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Fountains (con, snuff, ff)

(Cons, snuff, ff)

“I can't believe you let me talk you into this! This is going to be so much fun!”

Mia glanced nervously at Trish as her friend and roommate bubbled away energetically behind her in line. She was the classic blond stereotype: leggy, body toned from constant work, and huge tits that apparently used the blood supply that would otherwise be meant for her head. Far too popular with the boys for Mia's taste (envy) and needing constant help to pass her classes in underwater basket-weaving, or some such, the two had nevertheless struck up an unlikely friendship. Mia claimed that doing otherwise would take far more energy than just submitting to the inevitable, but secretly she enjoyed the hijinks Trish got them into, things Mia could never have thought up herself.

Mia was a stereotype too, she knew it, and she hated it. The bookish asian girl, pursuing a degree in applied mathematics. Small in size and height as well. Shy. Glasses. Overlooked. If she hadn't lucked out with her roommate, Mia knew her life would consist of haunting the library and computer labs between classes, and very little else. For some reason however Trish was always going on about how cute Mia was, which was what had led them into this mess. Mia was tired of cute. Puppies were cute. She wanted something else.

After one cute too many, Mia finally cornered her roommate and demanded something else, something not-cute. Trish, of course, went berserk. Both their closets were inspected and rejected, prompting a impromptu shopping trip that left Mia dazed. A passing comment that black fit her personality had resulted in a pair of sore nipples as Trish pinched till Mia took it back, but it did seem to set the theme. Things were applied to her hair that she didn't know existed. Previously unmolested hair follicles lost their innocence, to the sound of much cussing. Makeup was committed. Looking into a mirror afterwards though, Mia saw hot.

The end result had been sexy goth. Laced knee boots that added 4 inches to her previously short stature before trailing off into dark stockings that ended exactly at the level her skirt started, ensuring that a ring of pale flesh would be flashed with every movement she made. A black corset put on over a matching dress somehow managed to support and reveal her chest in a way that made her breasts seem bigger than they ever had before. Possibly by squeezing her lungs into them. Trish claimed the dress could easily be worn by itself at more formal parties, but Mia knew she could never reproduce the steps solo to do so. Her long hair now had a very dark purple tinge and had been braided and rebraided until it sat entirely on her head and left the slender column of her neck entirely exposed.

Somehow Trish had found time to get herself a new look in the middle of Mia's makeover. Black would never do for the perpetually cheerful blond. Instead, Trish was the all natural country girl, with sneakers, daisy duke shorts, and a tied off plaid shirt. It was clear she was wearing panties, since the shorts were too small to cover the straps as they went up over her hips. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra, for much the same reason. Mia reflected that, while the outfit on Trish was essentially thrown together, if you counted the hours weekly spent maintaining the sun-kissed body that made it work, it was probably far more complicated than her own.

Doubt battled excitement as Trish hopped online to find someplace to show off her new roommate for the night. Mia made token murmurs about mountains of homework, and was quite pleased when such protests were summarily ignored. She was less pleased with what her roommate found: 'Fountains' were putting on a show that night, no tickets, no waiting list. Trish had seemed surprised when Mia recognized the group and started objecting for real; given Mia's record with pop culture knowledge, Trish probably hoped to surprise her. Somehow though Mia had been overruled, and so here they were, freezing in line with what seemed like the entire female segment of the their college.

“Are we really sure we want to do this, Trish?” Mia tried, making one last attempt at sanity. “I mean, this is dangerous! We could be killed!”

“I know! It's so exciting! Ohmygod, what if one of us does pop, wouldn't that be such a rush?!” Trish paused, finally catching Mia's worry through the glow of her own excitement. “Um, if you don't like this, we can go back. Watch it on TV or something. It's ok. I may not really understand much of what you're doing, but I know you've got big future ahead of you. I guess it'd be silly to risk it on a night out with me.”

It wasn't a pout. Trish would be deeply offended if anyone accused her of trying to manipulate someone into something they didn't want to do. But Mia could almost physically see the disappointment well up in her blond roommate as she started saying goodbye to those nearby in line, and had a mental image of herself kicking puppies. She also had an image of herself, 35, shut in, no life except work and sleep.

“No,” she decided. “I changed my mind. The future can take care of itself for the night. We're staying, and we're going to have a blast.”

“Yay! Best roomie ever!” The surrounding girls cheered as Trish grabbed Mia in a bear hug that lifted her clear off the ground, squeezing out what air her corset had left her and leaving her suffocating in boobage. “Woops, sorry about that,” she said sheepishly, setting Mia hurriedly back down after muffled protests escaped the depths of her cleavage.

“No” -gasp- “problem.” Mia wheezed. She managed a smile while fighting the corset for air. “I can think of worse ways to go than a face full of tit. Not that I'm volunteering!” she added hurriedly, as Trish laughed and looked ready to come in for another hug.

Time passed quickly for the two giggling roommates, and it wasn't long till they were being fitted with collars at the front of the line. A limited choice of color, black or white, allowed the collars to not clash too badly with the girl's clothes, but at an inch high by and inch and a half thick, it was clear they were not something that could be hidden. Helping attach them was a tall brunette of about Trish's height, dressed in a collar of her own, slacks, and a tight STAFF shirt with write in name tag labeled 'Amy.'

“Hi,” she said brightly, grabbing a white collar to fit to Trish. “Ever been to a Fountain concert before?”

“Once, and I know Mia's seen them on TV before,” Trish replied.

“Perfect! Then you already know this, but by wearing this you accept that death or serious injury is a likely and don't hold anyone other than yourself responsible should they occur.”

Trish answered a quick “Yup!”, but Mia asked “Serious injury? How can that happen?”

The collar sealed with a click around Trish's neck, and Amy stepped back, puzzled. “You know, I'm not actually sure. It's part of the speech they gave me to say, but no one's ever asked that before.” She grabbed a black collar and turned to look Mia as she thought. “I suppose they could cause you to slip and twist an ankle or something if you thought it was going to go off and it didn't...”

“Anyways, these things can be tricky to take off,” Amy continued, leaning over as she struggled a bit to seal the clasp on the back of Mia's collar, “so be sure have one of the staff help if you decide to leave in one piece.” There was a click as the collar finally locked, earning Amy a quick peck on the lips in thanks.

“So... since you're wearing a collar too, are you going to be out on the dance floor later as well?” Trish asked as the two suddenly blushing girls separated.

“I hope to be, but us staff are expected to fill in wherever it's needed, so I may not get the chance.”

“Well, if you make it out there, be sure to find us!” Trish said with a grin. “I'd love an encore performance.”

“I... think I'd like that too.” Waving, the two entered the concert proper as Amy turned to collar the next in the long line of girls.

The interior of the building was dimly lit like any good club should be. A lowered dance floor took up most of the space inside, large enough to fit a decent sized crowd quite comfortably. Which meant the enormous crowd that had shown up for the concert was going to be getting very familiar with each other. Two large speakers framed the performers stage, while an oversize bar took up most of a side wall. The rest of the room was packed with chairs and tables, more apparently brought in just for tonight, to give attendee's a chance rest during the night. In a break from normal club setup, the tables and chairs all held clean white towels for public use, while a large hamper had been set up for disposal of used towels.

“I can't believe you kissed her!” Trish whispered as the two of them found room towards the back of the dance pit. “Since when are you into girls?”

“Well, I'm not. Not really. But she was cute, and that shirt was so tight, and she was just right there!” Even in the dim light, Trish could see the blush starting again. But Mia refused to be deterred. “Besides, if tonight isn't a night for new experiences, I don't know what is.”

Trish gave Mia her best mischievous look. “I see. So you only like handy, big busted girls who are out for a wild night. Good thing there's no other girls around here like that. Oh wait...”

“Uh, Trish, I'm not, I mean I didn't...”

Trish giggled. “Relax, I'm just teasing you. For now anyways. Get a few drinks in me, I make no promises.”

“...Neither do I.”

As Trish picked her jaw up off the floor, Mia turned to the stage where the band was coming out. The lead singer slash guitarist, known to the public only as Silver, took the mic while staring at the ground. Pale, with platinum bleached hair and a full white leather outfit that conformed tightly to her body, Silver positively glowed in the darkness of the club, even before the spotlight found her. Mia found herself clutching tightly at Trish's hand, half excited, half terrified, as the night officially started.

Silver started without preamble. “The human body contains approximately five liters of blood, contained under about two pounds of pressure. Of course, when one is excited the PSI can increase substantially. Are we excited?” The crowd roared back at her as she looked up and smiled, making eye contact with the crowd for the first time. Mia's attention was suddenly riveted to the one spot of color on Silver's entire body, lips painted the color of blood. “Are we excited!?” This time the noise was utterly deafening as the room responded in one voice.

Silver looked down, stroked the body of her guitar gently. The room went utterly silent. A pale white to match her own outfit, the artist who designed it had clearly been a master, managing to make it look like was constructed out of actual bones while still managing to keep the sound inherent in a top quality electric guitar. “This is Naamah, and she is unique. Stroke her right, and she'll whisper to one special collar out there, and we all get to see just how excited you are.”

Suddenly her hand move on the string, a power cord blared out of the speakers, shattering the stillness of the club. In the front near the stage an object was suddenly soaring in the air, followed by heavy ropes of crimson liquid. Screams of excitement, fear, and just raw emotion bounced throughout off the walls, the strongest from those girls getting sprinkled with the red rain. The press of the crowd was too great to allow the still twitching body to fall, so the thick jets continued in spurts straight up, each progressing shot reaching less and less till eventually there was no more to give.

“I look out across you all,” Silver continued once the blood stop flowing, drawing eyes back to her so that when the headless body finally did slip to the ground it did so wholly unnoticed, “and I don't see young minds with bright futures waiting for them. I see is a mass of self-maintaining organic bottles in pretty wrapping, each pressurized and ready to blow just as soon as your top is popped.”

“But some of you may not agree. I'm a person, you think, a unique snowflake. There's more to me than the blood I'm storing. Well, Naamah's range is limited. Step off the dance floor, and you're safe, beyond her reach. But where's the fun in safe. Now... are you ready to rock!”

The band launched into their first song, the volume pumped up so it hit Mia as a solid wall of noise, individual notes and lyrics smeared and impossible to comprehend. But the cords from Naamah floated above it all, each one clear, each one marking the eruption of another fountain of blood in the audience as one more young head went sailing through the air. Though part of the song, the cords came without warning, and it wasn't until after the sound was dancing in the air that one realized they had just escaped death again. And again. And again.

Mia was looking around wide-eyed as the first song built to a crescendo, Naamah's death notes coming with greater and greater frequency, when the first girl near Mia blew. There was an explosive popping noise, almost unheard over the riff that caused it, and suddenly the elfin blond in a dayglow green bikini that had been bouncing enthusiastically to the music was headless. Just gone. The truncated body stumbled immediately and would have gone down were it not caught by the shrieking crowd of co-eds around it. Crimson blood was everywhere as the still living heart pumped it feverishly out the abbreviated neck, red liquid covering Trish and Mia's skin and soaking deep into their clothes. Hidden hands released the ties holding the bikini together, exposing the corpse's perky tits and twitching holes for the crowds exploring touch.

Unable to process the sight of the now naked body being enthusiastically molested by those who were moments ago dancing with it, Mia looked around, dazedly wondering what had happened to the head. Finally looking up, she yelped and fell as it came hurtling at her, having completing it's upwards arc and returning near it's point of origin. Flat on her ass and partially stunned as the thing landed in her lap, Mia brought the pixie's head up to look at. Scared and confused, Mia thought on seeing the girls expression, and was wondering if the poor thing had time to realize what had happened to her when suddenly the eyes blinked and the mouth silently worked to say something. Mia screamed and panicked, instinctively throwing the gruesome object away where it was lost quickly among the crowd's shifting feet.

“Aww, you should have kept her,” Trish said, leaning over to help Mia to her feet. “Or better yet, given her a kiss like you did Amy. I bet she would have loved it as she went.”

“Oh god, I didn't think about what it was like for her!” Mia exclaimed, suddenly horrified at how she had treated the dying girl. “She must have been terrified, and I just threw her away like garbage!”

“Relax, you saw what a blast she was having before she lost her head. She knew the risks, and they're why she was here. Why we're here.” Recognizing her friend needed some time, Trish guided Mia off the dance floor. Now that the climax of the first song was over small packs of girls were drifting off the floor to make use of the bar and lounge, though the majority remained cheering in place for the next. Luckily the two of them had moved quickly enough to grab one of the few tables in the place.


“What?” A fluffy white towel was thrust in Mia's face, siderailing the internal loop of herself throwing the dying head away. She took it, staring dumbly as Trish grabbed another one and started cleaning herself.

“Wipe,” Trish ordered after a moment, finally prompting Mia into action. “Face and hands at least. Blood's sexy, but it's also kinda sticky. Which can be fun some places,” she added, wiggling to draw the eye to her soaked shirt and the soft flesh it restrained, “but not everywhere.”

The band started up their second number as the two roommates fixed themselves up. Silver was front stage, of course, but no longer was her costume of a single color; she too had been hit as her audience erupted before her, white and red contrasting vividly on her lithe body. Her hands moved gracefully on Naamah as she sang, each touch provoking a geyser of blood as another soul was cut loose of it's earthly bonds. The sight was sexy and beautiful, the knowledge of what each gush meant was terrifying.

“You want to head home?” Trish asked, once again breaking Mia out of her reverie.

“Already? I thought you were having fun.”

“I am! It's so sexy being out there, escaping death moment by moment, knowing that any instant could leave you headless and twitching, a toy for any who want to use you. I feel so... alive, aware of who I am when there's a chance I might not be anymore.” Trish frowned and sighed. “But tonight's supposed to be about you, and I can tell this isn't your thing. I could kinda tell out in the line, but I'd hoped that once you got in here and saw it for yourself, you'd see what I see. Stupid, I know.”

Moments, Mia thought. She thought about the energy Trish had brought into her life, recharging a spark that Mia hadn't realized she lost. Yes she had dreams, but thing about dreams was they were always in the future. And the future was a nice place to strive to, but a terrible place to live. The destination might be wonderful, but if the journey took everything you had, what was left to enjoy arriving? Trish is right, I NEED this.

“Not stupid,” Mia said, taking hold of Trish's hands across the table. “Brilliant. I don't care what the school thinks, you're clearly the only one with brains in our room. I think I'm finally here with you, in the moment. And I'm not leaving you again. I promise.” Trish's smile lit up the room as fountains burst in the background.

As the second song of the night came to a liquid end, Mia finally broke the silence at their table. “On second thought, I take back your claim to brilliance. There is something utterly vital that we're missing here, something anyone with any sense at all would have rectified long ago.”

“What's that?”

“Drinks! Alcohol! We've been inside the club for a hour and we're both still thinking clearly! This cannot stand!”

“Haha, yes!”

“Wait here, I'll be back in a moment,” Mia said, standing up to head to the bar.

A shrike of excitement was the only warning Mia had as she was passing by the dance floor before a thick jet of blood hit her in the side. Turning, she saw the curvy body of a newly headless woman collapsing backwards towards her. She saw a great deal of body in fact, as the woman had apparently been dancing entirely nude apart from some rather extreme heels. For once Mia felt nothing but the thrill of the moment, possibly thanks to her recent epiphany but equally likely due to the hypnotic motions the girls naked breasts were making as the dying body they were attached to thrashed beneath them.

Mia knelt next to the headless torso, unable to help herself and anxious to feel the moment final moment life finally left it. Sensing but ignoring the many eyes upon them she reached out, one hand caressing a diamond hard nipple while the other snaked down to the bodies lower lips. As Mia's fingers finally found their way inside the body suddenly arched, back lifting entirely off the floor in one last futile attempt at life. Or at orgasm, though no one, not even the woman who used to possess the shapely body, could know which was truly the case. One last frenzied contraction on Mia's fingers, one last desperate spray of blood from the decapitated neck, and the body was finally a corpse.

Wild applause from the dance floor suddenly brought Mia back to the present, where she was molesting a dead female body. Fighting embarrassment, Mia took a bow, prompting still more cheering. Thankfully a blond in Mia's sudden audience picked that moment to start fountaining as well, prompting a mad scramble catch her falling body for an encore performance and allowing Mia a chance to make her escape before her blush was noticed.

The bar was quite crowded, though surprisingly it wasn't long before Mia was able to attract the attention of a bar girl. Also of note was the collection of severed heads sitting on the counter, though with the activity on the dance floor this wasn't nearly as strange as the speed of service.

“Normally I'd ask what you wanted,” the bar tender began, distracting Mia from very close inspection of the woman's name tag (June) which happened to be pinned to a tight fitting and impressively filled black staff shirt. “But our special tonight is also the only drink being served. You'll like it though.”

“Sure then. Oh, uh, two please. One for my friend back at the table as well.”

“No problem, two specials coming right up.” June quickly filled two glasses with mixed vodka and flavoring, before going down to a strange contraption at the end of the bar. A large box, with a tap on one side and a limp, very pale girls body on the other, bent over with just her head in the box. Or not; Mia suddenly realized where the bar's collection of heads had actually come from. Nothing happened when June tried to use the tap however, prompting her to grin and look at the group of women hanging around.

“Looks like this bottle's empty, ladies. Need to pop the cork on another one and... your it,” she said, pointing at a leggy brunette. The girl's eyes looked like they were about to pop out on their own, but she stepped forward without complaint. She ran a hand along the drained girls back, obviously picturing her own toned body in the same position soon: cold and still. Lifeless.

“Do I need to be... should I... nude?” she hesitantly asked. Almost unnoticed her hand had slipped below and was fondling the soft tit flesh of her predecessor.

“It's your choice,” June replied, gesturing to a the small pile of previous drink donaters, about half of which were still clothed; Mia noted with interest that several of the expired bodies were wearing staff clothes. “You've got a sexy body though, your fans could have a lot of fun if it was naked. When you're done with it, of course.”

The crowd cheered as, biting her lip nervously, the brunette slowly began to strip out of her skin tight jeans and thin black halter top. Her impromptu strip show was only interrupted once with a flinch when June hit a button and the machine released the neck of the previous drink, allowing the corpse to collapse heavily in a heap of pale limbs. Despite the girls obvious fear, the hard nipples and wetness that her underwear revealed as it came off showed that she was powerfully aroused as well. Chest heaving she slowly inserted her vulnerable head into the dark oblivion that awaited inside the machine, one hand busy between her legs while the other crushed her modest breasts.

Her moans were explosively cut off as June hit another button on the device, locking her collar in place while simultaneously activating it, freeing her excited young body from the chore of being a thinking entity. It's long legs kicked out as if trying to escape, but it's ex-owner had ensured the body was well trapped and gradually it slowed down, golden liquid flowing out over the hand that had been stuck by the cunts final convulsions. Not a single drop of red had escaped during the event, and there was surprisingly little on the head itself as June opened a unnoticed compartment to remove it and add it to the collection already on the counter.

The girl was still alive it seemed, scared eyes flickering around to meet those in the crowd. Taking pity on the girl, Mia stepped up and caressed her cheek gently. “That was so hot” she whispered, “Thank you. I wish I knew your name.”

At her touch the dying girl smiled, sight settling on the person who would be drinking her crimson essence first. Mia's touch was warm, comforting. Name? she thought as darkness began to edge her vision, framing the asian girls angelic face. I'm... I'm... Her lips twitched as she tried to finish the thought, but nothing came to her.

With the girl gone, Mia took a moment to examine the other heads in the bartenders collection. There were ten, counting the brunettes latest addition, with expressions split fairly evenly between scared and thrilled. One face she knew though: Amy. She looked fearful, but Mia fancied a trace of disappointment that they never got to meet up for a repeat kiss and who knows what else. Probably projection of her own desires, but there was no one to tell her different so the impression stuck.

“You know her?” June asked, placing the two completed drinks in front of Mia.

“Yes. Well, no, not really. Just from when she mounted my collar. But we hit it off, or I thought we had anyways. I was hoping we'd get a chance to meet up later.” Mia ran a finger over the lips that had been so warm earlier in the evening. “Guess we won't be after all.”

“You must have really made an impression; I do remember she looked somewhat sad when she came here. I think she was looking forward to that meeting too. It's a pity she was staff, didn't get much of a choice.”


“Sure. Volunteers,” June gestured to the group of girls that she had picked the now headless brunette from, “generally want a chance to see some heads fall before they start coming in, but drinks are needed right away. Staff are required to make up the difference.” June eyed the way Mia was caressing what was left of Amy and added “You can take her with you if you want.”

“That's ok?”

“Sure. They're all free for the taking, people generally don't bother though. After all, it's not like there's a shortage,” June said, gesturing out towards the dance floor where Silver and the band were into their 4th or 5th song, fountains still bursting with gay abandon. “Can't say I really knew her, though we did meet once in orientation. I bet she'd be thrilled to still be wanted by a sexy thing like you even after she was gone. I know I would be. Hope you put her to good use.”

“I... Thank you.” Blushing at June's complement, and still unsure how she felt about it coming from another girl, Mia grabbed the drinks in one hand and cradled Amy in the other and made her escape before she was forced to decide. She had always considered herself straight, when she thought much about it at all; her studies had left little time for sex of any kind, apart from that which required batteries. And yet so far tonight she had already made out in public with two girls, both total strangers.
Both now dead as well, which somehow made it hotter. Lost in thought, she didn't notice the other two girls that had joined Trish until she had sat down.

“Hey girl, you made it back in one piece!” Trish exclaimed with a hug. “Mmm, alcohol! I see you made a friend while you were out,” she added as Mia set Amy's still head on the table.

“Well, part of one anyways,” one of the other girls commented with a laugh. She was rocking a punk look, complete with ripped leggings, black cutoff band shirt that ended just below her perky tits, bright pink skirt that clashed with absolutely everything else yet still managed to be stylish, and far more earrings than ears. “Name's Clair. This is Emily,” she added, gesturing to the petite mousy girl beside her. Emily managed a quick wave, smiling shyly through her curly mess of brown hair, but otherwise stayed quiet. Ah, I know that feeling, Mia thought, sensing a kindred spirit in the quiet girl.

“Girls, this is my roommate Mia and... is that Amy?”

“Yea, she got pulled in for the drink machine. No choice.”

“Dang,” Trish pouted, “I was looking forward to the show you promised. The tiny goth girl forcing the staff to her kinky desires. Or vice versa. Either way, there wouldn't be a dry seat in the house.”


“Who says we can't still have a show?” Clair asked. “If, um, Amy there was promised a make out session, I think she should get it. What's a little decapitation between lovers.”

“Lovers! We're not...! We just met in line, it was just a peck!” Glancing around the table, Mia realized her protests were getting her exactly nowhere. Even Emily was looking excited, though some of that could have been from Clair's arm which was wrapped around her and moving suspiciously below the table.

“Oh, so you won't mind if I have some fun with her instead then,” Clair said, plucking Amy's vacant head right off the table and deeply frenching the stolen expired staff girl. Mia started to object on the grounds that Amy was hers, but quieted down as she realized she had just been protesting the exact opposite. How dare she take me at my word? She thought, Yea, that'll work great. She writhed helplessly in her seat, knowing that if she hadn't been so bashful it could be her tongue exploring the soft inner reaches of Amy's delicate mouth.

“Aww, I thought you two had a thing,” Trish said, whispering in Mia's ear as they watched Clair attempt to lick Amy's tonsils.

“We just met, how could we have a thing?”

“Easily.” When Mia had no response, Trish went on with some trepidation. “I... may have had a thing for you the first time you walked in our room, so I'm speaking from experience here about things at first sight.”

“You did? Do? Um, wow.” They had shared a room for months and somehow Mia had never suspected. Suddenly Mia wondered if makeup really was best applied nude, as Trish had always maintained.

“Look, I know you don't feel that way,” Trish added, not making eye contact. “I probably shouldn't have said that. I hope things aren't weird now between us. Though if you think anyone's getting your head away from me should you pop out there, your nuts.”

Mia took a moment to examine her emotions before answering. “Before tonight, before Amy and, um, a few things that happened while getting our drinks, I don't know. It probably would be weird. Now though, I can't imagine a hotter fantasy than getting turned into just a head for you to abuse. God, I hope I'm still around after I blow so I can feel you start.”

“Don't have to worry about that,” Clair said, interrupting the new doey eyed lovers. Finished with Amy, she turned the head upside down to give everyone a good look at the neck stump. “I actually saw a documentary about these collars. When they blow, they actually use part of the force of the blast to shut the iris here. That's actually what cuts the head off, not the explosion itself. But since it maintains that seal even after, there's no pressure drop, so the heads stay conscious. Not for long of course, its still a decapitated head, but 10 seconds or so. Enough time to know you've been popped.”

Mia smirked at Trish. “I think my fantasy just got better. But if you want to collect your new masturbation toy, we need to get back out on that dance floor.”

“Come on Emily, we're joining them,” Clair said, pulling the shy girl quickly to her feet. Wide eyed and blushing the curly haired girl quickly adjusted her dress, but not fast enough to hide that she both wasn't wearing any panties and was dripping.

Mia had lost track of which song Silver was on, but it was clear the night was well past the midpoint. The crowd was half the size it had started the night at, and not from people leaving. Bodies lay drained everywhere, some clothed, many not. Heads filled in the gaps, skin tone making it clear that where they ended up bore no relationship to the bodies they lay between. By the time the group made it up near the stage all four of them had paused to take off their shoes, the soft flesh of their fellow dancers proving tricky ground to walk on in high heels.

Mia managed to keep the height advantage from her high heels with the help of a pair of enormous tits, generously provided by a curvy black girl laying nude on her back. Mia all but purred as she dug her toes into the bountiful mounds, imagining that at the beginning of the night they had likely been the pride and joy of a girl just like her, out for a good time. Now name forgotten, dreams abandoned, reduced to nothing more than a cushion for utter strangers feet. The waste was staggering, and massively erotic.

“Even if we both make it through here, we're still only using one bed tonight,” Mia said, grabbing Trish about her bared midriff as they grooved to the music. “You would not believe how wet I am right now.”

Trish met her eyes but, rather than responding, she snuck a hand down under Mia's skirt and beside her panties. Mia gasped as she felt herself entered, blushing furiously and looking around to see if anyone noticed. No one had; everyone was far too lost in their own thrills to be paying much attention to the pairs comparatively sedate explorations. Even Clair and Emily were distracted, too intent on their rapidly approaching orgasms as they ground on each others drenched thighs, lips locked together in a single intense moan. She closed her eyes, letting the world fade away as her awareness slipped down to her core.

“Wow, you are drenched girl,” Trish said, shaking herself to the music while her fingers caused Mia to shake to her desires. “I can't wait to get you back to our room, tear those clothes off you, and...” She stopped mid-sentence, but it wasn't till liquid started to hit her face that Mia realized it had simultaneous with one of Silver's power cords and opened her shocked eyes.

Trish was gone. Oh the vast majority of her was still standing there, blood fountaining in the air like so many others tonight, fingers still twitching inside Mia though with less direction. But the most important bit, the Trish part, was gone. In slow motion Trish's body, Trish's corpse, began to topple backwards, just one more bit of leftovers among countless many tonight. Mia was frozen, stunned, hands still outstretched where she had been savoring the touch of Trish's bare skin. Only her cunt remained active, valiantly clenching of it's own accord in a losing effort to keep Trish's stilling fingers in deep inside.

Moments later, though it seemed much longer, Trish was back. Silent now, and hanging by her hair from Emily offered hand, but still very much alive. Barely managing to smile her thanks to the shy girl, Mia grabbed the severed head and gave it the kiss it needed. Trish's eyes widened in shock, then delight, then closed in bliss before finally death. Mia didn't notice any of it, focusing on the sensations of her roommates locked lips and wrestling tongue, utterly lost to the outside world her sapphic desires were finally consummated. Emily too was lost in the two lovers final kiss, barely noticing when the next cord set Clair's head free, where it was quickly lost in the crowd as her body flopped twitching on the ground. The song had ended before Mia finally broke her kiss. Trish had long since stilled, expression set in one of joy at her roommates act.

“Thank you,” Mia said, holding Trish's still warm head to her chest with one hand and drawing the petite brown haired girl in with the other. “I'm so glad I could be with her when she went, thank you so much for catching her.” Emily just smiled, opening her mouth to say something when the band launched into their next song, drowning the ability to speak normally once again. Instead she reached up and attempted to clean some of the blood on Mia's face. Abruptly Mia realized she was soaked, and while it seemed incredibly intimate as her roommates warm fluid was covering her, now that it was cooling it just felt sticky.

“I think I'm going to head back to the dorm, take a shower,” Mia said, leaning down to almost shout in Emily's ear. She hesitated a moment, then added “you're welcome to join me, if you want.”


It was morning. Mia could tell by the way the sun managed to shine directly into her eyes as it peaked above the surrounding buildings, waking her with the precision of an alarm clock. There was hair in her mouth too, which was new, curly brown hair that tracked down to a small body wrapped lightly around her beneath the covers. Extracting it was enough motion to cause Emily to shift as she started waking too. Mia's hand started drifting down, tracing the soft bare flesh of her new lover as memories of the club, and what came after, began flooding back. Escaping the sun, Mia's gaze drifted to the new additions to the rooms decor.

“Thank you,” she said quietly to the pair of heads. Soon they'd have to be taken to a taxidermist to be made more permanent, but for now Amy and Trish were sitting lip locked and peaceful on Mia's desk. “You're the best roommate I could have had. And not just for the two new toys.”

A warm mouth on her hardening nipple brought her attention back down to Emily lay, gazing up impishly through her bangs. “Three,” was all Emily said before vanishing below the covers.
R: 45 / I: 0

Children Murdered (Short Stories)

Random short stories involving the deaths of children; all of them featuring looks, but a few might have a shots or two thrown in.

Others are free and encouraged to write stories of their own.

Slutty Daughter

Mg(11), necrophilia, shooting, piss.

John groaned as he sprayed cum into the eager mouth of his eleven-year-old daughter. Samantha gagged, but sucked down every bit she could, with only a few trickles spilling down her chin. She gripped his shaft once more while nibbling the tip, licking excess cum off like ice cream. He was sure he’d cum again, when…

“What the hell is this? You fucking pervert!!” His wife, Martha, stood in the doorway, glaring at them as they turned their dumbstruck faces in her direction.

“This isn’t what it seems…”

“She seduced me,” he interrupted, pointing at Samantha as she licked cum off her lips.

Martha sighed. “I suppose I can’t blame you, Johnathan. You’re horny and I know you can’t help it when someone offers.”

She glared at Samantha. “As for you, my nasty little slut.” Martha reached into her purse and pulled out a .44 Magnum. Samantha’s eyes grew as her mother forced her head back and placed the nuzzle against the bottom of her chin.

“Please mom, I won’t… ACK!”

The bullet tore through her chin and mouth, and exited through the top of her head, leaving a gaping hole as blood and brain splattered all over the room. John watched, his mouth agape, as her lifeless body collapsed onto the bed beside him. The crotch of her shorts turned dark, the contents of her bladder gushing out for a final time.

“I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be back in ten, this better be cleaned up when I get back.”

She walked out, slamming the door behind her.

A sigh escaped John’s lips as he looked down at Samantha’s corpse. “Well, suppose I shouldn’t waste this.”

He removed her shorts, no panties underneath, as usual, revealing a pristine cunt moist with her last piss. It was smooth and, owing to John’s fear of getting her pregnant, untouched. Looking into her vacant brown eyes, he inserted his dick into her tight hole for the first time, after so many months of her begging for it, and tore her hymen. As virginal blood soaked his shaft, he fucked his dead little girl harder than he would have dared if she were alive. It didn’t take long; after only a few minutes he came, spraying his hot and sticky seed into her underdeveloped womb. He pulled out and shot the remaining squirts into her asshole.

“I wish I could do this a little longer, sweetie,” he said, kissing her forehead. He got dressed and went to work disposing her body, albeit after taking a few good snapshots with his phone, and scoured the room of any evidence that a gruesome murder took place.
R: 0 / I: 0

I, Jed: Episode I

Author’s Note: This is a story set in the Star Wars legends (expanded universe). It’s a story I’ve wanted to write for a VERY long time, yet never got around to. Now that I’ve gotten around to the first chapter of the first episode, I realize that it probably should have stayed in my head until the day I died. This seemed like a MUCH better idea before it was transcribed. I actually have no idea who this story even appeals to, as it’s got a lot of stuff in it that doesn’t even appeal to me and I’m writing the thing!

If I ever get around to writing all 10 chapters of Episode 1 (and that is a very big if) then this story will have way too many different fetishes to conveniently list all at once. As for this first chapter, it includes (spoilers ahead skip to next paragraph if you want to be surprised): decap, necro, non-con, and some minor cutting and burning.

Also, as an aside, I’d like to point out that I am fully are of the fact that the premise of my main characters is extremely similar to the recently released game Jedi: Fallen Order. This is completely coincidental. The general idea for this story came about a very long time ago (you might be able to guess when I first got this idea based on the planet I chose to start the story on) and I didn’t even know of Jedi: Fallen Order’s existence until 3 weeks ago, after I had already finished the outline of Episode 1 and started drafting chapter 1. Believe me, the obvious similarities almost made me rage quit and throw the idea away forever, but then I thought “Fuck it, Star Wars already rips off Star Wars. Who cares if it looks like I do it?”

Anyway, Chapter 1: The Sword in the Scrap


“I sense,” the young woman paused, her goggle covered eyes squeezed shut as her outstretched arm strained against empty air. “this way!” She swung her arm about in a quarter circle and pointed to a heap of recently dumped starfighter skeletons, the light gray mass standing out like a bullseye against a backdrop of brown, yellow, and yellow-brown. “Yes, something of great value is buried beneath those wrecks.”

“So, scavenge the wrecks that haven’t been scavenged yet, yeah? Such insight The Force offers you!” The hulking reptilian humanoid replied, extending the fingers of his right hand while vibrating the same wrist dramatically.

“Humor is often borne of fear, and fear of the unknown is a natural response when faced with powers such as mine.” The woman responded, narrowing her eyes while the lizard man rolled his. “Tell me if your doubt persists, once we find…” she shut her big brown eyes and screwed her face into a tight knot, her wide set eyes and small puffy lips threatening to collapse in on her bulbous button nose with the effort. “…artifacts of the Jedi Order! Yes, The Force is certain. We are sure to find the belongings of Jedi within!”

“You mean, in those Jedi starfighters?” He asked, pointing to the unmistakable diamond shaped hulls of the Delta-6 Sprite class ships piled on top of the less impressive Torrent fighters and a half crushed LAAT. “Impossible!” He said, sarcasm dripping from the thin ridge that technically qualified as lips and pooling inside his oxygen mask thickly enough to threaten the flow of breathable air. Pushing the repulsorlift cart he had to share with this lunatic up to the base of the mound and pulling the brake lever to keep it locked in place, the scaly figure peered over his wide shoulders and asked “So, Jedi Master Jed, do you need time to meditate, or could you assist me in my noble quest to plunder your dead friends’ stuff to pay our water bill?”

Jed sighed deeply into her oxygen mask, the breath filled with too many conflicting feelings and overlapping sentiments for either of them to decipher its exact meaning. “You can deal with the scrap, Cabe. I’ll be on guff duty.” She said, pulling up her hood, stuffing the ends of her sleeves beneath her thickly padded shock-proof gloves, and tucking her robe down her thick cargo pants. She couldn’t afford to have her bathrobe catch on anything; it was already more stitches than fabric.

“Why am I always on scrap duty?” Cabe complained, removing his sweat stained overcoat and picking up the vibro-saw and coolant spray even as he spoke.

“Because you can lift half a ton?” Jed said, clambering up the hill of ship skeletons to start poking around for any valuable electronics, nick-knacks, or trinkets the Imperial inspectors may have missed before dumping the skeletons on Raxus Prime.

Cabe shook his head as he sawed through one of the of the LAAT’s thicker beams, applying coolant in the wake of his cuts so that he could quickly and safely load them onto their lift. Picking up a freshly cut 500lb hunk of military grade scrap metal and hauling it over to their cart with some grunts of effort but few visible signs of strain, Cabe asked “Well, how much can you lift with the Force? I heard some Jedi could pull ships clean out of orbit. Makes lifting half a ton seem like child’s play.”

“That’s just a myth! No Jedi’s THAT powerful.” Jed replied, leaning into the cockpit of one of the Sprites and peering around.

“So, how much CAN you lift then?” Cabe repeated.

“Well, it’s difficult to say.” Jed said, reaching into a hollowed out instrument panel for any wire scraps that may have fallen out when the controls were being removed. “I can only draw on a finite supply of the Force’s energy at any given time, and once I use up that supply I have to wait for it to recharge over time. Like a battery. I believe that well trained Jedi can recharge their Force battery quicker, and even learn to charge it while they’re using it. Since I haven’t had a master to teach me, I can’t do that. And since I use the better part of my Force looking for the best places to scavenge whenever we go out, I don’t have much left in me to lift stuff.” She explained,

“That doesn’t even-” Cabe started, and probably would’ve continued with “answer my question!” had he not realized the futility of the conversation. “Whatever.” He instead finished, lopping off and cooling another slab of scrap and tossing it onto their cart.

Cabe continued to cut wordlessly, though the conversation he’d been having carried on inside his head. In there, he argued against the imaginary version of Jedha Kraz who could see reason, understand logic, and be persuaded by evidence that she had no connection to the force, would never be a Jedi or rebuild the Jedi Order, and was destined to rot on the garbage dump of the Outer Rim, Raxus Prime, until the day she died. It was fun arguing against that Jedha, though the thoughts quickly became depressing once the implications of victory were realized. No, for all Cabe’s outward exasperation, Jed’s particular brand of unflappable insanity was the reason Cabe liked her. Her insanity gave her limitless reserves of hope, a precious commodity on a literal trash planet. It was adroable, like a stupid pet getting bamboozled by a pane of glass.

Cabe wasn’t expecting to hear “AAAAIE-EEEEEEEEHEEHEEHEE-HEE-HEE!” right then, and as such his jump of alarm, girlish squeak, and the flaring of the needle-like spines running from the top of his head down to the small of his back were justifiable reactions. Turning to the source of the cackling scream, Cabe saw Jed erupting through the empty frame of one of the Sprite’s cockpits. Even with her face buried beneath an oxygen mask, tinted goggles, and a hood, Cabe could tell from the way her body was literally shaking with excitement that she was wearing the widest smile of her life. “I TOLD YOU!” She shouted down at her friend, waving an arm wildly above her head. “I TOLD YOU WE’D FIND JEDI ARTIFACTS! THE FORCE GUIDED ME!”

“What are you yapping about?” Cabe asked, squinting as he tried to discern the small glinting object gripped tightly in Jed’s waving hand. “What is it?”

Jed didn’t respond. She stopped waving and drew the object close to her chest, looking it over in search of something. She found what she was looking for, and after checking one of the narrow ends of the thing to make sure it was facing the right way, Jed held the object out and activated it, answering her friend’s question.

“You’re kidding.” Cabe said, removing his goggles on the slim chance that the light was just hitting them a weird way and making him THINK he saw what he knew he saw. After repeatedly blinking his bared, dull yellow eyes, he was forced to accepted the impossible. Jed had found a lightsaber.

“What’s that?” Jed asked, dramatically swishing the emerald green energy blade through the air and “Hmm?”-ing in time with its humming. Mimicking her reptilian friend’s high pitched gravely voice, Jed said “I’m sorry, Jed. You really are Force sensitive, Jed. From now on I will only refer to you as Master Jed unironically.”

“Be careful with that thing!” Came Cabe’s actual response, flinching as Jed tripped climbing out of the cockpit and slapped the blade the Sprite’s structure with a sharp hiss of instantly superheated metal. Jed half obeyed her friend’s advice, climbing down slowly but refusing to turn the lightsaber off or let it go. As Jed maneuvered her way down the unsecured pile of trip hazards and clothing catchers, Cabe recovered enough of his senses to ask “Where did you find that? How did you find that so fast? Was it hidden somewhere?”

“No, it was in the glove compartment.” Jed replied, Cabe’s light green skin visibly paling. “It wasn’t even locked or anything. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Force wanted me to have this!”

“It’s obvious that some halfwit Imperial engineer needs to be court-martialed and summarily executed for negligence!” Cabe corrected, rubbing the rough ridge that would’ve formed his brow, had he had brows. “How do you forget to check the glove compartment when stripping down a ship for dumping? That is, literally, the first place any sane person checks!” Cabe shook his head, then with renewed frustration demanded “AND WHAT JEDI LEAVES THEIR LIGHTSABER IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT?!”

“I think it’s a spare.” Jed said, hopping off the pile with the still burning lightsaber and landing too close to her companion for his comfort. “Look, it’s got no personal touches. No name, no symbols, no customization, and the grip’s just a lump of soft plastic. My parents told me that every Jedi had to build their own lightsaber, and that it was supposed to be a reflection of their spirit. Whoever owned this ship probably carried their actual personalized lightsaber with them, and this was just a backup in case of emergencies.”

“Or you got Master Accountant’s lightsaber.” Cabe said, taking another step back as Jed continued to swish and flick the tip of the weapon around. “Seriously, Jedha, turn that thing off before you hurt me! Or yourself!”

“You know, Cabe, before today, you were technically right about me. I could CALL myself Jedi, but truthfully, I was nothing more than a youngling.” She explained, admiring the emerald blade as though it were actually made of such shimmering gemstones. “It wasn’t until a younlgling constructed their lightsaber that they officially became Padawans, and were recognized as Jedi. With this weapon, I am OFFICIALLY a Jedi.” She said, ignoring or neglecting the fact that she hadn’t constructed the blade she was currently twirling in a figure 8, so even if her hazy recollection of third-hand Jedi customs were correct she didn’t meet the criteria she set. “As a TRUE Jedi, the Force guides my blade.” Cabe hopped back with a yelp as the blade was unintentionally swung in his direction. “It is an extension of my being, like a part of my arm that’s always been there but until now could never be seen.” She swung the weapon back and forth like a bat, before standing in what could best be described as a child’s interpretation of a defensive stance. “So long as I trust my instincts, this blade will obey my every whim.” She turned her hips while slashing diagonally downward, carving a sizzling line of molten metal into the ground of Raxus Prime and completely unaware of just how close she’d come to cutting her left foot in half. “With this weapon, I am one step closer to fulfilling my destiny.” She turned and slashed again, not even hearing Cabe’s continued pleas for her to calm down, turn off the incredibly dangerous and illegal murder weapon, and just listen to him for five seconds. “With this weapon, I am one step closer to becoming the Jedi destined to rebuild my Order, topple the Empire that tried to destroy it, and restore justice to a galaxy ruled by tyranny!” She stepped back, posing heroically with her weapon held high. “With this weaAAAAAH!”

Jed jumped up and down on one foot, howling and flapping both arms wildly as she did. The Force may or may not have guided her blade, but it certainly hadn’t guided her feet. While posing, her left boot had planted itself firmly onto the swath of molten metal she had accidentally carved into the ground, its heavy duty rubber alloy sole bubbling out from under her as she spoke. By the time she realized just how hot her foot was getting, her boot had caught fire.

Holding the lightsaber, trying to remove her flaming boot, and trying to pat down the flames threatening to ignite her pants, proved too much for two hands, and Jed had to abandon one of those tasks. Luckily, for her own sake, some before unused survival instinct kicked in and she dropped the lightsaber before attempting either of the tasks which required her to grab parts of herself. Falling backwards and landing hard on a flat piece of cargo crate, Jed managed to launch her smoldering boot from her foot and arrest the flames licking her pants and robe. A brief moment of calm passed, adrenaline still in full control of her body, then the pain struck.

Jed could feel bits of molten rubber clinging to the flesh of her sole like hot squishy shards of broken glass. While the ankle and even the sides of the foot seemed to have come out unscathed, the boot’s insulation protecting her skin just long enough for her to extricate herself from the flames, she could already feel blisters bubbling up on her sole. Daring to prop her foot up on her knee to inspect the damage, Jed hissed at the sight of the bright red underside of her before pale white foot, the dark black specks of rubber fused to her skin, and the fat blisters bubbling up and threatening to burst.

“AH!” She yelped, touching her burned skin on some primal reflex and immediately regretting doing so. “Alright, so PERHAPS I should have concentrated less on the guidance of the Force and more on my surroundings. BUT, that doesn’t change any of what I said.” She explained, trying to deflect Cabe’s raucous laughter and sarcastic jibes.

Only, he wasn’t laughing. Nor were there jibes that required countering. In fact, all Jed could hear was the sizzling crackle of her nearly burned out boot and the continuous low rumble of trash being dumped in the distance that residents of Raxus Prime had either learned to tune out or learned an expedient method of suicide. Not even the lightsaber could be heard, the weapon somehow turning itself off mid-drop before landing in a heap of yellow-brown junk a few feet from Jed’s foot. “Cabe?” She asked, looking up. “CABE!” She screamed, finding him.

The majority of Cabe had fallen on its back, muscles writhing and twitching involuntarily as its central nervous system struggled to figure out why it was no longer receiving any input from its center of command. A small portion of Cabe was lying a few feet away half buried in debris, a smoldering black stump of freshly lightsabered flesh pointing directly at Jed like a parent pointing an accusatory finger at a naughty child. Jed clapped a hand over her open mouth, scared that she would either scream or puke at the sight. In her panicked arm flapping Jed had decapitated her best, and debatably only, friend.

She took one running step toward Cabe, was suddenly reminded that she was running across a field of rusted metal and jagged scrap with a bare foot covered in first and second degree burns on its sole, and collapsed into a screaming heap as blood gushed from a foot that was now both blistered and lacerated. She clutched the mangled foot and felt hot and unsettlingly sticky blood seep into the thick padding of her gloves, her cries continuing as she squeezed tightly to staunch the flow. When Jed recovered enough of her wits to make deliberate movements and had determined that she probably wouldn’t bleed out in the immediate future, she pulled herself up to one knee and both hands, one hand leaving a red imprint on the scrap beneath her as she steadied herself, and began half hopping and half crawling her way toward her friend’s pieces. At some point during her crawl she must have decided to go for Cabe’s head as opposed to his body, though when or why that decision was made was a mystery even to Jed herself. All she knew was that after crossing the longest 4 meters to ever exist, she found herself turning her dead friend’s head around to face her.

Or, rather, she should have turned her dead friend’s head around to face her. Instead, she was perplexed to turn her still very living friend’s head around to face her, Cabe’s dull yellow eyes staring intentionally into hers as his mouth flapped vigorously enough to shake off his now useless oxygen mask. While he could produce no audible words in his current condition, the ridge that technically constituted his lips positioned itself clearly enough for Jed to tell that Cabe was swearing up a storm, both in Galactic Basic and in his native Londarr.

“LONDARR!” Jed jubilantly cried, squeezing her friend’s surprisingly heavy head to her heaving chest as tears threatened to flood her goggles. Hope filled the buxom that Cabe’s face was buried in as Jed remembered some important trivia about Cabe’s species, the Londarr. Londarr regularly engaged in sexual cannibalism while mating, female Londarr using their sharper and longer talons to tear the male’s head off and consuming it for energy while violently mating with their body. Once satisfied that her eggs were fertilized, the female would dig a shallow pit, lay her eggs in said pit, and cover it with the male’s body. The body not only kept the eggs warm, but also provided the infants their first meal once they hatched, the babies consuming their father’s body just as the mother consumed his head. Because of this (or the other way around), the bodies of male Londarr had evolved to survive for an extended period after decapitation. They had an extremely advanced system of hormones, muscle reflexes, twitch responses, energy storage, and an acute sense of touch that, once the body detected that it had been beheaded, would kick in and allow it to survive for several galactic days. While a Londarr male’s head didn’t need to survive nearly as long, the hardiest and most lively males were the ones that attracted the most fertile females, and as such their heads could still last significantly longer than a human’s head could. One standard hour was the commonly cited galactic record, and that was with a massive drop in blood pressure from getting their head violently torn off. With the lightsaber’s clean and cauterized, Cabe’s head had the potential to not only set a new record, but survive long enough for Jed to get him life saving medical attention. That was Jed’s hope, anyway.

Jed noticed that Cabe had stopped silently yelling at her. Then she noticed that he was no longer looking at her, but over her right shoulder. Then, she noticed a shadow looming over her. Finally, Jed re-remembered why male Londarr had evolved to (temporarily) survive decapitation. It was part of their mating.

Jed yelped and scrambled away as Cabe’s body stood to its full height and spasmed violently, with limbs flailing, spines flaring, and an unsettlingly large tent pitching in its pants as the body disentangled itself from Cabe’s outfit. The clothes, designed to survive heavy duty work on a planet that was 90% sharp objects, was no match for the body’s animal instincts. Within seconds the spines running up Cabe’s spine tore through the back of his tanktop and sent the shirt fluttering down in front of him, and with short claws shredding his belt and a literally inhumanly hard erection that only a specially evolved ‘I will die having sex’ reflex could achieve, the middle of Cabe’s pants were soon jettisoned from his flesh, leaving dull ribbons of cloth streaming out of the body’s ankle high boots. It was certainly a sight to behold, a headless yet still six foot tall mountain of bared and extremely tensed muscle twitching unnaturally in the dull light of a muggy Raxus Prime morning. Every muscle was fully alert, from the abbreviated neck stump that twitched and shuddered as the body closed off its veins to avoid bloodloss, to the unfurled fingers with their short black claws waiting to pin down a mate, to the dark green spines standing just as erectly as the engorged and alarmingly pink cock jutting from the body’s crotch, to the thick thighs and calves that would propel this seed delivery monster onto its target.

Jed, however, had little time for beholding. Tucking Cabe’s equally terrified head into the crook of her arm, she crawled as fast as one good foot and one unencumbered hand could carry her, desperately trying to reach the repulsorlift cart. While Jed and Cabe couldn’t afford a cart with a functional propulsion system, if she could just unlock the cart and push herself along with her good foot she should be able to move fast enough to escape the body. Then, she’d just have to wait out its sex drive, collect it and her lightsaber once the body was dormant, and get then Cabe to a doctor. That was her plan. Unfortunately, her attempts at haste may have made things worse. Cabe’s body had only its sense of touch to guide it, and the vibrations of Jed’s panic driven movement through the shifting scrap made her an easily tracked target. The body turned in place with a sloppy, stumbling shuffle, then fell into a crouch and launched itself at Jed with a terrifyingly precise pounce. Jed had just managed to pull her upper body up and onto the cart, and was reaching for the brake release lever when the massive pile of hormone driven muscle landed right on top of her, its clawed hands wrapping around her shoulders with enough strength to threaten the structural integrity of her collarbones and slamming her chest down hard enough for Jed’s head to bounce off the cold metal bed. Raxus Prime momentarily disappeared behind a sea of stars and the blackness of space, and the only noise in existence was the slow reverberations of a large gong.

Jed very quickly returned to Raxus Prime when she felt a sharp set of claws tear straight through her clothes into the small of her back, then carve their way down her left butt cheek, pulling her pants down and rending the robe tucked into them. Jed cried out and reflexively twisted her waist away from the body’s claws, but with so much muscle pushing her down she could do nothing more than rub her face against the lift as her pants were dropped to her ankles and her robe was thrown up and over her back. Raxus Prime was a warm and muggy planet, yet Jed shuddered like her freshly scarred butt had just been dunked into a tub of ice water as it was exposed to the open air. The body didn’t seem to notice or care that Jed was a dirty, slightly doughy, very pale human that it literally could not impregnate or that she had cut its head off entirely by accident and wasn’t coming onto it. It no longer had an intelligence capable of understanding those nuances. It was programmed to do nothing more than find and fill a warm hole, and it had finished the first half.

The body loosened its grip on Jed as it repositioned for a more firm hold, and in that split second of reduced pressure Jed released a desperate cry and put all of her strength into one final lunge for the cart’s brake lever. The tip of Jed’s finger managed to graze the lever’s handle before both shoulders found themselves pinned to the bed of the cart by a weighty pair of roughly scaled hands. Sharp claws pressed firmly into her flesh, not hard enough to draw blood but so nearly there that any movement on Jed’s part threatened a puncture. She was stuck, and as she felt the bizarrely shaped tip of an alien organ grazed up the back of her thighs and across her folds in search of an opening, all Jed could do was bar her teeth and squeeze her eyes shut.

Jed had been mugged a few months back, and during said mugging she’d been shivved in the gut with a rusty screwdriver. Surprisingly, getting stabbed didn’t hurt right away. She didn’t consciously register what had happened until two seconds later, when the makeshift weapon was twisted and yanked out with a high pressure squirt of blood. That was when the pain hit, but those two seconds allowed her subconscious to brace itself. When the pain hit, she simply dropped to her knees with a low groan and clutched her perforated stomach, a far more subdued display than most would expect of a stab victim. For whatever reason, Cabe’s cock did not afford her those luxurious seconds of pain free shock that the screwdriver had, and as such her response to this impalement was not nearly as subdued.

“AAAAAAAAOOOOOH-OW-OW!” Jed screamed, her legs thrashing uselessly behind her as the engorged reptilian member was forced down to its base on first entry and was immediately pulled back and thrust again before Jed could even finish screaming at the first thrust. The corners of her vision saw the return of stars and black space, though she couldn’t tell if the gong was ringing as her own screams drowned out all noise. If there were any scavengers or bandits in a mile radius they’d be here soon enough to see what the commotion was and pilfer anything of value off the corpse of whatever poor animal was being mauled. In a brief flash of lucidity between the terribly powerful thrusts of the headless rapist, she wondered whether it would be better if she kept screaming. Even the lowliest of lowlife thieves would have to take pity on poor little Jed, they’d at least shoot the deranged humping monster off of her before robbing her at the same gunpoint. It’s not like she had anything of value to-


Jed twisted her head back and craned her neck as far over her shoulder as she could manage with two sets of razor sharp claws threatening to give her ten brand new orifices to scream about if she tried to get up. While her point of view rocked back and forth with each agonizing thrust, at certain angles she could just barely see the tip of the handle of her newest and most prized possession. Jed clenched her teeth and caught her next cry in the back of her throat, choking it down like a particularly pointy rock. She couldn’t have anyone coming to investigate this site, not until she and the lightsaber were long gone. She would have to escape, or endure.


With her cervix getting beaten to hell and back by an unthinking unfeeling sex machine that couldn’t be bargained with or reasoned with, and with her vaginal walls getting a sample of what childbirth would probably feel like, escape was obviously Jed’s first choice. Wincing, Jed slowly inched her right arm in a wide arc across the surface of the cart, moving as gently as possible over the beams Cabe had cut and syncing her movements with the apex of each thrust to minimize the chance of the body realizing that she was moving and tearing her arm off in retaliation. Eventually, around the time her ass had gone numb from the pounding and was wondering whether that was the body’s precum or her own blood that was beginning to lubricate the raw walls of her womanhood, Jed managed to get her arm down to her side. Under normal circumstances, Jed would now be in reach of her blaster, a small but powerful PN-m3 that could easily blow the headless body away (along with a meaty chunk of her own rump if she wasn’t careful). Unfortunately, with her weapon still in its holster and her holster still attached to a frayed scrap of belt lying somewhere around her spasmodically twitching feet, that option was off the table.


What wasn’t off the table, however, was Jed’s Jedi weapon slowly bobbing in and out of view as her hips were tossed up and slammed against the lip of the cart. Knowing where the weapon was, knowing where to direct the force, Jed could summon the weapon to her. She knew she could. She just had to trust in the Force and call on it. Jed closed her eyes, extended her fingers, and beckoned the weapon to return to her. She’d do her best not to completely destroy Cabe’s body. She was sure he’d want it back. She’d start by cutting off its arms and try to wriggle out from under the pumping mass of muscle. If its core strength proved too much for her she’d cut his legs off. She could definitely overpower a limbless torso. Cabe wouldn’t be too happy about her hacking his body up even further, but Jed was confident in their town’s doctor. She knew that Cabe could be put back together. Probably. She’d cross that bridge when it came. Cabe’s dissatisfaction was becoming more and more irrelevant in direct relation to her own vagnial distress. Everything below her hips was now either completely numb or burned like it was on fire, and Jed literally had been on fire today. If she wanted to save Cabe, fulfill her Jedi quest, and ever feel anything in her pelvis ever again, she had to clear her mind and focus singularly on the lightsaber. She had to focus.





“Ngh!- uoh-ho-hooooo.” Jed let out a stifled whimper as the lightsaber refused to acknowledge Jed’s efforts. It remained exactly where it was, not even twitching as Jed focused as much as she could on the weapon. Not that she could do much focusing, what with the increasingly intense pounding she was receiving from the increasingly aroused corpse. No one could concentrate under these conditions. Yes, that must be it. The Force wasn’t ignoring her, it couldn’t hear her.


With escape provably impossible, enduring was the only option left. Surely the body must be nearing orgasm. Its hips were thrusting at a blazing pace, and the pressure placed on Jed’s shoulders was growing increasingly severe. Jed turned her head down and attempted to bury her face in the metal. “NGH!” It couldn’t be much longer, she could make it. “UNHF!” This wasn’t a big deal. It hurt like hell, but it wasn’t a big deal. “RGNH!” She wasn’t being raped, this was an inanimate object made out of her friend’s corpse. A person could be raped WITH an inanimate object, but not BY one. “CHK!” She wasn’t biologically compatible, she couldn’t get pregnant. “KCK!” She was going to save Cabe, find a Jedi master, become the most powerful Jedi ever, defeat the empire, probably find her long lost sister along the way somehow and get rich and famous and none of this would ever come up again and how and why was this brainless hunk of reptile dung not done yet?!

The body’s pace picked up, and with a whimper ten small pools of blood emerged from her shoulders and began soaking into her bathrobe. The reptilian’s talons had broken skin. Jed knew that the body wasn’t trying to tear her apart. Not only because it had no consciousness at all and was technically incapable of ‘trying’ to do anything, but because Cabe’s species wouldn’t survive if both partners were killed in coitus. But Jed wasn’t a 6’2”, 260lb female Londarr in heat, she was a 5’6” 150lb human and she wasn’t built for this. Jed pressed her forehead into the cart as hard as she could, pulling in each shallow breath with great effort. If only she could reach the oxygen tank on her back, at least then she could give the whole breathing thing a fighting chance.

It quickened, and Jed grunted every curse she could think of.

It quickened, and Jed invented new curses with each thrust.

It quickened, and Jed choked on detached syllables.

It quickened, and Jed gurgled.

Jed felt chunks of the condensed protein bar she’d had for breakfast fire into the back of her throat like the pellets of a leadchucker as she was crushed into the surface of the cart, the talons grazing the muscles beneath her skin as the grip suddenly tightened. The Londarr’s cock slammed into her guts with finality before releasing a payload that, had Jed any ability to sense anything other than immense pain, she would have found unnervingly (and more to the point, inhumanly) grainy and thick. Despite these qualities, since all available space inside Jed was already occupied, the majority of the porridge-like substance found itself squeezing past the very cock that had delivered it and spraying back out onto the body’s lap with a sound that could best be described as “PPFffft-PLAP”. That “PPFffft-PLAP” repeated half a dozen times as the reptilian’s body pulsed out every drop of semi-liquid it could manage in its final act of self driven movement. Either between the second and third or the third and forth pulse, it was difficult for Jed to keep track while she was choking down her breakfast fragments and trying not to move her shoulders for fear of severing something on Cabe’s claws, a new and almost equally discomforting liquid hit her back. The body’s spiked blood pressuregre too great to be contained by the arteries’ naturally evolved shutoff systems and the unnatural layer of charred meat left by Jed’s lightsaber swipe. Geysers of blood erupted from the body’s neck stump, some firing several feet straight into the air in long thin lines and some spraying in sloppy cones of gore, but all of them drenching the shoulders of Cabe’s body and the back of Jed’s robes. As stray strands of blood dank through her short cut brown hair, Jed wondered why Londarr seed had to feel so alien while their blood got to feel so terribly human. She did her best to limit her shuddering as she grit her teeth through the final seconds of her torture. With one last sputter the body had finally completed its duty, and its breeding hormones subsided. The body was given permission to lie down and await consumption, completely oblivious to the fact that no consumption was coming as none of Cabe’s seed could fertilize any of Jed’s eggs.

“Y-AAAH!” Jed yelped, gravity yanking out the body’s talon’s and cock as it pulled the body to the ground. Jed heard a heavy clatter behind her, followed by the dull and continuous clatter of the planet. She remained motionless for a long time, her breathing weak and inaudible over the white noise of Raxus Prime. Pain immobilized her just as effectively as 300 and something pounds of humping alien, her body refusing to do anything more strenuous than twitch as Jed commanded its pieces to move. She didn’t know that a person could feel this terrible without being dead or horribly mutilated, and she didn’t know if she wasn’t among those groups. She concentrated, and between the waves of pain that washed over her with every heartbeat, she could feel the greasy and deflated walls of her devastated womanhood. If she were internally bleeding, she couldn’t feel it for the coating of alien seed that, she swore, she could feel moving inside her. Everything was throbbing equally, so either she’d been hollowed out and was seconds from death or she had survived with no permanent injuries. Other than her butt which was definitely bruised and had had one cheek clawed, her shoulders which had been pierced in ten places, her foot which oh yeah that still hurt like crazy, and her psyche which didn’t need any more damage than it already had.

As the seconds turned to minutes, and as each breath failed to be her last, Jed slowly realized that she had indeed survived. “ha ha.” She huffed, a faint smile creeping into the corners of her lips. “easy peasy.” She mumbled, far too quiet for Cabe to hear. Assuming he was still alive.

“Cabe!” Jed attempted to shout, though in her weakened state it was only as loud as her regular speaking voice. Remembering that the friend she had decapitated was running on borrowed time gave Jed’s body a sudden rush of energy. Jed jolted half upright, leaning on both elbows as her booted foot tried to plant itself firmly and her unbooted foot did its best not to get in the way. She tried and failed to push herself into a standing position twice, the muscles in her leg burning with each attempt and her knee refusing to stay in one place. Closing her eyes and concentrating on her slowly dying and/or currently dead friend, Jed willed herself into an approximation of standing, leaning heavily against the cart and feeling her new shoulder holes stretch and groan in the process. These fresh spikes of pain cut through some of her malaise, forcing adrenaline into Jed’s bloodstream. Her body steadied, and the world cleared up slightly. She had to move.

Hoisting herself onto the cart, Jed winced as weight rested on her lacerated ass. She pulled her pants up to her knees, and picked up an unidentifiable shred of Cabe’s clothes. She shuddered as she wrapped the shred around two of her fingers and began scooping as much of the porridge-like substance out of her crotch as she could and flicking it off into the junk with a series of heavy plops. Why was it so thick?

When she was as clean as she was going to get without a shower, Jed pulled her pants the rest of the way up, hiking them so high and tightening them so much that the belt was functionally a girdle. She was about to hop down from the cart and search for Cabe’s head when she remembered how well her bare foot had handled Raxus Prime last time. Looking past her feet, she saw a pair of very large boots and a lot of cloth scraps, and her plan basically made itself. Carefully reaching over the side of the cart, Jed pulled Cabe’s enormous left boot off along with several fistful’s of shredded pants. She began winding strips of pants around her slashed and burned foot, tying them as tightly as she could force herself to, until a rough and very unsanitary cast was formed. Shoving her enlarged foot into the boot and pulling the laces close to their breaking point before knotting them up, Jed found herself wearing a boot that was still ridiculously too big for her, but critically one that would stay on so long as she didn’t hike her legs up too high.

Bracing herself, Cabe lowered herself onto the surface of Raxus Prime and began to put weight on her bad foot. She managed to get about a little over a quarter of her bodyweight onto it before the pain grew too intense to bear. She’d be limping badly on her way back to town, but she could use the cart as a makeshift crutch. She could make it. She could save Cabe, save the Jedi, and save the galaxy. Her destiny was certain, even if she had to pursue it one step at a time.

One step at a time, Jed limped her way over to her lightsaber and clipped it onto her belt, before adjusting her robe to conceal the weapon. She then waddled her way over to where Cabe’s head had fallen, the grimy feeling of her still oily legs sliding across each other making her feel a little sick. Picking up her friend’s head and turning it to face her, Jed was delighted to see him deliberately glare at her and mouth another curse word followed by some sort of remark that about either her brain or her breasts that was spoken too quickly and angrily for her to lip read. “It’s okay, I’ll get you patched up!” Jed said, smiling and wiping some blood off his forehead. He’d gotten a few cuts and scrapes in his fall, and his oxygen mask had fallen off, though that hardly seemed relevant in his current state. He was alive, and that’s what mattered. She could save him, make this right.

Placing her friend’s head on their cart, completely oblivious to the fact that she’d just set him on his charred and incredibly tender neck stump and that Cabe was now silently screaming in horrific agony as the weight of his skull came down on his exposed nerve endings, Jed limped to the cart’s control panel and lowered it all the way to the ground before deactivating it. With a crunch and an ear splitting grind of metal on metal, the cart sank a few inches into the metal mire, just as Jed had wanted. She hobbled over to the massive collection of muscle and scales that had worked her over and shook her head in a mix of disbelief and some weird emotion she couldn’t comprehend. The Londarr’s slimy cock was still standing at half mast, even as blood trickled out of its neck stump and its muscles twitched in the week long death throes common to the males of his species. She disgusted, but curious.

With a huff she leaned over and began dragging the body inch by inch across the jagged metal surface of Raxus Prime. While Londarr skin was certainly hardier than human flesh, Jed knew that the body was probably getting the hell scratched out of its back. Cabe wouldn’t like it, but she didn’t like getting pinned down and ridden by this monstrosity so that made them even. A little bacta would heal those cuts right up.

With one last mighty heave Jed managed to pull the headless body onto the cart, patting herself on the back less as a form of self congratulation and more to ensure that she hadn’t pulled any muscles or slipped a disc in the effort. After nudging all four limbs onto the cart, Jed hobbled around to the controls again, noting the many thin trails of blood leading up to the cart and deducing that the body’s back had in fact had a rough time on Raxus Prime’s rough surface. Jed activated the cart’s repulsorlifts and raised it to waist height, the body’s stomach and thighs twitching a little but not enough to risk rolling the body off the cart.

Before she deactivated the cart’s brakes and started the journey back to town, Jed hobbled over to Cabe’s head and picked her friend up. “Cabe, I’m sorry I cut your head off. I was stupid and reckless and you were right to tell me so.” She said, the sincerity in her voice almost convincing her friend that she may have had a moment of clarity. “But I hope you realize that this ‘mistake’ was an important lesson on my path to becoming a true Jedi! Even with my amazing powers, I still have much to learn in the fields of discipline, cognizance, and knowing my surroundings, and it was the will of the Force that my blade would meet with you exactly how it did. The Force needed not only to discipline me for my hubris, but to test my ability to endure in even the most trying of circumstances. And I passed the test! So, again, sorry I cut your head off, but it was totally necessary. Also, I forgive you for what your body did to me. I kn-aAAH!”

Cabe couldn’t listen to one more second of his friend’s insane jabbering without going insane himself. It was bad enough that she was trying to tell the only person who ever tolerated her that cutting his head off was a net positive for the two of them, but now she was passing the buck onto the universe itself and shifting blame onto Cabe himself? His body would never have attacked her if she’d just listened to him and put down the incredibly dangerous weapon rather than flailing around like a spoiled toddler! He waited until Jed attempted to brush some blood off the ridge of his mouth, then bit her thumb with all his might. He didn’t even care that his attack nearly caused her to drop his head. If a concussion was what it took to get the silence he craved, then a concussion is what he wanted.

“Jerk!” Jed said, shaking her throbbing hand and sucking her gloved thumb as she half dropped and half rolled Cabe’s head onto the cart. Cabe used much more forceful terminology to describe Jed, though none of it could be heard. How dare he, after everything she’d done and was continuing to do for him! How ungrateful! She glared at Cabe’s head, which returned a cocky leer. Cocky…

“Heh, almost dropped you there! Can’t have that happening on our way back to town! I’d better get you secured!” Jed said, vengeance filling her eyes as confusion and fear filled those of her friend. Hoisting him up, careful to keep all of her digits away from his mouth, Jed lifted her friend up and slowly maneuvered his stump over the half erect cock that had so recently stretched Jed silly. She could only imagine how such a massive unit would stretch out a throat. Cabe wouldn’t have to imagine it.

Cabe’s eyes shot open in wild panic as Jed shoved the thick spade shaped head of his own cock up his gaping throat hole and into the back of his mouth, the slimy organ distending Cabe’s already sore throat and giving the Londarr a taste sensation that could best be described as “no.” The vengeful, delusional, self proclaimed Jedi continued shoving until the base of Cabe’s stump rested firmly on the body’s crotch, and the head of his massive and, much to Cabe’s alarm, slowly inflating penis poked out from between his teeth. His throat wriggled instinctually as it tried to produce a scream, its movements only serving to further excite the brainless organ that tiled Cabe’s view heavenward one painful degree at a time. Cabe willed every muscle he still had control over to remain as still as possible, not wanting his throat stretched any further. Shock had overridden pain for now, but that couldn’t last forever.

“That oughta hold you!” Jed said patting Cabe’s forehead playfully. “Now then, lets get you patched up!”

She released the handbrake of the cart, and began pushing her strange cargo back to town.
R: 4 / I: 0

An Ongoing Story (Multiple victims, gore, rape, snuff)

So, I will be writing this off and on.

Once one girl is dead, another girl will be brought in for the slaughter. There is always extra ways to get into the story (such as google pics of the girls themselves, I can't post them on here, but you can email if you're curious to see the pics I use to base these girls on at

and here... we... go...

Stephanie and her minion waited patiently in the dungeon for their first victim to enter. Stephanie was in her mid to late 20's. She was short and petite, with short black hair and deep brown eyes. She was in a leather corset, fishnet stalkings and black thigh high boots.

Her minion was the complete visual opposite of her, which was only to be expected considering he was a demon. He was easily over 8 feet tall and weighed at least 500 pounds of solid muscle. He grinned at Stephanie, showing his long white fang like teeth, as a glitter in his black void eyes seemed to shine. His body was sleek yet greasy body, except for the sharp, dark, bristly hair that covered his naked nether region which boasted an impressive 9 inch unhardened cock.

"Patience minion... Patience... Our first girl will be coming soon" Stephanie said stroking her minions arm while awaiting their first victim. It wasn't more than a minute when the door opened and 19 yearold Lacy was pushed in with her hands handcuffed behind her back.

Lacy had long dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. As she stood up it was clear that she was a little bit taller than Stephanie, and was wearing a light blue pushup bra and matching thong. The bra itself made her 36ddd tits look amazingly massive, which both Stephanie and Minion took notice of immediately. But it was when she spoke that their interest peaked. "Please! I don't know why I'm here! Please help me!" She sobbed as looked up at the 2 deviants.

They smiled down at her, and looked at each other. "She has braces!" Stephanie said with a girlish enthusiasm, as if having braces was something special, but Lacy did not understand. Minion looked down at Stephanie and smiled back.

Stephanie made her way to Lacy, grabbed her by her hair and pulled it as hard as she could causing Lacy to scream in a pathetic voice. "Listen hear you little cunt, if you want to make this easy, you lay down on your stomach and wait for my instructions!"

Lacy looked up at Stephanie as fresh tears fell down her face. "Please mistress... I don't know why I am here. I just want to go home".

Stephanie looked at her minion impatiently and sighed. He nodded in response and walked calmly towards Stephanie and Lacy while Stephanie let go of the shivering girls hair and with one of his gigantic balled up fists punched Lacy in the stomach, causing her to fall to the ground, gasping for air.

"That's better, now lets get down to business!" Stephanie said as she walked to a dark corner of the room while minion kept watch over the retching Lacy.

Stephanie returned with a brick and placed it directly in front of Lacy's face, looked up at the sobbing girl and smiled. "Pretend this brick is a cock... Any cock, cause I'm sure you have sucked your fair share of hard dicks before right? Pretend its a cock and wrap your mouth around it. And since I know you probably also are terrible at giving head, dig your teeth into this brick, because I'm sure that's what a little 'brace face' like you does when she's giving out blowjobs"

Lacy looked up with a confused and teary look in her eyes. Stephanie rolled her eyes angrily and snapped her fingers in the middle of the air, signaling minion and within seconds he was there, forcing Lacy flat on the ground, pushing her mouth towards the edge of the brick.

"NOOOO!!!" Lacy screamed in fear and pain as he placed her mouth over top of the brick and forced it down with one of his massive hand and held it there, letting her body shake underneath him.

"Thank you Minion", Stephanie said as she hopped and skipped over to them. She looked down at Lacy and smiled. "Ok Lacy, time to say goodnight sweetheart!"

Minion could feel Lacy's muscles tighten as he held her down. Her eyes were wide and her entire body shook with fear as Stephanie raised her right leg high into the air and brought it down with horrifically violent force onto the back of her head.


The impact was fast and terrible. Stephanie could feel Lacy's entire face break under the weight of her black thigh high. Blood began to ooze from every facial orifice onto the floor. Lacy's body trembled with shock as Stephanie scraped off her boot against the wall.

Minion looked down and smiled as he let go of the flopping girls head. Her mouth was now reminiscent of a Glasgow smile, completely ripped from cheek to ear on both sides and the top row of her teeth and braces had sliced open her lip so badly that there wasn't any flesh connecting her upper mouth to her nose. Just a gory hole of bloody gum flesh.

He grabbed Lacy by her hair and pulled her up as blood gushed from her broken face and presented it to Stephanie. Stephanie sniffed. "Hm... Pretty decently damaged, but...", she frowned, "those tits are still in tact... It'd be a shame to let her die without focusing some pain of those monsters first."

Stephanie walked around Minion and Lacy inspecting the situation with deep thought. Lacy's eyes could barely follow. Both eyes were bruised, half open and dripping with tears. She tried to speak, but only pieces of flesh and broken teeth came out and fell to the floor in a blood splatter.

"Ok", Stephanie said to Minion in a definitive voice, "Minion, i've made up my mind, I want you to use some of those wall restraints and chain her to the wall until we get Samm in here. I want to see how much of those teeth can fall into her bra before we get to her."
Minion nodded and pulled Lacy by the hair to the wall and began to chain her up against the wall.

Stephanie looked up into a corner of the room and whistled. "I'm ready! Bring in Samm and my tools ok?"
R: 1 / I: 0

His Enemy's Daughter (amputee, rape, semi-con)

She began to internalize that she was less than a human being after her arms and feet were amputated, after her tongue-tip piercing was welded to a plate screwed into her palate behind her teeth, after her mouth was sewn and glued permanently shut, after the hinge of her jaw was fused, after her vocal cords were removed. The young girl could not communicate. She was a thing. Over time she began to feel like a thing. She stopped making eye contact with people, because their eyes passed over hers.

Most of the time her fragile neck was chained and padlocked to a steel bar in a room at the back of the warehouse. People came and went, visiting the boss, hardly glancing at the bald little teenager curled up naked in the corner with a lifeless expression on her cute, childlike face. She was old news now. The daughter of his dead enemy. She was slumped against the wall with her cheek smooshed into the wallpaper and her legs folded to her chest so her thighs and butt looked like a peach. Bored and shivering in the cold.

Sometimes the boss stayed behind at night when everyone else left. He went to her, cupped her little chin, squished her cheeks, watched the dull eyes rise to meet his with only a faint spark of defiance left in them. He would unchain her slender, bruised neck from the wall, help her stand on her stumps, lead the shivering girl down the dark hallway to a different room.

He would hold her steady in front of a full-length mirror, run his huge, rough hands along her naked body and whisper "Look at yourself." The little girl would gasp and sigh and moisten despite herself, which was always very humiliating for her. She'd been raped many times as a child and now responded to threatening sexual touches with unwilling, traumatic arousal. (Raped by teachers and relatives, but never her father)

Her little face flushed hot. She swayed. She breathed hard and gulped as he touched her soft, vulnerable young body. She'd have moaned if her vocal cords still worked. In the mirror before her, an emaciated husk of a girl. Protruding ribs and hips. Hopeless eyes, someone no longer alive but merely waiting for death. Not a hair or eyelash growing anywhere on her.

His hand slid down her taught belly to her vagina. She leaned into his hand, pushed her genitals against him, closed her eyes and began to grind her pussy into his palm. The folds of her little flower dripping wet and slipping along the ridges of his fingers. The experienced older man curled two of his thick fingers into her, up against her g-spot. His other hand on her belly.

He fucked her. She lolled her pretty head back and let him fuck her, the man's aggressive strength lifting her little body sometimes, his stubbled cheek pressed into the soft curve of her neck more for grip than intimacy. Her fragile body was enveloped by his.

When she let go of the humiliation, it felt good. Her eyebrows arched. She almost felt like a human woman when she imagined them somewhere else, a different man, a different place. She wiggled her vacant shoulders, wishing she could touch herself, hold her breasts or put her smaller hand over his. Her mutilated body was no longer one that could touch itself, could only be touched.

She came quickly, and the flood of weeks of tension from her body made her silently sob at the ceiling. He kept masturbating her. The girl kept grinding her little pussy into him, looking up at the yellow lights, feeling degraded and horribly aroused and alone as he raped her. Being raped, every few weeks, manhandled into this room and raped under the lights, was, the young girl realized one night when she curled up alone and naked in the dark, the only thing she looked forward to.

He was fucking her with hatred, not lust. And she hated herself for liking it, which made her feel that she deserved it, which made her like it even more. And she kept humping his hand like a little whore. She came and came again. She came when his hand moved from her little belly up to her throat and choked her. Choked her the way a man chokes a woman, not a little girl.

She still thought of herself as a child, deep down, though her body had begun to blossom, her hips had widened, her breasts had ripened. Hers was still a child's face, her body still little and cute, her voice before they'd removed it still soft like a child's.

The truth was she'd stopped growing. She was destined to be one of those small, childlike women. And with her facial bone structure she was sure to age youthfully for decades. Chained naked to a wall, never allowed to make any decisions, she'd probably feel like a child as long as she lived. She thought about this sometimes when she curled up to sleep, smooshing her knees into her breasts to conserve warmth and resting her bald head on the hardwood floor. Here she was, a naked little girl with her mouth sewn shut, waiting to be raped, wanting to be raped, chained to the wall and unable to die, mourning the adult life she'd never get to live. Kept forever in time-out.

When he was done he helped her go to the bathroom, watched her piss like an animal in front of him, cleaned her off, took her back to the room where his desk and his big leather chair were, a window behind them overlooking the rest of the warehouse, and he guided the naked teenager to her corner where a thick collar and chain attached to a steel bar on the wall, his hands on her armless shoulders, and he closed the collar tight around her slender neck and clicked the padlock shut, and he stood there above the naked girl, and she curled into a shivering ball and hid her cute little face in her knees, and he clicked the lights off and his silhouette went out through the only door and the door closed and locked and she was plunged into darkness.

She tugged at the piercing attaching her tongue to her palate. Her plump lips pulled at the translucent stitches holding them closed. Her jaw muscles strained but the hinge of her jaw was fused. She hissed, she exhaled, but there was no sound in her throat. Far away in the warehouse the metal exit doors screeched shut and rattled as he locked them. She lay her head down and closed her eyes. She was wet.
R: 0 / I: 0

Aoeba Sasha Tentacle

i'm looking for a story i read on gurochan archive long time ago. the story is like this: a girl named aoeba sasha are going to school, suddenly she got attacked by tentacles comming from bushess. later, she got her leg cut off and then she dies at the end of the stories. anybody remember about this story ?
R: 30 / I: 8

Straight Shota Guro

We need Stories of Adult Women fucking and Killing Young Shotas (not necessarily in that order, or separately)
R: 0 / I: 0

The Tragic End of Captain Marvel (non-con, torture)

This one's a commission - if you want one, send me a message at the email attached to the post. The queue's pretty long at this point, though :/
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The Tragic End of Captain Marvel
Tags: non-con, M/F, rape, large insertion, torture

Growing up, Xaemar was somewhat idealistic. Being fed many a tale about the galaxy’s many heroes, he truly believed in them. That belief only grew even stronger when he witnessed one of them in action firsthand. Captain Marvel had come to save his homeworld from a galactic invasion. Before leaving, Carol Danvers had left some of his people with a communicator they could use if they ever needed the help from her again - a memory which he never forgot either.

When the Snap came, Xaemar’s planet, Damara, had descended into chaos. With half of the population gone, the society has collapsed. Very quickly, the confused, enraged people had turned to riots - only bringing the death toll even further up. Among this, Xaemar did his best to care for his younger sister, Damota - their parents gone with the Snap. Still, running from one hideout to another while trying to avoid the crazed crowds, Xaemar had remembered of the device he had seen those years ago. Surely, Captain Marvel would be able to set things right again? B-bring back all the people they had lost… Or - if that wasn’t possible - at least some kind of order to the planet?

Finding where the s.o.s. device had ended up wasn’t easy - but eventually, Xaemar managed to do it. Turning the device on gave him a true ray of hope, something to look forward to. The marvelous blonde woman in the blue who had saved all of them… She’d come back to them to save them once more! It was just a matter of time… A few days, at most! There was no response from the device, but that didn’t bother Xaemar - the man entirely certain that Captain Marvel would come to their aid, unaware that the device failed to reach the woman who left it there.

That very feeling proved to be very costly for the young Damaran. Thinking of their soon-to-be-savior, his movements became much more careless - enough for the many, many gangs which their society had devolved into to find him. Not only him, but his sister as well, at that - the young girl captured by the ruffians along with him.

These people were once respectable members of the society… But the Snap had ended the order of the world as it once was. They had accepted that nothing would be the same as it once was again - and to them, that included such concepts as morality. And Damota was so vulnerable in their hands… It was only natural for them to make use of her. Xaemar was forced to watch as they raped her - his sister begging him for help throughout all of it. It continued on for hours, even days - it seemed there would be no end to it.

Xaemar wasn’t allowed to miss even a second of it. Slipping away from reality because of exhaustion was only a momentary relief - his captors waking him back up with electric shocks just moments afterwards. They took pleasure in violating his sister repeatedly, but part of the fun was also seeing the broken look on Xaemar’s face. The only one he had left in the world was constantly crying - and that hurt even more than if they were hurting him directly.

That pain fueled an unbridled anger within him - but not towards his captors. As terrible as their actions were… They weren’t the only ones acting like that. The sad reality was that their entire planet was acting the same way… And Xaemar knew precisely whose fault that was. Why had not Captain Marvel arrived here yet? She was supposed to save them, save everyone… But she didn’t even bother coming here! In just a couple tens of hours, the admiration Xaemar had for her had devolved into just the opposite. Now, it was nothing but seething hatred - and from that hatred, he had gained new strength.

The men had noticed the change within Xaemar as he no longer showed how upset he was. As that took away a part of their fun, and they were already mostly spent, they decided there was no point in keeping it up - but not before one more blow to Xaemar’s psyche. With a quick shot, one of the men sent an energy blast straight through Damota’s head - killing her on the spot. It hurt soooooo much… But it was only yet another reason for him to hate that blonde bitch for not coming to their help.

The men let him go, deciding he wouldn’t be as fun to murder as his sister was. Following that, Xaemar’s goals had changed. Before, he wanted to protect his sister, and to help his people out… But now he had one goal, and one goal only - getting back at Captain Marvel for abandoning them like this. With nothing more binding him down, Xaemar could now go all out on it. Getting off the planet wasn’t easy, but eventually he managed to do just that - and from there, he could plot out his revenge in full.


Almost five years had passed since the Snap. Xaemar had acquired a considerable amount of funds in that time - enough to finally put his plan in motion. He also dedicated a huge chunk of that time to developing that plan - all so that he could have his revenge. The real breakthrough was getting in contact with the remnants of the Kree Empire - the galactic civilisation that had taken Carol Danvers in after she had acquired her powers over 30 years ago. Back then they had developed a device to contain her powers - initially with acceptable results. They had only improved on that technology since then - and were more than happy to supply Xaemar with it. They knew how dangerous Carol Danvers could be - and anyone taking her out for them was welcome.

The Kree had also agreed to set up a situation that would cause Captain Marvel to intervene - assuring the woman would be put straight in Xaemar’s hands. Now, all he needed to do was wait for her to arrive…


Carol Danvers was in the middle of fighting some giant robot. She had been tipped off about an incoming expanse by the Kree towards one of the planets on the borders of their territory. The way they had treated her had left Carol with quite the disdain for that nation - so putting a stop to their plans was always personal. However, immediately upon her arrival, she had been thrown into a battle with a massive piece of technology she had not seen before.

She had troubles deciding if it was remote controlled, or if there was someone piloting it from the inside. Not that it really mattered - she could destroy the robot now, and track its owner down afterwards if that turned out to be necessary. Her fists glowing with photons, she just continued to hammer with them away at the device. It was strong - but not stronger than her. Sure, it could withstand a beating from her, at least for now - but for how long? The robot had many, many limbs, that were all trying to hit her or grab onto her - creating a dangerous cloud of tools that could all be used against her. Still, there were plenty of spaces for her to stay safe next to it, if she just constantly stayed on the move - and Carol was more than fast enough for that. Avoiding the attacks of the robot, she just floated in the air around it, continuing to shower it with a barrage of attacks. She enjoyed proving to the robot’s owner - whoever could it be - that she was better than their little toy. Stronger, faster, more durable - whatever it could do, she could do better.

There were limits to how enjoyable that was, though. Once Carol was certain that truth had sunk in into whoever was facing, it was time to trash that big pile of metal. Charging up a photon blast in each of her palms, she then released them both at the same time straight into the behemoth she was up against - only to see it fizzle and bounce off its armor. Huh? Why would anyone take precautions against a power this rare? Still, if this wouldn’t work… It was time to apply some more direct measures.

Charging up close to the robot, Carol placed her palms directly against its armor - channelling a whole lot of cosmic energy straight through them. Immediately, they grew hot enough to melt almost anything - and with satisfaction, Carol watched as the metal began to drip from her fingers. She knew well enough that standing still like this made her vulnerable, at least in theory… Still, this was the quickest way to destroying the thing. Well, unless she wanted to unleash Binary Mode on the robot - but doing that seemed like overkill. Even if the robot got a few hits at her now, she could take all of those.

The artificial limbs hitting her one after another didn’t even make her flinch - the short-haired blonde staying exactly in the spot she was and continuing to melt through the robot’s insides. She only barely felt each of them - if anything, they just tickled her. When one of them pressed its tip right against her nape she didn’t even mind it - not until she felt it stab through her skin.

Immediately, Carol felt much, much weaker - and in an instant, realized what had happened. It’s been a long time since then, but she still remembered the shameful sensation that came with the Kree’s inhibitor affecting her. The surge of weakness, the place it was coming from, and just in general the overall feel were all very similar to what happened back then. Whoever was doing this made sure to get another of those inhibitors… Ha! As if that could stop her! She managed to overload the thing back then, and she only grew much, much stronger since then. An amused smirk popped up on her lips as she increased the energy output tenfold - already hearing some sizzling from behind her.

Channelling all of her energy into both destroying the device and steadily burn through the robot’s many layers of armor was a huge effort. She wasn’t worried by that, for she knew it was only going to take her a few seconds at full power - but for those precious seconds she was like a sitting duck. Even if she wanted to jump out of the way of another attack, she’d be unable to - and she couldn’t block it, either. She just assumed that it’d be over too quickly for the enemy to get any attack in - or, if they did, that they’d be unable to do any real damage to her anyways.

And then a spiked limb slammed right into the crotch of her outfit.


Carol looked down with shock as she stabbed at the metallic tentacle which tore straight through her bodysuit - and sunk right into her cunt. The moment it was inserted, its tip had detached from the rest - and proceeded to burrow up her vagina. Carol watched with disbelief as a bulge moved up her abdomen - but it was too fast for her to react to it. She didn’t even have the time to express any pain as it tore through her cervix and into her uterus - for it immediately broke out of her womb. Then, after a quick trip through her guts, it attached itself to her spine - sending a powerful shock through her nervous system.

Immediately, her powers all shut off - as if they were never there. Her hands cooled off, the glow within them disappearing as gravity began to affect Carol again - the woman dropping down and sliding further onto the shaft which had entered her. In mere instants all that made her special was reduced to nothing - leaving her just a normal human in the embrace of a killer robot.

Once Carol realized what had happened, she angrily banged her fists against the cold, merciless shell she had almost broken through - the only result being more robotic limbs snatching her arms away. In the manner of seconds, Carol had found herself in a position she had only felt once before… Back during the Snap, she felt truly helpless. She couldn’t do anything to save any of the victims back then… Now, with her powers gone and overpowered by a device many times her size, things weren’t looking good, either. However, she was not going to show that in any way - she was not going to give her captor the satisfaction. By then, it was clear to her that whoever had planned this was certainly gunning for her. Still, even if they had defeated her now… They could easily make some mistake in the future. She’d need to watch out for that - and for the time being, just take whatever they’ve had in store for her.

Still keeping her restrained like that - and with one of its limbs still buried inside Carol’s snatch - the robot proceeded to take the woman to its owner. Xaemar watched it with glee on the monitors in the base he had set up. The devices the Kree had provided him with worked out perfectly! Now, the cunt he hated so much was at his mercy!

Upon reaching the base, the robot dropped Carol off - but not without a pair of manacles binding her wrists together. She tested them out, but they were too sturdy to break right away. When Carol tried to push herself to pry them apart, a shock from the device attached to her spine quickly ended that - stopping her before she could do anything. The shock was surprisingly painful, but it was nothing Carol couldn’t handle - or at least, she told herself that. She was outraged by how crudely the device had been put inside her - her vagina still hurt a lot because of it - but she had to admit that it was a very effective way of bringing her down.

As the robot let go of her - finally retracting its long claw from within her pussy, Carol welcoming no longer having to endure that feeling - she came face-to-face with Xaemar. She had no idea who he was - but she could tell, what race he belonged to. He was a Damaran… Didn’t she save their planet a few years back? Why would he want to do this to her?

“What is the meaning of this?” Carol asked angrily while looking at the man without a shred of fear.

Xaemar replied with a blow straight to her face.

“Quiet, bitch! You’re not allowed to speak unless I allow you to.”

Carol didn’t even flinch at his attack - if anything, his fist hurt a little. Even if the active part of Carol’s powers had been taken care of by the power inhibitor, the passive boost to her strength and endurance was still present - completely neutralizing his first blow. But that didn’t bother him - he had also acquired some devices to enhance his strength just to make sure he’d be able to hurt her. For now, he still had ways to hurt her, though - like triggering the device inside of her. Another shock - this one, more powerful than the one before - shook her entire body. It hurt - every cell in her body screamed in pain - but was over in just an instant. With her muscles short-circuited though, specifically the ones in her knees, Carol couldn’t keep standing anymore - falling to her knees in front of Xaemar.

“This is your place now, whore!”

As the man said it, he walked around Carol - and delivered a kick to her back. With her muscles still aching from the electrical shock, he was able to put enough force into it to make her fall over. Then, Xaemar triumphantly placed one foot on her back - stomping on Carol and pressing her against the ground.

Leaning forwards, he grabbed Carol by the hair - and slammed it right into the ground.

“You’re a heroine no more… Then again, you never were one to begin with.”

He told her in a mocking tone, his mouth much closer to her ears than before - before slamming her head into the ground again. What was the man talking about? She had saved countless lives!

Xaemar brought Carol’s face down a few more times - only satisfied upon seeing a bruise appear on her cheek. Her body was still too tough for him to break properly in one go, but just leaving a mark on it was a satisfying outcome for now. Then, he grabbed the woman by her short hair - and began to drag her body by it. It required him to shock her a few more times to disable her resistance, as Carol constantly tried to fight back - but in the end, he ended dragging her off to one of the torture rooms he had prepared just for her. Her body rubbed against the base’s cold floor - even with the suit she was wearing, it was not a very pleasant sensation.

Arriving at the torture room, Xaemar locked Carol into some restraints made just for her. Her limbs were spread out in a cross pose, each stretched in a different direction - the short-haired blonde suspended in the middle of the room. Each of the shackles had an a power limiter within it, just in case - it never hurt to be too careful about what the bitch could pull off. Taking a few steps back, Xaemar took a look at Carol’s tied-up form - feeling happy like never before. He finally had her! She was still looking at him with defiance and anger in her eyes… Just as he expected her to. It was what would make this really enjoyable - turning that disobedient look into a truly broken one.

The first step was to get rid of Carol’s clothing. Her pussy was already bare - dripping some blood after the inhibitor bored a way through it - but the rest of her body was still covered in her bodysuit that doubled as her armor. However, the Damaran had just the tools to get rid of it. He decided to start off with an electro whip - the popper of which had been augmented with a small shock device. Not only it’d crack right into Carol’s body with some incredible speed and force - it’d also unleash some significant voltage on the spot it struck.

Xaemar swung the whip - listening with satisfaction to the sound of it cracking through the air, and the slap of it connecting with Carol’s flesh that followed. The quiet buzz that followed was almost too quiet to catch by comparison - but the way her body jerked up in it’s bindings was a clear sign she felt it. He aimed it at her torso, the whip slicing through the material covering it. Even if it was originally designed to withstand almost anything, the sheer force of Xaemar’s blow, when focused on such a small area, was still enough to rupture it.

After opening a hole in the woman’s clothing, the whip released some electricity straight into Carol’s body. If she still had access to her powers, she’d just laugh at the surge of energy, knowing it’d only make her stronger. However, the inhibitor didn’t let her to connect to that energy, to pull it into her reserves - so it was free to ripple across her body. And go across her body it did - some of her cells screaming in pain as current flowed through them. It was so different from the tingling she’d feel whenever entering binary mode - like this, her nerves were only irritated, screaming out in pain. Her muscles contracted on their own, reacting to the unwanted stimulation - and making her jump up within her bonds. Despite all that, however, Carol still didn’t feel threatened at all - only looking at the man with contempt.

“Was that supposed to hurt?”

She asked the man mockingly - only for him to raise his whip again. With the whip pulled away from her body, he could see a part of her skin now exposed - with the tiiiiniest change in hue signalling the exact spot the tip connected with.

“Quiet, whore! This is just to remove your clothes - you’ll never need them again.”

Following that declaration, Xaemar began to whip her, not sparing her any strength. His whip struck her again and again, each time tearing off a new tiny strip of Carol’s outfit off. The process was long and arduous, but infinitely rewarding. Xaemar felt that through reducing Captain Marvel’s outfit to shreds, he was also taking away a part of her personality. He already took away the powers that made the woman special - with her outfit also gone, she’d be just yet another human. One that’d be nude, at that - another way to humiliate the woman.

Carol took the whipping while keeping up a tough face - though it was getting harder and harder. Her physique was still stronger than a normal human’s, so her skin was still holding out for the most part - but only because her captor was just focusing on her clothes. Each of his strikes didn’t hurt that much… But they were so many of them! He was so tenacious in his pursuit to hurt her! Her body had no time to rest between each of those attacks - resulting in more and more strain being put on her body. Even her outstanding endurance had its limits - and it seemed that by doing this, the man could just be able to reach them. That worried her more than anything. This man shouldn’t have such an effect on her! And yet, by the time her clothes were gone, his finishing blows - despite being just as strong as the initial ones - seemed to hurt her more than the initial ones. Even worse, her body was also showing some signs of weariness unwittingly - droplets of sweat brought out by the exertion forming all over her body.

The more of Carol’s skin was visible to him, the more excited the Damaran man grew. He took particular pleasure in uncovering Carol’s breasts - knowing how significant that part of the body was for humans. Her chest wasn’t that big, but the sight was still interesting nevertheless. He had to admit that their round shape was quite captivating - and so were the tiny buds at the front. The current that kept running through Carol’s tits flowed right through her nipples as well - the sensitive nubs hardening because of it. Growing fully erect, they stuck out proudly from Carol’s chest - turning them into perfect targets. For now, Xaemar held on from picking on them, though - all in due time. Instead, once the front of his captive’s outfit was fully removed, he just walked around her - ready to repeat the same process on her back.

Another several hundreds - or maybe even thousands - of strikes later, Carol’s suit was truly gone. Coming back to the front of her body, Xaemar noted with some amusement that those tiny pink extremities were still as hard as they were before. The air in the room was cold, and some shocks were still able to reach them from behind - enough to keep Carol’s nipples hard as diamonds through the whole process.

Xaemar directed his whip towards one of them - and as its tip connected with the center of Carol’s nipple, for the first time he could see her face twitch. It was just a little sign, but it was a monumental victory for him - and in triumph, he struck at her other nipple. The shocks the whip sent into them tickled her breasts in a way that could even be considered pleasant - if it wasn’t for the pain that accompanied that. Now that he struck out directly against their flesh, he sent each of them into a jiggle - her chest shivering up and down as a result.

The second time, Carol’s face didn’t move - but the Damaran was satisfied with what he had already achieved. It was a crack in Captain Marvel’s unshakable facade, one that proved breaking her was a real possibility. For now… It was time to satisfy the other desire he had built up towards the woman. He recognized it could also be a viable way of making Carol suffer… But truth was, it’d be just a bonus. Ever since his sister had been raped right in front of him, Xaemar had been thinking of one day doing the same to the woman he felt was responsible for it. Now, he’d finally be able to give in to those urges - his shaft growing hard at the thought. Even if he knew Carol was most surely not compatible with him genetically - his cock was still able to be applied to her vagina.

Freeing his cock, he saw Carol’s face twist with disgust. But this was exactly what she deserved - whether she realized it yet or not. Because she wasn’t here, Damota - and countless other girls - had all been put through the same shame and agony of being raped. For all of them, he would do the same to her.

Holding his cock in his hand, Xaemar directed it towards Captain Marvel’s vagina. There was some blood flowing out of it as a result of the inhibitor being installed in her - but he thought of the blue liquid as only extra lubrication. Pushing in, he could feel a shiver going through Carol’s body - even if she didn’t want it, her body was responding to his cock. As his cock was both longer and thicker than that of a human, it filled Carol’s slit in nicely - her inner walls hugging his cock tightly. As a result, as he went deeper in, his dick touched the wounds the inhibitor left on her before - causing Carol more discomfort.

She didn’t show it though, even as he began fucking her harder - though the pain from one part of her body she never expected to be attacked was a bit more impactful on her than the others. Her body wasn’t prepared for that - and so, she couldn’t control her reactions to that as well. Some more signs that it was making her uncomfortable popped up on her otherwise defiant face from time to time.

“Ha! Is that the best you can do?”

She taunted Xaemar again at one point - spurring him to fuck her harder. He picked up the pace, slamming into her cunt with more and more force. As her cervix had been damaged by the inhibitor, the tip of his cock was perfectly able to fit into the hole it used to be - his dick peeking into her womb. T-This feeling… Carol really didn’t like it. It was something unknown to her - and that was making it dangerous.

After raping Carol as best he could, Xaemar came - his spunk shooting into her womb. With the hole in the back of it still there, some of his semen even leaked into her abdomen, mixing with her guts - the sensation making Carol’s stomach revolt. It was so degrading! The man shoot his dirty seed straight into her uterus! He treated her like a cum dumpster! He dared he do that to her! Carol’s head filled with anger and frustration as a result - that persisted even as the man pulled out. Some of his dark green semen seeped out of her cunt, too - mixing in with the blue blood already there.

Xaemar wasn’t done with Carol yet, though. His dick was still ready for round two - and there was another hole he wanted to explore. Taking a step behind Carol, he grabbed her butt with both hands. Carol had some men grope her like that in the past - usually, she sent them home with a few broken fingers. Like this, however… She just tried to clench her anus close as Xaemar tried to pry it open. For a moment, she managed to stop him like that - some satisfaction popping up within Carol. It was short-lived, though - for he had the device within her shock her again.

This time, he let the current flow through her for a longer time - exposing Carol’s nerves to some more prolonged suffering. Her body tensed up as a result, jerking ever so slightly up within her bonds. Once the current was gone, she slumped back down, her muscles all relaxing after being forced to cramp down. Because of that, her asshole also opened up - her sphincter expanding. Xaemar took advantage of that - slamming the tip of his cock into the tight hole.

It was much tighter than her cunt was. Xaemar needed to put in more force into forcing his way into it than he had to with her cunt - the walls of Carol’s rectum putting up a fight. However, Carol never imagined she’d need to toughen up her asshole - so, unlike most of her other muscles, they weren’t that durable. A couple of hard thrusts later, they began to let Xaemar deeper into her ass - the alien gleefully doing just that.

Her ass being used like that was another sensation Carol didn’t have a lot of experience with. The pain of having her body adapt to a dick like that was insignificant - but the mental damage of being violated like this was much worse. Carol tried her best not to think about it, but she couldn’t get one sensation out of her mind: that she was tainted now, both of her lower holes violated by the alien’s cock. She forced that thought into a faraway corner of her mind, sealing it off - but she couldn’t truly get rid of it.

Cumming into Captain Marvel’s ass, Xaemar felt incredibly empowered. This was once an incredibly powerful woman - but now, she was just his fucktoy! Served her right. Her sister still suffered so much more!

For the moment, two orgasms using Carol’s body were enough for her captor. It wasn’t as successful in bringing Carol down as he had hoped for - but at least the seeds of defeat were planted in her mind. They needed some time to grow… He needed to keep his guest occupied until then.

Next step was something Xaemar had hired some help for. As great as it felt to hurt her directly with his own hands, he knew there were people who could do it much better. Hiring a number of professional torturers to torment her constantly was an investment he was more than ready for. Now, he invited them all into the room - and was looking forward to seeing them at work.

The first thing they tried on Carol was just a pure, physical beating. Even if her skin was much tougher than that of a normal human, without Carol powering it up it wasn’t impenetrable. Her body was showered with a barrage of punches and kicks - not unlike those she had dished out on Xaemar’s robot upon arriving there. With one exception - that metal was, as it turned out, more durable than her body was. Bruises quickly began to pop up all over her fair skin. Darker, red, and even blue spots appeared all over it in the spots that Carol was hit in the hardest - and, as a result, those spots were only attacked even more viciously.

Carol didn’t show any reaction to these, though. The force of the blows made her body swing in her bindings, but Captain Marvel was doing her best to appear unfazed. It was just a training session, she was telling herself. They’re all trainers you hired to make yourself get even stronger. Her body burned with desire to blast them all with her powers, though - but she knew it was impossible. Upon any sign that she was trying to gather some energy for an attack, the device would shock her - breaking her concentration and causing that energy to discharge through her body as well. That wasn’t the only time the device shocked her, though. Xaemar let it fry her at seemingly random intervals - and each time, it lasted a little longer than before. With the device being connected directly to her nervous system, she couldn’t deny that it hurt. She thought she was alright with pain like that, but as it continued, and she was given no respite from it, it was getting harder and harder to keep that feeling going.

The shocks also caused her organs to get a lot more irritable. First and foremost, her sweat glands - her body starting to sweat profusely. The sweat ran down her body, with droplets of it clearly visible on her skin - and sent flying through the air by some of the hits. Similarly, hits to other areas of her body caused her to excrete other bodily liquids. The punches at her face caused saliva to fly out of her open mouth - sometimes, with a part of one of her teeth, too. Punches towards her abdomen, meanwhile, shifted its contents around. Squeezing on her womb, they forced more blood and their boss’s spunk out of her vagina - having it flow both down her thighs and squirt onto the ground below.

There was one more aftereffect to the hits to her belly, though. After her stomach had been hit directly enough times, it just couldn’t take it anymore. The exertion caused it to release all of its contents back up - Carol throwing up. The filth flooded out of her mouth, barf dripping down her chin. Most of it ended up on the ground below, but some of it also ended up on her chest and even her stomach - Carol’s body covered in her own waste.

Throwing up in front of all those people was another blow to Carol’s mentality. Was there any point pretending that she was so strong and unshaken after her body betrayed her like this? All those men have seen her in this miserable state already… Her body showed them, how weak it really was. W-was this really the case? W-without her powers, she was this helpless?

As Carol wondered that, the men continued hurting her. The shocks grew even more frequent than before, and they were starting to take their toll on her body. Her muscles were screaming out in pain for longer and longer after each of them. Eventually, these two caught up to one another - meaning the pain in her muscles never went away. And with these parts of her body constantly screaming out in pain, it made everything else feel so much worse! Carol was now dreading every second - scared that the device would shock her again. The longer she went without being shocked, the more afraid she was - until finally, those fears were fulfilled as current would flow through her body once more. And then, the cycle would begin anew - Carol’s head spiraling into despair.

The torturer’s next step was to grab one of Carol’s arms. Straightening it out, one of them then smashed right into her elbow - breaking it at that spot. Her arm hung limply in its binds - and the men continued to do the same to her other arm as well. Her legs also received the same treatment - all of Carol’s limbs crippled in quick succession. Breaking her bones didn’t really bother her that much, though. The Kree blood flowing in her veins would cure them much quicker than most other humans. Sure, the pain was pretty strong - but Carol managed to keep herself in check despite that, if only barely.

Not too long afterwards, her body betrayed her again. Her bladder couldn’t handle all the shock her body was being put through - and so, it voided itself. It wasn’t for long, but the stream of golden coming from her urethra was unmistakable. And so was the shame that filled her as a result - she even pissed herself in front of them! That drove it in fully, just how pathetic she was - at least to her. She just hung her head in shame afterwards, done with playing it tough. The next time she was shocked, she screamed out in pain - a sign of how successful they were.

Satisfied with that, Xaemar ordered his thugs to rape her. Only a handful of them, though - those of them who had truly massive cocks. Carol’s eyes widened in shock and horror as she saw one of them approach her. That… thing was as thick as her leg! She stared in horror at the alien’s giant cock as he put it in between her spread legs - then thrust right in. She had already taken one rough entrance before, so she knew what to expect - but feeling her entrance be torn open to let a cock in like that still hurt. Her already wounded vaginal canal was forced to stretch to its limit - and her cervix became just a thing of the past. Her womb was ballooned out as the monstrous cock slid straight into it - Carol screaming in pain as a result.

Since a few hours had passed since the inhibitor had been installed in her, the tear in her uterus that the device had created was already partially healed. Still, that part of her womb was much weaker - and so, it was the part that tore first. The man’s cock made the tear much bigger than before, though - enough for his dick to go through it. Her womb was reduced to just a wrapper for his cock as it ventured into her guts - a huge bulge appearing in her stomach.

Carol looked down at that bulge with a mixture of horror and disbelief. This was worse than anything she could have ever imagined… Not only did the man rape her, he was turning her into breeding stock for all of his lackeys! She was so much more to be just used like this… And yet, here she was - and it seemed there was no way for her to break out. Her power… She wasn’t going to get it back. She wasn’t going to break out of here… She was just going to be raped and tortured for that bastard’s fun…

The alien within her began to move - and Carol nearly threw up again. She could feel him so deep in her insides… Her stomach revolted again as she felt the tip of his dick ram into it. If there was still anything left in her stomach, she would have left it out - but as there wasn’t, she just felt her stomach flip upside down. The thrusts ruined her uterus further - and most of her vagina was just a very wide canal. He continued to rape her like that for a while, before spilling his seed straight into her abdomen - Carol disgusted by the sensation even more.

As nauseating as that rape was, there was a bright spot for Carol in all of it. The shocks have stopped - at least those repeated, random ones. She was certain she’d trigger one again if she tried doing anything… So she didn’t even dare to try. The relief from the terrible pain was very welcome - Carol’s body slowly recovering from the worst she had suffered through. She didn’t even realize, what she was thinking - that she was grateful the men were raping her. That she wished that the rape would go on as long as it could, that it’d keep the pain away from her for a while longer.

Carol got her wish - for the big-dicked aliens used her body for a long time. During that period, she was reduced to being just a cocksleeve for them - but she didn’t really mind. Eventually, though, they were finished with her - and Xaemar decided that it was a good moment to take a break. He definitely needed some sleep, and his hired goons probably would benefit from that too… Some time to rest up and let their balls get some jizz again. Also, they needed to let Carol heal a little - as she was now, her holes weren’t really usable for those of them with normal-sized cocks anymore. Fortunately, Captain Marvel’s healing factor was very strong - enough that it’d restore her pussy to a more acceptable state overnight.

During that time, Carol wasn’t given any rest, though. They’ve hooked her up to a machine that had only one goal in mind - to constantly keep raping her. One piston was inserted into her gaping cunt, another one slid into her anus - and a third one entered her mouth. Her mouth remained unused before due to the fear of Carol biting them - but a metallic shaft was safe from that. The three robotic cocks would keep fucking Carol through the night, without giving her even a moment to rest. As if that wasn’t enough… Since the dicks were metallic, there was no reason not to keep the shocks going - so Xaemar did just that.

Because of that, the night ended up being incredibly painful for Carol. Unable to sleep, tortured and penetrated artificially - her body strained significantly as it started to regenerate. By the time morning came again, a very sweaty Carol was hanging limply in her bindings - completely drained. Xaemar just shocked her back to awakeness, though - and he and his employees resumed with the torture.


That same pattern continued for a number of days - though Carol quickly lost track, how much time had passed. During the day, she’d be tortured and raped or both at once - and during the night, strapped into a machine that’d keep raping her. She was given no respite, no time to rest at all. Even when they raped her, she wasn’t safe like during the first day. In fact, hurting her during the rape was what her tormentors preferred - for her insides clenched hard on their cocks as a result. During the nights, all of that damage was healed away anyways - so they could be as rough with her as they desired.

Captain Marvel lasted for ten days, but on the eleventh she couldn’t hold her tears in anymore. During that day, she gradually devolved into a crying, sobbing wreck. She begged the men to stop, she cried how much it hurt. She complained how big the cocks penetrating her were - she cried as she felt them cum straight into her unwilling flesh.

Even after that, she continued to suffer through that for nearly two more weeks before she had completely broken down mentally. Uninterrupted pain and endless tears became the norm for her. She begged for the suffering to end constantly, searching desperately for a way out. Finally, a few days later, she had found it. Death. She just needed to die, and then it’d all be over.

She asked all of her torturers for death, begging each and every one of them desperately - but she wouldn’t be granted the release of death. However, hearing it was infinitely satisfactory for Xaemar. This was it - the woman he hated wished that her life would end, all because of his actions. He had succeeded… But just letting her die felt wrong. She didn’t deserve such an easy way out.

Xaemar approached Carol again as she was being hooked up to the machine that had become her nightly companion. She looked up at him, her eyes full of tears - her face showing no signs of the strong woman she once was.

“Please, kill me! Please, let this end!”

She begged, but he just shook his head.

“No, I won’t. No one will. You won’t be allowed to die - not now, not ever. My machines will keep you going forever - forced to suffer like this endlessly. This is how your life will always be like from now on. I, however, have no more use for you. Since you’re really just a whore now, though… You will serve people as one. A much more reliable service than what you used to do. Like this, you won’t abandon anyone ever again - anyone who wants to fuck you will be able to do so.”

Listening to this shattered Carol’s brain even further. She’d live like this… Forever? N-no… This couldn’t be true!

But it was. Soon afterwards, Carol had been transported to one of the galaxy’s most active planets. There, she had been installed as an attraction in one of the many underground brothels. Once the word spread, people from all over the galaxy would journey there just for the chance to fuck the once-great heroine, to see how far she has fallen. She was never taken out of her bindings, though - and the inhibitor within her kept shocking her, just as much as it used to. The customers were invited to do whatever they wanted with her, as long as they didn’t kill her - each new visitor putting Carol through some new kind of torture she had never imagined before. The broken woman begged each of her customers for death, but no one would ever grant it to her - Captain Marvel forever bound to be a just a fucktoy for some of the galaxy’s richest.
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Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition

I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…
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Demise of a Princess

Demise of a Princess
Tags:Beheading, Public Execution

The door of the black maria opens. A beautiful young girl is pulled out.
The girl's face is upset and her eyes are dull, but that doesn't affect her beautiful face under long amber hair. She looks like a princess in a fairy tale. Through a rough cotton dress, people still vaguely see the graceful figure formed by dance training, especially the chest with just right size, which seems firmer because of the hands bind backwards. The two protruding points of the chest and the line in the center of her round buttocks, she is as pure and attractive as an elf. Men around eye on her, and swallows.

This is a rare sight in this conservative country. The crowd burst into cheers. It's only 9 a.m., but people have crowded this square in the center of Hdayir. They came to see this rich young girl who once could only be seen in magazines, dressing in gorgeous dresses and glamour. In the middle of the square are several prison vans. Guards armed with guns surround the girl in the center. Opposite her are several local officials, and a reporter with a camera, transmitting real time video to the world.

The girl's name is Anniebelle. Only 20 years old, she is the heir of Ryan family, a military industry giant in the United Provinces. She was sent to the Middle East two years ago as general manager of the local branch, preparing to take over the family business in the future. As a young and beautiful girl from a top family, she soon got fame in the Royal and aristocratic dances balls and achieved several big deals. But a year ago she got a little trouble. The local military tracked a large number of data packets being sent to the servers in the hostile country and then learned that, the "expensive original United Provinces chips " purchased from her were polished cheap chips from other countries, and obviously with back doors on. Memory chips, display screen and other equipments have also been replaced by cheap trash. The advertised high performance was never met. The Mideast country was furious. Anniebelle just went in. Nevertheless, she was bailed after several month’s efforts from the Foreign Ministry. Then she was put under house arrest in a 2150 square meter house on the outskirts of Hdayir, where she spent her days on drawing pictures and writing poems.

However, a month ago, several scandals set off in the headquarters of the company. Although the public relations department immediately ordered websites to delete posts after posts, and waged propaganda campaigns after campaigns, it didn’t work. Soon the domestic netizens got enraged too, and the president tweeted that he would no longer spend any precious diplomatic resources on the case of the Ryans. A few days later, Anniebelle was carried like a chicken back out of her cold and humid mansion, into a spring-like warm prison cell. And after a brief trial, she comes to the square..

An old bearded official looked at Annie, whose sharp eyes made her hair stand. He takes out an envelope, slowly opens it, takes out a piece of paper, puts on his glasses, and then reads, first in Arabic, then in English:

"I, as the chief judge, declare: Miss Anniebelle Ryan, you are sentenced to decapitation for espionage and fraud, according to the sacred law of our country. You will be executed later. If you have any last words, we can pass it to your family. "

Anne's two smooth legs kept shaking: "no, I didn't do it. You can't blame me…"

The judge shook his head. "Sorry, Miss Anniebelle, this is the final decision by jury, based on the fact of, your illegal act."
"You can't kill me…Because Prince Amir and Prince Khalil are my good friends… We met on…" She argued.
"Miss Anniebelle, please respect the law and royal dignity, of the country you are in."
"No… You can't do this…you are violating human rights… "
"If Miss Anniebelle believes that your human rights have been violated, we support you, or your relatives, to use legal instruments to protect your rights, including suing our government." He glances at the watch. "Well, it's time. May your soul be forgiven. "

Annie's mind was blank, and the fear of death dominated her. The guards gathered around, binded her silk like long hair, and put on black blinders. Before being forced by the guards, Annie collapsed onto her knees. She heard heavy steps coming. That must be her executioner. With a swish, a scimitar was pulled out of the sheath.

Her teeth are cackling. A warm and humid feeling comes from the legs, some liquid is flowing by. Although it was hot in the Middle East, the chillness from the scimitar made her shiver, as if it is not in a desert, but in the snowy winter. She curled up, hoping of a little warmth back.

The executioner said a few words. She can't understand. So the executioner patted her on the shoulder and held her by the neck. Annie understood that he wants her to stretch her long beautiful neck and expose her neck spine, just like a goose to butcher. In this way, she can have her head severed in a single slash, and enjoy a swifter, cleaner and less painful death than otherwise.

The crowd excites.
A gust of breeze passes by her ear.
“Daddy, help——
She screamed, but is interrupted before letting it out, only making a vague sound.

The blade is well sharpened, especially for the young lady. She barely feels the cold still by her neck, and the flesh and bones of her neck are separated. A crisp sound of breaking a tree branch, muffled soon by the sound of splashing water. And then overwhelming pain and numbness from her lost torso.

She flys into the air, turns a few rounds, lands on her face, rolls, like a ball, and becomes still.

The hair and the blindfold got loose. Now she could see her headless body a few feet away prone on the ground, with two bloodstreams splashing onto the ground from the incision of her neck. The body is shaking, legs kicking, hips pointing to the sky, hands scratching on the ground in hope to find something. The crowd hissed and laughed. Her struggle is so fierce that she pulled the bottom of her prison garb to the bottom of her thigh, revealing her white buttock, and the sparse hair in the middle. Her body reluctantly accepted her fate. The struggle calms into slight twitches from time to time. Some stinky soil leaks out of her hip.

Anne's lips murmurs for a few words. She wants to cry for pain, but after all, could say nothing without her lovely chest. Her eyes lose focus, and her face, covered with blood, relaxes. Now she looks peaceful.

What she finally fells, is a steady hand holding her hair, lifting her up and showing her to the crowd. A cheering burst out from the crowd.

The judge declared the end of the execution. Some local people went home, while others stayed to watch the guards gathering Annie's remains onto a stretcher, put into the van and drive away. According to the local law, since Anne has committed the crime of espionage, she shall be exhibited on the pillar for three days. However, the mercy king pardons her in particular from further humiliation afterlife, partly out of pity to the young girl, and partly as a goodwill to the United Provinces. And the president never mentioned her again.

Anne goes home in a chiller. When the crystal coffin is opened, everyone frowns. In addition to the awful smell, what a mess she has made. These mideast barbarians have boxed her without basic cleaning. Her stomach fluid, excrement, urine and blood spread all around because of tossing along the way. That’s not a rich princess; but a butchered dog.

The embalmer takes off her bloody clothes, washes her slim body, cleans her intestines, sews her head, combs her hair, puts on new dress, does makeup, and finally turns the scruffy girl back to a beautiful doll. Anne now sleeps in her room, waiting to return to the arms of mother earth.

Mr. Ryan seems very sad to see his daughter in this way. He sends all others out, locks the doors and windows, and spent two days and two nights alone with his daughter's body.

No one knows what happens to Miss Anniebelle meanwhile.
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Repairs (Vaporization, casual, cons)

“Hi Chief!”

“There you are. Fusion chamber's gone out again. I need you to go in there and restart it.”

“Oh. Okay! Didn't Capri restart it yesterday?”

“She did, and now it's gone out again.”

“Why's it gone out again?”

Chief Aimee-3364641 gave her junior counterpart an impatient look. Emily-51561497 was just a farmgirl, expendable. Maybe if she'd done three tours like Aimee and made reactor chief she'd be a little bit more important but… well, she hadn't.

“Figuring that out is MY job” she reminded the ditzy blonde junior engineer. “Which I can't DO because we don't have MAIN POWER because, I repeat, the fusion chamber's gone out so I need YOU, to go in THERE, and RESTART it! Or is that too hard for your dumb whore brain to figure out?”

“Okay, chief, okay! I was just curious!” Emily sniffed and unzipped her work uniform. She shrugged it off and let her hair down as she stood naked in front of the access hatch to the chamber. “Goodbye, I guess. Good luck fixing the problem.”

“Whatever...” Aimee muttered, not even bothering to acknowledge the farewell. She watched her instruments carefully as the hatch opened then closed and was locked behind her and the sound of Emily clambering deep into the heart of the megaKelvin reactor faded to a few sporadic tunk… tunk… clonk sounds.

Four silent seconds later there was a loud BANG and main power came back online. Aimee sighed and reached over to her terminal.

“Chief engineer's log,” she said, and recorded the date. “Another fusion core burnout. Emergency restart completed by junior engineer Emily-51561497. Fusion was sustained for less than twenty-four hours this time and we've got two days to go before we make it back to Vyalarn Station to diagnose and repair the problem and take on replacements. Cause of the failure remains unclear, but it's getting worse. I've only got two junior engineers left after which we'll have to start sacrificing people who actually matter. Will monitor and try to nurse it home. End log.”

She stood up and peered through the thick sapphire porthole into the heart of the reactor, where there was now a healthy white glare – a small star, really – hanging in the middle of the containment field. Of Emily, there was no sign.



“God fucking dammit...” Aimee sighed and tapped the ship intercom. “Junior engineer Sarah-10382479 to reactor core, ASAP.”

The captain called down while she was waiting. “Aimee, my ship has stopped moving again...” she said, warningly.

“Yes ma'am. I think I know what's causing the problem and it ain't something we can fix at sea. Just gotta restart and make best speed.”

“How many juniors do you have now?”

“Just one after this restart, ma'am.”

“Think we can make it?”

“It'll be close, but yeah.”

“Okay. Carry on, Chief.”

A couple of minutes later, Sarah trotted into the reactor control room, sporting a giant hicky and smeared lipstick.

“Took you long enough,” Aimee accused.

“Sorry, chief. I was getting a goodbye from Briar-one-oh-five-”

“Do I look like I give a shit? I want you to turn that fucking reactor back on not give me your life history.”

“...Yes chief. 'Bye chief.”

Aimee ignored her. She hunched over her instruments and made careful note of exactly everything that happened in the twenty seconds it took Sarah to take off her clothes, open the reactor hatch, step inside, seal it, and crawl into the heart of the ship's power supply.


Power came back up and Aimee sighed.

“Chief engineer's log...” she began, again…




Briar-10562221 sighed. Aimee had called her down in anticipation of another failure and for lack of anything better to do while he waited to die she'd spent the whole time swivelling bored in her chair and sloping off to the bathroom to masturbate. “My turn, chief?”

“That's what I called you down here for you stupid slut. Get in there.”

“'Bye chief.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.”

There was nothing more for Aimee to record. She knew exactly what the problem was, she'd done everything she could. This time, rather than ignoring her subordinate's departure she stood up and watched through the porthole.

It was a shame, really. Briar really had an amazingly sexy body, and a talented tongue, too. She'd been a good stress-buster. Now Aimee watched through the sapphire as Briar sealed the hatch behind her, climbed the ladder into the reactor's exact middle. She enjoyed a last look at Briar's shapely body as the junior engineer reached up and hit the reactor prime, counted four seconds, then hit the ignition.

She was instantly and briefly reduced to a human-shaped smear of plasma as the reaction restarted itself.



“Chief engineer's log. If the trend holds then the next failure should be in about an hour. We're also, coincidentally, about an hour out from Vyalarn station. I-”

The power went. Aimee heaved a huge sigh and glanced over her shoulder at the treasonous reactor then called the captain.

“Sorry ma'am. Looks like we're gonna need a tug the rest of the way.” she said.

“Fuck that,” Captain Janet O'Malley said. She was a freeborn, one of only five people on the ship with an actual surname. “I'm not paying for a tug. Just restart it again. Do it yourself, seeing as you're too much of an ignorant cunt to keep a reactor burning.”

“...Yes ma'am. Goodbye.”

O'Malley ended the call without acknowledging the farewell.

Aimee grumbled to herself for a second then loaded the log up off emergency power.

“Chief engineer's log, Final entry. As the sudden stop in the previous entry suggests, the reactor went again. Captain doesn't want to pay for a tug, so I guess it's my turn to get vaporized… Chief engineer Aimee-3364641 signing off. Good luck to the next engineering crew.”

She shrugged off her shipsuit and stomped over to the hatch.

“Cheapskate bitch hope she fucking gets eaten by a Rallifrexian hope some alien freak lays an egg in her whore chest while she chokes on its acid dick...”

The hatch swung open and she closed it securely behind her.

She kept up her litany of complaint as she climbed the ladder.

“Three years hard work and not even a fucking thank you would a little fucking courtesy kill her stuck up freeborn princess cunt she can fuck right off out the airlock, like to see her tits explode...”

She hit the primer and moved her thumb over to the ignition switch.

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four… Bitch.”

Unbeknownst to her, the last three girls had all spoken the exact same last words.
R: 3 / I: 0

The Island


That's how much money in USD is evaded from tax every year.

Where is this money?

A recent leak titled, The Panama Papers exposed where a majority of this money was being laundered.

The 2.7TB of leaked information lead the source of the majority of money laundering operations to an unknown location.

But new intel suggests that this unknown location which harbors the primary source of the money laundering operations, is in the British Virgin Islands. Inside the Bermuda Triangle.

Years of dedicated research has narrowed the exact location to an unmarked island.

You will not find this island on any map. This island is hidden to the public and there are no reported flights or dockings to this island.

Investigation of this island has proved that there is human activity on this island. And satellite imaging is distorted in all areas of the island.

Although not reported. Imaging from high altitude drones have shown boats and planes entering and leaving the island.

Upon tracking the boats and planes. There is a confirmed location where ships and planes leave.

Internal investigation of the British Virgin Islands major ports and manufacturers for boats and planes has lead to a large human trafficing circle.

The investigation has linked thousands of young girls that have been reported missing to this circle of trafficing.

I have been hired and trained to infiltrate the port that is confirmed to export the young girls to this unknown island.

The primary goal is not the human trafficing or the young girls. The objective is to dissolve all major money laundering operations to eliminate the 200 billion dollars in tax evasion.

After many iterations of development of a infiltration procedure. A plan has been set.

A group of men will integrate with the human trafficing circle by any means necessary. These men will participate in any activities of the trafficing circle.

And to have as many undercover investigators as possible. We have trained a group of underage girls to willingly be captured by our undercover human traffickers.

The girls aged 10 to 16 are trained and conditioned to endure rape and participate in any staged rape or molestation by the undercover traffickers.

These girls are mostly involved to aid the infiltration of the men and are fully expendable. They have been selected from immigration camps and orphanages or homeless shelters.

All attempts will be recorded to identify possible improvements and faults in the procedure.
R: 3 / I: 0

The cartel's enforcer

I have been thinking up a story of Pedro the man in charge of the cartels kidnapping, and public relations.

This is set in near future Mexico when the cartel has completely taken over the government. There is actually much less violence, as certain cartels are designated the official governing bodies. Any opposition forces have died horribly.

In the run up to this point during the drug wars, the competition for horrible retaliation videos was on the rise. Every cartel was uploading videos online of rivals dying horrible deaths, beaten, and chopped, up alive.

At the same time there was something terrible happening to people in Juarez. The authorities were finding whole families remains. All with signs of severe torture, and indications that many of them had been partially eaten.

By all accounts most of these people were not involved in the drug, business but were just sleeping in their homes, or were migrants passing through.

It was a huge story on the news, and people were disappearing at such a high rate that the police actually did an investigation for once.

Video evidence showed a van registed to an address outside of town loading a missing family into a van. When the police raided the address, they found a nightmare.

In this crude compound there were over 30 people, and a walk in fridge, and freezer with the remains of many more. Disconcertingly many of the remains were floating in marinades and spices to be eaten. Vats of genitals, babies floating in buttermilk, castrated men dying slowly with their crude sutures.

They also discovered a video production studio, with many older, but pro level cameras and lights. There were rows and rows of tapes. The policemen popped in the first one, and almost puked when it opened right up to a man inserting a stake up a screaming young boys ass, and then cooking him over an open flame while his bound family watched on.

The police lied in wait, and several hours later the van came driving up the dusty driveway. All at once they emerged from cover and took the man Pedro into custody at gun point.

In the back of the van was a traumatized young mother and her 3 children. He had already sodomized them all, but at least they escaped his dinner plate.

When news got out about this man Pedro it was a sensation throughout Mexico, and soon enough many of these videos leaked, soon the dark sides of Mexico's internet were flooded with these TV production quality videos of Pedro torturing and eating people, it was the one story that was big enough to get the cartels out of the news for a time.

The calls were to bring back mob Justice and to lynch Pedro in the town square. Things were so tense outside the jail that the police were scared they would soon be overrun.

The prosecutor went on TV, and decreed that Pedro was soon to be put to death.

Luckily for Pedro that is not what was to happen. He had a secret benefactor. As the tapes leaked out the head of the cartel that was the seize ultimate power, found them captivating.

He couldn't look away as he watched Pedro callusly rape, torture, and eat the people. He had raped, and killed his fair share of people, but Pedro was an artist at it. Extracting the maximum suffering, and really excelling in the psychology of torturing men's egos through cuckolding, and leaving them helpless as he ate their families, and eventually their penises right in front of them.
R: 60 / I: 1

Jissouseki Abuse Archive

B-b..Because, techi!

(Part 1)


Looking for jissouseki is relatively easier than one would expect. Like a great rodent population, you find them most populous in the alley-ways and areas around urban housing, behind restaurants and marketplaces, and warehouses and ports. You might find one in your backyard, maybe even within your own home; quietly and sometimes cleverly hiding from sight in the basement or the attic.

But the largest populations comes from the parks. Next to that are the forests or pastures in the countryside. But parks remain the number one way to run across many jissouseki.

I myself have a jissouseki as a pet, along a few to play with for my amusement, if nothing more. Many of these creatures are expendable, to an almost ridicoulous degree. The ones worthy of being pets, and thus entitled to a good life of treats, bedding, love and care, are the smart ones. It foten hard to ever find a jissou smart enough to grace you. But how to tell which ones are the dumb retarded stupid ones from the above average to high in intelligence?

Simple! You just ask them, whenever they waddle up to you by themselves or in a group asking (and in some cases, demanding) you to take them home, why you should.

And watch the spectacular results.

You often find them in large packs of two to twelve. Right now I had been accosted by two jissou. One was obviously a recently grown adult with the responsibilities of a mother to boot. On her arms was a slumbering jissou child, looking exactly like a miniature, but cuter, version of herself.

"Hello Mr. Man!"

I smile, quietly humoring her, "Hello little jissou."

"Is my daughter not cute, desu?" She asked, her brightly colored eyes glowing with anticipation.

"Yes," I replied honestly, "She looks so very cute!"

"Am I not cute too, techi?"

I raise an eyebrow and bluntly replied, "You are ugly. I don't know how your kid lives whenever she wakes up to your face. And frankly, you smell worse than a horse that died on crack."

The mother stared at me, red and green tears welling up in her large eyes. She wiped some away with an arm, now openly crying, "I'm not ugly, desu! I'm a pretty jissou Mama, desu! You are a mean jerk, desu!"

"Ha! Me, mean? That may be so Jissou Mama, but I am honest!" I replied with a snort of laughter, "Your daughter is cute, you are not!"

"I AM cute! You are lying desu," screeched the mother, now angry, gnashing her teeth and her face going splotchy red. The jissou child woke up with a cry and immediatly began weeping, "Too loud, techi! I'm scared, techaaa~!"

"LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID, DESU! YOU MADE JISSOU-CHAN CRY!" shouted the jissou at the top of her lungs. The outburst only served to make me guffaw louder and the child to bawl even louder. There was a soft impact on my leg and I saw the child falling from my ankle onto my shoe, her expression was one of disbelieving shock from being thrown. It didn't take long for the small ball of shit between her ass and the panties to squeeze through like guacamole through a cheesecloth.

"You just threw your only child at me," I supplied easily to the angry panting mother, whose eyes wept tears of emotional despair, "You could've killed her. How does that make you feel Jissou-Chan? That your Mama doesn't love you?"

Freshly outraged, the mother seemed speechless. Though she did make some odd sounds in her shock of my accusation. The child on my shoe was bawling and wept even harder as it shook it's head, "Mama loves me! She does! Mama does love me, techa!"

I bend down easily and said quietly and soothingly, speaking cruelties to the jissouseki, "But she threw you, used you as a weapon to hurt me! She is jealous of you, you're young and cute, she is ugly and old! She hates you."

The child shook it's head, unable to believe the words from the human, but even as she denied it all, her mother's antics did not prove to encourage her child to believe her any more than the human.

"I AM NOT UGLY, DESA! I AM NOT OLD," screamed the jissouseki hoarsely, her face now sallow and red with rage and mouth with spittle, "YOU ARE A BAD MAN, DESU! YOU ARE A MEAN LIAR, DESU! I'M NOT LETTING YOU HAVE MY DAUGHTER, DESU!"

I smile and snorted, discreetly slipping on gloves. "You ARE ugly. You ARE old. I am not a liar. You just nearly killed your child. You are a bad mother, so I will take care of my new Jissou-Chan!"

The jissouseki's eyes nearly popped with freshly brewed anger, veins growing from out of her green hoodie as I pick up her child, who still wept, oblivious to the chaos around her. I look around, noting that the mother had not noticed the large crowd around us. A sizable number of jissouseki had gathered, many of them children and mid-mature jissou-children. The rest were a few adults leading a family of kids and maggots, the latter riding on the children or with an older sibling clutched in their mother's hands as they all seemed to sense an upcoming slaughter and hungrily anticipating it.

Grinning to myself I made a slashing motion to my throat and pointed at the still crying child in my gloved hands. The mother noticed the 'Bad Jissouseki' Gloves and the threat to her daughter, but her rage overrode her senses and she began screaming obscenities and launched herself at me, "I ATE YOU, DESU! YOU ARE A BAD MAN, DESU! GIVE BACK MY DAUGHTER DESU! IF YOU-"

I kicked the screaming bitch in the face, silencing her more effectively than the can of mace in my back
pocket. Not that I was going to use it on her just yet.

"My face, desu! My cute beautiful face! What have I done to you?" Screamed the mother as she writhed on the ground, her voice slightly muffled from broken teeth and the arms around her face.

"You attacked me," I replied easily, "Here I am being nice and you make your own baby cry! You attack me. You are clearly not a good mother to this child!"

She protested feebly, this time the circle of jissou numbered around a dozen or so. They soon joined in an orgy of yelling and throwing things at the wounded mother. I knelt down to the mother and the jissou stopped to watch what happened next.

"I...I hate you, desu!" said the mother weakly, "Give back Jissou-Chan, now!" I raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to go back to Mama, little jissou?"

The jissou hiccuped, blinking wet eyes at me as she swallowed the question. She wiped away her tears and spoke in a frail voice: "Ugly stupid Mama hate me! She will kill me! Please don't let her, techi! Please Mr. Man!"

The jissou Mama let out a howl of fury, that soon became yells of pain as I quickly sprayed a few seconds of Mace into her face.

"It burns, DESU! IT BURNS!"

The jissou writhed on the ground, her face slowly turning blue as she tried to inhale, only to find that, like most jissou, she had an allergic reaction to mace.

The horde surged forward and began feasting on the dying jissou.

As I watched with slight amusement, the young pest gulped and looked up at me from my glove. "Nice human say he will take care of me. Will you take me home?"

Some of the jissouseki protested this at once. A few still had body parts in their hands as they tried to get me to take them home.

"Take my family home, desu! We eat very little and are good jissou!"

"I'm a good jissou and Maggot-Chan and Onee-Chan are-"

"Me, me, me-"

"Take...m-me...-cough- home, Mr...Man! Spicy taste...can'"

I hold up a hand and waited for them all to stop speaking. A few had died from allergic reaction after consuming the jissou mother's face and hands, not that I minded. But I soon asked the crucial question:

"Why should I take any of you home? If you give me a good reason, I will make you my favorite pet!"

Then, pandemonium decided to go hand-in-hand with hell and literally broke loose.


End Part 1
R: 10 / I: 0

M's Patreon Stories

While my main focus is Fire Emblem stories, I also let my Patrons pick non-FE girls for the polls. Last month, Asuka from Evangelion won - so here's her story.
If you want to suggest a character yourself, or to read my stories a week early, come and support me on my Patreon!

Asuka's Brain Rape
tags: non-con, M/F, rape, brainfucking

Asuka Langley Sohryu sighed, loudly expressing her disappointment with the whole situation she was in. Forcing to stay after classes to clean up was already annoying, but she was also forced to do it with those three stooges! She made every effort of showing them that she blamed them for the whole thing, screaming at them while she made her way to a distant corner of the classroom. Shinji Ikari seemed unphased by her rudeness, obediently going to clean by himself. However, neither Kensuke Aida nor Toji Suzuhara were too willing to do any cleaning. Asuka took breaks from time to time to look at them, but the two idiots were just talking about something while sitting on a few desks. They were just quiet enough that she couldn’t make out what they were saying, only hear their voices. They were also looking in her direction from time to time - with stares that were nothing but lecherous. Even if Asuka wouldn’t admit it, she was a bit curious about the topic of their conversation - it would help to ease the boredom that came with cleaning like that. With that in mind, the redhead began to move towards them while still cleaning the floor.

“Man, it’s great that you managed to get these photos, Kensuke. Even if she’s so harsh to deal with, she also has an amazing body.” Of course. The perverts were talking about spying on some girl. “Yeah, and this time I’m sure I took some good ones. This new hiding spot let me see all of it. I’m kind of jealous though… Shinji probably gets to see it every day.” Were they talking about her? “Dunno man, Asuka would kill him if he ever tried to spy on her.” They were! And they had also taken pictures of her! “Idiots! Perverts! I hate you! Give me that camera!” The German girl screamed out while suddenly springing to her feet, and ran towards them, as fast as the skirt of her school uniform let her. “S-she heard us!” Kensuke called out, while trying to run away. However, he didn’t get far, for Asuka slammed into him from behind, sending him to the ground. He landed on his back, and Asuka immediately punched him in the face, all while screaming: “Give! It! To! Me!”, each word accompanied by one hit - with loud cracks coming from the boy’s glasses as she hit them. However, as she raised her hand again, she felt someone grab it from behind. She turned around right away, with her arm painfully bending as she was now face-to-face with Touji. He was just as guilty as the glasses boy - and she tried to hit him with her other hand. However, he just pulled on the arm he was holding - and Asuka doubled over in pain as she felt it snap out of its socket. Once he heard the satisfying crack that confirmed to him that he succeeded, Toji let go of her arm - and it fell down, hanging limply at the redhead’s side.

“You know, Kensuke… Now that she’s helpless like this, we could get more photos of her! And they would probably show even more!” Toji exclaimed while looking at Asuka who was glaring at him from below. Kensuke got back up, stumbling at first, and looked at Asuka, his glasses tilted on his face. “Well, with how much she beat me, it’s only fair that we do that now. She slapped you for a peek at her panties when she first arrived here - just how much would so many punches to the face would be, then?” Kensuke replied while getting closer to Asuka. He reached towards her waist, finding the seam of her shirt, then began to lift it. Reacting to it, Asuka turned around, trying to hit him again with her healthy arm - but Kensuke got away in time. He let go of the shirt, however. With how feisty Asuka usually was, it was clear that just taking it off wouldn’t be this simple. Toji understood that as well - and he grabbed Asuka’s shirt by the cloth. Then, he began to pull - making it harder for Asuka to turn as the piece of clothing began to rip in his hands. Tearing off a huge chunk of the green material, Toji could now look at Asuka’s naked back - her flawless skin only covered by a white strap belonging to the Eva pilot’s bra.

“Pervert! I hate you!” Asuka lashed out at him again, once more trying to use her surviving arm to slap him. However, doing this she only showed off her back to Kensuke - who grabbed the flaps of her torn shirt and pulled on them, continuing to rip it. He managed to tear it all the way down, the whole thing coming apart. In surprise, Asuka saw that the front of it began to fall off too. She tried to keep in place with her arm, to keep herself covered up, but Toji grabbed it again, and pulled it to the side - letting her shirt fall down. Now, her white bra was revealed to him - with her breasts, huge for her age, held tight within it. Kensuke walked around her, camera in hand, and quickly took a few shots of her - taking in Asuka’s uncovered chest and her distressed, angry face. She screamed at him a few times as he did that, but he ignored her - Asuka’s frustration at the whole thing building up.

After taking what he decided was enough photos, Kensuke decided it was time to go ahead. Getting down, he reached for Asuka’s skirt - only to be met with an angry knee smashing into his hand. “Ouch!” He called out while dragging his hand back, a sadistic smile on Asuka’s face. This was just the first part of her getting back at them… Or so she thought - and so, she didn’t see the hand coming right at her head at all. Kensuke smashed her on the side of her head, paying her back for the times she hit him before, and stunning her for a few moments. Moments, which Kensuke used to go ahead and rip her skirt off - Asuka’s white panties revealed as well. He immediately backed off again, grabbing the camera and taking a bunch more photos of her, Somehow, though, he felt these were lacking. After getting to take pictures of her changing, and getting what he hoped was a few good shots of her naked, this just wasn’t that satisfying - even if his dick was already hard at just the sight of Asuka in her underwear. Well, why shouldn’t they take it a bit further, then?

Leaning over once more, he grabbed Asuka’s bra and began to tug on it. It required him to put more force into it, but after pulling on it for a bit he managed to rip it off. While he was doing that, however, Asuka screamed - even louder than before. “Shinji, moron! Help me! Why are you letting them do this to me? What are you, stupid? Help me already, Shinji!”
The black-haired boy was busy cleaning by himself, his ears plugged by his headphones - with the music from his walkman easily cutting all that had been happening in the other side of the classroom. He was so focused on doing the cleaning, that he remained completely oblivious of the state Asuka was in. Still, her attempts to grab his attention succeeded, as her strong voice managed to get to him through his ear buds, catching his attention. Looking up in the direction the voice came from, Shinji was greeted with the sight of Asuka’s bra being torn off, her breasts swinging free as they were no longer contained by it. The way they bounced around, their shape… Just seeing them like this was enough to give him a boner already. But why was she like that? Why were his friends forcibly removing Asuka’s clothes?

Getting up, Shinji removed his earbuds and began to watch towards them. Kensuke paid no mind to him, taking photos of Asuka with a wide grin on his face - both him and Toji’s faces red because of excitement. Toji was massaging his cock through his pants, his arousal clearly visible through them. Asuka’s face was just as flushed as theirs - but hers was with embarrassment. The girl was furious - and she was going to take that anger out on anyone around her. That included Shinji as well. Seeing him walk to her with a confused expression on his face, Asuka lashed out at him angrily. “What took you so long, idiot? Are you stupid or what? And stop staring, pervert! Ah, you’re so useless!”

Hearing Asuka insult him like that, even in a position like this… Something just snapped inside Shinji’s head. All Asuka ever did was to abuse him both physically and verbally… But no more he would simply take that. He has had enough. In a sudden burst of anger, he launched himself at her - and shoved her to the ground. Asuka had no time to react, no time to shove him off her as he ripped her panties off. Then, just like that, Shinji pulled his pants and his underwear down, revealing his cock. “No! Don’t you dare! Moron! Pervert!” Asuka screamed as she saw him do that, her free arm uselessly slapping Shinji on the chest. However, he wasn’t bothered by that at all - he just drove his dick inside her. Asuka screamed loud as he took her virginity, voicing her pain at having her hymen broken very loudly. She began to throw herself on the floor below him, but Shinji didn’t care - thrusting into her with powerful, rapid thrusts. He fucked Asuka hard with a fury fueled by the constant bullying he had suffered at her hands - giving him the energy to rape her as hard as he could. It was his first time with a girl as well, however - and so, he wasn’t able to last for long. After a short period of powerful thrusts, he came - spilling his seed right into Asuka’s cunt. “You did it inside? Aaaah! You idiot! I hate you!” Asuka screamed at him once more as his semen went into her body, but he just ignored her while the rest of his cum left his dick. Then, breathing heavily, he rolled off her - her pussy leaking his semen while he laid down next to Asuka’s body on the ground.

Kensuke snapped as many pictures of Asuka’s rape as he could. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening - he never expected Shinji to do something like this. Still, now Asuka’s naked form was on the ground, with nothing to cover her up at all. There was nothing stopping him from taking pictures of her tits, of her nice legs and of her bleeding pussy - and he did just that. He had to do it with one hand though, as his other one was in his pants - stroking his cock gently because of how hard it was. Seeing that Asuka was free to use now, and encouraged by Shinji’s example, Toji couldn’t control himself any longer. He forced himself on top of Asuka, and ignoring her screams he shoved his erection inside her too. He pinned her to the ground, using one of his hands to grab her by the wrist, and using the other to feel Asuka’s tits up. Just like Shinji, he had never done this before - and so he clumsily humped Asuka’s pussy with his dick. Asuka screamed at him as well, and her voice only grew louder when she felt him fondle her boobies. “Let go of them, you pervert! Moron! Eeeeek!” She screamed at him at the top of her lungs, and in response Toji squeezed them even harder - causing her to squeal in pain. These squeals continued while Toji raped her, but all Asuka succeeded in was arousing the boys around her even more - Kensuke stroking himself harder as his cock throbbed in his hands in response to her voice. These lewd sounds Asuka was making could never be replicated with just his pictures, so he made sure to burn them into his memory while documenting all of the redhead’s rape. Toji continued to thrust inside her for some more time, but his lack of experience got to him too - and so, he came inside her fairly quickly. As he pulled out, Kensuke moved on to replace him. However, with the amount of stroking he gave his dick, he was already on the verge of cumming. He realized just that - and so, he stopped while standing over her. Asuka looked at him with disgust - but the double rape left her in no state to move out of the way. She just called him names while he finished jerking off - his semen shooting all over her breasts and her face. Then, with his balls spent, he resumed taking photos of her - making sure to focus on her cum-stained face and tits.

“So? Are you done, you jerks? Or will you use your tiny dicks on me again?” Asuka asked in an angry voice a few moments later, unaware that she was only stirring them to do more things to her. While Toji and Kensuke needed time to recover, Shinji was ready again. Her words spurred him to fuck her again - and the other NERV pilot got to her with his dick again. “Shinji, idiot. Sure, go ahead - with such a tiny dick, I doubt I’ll even get to feel it.” Asuka spoke at him again, and in response Shinji thrust in once more. Asuka didn’t stop insulting his dick at all for the next few moments - Shinji’s anger building up at her again. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. ‘S-shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!” He screamed at Asuka while grabbing her by her throat. His hands squeezed it tightly, making it impossible for her to breathe - and successfully stopping her from throwing insults at him. But that wasn’t enough for him, however. Holding on to her head by her neck, he brought it down onto the ground - making it hit the ground with a lot of force. And then, he pulled it back up - and slammed it right down again. Although he didn’t say anything, his face showed, just how furious he was - with Asuka getting scared of him for just a moment. But then, she reminded herself that it was just Shinji. He couldn’t do anything serious to her, even if he wanted to… Or that’s at least what she told herself. As her lungs began to burn once she ran out of oxygen, however, she began to feel afraid again. It didn’t help that he was still ramming her head against the floor - it was making her so dizzy… Her face grew red as Shinji choked her, the girl only making out pained gurgles - which annoyed Shinji even more. As he thrust deeper inside her, he just wanted them to stop - but they continued all the way until he was on the verge of cumming again. Then, he swung her head down once more - and came hard inside her as he heard a satisfying crack.

Letting go of her neck, he backed away - and Asuka sucked in deep breaths as she was finally able to breathe again. Her head was pounding with a splitting headache, and her heart was beating very fast inside her chest too. Her head hurt… So for a few moments she just laid down while trying to recover. However, even once she got fresh oxygen into her system again, her brain oxidized properly with the dizziness going away, the pain at the back of her head was still there. What was going on?

Asuka couldn’t see that, but when Shinji slammed her head into the floor the final time, her skull cracked. Now, pieces of it laid shattered on the floor behind her head - with a lot of blood flooding out of it. Asuka got up to her knees to take a look around - and as she did that, more pieces of her skull fell off because of the shift in position. Suddenly, she felt very lightheaded - so she grabbed onto the one of the nearby tables to keep her balance. She was able to remain in an upright position, even if her head pounded once more - and that in turn made off just what Shinji had done to her to her two classmates. A huge part of her skull on the back of her head was missing now - and the girl’s brain was clearly visible inside the hole. Kensuke kept getting more shots of her, going around to get all the angles of the girl’s post-strangling state - he documented the strangling as well properly before - until he came behind her. “Toji! Take a look at this!” He screamed out while snapping pictures of the open back of Asuka’s head. It was hard to see between her hair, but her brain was shown from time to time as Asuka moved her head, making her hair shift too. Grabbing Asuka’s hair, he pulled it out of the way - taking an unobstructed look at the hole in her head and at Asuka’s brain. “Toji, can you hold it like this?” Kensuke asked his friend once he got to him, Toji looking wide-eyed as the opening Shinji had created - and so he just nodded and held Asuka’s hair the way he was asked to. With Toji doing that, Kensuke was able to get a good shot of Asuka’s exposed brain - all while the redhead was growing more and more uncomfortable. Although she didn’t know that it was the case, having her brain exposed like that against the cold air was causing her to spasm gently at random intervals - and she really didn’t like the feeling.

“W-what are you two perverts doing there?” Eventually, she called out to them - and once she got no response, Asuka screamed at them again. Oh, if only there was a way to make her shut up… And then Kensuke realized he was looking at one. His cock hardened at the thought. But, wouldn’t it be wrong? As Asuka threw yet another insult at him, he dismissed that thought. The bitch totally deserved it for all the things she had said to them, for all the times she hit them. So instead, he just put his camera down - and then moved forward. In the instant he walked, Asuka seemed to have understood what had been going on - and screeched with an ear-piercing voice. “Nooooo! Don’t… Don’t enter into me!” But something like that couldn’t help her at that point. “NOOOOOOO!” She screamed out as she felt Kensuke’s dick penetrate her brain. It slid right into the back part of her brain, and the effects were visible right away. Asuka’s blue eyes bulged in their sockets, tears flowing freely out of them as pain unlike anything she had felt before consumed her mind. Her vision got blurry, Kensuke’s dick impaling the part of her brain responsible for sight. As the boy showed his dick further in, her vision went completely black, her eyes going blank as well. Asuka spasmed violently as the dick continued further into her head, only making it move around inside her head and mash through more of her brain matter. She screamed, and she screamed hard, as Kensuke fucked her head - but for the first time that day, she wasn’t insulting or threatening her rapists.

“P-please, stop! Don’t peep into my mind! Please, don’t invade my mind anymore!” Asuka screamed, tears running down her face, but her words fell on deaf ears - Kensuke showing his cock all the way into her brain. “P-please… Pleashe… let me liiiiiveeeeeeeeee!!!” The redhead howled in pain as Kensuke began thrusting in and out, messing up more and more of her brain with his cock. “Shinji… Anyone! Help meeeeee!” Her body was spiraling out of control - and no matter how much she begged, the pain and the thrusts into her head wouldn’t stop. Her mind deteriorated quickly, and soon she the only language she could remember was German. “Nein… Bitte, nicht…” She muttered, no one able to understand her. Kensuke just fucked her anyways, and soon her voice just turned into incoherent babbling - which was well accompanied by her sobs. By the time he came, his semen shooting into her skull and into the still-intact parts of her brain, all of Asuka’s feelings were overloading inside her brain. “Shinji… Help me… Moron! I hate you! I hate everyone! Shinji, please! Help me! Mama… Help me! Anyone, please! I hate you all!” Asuka sobbed as these thoughts bounced inside her head. The figure of her mother - her real mother, not the adoptive fake one that she had always despised - flashed inside her head for a moment before her image was replaced with Shinji. She couldn’t even remember her face anymore… Who was that woman anyways? Her old memories began to disappear as Kensuke pulled his blood, brain matter-covered cock out of her head - but the elite pilot was still clinging to her life. Her determination allowed her to keep going where many others would fall - letting her survive even such brain damage. If she was to get help at this point, if she was carried to NERV, maybe they’d be able to make her recover - but no one in that classroom had any desire to do that.

Seeing just how Kensuke fucked Asuka now, Toji knew he had to do it as well. When his friend freed up the spot behind her, he was already waiting with one hand at his prick. However, he wasn’t the only one. Shinji also wanted to fuck Asuka’s brain - and the two of them stopped right in front of her, neither of them wanting to stand down. On any other day, Shinji would have given in and let Toji go first - but not this time. The two boys looked at one another, unsure what to do. “Let’s do it together.” Toji finally said after understanding that Shinji wasn’t going to let up now. Grabbing the opening in Asuka’s skull, Toji pulled on the edge of it. While these pieces of her head had not fallen out, Shinji’s assault had still cracked them before - and now Toji was able to rip them off. Shinji did the same on his side, and so they both exposed more of Asuka’s brain - her hair brushing against it and sending more thrills through her body. Then, once they’ve created enough of an opening, they both thrust inside at the same time - Asuka’s brain assaulted by two cocks now.

The pilot shivered some more as her brain was speared at an angle this time. Their cocks took away any resemblance of control she still had over her body - and so the German girl began to shudder. Her bladder was released with nothing holding it shut - and a streak of piss squirted from between her cum-stained legs, Kensuke taking a few pics of the yellow liquid as she released it. Her body was shaking powerfully as the cocks proceeded deeper into her head - squashing the more elaborate thoughts Asuka still had. Now, her brain was reduced to just the simplest of ideas: She was going to die. die. die. die. She didn’t want to die! But she would. And now it was inevitable. With her brain mostly turned into a mush because of their cocks, it was a miracle that she was still living. Her spasms let the boys enjoy themselves more - making fucking her brain and ruining it in the process even more pleasant than it felt when they took her cunt. Their thrusts were out of sync, one of them slamming their tool into Asuka’s head while the other was sliding out, and the other way around. Because of that, her head was bobbing around between both of them, pieces of her brain and skull sent flying each time it was forced to change direction. Eventually, first Toji and then Shinji came - both of them shooting their semen right into what still remained of her brain. Their cum mixed with the still intact matter of her frontal lobe, contaminating the final surviving part of her brain - Asuka’s life leaving her as her head was inseminated once more. The girl went limp between them, but the boys holding on to her head as they came kept her upright for a little longer - Asuka’s body only slumping down to the ground once they both pulled out and let go of her.

Following Asuka’s death, the three boys enjoyed her body for some more time. Kensuke was able to get more footage than he’d ever want - enough for all three of them to have all the fap material they would ever need, as well as a lot of spares they could sell to other people. Shinji was finally able to get back at Asuka for all the times she had teased him back in their apartment - shooting more than enough loads into her pussy, her ass and her brain. Now that Asuka was dead, her mouth was able to be used as well - before that, there was always the risk that she’d bite them. Fucking her face was a fun way to change things up as well. In the end, the three boys ended up getting more sexual education using Asuka’s body than ever before in their lives. They fucked her together as well - one of them taking her pussy while the other went for her ass, and the third one would fuck her face or the massive hole in her head. At one point, all three of them also fucked her head at the same time - ruining all that remained of her brain inside it. Her skull ended up as nothing more than a bowl for their semen. Eventually, though, they were done with her - no one of them was able to make his dick grow even a little because of how much they had all came. That was the time to dispose of her body - and the three boys carried Asuka’s corpse off to a nearby dumpster. Dumping her cum-covered corpse in the trash, Kensuke took a few final pictures of it - then, the three boys left it and returned to clean the classroom up after their prolonged orgy.

Asuka’s corpse would later be discovered by a homeless person who was going through the trash, with them getting to enjoy her sweet young body even despite all the cum all over it. Even if the boys had used her a lot, their dicks were still small enough to leave Asuka’s holes very tight - letting them man who found her enjoy her in full. Once he was done fucking her, though, he left her back in the trash - for it was all Asuka was now. A sack of skin and bones that was of no use to anyone, unless they wanted to fuck it - the dead pilot left in a dumpster with semen all over her.
R: 2 / I: 0

John Drake's School for Educational Rehabilitation [MFggg, tort, school, discipline, electro]

I'm just going to dump all my stories as quickly as possible. Life changes are under way, and I don't anticipate I'll post for a while. All of these stories are fictional/fantasy. Any resemblance to any persons, real or fictional, are coincidental. I do not condone any harm to anybody. If you plan on hurting yourself or others, please do not, and seek help. I enjoy feedback, so if you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment below!


-- The one and only chapter, Chapter 1 --

Today was my first day at John Drake's School for Educational Rehabilitation.

I'll be honest with you. I was pretty damn desperate. Times were tough in the New Confederate States of America. And my parents paid a fortune for me to go to college. Unfortunately I couldn't really get a job anywhere else. I didn't make the best grades. I didn't have a great degree. I tried. But everybody said I needed to get some experience first. Some real-world training. So it was either get a job at the corner coffee shop or apply for this program called "Teach for the Confederacy."

Ever since we won the civil war, we've really been the last bastion for slavery. Wad a few revolts since then. The Great Revolt of 1903, led by the plucky Ted McKnowlty. I'll clue you in on a secret. He wasn't Irish. The Great Rebellion of 1951. Each led to hundreds of thousands of lives lost. End slavery, the people cried! And some certainly tried. They were, how do you put it, mildly successful. Our government was filled with beauracracy and corruption. Half truths, and half measures. We did something in the middle. We didn't end slavery as a society. We desegregated it. Right around the time the our neighbors to the North was celebrating their Civil Rights Movement, we celerated our universal Civil Unrights Movement.

But I didn't complain. How could I? You see, the government had spies everywhere. Any sign of dissention and you would whisked away, never to be seen again. Run away to the North? Good luck with that. If you were caught, your balls would be on display at the border, along with the thousands of other severed genitals that the government harvested and skewered for display on border fences.

So yeah. Here I was. First day of my job. Assigned here. I gotta admit, though, I was assigned to the all-girls' division. In some ways, I was bummed out I needed to work, especially for the government. But in other ways, I gotta admit. All girls. Not bad.

I looked around as I entered the school. Class was beginning. Students were hustling to get to 1st period. Everything looked, normal? The girls wore plaid blue skirts. Collared white blouses. And a tie? Do I see ties? And knee high socks with clunky shoes.


Jim was my guide. Actually I'd be with several people today. I guess he was an administrator of sorts. He handed me my schedule. It was full day indeed. Every hour or so I had to pluck myself up and move to another location. I looked at it closely. Looked like a normal schedule.

1st period: Algebra, Mr. Walsh
2nd period: Biology, Ms. Cunningham
3rd period: Chemistry, Mr. Gupta
4th period: Confederate History, Mr. Rodriguez
5th period: Physical Education, Ms. Park
6th period: Dance, Mr. Johnson
7th period: Detention, Mr. Marsh

"You'll go first to Mr. Walsh's class," Jim said, "Right down the hall there, to your right. Room 119. There's still a few minutes left before class starts, so I hope he gets a chance to explain some things to you."

And then Jim walked away. Huh. So I guess I'd be fending for myself a bit today.

I walked into the classroom. Twenty curious sets of eyes looked up to study me. Wow. This was jarring. I had never seen so many girls in one place in my life. It was, actually, pretty damn intimidating. Some looked briefly, others seemed to stare. I looked away as fast as I could. I was starting to feel hot.

"Hey there," I heard a voice from the desk across the room. It was Mr. Walsh.

"Have a seat," he said, as he pulled up a chair for me, right next to his desk. Man, I felt uncomfortable. I felt like I was some fool at the front of class. I could feel everyone watching me.

I shook his hand.

"John Morris," I replied.

"Class will start in a few minutes," he said, "But I wanted to go over a few things with you first. Is this the first time you've been here?"

I nodded my head.

"Ok, and have you ever visited a Educational Rehab facility before?"

I shook my head.

"Very good. What have you heard?"

"Really, nothing, Mr. Marsh. The govern-." I stopped myself. "People really are pretty tight lipped about what happens in these facilities. I guess I'm just here to watch and learn."

"That's good. An open mind, I always tell my students. An open mind will take you places. Well, Mr. Morris, class is about to begin, so if you'll excuse me."

A few more students trickled in. And then the bell rang.

And then the strangest thing happened.

Most of the students began to undress.

And then there were some that just, sat there.

Some of the ones who undressed, were. Um, pierced? I could hardly believe my eyes. I stared in utter disbelief. Any feeling of awkwardness actually, washed away from me. I was now fascinated. And horrified.

"Mr. Morris," Mr. Walsh said to me, as he placed his hand on my shoulder, "You look like you've seen a ghost!"

He chuckled.

"Every quarter the students are given their final evaluations, and ranked. Some of has to to do with overall conduct, with their grades, and of course, teacher evaluations. The top one third performers get to keep their clothes. See that girl in the corner over there? Her name is Jenny. The red head."

I looked at Jenny. She was just looking down at her shoes.

"She's really a top-performer." Mr. Walsh winked at me, and very conspicuously elbowed my ribs. Ouch.

"The middle one-third does not get the priviledge of wearing their clothes. These girls are in the group called 'under observation,' but really the girls who need to the most rehabiliation are the bottom one-third. These girls are 'under remediation.' They have some special, accoutrements, if you will, added on to them."

Those must have been the girls with the nipple rings. I allowed myself to look a little close too. It was simultaneoulsy a very awkward and painful image to look at, but also highly erotic. I was too scared to develop an erection, though it was clear to me that Mr. Walsh had an enormous one going on. I could feel the precum oozing out of my dick, though. Shit. I only had on one layer of boxers. I hope the precum didn't stain my pants. At least they were dark grey.

The girls with nipple rings, man. I could see it now too. They had on clit rings too. Holy hell. What the fuck was this place?

And out of their backpacks I noticed that they pulled out some long furry object.

"Hurry up, girls! We don't have all day!" Mr. Walsh shouted. "You have two more minutes before the second bell rings and you're out of time!"

I noticed that the girls were naked unpierced sat back down in their chairs. I guess they were ready. The bottom-third, 'performers,' I guess, really started to hustle. A few of them moved so quickly I could hardly tell what was happening. I focused on one of them. She was actually really cute. A brunette.

She reached down into her backpack and pulled out a white tube, flipped open the cap quickly, and likely toothpaste, squeezed out some of the stuff onto the tip of the furry object. And then with one finger, dabbed some of that (Oh, ok. It was lube.) stuff from her finger on her anus. And then fairly quickly, wriggled and twisted that thing in.

When she was done, I could see that most of the girls had finished as well. Maybe one girl was struggling. The rest of the girls had already put headbands on (Oh, I get it, they're supposed to look like bunnies) and lined up at the front of the classroom. Very quickly, all but one of the them squatted, and placed both palms neatly down in front of them, and looked up at the board. Like dogs, commanded to sit. Then the bell rang.

"Samantha Pierce," Mr. Walsh yelled, "You incompetent, clumsy little fuck-slut!"

I was taken aback by this sudden change in behavior. I had thought on first impression this gentleman to be a nice guy. All of the sudden, he was now a drill sargent.

"You get your skinny little ass up here right fucking now!"

Samantha started to cry, and skulked her way up to the front.

"On all fours, you little bitch!" the teacher yelled, "Spread those legs out a little. Push that ass out. No, not like that, you cunt!"

Mr. Walsh pushed down on the girl's back, so that her butt pushed out a little bit, but not before he gave her a couple of spanks. He then walked over to the backpack, and grabbed the white tube of lube. Squeezed out, maybe a pea size of lube onto his finger (that's it?) and with little hesistation pushed his finger into Samantha's tiny asshole.

Samantha groaned loudly.

You could tell all of the other girls were getting pretty uncomfortable watching this. Some definitely watched. Others looked away. I could see that some who watched had a pained look on their face. Maybe they had gone through this before, and maybe they pitied her. Others looked on with blank faces. Thousand yard stares. Still others had on tiny, imperceptible grin. Interesting.

Mr. Walsh forcefully and fairly mercilessly pushed in the butt plug into the girl. Samantha grunted, and continued crying, this time louder.

"Every fucking time this happens," Mr. Walsh screamed at his class, "My class gets delayed. When the second fucking bell rings, I expect everybody to be in position! Everybody else put their tails, in Ms. Pierce! Everybody else got in line at the front and assumed the position! What makes you so special? Huh? And now we're going to lose at least ten minutes of class time, ten minutes of precious learning time for all of these other girls, for what, for you? Because you can't even do a fucking simple task?"

I watched, in horror, actually, as Mr. Walsh screamed his face off. I watched, in disbelief as he grabbed a cane (where the fuck did that cane come from?), and started to test-whack it in the air, making zipping noises as it cut through the silence.

Um. That was a big fucking cane. It had to be at least an inch thick, and several feet long.

"Twenty strokes on the ass! Ten strokes on the tits! And five strokes on the pussy!"

No. Fucking. Way.

No fucking way was I about to watch this.

Holy shit. I mean, the girl just didn't put in a butt plug fast enough (why the fuck were there butt plugs anyways? This place was far more fucked up that I had ever imagined! Nobody prepared me for this). And now she was going to caned? The ass, I could understand, but on the tits as well? And the pussy? This was a little extreme, maybe. Of all the thoughts that went on in my mind, I guess I wondered how he came up with that punishment.

And then I smelled something. Oh no. No she didn't .This couldn't get any worse for her. She peed herself.

And just like that.

"No missy, you did not just piss yourself all over my beautiful fucking class floor! You have just earned yourself double the amount of punishment for that!"

Mr. Walsh was pissed.

"Assume the position!"

I guess she was already doggy-stye on all fours. But I guess he meant for her to turn around, so that she was side-ways in the front of the classroom. With his foot, he nudged her to also get in the center of the front of the classroom.

"Turn your head towards the class! Don't look down! And don't close your eyes! If you do any of these things, I will add on more strikes! And I want you to count. LOUDLY. And if any of you cunts sitting down thinks that this can't happen to you, well it can. I want you to remember that. Look into her eyes. If I see any of you look away, you'll get the same that Ms. Pierce is getting."

And so it began. I was sitting next to the teacher's desk. I couldn't see shit. But I could see the rest of the class.


Samantha screamed.

"Count, bitch, count!"


"Two!" She screamed.

"No, that's one, you whore. You missed the first. Count, again!"


"Two!" She screamed.

"One, you bitch, I said that's one. You can't move to two without counting one!"

"One!" Samantha cried.

"No, you stupid little girl, I haven't hit you yet. You can't say one yet. If you don't learn this quick, we'll be here for fucking ever."





Samantha was sobbing. She was so terrifed I could see from my vantage point that her ass was shaking violently. I felt very sorry for her. Mr. Walsh was kind of an asshole.


I could hear the screech of the cane through the air. I could hear its tremendous pop on flesh. The girl screamed after every hit, but valiantly counted. A few were barely audible. So she had to repeat them. In between screams, she sobbed. And when forty official strokes had been counted, you'd think that the girl would be tired. But still she sobbed. Fresh, energetic sobs. And her cries of pain and torment were still unbearably forceful.

"Get up, on your feet! Hands above the air!" Mr. Walsh commanded, no longer screaming. It seemed as if much of his anger had dissipated over the beating he had just given her ass.

When Samantha got up, I could her ass. Streaked with dark red and purple. She was already bleeding. And then he went to town on her breasts. Samantha had some nice breasts. They were firm, small, and perky. Young breasts, budding beautifully. I was actually starting to get a little upset. I'd hate to see those beauties ruined.


I watched as more urine dripped down her legs. I sincerely hoped Mr. Wash did not notice. He didn't.

He struck, and she counted. I could tell from the screams that these hurt more than the strokes on her butt.

Once again, I could not see much, since I was sitting laterally to the girl. But I could see that a few of the students were pretty upset. Some of the girls were crying as well. Others wore a distinctive frown. And even the ones who had grinned to start, well, at least they weren't smiling anymore.

I don't know how Samantha was able to stay standing. Her knees were knocking. Her arms were shaking. She looked so unstable a stiff wind could blow this slender girl over. Maybe it was fear.

Twenty strokes to the breasts later, and I could see that Samantha was getting pretty tired. I wondered if it was getting easier, if she started to develop a tolerance to the pain. But now I understood why we started with the butt. And then the breasts. And then the genitals. If she was developing a tolerance to the pain, progressively changing the locations to more and more sensitive spots would prevent her from getting used to the punishment. No, it was designed to hell through and through. Fresh, constant, full-throttle torture, from start to finish.

"On your back!"

Mr. Walsh pulled the girl up so that her upper back and head were resting against the front wall of the classroom. He did make it fairly clear that he wanted her to face the class, and that he wanted to class to look into her eyes. Actually at this angle, I could see her face. It was covered in tears and snot, and she was as red as a beet. She was also covered in perspiration, from head to toe.

I watched as Mr. Walsh straddled the girl, as he faced classroom himself. I saw what he was going to do. He was going to bring the cane over his head, and strike down on the poor girl's sex.

"Hold your ankles with your hands. Keep your legs wide apart. If at any time you bring them together, I will not count the previous stroke. You will count, LOUD. And you will not close your eyes!"

Mr. Walsh's crotch just barely fit over poor Samantha's head. It was as if he was sitting on her head. And then he brought the cane down with increasing ferocity.


"Oh god!" Samantha cried, as she quickly shut her legs, and fell to her side in the fetal position.

I was shaking myself. That was a thick cane. That was a heavy blow. And on her crotch? Holy shit, I thought to mysef. There was no way we were going to see him do this ten times. And I'll bet that one didn't count.

"Please, Mr. Walsh," Samantha sobbed, grabbing her crotch, "Please, I'm sorry! Please I'm so sorry, I'll never disobey you ever again. I'm so sorry I didn't put that thing in me fast enough!"

"Get the fuck up, you piece of worthless shit." Mr. Walsh barked. "If you don't get back into position, I'm doubling the strokes on your pussy. You think I want to do this? Already we've lost ten minutes of class time. Holy shit, if this keeps going, we'll lose an entire day. I spent all of last evening preparing this damn lesson! Ten strokes on the pussy is already fucking outrageous. There's a good chance you'll have permanent scarring there. I'm going to have to send you to the fucking school nurse after this. If you don't get your act together, I'm going to have to double it to twenty. What the fuck do you think is going to happen then? Get the fuck off that floor, suck it up, and get back into fucking position!"

"But please, sir," Samantha cried, "Please, I'm so sorry. It won't happen again. I'll be a good girl. I'll suck your dick. I'll let you fuck me in the ass. I'm sorry I didn't let you last time. Please, I'm so sorry!"

"You fucking, ignorant, shit-mouth of a slut! You shut the fuck up right now! That never happened! You shut the fuck up, or I bust your teeth out. That's twenty strokes on your pussy. That's it. Twenty strokes. You better start counting now, or we'll cane you on your pussy until you bleed to death from it!"

Mr. Walsh grabbed the girl by the hair and yanked her back into position.

"Hold your damn legs apart, girl!"




Samantha sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. She screamed in agony as the blows landed harshly on her soft sex.

Seeing no other end to her predicament, I'm sure, the girl started to count around the fifth strike.

It was like watching an animal getting gutted. The cries of terror and pain were primal. Whatever semblance of humanity was left in this poor girl was left to attempt to remember how to count. And it did look like it took all of her strength to keep track. She lost count a few times. Mr. Walsh didn't skip a beat. We'll start at the last number, then, he barked. She closed her legs a few times in response to a strike that was particularly centered, likely crushing her clit. No bother. We'll start at the last number then. Samantha must have received at least forty strikes on her pussy, and towards the end, it looked like she was nearly about to pass out. But she didn't.

When he was finished, Mr. Walsh called the school paramedics in. (There were school paramedics?).

The grabbed her by her arms and dragged her out into the hallways, where she was placed on a stretcher, and presuably taken to the school nurse. But not before I stole a glance at her battered body. Purple streaks all over her buttocks and breasts. Her genitals were a dark purple. They were oozing blood. Her inner thighs were splashed with sprays of blood from the cane striking her bleeding crotch. I was light headed. This was beyond comprehension, what was happening.

With Samantha gone, I looked over at the floor. A small puddle of blood. A trail of droplets towards the door where they had dragged her out. A large puddle of urine.

"Alright, you useless cunts," he shouted to the girls still sitting like little dogs at attention in the front, "I want you to lick up every drop of urine, every drop of blood from my beautiful floor. And if there is any significant delay, I will cane you all until you end up like little Samantha this morning. I will hold you back until after school, I will do whatever it takes. If any of you think to cross me, you will be PUNISHED!"

And without any hesitation, all of the girls (but only the ones with cat ears and tails) got down on all fours and started lapping up liquid that was once inside Samantha, now getting ready to be inside them. Mr. Walsh looked pretty upset, but he wasn't fuming anymore. He sat down calmly at his desk. I did NOT make eye contact. And then he spoke to me. Softly. Dude, I was pretty fucking scared of this guy.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Morris. This. This usually doesn't happen. Very rare. Ahem," he cleared his throat, "What you saw today. What you heard. Everything happened by the books."

Sure. Mm hm. I nodded politely. I don't know why I was so scared. I just was.

Mr. Walsh made little eye contact. His demeanor had changed from a raging tyrant to a shy, polite little man. Maybe he was different because he knew he was being watched. Or maybe he that guy who was super nice, and occasionally would blow up. I wondered if maybe tomorrow he was going to bring an AK-47 in here and shoot us all up. Maybe. This was definitely the type.

Within a minute, the floor was, pretty fucking clean. I could see where the blood was, I think those stains were going to need some more powerful cleaner than girl-tongues. But the urine was all gone. Slurped up, like they were in the desert, and had just discovered water.

And, well. Class started. Really? Algebra? After what had just happened? It was surreal. It was like nothing had happened. Five minutes into the lesson, and I was still playing what had just happened in the back of my mind. I looked at the girls. Some of them I'm sure were barely paying attention, thinking about what had just happened, like me, but many of them were actually pretty fucking engaged in the lesson. I was puzzled. What the fuck was happening?

And then I knew how this was happening. I had seen this in a movie before. Stand and Deliver, I think.

Mr. Walsh started asking questions. About what he had just taught. It was random, I think. He called on girls who were clothed, he called on the naked ones, and he called on the ones at front. Right answers were recorded. Wrong answers were recorded. But the strangest thing happened when the girls up front got an answer wrong. They would shout in pain and double over, as if something were hurting them from deep inside.

"Batteries," Mr. Walsh said to me.

I looked puzzled.

"They have batteries inside their pussies. It stays there for as long as they are in remediation status. The batteries are changed out weekly, of course. Cleaned. We don't want any accidents, of course. Occasionally we'll get a leak every now and then, and as you can imagine, battery acid inside a pussy is not just painful for the girl, it can be permanently damaging. Without wrong-doing, we do like to avoid hurting our girls. Oh yes, and so the batteries power electrodes that line the rims of the vaginal introitus, and connect to leads attached to their clits and urethral openings. All of the most sensitive and special places on a girl, you see. It packs a ton of pain, really the worst pain, without causing any damage at all to the tissue. It's a brilliant design, actually. If they answer something wrong, they get a one-second zap. Searing pain, I'm told. But just one second. That way, they have to pay attention and learn. You see now why they're in remediation? They don't pay attention. This will help them learn that. We're doing good work here, actually."

Unbelievable. No wonder they put what happened this morning past them so quickly. This was brainwashing to the max. This felt like military bootcamp on steroids. I really had to get out of here. But that was one part of me. The other part. I dont know. As I watched the girls up front double over in pain as electricity zapped her feminine core, yowl in agony, and then almost immediately apologize. Sorry, sir, I'll get that one right the next time! And then, actually get it right the next time. I'll have to admit. It did work. And I was getting strangely turned on too. I looked down at my pants. Shit, my precum was starting to stain the outside. I was fucked.

And so class ended. Rather unceremoniously. Rather than getting a chance to debrief with me (which I really did not want, with Mr. Walsh), he led me briskly to the next classroom. This time, the hallways looked very different. It wasn't schoolgirls in schoolgirl uniform. It was chaos. Most of the girls were naked now. Some had on clothes. These must have been the 'high-performers.' But most were nude. And yes, about one-third had on nipple rings, clit rings, butt plugs, and cat ears. Unbelievable. But if you could ignore all that, it was still strangely very loud. Girls talking. Girls chatting. Some laughing. A lot of them were laughing. There was, yes, a somber mood in the hallways. I think there was an air of pervasive sadness to their predicament. But there was a lot of chatter. It guess, it felt like a prison.

The second class was was Biology, with Ms. Cunningham.

"I heard you experienced quite an ordeal in your first period," she said to me, "It does happen from time to time. We do have protocols to execute."

Ms. Cunningham seemed like the very strict type. I didn't like her at all.

"Whatever Mr. Walsh had to do, he had to do," she added, "Though he has quite the reputation for being rather enthusiastic with punitive actions."

And so I watched again, as she taught her class, interspersed with sporadic moments of questions directed towards the class. Most of her questions the students got right. Occasionally one of the students up front gave the wrong answer. Zap! And then a protracted grunt. Sorry, ma'am, I'll get the question right next time! And five minutes later after an enormous load of current in the genitals, when the student was asked the same question, she got it right. Amazing.

The same with Chemistry. It was, I mean, like regular old school. School as I remembered it. But it was darker. More sinister. The degree of humiliation was much higher in this facility. The punishment, far more severe. This was pretty crazy. And then lunch time care. Thank god. I was starving. And occasionally, I could hear the distant sound of wails and screams from girls getting punished from other classrooms. Some were transient noises, and others a protracted session of suffering.

Most of the girls could sit at their tables. The tables were interspersed with naked girls and clothed girls. I noticed that there were in fact more likely to be clusters of girls who were clothed, and then clusters of girls who were naked. I'll bet it helped to sit with others suffering the same predicament.

And then the girls who were remediating. They had to eat in a line in the front of the cafeteria. Down on their knees. Hands behind their backs. In dog bowls. I peered inside. Brown mush. Dog food, too, huh? Brutal. Couldn't use their hands either. Remediation must really suck.

I had a chance to sit down at lunch with some of the faculty. I chose to sit next to Ms. Cunningham. We got to chit chatting. She was pretty cute. Ms. Cunningham. I bet she wasn't married. I didn't want to risk asking if she had a boyfriend yet. She looked burnt out, but she seemed nice. I hated to talk shop, but I had to ask. If evaluations happened every quarter, how many of these girls ended up having to remediate?

She gave a very lengthy response. I probably did not want to listen to her speak for THAT long.

"Well, most of them have had it happen to them at one point in time. Some haven't. I'm sure watching the other girls get punished is motivation enough to study hard and to be obedient. There are consistent top performers, consistent mid-range performers under observation, and consistent bottom feeders, who are always remediating. These girls really have no hope. I'm afraid they are destined after this to be sold as sex-slaves, to some of the most debased individuals in our society."

"We do have some buyers who buy girls just to skin and eat them alive. It's not pretty, but they do spend a lot of money to support us. One buyer likes to drop hot iron balls into his girls' orifices and watch as they slow cook from the bottom up. I hear they don't die immediately. They actually don't die at all. He tried to return one of them because she took an red hot iron ball in both the vagina and rectum, and still lived. Said he wanted a refund. Give me break, right? People don't die that easily. We made him keep her. No refund, of course. The sick bastard even bought another one from us that day. I guess he started becoming more interested in watching them suffer alive than killing them."

"I remember him doing a demontration for some of the faculty. I usually don't like watching this sort of stuff, but I went anyways, out of curiosity. After all, these were my former students! I went over to his place one night, and I watched as a hot iron ball was dropped into one of my pupils, who was tied upside down, into her vagina. She was in a lot of pain, that much I expected, but what I didn't expect was how first it was steam that escaped from her vagina, and then smoke. It was rather bitter smelling. And it wasn't a steady flow. Her vulva had actually swallowed the hot iron ball in its entirety. And so it made sense to me then that as the flesh heated up, it would of course create steam, and then as it burnt, black smoke. But I guess I just wasn't ready for this scene. It wasn't the agony that startled me as I watched my student getting cooked from the inside. I've seen my students in pain before. Some of them will wail like the world is ending, no matter the situation."

"But this smoke, you see, it came out like a train of tiny little farts, consecutive, one right after the other in quick succession. Of course the gas had to escape. But it was the noise, Mr. Morris! It was the noise! Like a machine gun train of farts, escaping from this little girl's sex organ. It was beyond obscene. I was so upset, I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. And it lasted for nearly fifteen minutes! And by the end of it, of course she wasn't dead! The pelvic region doesn't really contain any really that necessary to maintain immediate life. Anyways, I know I'm rambling now. I just, you know. I kind of hate this place. What are we doing to our little girls? I suppose the only consolation is we only reserve our stupidest and our most disobedient girls to that fate."

Yeah, this place was fucked up. I kind of wish I didn't talk to Ms. Cunningham in the first place. She was cute, but after that ramble, I really had lost all my interest in her. Definitely no boyfriend. And definitely kind of fucked up herself. No wonder she worked here. That was definitely not the kind of story that could get me through lunch. I had already lost my appetite. I kind of stared at my food after that.

Lunch ended. OK. Now we're going to PE. When I got to PE, I thought to myself.

C'mon. This isn't PE.

The girls who were once wearing school uniforms were now in shorts and tank tops. The naked ones, well, still naked. They rotated stations. Jumping jacks. Running. Some girly push-ups and sit-up. OK, fine, that was PE.

But then there were the ones who were remediating.

Row after row after row of pink flexible dildos. And that one station. The girls would have to open their mouths, and throat the damn things! Some were total pros. They throated, and gave that fake penis one hell of a blowjob. Others, clearly not as experienced, took some more time. Two hundred repetitions, or tweny minutes. Whichever came first. And if these girls were seen as making an honest effort. They got shocked in their pussies. There was vomit all over the floor in this station. How often did they freakin clean this place? Once a day? That surely was not enough. And after lunch, I imagine a lot of the brown dog food just ended up on the floor in this place. And how did these girls not just get sick all the time? They were clearing sharing lots of saliva.

And then station two. The stationary bike. For this, they had to remove their butt plugs. Because in place of a seat, these stationary bikes had two moving dildos, one up each orifice, that would pump at the pace of their pedaling. And the two dildos alternated too. When one went down, the other went up. So they were getting double fucked constantly. And they had to force themselves down on them. It was required that they rest their weight on a horizontal bar, ensuring that each thrust was deep and fully penetrating. If they didn't pedal fast enough, below a certain speed, their pussies would receive shocks. This was incredible. And it was a one-size fits all sort of bike too. I notice that some of the, shall we say, larger girls had less trouble taking these dildos in, and some of the, smaller girls, really struggled. These dildos were going in deep, and I'm sure their insides had to play some internal gymnastics to make room for these devices, because I'm pretty sure that these dildos were longer than many of the pussies they were fucking. Occasionally, I'd watch a smaller girl, doubled over, and in clear primal agony, just take thirty minutes of electrical torture in her vagina, clearly unable to take the size of these dildos. Pedaling, however, for most of the girls, meant that these monstrosities would fuck them, but whatever the case, it appeared to be preferable to a prolonged shock through the nether region, if, they could tolerate it. I noticed that a few of the girls threw up at this station too.

Some of these girls left this station hobbling, waddling from side to side. Others, actually limping, bleeding from the trauma and the 'one-size fits all' dildos that just tore through their insides. Well, whatever the case, they had to push their butt plugs back in, and make it to the deep-throating station, if they hadn't done that already. Can you imagine? They had to do this. EVERY. DAY. I looked back on the girl who struggled to put a simple butt plug up her ass. I wonder if today had been her first day in remediation. Because PE was brutal. Much more brutal.

The gym teacher, Ms. Park, wasn't a gym teacher at all. This gym session was very clearly and deliberately planned. It was automated. It was a fully functioning machine. She just walked around with a mop and bucket, and made sure everything was in the right order. I don't think I heard her speak at all. She had assistants monitoring the girls to make sure their oral sex activity was sufficiently effortfull.

She literally just picked up and cleaned after the girls. Mopping up blood here and there. Some piss or shit here, mop it up. She didn't touch the vomit area, though. I'm assuming they just cleaned that once at the end of the day.

The place smelled awful.

I couldn't be happier to leave PE. That place smelled like a giant toilet.

And then Dance. Seriously? Mr. Johnson? Teaching dance, to a bunch of girls? But ok, he was gay. Pretty fucking gay. Ok, I kind of get it.

As expected, it wasn't your usual dance class. And it was fairly equitable actually. Everybody had to learn. Today was pole dancing lessons. It was actually pretty legit. Mr. Johnson was pretty fucking flexible.

Last week, he told me, it was belly dancing. And the week before, lap dancing. It always had to be something erotic, he told me. These girls need that kind of training. Occasionally he would even teach ballet.

Ballet, I thought to myself. Nice.

And then came time for detention.

I was kind of both dreading this and looking forward to it.

If everything I had seen was not detention, then I wondered what detention was.

Well. It really wasn't that exciting.

So apparently, girls can get demoted from 'under observation' or even from the top third to 'remediation,' even in between quarterly evaluations. Maybe they rubbed a teacher the wrong way. Maybe they did particularly poorly on an exam. Well, detention was more like 'processing.'

It was where girls would be stripped of their current rights, and transition to a girl under remediation. Ah, so that's what happened to Samantha. She was probably a good girl who just refused to suck Mr. Walsh's dick. And now look at her. I wondered where she was.

Mr. Marsh was in charge of detention. He looked pretty stressed actually. There was a whole line of girls he needed to process.

"I can't talk much, Mr. Morris," he said curtly, "I have a lot of work to do. If you can help me hold some of these girls down, while I work, I would very much appreciate it."

And so I did. Helped. I kind of, enjoyed it?

I watched as many of the girls received their first piercing. I held their arms and legs down. They screamed their lungs off. Ouch, my ears. The nipples weren't the worst. It was the clit piercing that really hit the high notes. Some of the girls looked like they knew what to expect. But they still screamed. I was actually getting pretty tired of hearing girls scream. All day long. Wailing, screaming, moaning, groaning. I could see why Mr. Marsh was stressed out.

And then they had to get down on their backs, and pull their legs apart, while Mr. Marsh quickly pushed a small donut shaped battery into their vaginas. I watched in awe as he quickly connected an electrode to their clitoris ring. I watched him deftly insert a small catheter into their urethras, a special device that was held into place by a small balloon inflated in their bladders, but lined on its outer surface with a coil of copper used to conduct current.

"They're not incontinent with this type of catheter," Mr. Marsh explained to me, "Usually these catheters let the urine flow freely, without any input from the person. These are special catheters. Only a thin hollow wire connects the balloon inside her bladder to the cathether tip. So she still is allowed to control her flow of urine. But of course, as we get closer to her urethral opening-" he pointed it out to me, "you can see that the catheter thickens, and allows full electrical contact with the entire outer urethra."

"It makes for a very painful, shock, I'm sure," he added.

"And of course, there is a tube of copper coil that is located within the first half of the vaginal introitus as well. So really," Mr. March continued,"There are three points of electrical charge that the girls experience. One on the clit, one at the entrance of her urethra, and one at the entrance of her vagina. All very sensitive spots. And their intensity, frequency, and duration of shock can of course be adjusted remotely, and activated remotely. We have wi-fi throughout the facility."

No shit. This was some devious contraption here. I shook my head in disbelief and awe.

After each girl was processed, she was handed a thick tube of lube, and a butt plug shaped like a kitten tail. It was optional for her to put it on today. If I were these girls, I'd start practicing tonight. I'm sure some of them would.

And that was it.

The final bell dismissing the students rang.

The girls started to flood out of the school. Back to their dormitories. Do they get to put on clothes when they go back to their dorms?

"No," Mr. Morris replied.

"How come?" I asked.

"We don't want these girls to return to feeling a sense of normalcy when they get home. Their state of punishment, should resemble their state of mind. They need to always feel a sense of shame, of guilt, and a sense of remorse. If their quartermasters find them disobedient, they will need to keep their devices in for punishment in those instances. Sometimes, we find these girls bloodied, bruised, or whipped in the mornings. We don't question it. They were behaving badly at home. And that's all there is to it."

"What about those tails?" I asked. "Those don't stay in?"

"No, they do not," he replied. "Only at school. They need a chance to recover sphincter tone so they can have bowel movements. A lot of them really struggle with sphincter tone of course. And most of them will require daily enemas to clear them out. But we do want to attempt to give their sphincters a chance to relax. We don't worry about that here though. We leave worrying about their bowel habits to their quartermasters when they return to their dormitories."

"Will there be any more questions, Mr. Morris?" Mr. Marsh asked.

"Actually, no," I politely responded. "That will be all. Thank you."

And so I left. Back to my dorm (I was trapped here too, you know).

But it wasn't all bad. My dorm housed a good number of these girls as well. And guess what? We were short of quartermasters. They were looking to hire more. Teachers at the school were welcomed to apply, even encouraged. And guess what I did? As horrified, and startled as I was at how my first day on the job was, as shocked as I was to learn how life was like at this school, I was actually kind of intrigues. You know what?

I applied.

The End.
R: 0 / I: 0

The Littlest Vampire

Tonight is my release, one I’ve been waiting for a very long time - 835 years - so long overdue.

Immortality sounds wonderful at first blush, but as the years and decades and centuries flow past, the horror of endless life sinks in and the bliss of nonexistence begins to look better and better. I have long yearned to quit this world and tonight I will.

I was taken when I was eight years old. I was an odd child, so different than any other boy in my village, so I was ripe for taking. How Xander knew I was so different was a mystery to me until many decades later when I had learned to read people, to see into their souls and truly know them, that I understood what he saw in me. My difference must have shone like a beacon in the night as Xander prowled our village looking for a companion to ease his loneliness, and his search ended when he tapped at my window that night so long ago and asked me to invite him in, and I in my excitement for a companion of my own, I did.

Xander gave me ecstasy when he took me that night and every night after that for a long time, nestled together on the ferns in his cave. Though I was a boy, I had always felt like a girl and he treated me thus. Each night as he held me astraddle his legs and I moaned in my carnal pleasure and bared my throat to him, he would bite and suck and I would know a bliss that throbbed deep in my loins as I felt the blood rushing from my body and my small cock spasming tightly, pulsing my clear ejaculate over both our bellies and again when his thick, stickiness would fill my bowels and he growled in my ear.

One night, as I grew weaker, he promised me eternal life and in my need for our affair to never end I accepted and with the last of my strength as our mutual climaxes receded, I bit his offered wrist and drank from his body. I transformed that night, becoming a creature of darkness, becoming a hunter like Xander, and together we fed on the villagers by night and consumed each other’s lust deep in his cave by day.

I never wanted it to end.

But there came the day we were discovered and the men from the village dragged Xander from our cave under the noonday sun, and me being so much smaller ran and hid deeper in the cave where no grown man could fit. I felt such horror as I listened to his screams and such sorrow when I found myself alone.

For eight centuries I wandered, feeding when I must and always seeking someone like Xander, but he - like me - was an oddity. Many times I contemplated just leaving my dark hiding places and walking into the sunlight to scream and burn, yet it was the hope that one day I might feel that carnal lust once more kept me from it.

At last I have found the one I have sought for so long. He is large and strong and likes children in ways that repulse the living. He was imprisoned for his lusts for many years and upon his release was tormented and beaten near to death by others who knew of his lusts. But his lusts are my lusts.

He didn’t believe me when I told him how long I have existed. He didn’t believe me when I told him what I was - what Xander had made me. He didn’t believe me when I told him of my powers until I showed him my fangs and strength by overpowering and biting him with ease. Then he believed.

The first night after I let him take me, I offered him a bargain; eternal existence for him, paid for by ending mine. Though he wanted us to stay together like I had with Xander, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing another lover, and in time he agreed.

For two weeks I drained him slowly, then fed him from my own body. I taught him how to hunt and feed and hide for the next week until his powers far exceeded those he had when he was mortal, and now …

And now I feel the bliss I once felt with Xander, my new man is inside my body and I savour the rigid presence of him as he moves within my belly, thrusting with a raw brutality that made me love Xander so. He is holding me in his strong loving arms, building us both to our climax. He has the sharpened oaken stake at hand and is ready for my cry of ecstasy to signal him to strike.

I feel him building inside my belly, his rigidness swelling. I feel my own building, the bliss rising hot and throbbing from the root of my sex and up through my belly to my throat. I feel his sudden release inside me and that triggers my own. I cry out loudly in such powerful rapture and euphoria that has been eight centuries in the making, and feel the rushing of my body’s final eruption and in its midst - just at the peak - I feel the stake bite deep between the ribs under my left arm and my heart bursts within me and I am sent to oblivion to rest with Xander forever more.
R: 5 / I: 0

Dovakiin Simple Meal (Skyrim Fox girl, f, cannibalism cooking, willing)

I discovered a bunch of Chinese death related guro stories and was translating them but backup failed, depression set in and only now mustered enough to get back at it.

I hope to one day be able to support myself with translations so any comments and suggestion is highly appreciated.
Dovakiin Simple Meal

Tatatata. Metallic heels taps Lord of Falkreath's longhouse floor, that is a pair of golden high heels, pure gold pair of sky high heels, the better to let the woman wearing look taller, but even so, it's owner is a small lovely person.

The guard swallows; even if carrying a magic totem with the emblem sun's golden ring floating in mid air, the brightened back and shoulder blades can be completely seen, the oiled skin and the white dragon tattoo and unique dragon words gives this prettiness an added mystique.

Connecting to the totem are two hanging blue drape accessories giving the back view only blue and the girl's white buttocks, plump thighs, and a pair of tied hands.

Those small white green onion like fingers seems to purposefully teasing the guards behind, occasionally massaging those soft buttocks, the bouncy skin, seducing the loyal guards making them imagine pinching that meaty rear.

That fluffy soft gold tinged hairy tail swishes left and right hiding and showing the butt.

And those who look from the front would be worse off.

Gold hair with two braids tied in front, a pair of fox ears popping out of the hair, a small round face with loli characteristics, and a young girl's maturity, the mouth corners creating a enticing faint smile and her ruby eyes make this delicate face a delight to view.

More captivating is her body, though of petite height but it is a fully ripe unshameful fruit , you can even say a body bursting with hormones.

This figure doesn't hide, although wearing a boot, but the leg ring with gold lace to the high heel boot doesn't cover anything, the gold bracer with white lace has similar accessory affect.

Her pair of bountiful breast flesh, seemingly capable of squeezing out at anytime milk stream, but on the areola are glued only two silver open discs, the erect pink peaches emerging from the center hole secures the discs.

From each nipples' base is a gold chain connecting to the material that hides her private - one long string of gold beads hiding her mound; it doesn't go between her buttocks.

Perhaps, maybe, possibly, one end of this string enter her anus.

She feels all the men in the great hall staring at her with their lust filled eyes. This feeling makes her smile more mesmerizing.

She took slow cat steps toward the lord, every man's vision following her bouncy tit meat and butt flesh, feeling their vision the girl stops in front of the lord, legs tight together, slowly kneel to the ground.

Then her body leans forward, lowering her upper body.

That pair of erect tit meat following gravity to slowly press against the wood floor, then pressed by their master into two meat patties.

Everyone's attention centers on this kneeling pretty meat so they even forgot what to do next.

"Guards? Aren't you forgetting something?" She asks with her sweet voice.

"Oh! Since it's miss Dovahkiin then we can dispense the rules right?"

Falkreath's lord chats, although that is the rule, and he does want to enforce the rules, but the pretty meat lying on the floor is not a common female adventurer, she is the Dovahkiin, Elin race's Anniritz, Skyrim's strongest warrior.

"That won't do, because I am the Dovahkiin so I should more precisely adhere to the law no?" She smiles, tantalizingly swaying her body, like trying to shift to a comfortable position, or also purposefully trying to sell her body's beautiful meat.

"Guards!" The lord swallows and orders.

The guards quickly pick up the equipment, they are going to limit this Dragonborn girl.

Skyrim's law concerning females, particularly strong and beautiful female adventurers, are unmercifully harsh.

For a commoner who wants to see the lord, though they can not be like female adventurers entering as they please, but there won't be too many rules, they can stand answering the lord's question, and don't have to worry about the lord using made up reasons to punish them with death... but not so with female adventurers.

First they need to kneel at a designated position, if it's a wealthy city then there's a dedicate space to set up "reception" facility, but a city like Falkreath can only set up temporarily.

Iron U shape rings are put on her lower legs, and the guards nail them into the wooden floor immobilizing her lower legs.

Four iron U rings secures her legs and a small wood block with a trough is fastened under her neck.

When a blade with a switch is connected this turns into a simple guillotine, if Anniritz have 'unjust intention' such as escaping the lord's punishment, refusal to follow orders, then the guard can quickly behead her - of course, whether this is effective to the Dovakiin is unknown.

"Unfortunately, I thought Falkreath known for it's funerals would have more interesting punishment tools. Just a simple guillotine...." Anniritz quietly voiced.

"Geh.... Miss Anniritz, why did you come see me at this hour?"

"Illustrious lord, I have completed the mission you assigned me, those bandits have been purged by me. I think your court mage already told you." Anniritz answers lying on the ground.

"Yes, I have confirmed it... Mm, according to promise, this is your reward. 200 gold." The guard places the bag, in the lord's great hall female adventurers can not use their space ring or they would be immediately put to death, Anniritz is no exception.

"Lord highness, I don't need gold, can you reward me with something else?" Anniritz states.

"Such as...." She immediately shows a seductive face, her unbound tail lightly sways, the entire alluring meat transmitting a desirous hunger, this makes the lord unbiddingly remember the night she accepted the mission.

He knows how those gold beads are secured, pulling them out from her anal flower would make Anniritz orgasm; her lustful pussy's internal temperature, he still remembers.

"Then are you willing to dine with me?" Once again he offers this invitation.

"......." Anniritz' petite figure shivers, then slowly nods.

Both understand what this invitation mean, tonight Anniritz will be taken to the lord's dungeon, under each torture tool's punishment sweetly wail, then this man injects his burning hot semen, finally at dawn be thrown outside into the snow.

This was their play from the last time, but thinking this lascivious torture-fetish-constituted beautiful girl is going to leave, and may never return, the lord feels regretful...

He wishes to forever lock this dragonborn girl in his dungeon, play, and then....

and then treat her as a livestock and butcher?!

This devilish thought grabs him, the lord stands up, looking down at the lying beautiful meat, Anniritz also feel that invading stare!

She purposefully advertise her lewd body, shaking her rear, grinding her nipples on the floor, her mouth eliciting a low moan, she can feel those eyes, everyone is expecting, curious at what she will do next.

Nipples rubbing on the rough floor, her excited lewd body is capable of enduring these sensation, but at this point she doesn't want to - this isn't the dangerous outside, this is the lord's grand hall.

So she allows her beautiful flesh drunk on lust, finally, she shivers, letting out a low suppressed sweet wail, like a dying female beast roaring, then her body relaxes.

From her wet pussy squirts out honey on the beads, from behind her the lord sees Anniritz' cum drip on the floor, just a simple masturbation and this lewd pretty flesh squirts climaxes?

Woman like this.....

Woman flesh like this...

Girl meat can not....

Can not be missed, I should butcher her here!

That impulse finally catches him, the lord looks at the west floor, and then declares: "Miss Anniritz, you've dirtied my floor!"

"Ahhh... ahhh... apologies, illustrious noble lord, I apologize... please punish me, I am willing to accept any punishment.... any."

The round butt and the fluffy tail sways together, this alluring meat is like a bitch in heat, her word 'any' was filled with seduction.

"Any punishment? Then... Miss Anniritz, I think only death can absolve your crime, so Miss Anniritz, I in the name of Falkreath Lord sentence you to death, immediately, do you accept?"

"Ah! Ah!!" Just when he ends, this lewd girl climaxes, her peachy rear shiver, the pussy parted by the beads squirt out honey, then she loses all strength and falls there, letting her body be supported only by the equipment.

"Yes... I accept... I accept death sentence."

"Then Miss Anniritz, I sentence you to impalement, you will be impaled then roasted to death. According to law, all your wealth will be confiscated, but in recognition of your contribution to Falkreath, I grant you the glory to be my dinner's main course, Miss Anniritz, are you satisfied with this punishment?"

Accompanying the lord's voice, Anniritz's sensitive hearing could discern metal banging, she knows without looking back, from the fire pit when entering, that bronze roast spear is taken down.

"It is... my honour."

A rough hand touches her private, fingers massaging her hole, and she listens as the lord state: "This is such a good labia steak... it's starting, Miss Anniritz, are you ready?"

"Please.... Ah!!" Before she agrees the beads were forcefully pulled out of her anus, a sudden pleasure assaults her beautiful flesh, Anniritz once again squirts out cum, wetting the lord's hand.

"You lewd girl meat..." He says as he heavily spanks Anniritz' meaty buttocks, then she feels the hot metal spear nearing her honey hole.

That hot steam cooks her anus, she doesn't know when he'll impale, but she knows, her time is short.

So she quiets down, silently waiting for that moment.

"Goh!!!" She groan once, the steam hot metal spit is like a brand, not just opening her anus but burning her alluring meat, for a time the long house fills with enticing meat fragrance, her perfect body quality's fragrance receives nods and applause.

She feels her organs being messed by the fiery hot metal pole, intestines pierced, womb burned, the lord test a few times to pierce her stomach, that burning heat feeling give her abdomen a period of climax, one more cum squirts onto the floor, but this can not make her heinous crime any heavier.

The guards removes the guillotine and lifts her body up a bit, then places a wooden bucket under her stomach, Anniritz immediately understand the meaning, but she has not room to think more.

She feels her breath carrying the scent of blood and heat, the spear pierces her chest cavity and following her esophagus slides into her throat.

"Ah! Cough koff..." She screams once then the metal blocks her throat, she can no longer give voice anything, only straightening flat out and open her small mouth...

Her mouth is filled full, and the burning hot metal with bits of fresh blood and pieces of organ stabs out.

And connected the secondary spit entering her womb stimulates her but she can not voice that beautiful moan!

Even if the chef following the spit to her womb fills it with ingredients stimulating her she still can't give any sound.

Meat bits, yeasts, vegetables and eggs are put into her womb, then she felt a sudden pain from her abdomen, someone is using a small knife to cut her abdomen, the wood bucket beneath her became her organs' holding container, and soon she can feel her abdomen empty, feeling lighter, and a bit dejected.

The bucket is taken out, and almost like purposefully showing off, the lord places the bucket in front of her.

"Don't worry, Anniritz, my cooks will use you offal. Ho ho."And the beautiful meat on the spit returns a seductive smile.

The womb full with ingredients, the cooks flips her on the ground, then fills her empty abdomen with a whole duck, and then haphazardly sews shut - since they don't need to worry about healing, and the cooks aren't doctors right?

At this point Anniritz is lying on her back on the ground, her legs open M-shape, a bit shakily raises both hands, her mofumofu fox tail and ears twitching at times, like a played broken beautiful dog girl-

Of course, at this point Anniritz is played broken, but the lord doesn't intend to let her go, he knows, a powerful girl meat like Anniritz wouldn't die this simply.

"Miss Anniritz, can you please crawl to the roast grill?" She nods, struggling to crawl, waiting until after the cook attaches the magical collar that protects her neck, then she arches her body and crawls.

The impaled Dovahkiin girl didn't efficiently crawl, but she bites and persists, or maybe the surrounding men's lewd obscene stares fill her body with excitement and strength!

Like a bitch crawling into the fire pit, the magic protecting her for a time from harm, she slowly straighten her legs, adjusting the spit to hang herself, then pulls her legs tight and then rest parallel on the spear.

Then cook wearing heat gloves ties her leg on the spear.

The totem on her back and lace on her hand are removed, but the gold high heel sandal, the bracer and leg brace were not removed, the gold metal would not affect roasting, and Anniritz's body quality doesn't need too many flavouring.

Roasting a girl meat need some time, and butchering a female meat like the Dovahkiin girl, it must require a banquet, the lord invites all the nobles on his territory--

Barons and knights, everyone gathers at the lord's long house, drinking aged wines, eating desserts, admiring the dragon born girl's impaled pornographic figure!

Their stares let the girl climax from the vision rapes, this climax makes everyone carefully admire Anniritz, and this wanton stimulate makes her slightly not want to die...

"Cook why isn't it ready?" Finally someone's patience ends, since Anniritz's life force is very strong, and, this vision rape and impaled roasting stimulation gives her incomparable enjoyment!

This allowed her to live this far, but now Anniritz is no longer some dragon born heroine, just a piece of roast meat, a banquet's main course, hurrying to be served, and eaten on time, that should be the natural.

At least the cook is experienced, he brings out a sharp metal tube. Noticing something about to happen Anniritz looks at the chef with expecting curiosity, guessing a cruel torture about to be inflicted on her.

The rotating spit stops with Anniritz lying sideways to the chef, the short tube pokes Anniritz's belly, at this point she is about roast through so she does not feel anything, and pierce her belly.

The cook brings a syringe and sucks from a bucket full of bubbling hot fat, that fragrance fat oil has a extreme temperature!

Anniritz watches with anticipation and encouragement as the syringe connects to the tube then then hot oil rushes into her body!

Her insides remaining uncooked alluring flesh feels this fatal heat!

Anniritz understands!

This is borrowing the hot oil's heat to boil her.

Boiling death!

This fresh method creates her expectation!

Huge amount of burning oil injects into Anniritz, these fat is distilled from previous butchered girl live stocks, although those girl stocks quality are mixed but the fat distilled girl oil has a high quality, so using it on Anniritz is compatible.

The burning hot oil gives her a last stimulation, Anniritz's body fills with fat, the overflowing girl oil drip from her mouth and anus and creates a fire pillar!

Anniritz emits a suppressed moan, although the spit blocks her mouth, but that indiscernible groaning transmits her pain and joy!

But this too soon ends, her lungs are burned through!

Her heart too turns into a piece of meat, like this, her ruby eyes became red glass, this beautiful meat bound on a spit, and never moves again.

Like this for a while and Anniritz is finally taken from the grill.

She is put on opulent golden plate, the chef removing her clothing, her nude skin already turned from tender white to crispy gold.

The honey juice and the ingredients in her womb is cooked into a thick soup; cutting open her belly the cook lights up the oil in her body and does a second round cooking of the ingredients and internal meat.

The duck and ingredients marinated with Anniritz's meat scent is very well received!

People happily discuss while using utensils to cut the dragonborn girl's exquisite meat!

Soon, Annritz the fleshy meat fox is carved of every meat, heels, soft bone, tendons, are all eaten, even the bones are smashed and marrow sucked!

When the banquet ends, on a disordered table, only Anniritz' head remain complete, sleeping with a lewd yet satisfied smile.

The lord places the Dovahkiin's head on a pole, it'll be like his favourite hunting trophy become a decoration for the great hall, and Anniritz' remaining bones are swept into the trash and burned alongside other organic trashes.

The Dragonborn Anniritz's butcher took a while to spread, although it is regretful, but everyone regrets more that they couldn't enjoy her exquisite meat, since, that is Skyrim's highest girl meat.
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Breakfast for Dragon

I'm unable to sleep, so I wrote a simple vore story. It's short, it's awful, it has vore. Enjoy.

The 30 foot dragon stretched his body out, as the sun shined down on his mountain cave. his red scales smacked together as he stretched and relaxed, and he slid out, his large brown horns curling on either side of his head.

First thing he sees is a maiden tied to a post. She was a curvy woman, looked to be about 16 summers old. Long, pretty gold hair, and dark blue eyes. Large breasts that bounced as she tried to get her get free of the ropes on her arms. The rope was connected to a hook, hanging off a metal post. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn't get freed. She started to scream, and tried to kick her bound legs. She pissed herself as the dragon went over.

"Hmmm! Breakfast!" he purred, looking down at her.

Now, should he roast her? Nah, he hasn't had raw maiden for a while. He wrapped his huge claw around her body, and lifted her up off of the hook.

He was tempted to snap her neck, but decided against it. Instead of chewing her up, he was going to swallow her whole. He loved how they wiggle and fight down his throat, and try to kick his belly when they land.

He opened his great huge maw, the scent of Sulfur washing out over her. The maiden screamed in terror as he lowered her into his stomach feet first. He swallowed her, her body slowly sinking down into his throat. she screamed, she struggled, but could not get freed.

The dragon closed his mouth as her arms disappeared into his mouth. he gulped, enjoying the feeling of the struggling maiden, as she entered his stomach. he sat back, putting one claw on his stomach, feeling her kick and struggle. He could enjoy this feeling all day.

however, they never last for more than a few minutes. Lack of air and stomach acid make quick work of his meal. He could feel her body dissolving, and breaking down. however, he still felt rather hungry.


The dragon looked up, and saw a night in shining armor. The dragon gave an amused chuckle.

"You're too late, sir knight." the dragon said, not bothering to sit up right away. He patted his stomach. "Your beloved now rests in my stomach." he chuckled. "However, if you wait a few hours, I'm sure I can return at least some of her."

The night gave a cry of anguish, and charged at the dragon with his spear. The dragon made no move, until the Knight was in reach of his tail. With a quick flick, he slammed his tail into he knight, sending him flying into a mountain wall. The dragon rolled onto his stomach, and swung around, slamming his tail into the knight again, stunning him good and proper.

The dragon went over to the dazed knight, and flicked the spear away. He picked up the knight, and used the tip of his claw to cut into that cheap armor. he was able to peel it all away, to show a pretty brunette man.

"Well, sir knight." The dragon went. "If you're that deseprate to be reunited with your true love, I'll make sure you do!"

Before the knight could react, the dragon shoved him into his mouth, and swallowed him. With his arms and legs free, the knight fought harder than the maiden could, almost getting stuck. but the dragon just gulped, and got the knight in his stomach.

he touched his stomach, the dragon purred as he felt the knight fighting to escape. He could almost hear him yelling as he pounded his inside. The dragon enjoyed every second, even as the knight was succumbing to his death.

Now, the dragon felt very full. he'll drop off two bags of gold instead of one to the village at the foot of the mountain. Might even throw in a few gems as well.

For now, he settled down, just enjoying his nice and full stomach.
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Bet I Can!

It was my own stupid fault, running my mouth like I usually do.

Raymond said the old Craymore place was haunted by Craymore’s daughter who killed herself by sitting down on a pool cue. When I asked him how he knew that, he said he’d seen her apparition moaning and walking around naked with half a pool cue sticking out of her ass.

I laughed at him for believing in ghosts and for thinking a girl could die just because she took half a pool cue up her hoop.

“Us girls are tougher than we look.” I said, sticking my jaw out at him.

“Prove it.” he said

“How?” I ask

“Take half a pool cue up your ass.”

“Which half? Pointed or thick?”


“I can do it.”

“Bet you can’t.”

“Bet I can.” I said, and that’s what did it.

So all of a sudden we’re all walking through the storm up the hill to the old Craymore place and I’m thinking I’m a mixed breed of idiot.

“You don’t have to do it, you know.” Cassie says to me on the way as the boys walk ahead of us with Raymond.

“Yeah, I do. I need to shut him up once and for all.” I say.

Did I mention I'm stubborn as well as impulsive?

We all get up in the Craymore’s old billiard room with rain hammering on the roof and dripping through cracks and lightening flashing outside, and Raymond pays me the courtesy of letting me pick out one of the old pool cues. I‘m not stupid, so I pick the shortest one, knowing he’d pick the longest. But even still it looks pretty damned long to me. I figure that half would put over two feet inside me. But I learned in biology that the human gut is thirty feet long, so I should be able to take it.

While everyone’s watching, I peel down my jeans and panties and try to figure out how to get it up in there, when Raymond says; “Hold up.”

“What?” I ask him.

“Naked. I don’t want you pulling a fast one and slipping it up the back of your shirt.”

“Fuck you.” I say, but I strip down to my socks - I didn’t want to go barefoot in there, the place being lousy with bugs and rat turds.

As I’m trying to figure out how to get it in me, Raymond says; “Quit stalling.” and I realize I’m scared.

“I’m trying to figure out how to do it.” I say.

“Just put the butt end on the floor at an angle, stick the tip in your bum and back onto it.” he says.

Dammit, I think to myself, that makes sense, so I spit in my hand and make the top half wet, and stick the butt of it against the thick leg of an armchair. I reach between my legs and guide the tip into my butthole, repositioning my feet and arching my back until I get the right angle. It burns a bit going inside but once it’s in there it feels okay.

I take little baby steps, moving backward onto the thing and I am surprised that it feels pretty good. When it gets deeper than I can reach with a finger - (yeah, I do that when I masturbate) - I get this serious squirmy feeling in my lower belly. It’s a nice feeling but a little scary; it’s like a tickle inside me or an itch I’m finally able to scratch. I take more baby steps, shuffling my feet backward really, and the more that thing slides into me the more foreign and invasive it feels. Foreign and invasive in a good way, though. I feel my pussy quivering inside and I’m getting wet, but damned if I’ll give Raymond the satisfaction of knowing that I’m a future candidate for anal sex.

I keep going, even when Carrie says; “We need to stop this.”

and Raymond says; “She bet she could, let her prove it.” and I keep going.

It’s when I can feel it just below my belly button that I feel something stretching inside me. The pool cue is hung up on something and tugging at my insides, actually pulling my butthole up into me. I stop the baby steps and slowly weave my bum back and forth and feel the tip of the cue open something up inside there and it makes my legs go weak and I quiver. The next few inches are easy, with that sweet tickle getting higher as I go.

“Hah. She’s pissing.” Raymond says.

I look down and see that I am dripping. This pool cue is making me feel way too good.

“That’s not piss, stupid.” I hear Carrie mutter and our eyes meet, “Just stop, Rene. You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes I do.” I say and I’m ashamed that my voice is thready and weak. I take three baby steps back and feel it slide deeper up into my belly and oh god, it feels good. My thighs are quivering and my belly clenching. I wonder if the story is true; maybe Craymore’s daughter was frigging herself with a pool cue and her legs gave out when she came, sitting her down on it so deep it killed her.

My legs feel like they’re about to give out on me too, so I need to hurry and get it over with. I keep baby-stepping backward, the feelings inside me getting stronger. I grit my teeth and swallow down a moan and keep going. The further back I move, the less I have to arch my back and the deeper it gets. It’s up near my stomach when I feel that tugging again and weaving my bum doesn’t help, so I just step backward and grimace as I feel a sharp, sick flare of pain in my gut that almost makes me throw up. But it’s free inside me, I can feel i sliding in there no longer tugging at anything. I take two big steps backward and feel the tip press up against my stomach inside me - I can feel my hot chocolate rising in my gullet. I grit my teeth and glare at Raymond. I can’t speak, but what I want to say is; ‘There, asshole. I did it and I’m still alive.’

But I don’t need to. Raymond’s mouth is hanging open and he’s staring at me.

“Holy shit, Rene. You did it. You really did it.”

And that’s when I cum; quivering and shaking, my belly a riot of sensations, my pussy clenching and squeezing more slime out of me that drips down onto my socks and the bugs and rat turds, but my face is locked in that glare at Raymond.

“That’s enough!” Carrie says loudly and gets up, moving quickly to me, “We have to get that out of her.”

I reach out and lean into her, letting her support my weight as I almost fall into her arms. I close my eyes and nuzzle the crook of her neck.

“Get it out.” I whisper, “Please get it out.”

And Carrie supports me, easing me forward as I feel the pool cue slithering out of me, my butthole loose around it. She doesn’t stop until I hear it clatter on the floor, then she guides me to the sofa and helps me sit down.

“We’ll wait for you outside.” Raymond says and leaves with the other boys.

I have trouble catching my breath and my belly aches up high, but with Carrie’s help I get my top back on and a foot in each leg of my jeans. She helps me stand up but when I bend over to pull my jeans up I feel tightness in my abdomen and Carrie has to help. I zip my jeans up but I can’t button them - my belly is tight and swollen - so I just pull my top down over my waist. Carrie helps me get my coat on and guides me down the stairs. We’re almost to the bottom when all the strength goes out of my legs and I slide down to sit on a stair. It feels like the muscles in my legs are all gone and my hips feel dislocated. I can’t move my legs at all.

I feel weak and dizzy, so I lean against the wall. My belly is getting cold and I can hear Carrie saying my name over and over.

“You go ahead. I need to rest.” I say, or I think I say it because I can’t hear my own voice. Now my arms stop working and I hear my jeans unzipping themselves as my belly gets fatter.

I see Carrie run out of the house and it looks like she’s calling Raymond and the other boys back to help, pointing at me and gesturing. But I don’t need help. I feel good. I feel so good - peaceful and sleepy.

I don’t know if the Craymore place really has a ghost, but it’s going to get one in a couple minutes.
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Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture)

My first ever work. This might be long so I'll take my time. Enjoy.
Basement (by Kami-sama)

Chapter 1: Party

She needed something to relax; the final exams were finally over. For the past few weeks, she had been cramming day and night, Monster in one hand, a book in the other. Now, she felt the energy drink wearing out and fatigue slowly taking over her body. She was tired, very tired. But she wasn't going to let it end like this. She deserved a good break. She deserved a good time. The dorm was empty, emptier than any other day. She knew the reason: it was Friday. No soul would stick around on Friday especially if it's the last day of finals.

She unbuttoned her coat and threw it on the bed. She has been feeling stuffy all day. She unzipped her skirt and let gravity do the rest. She walked towards the mirror, which was large enough to see her whole body. She stared at it feeling frustrated. It wasn't so long ago that she bought an expensive bra from Victoria Secret: it's jet-black and has delicately sewn frills. Now, her favorite bra was strangling her breasts, limiting the oxgyen her lungs could breathe in. She wasn't disappointed at the size of the bra because it fitted her perfectly when she bought them. Instead, she was upset with her breasts. They have grown considerably again. She's already in her twenties, but her growth hasn't seceded yet. With one thumb, she unhooked her bra. The pent up tensions in her teats were impressive. Like a sling, her bra flew forward, revealing huge yet perfect pair of bosoms. They swung opposite to each other for a few seconds before coming to a still rest. It wasn't just her breasts that were big. Her nipples too adjusted to the size of her chest and budded with a pink glow. They were asleep; if aroused, these pink protrusions could further expand themselves, doubling, no, tripling in size. It wasn't the size of her breasts that envied her roommates, but the perfect alignment her nipples have on them. They weren't drooping too low nor hanging up too high and just jutted out straight towards the horizon as if begging to be sucked immediately.

She wore matching lingerie so her panties were also black. Her chest wasn’t the only thing that grew. This was obvious when her bust jiggled with every slight movement. She slid one finger into the side of her panties and gently tugged it. The thinnest lining of her undies had been resting in the crevice between her legs, the surrounding lips biting tenderly at it. Clamping it between her thumb and index fingers, she brought the black garment down to her knees. A little shake from her legs and soon the panties fell down to the ground no longer covering the treasure underneath it. She looked down and saw what was expect: her mount was still smooth, hairless from the adorning she did yesterday. Her puffy lips closed, hiding the secret entrance. They were tight but not tight enough to stop the scented moisture from seeping between them. A little above the lips protruded something delicious. Her panties had been pressing on this little bud all day, but now, it was free. Her young tender clit extended its full length, letting the chill air lick its surface.

Last week, her roomies invited her to a party. She agreed to go with them. They said it would be hectic, but she didn't care. She had been looking forward to this day. Nothing could be more hectic than the painstaking studying she had to go through the past few weeks. She stepped into the shower, closed the curtain and let the cool water flow down her body. She was still tired but very excited. Excited indeed, for she didn't know what was coming. She didn't care to lock the bathroom but that was okay. Nobody was in the building… at least that's what she thought. Her room door was still wide open. She didn't know she hadn't closed it. She didn’t know there was somebody standing out there.
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Ellen Stories Thread #2

The previous thread had gotten too long, I think (and hope) that was why it got so few comments, so I am starting a new one, we shall see.

Previous stories thread
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Halloween Ball (debreasting, stabbing, gutting, snuff, cons, incest)

Chapter 1
Sarah was sitting on her bed frantically trying to find a costume for the Halloween ball in her school. She was thinking about it for hours not, but still didn’t find anything that made her feel excited about it. Of course, finding costumes was easy and she certainly liked a lot, but her goal was not simply wearing it. She wanted to be elected as the Halloween Queen after all. Therefore, she would need a costume that would flash the audience.

She almost decided on giving up as she stumbled over a costume that caught her attention. ‘Living corpse’. She clicked on it and a new site opened with a short description of it and next to it a picture of a model. She really liked it and figured it would be the perfect costume for her, though after reading the description she got frustrated again. She would need utensils she hadn’t gotten and as the ball was tonight there was no time to wait for an order.

Frustrated, she closed her laptop and threw it in front of her bed. It seemed like she wouldn’t even go to the ball. She grabbed her phone to tell her best friend Alex that she wouldn’t come tonight, when she glanced at the door. She had pinned a lot of pictured on it, but also some motivational lines. One said “Life is pain, so live it up while you can.”

She stared at it not knowing why it caused such a strong feeling in her. She needed a bit to get behind it. Everything that had been mentioned in the description of the costume – fake tits that were cut off in the middle and which could be put over your real breasts, a fake cervix you could attach to your belly making it look like as if it was hanging out and fake intestines – she had everything. It just meant that she would have to endure pain. A lot. Though was it worth it?

She basically would destroy her own body, possibly even killing herself just to become the Halloween Ball Queen. Something she had wished to become for her whole life as it meant that she was popular, which she, in all honest, hadn’t been so far. She spent a couple of minutes thinking about it, but eventually got to the conclusion that she would do it. She had gotten the opportunity, now she wouldn’t miss it. She would live up to it.

She put everything what she needed into a bag and then cut some holes in a top where she figured she would do the cuts. Of course, she intended them to be seen, which meant that she also would expose her big tits to the whole school. Well. Half of them.

20 minutes later her best friend Alex rang the bell. She had used the time to write a farewell letter to her parents and her three sisters Amelia, Jackie and Yvonne where she explained everything to them in case she didn’t make it out alive.

She then ran out and hugged her best friend as welcome before they sat down into his car. “Where is your Halloween costume?”, he asked. “You don’t intend to go to school… like this do you..?” he said teasingly before starting the engine. She softly smirked “Of course not, dummy.. I will put it on at the toilet rooms..” He looked at her once before heading off to the school. “What will it be?” he asked curiously, though she just replied “Be patient.. you will see… believe me it will flash you… it will flash all of you..”

Once again he glanced at her. “Oh, a mystery..” he laughs. He had appeared as Dracula, which wasn’t any bit surprising to her. He loved the movies.

About fifteen minutes later he parked the car on a parking slot and they headed out together. Other pupils were gathering in small groups already while others were heading towards the hall. On the way she heard a shout behind them and when turning around they faced Inga. Another good friend of them. Obviously, she was a zombie. “Heey.” Sarah smiled and hugged her feeling how their breasts mashed against each other. Sarah laughed when Inga asked the very same question like Alex “Nooo, I have my costume inside here..” she pointed at her bag. Even though it wasn’t entirely trough, it was fitting enough to make her not lie. “Just be patient..” she added before Inga could ask what it was. Inga just replied “That’s very strange… but intriguing..”

They entered the hall together. Whilst both of them would go into the hall itself, Sarah would turn right to head towards the toilets. They agreed to meet at the bar.

On the way towards the toilets she got some skeptical looks as she wasn’t wearing a costume, but of course that would change in a bit.

5 minutes later she closed the door of a cabin behind her and locked herself in. She put the bag onto the ground and put everything she needed onto the toilet seat. She took a deep breath and then stripped out of her top until she was completely naked. She carelessly threw the piece of clothing over the toilet and then put on the prepared top.

She looked down at her tits. Apparently, she was excited despite what she was about to do. At least, her stiff nipples told it her. She gently cupped her breasts and groped them as she wouldn’t be able to do that anymore soon. She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling as shivers ran down her spine. The touch alone let her getting aroused.

Eventually, she took a deep breath. There was no use pushing it further back. Soon you would have to sign up for the competition anyway. She grabbed the kitchen knife and cupped her left breast. She put the knife against her breast, though then hesitated. Did she really want to do it? She gulped, closed her eyes and then took another deep breath and thought at the quote again. When opening her eyes again, she looked at her chest.

As she wanted it to look perfectly, it was hard to say where she should cut into her breast. Too close to her areola or too close to her chest both might ruin the look, so she had to find the perfect spot. Either she could do it by luck or better, or worse depending on how you looked at it, she had to start closer to the areola slowly cutting more and more off until she was satisfied. Less was more…

If she found the right spot on one breast, she easily could apply it to the other. “I can do it..” she whispered and moved her hand to her nipple and shudderingly pulled her breast at it. She then put the knife against her breast once again where her areola met her tit.

She then started cutting into her breast and bit hardly onto her teeth as she softly winced in pain. “Shiit.” She panted as she stopped. A small of line of blood started to flow down her breast. She had anticipated that it was painful, but it was worse than she had thought.

After a moment, she refocused and started cutting again. She kept whimpering in pain, but didn’t stop this time. The knife bit deeper and deeper into her breast and her nipple slowly peeled away from her chest along the areola.

More and more blood started flowing down her chest. Eventually, her nipple gave away and she suddenly was holding it in her hand. Her eyes widened a bit and she could see how it lost its stiffness. She glanced down at her chest. It looked surreal seeing her left breast without nipple and rather a reddish and yellowish circle.

Moreover, her breast looked misshapen now. One last time she glanced at her nipple before she let it drop into the toilet. As her breast rather looked ugly now, she moved the knife shivering to her bleeding breast again. As she couldn’t hold her breast at her nipple anymore, she grabbed it at the underside to stabilize it.

Then she cut into her breast again. The pain was a bit more bearable now, still she hissed and panted as she kept slowly cutting into her breast. The knife peeled more and more off of her once beautiful breast.

After about twenty seconds of cutting, the slice of her tit meat came off and she led it drop into the toilet before she could take a look at it. Her breast was aching and pain and a slow blood stream was flowing down her belly.

Though she still wasn’t really satisfied with the outcome. One more cut and it should be fine, she hoped. She took a deep breath and repeated the process. This time she cut off a bit of a thinner slice. Her whimpers echoed through the room and before long she could hear a female voice asking “Everything alright there?”

Sarah winced surprised and almost cut wrongly into her chest. “I am f-fine..” she panted. The girl seemed to think if she really was, but then seemed that there was no use in pushing the matter. “As you say…” she replied and then Sarah heard her stepping into one of the cabins.

She couldn’t wait though and so she repeated cutting into her breast until the last slice came off as well. As she looked down she could see that about half of her breast was missing now and finally she was satisfied.

A pained smile formed on her lips and she shudderingly moved the knife to her other breast using her half-debreasted one as measurement. Once again she grabbed her nipple and then started cutting into her breast. Under whimpers she watched the knife cutting into her tit meat. Up and down it moved biting deeper and deeper into her flesh with each movement. Slowly her breast was coming off until it just was attached to her chest at a thin line of skin. It didn’t take long until it was off completely and she lifted it up with morbid fascination. Blood and a bit of tit fat dropped out onto the ground.

Eventually, she let it drop into the toilet as well causing a ‘splash’-noise. Step one was done and she allowed herself to look at the outcome for a moment. Her breast-stumps were lifting up and down after each pant. It looked fascinating, but also shocking. She had loved her breasts. Now most of them were gone. At the same time she got excited as she wanted to see how the others would react to them. “Please don’t flop…” she panted.
It was time to move on. For step 2 she would have to be careful. One wrong movement could end her life too quickly and she clearly was determined to win the competition before dying. She waited a couple of more moments, so that the pain in her chest subdued a bit more to a bearable level before she moved the knife down between her bellybutton and her pubis.

She moved the tip to the left side of her belly and then took a deep breath once again. Then she pushed the tip of the knife into her body. She gasped as the pain stung hardly. It rubbed her breath and it felt like someone had kicked her into her belly. She pushed the knife one or two inches into her body and blood started leaking the freshly wound.

Before long she pulled the knife sideway. The knife easily ripped through her skin and her muscles and the incision quickly grew to a slit. Eventually, it reached a length of her hand and she pulled the knife away. Quivering, she put it onto the edge of the toilet and then moved both of her hands to her wound. She gritted her teeth as she pushed her fingers into her wound. Pain hit her and she hissed as she pushed her fingers deeper into her body looking for her womb.

Eventually, she found it and pulled at it until it gave away. She gasped as she pulled the upper part of her womb out until her ovaries shifted to her movements over her skin. Her fingers were soaked in blood.

Now one thing just was left and she grabbed the knife once again. She brought it up to her belly and positioned it about 5 cms to the left of her bellybutton. Whatever would happen next most likely decided her fate. One wrong cut or stab and she would die tonight. She still could survive, even though she sacrificed her tits for it.

Deep in her heart she knew that she wouldn’t make it out alive though. She took another deep breath and then pushed the knife into her belly. She gasped as it penetrated her skin and she pushed it a couple of centimeters into her belly before pulling it out again. She moved over to just holding it with her right hand as she came to the conclusion that it would be easier for her, if she made it quick.

Whimpers escaped her mouth and stars exploded in front of her eyes as she quickly stabbed herself five times in a row around her bellybutton. She didn’t know how deep her stabs had been, just that it hurt as hell. Her shirt slowly got soaked with blood. She hadn’t hit an artery. Good.

She almost was done. One more cut and more stab and she could head to the others. She moved her hand to the right side of her belly, where she had cut a small stripe off and positioned the bloody tip of the knife at her skin. She grimaced again as she pushed the tip into her and after a breath she began to make another incision that wasn’t too deep. It also just was a couple of centimeters long, but enough for a loop of her intestines to get pushed out and hang against her belly.

Finally, she put the knife against her bellybutton. With her final effort she rammed it deep into her belly. She screamed loudly as she could feel the knife shredding into her guts. As she had put a bit too much strength into it, the knife got buried into her belly up to the hilt. Though she had to anyway, so that it would stay in that position.

She was finally done. The worst was over. Now she just got to win. Shaking she turned around and opened the door to the toilet. She didn’t care about the mess she had made. There still were enough cabins and soon would get cleaned anyway.

As she stepped out she could see herself in the mirror. Her face was more pale than usual, but a smile formed on her lips as she saw the result. It looked shockingly stunning. Exactly as she had intended it to be. Her heart started to race in excitement as she opened the door and headed off to her friends. A competition was waiting for her.
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How to Format Stories for Easy Reading

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.

I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
- I think I need a hug.
- No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

"I think I need a hug," said Maya.
"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

"I think I need a hug."
"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is that if you get lost while rereading your own story, so will your readers. Check your formatting and grammar; make sure it's not painful to read.

Feel free to add, criticize, comment, etc.
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Stillwater's stories- Hanging / f/f / Lesbian / Feet / Execution

Hanging / F/F


When I stood at the door to Emily’s workshop, my heart threatened to jump out of my chest. I couldn’t think of a person that would enter such a place willingly, and yet… here I was. About to enter a world people don’t tend to walk out of.

I straightened out my skirt, adjusted my hair for the second time. I knew I was delaying, but the thought of things that might await me there was enough to freeze me on the spot.

Finally, I knocked on the door, and after a couple moments, the bolt slid to the side, and the door parted. A short girl in jeans greeted me, in her hand an iron bucket.

“Good morning,” I said, doing my best to stay professional despite the fear. “Miss Emily? I am the help you ordered.”

“Okay, great. Just in time. Come on in,” Emily said, and nudged the door further. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

I scooted inside under her arm. “Lena Utkins. I have to say, I’m a bit new to this, but I will do my best to learn.”

“It’s no trouble. I’ll teach you everything.” Emily shut the door and turned to examine me. “So, you ever killed anyone before?”

That question took a moment to register. “I… no, I can’t say that I have.”

Emily smiled. She looked innocent, a plain brown-haired college girl that wouldn’t look out of place in a library or at a bus stop, just another face. And her tone of voice was sweet. “Mind if I have a look at you, Lena?”

“Not at all.”

Emily touched my cheek. “Okay, open your mouth please.”

I did. She pulled me down gently so I would be on her level, and peeked in my mouth. She touched the tip of my tongue with her finger. I knew what she was doing, checking the value of my body, how well I took care of myself. My value. Precious looking girls were the most valued on the death market. I knew she was doing it out of habit, though. I was just the hired help… there’s no way she’d want to kill me. She needed the help.


“Okay, straighten out your back, please.”

I did, and closed my mouth. She lifted one of my hands, checked the state of my fingernails. I trimmed them short and painted them blue. She turned my hand over and brushed it with the tips of her fingers. My skin looked good even in the yellow indoor lighting, my fingers were pale and slightly red at the tips. I was hoping she’d be impressed.

“Okay. Wonderful. But you seem a bit gloomy, why’s that?” Emily asked.

“Oh? I’m not.” I was a terrible liar.

“It’s natural to be afraid, but I promise you have nothing to worry about. Why don’t I show you what we do here?”

She motioned for me to go with her. I could see she was barefoot except for black stockings under her jeans, so I untied my own shoes and stepped out of them. I wore black thigh-highs, but it made little difference, as the floor was immaculate. Emily must have cared about cleanliness a lot, and it made sense in a dirty business such as this. Her stockings made soft padding sounds as we moved to another room, then downstairs.


“So, there are always executions to be done, and you can work just as much as you like, and ask me about anything. Any time. Okay? You can start slow, maybe do one or two.”

“Thank you,” I said. She was being very patient with me. But my heart wouldn’t stop thumping at twice the pace.

“I keep it all organized. Each dancer—I call them dancers—has a file in front of the cell, that says all you need to know.”

“Okay. For example?”

We descended into a long concrete hallway. Iron doors lined the walls, each with a one-way plexiglass mirror, and a file tucked underneath. Emily pulled a clipboard and showed it to me. “Here, see? We can start with this one.”

I took the clipboard. It was filled in with Emily’s neat handwriting.

Mary Stephens, 21 years old.

Video price: 28 000 $. Buyer asked for a prolonged hanging. Special request notes: Naked but start with both socks on, and slowly remove them as she’s swinging. Tie hands behind back. Legs free. Play with her while she swings.

The file also listed the girl’s likes and dislikes, and went on for another page with details.

Emily touched my arm. “You okay?”

I realized I must have been pale. “Yes. I’m fine. Just nervous a little.”

“It’s natural. Remember, you don’t have to tell them what’s going on. I like to be their friend. If you’re nice enough, they’ll follow you and do ask you ask, and then it’s just a little dancing and it’s done.”

“Okay. But what if they refuse?”

Emily laughed a clear, girly laugh. “Ah, I see, you’re worried someone runs off on you. Just unlock the food chute and ask them to put their hands together, then clip the zipties on. If you’re super worried, you can put zipties over their ankles, too. And if they refuse even that, I can give you some gas that’ll put them to sleep in moments.”

I still wasn’t sure, but Emily seemed quite confident.

“Oh, Lena. It’ll be fine, trust me. Look, I’ll do the first one.”

Emily turned a little knob on the door that sealed off the food chute, probably to make the inside of the cell completely insulated from noise. As the knob turned, the chute made a tsk sound, like opening a can of soda, and the metal was loose enough for Emily to lift.

“Mary? May I see your hands, please, sweetie?” Emily said.

And just like that, two petite hands appeared through the gap in the door. Emily removed a ziptie from her pocket, placed it neatly over the girl’s wrists, looped the end through a plastic gap and pulled it tight. It made the signature zipping sound, then clicked.

“You want it to be quite tight, like this,” Emily told me. “Here, feel it. Not enough to hurt them, of course, unless the file asks for it.”

I touched the wrist with my cold fingers. Mary’s wrist was warm, pulsing with life. I felt the pad of her palm, and the sturdy plastic of the ziptie. The girl curled her fingers over mine. More or less, I understood how tight it should fit.

“Okay,” I said.

“Sweet.” Emily nudged the hands away, and bolted the food chute. “So now you should be fine. Why don’t you talk to her while I get the noose ready? Take your time, make sure she’s just like the file says, and just bring her over to the dancing room. You can’t miss it.”

“By myself? Are you sure…”

“You’ll be fine, I know it. Here, this will calm her down.” Emily handed me a black hood. Where did she get that? “Take your time. I want you both to be comfortable, okay? You’ll be a great helper, Lena, I know it.” She squeezed my hand, and padded off, leaving me standing in front of the door, with a hood in my cold hands.

Well, she was probably right. I had to learn by practice.

I read through the file again, noted down everything. Fairly simple. At the bottom of the page, it even gave me the code to the door. I typed that in on the keypad, and the iron contraption parted.

Inside the cell stood a short-ish round-faced girl, her hands tied in front of her body. She didn’t look scared, just kinda confused. I left the clipboard on the back of the door and entered.

The cell… wasn’t really what I expected. It had a carpet, warm lighting, a bookshelf and a decently sized bed, even an electric kettle. Not to mention a TV and a PS4. Did Emily really care about these people? What a strange line of work to end up in, if that’s the case. But I suppose that made it easier. This girl couldn’t suspect even for a moment that she was on death row.

“Mary?” I asked.

“Yes, miss.” She smiled. “How’s Emily? She promised we’d play video games together.” Then, her eyes set on the hood. I thought she’d freak out, but she smiled even wider. “Oh, I’m going home? So it’s safe now?”

So they’re accustomed to being moved around blindfolded, then. That made it even easier. “Not just yet, but Emily wants to see you.” I wasn’t sure what else to even say. I wasn’t a good liar, I thought this part of the job would be… different.

“Okay.” Mary nodded.

Alright, that was all fine, but the file said she’s supposed to be naked. And she was wearing knee-high socks, not ankle socks. “So, uh, I’m supposed to bring you to the shower first.” That was the first thing that came to mind.

“Oh? I just showered, there’s one right here, in the back. I do every morning.”

And bust. I felt like an idiot. “R-really? But, uh… I have to make sure. You know, Emily’s orders.” I felt a rush of embarrassment. This was going to shit. I couldn’t lie to save my life.

Mary glanced at me, then nodded again, as if she understood something. “Oooh, I get it, you’re a little shy. But I know the procedure already, I’ve been here a couple of weeks, so I don’t mind, I know Emily has to check everyone, just in case.”

Procedure? “If you’re sure, then, mind if I, uh… start?”

“Not at all. Is this your first time?”

“It is,” I admitted, and approached her. “What does Emily… do?”

Mary laughed. “Well, she doesn’t tie my hands usually, and then I just strip down and she checks me.”

This could potentially dig me even further in, but I had to ask. “So what do you think we even do here?”

“Oh, you’re super new.” Mary laughed. “Emily is really honest with us. I know this is a top secret thing, but she told me right from the start, I’d have to be quarantined and checked for any signs of sickness. I mean, I know I’m not sick, so anything you guys have to do, you’re welcome to do, and it just means I’ll be home faster if I help you out.”

“I see. Turn around for me, please,” I said. I had to get this over with, before Emily finds a new helper, and I get quarantined.

Mary turned around. I nudged her to the wall and had her lean on it with her shoulder, then I knelt and touched her ankle. She was wearing Mary Janes with a silver clasp, and I slipped them off her foot, then peeled back the thin sock. She flexed her toes, and I ran my finger over the sole, pretending to check for anything. Her skin felt soft. Lively. She laughed when I touched her.

I got the other shoe and sock off, then stood. She was still leaning on the wall, so I unbuttoned her skirt and it just floated down to her ankles. Then, I just pulled her underwear down, and she stepped out of it, first one foot, then the other. I could see her pussy from behind, clean and trimmed, and I spread her butt open with two fingers, and touched the little puckered hole. I wasn’t really into girls much, well, never really thought about it, but the sight of that made me a little excited. I touched it.

It’s not like anyone could really stop me. It was my new job now, and I’d have to find some way to enjoy it. When I touched her there, she giggled, and the little star-shaped hole twitched. And then, just because I could, I leaned in and touched it with my tongue. It twitched again, I felt it move, clearly, I felt all the little creases with my tongue. She giggled. I quickly pulled back. It tasted a bit salty. She was a very clean girl.

Probably just thought it was my finger.

“Okay, everything in order,” I said, and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “I think you’re healthy.”

Mary was stepping from one foot to the other, visibly happy. “Okay. That’s awesome news. Will you tell Emily?”

“Why don’t I bring you to her? There’s really no point keeping you here any longer.”

“Awesome! Thank you so much.”


Next problem was getting her top off with her hands tied, but honestly, there was no point with the zipties anymore. I grabbed a hair pin from the table and pushed it into the ziptie gap, and they slid loose. I rubbed her wrists. The plastic still left a little mark.

Mary slowly turned around, and took my hand in both hers. “Thank you so much for the great news. What’s your name, miss?”

“Just call me Lena.”

“Okay. Thanks so much, Lena, this means a lot to me.” And she hugged me. I was very aware of the fact that she was completely naked below the waist, but I returned the hug in my own awkward way.

“Sure. Let me just finish up here.” I started unbuttoning her white shirt.

She nodded, looking up at me with the happiest smile.

“So, this may be an unusual question,” I said, “but do you have any ankle socks here?”

“Oh, sure, in the drawer. Second one.”

“Awesome. You finish up.” I let her do the unbuttoning, and pulled open the drawer. Honestly, the amount of different clothes in this room was astounding. I could see another wardrobe with hangers and different outfits. For different requests, probably. I found a nice pair of pink ankle socks, and while Mary was working the back of her bra, I leaned in and slipped the socks on. She spread her toes again. I wondered if she’d do that while she’s hanging. Honestly, just the few moments I spent with her allowed me the insight to make an amazing hanging video, gave me the ideas for all the right angles and shots. The butt, the feet, her smile. I understood why Emily got to know her dancers so well.

She made it an art.

The bra dropped to the floor. I rose, and touched Mary’s belly button, then moved my hand over her stomach muscles. Her nipples looked hard. I touched them, to make sure. She tensed, then raised both arms over her head. I touched her armpits, clear and shaved. Her skin was shining in the light. Her cheeks were a little red. When I touched her lips with my index finger, she opened her mouth. A set of perfect, white teeth. I touched her tongue, just like Emily did. I touched the tip of her tongue, gently moved my finger over its surface. Mary’s mouth smelled of strawberry lipstick.

I wanted to kiss her, but I knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. This whole situation just teased me to no end. I already had ideas of what to do to other patients, maybe make myself look like a real doctor, with gloves and all. This job could be fun. I was already having fun.

“Perfect,” I said. “So, I think we’re all ready. Let’s go see Emily.”

“I can’t wait.” She grinned, stepping from foot to foot. Her ponytail swayed behind her neck. I noticed she wore a thin silver chain on her neck, which wasn’t in the file. “Okay, turn around again for me.”

She did, in a theatrical way. I unlocked the chain and left it on the table, then got the zipties again, and crossed her wrists behind her back. It zipped on, no issue. I made sure it was just as tight as before. Her hands were warm, and so were mine, now. I held her shoulders. “Now the blindfold. You know the drill.”

“You’re great for your first time, Lena. I’ll send you and Emily a gift once I’m back home, I promise.”

“No need to for anything like that, I’m just doing my job.”

I placed the hood over her head. It was made from heavy cloth, and blocked off the light completely. Her ponytail caught on the back of it, so I pulled the hair-tie, and let her hair loose. It went just past her shoulders, ash blond. I could see goosebumps appear on her arms, and let my fingers slide over them, feeling the bumpy skin. She was tied up now, even if it was inappropriate, I could play with her. Standing behind her, I reached over her belly and touched her nipples, two small, hard dimples. She shivered a little. The cloth bag shook on her head.

“Come this way.” I steered her out of the room, one hand on her shoulder. She walked without hesitating, probably used to Emily’s guidance, much more confident than mine, no doubt.

I wondered, once the noose was on and there’s no reason to pretend anymore, I would have to play with Mary’s body. The file asked for it. I knew it’d be embarrassing in front of Emily, but I couldn’t really tune out that fantasy, and remembering Mary’s twitching made my own body feel sensitive. It made me squirm in my uniform. I knew my own nipples were hard.

We kept walking, her cute pink socks shuffling over concrete. I could feel her in my arms, she was excited, she was happy, alive. In my mind, I repeated the instructions. Get her socks off while she’s hanging. I wondered how it felt to suddenly lose ground under your legs. I wondered how long the dance would even last.

Past an unlocked iron door, the room widened, and we entered an echoing hall that stretched beyond immediate sight. This wasn’t just a basement, it was an entire compound. It must have cost a fortune… but when a single video could go for thirty grand, it must have been worth all the hassle.

I saw Emily, and she saw me, then raised index finger to her lips in a gesture of silence. She motioned me to another room, something that looked like a recording booth, except with a wooden chair in the middle.

And a noose, tied and ready.

Emily gave me a thumbs-up and a smile, then waited. I knew what that meant, she wanted to watch me work. I picked up a bit of confidence with Mary, but now the fear started to creep in again—If I was too much of a problem, I might as well end up dancing the night away myself.

I opened the door and marched Mary inside the booth. The air was warmer here, thicker, it tasted of sweat. Reminded me of a gym. I guess dancing is hard work.

There was a metal drain embedded in the concrete, probably for draining off bodily fluids. A rubber hose sat in the corner, and the entire place was wired up with cameras, in each corner of the room, and one behind glass. Even a couple handheld cameras on the table, and a GoPro, I’m guessing for the first-person view of the dancer. Other things, too. I’d have to come here on my own time and learn how everything was done.

But for now, my job was simple. The cameras were all set up, already recording, I could tell by their red blinking lights. Someone would be paid a lot of money to edit together the best angles, best moments.

“Okay, Mary,” I said, rubbing her shoulders. “We’re almost there, just have to set up a few things. Stand up on this chair for me.”

“No problem,” she said. Her voice was a little muffled from the hood. I went to one knee and gently lifted her foot, until her sole rested on the wooden stool. She felt for it with her toes. It was a little slippery in those socks.

“Up you go. I got you.”

That gave her the confidence to step onto the stool. She really trusted me.

“So,” I said, touching her legs. “I’ll run a few more routine tests, and then it’s all done. Just do what I say now, as well as you can, okay?”


“One of the tests will be a little uncomfortable.”

I felt the muscles of her thighs tense a bit. “Oh? Will it hurt?”

“Not at all, but I’ll need to measure your pulse. It’ll be a little hard to breathe, but bear with me, okay?”

“I’ll do my best,” she said.

I brought another stool over and placed it behind her, then stepped up myself, and reached for the noose. It was a sturdy bit of rope, black on the inside. It must have seen a lot of necks. It was bristly to the touch, and had an uneasy sweet smell that made me shiver. I pulled it looser, then gently slipped it over Mary’s neck. “I’ll measure your pulse now with this device. Be sure to be very still, or I’ll have to do the entire test again.”

She stood still. I tucked the noose under her chin. The hood pressed up against her face very tightly, and I could see the outline of her nose and cheekbones even through its heavy fabric. I tightened the loop on the noose until it was snug around her entire neck. I left a bit of slack in the rope beyond, enough to cause a slight drop, just for theatrics. Emily was watching me behind the glass of a viewing booth. She had the proudest smile. That made me feel a little bit better.

“Okay, Mary. You’re doing great.” I stepped down from my stool, and picked out one of the cameras from the table, flipped the screen sideways, and started recording. I knew this room had all the possible angles covered already, but I decided to improvise, and add a bit of my own. I made sure to record Mary’s entire body from a few steps away first.

She looked incredible. Standing completely still, her skin shining in the light. Completely naked, save for two pink ankle socks. Her body had reddish spots on her knees and shoulders and the tips of her breasts. I made a close-up of them, then moved around to the back of her knees and touched that spot. My fingers were a little cold. Mary moved her leg, bent it at the knee. I let my finger slide up and made sure to record the wave of goosebumps that washed over her entire thigh. Then, I spread her butt again, and recorded that, too. I touched it, and it twitched. I held the camera a bit away, and kissed Mary in there. She shook a little. I licked it. My tongue moved over her butthole, taking in the shape of it, the wet bumps. I licked it again, holding one of her legs to make sure she didn’t fall. I placed a gentle kiss on that spot, then lower, at the back of her knee, and moved to the front of her.

I recorded her chest, her nipples. I held the camera still and made sure to capture the way her chest rose with short breaths. The noose was already restricting some air flow, just from its weight. I smoothed her hair, touched the nipple, then kissed it. The muscles of her stomach curled.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I placed kisses over her stomach, until I reached her pussy, and I let my tongue glide over it. Her entire body responded, shook under my touch. I licked her again like this, and her knees touched. She could barely stay standing.

“What are you doing?” She asked. Her voice was thinner, but also more serious.

My saliva dripped on the inside of her thigh. I wiped my mouth on her stomach. “This is your last test, Mary. You have to do exactly as I tell you. It will be uncomfortable, but you have to trust me.”

“What do you mean?” Her voice was so cute and naïve in that moment.

I took a step back, and placed her entire body in the shot of my camera.

“Do what I say now. Jump from the stool.”

“Why? What—what’s the test?”

“Mary, please. You want to go home, don’t you?”

She was silent for a moment. I wondered how it all felt from her point of view, all the questions that would be racing through her mind right about now, but as far as she knew, she was in the hands of doctors.

If she took too long, I’d have to kick the stool from under her. But I decided to wait. “Go on, Mary. Give me a nice jump.”

Her breaths were short. She bent her knees a little, measuring it. The noose was still slack enough that it didn’t pull her, so at best this must have felt like some sort of collar, or device, like the cuff of a blood pressure monitor.

“Is there something in front of me?”

“Nothing,” I said. “I just need you to get your heart rate up. Go on.”

She must have accepted that explanation, because she jumped.

The noose caught tight like the snap of a seat belt, and she swung forward, then immediately back. Her legs hit the stool on the backswing, and it tumbled away. She was suspended in the air, with no way to reach the ground. Her hands were tied behind her back.

“Good girl. Now extend both legs for me.”

She didn’t listen, just squirmed in the rope, legs desperate to find ground.

“The sooner you do it, the sooner we’ll finish,” I said. “Both legs forward, please.”

And she listened. I could hear a stifled cough through her hood, but her stomach muscles tensed, and she raised her knees to her chest, then straightened out her legs.

“Very good, now hold.”

She almost dropped one of the legs, but she kept it straight. There was a silent gargle coming from her throat. I think she was calling for help.

“I know, it’s hard. But we have to do it.”

I touched the heel of her extended foot. She immediately tried to put pressure on my hand, but that just nudged my hand away.

“Keep straight, Mary. I know you can do it. Be brave now.”

She straightened out her legs again. Her thigh muscles pulsed with effort. I recorded her feet from the side and front, the ankle sock just a bit dirty on the sole from all the walking. I pinched the sock at the heel, and slowly lifted it, exposing her red sole, and then her pretty round toes.

“Spread your toes, please.”

Her leg shook from effort, but she did as asked. The toes stretched wide. I kissed her big toe, and proceeded to kiss all of them in sequence. Her foot was shaking, the gargle in her throat louder now. I kissed her heel, and both of her legs dropped, and she swung away from me. Her chest shook, but it wasn’t motion associated with breathing.

She wasn’t getting enough oxygen, and her body went into panic mode.

Her legs started to kick and buck, looking for anything to stand on. They found only air. She curled her toes down, as far as they could reach. The material of her other sock made a straight line from the tip of her toe to the heel. Her cute fingers were spasming, trying to grip at air. The zipties were sturdy. I filmed her stomach tensing and releasing tension in its struggle to pick up any air. The front of the hood was soaking through with spit. She was trying to say something, but only gurgles came out. I could see her mouth opening and closing by the way the material stretched on her face.

She swung her legs, bucked, her body glistened with sweat. During one of the kicks, a droplet of sweat fell on my cheek. Her dance was captivating. The way her body struggled was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She had been young and full of life, and the terror of this situation had her body put every bit of her youth into the struggling her muscles. The kicks stretched, some went wide, the others forward, some made a gripping motion. Sometimes they just shook. She joined her feet for a moment, as if trying to jump through air, reached down with them, toes together. Sweat dripped from her feet.

“I’m here, I’m with you, sweetheart. Don’t stop.”

But the kicks eventually began to slow, and it made me confident enough to approach. I touched her leg. She responded, raised her leg, and I felt her socked foot tug behind my knee, but she had no strength to pull me in.

“You’re doing great, Mary. Just a little longer. Keep fighting.”

With her leg holding onto me, I pulled her other thigh in the opposite direction and filmed her twitching pussy. It was enlarged, and looked insanely sensitive. I placed a gentle kiss on it, and her body twitched, a single shudder that took over every bit of her, from the toes to the ears. I kissed her there again, and slid my tongue up the swollen parts, and she shuddered, and I kept licking until her body lost control and started shaking, muscles tensing and relaxing. She even managed to raise both legs to her chest. I couldn’t imagine the intensity of what she felt. I placed one of her legs over my shoulder, then held her other leg spread open. I knew what was next. With my free hand, I moved the camera down, under her. It had the perfect view of her asshole and twitching pussy.

“It’s okay,” I said. “It’s okay, Mary. Go on.”

I let a drop of spit fall from my tongue onto her clit, then licked it and pulled my head back.

Mary spasmed, and a streak of liquid shot through the air and showered the concrete. I kissed her thigh. She spasmed again, and another streak followed, thin as a wire, and spattered the ground. I could feel her socked toes curl over my ear, and she spasmed for the third time. No liquid came out, so I ducked under her foot, letting it drop, and immediately began licking her asshole, and her body could not stop moving, struggling, twitching, shaking, her legs beating against me. Her asshole on my tongue pulsed like a heartbeat. I left my tongue in there for a moment, feeling her entire body’s movements, the pulses, the scared twitches of pleasure and shock. Then, slowly, I moved away. A trail of saliva stayed connected for a moment, but her twitching broke it off.

Her legs were barely moving now. It’s as if she was trying to walk at normal pace, but I knew it was all her body could give. I licked the muscle of her thigh, felt the taste of sweat. Then, I bent back her leg, touching her socked heel to her buttock, and began to peel off the sock. Her foot slowly unraveled, the movements of its toes gradual, as if gentle. I touched her sole, and she curled her foot in response. I gave it one last kiss, and let go, so she could finish her little kicks.

The door to the booth opened, and Emily shuffled inside, holding a bucket. She motioned for me to come over.

I did.

“Great job,” she whispered, and took the camera from me, then handed me the bucket. “I’ll spread her legs.”

I understood.

I approached Mary’s body, gripped her ankle, and lifted. The leg bent up without an issue, knee touching her breast. Emily did the same.

I held the bucket to Mary’s pussy, and waited. Nothing came yet.

“You did amazing,” Emily said. “I knew you’d settle in, Lena.”

“Thanks.” Still nothing came. “Is she going to pee?”

“Eventually. But we can talk in the meantime.”

“Okay. Are hangings usually this long?”

“I’d say it’s about the average.” Emily rubbed her nose against Mary’s breast. “She was a cutie.”


“So, do you think you can do another one?”

I looked at her. “Another hanging?”

“Anything you want, really. I get tons of requests, it’s why I needed a helper, after all.”

“Well, yeah. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m glad.” Emily lowered the camera.

The body shook again. It was more of a single jerk, as if something startled it. Then, I felt all the strength go out of the muscles, all at once. Her leg bent a little more, as the muscles no longer applied pressure.

And a trickling sound against metal, as Mary finally let go. Emily caressed the girl’s stomach as the girl peed. “She was a great dancer. Many of them are. I can’t wait for you to see all the different ways they can go.”

“Yeah. Me too,” I said. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

When Mary was finished, Emily wiped her pussy with a piece of a paper towel, then gently lowered the girl’s leg. So did I. Then, Emily closed the camera, turned the girl around, and kissed her bound hands. I watched it. Emily saw me watch.

Then, Emily touched my cheek. I tensed.

She laughed. “You can leave the body here for now. Go and have a look at the files, see if you like someone. Even go in and talk to them if you want. All at your pace.”

“Okay. Maybe a boy this time?”

“You can do a bunch of them at once, too, and without the hoods. You’re a creative girl, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

I nodded. This job would be an incredible experience. I wanted to see it all, try out every tool. I could see why Emily was so passionate about it.

I liked it, too.


Thank you for reading. Tell me if you enjoyed, and if I should continue Lena's story. - Still
R: 102 / I: 0

School Selection

Disclaimer: just a horror fetish, entirely fictional, don't do anything that will harm somebody in real life.

School Selection

[non cons]

A loud whistle caught Nina's attention. She stopped her crawl and started to tread in the water. After a few moments Nina saw what was going to happen. As the other students stopped swimming their teacher signaled to get out of the water. “All girls are required to go to a changing booth and wait there for the meat inspector” said the coach, “the boys will continue with 4 laps of the butterfly stroke”

Nervously talking the girls quickly went to the changing booths. Nina sat about halfway down the line. “Shit I hope they don't pick me” thought Nina. A soft crying from her right assured her of a better chance, only 25% was selected from each class. She heard the meat inspector getting closer every few minutes. He was only a few lockers away from her now and she heard him say, “swimsuit straps off your shoulders and stand with your face to the wall”. Nina put the straps off her shoulders, better make it easy for the inspector, she thought. Suddenly she heard another girl crying in the booth next to hers. “Nice” she thought, that was Emily, she never liked her.

“Name” said the inspector as he opened Nina's door. “Nina, ID number 230867” said Nina. “Thank you” said the inspector, I see you already put your straps down, very nice, can you turn your face to the wall” “sure sir” said Nina and she turned her back to the inspector. The inspector checked her butt, “nice and firm” she heard him say. The inspector made her turn around and started peeling her swimsuit down. Softly he took her breasts in his hands and checked them. After a confirming mumble he pulled Nina's swimsuit to her feet. After a quick look on her pussy he said: “I'm not sure can you wait for 10 minutes, keep your swimsuit off” “of course sir” said Nina. The inspector went to the next changing booth.

“Shit” thought Nina, “I might be meat within an hour or I can be free for the rest of my life”. A strange thought occurred to Nina: this was her last chance to have an orgasm. She sat down naked on the little bench and started to rub her pussy. Within a few minutes she reached the point of no return. She took a deep breath and tried to keep quiet as her orgasm took control of her body.

Minutes later the inspector opened her door. “Can you come out and get in this line?” said the inspector. “Of course sir” said Nina and she saw 2 other girls from her class. “What do you think?” said the inspector to his assistant. “Well that one seems to be nice and sporty, good meat I bet,” said the assistant and he pointed to Nina. “The other two are a bit bigger, I think they'll have a nice yield,” said the assistant. “All three of you, what sport and how many hours?” said the inspector. “Swimming and fitness” said Nina, “about 4-5 hours a week”. The girl next to her said: “nothing besides school sport, so about three hours a week” and the last girl said: “bicycle racing, about 6 hours a week” “Second girl, what was your name?” said the inspector. “Kyla” said Kyla. “According to my data you play softball, about 5 hours a week” said the inspector, “our society doesn't need people who lie, you are selected” “no no, please I was afraid that you would take me earlier if I did a lot of sport” said Kyla. “I would've taken Nina if you would have been honest” said the inspector, “take her away”. The assistant guided Kyla away. “Ladies I'm sorry that I let you pose naked but you were the girls I wasn't sure of” said the inspector, “and Nina, I wouldn't have taken you, Kyla was not cooperating and needed to be taught a lesson, I just said it to make her feel worse as a extra punishment” “no problem sir” said the girls. “Well then get dressed and we'll see you in the pool.

Quickly the girls put their swimsuit back on and went back to the pool. A crowd stood around the showers and when the girls looked there were already three girls hanging with a noose around their neck. They had thrown nooses over one of the pipes on the ceiling. The fourth girl was being prepared for hanging. It was Nadia a cute looking girl from Nina's class. She seemed not to care too much, she casually handed her arms so that they could be tied together. When they were done with her she positioned herself under the rope and nodded to the butcher that she was ready. With firm pulls he hoisted the girl by her neck. She started kicking her legs but there was not a single tear to be seen. The three girls who were already dead clearly had been crying. After a few moments Nadia's legs kicked way less powerful, and suddenly the group could see her urine flowing. She was nearly gone. Kyla was pushed to her knees by the butcher. “What are they going to do to her?” whispered Nina to Paul, “she's Jewish, and will be drained of blood, it's a tradition” said Paul. The butcher pulled her head back and suddenly he pulled the knife along Kyla's neck. A spurt of blood flew out of the cut and the butcher let go. Kyla fell to the ground and grabbed her throat she was making wild movements but after half a minute it stopped. The butcher took a hose and sprayed the blood through a little sink. The assistants started to collect the girls and loaded them into cooling crates. As quick as they had come they were gone.

The rest of the girls came home proudly with their release form, they were free humans now.
R: 1 / I: 0

Curiosity Killed the Kate (Sci-Fi, Nanobots, Disintegration)

“Did you see that new assistant in the lobby today?” Max, a small oafish man with curly brown hair, called over his coworker Adam, trying to project over the noise of metal slamming onto the conveyor belt in front of them.

"The blonde? Yeah she was a cutie," said Adam, a taller, lanky man with short black hair. He then went to grab some more junk from the pile behind him to feed the conveyor.

“Yeah. Rumor has it she’s actually working down here in Materials Construction. Really bright girl from the sounds of it,” said Max as he pulled an old tire from out of a bin and added it to the line.

The two techs were stuck working in “Atomic Deconstruction” after a recent mishap with one of the new interns and a teleporter (the scientists are still trying to locate her). Their jobs now consisted of piling recycled junk onto a conveyor belt and running it through a chamber that resembled an airport X-ray scanner. Once in the chamber, objects would be reduced down to their raw atomic ingredients, then stored for later usage in the “Materials Construction” process which was performed by the same device.

"No shit? Can't be too bright if she wants to work around all this shit," joked Adam with a lighthearted tone, while partially straining to lift part of a broken toilet onto the belt.

"It won't be shit once I'm done with it!" said a raised but gentle voice from behind.

Max and Adam looked towards the entrance of the lab where the voice came from and were greeted with a beautiful sight. The new blonde assistant.

She had an angelic face with wide blue eyes, small button nose, and round lips. She wore a short-sleeve white lab coat with the NanoTek logo adorning her breast, and a low-cut light-green blouse underneath. She wore a dark gray pencil skirt underneath that, and dark-green high heels.

Max stared in awe, dropping a chunk of concrete to the conveyor belt with a loud crash, then rushing across the room to shut the machine off after letting it cycle through the rest of the junk.

Adam looked down sheepishly. "Oh, you heard that…"

With the line now clean, Max made his way back over to the others, “So,” he interrupted “I’m assuming you’re the new lab assistant,” acting as if she didn’t.

With a knowing smile she answered, "Your assumption is correct! Hi, I'm Kate. Kate Applebee." She extended a hand to Max.

All Max could think about was how absolutely stunning she was. He politely extended one girthy hand and shook hers. “Nice to meet you ma’am. Max Larson.”

"Likewise Max!" she responded with honest enthusiasm, paying no mind to the grimy feeling of Max's hand from his hauling junk. She then turned to Adam, "And who might you be?"

Adam, still red from his faux pas, cleared his throat and answered quietly, "Adam. Adam Smith."

She shook his limp hand and then said with a grin, "What a wonderfully generic name Adam!"

Adam was taken aback for a second, before he recovered with his own put-down, "This coming from the girl who's named after the worst of the microwave restaurant chains…"

Kate was delightfully surprised. "Oh-ho-ho!" she laughed, "he bites back! Not like I haven't heard that a million times, but still!"

“It seems endearing now but after a forty-hour work week we’ll see what you think of it,” Max jokingly growled, grabbing a rag, moving to clean off the machine. “So what got you stuck down here? For most people this is a punishment.”

Kate's eyes lit up with astonishment. "Punishment?! How could you think that??" She gestured her arms out and slowly twisted her body, "Don't you boys understand the scope of what you're doing down here? This is saving the world! Making it a greener place!"

“Honey, you might be saving the world,” Max said while wiping his hand across his brow, leaving a long line of black grease, “but this trash heap ain’t exactly glamorous.”

"One man's trash is another woman's treasure," Kate said with a wink. "Ooh! Is that it?!" she asked with excitement, looking past both of them at the chamber the conveyor fed to and immediately taking off towards it. Her heels clicked rapidly as she walked swiftly between them, her lab coat billowing behind her revealing the shape of her ass against her pencil skirt.

Max and Adam both sneaked a look as she shot past them, their eyes snapping back up as she suddenly turned around. Although she noticed their obvious stares, she paid them no mind and asked excitedly with wide eyes, “Do you think I can take a look inside?”

Adam glanced over at Max for a beat with some uneasiness in his face, then back towards Kate (finding it hard to keep his gaze on her eyes, and not her body). "I- I don't know… It's pretty dangerous-"

“Well it’s off isn’t it,” she asked in a demeaning tone, looking directly into his eyes, watching them flick back and forth across her body.

Adam gulped. "Yeah but still…" he trailed off.

“W-well Adam,” Max started, tugging at his own collar, “we could probably kick the safety off, and as long as we don’t start it up she should be fine… right?” Max was unsure himself, but didn’t want to tell her no.

Kate gave Adam puppy dog eyes. "Pwetty pwease?…" she begged playfully, twisting one foot back and forth on its toe and wrapping her fingers together behind her lower back.

Max looked from Kate to a frozen Adam. Jabbing him with his elbow, he gestured his head towards her, trying to snap him out of his trance.

After another awkward moment or two, Adam responded uneasily, "Yeah okay…"

Kate squealed with joy and almost jumped with excitement, quickly throwing her lab coat to the ground.

“Hold on, I don’t even have the safety off yet,” Max said through a chuckle, flipping a switch and opening the metal door blocking the chamber.

Adam almost groaned at the sight of Kate with her lab coat off, revealing more of her lean limber frame. Her sleeveless blouse accentuated her lithe arms, which moved nimbly pulling herself onto the conveyor. As she maneuvered one of her lean legs up her ass pushed hard against her skirt leaving a very defined outline. And for a brief moment, Adam could see right up her skirt…

"Is that a thong??" he whispered to Max.

“I-I believe so. We should head over there just in case she needs any help,” said Max as he gestured towards the end of the belt, hoping to get a better view.

Adam and Max approached while Kate continued lifting herself onto the belt, one leg and her upper body over the edge and now lifting up her other leg - both still donning their heels - while she shifted her body over sideways towards the center of the belt using her petite hands.

"Not afraid to get dirty huh?" asked Adam almost flirtatiously.

She let out a quick laugh. "Hah! Have you seen me in bed?" she joked. She turned to look at the two, seeing Max still looking up her skirt. “And apparently I’m not the only dirty thing in the room,” she said winking to Adam, giving her ass a little wiggle and continuing down the line.

She continued on her hands and knees - Max and Adam watching, with no shame, her body gyrating left and right as she slithered along - until she reached the open chamber door.

She leaned forward, peeking her head inside, and turning it up. "Wow, are those BD-17 Nano Emitters? I thought they had the 15's in here!"

Kate wiggled further into the chamber to get an even better look at the BD-17s. But as her hips crossed the threshold, she bumped something with her elbow. This caused the safety door to close down. And it shut down right on the small of her back, pinning her down on the belt in place.

“Ow! You guys are fucking with me right?” she called out to the two at the end of the line.

“You seemed to have tripped the safety. Don’t worry, we’ll get you out in a jiffy,” Max shouted back, bending over to get a better look up her skirt.

Suddenly, the machine started emitting a low hum. Lights flicked on all around Kate.

“Guys… I think something’s really wrong in here!” she yelled frantically.

Adam was torn out of his hypnotized state staring at Kate's wiggling ass and legs by the sound of the low hum and Kate's muffled yell. "Oh shit! Did it just turn on?! That's impossible!!" yelled Adam, darting off towards the control panel.

“Well it seems very possible from in here!” she shouted from the machine.

Max, ready to play hero, hopped up on the belt and grabbed her by the legs in an attempt to pull her out. "Hang on Kate, I'll getcha outta there!"

Adam ran around to the other side of the machine and up onto the small raised platform that housed the control panel. Above the panel was a porthole looking into the chamber, and visible thru it was Kate's upper body shifting back and forth trying to shimmy her way out. He was able to catch a decent view of her cleavage beneath her blouse. Distracted by her beauty for a moment, he regained his senses and looked down at the panel, trying to find the emergency stop button.

The humming grew louder as the BD-17s sprung to life, and nanobots came pouring down in a sheet of gray at the entrance to the chamber that Kate came in. They immediately swarmed around her waist… and began consuming the waistband of her skirt, sparing her skin for the moment. She felt her skirt completely loosen from around her hips. They continued their march upwards onto her blouse, leaving her soft flesh untouched.

Kate watched as the nanobots swarmed out of the emitters and around her mid-section, almost mesmerized by the way they poured our and navigated thru the air like a flock of birds. But once they started consuming her clothing, she snapped back to reality and realized how serious her situation was.

"This MIGHT be a good time to stop this thing!" she yelled. She felt Max tug her legs on the other side of the chamber door that was pinning her in place.

Adam still was looking for the emergency stop button but was quite flustered by the whole experience - and again was distracted by the sight of Kate's belly and her lower back being revealed as the nanobots broke down the bottom of her blouse.

The nanobots swiftly moved up, consuming the rest of her blouse and her bra underneath and made their way past her shoulders, leaving her top half completely naked. They moved past her head, thankfully leaving her pretty blonde hair untouched, and then froze in place at the back of the chamber.

In order to buy more time, Adam had interchanged the system from “Sample 1” to “Sample 2”, forcing the process to halt and clear the current chamber. The dust that was Kate’s shirt and blouse was whisked away by the belt, which rubbed against her stomach, burning slightly.

“Ow fuck! You guys get this thing figured out!?” She called from the chamber, unaware of the window, and Adam still frantically moving across the controls on the other side.

The belt continued for another few seconds, taking a small amount of skin from Kate's soft belly with it and leaving behind a good sized rash, before it came to an abrupt stop, again sending a jolt of pain through Kate.

She bit her lip hard. "Nnnng, that stings!!"

"Where the FUCK is this thing?!" shouted Adam, still unable to find the emergency stop, and starting to freak out. He looked thru the porthole.

A red light came on and a tone chimed. And at the opposite end of the chamber from Kate, the nanobot swarm, that was floating by idly, began to creep back towards her. From Adam's perspective he could seem the swarm approach her in profile, getting closer and closer to her squirming upper body, inch by precious inch. "FUCK!!" he screamed in frustration.

Kate watched the swarm move towards her. And realizing that these two idiots weren’t getting her out of the chamber anytime soon, Kate quickly accepted her fate.

'Well fuck,' she thought to herself, her mind now moving at a hundred miles an hour in her final moments. 'I just wanted to to change the world… Well, at least this way I can still be useful.'

Propping herself up on her elbows, her knuckles under her chin, she looked off into the approaching cloud.

'Maybe I’ll be part of the building where they find the cure to cancer,' she thought optimistically, knowing that once the nanobots reach her, she’ll be nothing but a pile of carbon and various other materials. 'I’ll probably get made into infrastructure like a road or something. I might even get turned into some cute kid's new blanket! But then he’d probably drool on me. Gross..'

Her mind started to drift as she looked into her reflection in the metal around her, tits hanging, completely naked, looking rather sensual in her pose. She pouted her lips and tilted her head - makeup and hair were perfect. The nanites still closing their distance - less than a foot away.

'At least I’m going to die on a day where I look cute.' She wiggled her ass lightly, wondering if the boys were looking at it. She felt a slight tingling in her nether regions, as she thought of more 'personal' uses for her remains…

The nanites were now inches away from her face.

She heard Adam slamming on the controls, and Max still helplessly pulling on her legs - his grip slipping and yanking off both of her dark-green heels, which she heard clatter to the floor across the room.

'Guess I really won’t be needing those anymore, huh- OH NO!' Now worried, Kate’s eyes grew wide with terror as her head sprung up, 'These idiots are going to WASTE me! I don’t need to change the world, just don’t throw me away please!! Oh GOD I hope you two are brighter then you loo-!'

And Kate thought nothing more as her mind was completely obliterated…

Max - unaware of Kate's fate - was undeterred. He redoubled his efforts by lodging himself between her legs (paying little attention to how they were now twitching erratically) and getting a solid grip on both of her thighs beneath both of his arms. 'Here I come to save the day!' Max thought optimistically.

Adam, meanwhile, was not feeling quite as optimistic as Max… as he witnessed poor Kate's destruction begin through the porthole - horrified and helpless to do anything else but watch.

Facing her destruction head-on in her cute pose, chin resting on hands propped up on elbows and tits hanging underneath, the wall of nanites swarmed her face first. Adam watched helplessly as the bots erased the front of her head as easy as chalk on a blackboard. They tore through her gorgeous facial features - made-up rosy cheeks, cute button nose, seductive blue eyes, dirty blonde eyebrows, sensual lips - as if they were completely indistinguishable from the dirty toilet they tore through minutes earlier.

On the other end of the swarm, the component molecules of Kate's face, and the front of her skull and brain, ejected out a few inches and fell to the belt as a microscopically fine dust.

Adam continued watching with wide eyes as the nanite swarm continued their programmed job, even upon meeting the resistance her face provided, without slowing down whatsoever.

Her petite hands, her dainty fingers, her wrists and her elbows followed in the path of destruction along with more of her head and brain - scattering her mind to the windless environment inside the chamber. The dust of their component particles settled on the belt alongside those from her face.

Without any support for her propped up body, her upper arms slid sideways along the belt as her breasts, neck, shoulders, and the back of her head came falling down. Tits hit the belt below and were squished on impact by the force of her upper torso behind them - hard nipples slamming into the belt first. Her remaining head, brain and skull fell forward into the wall of death and were shred apart. Her pretty dirty-blonde hair and her long pretty neck were not spared either.

The gray cloud of green technology now worked on converting the rest of Kate's supple arms, limber shoulders, sexy collarbones, and perky tits to their base atoms; such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and more - useful for all sorts of potential creations! Useful provided the base atoms weren't just fed to the disposal system that is.

An environmentalist like Kate would be proud knowing how efficient the system was at recycling organic matter - not Kate herself of course since she no longer had a brain to process pride or any other emotion.

The nanobots inched along, consuming her fit waist and mid-back, excreting out dust on the other end. They continued along to her belt-burnt belly, "healing" it by pulverizing it entirely down to powder, along with the sexy small-of-her-back.

And finally, the nanobots stopped. They retreated back into the BD-17 emitters that Kate was so amazed to see moments earlier, leaving the chamber mostly empty save for the small amount of dust that was once Kate's upper body collected on the belt below.

The belt moved the dust into the empty “Sample 2” bin, while the hydrogen, oxygen, and other gasses were stored in tubes off to the side.

Max, unaware of Kate's new status, continued to tug at her legs. “Don’t worry Kate, we’re gonna get you out of there!” he shouted to the now unresponsive legs.

With the process now complete, signaled by the dinging of a bell, the safety disengaged, and the steel door slid open freeing her legs.

With one final pull Kate was free from the machine, slipping out of her pencil skirt due to the lack of a waist band - and a waist. Max got a good view of her undercarriage as it came crashing into his face, knocking him off of the belt.

He sat there for a moment, feeling the damp lace of her light-green thong against his face, and chuckled. “Must have been enjoying yourself in there!” he quipped while enjoying her scent. He saw that the thong had the phrase 'REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!' written on it along with a stylized version of the universal recycling symbol, rotated 60-degrees so the 'triangle' pointed down instead of up. "You certainly are a green gal!" he added.

He reached around her, placing his hands on her hips, fingers partly wrapped around her ass, and pulled her off of him, setting her down on her ass, and surprised by how light she was.

"There we go- OOH FUCK!!" Max screamed as he finally saw what had happened. Her thong-clad lower-half sat in front of him, her soft milky skin untouched up until the hips, where her L2 vertebrae peeked slightly over a surface of cleanly cauterized flesh. Her cute face, perky tits, and slender figure now gone. Erased. The smell of her pussy now being replaced with the smell of cooked meat.

“A-A-A-Adam. ADAM. ADAM!!” He screamed backing away from the legs, slamming his back into the belt.

Adam walked back from the control panel at a slow, crestfallen pace, looking down sadly as he took each step.

"I… I couldn't find the emergency stop…" Adam admitted dejectedly - purposely not looking at Kate's remaining body just yet.

“We're never getting out of here,” Max said staring at the body. “What should we do with her?” he asked while standing up and slowly approaching the body.

Adam paused for a second, then slowly looked up at Kate's lower body. Sitting there on the floor, as if she were relaxing at the beach, bare feet limp, heels together and toes out. Would be sexy - except for the grisly cauterized flesh found at her hips. The sight of the bit of her backbone made Adam particularly queasy.

He heaved.

Max crouched next to the body. “Should we… like bury her?” he asked, hearing his companion gagging.

Adam recovered slowly, then answered, "We don't have time. The doc is due here any minute." He paused, again finding the strength to look at the former lab assistant's body, and said with reluctant acceptance, "We just need to put the rest of her in there," pointing to the chamber.

“You know, I think she’d be okay with that. Seemed really big on that whole recycling thing,” he said, sheepishly trying to rationalize their actions, while casually lifting the front of her thong to sneak a peek.

"Dude, not cool!" Adam admonished Max for the sneak peek of Kate's pussy, smacking his hand away.

"Now do you want to grab her crispy end or her feet?" Adam asked in an almost matter-of-fact way.

“Don’t act like you weren’t curious,” he muttered, grabbing her by the ass while Adam grabbed her by the legs, and lifted her over to the belt, setting her behind her skirt adjacent to the open safety door. Max walked around the room, grabbing her lab coat and heels, then casually tossing them on top of the skirt.

While he did this, Adam walked over to the control panel and switched the system back to “Sample 1” in order to separate her clothing from the rest of her remains.

Adam then activated the machine. The belt came to life, sliding the clothes and then her lower-half inside the chamber, and the safety door came to a close. Through the porthole Adam watched the wall of nanobots - that just brought an end to poor Kate's life moments ago - approach her remaining clothing and heels that lay ahead of her legs, ass and pussy, still partially concealed by her thong.

The nanobots made their first pass, starting from her toes, but once again sparing her flesh. Her thong was quickly consumed, erasing the cute recycling symbol and phrase written on it, and exposing the pink flesh of her shaved pussy, its juices were visible around the edges. The cloud continued, consuming her pencil skirt, her lab coat and her cute dark-green heels, and froze at the back of the chamber as the system once again switched to “Sample 2”.

During this pause Max walked up next to Adam, and looking down he then let out a sad little “Oh…” and reaching down he pressed a button on the control panel. The entire system stopped suddenly came to a halt.

“Found it,” Max said softly, indicating the large, red, clearly marked 'EMERGENCY STOP' button.

Adam face-palmed, realizing what an idiot he was for not finding the clearly marked button Max just pressed.

“Should we like… say a prayer or something, before… you know…” asked Max.

"I-… just-…"Adam let out with an exasperated sigh. "Just turn it back on man…"

“Really? I think we should at least say something… You know what I got it…” Max cleared his throat.

"Well… Kate uhh… Applebee? Yeah, Kate Applebee… Well, we only really knew you for 15 minutes… but… um… you looked pretty fine, and you… you seemed pretty smart. Well except- for- the whole, y'know, climbing into the deadly chamber thing, but… Uhh, and… uh… your pussy smelled pretty great… You know what fuck it, I shouldn’t have said anything. Well amen… I guess. Should I even say amen?… Fuck she was probably atheist.” As Max finished his eulogy he flicked on the machine and the nanobots sprung back to life, resuming their approach.

“We should at least make her something nice… right?” Max asked watching the cloud approach her.

The swarm approached her hips and proceeded to finish off the job on Kate's body that it started earlier. No sense leaving a job half-finished after all.

The nub of her backbone was first, shooting out the backside of the swarm cloud as fine powder.

They proceeded onto Kate's alluring hips, her incredibly tight ass, and her still juicy-wet pussy, and converted them all - churning through them. They offered no resistance as they were obliterated down to atoms. Her legs fell sideways as they finally split without any connection between them.

Adam watched as the nanites made short work of her once again. "I don't know… part of me just wants to send all of her to the waste disposal system. Get rid of all the evidence, y'know?"

“I don’t think she would have wanted that… We should make he into a nice necklace or something, we can use the carbon to make diamonds or something like that.” He suggested, trying to find a way to respectfully use her remains.

The nanobots worked down each of her legs simultaneously, obliterating her creamy white thighs, knees, shins, ankles. And finally her cute petite feet - the nanobots gobbling up each of her adorable toes.

And then Kate was nothing but dust and gas.

The conveyor kicked back, moving the remains down the line into the "Sample 2" bin.

Suddenly the door to the lab flew open, and a very agitated and very wet Dr. Codwell stepped into the room.

"God DAMMIT, it is POURING out there!" she complained out loud while flinging water off her arms, flailing them with each stressed word. "My dress for tonight is ruined!"

Looking up at the two techs her demeanor changed quickly. “Do you two think you can whip something up for me?” she asked politely.

“Of course ma’am,” Max answered, putting on a calm and cheery façade. He turned to Adam and whispered through his teeth “Nice pair of panties?”

Adam smirked and whispered back, "Yep, nice pair of panties. I think Kate would've liked that."

Just as the two got to work, she piped in, “And gentlemen I’ve got a date tonight, so could it be something a little more… risqué”

“You got it ma’am,” Max said turning to look at her.

The doctor then began to shamelessly strip off her red dress in front of the two, with her exposed back turned to them, sliding her the dress off her shoulders.

While the doc was about 15-20 years old than Kate was (before her recent demise that is), she was quite attractive in her own right, with medium-length black hair (currently matted down from the rain), thin hazel eyes, and a slender body.

The red dress continued sliding down her back, revealing her black lingerie bra. The soaked dress got down around her waist, when she shifted her hands to grab it from the top and started push it down the rest of her lower body. As it slid down her legs, the techs got a good view of the doc's ass, partially covered by the pair of black lingerie panties she wore over them.

The dress hit the floor with a wet smack and she stepped out, feet clad in peach-colored heels slinking their way out of the dress and clicking on the floor with each step.

She stood in just her heels and lingerie bra and panties. As she went to reach around back to unhook her bra, she twisted her head back towards the techs. "Oh by that way, I was expecting a new lab assistant today. Cute little blonde thing named Kate. Have you guys seen her?"

“Oh…um,” Max stammered not knowing what to say, his eye shooting up and down her back as she slipped off her bra, unable to keep his eyes off her ass, “We actually saw her in the lobby earlier, I believe she’s… ah… still on her tour.”

“Oh okay, I think you two will like her. She’s a down-to-earth girl, but has a little bit of bite,” she said with a wink, dipping her thumbs into the waist band of her panties, sliding them over her ass, and past her thighs letting them drop to the floor. Stepping out of her panties she walked across the room, naked save her heels, and sat in her office chair with one leg crossed over the other, facing the two staring techs. “Well, are you two going to get to work?”

"Y-yes ma'am!" Adam and Max answered enthusiastically - using all their effort to turn away from the sight of Dr. Codwell sitting completely naked in her chair in only her heels, that almost matched her skin tone exactly.

The two bumbled up to the control panel to start programming the machine (that just took poor Kate's life).

Using the material from Sample 2 (Kate's former body) they began constructing a stylized black lace thong, and a black lingerie bra akin to the one the doctor just took off. Any chemical gaps were filled in by materials from Sample 1 (Kate's former clothing).

The machine finished the two undergarments quickly, depositing them out the other end.

"Fresh underwear off the press ma'am!" shouted Adam as he went to go grab them from the opposite end of the machine and holding them up to present them. "Get them while they're hot!" he added - referring to the thong and bra he held that was once Kate's smokin' hot body minutes earlier.

“Thanks Adam,” she said with a smirk, accepting the garments, and setting them down softly in the chair, again turning her back to them.

She kicked off her heels, sliding Kate over one leg and then the other, pulling her over her thighs, sliding the back between her ass-cheeks. She felt the absurdly soft fabric pressed up against her asshole and tightly hugging her pussy. Next she reached down and grabbed her bra, pulling it over her chest, Kate cupping her breasts. She clipped the back of it and turned back to the boys, looking down at her breasts.

“Do you thing you can cut the dress a little bit lower? This bra really… compliments my figure.”

"Absolutely ma'am, right away!" Adam responded with excitement. "And might I say that, she- er I mean that lingerie looks quite good on you!" he added, hoping she didn't notice his slip of the tongue.

“Thanks. Now hurry up on that dress please, I feel like Kate's going to be here any minute.” The doctor begged, sitting back in her chair.

Although she was in the lab, her mind was in the bedroom fantasizing about where her date was going to lead that night. As a result of this fantasy, yet another article of her clothing got wet, her juices soaking into Kate.

Adam and Max head back to the control panel and get to work programming the new dress.

"What do you think, maybe a nice dark green in honor of Kate?" Adam asked Max, making sure to speak low enough so the half-naked doctor wouldn't hear.

“Yeah, she did say she wanted to make the world a greener place,” Max responded with a grin, his fingers dancing across the commands. The construction process began, and the rest of Kate’s body went into the dress.

After all the material left of Kate in Sample 2 was completely used up, they completed the dress with material from the other sample. The beautiful green dress rolled out of the machine. Max lifted the dress, inspecting it.

“You know Adam, I think this may be our best work yet.” He said holding up the dress like a piece of art.

"Well we did put our all into it - Kate especially!" Adam pointed out with a grin.

While both holding the dress to make sure it didn't brush against the dirty floor (not that Kate was afraid to get dirty), the boys walked back over to Dr. Codwell, who sat in an almost hypnotic state in her chair - eyes closed. She seemed lost in erotic thought, shifting her hips and thighs while moaning softly.

Adam and Max looked at her, then at each other, then back at her. Max intentionally cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Um ma’am?”

Her eyes shot open wide with embarrassment. “Y-yes,” she responded, taking sharp breaths, trying to shake off her fantasy. She looked down at the dress, standing up and taking it in her hands, admiring it. “Oh my god. This is beautiful. Thanks you two!” she said with an elated expression. Folding the dress over her arm she asked, “Where is this girl? That tour should be over now.”

Max shifted nervously from foot to foot, looking to Adam with a concerned expression.

The doctor stood for moment looking perplexed. “She probably just got lost,” she concluded “I’ll just call security and have them bring her down.” The doctor reached for the phone on her desk.

'She certainly was lost…' thought Adam. "Why don't you get into your dress before you go calling security? Kate might be closer than you think," suggested Adam politely.

Put off by Adams last sentence, and the growing restlessness from Max, the doctor knew something was up. She sighed, looking at Adam with an irritated expression, “Where is she Adam?”

Adam looked to Max wearing a panicked expression, hoping he had any suggestions.

Max folded under the pressure

“Well… a… she showed up like.. 40? Yeah I’d say 40 minutes ago… and you know… she was really interested in the machine… so…” he ran his hand through his curly hair, “so she asked if she could… you know… take a look inside-“

"Stop," said the doctor, holding up a hand in a stopping gesture with Kate draped over her arm. Still in just the bra and thong, also made of Kate, she continued, "You're telling me she went inside the device. And you let you her??" she asked incredulously.

Max started hyperventilating “Well… she… she-“ Adam cut in, sparing him.

"Y-Yes… and… unfortunately… the nanobots… well…" Adam uttered, shaking his fingers in a scattering motion, then blowing through his lips.

The doctor let out another sigh, getting the message. As a seasoned NanoTek scientist she was used to 'incidents' like these, “What did you do with her remains?” She asked calmly. Luckily for her atomic deconstruction meant for easy disposal; they could mix her into concrete, dump her outside, or mix her into any other material, but with a girl as beautiful as Kate was, the doctor was thinking of more intimate uses for her remains.

Adam rubbed the back of neck uncomfortably. "Well… Ma'am…" He then gestured both hands out, one towards the bra and thong on her body and the other towards the dress she was holding.

“Oh… OH!” The doctor said putting two and two together, then realizing that the thong she had just soiled was Kate. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, feeling her get even damper.

“Well… I guess I should keep her then,” the doctor said acting as if it was a personal dilemma. “She seemed pretty bright and we wouldn’t want to waste her potential any further. Would we?” she asked the boys with a smile.

Adam and Max looked at each other, both amazed at what they were hearing. Simultaneously, they both turned their heads back to Kate and the doctor and answered, "No ma'am!"

“Good, and better yet: I don’t think she even showed up for work today, because,” she laughed softly, “I haven’t seen her, have you two?”

Adam and Max both smiled and shook their heads. "No ma'am!"


The doctor sat back down in her chair, laying the dress in her lap. She picked up the phone and made a call. “Hello, this is Doctor Codwell. We’re going to need a J13 on a Kate Applebee,” she paused for a moment listening to the voice on the end of the line. “Yes, just like the restaurant, thank you very much… Yes… yeah…” she looked at the boys with a exaggerated smile on her face, rolling her eyes. “You have a good day too, Charles. Bye bye.” She set the phone down on the receiver with a small click. “So how about I put this dress on and we get to work?”

"Yes ma'am!" the boys answered.

"Well snap to it!" she ordered, and the two of them scrambled back to the conveyor, continuing where they left off hauling junk into the same machine that just converted Kate.

As they continued throwing trash onto the belt, the doctor slid into her dress. She slipped it up her tan legs, past her hips and around her waist. The dress was strapless and fit snug against her slender body. And it had a deep V-cut that accentuated the doctor's cleavage.

The doctor and Kate truly were an exquisite piece of work together.

However it wasn't quite complete.

"Oh boys, could one of you come help zip me up?" she called seductively.

Max perked up, "Gladly!" He walked over and helped her with the zipper, “There you are ma’am.”

“Thank you Max,” the doctor responded.

She stepped next to the machine, admiring her hazy reflection in the polished sheet metal. She ran one hand through her hair and the other down her dress, amazed by how soft Kate was. “If you two keep up quality work like this, I might have to find someone else to throw trash on that belt." She thought for a second and continued, "Y'know there’s currently an opening in Material Construction if you two are interested.”


Later that night, Dr. Codwell and her date - along with Kate - attended an awards ceremony for the advancements in the sciences of environmental protection. She happened to win an award and gave a speech about the benefits of NanoTek recycling technology - being able to turn junk into anything!

After the ceremony the doctor and her date went home, where her fantasies became a reality. On their way home they passed by an Applebee's - with elicited a snort from Codwell.

The next morning she stared at the dress, thinking of Kate’s wasted potential. Such a beautiful and smart girl (whom the doctor was planning on seducing), dumped into a beautiful, yet ultimately worthless garment.

She thought of a much better use for Kate.

She brought the dress back into work, and handed it to Adam and Max.

"Break this down for me, will ya? Make sure it get its own sample."

Mark and Adam looked at each other then back at the doctor.

“What are you going to do with he- I mean it?” Max asked, with a hint of concern in his voice.

"It's for a personal project," she said sternly. But then a small smirk appeared on her lips.

“Oh.. Okay ma’am,” Max said, turning around and giving Adam an exaggerated look, with his eyes wide and his brow raised high.

Adam returned the look.

They loaded the dress on the conveyor, prepped the sample bin, and started up the machine.

Kate once again entered the familiar machine that ended her life and converted her into her current form. And the nanobots once again swarmed her form and broke it down - recycling her once more.

The lovely dress Adam and Max formed from her atoms turned to dust from its lovely V-neck down to its hem.

And the dust, that was once a dress - that was once Kate - fell into the sample bin.

And there it lay until later that evening.

After the lab was empty, the doctor grabbed the sample bin that contained Kate, along with a batch of raw silicone, and some various other materials and got to work with Kate’s remains.

“What a waste,” she scoffed to the container of dust that sat on the desk next to her. “Don’t worry though Kate, I’ll still find a good use for you,” she said as a smile crossed her face, putting a few more inputs into the computer.

Satisfied with her work she stood up and grabbed the silicone and other materials, dumping it all into an empty sample bin. Returning back to the container of dust, she grabbed it and continued speaking to it. “Now, this right here should turn you into a nice silicone blend,” she said while lifting the container and angling it slightly down, as if showing Kate the other raw materials.

“But there is quite a bit of you in here, so I’ll try my best not to waste any.” She then flipped the container over, and Kate poured out quickly, joining the other materials with a puff of dust shooting out of the top of the chamber.

The doctor breathed in some of the dust, causing her to sneeze. "Ooh, I probably should've done that slower," she said letting out a couple of coughs while blowing the dust out of her face. She then shrugged, moved over to the control panel and loaded her program.

And the machine processed Kate once again.

The doctor watched through the porthole as the nanobots went to work moving the dust into shape and solidifying it into reality.

The nanobots finished. The computer verified that the object matched directly to spec. A bell dinged and the safety door opened.

The conveyor moved the object out of the chamber, and the doc went to go retrieve it.

Out the other end rolled a 6-inch flesh-colored dildo. Upon seeing it, a grin shot across the doctor’s face. “See Kate, much better then a dress huh,” she said lifting up the dildo and inspecting it for any errors.

"Perfect. Just perfect," she said, running a finger across Kate's new head.

She put her back down and went over to the sample bin that contained the remaining mixture of powdered Kate and her new ingredients.

She looked at the display above the bin. Not enough to make a second dildo - at least of the same size.

"Hmm," the doctor hummed in thought. "Well no sense making a half-sized dildo. And there's not much else we can make you mixed together like this so… bye!" she said bluntly, then pushing a button that released a hatch at the bottom of the bin.

The bin emptied into the waste disposal system below, and eventually out to parts unknown.

Looking down into the hole the doctor gasped. “Shit,” she said now angry with herself, “probably could have made a butt plug with that. Well…” she closed the opening and picked up her dildo, “this will have to do I guess. C'est la vie, right Kate?” A smile returned to her face.

Setting the dildo made of Kate back down for a second, the doctor started to undress right there - down to the black lingerie bra and black lacy thong that were also made of Kate.

Grabbing the dildo, the doc walked over to the conveyor belt and hopped up on it, sitting on the edge.

She raised the dildo up to her face. "Let's go for a test run, shall we?"

Her pussy wetter than when she first put Kate on, the doctor spread her legs and shifted her panties to the side. She then took Kate and pressed her head against the lips of her pussy, drawing a sharp deep breath.

“Like I said at your interview Kate ‘I think you would be the perfect girl for this position,’” the doctor then slipped Kate through her lips. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a deep moan, as she pushed half of Kate up inside her. “And- Oh my god…” the doctor interrupted herself with a moan, her hips attempting to buck Kate deeper into her. She couldn’t stop herself. Shoving Kate all the way up in her, she closed her eyes. A silent moan passed through her lips, her body twitching erratically.

She then slowly slid Kate out of her, holding the now wet dildo up to her face.

“…I definitely wasn't wrong…”
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Looking for stories thread

Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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Extras (f/f, con, stab/decap/drown/gut)

-Warnings may change and will be marked

Akiko grunted as an elbow pressed against her back. The set was fairly large, a recreation of an expansive Edo period bathing house, but with all the people standing off camera with her there wasn't any room to move without bumping into someone. For a moment she wondered how different it must have been making movies back in the days before the big population change.

According to her history books the retrovirus was originally designed to beat an old affliction called cancer by forcing good cells to split and multiply under certain conditions in order to aggressively starve out the bad ones. Things had gone well in closed clinical trials and so with great promise it was allowed to spread into the general population. Cancer quickly rates began to fall but it was only nine months later that the real consequences became known.

Apparently the presence of two X chromosomes within a recently fertilized egg had the unforeseen effect of triggering the virus and so there was a sudden uptick in the number of triplets, quintuplets and then octuplets appearing in maternity wards. Within a decade nearly every little girl had no fewer than five or six identical sisters to play with.

The increase in population density was unavoidable but Akiko had learned in school that Japan was already experienced with overcrowding and had quickly adjusted to that. The more fundamental change was to female identity. Parents struggled with the difficulty of raising anywhere from six to twelve indistinguishable girls as separate children and when the phenomenon grew to full proportion society as a whole couldn't handle the strain anymore.

That's why Akiko and her seven identical sisters were legally just Akiko Nakamura. Like other sets of girls they'd been raised by their parents as one person. They had passed their high school entrance exam as one person, pursued a career as one person and even dated as one person. For the women of today the idea of having any value or identity that was separate from their sisters had become an alien concept.

And so it was that Akiko, all eight of her, had by the age of 22 become a famous actress and starred in several exciting historical dramas. Right now six of them were working simultaneously on other sets while she was here as an understudy, observing the seventh Akiko perform the pivotal bathhouse scene.

It had begun with Akiko's character, a wandering samurai, giving into the flirtatious advances of an alluring temple maiden played by Rina Sato, a young up and comer. The Rina sisters were still new to acting but their remarkably child like appearance combined with their unquenchable sexual energy made them a darling in today's cinema and a perfect match for Akiko's powerful screen presence.

Rina's sweet cries echoed across the water as she trembled under the touch of an equally nude and wet Akiko. Three fingers had found their way into the petite girl's opening as Akiko's other hand squeezed one of Rina's delightful little breasts. Unable to hold back from so much stimulation the girl's chest bowed upward as she visually and audibly reached a point of absolute ecstasy.

It was a mark of pride and quality that these high value productions never faked what the actresses were experiencing, including the orgasms. Right now the camera perfectly captured Rina's breathless satisfaction as she gazed longing into Akiko's eyes right before that expression morphed into one of naughty mischief.

This is what Rina had been hired for; that unique ability to go from an innocent school girl to a lustful succubus in the blink of an eye and that was indeed all the time it took for her to deftly flip the older woman over and take her place astride Akiko's thighs.

Leaning down her mouth seized Akiko's in a long wet kiss, both actresses clearly taking their time to enjoy the moment before Rina straightened up and began her critical monologue, running her hands provocatively over her own body as she described the depth of her affection and her desire for them to be together forever.

The scene was timed so that it was right before Akiko could give her answer that the polished shuriken cut through the air and embedded itself deeply into Rina's left eye. Slumping to the side the beautiful actress was probably dead before she hit the ground but her body still put on a dramatic performance as it convulsed reflexively while blood poured out of her destroyed eye socket.

The other female bathers screamed and ran for the exit leaving Akiko alone starring toward a tall woman with wild black hair at the other end of the bathing house. Rina's killer smirked and tossed aside her towel to reveal that her large bust was not the only thing it had been concealing. Lifting the hidden sword above her head she charged forward with a murderous cry.

In spite of being unarmed Akiko showed no fear and at the last moment side stepped and knocked her assailant's arm away followed by a second strike to the shoulder that cause the weapon to fall from the woman's grasp. From there the choreographed fight began in earnest demonstrating how despite the assassin being larger and stronger she was no match for the skill and speed of Akiko's character.

Knocking her down beside the pool Akiko yanked the woman's arm around to an uncomfortable angle and with a knee planted in her back forced the woman's head underwater. Despite the actress's struggles she couldn't break the lock and so her legs kicked uselessly as Akiko mercilessly drowned the nameless bit player.

With the hated woman finally dead Akiko's head rose with the camera to reveal a dozen more women arrayed around the perimeter of the building. Despite their different faces and builds they all shared the same unmistakable garb of the Crimson Lotus Society. Wordlessly picking up the fallen assassin's sword Akiko beckoned them to try their luck.

The first two didn't get past their initial charge as all it took was a stab and a slash to quickly dispatch them. The third one was younger and less eager to throw herself straight into it. Being careful she managed to cross steel several time before a surprise kick left her unexpectedly on her knees with Akiko's sword drawing a clean line across her throat.

Seven more girls then died screaming in pain as part of an action packed sequence of death that culminated in a helicopter spin which decapitated two of the actresses in a single blow. The Akiko sisters had practiced for weeks to be sure that they could pull off the demanding move since in a production like this there wasn't room for anything but perfection from its star.

Now there were only two opponents left, one of them had been casually holding back by the wall while the other seemed to understand how big of a mistake she'd made in challenging the legendary samurai.

Trembling she tried to back away with her sword held protectively in front of her but Akiko's character wouldn't have it; still enraged by the loss of her lover she dashed sideways and swung her blade down cutting off both of the girl's arms and then for good measure dropped low and hacked her legs off at the knee causing the newly made quadruple amputee to tumble face down into one of the bathing pools.

Now the final member of the Crimson Lotus Society stepped forward, her high born features showing no concern over the loss of her underlings, not even for the poor girl thrashing helplessly in the blood soaked water. The scripted exchange between them was a mix of the woman's sarcastic praise for Akiko's honor and Akiko's own promise to take the woman's head as a trophy.

Then the real battle began and it seemed that the two of them were very closely matched. Akiko, her braid now loose and her nude body dirtied with the blood of all those women contrasted against the clean silk garments and refined makeup of the noble bearing assassin leader. Sparks flew as steel met steel and they both tried repeatedly to find a weakness in the other's defense.

Off camera Akiko watched as her sister recovered from one failed attack and then raised her sword to block the assassin's quick return. Having practiced this set many times it was obvious which step her sister had missed even with only a split second to catch it. Unfortunately the mistake was a costly one and instead of knocking away the assassin's blade the angle of her sword redirected it, giving the other actress no time to react before her sword had already slipped down and bisected through half of Akiko's stomach.

The director yelled cut and threw down an expensive headset in obvious exasperation. Many groans rang out behind the camera at the realization that the entire sequence had been ruined and they'd have to do it all over again. Crew members immediately got to work resetting the scene but it would probably be hours before they'd be ready to shoot again.

On the ground Akiko choked and sobbed as she desperately tried to pull her ruined guts back inside of herself but it was a lost cause. Annoyed members of the costume department stepped around her as they collected the clothing that would need to be cleaned and repaired so that the sisters of those already killed would have the correct costume to wear.

While glancing around the Akiko who was unharmed spotted the Rina who was also waiting as an understudy. The girl returned her look and gave a come hither gesture before moving toward the dressing rooms. Having spent plenty of time around her the message was clear: Rina wanted to 'practice' the love making portion of their scene before the two of them returned in a few hours to perform the second and hopefully successful take of the scene.


I'd like to know what you thought of it. Any feedback, criticism, praise, analysis or questions are welcome and encouraged.
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Short Capital Punishment Stories

Death Row Destiny

The years leading up to the passing of the Brooke-Strickland Act were filled with mass overpopulation, societal decay, and violent crime. In 2046, the year before the Act mandated the death sentence for even the smallest crime, the homicide rate in 7/10 major cities in the former United States was at record highs.

A little known add-on to the Act also extended the death penalty to minors. This would soon arouse extreme controversy when it would be utilized to hang a gang of street children accused of raping the daughter of a wealthy executive.

"Alright Merle, what do you have for us today?", Charlie yelled.
Charlie was the executioner that day. I was the photographer in charge of documenting this historic event. The first time anyone under the age of 18 had been put to death in almost a century.

"Just some street rats, Chuck!" the guard answered with a chuckle.
Charlie handed Merle a sheaf of paperwork. He turned to the prisoners, and winked. The kids didn't react, their senses having been dulled beforehand with a tranquilizer solution added to their last meal.

There were 5 of them.
Tom, age 13, a slender, almost feminine boy with long blonde hair tied into a pony tail.
Sara, age 16, a latina short stack with a glare permanently plastered on her face.
Luca, age 15, a string bean with curly brown hair and freckles.
Mika, age 12, the youngest in the group, tan skin contrasting with an explosion of pink hair cut short on her head.
Nate, age 17, sharp eyes and a buzzcut, biceps and legs toned from daily hard labor.
All were wearing the disposable jumpsuits given to death row inmates. They stood listlessly as Merle scribbled on the sheet of paper authorizing the transfer of the prisoners to the executioner.

"Alright, that's it then", Charlie said as Merle gave back the forms.
"Let's go, guys". He yanked on the chain, and the doomed children slowly shuffled forward to the execution chamber. The chamber was simply a large featureless room with a digital clock, and a series of drains embedded into the floor. Several HD cameras tracked the prisoners as they walked in. A specific request from the father of the raped girl, the execution would be streamed live to the world.

The prisoners stopped, their eyes wandering up to the gallows. Five nooses attached to a solid steel pipe attached to the ceiling. The trap doors each had an X painted on them, where the prisoners would stand. A standard long drop would snap their necks, ensuring a quick death.
Charlie prodded them forward, and they slowly ascended up the steps.
Each kid stepped in front of a noose, and Charlie began to slip a noose over each head, tightening them as he went.

The tranquilizer had begun to wear off by then, and the kids were slowly realizing that the rest of their lives were measured in minutes. Mika began to cry, and Luca started trembling. Sara just uttered a string of Spanish and English profanities as the noose around her neck was tightened, and Nate just bowed his head and whispered prayers. Tom desperately pleaded with Charlie, but the executioner had heard it all before.

"Alright, all done". Charlie turned to me and asked if I wanted to take one final set of portraits of the convicts. I nodded, and walked up the stairs. Each prisoner had a different expression as I took their photographs. Luca averted his eyes, Mika had finished crying and just faced the camera with a blank face, Tom had tears in his eyes but tried to present a brave face, Sara stuck her tongue out at me in one final act of childish rebellion, and Nate smiled sadly.

I finished, and walked back down the stairs to rejoin Charlie. He had taken a remote control from his pocket, and scrutinized the clock. "Five, four, three, two-"
all of the kids had closed their eyes tight by now "-one!"

Charlie pressed the button on the remote. The trap doors clattered open, sending five children to their demise. Five corpses twisted and swung, twitching spasmodically as their nervous system shut down.

Two guards walked in to assist in taking down the bodies. I photographed each corpse, marvelling at the grotesque contortions frozen on their faces. I asked Charlie what would happen to the bodies. "Well, no next of kin, so we usually just send them to the medical school next door for autopsy practice", he answered absentmindedly as he checked off the names on his list.
R: 22 / I: 0

Interactive Shota story (Many kinks!)

(Hello there! This is an experimental story with a interactive element. I tried to do this as an rp but no one tried so instead I'm going to do it as a story! With multiple choice elements!

Here's the plan, after ever tidbit of the story I will give four options for readers to vote on, with a fifth optional choice being written in by the FIRST person to respond after one of my posts. Whichever choice has the most votes when I come around to write will be what I go with!)

Joeslist, a popular dark web version of Craigslist just posted a unique listing in their "prostitution" tab. A rather rare find amongst the many whores of different varieties and ages

'7yo boy, kidnapped, Virgin. NEVER USED'

The ad includes pictures of a rather terrified looking boy with brown hair and stunning blue eyes tied to a chair. Wearing a green t shirt with a dinosaur print on it and pair of jeans an black and white converse sneakers that seemed rather beaten up.

The ad mentioned that the kid is freshly bathed but only has the one outfit, which he pissed in when he was being kidnapped. Somewhere after his kidnappers grabbed him a discussion was had about washing the clothes…but they decided not to… assuming someone may like the smell of little boy piss. As well as he's been fed and hydrated and checked to make sure of his virgin status…though there is no mention of how he was checked.

The ad links to a bidding site, with the starting bid already inordinately high, at least three times higher that some of the most premium whores. The boy clearly could only be afforded to the wealthy, someone willing to give up all their savings…or perhaps a few perverts willing to split the costs.

The ad also mentions that the boy must remain alive and unharmed, as they intend to continue selling him (albeit at a lower cost) once his virginity is spent. This also means no forcing him to eat shit…though pissing is fine as long as the boy doesn't drown. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

Who's going to have the winning bet on this cute little guy?

A) A wealthy man, eager to use and abuse the boy…once he gets him cleaned, groomed and properly dressed

B) A group of perverts that have pooled their money so they could all have their way with the boy

C) A wealthy teen rocker, tired of all the men that throw themselves at her, eager to get something she can't have

D) A guardian angel! Some unknown figure who is willing to hand over the money to spare the boy from the lust fueled perverts who wish to buy him!
R: 2 / I: 0

The Urge to Breathe[F/Furry, bagging, snuff, autoerotic]

Little story I put together for a set of pieces made by Emikochan

I tried to include some science behind it while mixing it into the story… Let me know what you think!

Your body has warning signs of danger and should rarely be ignored. Panic, pain, difficulty acting, moving or even breathing. Your body has these warning signs to help keep you alive and to warn you of danger, but for some this is just a hinderance for a spell.

It had taken months of practice and play to get to the point she was at. To iron out that annoying panic signal her brain always gave off the moment she started to run out of air. To ignore the light headedness the lack of air brought for the sweet release that came after. To ignore the pain that was washed away the moment that warmth flooded her body.

She thought she was safe; she had practiced for months, used something thin and flimsy that could be easily rendered with her teeth, and /knew/ her limits. Well, the problem with limits is you never know what they are until you push them over the edge, and until you break through those limits. Only then are you truly capable of knowing what you can or can not do, but for some that is too little too late.

This had become her almost daily pattern now after coming home from work. Flop on her bed with a toy or not, slip a thin bag over her head and tuck it into her collar before securing the collar. Normally what took her thirty minutes or more to accomplish was done in mere seconds once her air ran out. That though had an inverse affect in it slowly taking longer and longer to accomplish her peak. The more she did it the longer it took, or that much more effort it took just to peak.

After a while of doing this she had learned to ignore her brain’s panic symptoms. She had rid herself of the panic that made her shred so many of the thin plastic bags. She had learned that the release that came after her head became clouded and blank was strong. She had learned to ignore the pain in her lungs since once the release hit her that pain would fade. All she had to do was tear the flimsy bag with a claw, tooth, or even her hand and she would be able to breathe again.

The problem was with every session the time it took grew seconds longer in what used to take mere seconds to peak. Now it was taking her nearly two minutes without air for her body to peak, but it was the only alternative now. She had trained her body in such a way that it was impossible to peak without the danger, and no matter what she used or how hard she tried she could not achieve that release.

Tonight, she had again covered her head, tucked in the bag, taken a deep breath, and secured her collar to her neck. She had opted to simply use her fingers instead of a toy as well since she saw now difference in time required, and her fingers felt that much better to her. As she lied there holding her breath as long as she could she played with herself, working on her labia at first and not touching her passage until the next breath. Always slowly escalating the pleasure with each practiced breath.

The funny thing is with practice and steady breathing even a bag of air no larger than your head could last a while. Your body only brings in five percent of the volume as needed oxygen, and expels the rest on exhale. However, this can only be done so many times before the oxygen in the bag drops below safe levels and can no longer replenish the blood’s supply. When this occurs your head immediately feels light headed and your pulse begins to race, as does your breathing. Your body is trying to stay alive by doing this, but it doesn’t know the bag is preventing fresh air from reaching your lungs and the rapid breathing only worsens the situation.

It would normally be about now that she would peak as her air ran out and her body began to breathe rapidly sucking the bag against her face. She could feel her peak within reach it was so close, her back arched as much as it could and her toes curled. Her eyes rolled back and her fingers thrust into herself as hard as they could. Just a few more seconds she thought, just a few more and that sweet release would hit her, and she could breathe again.

The release did hit her and expended the last of the oxygen in her blood from it, but she still felt that sweet feeling of release. She immediately reached up to tear the bag, but her arm didn’t do what she wanted and merely flopped to her side uselessly. She tried to bite at the bag with her teeth given how tight it was against her face, but her jaw wouldn’t move anymore. She didn’t even have time to realize what was happening because she had blacked out. There she laid a mess on the bed for someone to find much later, as she had merely become another statistic.
R: 334 / I: 0

The Death Factory (Tags inside)

Tags: mf/fsnon-con crushing mashing ripping shredding destruction rape scat lolli teen (probably more to follow)

Hello sickos. I'd never done creative writing before, so thought I'd give it a try. 4 days later I've roughed out nearly 20000 words, and am pleased enough with it to upload it here.

Feedback is welcome. I'd like to know if I'm deluded, so I don't have to waste any more time on this.

If you spot any glaring errors, keep them to yourself, and hopefully no-one else will notice ;)

The general theme is a modern underground dungeon. Girls and young ladies get brutally raped, and then meet annihilation in various machines. Lots of gore and minimal plot. The format is pretty open ended, so I'll probably keep adding chapters as I go along.
R: 88 / I: 2

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary (Post-mortem Necro, Morgue, Sometimes Furry, MLP)

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary is a collection of stories surrounding the mortician Mort Momento and looking through the many corpses that head his way, figuring out their means of death, carrying out their terms for a funeral, and having some fun along the way.

This first entry is more of a pilot story. I had written it a long while ago (like a couple of years now) and I'm just now deciding to publish it here. If you have any ideas for future entries, please suggest them in this format:

Name: (this would be a character from MLP. It might branch out to other series, but for now, it's MLP. If your suggestion is an OC, please link to their appearence)
Cause of Death: (how did they die and how were they found at the crime scene?)
Death Outfit: (how were they dressed when they were processed by CSI?)
Funeral Arrangements: (what, if anything, have they requested happen to them for their funeral?)

Without further to do, let's begin!

Bittersweet (Pinkie Pie, 2nd person)

9:13 PM. That was the time they called it according to the note attached to the body bag of one Pinkamena Diane Pie. You were just a hapless mortician that was assigned to analyzing the body. You look at some of the notes attached to it, like how she was aged at 23 by the time of her death and that she died of cardiac arrest. You unzip the bag and by God was she gorgeous. Her eyelids were naturally closed and her face gave off a natural, peaceful look.

Her hair was long, curly to the point of it being fluffy like cotton candy and in a bright hot pink color. You continue to unzip the bag. She wore a pink sweatshirt and black track pants. Her body was a bit on the chubby side, but not to the extent of her being morbidly obese. You notice that CSI team have prepped her body for examination with the bagged hands and the fact that one of her feet are missing a sock. You take the body out of the bag and carry her to the metal tray that you prepared for her. Rigor mortis seemed to have passed for her as you notice the way her body limped as you carried her.

You sneak a grab at her butt as you lay her down and judging from that feel alone, you figure out what’s the first thing to be taken off. You take off the other sock and put it to the side. You observed both feet as you lift up Diane’s legs and worked your way to the waist. Tugging the pants down, you managed to pull down both her pants and panties down. The last tug to take them off was hard, so you turn and struggled. Her corpse flopped to its side as you pull them down. You pulled her down too, as you noticed her soles inching close to your dick.

You pull down your pants slightly and let your penis touch her soft feet for a moment. After that, you pulled them back up and go observe her body. You look at her smooth ass as it lined up with pink sweatshirt. The curves of her butt looked adorable. You take a squeeze on one cheek before squeezing the other. You pull down your pants, lower the tray, and mount Diane. You align your dick within the part where the two cheeks met the legs and plopped it there. You felt the coldness of the corpse, but can also feel your penis surrounded by soft, silk-like skin. You rub your penis in between her legs for a while, a few times your dick edged to her vagina, until finally you cum over her butt. Nothing that a quick wipe from a kleenex wouldn’t fix.

The time for more sex had to wait. You’re assigned to study the corpse, not fuck it after all. You flop Pinkamena over and try not to gaze at her vagina for fear of your sex drive taking over again. You figured that getting the shirt off would be more difficult. Rather than struggle with pulling it off, you decided to just grab a pair of scissors and cut the sweatshirt off her. You started at the bottom and began cutting upward. Her gut was revealed and you gave it a quick rub of her soft belly before you finished cutting. You take the shirt off her and all you’re left now is her bra. It was one of those lace bras that showed a bit of the nipple via see through fabric. You look at how the nipples were erect. With one cut, you take off the bra, put it to the side, and now you have a nude body.

Now was the time to look at her vagina. The first thing you notice is her fluffy bush of pubic hair. Already her appearance is giving you a hard-on. You part her legs and look at her vagina. You go to the sink and wet a cloth. You go back to the body and dab a little bit of the cloth onto her pussy to make it a bit more wet and lubricant. You lift her legs, undo your pants, and began to screw her lifeless body. With each thrust, you notice her breasts and hair bounce, her arms juggling a bit to keep up. Seeing the motion made you sick and you stop. You turn her body around to see her adorable butt.

You continue your sex. You can see her face rub against the cold steel, cheeks pressed up to the point where her lips parted. You hold her from behind and grab her large, soft breasts as you bury your head into her hair. You begin to wonder what kind of person she was and why she had to die. It often helped you making a personality for her. Eventually, with one last thump, you came inside Diane Pie. You got out and her body slumped to the ground.

You take out a small hose and began to wash her body, taking extra care with the pussy as your cum drained out of her. Soon, her entire body was wet and her once beautiful hair was now long and wet. Her mouth was open and you decide to give her a tongue before you set your sheet over her corpse. You’ll begin the autopsy in the morning.

Fortunately, someone else did the autopsy for you so you don’t have to go through the gruesome details. Looking at the scar on her nude body and her skin even paler made your dick hard. You raise her legs, inserted your dick into her body, and clung onto her for dear life as you humped her body.

Her nipples poked your chest as the scars rubbed against you. You hold her tightly as you ride out your lust onto her body. You could feel the embalming fluid inside her as you kiss her on the lips. Her breasts wobble a bit, but not by much. You comb your fingers through her hair and kiss her on the forehead.

Eventually, you cum inside her body. This time, you don’t clean it, but rather grab a cotton ball and stuff it into her pussy. You decided to do something different and take Diane’s hand. You pressed her fingers onto the cotton and shove it in. You leave her like that and get out your phone to take some pictures of the corpse “masturbating”.

You decided to go all out on her, licking her nipples, feeling up her pubic hair, even opening up her eyelids to look at her gorgeous yet lifeless blue eyes. You decided to go one more time, though this time, you’re going in protected. Although her holes were covered, you made an exception to her ass.

You go gently, as if she was alive and looking right at you. You massage her breasts and feel up her belly. You rub her legs before touching her soft soles. You grab onto her hands, continuing to pretend you and her were lovers. Eventually, you came again and took your penis out of her anus.

You close her eyes and get her clothes. She had been given a simple white dress with shoes that show off her cute toes. There was also panties for her, but you decide to put just the dress and shoes on. You bunched up the dress to see her pussy one last time. Taking a picture, you finally put panties onto her and leave her.
R: 0 / I: 0

The Storied History of Caedis (Varies by chapter, generally cons, f/f, m/f, inc, necro)

This is going to be a collection of stories about a fantasy nation where people find pleasure in killing and dying, but the rest of the world doesn't.

This first chapter is the creation myth, telling the story of the goddess sisters who made the nation that way.

=Katsana and Sayobi, Goddesses of Death and Pleasure (f/f, incest, snuff, a little bit of necro)=

[Katsana is 6'1, deathly gray skin, a cup breasts, short black hair, and is wearing panties, a sheer top, and a transparent train that attaches to the panties at her waist. Sayobi is 6'3, warm tan skin, d cup breasts, long pink hair, and is wearing a skirt and a bra.]

Once, even the gods were young. There were eight gods, each one diametrically opposed to another. Chief among these rivalries was the one between the sisters Sayobi and Katsana, the goddesses of pleasure and death. While there was a goddess of life, she and Katsana existed in symbiosis; life and death need each other, and thus could never bring themselves to hate one another. But the true opposite of death is pleasure, as (how it was back then) after death there could be no more pleasure, and death was as far from pleasure as one could be.

This did not stop the two of them from spending time together. They spent more time in each others’ company than they did with the other gods, despite claiming to hate each other. They often fought, and as sisters their fights were all the more intense, but so was it when they made love. It was not uncommon for the gods to make love with their rivals as animosity quickly breeds passion, but all were envious of the passion of Sayobi and Katsana. Many nights they would fill the sky with hours on end of moans and cries and the sounds of each others’ names, made all the better by Sayobi’s inherent domain over the experience. But both sisters knew that by having sex, they weren’t subduing their rivalry, but rather strengthening it. Katsana was playing into Sayobi’s domain, so she knew there was but one thing to do: to smooth the rivalry out and bring balance to the two of them once and for all, she had to kill her sister.

Katsana made all the preparations and invited her sister to a grand field in the nation of Caedis. She waited under the stars from her sister to arrive, her heart pounding in anticipation. She held a curved knife behind her back, adjusting her grip every few moments as nervous sweat threatened her grip. Soon enough, she knew, Sayobi would crest the hills and come meet her one final time. The thought of driving the knife into her sister’s warm flesh, seeing the shock on her face and feeling the blood pour from her… as the goddess of death, the thought excited her like no fantasy she’d ever had before. She realized with a start she was growing hard beneath her panties, and a slight smile crept across her face. Her body slowly tensed, warmth spreading in her abdomen as her body prepared for what it knew was coming soon.

Soon enough, Sayobi arrived. Her pink hair flowed slowly as if underwater, her divine aura making her just as radiant and beautiful as the moon above her. Something about Sayobi made it so the other gods would do anything to make her happy, gladly throwing themselves at her feet and doing anything she asked. Her presence was so commanding that she could easily be the queen of the gods, and it was only because she didn’t want to be on the throne that she hadn’t long since been ruling the world. Just seeing her strutting across the plain, one leg planted confidently in front of the other, was almost enough to make Katsana reconsider her plan. Almost.

“Why have you invited me here, sister?” Sayobi asked Katsana when she reached her, looking past her sister at the countless stars above. “This field is gorgeous, but it’s rather cold, and I’d much prefer that whatever you want to do happen somewhere more comfortable.”

“Sayobi, could you be patient for once in your life?” Katsana said, running her free hand up her sister’s arm. Sayobi instinctively stepped a bit closer, nodding. As soon as Katsana’s cold fingers touched her skin images of their bodies entwined began to fly through her mind. If Katsana was after a romantic night under the stars… Sayobi could deliver. Even as much as she loathed her sister, she always enjoys warming up that deathly cold body of hers.

“Fine, say what you’re going to say. I’ll give you the honour of my attention for a moment, but make it quick. I have more business to attend to than just spending time with someone I despise.” Sayobi rolled her eyes, making her exasperation known. Of course she’d love to make her sister scream her name, feel her body tense from orgasm after orgasm as she moved her fingers and tongue dexterously across her body, but Katsana could at least get on with it.

Katsana’s fingers gripped tight around her sister’s upper arm and forced Sayobi against her, Sayobi grunting as their bodies slammed together. Sayobi’s warmth seeped into her body, and for a moment she just had to close her eyes and savor it. It would be the last time, of course. In an instant their faces were millimeters apart, a slight smirk on her lips as she pressed them against Sayobi’s neck. Sayobi exhaled softly, wrapping her arms tenderly around Katsana’s back. “Sister, if you simply wanted sex, you should have said so from the beginning. Don’t play these games with me.”

That drew a dry chuckle from Katsana’s mouth. She drew her tongue slowly up Sayobi’s neck, eliciting a loud moan from her sister. Her neck was always her weak spot, and Katsana knew that with just a few nibbles and licks she could bring her sister to her knees. Sayobi was already turned on, she could tell. She sucked on the supple flesh, leaving a red mark, the kind Sayobi was extremely familiar with. But this was not the most permanent mark she’d leave on her sister tonight.

Subtly, slowly, she moved the blade from behind her back to out behind her sister’s. Moonlight glinted off the blade, silver for the moment but soon to be dripping golden red with ichor.

“I’m not only going to fuck you tonight, Sayobi. I’m going to kill you.”

By the time she finished the sentence, the knife was already in Sayobi’s back.

Sayobi’s eyes went wide, a moan cut off and leaving her silently agape. This pain was nothing a god had ever imagined experiencing. No god had ever even died before; a tacit rule of the divine rivalries was that to avoid tossing the world into chaos, none would kill the other. Her knees went weak; at first it simply felt like she had been punched, but blood pooled across her back in time with the tears welling in her eyes and she almost lost control of her body. She tried to fall to the ground, but Katsana kept her on her feet with a strong arm wrapped around her back. Sayobi chuckled weakly, but cut herself off by coughing up blood, staining her lips irrevocably golden red.

Katana pressed her lips against her sister’s, running her tongue across Sayobi’s lower lip like she’d done countless times before. The taste of ichor coated her tongue and she let out a deep moan into her sister’s mouth, letting her tongue slip past the lips into her mouth.

Sayobi’s tongue responded in turn, running across Katsana’s eagerly. Katsana could feel a smile growing on Sayobi’s lips as they began to make out, and pulled away in confusion. Sayobi’s eyes were half-lidded, but Katsana was uncertain if it was pain or pleasure they were fogged with.

“I expected you to fight back, Sayobi. Or at least sit there and whimper and cry as I fucked you until the life drained from you, then fucked you long after the life was gone. Why do you kiss me like we’re still lovers?” Katsana asked, moving her arm to brace her by the neck and keep their eyes locked.

Sayobi laughed again, a stronger sound than the weak chuckle from before. “What good would fighting back do? You’re the goddess of death. I couldn’t escape this fate if I enlisted all the other gods. Besides, you stabbed me in the lung; I’m dying already. But I’m the goddess of pleasure; if I must die, it will be on my terms. I’ve converted my pain into a much more familiar feeling. I’m getting off to this now. So please, Katsana. Kill me. Slowly bleed me out, choke me, hurt me, tear me limb from limb. I want to die here in your arms, killed by your violent fury. I couldn’t imagine something that would feel better. Go ahead, feel me. You’ll see I’m not lying.”

She grabbed Katsana’s free hand and guided it beneath her skirt. She closed her eyes with a blissful grin crossing her face as Katsana ran a finger up her pussy, pressing the lips to the side ever so slightly to feel exactly what Sayobi implored her to feel. Katana drew her hand out from the skirt and stood Sayobi back on her feet. She wordlessly nodded, reached behind her, and twisted the knife.

Initially it still felt like pain. But as it spread like lightning across her body it melted into pleasure, coursing through her like waves in the ocean. Her hips jerked involuntarily.

“Aaagkh~!! K-Katsana,” she cried out, more ichor flying from her mouth. “Make it slow…” She knew she could take a lot of punishment from her sister. Gods weren’t immortal, by this point she was well aware of that, but her heart beat ever faster and her body wasn’t growing cold yet; she could go for a long time.

“Slow?” Katsana asked with a smirk, her tongue finding its way to Sayobi’s earlobe. She nibbled on it slowly, pondering what her sister was offering. “Did you not just say you wanted to die?” Her voice was a low whisper, the threat of overwhelming pleasure inherent in every word. Her hands ran down Sayobi’s body, wondering what she should do next.

“I—” Sayobi began, but Katsana slapped her across the face with all her strength. Any mortal’s neck would have snapped instantly; Sayobi merely moaned involuntarily, blushing at the response.

“Quiet. I’ll do this on my own terms. Say anything but my name again and I’ll tear your tongue from your mouth.”

An enticing offer. But Sayobi wanted to be able to call for her sister a bit longer, so she bit her tongue, lest Katsana do that for her.

Katsana realized there was so much she wanted to do, but so many of them would make it so she could never try the others. What a shame she could only kill her sister once. She pressed her knee between Sayobi’s legs and grinded it slowly, pressing her lips to her sister’s again to get a taste of what was to come. Her sister was impatient, and she knew this foreplay was driving her mad with the desire for more pain. You can only have a knife in your back so long before it gets boring.

And so after a few minutes she pulled away, blood and drool clinging to her tongue. She stepped back from Sayobi, looked her up and down for a moment, and shoved her down. She screamed in shock and hit the ground hard, the knife hitting the ground before her body and driving deeper into her. With a spurt of ichor the blade pierced all the way through her body, and Sayobi’s scream of shock became one of unadulterated pleasure almost instantly. Her thighs quivered, and she blushed as she realized she was cumming almost entirely untouched. Perhaps she overdid the transfer of sensations a bit. Then Katsana was straddling her, pulling off her skirt and lifting her back off the ground, extricating the knife from her back. Ichor pooled from the wound, soaking the grass and steaming in the cold night air. She gripped Sayobi’s chin and pressed her thumb between her lips, pulling her mouth open. She pressed the knife to Sayobi’s tongue, forcing her to lick it clean.

“Careful, dear sister~” Katsana purred. When the knife was clean she pressed it to Sayobi’s top, slicing the fabric and letting it fall to either side, exposing the ample chest it contained. A few beads of blood welled where she had sliced; she’d pressed a bit too hard, but that just makes it more fun for both of them.

Sayobi reached for Katsana, palming her sister’s bulge. The goddess naturally had a pussy like her own, but as the patron of pleasure she could change that at will, and often gave Katsana a cock when they made love. She had done so last time, and never changed it back; this final time, she was more than willing to have fun with her sister’s cock. “Fuck me, sister. Fill me with your seed as I die.”

Katsana purred at the hand on her cock, but her expression hardened to stone. “I told you I wanted to hear nothing but my name from you,” she said, and sliced her panties off in a flash. Her cock flopped out, pulsing and already dripping with precum, and she grabbed her sister by the neck. “Now I have to silence you.”

She grabbed Sayobi’s hair and pressed the head of her cock to her lips, waiting for her to open them. Diligently she obeyed, and Katsana thrust into Sayobi’s throat. Normally she would start slow and work towards ramming her entire length down her sister’s throat, but this was a punishment and should work as such.

Sayobi gagged almost instantly, a wet gurgle escaping from her throat as Katsana’s hips thrusted back and forth above her face. Meanwhile, Katsana felt her way down Sayobi’s body with her free hand, stopping just below her belly button. As Sayobi’s body slowly began to call out for air she wondered what Katsana’s plan was; was she going to finger her as Sayobi choked on her cock? But then the knife dug into her abdomen and tore slowly through her flesh, and she felt the cold air against a part of her body she never thought would be exposed to the open air. Instantly, she was cumming again; her body rocked beneath Katsana and her hips bucking like a trapped animal. The second orgasm was always more intense than the first for her, even as her one working lung began to pound against her chest for air. Her fingers were growing cold, but she couldn’t tell if it was from blood loss or lack of air; either way, she could feel Katsana’s cock throbbing down her throat and barely had the energy to focus on much more than that.

Just as her eyes were beginning to droop and her body threatened to lose consciousness, Katsana let out an uncharacteristic moan, let Sayobi’s name fall from her lips, and pulled her bloody shaft from her sister’s throat and came all over her face. The warm cum mixed with the ichor on her face and formed a cocktail that Katsana was quick to lick up, leaving both of them panting and messy and breathily begging for one another.

“K-Katsana~~” Sayobi moaned between coughs and gasps, her body drinking up the air like it didn’t realize it wanted to die.

Katsana, still hard, slid back down Sayobi’s body, down to the gaping wound that was painting Sayobi’s lower body with slick ichor.

“You’ve cum twice just from the wounds I’ve given you, so let’s see what would happen if I dug deeper inside you, hmm?” She asked, grinding her cock against Sayobi’s waiting pussy and curling one finger at a time around the wound. Without warning she thrusted inside Sayobi, and at the same time plunged her hand into the wound. Sayobi cried out in overwhelming pleasure, so enraptured that she found it cycled back around to pain. She was dying, surely, and she was loved it more than life.

Katsana thrusted quickly, at the same rough pace as before, feeling Sayobi’s body react to each small movement of her hand inside her guts. Her intestines spilled out of the wound, displaced by her hand, and her free hand dropped the knife in favour of groping at Sayobi’s breasts.

Sayobi tightened around Katsana’s cock as she grew closer to yet another orgasm, the cold creeping up her arms and legs as her ichor stained the grass around her a dark, almost black shade of gold.

Katsana knew her sister well, and Sayobi knew hers well too. In just a few moments they were cumming in time with one another, the erratic tightening of Sayobi’s pussy complimenting the throbbing pumps of Katsana’s divine cock. But this cock was gifted to Katsana by the goddess of pleasure, and neither of them were going to stop after just a few orgasms. She was having the most exquisite time of her life, but Katsana needed more, so her hand fell from her sister’s breast and grabbed the knife. Sayobi only barely registered this fact, but knew one thing for certain: she was going to lose count of how many times she came before she finally slipped into the cold embrace of her sister’s domain.

The knife, sharper than anything a human could forge, sliced cleanly through Sayobi’s right arm, cleaving the bone like it was a bird’s hollow bone. Sayobi’s throat was raw at this point, and the only warmth left in her body was her sister’s seed filling her up by degrees, as well as the frantic beating of her heart. “FU~CK!” she cried, what ichor remained in her spurting from the stump of as her severed arm spasmed on the ground.

“Ah, what a shame, sister,” Katsana grunted out between thrusts. “How I wanted your last word to be my name.” She sighed and stretched her arm upwards to Sayobi’s mouth.

“K-Katsana!” She cried hurriedly, and the knife tore through her cheek. Katsana came again, and Sayobi was almost certain this was the last time she would feel her sister fill her up. The blade sliced her tongue off easily, and Katsana withdrew the blade. She could feel her sister dying more and more each time she came, and she knew she had to make these next few moments a fitting end to both the night and her sister’s eternal life. Now elbow deep within her sister’s guts she found the goddess’s heart, wrapping her hand around it slowly constricting each beat. The sensation was alien to Sayobi, her brain unsure how to even process the feeling, but it knew one avenue to handle it: she began to orgasm, harder yet than the half dozen or so before, and it didn’t stop. She tried to cry out, to moan, to make any noise, but only the gurgle of the ichor filling her throat met Katsana’s ears. She was bleeding out, drowning, choking to death, and losing her heartbeat all at once; she was dying four times over in this moment. The goddess of death sure knew what she was doing.

Katsana slowed her thrusts as she came yet again, her sister’s womb now brimming with her endless supply of seed.

“I never truly hated you, Sayobi. I always loved you more than anything else in this world. I couldn’t be happier that you found pleasure and solace in death. I’ll make certain that the humans can continue to find pleasure without you.” She smiled down at her sister, her heart now almost entirely still in her grip. She raised the knife one last time and brought it down on her throat, cleaving easily into the flesh and nearly decapitating her in one clean motion. Sayobi’s weak point was always her neck.

Katsana pulled out of her sister’s pussy and looked at her battered, torn, desecrated corpse. There was still much she could do with it. She lowered herself back down and spread her cheeks, slipping into the other hole. As snow began to fall around her, she made love to her late sister until Sayobi’s body was as cold as her own.
R: 9 / I: 0

Cardiophile musings (Heart fetish-always f/f)

While I am trying to get back into writing, I thought I'd let y'all see some short stories. Let me know what you think c:
R: 60 / I: 0

The Free Use Thread

Welcome to the free use thread. The free use world is just like ours, except a man can fuck any woman he wants at any time (and vice versa). Snuff is not necessarily encouraged but not prohibited either. Most people will watch or spare a brief glance before moving on. Most girls don't want to be murdered but a rare few might enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the stories I plan to write for this thread. Comments and feedback are welcome, as always.
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Threesome (consensual, straight, penectomy)

[consensual] [straight] [penectomy]

Short story about a one night stand that turned out to be unforgetable.

The Threesome
By ShamefulDesire (01/11/2019)

I picked this guy up in a bar. We went back to my place, and upon entering, we bumped into my roommate. Without missing a second, he invited her to a treesome. I didn't want to seem like a wet blanket, I nodded to her to accept if she wanted to. He was a true stallion. I think both my roommate and I were utterly spent by the end. The entire bed was sticky. His cock was enormous and he was still rock hard when we both had to tap out. He sat up at the bottom of the bed stroking his cock, gazing longinly at my well reamed pussy. I was sat up at the head of the bed, my roommate was face down to my left. She had a small puddle of cum in the small of her back. I think she had fallen asleep.

My roommate's cat jumped up on the bed. She was obviously hungry, well passed her feeding time. The cat purred and started rubbing up agaist him. She put her head under his arm from behind and looked up at him. He started stroking her and talking softly. Realising that the cat was hungry, he offered to feed her. He gripped his massive cock from the base and pointed it at the cat's face. She sniffed the tip for a bit and then started to take some tentative nibbles from the tip. I felt something warm descend into my stomach while watching this. The cat continued to nibble away. I nudged my roommate and nodded towards the foot of the bed. She turned over and sat up. The cat had by now nibbled away the guy's cock head. He continued to stroke the back of the cat's neck. He spoke softly and gave the cat encouragment. My roommate had an enormous orgasm without even touch her twitching pussy. I felt as though the slightest touch of my fully engorged clit would cause me to erupt in concurrant orgasms.

I couldn't bare to touch my pussy, it was just too raw. I stroked my inner thigh and came hard. Juices spilled out. My roommate and I couldn't take our eyes off of the sight of a massive cock being eaten by a cat, at the behest of the man. Soon, the cock was all but gone, and the cat was finally full. The cat wandered off out of the room, to go find a place to sleep off her giant meal. The man cupped his hugh balls in his hands. They were big before, but with the absence of his large cock next to them, they looked even bigger now. He finally looked up at us. My roommate was rubbing her clit furiously now, experiencing intense orgasms almost continuously now. I could feel a steady flow of pussy juices coming out of me and trickling down. My clit felt as though it was about to burst.

"Do you ladies want breakfast?" He asked with a bashful smile.

-The End-
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After the Date [rape, snuff, f]

She left a trail of clothes through the house. Her shoes and jacket by the door. Her socks in the hallway. Her sweater in the living room. Her bra in the kitchen. Her jeans in the hallway. Finally she dropped her panties on the bathroom floor as she turned on the shower.

She took her time. Enjoying the relaxing, hot water falling across her back and chest. She scrubbed and lathered up her slim frame. As she rinsed she was lost in thought, reliving moments from her date with a guy named Pete earlier that night. As far as dates went for highschoolers, it was a pretty good one. They had seen a local band play at Snead Hall then went for ice cream at Mandy’s Creamery. After that, they made out in his car for a while. He felt her up under her sweater, but she had stopped him from going any further. She had been thinking a lot lately about losing her virginity, but she still felt she wasn’t ready. He had been cool with it, but she felt a little bad because she knew she had probably let him on.

She and a couple of her friends had joined Tinder once they turned 18 to get dates with guys outside of their high school friend groups. They had all agreed that high school boys were just too immature. Her friends had both already had good dates that ended in sex.

Turning the shower off, she wrapped herself in a towel and dried her wavy blonde hair. She saw she had received a text from Pete saying he had a great time. She held off replying, thinking it might make her seem too eager. She overthought things like that a lot, and she knew it, but she also knew she couldn’t help herself.

Rather than texting him back, she scrolled through her photos to pick out a few of her favorite selfies they had taken that night. She figured she might post them later.

She threw on a comfy t-shirt and a pair of floral-print panties. She grabbed a blanket from the arm of the couch in the living room and turned on the tv. She snuggled up into the corner of the couch under the blanket and started the next episode of the sitcom she was rewatching on Netflix.

Her parents had been away visiting her grandparents in Idaho for the last couple of days. They were due back tomorrow morning. She felt a little sad that her time alone was coming to an end.

Her date had gone later that she had expected and she was planning on going to bed after a couple of episodes of the show.

It was only a few minutes into the show, and she realized she was losing herself in thought. Her mind was replaying the moment Pete’s hand slipped up her back and unclipped her bra. He had done it so smoothly she knew he had done it before.

Maybe that was why she had had second thoughts about going all the way right then and there. She found it intimidating, because she had very little experience in that area. But she couldn’t stop thinking about him and she knew she really liked him. He seemed to like her, too.

She was wishing she had asked him to come back with her. She looked at his message again. Maybe if she asked now he would still come over tonight, she thought.

She hesitated then typed: “I had a great time too.”

She considered saying something about him coming over. She hit send instead.

A couple of seconds later he replied: “I’d like to hang out again, if you’re cool with that.”

She typed: “Sounds good, how about now?”

Before she hit send she heard something clatter onto the floor in the kitchen. Her heart leapt into her throat, and she jumped up from the couch, her phone fell onto the floor. Clutching the blanket, she walked toward the noise.

The kitchen was just around the corner from the living room where she was. She flicked on the lights and saw a Tupperware container in the middle of the kitchen floor. She just stood there and breathed for a moment, then she picked up the container and placed it back on the counter. As she did, she noticed something else.

The pantry door was ajar. She was pretty sure it had not been open earlier. She took a step closer, then, happening faster than she could react, the door swung wide open. A large man dressed in all black lunged out and grabbed her by the arm. A glint of steel flashed as he brought a thin bladed hunting knife around in his other hand and, in one sweeping motion, plunged it into the side of her neck. A spray of blood hit the kitchen ceiling and she stumbled back, dropping the blanket and reaching toward the knife gouging into her throat.

The man used the knife as leverage as he spun her around so that her back was to him and forced her to her knees. Little trickles of blood had begun running down her chest, but with the knife still buried in her, she was not bleeding profusely. She was stuggling to breath, though. Pain was ripping though her neck with any movement she made.

She felt warmth in her crotch and realized she was pissing. Urine soaked though her underwear and ran down her inner thighs. A wave of embarrassment flooded over her.

She was compliant as her pushed her forward so that her face hit the cool tile. She felt him pulling her underwear down and situating himself behind her. He bore down on the knife as he pulled her ass back against his hips and his cock slid into her pussy. Her blood dripped out onto the tile floor. She could taste it in her mouth, too.

He fucked her from behind for a few minutes, then he pulled the knife out. Blood flowed freely now. Pooling around her nose and mouth. She was still breathing, but each breath was rattly and ragged.

He rolled her over, legs wide and arms up over her head. She found herself staring up into the face of Pete. She was confused and angry. She tried to say something but all that came out was a garbled moan. He pulled her wet panties the rest of the way off and stuffed them in her mouth. She gagged and arched her back, but she had no control over her body to fight back.

“You’re such a tease, Kylie.” He said, leaning over her, running a hand across her cheek. He pushed her shirt up over her breasts, playing with her nipples and then squeezing them hard. “I should have told you before. I always get what I want.”

He hooked one leg up over his shoulder and began fucking her again. The only sound she made now was a pathetic low gurgle in the back of her throat.

He gave a few more deep thrusts and then came hard, filling her pussy and then shooting the rest across her bare chest and abdomen. A little tremor ran through her body. A final sigh escaped her lips.

“Sorry.“ He said as he stood up and pulled on his pants. “I just don’t take rejection well.”

She was a petite girl but her body looked especially small laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. Her bloody, matted hair was stuck to one side of her face. Her empty unfocused eyes stared toward the ceiling. A corner of her crumpled panties protruded from between her pale lips. Blood had been smeared across the floor and spattered on the nearby white cabinets.

He stared down at the now lifeless body for a little while, a look of satisfaction on his face. He almost felt a pang of regret, seeing her this way. He really had enjoyed himself with her tonight. In the end, though, he felt it was worth it.
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Child UnProtective Services Stories (4-17 g+, f+, non-con)


Trying to reduce the federal spendings, during the last year of the Trump administration, the congress passed a law to cut the fundings of the Child Protective Services in all the country and instead try to earn some money on the process.

The first stage of implementation consisted in selling the girls, aged 4 to 17 on public auctions. They were sold to individual, but soon, businessmen realized the potential, from waterparks to use them as live human bait for their shows, to medical research corps.

The girls were implanted with a chip to kill them within 5 months if not been killed earlier, mainly to prevent their reproduction, but also for humanistic reasons, preventing long agonies and isolation periods.

This was considered by some as a measure to reduce the population of inmigrants and the low classes.
R: 8 / I: 2


"Is he nice?"
"He's nice enough, I guess. I mean … he won't hurt you much."
"You mean he'll hurt us a little?"
"He doesn't mean it to hurt, it just does. But if you can relax it feels good."
"And he gives us candy?"
"Yeah. Enough to last you all week."
"That's cool."

"Is that him?"
"Yeah, the grey van."
"He looks old."
"Not that old. Not grampa-old, more like uncle-old."
"Do we just get in?"
"Not yet. Hey Mister! Show us the candy first, then we get in the van."
"Wow. Those are family sized chocolate bars."
"I know, right? Now we get in … No, you can't sit in the front. We have to sit in the back on the mattress."
"We just do. It's so no one sees us."
"It smells funny in here. Like old underpants.
"[giggle] Yeah, I know."

"[whispered] Where's he taking us?"
"Down by the river. You know that old busted shack where the frogs are?"
"I play there sometimes with my brother and his friends."
"Now we're going to play with him."

"[whisper] What do we do now?"
"Take our clothes off."
"All of them?"
"Yeah. Don't be scared, Olive."
"I am scared."
"He just likes to take pictures first and then after."
"Never mind, you'll see. Open your legs."
"I'm shy."
"Just do what I do. It'll be okay."
"Like this?"
"Yeah, but move your hand. There, like that."
"Now smile for the pictures and play with your nipples."

"[gasp] You let him touch you?"
"Yeah. It's nice. Watch what he does."
"Oh my."
"[sigh] Yeah. It feels so good. Faster Mister, please? Oh yeah."
"You okay?"
"Yeah … yeah … Faster? … ugh … oh god … mmm, I like that. Inside now, Mister, inside."
"Holy cow."
"It's good. Oh, it's good. There! Right there! Oh feck!"
"Are you okay, Grace?"
"… yeah … don't stop! [grunting] … okay … okay … okay …"
"You peed a little."
"[giggle] That's not pee. Now let him touch you."
"I don't know …"
"Just do it. It doesn't hurt."
"Oh …"
"Do Olive faster, Mister."
"It's … [gasp]"
"Feels good, huh."
"… yep … [gasp]"
"Let him put it inside."
"It'll hurt."
"It's just a finger."
"But … ow!"
"Shush. Just relax and he'll curl it in there."
"It's … oh … my god …"
"Nice, huh?"
"[worried] My belly feels funny."
"You're almost there."
"It's … oh my … oh? … oh? … ungh …"
"Here it comes."
"… [squeal] …"
"There." Feel better?"
"Yeah. It's not so bad."
"And see? It's not pee."
"It's slippery."
"Yeah. We make that. Girls make that."

"Now what."
"Now he gets to feel good too."
"You'll see. You won't have to do anything. We'll just hold you down. He holds your hips and I hold your hands."
"I don't want to be held down."
"I've done it."
"How many times?"
"Really? It's so big."
"It hurts at first, but it's like the finger - it feels good after you relax."
"I don't want to do it."
"Well, one of us has to."
"You've done it before."
"You're going to have to do it eventually."
"Not my first time, okay? Please?"
"Okay, I'll do it. But you have to hold my hands tight."
"But you've done it before."
"I know, but I still have to be held down. My sister used to hold me, but now she doesn't do this anymore."
"Okay, I guess."
"No, sit behind me. Yeah. Hold my hands."
"Like this?"
"Yeah, but tighter. I'm gunna fight it … I always fight it."
"Okay. Are you ready?"
"Yeah. Do it, Mister. Slow … slow … oh feck! … wait … wait … wait! Owie! … owie-owie-owie … [sobbing]"
"He's hurting you."
"… oh god … oh god … oh feck … no, don't let me go …"
"I'm scared, Grace."
"… s'okay … s' okay … okay … okay … oh god [moan]"
"Did it stop hurting?"
"… yeah … oh yeah … keep holding my hands, okay?"
"I am."
"… feels good … you can go deeper, Mister … oof … oh … so deeeeeeep …"

"… [gasp] … oh, Mister … [whimper] … don't let go, Olive … please don't let go …"
"I won't."

"… it's coming … oh, it's coming! … HARDER! … ungh! … hold me, Olive! … Hold me! … HOLD ME! … fill me up, Mister! … [grunting] … ohhhhhhh, feck ye-e-e-e-essssss …"

"You're all sweaty."
"[whimper] … yeah …"
"Are you okay?"
"… yeah … just let me lay here a minute …"
"Will this put a baby in you, Grace?"
"… not me …"
"But it could."
"… yeah … my sister. That's why she stopped."
"She had a baby?"
"No. It came out when it was small, not really a baby."
"It made her so sad."
"He's driving us back."
"Yeah. Hand me that toilet paper. I have to clean up."
"I know, it looks gross but it doesn't feel gross. Okay, let's get dressed."
"He took your picture again."
"I know."
"When you were all sweaty and all that leaking out of you."
"I said I know. Just get the candy."

"Thank you for holding my hands, Olive."
"I liked it. It felt like … [blushing]"
"Like I loved you."
"Aww. That's sweet. I felt that way too, Olive."
"You did?"
"Yeah. Doing stuff like that together is called making love."
"We made love?"
"Yeah. Now we love each other."

"There's money in the bag too."
"I know. I get the money, we split the candy."
"How do I get the money?"
"Let me hold you tight next time. It's really not so bad."
"I don't know, you were squirming around a lot, and your legs were shaking."
"It's an orgasm."
"What's that?"
"You felt a little one with his finger. The big one is the best thing ever."
"Your toes curled up."
"[giggle] I know."
"Okay. I'll do it next time. But hold my hands?"
"I will. You might cry after. I did the first time."
"Will you hold me if I do?"
"I will. I promise."
"Because you love me, Grace?"
"Yeah. [smile] Because I love you, Olive.
R: 14 / I: 0

FbB - De-Dicker 01 (Futa, cons, de-dicking)

This is one of my recent Futa-centric gory stories that features a lot of dick-removal.

This story is one of my first to use a new device I call a 'De-Dicker'* and that I had Hitori the Artist draw up for me. So, I advise checking that out first to see what it looks like:

Lauren purred as she walked into the pounding atmosphere of the club with her smooth, black, wrench-like De-Dicker in hand. She purred eagerly as, immediately, she had a half-dozen eager eyes on her.

"Welcome to the-Oh!" The blonde babe at the coat check blurted, eyeballing the slick toy in Lauren's hand. "Oh! You've got one?!? Well, you're ready for a fun time now aren't you?" She grinned, one hand absently dropping to stroke the shaft of her 14" cock as it rose up and peeked above the height of the black counter she was sitting behind.

"Eager girl..." Lauren cooed, brandishing the wrench-like device and slipping the metal loop at the end down over the head of the blonde girl's erect cock.

"Oh! Ah! Ummm... Er..." The pretty coat check girl muttered, biting her lip and wriggling uncertainly in her seat even as her cock throbbed eagerly at having the metal loop slid down its length.

"Such an eager bunny aren't you? Or, is it just your cock that wants to play?" Lauren teased as she slid the De-Dicker down to the base of the girl's cock and snugged it up against her hips.

"OHhhh... Ohmygod! Ohh... oh yes! Go on an-"


The blonde girl's blathering stopped short as the De-Dicker hummed and its metal loop began to tighten around the base of her erect cock.

"There we go, like that do we?" Lauren teased, stroking her fingers down the girl's full chest and lean belly as the babe shuddered noiselessly.

Then the De-Dicker emitted a *beep* and a green button lit up.

"Oh! Time for the fun - you ready babe?" Lauren teased, curling one cool hand around the blonde girl's slowly purpling member and giving it a smooth stroke.

The blonde simply groaned, thrusting her cock out hungrily.

"Oh yes, yes you are." Lauren purred, pressing the button with her thumb.

The device made a whirring noise as a blade along the side spun to life and began, slowly, advancing on the base of the blonde's trapped cock. The pretty coat-check blonde had time to gasp, then the blade bit into the base of her erect dick.

"Nngh!" The girl grunted, slim body tensing but making no move to save her full cock from the blade.

Lauren cooed, gently stroking the blonde's bust and tweaking her erect nipples as she watched the razor-sharp blade slowly slice through her rock-hard member until, with a low groan from the pretty girl, her dick tumbled onto the desk in front of her amidst a hip-shuddering orgasm that left her spurting cum and blood onto the desk and all over the impressive meat of her now-severed cock.

"Mmm... All done, did you enjoy that?" Lauren purred, pulling the device away from the blonde's now-dickless crotch.

"Unnnhhh... Ohhh wow, babe, so worth it..." The blonde moaned woozily as she sunk back down into her chair - still bleeding heavily from her new wound.

Smiling, Lauren turned towards the lights and sound of the club proper. As the pulsing music washed over her she spotted a handful of well-hung babes staring at her and the De-Dicker in her hand. Brandishing the de-dicker and striding forward into the midst of the gaggle she cooed in delight as their eyes followed her and their big dicks swelled eagerly.

"Y'all only servicing staff or y'got some time for a party-lovin' filly with a cravin'?"

Lauren found herself staring at a busty blonde cowgirl decked out in an impressive cowboy hat, leather vest open to let her large breasts thrust out, tanned leather chaps and an oversized 16" cock thrusting out in front of her - eagerly bobbing towards Lauren's device.

"I'm equal opportunity." Lauren purred, wrapping one hand around the cowgirl's member and brandishing her device in the other.

"Well don't that make me just the happiest filly on the farm then?" The cowgirl grinned, licking her lips as Lauren eased the metal loop over the bulbous head of her cock.

"I do aim to please..." Lauren smirked, settling the metal loop snug against the base of the cowgirl's great big dick and flicking on her device.

"Nnnhhh... Oh yeah, that's the stuff." The blonde girl moaned as the loop tightened around her thick dick - making the impressive member swell even larger and turn an impressive shade of purple.

"All set, you feeling ready?" Lauren asked as the button on her device lit up.

"I'm feeling fantastic pretty girl," the cowgirl replied with a slow pleasure-laden drawl, "and I'm waiting for you to make me feel even better."


"Ohhh... Oh yeah..." The cowgirl moaned, hips shuddering as an orgasm churned through her at the advance of the merciless blade.

As the spinning steel touched the cowgirl's cock she erupted in an exultant cry and launched a gout of thick, white, cum from her great big cock as the blade cut into the base of the proud member.

"Mmm... Delicious!" Lauren laughed, eagerly stroking the cowgirl's massive shaft as it jerked and spasmed in orgasm even as the blade slowly sliced it off.

"Nnnngh! B-best on the farm!" The cowgirl gasped proudly as she surrendered her massive cock.

Both girls gave a final cry of delight as, with a lurch, the cowgirl's huge cock was sliced free and tumbled to the floor to land with a heavy *thud* amidst a puddle of blood and cum.

"Oh YEEEE-HAW! DAMN Yeah!" The cowgirl cried, eyes wide as she stared down past her great big boobs to where her severed cock lay on the floor.

"Happy little filly?" Lauren asked with a grin.

"The happiest!" The cowgirl replied, shuddering through the last of a massive orgasm. "Oh wow - girls!" She cried, waving at a nearby group of gorgeous girls.

"Ummm..." Lauren muttered as the group sauntered over, a mix of curious and eager looks on their faces.

"These babes are my posse." The cowgirl explained. "Girls, this hot thang has the sweetest toy - y'all have GOT to try it out."

"And lose our dicks?" Asked a buff goth babe with a huge pale rack as she nudged the cowgirl's severed dick with her foot.

"Oh yeah... So good." The cowgirl purred, wriggling her hips and stroking her bloody crotch as she continued to gush blood onto the floor. Meanwhile, a Staffgirl with spiky black hair stepped up behind her, readying to catch the increasingly woozy beauty.

"I think you've got company." Lauren giggled, pointing at the chesty Staffgirl.

"Don't mind me," the Staffgirl smiled, "I'm just here to haul the dead meat to the processing bin."

"That's going to be me isn't it?" The cowgirl asked, woozily gazing at the impressive puddle at her feet.

"Aaany minute now." The Staffgirl nodded, quickly adjusting her footing and deftly catching the cowgirl as she crumpled. "Got her! Carry on with your fun, I'll be here for another few before my shift's over." She smiled as she calmly dragged the cowgirl's fine form to a nearby bin full of gorgeous flesh.

"I'm in - de-dick me!" Spoke up a lean brunette with big boobs and short hair as she stepped forward and thrust out her nice long cock.

"My pleasure!" Lauren grinned, smoothly sliding her device down the brunette's long shaft and setting it firmly against the base of her dick.

"Mmm... Feeling good so far." The brunette muttered, nipples stiffening atop her firm breasts as her long cock rose, eager for whatever may come.


"Ohhh..." The brunette moaned as the metal loop tightened around the base of her cock.

"How about now?" Lauren asked, grinning.

"Nnngh... Oh that's nice." The brunette groaned, hands on her hips as she gazed down at the snug metal loop around the base of her cock.

"Ready?" Lauren asked, thumb on the bright green button.

"Oh, yes please." The brunette nodded, licking her lips as her erect cock slowly reddened.


"Ooohh..." The brunette cooed as she watched the blade spin up and glide towards the base of her cock.

"Here we go..." Lauren purred.

"Unnhhh..." The brunette groaned, biting her lip as the blade bit into her flesh.

"That's it, good girl..." Lauren cooed, gleefully watching the brunette lose her long penis.

"Oh! Ohhh! OHHHH!!!" The brunette gasped, eyes wide, as the blade slowly sliced through the base of her long cock - slicing it free even as she came and sprayed a jet of cum into the air.

*thup* went the brunette's cock as it hit the ground to lay in a puddle of blood.

"Mmm... I love it!" Lauren exclaimed, eyes alight as she turned to the pack of busty babes.

"Ok, wow. That was hot." The stacked goth babe remarked, her own thick, pale, 20" dick rising up at full mast. "Ok, I'm in. Do me." She urged, folding her powerful arms under her large breasts and thrusting her cock out.

"Oh wow, what a beast!" Lauren gushed eagerly as she made to ease her metal loop over the throbbingly huge head of the goth babe's humongous cock, only to realize that the girl's dick was, unbelievably, too big to fit.

"I can help with that." Spoke up the pretty Staffgirl as she tossed Lauren a bottle of lube before quickly catching the falling brunette.

"Now we're talking!" Lauren enthused as she drizzled lube along the goth babe's impressive shaft and began massaging it in with one hand.

"Oh yeah. Mmm... That's good stuff." The goth babe moaned, rocking her hips gently as he huge shaft was stroked. "My dick to big for you to lopp off without some help?" She asked proudly.

"Got that right - you're packing a monster!" Lauren replied as she pumped the goth babe's huge shaft and worked lube along the full 20" length. "Don't worry though, we'll be ready any second now..."

"Ready to chop my cock off, right?" The goth babe asked, glancing down past her looming breasts to where Lauren was stroking her giant, pale, cock. "Mmm... It's going to feel amazing. Are you ready to chop my cock off now?"

"Not yet," Lauren replied as she started working the metal loop over the bulging tip of the goth's huge dick, "but this beast will be a helpless piece of meat as soon as I get this thing on."

"Mmm... Good. I want to feel it and know my nice big cock is doomed." The goth nodded, grunting as the metal loop slipped past the bulging head of her monstrous dick and began sliding down her great pale shaft.

"Here we go - we'll have this in position to carve off your dick aaany second now." Lauren said as she slid the metal loop towards the base of the goth's colossal dick.

"NNnngh... God that's nice and tight - this club is the best!" The goth groaned as the metal loop snugged up to the base of her humongous dick.

"Ready for it?" Lauren cooed.

"Oh yeah, so ready." The goth nodded, grunting as Lauren clicked the button and the metal loop grew even tighter. "Oh CHRIST." She gasped.

"Mmm... Yeah, it's going to be so tight for you." Lauren nodded, grinning as she caressed the goth babe's rock-hard shaft.

"Ggghhh... Good. I want it to hurt so much." The goth babe grunted, fists clenched and cock throbbingly eager.

"Light's on babe, time to de-dick that beast of yours!" Lauren chirped eagerly as she rested her thumb on the bright green button.

"Oh yeah, one click and my dick is done, right? With your thumb on that button my meatstick is completely helpless?" The powerful goth babe asked as she gazed down at the engorged mass of her humongous cock.

"Utterly. It's my plaything now and I'm going to break my toy." Lauren grinned as she pressed the button.


"Hnnngh! Oh yeah, my cock is toast!" The goth babe crowed as the spinning blade bore down on her throbbing shaft.

"No, your cock is meat." Lauren replied, wrapping a hand around the pale shaft. "Ripe, juicy meat!"

Then the goth babe grunted in pain as the blade bit into the base of her thick cock. Her huge 20" shaft lurched upwards eagerly as the blade slowly carved into it and the powerful goth girl roared in pleasure and pain as she slowly surrendered the meat of her great big member.

"Hrnnngh! Oh fuck yeah! Take my cock right the fuck OFF!" The goth babe snarled, huge breasts thrust out and nipples hard as rocks as she surrendered her prized cock to the spinning blade.

Blood spurted from the base of the goth's massive cock as the spinning blade slowly sliced through the thick shaft until, with a grunt from the pale beauty, a mix of thick white cum joined the blood and spurted from the engorged head of her doomed cock.

"OHhhh! YES! Take it!!!" The goth babe roared, hips rocking and huge cock bobbing as an orgasm ripped through her.


*thup* Went the goth's huge cock as it tumbled to the floor to land in a puddle of blood & cum.

"...done!" Lauren cried exultantly, beaming as she rose up to face the pale goth babe.

"Ohhhh... That was AMAZING!" The goth babe moaned, hands caressing her huge globes and stroking down her rippling six-pack abs to tease at the patch where her cock had been, even as rich blood continued to pump from the wound.

"Worth it?" Asked a nearby club beauty.

"Mmhmmm." The goth nodded. "Every damn inch." She moaned, licking her lips and shuddering as she pumped blood onto the club floor.

"Oooh..." The pretty girl cooed as she watched the goth beauty sway, stumble and collapse into the arms of the waiting club staffgirl.

"Have I mentioned I love my job?" The staffgirl grinned as she groped the goth babe all the way to the floor. "It is getting a bit messy by the entry though..." She muttered, looking at the bloody mess so close to the club entrance.

"My fault." Lauren grinned, brandishing her De-Dicker.

"Maybe you and your 'fault' could have fun a little more out of the way?" The club staffgirl asked.

"Like over at my table with my friends?" The brunette club beauty asked, brushing her long hair back from her impressive breasts as she not-so-subtly presented her hips and the large bulge she was sporting. "Maybe I could help you show how your 'fault' works to my friends." She asked, offering her hand.

Lauren grinned, taking the girl's hand and letting herself get lead onwards.

"I think, this is going to be an awesome evening..." She purred.

Thoughts? Comments? Recipes for quiche? Fire away!

Also, this story, plus a few others like it, are lurking at my FrictionByBill blogspot blog.

R: 1 / I: 0

Lacey's Birthday

Sup y'all, I wrote this a while ago. Finally decided to share it here!

Ian Davis sighed, staring at the clock. He had only about 3 hours left being a man. His best friend, Lacey, was turning 15 that day, and it was customary for women to eat a set of cock and balls for their 15th birthday. He hadn’t been allowed to cum for two weeks, and he was constantly horny. He could feel his 13” cock growing in his pants at that very moment. Some women were kind enough to leave one ball and a stub of cock left, but he didn’t think Lacey would be that considerate. His phone buzzed on the couch next to him
Lacey: I might just roast it whole and eat it right off you! I’ve hard great things about the FlavrInjectr 15!
Lacey: Of course, stuffing your sac would make your balls SOOOOO tender!
Lacey: Thank you so much for this, Ian, you really are the best!
Lacey: (picture of her very wet pussy)
Lacey: Look at how WET I am!
Ian: Wow, I’m super happy that I can make you that wet! I can’t wait for you to taste my cockmeat!
Ian: (picture of his hard cock)
Lacey: Yum!
Ian arrived at the party a half hour early, as instructed. “Lacey?” he called, beginning to strip.
“I’m up here!” she called back from her bedroom.
Ian proceeded up the stairs and turned into his friend’s bedroom. She was stark naked, legs spread, and stroking her clit slowly. She pointed to her pussy. “Eat.”
Ian walked over to her bed and got down on his hands and knees. He brought his face close to her cunt, inhaling her aroma. He kissed it, tenderly at first, then with increasing passion until he had engulfed her clit in his mouth. Lacey moaned and arched her back. He’d been eating her pussy for years, and he only got better at it. She would finally let him fuck her for the first time today, just before she ate his cock. She imagined what it would taste like as his tongue worked its magic on her clit. She imagined tenderizing it with her meat hammer. The thought of crushing his cock combined with his oral efforts was too much. She came, wrapping her long, slender legs around his head.

Lacey was wearing nothing but a cooking apron as she prepared the grill in her backyard. Ian was still nude, of course, his cock and balls tied at the base with cooking twine. Lacey’s girl friends all had to admire the meal the lucky birthday girl was getting. They all stroked it and admired it. Pinching here, squeezing this or that. Finally, al the guests had arrived.
“Thank you all for coming to my birthday party! As you can see, Ian here has graciously offered me his cock and balls for the traditional dinner!” She waited for the whooping and applause to die down. “What’s more, Ian here is a virgin! Tonight, I am going to honor him with taking his virginity!” Her friends all whooped and clapped again, whistling and making lewd comments.

Lacey sauntered over to the picnic table and patted it, indicating for him to lie on his back. She climbed on top of him and slowly lowered herself down onto his massive member, sighing in pleasure. Suddenly, Ian felt a cold pinch and pain stabbed through his ballsack.
“Shhh…” Lacey reassured him. “They’re only stuffing your sack for me. Lie back and enjoy your first-“ she paused and smiled. “-only fuck you’ll ever have.”
Ian could feel the stuffing being shoved in through the opening in his scrotum. The pain was intense, but it was far outweighed by the pleasure. He could feel his sac getting more and more packed. He could feel his orgasm approaching, building up more and more. He could barely take any more stimulation when… Lacey got off.
“I-No! Lacey, please!” he begged.
“Now now, Ian, we both agreed. You not cumming would make my meal sooo much tastier,” she chided.
Reluctantly, Ian stood up. One of Lacey’s friends stood there holding a cutting board and a meat hammer. He noticed that all of her friends had ditched their clothes for better access. They stood around him, blatantly masturbating to his cock’s death. He stepped over to the cutting board and laid his cock on it, awaiting the first blow. He closed his eyes and turned away.
The hammer fell heavily onto his shaft. He gritted his teeth, trying not to cry out. The next blow came sooner than he had expected it to, and he let out a small groan.
Ian lost count of the times the hammer fell on his poor, abused cock. Panting slightly, Lacey, set the hammer aside.
Ian felt something cold and metal enter his urethra. It must be the FlavrInjectr that Lacey was talking about earlier. It was going to fill his cock with an herb butter to help with keeping the meat moist. He felt the instrument travel down his cock, eventually reaching the twine separating his cock from the rest of his body. Lacey slowly pushed the plunger down on the syringe-like device, injecting the butter into her dinner’s urethra. Finally, she stitched the end of his cock shut. The grill was hot.
Leading the man by his doomed cock, Lacey brought him to it. There was a small tub of sauce there to baste him in as he cooked, and she quickly coated the meat. She grabbed the tongs hanging off the hook next to her and pinched his cock between their tips. “Ready?” she asked him. She didn’t wait for an answer, She pushed the sausage down onto the hot metal, searing it. Ian screamed. He couldn’t help it. His cock bobbed as it tried to cum, but couldn’t. The butter and twine blocked the sperm from ever leaving. She giggled and jumped, her small breasts bouncing underneath her apron. “I can’t wait to eat you! She squealed to Ian. She lifted her apron and began to masturbate slowly, her eyes transfixed on the sight in front of her. His cocksausage slowly cooked on the grill in front of her, thin black lines forming on his shaft, sac, and head. She twisted it as much as she could to get an even cook on it. Finally, it was done. Ian stepped away from the grill, feeling rather shaky. He lay back down on the picnic table, his legs spread so that his friend could sit between them.
Lacey slowly untied the twine. Her mouth was watering at the thought of devouring this delicious sausage. She slipped a finger in his ass and bit down on the head of his cock, pushing up on his prostate at the same time, forcing cum out into her mouth. She closed her eyes and came, moaning loudly. “Oh god,” she moaned. “This is literally the best cockmeat I’ve ever had!” She took another bite, savoring it. “I think I know something that might make it even better, though…” she said with a naughty glint in her eye. She stood up, straddled Ian, and once again, lowered herself onto his cock. She moaned again, the heat nearly burning her pussy as she slid down his cooked sand mangled shaft. “Oh, this is simply the best…” she sighed. “I love how his cock feels with no head…” She rode him harder, bouncing on his cock with wild abandon. One hand rubbing her clit and the other twisting her nipple, she came once more, flavoring the cock with her pussy juice.
Excitedly, she jumped off of him, immediately taking the meat into her mouth again. She bit down, chewed, swallowed. One of her friends had appeared between her legs and her mouth was pressed tight against Lacey’s clit. Finally, she was down to the balls. Steam was still escaping from the small incision in his scrotum. She bent down and bit into that, the crispy skin and the soft stuffing almost melting in her mouth. She bit into one of his testicles and it burst in her mouth like a grape. It was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. Ian, only half conscious, groaned softly, feeling the tug on his balls.
“Am… Am I tasty…?” he managed to moan.
The only response he got was one of Lacey’s friends sitting on his face.
R: 4 / I: 0

CBT Shorts 5 (Ff/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual, Partial Vore)

CBT Shorts 5

Three short stories, Door to Door, Penis Worm, and Walk-Ins, all with the general theme of casual male genital abuse, destruction, and often consumption.

Ff/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Casual, Partial Vore, Q-Knife/soft amputation

1 - Door to Door

"So, just insert the subject's manhood like so.." the salesgirl said, as she placed Elina's husband's penis and testicles into the device. "..making sure to get everything tucked in nice and snug, all the way down to the base. Then, snap the top into place."

"Will this hurt him at all?" Elina asked curiously, as she watched the her husband fidget and squirm as his pride and joy was encased in the odd little plastic and steel contraption.

"Nope!" the salesgirl answered, her tone cheerful and perky. "It's based on Q-knife tech, so he won't be damaged in the slightest by the processor."

Her husband didn't look like he quite believed the girl's words, if the worried glances he was shooting her way was any indication, but he kept silent.

"We're all ready." the girl stated. "Would you like to do the honors?"

"Sure, why not?" Elina answered, before reaching over and pressing the activation button on the side of the device.

The thing holding her husband's penis and testicles whirred to life, vibrating in place as it made a series of soft humming and gentle grinding sounds.

Her husband yelped in response, jumping and bucking his hips a little as his eyes went wide.

"I thought that it wasn't supposed to hurt?" Elina asked, with an arched eyebrow at the salesgirl.

"Well.. it might pinch a little.." the girl admitted, with a sheepish shrug and grin. "But, like I said, he won't suffer any actual damage."

"Waa.. Ahh!" her husband interjected, as the whirring reached a high note, before subsiding completely.

"There we go.." the salesgirl said, as the machine finished up its task. "It will release him any moment now."

Indeed, only a second later the device, which the salesgirl still held in her hands, came easily away from her husband's groin.

His now much, much reduced groin. Where his manhood had been only moments before was now just a smooth plane of undamaged flesh and skin.

"Neat, huh?" the salesgirl commented, as she handed Elina the device. "No fuss, no mess."

"Incredible.." Elina commented, as she hefted the machine curiously. "And his penis is still inside it?"

"What's left of it, yes." the salesgirl confirmed, before picking up a small glass bowl. "Now, just position the dispenser end over this bowl, then press the second button, please."

Elina complied. She felt the device hum and come to life again briefly, as the end opened up and a thick, flesh colored paste was extruded out into the bowl.

"Wow, so that's..?" Elina said, as she peered curiously down into the bowl.

"Yep, penis pâté!" the salesgirl stated proudly, as she set the bowl down on the coffee table and opened a small package of entertainment crackers. "The perfect appetizer for any parties or get-togethers you might have!"

"Hmm.." Elina mused, as she accepted a cracker and dipped it into the pureed paste that was all that was left of her husband's manhood.

"It looks good." she stated, as she held up the pâté covered cracker and inspected it closely. "But, how does it taste..?"

With that, and a brief glance up at her husband, who gulped in apprehension as he looked on, she popped the cracker into her mouth.

"Not bad.." Elina commented, as she slowly chewed. "A little bland, but not bad at all."

"Yes, unflavored pâté is merely adaquate." the salesgirl said with a nod, even as she dipped a cracker of her own in the bowl. "If you really want it to stand out to your guests, however, then you'll want to try some of our flavor packs! A couple come with the processor, and more can be ordered from our brochure."

"How do they work?" Elina asked, as she swallowed and then reached for another cracker.

"See that little hatch near the tip of the device?" the salesgirl asked, with a little gesture of her own half eaten cracker. "Just pour the flavoring powder right in there before you activate the processor, and the machine will take care of the rest!"

Her husband was squirming around again, and making odd little squeaking noises, as Elina and the salesgirl continued consuming the crackers and pâté.

"Can he feel it when we eat the pâté?" Elina asked curiously, motioning towards her wiggling husband.

"Oh, yes." the salesgirl said, after swallowing down her latest mouthful. "Like I said, the processor incorporates Q-knife edges in its cutting components. Your husband is still quite connected to every tiny little piece of his pureed penis, and he can feel everything that happens to them."

"Oh, fascinating." Elina said, her eyes on her husband as she reached for another cracker. "How long does that last, I wonder?"

"Indefinitely." the salesgirl answered, with an absent shrug. "Or, at least until we finish digesting him, anyway."

Her husband "meeped" at that and gulped, looking suddenly rather paler than before.

"So, have I convinced you to purchase one of our amazing penis processors?" the salesgirl asked brightly, an expectant grin on her face.

"Well, I had my doubts at first, but I have to say that it is a pretty neat little device." Elina admitted, as she took the last cracker and used it to scrape the last of the pâté out of the bowl. "But I'm just not sure that I'll get very much use out of it. I mean, you used my husband for the demonstration.. which means I'm pretty much out of penises to turn into more pâté, now."

Her husband looked a little sick at Elina's words, but she just rolled her eyes and ignored him.

"Oh, that's not as much of a problem as you might think." the salesgirl stated confidently, waving Elina's concerns aside with an easy smile. "You can do what I do: host Bring Your Own Penis parties! Just have your girlfriends bring their men along when they come to visit. You'll have plenty of ingredients for your processor, then, I'm sure! And everyone will get to enjoy the delicious results!"

"Hmm.. that does sound like fun." Elina mused, tapping a finger against her chin thoughtfully.

"And, in case you decide you want to stock up before a bigger to-do, we're also able to provide our customers with high quality manhoods at a premium discount!" the salesgirl said, with a nod. "Any size, shape, and color you need! It's all in our brochure!"

"Okay, you've convinced me." Elina said, grinning.

"Wonderful!" the salesgirl exclaimed. "You won't regret this, I promise you."

"Penis pâté is the best way to cater any party you have. Your guests will always walk away wowed, I guarantee it!"

END Door to Door

2 - The Penis Worm

"What.. What is that?!" Tiffany asked of her friend Wendy, when she saw something odd poking up out of the girl's hair.

"Hmm?" the other girl replied, before realizing just what it was that her friend was referring to. "Oh, that's my new pet!"

"P.. pet?" Tiffany asked, incredulously. "It looks like some sort of.. of wormy thing.. And, why is it in your hair!?"

"Oh, they like warm, safe places. She likes to ride around in my hair, usually near my hair band."

"Doesn't that feel.. weird?" Tiffany asked, her expression skeptical.

"It tickles a little, sometimes.." Wendy admitted. "But, other than that, it feels fine. She doesn't move around a whole lot, though sometimes she'll poke her head up and sniff around some."

"Do you want to see her?" Wendy asked, her eyes bright.

"I.. I guess.." Tiffany said, somewhat reluctantly. "Why on earth do you have a wormy thing like that anyway?"

"My mom got her for me on a trip overseas last month." Wendy replied, as she coaxed the creature coiled in her hair out from the tangle of her fine, silky curls. "She thought I might like her for a pet."

"What.. what is it?" Tiffany asked, as she regarded the strange little creature, which looked like some sort of cross between a worm and snake, which coiled around her friend's fingers tightly.

"SHE.." Wendy said, emphasizing the feminine pronoun. " a penis worm."

Tiffany just looked at her friend for a moment, her expression unsure.

"A.. penis worm?" she finally asked. "That's.. that's silly! You're playing a joke on me!"

"No way!" Wendy said, smiling. "That's really what she is."

Both girls looked down at the odd creature for a moment, studying it closely.

"..Really?" Tiffany asked, skeptically.

"Yes." Wendy replied, with a firm nod.

"Why is it.. sorry, why is she called a penis worm, then?"

"It might be easier if I just show you, actually." Wendy answered, looking thoughtful.

"How can you do that?" Tiffany asked.

"You brought your cousin with you, didn't you?" Wendy stated. "Let's go find him, and you'll see."

"Teddy, come here!" Tiffany called, as the two girls walked over to where the boy was playing.

"What?" the boy called back, as he looked up from the ant mound he'd been studying.

"Wendy got a new pet."

"Really?" the boy asked, his interest perking up. "What kind?"

"A penis worm, apparently." Tiffany stated, with a little roll of her eyes, as the boy jogged up to them.

"A.. what?" Teddy asked, blinking.

"A penis worm, silly." Wendy repeated, as she held up her hand, to show the worm curled around her fingers.

"Woah.." Teddy breathed, as he peered down curiously at the little creature. "Why's it called a p.. penis worm?"

"I can show you, if you like." Wendy replied, with a little smile at how easily the boy's interest was caught.

"Okay!" Teddy said, nodding enthusiastically.

"Take your pants off, then." Wendy instructed.

"Er.. what?" Teddy asked, as he froze in place, a slight blush creeping up his features.

"Well, she's a penis worm." Wendy explained patiently. "And you're the only one here with a penis, silly, so you need to take off your pants if you want to see why she's called that."

"I.. uh.." Teddy stammered, looking flustered. "Oh, I don't know.."

"Just do it, Teddy." Tiffany instructed, rolling her eyes again.

"J-jeez.. okay." Teddy acquiesced, gulping nervously.

The boy unbuttoned his pants, then pulled them down around his knees.

"Your underwear too, dummy." Wendy said, with a shake of her head.

"Jeez.." Teddy muttered, blushing furiously, as he complied.

His flaccid penis was already beginning to swell as it was revealed to the two girls.

"Hmm.." both girls hummed, as they leaned in for a closer look.

"D-don't stare!" Teddy stammered, squirming uncomfortably in place even as his growing penis seemed to revel in the unexpected attention it was getting.

"It's bigger than I expected.." Tiffany commented, to which Wendy nodded in agreement, as the boy's manhood finally reached full bloom.

"..Thanks?" Teddy replied, a little uncertainly. "What now?"

"Now you hold still, and let my pet do the rest." Wendy said, as she brought the hand holding the little worm towards the boy's crotch.

The creature, once it neared Teddy's tumescent todger, perked its eyeless head up curiously.

"She's scented you.." Wendy explained, as both Tiffany and Teddy looked on. "Penis worms have a very good sense of smell.. so they can search out penises in the wild."

"Why.. eep!" Teddy began, before his reaction to the light, feather touch of the worm against his cock head interrupted him. "..Ahahhh! W-why do they search o-out penises? Jeez, that tickles!"

The boy squirmed in place as the worm used its head to gently explore his erection, before it focused its attentions on his very tip. Seeming to like what it found, it poked its head slightly into the opening of his urethra.

"They like to crawl down inside of penises." Wendy stated, even as her worm proceeded to do just that.

"Eeee.. aah!" Teddy exclaimed, as the worm began to wriggle its way inside of him, causing him to squirm even more. "It.. It'll come back out, right? Right?"

"Yes, yes.." Wendy replied, with a little smirk. "She'll come back out.. eventually. Don't worry."

"Gosh, that looks so weird.." Tiffany commented, as she watched, utterly fascinated.

"How do you think it feels?!" Teddy squeaked in reply, his eyes wide.

Bit by bit, the little worm disappeared down his urethra, until only a pulsing, wiggling inch or so was dangling out.

"Almost there.." Wendy said, with a nod. "She'll start soon."

"Start what?" both Tiffany and Teddy asked, curiously.

"Does it feel like she's getting sort of slippery inside of your penis, Teddy?" Wendy countered, with a question of her own.

"Uh.. yeah.." the boy confirmed, his expression an amusing mix of intrigued and apprehensive. "What's she doing?"

"Beginning to excrete her digestive fluids, I'd imagine."

"..What?" came the simultaneous response from both cousins, though Teddy's was quite a bit more alarmed than Tiffany's.

"Well, that's why they're called penis worms.." Wendy explained, her tone eminently reasonable. "..because they eat penises, of course."

"WHAT!?" Teddy exclaimed again, his expression growing horrified.

"Ohh, how interesting.." Tiffany commented, nodding thoughtfully.

"Interesting!?" Teddy cried, his voice panicked, as he desperately began to try to tug the worm out of his urethra, without much luck. "That's.. that's horrible! Get this thing out of me!"

"She won't come out until she's done, Teddy." Wendy said, her expression faintly amused at the boy's frantic antics. "And her body's covered in tiny, backwards facing spines, so she can't be pulled out by force."

"No.. No way.." Teddy gasped, as the little bit of worm still outside his urethra began to slip through his grip. "No, no, no!"

"Whoops, there she goes.." Tiffany observed, as the last of the worm finally disappeared down her cousin's penis. "Guess there's nothing to do about it now, Teddy. How will she digest his penis then, Wendy?"

"Ahh!" Teddy cried out, as he grasped his hair in his hands, looking down at his erect, worm-filled manhood, his expression frantic.

"She'll excrete digestive fluids for the next several hours. Various acids and enzymes. They're quite potent, actually, and Teddy's penis will start breaking down almost at once." Wendy explained. "She'll absorb nutrients from the dissolving flesh directly through her skin, since penis worms don't actually have any mouths."

"Oh, how neat." Tiffany said, nodding again. "How long until Teddy's penis is dissolved completely."


"Two or three hours, at most." Wendy replied, over the sound of the boy's continuing wails of denial. "We'd best leave the two of them to it, since there won't be much to see from the outside."

With only a pair of curious, backwards glances, the girls turned and left the boy, who was now tugging futilely at his manhood, alone with the worm that was already beginning to digest his penis.

"How do you think Teddy and your pet are getting along, Wendy" Tiffany asked, several hours later over the rim of her imaginary tea cup.

"Hmm..?" Wendy hummed, mid pour of imaginary tea. "Oh, I suppose that it has been a few hours, hasn't it?"

She carefully set the imaginary teapot down on their imaginary table, then carefully added an imaginary spoonful of milk and an imaginary sugar cube to her own imaginary tea cup and stirred.

"Yes, and I'm quite eager to see the results you promised." Tiffany replied, before sipping again at her imaginary tea, pinky pointed primly out.

"Well, I suppose that we'd better go and find them both then, so you can see." Wendy said, nodding. "They're probably right where we left them, I'd imagine."

They both sat for another minute, finishing their imaginary tea, then each stood and went in search of their cousin and pet, respectively.

Teddy wasn't quite where they'd left him, but he was close by. He'd ended up with his back to a tree, his legs splayed out before him. He was staring down at his still bare crotch forlornly, eyes red and watery, with tear tracks streaking down his cheeks.

"Teddy!" Tiffany called out, as they approached the boy. "Teddy, how are you and your penis getting along?"

The boy just looked up at them, his forlorn expression unchanging, before he snuffled and wiped his nose with his sleeve.

"Ugh.. Teddy.." Tiffany commented, disgusted at his boorish behavior.

"I can't.." he stuttered, chest hitching with emotion. "I can't feel it no more.."

"Really?" Wendy asked, sounding positively fascinated as she and Tiffany bent down to look for themselves. "She must be nearly done, then!"

The boy's poor penis, what was left of it anyway, was very, very red. The deflated, nearly empty tube of skin, which was all that seemed to remain of it was in sharp contrast to how they'd last seen the thick, erect little todger look.

"Wow, you weren't exaggerating at all.." Tiffany sighed out, amazed at the sight of her cousin's mostly digested penis. "It turned his plump little penis into an.. an empty sausage casing in only a few hours."

"Yes.. Honestly, I hadn't expected it to be this dramatic.." Wendy agreed, nodding her head. "I've never actually seen her eat a penis before. Usually I just feed her sausages with a hole poked down the middle."

"What's that liquid oozing out of the end of it?" Tiffany asked, curiosity mixed liberally with disgust in her tone.

Indeed, the boy's penis was weeping a continuous little trickle of clear-ish fluid from what had been the opening of his urethra.

"Oh, that'll be a mix of digestive enzymes, acid, and dissolved flesh from Teddy's penis." Wendy said. "Penis worms are messy eaters. When they dissolve a penis, most of it leaks out. The worm probably only absorbs one part in ten, and the rest just gets wasted."

Teddy huffed out a little sob at this, though the effort seemed to exhaust him, as if he'd already cried himself out about his penis' predicament.

"Soo.. what happens now?" Tiffany asked, as she peered closer down at the flaccid remains of her cousin's penis.

"Well, once she's finished eating, my little worm will lay her eggs and then turn around and crawl back out." Wendy supplied.

"Lay her eggs?" Tiffany asked, her eyebrows raising up high. "Really? Where?"

"In his testicles, of course." Wendy answered.

"Hauhh!?" Teddy whined, his face losing some of its shocked look and becoming animated with desperation once more. "Not.. not my balls, too!?"

"I'm afraid so.." Wendy responded, trying her best to sound conciliatory and sympathetic rather than eager at the thought, and mostly failing. "..but that isn't so much of a loss, is it? Now that you don't have a penis?"

"Ahh!" was Teddy's only response, as he grasped his hair in his hands once again.

"How long will that take?" Tiffany asked, curious.

"Oh, it shouldn't be long now.." Wendy answered, waving a hand dismissively. "There isn't much left of Teddy's penis, as you can see."

"Oh.. Oh, no.." Teddy cried, his breath huffing in and out in panicky little gasps. "I.. I can feel it moving around again.. It's going deeper!"

"She." Wendy corrected the boy, a bit sternly.

Teddy didn't appear to have noticed her comment, though. He was far too busy trying to keep her pet out of testicles (though how he hoped to do this precisely was unknown) to bother to listen to either girl.

"So, she'll just crawl all the way down into his testicles, then?" Tiffany asked, as they both watched on as Teddy squirmed frantically around on the ground before them.

"Yes." Wendy said, nodding. "She'll crawl down one of the tubes that connects Teddy's testicles to his body, plant an egg, crawl back out and then into the other testicle and plant the second egg. It really is quite a marvelous adaptation, when you think about it."

"Indeed. Nature, red in tooth and testicle, ha!" Tiffany responded, with a little giggle.

"Ohh.. Oh, no..!" Teddy moaned. "I.. I felt it. I felt it! It left something behind in me!"

"How long does it take the eggs to gestate?" Tiffany asked.

"They'll hatch in about six or seven days." Wendy answered. "Then they'll spend the next few weeks slowly dissolving and absorbing Teddy's testicles. They start out quite small at first, but they grow rather quickly."

"Neat." Tiffany commented.

"Yes!" Wendy agreed, clearly excited by the subject of her new pet. "Isn't it? Then, when they're done eating and growing as much as they can, they'll crawl out and look for another set of penis and testicles to start the cycle all over again!"

"Ahh..!" Teddy exclaimed again. "That.. that was the second one.. It's done both, it's done both!"

"Oh, it looks like she's finished her work." Tiffany said, pointing out the squirming form of Wendy's pet as it wiggled its way out of the sad remains of Teddy's genitals.

"Come here, darling.." Wendy cooed, as she bent over and picked up the slick, ooze covered form of her little pet as it emerged. "You did well, didn't you? Ate up that silly boy's whole penis, and put your eggs in him too!"

"Is it okay to touch the fluid?" Tiffany asked, as both girls peered down at the slimy worm curling itself around Wendy's fingers once again. "Won't it burn you?"

"Not if I go wash my hands." Wendy reassured her friend. "The insides of a penis are a lot more delicate than skin, after all. Much easier to dissolve and digest."

"So, what happens to the left overs?" Tiffany asked, as both girls turned away from the sobbing boy at their feet and began to make their way back toward the house. "The empty bits of skin that the penis worm didn't digest?"

"Oh, they'll dry up and fall off in a week or so.." Wendy said, casually. "First the skin of his penis, then his scrotum too, once his testicles are gone."

"Eww.." Tiffany commented, the image of dried up penis skin forming in her imagination, looking for all the world like very unappetizing beef jerky.

"I'm glad that you're both staying for awhile." Wendy said, as Teddy's crying faded into the background. "I can't wait to watch the hatching!"

"I, as well." Tiffany agreed, nodding. "Do you think I could have one of new hatchlings? I'd kind of like to have a penis worm of my own, now."

"I don't see why not." Wendy replied, nodding. "I mean, Teddy's your cousin, after all. It only seems fair."

Both girls and pet entered the house, happily imagining and anticipating the eventual complete destruction of poor Teddy's testicles, as he gave unwilling birth to two brand new penis worms.

END Penis Worm
R: 1 / I: 0

Amy Pond: Alien Slave Girl Snuff-O-Gram (Doctor Who, Dissection, Snuff, F/F/F, Complete)

Amy Pond: Alien Slave Girl Snuff-O-Gram
Tags: Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Bill Potts, Heather, F/F, Oral, F/F/F, Fingering, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, Roleplay, Dissection, Costume, Cannibalism, Prostitution, Snuff

Amy Pond always wanted to be snuffed, so when she reports as a Sexy Green-Skinned Alien Snuff-O-Gram to Heather's dorm room for her girlfriend Bill's birthday, she gets exactly what she asked for.


Amy Pond approached what was definitely a college dorm somewhat nervously. She was drawing heads in a way she never had before in her life and underneath the imitation Princess Leia slave Bikini she was wearing, she was absolutely soaking wet from that fact.

Today was her first time being ordered from her company's “special service” catalogue. If all went well, it would also be her last.

Amy shivered as a stiff breeze blew up the amalgam of cloth and metal she was wearing that passed for clothing, brushing past her exposed and inflamed nethers, as well as in between the mostly metal and enamel bra and her puffy currently darker green nipples.

That was the hardest part of this order of course. Not what was waiting in store for her, she hadn't done that yet but she was definitely looking forward to that part. No, the hardest part was soaking for all of last night in a tub full of green food coloring. It probably wouldn't be good for her long term health, but she wasn't exactly worried about that anymore. More importantly, it would be fine in the short term, even edible! And it would stay on until the end of her work today, at the very least.

Now the only part of her not dyed some shade of green was her lustrous red hair, so it made sense that she was drawing gazes, both male and female, as she walked across the university campus as a green-skinned redhead in a metal slave bikini. She was certainly eye catching.

It took Amy almost 10 minutes to find the dorm she was looking for, the dorm whose resident had payed the frankly sort of exorbitant price to order her from the “special service” catalogue her Kiss-O-Gram agency put out. She had to check her instructions again just to make sure she had the right place.
Looking up from the page she'd been given she checked the number on the door. It matched. This was the right place.

Amy knocked on the door.

When the door opened under a minute later, Amy was staring face-to face with a gorgeous college co-ed. Well, maybe face to face wasn't the right term, since Amy was more than half a foot taller than the younger blonde.

“You're Amy, right?” The blonde asked, looking up at her, and Amy couldn't help but notice a star shaped defect in the shorter girl's left iris.

“Yeah,” Amy nodded, drinking in the sight of the girl who would be desecrating her body shortly. “And you're Heather?”

The blonde nodded. She was dressed in a burgundy blouse and black pleated skirt cut to about mid thigh. The colors were probably her way of dealing with the fun they had planned for Amy tonight, though Amy had no idea how well that clothing plan would work out for the blonde. “Yeah, Bill's my girlfriend. She doesn't know I ordered you, so let me explain why you're here, okay?”

Amy nodded, her heart fluttering fast enough in her chest that she wasn't certain she'd be able to tell Bill what was happening anyway.

“You know the rules, right?” Amy asked, because her boss had been very clear about the rules, and how she might not be in any state to explain them after the girl who bought her was done with her.

“Yeah, I think so,” Heather admitted. “You're a Snuff-O-Gram. So we can do anything we want to you tonight, as long as we don't keep you for more than 24 hours, right?”

Amy nodded, swallowing. “Yeah, that's right. You can, you can even take trophies if you want, or snuff me, or eat me,” Amy added glancing at her food-colouring dyed skin, “if you want; but if you leave me alive at the end of the night, you can't keep me around. Playing a bird dressed up as an alien slave girl is all well and good, but real slavery is illegal in Great Britain.”

Heather smiled. “That sounds just fine. I actually didn't realize we could take trophies, I might have to rework some of my plans…" Heather mused. "But don't worry. As I explained in the order, there's absolutely no possibility of you leaving my dorm alive. You're Bill's birthday present and I'm  very  hard on her toys,” Heather added with a sort of lackadaisical grin.

"Well," Amy half-grinned and half-swallowed as she drank in Heather's lustful and somehow menacing gaze; feeling her own nethers dripping at the thought of her impeding doom, "that's what you paid for, right?" she asked, trying to inject an undercurrent of smoke and sex to her voice and mostly ending up with an almost adorable squeak that just made Heather's smile wider.

"That's right," Heather agreed, "and you certainly cost a pretty penny didn't you?" Heather asked, thinking back to Amy Pond's full page nude spread in the catalogue she'd bought her out of. "I just hope Bill enjoys breaking you as much as I'm going to," she added with a small slight grin before stepping aside and beckoning Amy in.

The dorm room was larger than Amy's own during her short stint in college, though still not large by any means. It was beautiful too, with a large double bed just beneath the window at the end of the room, a desk with a book case? book shelf? hanging over it from the ceiling made of a nice dark brown wood. just inside the door to her left was a sink with lovely marble countertops, that sort of jutted out past the sink to become a small eating nook, with a pair of stainless steel stools beneath it to seat Heather and her girlfriend. To her right, there was a bathroom, it looked, clean, if cramped, with all the attendant parts that a bathroom needed, a toilet, a tub, a sink, a medicine cabinet. Nothing particularly shocking really. The dorm was well apportioned, and there was a small throw rug in the center of enough floor space to fit 4 or 5 people comfortably is they sat with their legs crossed. Of course, the room was not empty when Amy entered. A beautiful girl about Heather's age, wearing a pair of jeans and a multicolored vertical striped tank top, was sitting in the computer chair next to the desk, her light caramel coloured hands held behind her back, a sleeping mask over her eyes as a blindfold, and a pair of noise-canceling earphones to keep her from hearing Heather greet Amy outside.

"That must be Bill," Amy observed, her eyes drinking in the other girl who would be snuffing her tonight. The light brown-skinned girl was lovely, with a long but open and innocent face, and a happy expression on her lips. Her hair was in a poofy Afro and she was occasionally twirling her hands behind her and and in front of her as if dancing to the beat.

"That's right," Heather agreed. "And you're her birthday present," Heather added before looking of to the side at Amy with that intriguing star shaped iris. "Nervous?" She asked, curiously.

"Of course," Amy admitted. "I've never done anything like… this, before. My heart is beating like a hummingbird! I don't want to let you, either of you, down."

That wasn't a lie either. Amy wanted to go through with this, that was why she signed up for special services after all. Sure it paid a lot, but what good was money if you couldn't spend it? No, Amy was doing this because the thought of what was about to happen to her was turning her on like nothing else in the world. But, Amy did hope it would be memorable. She wanted to be done in in a way which these two women would remember fondly for the rest of their lives, and if that fondness ended up tinged with enough lust to turn it into fondles? So much the better.

“You won't,” Heather reassured her with a serious look on her face. “You're everything I hoped for when I saw your spread in the catalogue, Bill will love what I have planned for you.”
Amy thought about that spread, she'd never been so excited in her life back then, she'd practically fucked the pole they'd set up for her to dance on as they took photos. She'd seen some of the pictures afterward, but she didn't know which one ended up in the catalogue. Idly, Amy wondered which it was.

“Heather? Is that you?” Bill spoke up, looking in entirely the wrong direction to be addressing them. “Are you done setting up my surprise yet? I wanna take off this mask at some point, okay?”

Heather grinned at Amy. “Okay, go sit over there, on the bed right next to her. And remember, be quiet! I want to surprise her with you, okay?”

Amy grinned back, her heart beating wildly in a mixture of her own nerves and Heather's infectious wry enthusiasm. Amy nodded and headed to the bed taking a seat at the foot, less than an arm's length away from Bill as the diminutive blonde spun her slightly taller girlfriend's chair around to face her, and away from Amy. Amy could feel her arousal soaking through her costume and onto the blanket below, but she didn't say a word. This was Heather and Bill's time now.

Amy watched raptly, unable to see Bill's face as Heather removed the brown girl's headphones. She could hear the faint strains of a catchy song from the 80s issuing from the earmuff-like devices as Heather placed them, gently, on the desk.

“Alright Bill, your surprise is ready, are you?” Heather asked, a lazy half-smile gracing her face.

“Definitely!” Bill answered almost before Heather finished asking the question. “Can I remove the mask?”

“Not,” Heather cautioned straddling Bill's lap on the tiny desk chair, “juuust yet,” she answered, drawing out the second word. “There are a few things I need to tell you first to… to frame it properly,” Heather explained, searching for the right words.

Amy squirmed, gently caressing her own folds with her fingers as she waited for Heather to explain the night's planned debaucheries at Amy's expense to her girlfriends. Amy hoped Bill took it well.

“Well, now I'm really curious!” Bill replied. “Just what exactly did you get me for my birthday, anyway?”

"You remember that conversation we had a week or two ago? After we got chips at that hole in the wall stand and then ate them on that hill while we watched the stars?" Heather asked.

"Yeah, that was brilliant, wannit? What about that?" Bill asked, still blindfolded.

"Remember what we talked about?" Heather asked, leading her lover to the conclusion she was hoping for.

"About fetishes, right? You asked me what my fetishes were, that's why the bondage right here, right?" Bill asked, cocking her head to the side. "Did you get me some sort of bondage outfit?"

Heather looked Amy's way, assessingly. "Well, I can if you want one, but that's not quite what I was driving at. Do you remember asking me about my fetishes?"

"Oh!" Bill realized. "This is about your snuff thing, isn't it? I told you I'd be open to it if you got the right hook, love. Might be fun to try it together, right?"

Amy withdrew her finger from beneath her costume. From the sound of it, she was going to be introduced very very soon.

Heather grinned, and though the grin wasn't cruel, it was certainly wicked. "I know," Heather agreed, "and that's why…" she slowly pulled off Bill's blindfold, "I want you to meet…" Heather sidled off of Bill's lap and turned her around, "Amy!"

"Oh my gosh! She's green! Is she an alien? No wait, that's daft. Alien's aren't real. How's she green then? Did you paint her?" Bill ran a finger up Amy's thigh to check for any paint. It came back dry. "Not paint then, what is this?"

Amy glanced at Heather, but the diminutive blonde shook her head.

"Amy, is an Orion Slave Girl from that Sci Fi show you love so much. I bought her at an auction, and we can do anything we want to her."

That wasn't strictly true, Amy thought to herself, but as long as Amy didn't end up surviving the night that slight untruth about her purchase probably wouldn't matter.

"Anything we want?" Bill asked, clearly excited by the prospect.

"Anything." Heather agreed.

"Even snuff her?" Bill asked, sending a tremor down Amy's thighs

"Anything," Heather repeated.

"And she's okay with that?" Bill asked Heather before realizing what she was doing and turning to Amy instead. "And you're okay with that?"

Heather nodded her head when Amy looked up.

"I am," Amy admitted. "I'm actually looking forward to it," the redhead added, shifting aside the red loin cloth of her costume just enough so that Bill could see the absolutely soaked green visage of her treasure that lay beneath.

"Wow! And she's green everywhere!" Bill exclaimed in shock. "This is amazing!" Bill remarked. "You're amazing!" She added, looking Amy directly in the eye as he said it.

A silence filled the room as she stopped talking, but Bill was completely undeterred by it as she spoke up. "So…how do we do this, her, you?" She asked, addressing Amy directly on the last line.

"Well," Heather began, stroking Bill's shoulders as the darker skinned girl watched Amy cross and uncross her legs, "since we have a real live Orion Slave girl, I thought we could start with a little… inspection to tire her out, followed by a dissection to do her in," Heather grinned lazily, sending a shiver down Amy's spine. Amy knew she wasn't going to survive the night, but hearing it stated so plainly, and with so much enthusiasm… that was something else.

She bent over to reach beneath the desk and grabbed a clear plastic baggie. "I raided the bio lab yesterday, so I have everything we need to examine the specimen."

Amy stared in a mix of excitement and fascinated horror at the contents of the bag, she could see several pairs of forceps, some wickedly sharp looking scissors, a pair of scalpels with a few replacement blades in sterile packaging, a medicine dropper, a plastic ruler, six T-shaped pins, and two pointy needles of metal on plastic handles, one bent and one straight. From the dissections Amy remembered having to perform in Secondary school, that bag contained absolutely everything the pair of girls who had bought her would need to rip her apart and study her.

"Then what?" Bill asked, literally on the edge of her seat. She wasn't the only one, from her angle on the bed Amy could see that Heather had even more hidden beneath her desk, a large almost two liter bottle of Stolichnaya vodka, raspberry flavoured. Amy wondered if it was for her to drink, or to be used on her. She could just imagine how painful it would be if they poured it on her to 'sterilize her' while they carved her apart.

"Then," Heather replied to Bill's query, "if our guest is still with us, she can join us for dinner. I've planned a meal of freshly harvested slave girl filet with a side order of whatever else looks good when we dissect her, and seasoned with whatever I can nick from the cabinet in the dorm kitchen down the hall."

Amy's cunt clenched when she heard Heather's plans for her pussy. Her instructions had mentioned that whatever she used to dye her skin had to be safe to eat, but Amy had assumed those instructions meant that Heather and her girlfriend planned to eat her out, not actually use her… what had Heather called it? Her filet? As a romantic dinner for two.

"You want to eat her?" Bill asked, her eyes wide staring at the area between Amy's legs where she'd gotten a flash of the Snuff-O-Gram's now green cunt. It was covered by her loin cloth once more, but now that Bill knew her girlfriend's plans for the area she wanted to see it again, for herself. "Is that safe? How are you even going to cook her? You're not planning to cook that in the kitchen, are you?"

"Of course not," Heather reassured her girlfriend, and sending mixed feelings through her purchase. "That's why I got this hot plate," she added pointing to a hotplate sitting on the eating nook, "and that pan," she added pointing to the pan above it.

"You really have thought this out, haven't you?" Bill asked. "Amy isn't a real Orion slave girl, is she?"

Heather produced a pair of scalpels from the clear baggie with a quick flourish. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there, Bill?" She asked.

Bill swallowed deeply. "And she's okay with it?" The brown girl asked.

That was a loaded question, wasn't it? The truth was, Amy wasn't 100% sure. The thought of being snuffed was so indescribably erotic, even now that Amy's fate was pretty much an inevitability; but, the reality of it… seeing the tools that Heather had produced, looking at the hungry expressions on Heather and Bill's faces… it was sending chills of fear down her spine! Still, Heather had bought her for a purpose: to make this Bill's best birthday ever! And Amy had never left a customer dissatisfied as a Kiss-O-Gram, and she wasn't about to start now on her last night on Earth.

Amy looked to Heather to see if she should answer. At Heather's nod, Amy reached below her loin cloth once more and dipped both fingers into her absolutely sopping wet cunt before drawing them back out again, slick and shiny. "I want you to use me," Amy admitted, wiping the shiny evidence of her arousal around her throat like a necklace. "I want you to break me, and… fuck… god help me, I actually want you to eat me too!" Amy paused, gasping. "It's your birthday, Bill. I'm your toy to play with however you want," Amy admitted as sexily as she could manage. "Even if you want to break me. I'm yours Bill, Heather bought me for you. If you want to snuff me… if you want to eat me… I'm fair game." Amy admitted, sending shivers up and down Bill's spine.

Amy was pressing all of Bill's buttons, the almost caramel colored girl had a fetish for the strange, the bizarre, the extreme. She thirsted for new experiences, lusted for them really, and pretty young white girls, well, formerly white girls, were definitely her type, even if it looked like Amy was taller than her by a few inches. Seeing her here, offering herself up on a silver platter for Bill to explore in ways Bill never thought possible… that was the sexiest thing Bill had ever seen. Having her do it while dressed as a combination of both of Bill's earliest childhood Sci Fi jilling off fantasies? Heather was the best girlfriend ever to do this for her.

"Alright," Bill said, firming her resolve. "Let's do this."

Amy and Heather both grinned. Amy's nervous, Heather's hungry.

"Alright Amy, I want you to give Bill your sexiest dance. I want her jilling in her jeans, and then I want you to remove those jeans."

"What!?" Bill squawked at that last part, but Amy was already in action. Rising from the bed in one smooth motion, Amy stepped to the open area of floor before her and began to writhe to an unheard melody like a belly dancer, her flat tummy undulating and turning as her golden bikini offered tantalizing flashes of her green pussy with every twist and turn.

Bill was quickly enthralled, as Amy danced for her. The redheaded green girl was incredible. Lithe, tall (at least compared to Heather), clearly a skilled dancer, and not just resigned to Bill and Heather killing her later, but actually getting off on it! She was like some sort of alien snuff slut from Mars, and Bill was actually looking forward to ending her like she so clearly wanted her to.

Amy danced into Bill until she was practically sitting on the other girl's lap, straddling her with her legs on either side of the chair, grinding her barely covered butt into Bill's jeans, her own, barely covered crotch less than a handsbreadth from Bill's own.

Amy could see Bill's arousal rising as she bucked and gyrated in the brown girl's lap, but no matter how close she got, Bill wasn't touching her.

Honestly? It was kind of cute. But Amy hadn't signed up as a Snuff-O-Gram for cute.

Amy leaned in and suckled a bit of Bill's earlobe, her hot breath cascading over the sensitive channels of Bill's ear. She could feel Bill buck in surprise beneath her, but the frizzy haired girl wasn't drawing away from the intimate act.

"You know, this isn't a lap dance at a strip club," Amy whispered, her lips releasing Bill's ear. "You can touch me… if you want to."

Bill's eyes widened. "I can?" She asked, shocked.

"You can," Amy nodded. "You can touch me anywhere you want to." Amy leaned back. "My breasts," she explained giving her shoulders a small wiggle to emphasize the area. "My hips," she offered, grinding them into Bill's lap as she rode her, her hands on Bill's shoulders to steady herself. "Or even," she paused, her eyes flicking down to the junction between her thighs, "lower…"

Bill glanced at Heather to make sure it was okay. Her girlfriend responded with a reassuring half smile and an encouraging nod; the equivalent of saying "knock yourself out" for her petite blonde beau. With Heather's easy approval, Bill acted on Amy's suggestion, pushing her red loincloth aside to reveal the Snuff-O-Gram's shaved bare green pubic mound.

"Like what you see?" Amy asked sultrily as she ground her viridian lower lips into the crotch of Bill's jeans, leaving the fabric moist with her arousal.

"Are you green everywhere?" Bill wondered.

"Wouldn't it be more fun to find out yourself?" Amy proposed, reaching down to spread her lower lips for Bill's newly questing fingers to enter.

Amy gasped as the pads of Bill's digits hit her inner walls. "Yes!" She cried out, her inner passage yielding easily to Bill's intrusion. "Just like that!"

"Are you enjoying yourself? Playing with your food like this?" ” Amy asked as she gyrated on Bill's lap amid the black girl's inquisitive ministrations; squeezing her cunt tight around Bill's fingers when she reached the word food. Because Amy certainly was. Heather's plans for her had been wriggling into her brain ever since she first heard them, and the thought of this gorgeous pair of lesbian co-eds splitting her pussy as a romantic birthday meal was just… ungh! Exquisite!

Bill had never had a lot of experience with women. Heather was her first serious girlfriend, actually. She'd never really gotten a lap dance before, much less one from an Orion slave girl, and she'd certainly never gotten to finger the dancer during it! She was having the time of her life as Heather watched her in obvious approval, and her only problem was wondering just how Amy had ended up so completely green! Even the inside of her gorgeous pussy was stained green! How did she do it?

Amy was nearing release and she planned to go for it. After all, she might as well get the most joy she could out of her cunt before Bill and Heather took it from her.

Amy bucked and gyrated as she bounced on Bill's fingers, nearing ever closer to the inevitable finish line.

Bill had never seen anything like this! Finger-fucking a green-skinned girl (her skin couldn't actually be green could it? But there wasn't a trace of pink to be found…) who her girlfriend had bought to snuff for her birthday!? This whole experience was so far out of her realm of reference that basically the only thing Bill could really do was go with the flow.

Amy ground against Bill's lap as the light skinned brown girl pumped her almost caramel colored fingers in and out of Amy's tender green snatch. It sort of amazed the redhead that the food coloring wasn't running given how absolutely soaked she was, but that thought quickly faded as the orgasm her body had promised her crashed in on her like a tidal wave.

"YES!!!" Amy shouted, loud enough to be heard at least three rooms away through the thin university dorm walls. Her hips bucked wildly, clamping down so hard on Bill's fingers that the birthday girl almost thought the redhead might break them! Her golden bikini bounced hard against her newly green tits, tapping them hard with each new bounce. Amy threw her head back, giving a full-bodied purr, a lustful mix of moan and groan and growl in an almost indescribable noise that up till then Bill had been certain could never come from a human throat. Bill still wasn't certain it had.

Her arousal spent, for now at least, Amy collapsed bonelessly backwards onto Heather's bed. Her gorgeous straight red locks splayed around her head like a shimmering auburn halo. Her chest heaved, panting with exertion, sending the golden trim of her costume's bikini top pumping up and down almost hypnotically. Her legs were splayed, but her loin cloth had fallen back into place as she fell, so despite Amy's position, her modesty, what little there was, was preserved.

"So, Bill?" Heather asked, her hands on her girlfriend's shoulders. "How do you like your birthday present?"

"Well, it seems great so far, but I haven't really unwrapped it yet, have I?" Bill grinned enthusiastically.

"Would you like to? Or do you want to see it unwrap itself?" Heather asked mischievously.

"Now that's a great question, innit?" Bill agreed. "But, honestly? As much fun as it might be to see my present unwrap itself, unwrapping your presents is half the fun of getting them," Bill grinned as she got up from her chair, the crotch of her jeans noticeably soaked with a combination of her own and Amy's Juices.

Amy quivered on Heather's bed as Bill approached her with an eager gleam in her eyes. Heather herself was watching from off to the side, at an easy angle to see everything, but seemingly determined not to interfere despite the longing in her own mismatched eyes. Amy wondered how long that determination would last, especially given that Heather had produced two scalpels from her baggie earlier instead of one.

Carefully, Bill reached for the simple clasps the golden bikini bottom resting on Amy's green-coloured hips. The costume looked expensive, and it was. Having nothing else worth spending her money on given her impending fate, Amy had splurged on the last outfit she would ever wear. The bikini wasn't completely gold, that would be too soft to wear and too expensive for even her to manage with all her remaining wealth, but in the week since Heather had placed her order for her, Amy had used the combination of her payment, her savings, and the money she'd been saving for rent to purchase a move accurate 24 karat gold-plated slave girl Leia costume. She hoped Bill and Heather enjoyed it once they were finished with her.

The clasps came apart easily in Bill's nimble fingers, leaving the bikini bottoms in place, but in two separate pieces, front and back.

Climbing up onto the bed, Bill straddled Amy's bare green belly, still wearing her own tight jeans. She stared down at the redhead as she leaned over, placing both hands flat on the bedspread, one on each side of Amy's head at about shoulder length apart to frame her emerald-coloured face.

Bill smiled, and leaned in to steal a kiss from Amy's pouting lips; pushing her excitement into Amy like the hot breaths she left on the redhead's lips.

"You know, we're gonna dissect you right? You strange, green colored girl," Bill asked smiling.

"I know," Amy nodded breathlessly.

"I still can't believe you're okay with that, though," Bill insisted, somewhat incredulous.

"It's sort of a shock to me too," Amy admitted with a blush, her cheeks darkening a bit in response. "My pussy's going to end up on your plate once your done with me," Amy shivered in arousal, "do you have any plans for the rest of me?"

"The rest of you?" Bill asked as she reached behind the redhead's back to undo her golden bra.

"You can keep souvenirs if you want," Amy explained. "I can't exactly stop you."

"But do you want me to?" Bill asked. "And what do you mean by souvenirs anyway? Mounting your head on a plaque like I'm some sort of big game hunter and you're some innocent doe I shot?"

"Yeah, you could have me looking down from the wall at the foot of your bed every night while you shlick it if you want. Or… you could make a pair of thigh high leather boots from my legs. I bet you'd look incredibly sexy in green leather," Amy admitted, imagining the girl straddling her wearing her legs as a pair of boots as she cracked a riding crop against her leather-covered thigh.

"Blimey, you really are getting off on this," Bill realized as she finished unhooking Amy's golden top.

"I really am," Amy agreed.

"Must be a real alien," Amy could hear Bill muttering to herself. "No human girl would happily snuff it like this, would they?"

Amy didn't reply, not wanting to disrupt Bill's fantasy.

Her fingers trembling, Bill removed Amy's gold-plated bra, exposing her modest and equally green coloured breasts beneath. All was still for several seconds as Bill stared down at her prize. Her alien slave girl's breasts were topped with the puffiest pair of nipples that Bill had ever seen and in am instant, Bill was overcome with a need to lick one; to suck on it like a baby with a bottle.

Amy shivered as Bill bent down, her hot breath playing across her bosom. In the blink of an eye, she could feel Bill's lips engulf her left breast, nearly swallowing her puffy green nipple.

Amy's eyes rolled back in her head as Bill began to suck, her light brown fingers questing below the red loincloth attached to the bottom of her costume as Bill searched for the slick treasure at the junction of Amy's thighs.

"Ungh!" Amy moaned as Bill's finger slipped inside her once more, the darker girl's lips and teeth and tongue playing a symphony in pleasure with her puffy green dyed nipple as the lone instrument.

Bill pulled back, staring at the unblemished green tinge of Amy Pond's areole. This wasn't makeup, and it didn't feel like paint, so how was she green, actually, why was she still green after the thorough sucking Bill had given her puffy green nip?

Despite her earlier intent, Bill hadn't actually gotten a clear look inside Amy's cunt. Now, with Amy laying on the bed, her legs spread and her feet hanging as her knees bent over the edge, now might be the best chance she'd have to get a proper look, at least before dinner anyway.

Amy shivered as Bill shimmied down her body, knocking the front of her unhooked bikini bottoms free with her jeans-clad ass. Amy watched, helpless, as it clattered to the floor. It felt as if she were pinned, a feeling that soon became reality as Heather climbed up on the bed to hold her hands in place.

"Don't worry," Heather whispered. "You're doing fine," she grinned a little half smile that never seemed to be cruel, but somehow seemed to relish Amy's planned fate anyway. "I've even thought up a couple of trophies I wouldn't mind taking from you," Heather confessed. "Those puffy nips of yours would look great topping the thumbsticks of the controller Bill gave me for my birthday," she added with a glance over at her desk, where a forest green gaming controller sat next to a keyboard and a mouse.

The shade of the controller wasn't exactly the same shade as she'd dyed her own skin, but it was close. Close enough to fit, and just visible enough to stand out. Amy could just imagine the way that Heather's thumbs would dig into her nipples as they stretched over the thumbsticks like a lewd tea cozy. She could just imagine Heather playing game after game, slowly wearing through her tender nipples with pressure and time until finally they'd need to be replaced. She could almost imagine Heather taking her nipples off the thumbsticks and carelessly tossing them out. Her nipples laying discarded in the trash a year or two hence, worn out and ruined, having served their purpose. Ungh! The thought alone almost had her cumming a second time!

“You're amazing…” Amy heard Bill pronounce as the frizzy-haired girl slid off the bed and between Amy's knees. “God, even your lips are green…” Bill continued, reaching out to spread the slight cameltoe of Amy's cunt.

Amy could feel Bill's fingers as they teased across the slight ridge of her inner lips where they protruded from her puss. She could feel Bill trace the line framing the entrance to her snatch from the bottom, all the way to her clit, hidden as it was beneath its tiny hood. Bill peeled back the hood and Amy could feel her hot breath as she bent in for a closer look.

“You're even green there!?” Bill marveled in amazement. “You aren't really an alien, are you?” she asked.

Amy shook her head with a mischievous grin, glad that all the hours she'd spent soaking in food colouring overnight had borne such fruit. “I can't tell you that,” Amy admitted, not wanting to taint Bill's fantasy one way or another, “but feel free to keep looking. If you can't figure it out from just looking, there's always my dissection too,” Amy paused, “Not to mention a taste test after that.”

“Blimey!” Bill exclaimed. “I could see your pussy clenching when you talked about me dissecting you!”

“That is why I'm here,” Amy agreed. “I hope you're not planning for me to survive the night,” she added, almost purring as she felt Bill begin to tease apart the petals of her sex.

Amy's cunt was, in Amy's own opinion, her best feature. Two perfectly rounded lower lips, swelling into a soft mound with a small but visible ridge of inner labia between them. It was cute, with just a hint of seduction to it, ans she absolutely loved it. Amy loved to admire it, she loved to play with it. She loved the way her inner lips clung together as they ran the course of her mons before stopping at the hood that hid the bright red pleasure button she regularly enjoyed stroking.

Of course, Amy's pussy had changed now from its usual appearance. Normally Amy had a strip of red fur, almost like a landing strip running straight down her mound to stop at her clit, but given her clients' plans for her… filet, Amy had shaved and waxed almost as soon as she got her orders; it wouldn't do to get hair in the birthday girl's steak, after all. Another large change was its hue, thanks to her extensive preparations the night before, every single millimeter of Amy's snatch was bright, Orion Slave Girl green.

"You're even green inside!" Bill explained as she pulled open Amy's pussy to peer into its depths. "How is that possible?" Bill wondered aloud. "I mean, you're definitely wet enough down here that any paint would wash right out…" Bill trailed off as she tried to figure out what was up with the 'alien' she was about to dissect.

Amy knew exactly how she'd managed it, of course. It hadn't exactly been cheap to fill her bathtub full of green food colouring even after finding a place that sold it by the gallon instead of the liter. It had ended up costing Amy almost 500 pounds, but it wasn't like she was going to be able to use that money after tonight anyway, so Amy didn't mind spending it. She didn't mind spending hours completely submerged in the bath, her eyes closed, breathing through a snorkel as she held her pussy open for the green dye to penetrate her very nook and cranny. She'd spent an incredible amount of time covering her hair in paraffin wax so that it wouldn't be dyed with the rest of her body, and an equal amount of time playing with herself beneath the green tinged water of the bath, all in the service of this moment here, with one of her 'clients' staring up at her snatch from off the edge of the bed and wondering if maybe she wasn't actually an alien after all. Amy certainly felt like it was worth it; not that she regretted those hours spent relaxing in the warm bath water with nothing to do but play with herself as she imagined her inevitable dissection. She hoped that Bill and Heather were enjoying her efforts just as much as she had…

"You're not really an alien, are you?" Bill asked, unable to figure out another explanation for the green hue of Amy's treasure.

"You know, there is one way to find out…" Heather stepped up and spoke softly into Bill's ear.

Amy shivered as she caught the hints that Heather was dropping for her lover.

"There is?" Bill asked.

"Well, I did promise you an alien dissection. That'll tell you one way or another, right?" Heather smiled her same lazy half-smile. "And… our little alien has clearly been looking forward to it…" the star-eyed blonde added, her mismatched eyes flicking to Amy's clearly aroused slit, already tinted a darker green by the increase in bloodflow to the site. Amy's snatch looked almost… hungry. It was drooling with arousal; wet and shiny; the perfect specimen for the night's planned dissection.

“I wonder what she tastes like…” Bill inquired. “You reckon she tastes like broccoli or something?” Bill paused, looking up at her girlfriend, “I mean, I don't mind if she's a plant girl that tastes like broccoli, but, I'd like to know if we're having meat or salad tonight, you know?” Bill asked.

“You'll find out eventually,” Heather laughed. “But… If you're feeling impatient, you can always have a taste test now. Give you something to compare it to after I finish frying it up?”

Amy's cunt clenched at the suggestion, not just of Bill having a quick lick, but at the thought of having her pussy fried up like a common order of fish and chips. She couldn't help but imagine her greatest treasure, glistening with oil, wrapped in newspaper and surrounded by fried chipped potatoes as Heather handed it all to Bill to snack on while they strolled through the campus below. God! The thought of it was… It was incredible!

“Can I really?” Bill asked, not quite sure what to make out of her girlfriend telling her that she could eat another bird out if she wanted to.

“It's fine,” Heather assured her. “She's your present, you can play with her however you want to. It's not like she's making it through the night, right? You're just playing with your food.”

“Right,” Bill nodded in agreement. “It's just like sampling the cookie batter before it's done, isn't it?”

As Heather nodded, her darker-skinned lover leaned in, her breath ticking the soft green lips of Amy's well-dyed pussy. Amy couldn't stop herself from trembling as Bill inched closer, her eyes wide as she sated at the treasure laid out before her. Bill had never really stopped her exploration, so Amy's sex was spread out before her like a flower, the inner walls, just as green as the outer walls, if of a different hue, sparkled invitingly in the harsh fluorescent light of the college dorm. Bill could see Amy's passage pulse gently with each beat of her heart. Her curiosity was beginning to consume her, and honestly? Seeing Amy spread out helplessly on the bed before her like this was incredibly sexy. Both of them knew that it wouldn't be long before Bill started to dissect the redhead, but Amy was being so obedient that if Bill didn't know better she'd have assumed the other girl was a blushing virgin, eager to be deflowered.

Actually… “Are you a virgin?” Bill asked, her face mere millimeters away from her prize.

Amy couldn't help but shiver as Bill's breath tickled her splayed inner passage with each new word she uttered. A virgin? Well, Amy wasn't inexperienced but technically…

“I've used some toys… But, I've never actually gone past tops and fingers, if you know what I mean,” Amy admitted.

Bill nodded, accidentally rubbing the tip of her nose into the little light green hood hiding Amy's clit. She blushed, embarrassed, but then she remembered just what she was about to do to the girl in front of her and pulled herself back together.

“Just a bit of nipple pinching and some fingers down your pants then?” Bill nodded, understanding. “Did you know our little alien was a virgin when you bought her, Heather?”

“I did not,” Heather grinned. “But I'm certainly not disappointed. Is this her first time being licked too?”

Amy blushed, but nodded. “No one's ever kissed me down there before,” Amy admitted, excited by the thought.

“No worries,” Heather reassured her. “Bill's a master of the Aussie kiss. Show your toy just how good you are, Bill.”

Bill knew her cue when she heard it, her tongue striking out with a deft precision to dive into Amy's carefully spread folds. She could feel the redhead squirming beneath her fingers, lips, and tongue and she savored the girl's taste. Salty, with a hint of copper; not unlike her own girlfriend Heather's, once she was off her cycle. Amy certainly tasted human, and she was certainly reacting to Bill diving into her muff like a human, But Bill wasn't ready to call the case solved just yet. The black girl's tongue darted to Amy's bean, sending a shudder up and down the redhead's spine as Bill's tastebuds slowly slid over the Jewel of Amy's sex.

“Mmm… You're awfully…” Bil's speech paused as she pulled one of Amy's lower lips between her own, “sensitive down here, aren't you?” Bill inquired. “I can't imagine how that'll feel when we slice you up,” Bill admitted, trying to just make conversation, but inadvertently voicing what was on her mind instead.

“I'm a bit scared,” Amy admitted, trembling, and not just from Bill's expert rug-munching. “But mostly? I'm looking forward to it.”

“To becoming food?” Bill asked, honestly curious.

“To all of it. I wouldn't have agreed to this if I didn't want to be snuffed,” Amy admitted.

It had been her dirty little secret for so long, the way she thought about being carved in half by a slowly approaching laser bean after watching a Bond flick, playing with herself even as she imagined herself strapped helplessly spread-eagle on a table, unable to escape her fate. Amy's dark secret had kept her from love. How could she explain to a boyfriend why the folder on her computer that was full of porn was full of drawings and comics and stories of girls being snuffed? More than half of them redheads, like her? How could she explain that imagining her own demise was the only thing that really got her motor running and ready to play? In a way, this was freeing. A chance to make her dreams, her darkest fantasies come true. A chance to give two young lovers the romantic date she'd always wished for, to be snuffed, to give up everything for a pair of strangers she didn't even know. Was it any wonder that Amy was so excited? The image of her quivering quim, sizzling on the hotplate by the sink wouldn't leave her mind, and it hadn't even happened yet!

“Have you- Ungh! thought of what you're going to do with me, … you know, after?” Amy asked out of morbidly curiosity, clearly struggling to piece two words together as Bill went to town on her fanny.

“That boot idea of yours was really sexy,” Bill admitted between licks, and Amy couldn't help but picture the almost caramel skinned girl wearing her legs as a pair of thigh high dominatrix boots. “You think your arms would make a nice pair of gloves to go with them?” Bill asked, immediately sending Amy's mind to dirty places as she pictured Bill wearing her new Amy-skin boots and gloves … and nothing else.

“Nnnngh! Definitely!” Amy agreed.

“And I still have a use for those nips of yours,” Heather admitted, “And Bill might have been joking about mounting your head on a plaque, but I'm certainly willing to see how you go with the rest of my furniture. I'd have you stuffed in a permanent O-face.”

“God!” Amy panted under Bill's oral onslaught. “Anything else?” she practically whimpered, so close to release, but inching ever closer with each new souvenir that the couple admitted to wanting.

“Well…” Heather drawled. “I do have some plans for this area here,” Heather admitted tracing a lazy squiggle across Amy's pubic mound. “But that'll depend on what shape it's in after we're done snuffing you.”

This last tidbit of information was just too much for Amy to stand. Against her will, her quim clenched down on Bill's deft tongue, arousal and satisfaction spilling from her pussy to coat Bill's lips and fill the black girl's mouth.

“Mmmm…” Bill grinned like the cat who caught the canary. “Definitely a meat dish, and tender, too,” Bill threw out as she withdrew from her resting place between Amy's green thighs.

Bill's face was smeared with the redhead's arousal. Her mouth practically glistened in the light. But the only thought Bill gave to her appearance was a quick lick of her lips.

“Are you ready to start the dissection?” Heather asked, placing her plastic baggie full of tools on the bed next to Amy's hip.

“All that exercise worked up an appetite,” Bill admitted. “So I'm pretty eager to get started if that's okay with you two,” Bill offered.

Heather nodded, but Amy just blushed, before reaching down to spread her own petals to make them easier for the couple to access.

“That seems like a pretty firm answer to me,” Heather admitted, looking at the blushing redhead in front of her, her nipples practically turgid with arousal.

Amy nodded, her blush turning her green stained cheeks a slightly darker shade. She shivered as Bill picked a T-pin and pulled on one of her viridian outer lips.

"Well then," Heather announced with that same almost malicious half-grin. "Since you haven't done a dissection since secondary school, do you want me to walk you through it?"

"I could use a little help, yeah," Bill admitted, eyeing the assorted teasing needles and T-pins warily. "Bio was never my best subject."

"You're off to a pretty good start," Heather admitted, as she watched her darker-skinned lover pulling one of Amy's nether lips to the side and holding a T-pin at the ready. "Let's finish pinning that lip in place so we can get a better view," Heather suggested, grinning.

Amy could feel the almost aching tension in her loins as Bill tugged on her cunt lip, trembling, she did her best to brace herself for the pain she knew was about to be inflicted upon her.

Bill looked at the pin in her hand. It locked wickedly sharp, and long. Could she really use it on the trembling green-skinned redhead before her? She stared at the pin, then back at Amy. Despite her obvious uncertainty, Amy's petals were slick with arousal, and she certainly wasn't objecting to Heather's plans for her; in fact, just moments ago she was in enthusiastic agreement with them! Amy still clearly wanted to be dissected, despite some newly-discovered reluctance; so the question was, did Bill really want to dissect her?

It was a question Bill didn't think she'd be asking herself today, but here she was, and the question was now a literal matter of life and death; for the redhead laying before her anyway.

Did she want to dissect Amy? Did she want to snuff her? To eat her, her filet?

Heather certainly wanted her to. Bill had the impression that Heather had barely given a second thought to the thought to the possibility of not snuffing the vivacious redhead! But she wasn't Heather. Amy was her birthday gift. Did she want to snuff her?

Bill's eyes dragged over the supine form of the girl in front of her, her green chest heaving, her nipples bobbing along with her breath, her legs splayed, her sex spread. Amy looked incredible. She probably wasn't a real alien, but the steps she had taken to look like one were comprehensive enough that Bill couldn't really say for sure. She wanted to be snuffed, was eager for it. The redhead was absolutely fine with dissecting her, she seemed almost uncomfortably aroused by the thought of Bill and Heather eating her filet.

Honestly it was kind of hot, but it was also what was causing Bill's dilemma in the first place; if Amy didn't want to be snuffed then there would be no issue with what to do with her. But, now?

Bill's eyes traced the curve of Amy's green hips, the slick luster of her sex, She could feel the redhead's pulse racing rapidly against her fingers through the flesh of Amy's lower lip. Bill saw every millimeter of the gorgeous redhead in front of her and imagined what it would feel like to tear her apart, inch by inch, to feel her squirm beneath her fingers as she began her investigation, she imagined how her sex would taste once Heather finished frying it for them, aided by the several licks she'd just had at Amy's treasure mere moments ago. Bill could feel her own sex growing hotter by the second as she imagined what she'd do to the trembling redhead in front of her, and she made her decision.

“Unnngh!” Amy cried out as Bill ran the T-shaped piece of metal through one of the petals of her sex, pinning it into the muscles of her upper thigh.

Heather's fingers dipped below the edge of her skirt as Bill pierced the redhead's pussy. She'd forgone any sort of underwear today, and she was glad for her decision to do so as her fingers touched the almost searing heat of her own sex, gently pinching her own labia in the same place as Bill had punctured Amy.

The pin felt like a thin dagger had been stabbed through her pussy lip and into her thigh, and with every trembling movement of her leg Amy could feel the metal pulling against her flesh. It felt like nothing else Amy had ever experienced before, painful of course, but also exciting in an indescribable way that you really had to experience to understand. It was more than just the sensation of the pin moving inside her, piercing her labia and fixing her lower lip firmly against her thigh, it was what it represented. Despite the pain, or maybe because of it, Amy felt like her sex was a butterfly, mounted for display: a feeling that only strengthened as Bill pulled on her other sexlip and pinned it to her remaining thigh.

Bill pulled back to admire her work. Amy's green-tinged cunt was splayed open, fastened in place by a pair of T-pins, one pierced through each of her lower lips. Between the permanently spread petals of Amy's muff. Her exposed cunt was almost throbbing, dripping wet with arousal and just as green as the rest of her. With every trembling motion, every beat of her heart, the inner passage of Amy's pussy pulsed like it was its own unique organism; the familiar sight of another girl's honey pot rendered strange and alien by the pigmentation found within.

Heather couldn't help but admire the sight as well. Not just Amy's splayed snatch, but the sight of her girlfriend, Bill, beginning to snuff another girl. The sight of bill driving those pins into Amy's lips and thighs, knowing that they'd be feasting together on the other girl's was just so incredibly hot. Heather could barely control herself as her hand sped up on its own; she certainly couldn't give a thought to instructing Bill as to what to do next.

"Ungh! Ah! Like- Ungh! What you see?" Amy half-moaned, trying to speak through the sudden cornucopia of sensations assaulting her. She could see Heather eagerly finger-fucking herself behind Bill, but her angle to the birthday girl was obscured by the gentle curve of her own currently-heaving, green breasts.

"You're amazing," Bill admitted, secretly glad that Amy was still okay with being dissected, even after Bill had stabbed her through the flaps of her fanny, twice! "I can't wait to get to the bottom of you," Bill admitted before trailing off "even if I have to tear you apart…" she finished, her voice much softer by the end of it.

Amy heard it anyway. "Don't worry about tearing me apart," Amy encouraged. "That is what I'm here for," she admitted. "It's your birthday, and I'm your present. I just want you to enjoy playing with me, even if you end up playing hard enough to break me."

"You mean, even if you don't survive?" Bill asked, despite knowing the redhead's answer.

Amy lifted one of her hands from where they lay above her head and brought it down between her legs. Her twat was still aching, almost burning from the combination of pain and need, but the pain she felt only served to make Amy Pond even more aroused. With a flick of her wrist, Amy began to force her fingers inside her bared cunt, first one, then two, then three, then her pinkie, leaving her thumb to rub the clearly attentive bud of her clit as it bulged beneath it's cute little hood.

"As long as you have fun snuffing me?" Amy replied. "I'm sure I'll have just as much fun being snuffed by a pair of sexy college coeds like you and Heather," Amy insisted, spreading her slit with her fingers to reveal the green inner depths of her treasure before pulling them free with a wet squelch, and wiping them somewhat dry on top of her pubic mound, leaving visible, shiny, traces of the act behind.

Bill swallowed. She'd never seen anything so effortlessly sexual in her life. This was a step beyond just 'okay' with being snuffed; Amy was eager for it, she seemed to crave it! And heaven help her, Bill wanted to give the redhead what she wanted.

"Really?" Bill asked wide eyed.

"You were staring at my clit earlier, weren't you?" Amy asked. "It's hidden behind my hood, right?"

Amy didn't even wait for Bill's response before continuing. "If you want a better look at it you can use one of those teasing needles to pull the hood back," Amy offered. "Or you can just cut it off," she added in her sultriest voice.

"You mean the hood, right?" Bill clarified.

"That too," Amy offered with a grin, making perfectly clear that that wasn't what she had initially meant.

Bill swallowed nervously as she picked up the pair of teasing needles from the dissection kit, one bent and one straight. Amy's offer to slice off her clit danced before her eyes. It was tempting. Bill was sure she was serious, too. So, why was she resisting?

Bill paused and put one of the teasing needles back down, replacing it with the scalpel instead.

Amy wanted her to have fun, right? In that case, there was no really point in holding back, was there?

Amy's eyes widened as Bill approached with a bent teasing needle in one hand and a scalpel in the other. Her heart thudded in her chest as she brought the tools to Amy's defenseless green sex; and she couldn't help but shiver when the cold metal of one of the tools touched the little hood hiding her clit.

Amy couldn't see which tool it was, but Bill certainly could as she used the teasing needle to pull the cute little flap of skin hiding Amy's clit upwards and out of the way. Amy's button was green, just like the rest of her. It was also adorable, and Bill couldn't resist the urge to lean in and place a soft little kiss on the tiny bud, sending almost electric shivers up and down Amy's spine in the process.

Carefully, so as not to harm Amy's nub, Bill teased it out of the way of her clitoral hood before bringing her scalpel to bear.

Amy had to stop herself from seizing up as Bill began to remove the tiny scrap of nerve filled flesh from her body, leaving a tiny red line behind where the hood had been, and her clit completely exposed to the open air but still mercifully attached.

Seeing an opportunity, Heather reached forward, grabbing a medical eye dropper from the dissection kit with one hand, she managed to open a bottle of low quality but high alcohol vodka between her legs using the other.

“We don't want dinner getting infected,” Heather explained, interrupting the moment Bill and Amy were sharing as she filled the eye dropper up with cheap vodka from the bottle and leaned forward to squeeze a few drops out onto the wound that Bill had inflicted upon her present.

“Gnnnrgh!” Amy grunted as the vodka hit the wound like a vial of liquid fire spilled directly on her nerves. The vodka dribbled over down her clit, across her thighs and over her splayed lover lips, thankfully missing her puncture wounds as it dripped down her thighs and onto the bedspread below.

The pain was terrible, but the way that Heather's eyes lit up watching her as she frantically tried to keep herself from squirming made Amy remember why Heather had inflicted it. She knew, even before Heather had hired her to be Bill's birthday present, that there would be pain. It seemed rather petty to fault the blonde for enjoying playing with the toy she'd bought her girlfriend in the way it was meant to be played with; even if it had nearly brought Amy to tears in the process.

“Alright,” Bill asked, the inseam of her jeans growing damper by the second, “so what next?”

Bill wasn't sure if the question was directed at Heather, or Amy, or both, but she wasn't disappointed in the answer.

“Next?” Heather replied. “You have to get a closer look if you want to figure out if she's human or not, right? Why not slice her open from here,” Heather poked a finger directly into the top of Amy's cunt, her nail poking into her green clit, as she pressed the area beneath her forceful digit, “to here.” Heather continued, drawing her finger up in a straight line from Amy's crotch until she reached the top of Amy's pubic mound, half-way between the upper tip of the Redhead's cunt and her belly button.

Bill hesitated.

“If you don't want to use a scalpel, I do have a pair of scissors you could use.” Heather offered, “One snip and she's be open for inspection,” Heather added, pantomiming the act using two of her fingers.

It was tempting, Bill thought, shoving the lower blade of the scissors into Amy's sopping green cunt while the other hovered menacingly above the outside of her pubic mound. Slowly moving forward until Amy's clit hit the middle of the shears and she clamped down on the grips, slowly slicing the other girl's clit in half before repeating the achievement with the rest of Amy's slit until she could peel Amy apart all the way to her Cervix and look inside.

'Very tempting,' Bill thought to herself. 'But first? There are a few things I want to do to my gift before I break it.'

Bill waved away her girlfriend's offer, leaning down instead. “You know, I've always wanted to fist another girl,” Bill admitted, catching Amy's hazel eyes with her own. “Heather's kind of small, and I don't want to hurt her, or tear her, or break her if something goes wrong accidentally,” Bill explained. “But you're going on the menu before the day ends anyway, so even if I damage you a little, or break your minge, it doesn't really matter, does it?” Bill asked curiously.

Before Amy could answer she was already removing the T-pins from her present, freeing Amy's newly-pierced lower lips to creep back into placed, punctured and slightly stretched, but not really much the worse for wear.

Amy's heart was racing. Fisting!? She's played with a few toys before, but nothing as large as a fist! Pussies were supposed to be able to stretch, but would that be enough to accommodate something that large?

Bill wasn't exactly waiting for a response however. Mimicking Amy's own earlier actions she inserted her fingers one after the other into the virgin sex-worker's eager muff. First her index, then her middle, then the pinkie and the ring in quick succession, leaving her thumb outside to give Amy's newly bared clit a quick rub for luck before that finger too dived into Amy's soft, warm, and incredibly wet snatch.

Slowly, bill Squeezed her fingertips together inside the redhead until they formed a sort of beak, and then slowly but surely she began to wiggle inside, pressing gently but firmly until the tips of her knuckles were firmly engulfed in Amy's ravenous sex.

It was slow going, even with how absolutely soaking wet Amy's pussy was. Bill's hand curled into a fist pretty much naturally as it slipped into the green depths of Amy's folds, millimeter by millimeter.

Amy couldn't help but groan in pleasure as Bill's fist slowly spread her muff to lengths she'd never been stretched before. Her cunt ached, especially where the other girl had punctured her lower lips, but the sensation of being stretched by another girl's hand was almost indescribable! She could feel Bill's knuckles rocking slowly up and down inside her body as the black girl tried to force her fist further and further inside of her.

For Bill, it was absolutely incredible! The feel of the warm folds of Amy's sex enveloping her hand, the soft caress of her fanny around her knuckles to half way down her hand, a feeling that was growing as she steadily drove her hand even further into the depths of the green-skinned redhead. Seeing Amy writhe in pleasure as she fucked her, feeling her around her, hearing her mew and moan and grunt and groan as Bill played her like a piano using just one hand… It was almost breathtaking.

Amy was close now, so close! She'd never been stretched like this before, never taken anything like as large as Bill's fist before! With every touch, each slight movement it felt like Bill was on the edge of tearing her apart! But that moment never came; only wave after wave of seemingly endless pleasure. Her mind fogged with the immensity of it. She could see the fingers of Bill's free hand massaging the top of her pubic mound as the younger girl tried to slip her fist inside her even further. She could feel bill's fingertips pushing firmly against her skin as her fist traveled beneath them, like two twins separated from each other by her body.. She gasped, cumming for the third time of the night, but unlike the prior plateaus of pleasure she had reached, this time the sensations never stopped, they kept climbing and climbing, higher and higher like they were scaling an endless peak!

Neither girl knew how long it took for Amy to finish cumming. Wrapped in the moment they lost track of time, Amy cumming, and Bill enthralled by the sight, until they both came back to their senses with Bill's fist swallowed all the way up to her wrist by Amy's supple and welcoming cunt.

The two girls stared at each other, neither one quite sure what to do next. Bill into Amy's naturally green-tinged hazel eyes, and Amy back into Bill's own dark brown pair.

The moment was perfect, Bill leaned forward and with her hand still lodged in Amy's sex, she pressed her lips gently to the redhead's own green-tinged pair.

The kiss was soft and tender, but Amy's heart was racing just as quickly as it had when Bill had declared her intention to fist her. Bill drew her in, somehow; and Amy knew that if the two of them had met in different times that the probably could have fallen in love. But the kiss broke, and just like dreams eventually end Amy was left panting on the bed, her legs aching, her twat straining around the girth of its invader; her only connection with another human being.

“Oh. Wow…” Heather chimed in from the seat where Bill had been sitting earlier. Her dress was hiked up, her pussy slick and blushing, her fingers gently rubbing her with her lower lips, and a growing wet spot on the cushion between her thighs all giving testimony as to what Heather had been involved with while Bill and Amy enjoyed each others bodies. “You know Bill, if fisting is even half as much fun as our dinner made it look, I'd be up for trying it out.”

Bill smiled. She'd enjoyed fisting Amy the most out of anything so far that day, and she was happy that her adventures in fisting weren't about to end just because she and Heather planned to snuff her toy.

“That's amazing!” Bill enthused as she slowly withdrew her hand from Amy's aching and well-used cunt.

Amy felt like she'd just run a marathon, she was almost completely exhausted as she lay there, panting uselessly on the bed. She could barely lift her head to watch as Bill went back to massaging her from the outside in to get her to relax so that she could with
R: 20 / I: 4

Young Justice Stories (teen, m/f, con and non-con)


This story stars M'gann (Miss Martian) and Conner (Superboy) and takes place somewhere in the second half of the first season of Young Justice.

M'gann is 48 years old chronologically but as a Martian she's biologically 16. Conner is a half Kryptonian clone made from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor who is less than a year old but physiologically he's 16 too.

This is my first attempt at writing the kind of story that would be posted on his board, so please tell me how I did (be critical if you have to) and say if you'd like me to write any more Young Justice bits or maybe continue this one. Others will likely be a lot more sex focused than this one but I'm getting warmed up.


When M'gann let herself into Conner's room she wasn't wearing her blue caped hero costume or the pink skirt with the short-sleeved crop top sweater that she looked so adorable in. Instead she was barefoot and dressed in a purple satin robe tied loosely at the waist. The alluring nightwear was reserved for Conner's eyes only which wasn't a problem since at this late hour they were the only ones left in the cave, the team's secret headquarters.

"I was just watching a few more of those adult DVDs I 'borrowed' from Wally, I thought you might like to help me try out a few more of the things I saw in them" she suggested with a flirtatious grin before tugging on her belt. The robe fell past her shoulders and puddled at her feet to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath it.

Leaving aside her unique green skin tone she was a perfect example of the young feminine form, her flawless skin flowed over gentle curves and soft nubile breasts. And framed by a mane of red hair was the cutest face in the solar system, a face whose innocence was perhaps a bit at odds right now with the lewd pose she was making to invite her boyfriend into trying some kinky sex.

But despite the offer that would've had most teenage boys already on top of her Conner wasn't moved. His expression was tense and his focus obviously wasn't on the pretty girl standing naked in his room. "Not tonight, I've got other things on my mind" he grunted.

Worry replaced lust and she reached forward intending to touch his cheek reassuringly. "I can probably guess what it is" she said softly.

Seeing what she was trying to do Conner abruptly turned away and crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't want to talk about it!" he yelled and then seemed intent on staring at the floor, his body stiff and rigid with the energy he was keeping bottled up.

Seeing how it was going to be M'gann held in a sigh and instead smoothly shifted her form, her body quickly morphing into that of a bald man in an expensive tailored suit. "Perhaps you'd like to talk to me. After all, a father always has time for his son" said the polished voice of Lex Luthor putting a galling emphasis on the word son.

"I AM NOT YOUR SON" exploded Conner as he whipped around swinging with a punch that sent Luthor staggering back and clutching his now loosely hanging arm.

Squeezing his jaw tightly the still calmly collected villain managed to grin despite how much his shoulder must be hurting. "Tsk-tsk, a sadly predictable response. But they do say that the truth hurts" he joked in a manner that made it sound like he was still the most powerful man in the room.

This time Conner didn't use any words when he shouted his rage, roaring forward and slamming the older man against one of the cave walls formed from stone and concrete. Slamming his fists into Luthor's chest he ignored the man's pained grunts and instead delivered a series of shocking blows before grabbing Luthor by the neck and throwing him face first into the ground.

Already Luthor seemed to be in no condition to trade more barbs and was struggling to get up with only one weakened arm. But rather than let him have that chance Conner kicked him in the side with Kryptonian strength, sending the man flying clear across the room with enough force to shatter the bookcase he collided with.

Not pausing Conner marched over and with one hand lifted the source of his ire out of the pile of splinted wood and with the other smashed his fist right into Luthor's face just as he was looking up. "I. AM. NOTHING. LIKE. YOU." Conner swore as he emphasized each word with a solid hit.

With his ears still ringing with rage he hurled Luthor to the floor again and brought his boot down with a heavy crunch followed by several more before he dropped to his knees and frantically used his fists to finish the job. Finally his well of anger went dry and he knelt there panting before standing up and letting his heart rate return to normal.

Looking down he watched while in stops and starts Luthor's form began to shift, slowly and awkwardly returning to the shape of a small teenaged girl. Lying naked and exposed her injuries were far more apparent now that he could see her green skin which was almost entirely covered in dark bruises accented by blood. A tiny wail accompanied the little twitches her mangled limbs were making and it was obvious that she was in sheer agony but could do nothing about it. The damage he'd done to M'gann's body in only a few minutes was almost unbelievable.

Her one eye seemed to dimly make contact with his but there were no words to follow, only a small gurgled from the place where her lower jaw had been snapped apart in two places and most of her front teeth had been knocked out leaving only bleeding gums.

Not seeing any reason for conversation he examined his blood soaked hands and remarked calmly "I'm going to wash up and then I'm getting some air." But as he reached the door he paused briefly and looked back, "And M'gann… thanks for being so supportive, I'm feeling a lot better now."

After about 20 minutes alone M'gann was finally able to have a thought that didn't involve screaming internally at the sensation of one of her throbbing injuries. She arduously pushed out with one hand and with painful determination tried to get some purchase with her broken fingers so that she could move her body into a less awkward position.

But even flat on her back there was little difference to the amount of suffering she was experiencing. Both of her legs were broken and left at odd angles and her left kneecap was nothing but ground up powder now. A lot of blood had flowed out of her vagina and ass and there seemed to be little chance that her kidneys and other nearby organs were still functional under the black and purple tarp of bruises that covered her now oddly caved in midsection above her shattered pelvis.

Breathing was a torture of its own and she was certain that more than one of her broken ribs had punctured her lungs, which was why each breath felt like a blowtorch was being applied to her chest. With such pain beauty seemed like an unnecessary concern which was fortunate since her once proud breasts had been smashed into something like burger meat and her pretty face was virtually unidentifiable.

Staring upwards the ceiling seemed oddly fuzzy to her. She wasn't sure if something was wrong with her left eye but knew with resignation that the right eye was gone, the whole socket had been caved in and anything there had been pulverized. Part of her skull was cracked open too and she was probably pressing some of her grey matter directly into the dirty floor but it would take a while before she would know of any brain damage.

With a groan she concentrated and after several moments of extra misery a broken bone in her pinky finger snapped back together accompanied by a tortured cry. With her shape shifting powers she could repair her entire body one piece at a time in the same way that a dislocated arm could be fixed, by accepting the pain and popping it back into place.

Of course there was a lot to mend from countless broken bones and damaged organs to an entire eye that would have to be regenerated so she was going to be at this all night. No human could understand the living hell that still awaited her as she healed herself; their bodies would have already failed from the damage and their minds would shut down from the pain involved in fixing it. But the important thing was that she would be whole by morning and physically she'd look good as new when the rest of the team saw her.

Hopefully tomorrow would at last be one of Conner's good days and she could try that thing the blonde had done with her tongue; she was excited to see if he would cum as hard as the man in the video had. And if he was in the same mood he'd been in tonight then without question she'd help him deal with his anger issues again by providing him with whatever outlet he needed for as long as he needed it. She'd readily accept any amount of pain he inflicted on her body if it would help ease the pain he felt in his mind.
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Party Box (consensual, penectomy, snuff, straight)

[consensual] [penectomy] [snuff] [straight]

Short story inspired by Holly Heart's CFNM Secret by Brazzers. A party planner talks about her most popular series of party toys, the dehumanising boxes.

Party Box
By ShamefulDesire (3/11/2019)

I'm a party planner. I plan parties for teenage girl on the cusp of womanhood and bachelorette parties. The central theme is always cock. Cock on its own, nothing to do with the man attached to it. The girls want to have their pussy lips parted by a large cock, and not have to deal with the drama of the man attached to it. They don't even want to look at him, and definitely don't want him to look at them. It's the reason glory holes exist in the walls between men and women's bathrooms in public places. Women love to play with some cock without having to play with the man. It is in a way, a method of dehumanising the man. Objectifying the penis, and hiding the person. I expanded on the idea by creating a wooden box with a glory hole. I had to install a harness on the inside so that the man would be tightly strapped to the outer wall, and as much of his penis would be pushed through the hole. We don't want him being able to pull his penis in through the hole.

We then decided to install a cutting tool around the hole. We hunted around for a long time to find the type of cutter that would be best for the box. We found a very thin aspect wire guillotine. It has a very wire under great tension. When it's time for it to operate, the wire has a large current passed through it to heat it up to red hot temperature. The tension is released, and it slices through whatever is through the hole. It also cauterizes both sides as it cuts, sealing both sides and avoiding any blood loss. This means that the package does not deflate and can be kept. It also means that we don't have to sew up the man before he bleeds out. This is always a happy ending for the party's festivities.

We soon found that one penis wasn't enough, and that there was demand for three boxes at a time. So we made a triple box. We originally placed a button for each hole, but found that women wanted one button to trigger all three cutters simultaneously. We did once make a larger box for five men, but it proved too difficult to move around, especially after putting the volunteers in. We used it once, and it was a total failure. We set it up in the workshop, and the mother came to see how it would be for her daughter's sweet sixteen. We asked five of the guys who work here to simply pose for her in the machine. We loaded them in for her to see. She then accidentally touched bumped into the side of the box as she walked round it, and the triggers went off! Five cocks hit the top of the box with a dull thud. Nobody moved. Everything was still. We let the guys out and gave them ice packs. We gave her a box for three and a box for two, as there were five volunteers for her daughter's party, but there wasn't enough time to reset the cutters.

As far as bachelorette parties go, none are particularly memorable except for one where the client was actually the volunteer himself. He wanted to give his ex a great present for her wedding, and decided that he also couldn't live without her. He knew that her greatest fantasy was to have sex with a man who was about to die. We made a very special box, made of metal, and lined with asbestos. The hole itself was extremely tight. There was a kerosene canister on the side of the box, and the trigger was inside. When she was pleasuring herself on his cock, he would trigger the device to cremate him on the inside. He asked us to install a window where his face would be, but out of respect for the bride, we covered the window with a towel. She could, if she wanted to, remove the towel and see who was in the box. She did not choose to, but we told her afterwards. She was deeply toughed by his gesture. We collected the ashes and gave them to her in a hollow dildo made of brass.

-The End-
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Ultra Short Stories Mk2 - 100 words

The old thread isn't bumping anymore. This seems to be a limitation of the new gurochan. Time for a renewal.

Old thread full of ultra hot ultra short stories can be found here:

Keep them coming!
I'll start it off with this one (repost, since I'm lazy):

=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!
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The Darkness Rising Saga: Magic Blooming (m/f, guro, snuff, age play, watersports, con/non-con)


Minsekk gasped as the eleven-year-old girl's lips wrapped around his cock and slid back and forth. His attention, however, was not focused on her. He did not look down at her long white hair or her light blue eyes which were filled with affection. He didn't notice his best friends growing affection, but even if he did, he wouldn't have carried. He was not in the present, he was lost in his mind, he was reliving the events from three days ago.
Minsekk stood amongst the crowd, one of the closest to the gallows. Men and women cheered in excitement for the upcoming execution, and the cheers broking into an approving roar as the naked woman was lead to the noose. She had tan skin and long fiery orange hair. Her figure was curvy with large mature breasts, a firm butt, and purple lines forming a symmetric pattern across her body. The woman did her best to cross her legs, and hide her orange bush, but due to the handcuffs keeping her hands behind her back, she could do nothing to cover her breasts. Her purple eyes surveyed the crowd, but she failed to notice her son who was awaiting her execution not with fear or sadness but confused excitement. It had been thirteen years since Minsekk had came into this world kicking and screaming, and he had discovered his urges a year prior. But why they felt so powerful while he was waiting for his own mother to be hung confused him. In fact, the only two things going through his mind at the time was excitement, yes it wasn't anticipation it was excitement, for his mother's hanging, and curiosity about where his older sister was. That question was answered immediately as the second teary-eyed naked woman was drug onto the gallow by the soldiers. Minsekks mother's eyes went wide as she noticed her daughter. Airdya was three years older than her brother, and despite her immense beauty she had yet to fill out. Her body was thin, her purple patterns more sporadic than her mother's. Her tits were small and perky, and her ass was tiny yet firm. Her hair was neck short, a popular trend amongst girls as of late.
"No!" the mother screamed. "This wasn't the deal you bastards! I surrender, and you leave my family alone! That was the deal!" She exclaimed.
"Mommy help me!" The teen cried, tears streaking down her cheeks. A surprising rush of joy filled Minsekks body. He felt so lucky, he'd get to watch both his mother and sister hang naked! His little prick was stiff, and viable through his trousers to those with a trained eye.
"I'm so sorry sweetheart," his mother said, tears now flowing freely. The executioner, a tall muscular woman, fitted the nooses around her two victims' necks. One of the soldiers unrolled a brown piece of parchment
"Belin, and Airdya Merrindin. You have been found guilty of illegal use of magic. You have been sentenced to be hung by the neck until death" he read.
"Please let my daughter go, I'll do anything" Belin begged.
"Don't let her go. Kill them both" Minsekk said under his breath. It wasn't that he did not love his family, in fact, he loved them very much. Despite this love, or perhaps because of it, he wanted them to both die a terrible death. The executioner lifted Airdays leg by her ankle and ran her tongue across the sole of her foot. It was common knowledge that the soles of those who could use magic all had a unique taste, and if they were molested moments before death, the soul of the woman would be tarnished, and they wouldn't reach the eternal peace after death. They would simply fade into nothingness. Because of this, magicians who were executed had their soles licked as a demonstration.
"Please just let her go" Belin begged as her soul was tarnished. Minsekk felt oddly jealous. The executioner walked over to the lever and pulled it. The trap doors under Minsekks last family fell open, and the two women fell. As Airdyas body came to a sudden stop there was a satisfying snap and her body gave a jump. She spasmed for a second making a few gargling sounds, her tiny feet twitching. Her movements stopped in a few moments, however, and a hot stream of urine ran down her legs. His mother, however, was less lucky. She gagged as the rope caught her, and she kicked her powerful legs out. She spread her toes and gripped at the rope to no avail. She fought for around fifteen minutes before finally losing consensus. Piss squirted from her pussy, and milk leaked from her erect nipples. Five minutes later Belin finally stopped twitching.
Minsekk filled the little girl's mouth with his seed, as the image of his mother and sister hanging naked with glazed-over eyes filled his head. His friend Minni stood with a smile, whipping off the cum that dribbled down from her lips to her chin. A warm feeling rushed through Minsekks body. A feeling of energy and power that was new to him, but deeply enticing. Was this what sex with someone felt like? No. He knew it was something more
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Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/

Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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An old combat story I never got round to post/finish (Combat. Bladed. Debreasting? Gutting? )

Cleaning my old Portable HD and I came across this I wrote years ago. Its a bit shaky in parts and I kind of just jumped in without even describing the characters lol. But I feel like some of you guys might like it.

Im considering re working it/finishing it and adding some actual detail with the characters with an actual conclusion too if people are interested. I did also write this when I was younger so if stuff doesn't make much sense then sorry lol. I think I was just in a hurry to write a guro story based on my kinks.


Rumer turned around in a panic and was met with the piercing eyes of her opponent. Within that instant she was met with the cold steel of a dagger inside her stomach. She gasped and jolted at the impact, the both of them taking a second to let the moment sink in until Farren quickly drew another and drove it brutally into Rumers right collarbone, scraping it as it sunk deep into her flesh. quickly screaming in pain, her body jumped into action, raising her right leg and kicking Farren in the stomach to push her away, only to stumble back slightly herself as her body familiarized itself with the fresh wounds and the feeling of the cold blades ripping out of her flesh. “Shit…she fucking stabbed me.” Rumer thought in a panic, knowing this would get very messy for her soon if she did not end this quick…But there was no time to think.
Farren swiftly was up and on the offence before Rumer could even gather her thought, swing with her left knife towards Rumer’s neck, with Rumer barely managing to block it with her arm at the elbow

But pain shot through her once again. Her body jerked in agony feeling Farren’s second knife plunge into the side of her left butt cheek with a quick spurt of fresh blood, a misdirection for her to focus on the first knife aiming for her neck, while Farren used the other to sneakily land a hit.
Farren’s blades were sharp, specifically made for cutting through flesh and muscle. With even average force, her 6-inch blades easily sank into an opponent’s flesh, making them even more dangerous with Farren’s training and technique.
Farren continued, dancing around Rumer as she tried to avoid her blades, but more and more Farren tore into her body.

“Dammit fuck!’ Rumer cursed to herself with each slice she took. Her white tank top now torn to shreds and stained with her blood. Her perky tits dangled and jiggled with her body shuddering with each strike, blood trailing over her nipples.
She had to do something quickly. Screaming with a quick grunt once again as her blocked another kill strike aimed for her neck. The knife drove straight through her forearm, the tip of the blade just scraping the center of her neck.

Farren pushed down with her might, overpowering Rumer and pushing the blade further into her arm and closer to her neck. Panic began to set into Rumers mind. She could feel herself getting weaker with these flesh wounds, and as much as she pushed her arm against Farren, it was no use.
With frustration, Farren brutally drove her free blade into Rumers stomach, and in a frenzy repeatedly stabbed her over and over. Rumer shrieked, but grit her teeth though it, knowing she would be dead if she focused on the second knife, now stuck deep in her gut with a sickening twist and jerk from Farren.

The blade painfully slipped into her arm further and closer to her neck with another push From Farren. The tip piercing the skin of her neck and making a tiny hole.
Rumer took a sharp breath and had no choice but to sacrifice her arm or die. With a sudden twist, she jerked her arm, slicing the blade through her arm further along into the muscle and flesh, but locking and catching the blade in-between her radius and ulnar, managing to leverage it away from her neck and giving her a chance to counter attack.

She began to push back. Raising onto her feet once again as she began to overpower Farren. Rumer was stronger than her nimbler opponent. This fight would have been over before it even began if it was a straight hand to hand fight…but those knives tipped the scaled immensely in Farren’s favor.

Farren refused to let this happen violently tearing her blade from Rumors gut with a torrent of blood. Rumer felt her body violently jerk as she opened her mouth with a silent scream. Her eyes widened as something felt wrong, her mind couldn’t process this weird feeling of pain…but she could feel her stomach bulge and shift around.

She glanced down at her belly, and time seemed to freeze with what she saw.

“No…no no no that’s my guts. Shit no no no they aren’t meant to be there!” She thought to herself.

Seeing her intestines spill from her belly in tight jiggly coils.
The wound was deep but somewhat small, making a tight opening from her guts to squeeze through, as if her belly was a tube of fresh toothpaste being squeezed for its contents.

She continued to struggle with Farren. Each breath she took and each movement she made squeezing her guts out more and more, as coil after coil seemed to pop from the wound and then gently spill, dangling against her belly and thigh.

Farren swiftly placed her free blade behind Rumers knee, and with one quick slice ripped into her joint. Her knee buckling with the torn muscle and ligament supporting it, and ending her potential comeback.
Her lower body failed her, Rumer watched helplessly as Farren Reclaimed her two knives ad swiftly carved her up even further. As if in slow-motion, Farren slid her left hand downwards against Rumer’s right arm, dragging the blade with her and slicing cleanly into Rumors forearm with a long-jagged gash.
She followed with a well-placed, near perfect twist of the knife into a backhanded grip once she was under Rumer’s Arm pit, and then sliced across her chest and breasts horizontally as if she was swinging a brutal left hook. The blade ripped across her areola’s and barely missed her actual nipple. Rumer’s tits sliced open with flash of blood and fat. She had hardly any time to assess the damage, looking for just a split second deep into the wounds of her breasts, accurately recognizing her glands that made her perky tits.

But just as the blade ripped across her breasts, the second one returned, slicing the opposite way and ripping from the outer side of her left breast into the top towards her sternum…almost as if Farren wanted to slice it off. The attack happened so fast that Rumer took a few seconds to process what just happened. Kneeling there wide eyed for a second, her face contorted into a scrunched mess of agony and shock, glancing quickly at the mess of her chest. Her body acted on pure instinct, swinging her wounded right arm with force towards the back of Farren’s knees and making her fall.

Taking the chance, Rumer pounced on her opponent as she took her by surprise, and with a combination of desperation, rage, and anger, she slammed her fists down onto Farrens face, making use of her strength
Having trained in various forms of hand to hand combat and strength training, she could easily break bones with enough force…but could she use this moment to end this in her state?

“CRUNCH” went Farren’s Jaw, as Rumer shattered it and dislocated it with her fists. A fresh spurt of blood erupted from Farren’s mouth and nose as bone shattered. But she couldn't keep it for long. Her left arm burned with every punch and her wounds stated to affect her power…but a flash of Farren’s blade caught her eye slashing a deep cut across her thigh and forcing Rumer to retreat. Quickly gaining some space between the two of them, Rumer took a few seconds to compose herself. She was losing blood, and her wounds were beginning to take effect. “I need to end this now” She thought clutching her stomach. The attack opened her stomach up a little more, allowing more of her insides to empty with the hole. She shuddered at the feeling of her guts, sticky and warm.
A sense of dread overcame her. She was best in close quarters combat and could have easily taken Farren out as her strength far surpasses her opponent…but getting in close means getting close to those blades…which Farren specializes in. “If I get close, I can make something work.” She thought…but looking down at the body, she hesitated.
Time was up. Rumer had to react fast as Farren charged directly at her.
She swiped her knife upwards at Rumer with blinding speed, but Rumer successfully anticipated this and jumped back, narrowly missing another deep cut.
She stumbled slightly in her torn leg, but now was her chance to counter attack! With a strong step forward, Rumer clenched her just and swung a dirty uppercut at her opponent, followed by swiftly getting into a grapple with the intention of disabling Farren access to her blades.
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Pink Lemons (consensual, penectomy, castration, cannibalism, non-violent)

Consensual penectomy and castration, lesbianism, cannibalism, non-violent

This story is inspired by Walk-ins by htabdoolb and the stories by Byron from

Pink Lemons
by ShamefulDesire (30/10/2019)

Brian and his friends decided to get chastity devices as a dare. They had to convince some girls to become their keyholders. Brian had the idea to aproach his english teacher.

"Do you know what a keyholder is?" Brian asked her.

"Yes I do." She replied with confidence and authority, while peering over her glasses.

"Would you like to be mine?" Brian said coyley.

"Are you wearing it now?" She said calmly.


"Give me the key."

Brian handed over the key, thanked her and then walked away. She would make him read poetry to her while she masturbated in front of him. She was very strict and would routinely punish him with some public humiliation. It was a common sight to see him chained to the bike rack at the end of school, while she got her things ready. On his 18th birthday, she took him to The Clinic to have a partial penectomy. She asked them to leave a two inch stump, and to make a lateral hole through the end so that she could put a padlock through the hole. His school's prom was a week after his birthday. He graduated with full marks and a scholarship, and asked his keyholder to permit him to lose his virginity as was traditional. She contemplated his request, and came up with a suitable compromise.

She made him strip naked and then she padlocked him to the railings outside the venue on prom night. She then invited some of the girls to don a large strap-on and peg him. At first, they were shy, but later she put a blindfold on Brian and handcuffed him. After that, the girls were actually rather in to it.

I met Brian at a bondage club some years after that. His keyholder had given him his key as he was too old for her. I recounted the story of when I took my husband to The Clinc for Doctor Cutter to remove his enormous penis. I had elected to not leave a stump. I later regretted cutting him, so I started picking up guys in clubs. I met Brian, and I became his keyholder. I had never been a keyholder before. It was very novel. At first I found it a bit of a hassel and Brian would complain that I wasn't doing things correctly. I soon got into the swing of things, and drew great pleasure from Brian. My husband would regularly get jealous and they would get into petty meaningless fights.

The Clinic had closed about a year ago after being involved in a scandal. A lesbian couple had registered there for their wedding. They wanted a full twelve place cutlery set with all the handles made of little boys' penises. Three knives, three forks and three spoons per place setting meant 108 little boys had to be found to make this set. The media caught wind of this, and it became a media frenzy. I bumped into Dr Cutter in the street. She remembered me.

"You know, I still haven't removed a larger one." She said with a smile. "How's the patient?"

"He's fine." I retorted. "He gets into squabbles with my new lover, Brian. He wears a padlock through the end of his penis and also still has his testicles."

"Oh Brian! Yes! I remember him with the padlock. His keyholder was austere! She came up with the padlock trick. I thought it was a rather original idea. The small stump and the heavy padlock make for a unique setup. How is he?"

We remenised about the scandal. I offered my sympathy. She told me that in order to save the buisness, she had to transfere ownership of the buisness to her son, and withdraw from practice. Her son had moved the buisness to a cheaper and more discreet location. Also, nurse Handler had completed a course and was now techniscian Handler. The modern trend is to use a programmable machine that performs the proceedures. She also said that it was very difficult to keep two men in my life would be difficult. She said that new technology existed today, and that castration did not mean a complete absence of libido any more. She told me about silicone beads originally developed to help eunuchs fill out their swimsuits. Beads can also be infused with testosterone in order to keep a steady flow over the course of a year. I decided to take the boys in to see what The "new" Clinic can do for them.

When we entered, we were met by a slightly overweight thirty something man behind the desk. He spoke with a high pitched voice, and introduced himself as Mr Handler.

"The technician will see you now." Said Mr Handler.

We entered and she did a double take. She smiled and stood up strightening her impossibly tight white uniform. She flung her arms around me and asked me how I was. I told her I was fine, and she then turned to my husband whom she patted on the groin.

"Boy do I remember you guys! Biggest one yet, for sure!"

My husband nodded and gave an awkward smile, unsure of what he should convey in the circumstance.

Durring the consultation, I kept eyeing her up. Her uniform was just ever so slightly transparent. I wasn't sure if it was or not. There was just a hint that I could see a black thong through the stretched fabric. While she talked, she would touch me on the wrist or on the thigh at every oportunity. She told us about bean shaped silicone beads that had been made to keep the scrotum filled after an orchidectomy. They came in vaqrious sizes, and four colours.

"The clear ones are just silicone. They are there to make a eunuch look like a man. The red ones have a normal level of testosterone in them, which will need replacing every year. The pink ones have half the amount, and will maintain a healthy sexual appetite, but will be low enough so that the eunuchs will no longer fight when in close quarters. I think this is what you are looking for. They only need replacing every two years, and the larger sizes can last three." She explaioned.

"What are those black ones?" I asked.

"Those have a lot of juice in them, and will basically turn your eunuch savage. They are used to cause maximum frustration, and need replacing every three months." She said dismissively, as I raised an eyebrow.

"What happens to the testicles?" Asked Brian.

"Well, that depends on the reason for their removal. Some patients are castrated as a reward, and are allowed to eat their own testicles. Some times, the testicles are removed to assert dominance. What is normally called gelding, and in those instances, the dominant partner will eat them in front of the patient to show who is boss. If neither case applies, then they go in the medical waste bucket out back and they are incinerated at the end of the month."

"Just like my cock." Snorted my husband under his breath.

"Actually, we now have a contract with Authenticock, and removed penises are converted into preserved real dildos. Part of our profits come from this line of buisness, and it was actually part of the scandal we had a while back." She said, as she opened a drawer of her desk and pulled out a rather large erect penis on a strap-on harness.

It looked absolutely real. It was smaller than my husband's, but still glorious. I caught her looking at me suggestively when she held it. I thought about her using it on me, and knew at that moment that she too was thinking about that very same thing. I noticed that her nipples were now clearly visible through her uniform. I felt myself getting wet, and awkwardly looked away hoping nobody noticed me staring at her breasts.

The boys looked at the sample beads. They both wanted the biggest size that would fit in their scrotum. They stripped and the Handler exampined them. She said that both scrotums were of ample size, and that they could take the largest size, but that they might be a little uncomfortable when sitting. Brian asked if he could have the black ones. I shut him down quickly and told him he would get the clear ones if he didn't behave himself.

"They have to be ordered. The large size and their limited shelf life means that I don't stock them on site. Make an appointment with the… I mean with Mr Cutter outside for next week."

The boys shuffled out the door and Handler grabbed my wrist when they wern't looking. *Call me* she mouthed and put a small folded piece of paper into the palm of my hand. It was her personal phone number. I had never been with a woman, but for her I would definetly make an exception. She was very sexy.

I did call her, and we went out. After dinner and drinks, we went back to her place. She invited me in and told me that she wanted to show me something. She beconed me into her bedroom where she pulled out a large strap-on.

"Do you recognise it?" She asked.

I looked at it, and was amazed. It was my husband's penis! Giant, erect, and gorgeous just as it had been the day that Dr Cutter had removed it.

"That day you came in" she said "and dropped this into my lap, was the most memorable day of my life! It was that day that I learned about Authenticock, and had sent them your husband's penis to be preserved and mounted. It was that day that started the ball rolling, that would lead to the scandal. That fateful, amazing day."

I was lost for words, I bearly managed to whisper in her ear that I wanted her to fuck me with it. We tore our clothes off and had a wild passionate night. It was great to feel that thing inside me again. It was as if there had been something missing, and whatever I used to fill the hole, didn't quite fit correctly. That is until now. She stretched me out the way I was supposed to be stretched out. In all the right places, in just the right amount. It was perfect. I was in love.

The day finally came, when the beads were delivered. I brought the boys in for their proceedure. The beads looked like pink lemons. I wondered by men always wanted to have large testicles. They look so silly and implractical. The boys walked in, and even managed to squable one last time as to who would undergo the proceedure first. Brian pushed my husband to one side.

"I still have a cock and therefore I am more of a man! I should be first dickless!"

I took his padlock off. His stump was firm and protruding. He was obviously very excited to be having his testicles removed. Handler ushered us into a room with a machine in the corner. It had a large cavernous opening like a giant wide open vagina. It was white and had buttons. The opening even came to a point that looked like a clitoris at the top. Handler opened a drawer in the side and placed all four beads in there. She closed to drawer and pressed some buttons.

"The machine is ready when you are, simple press your body against the machine with your genitals in the opening when you are ready." She beconed to the boys as she stepped away.

I noticed one of the buttons said "Random" on it. As Brian was pushing his body against the machine, I asked her about that button.

"Yeah well the machine can perform almost anything you might want. It was originally designed to be placed in locker rooms. There are various variants of this machine as far as coin operation and method of disposal."

The machine whirred into action. There was a sound like a flatbead scanner doing its thing. Brian winced a little. There was a beep and Brian stepped back. He examined himself and found a couple of tiny stiches behind each testicle. He made a expression that indicated that he was impressed and walked away.

"Your turn big boy!" He said sarcasticly to my husband, who grimaced back at him.

"The machine retains its previous settings, please step up and repeat what Brian did." She said to my husband who obliged.

"So if the machine was set to random?" I asked.

"Then the boys could queue up, push their genitals into the machine and get anything from a circumcision, to a complete nullification. It's really quite handy!" She explained. "It automatically detects the current condition and acts acordingly."

The machine did its thing and my husband stepped back. He cupped his genitals in a proud manner as if to say he was now more of a man when in fact he was now not a man at all, but a eunuch. Male vanity.

"A lot of guys castrate themselves with a machine like this, just to increase the size of their package." Piped Handler.

She opened another drawer in the machine and lifted out a plastic tray with four testicles in.

"Eunuchs" I said, addressing the boys by their new deignation "I would like to introduce you to my new lover. You will address her as Mistress Handler, and she will eat two of your testicles while I will eat the other two. You should obey her every command from now on as if I had given it myself!"

We both picked the testicles out of the tray and ate them one at a time. Afterwards we kissed in front of them passionately. I think they were a little shocked and a little turned on.

-The End-
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The Many Deaths of Julie (non-con, snuff, gutting, gun/knife play, hard vore, rape, and more)

There is far too little non-con snuff on this board, so I decided to post some stuff and hopefully inspire and/or attract some non-con fans here. I'd also like to say that violence against women and sexual assault are very big problems in society, and these fantasies are not meant to condone or perpetrate those issues in any way.

Julie is a character that embodies just about everything I enjoy in my fantasy victims, and although her personality may vary slightly from story to story, she remains fairly consistent. I've penned quite a few of her demises, and hopefully some of these tales you'll also find enjoyable. Some are reposts I've shared here previously, and some are new.
R: 4 / I: 0

Looking for a story...

Anyone know a series of mind control cannibalism stories featuring a man who uses a hyponotic computer program, or phone app to make women want to be whisked away and eaten by him, complicit in their kidnapping and eventual death.

I remember it pretty well but i just cant seem to find it in the archives.
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The Demon Hunters (Prolapse, Womb Abuse, Footplay, etc.)

Hello there! Mister Eskuir here.

So originally I was just writing this story for myself, but...obviously that's changed, since I'm posting it here and all. This is literally the first story I've ever written in a serious capacity, so comments and criticisms would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

The Demon Hunters

Part 1: Have a Bite Before You Go

"This...this is it?"

Leanne's heart sunk as she laid her eyes upon the building she had searched so long and hard for, her smile of anticipation quickly disappearing off of her fair face. While it was about as large as she had built it up to be in her mind, towering at about 5 floors high, the building had obviously gone a long while without maintenance, if the numerous cracks and broken windows were any indication. The actual structure was fairly impressive, a masterpiece of gothic architecture, but the effect was ruined by the fact that it was practically in ruins.

"Is this place even safe? I feel like it could come crashing down at any second..." The girl mumbled, suddenly dreading the moment she'd have to enter the run-down establishment. "Is it too late to change my mind?"

A quick chuckle came from the one who got her into this mess. "Yep. Your choice was made the moment you saw what you did." Akane's hand deftly dove into her chest pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. She popped open the top and offered one to Leanne, but she made a face and waved it off. "Gross. That stuff'll kill you, you know." Akane gave another short laugh in response, soon after placing a cigarette at her lips and holding a flame to the end of it. The brightness of her lighter temporarily added a more reliable light source to the area than the moon shining in the sky, but it was gone as quick as it came.

Her cigarette nice and lit, Akane slapped a hand onto Leanne's back in a manner that was probably meant to be comforting. "Don't worry, kid. It's a lot more impressive on the inside." A grin spread across the tall woman's pale cheeks as she gave her new cohort's back a couple more pats and strolled up the steps to the grand pair of doors barring entry into the building. Gulping away her anxiety, Leanne quickly followed, smoothing out her light brown hair to make sure she looked presentable.

"Ready?" Akane asked past her cigarette, her red-eyed gaze giving a quick search of the form before her as Leanne nods her approval. Despite her misgivings, the recruit was resigned to her fate. "Good. 'Cause like I said..."

"...there's no turning back." With those words of reassurance, the doors were cast open and Leanne was thrust into a world she had never dreamed possible.

A few days earlier...

A loud bang a few inches away from Leanne's ear caused her to jolt awake, looking around in shock for a moment before she realized that the source of the sound was the pile of textbooks now sitting on the edge of her desk. "Taking a nap in class, Miss Helding?" Leanne's teacher, a fairly young lady by the name of Ms. Allenby who had only started working at the High School fairly recently, stood above her, hands still on the sides of the heavy book stack as she glared down at the sleepy Senior before her.

Said Senior took a moment to stretch, yawn, and wipe her drowsy eyes before muttering out a response. "S-sorry, Ms. Allenby...I had a long night." Her face quickly turned red as she realized most of her peers were watching the display. The teacher shook her head in response to the weak excuse, but let the matter go nonetheless and returned to her position in front of the class.

"As I was saying, to understand exactly how the Shining Finger works, you first have to realize..." Leanne's ears didn't take long to start ignoring her teacher's constant buzzing as her head turned towards the window next to her seat, her eyes drawn to the overcast sky outside. The girl leaned forward onto her desk and leaned the side of her head on her fist as she allowed her mind to wander, making sure not to drift off as she had a moment ago, and before she knew it the dismissal bell had rung. As Leanne rose from her seat, smoothing out the ruffles left on her school uniform from her temporary slumber, she noticed Ms. Allenby suddenly standing at the front of her desk once again.

" had a long night." The older (but only slightly) woman said in an inquiring fashion, arms folded beneath her fair bosom. Leanne gave only a slight nod in response, her green eyes watching Ms. Allenby in a similar fashion to a gazelle watching a nearby cheetah. "Yeah...sorry again. I really didn't mean to fall asleep, but I was so tired, and-" Ms. Allenby cut off Leanne's explanations with a "Shh!" and a finger over her lips. "Just don't let it happen again, Leanne." "R-right. Don't worry, I won't." The girl muttered, relieved that her teacher wasn't going to interrogate her.

Satisfied with her pupil's regret, Ms. Allenby waved her away dismissively, a gesture which Leanne took swift advantage of by gathering her things and leaving the classroom at an impressive speed.

Leanne's journey home was pleasant and uneventful, just the thing the Senior needed after the stressful day she had. While it definitely wasn't the worst she'd experienced, it was certainly high in the rankings. She couldn't help but replay the events of the day in her mind as she drove home...scrambling into her uniform after she slept through her alarm, running out of gas and having to call a tow truck (which was why she was driving her beat-up back up car home instead of her newer, shinier one; she had her mom to thank for dropping that off to the school parking lot), going hungry during lunch since she didn't have time to pack herself food that morning and didn't bring her wallet to school...and finally, accidentally falling asleep during Ms. Allenby's class and getting woken up in such a manner. Her teacher was lucky she didn't die of a heart attack on the spot.

"Well, at least the stressful part of my day is over." Leanne stated to no one in particular, her focus on the road dwindling as she pictured the warmth and comfort of her bed's embrace. "Now I can go home, relax, and-"

Her spoken thoughts were cut off as her car abruptly crashed into something, Leanne's vision of what it could be obscured by the sudden appearance of the car's airbags, which she promptly crashed into herself.

After fumbling about blindly for a moment, her hand finally found the driver side door's handle and gave it a tug, allowing her to spill out onto the rough concrete of the road and escape her soft, air-filled prison. "Ugh...urgh..." sputtered Leanne as she took a moment to regain her bearings, head pounding from the adrenaline surging through her body. After pulling herself together, the student forced herself up into a sitting position and looked towards the front of the car.

She expected to see a large dog or something, maybe some sort of mutant Great Dane, but while what laid at the heavily dented hood of her car appeared to have the head of a wolf covered in white fur, the canine similarities ended there. Most of the creature's body was obscured by Leanne's vehicle, but the heavily-muscled, body builder-esque shoulders of the thing alone gave a very humanoid impression despite being covered in unnatural, nearly coal black skin. Fear took hold of Leanne faster than she could blink as she beheld the monster she struck with her car, the crotch of her panties becoming noticably wet beneath her skirt as her bladder let loose.

As if in response to the acrid smell of urine, the creature's eyes flew open, immediately focusing on the girl just a few feet away from itself as it slowly rose to its feet. Despite all of her instincts screaming at her to run, Leanne found herself unable to move, her body paralyzed by terror. The monster brought itself up to its full height, lips pulling back into a snarl. It took a single step towards her...then was sent skidding away by a kick to the side of its snout, the kicker being what appeared to be a completely naked woman with something pink, full, and floppy hanging between her legs. Said floppy pink thing had some sort of design on it, almost like a tattoo in black ink, but with an unusual aesthetic to it.

The potential soccer star landed on the ground with excellent form, bare feet settling on the pavement as the monster came to a stop and directed its attention towards her. "Thought you could escape from me, eh?" The stranger wagged a finger mockingly at the wolf-like demon as her other hand swiped her bright red bangs out of her eyes. "You might've broken outta my barrier, but I'm not the kinda girl to get cold feet when push comes to shove. In fact, they're pretty warm. Want me to prove it?" The moment she finished speaking, the design on the pink object between her legs suddenly lit up bright red as fire began swirling about her body, quickly focusing around each of her feet until they were both completely engulfed in flames. The creature snarled in response, the muscles on its arms and legs contracting powerfully for a mere moment before it launched itself at its challenger.

The black-skinned monstrosity bent down low to the ground and stretched its arms out to its full wingspan in a double clothesline, likely aiming to cover as much ground as possible to make it more difficult to dodge. Thinking quickly, the woman leapt into the air, aiming to catch the wolf off-guard, but it reacted faster than expected, its head snapping up right when she was nearly over and sinking a mouthful of fangs right into the soft-looking thing between the monster hunter's thighs.

She immediately let out a scream, the noise full of pain (and a strange amount of pleasure as well), yet still managed to seize her opportunity and slam both fiery feet down on either side of the monster's white-furred head, reducing the entire body part to cinders in mere seconds. Lacking anything to hold her in the air any longer, the red-haired, red-eyed lady fell to the ground, landing on her generously plump ass with an "Oomph!" and a wince of pain as she noticed the charred teeth still embedded into her bleeding body part. "Ow ow ow ow...damn, that hurts..." She groaned as the adrenaline started draining from her body and the full weight of the pain hit her like a truck. Her eyes, half-lidded, combed the area around her for a moment before settling on Leanne, who still remained in the same position as earlier, though now more from awe and confusion than fear.

"Oi, kid." The woman called out to the teenager lying a short distance away. "Know any first aid?" Her disappointment was obvious when Leanne shook her head. "Guess that would be too any medical supplies then?" The nude lady pressed further, a weak smile appearing on her visage as the schoolgirl gave a nod and finally managed to stand, her legs still a bit weak as she steadily approached the victorious hunter before her. She moved to help her stand but the woman refused her with a dismissive gesture, managing to deal with the pain long enough to push herself to her now-flameless feet. "A-are you going to be okay?" Leanne asked, voice full of concern as the woman let out a shaky breath. "Depends," The older female responded with slight amusement in her eyes. "How close are those supplies?"

"My house is just over there..." Confidence slowly returned to Leanne's voice now that the strange event appeared to be over. She gestured towards a house at the end of the street, not too far from the pair's current position. "I guess that's not too bad. Gotta take what I can get." The red woman ran her fingers through her hair briefly before suddenly rushing forward and taking hold of the monster's muscular torso with both hands. She flung its entire body high into the air directly above her, her design flashing orange during the display of strength, and kicked upward in a manner that left her doing a standing split as gravity took effect and sent the heavy corpse careening towards her. The moment its coal-colored skin came into contact with its killer's bare sole, the entire body shattered into dust, each particle sparkling for a few seconds before fading away into nothingness. The hunter released a sigh of relief and allowed her leg to lower, doing so carefully to avoid agitating her injury.

"Alrighty, job's done." She said, visibly relaxing as all the tenseness in her muscles evaporated. "Um...excuse me?" Leanne piped up, moving closer to the woman and offering a shoulder for support in case she needed it. "Would you mind telling me your name?" The woman gave a brief chuckle and waved off the girl's offer, pretending to think over her answer while she did so. "My name, huh? Why don't we wait until I'm bandaged up before we get introduced?" Amusement flashed through the hunter's eyes as her tone took a suggestive turn, causing Leanne's cheeks to do their best impression of a tomato. The schoolgirl cleared her throat and gave an awkward nod, turning in the direction of her house and walking towards it at a slow pace to ensure the stranger didn't fall behind.

A short walk later, the two found themselves on the front porch of Leanne's house, a two-story structure with a notably rustic feel to the exterior. Sitting on the porch was a wooden bench, a piece of furniture which the lady immediately took advantage of by sliding onto it and spreading her legs wide to allow her injured area some room; she immediately let out a sigh of relief as the fat pink object was laid out upon the lukewarm wood, some sort of white fluid leaking from a hole at the tip of it and mixing with the still-leaking blood. Once she ensured that her guest was nice and settled, Leanne took off her dress shoes and socks and disappeared into the house, thanking every deity that she could think of that her mom wouldn't be home for a few hours.

Barely a few moments passed before Leanne reemerged from her front door with a pair of tweezers and a roll of gauze in hand, along with a bottle of rubbing alcohol nestled into her armpit. "Took ya long enough." The woman teased while Leanne knelt down next to her waist and set the medical supplies onto whatever free space she could find on the bench. Ignoring the jest, the Senior picked the tweezers back up and gently nudged her patient's bare leg aside, noting with some admiration how smooth it felt as she leaned in to take a closer look at the injury.

"What is this thing, anyway?" Leanne asked as she gave the object a curious prod, wonder appearing on her face as it gave a slight twitch in response. The lady yelped at the sudden stimulation before bursting into laughter at Leanne's lack of understanding. "It's my womb, kid. Simple as that." She let out another round of laughing at the girl's sudden expression of shock. "The name's Akane, by the way. Figure you've got a right to know, since you're about to handle my baby bag and all." Leanne's surprise faded fairly quickly, her eyes now looking at Akane's sack with concern and curiosity as she leaned in closer to examine the wounds. There were about twelve teeth still left embedded in the top and bottom of the womb, seven in the top and five in the bottom; Leanne had to lift it up to find that out, causing Akane to let out a moan of masochistic enjoyment. With that figured out she immediately set to work, laying Akane's womb back down onto the wooden bench and plucking out a burnt tooth from the top. Her actions were rewarded with a spurt of blood, but the red woman managed to bite back any noise she was about to make. The student repeated the process until all the teeth were gone, a bit impressed with Akane's complete lack of painful protest as she set the tweezers aside. Her womb was now tooth-free, though there were large and obvious gashes where the teeth once been. It was unlikely they would ever completely heal, though Leanne was unsure of how a womb would heal anyway.

Setting her thoughts aside for the moment, Leanne grabbed the alcohol, which Akane almost immediately swiped right out of her hands. The look in her eyes playfully said 'I'll handle this' as she unscrewed the top, leaving the girl to spectate what was about to happen. She softly lifted her womb off of the wood, orienting her cervix so that it was facing upwards, and shoved the neck of the bottle right into it. The alcohol immediately began pouring in, her uterus rapidly swelling as the rubbing alcohol filled it up. Once the bottle was empty and Akane's womb had practically turned into an alcoholic water balloon, her gaze turned expectantly towards Leanne, who immediately looked confused. "Well? You gonna do the honors?"

"Honors? What honors?" Leanne's puzzlement only grew at the hunter's words. Akane's only response was to glance from Leanne's face down towards her feet and back again, then down at her swollen sack while she set the bottle aside.

Unsure of what exactly Akane wanted her to do, Leanne tentatively lifted a bare foot and placed it atop her sensitive womb. Akane gave a nod of encouragement, giving Leanne the confidence to gently push down with her sole and spurt alcohol right out of the gashes left by the teeth like a miniature water fountain. Akane's uterus quickly deflated under Leanne's attention, and once it seemed mostly empty, the woman quickly grabbed hold of Leanne's foot before she could pull it away. She pressed her toes against her cervix for a moment before using her free hand to spread it open, allowing her free passage into the baby bag. Akane shoved the entire foot into her womb fairly quickly, Leanne's toes going down the hunter's Fallopian tubes as she closed her cervix over the girl's ankle. "Hey, looks like you're a pretty good fit." Akane said with obvious mirth.

Leanne had no idea how to react to this new development. Her only thought was to free her foot, but from how tightly Akane's cervix was clamped around her ankle, it seemed like that would be rather difficult. 'Perhaps freedom lies deeper within?' The thought occurred to the girl, who immediately put the plan into action by shoving her foot in as far as it would go, her toes curling as she did so. By sheer chance her split-up toes managed to each find the ovary at the end of their respective tubes, something that caused Akane a bit of panic. "Whoa whoa whoa, no need to do anything to those. I'm just messing with ya." The hunter slid her hands past either side of her cervix and stretched the object wide to allow Leanne an escape, an opportunity that Leanne used to pull out her foot and set it back onto the ground where it belonged. The entire thing felt rather slimy, but the Senior tried to ignore that as best she could. What she couldn't ignore, however, was how wide her savior's cervix was now spread. Her womb's only protection was gaping so badly that Akane was able to easily remove both hands without it even gripping at them. Seemed like it would be open to the elements from now on, especially since the temporary presence of the alcohol and Leanne's foot loosened the rest of her womb as well.

"So, err, Miss Akane..." Leanne began, but Akane quickly cut her off with a raised hand. "Drop the 'Miss', kid. Makes me sound old." "...O-okay, Akane, what the hell was that thing?" A smile was her only response, leading Leanne to push her further. "I seriously want to know! I think I deserve an explanation, considering how it almost killed me and all." Akane's smile only grew wider as the brunette girl finished her argument. "If you want me to tell you that bad, then we'll have to come to an agreement." Something about Akane's tone sent a sudden chill down Leanne's spine, but she refused to be dissuaded so easily. "What sort of agreement?"

Akane abruptly stood, her uterus flopping weakly between her legs as she dramatically cleared her throat. "To access the knowledge of the Demon Hunting world, one must first become a Demon Hunter." The lady's voice abruptly took on a much more professional tone, though it slipped back into its usual casualness immediately after. "Honestly, you're already pretty close to becoming one. Just gotta take the oath and boom, you're a Hunter." She sat back down once she had finished speaking, languidly stretching across the bench and allowing her baby bag some room to rest. 'So that wolf thing was a Demon?...' For a moment the image of the monster was pasted all over her mind's eye, causing her to take a while to respond to Akane's statement with one of her own. "What would becoming a Demon Hunter entail, aside from the obvious?" "Well, you'd basically get superpowers. Can't really use them outside of the barriers you place, to prevent random bystanders from being caught in the crossfire. That, and to keep the whole thing a secret." Akane explained with a trace of regret, faced with a reminder that she'd failed to do so. Thanks to the Hunter's words, Leanne suddenly realized something, something that caused a wave of despair to wash over her. "I...I don't really have a choice, do I?"

Akane's expression darkened to match the girl's own as Leanne voiced her epiphany, confirming her suspicion. "So basically...because you failed to do your job right, I'm stuck with a life killing Demons until they kill me?" "Uh...yeah, basically." The woman's red eyes flicked away from Leanne's own green ones as guilt fully engulfed them. Rage quickly filled the normally-calm eighteen-year old, her inexperience with the emotion causing her to utterly fail to control it. She grabbed hold of the empty bottle of alcohol sitting nearby and smashed it down onto Akane's exposed organ with all her might...or she tried to, at least, but the bottle ended up shattering on what appeared to be thin air. The surprise she felt gave Leanne the opportunity to notice that Akane's womb tattoo thing was shining cyan, probably activating some sort of barrier. The schoolgirl's anger quickly faded as she realized how badly she almost screwed up and she looked towards Akane's eyes for some sign that she was going to end her right then and there, but held within her gaze was nothing but sympathy. Tears came unbidden to Leanne despite the grin that shaped her lips as she fell to her knees, unsure of what to say or do. Things had changed so drastically so quickly, and it all just left her feeling...


"...And that's the story of how I found our little lost puppy here." Akane finished with a flourish, giving a twitch when her still-damaged womb rubbed against the fabric of her suit pants as she melodramatically bowed. She had told Leanne a lot about herself over their week-long trip to the Demon Hunter West Division Headquarters (also know by the far simpler DHW), though they were mostly mundane facts like how she preferred to shower at night, how her favorite color was red (shockingly), and how she never wore underwear. She was probably regretting that last one right about now, but it wasn't like she had many options in the first place thanks to her sensitive sack (which had failed to heal and/or tighten up whatsoever, from what Leanne had observed).

Huntmaster Greives's grey eyes slowly opened once the tall woman finished her tale, disapproving understanding written all over his face. "So, Hunter Akane, your story basically amounts to this: you allowed a Demon to escape from a barrier, a construct designed specifically to keep Demons inside, and failed to take it down in a timely manner once it had done so, causing this girl beside you to bear witness. Is that correct?" He finished cooly. His words went in one ear and out the other for Leanne, who was distracted by how the young Huntmaster's black bangs seemed to defy gravity in a way that even hair gel couldn't allow. Fidgeting guiltily from Greives's summation, Akane gave a brief nod. "Pretty much." The Huntmaster sighed heavily, his hand gliding up to his forehead for massaging purposes. "I'm quite amazed, Hunter Akane. In your short career, you've managed to not only destroy several buildings, inhabited ones at that, but also to expose a grand total of three Uninitiated to the Demon Hunting world." "Hey now, Clark doesn't count. I took care of him, didn't I?" Akane's objection only seemed to stir Greives further.

"I'll be frank with you, Akane. I'm extremely tempted to get rid of you." He stated, causing Akane to gulp involuntarily. "However, the West Division is understaffed as is, and losing even a single person would be a devastating blow. In addition, this girl...Leanne, correct?" Greives looked towards the girl in question for confirmation, but she failed to respond thanks to her preoccupation with his hair. "Ahem, well...this girl that you've brought was a good find, so despite your failures, I'm willing to let you off with a warning this time around as thanks for assisting with DHW's staffing problem."

The Hunter visibly relaxed now that she had been let off the hook, but her superior's disapproving glare caused her to immediately stiffen once again. "Right, well, uh, thanks, I'll be going now." Akane said in an impressively speedy manner, grabbing hold of the bewitched Leanne's arm and tugging her out of Greives's office as quickly as she could, the door slamming behind them. The man simply sighed again in response, turning toward one of the many piles of paperwork on his desk. "What a hopeless pair."

To be continued...
R: 3 / I: 0

The Wedding Gift (beheading, and mentions of Cannibalism)

Sally shivered as the wind blew over her tanned skin, making her dark nipples point out. Her curvy, 5’4 body getting goosebumps, as she clenched her fists at her sides. She was getting cold, and scared about what was going to happen.

She should had been so happy that her younger sister, Trisha, was getting married! Being the third daughter, she was going to be culled at birth. However, their mother allowed herself to be made into meat to allow her to live until she was 16, which she would be culled then. Their older sister, Ursula, who was 19 at the time, allowed herself to be culled so Trisha can keep living.

Now, Sally found herself making such a big sacrifice for Trisha.

Despite the fact that Trisha was now 23, a mere two years younger than Sally, and the fact that two women sacrificed themselves to keep her alive, she was still not approved of being a breeder. Oh, she can fall in love, and get married, but she’ll either have to get sterilized or risk getting pregnant. The latter would automatically send her to a butcher if it turns out she is having a little girl.

Yeah, the system sucks so damn hard.

Sally found a loophole, though. If she is the ONLY living heir to her family, Trisha can have at most two girls and as many boys as she wants.

Which means that Sally was going to allow herself to be culled.

Since she was volunteering, she got to decide how she was going to die. She wanted it quick and painless, just…as gone as quickly as possible. No suffering. So, she found that they could rent a guillotine, for surprisingly cheap.

The idea was that before the ceremony, she would be executed, and then served up as dinner at the wedding. The caterers wanted time to stuff and cook her body, so she was ready when it was time to eat. Of course, this meant that she would miss the wedding, but she was already dying for her sister, she might as well have missed the ceremony as well.

“I cannot believe you’re doing this.” Trisha went, wearing a slip and a white bra. The two sisters were outside, watching the caterers get the coals ready, and the blade in place. “First mom, then Ursula, now you…” She gave a soft sob, and dapped at her pretty blue eyes they got from their mom with a napkin. “I don’t deserve this.”

Sally sighed, and shoved aside her fear as she wrapped her arms around the bride. “Yes you do! Out of all of us, you deserve this! Even though grandpa paid for mom to stay alive and for you to be culled, she knew you deserved to live. Sissy knew that you deserved to be loved, so she made sure you lived. Now, You deserve to have everything you want, and not let the law stop you.”

Trish leaned against her, taking in as much comfort as she could, while she could. “Still, it’s not fair. You’re the one who went to college, you’re the one that got that great job! You worked so hard, and you’re thr-”

“I am NOT backing down!” Sally said firmly, hugging her tightly. “You are my sister, and I love you. And As your sister who loves you, I will do whatever it takes to keep you alive and happy!”

“Sissy said that too.”

Sally sighed. “Yeah, and I mean it as well.”

Trish sighed. “Sally…am I going to be happy?”

“Of course you are! You are going to get married today! You’re going to go on your honeymoon, move in with your hubby, have children, and love every damn day.” Sally kissed her temple. She saw the Executioner waving to her. “Why don't you go and finish getting ready?”

Trisha didn’t miss how Sally tensed up. “…it’s time, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

Trisha hugged Sally tightly. “I’m going to miss you! I love you so much! I don’t know how I can repay you.”

“Well, since i’m not going to use it, ever, you can take the name I wanted to name my son, and give it to your firstborn son.” Sally said with a grin.

Trisha smiled. “Alright, and I still think that Drake is a great name.”

“Yeah, I never could understand why Ursula hated it.”

The sisters hugged each other again so tightly, that they would feel it for the rest of their lives. Or, at least, Sally was.

“Have fun.” Sally whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Sally watched her sister walk to the house. “…oh she better not cry and ruin her makeup.”

Sally then walked to the Executioner, a nice guy named Buddy, who was waiting for her. He was a chubby man, with muscular arms. He was darker skinned, and since he was only wearing black pants, he had his bare, hairy chest. Per his job, he was wearing an executioner's hood as she approached him. She could still see his brown eyes, though.

“Everything is set up, and the caterers are ready.” Buddy went. “Now, did you clean yourself inside and out?”

“Yes, I did.” Sally went.

“Said your good-byes?”


“Are you ready?”

Sally sighed. “Not really, but I don’t think I will be.”

“No one ever really is.” Buddy took her over to the blade. “Now, it’s nice and sharp. It’s going to go clean through. Now, there will be a little discomfort, however, since you are volunteering for this, we are allowed to administer a pain blocker.”

“Um, won’t that poison the meat?”

“Not this kind, no.” Buddy told her.

“Then I want that.” She gave a sigh. Sally knew she was going to regret this, but she wanted to know. “What…what’s going to happen after my head is cut off?”

Buddy motioned to the basket. “We’ll catch your head, and make sure it’s nice and clean. Sometimes, a person might live for another few seconds, but you’ll drift off like you’re about to fall asleep. We gather your hair, and we put it on a pike, allowing the blood to flow out. We’ll place drugs in your skin, and neck, to preserve your head. Your sister requested that we mount your head so you can be with your mother and sister.”

Yeah, Sally was always creeped out by that practice, but seeing their mom and sister’s head together, was also very comforting.

“Your body will be hung over a bucket, so the blood will drain out.” Buddy continued. “We’ll cut you open, and take your organs out. They will be handed to the chiefs, so they can use the organ meat for some of the recipes. The blood will be made into blood pudding. Then, the caterers will cut you up, and use the cuts that cannot normally be made into meals, and make more meat for the stuffing. They will fill you up with it, sew you up, and stuff you in an oven. After you’re done cooking, you’ll be served to the guests and the bride and groom.”

….Yeah, she regretted asking that.

Buddy looked between Sally’s legs. “You must be scared.”

“How can you tell?” She asked, flatly.

“Well, normally when someone asks what happens afterwards, they get really wet. You look bone dry.”

“I am.” Sally went flatly. “The system sucks.”

“Yeah, I hear that a lot too.” Buddy went. “Look, it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll give you the injection, and you will feel no pain. However, it does have the fun side effect of making you feel pleasure a great deal more. So, you can play with yourself, or with a toy, to have a partner to get you off before the blade comes down.”

“I don’t think I can cum while I’m looking up at a blade.”

“We have blindfolds. And earplugs if you don't’ want to hear it coming either.”

Sally sighed. “Is it bad that I’m having second thoughts?”

Buddy patted her shoulder. “Of course not. Unlike other meat girls, you actually have a choice. You can do this, or back out.”

Sally was so tempted to back out. She didn’t want to die, she had so much to live for! She wanted to get married, have kids, keep her great job! She wanted to die to a ripe old age, god willing.

However, she thought about how that would doom her sister. Either she would never have children, or be killed for having a girl.

Shit, she can’t back out.

“No, I can do this.” Sally looked up at him, shaking. “Just give me the drug, and lets get this over with.”

“You’ll feel the side effects. Do you want a vibrator, your hands freed, or a partner?”

She thought it over. She never liked vibrators, they were either too powerful for her, or too weak. Sally knew she wouldn’t be comfortable with one, so she decided not that.

Well, she could get off using her hands. However, Sally knew herself too well. If she panicked at all, she would try to get loose, and probably hurt herself trying to get freed. So that was out.

Well, a partner…

“What kind of partner?

“Anyone you want. Male, female, someone in between, or hell, I had someone who wanted to be fucked by their dog before they died.”

Sally gave an ick face.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Glad I was wearing a hood and they didn’t see my look.” Buddy thought for a moment. “I could do it. Some people find it rather hot to be fucked by the guy that is about to kill them.”

Sally studied him a bit. Well, she never really had a type of guy she liked. If they treated her well, and listened to her needs, she was fine with their looks. Usually, though, she would want them to work for it.

Well, technically, Buddy would be, since he was hired to kill her.

“Um…sure.” Sally went, looking away, and blushing a bit. “Just…um…be gentle, please?”

Buddy put an arm around her and pulled her close. “As Gentle as you want me to be. I’ll make sure you have the time of your life.”

He leads her to the board she was going to be strapped down into. Buddy did her hair up, and off of her neck, and then injected something into the back of her neck.

“It’ll start working quickly.” He told her, as he got her up against the standing board. “You’ll feel the full effects in a moment.”

Sally was too scared to speak, so she just nodded. She was strapped down, over her arms, chest, and the board separated her legs, so Buddy can have an easy access to her pussy.

“Do you want a blindfold and earplugs?” Buddy asked.

She thought about it, and nodded.


Her eyes were covered with a blindfold, and bright orange ear plugs were put into her ears, pushed in so there was no sound at all. She tensed as the board was tipped back, and her neck rested into the slot. She felt the wood being locked in place, and she was truely trapped.

Ok. NOW she was having third thoughts, and her heart started to beat rapidly. She started to pull on the straps, on the verge of a full blown panic attack! She didn’t want to die! She wanted to live! She didn’t care about anything else, she just-

She felt something run along the entrance of her pussy, and it made everything freeze. A second later, that thing, which she realized was a tongue, came back, and ran along her pussy. It kept going, going at a gentle and slow pace. She felt the heat start to pool down there, felt her clit swell at the feeling.

OK, yeah, that’s a good tongue. It was nice, and wide, and covered her so damn well. He teased her nub a bit, making her nice and wet down there. When Buddy plunged it into her hole, it made her nice and juicy, and caused her to groan loudly. When that tongue worked on her clit, she was rapidly working towards an orgasm.

Ok, she understood why they didn’t offer her a gag. They wanted to hear her make those sounds clearly, and she was giving them what they wanted, Loudly. Buddy sucked on her clit, sending her right over the edge. She gave a loud cry of passion, splashing her juices over his face. She would apologize if her head wasn’t spinning and her body wasn’t humming.

However, Buddy was not done with her yet.

He started to lick her again, before she fully came down. And he kept going, even after she orgasmed again. When he got her warmed up yet again, that’s when he stood up.

“Yeah, I’m going to shoot my load into you.” He purred, before shoving his dick into her.

Sally arched her back, and keened at the feeling of being full. Buddy started to fuck her, hard and fast, knowing that even if this would normally hurt her, she would find it pleasuable. He fucked her tight hole, made him wonder if she was a virgin? He loved fucking Virgins, they were so hot, and so tight!

He reached over to the level next to her head. He fucked her long and hard, making her cry out in pleasure and lust! They both rapidly approached their orgasms, but she was going to get there First.

He gripped the lever, waiting…wanting…

Sally gave one hell of an orgasm. It was so powerful, it knocked out every coherent thought that reached her pretty head. Not that it mattered.

The lever was pulled.

The blade came down, and sliced right through her neck.

Oddly enough, she came one more time. In her mind, there was no word, in any language, living or dead, that could describe how fantastic it felt! She didn’t even notice how her head fell into the hands of a caterer, and she drifted away on the sea of pleasure.

Meanwhile, her body had clamped down as the blade sliced through her. Her pussy became a vice over Buddy’s dick, twisting, spasming, milking him harder than any living woman could! He came, hard, almost with a roar! He flooded her insides, filling her with all of his seed! If she had been a breeder, she was surely pregnant from that force.

Buddy felt like jelly, in a good way, as he came down. He pulled out of her, allowing his seed to spill out of her. He jerked his dick a few times, getting the last of his spunk out of him, and onto the body of Sally.

“God damn, that was great!” Buddy groaned. “Damn it, I love it when they squeeze you like that!”

Buddy got her off of the board, and allowed the caters to take her. He cleaned up the blade, got ready to take it down, when he noticed there were some women there, watching him.

“May I help you ladies?”

“Uhh …was that only for the bride’s sister, or can anyone do it?”

Buddy grinned. Oh how he loved his job…

The wedding had been beautiful. The bride looked beautiful, the groom was handsome. Everyone had a lot of fun, and the food was to die for. Repeatedly, since they lost a good chunk of the female guests to Buddy. Well, there was plenty of food, and some were sold to butchers to help the bride and groom save up money for when they want children.

Sally was delicious. Her head was put on a pike, with her hair and make up done, and had such a peaceful look on her face. Her body and breasts had been stuffed, her fingers and toes deboned so people could eat them with toothpicks, and there were plenty of leftovers for everyone to take a container home.

Trish pulled Sally’s head out of the box that was delivered to her when she got back from her Honeymoon. She smiled at her sisters face, and then mounted it next to their mother’s head in the living room.

“You three are the greatest.” Trish told her mother and sisters. “I promise, I won’t waste this life.”
R: 15 / I: 0

Sarahs Epic Life

Let me know what you think post suggestions here if you want to suggest scenes or discuss it there. Hybrid of Sarinas Payback and its spiritual successor sarahs epic life.


But you can’t do this to me! The Latina screamed.

Liz giggled at her lover as Sarah gave the delicious round olive-skinned bubble booty infront of them a hard smack.

Bon Appitit my love. Liz said seductively with a wicked grin.

Sarah smiled and opened her mouth wide. She then slowly lowered her head towards their meal and with a satisfying squishing sound sank her teeth into the supple ass flesh.
Aaagghghh stop please STOP! Screamed their meal as Sarah savored the morsel as the quaking ass flesh jostled around her jaws.

The coppery taste of blood and sweet taste of raw flesh filled sarah’s mouth as she forced her jaws deeper into her food, before ripping out a nice sized mouthful of ass.

Liz’s pussy wept as she found herself more turned on than she had ever been before in her life. The sight of the morsel inside of Sarahs gaping maw combined with their foods delicious screams nearly sent her over the edge right then and there. Sarah leaned in close and Liz locked her lips to Sarahs. Together the lovers passed the flesh between their mouths with their tongues, coating it in their saliva. By all rights under the sun the thing screaming below them had ceased mattering to the universe, and now only mattered to their rumbling stomachs, weeping pussys and soon to be filled colons.

As the two passionately kissed and took turns chewing on the same chunk of ass Sarah’s mind raced through how beautiful this moment was. She imagined the food soon to be snaking its way through her and her lovers bodies, turned into the shit that it deserved to be.

Then, liz broke off her kiss from her lover and swallowed the ass chunk.
Sarah grinned as she saw Liz’s throat bob and gave her lover a quick follow up kiss in response.

Liz then took her own bite, this time out of the foods right cheek, and Sarah did the same again to the left.
Sarah would one day recall this as being the most romantic moment that they two of them ever had, and Liz would agree.

The preys screams alternated between crescendos of high pitched begging for its life and plain almost animalistic howling.

The food tried to dislodge the humans from eating it alive but only succeeded in shaking its ass in an incredibly erotic way, fueling the womens appetite and lust. About five mouthfuls in Sarah noticed that the preys screams wernt as loud as before, and refused to let the food ruin their romantic mood, she needed music dammit, she needed it to scream!

Sarah then dug her nail into the foods clit, turning its screams into pure animal howls that shook the very room.

The beautiful music of screaming, chewing, smacking, the rending of ass flesh and the bouncing buttocks as they were devoured by them filled the room.

Liz then sank her teeth into its anus and tore it out, causing the foods eyes to go wide. She swished It around in her mouth and then pushed it to the front of her lips, to show Sarah. Sarah nearly doubled over laughing as the sight of the severed asshole between her lovers lips, but she was incredibly turned on by the sight.

To think that all of the foods track exercises and home cooked meals were just to satisfy the hunger of Sarah and Liz cannot be understated.
After liz had swallowed the anus, she let out a loud belch which caused Sarah to have a micro orgasm. Not to be outdone, Sarah tore out the biggest chunk of ass flesh yet and swallowed it whole, then followed it up with an ear piercing but cute as all hell burp. Their food started to show signs of weakening, so Liz nodded at her lover and got up from her feast and then positioned her ass directly infront of the foods face. The foods screams turned into wailing tears as it read what Sarah had tattooed to Liz’s ass, “Gateway to Heaven.” With an arrow from the tattoo to Liz’s anus.

“That is where you are going Natalie, not to heaven or hell, just oblivion and my anus. Your going to be nothing but shit. Food for people who actually deserve to live because they use their own bodies instea of living a lie.” Sarah couldn’t help herself and had a massive orgasm. The look on the foods face as it realized that its life was a lie and where it was headed broke it, and Sarah yelled out as she furiously rubbed her own pussy, “That’s right bitch, your going to be our shit, my shit, nothing but SHIT!”

Sarah had another orgasm that shot through her body.

Liz laughed at the preys furiously shaking its head no and added while slapping her own ass, “ Your also going to be extra fat and muscle. Food for women. It’s a shame that you abstained from sex, you will never how how good this feels.”

Liz then rubbed her ass in the foods face while furiously fingering herself.

The food realized, it had wasted its life, and was now about to go to waste itself. That final realization was what welcomed it into oblivion as it died from blood loss.

After it died, the lovers cut out the top of its skull and threw the brain into the toilet, before Sarah shit on it, liz pissed on it and they flushed it down the commode.
As her final act of revenge, Liz then shit the foods digested ass into it’s’ skull before replacing the cut off part. They would leave the rest for their Doberman, they wanted to feast on another ass tomorrow, this time they hoped it would be a catholic virgins.

Sarah shut off the camera recording the meal and added a really classical piece of music to it, another similar version was made this time with hard metal. She wanted to watch this with Liz when they both wanted to make love or furiously fuck. Either way, she was happy that they got the food to shake its ass as much as it did during the feast, it would drive them to orgasm for many years to come.

5 months later….

Just 30 minutes later, the limp body had been placed in the middle of the grassy field. Twilight was almost gonecas the cold pangs of the chilly rocky mountain nighttime air curculated through the mountainside. All around Sarah and Liz, were the scattered skeletal remains of dozens of women. Most of the bones had been chewed on, though there were a few carcasses where maggots were still picking at some of the remaining flesh.

In a nearby pen, three Rottweilers were fighting over a severed tit, each one ended up tearing off a piece, and taking it back to it's little corner.

Liz took a large syringe out of her pocket, then said, "Now, let me inject her with the stimulant, and haul ass before she wakes up." Liz held her breath as she carefully injected the stimulant into the teens thigh. Once she was finished, Sarah and her ran out of the enclosure, locked the gate, and stood up on a rampart overlooking the mini "arena'

"You definantly keep good care of your dogs, just look at those kennels!" Sarah exclaimed in awe.

Liz nodded and replied, "Yep, I believe in giving all animals a fair chance at life, I can't bear the thought of an animal dying or being hurt, I provide them the best dog food that I can." Liz said

"Same here, In thinking of starting an animal rescue mission." Sarah responded.

While the two were conversing, the all-you-can-eat human buffet in the middle of the field's eyes fluttered open, and it's first instinct was to run it's hands over it's naked body. Once it realized it wasn't clothed,and was sitting in the middle of a massive bone yard, it stood up and panicked.

Liz noticed how much its very nice ass swayed every time the teen moved, she hoped that would be devoured while the teen was still alive.

Sarah was busy eying the teens tits, when it noticed both her and Liz.

"Let me out of here!" It pleaded.

"Sorry, food doesn’t get to choose!" Liz shouted back, as she pulled a lever to her right, which unlocked all the dog-cages.

Immediatly, the dogs stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash
for their supper.

Sarah noticed a cute brown palmeranian outrace all the others, she hoped it would get the first bite. Sure enough, it was the first to nip at the prey's legs, unfortunantly for the poor animals, the bitch didn't want to
be supper.

The teen ran with all of the energy in it's body towards the outer gate. The anxiety caused sweat to pour off of it's body, little beads of sweat dripped off of it's nipples, and streamed down it's lucious ass.

Much to the utter amazement of both Sarah and Liz, the prey made a nearly impossible leap up into the air, and caught ahold of the gate rail bars some twelve feet above the ground.

"What the fuck!?" Liz exclaimed. Soon, the teen used it's agile body to climb over the gate, and fall out the other side into Liz's main backyard.

"Motherfucking bitch!" Liz cursed as she pulled lever two, which released another set of hounds on both sides of the teenager.

Forced with no other alternative, the teen ran toward the backdoor of Liz's house. Finding out to her horror that it was locked, she got on all fours and tried to squeeze through the doggy-door, but got stuck when her round heart shaped ass lodged in the door.

It was beautiful destiny that genetics had been just right to give her ass the perfect size to be feasted upon by the dogs. She had worried about her ass size for years, tried to hide it at church and never exposed it to anyone before in her life, but now it was finally serving its one purpose in all its glory.

It desperatly tried to claw it's way through, but couldn't grab onto anything to pull itself further in. Its D cup tits bounced in a very enticing manner as it struggled to try to fit itself inside. Its ass bobbled each time it tried to push itself in further

By now, Sarah’s doberman Max, raced forward and sunk it's teeth into the teen's delicious thigh, tearing off a chunk of delicious red meat.

Am orgasm inducing ear-piercing shreik echoed through the woods as the other dogs pounced on the teens lower half and began to feast. Liz nearly doubled over as her pussy constantly spasmed at the sound. Sarah bit her lower lip as her eyes focused on the sexy bouncing brown ass, with each bite from the ravenous dogs causing it to bounce more and more.

Liz then ran over to a nearby backpack and took her iphone out of it, after selecting the bluetooth network for her outdoor speakers, she settled on the perfect tune to blast into the backyard as they watched, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" and set it to repeat.

Sarah shouted out at the top of her lungs, using her left hand to cup her mouth to shout and her right to masturbate, “GO Max! EAT HER! EAT HER! EATTT HEERRR!” Liz blushed at how erotic Sarahs command was, and joined her lover in the chant. “EAT HER EAT HER EAT HER!” Their voices filled the night sky and terrified the food.

Finally, the brown Pomeranian ran up to the teen, then tore off a rather large chunk of the prey's ass, causing blood to squirt all over it's coat.

Sarah and Liz watched with joyful tears in their eyes, as it dragged the ass-flesh over Liz’s limping dalmation Fred which had long struggled with arthritis and thus has been relegated to the back of the pack. The little dog sat the meat down on the ground, and the two shared what Sarah could only discribe as a heart-warming romantic dinner.

Back at the doggy door, Sarah’s Doberman sunk it's teeth into the teen's pussy, and tore off a rather nice-sized chunk. It thoroughly enjoyed the taste of human flesh, and enjoyed this treat alot more than
what it had previously had. This vicious assault on the foods genitals caused it to piss itself violently.

HELP ME SOMEBODY! PLLLEAASSSE! The food sobbed and screamed as it felt itself being dragged outside of the doggy door. No PAWEEWSSE! It begged as it struggled to maintain its hold on the inside of the door.

Sarah would later recount hearing its begging as her favorite moment from the night. Liz had set up cameras with monitors in every corner of her house. Its beautiful cascading black locks of hair were coated in sweat from its terrifying ordeal, giving the food a very sexy look, that combined with the music as its ass was devoured, made for an incredibly erotic night.

And then, after two Dobermans latched onto its legs, the wide eyed selfish food was thankfully ripped from the door and into the waiting maws of the very hungry pack. "JESUS HELLLLLLP MEEEEEEEE!"

BINGO! Liz laughed and clapped joyously. Sarah grinned at her lovers goofiness and cupped Liz’s soft but firm ass with her right hand as they continued to watch the feast, snaking her middle finger into Liz's butthole.

A German Shepard set its sights on the preys right tit and tore into the brown half inch wide nipple, causing the flesh to bounce and stretch, finally after a loud ripping sound it freed the morsel from the prey and scarfed it down its majestic maw before burping loudly.

Liz then took Sarah by the hand and they casually walked over to the gory scene.

The preys screams filled the night air and grew in intensity as the two approached.

"Hows your night going?" Liz said casually to the food while cocking her head to the side.

The prey only screamed animalistic howls in responce as one of the dobermans began to tear off its right arm.

Sarah grinned and then positioned her pussy about 4 feet over the preys face and relaxed her body. Within seconds her pussy let out a golden stream that coated the preys entire face, entered its nostrils and filled its screaming maw. As it choked and sputtered, Sarah moved off to the side as Liz squatted over the prey and spread her ass cheeks, carefully sealing her ass over its maw which the prey forced closed. Liz sighed then whistled to Max and pointed at the foods left tit. Max happily barked an affirmative and sank its teeth into it, shredding the flesh.

The trick worked and the preys mouth flew open with a delicious scream that vibrated up through Liz's colon and sent shivers down her spine. Liz quickly took the oppretunity and began to shit. The preys throat bobbed violently as a torrent of shit filled its stomach and lungs. Liz stroked her dogs beautiful coat and whispered encouragement to it as it feasted. Liz's bowels took a full three minutes to finish emptying their contents, and then the food started to violently convulse. Liz stepped off to the side and grabbed Sarahs face, and passionatly kissed her. "I love you baby" Sarah whispered in response as they then turned away to go inside of Liz's house.

The foods beautiful latin face, which had never kissed anyone before in its life, was summarily ripped apart as two Dobermans started gnawing on its cheeks, one managed to rip off its nose and another tore out one of its brown eyes.

Immediately afterward, Max sank its jaws around the skull and with a very appetizing crunch ripped a hole in it, allowing the Pomeranian, which had returned, to access the delicious grey matter inside.

Unfortunately for the two lovers, the dog food died and didn’t scream anymore. The show was almost over and the most fun part for them had passed. As the two walked back toward the house, Sarah saw the Pomeranian and Dalmatian each drag away a half-eaten brain towards it's kennel.

Make me a pair of panties from the bitches hair. Liz pleaded to Sarah with doe shaped eyes.

Sarah smiled and replied, “I promise."


The grilling Platform was something that didn’t cost either of them as much as they thought. It was essentially two wooden tables placed on either side of a charcoal grill, with room for the ladies to stand in the center with their legs slightly parted, while their food roasted on the grill in the center.

Right now it held a brunette Australian woman who was suspended above the grill by only half of an inch, just enough for the womens thrusts to cause it to cook upon contact with the hot grill below.

Their supper was nicely shaped and toned, suntanned, with a soft but firm yet rounded set of ass cheeks, a very beautiful face, round lips, two nice d sized tits, auburn hair, green eyes, and genetically determined via sex appeal due to its ass size and lack of any sexual history in its 24 years of existence to be their lunch for today.

Liz had found her walking the Australian outback looking for kangaroos to photograph. Liz had almost immediately stopped their Jeep when she saw the wonderful creature walking alone in the desert from what looked like a church, and pointed at its ass to sarah. “What we got ‘ere, is a prime cut of ass in its native habitat.” Liz joked as Sarah took in the view of the prey.

Sarahs hand instinctively went to the band around her shorts and plunged beneath, she casually stroked the outer edges of her labia as she whispered to Liz. Find out everything you can, If she checks out, I want her grilled. Shame about how much her shorts block the outline of her meat though.

“I thought you preferred your food raw and alive?” Liz replied. Sarah nodded then said, “Yes but its Australia, I should have a proper Australian Barbecue, but we can still eat it while its kickin.”

Liz smiled and said, “Ive got the perfect idea, if she checks out let’s bring her to my uncles house, hes gone for the summer and Ive got the keys, but first, we need to pick out a proper grill…..”

Five hours later….

Ugghh, Ugggh Ughhhhhh” Liz moaned in unison with each pelvic thrust, as she rode the food. Sarah quietly masturbated off to the side as she watched Liz erotically arch her back and breasts in turn with each thrust. Nothing better in life than fucking, and today, Liz fucked, she fucked HARD. Ohh, Ohh Yes, Oh Yes Grill for me bitch, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, grill you cunt, you virgin piece of shit, Ohhhhh Fuck. Oh God, Fuck. Fuck FUCK FUCK! Liz increased her tempo, each time sending the food smack into the grill below. With each moan Liz made, the food screamed out in agony as its flesh cooked with each impact onto the grill. The orchestra grew and grew.

With each orgasmic primal moan, came a corresponding horrified agonizing complaint from her fuck toy. “Ohh God Yes.” “AAGGGGHHH” Oh Jesus fucking God YES!” “HEEELLLLP MEEE PLEEEEASSEE” “SCREAM, SCREAM FOR ME YOU CUNT! OH GOD YES!” “HEEELP OH GOD STOOOOP” “THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS FUCK, THANK YOU FOR THIS FUCKING MEAT OH YESSS!” “GOD SAVE ME HELEEEP” “OH FUCK FUCK FUCK, SCREAM! SCREAM!, PRAY, BEG, JUST FUCKING SCREEEEAAAAM!” Lizs thrusts were so rapid now that the flesh on the food below only had a second between each thrust that would cause it to sear.

Sarah increased her masturbation technique, she had been using two fingers on the side of her pussy as she watched, now she took her right hand and thrust two fingers in and out of herself while rubbing her pussy lips with her left hand. Occasionally she would reach behind with her left hand and cup her own ass before returning to rubbing her pussy.

“Your my LUNCH YOU FUCKING BITCH OH GOD YES FUCK YES IM SO FUCKING HUNGRY” “AGGGHH. SAAAAVEEE MEEEEEE!” the lunch looked over at Sarah with tears in its eyes but that was the wrong thing to do, her pleas and sexy horrified face turned sarah on so much that Sarah joined in on Liz’sexual frienzied cries.

Sarah’s eyes fixiated on the bbqs bouncing ass, her lovers bouncing tits, and back onto her foods ass. “Oh Baby, Make her your Lunch, RIDE THAT ASS, WHOOOOT! FUCK IT! FUCK THE Barbecue! FUCK THE MEAT! FUCK MY LUNCH!FUCK IT FUCK IT!” Sarah then began to cheer her lover on with a frenzied chant, “FUCK, ROAST FUCK ROAST FUCK ROAST FUCK ROAST, I CAN”T WAIT TO EAT THAT ASS, MAKE IT BOUNCE! BABY PLEASE MAKE HER ASS BOUNCE! Sarahs body started to convulse as she began to orgasm, but by god she made sure to never let her eyes off of her foods bouncing ass.

Liz was in an orgasmic frenzy of her own but she complied with her lovers request, after all, she was only interested in the foods ass as well, and today they would be entertained to their hearts delight .She tried to alternate each thrust to make it bounce in a slightly different way, sometimes going towards the left cheek, other times the right, other times rapid back and fourth tempos, some times giving it a hard smack, as hard as she could physically hit it.

The aussie bitch wasn’t human anymore. It only existed for their pleasure, and for fucks sake, they got it. Every bit of it belonged to them by natural right, and they fucked to their fill with their property.

Liz’s vision started to blur and the ass infront of her began to fade from her view as her brain exploded in bliss. Liz then gave one more extremely hard thrust, then collapsed off to the side of the grill platform.

“Oh Jesus thank you for that ASS!” Liz moaned. “Jesus help me.” The food cried. Liz’s response was to reach over and smack the foods ass hard then say breathlessly, “fairytales ain’t coming for you sister, only my stomach. I’m so glad you have this ass. I’m lucky your parents had good geans.” She sat and gathered her breath together as she kneaded the ass flesh next to her with her left hand and lazily masturbated with her right. The food shook its head in denial about the truth of the universe, causing its nice crispy toasted tits to sway from side to side and kept on sobbing.

Sarah got off of the ground and walked over to the front of the grilling platform, licked the foods face before giving it an impish smile. “Mmm, your tears taste so fucking good, better get used to this tongue, because it will taste every bit of you.” Sarah said huskily before slowly lowering the womans face towards the grill. The woman struggled manically as its beautiful features first hit the hot metal, sending it shrieking into a new crescendo.

Sarah and Liz both laughed as Liz got back behind her toy and slid back onto the double dido, before giving their food another mighty thrust, causing the rest of its body to bounce off of the grill, the food let out a howl that caused both of their pussys to weep. Sarah allowed the face flesh around twenty seconds to cook, then released the pressure on the back of the bbq’s neck, causing it to immediately pop its head back up off of the grill. Sarah licked her lips and gave the now whitish stained features another round of licking, all the while stroking its luscious auburn hair.

In response to the twinge in her own pussy, Liz resumed the strap ons pounding into her foods ass as she massaged the ass flesh and said to Sarah, “Let’s roast it babe.”

Sarah nodded as she once again lowered the womans face to the grill,”WHHHYYYY STOOOOPPP PLEEEEASSSEE” It begged as Sarah held its features down for about two minutes before once again raising the face.

By now the flesh had begun to crack and burn in places in response to the flames, the woman would never win any beauty contests anymore, not that it mattered at all at this point. As it begged for its life, Sarah licked the face again, this time tasting the hint of jucy roasted flesh and savored the taste. Liz pounded the foods ass as rapidly as she could, causing her own tits to wildly bounce back and fourth and the bbq’s ass flesh to ripple erotically in sync with each thrust.

By now their meals tits had started to firm up and brown in response to the grills heat, but it was nothing compared to what was about to be next.

Sarah looked at the thrusting Liz and Liz gave a silent nod, Sarah then went over to the nearby table and grabbed the lighter fluid, before dousing their meals entire luscious hair in the fluid. “Be careful with the flaes baby.” Sarah cautioned Liz. “Good Idea Sarah.” Liz replied as she backed partly off of the dildo, enough to keep the tip connected to her cunt and her foods ass but far enough away so she could enjoy the show without being singed.

Sarah then untied the preys ponytail and lowered the tip into the flames below. A sudden burst of Flame nearly sent Sarah flying backwards and almost caught her hand as the hair went up into a huge roaring fireball. WHAAAAAAAAGHGGGGHGHGHGH The food shrieked gutturally like the animal it was as its entire head was engulfed in flames. Liz had a tremendous immediate orgasm as the food thurst manically backwards and forwards as it tried to put out its own head, but to no avail. Liz’s moans turned into a satisfied deeply sensual yell as she nearly blacked out in orgasmic bliss.

Sarah picked herself off of the ground and waited about twenty seconds for the flames to die down enough for her to climb on the platform over the prey. I’m going to put it out, don’t worry. She said giggling to the charred form below. Sarah then knelt down and began to piss onto the head, dousing the flames and sending the food into a fresh bout of painful hell.

Liz was incredibly turned on by the erotic sight but then said, “Baby clean off the head before we eat it, you know how I don’t like tasting piss.”

“Aww Don’t be such a buzzkill babe.” Sarah said jokingly but in a loving tone. I’ll get some water.

Sarah then washed off the now black and red face, before basting it in a different brand of bbq sauce than they had put on the rest of the body. Sarah then sniffed the food, and hunger winning over patience, decided to go ahead and tear off a piece of meat from the screaming right face cheek with her teeth.

“So much for waiting to eat” Liz sighed as Sarah scarfed down the mouthwatering morsel.

Its already got a smokey salty taste. Sarah commented as she finished. “Wonder where the SALTY flavor came from?” Liz replied in a mock-annoyed tone as Sarah giggled
Liz’s stomach began to rumble as well, as she motioned for sarah to give her a nearby steak knife and fork, she briefly paused thrusting as she grabbed the silverware and then thrust herself further back onto the dildo. Taking in one more lustful gaze of the ass while kneading the flesh, Liz then started to carve into the still raw living backside from the top corner of the left cheek, about three inches down towards the dildo. Careful to not let the knife slip and cut into her. After getting a nice sized chunk out, Liz separated the meat from the rest of the ass and raised it to her mouth.

“Shouldn’t you say something first, she is catholic after all?” Sarah said wickedly. “Hmm, your right, though that didn’t stop you.” Liz pouted before holding up the forked meat and said, “Mary bless this food which we are about to receive, and… fuck it, I’m famished.” With that, Liz tossed the chunk into her mouth and began chewing, purposefully smacking loudly while doing so. (It’s a turn on of Sarah’s to hear Liz smack).

Ahmen.” Sarah replied as she lowered the head back down onto the grill. Every two minutes or so she would rise it back up and bite off another chunk. After about ten minutes Sarah stated into the terrified green eyes of her prey, who at this point was still shrieking, but had long ago stopped vocalizing anything.

“Aww, we browke it.” Sarah said in a childish sorrowful accented way before she snaked her tongue into the right eye socket and wrapped it around. Using her left thumb she managed to pop out the eye and into her waiting maw. The orb rolled around a couple of times before Sarah swallowed it hole, savoring the feeling of it sliding down her own throat and into her waiting stomach acid. Sarah then took out the other eye and tossed it to Liz. Liz caught it like a pro and lifting her head as if to ponder something, got off of her ride and took the dildo out of the ass.

What are you going to—-Ohhhhhhh! Sarah trailed off as Liz took the eyeball and inserted it into the gaping asshole, positioning it to where the eye looked outwards from the anus. Grabbing the camera Sarah quickly made her way behind Liz and snapped a photo. Guess she can’t see shit. Liz joked, sending them both into bouts of laughter.

Sarah then stretched out and took a moment to relax and ponder. “Today is fucking awesome!” She thought, as she glanced at her naked lover, their supper and felt a deep sense of inner peace as her endorphens held her in a natural high. Nothing could top moments like this with the woman of her life.

Liz glanced over at her silent lover and smiled, She knew whenever Sarah was happy she would silently reminisce, and Liz always loved how Sarah’s face looked while doing it. Feeling happier than she had in months, The twos silent moment of shared intimate bliss was interrupted by a loud farting sound. Turning back to their food, they noticed in the nick of time to see the eyeball
shoot out of the asshole onto the grill below followed by about four logs of shit. Realizing that they hadn’t heard a peep out of their food all this time, they shrugged as they realized it had expired before they wanted it too.

“Aw Fuck it girl, I wanted to feed it my shit before it died.” Sarah said disappointingly. Liz then grabbed Sarah’s face and gave her a passionate kiss, before removing her lips and saying, “Baby I got you, nothing will ruin today for us.” That’s why I bagged us some Soul Food earlier today.

Huh? Sarah asked quizzedly. “Look over by the pool” Liz pointed towards a large brown sack that was starting to move on its own slowly back and forth on the ground.

Sounding like a kid in a candy shop, Sarah clapped her hands together and said, “Oh my God, please tell me you got one with a bubble ass, I LOVE IT on black chicks!”

“The bubbiliest baby” Liz smiled.

“Can we PLEASE tie her up, I REALLY have to take a shit, like right now, I think the bbq isn’t agreeing with me.!” Sarah said in an urgent tone. Liz nodded and said, “Of course, help me set her up.”

Leaving the food behind on the grill, Liz quickly helped Sarah tie the struggling bag onto supports that they had drilled into the concrete, and opened the bag revealing a tied up ebony teen with luscious lips, curvy breasts and a very enticing backside that’s cheeks curved beautifully, already naked and ready to play with, even better, Liz had already fastened a ring gag in its mouth, she quickly held the head in place as Sarah rushed over and spread her cheeks, making a seal with the toilets mouth and almost immediately filling it with a torrent of solid shit.

Liz held the head (its eyes wide open in disgust and horror) firmly in place as Sarah’s shit forced its way down the toilets throat, out its nostrils and into its stomach. Liz marveled at how big the toilets throat got as Sarah kept on rapidly shitting into its stomach.

“Great job baby.” Liz congratulated Sarah as Sarah sent two final farts into the toilets maw.

“Thanks, That makes five months to the day of using nothing but virgins as toilets.” “You did make sure she was a virgin right?” Sarah said in a playful accusatory tone. “Yes hun, Virgin and religious like you like. You know I don’t believe in eating anyone either who deserves to live and has actually used their body the way it was meant to be used.” “I know, they aren’t human at that point, but I just had to ask.”

Are you finished yet? Liz asked. “Yes baby.” “Good, then its my turn, I think we’ll have to feed the aussie to jack again, I hate feeding him “Dogfood” when he has perfectly good virgin meat.

As the two girls discussed the preparing of their food below, the food looked into the empty sky above in horror as it listened to every intimate detail, the smell of cooking flesh only a few yards away making her want to vomit. The portable toilet almost gagged right before Sarah grabbed its head and Liz’s soft firm backside filled her view and the domed cheeks wrapped around her face….

Any suggestions for future meals for the two are welcome, just keep in mind their tastes in women and the one part we all know they like the most” Hope you all enjoyed that segment.
R: 4 / I: 0


There was a lot of art with rei, and sakura the cardcaptor guro. Anyone know what happened to it?
R: 4 / I: 0

Leaked ending of Game of Thrones (rushed pacing, underwhelming disappointment)

As Jon rode out to the lands beyond the wall, he finally felt at peace with himself sinc- suddenly Tormund tackled him to the ground! "Tormund-kun what are you doing?" asked Jon winkily "IM GONNA FOOKING RAYPE YA JON!" replied Tormund sexily. "Oh my" Jon flirtifly yelled as he unzipped his skin, essentially leaving a meat body, Tormund then yelled "FOOK YA!!!" before he began tap dancing while slapping his ass the same time when Stannis came out of nowhere! "I thought you died in season five, Stannis-kun" Jon asked, "I did but since DnD are hacks, I got resurrected" Stannis replied grumpily. Ghost then approached the group "yo yo yo, ma nigga (pls dont ban me mods), wassup ya doing" asked Ghost who now identified as a female because empowerment and sheet. It was at this moment, the main threat of this story revealed itself, Theon's dick! Yes, after Theon's dick got tragically separated from its master, it went through a self discovering journey to reunite with its master but then Theon died and got raped (shown off screen because of political correctness) at the cold hands of the Night King. "Come on guys, we've got to suck on Theon's dick if the Seven Kingdoms is to survive" Stannis declared, "Oooh Stannis-kun, you were always my favorite, if you were still alive in Season 6, then you could have defeated the Bolton army in just one episod- oh wait" Jon pondered. Soon all the characters from every episode (yes even that little girl who got killed by the dragon) was summoned to suck on Theon's dick, the toxic cum was too much for every character do Azor Ahai sacrificed himself to take all the cum to himself so no one else would have to. Through all this, Bran was sitting on the reforged iron throne masturbating at the whole event "fuck yes! Fuck Yes! Fuck YES!". Meanwhile, in the real world George R.R. Martin was masturbating writing this fanfic instead of writing for Winds of Winter, " Fuck yeah, Im rich because of the show, what's the point anyway except for eating and having sex" Martin said greedily "I think that's a wonderful philosophy dear" Neil Gaiman said beside him at the bed, jerking George's dick gracefully.

amen, Amen, AMEN!
R: 8 / I: 0

For Honor Snuff Stuff (Necro, Decap, Combat, Various Bodily Fluids, etc.)

As promised nearly a year ago, here's some smut set in the For Honor universe. Might continue this story, or just do a bunch of oneshots. Oh, and feel free to add your own stuff if you get bored of waiting on me.


The sun was scarce that day, a mere suggestion behind a blanket of gently weeping clouds. The sparse light it provided was pale and uniform, sufficient to see by, but little more. This dreary light picked out a figure clad in monastic robes and metallic armor, armed with a single large shield paired with a wicked looking blade of mirror-polished steel.

The man rested easily on the ramparts of a mostly intact and utterly oversized fortress city. It was the size of a small mountain, and a hallowed symbol of the once insurmountable might of Ashfeld’s legions. Towers lanced into the clouds, keeps rose like cliff faces, and walls loomed proud and unbroken by time or siege.

The figure in robes and steel smiled, as if he couldn’t help being awestruck by the grandeur of it all, though he was clearly being careful not to let the emotion go beyond a grin. With hooded eyes and upturned lips, he surveyed the garrison which manned the sweeping battlements.

Pallid sunlight revealed crossbowmen in their hundreds, lining walls and towers until the entire castle seemed to bristle with them. A score of officers drilled rank upon rank of men-at-arms in the vast courtyard below, taking the lads through formations and tactics. There was an air of urgency to their movements. The battle was coming, and sooner than they’d have liked.

The rough sound of a throat being cleared shook the man from his reverie.

He turned to see the hollowed features of one Brother Maldin. Renowned among the order as not only a gravely efficient killer, but also a gifted mentor. Grim and sullen under his cowl, the older man hefted his kite shield and pointed with his sword over the wall, toward the vast shattered landscape that once bore the name Ashfeld, where the Viking horde waited in their jeering millions.

“It’s good that you are vigilant, Arvo, but be vigilant in that direction. The Vikings grow bold – they’ll storm the walls before the month is out,” Brother Maldin’s voice had been rendered raspy by decades of shouting, but its baritone timbre still commanded respect.

Arvo snorted and turned to face the encamped horde, speaking through a toothy smirk, “To a man they’ll be slaughtered, Brother Maldin. Our ballistae will shred them, our archers will skewer them, and should a single barbarian survive to scale these battlements, I’ll cleave the bastard in two myself.”

“That is your duty,” the older man conceded, “but it’s also your duty to keep an eye on them in the meantime. I know your vision is sharp, so see to it,” with that Brother Maldin stalked off, no doubt seeking another Brother of the Black Priors to reprimand.

Arvo leaned on his kite shield and was about to start counting the enemy’s numbers again, when a shout echoed from across the battlements.

“Intruder on the wall! To arms! To arms!”

Arvo cursed and snatched up his shield, hastily securing the strap as he ran toward the commotion. The shouts were loudest near one of the ballista platforms a hundred paces away, which Arvo covered in seconds.

A circle had formed around whatever had caused the sudden alarm, but what was inside couldn’t be made out. He snarled as he shouldered his way through, cursing at the impotent whelps who barred his way. Once through, Arvo’s expression softened to a mere frown.

A pair of Peacekeepers knelt in the center, each one restrained by two soldiers twice their size. One of these men looked up as Arvo pushed into the center.

“Caught ‘em trying to sabotage the artillery, m’lord! Killed the ballista team they did, cut their throats from behind like they was animals.”

Arvo’s frown deepened to a scowl as he regarded the two women. The first was a brunette, gently curled locks of auburn hair peeked out from her cowl and partially obscured a youthful, remarkably attractive face. Her body was slender, and she struggled petulantly against the soldiers’ grip. It was clear that this one had never seen a real battle, which was common for members of her order. Content to skulk in the shadows, they rarely confronted a foe without first securing an overwhelming advantage.

The second woman was different. While slight of frame, her posture was rigid, muscles taught to spring at any moment. Her hood had fallen back to reveal a messy bob of black hair, which fell just shy of her shoulders, though a finely crafted iron mask still covered her face.

Arvo moved closer and gingerly lifted the mask of the second Peacekeeper. A fierce, catlike face greeted him. Her eyes were large and green below a brow knotted by contempt.

“Go on,” she spat, “Send me to the gallows. You’ll all join me in the grave soon enough.”

“No,” Arvo said, stepping back, “I’ve a better plan. You will face my wrath where you stand. I’ll kill you both, rape your corpses, and have them flayed. Then, your rotting carcasses will be sent to the enemy by way of catapult, where your putrid meat will spread disease amid their ranks.”

The Peacekeepers exchanged glances, then the brunette spoke.

“What if we kill you instead?”

Arvo laughed and flourished his blade, “Make no mistake, wench. This is not a trial; this is an execution.”

“But first,” Arvo added, “I would know your names.”

“The Raven,” said the black-haired woman.

“Ayla,” mumbled the brunette, which earned a harsh glance from her companion. She returned the glare and continued with more conviction. “It’s what my mother named me. If I’m to die I’ll die as myself, not what the Order tried to make of me.”

A murmur rose from the onlookers, but Arvo ordered the soldiers to let go of the traitors, and so the brawl began.

Ayla picked up her weapons and leapt at Arvo, thrusting high in an attempt to get over his defense. Arvo stepped into the lunge, going low and using the woman’s momentum to scoop her up with his shield. She grunted as he flipped her bodily over his head and delivered a spinning slash to her torso.

The Raven moved in while her companion staggered to her feet, and managed to slip her dagger past Arvo’s defense while he wasn’t looking. The weapon penetrated his robes easily, but stopped against the mail underneath, succeeding in causing some pain, but little else.

Arvo spun with a snarl, lashing out with a savage swing. The Raven ducked it easily, and thrust her arming sword straight into Arvo’s face. The sword bit into the flesh of his forehead, but the point was misaligned and skimmed off the bone underneath, leaving a long, bleeding gash in its wake.

Blood streamed down from the wound and into Arvo’s left eye, but he didn’t notice. With a shout he stepped forward, fencing aside a second attempt on his head and bashing The Raven back with his shield. The woman moved with the blow, rolling back and taking a defensive stance.

Arvo noticed The Raven’s eyes flick to something behind him, and he spun just in time to ward off a second attack from Ayla. She hadn’t been wounded by that initial slash, indeed it looked as if Arvo’s blade barely penetrated the woman’s layered textile armor.

Ayla struck again, managing to sneak a cut onto Arvo’s swordarm. He staggered to the side while delivering his riposte, which went wide, but the movement positioned him to face both attackers at once. Hunkering behind his shield, Arvo glared warily at the two women with his unbloodied eye.

The Raven straightened and sauntered closer, eyes alight, rosy lips quirking into a smile.

“Kill us both, will you? Rape our corpses? Have us flayed? You can barely defend yourself.”

Arvo stammered, faltering as he backed away further. Ayla snorted followed suit, stepping closer.

“Wait, we can talk about this,” Arvo pleaded.

“Pathetic,” spat The Raven, taking another step forward. Into range.

It was then that Arvo struck.

“I’ll silence your heart!” He barked, bringing his sword to bear with lethal intent.

The razor-sharp blade hissed in a deadly arc, and The Raven ducked just a moment too late. Her head was nearly cut in two as a diagonal section of her skull went spinning to the flagstones, taking half an eye and a good chunk of gooey pinkish-gray brain with it.

The Raven wobbled but stayed standing. Her remaining eye went wide as her mouth dropped open, spilling a slimy pink tongue that drooled onto her breasts. Her hands spasmed and fluttered, dropping their weapons to the floor with a clatter. The woman burbled something that was probably supposed to be words, and staggered dumbly a few paces to the right.

While Ayla stared in shock, Arvo wiped the blood from his eye and stepped up to the stumbling, half-dead Peacekeeper. Gently, the man placed his index finger between The Raven’s full breasts and pushed, tipping her over.

The Raven’s head hit the ground hard, black hair flopping back as some of her remaining brain matter splattered out onto the floor. She started twitching violently on impact, hips bucking and feet scrabbling in mindless desperation.

Without warning Arvo struck again, closing the distance between him and the remaining Peacekeeper with alarming speed. His weapon came around before Ayla could react and it met her neck, gliding through her supple flesh and decapitating the young woman with ease.

Her head landed some distance away, the mess of silky brown hair didn’t quite obscure her pretty face, whose mouth was working like a fish out of water, eyes tearing up and growing dull as consciousness faded and the traitor’s brain died.

Ayla’s body hesitated for a moment, then her shoulders shot up and her back arched as hot blood jetted and spit from the stump of her neck, splattering against the cool stonework and speckling nearby soldiers. The headless woman’s arms jerkily rose to about chest height, hands flopping uselessly as her body convulsed in dead confusion.

Arvo slipped a dagger from his belt and grabbed one of the twitching arms, pulling the body closer. It stumbled slightly and almost pitched over, but Arvo caught it and held firmly to it’s frantically gyrating hips. With deft hands the man slit Ayla’s blood-drenched top open, exposing a pair of medium-sized breasts to the cool air.

Stepping back, Arvo let the corpse hit the ground. It continued to thrash around, though not as violently as before, it was more than enough to make her tits jiggle enticingly. The nipples even began perking up in the relative cold.

“I said I would rape the corpses,” Arvo proclaimed to the onlooking soldiery, “But alas, I don’t think I can spare the blood,” he tapped at the gash on his forehead.

“Then I’ll do it,” growled a rough-looking crossbowman, stepping forward. “They killed my friend.”

“Mine too,” a younger lad moved into the circle, wide-eyed but clearly eager.

“Likewise,” another soldier moved to join the other two, a cold fury in his eyes.

Eight men in total came forward, undoing sword belts and stripping down trousers with haste. Arvo nodded and moved back into the crowd, where he sat down and got to work sharpening his flaying knife, watching the show as he did.

The group of soldiers descended on The Raven first, as she was still living, if only barely. The half-headed woman mewled girlishly as rough hands stripped her and propped her up for a savage fucking. The top half of her tunic came off with a rip, sending two massive mounds of pale flesh bouncing free. Arvo nearly gaped. How had she managed to stuff those things away?

There wasn’t much time to consider the question, however, since the first man was already lining his penis up with the cross section of The Raven’s brain. When he took the plunge, the busty woman reared up, the spasms rippling through her body so intense that the remaining men struggled to hold her down.

Life was leaving The Raven quickly though, and her violent movements soon died down to pathetic little jerks and twitches, along with the occasional weakly croaked “Ah.” Half-limp and docile in her near-death state, she offered no resistance as another soldier yanked away her stout wool hosen and plunged himself into her swollen womanhood, which squirted out a stream of piss in response.

Together the two soldiers penetrated The Raven from either end. Her body lurched back and forth with the rhythm. Giant tits wobbling, meaty thighs rippling, jet-black hair flopping, slick pink tongue twitching. She was clearly dead by this point, but judging by the way the men were raping her corpse, she was still plenty warm. In fact, another two soldiers joined in, one taking the corpse’s hand and forcing her to jerk him off, the other rubbing his swollen dick through her hair.

While that group continued having their way with The Raven’s voluptuous carcass, the remaining four had just about removed all of Ayla’s clothing, revealing a slightly skinny but well-toned body, which they immediately set about violating.

One man took up position below her, jamming his prick into the woman’s slowly winking rectum, another penetrated her from the front (taking her virginity, judging by the blood), and a third stuffed his nearly foot-long member down Ayla’s truncated esophagus, which made a wet gurgling noise as he ravaged the bloody hole with abandon. The last man in that group picked up Ayla’s head. Sliding his penis into her slackened mouth, he proceeded to pump the gruesome object back and forth.

This went on for nearly ten minutes, until one by one the soldiers blew their loads. The first pulled out of The Raven’s snatch and jetted six full ropes of seed across her heavy, jiggling tits. The second continued to mash his rod through her mussed up black hair, leaving bubbling white gobs and sagging strings as it went. The third finished himself off on her face, glazing her dead catlike features with a sticky torrent of spunk. The fourth buried his cock deep inside The Raven’s brain and let loose with God knows how much jizz, which caused her enormous breasts to start splurting out milk, as if they themselves were cumming.

Arvo raised an eyebrow at that, but otherwise kept on silently sharpening his knife.

The fifth and sixth men both finished at the same time, creaming Ayla’s pert butt and soaking wet pussy until copious amounts of sperm drooled from both holes. Moments later, the seventh soldier drained his balls directly into Ayla’s stomach while the eighth and final man decided to get creative and plugged his glans into the brunette’s nose before ejaculating.

The rapists gradually dispersed, as did the rest of the crowd, until eventually only two remained. Arvo finished sharpening his knife and looked up.

“Care to explain?” Brother Maldin said. There was no anger in his voice, though his arms were folded and he wore a scowl.

“Traitors,” Arvo said simply, “They killed the ballista team and were caught attempting to destroy the emplacement.”

Brother Maldin nodded sagely, “Then they deserved everything you gave them. Though I appreciate that you didn’t stoop so low as to rape their bodies yourself, Arvo. If the Wardens, or God forbid the Lawbringers caught wind of that, I would never hear the end of it.”

“Indeed. I was rather hoping to flay them, by the by,” Arvo commented, idly checking the edge of his knife, “Perhaps launch them and their worthless hides into the enemy’s camp by catapult, perhaps spread disease if luck favors us.”

“Two wouldn’t be nearly enough. Your time would be better spend watching the enemy’s movements,” Brother Maldin said dismissively.

“If these two Peacekeepers were turncoats,” Arvo gestured to the two dead women, lying lifeless in puddles of blood, semen, and their own urine, “who is to say there aren’t more among their order? Surely we cannot risk further sabotage, and the corpse of every Peacekeeper in this fortress would be more than sufficient to cause an outbreak, I should think.”

Brother Maldin appeared to consider this, and after a moment said, “Very well. There’s only a couple dozen Peacekeepers stationed here, and their order is very tight-knit. No chance that these two were the only traitors. Gather 20 of your best men and see it done within the week.”

Arvo grinned a wolf’s grin and nodded once, “Consider it done, Brother.”
R: 66 / I: 0

The Dissection of Starlight Glimmer (MLP)

Not necessarily authorized sequel to "Sweetie Belle's Gift" and "Apple Bloom Lends a Hand, and Other Limbs" (since I haven't heard from their authors). Tags: Female/Female; snuff; dissection; cannibalism; non-consensual.

Twilight hummed contentedly to herself as she moved around the laboratory of her castle, setting up the equipment she'd need. After all, this was a very special day. Once everything was in place, she started into the room next door, which she had recently and officially dubbed "The Brain Room". For it was here that the still living brains of Equestrians who had, for whatever reason, allowed their bodies to be taken apart after a special spell was cast, allowing their brains to survive regardless of the condition of their bodies.

The top shelf held two very special brains: those of Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, the younger sisters of Twilight's friends Rarity and Applejack, who had both consented to letting their older sisters cut them up and use their parts for other purposes. Sweetie Belle had become the basis for Rarity's new line of leather goods, while Apple Bloom's family had used her parts for a variety of purposes, including turning her bones into farm tools. Next to them sat an empty jar labeled with the name "Scootaloo", reserved for the last living member of the original Cutie Mark Crusaders, whom Twilight expected would be joining her friends any day now. And on the same shelf, but some distance away, sat two empty jars reserved for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, two bullying fillies from Ponyville whose parents had quietly confessed to Twilight that they planned to sell them to Rarity for parts if they didn't shape up soon, and that she was more than welcome to their brains once they were harvested.

That led to another shelf, which had yet to be occupied, but that would change in just a few hours. Soon after Sweetie Belle's brain had come to stay with her, Twilight had approached her fellow princesses with a proposal. Crime was rare in Equestria, and crimes worthy of the death penalty even rarer, to the point where even when it happened, the ones who committed them were merely thrown in prison.

But months ago, a criminal had surfaced who was simply too dangerous to be imprisoned by normal means. Starlight Glimmer, an extremely talented unicorn, had been found running a village occupied entirely by ponies with the same Cutie Mark. Twilight and her friends had discovered that Starlight was in fact using a spell to strip the residents of their original marks and replace them with a new one that suppressed all individual talents and personality traits. Once her actions were exposed, Starlight had evaded capture and fled to parts unknown.

After returning to Ponyville, Twilight had alerted the royal guard, informing them of Starlight and her actions, and they had eventually caught her. Because of her crimes, the two senior princesses had reluctantly agreed to Twilight's proposed plan: harvest Starlight and reduce her to a brain in a jar so she could never hurt anypony ever again like she had before. Furthermore, when Twilight had suggested that she could also harvest other ponies guilty of heinous crimes, using her castle as a sort of prison for them once they were just brains in jars, Luna and Celestia had agreed to that as well. And now, Starlight was due to be delivered to her castle within the day, while at least two more would arrive by the end of the week.

"Miss Twilight?"

Twilight blinked as she was startled out of her introspections, and turned to the younger girl at the door. "Yes, Liza?"

"They're here."

"Ah, good. Thank you, Liza." Twilight watched the younger girl go with a smile. A week or so before, Liza's parents, an ill and aging couple who didn't have long for the world, had come to the castle and offered to sell their daughter to Twilight, knowing she would take good care of a growing child. Twilight had consented, and had made Liza her new assistant. (Spike, who normally held the position, had recently moved to the Crystal Empire to help Cadance and Shining Armor take care of their own newborn daughter, and Owlowiscious‎, useful as he was, had his own limitations that kept him from taking over for Spike full-time.) She had done a wonderful job so far, but today would be her biggest test yet: seeing how she handled herself during the dissection of another living being. If she did well enough, Twilight had promised to begin teaching her more skills, effectively making her the princess's apprentice.

A short while later, everything was ready, as Starlight lay on the table, stark naked and magically bound to prevent movement as Twilight and Liza stood over her. A second restraint had been placed on her horn to prevent any magical discharges, and Twilight had just placed the preservation spell on her brain, before turning to Liza. "Now, we're going to remove her horn first, so here's what we need to do." Pressing the scalpel gently against the skin at the base of the horn, she continued talking. "You have to gently press the blade against the skin, and sort of roll it along around the outer edge, so you don't accidentally do any damage to the horn itself, understand?"

Liza nodded as Twilight continued cutting. "Once you have the incision made all the way around, you cut just a little deeper and then... out it comes!" She extracted the horn, and the carbuncle just underneath it, and placed the items into the jar Liza had ready for her, then set them aside. "Now, we apply the sealing spell so she doesn't bleed out, and flip her over so we can start skinning her." Starlight's eyes widened (in spite of the spell on her), as Twilight continued. "We need to be careful here too, because Rarity wants her skin for her shop, and it has to be perfect." She examined Starlight's body, and pointed to a spit. "We'll start the cut... here!" She sliced gently into the skin, pointing out key spots where they would cut again, so the skin would ultimately come off in one piece, and even let Liza have a go at it in some of them, watching proudly as the younger girl's hand moved steadily, never wavering and allowing her to make the cuts without a single mistake. Between them, they soon had the entire skin off, and placed under a separate preservation spell so Rarity could treat it properly after she got it back to her shop.

With the skin removed, the two now moved on to the next stage, opening up the body and removing the internal organs. Twilight watched as Liza cut through the layers of muscle on Starlight's torso, cutting it into steaks and setting it aside. Once all the meat had been removed from her front, they were able to get to the organs below and gently cut them loose, storing each of them in their own sample jars. "These will go to Fluttershy," Twilight pointed out as they took out the stomach, esophagus and entrails. "The liver, kidneys and pancreas are all suitable for transplant into those who need them, and the heart and lungs too, once we get those out."

Next to come were the ovaries and uterus, and Twilight watched as Liza gently cut them out. "These, I have something special in mind for," she told Liza. "Rarity gets the womb, but the ovaries are staying here."

"What are you going to do with them?" Liza asked.

"That..." Twilight grinned mischievously, "Is a secret!"

Finally, only the heart and lungs remained, but Twilight had something special in mind first. "Now, we're going to take out those eyes." (If it had been possible, they would have widened further in horror.) "This is one of the most critical parts of the operation, and there's a very specific ritual that has to be done during it. First, for this to work properly, her own reflection has to be the last thing she sees." She pointed to the hand mirror nearby. "I'll be holding that up while you take out the eyes. Then, we pack them in myrrh, cassia bark and aloes." She held up a jar of green material. "That's right here. I have a spell I have to say afterward, and then we set them aside for forty days while they sort of... crystalize. Once they're all done, they can be used for something very important. Now, eyes can be damaged very easily, so be very, very careful. Ready?"

Liza nodded, and slowly, carefully worked her way in behind the left eye before severing the nerve holding it into the socket. She set the eye in the jar, then took out the other one. Twilight, setting the mirror aside, quickly packed the eyes in the jar's mossy contents, muttering a spell under her breath, before sealing the jar. "There. Now, for the piéce de résistance, the brain itself."

"Um, what about her heart and lungs?"

Twilight waved a hand flippantly. "They come out afterward. So, what we do, is cut the rest of the muscle tissue off her head."

Liza followed her teacher's directions, gently slicing the rest of the meat off of Starlight's skull and setting it aside, before they began opening up the skull itself. Working carefully, the two managed to remove the brain, stem and all, and place it into the jar Twilight had prepared. Looking at the brain, Twilight smiled, and pointed to the next jar. "Now, the heart and lungs." She pointed to it, and Liza got to work, cutting the last organs from Starlight's torso. Once they were stored, Twilight gestured to the body. "I'm going to take all these jars out, and put them somewhere safe. You can take the rest of the meat off her bones while I'm doing that."

Liza smiled, and went back to work. While Twilight bustled around with the other jars, she stripped the muscle tissue from the bones, and soon had it all neatly set aside. Once Twilight returned, she wrapped up the meat into separate bundles for storage in her kitchen's freezer. They would make for plenty of good eating in the days to come. While she was doing that, Liza finished the last of the cleaning of the bones themselves.

A few hours later, as Twilight checked the Starlight steaks she had put on to grill, she looked at Liza, who was standing nearby. "You did a wonderful job today, Liza."

"Th-thank you, Miss Twilight."

"In fact, you did such a wonderful job..." Twilight smiled. "You passed my test. You're my new apprentice, Liza."

The younger girl looked happy. "Really?"

"Really." Twilight pulled her into a hug. "I can't imagine anypony I'd rather have at my side for this job. And I'm sure you're going to do just as well on the next few ones who come in."

Liza smiled. "So, what are they in for?"

"Well, there's one named Suri Polomare. She's been involved in some... fraudulent business practices, and she's been caught at it too many times, with no signs of remorse. They're sending her from Manehatten in just a few days. The other is a mare from Cloudsdale, and she's the big one."


Twilight nodded. "Lightning Dust is guilty of reckless flying that caused severe injuries to other ponies, putting them in the hospital. One of them was the daughter of the mayor of Cloudsdale, which is why he pushed for her to be sent to me for harvesting. She'll be here in a week."


"Very ouch. And now... can you set the table? The others will be here soon, and I need things to be ready when they arrive."

"Okay!" Liza ran off.

Twilight smiled as she watched the younger girl go. Ah, to be that young again... She turned back to the steaks, and flipped them. Taking her in was the best decision I ever made. Maybe I'll get really lucky, and she'll wind up an alicorn like me. Then we can keep doing this for a very, very long time.



Your thoughts?
R: 4 / I: 0

Happy Cows

This is actually one of my favorite Fetishes. This is also the first time I had ever wrote a story like this, so please don't be upset with how it's written!

Callie Trishtan walked into the office of one Miss Victoria Bradshaw. Callie was a lovely woman, dark, mocha skin, with long black hair, though it was up in a bun at this time. She had a lovely, curvy body, though it was hidden under a grey suit, and wore black heels. She looked around the tastefully done decor with her greyish blue eyes, and waited for Victoria to speak.

Victoria had lovely, milky white skin, and long, chocolate brown hair that went right past her hips, and looked like a waterfall that flowed around her. She looked at her with her deep green eyes, and smiled with her ruby lips. She wore a pink blouse, with a black skirt that went just a bit above her knees, but she wore red sneakers. Along with a white coat most people would wear at farms and factories like this.

“So, would you like a bit of water?” Victoria asked her.

Callie wanted to refuse, but it did feel rather hot in that room. “Yes, I would love some.”

Victoria got her secretary to get her one glass. “So, you want a tour of my farm?”

Callie nodded, setting her suitcase on her lap. “Yes, your Happy Cow Farm is leading the market for woman meat, and my boss wants to make sure that it’s on the up and up before thinking of investing.”

“Of course, Of course.” Victoria said, as her secretary came in with the water. She waited for Callie to take a few sips of the cold water before continuing. “I can give you a tour right now, if you wish.”

“Yes, that would be prudent.” Callie said, rather cooly, standing up.

Victoria rose with her, and lead her out of the office, and down the hallway, leading to a door that leading out to a large, beautiful green field, lined with trees.

“Now, here at happy cows, we raise our own meat.” Victoria went. “We breed them, we raise them, we take good care of our cows, until it is time to process them.”

“I had heard-” Callie went, looking around. “That you use genetic engineering for your meat?”

“That is correct.” Victoria went. “We made our pretty cows ourselves.”

Just then, a few naked children were running past, trying to catch a ball someone threw. They all had cow ears, and a tail flying around them. Yet, there were maybe 2 boys she sees, and the girls looked like they were developing breasts already.

“They age rather quickly.” Victoria told her, watching Callie’s reaction. “Those children are only a month old.”

Callie whirled on her. “A MONTH?”

Victoria beamed. “That’s right! They start to grow rather quickly, and after another month, they will appear to be full grown adults. The females will be then taken to the barn to begin milking, and eventually, breeding.”

“And the boys?” Callie asked.

“They will be mostly used for Breeding. They impregnate the ones that are able to give birth, but they only have a small window available for them for breeding. After that, they are useless, and then become meat.”


Callie looked and saw one of the males, looking like a young teen, had tackled a female, and was thrusting into her.

“Whoops. Just a moment.” Victoria got a radio out. “Hey, Bill? Number 22 is starting to breed. You need to get him to the Breeding room, now.”

“On it!” A deep voice came from the radio.

Victoria looked at the vistorer. Callie was just staring intently at the male, as he thrusts into the female. The female did look like she was struggling a bit, but soon, she was trying to move against him.

Her lower stomach felt a little funny, suddenly.

Just then, a man came out of a nearby building, and went right for the male. He was 6’5, a mix of muscle and fat, and had a rough looking face. He was wearing only overalls, his arms and chest bear, and a cap over his dark hair. Callie watched as he picked the male up, and then down on the grown. The Male tried to fight him, but he was effectively pinned down. Bill locked him into a cock cage, and then bound his arms with rope.

“Now, what he is doing.” Victoria said next to the guest, making her jump a bit. “Is he is going to bring him to the room where we breed our cows.”

Callie watched as he shoved something up the male’s ass.

“Although he is getting ready to breed, he’s not quite there yet. So, he is kept in a constant state of arousal, and will watch other males mate until we deem him ready to breed.”

“That-” Callie’s voice cracked a bit, and she cleared it. “That seems rather cruel.”

Victoria nodded. “Well, yes, but it ensures that he doesn’t spend himself too soon. And he’ll be more willing to mate with females for hours a day.”


Victoria gave her a sensual smile. “Lets go to where the females go when we are ready to milk them.”

Callie nodded, and followed her into the other building. It was shaped like a barn, and the sounds of mooing, and machines, were loud.

Inside, they found stalls, with grown cow women inside. They were laying on their stomachs, on what looked like padded stools. Their arms and legs were cuffed, stretching out the limb, and keeping them in place. A fucking machine was working both of their asses and pussies, and a tube in their pee hole kept them from making a mess. Large suction cups were placed over each large breast, sucking out the delicious looking milk into huge containers next to them. An open mouth gag was secured around their heads, with a tube pushed into their open mouths.

Some weird, grey, oatmeal looking substance was flowing into their mouth. All of their eyes looked like they were in a sexual haze, and not aware of anything around them.

“This is the milking room.” Victoria told her. “For 16 hours a day, they are fed a special substance that keeps them fed and watered, and keeps them in a constant state of arousal.”

Callie’s legs felt a little weak, and she felt a strange heat forming in her. “So…they are orgasming constantly?”

“Oh, no, that would cause more harm than good.” victoria told her, waving a hand. “They are on the edge of an orgasm, only allowed to cum once every four hours. This way, we get more milk out of them, and we don’t have to worry about them cumming to death.”

Callie looked at one cow, and had to wonder what that felt like? As they walked along the rows, she was surprised to find one cow that was blindfolded, and looked like she had headphones on her head.

“What’s with this?” She asked looking at Victoria.

“Oh, that’s a volunteer.”


“Yes, sometimes, we have normal women volunteering to be cows.”

That heat was pooling in Callie’s nether regions. Her throat felt dry again.

“They…they volunteer?” she asked, sounding surprised, and a little aroused.

Victoria gave her a half smile, and put a hand on her shoulder. “That’s right. These women gave up their humanity to become cows. Once they sign up, we immediately bring them here. We strap them down, and give them our special mix to eat, and start up the dildos. Once they sign up, they are no longer human.”

Callie’s legs shook, something that Victoria pretended to miss.

“Oh…but why do you have blindfolds and headphones on them?”

Victoria sighed and waved her hand. “Sometimes, they regret giving up their humanity, so we blindfold them, so they can only focus on their arousal, the fucking, and the milking. The headphones pretty much tell them how their lives as human’s are over, and how they are now Happy Cows.”

She walked over to the cow, and took the wireless headset off. She went over to Callie and put them over her ears.

“-Happy cows. You are not human, you are a milk giving Happy Cow. You won’t be fucked like a human, you will be fucked like a Happy Cow. You won’t have to work in an office, you give milk like a Happy Cow. You won’t give birth to human children, you will give birth to Happy Cows.”

An overwhelming heat rushed through Callie as she listened to the message. Her face became flushed, and sweat ran down her face. Her legs started to give out as she felt an explosion between her legs. She was unable to hide the lustful moan as she felt her body assaulted by the intense pleasure. She felt Victoria catch her as her legs gave out from under her.

“Hoo, boy.” Victoria went. “Um…Come on, honey. Let's get you up.”

She pulled the headset off of her guest’s head, and put them on the stall door. Callie was in a bit of a haze as she was lead to a restroom, and to a stall. It was when Victoria sat her down on a toilet, that she started coming out of it.

“Ok, Um, I’m going to step outside for a moment.” Victoria stated. “And you can come out when you’re ready.”

Callie sat there for a few minutes, just waiting for the pleasure to let go of her head. As she came out of it, she realized, to her horror, that she just had an orgasm right in front of the Owner of Happy Cows.
R: 11 / I: 0

Birthday Request (F/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism)

Birthday Request

A boy finds out that his sister wants something a little unusual from him for her birthday.

F/m, CBT, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Reluctant, Casual, Orgasm Control and Denial, Incest

"Mom?" he asked, as he poked his head around the door frame and looked into the kitchen and dining room.

"Yes, dear..?" his mother replied distractedly, as she moved before the oven, back and forth between simmering pots and sizzling pans.

"Umm.." he said, his voice low as he bit his bottom lip in apparent worry. "..I know you're busy with dinner, but could you.. uh.."

"Don't mumble, Jeffery." his mother instructed absently, with a glance and frown at her son.

"Sorry!" Jeffery said, his voice growing slightly more audible over the noise of his mother's dinner preparations. "Could you.. help me, please?"

As he said this last, he slid sideways into the doorway proper. His hands, which he had been twisting one against the other in agitation, relaxed slightly as he hooked his fingers into the front of his shorts. He then pulled them down to reveal his manhood, erect cock spring immediately upright and free, to his working mother.

His mother took in his aroused state with another short glance, her gaze flat and unimpressed.

"I don't really have time right now, Jeffery.." his mother finally replied with an impatient sigh, before she turned back to her cooking. "What about your sister? Why don't you ask her?"

"She's in the shower." Jeffery replied, shrugging apologetically. "She just got back from soccer practice. She doesn't like it if I bug her when she's in the bathroom.."

"..Mmm.." his mother hummed, noncommittally, without looking back at him.

"..Please..?" he asked, allowing just a hint of whine into his voice, as he looked up at her hopefully.

"It can't wait forty-five minutes?" his mother asked.

"Unh-uh." he said, shaking his head and doing his best impression of a begging puppy.

"Ohhh, alright. Bring that silly little thing over here, then." his mother finally relented, with another annoyed sigh. "I'll tend to you when I can, Jeffery, but cooking dinner comes first."

"Thanks, mom!" he replied, all hints of pleading vanishing as he bounced happily over to his mother.

He came to a stop beside her and thrust his hips, along with his still exposed manhood, out towards her. Then he looked up at her expectantly.

"Why couldn't I just have had two daughters, instead..?" his mother murmured with a roll of her eyes, before she set down her spatula and reached for his erection.

"Haa..mmmm.." he breathed, as his mother's strong, warm hand enveloped his flesh. "Ooh.. I've needed this for hours.."

"Boys.." his mother said, as she resumed cooking as best she could with only one hand.

His mother was a good as her word, using any free moments between slicing, chopping, stirring, flipping, frying, and steaming up dinner to stroke and caress his cock. There were, though, significant segments of time where she simply needed both hands for cooking, which meant that something that usually only took a few minutes was stretched out for much longer.

"Do you need any help, mother?" a voice behind them asked.

His sister had apparently finished her shower. Her hair was still wet, and she was clad in only a thin, damp shirt and tight cotton short shorts. Her eyes took in the tableau of her mother both cooking dinner and masturbating her brother right next to the stove top, a sight she apparently found entirely unremarkable.

"Set the table please, Lily." his mother replied, as she lifted a spoonful of sauce up to her lips with her left hand, even as her right pumped up and down the length of his shaft. "I'm almost done here. We'll eat in just a few minutes."

"Yes, mother." his sister replied, as she padded barefoot over to the cutlery drawer.

His attention wandered for a few moments, as he enjoyed the feeling of his mother's intermittent ministrations, before it was snapped back to the present by the sharp clatter of three plates being deposited right in front of him by his sister.

"Serve us up, will you, dear?" his mother instructed his sister, as she stepped back from the oven. "While I go ahead and finish off your brother."

Wordlessly, his sister dished up portions of pasta and sauce, steamed broccoli, meatballs, and garlic bread onto the plates. She set each plate down on the dining table as she finished it, saving her own for last.

"Bring your plate over here, dear." his mother said, as his sister finished serving herself. "Your brother's just about to pop, I think. We may as well not waste it."

"Yes, mother." his sister answered calmly, before she turned around and walked the few steps over to where his mother had pulled him back and out of the way.

She presented her full plate with both hands at waist height, standing expectantly before him even as his mother, who was now behind him, increased the pace of her efforts.

Despite the pleasure he was already feeling, it still took several more moments for those efforts to pay off. His sister spent those moments simply looking at him in apparent amusement, her gaze flicking back and forth between his eyes and the tip of his erect cock.

"Any time now, Jeffery." his sister said, her mouth twisting up into a slight smirk as she watched him begin to tremble and shake. "I'd like to eat my dinner before it gets cold, you know."

"Haahh.." he breathed, as his mother cupped and kneaded his testicles gently, even as her grip on his shaft firmed.

"Ahhh!" he exclaimed, his hands clenched at his side, his hips thrusting out as far as they could, as his orgasm finally overwhelmed him.

His mother and his sister watched as he ejaculated forcefully. His seed, aimed by his mother, splashed in thick ropes across the food held upon his sister's plate.

"There we go.." his mother whispered into his ear, as she continued to stroke him. "Get it all out, dear.. That's right, every little bit.."

"Hah.. haa.." he panted, as he collapsed back against his mother.

"Finally." his sister said when his ejaculation had finished, before she tossed her hair back over her shoulder and stepped away to set her plate down on the table. "I'm starving."

His sister sat down, and without waiting for him or his mother, promptly dug into her meal.

"Feel better, dear?" his mother asked, as she guided him on his wobbly, weak legs to his own seat.

"Ye.. yes, mom.." he said, as one last orgasmic shiver made its way up his spine. "Loads better. Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear." his mother said, as she eyed his still erect cock critically. "Just try to time it a little better next time, will you?"

"I'll.. I'll try." he promised, as he clutched the back of his chair for support.

"Good." his mother stated, as she drew her index finger up along the underside of his cock, using her fingertip to collect the little drop of semen that still beaded the end of his penis.

"Hmm.." she mused thoughtfully, as she popped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. "Well, sit down. Let's eat."

"So, Lily, what do you want for your birthday this year?" his mother asked some time later, as the meal progressed.

His sister, who had been in the middle of lifting a piece of broccoli to her mouth, one so liberally coated with his semen that it was actually dripping a little, paused for a moment, looking thoughtful. Then, after a quick, inscrutable glance towards him, she placed the broccoli delicately in her mouth and slowly chewed it up.

"I think.." she began, while patting her lips clean after swallowing. "..that I would like Jeffery for my birthday."

"You want your brother.." his mother asked, one eyebrow raised skeptically. "..for your birthday present?"

"Not all of him." Lily replied, with an amused little smirk in his direction.

"I just want his penis." she stated.

His fork clattered loudly as he dropped it onto his plate at his sister's casual words.

"Hmm.." his mother mused, as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "I see."

"Yes." his sister continued calmly. "My friend Annie told me that having a penis on your birthday is quite the treat. She received, with her mother's permission, her older brother's on her last birthday. I was there at the party when her mother and brother brought it out for her. She was quite delighted with the whole thing, and it made for a very memorable birthday."

"Wha.. what..?" he stuttered, his mouth hanging open.

"Well.." his mother pondered, as she shifted her attention away from his sister and onto himself, eyeing him speculatively. "If that's really what you want.."

"It is." his sister stated, firmly.

"Wha.. What did.. did she do with it, though..?" he finally managed to ask, his tone slightly confused and very worried at the sudden, unexpected nature of their dinner conversation.

"Well, she ate it, naturally." his sister said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "After her mother prepared and cooked it up, of course. The smell was absolutely mouthwatering. I wanted ever so much to ask Annie for a tiny bite, just to see what it tasted like, but I didn't wish to be rude."

"I mean, it was her birthday party, after all. Not mine." Lily finished, with a little giggle.

"Haah!" he squeaked, as he flinched slightly and squeezed his thighs firmly and fearfully together at the picture his sister's words painted in his mind.

"So, that's all then? Just your brother's penis?" his mother asked. "Nothing else?"

"Well.." his sister added, looking hopeful. "I'd really love to have his testicles, too. If that isn't too much to ask, that is."

"I bet they'd be just as delicious as his penis." she said, as she swirled another piece of broccoli around in a small pool of congealing semen at the edge of her plate. "Maybe even more so."

With her eyes locked on her brother, she slipped the cum coated vegetable into her mouth and chewed, rather forcefully.

"Hmmm.." his mother hummed, as she regarded her daughter for a moment, before returning her gaze to him once more.

It was a rather evaluative, calculating gaze, one which made him feel rather like a piece of beef or pork on display at the market. He quailed under it, squirming in his seat.

"I suppose that I don't see.." she began.

"Mom!" he tried to interrupt, outraged and shocked.

"..why not. Yes, you can have your brother's penis and testicles for your birthday." his mother finished, ignoring his outburst.

His sister's eyes lit up, even as his own heart sank.

"Thank you, mother!" Lily exclaimed, her mouth breaking into a wide, bright grin.

"Moom!" he protested again, more loudly this time. "I don't want Lily to eat my penis! She can't have it! It or my balls!"

"Dear.." his mother said to him, after shooting a quelling look at his sister, who appeared to be about to speak up. "Why ever not? Surely you can see how happy it will make her?"

"Because it's mine!" he replied, so loudly that he was almost shouting, causing his sister to wince. "I.. I don't want to give it up just so she can ee.. eat it!"

"Now, now, dear.." his mother said, placatingly. "I know that you're rather.. um.. attached to it and everything, but don't you think that you're being a little selfish..?"

"What.. but.." he stammered. "!"

"It's really not that big of a deal, Jeffery." his sister said, rolling her eyes. "It's only a penis. Annie said her brother didn't even really miss his much after a couple of weeks had gone by. Plus, he didn't have to bother her or her mother to take care of his silly erections anymore. Honestly, it's pretty much a win-win situation."

"But.. but.."

"Really, dear.." his mother said, her tone one of utmost reasonableness. "It's for the best. Whatever would you do with that silly thing later in life, anyway?"

"But.." he said, before his voice grew plaintive. "But I want to be a breeder!"

His sister made a shocked snerking sound, snorting around a small mouthful of pasta, before giggling suddenly behind her hand.

"Ah.. Dear.." his mother said, after frowning at his sister. "You realize that only about two out of a hundred boys qualify for breeder status, don't you?"

"I could make it!" he stated, emphatically.

"Well.. yes, I suppose that it is technically.. theoretically.. possible that you could end up qualifying.." his mother allowed, her skepticism showing through plainly in her tone of voice. "..but you only barely squeaked by on your last evaluation, and the standards only grow more strict each successive year."

"Barring some sort of extreme growth spurt.." she continued, with a glance down toward his lap. "..between now and your next evaluation, I think that it is all going to become something of a moot point anyway."

"It.. it could happen.." he said, gulping nervously.

"It could, but it very likely won't." his mother said, firmly. "Miracles like that only happen in story books, Jeffery. You're very, very likely to lose your manhood before the year is out regardless, so why not let your sister have it for her birthday? Really, you're just being selfish."

"I.. I.." he said, with his mouth moving but hardly any sound coming out.

"Jeffery.." his sister said, all trace of amusement gone from her voice, drawing his gaze to her once again.

"..please?" she asked, looking at him hopefully with her wide, guileless, beautiful eyes, even as she laid her left hand atop his own trembling right.

"I.." he stammered one last time, before seeming to deflate in his chair, his head sinking in defeat.

"Oh.. Okay." he finally agreed, disconsolately, as he stared down forlornly into his own lap.

The clatter of a chair being pushed back made him raise his head slightly. His sister stood up, then moved around to his side of the table. She reached out with one hand and gently tilted his chin up, then bent down and placed a warm, chaste kiss on his cheek. Her breath smelled a little like broccoli as it fluttered against the skin of his face.

"Thank you, Jeffery." she said, her voice full of genuine warmth as she smiled down winningly at him.

"Ah.." he replied, haltingly, as he looked back at his occasionally adorable sister. "You're.. you're welcome, I suppose.."

"I'm very proud of you, Jeffery." his mother said with a smile, as she patted his hand. "I know it can seem scary, but it's something almost all boys end up facing, sooner or later. Now you'll be able to look back on it later as a happy memory, as a gift you gave to your sister, rather than as something that was taken from you."

"..I suppose." he repeated, his tone heavy with doubt.

His mother just patted his hand again.

"So, Lily.." she said, her voice brightening as his sister sat back down at the dining table once again. "Have you chosen a recipe yet? For your, ahem, "big" birthday meal?"

He choked on a bit of broccoli at his mother's words and tone.

His sister's composure cracked at his mother's comment and his own reaction, and she broke out into giggles again.

"Not yet." she answered, grinning. "I wanted to see if you'd even let me have it before I started planning too much in advance.."

She shot him another amused glance, even as she popped a meatball into her mouth whole and began vigorously chewing it up.

"Well, I've got an old recipe book laying around here somewhere that you'll want to take a look at, then." his mother replied, smiling benignly. "I haven't had a use for it in ages, but I think I remember where I left it at."

"It'll be just the thing you need." his mother said, with a knowing little nod.

Jeffery sank nervously into his seat a little, as both his mother and sister turned to regard him thoughtfully.

He couldn't tell if they were licking their lips in appreciation of the meal they were eating now, or in anticipation of the meal to come.

His sister skipped out of the dining room a little later, small recipe book in hand, to go try and decide how exactly she wanted his penis cooked.

His mother had him clean off the table, even as she began to wash the dishes. His own plate was more or less untouched, as his appetite had pretty much fled after the conversation about his sister's birthday present. The only thing he'd really eaten was a little bit of broccoli, though his sister had reached over and stolen his meatballs at some point toward the end of dinner. He'd only realized he'd wanted them after they were already gone. The irony wasn't lost on him.

He spent the next several hours alone in his room, just staring down at his lap, contemplating his decision. He still was rather conflicted about the whole thing, but it had just been so hard to say no to his sister. Oh, his mother's arguments had influenced his decision, to be sure, but his will had only really broken down completely when his sister had asked him, outright, for his manhood. Though he had an oftentimes adversarial relationship with his sister, he really was rather fond of her, truth be told. Denying her something she so plainly wanted, something that it was obvious would make her very happy, was just not in his nature. It certainly wouldn't be the first time she had wheedled something of his away from him.

Thinking of his sister, especially the cute little face she made whenever she wanted something, caused the inevitable reaction. His manhood swelled, as it always did when he thought about his sister lately. Indeed, the only reason he'd needed his mother to give him some relief before dinner was because he'd accidentally stolen a look at his sister as she undressed for her shower. The sight of her peeling her tight, sweaty soccer uniform off as he passed by the only mostly closed bathroom door had brought his cock to full attention at once, and he'd been sorely tempted to tarry and see just how much he could see.

Common sense had prevailed, fortunately, as the costs of getting caught would probably have been greater than the potential rewards. It had been a very close thing, though, and he'd had to force himself to walk away from the sight of his sister's shower preparations. Still, thinking of Lily gave him an idea. Normally he'd limit the number of time's he'd ask his mother or sister to take care of an erection for him to just once or twice a day, so as not to unduly pester the two women in his life. Now, though.. Since he'd be losing his precious manhood in only a week's time, it seemed like he should take advantage of every opportunity available to him. In fact, he thought to himself as he hopped off his bed, one could almost say that his sister owed him as many orgasms as possible in the week he had left. It was only fair, after all, considering what he was giving up for her.

Grinning optimistically, he strode from his room, intent on collecting what he felt he was owed from his sister as soon, and as often, as possible.

Unfortunately, as he found out just a few moments later, his sister had some very different ideas about how he should spend his last week as a fully functional male.

"You've got to be kidding." he stated, as he voiced his complete disbelief.

"Nope, not at all." his sister said, without bothering to look up from the recipe book she was perusing on her bed. "It says right here that having the man or boy abstain before his penis and/or testicles are prepared and cooked enhances their flavor. Significantly, according to many accounts."

Abstain. What a horrible word, he felt. She wanted him to spend the entire next week, his LAST week, abstaining from orgasming and ejaculating. Utter madness.

"Nope, unacceptable." he said, making his voice as firm and unyielding as possible. "If you want my penis, you're going to have to masturbate me at least four.. no, at least FIVE times each day."

"And.." he continued recklessly, feeling perhaps a bit braver than was actually warranted. "..and you have to use your m-mouth on me at least one of those times, every day."

His sister finally looked up at him, as he stood there with his feet spread, his fists on his hips, and his chest thrown out, and snorted derisively.

"Yeah, okay." she said, her tone so dry that it would pull water out of salt. "I agree to those conditions, absolutely."

"Really?" he asked, hopefully.

"No." she replied, shortly, with a shake of her head and an exaggerated eye roll.

"Aww, come on.." he said. "I'm being serious!"

"I know you are." his sister stated. "It's cute."

"Well, fine then." he said, as he turned to leave. "I guess you can't have my penis after all."

"My penis." she shot back, still reading her new recipe book.

"What?" he asked, over his shoulder.

"It isn't YOUR penis." she stated, with a scathing look at him over the top of her book. "It's MINE. You already gave it to me. No. Take. Backs."

"I.. I did not! I said you could have it for your birthday." he retorted. "And it isn't your birthday yet!"

"You gave it to me." his sister replied, stubbornly. "That means it's mine, now and forever."

"Unh uh"

"Yeah huh"

"MO-OM!" they both shouted.

There was the sound of an exasperated sigh, audible even from the other side of the house. Before long, their mother, looking distinctly unamused, poked her head around the door frame.

"What?" she asked, flatly.

"Jeffery's trying to weasel out of his promise!" his sister complained, loudly.

"Lily says I can't come at all before her birthday!" he said, even more loudly.

His mother looked back and forth at the both of them for a moment, the directed her gaze to him.

"Is it true?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, she says that she won't help me if I get an erection for the rest of the week until her birthday!" he said, indignantly.

"Not that." his mother said, waving her hand dismissively at his concern. "I meant are you trying to get out of giving the gift that you've already promised?"

"W.. Well, yes, I suppose.." he said. "..but only because she says I shouldn't come!"

His mother simply raised her eyebrow even further at this.

"Supposedly it makes my p.. er.. a p-penis "taste better" if it hasn't ejaculated, or something stupid like that." he explained, using his fingers to make air quotes to emphasize his skepticism about his sister's claim.

"It does." his mother said, her tone perfectly flat once again. "Everybody knows that."

"What?!" he exclaimed. "It.. it does not. That's dumb!"

"Yes! Told you, Jeffery." his sister said, smugly.

"But.. but.." he stammered.

"It does." his mother repeated firmly. "And, you've already agreed to give you penis and testicles to your sister for her birthday, so that's that. They're hers now, and if she says they aren't to orgasm, then they aren't to orgasm. Period."


"Now, don't bother me again unless it's important." his mother said, as she pulled her head back and left. "I'm reading a novel. It's rather interesting."


"Jeffery, go away." his sister commanded, as she buried her nose in her little recipe book once again. "I need to find the perfect recipe for my birthday, and I can't do it with you standing there looking dumb and annoying me."



He looked at his sister, who was glaring up at him through narrowed eyes and radiating hostility, then back down at his still erect cock. Realizing that there was no hope or help to be had, he whimpered and beat a hasty retreat.

If he didn't figure something out, then it was going to be a long week until his sister's bithday.

Monday, 9:02 AM

"Lily, will you please take care of my erection? It's been bugging me all night."




"Look, I'm sorry about trying to.. to weasel out of my promise. Really, I am."


"So.. will you take care of my stupid penis?"



Monday, 9:27 PM

"Lily, will you please..?"



"No. Go away."

Tuesday, 8:37 AM

"Serious Lily, this thing is driving me crazy. Please just jerk me off. Even just once a day is enough."



Tuesday, 10:33 AM

"Hey Lily, could you.."


"I wasn't going to ask about my penis."


"Really, I wasn't.."


"..but, since you're here.. Would you please..?"


Tuesday, 12:02 PM

"Hey Lily, would you like me to make you lunch? I'm making sandwiches."


"What do you want on yours? Mustard?"




"Miracle Whip?"



"..I'll make my own sandwich."

Tuesday, 6:38 PM

"Hey Lily, I brought you some flowers. You know, for an early birthday present."


"..Sooo.. could you take care of my penis, please?"


Tuesday, 6:42 PM

"Hey mom, I brought you some flowers."

"Thank you, dear. That was very thoughtful."

"Would you help me, please? My penis has really, really been bothering me lately. It'll only take a minute, I promise."

"Did your sister say it was alright?"

"..Yes. Yes, she did."

"No, she didn't."

"No, really. I just asked her a minute ago, and she said it was fine. Really. So, please?"



Tuesday, 9:47 PM

"Hey Lily.."


"But I.."


"Seriously, this thing is.."



Wednesday, 6:01 AM





"Oh, hey. You're awake."

"Wha.. What time is it?"

"So, listen, I haven't been able to sleep. At all."

"How.. is that my problem?"

"Because of my stupid penis."

" is that my problem?"

"Please, Lily.. I'm begging you. Just once, that's all I need."


"Lily, seriously.."

"No. Get out, you jerk, and let me sleep!"


Thursday, 10:47 AM

"Hey Annie, how're you doing?"

"I'm fine, Jeffery. How are you?"

"Uh, well.. Not so good, actually. I wouldn't usually ask you something like this, but, seeing as how you're my sister's best friend, which sort of makes you my friend too, I thought that maybe.."

"What do you need?"

"Would you.. erm.. help me, please?"

"Oh, I haven't had to do that for awhile, ha ha. Not since my last birthday, anyway."

"So, will you?"

"Oh, ha ha. Sorry, no."

"What? Why not? Please, I promise that it'll only take a minute. Or less. Seriously. Please."

"Lily told me not to."

"She what?"

"Yeah, she said that she was going to have your penis at her birthday party. So, naturally, she called all her friends and asked them not to touch you at all."

"She.. She did that..? All her friends?"

"Yeah, she told me it took forever, too, ha ha. You know, seeing as how she's friends with practically everyone around. Honestly, I expected that you would have asked me days ago. It would have worked then, too."

"It.. it would have?"

"Yeah. Lily called all her friends in alphabetical order, and my last name starts with a "W". She only got to me last night. If you'd have asked me yesterday or the day before, I would have been happy to do it for you, ha ha."


Friday 3:23 PM



"I'm begging.."


"Please.. Oh my god, it hurts so much. I'll do anything. Anything!"



"ANYTHING anything?"

"Yes! Please!"





Saturday 9:12 AM




"Are you.. crying?"

"N-no!" *sniff*

"Jeez, that's kinda pathetic, Jeffery."

"S-shut up!"

"It almost makes me want to take pity on you.."



"So, w-will you..? Please?"


"Argh!" *sob*

It was Saturday evening. He was in the shower, simply staring down at his manhood as hot water beat down on him. His cock had been erect almost constantly for the entire past week, and it hurt. His balls ached even worse, a low grade pounding that echoed painfully up through his innards in time with his heartbeat. There was only one thing that would make the pain go away, and his sister had denied it to him.

His hands, which he usually only touched himself with in order to wash or urinate, hovered over his turgid member. It would be so, so easy.. But there was a lifetime's worth of taboo and stigma that he was struggling against. Boys couldn't touch themselves. Boys SHOULDN'T touch themselves.


If a boy had an erection, he had to go to a girl and hope she took pity on him. Usually they would, if they weren't busy with something else, that is. Penises, despite the fact that they were attached to boys, were for girls. They orgasmed and ejaculated only if and when a girl thought it appropriate. That's just the way it was and always had been.

What he was contemplating doing, as his hand drifted closer and closer to his own erection, was against all of that. If he was caught, even just once, no girl might ever touch him again.


But tomorrow was his sister's birthday party, wasn't it? She'd be taking his manhood tomorrow anyway. He really, truly didn't have anything left to lose, did he?

His hand wrapped around his length, and he shuddered in ecstasy at the pleasure the simple pressure of his own grip caused.

"Haaahhh.. ha haa haaah!" he laughed, almost maniacally, as he began to lightly stroke himself.

After an entire week's worth of denial and build up, it felt good. So terribly good. Exquisite. Heck, it almost felt worth it even, going without for the entire week, just for how good his cock felt right at that very moment.

He tightened his grip, and sped up the pace of his strokes, breathing heavily in the hot water of the shower. He was going to come, and soon. Nothing, nothing could stop him now!

"Hah! Caught you!" his sister crowed delightedly, practically in his ear, as she tossed back the shower curtain.

"Gaaahhh!" he shrieked, so startled that his feet slipped out from beneath him entirely.

Thankfully, he was already leaning against the back wall of the shower, arching his hips and manhood up toward the hot spray of the shower head. So, instead of paralyzing himself by landing on the lip of the large tub, he merely slipped down into it, coming to rest on his back.

"I knew you'd give in eventually." his sister stated triumphantly, as she stood over him with her hands on her hips, even as warm water began to splash onto her clothes. "Boys, boys, boys.. Can't even go a week, can you..?"

"L-Lily!" he said, once he'd recovered from his fright and caught his breath. "Go away. Go away!"

"Nope!" his sister said, with a quick shake of her head. "That's my penis you're manhandling there. I'll ask you to kindly remove your hand from it, please."

"Argh!" he groaned, even as he jerked his hand away from himself, a lifetime of indoctrination quickly reasserting itself. "Jeez, just leave me alone and let me finish! Just once before tomorrow!"

"And waste all the flavor that's built up over the past week?" Lily asked, rhetorically. "I don't think so. Get up."

Grumbling, he carefully climbed to his feet, doing his best not to slip again in the warm, slick tub. Petulantly, he refused to look at his sister.

"Good, now face me squarely, please." she commanded.

After a moment's consideration, he grudgingly complied, turning his whole body to look at his sister, his very erect cock pointing directly up at her face.

"What do you want?" he asked shortly, his mood thoroughly ruined by her sudden appearance.

"Several things, actually." Lily said, as she reached out and took his manhood gently in hand. "First, I simply want to see how these are coming along.."

He gasped at her touch, the first time he'd felt it in over a week, as she squeezed and hefted his member and gonads.

"Ooh, they feel good.." his sister mused, as she examined him closely.

"What.. what do you mean..?" he asked as he thrust out his hips, keen, despite his irritation at her, to prolong his sister's touch.

"Well, you feel rather plump and full." Lily said, as she rolled and kneaded his testicles in her hand. "Much more so than usual."

He shuddered at the sensation, the throbbing pain in his gonads somehow both easing and sharpening at the modest, pleasurable pressure she was subjecting them to.

"And I think that this is the largest I've ever seen your penis." she continued, as she ran her other hand appreciatively up and down his length. "The largest, by far. Not quite big enough to qualify as a breeder, of course, but still.. impressive, brother dear."

"Thanks..?" he said, a bit confused by the compliments coming from the girl who had cut him off so completely a week prior.

"You're welcome." she replied, with a little giggle. "It wouldn't have happened without me, after all. They're going to be perfect for my birthday, tomorrow."

The pit of his stomach dropped at the mention of the party the next day, the party which would mark the end of his manhood.

"Speaking of which, that's the second reason I'm here." his sister said, as she gave him another squeeze. "I've narrowed my choices about how to prepare this thing down to two, but I simply can't decide which one of them to pick."

"Y-yeah..?" he asked, with a shudder that wasn't entirely due to the feel of his sister's hand on his flesh.

"Thankfully, the authors of the cook book mom gave to me expected girls to have trouble choosing a recipe, and they had some advice about it." Lily explained. "They suggested a taste test."

"A taste..?" he repeated, before realization struck him. "..Really?"

"Yes." his sister said, her eyes locked on his penis, as she licked her lips. "Certain recipes work better with certain.. ah.. flavors of boy, I suppose you'd say."

"You're going to.." he started, hope blooming in his chest.

Neither his sister nor his mother had ever deigned to use their mouths on him before. He'd heard from other boys, ones who had female relatives and friends that weren't quite so reserved, that orgasming inside of a girl's mouth was another whole level of pleasure higher than mere hand stimulation. Sadly, though, he'd never been able to find out for himself.

"Well, it is my last opportunity, after all.." his sister admitted, with a little giggle and smirk. ".and it's for a good reason, too. I only get one chance to get the recipe right. It'd be a shame if your penis came out of the oven less than perfect, wouldn't it?"

"Haauuhhh ahh.." he moaned, as the two contrasting mental images, one of his sister sucking his cock, and the other of his sister eating it, conflicted with each other in his mind.

"So, hold still, will you?" his sister said as she bent down, her lips parting, even as she pulled on his manhood, encouraging him to thrust out his hips more.

"Haa.." he breathed, as his sister's face moved closer and closer to the tip of his straining, eager member.

She paused, only inches from his flesh, as the spray from the still running shower began splattering directly onto her face and into her hair.

"Hmm.." she frowned, looking slightly annoyed as she glanced up at the water streaming from the shower head.

"L-lily..?" he asked, his tone confused, as his sister released her hold on his manhood and straightened back up.

"Nope." she stated firmly, with a little shake of her head. "This won't work at all. My clothes are getting soaked."

Indeed, warm water from the shower had been splashing off of him during their entire conversation, and a not insignificant amount of it had wound up on his sister. Her shirt, which was a rather thin cotton spaghetti strap top, was already so damp that it clung tightly to her, showcasing the swell of her breasts, and especially the hard little nubs of her nipples, quite clearly.

"I guess that I'll just have to get into the shower with you." she concluded a moment later, with a thoughtful nod.

Then, without any further warning, and to his complete surprise and shock, his sister stripped down right there in front of him. She peeled her clingy, waterlogged top off to reveal her bare, bra-less chest in all it's nubile, perky glory, then casually tossed the damp garment aside. Her flip-flops, followed by her shorts and brief panties, went next, kicked off into a careless pile on the floor.

"Hah.. L-lily.." he sputtered, as his brain seemed to short circuit entirely.

"There we go, that's better." his now completely nude sister stated, seeming quite satisfied, as she stretched and gave a little shiver at the feel of the warm bathroom air on her bare skin. "Scootch over some, so I can get in, will you?"

Wordlessly, he complied, backing up against the rear wall of the shower. He watched, amazed, as his sister stepped boldly into the warm spray and then slid the shower curtain shut.

"This is cozy." his sister joked, even as she raised her arms up above her head and spun in place, letting the shower water run around, over, and across her smooth, flawless skin. The little beaded trails that clung to her curves drew his eye, and he simply couldn't help staring as she took a few moments to wet herself down completely.

"We haven't bathed together for ages, have we?" his sister stated, as she ran her hands vigorously though her fine, silky hair, causing delightful little bounces in her exposed, out thrust chest. "Not since you started having erections, anyway. I suppose that we'll be able to do it again after tomorrow, won't we?"

"It's something to look forward to, isn't it?" she finished, with a wicked little smile as she drew her finger tips down the length of her body, along and over her curves, allowing them to come to rest just above her bare sex, drawing his eyes like moths to a flame.

"Hahhahahaghh.." he whimpered, as his sister pressed up closer toward him, the tips of her breasts brushing against his chest.

"Now, hold still so I can get a taste of you, okay?" she whispered, looking him in the eye for a brief second, before she slowly knelt down in front of him.

Kneeling, she reached up and slowly trailed her fingers across his chest, then slid them down his flanks and abdomen, before finally encircling the base of his manhood once more. The moment she touched his cock, his hips bucked, and he gasped.

"Easy there, Jeffery.." his sister commented, as she began lightly pumping her hand up and down his shaft. "I still haven't given you permission to come, remember."


"If you do.." she murmured, looking up into his eyes even as she bent closer to him, her lips brushing his tip. "..I'm going to be very, very disappointed."

Then, she enveloped the head of his cock entirely.

"Gaaahhhh..!" he groaned, as his eyelids fluttered and his whole body trembled.

His sister, suckling gently, hummed her approval as her tongue darted and flicked curiously across his flesh, tasting him.

"Hmm.. not bad.." she breathed, as she released his tip and began brushing her lips down the underside of his shaft, licking him as she went. "Maybe I should have been doing this with you all along.."

"Ohh.. Oh, fuuu…" he gasped, as his stomach began flexing and heaving in a stuttery rhythm. "L-lily..!"

"Mmmm.." his sister sighed happily, as she first kissed, then sucked, each of his aching balls. "These feel soo full.. I love it.."

"Aaaahhh..!" he panted, his voice strained, almost breaking, as he looked down at his sister. "I.. I can't.. can't.."

If he'd been in a fit state of mind, what he saw when he looked down would have surprised him even more than it did. His sister, who had one hand firmly around the base of his manhood, had her other hand between her own legs, rubbing furiously.

"Ooh.." his sister said, as she leaned back away from him onto her heels, letting his testicles slide reluctantly from her warm, soft mouth. "Y-you'd.. better.. not..!"

"Haagh..?" he groaned, as the spray of hot water coming from the shower head played across his sister's beautiful face, heaving breasts, taut belly, and slick sex.

His sister stayed like that for several moments, the hand that had been holding his member now pressed back against the wall by her head, steadying herself, as she continued to masturbate. Her own tummy flexed in time with her breathing, in an ever increasing tempo, as she gasped and moaned herself closer and closer to climax.

Finally, after watching her gorgeous, slim form shudder and tremble for what seemed to be an eternity, but was really only a minute or two, his sister finally came. She closed her eyes and moaned as she orgasmed, thrusting her hips up toward him. He saw her sex pulsing and contracting as she slid her index finger in little circles around her clit, only a foot or two from his own hard, dangerously on-edge cock.

His hand, completely of its own volition, drifted back toward his penis, as he watched his sister collapse back down onto her heels, shivering with the aftershocks of her powerful climax. He simply couldn't help himself anymore. He needed to come, and the sight of his sister's nude body, splayed out brazenly before him in post climax bliss, only spurred him onward.

He grasped himself, and felt a boiling heat deep within his groin start to burble and bubble up.

Three strokes, that's all it would take, he knew.

One, looking at his sister laying there, water still playing across her bare skin.

Two, raking his eyes across her pert, shapely chest, then down to the lips of her slightly parted cleft.

He almost made it to three, was a mere half second from completing that one, final stroke that would put him irrevocably over the edge, when his sister's hand shot up and grasped his own, stilling the motion.

"Wha.. wha?" he gasped, his whole body spasming in unfulfilled need. "Lily, p-please..!"

"No." she said simply, a wicked little smile on her face, even as she drew her other hand up her torso to cup one of her own breasts and roll the nipple between her fingers. "No. This is mine."

"And it can't come." she finished, sighing in pleasure and writhing languidly in place on her knees at his feet. "Ever."

"Haah haha haugh.." he groaned out, practically sobbing as the orgasm he was so close to experiencing began to stall.

He had been so close to the edge that he could actually feel a small bit of his ejaculate, which had been primed and ready to explode out of him, oozing slowly up along his length. It was under such pressure that his body literally couldn't hold it back, and it beaded up just at the tip of his urethra, glistening white and pearly.

"Hmm.." his sister mused, as she dabbed at the bead of his essence with one fingertip, even as she stood up.

"Perfect.." she said, drawing the bead across her the tip of her tongue and smiling at him again.

"Gah.. guh.." was all he was able to reply, his eyes locked, pleadingly, on her own.

"Well, I suppose that I now know how I'm going to have your penis and testicles cooked, tomorrow.." his sister stated, her eyes sparkling and her smile turning mischievous. "You're definitely on the sweeter side, Jeffery. I have just the recipe for you."

"Haaa ahahhh.." he whimpered.

"Thank you, brother dear, for your co-operation." his sister breathed, as she leaned forward and hugged him, pressing her lithe, wet body up against his own.

Up on her toes as she was, she was just tall enough to allow his fervently, painfully erect penis to slide into the little gap between her thighs, right below her sex. Her lower lips brushed lightly along his length as she kissed him briefly, directly on the lips.

He could feel her heartbeat pulsing in her cleft, thrumming against his cock.

"I can't wait until tomorrow." she whispered into his ear, before pulling away from him once more.

His penis bounced slightly, bobbing up and down as it was released from between her thighs, as she reached back and turned off the water.

"So, keep your hands off my meal until then." she ordered, smirking, before she stepped out of the shower stall.

He saw her lean, shapely shadow silhouetted against the opaque curtain as she pulled out a towel and wrapped it around her torso, before she slipped out of the steamy bathroom, humming happily to herself. She left him there alone, with nothing but his aching erection for company, which he dared not touch.

The tune she had been humming was, of course, "Happy birthday to me".

"There you are." his mother stated, sounding a little strained. "Get into the kitchen, Jeffery. It's almost time to start your sister's birthday meal."

His heart dropped in his chest at his mother's words. He had been standing, hiding really, behind the enormous pile of wrapped presents that his sister had received from all the various girls who had shown up for her party. His sister had an inordinate amount of friends, all of whom seemed to have turned up for her party, hence his mother's strained demeanor. Keeping thirty or forty teen-aged girls under at least the semblance of control was taxing even her usually saint-like patience, apparently.

Him trying to hide, hoping that his mother and sister Lily would somehow forget about his own role in the birthday party, probably wasn't helping her stress levels much, either. At her words he gulped, then, with slow, dragging footsteps, made his way to the kitchen. The stares of his sister's friends, not to mention the giggles and low, whispered conversations held behind cupped hands as he pressed through the crowded party, didn't help his own unsteady emotional state either.

"Get undressed." his mother commanded, as she followed him into the kitchen.

"But, everyone'll see.." he protested, turning crimson and squirming at the thought.

"So?" his mother asked, rolling her eyes. "It's not like you've got anything they haven't seen before, Jeffery."

That was true. Heck, he'd even had a few of the girls out there help him with his erections on occasion in the past, when his mother or sister hadn't been available. But having just one girl give him a quick, impersonal hand job in a closet or bathroom was much different than standing completely naked in a big crowd. A crowd of his sister's friends, all of whom seemed to be just as intimidatingly pretty as she was.

Of course, the fact that they would be watching his sister eat his cock and balls drove the whole scenario well passed embarrassing and straight into mortifying.


"Now, Jeffery." his mother commanded, even as she began to pull items off of shelves and out from under cupboards. "I don't have any time for your nonsense, today."

"J-jeez.." he gulped, as he began to comply.

Most of the items, he noticed as he pulled off his clothes, were various spices, herbs, and sauces, ingredients his mother would use when she prepared his manhood to cook.

He shivered, and not at the sudden coolness of the air on his bare skin.

"Right, get that thing of yours over here." his mother said absently, as she finished pulling out an oddly shaped object from one final cupboard, set it down, then moved to the sink. "I have to scrub it down. It needs to be completely clean before we begin."

"O-okay.." he said, as he hesitantly sidled over towards his mother, erect penis bobbing before him.

"We haven't got all day, Jeffery." his mother sighed, before she reached over and took a firm grip on his cock.

She drug him over the sink, ignoring his squeaks of protest, and held him under the hottest water the tap could produce. Then, she started scrubbing him with a brand new, green and yellow wash pad. She wasn't very gentle about it, and she didn't use the soft yellow side of the pad, either. Not even when she cleaned the thin, sensitive skin of his cock head.

"Oww.." he whined, once his mother had finished, rinsed him, then dried him off.

"Put your penis on the cutting board." his mother instructed, as she drug him over to a counter she had cleared off and prepared.

"Y-you.. you're not going to cut.. cut me.. it up, are you?" he asked, his voice quavery with fear and trepidation. He had been dreading this moment for the past week. He had no idea how his sister wanted his cock and balls prepared, and images of flashing knives and hacking cleavers had been dominating his thoughts the entire time.

"What? No." his mother answered, as she pulled open a drawer and withdrew an implement.

It was a meat mallet. A heavy, metal one.

"Your sister wants your penis and testicles cooked up while they're still attached." she continued. "But they need to be tenderized first, of course."

He eeped, even as his mother raised the mallet up high over his vulnerable penis, his eyes wide with disbelief. Then, she brought the hammer down. Repeatedly.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

She showed his manhood no quarter, pounding on him for nearly ten minutes straight, despite his occasional attempts to wiggle away. Every heavy thwack of the hammer crushed the meat of his cock down hard against the firm surface of the cutting board, each blow making his manhood just a little more tender for his sister.

The only small mercy was that his mother didn't seem to go out of her way to give his balls the same treatment. They each only got a few wacks each, although that was more than bad enough, considering the weight of the hammer. Apparently she thought they were probably tender enough already.

He wasn't crying by the end, but it was close. He whimpered, eyes brimming with unshed tears, as his mother inspected his slightly flattened, very tender (in both senses of the word) penis carefully.

"Well, that looks good." she commented, as she finally set the metal mallet aside.

"Hahamaagha.." was his only response, as he trembled in reaction to the beating his meat had just endured.

"Right, time now for the seasonings." his mother stated, as she pulled him along the counter to another pre-prepared area. "Let's get that into the baking pan, then butter it up."

The baking pan was oddly shaped, elongated and only a bit more than twice the width of his member at the thickest point, with a divot on one end that the base of his cock and balls fit into perfectly. It was almost as if the little pan had been designed specifically for his penis and testicles.

"The pan's specifically designed for this." his mother said. "I had to dig it and the cooker out from behind a whole bunch of other stuff, but they should still work fine. I haven't had a chance to use it in years.. not since your father, anyway."

He didn't know how to respond to that. Luckily, it seemed that his input wasn't actually required, and his mother carried on with the one sided conversation by herself.

"Lily chose a good recipe, especially for a boy your size.." his mother stated, stroking his tenderized cock absently with one hand as she dipped a brush into a little dish of melted butter with her other.

"I was afraid she'd want to grill your penis.." she continued, as she began brushing the butter along his length, making him shiver in reaction to the touch of the soft bristles. "Grilled cock shrinks quite a bit, even if you baste it constantly, so you need a really big one."

The melted butter had little bits and specks in it, and seemed gritty against the skin of his manhood. Seasonings already mixed in, he supposed, with a nervous gulp.

"Fortunately, she chose an easier recipe." his mother finished, as she pinched the tip of his cock in order to lift it up and finish coating the underside. "There we go.. Now, for the stuffing."

"S-stuffing?" he asked, nonplussed.

"Yep." his mother confirmed, as she reached out and plucked up a surprisingly large, needless syringe. "Stuffing."

"Ahhh!" he groaned, when his mother jammed the pointed end of the very enormous, very full syringe right into the opening of his urethra.

"Hold still, Jeffery." his mother instructed, as her tongue poked out in concentration. "Quit squirming, I don't want to waste any!"

"Ahhhh!" he repeated, as he watched his mother depress the plunger of the syringe, and felt the sudden influx of foreign material invading his penis.

The stuffing, whatever it was made up of, was very thick and only slightly moist, which meant that it stopped up quickly within the tip of his penis, bunching up and ballooning out his urethra. After a moment, though, enough pressure built up to overcome the friction inside him, and he felt the large lump of material start to slide down the length of his cock.

"Arghh.." he moaned, still squirming, when his mother finally finished emptying the syringe into him.

It felt to him like the big initial bulge of stuffing had been pushed well past the bottom of his cock. It was extremely uncomfortable, lodged as deeply as it was inside him.

"That might have been a bit much.." his mother observed, as she set the syringe aside and plugged the end of his penis with what looked like a carved down bit of carrot. "..but better too much, than too little, right?"

"You're lucky that your sister chose the recipe she did, too." his mother commented. "The other one she had been considering had marinade injections instead of stuffing. For the penis AND both testicles.

He only whimpered, squirming at the sensation of his cock stuffed to bursting, not to mention the thought of his mother injecting marinade into his balls.

"There we go." his mother said, looking down happily at the progress she had made. "Just a bit more seasoning to do, then we pour in the sauce, then everything will be ready to cook!"

His mother then spent a few moments taking pinches of this, and dashes of that, sprinkling each little portion of whatever it was onto his cock and balls. By the time she was finished, his manhood was coated liberally with flakes of parsley and grains of ground garlic and onion, just to name a few. Most of the things seasoning his flesh he didn't even recognize.

"Hmm.. that looks pretty good.." his mother said, eyeing his prepared penis and testicles critically. "I think we'd better do the sauce after we fit the pan into the cooker. I'd hate for it to spill on the way."

"We'd have to start all over again. Ha!" she commented, with a wry little flip of her hand and a grin. "Pick up the pan and bring it over here, Jeffery. Carefully, too!"

After glancing from his mother to his penis and testicles, taking a moment to note how they now less resembled a set of male organs than they did a cut of well prepared, but uncooked meat, he gulped and then did as he was asked.

His mother, yet a little further down the counter, was fussing with the odd object she'd pulled out of the cupboards last. Finally, she slid it to the edge of the counter, used a set of built-in clamps to secure it, and then plugged it in.

"Now, just set the pan right down into the cooker, Jeffery." she instructed. "There we go.."

The pan slotted into the cooker easily, sliding home without issue. Everything was at the perfect height, as if it had been adjusted beforehand, for his manhood to lay perfectly level within the cooker as he stood at the counter.

"Very good." his mother said, beaming happily. "Now for the sauce.."

His mother picked up a small pan, which sat on the stove, full of thick, rich looking sauce.

"I turned off the burner a few minutes ago, but it might still be a bit warm.." she commented, as she lifted the pan up over his cock and balls. "..though probably not hot enough to burn you, at least."

Then she began pouring the sauce all around and over his seasoned, tenderized flesh.

It was still very hot.

"Of course.." his mother said, over the sound of his high pitched yelp of surprise and protest. "Even if it was still hot enough to burn you, I suppose that it wouldn't really matter much, would it? It would only be speeding things along by a few minutes.. Stop squirming, Jeffery, or the sauce might spill."

He whined, biting his lip, as the heat of the sauce sank into the sensitive flesh of his cock and balls.

"Now, we just put on the lid.." his mother said, as she fitted a clear glass domed lid over the cooker. "..and set the temperature and timer.."

She fiddled with a few of the dials on the side of the cooker. Other than a small clicking sound which emanated from somewhere on the underside of the cooker, there was no indication that anything had changed.

"..Annnd we're done!" his mother exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "About time, too. We're right on schedule."

"What.. what happens now?" he asked, glancing back and forth between his mother and his manhood, trapped as it was inside the cooker.

"Now?" his mother said, distractedly, as she began putting away the various ingredients and seasonings she had gotten out. "Now you just cook, of course."

"C-cook..?" he squeaked, the full gravity of his situation finally settling in at last.

"That IS the whole point all this, Jeffery. Try not to squirm too much, or sauce will leak out around the base." his mother said, over her shoulder as she strode out of the kitchen, after she'd dropped the utensils she'd dirtied into the sink and washed her hands. "I'm going to go see what your sister and her friends have gotten up to. I'll be back to check on you soon."

He whimpered again, as he looked from where his mother had disappeared back down to his cock and balls. He couldn't feel any difference in temperature yet..

..but he knew it wouldn't be long before he did.

It took much longer than he thought it would. Maybe it was because of how hot the sauce his mother had poured all over him, but it felt like ten or even fifteen minutes had passed before he noticed the temperature inside the cooker rising.

If anything, the long delay only made things worse for him. His emotions were running riot inside of him, as he waited for his manhood to begin cooking. The longer he simply stood there, with nothing apparently happening, the more extreme the swings in his emotions became.

Finally, though, when he'd worked himself into a near panic, his chest heaving, and his guts trembling and roiling, he felt the first little blossom of increased heat, directly under the center of his penis. He gasped and stilled, his frenzied emotions coming to a peak, then bucked his hips involuntarily against the cooker. He didn't orgasm, but it was a powerful spasm of mixed pleasure and pain that shot through him, regardless.

Perhaps the worst part of the whole ordeal, he realized, as he felt the heat begin spreading along his length, was how agonizingly aroused he still was. All throughout the uncomfortable, even downright painful preparation process, his penis had been relentlessly hard, despite his mother's mistreatment of it. He still needed to orgasm, so very badly, only now..

Now, it seemed, it was too late..

Even if he still wanted to (which he really, really did), he probably couldn't orgasm, let alone ejaculate, simply because of the sheer amount of stuffing now filling his penis and blocking his urethra.

A little sob escaped him, even as he felt the heat start growing beneath his testicles too, when he finally realized and accepted that he would never, ever orgasm again. He'd held out hope, even after his sister's declaration in the shower the evening before, that he'd be able to come one last time, before he was cooked. That his sister or mother would take pity on him, and grant him a last reprieve before the end.

He thrust himself into the cooker again, the motion almost an involuntary reflex, as his body desperately tried to orgasm. It wasn't to be, though, as there simply wasn't anything inside of the cooker that would give him the needed stimulation. The cooker contained nothing but sauce, spices, an ever increasing amout of heat..

..oh, and the meat for his sister's birthday meal, of course.

His mother found him like that a few minutes later, tears glistening in his eyes even as he desperately, hopelessly thrust himself into the device that was slowly beginning to cook his manhood.

"Didn't you listen to what I said?" his mother asked, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Don't squirm, Jeffery, or the sauce will leak!"

He turned to look up at his mother, expression stricken, bottom lip trembling, as she stood next to him and whisked off the lid covering the cooker.

"Now, now.." she commented, as she peered down past the steam beginning to emanate up from the sauce. "..don't give me that look. You did agree to this, after all."

"I know it probably hurts somewhat, but just try to think about how happy your sister is going to be, okay?" she said, as she took a few extra pinches of some seasoning or another and sprinkled it along his sauce coated length. "There's a good boy. I'll come back to poke some holes so the skin doesn't split in another few minutes, once everything's really heated up."

Then his mother left him to cook once more.

It wasn't his mother who came into the kitchen next, though, but his sister, along with a few of her friends.

The sauce inside the cooker had just begun to softly simmer, little bubbles forming and popping on the surface as it approached boiling point. His penis and testicles, immersed as they were in the sauce, were scarcely any cooler.

He was trembling and groaning, hunched over the cooker, staring down into it, watching his manhood slowly turn into meat, when he felt a light touch on his shoulder.

"Hey Jeffery.." his sister said, with an open, excited expression on
R: 6 / I: 0

Afternoon Snack (M-solo, Selfcan, penectomy)

Arriving home from school, Adam walked into the front door of his house, dropping his backpack off by the living room couch before going to the kitchen in search of an afternoon snack.

He was alone in the house, both his parents worked and his two younger siblings still attended junior high and wouldn’t be home for at least another forty-five minutes.

After staring into the open refrigerator for several seconds the sixteen year-old suddenly realized exactly what he wanted. Getting one could be hard though, it wasn’t the kind of thing that just got left in the back of the fridge.

Adam was just about to settle for a bologna and cheese sandwich instead when a second realization hit him. He knew exactly where he got get one.

Shaking his head at his own slowness Adam went around the kitchen retrieving a cutting board and a knife.

Placing them on the small table in the corner of the kitchen Adam kicked of his shoes, then striped off his jeans and boxers as well. Ignoring his socks Adam leaned on the table with his left hand while reaching down with his right to… prepare his meal.

Adam let out a satisfied sigh as he stroked his cock, enjoying the pleasure of his manhood for the last time. His penis soon responded to his ministrations, stiffening and lengthening in his grasp.

After masturbating for a minute or two Adam straightened up and looked down at his erection cradled in his palm. Measuring just over six inches from base to circumcised tip, Adam had always been proud of his dick. He’d certainly never gotten complaints from anyone else either, his tool had plundered many a girl’s pussy or dude’s ass, some female ass too, and always to the satisfaction of both parties involved.

As he stared down at his cock Adam felt a brief moment of indecision at the thought of never fucking again, or getting a Saturday afternoon blowjob from his mom. On the other hand as he gazed at his erection he also felt his mouth water.

A while ago he and a friend had had a bet going, and when he won it Adam got to eat the other guy’s cock raw right off him. He’d eaten cooked penis a few times before mostly on special occasions and it had always been really good, but getting to devour a raw, living cock had been one of the best things he’d ever tasted.

Though a close second had been on his last birthday when he’d gotten a roasted cock-stuffed cunt fillet from the restaurant they went to, with the severed penis inserted into the vagina backwards so that the glans peaked out between the labia.

But he didn’t exactly have access to a pussy at that moment, and while he could wait for his sister to get home from school he probably wouldn’t be able to convince her to let him carve hers out, besides which we wasn’t that great of a cook so he probably couldn’t do the dish justice on his own anyway.

Focusing back on the task at hand Adam arranged the cutting board on the edge of the table and then picked up the knife, pausing for a moment as he considered how best to proceed. The simplest answer would be to get his dick down on the board and try and lop it off as close to the base as he could. It had been a bit of work when he’d eaten Ben’s to bite off each and every chunk of his cock as he went, so Adam decided that since he had the knife anyway it would make more sense to cut his penis up into more bit-sized slices first.

Shifting forward he found that he could lay his manhood on the cutting board without having to crouch too much. And then another idea hit him. While Ben had lamented the loss of his dick afterward he claimed that the repeated agony of feeling Adam chew off each and every bite of his cock while it was still attached had been the hottest thing he’d every experienced.

Since he could only do this once and should really get as much out of it as he could maybe it would be more fun to slice up his penis while it was still attached instead of cutting the whole thing off first.

Pressing the shaft down firmly against the cutting board with his left thumb Adam carefully brought the blade of the knife to his dickhead with the other, delicately placing it right behind the ridge of his glans. Adam felt a thrill run through him at the feel of the sharp pressure of the knife against his most prized flesh.

A moment before he made the first cut yet another idea occurred to him. Adam shook his head with an amused huff as he wondered if he was ever going to actually get around to doing this, but still he put the knife down and went over to his pants, bending down to pull is cellphone out of the front pocket.

Going back to the table and the cutting board Adam put his phone down for a moment and took his shirt off too just in case it might get in his way, then placed his penis back on the board and arranged the knife so that it was lying next to his shaft parallel to it with the tip of the blade pointing the same way. From the end of the blade to the base of the handle the knife was actually about the same length as his erection. It was lying with the sharp edge of the blade facing away from his cock and for a moment Adam considered if it would look better flipped the other way but decided it was fine the way it was.

Picking up his phone again Adam pulled up the photo app and trained the camera down at his cock and the knife lying on the cutting board and took a picture. Adding the caption “about to make an after school snack” he posted it to Facebook and then put his phone aside. He was generally rather unimpressed with people who thought everyone else would be interested in and should be informed about their every meal before they ate it, but felt this was a special enough occasion to warrant an excepting.

Adam took up the knife again, carefully placed it back right behind his dickhead, shifting it for a moment as he considered the best angle to cut.

Then he let out a deep breath and sliced off his glans.

Adam gasped as exquisite agony consumed him, pain shooting up through his mutilated cock to burn through every nerve in his body.

Take a few deep breaths Adam used the flat of the knife blade to nudged his severed dickhead an inch or two away from the lightly bleeding stump that was the sudden new, if temporary, end of his penis. Putting the knife down Adam picked up his phone again and took another picture, posting it without commentary feeling that the image was fairly self-explanatory.

Reaching down to lightly hold his dickhead between his thumb and forefinger Adam picked up the knife again and neatly slicked his severed glans into two equal halves. He took and posted another picture, and okay maybe he was getting a little carried away documenting this but whatever. Adam picked up one of the pieces of his cock head and popped it onto his tongue. Mouth wide open he took a selfie, then posted it as he closed his mouth, lightly sucking on the bit of his flesh before chomping down.

He chewed slowly, savoring the taste of his dickhead as he reached down with one hand to masturbate some more, pain mixing with pleasure as he stroked and squeezed his dick while rubbing his thumb over the newly created stump.

Swallowing Adam ate the other half of his glans, then picked up his phone again. Taking a picture of his hand wrapped around his somewhat shortened penis he added the caption “playing with my food” and posted it.

After giving himself an extra-firm squeeze Adam placed his manhood back onto the cutting board and picking the knife again took a thin slice off the end. After savoring the new burst of agony he brought the cut of his penis up to his mouth on the blade and licked it off, chewing as he masturbated some more.

For the next few minutes Adam slowly consumed his manhood in roughly quarter-inch slices, playing with his steadily shortening erection as he chewed each piece.

When he had eaten about half of his penis his phone buzzed with a massage, and Adam picked it up to find a reply to his last picture from Ben of all people.

“how big a snack is this, you just eating your tip?”

Adam grinned and took a picture of what was left of his cock cradled in his palm and posted it.

He was still chewing the next slice when he got another reply.

“Damn, and I was totally hoping to get you back some day.”

Grinning ear to ear Adam replied “guess not” and put his phone down, planted his cock back on the cutting board and took off the next wonderfully excruciating slice.

Finally there was only about an inch left of his penis, not really enough to properly jerk off so he was kind of cupping his balls in his hand while rubbing the stub of his manhood with his thumb.

After a moment he realized that he’d swallowed the last slice of his penis but didn’t immediately reach for the knife to cut off the next. All the rubbing was starting to feel good. Really good.

Realizing where this was going, and mildly pleased that he’d get one last cum, Adam staggered away from the table while still rubbing what was left of his dick and quickly shuffled across the kitchen to grab a cup from the cupboard. Holding it to his groin with one hand he looked down he rubbed and swirled his fingers and thumb around and over the stump of his penis, soon feeling the telltale tingling and pressure building in his nuts.

Adam groaned as he climaxed, blood and cum spilling over his fingers into the cup.

Adam let out a low breath as what might well be his last orgasm ran its course. Though actually he’d heard that some guys who lost their dicks but came out of it alive were still able to get off, it just took a lot more work. The two or three times he’d ass-fucked Ben since their bet he didn’t think the other guy had gotten off, but Adam had never asked him how his sex-life was going overall since ‘losing’ his cock. He made a mental note to do that now that he was also going to be dickless.

Adam brought up the hand he’d been masturbating with and licked off the bodily fluids from his fingers. It was actually pretty good, whenever he was on the giving end of a blowjob he usually swallowed the other guy’s cum cuz what else where you going to do with all that jizz, but usually he didn’t particularly crave the taste of semen. Maybe the blood in it helped.

After drinking the rest of his load from the cup Adam put it in the sink and returned to the table to finish his snack.

He finished off his penis in three slices, there was still a little bit of a nub left, but not really worth bothering with, and Adam didn’t want mess around trying to figure out exactly were his shaft ended and his pubic mound began.

Reaching down he cupped his blood-covered balls thoughtfully.

Ben still had his nuts. Adam had wanted to eat them too, but his friend had been adamant that the bet only entitled the winner to eat the other guy’s cock, and their onlooking friends took his side, even if one of the girls mused that what good were balls without a dick.

Adam wasn’t sure if you still needed testicles to get off at all. Obviously he wouldn’t be able to jizz without them producing sperm. Though he thought that some of whatever was in semen was actually made in the prostate or something, and he’d still have one of those. Thought without testosterone would his body still know to make it…

Adam shook his head. Whatever, he was still a little hunger, and balls tasted good. And whoever it had been, Kathy probably, was right. What good were they really without his penis.

Moving the cutting board aside Adam turned around and sat back on the table, scooting back so his calves where right against the rim of the table.

Spreading his legs as much as he could Adam moved the cutting board back between them, pulling his balls as far forward as he could to lay on it.

Taking the knife again he bright the tip to just below the raw stub of his cock, and pulling the skin of his scrotum taunt with his other hand slid about half an inch of the blade into his sac.

It hurt, though not as much as chopping up his penis had. Though at the same time he was just getting started.

Slowly, carefully, Adam began cutting open a line more or less down the middle of his scrotum. Careful not to cut one of his fingers, because he wouldn’t want to go damaging something important after all, Adam finished his incision and put the knife aside. Cradling his left nut with the fingers of one hand he probed the cut in his sac with the other. Allowing himself a few moments just to enjoy the pain, he then started to see if he could press the two sides of the incision open, then began slowly teasing his testicle around in his scrotum, guiding it towards the new opening.

His first ball slipped out into the open. It was a pale whitish color and fairly smooth.

Adam gently gripped it and with his other hand brought the knife down to separated it from the connecting tissue, whatever they were called, the tube things that carried his sperm out to his now nonexistent manhood.

Cutting his ball off hurt more than just about anything else had, and as immensely enjoyable as it felt the intensity was such that Adam had to take a few moments.

Finally letting out a shuttering breath, he tightened his grip on the knife and skewered his severed testicle.

Adam popped it in his mouth whole and swept it into a cheek with his tongue before biting down. As he slowly chewed and savored his ball he put the knife down and guided the second one out of his sac as well. Given how intense the pain had been the first time Adam figured it would be better not to cut it off while he was eating and simple sat there for a little while while he finished chewing up the first one.

Severing the second testicle hurt just as much as the first. Adam further cut this one in half, briefly lamenting that it didn’t occur to him to draw this out by doing that before cutting the whole thing off, and picked it up and put it in his mouth.

Half a testicle took less than half the time to chew as a whole one, and finally swallowing Adam stared down at the last morsel of his snack.

Sighing as he decided that there was no good way to draw this out more Adam ate the last of his genitals, chewing extra slowly before finally swallowing.

He was a little unsteady as he got back on his feet. After taking a moment to gather himself Adam looked around at the clock on the microwave, he still had at least fifteen minutes before his brother and sister got home.

Taking the cutting board and knife to the sink Adam returned to the table with a sponge to wipe off the blood from where he’d sat down.

Then he went to the bathroom and peed, which without a penis was a bit messier that usually. The things you took for granted until they were gone. His parents would have to take him to the doctor in a day or two to make sure the stub healed over in a way the would still let him piss.

Adam delicately dabbed away the urine from his dickstump with a square of toilet paper, carefully not because he wanted to avoid more pain, but he wound had mostly clotted and he didn’t want to open it back up.

Flushing the toilet Adam went over top the sink and washed his hands, then wetted a wash cloth and mopped up as much as of the drying blood from his groin and inner thighs as he could.

Adam briefly examined his empty scrotum. He amused himself for a moment with the idea of getting a zipper installed and using it as a coin purse or something, but figured that was probably pretty unrealistic.

He’d still make a joke about it later.

He got a large bandage from the medicine cabinet and careful applied it over his mutilated groin.

Filling a bit exhausted Adam decided to go take a nap. He had just stepped into his bedroom when he remembered that his cellphone was still on the kitchen table, to say nothing of all his clothes on the floor.

Fuck it.

Adam collapsed face down on his bed, new waves of pain washing over him as his abused groin hit the mattress, and a few minutes later he was asleep.
R: 4 / I: 0


This is relatively lightcore for my typical shit. The following is fiction and not intended to condone violence against children nor sexual offenses, and is intended to be enjoyed from any angel (I know what I said).

Be wary, I make no promise to be good at his and construction (I know what I said) is welcome!

Part 1 _____________________________

I grew up with just my mom and 2 sisters, one older and one younger.

One night both my sisters wanted to have a sleepover. I didn't exactly get along with their friends, but some were very nice to me and even the least attractive were frankly gorgeous on a good day and on a bad day well, one shorter chubbier girl, seemed particularly nice to me after I was extra nice to her when she sleptover a month prior and got sick… Her face has been swollen and she cried to her friend but to me later insisted she was fine. The rest were mostly lean, a few scrawny- tho not as scrawny as me- with heavy boobs. It was a smorgasbord of favorite types. An eccentric emo girl and a punk las and some preppy chick who were all known to not get along sat in the same circle snacking with my older sister as my younger sister and her friends were all asleep.
I went off to bed seeing one of my younger sister's friends pass me. I heard her talking with the older girls as I slept.
I then had a strange dream.
R: 0 / I: 0

Cure (shota, FFF/m, masturbation, denial, penectomy)

Benjamin sat glum in the hospital bed from what had happened to him. The slim boy slumped just a week before his 13th birthday and had felt as if he lost the world lost everything in the world. Naked under his bed sheets, his big brown eyes were reddened with tears above his heavily freckled cheeks and button nose, all behind his fringe of curly, brown hair. Outside his hospital room he could see his mother and her wife through the window in the door thanking the doctor for her work in curing her son of his malady, the source of which was floating in a clear, sealed jar of formaldehyde held by his 17 year old step sister.

Just less than a year ago was when Ben learned of joys of masturbation. As all boys at that age, he noticed that his willy would get hard from time to time and that it felt could to rub it when it was in such a state. His large, brown eyes widened in fascination as he explored all four inches of his boyhood, from the emerging peach fuzz at its base up the veiny shaft, to half way up of which was the scar, to the tip crowned by a purple mushroom head. He became resourceful, slathering it in shampoo, lotion, butter or even his own spit at any opportunity to enjoy his own body.

This was also the time that Ben’s mother married a shapely brunet named Rebecca. Rebecca had a daughter, Stacy, who was 4 years his senior and was conceived amidst a brutal sexual assault. This rape in Rebecca’s past understandably traumatised her and lead her to distrust and hate all males. Unlike Rebecca, Stacey was bisexual rather than lesbian but had adopted many of her mother’s prejudices and though had some interest in male anatomy, hated the men that it was attached to.

Rebecca and her new wife were not subtle with there affections for each other, kissing and groping was a common occurrence in the household. While Benjamin’s mother was preoccupied with her new lover, Rebecca and Stacey gave poor Ben Hell. They would verbally abuse him, give him an unfair amount of chores, under feed him and isolate him from his mother. One of the tortures that he endured was were he to be caught masturbating, he was often punished profusely, being reminded of how filthy his habit was and even his mother was talked into taking punitive action, saying that if he was to misuse his willy that he did not deserve it.

However, due to his developing libido and his exposure to this lesbian behaviour fuelled his need for masturbate. Moreover, he found it a means of stress relief from the constant bullying. Whenever she could, Stacey would watch him stroke himself. She would watch his hand grip the four inches of ridged boyhood - the slick surface of the cleanly circumcised meat, the redness of his cheeks making his freckles more apparent, his lithe chest and flat belly rising and falling with the quickening pants: she watched the youth in shame for though she found him beautiful, he was a disgusting male.

The extra stress the three women gave him at home lead to behavioural problems at school has his paranoid state lead to him becoming disruptive while his grades continued to fall. Moreover, due to the prohibition of masturbation laid upon him at home, he took any opportunity he could get to play with himself, including several instances where he was caught at school and his misandristic parents had to be informed.A special meeting was held between Ben’s mothers and the principle after this incident. They discussed that, with his dropping class performance and disruptive behaviour, some serious steps may have to be made to curb this masturbation habit.

Once back home, Benjamin’s mother scolded the boy,
“We told you that you can’t do this all the time everywhere at home, why would you do it at school?”
“But why not?” the boy responded, “It’s my willy, why can’t I play with it when and how I want?”. To this, Ben’s mother dragged him by the wrist to the kitchen where she shoved her hand down Ben’s shorts, pulled out his penis and threatened it with a knife,
“This willy of yours is a detriment to you at school and Rebecca is concerned about how uncomfortable it makes Stacey feel. I am your mother, I gave you everything you have, what is yours is mine and I can take it away. You have one last chance”.

One evening, Rebecca and Benjamin’s mother had left the door open while making love as he walked past. The door open a smidge, he was able to see everything from a hidden vantage point. His cock hardened in his shorts and it wasn’t long before he was turgid to the view to , thighs and arse sweatily in rhythm, his strokes in synch with the two sumptuous women. Unbeknownst to him, Stacey was down the hall, watching the lad and his swollen cock in ravenous envy. Benjamin responded to a movement out of the corner of his eye with a yelp, alerting the two lovers who hastily donned dressing gowns and came out to the hallway to find out what was going on.

“He just had his dick out when I walked out here” Stacey yelled, pre-emptively on the defensive. Before Ben could muster a defence, Rebecca picked the boy up and pinned him against the wall,
“I don’t know what’s more disgusting about you, boy, that you were peaking at us or that you showed that disgusting thing to my daughter!”. She then turned to Ben’s mother,
“This has to be the last straw, make the call, I will not stay in this house while he still has it!”. Rebecca through Ben into his bedroom and barricaded the door, barring his escape. Frightened and scared of what was to come, he paced all that sleepless night between failed attempts of escape. Eventually exhaustion lead to his collapse.

As the morning light pierced his bedroom window and stirred him awake, he could here his mother’s voice form the other side of his door.
“…no, I would like to have a granddaughter one day so leave his testes, just the basics, doctor.”
“Very well,” Ben heard a stranger’s voice, “well with no urethral reposition, a basic penectomy is a quick procedure. He could have it done under epidural anaesthetic for a faster recovery. I will provide a medical certificate for a fortnight, he’ll need some time off school to recover.” Ben’s heart was in his mouth. No, they can’t take his willy! Before he knew it, a pair of paramedics had burst through his door. Ben thrashed and flailed against them but the fight was lost the moment they wrestled him to the ground and injected something into his arm. The room began to spin and grow dark.

Ben woke up in a hospital bed, his arms strapped down so that he was unable to escape. Something feeding into his drip made him weak and dizzy. A familiar voice came around, preceding a team of medical professionals,
“…and here we have a master Benjamin Steinberg, a healthy young man with pathologically problematic behavioural patterns concerning masturbation. The school to which he attends proports that this behaviour has made him dysfunctional at school. His parents say that his habitual masturbation has even put his stepsister in danger. For this reason, he has his arms restrained and is lightly sedated, as to prevent reach to his penis. With the recent change of laws, medical intervention for this degree of pathology can be okayed with less hoops to jump through. To speed up recovery, an epidural has been put in in lieu of a general anaesthetic. Any questions?” the senior doctor asked to the rest of her team

“Don’t, please, I’ll stop, I promise…” Ben managed to croak out which got the doctor’s attention. She bent down and smiled kindly,
“I’m sorry, Benny. Your willy is doing you more harm than good. You’ll be better without it, you’ll see.”. Too drugged to plead his case further, he only quietly sobbed as the doctor turned her back on him towards the chatter behind a curtain from behind which he recognized the voice of Stacey, as well as Rebecca and her mother.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” asked Stacey with a malicious hope in her eye.
“It will be disposed as clinical waste, I suppose.” The doctor responded, matter of fact.
“Hmmm, so I guess we can’t keep it? Like all preserved, I mean”
“Well, I don’t see why not. It won’t be of much use after it’s amputated but I suppose if you want to keep it, he can seal it with some formaldehyde, if you wish”
“Stacey!” Rebecca remarked, “Why would you want that thing? Leave it with the trash it is.”
“Now honey,” Ben’s mother reassured her wife, “just because my son can’t haven’t, it doesn’t mean no one can. Everything he has I gave him, after all, and I can give it to somebody else if I so choose.”
“It’s settled then?” the doctor concluded, “I’ll just have you fill out come forms and we can keep the specimen for you all to take home.”

Ben’s grip upon reality was tenuous at best, he was incredibly disoriented as they wheeled his hospital bed through the corridors of the hospital and checked him into the operating theatres. Once in the room, they topped up his epidural, transferred him onto the operating table, fastening his arm restraints onto the new surface where he lied before they lifted his legs into stirrups. They shaved and cleaned his groin thoroughly with an antiseptic wash was talking about their plan for the procedure,
“Luckily, he is still in early stages of pubescence and he doesn’t have much girth. He’s tightly circumcised but he should have enough excess skin to form a new urethral opening form the stump”.

The same doctor from before came into the room with a procedural gown, surgical mask and sterile gloves on. A nurse handed her a scalpel blade as Ben looked on in horror as she brought it to his most precious possession. She scratched the corona of his glans with it,
“Did that hurt Ben?” she asked, look from over her mask. From a mix of shock and sedation, he didn’t react to the blade caressing his flesh,
“Good, we can begin.”

She started by circumnavigating a little above the base of his penis with the scalpel blade. She then used some electrosurgical tool to burn away at his flesh, cauterising as it severed tissue. She would take care to ligate any major vessels she should encounter as she dissected through his penis. Finally, when she got to it, she excised Ben’s urethra which was cut with a pair of tissue scissors. That last strand of flesh severed was the final fate for Ben’s life forever, his favourite toy taken away in a kidney dish by the assisting nurse. He watched has his boyhood was placed in a jar of blue preserving liquid, tears steaming down his face as his chest spasmed with sobs, the specimen’s fate sealed as the chemicals killed and preserved the tissues upon contact. Finally, the doctor blocked the nerves and sutured the skin onto the new end of the urethra. A catheter was inserted to allow the new opening to heal.

What was left of the once proud monument to dawning pubescence was left an indentation the same circumference of Ben’s once treasured willy. In the middle of which a simple hole through which he would have to sit like a girl to pee through. His aching balls hung exposed underneath almost grieving the tool that occupied the space above. Never again would he feel the sweet release of orgasm again, nor would he ever know another in the most carnal and interment sense. Never again would he stand at the urinal, comparing his size with the other boys.

In a week he would be turning 13, he would becoming a man, but all that was taken away from him. His family came into the room so see him. The three women looked down at him, perhaps with some feign glimpse of pity. Still naked under his bed sheets, Rebecca stepped forward giddy to see the improvement to the child,
“May I have a look?” she asked, pulling the bed sheets off him before he could react. “Now, look at that, much better now that silly little thing isn’t attached to you.” Ben was about to break down again before his mother roused on him to snap out of it.
“Benjamin Aaron Steinberg, you stop that this instance. If you were to misuse any of your other toys I would have confiscated those off you as well. Why is this any different?”

While Ben was being humiliated by his mother and Rebecca, Stacey was in the cover of the room, looking in fascination at the piece of her stepbrother that floated in the clear chemical preservative.
“I should take this to school and show it around. People will be wondering why you were obsessed with something so small.”
“Shut up, Stacey!” Ben yelled, still bubbling over his loss, “You can’t do that,” she said, then turning to his parents, “she can’t do that!”. His mother only condemned him with his own words,
“Ben, I took your willy off you and gave it to Stacey. Now it’s her willy, why can’t she play with it when and how she wants?”
R: 2 / I: 0

Hanging of a Sinner (Loke)

Not mine, just a repost of a missing thread

[Loke] The Hanging of a Sinner [2016]

”Come on, it’s time to go” the woman dressed in long black robes said to me. I was standing in the hallway of the most prestigious Christian private school for girls in the country, naked and with my hands bound behind my back. It was just before lunchtime and the hall should have been bustling with activity at this time, but today every student at the school had gathered in the courtyard for today’s very special event; my execution. I had committed one of the worst sins a girl at my age could commit, at least in the eyes of this extremely conservative school. I’d had sex before marriage, which was punishable by death. Of course I’d heard of many girls that had done it anyway, the only difference between them and me was that I was stupid enough to get caught. For me, it meant that at the age of fourteen, my life would shortly come to an end.

All the students stood along the walls of the main courtyard looking at the gallows that had been set up in the middle of it. It was late September and the autumn had made its appearance with a chilling wind and a light drizzle falling from the sky. As the cold rain hit my bare skin the nipples of my pert breasts stood at attention. Being naked in front of everybody made the situation worse and I felt myself blushing heavily. Even though I was freezing my face was bright red and I kept my gaze planted in the ground as I made my way to the centre of the courtyard. I didn’t see them, but I could feel everybody’s eyes staring at me, judging me as the sinner they thought I was.

The scene was eerily silent as I arrived beside the noose that would soon end my life. The headmaster was standing there too, and after giving a short speech about the sins I had committed he signalled for the hanging to begin. The same woman who had escorted me from the hallway placed a small stool below the noose and I stepped up on it. The headmaster then placed the noose around my neck, adjusted it and fastened it to the frame of the gallows, so that the rope would catch me when they removed the stool. The woman said a short prayer, and after a collective amen from the audience she kicked the stool from under my feet.

I fell only a couple of inches before the rope caught my neck and forced my throat shut, and by instinct I gasped for air as hard as I could. I managed to suck in a tiny amount of air but as my windpipe was crushed by my own weight it became impossible to breathe. My feet were searching for something to stand on and found nothing. In desperation I kicked aimlessly hoping to somehow gain enough leverage to escape the tightness of the rope for just a second, but that did not work either. I must have given the onlookers a good view of my nether parts in the process, and as I kicked I felt my breasts bouncing in response to my movements.

My lungs soon started to burn and added to the sharp aching pain coming from my neck. I was really panicking by then as I realised that there was no way out and that my death was imminent. I opened my eyes for the first time since the drop and saw the headmaster standing there, his gaze moving up and down my young body while his lips formed a sly smile. I felt the hate against him flowing inside me and I became very frustrated that I was powerless to do anything about it.

The burning pain in my lungs was spreading though my whole body, each cell screaming for oxygen. I felt my strength slowly leaving me, and my frantic kicks were getting weaker every second. Surprisingly, a familiar feeling slowly made its appearance between my legs; the same feeling that had gotten me into this trouble in the first place. Desperate for relief from the pain and without much time left to live I tried to rub my thighs together to pleasure myself. Somehow it worked, and it wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building up inside me. At that point I didn’t care if I did it in front of all my teachers and fellow students, the only thing that mattered to me at that point was to get away from the immense pain I was in.

As my orgasm was approaching I tried to relax the best I could. I didn’t want to pass out before it came, and apart from my thigh rubbing my whole body was limp.

Suddenly, the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced hit me. The incredible pain mixed with the immense pleasure into a new, extraordinary feeling. Wave after wave rolled through me, spreading from my pussy to my whole body causing every muscle I had to spasm uncontrollably. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy, but I couldn’t make a single noise.

When my orgasm started to fade, I felt the pain disappear as well. I opened my eyes again, but I could hardly see anything, only vague shadows in black and white. My strength was leaving me and my limbs felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each. I felt nothing apart from a warm calmness inside me, and an ice-cold void outside. I could feel myself loose consciousness, and as I did so I lost control of my bladder, and shortly afterwards my bowels. I would have been embarrassed, but where I was heading now there were no feelings, no sights and no impressions, there was only calmness, peace, and an endless void of nothing.
R: 12 / I: 0

A Demon's Rise (vore, snuff, non-con, large insertion)

Hello fellow fans of dark twists in their erotica. I’m a writer, been a writer for a long time, and occasionally I like to write some dark sci-fi and fantasy for personal, private fun. Lately I’ve been doing it more often, so I thought, I should start sharing my works.
I’ve seen some writers (and more commonly, 2D artists and 3D animators) develop quite the fan following, and they opened up crowd funding and donation services to their fans. I’m going to take a stab at it too. Everything I write will become available for free, but if you want to support what I do, please do! I love money. :3 And, if the crowd funding takes off, I’ll write this sort of content more often.


This story will continue for many chapters, and will focus on a demon and the companions he makes. The story will start in a classic medieval setting, but much of the story will actually take place in Hell as it evolves into a larger, more grandiose plot.
You might find this brand of guro erotica a bit peculiar compared to most, because I like to indulge a bunch of extreme kinks, with a romance plot that drives them. If you like the list of attributes you see below, you might just like my writing.
- romance
- descriptive guro sex scenes where a victim is killed is almost always going to be someone who deserves to die. IE: I write about very bad people getting literally fucked to death.
- monsters/demons fucking each other, and humans (sometimes victim, sometimes romance partner)
- consensual sex (between romantic partners)
- non-consensual sex (on victim)
- forced orgasms (on victim)
- large penetration sex (on both romantic partner, and victim)
- all-the-way-through and cum-through scenes (on both romantic partner, and victim)
- eventual body destruction, gore, and/or death by size of penetration (on victim)
- vore (on victim)
- lots of blood and cum


A Demon’s Rise

The demon looked down upon the sacrifice the villagers had brought him. A delicious sacrifice, and one he would enjoy.

The human was laid out upon the altar, its stone surface covered in many furs. Shivering, trembling, barely aware of her surroundings. That was how the villagers prepared his meals, and it was why he protected their village from raiders; they needed his protection, and he desired certain favors only their small hands and crafty minds could provide.

“Are you… g-going to eat this one too?” the spectator said. A human woman from the village had come to watch, a mature woman, perhaps thirty-five years of age. She was short, with lightly tanned skin and long black hair that reached past her wide hips. She wore the typical rags of the poor villagers, but that did not detract from her beauty, or hide the rather busty, curvy figure of her short frame.

The way she opened her eyes, wide, innocent, filled with curiosity, intrigued him. Perhaps she was a mother, the sweet sort, the ones who never quite grasped the grimness of reality, their heads forever filled with fantasy and their hearts forever filled with love. He could admire that, in a way.

Compared to the human, he was a giant, over fifteen feet tall. Some called him a minotaur upon first sighting, but he had far more horns than any minotaur, many sharp teeth, fangs, and tusks, and a long tail that ended with similar spikes. His fur was short, dark brown, and did little to hide the colossal amount of muscle and mass he carried. A demon, and one more than strong enough, and smart enough, to lay in ambush and slaughter any raiders that attempted to harm or rob the villagers and their quaint little town.

It was a delightful partnership that had taken years to foster, and one he had maintained for ten years now.

He nodded with her question, and stepped in closer to the human on the altar, his meal. Unlike the human who had come to watch, the sacrifice was tall, lean and strong, with feminine curves accented with abs, toned legs, and a large ass of muscle. Her breasts were small, a shade lighter in color than the rest of her very tanned skin, nipples a reddish brown to match her lips.

“We, we um… we prepared her for you, like the others. Her… her insides are all cleaned up, she’s eaten and drunken nothing but the potion and water for two days. All her skin below the neck has been shaved smooth, and… and we’ve dosed her with the drug.” The gentle woman stood beside him at the alter. Not afraid, of him at least, but perhaps a touch afraid of what he was going to do to the unconscious sacrifice. The tender creature was trembling. “She should wake up any second, and… she’ll… respond, to whatever you do to her.”

Delightful. Unlike many of his kind, he had developed a rather unique — he considered it developed — sexual taste in his prey. The villagers were more than willing to accommodate it in exchange for his protection, and they asked no questions. Or rather, they hadn’t before. This tiny woman joining him was the first of the villagers to ever ask him what he would do to his prey. He did not mind answering.

He reached down for the sacrifice, and turned her over onto her back, earning a groan of exhaustion from her thin, ever-frowning lips. A six-foot tall, gorgeous creature, one he was excited to soon have on his cock. The thought alone filled him with need, and he rumbled deep in his chest as his long tongue made a low slick of his chops. His shaft began to emerge from the sheath it normally hid within, blood pouring into it, filling it, causing it to both fall free from his body as his testicles descended, but also to thicken and grow dark with color.

The human beside him gasped, and stared, hand covering her lips as her wide, amber gaze could not look away. His cock grew longer, and longer, and longer still, the bumps, grooves, and ridges of its shape becoming defined and rigid, as its girth began to reach its limit. As it swelled, he squatted down by the edge of the altar, and with his titanic hands, pulled the dark woman closer so her legs dangled off its edge, and set his cock upon her body. Once he set his massive testicles between the doomed woman’s thighs, he compared the lengths, and rumbled with increasing desire as he saw that, once the base of his shaft was aligned with the dark woman’s slit, his cock’s length stopped an inch shy of her collar bone. Perhaps this one wouldn’t die so quickly.

“You can… fit that… inside her?” the human said.

He nodded. His cock was four inches thick, and two feet in length. A human torso, such as this bandit’s, could fit him plenty, if he used enough force.

“W… what’s…” The dark woman stirred, eyes opening, mouth tasting the air and body starting to twist. Once she realized her hands were tied behind her back, she tried to sit up, but stopped as she looked down across her body, and at the massive cock laid across her chest and stomach. “F… fuck… n-no.”

The demon glanced down at the gentler human, to see how she’d react to this raider’s awakening. The human’s eyes sparkled with what he could only imagine to be anticipation. How strange, and welcome. He had never had a spectator.

“Let me go! You can’t… you fucking… what fucking kind of village makes a pact with a demon!?” Ah, fury and fire rose up from the awakening bandit, and she started to twist and turn to attempt escape. But with her hands tied behind her, and one of her legs in the demon’s grip, she was going nowhere. The drugs in her system would keep her weak and helpless for hours to come as well.

“Mongar’loth is our friend,” the villager said. She got in closer still, until she was almost touching one of his enormous legs. Her head did not reach his hip. “He protects us, and we help him, give him a safe place to sleep. And… we give him food, when the situation allows.”

“You fucking sacrifice your own people?”

“We would never, and Mongar’loth would never expect that!” The tiny, curvy creature beside him was quickly becoming his ambassador. That was fine, perhaps even wanted, as normally his inability to speak English meant his meal had little clue as to the nature of their sacrifice. “The only people we sacrifice are people like you, raiders and bandits, murderers and rapists.”

It was true, of course. Mongar had little interest in killing the innocent or undeserving; there were already enough demons out there in the world doing that, causing mayhem for Fiends of all kinds and ensuring they were hated everywhere. Mongar kept his kills and meals to those the woman described, those deserving. It just so happened that, when the meal was also attractive, he was given an opportunity to let loose some of his more base demon desires. Nothing wrong with that.

Mongar rumbled, earning a surprised gasp from the bandit, as he began to gently nudge his hips back and forth. His cock was wet, self-coating in lubricant, and he rumbled again, purring deep in his chest, as the smell of it, of sex, started to fill the air of the forest.

“You… you can’t do this to me!”

The villager stomped a foot, and blew up her cheeks. “You deserve it!” She may have been in her mid thirties, but she behaved like a child.

“I deserve to die in battle! Not as some… demon’s… meal.”

“You deserve nothing! You… hurt someone in the village. She’ll never be able to walk on that leg again, thanks to your raid. And you would have killed some of us if Mongar hadn’t been there! You deserve nothing!”

Mongar tilted his head to the side as he looked down at the smaller human. There was hate there, in the little bundle of silly joy. That intrigued him. And, it gave him an idea.

Mongar picked the bandit up by the leg so that she dangled upside down, cursing and screaming, and he walked toward a nearby patch of soft grass. A large tree stood by it, and he sat down on his butt, legs spread, before setting the bandit between his thighs onto the grass. He motioned with his hand to the smaller human, and then to his leg.

She stared at him, blinking, before realization and understanding dawned on her. Nervous and trembling, the small human came up to him, and crawled onto his leg, sitting on it above the knee, her legs along his inner thigh and her feet reaching the grass.

“Your… fur is… very warm,” she said, smiling up at him. Still nervous, shaking like a leaf, but at the same time, he found more of that anticipation in her eyes, and that intrigued him all the more. “I’m Tilly, by the way.”

He nodded.

“Fuck you. Fuck you, let me go!” The warrior squirmed, but while she could still curse and scream, her muscles were weak with the drug. And, better yet, the drug awakened the sexual need in humans; a delicious spice for his meal, first introduced to him by a succubus friend long ago.

He picked up the bandit by the torso, facing him, so that her legs dangled, feet dragging along the grass since he was sitting. Close, and closer, he brought her in toward him until her feet were touching his testicles, the two massive orbs resting on the grass between his thighs.

His other hand slipped up and around Tilly, and with a delicate claw, he gently hooked it underneath the woman’s wrist, and guided her hand toward his crotch. As much as it was a hard phallus, his cock was gargantuan, and a touch pliable, so that gravity made it curve downward with its weight.

“I… oh… you uh… want my help… getting things into… into her?” she said, and he nodded, rumbling his contentment so that she understood. Rumbling made her shiver, and for her lips to curl into more strange, nervous, intrigued smiles. “… ok.” Quivering like a nervous girl on her first night with a man, Tilly reached around and over the bandit’s leg to find his cock, and started to lift. “It’s… heavy, and wet, and… and hot.” She leaned in closer, close to the limp warrior, closer to him, and used both hands to hold the phallus steady.

Mongar helped, one massive hand holding his cock at the base, while Tilly held it closer to the tip. His other hand held the exhausted, trembling sacrifice like a toy, around the torso, and brought her smooth, rich sepia cunt’s lips to the head of his cock. Her legs dangled, limp from the drug, and her sex smelled of arousal, touches of wetness on her slit.

“Fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you, let me go! I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll—nng!” The bandit threw her head back, and grit her teeth, as Mongar pressed her tiny slit against the head of his cock.

It felt wonderful, to feel fresh meat, hot and squirming, rub against the head of his shaft. His penis was shaped similar to a horse’s, though the tip was not flared; instead, it was bulbous, like a human’s, if perhaps a little more pointed. The slightly sharper tip allowed him to work into a smaller hole, such as that belonging to prey in desperate need of rape and death. So, he rumbled bliss as the wet, tight little pussy of the warrior started to stretch around the glans of his cock, sending little sparks of bliss through his enormous shaft.

“Oh… gods,” Tilly said. Her breathing quickened, her grip tightened, and her hands, only inches from where his massive cock was slowly opening the small hole of the sacrifice, started to gently caress his cock. Small movements, movements he doubted the smaller human noticed she was doing, but her thumbs gently shifted up and down along his wet girth, and combined with her tightened grip, earned a rumble of delight from the demon.

He could smell arousal coming from the human on his leg.

“I’m going to tear! Fucking stop!” The raider managed to raise her head and look down the valley of her body, her abs and delicious skin, down to where his fat glans was slowly spreading her further and further apart. He could feel her clenches now, feel her squeezing and gripping, trying to stop his penetration. All she managed was to make the journey more pleasurable, as her soaked muscles milked at his glans.

Mongar was aroused, very aroused. More aroused than usual, he realized. The only thing stopping him from slamming the warrior down onto his cock hard enough to kill her then and there, was the human woman sitting on his leg, growing more and more aroused by the moment right along with him. She was the reason he found himself unusually stirred. What sort of human was aroused by these acts?

As much as his girth was thick and hard, it wasn’t steel. The sacrifice’s clenching muscles were enough to cause it to compress where she squeezed on it, slightly; if not for that, her tiny slit would have started to tear. But the combination of his cock’s fleshy malleability, and how it naturally lubricated — a requirement for demons, of course, for raping their prey — was enough to keep the girl from tearing. And with time, he eventually sank the entirety of the bulbous tip of his massive cock, past the wriggling woman’s smooth lips, and into her hot, trembling, clenching insides.

Once her hole, stretched taut and quivering, managed to slip past the base edge of the glans of his shaft, Mongar rumbled yet again. Delightful, to feel her trembling flesh work past the thickest part of his glans, and wrap tight around his cock where Tilly had her fingers. Having her muscles grip the slightly thinner part of his cock, holding the thicker part inside her, meant he no longer had to hold his shaft; Tilly’s hands were enough. And once he let go of his cock, he set the free hand behind Tilly, and gently nudged her back and ass with it.

She shivered in his palm, and looked up at him with big doe eyes. “You’re… very… warm.”

“He’s going to fucking kill me, you stupid woman! Do something!”

Tilly frowned at the bandit. Her arms, partially covered in the short sleeves of her rags, showed that she didn’t have much for muscle mass. A soft, tender creature. If she’d had more strength, Mongar was sure she’d hit the sacrifice with a fist.

Instead, Tilly, still holding the underside of this middle of his cock with one hand, raised her other hand higher, until it found the swollen clitoris of the sacrifice.

“The fuck are you doing?”

“You’re just a b-bandit! And… and you’ll die… cumming like a whore.” Licking her thick lips, Tilly began to caress the warrior’s clit, two fingers upon it, massaging it in a gentle, circular motion.

The effect was instantaneous. The raider grit her teeth, spit more and more curses at the two of them, and glared pure hatred at Tilly, all while her breath started to come in pants. A woman’s touch was a knowledgeable touch, after all, and Tilly knew what to do to make the forcibly aroused sacrifice enjoy it, whether she wanted to or not. All too obvious that the tanned creature was enjoying it as well, as her juices started to trickle down Mongar’s cock, and her muscles squeezed in new rhythms, fucking rhythms.

The head of his cock was five inches in length; there was no room left inside the warrior’s quivering snatch. So, he’d make room. He pulled her to him, and rumbled his pleasure as his fat girth began to stretch the girl’s pussy deeper into her body, the soft texture of his glans pressing to her cervix.

“Fuck! Stop! You’re… it’s too deep! Fuck… you!” The sacrifice glared at Tilly again, perhaps finding more fury for the person able to communicate with her. “Stop! Stop it! Stop you fucking bitch!”

Tilly didn’t stop. If anything, her hand under his cock squeezed harder, to help keep it straight as it started to bend under the pressure of Mongar pulling the warrior closer. And, Tilly started moaning, the very quiet moans humans made when they were unable to contain their arousal and excitement. She continued to massage the bandit’s clitoris, and her hand on his cock began to stroke him as well, sliding a few inches with her wet, squeezing grip. And through this all, Mongar continued to push down on the sacrifice’s body, a fuck toy in his hand, her legs limp and dangling, her stomach pointed up so Mongar and his new friend could watch the distension along her abdomen move, showing where his cock was inside her.

He was getting deeper, stretching the warrior further in, elongating her cunt a couple inches, and then another, until her could feel the muscles growing too taut to stretch further inward. The sacrifice groaned as he did, as he filled her, and eventually, she moaned. Moaned, and came.

“St… stop… stop it…”

Tilly gasped, and stopped touching the sacrifice’s clitoris, but Mongar was content to continue probing at her insides. As the raider began to writhe, trembling, legs quivering as they dangled, her juices began to leak out of her in copious amounts, trickling little streams of it working down his length. He pushed harder, forced the bulge along her stomach to reach past her navel, and earn another loud groan out of the warrior, a moan of pain and pleasure.

Mongar rumbled again, a little louder, thicker, a purr hard enough to make Tilly squeak and look up at him. The flowing pleasure of heat, of pouring cum rising up from between his legs and into his shaft, filled his giant body with animal bliss, and he rumbled deeper, enough to make Tilly lightly vibrate on his leg, as he started to cum into his sacrifice.

“What… n-no…” The bandit glared up at him, tears of rage in her eyes, even as she continued to quiver with orgasm aftershocks, aftershocks he could feel clench on the head of his cock. His cum flowed out him like a crashing river, and with how tight the seal of her muscles was, squeezing taut around his cock, some of his cum managed to force its way into her womb. Most still managed to escape her, and flow back out of her, onto his cock, onto its veins, bumps, and ridges, and onto Tilly’s hands.

“Oh gods, Mongar…” Tilly set both her hands on his cock, and milked him. She was lost to her arousal, panting, hyperventilating, large breasts showing the points of her hard nipples against her white, dirty rags. She did not know that he intended to cum many times in his sacrifice tonight, that he always came many times, and that the river of cum she saw before her was only a drop of what he would pour into this sacrifice before eating her.

Her amber eyes stared at his shaft, and how it was half covered in streams of white, and at how it refused to soften. Perhaps she was starting to realize how large his sex drive was.

“Fuck… you… fucking monster,” the warrior said, teeth grit. Enough cum had forced its way into her womb to make her look somewhat pregnant, enough to have Tilly awestruck.

He snorted at the sacrifice, and forced her down upon his cock, harder. And as the massive, swollen glans of his shaft ground against her cervix, he felt the small hole, the walls around it already stretched to their limit, begin to open.

“Fuck! No, stop it! Fuck… f… fuck!” The sacrifice cried out, a scream that echoed off the trees, as her cervix gave way, and he forced his glans into the soft bed of her womb. The angle caused the glans to angle upward, pointing toward her belly; such was the nature of a human’s anatomy. He rumbled his satisfaction as he watched the bulge on her abdomen reach up to her sternum, poking up and outward from her with the angle of her womb, filled by his cum and his cock.

The bandit glared at him with something new in her eyes, something he craved, something he was waiting for. Fear. Mixed in with the pain and the unwanted pleasure forced upon her, humiliating her and dominating her, was fear, only now dawning on her as he skewered her with a foot of his length. She was going to die, impaled on a demon’s cock.

Tilly was no longer holding his shaft, as half of it was buried in the sacrifice. Instead, she had her hands in her lap, her cum-coated hands fidgeting, and she was staring at her digits, and how the thickness of his cum stuck to her fingers. She also looked at the warrior, at the large bulge along her belly, and shivered all the more.

“You’re… in her… womb…”

Time to test and see how far this wonderful human was willing to go. His hand upon Tilly’s back slipped around, and he nudged the titanic claw against the chest of her clothes.

“W-What?” she said.

Again, he nudged at the clothes, and plucked at her neckline with one of his massive claws. Her doe eyes widened all the more as she realized what he was asking; such beautiful eyes. He started to masturbate with the warrior’s body, nice and slow, ignoring her cries of agony as he slipped his glans out of her womb, only to again force it past her beaten and battered cervix, far easier the second time, and third, and tenth. And as he masturbated with the wriggling body of his sacrifice, he watched the human on his leg, gazing into her eyes with the black gaze of a demon.

“You… w-want me to… get naked?”

He nodded.

“You’re… you um… you… you’re attracted… to me?”

This woman was too precious. He nodded again.

As if the universe itself exploded into a star shower in her eyes, they widened as they stared up at him. He met her gaze with his, knowing full well his eyes were an endless abyss of black, and for some reason, this innocent, curvy little woman, was getting lost in them. And he hers. He continued to masturbate with the groaning sacrifice, working more of his cum out of her, and letting her whimpers of pain and forced pleasure fill the background as the demon and the little human looked at each other.

Tilly, trembling like a leaf before a stampede, set her cum-soaked fingers onto the bottom of her rags, and began to lift them up from her legs. Slowly, with glances drifting between him and the sacrifice, she raised the skirt higher, and higher, exposing her lightly tanned, curvy legs. They were smooth. She got the rags up to her ass, and, squirming left and right, she worked it up and over, and then up to her head before slipping it past her hair. Mongar rumbled, quieter, purring at the sight of her massive, heavy, teardrop breasts weighing against her chest, and the dark pink of her nipples against the lightly tanned skin.

She giggled, covered her breasts with her arms, but with a few moments of his staring, she eventually lowered them, and started to slide off her waist wrap, a simple sash of white that covered her ass and sex. Once it too was on the grass, the little human hugged herself, kept her arms underneath her breasts as she slowly, very slowly, spread her legs a few inches. It was enough for him to see that, like the sacrifice, Tilly has shaved her legs, her privates, everything to smooth.

“I… I um… I always liked… the look of the sacrifices, you know? The female ones. I remember, years ago, seeing one once she was ready for you, and I thought… gods, she looks so beautiful. And… and she’d look… so beautiful… skewered to death… on your cock.” Helpless to her overflowing arousal, Tilly inched one hand down her wide hips, flat stomach, and curvy thighs, to set her fingers onto her pink, soaked folds. Mongar could tell she was horribly embarrassed, whole body blushing red, but she was a slave to her lust, and she began to lightly probe at her insides as she watched the sacrifice struggle. “I wanted… to look… like that.”

Mongar tilted his head to the side, and made a quick grunting sound.

“N-No, I… I don’t mean I want to die. I don’t. Just… just that… it’s… strangely beautiful.”

“Fuck you! He’s going to kill me! He—nnng!” The bandit’s complaints came to a quick stop, as Mongar started to masturbate with her body at a more normal pace, working his glans in and out of her womb with each stroke. He made sure to stretch it inward as deep as it could go, forcing her cunt and womb taut so the distension along her abs pushed up to her sternum.

Tilly reached out, and again, set her fingers onto the warrior’s clitoris, working to keep her hand in sync with Mongar’s stroking.

“Stop! Stop it! This… f-fuck… fuck you… fuck… fuck you!” For all her cries of pain, and growing tears, the sacrifice began to tremble, and writhe, and cum. The drug coursing through her veins did wonders, bringing her body to a great sexual need for many hours to come, so even with his enormous cock stretching her to near tearing, and penetrating into her womb, she came. Each few inches he worked her body was a few inches of the grooves and bumps of his shaft rubbing and pressing against both her g-spot, and her deep spot, undoubtedly mixing great bliss in with her pain.

And Tilly’s expert fingers upon the sacrifice’s clit was too much for her. The warrior’s legs continued to dangle, helpless, but her torso had enough control to bend and writhe as her orgasm worked through her, and her clenching cunt forced her juices to flow down his length.

And soon, so were Mongar’s. His cum poured into her womb, trying to stretch it further still, but the delicious confines were already stretched to their limit. Instead, his cum, fighting for room inside her, gushed out of her taut opening, and down onto the remaining foot of his length. Waves of it, copious amounts, literal gallons, as he kept his cock as deep as it could go into the bandit’s destroyed cunt. He was a demon, and his seed was unending, fueled by his sexual need, not by physical limitations. And with this human on his leg, masturbating with one hand, and now stroking his cum-coated length with her other, his need was massive.

As the larger human started to go limp, perhaps defeated, or simply exhausted, he lifted her up, and up, until his fat cock slipped free of her trembling insides. His cum gushed out of her, splashing along the grass, and Mongar rumbled his satisfaction as he watched both his cum, and the sacrifice’s, flow down her long, tanned legs.

“Are… are you going to eat her now?” Tilly said.

He shook his head. He would have far more fun with the sacrifice before then.

One of his claws found Tilly’s hand, and guided it to the underside of his cock again. So did the other, slipping her hand out from between the blushing woman’s thighs, and setting it onto his cock as well, its underside. She was almost about to ask something, probably what he was going to do next, but she made an aww sound of understanding, as his free hand took his cock’s bottom half into his palm, and he aimed the warrior’s pelvis at it once again. This time, he set her asshole against the soaked, dripping glans of his length.

“P… please… don’t…”

“Shush you! I lost family to bandits! My husband! Years ago… You, your kind, you don’t deserve pity!” Tilly tightened her grip on his cock, and kept it solid, as he began to lower the sacrifice further down, so he felt the subtle point of his cock’s head begin to work against her tiny rose entrance.

“Let… let me go…” Truly defeated then, to be begging now, when they had yet to even begin to main course. Pitiful.

The bandit cried out as her anus began to spread open, lubricated by his cum-soaked cock, and her insides already prepared by the villagers. Mongar did not enjoy fecal matter on his shaft, no. The prey’s intestines were both cleaned and prepared, and he took full advantage. He groaned, rumbled his pleasure as Tilly squeezed near the base of his glans, and forced in another inch into the warrior’s rectum, passed her clenching sphincter.

“N… no, please… not… not there…,” the doomed woman said, voice meek, weak, and mixed with whimpering sobs.

She was, perhaps, a little squeamish about anal sex then. Good. He would have much fun forcing the sacrifice to cum, and cum, and cum, as he worked his way up to killing her.

Once six inches of his cock forced its way into the squeezing flesh of the warrior’s colon, he let go, and nudged Tilly’s hands off of his shaft as well. She raised an eyebrow in confusion, but all became clear once she let go of him. The bandit’s sphincter had slipped past the bulbous head of his shaft, and was squeezing around the thinner part of his cock just past it. His cock wouldn’t fall out of her unless he wanted it to.

He picked Tilly up with his free hand, and she gasped, clutching onto his fingers with panic. But, as he purred, rumbling sound smooth and consistent, she settled down, only to gasp yet again as he lowered her down onto his cock, facing the sacrifice. He was sitting in the grass on his ass after all, leaning back against a tree, legs spread, and despite his great size, the position allowed for Tilly to stand on the grass as well, his cock between her legs. She was not tall enough to keep her weight off of him though, even as her toes reached the grass, and her smooth, soaking wet slit spread open on the thickness of his cock near the base.

“It’s… hot, and it’s… gods… it’s…” The little human, apparently fascinated by the enormous phallus sticking out from between her legs, set both hands on it again, and gently squeezed and massaged its white-coated length, fingers caressing the bumps and ridges.

The most delightful aspect of the change in position though, was the warrior skewered on the end of the cock Tilly had between her thighs. Now, the little woman got to see with visceral clarity, just what he was going to do to his sacrifice.

He began to pull the tanned woman closer to him. Her groans of discomfort were blatant, but hidden within them were the moans of someone enjoying themselves, someone unable to ignore the bliss of a titanic shaft filling her, pressing against the various spots in a human’s snatch through the wall of flesh of her rectum. With her torso held horizontal in his hand, and her two legs dangling underneath her, her cunt was on full display for both he, and his new companion, to gaze upon as he brought the doomed woman in an inch closer, and an inch closer. His fat shaft was pliable, but not as pliable as the sacrifice’s colon, and he rumbled bliss as the curvature of her large intestine began to adjust around his cock, straightening out to accommodate him. The bulge showed upon her abs, not as defined as when he was skewering her cunt, but still apparent, and Tilly shivered as she reached out, and touched it.

“Oh gods, she… you’re going to…” As if helping guide him, Tilly reached out with both hands, and set them onto the approaching warrior’s hips. She pulled, which only shifted herself forward along his cock, and earned a loud, squeaky moan from the little human, as her dripping folds and swollen clit rubbed along the bumps and ridges of his shaft.

“Mercy, please. I… I’m going… to break.”

Sweet, delicious fear. Mongar rumbled again, deep and louder, making Tilly squeak in surprise at both the sound, and him sinking yet a few more inches of his cum-dripping length into his sacrifice. With a foot of himself in her intestines, the distension along the sacrifice’s abs reached her sternum once again, and created a beautiful sight as Mongar began to masturbate with her. A few inches, nothing more, easing in a couple more into the whimpering creature, and then easing back out. To feel her colon stretch and grip around his fat, swollen glans was divine, and he could feel the sacrifice clench her sphincter on him as the bumps and thickness of his shaft pressed and rubbed against her cunt and womb through her ass. He kept the pace gentle, but fast enough to earn some moans from his sacrifice, moans of pleasure.

“No… n-no… stop, please… no… no no no… you can’t! You—” Her mouth shut tight, teeth clenching, and head falling back to dangle between her shoulders, as she came. Orgasm tore through the sacrifice, causing her to wriggle upon his cock, squeeze it, each twist of her torso bathing his length in the motions of her futile attempts to escape. And she squirted, empty cunt squeezing down and forcing a tiny gush of her girl cum onto the foot of his cock still waiting to enter her. And onto Tilly.

“Oh! She’s… oh my.” Tilly looked down at herself, at the white cum on Mongar’s cock washing away under the rain of the warrior’s fluids, at the warrior’s cum splashing against Tilly’s stomach and breasts, and she moaned as well. “Cumming from anal sex… with a demon… that deep?”

“You—nnnn!” Again the sacrifice came, the drugs, combined with Mongar’s consistent and almost gentle masturbating rhythm, ensuring the girl had no choice but to enjoy it, enjoy feeling her colon penetrated, enjoy anal sex with the demon about to kill her. She squirted harder, and Tilly squeaked as another gush of girl cum splashed along her belly, her heavy, hanging breasts, and where her smooth slit was spread open on the base of his cock.

He went deeper, forcing the wriggling worm to groan in pain between her moans of pleasure. More and more of her large intestine fit around his cock, until it was pushing up into her torso, underneath her ribs, and nudging aside her organs to make room for him.

“Wait! I can’t… f… fuck…. Please! Mercy! Stop! I… can’t… breathe!”

Slowly but surely, Mongar eased in another inch, and another, each met with a gentle stroke of the warrior back and forth along him, masturbating with her while slowly getting deeper. The panic in her eyes as she forced her head up to stare at him, was exquisite. She could feel him now, starting to penetrate her torso, pressing against her diaphragm and lungs, her large intestine wrapping eighteen inches of his length and keeping it from killing her. So far. He still had six inches to go.

But he stopped. Better to enjoy the beautiful, sexual, writhing sacrifice’s unwanted orgasms, to feel her squirming, feel every muscle of her torso squeeze and massage his cock, before the end. For now she would live, with eighteen inches of his titanic girth filling her. And with her insides squeezing on him, it was not long before he felt his own orgasm rise once more.

“I… going… p-please… mercy…” The bandit kept her head up so she could stare him, stare at Tilly, with begging eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks. She groaned as Mongar tilted her body more upright, so she was almost eye to eye with Tilly, both of their legs dangling around his cock, and their knees touching.

Mongar rumbled more bliss as his cum flooded the sacrifice’s guts. He continued to masturbate with her, but only a single inch, enough to gently nudge his glans against her depths, her organs, and send waves of pleasure, tingling sparks of bliss down his length and into his core, as his flexing muscles within his pelvis forced waves of his cum to pour into the sacrifice. Tilly moaned openly at the sight of the warrior’s belly beginning to swell, and she, perhaps unaware of her own actions, rubbed her cunt back and forth an inch along his shaft, as she watched the warrior take his seed. The bandit tried to collapse backward, but Mongar kept her upright as gallons upon gallons of his thick, white cum poured through her. The poor creature, eyes wide, tears dripping off of her chin, mouthed silent words of begging as she stared at the woman only six inches from her, before the inevitable happened.

A wave of cum flowed out of the sacrifice’s mouth, down over her breasts, her hard nipples, her swollen belly, down her thighs, and down along the last six inches of his cock where Tilly sat.

“Oh gods! That’s… that’s why you have us… prepare them like you do. That’s…” The smaller human reached out, caught some of the waterfall of cum flowing down the sacrifice’s chest, and spread it to the sides so she could massage it into the warrior’s smaller breasts and nipples.

“M… mercy,” the warrior managed to say through waves of cum. Poor creature was unaware of how long this orgasm would last, and how close to asphyxiation she might become, if she did not try to breathe between waves of his seed.

“You don’t deserve mercy!” Tilly reached out with one hand, and covered the bandit’s mouth, fingers gripping her jaw tight. The two women were only six inches apart, and Tilly had all the leverage to do with the doomed woman’s body as she saw fit. “You deserve to die like a whore, cumming until you’re dead on a cock.” With one hand clutching the girl’s face and covering her mouth tight, her other reached down, scooped three fingers into the warrior’s wet cunt, and began to finger the her pussy, digits curling up toward the warrior’s abdomen.

The warrior, again forced to orgasm against her will and gushing girl cum onto the smaller human, trembled with new waves of horror, as his cum squirted from her nostrils. Tilly’s hand was not capable of stopping his cum from gushing out of the sacrifice’s mouth, but it stopped some, and the waves of fluid filled the larger woman’s sinuses before squirting from the twin holes above her mouth, soaking Tilly’s wrist.

“… that’s right, just die, filled with demon cum. Every hole… everywhere…” There was malice to this lovely little creature’s heart. She had said her husband had died years ago to bandits. Perhaps she was redirecting her rage at this woman before her? Understandable, and enjoyable. Mongar was happy to indulge her her revenge fantasy, especially as her spread, boiling slit continued to massage the base of his cock.

The tanned-skinned beauty stared on, eyes locked with Tilly as she slowly ran out of air, as white fluid filled her head, flowed out of her mouth down her body, and flowed out of her nostrils onto Tilly’s wrist. And, with time, the sacrifice’s tears poured anew, until finally, they too changed. Tilly’s whole body began to vibrate with excitement, and shock, as she watched her victim’s tears change to white.

It was enough for the small human to enjoy her first orgasm. She lowered both her hands to the warrior’s hips, and pulled herself forward the single inch she had to, to rub their cunts together. And as she did, the stared on at the sacrifice, and whimpered like a cat in heat as she watched tears of thick cum force their way out of the sacrifice’s eyes and down her cheeks. The bandit’s head began to fall back, no longer held by Tilly, but Mongar adjusted his grip slightly to prop the doomed girl’s head up with a finger, so Tilly could enjoy the results of her actions, could continue to gaze upon the beautiful girl as cum flowed from her mouth, and now both her nostrils, and her tear ducts. It was enough to have the tiny human’s cunt leaking copious juices onto Mongar as she came.

Through all of this, the warrior woman was shaking, quivering, and her insides were massaging and gripping Mongar’s cock. A powerful orgasm, one he enjoyed immensely, each breath, each heart beat of the sacrifice, all felt upon where his cock filled her insides, wearing her guts and skewering her torso. But soon it started to pass, orgasm fading away, as well as the tides of cum. Eventually the sacrifice managed to get in a breath, and another, as she vomited more cum, and more, and it no longer replenished.

She was conscious, and trying to blink away the cum that now lined her eyelashes.

Tilly, recovering from her own orgasm, peeked up at Mongar, heavy breasts rising and falling with her panting, each breast dripping with the bandit’s cum, and the demon’s. She wanted to know where this would go next.

Mongar offered her a smile — hard to do with a giant minotaur-like snout, filled with sharp demon teeth, fangs, and with a couple tusks besides — and turned his body on the grass. He set one hand on Tilly, her hips and waist, and held her where she was as he turned enough so he could fall back, and set his back to the grass, his head and shoulders now propped up by a large boulder, tail to the side.

Once he was sure Tilly was comfortable on his pelvis, still only inches away from the bandit with the two of them sitting up right, he let go of Tilly, and brought the bandit’s legs up onto his pelvis. The human caught on quickly, and grabbed the warrior’s legs to pull them over her hips.


Mongar rumbled, a darker, quieter sound, and shoved the sacrifice balls deep onto his cock.

The warrior tried to scream out, he could feel it with his cock inside her torso, but she could not. His cock tore through her taut large intestine, forced its way into her chest, and skewered her flesh nearly up to her collar bone. All room was lost inside her, and her diaphragm couldn’t stretch to fit him; it tore as well. A wave of cum squirted out from her mouth and nostrils, landing on Tilly’s breasts with the force of it, as his cock squashed against her guts and forced out more of the fluid.

His cock was its thickest at the base, and the shaft’s malleable nature was not enough to stop the sacrifice’s rectum from tearing. Her colon had been taut for each inch of his length, and now ripped open for each inch he was inside her, until his cock fell free of its squeezing confines, and was now simply inside her, free to rub and squash against her organs.

As the wave of cum passed, the sacrifice managed to find her breath. And she began to scream, little screams ultimately, as her attempts to breathe mostly failed. But he could feel it, feel her attempts to breathe with her ripped open diaphragm caress his shaft, feel her heart beat frantically and massage his length, and feel her lungs act as a soft, hot bed for his cock’s head.

“Oh… gods,” Tilly said. “He’s… just… tearing you up inside isn’t he?”

Mongar stared at the small woman sitting on his pelvis, and rumbled his pleasure as Tilly lay back upon his titanic body and abs. She hooked one of her legs over the warrior’s, and slipped her other underneath, and scooted herself in closer. Still lying upon him on her back, she brought herself in close enough for her cunt to rub against the dying warrior’s cunt. Tilly squeezed her leg around the victim hard, hard enough for their clits to squish together, and force the bandit to convulse on Mongar’s cock.

She wanted to feel the beautiful, tanned warrior die as she rubbed their pussies together.

He began to lift the sacrifice again, up and down two inches, so that the dying woman and her death spasms bathed his cock in blood and bliss. But he also kept the pace somewhat slow, and only those two inches, so Tilly could remain where she was, occasionally rubbing her cunt against the warrior’s cunt, and then taking moments to finger herself, hard and fast, until she was trembling in orgasm on Mongar’s abdomen.

“St… op…” The warrior managed words, but soon they too were a lost cause, as small globs of cum were joined by lines of red blood, leaking from her mouth and nostrils. Her blood leaked out of her asshole as well, soon coating Mongar’s pelvis, his testicles, and Tilly’s ass.

Mongar let go of the sacrifice’s body. She fell forward onto the smaller human, limp, trembling and alive, but limp. Tilly squeaked again — such a delightful sound — and looked at the cum-filled, dying woman now lying upon her. Mongar set both his hands onto the warrior’s legs, her thick and powerful thighs, and used those to shift her quivering frame back and forth on his cock instead. It allowed for Tilly to experience the woman’s delicious body, feel her, hold onto her, as her cum-soaked life began to fade away.

Lost to her arousal, her blood-lust, and her new discovery of murder, Tilly wrapped her arms and legs around the sacrifice like a lover, and pressed their wet and sticky bodies together. The bandit was still alive, still squirming, but she no longer had energy to make a sound. Even as Tilly began to kiss the dying woman, locking their lips together, tongue licking at the cum and blood that leaked out of the warrior’s mouth and down her nostrils, still the sacrifice could do nothing but quiver as her life drained away.

It was too much for Mongar, to see a beautiful human kiss his sacrifice as she died on his cock. Any demon would be seduced by this human. Unable to resist any longer, the quivering death-squeezes of his meal sent him over the edge, and again his cum poured into her. No longer guided by her intestines, his cum flowed over her organs, sending the dying woman into a trembling mess as the liquid fought for places to escape. Her lungs, her heart, all were drowned in his seed, and he rumbled his pleasure as he felt her heart panic and flutter against his cock.

Much of it started to gush out of her mouth and nostrils again, onto Tilly’s mouth and jaw. The little woman squeaked, pulled her head back and used her hands to lift the warrior’s face. Still alive, but barely, and she managed a few shivers and a few blinks, as more cum leaked from her tear ducts and down her cheeks, nose, and down onto Tilly’s lips. The human mewled, moaned, and began to kiss the sacrifice as demon cum and blood flooded into her mouth.

Mongar let go of the sacrifice’s leg with one hand, brought his massive palm to her head, and with a hard twist and squeeze, ripped her head free of her body. The last few spasms of her muscles, and the last few frantic beats of her heart against his cock, were divine.

Tilly screamed, but not in terror, simply in shock. She was now holding a headless corpse, no longer a dying woman. And with no head, there was nothing to stop the demon’s cum and the sacrifice’s blood from gushing from the new hole, all over Tilly’s neck.

Panting, trembling, she crawled out from underneath the corpse, cum and blood still gushing up onto her belly and between her thighs, and she turned her head to look at Mongar. He dropped the head of the sacrifice into his mouth, and crunched down on it. Bone, brains, blood, all nourishment for a demon. He did not care that his cum came with it; he was a demon after all.

“Oh… gods…” Tilly looked back down at the headless thing still on his cock, and then back to him. “I… I need… gods, I need something inside me. Please, anything. I… can… can you, I don’t, I—ah!” She squeaked yet again as he reached out for her with one hand, and brought her to his mouth. “Are… are you… what’re you… going to do?”

If he’d wanted to, he could have eaten this human woman right there, and so engrossed in the morbidity and sexuality of it all, she’d probably have enjoyed it. But he would do no such thing. He had a pact with the humans of the nearby village, and more than that, he found himself terribly intrigued, and aroused by this small woman.

He brought her up to his mouth, and holding her so her stomach was fading toward his stomach, he brought her between his teeth and tusks, and into his mouth. They were pointed, but not sharp enough to cut by simply touching; he’d have to chomp down to do that. It was easy for her to find the rock behind his head, set her feet against it, while her dripping wet body, the whole of her torso, pelvis, and abdomen, were between his teeth. If he had decided to bite down, she’d have lost her limbs and head with how much of her was in her mouth. But instead, he pushed his long, thick tongue against her pussy, and began to open her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Perfect. He was mostly lying down, but his head and shoulders were propped up at an angle by the boulder behind him. The angle made it easy for the woman to find places to rest her knees upon the base of his mouth, shins sticking out at the corners so her feet could find the boulder, and her hands gripped his fangs as he let go of her. No longer held by him, there was nothing to stop her from running away. Of course, she did not, and instead pushed her pussy down further toward him, toward his tongue, her large breasts rubbing against the bottom of his mouth near his teeth. His tongue was as thick as his cock, but a far more malleable, soft appendage, and the human cried out in bliss as it began to force its way into her boiling insides.

He brought both hands back to the headless sacrifice, the corpse still skewered on his cock, and again began to masturbate. While he was free to be more ruthless with the warrior’s body, now that Tilly was no longer pressed against her, having the human in his mouth meant he could not be too forceful, for fear of hurting the woman between his teeth. Still, he managed to create a pleasant rhythm, lifting the corpse a foot off of his cock, before driving the twenty-four inches of his length back into her destroyed insides. Blood and cum poured out of her ass and down his testicles, and the same for the neck of the corpse as well, squirting forcefully up onto his abs and goliath chest.

Tilly stared at the corpse, at the sacrifice, and came. Her pussy clenched down on him, his tongue, and her juices gushed. Mongar used drugs to bring women to such sexual arousal that they could squirt like this, but Tilly was just as aroused without any drugs, her body almost scalding hot within his mouth, and her juices delicious and copious as they leaked down his tongue. He pushed the appendage in deeper, reaching her cervix, stretching the width of her pussy taut, and as he continued to push in his tongue, eventually the length of her snatch grew taut as well. Through it all, Tilly only moaned, panting and squeaking and whimpering as she came again, and again, and again. Even as he licked and probed the flesh around her cervix, she only clenched harder, and when he pressed the tip of his tongue toward her stomach hard, her body erupted, gushing ejaculate into his awaiting maw.

Mongar squeezed on the bandit’s body harder, crushing it, tightening it on him, causing organs to burst and bones to break. He rumbled bliss — Tilly squealed with the sound so close to her — and he milked his orgasm, causing yet more gallons of thick, white cum to pour into the meal, the ever shrinking confines of her crushed body causing the cum to squirt of her neck and onto him. Every so often, a flex of his cock caused the corpse to sit upright, and his cum became a geyser, mixed with blood and squirting upright a foot or two, before raining back down onto the corpse.

But eventually, he let go, and let the waves of his cum slow. Instead, he focused on Tilly, and reached up with a hand to turn her around.

“Mongar, you… I…” She now literally sat in his mouth, her ass against the bottom of it, while his tongue worked within her, wriggling and rolling inside her stretched pussy; no doubt she’d be able to see such movement along her stomach, as they did the bandit earlier. “I had no idea you could be this… nice, and brutal… at the same time.”

Rumbling agreement, his forced his tongue against her depths once more. She squealed all the louder, hands reaching up to hold onto his fangs, thighs between his deeper teeth and feet against the boulder behind him, as she squirted into his mouth. He licked and teased her insides, malleable muscle pressing up against her g-spot and depths both, and causing the quivering little woman to squirt for what must have been the tenth time onto his tongue.

Soon, he stopped that as well, and as Tilly succumbed to exhaustion, going limp in his mouth, he took her in his palm again and eased her out before she hurt herself on her teeth.

He set her down on the grass beside him, reached down for his sacrifice, slipped it off his cock, gave the corpse a few moments to leak out the majority of his cum, and threw it into his mouth. Despite her exhaustion, Tilly forced herself to sit up on her knees on the grass, hands against his leg, and watched him devour his meal. He was a huge creature, but not so huge he could eat a human in one gulp; not comfortably, at least. The first bite took the legs, the next took the torso below the arms, teeth tearing apart skin, muscle, and sinew. The final bite took the rest, the arms and what remained of her torso, all delicious meat spiced with fear and sex, into his belly.

“Mongar, I… I um… oh gods, I’m so embarrassed!” Tilly stood up, and looked down at herself. “More than embarrassed! I… this is so wrong! Humans aren’t demons, we… don’t…” She brought her hands up to her breasts, the large, heavy teardrops filling and overflowing her palms. Almost every inch of her below the nose was covered in some degree of demon cum, the bandit’s girl cum, or the bandit’s blood. And now her thighs too, were coated in demon saliva, and her own cum.

Humans, indeed, did not crave murder like this, sexuality mixed with blood and death like this. This was a demon trait. Even a succubus did not butcher their prey, preferring to kill with a simple draining of energy until the prey simply no longer lived. Demons were the ones that mixed sex with butchery, or at least, so he thought. But Tilly was quickly proving otherwise.

He rumbled, quiet, soothing, and reached out to set a hand on Tilly’s shoulders, before pointing toward the nearby river.


He sat in the cool water, and watched Tilly bathe herself. Her long black hair, her slender waist, her wide hips, her enormous breasts, her lightly tanned skin, it was all terribly beautiful. He found a deeper part of the gentle river to bathe himself, but once he was done, Tilly had found a shallower patch only several feet away, and washed herself in front of him, slowly. She wanted him to watch. He wanted to watch.

“I… I know you heard, what I said about my husband.” She sighed, and shivered as the cool water fought against her body heat. Her large, red nipples were hard, though now with cold.

He nodded. He could not speak the human language, his mouth could not articulate the sounds. But he understood it, and all Tilly needed was an ear, for someone to listen.

“We’d had many children, but they all died not longer after childbirth. Life is… rough.” She waddled toward him, and sat down upon the smooth pebbles of the river bed, water reaching halfway up her torso. “And then he died to bandits, and… and it was horrible. I spied on you, when you were killing some of the more attractive women, from that raid. Of course, I don’t blame you that you couldn’t save everyone. This village would have been wiped out if it wasn’t for you.

“But, I… when I saw you… force yourself onto these women, until they… literally died… on your… penis. I… I was… hypnotized.” She leaned against him, and put her back against the side of his leg. “My husband and I had often engaged in rape fantasies, you know? I liked it when he’d tie me up, pin me down, force himself on me. It… we were good together.” Her hand found the short fur of his leg, and she stroked it, like a human might pet a dog. He didn’t mind. “But when I saw you… kill… with your cock, kill some of the people responsible, it… did something to me. Awoke something in me, I guess.”

He tilted his grand head of horns to the side, and watched the short human confess her deepest secrets to him. Such memories would be painful, but for her to admit they had led to new sexual fantasies? Those were the sorts of secrets people usually took to their grave.

“I’m all alone now. Nothing left for me in this village. Over the years, my friends grew distant. I guess they noticed I was different. And now I… I don’t know, I thought, maybe, before I leave, I wanted to… to indulge this part of me. Or at least, see it up close for once, this thing I… that I’d been thinking about for a long time now. But now, I… I’m going to leave the village. I hear maybe the capital has some decent brothels I could work at? I know people like my body… I can get by that way.”

Perhaps she could, but, it was not a way he would recommend. And considering Tilly’s unusual tastes, he doubted she’d ever be happy working at a brothel.

Then, perhaps, she’d be happy doing something different. He held out his wrist, and with his other hand, cut through the thick skin enough for his blood to begin dripping into the water. It was black.

“I… I don’t understand.”

With the claw that cut himself, he caught a drop of the thick blood, and brought it up to his lips where he licked it off.

“… you want me to drink… your blood?”

He nodded.

“… it’ll change me, won’t it? I’ll… I won’t be human, anymore, will I?”

He nodded.

“Will… will it make me a demon, like you?”

He used his other hand to pinch thumb and index finger together. Not full demon, just a little bit demon. Of course, he had no way to explain the details of that, he could only gesture that it was half true. But, with that hand, he set it on her back, and held her close to his leg.

“… wait, are you… you want me to stay? With you?”

He nodded again. Of course he wanted her to stay. A human, with the sick, wild urges of a demon? And yet, a woman with a strangely kind, soft heart? She was like him, in a way. He was a demon who helped humans, and by all accounts, that made him a strangely kind, soft hearted demon. He wasn’t so grand a fool as to ignore this symmetry.

“… ok.” Gulping loud enough for him to hear it over the gentle river, she got up, walked over to his wrist, and caught one of the thick, black drops that fell. And offering him a smile, a motherly, tender smile, she swallowed the blood down.
R: 7 / I: 0

The Festival (a T&C story (not by Splyf))

The Festival

Lou looked up over his textbook at his 16-year-old sister, Trine, who was kneeling on all fours on the table in front of him, shivering slightly as she was only wearing her panties. Her B-cup breasts hung down, gently trembling and her softly curvaceous thighs pickled with goosebumps in the chill of the kitchen.
Standing up, Lou approached his sister with a large flensing knife in hand. Their parents, Beth and John, watched with neutral expressions as he reached under her to grasp a nipple, pulling it taunt.
“First, she’s debreasted, with a pair of cuts here.”
Lou placed the knife against the underside of her breast and pulled it back with a clean slicing motion. He didn’t apply any pressure, leaving the skin unbroken. He walked around the table and repeated the process. Trine squeaked with protest as his careless stroke drew a little blood. Her mother curtly told her to be quiet whilst her brother was concentrating.
“Second, she’s gutted, with the long incision across the sternum.”
Lou poked a finger into Trine’s chest and located the bottom of her breast plate and then mimed stabbing up at her belly, tracing a thin line across it to her pubis whilst gripping her neck firmly with his left hand.
“Finally, the cunt fillet is removed.”
Lou moved behind Trine and pulled her panties down, exposing her pussy to the cool air and the watchful gaze of their parents. Lou placed the tip of the blade where her thigh met her crotch and made a twisting movement with his wrist, as if he were scooping out ice cream.
“Can I get down now?”
Trine asked in a plaintive tone, reaching back to try and pull up her underwear.
“Stop being so impatient, Trine,” admonished her mother, Beth, while she grasped Trine's wrist and put it back on the table.
“Lou has to be ready for the butcher trials today. Isn’t that more important than a few more minutes of your time?”
"Um, yeah," Trine replied. "I guess so.”
While Trine attempted to peer backwards over her shoulder to see what they were doing next, their father, John Brettson cleared his throat.
“Now then, son, let's grade this meatgirl. And remember; the judges will want to know why a girl gets a grade.”
Lou’s forehead furrowed with concentration as he examined his sister, using his strong fingers to kneed her calves and thighs.
“The meat is lean, but with enough fat to provide good taste.”
His hands clasped her buttocks and pulled them open, squeezing then hard.
“The rump has an excellent consistency and would provide excellent roast or steaks.”
Now he invaded her cunt, examining it’s inner shape and the thickness of her lips. Trine whimpered at the sensation and felt herself becoming wet. She wasn’t sure if it was the brusque violation of her pussy or hearing herself described as meat. The room filled with her scent, making her arousal obvious to her parents as well as her brother.
“The cunt steak has a good thickness, with meaty labia….and is apparently self basting.”
This drew a chuckle from their parents. Trine could feel her cheeks growing warm with embarrassment. Lou moved up the table to get access to her breasts and started grappling with her breasts, pulling and the nipples and rolling them between her fingers.
“While the breasts are not large, they are meaty and would be excellent grilled.”
“So, what is your overall grade and recommendation for this girl?”
Mr. Brettson addressed his son formally, as though he were interviewing him.
“I would give her an 'A' grade and recommend whole, live roasting for this girl.”
Mr. Brettson leaned over to look at his daughter.
“And what do you think, dear? Shall we go get the spit?”
Trine was up off the table in a split second, hopping across the kitchen floor as she tried to grasp the panties which were tangled around her knees.
“No, no, no. I’m done helping out for today,” she stammered as she retreated upstairs to her room.
“That was very good son, I asked Mr. Hill his assessment of Trine at the last cookout and he came to the same conclusion.”
Lou exhaled in relief as his father patted him on the shoulder.
“I think you’re a shoo-in for the trials today.”
“Would you like another try with me, Lou?”
Mrs. Brettson slipped off her dress and climbed onto the table for her son’s inspection. John picked up the text book and flipped to another page.
“This time, lets go for a parts butchery…”
A few minutes later, Trine heard her mother coming up the stairs and a knock at her door. Trine turned around as she entered the room and found her naked mother was now missing an arm. The stump was tightly bandaged and a clear plastic bag tied around it to prevent any blood dripping on the carpet.
“What happened to you,” she asked in amazement, eyes bulging.
“Your brother mentioned that he hadn’t performed butchery on live meat yet, and he was worried about limb removal. Since it will be part of the trials today, he could hardly go without having had a chance to practice.”
Trine also noticed sperm was running down her mother’s thighs, but she couldn’t quite bring her self to ask about it.
“Oh, I suppose not…” Trine's voice trailed off.
Her mother was carrying a tube of gel, which she now gripped in her teeth and squeezed onto the palm of her hand.
“Clothes off," Her mother said. "We need to get your hair removed in case your selected today.”
Trine slipped her panties of again and laid back on the bed with her legs parted, as her mother massaged the foam all around her cunt.
An involuntary sigh escaped her lips and she raised her hips to meet her mother's hand. Two fingers entered her and knuckles pressed against her clitoris. Trine rode her mother’s hand to orgasm and lay panting and flushed, with a sheen of sweat.
“Now rinse that off and come down to the car. There's no need to bother with clothes today.”
Her mother stood up and left the room, heading down stairs to make the final preparations.


When Trine came downstairs she found the rest of the family in the kitchen. Her mother was on the table again, her large breasts being milked by her husband into a jug. John looked up as Trine entered, but didn’t stop the rhythmic squeezing.
“Your mother's thinking of volunteering today, so there's no point letting this go to waste. Have you thought about volunteering?”
Trine turned a little red at the idea.
“I, er…no not, um….”
She hurriedly turned to the refrigerator and opened it for a can of soda. The chill air rolled over her and she reached over her mother’s arm - now wrapped in plastic for tomorrow - for the beverage.
“Well, we’ll see what happens when we get there, shall we?”
The milking finished, Beth carried the brimming jug to the refrigerator. With everything ready, the family walked to the car. Mr. Brettson was in a colorful shirt & shorts, Lou was wearing a brown short-sleeved work shirt and carried his knives and a rolled up leather apron. The two ladies were naked and climbed into the trunk, wrapping their bodies around each other to fit. In the tight confines, Trine could smell the pungent odor of her mother’s cunt just a few centimeters from her face.
Feeling a little daring, she craned her neck forward and started to slowly lap at the folds of her mother’s cunt. It tasted good, and she nipped playfully at the clit and labia, eliciting a groan. No sooner had she started - it seemed - than the car shuddered to a halt.
Arriving at the fair, they could hear all sorts of activity from the car park. A bubbling mix of excited laughter, conversation, and screams filled the air as they join the line at the gates. John paid at the kiosk, while Lou showed his trade pass.
Trine and Beth joined the longer 'special status' line, the females ahead of them shuffled forward waiting to be graded. Some will be drafted for meat immediately, others will be able to join in the events and either volunteer or go home at the end of the fair.
As she entered the crowded grading tent, Trine spotted her friend, Christina, bending her trim, but curvaceous body over one of the five trestle tables as the inspector investigated her naked flesh. After a few moments, he reached for his pen and wrote some letters on a tag before loading it into the tag gun.
Pulling out Christina’s cunt lip, he squeezed the trigger, and she shuddered as it affixed itself to her flesh. Trine shouted and waved to her friend as she attempted to get her attention, but both Christine and her younger sister, Cindy, were quickly ushered away by a white coated official; disappearing into the crowd.
A few minutes later, Trine was walking out into the main area of the fairground with her mother as they looked for their men folk, who were quickly located inspecting a sign post of the various games, activities, demos, eateries and contests that were taking place. Trine’s eye was immediately caught by the professionally produced flyer advertising “Michael Vaughn’s Veal stuffed Roaster Recipes”.
“Mom! Dad! Michael Vaughn is here,” she exclaimed with a delighted squeal. “We have just got to check that out!”
Grasping her father’s hand, she dragged him toward the sizable crowd that was already gathering near the large stage indicated. To her surprise, Trine saw that Christina and Cindy were perched on the work top of the mock kitchen that had been set up there. Envy mixed with a little bit of sadness at the prospect of her friend being cooked before she had a chance to talk to her.
A light applause rippled round the audience as the famous chef jogged up the steps to the stage, and with his characteristic energy, launched into a fast paced run down of the recipe he would be demonstrating today.
“Today, I’m going to share a great party centerpiece for when you're cooking either a mother-daughter team, or two sisters with a large size difference. Its called 'Live Veal, stuffed Live Roast', and today, we have these two young lovelies who are going to help me show you how its done!”
At this, Christina and Cindy both gave a little wave, generating polite applause. Vaughn indicated for them to stand near him and the two slipped off the counter to join him.
“As you can see, 16-year-old Christina here is about five-foot-seven with a wide frame that’s going to perfect for our purposes today. Her 9-year-old sister, Cindy, is three-foot-eleven, which is about the biggest you’d want to go for your Veal on this recipe. We’re going to start by cleaning them in the standard way for a live roasting.”
The two girls climbed back on top the counter and waited patiently on their hands and knees as Vaughn placed large steel bowls beneath their abdomens. Then, Trine watched as with his sharp knife, he opened Christina up from her pubis to the bottom of her rib cage. There was absolute silence from the crowd as her intestines and organs flopped wetly into the waiting receptacle. Christina was trembling and whimpered softly as Vaughn busied himself with knife and blowtorch, slicing our her innards and cauterising any blood flow. Within just a few moments, he was done. Christina almost collapsed onto the worktop before he was able to removed the offal tray.
“I’ve also removed her uterus, for reasons that will be obvious once we’re a little further along, I’ve saved it in this bowl, and it will be used in the next stage.”
Vaughn now moved to Cindy. She was shivering and taking panicked gulps of air as he approached. Taking a few moments to calm her, he reached between her thighs and rubbed her cunt as he made small talk with one of his assistants who was tying tourniquets around her arms and legs at the shoulder and hip. Once she was relaxed, he picked up his knife and quickly repeated the process. Being so much younger, the 9-year-old had not yet received the training her 16-year-old sister had had, and it was necessary for his assistants to hold her in position as she flopped around in agony. Vaughn now had an annoyed expression as Cindy was flipped over onto her back. With a large hacksaw, he removed the 9-year-old's arms and legs with the ease of a professional.
“Now, my assistants, Joe and Simon, are stuffing young Cindy with a mixture of the choice sweet meats from her and her sister, plus some of my own Apricot stuffing.”
Vaughn spent a few minutes plugging his range of sauces and cooking ingredients as the two men packed the sobbing girl with the tasty mixture and sewed her up. As they were done before Vaughn was, one of them pulled out his cock and began fucking Cindy while the other busied his hands between Christina’s legs, stretching her pussy savagely to its maximum diameter and provoking yelps of pain from her.
Having apparently finished his sales pitch, Vaughn collected Cindy from his assistant and carried her to the other end of the work top. The crowd watched in rapt attention as he guided the 9-year-old's head into Christina’s empty cavity. With a good deal of pushing, stretching, and screaming, he succeeded in forcing Cindy's head out of the older girl’s vagina, which now clenched tightly around Cindy's neck as the rest of Cindy was settled into Christina’s belly.
Joe and Simon strained to hold Christina’s belly shut over her squirming little sister as Vaughn used a large needle and strong thread to sew Christina up. Finally done, he took Christina’s hand and helped her down off the table so she could stand bow-legged with her 9-year-old sister's head protruding out her cunt and her distended belly making it look like she was 9 months pregnant.
“Cindy and Christina will be spit roasted in about an hour, and I hope you’ll all come to have a taste about half an hour after, thank you very much, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my demonstration.”
The audience erupted into thunderous applause.
R: 4 / I: 0

Charity Chop (f/f, semicon, snuff)

The excited burble of the audience was audible even in the small backstage lounge. Mary Miller adjusted her skimpy black lace lingerie for the hundredth time that hour and looked at the mirror. The damned thing barely contained her sizable chest. She frowned. Of course, it was the same set she had bought 15 years ago when she first got married. Age and 3 children had added a few pounds to her curvaceous body. Mary flicked a stray bang of pink hair away from her glasses and struck a pose.

A sharp knocking on the door broke Mary out of her reverie. "Mrs. Miller? Its time for the show to start." It was a young woman's voice, perky and cheerful. The housewife breathed in, gathered her few remaining shreds of courage, stood up, and walked to the door. It opened, and her killer offered a hand. The girl (and she was a girl, being only 19 years old) was foot shorter than Mary, with an innocent freckled face, short cropped raven hair and round, inviting features. Mary shook her hand, feeling a bit disconcerted. The girl looked like she was barely out of highschool, yet she was one of the premier snuff show hosts in the country. It would be her hands that would be at the controls of the guillotine. The same soft, warm hands that reassuringly caressed Mary's hands.

"Is it okay if I call you Mary?", the girl asked softly. "Y-yes, sure", Mary answered, her voice tight with anxiety. The girl smiled and pulled her in closer. "It is absolutely okay to feel nervous about the show, but just try and keep it under control. The pay out will depend on your performance after all." She looked up at Mary. "So, if you want to cry, if you want to just let it all out, do it now. It will make it easier for us later." The housewife shook her head. "I'm fine", she lied. The girl nodded, then turned her back. "It's time to go", she said simply.

The pair walked out past the curtains and onto the stage. There were about a hundred extremely wealthy philanthropists in attendance, and most were eagerly looking forward to the show. Mary shivered, her skin crawling. All those eyes were admiring her voluptuous body like if it was a prime cut of beef at a butcher shop. They didn't care about the desperate circumstances that had forced Mary to sacrifice her life, they just wanted a half hours worth of sick thrills coated with a veneer of social justice.

The spotlights swirled around in a dance of light, before converging on a single spot on the center of the stage. A guillotine stood tall and proud. It was polished clean, every surface slick and glossy. The girl lead Mary over and the pair stood beside it. They both bowed towards the audience. A microphone (Where did she get that?, wondered Mary) was in the girls hands. She cleared her throat, and the small talk and chatter subsided.
"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. This is the 5th annual Charity Chop, where all of you wonderfully generous patrons and humanitarians give your hard earned money to a good cause, with the most generous having the honor of being Mrs. Mary Miller's last fuck!" The audience cheered and clapped, and Mary blushed. They hadn't told her there would be sex involved. The girl turned to Mary and shoved the mic in her face. "But first, lets hear what our brave snuff girl has to say!" For a moment, Mary was speechless. Then, she slowly began to speak. "T-thank you all for attending, and for giving my family a chance at a new life. I am extremely grateful, and I hope you enjoy the show."

The girl took back the mic. "Lets give it up for her folks, she's a brave woman and deserves our support!" The audience clapped and cheered. Mary smiled nervously and bowed once more. "Well, without further ado, lets get on with it." Slow, sensual music began to play from the overhead speakers, and the lighting dimmed until only three spotlights remained, one focusing on the guillotine, one focusing on the host girl, and one focusing n Mary as she began to move her wide hips languidly to the beat. Years ago, before the marriage and the children, she had been a stripclub dancer, and the moves were ingrained muscle memory. Now, she focused on those memories with grim determination, trying to devote every thought to the striptease rather than her upcoming death. With a flourish, she undid her bra and threw it to the side, letting her giant breasts wobble free. There was a whistle from the crowd, and she winked. "Alright, we've got our first bid, 100,000!" The girl shouted at the crowd. "200,000, 400,000!"

The bids came fast and furious, and soon there were millions being casually tossed into the charity. Mary raised a leg and kicked off her skimpy panties, revealing a shaved pussy. More whistles from the audience, along with a faint catcall. Finally, a tech startup founder from the Valley plopped down 5 million for the privilege of sticking his dick into the doomed housewife. No one bothered to raise. "Going once, twice, and we're done! Five million bucks, that's a new record!", the girl enthused. The winner came up on stage and shook hands with the host. Mary suddenly felt her mouth dry up. She looked over at the looming guillotine, and her eyes locked on to the mirror like surface of the blade. Very shortly, that would slice through her neck, separating it from the same shoulders that had supported it for the past 37 years. She jumped as the host girl grabbed her by the hand and firmly led her over to the bascule. It had been cut down, so that the women about to be beheaded could present their genitals and ass to the customer.

Mary laid her chest down, and felt leather straps go over her torso, securing her tightly to the shortened bascule. The lunette was locked over her neck. She heard the unzipping of pants, and felt two hands grip her waist. Then, the familiar feeling of a stiff cock pushing past her lower lips and into her womb. Mary grunted as the techbro pounded into her soft rear. She thought of her kids, and of her dead husband. His untimely death at the hand of an extremely rare disease was the reason the family had gone from middleclass to poorer than dirt. Their combined savings had been eaten up by the medical treatments, and then the funeral costs. They had to default on their house, moved into a scuzzy motel on the outskirts of the city. Then Mary had found the advertisement online. Enough money to ensure a solidly comfortable life for an entire family. The only catch was that you had to volunteer to be killed. In desperation, she had chosen death.

Tears welled up in Mary's eyes. She was afraid. The techbro increased his thrusts, viciously fucking her raw. He raised a hand and slapped her asscheeks, delighting in the way they firmly bounced, and in how his hands left red marks on her pale white flesh. The end came sooner than Mary anticipated.
The man grunted in exertion, then gasped as he deposited a fat load of cum into her fertile womb.

In perfect synchronization, the host girl triggered the guillotine blade release mechanism. From the crossbar, the blade fell, sliding noiselessly down the oiled rails. Mary only had enough time to feel hot cum burst into her before the blade struck her slender neck. A searing pain flashed across her neck, then nothing. The view from her eyes was a busy whirlwind of colors as her head bounced into the waiting basket. She stared up at the shining spotlights, wide eyed as blood squirting from her severed neck arteries drizzled across her face. The host girl reached into the basket and grabbed Mary by her glossy pink hair, raising it up towards the audience. As Mary's vision faded, she heard the clapping and cheering and the host girl saying something, but it all felt so distant.
Her eyelids drooped down, and Mary Miller died.

The techbro felt Mary's cunt clamp around his prick as the blade sliced through her neck. Her thick body slumped as the connection between the nervous system and the brain was severed. Blood sprayed in two pressurized hoses from her neck stump as her heart raced crazily for 30 seconds before slowing down to a sputter and a dribble. With a wet pop, the first time philanthropist pulled his dick out of Mary's cockholster. Semen trickled out of her sopping wet pussy as her muscles twitched.

He wiped his dick clean, gave Mary's firm ass one last appreciative slap and turned, only to see Mary's slack jawed face staring straight at him. The man let out a yelp and jumped. The host giggled as she lowered the severed head. "Got ya good, didn't I? Traditionally, we give the head of the girl to the highest paying patron. Today, that's you. We'll even treat the head so it doesn't rot".
The techbro sighed, and took Mary's head. He looked down and pried open her eyelids. Mary's pupils stared dully at him, empty of life. "Yeah, that sounds great", he said with a grin.
R: 1 / I: 0

Maria’s demise (belly stabbing / shooting)

MARIA’S DEMISE (A belly button story)

I’ve met Maria at the gym about a month ago, she’s a good looking brunette, average tall with bright green eyes. I’ve been spying on her since then, too shy to go and talk to her but too attracted to her body to not follow her every movement.
Maria’s life is apparently a normal one, she works as a barista, she goes to the gym she hangs out with her friends and she dates various guys.

One day I’ve managed to enter her apartment by disguising myself as a gas technician and install a remote camera in her bedroom.
Thanks to this little trick, a week ago I found out Maria’s little secret. This girl sure loves to masturbate, but every time she does, her free hand rubs her own belly and her index fingers swirls in her navel, the closer she gets to the orgasm the rougher becomes the fingering. It’s almost like her navel acts as a secret trigger. Even during sex, when a man is fucking her, Maria’s index finger always finds her navel and few minutes later she explodes in a wild orgasm.

Yesterday I followed Maria to the gym and I finally took the courage to go and talk to her. She was wearing a pair of leggins and a sport bra, I couldn't stop looking at her bare belly and sweet oval navel, imagining her masturbating for me while I finger her little innie.
I managed to get back to my senses and after a little chat I’ve also managed to ask her out. Her reaction really pissed me off, she laughed at me, she thought I was joking, that someone like me could never hope to go on a date with her.

I came back home angry as hell, I waited for her to come back from work and to have the usual “pleasure session”, this will be the last one she will ever have.

I’ve prepared a bag with a special set of tools, some long and sharp pins, a thin knife, a gun and a very special vibrator. It’s clear that I’m up to no good.

Breaking into her apartment was the easy part, I waited and surprised her with a cloth full of chloroform and before I knew it, Maria was lying unconscious in front of me.

Now I’m here in front of her bed, my victim securely tied wrist and ankles to the top and bottom of it. She’s wearing only a silk dressing gown which I slowly open on the front.
The scent of Maria’s naked body is a major turn on, her white creamy belly slowly rise with her breathing, her sexy innie navel is staring at me, inviting me. I start to caress her sides enjoying the scent that comes from her belly skin.
I get closer to have a better view, Maria’s navel is an oval innie with a prominent upper rim. The inside is full of intricate bumps and folds but I can clearly see the exact center of it.

With my phone I take some pictures of Maria’ sexy innie, I want to remember it as in short time it won’t be that sexy anymore.

I insert an exploratory finger in the recess of Maria’s sensitive navel and even if she’s unconscious she starts to moan, I wonder what kind of nerves lies behind her belly button to be such a pleasure spot.

The exploration of her navel wakes Maria up and she is looking at me with a mixture of fear and surprise “who are you? what are you doing here? why am i tied ?”
“Don’t worry my dear we are going to have a lot of fun together, but first I need to make sure that nobody hears you” I say as I place a piece of tape on her mouth. “mmmmmmm mmmmm” she is trying to scream.
“I’ve been spying on you from sometime” I slowly caress her breasts pinching her pink nipples “I know how to turn you on” my hand moves to her stomach “I know your little secret” Maria’s eyes widen as she watch me pointing my finger to the center of her belly and slowly circle her sexy belly dimple. “mmmmm” even with the tape on her mouth I can tell that she is begging me to invade her navel with my finger, but I have something else in mind for her.

“I will show you now a couple of toys we are going to use together… this one will give you a lot of pleasure” I say as I show her the vibrator “and this will give you pain” I show her a long needle “and these two will send you to hell” the gun and knife shines as I remove it from my bag. Maria’s body start to trash wild against the bindings, tears runs down her face, now she’s scared for real!

“First we need to get you wet” once again my finger traces circles around Maria’s navel “your little sexy button will help us with that” my index is now swirling inside the recess of it, feeling all the folds, testing the umbilical skin at the bottom.
Waves of pleasure are making Maria relax a little bit, the mixture of lust and fear is turning her on like never in her life.
Without removing my finger from her navel, I slowly insert the vibrator in her now wet pussy and turn it on.
Maria’s now invaded with lust and pleasure, she’s forgetting why she lies naked on her bed, she’s lost in the orgasm that is growing inside her.
Her magnificent belly undulates, as my finger is still firmly pressed in her navel, the pleasure makes her back arch and it’s almost like she’s impaling herself on my finger.

“Now that’s too much pleasure for you… we must add a little bit of pain to it don’t you think?” I say as I approach her belly with the sharp needle. Still moaning in pleasure Maria is staring at me as fear starts to grow again. Very carefully I position the tip of the needle at the very center of Maria’s innie “this will hurt” I slowly apply pressure and the needle pierces the knotty flesh. Maria is arching her back like she never did but this only helps the needle to disappear in her guts.
Taking a step back I admire Maria’s body trashing side to side, up and down, trying to find a relief from the pain, the round tip of the needle shines in her navel, It almost looks like she got it pierced… well actually it really is.
The sharp piercing sensation from her navel mixed to the pleasure from the vibrator makes Maria trash and moan in a delightful way, she can’t believe how painful this is but also how many times she imagined to push her fingering “deeper”

Satisfied I approach her once again and proceed to remove the needle with a quick motion, Maria’s belly follows it arching in the air. She’s breathing heavily trying to recover but she knows that this is just the beginning.
The needle was so thin that very little blood came out of the wound in her navel which I proceed to carefully clean.
Savoring what would come next I take a bullet from the gun I’ve brought “have you ever seen one of these?” I say as I show the shiny piece of metal to her. Maria’s eyes widen and she tries to protest from behind the tape on her mouth.
“This little one would drill through your belly like butter” I point the bullet to her navel and give a little push “even the harder skin of your umbilical knot would be no match for it”.
Maria feels the point of the bullet pressing against her skin and she can’t avoid to imagine it drilling through her button and hitting the sweet spot that lies beneath it.

I load the gun with the bullet and I press the barrel hard against her navel, slowly massaging it. The vibrator in her pussy let’s Maria moan in pleasure as she’s wondering if I will really shoot her now.

“Unfortunately for you I prefer a more personal touch” removing the gun from her belly hole I quickly replace it with my sharp knife “I want to enjoy driving this blade through your precious sweet spot inch by inch”
Maria tries to move her soft sensitive navel away from the blade, causing it to scratch the bottom of it, she cries and screams but deep down she is also curious to know how it will feels like, to have her belly button “poked” like never before.

Very slowly I start to apply pressure, the sharp point of the knife bites into Maria’s flesh as the base of her navel try to resist.
In a moment that feels like slow motion, the little scar gives way and the knife invades her belly, slicing through the abdominal muscles and into her guts. Maria’s piercing screams are suffocated by the tape on her mouth, she could clearly feel the knife slicing her navel base and perforating the pleasure spot right beneath.

Removing my hands from the knife I allow Maria’s belly to arch in the air as blood is starting to flow down her sides. Her sexy naked belly is now dancing in agony as she screams loudly from behind the tape.

I place my hand flat on her stomach as my other one grabs hold of the knife once again.
I slowly start to remove it but before the tip is fully out of Maria’s belly I trust it back in again. Now speeding up the process I trust the knife in and out very fast, fucking Maria’s navel with the knife, drawing more blood and pain from her pierced guts. Every trust sends waves of pain to her body, she can’t believe that her once secret sweet spot has been violated in such a painful way.

After a minute I swiftly remove the knife from Maria’s ruined navel, her back arches once again and blood sprouts out of the wound and splashed back on her white skin. Maria rises her head and looks at the bloody hole that once was her perfect belly button and almost faints. No more little pleasure session for her.

She’s not screaming anymore, blood loss have caused her to loose most of her strength, but she’s still alive, she can take more.

I remove the vibrator from her wet pussy, and I prepare to finish her off.

I load the gun as I admire Maria’s naked belly trembling in agony and her once sexy button leaking blood with every heartbeat
I place the barrel in what is left of her belly button, savor the moment for a second and pull the trigger. Maria,s belly shakes violently as the bullet drills through the remains of her umbelical tissues and rests itself inside her guts.

The knife had only bisected Maria’s navel through the center, but the bullet now destroyed it completely. The intricates bumps and folds that used to make Maria’s belly button so sexy are now gone, obliterated by the burning steel piece. All that’s left of her precious sweet spot is it’s round shape and the upper rim.

The poor girl is now very close to death, her breathing becoming weaker by the minute, her mind remembering all the times she fingered her navel wondering how it would be to be pierced there, and how now she experienced a knife and a bullet through it.

She can barely feel the barrel of the gun inserted in her wet pussy, the bullet perforating her uterus her bleeding guts and finaly her heart.

I stop to admire Maria’s dead body. Even with all the blood that covers her belly and pussy she is still sexy as hell.
I remove her dressing gown and use it to clean the blood. As her heart is not beating anymore also the blood loss have stopped.

Now that I’ve finished Maria have once again an invitingly creamy belly which I take my time to caress… stomach, lower belly, sides.
Her navel, that once was Maria’s sexiest body part is now only a dark hole that centers her flat midsection. I can’t hold myself from digging a finger inside. In life Maria would’ve moaned in pleasure but now her sexy body remains still, as my finger explores her now deeper umbelical canal. With my other hand I fondle her dead body, squeezing her small breast and caressing her flat stomach , all while my finger pumps in and out of her belly hole.

Satisfied, I roll the blankets all around her body and I take the corpse to a nearby dump and trash it there.
As I’m driving back home I know that a large family of rats will take care of her sexy naked skin, biting her nipples off, eating her flesh up to the bones.
Little I know that the first rat that reached the corpse, is now digging it’s head in the recess of what once was Maria’s navel and is now chewing on the knotty skin inside to reach her guts.
R: 54 / I: 8

Meatgirl's adventures.

So after reading Edward Hyde stories after a long pause is text story writing, I decided to write my own version as well.
English is not my native language and I will try some experimental formatting for easier reading.
I will post the story as I write in the real-time, without much of proofreading, but let's hope my spell checker will do a good job.
Probably this time it is more suitable to be in the /lit/ board even if it may contain few 3d pictures.
Whoever is willing to participate in proofreading or other ways to improve the story pretty, please.

I can't think a good title so let's call it *Meatgirl's adventures*.
This is almost the typical story about girls getting cooked, but not in the typical style and plot.
In some way, it can be regarded as Dolcett parody.
As can be expected from me, it will likely include all possible fetishes in existence. ;)

It was the last week of the summer vacation.
The day was nice, Lily still had some free time to enjoy before going back to school.
Everyone knew Lily as top student good grades and high ambitions in the carrier after finishing school.
Suddenly she heard a voice shouting on all street:
-"Hey! Lilly! Here!"
Lily turned around and gasped. In front of her was her schoolmate Candy, as if the girl materialized from the thin air, standing just a few steps away wawing her raised hands, calling her name.
Candy was a well-known troublemaker in the class exceptionally energetic and mischevious girl almost total opposite of Lily, her grades were not even nearly as good, but anyone who ever underestimated smarts eventually was very surprised.
Lily did not expect to meet Candy in this town, but she was even more surprised to see her schoolmate totally naked right on the street she was only wearing sporty shoes, plastic bracelet, and colorful wristband. Lily also noticed something shiny attached to her left nipple, It looked like a gold metal tag with some numbers something similar to the tags used to mark cattle in the farm. (No point to continue description just look at the picture and assume that you read 1000 words here LOL)
When candy got full Lily's attention candy continued:
-"Hi! What are you doing here?"
-"Uh, I came here with family for a vacation. I am just exploring the town looking around for something interesting" quickly responded lily just to ask: "And what about you? Why are you all naked? Don't you feel shy walking like that in front of all people?"
Candy grinned:
-"Looks cool, doesn't it?" she moved her hand down to her crotch slipped fingers between her legs, slightly spread her pussy apart and lightly rubbed it there right in front of all people. "It feels so good without those stupid panties would you like to take yours off too?"
Lily blushed from such offer
-"Thanks, but no. I can't walk naked in the street I am a human being."
-"He, he" smiled candy, "poor Lily, fortunately, I am not a human anymore look at this" Candy tugged her nipple tag "this means that now I am a meat girl, essentially just a piglet. So I can do anything I want and I do not need to wear clothes or feel shy about being naked. I can even play with myself anytime I want or peed right on the street " Candy slipped her fingers into her pussy and spread it in front of all people " ahh just what I needed, she moaned while letting a stream of yellow liquid right on the pavement. Not even bothering to finish she walked towards Lily. She could see yellow streal running down Candy's legs and shoes dripping on the ground leaving a trace as she walks. Candy took Lily's hand and dragged her down the street.
Lily was aware of meat girls existence it was on her family plans to visit a restaurant to order girl meat on this vacation it was quite expensive but she could not even imagine seeing her schoolmate in that position or god forbid volunteer herself. although she heard that manly girls are very willing to get served for dinner.
-"Uh, yes that… " Lily paused. "You know piglets eventually get served for dinner in the restaurants."
-"Yes, of course, I know wouldn't you also love to get all naked in front of many people covered in the cooking oil and then big cold steel rod getting inserted right here," Cady said while slipping her hand under Lily's pants and pushed her finger into Lily's but. " then it goes in deeper and deeper until it comes out of your mouth. chef ties your hands and legs and puts you to roast on the slow fire until you get all nice and crispy like a tasty piglet. All crowd of drools while looking at you being cooked and shivering in pain on the spit from being cooked alive, They eagerly waiting for you to get ready. In the end, all those people cut pieces of your body, your but your nipples and put then on the plate to enjoy the best meal in their life." Candy continued her lecture with great big grin and enthusiasm giving extra pointers on Lily's body with her fingers. and all of that while walking right on the busy street in front of the crowd of people.
-"Oh, no. I do not want that. Being a meat girl is not for me. I have other plans"
-"Really?" said Candy with a big grin while looking at her face "then why your shirt is covered with your drool" she swiped her finger over Lily's face getting it covered with her saliva. Candy licked the dirty finger making Lily gasp again. "I suppose you are now daydreaming how you go back to school for 8 more years, listen all that crap from boring textbooks then spend 5 more years in college and when you become old hag you can spend the rest of your life helping rich fat businessmen to evade tax." continued Candy with a big evil grin on her face.
Lily was got totally off guard here, with the Candy's astonishing persuasion abilities meat girl perspective was not looking so bad anymore. Lily started to think and imagine both scenarios one of her being a respectable lady doing paperwork in the prestigious lawyer agency for rich customers, being paid big money for her work. And another: being impaled on the steel rod cooking on the fire, or maybe being boiled in the big bowl of stew, or maybe getting butchered into pieces or …. all of that in front of lecherous men, boys girls women who are waiting for her meat with shining eyes dripping saliva from their mouths.
-"Umm, well, I don't know, I need to think about that more," she said reluctantly.
-"Yes, Of course, you need to think about it… maybe you will share your thoughts about being impaled with me ?" Candy winked her eye making Lily face blush all red. it felt as if Candy could read her mind.
R: 21 / I: 1

For Honor Guro (Snuff, Necro, Piss, Mild Lactation)

((Alright so I've been playing For Honor and I think a bit of guro is deserved. So each part I'll focus on one or two female characters to kill and fuck, I would love feedback aswell as recommendations for the next part.))

Part 1: Raider (Female obviously)

((On a side note I've decided I'm going to make the Raider topless.))

The battle or more importantly The Neverending War raged on all over the land, Vigdis was a warrior of little repute and while she was fierce in battle she was not always careful of her surroundings.

It was a simple ambush on the Knights, Vigdis followed two of her allies (Who's names are of little import) down the the dark underpass, she held a torch which well illuminated the area and her fairly large and firm breasts "Where are we going?" Spoke the man on the left in front of Vigdis "Shh..." Whispered the other man before continuing "Right now we are under a fort that was supposedly hidden..." The left man nodded slowly before the right continued "This should take us into a storeroom where we can sneak past the guards and open the gate..." Vigdis looked about the area silently as they walked through the tunnel, after awhile of them conversing in hushed tones the came across an old metal ladder covered in rust, dim light shone through the grating above "Seems this hasn't been in use awhile..." Said the man on the right before placing a hand on the ladder, the left man stopped him "Uh...what if guards are up there..." A somewhat nervous look crossed the rights face "Good point let's send her." He gestured to Vigdis who groaned and pushed him away from the ladder and handed him the torch "Coward." She said as she headed up the ladder her firm tits jiggling very lightly with each step up, her allies were gifted with the sight of her cunt and tight asshole up her leather trappings. She reached the rusty grates and peeked through seeing a ceiling and nothing else, she heard footsteps and quickly moved down the ladder freezing halfway to halt her sounds "Douse the torch..." She whispered to her allies, soon she was shrouded in shadow staring up at the grating, the culprit was a man it seemed as he stood over the grating "Fucking cold in that damn tower..." He muttered to himself slowly taking his cock out, Vigdis was about to wonder what he was doing before she got her answer, piss rained down through the grating onto her as she immediately looked away allowing it to run down her body, she wasn't completely angered by this for it was cold and his urine was warm, the warm liquid trickled between her breasts, this feeling made her need to piss but she held it as she licked her lips nervously. Soon enough the shower ended and the man put away his cock before walking away /Bastard using this as his personal pissing hole.../ without a word to her allies she headed back up slowly lifting the grate and looking around, there seemed to be many boxes that were cracked and dusty /Seems they ration well, how many storerooms are there?/ she climbed out and put the grate back in place "Stay here. I'll be back..." She said quietly to them before standing and looking about carefully hoping to find a weapon, all she could find was a dusty beam of wood which was good enough. She headed to the door and pushed it barely open before peeking outside, it was a dark and snowy courtyard barely being patrolled /Perfect.../ she thought carefully stepping out and crouching low soon spotting a Lord, he wore armor akin to the Wardens she had battled except he had a longsword at his hip and no helmet showing his short and dark hair, he strutted into the keep as she looked to her left opposite of the keep spotting the main gate, the stairs leading up were sadly guarded by two soldiers and there was no possibility of taking them out quickly, she turned her gaze forward and noted that the second staircase was interior and connected to the keep. With little choice she decided to head for the keep and more specifically the servants entrance. Once she reached the door she sidled up next to it and knocked, sure enough it creak open and a timid servant girl stepped out past Vigdis who used the beam and smashed the girls skull in, she moved into the door looking about at the room, there was a wooden table with a candle and a book on it, she took a few steps forward before feeling a sharp pain in the back followed by a steel blade exiting between her breasts, she let out a choked sound of surprise as she looked down at the blade which seemed familiar and very lordly "I thought I smelled a bitch nearby..." Said a voice as a hand reached around and grabbed her left breast squeezing hard, she weakly tried to look behind herself but the sword being thrust deeper disabled her and forcing her to drop her weapon, her vision seemed to darken as she felt piss run down her legs out of fear or loss of function "I want to hear you die..." He thrusted the sword again and this time she let out a pathetic moan as her tongue lolled out, her tits spurted a small amount of milk some getting on his hand, he guided her weakening body to the table and removing the blade before bending her over "I'm going to fuck you like a useless whore...." Were the last words she heard before passing away with a few involuntary twitches. He lifted her cloth and prodded her soaked cunt with his thumb grinning and taking out his cock before pressing it against her recently loosened asshole, he slid inside her fat ass roughly causing it to jiggle as he groaned a little, he paused a moment before thrusting into a pace his balls smacking against her pissed soaked cunny as he violated his enemies asshole, his cock started to throb as he picked up the pace causing the table to creak and her body to jiggle more and more, soon he groaned loudly and thrusted deep dumping a load of cum in her cock sleeve of an asshole giving her one last bit of warmth, he pulled out watching some of his cum dribble from her used hole. He left her there, the battle resolution is not important for she would never see life again...
R: 3 / I: 0

Persona 4: Heartbeat(en), Heartbreak

Another commission - if you want one, there's an email attached to this post :)
This story was posted to my Patreon a week early!

Heartbeat(en), Heartbreak: Part 1
tags: Futa/F, F/F, cons (sex), non-con (snuff), beating, brainfucking

Standing in the electronics section of Junes, Naoto Shirogane wondered how she allowed herself to be convinced to do this - but deep down she knew why she agreed.. When Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi and Rise Kujikawa came up to her, asking her to shoot a porno with them, she was so confused! But they were so convincing - telling them they needed another dickgirl to make it work, since Chie couldn’t fuck both of them at the same time. They had come at the perfect time to ask her about it - for in the recent days she had been jerking off to Rise’s latest nude photoshoot. Some of Yukiko’s very suggestive photos also made it into the young detective’s fap material. She was fantasizing about fucking them… And now they were going to do just that. And as if that wasn’t enough, Chie was also there! Naoto was curious how much more muscular the tomboy had grown beneath those clothes of hers… And how big her dick was. Was hers bigger? It was a matter of pride - and Naoto was eager to find out if that was the case.

Well, with how things were, she was certain she was going to find out soon. “In we go!” Commanded Chie - the tomboy wearing her usual, grey pleated skirt and her green top on - before jumping right into the tv. The other three girls followed suit - going through the usual sensation of entering the tv world. Arriving on the other side, she was surprised to see numerous cameras already set up at the stage what used to be the base for their ventures into the tv world. With the fog gone after their victory over Ameno-Sagiri, the cameras would have no issues capturing every inch of their bodies. “I took care of setting everything up, so we can get started right away!” Rise expressed eagerly, her voice dripping with excitement. The idol was wearing an orange summer dress, and white leggings underneath it. “Ah… Here, in front of all these cameras… My heart is aflutter…” Yukiko expressed her excitement and stage fright like that - the beautiful Amagi heiress wearing her red cardigan, a similar skirt to Chie’s and her black stockings. Naoto herself couldn’t deny that she was excited as well - staring directly at one of the cameras. Right now, she had a light blue dress shirt on - dark suspenders over it that kept her grey pants in place. If this wasn’t just an elaborate joke from the other three, soon these clothes would be on the floor… And Naoto was looking forward to it.

For a moment, the four girls kept standing there, not sure how to begin. Soon, a carefree voice broke that silence. “Well, let’s get started!” Rise exclaimed happily while pulling her orange top off - revealing that she was wearing her orange swimsuit top underneath it. She had worn it for a few commercials back in the day - and decided putting it on for this video would make for a nice throwback. Facing towards one of the cameras, she threw one of her signature poses while smiling directly at it. “Hello! I’m Rise Kujikawa, but you probably know me as Risette~!” She winked at the camera while saying that. “I know that all of you guys are just dying back at your homes, wishing you could see me naked, so I decided I’d finally give it to you all, and more! Along with a few of my dear friends” Rise used one of her hands to point at Chie, Yukiko and Naoto “-we will give you all the sexual performance to die for!” She finished explaining, then looked towards her friends again. “You three should introduce yourselves too!” She added, while looking at them expectantly.

The other three girls weren’t sure, in which order to go, but finally Chie just went ahead. Looking at one of the cameras herself, she give a few kicks towards it while showing off her muscular, trained legs. “I’m Chie Satonaka! I’ll make sure to give you a great show with my fists and my dick!” She called out while throwing a few punched towards the camera and showing off her flexibility. Hearing that, Yukiko followed - looking at the camera at a distinguished, yet seductive look. “I’m Yukiko Amagi. I’m hope you’ll find my services… Entertaining, to say the least.” She gave the camera a suggestive smile while saying it. Naoto herself didn’t really know what to say, though. She looked at the camera shyly. “I’m N-Naoto Shirogane… Please, enjoy our show!” She asked with a blush - finishing the girls’ intoductions.

“Aaaw, she’s a shy one!” Rise called out with a small laugh - knowing who should she start having fun with. “I’ll help you out, Naoto!” She called out while going for the blue-haired girl. “You don’t need this here anymore, silly!” She told the detective while taking Naoto’s gun out of her hands and chucking it aside. Naoto insisted on taking her weapon with her just in case something had attacked her… But she had to agree that there were no shadows in sight. Rise’s hands quickly snapped her suspenders off, before taking hold of the buttons of her shirt and undoing them from top to bottom. Her massive breasts were basically bursting out of it anyways - Naoto enjoying the reduced strain on them as Rise proceeded to remove her shirt. “Hands up!” The brown-haired girl added as she finished unbuttoning her shirt - and Naoto obeyed, letting Rise take it off in full.

“Omigosh, they’re so huge! How did you get them this big, Naoto?” Rise asked after seeing Naoto’s tits - which had only grown bigger since their high school days. Deciding that for this day she could go as daring as she could, Naoto picked up some string lingerie for both bra and panties - meaning that her tits were basically exposed now. Only small pieces of cloth covered her nipples for now - but her giant titty flesh was pretty much all visible. Rise couldn’t help herself, and just groped them with her hands - massaging them gently with her nimble fingers.
“A-ah, they g-grew like this b-by themselves…” Suddenly, the great idea of going with that underwear didn’t seem that great to Naoto - the girl blushing in embarrassment. However, having her tits be fondled like that excited her - enough that she could feel her cock slowly rising in her pants. It began to press through them, the bulge it created in her pants clearly visible. Enough that Rise took notice of that. “Wow, they must be very sensitive if you’re this hard already!” She exclaimed while letting go of Naoto’s chest - and sliding down to her knees. As she went down, she also dragged Naoto’s pants with her - uncovering the thin thong that Naoto had on. It only barely covered her slit - and her erect dick was already out of it along with her balls, the purple cloth just tugged around her cock.

“Woah! This is pretty huge, too!” Rise exclaimed at the sight, while quickly pulling the thong down too - knowing that sideways pressure on a cock like that could be pretty annoying for Naoto. The detective blushed at the praise again while looking down at Rise - just as the twintailed girl began to work on it. Spitting onto her small hands to lube them up, she then grabbed Naoto’s dick with both - and proceeded to stroke it. Naoto’s dick was huge enough that it barely fit into her hands, but Rise was no stranger to working on big dicks - even if this one dwarfed them all. She went slowly at first, feeling each and every throb of the short-haired girl’s cock. She could feel it pulsing in her hands - Rise telling herself she could even feel Naoto’s heartbeat like that. She moved her hand up and down the detective’s cock for some time - its tip leaking precum that Rise smeared down Naoto’s dick. “Are you liking it, o great detective? To have a nation-famous star work on your dick?” Rise asked as she picked up the pace - her hands suddenly going really fast.
“Y-yes, Rise! You’re i-incredible…” Naoto stammered out in between her moans, groaning hard because of the pleasure she was feeling.
“Ah, such praise! I’m not sure I’m worthy…” Rise chuckled while pumping her hands even harder on Naoto’s dick - until it finally came, spurting its seed all over Rise’s hands, face and chest. Through that, Rise kept pumping her hands on it - all while feeling a warmth awaken in her abdomen, too. Naoto just looked down in embarrassment as her cock continued to fire off more and more cum - her balls having stocked up quite a lot of semen.

While Rise worked on Naoto’s dick, Yukiko approached Chie. “Shall we, my love?” She asked quietly, and Chie nodded. The two of them have been lovers for quite some time before this - and they were just as excited to do it as Rise and Naoto were. The idol originally only came to Chie with the invitation, but once Yukiko had heard of it, she just wouldn’t have it without coming herself. “Yeah, let’s do it!” Chie called out energetically while starting to pull her green jumper off. Below it, she wore a yellow shirt - a shirt that Yukiko ripped off her quickly afterwards. Underneath it, Chie wore a sports bra - one that hugged her tits tightly while also binding them down. However, they weren’t really Yukiko’s main focus. Without the shirt in place, some more exciting parts of Chie’s body were revealed. Her muscular stomach was one of them - her clearly ripped abs visible at first sight. Yukiko’s hands moved straight for it - her fingers tracing along the muscles she could see. Even if she had seen them many times in the past, their sight still amazed her - and also turned her on. As she continued to touch them, she could feel herself getting more and more wet - until finally she couldn’t control her urge to fuck Chie anymore.

“C-chie! I need you inside me!” She called out while grabbing Chie by her muscular shoulders - Chie letting her push her over to the ground. Flipping her lover’s skirt over, Yukiko quickly pulled her spats down - Chie’s dick flopping out of them. With one hand Yukiko began to stroke her off to bring her to hardness. With the other one, she hastily pulled her tights down onto her thighs and tugged her lacy panties to the side. By the time her wet pussy was available, Chie was sufficiently hard - enough that she sat down onto her dick, plunging it into the depths of her drenched vagina. “Chie! Ah, Chie!” Yukiko moaned out as her inner walls were stretched out from within with Chie’s thick, meaty shaft. She continued to make these noises for a while longer while grinding her pussy up and down Chie’s dick - happily riding her lover cowgirl-style. Her hands seeked out Chie’s abs again, and proceeded to massage them again - feeling her pussy fire up even more because of it. Chie was enjoying it a lot too - praising Yukiko’s pussy as she continued to ride her: “Ah, Yukiko! You’re as tight as ever!”

Eventually, though, Chie grew fed up with being passive. Stretching out her strong, muscular arms, she reached right for Yukiko’s neck. Her hands closed around it, squeezing her windpipe shut right away. If she put in enough force, the tomboy could easily snap Yukiko’s neck like that… The dark-haired girl only turned on more by that thought. However, Chie knew how much strength could she apply without causing any permanent damage - her grip on Yukiko’s neck just strong enough to choke her, but nothing more. Yukiko’s face quickly began to turn red because of the lack of air - her lungs starting to burn. Ah, but it felt so great! Her pussy only grew more sensitive at the feeling - making each of her bounces on Chie’s dick only even more pleasurable than before. The lack of air fueled some great pleasure for her, cranking her arousal to the max - and causing her to start sliding up and down Chie’s member with even more speed and force than before. Her slit was overflowing with her love juices, allowing for her to go as fast as she desired without hurting either her insides or Chie’s cock - until finally Yukiko was able to come. The girl left out only a muffled moan as Chie was still holding her by her neck - but the shakes of her hips and the squirts all over Chie’s belly and both of their skirts clearly signalled that she came.

With pleasure washing over her and the most welcome numbness spreading through her body, Yukiko just went limp in Chie’s grip. Chie felt it happen with no surprise - she had done this enough times with Yukiko to know just what the girl’s limits were. She let go of her neck, letting her breath again - but continued to hold it. Since Yukiko herself didn’t really had the strength to do it, Chie needed to push to her climax by herself. Yukiko’s cunt was clamping down around her tool, but that wasn’t enough for Chie to cum. Because of that, the brown-haired girl began to push her hips upwards, putting the effort to fuck Yukiko’s slit by herself. Pushing her pelvis up, Chie had to hold back - in the past, she left Yukiko’s vagina all bruised because of her strength. To help with the sex, Chie also proceeded to lift Yukiko and then bring her down by her neck - mimicking the movements Yukiko was doing by herself before since she couldn’t by herself. By doing so, Chie was slamming the head of her cock against Yukiko’s cervix repeatedly. Fairly quickly, she was able to reach a climax of her own - her cock sending its seed straight into Yukiko womb. “I’m cumming!” Chie called out while her dick continued to throb inside her girlfriend’s slit - pumping a lot of cum into her.

Naoto’s cock slowly throbbed down to a half-limp state in Rise’s hands as her climax finally finished - still big enough that Rise had troubles keeping it in them. “S-should I r-return the favor, Rise?” Naoto asked, but Rise just smiled and shook her head. “Nah, I’m having lots of fun just servicing your dick. In fact… Kanzeon!” Rise called her Persona forth - and then directed it to revitalize Naoto’s cock. With the girl specializing in support, it was fairly easy for her to come out with a spell like that. Her persona was a reflection of her amorous nature - so a way to keep her partners’ dicks going was a natural addition. Naoto watched with surprise as her dick was energized, springing back to full hardness in seconds - and throbbing hard. She thought she knew what Rise could do with her persona… But it seemed that she was very much in the dark. Well, it’s not like she minded - in fact, that only meant more pleasure for her right away. “O-okay, as you wish…” Naoto replied, her voice trailing off - then let out a surprised, yet pleasant growl as Rise got to work again.

This time, instead of using her hands on her cock, Rise bobbed her head forward - pressing her lips against the head of Naoto’s prick. Planting a kiss upon it - which drew another pleasant sigh from Naoto - she then quickly let her tongue out. Wrapping it around Naoto’s cockhead a few times, she licked it dilligently - cleaning it from all the semen that was still there after the girl’s last climax. She did her best to wipe all of it away, licking even at Naoto’s glans and cleaning her cockhead. As she did that, Rise couldn’t deal with her own excitement anymore. With one hand, she got her leggings down, then pulled her swimsuit bottoms down as well - getting access to her own pussy. Stabbing a few fingers inside it, Rise began touching herself. She had enough practice to know precisely which spots in it to attack with her fingers - her body twisting in pleasure at the feeling. Back at Naoto’s cock, she decided it was sufficiently clean - and then opened her mouth. Moving her head forwards, she took more and more of it into her mouth. It was thick enough that Rise’s cheeks puffed up as her mouth was filled with it. Taking it inside her was truly a challenge - but one that the idol was going to enjoy. She pressed on without any pause as she felt her mouth stretch wide - enough that she was even able to take the tip of Naoto’s cock into her throat, all in one motion. “H-how did you do it, Rise?” Naoto asked in disbelief while watching the bulge that has appeared in Rise’s throat - bulge she knew was her dick.

Although it was pretty hard breathing like that, Rise still managed to - and after having her mouth get used to the sensation of having Naoto’s dick inside it, she began to move her head forwards and backwards on it. Sucking Naoto o