief moment to disrobe himself, throbbing erection pointing sky high.

She briefly washed herself in the large sink basin, suppressing a strangled cry as she gingerly rinsed her back. She dried off, than walked to the center of the kitchen where she hopped up onto the island, squeaking as her battered ass landed on the chilly steel. She stared at her father, shivering as she waited.

He approached. He draped one arm across her shoulders, steadying her trembling body as he lent her back. With the other he grabbed the knife his daughter had prepared and lined it up just below her sternum.

The girl stared transfixed at the knife, nearly hyperventilating, her nipples dancing mesmerisingly through the air as her chest heaved.

"We don't have to go any further than this. You've already made this day more special than I could have ever imagined." the man said, speaking the first words between the pair since she had pushed over the vase.

She looked up from the knife, gazing deep into her father's eyes, her breathing calming slightly as she stared for a long moment.

"Do it daddy." she said.

The man plunged the knife forward, leaning down and preemptively cutting off the girls scream with a kiss as her eye's went wide.

The man pulled back when he tasted blood. The girl heaved, bloody spittle spraying down her front. The man began to saw the knife downward, careful not to cut too deep, easily parting her abdominal muscles, bisecting her belly button and ending a few inches above her pubic bone. The girl mouth was opened as if she was screaming, but no noise came out, the shock stunning her. The man pulled the girl open, exposing her insides, and then began to remove the contents, plopping them into buckets, separating the useful bits from the waste. He moved with deft, practiced motions, but also with a edge of frenzy, his face looking like that of a madman and his erection throbbing visibly as he cut connections and removed organs.

The girl was starting to become visibly paler, save for her face which remained as flushed as ever. It seemed that she had become somewhat accustomed to the level of pain and her hand snaked its way toward her clit. She withdrew most of it with a sudden yelp, her father had swiped at it with the knife, sending half of a pinky finger flying away. She pouted at her father to which he replied with a crazed grin and grabbed his dick.

It seemed that everything that could be removed without triggering a premature death had been, and the man lined up his cock with his daughters pussy. There was a short pause of bated breath as the pair stared into each others eyes, but they didn't have time to waste and the man plunged forward.

The girl moaned and gasped in pain and pleasure as her father fucked her. The experience was rather different without the girl's organs providing internal pressure and holding everything in place, and the man seemed to find the sensation less than satisfying. He grabbed the girls hand, and thrust into the girls abdomen, wrapping it around the outside of her vaginal tube. She quickly understood his intent, and the man withdrew his hand, enjoying the novelty of his daughter's combined fuck/hand-job.

The man was close and could sense his daughter was too. He stuck a cutting board under the shoulder of the girl's unoccupied arm and grabbed a large cleaver, waiting for the right moment. He brought down the cleaver just as his daughter's orgasmic cry was starting to build, her arm falling limply to the counter. Her orgasmic cry became an orgasmic scream, her eye's shot wide and her entire body seized, including what vaginal muscles still could, as well as her fist. The man felt he might nearly be crushed as his daughter's hand squeezed their combined genitals, and he began to cum as well, cum shooting through the girl's cervix and landing on her excavated insides, her womb having already been removed.

The man was still rock hard, he had never been this aroused in his entire life, even when he was a young boy full to the brim of hormones and with his free pick of the ladies. He resumed thrusting his hips, gritting his teeth and powering through his post orgasm oversensitivy. His daughter was losing blood fast and he had no time to spare.

He quickly moved the cutting board to her other shoulder and hewed her remaining arm from her body. She came again, raw, impassioned scream echoing through the kitchen. The man roughly grabbed her torso and rotated her onto her side, one leg dangling between his and one resting on his shoulder as he fucked her. He grabbed a saw a began feverishly sawing at her leg. He quickly realized it would be easy to injure himself when he cut through and looked about for a solution. He grabbed a baking sheet and jammed it between his daughter's leg and his lower body, one arm holding her leg tightly to him, keeping both it and the baking sheet in place, and with the other he began sawing with renewed vigor. His daughter howled in euphoric bliss as he sawed, only stopping to finally breath in when the limb finally fell to the ground, saw clanging against the baking sheet. The man quickly flipped her over, repeating the process on her last remaining limb, the man spraying his seed inside her one last time as it too fell from her body.

The two parted, breathing heavily and staring lovingly at each other. The girl's face was ashen, her excitement no longer able to overcome her rapid blood loss.

The man grabbed a long thin knife and once more positioned the girl as they had started, with her leaning on his shoulder while he aimed a knife at her.

"Thank you, this has been the most amazing birthday, I will never forget it as long as I live." the man said.

"You're welcome, and thank you Daddy." the girl replied with a weak smile.

The man leaned down, joining their lips in a kiss as he slid the knife between her ribs and into her heart. Through their joined lips her felt her shudder for a moment, and then still. He sunk to the floor, sitting their for several minutes, holding his daughter's limbless torso tightly to his own.

Eventually he rose. He had never blown his load so many times in one day and he was starting to feel quite chafed, but he was still at least half hard and knew he would regret it if he didn't indulge one final time in his daughter's body. He spent several minutes enjoying all three of her holes before shooting his final offering of gratitude through her cervix and onto her abdominal walls.

The man began to butcher his daughter's carcass. Usually once the game was dead and he had had his fun he would leave the rest of the butchering to one of his maids, but he felt he owed it to his daughter and so he dusted off his rusted skills and got to work. In short order his daughter's body was reduced to cuts of meat and packaged for storage. He was exhausted and it was late but the man delayed rest once more to cook and enjoy a couple strips of bacon and a small portion of her womb.

He polished off the simple snack, feeling it was more delicious than the most gourmet meal he had ever eaten.

As he left the room he passed a maid standing near the entrance holding a mop and bucket in hand. The maids had stayed in the periphery most of the day, leaving the man's daughter to handle the more personal maidly duties, but that policy seemed to have expired when his daughter had.

The man took a brief shower, washing the blood off. As the cool water rained down on his head and shoulders the man thought about the day's events. The man had found his daughter supremely sexy for quite some time, and he had always enjoyed her company, both sexually and platonically. He had also long enjoyed doing terribly destructive things to women, especially when they were as eager and aroused by the experience as he was. It had taken him quite by surprise though just how much more he had been turned on by combining the two, torturing and killing a girl he loved more deeply than any other, a girl he had raised himself since she was just a babe. He found it extremely regrettable that he had only ever had the one child, her mother dying a little more than a year after she was born. Over the years he had gotten a few of his maids pregnant. He had enjoyed the fresh milk and the novelty of their round bellies while it lasted, but somehow it seemed each and every one of them had managed to accrue a third strike before ever having a chance to give birth. That, the man thought to himself as he toweled himself dry, was a policy he would have to re-think.
R: 92 / I: 0

Polkan's Paradise of Pleasure (M/F young consensual snuff)

More to come :-)

Pt 1

“Um, Sir?” The nervous young secretary opened the door to Bova Polkan’s office. Russia’s most successful avant garde artist, the popular and charismatic billionaire has come to Great Britain to create what promised to be his greatest work of art - “Polkan’s Paradise of Pleasures”, a sculpture garden dedicated to the beauty of youth and all the pleasures of life. What made his particular project unique among other such installations was the process by which his sculptures were created.

“What is it?” Polkan looked up from the brochure on his desk – a proof copy sent by the printers for the promotional material he planned to send out to potential investors and contributors. “I’m rather busy.”

“Mrs Lomax is here and she wants to speak to you.” Polkan sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Can you tell her I’m in a meeting or something?” He asked, fluttering his eyelashes comically at the young secretary, putting her a little more at her ease. “I really don’t feel like dealing with her today!”

“I don’t know.” The secretary made an anxious face. “She seems pretty pissed!”

“Well tell her…” but the secretary never got to hear what her employer wanted her to tell the angry woman as, at that moment, Karen Lomax stormed past her, shoving her out of the way so firmly that she would have ended up on the floor if the large potted plant had not been there to break her fall.

“What the fuck is that monstrosity?!” Karen slammed her hands, palms down, so hard on Polkan’s desk that his pens and coffee mugs rattled.

“Hello, Mrs Lomax.” Polkan leaned back in his chair and smiled politely. “How delightful to see you again. What can I do for you?”

“You can explain why you turned my beautiful babies into that… that THING out there!”

“You don’t like the new exhibit?” Polkan asked innocently. “It’s proving very popular. From what I can see online it’s quickly becoming one of the most photographed installations in the garden and everyone seems to respond very positively towards it.” He tried his best not to smirk at the increasing fury on the woman’s red face. “People seem to think it really captures the positive side of life with siblings!”

“I gave you my babies in good faith!” the woman screamed in his face, treating him to a shower of spittle as she did so. “And you turn them into THAT!”

“You sold me your children for a good price.” Polkan reminded her. “And I did tell you in advance the name of the piece.”

“You told me it would be called ‘The Joy of Siblings’!”

“As indeed it is. Are you telling me they don’t appear joyful?”

“How could you force my innocent babies to participate in that… that FILTH?!”

“Mrs Lomax.” Polkan leant forward, his voice taking on a slightly more serious tone. “You have witness the process by which my statues are created. You know that your children needed to hold that pose for up to four minutes. Do you really think they would have been able to do so if they were not happy with it? If they were not enjoying themselves?”

“You turned my babies into pornography!”

“Your children and I collaborated to create art.” He reminded her, firmly. “Art which is proving very popular with the public. You should be very proud of them.” Neither spoke for a few moments. Eventually, Karen Lomax realised that her glare which had reduced so many sales assistants and their managers to quivering jelly was not going to have any effect on this Russian artist.

“Fine!” She stood up straight, trying to salvage a little of her dignity in the face of this defeat. “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!”

“I shall look forward to it.” Polkan smiled sweetly. “I’m sure someone with his or her professional interests will admire how iron-clad your our contract it. Good day, Mrs Lomax.” Karen seemed for a moment as if she was attempting to shoot lasers from her eyes to obliterate Polkan but, after a few tense seconds, she huffed, turned on her heel and marched out of the office, slamming the door behind her so hard the glass rattled.

“Mel, can you come in here a moment, please?” Polkan spoke into the intercom. The young secretary stuck her head round the door nervously again. “I could use a coffee.” Polkan took out his wallet and handed her a fairly large note. “I think I need one after dealing with her. Get one for yourself too, and a snack if you want one, oh and Mel?” She took the note and smiled at him gratefully, he was certainly not a bad person to be working for, “No hurry. Take your time.”


“Thank you for coming by, Mrs Lomax.” Bova Polkan smiled, welcoming the tall, smartly-dressed woman into his office. “As you can see, my garden is still very much a work in progress but the public response so far has been very positive.”

“Oh yes!” Mrs Lomax gushed, “I saw two or three of your sculptures on the way in and I must say that they were stunning. After I read about your project I just knew that my babies would be perfect for you.” Polkan sat down behind his desk and invited her to take a seat. “I enrolled them all in drama and dance classes from the age of four so they’re all in great physical shape and natural performers!”

“I’m sure they are.” Polkan smiled. “Obviously we have lots of applicants for this very unique form of immortality but I’m always excited to hear from new contenders and I think I have just the project in mind for your children. Did you bring the photographs I asked for?”

“I certainly did!” Karen Lomax proudly pulled a large manilla envelope from her purse and handed it to him. Inside were five A4 glossy prints, three of which were close-ups of her children’s faces and the remaining two showed the three siblings lined up naked against an outside wall, front and back views. On the back of the head-shots were the names, ages and some general stats about the children.

Polkan browsed the head-shots then paid particular interest to the full-body nudes as these would give him the best idea of what he might be working with. The children were stood in relaxed poses and all flashing well-practised smiles at the camera.

In the middle was a girl of twelve with long dark hair, trim figure and just the first hint of breasts protruding proudly from her chest. She stood with one hand by her side and the other on her hip which had a distinctly feminine curve. A small patch of dark pubic hair adorned her mound but otherwise her genitalia still looked like that of a little girl.

To her right stood a boy of fourteen. His hair was dark like his sisters but curly, with a certain cultivated unruliness which made him look as if he belonged in a boy-band. He was reasonably well-endowed for his age and sported far more hair than his sister but it had not yet spread to the rest of his body. his figure was toned like a dancer. He was stood with his hands behind his back, looking a little shy but generally relaxed.

On the left was the smallest sibling – a girl of eight. Her hair was lighter than the older two, closer to that of her mother’s dirty blonde. She was grinning broadly at the camera, hands by her side and flat chest thrust forwards. No signs of puberty were yet evident on her body which, like her siblings’ , was toned and athletic. Polkan took a brief glance at the rear view picture but it was much as he expected.

“You have a very beautiful family!” Polkan smiled warmly. “I’m sure I can create a truly stunning work with them! Are you familiar with my process?”

“I am.” Karen nodded. “I read your article.”

“Ah, splendid!” Polkan slipped the photographs into the top left-hand drawer of his desk. “And your children also understand how my sculptures are created?”

“They do!” Karen assured him. “They think it sounds like fun!”

“Well that’s marvellous!” Polkan slid his chair back and stood up. “I actually have three new works in production this morning, all at different stages. Perhaps you would like to come and see so you can witness the whole process for yourself?”

Mrs Lomax happily agreed and Polkan led her out of the office and through the park towards the studio where the works were created. Along the way, he pointed out a few of his favourite works.

“This one is called the Joy of Surprises.” He pointed to a bronze sculpture of a naked little girl, around four or five years old, kneeling in front of a newly-opened gift box and squealing in delight at what was inside.

“But the box is empty?” Karen observed, peering in with curiosity. “What was the surprise supposed to be?”

“That’s rather the point.” explained Polkan. “The idea is that the viewer looks at the delight on her face and imagines whatever gift would provoke such feelings in them. Perhaps it is a puppy? Or a special toy? Or maybe just a photo of a loved-one they’ve not seen in a very long time. It’s all down to interpretation.” They walked a little further, past other statues, until they saw one depicting a young couple, maybe fifteen years old, sharing a passionate kiss. The girl’s hand had a firm grip on the boy’s erect penis. “This one is called the Joy of Love.” Polkan informed his guest. “It works on two levels because the pair are clearly lovers yet my subjects were actually twin siblings so it depicts at least two kinds of love at once. Ah!” He smiled as they reached the studio that, from the outside, looked like a rustic barn. “Here we are, where the magic happens!”

A sign on the door indicated that this building was not open to the public and the door was firmly locked. This was no issue for Polkan, of course. He tapped the lock code into the combination pad beside the door and a metallic click indicated that the door was unlocked. He pushed it open and ushered his guest inside.

Although she had not been entirely sure what to expect from a studio where such unconventional sculptures were created, Karen Lomax was certain it had not been this! The inside of the rustic barn more closely resembled a car factory with large vats and industrial machinery. The workers all wore high-vis vests and protective eyewear.

“Oh hey, Mr Polkan!” A man carrying a clipboard who Karen took to be the foreman waved as they came in. “I was just about to call you and ask you to come down. The subjects are ready to pose The Joy of Reading.”

“Ah splendid!” Polkan clasped his hands together in genuine delight. “How’s the Joy of Friendship coming along?”

“Fired and being cleaned, sir.” The foreman reported. “Another ten minutes or so and we should be ready to cast. The Joy of Togetherness is being polished at the moment if you wanted to see it?”

“Oh yes, that would be great!” Polkan smiled. “Mrs Lomax here is considering selling me her three lovely children so I’ve invited her to see the whole process. Let the subjects know I’m here, would you please?”

“Sure thing, Sir.” The Foreman nodded and spoke into his radio.

“Well Mrs Lomax, it looks as if you’re about to get a sneak preview of one of my newest works!” He led her past a rack of wooden discs, tapered at the edges, varying in size from two to five feet across, to the corner where two workers, a man and a woman, were carefully polishing a bronze sculpture depicting two girls around ten years old, naked apart from the flowers in their hair, holding hands with their heads turned to face each other and posed as if they were skipping. The scene brought to mind happy childhood frolics idyllic meadows. Although they were both cast in identical bronze, Mrs Lomax was fairly sure from the girls’ hair and features that one had been black and the other Caucasian.

“It’s very beautiful!” She gushed. “So sweet! What is the one you’re going to be starting today?”

“Bova!” A door opened and two young girls, aged around ten and six, rushed out from a side-room and practically drowned Polkan with hugs and cuddles.

“Hey girls!” He knelt down to kiss each of the affectionately on the cheek. “Are we all ready to make some beautiful art?” Both girls were naked, of course, like all the sculpture subjects. The ten year old had the body and poise of a ballet dancer, with long, straight black hair which was tied back in a pony-tail reaching almost to her bottom and topped with a big, floppy blue bow. Her chest was flat apart from two marble-sized buds behind her pink nipples and she had no body hair. The smaller girl was appealingly chubby and her lighter hair was tied in bunches either side of her head. In response to the question, they both nodded enthusiastically and made the kind of excited squeals only prepubescent girls can make!

“Let’s go get the set ready, shall we?” Polkan suggested and, with an arm around each girl’s shoulders, guided them to a metal platform surrounded on three sides with thick glass sheets mounted in corner posts. Mrs Lomax followed, curious to see how the start of the process worked.

The workers brought out one of the larger wooden discs and placed in on the metal floor to form the base of the finished sculpture. They then set a very picturesque tree stump slightly to the right. Karen expected to see the girls mount the platform then and there and assume their poses but first a worker came over with what looked like a plastic barrel in one hand and the rounded head of a thin hose in the other.

“Okay, who’s first?” The man asked with an affable smile.

“I will!” The older girl put up her hand before stepping forwards.

“Okay, tilt your head back for me as far as it will go,” the man instructed, “and open your mouth.” The girl did as she was told and the man started to feed the hose down her throat. She gagged and spluttered a little but Polkan stood behind her, giving her shoulders a comforting massage, and she managed to tolerate it being pushed a little further. Once it was in, the worker pushed a button on the barrel.

“What’s going on?” Mrs Lomax asked.

“It’s actually a technique used by deep-sea divers.” Polkan explained, “Her lungs are being filled with oxygenated gel so she can go up to fifteen minutes without breathing. Stops the subjects’ faces distorting before the plaster dries as the body tends to go into auto-pilot if starved of oxygen. It was an issue we found with some of our early test-runs. Mrs Lomax nodded. The explanation made perfect sense. Once the first girl’s lungs were filled, her younger co-star received the same treatment. The smaller girl found it a little harder to take the hose down her oesophagus but she managed and soon she too was prepared.

“Right!” Polkan grinned, “Time to get started!”
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Ellen Stories Thread #2

The previous thread had gotten too long, I think (and hope) that was why it got so few comments, so I am starting a new one, we shall see.

Previous stories thread
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Gorgon's Gordon (F/f, Transformation, Petrification)

Babs was beat. She'd been out all night busting the dastardly plans of the city's criminal underbelly. She needed to get out of her tight form-fitting bodysuit and into a hot shower.

She ripped off her cowl and cape with one motion and tossed it in the hamper - her belt following suit.

She then peeled off her gloves off of her sweaty hands and wrists and got a small whiff of the odor from her hard work fighting crime.

Then, using her now naked hands, reached around behind and unzipped the back of her bodysuit. She then used both hands, crossed at the wrists, and grabbed the top of her bodysuit, and started peeling it off her glistening body - the ripe fruit underneath the banana's skin.

She slid her arms out and continued peeling - past her bountiful breasts, her slim waist, and her soft belly and her tight ass.

"Why did I decide to go commando tonight…?" she asked herself as she gently massaged her sore tits. Now half-naked she sighed and took a seat on her bed.

She reached down and peeled off her boots - and was greeted with the even greater stench of damp foot odor. She wiggled her barefoot toes on the floor, then continued taking off the rest of her bodysuit.

She peeled the suit down her milky thighs, past her sculpted knees, and down around her ankles and feet. She nimbly pulled her shapely legs out of the crumpled up suit and planted her feet on the floor next to it.

She leaned her slender body over and grabbed her bodysuit and boots - and too tossed them in the hamper, out of sight.

Now fully nude from head to toe, the redheaded Barbara Gordon gracefully glided over to the bathroom.

She turned the faucet to nice and hot and stepped inside. The steaming water hit her skin and washed away the sweat that glistened her entire body.

"Oh god that feels good…" said Babs to herself as she spun around under the warm shower - letting it hit her back from her shoulder blades down, and then then on her tits. The water pooled up in her cleavage before running down the rest of her torso - some water deciding to ignore gravity and cling to her under-boobs before succumbing.

She put her head underneath and ran her hands through her red hair as the water soaked every strand.

She washed up - tempted a few times when scrubbing around her nether regions to explore deeper… but ultimately deciding she wanted to get to sleep as soon as possible.

She finished up her shower, dried herself up and immediately hopped into bed - still fully naked. She fell asleep almost instantaneously.


Babs stood in a black void, staring into a mirror that was adorned with wrought-iron snakes at the top.

She was in her Batgirl outfit - but only momentarily as the eyes of the serpents atop the mirror glowed. The bodysuit glowed bright hot white and disintegrated - and Babs could feel the heat against her skin of the suit burning off her body.

Babs was now naked in front of the mirror - hypnotized by the serpent's gaze. She lowered her jaw slightly and stared.

Suddenly she became paralyzed in place - standing upright with her hands at her sides.

She couldn't move a muscle. And she started feeling an intense numbness in her feet.

She could still see - and she saw that her feet were now turning to stone…

She was frightened - but also intrigued… And as the effect spread up her legs, past her knees and up her thighs, the numbness turned into a much more pleasurable feeling…

She saw her pussy turn to stone. And as it did, an explosion of orgasmic bliss spread throughout her body - both through her flesh and through what was now turning to stone…

Her arms started turning to stone at her hands, parallel with the effect on her hips. Belly and wrists turned to stone. Elbows and tits. Shoulders and collarbones. And finally her neck and beautiful face - still hypnotized with her lips slightly ajar as they hardened into gray stone.

Her nose, her eyes, and her red hair at the top of her head - all turned to stone.

Babs was now fully a stone statue.

And she started tipping backwards.

She fell fast, quickly hurtling towards the dark unseen floor.

And right before she made impact… she woke up.


Babs jolted awake from her intense dream with a gasp, her body shuddering as if she just "fell" into her bed.

She was very confused - part of her expected to have shattered into hundreds of stone pieces, instead of being all in one piece in her soft bed. Another part of her was very turned on, as evidence by the sticky juices she felt in her loins - partly staining her sheets as she was still completely naked.

Reaching down with her hand and running her fingers over her crotch (and eliciting a soft moan), she grabbed a sample of her juices and then raised her hand up close to her face. She eyed the glistening fluid, rubbing it between her fingers, spreading them apart and seeing a line form between them.

"Mmmm…" moaned Babs as she bit her lip at the sight and smell of the results of her wet dream.

Gently sticking her tongue through the corner of her lips in thought, she decided to finish the job her body was urging her to in her subconscious. But her mere fingers wouldn't do…

She drew a sharp intake of breath with a smile as an idea popped into her head.

She ran over to the hamper, reached in, and grabbed her utility belt. And from one of the pockets she pulled out a device.

Her "Bat Beacon" device, used to attract a flock of bats by vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency, given to her by Batman recently.

The device was cylindrical, about 6 inches long, and about 1-2 inches in diameter.

"Been meaning to try you out…" she seductively said to the beacon while staring at it with hungry eyes.

She walked back over to her bed, sat down - but just before she climbed in to begin her morning tension relief exercise, she realized something.

"Ooh! Better tweak the frequency a bit. Don't want a flock of bats interrupting the fun," she said as she made the adjustments on the controls of the device.

"That's better," she said, making the change in the operating frequency of the device so it wouldn't attract bats - or anything she could think of for that matter.

"Now where were we…" she said to the device.

She lowered it down to her crotch. "Oh yes.."

She slipped it through her still-wet lips. The walls of her pussy surrounding it as it slid deeper and deeper.

Her breaths intensified and became more shallow.

She flicked it on.

"Ohhh… f-fu-uck…" slipped out of her mouth as the feeling of the device vibrating against her wet pussy rocked Babs's world.

She let out a long moan that shuddered along with the vibration her whole body was feeling in response to the device.

Her eyes rolled back in her head.

Her toes curled and uncurled atop her sheets. Her legs and knees bucked this way and that as her hands worked the device between her thighs deeper and deeper.

Her body twitched uncontrollably and erratically as the device worked its unintended magic of "interfacing" with her body.

She quickly got close to climax. "OoOh god… OOooh god…" she whispered to herself between shallow breaths and heavy moans.

The fire of pleasure burned hotter and hotter in her clit and washed over her body.

And before she knew it, she was knocking her knees together as the feeling of orgasm approached. She braced for the climax of pleasure.


The sound of the front door slammed outside Babs's room, tearing her out of her state of complete orgasmic bliss as she gasped in reaction.

"Fuck. I was so close…" she whispered to herself in disappointment as she flicked off the device.

A bit surprised by the sound of the door, she figured it was just her house-mate Alysia coming home from her bartending job, maybe in a sour mood.

With a defeated sigh, she slid the device out of her pussy - which felt nice but nowhere near comparable to orgasm that was rudely interrupted.

She got up from her bed and put the device - still damp with her juices - back into her utility belt in the hamper. She'd clean it after the coast was clear.

Figuring it was time to get cleaned up, she walked to her bedroom door to head to the bathroom.

Still fully nude, she reached for the door handle. "Alysia?" she called out through the door. While Alysia didn't know of Babs' secret identity, they were otherwise almost like sisters, and Babs wasn't afraid to walk around in her birthday suit in front of her.

She turned the handle.

She opened the door.

And was greeted with the sight of a giant, green, serpent-like creature with a humanoid top.

A gorgon.


Babs could not believe her eyes.

Ahead of her was the serpent-like body of a gorgon that was at least 3 meters long. At its mid-section, the scaly-like skin softened to bare human-like skin - only green but in a brighter tone than the snake-like lower half.

Babs's eyes moved up the creature's body.

The top-half was quite beautiful, insomuch that it resembled a human female body - much like Babs's. It had two large breasts, including nipples that were a darker shade than its skin. It had two lean arms with large hands and pointy finger-tips - but more-or-less human-like. It even had rather attractive collarbones and neck muscles - that almost turned Babs on at her quick glance.

And then the quick glance after that landed Babs's eyes on the creature's head and face.

It- she - had an angelic face. A supple mouth with wide, black lips. A petite, perhaps even charming nose.

And deep, dark eyes. That stared right back into Babs's own eyes.

Babs opened her mouth in shock.

Unable to pull her gaze away from the beautiful creature's eyes, Babs could still make out in her peripheral vision the moving "hair" surrounding her head - a least a dozen snakes that slithered around seemingly at random.

Until they all suddenly faced towards Babs…

Babs felt a dread deep down in her soul. Even though she never had seen a creature like this before, she knew she should avert her gaze.

Babs raised a hand towards her head - to help shield her eyes from the many that the creature possessed when counting both eyes on her face and the eyes on all of her snakes.

But, unfortunately for Babs, and despite her instinctual warning, she was too late.

The creature's many eyes glowed - the color of the glow unknown as Babs immediately lost her sight upon their appearance.

This plunged Babs into the depths of terror. She drew a squeaky, deep breath to scream.

But before she could, Babs's whole body froze in place - totally paralyzed. One hand still on the door handle, the other raised in a futile gaze-blocking gesture. Legs frozen mid-tremble. A look of horror on her pretty face - eyebrows arched high, mouth open - ready yet unable to unleash the ear-piercing scream she had cued up.

Babs's eyes were not only frozen, but also blank and erased of all their features - the whites, the blue of her irides, the black of her pupils - all replaced by dull gray stone.

The gorgon continued to stare deeply into Babs's eyes - channeling a mysterious energy into Babs's body and soul right through them.

Behind her blind, frozen, stone eyes, Babs was still fully conscious and aware - even if she couldn't move a single muscle.

She could feel the new heavier weight of her stone eyeballs in their sockets - confused and aghast by the feeling as she was unaware of their transformation and the new form of inorganic material they became.

"What the fuck is happening to me?!?" squealed Babs inside her own head. With the loss of movement and sight almost simultaneously, she was rightfully scared beyond her worst nightmares (including the wet dream she woke up from only moments earlier).

Across her entire body, Babs started to feel numb. Only in small points at first, but definitely spread all over - the tip of her big toe, somewhere on her belly, and on one of her nipples to name a few.

Then the numbing feeling grew from small points to larger areas - feeling from her big toe spreading to her foot; from the point on her belly spreading to her hips and across her belly button; from her nipple spreading across her entire breast.

What she was still unaware of was that all those areas were morphing into stone. The cellular makeup of those organic areas being mutated into inorganic minerals. A transformation that was irreversible.

Babs wished she could breathe but with her lungs paralyzed that was proven impossible. And now losing feeling in spots all over her body - along with her other issues - Babs was almost driven insane with terror.

Until some relief was found when the numbing feeling spread across Babs's clitoris - frozen mid-throb from her interrupted masturbation session earlier. The numbing across her remaining body then became accompanied by the subtle but warm feeling of pleasure…

Still in abject terror, a part of Babs was reminded of her wet dream - and the feeling of pleasure that accompanied her turning to stone. Was this her dream becoming a terrifying, if not also erotic reality?

From the gorgon's perspective, the body of Babs was almost half stone. But not any one "uniform" half - quite the opposite actually. The stone pattern spread across her body in splotches that merged into each other - like the patterns found on a cow or a Dalmatian.

The growing splotches of stone spread up and down across her torso, arms and legs - directly over a breast and nipple, across her belly button, skimming across her pussy and down between her legs; down from her thumb, across part of her wrist, bypassing her elbow and continuing up her upper arm to her shoulder.

The inverse of the splotches was Babs' yet untouched soft skin, flesh and bone. However this area was shrinking fast.

Below the splotches on her skin, none of her vital organs were spared of the permanent mutation to uniform, lifeless stone. Airways, veins and arteries, gastrointestinal tract - all being permanently sealed in a growing number of places across her body.

The stone splotches spread across Barbara's collarbones - the sharp outlined points from her frozen intake of breath and the indentation behind them all now stone.

Babs could feel her throat starting to close up - not that it mattered since she couldn't breathe anyway.

With the terror of the nightmare before her, the warm feeling of pleasure still washed over her - at least to the very few parts of her that remained. The rest was replaced by cold, lifeless stone that only shared the shape of Babs's body parts.

The gorgon continued staring mercilessly at the prey before her. A small smirk grew on her lips.

The splotches of stone grew into the shapes of continents. The continents grew into a uniform super-continent, completely drying up the oceans that was her skin, flesh and bone across her entire body from the neck down.

All that remained now was Barbara's pretty little head - except for her already stone eyes.

"Oh god… This is the end… Will I ever recover from this?" The thoughts raced through her brain.

Her mouth, still frozen mid-scream, became stone - spreading from below her jaw to the top of her lips and roof of her mouth. White teeth, pinkish lips, reddish tongue - all now dull gray stone; and there went her sense of taste.

Adorable thin and narrow nose - once flexible and capable of taking a punch or two from a crooked henchman - now hard and brittle; and there went her sense of smell.

Blushed cheeks - now gray stone. Cute ears - the same; and there went her sense of hearing.

Long, straight, and red hair - one of her defining features - now gray stone. Her red eyebrows followed suit.

Only Barbara Gordon's brain remained intact. The only "sense" she had left was that of feeling - and it was hard to even tell if that was just the thoughts in her mind - being that she only was a mind at that point.

The feeling of both terror and pleasure started to fade. As did her rational thoughts.

The folds in her brain were mutating and hardening bit by bit - and as every fold was replaced by stone, Babs lost a little piece of her self.

"I hope Batman can save me-…" Babs thought to herself - before she slipped into total delirium.

A few more memories and fantasies drifted past the mind's eye of Babs. Until the mind's eye also turned to stone.

And then Barbara Gordon was no more.

Her mind entered oblivion.

Her human body was completely erased from existence. Instead, a stone statue that shared the exact same shape and pose as Babs did in her final moments stood in her stead.

The gorgon finally relaxed the snakes atop her head, and broke her gaze by blinking a few times. She eyed her prize up and down.

A stone statue in the shape of a beautiful human female. She seemed quite athletic by the tone of her body - not that it did her any good at this point. Bountiful breasts. Once-supple-now-hardened arms frozen while reaching out in their own ways. And a beautiful face of pure shock and terror.

The gorgon thought about what she was going to do next.

The gorgon's smirk turned into a wide smile.


The gorgon gazed at the stone statue that was once her prey.

A human being. So puny and weak.

This one appeared to have been a female.

The gorgon had no idea that the statue was once the famed superheroine "Batgirl", but also Barbara "Babs" Gordon, the well-known daughter of the city's police commissioner.

She just knew that she was an unlucky human girl who happened to be at the source of a mating call.

The gorgon normally wouldn't bring harm to a random human being - they had little qualms with humans as they normally dwell far under the earth's surface.

But the gorgon was ready to mate. Her sexual energy was pent up over the long journey to the surface - which was a strange place to mate in danger of being seen by the humans, but perhaps her potential mate was kinky.

And after she inspected the house, and saw no other gorgon in sight when peering into Babs's bedroom, she had to release.

And she chose to release on the naked human female cowering before her.

This was only her third time petrifying a human being. All 3 happened to be young females.

The first one, a young blonde woman, was chosen as part of a ritual initiation ceremony, where gorgons coming into a certain age find a suitable human being to sacrifice to their gods.

The second, a petite brunette, was an unfortunate witness to the first girl's petrification and needed to be disposed of.

That was at least 60 years ago - which was only a blink-of-an-eye in the gorgon's lifespan.

She looked the statue before her now up and down. For a human she was quite beautiful. She partially reminded her of another gorgon she used to court - at least in the parts that humans and gorgons shared.

She'd be sure to make this one just as special as the first.

Slithering her snake-like body, she lowered herself and leaned in to be face-to-face with the statue.

She raised a hand up to the statue's cheek and grazed her green fingertips against it. She brushed a finger against a blank eye. And she rubbed the statue's chin, under its terrified expression.

For a human, she was very beautiful. She almost started to regret having petrifying her and almost wished for the power to restore her to her former form - but that would be impossible as the transformation to stone was irreversible. That's the way it has always been with her kind.

The only thing left was to continue the ritual.

She swiftly leaned in and planted a kiss on the lips of the statue's open mouth. She let her tongue roam around inside the opening - exploring the oral cavity of the statue thoroughly - licking the statue's tongue, teeth, and the roof of the statue's mouth.

She could taste some of the saliva that resided inside - unaffected by the transformation as most bodily fluids were.

She pulled away and left her own bit of fluid glistening the statue's mouth and lips.

She leaned in again and sucked on the statue's petite nose.

She lapped up each cheek, and licked over each blank eye.

She enjoyed the taste of the former creature's sweat that resided. Clearly the creature was performing some strenuous physical activity that the gorgon interrupted.

The view in the doorway was constricting, so the gorgon decided to get a better look. Using care, she grabbed the statue with her hands and lifted it with ease, then slithered her way into the bedroom before her. Her tail knocked the door shut - no sense in the chance of another unlucky human intruding.

She planted the statue down delicately on its petite feet - taking care to balance her properly. These humans and their stupid legs - how they could even stand upright without immediately falling was beyond the gorgon's comprehension.

She looked down at the statue's breasts - similar in size and shape to her own.

She leaned in and gave one of them a kiss, suckling on the statue's literally rock-hard teat. Simultaneously she cupped a hand around the other breast and fondled it - pinching the nipple hard between her fingers. She tasted the sweat that built up on her tits, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

She pulled back and admired the front of the statue's body. She was clearly fit for a human female. Not that that mattered at all in the end - she had no chance against a gorgon one-on-one, especially given the vulnerable, naked position she was in upon opening the door.

She slithered around back and gave the statue's backside a look up and down.

The shoulder blades popped out of the statue's upper back, with the way the arms had been frozen in her futile blocking gesture - almost eliciting a laugh at the memory of how pointless the attempt was.

The back of her legs again did nothing for the gorgon. However, the statue's ass was a different story…

There was just something so perfect about the shape and size of this former human's body-part that the gorgon did not share. The way it clenched in fear. The way the bottom of the statue's back dipped in the middle, then succumbing to a wide canyon of cleavage. It was almost as if these human females had another set of breasts on their bottoms.

She leaned in and used her tongue to explore the crack. The taste was a bit bitter but no doubt aroused the already horny gorgon even more. She suckled on each cheek with passion.

With her tongue still pressed against the statue's backside, she circled around back, running her tongue across the statue's hips and onto the statue's stone pussy. While the gorgon did not have one of her own, she did have similar reproductive organs down below, and was familiar with the ones on human females.

She licked the lips at the base of the statue's torso. There the taste of a different kind of juice still clung heavily around - and it tasted wonderful.

This started to drive the gorgon crazy. She needed more.

Quite suddenly, she grabbed the statue and almost threw her on the bed - landing on its back luckily undamaged. Then the gorgon mounted it.

She leaned down and rubbed her tits against the statue's, brushing hard against them.

She entwined herself around the statue's body, and grinding both her upper and lower body against it. A very small amount of stone powder began to rub off on the scaly parts of the gorgon's skin.

She licked the statue's arms, hands and fingers - enjoying the taste of her prey's sweat.

She started grinding against the statue's body with her sexual organ about a meter below the top of the gorgon's snake-like body, starting at the statue's pussy and grinding up along the belly, across the bellybutton, up the line between the abs, between the breasts, over the collarbones, and across the statue's chin, open mouth, and finally planting her sex organ surrounding the statue's petite, narrow nose. She started grinding against it, letting her own juices flow over the statue's nose and face - dark and slimy.

The gorgon was building to a climax that she was primed to release over the beautiful stone statue before her…


Grinding up and down harder and faster on the statue's petite nose, the gorgon finally reached climax.

The gorgon tensed her body hard - and ground her sex organ against the statue's nose with a very hard final push.

The statue's nose snapped off. No matter. And the gorgon spattered her slimy juices all over the statue's face and nose hole - nose splashing over the face and falling onto the bed.

After having a bit of fun, the gorgon was ready to continue the ritual on her beautiful stone prey.

She dismounted from the statue on the bed and grabbed it with her hands.

She brought it over to the center of the room. She had to take extra effort to balance the statue this time - she chipped some of its toes with her grinding.

She slithered back and looked the statue up and down once more. A very faint and narrow trail of slimy gorgon juice ran up the center of the statue's torso. Her saliva also glistened the statue all over. The face was almost completely covered in both fluids - terrified expression still visible below the slime, and minus a nose of course.

It was time.

The gorgon approached the statue that was once Barbara Gordon. Her name, her life, and her and alternate persona Batgirl, completely unknown and irrelevant to the gorgon.

Just another human female.

The gorgon lowered to the statue's feet and started wrapping around the legs in a tight coil.

She continued up, and the snake-like body continued coiling - around the statue's tight ass, its sensual hips, its slim waist, and over her breasts.

The scales ground down hard against the statue's nipples - and completely erased them, smoothing her breasts out like a stone Barbie doll.

The arms started to present an obstacle - one raised to "block" her gaze, the other still holding a door handle that wasn't there.

No matter.

She just wrapped around them with one loop, then squeezed around the statue's shoulders tight.

Both arms snapped off and fell to the wooden floor. They impacted with a crash - snapping again at the elbows and wrists. A few fingers clattered off as well, rolling along the floor.

"Babs? You home?" a muffled voice suddenly called from outside the bedroom door.

The gorgon - still coiled around the statue's body (minus its arms) - snapped her head towards the door in reaction to the voice.

"You awake?" the voice called again, this time right outside the door.

The gorgon didn't want to have another incident like her second victim - that she had to unceremoniously and quickly transform and dispose of unlike her first victim - but she would do what was necessary should this poor soul choose to foolishly open the door.

"Okay sleepyhead, don't sleep all day!" the voice called and walked away. "You're missing out on breakfast burritos!" the voice now faintly called, more muffled from the kitchen.

A wise choice.

The gorgon looked back down at her prey. The terrified expression with the open mouth, the missing nose, the blank stare.

She leaned down, gave the statue one final kiss on the mouth (tasting all the juices mixed over it), and then continuing to coil around her head tightly until the gorgon's sex organ was again right up against the statue's face and nose-hole.

The gorgon throbbed her sex organ against the statue's face once again. She squeezed and released over and over, increasing her rhythm with each thrust. The statue's eyebrows ground off into powder. The frozen hair above the statue's forehead chipped away.

The gorgon was once again building to a climax…

She squeezed her body a tiny bit - and tiny fissures started forming across the statue's smooth breasts.

The gorgon could her the other human cooking in the other room, ingredients sizzling. She had to make this quiet. But the thrill of discovery pushed her closer and closer to climax.

And then she finally reached it.

She juiced over the statue's face once more.

And then squeezed her body with a slow, steady, and unyielding pressure - uniform across the statue's body coiled up inside.

The statue cracked all over.

Worthless legs crumbled. Hips shattered. Tits pulverized.

The statue's head, and beautiful face, fractured apart.

Stone eyeballs slipped into the folds of the gorgon's scales until they were ground down into powder.

Stone lips, tongue and teeth following suit.

Even the statue's cute ears and hair weren't spared.

The gorgon was very careful not to let even a pebble slip through her scaly skin…

She continued the squeeze.

Stone torso continued cracking until the pressure - down into smaller rocks, then pebbles, then dust.

Stone, tight ass gained many more cracks than the one until the shapely body-part was no more.

One particular piece of the statue broke with a particularly loud CRACK.

"Babs? You getting up?" the voice called again.

The gorgon froze. Not a pebble slipped…

"Fine, I'll make you a burrito!"

And then, after a few moments of just the sounds of cooking, the gorgon released the statue's remains - gently uncoiling her body from the bottom up.

A fine gray powder fell to the wooden floor in between the pieces of the statue's broken arms, accompanied by some occasional pebbles and a larger rock or two. The powder fell into a conical pile.

Barely anything remained recognizable of the human female's body at this point. It had been crushed thoroughly, mercilessly and efficiently.

The gorgon was still juicing and made some of the pile of stone Babs powder damp. Until she finally emptied herself of her sexual needs.

The gorgon slid back and took a look. She smiled - it looked just like her first victim all those years ago…

And with all of her energy spent, the gorgon now hungered. And there was a meal before her.

She lowered her head down to the floor, and unhinged her jaw, opening her mouth extremely wide.

With one pass, she slid along the remains of stoned Batgirl remains.

Hands and arm fragments entered her mouth. Then inhaled the powder pile like a vacuum, and sucked up the remaining pieces the surrounded her.

She licked the floor clean.

Until the room was completely empty of anyone but the gorgon.

Except of course for the nose that the gorgon almost forgot still laid on the bed.

Grabbing it with a couple of fingers and feeling the moistness of the juices still covering it, she lifted it to her face.

She gave it a kiss.

And then slipped into inside her mouth and swallowed it in one big gulp.

And then no trace of Babs existed in the room.

The gorgon smirked - having thoroughly enjoyed her escapade and meal.

Sure a human being lost her life - but that was of little consequence in comparison to the gorgon fulfilling her sexual desires.

She might even consider coming back and doing the same to the other human in the kitchen - still completely in the dark about her friend's fate.

But for now, the gorgon chose to return to home. Making sure the coast was clear, she slipped out the window, closed it behind her, and found her way below surface with haste.


"Burrito time!" yelled Alysia, opening the door to Babs's bedroom.

But Babs was nowhere to be seen.


R: 61 / I: 1

Jissouseki Abuse Archive

B-b..Because, techi!

(Part 1)


Looking for jissouseki is relatively easier than one would expect. Like a great rodent population, you find them most populous in the alley-ways and areas around urban housing, behind restaurants and marketplaces, and warehouses and ports. You might find one in your backyard, maybe even within your own home; quietly and sometimes cleverly hiding from sight in the basement or the attic.

But the largest populations comes from the parks. Next to that are the forests or pastures in the countryside. But parks remain the number one way to run across many jissouseki.

I myself have a jissouseki as a pet, along a few to play with for my amusement, if nothing more. Many of these creatures are expendable, to an almost ridicoulous degree. The ones worthy of being pets, and thus entitled to a good life of treats, bedding, love and care, are the smart ones. It foten hard to ever find a jissou smart enough to grace you. But how to tell which ones are the dumb retarded stupid ones from the above average to high in intelligence?

Simple! You just ask them, whenever they waddle up to you by themselves or in a group asking (and in some cases, demanding) you to take them home, why you should.

And watch the spectacular results.

You often find them in large packs of two to twelve. Right now I had been accosted by two jissou. One was obviously a recently grown adult with the responsibilities of a mother to boot. On her arms was a slumbering jissou child, looking exactly like a miniature, but cuter, version of herself.

"Hello Mr. Man!"

I smile, quietly humoring her, "Hello little jissou."

"Is my daughter not cute, desu?" She asked, her brightly colored eyes glowing with anticipation.

"Yes," I replied honestly, "She looks so very cute!"

"Am I not cute too, techi?"

I raise an eyebrow and bluntly replied, "You are ugly. I don't know how your kid lives whenever she wakes up to your face. And frankly, you smell worse than a horse that died on crack."

The mother stared at me, red and green tears welling up in her large eyes. She wiped some away with an arm, now openly crying, "I'm not ugly, desu! I'm a pretty jissou Mama, desu! You are a mean jerk, desu!"

"Ha! Me, mean? That may be so Jissou Mama, but I am honest!" I replied with a snort of laughter, "Your daughter is cute, you are not!"

"I AM cute! You are lying desu," screeched the mother, now angry, gnashing her teeth and her face going splotchy red. The jissou child woke up with a cry and immediatly began weeping, "Too loud, techi! I'm scared, techaaa~!"

"LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID, DESU! YOU MADE JISSOU-CHAN CRY!" shouted the jissou at the top of her lungs. The outburst only served to make me guffaw louder and the child to bawl even louder. There was a soft impact on my leg and I saw the child falling from my ankle onto my shoe, her expression was one of disbelieving shock from being thrown. It didn't take long for the small ball of shit between her ass and the panties to squeeze through like guacamole through a cheesecloth.

"You just threw your only child at me," I supplied easily to the angry panting mother, whose eyes wept tears of emotional despair, "You could've killed her. How does that make you feel Jissou-Chan? That your Mama doesn't love you?"

Freshly outraged, the mother seemed speechless. Though she did make some odd sounds in her shock of my accusation. The child on my shoe was bawling and wept even harder as it shook it's head, "Mama loves me! She does! Mama does love me, techa!"

I bend down easily and said quietly and soothingly, speaking cruelties to the jissouseki, "But she threw you, used you as a weapon to hurt me! She is jealous of you, you're young and cute, she is ugly and old! She hates you."

The child shook it's head, unable to believe the words from the human, but even as she denied it all, her mother's antics did not prove to encourage her child to believe her any more than the human.

"I AM NOT UGLY, DESA! I AM NOT OLD," screamed the jissouseki hoarsely, her face now sallow and red with rage and mouth with spittle, "YOU ARE A BAD MAN, DESU! YOU ARE A MEAN LIAR, DESU! I'M NOT LETTING YOU HAVE MY DAUGHTER, DESU!"

I smile and snorted, discreetly slipping on gloves. "You ARE ugly. You ARE old. I am not a liar. You just nearly killed your child. You are a bad mother, so I will take care of my new Jissou-Chan!"

The jissouseki's eyes nearly popped with freshly brewed anger, veins growing from out of her green hoodie as I pick up her child, who still wept, oblivious to the chaos around her. I look around, noting that the mother had not noticed the large crowd around us. A sizable number of jissouseki had gathered, many of them children and mid-mature jissou-children. The rest were a few adults leading a family of kids and maggots, the latter riding on the children or with an older sibling clutched in their mother's hands as they all seemed to sense an upcoming slaughter and hungrily anticipating it.

Grinning to myself I made a slashing motion to my throat and pointed at the still crying child in my gloved hands. The mother noticed the 'Bad Jissouseki' Gloves and the threat to her daughter, but her rage overrode her senses and she began screaming obscenities and launched herself at me, "I ATE YOU, DESU! YOU ARE A BAD MAN, DESU! GIVE BACK MY DAUGHTER DESU! IF YOU-"

I kicked the screaming bitch in the face, silencing her more effectively than the can of mace in my back
pocket. Not that I was going to use it on her just yet.

"My face, desu! My cute beautiful face! What have I done to you?" Screamed the mother as she writhed on the ground, her voice slightly muffled from broken teeth and the arms around her face.

"You attacked me," I replied easily, "Here I am being nice and you make your own baby cry! You attack me. You are clearly not a good mother to this child!"

She protested feebly, this time the circle of jissou numbered around a dozen or so. They soon joined in an orgy of yelling and throwing things at the wounded mother. I knelt down to the mother and the jissou stopped to watch what happened next.

"I...I hate you, desu!" said the mother weakly, "Give back Jissou-Chan, now!" I raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to go back to Mama, little jissou?"

The jissou hiccuped, blinking wet eyes at me as she swallowed the question. She wiped away her tears and spoke in a frail voice: "Ugly stupid Mama hate me! She will kill me! Please don't let her, techi! Please Mr. Man!"

The jissou Mama let out a howl of fury, that soon became yells of pain as I quickly sprayed a few seconds of Mace into her face.

"It burns, DESU! IT BURNS!"

The jissou writhed on the ground, her face slowly turning blue as she tried to inhale, only to find that, like most jissou, she had an allergic reaction to mace.

The horde surged forward and began feasting on the dying jissou.

As I watched with slight amusement, the young pest gulped and looked up at me from my glove. "Nice human say he will take care of me. Will you take me home?"

Some of the jissouseki protested this at once. A few still had body parts in their hands as they tried to get me to take them home.

"Take my family home, desu! We eat very little and are good jissou!"

"I'm a good jissou and Maggot-Chan and Onee-Chan are-"

"Me, me, me-"

"Take...m-me...-cough- home, Mr...Man! Spicy taste...can'"

I hold up a hand and waited for them all to stop speaking. A few had died from allergic reaction after consuming the jissou mother's face and hands, not that I minded. But I soon asked the crucial question:

"Why should I take any of you home? If you give me a good reason, I will make you my favorite pet!"

Then, pandemonium decided to go hand-in-hand with hell and literally broke loose.


End Part 1
R: 8 / I: 1

The Empire - A totalitarian empire. (original, combat, implants, sci-fi, ultra-gore)

My idea, I commissioned AgentTygress to write. , DA→>

Set in the far far away dystopian future, in a ruined city in The Empire's territory. There was a mining complex that turned into a rebel encampment about to get taken back by the Empire's rules. The mission was to eradicate all the rebels, no one will be spared, the blitz was fierce, fast, not so efficient, but the results made the higher up pleased. The footage was from the squad commander in RDV number 660 of the Empire's army. (See the picture of RDV in here. )

_________________________ Story part.__________

“How are they doing in there?” The driver asked.

“Wanking like there’s no tomorrow!” The commander laughed as she answered, watching the antics of the girls as she massaged her own clit through her skintight combat armour. She knew the symbolic armour would do nothing to stop incoming fire, but it did package her luscious body beautifully which meant that if she got noticed by some higher level commander reviewing combat footage there was a chance, however slim, that she might get called back to rear echelon to be their whore. It was a slim chance, she knew, but still better than the one she had out here. Even so, it was A LOT better chance than any of the girls currently reclining in their deployment positions and shivering with anticipation.
She sighed as she monitored the girls’ vitals on her screen. She’d just injected them with combat drugs a few minutes ago and wanted to make sure there were no cardiac failures. It was all too common with inexperienced models like these, not that most of them would have time to get experienced, like her. She knew just what it was like, of course; She could easily remember the terrible yearning for a home that she’d been taken from when she was just sixteen. Too young to really appreciate how much she was losing until it was too late.

By the time she’d really begun to appreciate just how special home had been it was already fading, drowned in a steady regimen of combat drugs, neurological realignment, and imperial propoganda. By the time they’d put a blaster carbine into her hands she couldn’t wait to die for the Empress. She’d been hit so many times in training, every instance of her simulated death accompanied by an orgasm so powerful that it was all she really wanted between operations. Even the sad, desperate make-out sessions that she shared with the other girls in their bunks after lights out were nothing compared to those moments on the battlefield, even though it was only simulated, it’s what she lived for.
Somehow she’d survived, though, even as all the girls she knew were blown away, sometimes one at a time, sometimes by the truckload. She envied them, of course, especially when she was selected for command tier and placed at the head of her own squad. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the work; watching sexy little girls getting blown away day in and day out was delectable, but even with all the rockets and blaster beams flying around she never seemed to manage to get hit.
She was drawn from her reverie by the sound of an explosion as the RDV right next to her is blown away, body parts and machine bits spewing across a jagged impact crater as the thing ruptures from within. She tries to tear her eyes away from the gruesome sight of entire tits rolling across the ground like ruptured beach balls but fails to look away as one of them comes to a wobbly stop only to eject the silicone implant that had filled it. The implant rolled away on it's own trajectory before being speared by a piece of falling shrapnel and oozing out it's white gel filling. Just as she managed to look away an entire uterus landed on the RDV's external rearview mirror, just a few centimeters from her face, and she found herself staring at the miraculously intact pair of ovaries dangling from it like earrings.
“Must have been one of those new delayed-det rockets!” The driver shouted back, her voice thick with lust and anticipation as she drove her machine through the splattering rain of meat, organs, blood and shrapnel that her best mate’s RDV had thrown up when it was taken out. In the tight confines of her command chair the commander yearned to DO something, her muscles pulsing insistently that she ACT; Do something! Her mind screamed at her. The fight or flight instinct went quite mad, raging like an animal against the sadomasochistic array of straps and clips that kept her delectable body secured to her compact chair. No; there was nothing for it. The driver would keep barreling forwards into what was quickly becoming a torrent of enemy fire, and one of those beams or rockets would do for them, or they wouldn’t. There certainly wasn’t anything she could do about it so she did the only thing she could; she enjoyed it.

“OHhhhh…” The commander moaned softly, joining half the girls in their coffin-like deployment racks as she climaxed inside her sexy, revealing combat suit….

“Hey why are these suits so tight anyway?” One of the girls, straight out of basic, asked suddenly, taking advantage of the tightness of her suit to rub her clit right through the thin material, but still curious.
"Eye candy!" Put in a cute girl with glasses. "It's so we look super kawaii as we get blown away! They're watching these missions live, you know!" She smiled and glammed for the cameras that she was quite right - were watching them at every moment.

“Sure, but it’s also to keep us together as much as possible when we get blown apart.” The girl on the rack right in front of hers gasped out through what sounded like a delicious climax.
“Huh, like, for medical reasons?” Another girl wondered aloud, her voice doing all sorts of funny things as she rode the crest of her first combat drug-induced climax down to the start of the next set of multiple orgasms she was thrashing through.

“Nah,” replied the girl in the front rack who seemed so well informed. “So that it’s easier to pick up the pieces. You know, for recycling!”
“That makes sense,” The girl who’d first asked the question agreed with a serious nod. “OH!” She gasped as she climaxed again at the thought of her own death, just as her mental conditioning dictated she do.

“No it doesn’t!” Objected another of the rookies. This little deviant was some kind of prude, and she was turning bright pink from the effort of rejecting what the combat drugs were telling her she should do.

“Oh no, Reject,” Another of the rookies called her by her cruel training nickname. “Why not?”

“Don’t call me that,” Reject pouted. “My designation’s 242027, not reject.”

“Whatever you say, Reject!” Another girl piped up, her young voice trailing away to a scream at the end as she climaxed explosiverly, sure that some of her pussy milk would splatter the girl in the rack in front of her. Alas, her catheters sucked up all her juices, but she still enjoyed picturing the other girl’s annoyed face as she splattered her with her vagnial spew.

“Why doesn’t it make sense anyway?” Another girl who hadn’t spoken up yet asked.

“It doesn’t make any sense because they finish us off if we get wounded!” Reject explained, sounding thoroughly exasperated with the other girl, and also quite frustrated as her suit and body kept insisting that she get off, which she continued resolutely refusing to do.

“Our leftover organs aren’t for us, stupid!” The know-it-all girl in the front row laughed at Reject. “They’re for important people, you know! Like the commander!”

“But that doesn’t…” Reject began to object, before the commander cut her off.

“Traps shut, sluts!” She shouted over the comm to get their attention. “We’re there, bitches! Doors open in FIVE, FOUR, THREE…” She counted down with ruthless precision.

Through the impossibly cramped passenger ‘compartment’ of the vehicle the girls moaned collectively in anticipation, each of them knowing that the next few second would probably be her last. None moreso than the girls in the front row that knew the sights of the enemy would be trained on them and dead steady. The girls in the second row could hope for their lives to be spared by the recoil from the first shot. The girls in the first row were talking meat, and they knew it.

“For the Empress!” The know-it-all girl moaned as the commander’s coundown reached zero and the driver punched the discharge human cargo button. The gate clanged down with mechanical inevitability and the first thing that came through the open space was the blaster bolt that caught her right in the pussy. She got as far as “…the emp” before the bolt slammed into her watering cunt and cut a swath clean through most of the length of her body, vapourizing or exploding her internal organs before bursting out through the base of her neck and singing the hair on the back of her head before finally discharging against the armored footrest of the girl in the rack behind her. The girl she’d just traded her life to save.

“MY PUSSY!” She screamed, aghast, or at least would have if, when she opened her mouth, words had come out instead of a torrent of blood. As it was she aspirated a geyser of blood straight into the air as the footrests of the girls in the front row clacked down and her body was unceremoniously dumped onto the scorched concrete of the battlezone.

The girls below and to the sides of her had gotten much the same treatment, and their bodies joined her in the dust, twitching spasmodically as the mortally young ladies quickly joined each other in death. The girls behind them fared better. Two of the girls from the second row and three from the third row actually lived long enough for their feet to touch the ground, though one of the girls from the fourth row, know-it-all, only survived for about a half a second after that, gasping as a blaster bolt passed right through the center of her chest and splattered the girl behind her in her heart and lungs. She had just enough time to gasp in a pitiful squeak, then her eyes crossed behind her glasses in the most utterly adorable way and she managed to hold that expression, somehow, as her lifeless body hit the ground.

More girls were pouring out of the RDV now, and when they didn’t immediately join the growing bodypile at the base of the RDV they charged forwards into the shattered no-man’s land of broken concrete and pock-marked mud that separated them from their target, the rebellious mining complex.

The commander watched in appreciation, her heart swelling with pride even as her labia swelled with blood. Her girls were bravely charging right into the teeth of enemy fire and not giving an inch. Granted they were dying like flies, but they were following their orders and that was what mattered. As soon as one fell another would be there to leap over her dying body. It took only seconds for the girls to charge across the no-man’s land, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake, and blast their way into the mining complex.

As the RDVs slewed away from the rebel-held strongpoint the miner’s Jerry-rigged point-defense-systems took a heavy toll on the lightly armoured vehicles, blowing two more away completely and vapourising the driver’s compartment of a third before they made it over a nearby ridge and out of the line of fire. Apparently the driver was the lucky one because the commander had had her legs, hands, and lower pelvis all shorn off with almost surgical precision. She knew because both sides knew; the dying commander was breathlessly narrating her own death over an open channel as the introduction to a plea for mercy.
"Please," the dying girl begged all the combatants over the static of an uncoded frequency. "Please I'm looking at my uterus right now…" She paused to cough up some blood. "It's… it's filled with semen from the last man that fucked me and it's… my uterus is leaking onto the seat. I'm… cough cough… watching my uterus leak out my last fuck. Please kill me… please…" It went on and on like that, everyone listening to the girl's pitiful prayer for death and no one obliging her because they were all enjoying it far, far too much. In the end the girl's fate was to bleed out over the course of the engagement as her suit first tried and failed to keep her alive, then started triage treatment on her remaining viable organs.
The commander found her mate’s pitiful begging and moaning to be the perfect accompaniment to the high-resolution video she was getting from her troopers’ helmet cams of the fight inside the facility. The rebels were brave and knew that they’d be rape-tortured to death if captured, so they fought with the desperation of those that have nothing to lose, but their skintight, unarmoured mining suits provided nothing in the way of protection from blasters, though their tubed face masks would have saved them from some types of chemical weapons the Imperials might have chosen to deploy. They might have tried such methods, too, if human life had been worth anything to them. As it was, however, expending troopers was a sure thing, and no matter how many were killed taking the facility there were always plenty more girls to take their place.

The first squad to reach the inner stairwell, the last bastion of the rebel’s defense charged down heedless of casualties, and died to a girl with the exception of the squad leader, who had the misfortune of being hit in the leg and grabbed by the few surviving rebels at the bottom. The commander started rubbing her clit even more furiously in anticipation as she watched the scene unfold through the girl’s chest cams.

“Let’s rape her with a blaster and blow away her uterus from the inside!” Screamed one of the rebels as she roughly caressed the poor wounded trooper’s swollen labia with the smoking barrel of her blaster. The commander’s pouty lips formed the word ‘yes’ without making a sound as the rebel made to carry through with her threat.

“No, WAIT!” Screamed the rebel’s companion, but it was too late. The trooper moaned in ecstasy-laden despair as her intravaginal mine detonated as the rebel roughly penetrated her with her blaster. The resulting explosion tore the trooper in half and killed or injured all the remaining rebels. By the time the next breaching squad rushed down the stairs all they had to do was finish off the few wounded rebels with shots to the back or head, and it was all over.

“All hostile down,” The commander noted, her voice shuddering distinctly as she came down off another orgasm that felt like it had risen up from benthic depths. “Make sure you finish off the wounded and get all of your sister’s corpses up here!” She instructed as she was the most senior surviving commander in the remaining RDVs.

She listened with satisfaction to the staccato rhythm of execution shots, each solitary report signifying the end of an injured trooper’s life as the girls turned on their own to save valuable medical resources and body parts for more useful members of the Imperial war machine.

“Give me just a second!” Begged 242027, the rookie that the commander vaguely recalled the other girl’s had nicknamed ‘Reject’ because she didn’t want to get off on her combat drugs. Gravely wounded, her intestines spewed out elaborately behind her, her left breast blown off and spread across several meters of the hallway. Her right breast was blown open but somehow the implant inside was perfectly preserved, jiggling as she desperately stroked herself She was masturbating furiously, biting her up from pain, her face screwed up in an adorable expression of concentration as she desperately manipulated her clit.

“Sorry, reject,” the other rookie responded with a grin as she raised her blaster and put it to the other girl’s forehead, destroying the brain being the preferred method of preserving maximum usable organs on a wounded trooper. “But orders are orders!”

“NO! But I’ve never…” Reject was objecting when the other girl blew her brains out, laughing as the rookie’s corpse meaninglessly shuddered through the throes of the girl’s first and last orgasm without it’s owner onboard to appreciate it.

“Oh perfect,” The commander smiled as the rookie’s cruelty brought a sincere smile to her voluptuous lips, and she leaned back into her most powerful orgasm yet. She might have lived to fight another day, but there was always tomorrow, and after she was done carting the remains of her dead troopers (12 of the 18 vivacious girls under her command a few minutes ago were now cooling corpses) back to base she’d get a little sack time, fuck a few of her surviving girls, and then the whole lot of them would be sent against the next rebel stronghold. Surely she’d get it that time, or if not then, the next…

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R: 24 / I: 0

BabeHunt VIII

Recently, someone emailed this story to me. I can't see it posted anywhere on the interwebs, but I really enjoyed it, so thought I'd repost it here.

If anyone knows who the author is, or if it goes by a different title, then do say so.

Just to be absolutely clear – I didn't write this.
R: 40 / I: 0

My Pastebin Archive

My Pastebin of old and new stories is back up and running - massive thanks to everyone who made it possible!
R: 5 / I: 0

Therapy (incest: mother-son, rape, lactation, snuff, m/F)

"Get your tits out." I told the beautiful monster.

"But I'm your mother!" She protested as she unbuttoned her blouse.

"I said get your tits out, Bitch!" I commanded as I cocked the gun I had aimed at her magnificent bosom, adding some urgency to her efforts to display it for me. "I want to see how much they bounce when I shoot them."

My mother froze when she finished processing what I said, which is just what I wanted. She had already exposed her massive breasts to me and I shot her between them three times. They bounced, rippled, and lactated as if in celebration of the murder of their owner as she fell to her knees, gaping like a fish out of water before falling into her back and showering herself with her own milk. If I had any hope of resisting the urge to rape her before, it certainly disappeared after that show. The congregation was too horrified to stop me.

When I knelt between her thighs and stuck my cock into her pussy, I could feel it trying to heat up and cool down at the same time. While thrusting, I leaned forward and licked up some of the milk her body released to relieve the burden on her lungs. Then I moved my face up to hers and forced my dying mother to drink some of her own milk. I then whispered into her ear.

"You can't hurt me any more, now. But look at it this way: you don't have to worry about your heart problems." After I came inside her, I turned my attention to the pastor's three beautiful, angelic daughters. "Take your clothes off. You'll be escorting my mother to Heaven."
R: 4 / I: 1

Who Let The Dog Out? (f/m, Sci-Fi, Nanobots, Melting)


The announcement blared on repeat thru the halls of the entire NanoTek complex. At this point most hallways were void of any people.

The mutt was still on the loose, and there no telling what kind of fate befall any poor soul that came upon the pup run amok.

By now, everyone on the campus heard the repeated message ad nauseam.

Everyone… but Serena Weskler.

Serena was very late in arriving that morning.

She had quite a night with her new-ish boyfriend - going on their tenth date. And they couldn't help themselves to a little "morning work-out" when they woke up together. But after finally getting a look at the clock during their 3rd time, she noticed it was already 30 minutes past when she was supposed to already be in, and they had to finish up quick…

She took an even quicker shower and hurried to get dressed out of her overnight bag, putting on her flowery green blouse with a generous opening for her generous cleavage, and a black pencil skirt that accentuated her very tight behind. She donned her pumps and was on her way.

The 22 year old short brunette with brown eyes, cool honey skin, straight, shoulder-length, tied-back black hair, and enviably full lips, arrived at the campus - moments after security decided they tortured everyone enough with the announcement and stopped playing it…

She walked up towards gate to the campus. Curiously, the regular security guards were not at the gate. Weird.

The young personal assistant shrugged, flashed her ID badge at the scanner and entered the campus without a problem.

She had no idea that ALL security had been pulled to hunt for the dangerous canine.

She noticed it was curiously vacant of people around the campus grounds. Normally there would be at least a few handfuls of people milled about. Was there a holiday she forgot about?

She approached the building that contained her office and stepped inside. Her heel clicks echoed throughout the empty hall.

Where was everyone?

She had no idea the building was quickly evacuated after someone spotted the hazardous hound.

Security was still mobilizing their way over there across the very large campus from one of the several false alarms.

She happened to arrive just after the moment that the last few out the building had just fled, and security had not yet arrived.

As she approached the elevator bank, she heard the familiar scattering of nails on tile floor.

The scatterings of a dog's nails.

And from around the corner, down the hall, came an adorable black pup.

And Serena LOVED dogs.

Her boyfriend had a delightful black and white husky - a big part of the reason why she liked being over his place so much. Plus she grew up with a couple of lovable German Shepherds. And she even used to volunteer at a dog shelter as a teenager.

"Oh my god, you're ADORABLE! Come here cutie!!" she shouted down the hall, beckoning him by bending forward at the waist and clapping on her thighs - tightening her pencil skirt even more against her perfectly shaped ass. No one else was there to see the generous amount of cleavage as she leaned over, or to see that Serena was not wearing anything else under her skirt…

The cute dog couldn't help but follow Serena's command and took off towards her. It came lumbering down the hallway, with wide brown eyes, black fur, ears pinned back, and tongue out. Panting. Clearly exhausted from a long run.

"Aww c'mere baby!" said Serena as the dog neared. A small part of her wondered why a dog was on campus when all pets were banned from the premises. But most of her focused on the imminent cuddles.

She crouched down and put out her arms out to take him in - tightening her skirt visibly against her tight form even more.

The dog entered her embrace.

"Aww sweetie, you look so tired!" she commented as the dog nuzzles up against her face and chest.

"Are you thirsty baby?" she asked sweetly and compassionately.

And then the dog licked her nose and cheek.

"Aww your tongue is so dry!" she said with some concerned affection. "Let's get you some water!"

But before she could stand back up, her nose and cheek started tinging. And the tingling spread across the rest of her pretty face.

Before she knew it, the tingling spread thru her eyes and up into her brain.

And then the tingling stopped - and the mind of Serena Weskler was no more.

What Serena had no time to realize was that the tingling she felt was actually the process of nanobots converting her face and head to dihydrogen monoxide.

Normally known as water.

The nanobots quickly spread across the rest of Serena's crouched down, now-lifeless body, which only just started to tip over.

All her tied-back straight black hair, down to last strand, liquefied.

They sped down her neck, down towards her considerable, well-exposed cleavage, and across her collarbone to her shoulders.
The nanobots split into groups and continued down each arm as they disconnected off her body.

Since she was still hugging and petting the dog at the start of her incident, both her hands were around the adorable but dangerous mutt. The led to her arms dangling off the dog's neck and back for a moment before they slipped off and were finished off by the ruthless nanobots, turning into water and splashing towards the ground.

Serena was now spilling into her green blouse, soaking the fabric.

Tits turned into two spheres of water for an instant before running down her remaining body and getting more of the blouse doused.

Nanobots continued down her short torso quickly, belly now soaking into her blouse and skirt or running down her crouched legs.

The top of her empty blouse started leaning over to the side.

Thin waist liquefied.

The nanobots marched over her tight, sculpted ass, totally uncaring of the destruction they are wreaking on such a treasure, and such a disservice to the world by erasing it and converting it to water. Perfect form collapsing, former ass atoms falling away down her legs to the floor, or getting soaked into her extremely damp pencil skirt.

Hips and pussy followed sad suit.

Programmed to focus only on one organic set of DNA at a time, the nanobots ignored some white fluid that was currently present in her crotch. It mostly soaked into her skirt with nothing between to stop it.

Only her crouched, nimble legs remained, which were still tipping over towards the floor. They didn't have a chance to move much further before the nanobots chomped thru her delicious thighs, thru her knees, and down towards her petite feet.

All turned to water that mostly fell to the floor. Her feet pooled up in her heels which stayed upright and full.

Drenched blouse smacked against the floor sideways.

Inundated skirt also smacked against the floor sideways, leaving her water-filled heels open to the air above.

The dog sniffed at her heels… and started lapping up the water that was once Serena's foot.

Just then security entered the building. They ran over to the elevator bank and came across the grisly sight.

A completely soaked outfit, a pair of flooded heels, and a dog lapping it up.

It was quite evident to security what happened.

Without any time to focus on the poor victim, the security officers tried hitting the dog with shots of their tranq rifles.

None of them hit, and the dog started running away down the empty hall.

The many security officers followed, running right over the puddle of pour liquid Serena and her ruined, water-logged outfit - creating gross squishes with every boot stomp. And in the puddle that was once Serena, a tiny spot of thick white fluid from her morning endeavors remained untouched by the nanobots (and by the dog's lapping tongue) - the same morning endeavors that made her late to work, and miss a very important announcement…
R: 9 / I: 0

Unsure's Explosive Stories [F, F/F, cons, bombs]

Story contains F-Solo, Consensual Snuff, Explosives

As it turned out, blasting gelatin was not easy to come by. One could not simply walk into a hardware store and ask for several liters of gooey, malleable explosives. Jessica has to do quite some wheeling and dealing to get her eager hands on a drum of the stuff. Apparently, it was ‘excess’ from some mining operation in South America, but she didn’t care if her peculiar proclivities set back some diamond tycoons operations by a few weeks.

All she cared about was the bang.

Jessica almost squealed in delight when she saw that her benefactors had thrown in a detonator and a few cartoon-like sticks of dynamite. Perhaps they thought she was robbing a bank. She snickered at the thought of herself in a striped burglar outfit, cat burglar mask and big bag marked ‘swag’, crouched over the detonator with her ears plugged. Truly, no safe would be… well… safe.

It took some hauling to get the full barrel into the room she had prepared. A large bed with white satin sheets stood in the centre of a checkerboard tile floor. The walls were mirrored, as was the ceiling. A bedside table was, as one might guess, beside the bed. It was surrounded by buckets and held a large soup ladle and a pair of pink swimming goggles. Jessica carefully placed the detonator on the table and, as an afterthought, put a large, smooth, red stick of dynamite next to it. Smiling to herself, she dashed from the room and returned with a black marker pen. Writing “TNT” on the side of the explosive device, she sat back, satisfied at its cartoonish appearance.

And here I was wondering which vibrator to use, she thought.

Her eagerness to jump right into the fun almost took over, but she decided on having a shower first

Must let the anticipation build.

Jessica wandered to her bathroom, and admired herself in the mirror. “Fuck, girl, this is going to be amazing,” she complimented herself. She gave herself a striptease, pouting and gyrating like a pole dancer.

Am I a narcissus? Maybe. But a fucking hot one. She squeezed her breasts and slid a finger between her legs.

A fucking wet one, too. She sucked on the finger, gave her reflection one last coquettish wink, and hopped into the shower.

It didn’t last long, and after drying herself from her long hair to her longer legs, her desire drew her back to the explosive room again. Seeing her apparatus laying out, she dropped her towel in excitement. She walked on tippy-toes over the cold floor, her luxurious naked body reflected a million times in the mirrors. She carefully removed the lid of the barrel of gelatin, and dipped a finger in the highly explosive goo, removing a sticky, pearly white dab of the stuff.

Looks like cum, she pondered. Unable to resist, she licked the coated finger. Bleh! She stuck her tongue out, as if getting it out of her mouth would help with the horrible taste. Does not taste as good. No, sir.

But, I’m not here to eat it… although… The thought of being stuffed full of explosives flashed through her mind and added to her excitement. She toyed with the idea, but ultimately rejected it on the grounds of bad taste.

She began filling up buckets with blasting gelatin, her shoulders rolling as she pulled bucket load after bucket load of cool, explosive jelly out of the barrel. Walking to the other side of the bed, she poured an entire bucket of gelatin on the bed, the white satin sheets going grey beneath the slick jelly. Molding a pile near the bedside table, she attached the wires from the detonator, noting the unnecessary meters of blasting cord provided, obviously to give the detonator a safe distance from the blasting zone.

They really had no idea.

Then she put on the only item of clothing she would wear; the swimming goggles. Can’t possibly see what I look like if I go and get this in my eyes. Eyeing the large cum-like stain of explosive goo on the bed, she wondered why bukkake actresses never wore goggles. Shrugging, she pulled her hair up through the band of the goggles and let it fall down over her shoulders and back. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she eyed the highly explosive buckets.

Where to start?

Tentatively, like a woman slowly getting into a pool, Jessica dipped the tip of her big toe into the goo, giggling at the ticklish sensation. She immersed her whole foot, and then pulled it back out, letting the blasting jelly slide off the top. She wiggled her toes, the milky-white blasting-cum between them making her giggle, then laugh out, tossing her head back. She dipped the foot back in, and lay back, gasping at the cool reminder of the pool of slightly more stable nitroglycerin her. Jessica felt the pressure of the goo spreading out, warming to her body heat. She wondered if she could set it off without the detonator, just by getting herself hot enough…

She lifted her leg, pointing her jelly covered foot straight up, letting the gelatin run down the length of her leg, sliding slickly over her calf and thigh but slowing, getting thicker, just before her wet pussy. She rolled her eyes at the explosives lack of enthusiasm, and ran her middle finger up the inside of her thigh, coating it with oily goo. Carefully, she added it to her own pussy juices, rubbing the jelly that could blast through a rock wall slowly over her lower lips. She sighed, smiling, a warmth building between her legs faster than she’d ever known before.

With warmth came energy, and Jessica hefted a bucket up, pouring it over her breasts with an almost manic grin. It was a cumshot, her own bukkake, a slick, wicked picture of sticky joy. The explosive poured down her body, pooled on her taught tummy around her belly button, flowed over her waist onto the sheets and down over her pussy, quickly warming to her rising body heat. She grabbed another bucket, thoughts of carefully ladling it over herself forgotten to the idea of being coated, now, faster, more. She squealed with delight as she poured it over head, her hair getting slimy, a vision of dangerous, perilous goo cumming down over her swim goggles. The unpleasant taste forgotten, she both spat and swallowed explosives, moaning with gastronomic satisfaction as her mouth filled with liquid dynamite, as it spilt over her chin and onto her breasts. The bucket clattered as it fell to the floor, a used receptacle, a used condom in an orgy of explosive pleasure.

Jessica’s long fingers swirled over her clit, and she massaged her tits, pinching her nipples then grabbing the whole breast as if frustrated that she couldn’t squeeze all the pleasure out at once. Her body glistened with oily explosive as she writhed on the bed, a bed that could now blow a hole in a cliff side. Her breast hand wandered down her body, sliding over her abdomen, down to join the other hand in pleasuring her pussy. Her fingers briefly laced together as her right hand clenched the left in a moment of building ecstasy, then, slick with her own cum and the oily gelignite, she plunged her middle finger deep into herself.

The sudden pleasure of pressure on her g-spot mixed with the pleasure of working her clit like nitro and glycerin. Jessica’s eyes flared and she let out a laugh, a laugh that turned to gasping and then screaming with ecstasy as she fuck… fuck… FUCKED herself. Her legs splayed apart, knocking a bucket of gelignite onto the tiles. Her left hand stopped rubbing her clit as the palm of her right, so oily, so lubricated, took over, abandoning the circular motion of a gentle finger for the fast paced up and down motion of a hard fuck. She didn’t even pause when she slid her ring finger in, past the knuckle, bound up tight in her pussy against her middle finger. Her free hand clutched first at her messy, gooey hair, then at the slick, now dangerous satin sheets. She clenched at the bed as she fucked herself closer and closer.

Jessica’s screams had turned to breathless gasps as she built herself up. Her thighs started to squeeze down on her hand and her head tossed from side to side. She caught a glance of the detonator, the t-shaped plunger tantalizingly close, and she reached out and held it, sliding her hand up and down the middle stick like the hard cock of a favored fuck-buddy. She even laced hand over the top and clenched it, ready to press down, but she had to let go, her left hand automatically darting back down to her clit as she lifted her right hand higher, so she could go deeper, faster.

She came.

It was intense. Explosive. All the forced and power she craved, it was as if it went off inside her. Her back arched, breasts falling back and ribcage stretching the toned muscle from her chest to her waist even tighter. Her legs stretched, her toes pointed. She squeezed her thighs together, her pussy so tight around her fingers. Curled up on her back, she shuddered and shook with waves of pleasure for what felt like forever.

As she came back down from the orgasmic high, she splayed herself out on her bed, sighing happily, her cheeks flushed. She looked at herself in the mirror and giggled almost shyly. As she slowly played with her clit, savoring the tingling, she eyed the detonator. “You almost had me there,” she accused.

She rested for a short while, teasing her clit into another, much smaller orgasm. An aperitif of sorts, one that made her bite down softly on her full lips. And when she tried to sit up, she made an exciting discovery.

Despite the movement and warmth, the gelignite had hardened, making it tricky to get up. Enough of it, and movement would clearly be impossible.

While explosives are definitely my number one fetish, Jessica thought, bondage is definitely up there too.

Excited by this new, unthought-of prospect, she got to work heaping and layering the gelignite to make a slippery, oily pile that would melt over her and set, fixing her to the bed. She positioned the detonator carefully, making sure she would still be able to reach it while stuck. And then she saw her TNT, her shaft of dynamite, and her lust reignited.

Taking the bomb from the table, she strutted over to a mirrored wall, taking in her gelignite covered body, her breasts smooth and gleaming, her legs still dripping with explosive jelly. She took off her goggles and gazed into the mirror, her playfully curling the wick of the dynamite around her fingers. Pouting erotically, she gave the dynamite a soft kiss, and then licked the tip of her tongue from one end to another. It didn’t have a taste like the gelignite, but she wouldn’t care if it did. With a smile, she wrapped her full lips slowly over the end of the bomb.

Jessica’s eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered, the feeling of a shaft in her mouth exhilarating her. She remembered past blow jobs; the sucking the cocks of boyfriends, fellating the sex toys of girlfriends. And the thought that this was a bomb, dynamite, TNT, that if she wanted she could light the wick and give herself orgasmic oral sensation until it exploded, until she exploded…

Her eyes closed, deep-throating the TNT, she slowly walked backward to the explosive bed, her feet leaving footprints in the pools of spilt blasting jelly. She lay down, plastic explosive oozing up around her body, holding her down, embracing her, over her ankles, across her tummy, around her neck. She held the dynamite with two hands, still fucking it with her mouth, eager to fuck it with her pussy but reticent to relinquish it from her lips. The long red stick slid in and out, the wick coiled around her ring finger that not long ago had been deep inside her pussy. The sucking sounds got louder, more eager, as she pictured a burning wick getting ever shorter, ever closer, with the bomb deep inside her mouth.

As Jessica vigorously blew the explosive, the gelignite that had layered her like leather bonds stiffened. Her legs could no longer move, though she could still curl her toes and point her feet with pleasure. Her neck was fastened down to the sheet, too heavy with explosives to move. And while she writhed with pleasure, she could not move from the bed.

She was thrilled beyond words at the helplessness. Giving the dynamite one last, long, deep kiss, she moved the stick down to her wet, slick pussy. Slowly rubbing the end of it around her pussy lips, she gave out a gasp as she plunged the bomb deep inside of her. Holding it still, with the wick still wrapped around her finger, she put her other hand on the detonator plunger. She wanted to suck that, too, to fuck the t-shaped bar that would give her such a blast so soon with her mouth, her tongue, and her lips. But she couldn’t lift her head. She could only watch her splayed out, gelignite bound body in the mirror above as she started to roll her hips, her butt sliding on the smooth, oily satin, as she thrust the dynamite in and out.

She was coated with explosive cum, bound with it, full of it. Her pussy was being pleasured by a shaft of dynamite, the full ecstatic enormity of it all mirrored in her excited eyes as she watched herself fuck herself, her eyes growing wide, pressure building so fast, so fast, the big red bomb fucking her, fucking her hard, everything a slippery, gooey mess, a gooey mess that was gonna explode, all at once!

“Oh, my fucking GOD!” she shouted as she worked the dynamite in and out of herself faster and deeper, one hand on the detonator, toes clenching the sheets, hips thrusting up and down within the restraints of the explosive jelly, explosive goo, explosive cum… she clenched the stick of TNT harder and tipped her head back, then to the side, her fingers wrapped around the detonator, the det cord reaching down to her like an eager voyeur and she about to blow… about to explode…

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m FUCKING CUMM-MM-ING!” she moaned rapidly. A million kiloton orgasms blasted over her and she tried to push down the detonator.

Instead, her hands too slippery with explosive slime, the detonator fell to the floor.

“NO!” she howled, still fucking herself, still cumming, unable to stop. She looked about madly, unable to get up, looking for something to light the wick to the dynamite that was deep in and out of her pussy, the bomb that was making her cum.

Another orgasm pulled her away from the useless search, and her whole body tried to lift from the bed, straining against the now-solid explosives around her body. She kept fucking herself, screams of frustration lost to screams of orgasm. Another orgasm, the fourth… fifth?… washed over her, and she slowed, stopped, panting, breathing hard, hand still holding the dynamite, dynamite still filling her, her pussy muscles trying to pull it further in, to keep fucking.

But when Jessica kicked with frustration at her perfect erotic fantasy being spoiled by slippery fingers (never a problem before), she found her leg was free. All the shaking, moving, must have been enough.

Using the ceiling mirror to guide her long, voluptuous leg, she found the detonator on the floor. The unnecessary length of detonation cord proved useful in the end, as it was still attached beside her. Jessica gave herself a smug smile in the mirror above, which turned to laughter as she began fucking herself again, slower this time, like making love.

She tried to move the detonator back to the bed, but it has stuck fast in the gelignite spilled earlier. No matter, she thought, I can press down with my foot when I’m ready to…

Ready to…

“Ready to blow-ow-OHMYGOD!” The slow motion of the stick of dynamite in her pussy had triggered an orgasm so powerful, so unexpected. Jessica couldn’t believe the raw pleasure of the sensation as it took over her body, from deep inside her pussy. She moaned loudly, back arched, fists clenching. Unable to stop it. Not wanting to stop it. Wanting to explode as her legs and feet stretched without her willing it, as the pleasure took over and pushed down the detonator…

R: 32 / I: 9

Straight Shota Guro

We need Stories of Adult Women fucking and Killing Young Shotas (not necessarily in that order, or separately)
R: 26 / I: 0

This Little Piggy Went to Market (Cann, beheading, butchering, loli, consensual)

This story is a commission from Digger but I hope everyone enjoys it!

Pt 1

“Well shit.” Sam slumped at the kitchen table and ran his fingers through his thinning hair. The cup of tea his best friend and long-time colleague Keith had made for him sat untouched and cooling rapidly. “That’s us ruined. Guess the dream is over?”

“What about the compensation?” Keith asked. “They said on the website that anyone subject to the action would have their losses covered?”

“Yeah.” Sam signed sardonically. “In six to eight months! Fuck…” He tried a sip of the tea but found it too cold so stood up and took it to the microwave, as much out of a need to occupy himself as a desire for the tea. “Guess we have to start looking for proper jobs after all…”

“There could be another way.” Keith observed.

“How?” Sam rounded on his friend somewhat aggressively, his frustration at the situation coming out in miss-directed anger. “We’ve been doing this for years! Buy a small pig, raise it for a year, butcher said pig and sell the meat, buy a new small pig and start over, putting the profits from the meat into the business keeping the rest of the farm afloat! No way we can afford a new piglet, even if there were any to be had which I doubt there are, let alone everything else we need to keep ticking over! Not it the fucking government are going to take the best part of a year to send us any money!”

A particularly virulent new strain of Swine Flu had been sweeping across Britain and the government had recently passed legislation that all domestic and wild pigs, whether they be in farms, zoos or private homes were to be destroyed and their carcasses removed for disposal. Teams were travelling around the country carrying out these instructions and in the mean time, a ban had been placed on the sale of all pork and derivative products. Some larger companies could potentially weather this setback but Sam knew there was no way he could.

He and Keith had been running the farm together as co-owners since Sam had inherited the property nearly ten years ago but they had been friends for far longer. At first, it had been Sam who had the resources but Keith who had the know-how. Over the years, however, Sam had learned enough to feel like he was pulling his weight although he knew he would never be half the farmer Keith was.

“There is another option.” Keith looked out the window to where their respective daughters, only weeks apart in age, firm friends and thick as thieves, were playing on the lawn. “Of course we may not be able to get another piglet but maybe a few sheep or even a calf? There’s room for a cow in the barn after all, if we partition it off.” Sam sighed.

“Well yeah it doesn’t have to be a piglet but to keep going and even think about getting another animal to raise we need meat to sell right now and, unless you know about a secret stash that I’m not aware of, we don’t have any!”

“Oh you know about it alright!” Keith chuckled, looking out the window again but more pointedly.

“What do you…” Sam suddenly realised what Keith was suggesting. “No, we couldn’t… could we?”

“It’s not illegal!” Keith shrugged. “Plus we’ve got the new little one and your Rita is pregnant so she’s going to have her hands full soon with a three year old and a newborn!”

“Well yeah I guess…” Sam looked intently out at the two cheerful, chubby little six year olds. Certainly the two of them combined would provide a similar amount of meat to the pig they were losing and, although he had never before traded in it himself, he knew that girl-meat sold for a higher per-kilo rate than pork or beef. Plus, if their usual buyer wasn’t interested, there would be plenty of others who would be. In practical terms, it made perfect sense. Could he do it, ‘though? Cut his own little girls’ throat and butcher her like a pig? He noticed that his younger daughter, three year old Anna, had wandered over to join the older girls that she looked up to greatly, considering them both to be her big sisters.

“It would make sense.” Sam conceded, taking a deep breath and removing the now-warmed cup of tea from the microwave. “Good money in that kind of thing too. Don’t think I could do it unless they were willing ‘though. What do you think? Maybe if we explain it to them and how important it is for us and the little ones they’d be up for it?”

“I think they just might!” Keith nodded slowly, thinking of the times he had caught her daughter Sophie looking at the farmyard butchering equipment and cuts of meat hanging in the freezer with fascination, and all the questions she had asked that time they’d driven past a girl-meat restaurant when visiting relatives. He was pretty sure that if she was asked, Sophie would be a willing volunteer and if Sophie was game then Becca, Sam’s daughter, was unlikely to say no. Perhaps, he thought, it might be as well to square it with their wives before asking the girls who might actually not just be willing but very excited at the prospect and disappointed if it didn’t happen because their mums vetoed the plan!

Realising it could be quite a hard sell but hoping that his wife would understand the circumstances, Sam called his wife Rita in from the next room where she was watching TV and catching up on the latest gossip with Keith’s wife Brenda. Both came in and joined their husbands at the kitchen table. Their facial expressions went from amusement when they first heard the idea, thinking it was a joke, to incredulity when they realised it was not and their the men were seriously proposing butchering their daughters and selling their meat in place of the pig that the government agents would be taking away within the next forty-eight hours, according to the phone call Sam had received.

As the men put the case, however, both mothers started to realise that it really was the only way, unless they were to uproot the families and potentially face ruin, losing everything they had all worked so hard for over the last decade. On top of this, as sad as they would be to lose their children, both had to admit their lives would be greatly simplified by having one less to care for! Eventually, they agreed to the farmers’ plan but on the condition that, as Sam had said, the girls would have to be willing.

“Hey!” Sam’s eldest daughter, thirteen year old Melissa wandered in, having heard the sounds of earnest conversation from her room above and wanting to know what the adults were plotting. Sam and Rita had had her when they were very young, only in their late teens themselves and still just dating. She had been a mistake, or a happy accident as they preferred to put it, and neither had been ready for a child yet learning to care for her had brought them closer together and cemented their relationship, resulting in their eventual marriage. Becca, Anna had been planned although the one who was now on their way had not been. “What’s going on in here? Why’s everyone looking so serious?”

Hearing the explanation, Melissa was intrigued but also a little concerned. Did their plans also involve her, she wondered? Would she find herself sold to some fancy restaurant to make way for the new baby? As if guessing her thoughts, Sam reached out and put a reassuring hand on her arm and promised that they only had plans to butcher and sell the six year olds. If she, at some point in the future, wanted to either volunteer or sell her meat that would, of course, be her own decision but not one that they would be forcing on her. Still, the young teen did not like the rather hungry way her dad’s best friend was looking at her. Maybe her own parents were not seeing her as potential meat but Keith certainly was!

Since there was no more discussion to be had, the men decided that they should go out and put the suggestion to the girls. Melissa and the two mothers stayed inside, looking anxiously out the window to see how they would react. It seemed as if the dads tried to get little Anna to give them some privacy but she didn’t seem to want to leave. The two pretty youngsters listened with interest as the plan was laid out for them. They looked at each other and exchanged some words while Sam and Keith watched anxiously. Then they bust out in giggles and happily made some announcement to the farmers. Keith turned to the watching woman and gave them a thumbs-up through the window. Anna then seemed to ask a question and Sam knelt down to talk to her but then she burst into tears and Sam stood up, looking confused. The whole party of five made their way down to the house and joined the others in the kitchen.

“Well, we’ve got ourselves two very willing little piggies!” Keith grinned, patting his own daughter on her denim-clad backside, “but a bit of an issue with the little one!”

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Rita knelt down and held out her arms to her youngest daughter who ran to her tearfully. “Are you going to miss you sister? Worried that it’s going to hurt? I promise Daddy will make sure she doesn’t feel very much pain at all!”

“No!” Anna replied through angry tears. “It’s not fair Becca gets to be meat and I don’t!”

“Oh!” Her mother wasn’t sure how to react. This was not an issue she had anticipated. She looked up at her husband who gave her an apologetic shrug, clearly as nonplussed as she was. “Maybe in a few years,” she began tentatively, “we could think about…”

“NO!” snapped Anna, furious now that her wishes were not being taken seriously. “If I don’t get eaten, Becca doesn’t get eaten!” She glared at her mother.

“Here’s an idea!” Melissa suggested. “You weren’t going to butcher the pig until tomorrow anyway, right?” She looked at her dad who nodded, “So you don’t need to do the girls tonight either. Why don’t you three stay for dinner,” she indicated Keith, Brenda and Sophie, “and we can have Anna tonight? Roast her like a chicken! Would be a nice send-off for the piggies, right? And Anna gets her wish too!” Rita looked a little uncertain at her eldest daughter’s suggestion but little Anna visibly brightened.

“Would you like that?” She asked her little daughter. “To be cooked like a chicken for dinner tonight?” Anna nodded very enthusiastically. “Well what does everyone else think?” She looked around the group a little desperately but all she saw was a sea of happy faces, already apparently imagining the little blonde stuffed, trussed up and in the oven turning a delicious golden brown. “I guess that’s decided then!” She glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall. “If she’s going to be cooked in time for dinner, you’d better… you know, pretty quickly.” She set Anna down on the floor who ran first to her big sister, giving her a massive hug, then to her dad.

“Come on!” She grinned up at him, grabbing his hand and trying to pull him out the door towards the barn where she knew he kept the block and axe for cutting the heads off the chickens and geese they occasionally ate for dinner.

“Okay, okay!” Sam chuckled, kneeling down. “We need to get you undressed first. Don’t want your nice clothes to get all bloody!”

“I’ll be in the other room.” Rita informed him. “You guys do what you need to do. I’m happy to do the cooking but I don’t want to see the… other stuff. Just bring me a prepared carcass and I’ll do the rest.” She left, followed by Brenda and the two six year olds but Melissa stayed behind, apparently eager to watch. Sam thought for a moment about asking Keith to do the deed but decided he owed it to his little daughter to kill her himself.

Quickly, as if he were getting her ready for the bath as he had done so many times before, he helped the little girl off with her clothes. He knew she really needed washing but decided that would be easy to do once she was dead, especially as she seemed so eager to get on with it! Holding her hand, Sam led his naked daughter out the kitchen and across the lawn to the barn, followed close behind by his eldest daughter.

Once in the barn, Anna ran straight for the chopping block and knelt in front of it with her delicate young next exposed. Sam took off his shit and put on the leather apron he always wore when butchering any animal and advised Melissa to stand well back, out of the splatter-zone as he put it.

“Are you sure about this, darling?” He asked Anna. “You know you don’t have to…”

“Hurry up and cut my head off so Mummy can cook me!” Anna insisted slightly angrily before adjusting her attitude and grinning endearingly up at him. “I love you, Daddy!” She sent him an air-kiss.

“I love you too, pumpkin. Now close your eyes.” Anna did as she was told. With a deep breath, Sam raised the axe above his head, determined to make a clean cut and not let his little daughter suffer, then brought it down with a thud, neatly severing her pretty blonde head from her body. The head fell onto the ground and rolled a little while her body, blood spurting from the neck onto the surrounding straw, reared up for a moment before falling backwards. Anna’s cute little face looked surprised for a few moments, then confused, then finally peaceful as she stopped blinking and the light in her big green eyes went out.

Wasting no time, while his teenage daughter watched, fascinated, Sam hoisted up Anna’s headless body and hung it by the ankle from a meat-hook. He then took a filleting knife and slit her little round belly open from groin to chest and allowed her innards, intestines and other viscera to fall out, using the knife to free whatever remained attached. He then took a hose, uncoiled it and, using a narrow, high-pressure spray, cleaned the carcass inside and out. Finally, after kicking the bloody straw aside and putting down some fresh, he took the body that had once been Anna down and used the block and axe once more to remove her hands and feet. Even Melissa had to admit it was hard to recognise her sister in what appeared to be nothing more than a gutted piglet or plucked chicken. One thing she was very certain about, however, was that she was very much looking forward to dinner that evening!
R: 12 / I: 1

Guro Story of the Year 2019 - Results

Today, February 15th, the world celebrates the World's First Computer day, so let's not forget all the incredible technology that came a long way since then and lets us today have computing power in our pockets that people back then could not imagine, so that we can now throw birds at pigs and share our fantasies of little girls happily dying. Or not little, or not girls, or not happily, or sometimes not even necessarily dying. But anyway instead of a dichotomic choice of either suppressing our fantasies and driving our psyche into stress or, God forbid, enact them in real life and hurt other people (don't to that at home… or like anywhere), we get to turn them into fiction for each other to enjoy, and thus instead of pain bring joy into the world. Isn't that wonderful?

And so to honor our authors we're holding this Guro Story of the Year 2019 event, hoping it'll become a standing annual tradition and maybe encourage writers to bestow even more great works on us.

Well then, without further ado, let's get to what you're all interested about: the results.

10th place
goes to Andrew Dax Field with Family Massacre >>19262 (1 vote) and Family Purged >>16639 (2 votes)
Don't get discouraged though, remember that having a place at all means you were at least nominated. Because some of us didn't. So even if you're last, you're last among the first, and that's not that bad, you're still among the first. Look, you even got into the top ten!

9th place
goes to JestInPieces & PogueMahone with Quiet Confidence >>16524 (4 votes)
who get their place among the best with quiet confidence

8th place
goes to Greg Thomas with Sarah's Epic Life >>17224 (5 votes)
a close contender with the previous entry which only got ahead of it in the last couple of day in what can be described as an epic move

7th place
is shared among
The Friendly Demon with A Demon's Rise >>18056 (6 votes)
'Ellen with a series of Harry Potter themed stories >>18513 (6 votes)
Ellen again with Just a Job 2 >>17316 (votes)
One of these is not like the rest, isn't it?
If only an author could be nominated with all of their stories as a single entry which didn't have to compete with each other, you know, almost if they were just different aspects of the same person, maybe revealed with some kind of a serum? Not pointing at ednyone in wardticular, just hydepothesizing.
Anyway, by rising onto the same height these works do an important job of letting all of 13 nominees to get into the top 10. What is this, some kind of wizardry?

6th place
goes to Bloodlust with Julie's Jurassic Adventure >>17940 (10 votes)
Just the right kind of sick.

5th place
goes to Dark Monster Town with Dark Monster Town >>15654 (11 votes)
Just in case you didn't catch on it, it's a story about a dark monster town.

4th place
goes to NoPantsRelationship with Xan and Xandria's Snuffing >>15539 (14 votes)
My personal favorite, and I say that about a story with furry and futa which are both things I'd rather avoid, but if you can't help loving something even when you would normally hate it, you know it must be really good stuff. If you somehow missed it, or purposefully avoided it because it had furry and futa, I highly recommend to give this another chance. There's just nothing quite like it.

3rd place
goes to Squunch with Death Factory >>15761 (16 votes)
And here we finally got to the top three, opening with an author who claims to never have done creative writing before and then just went and generated a wall of text which got the third place in this vote. What would then happen once they get some practice?

2nd place
goes to Stillwater with A Rope and Camera and First cut >>17800 (22 votes)
And this is the point where you read about the second place, but think about the first, because by process of elimination you already figured it out, though really you knew it from the beginning, because could that be any doubt that the

1st place
goes to Edward Hyde with a series of stories in the Sidney universe >>19671 (26 votes)
Well, what can be said about those, you have most certainly read them yourself, and that's why you voted for them, but there were so many, that maybe you missed some, so this is your reminder to check those out too. Really, it's almost a cheat to have this many stories (there's actually so many I won't even bother to count) as a single entry, but they do belong to the same universe, and he did write them all within the 2019, and not really just within the 2019, but just within the last months of it, with absolutely crazy productivity, which somehow didn't have any negative effect on the quality of the stories. So cheaty as it may seem, he totally deserves this fine goblet made of human skull, which was taken from a healthy male specimen of about forty years, cleanly decapitated with a tram, marking Edward Hyde as the winner of Guro Story of the Year 2019. Congratulations!
R: 0 / I: 0

Rape, Kidnapping, Torture, Snuff

They told Lexi they wanted to take photos of her in a bikini. Like the slut she was, she agreed, eager for a chance to let people see her small body and perky tits. She was given the address of a beach resort, and when she showed up, she took off the dress she was wearing to reveal a black two piece swimsuit that fit tight around her cute ass and small breasts. She started posing for the men.

They took photos of her on the beach, but they said they wanted to do some pictures in the hotel room. She agreed, seeing an opportunity to get fucked by several men at once. As they continued, she began to pose like the whore she was, until she started to strip. Eventually, Lexi was naked in a hotel room full of men who wanted to fuck the tiny cumslut. At first, she liked being gangbanged. She had never had more than one cock inside her before. They recorded everything as they used her, fucking her tight pussy, ramming her raw asshole, and violating her soft throat. The men touched every inch of her skin. They groped her tiny body, licked her down and forced her into painful sex positions, bending her slim figure and arching her back so much that Lexi thought she would break. Then they began to fuck her harder. She took the pain like a submissive bitch. They kept going harder. Every orgasm made her scream and quiver with pleasure as they pumped her full of semen. It went on and on for hours until in the middle of the night, Lexi was screaming and crying. She was a cum covered, sweaty mess. They didn't listen to her pained moans. She begged them to stop, but they tied her hands behind her back and destroyed her like a useless fuckdoll. By the time they were done, Lexi was lying on the floor, her small figure completely covered in cum. Her hair was drenched in sperm, and sticky semen was dripping from her pussy and asshole, along with her vaginal juices. Cum and spit leaked from the corner of her gasping mouth, and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her entire body was shaking and convulsing as she continued to feel the pleasure and pain as she lay broken on the floor. One of the men stepped forward to finish off Lexi for the night. Another man took out the camera again and started filming. They were done fucking her, but he wrapped his hands around her fragile throat and squeezed. She kicked and struggled at first, but as he tightened his grip, her legs kicked softer until they only trembled and shook just like the rest of her tiny body. She made gasping noises that became weaker until her voice died in her cum drenched throat. Only her tongue was left moving outside her soft lips. Her face shuddered and her eyes rolled back. As the rest of her body grew still, Lexi closed her eyes and fell limp. He released her neck to reveal bruises where he strangled her. Her head fell on the carpet with a light thud. She looked like she was dead, but they checked her pulse and found out that the slut was still alive. They tied her legs together and loaded her lifeless body into their van like a piece of meat.

Lexi wasn't seen again by anyone until six months later. Videos and pictures started to come out on the deep web illegal porn circles. First it was the pictures taken of her shoot and the video of her first gang rape. There were over two hundred photos of her getting gradually sluttier. First her poses got more suggestive, then her top came off to reveal her soft tits. Then she took off her panties to show a perfectly shaved tight little pussy. The video showed what happened to the cute, slutty little fuckdoll when she got what she deserved. It was over six hours long, and by the end of it, Lexi was seen as a broken pile of meat on the floor.

That was just the beginning. A week after that, a new video was uploaded. It showed what happened after the men raped her. Lexi was being strangled, her cum covered body shaking, her pretty face gasping for air until she fell limp.

The videos kept coming. It turned out that for two weeks, the men used Lexi as their sex slave. She was fucked repeatedly, degraded and abused. She was kept completely naked in a room, chained to the wall by her ankle. She was fed once a day with a bowl of flour mixed with water. The only other thing she got to eat was sperm pumped into her throat by their throbbing cocks. When she became dirty and wet from all of the cum, spit, and sweat on her body from hours of fucking, they hosed her down and kept going. She barely slept those two weeks, since men came and went to her little room in order to break the little whore.

After two weeks, they sold her to an anonymous buyer as a sex slave. For the next six months, Lexi was tortured and raped in a sex dungeon full of devices, toys, and other perverse things all designed to defile the little whore. Videos kept coming. Apart from videos of brutal, prolonged rape sessions, there were some of them that showed her being forced to drink pints of semen. Sometimes it was pumped directly into her throat, or her pussy, where it would explode and gush down her skinny thighs. Other times, she had to drink it by the glass as she cried and sobbed. Tears rolled down her beautiful face while cum trickled down her chin and slender neck down to her tiny breasts. Other videos showed more brutal forms of torture. A few times, she was strapped to a chair and hooked up to a high voltage power source with jumper cables on her nipples and clit. She writhed and screamed and cried, and she regularly convulsed until she fell unconscious from the pain. Sometimes, she was tied up so tight it looked like her back was broken. Her sexy back and slim waist were arched so much that she could see the back of her legs. Other times, she was whipped repeatedly until she fainted, or strapped to a fucking machine where she was left for hours. Particularly popular were the videos of forced orgasm torture, where she was stimulated in her clit, deep in her pussy, and in her nipples. The pleasuring lasted for hours, and by the end of it, she was a shaking mess of broken fuckmeat. These were just a few of the tortures Lexi endured during her time as a rape whore, but even then, she was raped after every session. The videos always ended with Lexi getting fucked hard and turned into a crying, cum covered mess.

The torture began to get more brutal and extreme. They started mutilating her. She was regularly pricked with needles in her clit and tits. Sometimes, the needles would be connected to jumper cables, so the slut would feel the pain of being electrocuted for long periods of time as well as the pain of having a hole punched into her most sensitive parts. The dildos they inserted into her ass and pussy got more dangerous. A few times, they hung her from the ceiling using a spiked hook that was inserted in her anus. Her pussy was subjected to extremely painful penetration, with spiked dildos that would open up inside her, mutilate the inside of her vagina and stretch out her insides. These violent devices often delivered electric shocks to the fresh cuts inside her pussy. She never lasted long during these types of torture sessions, often passing out after thirty minutes of agony. However she would always wake her up before they were done fucking her bloody pussy.

Lexi's last video came about eight months after she disappeared from that beach resort. It was fourteen hours long, and showed the full footage of Lexi being raped, tortured, and killed. For twelve hours, they raped and tortured her brutally. By the eighth hour, she was crying and screaming nonstop, even though she had already endured eight months of abuse and rape. About four more hours later, Lexi was missing her left breast. It had been sliced off slowly as part of her torture. She was strapped to an operating table, struggling and crying, screaming painfully as a man began to cut her pussy open. He carved through her clit and up her labia, until she was opened up. When he was done exposing her uterus and ovaries, Lexi stopped screaming, her voice got weaker, her body stopped struggling against the restraints, and her pretty head fell sideways. Her eyes stared blankly in pain, still wet with tears. Lexi was dead.

The men continued to fuck her dead body. They thrust their hard cocks into her exposed vagina, watching it bulge as they pumped the dead whore. Her throat was also defiled, her head flopped around on the table limply while her eyes no longer flinched as a shaft entered her throat. For two hours, they continued to mutilate and fuck her corpse. Her blood became lube as they put their penises into fresh openings cut into her dead body. In the very last part of the video, Lexi's head was severed from the rest of her body, which was now opened and cut up, her organs on display and her torso being fucked relentlessly. Her pussy and uterus was being used as a cock sleeve. Her ovaries had been squeezed and crushed as he used her once treasured organs to stroke his rock hard shaft. As another man started to fuck the bloody stump of her neck, yet another cock fucked Lexi's severed head. He entered through her sliced off neck, and the tip of his cock peeked through her lips, which were dripping blood. He pleasured himself thrice with Lexi's head as a cock sleeve, each time filling her dead mouth with semen. When he was done, he pulled out his cock, now wet with her blood, and tossed her head on the floor. Before the camera cut to black, the video showed a last look at Lexi's fate. Her severed head covered in cum and blood. Her reward after eight months of rape and torture.
R: 2 / I: 0

Ashley's New Look (F, Sci-Fi, Nanobots, Disintegration, Pulverization)

The sound of approaching heels growing louder triggered Brian to look up towards the entrance to the room. In stepped an adorable, petite, young, freckled redhead.

"Hey Ash!" greeted Brian cheerfully. "Thanks for coming down!"

"There you are Brian!" replied Ashley with much relief. "Wow, this place is so massive I thought for sure I'd get lost!"

"You know I wouldn't let that happen to you Ash!" reassured Brian.

"Oh you're always such a good friend Brian!" Ashley replied sweetly, giving him a short, gentle touch on his shoulder.

"Oh.. yeah.." awkwardly replied Brian, a bit fazed by Ashley's response. He smiles and look at her nervously - smitten with her beauty.

Medium-length red hair with slight curls, the back worn in a loose ponytail. Bluish-green eyes. Creamy pale skin. Perky, B-cup size breasts. She wears a short-sleeve, black T-shirt with a small amount of white polka dots, and a plaid mini-skirt with a red background. She wears black, shiny high-heeled boots that are ankle-high.

Adorable. The epitome of the girl-next-door.

An awkward beat goes by as Ashley waits for Brian to continue the conversation, but he never does. Ashley lets out a short nervous laugh to break the silence and asks, "So… you need my picture taken?"

Brian snaps back to reality to respond, "Oh yes! Corporate policy requires us to take photos of all our sub- er, volunteers. Both for company records and for your ID badge so you can access the lab levels where the experimental procedure will be taking place tomorrow."

The words "experimental procedure" prompted Ashley to take a nervous deep breath, exhale, and then reply, "And you're sure this 'experimental procedure' is safe?"

Brian did not hesitate this time. "Oh yes of course!!" he replied reassuringly, "This place is so high tech! There's safeguards and lock-outs for everything! I've never seen or heard of any incidents here since I've been here - safety is a top priority!" Brian genuinely seemed to believe this. "It'll just be like taking a nice, massaging shower! Should be quite pleasant actually!"

Ashley put on a smile and gave a short laugh at Brian's enthusiasm. "Okay okay, you sold me!" she replied, "Anything to get rid of these damn freckles!"

"If you say so Ash!" Brian replied, "I think they make you look gorgeous!"

"Aww you're so sweet!" said Ashley in a friendly tone, "But I've always hated these things since I was a kid! Plus there's this guy at the gym that's really hot, but I heard a rumor isn't into freckles so…" she trailed off.

"Oh, right.." replied Brian with an embarrassed laugh. After another awkward beat, Brian said, "Well let's get this picture taken shall we?"

"You got it boss!" replied Ashley playfully.

Brian directed Ashley to stand on a mark in front of a solid-white, lit backdrop. Standard photography equipment surrounds the space.

Ashley does some playful poses and makes some faces. Brian laughs along at first, then tells her that they have to follow specific guidelines for the photo. He directs her to stand straight at attention and look right at the camera.

"OK you can smile, just no teeth!", directs Brian. Ashley puts on a demure smile. Brian snaps a shot and a flash of light fills the air.

- - - - -

The next day.

Brian and his colleague Kevin are prepping the test chamber for the experimental procedure.

Kevin sits at a terminal, typing various commands. He pulls up the photo of Ashley. Above her photo reads "Subject A778". Always the scientist, Kevin asked, "So you have a former personal relationship with today's specimen?"

Brian scoffs at Kevin's question, "Yes I know today's 'specimen'", adding sarcastic emphasis, "Her name is Ashley Ryan and she's a lovely human being!"

Kevin is not fazed by this. "You are clearly trying to mate with this specimen. I think it's highly inadvisable to form any social bond with our test subjects. I also think it's especially inadvisable to suggest they volunteer themselves for such experimental procedures. There is a reason our Subject Acquisition Department exists after all."

"I'm just trying to help the girl out! She's always hated her freckles, and when I let it slip about the procedure, she got so excited and wouldn't stop asking me about it. And besides, you're acting like there's any danger. I haven't heard of any fatalities happening here, even to our test subjects. We're just giving the girl a damn shower!"

Kevin paused before responding under his breath, "…you clearly haven't worked here long enough."

Not quite certain what Kevin said, Brian starts to respond but is cut off by a knock on the door.

Brian goes to answer it. Upon opening the door he is greeted by the sight of lovely sight of the day's test specimen, Ashley Ryan. Today she wears a light-blue, revealing V-neck blouse with a black pencil skirt, as well as the same boots from the previous day. She wears her ID badge affixed to her blouse above one of her breasts - her face and demure smile staring straight ahead of the badge.

"Hey Bri!" says Ashley, moving in for a nice, platonic hug.

"Hey Ash! Welcome to the lab!" warmly greets Brian, returning the soft hug and releasing, "Ready for your big day?"

Ashley takes a deep breath, releases, and replies, "I think so!" She surveys the room. Several high-tech mainframes and computer terminals line the walls. In the center of the room stands a glass cylindrical shower stall. About 2 meters above the floor of the stall hangs a high-tech looking shower-head with some extra gizmos affixed to and around it. It's angled down and towards the center of the stall. A normal-looking drain sits in the center of the floor of the stall. Several small cameras surround the stall at various angles. "So this is it, huh?"

"Yep, this is where the magic happens!" Brian jovially responds.

Kevin lets out an intentional cough to interrupt, "Can we please proceed with our checklist? I believe a photo of the subject is in order."

Ashley let's out a small laugh of disbelief, having just been referred to as "the subject". Brian excuses his colleagues behavior, "Don't mind Kevin, Ash, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Step over here and I'll get your photo one more time."

Brian has Ashley step in front of a small, blank section of the wall, while Kevin moves to another terminal across the room and starts entering calibration settings.

As Brian preps the camera, Ashley whispers, "You're co-worker seems really uptight."

Brian raises the camera and lets out a laugh and jokes, "Yeah he's definitely got a stick up his ass."

This sets Ashley off, letting out a hearty laugh.

Kevin momentarily takes his eyes off the screen to look over at the source of the interruption, and sees the specimen briefly making eye contact with him while producing audible contractions from its diaphragm that only served to annoy him. Returning to his work, he finishes loading the calibration settings for the shower-head emitter.

Brian snaps a shot as Ashley's laugh calms down and she turns back toward the camera. Teeth showing, but "no big deal" he thinks and doubts he would face any punishment for such a mild thing.

Ashley upon realizing Brian took the shot says, "No I hate how I look when I'm laughing! My nostrils-"

Kevin interrupted, "If the subject would please disrobe and step into the stall - we are on a strict schedule and are quite ready to begin."

Before Brian can retort for his colleague's behavior, Ashley responds "Oh, uh, okay. Is there somewhere I can change?"

Brian starts to answer, "Oh, well, yeah you can use the-"

Kevin interrupts again, "That would be a waste of time. All specimens are nude during the procedure, so there is no point in disrobing elsewhere. We're not here to ogle, we're here for science."

Ashley hesitates for a moment, perhaps waiting for Brian to speak up for her. He doesn't. She replies with some unease, "Oh, I suppose you're right."

The specimen begins to disrobe as instructed.

Ashley takes off her new ID badge first.

Ashley sits on a nearby stool and bends up one leg at a time to unzip and remove each of her shiny, high-heel boots - leaving her in her bare feet.

"Don't sniff those!" Ashley jokes at Brian. He laughs nervously in response.

She unzips her pencil skirt, pulls it down her lithe legs, and gently steps out using her nimble tip-toes, and folds it. Her nether regions covered by black no-show panties.

The specimen unbuttons the blue fabric draped across its upper torso. Using its prehensile appendages, the subject pulls the fabric off the back of its torso and down and off of its upper limbs. Two mammary glands appear, supported and covered by a black undergarment.

Ashley, now in her bra and panties, starts to turn around but then realizes the futility in doing so. Taking another deep breath, she ignores her inhibitions and proceeds undressing with confidence.

She reaches around back and unclasps her bra, then lowers it off her shoulders without hesitation, letting her two B-cup size breasts breath with a gentle wiggle.

She then pulls down her black panties down her legs, and gently steps out. "Please make sure my clothes are taken care of!" Ashley politely requests while folding them in a neat pile. She then pulls her hair-band off and shakes her head to let her red curls flow.

The specimen is now fully disrobed. Kevin instructs the subject, "Now step inside the chamber."

Ashley dutifully starts walking over to the stall's opening. Brian can't help but take a long glance to admire her buck naked, nubile, young figure. A part of him always wanted to see her naked. She certainly did work out.

As she grabs the edge of the stall and takes a step in, she catches Brian checking her out. She playfully flirts, "I hope this wasn't all just for you to see me naked, Brian!"

Kevin rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh while Brian stammers. "Can we please just get on with it?" complains Kevin.

"Here goes nothing!" says Ashley as she fully steps in the shower stall. Brian seals the transparent stall hatch shut behind her.

Brian gives her a thumbs up. Ashley gives one back with a jokingly military seriousness in her expression, then laughing and taking her place in the center of the shower stall, directly underneath the emitter pointed at her head, and directly above the drain.

Brian takes a seat at his terminal - the file on subject A778 loaded up with Ashley's ID photo along with her vitals. He can't help but stare at her cute face, smitten with her beauty. Kevin states, "Please confirm correct calibration parameters are loaded."

Brian takes a quick glance at the calibration parameters window next to Ashley's photo, then looks back at his naked friend in the glass tube in front of him. Noticing his look, she gives him a smile and a wave.

Brian waves back. "Calibration parameters confirmed," he responds to Kevin.

Kevin declares, "Then we're ready to begin. Please instruct the test subject to assume the correct position for application."

Brian holds down a button and speaks into a mic hooked into his terminal. "OK Ash, here we go! Now just angle your head up and face the shower-head, and close your eyes! It should be quite comfortable!"

Ashley nods, shakes out her nerves one last time, and does exactly as Brian instructed. Eyes closed and head angled up, a slight smirk crossed her lips. Brian thought her expression was statuesque.

Kevin declares, "Commencing startup."

A soft but distinct hum fills the air, rapidly growing in volume and pitch.

Inside the stall, Ashley keeps her pose as instructed, her heart racing faster with every second.

The hum finally starts to plateau as Kevin counts down. "Five… Four… Three…"

Unable to hear the countdown, Ashley waits patiently for the "application" of the solution. She hears the rush of water coming from the shower-head - along with another, unfamiliar, and a little scary sound. Holding her statue-like pose on her face as best she can, she gulps, and internally braces for impact.


Brian watches Ashley eagerly.


Kevin keeps his eyes on his terminal.


There suddenly was a bright flash of light emanating from the shower-head, accompanied by the sound of a loud FWOOSH.

"That doesn't sound right…" mutters Kevin.

In the stall, a beam of blinding, blurry light blasts out from the emitter, striking the face of the specimen directly below.

Upon impact, the specimen's face begins to pulverize. Rapidly.

Having been patiently keeping her eyes shut, Ashley had no idea why she suddenly felt the most intense pain she ever felt.

A image pops up on both Brian and Kevin's terminals - from the cameras set to automatically record the procedure - showing the moment of impact in real-time.

A close-up of Ashley's head shows a blurry mess of talc-like powder, clearly vibrating, in place of her adorable face there a moment ago.

Her innocent, blue-green eyes. Her petite, cute nose. Her adorable, smirking lips. Her sexy, thin, orange-red eyebrows. And of course her freckles. All replaced by a mess of powder vibrating in-and-out of her face-hole violently and rapidly.

The powder from the specimen's face is mostly flesh colored, with hints of the darker colors of the specimen's concentrated melaninized cells.

The colors of her blue-green eyes, red lips, and orange-red eyebrows take color on the vibrating powder in their respective locations.

While only for a flash of a moment, the pain Ashley feels urges her to scream out of her pulverized lips - but the merciful beam of death quickly blasts thru the rest of her head, skull and brain with ease, putting a swift end to her consciousness. Her orange-red hair obligated against the wall of the stall in powdered form for a moment before being washed off by the accompanying water.

Before Brian or Kevin has a chance to react to the sudden chaos happening in the stall, a loud but dull THUD is heard as Ashley's headless body falls forward onto the glass in front. Luckily her breasts cushion the fall, getting smashed against the glass by the full (but rapidly diminishing) weight of her upper torso behind them. The sight of tits-on-glass would usually turn Brian on - but the horror of them being attached to his headless, disintegrating friend put a hold on those thoughts.

Finally having had enough time to react, Brian shouts, "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Kevin curiously states to himself, "Well this is an interesting development."

The beam had no problem keeping track of the specimen as it moved to its new position and continued its program of organic pulverization down the remaining material of homo sapiens it its path below.

The forces of gravity start bringing her body sliding down against the glass. A sickening SQUEAK emanates from her tits dragging down the glass. Her nipples rise above the rest of her breasts behind her as her body wants to continue collapsing, but the friction is slowing down the effort. Her powdered form showers down her yet-do-be-powdered nubile form.

Upon pulverization of the specimen's shoulders, the upper limbs disconnect from the subject's diminishing torso.

Her arms, having been flung back behind her upon falling against the glass, now fall to the floor of the stall between her two awkwardly collapsing legs, bending inward while trying to support the weight of her remaining upper body.

Brian reaches for the ABORT switch and flips it. A message pops up on his terminal saying "ABORT REQUEST DENIED".

"Why the fuck isn't it aborting?!" shouts Brian.

Kevin coldly questions "Company policy, you should know that. Once vital signs of a specimen cease, any experiment in progress must be carried through to the end for maximum data collection."

Brian starts to tear up at the news, now at a loss of words. He looks at his disintegrating friend in the stall. The friend he got to volunteer for this very safe procedure. Just in time to see the beam blasting through her tits.

The beam pulverizes the specimen's higher mammary gland first, then the following one immediately after. The cameras snap several close-up shots of the event as it occurs.

The beam ravages its way down to Ashley's toned waist - her belly button now being flattened against the glass before being erased. Below, her feet continue to spread apart, both angled awkwardly inward, with both heels raised. Her knees bend inward towards each other with some space between. One ass cheek higher than the other.

Kevin comments to himself, "Wow it really is efficient!"

Multi-colored Ashley powder showers down around her remaining body with hints of red, flesh and freckle. Water also showers down across her remaining body - helping to wash the powder sitting on the floor of the stall down the drain.

Brian can do nothing but continue to helplessly watch his crush break apart in front of him. Why did he convince this poor girl to sign up for this?! What the hell happened?!

"All this high tech gear but they didn't think to have a remote control valve for the drain!" notes Kevin as he notices the sloppy failure of specimen material retention as more of the powdered redhead swirls down the drain. "What a waste of potential data analysis."

The beam continues its ruthless assault thru poor Ashley, having no pity on her scrumptious, sculpted, perfect ass as it ravages through one cheek and the other.

Her trimmed pussy, which would once tingle at the thought of the guy at the gym that wasn't into freckles, is no survivor among the beam's devastation, as it gets pulverized into a thin strip of powdered Ash-snatch.

Only Ash's disembodied legs and fallen arms remain. Her thighs smack together for a moment before each bending back to smack against her two calves, each leg collapsing to the ground entirely.

The beam makes short work of the specimen's remaining limbs. Including all her individual nimble fingers and all her adorable toes.

Finally there is no more human matter present in the target zone left to pulverize - so the beam shuts down.

The water continues until a sensor detects that the stall is fully clean of all particles.

The remaining bits of powdered redhead pours down the drain - whether last in was a bit of wrist or the tip of big toe, or maybe even a lone freckle, no one can be sure. But it all went to the same place - NanoTek's ultra efficient sewage filtration system. After several rounds of incineration and disintegration to remove any trace of DNA, every particle of the doomed volunteer gets filtered through a set of multiple water tanks, branched apart and drained off into long-distance sewer pipes running from the complex to remote regions in all directions. Every trace of her is widely dispersed through the sewage system and eventually back into far reaching parts of the earth and its atmosphere.

Ashley Ryan has been fully and utterly pulverized and erased from existence, at 14:36 on a Friday afternoon at NanoTek Corp.

Brian can do nothing but stare at the empty and clean stall, where the girl of his dreams stepped in, but never stepped out.

Always the scientist, Kevin continues his work with no strong emotion whatsoever concerning the loss of a test subject - just a curiosity at the unexpected turn of events.

Looking over the calibration settings, he spots the error almost immediately. "Ah now here's the problem! This decimal point should have over three places to the left." Kevin punches in a few quick commands, and strikes Enter like a music conductor. "Fixed!" exclaims Kevin with a glee not yet heard today.

Brian fumes at this news. "…Are you kidding me?? She's dead because you put a decimal in the wrong place?!"

Kevin retorts, "Hey I asked you to check it, but I guess you were too distracted by the looks of the test subject. Besides, I'm only human."

Brian storms out.

Kevin notices the specimen's garments, footwear, and ID badge sitting in the corner. With an annoyed sigh, he walks over to pile, grabs them, takes one last look of the face of the former specimen, and tosses it all in a hatch leading directly into an incinerator, and proceeding onto NanoTek's ultra efficient sewage filtration system.

Kevin looks at the empty stall and sighs wistfully this time. "Would've been nice to have some powdered redhead to analyze…"

- - - - -

Subject Name: Ashley Ryan
Specimen: A778
Age: 20
Position: Volunteer
Current Status: Unknown (Subject in powder form most likely disintegrated by NanoTek sewage filtration system)
Est. Chance of Recovery: 0%
-Side effect of pulverization warrants further study.
-Suggest further testing using similar calibration settings and specimens.
-Suggest addition of remote control valve for drain.
-Suggest addition of tank below drain to capture specimen material for further analysis.
-Tech Brian [REDACTED] terminated per security protocol HB72-Alpha
-Recommend promotion of Tech Kevin [REDACTED] for actions leading to further science gathering.

-Reduction of subject's freckles successful*
R: 48 / I: 0

OfixN Original Short Stories (non-cons, stab, shot, strangle, rape)

Since I have several short stories to share, I prefer to create a single thread. There will be a lot of stabbing, some shooting and strangling. Non-cons, female victims (not pre-teens), usually realistic. Rape sometimes, depends on the story. No cannibalism, crushing or extreme torture, they are not for me.

I hope you like my story, please skip over grammatical errors, I'm not english. However, advice on language and writing is welcome.

I prefer skip tag on the single stories to keep a little surprise (if you prefer otherwise, let me know)

Stories coming up!
R: 20 / I: 1

Guro Story of the Year 2019 - Voting

Actually, the previous poll is still accessible, but since it ignored the nominations and made you look up the post number of the story you wanted to vote for (and I feel like many wouldn't bother or might get it wrong) and didn't use the proposed 3 points system, I made this new one.

The nominees are:

Death Factory by Squunch >>15761
Has many chapters long enough to be considered their own stories, and I haven't read it to tell how much they are connected to each other, but since all of them are parts of one story AND all of it were written within 2019, it qualifies as a single entry.

All of Edward Hyde within the year 2019 >>19671
Most of his stories happen in the same universe, which kiiinda can be counted as long chapters in a crazy long multi-chapter story and thus qualify as a single entry along with the Death Factory above. I mean, what can I do if he was just nominated as Edward Hyde?

Xan and Xandria's Snuffing by NoPantsRelationship >>15539
This is a part of a long multi-chapter story with each chapter basically being its own story, so you might wonder why doesn't it count the whole series as a single entry as above. The logic is simple: Club Meat Grinder was not written all within the year 2019.

A Rope and Camera and First cut by Stillwater >>17800
Count as one entry because they're chapters in a multi-chapter story and were both written within 2019.

Family Purged by Andrew Dax Fields >>16639
Family Massacre by Andrew Dax Fields >>19262
Count as two entries because not chapters of a multi-chapter story, I guess. Well, they're share a theme, but not a universe, so… well, really, this is just the way they were nominated.

Julie's Jurassic Adventure by Bloodlust >>17940

Just a Job 2 by Ellen >>17316
Harry Potter themed series by Ellen >>18513
Perhaps the first entry should include the first part of Just a Job, seeing how it was written withing the 2019?

Quiet Confidence by JestInPieces & PogueMahone >>16524

A Demon's Rise by The Friendly Demon >>18056

Sarah's Epic Life by Greg Thomas >>17224

Dark Monster Town by Dark Monster Town >>15654

And here's the new form for voting
(It's google forms' official link shortener)

Now, for how long should we collect the votes until declaring the results? Or just see how it goes?
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Sidney's Exposed

This is a story I began last year but never finished. Thanks to a helpful reader I've been able to recover the first part and now mean to finish it. Part 1 consists of everything previously published and my new installments pick up with Part 2 :-)

“My name is Mackenzie Chastain.” The white-haired Southern granny spoke directly into the camera, sat on a sofa with a small television and assorted pictures of children of various ages on the wall in the background. “I am a mother, a grandmother and, as of last week, a great-grandmother. And I am a liar.” She paused to let these words sink in for the viewing public. “For the past years I have helped to deceive America and the entire world, and to cover up a terrible wrong. As the only person left alive who knows the truth, I owe to to my children and grandchildren, as well as all those poor girls, to tell the truth.”

“History records that Sidney Roebuck, youngest daughter of billionaire business mogul Orin Roebuck, was slaughtered and butchered for her meat on 15th August 2022, following her successful campaign and legal battle.” A deep-voiced commentator announced over photographs and video stills of a happy, smiling little girl dressed in nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. “In the years since, the restaurant chain founded in her name has become one of the most successful food businesses in history, recently surpassing McDonalds in like-for-like annual turnover. Laws all around the world have been altered to allow the killing and consumption of girls and young women, with millions slaughtered for food every year. Yet is this vast empire and cultural renaissance all based on a lie? And worse still, a murder? Keep watching as we find out on ‘Sidney Roebuck – Visionary or Victim?’”

In the fourteen hours since the documentary had aired, it felt like the entire food industry had been in damage-limitation mode, and none more so than the chain at the heart of the controversy, Sidney’s, now owned and managed by Sidney Roebuck’s eldest neice, Ellie-May Boswell-Roebuck. Over the years there had of course been questions asked about how much of Sidney’s campaign had been her own idea and whether pressure had been put on her but her famously greedy and ambitious father. Like any young girl who came up with a world-changing idea and dared to challenge the status-quo there were those who sought to paint her as a victim, a mere puppet of manipulative adults. As it had been for Greta Thunberg, so it was for Sidney Roebuck.

Every so often there would be a think-piece article, TV movie, documentary or mass-market paperback that caused people to take pause and think about the girl who had effectively changed the eating habits of the entire world. Perhaps there would be a slump in business for those who traded in girl-meat for a week or two but very soon the questions would be forgotten and everything would go back to normal. Nobody had any reason to suppose that the documentary to be shown on Public Broadcasting channels simultaneously all over the world would cause any more than a ripple, despite the typically grandiose claims of the producers. Nobody had been prepared for the explosive claims made by the show or the public response following it.

Ellie-May Boswell-Roebuck sat in her office with her lawyer, her husband and two closest advisors, watching for the fifth time, trying to find some weak link in the story, some angle they had not yet thought of to debunk the claims. She cursed her father for dying and leaving her to sort out this mess. If it were true, he could have left her a confession to be opened after he was gone and therefore no longer liable for anything it revealed. At least then she’d have been able to prepare, to work out a strategy for if this ever came out. As it was, she had been as blind-sided by the claims as everyone else.

The commentator summarised the well-known story of Sidney Roebuck, the feisty young girl who had won over the hearts and stomachs of America and turned everyone on to the idea of girls as meat. How her legacy had spread to first to Europe then to the east until every civilised nation of the world had accepted the idea of eating girls to one extent or another.

“Tonight,” the voice announced dramatically, “a woman who has kept her council for over six decades breaks her silence and reveals to us the truth about the first girl eaten in America!”

“My birth name,” the Southern granny spoke to the camera again, clearly nervous but convinced of the rightness of her actions, “is Sidney Dorothy Roebuck. I am the youngest daughter of the late Orin Roebuck and it is after me that the world-wide chain of restaurants is named.”

Ellie-May rested her elbow on the desk and her throbbing forehead in her hand. Why did this old lady have to sound so damned plausible? Even if she could be proved to be talking out of her ass, there would still be a huge section of the audience who would believe her just because of how she was and there was no way she and her multi-national, billion-dollar corporation could go after and seek to discredit a sweet old lady without totally coming across as the bad guys, whatever the final outcome.

“It’s true that I campaigned for the right to be eaten,” the granny continued, “that was totally on me. There was nobody forcing me or pulling my strings like some have claimed.” A tiny mercy, thought Ellie-May. “I was utterly convinced of the rightness of my quest and so grateful for my Daddy’s support, right up until the night before the deed was due to be done, the eve of my twelfth birthday.”

They were coming up to the part Ellie-May really hated. Despite her anger, what the old lady said next always moved her to tears, a fact which only made her more angry, as much with herself as with those behind the documentary.

“As I lay in my bed that night, I thought about all the things I would never get to do, the places I would never see, the husband and children I would never have. Around, oh I suppose it would have been maybe ten-thirty or eleven at night, way past my bedtime anyway but I remember my Daddy was still up in his study, I went and told him I’d changed my mind.”

“How did he take the news?” An unseen interviewer asked from behind the camera. The old lady smiled weakly before replying.

“He said I was letting everyone down. That he had put so much into my campaign because it was what I insisted I wanted and now here I was throwing it all away. He told me he’d already applied for permits and lobbied politicians to be allowed to start a chain of restaurants in my name where girls like me could volunteer to be cooked. He was convinced that it was going to more than double his fortune and told me how selfish I was being for trying to to take that away. If I remember correctly,” she continued, “that’s when I started to cry and he hugged me tight and felt like my sweet Daddy again. He told me of course I didn’t have to be killed and eaten if I didn’t want to and that he would sort it out but, tomorrow, I would still have to pretend. He said to trust him and go along with whatever happened once the butcher arrived. He said we’d have to let the world think that I’d been eaten and that I would have to go away, have a new name with new parents that he would find for me. This made me sad again, but he promised to come visit me often and, since my only other choice seemed to be getting cooked and eaten for real, I agreed.”

The old lady looked into the camera with tears in her eyes.

“If I had known what a monster my Daddy really was or what he had planned, I would never have agreed. But you have to remember, I was just a frightened little girl and when he told me that everything was going to be okay, I believed him.”

“We can fast-forward through this next bit.” Ellie-May picked up the remote but her lawyer put out a cautious hand to stop her.

“I think we need to watch it all.” He insisted in a voice that was kind but firm. “If there are any holes in her story, this is where we’re going to find them.”

Knowing that he was right, Ellie-May set down the remote and braced herself to continue watching.

“The next morning came and I gave my speeches to the press as expected of me.” The old lady on the screen continued. “Of course I wore next to nothing, I had honestly stopped caring about that sort of thing by then, even ‘though I had changed my mind about being eaten. There were photographs of me shaking hands with the butcher, checking the recipes all those famous chefs had lined up for my meat, that sort of thing.”

As she spoke, the press photos she spoke of were flashed up on the screen. Ellie-May was very familiar with them of course. Some were even displayed in the very office where she was sat watching the recording.

“The press were even allowed into the room where I was going to be killed.” She looked away from the camera as if feeling too guilty to meet the eye of the viewer. “I had no idea how my Daddy was going to get me out of this, but I trusted him like he told me to. It was then that the specially invited guests came in and I realised. God forgive me I should have put a stop to it all right then and there, or at least gone through with my promise, but you have to remember I was just a frightened little girl.”

There was that expression again, the words that could not help but tug at the heartstrings and conscience of anyone listening. Even if the old lady were speaking off the cuff and not following a script, Ellie-May knew, there was no way she had not been primed with that phrase, fed it by publicists and media-savvy supporters. It was just too perfect.

“I only learned afterwards exactly what had been said.” She spoke softly. “Into the room came my Daddy, his two closest advisors, my oldest brother who was being groomed to take over the company,” This made Ellie-May sick to her stomach. That was her father being spoken of there. From what she had heard within the family, she was frankly prepared to believe anything of her grandfather but her father was a different matter. He had never presented to her a side that was anything other than kind, compassionate, fair and, above all, honest. If he really had been complicit in such a vile deception, then there truly was nothing left in the world she could believe in. “And last of all, my Daddy’s secretary and her daughter. She’d been told she was coming to be a witness as a special treat but really my Daddy had paid her mother three million dollars for her to take my place.” Press photographs from the time were shown on the screen with a red circle drawing the viewer’s attention to a little girl with more than a passing resemblance to Sidney Roebuck standing in front of a woman who was embracing her protectively, a nervous look on her face.

“Some final photographs were taken then the press were all sent out of the room. My Daddy told them I deserved some privacy in my final moments and that they’d be welcome to come back in in a few minutes and photograph the meat. Now as soon as they left, the secretary lady started crying and pushed her little girl forward, saying she was sorry. One of the men grabbed her and stuck a needle in her neck that made her go floppy. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes. That mix of fear and betrayal. She was stripped and my Daddy told me to put on her clothes. We were about the same size and she was a dancer so my body and hers looked pretty much alike. I did as I was told then watched that poor little girl being cut up by the butcher in my place.”

“What happened after that?” the unseen interviewer asked.

“My brother led me and the girl’s mom out a back door where two cars were waiting.” The old lady explained, “I didn’t dare to look at her. I hear the next day that little girl was reported as a run-away. I was taken to a foster home and given a new name with false papers and around six months later I was adopted by a loving couple who both worked for my Daddy. They were wonderful parents and I never saw any of my real family again, despite my Daddy’s promises, nor did I care to. What I had seen that day told me that my family were monsters and I wanted nothing to do with them.”

“Do you have anything particular you want the viewers to know?” asked the interviewer.

“I do.” The old lady nodded resolutely. “The name of that poor little girl was Jessie Thornton. She did not run away from home, she was killed, cooked and eaten, helping my family to launch a global restaurant empire and, to my eternal shame, make people think that eating innocent little girls is both good and normal. Jessie, if you can hear me where you are, I am so so sorry. At the very least it should be your name above the door in lights, not mine.”

The lawyer turned down the volume and allowed the rest of the documentary to roll by quietly. They all knew that the next thirty minutes or so described the rise of the Sidney’s brand and the world-wide cultural changes it brought with it, questioning the morality of those changes if they were based on lies.

“So what have we got?” Ellie-May sat back in her chair and sighed, realising that she needed to approach this crisis as a business-woman rather than allow herself to become too emotionally entangled.

“Well, as you know,” the bespectacled lawyer explained, removing a slim folder from his briefcase, “the cyber attack of March 2038 erased all government records at Federal and State level. A fair amount has been possible to reconstruct from paper records held at local level but there are still a fair number of gaps. We have a death certificate for Sidney Roebuck.” He handed the facsimile document to Ellie-May who read with amusement that cause of death was listed as “Euthanasia with Consent.” How times had changed!

“Here is a birth certificate for a Jessica Thornton which seems to be dated to around the same time and, judging by company records, her mother was a Roebuck Inc. employee. Here’s a police report stating that she’s been reported as missing two days after the date on Sidney’s death certificate and it seems she was declared legally dead two years later when no trace of her had been found. I managed to find a few local news reports of a runaway and asking people to look out for her too but the story never got picked up by any national press.”

Ellie-May leafed through the printouts, photocopies and facsimiles with a rapidly sinking heard. So far, everything that had been claimed on the documentary was apparently backed by at least circumstantial evidence. It was not looking good.

“What about this Mackenzie Chastain?” she asked, any records on her?

“We have a record of a Mackenzie Hammond being in foster care and being adopted by Joel and Lousie Chastain, both Roebuck Inc. employees around the right time and a birth certificate with mother listed as Cindy Hammond and father unknown but no other records. No school, vaccinations, dental, nothing before her adoption. Although, as I said, that doesn’t really prove anything these days.”

“What about other people in the room?” the exhausted woman asked, knowing even as she did so that she was clutching at straws. Her father and grandfather were both dead and anyone who had been an adult at the time would be in their late eighties or early nineties at best!

“Well obviously Orin and Hank Roebuck are no longer with us.” The lawyer replied nervously. Ellie-May nodded for him to continue. “I’ve managed to trace the two aids mentioned. One, Arthur Turner, died five years ago and the other, Franklin Marco, passed away just last month in a care home in Florida.”

“Hmm, convenient timing, wouldn’t you say?” Ellie-May steepled her fingers together, resting her elbows on the desk, and raised an eyebrow. “Interesting at the very least. What about the mother? The one who supposedly got paid to give up her daughter?”

“Well that’s an interesting one.” The lawyer furrowed his brow. “Catherine Thornton was indeed your grandfather’s personal secretary and, as I said, there’s records of her daughter running away and being declared missing, but it seems she left her position just before Christmas that same year, moved out to the country claiming a modest lottery win, this is all in the transcript of her exit interview by the way,” he handed a double-sided typed page to her, “then according to Police reports she was found dead on the anniversary of Sidney’s death, apparently from a drug and alcohol overdose.”

“Accidental or suicide?” asked Ellie-May, a little coldly.

“The coroner said it was inconclusive.” He handed her a reproduction of the hand-written notes, the digital version having been lost in the attack. “But either way, it’s pretty damning.”

“Okay,” she sighed again, “has anyone spoken to the press yet?”

“No.” Her aid informed her. “We’ve been fielding calls all morning telling them to await a formal statement.”

“Good.” Ellie-May glanced at her watch. “Tell them I’ll hold a press conference at mid-day. Until then, keep everything on lockdown.”

“Oh shit, this really isn’t good!” Her husband was looking at his phone. “Apparently congress have put a temporary ban on the production and sale of girl-meat, pending an investigation, and governments around the world are following suite.”

“Crap!” Ellie-May massaged her aching temples. “Get onto the managers of every branch. Tell them to call the donors and tell them not to come in. What about supplies we already have?”

“Apparently private individuals can continue to consume any already-processed meat they have at home but no sale of any kind is permitted and no fresh slaughter or live-cooking.”

“That’s something at least.” She sighed. “We can weather a few weeks of this but its gonna put a load of smaller concerns out of business and that’s gonna be on us too. We need to get this sorted, and fast!”

“What the FUCK?!” The shout was so loud Cam Coleman was sure the windows of the LA penthouse rattled. “WHAT! THE ACTUAL! FUCK!” Trixie Coleman, eldest daughter of Cam Coleman, world-famous vlogger and excited future meat-girl stormed into the kitchen of the penthouse apartment which, by itself, was bigger than most people’s whole homes, and slammed her tablet down on the breakfast bar where her father was trying to enjoy a morning coffee. Cam couldn’t help but wince and offered up a silent prayer of thanks for the relatively recent innovation of shatter-proof phone and tablet screens.

“Something wrong, pumpkin?” he asked sweetly, trying to conceal both his amusement and irritation at his daughter’s histrionics. “You seem a little put out?” The award-winning British actor sipped his coffee.

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Trixie jabbed an angry figure against the tablet screen and he looked down, seeing that it was open on a news page. A video to the right was muted but the headlines were clear enough. He skimmed the rest of the story.

“Lucky we’re not in the girl-meat business, huh?” He chuckled. “This will all blow over in a month or two, these things always do.”

“A MONTH OR TWO?!” Trixie’s outraged shriek hurt his ears. He was sure every dog in a twenty-block radius must have started barking. “Un-fucking-acceptable!” The starlet snarled. “Or had you forgotten?”

“Forgotten what?” Cam asked. He had yet to make it half way down his first coffee of the morning and the list of things he’d forgotten could well be the length of an average screen-play! Besides, there wasn’t really a whole lot he needed to remember. That was one of the perks of being rich and famous – you had people to remember things for you!

“Your Golden Globes party?” The furious teen folded her arms across her extremely ample chest. “The promise you made?” When he continued to look blank she lunged forward, hands on the bar and her face inches from his. “I’m supposed to be cooking in less two fucking weeks! If this ban lasts more than a few days we’re gonna have to cancel and if THAT happens, Miss Trixie will not be happy!”

“Please don’t talk to me like I’m one of your groupies.” Cam sighed and set down his coffee. “Stuff like this never really comes to much and if it does, so what? Is your life so unbearable that you can’t endure it for another year?”

“Another YEAR?”

“Oh whatever it works out being.” He sighed again, scrolling back to the top of the article to read it again in detail. A thought occurred to him. “Have you posted anything about this yet?” He asked, “Any videos or comments or anything?”

“Yeah, I commented on the video and shared it. Why?” Her confusion seemed to calm her down just a little and she took a vacant stool at the bar.

“Oh well, too bad.” Cam took another sip of his coffee.

“Too bad? What are you talking about?”

“Well it’s just this caveat here.” He turned to tablet around so that she could read it and pointed to a particular line. “It says that it’s now illegal to sell girl-meat or kill any girl for food but, if private individuals have any they’re already purchased, they’re allowed to eat it up.”

“So what?” Trixie frowned. “I really don’t get it?”

Cam couldn’t help chuckle a little. He loved his daughter just as much as he loved his other two children and, while her approach was not exactly to his taste, he was proud of the way she had carved out a niche of fame for herself. Of course having famous parents had given her something of a leg-up but now there were legions of her followers only vaguely aware of him and his work, she was genuinely famous in her own right. Despite all this, however, she could be almost unbelievable dense at times!

“I was thinking we could get you killed today and in the deep freeze then bring you out to thaw for the party if you were so desperate to cook. But if you’ve posted that shows you were alive after the announcement was made and were aware of it so that’s whoever cuts your throat up for murder! Oh well.”

“Fuck…” Trixie muttered and kicked the metal leg of the breakfast bar half-heartedly. “Guess I wanna be live-cooked anyway and make a video of it. Not so much fun being bled-out and stuck in the freezer…”

“I guess we just have to wait and see how this plays out!” Cam put a comforting hand on Trixie’s shoulder. “Not a lot either of us can do about it either way.” He finished his coffee as the teen mulled this over. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her.

“But we can!” She turned and grinned her her dad, “We’re exactly the kinds of people who can do something about it!”

“Oh?” he turned and leant an elbow on the bar, intrigued by what she had to say. “How do you figure?”

“Well,” she leaned forward a little, excited to share her idea, “cannibalism got legalised in the first place because some girl with a rich daddy went on TV a lot, showed off her body and said she wanted to get eaten, right? Even if she did change her mind at the last minute which I call bullshit on anyway, it was still enough to convince people that eating girls was okay, right?”

“Mmhmm.” Cam nodded, feeling like he was going to need at least two more cups of coffee to handle this conversation.

“Well since then millions of girls have been eaten, right? And there’s got to be hundreds, if not thousands like me, waiting, who just got told we’re not allowed to be cooked! If I make a video, I bet I can get others to do the same! You get your celebrity friends on board with the campaign and we can have a whole protest! Imagine a thousand naked girls marching on Washington demanding the right to be eaten? It would definitely get some attention!”

“Can’t hurt to try, I suppose!” Cam chuckled. In all honesty, he was far from convinced by her plan but knew that his daughter was always calmer when she had a project of some kind to work on and was likely to be utterly insufferable if he flatly refused to help her campaign. He could certainly afford to throw a couple of million at it if it would make her happy. “News channels might pick up the video,” he reminded her, “better make it a good one! Who not go wake up your sister, if you didn’t wake her up along with everyone in LA a few minutes ago, and get her to help?”

“Thanks, Daddy!” She kissed him on the cheek. “You’re the best!” Before she was even out of the kitchen she began pulling off her t-shirt revealing her somewhat gravity-defying young breasts beneath. Breasts which would very soon be starring in another of her unsurprisingly popular videos.

At Sidney’s HQ, the pressure was continuing to mount. Not only were there multiple calls and emails from angry parents and meat-girls who had had their plans frustrated with multiple knock-on effects but hate-filled messages calling the whole company murderers and condemning them to Hell. Of course, being a business that routinely killed children and young women for meat, it was not utterly without precedent to be the subject of hate-mail from those who, for whatever reason, did not approve, but it had never, even in the early days, accounted for more than 40% of their entire correspondence as it did that morning.

The calls from the girls themselves who had been scheduled to cook either that day or in the near future were easy enough to field, with the workers on the phones explaining that they sympathised with their frustrations and hoped to get everything up and running again as usual very soon. Parents were a little trickier as they were bearing a financial burden – either in not receiving money for their daughter that they had been relying on or for having an unexpected mouth to feed beyond the date they had been informed would be their daughter’s last. There were even those who had needed to cancel holidays or scramble to book an extra ticket as their family would be larger on the travel date by at least one and in some cases two or three than had been assumed at the time of the booking. To these parents, assurances were made that some kind of financial compensation package would be arranged once there was a little more clarity on the ongoing situation.

The most heartbreaking were the calls from the small business owners – butchers and cafes mostly, stuck with inventory they were unable to sell, fears that said inventory would spoil before trade was allowed to commence again and bills to pay in the mean time. They had no direct connection to or dealings with Sidney’s or any other Roebuck Inc. subsidiary but their fates were intertwined with the giant’s every bit as much as the frustrated meat-girls yet it seemed there would be very little the company would be able to do for them other than to try to rectify the situation and have the ban lifted as soon as possible.
R: 13 / I: 0

A Demon's Rise (vore, snuff, non-con, large insertion)

Hello fellow fans of dark twists in their erotica. I’m a writer, been a writer for a long time, and occasionally I like to write some dark sci-fi and fantasy for personal, private fun. Lately I’ve been doing it more often, so I thought, I should start sharing my works.
I’ve seen some writers (and more commonly, 2D artists and 3D animators) develop quite the fan following, and they opened up crowd funding and donation services to their fans. I’m going to take a stab at it too. Everything I write will become available for free, but if you want to support what I do, please do! I love money. :3 And, if the crowd funding takes off, I’ll write this sort of content more often.


This story will continue for many chapters, and will focus on a demon and the companions he makes. The story will start in a classic medieval setting, but much of the story will actually take place in Hell as it evolves into a larger, more grandiose plot.
You might find this brand of guro erotica a bit peculiar compared to most, because I like to indulge a bunch of extreme kinks, with a romance plot that drives them. If you like the list of attributes you see below, you might just like my writing.
- romance
- descriptive guro sex scenes where a victim is killed is almost always going to be someone who deserves to die. IE: I write about very bad people getting literally fucked to death.
- monsters/demons fucking each other, and humans (sometimes victim, sometimes romance partner)
- consensual sex (between romantic partners)
- non-consensual sex (on victim)
- forced orgasms (on victim)
- large penetration sex (on both romantic partner, and victim)
- all-the-way-through and cum-through scenes (on both romantic partner, and victim)
- eventual body destruction, gore, and/or death by size of penetration (on victim)
- vore (on victim)
- lots of blood and cum


A Demon’s Rise

The demon looked down upon the sacrifice the villagers had brought him. A delicious sacrifice, and one he would enjoy.

The human was laid out upon the altar, its stone surface covered in many furs. Shivering, trembling, barely aware of her surroundings. That was how the villagers prepared his meals, and it was why he protected their village from raiders; they needed his protection, and he desired certain favors only their small hands and crafty minds could provide.

“Are you… g-going to eat this one too?” the spectator said. A human woman from the village had come to watch, a mature woman, perhaps thirty-five years of age. She was short, with lightly tanned skin and long black hair that reached past her wide hips. She wore the typical rags of the poor villagers, but that did not detract from her beauty, or hide the rather busty, curvy figure of her short frame.

The way she opened her eyes, wide, innocent, filled with curiosity, intrigued him. Perhaps she was a mother, the sweet sort, the ones who never quite grasped the grimness of reality, their heads forever filled with fantasy and their hearts forever filled with love. He could admire that, in a way.

Compared to the human, he was a giant, over fifteen feet tall. Some called him a minotaur upon first sighting, but he had far more horns than any minotaur, many sharp teeth, fangs, and tusks, and a long tail that ended with similar spikes. His fur was short, dark brown, and did little to hide the colossal amount of muscle and mass he carried. A demon, and one more than strong enough, and smart enough, to lay in ambush and slaughter any raiders that attempted to harm or rob the villagers and their quaint little town.

It was a delightful partnership that had taken years to foster, and one he had maintained for ten years now.

He nodded with her question, and stepped in closer to the human on the altar, his meal. Unlike the human who had come to watch, the sacrifice was tall, lean and strong, with feminine curves accented with abs, toned legs, and a large ass of muscle. Her breasts were small, a shade lighter in color than the rest of her very tanned skin, nipples a reddish brown to match her lips.

“We, we um… we prepared her for you, like the others. Her… her insides are all cleaned up, she’s eaten and drunken nothing but the potion and water for two days. All her skin below the neck has been shaved smooth, and… and we’ve dosed her with the drug.” The gentle woman stood beside him at the alter. Not afraid, of him at least, but perhaps a touch afraid of what he was going to do to the unconscious sacrifice. The tender creature was trembling. “She should wake up any second, and… she’ll… respond, to whatever you do to her.”

Delightful. Unlike many of his kind, he had developed a rather unique — he considered it developed — sexual taste in his prey. The villagers were more than willing to accommodate it in exchange for his protection, and they asked no questions. Or rather, they hadn’t before. This tiny woman joining him was the first of the villagers to ever ask him what he would do to his prey. He did not mind answering.

He reached down for the sacrifice, and turned her over onto her back, earning a groan of exhaustion from her thin, ever-frowning lips. A six-foot tall, gorgeous creature, one he was excited to soon have on his cock. The thought alone filled him with need, and he rumbled deep in his chest as his long tongue made a low slick of his chops. His shaft began to emerge from the sheath it normally hid within, blood pouring into it, filling it, causing it to both fall free from his body as his testicles descended, but also to thicken and grow dark with color.

The human beside him gasped, and stared, hand covering her lips as her wide, amber gaze could not look away. His cock grew longer, and longer, and longer still, the bumps, grooves, and ridges of its shape becoming defined and rigid, as its girth began to reach its limit. As it swelled, he squatted down by the edge of the altar, and with his titanic hands, pulled the dark woman closer so her legs dangled off its edge, and set his cock upon her body. Once he set his massive testicles between the doomed woman’s thighs, he compared the lengths, and rumbled with increasing desire as he saw that, once the base of his shaft was aligned with the dark woman’s slit, his cock’s length stopped an inch shy of her collar bone. Perhaps this one wouldn’t die so quickly.

“You can… fit that… inside her?” the human said.

He nodded. His cock was four inches thick, and two feet in length. A human torso, such as this bandit’s, could fit him plenty, if he used enough force.

“W… what’s…” The dark woman stirred, eyes opening, mouth tasting the air and body starting to twist. Once she realized her hands were tied behind her back, she tried to sit up, but stopped as she looked down across her body, and at the massive cock laid across her chest and stomach. “F… fuck… n-no.”

The demon glanced down at the gentler human, to see how she’d react to this raider’s awakening. The human’s eyes sparkled with what he could only imagine to be anticipation. How strange, and welcome. He had never had a spectator.

“Let me go! You can’t… you fucking… what fucking kind of village makes a pact with a demon!?” Ah, fury and fire rose up from the awakening bandit, and she started to twist and turn to attempt escape. But with her hands tied behind her, and one of her legs in the demon’s grip, she was going nowhere. The drugs in her system would keep her weak and helpless for hours to come as well.

“Mongar’loth is our friend,” the villager said. She got in closer still, until she was almost touching one of his enormous legs. Her head did not reach his hip. “He protects us, and we help him, give him a safe place to sleep. And… we give him food, when the situation allows.”

“You fucking sacrifice your own people?”

“We would never, and Mongar’loth would never expect that!” The tiny, curvy creature beside him was quickly becoming his ambassador. That was fine, perhaps even wanted, as normally his inability to speak English meant his meal had little clue as to the nature of their sacrifice. “The only people we sacrifice are people like you, raiders and bandits, murderers and rapists.”

It was true, of course. Mongar had little interest in killing the innocent or undeserving; there were already enough demons out there in the world doing that, causing mayhem for Fiends of all kinds and ensuring they were hated everywhere. Mongar kept his kills and meals to those the woman described, those deserving. It just so happened that, when the meal was also attractive, he was given an opportunity to let loose some of his more base demon desires. Nothing wrong with that.

Mongar rumbled, earning a surprised gasp from the bandit, as he began to gently nudge his hips back and forth. His cock was wet, self-coating in lubricant, and he rumbled again, purring deep in his chest, as the smell of it, of sex, started to fill the air of the forest.

“You… you can’t do this to me!”

The villager stomped a foot, and blew up her cheeks. “You deserve it!” She may have been in her mid thirties, but she behaved like a child.

“I deserve to die in battle! Not as some… demon’s… meal.”

“You deserve nothing! You… hurt someone in the village. She’ll never be able to walk on that leg again, thanks to your raid. And you would have killed some of us if Mongar hadn’t been there! You deserve nothing!”

Mongar tilted his head to the side as he looked down at the smaller human. There was hate there, in the little bundle of silly joy. That intrigued him. And, it gave him an idea.

Mongar picked the bandit up by the leg so that she dangled upside down, cursing and screaming, and he walked toward a nearby patch of soft grass. A large tree stood by it, and he sat down on his butt, legs spread, before setting the bandit between his thighs onto the grass. He motioned with his hand to the smaller human, and then to his leg.

She stared at him, blinking, b