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Stretch Goals (f/f, con, stretching, gaping, prolapse, contortion)

The first three chapters of this story were written by PogueMahone. The fourth chapter is a collaborative effort between PogueMahone and myself. If you like it, you might enjoy some of our other work, which can be found here:


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There are more chapters to come. Enjoy!

Stretch Goals

written by PogueMahone and JestInPieces

Chapter 1

There was a flicker of light as the webcam was turned on. The small room had pink walls, lit by a light hanging overhead. A bookcase filled with a mixture of textbooks and airport novels was on the right. Various items were visible on the shelves – a hairbrush, loose coins and some sort of comic book action figure, posing heroically for the camera. Across from it stood a small bed, covered in white sheets, hastily tidied. The door out was directly across from wherever the webcam has been set up.

A teenage head popped into view. She had fiery red hair that seemed wild and artless in a way that you only get with lots of care. Two emerald green eyes stared into the camera. Then the girl smiled.

“Aaaand we’re on!” she said, giggling. “Hey guys, Melissa here! It’s happening! ''Wooo''!”

Her eyes could be seen darting to her right, as if reading something just off-camera, before she started to speak again.

“Wow, there’s a lot of you guys in chat, huh? Okay, I’m gonna do a quick recap in case anyone came in who doesn’t know the deal, and to give people time to log in before we start. That cool, everyone? Yeah? Okay!”

She clapped her hands and rubbed them together before starting her introductory remarks.

“Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, my name’s Melissa, I’m a sophomore student here at the University of Illinois, and I’m studying history. Total history nerd. Total comic nerd. Like, for real, don’t get me started. Uh, anyway…” Melissa shook her head and laughed briefly, in such a way that her fiery hair briefly fell over her eyes before she brushed it out of the way.

“I kinda have a bunch of student debts to pay off, same as most of us, right? So I thought I’d do the usual camgirl shit, get some ''dolla-dollas'' that way. But I thought I’d do it with a slight, shall we say, ''twist''.”

As she spoke, Melissa turned her left arm around, and suddenly it seemed to twist itself into a painful, unnatural position, as though it were suddenly dislocated. She stood up and turned around before letting her now mangled-looking arm dangle in front of the camera. It was revealed that Melissa was a healthy-looking girl with a generous bust – D-cups at least – wearing a black shirt that ended just beneath her belly button, and a stylishly tattered pair of cut-off jeans that left most of her bare legs exposed.

Her face throughout all of this remained calm. In fact, as she held her arm that way and read the chat log, her freckled face suddenly broke out into a huge grin.

“Oh, come on, you guys, don’t act so horrified,” said the redhead, rolling her eyes. “Unless you didn’t read my bio, I guess? In which case… learn to read, haha!”

Her arm fixed itself in a mere second, and Melissa winked at the camera.

“So… yeah!” she said cheerfully, cocking her head sideways. “I kinda have this condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.” The medical term rolls off her tongue with a practiced ease, without emotion.

“Before everyone freaks out, I totally lucked out and got a mutated version. None of the really bad downsides, but I have kept some of the interesting parts, like hyper mobile limbs and…”

Melissa casually pulled on her cheek, causing it to stretch out much further than a normal human’s. Her tongue waggles out of her mouth as she laughed a wet laugh. The college girl tried to talk through this, only for her words to come out in an unintelligible mush. So she let it go, and it snapped back into place almost like elastic.

“…hyper-elastic skin. Pretty cool, huh?” she said, crouching down so that her face was closer to the webcam. Melissa stretched the skin of her forearm about four inches, holding it there casually as another demonstration as se continued to talk.

“I can do all sorts of neat stuff, with so many different parts of my body. Yup…” At this point the redhead gave the camera a sultry look, eyes half lidded as she licked her lips.

“And that’s where you guys come in. I’ve got a list of pledge goals on my bio page. If you meet them, I’ll treat you all to what I can really get up to when I’m feeling up for it.”

She lets go of the skin of her arm, and it snapped back into place.

“So if you wanna see me go wild, all you need to do is– oh, look!”

A pinging noise interrupted the redhead mid-flow. She laughed and cheered.

“$10 straight off the bat from YOLO. Thanks, YOLO!” she said. “That’s for a look at me licking my elbows. Which is easy! Seriously, I do this at parties all the time.”

True to her word, Melissa pulled the trick off with the greatest of ease. She pulled her elbow so far back it was practically next to her face, before she started to lick at the joint like it was an ice cream cone, closing her eyes sensually and going quiet. It wasn’t long during this performance before another ping was heard. By the time Melissa checked on her off-camera laptop, another ping sounded through the room. Then another.

“Woah, woah, calm down, guys!” laughed Melissa, eyes wide. “I wasn’t expecting ''this'' much interest! Shit, let me reread those stretch goals…”

A couple more pings could be heard as her green eyes moved left and right, scanning the unseen text. Her face, while still generally happy, did freeze a little as she read. Her lips moved, as if speaking to herself, but her words were inaudible.

“Oookaaaay… heh, some of those are a little crazy, but unless you guys have ''crazy'' money on you I think we can forget about those,” she said to the camera. Again, she froze.

“Oh, don’t take that as a ''challenge''. Some of those are just jokes, really, haha… hah…” she trailed off in thought as another ping was heard. Her eyes snapped to the right, then back to the camera.

“Okay! Let’s get some of these out of the way! First off… oh, another easy one.”

Melissa curled her left hand into a tight fist. She had small, delicate-looking hands, which was just as well considering what she was about to do. The teenager opened her mouth – wide at first, then ''really'' wide – before moving her fist towards her gaping maw. Red lips slipped over her fingers before they disappeared from view. There was a moment of brief resistance as her knuckles pushed against her teeth. Melissa’s eyes flicked towards the camera and widened, her brow waggling like she was an old vaudevillian performing a comedy routine.

Then, after a sharp push, in went her entire fist, down past the knuckles to the wrist. Melissa held this pose for a good half minute, filling the time by waving to the camera and even trying to push it down further, although going by the silly faces she pulled her efforts were clearly more of a joke than a serious attempt. Her nose flared wide as she took heavy breaths, her mouth being somewhat occupied. Drool could be seen dribbling down her forearm.

Eventually, her fist was slowly pulled out again, covered in saliva. Melissa moved her jaw about as if checking to see it was okay, before breaking out into another one of her infectious grins.

“Ta-daaa! I bet you all liked that one, huh?” she asked the chat.

She stopped to answer some questions.

“Anon asks ‘''Has that come in useful in the past?''’ Well, one time at my friend’s birthday party she had this crazy cake – like, custom made – and I tried to eat my slice in one go for a joke–”

Melissa paused and furrowed her brow, stroking a chin with her finger.

“Oooooh, I don’t think that’s what you meant, is it Anon? Well, the answer is… maybe!” she laughed, before reading another question.

“Okaaay… Dolan Turmp asks ‘''OMG can u dislocate your jaw?''’ You know, the truth is I’ve never tried to. My mouth can open that far without having to do anything super-freaky like that. Maybe we can find out together! Oh yeah, forgot to say actually–”

Melissa’s face went back into that neutral look she seemed to put on when talking about her syndrome “–one of the side effects of my condition is brittle bones. I’ve broken, like, way too many in my life. Especially when I started, uh , experimenting. So, just something to bear in mind, I guess!”

She grinned and shrugged in a ''c’est la vie'' kind of way, before choosing another reward.

“Ooh, something that any old girl can do – take my shirt off!” she said. The redhead giggled again, this time perhaps somewhat nervously, pulling on the collar and teasing it slowly upwards. The black shirt was soon in a heap on the floor. Her bra was, again, black, and the chat apparently commentted on this.

“Hey, black is cool. Don’t diss my fashion taste, okay?” complained Melissa, pouting. “I think I suit it – don’t you think so too?”

She cupped her bra in her hands – or at least as much of it as she could – before squeezing her cleavage together. There was a veritable volley of pings at this point.

At first the girl laughed, letting her hands go so that her breasts bounced back to their natural position. Then she looked right again and did some quick mental math.

“Holy shit! Triple digits already? You guys are amazing! Thank you, thank you so much!”

She clapped her hands, clearly excited.

“Okay, jonnyboy1 is asking ''Do you have a boyfriend?''”

She looked right into the camera and smiled deviously.

“Oh, wouldn’t you all like to know. Haha, come on johnnyboy1, a girl has to have ''some'' secrets! Now, next on the list– oh, shit, I hear something–”

There was indeed a muted sort of thud, followed by a voice. Melissa’s eyes went wide, and she held up a hand to the camera. Then she quickly reached down and picked up her discarded black shirt, throwing it over the camera. Now nothing could be seen, but Melissa clearly greeted someone by the name of Vicky. Two voices could be heard speaking for a while, Melissa’s cheery tone fading as if she was moving away from the camera. The newcomer sounded equally cheerful, and while the exact words were hard to decipher, it was clear that they were both being very friendly to each other.

It was about ten minutes later that the camera’s vision was finally restored, revealing the familiar redhead once more, crouching down in front of the camera. The way she was crouching gave the viewers a very agreeable shot of her cleavage; it wasn’t clear if she intended this or not.

“Sorry guys, sorry sorry sorry!” she said, smiling bashfully. “That was my roommate. Wasn’t expecting her back so soon. She doesn’t know about, well, you guys. Haha.”

Melissa laughed nervously, then clapped her hands together.

“So, sit-rep,” she said, her voice lowering in volume, “she’s kinda floating around the apartment right now doing god knows what, so I ''miiiight'' try to keep things a little quiet for a bit. I’ll do a couple more goals before calling it a night. That okay with you guys?”

She stopped and read the chat for a moment, waiting for the replies to come in. She smiled and nodded her head.

“Great. Thanks, guys! Okay, let me just get this one out of the way.”

Her hands started to undo the buttons on her cut-off jeans. Once she was done, the girl turned around. Melissa’s small, pert butt started to shake as she slowly pulled her shorts down, revealing a pair of cotton panties that were, of course, jet black.

Once the jeans had traveled down her legs and reached her bare feet, she kicked them off, sending them hurtling over to the far side of the room. She turned around again.

“Hmm… gimme a moment here, guys. Time to relocate.”

Melissa bent down again. The camera shook as it was moved from whatever low vantage point it was in previously to another angle – a cabinet beside the bed. The redhead knelt down on it, now clad only in her underwear, and motioned with a finger for the viewer’s attention. Her right arm suddenly contracted and folded in such a way that it was completely hidden behind her back – in a certain light, it was almost as if she had no arm at all. She did the same for her other arm, turning her into a sort of Venus de Milo in the flesh. She smiled and moved her body around, which made it more clear that her arms were merely folded behind her.

Then, she tucked her legs behind herself so that they were stretched out in an arc, her torso held up by her own hips. She flexed herself in such a way that her legs were completely hidden from the camera’s gaze. Her body shook, her core working overtime with the effort of keeping her upright – her abdominal muscles were clearly visible beneath the taut skin of her belly. She smiled at the camera, looking for all the world like a quadruple amputee.

“Ah, this feels so weird,” said the college girl, torso squirming. “I feel so vulnerable…”

Occasionally, a glimpse of elbow or thigh could be seen, but the effect was rather convincing if the viewer went with it. And, judging from the fresh wave of pinging sounds, it appeared as though her viewers were in fact going along with it. She laughed at this, wiggling with glee.

After a minute or so, Melissa changed her pose. Her arms came back out again, stretching out wide. Then her head started to move backwards. Slowly but surely, it started to also disappear from view. It was helped down along the way by her feet, which emerge above her rapidly descending hairline and planted themselves firmly on top. The effect, when she had craned her neck as low as it could go, was of an upper torso missing its head. Although her face couldn’t be seen, Melissa’s delight in her trick was still evident.

“Okay, I think I’m gonna– ''eep''!”

Melissa gave in and collapsed onto the bed, head and limbs springing into view again like coiled springs.

“Oh man, that one’s a bit of a workout!” she said, and indeed there were little beads of sweat on her bare skin. Melissa got back onto her hands and knees before crawling to the edge of the bed, reading the chat for a bit.

“Okay, guys, thank you all so much for tonight, but I think I’m gonna call it. Just ''one'' last little show for all of you watching. Don’t worry, I am definitely going to be back after tonight, I’ll let you all know when!”

Melissa positioned herself so that she was kneeling down with her back to the camera, legs spread far apart. She leaned forward so that her head and hands made contact with the soft covers of her bed, leaving her ass as the sole focus of the camera. She made sure to slowly wiggle it back and forth before continuing. Slowly, Melissa started to bend her upper torso between her legs. Her arms snaked between her legs and reached up towards her ass, her slight fingers digging into the supple flesh there as she dragged the rest of herself between her thighs. She didn’t stop until her face was pressing up against her black panties. The redhead seemed content to simply rub her face against the cloth, taking loud sniffs. The view was of course obscured by her own ginger head, but from the way she dragged her head up and down, it was apparent that the girl was licking the rapidly dampening garments.

“Mmm… this is definitely one of my favourite things to do. But something’s in the way…”

Melissa gently bit down on her panties and started to move her head back down, peeling her underwear off as she went. It wasn’t a completely smooth action, and occasionally she had to use her hands to help the process along, but she made slow and steady progress. Her asshole was revealed to the camera, and it seemed to clench instinctively. A casual look at it showed that it already has a small natural gape to it.

When her panties went down past her pussy, Melissa stopped and returned her head to her crotch – a little lower this time to give the camera a better view. Using her hands, she spread herself, and it was apparent that she was definitely stretchy down there as well, the labia offering no resistance whatsoever. She was clearly aroused, fluids dripping from the inviting passage. Taking her hands away and moving her head towards it, the flexible teenager gave her womanhood an Eskimo kiss, rubbing her nose into the soft wet folds, breathing deeply of her own scent.

“Oh my god, I want to drown myself in my own snatch…” she said, clearly intoxicated by her own lust, although she was self-aware enough to at least laugh at the silliness of her last statement. She tilted her head backwards so that it’s facing the camera upside down, her ginger hair flowing downwards.

“Okay guys, I wasn’t going to do this yet, but I really really want to show you all something special, so–”

There was a knock on the door.

“Mel, are you talking to someone in there?” asked a voice.

Melissa practically exploded out of her curled form back into a normal position.

“I–I’m on the phone!” she yelled, desperately. “Don’t come in! I’m indecent!”

“Ah… the phone. Sure, Mel,” replied her roommate through the door. “Well, when you’re done, ''ahem'', using the phone, I’ve made some cookies if you want any. Get ‘em while they’re hot.”

“Okay. Uh… thanks!” said Melissa, as cheerfully as she could manage. When she was sure that her cookie-making roommate had retreated, she let out a long sigh. Then she laughed, lying there panting on her bed.

“Phew! Close one, eh?” she said, turning her head towards the camera.

She smiled deviously.

“Such a shame for you guys. I guess if you wanna see some real stretchy action… you gotta tune in next time.”

She sat up and slid her panties back up around her crotch before moving towards her laptop. Her eyes went wide.

“''Holy shiiiiit'' that’s a lot of money. Man, I’ve got a lot of rewards to fulfill now…”

She stroked her chin thoughtfully.

“Let’s see, we’ve got dildo play, eating myself out, nipple play… lots of fun stuff to work through. Hmm… how about I make a fresh start tomorrow night?” she said, smiling at the camera.

“Yeah, sounds good to me. See you guys tomorrow!”

Melissa reached a hand towards the camera. It switched off.
R: 91 / I: 0

School Selection

Disclaimer: just a horror fetish, entirely fictional, don't do anything that will harm somebody in real life.

School Selection

[non cons]

A loud whistle caught Nina's attention. She stopped her crawl and started to tread in the water. After a few moments Nina saw what was going to happen. As the other students stopped swimming their teacher signaled to get out of the water. “All girls are required to go to a changing booth and wait there for the meat inspector” said the coach, “the boys will continue with 4 laps of the butterfly stroke”

Nervously talking the girls quickly went to the changing booths. Nina sat about halfway down the line. “Shit I hope they don't pick me” thought Nina. A soft crying from her right assured her of a better chance, only 25% was selected from each class. She heard the meat inspector getting closer every few minutes. He was only a few lockers away from her now and she heard him say, “swimsuit straps off your shoulders and stand with your face to the wall”. Nina put the straps off her shoulders, better make it easy for the inspector, she thought. Suddenly she heard another girl crying in the booth next to hers. “Nice” she thought, that was Emily, she never liked her.

“Name” said the inspector as he opened Nina's door. “Nina, ID number 230867” said Nina. “Thank you” said the inspector, I see you already put your straps down, very nice, can you turn your face to the wall” “sure sir” said Nina and she turned her back to the inspector. The inspector checked her butt, “nice and firm” she heard him say. The inspector made her turn around and started peeling her swimsuit down. Softly he took her breasts in his hands and checked them. After a confirming mumble he pulled Nina's swimsuit to her feet. After a quick look on her pussy he said: “I'm not sure can you wait for 10 minutes, keep your swimsuit off” “of course sir” said Nina. The inspector went to the next changing booth.

“Shit” thought Nina, “I might be meat within an hour or I can be free for the rest of my life”. A strange thought occurred to Nina: this was her last chance to have an orgasm. She sat down naked on the little bench and started to rub her pussy. Within a few minutes she reached the point of no return. She took a deep breath and tried to keep quiet as her orgasm took control of her body.

Minutes later the inspector opened her door. “Can you come out and get in this line?” said the inspector. “Of course sir” said Nina and she saw 2 other girls from her class. “What do you think?” said the inspector to his assistant. “Well that one seems to be nice and sporty, good meat I bet,” said the assistant and he pointed to Nina. “The other two are a bit bigger, I think they'll have a nice yield,” said the assistant. “All three of you, what sport and how many hours?” said the inspector. “Swimming and fitness” said Nina, “about 4-5 hours a week”. The girl next to her said: “nothing besides school sport, so about three hours a week” and the last girl said: “bicycle racing, about 6 hours a week” “Second girl, what was your name?” said the inspector. “Kyla” said Kyla. “According to my data you play softball, about 5 hours a week” said the inspector, “our society doesn't need people who lie, you are selected” “no no, please I was afraid that you would take me earlier if I did a lot of sport” said Kyla. “I would've taken Nina if you would have been honest” said the inspector, “take her away”. The assistant guided Kyla away. “Ladies I'm sorry that I let you pose naked but you were the girls I wasn't sure of” said the inspector, “and Nina, I wouldn't have taken you, Kyla was not cooperating and needed to be taught a lesson, I just said it to make her feel worse as a extra punishment” “no problem sir” said the girls. “Well then get dressed and we'll see you in the pool.

Quickly the girls put their swimsuit back on and went back to the pool. A crowd stood around the showers and when the girls looked there were already three girls hanging with a noose around their neck. They had thrown nooses over one of the pipes on the ceiling. The fourth girl was being prepared for hanging. It was Nadia a cute looking girl from Nina's class. She seemed not to care too much, she casually handed her arms so that they could be tied together. When they were done with her she positioned herself under the rope and nodded to the butcher that she was ready. With firm pulls he hoisted the girl by her neck. She started kicking her legs but there was not a single tear to be seen. The three girls who were already dead clearly had been crying. After a few moments Nadia's legs kicked way less powerful, and suddenly the group could see her urine flowing. She was nearly gone. Kyla was pushed to her knees by the butcher. “What are they going to do to her?” whispered Nina to Paul, “she's Jewish, and will be drained of blood, it's a tradition” said Paul. The butcher pulled her head back and suddenly he pulled the knife along Kyla's neck. A spurt of blood flew out of the cut and the butcher let go. Kyla fell to the ground and grabbed her throat she was making wild movements but after half a minute it stopped. The butcher took a hose and sprayed the blood through a little sink. The assistants started to collect the girls and loaded them into cooling crates. As quick as they had come they were gone.

The rest of the girls came home proudly with their release form, they were free humans now.
R: 16 / I: 0

Assorted Works of Ellen

I have been writing more recently, and I wanted to make one thread for all of my stuff. I like affectionate and well endowed executioners, I like pullups, I like gentle flirting and snuggles, and mostly semi-con situations. So my stuff will have these things a good bit of the time.. Not always. I made a new thread because the Nobles stuff wasn't getting the creative juices flowing but I did have ideas. This will be assorted stuff, there will be some Nobles and Clones, but there will also be other setups, and one-shots. if you don't like one, you might like the next. If you like it, definitely let me know! :) the first couple posts will be my stuff from other threads.
R: 13 / I: 8

Waifu Wars

Yo, this is just the first season of Waifu Wars, but with edited grammar shit. I don't the quality of my original work is that good, but if you wanna read it this is the place. I suppose you can think of this as the season 1 HD box set.
R: 0 / I: 0

Zhang Xiaofeng Series (dolcett, pixiv, translation, plotbeforesmut, slowburn)

Translator note: used square brackets for comments. Originally a chinese story posted on pixiv, with accompanying illustrations that were shared on /g/.

First post on new gchan, so no idea about formatting and all that…

Zhang Xiaofeng Series: Lulu's Live Steaming (Chapters 1-3)

The Zhang Xiaofeng Series is a set of volumes published sequentially, containing a variety of detailed culinary methods for preparing the delicious bodies of females! All characters appearing in this work are fictitious, any resemblance… please quickly contact me. Haha!

Zhang Xiaofeng Series: Lulu's Live Steaming


Zhao Yulu, who recently enrolled in high school, was unused so staying in the school dormitories, so she rented an apartment among the high-class flats overlooking the coastline together with Wang Meng.

"Hey Lulu! It's half past nine already!" Wang Meng shoved at Zhao Yulu who was still nestled in bed and shouted, "Is there anything we can eat at home?"

"Isn't there still half a fried chicken still in the fridge, jeez!" Zhao Yulu lethargically stretched out her hips saying.

"You already ate that yesterday night!" Wang Meng said with an expression of disgust.

"Then just grab instant noodles! The kitchen still has two packets of pickled beef noodles," Zhao Yulu stretched out her pale lithe arms and rubbed her soft chubby cheeks, messy short hair framing the charm of a girl who just recently awoke.

Wang Meng could not be bothered anymore, pulling away the blankets with a single move, Zhao Yulu's beautiful body and skin that was as white as snow was fully uncovered, with a pair of full breasts on slender shoulders, two soft pink nipples like drops of strawberry jam, a slightly plump yet toned waist leading to a smooth and pale stomach. Beneath was a thick black bush, covering a barely visible luscious slit and bright pink lower lips, giving one the impression that after peeling open the fat and thick vulva meat, the labia would ripen further, a faint fragrance of the forbidden part of a girl drifted out, giving one an impression of unusual delicacy; behind her lower lips was a bright red puckered anus, guarded by two amazingly tender buttcheeks squished together under her body of tender meat. Worthy of note was that, her large ass was unlike those of other women with big buttocks with a high fat content, and only had a small layer of light fat wrapped on the outside, while inside was entirely the most delicious lean meat, exceptionally tender, extremely seductive; two pale and juicy lower limbs curled up on the bed beneath her butt, after her round and moist calves were the most delicious part of her body, a pair of delicately pink and chubby feet, her alluring toes each with a layer of red polish on their nails. This scene was what the girl saw, but were it a normal male who witnessed it, they would surely rush over and dive into her snowy jade figure without caring for their own safety.

"A-ah! Didn't you know about how I like to sleep without clothes!" Zhao Yulu bolted upright on the bed, the baby fat on her delicate figure jiggling, lithe pink hands quickly covering her pleasing fat breasts.

"No one else is here. That's right, I almost forgot, yesterday the dean let me go over to the junior high campus, seems like some kind of officials' inspection," Wang Meng said with an expression of pride.

"Hmph! Which blind teacher would choose you to go over and receive officials? Be careful that you don't attract the attention of some rich and powerful heir, who'll stew you as a night meal!" Zhao Yulu said with fake sarcasm, feeling in her heart that Wang Meng's appearance could already defeat the top three beautiful women, so letting her do something like that was natural.

"What, as if they would you instead!" Wang Meng sent a sideways look towards Zhao Yulu, "Even if they wanted to eat me I would definitely be a main course, but you would only count as a…" Wang Meng giggled at Zhao Yulu.

"What's wrong with me!" Zhao Yulu gave an irritated pout, "My breasts and butt are larger than yours, other than that, only your looks are better than mine, if they want to eat I'm more tender!" She held her head high with an air of arrogance.

"How childish, clearly this me is too lazy to compete with you like this, I'm looking forward to letting you go in my place, or you'll forever blame me for holding you back," Wang Meng waved her hand, slowly swaggering out of the bedroom.

"Play well and have fun!"

Zhao Yulu hung up the phone, sighing. She thought of Wu Lina, that idiot who agreed to go for a holiday in Dali, but ended up running off to the Maldives on her own. Looks like this is a lonely summer again, come to think of it, Wang Meng was going to be away for a week with this, what if she really let herself be bought up by some rich guy!

Suddenly, the electricity in the apartment cut off, and she who left the aircon on while hiding herself in blankets could only crawl out of bed to go take a shower.

Zhao Yulu was not tall, at one meter sixty she could be described as an unusual existence, strolling into the bathroom fully naked to take a shower, when suddenly her phone rang.

"Who's that, to so coincidentally call me at a time like this, who would pick up…" she thought, toned and slender hands rubbing and kneading bubbles over her smooth fat breasts, under her ministrations, her originally small nipples gradually swelled and erected, perking up.

Her phone rang again not long after, and Zhao Yulu could only impatiently wipe her smooth skin off and wrap up in a bath towel to come out for the phone.

"Hello, who's this?" Zhao Yulu asked annoyedly.

"Is that Student Zhao Yulu? This is Teacher Wang, dean at the high school," an amiable voice, from a middle-aged man, "These two day the school officials are here for their inspection, and the president is interested in you, I hope you can quickly report back in the afternoon at 2 o'clock at the school office."

Listening up to here, Zhao Yulu felt baffled and asked, "I haven't been at school for these two days, how did the president become interested in me?"

The man on the other end gave only a cursory explanation before hanging up. Zhao Yulu sighed again, thinking, "Looks like I can't escape this one, no choice but to give up the tender meat I've developed for decades. Is female meat really that tasty and nutritious?" She nostalgically looked over her own pale white body, the hairs under her armpit and between her thighs still glistened with soapy foam, the whole situation was just too real. Wiping the water droplets from her delicate body, she put on her school uniform and went out…


Dong dong dong…

Zhao Yulu gently knocked on the door to the school office, the sound of high heels striking the floor rang out from within.

"Is that Student Zhao Yulu?" The door opened, inside was a beautiful woman wearing a black suit and high heels, with gold-framed glasses, "Oh, I am the president's secretary, the president is waiting for you inside!"

Zhao Yulu adjusted her uniform, boldly walking in. The president's office was spacious, with a rectangular office desk right in front, and two sofas arranged on the right on which two men were seated. One was the plump and amicable President Guo, and the other was the famous entrepreneur Zhang Xiaofeng.

"Student Zhao Yulu, come over come over," President Guo amiably waved a hand at her, after which he said to Zhang Xiaofeng, "This much is enough, right Boss Zhang, this little girl is the most tender and nutritious among all the new students this period, although I was planning on raising her till she became fatter and more beautiful, waiting until the dragon boat festival to gift her to my beloved son as a whole female, this is fine, but it's slightly cheapened to you!"

Standing between the two men Zhao Yulu shyly listened to comments about her succulent meat, her soft white face blushing slightly, both her hands fidgeting nonstop from anxiety.

Zhang Xiaofeng, seated on the right, examined her whole body while listening to the school president praise her, sometimes extending his hand to inch Lulu's buttocks or rub her fatty breasts, agreeing in his heart that this little lady was truly tender. Originally he had decided to slaughter her tonight as a night meal, but seeing how tasty she looked, letting little Feng [his head chef Feng Tao, mentioned later on] use the secret recipe for seasoning and marination to guide her for a few months, waiting until his own birthday to steam her whole, her body of tender meat would definitely be delicious. As he was thinking, one hand already wandered into Zhao Yulu's pants, kneading her fat buttocks as he wished, sometimes even extending a finger into her tender pink anus, causing Zhao Yulu to feel both shame and excitement, almost to the point that she was unable to sit still. Furthermore, she had a habit of not wearing undergarments, added to her belief that she would turn into the delicious meat inside someone's soup tonight, she even neglected to wear panties. After a few rounds of Zhang Xiaofeng's teasing, between her two beautiful legs, the crotch of her school uniform pants unexpectedly grew wet. Seeing this, Xiaofeng let out a "Heheh!" laughing dryly, pulling out the hand that was kneading her buttocks, deciding to rub the place between her two tender labia petals, but Zhao Yulu unexpectedly pushed away his claws with her soft hands. Zhang Xiaofeng assessed the plump and tender little girl, not only was she fresh and juicy, she even had a little temper, a female with quite a personality, exactly the kind that he liked! Before eating her, he definitely had to thoroughly play with her and make her beautifully serve his little brother.

Perhaps because she was truly afraid, in her first meeting with Xiaofeng, Zhao Yulu did not say a single word from the beginning to end, her body of tender meat kept on trembling, her weak and boneless tender white hands were cold from the tension. Zhang Xiaofeng and the school president's discussion ended quickly, the president's secretary stepping in at this time to hand over all of Zhao Yulu's records and a filled up sales recipe to Zhang Xiaofeng, signifying that Zhao Yulu already entirely became Zhang Xiaofeng's property. Xiaofeng bore a heart of satisfaction while leading his prey: the delicacy Zhang Yulu, to leave the school.

In the near evening, a car passed through flower-filled alleys to Xiaofeng's residence, a well-built villa. A three-story high building neighboured an outdoor pool, where two tall beauties in bikini swimsuits lay on lounge chairs beside the swimming pool, enjoying the last rays of the sun for the day.

The car slowly came to a stop, and a slim, middle-aged man wearing a tailored suit opened the car door. This was Zhang Xiaofeng's butler Fang Cheng, whom everybody called Old Fang.

"Young master, you're back," the man spoke politely.

"Yep, oh Old Fang, what Boss Han said he would give me two days ago, those two giant Atlantic shells, are they here?" Xiaofeng asked, getting off the car.

"Yes, young master, they have been delivered. Before he left, Master Han repeatedly informed us that those two giant shells must be prepared and served immediately, so I already placed them in the Binhai aquarium! This person is…" While speaking, Old Fang saw Zhao Yulu alight from the car.

"Oh, she's the one little Guo lost to me last week, originally I wanted to slaughter and eat her immediately, but seeing that this child's meat was pretty tender, I decided to raise her for awhile!"

Zhao Yulu, who thought that she would become another's delicious-smelling food tonight, after hearing Zhang Xiaofeng say this, regained a little of her usual vigour, and followed behind Zhang Xiaofeng to enter the villa.

Within the villa were unusually grandious decorations, the central view of the large hall occupied by one of Qi Baishi's peerless famous paintings, flanked on both sides by staircases directly leading to the second floor corridors, all kinds of treasure was laid around, that although could not called magnificent, was enough to add lustre to the surroundings.

Xiaofeng spoke a few more words to Old Fang before moving off alone to another end of the hall. Old Fang walked over, politely addressing Zhao Yulu, "Please come with me," and led her up to the second floor.

"Little miss, the maids have readied the milk bath, please change your dressing, dinner will be at half past six, so do arrive at the dining room at that time to eat."

"But…" before letting Zhao Yulu reply, the butler directly left.

Zhao Yulu helplessly entered the bathroom, where a woman who wore a white blouse warmly received her, bringing her in front of a wooden tub filled with milk. Zhao Yulu thought, she often took milkbaths when she was young as well, her father had not gone bankrupt at the time, ah, if only he was beside her now, she would not feel so afraid, but come to think of it, this milk truly had a thick aroma.

"Little sis, how should I call you?" asked the woman.

"I'm Zhao Yulu, what about aunt?" While speaking, she took of her clothes, lifted her beautiful legs and walked into the bathtub, lying backwards inside.

"It's fine if you call me Aunt Liu, I'll call you Lulu!" The woman gently smiled, using one hand, she lifted one of Zhao Yulu's tender legs out from the bathtub and began to lightly scrub, causing Zhao Yulu to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Ah, aunt-! I'll do it myself-ah, it tickles!" Zhao Yulu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"It's best if you tolerate it, Lulu, this is the job given to me by Boss Zhang, to wash you clean without leaving any dead ends," Aunt Liu was truly dedicated, earnestly washing, even using bamboo picks to scrape the black stains clean off Lulu's toenails, after which she lifted out the other leg and continued with this sort of cleaning job. After that was the two slender thighs, cleaning up until Zhao Yulu's pelvis.

"Ah, Aunt Liu, this place really isn't fine!" It was already too late when she spoke, Aunt Liu's hands diligently rubbed at both of Zhao Yulu's plump labia lips, after kneading for three to four minutes, Zhao Yulu's face became reddish, biting at her lips, softly groaning. Aunt Liu raised her head and asked, "Lulu, are you still a virgin?" Zhao Yulu shyly nodded her head, after which Aunt Liu only then took away her hands which were on her lower lips. Zhao Yulu already felt as if she had experienced an electric shock, her entire body lying limp and weak in the bathtub, her large eyes half-lidded, as if she had begun to feel pleasant. But what would let Zhao Yulu feel even more panicked had yet to come, Aunt Liu's hands actually extended towards her pink little anus!

"Ah! Aunt Liu, hey! No way! ~You can't~" Zhao Yulu powerlessly struggled in the milk bath, but she was helpless against Aunt Liu's experienced hands, on one hand playing with Zhao Yulu's little clit, on the other her index finger gently slid into her puerile and tender anus, repeatedly scrubbing, circling, although Zhao Yulu did her best to protect her backside, but because her clitoris was being teased, the strength left her body, and she was left at her mercy.

Afterwards was her two fat and beautiful buttcheeks, her soft and tender belly, a pair of mouth-wateringly large breasts, then her hands, small arms, armpits, after which she gave her a professional face SPA massage.

During the massage, the two began to talk.

"Lulu, how old are you?"

"Just turned sixteen!"

"No wonder Boss Zhang is treating you so nicely, even giving you a milk bath, letting you be served a feast!"

"Why, Auntie?"

"Lulu ah, it's not that I'm praising you, but your flesh is really too tender, white and smooth, even this old woman is becoming greedy for food!" Aunt Liu began to gush, "Lulu, you know, not every woman who gets eaten by him will be treated like this, only great celebrities or those females Master Zhang thinks are really not bad will be able to enjoy milk baths! Let me tell you a secret~" Aunt Liu quietly moved closer, "Do you know which celebrity also once entered this bathroom?"

Zhao Yulu's big, curious eyes stared at Aunt Liu's face full of expressiveness, and she shook her head.

"Zhang Baizhi!" [Cecilia Cheung, a Hong Kong celebrity]

"Really!" Zhao Yulu was shocked, opening her sexy little mouth to say.

"As if I could lie to you, that was something that happened at the start of last year, when I first arrived here to work, one day a man and a woman in usually good shape was brought here, Boss Zhang wasn't in at the time, so Old Fang received them. Afterwards, Boss Zhang came back, only then did Old Fang have a chance to escape to tell us that Zhang Xiaofeng's friend, for celebrating his birthday, specially bought Zhang Baizhi's account and wrote it off to give to boss Zhang as a birthday gift. After that day, our jobs were to let her swim, suntan, take milk baths, and train her body in the day, and at night to shave her and give her enemas. It was close to half a month of that torture, but we all managed to get her autograph! After that…" Aunt Liu purposely paused for a moment.

"After that, Zhang Baizhi, what happened to her?" Zhao Yulu's focus was completely taken in, asking, as if she had already forgotten that she herself was in captivity as well.

"The day of boss Zhang's birthday, he personally steamed her whole in a lotus leaf. But that day, there were beautiful girls made into delicious food to fill up quite a few tables, so an older female celebrity could also not be considered the banquet's main dish, but I heard friends who went in say that the thorough steamed Zhang Baizhi was like a fairy maiden, she was arranged so her upper body lay flat, her legs were bent, knees closed and calves opened, in her mouth was a candle, with a steamed corn cob protruding from her private parts, her entire body giving off fragrance and mist, incredibly beautiful!"

Zhao Yulu sighed after hearing this, if even such a famous female celebrity could not escape becoming delicious food in other people's plates, she herself would definitely have to face the fate of being steamed and turned into food.

After a while more, Aunt Liu urged Zhao Yulu up, moving her to the board for meats at the side, Aunt Liu picked up a showerhead and washed Zhao Yulu's whole body once again, that was the end of her bathing task. Zhao Yulu simply toweled off her milk-scented body, wearing the bathrobe and slippers given to her, with a glance at her phone, ah! It was already six twenty-seven, she set off at run out of the bathroom.

"Lulu ah, downstairs to the right, the second room is the dining room!"

"Thank you, Aunt Liu!"


The dining room seemed even more grandiose, a five, six meter long silver dining table was arranged in the center of the hall, with even lit candlesticks placed atop, against the backdrop of soft light given off by the chandelier, it was clearly a candlelight dinner. On the wall behind the head seat, a female head with beautiful and refined looks was mounted on a wooden board, the beautiful woman's head was meticulously given make-up, her watery large eyes lifelessly stared into the distance, under her high nose, her bright red lips were slightly pouting, as though helplessly protesting her own tragic fate.

"Quite punctual, ah, Yulu, sit wherever!" Following a bell that rang throughout the hall, Zhang Xiaofeng also walked into the dining room, "Truly not bad, after the milk bath the feeling is even more white and tender, that's right, have you eaten a human feast before?" While speaking, he sat at the other side of the long table.

Zhao Yulu fearfully took a seat as well, "Eat~eaten, once or t-twice."

"That's fine, where did you eat, Lulu?"

"Um~actually it was something that happened a long time ago, the annual meeting of the company where my dad worked, every year they would buy three girls to slaughter and eat, perhaps three or four times in total…"

"Then, Lulu, do you like it?"

"Ah?" Zhao Yulu's chalk-white complexion blushed, "This~ah, um, it is quite nice to eat, only…"

Zhang Xiaofeng was amused enough that he began to laugh, "Only that they are meat of the same type as you, let me tell you, the meat of women is this world's most delicious food, and it even has the effect of regulating the spleen and stomach, bolstering the yin and fortifying the yang." [yin and yang as in the concepts from Chinese medicine; loosely meaning coldness and heatiness respectively]

Zhao Yulu seemed to understand, nodded her head, and said, "Then, let me guess, tonight's dinner is also related to female meat?"

"Smart!" Zhang Xiaofeng spoke, then gestured for the food to come, a number people like kitchen chefs and a row of maids pushed in food carts filled with large and small plates, walking in.

First to be served was a number of cold dishes serving as appetisers, minced meat salad, cut cucumbers, fried skin and the like, followed by meat dishes, steamed fish, crispy claws, braised belly, marinated slices, stewed women's face and the like. Finally, what was pushed in was naturally tonight's main dish, two maids strenuously shifted a giant dish plate from the food cart to the centre of the dining table, then opened the huge silver cover, a thick haze of steam mixed with the fragrance of meat wafted forwards, after the mist began to dissipate, Zhao Yulu finally beheld the truth of the matter: a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body had a serene expression on her face, facing the right as she slept in the plate, her head of beautiful hair wrapped up in insulated foil, eyes slightly opened, lifelessly gazing downwards, a smooth and glistening little nose like a pearl above alluring lips. Her slender neck was marred by a deep slice at its left, it seemed like a knife cut through her aorta, directly interfering with her healthy little heart, reaping her transient little life. Her pink and tender hands interlaced naturally in front of her belly, her slender right leg extended while her left leg curled up in front, fully exposing her beautiful fat buttocks, both her fatty and tender feet as though preserving the anxiety she felt before dying, tensed and straightened from nervousness, her ten delicious toes tightly bound together. Zhao Yulu could clearly see between her two bulging buttocks, a delicately steaming chrysanthemum oozing white mist, and that spot between her thighs, the concave slit of her lower lips tightly pressed together at her crotch, from which hot steam billowed out. Her pair of originally voluminous breasts, after having been baked, became even more fat and fleshy, and sleeping quietly between her chest and hands, her originally tender belly flesh, as a result of her pregnancy, swelled up till it turned transparent, its plumpness both cute and captivating. This pitiful beauty was already unable to wait for her baby to be born before she died, becoming the outstanding main course of Xiaofeng's dinner table.

When the fog dissipated, Zhao Yulu looked closely, this delicious pregnant woman's skin had entirely turned a soft red, a red-coloured sauce covered and dripped from her entire body, she had clearly been braised, sauce flowed over her body, surprisingly bringing forth a different kind of beauty. The surface of the tray was also covered with a layer of green vegetable leaves, red and green blended together, refreshing and eye-catching, stimulating one's appetite even more.

A chef from the side sharply walked to the side of the table, carefully took the pitiful young woman's thoroughly cooked left leg and bent it forwards, completely exposing her fat and tender labia, plucked clean of pubic hair, steam could be seen wafting within that concave slit, sparkling and glistening, even the vegetable leaves lining the bottom were overflowing with grease.

Zhao Yulu did not often witness this sort of situation, and became shy to the point that she felt like suffocating, panting through her nose, she was surprised to find that her body even shamefully reacted, and worked hard to suppress it, who would have thought that she actually felt moved by a woman's delicious body of meat, her own luscious vagina gradually swelled with blood, becoming wet. Zhang Xiaofeng took a pair of chopsticks and walked to the middle of the table, aiming at the young woman's slightly swollen buttocks, he gently poked, with a puff, the chopsticks instantly slid in, letting a stream of thick fatty oil flow out, it could be seen that this pitiful girl was already incredibly well-cooked, from the outside to the inside.

Seeing that their employer had already made the first move, two chefs worked together and turned the pregnant woman over to face upwards. Xiaofeng walked to Zhao Yulu's side, and tenderly petted her golden blonde short hair and stroked her delicate cheeks, "My baby, don't just stare dumbly, whatever part you want to eat, uncle will help you cut!" While speaking, Xiaofeng slyly slid his hand into her bathrobe's wide collar, indulging himself in grabbing handfuls of her left breast a few times, while comparing in his heart whether this girl would end up being more tender than the little darling on the plate, he definitely had to hold back for a few months, before he finally could have a feast.

Zhao Yulu's body, which had already reacted to the sight, upon being teased by Xiaofeng, her mouth inadvertently let out a moan, raising her head she gave Xiaofeng a pitiful look, softly whining, "No~not, not here, there are so many people, ah~um, don't be like this!"

Xiaofeng also knew that it was too early and stopped pestering her, speaking to the chefs who had stood at the side for a while, "Take out the baby in her stomach first then!"

A chef took out a shimmering silver table knife, piercing in between her twin labia which glistened with oil, pulling upwards in one stroke, in a moment, that female's beautiful vagina was cut in two halves. The blade continued to cut upwards, as if it was cutting silk, separating the braised red flesh into two. A burst of hot air escaped, fragrance wafting about, as the blade meticulously ran across the stomach which was as thin as paper, gently coaxing out six month old baby girl from within, and cutting apart the navel. The baby girl who was just as thoroughly cooked as her mother was put into a dry pot of toufu which was being heated up with a slow flame, while the woman's organs were also being taken out and put into a specially made box to be fed to the dogs, except for the pair of kidneys which were handed to the chef to cook again into kidney soup. After which the chef lifted the knife, once again making a cut until her throat before stopping. They then turned the young female over to face her hips up, following the line between her beautiful buttocks to cut up to her waist, then further cutting up to her nape. Like this, aside from the beautiful pregnant woman's head which was left in one piece, she was already evenly divided into two halves.

"That…" Zhao Yulu raised her head, confusedly looking at Zhao Xiaofeng, "Boss Zhang, I~I remember, pregnant women, isn't it something that cannot~be eaten?"

Zhang Xiaofeng gave a small smile, downing a mouthful of red wine before saying, "I won't keep anything from you, recently this me, after visiting Southeast Asia and returning, I realised that my body became somewhat weak, then my diet consultant gave me a checkup and found that my kidneys were weak and I was overworked, and told me that the fastest diet therapy was this," as he spoke, he pointed at the young woman's already separated two halves of fragrant meat and said, "You too, know that pregnant women and the tender mothers who have just given birth are famously potent vitality boosters, I've already continuously eaten two weeks of pregnant women!"

"But, I remember, aren't pregnant women protected by the law?" Zhao Yulu continued to ask.

"Aiya, Lulu, this kind of thing is quite flexible, on this world there are so many things floating on the edge of the law, let me tell you a truth, when the wife of the municipal party secretary of our city became pregnant, the mayor sent the secretary two high quality pregnant women a month, afterwards even after the baby was due, there were still two pregnant women who hadn't been slaughtered yet, and there was even one who gave birth to her baby because they didn't bother slaughtering her!" Saying so, Xiaofeng once again spoke with the chefs at the side, "Help Lulu cut a breast, then scoop out the vagina, for Lulu and I, half for each of us, ah, Lulu, it's reasonable to think that whatever you eat will benefit whatever, I don't know about these breasts, but the ovaries are incredibly nourishing for yin, in the future your job is to eat virgin ovaries every day, so that when that time comes…" Thinking about how he would be able to eat her after another half a year of nursing, Xiaofeng could not hold back his excitement and "Heheh!" evily laughed.

Hearing this, the chef immediately took a knife to carve out one enormous breast, slicing it into a few thinner pieces before delivering it in front of Zhao Yulu, then scooping out the young woman's ovaries, which had already been divided in two, separately offering it to the two persons. Zhao Yulu, at a loss, picked up a slice of fatty breast meat to put into her mouth, a rich flavour mixed with milky fragrance invaded Zhao Yulu's taste buds immediately, although she had eaten the tender flesh of so many girls before, this was the first time she had tasted a breast this delicious, just as she was shocked, the slice of meat in her mouth dissolved, and Zhao Yulu impatiently picked up yet another piece, this time with the young woman's little nipple, which had been cooked to a dark red colour, although the nipple was small, it was incredibly tasty, firm to the bite, extremely chewy.

Xiaofeng used his cutlery to delicately cut up the ovaries and fatty vaginal flesh, the delicate slit giving out the unique astringent fragrance of a mature woman, although it could not compare to the tenderness of a ten year old girl, but in terms of nourishment, this sort of beautiful pregnant woman's vagina could only be equaled by soup broth made from mature ladies who were thirty or forty years old.

Opposite, Zhao Yulu ate as though she was enthralled, but slightly embarrassedly said to the chef beside her, "That~could you help me cut a bit?"

"Which part would you like?"

"That~that one, the i-inside of the thigh, can I?"

"No problem!"

"Not bad, Lulu, if you like it, you'll be able to eat it often in the future," Zhao Xiaofeng said.

"This~boss Zhang, could you tell me when I would become like this?" Zhao Yulu weakly asked.

"What is it, Lulu, can't wait to turn into a delectable dish?" Xiaofeng playfully teased her.

"How can that be!" Zhao Yulu shamefully and quickly explained, "I'm just asking, how~long do I have left."

"Don't be so sad, what you still have is time," saying so, Xiaofeng cut off the tender woman's beautiful head, slicing a piece of tender flesh off her face to chew on.

After passing through a series of wind and clouds, the two were quite full, at this time a maid pushed in a porcelain pot half her height, lifting the lid, a wave of fragrance burst forth, it seemed that this was a pot of clear soup for warming the stomach and cleansing the pallet, upon looking closely, the pale, tender, small body of a girl about twelve or thirteen years old was sitting in the pot, the soup level just covering the girl's delicate little nose, her two beautiful eyes were wide open, dully gazing at the surface of the clear soup.

"Master, the head chef knows your preference for thick soup, but today's main dish was braised meat, so he changed it for a lighter soup, to help in digestion," a chef by the side ran over to Zhang Xiaofeng, respectfully speaking.

"No problem, whether it's thick soup or clear soup, so long as it is soup made by Feng Tao, there isn't any that won't taste good to drink, you too should learn more from him, wait until he becomes famous, at that time even if you want to find a master that good it won't be possible, do you hear me?!"

"I've heard you, master, I will definitely learn with a modest heart!"

Saying so, two servants then served Xiaofeng and Zhao Yulu each a bowl of fragrant clear soup, and following Xiaofeng's habit, cut off one of the little feet of the pitiful girl in the soup, placing it in Xiaofeng's bowl.

"Lulu, come and try, the soup made by our chef is definitely a must."

Zhao Yulu took a spoonful and gently placed it in her mouth, a burst of unusual taste flooded her mouth, "Incredibly fresh!" Zhao Yulu praised continuously.

"Freshness is guaranteed! This sort of soup is coaxed from girls even younger than you, how can it not be fresh? Wait till tomorrow, I'll let you try thick soup which tastes even fresher than this!"

Zhao Yulu truly liked the soup, continuously drinking two bowls, and under Xiaofeng's persevering persuasion, she also ate a bit of shoulder meat from the girl in the soup pot. On Xiaofeng's side, he ate a bit more fried kidney before he could not eat anymore. Xiaofeng came over and pulled Zhao Yulu's soft, boneless little hand to leave the dining room.
R: 2 / I: 0

GuroVR: Noob Encounters a Lesser Succubus


Hiro was excited.

He had earned enough gold to buy a new sword, a steel one, to replace the rusty, chipped iron blade he had started with. After a busy work week, he finally had an entire weekend to make yet more progress in the new full immersion VR game he had bought just a few days ago. Aranea Online, it was called. Generic as names went but one special feature set it apart from all the rest. Where permadeath in other games meant a permanent demise of a player character, in Aranea Online permadeath meant death of the player character and the player themselves. A player could feel everything their character felt and if the damage done to the character was fatal, the headset gave a ten second warning before it sent a fatal shock to the brain that was near painless and deadly quick. As a consequence, it was one of the most popular games out on the market.

As Hiro eased himself into the game chair and lowered the headset onto his skull, he wasn't worried. There was no way he would die like all those other noobs.


Mako was excited.

She had just completed the ritual to turn her boring human rogue into a lesser succubus prior to logging off a couple of days ago. The changes were minor compared to other specializations. Her only physical change was her skin changing to be a shade of mauve and her eyes going from green to demon yellow. She didn't even have wings but the most important change was her new ability. It was a passive called Life Drain that allowed her absorb the health points of any victim she encountered by making them cum. It was an incredibly powerful ability that worked on NPCs and players of any level, from the lowest single digit to the very highest triple digits. The only drawback that prevented it from being incredibly OP was her own low level. She had been reset to level one, with only basic melee attacks in addition to any weapon she could get her hands on. Her only spell was a weak charm spell that would work on characters at her level. Any smart player of sufficiently higher level could kill her; she had to be smarter. That was the fun part.

With each victim of her Life Drain vanquished, she gained experience. If she drained enough people, she could grow her levels with no combat, crafting or trading required. She got to increase her character's power just by having sex! What other game could say the same?

As Mako eased herself into the game chair and lowered the headset onto her skull, she was ecstatic. She couldn't wait to seduce her first victim.


The cave was dark and damp, the oily stone beneath his feet jagged and uneven. Hiro had only the light from outside to guide him and even that was failing as he ventured deeper in. He summoned a floating sprite light to hover by his head and show him the way.

Normally, he wouldn't go cave-delving alone but the tip he had received from a local merchant had been too good to ignore. A treasure waited for him at the end of this cave, a treasure that would set him up for at least the next thirty or so levels. He knew a smith that could fashion him high quality gear and weapons, accoutrements that would put him ahead of nearly every noob he came across. All he had to do was survive.

Hiro gripped his sword tightly as he ventured into the darkness of the cave. He didn't see the large rock descend from the ceiling, only felt as it cracked against his skull and turned the world black.


The first thing Hiro felt upon awakening was the chill of cold iron on his wrists and ankles and the warmth and softness of a feminine hand stroking his cock. He gasped, opened his eyes and looked up to see a purple-skinned woman with short black hair and yellow eyes gazing back at him with surprise.

"Oh my! I didn't expect you to wake up so soon."

Hiro tried to flex his wrists, only to meet resistance against the shackles. He looked up to see he had been chained to a bed, spread-eagled, with this woman looming over her. He was stuck. "Who…who are you?"

"Oh me?" She giggled. "No one special. Just a lesser succubus who's gonna suck the life out of you. I see the merchant I bribed sent someone my way. Just my luck! Instead of a nice shiny treasure, you ran into me. That's just how life works, I guess."

Panic washed over him. He knew encounters with lesser succubi were fatal but he never thought he'd be trapped by one! He tried to move, to free himself from his binds, but the chains rattled and didn't budge.

"I already went ahead and got started while you were unconscious so it won't be long now." The succubus frowned at him. "Are you comfortable? I didn't want to hit you in the head with a rock but you were armed so…"

She resumed stroking his cock in a slow, teasing fashion, rubbing her thumb just below the tip as her fingers pumped up and down the shaft. A moan escaped him. Her touch was so soft and warm. He knew he should have been begging for his life but her hand felt far too good for him to want it to stop.

"Oh my. Even now, your cock is harder than before. Fuck, this is so exciting! My first drain!" She swiped a little bead of pre-cum from his tip. "About to cum? Well, it was nice meeting you, mister. Sorry the cave dwelling didn't work out. Bye!"

The succubus worked his length in that same slow and steady motion. He felt his orgasm building in his balls, shoot up the base and splatter against her supple breasts. She gasped as thick spurts of cum erupted from his cock to paint her purple skin with white. The bliss was overwhelming but brief. He felt his cock twitch, slump against his stomach and soon darkness swallowed up his vision.


Hiro came back to the real world to see the ten second warning flashing in red across his vision. He was vaguely aware that he had creamed his pants. As the seconds closed down to zero, he swiped at the tent pole his cock made and twitched from the last pulse of pleasure he would ever feel.

As the electric shock fried his brain, he died with a smile.
R: 0 / I: 0

Snuff Olympics - Spears for all the ladies

Snuff Olympics – Spears for all the ladies

“LAAADIES AND GENTLEMEN! A round of applause for our next athlete – hailing from Russia and standing tall at 2.1 meters – Ivan, professional cunt killer and snuffmeister at our emperor’s pleasure palace! His dedication for keeping the women population under control is well known throughout the empire, with over one thousand women snuffed. Just the sight of him makes most cunts wet themselves, both in fear and anticipation. “ the commentator yelled at the mic, introducing the mountain that was Ivan.

The arena had over one hundred thousand spectators, most of which were male, over 60% of the region’s male population. The snuff Olympics happened once a year and was a real show of male aptitude, with diverse challenges centered around culling excess women. Of course, for such occasions and shows, only the most beautiful and attractive were chosen, so the impact of their demise would be felt even by the most ruthless of men out there.

“Behold – the targets!” the commentator yelled, as a trapdoor in the arena floor opened and a platform with six gorgeous young women aligned in front of each other. Each has her hands and feet tied to two poles, keeping their bodies suspended in an X. They’re all about the same height and aligned so that their heads are at about the same height.

“You’ve seen them on magazine covers, fashion shows and maybe even in some movies – they’re among the most beautiful the empire has to offer! From front to back, we have Brittany, Alexis, Lindsey, Caprice, Kiara and Ivan’s personal sex toy – Natasha. We’ll see if he has the strength and precision to kill them all with one spear! Let’s see what spear he’ll chose while the girls are getting their last orgasms!” the commentator's voice filled the arena as the naked girls had their vibrator cunt plugs started.
Their moans are captured by tiny microphones embedded in the poles and broadcast across the stadium to create blood thirst among the male participants. Their short screams will also be heard by every spectator, while a multitude of ultra-high definition high speed camera broadcast their last moments across humongous screens nationwide.

“Will he take away their beautiful faces with the thrust of a spear or will he break their hearts? Let’s find out!”

Ivan stood five meters away from the first cunt, Brittany and about ten meters from the last one, his favorite fuck toy, Natasha – that he brought so he could snuff her live. The two spears he could choose from were each designed for one method of elimination each. One was sharp and shaped like an impaling pike, made to pierce as much bone as possible, ideal for penetrating multiple skulls, while the other was trident shaped and made to rend flesh, ideal for mutilating the chests and hearts of the soft female targets.
“Uh, oh. It looks like Ivan is about to break some hearts! He’s chosen the trident! Brittany, Alexis and Lindsey probably wish they had some bigger racks to shield them – not that it would have made a difference with Ivan’s strength and accuracy. Kiara and Natasha don’t look to be too stressed, being in the back and riding the pleasure wave. Either way, let’s watch – Ivan is getting ready to throw!“

As Ivan wound up to throw the spear, the cameras zoomed in on Brittany’s pretty and round face. Despair and pleasure could both be read across it. Her full lips and grey eyes and pink lipstick made her face a true homing beacon for any male-thrown weapon. The girls behind her didn’t have vision of Ivan and didn’t know when the moment would come that a spear would penetrate their flesh and hopefully end their lives shortly.
He looked at the chestnut haired girl tied in front of him, his arm tense on the spear, his gaze locked onto hers. She moaned with pleasure, opening her mouth with the ‘OH’ of a powerful orgasm. Ivan let loose the metallic rod of death, the trident’s pyramid pointing down.

“Ooooooooooooooh. What a shot! We certainly didn’t expect that!” the commentator yelled as he watched the spear absolutely blow through Brittany’s head, almost as if there wasn’t anything inside.

“Let’s look at the slow-mo recap!”

The spear went through Brittany’s forehead, the bottom fin carving through her nose, her eyes being narrowly missed. It was a quick end for Brittany as her prefrontal cortex and most of her brain got displaced by the shock wave of the rod coming through. Her fragile skull, being the first in line against the rod of death, shattered instantly – pieces of it blasting inside Brittany’s mind, wreaking havoc in her neural processes. The spear exited the back of her skull with very little deviation and caught the cute Alexis by surprise. Her surprise didn’t last that much though as the merciless spear pierced through her head unabated, her eyes being sliced open by the top fins while her upper lip was split by the bottom fin. We might never know if this cutie had her last orgasm, but her death was a quick one. Lindsey had her mouth wide open with pleasure when the tip of the spear went through her - knocking off some teeth and exiting through the lower back of her skull, it left her mouth open and speechless for the rest of her life. When the replay got to Caprice and Kiara, the audience really got their boners hard. The busty brunette had her beautiful head missed by a millimeter, the spear fins gliding under her chin as it tore through her neck, almost decapitating her. Kiara, the lustful short haired blonde, had a similar outcome, but the spear barely made it through her lower neck, the lower fin slicing through her clavicle, a bit to the left, then flying right under Natasha’s cunt and planting itself firmly into the ground. Kiara’s lovely head was hanging on her left side, held atop her head by a tendon. A gruesome sight, only outdone by Caprice’s perforated and gurgling neck. Both only had half a minute tops to live.
The audience was roaring!

“AMAZING! Ivan outdid his competition with another feat of marksmanship and strength! Not only he killed five of the six targets, but he did so at a disadvantage – by using a spear with more surface area! And he’s not done yet! There are still lives to be taken in the arena! Let’s see what he does next!”

The audience jumped and cheered as Ivan rushed to the last girls in the line. He took Caprice’s head in both hands and yanked it off, then, did the same to Kiara. Holding their heads like trophies at the audience, he gave a guttural roar of victory. The audience roared back acknowledging him. With savage might, Ivan smashed Kiara and Caprice’s heads together, killing them both – if there were any traces of consciousness left in them. Their cute petite heads molding into one gory ball of oozing brain and hair of two colors. Ivan kicked this ball towards the audience, some fortunate fan catching it. The ball contained both their DNAs and making clones of the two most coveted Snuff Bunnies was a very cool trophy.

“What a phenomenal ending for two beautiful Snuff Bunnies! Let’s hope that whoever got their heads will enjoy killing them again at home after a visit to Rekunt – our official cloning facility sponsor. The event isn’t over, though! There is still Natasha – Ivan’s incredibly hot Sex Bunny that he wants to retire live! Just look at the menacing mountain of meat that is Ivan, making his way towards the tied-up girl! How will he snuff this perky Asian treat? Let’s find out!”

Ivan, standing in front of the suspended Natasha, places his huge hands on her appetizing small waist. He’s clearly anticipating what’s to follow as he caresses Natasha’s soft body, while she moans – the vibrator still active inside her. Her fragile body could be broken in endless ways, but Ivan already knows she’ll die doing what she does best. Pulling out her vibrator and unshackling her, he kisses her forehead and signals her to unzip his pants.

“A fitting end! Looks like Ivan had his shaft augmented for this tournament – with three barbed blade piercings! Natasha will be shred to death from the inside!”

Her heart faltered and she fell to her knees at the sight of her master’s bulging shaft adorned with blades. Her small pussy was stretched to it’s limits even when he didn’t have any enhancements, but now it would be completely destroyed.

“Pleeaaaze just snap my neck, kill me fast master, pleeeease! You’ve enjoyed my cunt a lot, don’t destroy it!” she pleaded, begging, on her knees.

“KILL HER! FUCK HER TO PIECES! SHRED THAT PUSSY!” the audience roared with bloodthirst.

Ivan was a showman after all, so he grabbed little Natasha by the neck, chokingly lifter her up and started rubbing her twat.

“Enjoy.” Was his only word as he dove his enormous erection in poor little Natasha.

Handling her like a toy, Ivan began sliding Natasha on and off his cunt-shredding member. Blood was flowing freely from her coveted snatch, as the cold blades ripped apart her vagina’s walls. Natasha was sobbing with pain, screaming “STOP, PLEEEASE, NO MORE!!!” as her internal female organs were cut apart. By the tenth thrust, Natasha’s uterus was no more than a mess of cut apart muscles, bleeding profusely. Feeling himself ready to cum, Ivan leaned his head over to Natasha’s chest. With a quick sudden move, he tore off one of her glorious puffy nipples and a good chunk of her small left tit. He was an utter beast. Pushing hard through the teen’s womb, his shredder cock penetrated her belly and made its way out – spraying cum all over her ravaged chest and face. His bloody member painted Natasha white for a good few seconds, before his throbbing member stopped. Natasha was far from dead though, but her pain was immediately apparent as her wails echoed in the stadium.

“FINISH HER!” the commentator yelled, Mortal Kombat style.

Ivan, not wanting to disappoint, grabbed Natasha’s head – giving her a farewell look, then snapped it like a twig. A twist to the left, a twist to the right and her delicate head came off like a doll’s. He held it up for all to see, then plunged it on his still erect shaft, which pierced through her mouth and into her mind. Natasha’s last moments were spent with Ivan’s cock inside her mind.

hxxp://instantfap.com/post/154411 - Brittany
hxxp://instantfap.com/post/148820 - Alexis
hxxp://instantfap.com/post/890272 - Lindsey
hxxp://instantfap.com/post/895904 – Caprice
hxxp://instantfap.com/post/901661 - Kiara
hxxp://instantfap.com/post/802345 – Natasha
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Marinette on the Menu (Miraculous Ladybug, Tags inside)

Marinette on the Menu
Tags: Miraculous Ladybug, Reluctant consent, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Girlmeat menu, persuasion, cooking, cannibalism, snuff.
All characters in this story are 18 or older.

Author's note: So, I wanted to write a story more about a girl deciding to become meat instead of the actual process of being cooked. If you Don't Know Miraculous Ladybug, it's a very fun series, but all you really need to know for this story is that there was an incident in a competition prior to this story where Marinette taunted a girl in her class and pissed her off enough to sabotage her great uncle's "Celestial Soup" and ruin him in a competition. The great uncle went sort of mad and tried to turn the classmate into "Brat Soup" (yes there's a semi-cannibalistic moment in the series, go watch it yourself if you wanna see it). Shortly thereafter Marinette fixed the madness, and got the judges to reconsider her great uncle's unsabotaged soup, and the great uncle renamed the soup from Celestial Soup to Marinette Soup in her honor. That's all you need to know. It's all in the episode "Kung Food"

Okay, so this story got stuck in my head. Some of you may have seen another version called "Marinette Soup" which ended basically at this point and only dealt with Marinette's uncle wanting to make a real batch of Marinette Soup and which ends basically as soon as Marinette agrees. This isn't that version. This story is going to run from the start set out here all the way to the end of the meal, and Marinette's getting turned into a whole dinner full of dishes. I hope you enjoy it.

Story Start

“Marinette you remember how your great uncle Wang Chen renamed his Celestial Soup 'Marinette Soup' after that whole incident at the hotel?” Marinette's mother, Sabine Cheng, asked.

“Yeah?” Marinette agreed not sure where her mom was going with this.

“Well, after that whole incident at the hotel, Uncle Cheng has been thinking about working with some new ingredients,” Sabine explained. “He's even come back to Paris just to get them!”

“That's amazing!” Marinette replied. “The soup he made was just incredible! I can't wait to try whatever Sifu Cheng has thought up next! What is he thinking about using? Do you think he'll let me help?”

Sabine smiled down at her daughter. “I don't think that will be a problem at all. In fact, your help is essential to his plans. He can't do it without you.”

Marinette blinked. “Really?”

“Really,” Sabine confirmed. “After the business at the hotel, Uncle Cheng wants to try his hand at making a whole Marinette-themed menu, including a real batch of Marinette soup, just for the family and whatever friends you wish to invite! Of course, this is only if you agree to help, first.”

Marinette blinked. “Why wouldn't I help?” she wondered. “Sifu Cheng is an amazing chef! And what's more, he's family!”

“Because the key ingredient he wants to use for his Marinette-themed menu is… Marinette,” her mom explained, trying to break the idea to her daughter softly.

Marinette's mouth dropped open in shock. “Me? Cheng Sifu wants to cook… me!?” she asked unable to quite come to grips with the information.

“He does,” Sabine Cheng replied. “Will you do it? It would really mean a lot to him if you did! Please? For me?”

“But, I wouldn't survive, would I?” Marinette asked, still uncertain.

Sabine nodded. “No, you wouldn't, but how many girls have the opportunity to be cooked by the world's greatest chef? Uncle Cheng promises that this dinner will be the greatest thing he has ever cooked.”

Marinette's heart was fluttering. She wasn't sure what to think! Her great uncle wanted her, specifically her! As the main ingredient in what he promised would be the greatest dish of his entire career! She wanted to help him! He was family, and he'd been so nice to her when he'd visited and she still felt more than a little guilty about her part in riling Chloe into sabotaging his soup in the first place even if it all worked out in the end.

But… this was fatal! If she agreed she'd be cooked! Made into soup and who knows what else! She was the Miraculous Ladybug! She wanted to be a fashion designer! She was a young girl with a bright future!

Marinette knew that Sifu Cheng wouldn't make her give that up if she didn't want to, but… she didn't want to disappoint him.

“I'm not sure…” Marinette evaded.

“Well, it's up to you,” Sabine declared with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “But I do hope you'll do it. It would make Uncle Cheng so happy. If you do agree, feel free to invite as many friends as you want to dinner. There's over a 50 kilograms of meat on you, give or take. That's plenty of Marinette-meat dishes to go around.”

Marinette saw the disappointment in her mother's eyes, she saw the way she looked at her, assessing her for her meat at a glance. “I… I need to think about this!” Marinette shouted, darting up to her room in the attic. She needed to call her friend Alya!


“He wants to what!?” Alya asked incredulously over the video chat app on Marinette's computer.

“He wants to use me to… to make a special Marinette-themed menu. Including Marinette Soup… A real batch this time, since… he wants to use real Marinette meat for it?” Marinette explained, her voice a bit high and nervous at the thought.

“That's… I don't know what to say about that!” Alya decided, still trying to wrap her head around the idea. “Are you going to do it?” she asked.

“I'm… not sure…” Marinette admitted.

“You're not?” Alya asked, a bit shocked by the answer.

“Well, Sifu Cheng is the greatest chef in the world. And… I'm still feeling kind of guilty about that whole thing with Chloe back at the hotel? What would you do? If I did it, I mean?” Marinette asked.

“What do you mean what would I do?” Alya asked, uncertainly.

“My mom said I could invite as many friends as I wanted if I went through with it, and well, you're my best friend,” Marinette explained. “I'm not going to forget to invite you.”

“To eat you?” Alya confirmed.

“If I go through with it,” Marinette agreed. “Yeah.”

“You're really thinking about this,” Alya realized.

“Yeah, I… I guess I am?” Marinette agreed.

“I'd eat you,” Alya replied.

“Just like that?” Marinette asked surprised.

“Well, your uncle is the greatest chef in the world, right? And he's planning a whole dinner menu using you as the main ingredient?” Alya confirmed.

“Yeah,” Marinette agreed. “The only dish I know for sure is Marinette soup, but… mom said he was planning a full menu.”

“So, you'd be a multi-course Marinette menu. The greatest dishes ever cooked by the greatest chef in the world? Of course I'd eat you if I had a chance! Even as an idea it sounds amazing,” Alya explained defensively. “And… it's not like I'm telling you to go for it? But if you do, it just seems a shame to waste you… I mean… You know what I mean! You're the one that's actually considering this!”

Marinette blushed. “I… That's true. Sorry for being surprised.”

“It's fine,” Alya waved the apology away. “Who else would you invite? If you did it I mean?”

“You? Alix? Rose? Sabrina? and Juleka, maybe? Nino? I would invite Manon, but she's a bit young for a party like that… Definitely not Chloe!”

“What about Adrien?” Alya drew out the boys name teasingly.

“Alya!” Marinette protested. “You think he'd go for it?” She asked.

“Well, his father is Gabriel Agreste, the famous and fabulously wealthy fashion designer. Maybe he's had girlmeat before?”

“No!” the word was out before Marinette could think. Adrien eating another girl!? He couldn't have! Could he? Did he enjoy it?

“You're jealous!” Alya replied.

“What? No!? I'm not jealous at all!” Marinette protested unconvincingly.

Alya just gave her a look.

“Alright, I am jealous,” Marinette admitted. “What gave me away?”

“Girl, I've known you for years now! I can tell when you're jealous, especially when it involves Adrien.”

“I can't believe I'm so transparent!” Marinette lamented. “I'm jealous of a dead girl that might not even exist just because Adrien might have eaten her! I'm a mess!”

“Well, even if Adrien has had girlmeat before, you can bet that she wasn't prepared by a master chef like your great uncle!” Alya replied, trying to cheer Marinette back up.

“That's right! She definitely wouldn't taste half as good as me! Especially a whole menu of me!” Marinette decided.

“Wait, what? I was just trying to cheer you up! Don't tell me you're doing it!” Alya protested, trying to tone down her best friend's enthusiasm before she ran head first into agreeing without even thinking.

“I… if Adrien's had girlmeat before, I think I will?” Marinette admitted. “It would make my mom happy, it would make what I did up to Sifu Cheng, and well… Adrien.”

“You have got it baaaad, girl!” Alya crowed. “And how will you even find out if he has? You're petrified to text the boy!”

“I am not!” Marinette protested pulling out her phone and typing out a text bolstered by her indignation. “See! There!” she trumpeted showing off the message on her phone to her best friend.

“Have you ever had girlmeat?” Alya read aloud. “You really did it,” she agreed.

“Yes I did! I- What have I done!?” Marinette panicked. “I have to unsend it! He'll think I'm some kind of weird-!”


Her phone buzzed.

“Seems like he sent a reply,” Alya observed.

Marinette stared down at her phone. “He has…”

Her stomach felt like it dropped out from under her. She knew she hadn't made her final decision, she could still back out of this regardless of what she told her best friend, but… She didn't want to.

She was jealous. And all the reasons she said before, that her mom had given her, they were still valid. And… if Sifu Cheng cooked her, she knew she'd come out perfect, she'd be the best soup that Adrien had ever tasted! Not to mention whatever else her great uncle came up with for her! He'd never forget eating her!

“I have. Why?” Three words, but with them, Adrien had unwittingly spelled her demise.

“I wanted to invite you to have some. Chef Sifu wanted to cook dinner for my family and friends.” Marinette texted back.

“Are you serious!? When! That soup he made last time was incredible!” came the immediate reply from Adrien's phone.

A thrill ran through Marinette's body, her nipple's hardening at the thought of Adrien, her not-so-secret crush enjoying the new and even more authentic version of Marinette soup.

“Soon,” Marinette texted back. “I don't know yet.”

“Tell me when you do?” Adrien replied. Then a few seconds later. “Is he cooking anyone we know?” another pause. “What's the menu?”

Marinette stared at her phone, paralyzed.

“Well? What did your little dreamboat say?” Alya teased.

Marinette turned her phone around to show her.

“Oh my god! Are you going to tell him?” Alya asked.

“I… I should, shouldn't I?” the blue haired girl replied.

“If you're really going to do this, yes! Adrien will probably have nothing but wet dreams from now till Sifu Cheng cooks you, and guess who'll be the star!” Alya declared.

“Really!?” Marinette gasped.

“Couldn't hurt to try!” Alya coached.

Marinette turned back to her phone. “He's making a whole dinner menu, starting with Marinette Soup.” She sent, before typing out the rest of the answer. “Using real Marinette.”

That was it. She was committed now. She'd put it down in text. She was really going to do this.

Her phone buzzed again in response. “OMG! You're being made into soup!” the text read, but before Marinette could ask Alya what she think it meant, another text came in. “I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'll see you there! Or, you know… not.”

“He wants me,” Marinette muttered softly in a stunned stupor.

“What was that? I couldn't hear you,” Alya asked.

“He wants me!” Marinette shouted! “He said he wouldn't miss it for the world!”

“Congratulations, Marinette!” Alya cheered. “You should go tell you mom! And make sure to score me a seat at the table okay! I don't wanna miss out on my best friend's big day!”

“I will!” Marinette agreed, pulling up the trap door to her room and heading out without even ending the call. “Thanks so much for your help Alya! I never would have been able to do this without you!”

“No problem! Just make sure to do your best to taste delicious!”

“I will!” Marinette replied, shutting the trap door after her as she climbed down the ladder out of her bedroom. She was soup now, in thought at least, if not in reality. She just hoped Adrien enjoyed her.


“You'll do it!?” Sabine Cheng replied, surprised.

“I will,” Marinette agreed. “My… friend, Adrien, convinced me.”

“Well, I'll have to thank him when he comes by for dinner. You are inviting him right?”

“Of course,” Marinette agreed. “Him and Alya both. They told me they wouldn't miss it for the world!”

“Alya too? Well, even with both of them there's plenty of room for two, or even three more people at the table if you want. You might even want to ask Alya to help you make invitations. They can be a bit of a keepsake to remember the meal by, and it never hurts to add a bit of fanciness to a dinner party, especially one as important at this one.” Marinette's mother advised.

Marinette nodded. “When will Sifu Cheng be here?”

“Tomorrow, and dinner will be the night after that,” Sabine informed her. “I'm going to go call him and tell him the wonderful news right now!”

Marinette's stomach felt like it was twisting up like a pretzel, but it was too late to back out now. Her course was set.

To Be Continued…
R: 1 / I: 0

Preschool BBQ

It had been about 6 months since the apocalypse had suddenly hit, and so far everything had been okay at sunny side preschool program. The founder had been a bit of a disaster prepper, and always kept many months supplies of provisions on hand. They had lost contact with the outside world, and so far all the adults who they sent out to find help had never made it back. A few of the parents had however made it to the school, but it was down to 5 adults and 30 scared tots aged from toddler to around 6 years old.

Everything was going as well as could be considering the circumstances. They rationed their supplies, and read the kids stories, building small fires, and hunting small game nearby. That is until one day they heard the first sounds from the outside world in months. The rumble of motorcycle engines.

First a distant sound and then progressively getting louder, until suddenly it became a deafening sound coming down the semi hidden driveway leading down the wooden path to the school. The parents and teachers all rounded up the children and got them inside just as they caught sight of the first of 20 motorcycles all pulling into the lot. Followed by a box truck, and a off-roader suv.

The cacophony of all the bikes suddenly ended as they cut their engines. All the men on the bikes looked hard and gristled many of them tall and black, with other were muscular caucasians all covered in tattoos, and even a few rough looking women.

The headmistress of the school, and the unofficial leader of the group came out and tried to put on a brave face to all the bikers. She was only 29 years old herself but was the oldest, and was determined to protect the kids. She asked the whole group "can I help you folks with something"?

A large man of about 45 years old tall and handsome, walked over to her with his hand outstretched, smiling with a very welcoming toothy grin he introduced himself. "Hi my name is Vince. We are the destoyers motorcycle club, and we were passing through when we saw the smoke from your fire. We haven’t seen too many people left alive out here, and we figured we should come check on you, and maybe see if we get something to eat, and a safe place to rest for the night"

The way he spoke, and his devilish handsomeness really made the headmistress want to trust him, and his masculinity made her a bit tingly in the moment. But she also realized the perilous ness of this situation. She really wasn’t in any position to say no to this man and his gang, because they could easily overpower her, and take whatever they wanted, she looked over at the other gang members staring at her teenaged staff lustfully and decided her best bet was to just try to barter with the man, and get him to leave ASAP.

She said shakily "sure we can share share a little food, but please we have lots of children inside here, and we unfortunately can no accommodate-…." she stopped herself short as she spotted a young naked girl slung over the back of one of the bikes like a deer, her skin all black and blue, and from her vantage she could clearly see that her privates had been abused a thin trickle of blood leaked from her puffy vagina. Just then she started to hear banging and muffled voices coming from inside the box truck.

Vince traced her eyes to the girl, on the bike and said "I wasn’t asking…." he just let that linger in the air, and then said "don’t worry you will get something to eat too. Tyrone come over here." With that a strapping black man walked over "feed this young lady her dinner" Tyrone unbuckled his belt zipped down his fly and pulled out 9 inches of unwashed black dick into the warm late summer afternoon air. "Well don’t just stare at it bitch" said Vince in a intimidating tone. The woman tearfully leaned down and started sucking on the dirty cock that had been marinating in the mans jeans for weeks. Still white with rings of sex juices from all the unfortunate women he had raped since his last bath. She set out to suck the cream out of all these men still holding onto a glimmer of hope this was all going to be okay. But Vince was loosing interest, and his stomach was growling.

He informed the men to throw a huge amount of wood on the fire for tonight they feasted.

As he approached the door to the school one of the 2 dads tried to stand in his way, Vince effortlessly bitch slapped the frail former office worker, and yanked the door open to find the mother lode. The all you can eat buffet of his wildest dreams, you see in these months on the road since the world ended, and there was no more law and order, meat had gotten scarce, and all the grocery stores were cleaned out. It really didn’t take long at all before they started hunting humans to fuck and kill (in no particular order), and it took even less time to find out that the absolute filet mingnon of eating humans were the soft genitals of a prepubescent child. Here in front of him in the large one room school house were 30 young children all sitting Indian style looking up at him.

Instantly his dick was diamond hard.

Snapping out of it he pulled out a large Bowie knife and stabbed one of the staff right in her stomach to show he wasn’t fucking around. She hit the floor screaming blood pooling from her wound, and her white polo shirt with the schools name turning crimson red. He then pulled all the adults from the group inside besides the mistress who now was drinking her fifth ejaculation, and had a large cock stretching her fertile cunt.

Vince said "look make this easy on us and we will make this easy on you. I want everyone in this room completely naked in 6 minutes or I start hurting the kids. Vince made sure they new he meant business by driving his knife directly through the eye socket of the thrashing woman he had stabbed earlier killing her instantly. The adults all frantically started pulling the small clothes of off all the young children exposing smooth hairless mounds, tiny little penises, and cute fat bellies on toddlers.

Vince hesitantly took his eyes off of the erotic sight of his dinner getting undressed to venture into the walk in Cubard attatched to the room. Inside he found a huge cache of shelf stable foods. He opened up the back door ant told his men to come and get the food. Leaving only some condiments, a can of beans, and a few hot dog rolls for himself. He grabbed a big bottle of Hershey chocolate sauce off of the shelf and walked off.

Returning to the main room he found all the children and the adults standing there naked all looking at the dead woman by the entrance knife still protruding from her face.

"Any of you the parents of these kids" asked Vince. Sheepishly two fathers and mothers raised their hands. "Go ahead and grab your kids. We are going to show them how to have a good time with uncle Vince" The parents all wanted to fight back every fiber of their being wanted to attack this man, but they were so scared that they all without a word grabbed their kids and brought them to Vince as he was unbuckling his pants.

One of the fathers was the man he had slapped earlier. Sporting a black eye and a missing tooth he walked up with his 13 year old daughter who worked here, and his 4 year old daughter who attended. The other was part of a couple they had a very young son, and a 6 year old daughter which the presented to Vince who was now naked from the waist down his thick cock eye level to the young girl and a few short inches from her face. The last was a visibly pregnant mother who never even knew she was knocked up upon arriving here, and was now near her delivery date. Her young son had a nice little cock on him. Somehow hanging down pendulous with some smooth meaty testicles Vince could taste it in ha mouth already.

Vince said "okay I am going to rape you and your kids now. Me and the boys are going to fuck you all to death, and then eat you. Believe me though there is a easy way and a hard way. If you play along I will make it easy on you, if not I am going to make you suffer" The parents all took this news hard but he had so much gravitas they just resigned themselves to it. He then squirted a big dollop of chocolate sauce on his cock, and said "teach her how to suck it" and guided his cock to the little girls mouth.

The parents encouraged her to suck the chocolate off of his cock and she did the little to contentedly began to bob on Vince’s rock hard cock. He looked over at the father of the 13 year old and told him "fuck your daughter with our tiny cock". The man tearfully obliged and began to rape his daughter. To the pregnant woman he told her to bring her boy over. Leaning down he sucked the innocent tots cock into his mouth. Savoring the flavor, and being a bit surprised as it stiffened as he sucked on it.

Vince laid down on the ground and told the parents they had 5 minutes to get their six year old daughters cunt ready for his 10 inch cock so mommy better get to munching her pussy then daddy needs to break her in with his 5 inch cock, and leave a load deep in her belly to lubricte her. He relished watching their heart sink but sure enough the mom said’’ lay down sweetly mommy is going to lick your pee pee" then the blonde mom expertly began to suck on the puffy pudenda weaving her tongue deep into her daughters tiny slit. After a few minutes her father lines up his average sized cock and begun to fuck his daughters tight pussy bottoming out with only 3 inches in. Her pussy tight as a vice on his dick.

Vince all the while was lovingly sucking the young boys cock, lightly biting the balls and the head, sucking the whole unit into his mouth balls and all, lightly chewing on the base of his cock. He looked over at the father tearfully slowly raping his daughter, and suddenly he saw red. He reached over with his powerful arm and drug the rutting dad and daughter over near him. He said that’s not fucking, this is fucking and no lube slipped his dick up the fathers ass with him penis still firmly embedded in his daughters tight vagina. Vince started brutally raping the fathers ass forcing his penis to begin to brutally rape his daughter. Before long to dad couldn’t take it anymore and dropped his load deep in his daughters womb.

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Un prompted the slut mother dipped down and sucked the sex cream from her daughters ruined vagina, and the pregnant woman slowly sobbed as her son bled to death.
R: 7 / I: 0

Dark Monster Town (Dolcett, torture, snuff, sex, monsters and humans, mixed)

After reading "Harpy Chase" in forbiddenfeast, I just typed until I was tired. Dolcett bonanza.


The monster town was a dangerous place to visit. The adventurers still had to go through, and rest there. Series of strange red buildings with spikes added to the menace of the mountainous villages dotted with farms, mines and mills, as well as the spectacles the adventurers saw. Monsters were strange humanoids, with a very harsh way of life.

Culture shock happened fast as they entered the monster town.

The entrance had a welcome sign with directions, which was fashioned from a whole skin of a captured woman nailed to a board. The skinned body could be seen hanging from a hook as an orc butcher cut it apart, not paying attention to the humans arriving at the town.

Right at the entrance, a shrine to Demon God had a family of dark elves praying to it, in front of them, a naked, young human girl, her arms and legs tied together at the wrists and ankles like a lamb, was clearly being offered as a sacrifice. The priestess was busy oiling the girl’s breasts with prayers, the girl clearly drugged out of mercy.

“I can’t look.” Emiko shivered, looking away.

The priestess knelt by the naked girl and kissed her forehead in respect, using her knife to slit the girl’s throat slowly. Gurgling, the human girl shivered and thrashed, spilling blood on the small altar. The family prayed and blessed the girl as she grunted and growled, the priestess sawing her throat and belly open, burning the offerings with Emiko staring in shock.

The girl’s blood was rubbed on the children’s foreheads and the girl, disemboweled, put on the altar to bleed out. Her guts were ignited with sacred oils, with the family praying for good fortune and that the girl’s soul is accepted into the Demon God’s harem.

“The Demon God accepts your offering.” The priestess kissed the children on the cheeks, her red robes showing her lithe body as she held the dead human girl to bleed out, cleaned her guts to the altar to burn, and put candles around the slaughtered girl and started to cut the body into dismembered limbs and parts as if she was meat.

And apparently, she would be.

A butcher shop they passed by explained the rest. Side by side hung animal carcasses from a window, as well as any dead humanoid, cut up and put up for sale, arms, limbs, torsos of mostly female humanoids, even a centaur’s horselike body hung as meat. Emiko gasped when she saw a headless body of a woman dangling from a meat hook by her ankles upside down. Her large, plump buttocks with a brand signifying her in four letters:


Her hands were removed and set on the display along with her lifeless head with open eyes, body written all over with cuts and prices.

Outside, several sides of cow beef…and whole gutted human girls were hung in a smoking shed, their body meat being cured and smoked for later sale.

“Well, they use anything or anyone for livestock.” Her companions pulled her to keep walking.

Overall, monsters happily chatted and worked, busy in fields and mines, busy in shops. One or two humans were around, half-dressed, following the monsters with collars and leashes working as slaves, particularly in the farms and mines with chains attached to each other in coffles. Some of them followed monsters as concubined dressed in silks, a happy looking human woman following her demon master behind her with a leash around her neck.

The tannery was no different. A smiling dark elf had a human woman on a skinning rack. She was dead, her throat had been slit, the dark elf flaying her body for leather with a curved knife. Next to the dead human, a pig, and a muscular, green orc woman were stretched in an X position, each killed with slit throats, being skinned for leather. The skins were being cured by happily humming, naked human women who didn’t care whether they were naked, working slaves with iron collars, or one of themselves was being processed into meat and leather as they skinned dead humans into articles of clothing.

“Gods, this is weird…”

“Maybe the dead one was someone else? Criminal? Killer?” Emiko mumbled, the fighter of the group wearing a skimpy leather armor with a thong.

“Probably…” The wizard girl shivered in her robes. “They don’t seem to abuse slaves who work, so I guess executed people…Right?”

The marketplace had strange goods for sale, as well as humans and other humanoids stripped to the skin as slaves. In series of cages, they sat quietly, staring at the adventurers as they passed. Naked human women, men, orc and goblin girls were fitted with shackles and price tags. Next to them was a butcher shop with beheaded bodies, hung upside down as sides of meat as a happy orcish woman cut dead bodies for meat, wrapping them up and handing them to shoppers for silver coins. Around them, hawkers promoted their wares with cheerful voices.

“Best side of orc ham!”

“Whole human girls for roasting!”

“Get your healthy minotaur girl meat! Fresh off the execution block!”

“Hard working slaves! Get your slave to do your work!”

Emiko shivered as a human woman was bought, taken out of the cage, handed a scythe and fitted with a collar to follow an orc to a farm to work. Her ass showed a brand saying “Slave”.

“And we will eat here in this town?”

The wizard girl shrugged. “When in Rome…We can try…”

The restaurant they found looked tidy, beautiful…yet had a heavy scent of cooked meat around it. Rona’s meat restaurant was always busy. Any kind of meat was available, pigs, chicken, human and elves. The visiting party of humans were still shocked by what they saw:

Especially Emiko chan.

The kitchen had small cages where livestock was kept fresh for slaughter. Chickens, pigs, and… naked humans were stuck in cages side by side, boys and girls’s hands and ankles tied . Fires blazed with fervor, meat roasting on pans, in ovens and on pits, judging from screams coming from the kitchen, most were still alive until gurgles and moans from slitting knives ended them into steaks for the patrons.

The spits inside the restaurant looked busy, blatantly showing that everyone was meat. One spit housed three stuck chicken carcasses, next, a piglet. And next to them, the third spit had a human girl’s headless body like another chicken, spitted from ass to neck, glazed with caramel, roasted slowly, turning on a small rotor. Already her cooked, strong legs were cut off and served to a table of happy orc girls, munching on the hard human flesh and smiling at Emiko.

“Whole roast human girl, table fourteen!”

Happy dark elf girls carried a whole roast human under strain, setting it to a table of ogre girls who dug in happily, tearing off legs like drumsticks.


The restaurant offered any kind of meat: from human to elf, from boys to girls. Mostly pork was on the menu, but “long pork” also was favored, the savage monster races enjoying whatever meat they find. The place was bustling, and one by one, the spits were empty, animals, and humanoid bodies on the spits thoroughly eaten and consumed.

One by one, the workers, monsters each, brought more meat to be roasted on the firepits. Three chickens, a piglet… and a human girl was being carried to the roasting spits as the adventurers gawked.

Emiko watched wide eyed when a couple of orc girls brought the new meat, the human girl.

It was a crying, live, naked human girl, spitted from ass to mouth like a piglet was being carried by two orcs, squirming on the spit. Her arms were bound tightly behind her back, ankles bound to the spit, the steel rod entering from her expanded, oiled asshole and exiting her open mouth like a grisly phallus. Her blinking eyes still showed she was surprisingly alive when they lay her on the firepit, fitted and started turning the spit. Her body was oiled well, with a brand showing on her ass, saying: “Meat.”

She was quite muscular and padded, suggesting she was a captured adventuress, brought here to be roasted and served. Impaled alive, she looked around with the spit exiting her mouth as she was laid on the fire and fitted with a crank, crying in tears.

When she started to turn on the coals, the thicc, spitted human gave pitiful moans, blinking as she started to feel the fire. The dark elf turning her thicc body on the fire smiled, pouring barbeque sauce on her body and rubbing her butt and massaging her pussy for some final pleasure.

Emiko noticed her pussy was dripping wet and responsive to the dark elf’s fingers, as she slowly turned, moaning and squirming on the spit, soon to die and carved to be served like another pig as the dark elf caressed her pussy.

On another table, a coterie of dark elves feasted on a small human boy, whose lifeless head was mounted on a spike with apple slices. The boy’s penis was roasted like a sausage, their leader laughing and eating it happily, their zombie girl assistant eating the boy’s brain with a spoon. Next to it on a table lay a plump elf girl, whose neck showed an iron collar. She had been cut apart and eaten by a happy wolf girl and a demon lord. Her ears were dipped in lemon sauce and fried like snacks, her body roasted with nectar dressing, the flowery scent of elf meat filling Emiko’s nostrils.

They were met by a strong, muscular orc woman who smiled and led them to an empty chair.

“What can we get you? Pork, chicken…or…human? ” The busty big orc woman looked without any aggression, as if the humans being cooked and served in her restaurant were nothing, as muffled screams from dying humans echoed amongst laughter. “We captured a raiding group and their females are most delicious. Don’t worry, only criminals, dead slaves and willing are cooked here. That one…” She gestured to the still alive girl, roasting on the coals with muffled moans, her plump pussy showing a meat thermometer stuck. “…was a raider. Want a part of her? I recommend rumpsteak.” She squeezed the impaled girl’s ass who mewled in tears.

“Wow.” Some of the girls gulped, looking at the human girl on the spit, as dying as she was, looked back, her mouth full of the spit, in their eyes with sorrow. “Is she in pain?”

The orc smiled. “Not for long. But her last moments being cooked should be a nice lesson not to kill a peaceful orc farmer and his family just because they looked “evil.”” Smirking, she leaned and pinched the cooking girl’s breast, who managed to moan even as she was spitted like a pig. “Irony, that family was vegetarian ye know…” The green, muscled beauty tsk’ed.

“You can order a part of her body once she is done…Else, we have mermaid grill, orc girl ham, elf stew, and some dark elf steaks as well, shall we start with a simple soup or appetizers?” Rona smiled.

The orc wore only a thong, her muscular, beautiful body for all to see with knives tied to her legs and arms for carving meat, large breasts hanging freely with piercings on her nipples. Emiko found her quite attractive, but could not help ask:

“You cook your own species too?”

The orc shrugged, pointing at a green ,muscular body on a grill, where a smiling dark elf sliced a few bits from her breasts and arms and took to her plate, and bit deep, inhaling with pleasure as she slowly ate the orc girl’s meat. It smelled like roast pork, obviously it was a beheaded orc girl served as a buffet to be cut like a pig, slabs of tough green meat from her body served as steaks, particularly her big breasts with erect nipples even in death.

“Criminals that are beheaded are not wasted, neither are the dead. We gut and clean their bodies and take them to the restaurant or the butchers outside. Then there is always the occasional volunteer, and temple sacrifices’ turnover. Human slaves we get, once they are dead, are processed into mincemeat. We don’t have the rich farmlands humans have. We don’t abuse slaves much, but we cannot waste bodies under the earth.” She gestured to a naked human girl happily serving meat to a table, who was thanked and given a tip, her slave brand showing.

“I don’t cook my slaves unless they die in an accident or are willing.” Rona patted her head and sent her along.

The adventurers were shocked. The young human barbarian couple, a young man and a woman, raised a hand:

“Do you have elf meat? We always wanted to experiment…”

The orc smiled, pleased the human visitors wanted to experiment. “Of course. A few steaks’ worth of elf cuts we have. Boy or girl?” Both barbarians looked at each other, wearing fur armor.

“Girl?” The male barbarian asked carefully as his wife raised her brows. “I’d like elf boy meat.” She added, frowning at her husband.

“Sure.” She bellowed a command to a orc girl wearing an apron, who nodded and got inside.

“As for you?”

Emiko, her priestess friend Shiri and Lia, the female wizard wearing big glasses thought long about it.

“Can we think it over? It’s a bit heavy for us…”

“Sure.” The Orc woman nodded, turning around and giving them a good look of her muscular rump with a hint of her green pussy and working.

The girls watched the dying human adventuress slowly being roasted to death on the spit. She kept turning on the coals, stuck as a piglet as her legs started to cook. Her breasts were fat, and she gave a muffled scream in the spit when a cook approached her and started to cut slices from a cooked leg.


Her legs were sliced for meat, the condemned girl howling in pain and mumbling.

“Oh Gods, they are cutting her alive.” The wizard winced, as another breast was cut away, the girl’s eyes going cross from pain. The adventuress wept, tears raining on the hot coals, and slowly, drifted away. Her ass was cut as well, taken a slice from her leg and put on a table to be served. Her cook and crank turner, the dark elf smiled at them as she cut the spitted girl’s throat to put her out of her misery.

“There! Happy? No more torture than what she deserved, if she was a temple sacrifice, she would be tortured slowly before her heart was cut out. Of course, her body will now feed us. What will you girls have? There’s just normal chicken and pork too. But, you tourists came for the forbidden feast, correct?” She winked at the girls, wearing only an apron on her nude, muscular dark elf feminine body. “You know what, that black girl with the big tits would make a nice roast.”

Emiko gulped, as the girls and the couple looked at her.


“Well, the wizard looks cute too, but a bit skinny. The priestess has some nice rump but her body looks a bit less on meat. You though, well, I’d say you’d give quite a show on the coals with the spit up your ass. Big black girls take time to cook.”

“I see…” Emiko gulped, looking at her plump body. A fighter with a bit of feline blood in her, she was human by all appearances save for a bit of tough tone across her beautiful, half-black heritage. Meaty, strong and curvy, she was the smallest, yet the heaviest of them all.

“How about a whole roast? Human? Orc? Dark Elf? I can see you all want something forbidden.” She smiled, serving cuts from the now dead adventuress to a neighboring table. “Here is your girl chops!”

The neighbors, a family of goblins, thanked her politely.

“I could eat human.” The wizard girl blinked, swallowing. “Emiko? Shiri? Let’s share a human girl to eat.”

“O-ok…” The priestess mumbled. “But I can’t…I mean, poor things captured…”

“…they are criminals and adventurers killing these monsters, Shiri…” Emiko mumbled. “Nothing we can do. They even eat their own.”

“Still…” Shiri looked down.

“I’ll be back, you decide meanwhile.” The dark elf nodded, going to serve other tables. Emiko bit her lips, watching the restaurant eat, smelling like roast pork, and grasped her skirt. All were intrigued, but were too shocked to decide. The smell of cooked elf meat roused them into hunger as the Orc woman brought pink steaks in two plates, one boy and one girl, serving them to the barbarian couple.

As the couple dug in, a black masked dark elf woman entered the restaurant. Obviously an executioner from the looks of it, carried a headless, naked human woman with a skimpy armor on her back, and gave it to the orc, as well as her separated head who looked open-mouthed and open-eyed, staring to the empty space.

“Here you go Rona. One female knight, beheaded…Ninety pounds of solid meat at least…”

The orc squeezed the headless body, testing it for firmness before paying the dark elf and carried it to the kitchen, slinging her over her shoulder to deliver it to the butchers to be weighed. In minutes, the cleavers worked, knives slit, armor was stripped and she was carried back naked, sans feet, guts and hands, the woman was mounted on a grill with vegetables around her as a gutted turkey, her head cleaned, washed and her face corrected to a sleepy, closed-eyed look.

When the waitress politely returned, Emiko motioned her over.

“Yes?” The black girl whispered something in her ear, leaning from the others away.

“Since we have some condemned captures, it’s fifty gold coins, worth every penny.” She smiled and nodded, as Emiko turned to her friends and mumbled.

“OK. Let’s share a girl to eat.” Slowly the group nodded, licking their lips.

The dark elf waitress grinned. “Race? Human? Dwarf? Elf? Dwarf is double. Meat takes too long to cook. Volunteer is triple unless one of you is on the menu, then it’s just ten gold for cooking fee.”

The girls looked at each other, licking their lips. “A human. They are criminals, right?” The dark elf nodded.

“Aye. How will you have her? Alive? Butchered? I recommend turkey roast with her organs ground and mixed with rice.”

The adventurers looked at each other and nodded, the priestess looking quite pale. “Please don’t torture her.”

“We won’t.” The dark elf smiled. “I’ll be back.” The waitress rang a bell as Rona nodded, and took out a struggling, naked, fattened girl out of a cage as Emiko winced. She was carried to a table, with Rona grabbing an axe, the girl’s eyes widening.


The girl was still struggling and screaming when Rona slammed the door shut, a scream cut off by a *thwack* of an axe, reduced to garbled sounds and meat tearing until a head rolled from the sounds of it.

“At least she was quick.” Shiri gulped.

“I wonder how is it to be cooked and eaten?” Emiko was thinking.


Rona arrived with their order.

“Here you go, whole roast human girl, stuffed for five. Bon appetit!”

The orcish woman brought a large plate with a steaming body of a human girl, on her back like a turkey. Her head was mounted on a spike, she had been cut open and stuffed with rice, her stomach sewn with bacon strips, her anus and pussy stuffed with carrots. She lay like a naked prize, steaming with her own juices

“Bandit girl, age thirty, caught and fattened for slaughter. Don’t feel bad for her now, she paid the price and I don’t torture meat.” Rona smiled, serving them knives and forks.

“Emiko…do the honors?” The barbarian couple stared up from their plates of meager elf steaks, thoroughly eaten.

Emiko gulped, taking the knife and starting to cut a generous amount across her pussy, and legs, taking the large slice of human meat to her table with rice and organ stuffing. Shivering, she took the first bite.

It was heavenly, like pork with caramel, chewy and smelling of carrots.


“Don’t mind if I do.” The barbarian couple started cutting a leg from the girl’s beautiful body free, and the mage, smiling, started to cut the girl’s ass into steaks.



They all dug in like wolves as the naked, poor girl’s steaming body was taken part by part as meat, Rona smiling at them.

“Lovely, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Thanks!” The Wizard girl grinned, biting deep into the girl’s rumpsteak and chowing down a generous portion. The barbarian couple took each a leg, carefully cutting the meat into savory bites and wolfing down the girl who died for them.

The priestess shuddered to the moment she bit a nipple, savoring the rubbery taste of breast meat.

“Gods, human meat is the best! Feels sinful though.”

Rona laughed, helping them dismember the turkey-like bound form of the girl. “Please, it’s a sin to waste. If you are concerned about her, pray for her soul, but now, enjoy the meat. She died because she was condemned to die anyway. I’m quick with my axe, and fed her only the best oatmeal, fruits and cream before her body fattened up.”

“Oh?” Emiko chowed down on the pussy meat, hard and tangy.

“I feed my cattle quite well, she was all skin and bones. She ate well, wasn’t branded and had all the sex she wanted last week, her only wish when I took her as meat.”

“Amen!” The priestess smiled. “Do you breed girls in a farm or something?” The orc woman shrugged.

“No. We can’t farm humans as livestock, not that we want it. Children of slaves are put to work in foster homes or sold abroad, not killed for sins they didn’t commit against our kind. These…” She gestured to the dead human girls on spits, a muscular female knight turning on a spit, massaged with barbeque sauce. “Are adventurers fighting against us. So, you are passing through?” Rona poured some wine to their glasses.

“Yes. We aren’t fighting those that don’t raid human villages.”

“That we don’t.” Rona nodded. “They just attack us, not that we mind. The Demon God wants sacrifices, and it’s good fortune they do. Of course, I always accept volunteers for meat, or slave waitresses.” She smiled. “I pay good money for the next of kin if you bring any captives, human or monster alike, no questions asked.”

The girl’s body was half eaten by the time they drank their wine, bellies filling with girl meat. Emiko cut the rest of the body, separating the ribs with stuffing and eating one. Rona turned the roasted girl around, cutting her spine out and cutting the body in two for better cuts, juicy girl muscles separating and the adventurers taking out large cuts of steaks from the body, the girl’s stuffed breasts going to the priestess who happily ate the pleasure orbs, her arms and back divided between Emiko and the barbarian couple.

The wizard was quite happy eating the girl’s asscheeks roasted to perfection, burping cutely.

“We saw humanoid meat and leather on the marketplace along with slaves.”

“Ah, yes, our customs.” Rona nodded, sipping the wine. “We use the skin for leather, especially gloves. Well, and for Sundays, a sacrificial girl for the temple of course, lamb works but you know, human girls are the best offerings to Moloch, especially when you open a business or farm.”

“Ah, like the Desert God Hubal. I once watched the sacrifice of a young girl when I visited the Demon Caliphate last year. I think they cut her throat before the doorsteps of a new shop at Friday prayers.” The wizard girl nodded, eating the rumpsteaks greedily. “He accepts animals, but virgin blondes are to his liking I think.”

“Yes!” Rona nodded. “Like that, we too slit girls’ throats open before new businesses’ doorsteps for good fortune. But don’t shudder: It’s rare, and the worst are chosen. Poor little humans who were only unfortunate to be caught or born into slavery are mostly off-limits. No challenge in it, you know. Unless…” She took a small bite from a quickly disappearing roast girl’s meat, sitting along. “…some are willing to be accepted to Moloch’s good graces in his palace, as servants and concubines. Even men. Moloch’s succubi accept them into their arms for an eternity of pleasure if they volunteer as sacrifices.”

“Oh?” The male barbarian’s quip was silenced by a death glare by his wife, a muscular, freckled redhead, adjusting her fur bra. “I would chase you to the afterlife and rip your balls off, Kren! You are mine!”

They all laughed happily, clinking glasses when the girl before them was nearly consumed.

A naked, blonde slave girl with a leather hat and freckles like that of the barbarian girl brought more wine, happily chatting with Rona as she poured.

“Bon appetit! Are the visitors enjoying the meal?” She asked happily, cuddling with Rona.

Emiko nodded, chewing her ribs with abandon. “I feel a bit guilty, but she is delicious. Uh, miss slave, I hope she wasn’t a friend of yours.” She burped cutely when her plate was empty, greedily taking the last arm as well.

“Nah, some dumbass adventuress raiding my master’s farm.” She shrugged, filling her glass. “Killed the orc family. I was working the farm when I heard them screams.”

“And I took Shiriley in. She is a good girl who was captured and sold here as a child.” Rona kissed Shiriley’s cheek, fondling her fat breasts dangling with silver chains between her nipples, and caressing her naked ass. “Works the kitchens, doesn’t complain, fucks anyone for ten silver.”

“Mistress!” Shiriley blushed, Rona laughing.

“Why, maybe Kren here would like her for the night? The tavern is right upstairs.”

The barbarian girl’s death glare stopped him short. “Don’t you fucking try, Kren.”

The man shrugged, laughing and ignoring her glare. “Fine.”


Emiko smiled, adjusting her leather armor. “Sure. Uh, can we buy slaves to carry our gear?” Rona nodded, pointing at the market.

“Ask Kayra for a discount, she has slaves who would love to get out and be used by humans. We got tiny goblin girls can fix your armor and fit in your backpack for a quick fuck, humans can carry stuff…I think there is a centaur girl to be used for a slave mount: she broke her in nicely.”

Emiko nodded. “We could use a mount. Lot of bandits between human towns. Supplies?”

Rona looked at the spits. “Well, you CAN eat or butcher the slaves but we frown on that stuff: you are supposed to take care of them. I can give you jerky and mystery meat, whatever is ground from dead slaves, orcs and so on, cheap.”

The adventurers had eaten the poor bandit girl completely, her flesh consumed thoroughly, only bones left.

“I’ll take the bones for soup, and the head will make a nice decoration once the zombie girl janitor snacks on the brains.” She told her slavegirls to gather the remains and take them away. The restaurant was emptier as night set in, meat and remains cleaned up from the tables, the butcher orcs, men and women busy storing the meat in iceboxes and feeding the still alive livestock through tubes, a few human girls and boys gurgling as the tubes filled their bellies with sweet fodder, the boys’ cocks erect with their female orc attendants grinning. The male orc busy grinding meat for sausages filled in girl intestines grunted and chuckled when a female orc stroked a boy in a cage, uncomfortably housed, to an orgasm. She kept jerking him off with a wet towel until the boy whimpered and shuddered, ejaculating into the towel. He was wiped clean before being fed another apple, and put away for his eventual slaughter tomorrow.

Shrugging, the male orc filled the girl sausages, hanging them to be cured, and left the restaurant with his wife and hanging his cook hat to a door hook where was a naked elf girl was hung, force-fed oatmeal by a young orc girl.

“Tavern upstairs?” Emiko asked the butcher woman.

“Aye, plenty of pre-cooked food and booze, male and female sex workers for your pleasure, except for Kren, obviously.”

His wife grinned. “Except Kren. But maybe…” Seeing his look go hopeful, she chuckled. “A strong orc woman to wrestle? Winner fucks the loser. Wanna bet your ass, husband? They have strap-ons here.”

The male barbarian, his handsome, angular features with a clean shave, slammed his hand on the table. “You’re on! I win, she shares your bed. Remember the time you were the captive slave of an orc tribe? You weren’t that unhappy when their chieftess wanted to roast and eat you even before I got through.” That made his wife grunt in discomfort. “You know, Miss Rona, the tribe roasted and ate her comrades even. I took Ulrike right from the coals when she was to be roasted alive, tied to the spit with a flower and fruit decoration looking quite happy.”

Ulrike grunted angrily.

“Fine. Yes, I swing both ways, I admit, besides we weren’t dating at that time! And she wasn’t that bad, I was supposed to be centerpiece feast of celebration…pity she was cooked herself when she was beaten. She was tasty though…” Ulrike grinned.

“Ohohohohohoh-“ Rona cackled with glee. “Hey we don’t judge! I like humans myself, my kids are half-orcs. Plus I don’t judge volunteer meat girls or interbreeding. Anyway, see you upstairs.”

Thanking politely, the adventurers stood up, Ulrike leaning on Kren for support, her leather thong quite wet, her shaven blonde pussy in Emiko’s sights.


When they ascended the stairs, the tavern with the rooms looked like another monster lair, with slave white elves wearing collars serving drinks with happy laughter, naked girls roasting in spits, wild sex and curvy, replacable goblin girls fucking customers owing to their legendary fertility.

Snacks and fast food were presented on small bowls and plates, booze flowing freely, naked slaves with plates and pitchers serving booze with a pit in the middle for wrestling. All sorts of monsters were present, as well as humans, to eat and fuck, tabled decorated with severed elf heads with candles stuck to their eyes.

“Oh, baby…” Emiko gasped. “Now this looks fun.” A small goblin girl was impaled on a stake, roasting with mushrooms with the spit exiting her smiling mouth, housing marshmallows and fruits.

Games were plenty as well, a white elf female whimpering as darts stuck from her body, tied to a dart wheel. The troll waitress whirled the dart, and she would be shot at with nonlethal darts glowing with aphrodisiacs, screaming in pleasure any time her plump tits were nailed, orgasms wracking her.

Hanging by her feet around a circle of chairs, a captured adventurer woman in skimpy underwear laughed wildly, thrashing in conflicted pleasure with dark elves tickling her naked, exposed flesh, slapping her ass or softly biting her nipples and arms, playing with candles to drip on her ass and breasts. Her mewls were mixed with pain and pleasure.

Rona grinned at Emiko gawking at the spectacle: “Sparing less dangerous captives’ lives comes with a price, human. Not that dey mind…”

The female knight was coughing from laughter when the female dark elf behind her tickled her armpits, her laughter muffled when a male dark elf undid his trousers to fuck her mouth. She gave all of herself to please her captors if she wanted to live at the end of the day. Particularly in a tavern where the disobedient losers were roasted on spits and served as piglets!

Sex was cheap, little goblin girls bouncing on laps of male patrons, their little forms used as fleshlights or fucktoys, patrons kissing their big ears and lips as they fucked. In the wrestling pit, a naked male and female orc wrestled, the male pinning down the female orc with a yell and thrusting his cock into her shaven, muscular pussy.

Pinned, she grunted at the male orc’s thrusts, the patrons clapping and tossing coins as they fucked wildly, with a male dark elf dancing in a thong to the glee of human and dark elven women cheering him on.

“Whoa. Fuck stalls?” The wizard girl’s eyes were wide.

“Seems so.”

Blindfolded slave goblin, orc and human women were put in wooden stocks with their arms and necks fitted in secure wooden holes. Their mouths and asses constantly used by male patrons with coin boxes next to them, with a few empty stalls reserved for volunteers.

“They even have empty stocks for those feeling adventurous.” Lia licked her lips, one hand adjusting her wet panties.

Food was simple, fruits, bread, cheese and fried chicken, or similarly sized goblin girls whole roasted were present on the tables. Patrons either busy with sex, or drinking while being sucked off by slave human and goblin women. Emiko could see a dark elf under a table, fellating a big orc’s green penis with her sucking lips wrapped around the shaft as he drank and talked to another orc, who himself had a young human girl’s head bobbing up and down on his shaft under the table. Both women were chained by their necks to the tables securely, more women waiting quietly in other tables, with their necks chained to them until patrons sat down. Quietly the women crawled and started fellating the orcish patrons with no attention being paid to them at all under the tables.

“HOLY…” The priestess gasped breathily. “…God this is hot.”

“Sit! Table for five!” Rona bellowed, and booze was put on the tables, steins of beer. “Girls, call for whores, male or female whenever you like! Goblins girls breed fast, and plenty of volunteers to eat too like chickens.”

Three goblin girls tied to spits alive with apples in their mouths muffling their sounds attested to that, fat pouring from their bodies as they writhed, and one by one, slid and dropped to big plates, screaming in pleasure, or pain as Rona tied them up to serve as live fried chicken sized meats to hungry orcs.

They all sat to the smell of good food and drinks, and took the beer steins greedily.

Ulrike grinned nudging Kren. “Hey, wrestle the male?”

“NO. FUCKING. WAY.” He rapidly shook his head, his erection quite focused at the toned, muscled orc woman lost in pleasure and screaming as the orc male kept fucking her savagely, music drumming all along. The orc thrust faster and faster, roaring in pleasure as the woman mewled, her muscled body turned to jell-o.

The audience clapped when the orc roared victoriously, slamming a final time before thrusting her off. Handsome for an orc, his penis was a foot long, making Emiko blush when he winked at her and took a towel, sitting for a beer. The orc woman sulked, satisfied, rubbing her pussy as she lowly ambled to a table with a drink of her own, massaged by naked white elves of her soreness.

“Grakha lost! Everyone! Place bets for a challenger! WHO WANTS TO RUMBLE!” Rona bellowed, serving beer to horny patrons. “ANY CHALLENGER STEP FORWARD AND CHOOSE A RIVAL! IN THE MEANTIME, OUR TROLL DJ JOMBA WORKS THE LEATHER!”

A tall troll male with jutting tusks cheered the crowd, playing a Carib tune as dancer girls around him, troll and orc females, busted moves with their hips, dressed in fur bikinis.


“Drumjockey.” Emiko told Shiri, the priestess.

“Guys, you won’t hold against me if I try some fun?” Lia adjusted her robes and finishing her beer, looking sweaty.

“Nah, knock yourself out. What happens in monstertown seriously stays in monstertown. We ate a roasted human girl killed for us for Gods’ sake.” Shiri looked up. “Please forgive us bandit girl, you were delicious.” She burped, giggling.

They all lifted glasses. “Thank you!”

Lia was a small nerdy girl with big glasses and short cut black hair, with a small frame looking like a hobbit sans hairy feet. Walking up to Rona, she whispered something, pointing to the empty bondage stocks and mumbling. Grinning, Rona took her by the hand, and led her to the back.

The adventurers watched intensely as Rona started stripping the wizard girl nude, taking off her robes, and underwear. One by one, Lia was naked, shivering as Rona oiled her body, and poured some with a finger, bending her over, Lia’s face grunting with discomfort. Then, Lia was led, much to their surprise, to a bondage stocks, Rona fitting her neck and arms to the wooden frame before locking it.

Before she was finished, goblin and orc men were lining up, Emiko giggling as Lia gave a scream with the orc’s thrust into her fertile, sopping pussy, cut off quick with a smaller penis gagging her, men lining up to fuck her into oblivion.

“Oi, Kren, wrestling. You promised.” Ulrike nudged her. “Or afraid I’ll dump a fucked male?”


Kren walked up to the pit, discarding his equipment on the chair, and gestured to Rona.

“Rona! Any orc females left for wrestling?”

Rona nodded. “Tayu! You up for it?”


A rumbling sound made them jump as an eight foot tall, green muscled beauty stepped forward, stark naked, with large, bouncing breasts big as melons, curvy hips and a beautiful, tusked face. She had been oiled well, and from the looks of it, had fawning human male prostitutes all around her scurrying aside.

“Boy, I’ll break you. You sure?” She grinned. “I always wanted to peg a human though. My boys don’t like it and I like a real challenge.” The young men wearing shorts smiled apologetically behind her, massaging her shoulders and muscles with oils.

“Don’t be so sure.” Kren laughed, stretching. He was nearly a match for her.


“50 silver on the orc! MAKE HIM SQUEAL LIKE A PIG, TAYU!” A troll woman applauded.

“60 says human fucks her silly!” An orc male bellowed, his cock in a naked dark elf woman’s mouth giving thumbs up as well under the table. The male roared:

“BOY KNOWS THE GREEN SUGAR! FORTY SILVER SAYS YOU WIN!” Another Orc pumped his fist, his cock buried in Lia’s throat who was unconscious, swallowing every drop, her ass split open by a bellowing minotaur who thumped his chest while savagely raping her. They didn’t know if she was alive, locked in the stocks for free fucks, her belly distended with semen. At least she was breathing from the movement of her chest.


They stared each other down, the naked orc woman smiling at Kren. “You look cute. Forfeit the match, and I’ll take you to bed. No pegging, we’ll do it nice and gentle with me on top, hm? I can be sweet, and I likes you, humie.”

Kren grinned. “No way, orky. Thanks for the compliment though. You are very beautiful yourself.”

Tayu grunted in anger…and a blush appeared on her face. No one called her beautiful in her life, and the human was hitting all the right buttons, warming her heart.

“You asked for it. In the circle, human. Get ready for da fakka-fakka in your ass if ya lose.” She tossed a leg over, revealing her cunt, shaven, to the unlookers as everyone cheered, both eager to fight. She whispered in his ear in a typical display of orcish seduction.

“I’ma make you squeal like a pig, boy. But don’t worry. I’ll lube up.” She winked with a grin.

“We’ll see.” Kren flexed, his cock already erect.

Orc woman and human male circled each other, naked, patting each other’s arms for weakness.

Ulrike licked her lips. “Emiko. That orc sent the dwarven beer.” She pointed to a new, huge glass. “You think?”

“Sure.” Emiko smiled, raising the glass and standing up, walking up across the tavern to the table where the orc, now in shorts, sat with a smile on his square jawed, handsome face, his muscles rippling after a short sponge bath by a goblin girl, sitting down on a meal of a whole roasted goblin girl on a plate. The goblin massaging him wasn’t even bothered.

“Hey, humie.”

“Hey yourself, orc.” Emiko sat close to him, in her skimpy leather armor, dark brown body bare for all to see on the long divan.

“There’s black humies like you so up north den?” He took a swig from his beer, adjusting his shorts with a bulge rising. Emiko’s dreadlocked hair and her plump lips were of darkest Carib blood, and looked quite exotic to him.

“Yeah, I hang around with my adventurers, plenty of stuff to do up north.” She took a swig herself. “That’s some wild establishment.”

“Yeah.” He grinned, drinking his beer clean and filling another. “Everythin’s meat, slaves are legal, fucking’s wild. So ye’re staying?” He was clearly flexing, light green skin without blemish, chest flat and toned, with a clear erection showing in his shorts.

“Don’t know. Might keep traveling, my kind is slaves and meat here.” Emiko shrugged, quite close to the orc who laid a land on her smooth, muscled leg. She didn’t mind, his hands were gentle. They clinked glasses as the fight started.

“Not unless ye’re willing, in debt or are criminal, lass. All of us are, even men.”

Tayu swung an arm, Kren locking it and pulling down, rolling the naked orc on the ground with a flurry of naked legs, evading a counterattack, a punch. Everyone roared, as orc girl and man locked each other in a grapple and the music went on. Kren got on top, trying to bend her arm backwards, only for Tayu to roll back and crush him under her big ass, grinding as she laughed.

“GO FOR IT BOY!” A succubus waved a glass of beer. “MAKE HER SQUEAL! SQUEEE! SQUEEE!” She mimicked a pig, laughing evilly with a human slave girl in her arms who giggled and kissed her.

“I PAID MONEY FOR YE!” An orc bellowed, using a tiny, tied up goblin girl as a fleshlight, who herself, cheered in pleasure as she was propped up with the orc’s penis filling her body, her big ass wobbling with an orgasm as her arms and legs were tightly bundled behind her as a tiny fleshlight.

“WO HOOOO! OH GODS I’M COMING!” She screamed as cum burst forth from her pussy lodged with a foot long orc cock, tied to his crotch as a living sex toy, laughing and convulsing in pleasure.

For several minutes, Emiko and the orc even forgot each other, cheering like game fans in a match.

“FUCK HER!” Ulrike screamed, slamming her hand on the table and her breasts jiggling.

Kren locked Tayu’s arms, bending her over with a roar, sliding under her muscular ass and spreading her legs with a knee.

“Artless!” Tayu grunted. “Now what? In my ass?”

“No.” Kren pushed her down with one strong arm, and leaned forward. “Turn your head.”

“Fuck you!” She spat, trying to kick his legs away.

“Fine.” Kren grinned, using his weight on her back to pin her down.

“The fuck are you…hey!”

With the other hand, Kren, pinning the orc beastess down, gently caressed a breast out of place. He tried his best to be slow, giving her soft brushes with his free hand.

“S-stop…” Tayu grunted, feeling waves of pleasure weakening her. Worse…

No one was gentle like him ever. Not once. He was cupping her toned breasts and flicking the nipples in front of everyone, gently.

“What…are…you…” She turned her head in confusion.

He kissed her softly, Tayu’s eyes snapping open. His lips were gentle on the rough orcish lips.


He was kissing her, and the orcish men stopped short of cheering, looking at each other and giving cheeky grins.

“SO THAT WAS WHAT WAS ABOUT! CLEVER MAN!” An orc male clapped his hands and whistled, the music rising in tempo.

“HOLEEE SHIT!” The minotaur pulled his penis out of Lia’s abused asshole wide as her legs now, and turned around. “CLEVER!” Lia fainted, another goblin taking her ass with his puny cock, sliding in effortlessly.

“HUMANS ARE SMART MAN!” An orc nodded, turning to violate a girl in stocks, a human girl who shuddered and moaned with pleasure.

“Hey! AH! What happened? I can’t see!” She yelped, accepting his penis with delight. “What happened, master?”

“Humie seduced orc Tayu in wrestling, that’s wot happened!” The orc nodded at the blindfolded slave, fucking her gently. “Easy. I’ll go slow on humies. You’re nice and I don’t wanna break yoz…”

“Alright, thank you master…AH!” The human girl whimpered, leaning into his strong hands. He was a good fucker, that orc. Not too rough, not too gentle, by the size of his penis in her, the slave girl without name, could make out that he was a regular, fucking her every evening. Surely she’d be pregnant by now with his child.

Shiri, in the meantime, had drifted off, sitting next to a dark elf male dancer in a corner.

“Hello!” She happily smiled, happy that the handsome dark elf was separate from the crowd and walked up to her with interest in his purple eyes.

“Greetings, lovely human.” He kissed her hand, making her blush. “Enjoying the brutes?” He raised a brow, his angular elven face and eyes focused on her innocent, white dress. “You look out of place.”

“I know, I know!” She nearly squealed, happy to be noticed by a handsome man.

Tayu was in bliss, Kren taking her gently, entering with great care and starting to fuck her in the pit with slaps on her ass.

“Of course, the human male seems to be an interesting specimen, we could use a breeder studs for our slaves in Drow Undercaves. I’m Drazir.” The dark elf shook her hand and kissed it.

“Shiri!” The priestess was in a fan glee seeing a Drow next to him.

“Amaranth flower?” The dark elf raised his eyes. “Do you by any chance, have parents who have been Drow slaves? It’s a famous name for humans in Undercave, especially for pretty human girls. Not all of our kind abuse you, my family owned several dozen well-treated human girls.”

“Oh no, I am from Mara Nostrum. Creta. I never saw your people.”

“I see.” The Drow kissed her knuckles. “Wine?”


The Drow and the priestess snuggling in the corner, Emiko turned to her orc partner, munching on a small goblin girl who had been roasted whole, and laid like a small chicken on the table. Taking a small plump goblin leg to eat herself, she asked while eating the green, sweet goblin drumstick with one hand.

“Kren’s great, huh?”

“Ye look mighty fine yourself, human. I’m Garu.” He smiled, and laying a hand on her leg back, caressing softly. Emiko smiled with her plump Carib lips and snuggled close, as orc and man fucked in the pit, Ulrike grinning along, bellowing instructions to bend her over and the intensity of sex, while collecting her earnings.

Garu looked deep in Emiko’s eyes, and mimicking the human mating ritual, pulled her for a kiss.

“When in Rome…” Emiko’s eyes closed as they kissed, Garu pulling her clothes off, revealing her sweaty, curvy black body to the public and cupping her ass before ripping off her thong.

Emiko surrendered completely, locked in a kiss before her head was being pushed down, coming face to face with an erect, musky cock.

“It’s…big…” Emiko swallowed.

“Suck it.” The orc grinned, pushing the tip to Emiko’s plump black lips.

Smiling, she opened her mouth and slowly took it in, only taking it out before talking.

“So what’s your plan?”

“Ugh…I…” Garu grunted, fucking the naked Emiko’s mouth. “I could use…ugh…a gift for my wife…a humie slave girl for her birthday.”

The idea was incredibly hot for Emiko with his cock stuck in her throat. “Concubine?*slurp*” The orc nodded.

“Yah…suck it girl…” He groaned, pumping his hips. “Bed slave, housework, the works…We could use a humie…ahh..” He let her fellate him, drinking. “Wife’s been nagging me for a slave girl I could fuck when she has headaches…OH YES!” He bellowed, his cock feeling the orgasm. “SUCK IT!”

Emiko was naked, on her knees as waitresses ignored her like meat, the big green cock in her mouth. She kept sucking until the cock lodged in her throat twitched, spurting warm, salty cum in her mouth. She dutifully swallowed it all, big black breasts bouncing with glee.


“Yesss…” Garu groaned, pulling his cock lodged in Emiko’s mouth back, pulling her to his lap for a face-to-face fuck. “So let’s talk price of yer ass. How much do yer friends want me to buy you?” He sat her on his cock and started bouncing her, Emiko’s eyes going cross.

“What…do you plan? Tell me.” Emiko mumbled, embracing him as they fucked on his lap, the orc squeezing her breasts.

“I’ll keep ye as house girl slave until wife gets bored, or you get pregnant.” He grunted, his cock quickly hardening inside her warm body.


“Probably barbeque after a few births and you turn ugly. She’s gonna cook you eventually.” He grinned, lifting her to the table and splaying her legs, using her legs as support to thrust and fuck in front of everyone, Ulrike watching them with a hand on her pussy. “We don’t waste human…” He grunted, thrusting inside Emiko under her. “Ye’ll be roast, skin gets leather, mebbe make that head of yours a nice trophy. Kids could use toys made from your bones.”

“That’s hot…” Emiko gasped. “Three hundred gold. Pay Ulrike 300 and I’m yours. They need the money.”

“Two hunnerd…” Garu kept fucking her pussy as his hips sweated, slapping with wet sounds bouncing the human girl on his lap. “I’m just…buying ye to discard one day!”


“Yeah!” The orc grunted, ejaculating hard inside Emiko who gave a bestial scream, along with Tayu, who’se orcish eyes snapped open when Kren pulled out his cock and stuck it inside her tight asshole, fucking her plump ass in the pit. She completely surrendered to the anal rape, screaming like a pig.

“Tayu loses! Ulrike, she is yours for the night, no killing her! Oh, by the way your room’s ready!”

Ulrike grinned, laughing at the screaming orc musclegirl who had been totally subjugated.

“Kren, finish her off and carry her to the room, I promised you a threesome.” She stood up, taking her equipment and sauntering half naked to the bedrooms where they would sample her sex thoroughly.

So was only Shirii left alone, Lia completely lost in a sea of cocks and cum inside her in the stocks, Emiko lost in orgasm. The black girl didn’t resist when Garu tossed the passing Ulrike a bag of gold. Rona, grinning, came over and clasped Emiko’s hands, neck and feet expertly with cuffs, slinging her over Garu’s shoulder like a side of beef.

“I bought the humie as my slave.” He slapped Emiko’s ass with a flourish, carrying her home, now the girl completely his property, in body and meat. “She mine now.”

“Well, so long Emiko, I guess this is goodbye.” Ulrike shrugged, clad only in a thong as she took the gold, hanging it to her belt clinging to her toned ass.

Garu nodded, carrying Emiko, in cuffs, to her new home, squeezing her ass. Life was good.

Lia gurgled as a giant minotaur cock entered her lips on the stocks, accepting it until it hit her stomach, Rona smiling and waiting until she’d take her off the stocks, only releasing the slaves from their sex duty as night set in. The surviving goblins quickly helped her clean the tavern as everyone went to bed for sex or sleep, Tayu, Ulrike and Kren in a passionate threesome, Shiri enjoying the dark elf dancer’s attention in a vacant tavern corner, thrusting between her legs with grace.

Meanwhile, Emiko was carried naked to a red bricked home, who was opened by a matronly orc. Her tusked lips curled in a smile when she saw a chained, black girl in the orc’s arms.

“What did you bring Garu?”

“Something I picked up in a tavern.” He put Emiko to stand before the orc woman, nude.

The matronly orc, his wife, took her time examining Emiko like a piece of meat, fondling her breasts and pussy, her buttocks as Emiko lifted her arms to be examined.

“Nice. She can work the house until I’m tired of her. Fucked her already, didn’t cha?”

Garu smiled. “Clean enough to share the bed, Luxa, wife. You don’t mind, do you?” He looked quite henpecked, but Luxa chuckled.

“I suppose, if she can give us strong babies and works hard. She can sleep in our bed for now after a bath.”

Emiko smiled and bowed, as Luxa grinned, taking her by the arm to the bedroom.


The night went easily, Shiri convulsing with orgasms under the Drow who paid special attention to her breasts and face with kisses. The orc woman was taken from every hole: even Ulrike had used a strap on where Kren was tired to fuck the muscular orc’s pussy. They woke in a haze, blissfully happy.


Selling Emiko as a slave recouped some good money the adventurers realized, relaxing in the tavern with a breakfast of goblin meat cuts, fruits and bread. Shiri sat with the dark elf who was dressed in purple silk finery and a white shirt, feeding her fruit with his delicate hand. Slaves were woken up and worked around them, cooking and cleaning the tavern and the restaurant.

They had become fast friends, dark elf and humans here…When in Rome indeed.

“So, got a good price for the fighter Emiko?”

“Yeah…” Ulrike smiled. “We move tomorrow? There is a lot to explore and eat.”

“Amen.” Kren nodded, their bedmate Tayu fast asleep in her own home by the dawn came, scurrying home to sleep the booze off. “Let’s get a few slaves to carry our gear, then we can leave. Drazir, you said you name was?”

“Indeed human.” The handsome dark elf smiled. “Your friend Shiri here is quite the lady I have grown fond of. My clan…does no longer abuse humans after getting a bit…more intimate with them in our history.”

“He tells me of his Undercave cities, of places so exotic!” Shiri giggled, clearly in love. “Maybe we can go visit one day…Right?”

Ulrike giggled. The only way Shiri would be there as a house slave, though she would love the prospect, and Drazir would likely treat her kindly. Lovestruck dummy. And Ulrike had no wish to end up digging for silver with a collar on her naked body as a Drow miner slave, only to be sacrificed or tortured to death for fun when she was useless…She had a husband.

Maybe if she was single…Maybe…She would look that prospect up if Kren died. Drazir seemed to be fond of her physique as well, complimenting the barbarian woman on her rich hair and freckles, and great musculature in harmony with her beautiful body.

“You would at least fetch three thousand on an auction block, no offense intended.” Drazir smiled. “My matron is…quite interested in wrestling barbarian girls. Alone.” He smiled. “She says she…punishes them for being inferior humans, women leaving at dawn, all spent…” When he winkled, Ulrike burst in laughter.


Leaving Kren to his booze and ogling naked goblin girls, they had chatted about how Drow sacrificed beautiful, strong human women in a very erotic ceremony, Ulrike listening intently to the ritual.

“So, a hundred orgasms are guaranteed before the drugged victim’s heart is cut out and she is cut up for meat?”
“It would be cruel not to.” Drazir nodded, sipping orange juice. “Once per month, we use an unfortunate girl to please the Spider Goddess. I am afraid it is an eventuality for Shiri if she comes with me, and…perhaps, you too, but we drug ours thoroughly before that.”

“Mmm…” Ulrike thought, before changing the subject.

Lia didn’t say anything, too tired after a bath and sleep, half dead in her robes, drinking coffee. Taking hundreds of cocks on a dare had worn her out. At least she had contraceptive potions…

“Good place this is…We exchanged Emiko for a dark elf dancer that can fight, I’m not complaining.”

“Who knows, maybe we’ll end up eating her as dinner when we return.” Ulrike laughed. “I like the idea of human barbeque.”

Shiri was quite in love with her new dark elf lover, since their women were quite dismissive of their own males for no reason. And Drazir liked the idea of spending a few decades with a human lover.

They clinked glasses, drinking after a good meal and sex. Monster towns were quite the places,to eat and fuck, and meet new friends.

Except Emiko, whose new life would be reduced to endless labor, a sex toy for her new orc master, and the slave of the orc wife. They didn’t even pay attention to her as they left the town passing her new home by, Emiko laboring in the garden naked, cutting grass and carrying Luxa the female orc’s laundry on her back.

Emiko looked up, watching them leave, as a voice boomed.

“Emiko! The laundry, girl! Then we get you registered and branded! Hurry!”

“Yes mistress!” She raced to carry the basket inside, to work, give birth and have sex until her body would wear out, and she would die on a spit, cooking as meat for the orcs in a family reunion. Already Luxa had grown fond of her, planning on the family name to be branded on Emiko’s plump black ass to be a meat slave and fattening her until her eventual slaughter. In the meantime, they could be good friends.


Before the adventurers left, they had bought rations made from executed adventurer women: smoked, feminine smelling steaks with a plump, spiced and deep-fried pair of breasts, a human girl’s whole leg, and a several sides of orc girlmeat jerky. They had bought two strong slave women from the slave market to carry their equipment, dressing them with Emiko’s clothes and a spare dress. Passing by the slave market and the curiosities, each had found something valuable. Even the slave girls were quite talkative, especially with the dark elf who didn’t treat them with the typical disdain of his species. These adventurers would definitely treat them better, maybe even taking them back to human lands where they could be free when they finished carrying the adventurers’ tools.

They didn’t even pay attention to a scream cut by a gurgle when another naked, fattened girl was suspended by her feet, her head being sawn off by happy looking orc butchers, dividing her still fresh meat to be packed for the customers even as she twitched. Next to her, a squealing pig was being dismembered the same way for morning shoppers, as well as chickens next to a white elf girl’s headless body, all part of the same business, human and pig squeals adding to the savagery of the butcher shop.

Though Ulrike slowed and watched a bit when they passed an orcish household with a barbeque pit outside.

A matronly orc wearing an apron on her beautiful body turned a spit, housing an impaled, alive human woman, her plate armor stripped and folded next to her. Her body showed bruises and cuts hinting at capture, her hands tied behind her back, her ankles tied to the spit, perfectly impaled, alive and in a perfect horizontal longpig spit position. Her eyes were red as if she’d been crying quite a bit, sobbing as the flames licked her naked body, now inevitably meat for dinner. The orc woman whistled happily, pulling the knight’s hair back and oiling it, tying it in a bun before decorating her ears with cherries, and tying several pineapple slices to her nipples.

The knight gave a moan when the orc matron buttered a long carrot, and took care not to hurt her as she inserted it, rubbing the knight woman with the butter stick gently with special care around her buttocks, breasts and belly, oiling her hair with cold olive oil not to burn up.

The knight even gave a muffled giggle when the orc rubbed the butter stick on her soles and armpits. Amused, the orc decided she could at least make her relax as the knight cooked slowly, giving her gentle tickles whenever the knight felt the flames cook her insides to distract her from the pain.

“Hmph…Least I can do to meat coming to my doorstep.” She greeted the adventurers amiably when they passed by, already the smell of human meat filling their nostrils..

The “goodbye” sign was a nice touch, Ulrike had to admit. A female adventuress was stripped naked, was tied, not nailed to a cross with the town’s name hanging from her pierced breasts, with districts written all over her beautiful, toned body. They could even hear her repeated promises to the caretaking monster woman, some demon girl, never to attack again even as she watered and fed her after cleaning her body from the night’s dirt and discomfort, wiping the woman’s ass and pussy and cleaning under her of shit and piss.

To the woman’s knee, a wooden box was tied. “Donations keeps infrastructure slaves alive.”

“If you work hard giving directions and entertain them with wit, in a week they might let you go…Hang in there, talk to the newcomers if bored. Be thankful they didn’t declare you meat like the girl you just ate.” The red skinned succubus grinned finishing bottle feeding her water, turning to sweep the street with a broom, the naked knight woman whimpering and blushing when the wind tickled her nipples.

Chattering happily, they left the monster town, with its human cattle, slave markets and meat, strange customs, and savagery, the knight woman giving directions to happy newcomers in a strained voice.

“Y-yes sir. Turn to the right after the temple district…it’s written on my right breast…” She whimpered. “C-can you leave a coin as donation to the box tied to my knee? Makes sure they’ll let me go…please…”

A silver clinked inside the box tossed by a merciful, civilized ogre family of tourists, the female captive sighing in relief on the cross. “Thank you sir…I swear never to attack your kind again.” She was genuinely thankful, though being naked and bound made her blush, much to the winking succubus’ amusement.

If they ever let her go, she would open a new chapter in her life and *never* go back to the badlands.

Ever…probably…her pussy felt incredibly hot and wet.

The adventurers would return. At least Lia looked back to another fun rape night in the stocks, and Ulrike if she was single again.

R: 1 / I: 0

The Foot Collector (part one)

I loosedned the leather straps around her ankles slightly so that I could pull off her white school socks. Her feet were smooth and pale, with a pinkish blush on her soles, which were a little damp to the touch and smelt of earthy mushrooms. I picked off a couple of bits of fluff from between her toes and ran my fingers hungrily over her beautiful, young feet, enjoying how they flexed and scrunched at my touch.

Lively little piggies, I salivated.

The schoolgirl was about 10 or 11: a good age when the feet are still so soft and unblemished, and such a petite, cute size. I think her name was Jemma. Her mouth was somewhat distorted by the oversize ball-gag I had put on her, but it’s better the neighbours didn’t hear.

She had pretty, brown eyes that looked at me so innocently and pleadingly it made me super-hard. From the freckles on her cute nose, to her sweet dark brown pigtails with their unicorn hairclips, she belonged completely to me now.

I wished I could keep her alive longer, to just enjoy looking at her but I am so hard and lustful and haven’t had a girl in weeks, it just drives me too crazy. I can’t slow down now.

I am naked before her. I suck on her toes greedily, while my free hand rubs the shaft of my cock. Her little toes taste so delicious: precious, dainty little meat sweets; her feet are so small I can get all her toes in my mouth at once. I enjoy the feeling of Jemma’s feet wiggling helplessley as she moans and sobs through her ball-gag.

I run my tongue all over her soles, bathing them completely in my saliva, then I rub the head of my cock against them too, smearing her tootsies in pre-cum.

Then I lift the meat cleaver from the table as my heart beats hard and lustfully….
R: 7 / I: 0

Trophy Girlfriend


There she stands, propped against a pole in the subway carriage. Perky nipples straining against the thin fabric of her tight white cropped top.

Head bowed towards her cell phone screen and earphones shutting out the outside world, her tits undulate invitingly as she giggles at the contents of whatever messages she's reading.

Most provocative is her stance: she steadies herself in the swaying carriage. Her creamy legs shoulder-width apart. The skin of her thighs seem to glow. Wrapped around her bum is the briefest pair of purple shorts. The crotch of the thin fabric clings to her mons like a second skin. A cleft is acutely visible to all, revealing the curves of her cunt lips.

Isn't she aware of the camel toe she's sporting?

Maybe she knows, but doesn't care.

Or maybe she wants people to look.

And send to us lesser male mortals that "Hey, I'm pretty. I'm perfect. And I'm out of your league."


She couldn't be older than early twenties, but with these South Korean tarts, it's hard to tell for sure. You know those types, those Korean pop music or drama idols. Porcelain skinned, endowed with delicious curves.


On display.


I was in the country wrapping up a project. It is late in the evening, I'm heading back to my apartment after a session of hard drinking at a seedy bar with the local crew.

Squeezed a few of the bar girls' tits, stuck my finger up their cunts too. Earned me a few mock admonishments, with enticement for me to pay if I wanted so sample the goods.

But I had to call it a night with a flight back home to catch in the early morning.

Hated to have to leave. Frustrated. Needed to fuck.

Then this attention-seeking whore comes along.

An announcement for my stop. I shuffle to the door of the subway car.

She, too, turns to exit the platform as the doors open. Eyes glued to her cell phone, she marches out on her long slender legs, oblivious to others who may be in her way. Typical queen bee. Uppity bitch.

I fall in step behind her, my gaze fixed on the sway of her hips and the fullness of her buttocks. I imagine tearing off those disgustingly skimpy shorts and penetrating this tease right in the middle of the subway station.

An impulse takes me. I follow her.

Weaving through the crowd, I smile politely as I brush past commuters.
She leads me to an exit from the suburban station, to familiar surroundings.

It's a good area. A safe area. One that I've called my temporary home for the last few weeks.
She steps out into the night. I follow at a discrete distance.

Her eyes never leave her phone. Her music envelops her.

We pass a worksite where a townhouse is being built. I know the site has no guards on duty after dark.

An opportunity beckons.

And an impulse takes over.

She crumples to the ground, felled by a brick now stained crimson.

With adrenaline throbbing through my body, I waste no time picking up her limp body and moving her into the half-built structure.

This condo will one day be the dream home for families.

But tonight, it will be the scene of this little asian cunt's nightmare.

I place her amongst tall piles of construction materials, and switch on an electric lantern.

There is a nasty gash from her right ear across to the back of her head. I feel a pulse, and see a soft rising and falling of her bosoms as she breathes.

I lay her on her back, and take in the sight of her. She looks demure, almost angelic. Blessed with a body built for carnal pleasures, she has gone out of her way tonight to put her flesh on display.

I clamp a hand over a breast and grope it roughly, the firm meat feels like a good-sized C cup. Over her dirt-stained top, I grasp both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and give them a vicious twist. Eyelids fluttering, the little whore groans as she weakly draws her hands up to protect her nubs.

A boxcutter lies nearby, and I make short work of her top and expose her braless tits. Her proud, round mammaries are topped off by dainty chocolate brown nipples. I grab her tits again, savouring the fullness of the flesh and the smoothness of her skin. She groans and rolls her head in pain as I dig my fingers in as hard as I can into those breasts.

But now, I am ready for the main part of the fun.

I stand at her feet, and swiftly kick her legs wide apart. A sandal flies off her foot, almost striking a small rodent. An inconsequential detail.

I kneel down between her legs, and see that there is a patch of moisture at the crotch of those sinfully small shorts. She pissed herself. Oh, the embarassment, I chuckle.

Picking up the handy boxcutter again, I idly tap the blade on her cloth covered pussy, wondering if the slut had any panties on.

Providing a little amusement for myself, I slice down both sides of the shorts, and pull the flimsy garment away with a flourish.

A hairless moist pink slit, framed by delicate brown cuntlips, greets me.

Conservative society my ass. This filthy little cock tease goes prancing around for a night on the town, her womanly bits just barely covered by thin scraps of cloth.

I bet she knows the kind of looks her tits attract.
I bet she squeezes them together to flaunt her cleavage.
I bet she loves showing off her long legs.
I bet she likes the way her shorts rubs her clit.
I bet she ges wet knowing how men want to fuck her.
I bet she enjoys being such a tease.

A rage builds in me.

I part the pink flesh between her legs, and I land a hard slap on her vulva.

She grunts loudly at the blow, and tears trickle slowly from her closed eyes.

I remove my clothes, and set my rigid cock free. I have never been to hard and aroused.

Crouching with my face hovering close to the fuck slot, I inhale the musky, salty aroma. With a thumb prying apart the nether lips, I see the vagina opening up - somewhat relectantly - to reveal the ribbed, pink channel that leads into the depths of the young whore's body.

I hock up a wad of phlegm and spit it directly into the yielding cunt. I see the thick, foamy lump slide further into her until it disappears from sight.

I bet she's never had her precious little pussy disrespected that way.

Congrats. Here's your first time, bitch.

With the slut's legs spread wide, I kneel down and pry her cuntlips apart as I rest my engorged dick at the entrance to the bitch's sex. I give one purposeful push, and the head pops in despite the minimal lubrication.

It hurts though. My poor dick.

That wouldn't do.

I coat my shaft with more spit watch as her labia clings to my invading rod.

I bottom out, my length fully and firmly encased inside the tramp's unwilling vagina. This is the first time I've done something like this: rape a women. I smile at the realization.

She's got the honor of being my first victim. How do you like that bitch?

I reach down and run my thumb over her clit, stroking it until it peeks out of its hood. I feel more moisture gather around my raping cock. With her clit grasped between my thumb and forefinger, I give it a cruel pinch.

The bitch yelps and I feel her cunt walls clamp around my rod.

The young whore groans, and draws a slim arm towards the injured side of her head. Her eyelids flutter open, and in panic I deliver a backhand blow at her face, unintentionally near where the brick had hit her.

She sobs, and mutters something in her lanuage as she rolls her head from side to side. Her eyes are glazed, her gaze is unfocused. In the dim light, I notice that the pupil in one eye is more dialated than the other side.

Trauma to the brain.

All from a little tap to the head.

I continue her rape in earnest now, attacking her sex with deep thrusts. She starts to cry and beg, and I clamp a hand over her mouth. With my other free hand, I mercilessly crush the twin soft globes of flesh on her sob-wracked chest.

Her pink nipples stand erect. Like the abuse, cunt?

Then I make her tits the target of ferocious slaps, the sound of my hand forcefully connecting with her mammaries echoing in the quiet of the night. The succulent tits wobble invitingly, as red handprints leave their mark on the pale, smooth skin.

The young slut's pretty, tear-streaked face is contorted in pain. Her eyes are closed, her body in agony from the throbbing in her head, the assault on her breasts, and the relentless violation of her sex.

On the verge of cumming, I clamp my hands over her tits and pull her towards me. She screams in protest at the maltreatment, and I empty my balls deep into her sex.

I silence her noise with another blow. Spying the scraps of her shorts lying nearby, I wad it into a ball and stuff the fabric into the bitch's mouth.

I slide my dick out of her without ceremony, and sit on my haunches to catch my breath.

She sobs and sputters, and slowly draws her legs closed.

A tramp like her, so willing to display herself in public, doesn't need modesty. I kick her legs open, revealing her freshly-raped pussy to the night once again.

Her pussy gapes slightly after its rape. I rouhgly pull the lips apart to admire my handiwork: each petal shows a deeper shade of pink, and look floppier probably due to the stretching they were given. A slimy trail of cum mixed with spit and cunt juices runs out from the fuck slot and down onto her anus.

An inspiration takes me.

I take hold of one slim angle, and lift her leg as I stand up. With brute force, I fling her legs aside, roughly flipping her over onto her front.

She cries and mumbles, maybe begging me for mercy. Maybe calling out for her parents, or a loved one, to come rescue her.

I grab one knee, and part her lovely thighs. Her hips are canted to once side, pussy and asshole calling out to be abused.

I jam two fingers into her cunt, eliciting a muffled yelp from her.

Reaching in as far as I can go, I gather as much of the cum, spit and cunt juice mixture onto my fingers and spread it on my rigid pole.

I kneel down behind her, clamp my hands onto her hips, and pull her close.

Time to fuck her ass.

Maybe she's an anal virgin, I can feel her sphincter quivering around the head of my cock as I stretch her open with it. As inch after inch of my cock is forced into her rear, she arches her back upwards and flails her arms in a futile attempt to crawl away from me.

In her struggles, I see that her substantial breasts bulge tantalizingly from the side of her chest. Snaking my hands to her front, I hold on to her tits and use them as leverage to rape her ass.

Having come once, I last much longer for this session, relishing the warm tightness of an unwilling rectum clenching on my dick. My hands alternate bewteen savagely pinching her pink-nipples tits, and clawing at her clit as if trying to dig it out from between her legs.

The slapping of body against body, the low moans of her suffering, are music to my ears.

I grunt as I ejaculate deep into her bowels, and pull my spent cock out of her bunghole.

She shivers in shock and slowly turns onto her side and curls into a ball. I march over to her and grab a fistful of her beautiful hair. The young cunt mewls pitiously as I clean the filthy mix of cum, blood and shit from my dick with her hair.

Her face is a mask of pain and misery. Her plaintive muffled wails and suffering she has been through, would cause those who hold her dear to break down and go insane.

But lying there on the cold concrete floor, she has no audience to sympathise with her.

And no one should. She's a stuck-up slut after all.

I hear her retch, and see her expel her wadded-up shorts from her mouth, followed by a copious amount of vomit.

She turns towards me, but her eyes are unfocused. Her breathing shallow and soft as she lies in a pool of puke.

Not so picture perfect and pristine now, aren't we, bitch?

An inspiration takes me.

I get up and retrieve the boxcutter. I lay her flat on her back, and rest her head on my lap. For good measure, I give each tit a tight slap.

Taking handfuls of her hair, I yank hard and hack her locks off, leaving some patches nearly bald, and others with only an inch or so left.

You're all ugly now, you know that, cunt?

As I raise my hand to shear off the final handful of her fine tresses, she reaches up and grabs at my hand to stop me. Not expecting this, I lash out with the boxcutter in my hand.

I hear a shriek and look down, tracing the arc of where my hand had travelled.

I see blood. Welling up from a deep slash at the base of her left breast.

I am momentarily stunned. Then...

An inspiration takes me.

I wring out the puke-sodden shorts and stuff the filthy rag back into her mouth. Then, I reinforce the gag with the remnants of her top.

Spying a roll of packing tape nearby, I bind her wrists together, and tape her elbows to the side of her body. I prop her against a vertical strut, and tape her neck to it, making sure she had some allowance to breathe.

Little whore is drifting in and out of consciousness. A small mercy? Maybe not.

Her legs are stretched out in front of her, and I face her and lower myself to sit on her knees, my hard penis pointing at her belly button.

I lean in and take the nipple from her uninjured tit into my mouth, teasing it to hardness with flicking motions of my tongue.

I cradle that breast with both hands, and gently squeeze it to savour the full ripeness of that sexy piece of flesh.

My hands drift away, and I extend the blade of the boxcutter.

No turning back now. Done too much damage. In too deep.

My hand cups her injured tit, and with a firm hold I pull her mammary towards me, making the wound at the base open up slightly. I nestle the boxcutter blade, facing up, into the wound. She takes a sharp breath.

Not knowing how things will proceed, I push upwards while drawing the boxcutter across the base of her left breast. The bitch's eyes fly open and she issues a series of muffled screams, the veins of her neck straining against the tape.

She struggles in vain as bit by bit, sharp steel unerringly passes through skin, fat and breast tissue. With each stroke, less and less of her tit is connected to her chest. Strange thing I notice: her nipples are stiff. But at the blade's halfway mark on its journey up through the base of the boob, I see that the left nipple looks somewhat less turgid. A couple of strong pinches brings the doomed nipple back to hardness. My task resumes.

Now, a thin bridge of skin and subcutaneous fat is all that connects the bitch's rapidly cooling tit to her body. I jerk the lump of meat towards me, ripping away that last tether that bound this symbol of femals beauty to its former owner.

I inspect the meat: there is a pleasant heft to the C-cup tit as it rests in my hand. The tit feels soft, and I give it a hard squeeze, making the contents of the breast bulge out a little from the raw end. I run my fingers over, taking in the sight of yellow tit fat, pink mammary glands and red flesh dance under my fingertips. Turning the severed breast around, I see that the nipple is now relaxed in death.

My gaze returns to the whore. She's out. I rouse her with a slap across her face.

She groggily lifts her head as I bring her cut off breast to her face and stroke her cheek with mock tenderness using her dead nipple.

For a brief moment, her eyes focus on the flesh that used to be hers, standing proudly on her chest. Somewhere in the recesses of her damaged brain, the finality of what she saw registered.

A tear rolls down her cheek as I press the tit to her lips.

Yeah, say goodbye to your funbag, you stuck-up cunt.

Her eyes flutter closed as her head drops down. She's going into shock.

I nonchalantly drop the chopped tit from where I held it in front of her. It tumbles down her lap, and quite comically comes to rest with the nipple pressed against the swollen head of my penis. At the sight, a massive drop of pre-cum oozes from my pee hole, coating the cool nipple, before lazily dribbling down the areola and making its way down the curve of the breast before disappearing into the woman's lap.

Don't move, slut. You've one more tit for me.

I note that I didn't cut off her left tit as cleanly as I would have liked. I conclude that sawing right across the bottom of the breast does not account for the curve of the ribs.

My plan is to still start from the base of the tit, but make shorter, diagonal upward cuts on each side. That should maximise the amount of breastmeat removed.

Any last words, titty? None? OK, time to die.

The bitch hardly makes a sound as I cut her remaining sexy breast from her. Of course, she winces with the slow, deliberate strokes of the blade: the only response her pain-overloaded body can give. I make each slice with reverence, like a butcher excising the finest cuts of meat from a carcass.

Shift tit left, make the right side cut; shift tit right, make the left side cut... On and on I go, until I finally feel the now-familiar sensation of a breast coming loose into my palm.

I hold up the bitch's chopped off tits and admire them in the light. They both look delightful, smooth alabaster skin enveloping each sensual curve of the tits, cute pink nipples and areolas begging to be teased, or abused.

But too bad for her, she won't be deriving any more pleasure from her breasts anymore.

A rasping noise brings my attention back to her. Head bowed with her neck taped to a pole to keep her upright, she is struggling to breathe. I toss her former pride and joy onto the dirty concrete floor, and walk over to cut her neck free from the pole.

Without support, she slumps to her side first then collapses onto her back, breathing in slow shallow gasps.

I pick the tits off the grimy floor, and - holding each by the nipple - place them on her chest in the positions where they once belonged, unharmed. Could they still be reattached, I wonder? But then she coughs and both breasts topple off, one landing nipple up and the other on it's side, each in its own little pool of precious red life-giving blood.

She has suffered incredible, no unspeakable, abuse and mutilation.

She is someone's daughter. Someone's sister. Someone's lover. Poor girl. Boo hoo. That's what happens when you're a proud show-off of your sinful flesh, bitch.

Her battered body is caked with dirt, a bleeding gash on her head, her hair haphazardly cut off, and two raw red holes where her tits used to be. Her slightly parted legs reveal copious amount of cum and blood and shit leaking from both fuckholes, pooling underneath her bum.

Not looking so pristine and attractive now, huh?

That's what you deserve for parading around town in a skimpy top and shorts, making men want you and being a fucking cock tease!

My eyes drift down her belly.

A light goes off in my head.

An inspiration takes me.

One last symbol of her femininity remains.

She has no right to keep it.

She must have it taken from her.

But this might be tricky. And messy.

I appraoch her pussy with the boxcutter. Not quite certain how to proceed, I stick my left thumb into her slippery cock lot, and then hold both the major and minor lips on her left bewteen my thumb and forefinger. I pull the trapped flesh outwards and place the blade against her skin where her thighs meet her crotch.

Then I make a deep cut into the slut's vulva. She grunts in pain and kicks her legs, but in her weakened state, does not deter me from carving out her pussy.

I keep sawing through and within the gaping hole of her cunt, I see the boxcutter blade emerge from her cunt passage wall. A few more cuts, then I let go. One side of her vulva has been detatched from her pelvis: her major and minor lips on her left is now a floppy peninsula of flesh, still attached to her mons near her clit.

She's bleeding less than expected. Probably shock.

I grip her cuntlips on her right side, and repeat the performance of detatching her vulva from her crotch.

Now, her sensual pussy has been reduced to an inverted U-shaped strip of meat. Only about half an inch of meat at her clit keeps her cuntlips stuck to her.

An inspiration takes me.

I chuck the boxcutter aside and grip both sides of detatched cuntlips in my right hand.

Her clit looks moist. Weeping, perhaps, at what is to come.

Without a final thought, I wrench the flesh away from her crotch, violently separating the whore's clit from between her legs. At that instant, she screams a mighty one.

Then falls silent.

At the corner of my eye, I see a glow from a pile of bricks, and realise that the light came from her cell phone which ended up face-down on the grimy floor.

Using my foot to kick it over, I see Korean gibberish, but know enough to see that it's a few missed calls. Then, the call cuts off.

Then I see a familiar location icon flash. Someone has sent a location finder request to the cell phone.

My cue to leave. And fast.

A shimmer catches my eye. Among the spilled contents of her designer tote bag was a glittery sash with the words, "It's my hen party!" Huh.

I gather my things, and put on my clothes.

A voice at the back of my head screams at me to remove all evidence.

But no. Leave before anyone comes. There's only one way out, and that's from where I came in.

With shadows my only ally, I slip out of the construction site, leaving the formerly attractive slutwhore to her fate.

I have a plane to catch.


No cops showed up at my apartment. No dramatic airport scenes either.

The media frenzy started while I was on the flight back home.

They got wind of a an incident where a young woman was burtally raped, and subsequently subjected to sickening mutilation. The young woman survivived, but was in a coma.

Concerned that this hateful crime occurred in what was regarded as a safe neighbourhood, people demanded to know more about the case, and some expressed fear that this was the start of a new serial killer's spree.

Then two things happened: some sick reporter hungry for a scoop managed to find the hospital that the slut was admitted to, snuck in and took a photo of her all hooked up to machines. The photo was particularly distressing, as it showed the bandages around her flat chest.

The second thing that happened: shortly after the photo was splashed in the papers, a well-meaning but stupid friend of the girl started an online appeal for funds to support long-term medical care. Of course, sceptics denounced the friend as being opportunistic, raising funds for her own benefit on the back of a poor girl's suffering.

This stupid friend, another pretty and stuck up cunt, then reveals the victim's name.

From there, the public then visits the slut's photo-sharing and social media spaces, and see the whole collection of pictures of her strutting her stuff at the beach, social engagements, formal dinners, etc. Some netizens then start pointing out that the slut deserved what happnened to her for being so proud of her beauty and putting herself on display.

Her tearful parents went on television, begging for the hate against their suffering daughter to stop. Eventually, her photo-sharing and social media accounts were taken down to protect her privacy.

Fortunately, I saved a copy of all her slutty photos.

And as I speak, I'm looking at one photo taken of her at the beach.
She's in a skimpy (what else) yellow bikini, her luscious body angled against the lens to emphasise the fullness of her bum, and the generous curves of her creamy breasts.

My fist is a blur as I masturbate furiously.

As I cum, I crush a soft object with my left hand and spurt ropes of cum at the screen.

I catch my breath, and hold the object up to the screen.

The whore's right tit. That night, I had returned to my apartment, washed up, and then went to the project office to preserve my trophies and labelled them as biological samples for couriering back home.

On screen, that right breast, and its twin, was flaunted so proudly that day at the seaside. No doubt attracting lusty stares from guys, and perhaps jealous looks from other women.

I wondered about the slut's fiance.

Is he by her side everyday at the hospital, waiting for her to wake up?
Is he able to accept her terrible injuries, and the psychological scars that will be with her for life?

Did it not bother him that he was going to marry such a slutty attention-seeking cunt?
Did it not bother him that his cock was probably one of many that had cum in her fuckhole?

I place the supple, perfectly preserved breast into a wooden case, next to the slut's left tit and vulva. I close the case and gaze at my trophies.

Did it not bother him that his wife-to-be's tits and cunt were now playthings for a faceless stranger?

I'll never know the answers. Do I care?

Not really.

I return to the computer and scroll to the last photo she had uploaded: one that was taken at the hen party at a club. She was surrounded with her gal pals, her smile radiant. Her full breasts straining against the thin material of her top, nipples demanding attention from the camera.

She couldn't have known that the worst thing that'd happen to her would take place later on that evening.

I turn the glass cover of the wooden case towards the screen, presenting the severed sex organs to her smiling visage.

Thank you for saving these for me, cunt. I accept your gifts.

The End.
R: 0 / I: 0

Tanks, Cars, and Sexy Girls

"Seventy, maybe eighty…" I estimated, counting about ten by eight, with a few hollow spaces occupied by longer distance between the broken down cars the girls were bound inside of.

There was a pause.

"Are you sure?" My friend Gorien apparently wanted an accurate measurement for how many girls in the muddy valley were praying to their god because of us. Because of bored monsters.

"What does it matter?" I had grown jaded, even enough to outweigh my own fear. That being "disrespectful" to my army would have me beheaded, and that was the best execution one could hope for. Except for the guy we nukes but that's a story for another day.

"I'm just wondering what the score is. They really cost us!" He laughed. Trying to lighten the mood, he must've been more boisterous than usual, but he was always boisterous, so maybe he was just super happy given the current victory, Pyrrhic though it was.

"You say that like we can fault them. This is what was destined to happen to them, it's not like-"


"HOLD ON HOLD ONE!!" Someone shouts from afar. *Who now?* I wonder. *Oh, Kal. Fuck.* I hear him from atop the hill, to my left behind me, and as he passes the peak, we see he's followed by soldiers pulling a car. Feet kick the windows inside.

Jaded though I am, I'm not exactly innocent of all this. May as well have fun, too. "Toss this in there!" I say, grabbing a severed hand from the corpse strewn field and walking to the crew. They open its driver side door, and I glance at the crying girls inside. They're young. Not too young, like toddlers, who would just be shot. No. They were teenagers, probably, at least pubescent. one may have been into her twenties but was at least 14, hard to tell when everyone is… as we all were.

I toss the severed hand at the face of the oldest girl. They scramble to escape and beg, but their teeth are smashed with hammers and their tongues mostly cut out, all collected. Just naked, bloody girls, with few if any teeth and no tongues, pleading with moans to be let free to starve in the urban wastelands. I see one soldier has taken an eye. Or maybe she lost it in the battle. It's even possible she had lost an eye before the assault. What a battle it was, such a siege, but they ran out of ammo and didn't have the fighting abilities nor the numbers to withstand an onslaught of our abundantly though cheaply equipped warriors. Molotov after Molotov had bombarded them. Our own vehicles had run them down in hectic surges, crushing bones. And when tanks were called for, we had a few.

The valleys had turned into mass graves. Any bodies we didn't toss in their were either still alive or posed on fences and balconies- in some cases, both.
All the men of their towns are dead now, as are most of their women, but the girls are either slaves to be kept and made sterile or about to be tortured to death.

Every girl had been tied like a pig to be slaughtered, or worse. Some had their ankles to their necks, others had their limbs all cut off and their stumps burned with looted gasoline.

With a collective grunt, the men shove the car down the valley, and it rolls for several dozen meters, crashing into another car, filled with slightly older girls and their dead families packed tightly. Their screams were… not unlike their screams had been for days now. The crash of one cars riding and sliding in mud into the side of another was loud, the impact perhaps killing a girl, certainly injuring one.

We walked atop the peak and took in the sight of the wide curving ditch. Once a river, it used to be my home before I was outcast for siding with wolves that knew themselves to be wolves over cancers that thought themselves gods. These other men didn't have the same recollection. I doubted any had passed through it and could ever imagine it in any other light. just a mass grave of metal, pain, and death.

It's amazing how good your eyesight can be when things get real. I saw how the faces of the girls froze with realization, in some cars, where they heard the humming of our tanks that began to rumble the ground as they rolled forward and down the softer slopes on the other side of the this hellish pit. I could see one girl in particular went from a wild screaming to a horrid contemplation, then twisting her head despite the pain, then crying aloud again but it was quieter, in such a way I could see it, her soft but awful crying drowned out by the piercing screams of her sisters.

Slowly the 7 tanks rolled towards and then over the cars. Screams increased as more girls, previously unharmed past cuts, joined the chorus and then grew quieter at such distance, as some girls died before others, and over a half hour, the tanks slowly drove over every car in the path and back again. They repeated the process again, and hour after they began, the tanks had crushed every car and every girl within.

The song, filled with the crumpling and screeching of bodies and metal sheets and pipes, had come to an end.
R: 16 / I: 0

For Honor Guro (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Mild Lactation)

((Alright so I've been playing For Honor and I think a bit of guro is deserved. So each part I'll focus on one or two female characters to kill and fuck, I would love feedback aswell as recommendations for the next part.))

Part 1: Raider (Female obviously)

((On a side note I've decided I'm going to make the Raider topless.))

The battle or more importantly The Neverending War raged on all over the land, Vigdis was a warrior of little repute and while she was fierce in battle she was not always careful of her surroundings.

It was a simple ambush on the Knights, Vigdis followed two of her allies (Who's names are of little import) down the the dark underpass, she held a torch which well illuminated the area and her fairly large and firm breasts "Where are we going?" Spoke the man on the left in front of Vigdis "Shh..." Whispered the other man before continuing "Right now we are under a fort that was supposedly hidden..." The left man nodded slowly before the right continued "This should take us into a storeroom where we can sneak past the guards and open the gate..." Vigdis looked about the area silently as they walked through the tunnel, after awhile of them conversing in hushed tones the came across an old metal ladder covered in rust, dim light shone through the grating above "Seems this hasn't been in use awhile..." Said the man on the right before placing a hand on the ladder, the left man stopped him "Uh...what if guards are up there..." A somewhat nervous look crossed the rights face "Good point let's send her." He gestured to Vigdis who groaned and pushed him away from the ladder and handed him the torch "Coward." She said as she headed up the ladder her firm tits jiggling very lightly with each step up, her allies were gifted with the sight of her cunt and tight asshole up her leather trappings. She reached the rusty grates and peeked through seeing a ceiling and nothing else, she heard footsteps and quickly moved down the ladder freezing halfway to halt her sounds "Douse the torch..." She whispered to her allies, soon she was shrouded in shadow staring up at the grating, the culprit was a man it seemed as he stood over the grating "Fucking cold in that damn tower..." He muttered to himself slowly taking his cock out, Vigdis was about to wonder what he was doing before she got her answer, piss rained down through the grating onto her as she immediately looked away allowing it to run down her body, she wasn't completely angered by this for it was cold and his urine was warm, the warm liquid trickled between her breasts, this feeling made her need to piss but she held it as she licked her lips nervously. Soon enough the shower ended and the man put away his cock before walking away /Bastard using this as his personal pissing hole.../ without a word to her allies she headed back up slowly lifting the grate and looking around, there seemed to be many boxes that were cracked and dusty /Seems they ration well, how many storerooms are there?/ she climbed out and put the grate back in place "Stay here. I'll be back..." She said quietly to them before standing and looking about carefully hoping to find a weapon, all she could find was a dusty beam of wood which was good enough. She headed to the door and pushed it barely open before peeking outside, it was a dark and snowy courtyard barely being patrolled /Perfect.../ she thought carefully stepping out and crouching low soon spotting a Lord, he wore armor akin to the Wardens she had battled except he had a longsword at his hip and no helmet showing his short and dark hair, he strutted into the keep as she looked to her left opposite of the keep spotting the main gate, the stairs leading up were sadly guarded by two soldiers and there was no possibility of taking them out quickly, she turned her gaze forward and noted that the second staircase was interior and connected to the keep. With little choice she decided to head for the keep and more specifically the servants entrance. Once she reached the door she sidled up next to it and knocked, sure enough it creak open and a timid servant girl stepped out past Vigdis who used the beam and smashed the girls skull in, she moved into the door looking about at the room, there was a wooden table with a candle and a book on it, she took a few steps forward before feeling a sharp pain in the back followed by a steel blade exiting between her breasts, she let out a choked sound of surprise as she looked down at the blade which seemed familiar and very lordly "I thought I smelled a bitch nearby..." Said a voice as a hand reached around and grabbed her left breast squeezing hard, she weakly tried to look behind herself but the sword being thrust deeper disabled her and forcing her to drop her weapon, her vision seemed to darken as she felt piss run down her legs out of fear or loss of function "I want to hear you die..." He thrusted the sword again and this time she let out a pathetic moan as her tongue lolled out, her tits spurted a small amount of milk some getting on his hand, he guided her weakening body to the table and removing the blade before bending her over "I'm going to fuck you like a useless whore...." Were the last words she heard before passing away with a few involuntary twitches. He lifted her cloth and prodded her soaked cunt with his thumb grinning and taking out his cock before pressing it against her recently loosened asshole, he slid inside her fat ass roughly causing it to jiggle as he groaned a little, he paused a moment before thrusting into a pace his balls smacking against her pissed soaked cunny as he violated his enemies asshole, his cock started to throb as he picked up the pace causing the table to creak and her body to jiggle more and more, soon he groaned loudly and thrusted deep dumping a load of cum in her cock sleeve of an asshole giving her one last bit of warmth, he pulled out watching some of his cum dribble from her used hole. He left her there, the battle resolution is not important for she would never see life again...
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Blackwood Stories?

Anybody happen to have the old Blackwood stories, involving extreme torture and forced immortality?
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Springs of Pleasure (cons, F/F, cann, amputation, debreasting, decunting, crushing, boiling)

This one's a part of my longer FE story that's here: >>11826, but the much bigger focus on cann stuff that usual makes it seem worthy of a new thread

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Young Lady of Askr 2: Springs of Pleasure
tags: cons, F/F, cann, amputation, debreasting, decunting, crushing, boiling, neck snap, cut wrists

Madelyn strolled through the halls of her father’s castle. She was just a bit tired, and it showed - her steps were pretty slow and her cheeks, usually warm and red with a blush, were now quite pale.
“Heeey, you! Yes, you! The girl with the green hair!” Suddenly, Madelyn heard a voice calling to her. Turning around, she saw a short girl in a short, pink dress go towards her. She had blonde hair with purple strands mixed into it, hair that was tied into rings on the sides of her head. Her face wore a wide smile and such an innocent expression that Madelyn couldn’t help but think just how cute the girl looked. When the girl saw that Madelyn reacted to her voice, her eyes laughed as she spoke again.
“Hi! I’m Elise! I noticed that you looked pretty tired. You should relax, right now! I’m already going to the hot springs now - my sister and the Hoshido princesses are waiting there for me. Wanna go with us?” The girl’s sweet, yet high-pitched voice was juuust a bit annoying, and Madelyn wasn’t sure she’d want to listen to it for much longer. But just turning the girl down sounded like a waste…
“What’d we do there?” Madelyn asked after a moment, and Elise’s face brightened up again as she began to explain. “Big sis Camilla thought it’d be fun to make a party with just the four of us - the four royal princesses! - so she got one of the private hot springs for us. Buuut you look like a princess too, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you joined us. So, we’ll be having a party!” Elise stopped for a moment to catch her breath, and Madelyn took advantage of that to cut in. So far it didn’t seem too interesting… “A party? Can you say more about it?” She still enquired, hoping there was more to it.
“Wellll, my big sister called it a snuff party, and Sakura and Hinoka agreed! Do you know what that means? We’ll all die together there, and have fun while doing it!” Elise’s voice was as cheerful as before as the Nohrian princess declared that she and her friends were going to be dead in just a few hours. A predatory grin awakened in Madelyn’s silver eyes as she heard that. It was a good decision to dig deeper - this sounded like it could be really entertaining.
“Count me in!” She called out excitedly, and Elise jumped up happily as she heard that. “Yay! I’ll go ahead then, and you can join us when you change into your bathing clothes.” Elise told her happily, then spun on her bare heel and ran off towards the part of the castle that contained the hot springs.

Going back to her room, Madelyn quickly began to undress. First, she took off the golden badge that marked her status as Kiran’s daughter, and also her padded brown boots. Next, stripped out of her while dress and her black top she wore underneath it. Getting her garter belts off, she also removed her black thigh-highs that the garters kept up. Her gloves and armband were all that was left - so she took them off too. She wouldn’t want the armband to get wet… Once that was done, Madelyn picked up one of the towels she had in her room. Just like her father’s, her room also contained a private bath - so she had a bunch of towels for it as well. She wrapped it around her body, struggling a little to get it to squeeze over her sizeable breasts, but eventually succeeded. Now, she was almost ready to go. However, going barefoot on the cold castle floor didn’t sound fun… but taking her shoes in there seemed like an even worse idea. She wondered what to to about it for just a moment, a pout appearing on her face as she thought about it. Fortunately, she remembered that one of her recent kills used wore sandals. Wasn’t her name Linde? Surely, the girl wouldn’t mind if she just borrowed them for a while… Especially that she no longer had a mind - or a head - at all. Hastily sliding her feet into these, Madelyn was then ready to leave. As she was walking out of her room, she thought of something. If this was going to be a snuff party… Then she’d better bring something she could kill the others - or even herself - with. A thrill went through her body, as always whenever she thought of dying. This would be a nice change too, she had not done it in the hot springs yet. Going back into her room, the princess of Askr picked up her trusty sword - and with her version of the Sol Katti in hand, she finally left for the hot springs.

Arriving in the hot springs’ lobby, Madelyn kicked the golden sandals off her feet. As she did that, she felt her boobs bounce up and down within the towel - pulling hard on it in a way that was almost uncomfortable. She caressed them through the towel for a moment while thinking, which spring to go to. Elise had not told her, where they’d be… However, she heard the girl’s carefree voice coming from behind one of the entrances - so she headed towards it.

Walking into that specific part of the hot springs, Madelyn took a look around. There were four other girls in that private hot spring already - and her studies on heroes her father had summoned allowed Madelyn to recognize them all. Two of the women were already nude, and one of them was already bathing in the biggest spring - as it was a relatively flat-chested redhead with short hair, Madelyn was easily able to tell it was Hinoka. As she heard her enter, the older Hoshidan princess covered her breasts up with one elbow, eyeing her carefully. The other naked girl was Elise - the blonde Nohrian princess standing near the edge of the largest spring, dunking one of her feet in the water to test, how warm it was. As she heard her enter, Elise spun around to see her, and waved at her happily when she saw her - then collapsed into the spring as she lost her balance, splashing Hinoka’s face and hair with water. Two other women were standing further away from the springs. One was facing away from her, but the long purple hair and a sizeable ass that the towel could barely contain, combined with Elise’s earlier words, made it easy for Madelyn to recognize the woman as Camilla, the older princess of Nohr. The fourth girl was a younger pink-haired girl - who was covering herself up while Camilla was talking to her.

“Now, now, Sakura… Take that towel off so we can all soak in the springs together… There’s nothing to be ashamed of, is it? You’re so cute, I’m sure your body looks great too!” A heavy blush appeared on Sakura’s face as she heard that, but still she refused to strip out of her towel. If it was just the four of them, then maybe she would have given in… But with a new unknown woman storming into their room, Sakura definitely wasn’t going to do that. Instead, she covered herself up with her arms too, just like her older sister did. “Sakura? What’s wrong?” Camilla asked, and the scared way Sakura was looking at someone behind her told her what had happened. Turning around, Camilla faced Madelyn - and Madelyn was almost knocked off her feet by the size of Camilla’s breasts. They were basically bursting out of the towel - they were just so big! Madelyn could feel her mouth water just looking at them… If Camilla was taking proper care of that lovely pair of tit meat, they could taste sooo goood! A slight trickle of drool began to leak out of the corner of her open mouth as Camilla began to walk towards her, Madelyn’s excitement skyrocketing as she watched the big-boobed woman approach her. Her wide hips were swaying in such a sexy way that showed off her legs, and with each step the woman’s breasts bounced some more than before! There was just no way the towel could hold them for much longer! And in fact it didn’t, the purple-tinted towel bursting open and sliding off Camilla’s body. Now, there was nothing stopping Madelyn from staring at the giant pair of tits that was getting closer and closer to her - the flush of excitement on her face clearly showing just how hot she found that sight, her sword falling out of her hands and to the ground as she completely forgot that she still held it.

Camilla was easily able to recognize the woman who had entered their spring. With her hungrily searching for all the info she could get on Kiran, it was clear to her that the girl was Madelyn, the summoner’s daughter. As Camilla had a soft spot for him, it also extended to the man’s daughter - so she spread her arms into a welcoming hug. She was very much aware that she had lost her towel, but she wasn’t bothered by that in the slightest - and it was also clear that Madelyn was very much enjoying the sight of her huuuge boobies. Camilla was quite pride of them - so she had no issues showing them off, especially to someone like Madelyn who she already considered almost family. “Ah, Madelyn, darling! I’m so happy Kiran’s daughter would join us here. Come, give me a hug… I can’t wait to get to know you better.” Camilla slipped into her most seductive voice as she added the final sentence after a short pause, just as she was to pull the green-haired girl into her embrace. To make sure there was no room left for misinterpretations, she delivered a passionate kiss onto Madelyn’s open lips - her tongue tasting the drool the younger girl let out while in awe of her titties.

While making out with the green-haired girl Camilla noticed that she was still too stunned to kiss her back properly. Breaking the kiss off for a moment, Camilla whispered at her in a seductive tone: “Ah, my dear… You can relax here… I’ll make sure to make you feel good, sweetie…” Resuming the kiss after that, Camilla noted with satisfaction that Madelyn now began to kiss her back, even if somewhat weakly. Happy with that, Camilla let her hands to work - with them feeling up Madelyn’s breasts through her towel for a while until she made them crawl down the girl’s body. Even with the towel in the way, the Nohrian’s skilled hands were able to touch Madelyn’s toned abdomen in all the correct spots on the way down, before slipping under her towel from below. Once there, Camilla directed her fingers directly for the Askr princess’s slit - slipping her fingers right into Madelyn’s already wet folds. “My, my, my, seems someone really needs a bath… You’re such a dirty girl, Madelyn…” Camilla moaned out right into Madelyn’s flushed face as she felt that, enjoying the way the girl squirmed under her touch as more of Madelyn’s juices seeped onto her fingers. However, Madelyn wasn’t giving up without a fight. Camilla’s breasts were pressed against her own, their size squashing hers down a bit - but with the use of her hands, Madelyn was able to start feeling them up. They felt as good as she thought they would… Her fingers were almost melting into Camilla’s succulent boob meat, so soft on the outside and firm on the inside… Just having her hands feel them up and tease Camilla’s already-hard nipples was enough to make Madelyn moan in pleasure at her fantasies as she got an even better idea, how these would taste. However, after a moment she was able to get them under control. After all, Elise told her that this would be a snuff party - so if she just waited for a while, then she’d have all of Camilla’s corpse to savor, and not just her tits. So she pushed that aside, and just kissed the purple-haired woman back in full strength, while enjoying the fingering Camilla was giving her. Eventually, her pussy started clenching around Camilla’s fingers as the heiress to Askr came, her body shaking with her first orgasm for the night - but both she and Camilla knew the green-haired girl would come countless more times over the course of her stay in the springs.

As Camilla felt Madelyn’s pussy squeeze her fingers, more honey squirting out of it, she let her fingers rest inside the other girl for a moment. The wyvern rider always quite enjoyed the different ways her digits could be squeezed by another woman’s cunt. After a while, though, Camilla pulled out - and instead closed her arms around Madelyn’s back again, holding her in an embrace and getting to feel just how much her body was shaking in her climax. Camilla liked that feeling even more, as that kind of intimacy showed her just how much Madelyn’s body had enjoyed what she was doing - so the Nohrian continued to hold her like that until Madelyn’s orgasm had finished and the sword-wielding girl calmed down.
“Did you like it, dearie?” Camilla whispered into Madelyn’s ear, and Madelyn just nodded, unable to answer properly. With a smile, Camilla pushed her way at an arm’s length. “As great as this was, I shouldn’t hog you all for myself. Now, go and have fun with Hinoka and Elise - I still have a straggler to deal with.” While that, Camilla gave a meaningful glance at Sakura, who was still covering herself up with her towel and trying to avoid Madelyn’s gaze. Madelyn nodded, still not fully trusting her voice, and Camilla let go of her, walking back towards Sakura with that same sexy walk that dazzled Madelyn so much when she had first seen it. Even now, Camilla’s wide hips and huge ass swaying as she walked were pretty hypnotizing… But she remembered she had to meet the other girls, first. Because of that, Madelyn walked towards the spring. As she moved, the Askran girl undid her towel - that was already pretty loose because of Camilla’s actions - and let it fall off her body, baring her breasts and pussy for the other princesses to see. These were still the second biggest pair in the springs - Hinoka’s chest wasn’t too curvy, and the two younger girls’ breasts haven’t developed enough yet for them to contest her.

Submerging herself in the spring, Madelyn drew a deep breath as the hot water surrounded most of her body. She directed one hand towards her slit, eager to wash out all the pussy juice Camilla had caused her to leak. While doing so, she took a look at the other two girls who were also in the spring with her. Elise just smiled at her when she saw her looking at her, the blonde Nohrian more than happy to see her new friend join them. Madelyn smiled back at the younger girl, then turned her head at Hinoka. The redhead wasn’t covering herself up anymore - instead she was just sitting in the water with her arms at her sides, letting Madelyn take a look at her small boobs while wearing an expression that Madelyn found hard to read. “Hmpf! I guess if you’re the summoner’s daughter, you deserve some respect.” Hinoka barked out at her while examining what she could see of Madelyn’s body through the water between them. “You seem quite in shape. Are you a soldier, just like us?” She commented after a while.
“Yeah. I fight with the sword I inherited from my mother - but I’m also a good shot with her bow.” Madelyn replied, her face flushing up again at the compliment Hinoka gave her.
“I’d love to spar with you sometime, then…” Hinoka replied, her voice a bit less hostile than before. “But that might be a bit hard if we’re not going to leave this room alive. You ARE going to join us in dying here, right?” The Hoshidan princess asked her with a voice that wouldn’t take no for an answer, and even if Madelyn had not decided to die with them before, now she knew she had to agree. “Of course. That’s where the fun lies, after all!” She smiled at Hinoka and the redhead finally cracked a smile back at her. “Perfect. That’s what this is all about.” Hinoka paused for a moment, then spoke again with more warmth in her voice: “Thought you’d be a stuck-up bitch, but you don’t seem too bad.” That declaration was the sign to Madelyn that Hinoka had finally warmed up to her, even if her reaction made it clear that the Hoshidan didn’t know about her resurrection powers. Well, she wasn’t going to correct her on that - and for a while, the three princesses continued to soak in the hot spring together. As they did, Hinoka’s hand proceeded to crawl under the water towards Madelyn, the redhead slowly moving across the hot spring as well to get closer to the Askran woman. Now that she had overcome her initial dislike of the girl, she became very interested in the girl’s body - and was eager to explore Madelyn’s curves with her hands.

However, before Hinoka could get close enough to the green-haired girl to start feeling her up, Camilla returned to the spring. “Iiii give up. Hinoka, dearie, would you get your sister to stop being so stubborn and join us in the spring? Her shyness is just sooo cute, but it also makes her not willing to go into the spring now. Mind helping out with that?” The Nohrian loudly announced her defeat before slipping into the warm water just next to Madelyn, splashing more water all over Madelyn’s body as she did that. “Sure, I can try…” Hinoka replied, her voice trying and failing to hide her disappointment. Listening to it, Madelyn interpreted the reason for it incorrectly - unaware that Hinoka was sad precisely because she’d have to go away from her. “Can I have a go at her first? I think she might just be scared of me…” Madelyn spoke out, and Hinoka stopped while in the middle of getting out of the spring, cascades of water flowing down her body and waterfalling off her cheeky ass. “Alright, go ahead.” Hinoka replied, while slipping back into water. As she did, and Madelyn climbed out of the water instead, Camilla moved right towards the older Hoshidan instead. “Your little sister is such an unruly girl… I wonder who she took after?” The playful smile on Camilla’s lips and the understanding smirk on Hinoka’s were matched perfectly with one another as the two older princesses began to touch the other’s body under the water. The amount of times they’ve done it in the past meant both knew precisely how to give the other the most pleasure, and soon both older princesses were moaning loudly while working hard on getting the other one off.

Madelyn made her way to where Sakura was standing, the green-haired girl getting goosebumps and her nipples going quite erect as her body moved from the warm water to the colder air. Truth be told, Sakura’s actions now made Madelyn pretty curious about her - so she was eager to find out more about the younger Hoshidan. Sakura had her hands crossed over her chest, and kept them on her shoulder - standing near this spring’s dividing wall and watching the others from afar. As she saw Madelyn walk towards her - the very girl whose presence made her uncomfortable - Sakura’s eyes searched for a way out, but there was none. So, she’d have to deal with the girl talking to her…

“Hey there. You’re Sakura, right? Is everything okay?” The pink-haired girl nodded at her in confirmation, but did not reply otherwise. Well, that wasn’t really successful. Was there anything she could talk to the girl about?

“…Sakura? You wanted to be here, right?” Eventually Madelyn settled on that, and the more energetic nod she got in return confirmed to her that this was the right path. “Are you excited about dying, then?” Another, even more energetic nod. “Then, did you think of the way you want to die yet?” Sakura began to shake her head in response, then stopped. She did think about it a bit… But that wasn’t something she could just convey through moving her head.

“J-just a little…” Sakura stopped for a moment, drawing a deeper breath, then continued: “I want my d-death to be of g-good use to the others… S-Something they would enjoy…” As she said that, Sakura let go of her shoulders, no longer squeezing her towel against her chest. Once the Hoshidan did that, Madelyn reached for the seam of the girl’s white towel - which was tied up like a short dress around her frail body. Tugging on it just a little, she was able to get it to come off - Sakura’s white dress sliding off and exposing all of her body. The girl’s tits were pretty small, about the size of Hinoka’s, and most of her upper body was pretty weak and thin too. Then again, her arms were just so smooth… Either way, just like with her older sister, her lower body was her stronger side. While her hips weren’t as wide and her thighs weren’t as meaty as Hinoka’s, they were still a pretty pleasant sight - and Madelyn was sure that the girl’s legs would also taste delicious. She could already see most of her legs before that, and had already noted that these would make for a fine meal. The pink-haired girl didn’t stop her now, more comfortable with Madelyn’s presence than she was before.

“You didn’t come up with anything specific?” Madelyn asked her while removing her towel, and Sakura shook her head in return. Once the towel was removed and Madelyn was satisfied with what she saw, she smiled brightly at the younger girl. “How about becoming a meal for the four of us, then?”
Sakura’s eyes widened as she heard that - she had never considered that before… But that seemed like just the fate for her! “I’d love to do that!” She called out, true excitement sounding in her voice for the first time.

“Want to get started right away?” Madelyn asked, quite happy with the outcome of their talk. She was more than excited to get to work on the girl - and Sakura was just as eager to do it as she was. “Y-Yes! Let’s do it!” Sakura called out - and after she did, Madelyn took her by the hand and began to lead the girl away. There was a table near the springs where they could get started on it right away. As they walked, Elise smiled at them while watching them - but Camilla and Hinoka were too caught up in one another to take notice of what was happening.

“Place your arm on there, okay?” Madelyn told Sakura once they reached it. Sakura did just that as Madelyn walked away for a moment, towards the springs’ entrance. The Sol Katti was still there, right in the spot she dropped it on. Picking it up, Madelyn returned to Sakura with the tool she needed. The girl’s smooth arms and thicker legs gave her just the idea on what to do with her. That, and the knowledge that the girl would need to stay there, without any further refinement to her meat, all convinced Madelyn to turn the younger princess of Hoshido into sashimi.

“Okay, I’ll start now.” With a powerful chop, Madelyn brought her sword right through Sakura’s left wrist. Her blood splashed onto the table as her hands was taken away from her by the cold, golden blade - but Sakura just squealed in pleasure at the pain that shot up her arm. She recognized what the woman was doing - Madelyn turning her into sashimi, which was a traditional Hoshidan meal. She couldn’t really picture a better fate for herself than that. Her happy voice encouraged Madelyn to go on - but even if Sakura suddenly changed her mind, it wouldn’t have stopped her. She followed up with a series of quick chops that turned Sakura’s forearm into a bunch of slices of meat - the bones of Sakura’s arm offering almost no resistance. Madelyn needed to put a bit more effort into cutting Sakura’s upper arm up - the princess having to bend over and place the rest of her arm on the table to give Madelyn a proper access to it. As she did, she bent over - her small, yet firm ass sticking out in the air. With the way her butt was, her pussy was on display for the women in the spring - showing just how wet the girl got over the short time that it took Madelyn to turn all of her arm into slices of raw meat. Once all of Sakura’s arm was gone, the priestess eagerly stretched out her other hand on the table. However, before Madelyn got started on it, she picked up one of the bigger slices of the meat, and put it right into her mouth. The raw, bloody meat still had quite a nice taste, and Madelyn let it rest in her mouth for a while, taking her time with it before chewing down on the slice and swallowing it down - spitting out the pieces of Sakura’s bone that the meat was clinging to.

“You do taste great!” Madelyn called out excitedly, making Sakura feel all warm on the inside. She… She would be of use to the others, then! She smiled brightly as Madelyn started to cut her up again, Sakura’s right hand joining the left one as Madelyn started to slice her right arm up. As the two girls did that, both focused on each of Madelyn’s cuts, they did not notice as someone had come out of the spring. Elise saw Sakura and Madelyn having some kind of fun from the spring, but couldn’t really tell what they were doing, specifically - so she climbed out of the spring to take a look. As she saw one of Sakura’s arms already turned into pieces of raw meat, and the other one right in the middle of becoming the same too, her curiosity was sated. However, now that she did that, another thing caught the blonde girl’s attention: Sakura’s round ass, and the pink, wet folds of that girl’s pussy. Getting onto her knees, Elise buried her face into the girl’s ass - working her tongue right into Sakura’s drenched slit. While Camilla and Hinoka had their fun in their past Nohr-Hoshido gatherings, she and Sakura would have to play with one another too - so the girls sometimes pleased one another orally or just with their fingers. Now, it was even easier than back then - the way her hair was tied up meaning it wouldn’t get in the way at all and letting her focus just on eating Sakura out the best she could. Sakura let out a surprised squeak as she felt something wet enter her cunt, but the small hands that squeezed her hips to keep her ass stable told her it was Elise who was doing it. Sakura found that very much welcome - her pussy was dripping with excitement and she no longer could use her hands to release the heat was building up in her loins. Her first squeak was then followed by a bunch of excited moans, Sakura thrusting her hips back at her and slamming her ass against Elise’s face as the blonde girl continued to eat her out. Sakura’s moans let Madelyn take notice of what Elise was doing, and once she was done with Sakura’s arm, she just let Elise go on - treating herself to another slice of Sakura’s meat while waiting. Elise continued to waggle her tongue inside Sakura’s pussy until the Hoshidan came, with her juices going all over Elise’s cute face.

While the younger princesses were having their fun with Madelyn, Hinoka and Camilla had gotten out of the springs as well. Camilla laid on her back near the spring’s edge, spreading her legs and stretching her arms out happily. At the same time, Hinoka put on her strap-on. Then, the redhead returned to Camilla - and drove her artificial dick right into Camilla’s open, waiting cunt. Hinoka wasn’t holding back at all - both she and Camillla enjoyed it the most when she was doing it as roughly as she could. Hinoka was a natural dom, while Camilla was happy to adapt to whatever her partners desired - so Camilla was more than happy to just provide Hinoka with a pussy she could use just as hard as she wanted to. Because of her rigorous training, Hinoka had built up quite the strength - and was now using it to the fullest while driving her not-real dick as deep into Camilla’s pussy as she could. While doing so, Hinoka was having her hands on Camilla’s massive tits - squeezing and crushing them with her powerful grip, making far more of an impression on Camilla than what Madelyn’s tries before did. Camilla just had her arms stretched out towards Hinoka, inviting her into a hug if the redhead so desired - but for now, Hinoka was content with just ramming the bright red dildo into Camilla’s snatch.
“Take it! You Nohrian slut! That’s all you’re good for! To serve as fuckmeat!” Hinoka called out a few words angrily with each of her thrusts. This, combined with the roughness, let her live out the fantasy that she was taking her frustrations out on the people who had taken Corrin away from her. Camilla was pretty thrilled by her words too - even if this was just Hinoka’s fantasy, the idea of being turned into just a fuckdoll for someone else to abuse was quite exhilarating. Sadly, the death she had chosen for herself didn’t really make that too feasible… But the purple-haired woman was certain at least parts of her could still serve others in that way. Just thinking of it was enough to make her really wet - and that in turn let Hinoka’s strap-on slide into her vagina really easily, granting them both the most pleasure. The two princesses continued to have sex like that until first Camilla, and then Hinoka have reached their climaxes - Hinoka falling into Camilla’s embrace as orgasmic numbness spread through her body. Camilla wrapped her arms around Hinoka tightly while their mouths connected, their tongues fighting for dominance until Hinoka won out that struggle too. Still, Camilla was happy to feel Hinoka’s tongue enter her mouth and have it explore her mouth - really satisfied about getting to feel the way Hinoka’s climax shook her body too as they both rested together with Hinoka on top of her.

After Elise’s face was splashed with the last juices of Sakura’s climax, the blonde slammed down onto her ass, then sprung back up. Her hand snatched one of the slices of Sakura’s arms from the table, and quickly ate it. “Mmm, Sakura! You taste great!” Elise commented as a piece of Sakura’s meat, spiced up with some of her cunt juice that was still in Elise’s mouth, slid down her gullet. “T-Thanks!” Sakura replied, happy to hear that her friend was enjoying her meat too, and Elise giggled. “Don’t mention it!” She smiled, even if Sakura couldn’t see her face, while jumping from one leg to another impatiently. Seeing her like that spurred Madelyn to act again, and the green-haired girl picked her sword up again. “Sakura, please get on the table.”
“S-Sure!” Sakura replied while straightening out and walking closer to the table. Still, without her arms, she had troubles climbing onto it. She unsuccessfully tried to lift her legs to get on top of it for a moment, then stopped. “C-could you help me out?” She asked while blushing again, and Madelyn nodded at her. Getting around the table, she ran her hand across Sakura’s thigh - which was soaked with her come. After feeling it up for just a moment, and confirming just how firm it was, she pulled the girl up - helping Sakura get off the ground. Sakura shivered under her touch, with Madelyn’s fingers ending up so dangerously close to her pussy, but not quite there yet. Still, thanks to Madelyn, she was able to get onto the table - stretching her legs out across it.

Without asking for permission this time, Madelyn drove her sword through Sakura’s right leg right above her ankle. The Hoshidan had a pair of lovely, small feet - and for a moment, Madelyn watched her toes waggle as their connection to the rest of her body was cut off. She figured the hands and feet of the pink-haired girl wouldn’t be tasty, so she just put them aside. To completely sort them out, Madelyn quickly cut the girl’s other feet off as well - and placed both her hands and feet aside. She wasn’t too into collecting body parts of the girls whose lives she had claimed like that, but maybe she could use these to lure some girl in and then kill her - so the Askran girl decided to keep them for now. After just a short break, she returned to Sakura - who was looking forward to her return. Small pools of crimson had appeared below the stumps at the ends of the girl’s legs, but Sakura didn’t care about the blood she had lost at all. The pain coming from her legs - and the two stumps that remained of her arms - was pushed aside, the excitement stemming from the idea that Madelyn and Elise found her body tasty allowing her to successfully block all the pain out. She had her doubts at first, but now they were gone - and she more than enjoyed it as Madelyn cut her calves into round slices of meat. This time, the green-haired girl alternated between her limbs instead of focusing on just one of them. Sakura’s calves were pretty rich already, so once she was done slicing them up she took one of them and quickly ate it. It tasted even better than her arm! After taking her time to consume it in whole and chew it properly, making sure she swiped her tongue across all of it so that her taste buds were satisfied for a while, she resumed cutting Sakura up.

The Sol Katti continued to cut right through Sakura’s legs right up to her hips, the girl’s bountiful thighs also turned into sashimi - these slices bigger than the ones Madelyn had created earlier. As the cold blade began to slice through her come-stained thighs, getting closer and closer to her snatch, Sakura found herself getting excited again. Her arousal began to leak free from her pussy again, and by the time Madelyn was done with her legs, she was just shivering with excitement. “M-Madelyn, please… C-could you help me out a-again?” Sakura asked as Madelyn set her sword down - and she didn’t even need to clarify, what she was talking about. Madelyn had noticed her arousal as droplets of fresh cunt juice began to appear on the new slices she was cutting off - and she had no issue with helping Sakura to another climax. She moved both of her hands towards it, and began to finger Sakura with one of them while the other started to work on the girl’s clit. The double stimulation along with Sakura’s earlier arousal were enough to let the girl come fairly quickly - and the moment she did, Madelyn pulled her fingers out.

As her climax was still going on in Sakura’s body, Madelyn walked around the table to get closer to her. Grabbing the now-limbless girl by her shoulders, Madelyn flipped her over so that she was now lying on her back. Then, she quickly grabbed her Sol Katti again - and got to work right away. Sakura’s cute, lively butt was her next target. With some quick, strong slices, Madelyn was able to turn one of Sakura’s ass cheeks into sashimi before the girl’s orgasm had died down. While Madelyn did that, she heard some movement from the side - only to see Hinoka and Camilla standing next to her. The two older royals were done with their sex for now, and were both curious, what exactly was happening to Sakura. Unbothered by that, Madelyn continued to do the same for the other half of Sakura’s butt, stripping it from all of its meat. Now, Sakura’s ass was reduced to just a pile of slices of meat and some bones that were still within her body. Done with that, Madelyn flipped Sakura back onto her back - and wondered, what to do next.

“Oh my! Sakura, you look juuust so cute like this!” Camilla called out excitedly as she saw Sakura’s limbless body from the front. “Madelyn, dear, mind stepping aside? I just can’t pass this opportunity…” Camilla spoke out while taking off for a moment, and then returning with a purple strap-on which she had already put on. Madelyn had already moved to the side, giving her room she needed to impale Sakura’s pussy on her dildo. Camilla was soft and caring with her thrusts, slowly sliding her dildo deeper and deeper until it was all the way into Sakura’s warm cunt. The wetness of Sakura’s two climaxes letting the Nohrian do just that. While shoving her strap-on into Sakura, Camilla grabbed a piece of Sakura’s ass - and put it into her mouth. The raw meat was still a nice eat, and Camilla made sure to let the younger girl know just that.
“Oh, Sakura… Your meat has such an exquisite taste to it…” Sakura’s heart grew as she heard that - even Camilla was appreciative of her body! “Here, have a taste, sweetie.” Camilla added while picking another slice up, and bringing it towards Sakura’s mouth. Feeding the girl as if she was a little kid - without her arms, she might as well have been one when it came to eating - Camilla smiled as she saw Sakura slowly chew on it.

Finally getting a taste of herself, Sakura had to admit that it did taste incredible. It made her so happy, she almost started crying. Camilla’s huge purple dildo ramming into her cervix another reason for Sakura to cry. Happy tears began to run down her cheeks as Sakura swallowed her meal, with Camilla just as happy as Sakura was after seeing how much happiness her actions gave her. She stared into Sakura’s watery, pink eyes while taking a bite of another piece of the girl that Madelyn had prepared. Somehow, that sight combined with the tasty meal filling her mouth gave Camilla a desire she wasn’t expecting… Now, she wanted to know, just how one of Sakura’s eyes would taste… Leaning over, Camilla placed her face right over Sakura’s - moving one of her hands towards it as well. She cupped Sakura’s cheek with it for a moment - then directed her hand towards Sakura’s right eye. Forming a claw with her hand, she forced her fingers into the girl’s eye sockets - and pulled it out. Only just a little though - enough to pop it out of the Hoshidan’s socket, but with the optic nerve still attached to it. Then, Camilla slipped it right into her mouth - and began to suck on it. Because it was still attached to Sakura’s head, the pink-haired girl could feel it as Camilla’s tongue wrapped around her eye. It was a pretty weird feeling… But it didn’t really hurt, just felt pretty uncomfortable. However, that changed in a moment, when Camilla decided she had enough of a taste - and bit down on it instead. Sakura’s eye burst open under the pressure of Camilla’s teeth, ocular liquids pouring into Camilla’s mouth as she sucked them out of it. The big-boobed woman continued to do so until she vacuumed most of Sakura’s eye in, enjoying its salty taste and leaving it just an empty, broken shell. Having done that, Camilla decided she was satisfied for now. She let Sakura’s ruined eye slip out of her mouth while straightening out again. A few more thrusts into the girl’s pussy, and then Camilla pulled out.

However, Sakura’s cunt did not stay vacant for too long. Before Sakura could adjust to her new vision, Hinoka had already replaced Camilla there. And while Camilla was gentle with the young girl, Hinoka had no such limitations. She had already eaten a few slices of Sakura’s meat, and that let the older Hoshidan think of her sister as nothing more than a fucktoy. That let her slam it into the girl with just as much ruthlessness and force as what she showed when fucking Camilla before - Sakura’s cunt stretched painfully with her sister’s favorite sex toy. Hinoka grabbed Sakura by the stumps of her arms to propel herself deeper into her cunt, too - meaning Sakura was now the subject of the roughest sex session of her life. Sakura knew that Hinoka preferred to go rough like that, but she was usually very gentle with her… But that change still made Sakura happy. The pain from her stretched-out cunt didn’t matter - what mattered was that Hinoka was finally able to enjoy having sex with her to the fullest. While doing it, Hinoka couldn’t help but be fascinated by Sakura’s missing eye. Before long, she decided she wanted to have a taste of one of her eyes too. Lifting Sakura from the table and pulling her all the way up until their faces met, Hinoka first delivered a kiss onto her sister’s lips. Sakura kissed her back, even if weakly. Once she did that, Hinoka lowered her down a bit - her dildo sliding deeper into the girl as her mouth ended up on the level of her eyes. Hinoka adjusted her grip so that she’d be able to hold her sister with one arm, wrapping it behind her back, then used the freed-up hand on Sakura’s face. The priestess already knew what was coming, so feeling Hinoka’s fingers within her eye socket wasn’t as shocking as when Camilla did that. The feeling of Hinoka’s tongue slithering around it was also not as surprising anymore. However, when Camilla decided to crack her eye open, Hinoka decided to eat it whole. Her teeth slammed down on her optic nerve, biting through it so that she could eat the whole eyeball. Hinoka let it linger in her mouth for some time, before swallowing the thing whole - enjoying the way it made her feel as it slid down her gullet. With Sakura’s eyesight taken away from her, Hinoka decided she was done with her sister. Pulling out, she took the strap-on off, while getting a good look the two hollow holes at the front of Sakura’s head.

“Did I.. Feel good?” The now-blind princess asked, and the others all replied with confirmations. “…I’m glad I could… make you all happy…” She paused for a moment, suddenly feeling exhausted. “…T-Thanks, Madelyn…” Sakura added with a bit of effort. Was blood loss finally getting to her?
Listening to Sakura’s last words, Camilla came up with another idea. “Madelyn, love, can you slice the top of her head off?” Madelyn didn’t reply, but she reached for her sword. “Do not touch her brain, okay?” Camilla added, while warming up her hands and outstretching her fingers. A quick whoosh of the sword, and Sakura’s brain was exposed to all. Sakura’s mind waned as she felt the cold air blow against her naked brain. “You’re so brave that you did this for us, Sakura… We shall all have a toast for you now! With something no other girl could give us - your melted brain!” Camilla’s words enveloped Sakura in her final moment, her life ending just as the purple-haired girl snapped her fingers to create a small flame within her head. Her limbless body spasmed on the table for a few moments, before going still forever.

The flames did just what Camilla wanted them to, with Sakura’s brain melting down into something that could easily be drunk. Camilla set down four glasses in front of it - these were in the private spring for different drinks, but could easily work for this one as well. As the liquified brain began to pour out of Sakura’s empty eye sockets, it told her that it was now melted properly. Then, tilting Sakura’s head over, the older Nohrian poured a glass of it for each of the living princesses. Handing the glass to each of them, they raised them together. “For Sakura!” They all said in unison before drinking the fresh beverage. Although they would be hard-pressed to say that it tasted good, they still savored the strong, metallic taste of the most unusual drink they’d have in their lives.

For some time, the four women stood together over Sakura’s corpse, indulging themselves in the slices of the Hoshidan’s body and taking sips of her melted brain like it was the finest wine. It gave the older royals some time to recover after humping Sakura’s limbless body, while Elise had her fun feeling Sakura’s dead corpse up. The blonde girl stabbed her fingers into the girl’s open eye sockets and into the hole within her skull, while standing near the girl’s head, then switched to the pink-haired girl’s hollowed buttcheeks and her dead cunt as she pranced around the table to Sakura’s lower body. Meanwhile, Madelyn had to fight back hard not to lose herself completely in the combined taste of Sakura’s meat and brain - she knew there was still a lot more fun to be had here before she did that.

As if replying to her thoughts, Camilla suddenly straightened out. “Alright, my dears. It’s time we start this snuff party in the fullest!” All four of them couldn’t deny the excitement that hearing these words brought them. “As this whole thing was my idea, I’ll die first. I’ll make sure to put up quite the show for you three…” The Nohrian used her seductive tone as she said that, happy to provide the others with as much stimulation as she could. Her voice was always a vital part of that, as she knew just the proper way to drag her sounds properly, enough to drive those listening to her insane with desire.
“Specifically, I want to be crushed by these, big, warm stones that are on the edges of the springs. I need your help with that, though - please, could you gather them and start putting them on my body? Once the first stones start to pin me down, I’ll be cooompletely helpless…” Her voice trailed off again, the way she left that open stirring their imagination and causing their pussies to get wet again as they thought of the possibilities it’d offer. However, as Madelyn processed that, she realized an issue with doing that. Camilla’s tits were going to be crushed, too!
“Camilla? Can we do one more thing before we get started on that?” She asked, and Camilla smiled at her warmly. “Of course, darling. What is it?”
“Your breast. They are just sooo huge and shapely… I’m certain they would taste incredible! But if you end up crushed, then they will be ravaged… Can I take them for myself first?” Camilla felt a pang of pleasure appear in her abdomen as she heard that. Praise to her tits was always fine - but the idea that her breasts would still be used after her death was really exciting!
“It would be my pleasure, sweetie. Go ahead!” Camilla exclaimed excitedly while walking to the table and placing her supersized sacks of tit flesh on top of it. She ran her fingers across them one more time, letting them go across her nipples, while Madelyn readied her blade again. The Askran girl placed her cold, blood-stained blade on top of Camilla’s left tit, searching for the best place to start the cut. Once she had found it, the swordswoman lifted the Sol Katti, and then brought it back down with a lot of force - enough to cut through all of Camilla’s tit even despite its size. The giant, spherical piece of boob meat slumped down onto the table as the blade stabbed into it as well - Camilla moaning loudly as one of her breasts was suddenly cut off. It was getting her so excited, that she forced one hand in between her legs and began to probe her pussy with it fiercely. Hearing her reaction, Madelyn’s legs shivered a bit because of how sensual the wyvern rider sounded. It was just so hot, that Madelyn desired to hear more of it. So, instead of going for a quick slice for Camilla’s second boob, Madelyn slid her weapon underneath it - letting the sharp edge press against the base of Camilla’s surviving tit. Camilla moaned again as she felt it, and her moans only grew louder as Madelyn began to saw through it. Madelyn was making sure to take her time with each cut, her thighs getting almost as wet as Camilla herself was when listening to Camilla’s sultry voice and the arousing sounds she was eliciting.

Eventually, the golden blade came free out of Camilla’s body again, escaping through the top of the woman’s boob as it too slapped down onto the table. Camilla moaned particularly loudly as she felt that - her fingers picking up the pace as she did - and soon followed it up with a request that was interrupted by more moans. “…Aaaah, that felt great, my dear! When you do handle my breasts laaaaater, I’m sure you’d want to eat at least one. But could you pleeeeaasse spare the other one? I’m sure it could seeeeerve you well if you made it into a pillow… Oooooh!” Just as she finished speaking, she came, Camilla shaking in front of the table as she squirted her come all over her hand. While shaking in her climax, she found it harder to keep her balance than usual - her chest was sooo light now, and it was such an unusual change! She found the feeling so liberating! Losing them did make her a bit sad, though… But Madelyn’s slightly hesitant confirmation that she’d keep her boob as a pillow alleviated that sadness, Camilla fully enjoying herself in her climax. After Madelyn agreed on keeping one of her tits, Camilla began to wonder if she could pass some other of her body parts as well. Her head would survive the crushing, right? Then it should be perfectly usable as a sextoy for someone… Camilla knew all about Madelyn’s powers, so she knew she could ask her to pass it on - even if Hinoka looked at her weirdly once she did.
“M-Madelyn, love… Once I’m dead, mind passing my head on to a Selena?” The twintailed redhead served her sooo well as a retainer, she deserved to get a reward for it. In fact, this all happened because of an earlier trip to the springs she had taken with the two of her retainers. Sensing her desire to see her die, her Selena willingly cut herself open for her. Once Beruka saw her reaction to the girl’s death, the assassin killed herself for her enjoyment as well - their actions combined fully planting the idea in Camilla’s head of throwing her life away for some momentary pleasure. Even if her retainers were dead, there was surely another Selena in Askr that would appreciate a gift like that - and Camilla was certain that she had also earned it.
“Sure, I can do that!” Madelyn replied excitedly, happy that she’d get to slice the Nohrian’s head off - even if it wouldn’t be as fun if the mature woman was already dead. The girl’s eager voice warmed Camilla’s heart - and with that out of the way, the axe user was almost ready to end her life.

However, as her climax was over, Camilla came up with one more idea. There was one more part of her that would get ruined once the stones were put on top of her - and she was sure it could prove to be just as useful to someone, if not more, than her head. “Actually, I want you to do one more thing before we get started… Could you carve my pussy out now, and give it to a Corrin later? Any Corrin will do.” Camilla asked that, and Madelyn considered that for a moment. It’s been some time since she had eaten a proper cunt steak, and she was certain Camilla’s would be an exquisite one. Any Corrin would do? That suuuurely included the one she’d eaten while back at the plains. Camilla’s pussy would find a home within the gut that had taken apart her beloved sister… With that in mind, Madelyn had no issues agreeing to do it. “Of course! Just climb onto the table and spread your legs!” Hearing that, Camilla kicked her long legs onto the table, forcing Sakura’s corpse off it to take the spot on it not occupied by her massive titties or what still remained of the Sakura sashimi. Then, settling her fat ass onto it, Camilla spread her legs as far as she could - presenting her dripping-wet snatch to the green-haired girl. Madelyn felt her mouth water again as she got a better look at the woman’s wonderful, plump thighs… She would have loved to add them to her meat reserve, too… But asking for them would change up the way Camilla wanted to die too much… Well, there was always a chance they’d survive Camilla’s death anyways.

Grabbing her golden blade with a grip that let her move it with far more precision than before, Madelyn then rammed it right into Camilla’s crotch - just a bit to the left of her gaping, soaked slit. She pushed it in quite deeply and at an angle, trying to get as much of Camilla’s pussy out as she could. Once she was satisfied with the depth, Madelyn began to drag the sword around - using the sharp metal to draw a circle in Camilla’s abdomen. She made sure to encompass all of Camilla’s labia, as well - her cut wide enough that she cut just a little into Camilla’s right thigh. As the decunting proceeded, Camilla continued to draw sharp, quick breaths that would usually show her arousal - but with her pussy half-gone, she didn’t really have a good way to release it. It was another new experience for her - but the lack of sensations from her missing pussy bothered her more than the pleasant lightness she felt when she lost her breasts. Still, it was for Corrin’s good - so she could deal with that for however much longer her life would go on for. Madelyn continued the cut until she closed the circle, then pulled her sword out - and directed her hands towards it. Her fingers gently grabbed Camilla’s cut-out pussy and then pulled the cone-shaped piece of meat out - with blood pouring out of the new hole in Camilla’s body as the plug which was keeping it in was removed. Madelyn presented it to Camilla, and then to Elise and Hinoka who were watching all of it go down while snacking on some slices of Sakura’s thighs. Camila’s purple eyes looked at the tube of meat that contained her vagina with quite the curiosity. “May I touch it?” Camilla asked, and Madelyn handed it to her. Camilla touched it for a few moments with her eyes going wide, shoving a few fingers into the hole on the other end. Madelyn did not cut deep enough to carve out her womb as well, so she had to cut her vaginal canal open - and the opening at the place of the cut really fascinated the eldest princess of Nohr. However, after touching it for just a moment, she quickly gave it back to Madelyn. The debreasted and decunted woman was now more eager to throw her life away now than ever - so she began to made preparations for just that.

Jumping off the table, Camilla walked over to one of the smaller hot springs on the side of the room. She had already seeked it out earlier, as there was a big, flat surface right near it. The other springs were just slightly tilted, making Camilla worried that the stones which were to take her life would fall off her body prematurely. Here, that should not be a problem. Camilla lied down on her back, letting it rest against the wet, cold floor - her shoulders and shoulder blades pressed against the ground. “Go ahead now~!” She called out to the other three women, and Hinoka, Madelyn and Elise all scurried across the spring to find stones that would be fitting.

With the hot springs’ size, it wasn’t too hard for Madelyn to find one. Picking it up proved to be a bit harder - it was a bit heavy, but more importantly it was really hot. Hot enough to burn her hands when she touched it. The spells cast on the springs ensured that they would stay this hot forever, making it so that there was always warm water within them. Madelyn had to make use of a towel to pick the stone up, and could still feel the warmth through it. Once she did, however, she had no other issues lifting it. It wasn’t too gigantic, just about the size to cover up the upper part of Camilla’s torso in full. Carrying it with her, Madelyn returned to Camilla - and saw that she was the first one to come back. “Ah, Madelyn, dearie, place it over my chest.” Camilla asked while Madelyn stood in place, picking the spot to put the stone down at for her. Getting closer, Madelyn examined Camilla’s chest. Two big, bleeding wounds were covering most of it - these were the stumps of Camilla’s plump tits. Madelyn set her stone down so that it covered them, and could hear a whizz as Camilla drew a sharp breath. “Thank you, darling.” Camilla replied, though some pain was clearly showing in her voice. After Madelyn confirmed that the stone was placed properly - adjusting it a little and having it rub against Camilla’s exposed flesh - the green-haired girl left to pick up another stone.

Having a really warm stone press down on her actually hurt a lot. Camilla wasn’t expecting that. The weight of the stone pinned her down, bringing her back fully down so that it rested on the floor below. Caving in to the weight helped just for the first moment, but then the stone proceeded to burn against her body. As it was just a single stone, its weight didn’t really matter - but the temperature very much did. The skin that was directly against the stone quickly flushed up, turning red because of the irritation. Just holding the stone for a moment would be enough for someone to get burnt, and there was nothing to absorb the heat between it and Camilla’s body - so her skin quickly started to hurt. However, just a little part of her skin was actually pressed directly against the rock. Because her breasts were gone, it rested directly on Camilla’s rib cage - right on top of the two bleeding holes that were all Camilla had of her breasts now. Because of how deep Madelyn had cut, most of it was covered just by a thin layer of her flesh. It’d already hurt a lot if it was just crushed between the stone and her ribs, but the warmth also began to affect her meat. Because of how warm it was, it began to take away most of the humidity that was still left in her flesh there - drying out both of her chest stumps very quickly and giving her a lot of pain in the process. As her pussy was gone, there was nothing she could do with that pain - unable to transform it right into pleasure anymore. Because of that, the pain was free to roam within her body - making her legs kick out, the rich meat of her thighs jiggling as she did. Her hips were also swaying around because of these kicks, Camilla able to drag herself back and forth just a little bit on the ground.

However, that came to an end as Hinoka reached her with a stone of her own. Since there was one already on top of Camilla’s chest, Hinoka put her down on top of Camilla’s lower half - making it crush her abdomen. It squeezed down on the soft skin and flesh of her stomach, pressing on it hard and making Camilla very much aware of all the slices of Sakura’s meat that she had eaten before. The stone caused the contents of her abdominal cavity to all get squashed down, with her organs pressed together as they suddenly had much less room than before. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt as much as the first stone which was placed on her - Camilla was able to handle just some extra pain she felt as the skin of her stomach was got burnt. It did, however, stop her from moving around too much - even though her legs were still able to kick out, the extra weight meant that she’d remain in this spot until her death. After setting her stone down, Hinoka got down next to one of Camilla’s legs - and worked her fingers into the gaping hole in the woman’s crotch. With how big it was, the Hoshidan was able to make her entire hand fit inside it easily - sliding it deep into Camilla’s bleeding folds. She rubbed her fingers against the walls of the tunnel Madelyn had cut out in her, making Camilla squirm some more as she stabbed her nails into her flesh. It felt sooo good to see Camilla’s arms and legs writhe in pain! Hinoka could feel herself getting wet again because of that. However, the redhead also knew she had another duty she had to carry out first - Camilla waited for so long for her death, after all. She knew the best that Camilla did - the older Hoshidan being the first person Camilla asked if she wanted to join her in killing herself. So, after comparing the way Hinoka’s new canal felt to the way her pussy felt before, Hinoka pulled her bloodied hand out - inserting her fingers into her mouth and licking Camilla’s blood off them before walking to grab another stone that could be used on her purple-haired friend.

While the two older princesses had no big issues with bringing the stones over to Camilla, the same couldn’t be said for Elise. The blonde Nohrian tried hard to bring a proper stone to her sister, but she just lacked the strength necessary to do so. After trying for a while, she gave up on that - and ran back to Camilla on the brink of tears. “Big sis, I’m so sorry! I just can’t do it! These stones are just too heavy!” Elise called out to Camilla while sniffling.
“Oh, it’s alright, my dear. Don’t cry!” Camilla replied, touched that Elise was so shaken by that. “R-really?” Elise replied, and Camilla smiled at her warmly. “Really. I know you tried hard to do it, and I know it must have tired you out. Why don’t you sit down and just relax for a while?” Camilla elaborated, and Elise nodded, her mood already fixed again. “Okay!” She replied happily, and was about to run off, but Camilla grabbed her by the ankle. “In fact, sweetie, I think you’ve earned a reward. Come and sit down here… right on my face.” Elise listened to what her sister asked for - placing her young, small pussy right over Camilla’s face. The moment she did, Camilla opened her mouth - and her tongue shot for Elise’s slit. Forcing it right into it, Camilla proceeded to eat her younger sister out - moving her tongue all around the wet folds of Elise’s tight, almost untouched flower.

“Aaah! Camilla! It feels great! Big Sister!” It didn’t take Elise too long to start moaning as Camilla’s tongue probed her inexperienced snatch. Camilla was pretty happy to hear them, as it was always great to make her family members feel good. But doing this also had another purpose - while focusing herself on eating Elise out, Camilla was able to filter out the pain that was still coming from her oversensitive skin and her ruined tit flesh. Not having her pussy really made it harder for her to handle the pain - so a distraction like that was quite useful. Because of that, she didn’t even notice as her limbs were pinned down with a few stones each - Madelyn and Hinoka making sure to drag this on for as long as they could. The new places where her skin began to sizzle weren’t too painful, Camilla getting used to that kind of pain after the first two stones. The moment when a new stone was placed still caused a spike of pain to go through her body. However, all it resulted in was making her tongue twitch inside Elise’s cunt, causing the blonde to moan louder than usual. Eventually, her sweet young sister came, and her sweetness poured out of her right onto Camilla’s face and into her waiting, open mouth. She didn’t get to taste Elise’s cunt juices too open, but they had a special kind of sweetness in it that could only be produced by virgins. Still, Camilla couldn’t help but feel a bit sad about that - her beloved sister stayed pure all this time, so she wouldn’t even feel the pleasure of being penetrated before she died… Well, unless Hinoka or Madelyn fixed that before the girl died… However, the Nohrian wasn’t going to ask them to do it - she found Elise’s pureness pretty endearing, and decided she’d rather have her sister die a virgin. Elise still remained nested on her face for some more time, but by the time Madelyn and Hinoka returned with the stones that would become the second layer, she had recovered from her orgasm and got off.

The extra layers of stones had varying effects on her body parts. For her limbs, they were just a bit squashed - Madelyn decided not to crush them in full to preserve more of Camilla’s meat. So, once they added a few layers, she and Hinoka only focused on the two growing pillars on top of Camilla’s torso. The one over her chest didn’t really do much as it grew, only increasing the pressure on Camilla’s ribcage and squeezing more of her flesh through the holes between her ribs. On the other hand, the stones over her belly weren’t as merciful. They quickly compressed the lower part of her stomach, the stones going further and further down until her pelvis had stopped them. However, the other end did not stop going down - Camilla’s belly crushed completely. Her organs burst open one by one as the pressure on them increased, causing Camilla to suffer from a lot of internal bleeding as all of them were mixed together into one, bloody paste. Her stomach ended up almost completely flattened because of them - and eventually, her pelvis broke in. With the bones snapping, there was nothing stopping the stones from grinding Camilla’s lower abdomen into a bloody pancake as well - her womb popping open as the stones came down on it. Camilla’s stomach turned completely flat because of these - but despite that, the Nohrian was still alive.

With her lower spine crushed, Camilla could no longer feel her lower body at all. That, in turn, made the feelings from her upper half all the more intense - especially the strain on her chest. Camilla could tell that it was at its limit - just one more stone, and then it’d give in! Although she had troubles controlling her eyes now - all the pain caused them to bulge hard within their sockets - she still looked to one side and to the other, excited to see who would be the one to en
R: 2 / I: 1

Obedience Training by Darinost

Extreme, f, M, Bestiality, Bondage, Domination, Humiliation, Pain, Rape, Sadism, Submission, Water Sports, Non-Consensual


“Do you know why you're here, Mrs. Miller?”

Robin shifted impatiently in her chair. “Yes,” she said sourly. “Do you not?”

If her tone offended Dr. Taylor, he gave no sign. He continued to calmly write notes at his desk, not looking up as he spoke. “I have already had a discussion with Mr. Miller, but I feel it is always best to hear a situation from all sides.”

Robin sighed loudly, making no attempt to hide her annoyance. Even when angry, she was a stunning woman. Her natural beauty alone was impressive; she possessed a sleek, graceful figure, silky dark hair that fell about her shoulders in waves, and gray eyes that smoldered above pale, delicate features. But all that was further refined and enhanced by high-end cosmetics, tasteful jewelry, and a tight blue dress from Paris that had cost five figures. All together, she looked as lovely and perfect as a porcelain doll, albeit one that would like to be anywhere but there. “The situation is that my husband is a lying, cheating sack of shit that I'm about to kick to the curb. But first I'm humoring him with this marriage counseling nonsense. A counseling session that apparently he can't even bother to show up to!”

“If you already have set your heart on a divorce,” Dr. Taylor asked, head still down, “then why did you agree to come here for counseling?”

“Because it's part of the ridiculous prenup we signed,” she growled, clicking her impeccably manicured nails against the armrest. “If I divorce him without attempting counseling first, he keeps everything. But if he thinks this fucking no-show act is going to save him, he's dead wrong. All I have to do is attend this one lousy session, and then it's over and I can legally ream him out. Now, I'm sure you're wonderful at your job, but since I have no intention of listening to anything you have to say, why don't we save ourselves some time and end it here?”

As she stood to leave, Dr Taylor looked up at her for the first time. He was an unassuming middle-aged man with thinning brown hair, thick black spectacles, and watery eyes. “I have already been made aware of the prenuptial agreement, Mrs. Miller. And unless I am mistaken, you will need signed documentation from myself to verify your presence here. I do not intend to provide that unless I feel we have made an effort to understand each other. Therefore, I would like you to please sit down.”

Robin looked longingly at the exit, but huffed and sat back down, squirming a little in discomfort. The chair was some kind of bare black metal or plastic with a high back and curving armrests. The lack of padding and inability to adjust it made the seat hard and unpleasant to sit in. Dr Taylor didn't speak again for several minutes, still writing on his pad. He was seated behind a small oaken desk covered in papers and forms. His chair looked much more comfortable than hers, with actual upholstery and everything.

Impatient and bored, Robin looked around at the room. The office was plain and unattractive. There were no windows or pictures on the walls, or even family photos on the desk. The only decoration at all was the impressive array of papers lining the walls behind Dr. Taylor. Diplomas in psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, accreditations for research and treatment work on childhood trauma, PTSD, social anxiety, marital abuse… she had to admit this guy didn't look like a quack, at least.

“What can you tell me about the adultery?” Dr. Taylor finally asked, setting his pen down.

Robin leaned forward slightly, happy to vent. “I know he couldn't even find someone who'd let him stick his dick in her for free. The asshole was seeing prostitutes.”

“And what do you know about those prostitutes?”

Robin shrugged. “Who cares? A whore's a whore. He probably went for the first piece of street trash he could find that was willing to do anal.”

The therapist picked his pen back up and made a note on his pad. “Do you say that because your husband has a preoccupation for anal sex, or because you have a particular dislike for it?”

“Either. Both. Michael was into a lot of kinky shit like that.”

“And you were not, I surmise?”

She scowled. “Look, I did my wifely duties. We had sex once a month, and I blew him on birthdays and anniversaries. If that wasn't enough for him, he had two free hands and all the porn he wanted.”

More notes. “Have you considered whether your lack of interest in him sexually played a role in his being unfaithful?”

“Like hell it did,” she snapped. “He knew from the beginning that I wasn't interested in him like that. I never pretended that I was going to be his damn sex kitten. If that was a problem, he shouldn't have married me in the first place!”

“And what about yourself, Mrs. Miller? If you never wanted to have sexual relations with Mr. Miller, why marry him in the first place?”

Robin hesitated, trying to find the right words. Before she could come up with something, Dr. Taylor spoke again. “Was it because of his wealth?”

She glared at him. “So what if it was? You wanna call me a gold digger, fine! I won't deny it. How else do you think someone like him could ever end up with someone like me?!”

“You raise a good point,” said Dr. Taylor mildly, unaffected by her temper. He leafed through some papers. “According to my records, Mr. Miller is forty six years old, while you are… twenty four? That is quite an age difference.”

“That's not even the half of it! He's balding, eighty pounds overweight, and sweats like a pig even in the winter. And I'm…” Robin gestured sharply down at herself. “Seriously, the fact that I was willing to sleep with him even once a month should be grounds for sainthood.”

The therapist made a few more notes, then put his pad down and steepled his fingers. “I believe that is enough for me to go on, Mrs. Miller. Thank you.”

“So now I can leave?”

“No, now we can begin the session proper. I would like to start by telling you more about the women your husband slept with.”

Robin groaned and slumped in her chair. “Fine. Just make it quick.”

“As you already know, these women were prostitutes. But they were not, as you seem to have assumed, random streetwalkers. Your husband is a client at a very exclusive organization that deals in high end prostitutes. The workers found there are, by and large, trained professionals, whose job is to cater to their customers' every whim and fantasy.”

“Okay, so he stuck it in some really pricey whores. I don't see why I should care.”

Dr. Taylor gave her a thin smile. “That is what I am about to get into. You see, almost all of the people who frequent this establishment are wealthy or powerful, like your husband. Many of them have careers that would be ruined by a scandal, or significant others like yourself that they are supposed to be committed to. Because this organization prides itself on anonymity and security for its clientele, as well as for itself, it provides certain services for eventualities like these. One of those services is me.”

Robin blinked in confusion. “Wait… let me get this straight… you work for the same people Michael was fucking? And he brought me here so you could, what, talk me into staying quiet about it?”

Dr Taylor raised a hand to rub his chin. “Hmm, a close summation, but not entirely accurate. First, I am not directly employed by this organization. I maintain social ties with their owner, but operate as a third party. You could think of me rather as a consultant, brought in for special cases. Second, while you are correct that the true purpose of our meeting today is to persuade you to remain silent, I will not be relying on words alone. My intention is to break you down with both physical and mental torture.”

Robin stared at him open mouthed for a moment, having difficulty processing what he'd just said. His tone had been as calm and polite as before, but the words… she had to have misunderstood or misheard him somehow… She rose from her chair, trembling slightly. “I-I am going to leave now. If you won't sign the papers saying I was here, then I'll find another therapist to go to. Goodbye.”

She all but ran to the door, her expensive heels tapping a quick rhythm against the carpeted floor. More than anything, she felt silly for being troubled in the first place. She was in an ordinary office in an ordinary hospital, alone with one of the most boring looking men she'd ever seen. Nothing weird was going to happen here.

The door was locked. She kept trying to turn the knob several times, in a rising state of panic now. It should open. It was supposed to open. She turned back around to tell Dr. Taylor that there was something wrong with his door, and flinched back as she realized he was right next to her. His fist caught her in the stomach, and she doubled over, wheezing. She couldn't understand what was going on. Concepts like violence and assault existed only vaguely for people like Robin Miller. She knew of their existence, but only from afar; they were the sort of thing that happened to other people. She felt him fasten something around her neck and tried to push him away. He responded with another blow that knocked her onto the floor.

A hand seized her hair and dragged her across the carpet, breaking several of those manicured nails in the process, until she was hoisted back onto the chair she'd been sitting in. Still dazed by the sudden assault, Robin could only manage a token resistance, and was unable to stop more things from being fastened around her wrist and ankles. The moment Dr. Taylor took his hands off her, Robin tried to stand up and bolt, but she remained completely immobile. She couldn't even look down at herself, the thing around her neck somehow locked to the chair behind her. She tried to move her arms and legs, and heard only the harsh clinking of metal.

“I believe we have found a good starting position,” said the therapist, his tone unchanged. “Let us begin.”

She froze as she saw him pull a knife out of his pocket. “Oh god…” she whispered. “Please don't kill me…” She shut her eyes as he drew nearer, expecting to feel it slice into her skin any second. Instead, he began to saw at her clothes, cutting them up into pieces. In just a few minutes, her expensive Parisian dress had been reduced to scattered rags, and Robin sat naked in the black chair, feeling the dry air on her bare skin. She squirmed in it, uncomfortable and humiliated.

“Your husband was given some leeway in determining your fate,” Dr. Taylor said. “Some clients choose to have the threatening party killed, or shipped overseas. Many even ask that they be forcibly employed for the organization itself. Mr. Miller has instead opted for the obedience training. You will be allowed to return home and remain his wife, but not until you are deemed ready.”

“You… you can't do this to me!” Robin stammered, finally starting to think clearly again. “This is crazy! Help! Heee~lp!!”

“I suggest you save your voice, Mrs. Miller. You will have ample reason to scream soon, and no one will be coming to rescue you.”

She ignored him and continued yelling for several more minutes, until it had become painfully clear that he was right. Either the room was soundproofed, or nobody in the building cared about what was happening in here. Either way, she was on her own.

“Very good,” said Dr Taylor when she stopped, chest heaving from shortage of breath. “Now, as I was explaining, you are here for obedience training. Your husband has been kind enough to note several inappropriate behaviors and flaws in your character that we are going to correct today.”

He pressed a hidden catch on his desk, and the front panel swung open, revealing a drawer filled with unfamiliar instruments. Dr. Taylor picked one of them up, a long yellow rod with a handle on one end and two metal prongs on the other.

“I have chosen aversion therapy for your training,” he said. “We are going to go over your bad habits, one by one, and begin conditioning you to avoid them.” He held the rod up and pressed the trigger on the handle. Blue sparks danced between the prongs. “We'll start with the cattle prod.”

Robin shrank away from him as he approached. “Please,” she stammered. “I… I have money… please…” He jabbed her in the stomach with the prod. “You don't want to d-aaaaarrgh!” He pulled the trigger, and pain exploded in her mind. It was worse than anything she'd ever experienced in her life, a sensation like hot hungry fire swallowing her up whole, like all of her muscles were being shredded apart. She convulsed in the chair, mouth wide open but no sound coming out. The vicious shock lasted less than a second, but left her feeling frazzled and worn.

“This is for denying your husband sex,” Dr. Taylor said, and shocked her again. She found her voice this time, and let out an ear piercing shriek. If the sound bothered him, he didn't show it. “To help associate this pain with your behavior, I will ask you to repeat after me: you deserve this for denying your husband sex.”

Stunned and shaking, Robin gave no reply. Dr. Taylor waited a few seconds, then used the cattle prod on her again, this time on her left leg. “This cannot proceed until you say your line,” he told her, and then shocked her right shoulder.

“I… I… I deserve this!” she screamed. “F-for denying my husband sex!”

“Good. Again.” He zapped her on the other leg.

“I deserve this for denying my husband sex!”

“Good. Once more.” The prongs sank into the soft flesh of her right breast, and the world burst again.

“I deserve this for denying my husband sex!” she screamed, voice already hoarse.

“Well done.” Dr. Taylor put the prod back in the desk drawer.

“I… I've learned my lesson,” she said, panting. “You don't have to hurt me anymore! I swear I'll treat my husband better! I'll stay with Michael, and do whatever he wants, and I'll never nag or complain again! I promise!”

“Do you think I enjoy causing you pain, Mrs. Miller?” he asked calmly, his back still turned.

“N-no, no, of course not!” Robin said quickly. “You don't want to hurt me! A-and you don't have to, really!”

He turned back to her, now holding a pair of alligator clamps. “I suspect you are lying, but you are actually quite correct: I have no interest in pain itself.” Robin whimpered softly as one of the clamps closed around her left nipple, vicious teeth digging into sensitive skin. “My interest – one could refer to it as a fetish and not be incorrect, but it goes beyond sexual gratification – lies in the result of pain. There is no perfect word for it in the English language, but 'anguish' is a close enough approximation.”

He applied the other clamp to her right nipple. “You know that I am going to hurt you very badly this afternoon, and you know that you cannot stop me. The fear, misery and despair that this knowledge engenders, that is what I'm after. Those emotions will be even more enticing in the aftermath of your torture. Once you've actually experienced the pain, seen how your body can betray you, how you were helpless to make it stop…”

Dr. Taylor closed his eyes, took a deep, slow breath, then opened his eyes again. “It is exhilarating. There is nothing lovelier in the entire world than a beautiful creature suffering. This, by the way, is for not smiling enough.” He took hold of the left clamp and twisted it hard.

Robin screamed, certain her nipple was about to be ripped right off her chest. “You appear to be a slow learner,” he observed, and twisted in the opposite direction.

“I deserve this for not smiling enough!” she shrieked, the words tumbling out of her mouth. “I deserve this for not smiling enough! I deserve this for not smiling enough!”

“One at a time, please, Mrs. Miller.” Dr. Taylor released the left clamp, and took hold of the right instead.

He twisted. “I deserve this for not smiling enough!” she screamed obediently. Another twist. “I deserve this for not smiling enough!”

“Excellently done.” He turned to his desk to get something new, not bothering to remove the clamps.

Twenty minutes later, only Robin's closest acquaintances could have recognized the woman huddled in the chair. There was no trace of the confident, refined beauty who had entered less than an hour ago. In her place was a sweaty, shivering mess that rocked back and forth, her face drawn and pretty gray eyes downcast. “I deserve this… I deserve this…” she whispered, without any prompting.

“Mrs. Miller?” Dr Taylor asked. “Mrs. Miller!” She snapped out of her reverie and looked up at him. “It is time to review.” He held up a toilet brush, its stiff bristles speckled with her blood. “Why did I scrub out your anus with this?”

Her lips moved as she frantically tried to recall the answer. “B-b-b-because I, uh, I don't address my husband with the proper respect?”

“Very good. And why did I use sewing pins to fasten your pussy lips to your upper thighs?”

Robin squirmed with the effort of remembering, making the colorful pin heads that still decorated her crotch bob and dance. “Because… oh, oh, because I look at other men!”

“Quite right. And what was your punishment for not acting pleased when Mr. Miller cums inside you?”

Her mouth worked, but no answer came out, and she began to breathe more heavily. “I… I was… you… I can remember it, I can, just, just a few seconds, please…”

Dr. Taylor shook his head. “I see the lesson has not stuck yet. Your punishment was having your breasts beaten with a riding crop.”

“I'm sorry!” she whined. “'I'm sorry! I deserved to have my breasts beaten with a riding crop for not being happy when Mr. Miller cums in me!”
“Too little, too late, I'm afraid.” He picked up the cattle prod. “We'll start over from the top.”

“No! Nonononono! Please! Not again! You-aaaaaaarrrgh!”

It took three more iterations before Dr. Taylor was satisfied at her recollection of her sins. What was left of Robin was half mad from the pain. Her body was a patchwork of cuts, bruises, and burns, and blood flowed freely from both her vagina and anus.

The doctor glanced at the clock on the wall. “There are roughly thirty minutes left in our session, Mrs. Miller. Normally, I would use this remaining time to go over your lessons again, but…” He eyed her battered and broken body. “Your condition has made me quite erect. So I'm going to give you the option of sucking my dick. If your behavior is exemplary, we will consider your session over and done.”

“P-please let me suck your dick!” Robin stammered. “Please! I'll do a good job, I swear!” She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, giving him a pleading look that held no trace of pride.

Dr. Taylor unzipped his pants, pulled out his stiff member and stepped forward. Robin immediately swallowed him up, her mouth greedily working on him. She put all of her remaining energy into the task, determined to give the man who'd tortured her for the last hour and a half the best blowjob of his life. There was no thought of dignity as she noisily sucked and slurped on his prick, drool running down the curves of her body to pool in the chair seat.

It only took a couple minutes before semen spurted against the back of her mouth. She gulped it down immediately, her tongue already hard at work licking him clean. Dr. Taylor didn't say speak after he pulled out of her. He walked back to the secret panel in his desk first, and withdrew an evil looking cat-o-nine-tails with barbed strands, which he showed it to her.

“This,” he said mildly,” is for cheating on your husband just now.” He struck her stomach with the whip, the strands leaving bloody streaks across her skin.
“Whyyyy?!” Robin demanded, her voice tortured. “Oh god, why?! I did what you wanted!!”

“Incorrect,” Dr. Taylor replied. “You did what you wanted. You were willing to cheat on your husband in order to gain something, in this case a reprieve from the pain. I was not lying when I offered to end the session early: had you been more faithful, your good behavior would indeed have been grounds to stop. But clearly, you still have a long way to go. That's why you deserve this.” He struck her again. “Say it.”

“I deserve this for cheating on my husband!” she wailed. Another blow. “I deserve this for cheating on … on my husband.” Another. “I deserve this… for… cheat… cheating on my… h-husband….”

Dr. Taylor pressed the intercom button on his desk. “Marcie, I'm going to need to you reschedule my evening appointments. Mrs. Miller appears to be in need of an extended session today.” Robin began to sob as she saw him grab the cattle prod again. “Once more with feeling.”
R: 11 / I: 0

For the Good of Humanity: Jennifer

Hello folks, I've decided to share my first ever Snuff story with the community. I've been looking at this site for few months now, give or take, and the level of acceptance and genuine lack of judgement is great.

I'll post the story chapter by chapter below. You may find some spelling or grammar errors and I love someone to approach me about proofreading!
R: 2 / I: 1

Workout Equipment

This story was originally posted to Ravishu.com by Beater. I am posting it here without their permission for the sake of sharing.

2095 AD: DevilFit Gym, New London.

It was still early in the morning when her eyes started to flicker awake. With little to no lighting in storage, her slumber continued for an extended period, allowing her to rest for a tiny bit longer. For whatever reason, Ruth had woken up earlier than what was usual. Everyone else must have still been asleep in their lockers because with the exception of the various machines connected to her, everything else was silent.

She thought about trying to fall back to sleep but knew that it wouldn't be long before she would be forced to start the day. A couple minutes of extra rest hardly made a difference for her. She wasn't designed that way. Instead, Ruth chose to remain awake, despite of it being far more comfortable to be in her locker while she was unconscious.

Everything was running smoothly in her computerised coffin. The sockets restraining her arms and legs still fit like a glove, were adjusted perfectly to her measurements and prevented any unwanted movement. To avoid her body cramping from being restrained, she would receive moderate shocks from multiple electrodes that were strategically placed on every part of her body. A particularly nasty one just zapped her asscheeks whilst she thought about them.

With her held secure, other necessary maintenance devices were also running on her, the same way they had been running all throughout the night. A scanner burnt off any traces of body hair to leave her skin unnaturally smooth while two mechanical claws exercised her cunt and asshole, keeping her nice and tight for customers. The claws still hurt, she had slept in this locker for 3 months now but still couldn't get used to its sharp digits.

Then there was the breasts pump system which was something else entirely. It was designed to clean and filter out her synthetic mammary glands. Through the injection ports that were used to flavour her shakes, two sharp tubes pumped a cleansing substance that was then milked out of her. A separate tube was in her mouth, providing her with a high nutritional mixture that tasted like raw sewage while further tubes were jammed up her nostrils so that she could breathe.

Lastly, for sanitary purposes, there was a pipette inserted into her urethra which drained away any waste products from her liquid only diet. Having been able to avoid too much punishment yesterday, there was no need for the healing gel to fill up the locker so for budgeting reason, the green jelly like stuff wasn't coating her from head to toe. Unfortunately, that meant that the insulation that it normally gave wasn't there for Ruth to enjoy, making her storage locker especially cold.

After a while, the pumps switched off and retracted back into their idle positions. Sliding out of her, the pipette in her piss hole hurt the most compared to the other tubing. It was wider at the tip meaning that it scratched inside her like a rusty nail. Being awake, she could prepare herself for what always came next, not that bracing herself did her much good.

With a sudden charge, lightning bolts run through every electrode that was attached to her. Each one shocked her at full power, making sure that the girl inside woke up from whatever nightmare she was experiencing. From the other lockers, she heard her friends all screaming. Her voice joined them as their alarm clocks all went off simultaneously.

The pads of the shockers disconnected after they had served the purpose and her locker door then opened. In doing so, a jet of cold air slapped her skin, further aiding in waking up the gym equipment. Her restraints then came loose, allowing Ruth to step out of her unit. The cooled ventilated air was crisp but unwelcoming. She shivered as she stood there and waited for the others to finish waking.

To the locker on her right, her best friend Megan escaped, still looking pretty banged up from the day before. The healing gel in her locker had done its job but it would still take a day or two before she would completely heal from all the bruising. She stumbled over to Ruth and the two of them hugged each other to try and keep warm, shivering together.

"Are you feeling any better Meg?"

"Kind of. My pussy still really hurts though from that bastard ramming that thing in me."

Ruth held on to her friend a little tighter, filling in the role of a big sister seeing as she was technically older than her. Megan was the shortest of the slaves although Ruth wasn't much taller and her blonde hair was a slightly darker shade than Ruth's. She gently brushed it with her hand whilst they shared body heat. The remnants of the gel that was clinging on to Megan's body rubbed on to her's when their large breasts pressed up into each other in their embrace.

The other girls soon joined them. Eden, Jessica, Molly, Willa, Angela, Courtney and Zoey. They all hurdled up together like penguins that were being battered by the Arctic winds. When the door out storage opened, all of them rushed through it to be treated with a non-chilled room.

When Ruth had first been shipped out here, she had been surprised to find that the showers had warm water. It had been a luxury that she had never experienced before, having only previously been blasted with a hose back when she was being farmed. As nice as the warmth of the showers were, she wouldn't be able to call them pleasant. The procedure was all automatic and began with her waiting in a single file line to lock herself in place within the washer.

There wasn't much point in holding her breath as no one could last that long in the machine without having to try and take in more oxygen whilst powerful shower head soaked them. She took in a gulp of air anyway to limit the number of times that soapy bleach would torment her tongue. All throughout her shower, she kept her eyes tightly shut. They remained closed until after the drying stage had been finished where she was baked in hot air.

Ruth's other locker was located on the end side of the washer. She took her place in between Megan and Eden and looked at herself in the mirror while pondering on what she should wear. The washer had completely messed up her hair which she had to sort first, brushing her golden locks and then tying it into a simple braid that she let hang loose over her left shoulder.

She then checked her body for any remaining marks, using the mirror to examine her D-cup breasts, her toned abs and then arching herself to check her insanely bubbly ass. Noting only minor bruising, she reported herself in the mirror which responded to her touch like a tablet. The role that she would have to serve today came up across the surface, confirming what she already knew. Today, she would be available for heavy duty.

"Shit right?"

Ruth turned to Eden who had spoken to her whilst sliding into a pink leotard. The thin piece of fabric left nothing to the imagination, showing off the brunette's ample curves. It also brought attention to her unblemished pale skin while being crotchless, meaning that it didn't hinder function. Eden had also selected a white pair of unbranded trainers, was wearing red lipstick that highlighted her plush lips and thr hint of mascara that she had applied brought out her ocean blue eyes. She too had been selected for heavy duty.

"Yeah. It's after a holiday as well so today's going to be rough."

"Tell me about it."

Both Ruth and Eden turned around to Megan who had already finished dressing. She was in a much better mood than before and was harmlessly sticking out her cute little tongue in jest. Wearing purple neon trainers, like everyone else, her black yoga leggings were crotchless and her white sports bra had holes for her nipples. Behind her, thr mirror read reception duty.

"Oh you slut. I'm so jealous of you right now."

Out of all the jobs in the gym, being the receptionist was the easiest of all of them, even if the shift lasted all day. All she would have to do is show gym members to the sitting area, take their orders and fuck them if they wanted her to. Megan even put on a pair of fake glasses that both made her look smart and cute. She looked like a sporty little sex bomb of an assistant.

"Hey Ruth, happy birthday. I'll try to pair you with someone really sadistic so you can have the rest of the day off."

It was kind of funny to Ruth exactly how much she found herself appreciating Megan's gift. Really, what she had said was horrible but it was sweet at the same time. It really was weird what normal was to them.

"Thanks Megs."

As it turned out, today wasn't as busy as Ruth had thought it would be. Looking outside through the third floor window of the gym, she saw that the heavens had opened up. The sky came alive, mimicking an enraged sea with great grey clouds that masked over any hint of sun. Heavy rain bounced off from the skyline of tall buildings and crashed down on the local mega-pyramid which dominated all that she could see.

It was an absolutely miserable day. A fact that had been underpinned by the forecasting of a storm. Sure enough, thunder rumbled out in the distance. In such poor weather, there were only a few members that had decided to come to the private, exclusive facilities that DevilFit provided. With it raining so heavily, Ruth was honestly surprised that anyone had turned up at all.

With only a limited number of guests being present, there wasn't much for Ruth and most of the other equipment to do. Using a row of exercise bikes that had seats which could be modified for them to use, they did their best to put on a show for the few guests that had come for a workout session. As she paddled on the bike, two thick dildos rose from her seat and penetrated both her cunt and ass.

A little embarrassingly, Ruth enjoyed being fucked by the bike while her legs paddled. The substance that coated the the two false cocks was a strong aphrodisiac which had effected her almost immediately. Paddling slightly faster so that she could increase the speed and penetration, a rather muscular man who was finishing his personal training session with Eden, admired Ruth's shapely behind.

Through the reflection that appeared in the window, Ruth could tell that he was staring at her. He kept looking for a good while longer whilst her ass bounced as she rode on the bike. Perhaps next time, that particular member would choose to use her instead. Then again, it wasn't like Eden was doing a bad job of fucking him whilst being bent over. The exhausted looking punching bag kept on going, not even slowing down when the man forced his fist into her asshole.

Ruth kept her focus on her friend in case she needed help to get herself to the back once the man completed his workout. He really was trying to ram his hand into her and Ruth knew from personal experience exactly how much that hurt. Possessing a model like waist and an ass that most women would die for, most of her clients would often concentrate their abuse to her juicy derrière.

Her smart-bracelet vibrated before the man finished, signalling that she had been requested to go to the reception area. She had been close to making herself cum as well but she immediately stopped paddling. The obedience chip that was installed in her brain made it impossible for her to disobey an order.

Ruth slid her dripping wet cunt off from the bike and then made sure give it a quick wipe down for hygiene purposes. She hurriedly sucked and licked on both dildos that had so recently been inside of her. The one that had been inserted inside her pussy didn't taste too bad, it was kind of sweet, even with a tiny bit of saltiness. The one that had gone up her ass wasn't nearly as pleasant.

Afterwards once she was finished cleaning after herself, she walked over to exit of the activity area and pushed open the door. In the reception area that was just outside, Megan was on her knees, already halfway through sucking off the man that had requested Ruth. Looking at him, she wouldn't have described him as being overly attractive but he was good looking enough in a roguish sort of way. She found herself smiling at him in any case.

It had taken her forever to get used to smiling like this. The control chip in her brain forced her lips to curl cutely in the presence of any man. It didn't matter who he was or what he was doing to her, Ruth always had to smile at him. Despite of everything else that she had to endure, it was smiling that most likely would drive her insane. Smiling like this was maddening.

Of course psychologically, there was a reason why they made her smile. It encouraged the members to hurt her more as they found torturing a toy that smiled back at them to be more disconnecting. They would be less likely to form any sort of empathy with her which in turn, led to them burning more calories. All of this kind of was an ingenious idea, using the suffering of pretty girls to motivate people to exercise.

She let the man finish enjoying Megan's mouth. Smiling at him while he tugged on her best friend's hair to make her choke. She approached him when it looked like he was getting close in order to lend a hand, holding down Megan for him as she made introductions.

"Hello sir, welcome to DevilFit gym, New London. Is this cunt correct in assuming that she is the personal trainer that you requested?"

"Yes. That's right. Make her bobble her head a bit more. I'm almost there."

"Certainly sir." She complied with the man's request, pulling Megan slightly off from where his cock was jammed down her throat, letting her take a quick breath and then pushing her back down.

"This cunt's name is Ruth by the way sir. Thank you for selecting me."

"Sure thing cunt. There's a Ruth at the gym in my home town that I always enjoy beating the crap out of so it was an easy choice really."

"You flatter me sir."

From the way Megan was gagging and hearing the man let out a pleased groan, Ruth knew that he was cumming down Megan's throat. She made sure to keep Megan held down for a few more seconds so that she could be sure that the man had completely finished shooting his load, letting go only when he directed her to.

Once Megan fell to the floor, coughing with cum leaking out from her nose, Ruth did her best to get the man's full attention. It was kind of a part of their code. Megan was hurt at the moment meaning that the other girls had to try and protect her. That was the only way which they could avoid replacement. Working whilst hurt could easily become a death sentence for them. Ruth could recall one nasty session where a member played extra to have her be his personal trainer, despite the fact that she was seriously injured from an earlier session.

"Sir, if this cunt may, do you wish go tell me your name?"

"Not particularly but I'm not really fond of being called sir either. Call me master instead."

Great. Another jackass who fancied himself to be a slave tamer. These types of assholes were always the worse. They just had to try to break her. Annoyingly, they also required the most encouragement and support.

"Yes master. Before we start, would you like a free protein shake. They're milked fresh out of me and are super tasty."

"Sure. I'll have your signature flavour."

"One Strawberry Ruth coming right up."

At the milking machine, Zoey was making a Z-berry Blitz. Two sharp prongs were injected into her breasts through the complementary sized hole ports. A flavoured blend of crushed berries was then pumped into Zoey's sizeable tits before a milking machine then drained the protein shake out, pouring it into the recyclable bottle that she was holding.

Zoey's purple drink filled up to the brim of the polymer cup before the machine stopped pumping. The thick but smooth shake was then handed to the man that had ordered it, who tasted a sip of the berry and seemed to be pleased by it. Ruth had to give credit to marketing where it was due. Some of the names for DevilFit's protein shakes really were rather inventive. Z-berry Blitz was Zoey's, Angel's Bliss from Angela, Courtcolate Crush for Courtney and there was another fruit based one called Apple of Eden.

Compared to the names of some of the others, her Strawberry Ruth sounded kind of basic. It was however very popular with her clients, especially as the extraction process involved her milking herself using an electrified press. Her protein shake was a vanilla and strawberry flavoured drink that was rich and bubbly, matching her personality. Unfortunately, the milking pumps weren't capable of creating the foaming needed in her milk, meaning that she had to make it by hand.

After Zoey had left with her new workout buddy, Ruth took her place behind the milking station. She pulled down her black sports bra and then lay her large playful tits on top of the table. Up close, the two injection prongs looked wickedly sharp. Still smiling at her master, Ruth used both of her hands to simultaneously plunge both of them into her tits.

Her smile didn't hide how much it hurt, the needle like injectors were long enough so that they would fully pierce her milk glands. The injection prongs then opened up inside of her breasts, spreading like a bladed fan. Ruth then winced in agonising discomfort as strawberry and vanilla flavourings were pumped, filling her like a stuffed bird. It really would have been nice if someone were to install a machine that made being milked less painful.

"Hurts does it?"

"Yes master." Ruth was surprised by the man's concern. He hadn't struck her as the type that would care if she was in pain. Nobody who came to the gym really cared about the wellbeing of the disposable equipment.

"Good. Personally, if it was up to me, this would be the only place where synthetic cows like you would be allowed. What idiot thought it would be a good idea to allow your kind out of the farms."

Ruth's smile remained on her face despite how offended and hurt she was by the man's comments. Fucking bigot. There were too many with his brainless idiocy running around in this world. It was at times like these that Ruth was reminded of her place in society. Beautiful, attractive women were treated like shit. With female rights having been stripped back to almost nothing, rape and economic enslavement were common place. Underneath women, there were animals although some would tell you that it was actually the other way around.

Beneath everyone and everything else, society placed synthetics. Clones that could be modified for almost any purpose. No matter what happened, everyone always blamed the synthetics. They weren't even considered as being organic life forms, being classified as machines instead. Machines that could be farmed for sex slaves, manual labour, hazardous tasks and even for food. Ruth was one of the unlikely ones to be born from the genetic material of a purposely selected girl who ticked what DevilFit was after. Being one of many clones of the original Ruth, she was just as pretty and cute as the real one but had been specially created just so men could abuse and torture her.

Smiling like she agreed with the stupid viewpoints of the man, Ruth let her tits swell up with the shake before she picked up a bottle from the dispenser and held it by her rosy nipples. She took the bottle cup in her left hand and made sure it was in position before picking up the electrified press with her right and switching it on. The current made it vibrate in her grip with a low pitching buzz. Closing her eyes, she applied it to her right tit.

Electricity zapped her the instant that the press touched. The voltage was strong like a live wire. It ripped all throughout her body and finally allowed her to stop smiling. Knowing that she couldn't rush it, Ruth slowly brought the the press across her breast, starting from her base of her chest and squeezing herself to her nipple. Shaking as the powerful current tormented her, a pink foamy drink was milked out of her tit and poured into the bottle that she was holding on to with increasingly loosening fingers.

Once she had made it all the way to her nipple which she was just repeatedly shocking by holding the presser on it, she brought it back to the start to do it all again. After three times, she went to her other breast and used the press on that side to milk herself once more as the cup was only half full. Squeezing out all the shake that had been injected into her, she handed it to the man who took it without saying thank you.

He raised the drink that was made out of strawberries, vanilla and Ruth's own breasts milk. Holding it to his lips he tasted it and then took a large gulp, enjoying the refreshing nature of the shake. He then wiped his lips and then turned around towards the gym area, leading her to hurry behind him like a lovesick puppy. She didn't even get the chance to ask him if he liked her drink.

In the gym once she had caught up to him, Ruth took him to the warming up zone. A place where he could warm up and stretch his muscles by giving her a nice hard whipping. Dressed in just a flimsy black sports bra and a pair of thin crotchless yoga pants, it wouldn't take him too long to strip her by slicing off her clothing. She moved to the whipping zone that was to the left of the one the Zoey was using and then locked her arms in place into the set of cuffs that was hanging down from the ceiling.

Placing the protein shake down, the man grabbed a sturdy looking whip from stands and then flicked it the air, causing the braided crocodile leather whip to crack. He then faced his target and then grinned at how much he was going to enjoy doing this. She expected him to whip her straight away but he instead walked up to her and then grabbed her by the throat.

"Listen synti, I don't give a fuck about how much it hurts you. In fact, I don't what to hear any complaining from you during my workout. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

"Good. Now if you want to tell me to slow down a bit because I'm hurting you too much, I want you to say HARDER."

"Yes master. Harder." In response, the man tightened his hold on her neck.

"And if you need me to stop because I'm killing you, I want you to beg me to KEEP GOING. Do you understand."


Ruth could only whisper that last response on account of the man trying to crush her windpipe. When he let go, she panted for air with her face having turned red. Doing so meant that she didn't have any time to brace for the first impact of the whip. It came suddenly against her thigh without any warning.

The whip ripped apart the pink spandex fabric of her yoga pants which provided her with no protection. The next lash came higher, slicing through her sports bra as if it wasn't even there. Again and again, the whip teared her clothing, punishing her in the process. The leather of the whip was the hardest available from the selection and was the one that Ruth was the least fond of. Made out of the stone like scales that lined along the reptile's spine, it felt like she was being beaten with a heavy chain.

"Try to swing your hips a little more when you whip me master. That way you can avoid straining your arm and you'll be able to generate more power. Please switch your arms regularly as well so all of your muscles get equally warmed up. Remember, you're here to enjoy hurting me, not yourself."

To his credit, the man took in her advice and started whipping her even harder. Her clothing was torn to shreds already by this point but her kept on going a while longer, striping her skin with red angry welts. Each blow stung so horribly but she smiled at him each time they made eye contact, asking him for more.

"Spread your legs."

Ruth shuddered at the request but obeyed. She opened up her welt covered thighs and offered up her relatively untouched cunt as a target. The man then made her scream, whipping her with even more force than before. It was as if he was trying to whip her cunt off.

"Harder. Harder. Please keep going master."
R: 12 / I: 0

Yoga Class Slaughter

(cons, free use, casual, cuckquean, choking, deepthroat, gutting)

Women's home bathrooms each have their own unique feel to them. A personality of sorts, not always entirely matching that of the woman that cultivated them.

Kim's was a careful mess. Chaos crammed away into drawers and cabinets, kept out of sight so as not to mar the respectable outward appearance. At first glance, it was clean, orderly. Once you looked behind or within you found everything was dirty, half the products used up or dried up, but all in its own special place, following her own internal logic of order. Guy wasn't sure what that meant about her, really. All he was concerned with was where she kept the fresh razors.

Pulling open and rifling through yet another drawer, he passed over a box tampons, tarnished trimming scissors, the third makeup bag he'd found, and a bottle of dried out pink nail polish. Nowhere was a clean razor to be found.

Straightening with a grunt, he took a moment to think, rubbing slowly at his unshaven face. This was hardly the first woman's bathroom he'd visited, or the hundredth for that matter. If anyone was qualified to solve this puzzle, he was. A thousand one-night stands, some smaller number of short term relationships, and a few sharing circles meant he'd gone through some version of this predicament more times than he could really count.

He'd checked beneath the sink first, of course. That was where bulk items usually could be found, and razors were often sold so. Yet oddly, there was nothing at all there save for a single roll of toilet paper. All secondary locations were fruitless as well, every drawer, cabinet, and even the linen closet thoroughly explored. Taken together, they contained every toiletry one could wish for. Except razors.

Maybe she was just out.

He seriously considered the concept for a minute before discarding it. Her legs had been too smooth beneath his hands, a sign that spoke of frequent shaving by dint of how effectively she'd stripped her skin of every stray follicle. No one was that good unless they had a lot of practice, and a lot of practice meant going through a lot of razors. Ergo she should have some, somewhere.

Nakedness was starting to bother him as the air cooled, steam from his shower condensing and sticking to the walls and ceiling. Besides his bristly cheeks his body hair was well-kempt, trimmed to perfection. His last girl had been a hairdresser, able to adapt what she knew to give him a touch up… and more, once the stray hairs had been toweled away.

The memory caused a smile to touch his lips as he opened an small cabinet above the toilet, checking it for the second time. There were only boxes of over-the-counter medicines inside, none of them particularly interesting. Staring at the words writ on them, he spaced out briefly as he considered what a man's bathroom might be laid out like. Doubtless the razors would be in easier reach.

It was hard to know. He'd barely ever met another man, let alone spent time in one's home. The thought put him on the right track, though. For if a razor wasn't in easy reach, then there was only one place it could be…

Looking up, he saw the cabinet he'd been staring into had a flat top, though of course it was blocked from view to any on the ground. Reaching up blindly, he ran his fingers over dusty wood, finally feeling a plastic package tucked away against the wall. Triumphant, he pulled them down, satisfied to see a half-emptied 8-pack of disposable razors. Impossible to find, if you were only looking with your eyes.

Pulling one out, he put the package back and turned toward the bathroom mirror. It was still fogged over despite the cooling air, so he located the hair dryer beside the sink and gave the glassy surface a blast. It cleared instantly, letting him see his own face without obstruction. Another trick he'd learned in his years of vagrancy.

Wetting the razor, he looked at himself in the mirror, picking out the familiar features he'd lived with since puberty. It was strange to him sometimes, how his own face could seem so bizarre. Features never found on any woman jumped out at him like hideous deformities, despite the fact that he supposed they must have been quite typical for a man. Simple judgments on his own appearance eluded him, as he possessed neither the vocabulary nor the experience to describe them. How did one speak about masculine attractiveness? Women had called him pretty, but by the sheer scale of how many time he'd heard that word applied to females, he didn't feel it could be used on him. He was a wholly different creature, something carnal and strong, not like women at all.

Besides, they might have been lying. It was hard to know - there weren't enough other men to judge himself against.

Scraping away the small rough hairs from his face, he wondered about those other males. Most of them lived like him, an easy if lonely life of wandering from woman to woman, bedroom to bedroom, taking whatever offer seemed most appealing at the time. Did they know how to find the razors in a woman's bathroom without going to ask her? Or did they just not care about such things? He'd heard some of them actually let their face hair grow out, getting as long as the hair on a woman's scalp. He could never do that. It just seemed too freakish to him, too inherently unnatural. He finished shaving quickly, splashing water over his face afterward to soothe his slightly stinging skin.

When there were so few men in the world, it was hard to know what was normal for one to be like. For the most part he did what felt good, what worked. Most anything he wanted that a woman could give, he had. He was a rare and precious thing, and they vied to claim him, competing in displays that sometimes seemed ridiculous to him, and that despite how many times he'd seen such contention.

Kim had been lucky to get him, and she knew it. Merely attractive, her means were modest, personal qualities so so. He'd caught sight of her walking down the street one day while driving, on his way out of the hairdresser's life. Her generous body had intrigued him, his last few girls mostly slender, diets tightly controlled to maintain their weight. A woman that looked so naturally appealing when filled out was something he'd rarely seen. So he'd pulled up alongside her, and offered to drive her home.

Simple as that, he was her boyfriend.

Now barely a few days later, it was becoming clear to him that she was desperate to keep him for as long as possible, to milk her good fortune for every drop of prestige and pleasure that it was worth. She took him to parties to show him off, letting her friends look but not touch, draping herself across him and even seducing him into open sex in front of others just to make them jealous. He knew enough of women by now to realize how this indicated Kim's own jealous nature, a tendency towards envy and anxiety about other's perceptions.

While he didn't mind this much, he did make note of it. With so many lonely women in the world, he was never reticent about leaving one when he felt he'd given her enough of himself. Perfectly lovely girls might go their whole lives without even catching sight of a naked male in the flesh, let along getting to experience actually having sex with one. Wandering as he did was the right thing to do, to give as many as possible a taste. How some men let themselves be pinned down, practically captured by a single woman, he'd never understand. It was simply selfish.

A hesitant knock came at the bathroom door, surprising Guy out of his thoughtful reverie. Face smooth and clean, he'd been staring into the mirror at his naked body, not really even seeing it. The door cracked open and Kim's young face peeked in at him, expression mildly anxious beneath her cute smile.

"Hi…" She looked at him, eyes gravitating to his uncovered crotch before she managed to pull her gaze up to his face. Her Asian features were framed by her dark, perfectly conditioned bangs, empty glasses frames keeping any hair from falling in front of her eyes. "Sorry, I was waiting for you to come out. I didn't want to interrupt, but, um…"

He simply looked at her, starting to get dressed. Often women had trouble talking to him outside of sex or seduction, seeming unsure even how to hold a conversation with a man. While he wished he could say he didn't know why, he was aware of his sex's reputation. They were all regarded almost as wild beasts, inclined towards the carnal pleasures of life with little care for aught else. Fickle and dangerous, arrogant and strong… yet all the more alluring for those qualities, somehow. It didn't help to dispel such notions that at least some of that was objectively true. He was in fact much stronger than the average woman, and better at sex, although he considered the latter due mostly to practice. Part of what helped him feel safe entering so many stranger's homes was the knowledge that, if it came to a hand to hand struggle, he could overpower practically any woman with ease.

Kim had gone silent, seeming at a loss as she stared at his cock again. He let her look, waiting patiently. After all, it hadn't even been a week since she'd first seen one in person.

"I-I was wondering, if you could, um…" Swallowing, she closed her eyes, finally spitting it out once she couldn't be distracted by the sight of him. "My car isn't working, and I have this, um, like… Yoga class? So, uh. Since you're here, I was wondering if maybe… you could… drive me?"

Her voice rose in pitch to an almost comic squeak as she approached the end of her sentence, carefully plucked eyebrows raised nervously in entreaty. Guy pulled on his shirt, thinking it over for half a second. Of course, that was too long a time for the anxious woman's jangled nerves.

"I promise I'll do anything you want to thank you!" The offer burst from her lips, too loud, too desperate. She knew it, wincing as she tried to recover. Guy simply sat on the toilet to pull on his socks, observing her strange meltdown and comparing it others he'd 'caused'. So far, it was rather mild.

"Plus it's Yoga, so it's all like… making me sexier for you." Giggling half-convincingly, she pushed open the door a little more, giving Guy an unobstructed look at her curves. Somewhat presumptively, she had already slipped into a pair of yoga pants. Her ass squished pleasingly up against the doorframe as she swung her hips, trying to entice him.

Taking a long moment to appreciate her little show to its fullest, Guy finished dressing. Standing up, he smiled slightly at her.

"Sure, I'll take you."

Squealing in happiness, Kim rushed at him, giving him a tight squeeze of joy. From her reaction one might think she'd won the lottery, rather than a simple car ride.

However, Guy knew how it would be. Her intention wasn't really to get a ride, as she doubtless had friends she could call to take her, or a bus if all else failed. Her car probably wasn't even broken. She just wanted to show him off.

While that was starting to get tiring, he consoled himself that he was doing her one better in the area of deceit, having his own ulterior motives for taking her to her Yoga class. Motives mainly relating to the large number of fit, attractive women that tended to congregate at such places. If the mood struck him he might even give Kim a taste of her own medicine, taking one of the other women before driving her home. She could hardly complain if he did such a thing, unless she wished to risk losing him prematurely.

After the curvaceous Asian peeled herself off him, Guy went to her closet to retrieve his jacket and keys. They were two of his very few possessions, the leather garment of magnificent quality and fit. As for the keys, well… they weren't the part that cost. The brand new sports car they unlocked had been a gift, one of many cars he'd been given by women looking to hold onto him for a little longer. It hadn't worked to tie him down, but he still appreciated the vehicle. Few other things women tried to give him were useful, with his transitory lifestyle.

Kim was bustling about in her living room, the delay causing Guy to peek in on her. She was grabbing things to put into her suitcase-sized purse, plucking a catalog and display case of knives from her countertop and casually dropping them in. That more than anything confirmed his suspicions that she was going to use him to flaunt her status. In all previous instances that she'd taken him somewhere to show off, she'd also brought along a set of MLM-brand knives to try and hawk on all her friends. As far as he could tell she'd actually spent more on the company she bought the knives from than she'd made back so far, though it was her own belief that she was a 'small business owner' about to make it big. Since it didn't harm him any, Guy made no effort to inform her of her poor economic sense. Besides, with him along, she actually was making some sales.

"Let's go," he said simply, opening the door out of her apartment. Kim squeaked as if she'd pointed a gun at her, eyes widening before she quickly grabbed a few last items. Hurrying over, she gave him a peck on the mouth and another quick thanks before quickly descending down the stairs. Admiring her bouncing rear for a second, Guy closed the door behind him, starting down after her.

Walking into the yoga class was every bit the spectacle he had expected it would be. Of course, he was more or less always an object of attention regardless of where he went. It was a simple consequence of his sex's rarity, and he was used to it by this point. However, of all places in the world where one might expect to see a man, this was perhaps the lowest on the list.

Gasps sounded throughout the small gymnasium in the moments after Guy walked through the door, women with no expectation of anything more exciting than doing a King Pigeon pose suddenly finding themselves ambushed by the presence of a living, breathing male in their midst. Eyes gleaming with sudden interest looked him up and down, and two women that had been standing near the door practically stumbled away from him in their shock. He'd gone ahead of Kim as they entered the building, but she wasted no time in gluing herself to his side. Clinging to one arm and smiling at him, she gave little knowing glances to the other girls, waggling her eyebrows at them in haughty pride. Everything was still and silent for a moment as he and she walked together off to one side, taking a pair of chairs placed along the wall. No one knew what to say, how to react, when faced with such an unexpected guest in such an unexpected place.

Collectively, the unbalanced women seemed to silently agree to ignore Guy for now, though certain individuals seemed unable to keep glancing over at him as he scanned across the room. Motion and chatter resumed slowly, the energy in the room gradually increasing to a point even beyond what it had been before he entered. They were agitated by him, riled up like hens with a fox in their coop.

Playing as if she didn't care, Kim rifled through her huge handbag, pulling out a pink sweatband and sliding it on. Unzipping her hoodie, she shot a loaded glance at Guy as the tops of her breasts were exposed. Biting her lip slightly when she saw him looking, she shrugged off the outer layer to show the skimpy tanktop beneath, no bra to reign in her considerable chest. It was daring, in line with her tendency toward public display. That quality was one of the few things he really liked about her.

The rest could be seen as she stood up, stretching enticingly in front of him before swaying away to lay down her yoga mat. Few women in the room had curves to match her, and even fewer used them half so well. Despite that, Guy found his gaze wandering. Kim was a treat to look at, but he'd had her in bed more than once now, and had yet to be impressed. She was too eager to please, yet utterly unskilled at doing so. Not a crime… but he could easily have better.

The class was starting now, all the women forming rows as they stood to face their instructor. Sitting near the back, Guy had an excellent vantage to enjoy the show. His gaze absently slid from ass to ass, silently comparing and appreciating while the instructor started to speak. Glancing at her, Guy sat up a little, shifting in his seat as he realized the instructor was staring directly at him. More than that, she was boldly meeting his gaze, brown eyes boring into his own with a force like a physical connection. It was a display more confident than practically any woman he'd encountered, almost disrespectful.

Yet, he couldn't help but smile at her. Slimmer than Kim and of similar ancestry, the athletic Asian's face was as alluring as any he'd ever seen. High cheekbones and an angular jawline made her seem imperial, a queen before her subjects. Perfect petal-shaped lips showed a slight shine of gloss, her eyes half-lidded in an inviting stare as she continued to look straight at him. It was an expression he recognized well, seen before on the faces of hundreds of women like her.

If given the chance, she would steal him away in a heartbeat.

Not yet convinced, he gave her only his smile. Her almond shaped eyes returned a slow blink, accepting his challenge without ire. At once, she signaled the beginning of the routine by going to her knees. Whatever she'd been saying before as she and Guy had her their ocular spar seemed to be finished, the class ready to begin. Some thirty-odd women followed the instructor's example, settling into the starting position with varying degrees of grace.

"Let's begin by taking in breath," the woman said to her class. Her voice was deep, melodic. "Relax, and ready yourself to release all sources of stress and distraction."

Her chest rose slowly as she inhaled, eyes closing for a moment while the room filled with the soft sound of air entering lungs. Briefly checking the others in the room, Guy saw several of them noticeably relax, tense backs and shoulders spreading apart. He was no doubt one of those sources of distraction. The instructor was telling her class to ignore him, remove him from their minds. A well calculated move… despite how it irked him. No one else but her would be trying to get his attention now. A small smirk flitted over the instructor's lips when he looked back towards her, barely open eyes gauging his reactions.

"And… exhale." A sound like wind, every woman letting out her breath at once. Placing a hand lightly against her belly, the instructor murmured to them. "Continue to breathe deeply, from low… to high." Her fingers skimmed up from her navel to her cleavage as she took another breath, mirroring the rise of her chest, then reversing downward. "Keep a slow, steady rhythm as best you can." She gave her class a moment to do as she had said.

"Now, begin by spreading your knees slightly apart, but let your toes stay in contact. On your next exhale, we'll move into child's pose by draping our body forward, chest atop the thighs." She laid her upper body before her, extending her arms straight from her shoulders as she aligned her spine with the floor, legs folded beneath her. Her forehead touched the surface of her mat, and she spoke a little louder to be heard as everyone else copied her movements. "While we hold, seek calm inside yourself, and let it flow and spread through you while you hold. Let your spine relax and lengthen…"

Guy's mind soon lost the thread of her words, his attention becoming inexorably dragged towards the simply preposterous number of women presenting their asses in his direction. Soon the entire class had adopted the posture, shapely bodies supine, submissive. It was enough to make a man's heart pound, giving Guy a small taste of the erotic shock he had delivered when he'd walked into the room. To be unexpectedly faced with such sudden potential for sexual interaction was dizzying, snapping his body into readiness as if a fight or flight response had been triggered. Seeing the silhouettes of underwear through stretched yoga pants, he found himself stiffening rapidly, the inseam of his pants leg visibly shifting with each throb of his cock beneath.

Tilting her head slightly upward, the instructor locked eyes with him again the next time he turned her way. Face composed, her dark brown gaze slithered down his body, noting the shape of his shaft through his pants. Pink tip of her tongue showing, she licentiously licked along her lower lip, staring up at him again from the ground.

Voice betraying no hint of the game she was playing, the instructor called to the class, instructing them in how to round forward. Together they all unfolded themselves, straightening their legs without moving their calves, upper bodies lifting and moving forward upon the hinge of their hips. Bellies pressing to yoga mats, their breasts brushed the ground, shoulders up and upper arms perpendicular to the floor. His view from behind was still magnificent, each women's ass making a shapely swell on the way up from her legs to her head, the flattering magic of yoga pants helping to improve the sight.

Yet Guy found himself attracted elsewhere, drawn in by this bold woman. She had chosen the pose not for how it showed off others, but how it showed off her. Chest pushed forward between her arms, he could see her bosom pushing at the fabric of her tanktop, hard nipples showing slightly through her sports bra. From where he sat the smooth skin of her cleavage was visible almost to the bottom of her breasts, flawless skin lit for him by overhead lights. Her lips were parted, pink and wet. Something within him seemed to surge, to try and propel him towards her at once, to take her. Almost, he did.

Instead he simply reached down, thumb popping free the button of his jeans.

The instructor's face twitched, her body seeming to display the same sudden urge that had nearly driven him to leap at her. In an instant he saw her desire laid bare, a flash of utter need and feral determination. It was sweet to him, a reward more rare than sex. She was breaking down. Soon, he would have her completely.

For now, she was able to regain her composure. Some of the other women may have noticed, but gave no sign of it as the instructor lead them through a few slow cycles between the same two postures. Back and forth, back and forth, they rocked their bodies along the fulcrum of their unmoving knees. In turns he saw again the range of upthrust hips, asses put towards him, then the sweat-glistening valley hidden between his prey's pert breasts. In slow increments he unzipped himself, none able to see but the lone instructor.

"Bring your focus to the placement of your limbs," the instructor eventually said. Some color had come to her face, tinging the her smooth oriental skin with light shades of pink. "Let your mind run along them, and close your eyes. Keep them closed as we transition, maintaining full awareness of your position without sight. Now, on the next exhale, we'll move into Downward-facing Dog…"

Shins lifting from the mat, all the women moved into the same position in sync as they lifted on their hands and feet. Bodies making a right angle from the hips, their legs and arms were fully straight to start. Then the instructor had them bend a leg at a time, as if bicycling with their yoga mats as the pedals. One foot always stayed firmly supporting their weight, the other sliding as their knee bent, entire body tilting before returning to center. Many of the women wore faces of concentration, the position allowing them to face backwards for the first time. All eyes were closed, however, and so none saw as Guy finally let free his hardened cock.

It was a truly unique thing to him, and to any who saw it. Something so few had, and that was thus so highly sought by all those that vied for his favor. Veins showed faint beneath the slightly darker skin, stiff flesh firm and utterly rigid as his shaft pointed upwards. Shining with precum, the tip swelled slightly with each long throb as he let himself look again around the room, taking in the bounty of beautiful bodies that had been instructed to display for him.

Looking back at the instructor, Guy put a hand out, fingers loosely extended with the palm towards her. Flexing his pelvic floor, he slowly curled his digits inward, staring unblinkingly into her eyes as he tightened his grip around an invisible throat, squeezing tighter and tighter while he made his cock bounce in a slow rhythm.

In her posture, he could only see her face as she tilted it up to watch him, her slightly spread legs trembling despite all their strength. Her mouth was open in a small 'o', brown eyes smoldering while her hips slowly rocked back and forth. His hand tightened into a full fist, and she bit her lip, making a short, single nod. Then, she directed the others in one last yoga pose.

"Now class, in the next two breaths, we will go to standing rest, then I want you all to try Standing Bow Pose. Lift one leg now, take your hand to your ankle. If you need to start with your leg in front of you, that's fine. Explore your posture. Now, once we have the leg behind us, make sure your shoulder is rotated back, arm brought around."

After a moment to abandon their previous compromising posture, the women all began to follow her instructions, too intent on the difficult movements to notice Guy's exposure behind them.

Once all had their ankle in hand, arm and leg behind their back, the final set of instructions was given out. By now the instructor's voice was breathy, almost unable to hide her excitement.

"Alright now… lift your other arm up. Your chin should touch your shoulder, spine slightly twisted as you accomplish this. Keep your hips square, focus on your balance as you stretch forward and kick your leg slowly backwards. Stretch forward… keep your belly tight, chest spread…"

Staring directly at Guy as she spoke, the instructor lifted up her back leg in a magnificent display of flexibility, making a nearly 180 degree angle with her spread thighs as she demonstrated the pose to her class. All around him now women were getting the hang of the difficult task, holding onto their back leg as they bent their upper bodies forward. Stretchy yoga pants pulled tight across the crotch of each woman, highlighting the shape of their pubic mound, some few even forming noticeable camel toes across spread slits.

It was too much to resist any longer. Standing up suddenly, Guy startled some nearby women so much they toppled and lost their balance as they tried to turn to look at him. A stir of surprise ran through the room, everyone turning in his direction, everyone suddenly remembering the man in their midst. Everyone except the instructor, who was watching him come towards her with an eager, almost manic smile trembling on her lips. She swiveled her body towards him with a simple pivot upon her heel, vertically spread legs presenting him the stained spot on her yoga pants where arousal had soaked through, panties completely visible through the wet, translucent fabric.

Elegant hand still gripping her ankle to make herself available to him, she maintained the pose even as he reached her, foot skidding on her yoga mat as she was slammed back against the wall. One hand held her around her throat, squeezing lightly as he focused on tearing away the soaked layers between him and his prize. Behind him the women were gasping, buzzing with chatter and amazement. None tried to stop him as he ripped away her pants and panties, strands of stretchy fabric snapping while she moaned to him, begging.

"Do it all to me," she pleaded. Her heart was thudding, pulse rapid against the fingers he held to her throat. "Fuck me. Hurt me. Ruin me. I want it, I've wanted it so lo-oOOOHh YES." Letting out an exultant cry of pleasure as his cock slid into her, she squeezed down around him with strong inner muscles, almost crying as a blissful, stupid grin split her previously dignified features. Her shaved puffy pussy was hotter than almost any Guy had felt, something he recognized as either a sign of extreme arousal, or peak ovulation. Perhaps both.

Not wasting a single instant on such thoughts, the lone man pressed his woman harder up against the wall, pinning her in place while her uplifted leg found support upon his shoulder. She was unnaturally bent, a new position for the yoga master. Shoulders and skull flat against the wall, her spine curved a full ninety degrees towards him, one leg up and the other down while she shakily managed to keep standing. The position gave her an excellent view of her own pussy as he began to pound it, choking her in a sudden savage grip in the instant he slid himself halfway out before slamming back in.

Gasping past his strangling hand, the flexible Asian stared at his cock with a gleam of obsession in her eyes, face growing stupidly slack as she was made use of like the set of plentiful holes that she was. Almost painfully tight, she seemed to cling to him with every outward stroke, juices running down her thigh to stain what remained of her yoga pants. For a while she continued to grip her own upraised ankle, holding it as if for dear life while her body was taken, conquered willingly by the invader she had invited in.

Then Guy began to slacken his grip on her throat, the slightest mercy as he saw her face began to redden to an unhealthy degree. As quick as that she had brought her hand to his wrist, commanding gaze boring into his eyes as she put his fingers over his own, making him squeeze even harder than before. He obliged without further prompting, looking into the smiling face of the woman it grew slightly puffy, blood flow was restricted, oxygen cut off completely. The color of her skin deepened to maroon above the point where his hand held her, and her pussy seemed to grow even more slick, even more tight, heat drawing him in.

He realized what she wanted, what she really wanted, when she started to grow purple. Weakly rocking her hips against his hammering thrusts, she looked more pleasured than any woman on the brink of asphyxiation ought to, lips parted in a silent moan. Lips once so alluring, now dark and puffy on a face sluttier than any Guy had ever seen.

She came before him, a weak, short gasping noise squeaking past his obstructing hand while her eyes rolled up in pathetic pleasure. Her legs quivered, then collapsed, forcing him to hold her with his free arm cradled beneath her hip. Rhythmic contractions squeezed along his shaft, as if trying to push it out, hard nipples prominent against her tanktop while her whole body convulsed in a palsy of bliss.

Yet he didn't let up. He saw it in her eyes as she realized he wouldn't, one hand briefly scrabbling for his wrist, eyes meeting his one more time. Her face was frozen in the gape-mouthed expression of those in the throes of passion, red veins showing in her eyes, skin almost blue. Behind him, the room was utterly silent.

He started to cum then, grunting out his satisfaction for all to hear as he pushed deep, slamming home against her womb. Waves of ecstasy washed through him with each outpouring of seed, orgasm amplified by the thrill that this woman had given him, a gift bought with her life. He'd never done anything like this, never gone so far. It was amazing, beyond anything else he'd ever experienced.

With her final spark of life, the instructor smiled. Still holding his wrist, she caressed him, fingers forming a loose circle that held his hand in place. Her lids drooped slowly, not quite covering her pupils as awareness flickered, then died within her eyes. He kept holding, still riding his climax while her pulse faded, faded…

Cum dripped out of the corpse he was holding up, oozing out of her red, abused slit, sliding in sticky globs down her thigh. One limp leg was hooked over his shoulder, the other dangling from the hip he supported in one hand. Still warm, the instructor looked almost peaceful as he let go of her body, watching it slide off his cock and slump bonelessly onto her yoga mat. The imprint of his hand had been crushed into her throat, heavy bruising and divots in the skin marking the shapes of his fingers.

He'd heard of murder before. Knew it was what he had done. Yet, like the word 'pretty', was murder something that could really be applied to a man? Guy was not like the women who stabbed one another over petty problems, killed one another in quarrels. He was special, rare and prized, privileged in ways unique to his sex. No court would ever convict him of anything.

Beyond that, something about that had felt… right. Always he'd heard men described as brutal, dangerous. Why would they have such a reputation, if this was not the sort of thing that a man might do?

Even considering all that, all the arguments he could use to excuse himself if needed, there seemed to him to be one overriding, all-important factor.

She had wanted it.

Nothing could have been more clear to him. He'd given her a chance to live, to keep breathing. If she'd used that final touch to push his hand away, he would have let her go. Yet at both opportunities, she had decided to hold true to her final words. He'd ruined her, just like she wanted.

Turning slowly to face the group of gathered women, Guy looked out across their blank, shocked feminine faces. None seemed to know what to do. Half were staring at him, cock still out, the other half staring at their instructor's cooling corpse. Only one face stood out, meeting his eyes with hurt, embarrassed indignation. Seeming barely to care that he'd killed her, Kim was visibly jealous after seeing him so publicly fuck another woman when he was with her. Perhaps even moreso than she might be otherwise, considering the spectacle he'd made of it. Every woman here was sure to be talking about this for weeks, if not longer…

"Well… I g-guess we'll need a new instructor!", one of the women called out. Nervous laughs spread across the room, growing louder as Guy joined in with a grin. He realized then that it wasn't what had happened that they were afraid of - it was him. With no way to hold him back, those frightened by him were almost paralyzed, not even wanting to make noise lest he grab them too.

Yet oddly, a significant portion of the women seemed to be having the exact opposite reaction. Compared to when he had walked in they were even more overt in their interest now, nearly a full third of the class giving him shy, aroused glances. Noticing the increasing competition, Kim quickly moved to the front of the class, stepping close to Guy with a pouty expression.

"That stiff bitch couldn't have satisfied you, right?" Her fingers stroked along the top of his wet shaft as she pressed her breasts to his chest, other hand trembling as it took Guy by the wrist. It was true, in a way. With how intense it had been he was still mostly hard, arousal returning in a flash at her teasing touch. Guiding his hand up her body, Kim smiled tremulously as she pressed it to her throat. "Y-you can do me too… Just like her."

It was clear what she really wanted. She had been outdone, outperformed in front of all these women. Her instructor had seduced her man without a word, then given him something Kim had not. She had to match the display, to have her death uttered in the same breath as the instructor's when the others gossiped about today.

Heart beating faster, Guy started to tighten his hand, happy to oblige her. A tremor ran up Kim's spine, lips parting as she let out a squeaky breath, almost seeming surprised that he was so ready to do as she'd asked. Widening eyes looked at him unblinking, frozen in a state halfway between happiness and fear.

Using her throat as leverage, he pushed the curvaceous Asian down to her knees, then onto her back. A yoga mat cushioned her as he slammed her down, other hand stroking over her crotch. She was already aroused beyond dignity, his fingers feeling hot slickness even through the fabric of her stretch pants. Pathetically, the slut was wetter than any other time he'd taken her, just from watching him fuck and snuff someone else. A whimper left her as he roughly yanked off her pants and panties, tossing them away to expose her naked slit and shapely thighs to the entire room. Everyone saw what he had felt, then. Many women had left, but those that remained knew that despite her humiliation, or perhaps because of it, Kim was just as turned on by what she'd seen as they were. Titters and teasing small-talk sounded throughout the room, the gathered girls playing voyeur while they waited to see whose turn might come next.

Guy took his time, in no rush to get off once again. He was starting to warm to the spectacle of it all, appreciative of his audience as he started to constrict his fingers around Kim's elegant neck. Spread legs trembled as she silently begged for him to take her, to use her while she was given the privilege of dying for him.

Instead he teased her, pressing the head of his cock against her slit, barely not pushing in as he rubbed it across her labia and clit. Her spine arched, hips trying to push forward to get him inside, but he drew back. Smiling cruelly down at her, he felt her pussy pulse beneath him, a throb of perverse excitement. Her face was pink now, eyes leaking tears as they stared desperately up at him. She wasn't even trying to breathe, only to get him inside, growing more turned on with each moment her frustration was prolonged. This was a side of her he hadn't known, a perversion unglimpsed until now. His respect for her had crumbled away into nothing, contempt driving him to deny her while his lust urged him to push forward, to ravage her and give her the satisfaction she craved.

Sudden movement in the crowd around them drew Guy's attention away from his tormenting, some of the spectators taking a few steps forward from the sideline. His cock still threatening to penetrate Kim at any moment, he looked away from the asphyxiating slut, eyes flicking upward.

Standing patiently beside him, a dark-skinned older woman waited with a teenage girl before her, the two looking down at Kim with a shared gleam of envy in their eyes. Inspecting the pair, Guy came to the assumption that they were mother and daughter. Similar features echoed across both their faces and bodies, slender silhouettes with pert breasts, large for their frames. While the older woman was of apparently pure African ancestry, her daughter seemed mixed, cappuccino colored skin flushed across the bridge of her nose. Both of them had the same kinky hair, the girl's held back in a sporty ponytail while her mother wore it close cropped, professionally styled.

While the younger woman seemed lost in lustful fascination, the older woman soon noticed Guy's eyes upon them, a hand going to her mouth as she blushed suddenly. Gently stepping back, she tried to tug her daughter with her, into the general throng ringed at a discreet distance around Guy and Kim. A slow shake of Guy's head put a stop to that, beckoning them even further towards him.

"I'm sorry," the mother whispered once they were close. Supportive hands gently squeezed her daughter's shoulders. "She wanted to get a closer look." The teenaged girl was wide-eyed and said nothing, fascinated with the bare shape of Guy's cock. For all Guy knew, she might've been mute… but he suspected she was simply overwhelmed.

"She's welcome to," Guy said. Looking the two of them up and down, he pulled his cock away from Kim's cunt, turning it towards the mulatto teen. Pathetic choked moans of protest came from the woman on the ground, her curvaceous body writhing in need as it was held down by the throat. The teen girl's brown eyes followed the shaft as it swung towards her, two hands clutched to her chest as she wrung at her crop top.

"Oh… Oh my. Thank you, she's wanted to see one for so long," the woman breathed, starting to stare herself. "When you took the instructor, she almost fainted from excitement."

Finally, the dazed teen spoke. Her brown eyes were luminous with fervent lust, slowly pulling away from Guy's cock to look up at him directly. She seemed to be putting only now into words what she had been thinking for a good long while, confident in purpose.

"Please let me suck it, sir." Her voice was innocent, clear. Not nervous at all, she kept on. "I've wanted to taste one ever since I was seventeen, to choke on it while it was deep in my throat." She swallowed, whispering. "I've practiced on dildos, and I promise I'll make it good. You can even fuck my face as rough as you want. I won't mind. Just so long as you don't stop until I'm snuffed." Her earnest plea was capped off by a flutter of long, delicate lashes, hands shyly pulling up her shirt and bra to expose a beautiful pair of dark-nippled breasts. "Please, sir?"

Guy abandoned Kim without a second thought, lust for this new mixed woman overpowering any desire to satisfy her. Gasping for breath as he let go of her throat, the Asian beauty let out a weak whine as she was neglected for a second time. He could practically feel her hurt gaze on him as he stood up, taking the teenaged girl by the chin. Her hopeful eyes gleamed as he tilted her face towards him, breath coming quicker as he looked at her for a long moment. She was truly lovely, and he would want to remember how she'd looked before he ruined her.

"On your knees," he said simply. She dropped, a beautiful smile on her face as her chest heaved with panting breaths. The puffy peaks of her dark nipples were hard, light brown fingers slipping into her yoga pants as his cock rested across her face. She at licked it eagerly, eyelids fluttering as she moaned. Behind her the girl's mother kept a hand on her daughter's shoulder, rubbing slowly and watching with pride.

Pulling off the teen's hair-tie, Guy freed her from her ponytail, running his fingers through her beautiful kinked hair before gripping it tightly between his fingers. Eager, the girl was rapidly stroking him with her lips and tongue, suckling briefly at his cockhead like a pacifier each time she came to the tip. If he let her keep on like this he was half convinced she might start to nibble him, displaying a hunger to have cock in her throat that was ravenous beyond anything he'd ever seen.

Using her hair like handles, Guy pulled her head forward with a violent jerk, his entire shaft shoving down her throat with a surprisingly small amount of resistance. Perhaps her claims of practice had proven useful, for she barely gagged, fingering herself hard while he held himself deeply within her throat. Little jerks and gurgles signified sparks of pleasure, her happy eyes half-lidded while tears beaded in the corners. Obviously she could not breathe past the obstruction. As he held her there, Guy grew increasingly convinced she might be content to simply asphyxiate like this, to die with neither one of them moving a muscle.

He was not interested in such a passive path. Shifting his grip to the teenager's skull, Guy held it between his palms, giving him maximum ability to both push and pull. Once secure, he wasted no time before starting. His cock drew back, leaving her throat empty before violently filling it once more.

Guttural groans and cries came muffled through his dick as the girl gave sign of her enjoyment, sounding off each time his cockhead buried itself at its deepest point, her face slamming against his pelvis. He battered her with his body, thrusting against her to increase the impact each time, breaking her nose within a bare few thrusts and slowing not at all afterward. The pain must have been absolutely blinding, yet the girl kept on without recoiling, helping him put his cock as deep in her throat as she could get with every stroke. Tears poured down her cheeks unceasingly as her eyes grew glazed, her awareness focused now on the abuse of her body, the lack of oxygen in her lungs. He would hold himself within her for long moments, ensuring her slow asphyxiation while her hands almost mindlessly pleasured herself, fingers tugging her hard nipples and pumping within her slit.

Behind her, her mother watched her own daughter's slow death with lecherous appreciation, biting one lip while her dark fingers rubbed rapidly between her legs. Her mature body was upright, proud of herself and her daughter beneath the gazes of all the other women. Proud that they were good enough to entice a man away in the middle of sex, a feat impressive enough that no one here would soon forget it.

Almost the antithesis of the African mother, Kim lay abject on the ground behind Guy, crying silently at being abandoned again for another. Piteous in her dejection, she kept her legs spread wide while she tearfully masturbated, others smirking or giggling while subtly pointing at her. Red-faced and panting, the pathetic woman abused her own slit while she watched yet another woman get what she had wanted so much, too ashamed to look at anyone else, yet too desperate to run away.

Lungs starting to heave, the mulatto teen had wrapped her arms around Guy's legs, locking her body against his thighs while he punished her face with the rapid abuse of his violent thrusts. Sounds like sobbing came from her throat, blood leaking from her broken nose while drool ran down her dark red lower lip, dripping off her chin. Her face looked like the victim of abuse, bruising around the bridge of her nose, redness tinging the edges of her tearful eyes. Yet no victim could ever look so radiant as they received their blows, would never show such bliss while they were choked so cruelly.

Pushing himself in and staying deep, Guy held her face pressed up against his crotch, her saliva slick chin brushing against his balls. Lips formed a ring around the base of his cock, and he felt her frantic whimpers as vibrations through his flesh, signaling the beginning of the end. Instinct began to take hold, her body bucking and shaking as it tried to get air, his hands holding her head firmly in place. Her arms unclasped from around him, pushing at his thighs for a brief moment before she regained control. With desperate urgency, the girl rammed two fingers into her tight slit, other hand using two more fingers to rapidly circle her clit. A final drawn out scream came up from her lungs as she wasted the last of her breath, crying out her orgasm as her whole body twitched, twitched…

Then fell still.

Slowly, Guy watched the light go out of her eyes, felt the movements of her mouth cease and her muscles slacken. Her mouth popped off his cock as she collapsed like a lifeless doll, beautiful body folded unnaturally at his feet.

Despite the thrill of taking another life, despite how skillfully she had pleasured him, Guy's cock only twitched, not quite at the cusp of orgasm. Habit made him look towards the nearest woman, eyes meeting those of the girl's mother. The dark skinned woman was still playing with herself, looking back at him with a sultry gaze. Pulling down her blouse, she exposed chocolate brown breasts to him, nearly coal black nipples identical in shape and stiffness to those of her dead daughter at their feet. Kneeling down beside the corpse of her progeny, she took responsibility for the girl's unfinished business, reaching out and beginning to expertly stroke Guy's throbbing cock. Saliva eased her along, palm and fingers gliding across his skin in a delicious sensation while those mature, seductive eyes held him in their spell. Feeling the pleasure build, still riding a wave of sadistic thrill, a sudden idea took Guy as he received her expert service.

Though his eyes were enamored with her bouncing breasts, he out reached to her, taking the woman's head in his hands as he had held her daughter's. His grip firmed, holding her beneath the jaw on one side, at the temple on the other. It was clear she understood his intent, starting to stroke him faster as her other hand rubbed her clit.

"Do me too," she whispered to him. As she spoke, she came, tremors of orgasm running through her while she let out a deep, satisfied moan. He groaned with her, her blatant entreaty and expert hand pushing him past the brink. Her last act was to point his cock downward, doing so as soon as she felt the first throb of orgasm pass along his shaft.

Twisting her head sharply with both hands, Guy snapped the woman's neck as he painted her breasts with the first rope of his cum, cutting off her cries of pleasure in an instant. Wide brown eyes and a small, satisfied smile froze on her face, her body twitched slightly as he continued to paint her dark bosom white, thick droplets of seed sticking to her skin, running down her cleavage, dripping off her nipples like milk. His cock continued to throb within her dead grip, unloading everything she and her daughter had earned with their sacrifice.

When it was finally done, he let her fall, letting go of her skull and watching her drape limply across her daughter. Catching his breath, he looked across the room for the first time in a while, measuring once more the other women's reaction to his snuffing spree. Contrary to his expectation, the amount of watchers in the room had actually increased, several unfamiliar women leaning against the wall by the door. They appeared to have wandered in, perhaps catching sight or sound of the show as they passed by. Others were women who had left initially, then come back after curiosity had begun to overwhelm fear. Then, of course, were those who had never left. They were the ones masturbating, watching him with the ready eagerness of a dog hoping for its master to call it over. Any one might be ready to die for him, he thought. It was incredible that he'd never known this, never pushed to this ultimate limit of his masculine privilege. Here he thought he'd understood women, all while holding back from this most potent of pleasures.

Trembling fingers took hold of his hand, and Guy turned to see Kim by his side. Her alluring features were almost unrecognizable, misery and desperation making them into a pinkened mask of shame, a constant blush seeming to cover her entire face. She'd been utterly disgraced before everyone watching, passed over twice by the man she'd brought here. At the same time, she was as obviously aroused as the mulatto girl had been when Guy had let her taste him, her body craving more of his neglect, humiliation, and abuse. Bruises encircled her throat from when he'd begun to choke her, arousal coating her thighs from all she'd seen. She was fully nude now, having stripped for him to put her thickset figure fully on display. For the first time that day Guy felt some of the same fiery lust he'd experienced when he'd seen her on the street, her filled out curves seeming to beg for him to use her body for his pleasure.

Despite it all, it was apparent Kim was still determined to get hers, to receive the same gift Guy had given the other three girls. After her complete disgrace until this point, she wanted to go out as strong as she could. To that end, she had gone to her ridiculous purse and retrieved one of her cheap, MLM knives. Offering it now to him, she held it up like a squire giving a weapon to their knight, smiling pathetically through her tears.

"S-sweetie, won't you use this on me? I'd love it if you'd take it." Pushing it forward more insistently, her voice whined with desperation as Guy merely looked down at her, blank. "None of them would have let you cut them! Not like me, I'll let you, I'll be your snuff slut, I'll be anything you want please just take it and fucking stab me please!" Shuffling forward on her knees, fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. "Cut my belly or anywhere, I don't care. You can slit my throat, or take my insides out, whatever you want sweetie just take the knife, take it and stab me and cut my skin please please please. My guts will be pretty for you, prettier than theirs would be, prettier than any of them! Please, snuff me… please… please…"

Her shoulders shook, hunched as her eyes brimmed over. The blade shook in her hands as she began to cry in earnest, face turning downward. Almost Guy felt bad for the wretched woman, hearing her desperate nonsense for what it was. If he was not so intrigued by her offer he might have left her there, let her deal with her own snuffing if she felt so inclined.

Instead he took the knife from her, hefting in his hand as she suddenly looked back up at him. A hopeful little smile played about her lips, not quite able to stick as half-anticipated yet another humiliation, another round of watching him fuck and pleasure and snuff someone else while she watched and felt hot jealousy warm her slit from within. Her cow-eyed lust for her own turn at destruction only encouraged him more, giving Guy a fresh surge of bloodlust that lead to his hand wrapping itself around her throat, dragging her up onto her feet and pushing her up against the same wall where he'd snuffed the instructor.

Breathlessly watching, the other women had gone silent when he'd taken the knife, seemingly awed at the prospect of what might be about to happen. Kim had gone quiet too, save for a few soft little hiccups and pitiful whines. Her eyes never left him, filled with some broken kind of infatuation as he lifted the knife to her breasts.

She held still for him when he began to cut, only squeaking softly as her skin first broke, shivering against the wall as he traced slow patterns with the knifepoint. Red welled up in the path of the blade, droplets of blood dribbling down her body. The incisions were shallow, but hurt enough to make Kim begin to masturbate. She huffed weakly while she watched his face, seeming to love the sadistic glint in his eyes more than the agony itself.

The twisted cut trailed downwards in slow, meandering turns, the point of the knife finding its way to a spot a few inches below the bottom of Kim's sternum. Her body was arched, pushing out her hips and abdomen as if presenting them to her lover, offering up her body in her unquestioning willingness. Her whole body was twitching with her rapid breaths, hyperventilation making her stomach seem to flutter beneath the knifepoint, anticipation building to a fever pitch throughout the room. Kim's eyes were wide, biting her lip as she spared a glance down at herself. She was just in time to watch the knife slide in, a nearly effortless push providing the force to bury the blade several inches within her belly.

Kim's breath stopped in a sudden lurch, the feel of the cold steel within her reaching her brain before the pain. Guy's eyes did not see her smile, her silent laugh of exhilaration and joy. In that moment, she knew she'd gotten what she wanted. She was done for, had given herself to him a way no other woman he'd taken before her could boast. Not even the ones whose corpses littered the floor, cooling slowly while they awaited the next to join them.

Blood bubbled out around the blade as Guy heard a few cries of orgasm from around the room, women who'd been masturbating unable to help but climax from seeing him bury his knife in the beautiful Asian. It was a pity, he thought. They couldn't have held out for the best part.

Sliding the knife downward, he slit Kim's abdomen open as easily as one might cut through tape on a package, opening her up all the way down to her pelvis in a single slice. Intestines immediately began to bulge out, eager to be free of their long confinement, loops of the tangled organs starting to fall free from her. Kim herself seemed amazed, unable to comprehend what had done to her, only thrilled that it had been. Hyperventilating, her bloody breasts heaved as she reached down to touch her own guts. Her arms shook, hands useless except to dig into her own body as she suddenly giggled, a stupidly blissful smile on her face. Then she jerked in surprise, letting out a long gasp as her head tilted back, pleasure making her legs quiver uncontrollably. Squirt sprayed past Guy's fingers where he'd touched her, reaching past hanging guts to gently stroke Kim's clit. He felt her pussy twitch, felt the hot dribble of juices, her entire body reacting to the sharp, unexpected climax. He stabbed upward with the knife while she began to cum, driving it with all his strength below Kim's sternum and straight up into her heart.

He knew he'd made his mark when she shuddered violently, almost falling in sudden surprise. Blood poured down his forearm, buried up to the wrist within her body. The thrill of snuffing surged within him again as he watched her die from up close, her dazed face still smiling as her lifeblood rapidly ran out, pussy still quivering against his hand as her orgasm kept on. Leaning forward, he kissed her then, feeling her mouth weakly respond for a few seconds before life left her completely.

This time he set the body down slowly, cradling Kim's corpse in his arms and putting it down beside the instructor. His cock was a rod of steel before him, arousal at a fever pitch after such an incredible, passionate kill. Straightening, he looked out at the room once more, knife hanging from one bloody hand. His clothes were stained with blood, shaft sticky with the saliva and juices of the dead. In his eyes glinted a hunger he'd never known he had, the hunger that was the reason men had such a reputation in this world of women. Lust for both sex and blood were stoked within him now, and he would take his fill of both. Women around him began to approach, vying to catch his eye, to die or be used or both, as he pleased.

As he reached out to take another one, he wondered how many he would get through today, and how many he would have to keep for tomorrow.
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The Free Use Thread

Welcome to the free use thread. The free use world is just like ours, except a man can fuck any woman he wants at any time (and vice versa). Snuff is not necessarily encouraged but not prohibited either. Most people will watch or spare a brief glance before moving on. Most girls don't want to be murdered but a rare few might enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the stories I plan to write for this thread. Comments and feedback are welcome, as always.
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Lost and Found (M/f, semi-cons, anal, throating, first, rape, bagging, snuff)

A few months ago our city got hit by a hurricane. After seeing what it had done in the Caribbean a few days before, most people decided to flee further inland, boarding up houses and shop, in the hopes that they would still be there when they returned.

When the storm finally hit, it wasn't as strong as predicted, but it still managed to create a lot of damage, especially to the only mall we had, a huge beast located a few miles to the north of my house. The people that built it hoped that the town would expand into it with time, but after a recession and the closing of the biggest factory in town, the population declined and the mall ended up being too big and too far away. Most shops closed, never to open again, and by the time the hurricane came only a handful were still open.

That's why, after the building was damaged, they just abandoned everything inside, promising they would tear it down. It wasn't easy to get in, as the windows were still boarded up, and once inside the place was really dangerous, but that never stopped teenagers looking for something thrilling.

And that is why I was inside it, walking along the lower level with my friends and my little sister in tow. I hadn't wanted her to come with us, as she was only 14 years old and a real baby, but my mom insisted and I knew it was useless to fight her.

After threatening to leave her in there if she said anything stupid in front of my friends, we all went in, laughing nervously as we looked around. We were all very nervous, and despite our false bravado, when we got to the other end and one of us suggested we turned around, we all agreed.

We turned back and went towards the front door, where someone had pulled apart one of the boards, leaving just enough space for us to crawl inside.

When we were outside, laughing happily now that we were outside and under the sun again, I noticed that Emily wasn't with us. Desperate, I ducked inside again, but I couldn't see her, and I told them we had to go back for her.

“No way!” said Stacy. “Your sister is sooo annoying, it serves her right to get lost. I bet she is just too scared to move!”

The other girls started laughing, either because they thought the same or simply because Stacey was the most popular of us, and no one wanted to cross her.

“Guys, she is my sister! I can’t just leaver there in there!” I said, terrified that I would have to go in there alone.

“Forget about her, let’s go!” Laura said, and as one they simply turned around, walking towards Stacey's car, and leaving me alone.

I looked back, towards the broken boards and the darkness within, and I felt my legs trembling. I could have called my mom then, but that would have meant I had to explain to her how I had lost her in the first place, and I couldn't face that.

Instead I breathed deeply and went back inside.

After years of neglect, the mall had not been in the best shape, even before the storm. Now the winds and the heavy rain had destroyed most of the skylights, raining broken glass all over the place. You could hear the wind howling above you, as little piece of broken glass twinkled high above you her. There was no power, obviously, but the sun shining through the open roof was enough to illuminate all except the deepest stores.

I looked around, desperate to find her quickly, but I couldn't see her and I was too afraid to say her name out loud. Instead I started walking to the other end, sure I would find her cowering in fear at some point.

Most of the shops that had been open before the hurricane had been on the lower floor, and now I could see the abandoned mannequins thrown around the place, like stiff dead bodies lying everywhere.

The floor under the skylights was wet from the last rain, giving the air a mildewy smell. With every step I took the floor crunched under my canvas shoes and I could see the floor covered in rat droppings.

From time to time I would whisper her name, afraid it would echo, but no one answered, and soon I got to the end, though she wasn't there. Looking up towards the escalators, I felt terrified. Had she gone up?

Trembling, I moved up the dirty steps, trying to see above me, but I knew I would have to go up. Promising myself I would kill her when I found her, I climbed slowly, testing each step before I moved onto it. Every time one creaked under my weight, I closed my eyes, afraid I would fall, but I managed to get to the top without any problems.

There was a little more light up there, but I still couldn't see her, and I cursed her as I started walking towards the other side. There were fewer open stores up here, so I had almost forgotten about the mannequins when I saw a head on the floor. I screamed loudly before I realized it was made of cardboard, but by then the noise was echoing on the empty mall.

I told myself that at least Emily would be able to listen to that, but after waiting for a minute I gave up. Gathering my courage I kept moving but like before she wasn't there. The only other option was for her to be on the third level, were the four court had been, so I slowly made my way up once more.

The place was full of pigeons, cooing away from the broken skylights. Every inch of the floor was covered in shit, and the stench was horrible. Knowing that there was no way that she would have managed to cross that, I turned back and ran desperately for the entrance, stopping just before I left when I saw her pink backpack, laying on the floor.

It was the same backpack she used every day for school, and I knew there was no chance it was from someone else. Terrified, I walked closer, and then I saw her footprints, walking towards a big door propped open with a trashcan.

Inside the door there was only darkness, and I felt my stomach turning inside me as I watched inside. I felt like staring at a huge mouth, ready to swallow me, but her prints went inside, and didn't come back.

“Emily?” I asked weakly, but there was no answer.

Taking my cell phone out of my pocket, I turned on the flashlight, pointing it inside. The weak light barely manage to illuminate past the door, and I saw a wide hallway stretching away into the darkness.

I don't know how long I stood outside the door, paralyzed, thinking I should ran away, but I knew I couldn't. Despite everything she was my sister. Instead, I walked inside, clutching my cell phone in front of me.

The hallway stretched for a few yards and then I found a stair, leading down. Her footprints were clearly visible in the dusty floor, going down and into the darkness. I looked behind me, at the light past the door, and then back at the stairs, until I finally went down.

Once at the bottom everything was darkness. To one side I saw a few machines gathering dust, and a pile of trash bags. The light from my cell phone did not reach to the other side, but by the sound, I thought it was a very big place.

I looked down, hoping to find her footprints again, but someone else had walked here before, and all the prints were mixed together. It never occurred to me to wonder if that person was still there, but maybe it should have.

Not knowing where to go, I turned in a circle, hoping to find anything, but around me all I could see was darkness.

Then I heard a sound behind me and I jumped, my heart beating furiously inside me. I waited in silence, hoping to hear it again, but everything was silent. Had it been a moan? I felt tears threatening to come out as I thought about running, but I couldn't leave her. I thought of her alone, of me telling my mom I couldn't find her…

Then as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw a very faint light, just from where the sound had come. Trembling in fear, I went towards it, stepping carefully so as not to make any noise. The closer I got, the brighter the light became and soon I turned off my flashlight, afraid someone would see it.

Ahead of me there was a door, half open, and on the other side a light was shining dimly. I tiptoed slowly towards it, leaning against the cold metal as I peaked at the other side.

Inside I could see a big room with two huge boilers, covered in rust, a maze of pipes coming out of them, and in the middle, tied to a concrete column and under the only light in the room, was Emily.

She was naked except for her white cotton panties, and someone had tied her arms behind her back, running a wooden pole under her armpits. Her knees were folded behind her, and her whole weight rested on them. A leather belt was tied over her eyes, and whoever had tied her had also shoved a metal ring inside her mouth, locking it in place with a leather strap around her head. It left her mouth open, and I could see drool running down her chin.

I stood paralyzed, watching my sister as she squirmed and moaned. Grabbing my phone, I dialed 911 but I had no signal down there, and I was too scared to move.

Then I noticed two cables, coming out from her crotch and going into a pink plastic box on the floor. When she wasn't moaning, I could her a slow and steady vibration coming from her.

From where I stood I could hear her moans echoing in the big space, and then she gasped. She started pulling from the ropes, her muscles popping under her skin and then she came, grinding her hips as pleasure waves washed over her body.

A moment later, she moaned once more, and she relaxed, slumping on the ropes. I stared at her, shocked at what I had seen while I felt my body responding. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't stop myself. Then I saw a man appearing from the shadows.

He was wearing black pants and a black tshirt, a little too big for his size, and a black balaclava that left only his eyes and his mouth exposed. Moving confidently, he walked towards her.

Once in front of her, he crouched down, though even like that he was still taller than her.

“Did you just came again, Emily?” he asked her as he caressed her head.

Her face turned red in humiliation as she nodded weakly, her head hanging down. Her nipples her hard and shiny, covered in her saliva as it kept dripping from her chin.

From the door I gasped, feeling as a wet patch formed in my panties. Ashamed, I ran my finger lightly over my clit, feeling as my body tingled under my own touch.

“I think it's my turn.” he said, getting up.

Kicking his shoes off, he pulled his pants down, and I saw his cock, standing straight in front of him. It looked impossibly big next to her, and I trembled as I imagined what he would do to my sister.

Emily started pulling from the ropes. Even with her eyes covered, she knew something was going to happen, but they were stronger than her. She whimpered pathetically as I watched.

Pumping his cock with one hand, he moved in front of her, waving it in front of her face.

“Breathe deeply, Emily. While you can.” he said to her, and I felt my knees turning to rubber.

Then without another word, her took a step forward and I saw him pushing his cock inside my sisters pussy. Big as it was, it barely passed through the metal ring in her mouth. Once the head was inside, he stopped and I saw her tongue, licking it.

I pressed my finger deep inside me, pushing my panties between my lips. They were soaking wet by then, and my other hand went to my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples.

In front of me, my sister kept licking his cock in between moans, until he was wet. Then he grabbed the wooden pole behind her back, and using it as a lever, he pushed himself inside her mouth.

Emily gagged almost instantly, as I saw her throat bulging as it stretched to accommodate him. Her face turned red as she struggled to breathe, but he stood still, pressing his stomach to her face.

Before she could suffocate, he pulled back, and she gasped for air, crying with joy as she breathed once more. Then he moved forwards again, fucking her throat as he would her pussy. She struggled under him, but tied as she was she had no chance against him, and he knew it. He took his time, and I could hear him moaning in pleasure as he raped her mouth.

Then I lost all pretense of control, and pulled my panties aside, pushing three fingers inside me. Pulling my shirt down, I grabbed on nipple and then I pressed my fingernails in it, just like I did when my boyfriend fucked me. Lost in my own pleasure, I had to bite my lips to stop myself from moaning out loud.

The man became rougher and rougher with her, pushing deeper and faster as time went on. She started gagging as he buried himself deeply into her, but he didn't care about that. He would only pull out from time to time, giving her time to breathe, but it never seemed to be enough for Emily, and soon her face was a deep red.

Then he pushed once more and it became too much for her. Her body tensed against the ropes and I heard her gagging, a wet and nasty sound, just before her cheeks bulged out. He pulled out slowly, and she started puking, vomit shooting out of her mouth and onto the floor. What was left dribbled down her face and onto her breasts.

I could smell the stench from where I was, and it drove me crazy. My thumb moved in circles around my clit as I watched with lust, horrified as I imagined myself in her place.

She was a mess, covered in vomit and sweat, coughing a slimy mixture from her mouth as she struggled to breath. Then he grabbed her hair once more, and despite her protests he resumed his work, fucking her mouth until a moment later I heard him screaming.

His body spasmed, and I saw him clenching his ass as he came inside Emily's throat. Despite having cummed, he stood still, his cock still inside her as she struggled. Her hand formed fists as she suffocated, and then he finally pulled back.

An explosion of vomit and saliva followed his cock as it left her mouth, before she collapsed on the ropes, gasping for air as she sobbed loudly.

The man stood calmly in front of her, oblivious to the mess she had made on his cock. He was pumping it in one hand as he caught his own breath.

I finally stopped, taking my hand from my pussy as juices streamed down my thighs. My breathing was fast and swallow, and with horror I realized what I had done. I could smell myself in the air, a musky aroma of piss and salt, when I saw him looking back, towards me.

“Megan, come here.” he said and my heart stopped inside me.

He knew I was there! He knew my name! Then more than ever I wanted to run for help, but instead I waited in silence, as he looked at me.

“Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.” he said calmly.

Before I realized it, I had crossed the door, and I was walking towards them. The closer I got the stronger the stench of sex and vomit became, until the aroma became overwhelming. I stopped a few yards away from him, terrified, but he told me to come closer and I obeyed him again.

When I was standing next to him, he grabbed my right hand, taking it to his face. He sniffed my fingers, looking into my eyes, and then he smiled behind the mask.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked me.

I looked away as I felt my face burning in shame. I couldn't talk, so I shook my head, but he just laughed.

“I don't like when people lie, Megan. Its poor manners.” he said, dropping my hand.

Next to us, Emily was whimpering softly. From up close I could see the ropes digging into her flesh were she had pulled on them. She was trembling slightly while her chest moved slowly with each deep breath.

I wanted to ask her what it felt to be used like that, to cum as you were raped, but I knew she couldn't answer.

“It's time, I think.” he said next to me, looking at the both of us. “Do you want to see how I take your sister’s virginity?”

I looked at him, terrified as I realized I wanted to say yes. A shiver ran down my back as I imagined him on top of my sister, and my stomach cramped painfully. But I couldn't say it out loud. I remained quiet, looking into his dark eyes, until he smiled again.

“Take that off. All of it.” he said, pointing at my dress.

Then he walked behind Emily and he started undoing the ropes, freeing her from the column, but keeping her arms tied behind her back. He carefully lowered her onto the floor, before undoing the ropes along her legs.

I watched him as he untied her, gripping my dress tightly. Finally my lust won over my fear, and I slipped it off over my head, taking my bra and my shoes off. I hooked my fingers over the elastic on my soaking wet panties, but I couldn't take them off. They were the last barrier between him and me, as flimsy as they were.

Naked as I was, the air felt cold and humid, and it wasn't long before I was shivering. My nipples got hard, and I started rubbing my hand on my arms, trying to stay warm.

When he was done, Emily was laying on the floor, resting on her knees and her face, leaving her ass high in the air. It didn't look very comfortable, and I saw her pulling from the rope that held her arms, though she never tried to get up.

Then he kneeled behind her, motioning for me to get closer, and he pulled her panties down. Like me, her pussy was soaking wet with her juices and she moaned loudly as he peeled them off.

The two vibrators were still moving inside her, but he grabbed the cables, and one by one he pulled them out. The one in her pussy came out easily, a pink ball slightly smaller than a regular egg, but the one in her ass was a little harder. He pulled firmly and I watched mesmerized as her asshole stretched as it passed through it, until it popped free.

Dropping the wet vibrators on the floor, he stood up again.

“Blow me.” he ordered me, and I started trembling.

I remembered how he had used my sister's mouth a moment ago, and I was terrified he would do the same to me, but I had no choice. I dropped onto my knees, and then grabbed his cock, still wet with Emily’s saliva.

When I took him into my mouth I could taster her vomit on him, and I gagged a little, but I knew better than to stop. Despite my fears, he simply relaxed, his hands resting as his sides as I tried to swallow as much of his cock as I could.

It wasn't my first time giving a blowjob, but he was much bigger than my boyfriend, and despite my efforts I couldn't get more than half of it inside me before I started gagging. Still, he didn't seem to mind. He kept his eyes closed as he moaned softly above me.

“Get it nice and wet, Megan. It will make it easier on Emily.” he said.

I nodded without taking him out, and then I took his balls in one hand, playing with them as I sucked. When his cock was soaking wet with my saliva, he pulled out, telling me it was enough. I released him, waiting on my knees for him to tell me what to do.

“Lay on the floor, between your sister’s legs.” he told me, pointing at the floor.

I hesitated for just a moment, still tasting him in my mouth, before I laid down, moving forwards until my face was under her hips and her legs around me. He moved over me, placing his knees at my sides as he pumped his wet cock in one hand, and then without a word he pressed it against her pussy. She tried to get away from him, but I grabbed her legs, pinning her in place.

His cock slowly disappeared inside Emily’s pussy, and I watched mesmerized from below. She started moaning as her virgin pussy stretched wider than ever before. Soon her moans turned to screams and I had to told her tightly.

“Hold her!” he told me, grunting with effort.

Emily started trembling from the pain and for a moment I thought that he was too big for her. His cock seemed to go on forever inside her small body, until finally he grunted once and his hips bumped against her ass.

“Ahhhhh” he moaned inside her, and I bit my lips.

I remember my first time with Thomas. In his inexperience he had been too rough, forcing his cock inside me as I squirmed in pain. By the time he started fucking me the pain had lessened just a little, but I still managed to cum at the end.

After that orgasm I was left only with the pain and I started crying, he got scared, telling me how sorry he was, and promising he would never do anything like that again. The next time we fucked he was completely different, but soon I discovered that I needed that pain to cum. Now every time we slept was the same. He would fuck me for a while until he came and I would fake my own orgasm, and then I would wait for him to sleep.

Defeated and ashamed, I would go to the bathroom, and sitting on the toilet I would masturbate until I came, pinching my clit with my fingernails or forcing my hand inside my pussy until it hurt.

Seeing him raping my sister, just above my face, turned me on like nothing else. I moved one hand to my pussy and started rubbing it over my wet panties. I had always fantasized about being raped, wondering what it would feel like to be used by someone, and now I got to watch him using my sister.

As Emily’s cries of pain became louder and louder I imagined myself in her place, his cock raping my pussy as I cried. Under my back I felt the dust and dirt that covered everything, mixing with my sweat. I pushed hard like before, pushing my panties between my lips as I pinched my own clit.

“Would you like to be used like this, Megan?” he asked me with a laugh.

“Yessss!” I cried, horrified as I watched him pushing harder and harder inside her.

Emily kept crying in pain, but above me I could see her hips, grinding against him every time he pushed inside her. Unable to hold any longer, I pulled my panties aside and pushed three fingers inside my pussy, imagining that it was his cock.

“Have you been fucked in the ass, Megan?” he asked me without stopping.

I shook my head, knowing what was to come. Above me Emily tensed as he pulled out of her pussy. Her juices dripped over my face, and I opened my mouth, catching them on my tongue.

Knowing what he was going to do, I grabbed her with both hands, and a moment later he pressed his cock against her virgin asshole. He started pushing, and like before she started thrashing, but her asshole was much tighter than her pussy. Her screams of pain were deafening, and struggled to hold her down.

Her body tensed from the pain, and I heard him grunting in effort as she tried to force him out of her asshole, but it was a losing battle. She started trembling, and after so much she was exhausted. With a moan of pain, her asshole gave up and he pushed himself inside her rectum.

She started screaming in agony, thrashing her body above me. Without pulling out, he slapped her ass and then he moved forwards, giving himself room to stretch one leg forwards. Pulling from her hair, he twisted her head to one side, and then he stepped on her neck, pushing her against the filthy concrete.

Once she was pinned down, he pulled out, and started fucking her. I saw his cock turning red as she started bleeding, and a terrible stench of shit filled the air. I released her once more, and started masturbating again, seeing his cook above me as he pounded her against the floor.

“Ohhhhh! Yes!” I moaned before I realized what I was doing.

He started laughing, moving deeper and deeper inside her. I heard his hips slamming against her ass with a wet sound, and then he buried himself inside her once more and he stood still.

“Aarghhhh!” he screamed into the air as he came for the second time, filling her bowels with his seed.

A moment later he pulled out, and a glob of cum fell on my face. The stench was horrible, but it was nothing compared to what he did next.

Grabbing her hips, he pushed her to one side and she fell on her back, rolling on the floor as she cried. Taking his cock in one hand, he sat on my chest and smiled behind the mask.

“Noooo! Please!” I begged uselessly as he pulled from my hair, forcing his filthy cock inside my mouth.

The disgusting mixture made me gag almost instantly. The inside of her ass mixed with his cum and the metallic taste of her blood coated my tongue, while he forced himself deeper and deeper.

“Bite me, and I will break your teeth in.” he said calmly as I struggled under him.

Knowing that it was no idle threat, I stopped struggling and then started sucking him. I gagged a few times, but I managed not to puke despite the foul taste. A moment later, he released me, and I rolled to the side, spitting on the floor as I tried to get the taste out of my mouth.

When I looked up again, we were alone, though I could hear him moving in the darkness.

Emily was lying on the floor next to me, her asshole gapping one from the abuse and a red hand printed next to it. I crawled to her, rolling her over until I could see her face. She had been crying and her face was a mask of saliva, tears and dirt, mixed into a disgusting mud.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, feeling stupid the minute I said the words.

How could she be okay, after being raped? There was a difference between a fantasy, and reality, and I had just realized that. But despite everything she nodded and I watched her, amazed.

“Ooou ooouddd.” she said through the gag.

I started crying as I caressed her hair, feeling her warm body pressed against mine. It was then when I became really scared. I wanted to take the leather strap over her eyes off, to look into them, but I was too afraid of him.

Then he returned from the darkness, dragging a heavy looking metal chair, made out of square tubes. Were the seat would go, this chair had nothing but a narrow plate, and the back was open. He dragged it towards us, the steel making and awful screeching noise as it dragged over the floor.

Once it was next to us, he stopped and looked at me in silence, as I looked at the chair.

On the back there was a big wheel made of steel, and on the other side, where the person would sit, a steel shackle. I gasped, realizing that I had seen one of those on a movie, and I looked at him with terror.

“Noooooo!” I cried.

“You knew, deep down, that this would end this way. Don't lie to yourself.” he said, his voice calm as he rested against the chair.

“Please, just let us go!” I begged sobbing, as I hugged her.

“You know it's too late for that, Megan.” he said, getting up and walking towards us.

I watched with horror as he picked her up, as easily as I would empty box. Emily was oblivious to what was happening, and I was glad for that small mercy as he sat her on the chair. Grabbing some rope from the floor, the tied her ankles to the legs of the chairs, and then grabbed her arms and tied them to the back, securing her in place.

Emily winced as the cold metal touched her, but besides that she remained still as he tied her.

Finally, he grabbed the steel shackle, and then he closed it around her neck. She gasped in surprise, sitting straight.

“Aaaatsss aapeeeiin?” she asked through the gag, but I couldn't tell her.

Once she was secure, he walked behind her, and grabbing the wheel he started turning it. The gears clicked, locking the system in place as it pulled tighter and tighter, and I knew that would keep the pressure in her neck if he released the wheel.

Slowly, the shackle pulled her back until her back was pressed against the chair. Emily panicked as the pressure increased, and I could see the steel digging into her neck.

“Please! Noooo!” I begged weakly from the floor.

Looking at me, he turned the wheel again until it clicked once more and then he took a step back. Without a word, he picked up the dildos from the floor, and filthy as they were he pushed them inside her pussy and her asshole. A moment later I heard the vibration again, and Emily started grinding her hips, almost as a reflex.

His work done, he took a step to one side and then looked at me. Emily’s breathing was fast and swallow, her chest rising and falling quickly as she struggled to breathe.

“She is in agony, you know?” he said to me, looking into my eyes as I cried.

“Please, you can let us go, I promise we won't say a thing!” I pleaded.

He slowly shook his head as Emily coughed once.

“If you leave her like that, she will suffocate, but it will take a long time. It will be painful. But… there is another option. You can help her, Megan, you can take the pain away.”

“Please, I can’t. She is my sister!” I screamed, my voice shrill.

He looked at me, disappointed, and then he turned the wheel once more, until it clicked.

“Uggghhh!” Emily screamed as the shackle tightened even more.

Her body tensed, pulling from the ropes, but they held firmly. Walking towards me, he extended his hand and I took it. He pulled me up, and then grabbing my shoulders he guided me behind the chair, placing my hands on the wheel.

The steel was cold in my hands, and I started trembling as I heard Emily’s breathing became even faster.

“I can’t… please, don't make me do it.” I begged, sobbing hysterically.

On the chair Emily was grinding her hips against the tube under her while the vibrators kept moving inside her. I thought I heard her moaning, but I wasn't sure.

“She is in agony, Megan, only you can help her. You know what you have to do.” he said, and then he took a step backwards, away from me.

I stood still, my hands on the wheel. I was terrified as I heard Emily breathing. A dry raspy sound came out of her with every breath she took, and her body trembled from the effort. Then I felt something warm between my toes, and I saw her peeing on the floor. A small puddle of piss formed under her, mixing with the dirt and running slowly towards me.

Closing my eyes, I gripped the wheel tightly and then turned it just a little. It clicked loudly, the sound echoing around us as I realized what I had just done.

“Oh, god!” I said when Emily gasped for air.

The man stood silently to one side, watching me with his cock hard again. Grabbing the wheel, I turned it again, until it clicked. The shackle tightened again, crushing her throat a little more, and Emily’s breathing became even harder.

“I am sorry, Emily!” I said to her, as she desperately pulled from the ropes.

Closing my eyes, I turned the wheel again, making it click twice in a row, expecting her to collapse at any minute, but she was still breathing. Her hands formed fists and her breathing became slow and shallow as she struggled to draw air into her tortured lungs.

Her breathing was deafeningly loud to me, and I wiped the tears from my eyes before turning the wheel once more. Something cracked on her neck, though I didn't know what. Her hips started moving faster and faster, and I knew that despite the agony she was about to cum.

From the side I could see the shackle, digging grotesquely into her flesh, and then I moved the wheel for the last time. The click echoed in the room and Emily's body spasmed once, lifting her ass from the tube under her as she made a deep and guttural sound.

I started caressing her hair again, knowing that she couldn't breathe anymore. The only sound she made was a weak whimper as she struggled and then I felt her cumming. Her body convulsed on the chair, jumping around as I held her down, and the she was still.

Finally, her body relaxed and her head fell to one side. She was dead, and I had killed her.

I fell to the floor, crying hysterically as I realized what I had done. Emily was dead, because of me. I could have saved her. I could have called the cops, or our mom, but I hadn't, and she was dead.

Next to me, he started untying her. First her arms and legs, and finally the shackle from her neck. Once she was free, he pushed her body to one side and she fell to the floor, hitting her head on the hard concrete.

I crawled to her body, rolling her around and hugging her. No longer afraid at what he could do, I took the leather strap from her eyes and the ring from her mouth. Her eyes started back at me, glassy and lifeless, as I caressed her hair while I sobbed.

My mind filled with images of her, as a baby, in her first day of school, as we played together. All gone, I thought as I sat on the dirt, cradling her body. The stench in the room was overwhelming, a mixture of shit and vomit I knew came from her but I didn't care.

Her body looked so small and frail, and I couldn't stand to look at her neck. The shackle had crushed her throat completely, leaving a red band marked where the steel had been. I started trembling as I thought about our mom. What would I tell her, I thought back then, not knowing I would never see her again.

He appeared behind me, his eyes hard and cold as he stared down at me.

“Please, let me go.” I pleaded weakly, knowing it would make no difference.

Smiling softly, he grabbed the rope he had used on Emily, and then he told me to follow him. I looked at Emily’s body in my arms, and after kissing her cheek one last time, I laid her gently on the floor.

He took me to the same column were she had been tied, then he told me to kneel on the floor before tying my arms behind me. I was too tired to fight him, so I sat in silence, sobbing softly while he worked.

After checking his knots, he got up, and rummaged through Emily's clothes until he found her phone, and after picking mine from the floor, the tossed them into the boiler behind me. They made a sound of breaking glass as they disappeared inside the firebox.

The he disappeared again, leaving me alone with her. I felt a knot on my stomach as I watched towards the dark, listening to the sounds he was making, but it was too dark to see anything.

The idea of dying filled me with dread as I waited for him to return, and I coldly wondered how long I had left. When he returned a minute later he stopped in front of me, his cock inches from my face. Kneeling as I was, he towered over me, and I had to look up to see his face, but a moment later the crouched in front of me.

Without a word he pulled of his balaclava, and I looked away in reflex.

“Noooo, please, I didn't see you face, I swear!” I said stupidly.

“Megan. Look at me. You know it won't make a difference now.” he said laughing next to me.

Defeated, I looked at him. His face was thin and pale, with big brown eyes and a sweet smile. He was looking at me almost with pity, and I felt my face turning red. After a long silence, I looked away.

“I don't want to die...” I said, looking at the floor.

“No one does, Megan. But everybody has to go. And it's your turn.” he said to me.

I held my breath for a minute. There had been a small glimmer of hope inside of me, telling me that maybe I would still live. But now it was gone, and everything that had happened fell on me, crushing me. Behind him I could see Emily’s body, and I shivered, as I imagined my face in hers.

“You are not a virgin anymore, are you?” he asked me after a moment.

I shook my head with sadness as I thought of Thomas.

“That’s a shame.” he said, sounding disappointed.

Then he rose again, leaving me against the column. He ignored me for a while, picking up our clothing and throwing it inside the boiler with our cell phones. For a moment I had an image of Emily and me inside the boiler, the fire burning our bodies into ash, and I had to look away. Once it was done, he stood in front of me, his hands on his hips and his cock pointing towards my face.

“Are you going to rape me like you did with her?” I finally asked him, afraid of what he might answer.

He looked at me in silence for a minute, as I heard water dripping in the distance. Strangely, he seemed to be unsure of what to do. Then he breathed deeply and he shook his head.

“No, Megan. I am sorry. I just can't do it. It wouldn't be the same if you are not a virgin.” he said sounding almost sad.

I was strangely disappointed when he said it. I knew I should have been terrified of being raped, but after seeing Emily, I was kind of envious that she had experienced that, while I wouldn't. I remembered her body, shuddering as she came just before she died. Despite the pain she hadn't looked afraid, and I wondered if it would be the same for me.

Crouching on the floor, he caressed my hair, telling me how pretty we both were. Then he grabbed a plastic bag filled with rope from behind me, and he untied me from the column, while keeping my arms tied together. Carefully, he laid me on the floor, facing down, as he tied me up into a hogtie, passing a rope through my crotch and pulling tight.

Then he tied my feet to my shoulders and he started pulling hard, forcing my back into a C until I was grunting from the effort. Every muscle in my body screamed in agony as I struggled, but the ropes were too strong.

A moment later he picked up the steel ring I had taken from Emily's mouth and he shoved it inside me, forcing it open before he locked it behind my head. The ring tasted of rust and dirt, and biting on the bare metal made my teeth hurt.

After that, he pulled from the ropes a little more, putting even more pressure in my back and then he kneeled in front of me. I could feel dirt and gravel under my breasts as I rested my whole weight on them, and the cold concrete under me, sucking the warmth of my body.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

I started crying again, terrified. He had the plastic bag in his hands, the clear material crinkling noisily as he played with it. I shook my head, unable to face what I knew was coming.

Then he smiled and in one quick movement, he pulled the bag over my head, tying it tightly around my neck. I panicked instantly, trying to breathe deeply, but the bag was small enough that I couldn't draw a full breath before the air ran out and the plastic pressed against my face.

Trying to get away, I pulled from the ropes, not caring when they started to cut my skin, but it was impossible. I looked into his eyes, hoping to find some mercy, but he looked away and then he got up and left.

With every breath, I consumed more and more oxygen from the air inside the bag. It soon grew uncomfortably hot and humid inside, and my breathing became fast and shallow as I tried to satisfy my burning lungs, but it was never enough.

The gag stopped me from biting the bag, and tied as I was I had no way to get to it. Every breath became harder and shorter, and I knew I wouldn't last for much longer. Then I saw Emily, lying just a few feet away, and I desperately wanted to be with her.

I tried rocking my body towards her, ignoring the pain as I dragged my breasts on the concrete. Nothing mattered, except getting to her, but my movements were slow and my body felt heavy and numb.

Exhausted, I stopped for a moment, trying to catch my breath inside the bag, but it was useless. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it. Crying, I closed my eyes for a moment as they started to burn and I looked at her with envy, thinking that at least she managed to cum before dying, while I wouldn't.

I cried hard, thinking about all the things we would miss. Our mom, my friends, the life I always dreamed of. He had taken everything from us, and it wasn't fair!

“I aaaa soooy, eiiiily!” I mumbled through the gag.

My vision closed slowly until I could only see her, surrounded by darkness. My head felt heavy and hot as the plastic pressed against my face one more time, and then I felt something warm between my legs. It took me a moment to realize that I had peed myself, as warm urine trickled down my thighs. Humiliated, I shook my head and I tried to breathe once more, but I didn't have the strength to do it.

I laid my face on the cold floor, closing my eyes, and a moment later I felt my heart stopping inside me. Slowly, the sounds around me faded away, and I knew no more.
R: 29 / I: 0

Three Little Bitches Beheaded

Three Little Bitches Beheaded

by Azalel


Tyra Fastenne, Renee Dupois, and Kelly Green sat in the waiting room. The other hopefuls had already left the studio. The three preteens sat waiting while the producers talked to the mothers of the three little actresses.

"Would you three like anything to drink," the receptionist asked.

Tyra looked up at the woman. Bernadette Andrews was likely the last person one would expect to work for Child Bondage Studios. She was stunningly beautiful, had a quick easy smile that put everyone at ease, and really cared about the comfort of her employers' guests.

"Do you have soda," the blonde 10-year-old asked.

"I sure do," Bernadette replied. "I have orange, cola, root beer, ginger ale, and grape sodas. What would you like?"

"I'll have a cola," Tyra said with a smile.

The other two preteens, emboldened by Tyra's success, also requested a soda. Renee went with a ginger ale and Kelly went with a root beer.

"I'll be right back," the woman said as she went to retrieve the drinks her young guests requested.


Leanne Fastenne was not pleased. She had expected her Tyra to be the only actress selected. Leanne did not like that anyone would be sharing the spotlight with her daughter. As the producers conferred amongst themselves, she looked at the other two mothers.

Monique Dupois was a large black woman who was new to the child bondage scene. From what she knew of the picture being planned, it was expected to be a smash hit. It was a surprise that this woman's daughter was picked to be in it. Leanne had seen Carol and Danii Naylor in the waiting room and surely, Danii would have been a better choice.

Looking at the other woman, Leanne's confusion lingered. Lauraine Green was pretty, but slender to the point of being emaciated. Her daughter was a little more solid, but not much. The one thing this woman's daughter had going for her was the red hair. It was very uncommon to see a redhead in these films.

Looking back at Monique, Leanne had a thought. As drab as these women's daughters were, they would provide excellent contrast for Tyra. Oh, all three were pretty (well, Tyra was stunningly beautiful), but they had very little else in common.

The little black girl had sizable tits for a preteen where both Tyra and Kelly were flat as boards. There was something about Kelly....a kind of innocence not seen very often...that separated her from Tyra and Renee. Leanne was still pondering this turn of events as the producers entered the room.


"Thank you for your patience," Jim Armbruster said as he entered the room. "I apologize for making you wait so long."

"We were just going over the videos of your daughters again," Arnold Buchwald said as he and Jim took their seats.

"And," Lauraine asked, breathlessly, "what's your decision? Did Kelly get the part?"

Monique glared at the red-headed woman but Leanne just sighed. If you're too eager, they'll pay you very little, thinking you're happy just to have your daughter on the screen,

"Well," Jim said, "that depends on you. You may not want your daughter to participate. This film's a lot more extreme than most child bondage movies. This isn't without compensation, but I'll be frank. If they participate, your daughters won't survive the filming of this movie."

"Before you object," Arnold interjected before the three women could start yelling, "you should know that for their parts in this film, each of you will receive $100,000 and 1% of the gross profits."

Leanne was stunned. Tyra had been in quite a few films but had rarely earned more that $10,000 for a single film. And they'd never made a percentage of the profits. The other two women, being new to the scene, had no idea how generous the producers were being. Then again, there was that 'won't survive' bit to think about.

"You're talking about a snuff film," Leanne calmly said to the producers. "You're going to do whatever to the girls but, in the end, you're going to kill them. Is that right?"

Lauraine and Monique sat in stunned silence. The snuff part wasn't such a big deal. Snuff films had been legalized for a decade now. As long as the actor or actress signed the waiver, they could be snuffed in a movie. The catch was the age of the victims.

"Yes," Jim said. "A new bill in congress just gave parents unlimited control over their dependents. If the parent covers at least 51% of the dependent's living expenses, the parents can do as they wish."

"Until this bill passed," Arnold continued, "you had the right to commit your dependent to anything non-lethal. With the rising cost of living and the increasing number of children living with their parents, congress finally passed the bill."

"Granted, " he continued, "most people will think this bill pertains only to adult children, but our attorneys assure us that minor children are also covered in this bill. Something about unmanageable minors putting too much of a burden on their parents."

"To our knowledge," Jim said, "no other studio has thought to do a snuff film featuring children, but, with the growing acceptance of child bondage, it's merely a matter of time. We're just getting a jump on them."

"Let me get this straight," Lauraine said, "you're going to torture my daughter and then kill her?"

"That's right," Arnold said.

"And I'll get $100,000 and 1% of the gross profits? Preposterous!"

Lauraine turned to retrieve her purse and was halfway to the door when Jim called to her.

"Mrs. Green," he said, "you may want to reconsider that. If this wasn't a snuff film, we never would've selected your daughter. She's too scrawny to be a decent bondage model. And though she is pretty, there're lots of pretty 10-year-olds to star in bondage films."

"The same goes for your daughter, Mrs. Dupois," he continued. Though Renee is a beautiful child, she looks far too mature to be in child bondage films. She may be only 10 years old, but she looks 13 or 14. Most people who want to watch those films want to see a young child get tied up and punished."

"As for Tyra," Arnold said to Leanne, "well, she's gorgeous but she's no longer a big draw. She's been in what....13 films now?"

"Fifteen," Leanne said with a sigh.

Though she hated to admit it, Arnold was right. So was Jim in his accurate description of the other girls. Then again, it was their job to know what the audience wanted. Tyra was too well-known for her own good. The jobs would dry up and soon, there would be no more films for the young girl.

"How were you going to do it," she asked. "Kill them, I mean."

"If you and the other ladies agree, Ms. Fastenne, we'll behead them."

"You're going to cut their heads off," Monique gasped, no longer able to stay silent.


"And when will they find out," Leanne asked, surprised to find that she had already come to terms with the death of her 10-year-old daughter. "I assume you won't tell them up front that they'll be dead in two weeks time."

"No," Jim said. "We want them to be willing for the first part of the film. They'll find out halfway through the second week. At that point, we'd need to keep them at the studio so they don't run away."

"Makes sense," Leanne said thoughtfully.

"It makes sense," Lauraine asked incredulously. "What makes sense? Are you really going to let these men cut your daughter's head off?"


With a nod from Leanne, Jim realized she wanted to speak privately to the other mothers. She was coping with the shock better than he had hoped. Maybe she could explain things to Monique and Lauraine.

"I'm going to get something to drink, ladies," he said. "Would you three like anything?"

"Do you have scotch," Lauraine asked. "I really think I need a drink."

"I hope you'll understand but we can't offer alcohol to you during the negotiations. Once we've finished, I can get you a scotch, but for now, we have soda, water, juice, or milk."

"I'm fine," Lauraine said.

As the other two ladies shook their heads, Jim left, motioning for Arnold to come along.


The door shut quietly and the men were gone.

"You two," Leanne said patiently as she looked from Monique to Lauraine, "are new to the industry. I have worked with Jim and Arnie many times in the last three years and they're the best producers in the business."

"Other producers I've worked with would've hidden a clause in the contract. I would've found out about the clause when I came back to pick up Tyra only to find out she'd been killed."

"This is a rough industry and I understand if you ladies can't give up your daughters. You should know, however, that this genre has gained a lot of acceptance lately. With this acceptance, the would-be actresses are coming out of the woodwork. Three years ago, Tyra made $20,000 for her first film."

"Now, the average salary for an average girl is between $2,000 and $4,000. Your girls are above average and could possibly make between $5,000 and $6,000. In Tyra's last three films, she made only around $5,750 per film."

"I don't tell you this to brag, but to give you a realistic view of what they're offering. It's unlikely that any new actress will earn $100,000 throughout her acting career. There's just too much competition now."

Leanne sat on the couch and massaged her temples. This was giving her a headache. A scotch after negotiations would be greatly appreciated.

"To answer your question, Monique," Leanne said, "I am going to do it. What they don't tell you when you begin in this business is that the girls become addicted to the abuse. Tyra's already begging me to take a strap to her when she gets home from school."

Both Lauraine and Monique stared wide-eyed at the other woman.

"She likes the pain. She doesn't know why she likes the pain, but that's her youth showing itself. She's been praised for taking abuse. That positive reinforcement, along with the sexual pleasure the producers mix in with the torture, conditions the girls to the point where they associate the pain with feeling good."

"What this means," Leanne continued, "is that Tyra's turning into a masochist. A victim, if you will. Your daughters may not be there yet, but, if you continue in this field, it's merely a matter of time."

"I keep coming back to these films because if I didn't, Tyra would get someone else to torture her. An amateur could maim her for life. What I realized as Jim was talking was this: by allowing them to behead Tyra, her life as a victim will come to an end. "

"Yes. I know that Tyra will die anyway, but, this way is merciful compared to what awaits her. Believe me."

Lauraine hung her head. Although everything Leanne said was right, it was just wrong to kill a kid. The blonde woman, however, had made several good points. Lauraine knew that Kelly was already a bit of a masochist. That was what brought them to this audition. The troubled expression on Monique's face told Lauraine that the black woman was also seeing the truth.

Without knowing it, both Lauraine and Monique had made their decisions. Their daughters would be in this movie.


Arnold and Jim came back into the room. They sat down and looked at the solemn faces of the three mothers.

"I think," Leanne said, "that we've decided."

"And your decision," Jim asked.

"I accept your offer," Leanne said.

"Me too," said Lauraine.

Monique hung her head and sobbed but nodded her head as well.

"There's one thing, though," Leanne said. "I know the bill you speak of and it does indeed give you the right to use children in snuff films. My question is this: will we have to be there for the beheading?"

"I am afraid so," Jim said. "The law is clear. We can do this, but the lawful guardian has to witness the deed to make it completely legal. You'll have to be with us when we film the end."

"I was afraid of that," Leanne said. "It doesn't, however, change my mind. We have a deal."

"And you two ladies," Jim asked as her turned to Monique and Lauraine, "what's your decision?"

Neither woman could say anything. They just nodded.

Jim picked up the office phone and dialed a number.

"Bernadette," he said into the phone, "please convey our apologies to Carol and Danii, but the roles have been filled."


Tyra looked at her mother. Since leaving the studio, Leanne hadn't spoken. This silence, Tyra knew, meant something was troubling her.

"So," Tyra said, "I got the part?"

"Yes," her mother replied. "I should tell you, though, that this movie will be harsher than any you've done before."


"They're going to torture you, Tyra. There will be real pain in this movie. I don't know the details but they may burn you, cut you, or push needles into you."

"Is that all?"

"Is that all," Leanne asked incredulously. "That's enough, isn't it? I mean it's really going to hurt."

Tyra grinned at her mother.

"I like pain, mommy. You know that."

"You're weird," Leanne said with a chuckle.

"No. I'm just extreme."


Renee was humming along with the music. Monique looked at the 10-year-old and wondered if Leanne had been right.

"Renee," she said. "Do you like pain?"


"Don't worry." Monique said. "You can tell me anything."

"Yes, mommy."


"Yes," Renee repeated. "I like pain."

"Have you ever hurt yourself?"


"I promise," the mother said. "I won't be mad."



"Nikki and me poked needles in our skin."


"Well, we were watching these video clips on the 'net where this guy pushed long needles through a girl's boobies. He also pushed them through her cunny. It looked cool so Nikki and I did the same thing."


"I had Nikki push a needle through my nipple."


"It did hurt," Renee said, "but it felt good too. So we tried more."


"In one of the clips, the guy sewed the girl's cunny lips together. In another clip, he pushed. like, 40 huge tacks in a girl's butt and had her sit down."


"We couldn't find any tacks," Renee said, "but Nikki put about 20 pins in my butt. The were the pins with the colored balls on the end. I had her push them all the way in and then I sat down on them."


"It hurt real good."

Monique shook her head in astonishment. Maybe Leanne had something there.

"At least, it wasn't as bad as the competition."


"We saw it on the 'net. Mothers were killing their daughters. The one who got the highest score won a prize."

"Really? Mothers killing their little girls?"

"No. The contest rules said the girls had to be at least 18 years old. In the one Nikki and I saw, this woman had a really big fake penis and she used it to fuck her daughter to death."

"Fuck," Monique asked. "Where did you learn that word?"

"Nikki's brother Billy. He was watching the clip with us and then her did it to Nikki to show us how it worked."

"He fucked his sister," the mother asked, incredulously.


"And did he do it to you, too?"


"Come on, baby. I told you I wouldn't get mad."

"Oh, yeah," Renee said with a sigh of relief. "Yeah he did it to me but it hurt a bit and he freaked out when I started to bleed a little."

"Hmmm...." Monique said. "He broke your hymen."

Neither had anything more to say so they finished the drive in silence.


Kelly was a chatterbug during the ride home.

"That was so fun, Mom," the little girl said. "Thank you for bringing me here."

"I'm glad you had a good time," Lauraine replied. "Tell me about the interview. You were in there for quite a while. What did they have you do?"

"Well, first, they hit me with their fists. Not too hard, but I think I may have a bruise or two later. Then, they had me bend over and the spanked me with a wooden paddle. It had holes in it."

"It was broken?"

"No, the holes were like a design."

"Ah, I see. That's to reduce air resistance. It allows the paddle to hit you harder. Did it hurt a lot?"

"Yes," Kelly said with a grin. "It hurt real good. I was screaming and crying and everything."

"Wow," Lauraine said. The studio must have excellent sound-proofing. Nothing was heard from the waiting room.

"What else did they do," the mother asked.

"They put clamps on my nipples and cunny."


"Yeah," Kelly relied. "Like those big black ones you use to hold your papers together."

"Damn, kid. Those must've really hurt. Were they big ones?"

"Yep. I couldn't even open them."

"I'm surprised you still have nipples after that."

"Then they put a rope around my neck and lifted me off the ground."

"They hung you? That could've killed you."

"No," the 10-year-old said. "I told them it wouldn't. I don't weigh enough."

"And how, exactly, do you know that?"

"Siobhan and I have done it to each other before. It gets hard to breathe and it hurts, but it is fun, too."

"Siobhan has done this too?"

"Yeah, we were reading a book in in the library and it mentioned hanging people. We wondered what it was like."

"Didn't it say the people who were hung died?"

"Yeah, but that was because they dropped. When they fell, the rope pulled them up short and broke their necks. We went into her cellar and hung a rope over a pipe near the ceiling. Then we tied a loop and put it over our heads. Then we took turns pulling each other up."

"You weren't afraid you'd die?"

"Well, we were a little nervous, but everyone dies. If I died doing something I liked, that wouldn't be too bad."

"Do you want to die?"

"Not really," the little girl replied, "but I could die getting hit by a car while crossing the street. If I die, I die. If you're always afraid you might die, you never try anything new. That's awfully boring."

"I see."

"Besides, I've seen people die before and it wasn't too bad."

"Sorry kiddo, but when they die on TV, it's part of the story. They are just acting dead."

"No. It was on the Internet. Siobhan and I watched this competition where mothers killed their daughters. This one mother cut off her daughters boobies and cunny. Then she took the girl's skin off."


"Yeah, and then she put the girl in a pot and cooked her. When the girl was dead, the mother cut her daughter's head off. It was so cool."

"Where was Siobhan's mother while you were watching this?"

"She was out running errands. Siobhan's big brother Seamus was watching us."

"Did he know you were watching this competition?"

"Yeah. He helped us find it on the net. He's helped us find other websites before."

"What websites," Lauraine asked, intrigued despite her mounting horror.

"There's this website called Brutal Master and another website called Torture Galaxy. They have movies of women really being beat up."

"Well," Lauraine said thoughtfully, "when we get home, I'd like you to show me these websites."

"Okay, mommy."


After Leanne and Tyra got home, the mother called Carol Naylor.


"Hi, Carol. This is Leanne, Tyra's mother."

"Oh, hello, Leanne. Do I understand correctly that congratulations are in order?"

"I guess. Hey, do you have some time to talk tonight?"

"Sure, if you want to come over around 9:00pm."

"Thanks, Carol. I just need to talk to someone and you'd understand me better than anyone else."

"Leanne? Are you okay?"

"I can't talk right now, Carol, but I'll be over there around 9:00pm."

"Okay. I'll see you then."


After hanging up, Leanne arranged for a babysitter. Tyra resented it, but Leanne was not comfortable leaving the 10-year-old at home alone at night.

Carol would understand. Those two other women - Monique and Lauraine - thought they understood the hazards of the child bondage industry. They didn't. Danii Naylor hadn't been in as many movies as Tyra but she was in enough for Carol to understand the situation.

It was 7:00pm. Tyra was just finishing up her dinner. The babysitter would be there in about 30 minutes. It wouldn't take 90 minutes to get to Carol's. The woman lived only four blocks away, for Christ's sake. Leanne, however, needed time to think and collect her thoughts.


At 9:00pm, Leanne knocked on the Naylor family's front door. She still wasn't sure what she was looking for from Carol, but she just needed to talk to someone. Of all the people Leanne knew, Carol was the only one who would truly understand.

"Come on in," Carol said as she opened the door.

As Leanne entered the house, Carol handed her a tall glass of wine. Leanne looked at it for a few moments before turning her attention to her host.

"You know," Leanne said, "don't you?"

Carol nodded.

"Let's go out onto the patio. We can enjoy our drinks and talk freely."

"Where's Danii?"

"Sleeping. One of the reasons I want to go to the patio is I can see the stairs from the patio. If she comes downstairs, we'll know it immediately."

Leanne nodded.

They went onto the patio.

"Drink," Carol said. "You look like you need it."

"How'd you find out?"

"Bernadette's an old college friend of mine. She inadvertently let it slip that this movie is a bit more extreme."

"Extreme," Leanne said with a humorless chuckle. "I guess you could say it's extreme. Damnit, Carol. What am I going to do?"

"It seems you already know that. Tyra's going to be in the film, right? When does production start?"

"On Monday. Jim said it would take about two weeks."

"And when do they plan on notifying the stars of the film's conclusion?"

"Tuesday of week two. They want to keep the girls there. That way they can make sure the girls don't run."

"I can understand that," Carol said.

"Oh, Carol, how can I face Tyra? In five days, she begins a film shoot that culminates with her losing her head. My little girl will be dead in three weeks."

"How are the other mothers handling it?"

"Poorly. They thought their little darlings were going to be starting a film career. Instead, the girls' first film will also be their last."

"You and I," Carol said, "understand this industry. Looking around, how many child bondage actresses do you know who are still alive?"

"What do you mean?"

"The business grows on you. I don't know about Tyra, but Danii's already showing signs of turning into a painslut. How long before the 'tame' bondage is not enough? Eventually, she'll go too far and that'll be the end of Danii Naylor, child actress."

Leanne looked at Carol. The other woman had tears in her eyes.

"How can you accept that so easily," Leanne asked.

"Easily? No. I did this to her. It started with that first film, but she did so well that there was another, and another. I got her involved in this shit and now, she is hooked. I wasn't going to take her to this audition, but I caught her playing with a kitchen knife."

"She was making small cuts on her chest. She wanted to feel the pain. These films are terrible but at least, the ones causing the pain know what they are doing. Danii, in her ignorance, could kill herself."

"Yeah," Leanne said sadly. "Tyra's acting the same way. I told the other mothers the same thing. Maybe it's better this way. This way, at least, they'll end their suffering."

Carol nodded thoughtfully.

"That was my thought. I could almost wish Danii had been selected. I am, however, a selfish mother. I can't let her go like that."

"Is there anything I can do for Tyra," the doomed child's mother asked.

"Well, there's no school right now. Take Tyra away for a few days. Create some loving memories that you can hold on to."

"Yes," Leanne said. "We can go somewhere. She has always wanted to see the redwoods or the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I went to both places when I was a kid and loved it."

"Well, you have five days. You have to pass the redwoods on the way to Santa Cruz. Why not go to both places?"

"Why not," Leanne asked agreeably. "Thank you, Carol. I really needed to talk to someone."

"I am always here for you, Leanne. Like you said, we understand each other."

"Thanks, Carol. That really means a lot to me. I should get home now. I have to pack."

Leanne put down her untouched glass of wine and left.

"Poor woman," Carol said as she pick up the glass of wine and went into the house.

Filming ~ Day 1

Leanne pulled into the studio's parking lot at 8:45am Monday morning. She and Tyra had had a great time in Santa Cruz and Tyra loved the Redwood National State Park. There was something awe-inspiring about looking up at a tree that had been there for over 2000 years.

Tyra had loved looking at the old trees. They were absolutely huge. Leanne, on the other hand couldn't help but look at Tyra and the trees and realize how fleeting life is. The trees had been there for thousands of years. Tyra, on the other hand, wouldn't see her 11th birthday.

Getting out of the car, Leanne saw Monique and Lauraine smoking at a picnic table about 50 feet away from the studio's front door.

"Go on inside, sweetie," Leanne told Tyra. "I'm going to talk to the other girls' mommies."

"Okay," Tyra said with a giggle. She was really looking forward to this shoot.

Leanne watched Tyra run to the building's entrance before heading over to the other mothers.


"I just couldn't believe it," Lauraine was saying to Monique as Leanne arrived.

"I know," Monique replied. She looked up as Leanne sat at the table, lit a cigarette, and took a puff.

"You were right, Leanne," the black woman said. "I couldn't believe it when Renee told me, but, she's been experimenting with BDSM and torture for years."

Leanne nodded sadly. These poor women were just now discovering the horror of child bondage. In adult bondage, the participants are usually mature enough to balance their self-destructive behavior with self-preservation. They could enjoy the bondage without letting it destroy them.

Children, on the other hand, had no such experience. The feelings were new and exciting. It wouldn't take long for these 'innocents' to discover extreme bondage. That, Leanne knew, could easily end in the death of the participant. Tyra was already heading down that pass. This movie, horrible as it was, could be a blessing in disguise.

"Kelly has, too," Lauraine added. "She and her friend have been hanging each other. Kelly likes it. I asked her if she was afraid to die and she shocked me. She said that she could die getting hit by a car or she could get killed doing something she likes to do. She said she didn't mind dying while doing something she enjoyed."

"I don't know how Renee feels about dying herself," Monique said, "but she's watched a snuff competition on the Internet before and she said that it looked cool."

"A snuff competition," Lauraine asked. "Did it involve mothers killing their daughters?"

"Yes," Monique answered. "The one Renee saw involved this mother fucking her 18-year-old daughter with a gigantic dildo. Apparently, the daughter had development issues and despite being 18 years old, she looked like a 13-year-old. The dildo was way too big for the daughter to handle safely and the mother fucked her daughter to death."

"Kelly saw something from that competition," Lauraine said. "She watched this mother skin her daughter alive. She cut off her daughter's breasts and pussy before skinning the girl. Then she boiled the girl until the girl died. Lastly, she cut off her daughter's head."

Leanne continued nodding sadly. She and Carol had discussed these things. This was where their daughters were heading. Whatever Jim and Arnie had planned for this movie, it would be terrible but it would be over in two weeks. Tyra, Renee, and Kelly would be dead and their suffering would end.

The three ladies were so engrossed in their discussion, they never saw Jim approach. When Leanne saw him, she frowned. She'd known him long enough to know the look on his face. He had something to talk to them about and he was uncomfortable with it. He was going to kill three preteen girls in less than two weeks. What could be worse than that?


"Good morning, ladies," Jim said with a smile that never touched his eyes.

Leanne sighed.

"Morning, Jim," she replied. "What's up?"

The man looked at Leanne and the other two mothers uncomfortably. Swallowing audibly, he gathered his courage.

"There've been some developments in the script for the movie," Jim said. "Developments in which you may have interest."

The three ladies looked at each other. What now?

"The client would like to have you three involved in the film."

"Us," Lauraine asked uncertainly. "What would we do in the film?"

"You would, if you agree, be the ones to kill the girls," Jim said. "Now before you answer, hear me out. The client has seen pictures of you and your daughters. She's very pleased with all of you."

"Wait a minute," Monique said. "She? The client - the person paying for the death of our daughters - is a woman?"

"Yes," Jim said. "I can't tell you who she is, but she's very wealthy. She's offered to increase your compensation from $100,000 to $300,000 and 5% of the gross profits."

"Whoa," Lauraine said. "Let me see if I understand this. This rich woman not only wants to see my daughter beheaded; she also wants me to be the one to cut off my daughter's head. For this, I'll be paid $300,000?"

"And 5% of the gross profits," Jim said with a nod. "There is more, though."

Leanne had assumed so. The kind of money this woman was throwing around was not insignificant. This woman would want something special for her investment.

"She knows," Jim said, "that this is a terrible thing to ask of you. Some people couldn't live with the knowledge that she'd killed her own daughter. If any of you accept the offer and have problems with it, you may volunteer to be killed on-screen as well. In return, she'll increase your compensation to $400,000 and send the money to your designated beneficiary."

"I should tell you," he continued, "that this'll not be as easy for you as it is for your daughters. You'd be tortured before being allowed to die. The pain would be extreme. I don't need an answer now, but by the time we take possession of your daughters next week, we'll need to know your intentions. If you agree to everything, you'll be held just as we'll hold your daughters."

The three women just looked at each other. That was a good point. Could they live with the knowledge that they had allowed their daughters to be killed? Could they be their daughters' executioners? They all knew someone they could name as a beneficiary.

In Leanne's case, it would be Carol Naylor. She had visited with Carol every night she'd been home since accepting the role for Tyra. Carol had become more important to Leanne than she would've ever imagined.

On the other hand, he'd said that they would be tortured. Leanne knew her pain tolerance was very high, but she had no illusions. If Jim said the pain would be extreme, they'd likely be begging for death before the end.

"Jim," Leanne said, "I don't know about Lauraine or Monique, but I'll need time to consider both issues. When do you need the answers?"

"Well, for the question of you joining your daughters as victims, you'd need to let us know by the time we take possession of your girls next week. As to the question of you performing as the executioner, wed like to know by Friday so we can make the necessary arrangements."

"What sort of arrangements," Monique asked. "I thought we...you would be cutting their heads off."

"That is most certainly true," Jim said. "The girls will lose their heads. The arrangements concern the manner in which they lose their heads. The client, if you choose to participate, may have special requests. Those are the arrangements of which I speak."

"That's for next week, though," Lauraine said. "Well, we have to give you our answers by Friday. What are you doing with the girls today?"

"This week is almost entirely physical beatings and strappings," Jim said. "We'll use floggers on them. We'll use paddles on them. We'll smack them around and maybe punch them. On Friday, we'll hang them. We won't kill them, but we will scare them."

"Wow," Lauraine muttered. "You don't hold back, do you?"

"This is holding back," Jim said. "Next week, we'll introduce electricity, fire, and knifeplay into the action."

"What should we be doing," Monique asked.

"For now," he said, "not much. Think about the offer on the table. Make your decision and let me know on Friday."

He turned to head back into the studio.

"Oh, yes," he said as he turned back to the three mothers. "You'll want to pick up some analgesic cream. Leanne can let you know what works best."
R: 124 / I: 1

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition

I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…
R: 50 / I: 0 (sticky)

How to Format Stories for Easy Reading

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.

I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
- I think I need a hug.
- No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

"I think I need a hug," said Maya.
"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

"I think I need a hug."
"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is that if you get lost while rereading your own story, so will your readers. Check your formatting and grammar; make sure it's not painful to read.

Feel free to add, criticize, comment, etc.
R: 8 / I: 3

Ultra Short Stories Mk2 - 100 words

The old thread isn't bumping anymore. This seems to be a limitation of the new gurochan. Time for a renewal.

Old thread full of ultra hot ultra short stories can be found here:

Keep them coming!
I'll start it off with this one (repost, since I'm lazy):

=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!
R: 11 / I: 0

To Die For Honor

(TAGS: M/F, Guro, Necrophilia, Rape, Ryona)

I decided to write an erotic guro story based on For Honor.
Highly inspired by https://www.gurochan.cx/lit/res/12698.html

Unlike his stories, This is going to be one longer story, following one character.
This is my first time ever posting something like this, so feedback is welcome. Especially for text-formatting and tagging. Those have me at a loss.
Now Chapter 2 is in the works, but I can't say anything about when I'm done.
In the meantime, feel free to give me feedback and maybe help me with ideas.
Chapter 1:

I thought I was dead.

Well, since I still had the ability to think and feel pain (At least, that was what my head and chest were telling me) that probably wasn’t quite true.

So I was alive. That’s a good start at least. It takes more than that to kill a Centurio (centurion). Not that i remembered exactly what had tried to kill me, other than it almost had. In fact, i had no idea where I was. I felt… cold. I smelled bodily fluids. I felt cold wood against my back and… warm moisture against my face and my… penis? What the fuck was happening? I had to force my eyes open.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a woman’s nether regions. Her pussy was wet and hairy. Licking my lips, I tasted blood and pussy juices. I looked downwards across my blood-stained chest too see a naked Viking playing with my cock. She was athletic with brown hair tied into a braid and shaven at the sides. Judging by the pair of axes lying by our side she was a Berserker. She had my cock grabbed with one hand, stroking slowly while licking my tip.

I tried to move, but she had pinned my arms down with her legs, and she was too heavy to simply throw off. But she seemed to notice my struggling. She stopped licking my cock, but kept jerking it. She spoke with a thick accent.

”Ah. De Varriör is finally avake…” She stated with a malicious tone. ”I vas horny. You earn few more moments of life.”

With this she pushed her smelly crotch onto my face. I could barely breathe and I don’t know if it was some sort of survival instinct or just plain reflex, but I started eating her pussy. This drew a moan of pleasure from the viking’s lips. She was getting off from this whole situation. Filthy savage.

Apparently this was a response she wanted since she raised her hips off my face slightly. Giving me space to breathe and collect myself, while leaning forward and sloppily sucking on my now fully erect cock. I took a quick moment to look around at my surroundings. We were in a Viking house of some description. Wooden walls and floor. I didn’t get a good look at the layout from where I was lying, but I did see something somewhat worrying next to us. A pile of bodies. Not a little group of bodies like you’d see spread out after a fight. But a huge, deliberate pile of corpses. The kind you only see if you collect a whole battle’s worth of bodies and just piled them on one another. I was in trouble. I didn’t know why they’d collect bodies like that, but I knew that if I wasn’t careful, I’d end up on top of it.

My momentary inactivity annoyed the Berserker. She grunted something and shoved her cunt onto my face again. I grunted back and continued licking her. But I had made up my mind…

I wrapped my legs around her head and pushed her down on my cock. At the same time I bit down on her clit. Hard. Blood flowed all over my face as I tore into her flesh. She tried to scream but she just gagged louder around my penis, but I knew she would soon get her wits together and realize that she could return the favor. So I had to act fast.

As I had hoped, her instinctual reaction was to try to get away from what was causing her pain. Me. This meant loosening her grip on my arms in a feeble attempt to get off me. I swiftly wrapped my arms around her waist and threw myself upwards, twisting her off me.

”Incredibilis” (incredible)I shouted through my bloody, clenched teeth as i wrestled myself on top of her.

I slammed her head into the floor with as much momentum as I could. Hoping this would buy me some time I pulled my cock out of her mouth and placed my foot on her throat.

”Never should’ve messed with an imperial, savage.” I muttered as I reached out and grabbed one of her axes.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t too keen on getting slaughtered like the animal she was. She screamed and swiped her arms at my leg, sending me off balance. She then swiftly rolled sideways, grabbing her other axe and getting on her feet in one swift motion.

I straightened myself and weighed her crude axe in my hand. I’d rather have my gladius right now, but I’ll take what I can get. I looked at her and smirked as she stood wobbled on her feet, a hand carefully investigating her ruined cunt. She looked at me with teary-eyed murder in her eyes.

”Djöfullinn!” (Devil) she snarled at me.

I spat out a bloody piece of her cunt that had remained in my mouth and grinned at her.

”Alea iacta est.” (the die is cast) I said and, with a quick flourish of the axe, assumed a defensive stance.

She made the first move.

”Þú ert dauður!” (You’re dead) she shouted as she leapt forward, swinging her axe in a high arc.

Not the most subtle of moves. But what do you expect from a savage?

The attack was easily parried. I guided her axe aside with a slap from my own and rewarded her effort with a close-up inspection of the back of my hand. The punch may not have been as powerful as if I had been wearing armor, but it sent my foe staggering backwards. I followed up with a strong kick to her gut, throwing her backwards onto the pile of corpses behind her. I took a step closer and saw my opportunity. Her weapon had ended up right beneath an arm extending from the pile. If she tried to raise the weapon straight up it would get caught up in the body pile. I could not miss this chance!

”Īnfirmus!" (weakling) I yelled as I leapt at her, axe falling in a high blow, as a mockery of her own failed move.

As i had hoped, she tried to raise her axe to block, but only managed to get it caught on the dead bodies. Her eyes filled with terror as she realized she didn’t have time to do anything else to save her life.

”Móðir…” (Mother) she had time to whimper before my axe bit into her naked flesh.

The strike hit her right between her perky breasts. Despite the hard bone, the weight of the axe carried it through with a wet crack. She let out another scream as a tear rolled down her cheek. I tugged on the axe and had to use both hands to pull it out of her with another wet sound.

I looked at her. She was still alive. Barely coherent and whimpering. The wound to her chest was spurting blood and her inner thighs were already covered in red. She wouldn’t be alive for much longer. Hell, just the wound to her crotch might’ve been enough for her to bleed to death.

But that wasn’t enough for me…

I kicked her in the gut again, causing her to give out an breathless gasp as blood spurted from both her wounds. I grabbed her by the jaw and raised her head. I forced her to open her mouth and without a single word shoved the handle of her own axe down her throat. Tears were running down her eyes. She tried to struggle… she tried to scream… but she was already too weak. All she could do was gag. Cry and gag. The axe deformed her throat as i shoved it further, inch by inch. At about the halfway point, she let out her last broken breath. She shivered as her life left her body, making her bloody breasts jiggle.

I took a step back to admire my handiwork. She was lying at the edge of the body pile, her back resting against the other corpses. The other axe still rested in her limp fingers. Her dead eyes had rolled back, leaving mostly just the whites visible. Her breasts weren’t very impressive, but they were fit and perky. And covered in blood. Her crotch was ruined and bloody and was dripping out blood-mixed urine. The sight was giving me an erection.

Well, i was already naked and covered in blood. Why not?

Taking a step forwards, I thought to myself how to best make use of this sexy, if damaged, corpse. Problem was, most of her holes were ruined and besides, I didn’t have all that much time.

I looked down at her bleeding pussy and licked my lips. I had only bit off a chunk of it. It was still a wet, tight hole. It would do.

I grabbed her by her feet and dragged her onto the wooden floor. The axe clattered onto the floor and landed in the trail of blood that her body created behind it. I spread out her body on the very spot she’d been raping me and lowered myself onto her.

I rubbed my still hard cock on the bloody remains of her pussy. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put my tip right into her slit and thrust inside her with all my might. The blood, urine and pussy juices made for a good if foul-smelling lubricant. Despite it’s ruined state, it felt incredibly nice. The part I had bit off only added a unique sensation. I grabbed her firm hips and began pounding her pussy with the might of all my built up adrenaline. While furiously raping her cunt I reached up and played with her bloody breast. It was firm and round and her softening nipple gently tickled my palm. I slid my hand over to the hole between her tits. I dug my fingers into her flesh, prying at her ribcage. I complimented myself at the blow. It had split her ribcage in half and I could feel her dead heart inside the wound. Molesting her insides had turned me on even more and I increased my pace. I grabbed the axe sticking out of her mouth and pounded her harder. Her breasts bounced with each thrust. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm. And a wicked thought crossed my mind.

I pulled out of her and stood up, a grin on my face. I grabbed her by the axe stuck in her throat. It made her neck creak as I lifted her into a sitting position, her arms hanging limply at her sides. I leaned her against the body pile again and crouched in front of her. I dug both my hands into the hole in her chest and pulled her ribcage apart a few more inches, giving me a perfect view of her still heart. I stepped forward and carefully positioned my cock into her hole. I pushed slowly into her chest at first, pressing against her heart. Having made certain no bones were in my way, i once again grabbed hold of the axe and thrust straight into her heart. I felt how the walls of her heart burst and gave way to my cock. I entered her heart and was overcome by an amazing sensation. The muscles of her heart were massaging my cock as I thrust back and forth into her heart. I reached down with my free hand to molest her breast while I pounded inside her chest. I felt myself on the verge of orgasm and steadied myself, both hands on the axe now. With a few final thrusts I released my seed right into her heart. I came hard, quickly filling her dead heart with my life seed. I felt her heart overflow and almost burst with the volume of cum. I slowly pulled out with a wet ’pop’. Looking down at my handiwork I admired her heart leaking of cum. A big blob of cum was streaming out of the hole I’d ravaged, but there were several tears in the flesh where I saw drops of cum slowly leaking out, as well as flowing out into her arteries. If she’d somehow still been alive, her heart would be pumping sperm instead of blood.

”How’s that for a heartbreak, lupa (whore)?” I told her to her dead face. I cracked my knuckles. Time to collect myself and get out of here…
R: 10 / I: 0

Curse of the Tomb Raider (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, necrophilia, respawning)

This story is a collaborative effort between PogueMahone and myself. If you like it, you might enjoy some of our other work, which can be found here:


You'll probably need to adjust your filters (in the top left corner) to make sure you can see all the stories.

There are more chapters to come. Enjoy!

Curse of the Tomb Raider

written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

Chapter 1: Welcome to Darsah

Sam looked at the rocky island of Darsah in the distance, shielding her eyes with her hand against the glaring sun. For what had to be the tenth time in the few minutes she had spent watching the island slowy grow larger as the boat sailed towards it, she ran her hand across her brow, wiping the sweat off on her light grey sports bra. With a grimace, she pulled at the back of her matching lycra shorts, which, after some initial incursions over the past half hour, had now launched a full-scale invasion of her buttcrack. Or maybe it was a mining operation. It sure felt like one, at least.

Under normal circumstances she would have worn something a little more comfortable, but the heat that was extreme even for the area of the world they were in made it uncomfortable to wear much of anything, and the sporting outfit was the least warm thing she’d brought on their expedition, short of walking around in her underwear, but she had no intention of giving the captain even more of a show than he was getting already.

The half-asian girl turned her head to look at the stocky bald man steering the ship. He was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt that had probably been white at one point, but which was now more of a grayish yellow, with over a dozen tiny and not-so-tiny holes and massive pit stains. The man’s salt-and-pepper stubble clearly hadn’t seen a razor in days. When he caught her looking, the corners of his mouth turned upwards in a lecherous grin, causing the half-smoked cigar that dangled out of his mouth to rise up, almost as if it was having an erection. He cupped the crotch of his shorts, tugging upwards twice as he winked at her.

‘''In your dreams, you little perv''’, Sam thought to herself. She made the mistake of briefly picturing what sex with the guy would be like and couldn’t suppress a brief shudder of revulsion. She thanked her lucky stars that her lover was everything that the captain was not. Such as beautiful. And sweet. And female. The longer she spent under the man’s lascivious gaze, the more exposed she felt. With as much as haste as she could get away with without making it look as if she was fleeing, she quickly walked to the door to her cabin. Unfortunately for her, that door was right below the bridge, and as she hurried along, she caught another glimpse of the captain, who had raised his hand up to his mouth, keeping his middle and index finger spread in a V-shape as his tongue darted up and down between them as his eyes followed her. His lips were curled a little, allowing her to see his teeth, which ranged in color between yellow and brown.

“Oh, ''hell'' no,” muttered the raven-haired girl. “I’d rather rub my clit with sandpaper.”

She quickly slipped through the open door into the interior of the ship, and suddenly gained a new understanding of what it had to feel like to be a pizza. While it had been uncomfortably warm out on the deck, the ocean breeze at least kept things somewhat tolerable. The inside of the dilapidated small cargo ship felt more like an oven, and she could already feel new beads of sweat start to form on her forehead. She walked down the hallway and stepped through to open door to her cabin.

“''Fuck me'', it’s hot in here,” she said, fanning her hand in front of her face in an attempt to bring some relief to the stifling air.

The brunette with whom she was sharing the cabin looked up from the notebook, an ancient scroll and a series of maps that were spread out on her bed with a grin.

“Normally I’d be happy to take you up on that offer,” she said, “but I’m afraid in this weather we’d just slide right off of each other.”

To emphasise her words, she grabbed the hem of her blue henley shirt, which was darker in color than Sam remembered it being, and wrung it out, causing a few drops to fall to the floor.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” said Sam. “Besides, we don’t want that creepy fucker of a captain walking in on us. I bet he’d love that.”

“Yeah, Miguel isn’t the most… refined,” said Lara. “But he was all I could get on short notice. Now that I finally have the geographical descriptions I need to narrow down the location of king Parahu’s tomb mentioned in my father’s notes I just couldn’t wait any longer to go find it. Sorry about the last-minute trip, by the way. Probably should have taken the time to read a weather report, huh?”

“Gee, you think? Frankly, I’m amazed you haven’t boiled to death in those clothes,” said Sam, gesturing at the British woman’s long-sleeved shirt and dark grey pants.

“It sure feels like I have. But I only brought one change of clothes, and they’re no thinner.”

“Well jeez, girl, why didn’t you take some of mine?”

Sam knelt down next to her duffel bag, rummaging through it for a bit as she looked for her second skimpiest outfit. She handed Lara a pair of brown canvas shorts and a turquoise tank top.

“The top might be a bit tight because your boobs are bigger than mine, but the pants should fit just fine, I think.”

The brunette gratefully accepted the articles of clothing before grabbing the hem of her henley shirt and starting to pull it up over her head. She scrunched up her face, since peeling off the shirt that was practically plastered to her skin wasn’t the most pleasant feeling in the world.

Sam looked on appreciatively as her lover’s toned belly was revealed and her ample bra-covered breasts popped out from under the shirt.

Because the shirt was soaked with sweat, Lara was having difficulty getting it off. As she pulled the shirt up higher, it got more and more difficult to move her arms. By the time she had pulled it ujp to her chin, she was completely stuck.

“Uhm, Sam? Little help?”

With a snicker, the half-asian girl sat down next to her friend. She was about to start helping to pull off the shirt when she noticed Lara was wearing a front closure bra. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she undid the bra’s clasp and pulled the cups to the side, revealing the British girl’s tits.

“Ha ha, very funny,” said Lara sarcastically.

“What? I think it’s a big improvement,” Sam laughed.

“I meant help me with my ''shirt''.”

“Oh fine, lean forward for me.”

Grabbing the edge of Lara’s shirt near hear armpits, she managed to pull the shirt off completely, freeing the struggling girl, who went to reclasp her bra.

“Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to take that off? The temperature’s not much better outside.”

“Hm, you might have a point. Normally I’d prefer the support, but today it’s just too damn hot.”

She shrugged off the bra, leaving her topless, before donning Sam’s tank top.

“You were right; it is a bit on the tight side,” she said. “Then again, it might just stop my boobs from bouncing all over the place.”

“Aww, but I ''like'' your boobs bouncing all over the place,” said Sam, giving the brunette a pouty look.

“I’m sure you do, little miss perky-tits, but I can assure you my back won’t.”

“Spoilsport. Need some help with your pants?”

“Yes, please.”

As Lara undid her zipper, Sam curled her fingers around the sides of the top of the girl’s pants, making sure to hook her fingers behind the waistband of her friend’s panties as well. As soon as she started pulling them down, however, Lara stopped her.

“Hey, just because ''you'' like running around without your knickers on doesn’t mean all of us do.”

“What?” said Sam, raising one hand to her chest in mock indignation.

“Are you suggesting that I’m some sort of hussy?”

“Oh, I’m not ''suggesting'' anything,” snickered Lara. “I’m flat out stating it. Though ''hussy'' isn’t the word I’d use. Probably something more along the lines of ''nympomaniac''. Or ''raging whore''.”

“Wow. Do they even teach those words in whatever posh private school you went to?”

“Nope, I learned them all from you, babe,” said Lara, giving the other girl a quick peck on the lips.

“I love being a bad influence,” smiled Sam. “But for the record: you’re wrong. I’m totally wearing panties.”

The brunette eyed the other girl critically, raising an eyebrow. There was a barely perceptible quiver in the black-haired girl’s lips.


“Am too.”

“Are not.”

“Am too.”

Lara took a breath, as if she was going to reply, but rather than continuing their bickering, her hand shot forward, grabbing the waistband of Sam’s shorts.

“Hey, no fair!” yelled Sam, her mouth falling open in surprise.

The half-asian girl tried to grab her friend’s wrist, but it was in vain: Lara had already pulled her hand back, giving her a clear look at Sam’s labia, revealing that she was, in fact, not.

“You slut,” said Lara, rolling her eyes.

“Only for you, honey,” replied Sam, closing in to give Lara a deep open-mouthed kiss.

The next minute or two were spent slowly rolling Lara’s pants down her legs. She stuffed the two items of clothing into her backpack before pulling on the brown shorts.

“Ah, much better,” she sighed happily.

“Wow, those look much better on you than they do on me,” said Sam. “You should wear them more often.”

“Really?” Lara said, looking down at herself. “Okay, I’ll consider it. They would be nice in warmer climates.”

“Yeah, you can have them if you want.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Seeing you in this outfit is all the thanks I need,” said Sam, giving her friend a slap on her butt. “Come on, let’s grab our stuff; we should be almost there by now.”

Some fifteen minutes later, the two girls were sat in the front of a small motor boat as the captain guided it through the surf.

“I think this guy is steering into every wave on purpose,” said Sam as she wiped some of the spray off her arms. No sooner had she said this than a big wave came crashing over the bow of the boat, drenching the two adventurers from head to toe.

They turned around, trying to wipe the soaking wet hair out of their eyes, just catching the tail end of a quickly suppressed smirk on the bald man’s face. Lara followed his eyes and looked down at her chest, quickly covering it with an arm when she noticed that her areola were visible through the now somewhat translucent material. Sam quickly followed her example, shielding her own partially revealed nipples.

“Ugh. Fucking pervert,” Sam huffed.

As soon as the two girls had turned their backs again, the smirk creeped back on the captain’s face. They didn’t address him again until the boat landed on the rocky beach, which suited him just fine. He was more of an ass guy, anyway. Once he had left the two dripping girls standing on the shore, he turned the boat around, setting off back towards his ship.

“Well, at least we’re here,” said Lara with an apolegetic smile.

“I’m just happy to be rid of captain horndog. If the tomb you’re looking for isn’t on this island, you owe me a new wardrobe,” said Sam, zipping open her duffel bag and inspecting the drenched contents. She frowned.

“Hey! That fucker stole all of my underwear!”

The captain whistled a tune as he skidded across the waves. Tonight would be a fun night.
R: 46 / I: 2

Short Capital Punishment Stories

Death Row Destiny

The years leading up to the passing of the Brooke-Strickland Act were filled with mass overpopulation, societal decay, and violent crime. In 2046, the year before the Act mandated the death sentence for even the smallest crime, the homicide rate in 7/10 major cities in the former United States was at record highs.

A little known add-on to the Act also extended the death penalty to minors. This would soon arouse extreme controversy when it would be utilized to hang a gang of street children accused of raping the daughter of a wealthy executive.

"Alright Merle, what do you have for us today?", Charlie yelled.
Charlie was the executioner that day. I was the photographer in charge of documenting this historic event. The first time anyone under the age of 18 had been put to death in almost a century.

"Just some street rats, Chuck!" the guard answered with a chuckle.
Charlie handed Merle a sheaf of paperwork. He turned to the prisoners, and winked. The kids didn't react, their senses having been dulled beforehand with a tranquilizer solution added to their last meal.

There were 5 of them.
Tom, age 13, a slender, almost feminine boy with long blonde hair tied into a pony tail.
Sara, age 16, a latina short stack with a glare permanently plastered on her face.
Luca, age 15, a string bean with curly brown hair and freckles.
Mika, age 12, the youngest in the group, tan skin contrasting with an explosion of pink hair cut short on her head.
Nate, age 17, sharp eyes and a buzzcut, biceps and legs toned from daily hard labor.
All were wearing the disposable jumpsuits given to death row inmates. They stood listlessly as Merle scribbled on the sheet of paper authorizing the transfer of the prisoners to the executioner.

"Alright, that's it then", Charlie said as Merle gave back the forms.
"Let's go, guys". He yanked on the chain, and the doomed children slowly shuffled forward to the execution chamber. The chamber was simply a large featureless room with a digital clock, and a series of drains embedded into the floor. Several HD cameras tracked the prisoners as they walked in. A specific request from the father of the raped girl, the execution would be streamed live to the world.

The prisoners stopped, their eyes wandering up to the gallows. Five nooses attached to a solid steel pipe attached to the ceiling. The trap doors each had an X painted on them, where the prisoners would stand. A standard long drop would snap their necks, ensuring a quick death.
Charlie prodded them forward, and they slowly ascended up the steps.
Each kid stepped in front of a noose, and Charlie began to slip a noose over each head, tightening them as he went.

The tranquilizer had begun to wear off by then, and the kids were slowly realizing that the rest of their lives were measured in minutes. Mika began to cry, and Luca started trembling. Sara just uttered a string of Spanish and English profanities as the noose around her neck was tightened, and Nate just bowed his head and whispered prayers. Tom desperately pleaded with Charlie, but the executioner had heard it all before.

"Alright, all done". Charlie turned to me and asked if I wanted to take one final set of portraits of the convicts. I nodded, and walked up the stairs. Each prisoner had a different expression as I took their photographs. Luca averted his eyes, Mika had finished crying and just faced the camera with a blank face, Tom had tears in his eyes but tried to present a brave face, Sara stuck her tongue out at me in one final act of childish rebellion, and Nate smiled sadly.

I finished, and walked back down the stairs to rejoin Charlie. He had taken a remote control from his pocket, and scrutinized the clock. "Five, four, three, two-"
all of the kids had closed their eyes tight by now "-one!"

Charlie pressed the button on the remote. The trap doors clattered open, sending five children to their demise. Five corpses twisted and swung, twitching spasmodically as their nervous system shut down.

Two guards walked in to assist in taking down the bodies. I photographed each corpse, marvelling at the grotesque contortions frozen on their faces. I asked Charlie what would happen to the bodies. "Well, no next of kin, so we usually just send them to the medical school next door for autopsy practice", he answered absentmindedly as he checked off the names on his list.
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Do's anyone now what hapend to the cannibal land stories by cannibal, a.
They were posted on asstr.org but no more stories posted after january this year?
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Darla vs the Winged Devourers (loli, vore, snuff, rape, digestion, fantasy, slice of life)

A Beastmaster tale by Riraito
Commissioned by RedStar101


She was brought into the world by two loving parents: Alar, and Ked-rak. The two of them named their blonde bundle of joy Darla after Ked-Rak’s mother. They raised her lovingly as any farmers would their eldest daughter.

The midwives declared that she was healthy and free of defects, Alar couldn’t have hoped for anything more than to hold that beautiful baby girl in her arms. Ked-rak was proud of his wife, and while he had hoped for a son to help till the fields, he would love his daughter just the same.

Years passed and Darla grew, first into a curious toddler, then into a proper young girl of the age of 4 cycles. Her cheeks were a rosy red, and her smile could light up any farmer’s worst day. The blonde mop of loosely pigtailed hair looked like an angel’s halo in the summer light, and was the colour of fresh straw from threshing.

As she grew up, she was a very happy and social little girl. She would play games of skill with balls and her body with the other children her age, and attended class once a week at the school building, when the teacher arrived in town. The building was just an open wall-less shack with thin thatching and a hard packed dirt floor, but when the teacher was around, it transformed into a place of enlightenment and wisdom. The things she taught the girls and boys about the kingdom and foreign lands set their minds alight.

Her days out of school were largely concerned with helping her mother with chores around the house, and tending to her younger sister, Clara, who demanded a lot of love and attention, as all three year olds tend to need. Her sister could be a handful at the best of times, always getting into some trouble or another. Sometimes Darla even encouraged her to misbehave, just to see what would happen. Alar would scold them when they stole all the oat cookies from the glass jar on the to shelf of the kitchen… but somehow by the next day, a new batch would have been cooked and already filled the jar.

Life was hard for farmers in the kingdom of Aruk. The fanatics who followed Maax would often raid villages along the border. Skirmishes were not unheard of, even this far north. As a result, they lost good young men in battle far more often than the villagers would have liked.
Farmers often had their daughters betrothed to suitable boys well before marriageable age. It helped make sure that there would be enough strong men to defend the village when the time came, and enough young brides to go around after women died in childbirth.

Darla was to be wed one day in the future to her father’s friend’s son Da’neel. She was too young to really see him in a sexual manner, but she still thought he looked cute, and would often fantasize about what married life would be like with the strong man she knew he’d grow to be. Of course, Darla only knew the idea of love from the lurid bedtime stories her mother used to tell her. They were of course retellings of famous romantic trysts and scandalous news from the rest of the town of Emur that she regaled the girl with. So Darla’s idea of love was something skewed and twisted to resemble some lustful thing she was incapable of understanding yet.

On the day of her fifth birthday, she took aside Da’neel from the small, intimate party, and took him to the secluded grey wooden bridge that hung over the clear blue-green river. She wore her best yellow rags and sunhat, and rubbed her lips with Redberries like her mother had taught her to do to attract the boys. She told him what he meant to her, and how she loved him, just as she had heard in her mother’s fairy tales. Then she took his face into her hands and kissed him like she’d seen her mother do to her father. She hugged the surprised boy tightly, and refused to let go, until she felt the thing growing in his pants. He mother hadn’t warned her about this, and she was surprised, and unsure what was happening. At first she thought he was one of those strange men who talked to animals, Like that older boy Dar had done in secret when he thought no-one was looking. She thought that maybe Da’neel had a ferret in his pants, and so she tried to grab the little thing out and pet it. However, to her great surprise, the little sausage in a sheep intestine wrapper she pulled out, seemed to be firmly attached to the place between his legs and only seemed to be getting bigger. Darla laughed at the silly thing between his legs, and angered by her insult to his thing, he slapped her so hard in the face that it left a redish handprint and brought tears to her eye.

Darla cried and called him obscene names that she had learned from the rough men at the mill. Things that she knew would hurt him as badly as he’d hurt her feelings. Da’neel stormed off, and Darla was left to cry at her broken heart. By evening, her mother had heard all about the incident from the girl, and to Darla’s great chagrin, she laughed about it the entire evening with her father. Eventually though, the two embarrassed farmers, had to sit down with their daughter and explain how the sex worked with their darling daughter.
Darla refused to believe it to be the truth until her father hiked up his rags and showed the little girl what he had between his legs. Darla blushed so brightly that her mother, Alar, though she was going to turn into a redberry.
“Why do all men have to have ferrets in their pants?” She yelled, not really making sense, as young children often do.
Alar and Ked-rak’s laughter could be heard all the way across the village to the mill at the end ot the lane that night.

Soon, due to Alar’s loose lips, Darla’s misfortune was the talk of the town. Small shildren she played with started to tease her with names, calling her Darla dick denier, and little miss frigid, and worst of all - Ferret girl. She screamed, and got into fights with the other girls her age. There was hair pulling and broken noses, and plenty of crying among the kids for the longest time. Darla was often seen with a black eye, or a bleeding nose in those days… But soon she learned her lessons, and Darla started coming home unbruised, while the cases of other girls coming back with black eyes went on the increase. But in the end it was all worth it, because Da’neel forgave her and told her he loved her back., They never really did apologise to each other, but they did get to kiss a lot after that. In fact, every chance they got, the two little lovers would abscond somewhere out of sight, thinking they were discreet, and fooling no-one at all. It was a sweet first love, and all the villagers thought that it was just about the most adorable thing they’d ever seen. Alar was often found in the middle of a daydream in those days; already planning her daughter’s wedding day in her head.


It was Darla’s first day back at school after the teacher took sabbatical to teach the king’s children over the entirety of winter. The village didn’t like their only educator going away for such a long time, but they couldn’t refuse her the opportunity to make the kind of coin only a king could pay. Some of the parents were even so bold as to brag that their children were being taught by the crown educator. Alar packed food and parchment into little brown hessian bags, that she’d made herself from some scraps given to her by the mill workers. She kissed Darla and Clara goodbye, and then set about cleaning their house, which had been gathering dust from overuse during winter.

Clara burbled a song that she’d picked up from their father, as they walked to school together. It was a sweet tune about a summer frog and her children hopping about the place. Darla sang along too. Soon the school shack came into sight, and all of Darla’s friends came over to greet her. Clara hid herself shyly behind her elder sister’s legs.

“This is my sister Clara… she’s coming to school now too.”
All of Darla’s friends rushed over to talk to the new girl. They asked her all kinds of questions in a flurry.
“What is your favourite food”
“Who’s do you think is the best singer at the mill?”
“Did you help make those clothes with your mother, they’re so pretty”
“Are you really Darla’s sister, you look so different from each other with that black hair.”
Soon, despite her earlier shyness, Clara was happily joining in with the crowd, drawing on parchment with her bottle of ink and quill, and enjoying the company of a dozen newfound friends.

Darla smiled wanly at all the attention her sister was getting a part of her was happy her sister was getting along with her classmates, and another part was just jealous. She broke away from her thoughts when Miss Coates entered the room and cleared her throat loudly, signalling that children should be silent and pull out their parchments in preparation for learning.
“Today we will be learning basic arithmetic. By the end of today you should be able to have memorised the entire three times table.”
Darla sighed. Math was her least favourite subject. Why couldn’t it have been magic or farming techniques like usual? But still, being a good girl she tried her hardest.

She was interrupted halfway by somebody yanking hard on her pigtails.Darla yelped loudly.
“Darla, do you have something to say about the lesson?”
“No Miss Coates… I was just… never mind”
“Well, I would appreciate silence during my lessons… another outburst like that and I’ll have you caned in front of the entire class.”
“Yes Miss Coates, It won’t happen again, I promise.”
Miss Coates put her attention back to the board made of slate, and put her shard of chalk back up to write more numbers on it. Darla shot an evil look the the twins behind her, who had dared to tease her in the middle of the class. The twins were the bright faced terrors of Emur. If there was a dastardly deed done by children in the region, odds are that the two of them had something to do with it. Of course, when adults inquired into it, all they’d be met is with adorable twin smiles as the girls flashed their ultimate escape tool - their tandem weaponized cuteness.
They had names of course, as most children who weren’t bastards did, but nobody could ever seem to remember what they were. Everyone just called them the twins, and that was all that needed to be said, they both answered to it the same, and swapped positions and clothes enough that they became interchangeable in the village’s eyes.

“Outside - at lunch - we’ll settle this then” whispered Darla menacingly.
The twins shared a mischievous grin, the kind that said that they knew what they had done was very wrong, but at the same time protested their angelic innocence in the matter.
“I have no idea what you’re on about Darla”
“Me neither sister, I think ferret girl is going a bit soft in the head.”
Darla growled and snapped the quill she was holding, splattering ink in tiny droplets over her parchment. “I’m gonna teach you meanies a lesson you won’t forget.”

At lunch, as the children were let out to play near the school building, the twins were waiting for Darla in a corner of the playground that didn’t have line of sight back to the school building, so Miss Coates couldn’t see them from where she was enjoying the roasted chicken lunch with Redberry tea that the village provided for as part of the payment for her services.
“Right now Darla, what were you saying about ‘making us regret stuff?’”
“Yeah Darla, what are you gonna do to the two of that should make us so scared?”
Darla gritted her teeth at their defiance. “I’m gonna beat you so badly that you.. That you…. a h forget it and hold still so I can hit you.” yelled Darla, getting all the emotions off her chest. She was so sick of those two calling her names and pulling silly pranks on her.

“I don’t think so sister, do you?”
“Well, I count two of us, and one of her.”
“I’ll hold down Darla, and you hit her… what do you say dear sister?”
“That’s a fantastic idea, why I reckon we’ll make her regret ever having been born”
Darla froze in place, almost as if fearful.. Or at least it would have seemed that way if not for the maniacal grin on her face. Behind the twins stood Marabel, a girl of twice their size, with beautiful red hair that cascaded like fire down her shoulders. Last week the twins had let her family’s bull out of its pen for some fun. Marabel had spent all day chasing it down. By the time Marabel got it back in the pen, she was a mess of scratches and bruises.

“You see here twins, I told Marabel here who let that bull out of the pen the other day… and she agreed to help me out with you two the next time she had a spare moment.”
The twins looked up at, what seemed from their perspective, to be a giant angry lady with fire for hair. The teenager grabbed the two preteens by the hair and urged Darla on.
“What do you say Darla? I hold them, and you hit them?”
“That’s a fantastic idea, why I reckon we’ll make them regret ever being born Marabel.”
With that, Darla sank her fist into the soft stomach of her first harasser. The first twin vomited as she was struck.
“No.. cough cough… please.. Urghhhh!”

Darla struck her in the exact same soft spot a second time, before walking over to the second twin
“I’m sorry?” she begged, but was treated to the same violence as the bullied girl took her revenge on her. This went on for a few more strikes before Darla swapped with Marabel, and let the older girl get in a few punches and kicks of her own. By the time Miss Coates called the entire class back in from recess, Marabel and Darla had systematically worked over the twins, covering them with a variety of colourful bruises.
“Oh my, what happened to you two, she asked”
“We fell over”
“We fell over”
Came the tandem orchestrated response. The teacher, sensing that she wasn’t getting the truth out of the twins, let it go at that. However, she wasn’t lacking in shrewdness enough to fail to notice Darla and Marabel's bruised fists
“About time” she thought to herself “Those twins are snakes, it’s about time they got their comeuppance.

Darl smiled in her seat for the rest of the school day. She slept like a baby that night, a giant smile still on her face.


One day, Darla’s parents took her out on a day trip. It was an unusual thing for farmers to do, usually they were busy tending to their grain fields or animals. Darla loved to tend the family pig. She’d even named it Pork… because they were fattening it up for the Godsgiving party later in the year. The village elders had promised to share some of their special exotic spice rubbing recipes with Alar if she could procure the ingredients on the list.

So it was that on the day that the spice merchants came to town, that Darla found herself hand in hand with Alar and Ked-rak as they marched their two girls across sunlit plains to the main kingdom road. There hadn’t been a Jun raid in the area any time recently, but Ked=rak carried his work sicle on him just in case there was trouble with highwaymen. Darla and Clara danced and skipped and played as they journeyed across the blossoming spring fields filled with exquisite wildflowers that smelled of rich natural perfumes. Alar stopped every now and then to take a cutting of some plant, herb or flower to plant back in her garden back home. She was quite the amatuer botanist, worthy of the King’s arborealists… or so Ked-rak liked to brag to all his drinking buddies. Darla didn’t think he was all that far off the truth either, she was proud of her mama.

It wasn’t long before Darla’s legs tired, and she had Ked-Rak pick her up and carry her piggyback the rest of the way.
“Ked-rak, you’re going to spoil her if you do that.”
“Nonsense dear… it’s a father’s job to indulge his children once in a while. And it's been so long since I got to spend any time with them outside of the fields.”
“I suppose you’re right.. She’s getting pretty heavy these days though… been eating too many of my oat cookies from the jar even though she’s not supposed to.”
“I don’t know about that, you’re feeling pretty pudgy up there Darla”
“AM NOOOOOT!” she whined.
She sulked the rest of the trip to the merchant, propped up on her daddy’s shoulders, draped over his head like a hat.

When they finally arrived at the merchants camp, long hours later, they were pleased to see brusk business already being carried out. Their fellow villagers were already haggling over prices in the unpacked wagon circle. Mercenaries with hawk eyes, peered at Ked-rak’s sicle as he entered, but dismissed it out of hand. He was a farmer after all - sickles were a thing the peasants carried all the time.

Her father went over and inspected farming implements and seeds, while her mother perused the spice racks searching for the exotic ingredients she needed to add unique flavour to their dinners, while not blowing their budget for the necessities. Darla liked the strange wagons with their funny smells, and brightly coloured signs. She’d never seen anything that wasn’t a flower or berry painted with red or blue in her entire life, they were as alien concepts to her as a wagon was to an ant. In the back, the children watched a punch and Judy show. Punch got drunk a lot and then beat judy… The guards eventually came and locked Punch away and threw away the key. It was a pretty silly play, and Darla found herself laughing at the antics. They reminded her of old Mr Crawley, who always smelled of grain alcohol, and whose wife always seemed miserable. Seeing a guy like him get locked up made her feel good… even if it was only a puppet show. It made her feel like sometimes things worked out well in life. That was a good feeling that made her warm inside.

Later she took Clara over and bought some sweet nuts with the pieces of copper her daddy had given her to spend. She shared them with her sister, and they looked over all the strange contraptions and baubles that were being sold. They toyed and touched the magical contraptions, watching them dance to invisible puppet strings until merchant’s chased them away with a broomstick. Then they’d just move on to the next stall that caught their eye. It was

At one of the stalls, she found Marabel, trying on pretty necklaces, probably to impress that boy she liked, the one who had his eyes on another girl. The redhead was always going on about how she didn’t see what he saw in her. Darla chatted for a while with the older teenager, about school and the bullies they’d trashed together. Then they talked about boys, and jewelry, and the best ways to do makeup. They promised to hang out more together when they got back to Emur, and not only when they had some bullies to pay back. But Clara was growing hungry again, and so the two young friends waved and went their own separate ways

It was late afternoon before Darla’s family got underway on their journey home. They were all carrying backpacks loaded with the things they bought that day. Their Gold purses were significantly lighter, but that didn’t seem to make carrying their stuff any easier somehow.
Darla wanted to have another piggy back on Ked-Rak’s back, but he was too busy carrying the family’s heaviest pack. Darla pouted once again. As the Night drew over head, Darla thought they were going to have to set up camp and stay there the night, but Ked-rak pulled out his pitch and lit a creat torch, and guided them all through the night back home. The world looked so different at night. Stars dotted the sky like some god spilled glowing ink across the parchment of the night sky. It was brilliant and beautiful.

Ked-rak taught Darla all of the stars, and their signs. He showed her the Hunter, and the Housewife. He showed her the great black lion, and the Twin Ferrets Osmius and Gorak, finally he showed her the Homestar on the belt of the mighty star sign of the Beastmaster. He told her the legends of the ancient warrior that spoke to animals and fought as if he were one of them himself. Darla loved that story, there was something so empowering about it to her. She wished she could grow up to talk to animals, and wage wars, romance barbarians and rescue slavegirls from their vicious Jun captors, and defeat the evil Maax.

Eventually they arrived home, and Alar went straight to work testing out the spices for the food. Maybe she put too much in, because Darla found the food tasted strange… not bad… just unfamiliar to her palate. Ked-rak smiled as he complimented his wife’s cooking, shoveling it in as fast as he could. Darla wasn’t sure that he really meant it. But her mother looked positively glowing at the compliments, and said that there would be a special prize for him in his room that night. Darla wasn’t sure what that meant, but she knew that he went back for second helpings immediately.

As she lay awake in bed mulling over the day’s busy events, she couldn’t help but remember that great warrior made of stars in the sky, and his animal companions


It was a day like any other when Darla saw the King. She’d been playing over in the lake with Marabel and Clara. They’d stripped off their clothes and hidden them in the reeds so that any sneaky boys wouldn’t be able to steal them away when they were bathing. Clara splashed water over her big sister, and Darla used her longer arms to scoop so much water that Clara was drenched with a single splash. Maribel uncupped her loose bra and let her breasts dangle free. Darla was astounded how much they’d grown since she’d first met Marabel just months ago. That and the older teenager had a tuft of bright orange hair above her vagina. Darla was pretty jealous of the curves that her friend had. She was beginning to blossom into a real woman’s body; the kind that could have a baby.

“What’s it like having real breasts - are they heavy?” the five year old asked innocently.
Marabel just laughed at her junior’s naivety. They’re fine.. It's just the monthly bleeding that can be bad… you never know when you’re going to need to wash your underwear.
“No way… that’s not going to happen to me - that’s disgusting.”
‘Ahahaha… of course it’s going to happen to you - its how you know you’re ready to have a baby. Mother says that when you’re pregnant it goes away. So I’ve just got to find myself a husband before too long. You’ve got that sorted with your boy Da’neel anyway - why don’t you tell me more about that.”

“Well, sometimes we kiss and he touches me with his hands, but we haven’t done the sex yet… we … well were too young… and nobody has told us how it works…”
Maribel laughed at that and grew the widest evil grin on her face before leaning over to her child friend and whispering in her ear for the longest time.
“No way - that can’t be how you.. K’now - do IT”
“Of course it is, my cousin did it last fertility festival with her fiance… and she got pregnant just afterwards… it totally works that way.”
“But that’s you know.. You’re really supposed to stick it up there?”
“It gets bigger when you do it like that… if the boy likes you enough. The bigger it is, the more he likes you.”

As the girls argued and gossiped about their anatomies, there arose a great clatter on the nearby road, as carts and soldiers disembarked at the lake to refill their canteens. The head carriage was beautifully ornate. Inside it was a face that even Darla recognised. She’d seen it on the back of the copper money her daddy had given her to spend at the Merchants. It was the King himself.

Darla curtseyed immediately in the water, almost drowning her sister, and she lowered her head for her. The commotion Clara made attracted the King’s very attention.
“I’m sorry my liege, we didn’t realise you were going to be here today, or I would have had my clothes on, said Darla, still sinking into the water to hide her lack of boobs, having recently found her absence of them embarrassing by comparison to her company.. Marabel on the other hand was frozen in shock, still standing upright, her bosom and slit fully exposed to the sight of the King himself.
‘Y- your majesty… My liege… I mean King…”

“No need to bow dear.. Came the commanding voice of the king… Why I think I prefer the view of you standing than bowing.”
Indeed, young teen Marabel was quite the sight with her damp red hair hanging down and water beading off her slim virgin body. Her pert little breasts were still just growing to full size on her adolescent body. Her nipples were standing erect from the cold waters.

Her face blushed red and she put up her hands to cover her modesty.
“I’m sorry your Majesty, I should not have subjected your sight to such lewd behaviours… It won’t happen again.”
The king smiles at the peasant’s blind belief in a King’s divine;y bestowed nature.
“I’m sure it won’t… but if you wouldn’t mind, I have a war to wage today against my former advisor Maax and his vile, fanatical Jun. But when I return victorious, I would be honoured to celebrate my victory in the company of a young beautiful maiden such as yourself.
Marabel blushed harder at the compliment from royalty. Darla simply couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was like something out of one of her mama’s bedtime stories. Clara just gurgled, Darla having forgotten to let her sister up from her bowing position under the water.

“I bestow upon you, one of my official signet rings, young miss…?”
“Marabel , sir, my name is Marabel.”
“Well isn’t that a lovely name for a lovely maiden. It suits a beauty like you”
“You are too kind, your majesty.”
“Keep the ring on you, so that you may prove to my servants that you have my permission to enter my presence when I make my return to your town. Keep it in your possession always and tell no-one of it.”
“I will, my liege… You have my promise.”

With that exchange finished, the Soldiers mounted back up onto their horses, and the carriages carried on their way to war, leaving Darla and Clara staring open mouthed at Marabel as she clutched the signet ring in her hands.
“No way… Marabel… No way… this was …. Amazing.”
Darla really just wasn’t sure what was happening… it was like living in a story. Soon she’d find that she was some kind of warrior princess, summoned to do battle with the forces of Maax, and then fall in love with an enemy prince in disguise. That was the kind of thing that always happened next in her mother’s stories.

Marabel just squealed in happiness… She giddily splashed water around and put the ring on her finger so it wouldn’t get lost until she could return to shore and hide in in her bra.
“Omigod, Omigod.. Omigod… this it like the craziest thing that has ever happened to me… we were just talking about how I didn’t have a boyfriend, and now this… a king… Pinch me Darla - because this isn’t real.”
Darla reached over and pinched Marabel on the butt. She shrieked…
“It hurt… Omigod.. It’s real - it’s all real. Wait, does this mean I’m going to be a princess… or a queen… or a concubine? Which is it? Darla, do you know whether the King has a wife?”
“I dunno”
“Oh he’s a bit old for me….. But a king… He’d have all the luxuries, the foods… I’d never have to work another day in the fields again. Not for any day of the rest of my life.”
Marabel lay out, floating on the water next to Darla, feeling its cool embrace.
“I’m so happy for you Marabel - you should go for it, no matter how old he looks… Your young enough for the both of you… And to think, your babies would be princes and princesses.”

The two excited girls nattered on about secretly it for weeks afterwards. Wondering when the King would make his return journey, and whisk the pretty girl off to a life of freedoms and palace intrigue.


Da’neel leaned over her as he kissed every part of her face inexpertly.
The two of them were canoodling in the abandoned barn at the forest side of Emur. It was a dilapidated old thing, with rotted wood, and bend rusted nails holding it together. It was cold in the winter air, and when it rained everything got soaked.. But lying in a fresh sheet of loose straw, the two kids were toasty warm in each others embrace.
“Do you want to go to the festival with me Darla? My dad says that I need to invite a girl this year”
He was of course talking about the fertility festival that Emur held every year. A time where the free maidens would be presented for potential matchups, and those that were betrothed but still without children, would show themselves off, to let everyone in the village remember that they were already taken.

It was always a spectacle, and Darla loved the feast that always accompanied it. Darla had always loved how her mother had looked as she walked down the village street, all made up, with flowers in her hair, and the sun reflecting off her dirty blonde hair. She’d always stayed under the care of the teacher, as all the children’s parents marched hand in hand down the street to reaffirm their mutual love.
“Da’neel - of course I want to. We’ll look so pretty together, thank you for asking me to.”
Da’neel smiled and then ran off excitedly to tell his parents that his girlfriend had agreed to join him this harvest cycle.

Dala lay back with an enormous grin on her tiny face. This was the best day ever… or so she thought. But she was wrong, there were going to be better things to come yet on the festival day itself.

The preparations for the festival came quickly, with Farmers and mill workers putting their skills together to decorate the town for the parade of lovers. Beautiful hand woven ribbons and fine lace, better than any clothes they wore themselves were pulled out of storage to be hung from banners put up by the lumberjacks. It was like a thousand birthdays had come at once for the young children watching. Paper lanterns were hung down the town’s only street, and all the farmers from the outskirts of the city were put up in family barns for the week. Delicious foods were cooked. Chickens were beheaded and plucked by the children, under the supervision of their parents. Darla thought that it was pretty gross… but that was the farmer’s life. And the thought of eating delicious meat, covered in sugar and fat, instead of grain porridge was very appealing to her young taste palate.

The old men in the village pulled pins and balls out from their weatherd storage bags, and treated the kids to a quick demonstration of juggling before the event itself. Old Miss Coates even gave it a go herself, surprising the crowd when she spat grain alcohol onto sticks and then set them alight, spinning them around herself in fancy patterns. Darla and Clara both clapped and laughed at the scene. It was great - she’d never seen anything so amazing in her life. Da’neel thought to himself that Darla had never looked so cute in her entire life as she did at that moment.

The day before the festival, the feast was put into a deep pit, covered with hot coals. Then sand was poured over the top to cook it slowly over the course of an entire two days. When the ripe Yams, and grains, and meats finally were dug back out, it would be the most succulent feast that the village could offer this year. The Village was often on the brink of famine.. But even then, they would save up for this one day of excess every year. It was something to look forwards to - even in bad cycles.

Darla’s mother brushed out Darla’s shoulder length hair, and pulled it all back up into pretty braided pigtails.The golden hair was straight and fine, soft and downy unlike the course hair of her mother. Alar spoke softly to her eldest daughter “You have such pretty hair Darla. Da’neel is a lucky boy to have you as his own. It won’t be too many years now before he can put a baby of your own into your belly. Oh, I’m going to have such pretty grandchildren. She placed bright wildflowers all through Darla’s hair, distracting too much from her features to really capture her beauty, but that was a mother’s smothering love for her perfect child… you could never give too much attention to your firstborn on their first festival march.

They lined up in a queue at the crack of dawn. Alar beside her husband Ked-rak, Darla beside Da’neel, and the entire village worth of fertile couples in a line. Little Clara watched from the sidelines as her big sister marched down the street at her first fertility festival. It was brisk in the morning air, and condensation came with every breath. Da’neel smiled and held hands with Darla, and in the little girls mind, everything was right with the world. The warmth from his fingertips spread throughout the rest of her body in a way that made her both embarrassed and happy.

The soft sound of the sheepherder horn playing a mournful ballad, and the children’s choir singing slightly off key was the signal to march. The set off down the dusty and dreary main street, kicking larger stones as they trod on the pavements. It took them until the sun had risen fully before they finished their round of the village. There was much cheering as all the couples entered into the barn for a speech by the village elder.

They all sat down cross legged in the barn, and listened to the old man tell them all the secrets of marriage. Of how to settle arguments properly, and how a maiden can cook delicious foods from just grains and herbs. But most important of all were what he called ‘techniques of the bed.’
Darla wasn’t really sure what that meant. But after a long instructional about correct tongue usage for the men, she found out first hand.
Da’neel was instructed by his father to put his head between Darla’s legs, and under her rag dress. He was an enthusiastic learner, and Darla felt a bit wierd as his tongue went into the place she peed from. It made her nipples harden like they did when it was cold, and made her pussy tingle like it did when she went to the toilet, or rubbed it against the bedding. Soon, she was sweating like it was a summer day. Small whorish moans excaped from the child’s mouth as she pulled his face deeper into her small crotch. He obliged by licking harder.
“Da’neel…. Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t stop it.. It’s so good”
Finally the little girl shuddered and sprayed into his face, and Da’neel’s father told him that he was a good man, and that he’d done well.
Darla was inclined to agree, as she slumped into the warm straw beside her boy and fell asleep from the morning’s exertions.

When she was awoken by her little beau, it was already afternoon feast time. The chickens and ducks were being carved up by the elders, and the yams divided up to all the families. Warm and rich beers were poured into wooden mugs for everyone, and bowls filled with thick gruel covered in sugar and preserved plums. Darla dug into the feast, and didn’t stop until her belly was as round as a playground sheep's bladder kicking ball. Her mother handed her a mug of ale as large as her face. It tasted kind of funny, but Darla had always wanted to drink one of the big adult drinks,,, so she downed the entire cup. She felt kind of funny and woozy after doing it, but in a good way, not like when she had a fever and dreamed those horrible dreams about nightmare horses with glowing red eyes..

She cuddled into her boyfriend’s warm embrace, and the two kids drunkenly fell into a stupor of sloppy kissing and simple fondling; still too young to consummate a relationship, or to understand the real implications of their arranged marriage.. The fell asleep in each others arms, and only woke with the next morning’s dawn light. Whatever it was that the two kids had, Darla wanted something like it for the rest of her life. He was her best friend in the whole world.

As she remembered it later that week, Darla really felt it had been the best day ever.


Weeks later was when the unthinkable finally happened. Darla was asleep in her large straw bed atop her sweat-stained rag sheets, her grey cloth headband over her forehead was slipped down so she could sleep a little longer than the sun’s first rays. Her tiny naked body was spread-eagled awkwardly in that way that kids like to sleep sideways across the bed, and she snored loudly. There was a small patch from where she had wet the bed the night before, already beginning to dry between her legs. Darla was a fairly solid sleeper, and would fail to get up and use the chamber pot in the middle of the night. Her mother would beat her bottom with the wooden cauldron when she realised that she would have to go down to the river and wash her sheets yet another time that week.

Her hair was long and unbraided, and fell in strands across her peaceful morning face, and her blue eyes flutter awake as the smell of cooking porridge reaches her nose. She gets up slowly and groggily, and wipes the sleep from her big eyes and yawns while scratching her bottom. She’d been having the weirdest dream about Da’neel doing things to her.. She’d have to talk about them to the soothsayer soon…. Either that or she could make the prophecy happen herself by asking Da’neel to do some of the things she had dreamed about to her. The thing where he had slipped his penis between her legs had seemed like it might be fun to try.

She put her hand between her legs as she wandered out to the breakfast table. Alar was already serving up the breakfast for her two children into their wooden bowls. She was cupping her heavily pregnant belly as she did so. Ked-rak had done his fatherly duties during last cycle’s festival, and now she was nearing birth again. Darla had only watched her mother’s last labour when she delivered Clara as a baby. But this year, she would be expected by the midwives to help out with the delivery herself. She was very excited by this all. Her younger sister, Clara, was busy playing around with her gruel as her mother spoon fed it to her. Bits of oats splashed all over Darla’s face. She loved her little sister dearly, but sometimes she just wished she could murder the evil little rat.

“Darla dear, when you’re finished with your porridge, could you take this pot of gruel out into the fields for your father. He went out early today and forgot to take some with him. Carry some ale out from the barrel too. He’ll have worked up a thirst by now if I know my beloved Ked-rak. He works so hard for us.”

“Okay mama.. I can do that. It should be easy. Can I go see Da’neel afterwards if I’ve been good” mutters Darla as she tries to scarf her breakfast down at the same time, bits of oats landing on her face..
“Sigh, sure thing honey, but be back before lunch, I’ll need your help with cooking dinner. I can’t keep track of Clara while I’m doing that”
“Thank you mama… you’re the bestest.”
Darla scrapes the bottom of her wooden bowl with her fingers to get the last of the meal into her growling belly. She reaches over and grabs the wrapped pot to carry it out the door for her father.
“I’m off mama.”
“Just wait a minute Darla” He mother berates her, as she wipes off a stray oat near Darla’s lips..
“There we go, all pretty again.”

Darla puts on her thin cork sandals, and sets off through the lush green oat fields in search of her father. The enormous green grain leaves were taller than she was, and it made it impossible to see where she was going, so the little messenger spent hours scouring the fields for her daddy.

The sun shone through the stalks and lit the dusty air with beams of early morning sun rays. They felt good against her lily white complexion and made life seem fresh and wonderful. Darla couldn’t imagine living somewhere where it was cold all the time… the sun was what made life worth living.

Eventually she stumbled on him while he was whistling a lewd ballad to himself.

“… and then he did finger that sweet lil lassie… A la dilly dally a la carrie dae…. She moaned quite sweetly as he came in her pussie.. A la dilly dally a la carrie dae… She whistled his tune as he played her like a fiddle. A Ree diddle middle cae rom liddle dae… and with his great sword did he her diddle… A Ree diddle middle… oh - I didn’t see you there dear.” Ked-rak patted his daughter on her well braided head. “You uh, didn’t hear too much of what I was singing did you? I know you had your first fertility festival, but your maidenhood hasn’t bloomed yet, so maybe that song is a little too much for you. What are you doing out here in the south field?

“Mamma told me to bring you out your lunch and something to drink.” she said as she unwrapped the tightly bound wooden handcases of ale, and gruel.

“Hmmm. looks like she packed far too much gruel and ale… y’know… I think she might have intended for you to share this with me. It would certainly explain why she sent me out without my lunch this morning. Saying I should ‘spend more time with our daughter’”
He cracked open the seal on the ale casing and handed one to Darla,
“C’mon girl, have a drink in the field with me”
Darla lifted the frothy alcohol to her lips and sipped at it. Her dad raised his too and quaffed the lot in one chug. Soon they were eating the gruel under the leaves, even as the skies turned grey with overcast clouds.
“Hmmm Darla, I always wanted a boy to help me with the fields, but you’re growing into quite the little scrapper I hear. I was thinking maybe one day you’d be interested in helping me till the fields… if you’re interested in such a big responsibility.”
“I am daddy.. I’ll be the best farmhand ever… You won’t regret this… you’ll see.”
He smiled at her earnest response
“thanks for delivering me the food Darla, But you'd better get back home soon - I don't like the look of those clouds… I think a real storm is brewing here"

Darla looks up at the ominous clouds and replies "Okay daddy" she turns about and begins the journey back towards the homely cottage at a brisk pace. The clouds boil in the sky above her as she skips back home. Darla was sure that the village soothsayer would call it a dark and dangerous omen or something of the sort.. But Darla knew that rain was good for the crops. Her daddy had told her so.

The clouds spread faster than seems natural, as if some evil god was blotting out the sky… and she could see…. Things like giant birds flying through the sky like manta rays through the ocean. And there were dozens of them, circling as if hunting for carion. Darla went goggly eyed at the strance sight. They looked like… no, it couldn’t be… they looked like winged… people.
Suddenly, it seemed like it was a good idea to be anywhere but exposed and out in the fields.
Maybe the soothsayer did have a point after all.

Soon the horrendous sound of shrieking began to rise from all over the village. It was a horrible tortured wailing. Darla wanted to be back in the cottage and tucked back up in bed already, waiting for it all to be over. As she emerged from the line of grain stalks into the open expanse between them and Emur, she could see what was causing all the ruckus. As she got closer, she could see as women and children were lifted from the ground by strange and horrific monstrosities with stretched leather wings and cruel claws. Their faces were… wrong somehow, didn’t look the way a man’s should, and they were a filthy dirty slimy brown-grey colour. The captured villagers struggle desperately against their captors, but it is futile, as they were flown away regardless, disappearing into tiny specks in the stormy skies.

Darla could see her family’s cottage on the edge of Emur, with its sturdy walls and hefty door capable of barring outside invaders from entry. It was the safest place she knew, probably in the entire town of Emur. Standing in the tall doorway was Alar, Darla’s mother. Her pregnant form was clutching the bevelling, little Carla in her arms. Their eyes met from across the field.
“Darla - get inside quickly - Please honey - RUN!”.
Darla picked up her pace, running as fast as her short little legs would carry her. However, halfway across the field, she tripped on a large jagged stone, and landed flat on her face… but she got straight back up, picking up the pace till she was a little rag clad blur with a cute pigtails trailing behind.

But before she could reach the safety of her family abode, there was a crash and a noise as one of the flying creatures smashed through the thin thatch roof. Darla’s mom whipped around to see what the commotion was, and came face to face with something tall and man-like, but with thin stretched bat wings draped down from its arms. It emerged from the darkness of the doorway. Darla’s eyes bug out of her head as she sees the thing approach her mother.
“Mama - Look out!” she tried to warn, but there was simply no time as the thing grabbed the big bellied woman and child and lifted them swiftly into the air as if they were no more heavy than pieces of parchment. She gave a short panicked scream, and then disappeared into the heavens with her toddler still in her arms.

Darla looked around, unsure what to do, now that her mama was… gone.
Her entire world was in that cottage, that now felt a million miles away from safety. Every memory she had ever made was in this village, but now she turned around and around, looking for something, anything that would keep her safe, or restore her illusion of security, but there was nothing but the sound of villagers being abducted all around her. Darla’s world had become a unique kind of hellscape. She just stood on the spot and quivered, a little piss escaping from through her underwear.

Not seeking immediate cover was a foolish mistake. One of the winged devourers, spotting the young prey, swooped down from on high and latched onto her. The ground receded quickly away from Darla as the monster lifted her into the air. She could see the buildings speed by below her, a view that made her dizzy and nauseous with vertigo just looking at it

She screamed shrillishly and cried out “Lemmegoooo!!!!” But Darla's concerns were truly out of her control. There's a hard smack on the back of her head as the creature slammed her with its smooth plated bone face… and Darkness and dizziness enveloped her as she passed out. Then there was only the infinite void for the longest time…


When Darla finally came to, she found herself packed in with dozens of other children, all naked as the day they were born, squeezed in a small bone cage. They were pushed up against one another like so much grain in a silo. She was in some kind of cavern, or lair, with high natural stone walls, and stalagmites and stalactites on the ceiling and floor. Flaming braziers lit the space artificially, and there was the smell of meat cooking in a nearby cauldron. The surfaces were slick with dripping water, and some kind of filthy yellowish slime. The ground was covered in bones from wall to wall, and not all of them were animal bones. Darla could see human skulls littered in among them, covered in slime. Some of them were small enough to belong to babies..

Her head hurt something awful from where the winged man thing had hit her. Darla sobs in fear and pain as she looks around the bone cage, and the grimy lair beyond, desperately hoping to see a glance of her mother or sister. However, she really can’t see much over the thick mass of tiny legs, arms and torsos, all trying in vain to escape. Soon she can hear screaming and an awful gurgling and sizzling sounds echoing from all around, as creatures came to her cage. They open the gate and pull out some of the little girls at the front.

Darla whimpered softly as she watched the two girls disappear out of her view. She couldn’t see what happened to them, but the vile screams they made, that then turned into a sad bubbling moaning, made her heart sink deep in her flat loli chest. It was then that she realised she was never leaving this place alive. Something horrible had happened to two of her friends. Now she knew how the cookies in mom’s jar felt.

Over the following few hours, the cage becomes less populated, as the creatures remove more and more young girls to be consumed. It makes seeing out of it easier. Darla can see that hers is just one cage out of dozens, filled to the brim with boys, girls and adults of all ages. It is then that she finds what she’s been seeking, the full bodied form of her mother, being pulled from a nearby cage. Alar screamed obscenities at the winged devourer, her ring curled hair and boobs bouncing as she fought against her attacker. It proceeded to stretch its wings around her girth, taking in her full baby bump. The winged devourers didn’t seem to care that she was pregnant… everyone seemed to be fair game to them.

Darla’s cries out “Let Mama go - Let her Gooooo!!!!!” but the thing finisher wrapping her mother in a skin bondage. She wails uncontrollably, knowing that it’s simply too late to do anything for her mother now. Alar’s screaming face is visible pushing against the wings, and her entire body can be made out, struggling and still alive. A sickly white yellow goop drips down from inside the lethal hug. It steams and sizzles lightly as it touches the lair floor. Alar’s feet twitch erratically as they are sucked up into the mass and acid melts away at them.

The thing that etches itself into Darla’s mind isn’t her mother’s screaming… It’s the moment when her wailing transforms into a tortured gargling, and then finally ceases. There’s a gross gurgling sound and then the creature opens its winds wide. A large slimy skeleton can be seen with a tiny one curled up in the area where the stomach used to be. They stuck there for a moment, before the bones tumbled out of place and clattered to the ground.. The monster stands high over Alar’s dessicated corpse, showing off its finely muscled body and erect dick. Then it outstretches its thin wings and takes to the air, swirling and twirling into the darkness at the top of the cave.

Darla stares at the empty sockets of her mother’s skull, foul slime still dripping out of them. The skull grinned with an open mouth. Bits of gristle and sinew still attached them together. To think that that was her mother was impossible, not the strong woman who had sternly raised Darla, who had taught her how to cook delicious meals, and how to sew her rags so they didn’t fall apart. Now she was just reduced to a smoking pile of bones in some kind of underground monster aviary. It couldn’t be true.

Darla;s chest was heaving as her body was wracked, unable to breathe… Her mother, dead.. It wasn’t possible. Life with her mama and daddy was all she had ever known in her short life.
In a cage nearby, her boyfriend Da’neel tried and failed to escape being selected as a meal. Soon, he too was just a pile of sloppy bones on the floor, burt Darla couldn’t bring herself to feel anything about it, she was just…. Numb. It was all too much for her to cope with.

Nearby, the young redheaded teen girl, Marabel that Darla had seen at the playground sometimes, and who had helped her with the twins, meekly obeyed her captor as he selected her, sobbing all the while. Its monster cock was throbbing as It bent her down to the floor and began to forcefully rape her. She shrieked something about not wanting monster babies. All the while it was wrapping its wings slowly around her to start the digestion process. Her energetic squirms under the wings could either have been from the sex, or the digestion, but Darla wasn’t old enough to be able to tell the difference. It didn’t matter though, the girl just ended up the same as everyone else, another soggy pile of bones on the floor.

The twins who had bullied her with the ferret name, and pulled at her hair when in class, were seperated and digested alive by a bird woman. At least Darla guessed it was a woman because of the small curved breasts that she pulled the two miscreants up to. They pleaded and begged for mercy, but the she-creature fed on them anyway. Their tortured howls took a long time to subside.

Darla just wanted it all to be over, for the nightmare to end. She just couldn’t deal with this.It was all just so awful,
“Darla”, came a cry from behind her. A high childish voice that she recognised; Clara, her sister.
“Oh, God, No, not you too Clara” Darla went wide eyed and sobbed as she turned around. But there, just three cages down was her sister, buried in a pile of toddlers and preteens, their legs kicking and grasping to right themselves.
“Darla - Get me out of here - I dun wanna be here! I’m scared”
Of course, all of her yelling for Darla had attracted the attention of a nearby Winged Devourer.
Darla panicked “Please be quiet Clara.. You’re making too much noise!” She pulled at the bone bars of her cage, hoping to dislodge them and get to her sister in time.

A boy, not much older than Darla herself, reached over and tried to cup Clara’s small mouth with his hand, desperate to keep her quiet. It was not very successful, as the little girl bit his hand to gets away. Her teeth tear at his flesh and make him jerk his arm back.
“Shut up you little bitch… You’re going to get us eaten.” he screamed at her as he cradled his bleeding hand. The creature was on them now, hauling the two of them out of the cage roughly by their hair, as its next victims.
“Nooooooooo” Clara yells loudly
“Get it off me” the boy complained right next to her as the winged devourer enveloped the two youngsters side by side in its wings.
“Noo… Let them go… Not my sister” begged Darla, but she knew that it was too late. She could see their outlines squirming as the goop poured over them. Her little sister, Clara, squealed like a pig getting its throat cut for the village spit-roast.

There's a sound like sizzling meat on a pan, then Clara and the boy’s screams died off and were replaced by a repulsive gurgling sound. Their outlines shrunk down to an emaciated state, and then only a pathetic moaning emanated from within. Darla dropped to her knees inside her cage,sniffling and hiccuping as tears rolled down her cheeks. A part of her mind just snaps under the stress, and it reduced her to a gibbering wreck. The creature finally releases what’s left of its prey: Tiny toddler bones mixed with child bones as the two sets of kids bony remains splatter onto the dirty cave floor, joining hundreds of other decrepit skeletons. Darla curled into a fetal position on the bumpy bottom of the human bone cage. She didn’t want to watch anything any more. It was just too hard to keep on feeling this way. It would have been better if she felt nothing at all. She just wished she was at home in her warm bed, where she could just stay under the covers forever.

Days passed by in a daze, one blending into another.


As the days wore on, Darla was forced to witness everyone she had ever known or loved be consumed by demon bird people. She had fallen into an almost catatonic state, from which no manner of horror seemed to be able to rouse her. The numbers of girls in her cage dwindled until there was only Darla, kneeling alone in her very own bone cage. It was the place of her nightmares, that cage was. Feces and urine lay underneath, the girls had nowhere else to go, so they had just peed and pooped through the gaps in the cage floor. It was disgusting, but they had no other options. And then, when those girls had been selected, their bones had joined the other wastes under the cages too.

Darla was covered in a thick layer of dried sweat and dirt. She hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in two days, and was feeling the first stages of exposure. She looked blankly around the expansive cavern, resigned to her inevitable fate. The monsters came in only occasionally to snack now, and as Darla looked around with exhausted eyes, she realised that she was the only one left in any of the cages. When, suddenly, she spotted movement in the gloom at the front of the lair. Somebody was moving through it, and not one of the strange bird men. The outline was distinctly human, with a fantastic hairline, and exquisite muscles. Dressed in a leather strapped skirt and not much above his waist, showing off. In his hands is a sword, like the kind that Darla’s daddy kept in the attic in case of Jun raiders, but not rusty or old like that one… the one the man held was shiny and new, and looked very sharp. Behind him slunk a black lion. Darla wanted to yell to warn him to be careful, that there was a big cat behind him readying to pounce. But as he moved carefully through the Bird-men’s lair, the sleek black feline nustled the warrior to have its head petted, and Darla realised that it must be his pet, or attack cat or something like that. He must’ve been a great warrior to have tamed a big cat like that. Darla’s teacher had said that no man could tame a black lion.

The man looked around the dark lair, moving closer to Darla’s cage. She didn’t want to make too much noise for fear of attracting the winged devourers back to her hanging prison. But hope of getting out of this place alive, was once again rising in her breast. He stared down at a cooking cauldron in the center of the expansive room, prodding the contents with a large metal spoon that was in the pot already. The ghastly sight of a decapitated head of her father rose to the surface, and once again Darla squeaked in a horrific denial. The warrior snapped to the sound of the young girl’s panic, throwing his face into sharp relief in the firelight. Darla froze, it was a face that looked familiar but different. Then it hit her, it was that Dar boy from the village - the strange one that was good with animals. He’d always been so nice to her when she was smaller. She hadn’t understood why he had to leave the village so suddenly, Now he was all grown up and he looked strong enough to fight off the Bird people.

Darla stared down at Dar from her perch on high, tears flowing down her face. But for the first time since she had been captured, they were tears of joy. “Dar… save me” She called to him. With a frown on his face, he pulled his mighty sword from its leather sheath and raised it high above his head wordlessly. It came down and severed the thick ropes that held the cage together. The door swung open, and big warm hands surrounded her in a saving hug. Darla looked up at her savior with a dirty, snotty face filled with all the thankfulness she could muster.

From within his satchel at his waist, two ferrets peaked their little heads up to look at what was going on. In a moment of joy, inappropriate to the situation she was in, Darla thought “I knew iit.. Da’neel was wrong after all - some boys did have ferrets in their pants.”

But as the two of them begin their escape from the foul place, dozens of the Winged Devourers swooped down from their perches in the ceiling, surrounding them instantly. Darla panicked, pushing at Dar’s broad chest until he put her back down on the ground. She understood deep down that she had to get out of that place… There was nowhere to run to - but she felt she had to run anyway. It was some kind of deep instinctual reaction to the all-consuming fear spreading through her. She kicked at Dar, and bit his hand till he let her free from his grasp. Her legs took her blindly as she tried to dart through the gap between the Bird men. Dar stayed put, despite his overwhelming urge to chase her. His wisdom told him that moving too much would just get the both of them killed.

Darla screamed as one of the Winged Devourers grabbed her by the shoulders. She cried for Dar to save her… but there’s nothing he could do anymore that would save her, not even with his sword could he face so many monstrous opponents. He stared, unable to take his eyes away as the toned creature lifted Darla up to its eyeline and held her against its broad muscled chest. It’s face was a warped mockery of a human male. Cruel eyes set above a bony lower section that featured neither nose of mouth. As it tightened its grip against her, she looked down to see the thing that’s brushing against her legs was the creature’s erect cock. She shuddered slightly as it spread her legs with its free handwing and lined up its thick member with her tiny virgin five year old slit. Darla struggled, trying to stop what happened to her entire family, happening to her too, but the thing’s wings were already beginning to wrap around her. Darla sobbed uncontrollably as she desperately tried to push back at then enclosing wings. “Please, don’t… I don’t want to be bones.”
It ignored her pleas, smiling wickedly, somehow without a mouth to do so. It spread her tiny pussy apart with its claws and pushed in its rock hard demon cock, sliding her down, impaling her on its entire length. It filled Darla uncomfortably, tearing her virgin hymen and ripping the ends of her too tight vagina. Blood dribbled down from her private parts. “It hurts.. It hurts so much” she cried.

Dar watched on, incapable of acting in the face of such a nightmare. His hands balled into fists, fingernails tearing the inside of his palms. He felt helpless, unable to aid the little girl as the monster ate Darla alive.

It was warm inside the wings, like being in a giant blanket, and just a little bit sticky too. But it was the revolting smell of raw meat, like the kind Darla one picked up from the local butcher for a special dinner, that made her want to throw up.. The monster lifted her up and down, thrusting deeply into her and crushing her firmly against its body. She could smell its animal musk invade her nostrils. As it raped her light body, she felt shame, and pain… and something else… she had same feeling Da’neel had given her with his tongue that one day… kind of tingly and unpleasant though.
“Not anyone but Da’neel. Stop doing this!”

Darla continued to resist her rapist, as it continued to take advantage of her weak body. It pumped its penis in and out of her vagina in a rhythmic fucking.
“Nooooooo - Please nooooo. I don’t wanna be turned into bones!”
The creature roared from beneath its smooth face, as it shot a huge load of thick white liquid up into Darla’s pussy. The hot semen filled her up and mixed with her virginal blood as it flowed out her petite ruffled opening. As the thing climaxed into her, she shuddered. She felt hot, and bothered… and somehow, shamefully good. She knew it was wrong to like it, she hated it, but her body betrayed her and made her feel contradictory emotions.

Dar could only watch on, feeling embarrassment as the underdeveloped girl was raped in front of him. Despite the horrid turn of events, he was sailing at half-mast beneath his skirt. Finished with its pleasure, the Winged Devourer slipped out of Darla, spilling seed out her freshly raped cunt. A r
R: 8 / I: 0

Vore Beach Bidding Party (Cons, vore, mft/mft)

A Pixiv artist named Maximignon and their fabulous Vore/Cann artwork recently caught my eye. The image below, in particular, caught my fancy and I've decided to use it as the basis for an interactive story, like the Vore House tales from DeviantArt!

Check out the attached artwork, read the intro and get ready for updates as characters are voted into the maws of the waiting critters!



It was a gloriously sunny day at the beach. People, blankets and giant umbrellas were strewn across the beach and into the water.

"This way crew! Chad, Danielle and Sasha set up the stage and speakers last night so we're ready to roll!" Called out a buxom blonde babe in a blue bikini.

"Damn straight we did Jenny!" A burly brown-haired dude grinned.

"We want the setup to be perfect for getting as many of us devoured as possible." Smiled a huge-breasted brunette.

"And with you volunteering those huge tits of yours Danielle, it's going to be a smash!" The blonde Jenny laughed.

"Hey! What about my tits?" Laughed a pink-haired babe with a full bust.

"Oh chill Sasha, you're double-dipping with your tits and cock so you have twice the appeal!" Jenny teased.

"They'll still come to me if they want a big cock." The burly Chad chuckled.

"Oh! OH! We're here!" Jenny crowed as the group reached a wooden platform, about 15' wide, 10' deep and set maybe 2' off the sandy beach.

"And are, are… Oh hell YEAH!" Barked a frizzy-haired redhead who dashed to the edge of the wooden stage and stared at the oddly empty beach beyond it.

"They still there and ready to slurp us up like strands of spaghetti Mel?" Asked a raven-haired goth babe with nipple studs straining her skimpy black bikini.

"Damn straight they are Edith! And, no footprints in the sand since the tide shift so they'll be fresh & hungry." The redheaded Mel nodded, her thick nipples straining her tight white shirt.

"Perfect timing for us to deliver the meat!" Laughed a toned crew-cut blonde babe with a firm rack and an amazing six-pack.

"Good to hear babes. Now strip down and get up on the stage with that keener Naomi!" Jenny called out, pointing at the ponytailed futa babe on stage wearing nothing but dark-rimmed glasses, a ripe set of tits, a foot-long cock, and a smug expression.

An enticing flurry of disrobing followed and shortly left the stage packed with gorgeous naked people who were, already, drawing a crowd to see what was up.

"Hellooooooooo beach people!" Jenny called into a mic that pumped her voice up through the speakers on either side of the stage.

"Today we have a fundraising party that you can take part in." Jenny continued, strutting back and forth on the stage as the crowd stared past her ripe, nubile, form to the naked beauties behind her. "We'll be doing rounds of bidding for donations to everybody's favourite local charity and the winner of each round of bidding gets to pick one of the babes on stage and send them out into that bare patch of beach right there."

At this, Jenny indicated the shockingly empty patch of beach on the far side of the stage. It was a bit sunken, but what stood out was the speckling of 2' across low dome-like things.

"What are those things?" Jenny asked rhetorically. "Well, hungry for starters. But, also, beneath those valves you see is about 8 feet of digestive system." She explained. "Once one of you lovelies wins a bid, you'll get to pick one of us lovelies to get out there and, head-first or feet-first, your call again, feed our luscious self into one of these hungry critters."

An excited buzz rippled through the crowd at this announcement and it drew closer to the stage as even more people from across the beach began piling up and growing the size of the crowd.

"Ready to start bidding?" Jenny called to the crowd, smiling as she held up a gavel.

And, at that, hands thrust skyward clutching bills and the bidding began.


The voting, links to the artist of the attached pic, and most recent rounds will be on my blog. The results will be getting posted here as replies to this thread.

FrictionByBill DOT blogspot DOT com if you're interested.
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Bandit Splashed (female, noncon, military)

Lt. Colonel Rosie Lucas shifted her head to look behind at the enemy chasing her. The RWR alarm warbled in her ear as the Osean fighter jet doggedly stuck to her tail.

She grit her teeth, sweat pricking her skin. This guy was persistent, and that was dangerous. The missile warning tone blared and Rosie's vision darkened as she juked left in a 9g turn. She could feel her F-16C shudder and creak under the stress of her maneuvers. But the enemy fighter wasn't shaken off. Rosie rolled her aircraft and went into an inverted dive through a swathe of cloud. She leveled off and swung her head back behind her.

For a moment, she felt relief. The OADF fighter jet was nowhere to be seen. That feeling was shattered when a burst of 20mm cannon fire ripped through her right wing and fuselage. The Osean screamed past as her Falcon twirled through the air, trailing smoke and fire. The warning light panel on her right side lit up like a Christmas tree. Fuel flow, oil pressure, engine fire, and complete loss of control over her right wing flaps and stabs. Rosie wrestled with the controls as her plane screamed down towards the bright green jungle forest. The altimeter quickly dwindled down to double, then single digits within the blink of an eye.

Rosie knew she was as good as dead. 37 years of memories flashed through her brain and she screamed an expletive as all 26,000lbs of fighter jet dug itself into the wet earth and exploded. A bright orange and black mushroom sprouted into the bright blue sky.

"Trigger splashed a bandit!"
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Like it Honey? (insanity, rape, self-mutilation)

Okay, I'm not too sure about this,it may be a bit too light for this place. I may continue it, dunno.

Riff's head stirred as he recovered slowly from unconsciousness. Mouth dry as sandpaper, blurred vision, feeble limbs, the works. He was lying on his back, apparently on a bed or at least a mattress, attempting to get up proved futile, all four of his limbs were tied down to the bed's corners. Trying to keep his cool he tried taking a look around the room. Despite being completely naked, he still had his sunglasses on, thankfully. Although the room he was in was almost completely devoid of sunlight, it had only a tiny barred window on the far right corner. The only things he could make out with his fuzzy eyesight was some kind of table next to the bed and a door to the far left. As if on cue, the door opened shedding a little more light to the room momentarily, before the female figure that stepped in closed the door again behind her. The sound of bare feet taking steps on tiled floor drew closer. He might as well call out to whoever it was, but the only sound he managed to make was a pathetic, awkward croak.

Ah, you're awake Riph. Great, I'm here phor you.

Riff's blood froze. He would recognize that voice unmistakably no matter how bad shape his head was in.

Sasha? No. Her name is Kusari. How? Why?

He turned his head towards the woman in an attempt to confirm it. She had her back turned and was leaving some stuff on the table, but he made out the short blonde haircut. She turned around and walked to the bed with something in her hand. She didn't appear to be wearing anything more than a tank top and panties.

No worries honey. I'll take care oph you.

Why is she speaking with a lisp?

She sat on the side of the bed and flicked on the switch for a dim light just above it. Riff twitched, between the still lingering wooziness and his overly sensitive vision, even that tiny light bulb was too much for his eyes now to focus on anything. Much less her, who was leaning directly in front of the light and just above Riff's face. He felt a delicate but firm hand on the back of his head, lifting it up and what was probably a glass touch his lips. He tried to move his mouth away.

It's water, Riff. Drink, you need it.

Against his usually stricter judgement now greatly loosened by his arid throat and mouth, Riff took a few careful sips at first, then he greedily gulped down the entire glass. If she wanted to poison him she would have easily done so by now, after all.

Pheel 'etter now honey? Iph you need 'ore just ask. Kusari whispered with what he may have called genuine concern as she left the empty glass on the floor.

It did feel a lot better, actually. He let the much needed hydration permeate his system for a few seconds while taking a few deep, even breaths. Kusari's hand was still holding up his head, her grip was a bit looser now and she was gently caressing his face with her free hand.

N-no, stop.

Kusari stopped abruptly, but continued to hold his head up. Riff shook his head in an attempt to shed the remaining drowsiness and tried to focus his still slightly blurry vision on his caretaker and captor. Fair skin, icy blue eyes, short blonde hair with two long strands framing her face, as far as Riff could tell she still maintained pretty much the same looks. Until he noticed her cheek. Her left bloody cheek. For a moment Riff thought it was just unnaturally pulled back somehow. It was actually sliced open from lip and almost to ear. Noting his rapt attention to her cheek, Kusari gave an awkward, lopsided smile and slowly turned her head so Riff could inspect her deformity in full detail.

Like it, honey?

It wasn't just sliced open. There was no loose skin hanging. A large portion of the cheek was practically cut out, leaving the left side of her mouth completely exposed, her gums and pearly white teeth glistening in the dim light. The edges of the surrounding skin seemed fully healed, the wound was definitely not recent. She turned her head back to him again and offered her previous uneven smile.

Well? What do you think?

Riff remained flabbergasted for a couple of seconds, still staring at her.

What…what the hell happened Kusari?

The woman gave him a blank look befitting a soulless machine. More than a superficial likeness, he wanted to remind himself.

Haphened? Nothing, really. I just thought I look 'etter like this.

Riff's mouth hanged open in disbelief as he stared into her calm eyes.

What's that supposed to mean?

Kusari crawled over from the edge of the bed and mounted Riff's waist. Riff felt the warmth of her bare legs on him. He was already creeped out, more so when she put her hands on his chest and leaned in closer.

It 'eans that I didn't like that cheek, so I got rid oph it.

She run a finger along the edge of mutilated skin on her lower jaw.

A whole lot cuter now, right?

Riff was left stunned, barely even breathing. He looked into her serene blue eyes for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what could have gone off in that already messed up digital mind of hers.

You've gone completely nuts.

Kusari remained perfectly still, staring back at Riff. For a moment Riff regretted his brash words in fear that she may turn violent. Her demeanor had always been calm and aloof, but what little emotions she had could turn twisted enough for her to act out on them, usually by murdering someone. Fortunately, Kusari just cocked her head to the side and shrugged indifferently.

Huh. You're phro'a'lly right. It's got to 'e a typhe oph 'ody integrity disorder.

She casually kept gently running her fingers on Riff's chest , then started working her way up his neck, all the while keeping an attentive gaze fixed on his face. Riff stiffened and held his breath when Kusari's thumbs softly played with his adam's apple. He was getting more distressed by the second, but tried to act cool. Tried.

What…What do you want from me Kusari?

Her movement ceases again completely for a tiny moment. Without any warning Kusari lurched forward, grabbed his chin firmly and forced her lips on his. Riff did not resist, getting caught off guard was only half the reason for it. The last thing he wanted was to make her more unstable, so he just went with it. The sensation itself wasn't anything overly special, barring the slightly excessive dribbling of saliva from her mutilated cheek, but it still sent a weirdly pleasant sensation all over his body. Maybe it was due to having memory of their previous relationship. Maybe it was the sense of danger that irrationally excited him. Or maybe he just liked the idea of making out with a girl that had part of her face sliced open.

No. No, that's not right. He wasn't fucked in the head. Just stressed. A lot. He had to go with it to avoid anything worse. Naturally.

He let his tongue push against hers. Kusari savors it for a few seconds, her hand working its way to Riff's crotch. As she starts stroking his member she pulls back slightly to lock eyes with him again, wearing a macabre and gentle grin.

See, honey? We always work it out.
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Looking for stories thread

Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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Sailor Snuff Show

Over in /req/, there was a request for me to repost these stories of mine. So, here they are.

Gonna have to do a coupe posts worth, as there's 28 pages in my document.

“Hello! And welcome everyone to the Sailor Scouts Snuff Show! In every episode, we look at a request by you, our audience, and if we decide to go for it, well, you'll still have to pay!” The voice of Sailor Moon came over the moving sign advertising their services.

On the program, the five scouts stood relaxed in a line. “Thank you to our previous donor,” Moon said, bowing low and letting her hair fall past her head to the floor. “Your kindness was most appreciated.”

“And,” Mars said from beside the blonde. “You're welcome to do that to me again! I may have to try to talk Moon into giving you a discount!” She licked her lips, and ignored the roll of the eyes from her leader.

From left to right, the five were lined up in order of the position of their name sakes astronomically. Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter. The five Sailor Snuff Scouts! In a row, their white leotards were adorned with the bow ties and frilly skirts of their uniforms. Blue, yellow, gold, red and green.

“Well, now it's time for our next request,” Moon announced with a flourish. “I have it right here!” She pulled open the front of her uniform and reached down into it before pulling out a small slip of paper. “Here we go!”

She flipped it open and read it over quickly. “Patron 'H' writes: Mercury! As I have a party I must organize, where nothing but the best will suffice! Therefore, I invite you to attend as a beautiful ice sculpture!”

Mercury reached over and plucked the letter from Moon's hands. “Let me see here,” she said as she read it over professionally. “This seems simple enough. Patron 'H' desires that I pose as a nude for the banquet hall for the night.” She passed it back. “I agree.”

Moon smiled widely. “Very well then! Let's see here, that's one of us, nudity, transformation, no sex, no direct snuffing... But we are loosing out on the secondary benefits of selling videos... Hrm, here's the price!” She swept her hands across the bottom of the screen, where post-production would add in the final value. “Now remember, payment is due within 48 hours, or we move on to the next client!”

* * *

'H' circled his purchased woman. “So, Sailor Mercury, such a beautiful young woman.” He admired her small breasts and her neatly trimmed womanhood. In the back of his mind, he regretted not paying for some... afternoon delight, but knew that if he played his cards right, he would have much better company.

“Thank you sir,” the naked blue-haired girl said. She recognized him, of course. A man of some political power. But that wasn't why she was here. “How do you want me to pose?” Naturally, she had studied the poses of all the classic sculptures.

“Actually, it seems there was a slight miscommunication.” H said without guilt. “I will still require your body as a sculpture, but instead of being an upright display piece, would you be willing to lay flat and have food placed on you?”

“Body sushi?” Mercury went over the terms of the contract in her head, and found nothing against it. She was still to be transformed into ice, just the posture would be different.

“That is correct. And drinks kept cool.”

Mercury nodded. “That will be acceptable.” She looked around. “Where?”

“On the table here,” H said, leading her without touching to the long table already covered with a silk cloth.

Mercury climbed on, and felt the cool table under her was abnormal. “Cooling unit underneath?” she asked.

H nodded. “Yes. It would be a shame to melt.”

Mercury lay down on the table and spread out her arms and legs a bit to make room for the food. She looks to H for guidance, and he agrees with her position. “That will do. If my men cannot make due with what you offer, then that is there fault, and not yours.”

With that, Mercury turned to her magic and focused it on herself. After a moment, she whispered the words, and the world went blank.

H watched, fascinated as the symbol of her planet appeared on her forehead, where a circle of frost expanded from it. Before his eyes, the circle expanded, leaving behind a clear, yet with the slightest tinge of blue – ice. As soon as his first breath was completed, her entire head was frozen solid, and the wave of magic travelled down her body. Her tits went from soft and supple to frozen solid, the tips poking up even as her flesh stiffened. Then her abdomen, smooth flat transformed.

Her hips came next, her body refusing to move, or even recognize its transformation. Before H knew it, her cunt was frozen solid, the small hairs growing there now a fuzz on the ice. Soon her legs and feet were complete. Standing back, he admired the perfection his money had paid for. Now, it would be better!

H snapped his finger. “Get the carvers! The statue is ready!”

* * *

Princess Serenity followed her host that evening, the Minister was trying to wheel some diplomatic concessions from her as par for the course, when she decided she needed a refill on her drink.

With H in tow, she approached the drink table, and a soft gasp escaped her lips. Propped upright on the table was a perfectly carved torso and head of a young maiden. But the art wasn't what appealed to her. Someone had carefully drilled holes into the back of the ice-woman, and wine had been poured into them, into chambers behind each teat. The left was filled with red wine, which could be released through the careful twisting of a knob on the tip of the breast, while a white wine was in the left chest.

A clamp was wrapped around the waist of the sculpture, keeping it upright in the absence of any natural support. In front of it were four small piles of shaved ice, each topped with a petite frozen hand or foot.

“You like my art?” H said as he took advantage of the Princess' distraction to put one hand on her waist. Through her slim dress, he could not feel anything else, and let a small grin play over his face as he whispered in her ear. “She cost me a small yen.”

“I can believe it,” the Princess said as she carefully poured herself a bit of wine. With her free hand, she gently examined the statue. “So smooth!”

“Of course, your highness.” He saw her face flush a little, and moved to press his advantage with the young woman. “Perhaps I can tell you how I came by this piece in private?”

Serenity turned around, glass in hand. “Oh, Minister, I think you will tell me much more than that.” She stepped in, pressing herself against him for a moment. “Diplomacy in the bedroom is a speciality of mine.”

“Oh? And are you not betrothed?” H enquired for the sake of politeness more than anything else. Women had their urges as well.

“A political thing,” the Princess said as she threw back her drink hard. “Let me get some more ice and a drink, and perhaps we can discuss the details of any... transactions?”

H smiled. “Of course, your Highness. Whatever you say, your highness.”
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Breaking Eevee's Mind (Pokemon, Furry, Snuff, Mind Breaking, M/F, and more.)

Hi there, Literature! Recently I wrote this snuff story for FurAffinity and Inkbunny, but something compelled me to share it here as well. This will mark my first ever post on gurochan, so hopefully things go well.

This story contains furry characters (Namely a Gengar, Eeevee, Cinccino, and Umbreon, all characters from the pokemon franchise), with a main focus on mind-breaking and sluttification. This story also contains snuff, urination on death, a bit of necrophilia, neck snapping, aspyxiation, a bit of cum inflation, and some ahegao.

Pokemon are owned by Game Freak and Nintendo.

Vee the Eevee and the Gengar named Master were named by me.

With tags out of the way, here you go. Enjoy!


The world of Pokemon is vast and ever-growing. Every day, a new pokemon is being discovered or documented. Every day new pokemon trainers leave their hometowns on a search to be the very best, like no one ever was.

But what they don't tell you is the darker side of the story.

Pokemon battles are usually a grand spectacle. Trainers and their Pokemon, and sometimes even those found in the wild calling out moves and screaming with the passion of battle, putting their all into the satisfaction of victory and the hopes of getting stronger. But what if I told you not all pokemon battles need to be fought the way you think they do? What if you could fight a Pokemon battle from miles away, from the comfort of your own home… or someone else’s?

Nothing lasts forever. Even pokemon who have been raised from eggs, by loving, caring trainers aren’t safe. Such was the case for Vee. She was a cute little Eevee, dressed in a neat little ribbon between the ears. She was named for her first word, an adorable little “Vee!” in acknowledgement of her trainer, who she thought she was. Her trainer was a cute little six-year-old girl in desperate want for a pet pokemon for companionship, a lonely girl with few friends and no pokemon. Her name was Miki.

Miki and Vee went everywhere together. They rolled around in the grass together, they took naps together, they grew up in their own little worlds while the other humans and their pokemon did serious things like… training or battles. Some of the kids at school would taunt Miki, calling her “free experience” or “de-vee-ted”, along with the typical ‘loser’ and stuff. Stupid stuff that she paid no mind to. She wouldn’t tell anyone about this, because she didn’t need to. Seeing her little pet’s smile was all she needed, those bruises from “accidental” Sandslash scratches meant nothing to her.

To her parents, though? Bullying was a severe problem, and no parent wants to see their child suffer. They decided to move out of the big city of Castelia, where you either grew up fast with your pokemon or you got picked on, and moved to the quieter city of Canalave in the Sinnoh region. It had an ocean breeze and was like, 5 minutes away from Jublife, the most modernized city in all of Sinnoh. Miki said she’d miss her “friends”, but the decision had already been made, and bags were packed.

Years passed in Sinnoh without a hitch. Miki learned that pokemon do this neat thing called “evolving” when you love them enough. Vee had matured into adulthood by then, a proud-looking big girl who was already capable of bringing home dead farfetch’d and Ducklett for the family to eat… Even if they had fresh food that was much better. That didn’t stop Miki from wanting to cook everything Vee brought home, much to the chagrin of her parents. But, childhood was filled with innocence, so they consented to it.

Vee was great and all looking like a fox, but one fateful day, on the news, there was a story about a burgular who snagged pokemon, and he had with him the prettiest little twin-tailed cat. Vee immediately ran up to the TV and pawed at it, chirping out cute little “Vee-vee! Vee!”s. It seemed to want that cat, and Miki knew why.

“That’s what you want to be when you grow up, isn’t it?”


Miki ran into the kitchen and grabbed her mother’s dress. “Mama, Mama! Come quick! We want to be this!” She shouted, dragging her mother and pointing to the television. Her mother was appalled.

“I am not raising you to be a criminal, young lady.” Her mother reprimanded.

“But- But, the kitty-” Miki tried to respond.

“The only ‘But’ I want to see is yours, marching up to your room. You’re watching too much bad television tonight, anyways.” Her mother continued, holding a dirty ladle. The ladle usually meant spankings, and that meant Miki’d better listen. She took Vee and punched the TV screen, which did much of nothing because it’s bolted into the wall, then grabbed Vee around the waist and headed straight up to bed while the confused fox reached back for the TV to look at the pretty Espeon some more. But then, feeling the salty tears streaming down her face, she realized her owner was more important and needed some serious cuddles.

It felt like making this human happy was this Eevee’s true calling in life… They fell asleep together wrapped around each other like they always did, blissfully unaware that tonight was the night everything changed. In the middle of the night, a shadow blacker than the midnight around them crept into the room. It snuck its way into Miki’s bed, and over her leg, causing the little girl to shudder. Its true target was the sleeping fox nestled up in its own fur, braced against the cold night.

Vee always had active dreams. Usually about being a world class fighter and wearing the champion’s badge on her fur somewhere. Sometimes she dreamed she could fly. Tonight she dreamed she was an espeon. She was winning a beauty pageant because Espeon was the most beautiful Pokemon any human had ever seen. The judges were circling her all around in a tight space, throwing flowers and candy at her, and never far away was Miki. In this dream, Miki then began to run up and cuddle the Eevee, but something was immediately off about it.

In this dream, Miki grabs Vee from behind, the normally warm embrace feeling bitter cold. Colder than an ice pokemon’s attack. Vee began to shiver, her teeth chattering, and slowly turned her head to see her fur becoming all black, running up her midsection and to her head. She tried to run from it, but the darkness overtook her whole body, and her ears changed, and there were these weird gray lines across her body. She didn’t feel pretty anymore.

Vee tried to run from whatever this was, but black shadow ropes pulled her to the floor, then forcefully spread her legs apart. Vee squealed out in protest, kicking her legs out in real life, trying to tell whatever this was that only Miki was allowed to touch her there, during baths! Suddenly, something warm slithered up her legs and against her slit, and she gasped, went stiff. There were these two eyes in the ground looking up at her, freezing her in place with a hypnotic glare. She was being attacked in her sleep and could do nothing about it!

Those two shadow eyes slowly closed, and the presence lapping at her pussy felt like a warm tongue, the only warmth in this blackness. It pressed its way inside her and she gasped again, seeing the breath come out of her lips and sink into the ground. In front of her, the shadows seemed to take form and heat up, glowing yellow and then red, in the shape of that thing boy Vees had between their legs. Only, this one was big enough to probably reach all the way through her!

Vee felt herself tilt forwards towards it, it was so warm to touch. She didn't want to be cold anymore, she could die. She just wanted to live now, forgetting about Miki, who had abandoned her here. She kissed the wet tip of the phallus presented before her, and the more she complied, the more she felt like something hot behind her was pressing up against her pussy. She started using what little movements she could to grind up against this thing, her tongue wrapping around the shaft in front of her.

She opened just widely enough for it to suddenly thrust up like a spear inside her mouth, and after a severe gagging and coughing fit, she just… accepted it. She bobbed her head back and forth, up and down, moaning softly as she tried to breathe around the growing bulge in her throat. Her front paws were freed, but she didn't fight it any more, she just grasped around the base of the shaft and pulled it up so more warmth could fit in her belly. A large bulge travelled up the shaft, and a hot, sticky liquid shot into her mouth so fast and so thick, it made her cheeks puff out, and she couldn't contain it all. She started swallowing as fast as she could, before her meal got cold.

Then… Vee started sucking harder. If just that little effort could provide her with a warm meal, what if she really tried hard? She began to glow a gentle blue at both ends, her paws sliding back and forth along the shaft, moaning and looking down at the eyes in the floor, quietly asking if she was pleasing her master. She was making loud smacks and slurps, focusing more on bobbing her head up and down to wrap that dick in her warm mouth than anything.

The eyes this member belonged to were staring blissfully back at her, quavering in their sockets, a sign that she was being a good little pet. She entirely forgot about the presence behind her, who suddenly pressed forward hard enough to lift Vee’s hind legs off the ground entirely. It hurt when he did this, and Vee squirmed a bit, lifting her mouth off the cock before her and absentmindedly rubbing it up and down with her paws to see exactly what's going on behind her… or rather, inside her.

However, something mesmerizing caught her eye instead. It was her. That same Eevee, but without the black skin or long ears. She was staring at a reflection of herself in the dream, the reflection staring right back, but with hearts for eyes. Vee felt like she was outside of her own body, until it started moving, surprisingly. Two more cocks presented themselves to this other Vee, and her paws rose up, stroking them off over her head. She began moaning loudly, her head turning back to deepthroat the huge member formerly rested just above her head, and when she went completely down on it, her chest stopped moving. She went limp, the only reason she was rocking back and forth was because these four cocks began harshly pounding her ass, pussy, and mouth.

As soon as the two cocks bracing up her paws moved, those fluffy pads dropped to her sides and began limply swinging back and forth like a doll being held upright at both ends. The real Vee began screaming at herself to stop, to breathe, to do something! Go back to Miki!

“V-vee…! Eevee!” she shouted. The clone of herself didn't respond, just made these wet squishing noises. Its cheeks were turning a bit of blue, as was its tongue, which had been forcibly pushed out of her mouth to fit the two cocks alternating their piston-like thrusts in and out of her throat. The real Vee was watching herself dying, calling out to make it stop… then her calls got weaker and weaker.

“Vee! Eevee- Ee-.... Vee….?” Her paws began to move on their own. She started stroking the cock in front of her again, and with every time her cool paw pushed upwards, a stream of that hot milky liquid coated her black fur. She shuddered a little, but liked it. She was beginning to like watching herself die. It made her crotch even warmer than it ever had been. Instead of waiting for the darkness behind her to fuck her, she started pushing her own lush hips back into that warm cock. More of the hot milk rushed into her womb. Was it… a reward? She pushed faster, lifted her hind legs up to try and grab whatever this was. She found purchase around the thighs of a round, purple pokemon.

A Gengar calling itself ‘Master’.

It seemed lost in bliss, and gave an evil cackle as it started humping the broken Eevee. The real Vee was too lost in her own thoughts, blankly staring at the show her mirror self was putting on for her. It felt so real, so good, so warm. Even her tail began to wag, wrapping itself around the Gengar and trying to pull it deeper against her cervix, the warmth heating up her belly just as it was in the mirror.

Something told Vee to touch her reflection. Her mind was becoming blank by now, her only thoughts being ‘when do I get another reward? I'm cold.’ and ‘I hope I am pleasing Master.’ But somewhere in that lust-addled mind, came a desire to touch this purplish sex doll being fucked from all ends. To… become like her. There was a sudden cold wind that blew over Vee’s paw, and it felt as if her soul got sucked out into the coldness for just a second, and then planted inside this mirror world.

Suddenly, Vee was placed in another body, and the first things she felt was the overwhelming warmth of being filled with four separate cocks, all of which pumped semen into her at regular intervals. Her belly was full and sloshing with so many rewards. She looked pregnant, probably was. She was staring into the furry crotch of the owner of these four dicks, likely all belonging to Master.

Then, the pain began. This mirror Vee hadn't been breathing at all for minutes. Instinct told her to breathe again, sending pins and needles running down all of her four limbs. She tried to, but she was only inhaling more cocks. Her efforts rewarded with her more semen, as Master was getting off on choking the life out of her. She reached up with her blue tongue and slapped it against the two cocks, her eyes tearing up. Anything for air… her legs kicked out and convulsed, all feeling in them gone. There were dark spots in her eyes, then flashing lights.

Her mind was starting to go blank, and she couldn't feel her struggles slowing to a placid stop. She saw another hot wave of rewards coursing through the bulges in her throat, once again over-filling her belly, and that cold sucking came to her again. The last thing she saw was her own corpse staring glassy-eyed at the cocks penetrating it, glowing white semen pouring from her holes and splashing out around those cocks. It was so arousing to her spirit. She didn't even want to go back if it meant she could watch herself being turned into a sex doll for Master for eternity.

That was just her mirror body. Her real body was stuck staring at her other self, being fucked in the asshole now by this Gengar controlling the fantasy. Master wasn't looking at her, too busy plowing this new cum-filled slave he'd made. Her head was lazily bumping into the cock in front of her face, a frozen stare and smile on her face. Suddenly, the body tenses up, Vee gets an electric shock through her soul. It seems her body and spirit are still connected, and she just had a mind-shattering orgasm. She brought her paws between her legs to try and control this pleasure, but another shock sent her soul screaming. It came in waves, and was the biggest orgasm any female Eevee had ever felt to date. By the time it was half over, she couldn't feel her legs any more. Or any part of her body. Just a small ocean of pleasure, all to herself, and all she had to do was submit. Kill that dumb Eevee and become his Umbreon.

There was a light moving left to right above the Eevee’s head. It scared Master, but Vee was too lost in insensate bliss to move anything but her eyes to look at it. She even forgot she was dreaming, this all felt too real. But that light was her waking up in a hospital. There was a funny pump in her throat, and she started absentmindedly sucking on the cold plastic before her brain functions returned to the fluffy fox. She looked around, and no-one was there, except a small shadow that retreated out under the hospital walls.

Vee made muffled cries and reached for it, but her movement alerted the doctors to her waking and several nurses in pink rushed into the room. They spoke in human tongues about how they were worried. That Vee would never wake up. That this is something no doctor had ever seen, save in myths. Vee looked at a calendar on the wall. She didn't know how to read human language, but she knew the month they were in began with an F. She reached for the calendar, whose month currently displayed an A, and the doctors all shut up and looked at her worriedly.

“It's okay. You've been asleep… for a long time. Two months. No-one believed you would wake up. Now we can contact your family and you can go home! You'll be fine…”

Vee looked at the doctors confused. Home? Where was… home? She only knew Master. But she couldn't move, so she was at the doctors’ mercy for now. She lay her head back down, her eyes getting heavier by the second. All this thinking… maybe if she went to sleep she could see him again. Maybe he would reward her with warmth for coming back. He was her home now.

Another week passed with no sign of her Gengar Master. Vee tried to sleep all hours of the day just to see him, but he never came around and the doctors needed to do their tests, so they'd keep waking her up until they got what they wanted.

The doctors suspected a pokemon’s interference, because this Eevee was in top physical condition outside of her dream state. They released her just as soon as her tests were done, and she walked herself out into the lobby of the hospital, even after being bedridden for two months. Even in the hallways, Vee made shrill little cries, There was a little girl and her mother waiting there, and Vee just walked right past them. They did seem to know who she was, though. The little girl wrapped her arms around Vee and called to her.

“Vee? Vee! It's me, Miki! I was so worried! W-why are you moving so much? Vee?”

Vee didn't know this girl. She wanted her Master. She missed his rewards. She was so empty without him. She kicked the girl in the face and scurried off, bumping into the automatic doors. She tried to leave quickly, but the girl began crying. Vee didn't know what to do, so she just left her there, going off to try and find where her true home was.

Vee spent a night in the forest cold and alone, wanting more than anything else to have her master fill her again. She started to pass the time curling up against a tree, looking left and right to see if anyone saw her. She moved her tail aside and closed her eyes, her paw rotating gently between her legs. She took that same fluffy tail and wrapped it around her own throat as tightly as she could, trying her best to recreate the breathlessness she felt.

Vee kept tightening until she started lifting her butt backwards just to get it tighter, so she made do with this for now, pawing herself between her thighs. She shivered and went faster, deeper, pushing her whole paw between her folds and digging gently at her soft inner walls. She gasped for air, loosening her tail strangle and then tightening it again, a small ringing in her ears signalling she was close to something.

With a strangled, wet gurgle and a loud cry, Vee came hard, her juices wetting the tree roots she was grinding her clit against. She became dizzy and fell over mid-orgasm, right at the feet of a fluffy female Cinccino that woke up from the noise. She absentmindedly questioned what the asphyxiated Eevee was doing making a mess in her forest, her ribbons wrapping around the tree and between Vee’s thighs to clean up the mess.

This unfamiliar touch flipped a switch in Vee. No one was allowed to touch her there except her Master. She immediately pounced the unaware chinchilla, who began squeaking in protest. Vee’s paws grew darker and darker, as the sun set around them. She straddled the cinccino’s chest, grabbing her ribbons and using them as a garrotte, a hungry look in her eyes. The chinchilla rolled in the dirt, making strangled pleas for help. Vee begins dirty-talking the girl she’s snuffing, moaning and grinding her slit against Cincinno’s thighs.

Here's a rough translation of their conversation:

“You are not the Master. I am… I will show you what pleasure he showed me. Then he will return and I will serve!” Vee said, with murderous intent.

“You… Aghk- Trainer…? Help…! Ha-aacklb…! Aaaa-” The ribbons tighten.

Vee ties them around the roots of the tree she was masturbating against and presses her hind paws to the back of the Cinccino’s head. The suffocating chinchilla begins thrashing around in her bondage, trying to pull the ribbons off with her front paws, but Vee would give her swift kicks to the back of the head every time she tried.

“You must serve Master… or no rewards! Serve Master, and be warm…” Vee commanded.

The Cinccino didn't see any other way out of this, wrapping a third ribbon around Vee’s leg and tapping it helplessly, repeatedly. Her face went from white to red, and then dark red… and then a blue. Her neck was bleeding, dripping onto the floor from the sheer cutting tightness. That didn't stop Vee from pushing her legs even further forwards, the ribbons cutting deep into this poor girl’s throat. The kicks turned into weak twitches. The Cinccino’s tongue forces its way through her teeth. Her paws become too weak from lack of circulation and fall limp at her sides, only rising from the ground in her death throes.

Eyes watch from the forests’ corners, but no one steps forward lest they be next. A pair of them in particular approach with no footsteps. Vee didn't even notice, too busy rubbing her clit to a second orgasm, until a pair of purple feet forcefully kick open the legs of the dying chinchilla and kneel between them, a large, meaty, physical cock at least 6 inches in length pressed up against its pussy. An impressive size for a pokemon just under 5 feet tall.

“Master…? Master! I give this to you. Reward Vee?” Vee began chirping in incoherent sentence fragments, seeming shy and flustered.

She stared at his cock as it plunged itself in the Cinccino, who made a gargle, a gasp, then a last drooling sigh, falling out of consciousness. Her head slumped forwards in the ropes, a line of drool and froth dripping down her chest and between her breasts.

“You're that tasty Eevee. Dinner for us?” The Gengar replied, lifting the Cinccino’s legs off the ground. She kicked at him involuntarily, her holes twitching around his invading cock.

He started pumping his hips in and out, back and forth. His cock stuck itself through the Cinccino because he was a ghost type, and he was effectively plowing her stomach. This made no noise except for a couple of wet squishing sounds as her intestines became a sex toy for this Gengar, her pussy and cervix widening around his length.

He reaches slowly forward and presses a glowing pink palm on her forehead, and instantly her struggles cease and she appears relaxed. Her eyes begin to glow, and her otherwise limp paws begin to flail between her legs in an effort to play with herself in her final moments. As long as she was unconscious, she could be mind-broken by this Dream Eater attack. Within seconds, the Cinccino’s back arches upwards, her eyes shoot open, and she sprays the Gengar with her own juices.

“Oh, Master. I've searched for you for so long. Please give me a reward! That warmth… I've needed it since I woke up!” Vee commanded, throwing her own head back. She kept pawing at her wet cunt, squirting her lust over top of the Cinccino’s head and tongue. She pushed forward with her legs again, and in that same moment, her Master grabbed the Cinccino’s head and pulled it so far forward, a small pop and then a loud crack could be heard. The dead chinchilla’s body shuddered, all the latent energy in it flowing into one last buck of her hips, before her head drooped down far enough for her protruding tongue to lick her own chest.

“Now, I will taste your dreams.” Master commanded.

Vee gasped, still coming down from her orgasmic high, but she immediately responded. This was her first impression meeting her Master, she couldn't screw it up. She sat upright and stood, walking atop the head of the dead girl and pressing down on her stomach as she did. A spray of clear liquid was forced out of her pussy, which turned to a gentle dribble between her legs soon enough.

Vee immediately bent her head over with submissive passion, spread the Cinccino’s slit, and started lapping up that salty death urine, wiggling her blackened tail and lifting it up to the sky. She offered herself to her master, able to taste him and his semen on this dead slut’s pussy. Her reward. Her treat. She'd lick for days if only to receive that taste, prolong her pleasure.

Master steps forward, pressing his dripping member to her slit, and pushes inside with great ease. Vee squeals and presses her face into the corpse’s pussy, her eyes rolling in her skull with pleasure. She grasped the corpse’s thighs as a brace, still licking and taking in that mixed musk while its eyes stared right back at her. Suddenly, she was pushed forward again by the warmth invading her, and then just before she could take a breath, she got pushed in again. Every thrust was shoving this little Eevee forwards, pressing warmth into both her pussy and her bowels. She made muffled moans, called her master’s name, and even reached a paw back to spread her ass cheeks just so he could get a good view of her hole.

Gengar was unsure what she was doing, so he reared back and cloaked his fist in shadows. He leaned forward with a battle cry, then launched a fierce Shadow Punch through her asshole, fisting Vee. She could feel his fist enter her, but not his arm stretching her out. She didn't dare look back, though, just kept spreading herself and begging for more.

“M-master… Warmth… I need it… breed Vee… I- I need… ah- aaa-ii… ha! Mmm!” Vee began, before Master had enough of her whining.

He shoved her face against the hung corpse’s cunt, pushed her muzzle so close to Cinccino’s asshole that she couldn't breathe in any air, just the fresh smell of a rather clean corpse. Vee didn't struggle at all. Master was here, and he would reward her if she didn't struggle. This Gengar stared at this Eevee he was in the middle of fucking with amazement, he didn't think she could have been broken so easily. He kept going until she began to slump downwards, making little snorts and snoring sounds as her body subconsciously fought for air. He fucked harder, wrapping his other arm around her throat and pushing her deeper, before his orgasm hit him.

In this blissfully unaware state, he became intangible and started phasing through Vee, his cum spraying across her insides. He began literally feeding her his cum before he realized he was throat fucking her the wrong way, his ghostly form standing in her lungs. She began to dribble semen out of her limply hung open lips, but through some quick thinking, Gengar closed them tight with both hands, then pulled Vee’s head up so she would swallow it.

The male Gengar known only as ‘Master’ stepped back and pressed his hands on Vee’s unconscious temples, and they began to glow. He entered her dream, prepared to eat it and leave her insensate, soulless body for dead in the forest, but what he saw inside her broken mind baffled him. Vee was inside grinding up against what she thought her master was, a giant purple intimidating form that cackled as it thrust its hips against hers in giant slams. She was choking out that Cinccino from earlier as she did this. Gengar walked over in front of her and grabbed the Cinccino’s from behind her, sitting down and placing her head in his lap while she made the same dying gurgles. Vee looked up at her master and smiled, her face blue as well.

“I… I'm a good Vee… May I please…- ah! Please have a tasty reward…?” She begged, her tail wagging at just the sight of him.

Vee began to glow brilliantly, the light of evolution. It hurt Gengar, but he decided he wanted to see this. Usually, pokemon evolution was rare unless conditioned through trainers or through age. But now… Master was her trainer. She saw him with the same adoration and respect she saw M-...Master…? No. No, before that. The glow begins to diminish in brightness. This panics the Gengar, who reaches down and grabs the choked out Cinccino’s head, and spears his intangible cock through her throat and into the glowing Vee’s mouth.

Immediately she recognizes the taste, and her evolutionary light returns. Yes. ‘before’ doesn't matter. Master is all that matters. Vee slowly sinks her head down until she's kissing the foaming, frothy mouth of her victim, and she begins making out with the corpse in her dream, their tongues dancing around that perfect, mind-breaking cock.

Master grabs his Vee, through the light, and holds her head down so he can hump her face for just a few more seconds, not realizing that by that time, thick, hot ropes of seed were being coaxed out into Vee’s mouth by the tightness of the closed throat that was currently giving out one last, dying sigh before its body relaxed under the two of them, combined with the adorable suckling the murderous Eevee was doing to try and please him.

What?! Your Vee is evolving!

Congratulations! Your Vee has evolved into Umbreon!

6 months later

Miki had built a small shrine in her room to honor the now missing and presumed dead Vee. Her first and only pokemon. She tried to go to the police, but there was nothing they could do. It wasn't stolen, just ‘released’. It seemed for the longest time like no-one would help. She even went into the forest alone at nights to find the missing pet, asking the wild pokemon for help. About two days after the Eevee went missing, she found large patches of its fur strapped to the corpse of a Cinccino in the forest.

Miki thought it was asleep until she got a closer look. But, nobody sleeps with their head touching their chest. She was too young to put the pieces together before she jumped back with shock. She did keep the fur, though. She knew Vee’s shedding when she saw it. Unfortunately, from then on, all the shed fur in the area was black. Miki just believed that Vee had been kidnapped by some black-furred pokemon and that was it.

But six months had passed, and Miki was going to go take her weekly trip into the forest to pay her respects. It was late at night, just after dinner. Her mother warned her not to stay out too late, lest the ghosts in the forest get her. It was a silly tale anyways. On her way, she bumped into a very tall, pretty lady in a lab coat walking alongside Professor Rowan. She fell over and then just ended up staring at the mysterious woman while on the ground.

“Ooh, excuse me! My name is Professor Juniper. I'm traveling all around the world to study Pokemon. And who might you be, little adventurer?” The tall woman asked.

“I-I'm Miki. My Vee ran away… so I go into that forest to try and find her!” Miki responded, trying to hide her sadness in front of the nice lady. She stood up and kept her head down, trying not to cry.

“Well, that's terrible! But a young girl like you shouldn't be heading out into those tall grasses without a Pokemon of your own. Tell you what. We’ll go looking for your Vee together.” The professor said, taking Miki by the hand. Professor Rowan seemed annoyed by yet another sidetrack to their research, but he let it go. He had a soft spot for children who loved their pokemon.

Minutes passed walking through the tall grass, and Miki showed the professor where she found the body of the Cinccino that night. It was long gone by now, taken as food by a Liepard a long time ago. But that black fur still remained, and there were some signs of a battle that remained. Juniper observed the black fur, then immediately began a call with Professor Rowan.

“Rowan? Yes, it’s me. I think we have a rare study on our hands. Yes. ...Natural evolution.” She said, a smirk on her face. She ended the call and bent down to look at Miki.

“I think I know where your Vee went. Here, take this and look around the forest. Push this button every minute or two. If you get in trouble, push this button and I’ll come running.”

Professor Juniper hands Miki a pokedex with the entry set to Umbreon and points to the cry imitation feature on the pokedex. Umbreon can see in the darkest of night, so if Vee was watching, she would know to hide. Miki nods and leaves off on her own, tapping the button. She went about 10 feet away before turning to the professor and looking between the screen and the lady.

“Miss Juniper? My Vee doesn’t look anything like this! She’s brown, and fluffy, and isn’t a dog…” Miki queried, her head tilted to the side. An ominous wind blew through the forest in response to the cries.

“Trust me. You wanna find her, don’t you?” Juniper replied. It wasn’t uncommon for Pokemon professors to send children off to do field work, and umbreon are not dangerous unless provoked. Usually. Miki continued, the promise of finding Vee too great to pass up. Minutes passed with nothing but that weird, intensifying ominous wind passing through and blowing her dress all over the place.

Then, a response. A quiet “Brie!” far off in the distance responding to the call. Miki played the umbreon cry again. It sounded just like that. The response came back louder this time, until Miki was face to face with a pair of steel blue eyes coming out of a brush.

“Vee…? Vee, is that you…?” Miki asked, her breath shaky. Her whole body was shaky. She bent down in front of the umbreon and reached slowly out to touch it. It didn’t move. She shone her light on the brush it was half-concealed in, the moonlight and the pokedex light coming together to give her fur a beautiful blue glow.

Just before Miki could touch her former pet, its shadow rose up from the ground, threatened by the light, and stood between Vee and Miki. Vee immediately lowered her head to the floor and twisted around onto her back, crawling backwards between its legs and opening her mouth to lick at its crotch as it took shape. This Gengar cackled and started raising and lowering its hips, thrusting its genitals into Vee’s throat just to mock this girl. Miki and Vee stared into each others’ eyes for seconds until this Gengar’s balls dropped over them. They began to glow, and then roll back into her head. Her entire body shuddered with pleasure, her legs falling over top of her breasts as she was forced to sleep by her Master.

Gengar began to stare at Miki now that Vee was unconscious. The girl stepped back, frightened by the glaring eyes that were glowing brighter than the pokedex in her hands. She tried to push the button and call for help, but the piece of plastic began swirling in her hands. Her eyes started to droop. Gengar was warping all over the place, one second his cock was sliding across Vee’s unconscious muzzle, the next it was squirting this milky white liquid over her belly, and the next it was between her legs slamming their hips together.

Miki dropped the dex and fell onto her bottom, wondering why. Why was it doing this to Vee? Why did she just let him? Didn't she love her owner? Her eyes blinked one last time and she fell asleep.

When Miki awoke, she was stood in a large black featureless void on all fours. She tried to stand on her two legs, but they weren't ‘her’ legs anymore. She was in the body of a furry brown fox. She was in Vee’s body. This new Umbreon was there too, pacified, looking as if she belonged where she was. She was moaning loudly, her hips slamming up against her Master’s repeatedly. The Gengar turns to Miki and speaks.

“Look. That's your old owner. I'm breeding you in front of your master. What do you think?” Master asked, turning her head slightly to face them and not the floor.

“Only… ah… ah- one… one Master… y-you… you're master… reward Vee…” The broken girl moans. She starts pushing her full hips back further, barking like the true feral dog she was. Anything for a treat.

“Vee?” Miki called. That cry fell on deaf ears.

“What should we do with your old Master, slut? Breed her until she's just as broken as you?” The Gengar questioned, a sick smile over his face that widened by the second.

“Only Vee… Only Vee for- ah! For fucking Master… Only Vee… pleasures Master…!” Vee responded. It seemed to catch the Gengar off guard. He grabbed Vee’s ears from behind and pulled her head up to look directly at Miki.

Vee was an absolute mess. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and she made gasping breaths if any at all. Her eyes were barely visible under her eyelids, and they shook and dilated with each thrust this Gengar calling itself Master gave to Vee. It was sliding some pink rod in and out of her from the dripping hole between her thighs. Every hit made Vee quiver and buckle, as if it was taking all her conscious energy just to stand there and have his cock ram into her sensitive cunt.

Because her answer aroused him so, he decided to reward her. He wrapped his arm around her throat, an act that made her shiver and squirt all over his crotch just by itself, and then with several harsh, loud slaps, he pushed their hips together and locked them there, that white creamy liquid dripping down out of her. Vee howled and moaned, collapsing to the ground and tensing up once, then relaxing, only to tense up again as another electric shock wave of pleasure wracked her brain.

Miki had, not of her own free will, moved closer. She was so mesmerized by this interaction that she couldn't look away, even if it disgusted her that her pet was being turned into whatever this… toy drooling on the ground was. She reached over to touch Vee, but in an instant the Umbreon’s tail whipped around, smacking Miki’s paw away, and her head moves to where her tailhole was, sucking clean her Master’s cock so that she may be used again to pleasure him. All was to pleasure him. That tail began wagging back and forth gleefully in preparation for another round of pounding.

“So, my Vee, what should we do with this human? We cannot keep her, isn't that right?” The Gengar spoke.

“How come I can understand you…? Aren't you a Pokemon?” Miki asked, frightened by the purple monster now towering over her. It turns to face her.

“This is a dream, little human. All sorts of things may occur in dreams. I can have a cock filled with treats for my little plaything, and she can spend her days and nights bent over ready to be filled and bred. Isn't that right, Vee?”

“Y-yesssh! Yush… Vee is Masshterssh…” She began, slurring her words as cum dribbled off her tongue.

Another blast shot into her face, and she pushed her entire body forwards so his next shot could coat the inside of her throat properly. Once she'd swallowed almost all of it, she pulled back to speak properly, even if she was drunk on her master’s semen.

“Vee wantsh.. want- ...Mastersshuh cawk… breeds Vee here… see?” Vee sat down and spread her legs to show Miki the dripping wet, used hole that her pussy had become. It was plastered with semen and smelled like it too. Miki stared for a second before Vee clamped her legs closed.

“Only Vee! You… Y-you human…? Like Vee?” She continued, looking dizzy, but somehow able to keep focus on Miki.

“Yes, Vee! Don't you remember? We used to do everything together… I love you! Come home, please…”

“Vee Ish home… homesh… Master’s cawk… here…” Vee seems scared, threatened.

She never had to have the burden of thinking this much. She wanted to be Master’s toy again. She nuzzled his balls from underneath, taking in their musk and pressing her nose into them. Her nose then slipped through, the Gengar becoming intangible. As if participating in a well coreographed dance, Vee immediately rose her head up and opened her maw wide, the tip of the cock sticking out of her maw.

The throbbing cock then became tangible again, and Vee wrapped her tongue around it, closing her maw to suck on it like a lollipop. It thrust into her cheeks from behind, that deliciously salty taste on the tip of her tongue and the tip of his cock. It was enough to make her shudder.

“I think you've seen enough, human. I own your Vee now. Well, my Vee. If you ever want to see her again, leave some food at the edge of the forest just before the sun sets… and no funny business! I own her, remember. I can do whateeever I like to my fucktoy’s body. All she cares about is that I breed her, isn't that right, Vee?”

The umbreon attached to his cock starts lapping at his balls from the inside, enjoying the feeling of getting her esophagus teabagged, the sucking pop it makes when he pulls forward only to get it lodged in her throat again. She tried to answer, but she was left too breathless to do so. She just bobbed her head back and forth, giving the disembodied penis a reverse blow job and occasionally opening her maw to show Miki the cock she couldn't have.

“If I say so… You could never… see your Vee… AGAIN!”

The Gengar cackled, reaching down and placing his hands on Vee’s cheeks. At his final word, he viciously twisted her neck until Vee’s head was upside down, and her body collapsed immediately, only held up by the cock she was still sucking. Her head realigned itself quickly, but the damage had been done. She slowly slid forward off that cock, her jaw starting to hang open as a cum shot sprayed out of it, most of it catching the roof of her slackened mouth, but some landing at Miki’s paw. She backed away with a terrified look on her face as Vee’s broken body slumped to the floor, shivering in one last dying orgasm. Her eyes were staring unblinking at Miki, her eyelids drooping over them somewhat as they fell back into place from gravity. Miki felt as if this was all real. But then… she got pulled back into her own body forcefully. She woke up with a start and crawled over to Vee’s sleeping body, cuddling her face until she slowly woke up.

Immediately upon waking, Vee backed away and pressed up against her Master. Miki looked at the Gengar, defeated once again. She was just as weak as when she was being bullied, but this time, she might lose that smile. That… broken smile.

“If I give you food… you'll keep her safe, mister Master…?” Miki asked. The Gengar cackled in response.

“And if I don't…?” Miki asked, even weaker. Almost a hushed whisper. The cackling stopped, and the Gengar wraps his arms around Vee’s neck. She doesn't resist or fight, she just seems to accept that at any moment she could be turned into nothing more than a fuckable corpse for this pokemon.

“I... I understand… I'll see you soon, Vee…!” Miki whimpered behind cheeks flush with tears, reaching out and petting her pet. Their pet. Vee stands there where she's happiest, allows Gengar to sink into her shadow again, and backs away slowly into the night.

Every day after that, a bowl of fish and chicken was left at a small shrine to Vee outside the forest, and every morning it would disappear. Sometimes Miki would catch Vee taking the food, and they would play together. Sometimes they would play until the moon left the sky, but Miki was a child who needed sleep. Sometimes, Gengar would intervene and force the two of them to sleep, only for Miki to wake up and realize playtime was now over.

They grew up together, just not in the way you'd expect. Miki’s mother tried to give her a new pet, but she only wanted Vee. Even if this broken one was the only one she'd ever get.
R: 37 / I: 0

The Last Field Trip (Tags by chapter, but expect Cons, Non-Cons, Loli, Watersports)

The Last Field Trip

Chapter One, Intro and First Exhibit (Non-Con, Watersports, Young)

I was laying in my bed on a Saturday morning when I was roused from my sleep by the sound of my phone ringing. Grunting, I held up one arm to shield my unadjusted eyes from the sun's ray's bleeding through my blinds while my other arm reached for my phone, to determine the identity of whoever it is that has deigned to interrupt my rest. It was Nick, My own Brother, Nick, who had committed this grievous sin of waking at this ungodly hour of 11:42.

“What do you want Nick?” I grumbled upon answering the phone.

“Oops, did I wake you? Must have figured the time zone wrong, thought it was almost noon for you.” He replied, sounding to me more that a little sarcastic.

“Shut up,” I said. “Now you gonna get to the point or should I just hang up?”

“Alright alright” He said. “You know how I was asking you for advice on engagement rings a couple weeks back?”

“Yeah...” I replied cautiously.

“Well last week I proposed to Stacy, and she said yes.”

“Oh my God! Congratulations!”

“Yeah, thanks, anyway, she's been jumping right into brainstorming wedding plans, and she had an idea that I liked.”

“Well? Out with it already.”

“We were thinking that you and her sister would make a good centerpiece for the recital dinner, and were wondering if you were down for that.”

Feeling myself quickly become aroused at the thought I said “Ohh, that does sound hot, but I dunno, any thoughts on how you'd cook us?”

“Nothing's set in stone yet, but one idea we had was to spit roast you both on the same spit, facing each other with your mouths pressed together. Kind of a parody of the whole 'Together til death do you part' thing.”

“Oh man” I said, my free hand having wandered south and was now rubbing my pussy over my panties. “That sounds really hot, you've convinced me, I'll do it.”

“Great! I'll tell Stacy. Thanks for doing this she'll love it.”

“Glad I can be of help to you both on your special day, congratulations again.”

“Thanks, well I should get back to it, you should probably get out of bed and enjoy your Saturday, you're not gonna get too many more of those,” He joked.

“Idiot,” I said halfheartedly, before ending the call.

Putting my phone down I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror mounted on the wall across from my bed. My long brown hair was a mess and I had been sleeping in just my panties so my full breasts were on display. My face was flushed and my nipples hard from the conversation I had just had. Cupping my breast with one hand I imagined my brother and his new wife cutting into it together as I lay there, dead and thoroughly cooked. My other hand wandered down into my panties and I imagined the spit going into it, first just like any girthy dildo, but then going even further, tearing into me, irreversibly damaging me, before emerging from my mouth, then quickly being joined by Stacy's hot sister, a petite blond girl of 16. Together we're slowly rotated over an open fire as the wedding guests chat and dance. I came. Breathing heavy I pulled my hand from my panties and thought about what I should do today. Belatedly I thought about the 7th grade class I'm the homeroom teacher for.

“I should probably send the principal an email, I hope it's not to hard to find a new teacher in the middle of the year” I thought to myself.

Quickly I drafted an email detailing the need to seek a replacement teacher. Upon sending the email I looked up, and seeing myself in the mirror again I soon became overpowered by arousal once more. Fantasizing about my own impending death I masturbated myself to orgasm twice more before finally getting out of bed and starting my day.

The following Monday, before class, I was sitting at my desk drinking my coffee when I received an email from the principal asking me to come in whenever I had time, to discuss my “early retirement”.

I still had some time before class, so I went to his office and stuck my head through the open door.

“Ahh, come in Ms. Brooks, sit,” the principal said.

“You needed to speak with me?” I said once seated.

“Yes, Unfortunately it is the case that we simply cannot find a replacement for you at this time.”

“What do you mean you can't find anyone?”

“It's just too late in the school year, and we're already dealing with a shortage of capable staff in our district. I'm afraid we can't just have a class without a teacher.”

“Excuse me sir, I wasn't asking for your permission, I was just doing you a courtesy in telling you the situation. If you refuse to pay my remaining salary that's fine, it wont matter to me soon anyway,” I replied angrily.

“Please calm down Ms. Brooks, you misunderstand me, you can, of course, do whatever it is you feel you need to do here, I'm just saying we can't have a class without a teacher.”

“What do you mean? Aren't you contradicting yourself?” I say confused.

“I mean that if there was no class, we would have no need to keep you on as staff.”

“You mean disperse the students between other classes?” I ask.

“A few, just the especially gifted, but no we don't have the extra space for all of them. What I'm getting at is that the school, and by extension you, have total autonomy of the students during school hours. If you went on a field trip, say to the Historical Museum of Life and Death, and none of your students returned, that would absolve you of any responsibility.”

“You want me to kill all of my students?” I asked, feeling my thighs dampen at the thought.

“Not all of them, no, and I wouldn't use such harsh language, but effectively yes, if you want to leave your teaching position I need you to get rid of your class.”

“If that’s what I need to do, I can do it,” I said, squirming in my seat.

“Great” the principal said. “You're actually really doing me a favor here. As you've probably already heard we've been having some budget problems, and if we had to cut staff wages it would become even harder to attract new staff. I'll send you a list of those who are to be relocate and a stack of forms to send home with the kids.”

As I had heard it, it was the principal's own egregious salary, and not the rest of the staff's, that was at risk of being reduced, but I wasn't going to argue.

“Thank you,” I said to the principal before excusing myself.

The following morning I arrived at school to find a small stack of paper on my desk and a new email on my computer.

Reading over the email and attached list I thought it a little strange. The list was all boys, in fact every boy in my class, and many of them I wouldn't consider especially “gifted” as the principal had described them. Well enough of that, I thought, before moving on, preparing for my class to arrive.

As I watched my class file in, admiring the skimpy attire many opt for, I noticed that already there were no boys. After the final bell rang one of my students, a cute 13 year old girl name Cindy, a blond with short pigtails, wearing low-cut unbuttoned short shorts that afforded a glimpse of her pink panties, knee high socks, and a small form-fitting tube top that showed off her pierced nipples, stuck her hand up in the air and began waving it about energetically.

“Yes Cindy?” I asked.

“Where are all the boys?” She asked.

“They've been temporarily moved to a different class, the principal seemed to have something he wanted them for, for a few days.”

“Hmmmm,” Cindy intoned, seemingly not entirely convinced.

“Enough on that for now” I said “On Thursday we have an impromptu field trip to a museum planned, seems another school had to pull out last minute.”

“What kind of field trip?” asked Elly, a raven haired 12 year old who sat closer to the back, wearing a short skirt and a necktie that hung between her bare, large for her age, breasts.

“Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would I?” I dodged “But don't worry I'm sure everyone will find it exciting. Now Pipe down and lets get to today's lesson.”

Two days later it was the big day. After ushering the girls onto the bus and getting us on our way, I looked over my class. Watching them talk, giggle, throw glances at the well muscled bus driver, and occasionally getting more intimate with each other, I felt myself dampen as I thought about how it was my job to ensure that none of them go home today.

As we arrived near the end of our trip we passed through a gate labeling the beyond facility the “Historical Museum of Life and Death”, next to the gate was a large bronze statue of a nude woman hung from the neck. This sparked much chatter amongst the girls, Cindy, today wearing a similar outfit but with thigh high socks a white almost transparent tube top, shot her hand up in the air.

“Ms. Brook!” Cindy shouted. “Don't people sometimes die on these field trips!”

“Oh yes,” I said. “This museum has many dangerous exhibits, and you'll all be free to volunteer to demonstrate them.”

This got the wide-eyed girls chattering even more.

The bus rolled to a stop at the front of the building. After all my students got off, and I had spoken to the man at the ticket window, I led the students into the museum that they would never leave.

As we entered the lobby the first thing I noticed was the chair in the center of the room, the second was the large openings along the walls to different halls of the museum, and last, was the entrance to the gift shop. The gift shop had some posters advertising things like “Wallets, Bags, Belts! All made from real girl leather kindly donated by visitors!” and “Going Home a few members short? Why not buy a video to remember them buy! All exhibits filmed and sold!”. Once everyone was inside I turned to speak to them.

“Now you may remember earlier when I said you'd all be free to volunteer to demonstrate the exhibits?” I asked.

The girls murmured their ascent while nervously nodding.

“Well that was only half the truth. You all are free to volunteer, but if you don't of your own free will you will be volunteered by me.”

“What do you mean?” Alice, a wide-eyed redhead wearing only black elbow-length gloves, black thigh-high stockings, and a black choker, leaving her pale flat chest and hairless pussy bare, said nervously.

“I mean I've been told the school is having some budget issues, and it was determined that one class would need to be cut. I've been instructed to make sure none of you return to school.”

“You can't do that!” exclaimed a girl named Kathrine.

My eyes met Kathrine's, she was one of the more conservatively dressed girls, wearing a skirt that fell to just above her knee and a blouse that only exposed about an inch of belly skin and fully concealed her medium sized breasts, her hair was in long twin braids and she wore thick rimmed glasses. She has always been kind of a stick-in-the-mud, complaining about rules and always acting like she was above her peers. I would enjoy proving her wrong.

“Oh yes I can, the school has complete autonomy of its charges during school hours and functions.” I said, smiling at her.

“But you forgot to collect our permission slips!” She replied smugly.

“Those slips were purely informational, your parents consent to this trip was assumed as soon as you arrived at school today.”

“You can't do this” she said, quietly, no longer meeting my gaze.

“You know, I think I've decided who to volunteer to show the class whatever that chair over there does,” I said, before signaling at one of the cameras hanging from the lobby ceiling.

Two burly museum attendants appeared from a service door and began walking toward Katherine. Panicking, Kathrine tried to run, but the men quickly had her cornered and grabbed her by the arms.

“No!, Please!, Please let me go!” Kathrine started wailing as she was dragged to chair. As she was screaming and being strapped down I began walking to the chair, signaling to the class to follow, upon nearing the chair I noticed a placard bearing words and a large switch next to it.

“The electric chair was first conceived in 1881 by a dentist named Alfred P. Southwick as a more humane alternative to hanging. The chair kills by passing various cycles of alternating current through an individual's body. The first more powerful jolt of electric current was designed to pass through the head and cause immediate unconsciousness and brain death. The second less powerful jolt was designed to cause fatal damage to the vital organs. Death may also be caused by electrical over-stimulation of the heart.

The chair fell out of favor due to the rise of lethal injection, deemed to be more humane, during the late 1900's. Our chair here is a replica of the chair used to kill Martha M. Place, the first woman to die to the electric chair in 1899, for the murder of her stepdaughter. Our chair has had the voltage reduced and the duration increased from its historical values, in an attempt to provide more of a spectacle to those watching.” I read out loud to the class.

While I read out the sign, the attendants had finished strapping Katherine down to the chair. They had also fastened electrodes to her head and legs and had shoved a rag in her mouth, letting me finish reading the sign with quieter, more muffled screams.

I walked up to Kathrine, flashed her a wide smile full of teeth, and asked “You ready?”. She muffled protests and tried to tug her arms from her bindings, tears staining her face. “I'll take that as a yes” I said pulling the rag from her mouth before closing the almost comically large switch.

She barely had time to begin screaming before the current cut her off. Her body went stiff, straining against the straps. Her eyes went wide and her mouth agape, a quiet scream, almost a whine, just barely escaping it. A few seconds passed like this before the electricity shut off. She let out a painful sounding sob as she went slack in her bonds. After a couple of seconds of respite the electricity resumed, this time her open mouth made no noise. As the current turned off Katherine let out a ragged shriek before going limp.

“Plea–” she started, before being cut off by the current resuming, her glasses being thrown from her face by her spasming body. Watching her sexy taught body I sat on the floor and pulled my skirt up to my hips. Having not worn any panties today I had immediate access to my pussy and began rubbing it in earnest. This continued for a few more cycles at which point the air began to smell like burning meat. After one off cycle where Katherine was barely twitching the electricity began flowing again, her eyes rolled back in her head and visible smoke started to rise from her body. This last cycle lasted several seconds longer than any of the previous, and when it finished and Kathrine's body went limp she didn't move at all. Kathrine's bladder gave out, urine cascading over the sides of the chair.

Standing up, I walked over to the chair and climbed onto it. Standing on the armrests with my legs spread, I began pissing on Kathrine's steaming head while rubbing my clit furiously. Staring into her eyes that didn't stare back as my piss ran over them and down her face and body to join her own on the floor, I came. Almost falling off the chair, I rode out one of the best orgasms of my life.

When I came back to myself I climbed down off the chair and straightened my skirt. I looked at my class and saw a variety of reactions, some girls were cowering, looking at me in fear, others were in shock looking at Kathrine's body, others still were looking at either me or the body with heated faces and arousal in their eyes. A few of these were, or had been, openly masturbating, and two were rubbing each others pussies while staring at my former student's body.

“Well,” I said “Enough standing around, let's keep moving.”

Feedback is appreciated, all my work can also be found on AO3 here: archiveofourown.org/users/AbbottWarr/
R: 1 / I: 0

Scream at the Void (F/F, sci-fi, shooting, piss)

Mara Vostok awoke from cryosleep to the klaxon of the ship's alarm.

Red warning lights oscillated in the darkness of the chamber, bathing her pod in a crimson at an interval of every two seconds. She took a frosty breath, willed her fingers to life as the circulation slowly returned to her extremities. She hated the helplessness more than the chill, her body playing catch-up with her mind. One would think a space-faring civilization could design cryosleep that didn't debilitate the sleeper on awakening but the people she worked for weren't all that concerned with comfort.

Mara flexed her fingers. There was a slight tingle in the tips, inching up past her knuckles. She managed to form a trembling fist with her left hand and focused her attention on her arms, envisioned each individual cord of muscle warming up and moving until she could tense them, flexed them and finally move them as she desired. It was a slow process, one she hated repeating, which informed her preference for staying in the pod for as long as possible.

She stared at her reflection in the glass while she worked, tracing the outline of her blue lips, her skin paler than a Siberian winter. The red in her curls seemed more like gray in the wan interior lighting of her pod. She looked to herself like a corpse, the illusion disrupted only by her blinking and the ponderous rise of her chest. Her reflection, moments later, was replaced by the frantic face of an Asian woman, slanted eyes wide with panic as she slammed into the pod.

"Mara!" came the woman's muffled voice. "Wake up! We're being boarded!"

Mara reeled from a vertigo of worry. Who would want to board a science vessel so far out of civilized space? She felt moisture form on her palms, evaporate and freeze against her skin. She tried to form words with her lips but her jaw was as rigid as the rest of her body.

"Hold on," the woman said. "I'm hitting the override."

Mara watched the woman's head disappear around the side of the pod. Yuki Nakamura was her bunkmate and friend, one of only a handful of security personnel stationed on the vessel. The ex-soldier was older than her by a few months but from the same colony world and continent, the only person on the ship she trusted besides the cook. If Yuki was worried, the situation must have been dire indeed.

She heard the lid of her pod hiss as the electronic release activated and the glass inched its way open. Warm air rushed in to replace the chill, icy vapors curling upwards and dissipating in the blood red emergency light. She felt goosebumps rise against her skin, tickle the stretchy fabric of her jumpsuit. The lycra was her second skin; she went nude underneath it.

"Come here, babygirl." Yuki's voice carried a hint of worry. "I've got you."

Mara let herself be scooped out of the cryopod. She had little choice; her legs were jelly underneath her, prickly with circulation, too frail to support her weight. She leaned on the cold metal casing of Yuki's combat harness, a headache forming from the combination of noise and an abrupt awakening. Standard procedure for newly-roused cryosleepers was a ration of water and bread to regain strength. She had no business being awake yet but there was no help for it now.

"Who's…boarding?" The words came out slurred, thick with cryo-slumber. "Pirates?"

"Don't know, Mara-chan. I was on my break when the ship lurched and the alarms started going off." Yuki grunted as she threw Mara's arm over her shoulder. "They must have ripped us out of slipspace. I barely had time to get my armor on."

Mara felt the world move beneath her feet. Cold steel decking brushed against her instep as Yuki dragged her out of the cryo chamber. "Where are we going?"

"To the escape pods, fatass." Yuki planted a wet smooch on her cheek. "There's too many of them."

Mara managed a weak smile. She didn't weigh a pound over one hundred thirty-five. "Yours…or mine?"

"Yours. Remember the code?"

Mara grunted an affirmative. It was one of the most important numbers to remember on a space faring vessel, other than the time and date. She strained her neck to look up, willing her muscles to cooperate. She could only see the austere grey floor plating, awash with emergency red, but she knew the layout of the ship better than the captain. "Hang a right."

She felt Yuki turn their bodies around the bend. Yuki's boots rung hollow as she strode briskly through the corridors. A door hissed open and with it came the muffled staccato of faraway gunfire.

"Not good," Yuki muttered.

Mara felt sensation return to her legs and feet. The floor was unbearably chilly against her soles. "Blood's in my feet," she rasped. "I can walk."

Yuki slipped her arm from Mara's shoulder to the small of her back. She felt metal between her fingers. Ribbed grip. Trigger guard. A pistol. "Know you're not security but those bastards'll shoot you anyway."

Mara closed her fingers around the grip. The solidness grounded her, helped her reorient herself. She thumbed off the safety as she padded awkwardly alongside her friend. She felt as if she were in a nightmare, looping through the same corridor while the grating clamor of the emergency alarms, distant gunfire and screams blended into a terrible background noise.

She stumbled, fell to her knees and vomited bile onto the deck. Moments later, she felt Yuki's fingers digging into her arm, dragging her back to her feet. "Sorry, babe, but we gotta move."

Mara's head spun, her stomach and bones aching. It mattered very little to her whether this was reality or a dream; she wanted it to end.

The door to the escape pod vestibule was locked when they arrived. Yuki dumped her to the side of it while she punched in the code. "Keep watch. Goddamn password is four tiers."

Mara glanced down both ends of the corridor. In the low, oscillating emergency light, she could barely make out shadows let alone people. Her arms may as well have been missing for all the good they did her. Her aim was shaky, the effort to lift the gun more than she had energy for. Fear snaked its way up her gut; this time there was no cryo to freeze the sweat on her palms.

"Yuki…I'm scared…"

"I know, babygirl. I'm scared too but we're gonna make it, ok? Keep watching that corridor for me."

An earsplitting scream carried down the hall from the west, followed by the abrupt report of fully automatic fire. There was a shriek of pain, another burst, a dull thud and then silence.

"Shit," Yuki muttered, punching the console with her fingers. "Come on, you piece of shit! Open!"

Mara watched the corridor where the gunshots had come from. For a while, nothing appeared. Then, in the half second when the emergency light swept its way around, she glimpsed the silhouette of an armored figure with glowing red eyes. Her gut churned with icy terror. "Y-yuki…h-he's here."

Shots rang out from down the corridor, slamming into the wall mere inches from Yuki's head to ricochet off the floor and ceiling. Her friend cursed, returned fire and tapped frantically at the vestibule's console. "Mara, suppress him!"

Mara lifted a trembling arm, trying to line up the figure in her shaky sights. She squeezed off a few shots that missed their mark, clanging off the metal decking. The armored figure returned fire, dangerously close to hitting them this time. Yuki let off a fresh burst of return fire from her rifle.

"I put in the code," Yuki screamed. "Why won't you open?!"

She slammed her fist against the console. It gave a short, cheesy chime and slid open, just as another flurry of bullets whizzed past them.

"Yes!" Yuki grabbed her by the arm and dragged her inside, closing the door behind them. "Lock's engaged. Your turn now. Where's the pod?"

Mara could barely focus for her dry mouth and clammy hands. "A-F-Four."

Yuki muttered the letter-number combination as she walked past the row of escape pods. "Found it."

Mara padded over, came face to face with the number pad. Four digits stood between her and freedom.

She tapped out the passcode. Nothing happened. She tried again, with the same result. "Yuki…it's not working…"

"What do you mean? Is it correct? Try again!"

"It is the right code! 6401!" She tried it a third time. "It's not working!"

There was a banging on the door and the pop of bullets striking metal. The armored figure was trying to get inside.

"Fuck! I'll try my pod!" Yuki ran over to her assigned pod and frantically punched buttons, to no effect. "God fucking dammit!"

She slammed the console with both fists. Mara noticed a subtle shake in her frame as she stood over the number pad.

"We're not dying here," Yuki muttered shakily. "We're getting out of this."

The banging grew louder. More pops as bullets struck the door. Mara's heart thumped so quickly in her chest, she thought it would burst. Her palms were colder than the cryopod, sweat pouring from every orifice. She wanted to scream, cry and beg for mercy but she knew no one would listen. The pistol weighed heavy in her hand; as she stared at the cold metal, a brief flicker of a thought whispered to her. Her wrist tensed. She had it raised halfway to her head when Yuki cried out.

"Wait! The emergency override!"

Mara lowered the pistol. She knew where it lay, just behind the last escape pod at the far end of the vestibule. She felt a surge of hope; there was still a chance at survival, a chance at life. She had turned to run for the override when she heard an explosion behind her. The door flew off its hinges and the armored figure stepped through the smoke.

A flurry of bullets silenced Yuki's screams. Hot lead tore through her combat harness, slicing through her combat harness like knives through wet paper. Another burst split her skull apart, bone and brain matter splattering the escape pod behind her. Yuki collapsed into a twitching heap on the floor, eyes wide in the shock of her final moments, mouth agape in surprise and disbelief. Her bladder voided its contents as a final humiliation, staining her pants with a dark spot that slowly spread across the tan colored fabric. The odor of urine wafted into Maya's nostrils.

Mara raised her pistol, managed to squeeze off one shot before the armored killer visited the same fate on her. The force of the gunshots threw her back against the deck. Her jumpsuit was no combat harness, offering no protection against the ballistic spray. She hit the floor with a hard thump that sent pain exploding against the back of her skull. She tried to move, to lift the gun in her hand, but her muscles refused to obey.

She felt nothing but stinging agony. Her chest was heavy, as if the hot lead had been lodged inside her breasts to way her down. Tears formed in her eyes, spilled down her cheeks and under her jaw. She realized, with sober terror, that she was going to die.

The armored figure loomed her, staring down with red eyes that glowed like some unfeeling machine.

"Please…" she sobbed. "I'm not ready to-"

Another short burst of automatic fire slammed into her chest. *Fwup fwup fwup.* Mara Vostok was vaguely aware of a warm wetness spreading against her crotch before she breathed her last, a short exhaled whine, and knew no more.
R: 10 / I: 0

Jim's Snuff Truck (Tags in each chapter)

Hi. GuroChan is back (hooray!) and I’ll celebrate with a story that I plan on turning into a series. I was writing under the name Loke on the old chan, I wrote a few stories that are still on here I think.

The concept is simple; Jim operates a Snuff Truck, a mobile processing centre in an alternative reality of some sort where overpopulation is the biggest issue around and people usually die consensually or semi-consensually. The truck is kind of like a mobile home, driver seat and mini-office in the front, execution room in the back.

This is the first story. Feel free to suggest characters, scenarios and alternative execution methods. I have som rules though, to make sure writing is fun for me too. They are quite simple: No scat (mild peeing is totally ok though”, no toddlers, no male on male, no real people and no characters from anime or TV etc. The more information the better. Don’t hesitate to suggest things though, the worst that could happen is that I just don’t use it. Also, constructive feedback in general is greatly appreciated.

PS: My favourite subjects are tween and teen girls, 12-15.


Chapter 1 (f-solo, M-solo, f-snuff)

Jim looked at the black and white clock on the wall of his truck. Eager to get home he hoped no more visitors would come, but his hope shattered immediately when he heard knocking on the door. He opened, and greeted the two people standing outside. He recognized one of them, a stunning blonde English teacher named Amanda, coming to his truck for the third time that day. She was there to escort the one of them that wouldn’t leave that truck alive.

“Hi there!” Amanda said. “I’ve got one more for you today, this little rascal just got caught cheating on her exam. Enjoy!” she said with a wink as she turned around and walked back to the school.”

“Thanks!” Jim half shouted after her. Amanda never stayed around long. “I’ve got to find out if she’s single,” Jim thought to himself.

“And what’s you name, sweetie?” he asked the girl now stepping into the truck.

“Sarah Miller,” she answered. “Grade 8.”

“Nice to meet you Sarah, I’m Jim. To be honest I’ve had a long day and I’m tired. Is it alright if we get this over with quickly?”

“Sure. I was going to end up dead one way or another anyways, so I’m okay with it.” she said, quite unaffected by the situation.

“Great! Then please take off your clothes and put them in the bin over there. I would put up a screen for you but as I said I just want to get this over with and I’ll see you naked anyways. I’ll fill out the paper work in the meantime.”

Jim found her name on the class list and filled out the necessary forms as Sarah started undressing. He glanced over towards her after a minute and saw her stopping when she was down to her underwear.

“All of them,” he said.

Sarah silently complied, blushing a little as she removed the rest of her clothes. After a couple of minutes Jim had finished the most boring part of his job and could finally take a good look at the girl. She was cute, her nose was perhaps a bit too wide but she had stunning green eyes and beautiful straight, brown hair. She had a fit and quite thin body, with tiny, blooming breasts and a hairless crotch. Jim was unsure if she shaved or it just hadn’t started growing there yet but it didn’t really matter now. He decided to get on with it and led her to the far end of the truck where the action happened. He fitted straps to her feet that were attached to the ceiling and hoisted her up so that she hung upside down against the metal wall, her legs spread slight apart. From the wall he pulled a wire across her neck and secured it on the other side. With the press of a button it would retract into the wall with tremendous force, severing the girl’s head clean from her body. A drain below her would catch the blood.

“Everything okay?” Jim asked.

“Just a bit nervous,” the girl answered.

“Have you masturbated before?”

“Y-yes,” Sarah answered, a bit taken aback by the question.

“Then you know how good it feels, right?”

“Sure, but is it appropriate now?”

“Of course, it is quite normal in fact. I even have something that helps.” Jim pulled a small egg vibrator from his front pocket. “Do you want it?”

Sarah nodded.

Jim put some lube on the vibrator and carefully slid it into Sarah’s pussy, just enough to hit the g-spot. The vibrator was remote controlled, and as soon as he turned it on the young girl gasped in pleasant surprise.

“I’m supposed to tie your arms as well, but if you promise to not touch that wire around your neck, I’ll let you use them to pleasure yourself. The system detects when you have an orgasm, and will trigger after you hit the peak. Understood?”

“Yes.” The girl answered. “Thank you.”

Jim turned up the vibrator quite a bit, and Sarah a bit nervously put her right hand up to her pussy. She was not used to masturbating in front of others, but soon she was lost in the pleasure and moaned loudly, both hands rubbing her young pussy. Jim made a quick check that everything was working as it should and sat down to admire the sight. Of course his cock reacted to it even though he had seen this process many times before. He began stroking it from the outside of his pants. It grew more and he let it out of the zipper, stroking it faster.

After a while he could see Sarah getting close to orgasm, and he just had to get closer. He rose from the chair and walked over to the girl. She opened her eyes and saw him standing right by her, stroking his member. The girl didn’t even flinch, much too caught up in the heat of the moment to slow down now. Sarah was getting closer by the second, and Jim noticed she had even put her left pinky half way up her ass. Suddenly she cried out loudly, shuddering and thrusting her fingers as deep as they would go. Her cry ended abruptly when the wire around her neck tightened in a fraction of a second, slitting her neck in two. Her head landed on the floor with a thunk. The sound of her girly voice turned to a grotesque gurgle, and her arms flailed aimlessly. This sent Jim over the edge, and generous amounts of cum landed on the girl’s crotch and belly.

Jim sat down again, admiring the scene. When the stream of blood from Sarah’s neck turned into a trickle it was time to get on with the cleaning and gutting. He had to stop by the processing centre too to offload the bodies, after all his truck would have more visitors the next day.
R: 33 / I: 0

Club Meat Grinder (loli/shota, /fur/, snuff, mutilation, consensual, futa/herm)

These are stories I've posted on my inkbunny account, but think are sufficiently gorey enough to also be worth posting here. The first story introduces the setting of Club Meat Grinder, the second and third stories going into how the two characters from the tour are snuffed. All in all it's about 30,000 words of nearly nonstop furry cub snuff, every 'victim' eagerly consenting to their fate. Enjoy.

Taking the Tour

(loli/shota/cub, snuff, consensual, futa, beheading, bathroom, asphyxiation, dolcett, electrocution, castration, abortion, urethral play)

In an alley between two of the tallest skyscrapers rising from the heart of downtown, two pedestrians turn off a main road, silhouetted against the light of a streetlamp as they gaze down into the dim, dank environment. They are smaller than most out tonight, a pair of young children out past their bedtime, looking excited and anxious to have found what they've braved the darkness to reach.

As they take their first short steps down the alley, the crunch of bottle glass beneath one of their shoes draws the attention of a bear standing midway down the alley. His shaggy head turns towards them, arms folded and expression impassive as he watches them approach, looking them over with a professional interest.

From the shapes of their shadows stretching down the alley, it was clear both were girls, height indicating neither could be much older than ten. Walking with synchronized steps, the shorter of the two leaned against the other, both of them coming into clearer view as they passed through a pool of lamplight.

The first child was shorthaired canine of a particularly unintimidating breed, fur colored in splotches of clean white and warm brown. Demure, she pressed close and held onto the arm of her friend, eyes looking down. Something about her very bearing suggested submissiveness, like she were simply showpiece putting herself on display, waiting for someone to tell her what to do. Her clothes were exaggeratedly feminine, making up for her prepubescent body with a tantalizing pink dress. The thin fabric clung tightly to her, conforming so perfectly to her budding breasts and soft stomach that it seemed like it had been painted on. A single stud gleamed dimly in one velvety ear, high heels clicking softly against the pavement as she walked. With her slight figure, just a shade too filled out to be called thin, she seemed almost a short, flat-chested woman. Only her childish face and proportions made the truth clear beyond a doubt. On her lips she wore a small, anxious smile, fingers tightening around her friend's arm as the two continued down the alley.

The other child was bolder, a horse filly with long, elegant limbs. Appearing utterly confident, she held her shoulders set and long face tilted slightly upward as she strode imperiously down the alley. Letting her puppy friend cling against her without concern, she held her arms relaxed by her sides, seeming used to providing comfort to her companion. From her very stride she displayed more maturity than the quiet canine, hooves making each step assuredly, as if she were in charge of this little adventure. Given her appearance however, it was more than possible her self-assurance was a mask over hidden embarassment. Nearly completely nude, nothing about the little equestrian girl was hidden, and there was plenty there to see. Her young, curveless shape was rounded by a pregnancy that seemed huge on her tiny tan body, full belly pushing out beneath lightly leaking little breasts, puffy brown nipples wet with milk. Her poise was all the more impressive for the weight she carried, gliding down the dirty alley like a model down the runway. As the guard continued to examine her, a stirring between her white-dappled flanks caught his eye. Between her thighs a small horsecock was pumping quickly to hardness, the erection pressing up against the lower curve of the girl's pregnancy.

Nobody spoke as the two children came close, both of them seeming to grow subtly more tense as they reached the guard, though the pregnant pony's cock began to leak precum as she made the last few steps. The canine girl trembled lightly as she tried to stand still, unable to look the great bear of a guard in the eye. Her nipples grew stiff, making little peaks against the tight fabric.

Without a word of challenge, the ursine bouncer stepped aside, revealing the small door he'd been guarding. Its top crossbar was set no more than four feet off the ground, so low that an average adult might walk right by without noticing it. If one did chance to look at it, they might have the thought that only children could fit through such a tiny entrance.

Such was the intent.

Glancing at each other with suddenly peaking anticipation, the two girls nodded shakily, the equine herm grabbing at the handle and turning it without a second glance towards the guard. As it swung open, warm, muggy air spilled out in a steaming cloud into the light chill of the alley. Both girls were enveloped in the creeping mist, forms growing indistinct as the odors of blood and sex surrounded them, faint echoes of the moans and happy screams of children reaching their ears.

"Welcome to Club Meat Grinder," the guard said quietly. The girls entered, still tightly grasping each others hands as he shut the door behind them.

Shivering in the last gust of cool outside air from the closing door, the children relaxed as the warmth of the club began to sink into their skin. Naked as she was, the filly's smooth sack had been tight beneath her cock, drawn in against the chill to nestle close to the warmth of her body. Now her scrotum relaxed, egg-sized testicles descending to hang between her dappled thighs. Her puppy companion mmm'd softly as her hard nipples grew warm and sensitive against the fabric of her dress, keen nose catching the vivid scents of the club. Both growing excited already, they descended the last, short staircase down into what awaited them below.

First laying eyes upon the club, they both gasped softly at the size of it. The huge underground building was shaped like a downward pointing cone, a single room with three tiers of balconies that ran around it. At the uppermost level, they could see down through the entire club, all the way to the massive meat grinder that was the club's namesake. It was placed at the base of the building, situated at the center of the bottom floor so that it could be seen from almost anywhere in the club. Even three stories up, they could hear its whirr, see the bloodstains on its spinning blades. Both girls shivered, wondering what it would feel like to fall in...

Even as they thought it, they saw a shape fly out from the balcony below them. A mutilated but still squirming child, spinning through the air in a long moment as they fell down, down... and disappeared in a spray of red blood and pink gore, chewed up completely by the grinder. It wasn't long before they spotted another one falling, holding each other's hands tightly as they watched in fascination. Soon their attention wandered to the balconies themselves, wide eyes taking in the endless variety of ways adults were fucking and snuffing children, filling the room with cries of blissful agony, screams of orgasm, and death rattles.

Neither of them able to take their gaze from the bloody orgy taking place across every floor of the club, the two watched in stunned fascination, standing side by side and hand in hand with twin trickles of wetness running down their thighs. After a few minutes of watching, a pair of white-furred hands lightly touched each girl on the shoulder, a slender panda woman lowering her head down between their faces. She wore a smile, following their gazes as she knelt behind them.

"It's just so much to take in, isn't it?" the panda said. Both girls nodded, remaining quiet. The woman's hands rubbed their shoulders slightly, making the puppy shiver and whine softly. Her filly friend had lost her air of boldness, the pretense gone the moment her thighs had started trembling in anticipation.

"Would you like a tour?" the woman asked the two, still watching with them. "I'd be happy to show you around... make sure you find the right place for that final fuck." Her smile turned devious, tone growing sulty. The horse's face flushed, eyes still locked on the snuffings going on before her as she vigorously nodded.

Curious, the puppy turned to look back at the woman, managing to tear herself away from the show to give their new guide a glance. She was slender, short for an adult but still a foot taller than either of the little girls. Age was difficult to determine, but she barely seemed to be out of her teens, perhaps only a few years past being eligible to be meat for the grinder herself. The pattern of her black and white fur drew attention to her cleavage and wide hips, pale pink nipples placed at the border between light and dark. However, what caught the eye most was the massive brand that had been burned into her belly, smooth scars spelling out a message in a pattern of furless skin. 'STAFF - DO NOT SNUFF'.

"I'm Lin," the tour guide said, smiling at the puppy. "What're your names?"

"J-Jesse," the canine stammered softly. She suddenly realized how close they were standing at the edge of the balcony, no railing between them and the long fall to the grinder. If she'd had the inclination, Lin was in the perfect positon to push both girls off the edge with no more than a simple shove. Jesse's heart started to beat faster at the thought, the massaging hand against her shoulder seeming suddenly threatening. It thrilled her, being so close to death, so much at someone else's mercy.

Lin gave her wink, then nudged her lips against the filly's ear, making it flick at the sudden stimulus. "How about you, little mommy? What's your name?" Her hand slid around the slender equine's body, resting on her pregnancy and stroking down to tap the tip of her cock. It was a way to draw the girl out of her reverie, proving effective as her flanks bucked so hard Jesse almost thought her friend might fall forward to her death. The pregnant horse gasped at the sudden shock of pleasure, closing her eyes to the entrancing sights as a shudder ran through her. Biting her lip, she panted for a long moment, nostrils flaring as she took deep breaths to keep her lust under control.

"Tala," the girl finally answered, sounding hoarse. She swallowed briefly before continuing, "Please... don't touch me so. I haven't cum in weeks. I want my last to be special..." Her voice had a slight Arabic lilt, almost musical with its rhythmic emphasis. Opening her eyes, she finally turned around to look at Lin, the older woman's hand finding a safer perch upon her ass. Some of her cool self-control seemed to return as she regarded the guide, glancing her up and down. "A tour sounds perfect. It will help me find what I want that much quicker."

Grin growing broader, Lin stood up, taking each girl by the hand. "Excellent! I love showing new little ones around! Come on, I don't want to make you wait any longer than you have to." Seeming to barely restrain herself from running, Lin started to lead the two little girls counterclockwise along the topmost ring balcony.

"In Club Meat Grinder, there are four sections on each floor, quadrants placed at north, east, south, west," she explained to them as they trotted, a tiny tour group. "Three floors, so 12 sections, in case you haven't learned multiplication in school yet. But a section on both the top and bottom floor are dedicated to entrances. So there's really 10." Pausing, she pointed back at the door they'd come through, a small, lonely staircase coming out in the middle of a large empty area. "That's the child entrance section, not much there except me waiting for any new little guests to greet. The adult entrance is on the bottom floor. If you make it down there alive, you're sure to get snatched up right away."

Tail wagging as she listened attentively, Jesse gazed over the edge, trying to see if she could catch a glimpse of anything on the bottom floor. Besides the massive meat grinder there wasn't much she could make out through the haze of the air, but she knew at once she wanted to go to see it. Wanted to be where the adults were, so they could see her, use her...

A sharp sound of slicing metal drew the attention of both girls, the little group coming up upon the first of the top floor's attractions. Lin let them take it in for a while as they walked along the inside rim of the balcony, passing by the section without entering it.

It was a quadrant marked off by deep black tiling upon the floor, smooth ceramic joined perfectly to let the blood run in rivers off the edge of the balcony. Their feet splashed in it, the crimson liquid tempting them to slip and fall into the churning blades far below. Here the lights were kept low, the sensual shapes of adults and children writhing together in the dimness. They each fucked passionately, but in simple positions, with children laid down on strange waist-high tables.

Neither girl understood what was going on until they saw and heard a snuffing happen, getting an intimate view of a mouse girl and thick-maned lion rapidly pumping into her preteen pussy. Her moans were quiet, but increased in intensity as they drew nearer on their way past. Both children noticed her neck was locked in some sort of wooden stocks, keeping her in one place as she squirmed and bucked. Wooden rails extended upward from the outside edges of the stocks, disappearing into the shadows of the ceiling.

The girls legs tensed, her voice rising in a high pitched cry as she suddenly climaxed. "Daddy!" she moaned, hands gripping the edges of the table. "Kill me Daddy!" Her toes curled, thighs trembling as wetness trickled out around the lion's shaft. He reached for a rope that hung above the table from the ceiling, yanking down on it with one powerful paw.

There was a bright flash of light as a blade descended down the wooden rails of the table, slipping through a slot in the stocks and severing the girl's neck with a wet swish. Her orgasming body thrashed more violently, the lion's cock swelling and throbbing inside her as he came into her twitching corpse. Something rolled down the slight incline of the tiled floor, and Lin stopped walking, letting go of both girls' hands as she knelt to grab it.

It was the mouse girl's head, mouth open in an 'o' of pure ecstacy, eyes closed in pleasure. Jesse and Tala both flushed, staring at that shameless expression. Envying it.

Lin gave the head a kiss, and its eyes opened slowly, seeming to focus on the panda. Lin's tongue traced the mouse's lips, then she lowered it, grinning at the two girls. "The Guillotine Lounge is one of our more private areas, very secluded and romantic. Perfect for just having that last, lovely fuck before you're snuffed." Tossing the head away and into the grinder, the panda took the girls' hands again, leading them further along. "Of course, you might want your last time to be a little more... intense." Her grin was salicious as she looked down at Tala, though she missed Jesse's deeper blush at the words. Meanwhile, the equine simply appeared to ignore them, glancing away towards the next quadrant coming up. A light curtain obscured it from view, but she caught glimpses across the curve of the balcony. What she could see intrigued her...

Drawing the hanging cloth aside for the children, Lin spread her arm towards the area. "Here we have the Restrooms. Feel free to use them before we leave... it might be the last chance you get."

'Restrooms' did not do the area justice as a name. While it was true that there were toilets here, and adults and children using them, the porcelain thrones connected to no plumbing. Instead their pipes fed directly into the mouths and other holes of children bound beneath them, their bellies swollen with the shit and piss of strangers. Some of them had grown so full they had split, filthy insides spilling out, dying in the mess. New children would remove the corpses and toss them into the grinder before replacing them, eagerly taking up their last duty as a disposable septic tank.

Aside from these toilets, which stood in a row along the back wall, there were other attractions scattered about the quadrant. A giant piss trough was filled by the men of the club as they used it like a urinal, occasionally drownfucking a cub or two in the yellow liquid once they'd emptied their bladders. Waterproof daybeds were spaced throughout the place, adults and cubs having messy, excrement-smeared sex upon the soft slippery material. Water bottles, enema kits, and laxatives were provided upon a concessions table, some adults stopping by to refill after their previous plaything was dead.

"Go now if you need to," Lin said in a mockingly stern, motherly tone. "I don't want to interrupt the tour halfway through to come back."

Both girls glanced at each other, gauging their braveness and bladder capacity. Tara's stoic expression cracked slightly, and she stepped into the area. Lin lead Jesse behind her, keeping close so no other adult could snatch up the vulnerable child. They watched the filly start to tremble as she approached a toilet, the little kitten girl beneath it doing an impressive handstand so the toilet would drain into her pussy. Her wet whiskers twitched as she smiled at Tala, her orange-furred belly seeming almost as swollen as the equine's.

"Please, piss in me, mistress..." the kitten panted, her arms trembling from maintaining her handstand. Her legs were wrapped around the toilet bowl to help her keep upright, soft pink footpads smeared with globs of shit. Tala gasped softly as she carefully took hold of her half-erect cock, droplets of precum oozing from the tip as she aimed it downward. Piss dribbled out weakly at first, then the stream grew more powerful, jetting against the porcelain and swirling down into the girl's shit-stuffed pussy. The kitten mewed and moaned, finally quieting into a purr as the warmth of Tala's urine spread through her. "Thank you," she whispered as Tala's stream tapered off, seeming short of breath.

Nodding hesitantly, the horse stepped away, shyly refusing to meet Lin's eyes. Trotting over to the concessions to grab a water bottle, she missed seeing an adult donkey stride up to the bloated kitten, taking his turn next. The little feline was quivering, sure she wouldn't survive his deluge.

Sipping water and trying to get her embarassment under control, Tala took Lin's hand again as the panda continued the tour. Passing through another curtain at the other end of the quadrant, she saw that there were fans situated in the ceiling to blow the odors of the Restrooms back into it, keeping them from spreading into the rest of the club. Indeed, as soon as they were on the other side of the curtain, she could only detect the familiar scents of blood and sex that permated the air of the club everywhere.

Lost in imagining herself in the place of that kitten girl, Jesse almost didn't notice when they entered the eastern quadrant of the floor, the final one before they made a complete circuit around the topmost balcony. It wasn't until she heard Lin's voice that she finally looked up from the floor and paid attention, eyes widening at what she saw.

Right before them, a huge gallows had been built with room for over a dozen cubs to hang along its crossbeam. Nearly every space was filled, either by a blue-faced corpse or still squirming slut, adults attending those still alive. She watched one futa girl hang, piss dribbling down her leg and dripping off her toes as she choked and swung, hard cock enveloped by the mouth of a matronly cow in front of her. The gecko futa spasmed a final time, eyes bulging and lips an unnatural color, the bovine woman pulling back to let the girl unload onto her lactating breasts as she died.

Shooting a glance over at Tala, Jesse found the herm watching the same thing with an impassive expression. Feeling sure that her friend must only be supressing her excitement, the canine looked around some more, listening to Lin explain.

"The Breathplay area offers some of the most diverse snuff methods in the club, at least in my opinion. The equipment isn't too complex, but there's a lot of it. We have drowning baths, nooses, garottes, all that. The adults really get into it, plenty of them even preferring to do it with their bare hands."

Pointing out each of the things she mentioned in turn, Lin let the girls get a good look, standing behind them and enjoying their interest. Despite her attempt to pretend she didn't care, Tala's eyes were locked on where a woman was suffocating an otter boy with her toned ass, a specially formed chair making it easy for her to be comfortable with all her weight resting over his nose and mouth. The lithe gazelle looked almost bored as she sat upon the child's face, watching his hard cock twitch and throb while he ran out of breath. Finally he started to cum, weak jets of seed pumping out of him and trickling in thick globs down his shaft. Smiling and shivering in sudden apparent anticipation, she waited until his quivering stopped, then climbed on his stiff cock and rode the boy's corpse, scooping up the seed to rub into her slit.

Meanwhile, Jesse was breathing shallowly, hand clutched to her chest as she watched a game of real life Hangman taking place. Several adults and cubs surrounded a mechanized platform, a chubby opossum girl standing on her tiptoes on top of it with a noose around her neck tied to a beam above. Whenever the crowd got a letter right, she platform she stood on dropped an inch or so, bringing her closer to a slow death by strangulation. The puppy gasped as the word was finished, the platform dropping completely to the ground. Dangling, the opposum girl rubbed herself frantically with her shaking fingers, abusing her clit while her body swung erratically, neck stretching from her whole body weight being supported by the rope. Her final squirt sprayed the audience, who cheered or moaned in sympathic orgasm. An adult picked up the child who'd guessed the final letter, carrying them up to be the next victim.

"And that's the first floor!" Lin said cheerfully, giving both girls a squeeze as the targets of their voyeurism died. Kneeling in the same position she'd first greeted the girls in, she whispered to the both of them. "Of course, it only gets more brutal as you go down further... Want to keep watching? Or can't you wait to join in?"

Her fingers curled between Jesse's legs, giving the puppy a slow, shallow stroke along her soaking slit. Tensing against Lin's body, the girl cried out softly, pressing backward against the panda's breasts as her legs went rigid. Her clit twitched as a fingertip pressed gently against it, and she felt sure she would cum, almost gave into it before the touch disappeared. Lin giggled in her ear, leaving her whimpering needily, wanting to run off and find an adult to make her cum and die. Tala she left untouched, as per her request... though she did give the filly a kiss on the cheek. Blushing deeply, the pregnant horse anxiously ran a hand over her belly, then glanced over at the panting puppy.

Resting a hand on her friends forearm, Tala gave her a comforting little squeeze, murmuring to both her and Lin. "We'll keep going. Together. Until we each find the perfect way to..." Her blush grew deeper, her gaze unable to look in the direction of any of the child corpses strewn about.

"Die in the sexiest, most painful and exhilarating snuff fuck you can imagine?" Lin suggested.

Jesse whined, tail wagging so violently that her hips shook. Tala's cock gave a spurt of clear precum, the sticky strand splattering to the carpet in front of her. Both of them reached to take Lin's hands, shyly nodding their silent agreement.

"You shouldn't be so coy about it," the panda chided, leading them to a staircase set at the border of the eastern and southern quadrants. "That's what everyone here comes for. Maybe you had to hide it before, but not at Club Meat Grinder. Here, you can be bold, seductive. An honest, open masochist. After all, you'll have to ask at least one adult to kill you... some of them might go for the shy stutter, but most love a brazen snuff slut more."

Frowning slightly, Tala looked thoughtful as the trio descended the wide staircase. She knew what she wanted, but hadn't really thought about how she'd have to ask for it. It bothered her that she hadn't considered that, since she'd decided to come to Club Meant Grinder primarily because she wanted her final fuck to be perfect. Every one of her twisted kinks rolled up into one ultimate orgasmic release...

While Tala brooded, Jesse practically skipped along, only held back from dashing down the stairs by Lin's hand around hers. Not seeming to care about the advice, she only wanted to see all the ways she might die, to hurry so she could finally be used until she was used up. Perhaps sensing her eagerness, Lin immediately launched back into her tour as the group stepped onto the third floor.

"We call this quadrant the Toybox," she said, stepping over a huge dildo lying on the ground, the thick rubber cock nearly a foot around. The girls walked around it, staring into the busier parts of the area, eagerly taking in every detail. The northern section of the second floor was a colorful place, full of childishly bright colors and shiny objects, patterned linoleum covering the ground. All around, huge chests were stuffed with sex toys of all types, their lids unable to close due to the amount of fun fuck accessories loaded into them.

More impressive than the volume of toys was their sheer variety. No two were the same, each one some sort of mixture between adult sex toy, children's plaything, and torture device. Huge dildos of every shape stood about the area like trees, many of them with cute happy faces on them, streaks of blood coloring the latex where a cub had been split apart. Mechanical stuffed animals rocked their hips to thrust plastic cocks, holding knives above their heads in plush arms so they could stab down into a soft young belly. Tala's foot nudged a rabbit vibrator with sharp edges on it, and as it slid slightly across the ground, she saw it was really a pair of vibrating scissors that could cut while they fucked.

"You can see why of course, but toys aren't the only things that it offers. There's also a pair of lovely stallions back there, sort of behind that dildo if you look. And the kennels of course. Every child wants a puppy!" Lin rubbed Jesse's head teasingly, though the canine child seemed pleased by the praise.

Picking out the animals Lin referred to, the girls saw they were impressive specimens, both feral stallions sporting huge, hard cocks just as blood-streaked as any of the dildos. The feral dogs barked excitedly from their kennel, which had an open top for a child to leap in or be tossed. Little bones decorated the floor of where they were kept, one dog still humping at the corpse of a dead cub that clung to the bars in a death grip. Another dog bit at the soft belly, tearing it open and sniffing at the guts that spilled out. Smiling at the dogs, Tala reached up to touch a semicircle of tooth-mark scars upon one of her breasts, remembering fondly how she'd gotten it.

On their way out, they walked by an older zebra herm and little squirrel boy, barely older than a toddler. Neither noticed the passing spectators, too absorbed in each other as the thick futa let the cub nurse at her dark nipples, slipping tan anal beads up his ass one by one as he suckled. After the last popped in, she pulled him away gently, handing him a lighter and kneeling down in front of him. While she started to stroke herself, lifting up her balls to show him her pussy, the squirrel lit the end of the string that dangled out of his tight pucker. It started to burn, sparking as the fire crept up towards his asshole and the beads within. Trembling, he pointed his cock down at the woman's crotch, obeying some murmured instructions from the equine woman.

With a series of wet pops the anal beads exploded, the boy's cock shooting a jet of seed as he screamed. His ass became a meaty crater, legs giving out as his pelvis broke into shards. Blood and gore made a sticky splatter behind him, the force of the explosion pushing him forward against the ready zebra. One of his balls was half-gone, scrotum torn by the explosion, though his cock continued to feebly twitch and spurt as it prodded into the zebra's pussy. Tearful, he resumed nursing, suckling weakly at her nipples as his organs started to slide out of the open bottom half of his torso. As he went still, the herm's cock throbbed, sticky thick ropes of her own seed splattering all over her own breasts and face as she stared in complete arousal at his ruined body.

"Wow," Tala said softly, certain none of them had missed the show. She glanced up at Lin, her Arabic lilt making her words clear despite the near whisper with which she spoke. "I think... I might want to die like that. It looked so exciting, to be ripped apart." Blushing at her own feelings of awkwardness at the admission, her spine seemed to grow even stiffer as she tried to make up for the shy words with more of her practiced poise. Despite her reluctance, it was clear she'd meant what she said.

Lin gave her an encouraging pat on the shoulder. "That's more like it. Don't be afraid to practice more, I want you to be able to march up to the adults and tell them just how to carve you up!" They left the area, Tala smiling faintly as she held to the panda's hand, her fingers lightly resting atop her pregnancy.

Jesse paused and raised her nose, sniffing the air with a sudden focus. "Something smells tasty!" she said, licking her lips. Lin gave a knowing grin, and as they walked past another staircase, the source of the delicous scents came into view.

The western quadrant was an array of fully stocked little kitchens, with large ovens and sharp knives plentiful, spits and baking pans lying about in racks. Here, children were butchered as they were fucked, their guts cleaned out and hollow bodies stuffed before being shoved into ovens to cook. Tables were filled with children and adults eating, sometimes even with the former being eaten alive by the latter. They saw a panther woman holding down a canine boy, taking greedy bites off of his cock while he shuddered, being fed chunks of breast meat by a girl on the other side of the table. As the panther tore free the last inch of his shaft, his hips bucked violently, cum bubbling out of the ragged round wound as his torn urethra tried to pump it through a cock no longer there. Every variety of meat odor wafted through their noses as they watched, plenty of adults getting inventive in their cooking and cannibalism.

"Dolcett is one of our most popular attractions," Lin said as soon as the girls looked away. "There's a resturaunt in the back wall that takes leftovers and serves them outside, or prepares specialty dishes for adults and cubs that want to eat but don't know how to cook. There's so many ways to make a meal, and that means there's a lot of variety in the way you can be made into one!"

Walking around the inner edge of the quadrant, they got to see some of the specialty kitchen equipment in use. There was a spitting machine, spearing through children with a pnematic 'thunk' while their adults held them in place, then carried their impaled bodies away to turn over a fire. A huge microwave had a swelling lizard girl in it, their face one of agonized ecstacy while her body boiled, then exploded in globs of gore. There was even a few miniature meat grinders, adults passionately fucking their meat while feeding them into the churning blades. All this and more made the girls simultaneously grow wet while their tummies growled, wanting to taste and be tasted all at once.

Tala bit her lip, then murmured, soft and serious, "I think... I will come here, later. It gives me such naughty ideas." Her cock was half-hard, drizzling precum in a string down her leg, but it grew slowly harder as she lightly patted her baby belly. Both of her golden eyes were focused on the meat grinder,

The smell of ozone reached them before they saw what the southern quadrant contained, weaving in through the greater odors of gore and cum. Jesse noticed her hair starting to stand on end, making her slightly poofier. Stepping onto the rigidized steel floor, she let out a sudden yip as she felt current jolt through her pawpads to the ground, leg reflexively twitching upward. Lin laughed softly, though Tala took a more deliberate step, cockshaft pulsing and milk briefly squirting as she got her own shock.

"There! Now you've already gotten a taste of what this place is like," Lin said, leading them into an almost industrial setting of sparks and flashes. "This is the Voltage area, and it's a real heart stopper... and restarter... then stopper again." High capacity transformers decorated the support beams held up the balcony above, thick black cables leading from them to all sorts of machinery strewn about. There were electric chairs, banks of nipple clamps, conductive metal rods to stick inside a cub ranging from as thin as a toothpick to as thick as a soda bottle. Defibrillators and tasers were plentiful, and they even had to circle around where a cub lay shuddering on the ground, lightning-shaped burn marks crawling down her leg as two adults tended to her. One applied the defibrillator while the other fucked her mouth, the girl's pussy steaming from her juices evaporating after the shock.

"It's a little one dimensional for my tastes," Lin commented. "But the cubs that like it make a beeline for it, so, I guess that's why we have it. What about you two?" She eyed the pair, fixating on Jesse after Tala shook her head. "No craving to have that much juice running through your body?"

Jesse's demure gaze was turned down at the floor once more, but at Lin's questioning, she glanced over at a nearby occupied electric chair. The dragon girl in it was quivering, the man at the controls fucking her pussy after giving her what seemed to be the latest of a series of shocks. She heard the girl's moans, her sweet voice saying almost blissfully, "I've never been in so much pain... every nerve is burning, oh... oh please sir..."

The man pulled out of her, slamming a lever all the way into the red as soon as his cock was free of her wet confines. Her body seized, every muscle going completely tight as her eyes bulged. Her teeth cracked in her rigid jaw, arms dislocating at the shoulder as her overtensed muscles ripped her own body apart. The scent of cooking meat came to them as her eyes melted out of her face, piss arcing in a crackling stream that lead electricity in a path down to the metal floor. Her executioner turned off the power, slamming his cock back inside to use her meat for the only thing it was good for anymore.

Jesse looked up at Lin as they left the area, meeting the panda's gaze with a strange confidence for such a submissive girl. Her lips curled into an adorable smile, one that looked too innocent for a child that was where she was. "I love it. I'd be so happy to have someone snuff me here, especially if I made them cum. Even if I did it after they died." Her tail swished in a slow wag, brown eyes shining in excitement.

"Well, aren't you just the most sincere little slut," the tour guide said proudly, squeezing the puppy's hand a little. "I'm sure you'll make our adult clubgoers very happy."

Tail swishing even faster, Jesse let out a happy bark, eager for her fate. Tala smiled, imagining how her friend would look, grinning ear to ear as she was fucked and destroyed. Her mind wandered, gaze drifting towards the upcoming section of the club as she considered her own death... how would she look? It had to be perfect...

That was when saw it. Her eyes widened as she stopped dead, Lin taking a few more steps before glancing back, then following her entranced stare.

Sterile tiling covered the floor of a hospital-like setting, gurneys and surgery tables used as beds, sometimes hidden behind blue canvas privacy curtains. Few enough of those were in use that there were plenty of snuffings to see, castrations and amputations seeming to be merely foreplay in this place. Tala's attention was focused on one child in particular, held between two women who were licking his hard shaft, a urethral sound pushed deep into his piss slit. His balls were stapled to a board, one testicle crushed by a bloody hammer lying on a tray of tools nearby. Both women held knives as they delivered their double-blowjob, and as the boy came, the tenderly slid the sharp steel into his skin, slicing his throat open and removing his cock and balls while semen squirted out around the metal rod. By the time his orgasm ended, he was dead, one of the women still sucking his sticky severed shaft.

"I need that to happen to me," Tala breathed, all thoughts of Dolcett forgotten. Suddenly her heart was pounding as if she'd galloped through the entire club to reach this destination, adrenaline making everything bright and intense. Her cock had swollen to a painful rigidity, flare half-inflated while she stood frozen. "Oh... I want that more than I've ever wanted anything. To be taken apart like that, my cock cumming as it's cut away..." In her absorption, her fingers upon her belly wandered low, accidentally giving her shaft a stroke with the back of her hand.

Even that slight stimulus was too much for her after all she'd seen, and she felt the beginnings of climax start to tighten her pelvic muscles, that pressure from within that signalled her hot, white flow was about to burst forth. Her legs trembled, and she shut her eyes, ripping her hand from Lin's and suddenly interlacing her fingers tightly before her chest. Deep breaths made her nostrils flare as she shuddered, whispering softly, "Don't cum don't cum don't cum don't cum..."

Throbbing, her shaft seemed on the verge of shooting a sticky spray all over the sterile tiles. Both balls pulled up tight, the horse's flanks quivering slightly as she repeated her mantra. She tensed her inner muscles trying to hold back the orgasm, feelings of sharp panic and guilty pleasure overwhelming all else. Almost she thought she'd been too late, and it was half a minute before her shaft finally stopped twitching, precum sparkling on the tip as it caught the light. The filly exhaled in relief, taking a few deep breaths as she slowly relaxed, then opened her eyes to look up at Lin. Despite the interruption, her excitement was still fresh, eyes gleaming with lust.

"Nothing in this club could be more perfect for me," she said with confidence, her spine straight as she smiled up at the panda.

Lin nodded slowly, then asked, "Do you want to complete the tour?" Her gaze flicked to Jesse, who seemed interested in the scene, but not overwhelmed as her friend had been.

Tala shook her head. "No. You'll have to find your own fun without me, Jesse." Going up to the shy puppy, she put her hands on the girl's brown and white shoulders, leaning close to give her a kiss. It was deep, and lasted long, her pregnant belly pressed between them while the hem of Jesse's dress grew sticky with wetness and precum.

Finally, she broke away, whispering to her companion. "You'll be so sexy when you die."

The puppy grinned, shyness disappearing for a moment as she said her final farewell to her friend. "You too."

Sharing a final smile, the filly turned away, striding over to the two women as Lin gently guided Jesse along.

"Ah, it always makes me so happy to help one of you little ones find what you want," the panda sighed, idly pinching one of her pale nipples with her newly free hand. "Too bad she didn't get to see the rest of this place... she certainly fixated on that one cub's snuffing. Well, anyway. This is the Medical quarter. Every kind of evisceration, dissection, drug, surgery, injection, amputation, or abortion you could ask for can be performed with the tools available here. Plus some other stuff."

Waving a hand at all of the medical equipment, Lin let Jesse glance over it, though most of it was either beyond her understanding or just looked like a fancy knife. It was still intriguing, but not so much as much of the other things she'd seen. Some of them she could hardly wait to go back and visit.

"That's all four, right?" Jesse looked out towards the other side of the balcony, seeing all three other areas they'd visited on this floor. From their angle, the top balcony's occupants were obscured, but she could still see the occasional corpse being flung off the edge.

Nodding, Lin smiled at the puppy. "I don't suppose I have to ask if you want to see the third floor. Eager as you are, you seem to want to take it all in before you get yourself bloody."

Blushing, Jesse murmured, "I want to do it all... I want to see how much of it I can try, before I die. I want to be fucked by everyone in this club if I can manage it, adults and kids and... and even you." They started walking down the stairs. "I love being a slut," the puppy whispered, her voice soft and private, as if she'd never admitted it out loud before.

Lin stopped on the steps, turning to the little puppy with a considering expression. Then, she suddenly picked her up, Jesse letting out a surprised yelp as three of the panda's fingers shoved into her soaking pussy, the adult woman's mouth covering her own. Lin's hot, experienced tongue played against her own, and the puppy's lids flickered in a half-closed expression of ectacsy as she felt the pleasure of being helpless, used by an adult who could completely control her.

Whining and bucking her hips as her back pressed against the concrete stairwell, Jesse's juices dripped down Lin's forearm while the tour guide passionately kissed her in a moment of privacy between floors. No one saw them as the girl's belly fluttered, muscles contracting as the tension of climax built up in her. Her tight young cunt contracted around the fingers massaging her g-spot, a thumb knuckle grinding against her clit making shocks of pleasure go up her spine. Her moan was muffled by Lin's mouth as she came, squirt spraying over the brands in the panda's skin, her entire body convulsing in a paroxysm of pleasure and joy.

The two panted together for a moment, sharing another quick kiss before Lin gently put the girl down on shaky legs. "You're so cute," she said casually, grinning like they shared a secret. "I couldn't resist. Can't snuff you myself, but... I can do that for you. One less person to fuck in order to be the biggest slut this club has ever seen." She gave Jesse a wink. "Lets finish up the tour so you can get started on the others."

Looking down at the floor, the puppy reached up for Lin's hand, smiling in quiet contentment as her pussy tingled with residual warmth. Together they descended the rest of the way, finally reaching the bottom floor of Club Meat Grinder.

Coming out between the northern and western quadrants, the panda immediately directed Jesse down to the west, giving her shoulder an eager squeeze.

"Now, this area I've been waiting the whole tour to show you... almost a shame your friend is probably getting snuffed right now. I thought she might like it." They entered something strangely out of place in the large, open club - a hallway. Made with 'walls' of cloth hung from metal rails on the ceiling, the hall ran in a curving line directly through the middle of the western section. Occasionally there would be doorways cut in the cloth through which light and sound would filter through, showing the true nature of the quadrant in little glimpses.

Walking by, Jesse caught snatches of snuffings in progress, a variety of methods being used with no clear theme. Through one door she saw an adult wearing a hockey mask, shoving a running chainsaw through a boy and girl as they fucked. In the next, there was what seemed like a fake magic show. A deer girl stood in a wooden box with only her head poking out, her expression one of pain and pleasure as swords were inserted into slots in the box by other cubs, all under the direction of an adult leopard in a top hat. Another had a young bird plucked naked and quivering in a baking pan, an oven warming behind him while a badger woman seemed to talk to herself about the recipe she was using to cook the child.

After glancing in at one more room to see only an adult and child having loving, passionate sex on a bed, only with a dagger sticking out from the cub's belly, Jesse finally gave up and asked, "What's the connection? I don't get it..." In response, Lin laughed, stopping to spread her arms in a dramatic pose.

"This is the Film Studio! 90% of all cub snuff porn produced worldwide is filmed here, by the cameras all throughout these rooms. You can't really see them from the hall, but they're there, recording every gory detail. We let people film what they want to make, sort of improv, though some adults even write scripts. And of course, we provide them with the proper tools for their art." She stopped to pull aside part of a cloth wall, showing that there was a huge variety of hidden props. Costumes, sex toys, medieval torture devices, power tools, all were hidden between two layers of cloth wall seperating the hallway from the rooms - or rather, film stages.

"Wow," Jesse breathed, imagining thousands of people watching her final moments. It gave her a sort of thrill, like stage fright but more exciting than terrifying. Sort of the same way she felt about being snuffed. "That's amazing... I never knew. I must've watched some of those videos. They're really good."

Winking, Lin said, "It's even more impressive when you consider that they only ever get one take." Jesse giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand.

Coming to the end of the hallway, Lin stopped beside a table that had been set out, grabbing two sets of earmuffs for herself and Jesse. Confused, the puppy pulled up her ears to put them on, glancing at the guide to affirm she'd placed them correctly. The panda gave her a thumbs up, raising her voice to explain.

"They're to protect your ears, so you can hear the rest of the tour. If you come back here, I suspect you won't need them." Putting on her own set of earmuffs, Lin tucked her tiny black ears beneath the foam cups, then took hold of Jesse's hand to lead her along.

A scattered burst of gunfire prevented the panda from explaining the area for a moment, loud enough to be heard even through their earmuffs. Looking towards the source of the noise, the puppy saw a line of adults standing a firing range, each of them holding some variety of firearm. One even had a bow, a bull with powerful shoulders that flexed as he drew back and loosed a stone-tipped arrow.

Jesse's attention shifted downrange, expecting what sort of targets she would find. Her assumption was right - lines of cubs stood at the inside rim of the quadrant, the meat grinder churning right behind them as they touched themselves, waiting for their flesh to be torn apart by bullets. She watched with a tiny smile as a young colt was pelted with buckshot, his belly riddled with holes as his cock flared and throbbed. He fell backwards with a spurt of cum, blood running down his crotch and thighs as he tumbled into the grinder. It made her think of Tala, and how her friend might've liked to get her big belly shot a few times.

Taking advantage of a sudden lull in the shooting, Lin finally got to explain a bit about the area. "This is the Armory," she shouted, still barely audible through the earmuffs. "Every kind of weapon you could want to be at the wrong end of is here. I see you noticed the shooting range, but there's also swords, clubs, tasers... you name it." She waved an arm at the other side of the club, which Jesse hadn't noticed until then. Circular concrete brick walls like unfinished igloos clustered at the outer edge of the section, narrow door-like gaps allowing her to peek inside. There she saw cubs being treated to a more up close and personal sort of gun execution, fucked with rifles or merely having sex with the barrel of a pistol pressed to their head. The concrete walls were for the safety of the other adults, she was sure.

In between her and the little concrete bunkers, adults were perusing racks stocked with more up close and personal types of weapons. Small sand pits like little colosseums offered a place for them to try their new toys, spilling the blood or breaking the bones of girls and boys. In one, two twin canine girls wielded knives, fighting in a playful manner while they took cuts and stabs with winces of pleasure. An older wolf that seemed to be their father looked on, giving a grinning thumbs down as one of the girls sent the other to the ground. Defeated, the one on the sand dropped her knife, starting to stroke her cuts and play with herself as her sister knelt to slit her throat. In others pits, clubs and baseball bats crushed bones, swords sliding through stomachs and spears being shoved into holes. It was gruesome. It was glorious.

Stepping over a stray tooth knocked out of some long dead cub, Jesse started to look ahead at the next area, realizing with a sudden start that it was the final one she would see. Save for the adult entrance, there were no more quadrants left to show off. The tour was almost over.

That meant she was almost ready to die.

Her heart thrilled in her chest, and her breathing quickened as she squeezed Lin's hand slightly. Suddenly anxious and eager all at once, it was an effort to keep her legs from trembling as they crossed the border in to the eastern area of the third floor.

Seeming to sense her anticipation, Lin let go of her hand, running her paw up the puppy's arm to her shoulder, petting her soothingly as she took it in.

"This is the Gym," the guide murmured, gently massaging the child's narrow shoulders. "It's got some of the most excrutiating snuff methods we have in the club." Her lips tickled one of the girl's brown and white fuzzed ears as she bent down, making her shiver as she whispered, "I think you'd love it here."

Jesse couldn't even speak up to agree, her eyes wide as she watched children being beaten, broken, used. Here, a cub was little more than a punching bag, a piece of exercise equipment, or at best, a sex toy. She saw several children all hanging by their ankles, their bellies at shoulder height with their faces at crotch level. Adults, mostly burly men, pummeled them until their were covered in bruises and had so many broken ribs they coughed blood, occasionally interrupting the brutality to quickly slam their shaft in and out of their punching bag's throat a few times.

She saw a gangbang where a group of shrieking, happy bunny girls were being tossed about, stomped on, even torn apart. A dismembered ear lay on the ground beside one of the battered sluts, her mouth a wide 'o' of climax after a steel toed shoe had slammed into her pussy. Her broken femur bent unnaturally at a right angle, the corpse of one of her friends grinning in an expression of stupid pleasure beneath her, brains spilled in a gooey pink puddle from where her skull had been shattered.

There were cubs locked into stocks where they were fucked literally nonstop by queues of adults coming from the entrance area, one finishing and another taking their place instantly. All holes were used, the helpless but happy children raped until they died, bloody bodies stretched out and used up.

The sweet ache of arousal that had lingered in her pussy since Lin's quick fingering suddenly became a deeper, more insistent need. Feeling herself panting and quivering beneath the guide's stroking, squeezing hands, Jesse let herself watch, eyes following the final fucks of several children while her slit dripped and clenched, hard nipples throbbing against her sweaty, tight pink dress.

Two boys were forced together by a group of vulpine women, their bushy fox tails swishing in excitement as they grabbed the sheep and bat cubs. One of them held the boy's cocks, keeping them perfectly aligned and fully erect while her friends shoved the boy's hips together. Pressed tip to tip, their shafts squished slightly, but were too hard to give way. Precum threatened to make them slip past each other, but the woman holding them in place was strong, her arms steady. The sheep boy's eyes started to widen while the bat's started to close in pleasure, the immense force of the women pushing starting to make his cock push slowly into the urethra of the other child. Squirming, panting and moaning, the sheep watched in shock and petrified bliss as his cock was filled, stretched beyond anything it was ever meant to accomodate, seeming twice as thick as the bat boy's shaft slid inside. Finally bottomed out inside the other cub's cock, the bat boy twitched, squeaking in orgasm as his cum started to pump. His shaft swelled as he climaxed, and the final little bit of girth was too much for the meat of the sheep's cock to handle. It split, shaft tearing along the bottom from tip to base, freeing a sticky waterfall of cum and blood that the fox women shrieked in joy to see. Raising the bat boy's arms like a wrestling referee declaring the victor, they brought forth another boy for him to pit his cock against, dragging the loser sheep away to dispose of.

Nearby, a young panther futa was enticing an older otter to fuck her skull, smiling and licking her lips while he pushed his cock into the fluff of her ear. Her body trembled, the surprisingly large breasts on her little body giving a bounce when he finally pushed his way inside. A few inches buried in at first, blood trickling out of her ear as she jerked. Claws extending to rake at her own pillowy chest, she shivered and gasped, spasming occasionally as the otter grabbed her head and slid more and more of his shaft into her brain. Her tiny cock throbbed like a pink little finger poking from between her sleek black thighs, barely bigger than a clit. As the otter bottomed out, her eyes crossing and a dopey grin splitting her mouth while her body convulsed uncontrollably, her cock surged and shot a surprisingly large load out over the ground in front of her. It soon stopped as the otter began fucking her skull in earnest, her body slowly going slack as her brain was stirred into a useless paste by the rough strokes of his cock. Piss streamed out of her still hard penis, and her shivering stopped.

A little pregnant girl, a mouse that couldn't be much older than Jesse, held her legs spread apart as she lay on a table. Thinking of Tala, the puppy watched as a a beautiful, elegant kangaroo woman wrapped her knuckles, then made a fist. With a lightning quick jab, she punched the young mouse in the slit, eliciting a scream and a squirt of juices. Ignoring the clear spray on her face, the kangaroo hit again, and again. Moaning, the mouse clutched the table as her pussy began to swell and bruise, soft flesh splitting at the repeated impacts. Blood started to trickle onto the table as well as juices, and the woman's fist started to make wet, sloppy noises as it slipped inside the girl's pregnant pussy, needing to be pulled out for the next punch. Then, after several deep fistings, the kangaroo stepped back, winding up a more powerful blow. Her entire forearm slammed up into the mouse like a rod of steel, the shrill squeak of the young mother's pleasure able to be heard throughout the area. Ripping out the little mouse baby, the kangaroo whipped it backward into the huge grinder without a second glance, focused entirely on the girl squirting and squeaking nonstop on the table. She slammed her hand in deep again, and seemed to grab something, almost wearing the mouse as a glove as she braced herself and yanked. The child's entire reproductive system inverted, pulled out of her like a sock while her squeaks went still, expression one of utter shock and surprise. Then her belly fluttered, chest heaving, an expression of demented joy overtaking her face. Her prolapsed uterus convulsed, juices dripping off of it like the tip of a strange cock, squirt and piss making a puddle beneath the hanging pink meat of her pussy. She couldn't seem to stop cumming, not until the kangaroo took her head between her powerful hands and twisted sharply to snap her neck.

Reaching up to her own chest with trembling fingers, Jesse gripped her nipples through her dress, feeling the hard, puffy peaks. Taking a shuddering breath, she twisted, then fell to her knees in a soundless cry. Her shoulders shook beneath Lin's hands as she sobbed and climaxed, slit and nipples seeming to throb in sympathy as the pleasure overtook her in pulsing waves, slowly retreating until she could breathe again. Standing with the panda's help, Jesse smiled up at her, wiping away tears.

"Take me back upstairs, please, Lin," she murmured. Her body felt like it was on fire, every inch of her skin tingling. It felt like she would cum again from the very next thing to touch her. "I want to see how close I can get to reaching this place again before someone snuffs me. Maybe the reward of making it here will help me resist giving in before then."

She grinned, and Lin grinned back, taking her hand so they could walk back up together. "I'll take you by the adult entrance on our way back. It's not much, but you should see, just in case."

Indeed, as they crossed it, Jesse found the most interesting thing about it was the people. Adults milled about, coming in through a pair of double doors. She caught glimpses of locker rooms behind those two sets of entrances, places where they could strip and store their clothes so they wouldn't get dirty with the blood of the cubs they killed. Some of the adults sipped drinks at a small bar set into one wall, the only other feature in the entire northern quadrant of the area.

Ascending the rest of the stairs in comfortable silence, Jesse felt the butterflies in her stomach start to flutter as they reached the top, warm melty feelings filling her up as she finally gave up her life for lost. All that was left to her now was to be the best slut she could be. Giving Lin one last kiss, she skipped off to see how she'd be used by the adults she found, already anticipating how it'd feel to be ground up into nothing at the bottom of Club Meat Grinder.
R: 2 / I: 0

Uravity's Last Fight (F/F, Bloodplay, Shapeshifting, Snuff)

Uravity's Last Fight
F/F, Shapeshifting, Doppelganger, Oral, Fingering, Bloodplay, Snuff

Uraraka Ochako was in heaven as her lips met those of her crush, Izuku Midoriya, the hero Deku! It was the end of the school year and after dozens of trials and tribulations she'd finally worked up the courage to confess her feelings. She'd been so nervous! But she'd invited Izuku over to her house and she'd confessed right there in her living room!

And he felt the same way! Uraraka could barely believe it! Her crush! The amazing boy that had captured her heart; felt the same way about her as she did about him! It was incredible! Uraraka leaned into her crush's lips, so warm and full of life, savoring the moment. This was everything she'd ever dreamed about!

They were in her bedroom now. The first kiss led to more, and Uraraka had managed to pull Izuku towards her bedroom door and open it all without breaking the kiss. She could feel Izuku's hands reaching up beneath her shirt and feeling their way up her belly and back to where her bra was hooked together. She let Izuku unhook it without any protest, shrugging her shoulders to let it fall onto the bed beneath them. She smiled through the kiss, moaning softly until suddenly…

*Pain!* Stabbing pain hit her right between her thighs!

Uraraka stumbled back breaking the kiss to look down. Her Underwear had vanished earlier, tossed to the side on their trek toward her bedroom door, and now Uraraka was wearing only her skirt to cover her modesty. She couldn't see what was wrong…

Deku was looking at her strangely, eyeing her up like a predator staring at its prey. Uraraka didn't know what to do. She lifted her skirt, revealing her mostly untouched pussy to her friend's sight as she looked down to see what was wrong.

“Mmmm… That was a good thrust…”

“Deku… Why?” Uraraka asked, shocked as she stared at the carving knife from her kitchen's knife block now buried up to the hilt in her formerly pristine cunt. Blood was dripping in trickles down her thighs and now that it was revealed, Deku was staring at it, licking his lips.

“Why?” Uraraka asked plaintively, still not sure what had just happened.

“Because,” Deku's face curled up into a twisted smile before morphing into the shape of a familiar, sadistic blonde, “I'm not Deku.”

“Himiko!” Uraraka realized, lunging at the blonde with renewed vigor.

“Augh!” The knife shifted inside her as she moved, almost bringing her to her knees at the incredible pain in her most sensitive of spots. She knew how to take Himiko down! She'd done it before! But the knife that Himiko had stabbed into her sex was stopping her from completing the moves!

“Un un un!” Himiko Toga chided as she pulled out yet another knife stolen from Uraraka's own kitchen to face her. “You can't run yet! I'm going to need all of your blood to get what I want, so I'm not going to let you get away, no matter how pretty you look right now!” Himiko explained.

Uraraka really did look lovely, bleeding from her pussy as she was. Himiko couldn't wait to wrap her lips around Uraraka's adorable little cunt and give her the last kiss she'd ever get to enjoy.

“Why don't you just lie back and think of Deku?” Himiko urged. “Sucking your blood from that cut should be pretty enjoyable, right?” Himiko offered, her eyes still fixed at the junction between Uraraka's thighs.

Uraraka wasn't just going to let her rival kill her! Even with the pain she tried to fight back! But… there was nothing in her room that could help! She grabbed the nearest object; a teddy bear she'd dressed in a version of Deku's first costume, and swung it with all her might at her foe!

“Aww… that's really cute!” Himiko gushed. “But, it's not very effective,” Himiko continued, advancing towards her with her stolen knife held high.

Uraraka tried to back away as quickly as she could, but she stumbled as her legs hit the bed behind her, falling backwards onto it, unable to do more than try to fend off her attacker with her hands from her prone position.

Himiko smiled wickedly, as she looked at her rival. Uraraka's shirt was askew, her nipples poking through the thin material in her fear. Without a bra to protect them, her breasts looked so… vulnerable within the confines of the thin fabric of her shirt.

Of course Uraraka's perky breasts, large as they were, wasn't enough to draw Himiko's attention for long. Not when Uraraka's splayed legs revealed a greater treasure. Her bared pussy, still punctured bleeding from her initial stabbing, the knife still sheathed inside her body, was on full display since with Uraraka's legs spread apart, her skirt had hiked up to about her waist.

Uraraka's precious blood was leaking onto her bedspread, but that was fine, as long as it was absorbed by something Himiko could harvest it later, though it would take a lot more work and some specialized gear to do it, it would be worth it for Uraraka's blood. Uravity's blood would help her get Deku once and for all, after all…

Himiko stared at the white expanses of Uraraka's thighs, colored only by the thin trail of blood weeping from her virgin cunt. It was almost a shame that Deku's form wore off so quickly, it would have been nice gesture to give Uraraka a pleasant first time with her crush as a bit of thanks for the gift that Uraraka was going to give her, whether willingly or not. Of course, with Deku's blood wearing off so when it had she'd had to move her plans forward… But maybe she could still do something nice for her rival?

Smiling at her idea, Himiko Toga stepped forward, avoiding Uraraka's arms as they desperately tried to protect her face and chest to swing the knife at an easier, but no less deadly target, Uraraka's pristine inner thighs.

“There's a lot of blood vessels in your thighs, Ochako-chan… Enough that you'll probably bleed out in a few minutes now no matter what you do,” Himiko advised Uraraka as the brunette reached down between her legs to withdraw the knife that Himiko had so generously left for her.

“Pulling my knife out will only make things happen quicker,” Himiko warned, stilling Uraraka's advance towards the hilt of the weapon stuck into her most vulnerable spot.

You can't escape this now, this is your destiny. But that doesn't mean it has to be a bad memory…” Himiko declared, moving in between her rival's legs and pushing the fingers of her free hand into Ochako's blood covered snatch.

Uraraka was frantic! Why was this happening? This couldn't be happening! Everything was perfect and then… Toga! She had to be lying right!? There was no way it could end like this! Not without ever really kissing Deku! Not in her own bed!

Himiko pulled her fingers free with a muted wet *pop*, opening her mouth to suck them clean of Uraraka's blood and other juices. She could feel the transformation coming over her, morphing her into the mirror image of her wounded rival on the bed before her.

“This should do the trick, right?” Himiko asked excitedly. “The timing didn't work out for an encounter with Deku, but everyone has a secret twin fetish, and I have more than enough of your blood to give you that!” Himiko smiled caringly, happy that she could give her rival something she'd enjoy before Himiko finally finished her off.

Uraraka reached for something to throw at her assailant, but the only thing at hand was a pillow, and even with her power there was nothing she could do to make that even the least bit dangerous.

Of course that didn't stop her from throwing the pillow anyway.

Himiko laughed as it bounced off of her. “Just relax, Uraraka…” She urged as she knelt down between Uraraka's thighs. “I know it's your first time, but there's no reason we can't both enjoy your death…”

Uraraka was frantic, but as the fingers of her mirror image wrapped around the hilt of the knife that was still inside of her, her movements stilled, fear, and something else besides, paralyzing her.

“Much better…” Himiko smiled. “Now just lie back, and enjoy this, okay? My last gift to you…”

Uraraka wanted to fight! She wanted to live! But she couldn't risk the knife pulling free, or worse! The knife could tear her apart even further!

Himiko grinned as she reached up with her second knife and slid the blade into the valley between Ochako-chan's large breasts, slicing a small line of fire across her left mound with the tip of the knife as Uraraka tried to squirm out of the way before jerking the knife upward and cleaving Ochako-chan's tight fitting shirt in two, baring her victim's massive tits to the world.

“There, that's much better isn't it?” Himiko soothed. Her eyes locked directly with Uraraka's she leaned in for a long, sensuous lick.

Uraraka still couldn't quite understand what was happening as she stared into her own eyes as her own tongue licked across the wound that she had cut across the valley of her own breasts. Her brain knew, but her body, still trapped in fight or flight was confused. She couldn't do either and despite knowing Toga's plans for her her body was still flooded with endorphins and hormones from her encounter with what she had thought was Deku! She knew that this was dangerous, that Toga was deadly, was planning to kill her! But her body was ready for something much more pleasurable, and the way Himiko talked? Her low, sensuous drawl… The things she was promising… It certainly wasn't making Uraraka's body any less confused.

“I think you're at your cutest right now,” Himiko admitted. “A vulnerable maiden, helpless beneath her twin? Blood trickling from between your thighs? How could anyone resist you?”

Himiko paused. “I'm certainly hoping Deku can't,” she finished, with a happy smile, blushing at the thought of what Deku might do with her in her new disguise.

Uraraka was in shock, she tried to punch the girl on top of her, but laying flat on her back like she was she had practically no leverage. Himiko dodged her blow and frowned. “There's no need for that at all…” She complained, wriggling the hilt of the knife she'd fist stabbed between Ochako's thighs when she felt her disguise wearing off to emphasize her point. “If you hit me, the knife will get pulled free and you'll bleed out too quickly to enjoy it, Ochako-chan…”

Toga's words didn't calm Uraraka down at all, but they did stop her struggling. She couldn't stop Toga no matter what she did,all she could do was kill herself faster… Uraraka's heart raced at the realization, her face falling as the realization of just how helpless she actually was went through her. She couldn't fight. She couldn't Escape. No one was going to rescue her. Toga had won, and the only thing that Uraraka could do to prolong her life was… to go along with her.

Himiko smiled as she watched the realization play across her rival's face. “That's much better. You're wonderful Ochako-chan! And now that you're bleeding, you're soooo much cuter.”

Himiko lowered her face between Uraraka's thighs, staring at the wound she'd left with her first attack. She'd missed Ochako's pussy , barely, but that was good, since it left her rival's tender maidenly flower free for Himiko to explore. Uraraka's sex was wet with fresh blood from the wound next to it, glistening and inviting to Himiko's transformed eyes.

“You have no idea how much you're helping me right now Ochako-chan, so… just relax and enjoy my gift to you, okay?”

With that, Himiko dived in, a mirror of Uraraka's tongue sticking cutely out of the side of her mouth as she went for her first lick of her rival's treasure like a child about to enjoy a lollipop.

“Mmmm!” Himiko moaned in appreciation. “You're absolutely perfect Ochako-chan,” Himiko praised as she licked her lips free of the combined taste of her Rival's blood and lingering arousal. “I'm going to miss you when you're gone…”

Uraraka shuddered at her twin's touch, a heady mixture of fear and arousal filling her as her fight or flight instincts were overruled by her conscious mind. Unable to do anything to save herself, Uraraka's emotion's, conjured by their their fight, and halted by Himiko's threats were quickly draining into the only available place left for them… enjoyment.

She felt dirty! Wrong! But… There was nothing she could do, was there? And… it certainly didn't look like Himiko between her legs right now… Was it so wrong to give in? To enjoy what were probably her last moments alive? Uraraka wasn't sure, but… her body was already making the choice for her…

“Mmmm…” Himiko moaned in enjoyment as she lavished her rival's body with affection, her tongue bathing the area between her thighs to clean it of every last drop of blood before diving into the main event; licking and sucking on Uraraka's clit and lower lips until the other girl, her temporary doppelganger, moaned in involuntary delight.

“That's it… Just enjoy it…” Himiko urged. “I can't wait to watch the cute face you make when you cum…”

There wasn't anything left for Uraraka to do except follow her rival's advice.

Himiko dived back into her goal, savoring the taste of her rival's sex on her lips as she explored its depths with her tongue. Ochako-chan's body was eager and responsive despite her protests. Himiko wasn't surprised at all of course, that was just how a maiden in love should be!

Uraraka could feel the knife inside her move with every lick that Himiko took. Her doppelganger's cheek was pressed flush against the hilt of the knife, and even the slightest movement felt like another line of fire coursing through her veins. Uraraka wanted to scream, to yell at her to stop, but she couldn't. Toga was in control now and there was nothing she could do about it but relax and enjoy the villain's final gift to her. She was helpless, in more ways than one. Helpless to fight off Toga, certainly; but Uraraka was also helpless against the pleasure building insider her with each passing moment. Even the pain that Toga was inflicting, either knowingly or unknowingly was only adding to the pleasure of Uraraka's first, and final time.

“Ah!” with the pleasure building between her thighs, Uraraka couldn't stay silent. The cry slipped out before she could stop it.

“Cuuuute!” Himiko looked up at her from between her thighs, Uraraka's own stolen face blushing, her lips glistening with Ochako's arousal and just a tiny smudge of blood on the corner of her lips. “That's the face I want to see!” Himiko nodded smiling.

Uraraka wanted to stop, to cover her face in embarrassment, or maybe just to keep Himiko from getting what she wanted, but… Did it really matter if she did? Toga knew she was enjoying this. Hiding it wouldn't do anything but take some of that enjoyment away…

Staring down, Himiko began to toy with her plaything, inserting first one, then two, then three fingers into Uraraka's now sopping sex in her attempt to bring her rival as much pleasure as possible before the end.

Uraraka gasped and groaned. She'd never…. She'd never even inserted a single finger into her pussy before! She'd always been content to rub the outside, flicking and rolling her clit between her fingertips! This was! This was too much!

Himiko grinned as she watched Ochako-chan's body squirm from the strain of the three fingers penetrating her virginal slit. It was nice seeing her friend enjoying her gift after all that struggling earlier. Himiko was going to give Ochako-chan a beautiful sendoff for her death!

Uraraka could feel her sex stretching around Toga's fingers as the shape-shifting girl drove them in and out of her inexperienced cunt. Her breath was coming in panting gasps now as the pleasure built within her core. Uraraka couldn't even think about resisting any more! It was incredible! She could feel Toga's fingers penetrating her, fucking her as her mirror image smiled back at her from between her legs. It was… It was amazing!

“More…” Uraraka moaned, unable to help herself, the plea was as weak as a newborn kitten's but understood nevertheless.

Himiko grinned and began wriggling her fingers inside the helpless maiden currently at her mercy. Each touch moved the blade beside her slit almost imperceptibly, adding a painful spice to the pleasurable feelings Himiko was inflicting on her.

Uraraka couldn't control herself. The sight of her own body pleasing her, feeling her own fingers inside her unable to control them, unable to stop them even if she wanted to! Uraraka could feel her resolve, the dam she'd built against the pleasure Himiko was forcing on her breaking down, washing away like a sandcastle at high tide. The feelings were starting to consume her, rushing through her like fire in her veins, at times warm and comforting, but with a sharp burning edge underneath as the knife settled inside her body after each touch from her identical lover.

“More!” Uraraka pleaded, feeling the edge of her climax with the whole of her being, and Himiko was more than happy to oblige.

Himiko twisted her fingers inside her rival enjoying the panting moans it drew from her cute little mouth. Enjoying her as Deku would have been more fun, but this was almost as good! Happily, Himiko increased the pace of her thrusts, her thumb snaking out to caress Ochako-chan's clit in an effort to push her over the edge. Of course, Himiko's eyes were locked on her lover's face, watching as she threw back her head, panting, her eyes wide and unseeing as the end of their little game finally reached her.

She was almost there! Just a little more and…!

“Yes!” Uraraka screamed. “Yes!” she shouted, her face a perfect portrait of pleasure, her hips bucking hard enough to knock the knife from within her as she finally came!

Himiko grinned, wishing she had a camera. Uraraka's O-face was adorable! And with the knife knocked free from her cunt, the brunette gravity manipulator's pussy was covered once more in that incredible blood of her!

Himiko didn't want to waste a drop, but even so, she couldn't resist taking a second or two to watch as Uraraka came down from her post-coital high.

“Was it good for you too?” Himiko asked, grinning happily as she leaned over Uraraka's body and gave her a maidenly kiss on the lips.

Uraraka felt drained, and out of breath, she barely even had the strength to speak, but the blush covering her cheeks told Himiko everything she needed to know.

“I'm glad!” Himiko declared. “Since you knocked the knife free when you came, we don't really have time for another one, so it's good you enjoyed that!”

Uraraka's eyes widened in fear as she looked down and realized what she'd done. She was dead for sure now, and she'd done it to herself in her own pleasure.

Himiko, reading the fear in Uraraka's eyes did her best to reassure the cute girl she thought of as a friend. “Don't worry! I'll make sure your blood won't go to waste,” she explained, pulling out the small canister and suction device she'd brought strapped behind and just above her waistline.

Uraraka's eyes widened, she wanted to protest, but between the blood loss and just how hard she'd come from Himiko's finger fucking, the brunette was feeling much to weak to manage it.

Himiko stuck the device into Uraraka's wound in a single practiced motion. Uraraka shuddered in subdued pleasure as the tip brushed against the nerves around her sex, but she was already too weak to even try to pull it out.

“I guess I'll have to bring your body with me after we're done… It would ruin the surprise if the other heroes realized you were dead before I could use your blood…” Himiko decided. “Well, I'll figure out something fun to do with it? With breasts like yours you might make a nice body pillow?”

Uraraka was fading fast, she could barely keep her eyes open now.

“That's right, just do to sleep and relax while I take the rest of your blood. You don't have anything to worry about, I'm going to use your body to take good care of Deku after your gone,” Himiko explained trying to make her end as pleasant and care free for Ochako-chan as she could.

Struck by one last urge, Himiko, still in Uraraka's form, leaned in and gave her swiftly fading rival one last romantic kiss upon the lips. “Sleep well Uraraka, and thanks. I'll always remember you, after all, a maiden never forgets her first time…”

And with that, the hero formerly known as Uravity knew no more.

The End
R: 0 / I: 0

The Cellar [MMg, rape, torture, extreme]

I don't know what I was thinking. I was so mad at my mom that I just took off. I didn't care that I was in my tank top and shorts. I didn't care how far I walked. I just left the house. I must have been walking for at least an hour. I was down this part of the dirt road that I had never been on before. Just when I was about to turn back, a white van with no windows pulled beside me. Two men jumped out before I could figure out what was going on. I may have started to run. But before I knew it, one of them pointed some kind of gun at me, but a bullet didn't come out. A couple of metal hooks did instead, piercing me on my left chest. I felt my muscles contract violently as I fell to the floor, shaking uncontrollably.

They tied my wrists and ankles, and carried me inside the van. One of them kept me down by straddling me, and holding my shoulders down. I tried to push him off, to free mysef, but no matter how hard I tried, he was just too strong. Then I remember the two men, one grabbing me by my legs, the other grabbing me by my shoudlers, carrying me inside a house from the van, and down a dark basement.

And now here I am.

My arms and legs have been cut free.

"Take off your clothes, little girl," one of the men says to me. He is short, fat, and bald. Maybe middle aged.

I'm scared. I've never taken off my clothes for anyone before. I can barely move a muscle.

"Take them off, or we'll punish you," the other says. He is tall, slender. Older, with a more menacing face.

I still don't move. The fat one walks in front of me and slaps me hard across the face. I hear my ears rings and my face burn as I fall to the floor on my hands and knees. Then I feel my scalp stretch and my neck snap back as my hair is pulled hard. I get up, only to be slapped on the cheek.

Now both of my ears are ringing, and both cheeks burn.

I hear the skinny man snicker as he grabs me from behind, trapping my arms at my side. Even though he was skinny, he was still a lot stronger than me. I try to squirm out of his hold, but I cannot. The fat man bends over, grabs my shorts on the sides, and pulls down, taking with them my panties as well.

"No!" I yell, instantly feeling my pounding heart drop into my stomach. I can feel the cold of the room on my bottom.

"Damn, that's a fine pussy," I hear the fat one say.

"Not a hair in sight," I hear the skinny one say.

I'm so scared now. I don't know what is going to happen. The fat one pulls a knife from his pocket. He holds the knife and points it toward my chest. My heart quickens. My head pounds. I feel like my soul is leaving my body. I can hear myself whimper uncontrollably, and I can feel my lower lip tremle. Almost immediately I feel my stomach gurgle, and before I know it, I feel a warm sensation slowly creeping down my inner thighs, and I can both feel and hear a splattering of warm liquid on my feet.

I'm peeing and pooping myself, and I can't stop it. I'm so ashamed.

The skinny one behind me lets me go and jumps back. A few seconds later, I come to a stop.

"That's fucking disgusting," the fat one says. The skinny one chuckles.

"You scared her too much," the skinny one says. "You have to clean it up."

"I'm not cleaning that shit up," the fat one responds, "she will."

I can feel them both staring at me.

"Maybe later," the skinny one says. "Right now, we have to get her clean."

The fat one nods his head. He takes the knife and approaches me. I take a step back. He walks closer. I back away even further.

Suddenly, I feel my back up against the wall. As he approaches, I feel my legs give, and myself sink to a crouch. I turn to the side, finding myself in a fetal position. I close my eyes, wishing that this would all just stop happening. I then feel his hand forcefully grab the back of my tank top. I can hear the fabric separating, as he cuts both shoulder straps, and then down the center of the back of my tank top. I feel the fabric start to fall, and in my panic, I hold what's left of the fabric over my chest, covering myself as best as I could. I hadn't started to wear a bra yet, so this was all I had. Seconds later, I feel a strong tug on the fabric.

"No!" I cry.

But he is just too strong, as he rips my broken tank top from my hands.

I am totally naked now.

"Get up!" I hear the fat man grunt.

I don't want to. I feel that maybe I can stay huddled over, next to the corner of this wall, for as long as possible. I feel him grab my hair again, and I am exposed. The skinny one walks quickly towards me, and punches me hard in the stomach. As the pain ripples deeply through my mid section, I feel sick and throw up.

"Jesus fucking christ, man! Why'd you do that?"

The two men snicker.

"She'll clean that up too."

I'm dizzy.

I can barely walk. I feel so sick. So scared. So dirty.

I can feel myself being dragged across the floor on my belly by my arms. The concrete scrapes roughly against my skin.

My eyes are still closed. I feel my senses have been overloaded. I don't want to see what happens next.

I can hear a door open. I feel my body being hoisted up. They sit me down on a very cold surface. I open my eyes just a bit. I'm in a tub. The skinny one has a pair of hand cuffs. He cuffs my wrist to a metal bar on the side of the tub. The other one holds my other wrist. Every time I want to move it, I can't. He's too strong.

And then they turn on the water. It's freezing cold. They rinse me first, and then turn the water off. And then they bring the soap. I feel their disgusting hands on my skin, as they rub the soap on me, and even though I expect it, I grunt in repulsion as they run their fingers down the middle of my butt. And then I feel one of them push their finger inside. I clench my cheeks and tighten my muscles.

"Wow, this bitch is tight," I can hear the fat one say, "It feels like she might break my finger with her ass."

"Wait till we fuck her there," the skinny one says.

"I don't think I can," the fat one says, as he pushes his finger deeper into my butt.

I can't describe the sensation. It's extremely uncomfortable. It kind of hurts too. I feel like he's wiggling his finger inside of me, and it's triggering a feeling in me to want to poop. I try to push his finger out, but it's no use. It's hurting now a great deal. I want his finger out, but just as I'm starting to process this new repulsive feeling of his finger inside of me, I feel another one slide in from the front.

And this is a totally different feeling.

It's much more painful.

At this point, I'm deeply confused, ashamed, and hurt. I'm naked. I'm cold. I'm being violated in a an unimagineable way. And then all of the sudden, I feel a finger slither down into my private area. It's the most sensitive part of my body, and I can feel every movement magnified, as the finger probes me down there. It hurts. A lot. I lose control of my voice, and a slow steady whimper escapes.

And then I feel something very different. I feel him enter me. First just a little, and then deeper. The pain shoots up my center. It's extremely uncomfortable. But it's not just the discomfort. It hurts a lot, and the pain radiates deep into me. Into my very core. It's difficult to describe, but I want it all to stop immediately.

But they don't.

The next few minutes are unbearably long. I begin to cry. A cry turns into a sob. The fingers probe deep into me. I can feel them pushing them in and out. I can feel them hooking their fingers, wiggling them. Pushing deep into my inside flesh. I know that one of the fingers is inside my butt. I don't know where the other is, but it is triggering a sensation inside of me that is entirely alien, new, and terrifying. And it hurts like nothing I have ever felt before.

I look down. I can see a stream of red down both my thighs. I know that I'm bleeding. I beg them to stop.

"Please, stop, please. It hurts so much."

They don't even bat an eye. I can see the skinny one lick his lips.

I beg them again.

"Please, you're hurting me. You're hurting me. It hurts a lot. Please stop. Please, I'm begging you."

But they keep going.

I don't even know where I'm bleeding from. I want to go home. I want my mommy. I'm sorry I yelled at her. I just want my mommy.

"Please," I say.

"Please. Please. Please." I keep saying. I find that I'm mumbling now, in between my sobs.

Anything. School. Detention. Any punishment from my parents. Even getting stung by those bees last Christmas. Anything was better than this. Anything was miles better than this.
R: 0 / I: 0

A lesson learned (F/m, rape, sex, penectomy)

He woke up in a dark musty room. To his surprise, he was completely naked. He was lying on a concrete slab, slightly angled so he was almost vertical but not quite. His hands were cuffed directly to the slab above his head. His feet were cuffed similarly so that he was spread eagle, leaving him incredibly exposed.

A slender, mid 20s, red headed female stepped out of the shadows wearing only a doctors lab coat. For a moment his panic subsided. “Oh thank god it’s you, Katie. Go get help! Where are we?” But Katie stood in silence… staring at him… hunger in her eyes. “There will be no… help.” Said Katie coldly.

She walked slowly up to Allan, who was starting to suspect it was Katie’s doing… him being in this place and this position. “K…Katie… wh… what are you doing?” Allan said.

Teaching you a lesson… “but…but what do you mean?!” Allan stammered.

She firmly grabbed his balls in her right hand and dug her nails into his scrotal skin. He let out a small yelp as she clamped down. “I wonder how many times these big beautiful balls of yours drained your cum on my face after your football games Allan…” she said slowly, her eyes drifting upward from his hardening manhood to his face. “I wonder how many times your huge cock that you’re so proud of pumped cum into some bitches cunt behind my back…”

Allan’s face went pale “I… I… would never cheat.. on…” he stammered. She pulled out her phone, made a few swipes on the screen and flipped it around to face him. He watched the screen horrified at the evidence against him. There he was, at the last frat party, with a line of freshmen Zetas kneeling naked on the couch. The room cheered him on as he went from pussy to pussy, plunging his ten inch cock into their cunts as far as it would go before they started to whimper from the size of it.

She lowered the phone. “No explanation is needed Allan… the girls have been warning me for years that you were a fucking animal.” She said very quietly. “It’s too bad really. Sex with you was incredible. It’s almost a shame I have to do this.” She said pulling her panties off underneath her lab coat. Before Allan could respond, she stuck her panties into his mouth, preventing him from talking.

Katie was a medical science major, and a damn good one at that. Her studies in cryogenic medical treatment were published worldwide. Many of her techniques were already being used in hospitals around the world. Allan on the other hand, was a tall, attractive football star. He was in his senior year at the University they attended running quarter back and had already received multiple offers for professional league teams.

Allan began to sweat as Katie slowly removed her lab coat. She stood completely naked, beautiful in every way. Despite his fear, his cock was rock hard in her presence. She moved close to him and pressed up against his chest. Her hand traced his perfect jaw line and she delicately kissed his neck. “I’ve always loved the way your sweat smelled…” she whispered into his ear. Her kisses on his neck slowly descended to his chest. She took his nipple in her mouth with a gentle bite that made him shiver. When her kisses got to his chiseled abs, she felt precum drip from his cock onto her lap.

With fire in her eyes, she placed her lips on the tip of his cock. Slowly… she began moving forward encompassing his member in her wet, warm mouth. She made it only half way down the shaft before she had to back off for air. Again she took his Cock into her mouth, and went deeper this time. Again and again, she began rhythmically moving her mouth up and down his shaft until he would hit the back of her throat.

Allan thought to himself about all the stupid bitches he’d fucked, Katie by far gave the best head. It was mind blowing. She did some wrapping thing with her tongue as she sucked him off that would get his eyes rolling in the back of his head every time.

With one more “pop” as she pulled his dick out of her mouth, she stood up and grabbed him by the throat. “Your my bitch now Allan…” She lined the opening of her pussy up with his cock, which was still dripping with precum and twitching in anticipation. With a smirk on her face, she plunged her cunt onto his throbbing cock. The both moaned out in ecstasy as her clit pressed hard against his pelvis.

She fucked him. For the next 20 minutes she gyrated herself on his massive cock. He felt her first orgasm well. Her back ached as she gasped for air, pussy contracting around his cock. He felt her juices run down his leg. He was gyrating his hips in motion with her at this point. Of every hoe he’d dominated… sex like this… with her… was incomparable. With another thrust forward he felt the muscles of her vagina contract again, shudders pulsing through her body and fluid gushing around his cock. “Almost… there..” he thought as he felt his own orgasm building. He was just about to deliver the finishing thrust when she pulled off of him.

Panting she walked over to a near by table and picked up a large glass tube with a hose connected to the end.

“Please!” He tried to say but it came out muffled due to the panties in his mouth. She slid the cylinder over his erect and pulsing cock. It was a snug fit, but she was able to get it all the way to the base of his shaft.

With that, she smirked at him again. “Never again… will you fuck a woman. I’m your last, wonder boy… your cock is going to be my toy forever…”

She flipped a switch on the machine connected to the cylinder and he immediately felt a cold, intense, sensation spreading over the tip of his cock. He began screaming. It didn’t hurt… his screams came from fear. The intensity of the sensation pushed him over the orgasmic edge. He felt his cum move from inside… throbbing… pulsing up his shaft as he began to buck on the slab he was locked to… and then… it stopped…

It did not go further than where the cold was spreading on his cock. Orgasm ruined… he whimpered as the cold creeped up his shaft. He was all too aware that he couldn’t feel the end of his cock anymore…

After a few minutes the cold reached the base of his ten inch cock… but it didn’t stop… he began feeling it trickle up the root of his cock. The sensation spread deeper and deeper till it reached a point deep inside him.

The machine switched off. Katie walked up to him and firmly grabbed the cylinder. To his horror, she pulled… and his dick pulled with it. As the base of his cock was pulled from his body, the root gently slid out through a hole where his cock once proudly stood. There was no pain. Just the look of horror on Allan’s face as Katie held his cock and root… separated from his body. He looked down to see a gaping hole… cauterized by the the cold… where his once proud cock stood. Balls dangling below… useless now other than to cause him constant sexual frustration.

He heard he giggles fade in to blackness as he passed out from shock.

It had been months since he became her slave. The humiliation never waned. She’d invite her friends over to take turns fucking him with his own cock. She’d taken the frozen member and done a rubber cellular replacement treatment on it, forever preserving it and the root in the erect state. The girls had it attached to a strap on. The root would fit up inside their pussys and the belt would hold the cock in place while he was fucked in his new cunt or his ass by his own pride and joy.

Eventually she started sleeping with other members of the football team. Swearing them to secrecy, she’d let them come down in her basement to fuck her bitch toy.

Allan never came again. He never fathered children. No one is sure what his final fate was… eventually, the police got tipped off, but Allan was gone. All they found was Katie’s realistic sex toy collection, and without evidence of kidnapping or assault, she got off Scott free.
R: 45 / I: 0

Short(er) Stories (loli, incest, semi-consensual, snuff, necrophilia, possibly more)

I wanted a short break from the Outdoor Cinema series, so I wrote this story.

I wanted to keep it as short as possible. I failed...

I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

"Daddy, I want a swing."

Elle was a cute nine year old girl with a pale complexion and long red heair gathered into two pony tails. She was thin to the point her limbs looked almost too fragile to support her own weight. She also had brown eyes and a cute smile on her face, which was meant to melt her father's heart so he would do what she wants.

"I don't have one."

Nick was getting annoyed. His daughter asked for a swing for what seemed to be a millionth time, despite him declining every time. He loved her smile and her big eyes, but they didn't work this time - he was busy and really did not have a swing, or even a spare tire to hang from the tree in their backyard.

"Pretty pleeeeeease." She leaned closer to Nick, so he could see down her pink blouse. She didn't have breasts yet, but she knew he loved looking at her nipples. She was also amused by the fact that he still haven't noticed she constantly let him see them on purpose and not just accidentally.

"No means no, El. End of topic." Nick replied harshly and tried to focus on the laptop in front of him, but the view he was getting down Elle's blouse was very distracting.

A tear formed in the corner of Elle's eye and she started silently weeping, like she practiced many, many times before.

"Aww, don't cry, baby. We really don't have a swing." He hugged his daughter and one of his hands instinctively landed on her buttocks.

"I just wanted to play on one, all my friends have them." She said through the tears. It really seemed important to her.

"You know what? I'll get you a swing under two conditions."

"Really?" Elle's face immediately lit up with anticipation.

"You'll stop bugging me."

"Sure!" A smile returned to her face.

"And I will cover your eyes and you won't peek until I finish."

"Ok! I love you, daddy!" She kissed him all over his face.

Nick smiled to himself, reached to his bed ang grabbed his wife's eye mask, then covered Elle's eyes and tied the straps behind the back of her head as tight as he could, as they were way too long for a nine year old girl.

"Can you see anything?"

"Nuh-uh." She reached her hand in front of her, trying not to walk into anything. "Let's go then!"

He grabbed her tiny hand and they went downstairs together.

After five minutes it was done. Elle was standing on a garden table with her eyes covered and her father stood in front of her with a noose in his hand ant the other end of the rope attached to one of the lower branches of the tree they were both standing next to.

"Ready, Ellie?"

"Ready!" She was almost shaking with anticipation.

"Don't move now." He quicky grabbed her arms with one hand to restrain her and put the noose over her head with the other.

"What is this? What are you doing daddy?" She seemed confused.

"A surprise." He replied and removed the sleeping mask, then before she could wrap her head around what was happening he pushed her off the table and moved it away, so she couldn't reach it anymore.

At first she was surprised, but when the rope tightened around her neck she quickly became terrified. The pain was the worst feeling she had ever experienced. She instinctively started kicking around trying to reach the ground, but it was too far away. She tried reaching her hands to her neck, but the rope was too tight, she couldn't move it at all. Just when the initial shock started to wear out she felt a burning sensation in her lungs as they slowly filled with carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

Nick sat on a garden chair and watched his daughter kick around in the air. Her short skirt exposed her white panties with each kick and his dick instantly grew hard, so he took it out and started masturbating to the sight.

"He's getting off to this!" Ellie thought. But she knew that he was always a pervert and that's just one of the reasons why she loved him. She was partly to blame for that, though, she always teased him and used her body to get what she wanted from.

She tried to say something, but couldn't get any coherent sound out of her mouth, so she decided that if she's going to die, she will at least give him a show. He did, after all, give her a swing, just like he promised.

Elle forced her arms to stop fighting the rope and she moved one of her hands under her skirt while lifting it with the other to give her dad a better view.

She reached inside her panties and started rubbing her clit between her undeveloped labia.

Nick was surprised. His daughter had been a tease for the past few years, but this was the first time he noticed she was a real slut. Stories of girls having an orgasm before their death were common, but he didn't think his daughter would start openly masturbating. And right in front of him!

Regardless of his surprise he was also incredibly aroused by her actions. He rubbed his dick slower, afraid he might finish before she died.

Elle got quickly tired of lifting her skirt as she lost her strength with each passing second, so she slid it down along with her panties as low as she could reach, then kicked them both off to the ground.

Nick had a great view of her bald prepubescent pussy and both her hands furiously rubbing her love button. Her hips rocked with an erratic rhythm, he wasn't sure whether that was due to her arousal, or her survival instinct kicking in, but either way he didn't care - he only cared about the show she was putting on for his pleasure.

Elle knew she had to be quick. She heard the stories about girls hanging for fifteen minutes and longer, but the story her body was telling seemed to be much shorter. Her neck hurt like hell, just like her lungs, her vision was slowly getting blurry and the sensations less intense. She put a finger inside her vagina in search of her g-spot while still rubbing her clit with her other hand.

"Such a shame I never got to fuck you." Nick looked into his daughter's eyes and saw that they seemed to be begging him to change that. After a short thought he decided to go for it.

Elle's hands sped up when she saw her dad approaching her and her heart skipped a beat when he grabbed her legs and pushed them apart. Her pussy was almost perfectly at his hip level, so he could easily fuck her without lifting her body and risking letting some air through the noose.

He placed his hands on her ass, his member at her virgin entrance and pushed. She would gasp, but she couldn't, so she only grabbed her father's shoulders and dug her nails into his skin to ease her pain.

He felt her nails sting slightly, but she was obviously losing strength quickly. He only put the tip of his cock in her so far, so he pushed harder. The walls of her vagina gave in and he slid all the way inside her. He looked into her brown eyes and saw a mix of love and pain, desire and fear. He kissed her parted lips and started thrusting slowly.

Elle carresed his sides and shoulders with her hands, the only sign of affection she could give in her current state. Her pussy ached because of the broken hymen, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. The feeling of fullness she experienced for the first and last time was strange, but pleasant. She gently rocked her hips with Nick's every thrust and moved one of her hands back to her clitoris.

Nick pumped harder and faster. He saw her enjoy it despite all the pain, so he wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could. He kissed his daughter's shoulder, then neck, then lips and then he gently bit her ear.

"I love you, El." He whispered.

Elle desperately wanted to respond, but couldn't. Instead she just smiled, grabbed his head and moved his face to hers to kiss him.

Suddenly she felt an orgasm coming, she started shaking, flexing her entire body, which only tightened the noose around her neck. It was the most intense orgasm she ever had, she felt pleasure in every nerve, in every body part, in every muscle. Wave after wave it drained all her strength to the point when she couldn't move at all anymore.

"I love you too, daddy. Thank you." She mouthed silently and everything went blank.

Nick didn't stop fucking her, even when he felt something warm flow between his legs right after he saw the life leaving his little girl's body. When he looked down he saw a weak stream of urine coming from her reddened pussy.

He picked up the pace and fucked her dead cunt without any restraints. He thrust as hard and deep as he could, even hitting her cervix every now and then. Her face looked so calm and pretty, without the slightest hint of life. Her eyes were still half open, but they were looking somewhere far beyond her father.

After less than a minute he couldn't hold it in any longer and shot a stream of hot cum inside Elle's dead pussy. He pushed as deep inside as possible, hiding entire length of his cock inside her as waves of semen pumped inside her womb.

He took his penis out and the cum started dripping from her body. She looked adorable in only her girly blouse and shoes with her pussy gaping open and dripping with their mixed juices.

He just stood there and hugged her rapidly cooling body for a few minutes to make sure life left her completely, then raised her corpse, loosened the rope and took her down.

"Come on sweetheart, let's get you into the shower. Your mother and I are going to have a lot more fun with you before your body goes bad." He carried her limp body to the house.
R: 25 / I: 0

Susan: a Girl Apart (f/f, cons, dismemberment, vivisection, non-lethal

Repost at the request of an anonymous reader in the 'Terry, Jen and the Terrigenesis' thread.

This story is also available in PDF format: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=04929501319408577828

If you like it, you might also enjoy some of my other work: 'Lara Croft and the Temple of Tezcatlipoca', 'Extreme Holiday Sluts', 'Tina's TSA Trouble', 'Spring Cleaning' and 'Terry, Jen and the Terrigenesis'.

Susan: a Girl Apart

written by Mephistopheles and JestInPieces


In 2013, an author by the name of Mephistopheles wrote a story on the literature section of gurochan entitled ‘Susan’, containing the first two chapters of this story. I really enjoyed the concept, so while we were waiting for the third chapter I decided to write a short chapter about the morning after.

When it became clear that Mephistopheles was not going to continue the story, I took over writing the story with his permission, since I did not want to let such a good premise go to waste. Now that the story has been completed, I figured I’d edit in into a book so I could apply some proper formatting (the layout options of gurochan are rather limited) and fix some of the mistakes and inconsistencies. Specifically, some times and dates have been fixed, the first two chapters have been edited to consistently be in the past tense, some stylistic differences between the two authors have been reconciled and the protagonists’ ages have been increased by three years. They’re still too young for my taste, but this was about the maximum I could get away with and still have the story make sense (inasmuch as a story about two girls taking each other apart can make sense).

I hope you enjoy reading, and if this story inspires you to write your own tale of consensual vivisection, please do. There’s far too little of that kind of material out there. If you want, you can even use Susan and Cassie as the protagonists. I’m done writing for them, so why not let another writer take them for a spin? I’m sure there’s more stuff these two could get up to.


Susan was fifteen when she discovered she could take herself apart.

Everything started on a Monday. The last class of the day was biology, and today the teacher had brought out several anatomical dolls, which she distributed around the classroom to let the children learn on their own. One of them went to Susan and her best friend, Cassie, and they spent the class disassembling and reassembling it according to their teacher’s instructions – or occasionally not according to her instructions. Cassie thought it was hilarious to swap its feet around, which annoyed Susan a little; she wanted to try making it stand, and the feet wouldn’t fit properly that way. Being fair to Cassie, nothing really fit in any orientation; if it wasn’t lying on its back, it’d easily fall apart. Retrospectively, later events happened as they did mostly because of that doll, but she didn’t realize that for over a year.

After class, Susan and Cassie left school together, as always. They lived next to each other, so the only times when they wouldn’t walk home together was if Cassie had to go to her parents – they were both veterinarians, and would occasionally ask her to meet them at work if they were going to be particularly late that day. Susan’s own parents were practically never home before midnight, but Susan had grown used to that and was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Even so, Susan would often stay with Cassie until late in the evening. Today they both had an unusual amount of homework, though, so they went straight to their respective homes to work on it.

In all honesty Susan would have liked to be working on it with Cassie, but because they were on different study tracks their homework was usually very different. No helping it, really. Biology was one of the few classes they did share, which is probably why they spent a lot of their walk home talking about that class. What did they say, you ask? Well, it’s not important right now, but it does mean Susan was still thinking about it – in particular, she was thinking about the way the doll’s feet come loose – as she entered her house. That will become important shortly. Susan’s bedroom was on the second floor, and every time she got home she’d start by going there to change out of her uniform. Of course she’d close the door first, even if she was the only one in the house. So she skipped up the stairs, across the upper floor and into her room, then slammed the door before jumping on her king-sized bed…

That’s how it would usually go. Susan was a somewhat messy child, and had left some LEGO on the floor, so the moment she entered the room – holding on to the door – she stepped on the LEGO piece with her bare foot. As anyone would agree, that is one of the most painful experiences you can go through, and Susan certainly wouldn’t claim otherwise. So as her mouth opened in a silent scream, she fell over on the spot, pulling the door with her until it slammed shut with a curious pinching sensation. Susan didn’t notice, though. She was preoccupied with the pain from her right foot, the one that had stepped on the LEGO piece. The LEGO was practically embedded in her sole, its bottom side with its almost-sharp vertical walls having lain upwards, and for quite a few seconds she was in too much pain to think about anything but how to stop it. If she’d had a giant pair of scissors at hand, she might even have claimed she’d consider cutting off her foot – but of course that would be impossible, right?

The pain was sharp at first, then settled into a dull ache, and the LEGO piece was still stuck in her foot. Susan’s mother had warned something like this might happen if she didn’t start cleaning her room, but she hadn’t really believed her, or perhaps she thought if she waited long enough her mother would clean it for her. Too late now. The poor girl poked gingerly at the LEGO piece, which vindictively sent a sharp pulse of pain through her foot. Then, thinking she might otherwise lose her nerve, she grabbed the LEGO piece and pulled, sharply, quickly extracting it before there was any time for the nerve signal to reach her brain. Then she curled up around her foot for a bit again, because that hadn’t felt very good at all. Examining the damage afterwards, she found that it had actually broken her skin, if barely – there was a thin line of red in the shape of a rectangle, with tiny droplets of blood at irregular intervals. Susan was at this point close to tears; if anyone else had been at home, she would definitely have been crying, but she knew well enough that she was the only one there and that she would have to help herself.

Using her bed to pull herself upright, she gingerly put weight on the foot, then winced – quite painful, so she immediately sat down on the bed. You’re supposed to wash and bandage wounds, though, so after a moment to gather her courage… well, no. She remained on the bed for several minutes as the aching of her foot slowly receded, until her image of the pain she’d be in for fell beneath her pre-existing level of courage.

The house had two bathrooms, either of which might have done for bandaging her foot, but of course she decided to go for the one on the second floor. It might be a little smaller, but it was still a full-size bathroom with a tub and shower, even if the shower was part of the tub. So when she hopped off the bed, leading with her left (unmolested) foot in order to minimize the pain, and simultaneously reaching for the door handle – well, she quite reasonably expected to be there in only a few steps, keeping her weight off her right foot and on her left. When she stepped in a hole just off her bed, dropping at least six inches extra and falling forwards, she could just as reasonably feel terribly surprised.

Down she went, Susan, for the second time today. Since she’d already grabbed the door handle, she managed to avoid pancaking into the door, but only because the door swung open and she swung with it– hanging on for dear life – until it opened too far, and her hand was wrenched loose. Susan dropped, hit the floor relatively softly, and rolled on to her back as the door slammed into the wall. “Ouch,” she said, more from surprise than pain. Then, because that wording didn’t seem quite adequate: “The hell?” There couldn’t be an actual hole in her bedroom floor, could there? She sat up to find out what she had stepped in, seeing nothing at first glance, but then, finally, the anomalous sensations from her left leg drew her attention.

You see, she had drawn her knees up to form a triangle between her legs and her hips, but her left knee was significantly lower than her right. Since her left leg wasn’t stretched out further than her right, this was enough for her to realize that something was… well, really strange. She grabbed her leg, pulled it back, examined it for a few seconds and then screamed, as loud as she could, and if the house hadn’t been practically soundproof things might have gone very different. Fortunately, the neighbors didn’t hear a thing.

Imagine the scene through Susan’s eyes. She would normally be barefoot at home – or, well, whenever she could get away with it – so when she first saw her leg, the lack of a visible sock didn’t concern her, but she nevertheless spent a few seconds staring at it in incomprehension, following the curves in a vain attempt to make some sense of what she was seeing. Upper leg – it was summer, and her knee-shorts had ridden up a bit in the fall – knee, lower leg, and then… nothing. Her leg just ended, in a stump, so she spent the time searching for a foot that just… wasn’t there.

Disbelievingly, Susan ran her hand across her leg. She could feel the touch on her leg, until… whimpering, she ran a finger around the end of it, and touched the end of her stump. It felt like she was tickling the inside of her foot; somewhat like one of those itches you occasionally get, that seem to be inside your skin and therefore unscratchable. Still in shock, she pulled at the leg so she could see the end of her stump.

She saw raw flesh the color of an uncooked steak, layers of skin – cut rather haphazardly, looking torn – and muscles, somehow stuck in place instead of sliding back and forth. There was no blood, allowing her to see the inside of her leg in its full glory. All in all, it looked rather like the anatomical model they had studied earlier that day. There was even a small, pale bone sticking out slightly on the left side.

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgod,” she hyperventilated. “My foot! What… where…?” While she may have been a little unhinged at this point, Susan remembered that she walked upstairs, and so her foot should certainly be close by. She spun around crazily, trying to avoid putting weight on either leg while looking for it. Naturally, she overbalanced and fell onto her back, her feet – or rather, her legs – in the air. Instead of hitting the hard floor, her head hit something warm and slightly yielding. Twisting around – still trying to keep her legs off the floor – she found that she had planted her head right on top of her detached foot, which of course looked like an exact twin to the slightly ragged end of her leg. This side had no visible bones, though there was a kind of socket where the bone sticking out of her leg might fit. The foot was still warm, but even while holding it with both hands she could feel nothing from it. Susan felt a sense of disbelief at the whole situation. She squeezed her eyes shut for several seconds, took a deep breath, then passed her right hand through where her mind said her foot had to be. Nothing.

She dug her nails into the foot she was holding. It reacted normally, as far as she could tell, but it was like touching someone else’s foot. There was no sensation. She quickly stopped, afraid of hurting herself, momentarily oblivious to the fact that it was her detached foot she was hurting. “Okay,” she said to herself. “Okay, that’s… well, this is odd.” If there hadn’t been such a strong sense of unreality hanging over the scene, she might well have started crying, or started screaming and never stopped. But there was no pain, no blood, and most of all this could not possibly have happened. As such, it had to be some kind of dream, which meant… right, nothing to worry about. Just had to put it back on.

So she took the foot, lined it up with her stump, and pulled hard. There was an audible ‘pop’, as the leg bone entered the hollow in her foot, and then she could suddenly feel it again. She winced; those fingernail marks kind of hurt. Susan wiggled her toes, then ran her hands over the joint in her ankle. There was no indication the foot was ever anywhere but right here, and honestly she might prefer to pretend it wasn’t, but she wasn’t brought up to deny reality. Even in dreams. “Well,” she thought. “At least I can go to the bathroom and bandage my foot now, right?” I’m pretty sure she still meant her right foot, though I wouldn’t blame her if she was referring to both. At any rate, she subsequently rose to her feet, seeming uncertain which leg to put her weight on, and, compromising by leaning against the wall, then walked slowly to the bathroom.

Half an hour later she was sitting mostly submerged in the bath. It was more than a little too short for her, so her legs – the right leg sporting a fairly excessive bandage around her foot – were dangling over the edge, while her torso was entirely submerged, only her nose sticking out of the water. Susan’s right foot was still feeling uncomfortable, however, so she occasionally reached up to rub it. Minutes passed, she’d predictably shift position every half-minute or so, and every so often she’d reach up. The bandage was getting quite soaked. Finally Susan sat up slightly in the water, before reaching out to pull her right foot towards her – pulling it back at almost a hundred and fifty degree angle. No doubt more than you can manage, but not too hard for a teen who takes flexibility seriously. Susan said, almost whispering, “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” Keeping firm hold of her the leg with her left hand, she put her right hand on the foot itself. Then she squeezed her eyes shut, and…

She twisted her foot anticlockwise, using a great deal of force. There was a look of pain on her face at first – or at least anticipated pain – but then there was a ‘crack’ sound from the foot and her face smoothed out. Her foot was now twisted at a ninety degree angle, looking like it was broken. She reached up again, now grabbing it with both hands, and twisted it back and forth – looking for all the world like she was trying to pull out a particularly difficult wine cork. Perhaps that wasn’t not too far from the truth. There was a ‘pop’ and the skin around her ankle stretched as the foot itself jumped a quarter of an inch upwards. She stopped pulling for a second, and her eyes opened slightly, but she firmly closed them again the moment she saw her foot – hanging off to the side, only connected to her leg by a hollow flap of skin. “Um. Umm. Well, it doesn’t hurt anymore…”

And so she reached up one last time, grabbed her foot thoroughly with both hands, and put her weight against it. She pulled, as hard as she could, and eventually the skin broke and her foot went flying off to the other end of the bathroom. There was a clatter, as it landed right in the middle of the make-up gear. “…That’ll do,” she muttered. The bizarre task completed, she laid back down in the bath, this time without a painful foot disturbing her rest. If her parents had come home right at that moment they would have found a very disturbing scene indeed, should they have entered the bathroom, but fortunately Susan knew they wouldn’t be back that night at all.

She got out of the tub ten minutes later. That left her with somewhat of a dilemma, though. She had already discovered, if accidentally, that there was no particular problem walking on the stumps – well, not a problem for the stumps, which seemed to rejoin by magic no matter what. The problem was: should she put her right foot back on – and deal with the pain – or leave it off, and deal with having one leg shorter than the other? Or should she take a third solution?

“I guess it’s safe to break off the other one too, right? I mean, it was fine earlier.” It seemed Susan had started talking to herself, trying to convince herself this was normal and okay. She sat down on the floor, reached for her left foot, and twisted it off in roughly the same manner as the right. Then she stood back up – holding on to the table at first, her balance wavering a little as she tried to quickly learn how to walk on stumps instead of feet, but doing a good job overall. Then she walked – carefully, holding on to anything handy – back to her room, leaving her feet behind on the bathroom counter. It should be noted that Susan was not the kind of girl who’d normally walk bare-assed through the house, but these were hardly normal conditions. Perhaps she forgot, or maybe she didn’t feel up to the maneuverings required to get to the clothing she discarded earlier. Either way, she was alone in the house, and would be until the next evening.

After getting to her room, she scanned the floor carefully for further LEGO pieces, then finally and with an expression of sheer joy jumped on top of the bed. She stayed there for a moment, spread-eagled on her back, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that her hand stole down between her legs, but then she shook her head and sat back up. Susan subsequently tottered around the room for a few minutes, gradually gaining confidence with walking like this and collecting homework materials at her desk. Then she sat down, giggling as her shortened legs failed to reach the floor, and spent the next three hours doing homework in what I’m told is an unusually concentrated fashion for a fourteen year old girl.

By the time she finished, yawning, it was already nine o’ clock. Still an hour before she needed to go to sleep, Susan thought, but too late to go visit Cassie. She had occasionally inspected her stumps, and now found the whole thing extremely cool, like some kind of superpower. A very handy superpower, if it let her escape pain like that. Susan really wanted to tell Cassie, but she was realistic enough to realize that Cassie would almost certainly not believe her unless she could see for herself, which wouldn’t be an option until tomorrow evening. Assuming, of course, that they didn’t get such a giant pile of homework again.

There weren’t any TV shows she had any particular desire to see, and she figured if anything interesting had happened with any of their idols Cassie would tell her tomorrow anyway. So that left… experimentation. Well, that and making sure her feet still worked. Susan guiltily realized she had left them off for three full hours, and while that probably didn’t matter – she had realized it wasn’t a dream, but still figured there was no particular danger given the lack of pain – she probably ought to check.

Before going back to the bathroom, though, she walked downstairs just to look around. She was still nude – the forbidden condition adding a certain extra oomph to the general weirdness of the situation, and making her tingle pleasantly – and that, plus being a few inches shorter, made her home look and feel very different from what it usually was. Idly, she considered that the way walking felt right now might be pretty similar to what it’d be like to have hooves. Then she went back into the bathroom, and turned on the water for another bath. She had a wicked, wonderful idea. While the tub was filling up, she grabbed her feet. They still worked just fine, and rejoined without a twinge of pain or even the slightest seam. Whatever was going on, it didn’t follow any of the usual rules of biology. The LEGO mark on her right foot had, in fact, completely healed while it had been sitting here.

Shortly thereafter, she was sitting in the bath, pulling her left leg towards her. This time she kept her eyes open, wanting to see exactly what happened. Susan’s normal maximum flexibility is about a hundred and fifty degrees, which is enough to put her leg above her head, but this time she didn’t stop there. She pulled harder, forcing the leg towards her chest; it pulled heavily on the skin between her leg and buttocks, and she winced as her butt was slightly deformed by the tension, but the real pain was reserved for the muscles attaching the leg to her hip. She gulped; if she was wrong about this, she was in for some real pain tomorrow, not to mention a scolding from her instructor.

But Susan has already determined to do this, and she was not going to stop halfway. So she kept pulling, but she wasn’t strong enough to force her leg any further. Annoyed, she shifted around, sitting upright in the tub and leaning her leg against the wall; her right leg was folded under her, as she really didn’t want to try two at once. This way she could put her full weight in it, and even use her right leg to push against the bathtub. She leaned against her leg, testing its ability to support her weight, and finally – slowly, hoping to stop before she did real damage if this didn’t work – she pushed her body towards it. 160 degrees. A dull ache was spreading in her nether parts, emanating from her hips. 165 degrees. She reached out and tickled her knee with her tongue, confirming that she still had full feeling in the leg. 170 degrees. Her muscles were screaming, and it felt like she might break in half. Then, suddenly, there was a sound like cloth tearing, and the leg jerked several degrees back, actually hitting her in the nose. At the same time the pain in her bottom went away; her leg now felt completely, blessedly numb.

She carefully felt around with a hand, and finds what she halfway expected: There was a gap in the flesh of her leg, just where it joined her buttocks, where the skin and muscles apparently gave way. She could feel bone through the gap, making her slightly queasy, but she was expecting something like that. The leg was still mostly attached, though. “Ugh… what a pain. Now what do I do?” Susan tried to stand up in the tub, which she found to be more than a little bit harder with that kind of dead weight joined to her hips. Eventually she compromised, using her hands to haul herself up halfway and her right leg to push herself the rest of the way.

If you looked at her, you’d immediately be able to tell that there was something very wrong with her leg – it was twisted maybe twenty degrees, the kneecap in no way pointing forwards anymore. That gave her an idea, so she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and started using her own lower leg as a lever to twist the leg around. Things worked out reasonably well, but twisting like that meant a lot of extra skin gets pulled into the join. Susan felt no noticeable pain as her buttocks distort slightly, and if she had a mirror she might even have appreciated that her stomach was being flattened, but she definitely noticed when her pussy was forced open as her left labia was dragged out of position!

She immediately stopped, blinking, and felt around for what was happening. She left it like that for a minute – her breathing quickened, and the feeling-around quickly became a form of masturbation, as her left hand reached up to cup her breasts. She pushed a finger into her distorted, very open vagina, pushing it back and forth a few times before seeming to realize something. Biting her lip, eyes half-closed, Susan returned her attention to her leg, and resumed twisting it around – this time clearly intending something more than just detaching it. She rubbed her labia as it was pulled further and further away from its partner, gasping as it was pulled far enough to permanently hold her vagina open, but didn’t stop twisting. A few twists later the skin of her leg – the muscles, bones and tendons having long since given up the ghost – started tearing, starting at the lower-left edge of the first tear, where it was attached to her buttocks. Susan paid careful attention, guiding the tear with her fingers to produce a relatively even edge, albeit one that was very high up.

She probably didn’t realize, but it was going through skin that used to be at the upper edge of her hips, and after going around the circumference of her left hip she found it was going to pass straight through the center of her vagina, separating the labia from the rest of her body. Susan stopped, then shrugged, and let it. She figured she could get along with just her vagina for today, and she would be more careful next time. She fingered it one last time as she finished the tear, deciding there was definitely a sexy tinge to the feelings when they abruptly cut off while she was desperately rubbing it.

After the leg was fully separated the skin snapped back, revealing white bone as most of her left hip bone was exposed to air, the muscles attaching to it having joined her leg in exile. That was definitely not part of the plan, but she was too worked up to care. She tapped it, discovering that bones have no nerves when it didn’t feel like anything in particular, then gave her now halved pussy some more attention. The sensations were utterly alien, and she got close to orgasm in just a few seconds before forcing herself to stop. Then she eyed her right leg. Susan wasted no time this time, putting the leg on top of the bathtub before deliberately falling forwards into a position that would, if things had been normal, have ensured a nasty muscle tear if not an outright break.

As it happened, that’s roughly what happened: when she fell forward there was a loud ‘crack’, and while Susan’s torso proceeded into the water, her leg stayed behind at an impossible two hundred thirty-degree angle. She pulled herself out of the water, laughing, then grabbed her remaining leg and started spiritedly twisting it around, pulling out muscles and parts of her pussy in much the same way as the other one. Now that she was paying attention to that, there was… well, not pain, but the occasional purely mechanical ‘snap’ kind of feel as some part of her detached from her hip bones.

While she was doing this, she was rubbing her remaining labia frantically – after all, in another minute she wouldn’t have it anymore, so she had better get some use from it now. Without its partner keeping it roughly in place, her vulva distorted dramatically, not just the labia but also her clitoris and the opening to her vagina being dragged away from their normal position, stretched beyond any reasonable bounds. The skin was as tight as a drum, but it didn’t hurt, so the bizarre condition just made her even more worked up. Then it happened: her skin started tearing, right in the middle of her clitoral glans.

She came explosively, her hands convulsively gripping whatever they were touching and pulling with full force. Her leg, torn away, went flying towards the wall. It took most of her pussy with it, leaving only the actual vagina itself and part of her clitoris. Her other hand pulled on her vagina and, the vaginal muscles already damaged, it gave way – only a little bit, but there’s a sickening loosening sensation in her stomach, and her vagina popped out half an inch or so. The remaining skin snapped back, as it did for her other leg. Susan convulsed, her whole body shaking, and fell into the water – her hip bones making loud bangs as they collided with the metal bathtub walls. If I was in the room, which of course I wasn’t, I would have giggled with glee – she was handling my gift exactly as I’d hoped she would, maybe even a little faster.

Five minutes later, Susan was floating peacefully on top of the water, taking advantage of her shortened stature to use the bathtub in a way she hadn’t been able to for several years. “Wow. That was… that was something.” It appeared she had made her peace with the situation. “I’ve got to try that again.” Well, something like peace.

She stayed there for another half-hour, eyes closed, sleeping the sleep of the… carnally satisfied. Imagine the scene, if you will: From the hips up this was a normal fourteen-year-old, but her lower stomach – except for a tiny strip reaching down in the middle – was bereft of skin, white bone showing as the entirety of her hip bones was exposed, and most of her vulva torn away. Anyone would have thought it was a scene from a horror movie, or perhaps a war documentary. The soft smile on her face, however, along with the lack of blood, might suggest to someone particularly inquisitive that something truly abnormal was occurring.

She eventually woke up, of course, in this case when her unbalanced weight caused her to tip over to float face-down. Spluttering, it took her a full five seconds of trying to put her legs under her before she recalled the situation, and instead reached up with her arms. Getting out of the bathtub was a little harder than usual, but not too hard; without legs, pulling herself out with her arms was a lot easier than expected. She landed hard, on her hips, and a pulse of… something… jolted through her. “Um…” Feeling around with her hands, she finally noticed the prolapsed state of her vagina. Under normal circumstances this would have alarmed her, but after everything she had gone through there just wasn’t much room for alarm left – she was sure she could fit it back in place.

A mirror would be ideal for this operation, but the closest mirror was on top of the bench. In her current condition she was only two and half feet tall, putting it well out of reach unless she wanted to go climbing. So she pushed at it, the lack of any real pleasure not coming as much of a surprise to her after she had ripped off most of the pleasurable parts, though she certainly felt when she pushed her finger inside to feel around. Her vagina refused to slot back in place, though, and she started feeling a little anxious before recalling what she’d done with her feet. That is, it probably wouldn’t work unless she completely detached it first. “…Oh, geez. Do I really have to do this?” Susan made a face, but decided that she really didn’t have a choice. She needed to get herself back in order for school, at least – putting her legs back might not fix this, and someone would certainly notice in gymnastics glass. Not here, though. Her bedroom had a mirrored ceiling, a feature her parents were apologetic about, but which she had repeatedly taken advantage of. So she hand-walked back to her room, wishing she’d left the doors open when she had to balance on one hand to get them open, and climbed into bed. This was the point at which, if their school had taught female anatomy a little earlier, Susan could have saved herself a lot of trouble. She felt around and inside her vagina for a bit, quickly coming to the conclusion that it was basically a kind of fleshy tube. She tried pushing it back in again, but with no more luck than before – it stayed in while she relaxed, but if she squeezed her muscles even slightly it popped right back out. “No choice, then. It’s already sticking out a little, so…”

Susan ran her hands across her hip bones, reminding herself that if sanity ever applied to any of this, it had long since lost its claim on reality. Then she stuck the index finger of her left hand into her vagina as far as it would go, making a kind of hook, and pulled – hard. It popped out an inch. Dramatic, in any normal situation, but not nearly enough for what she had in mind. She tried gripping and pulling, but it was too slick. “Oh, geez.”

There was a hairbrush on the bedside table, the kind with extendable bristles, and she decided to try something she’d considered previously, but never had the nerve to actually do. She took the hairbrush, made sure the bristles were as far in as they would go, and carefully positioned it in front of the ruined flesh between her legs. Then she pushed, carefully at first, but with increasing force as it became clear that there was no pain here either. The hairbrush got stuck only a quarter of an inch in, though; she couldn’t muster sufficient force to push it further, and her vagina already felt completely full – too full; it was almost painfully tight, though of course there was still no pain – but she was pretty sure that wasn’t enough.

“Oh, geez.” Susan was by this point pretty worked up again, from a potent mixture of fear and arousal. Missing most of her sex, there was no way to get properly aroused, but with the situation as it was there was certainly no way she could stay completely calm. Perhaps that’s why she did what she did – she lifted herself up, carefully aimed the handle of the brush towards the wooden edge of her bed, and then let herself fall on it with full force.

There was a crack and a tearing feel, as it was forced past the entrance to her vagina. Then she felt a powerful pressure in her stomach, something inside her gave way, and she fell the rest of the way – the handle of the hairbrush lying flush on the wood, pushed all the way inside her hipbones. Splut. She peed uncontrollably, but fortunately she’d gone to the toilet earlier and only a few drops escaped. There was a visible bulge in her stomach.

It took her a minute to collect herself, but she eventually decided that this wasn’t very different from the plan. Okay, so it was a little further in than intended – she fingered it, and found it pretty much jammed in position – but she could fix that. At least, since she pressed it – and the button on its handle – pretty hard against the bed frame, the bristles seemed to have deployed, so if she could pull it out it ought to take her vagina with it.

That same vagina was kind of… a little bit… she felt around, and although it had been pushed well inside her and didn’t seem to be going anywhere right now, the outer part of it had been unable to handle the full width of the hairbrush and had pretty much torn in half. She gulped, but figured that would fix itself too. The brush clearly wasn’t going to move just by pulling with her hands, though, and she felt utterly bloated – she wanted it out of there, soon! It took a bit of thought, but eventually she settled for threading a piece of string through the handle of the brush and tying the other end around the door handle, keeping it short enough that if it didn’t pull the brush out she would just end up dangling upside-down over the floor. The next step took a bit of courage, but of course she pushed herself over the edge of her bed, falling in an arc towards the door.

She hit the door with a bang, giving her vagina a strong jolt upwards, and it popped back out a few inches. Her ruined vaginal muscles instinctively attempted to tighten, giving her a jolt of pleasure, though they failed to actually do very much. The weight of her body was now entirely supported by the hairbrush embedded in her abdomen, pulling the relevant organs upwards to rest against her hip bones and putting extra weight on her intestines. She’d have a hard time explaining the sensation, but if asked, she might describe it as feeling like she needed to take the biggest dump of her life, while her vagina was itching under the assault, strained to the breaking point.

She hung there for a few seconds, panting, and alternately relaxing and squeezing her vaginal muscles. The massive intruder didn’t yield, making her feel more and more turned on, and once again reducing her inhibitions. Her fingers moved wildly across her sex, but there was nothing there to touch – only the tattered ends of her vagina, which wouldn’t give her any pleasure from mere stroking even if it was in working condition. Every squeeze of her muscles strengthened the maddening itch, but it was inside her; access was blocked by the hair brush. So she dug her fingers in between the vagina and her hip bones, trying to go around by squeezing her fingers inside. It was a tight fit – too tight to get anywhere, but she persevered.

Simultaneously, she pulled one of her breasts down to her mouth with one hand, then started sucking on it. They were pretty small, and normally she wouldn’t have a prayer of being able to do this, but in this situation… the skin on her rib cage had loosened slightly; it was no longer attached all the way to her hips in any case, and the lack of pain was making her use far more force than she’d ever have normally used. Her breasts weren’t threatening to tear loose, but with enough force the skin partially detached from the underlying muscles, shifting downwards on her upside-down form like a slightly loose sweater. Susan didn’t notice this, and might not have cared if she did; she was just happy to be successfully sucking her own tit.

Merely sucking her own breasts was not quite satisfying, and the central point – the maddening itch in her vagina – only got worse, approaching orgasm without ever quite getting there. Her fingers weren’t doing anything for her, as she failed to get far enough inside to make a difference; even dropping one to tweak her left breast while she was sucking on the right failed to be enough, even though she started using her teeth to tweak the nipple on her right breast as well.

A few minutes of this would be too much for any young lady. Eventually she gave up, deciding to go continue with her first plan and hoping that would help. So she deliberately squeezed, as if she was trying to take a dump. Then again, harder, using all her abdominal muscles – not just the vaginal ones. She was still idly chewing on her right breast, but used her hands to reach behind her, and momentarily pulled on the bed as hard as she could. Something shifted.

She dropped a quarter of an inch, then stopped, accompanied by a burst of… something, from her vagina. Pleasure, certainly, but also momentary relief from the pressure, a sort of sliding sensation, and a rapid succession of weird-feeling internal tugs in almost random spots. From this angle she couldn’t see what was going on, but it seemed to be working, so she pulled again, squeezed her hardest, relaxed, then did it all over again. Something was definitely happening – it felt damned weird, but with every cycle she dropped another fraction of an inch, and there was a loosening sensation inside her that was deeply welcome after having felt the pressure of that hair brush for just a few minutes. It also felt really good, the hairbrush alternately tugging at her vagina, tearing it a little looser, then relaxing. She used her right hand to feel herself out, then went back to trying to get it inside, alternative pulling and pushing at her right hipbone in hopes of loosening it a little.

She kept at this for several minutes. The sensations drove her wild, making her use more and more force, until eventually – while she was tugging her hipbone sharply outwards – it shifted half an inch, opening her up widely. She felt the skin between her vagina and asshole pull alarmingly tight, then something gave, and she heard a slurping sound from what she can only assume was her vagina pulling entirely out of her body as she fell to the floor, still upside down. As it was pulled out at an angle, it rubbed between her hip bones and the brush, and she gave a little scream from the pleasurable sensations. She reached up blindly, with both hands, and felt for the embedded brush. There it was. The feel… well, ‘fleshy tube’ seemed about right. So she grabbed it and started pulling, an action that sent her over the edge and into her second orgasm of the day, turning a careful pull into the strongest one she could currently manage.

There was a massive slurping noise and tugging feel as it came away in her hands, and she fell to the floor, exhausted and feeling literally empty, slowly falling onto her side, the sensations having suddenly cut off. After the last few minutes, that emptiness and silence was a deeply welcome sensation. It took her a few minutes to recover, and she couldn’t see what had happened to her lower parts from this angle, but that… that felt like a lot more weight than she was expecting. Susan shifted around, angling to get a look at what was hanging from the door, then involuntarily yelped.

There was more than just the tube-like thing she expected; a lot more. It was there, looking a little tattered, but it opened up to a kind of bubble at the lower end – which was stretched out a little, the hairbrush having pushed all the way through it and denting the far end – and it actually branched, two smaller tentacle-ish things going off to the side. If that was all there was, though, she might still not have minded too much. It wasn’t. The very top of her vagina – the entrance – was still attached to some scraps of skin, including what looked like both her peehole and her asshole. There were two more, somewhat smaller, balloons attached to her peehole via a single larger one – part of her, analyzing everything, realized that was probably where the pee was stored – but there was also…

She forced herself to look at it. There was a thick string attached to her asshole, leading – of course – back to her body, and disappearing in between her hip bones. She pulled on it with a shaking hand – it was slippery and slightly slimy, but she could grasp it, and the tug made more come out of her body. Susan made a face. Not what she expected, not at all. She considered just stuffing it back in, but she was pretty sure the exact location mattered, and right now she couldn’t even see what she was doing. Never mind that she was not really sure what the correct location would be, she couldn’t get the… bits… there if she did. Susan looked down at herself, considering, and tugged slightly at her right hipbone; it was loose, like a loose tooth. “Ha…” she weakly laughed. “Well, at least my stomach is flat now? Hollow, even.” She rubbed her stomach lightly, in circles, feeling the insides shift. It was flat, true, but as her skin barely covered the top of her hips it was hard to claim she has a delicious flat stomach.

“…I can’t call Cassie for help. How could I possibly explain this? I’ll just need to deal with it myself. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing an anatomy book downstairs somewhere…” She hand-walked to the door, trailing half a meter of intestine, and pulled her lower parts down. Her vagina was… she winced; the bristles on her hair brush had penetrated entirely in some places, tearing long rifts in the skin. The lower, bubble-like thing felt odd, not much like skin at all, but she figured that was because it was from further inside her body. The two protrusions coming out of either side felt different to the bubble, though no less strange.

“Well, at any rate…” Susan manipulated the brush, twisting it around, and eventually managed to press the button to retract the bristles before pulling it out. It looked downright nasty, covered in goo and shreds of flesh, but she was not in the mood to care about that right now. She considered how to get downstairs. She’d really prefer not having to carry this around – she didn’t have any legs, obviously, which meant having to carry it would slow her down dramatically. Not to mention, it might get caught in the stairs, or getting up would be hard, or… no. Stuffing it back in first was… no. She’d just need to do it all over again later. So she left the bits on the floor, and hiked herself back up on the bed. Then she started jogging her right hipbone back and forth, using both hands, treating it like a particularly recalcitrant loose tooth. It was already mostly detached, and only stood up to that treatment for about half a minute before coming loose entirely.

This was something new. Susan examined the gleaming white bone up close, paying careful attention to the orientation it had before she pulled it out. It was an interesting shape – the upper part looked like some kind of cup, while the lower had an obvious socket for her leg. A leg that she now recalled, shrugging, was still lying around in the bathroom somewhere. She discarded it on top of the bed, then felt around in the hollow it left behind. The skin of her torso looks like some kind of skirt, now, having collapsed slightly around the opening. It was still held open by the other hip bone, though. So she started jogging that… and it didn’t move, feeling much better attached than the other one. She persisted, though, eventually resorting to using the bed frame for leverage and leaning against it.

After a few minutes it came loose all at once, with a ‘snap’ sound. She put it next to the other one. This left her abdominal cavity completely open, letting her start the next stage of her plan. She experimentally lifted herself off the bed, arching her back to keep anything from falling out; with her reduced weight, it was getting pretty easy to lift herself up with her arms. Then she lifted herself to the edge of the bed and angled her torso over the edge. Intestines start spilling out, coiling on the floor beneath her. Her intestines were longer than she’d ever imagined, but that didn’t reflect badly on Susan’s attention in class; up until a few minutes ago, she didn’t realize they existed at all.

At one point it stopped, prompting her to reach in and tug with one hand; a new kind of lighter-colored, thinner intestine proceeded to decorate the top of the now fairly large heap. Then it stopped entirely, and tugging lightly didn’t restart it. Susan laid back on her bed, grabbed the ‘skirt’ that used to be the skin and muscles of her lower torso with both hands, and pulled up until its upper edge was even with her ribs. The lower edge refused to move, but she could feel that that was because it was still attached to her spine and what remained of her butt, so she didn’t force it. The tube of her upper intestine appeared to be attached to several ‘bubbles’ – organs, she supposed – and she’d really prefer not to make things harder for herself yet again. Ideally she’d like to rip it out just below the lowest organ, but she’d be lucky not to rip anything else out…

Instead, she took the hobby scissors from her table, and started cutting. It took a few minutes – the thing was awfully strong, and hard to keep a grip on – but eventually she succeeded, leaving just four inches of intestine inside herself. She stuck a hand into the opening, to feel around; it didn’t really feel like anything, but the inside was slimy, so she quickly stopped. Then she let herself off the bed, feeling rather lightweight.

I’ll spare you her adventures in going downstairs. Suffice to say that her quest succeeded, and she returned victoriously with an anatomy textbook in one hand – having found that she had little trouble dragging herself along with one arm, like this – and a sharp-looking knife in her mouth, the kind you might use to gut fish. Yes, she got that for the reason you’re imagining. After pulling all her assorted components onto the bed, she started by slotting her hip bones into place, then used the knife to slice herself open – giving herself full access to her abdomen despite the bones nominally being in the way. Consulting the textbook, she proceeded to replace the puzzle pieces one by one, starting with the vaginal section – when she slotted the orifices in place with the full expectation that they’d stay there, they miraculously regrew their attachments and did just that.

She then pushed her vagina and womb in place, the damage healing as her fingers passed over it. Her bladder and kidneys – not that she had any idea what they were – were next, and finally she carefully coiled her intestines back in. They’d occasionally jump as she decided they should be in place, but that effect – which might otherwise have told her something important – was small enough at any given time that she never really noticed it was happening. The loose end connected easily to the bit she’d left dangling, and then it was all back in place. She fingered her vagina carefully – having absolutely no desire to masturbate again, but wanting to make sure everything was in order – then sealed her abdomen back up, rubbing out the cut lines as if she was rubbing out a misplaced line on a drawing. This still left her without legs, but at this point she was far too tired to think about it. As a matter of fact she just turned around, hit the light switch, dug into her bedding and went to sleep straight away.

The next morning showed a scene of controlled panic after she tried to roll out of bed onto her feet, but all told it only added an extra minute or so to her morning routine to put everything back in position, and then she was too busy preparing for school to think very much about it – her homework was still all over the table.
R: 9 / I: 0

The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?))

The psychologist (torture, cons, snuff(?))

Part 1: Basic psychological evaluation

Ms. S. fixed her tight fitting blouse and went through
her plans for the next appointment. This was going to be a tough one.
Ms. S was a pysychologist with a focus on young men with problems with
the opposite gender.
Most of her patients were very timid and shy and it was
Ms. S job to fix that.

In her mid 30s Ms. S was still an extremely attractive women,
a stereotypical MILF with DD breasts and a great ass.
Having partied a lot in her 20s she has now somewhat
settled down and wearing glasses to show that newfound seriousness.
Her body was, however, still her main asset in her job.

Sitting behind a big desk she nervously eyed the nails,
needles and lighter she had placed there,
as a busty black woman completely in the nude opened
the door from outside and invited in a shy young man,
clearly overweight and avoiding all eye contact.

"He was too shy to come in himself, so I decided to help",
she smiled happily and
escorted the young man to the chair opposite of Ms S's desk.

There was a reason that Ms. L., the secretary of Ms. S. was
naked and the reason was that MS S. also had violent rapists as
patients and for surprise visits without appointments of these Ms. L.
was the first line of defense so that Ms. S. could do her job uninterrupted all the time.

Some of the shy patients could be seriously traumatized if an aggressive
man suddenly busted through the door and started abusing their psychologist.

Ms. L was a muscly woman that could take care of herself and really enjoyed being manhandled.
Unfortunately for her, she did not yet get any "surprise" visits, but really wanted to get one
one as indicated by her moist pussy.

"Thanks L, please sit down Timmy", Ms. S encouragingly smiled at Timmy.

"We already had enough theory the last time, now is the time for some practical
learning", she continued as she unbuttoned her shirt revealing her big boobs. She
lay them down on the desk and motioned Timmy to the needles on the desk.
"Put 5 of them into each of my breasts. This will help you to feel more confident in regards to women,
to all of whom you are clearly superior, you just have to realize it".

Shakingly Timmy took one of the nails and pressed it softly against Ms. S'S right boob,
but not with enough force to go through the skin. "Come on, you can do it", Ms. S encouraged him.

Timmy, too shy to talk anyway and looking onto the floor pressed harder and finally a
little bit of blood came out, the needle going through the skin.

"Wow, you are doing great, Timmy!" Ms. S. grimaced. She would have liked to offer Timmy a blowjob,
but knew that this might only make him nervous again, which was the last thing she needed right now.

Timmy was indeed on a roll, he put in the rest of other 4 needles into her right breast without problems.

Even though she was now in pain, moments like these were why Ms. S. loved her job,
Timmy was finally coming out of his passive shell when she saw right he even
showed a trace of a smile when pushing int he fifth needle.

"Now, before you continue Timmy, do you want to bind my hands?
So you can be sure I won't be able to do anything to make you stop when it hurts too much?"

Timmy just stared at her almost in shock, then regained his posture and took the handcuffs
that Ms S. pointed too on the desk.

However, he did not manage to put hem on Ms. S., so Ms. S. called in Ms. L. to help.

Ms. L. smiled proudly at Timmy. She also said that the handcuffs would probably
not be enough so Ms. S. should put her hands behind her back and cross them, so that Ms. L. could bind them there.
She forcefully yanked up the elbows of Ms. S. doing that, which lead to a painful hiss out of Ms. S.

"Now just to be sure, boy", she winked at Timmy and also fastened Ms. S. legs onto the heavy desk,
"she's all yours now. If you need any more help with that bitch or would like to play with me, just call me in".

Ms S. smiled at her "Thanks L, oh any by the way L, did you change the appointment
with the two snuff sluts now that the other patient left us for another psychologist?".

"OH you mean the twins? I forgot about that, shit, they should be coming in one hour. Should I just send them in, maybe Timmy wants to play with them?"

"Yes, just send them in. And also start posting ads that we are looking for another secretary. She should be good looking, muscular,
like to be abused and a painslut and work here 24/7"

"Ok, Ma'am", Ms. L gulped, she knew exactly what this meant for her.

"Sorry for the interruption, please continue now", MS. S smilingly told Timmy and indeed he pushed in 5 more needles into her other breast. "You did very well and will get a reward afterwards, but please continue and push 5 more into each of my nipples. This will be more painful for me, so please ignore when I should indicate in any form that I do not like it."

Timmy pushed the needles into her nipples very fast and efficiently and seemingly in total ignorance of Ms. S. pained expression and even short shout. Through clenched teeth Ms. S told him that he did extremely well but that she had one last test for him. He should use the lighter to heat the end of the needles, which would cause her great pain. Whatever she said, he should not stop, if he stopped too early this would still be bad for for getting his evaluation as a real man. So Timmy started to use the lighter on the end of one needle and soon Ms. S was in really great pain, she clenched her teeth and managed to stay silent. However, after 30 seconds it became to much and she started to shout loudly, asking him desperately to stop. He continued for a few seconds, but then stopped, waiting for Ms. S to regain her composure.

"you did well, but please do not stop so quick, try to continue at least one minute more than you did now, don't worry about me, I can take it", she then told him and indeed he did that.

At the end of that Ms. S was a sobbing mess and it took quite some time until she could speak again. "I'm very proud of you, Timmy", she said with a raspy voice, "you did much better than I ever would have expected you to". No there is one last test, but if you want you can play with me some more. For example you could use needes and lighter on my clitoris, this would be even far more painful for me.

Bur Timmy declined this offer and honestly, Ms. S was actually glad about this. The last test had already brought her to her limits, but of course it was her job to encourage Timmy more and more.

Part 2: The job interview

Ms. S called in Ms. L again to untie her and bring her a water, which Ms. L did while smiling approvingly at Timmy after seeing the damage done to Ms. S. tits and the tears in her eyes.

Ms. L. also informed S. that the twins would arrive in 30 minutes and that she already had an application for the position of secretary, the applicant was a Russian bodybuilder who would arrive in 5 minutes. . Ms. S was very happy about that and allowed Timmy a break, he could play Dota 2 on the gaming PC in her office, which he loved as he was an addict of the game. This was also the reason why S. had the PC there, to calm down some of her patients and let them relax from their stressful interactions with women.

While Timmy was playing she and Ms. L. went to another room to prepare for the job interview with the applicant. Shorty thereafter a tall blonde with extremely huge breasts arrived and introduced herself and Tanya. She had worked before as a bouncer at a nightclub and her job involved punishing the dancers and prostitutes of the club if they did not behave correctly and letting the male customers take out their aggressions on her if they were unhappy with anything. There were no limits what the customers could do with her and she was regularly beat to a pulp, but recently the job still got boring so she was looking for something new.

That sounds perfectly good but we still need to test you a little bit before we can offer you a job. So please, Ms. L stand next to her. Tanya get naked. I will then have you take turns kicking each other into your abs with as much force as you can to be able to evaluate how much pain you can both take and dish out. Ms. L got up, standing next to Tanya she was slightly larger, but Tanya was more buff. Tanya started and kicked Ms. L in her guts with full force, which caused MS. L to fall down and make puking like noises. However she got up again after a minute and hit Tanya as hard as she could, which hardly phased Tanya even though there was a lot of force behind the kick. "I was boxer in Russia, you hit like bitch", Tanya said and hit Ms. L so hard again that she fell over and actually started to puke before becoming unconscious.

The door opened from the other room and a shocked Timmy looked through the now open doors, eyes wide from the pandemonium he saw here. At the same time a large black man came in from the other door shouting, "Where are you ma bitch, Imma fuck your ass and beat the shit out of you then strangle you to death".

Ms. S had to react quickly and she though out loudly: "Okay Tanya, you take care of Tyrone, he's a regular here, just let him to with you whatever he wants and he should be good. During that I will take care of Timmy, let him suck my titties, give him a Blowjob or whatever to calm him down again. Hopefully the progress we made today will not be undone."

Tyrone was also a bit shocked at the scene and asked: "What have you don with L??" but Tanya answered: "I killed her. She was weak bitch. Now come here big boy and punish me for that". Tyrone did not have to be told twice and punched Tanya right in the face, which would surely result in a blue eye. He then eyed the equipment stored in the shelves in this room. Tanya had an exceptionally large clitoris, which would provide a great deal of entertainment for him. After telling her about his plans she said there was no need to tie her, she was a real woman and could take anything he could dish out and not struggle against it. So he took the plier, and applied full force onto her clitoris. She screamed like a pig, but did not try to get away. He then took a very strong needle and pushed it through her clitoris, again she made noises like being slaughtered but regained her composure after 30 seconds. "You're a strong bitch, I like that", he said and she managed a very short smile through her crying. Then he ordered her "Take the weights from over there and fix them to both sides the needle. Do not stop until I tell you so. Obediently Tanya did exactly that and soon the world consisted only of pain for her, but even though she was howling in pain she continued.

Just then two new girls arrived, twins, completely in the nude, huge breasts, blonde and very bubbly. Tyrone just saw them going into the other room, so following his natural instinct he also decided to go there. He ordered Tanya to follow him, which she did under much effort, as the weight was dangling around on the needle through her clitoris, making every step extremely painful. Still, she was a fighter and she would not let just one needle stop her.

Coming into the room Tyrone was looking a a weird scene: A fat young man was lying in Ms. S's - the former psychologist of his - lap and sucking milk out of her titties. The two happily smiling blondes were obviously snuff sluts for the "Test of Manliness" of the young man.
A camera was already prepared so that the test of manliness could be officially documented and Ms. S was trying to get Timmy to start, but he did not want to and preferred to just lay there and suck milk from her titties.

"Please leave, you make Timmy feel insecure" Ms. S asked him, "you can take Tanya with you and do with her whatever you wan. I can also give you my 20yo daughter's number, she'll be up to anything as well if I ask her". "Your daughter? Mh sounds interesting But I want to see this here. You don't mind, boy, do ya"? "Timmy just meekly nodded his head.

"Oh and do you also want Ms. S to call her daughter and let her participate, too? This would be great". Timmy slightly nodded again, which lead to a sight from Ms. S. because now she had to call her daughter to come over, which of course she did.

The twins had just followed the whole conversation and beamed "Oh we're goind to be many girls here, this will surely be fun". After being kind of let down when seeing the guy about to be tested, they were now confident again with Tyrone having entered and they thought that Tyrone would certainly have a positive influence on the boy.

Part3: The test

What should Timmy do with the two snuffsluts? How should Mrs. S, Mrs. S's daughter, Tanya and the currently unconscious Mrs. L be involved?
R: 0 / I: 0

Succulent Sirens (MLP, F/F, Cons, Non-con, Roasting, Butchering, Canni, Snuff)

=Succulent Sirens=
Tags: My Little Pony: Equestria girls, F/F, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Roasting, Butchering, Cannibalism, Snuff.

"I can't believe you actually want to go through with this. You really are a moron aren't you Sonata?" Aria Blaze asked as she watched her fellow exile as she finished setting up the Kitchen for dinner.

"Now, now, Aria," Adagio Dazzle, the leader of the three sirens, chimed in. "You shouldn't mock Sonata just because she knows her proper place. "If being cooked and eaten is what Sonata wants, then I for one have no problems at all making that particular fantasy a reality."

Aria gave at a sulky half-glare at being chided.

"She only thinks she wants to be eaten because you made her want to be eaten," the sarcastic teenage siren replied to her orange and golden haired leader. Still, that didn't stop Aria from looking at Sonata's body as the naked blue-skinned teen practically flounced around the kitchen in excitement, cleaning surfaces and preparing vegetables and stuffing for her final performance as the night's dinner.

"Hey! I can think for myself!" Sonata replied, "Adagio wouldn't be cooking me if I didn't ask her to! You just don't understand just how sexy being turned into dinner is!" Sonata shot back, wagging her finger at the purple and green haired member of their soon to be duet. Sonata's pendulous breasts bobbed lightly with each rebuking wag as if to emphasize their agreement.

"Come now Aria, should you really be mocking Sonata for actually knowing her place?” Adagio asked. “She'll be much more enjoyable as a meal than as a companion, won't she?”

Aria blinked. That was certainly true.

“Her succulent thighs, her tender legs. Her breasts are practically large enough for a meal unto themselves…” Adagio drawled.

“And don't forget my pussy!” Sonata chimed in eagerly. “I made sure to keep it juicy for you Adagio!”

“Excellent,” Adagio smiled. “I can't wait to taste it.”

“I guess dumb girls like Sonata are best used in the kitchen. Though she'll probably taste terrible anyway.”

“What do you know about good meatgirls!?” Sonata asked indignant. “I'll have you know that I'm absolutely perfect for oven roasting! You'll be singing a different tune when you taste how great I am!”

Adagio rolled her eyes. “If your pointless posturing is over, climb up on the counter so that we can finally get to cooking you. You've already delayed our dinner more than enough, meat.”

“Sure thing, Adagio!” Sonata said practically shivering in anticipation as she climbed up on the kitchen counter.

Aria couldn't help but stare as her fellow transformed siren climbed up onto the counter, her breasts bouncing as she boosted herself up over the ledge and steadied herself on her hands and knees. Sonata's skin was smooth and unblemished, her cunt shaved completely bare in preparation for her role in tonight's dinner.

“Like what you see?” Sonata asked hopefully as she climbed into the over-sized baking tray Adagio had sent her to the store to buy last week. Aria tried to hide her attraction and hunger behind a narrowed-eyed sulk, but she couldn't quite pull it off as Sonata spread her legs so that her absolutely soaked cunt was on full display to the pair of still-clothed Sirens as she looked back at them for approval.

“I'm certainly enjoying the sight of you about to be stuffed and snuffed,” Adagio agreed, “Even if Aria won't admit it,” Adagio finished in an almost half taunt.

If Aria wasn't going to admit it before she certainly wasn't about to now that she'd been called out on it.

“I'm looking forward to it!” Sonata agreed, before picking up the big bowl of stuffing she'd prepared for the moment. “Here you go!”

“Eager little songbird aren't you?” Adagio mused, “Well, far be it from me to keep dinner waiting…”

Adagio picked up a handful of stuffing and carefully began to work it into Sonata's absolutely soaked passage. She pulled the prone girl's vulva apart with her free hand, enjoying the sound of Sonata's moans as she took the next step towards becoming food. Then, slowly, she wormed her hand inside, careful more out of a desire not to spill the stuffing than out of any desire not to damage Sonata's meat.

“Yes!” Sonata cried out as Adagio slipped her fist in past the knuckles. “Yes! Stuff me!”

Aria couldn't pull her eyes away. She nervously played with one of her purple and green pigtails as she watched their leader slowly stuff Sonata. The blue-haired girl was practically writhing in ecstasy as Adagio fisted the stuffing into her waiting and eager cunt.

Sonata's eyes were practically rolling into the back of her head as her mistress shoved stuffing into her eager cunt. She could feel it filling her, squelching inside her as her own juices permeated the mixture of breadcrumbs, onions, butter and sage. It was really happening! She was really becoming food! Just the thought had made her so hot that she'd asked Adagio to roast her for real, now that it was actually happening? Sonata couldn't control herself at all.

“Yes! More!” Sonata moaned with reckless abandon as Adagio stuffed her. Fistful after fistful of the stuffing that Sonata had prepared herself entered her. She could see the bulge it was making inside her as it settled against her cervix, accumulating until it practically tumbled out of her lower lips.

“You really are an amazing little meatslut aren't you Sonata?” Adagio marveled.

“I can't believe she's really going to waste her life like this,” Aria muttered. “Idiots like her deserve to be snuffed.”

Sonata ignored her as she enjoyed the uncomfortably full feeling between her thighs. “The carrot's… Unngh! right here, Adagio!” Sonata offered, handing her yellow-skinned leader and mistress the carrot she'd prepared to Adagio's specifications.

Adagio looked the vegetable over. It was gargantuan. Almost as wide as her own fist around, the tip had been chopped off to leave a flat surface just like she'd ordered, perfect for her plans for the tuber.

Adagio leaned in between Sonata's thighs and spread her sopping cunt once more. She wriggled the abbreviated carrot into position, her hand grasped around the knobby end while the edges of the flat surface dug slightly into the walls of Sonata's eager snatch, forcing the stuffing back inside of her.

Sonata could only pant as Adagio forced the carrot deeper and deeper into her sex. She could feel the tension as the stuffing pushed against her cervix, compressed by the carrot. Crumbs falling through her inner ring bit by bit as Adagio pushed harder, scraping the edge of the orange tuber against her innermost walls.

Aria stared, transfixed by the way her comrade's blue breasts heaved in passion, her perky nipples crowning each mound. Sonata really was into this. This wasn't just Adagio tricking her, Sonata really wanted to be meat, to be dinner! Aria couldn't wrap her head around it as she watched Adagio force the carrot as far as she could into Sonata's sex.

This was it! Sonata and Adagio could both feel it. The stuffing wouldn't compress any more. There was only one place for it to go now. Sonata gripped the edges of the roasting pan to brace herself for the next bit . Adagio grabbed Sonata's leg with one hand and then rammed her palm as hard as she could into the protruding end of the orange tuber already more than half enveloped by Sonata's snatch.

“UNGH!” Sonata groaned as the pressure hit her, forcing her cervix open with a pop that she felt as much as heard. She could feel the stuffing tumbling into her virgin womb, filling her in a way that nothing ever had before, in a way that confirmed what she and Adagio both already knew. That she was meat. Nothing more than meat, waiting to be roasted.

With the door to Sonata's womb opened, the rest of the gargantuan carrot slid easy into place, filling the entirety of Sonata's aching cunt. Adagio stepped back to admire her work.

“Quite a pretty little picture if I do say so myself,” Adagio decided as she took in Sonata's supine form, gasping and panting through the alluring mixture of pleasure and pain that Adagio had inflicted on her. There was a bulge, a small one, just beneath her belly where her womb would be. Adagio smiled. She'd stuffed Sonata full enough to actually be visible.

“But…” Sonata panted as she finally caught her breath. “I'm not a picture, I'm a roast!”

“You're not roasted yet,” Aria retorted.

“True,” Adagio mused. “Let's get you into the oven. Aria, you take that side and I'll take this one.”

Aria nodded, picking up her side of the pan. It really was heavier than she'd thought it would be, but she didn't have to carry it for long. Adagio opened the oven for them and once the heat of the already preheated oven hit them, the managed to slide Sonata right in.

“Happy feasting!” Sonata urged them as Adagio closed the door and locked it, trapping her inside.

“Are you really going to leave her there?” Aria asked, watching Sonata as she dipped her hands in the oil in the pan beneath her and began to rub it all across her body until she was nice and shiny.

“Why of course!” Adagio replied. “Sonata knows her place. She belongs in that oven. She begged me to roast her. You wouldn't deprive her of her rightful place in your belly, would you?”

There was something hard in Adagio's voice. Aria looked at the smiling form of Sonata as she basted herself without even trying to get free of the oven.

“No, of course not. I'm looking forward to eating her anyway,” Aria replied, returning to her chair to watch Sonata roast.

The two toned blue-haired siren was clearly enjoying herself as she used the massive carrot that Adagio had stuffed inside her to fuck herself, slowly and thoroughly, as she roasted for her fellow sirens' pleasure.

Aria Blaze found her fingers slipping down beneath the waistbands of her skirt and panties as she watched Sonata roast. Staring at her as she cooked for dinner, orgasm after orgasm rocking through her, her cries of passion barely audible through the locked oven door. Aria almost absent-mindedly brought herself to her own thunderous climax as she watched Sonata's blue skin darken and turn brown, her motions slow, her fucking slowly cease until she was nothing more than roasted meat.

Adagio on the other hand merely smiled as she watched both girls the entire time; enjoying herself as Sonata fulfilled her destined role as dinner, and Aria got a tiny taste of what she had planned for her…

Before Aria realized what was happening, the oven timer which Adagio had set while she was otherwise distracted went off, rousing the purple skinned girl from her self-absorbed masturbation just in time to watch Adagio open up the oven.

The delicious smell of roasted girlmeat filled the room as the sounds of roasting flesh reached Aria's ears. Sonata hadn't survived her stint in the oven, but she looked and smelled absolutely delicious.

“Well? Are you going to help me get her on the table?” Or are you just going to stand there drooling and fingering yourself?” Adagio asked, shooting a dirty look at her fellow siren.

Aria pulled her still sticky fingers free from beneath her panties faster than she ever thought possible as she realized she'd been caught. Trying to act casual, Aria hurried to the stove and picked up the first pair of oven mitts she could grab to help pull out the tray carrying Sonata's perfectly roasted flesh.

It took less than a minute to move Sonata's body from the stove to the kitchen table, but for Aria it seemed to take an eternity as she stared down at her former companion's now thoroughly roasted flesh; watching how it practically gleamed in the lights of the kitchen. The smell was hypnotizing. Hunger welled up within the purple-skinned Siren. She felt ravenous! Aria wanted nothing more than to tear into one of Sonata's juicy plump legs…

Before she could even realize what had happened it was time to set the tray down on the table.

“Go set the table, Aria. You can ogle dinner once you're done.”

There was a jolt of pleasure between Aria's thighs at that word, dinner. Sonata really was dinner now, wasn't she? Snuffed for their consumption like the dumb little meatslut she really was in the end…

The thought kept repeating in her mind as Aria set out two plates, forks, knives, and carving tools.

Adagio had gotten a large butcher's cleaver from a drawer and had grabbed hold of Sonata's ponytail, using it to straighten out her head and make her neck more available. Aria paused setting up her own plate to watch.

Carefully, Adagio aimed her cleaver at the center of Sonata's neck and then, after lifting the cleaver up, swung it back down, severing Sonata's head in one clean blow and letting it swing free, restrained only by the two-toned blue ponytail in Adagio's hand.

“What are you going to do with that?” Aria asked, curiously.

“This? I'm throwing it out. It's useless. Practically no useful meat at all, and Sonata certainly doesn't need it to fulfill her purpose. She hardly used her brain while it was still attached anyway…” Adagio explained, tossing Sonata's head into the trash, leaving Aria with nothing but the memory of the absolutely rapturous look on her roasted face to remember it by.

Adagio was already slicing Sonata's roasted tits into big meaty slices by the time Aria's focus returned to her. Each slice was practically dripping with delicious melted fat as the orange haired girl piled them high onto Aria's plate, with a few choice bits like Sonata's nipples kept back for herself.

Aria dug in, one eye focused on Adagio as she cut sonata's left breast down to the bone, exposing the former siren's ribs in her quest to get every last slice of breast meat.

FUCK! Sonata was incredible! She tasted… “MMMMmmmmmm!!!” Aria couldn't keep herself from moaning as she bit into a thick juicy slice of Sonata's tit. “She's perfect!”

“So she wasn't 'wasting her life' then?” Adagio teased. “You know you're changing your tune just like she told you you would, don't you?”

“She's free to tell me 'I told you so' if she can,” Aria joked. “Tasting like this she deserved to be roasted,” Aria continued, her mouth full of even more of Sonata's delicious tit meat.

“Quite a change of tone!” Adagio remarked with false surprise as she repositioned herself between Sonata's thighs to harvest her choicest bits for herself.

Aria, knowing she'd lose any argument she made, bit deeply into another slice of breast instead as she watched Adagio's knife sink into Sonata right between the flushed lips of her cunt and the join of her thigh.

Adagio licked her lips as she cleanly carved Sonata's roasted cunt from her body and set it on her plate, her eyes darting to Aria as she did. She looked at her plate; Sonata's girlhood filet was nestled between two beautiful slices of Sonata's roasted tits, replete with nipples. Not a particularly large dinner, but more than filling for her. Aria would take care of the rest of their former colleague if all went well… After all she'd already cleaned her plate.

Aria had indeed already polished off her plate and was now looking hungrily at Adagio's own spread.

“She really was that good? Well, if you want to keep eating, feel free, but don't expect me to serve you.” Adagio declared, passing the carving utensils to Aria to emphasize her point before turning and starting in on her own more modest meal.

Aria nodded and grabbed one of Sonata's perfectly cooked legs by the ankle and pulled, ripping it free like a turkey's so that she could get a better angle at the former siren's tender upper thigh meat.

Adagio watched, savoring her first bite of breast as Aria carved a large portion of thigh from the leg in her hand, moving her grasping fingers up Sonata's former thigh in order to brace it. Sonata really did taste incredible. She was giving Aria free reign with her meat, but privately she hoped the sullen siren didn't end up eating too much before settling down for the night.

Aria on the other hand was fully absorbed in her work, eating slice after slice, gorging herself on Sonata's delectable meat as she carved up the former siren's legs, breasts, and other parts to sate her hunger.

Adagio watched Aria indulge in her boundless hedonistic hunger as she bit into Sonata's delectables, savoring the way Sonata's clit practically burst between her teeth as she bit into it. Everything was going perfectly…

Less than an hour later, Sonata was fit to collapse. Her eyes closing, unable to even get back to her bed as she sank into a food coma. “Sonata was delicious…” Aria muttered sleepily unable to stay awake. “We should do this again, soon…”

“Oh, don't worry, Aria,” Adagio chuckled to herself. “We will.”


When Aria woke up, she couldn't move her limbs. They were restrained. She was restrained. Spread eagle. Naked. Her eyes shot open and she realized that the cool breeze that had woken her up was the air from the refrigerator opening passing over her.

“What… What's going on?” Aria asked.

“Quiet,” Adagio replied. “Meat doesn't get to speak, Aria.”

“Meat!?” Aria asked, her voice spiking in shock. “But I'm not… That was Sonata, Adagio! We ate her last night!”

“You ate her, you mean. Most of her at least. Hardly left any for me you, selfish little cow. Of course, I let you, It was all part of the plan to fatten you up for tonight's dinner. Letting you eat yourself into a food coma was more than an adequate reward for a little meatslut like yourself. Sonata even agreed when I told her my plans for you…”

Terror gripped Aria's heart as she struggled with her bonds; to no avail. She was well as truly trapped. Strapped onto the same kitchen counter as that Sonata Dusk had cheerfully accepted her end on.
“Why am I strapped down? You didn't strap Sonata down!” Aria babbled trying anything to get free.

“Sonata knew her place, you… can't even follow simple directions.” Adagio replied leaning in. “I told you, Meat doesn't get to speak,” the yellow skinned siren finished, placing one finger across Aria's lips to drive home that she wanted her to be quiet.

“Please…” Aria protested.

“No talking. Maybe if you can follow simple directions you might get some of the leeway I gave Sonata,” Adagio declared as she walked around the counter to between Aria's legs.

Aria shivered as Adagio brought her finger, the same finger the brushed across her lips, down to Aria's lower pair and poked her way inside the purple girl's cunt before easily pulling it out again.

“Wet.” Adagio pronounced, offering the finger so Aria Blaze could see it. “Your body certainly knows its place, even if you don't. Being restrained like this, knowing you're finally going to become meat… It's turning you on; even if you won't admit it. Well, that's good though. If it wasn't I would have had to let you go. Regular girls don't taste anywhere near as nice as meatsluts like you…” Adagio trailed off looking down at Aria's splayed pussy.

“What! No, You're wrong!” Aria couldn't believe this was happening! She wasn't a meatslut like that stupid bitch Sonata! Adagio was wrong! There was a mistake!

Her whole body shuddered as Adagio lowered her head to Aria's slit and blew on it, softly and gently, just enough to make her presence known. “There is one other way to tell… Lets have a little taste test.”

Aria couldn't contain herself as Adagio placed her hands on her legs and kissed her folds, her tongue worming out to taste Aria's prime filet. “Mmmm… very nice. You taste almost exactly like Sonata you know,” Adagio explained as she pulled back. “You're going to cook up perfectly.”

Adagio left her there, unfulfilled, yearning for… Aria wasn't sure what she was yearning for. Her tongue? Her fingers? An orgasm? None of them seemed quite right…

Out of the corner of her eye, Aria could see Adagio picking up the giant cleaver she'd used to behead Sonata the night before. It was still glistening, greasy with Sonata's juices.

“What…. what are you doing with that!?” Aria asked fearfully.

Adagio reached out and pinched one of Aria's nipples. HARD. “What did I tell you about talking, Meat?”

Aria closed her mouth, fearful of what was about to come, even as something lurked beneath her dread.

Adagio aimed at one of Aria's arms, just beneath the shoulder joint. “Still, I suppose if I meatslut as stupid as you seem to be can't figure it out, I should tell you…” Adagio paused before swinging the blade down, separating Aria from her left arm with a wet *thunk*. “I'm butchering you.”

“You see Aria, unlike you, a normal siren like me can't eat half an entire girl in one sitting by herself. So I'm parting you up for later. You should last me a week. Maybe even two!” Adagio explained as she measured her next cut by placing the blade on Aria's left thigh just beneath her hip.

Blood was leaking from Aria's arm. She was in shock, but even she could see that she was no longer completely held in place by her own splayed limbs anymore. She tried to use this newfound freedom to get away, but she didn't have enough Leverage! Not yet.

“Do stay still while you're being butchered, Aria.”Adagio chided, holding her free hand against the purple girl's hip to steady her as she readied her swing. “It's like you have no manners whatsoever!”

“Please! Stop!”

“This is for your own good Aria,” Adagio insisted. “I saw the way your cunt squeezed when I chopped off your arm, the way you shivered in pleasure as I explained what was going on for you. You're practically drooling down there, you know. I'm honestly not sure how you could miss it.”

That wasn't true was it?” Aria wondered. No! It couldn't be true!”

*Thunk!* Down came the cleaver, severing yet another limb. But this time, Aria could feel the sharp spike of pleasure mixed in with the pain as her cunt spasmed practically on cue.

“There, right there. You're acting even worse than Sonata did when I told her what she really was…” Adagio decided as she moved around the table to Aria's last remaining leg.

“You're lying…” Aria whispered.

“Who are you really trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?” she asked as she lined up her blade once more.

Aria could feel the bloody edge of the steel as her own life's essence marked off a line on her upper thigh identical to the one that Adagio had just used to remove her left leg. Adagio raised her cleaver and held it there.

“You really are in denial aren't you? Sonata really was the smarter of the two of you.” Adagio marveled. “Well, don't worry, it'll all be better once I have you Butchered.”

She swung the blade down, leaving Aria with just one limb remaining.

Aria, freed of all but one of her binding tried to wiggle free, using her leverage to try and pull herself off the table. A single hand from Adagio stopped her. It wasn't even particularly forceful. Just a bit of pressure on her right breast and she was stopped.

“Here, those limbs of yours are giving you ideas above your station. Let me fix that for you.”


And with that, Aria was a complete amputee. Of course, Adagio wasn't done yet. While Aria watched, Adagio unfastened her severed limbs from their bindings and one after another she packed them into the fridge.

“For later,”Adagio explained. “I'll have your best cuts now, while they're still at their freshest. The rest of you will be… well not left overs, but your meat will keep till I'm finished with them.”

Without her limbs, Aria couldn't deny that the fire that Adagio had stoked within her nethers was growing. But… She couldn't do anything about it either.

“Why are you doing this?” Aria asked.

“So slow, Aria. It's a wonder why I put up with you all this time. You're a meatslut. We both know it. This isn't anything personal, this is just how it has to be. You can't help being delicious even if you wanted to. This just happened to be as good a time as any to harvest you.” Adagio paused. “Well, I say it's nothing personal, but I can't deny you and Sonata did get on my nerves more than a little with your constant foolish bickering. Still. She saw reason, why can't you?”

Adagio busied herself in the kitchen's cabinets and drawers out of Aria's line of site.

“What now? You leave me here? A helpless, limbless little doll?” Aria asked, half pleading.

“Heavens no!” Adagio replied, seeming offended as she took her plate, silverware, and carving knife back to the table. “I couldn't possibly leave you with your most tender cuts!”

Aria's eyes widened as Adagio walked around to the side and pulled on one of Aria's nipples as hard as she could, stretching her entire massive breast upwards.

Adagio picked up her carving knife and in one long motion, she cut around the base, cutting closer, and closer, and closer to the center until the whole thing came free with a subdued *plop*.

Aria looked down at her once proud chest, now permanently altered by Adagio's butchering.

“You left me lopsided!” Aria complained.

“I'll fix that in a second,” Adagio agreed, setting the severed breast on Aria's stomach and walking around the table.

Aria only had a few seconds to wonder what Adagio meant by 'fix that' before a sharp pain hit her left breast as well, Her nipple pinched and the blade already hard at work removing it from her body.


Aria stared at her newly flattened chest, not sure what to think. Her anger was dying down now. She wasn't sure if she was in shock, or if Adagio was right, but… she couldn't help but notice that the fire in her sex was only growing the more and more that Adagio removed from her.

Adagio picked up both breasts, leaving a bloody stain on Aria's belly where she'd let them rest of a second before putting them in a much smaller tray than Sonata had used the night before and sliding them into the oven.

“That'll need to roast till dinner's ready, but your best cut should be done in time for lunch,” Adagio explained looking down at the prize at the bottom of Aria's remaining body. She smiled. “With your legs removed, It'll be much easier to harvest too…”

Aria gasped as Adagio's carving knife slid home, beginning the careful work of separating her from her treasure.

“Now stay still, you don't want to ruin my lunch now do you”? Adagio asked.

Aria could only nod. This felt… It felt incredible! She could feel the pleasure building inside her as Adagio's knife slowly circumnavigated her cunt, carving through her muscled to liberate her butcher's prize. This was… Adagio really was right wasn't she? She really was a meat slut just like Sonata!

She was getting close now! Closer! Closer!

“There!” Adagio exclaimed slicing the last bit of muscle free of Aria's body and pulling her prize away. Aria's eyes were rolled back, she was panting, shuddering. “You're cumming aren't you, you little slut? Cumming just as your cunt is taken from you… I don't know how you can say you aren't a meatslut with a straight face…”

“I… I am…” Aria admitted. “I am a meat slut. You're absolutely right… Mistress.”

Adagio smiled beatifically. “I'm glad you finally understand.”

She picked up the cleaver in one hand and held onto one of Aria's pigtails in the other. “Now, quiet. Meat doesn't talk, and I won't have you ruining my lunch.”

Aria bared her neck without asking and the blade came down, separating the sullen siren's head from her neck. Aria blinked, trying to speak, but there was no air to form words with. She watched as Adagio carried her to the trashcan and opened it, dropping her head right atop Sonata's. This really was the proper place for meatsluts like her, wasn't it?

Adagio wasted no time at all frying up her favorite treat. As she bit into Aria's succulent cunt she smiled. Life was almost perfect now. A hearty meal, and peace and quiet at last.

Idly she wondered whose meat she could try once Aria and Sonata ran out. Yellow and red hair the color of fire immediately flashed to mind, along with the sight of sunset shimmer, obediently climbing up on the table in the back yard and begging for the spit.

She'd do… She'd certainly do… But later. Right now, it was time to enjoy an absolutely delectable lunch.

The End
R: 21 / I: 0

Cynophobia (Dog girl, Dog/f, MMF/f, reluctant, non-consensual, pet play, minor scat and urine)



Fear and Loathing in Dog Cages

This story is based off of and inspired by the image "Cynophobia", by Danaume, as well as by the short description, by Dabler595, that accompanies it, which one may find at this link:


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If you're just here for the doggone dog on dog-girl sex scene, please proceed directly to parts 8 or 9.

1 - The Attack

A shrill, high pitched scream of pure panic and terror rang through the house. Mr. Matheson, who had been on his favorite recliner, having a nice, lazy, Sunday afternoon nap, jolted out of his seat at the sound. He stumbled up and looked around for a moment, confused, his body ready for action but his brain still catching up, when the second scream, one that was even more panicked and insistent than the first, tore trough the air.

It was coming from the back yard.

Mr. Matheson leapt forward at the sound of the second scream, sprinting towards the rear of the house and the back yard. His heart surged, racing as adrenaline flooded into him, as he burst out of the home. From the amount of noise being made by whoever was screaming, he expected to find a scene of mayhem and chaos, perhaps even a pool of blood and a body or two.

What he found instead was his teenage daughter, cowering on top of the picnic table, as the neighbor's dog frolicked and ran around the yard, happily exploring and snuffling everything he came across.

"Samantha, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Mr. Matheson exclaimed, his voice a little rough from fear and the short, rapid sprint.

"What on earth are you yelling about?" he asked.

"Daddy!" Samantha cried. "Make him go away! Make him get out of the yard!"

The girl was covering her face, cringing really, with one hand, while the other pointed towards the object of her apparent fear: the neighbor's dog.

Said dog was currently rolling and squirming happily on the lawn. His short tail was wagging, and his whole body was wriggling in delight, at the feel of the cool, green grass against his pelt of short fur. When he noticed that Mr. Matheson's attention was on him, he issued forth a little joyous bark towards the man, his mouth open in a doggy smile, and wagged his tail and squirmed his body all the harder.


"Oh, of course." Mr. Matheson said, as his body deflated from its adrenaline fueled fight or flight instincts.

The neighbor's dog had jumped the picket fence, yet again. His daughter, who had probably been sunning herself on the grass, if her bikini top and brief, cutoff shorts were any indication, was scared of dogs. Naturally, instead of doing the reasonable thing and simply retreating into the house and asking someone else to deal with the canine intruder, she had utterly panicked and started screaming bloody murder.

Granted, the dog was quite large, probably even heavier than Samantha herself, but that was no reason to startle ten years of her father's life from him, and make half of the neighborhood think that someone was apparently being brutally murdered at the Matheson house.

"Samantha, come down from there." Mr. Matheson said, frowning at his daughter, his irritation as being so rudely shocked awake from his nap obvious. "And quit your hysterics. I know that you don't like dogs, but there are limits, young lady, and you are testing them."

Actually, saying that his daughter didn't like dogs was something of an understatement, sort of like saying that the ocean was a bit wet. Samantha was absolutely terrified of the animals, even of the smallest, most harmless of terriers, and couldn't stand to be near them at all.

"Daddy, please!" Samantha said, her voice tight with worry and fear. "He'll get me! Get him out of the yard first!"

"Oh, for goodness sake." Mr. Matheson said, rolling his eyes.

"Bruno, here boy!" he called, a moment later, to the dog.

Bruno perked up at once, and leapt up, his tail wagging so hard that his whole rear end was moving in time with it, and raced towards Mr. Matheson. The dog ran several excited circles around the man, his clawed paws digging into the turf and kicking up bits of grass, before he finally came to a halt before him.

As Mr. Matheson reached down to pet the dog, Bruno bounded up on his hind legs, planted his front paws on the man's thighs, and stretched up to give the man's face a doggy kiss, slobbering all over him.

Samantha cried out again at this, clearly expecting the dog to do something like go for her father's throat.

"Daddy, watch out!"

"Blech!" Mr. Matheson spat, half amused and half disgusted, as he wiped the dog spit from his face with one hand and ruffled the happy dog's ears with the other.

"Bruno, you are a menace!" he said, his tone light and clearly not serious.

Mr. Matheson then spent the next minute or so rubbing and petting the ecstatic dog all over, ignoring his daughter's continuing stream of fearful warnings and cries of alarm.

"Alright, boy, lets go." he finally said, hooking a couple of fingers under the dog's collar. "Lets get you back home."

Mr. Matheson led the dog towards the neighbor's fence, which really wasn't tall enough at all. The young dog had the power and energy, with a lot left over to spare, needed to make the short jump over it whenever he felt like it. Samantha, still crouched on the picnic table, was almost directly between Mr. Matheson, Bruno, and the fence, and he and the dog passed within just a few feet of the girl on the way.

Samantha looked increasingly alarmed as the dog approached, and started begging and pleading with her father.

"Daddy, no! Keep him away, please!"

Mr. Matheson paused, sighed, and gave his daughter a level look as he held firmly on to the wriggling dog's collar.

"Samantha, Bruno isn't going to hurt you. I know that you're scared of dogs, but this is ridiculous." he said.

"Daddy, please, get him AWAY!" she cried in response, backing as far away as she could from them while still staying on top of the picnic table.

"Samantha, why don't you try coming down from there and petting Bruno?" her father asked. "I guarantee that he won't hurt you, promise."

The girl's only response was to start hiccuping in fear, her chest hitching rather alarmingly. It looked like she was nearly in tears.

Mr. Matheson shook his head, clearly disappointed with his daughter. He then led Bruno to the fence, hoisted the heavy hound over it, and received one last doggy lick to the face for his trouble.

"There, you're safe now." Mr. Matheson said to his daughter, his words dry. "Really, Samantha, this is getting to be a bit much. We need to do something about this irrational fear of yours."

"Daddy, he's huge!" Samantha replied, as she cautiously descended from the picnic table. "He could eat me in, like, two whole bites."

"Daughter mine, if I've said it once, I've said it a million times: please don't exaggerate. It just makes you sound silly."

"Oh, ha ha, dad, very fun.." Samantha started to reply, shaking her head. She interrupted herself though, giving out a frightened squeak, her eyes widening dramatically. Then she darted towards the house's back door, in full, rapid retreat.

Mr. Matheson turned around, unperturbed, to see what had startled his daughter so.

Bruno's head, peeking over the fence, was what. The dog let out a happy bark, pleased with himself, as Mr. Matheson snorted in amusement.

"Yep, we need to do something about that girl." he said quietly to himself, as he walked back towards the house. "I think I know what might help, but I'd better have a talk with her mother about it, first."

2 - Facing Your Fears

Mr. Matheson brought up his idea at dinner that evening. His wife, who had cooked the excellent meal his family was currently engaged in eating, looked up curiously as he cleared his throat. Christopher, his son, looked at his father as well, his expression mildly interested. Samantha, who had been picking listlessly at her food, and who still seemed to be a bit shaky and traumatized by her encounter earlier in the day, also looked up.

"Samantha, your mother and I had a talk this afternoon, about your reaction to Bruno." he said.

The girl shuddered at the dog's name, clearly uncomfortable talking, or even thinking, about him.

"From what we understand, most fear stems from ignorance, from a lack of understanding." Mr. Matheson continued. "People are scared of the dark, for example, because they can't see what might be in it. Shining a light into that darkness, though, illuminating and revealing the unknown, makes that fear go away."

"If one comes to know and understand something, even something that might seem terrible, then one is much less likely to be so afraid of that thing afterwards." he finished, looking pointedly at his daughter, and then to the window overlooking the neighbor's yard.

"Um, okay, I guess.. I guess that makes sense." Samantha slowly replied, looking warily back and forth between her parents.

"So, if you spent some time trying to understand dogs, how and why they act the way they do, then you might not be so afraid of them, right?" Mr. Matheson asked.

"I know all I need to know about dogs already!" Samantha replied, heatedly. "They're big, they're mean, and they're scary."

"And, they've got huge teeth!" she finished, pulling on the corner of her mouth with a finger, revealing her own teeth, in demonstration.

Mrs. Matheson sighed, then spoke.

"Dear, take your finger out of your mouth. That's disgusting."

"That is exactly the kind of response that has your mother and I so worried." Mr. Matheson said, looking serious. "You're blowing your fears about dogs all out of proportion. Dangerously so, even."

"Daddy, please." Samantha said, with a small, derisive snort. "I think that's a bit of an exaggeration."

"Dear, you screamed so loud this afternoon that your father thought you were being murdered." Mrs. Matheson said, reasonably. "He could have tripped and broken his neck while he was sprinting out to go "save" you. And from what? From a friendly dog, one that was still a puppy less than a year ago, that wouldn't hurt a fly."

"He got there just in time!" Samantha said, her face growing red. "B-Bruno could have killed me!"

Christopher rolled his eyes and snickered at this, chuckling softly, his opinion on Bruno's dangerousness quite evident.

Samantha rounded on her younger brother, glaring at him furiously.

"Oh, what do you know, you little..!" she started to say, before being cut off by her father.

"That's enough." he said, firmly. "Samantha, you can't go on like this, reacting completely irrationally and panicking every time you come across a dog. Your mother and I have discussed this, and we think that if you took some time to really understand dogs, that you might be able to overcome your fears about them."

A look of sheer terror crept slowly across Samantha's face, as she looked at her father in growing horror.

"You're.. you're going to get me a dog, aren't you?" she asked, her voice small, almost whimpering in fear.

"What? No, no, nothing like that." Mr. Matheson replied, shaking his head. "How would that help?"

"No, Samantha, YOU are going to be the dog."

Both Samantha and Christopher blinked at this, apparently completely nonplussed by their father's casual statement.

"Um.. what?" Samantha ventured, after a moment or two. "What do you mean?"

"I think that if you spent some time as a dog, living as they do, you might understand them better." Mr. Matheson said, nodding at his daughter. "You might even lose your fear of them entirely."

"I.. what?" she replied, her evident confusion only mounting.

"I talked this over with your mother, and she agreed with me: we think that this might be the best thing for you." Mr. Matheson explained. "I had her pick up a few things for you, to help you adjust to being a dog, while she was out shopping earlier today."

"You're.. you're going to make me into a dog?" Samantha asked, disbelievingly.

"The family dog, yes." Mr. Matheson agreed, nodding again. "Hopefully, after being a dog for a while, you'll have more empathy, and feel much less fear, towards other dogs."

"Oh, that makes sense." Christopher said, nodding his own head in agreement.

"It.. It does?!" Samantha asked, looking incredulously at her brother.

"Of course it does, dear." Mrs. Matheson said.

"But, I don't want to be a dog!" the girl cried, wringing her hands.

"Well, of course you don't." her mother replied, shaking her head. "That's what we're trying to fix, isn't it? Your irrational fear of dogs and anything to do with them."

"But.. but.."

"No 'buts', Samantha. It's settled." her father said, firmly. "This is your last meal as a girl, as a human. After dinner, your mother is going to take you to the laundry room and put your new doggy accessories on."

"Then, after that, you're going to stay a dog until you've lost your fear of them." he finished.

Samantha looked at her father, stunned, her mouth hanging open.

"How long do you think that will take, dad?" Christopher asked, absently, as he resumed eating dinner.

"Not too long, I think. A few days, or a week, or two, probably." Mr. Matheson said, waving his hand in a vague, dismissive manner. "Or a year. However long it takes."

"But.. But I.. don't want.. to be a.. be a.." Samantha said, weakly, her shock at her sudden demotion to family pet quite evident on her face.

"It's decided. No 'buts'." Mr. Matheson said again, his tone iron. "Now, eat your vegetables, Samantha."

"This really is for the best, dear." Mrs. Matheson said to her daughter, reaching over to pat her on the arm.

"And besides, you'll make such a beautiful dog!" she continued, smiling fondly at Samantha.

As the rest of her family returned to eating their meal, Samantha sat rigid in her chair, still not quite believing the conversation that had just taken place.

Surely, she thought, surely they couldn't be serious.

3 - The Transformation

They were serious.

Mrs. Matheson led her daughter, who was still stunned enough to not resist her mother's commands and instructions, to the laundry room after the meal was over.

Her mother had a bag, which had the logo of a local pet store emblazoned across it, sitting on the washing machine, waiting for her. The very first thing that Mrs. Matheson pulled out of the bag was probably the most shocking to Samantha. It was a dog collar.

It was HER dog collar.

Samantha started trembling all over at the sight of it. Her mother mistook Samantha's trembling for excitement, and beamed at her daughter, proudly showing her the thing which would render her from a human girl to a mere pet.

"I got you a nice one, dear. It was very expensive, but I think that you're worth it." Mrs. Matheson said, setting the collar aside.

She then pulled out more things from the bag. There were what appeared to be crude, mitten like gloves, as well as a fluffy, dog-like tail attached to some sort of large, black, pear shaped object, and finally, several straps and odd flaps of various sizes, thicknesses, and designs. Everything seemed to be made out of the same heavy, brown leather.

"Paws first, I think." Mrs. Matheson said, sorting through the pile of pet gear.

"Mom.." Samantha started, sounding more than a little lost and out of her depth. "I don't want to be a.. be a dog."

"Well, I wasn't so sure about this idea myself, dear, but you know your father." Mrs. Matheson admitted. "Once he gets set on something, there's no changing his mind."

"And, you have to admit, he made some good points, too. You really do need to learn to relax around dogs, Samantha." She finished. "I mean, having my daughter scream and go into hysterics every time she sees a chihuahua is a bit embarrassing for for me. Surely you can see that, right?"


"No. No more 'buts', like your father said, dear." Mrs. Matheson said, firmly. "Now, let me see your hands."

In but a pair of moments, Samantha's mother had the vaguely paw shaped leather mittens on her daughter's hands. They had straps that, when secured around Samantha's wrists, locked them into place tightly.

"How's that, too tight?"

"I guess they're.. okay?" Samantha answered, uncertainly.

"Good. Now, try to take them off."

Samantha, who was already growing to dislike the feel of the rough leather against her slim, un-calloused fingers, eagerly complied with her mother's instruction. Unfortunately, the gloves allowed her almost no finger movement, and she was unable to so much as budge the straps securing them to her wrists.

"I.. I can't!" Samantha said, alarmed.

"Perfect, then." her mother replied, satisfied. "Lets get the rest of these things on you."

"They sell this kind of stuff at the pet store?" Samantha asked, shaking her head in consternation at the pile of gear that it seemed she would soon be wearing.

"Oh, they had quite a large selection, actually. I got just the basics for you." Mrs. Matheson answered. "The clerks there were very helpful when I told them what I needed. Such pleasant girls."

"They even told me that, if you don't work out, they could sell me a replacement for you, quite cheaply." she continued. "Apparently, they're a bit over stocked at the moment."

Samantha eyed her mother, her expression a mix of surprise and disbelief. Before Samantha could ask for clarification on just what she meant, though, her mother gave her daughter a new instruction.

"Okay, now, down on your hands and knees, please."


"Well, dogs don't go around walking on two feet, do they?"

"I have to be on my hands and knees the whole time?!" Samantha asked, her tone outraged and offended.

"Yes.. er, no. What I mean is that you'll be walking on your paws and knees. Dogs don't have hands, after all." Mrs. Matheson explained.

Reluctantly, Samantha complied with her mother's command, and knelt down on the floor before her. Samantha's face flushed with embarrassment as she looked up at her mother's form, which loomed tall above her, from her new, lowly position.

"Good. Now, hold still."

Samantha's mother then slipped two wide, heavy straps around her daughter's legs, and used them to secure her ankles to her thighs. This left Samantha balanced on only her knees and her new paws, with her bare feet wiggling uselessly in their new place at the bottom of her rump.

"Hmm." Mrs. Matheson hummed, looking at the remaining items in the pile of gear. "I think that the gag is probably the best thing to do next."

"And before you ask, yes, you have to wear it." she said, looking down at her daughter severely. "Dogs don't talk."

"Mom, please.." Samantha begged, looking up at her mother hopefully.

She was, somewhat ironically, unconsciously making puppy eyes as she did so.

"Shush. Hold still." Mrs. Matheson commanded.

The gag was a deep red ball, which was mounted on yet more leather strapping. Without any ado, Mrs. Matheson simply inserted it into her daughter's mouth, lifted her medium length hair out of the way, and tightened it's straps securely around the back of her head.

"There we go. Now I don't have to listen to any more whining." Mrs. Matheson said, sounding somewhat relieved.

Samantha whimpered at this, her large eyes still begging her mother to undo what she had done.

"Well, except for that kind of whining." Mrs. Matheson said, laughing lightly. "But that's okay, because that's the proper way for a dog to whine when it wants something."

"Okay, just ears, tail, collar, and leash to go."

The ears, which turned out to be the odd leather flaps, mounted on what was essentially a hair band, slipped onto Samantha's head easily enough, but the tail came as something of a shock to the girl. It quickly became apparent that it didn't simply strap on to her.

Samantha first knew something was wrong when her mother started cutting her clothes from her, using a pair of large scissors. Samantha squirmed at this, but her mother simply ignored her daughter's feeble protests, and snipped her bikini top, cutoff jean shorts, and finally even her panties cleanly off.

Soon enough, Samantha was as bare as the day she was born and flushed beet red with embarrassment, gagged, naked, and kneeling at her mother's feet.

"No, dogs don't get to wear clothes, either." Mrs. Matheson said, answering the obvious question on her daughter's face. "Now, turn around so I can put your tail in."

Samantha complied, slowly, looking over her shoulder the entire time, her worry easily readable on her features.

Then her mother stuck the bulbous, rubbery end of the tail into her bottom.

It was, thankfully, already lubricated. Due to it's shape, it slipped into her rear entrance without too much fuss, though it's size still stretched her out far more than she could have prepared herself for. Her shriek of surprise at the intrusion was muffled by her gag into a simple, yipping sound of protest, and she collapsed on to the floor afterward, shaking. The girl's hips squirmed and rolled, in a futile effort to dislodge the tail now set deep into her bottom.

"There we go. Just one last thing to go, Samantha, and then you'll be a dog."

Mrs. Matheson picked up the collar and showed it to her daughter again.

"The girls at the pet store said that this is the perfect collar for a new, untrained dog." she said, stroking the heavy, strong leather proudly. "It even comes with a remote control of some kind."

"Well, lets get it on you. We've spent enough time in here; I'm sure that your father and brother are eager to see just how well you've turned out." she continued. "Lift your head up, dear."

Samantha just shook her head at her mother, her eyes beginning to water, as she looked up at what was about to become the only symbol of her status in the world.

"Now, now, don't be like that." her mother chided. "It really isn't as bad as you seem to think. Just imagine, in a few days or so, you'll probably be cured of your silly fear of dogs completely, and you'll be able to go through the rest of your life with a new, improved outlook and a better appreciation for them."

Samantha looked up at her mother for a few more moments, her eyes still begging, then gave up, her body sagging limply in defeat.

Mrs. Matheson patted her daughter on the head, stroking her hair for a moment. Then, she slipped the collar around Samantha's neck, threaded the end through the buckle, and cinched it secure.

The collar wasn't too tight, but it certainly wasn't going to slip off over the girl's head; it was obvious that it wouldn't be coming off anytime soon.

The last thing Mrs. Matheson did, after attaching a leash to Samantha's new collar, was to collect girl's discarded clothes and casually dump the now unneeded and useless scraps of garment into the trash bin. Then, tugging on the leash firmly, she left the laundry room and Samantha behind, and led the family's new dog out into the world.
R: 43 / I: 0

What happened to Outdoor Cinema?

After this site came back up, I saw it on the bottom of /lit/ last updated in 2008? I tried to bump it, but recieved an error. Refreshed /lit/ and saw that it was gone. Is there a backup or mirror of that story and/or its comments?
R: 105 / I: 0

The Many Deaths of Julie (non-con, snuff, gutting, gun/knife play, hard vore, rape, and more)

There is far too little non-con snuff on this board, so I decided to post some stuff and hopefully inspire and/or attract some non-con fans here. I'd also like to say that violence against women and sexual assault are very big problems in society, and these fantasies are not meant to condone or perpetrate those issues in any way.

Julie is a character that embodies just about everything I enjoy in my fantasy victims, and although her personality may vary slightly from story to story, she remains fairly consistent. I've penned quite a few of her demises, and hopefully some of these tales you'll also find enjoyable. Some are reposts I've shared here previously, and some are new.
R: 101 / I: 4

Waifu Wars Blood and Boobs

Lauren-I'm Lauren

Alice-And I'm Alice!

Lauren-And we'd like to announce to you

Alice-Waifu Wars Season 2!

Lauren-indeed, and it will have more to it than knew fights

Alice- Oh? Like What?

Lauren-New creatively kinky deaths for one

Alice-But we've already had back breaking, cannibalism, swords, arrows, asphyxiation, bullets, crushing, throat slitting, poison, and neck snapping! *starts counting fingers* that's like 10 deaths!

Lauren-Uh yes that's um very perceptive oh you. But along with these new fights and deaths, well have a wider varieties of combatants, some more obscure, so we'll be here to give you a brief bio

Alice-Haha you're stuck with me!

Lauren-yes sadly. But while you wait, check out Waifu Wasted for something special

Alice-Waifu Wars Season 2 starts soon, so see ya then!
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Mira Dentro

Mira Dentro
R: 8 / I: 0

Post Mortem Incest (m/f-f, Incest, Necro, Shooting, Piss, Shit.)

Everyone I know – my friends, coworkers, relatives, wife, and kids, and pretty much the entire town – has heard the story of how my sisters were brutally gunned down when I was fifteen. It was Winter of 2021, and a cult of anarchists had formed and gained influence in the United States. The Obliterators, as they called themselves, created a new form of terrorism which involved invading homes at random and killing everyone they could find. My house was one of the first to be targeted by this new tactic. Based on my personal testimony, investigators, as well as the media, believed the terrorists left under the assumption that I was already dead, after I tumbled and knocked myself unconscious. That story is ludicrous, and the fact that they believe the Obliterators left without making sure I was dead is amusing; responsive or not, they would have shot me anyways to be sure. However; this misinformation was beneficial to me, and I always agreed with the official story when I was asked. The truth of the matter is, I was conscious through the whole ordeal; I survived because they never found me, and I never let them know I was in the house. That is not the main reason I kept this a secret.

We moved into that house just a few months earlier, so my dad could be closer to his new job. Although it was a big house, the bedrooms were spacious, and there was just three of them. My parents got one, my sisters, Courtney and Rebecca, each got their own room, so I ended up with the attic as my room. Not that I had an issue with it; it was bigger than the bedrooms, I could always tell when my parents were coming in, and it was secluded. It got even better; just two days before the shooting, I discovered a small hole in the floor, and it was directly over the bathroom. And it was directly above the toilet.

Now, I don't really know how common it is for a sibling to have a crush on on another; I would be willing to bet a lot more than most people would guess, but I could be wrong. I do know that I was one of them.

Courtney, who was only two years older than me, was the first girl I ever had a crush on. Frizzy dark hair, which she kept down to her waist, and a slender frame. I first noticed how pretty she was about the time she turned eleven, when her buds began to sprout. They blossomed as she turned into a teenager, and her low cut tops left very little of her watermelon-sized meat sacks to the imagination.

Rebecca, being two years younger, only gained my attention a few weeks before her thirteenth birthday. She had the same slender frame as Courtney, chestnut brown hair to her shoulders, that she normally kept in a ponytail, and a smooth, milky, complexion. Her breasts came in later, but, when they sprouted, they blossomed quickly. I truly noticed when she reached across me to grab the remote from the back of then couch, and I got a face full of cleavage. As she never wore a bra, I got my first real peak of nipples.

Other than the incident with Rebecca, I never actually saw either of them nude. Over the years I caught myself glancing out of the corner of my eye when they walked by in tight shorts or pants, or whenever one of them bent over. I jerked myself off thinking about them in the tub or in a changing room, but for one reason or the other I did not attempt to get a glimpse of them in the buff until I found the hole in my floor.

The second day after my discovery I was peeping down the hole as Courtney took a shower. While the view inside the curtain was blocked by the curtain, I was waiting for her to come out. Then the door opened.

"Who is it?" Courtney peaked around the curtain as Rebecca stepped through the threshold.

"Just me. I gotta go number two," my little sister replied.

Courtney nodded and went back to her shower. "Please use the air freshener before you leave."

"Okay. I'll remember this time." She pulled down her pants in underwear, unknowingly giving me a brief glimpse of her tight ass, and sat on the toilet.

I listened for the plopping of her shit hitting the water, when the sound of heavy footfalls rapidly coming down the hall caught my attention. Rebecca looked at the door as it slammed open, and a tall masked man clad in black camouflage stepped brandishing a Colt AR-15. Rebecca raised her posture and her chest expanded as a scream approached her lips, but the man fired before she could even squeak.

Her body thrashed and danced with each impact; several dozen bullets ripped through her chest, and shredded her heart and lungs in a flurry of blood. Her body slumped back with her tongue lolling uselessly from her mouth, and a blood oozed from her lips. The plop I expected moments ago came, accompanied by a tinkling, as her body emptied her bodily wastes into the toilet.

I could hear Courtney whimpering loudly, and the gunman could too. He reloaded his weapon and pulled the curtain open.

"No! Please no! No! No! No..." He shoved the barrel of the gun directly into her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her muffled scream abruptly stopped as more than a dozen bullets blasted a hole in the back of her head and spattered pieces of brain on the tile. He body went limp and she slid down into the tub, with a trickle of piss running down her legs.

I laid there looking down at the ruined, naked, bodies of my sisters, with my mouth agape and eyes widened, for almost fifteen minutes. Until they left, after searching all of the bedrooms and closets; I was lucky they neglected to look in the attic.

After I was sure they were not going to come back I climbed out into the hall. My first thought told me I should call the police and then my parents, who were in Berlin for their anniversary. Something – my hormones and curiosity, no doubt – took over. I walked towards the bathroom. The killer left it open, so I just walked right on in.

My first sight was Rebecca sitting there on the toilet, legs spread and rivers of blood poured from her chest; some went in the toilet while others fed into a crimson puddle on the floor. I had a perfect view her smooth pussy. My dick pushed against the fabric, and I felt a little disgusted with myself that I was getting hard over my little sister's dead cunt. Yet, I was unable to control myself, and before I knew it I was crouched in front of the toilet and my left index finger prodded her labia. It was still warm, and quite moist.

I softly rubbed her pussy for several minutes, then inserted my fingers into her slit, and into her tight little hole. I pulled it out moments later dripping with her juices. Then my attention shifted to Courtney.

She laid against the wall of the tub; fat drops of blood dripped from her mouth and splashed on between her legs, to be carried into the drain by the water still pouring from the shower head. I sat down crisscross in front of the tub and reached out to stroke the side of her face. I grabbed one of her breasts; caressed and squeezed it, then licked her puffy areole and suckled on her nipple. Then I dropped it, and watched it droop uselessly. I lifted up her face, stared into her vacant green eyes, and, after wiping the blood from her mouth with a wet rag, softly kissed her lips.

I pulled away after about a minute and let her head slump. I told myself it was time to go make some phonecalls, but I had to do something about the massive erection, and masturbating would not have sufficed.

As I stood up, I grabbed Courtney's upper arms and pulled her limp body up with me; chunks of brain fell out of the back of her head and plopped down into the tub as I lifted her. I pulled her body out and dropped it onto the floor, with her legs spread wide. I unbuttoned my pants and pushed it, along with my boxers, to my ankles. Then I crouched in front of her, held wrapped my arms around her thighs, and shoved my member into her pussy. It tight and wet, and it only took a minute of thrusting to climax. I grunted as I sprayed my sticky white too into her womb.

I collapsed on top of her, with my head nestled between her breasts, as I took in air. I was filled with both self-loathing and disgust, but also euphoria and a feeling of accomplishment; I just lost my virginity, and to the first girl I had a crush on, but at the same time she was my sister and she was dead. And I was not satisfied.

After I regained my strength, I got up and lifted Courtney's body back into the tub. I went back to the toilet and grabbed Rebecca. I laid her out and front of the tub, legs open. I lifted what remained of her t-shirt over her shoulders and fondled her breasts; there was very little left, and her nipples were certainly gone, but they were still soft, firm, and squeezable.

I mounted her and thrust my cock forward and entered her girlhood. Blood trickled from her pussy, and I realized that I was her first, and only, sex partner. The fact that she was a virgin made my member stiffen even more, and I pushed all the way to her cervix; there was no need to worry about hurting her, and I rather enjoyed squeezing into her tight hole, so I thrust hard and fast. This time I was able to control myself and hold back when I felt it coming too soon. I fucked my young sister for almost half an hour before I allowed myself to orgasm. I shot my seed into her, but kept going for another half-hour, Cumming two more times before I finally pulled out.

After I placed Rebecca's body back on the toilet seat I stood over her, watching cum drip from her cooling vagina. I finally left after another hour, to call the police and then my parents. I told them I fell out of the attic and woke up hours later, to explain why I took so long after the murders to contact someone. The killer was caught down the street, so, to my luck, an autopsy was deemed unnecessary. The true events were kept a secret, and this journal will be buried with me when I die.
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Cruelty-free meat (consensual, anal, ws, cannibalism, snuff)

First time doing this. Did not put a lot of effort in it, just kept rambling (made it mainly for myself with no intention of sharing), but maybe someone will enjoy it. Might continue it sometime.

"Ooh, this place looks fun!" said Maja excitedly. She was walking through a busy street with her best friend Moa. Maja was a tiny 14 year old girl with shoulder length red hair and a petite build. Her skin, most of which was showing since she was only wearing a slightly transparent thong leotard, was very pale and smooth. Moa, on the other hand, was incredibly tall, nearly two meters. She was two years older than Maja, had long, bright blonde hair, and was very slender. She wore a short red dress that gave glimpses of her hairless pussy whenever she took a step or a gust of wind hit her, but she showed no sign of noticing when it happened.

"It's a butcher's shop." said Moa in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah, so?"

"People go in there to get killed for meat."

"I know, what's your point?"

"Ugh, do you want to die?" said Moa in an exasperated voice.

"We can just go in and have a look, you know." said Maja, equally exasperated.

"Fine, but don't do anything stupid."

"Yeah, yeah, let's just go inside."

They went inside the shop and were greeted with the smell of freshly cut meat. At the counter were a large variety of meat cuts, tits, cunts, cocks, limbs, every part was for sale. At a wall inside the shop stood five naked girls and five naked boys who all looked to be around the two girls' ages, which was the best time to harvest people. The girls had their elbows tied together behind their backs to make their breasts stand out more. The boys hands were tied behind their backs as well, but they were allowed more slack. All of them had their feet tied to either ends of long metal bars to keep their legs spread, and around their necks were shackles attached to the wall behind them. Most of them did not look frightened, but instead looked rather excited, as was very obvious when one saw their wet cunts and erect cocks.

"They must be volunteers," said Moa, "except that poor boy over there." She pointed at a boy at the rightmost end of the wall. He looked terrified, and it was obvious he had been crying. Maja felt bad for the boy and went to talk to him.

"Hi," she said and the boy looked up at her, "what's your name?"

"Erik," he said, his voice was very shaky, "what's yours?"

"Maja, and this is Moa." she replied. The boy was a redhead, just lika Maja, and had the same pale skin. He looked like he was the same age as her and she found him very cute. "You didn't volunteer, did you?"

He shook his head, "no, my mother just lost her job and had to sell me to pay the rent."

"That's awful," said Moa, indignant, "I fucking hate this society." Moa had some very strong political views. She didn't mind cannibalism, but she hated people being forced into selling their kids to survive. Society could easily provide for those people, so why the hell didn't it?

"Yeah, it's shit all right," agreed Maja, "hey, are you a virgin, Erik?" she asked. He blushed and didn't reply. "You don't need to be embarrassed, we are both virgins."

"I am." he said, visibly relaxing at Maja's admission.

"It's a shame you have to die without getting fucked, I'm gonna ask the butcher if we can solve that for you before you're sold."

Maja went to the counter. Behind was a large-breasted black-haired girl wearing only a leather apron with a name tag reading "Evelina". She looked to be around 20 or so, and was apparently the owner of the shop.

"Oi, is it okay to fuck the meat kids?" asked Maja.

"No, not really." said Evelina. She apparently noticed Maja glancing over at Erik. "Are you talking about that Erik boy?"

"Yeah, I'd feel bad if he didn't get to have sex before dying," said Maja, "I thought I'd be able to do something for the poor boy."

"Poor thing's been crying ever since his mother left him here this morning," said Evelina, "I didn't want to take him, this is supposed to be a volunteer meat only shop, but his mother was on her knees, begging. Apparently she has three more kids to feed. It's fucking shameful that his mum had to sell him."

This seemed a little hypocritical to Maja, "You should let him go." she said.

"Yeah, I wasn't actually planning on selling him. I think his mum didn't want him to return after she'd forced him into this, so I figured I'd put him up there for show."

"Oh, now I really want to do something nice for him," said Maja, she was tearing up from the story, "hey, if you were going to let him go anyway, could you pretend that we bought him, and then we could go fuck him in the back room or something?"

"Oh what the hell, sure, you can use the killing room. It's almost closing time and I don't think I'll need it any more today."

"Awesome! Thank you so much!" squaled Maja.


They walked over to Erik and Moa.

"Well, your time's up, this girl bought you for a party." said Evelina in an emotionless voice and released his neck from the wall. Moa glanced at Maja, who obviously didn't have the money for a whole human. Maja winked subtly to her, and she didn't ask. Erik just wept quietly at the news.

"I'm sorry about this," said Maja, "but my parents wanted me to bring back a whole person, and I didn't want to leave you for some sadistic bastards who would get a kick out of torturing someone against their will. We'll have Evelina here do you, and she'll make it quick and painless."

"I will." confirmed Evelina as she released his feet. If he tried to run they could easily catch him, and he seemed aware of that fact.

"Thank you." said Erik quietly.

Evelina went ahead of the two girls through a door in the back with Erik, her bare ass swaying slightly as they went.

"So, will you explain?" said Moa in a curious voice.

"She was gonna let him go anyway, she didn't wanna sell him, just felt bad for his mum. Figured it was better if she took him in than someone who doesn't care about consent."

"So you got him for free? You gonna have him slaughtered?"

"Nah, just let him believe we will and do something nice for him."

"Damn, you're both nice and horrible, you know that?" laughed Moa.

"You know it," said Maja with a grin, "besides, he's really cute and I wanna try having sex, so it's a win-win, right?"

"Right. Let's not keep him waiting then!"

They went into the back room to find Erik restrained on his back on a bench. He was blindfolded and his head was fastened under a guillotine blade.

"It's secure, it won't fall down unless I enter the code to unlock it," whispered Evelina, "have fun!" She left them alone in the room. There was a stainless steel table in the middle of the room with various knives and cleavers, a giant meat grinder was in the back, and around the walls were spits and other cooking and killing devices. Volunteers apparently had a lot to choose from. Evelina had left a jar of human grease open on the table.

Maja walked quietly to the table and took off her sparse cloting, Moa followed her lead. She put two fingers into the grease jar and smeared it around her anus. She had always wanted her first fuck to be in the ass; it seemed so delightfully slutty to her. She pushed her fingers inside her ass to lubricate herself thoroughly and went over to Erik. He was breathing very quickly and sweating. His cock, which was unusually large, stood straight up; his quickened pulse must have caused it.

Maja carefully straddled the narrow bench that he was tied to without touching him, held her ass open, and lowered herself. When her anus touched the tip of Erik's cock he jerked in surprise, but he could not move much.

"What's going on?" he asked frantically.

"Shh, just enjoy," said Maja, "you won't die a virgin." He winced at the word "die". Maja undid his blindfold, she wanted him to see her. He looked straight up at the guillotine blade and seemed to panic.

"Look at me, ignore that thing." said Maja. Moa went to his head and sat down next to him. She gave him a soft kiss and he seemed to both stiffen and relax somehow.

"Okay," he said, "I'll try."

"Good boy." said Maja and smiled gently. She rested more of her weight on his cock and slowly engulfed it in her butt. She hadn't had sex with a boy before, but she had used plenty of toys in both her cunt and pussy so it did not hurt. His cock was larger than her toys, however, and she felt quite stretched as she lowered herself onto him. She was moaning softly at the pleasant filling sensation, and was soon all the way down.

"There we go," she purred, "nice, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he said, "it's so warm."

"Have a look at where we're connected." she said. She leaned backward slightly to give him a better view.

"Wait, it's in your ass?" he said, surprised. Moa and Maja laughed at his reaction.

"Yeah, I always wanted to be able to say my first experience was anal," said Maja and grinned, "but don't worry, we'll get you some pussy too." Moa stood over his face and spread her cunt to give him a glimpse of what was to come.

"Thank you for doing this," he said, his eyes were full of tears again, "I feel a lot better with you here."

"It's our pleasure." said Moa and began stroking her cunt slowly.

Maja just smiled at him and began rising on his cock. It felt amazing, she was more full than she'd ever been. Just before the tip would have popped out of her, she slammed herself down hard. Both she and Erik gasped loutdly at this and she continued in the same fashion for a while, rising slowly and dropping down hard. Moa lowered herself towards his face until her pussy was right on top of his lips. He began eating her out while she leaned forward to embrace Maja and kiss her passionately. They hadn't kissed before, so this took Maja by surprise, but she didn't protest and returned the kiss and embrace and began fucking Erik in a more steady rhythm.

Maja could feel herself approaching orgasm. She had never come from just playing with her ass before, but the combination of making out with her best friend and the impressive size of Erik's cock seemed to do the trick. Soon she was moaning very loudly and began to feel the cock inside her twitching, he was close too. The twitching grew more intense and Erik suddenly froze. Maja felt an incredibly hot liquid bursting into her bowels. This pushed her over the edge and she screamed into Moa's mouth. Moa screamed back, she seemed to be cumming as well. They all convulsed violently as the pleasure coursed through their bodies. Maja felt her bladder lose control and she pissed all over Erik's belly as she continued screaming out her pleasure.

"Holy shit," panted Maja as their orgasms subsided, "fucking hell."

"Yes." said Moa and removed her cunt from Erik's face which was now completely covered in her slime.

"That felt sooo good," said Erik, "way better than wanking." He seemed to realise what he said slightly too late and blushed deeply. Moa and Maja both laughed.

"You're so damn cute, I could just eat you up right now!" said Maja, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean it like that." she hastily added as his expression changed to dread.

"And you don't need to be embarrassed, you know, both me and Maja masturbate all the time too." said Moa and smiled gently at him. "I think he's suffered enough now, Maja, let's tell him."

"Tell me what?" said Erik in a very confused voice.

"You're not gonna die today." said Maja.

"Huh?" he said, not seeming to understand.

"The butcher wasn't gonna sell you or kill you, she just put you up there for show. Said your mum probably wouldn't want to face you again after she left you to die here." said Maja.

"You're not joking, are you?" he said, not quite ready to relax yet.

"Nope." said Moa.

"It's true," said Evelina. They all turned and saw that she'd just entered the room, "these nice girls wanted to play around a little before telling you, probably thought it'd make for an interesting experience."

"It sure did," said Erik, sounding incredulous, "you two are fucking insane, but that's all right." They all laughed.

"Well, kids, you'll have to get him off that guillotine now, I need to use it." said Evelina.

"Ooh, can we watch?" said Maja as Moa moved to untie him.

"I'll ask the girl who's getting killed, but I certainly don't mind," said Evelina, "and you may want to get off of him." She nodded at Maja who had forgotten that she had a big cock upp her bum.

"Oh, right!" she said and quickly got up. A torrent of semen flowed out onto Erik's cock as it came out of her.

Evelina went out of the room and quickly came back inside with a smiling girl. She looked to be about 15 years old and looked middle-eastern; her hair was jet black and her skin was slightly brown. Her figure was very average, but still very pretty.

"Hiya, she said you wanted to watch me die," said the girl, "I'm Aida."

They all introduced themselves as the girl lay down on the bench.

"So, you're a volunteer?" asked Maja unecessarily.

"Yeah," said Aida, "I'm so excited!"

"Why did you volunteer?" asked Moa curiously.

"Oh, it's a fantasy of mine, to have my head cut off while I cum. I've come here a couple of times before as a volunteer and someone finally bought me. I can't wait!" said Aida. She was visibly excited; her nipples were standing straight out and a stream of juice had streamed down her leg.

"I let every unsold kid go at the end of the day, can't keep 'em around all night," said Evelina, "but they're welcome to try again as many times as they want. Do you still want to make yourself cum, Aida? We have several people here who I am sure would love to assist you, after all." She looked around at the others.

"I'm up for it." said Erik, his cock standing erect again, glistening with pussy juice and sperm.

"I can see that," said Maja, "I'll help too."

"Me too." said Moa.

"I'd love that!" said Aida, "It'll be even better with a cock inside me!"

"Well, get on with it," said Evelina, pretending to be in a rush and smiling, "I ain't got all day."

Erik got on his knees between Aida's spread legs. She was not restrained, presumably because she was such a willing victim and had not chosen to be tied up. He entered her and she gasped as he did. Maja lowered her face to where they were connected and kissed her clit, causing her to gasp again. Moa attacked her tits: one nipple in her mouth and the other between her fingers. Erik fucked the arabic girl vigorously while the other girls pleasured her eagerly, and Aida gasped and moaned in delight every time Erik buried himself inside her. In the corner of her eye Maja could see Evelina, who had removed her apron and was completely naked. She was shoving a fist in and out of her cunt. Maja made a mental note to try doing that later.

Their lovemaking did not last long. As soon as Erik began ejaculating inside the girl she started spasming in orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" she shouted, "Do it now!"

Evelina used the hand that was not buried inside her cunt to pull a lever next to the guillotine, and the blade began falling. Maja got up just before Moa pulled the lever, she wanted to see the head come off. She continued pleasuring the girl's clit with her hand, though. Aida had a look of absolute bliss on her face, her eyes were following the blade's path towards her neck, and she was screaming her lungs out. It came down with a loud "thud" and Aida's head separated from her body, cutting off her scream abruptly. Her body convulsed violently and a fountain of blood spurted from her neck, splashing onto everyone. Her spasming caused her to flop off of Erik's still spurting cock and her bladder began emptying itself. Without thinking Maja put her mouth at the dying girl's cunt and swallowed the piss as it came out, as well as the cum that Erik had managed to inject inside it.

The stream ended quickly and Maja looked up. Evelina was holding Aida's head by the hair, it was still alive and looking around! Maja ran to it and began kissing the girl passionately. Aida returned the kiss with surprising vigour, but as she became weaker her tongue slowed down until it came to a stop. Aida was dead, but her face showed only bliss.

"I think you made her really happy." said Evelina as she closed the dead girl's eyes.

"I hope so." said Moa.

"You girls are angels, you know that?" said Erik, "you did so much for both me and Aida, I can never thank you enough."

"We didn't save you, you should thank Evelina." said Maja.

"No need," said Evelina, "I would never kill someone who didn't want it."

"I thought cannibalism was always terrible, but I can see now that it can be a beautiful thing." said Erik thoughtfully.

"Yep, as long as you make an effort it certainly can be." said Evelina, "I have to take her meat out to the customers. They wanted to cut her up themselves, but I never let anyone do the killing unless the volunteer specifically asks for it. Don't want anyone to suffer, unless they want to."

She left with Aida's body and head on a trolley.

"What are you gonna do now, Erik?" asked Moa.

"I dunno. I'm alive, but I have nowhere to go," he said, "I can't go back to my family, I'd rather sleep on the street to be honest."

"No need for that," said Evelina, who had just returned from dealing with the customers, "you can stay at my place as long as you like, it's just upstairs from here."

"Really?" said Erik, surprised by the generous offer.

"You seem like a nice boy, I'd love to have you," she said and ruffled his hair, "you can help out around the shop when you're not at school. I bet you could make a lot of volunteers' experience more enjoyable."

"Thank you so much!" he said and broke down crying. All three girls embraced him, not caring about the splatter of blood all over them.

"And you girls can come by and help any time too," added Evelina, "I can't pay you yet, but if business gets good I will."

"We'd love to!" said Maja. Moa nodded.
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The Champions' Elegy

Urbosa's Lament (part 1)
tags: non-con, tentacle/F, amputation, crushing, all-the-way-through

Lady Urbosa, the Chief of the Gerudo and the Gerudo Champion of Hyrule, stood in front of the Control Terminal at the top of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. The woman’s heart grew with excitement. Earlier that day, it finally happened: Calamity Ganon had returned. The massive, swirling tempest of dark energy had encompassed Hyrule castle - but Urbosa was just over herself thinking they were about to face him. The moment it happened, she and her fellow Champions made way towards their respective Divine Beasts - they would be the ones leading the fight against him while Link would move in against Ganon from the ground and just finish off whatever would remain after their attack. To make sure that’s how it would go, she was checking if everything was working properly with her Divine Beast. She was still a bit hesitant to trust the piece of ancient technology, but had to admit that piloting the giant machine was a pretty incredible feeling. To have it answer to her every whim, and to have such power at her disposal… Even if the woman was perfectly satisfied with her own strength - there wasn’t anyone who could match it in all of Hyrule - Urbosa still had to admit it felt really good.

However, on this day the Divine Beast seemed less willing to listen to her orders. Urbosa dismissed it as her just not being too focused on controlling it on that day, the excitement getting to her. If she gave it more thought, she might have prevented what was about to happen… For she already knew it was the day of Ganon’s return. Having been defeated by the Divine Beasts the last time, this time the evil spirit wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. A vestige of his power has appeared within one of Vah Naboris’s rotating cylinders, hidden away from Urbosa’s sight - pouring it’s corruption and dark magic directly into its mechanisms. The unresponsiveness were the first signs that the corruption was reaching levels that were dangerous - but as no action was taken to stop it, it was able to continue.

The Gerudo lady only realized something was wrong as a powerful jerk shook the entire Divine Beast, one strong enough to make even her stumble for a while. The control terminal in front of her started pulsating a dark, maleficent red as black goo suddenly started to pour out of it. Tidbits of dark energy began to float through the air as the shaking continued, Vah Naboris turning off the course she had set out for her. What was going on? She recognized the dark magic as what she had seen enveloping Hyrule from a distance. How it was possible for his magic to reach here as well? Drawing the Scimitar of the Seven, the woman walked away from the control unit, and down the ramps that would take her to the Divine Beasts’s interior. To her surprise, there was much more of the black goo inside it - it was shooting out of every control terminal she could see, with huge pools of it all over the place. She lashed out at one of these with her scimitar, and watched as it evaporated away almost instantly. As people would later see more of it, the substance would be dubbed Malice. It was extremely poisonous - but even if Urbosa didn’t know that, her instincts were telling her not to get too close to it. She walked across the insides for a while, confirming that it was almost everywhere. It’d make sense that this was the reason for Vah Naboris’s current disobedience. But what caused it to appear? And how would she go about getting rid of it?

As Urbosa wondered about that, the answer materialized in the air in front of her. It was a pretty small machine, in a pretty humanoid shape - except it had no legs. On one arm it had a hook, made out of the same glowing material that the weapons of the Guardians were - and a similar shield was on his other arm. Later, the machine would be known as Thunderblight Ganon. Urbosa watched it cautiously, her hand on the handle of her weapon. And rightfully so, for the moment it was fully corporeal, it attacked her right away. Only with her quick reflexes was she able to pull it out in time, deflecting the high-tech hook and preventing it from sinking into her flesh. Sparks flew high in the air as her curved blade crashed against the blue edge, while Urbosa countered with a strike of her own. However, her unknown assailant was fast enough to catch her weapon onto his shield - the strength of her powerful blow resonating within her arm as the high-tech protector reflected much of her force right back at her. Her arm bounced off and away, leaving her open for an attack - which her foe took advantage of. However, Urbosa was able to pull out a shield of her own to protect herself - the Daybreaker saving the Champion’s life. As she struck her foe with it right in the middle of his attack, Thunderblight Ganon was thrown off-balance - leaving it right open for an attack. However, her arm was still pretty shaky because of her earlier attack. Having her own strength thrown in her face was unexpected, and the Gerudo lady knew she had to be more careful next time. Still, because of that, she was forced to let this opportunity go.

As the monstrous machine recovered from that, it immediately floated away from her at quite a high speed - fast enough that Urbosa was unable to chase it. She tried to, but the pools of Malice on the ground, and the beast’s interior shaking around as it moved together were enough to slow her down so that it got away from her. As if that wasn’t enough, the three big cylinders that made for the walls and ceiling of the main inner chamber sprung into motion, rotating around and causing the ground to start escaping from below Urbosa’s feet. The Gerudo was able to keep her balance even despite the pointy heels of her sandals, but it did cause her to become a bit less agile. The cylinders’ movement also spurred her into moving around, as the curved walls that would replace the ground below her feet were covered with Ganon’s poison. Despite that, she had no troubles keeping up with the monster as it attacked her again. For a while, she traded blows with it, neither of them able to get the advantage on the other. She was more cautious about attacking the monster now, not wanting to have her arm be less functional again. During the downtime between clashes, some quick stretching with the arm was able to result it to its proper state, but Urbosa wasn’t sure, if she could do that again - so she opted for more safety instead. Instead, she targeted the shield with more technical attacks instead of relying on her strength - and that proved far more successful. And once the damn thing finally broke, Urbosa was free to wail on its owner with no restraint - delivering a series of powerful cuts, slashes and stabs to the monster in quick succession.

Urbosa let a laugh as she was cutting the thing up. “That’s how strong you are, Ganon? I thought you were more than that. I don’t even need the Divine Beast to defeat you!” She taunted the thing while continuing with her series of attacks. However, she wouldn’t be able to keep at it for much longer. Each of her blows that struck the machine granted her a little extra time in which she could continue as the machine was unable to react, but these would be shorter and shorter. Eventually, the phantom was able to escape, flying away at an even faster speed than before. Urbosa tried to follow it, but just like before, the rotating cylinders and various walls these carried proved to be roadblocks that she couldn’t overcome quickly enough. Using them as ledges, she jumped onto the central rotating platform - and from there, took a look around the chamber. It didn’t take her long to find the monster again - it was hiding from her now behind one of the fixtures, but as the cylinders moved she caught a glimpse of it. To her surprise, it had a new shield - one looking exactly like the old one. However, beyond it she could see that the damage she had caused to the monster was still there. Surprisingly, both the weapon and the shield were now sparkling with electricity, arcs of voltage jumping across their surfaces. Seemed that the monster had more tricks than just its speed. Despite that, Urbosa knew she had to get close to it anyways - it was the quickest way for her to deal with her foes. So once she had localized Ganon’s , Urbosa began to ascend towards it - but the moment she got close, the monster flashed past her, in an instant ending up at the other corner of the room. Was it leading her on so that she’d end here?

Urbosa reflected on that too late - as she began to jump across the moving platforms to reach the machine again, it was already working its magic. Pillars of iron materialized across the entire room, before all coming down and sinking into the moving walls below them. Urbosa barely avoided one of these crashing into her head, rolling away from it. The sizzle of gathering electricity told her what was about to happen - and the woman regretted not taking the Thunder Helm with her. It would have protected her from what was coming… As she was now, all Urbosa could do was position herself as away from the merciless metal and wait. However, the constant shifting of the cylinders made it quite hard, as the middle one rotated in the different direction from the other two. And so, when the electrical discharge came, Urbosa was still far closer to one of them than she would have wanted to.

Thunder struck at all the pillars at once, the air just buzzing with electricity for a moment. And while the iron pulled the lighting to them at first, the ones nearby Urbosa had just the perfect target to jump over onto - both the Gerudo’s shield and her scimitar served as magnets for the extremely strong current. Once it reached her body, it quickly began to surge through her. Even if Urbosa had been the one to unleash such attacks in the past, that in no way left her exempt from the pain these caused now that it was her time on the receiving end. The muscles all over her body screamed out in pain as high voltage coursed through them, all cramping down within seconds. That, in turn, left her unable to move or react in any way - her strength meant nothing here, the woman’s body reacting just like anyone else would. However, her strength wasn’t meaningless - it let her survive it, while any lesser woman would have been killed by that. Some of her muscles were fried, but others remained functional - and as Ganon released his magic, she was still standing on her feet. A bit shakily, but standing nonetheless. However, that would be another issue for her. The cylinder’s rotating carried her away from the spot where the lightning got to her. In fact, it carried her pretty high up on the wall - enough so that what provided her with footing no longer served as it. While the current was still going through her, it glued her to the wall, connecting her feet to the canals that let the current flow through the Divine Beast - but now that it was gone, nothing was keeping her in a position like that. Her body was motionless, so she had nothing to work with once that happened - and because of that, the woman wound up falling. Such a short fall usually wouldn’t be an issue for her - but with her muscles being sore as they were, Urbosa wasn’t sure how successful her usual falling techniques would be. Even worse, it seemed that she was going to fall right into a pool of that dark goo she was trying to avoid so much earlier… And she knew falling like this also made her a really good target.

Surprisingly, the monster did not attack her now. It let her fall right into the pool of Malice Urbosa had noticed. Instead, it just focused on that pool of it - a glowing eyeball popping out of it as the whole thing began to move. It shifted in the blink of an eye in preparation for Urbosa’s fall to end. Changing shape had two purposes. Once, to make sure that the Gerudo woman would be covered in as much Malice as possible. The other, to ensure where her body would roll after hitting the ground. When Urbosa reached it just an instant later, her body smashed against the pool with about the grace of a sack of hydromelons. Her bones were hurt on impact, but they were all intact. Almost her entire body splashed into the the dark goo, the substance clinging to her skin as the bed of Malice bounced her off it. Now, Urbosa’s earlier suspicions towards the thing were confirmed - for the moment she felt it touch against her bare skin, it began eating away at it, in quite a painful way. The back part of her waist as well as her exposed shoulder blades and her shoulders were enveloped with it, as well as the back of her neck and both of her arms. Going down, her clothes offered at least a bit of protection. The blue sash hanging from her waist shielded a huge part of her legs from it, with the Malice only digging into her body at her very rich calves. That all crossed her mind as she was flying through the air again, right towards what Ganon had devised for her.

The Malice didn’t only go at her skin - it also caught onto the back part of the woman’s tight-fitting top, top that was little more than an ornate bra. While her skin put up some resistance, the same couldn’t be said for it. The straps at the back were dissolved in mere seconds, and without them the green part at the front came off. Urbosa’s huge breasts came free - but it wasn’t the only piece of clothing failing her. The cloth that protected her legs, along with the sashes hanging from her hips, also was a victim of the black goo. They was a bit more durable than her top, but that only let them last for a few more seconds. Then, they slipped free too - and her panties were taken with them as well. In just the duration of a few seconds, the woman ended up functionally naked - without really being able to catch on that it happened. Her second flight ended just as her clothes were destroyed - the Gerudo lady landing on the border between two of the rotating cylinders. The impact caused most of the Malice to be thrown off her skin - but it also caused her limbs to be splayed out on the ground, her grip on both her shield and her scimitar to loosen as the weapons slid across the ground and away from her.

Before Urbosa could react to that, or to even check, how responsive her body still was, the next part of Ganon’s plan for her came into fruition. A massive wall was quickly brought to her on the cylinder her left arm was on - and another, smaller one appeared on her side. And Urbosa was right between them… Urbosa only realized what was happening as her arm was caught in between the two. There was just a little empty space left between them - enough for her arm not to be crushed into a paste. However, her limb did not stand a chance - smothered between two giant, unyielding plates of stone. In a matter of seconds, the three long bones making up her arm, along with most of the smaller bones in her left hand, all ended up broken in numerous spots so that the arm would fit into the small opening. The pain of so many snaps at once was strong enough to make Urbosa react - her body addressing the pain before her brain could. She rolled over, pulling the arm out of the opening right before the rotation would take it too far in, and start tearing the limb off. It wasn’t much much better now, anyways. Just a sack of flesh and mangled bones was all that remained of the arm Urbosa used to wield her shield with.

Mustering her strength, Urbosa got onto her knees. She looked at her hand in terror - it was a fraction of her strength that was now permanently gone. She had practiced fighting with just her scimitar in the past, even with her other hand tied behind her back - but to have it serve as deadweight seemed it’d be a bit different. Not that she was in any state to fight in… All she could do was stand up, and stumble towards where she could still see her sword. Picking it up, her entire body was shivering. For a moment, she closed her eyes… Reflecting deep on who she were. She was the Gerudo Chief. She was a Champion… She was the strongest person in Hyrule. These wounds were just setbacks to her. Drawing a deep breath, she opened her eyes while outstretching her sword hand again. Her feet regained the robustness in their step as the pain and soreness in her muscles seemed to disappear, and the one from her arm was dulled out. She would not fall to Ganon like this. Now, it was the time for her to show him what she really was capable of.

However, the monster wasn’t too willing to find out about that. The woman had already demonstrated just how dangerous she could be in direct combat. On the other hand, she was unable to deal with the electricity. So instead it just began to charge its magic up again. Urbosa watched as fresh pillars of iron materialized all across the chamber, taking off towards where she spotted the robot. However, once again she found herself a bit too slow. The sizzling in the air caused her hair to stand up on its ends, showing that another series of electrical discharges was coming. Looking at far away the robot still was from her, Urbosa knew that she wouldn’t reach it in time. She had to take a gamble - otherwise she’d be hit with another outrageous blast of thunder. With any other foe, she’d call upon her own thunder powers to attack them, but here she wasn’t sure it would work. Instead, she assumed a throwing stance - and then threw the Scimitar of the Seven right at Ganon. As it left Urbosa’s hand, however, the Champion already knew she did that too late. The loud boom of multiple lightning strikes filled her ears as the monster set off his magic, the pillars of metal pulling the lightning towards them. This time, Urbosa didn’t have her weapon or her shield with her, so she wasn’t in as big a danger as before. However, the golden armlets and ringlet around her neck was still enough to cause some of the thunders to curve towards her, the woman forced to take in another round of powerful current.

This one wasn’t as harmful as the one before, but it still left the Gerudo woman stunned for a bit as her body spasmed for a moment, her breasts and the heavy flesh of her thighs shaken around in a show that any man would welcome. Ganon, however, wasn’t one to appreciate that kind of thing. The monster had another, far more important trouble at hand. Urbosa’s final attack caught him off-guard - and the scimitar slid right under its shield, impaling the monster through the torso. It, combined with the earlier damage Urbosa had caused to it, were almost enough to defeat him. But not quite enough. The danger it was in only caused the machine to go into overdrive, its speed only increasing. Now, it was little more than a blur in the air as it surged through the air towards Urbosa. The magic was still keeping her stunned at that point, but with her weapon gone it wasn’t like the woman had a good way of defending herself. She could still pull off some dangerous martial arts though, so it was important to get an attack in before she could respond to it. The high-tech, quite sharp hook cut through the air in a slash that would not be stopped, and Urbosa’s surviving arm was separated from her body as a fountain of blood began to pour from the stump at her right shoulder.

The blade touching her body as it passed through skin, flesh and bone released the rest of the current stuck within her, freeing her from the spasms that were keeping hold over her. That, in turn, turned to real shock instead of an electric one as the woman suddenly stood with no power in both of her arms. Ganon took them away from her so quickly… But she wouldn’t let him crush her mentally as well. She was far from going down. Urbosa turned around, trying to make out where the monster was now - but failed to do so. Only flashes in the air and clouds of dark energy that belonged to Ganon told her where the monster could be, but it was just the general location. Still, as the flashes shoot out towards her again, she knew the monster was attacking her. She had nothing to lose now - so she used her strong legs to spring out in the air. Then, the Gerudo Champion kicked out in the direction her enemy was coming from - hoping that her pointy heels would get a lucky strike in. However, all she managed to do was kick right into the monster’s shield, numbness travelling back up her leg along with a new wave of current. Her other leg did not connect, but the way it was presenting it to Ganon made it for a great target - so the weapon sliced through her flesh of it too. The hook cut directly through her very meaty calf, the lower part of woman’s left leg leaving her as she crashed hard into the ground again.

Now, the only limb that Urbosa still had functional was her right leg, and even that one was mostly limp as the woman was sprawled out on the ground. She tried to get up - she wasn’t done fighting yet! But her body refused to listen - there wasn’t really a way for her to get up in a state like that. As hard as it was to admit it, she had lost. Ganon beat her… And now she was completely at his mercy - if the beast even knew of such a thing. Ganon was just as aware of the woman’s state as she was. And while he had no desire to use her body for sexual pleasure, he also know that it was the best way to ravage her now. A new pool of Malice began to form on the ground around the woman - with quite specific shapes forming in the dark goo. Two tentacles formed in the goo right between the woman’s legs - one short and another one longer. Urbosa could only see the longer one flick high up in the air, and the tip of the shorter one, but their placement didn’t make it hard for her to guess their purpose. Urbosa never had the time for romance in her life. She focused on her training, and once she became the Gerudo Chief, also on her duties, and that left her with no time to spare for such trifling matters. Going off that, even if she wasn’t afraid of men as most of her fellow tribeswoman were, during her travels away from the Gerudo Desert she found herself with no desire to have even a one-night stand with any of the men she had met. Of course, she knew how things worked when it came to sex, the education in her lands covered that properly, but Urbosa had no proper experience with it. For her virginity to be taken by Ganon of all people… Urbosa had to admit that it hurt her pride a bit.

The Malice tentacles did not linger for too long - the shorter one stabbed right into her vagina, while the longer one began to make its way towards her anus. Having her hymen torn hurt Urbosa, but it was nothing compared to the pain of losing her limbs earlier and the pain of electricity flowing through her body, so in no way it moved her. Having the thing pound into her virgin vagina was quite uncomfortable, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. That the tentacle was formed from the same matter as the thing she plummeted onto before was a bit more problematic - the poisonous goo-like substance starting to eat away at her inner walls almost instantly. It hurt, but once again it wasn’t anything that would cause her any significant troubles - or at least she thought it wouldn’t. As the abuse of her cunt continued, more and more dark goo would seep into her sensitive mounds, causing them to start dissolving into a meaty soup. But even that wouldn’t be enough to make her flinch - she just took that with a strong look on her face. The tentacle’s powerful thrusts also hurt - even for an sexually-experienced woman it would have been hard, but Urbosa’s lack of practice in these matters only made it worse for her. Her cervix held out strong against the mushy appendage ramming into it, but eventually even it had to give in - the tentacle making it into her womb. Urbosa feel it stretch her uterus, and the dark goo start seeping into that part of her body too, but she was not going to let that affect her.

While one tentacle had its way with her pussy, the other did the same around her asshole. However, while the one at her cunt was rough with her, the longer one was surprisingly gentle with her as it began to push into her sphincter. If anything, it seemed less solid than the first one, so instead of having to take something hard up her ass it felt as if a liquid was being poured into the tighter of her holes. Going like that, the tentacle was able to access the depths of her rectum much easier than if it would have had it tried to fight against the extraordinary strength of her muscles - even her lower ones. Instead, her asshole stretched out on its own, letting more of the tentacle inside it because it sensed it was full. That allowed the tentacle to travel deeper into her body. Taking the turn at the outer end of her rectum, it continued to traverse all of her colon. No part of it was spared as the Malice travelled around the entire coil of it, pushing all the half-digested parts of the Gerudo Lady’s last meal back up her guts as well. Nothing stopped the tentacle from sinking into her small intestine too, taking more remnants of the woman’s last meal and pushing them all back to her stomach. With the stronger walls her of her large intestine, it was durable enough that the poison from the tentacles would have a hard time burning through it. While the small intestine wasn’t as strong as the large one, it too was quite resistant to acids like that. Because of that, instead of falling apart or - even worse - absorbing the poison directly into her body, it just kept it contained there. That meant the whole thing wasn’t too painful for her so far - just really uncomfortable. The way her stomach acids were stirred as the tentacle burst into her stomach felt even worse. A woman with less control over her body would have thrown up there and then - but Urbosa was above that, keeping its contents contained within it.

Quite an unsightly bulge showed up at the level of Urbosa’s abdomen, just below her very strong, pronounced abs - showing just how the tentacle in her womb was stretching it out. Another, slightly smaller bulge travelled all across her belly - matching the path the other tentacle took through her guts. That tentacle still wasn’t finished with its journey through her body, though. The bigger cavity that her stomach provided was a bit harder to get through, as instead of filling it in full it had to search for the exit that would take it up her esophagus, but once it did, it quickly pushed up it. before long, another bulge appeared in her skin - this one in her neck. A bit longer, and the thing moved past her throat, exiting her body from between her light-blue lips. Urbosa’s eyes latched onto it curiously, before she realized that it sprayed a bunch of her stomach acids combined with its poison all over her face. She closed her eyes right away, but some of it already got onto her eyes - and the pain of having her eyes slowly burnt through was added to the things she had to deal with. Still, she let a smile appear on her opened up lips. Was this really all Ganon could do? He’d have to try harder than that to really hurt her.

As if to answer to her thoughts, the tentacle that had crossed all of her digestive tracts began to shift. While it stayed in a mostly liquified state before, now it suddenly began to go solid. That alone would be problematic - the increase in volume would easily stretch her guts out to the point of bursting open. However, that wasn’t the only thing it did. The tentacle also began to consolidate - tearing through her guts right away as the tentacly coils inside her intestines began to merge into one huge tentacle. Instead of stayed curled up, the entire length straightened out - crushing more of her insides in the process as a much thicker tentacle filled up more of her body. Her guts broke open, and her stomach followed suit after, spilling her digestive juices across the other organs of her abdominal cavity. These would not last much longer, anyways. As the full length of the old tentacle poured into the new one, they were crushed by the mass of solid black goo that filled up more and more of her insides. The full mass of Malice travelled up her body, rupturing her esophagus in multiple spots and pouring into the woman’s ribcage too. Her lungs were flooded with the substance that would eat them from the inside, but moments later they were just mashed into a paste against her ribs along with her heart. Her body ended up as little more than a sack of skin and ground meat worn by the tentacle when its full girth left her mouth, a new fountain of black goo spurting out from between her lips and covering her face in it.

And yet, for how painful losing most of her organs in quick succession was, Urbosa still wasn’t broken in. Of course, it hurt, and knowing death was coming was making her just a bit afraid, but the Gerudo wasn’t going to let that affect her. Instead, she just took it all in as it happened. She had to admit she was a bit impressed at how quick the change within her body had happened - but that was the only way she’d admit Ganon’s actions had left an impression on her. She just laid passively, waiting for internal bleeding to claim her as the tentacle that had entered through her ass began fucking through her entire body. With a massive chunk of her innards smashed into tiny bits, and the heavy bleeding from her ripped apart insides, she wouldn’t have to wait for too long. Her green eyes went blank as the woman finally passed away, fully satisfied that even Ganon could not break her before she died.

However, her torment was far from over yet. As her spirit began to leave her body, a powerful force ripped it out instead. Her soul, a blue-glowing replica of her original body, found herself hovering over her corpse that was still being fucked by the tentacles. What was going on? If she died, wasn’t it her right to move on to the afterlife? She took a look at her new, uncorporeal form - and was shocked to see shackles of dark energy around her limbs. Trails of energy left them, and Urbosa took a look at where they led. The Champion already suspected as much, but her eyes still widened as she realized these were directly connected to the vestige of Ganon that had taken her life. She had never thought that his reach would extend into the afterlife… And now, it seemed that there was more pain still waiting for her.

For now, however, Ganon was still focused on her corpse. After some the tentacles continued to rape her corpse for a bit longer, he had noticed that the woman was dead. However, her dead body could still serve a purpose. The other Gerudo needed to be taught a lesson - and what better way was there to do it than using their beloved’s Chief body to show them, who was in charge now? The tentacles retracted from her holes, but a new one formed directly from Thunderblight Ganon. Latching onto the dead woman’s skull, he proceeded to drag her off towards the exit. Flying up the Divine Beast’s neck, he arrived at the platform at the top. There, he created a new pool of Malice - one tasked with keeping Urbosa’s body there. It would also cover her in a layer of Malice that would keep her body from rotting away, keeping it fresh so it could scare not only Urbosa’s contemporaries, but also their descendants when their time would come. Weaving a bunch of Malice strands into the woman’s hair, he then flung her off the side. Her naked, bruised body was now free to see by any Gerudo that would come near Vah Naboris. With one arm amputated and the other one broken, along with the signs of rape, made it clear just how much their beloved chief had failed. Urbosa’s spirit followed Ganon there, and took a look at the sad picture her body now presented.

The place at the top of Vah Naboris would be her main spot to stay at for some time. For some reason, she was still drawn to her corpse even if it was nothing more than an empty shell now. The entire Divine Beast was her prison, but she had known all of its nooks and crannies because of the time she spent getting familiar with it while preparing for Ganon’s return. Ganon’s magic keep her soul bound to this place, so all she could do was wait. Staying at the top of the Beast let her watch as it walked on, trampling through the sands and more often than not destroying settlements that her kinswomen lived in. It hurt - even more than being killed herself, Urbosa hated to see the other Gerudo lose their lives. And she hated how powerless she was now - there was nothing she could do to help them. The worst part about it were the younger girls, the ones she used to be the role model for - now the terrified fighters-to-be pointed at her corpse dangling at the top of the beast and despaired. Some of them even threw themselves willingly below the hooves of the beast, unable to cope with the loss of the woman that meant so much for them. Urbosa was a symbol for them, and now that symbol had been brought down and crushed with Ganon’s dark magic. And so Urbosa remained there, waiting for the day she’d get Ganon’s attention once more…
R: 24 / I: 0

Consensual Genocide Run - Undertale (cons, gutting, choking, meat grinder, de-limb, crushing)

Consensual Genocide Run: An Undertale Story

This work consists of five chapters.
Ch. 1 - The Ruins of Toriel
Ch. 2 - Undyne Dying
Ch. 3 - Snuffing Muffet
Ch. 4 - Breaking Alphys's Toy
Ch. 5 - Chara, the First Slut

Chapter 1 - The Ruins of Toriel

(exposition, cons, de-breasting, meat grinder, furry)

Amongst the flowers, you wake.

Around you, golden blooms stretch up towards the crack of light from whence you fell, their soft stalks forming the cushion that had spared you. The light, sweet scent of them surrounds you, and you sit up slowly, petals tumbling from your hair as you look about. The little cavern you are in has little of interest, save the patch of flowers, but a tunnel hewn into the rock leads off, promising a potential escape.

Not remembering why or how you had fallen, you spend a moment seated in that circle of life, fingers curled in the grass and stems while you try to adjust to these strange new surroundings. Eventually, you decide you won't figure out anything by just staying in one place, and stand to explore the passageway.

Promisingly, the entrance into the next cavern is shaped into an ornate archway, the dark stone carved into columns topped by a sigil you don't recognize. Inside, you find another flower, all alone in another beam of light.

Interested by this oddity, you crouch down to inspect it more closely. Stroking the petals, you realize that the florets in the center form a distinct visage, the fuzzy flesh of the inner flower bulb looking like a faintly smirking face. Just as you move to touch it, aiming to discern whether it is real or a product of head trauma, it opens its eyes, and speaks.

"Howdy! I'm FLOWEY. FLOWEY the FLOWER!" It grins amiably up at you, stalk wriggling. Nonplussed, you stare back at it, unsure how to respond to the talking flora.

Unperturbed, it continues cheerfully. "You don't know this, but you and me are a lot alike! Hee hee hee..." Suddenly, the shape of Flowey's face changes, becoming a grotesque grin with wide, hollow eyes. "We both take pleasure in hurting, and twisting people to our will... Don't ask how I know." In a blink, its turns back into the cheerful, cute little expression you first saw.

"Anyway, I have something very special for you! I've been working really hard on it... you won't believe how long it took to get them all like this. Whenever I get... the urge... I like to load this place up and have some fun!" It glances off to the side, where another hall opens up. "She'll be here soon. I don't care to get scorched again, so I'll leave you to it. Have fun, and make sure to give them all what they want, alright? Cause in this world... it's snuff, or BE snuffed."

Winking at you, a mote of Flowey's pollen sparkles in the sun, exaggerating the confidential gesture. With that, the little flower shoots suddenly downward, disappearing completely into the earth.

Before you any time to dwell on what the talking flower could have meant by this, a fireball bursts against the spot where it had just been, and you hear soft feet padding rapidly across the stone. Turning to the next passageway, where from the fire had come, you see a white, robed shape approaching, and hear a soft, matronly voice. "Oh, what a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth..."

The creature that had saved you steps out into the light, and you take in a startled breath at the sight of her. Humanoid, but covered in soft white fur in place of skin, her face is pulled out into a graceful muzzle, deep crimson eyes furrowed in concern. Long, drooping ears fall from the top of her skull, rounded at the ends, and small horns curl out from just above them. With the robe draping over her heavy curves, she looks very much like some sort of goat or cow, fused with someone's mother.

Her long lashes flutter as she turns toward you, noticing the expression on your face. "Ah, do not be afraid, my child..." You raise your eyebrows slightly, being a little older what most would consider a 'child'... but the way she says it makes it feel nothing like an insult. Introducing herself, she continues. "I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins. I pass through this place every day to see if anyone has fallen down."

Looking at you up and down as she speaks, she suddenly turns her head away, lifting a closed hand to her chest in an obvious sign of embarrassed shyness. "You are the first human to come down here in a... very, very long time."

Suddenly walking back towards where she had first come from, she quickly calls back, "Come! I will guide you through the catacombs. This way."

For lack of anything better to do, you follow the matronly goat person, watching her heavy rear and fluffy tail swing side to side with each step as she leads you further on. You pass briefly through an empty courtyard of chiseled columns and stairs, with roses planted all around, filling the air with their scent. It cloys, compared to the lighter scent of the golden flowers, and you are glad when you come into the next room.

Within, Toriel waits for you, hands clasped beneath the swell of her bosom. She smiles briefly, meeting your eye, and glances towards an arrangement of six flat cylindrical stones that protrude from the nearby floor. "Welcome to your new home, innocent one." Your lips twitch at the endearment, knowing that no matter what you have forgotten, 'innocent' is something you are not.

"Allow me to educate you in the operation of the Ruins." Toriel turns to the stones, and steps upon four of them in quick succession, then grabbing and pulling a lever that you hadn't noticed before she touched it. A door opens, and you ponder the reason for such a strange method of unlocking it. Seeing your thoughtful expression, Toriel smiles over her shoulder, explaining, "The Ruins are full of puzzles, ancient fusions between diversions and doorkeys. One must solve them to move room to room. Please adjust yourself to the sight of them."

Proceeding deeper into the strange place she calls the Ruins, Toriel stops you before you can even take two steps into the next room, a paw-like hand pressing protectively into your chest. "To make progress here, you will need to trigger several switches. Do not worry, I have labelled the ones you need to flip."

At first, you consider this at least mildly helpful. That is, before you see the switches themselves. There are three in total, with only one needing to be left unflipped to proceed. Patronizing amounts of bright yellow arrow point to them, with helpful, feminine handwriting scribbled beside them. Putting up with it for now, you jerk them both down and go to the door, where Toriel smiles and pats your hand like you were a child. "Splendid! I am very impressed!" Now, you wonder how stupid she must be, both to think you would have needed help, and to be impressed by such an simple task. Still, her hand on your arm feels pleasant, and it stays there as she walks with you to the next room, so you say nothing.

Now, you come across a stuffed facsimile of Toriel herself, slightly smaller, but dressed in one of her robes and with a rather impressive painting of her face. Reluctantly, she releases you, stepping away slightly and avoiding your gaze. "As a human in the Underground, monsters may make advances toward you. You will need to be prepared for this situation." She meets your eyes, and manages an encouraging smile. "However, worry not! The process is simple."

She directs you toward the dummy. "When you encounter a monster, they will want to fuck." She gestures to the stuffed version of herself, blushing and looking down. In a small voice, she adds, "While you are fucking, feel free to snuff them whenever you wish." When you do not move, she mumbles, "You may practice this on the dummy..."

This sudden turn of events has you more than a little confused, and also somewhat aroused. From what she says, sex is a rather casual thing for monsters... and apparently, killing one during a fuck would be perfectly fine. You look at the woman in a new light, wondering whether this is some strange come-on, or if she's actually trying to teach you an important social rule. Either way, you don't see much point in denying her.

Stepping close to the dummy, you consider it for a moment. Though its legs are only wooden poles, the torso and upper body are excellently stitched, resembling a slightly more compact version of Toriel's own generous curves. You reach out and stroke one stuffed breast, glancing back at her. A brand of bright red blush runs across her muzzle, and you can see her breathing heavily, hand pressed against her own breast in the very same spot. You move your hand slowly, and watch in amazement as she moves her own in a mirror of you, not even trying to conceal it.

Your cock starts to stir and stiffen in your pants as you play with this power, making her do every lewd thing imaginable to her breasts via the dummy. You consider having her strip her dress of right then and there by ripping it off the stitched skin of her copy, but decide that at this rate, you'll have her naked soon enough in any case. Better to wait for somewhere more comfortable. You almost step away from the dummy, then suddenly remember what else Toriel had said. "Feel free to snuff them, whenever you wish."

In a snap decision, you go for the throat of the mannequin, grabbing it suddenly with both hands and squeezing brutally, staring intently at Toriel while you strangle her lookalike. She gasps, letting out a shuddering breath, and slowly raises her own hands to her neck. You watch her squeeze, and see the round tips of her breasts poke out as her nipples stiffen beneath the robe, her arousal increasing as she runs out of air. Her voice is strained and shallow as she moans, face turning blue before she finally lets her hands fall, slumping heavily against the wall. By that time, you'd already ripped the head off of the dummy, and she stares at the cottony gore with glazed eyes. "Ah... very good. You are very good."

Staggering into the next room, she slowly regains her breath, seeming to grow more content and relaxed by the second. Brushing scraps of cotton off your clothes, you follow her once again, hoping you find somewhere more private soon.

Trailing behind her through a short corridor, you soon encounter a concerning amount of spikes protruding from a bridge across a water filled room. Before you can begin to puzzle out how to progress, Toriel thrusts out a hand to you, murmuring, "Hold onto me for a moment, child... I will hurry us across this trap."

This time, her guidance is far from patronizing. Leading you in a seemingly random pattern that keeps you from any real spikes, your proximity to fatal impalement almost kills the mood... but you entertain yourself with thoughts of shoving her to her death, instead.

By the time you reach the other side, your heart is pounding in your chest. As such, it comes as a relief when Toriel turns and says, "That's enough puzzles for now... I must attend to some business, and you must stay alone for a while." She clutches your hand tightly in both of hers, seeming regretful, and steps a little closer. "Please remain here," she pleads. "I will come back to you soon, and then..."

She trails off, panting softly, and you realize the middle of her robe is stained around her thighs. Apparently you were not the only one getting excited so close to the spikes. "It will only be a moment," she insists, backing away. Her hips sway obscenely as she trots quickly out of sight, going down a long corridor and around a corner.

Not enjoying being left out in the cold, however briefly, you ignore her request and begin to trace her path at once. To your surprise, you completely lose track of her path after the first turn, delayed by puzzle after puzzle until your frustration is at a boiling point.

After drowning an obstinate rock in a shallow pool, you use it as a stepping stone to circumvent the another set of spikes in your path, and shove past all else in your way to try and catch Toriel. At this point, you're almost enjoying the hunt, fruitless though it may so far be. Striding down hallways, you turn back at dead end after dead end, finally finding