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A name not spoken in vain [slow, cons, nonfatal, A2A] (Appeals to Aoi)

A name not spoken in vain

An early morning, in a normal house. The sun shone pleasantly through the curtains, and there was a faint hint of cleaning potions in the air. In the kitchen, an adult woman hummed the tune to the same song she always sang.

It was to this comfortable scene that Aisha had woken, and it was with her mother's melody hanging in the background that she carefully stepped down the stairs, nursing her left hand like it was a fragile object that might easily break. After all, that was more or less the truth.

"Mom. Mom!"

Aisha's plaintive, worried voice cut through the air, stopping her mother's melody. She was in no mood for listening to it anyway.

Miriam turned around. What she saw was her barely dressed daughter, left arm wrapped in a sweater that was also soaked with water. A glance at the mana flows showed a deeper, by now painfully common tale. She lightly sighed.

"Mom, I… My hand…"

"Isn't that your favorite sweater?" She lightly scolded her daughter. "Well. It's just water, I suppose. Here, take this towel before you start dripping all over the floor."

"Mom!" There was a note of betrayal in Aisha's voice.

"I told you, you've got to start taking care of these problems yourself. I can't always be there to fix them for you. Tell you what." She poked Aisha's sweater with the towel, then set it aside and gently began unwrapping her daughter's hand. Miriam tut-ed at the sight. Entirely what she'd expected– pale skin from the shoulder to the elbow, then clear ice, slowly melting in the kitchen's heat.

She'd slept on it, of course, and so her hand was barely a nub. Miriam made a mental note to go air the bedsheets out, but for now, her daughter needed her. Not that she was going to make it easy on her.

She scraped the elbow with a fingernail, shaving a little bit away. This ice was literally rotten, but what could you expect from a dream-state metamorphosis. It'd have to come off.

"Your clothes are soaked." There was a small puddle forming beneath Aisha. "Tell you what, I'll give you two options. Either you go take a shower right now, then go to school, and we'll sort this out later."

Eyes widening, Aisha gulped.

"Or?" Her voice was tremulous. There was a part of Miriam that hated doing this, but she didn't have a choice.

"I can't fix it right now." Her voice was flat, brooking no argument. "I need to stay fresh for work, and you're getting too powerful. It's those worshippers in that 'Aisha club' of yours, I'm sure."

"They aren't– It isn't–"

"They are."

She stared her daughter down until she sullenly looked away, gripping her arm. "They're just friends," Aisha muttered. Which was true, but her daughter had to realize what that meant for her. It was better than the opposite problem, Miriam supposed.

There was a moment's silence.

"Or I unseal your domain, and you get to take your own chances, little goddess of change. If you can punch through it while sleeping, then you're more than powerful enough to fix this on your own. Of course, your control is…" She let the word trail off. Aisha made a face, no doubt remembering the last time she'd insisted they try that.

"It's one or the other. Oh, by the way." Turning back to the counter, and her vegetables, she asked Aisha over her shoulder, "What do you want for lunch today? Eggs and sausage? I'll cut them up, so it's easier to eat with one arm."

"Sounds fine," Aisha mumbled, gripping her melting arm tightly. "I'll go take that shower."

Miriam threw her a back-handed salute, then kept chopping vegetables until she could her the creaks of her daughter walking up the stairs. Mouth set in a thin line, she looked unhappily down at the board.

"…I'm sorry, Aisha, but you need to work on this."
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The Death Factory (Tags inside)

Tags: mf/fsnon-con crushing mashing ripping shredding destruction rape scat lolli teen (probably more to follow)

Hello sickos. I'd never done creative writing before, so thought I'd give it a try. 4 days later I've roughed out nearly 20000 words, and am pleased enough with it to upload it here.

Feedback is welcome. I'd like to know if I'm deluded, so I don't have to waste any more time on this.

If you spot any glaring errors, keep them to yourself, and hopefully no-one else will notice ;)

The general theme is a modern underground dungeon. Girls and young ladies get brutally raped, and then meet annihilation in various machines. Lots of gore and minimal plot. The format is pretty open ended, so I'll probably keep adding chapters as I go along.
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Ultra Short Stories Mk2 - 100 words

The old thread isn't bumping anymore. This seems to be a limitation of the new gurochan. Time for a renewal.

Old thread full of ultra hot ultra short stories can be found here:

Keep them coming!
I'll start it off with this one (repost, since I'm lazy):

=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!
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CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies)

Spoiler Alert: Does not involve ACTUAL Cosplayers. The title is a means of having an all-inclusive mutliverse of characters to choose from. Some of you may remember my VGBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead series. This is the reboot of that. If you'd like to help choose who shows up in it and get other bonus goodies, feel free to check out my Patreon page: Beyond that, enjoy the mayhem!

CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead

By Deathstalker

Chapter One: Hermoine Granger

The sprawling city had been a bustling hive of vibrant life once upon a time. That all ended with a single snap of the Omni’s fingers. Over eight million people died in an instant. In another instant, a vast majority of them came back, possessed by an ancient evil. All memories of their former lives vanished, replaced by the primal urges to feed and mate. The Omni looked upon the newly formed Necropolis and smiled, knowing it would make a perfect arena for countless playthings to amuse him. As the hordes of living dead shuffled their way through the city’s streets, eagerly seeking out anything they might be able to fuck or feed on, the Omni turned its attention away from its playground and focused on the limitless choice of potential toys to be broken and devoured for its amusement.

The sheer number of options would have left a lesser being reeling with nausea, but the Omni craved the freedom of ultimate power. It had long ago learned to let its mind wander aimlessly, operating largely on whims and instincts instead of conscious choice. The Omni’s choice may not have been truly random, but it might as well have been. A swirling mass of a million different forms formed within its consciousness, gradually filtering down to a single entity. She was young, but possessed an impressive intelligence. The magical blood flowing through her veins gave her strength enough to not be utterly helpless against the Legions of the Undead. The Omni learned every detail of Hermoine Granger’s life in a single instant. And in another instant, it plucked the young woman out of her reality and dumped her into the Necropolis.


Hermoine’s brow furrowed as she looked out onto the hellish landscape before her. Her gut stirred with unease both from the sudden teleportation and the distinct stench of rotten meat. Her thoughts immediately turned to Voldemort. It had been nearly a year since the dark wizard had been vanquished once and for all, but he still haunted Hermoine’s dreams. It would explain the sudden, unnatural abduction, but the venue felt more like a nightmare than reality. Even at a glance, she could tell the city she’d appeared in was huge and sprawling, but there were no signs of life. No activity on the streets. Everything about the area felt wrong. Sliding her wand free, the young witch darted into an alleyway to avoid being seen, desperately needing a moment to gather her bearings and try to figure out what had happened.

The first thing to strike Hermoine as she entered the alley was the stench. She’d noticed it out on the street, but it was so much worse in the closed in space. Rancid, putrid meat left out to rot mixed with something else. Hermoine’s brilliant mind had no trouble linking it to the lingering aroma left in the air in the wake of her and Ron making love, but she desperately did not want to accept the disturbing connection. In her shocked disorientation, it took a moment for her to notice the soft guttural yet feminine grunting coming from deeper in the alleyway. Wet, fleshy slapping accompanied the grunts. As much as Hermoine did not want to interrupt the act she was so certain was taking place just behind the nearby dumpster, she needed to find out where she was. She moved towards the sound of passionate rutting, clutching her wand tightly in her hand, feeling equal parts embarrassment, worry, and disgust.

Hermoine stopped short as her eyes full upon the couple working out their physical urges in the alley. The scene looked fundamentally wrong. The woman – lying on the ground with her legs splayed wide – appeared to be wearing what had once been a nurse’s uniform. The front of it had been ripped open, allowing her full breasts to spill free. The pliant flesh – dirty and discolored – jiggled with each thrust the man gave his lover. The man’s clothing was in just as much disarray, but it looked like the traditional garb of a priest. The bizarre pairing was only the first thing to strike Hermoine as wrong. Their skin was a greyish-green color, dry and cracked in some places and gooey and oozing in others. She caught the woman’s eyes and saw a milky haze over them. The stench of death and decay wafted off of them in heavy waves, forcing the young witch to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep from puking.

Knowing with utter certainty that she would get no help from the couple, Hermoine stumbled back from them towards the opening of the alley. She let out a sharp shriek as her back connected with something solid and spun around. A more distinct scream passed her lips as she found herself looking up into the half-rotten face of another of the living corpses. Wiggling maggots dribbled from the thing’s sunken nostrils. The dead man showed her his yellowed teeth as he grinned down at her and lunged forward. Hermoine brought her wand up instinctively and pressed the tip of it against his skinny chest, muttering a magical word that sent the zombie shooting away from her. The corpse’s compromised physical stability caused his spine to shatter as it connected with a nearby lamp post, sending him crumbling to the ground. The man didn’t seem to mind the paralyzing damage, stretching his arms out in front of him to crawl his way back towards the young witch.

Hermoine ran. As far as plans went, she knew it wasn’t a good one. The disturbing reality she’d been transported to helped to prove that point as another of the undead creatures sprang out of a shadowy corner beside her. She tried to twist away from it, but only managed to get her feet tangled together. “No!” she screamed as she fell, wide eyes fixed on the lecherous gaze of the zombie reaching for her. Air rushed from her lungs as her back it the hard ground. The clatter of her wand skittering across the cement rang in her ears. She turned towards her lost wand, knowing it was the only weapon she had against the unnatural monsters. Rolling onto her side, she stretched her arm towards her salvation, curling her fingers to regain her grip on it.

Hermoine’s fingers lightly brushed against the vine wood before a pair of rough hands clamped down on her slender hips. She shrieked as the hands yanked her away from the wand, tears stinging her eyes as she twisted her head around to look up at the zombie looming over her. The thing slipped his fingers into the waistband of her skirt and yanked downwards roughly. The skirt slid over her perky rear, exposing her white cotton panties, before bunching up around her knees. The zombie dropped onto the backs of Hermoine’s legs, keeping her effectively pinned as he brought one hand down to the crotch of his soiled pants. He clawed at the fabric until the button popped open and the zipper crept down. Hermoine’s sobs intensified as her eyes bulged with sickened horror, watching as the dead man’s throbbing member sprang free of his pants.

The zombie ripped through the seat of the young witch’s panties, exposing the smooth, flawless flesh of her buttocks to the cold light of the streetlamp overhead. Hermoine squirmed and flailed as best she could, trying to get out from under the monster before he did what he so clearly wanted to. The frigid, hard slab of cock-meat slid against her warm flesh as the zombie scooted over her, taking up position atop her. His hands came down on her shoulders, shoving Hermoine against the ground and further pinning her as his hips began to lightly grind against her. Hermoine stretched her left arm out towards her wand, straining her fingers and nearly popping her shoulder out of its socket in an attempt to reach far enough to save herself from the macabre assault.

After a few humps, the tip of the zombie’s cock mashed against the dry lips of Hermoine’s cunt. The heat of her sex against the coldness of his dead dick contrasted greatly and told the zombie he had found his target. Tightening his grip on the girl’s shoulders, the dead man slammed his hips forward. Hermoine screamed through clenched teeth, fresh tears gushing from her bulging eyes as she felt several stiff inches of zombie cock slam into her unwilling sex. Her clever mind had no trouble determining that the undead monster violating her was significantly larger – both in length and girth – than Ron. It was yet another comparison she desperately wished she hadn’t made. The pain radiating up from her crotch wasn’t quite the distraction she wanted from her analytical mind, but it was the only thing she had. Her left hand continued to slap at the ground, fingernails scrapping against the rough cement as the zombie’s thrusts picked up speed, urgently hoping she could somehow reach her wand and save herself.

The pleasure of Hermoine’s tight snatch clinging to his prick like a second skin was exactly the sort of stimulation the undead man had been searching for since he’d been returned to his shell of un-life. Her warm flesh felt like a drug to him, encouraging him to ravage her – first sexually and then in other ways. But the young woman’s single flailing arm managed to stir his attention, despite his muddied yet focused instincts. The zombie’s hips continued to pump away at the girl, feeling her gripping hole slowly slicken as her body responded to his rough penetration, but his eyes roamed up the length of Hermoine’s arm to the tips of her fingers and beyond, spotting a slender length of wood just over ten inches in length. The zombie tilted his head, perplexed by the object. He had no way to comprehend what it was or what it could do, but the young witch’s interest in it stirred the last vestiges of his survival instincts. If his prey desired the object, he needed to ensure she could not obtain it.

Hermoine let out a pathetic wail as the undead monster raping her from behind leaned across her. She shook her head, blinking the tears from her eyes and letting out fresh sobs as she watched with sinking dread as the creature used his greater arm length to reach past her outstretched hand and scoop up her wand. “No, please,” she whimpered. “Give it back!” She cried out as the zombie cock speared into her again, rubbing against her aching inner cunt walls. Her hope of escaping faded, leaving behind the terrible near certainty that she most likely would never discover who or what had transporter her to the hellish city. That she would never see Ron or Harry or any of her other friends again. That the remainder of her life would be as a rape-puppet for the grotesque monstrosities inhabiting the city. The innocent young witch – as clever as she was – could not comprehend the true horror that awaited her.

The zombie continued to pump his prick into Hermoine’s pussy, examining the wand with dull, milky eyes. His curiosity led to him not pinning the witch quite as effectively. She managed to lift her upper body and twist to the side, making a frantic grab for her wand. Her fingers came within an inch of her target, but the zombie instinctively yanked its newly discovered toy away from his slightly not-so-new toy. The undead man’s annoyance grew as the girl kept trying to grab the wand. Unable to figure out what was so important about the slender length of hard wood, he let out an angry snarl and decided to return it to her.

The zombie dropped one hand down on top of Hermoine’s head, digging his fingers into her scalp firmly. The girl continued to writhe and flail beneath him, jerking her arms back to grab at her wand. The zombie growled with annoyance, forced to slow his thrusts as he shifted the limited resources of his putrid brain towards doing something beyond plundering the depths of the young witch’s lightly pulsing cunt. He brought the thin tip of Hermoine’s wand down to her head, managing to slip it into the canal of her ear. Hermoine’s struggles faltered as she felt the wand touching against the side of her head. She didn’t know what the creature was doing, but she refused to believe the horrible monstrosity actually possessed any form of magical ability. She was right, but the zombie hardly needed magical powers or the knowledge of spells to use the wand against its owner.

With a heavy grunt, the living corpse shoved Hermoine’s wand into and through her earhole. The young woman’s eyes widened with sudden horror, realizing what the creature was going to do to her a fraction of a second before her eardrum ruptured. She let out a sharp scream that abruptly transformed into dulled groan. Hermoine Granger’s trusty wand skewered her brilliant brain, transforming her into nearly as much of a brainless dullard as the dead man fucking her from behind. The wand was more than long enough to impale Hermoine’s head, the base of it extending from her right ear while the bloody tip emerged from her left. The girl’s mouth dropped slack, eyelids drooping as muscle spasms crept across her face. Her arms flopped back to the ground. As the zombie picked up the speed of his thrusts again, she released an awkward moan. The zombie fucking Hermoine from behind took hold of either end of the girl’s wand, using it for leverage as he hammered into her snatch, finding the penetration further eased as her bladder drained.

The zombie priest – having left the undead nurse with a cunt packed full of his jizz – shambled out of the alleyway, drawn by the source of the commotion he’d heard. His dull eyes fell upon Hermoine’s slackened face – still alive, but brutally brain damaged. Even more alluring was her mouth, hanging open, grunting, groaning, and letting out the occasional little squeak. The zombie’s cock – in a state of perpetual half-stiffness – twitched and rose back to full attention as he moved towards the doomed young witch. He guided the bulbous tip of his erection to her gaping mouth and pushed into the warm dampness, feeling her slightly twitching tongue wiggle against the underside of his dick. The zombie priest took over holding onto the ends of Hermoine’s wand, yanking on the thin piece of vine wood to pull her face against his crotch.

The pair of zombies enjoyed double-teaming the twitching teenager between them, ravaging her holes. Hermoine remained trapped, both physically and mentally. Her skewered mind occasionally managed to work well enough to deliver a shocking dose of reality upon her, but for the most part, she was left in a near vegetative state, drooling around her mouthful of zombie cock-meat and lightly grinding her perky butt against the dead man behind her. Blood dribbled freely from her ears and oozed from her nostrils as her eyes lazily swayed and crossed. The young woman’s bright future was a thing of the past now that she’d been transformed into a husk nearly as mindless as the things raping her.

As the zombie priest neared his climax, he yanked harder on the two sides of Hermoine’s wand. Tears dampened the girl’s flushed cheeks as she reflexively gagged around the rancid prick plugging her throat. She managed to get a brief taste of the undead spunk as it blasted across the back of her tongue. The zombie priest groaned loudly, tightening his grip on the wand and giving it one last yank. The thin wood could take no more. It snapped in half, severing the dragon heartstring within it and unleashing the magic infused within it. In an open environment, there would have been impressive bit of fireworks. Trapped within Hermoine’s brain, the result was a good deal more graphic. The girl’s head seamed to expand outwards like a balloon being inflated. Her features took on an almost comical exaggeration as the soft creaks and strain of her bone and skin crept out of her. Hermoine’s eyes bulged, tears staining red as heavier globs of blood sneezed from her nostrils and ears. And then – roughly half a second after the wand snapped – Hermoine’s head exploded.

The zombie priest stumbled back, the upper half of his cock ripped away, and landed hard on his ass. The remaining stump continued to pump bloody cum out onto the street. Hermoine’s headless corpse slumped forward, the zombie behind her hammering into her sweet young snatch harder until he shot his own load deep into her convulsing cunt. Death spams rocked through the young witch, causing her arms and legs to flop about wildly for nearly a minute before starting to fade off. The zombie priest – seemingly unbothered by the loss of most of his dick – leaned forward to scoop up a few chunks of Hermoine’s steaming, half-scorched brain matter and shoveled it into his waiting mouth. The rest of her young flesh would soon be devoured as well, leaving behind little more than a few broken bones and bloody smears to signal the remains of the Necropolis’s first unfortunate visitor.
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The drill (Loli, Shota, Scat, Pee, No gore)

It was the second hour the of the schools first ever school shooter drill and the 19 year old substitute teacher was begining to grow concerned about her class of 23 2nd graders. She had only been a teacher's assistant up until this point, but today she was asked to sub for an elderly teacher who was apparently having hip surgery

She now doubted that was the case as the drill entered its third hour. The point of the drill was to test new protocols and systems to protect students in case of a school shooter. The primary protocol was a complete lockdown of classrooms. The teacher had first thought this was a great idea! It would potentially save the lives of students and allow the authorities to deal with the danger without putting children in danger

However an hour later and she realized the drill was a little too intense…and someone in charge didn't account for the near constant need of 7 year olds to use the bathroom!

The first request had came an hour and half in from darling little girl in little red shorts and a white shirt with a big sunflower on it, she didn't realize then, but the moment the girl asked a wave of squirming overtook the class and every few minutes a student would come to her asking to use the bathroom. Unfortunately the the doors were locked and she had no idea when the drill was do to end…she had little choice but to tell the kids to just 'hold it' a little longer.

Nearing the third hour and some of the children were quivering, apparently in dire need of relief and the teacher began to worry about the fallout that would follow when the kids began to piss themselves one by one. The crying and screaming, laughter and teasing.

She would utterly lose control of the class! Let alone when the next kid did it, or the next or…god for bid when any of them shit their pants! Christ! The teacher began to look around desperately hoping to find some sort of solutions to the kids ever worsening problem. There was little in the small classroom that could help and before she settled on a solution that was better than just picking a corner she felt a tug on her sleeve from a different little girl clad in denim overalls, a look of distress on her face as she squirmed. Her legs clamped tightly together.

"I can't hold it anymore…I gotta go bad! Miss…please" the little girl pleaded

'Oh god' the teacher thought looking around the room. She considered everything, the floor, the desks, the teachers desk, chairs, drawer's in the teachers desk, a waste bin…

A WASTE BIN! It all clicked together, she grabbed the girls hand and tugged her across the room, woth her other hand she grabbed the waste bin, a small little paper bin no larger than a bucket, and dumped its contents on the floor. Some crumpled paper, a pencil, gum, an a few broken crayons scatter on the floor.

The teacher pulled the little girl behind the teachers desk. Hiding her from the view of the rest of the class. She set the plastic blue wast bin on the floor and stepped back. It was perfect, just big enough for the kids to sit down on, and made of plastic so it wouldn't leak.

"There you go hun, go on and do your buisiness" She told the little girl, only to turn and find her bowed over quivering, her hands buried in her crotch.

"I… can't" The girl whined, her little body twitching as she reached her limit, her face red. The teacher's eyes widened. She knew right away, the kid was absolutely about to pee herself.

She took a deep breath and knelt down and began to unbuckle the straps of her overalls pulling them down untill they snagged on the little girls hands.

"Move your hands honey, I'm going to help you" she said softly in her best friendly-teacher voice.

"I… can't…I'll pee!" The little girl whined back. Causing the teacher to sigh, the child no realizing that standing there holding like this wasn't going to stop her from peeing on herself.

Taking charge the teacher grabbed the girls hands and pulled them away from her crotch, the girl yelped and sure enough, almost immediately began to pee, a surge of urine splattering her little pink panties and spraying the denim with urine.

The teacher remained calm and moved swiftly yanking the girl's overalls to her ankles as urine ran down her thighs, moving as fast as she could she tugged the little girls pink panties down too before practically shoving her down into the waste bin. The sound of urine gushing against fabric quickly shifted to the much louder sound of piss blasting against the thin plastic wall of the round waste bin.

The little girl sighed and continued to pee a look of blissful relief overtaking her young face. The teacher felt an odd sense of pride as she looked down at the little girl pissing wildly into the waste bin, her panties and overalls mostly spared from the slight accident, the dark denim of her overalls would hardly show any dampness. She had done it, she didn't break protocol and she had solve the kids issue, they could all just use the waste bin. Her ego swelled as she stood up to look over at the class, most of whom were curiosly looking over at the commotion.

The teacher smiled, the few who weren't looking were clearly more focused on not wetting their pants. The teacher smirked, they would soon get their turn to use her genius solutions.

She was riding high for a moment, feeling indomitable until something pulled her attention away. A loud wet fart and a disgusting sounding splatter. She turned around in horror as she spotted the little girl grunting and red faced, the splattering sounds continuing as a foul stench hit the air.

Immediately the majority of the kids began to giggle and chatter amungst themselves, but a good number of them remained silent…perhaps the ones that themselves needed the waste bin for more than just a tinkle.

The teacher gulped, she had briefly forgotten that these kids would at some point need to do more than just pee, and she neglected to tell the girl not to dump in the waste bin.

The little girl didn't seem to care about the chuckling, she was very much consumed by the relief she was feeling from emptying her bladder and her bowels. With one final grunt and a plop she was done.

She looked up and smiled at her teacher. Thankful for the help, but her eyes showed that she was expecting something. It took a moment for the teacher to realize.

"Oh!" She said before quickly grabbing a box of tissue paper from off the desk and handing it to the girl. It took a few minutes of wiping but soon the girl stood, pulled up her wet panties and overalls and skipped back to her class as if nothing happened. She was met with giggles and teases and for a moment the teacher feared she might cry…but she met her classmates with giggles of her own and made a bunch of mock fart noises with her mouth before she herself began to laugh loudly.

The teacher sighed, that could have gone much worse. She looked back, daring to peer into the foul stinking waste bin. Contained within was a thick slop of messy light brown filth with one small darker brown turd laid above it, sitting in a sullied pool of urine. It was foul…but it was a good solution to her students problem.

"Okay" she said. Turning back around to face the class. "Who else needs use the potty?"

(That's it for now folks! More to come soonish, this little story is far from done, the teacher as at least 14 other students who need to use the bathroom and 23 kids in total. I hope you like the set up so far!)
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Assorted Works of Ellen

I have been writing more recently, and I wanted to make one thread for all of my stuff. I like affectionate and well endowed executioners, I like pullups, I like gentle flirting and snuggles, and mostly semi-con situations. So my stuff will have these things a good bit of the time.. Not always. I made a new thread because the Nobles stuff wasn't getting the creative juices flowing but I did have ideas. This will be assorted stuff, there will be some Nobles and Clones, but there will also be other setups, and one-shots. if you don't like one, you might like the next. If you like it, definitely let me know! :) the first couple posts will be my stuff from other threads.
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Quiet Confidence (f/f, cons, vivisection, lethal

Quiet Confidence
=written by PogueMahone & JestInPieces=

As she types away at another email and tries not to die inside, Stephanie feels her phone vibrate. This sets off a little shudder of her own, because there’s a good chance that she knows what that message is. Or rather, who it’s from. The blonde girl quietly extracts her phone from her pocket and looks at the screen. She smiles when her suspicions are confirmed. Ah, to think some people had laughed when she had joined up with that new online dating site. Well look who’s laughing now – she’d only gone and hooked up with the tall and quiet type from her dreams!

Literally, in fact. She only called herself “Quiet”, and never actually spoke. But she was affectionate, and cute, and hot, and sexy, and she wore next to no clothes at any time, and… okay, so it wasn’t a relationship of deep conversation and romantic poetry and all that stuff. Point is, Stephanie had hooked up with a total bombshell, and she’d even come to visit her today! Stephanie quietly excuses herself to her frankly comatose coworker and heads for the door. Quiet is waiting on the floor above. Apparently she’d come in through a window.

There was that too. Apparently Quiet was some spec-ops soldier? She didn’t like to talk about it much. It certainly explained how she had been able to absolutely thrash Stephanie at table tennis. And pool. And darts…

Stephanie opens the door and smiles when she sees the busty woman in her signature black underwear and ripped pantyhose. She isn’t wearing her green storage harness this time, which makes her look like like some kind of hooker – more so than usual, anyway. Stephanie isn’t complaining in the slightest.

“Hiya,” she says as she throws her arms around the other woman and kisses her. “No top-secret mission today?”

Quiet nods, scoffs while rolling her eyes, indicating that the mission was a piece of cake.

“Really? Who’d you have to kill this time? A president of some foreign country?”

The assassin shakes her head.

“A diplomat?”

Quiet smiles and nods.

“Well, clearly your day has been a lot more interesting than mine. If I have to spend another second in Outlook I might just ask you to kill me as well. How’d you do it, by the way? Bullet between the eyes?”

The other woman reaches behind her back and produces two daggers, which she twirls around theatrically. Stephanie frowns in confusion. Where the hell did her girlfriend get those from? She leans forward and examines Quiet’s back. As expected, there’s not a pocket in sight. It was almost as if Quiet had pulled them out of her a–

The assassin grabs her shoulders, interrupting her train of thought and gives her a cocky grin, as if to say “I’m just that good.”

Stephanie grins.

“You know, some day I’d like to see you actually use those; just to see if you’re actually as good as you seem to think you are.”

Quiet arches an eyebrow. She points at herself with a dagger, then holds up her index finger.

“Oh, you’re number one, huh? Think you’re hot shit?”

The assassin nods enthusiastically.

“Fine. Show me.”

The other woman shakes her head.

“I knew it. You’re just full of it, aren’t you? All bark and no–”

There’s a sudden blur. Faster than Stephanie’s eyes can follow, Quiet stabs one of the daggers into the girl’s forehead, using her years of training to guide the blade precisely in between the two hemispheres of Stephanie’s brain, thus avoiding doing any real damage. She wishes her girlfriend had the necessary experience to realize the amount of skill involved.

The girl looks at the dagger, going cross-eyed.

“You do realize I have plenty of holes for you to fuck without creating any new ones, right?”

Quiet smiles enigmatically before moving behind Stephanie, who stands there not wanting to move around much. Then she repeats the trick, but from behind. She speeds up now, and starts stabbing the dagger into the girl’s head repeatedly, moving the dagger about an inch each time as she creates a perfectly straight line between the first two stab wounds. Eventually there’s a muted tink as the blades meet, and the one at the front jolts out of place and into Stephanie’s hands. She examines the blade – there’s no bits of brain at all. She sniffs it curiously though, and even gives it a little lick.

“Uhm, I hate to break it to you, Miss badass assassin woman, but I think you missed. I’m still alive.”

Predictably, Quiet doesn’t answer. Instead, she places her thumbs on the girl’s temples, digging the nails of her other fingers into the groove. The girl can see the muscles in Quiet’s arms flex as she applies pressure. There’s a cracking sound, and suddenly Stephanie’s head splits apart. Two flaps of skin fall over her ears, and Quiet stands there holding the two halves of the top of her skull.

Her girlfriend tries to brush the flaps off her ears, but then realizes that her brain is fully exposed. Not only that, but the gap between her hemispheres has been made more pronounced by Quiet’s actions. She slides a finger upwards, and accidentally enters the gap between her frontal lobes.

“Bwerck!” she says, shuddering involuntarily.

Seeing Stephanie struggle with the two flaps, Quiet helpfully lends a hand… or rather, a dagger. The two pieces of skin splat down onto the floor.

“Hey, I’m… I’m bald now!” she says.

That seems her biggest worry for some reason, rather than the two skull parts lying on the ground atop her bisected scalp. She scowls.

“Is this for me folding my leg up and shoving it down your throat that one time?” she asks. Her hands, almost unconsciously, play at pulling her two brain halves apart ever so slightly. Quiet nods, sporting an impish smile.

“Ah, fair enough, I suppose. But let’s take this someplace a little more private, huh?”

She grabs Quiet’s bra right between her boobs and drags her along with her. The sniper, unaccustomed to somebody having the nerve to try something like that with her, follows along. They somehow reach the bathroom door without Quiet’s tits spilling out of her straining top, and Stephanie hurries them inside before rushing over to a mirror to admire her new ‘haircut’.

She’s not stupid; she knows how dangerous this is. She’s no superhuman soldier. But god, the thrill and the sheer taboo wonder puts a sparkle in her eye. When Quiet’s done discreetly breaking the lock so no one can interrupt, the younger girl hands Quiet the dagger she had caught falling out of her now missing skull.

“Do more. Then fuck me. Or, like, the other way around, I don’t care.”

Quiet twirls the dagger and places the point between Stephanie’s collar bones. She looks the girl deep in the eyes, clearly giving her a chance to back out.

“Do it.”

Quiet shrugs, then slices down in one smooth motion, cutting through the front of her girlfriend’s tank top as well as her skin. Before Stephanie has time to react, the dagger starts to blur into a frenzy of knifeplay. There are sounds of metal slicing through fabric, and there’s a repeated feeling of metal through skin. Her tank top flutters to the ground, as do the various parts that her pants and underwear now consist of. Quiet gently eases her down to the ground. Stephanie is vaguely aware of a sort of stick figure having been drawn on her body in red ink. Wait, that’s not ink…

Once she’s lying down, Quiet digs her fingers into the cut running all the way down the girl’s left leg and pulls the gash apart, revealing white bone. She repeats the procedure on all the other cuts, until the younger girl is a pile of organs and a skeleton lying on a human-shaped blanket of skin. Her entrails immediately slip out and, lost in her erotic trance of destruction, she laces her bony fingers through them and pulls them further, squirming on her own hide.

“Fuck… wow…” she says, before tugging so much that a few other organs fall out into a literal pile. She tugs them out entirely so that they’re detached, then looks at the assassin.

“How about we leave the next person to come in here a surprise? One messed up pile of me…”

One hand digs into her exposed pelvis, finding her womb. She curls one finger of her other hand at Quiet, either a beckoning to come and lay with her now, or an invitation to continue.

Quiet was always told to put business before pleasure, so she gets to work. She wraps her fingers around one of Stephanie’s femurs and, with a schlorp, pulls it from its fleshy confines. She tosses it aside and grabs another bone, which she extracts and puts next to the other one. One by one, she disassembles her girlfriend’s skeleton, until she has completely deboned her limbs. Picking up her knife again, she starts slicing away the meat, putting all of the strips in a separate pile, until only the outer layers of skin remain.

Moving on the head, she draws a line starting where Stephanie’s forehead used to be, cutting through the nose and lips, along her neck down to the collarbones. With a little additional knifework, she frees the skin from the skull and unfolds the two flaps onto the ground beside her head. Twisting the dagger around, she gives one firm whack right between the girl’s eyes with the hilt. The bone splinters into multiple fragments, which she carefully picks up before pulling apart the two halves of the remainder of the skull. She slices off the tongue, and the flesh around the major arteries in the neck, before shifting her attention downwards.

Stephanie can feel her senses shutting off as Quiet disassembles her head. First her sense of touch as skin, muscle and bone are flayed bare and removed; then her hearing, and the smell of herself and her girlfriend (and the bathroom – admittedly she doesn’t miss that) and even a lingering taste of metal as her tongue is sliced off and dumped onto the rest of her. Only sight remains. Somehow? Ah, yes. Quiet must have kept her eyes attached to her brain. She wants to look down but can’t… then there’s a shift as her head – or what’s left of it; you can’t really call it a head anymore – moves so that it can see the last part. Was that accident or not? She can’t tell, but Quiet finds the time to smile at her once more before she starts to crack her pelvis off.

Quiet cleans out most of her other bones as well, such as her shoulder blades and her collar bones. At this point she takes a brief break, and mimes her to take a deep breath. Despite no longer having a mouth, Stephanie wills her muscles to suck in as much air as she can through her open windpipe. Seeing the girl’s chest rise, Quiet continues and breaks her sternum with a couple of blows with the back of her dagger, at which point she starts snipping off ribs with her bare hands, revealing the contents of Stephanie’s chest cavity. She rips out the lungs, and tears the heart and all the attached arteries loose as well. The only parts of the girl extending more than a few millimeters off the floor now are a pair of eyes, a brain, and a spine leading to her sex organs. Knowing she only has about a minute before she’ll lose consciousness, Quiet lays down her dagger, rams her fist into her girlfriend’s cunt and clamps her mouth onto the girl’s clit.

There’s nothing left but thought, sight and pleasure for Stephanie. She would scream in ectasy if she could, but all she can do is watch as her pussy and womb are fisted beyond any limits she assumed she had. Can she even cum like this? Well, she feels her cunt clamp down as much as it can around Quiet’s forearm as she literally punches against the bottom of her womb, and then feels her clit suckled and bitten and – ooh, there it is – ripped right off. There’s definitely some sort of lubricant now cascading down Quiet’s arm before she punches a hole straight through the womb, sending two ovaries flying. A last thought makes its way through her brain as her eyes start to glaze over:

“What a thrill…”

Feeling the spasming of the girl’s pussy slowly cease, Quiet cuts the destroyed sex organs off the skin before severing the connection to the spinal cord. She lifts the brain up into the air, letting the vertebrae slide off one by one like a macabre pearl necklace. She sorts everything into the appropriate piles before standing up and picking up the blanket of skin. It’s in pretty good state, and her girlfriend was quite cute. It could make a nice blanket, or a rug for her apartment. She rolls Stephanie up into a cylinder, starting with the feet. Once she has reduced her to a more manageable size, she looks down in annoyance. That was the one downside of her outfit: no storage space. She tears another hole in her pantyhose near her crotch, pushes aside her panties and slides the tube into her cunt, until it’s all the way inside, at which point she redoes her underwear. She fishes a few hundred-dollar bills out of her bra and tosses them on the floor for the cleaning lady’s trouble. Not exactly her cleanest kill ever, but definitely one of the funner ones.
R: 5 / I: 0

Sarah and Liz's feast (FF/F Vore/NC/Cannibalism/)

A wip story based on characters from another book I worked on years ago. Please let me know what you think! I wanted a story where what is seen as bad is good, and good as bad. Matter of persepctive I think.

But you can’t do this to me! The Latina screamed

Liz giggled at her lover as Sarah gave the delicious booty infront of them a hard smack.

Bon Appitit my love. Liz said seductively with a wicked grin.
Sarah smiled and opened her mouth wide. She then slowly lowered her head towards their meal and with a satisfying squishing sound sank her teeth into the supple ass flesh.
Aaagghghh stop please STOP! Screamed their meal as Sarah savored the morsel as the quaking ass flesh jostled around her jaws.

The coppery taste of blood and sweet taste of raw flesh filled sarah’s mouth as she forced her jaws deeper into her food, before ripping out a nice sized mouthful of ass.

Liz’s pussy wept as she found herself more turned on than she had ever been before in her life. The sight of the morsel inside of Sarahs gaping maw combined with their foods delicious screams nearly sent her over the edge right then and there. Sarah leaned in close and Liz locked her lips to Sarahs. Together the lovers passed the flesh between their mouths with their tongues, coating it in their saliva. By all rights under the sun the thing screaming below them had ceased mattering to the universe, and now only mattered to their rumbling stomachs, weeping pussys and soon to be filled colons.

As the two passionately kissed and took turns chewing on the same chunk of ass Sarah’s mind raced through how beautiful this moment was. She imagined the food soon to be snaking its way through her and her lovers bodies, turned into the shit that it deserved to be.

Then, liz broke off her kiss from her lover and swallowed the ass chunk.
Sarah grinned as she saw Liz’s throat bob and gave her lover a quick follow up kiss in response.

Liz then took her own bite, this time out of the foods right cheek, and Sarah did the same again to the left.
Sarah would one day recall this as being the most romantic moment that they two of them ever had, and Liz would agree.

The preys screams alternated between crescendos of high pitched begging for its life and plain almost animalistic howling.

The food tried to dislodge the humans from eating it alive but only succeeded in shaking its ass in an incredibly erotic way, fueling the womens appetite and lust. About five mouthfuls in Sarah noticed that the preys screams wernt as loud as before, and refused to let the food ruin their romantic mood, she needed music dammit, she needed it to scream!

Sarah then dug her nail into the foods clit, turning its screams into pure animal howls that shook the very room.

The beautiful music of screaming, chewing, smacking, the rending of ass flesh and the bouncing buttocks as they were devoured by them filled the room.

Liz then sank her teeth into its anus and tore it out, causing the foods eyes to go wide. She swished It around in her mouth and then pushed it to the front of her lips, to show Sarah. Sarah nearly doubled over laughing as the sight of the severed asshole between her lovers lips, but she was incredibly turned on by the sight.

To think that all of the foods track exercises and home cooked meals were just to satisfy the hunger of Sarah and Liz cannot be understated.
After liz had swallowed the anus, she let out a loud belch which caused Sarah to have a micro orgasm. Not to be outdone, Sarah tore out the biggest chunk of ass flesh yet and swallowed it whole, then followed it up with an ear piercing but cute as all hell burp. Their food started to show signs of weakening, so Liz nodded at her lover and got up from her feast and then positioned her ass directly infront of the foods face. The foods screams turned into wailing tears as it read what Sarah had tattooed to Liz’s ass, “Gateway to Heaven.” With an arrow from the tattoo to Liz’s anus.

“That is where you are going Natalie, not to heaven or hell, just oblivion and my anus. Your going to be nothing but shit. Food for people who actually deserve to live because they use their own bodies instea of living a lie.” Sarah couldn’t help herself and had a massive orgasm. The look on the foods face as it realized that its life was a lie and where it was headed broke it, and Sarah yelled out as she furiously rubbed her own pussy, “That’s right bitch, your going to be our shit, my shit, nothing but SHIT!”

Sarah had another orgasm that shot through her body.

Liz laughed at the preys furiously shaking its head no and added while slapping her own ass, “ Your also going to be extra fat and muscle. Food for women. It’s a shame that you abstained from sex, you will never how how good this feels.”

Liz then rubbed her ass in the foods face while furiously fingering herself.

The food realized, it had wasted its life, and was now about to go to waste itself. That final realization was what welcomed it into oblivion as it died from blood loss.

After it died, the lovers cut out the top of its skull and threw the brain into the toilet, before Sarah shit on it, liz pissed on it and they flushed it down the commode.
As her final act of revenge, Liz then shit the foods digested ass into it’s’ skull before replacing the cut off part. They would leave the rest for their Doberman, they wanted to feast on another ass tomorrow, this time they hoped it would be a catholic virgins.

Sarah shut off the camera recording the meal and added a really classical piece of music to it, another similar version was made this time with hard metal. She wanted to watch this with Liz when they both wanted to make love or furiously fuck. Either way, she was happy that they got the food to shake its ass as much as it did during the feast, it would drive them to orgasm for many years to come.
What would you like to see for part 2? Or the precurser to this, how would you like the latina to be described? Leave your thoughts below.
R: 6 / I: 0

Loli scat/execution

There hasn't actually been a lot of scat fics involving lolis (most of the ones here are made by Pottyboi). There are a few execution ones but they're too spread out across the board. Also try to post or link stories that are about the subject.
R: 3 / I: 0


I'm back from the dead with another self satisfactory story of major cunt slaying. No scat, no loli, just snuff of legal aged women. I suggest browsing affenknecht to understand the german lyrics at the end, because I used two Rammstein songs (Zerstoren and Puppe) to set the tone for the last chapter.
This is my magnum opus so far.

(shooting, flesh eating parasites, head bashing, death by corrosive cum, hard vore)


Blue… So bright and blue. A spotless summer sky. A sky is so barren that I wonder if this is just a dream. Maybe if I co-

“The room is ready, sir.” the lovely girl at the front desk interrupts.

I shift my gaze from the wall-sized windows and onto her petite frame, hidden behind a polka-dot shirt. “Yes, thank you darlin’.” I tell her in a calm and composed way, hiding my excitement.

“Thanks to our try-before-you-buy policy, you have five bunnies to test any toy in our shop. They’re carefully selected to offer best customer experience and will obey any – “

“I know, I know, I’ve seen the adds…” I interrupt… Giulia… or at least that’s what’s written on her nametag.

“Oh, sorry for my rambling on then, sir. Your room is 105B. Enjoy.” She says, twirling her hair.

I step right next to the desk and swipe my finger on the touchpad to confirm the room booking for the next two hours.

“Giulia, I’ll see you soon.” I say as I set her glasses straight.

She smiles and bites her lower lip, clearly enticed by the offer.

I leave Giulia to her business and head along the corridor to her right, following a crimson red carpet down a long hallway with rooms on both sides. The smooth metallic doors have each a number on them and a biometric scanner. I hear a long and highly pitched scream as I pass room 103B, though the rooms are sound insulated. The lack of windows and low-quality neon light gives me an anxiety I shouldn’t have, because, after all, I’m not the one in danger. 105B is to my left. I take a deep breath then place my hand on the door’s scanner. I wonder what bunnies I’ll have to play with. I wonder what toys they’ll have on offer. The door slides to the left – time to find out.

I’m immediately struck by the sight of five gorgeous snuff bunnies holding each other close together by the waist. I soak in the view from the doorstep. They each have a choker with their name on it, but I’m too far to read them. The one in the middle is a fiery hot Latina that’s only wearing some thigh-high socks, her nubile body on full display. To her left, a chestnut-haired girl with a body just as voluptuous, but covered with shorts and a shirt that barely contains her breasts. To her right, there’s a petite bleached blonde with an infectious smile, wearing just some pink bra, her cunt exposed. Immediately after the little blondie, there’s another adorable morsel, wearing a black see-through cloth leotard. Her tits aren’t big, but they’re very perky and immediately arouse me. I can’t properly tell if she’s of Asian or Caucasian descent, but she’s top notch. At the other extremity, there’s a busty… and somewhat decent looking ebony snuff bunny. Her huge tits are on full display, because the black-violet lingerie she’s wearing only covers her legs and stomach, supporting her humongous tits with a half-bra like structure.

“Come in sir! Come in and claim us!” they shout, prodding me to step inside and seal their fate.

The room is of a very simple, cubic design – with the door on the middle of my wall. From outside I can only see the hot bunnies and the glassy walls that are lit from behind with swirling pink and red patterns, meant of course, to arouse. I can’t tell if the floor is glass or some very polished alloy. I step inside, the door closing behind me. An irrational feeling of being trapped fleets across me, but I soon turn my head back to the door and see that I can open it just the same as I did before. The wall on the door’s side is of clear, well-lit aluminum and it’s straddled with a myriad of different toys.

“Any of those… and any of us, is at your disposal. We’re here for you to enjoy yourself.” One of the girls tells me, with a thick Spanish accent – probably the one in the middle.

I’m still in awe at the situation and my mind is intoxicated with dopamine. I notice there’s four columns on the wall: firearms, melee, gadgets and biological.

“Don’t be shy, let your imagination fly! We’re yours now.” Says another, with a slight Russian accent.

I turn back towards the wall of living human flesh and get closer. They’re all looking at me, smiling as if I’m here to fuck them to high heaven. Got to give it to them, they’re thoroughly programmed. I hope they’ll remain this co-operative.

“Well, before I mow you down with some high caliber explosive shells – you might as well introduce yourselves.” I tell them, even though I can read their choker nametags and that makes this introduction superfluous.

“I’m Sasha.” The cute one with puffy nipples on the right exclaims, lingering on the last sounds and twirls around, showing me her sizeable ass with her nimble hands. Her brown eyes are rather distant, but beautiful nonetheless and complementing her brown shoulder-length hair.

“I’d like to go violently… and fast.” She says, emphasizing violently and briefly lowering her leotard to expose her chest. I’ll keep her request in mind.
Seeing me look at her, the blondie right next to Sasha covers her pussy with her hands playfully and giggles.

“Elsa. I’m here for you… and only you.” She says and winks, fidgeting with her hands about her body.
She has a rose tattoo on her right hip. Her head is at my shoulder height and her small frame make her feel like a living toy – a cute toy with curly blond hair and a succulent pussy that’s waiting to be plucked.

“Megan. Pleased to be here for you! Can’t wait to get all of this destroyed!” she says, fondling her tits with one hand and rubbing her twat with the other.
This Latina sure is fiery and her enthusiasm will come in handy.

The next one in line, doesn’t say a word, instead she just strips of her shorts as she looks at me, revealing her shirt to be a leotard. Her green eye and well-proportioned body are ridiculously hot. Her nipples seem to be like volcano cones, though much flatter. It’ll be hard to decide how to properly end this gorgeous snuff bunny.

“You may call me Britney.” Says the last one to the left – joyfully jolting her massive milk jugs to the left and right.
Those tits are her only arousing body part, considering that her cunt looks like overdone jerky. I’ll have to update my client preferences after I’m done with her.


“Alright girls. I’ll go get some toys and we’ll see who goes first.” I say in a hurry to get things started and rush to the firearms section.

There’ almost every imaginable type of weapon, magnetically affixed to the wall: pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, high caliber snipers, some laser weapons and even a fire thrower. I don’t particularly like the smell of charred flesh inside closed rooms though and laser weapons lack any kick and sound – they don’t feel right. Britney will have to be dealt with in a more classical manner. I reach towards a 20-gauge Remington, synthetic skin. As I grab it, a small holographic video appears just in front of my eyes with someone showcasing the weapon with different types of ammo. The bunny in the video looks almost like Britney, but her face is more cute and her tits are smaller. She gets her left arm completely blown off with an explosive round, then her whole body is peppered with shrapnel as she’s shot dead center with pellets. The man in the video then puts two slugs right through her cunt, before loading flechettes to blast her tits away. She’s finished with an explosive round right into her mouth. The man then explains that the explosive rounds are safe to use because they are timed to explode after penetrating at least a few centimeters into flesh and the charge is only powerful enough to hurt soft tissue. That’s an obvious lie, considering you can blow arms off with those, but I’m sure Britney won’t object to that. I take a few of each round from a case that opened where the shotgun was and head over to the girls.

“Oh, oh. Girls - looks like we’re gonna have a blast!” exclaimed Megan as I neared the gaggle of girls.
I decide to tease Megan a little by rubbing the barrel between the creases of her cunt. She responds by biting her lips and giving a slight moan.

“Mhmm, yes. Yes, rub it in then fire your load. I know you’d like to.” She says, welcoming the cold steel into her sex.

“Sorry Megan, but this is reserved for another one of you…” I yank the deadly shotgun back and push Megan away.
They all gaze at me as if begging to be shot, to die fast and be done with it.

“Come on Britney… let’s get that weight off your chest.” I say, chambering a 4 rounds clip of flechettes and taking the brown skinned bimbo in my sights.
She freezes for a second, knowing that her time is nigh.

“Come on, up against the wall and start dancing.” I say, slapping her ass with the barrel so she gets unstuck.

“Of course, sir.” She says and pits her body against the glass wall at the back of the room, then begins to do her routine – squatting, jiggling her tits and massaging her voluptuous body. A vulgar, yet arousing dance.

“Alright girls – stay back so you don’t get hurt… heh. “ I say to the others.

“But isn’t that why we’re here?” Elsa asks mischievously.

“You’ll get your turn soon enough. Now let’s watch Britney’s tits pop.” I say, putting the iron sights on the brown brunette’s milk jugs as they jolt up and down.
She’s waiting to be surprised as she’s looking straight ahead, while I’m aiming from her side. Her tits are big enough to be hit from several meters away, but the motion makes it difficult to get a properly centered shot. I follow up and down with the barrel, adapting to her rhythm.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH” a most melodious scream echoes in the room after the blast.

The girls, looking at her from the front – gasp half horrified, half aroused. Britney’s left tit had exploded in a shower of blood and fatty chunks, sliced by the miniscule knives inside the round – each carving it’s way through her tit like a hot knife through butter. It looks as if a big wild beast has torn a chunk right off her voluptuous soft udder. Her other tit has a similar, but smaller chunk missing from the front. No one could tell where her nipples went, but they most certainly aren’t in one piece anymore. Britney, still screaming from the shock, clutches her flayed chest and tries to find her tits, but only finds bloody exposed tissue there. Fortunately, this wound isn’t even close to mortal.

“A powerful weapon. Very good.” I remark satisfied.

I decide that her chest isn’t yet done, so I take aim at her petite arms that are clutching at the gore atop her ribs.

Britney probably doesn’t have her lungs full this time – because her scream is much delayed. The deadly metal passes through the delicate tendons of her arms unabated, ripping what was left of her right breast right off and tearing her arms apart. She holds them in front of her face, unimaginable pain flooding her nervous system as some of her fingers are missing and her left hand is barely holding on to the arm. At this realization, Britney breaks any conditioning she had left and starts running like a headless chicken, towards the other members of her flock, trying perhaps to hide behind them.



“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH” she screams, as she tumbles forwards, her ankle blown away.

“Bad girl Britney. I didn’t say you could run…” I tell her as I approach, a shot still left in the chamber.

“No, no, no, no, no, I don’t want to die… please, come on…. Please… don’t…. Sir?!” she pleads.

“Oh… you won’t. Not yet.” I tell her and lower the barrel towards her cunt.

She starts crying and holds her stubbed left hand in front of her pussy.

“It won’t make a difference.” I say as I take a shot straight into her cunt from a 45 degrees angle.

The flechettes tear through her womb mercilessly – after all, they’re pieces of metal, and metal doesn’t feel what Britney feels. I wouldn’t have fucked her before, but now as she is laying on her back with her bleeding cunt torn open – not even horny dogs would fuck her. Somewhat reveling in her screams, I kick her mangled cunt with my mighty foot, prodding another wave of screams from her. I examine the damage the bullets have done while she simmers down her screams. It looks like she is going to beg again, so I load one more flechette round.

As soon as she opens her mouth, I cut her short with another bullet – this time to her throat. She tries to say something, to scream maybe, but she’s only making some gurgling noises and spitting some blood. She’ll be dead within a few seconds. Not waiting for that to happen, I grab her mutilated foot and begin dragging her towards the northern left corner where a disposal trap door lies.

The door automatically opens and swallows Britney whole. She falls down like a bag of groceries, unceremoniously dying on her way down to some meat grinder.

As I turn to the others, I can see their enthusiasm has faltered somewhat and Elsa even gulps.

“Aw, don’t worry. I won’t kill you all so heartlessly as I did with Britney." I say as I deposit the gun back on the wall. "I just didn’t like her.”

“Don’t worry about hurting us, like… really, really bad. It’s what we’re here for.” Little blondie Elsa assures me. Her squeaky voice and cute face are very enticing.

“Yeah, it’s totally cool if you shred our cunts, mangle our breasts or blow our heads off… heck, even chop us up with a machete.” Megan joins her.

“You could even skin us and take our pelts home to use as rugs…” adds Natasha.

“Oh no, you’re starting to have fantasies already! I’ll see what is in store at the gadgets and biological sections.”

Sure, I could beat their soft bodies to a pulp, I could slice and dice them like veggies for a salad, but I wouldn’t need any fancy toys for such methods. I wouldn’t need a visit to a fancy shop to do that. I’m here to buy some actual toys, so it’s time to browse some warez.

There sure are a lot of interesting toys in here: cunt shredding dildos, automated skinning knives, vulva extractors, head openers, shaped explosives, plenty of acid and melting related toys and even old school stuff like pears of anguish and breast rippers, the modern version of the pear is also present in the form of a Dolcett™
Cunt Grinder Power Drill.

Hmm, the Pain-Pleasure Converter implant – wonder how that works… The demo video shows a man slapping this to a tiny Asian’s neck, as she’s strapped to a punching bag. He of course proceeds to punch the living hell out of that tiny naked cunt, but she seems to enjoy it, moaning with pleasure instead of screaming. Her body gets pummeled more and more and she’s quivering from the pleasure. The video goes on for a few more minutes, but it’s clear what this device does. I skip to the end just to see how the tiny Asian gets her head bashed in with a bat. Neat. I’ll take it.

To my left I notice a weird can with a danger sign on it. ‘F.E.H. – Flesh Eating Horrors’. There isn’t any video on it, but I suppose it’s self-explanatory. The instructions say I should first spray myself with the included repellant, otherwise I would be fair game too. ‘Laboratory designed creatures are extremely vicious - it’s recommended the body of the target be destroyed along with the parasites, as to avoid contamination of nearby area.’ is also written on the box. I think I know who I’ll use this on.

The Werewolf Package. Now what the fuck is this? The description reads: ‘Ever wondered how it feels to rip and tear your target, to bite their flesh and bash their skulls with bestial vigor? This package contains all that you’ll need for that: a digestive enzyme enhancer for human flesh, a strength and aggression enhancer and a set of attachable claws and teeth made of bio-material.’ The demo video is a rather corny POV of some dude stalking a well-endowed babe walking through some woods. The description also states that the drugs induce a bloodthirst that’s almost uncontrollable. Might use this at the end.


I could browse all day, but I shouldn’t keep the girls waiting. I grab a knife and the FEH jar and head over to the gaggle of girls.

“What’s in the box?” asks Sasha, head tucked in and looking at me with a devious stare.
The girls are gathered around me. They’re a very hot ensemble. I could have a nice little orgy with all of them, but that’s not their purpose as snuff bunnies.

“Something nasty. I bet they’ll like you, though, so no worries.” I say, opening the first lid.
There’s the repellant spray. I take it and douse myself from head to toe. It’s odorless, but I bet the creatures won’t like it. They’re also supposed to be activated by the smell of blood, so the knife should come in handy. I look around to choose my target. Elsa is too tiny and hasn’t any tits, so the creatures would make quick work of her. Sasha seems a good choice, but I think I’ll save her for some other toy. Now… Leah and Megan, those are some tasty treats. They both have ample breasts and plump asses.

“Megan, you’re up.” I zero in on the Latina.

“Up for what?” she giggles innocently.
I pocket the jar and step up to her.

“You have amazing tits - you know that?” I tell her as I softly squeeze her breasts with both hands. She giggles and smiles as she plays with her hair with one hand and rubs her twat with the other.

My left hand coils around her neck while my other hand slides down to her navel piercing. The other girls might see what’s coming, but Megan is staring at me doe eyed and oblivious.

“AARGH” she quickly screams as I yank the piercing out of her navel, along with a small chunk of her belly.

“Sorry, but we’ll have to make some… new holes. They’ll love it this way.” I tell Megan and she resumes composure.

“Of course. But what’s wrong with my pussy, though? Won’t they like that too?”

“Nothing wrong with it. We’ll just have to season it a bit.” I say, pulling out a 10cm hunting knife, sharp on one side and serrated on the other.

“Oh… I see.” She stops masturbating, clearing the area for me to go in, while she backs up to pleasuring her tits.

I kneel to take a better look at her gorgeous pinkish brown vulva. I dig in a few fingers and rub her clit for a few seconds, giving her some last moments of pleasure. Her moans of satisfaction are short lived, however, as I retract my fingers and push the knife inside her vagina, serrated edge up. Megan’s scream is blood curdling as her labia and clit are sliced through. The quick thrust has the desired effect of getting some blood flow, but it’s not satisfactory. Pulling back the knife, I grab her whole protruding vulva and pull towards me. Before Megan can recover from her initial shock, I quickly cut off her entire pussy entrance and yank it out, leaving a bloody gushing wound. It doesn’t look fuckable anymore, but the FEH will enjoy it, I’m sure. I throw her skinned pussy towards the disposal chute.

“Now that’s some good blood flow! Good girl Megan! Time for your meat balloons!” I say as I drag the knife up from below, along her body – cutting a skin- deep trail.

“I-I-It hurtsssss. It hurts v-v-very bad. Please… “. She pleads.

I jab the knife inside Megan’s right tit from below, halfway. I then turn the knife inside her breast a few times and strongly squeeze her udder. Blood and screams flow out in equal amounts, staining her chest. For the other breast, I decide to peel the skin entirely. I start with a small incision at the base and work my way around Megan’s left tit with surgical precision, while she holds herself as steady as she can. I’ll probably tie her hands and feet when I’ll put in the FEH.

“Just a few more cuts and I’ll hand you over to the little creatures.” I say, and slide my hand under her left tit’s skin, feeling the soft bloody fat.

I rub my way around her nipple, separating the flesh from skin, until my hand isn’t pressed down anymore. I pull the skin right off her tit, along with the nipple – leaving just exposed bulbs of fat tightly clumped together with mammary glands. I pocket her breast skin as it would make a unique condom.

“Alright. Leah and Sasha, tie her hands behind and her feet together, while I get the Flesh Eating Horrors.”

As I say this, the girls immediately comply and Megan begins sobbing. She doesn’t resist being tied, but it’s clear she would have preferred a quicker death. Sucks to be her. The jar seems already to be vibrating with action, the monsters sensing her blood. I take the metal lid off and peek inside. They weren’t joking when they called these horrors. They look like some oversized brown scaly sperm cells, with a spiky tail and tiny feet on the main body. The mouth at the front is absolutely choke full of tiny teeth. I’m a bit skeptical about touching these with my bare hands. I could just dump the jar inside her cunt…

To my amazement, when I bring my hand over the jar, the tiny horrors stop squirming and calm down, almost to a sleep. The spray must be working. Fine… I grab one by the tail.

“Here we go Megan. Where do you want it?” I ask, giving her the courtesy of a choice.

The despair on her face is palpable as she squirms on the floor, blood flowing from all over her body. Her exposed tits flop around quite sexy and I feel like stomping them, but I restrain myself and bring the creature closer.

“Right. It’s a hard choice, so I’ll help you with that.” I say as I place the creature atop her skinned breast.

As I let it go, it immediately reanimates and begins squirming on Megan’s flesh, until it chomps into her tit and enters inside. Megan’s screams are praise-worthy – she’s really giving us a macabre operetta. I add two more FEHs on her left tit and one right on top of her other breast, on the nipple. It immediately starts to chew into it, its myriad little teeth ripping and tearing the flesh jelly. Within a matter of seconds, they’re all inside her tits, eating their way through. I wonder how they can eat so much for their body size…

There’s still plenty of little horrors in the jar, so I pick up an entire handful and place them atop Megan’s gushing cunt. They slither inside in a manner that makes even my skin crawl. I wonder how long it’ll take them to make Megan pass out. The FEHs flood her uterus, chomping at it’s walls and causing massive bleeding on their rampage. I place a few more atop her navel. Now her torso is literally an all-you-can-eat buffet for the creatures. I see them slithering under her skin, getting close to the surface, then tunneling back down. It’s a pretty horrible way to die, but it isn’t very flashy on the outside.

I decide it’s time to hasten her demise so I lean over to her wailing little head.

“Shh, it’s okay. You’ll be dead within a minute or so. It’s ok.” I comfort her and caress her head.

Without warning, I quickly stab her right eye with the knife, from the side. A quick turn and it pops right out. I put two more FEHs right into her bloody eye socket. They quickly get inside her skull and start eating at her brain. It makes for an incredible performance as she begins to spasm and thrash uncontrollably. She even manages to break her hands free from the restraints by dislocating her joints and having her hand degloved by the wires. She reaches into her socket with the bloody and bony hands, but they’re already inside – eating at her, at what gives her the experience of consciousness.

Suddenly, Megan stops squirming, her screams simmer down and she just stares blankly at the ceiling with her remaining eye. She has most definitely expired. I’ll get a jar of this stuff for when one of my servant girls fails me… repeatedly.

Depositing Megan’s body along with the remaining FEHs in the corpse-chute, I turn towards the others. Only three remain now.


“Well. Who wants to go next?” I ask as if nothing bad had happened to Megan.

Leah is silent as always, staring at me with her emerald green eyes and chiseled, smiling face, wearing her pink leotard. She’s very pretty like that. I’m even tempted to buy her out of this room. Sasha and Elsa both look uncomfortable after seeing how Megan and Britney died.

“I… I’ll go next.” The little blonde doll replies and steps out of the bunch.

“You’re a brave girl, Elsa. Of course, bravery should be rewarded – so you’ll go out feeling good. Here, put this at the back of your neck, on your spine. It’s a Pain-Pleasure Converter.” I say, giving her the implant.

As she puts it on. I return to the toys panel.

Something catches my eye. Some gibberish Chinese characters are inscribed on top of another mysterious orange double jar. Thankfully, the description is readable. ‘C3: Caustic Cum Cream. Apply to the snuff bunny, then cum on her or in her. Caution: do not come into contact when the two are mixed. Apply spray if you are in contact with said mixture.’ There’s no further explanation and the ingredient list is also in ching-chong. Oh well, sounds good enough.

I go over to Elsa who has installed her implant.

“I’m not sure it’s working, have I put it in correctly?” she asks me as if she were a dumb child that can’t properly pull on some clothes.

“Only one way to find out.” I say and plant a kick right into her snatch.
I would have expected the blow to cripple her with pain, considering she was lifted in the air for a bit with the kick, but…

“Oh yeah… That’s… Ahh, yeah. That felt sooo good! Hit me again, sir, please!” she responded, visibly pleased by her pussy getting squashed.
Deciding to indulge her, I rip off her bra and slap her tits as hard as I can – making the little fatty mounds tremble. She moans again, so I decide to stop and get on with rubbing that C3 on her.

“Oh, please. Don’t stop there! Hit those puppies some more! Tear them apart!” she barks like a bitch in heat.

At this point, physical punishment for her obnoxiousness seem like a bad idea. I open the C3 jar, get some of that weird chemical stuff on and begin rubbing it all over little Elsa. The box also has some neutralizing spray, in case I get it on myself. I’ll hold that nearby.

“That feels good too – but not as good as getting a kick in my pussy.”

“You’ll get something in your pussy in a second, just have some patience, you dirty little cock-sleeve.” I say, rubbing some C3 inside her and then thoroughly massaging her tiny nubile frame. I finish applying it by rubbing some over her cute face and neck.

Time to fuck her tight little pussy and see if it kills her. I unzip my trousers and let out my massive member. I could probably break through her cervix if I slam her hard enough, but that would also hurt me. She stares at my cock, gasping.

I kick her in the chest and she falls down. Pouncing on her from above, I knead her breasts with a few solid punches, making her damn near orgasm before penetration. I grasp her tiny ass and lift it up a bit – lining up her cunt.

“Here we go.” I say as my dick spreads her labia and makes its way inside her warm pussy that’s dripping with juices.

Her tight cunt has an amazing grip as I slide back and forth, rhythmically pounding the tiny little blonde doll as she smiles and moans.

“Nice and deep, nice and deep, nice and fucking deep! Yeah! Tear my tits apart! Please hurt me! Hurt me somehow!” she begs as I intensify my onslaught.

Deciding to oblige, I take out the knife again and grab a hold of her tiny right tit. A quick stab at the base and a few forceful yanks - a big chunk of what was her breast is now just meat in my hands. This quickly made her quiver and her pussy clenched even harder on my shaft. I throw the slab of meat away and stab her right in the belly, a mere few centimeters from where her womb is. She orgasms like crazy and it feels like she’s about to rip my cock off. I cum, unloading a first jet straight into her womb. I pull out immediately and spurt all over her belly, torso. She lifts herself up on the elbows and I paint her face full with what’s left. She’s now probably dead, but she doesn’t know it yet. A beautiful blonde doll, drenched in cum.

I begin feeling my dick burning, so I quickly douse it off with the spray, which relieves the pain immediately. Elsa’s skin on the other hand begins to turn red on the cum-covered spots and around. Blood rivulets form along her skin as it seems to dissolve. She screams with pleasure as the cum catalyzes an extremely caustic reaction. Elsa quickly begins rubbing the cum all over her body, causing her skin to corrode. She looks as if she received a huge dose of radiation on the spots that the cum touched. Her face is now red and bits of skin are falling off as she rolls on the floor. It seems that even though the implant makes her feel pleasure instead of pain, her body is still in shock from the physiological devastation.

“Yes, yes, yes. This feels so good, so good. Yes, yes, yes, God yes, please, more!” she yells as she’s tumbling on the floor, painting it red wherever she goes – like a meat brush.

Her mouth and nose cartilage are now almost fully molten, and I’m unable to tell whether she’s screaming from pleasure or actual pain. She starts crawling towards me on all four of her damaged limbs. As she does, her bowels fall out onto the floor, along with what was left inside her womb. Her screams are now distorted as the C3 solution got to her vocal cords. It’s only safe to say that she wants more pain… or maybe just the quiet solace of death. I pet her pleading head as she’s standing at my feet for a while. Then I stomp on it with my hard shoe – bashing her head on the cold metal floor. Her skull cracks at this first bash, but she’s still alive, so I raise my foot again.

“Goodbye Elsa.” I say as I stomp through her petite head.

Bits of her brain and skull now smear my shoe – guess I’ll have to get a new pair. It’ll probably be more expensive than Elsa’s life. I make sure she’s dead with another stomp that further shards her skull and displaces whatever matter is left inside her head. I leave her body to dissolve on the floor.

Sasha and Leah

My two favorites are left now. Time for some carnage.

“Alright darlings, you can lose those leotards, you won’t need them.” I tell them as I head over to get the Werewolf Package.

I summon the room’s control panel and make sure it was and is recording, then lose my clothes. Looking behind me, I see Sasha waiting for me, see-through leotard still on, while Leah’s longing gaze almost mesmerizes me. I take the digestive enzyme, physical enhancer and aggression pills. I equip the claws and teeth prosthesis – they’re made with a special epoxy so that they mold right onto my natural teeth and nails.

I feel ferocious, deadly… my already athletic body turned into a proper killing machine. The effects of the drugs are starting to take effect and I feel my senses sharpening. I hear Sasha’s and Leah’s hearts pumping – harder and harder. I can also smell Elsa’s melting carcass – not very pleasant. While I’m still not overcome by the bloodlust, I go to the console and put on Rammstein Zerstören and Puppe.

As I turn towards the two, Sasha starts stripping, moving perfectly to the song intro. She twirls left and right, hands smoothly emphasizing the curves of her delicious body. Soon she takes down the top half of her leotard, fully displaying her enormous puffy nipples that sit atop her nubile breasts. I feel the bloodthirst rising, I feel the urge to overpower her and feast on her chest, but it’s not boiling point yet. She continues to sway her hips left and right, putting on a show and getting me even more intoxicated. Now she has shed her leotard. Her pussy and big ass beckon to me. I let her do one more pirouette, then follow the lyrics.

Meine Sachen will ich pflegen - I hungrily pounce on her and pin her down
Den Rest in Schutt und Asche legen - I growl at her as I pin her down
Zerreißen zerschmeißen – I sink my teeth into her juicy tits and rip them open; she screams along with the moans in the song
Zerdrücken zerpflücken – I rip open her belly and continue to tear away at her entrails
Ich geh am Gartenzaun entlang – I chew her chest as I watch into her pleading eyes
Wieder spür ich diesen Drang – She cries, furthering my bloodthirst
Ich muss zerstören – I begin penetrating her cunt with my stiff member

I continue pounding my prey while she struggles and cries, her beautiful face contorted with abject horror.

''Ich nehme eure Siebensachen – I rip her right arm away, continuing to pound her
''Werde sie zunichte machen – I begin chomping on it, swallowing big chunks and shredding bone
Zersägen zerlegen – My claws shred the flesh of her buttocks as I close to orgasm
Nicht fragen zerschlagen - I cum inside Sasha - my claws ripping away big chunks of her round firm ass
Und jetzt die Königsdisziplin – I now fix my eyes on her neck
Ein Köpfchen von der Puppe ziehen – I bite down as hard as I can
Verletzen zerfetzen zersetzen – I tear away at her neck
Zerstören – Another bite, chomping through her arteries
Doch es darf nicht mir gehören – The third bite forces its way through her neck
Ich muss zerstören – I rip tiny little Sasha’s head off and begin eating it

I growl like a wild beast as I crack open her skull with my bare hands and start eating Sasha’s brain. She tastes very good. I throw away the top piece of her skull along with her hair and continue to feast on her body. The cunt is still very much intact – can’t let such a delicacy go to waste. I take her whole vulva in one bite. It feels like rare beef, but tastes even better.

The song reaches its creepy end and I am reminded that there’s another morsel left in the room. Scanning the room, I notice Leah huddling in a corner, scared. She’s naked, vulnerable and fully aware of what I could do to her. I leave Sasha’s corpse to rest as the next song begins: Puppe.

The song begins slowly so I approach in the same tone – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“Don’t worry, Leah. I won’t hurt you now.” I say, wondering if it’s a lie or not.

“You’re too beautiful to be eaten like that, don’t worry.” I say, caressing her head and looking down into her beautiful green eyes.

“Come on, no reason to afraid.” I say, raising her up.

I kiss her and begin softly fondling her amazing tits. My right hand goes down to snatch gently rubs her clit with the back of the fingers so as to not cut her with the claws. I stop kissing. She’s more relaxed now, almost unafraid – but she knows her death is certain, her position as a snuff bunny ensures that, whether by my hand or another man’s. I look tenderly into her eyes and feel conflicted. She’s beautiful enough to be one of my house girls. But…

“Please… Just do it.” she murmurs softly, resigned.

I embrace her in my arms. The song reaches the high point.

Und dann reiß' ich der Puppe den Kopf ab
Dann reiß' ich der Puppe den Kopf ab
Ja, ich beiß' der Puppe den Hals ab
Es geht mir nicht gut

Ich reiß' der Puppe den Kopf ab
Ja, ich reiß' der Puppe den Kopf ab
Und dann beiß' ich der Puppe den Hals ab
Es geht mir nicht gut … nein


“So, how was your session?” asks Giulia in her black on white polka dot shirt.

“Fantastic. You have a very good variety of toys. I hope you’ll send me the recording of my session along with the receipt. I’m buying a dozen Pain-Pleasure Converter implants, five F.E.H jars, five C3 Jars and two Werewolf Packages. Actually, add in one Cunt Shredder Power Drill and a dozen Dolcett™ Remote Shaped Charges too.” I say, pulling out my omnitool to pay.

“That’ll be $14958, sir.”

“Ah, good. Then I’ll also buy you.” I tell Giulia decidedly.

“Oh…? Me? I’m not for sale.” She protests.

“Sure you are. Let me just make a quick call to Carl, the owner of this here fine establishment.” I say and dial in on an old friend.

I hand Carl over to Giulia.

“Yes sir. What? No! Of course! Yes. Have a good day… sir.” She hangs up.

“I trust the issue has been resolved, yes?” I ask the girl that’s now hyper-ventilating over what’s happening.

“Yes, of course. You’ll get your order along with me at a discount, for just $13999.” She says, not believing the words leaving her mouth.

“Good. Very good, my sweet Giulia. Don’t worry your pretty little head, I’m only asking for you because I like you.” I calm her a bit.

“S-so you won’t kill me like you did… like you did with the five snuff bunnies?” she asks sheepishly.

“Well, are you a snuff bunny?” I retort.

“No. I’m a model employee I’m a good citizen and hard-working girl. I… “ she rationalizes.

“Well then you’ve nothing to fear. I just want to have someone as attractive as you with me for tonight. I can’t bear being alone in my big old house. Is that okay with you?” I ask, though not really giving a fuck.

“As long as you don’t use what you’ve bought on me… s-s-sure.” She tries to reach for some mental safety by negotiating.

“Of course. Now let’s go. Garrus, my valet is waiting outside.” I say and leave the shop, smiling and with Giulia in tow.

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Chloé's Graduation Party (Miraculous Ladybug, Noncon, Cannibalism, Snuff, Public, Bondage)

=Chloé's Graduation Party=
Tags: Miraculous Lady Bug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Cannibalism, Snuff, Non-Consensual, Humiliation, Slavery, Bondage, Complete
All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

“Alright Marlena, we have a deal. Let me just get Marinette for you and- Oh! Marinette you have excellent timing! Come here for a second will you? Marlena and I have something to tell you.”

Marinette blinked. Her dad was smiling, though he still looked looked fairly serious, and Alya's mom looked almost ecstatic. She wondered what was happening, but given their expressions, it couldn't be bad news.

“Sure! What's going on, dad?” Marinette asked cheerfully.

“Well, honey? Marlena here just offered your mom and I enough money that we can move into a bigger house and expand the shop!” Tom Dupain announced cheerfully.

Marinette's eyes opened wide in shock, her jaw dropping at the news. “That's great dad!” she announced before she really thought over what her dad had declared. “Wait,” Marinette's brow furrowed thoughtfully, “Alya and her family aren't any better off than we are? How'd Alya's mom get the money and why is she giving it to us?”

“Well,” Marinette's dad started slowly, “Marlena's not giving it to us, she's using it to buy something from us. And it's not her money, it's the money her boss gave her to buy what she needed.”

“Her boss?” Alya's mom worked as a chef for Le Grand Paris hotel, the hotel owned and run by the mayor of Paris; André Bourgeois, the father of Chloé Bourgeois. “What did Chloé's dad want from you and mom that was worth enough to buy a bigger house and shop?”

Marlena was clearly letting Marinette's dad take the lead in explaining things, and having met the incredibly outgoing older woman many times while visiting Alya's house? That fact was causing a seed of unease to sprout in Marinette's stomach.

“Well, as you know, Marlena's a chef, and her boss gave her some money to buy an ingredient from us.” Tom replied.

An ingredient? Marinette's family sold bread. The ingredients for bread were all fairly cheap. Even the ingredients for pastries weren't all that more expensive? Nothing they had on hand that Marinette knew about was expensive enough to buy a new house if they sold it…

The uneasy feeling in Marinette's stomach grew stronger.

“Dad, what did you sell Alya's mom? She can buy flour anywhere, and it isn't anywhere near enough to justify paying enough for us to move?” Marinette asked, nervously.

“Well, the mayor's daughter; your classmate, Chloé? She's going to be throwing a big graduation party for your whole class tonight since you've all finished school, and she's very particular about what she wants to serve. Normally I wouldn't even consider selling it, but since Marlena and her daughter have been such good friends of ours and since Marlena's offered more than a fair price, I decided to agree to the deal,” Tom explained, and Marinette's stomach dropped.

With Chloé involved it wasn't a good sign that Alya's mom had come here to Marinette's house wanting to buy her ingredient. Especially if she was willing to pay a premium for it. Chloé practically ran on ego-centrism and spite, and if there was one person she disliked the most out their class it was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Marinette's mind raced as she tried to figure out what Chloé's play was. She usually only stepped in to Ruin Marinette's own plans, or to overtly snub her. But Marinette hadn't promised to bake anything for the class as a graduation gift, so taking the shop's ingredients made no sense! If Chloé had overheard Marinette promising to give a gift to Adrien it might have made sense for her to buy it out from under her; but Marinette wasn't planning anything like that and Marinette didn't have anything edible of value for Chloé to be coveting…

Marinette's breath hitched as she thought back over the past few days for any clue as to Chloé's plans and remembered a clue. Chloé and Sabrina had been as thick as thieves recently, which was nothing unusual; but they'd been huddling secretively around a magazine and that had made Marinette curious enough to check in on it.

Viande de Femme. That was the name of the magazine.

Marinette had dismissed it at the time as Chloé and Sabrina ogling the pretty girls inside the girlmeat magazine, but… what if they weren't? What if…

“Dad… did you… The ingredient that Alya's mom wanted, it wasn't… me was it?” Marinette asked, feeling more nervous than she'd ever felt before in her entire life.

Alya's mom laughed, a wide smile on her face. “Oh Marinette, you have no idea how glad I am that you figured it out on your own. Your father wanted to tell you himself, but I was worried that if he took any longer to say it, that we'd still be standing here tomorrow having missed the party entirely!”

“I just wanted to break it to her softly,” Marinette's father muttered in protest, but even he looked a little more relieved now that the cat was out of the bag.

“You sold me?” Marinette gasped, not quite understanding what was happening. “You… you really sold me?”

“Well, between the money we'll save on your college and the price that Marlena offered for you, it's more than enough for your mom and I to get a better house and expand the business. And besides, Alya and her mom have been such good friends for so long… not to mention that it is for your school graduation party. Chloé invited your entire class! So it's not as if you're going to be cooked for strangers,” Marinette's dad explained.

“She didn't invite me,” Marinette muttered mutinously.

“Well of course not sweetie,” Alya's mom smiled. “You don't invite the meat to a party! You just have to buy it.”

“Me,” Marinette clarified. “You had to buy me. Why me?”

Alya's mom nodded. “I did. Chloé was very insistent on what she wanted me to serve at tonight's party. You'll have to ask her why though.” Marlena paused. “I will say that Chloé definitely made a good choice when she picked you to cook though! I've been thinking about asking your dad to let me cook you for months now. I even have a few plans sketched out for you! So don't worry, you're going to taste wonderful tonight!”

“Now, Marinette,” Tom cut in before his daughter could reply. “I want you to cooperate for Marlena and Chloé, okay? They paid more than a fair price for you, so I don't want to hear about you giving them any trouble or running away. Your mom and I are in full agreement on this, and if you try to escape and come back home, we're just going to call Marlena up to come retrieve you, okay?”

Marinette's heart sunk at her father's declaration. This was real. He'd actually sold her! And now? Now she was going to end up as the main course at Chloé's graduation party with all her friends from school invited!

“Oh Marinette! You have no idea how happy I am that your dad decided to sell you to me,” Alya's mom practically bubbled with excitement. “My car is right outside. Come on, there's no need to pack. We need to hurry, Chloé wanted to talk to you before I start cooking, and there's more than enough meat on you that I'll need all the time I can get to have you ready for the party!”

Her head slung low, Marinette followed her soon-to-be-chef. After all, She'd bought her, and it wasn't like Marinette would be able to hide from Alya's mom at her best friend's house… After all, it was Marlena's house too! And… with everyone else invited to the graduation party by Chloé; Marinette had the incredible sinking feeling that the rest of the class would be too busy, or… god forbid, maybe even exited, to let her hide out with them.


“Alright! Here we are! With more than enough time for you and your friend Chloé to have your talk before it's time to cook you. Just remind her to bring you down to the kitchen once she's done with you, okay?” Marlena chirped enthusiastically as she opened the door to Chloé's room and gently placed her hand on the small of Marinette's back and pushed her inside.

The door locked behind her with an ominous click.

“Dupain-Cheng!” Marinette could hear the smug joy in Chloé's voice as she walked into the room. “Marlena actually managed to do it,” the blonde brat marveled. “You know, my father would never sell me as an ingredient. Especially not for the pocket change I ended up giving Marlena to spend on you. I guess your dad just realized that you're more useful as the main course for my party than you could ever be alive!” Chloé finished with a smirk.

“Why are you doing this Chloé?” Marinette asked, desperate for some reason, something that would make sense of her situation.

“Isn't it obvious?” Chloé asked with what seemed like genuine confusion. “I wanted the whole class to be able to celebrate our graduation with something really special. There were other options of course, lamb, beef, duck, all kinds of other meats, but I think you'll agree that none of those are anywhere near as special as the opportunity to enjoy girlmeat,” Chloé stated. “Especially when it's a girl that they know,” Chloé finished with a smile.

“But why me?” Marinette asked, desperate to make sense of what was happening to her.

“It had to be you,” Chloé stated with confidence. “I may not like everyone else in the class, but they all deserved to graduate. They put the effort in. They came to school, and did the work. You're just an air-headed girl with dreams above your station who would have never done anything of worth with your life if not for me giving you this opportunity.”

Chloé paused, her smile growing malicious. “You really should be thanking me, Dupain-Cheng. I'm giving you an opportunity to actually make people happy instead of wasting your life with your stupid fantasies about fashion and Adrien. The entire class is looking forward to eating you, you know. I told them you volunteered, which, you practically did! Skipping class! Forgetting your homework! Being so incredibly self-righteous and obnoxious as you went around trying to steal my Adrien? You were practically begging for this Dupain-Cheng. Even your father realized it! After all, he did end up selling you, didn't he?”

Chloé's verbal assault left Marinette reeling. That was why Chloé had bought her? That was why she was going to have Marinette's best friend's mom snuff and cook her!? Because she missed a few classes and assignments and had a crush on Adrien!?

“You can't do this,” Marinette protested feebly.

“Can't I?” Chloé asked amused. “I bought you fair and square, Dupain-Cheng. And Sabrina's father is well aware of that fact. There's no use fighting it. You won't be getting out of this alive, so why don't you just relax and enjoy yourself?” Chloé suggested playfully. “I know I'm looking forward to tonight, there's no reason you can't be too.”

Marinette was in shock. Her entire world was falling down around her, her mind was racing! And trapped in this room with Chloé Bourgeois? Marinette felt like nothing so much as a mouse standing paralyzed in place in front of a playful kitten.

Chloé had managed to walk up to her while they were talking and Marinette hadn't even noticed. She barely resisted as Chloé removed her gray jacket and started on her shirt.

“Be still, Dupain-Cheng,” Chloé ordered as Marinette squirmed. “I want to see what I paid for. You're mine now, you can at least follow orders. It'll make this much more enjoyable for both of us, I promise,” Chloé finished almost soothingly.

Marinette stopped squirming. She didn't know why, she couldn't justify it to herself, but she stopped anyway, stopped resisting entirely as Chloé Bourgeois lifted Marinette's peony-patterned shirt over her head revealing the simple white bra that the blue-haired girl used to support her modest breasts.

“You certainly don't have much to offer in the chest department, do you Dupain-Cheng?” Chloe asked as she removed Marinette's bra, setting her small breasts free. Marinette's breasts were small but perky; her nipples were pert and cute. Chloé saw none of that, or… perhaps she ignored it. “God, even Sabrina has a better rack than you do! You're lucky our class is small, Dupain-Cheng. You wouldn't be enough to feed the whole class if there were any more of us, not with that tiny chest of yours.”

Marinette felt hurt by Chloé's words, and she couldn't even figure out why! She'd always been satisfied with her bust. It fit her petite frame. She didn't want a chest big enough to feed the whole class! But… somehow, despite all that? Chloé's insults hurt. She wanted to prove her wrong; which was ridiculous! Marinette didn't want to be meat, and now she was upset that Chloé Bourgeois, the girl who had spent enough money for her parents to afford a new house just so that she could cook her, was insulting the quality of her meat!? It was ridiculous! It made no sense!

But Marinette couldn't stop feeling it despite that.

Chloé had dropped Marinette's simple white bra on the floor while the blue-haired girl was lost in thought and was now unbuttoning the front button of her pink jeans and lowering the zipper to reveal her favorite pair of panties.

“Pink and blue polka-dots?” Chloé asked with disdain. “Really, Dupain-Cheng? And you think you have enough of a fashion sense to be a designer? They don't even match your bra!” Chloé snorted in derision. “Not that it'll matter after tonight, but you really should dress yourself better. No one is impressed by those. And to think, I thought you might actually be a threat to my relationship with Adrien!” Chloé finished with a restrained laugh.

“They're comfortable!” Marinette shot back. “And it's not like I was planning on anyone seeing them!”

Chloé rolled her eyes. “Comfortable? What are you, a child?” Chloé asked as she removed Marinette's shoes and socks, followed closely there after by her tight-fitting jeans. “Really, I should burn these for your own good. No boy will ever pay attention to you if they caught you wearing those.”

Chloé paused. “Or maybe I should show them to Adrien as a joke? He'd certainly get a laugh out of them!”

“No!” Marinette protested, grabbing for Chloé's fingers as they began to remove her panties.

“Oh, don't worry!” Chloé smiled. “You're going to be served au naturel tonight. I'd never dream of leaving clothing on the main course!”

Marinette didn't even know how to respond to that argument. She was left gaping for words like a fish out of water.

“Smooth,” Chloé smiled as she peeled off Marinette's panties to reveal her pubic mound beneath. “Excellent choice, Dupain-Cheng. No one likes hair in their food, and shaving you would have been unpleasant for both of us. Well, maybe not for me since I could get Sabrina to do it…”

“God, Dupain-Cheng! You barely have any butt at all beneath these jeans! Even I have a better behind than you do. It was almost a waste of money, buying you,” Chloé lamented as she stared at Marinette's firm and perky butt and blatantly lied about its value.

Marinette opened her mouth to respond, only to gasp in shock as she felt Chloé's fingers slip beneath her lower lips.

“What are you doing!?” Marinette yelped as Chloé slid her right index finger deeper and deeper into Marinette's sex.

“I'm testing your filet of course,” Chloé declared as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “Your other cuts are all sub-par, but your filet should be just good enough to eat. A girl's filet is her most valuable cut after all, and Marlena has promised to save yours for me.”

Marinette's eyes widened in shock and horror. It hadn't really sunk in until this moment, what Chloé had planned of her. But now? Standing here having her first, and probably last, sexual encounter (with Chloé Bourgeois, no less!) as the blonde instructed her on her plans for her with her finger eagerly probing Marinette's cunt? It hit home.

“You're really going to eat me, aren't you?” Marinette realized.

“You really are slow, aren't you Dupain-Cheng?” Chloé laughed. “No wonder you didn't finish any of your homework, you were just too stupid to understand it, weren't you?” Chloé laughed. “Of course I'm going to eat you, Dupain-Cheng, and so is everyone else in our class! I didn't spend good money on a worthless piece of meat like you just to keep you as a sex slave. Sabrina's already doing that for me and I didn't even need to buy her,” she declared, her finger curling up into a spot that Marinette had never felt anything in before!

Marinette gasped as a sudden rush of pleasure shot through her, lubricating her cunt.

“You really are enjoying this; aren't you, Dupain-Cheng?” Chloé observed. “That's why you were acting out in school, isn't it? You wanted this to happen. You wanted me to buy you,” Chloé smirked.

“You could have just told me,” Chloé announced with fake sympathy as she wormed her finger around inside her purchase. “You didn't have to try to trick me into buying a worthless meat-slut like you. I would have been happy to have Marlena snuff you for free if you'd just asked.”

Marinette's cheeks flushed with anger at Chloé's fake sympathy, but when Chloé slid another finger inside Marinette's virgin snatch, instead of an angry retort when she opened her mouth, the only thing that escaped Marinette's lips was a high-pitched moan.

“God, Dupain-Cheng!” Chloé blurted out disdainfully. “Even Sabrina's more resistant than you, and she's a literal sex-slave!” Suddenly Chloé stopped dead as her fingers hit something unexpected.

“You're still a virgin!?” Chloé scowled in shocked, disgust. “There's no way an eager slut like you gets to die a virgin!” Chloé declared with purpose.

Marinette's heart leapt in her chest, but before she could even realize what she was scared of, the spiteful blonde drove her fingers into Marinette's cunt as hard and as deep as she could manage, tearing through the half-Asian girl's fragile hymen with no consideration whatsoever for what the other girl might end up feeling.

Marinette's legs collapsed out beneath her as the pain hit a second later, Chloé's now bloody fingers slipping free of her snatch as she panted, unfulfilled on the bratty blonde's lush carpeting. Her sex ached, both in pain and for something… more. Marinette had always been a good girl. She hasn't slept around, she'd barely even ever played with herself and even then only by rubbing around the outside of her slit! What Chloé had done to her, she'd never experienced it before! And though she didn't want Chloé to do it to her, and she certainly had no interest in being snuffed; no matter what Chloé said! If this was her last couple of hours left alive? Marinette wanted one last round of pleasure to help her deal with… everything else.

“Ugh! Gross, Dupain-Cheng! Now you got my fingers all dirty!” Chloé complained. “Ugh. Now I need to wash them off. Stay here. Sabrina and I will come get you in an hour when its time for you to start cooking,” Chloé instructed before picking up Marinette's discarded panties and using them as a rag to wipe the Asian girl's virginal blood off her fingers before marching out the door and locking it shut, leaving Marinette alone in Chloé's room with nothing but the aching mixture of pain and desire in her privates for company.


"She really is just a worthless snuff-slut," The words from beyond Chloé's locked door shocked Marinette out of her self-recriminations. She was still naked. Marinette wasn't sure when Chloé had done it, but the blonde-haired brat had disappeared not just her panties, but the rest of her clothes as well.

Marinette felt degraded, violated, but… That hadn't stopped her from satisfying the urges that Chloé Bourgeois had left her with an hour ago by playing with her sex and stealing her virginity. Not long after Chloé had locked her in, Marinette had felt her fingers drifting towards her privates in an attempt to satisfy herself in a way that Chloé had not. Normally Marinette wouldn't dream of doing that sort of thing! She was a good girl, and she had a bright future ahead of her! But… the second part at least had changed, and now… there really wasn't anything to lose by indulging herself… one last time.

Of course, it hadn't really satisfied her. once the urges were gone, Marinette was left naked and alone to grapple with her impending and inescapable fate.

The door unlocked and swung open revealing Chloé Bourgeois and their fellow classmate and if Chloé was to be believed, the blonde's sex slave, Sabrina Raincomprix. A designation that Marinette was forced to admit made sense when she realized that the redhead was wearing nothing but her glasses, her shies and socks, and an orange nylon collar that matched her hair exactly. The collar even had a bright silver dog tag dangling from it that Marinette was too far away to read.

"Go ahead, you know what to do," Chloé waved the bubbly glasses-wearing redhead towards the naked Marinette.

Sabrina sprang into action, striding towards Marinette with a bubbly enthusiasm that the half-Asian girl didn't think fit the situation at all. Marinette tried to fend her off, but instead of pushing her away, the only thing that Marinette managed to do was get a handful of Sabrina's perky young tits as the redhead opened Marinette's mouth and filled it with a bright red ball gag that she secured behind her head in a single well-practiced motion.

"Chloé's really looking forward to tonight, Marinette," Sabrina confided with a smile. "You're going to be the most delicious thing that anyone in our class has ever eaten! Isn't that great!?"

It wasn't but with the ball gag in the way there was no way that Marinette could tell Sabrina that.

"What do you think of this one?" Chloé asked, and Marinette realized that while Sabrina was gagging her, Chloé Bourgeois had taken a leisurely stroll over to her bed and changed into an absolutely stunning yellow and black backless evening gown that hugged her every curve. Even Marinette had to admit she looked stunning.

"Perfect!" Sabrina chimed with a happy smile. "There's no way that Adrien will be able to resist you after seeing that!"

Chloé smiled back, clearly grateful for the compliment in a way that Marinette had never actually been privy to before. "Well, let's hope it works. After all, the dress isn't my only secret weapon. I did go through a lot of trouble to get some girlmeat to help set the mood," Chloé replied casually.

Marinette flushed with righteous indignation as she realized that this entire scheme of Chloé's was all in service of seducing her crush! But the ball gag in Marinette's mouth didn't just strain her jaw, it also reduced her furious protests to incomprehensible muffled hooting.

"Oh don't worry Dupain-Cheng," Chloé reassured her, "I didn't buy you just to help me seduce Adrien! I could easily hook his interest on my own, after all. Your help with Adrien is just a bonus. I've been looking forward to eating your filet for a while now, and even you have to admit that you're the perfect addition to the menu for our class' graduation party!"

Marinette had to admit no such thing, but before she could protest, she felt Sabrina gently pull her arms behind her back and slip them into some kind of leather binder, locking them into place in a way that forced Marinette's modest bust out in front of her.

Chloé slipped off her dress, revealing her slender and perky body beneath before folding the dress and carefully placing it atop her bed so as not to wrinkle it. Marinette watched as Chloé slipped into a ser of casual clothes; tight jeans, a backless white halter top, a soft yellow and black sweater that was light enough to wear in the slightly chilly air-conditioned spaces of the hotel.

Marinette could feel Sabrina's warm hands touching her; her fingers trailing across Marinette's shoulders, running over her breasts, squeezing her butt and caressing the swell of the half-Asian girl's pussy. Marinette wanted to draw back, but with her arms trapped behind her Marinette was perilously off-balance and defenseless against the redhead's advances.

"Playing with your food?" Chloé asked the redhead with a smile.

"Just a little," Sabrina replied, her blush clear in her voice despite standing out of Marinette's view. "I've kind of been fantasizing about this ever since you told me your plans for her last month," Sabrina admitted bashfully. "You know, just imagining what she'd look and taste like and…"

"What it would be like to be in her place?" Chloé asked with knowing amusement.

"A little?" Sabrina agreed hesitantly. "I kind of thought you might have been planning to trade me in for her and…"

"It turned you on," Chloé finished understandingly.

Marinette didn't know how to take this new information. Chloé being nice!? Sabrina wanted to be cooked!? What sort of bizarre world had she fallen into?

"Well, that's not the plan tonight," Chloé assured the submissive redhead currently fondling Marinette. "But if you really want to end up in Dupain-Cheng's place? I haven't picked out a main course for my wedding with Adrien yet. If you manage to get me a replacement sex slave I'd be happy to have Marlena prepare you for that," Chloé declared.

Marinette turned her head to see Sabrina's reaction to Chloé's fatal declaration. The redhead was smiling! Her eyes were twinkling with joy at the prospect of being subjected to the same fate that Marinette was being forced into!

"Thank you so much Chloé!" Sabrina bubbled. "I promise I'll be the tastiest girlmeat you've ever eaten!"

"I'm looking forward to it," Chloé smiled happily. "Be sure to have plenty of Dupain-Cheng so you know what you have to surpass, okay?"

"I will!" Sabrina nodded rapidly.

“In fact, since you're not getting a taste of Marinette's filet after she's cooked, why don't you have a lick before we go?”

Sabrina's eyes widened in surprise, “Really?”

Chloé nodded, “Just this once,” she agreed.

Marinette's eyes were wide as Sabrina bent down in a flash and pushed open the blue-haired girl's bare legs revealing the treasure between them. Sabrina wasted no time at all partaking in the reward that her mistress had granted her, leaning in and licking Marinette's outer lips free of sweat and her own dried arousal until they were slick and shiny. Marinette shivered, as the unfamiliar sensation of another girl's tongue graced her lower lips; she wasn't used to this, she wasn't ready for it! And… the way that Chloé was looking at her? Marinette knew that this was meant more as a reward for her favorite pet and for Chloé's entertainment than out of any concern for Marinette's pleasure.

Sabrina's lips pressed against Marinette's clit, squeezing it between them and pulling it gently in a way that Marinette couldn't manage to resist. The redhead's eager tongue probed deeper and deeper into Marinette's slit, licking every nook and cranny of her sex in an effort to engrave the taste of Marinette's uncooked cunt on her mind. Sabrina wasn't quiet about how much she was finding in her explorations. She hummed, oohed and aahed, and eagerly attacked her treat with energetic fervor in her attempts to sample every last taste of Marinette Dupain-Cheng's essence.

Marinette couldn't hold back in the face of Sabrina's eager onslaught. She couldn't protest through the gag; with her arms bound behind her she couldn't force the girl away; and with her balance so precarious she couldn't escape. Sabrina's tongue probed every millimeter of her folds and Marinette's body couldn't resist the pleasure that the redhead was bringing her. Her cheeks flushed, her breathing, obstructed though it was by the gag filling her mouth, quickened, arousal began to flow between her legs to cover Sabrina's talented tongue, and a hearty moan escaped her lips.

Sabrina didn't stop; eagerly lapping at Marinette's sex, enjoying every last drop of her juices she could lick from them, and driving Marinette further and further into the breathless throes of arousal until-

“That's enough,” Chloé decided, and Sabrina immediately stopped, withdrawing to look back at her blonde brat of an owner. “You've had your taste, Sabrina. And we don't want her legs giving out on the walk to the kitchen,” Chloé explained.

Marinette wanted to strangle the blonde! Chloé Was already having her snuffed against her will! The least she could do was let her sexpet give her one last orgasm for the road!

Chloé was clearly invulnerable to Marinette's death glare, since she blithely walked over to her bed and spoke over her shoulder, not even paying attention to the half-Asian girl she'd had bound and gagged behind her.

"Now, since I don't want anyone saying that I'm not generous, Sabrina picked something out for you on our little shopping trip, Dupain-Cheng," Chloé announced reaching into one of her shopping bags.

Marinette only saw a flash of pink before Chloé approached her and fastened something around her neck in a single well-practiced movement.

"There! Perfect!" Chloé proclaimed, reaching down to grab what Marinette now realized was a pink nylon leash; the same material that Marinette could feel clasped around her neck. A collar. Chloé had fastened a nylon collar around her neck, just like she'd done to Sabrina.

Chloé tugged on the leash sending the unbalanced Marinette tumbling towards her before she somehow managed to catch herself without the aid of her hands.

"Okay Sabrina, go get dressed. No bra or panties, obviously! And we'll bring this little meatslut down to the kitchen and review the tapes to see what she did in my room while we were away. Maybe she decided to play with herself?" Chloé asked somewhat hopefully, though it was clear she didn't think it likely. "That would be the perfect thing to share with Adrien to get him in the mood," Chloé explained.

Marinette's stomach dropped out. She felt like the floor had fallen out beneath her. Chloé had cameras installed in her room!? In her moment of weakness she'd given Chloé exactly what she wanted!

"Probably not, but we might have gotten lucky?" Sabrina replied as she pulled on a pair of thigh high black stockings with green diamonds that she knew Chloé liked and shimmied into a vibrant almost neon blue mini skirt that barely covered the tops of them. "Maybe she really is as big of a slut as you were teasing her about being?" the redhead ended in a consoling tone as she pulled on a long-sleeved off-white button down shirt that was just sheer enough for Marinette to see Sabrina's unclad nipples poking through it from beneath.

"Maybe?" Chloé smiled, clearly cheered up by Sabrina's suggestion. “No sweater today,” Chloé decided as Sabrina reached for her usual sweater vest. “I want to show you off, tonight. I can't have you hiding under a sweater.”

Sabrina's eyes widened with wonder at Chloé's words as she turned swiftly to her mistress to make sure she had heard correctly.

“Maybe, if I'm feeling generous I'll loan you out to the rest of the class while I have my way with Adrien?” Chloé proposed, and Marinette could see a look of eager expectation fill up Sabrina's eyes at what Marinette thought was a mortifying threat.

Sabrina opened her mouth to respond, but Chloé stopped her. “If you're good, and if I end up with Adrien,” the blonde laid out. “Now lets get the meat downstairs, I don't want everything to be perfect for tonight, and it won't be perfect if the food is served late!” Chloé declared.

Sabrina's attention shifted to Marinette as she walked over to pick up the blue-haired girl's leash and hand it to her mistress. “You'd better taste perfect, Marinette,” Sabrina whispered with an underlying menace. “Chloé has a lot riding on you tonight!”

Marinette wanted nothing more than to taste horrible in that instant, just to get back at Chloé for what she'd done to her. But it wasn't exactly something she could control.

Chloé tugged on the leash and set Marinette to walking. The kitchens were a long way from the penthouse, and Chloé planned to make sure they had enough time to take the public route.


Marinette was mortified as Chloé led her, naked, through the halls of Le Grand Paris hotel to her extremely final destination. The halls in the upper areas weren't particularly crowded, but she'd got plenty of stares from patrons as Chloé enjoyed showing off her prize. They'd Stared and ogled, judging her and complimenting Chloé on her choice of girls, though it was clear that not everyone they met realized what the blonde had in mind for her. One of the women they'd passed by had even asked Chloé if she could have a spin with her once Chloé was done with her!

Obviously that wasn't going to happen, and the blonde had explained exactly what her plans for Marinette were in extremely explicit detail to the older brunette patron whose only response was a wicked smile and the declaration that “That's even better than what I had imagined! You really do host the best parties, dear. It's your generous heart!”

Marinette didn't agree one bit, and the older woman's parting shot of “Enjoy her filet!” had not endeared the brunette to her anymore than Chloé.

The elevator down to the lobby was thankfully empty, but the wave of noise and activity that hit Marinette as the elevator doors opened made clear that the lobby was most certainly not.

Marinette's eyes soared as wide open as they possibly could as the realization that all these people could see her! sank in. Marinette didn't feel comfortable naked. It was mortifying! But as Chloé tugged on the leash, sending the half-Asian beauty stumbling behind her.

Marinette felt like she was on display. People were staring at her like she was a strange and exotic pet, and she couldn't be more embarrassed! She could see the flashes of cameras! They were taking pictures of her!

“Oh my god! Is that Marinette!?” came a very familiar voice from the doors to hotel.

The half-Chinese girl blushed practically crimson as her eyes shot up and met those of Alya Cesairé, Marlena's daughter and her best friend from across the lobby. She was standing with Alix Kubdel and staring straight at her!

Chloé stopped smiling, and Sabrina kept Marinette from bolting with a gentle hand on her shoulder. The three girls waited as Alya approached, dragging Alix by the hand behind her.

“Holy! It really is you!” Alya marveled, looking her up and down. “I can't believe it! Chloé actually got you!? She and my mom my mom have been talking about cooking you for months, but I never thought you'd actually go for it!”

The realization that Alya knew about He mom and Chloé's plan for months and didn't tell her hurt Marinette, but that wasn't the important thing right now! Marinette tried to protest, to tell Alya that this wasn't her idea, that she was here against her will, but Alya, clever as she was caught onto the possibility before Marinette could even try to convey it.

“Wait, you aren't doing this to Marinette against her will are you, Chloé?” Alya asked suspiciously as the possibility dawned on her.

Alix on the other hand was staring at Marinette; the short girl's face only coming up to Marinette's perky tits. Alix reached out to touch them, flicking one of Marinette's nipples with her finger tip to draw forth a moan of protest from Chloé's leashed and gagged prize.

“Of course not!” Chloé replied, offended in what Marinette knew was a definite lie. “Can't you see how turned on Dupain-Cheng is by all of this? The eager little meat-slut is practically dripping on my daddy's floors in anticipation!”

“She does look super turned-on, Alya,” Alix unhelpfully pointed out, still idly flicking at Marinette's erect nipples.

Alya looked suspiciously at Chloé, clearly not quite able to let go of her suspicions. “How'd you even get her anyway?” Alya asked, clearly letting the prior matter rest for now, but not quite done with it on the whole.

Alix had moved on from Flicking Marinette's nipples to walking around the naked girl, looking her up and down as if sizing an opponent up for a race, occasionally reaching out to touch Marinette's soft, smooth skin, as if to reassure herself that this was real, it wasn't a dream. Marinette shivered beneath her touch, but with Chloé's grip remaining firm on the leash there wasn't any way she could try to withdraw without choking herself. A fact she'd discovered when trying to evade onlookers in the upper hallways of the hotel. It was pointless, and each attempt only caused Chloé to make fun of how stupid Marinette was, worse than an animal, she couldn't even learn from her mistakes. Really Chloé was doing the world a favor having her cooked…

“Well, your mom was the one that actually bought her for me,” Chloé explained. “So if Marinette were here against her will it would be your mom at fault, not me,” Chloé defended. “She just went up to her parents and offered to take her off their hands. The girl's parents were so happy at the idea that they sold her on the spot! I don't know why Dupain-Cheng went along with it, but she certainly seems to be enjoying herself,” the blonde prevaricated. “She's obviously just a natural meat-slut who knows her place,” Chloé decided. “She's been nothing but cooperative since I told her my plans for her, especially once I told her the whole class would get to enjoy her… including Adrien.”

Alya's eyes widened in understanding when Chloé spoke the last sentence, as if everything had suddenly become clear to her. “Adrien! Of course! I didn't even think of that! I always said that Marinette would do anything for her crush, but this is a lot more literal than I was thinking!”

Marinette was shocked at how easily Alya was convinced. Didn't her friend know her at all? Sure she went a little boy crazy around Adrien, but she wasn't okay with being snuffed for him!

“Now that we've got your baseless accusations out of the way,” Chloé started off sounding offended, “I know you've heard just as much of your mother's plans for Dupain-Cheng as I have. How excited are you for tonight's party?” Chloé asked with what she obviously meant to come across as idle interest, but her obvious investment in the answer ruined the facade.

“I'm sorry for accusing you, Chloé,” Alya apologized, clearly fooled by the blonde brat's lies.

Before Marinette could even start to voice her muffled anger through her gag, Alix managed to work up her courage and reach down to pinch Marinette's cute little pink clit. Causing her angry protests to shift to erotic moans as her knees almost gave out beneath her.

The pleased moans caused Alya to look her way. “It's clear she's enjoying herself, and I shouldn't have started complaining when it's obvious that nothing was actually wrong,” Alya finished.

Chloé nodded and smiled. “It's fine,” she forgave magnanimously, and Marinette was certain that the only reason she did so is because she wanted Marinette to go out knowing that her best friend was going to be eating her without realizing that Marinette had been forced into her fate.

“As for the party? God, Chloé! My mom's been planning what she was going to do to Marinette for months! She even started drawing sketches and putting them up in the kitchen to help her with her ideas! I had to take almost a dozen down when Marinette came over last week just to avoid freaking her out!”

“Maybe you should have left them up?” Sabrina softly chimed in. “Given how much Marinette is enjoying herself, I bet she would have loved to see them,” Sabrina continued with a guileless smile.

Alya laughed. “Maybe!” She paused. “God, that would be kind of hot, wouldn't it? Talking to Marinette about my mom's plans for her and watching her squirm? She's really cute when she's embarrassed!”

Marinette was in shock! What was Alya saying!? She wanted to eat her!? That-! Marinette couldn't believe it!

“So you've been thinking about her too?” Sabrina asked Alya curiously.

“A bit,” Alya admitted. “I mean, the way mom described what she wanted to do to Marinette was kind of hot? And, well… It's hard not to think about it! Seeing my best friend roasted? Actually eating her? I guess… I have been looking forward to it? Of course I'd never do it if Marinette wasn't willing, but…”

“As you can see, Dupain-Cheng is extremely willing,” Chloé declared, yanking on the leash to send Marinette stumbling over to her. She caught the half-Asian girl roughly by the shoulder and spun her around to face her darker-skinned friend. “You can check for yourself if you want?”

Alya's eyes darted to Marinette's own to make sure it was okay, and the blushing girl was too shocked by her sudden movement to shake her head or even beg her not to with her own eyes! Alya, taking Marinette's stunned blush for embarrassed permission, reached out to caress her friend's breasts. They were soft beneath her fingers. Smooth and perky with just enough firmness to entice Alya's imagination. Marinette's nipples were standing at attention, pointed forward in an implicit invitation.

Alya's attention wandered lower. Marinette's stomach was smooth, her form lithe, her hips flared just enough to compliment her physique. And below that? Marinette was shaved completely bare.

“She shaved?” Alya asked, having never actually seen how her best friend kept her muff.

“I told you she was eager,” Chloé replied. “She was bare when your mother gave her to me, I was planning to have Sabrina trim her, but I guess Marinette was so excited by the thought of being cooked that she did it herself,” the blonde posited, knowing that that was certainly not her rival's reasoning.

Marinette shivered as Alya's fingered traced over her bare pubic mound, down to her clit, idly flicking her bead. This wasn't something she'd ever imagined happening! It wasn't something that was supposed to happen!

But here it was. Alya, her best friend, wanted to eat her. That much was crystal clear just from the look Alya was giving her as she bent down until she was practically kneeling, her face lowered to the point where Marinette's damp cunt was at her eye level.

Alya reached out and ran a finger slowly between Marinette's lower lips. It came back slick.

“She really is wet,” Alya marveled, staring at Marinette's sex. “That's all from what's about to happen to her?”

“Well, she certainly hasn't been able to touch herself since Sabrina locked her arms in the binder, and I haven't been playing with my food,” Chloé declared.

“Wow,” Alya breathed. “I kind of wish I'd asked her first,” Marinette's friend admitted. “She's even more turned on by the thought of being cooked than I am about eating her!”

“Dupain-Cheng is an absolute snuff slut,” Chloé agreed. “And I'm perfectly happy letting her live out her fantasies if it means getting a perfect graduation party out of it. Well, not live exactly…” Chloé joked.

Alya laughed and Marinette's heart shattered. “I guess you need to get her to the kitchen? Alix and I were planning to have some coffee at the cafe to pass the time until the party tonight. You can join us if you want?” Alya offered.

Marinette felt betrayed on every level. How could Alya not realize what Chloé was doing!? How could she be okay with this!? How could she want to eat her!? Marinette wanted to cry, but before her eyes could do more than start to water up, Chloé had pushed her towards the kitchens with only a polite, “I'll think about it!” tossed over her shoulder towards Alya as a platitude towards politeness.

“You hear that Dupain-Cheng?” Chloé asked once they were far enough away that Alya and Alix couldn't overhear. “Even your best friend prefers you cooked! I told you I'm doing you a favor, but you didn't believe me,” Chloé asserted. “Now you can't possibly deny it! Everyone'll be happier once you're snuffed; even Alya!”

Marinette wanted to protest, but she couldn't. This time It wasn't the ball gag stopping her, it was her heart. Chloé was right. Alix hadn't said a word to try and save her, and even Alya was looking forward to eating her! Tears streamed down Marinette's face as her captor led her through the swinging double doors into the kitchen to her final fate. Alya's mother was there, and a wide smile spread across her face the moment she looked up from her preparations and saw them.

“Here you go, Marlena. One obedient meat-slut, returned in the same condition you left her in,” Chloé declared.

“Wonderful, Chloé! You're such a sweet girl! Now run along and have fun with your friends. I need to get to work. Dinner won't cook itself! At least, not all the way! Though… I might get Marinette's help prepping a few of the ingredients!” Marlena joked with a grin.

“We're looking forward to it!” Chloé said happily with a wave before turning to head out.

Sabrina nodded as well. “Thank you very much for doing this Ms. Césaire! Chloé says if everything goes according to plan, you might get to cook me for Chloé's wedding!”

“I'm looking forward to it,” Marlena smiled. “But move along. I can't have any distractions in the kitchen while I'm cooking Marinette. I need to make sure everything's perfect for tonight!” Marlena finished jovially.

“Of course!” and with that, Sabrina scampered off to follow her mistress, leaving Marinette to her unearned fate.


“Are you enjoying the party?” Chloé asked her soon-to-be boyfriend as she sidled up next to him. It was a big success so far. Everyone from the class had come, with one notable and planned-for exception. People were dancing and enjoying themselves. Everything was perfect with no Marinette Dupain-Cheng to mess things up for her! In fact, Dupain-Cheng was going to be the crowning touch that would make this a party that no one in the class would ever forget!

“I am,” Adrien agreed. “But I haven't seen Marinette anywhere. You did invite her, didn't you?” the blond boy asked.

“Don't worry!” Chloé soothed. “Dupain-Cheng is here. The party wouldn't work at all if not for her!”

“But I haven't seen her all night?” Adrien asked, confused. “She usually comes up to say hello at least.”

“Well, of course you've seen her,” Chloé replied. “You just didn't realize it! She's right over there, on the buffet table!” Chloé explained, waving her hand in the table's direction.

The buffet table was covered in small silver platters, not a single one of them big enough to hide an entire girl, and most of them heated from below. It took Adrien several seconds to realize what this meant, but when he did, he turned to Chloé, his expression a mixture of disappointment and outrage.

“Chloé! Tell me you didn't have her cooked!?” Adrien begged. “I know you two didn't get on, but how could you do that to one of our classmates!?”

“Oh, don't worry Adrien! It was all Dupain-Cheng's idea,” Chloé lied effortlessly. “After I gave her her invitation, Marinette came to me asking if she could help me out with the party. She was practically begging. She said she needed the money to help save her parents shop. There was something I needed, but I didn't want to tell her…” Chloé trailed off.

Adrien nodded, telling his fellow blonde to continue without saying a single word.

“Well, Marinette wouldn't take no for an answer. She told me that she would do anything. She said it just like that too, anything to get the money. She promised me that she'd do anything I wanted in return. I wanted to scare her way, so I told her that the only thing I actually needed was the meat for the party since the food I'd had ordered got misdelivered and there wasn't any way to fix it in time for the party,” Chloé explained.

“That's what happened?” Adrien asked, disappointed. “Marinette came to you for help, I'm disappointed that you didn't just give her the money, Chloé. It's not as if you don't have enough to spare. You shouldn't coerce classmates into cooking for you just because they can't afford not to,” Adrien finished, his scolding tone thick with disappointment.

“That's not what happened at all, Adrien!” Chloé protested. “I told you, this was all Dupain-Cheng's idea,” Chloé maintained.

“I told her that, 'unless you want to be meat for the party' there was nothing I could do to help,” Chloé continued. “I meant it as a joke, but… Marinette jumped at the chance to be cooked! She told me she'd been thinking about it for years! She just hadn't found the right occasion for it. She wanted to be cooked, and as long as I paid her parents enough to help them out? She'd love to be used as the main course at my graduation party, especially since that meant that all her friends from class would get to enjoy her! The money… I think it was just a pretext,” Chloé finished.

“Dupain-Cheng knew about the party, and… well, her best friend's mom is the head chef here, so she could have known about the meat shortage! I think Marinette wanted to be cooked but was too embarrassed or afraid to ask outright,” Chloé paused. “After all, you're not wrong about us not really being friends,” Chloé conceded.

“And you're sure this is what she wanted?” Adrien asked, wanting to believe his friend, but not quite able to wrap his head around it.

“I'm positive,” Chloé stated with absolute confidence, unshakable in her lie. “After I told her okay, I left her in my room for safekeeping while Sabrina and I went dress shopping. It took her less than five minutes to start playing with herself! I have it all on video from the surveillance cameras in my room. We can watch it after the party if you want to?”

Adrien blushed, but he didn't say no to Chloé's offer. “I'm sorry for doubting you Chloé, but sometimes you can be a little mean, and Marinette doesn't exactly bring out the best in you.”

Chloé smiled. “It's fine,” she demurred.

“No, it really isn't. I rushed to conclusions and accused you of something terrible; and in fact you were helping Marinette make her dream come true! That was really sweet of you,” Adrien praised her with an admiring blush across his cheeks.

“Well, I know a few things that you could do that would help make it up to me,” Chloé decided. “But those can wait until after the party.”

Chloé took Adrien by the hand and led him over to the buffet where Alya's mother Marlena was keeping watch.

“Chloé! And your friend Adrien too! Come for the first taste of little Marinette?” Marlena asked. “The piece you reserved should have just finished cooking a few seconds ago.”

“Thanks Marlena!” Chloé beamed. “Could you cut it in half? I'd like to share it with Adrien…” the blonde blushed.

“Of course dear, whatever you want!” Marlena agreed, pulling the cover off of one silver platter in particular.

Adrien's eyes grew as wide as saucers as he realized what he was seeing.

There, in a bed of thick slices of leg meat floating in a delectable smelling gravy was a cut that could only be one thing; Marinette Dupain-Cheng's cunt.

It was perfectly cooked, a shiny gravy-soaked brown that smelled absolutely amazing! And it was clearly aroused! The way her lips parted, the flush and fullness of the cut… it was-! Incredibly sexy…

Marlena lifted the cut onto a plate that was barely big enough for it with a metal spatula and picked up a knife and sliced it right down the middle at the top and bottom, separating the two flushed lips into two entirely separate cuts of meat. A few more cuts and Marinette Dupain-cheng's cunt was almost unrecognizable as it was rendered into bite-sized chunks.

“There you go, and a fork to eat it with. Enjoy!” Marlena beamed as she handed over the plate and the single solitary fork.

Chloé took the plate carefully, not wanting to spill a single morsel of the irreplaceable treat. With a free hand, she grabbed onto Adrien's. “Come on, I know the perfect place where we can share this together,” she urged, leading him towards the balcony.

The sun was beginning to set behind the Eiffel Tower. It cast the sky into a beautiful array of pink and orange hues that couldn't help but be romantic. Chloé speared a piece of Marinette's filet and brought it to Adrien's lips. He opened wide, biting down on the perfect treat that Chloé had given him. His eyes lit up in wonder and Chloé smiled. It had been a rough couple of years dealing with Marinette in high school, but for this perfect moment?

It had all been worth it.

The End
R: 2 / I: 0

Nico Nico Energy (torture machinery, lifetime torment, Love Live, no sex)

'One cannot easily become professional idol.' Thought Nico on her way to somewhere. ‘Unless they would live very long and, while doing a regular job, work on their idol career. It’s a great opportunity! I can be an artist, an accountant, a doctor, a leader, I can do sport… If only I wasn’t so small, but it would still be worth it.’

She was on her way to antioxidant embedding. Apparently, you get an injection and your aging becomes very slow. It is advertised that one can live up to thousand years.

She visited the designated doctor’s office and sat down to talk to him.

“So…” She asked. “There’s this one thing that worries me.”
“Ask whatever you want, young lady.”
“How much does it cost? I’m not a rich person, so I would pay in installments, but I couldn’t find the price anywhere.”
“Oh, it’s free.”
“Uhh…” Nico was confused. “Free? I don’t get it. You’re joking with me, right? What’s the cache?”
“Cache is… The aging cure is in its experimental stage. We normally pay people who are our test subjects, but so far tests have proven pretty impressive, so we consider slow aging to be a sufficient reward to them.”
“Oh! Experimental! Uhh… I did not expect that hehe…”
“As I said, it works pretty well and no one died from it yet. Somewhere in this building is our new model patient.”

The doctor called the patient on the cell phone, and she came. She was young, dyed blonde and beautiful.

“It’s basically her job to stay here 8 hours per day and talk to our potential customers.” He said as he was taking out documents and even newspapers, proving it’s her and that the experiment had been done on her.

Nico and the woman talked for a while. It had only been a year since she was injected with the antioxidants, but she didn’t experience any side effects so, even if the cure wouldn’t work, it would be worth trying.

“What is the procedure?”
“Well, we go in intensive care room for just in case we need it. We inject you and you write us reports on how your day was, if you noticed anything strange and so on. Of course, you need to sign a contract with which you take responsibility for all side effects and become obligated to report to us periodically.”
“It sounds really simple.”
“It is, and we can start whenever you want.”

Nico politely asked to start immediately, and the doctor gladly accepted. Doctor told the model patient to go home for the day.

So they went to the designated room, and the nurse was already there. Nico sat on the bed and the doctor prepared the injection.

“Umm… this won’t hurt, will it?” Nico became scared when she saw the needle.
“Don’t worry. It’s just like a vaccine.”

Nico received the shot in her arm, and was instructed to stay for a few more minutes. Not to be bored, she started the conversation about the aging cure.

“So, does the cure slow aging or does it also do something else?”
“Well, stops body development, speeds up body regeneration, you don’t need to eat, you don’t need to sleep, your skin does not need to breathe…”

Not needing to eat sounded very good, but not needing to sleep kind of worried her.
“Umm… What do you mean? Could I experience insomnia or something like that?”
“No, but you will not have to sleep. If you do a week without sleeping, you might even stop feeling sleepy.”

“Uhhh… I feel a little dizzy…” Nico felt weird.
“I know. That’s the paralyzing agent.”
“What? What- What paralyzing agent?”
“The one we mixed with the cure. It will keep you motionless for the next few hours.”

Nico was shocked.
“Well, you’re going to sacrifice for a better world.”
“No way! I did not sign up for that!”
“I quite believe you did.”

The doctor then scanned the signature of the contract that Nico signed, and took out another, different contract. He put it in something that looked like a copy machine, which faked Nico’s signature on the different contract. The old contract was thrown in the shredder.

“What?! What is this?!” She yelled as she got off the bed and fell down on the floor.
“It’s a contract with which you give up all your constitutional rights, and present yourself to Live Energetics company, which specializes in new form of renewable energy.”
“Let me go! You tricked me! I never signed that!” She yelled on the floor, unable to get up.
“I’m afraid you did. Right now.”

The nurse then picked Nico up as she was screaming.
Nurse put Nico on a transparent plastic seat filled with metal robotic components, and pulled one of her arms up. Nico was sitting on her legs, on the plastic. She pushed a button, and the seat then used its own sides to encase whole Nico. Nico was then fully encased in plastic. Even if she wasn’t paralyzed, she wouldn’t be able to move anymore. Not an inch of her body, except for her right hand that was out above the encasement, and the lungs that had space for breathing. Nico’s screams were no longer heard as the plastic was perfectly sound isolated. You could, however, see her eyes hysterically crying, and her lungs rushing in panic.

Then the plastic container’s robotics pushed a wide tube in Nico’s mouth, deep in her throat.

“Breathing tube has been set up properly. Live Energy device can now proceed.” Said the nurse, with a cold, fully neutral look in her eyes, and a slight polite smile on her face.

Then ultra-thin variants of six-axis robots pierced through Nico’s nipples and started spreading 6 blades right beneath her skin. Nico’s eyes rolled and cried in torment. The robot then started spinning the blades below Nico’s breast skin.

“Skin torturers are now set up beneath the skin of her small breasts. They seem to be working correctly. The breast meat mixer is inside her breasts and, although we cannot see it, it seems to be working just fine. Lets proceed.”

Then same thin robots pierced on various locations of her body, 2 of them were in each side of her groin and outer pussy lips. They all spread their blades and started spinning, and poor Nico’s tormented face was unrecognizable.

“All skin torturers have been set up correctly and seem to be working fine. We will proceed.”

The skin torturers then stopped spinning, but she was still in pain. Then tiny thin drills started drilling through her left hand fingers, all of her toes and her heels. They drilled deep inside and kept spinning.

“Finger, toe and heel bone torturers have been set up. They seem to be working properly.”

The drills then shut down. Then 2 more thin 6 axis robots pierced through lower part of Nico’s tummy and she seemed to experience pain she hasn’t experienced before.

“Ovary vibrators have been set up and are working correctly.” Nico was having her ‘female balls’ horribly tortured.

Then big chain started going up the breathing tube. It went into her mouth and proceeded further, deep inside Nico.

“The subject seems to be able to breathe, which means the chain successfully avoided her lungs and entered her gullet.”

In 3 minutes, as Nico was in more and more pain, it exited through her ass. The designated component then connected the end of the chain with its beginning. The chain then kept circularly moving through Nico’s body, through all of her intestines, which you could see as rumbling inside her intestines.

“Inner organ torturer has been set up. It seems to be working fine.”

The device then put 3 needles in Nico’s left arm veins.

“Water and just-in-case life support has been added. Her sweat, urine and water vaporizing from her skin will be automatically distilled and fed to her vein, so she doesn’t thirst to death. The device had been successfully set up, the subject is producing plenty of energy.”

The nurse then unplugged the device, but the chain kept moving.

“The device has successfully applied the self-sustaining cycle. The subject is producing much more than enough energy to keep it running. It will switch torture methods randomly so that the subject gives maximum amount of energy every day through 24-hour period. The device needs no more interference with the operators.”

“Great!” Said doctor. “We are getting plenty of patients, so soon the whole country will be based on renewable and endless pain energy! People will be able to live their luxury electric lives even after fossil fuels will be depleted!”

The device containing Nico was then taken away, to the next stage in the process, whatever it is. Nico was feeling extreme pain in her stomach as the device was currently torturing her insides. Her face was a face of despair, torment, and begging for help.


2 years later an old engineer was going into a Live Power Plant for a maintenance checkup. He brought a young engineer with him, who was supposed to replace him after he retired. It was a filed containing hundreds of black metal boxes. Each and every one of them had a right female hand sticking out from the top. Some hands were moving ragingly, signalizing and begging for help, some squeezing and stretching from pain, and some only shivered from pain.

“Do you never shut them down for maintenance?” Young man asked.
“No. We just look at them to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. It’s not like we supply them with energy ourselves. I mean, we would shut one down if it malfunctioned, but it never happened and it shouldn’t happen any time soon. We clean their hands periodically, so doctors can check their blood and see if everything is OK. That’s why hands are sticking out.”
“Why are they all female?”
“Uhh…” Old engineer was caught off guard. “I don’t know. I guess there are plants with men only too.”

Then the young one saw a box with initials NY.

“Is flat-chested idol Nico in this one?”
“Yes. It is marvelous how courageous some people are to save their own nation.”

Nico’s hand was shivering and her fingers were stretching and squeezing from pain. And it was the only thing visible of her. The rest of her body, and all of its sounds, were hidden by the device and the black thick metal box that encased it.

Young one put his hand in hers. She squeezed it immediately, moving his hand left and right, as if she was begging for help.

“It’s best not to try to comfort them.” The old guy said.
“I’m not trying to comfort her. This feels so cool!”
“I mean, I’m wondering what’s going on in there. How exactly the device is torturing her at the moment.”
“Uhh… Hahah. Yea, I do that too. You got me.”
“Yea, I knew you weren’t such an innocent old man! You’re a sicko son of a bitch like myself.”
“Yes, that’s why they hired me. It’s fascinating how you give them just a small piece of hope and they follow it like it’s their whole world. And then they realize you were joking. You get them every single time, no matter how many times you do it.”

The guy then let go of her hand. Nico was shaking her hand around, hysterically signalizing him to save her.

“You know, when I asked why they were all female, it was a rhetorical question.”
“I figured out just now. But I was serious when I said there are male only Live Power Plants.”
“We’re all such perverts. How cruel.”

From then further, Nico was just a part of a self-sustaining torture device, which converts spiritual energy into electrical energy and even supplies itself. Her screams could not be heard, and she couldn’t even twitch anything but her lungs and right hand. She was basically a black box with a small human hand. Unfortunately, her will to live longer had turned into a horror. All she wanted was more opportunities in life, and trying multiple careers through time. Poor little Nico will now remain in extreme, nonstop, varying torment for the rest of her extended lifetime.
R: 7 / I: 0

the hanging of the Criminal Boy

Alexander was a small boy aged 11 he looked like he was 9 the year is 1472 May 12th in the country of Britannia(Alternate Universe). Alexander is lying down in his cell his wrist and ankles shackled he knew in just two hours he would be hanging to death for his crimes. Now you might be asking what lead him to being condemned to die? Well unfortunately Alexander was born to very poor parents who abandoned him at 5 he fell in with a group of street children that robbed people to survive. Well 3 days ago they where robbing a home when the owner Mr. Jefferson Walked in Alexander was the closest to the door he froze at the sight of the man. Mr Jefferson Hit Alexander in the head with his cane knocking him out the other 5 boys stabbed Mr Jefferson to Death and ran away When the police Arrived Alexander was lying on the ground knocked out still. He was Charged with Murder and Robbery the judge gave the 11 year old Alexander a deal if he turned in his friends who where in the house with him he would spare his life. Alexander Refused. His last Meal is brought in a light stew a piece of bread and a glass of water he slow eats it over 30 minutes. Thirty minutes after he finished his last meal 2 guards come and escort him to the bath where he is forcibly washed the boy is then dried by the guards. He is left naked and shackled as the condemned in this nation die naked. He is lead back to his cell where a priest waits for him for the next 30 minutes the boy goes over his confession. The priest tells him he is forgiven and after death he will go to heaven. 4 guards, his executioner, and the prison warden arrive the priest steps out, two of the guards step in Alexander puts his hands forward the guards unshackle his hands and turn him around and re-shackle his hands behind his back. 2 guards lead him out of the cell and stand in front of him the other 2 guards step behind him and place a hand each on his shoulders. The priest stands to his left the warden stands to his right his executioner stands in front of the front two guards. We begin the walk to the jails doors which lead right to the center of town. After we are through the door a crowd has formed to watch me die. I'm lead to the gallows all 4 guards stop the executioner steps forward and grabs me by the shackles and forces me up the eight steps and pushes me on to the x mark and places the rope around my neck. The warden then reads the sentence Alexander Lee A magistrate of the Great Nation of Britannia. Has found you guilty of Murder and of robbery and sentenced you to hang by Neck until you are dead you will die by the method of Slow Strangulation hanging. If you have any last words before your sentence is carried out. I shake my head no. the executioner pulls the lever I am lifted a foot off the ground. The crowd cheers. At first it doesn't hurt to bad I look at the crowd I see the five boys I had been robbing homes with I smile quickly. Now the pain is getting very painful. My neck hurts, my lungs hurt, my eyes hurt. My legs are kicking my arms are pulling against the shackles I have an erection the crowd is laughing and cheering. I’m losing strength i’m no longer kicking just twitching I have my first and only ejaculation it sprays on the executioners shoulder. My vision starts to go black. I finally pass out from the pain. Warden point of view The poor youth finally loses consciousness still twitching his eyes slightly open they look dulled and darkened. An hour after he started hanging a doctor steps up to check for a heart beat he hears none. The dead boy is cut down. Two professors come up and pay the executioner 50 pounds for the boys corpse so they can dissect him for medical research in this nation the executioner owns the body and possessions of the condemned after they are dead if they have no family that stepped forward to claim it before their sentence is carried out.
R: 3 / I: 0

Leaked ending of Game of Thrones (rushed pacing, underwhelming disappointment)

As Jon rode out to the lands beyond the wall, he finally felt at peace with himself sinc- suddenly Tormund tackled him to the ground! "Tormund-kun what are you doing?" asked Jon winkily "IM GONNA FOOKING RAYPE YA JON!" replied Tormund sexily. "Oh my" Jon flirtifly yelled as he unzipped his skin, essentially leaving a meat body, Tormund then yelled "FOOK YA!!!" before he began tap dancing while slapping his ass the same time when Stannis came out of nowhere! "I thought you died in season five, Stannis-kun" Jon asked, "I did but since DnD are hacks, I got resurrected" Stannis replied grumpily. Ghost then approached the group "yo yo yo, ma nigga (pls dont ban me mods), wassup ya doing" asked Ghost who now identified as a female because empowerment and sheet. It was at this moment, the main threat of this story revealed itself, Theon's dick! Yes, after Theon's dick got tragically separated from its master, it went through a self discovering journey to reunite with its master but then Theon died and got raped (shown off screen because of political correctness) at the cold hands of the Night King. "Come on guys, we've got to suck on Theon's dick if the Seven Kingdoms is to survive" Stannis declared, "Oooh Stannis-kun, you were always my favorite, if you were still alive in Season 6, then you could have defeated the Bolton army in just one episod- oh wait" Jon pondered. Soon all the characters from every episode (yes even that little girl who got killed by the dragon) was summoned to suck on Theon's dick, the toxic cum was too much for every character do Azor Ahai sacrificed himself to take all the cum to himself so no one else would have to. Through all this, Bran was sitting on the reforged iron throne masturbating at the whole event "fuck yes! Fuck Yes! Fuck YES!". Meanwhile, in the real world George R.R. Martin was masturbating writing this fanfic instead of writing for Winds of Winter, " Fuck yeah, Im rich because of the show, what's the point anyway except for eating and having sex" Martin said greedily "I think that's a wonderful philosophy dear" Neil Gaiman said beside him at the bed, jerking George's dick gracefully.

amen, Amen, AMEN!
R: 13 / I: 2

Straight Shota Guro

We need Stories of Adult Women fucking and Killing Young Shotas (not necessarily in that order, or separately)
R: 1 / I: 0

Royal Guard (Fpov, non-con, impalement, execution, rape)

How could I have been so careless? The Emperor was slain by a cutthroat assassin. The traitors swiftly seized control of the capital army. As Captain of the all-female Royal Guard I ordered a futile counterattack, but we were overwhelmed and had no choice but to surrender.

Our captors stripped us of our dignity. We were paraded on the streets naked and in chains while the cityfolk pelted us with insults and eggs. At night the soldiers took great pleasure in defiling us. I was treated no better than a common whore, perhaps worse. I was beaten, sodomized, choked and urinated upon.

Finally, our sentence of doom was passed. Those of us who remained were brought to the forum, a large plaza in front of the palace, where a rowdy crowd had gathered baying for blood. To further humiliate us, slaves were ordered to apply gaudy makeup on our faces. Denied the honor of dying as soldiers, we would die as prostitutes instead.

A slanderous list of crimes was read out to all who were present. Soldiers lead the first five victims up onto the executioner's platform where they were bent over and locked into pillories. Behind them, executioners inserted long wooden spikes, thick as a man's arm, into their anuses, causing the poor girls to shriek in pain. Then the hammering began. With each strike the executioners destroyed their bodies and minds. With each strike came bloodcurdling cries or futile appeals for mercy.

Gradually the screaming stopped. Soldiers carried the impaled girls out of the city, where we would line the roads and left to rot as a warning to any would be loyalists. A new batch of girls were brought onstage and the process repeated again. My shame reached new heights as I watched my friends and comrades die one by one.

The Sun was now setting. I could hear the crows feasting on my sisters outside the gates. I stoically walked up the stairs to embrace my death. Seeking to rekindle excitement amongst the crowd, the traitors had their way with my body. Locked into the pillory, I could do little as they violated my anus. "Practice for the spike," they mocked.

Spent and satisfied, the rebel leaders ordered the executioners to continue. No man's cock could have prepared me for this. The sharpened tip of the spike made its way into my prolapsed anus. I screamed my throat out. Then came the heartless hammering. More pain, more screaming.


Thock. Thock. Thock. Each strike seemed to double the intensity of my suffering. The spike pushed its way ever deeper into my body, rupturing my organs. My brain ceased to comprehend anything except the pain.

Tired. Everything going dark. The soldiers lift my impaled body. I close my eyes. I can hear my comrades calling for me…
R: 139 / I: 8

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition

I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…
R: 4 / I: 0

Release (M+/F, con, anal, snuff, guillotine, edging)

As the woman behind the counter went through the speech, Chelsea let her eyes wander over to the next counter, where men were checking in.

“…be aware that, although we make effort to minimize the risk, accidents can and sometimes do happen…”

She’d heard it all before. She knew the routine. Listen to the little legalese speech, sign the waiver, go in, have a good time. She’d been coming here most Thursdays for years now. She could recite the speech herself.

“By signing this waiver, you agree not to hold the company liable for any injury or loss of life incurred while using the service. If you agree, please say ‘I consent’.”

“I consent,” replied Chelsea. The man going through the other side of the checkin procedure wasn’t very attractive—a little shorter than she’d prefer, a little balder, a little fatter. In a weird way that made things better. He handed over his credit card. Men who come here have to pay. She signed the waiver. Women got in free.

“Alright, cool, you’re gonna be in room three today. Have fun, Chel!”

“I always do,” she smiled. The receptionists all knew her by name at this point, expected her at her normal time. She headed into room three.

“Hey Chelsea, welcome back.”

“Hey, Greg.” She smiled back at the doctor. They all knew her as well. Of course, “doctor” was more of a legal fiction than anything. Technically, if you went all the way with it, it counted as physician-assisted suicide, so the people with their hands on the button needed to technically be physicians, but getting certified for this work was something like a two week course rather than eight years of medical school. Chelsea began shimmying out of her dress.

“Okay, you know the drill. If you wish to go through with the procedure, please say the word ‘release’ in a loud, clear, unambiguous voice. You are free to request that we let you leave at any time, just let me know when you’re ready. Think you’re going to go through with it this time?”

Chelsea smirked back at him. “Maybe.” He always asked. She always answered the same way. They both knew she was never going to do it. She was here for a little thrill, to edge herself close, but not to go all the way. She didn’t have a death wish, more of a… death wish wish.

She lay on her back on the bench and scooted into position. Greg carefully pulled her brown hair all the way through so it wouldn’t get caught on anything, strapped her body down to the bench, secured her hands, and flipped the switch that marked room 3 as available. 

Chelsea took a deep breath and looked up at the impossibly sharp metal blade of the guillotine, her heart racing with excitement.

“Oh, uh, hi, ma’am.”


Chelsea couldn’t see who was talking to her given how she was strapped down. He must be new. He sounded new.

“So do I just…?”

“Yeah, go nuts. I’d appreciate lube, especially if you use my ass, and tips are always welcome.”


She heard the man undressing. Didn’t hear lube dispenser—was he going in dry or using her pussy? She felt a cock slide into her pussy, answering that question immediately.

“Oh man, this is hot.”

Chelsea didn’t respond. She was looking up at the blade hanging above her like the proverbial sword of Damocles. As the man thrust into her, the guillotine shook slightly. She bit her lip, gasping quietly. The thrusts got faster. He didn’t last long. Newbies usually didn’t.

She was empty again. “Thanks.” “I hope you enjoyed yourself. Come back any time!” She heard the rustle of clothing being put back on. A moment later, the sound of some bills being placed in her tip jar. She thanked him again. Awkward. She heard the sound of the door opening and closing, then opening and closing again almost immediately.

She felt her legs pulled up and some cold lubricant applied to her asshole, then she was being fucked. This was more like it. He was grunting, she was letting out little whimpers. She imagined the blade coming down. She imagined herself falling into the basket below. This guy was lasting longer. She made herself concentrate on feeling every inch of the cock penetrating her asshole, being as present in the moment as she could. Finally, he came, then almost immediately went. She thanked him as she heard the crinkle of some more money going into her tip jar.

The next man used her pussy again. He fucked her hard and fast. She concentrated on the shaking of the guillotine, listening for every little creak. She knew they tested them before every use. She knew they inspected them thoroughly every day. She knew there were safeties, redundant safeties, and redundant safeties to the redundant safeties. She also knew that all of those measures failed in about 0.02% of uses. It was in the waiver she had to agree to every time she came here. 0.02%. More than zero. There was a chance. There was always a small chance that this would be her last moment. She felt herself tensing up and started taking deep, meditative breaths to try to control her orgasm. She didn’t want to come yet. She wanted to keep herself on the edge as long as possible. Another wad of sperm was deposited in her pussy and another wad of bills in the jar.

“How’re you doing, Chelsea?” Greg asked. “Need a break yet?”

“Not quite yet. After the next guy, yeah.”

The next guy took a little while to appear. There were always lulls and rushes. She lay there for the next 15 minutes, looking up at the blade.


She didn’t say it. Not out loud. She just moved her lips. Feeling the word on her tongue. Feeling the motion of it. She moved her hips around a bit, squeezing her pelvic muscles. “Release,” she mouthed again. It was safe. You had to say it loudly and clearly. It had to be unambiguous. “Release.” Just mouthing the word wouldn’t make Greg hit that final button. She could feel the combination of sperm slowly dripping down her cunt. “Release.”

She was still very much on edge as the next client finally entered the room, then entered her. Her whole body was tingling. She felt alive, more alive than any other time in the week. She whispered “Release”, adding just the tiniest bit of voice to it. Still not enough for Greg to hear. She was still safe. It was still fine. She didn’t want to die. She wasn’t going to die. “Release.”

“Oh shit, dude, this bitch fuckin’ said it,” the man moaned, and she felt the thrusts of his orgasm.

Chelsea bit her lip. Deep breaths. Don’t come. Not yet.

“I didn’t hear it,” replied Greg.

“Come on, man, she said it.”

“Sorry, dude. She’s got to say it louder if she wants it. Those are the rules.”

Chelsea’s body was on fire. Still, she held it down. She wanted this feeling to last. The feeling of being on the edge. This had happened a few times before, where the man fucking her heard her. It always sent her into overdrive. She had to be careful, it was addictive. She’d started out being very careful not to make any noise, not to say anything that even resembled the word.

But a year or so in, she’d started mouthing it for that little extra thrill.

Then a year after that, she’d started whispering it. She certainly wouldn’t say it any louder than she had been, though, to be safe. 

After the man left, Greg marked the room as offline and helped Chelsea out of her restraints and into the bathroom stall. Her legs were pretty wobbly.

Tomas: Hey, do you know where my red hoodie is?
Chelsea: I think I saw it in the kitchen

Chelsea’s body was still flooded with endorphins as she sat on the toilet texting her husband.

Tomas: Found it. Thanks. Having fun at work?
Chelsea: Oh, you know it. Nonstop thrills.

She loved her husband. He was amazing, kind, handsome. They didn’t have their own kids, not yet, but he was great with other couples’. Everything a woman could want. Almost everything.

Chelsea: It feels like customers have been riding me all day.
Tomas: Aww, poor bby. I’ll give you a nice long massage when you get home.
Chelsea: You’re the best. I don’t deserve.
Tomas: YOU’RE the best. Kisses!
Chelsea: Kisses!

Tomas thought she was at her normal job, her Sunday-to-Wednesday job. He didn’t know what she did with her Thursdays. The tips she got here were far more than she ever made at her regular 9-5. It was a nice little bonus. Of course, she didn’t do it for the money.

After she flushed, she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. At 27, she was starting to notice the first hints of age, but she was still taught and tight in all the right places. She and Tomas had been married for five wonderful years. She’d been coming here for four. The sex with Tomas was amazing. He was vigorous, consistent, never selfish. She always achieved orgasm.

She always thought about the guillotine.

She’d caught herself whispering “release” when Tomas was fucking her on more than one occasion. Of course, he didn’t know what she really meant. He’d never come to a place like this. He was faithful. Plus, he would barely even spank her in bed, much less get off on fucking a random woman who might ask to have her head lopped off at any moment.

Sometimes she thought of Tomas while she was strapped down. Imagined him having a secret dark side. Imagined him flying into a rage seeing her spread and dripping with other men’s come, overpowering the doctor attending her, and pressing the button himself. She imagined him calling her a whore, a cheating slut, a filthy cunt. She imagined him lifting her head from the basket and giving her mouth one last good fuck.

She took a long drink from one of the little water bottles the company provided in the bathroom. It’s important to stay hydrated. Stay hydrated, stay healthy.

He was in her ass, her legs up on his shoulders, his whole weight leaning into her.

“Say it. Say it, bitch.”

Her mouth was moving. Forming the word at his command. Sometimes regulars did talk to her. 

“Fucking piece of meat. Tell him to release the blade. Tell him you want me to be your last.”

Most guys just wanted a warm willing hole to stick their dicks in. Some guys, though…

“Say it. Say ‘release’. You know you want to. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want it.”

She saw herself at the edge. He was the devil on her shoulder. He was the call of the void. She’d heard his voice before, on more Thursdays than she could remember. She’d also heard his voice in her head, with Tomas, commanding her in a way her husband never did. He’d heard her voice too. It was why he kept coming back to her, why he learned her schedule. She’d never seen his face, but they’d heard each other’s voices. “Release,” she said, barely audible, just barely.

“Louder. Louder girl. Shout it out.”

“Release.” Quieter. Just a whisper. She didn’t want to die. She was in control

“You little tease. I want to feel that ass of yours grab my dick when your head pops off. Say it!”

She bit her lip. She was close. So close. Deep breaths. So close.

“You KNOW you WANT it you WHORE you FUCKING SLUT you CUNT fucking SAY IT.”

His thrusts punctuated his sentence. The guillotine shook with each thrust. Zero point oh two. It could just come down. It could fall at any second, regardless of what she said or didn’t say. Deep breaths. Her lips moved. She said the word. Quietly. Oh so quietly. She said it for him. Just loud enough for him to hear. Quietly. But… louder. Louder than she had ever before.

He came.

“Worthless fucking cunt. Filthy cock tease cumdumpster. I fucking hope your worthless meat ends up in the fucking dumpster.”

She heard him putting on his pants. 

She heard a rustle of money.

He was always one of her best tippers.

The door opened and closed again.

“Doing okay, Chelsea? That was pretty intense.”

Greg was so sweet. One of her favorites. One of her favorite potential executioners. Her favorite potential murderers. 

“Mmm hmm.”

She was at the edge of the cliff. “Do you ever take a turn, Greg?”

She thought about Greg fucking her. She wondered why she’d never really thought about it before. Her killer. Her murderer. She thought about him giving her a good long fuck and then hitting the button himself.

“Can’t. Ethics violation to have sex with a patient.”

“Yeah, but I’m not *really* a patient…” She imagined his cock thrusting into her. His hands on her. His come in her. He always asked her if today was the day. Maybe today was the day. Maybe today was the day for him.

“Sorry. I’d lose my job, probably never be able to work in the industry again. Nice as it is to think about, it’s not worth it.”

Chelsea rolled the sentence around in her mind. “Not worth it. He doesn’t think I’m worth it. My life isn’t worth it. I’m worthless.” She was at the edge. Right at the edge. She was breathing. 

The door opened again.

“Hey man, is it cool if we both give her a go?” 

“Yeah, that’s allowed, right?”

Two men had entered.

“As long as everyone’s clear on the risks, It’s up to her,” Greg responded. “But, you know, she can’t give the command if her mouth is full.”

“Nah, that’s cool, we just wanna fuck her, not snuff her.”

0.02%. She’d done the research on that figure. There had been studies. She’d done some googling. In a private browser window, obviously, to be safe.

“Yes. I’m fine with that.”

Two hundredths of a percent. A disproportionate number of that percentage was when a threesome was involved. Something about the extra vibrations, the way the second man might sometimes grip the edges of the guillotine.

“Awesome. Thanks!”

She took a deep breath. There was a cock in her mouth, and another in her pussy.

She closed her eyes. Her face was being fucked. Her lungs were burning. Of course, sometimes a man would just choke a woman to death. That wasn’t included in the 0.02%. She couldn’t breathe now. She felt herself getting closer to the edge of the cliff. Her toes almost off. She couldn’t breathe. The cock was thrusting down into her throat. Men were advised not to fuck her throat. Men were advised that if they accidentally snuffed a woman this way, they could be held criminally liable for her death. She couldn’t breathe. The waiver she signed specifically recommended against it. She couldn’t breathe.

He pulled out and came across her face. She gasped for air. There was sperm in her eye and it burned. Her throat felt rough. She was in control. She was still alive. She was breathing. She was safe. She was taking deep breaths. She was at the edge of the cliff. The man in her pussy came, almost as an afterthought. She barely felt it. They were gone.

“Need another break, Chel?”

“Yeah. I could use some water.”

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was matted with sweat and come. Her eyes—one bloodshot, unfamiliar—looked back at her. She saw a wild animal in the mirror. She wasn’t there. This animal that almost looked like her was there. She saw the beast whisper “Release” to her with her own mouth. She was standing up. She wasn’t strapped in. She could say it louder. It was safe. “Release,” she said, clearly, in her normal speaking voice. It felt good. The rumble of it in her abused throat was soothing. She checked the time on her phone. She had time for one or two more. She always wanted more, but she had to leave herself time to get cleaned up and calmed down. Time to fix her makeup and her hair so she could stroll innocently back into her real life for another week.

She slid a hand down to feel her pussy, dripping with come. How many men? She’d kind of lost count. She knew it wasn’t too many, but it was still too much for stupid worthless animal like her remember. Animals can’t count. She ran her finger around her clit, staring into her own eyes. “Release,” she said again. Loudly. Clearly. Unambiguously. 

She closed her eyes, took another drink of water, took a few deep breaths. She wiped off her face.

This had to be the end. Her last for today. She knew her limits. She’d been edging herself all day, keeping herself from coming, and she knew the endorphin high was dangerous. She needed to come, and she needed to ask to be let out of the guillotine. Right after this last man.

She grunted as he entered her. She felt raw. Guys had been using lube, but still. She had to come, though. She needed that rel…she needed to come so she could get herself cleaned up and not spend the rest of the day a drooling mess.

She thought about the man from the reception area. What if a man like that were the last man to ever touch her? Maybe he was fucking her right now. She imagined that she felt his belly against her body. She imagined that those moans she heard were coming out of his mouth. That’s all she deserved. A mediocre, anonymous man. That’s all she was worth. Tomas could do much better. He was such a wonderful husband. She didn’t deserve him. She deserved a dumpy man who had to come to a place like this to get his rocks off. She deserved an old, bald, fat, short man. She deserved less than that.

Her pussy was a dull ache. The man fucking her was not really even necessary at this point. She was so close to the edge.

She mouthed the word. She silently mouthed the word with each thrust. “Release.”

It was time. She wanted to come. She needed to come. She needed to end it. She thought of Tomas and his kind brown eyes looking down at her. “Release.” She tasted the idea of his disappointment on her lips as she said the words. She was a worthless, base animal. “Release.” She was a set of holes to be used, not a human who deserves love. “Release,” she whispered. She was so close. So close to the edge. She just needed to tip herself over. She just needed a little bit more. “Release.”

“Fuuuuck,” she heard the man say in his nasal voice. Maybe it really was that man. Had he been here all day? “Release,” she moaned quietly in response. Such an ugly, disgusting little man, but all she deserved. She was coming. “Release.” She was finally coming. Her whole body was tense and shuddering. All over, every nerve ending on fire, a day’s worth of pent up arousal finally paying off. “Release.” She felt like she was flying. She opened her eyes wide, a smile on her face. She saw Greg. What a curious expression on his face.

She couldn’t see the blade.

She told Greg to let her out. She’d gotten her orgasm. She was done. Her mouth didn’t make a sound. Weird.

She replayed the last couple of seconds in her mind. She had just whispered it. She’d been so safe, so careful. She was going to get all cleaned up and go home to Tomas tonight, the perfect picture of a doting and faithful wife.

She’d been coming. She’d whispered the word. She’d been moaning. Her vocal cords… What was she looking at? Where was the blade?

She felt like she was flying.

She felt like her whole body was numb with pleasure.

Numb. Numb with pleasure.

She couldn’t feel her body.

She felt—
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German stories?

gibt es hier gar keine deutschsprachige Stories?
Nur immer in Englisch?
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How to Format Stories for Easy Reading

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.

I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
- I think I need a hug.
- No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

"I think I need a hug," said Maya.
"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

"I think I need a hug."
"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is that if you get lost while rereading your own story, so will your readers. Check your formatting and grammar; make sure it's not painful to read.

Feel free to add, criticize, comment, etc.
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Bocchis Quest für die wahre Freundschaft

Someone asked for a german story and i still search someone for translation. It is one of my better commisions i think and i really don't want to destroy it with my Bad english:)

Bocchis Quest für die wahre Freundschaft

„Ich bin Iniki, Kalea und komme von der Insel Ni’ihau. Schön euch kennen zu lernen.“ Grüßt die Austauschülerin mit starkem Dialekt. Sie sieht komplett anders wie die restlichen Schülerinnen der Klasse aus. Sie ist größer, hat leicht gebräunte haut und wildes schwarzes Haar.

Als Bocchi gehört hat das Klasse 1 eine neue Austauschülerin bekommt, war Sie noch sehr selbstsicher. „ Sie wird mit Sicherheit ebenfalls neue Freunde suchen und mich ganz schnell akzeptieren … “ Allerdings ist sie sich nun überhaupt nicht mehr sicher. Die neue Schülerin sieht unheimlich aus.

„ Wie soll Ich Iniki-san nur ansprechen? Das schaff Ich niemals! “ bricht Panik in Bocchis inneren aus.

Die Situation wird noch angespannter, als Iniki-san sich auch noch ausgerechnet hinter Ihr setzt…

Bocchi dreht sich hektisch um. „Ha a a a…. Ich bin Hito r i , Bocchi…” panisch schaut Sie wieder nach vorne.

Kalea ist etwas verwirrt. „Hallo… Ich bin Kalea Iniki.“ Sie vergisst, ihren Nachnamen als erstes zu nennen. „Nett dich… kennenzulernen???“

Bocchi fällt von Ihrem Stuhl: „Sie hat geantwortet! JAAAAAAA!“

Die anderen Schüler der Klasse ignorieren das verhalten. „ Scheint wohl normal zu sein .“ denkt sich Kalea: „Geht es dir gut?“

Bocchi erinnert sich an eine Regel aus ihrem Buch. Komplimente sind ein gutes Mittel, um das Eis zu brechen. „Du siehst sehr schön aus!“ Schreit sie fast heraus. Es stimmt. Iniki-san sieht wirklich wunderschön aus, auf eine exotische Art und weiße. Sie sieht auch etwas erwachsener aus.

„ zuviel …“ flüstert Nako. Sie denkt darüber nach einzugreifen. Aber bisher schlägt sich Bocchi ganz gut für ihre Verhältnisse.

Kalea ist etwas überrascht von Bocchis sehr offensiven Flirt versuchen. „Du siehst sehr lecker aus.“ Kontert Sie mit ihrem besten Kompliment. Es ist nicht gelogen. Bocchi sieht tatsächlich sehr lecker aus… Vielleicht etwas zu dünn für Ihren Geschmack. Aber ansonsten stimmen wohl die Klischees, dass japanische Mädchen viel zarteres Fleisch wie die Mädchen aus Ihrer Heimat haben. Sie hat selten ein Mädchen gesehen, dass so lecker aussieht.

Bocchi ist etwas überfordert… „Das steht auf keine r meiner Listen… Wie antwortet man darauf?!“

„Sag was Du denkst…“ Flüstert Nako Ihr zu.

Bocchi versucht den Tipp zu beachten. „Ich versuche so lecker wie möglich zu sein!“

„Das ergibt noch nicht einmal Sinn…“ kichert Nako so leise wie möglich.

„Wirklich?!“ Lächelt Kalea glücklich. „Ich dachte Japanische Mädchen w ürden sowas nicht machen.“ . Vorsichtig fragt Sie nach. „Du träumst davon Fleisch zu sein?“

Bocchie versteht nicht was Kalea sagt. Sie hört auch nicht wirklich zu, da Sie sich viel zu sehr darüber freut, dass Sie in der Lage ist ein normales Gespräch zu führen. „Ja! Schon seit immer!“

„Ich habe das erste Mal mit 8 darüber nachgedacht. Aber lieber esse Ich Fleisch.“ Schwärmt Kalea nun. „Willst Du mein Fleisch sein? Du wärst das erste Mädchen, das Ich selbst zubereite.“

„Oh oh … Ist das in Ihrer Heimat so etwas wie eine Liebeserklärung?“ Versucht Nako den Sinn in diesem Gespräch zu finden. „Bocchi Du solltest…“

Bocchi antwortet verträumt. „Ich würde es gerne einmal ausprobieren, wenn Du es magst…“ Sie hat schon lange vergessen, worum es eigentlich in dem Gespräch ging.

„ Jetzt wird es wirklich merkwürdig.“ Flüstert Nako. Zum glück geht genau in diesen Moment der Unterricht los.

Am nächsten Tag kommt Kalea auf Bocchi zu. „Guten Morgen Bocchi. Hast Du das Gestern wirklich ernst gemeint? Ich habe das noch nie mit einen Fremden Mädchen gemacht.“ Bisher hat ihre Mutter immer das Essen zubereitet. „Aber Ich würde es gerne einmal ausprobieren.“

„gu guten Morgen Iniki-san!“ Antwortet Bocchie schüchtern. „Ic…“

„Ich glaube da liegt ein Missverständnis vor.“ Versucht Nako sofort die Situation zu retten. „Bocchi hat glaube Ich nicht ganz verstanden worum es geht.“

Bocchi versteht nicht, was Nako mit Missverständnis meint. „Warum?“

Kalea hat sowas befürchtet. „Willst Du doch nicht gekocht werden?“

Bocchi antwortet schnell: „Doch! Ich will mit dir zusammen kochen!“ Sie kann nicht riskieren, Sie als Freundin zu verlieren, bevor Sie Freunde geworden sind.

Nako begutachtet Kalea kritisch. Sie ist sich nun selbst nicht ganz sicher, was Kalea wirklich möchte. Doch Sie wirkt auch nicht bösartig. Vielleicht sollte Sie den ganzen eine Chance geben. „Es geht nur ums kochen?“

„Natürlich!“ lächelt Kalea. „Dachtest Du etwa, dass Ich etwas anderes von Ihr möchte?“

Nako lächelt ebenfalls. „Ich dachte schon, Du hättest dich in Sie verliebt.“

Bocchi kann nun gar nicht mehr folgen. „Habe Ich etwas Falsches gesagt?!“

Kalea lacht laut los. „Sie ist niedlich! Aber Ich würde mich doch nicht in ein anderes Mädchen verlieben. Ich finde lediglich, dass Sie sehr lecker aussieht.“

„Deine Wortwahl verwirrt mich.“ Versucht Nako zu erklären. „In Japan sagen wir einem anderen Mädchen eher selten das es lecker aussieht.“

„Benutzen Sie in Japan vielleicht andere Worte dafür?“ Kalea versucht es zu erklären. „Nun in meiner Heimat sind wir sehr offen. Wenn wir ein Mädchen kochen möchten, dann sagen wir es Ihr.“

„Ich möchte das gerne ausprobieren! Nicht streiten!“ Versucht Bocchi es zu retten.

Nako streichelt über ihren Kopf. „Du machst dir zu viele Gedanken. Wir streiten uns nicht.“

„Werden wir Freunde, wenn Ich dir mit dem Kochen helfe?“ Fragt Bocchi mit Tränen in den Augen.

„Natürlich seid Ihr dann Freunde!“ kichert Nako.

„Mehr als dass!“ pflichtet Kalea bei.

Bocchi verliert kurz das Bewusstsein vor Aufregung… „Wann fangen wir an?“

„So etwas muss man vorbereiten Dummerchen.“ Erklärt Kalea. „Ich würde vorschlagen das wir es in 3 Wochen tun. Du willst doch sicher, dass alles perfekt wird und es kann nicht schaden, wenn Du deinen Körper auch noch etwas darauf vorbereitest.“ „So zart wie sie ist, sollte Sie nicht viel ändern… Aber 1Kg mehr könnte auch nicht schaden.“

„In drei Wochen sind wir dann Freunde?“ Fragt Bocchi immer noch sehr aufgeregt.

„Sag einfach Ja!“ Flüstert Nako in das Ohr von Kalea.

„Ja…“ Bocchi hört nicht weiter zu, da Sie vor glück erstarrt ist.

—Noch 20 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

Kurz nach den Sport Unterricht.

„Bocchi!“ Stupst Kalea Bocchi an. “Warte bitte noch etwas mit den umziehen.“ Ihre Zukünftiger Braten sieht echt schick in Sportuniform aus.

„ W as hat Sie nun vor?“ Nako versteckt sich hinter der Tür. Sie weiß nicht warum, aber irgendwie hat Sie ein komisches Gefühl bei der Sache.

Bocchi gehorcht natürlich, ohne weiter nach zu fragen. „Okay. Iniki-san.“

„Nenn mich ruhig Kalea.“ Lächelt Kalea. „Außer natürlich, Du möchtest eine dominante Köchin haben.“

„Okay Kalea…“ Lächelt Bocchi verträumt.

„Ich habe mit meiner Mutter geredet.“ Erklärt Kalea. „Sie hat mir erklärt, dass der Ofen wahrscheinlich groß genug ist, für ein kleines Mädchen. Sie hat aber empfohlen, dass wir ein Bambusspieß nutzen sollen, da es sehr gut zu einem japanischen Mädchen passen würde.“ Sie wartet kurz ab, ob Bocchi etwas dazu sagen will. Doch da Bocchi nichts sagt fragt Sie direkt nach: „Wie klingt das für dich? Willst Du Traditionell einen Spieß nutzen, oder klingt dir das zu extrem?“

Bocchi kennt sich nicht so sehr mit den kochen aus. Sie weiß wie man Pudding macht. Aber viel schwerere Rezepte hat Sie noch nicht ausprobiert. Sie möchte aber gerne die Traditionen Ihrer baldigen Freundin kennenlernen. „Ich würde gerne das traditionelle Rezept ausprobieren.“

Kalea betrachtet Ihre baldige Mahlzeit mit Vorfreude. „Japs! Ich denke das würde sehr gut aussehen, mit einen Bambus Spieß.“ Bocchi Ist viel kleiner und zarter wie alle Mädchen in Ihrer Heimat und selbst für eine Japanerin ist Sie klein. So ein Mädchen sieht bestimmt sehr gut an einen Spieß aus!

Bocchi lächelt glücklich und verträumt.

Kalea nutzt den Moment, um das Messband heraus zu kramen, dass Ihre Mutter ihr mitgegeben hat. „Halte bitte etwas still. Ich muss ein paar Dinge abmessen, damit Ich berechnen kann, wie lange der Spieß und Grill sein muss. Und natürlich müssen wir ja auch wissen wie viel Zutaten wir brauchen.“

„Das kitzelt!“ beschwert sich Bocchi schüchtern und gerötet. Als Kalea das Messband an Ihrer Sporthose direkt über ihrer privaten Zone anlegt.

„Das funktioniert So nicht…“ murmelt Kalea. „So kann Ich das nicht messen… Kannst Du bitte deine Hose Ausziehen?“

Bocchie wird rot… „das wäre peinlich…“ Doch trotzdem stimmt Sie zu. „Okay!“ schnell zieht Sie die Sporthose aus. Sie trägt ein dünnes weißes Höschen darunter.

„Sollte Ich vielleicht doch etwas sagen? Ich glaube, das ist doch etwas intimes…“ Denkt sich Nako. Allerdings sieht Bocchi so glücklich aus. „Bocchi ist ja kein Kleinkind. Sie wird schon etwas sagen, wenn es ihr nicht gefällt… hoffe Ich…“

Kalea hat schon öfters dabei geholfen Mädchen zuzubereiten. Doch noch nie hat Sie es selbst getan. Es ist etwas peinlicher wie Sie gedacht hätte ein Mädchen zu vermessen. Ihre Mutter macht dies immer bei komplett nackten Mädchen. Doch da es Kalea selbst etwas peinlich ist und Sie sich beobachtet fühlt, gibt Sie sich mit der Hose zufrieden. Sanft legt Sie das Maßband an Bocchis Höschen an. „Halte es bitte feste.“ Befehlt Sie.

„Is ist das wirklich nötig?“ Fragt Bocchi stotternd.

Kalea schiebt Bocchis Köpfchen nach oben und misst den Abstand bis zu ihrem Mund. „Kleiner wie Ich erwarte habe… Ich denke 2 Meter reichen völlig aus!“ In Ihren Kopf sieht Sie bereits, wie Ihre niedliche kleine Bocchi über dem Feuer rotiert. Ein langer Spieß in Ihren Inneren, der unten rein und aus ihrem süßen Mund wieder herauskommt. Sie erwischt sich dabei, wie Sie zärtlich über Bocchis Lippen streichelt.

„Ist das gut?“ Fragt Bocchi verzweifelt. Sie weiß nicht, wie man mit so einer Situation umgehen muss. Es fühlt sich nicht schlecht an, wie Kalea sie berührt. Aber Sie hat sowas noch nie mit Kai getan…

Kalea betastet sehr vorsichtig Bocchis kaum vorhandenen Brüste. „Das fühlt sich zum anbeißen an. Doch messen muss Ich das wohl nicht…“ Es ist nicht viel. Doch fettarme Brüstchen isst Sie sehr gerne. Sie sind immer besonders würzig und delikat. Sie knetet Sie testweiße. „Vielleicht esse Ich das als Erstes.“

„Ka Kalea…“ stöhnt Bocchi… „Ist das normal… Das da da… So merkwürdig anfühlt.“

„Natürlich ist es das!“ Spielt Kalea extra noch etwas mehr mit den Kleinen happen. „Du kannst es wohl kaum mehr erwarten.“ Sie kann kaum loslassen. Es wird schwer werden, ganze drei Wochen darauf zu warten.

Als nächstes fühlt Kalea über den Bauch und die Hüfte von Bocchi. Das wird vielleicht das zarteste Mädchen, dass Sie je gegessen hat. Sanft legt Sie das Maßband um die Hüfte von Bocchi. „Es wird wohl leider nur eine kleine Menge hinein passen… versuchen wie es mit 1,5 Kg…“

Bocchi ist nun komplett abwesend. „Mache Ich das richtig?“ Sie weiß es nicht…

Kalea misst alle möglichen Oberflächen, die Sie finden kann und macht sich ein paar Notizen. Es macht Spaß. Bocchi ist ein sehr gutes Fleischmädchen. Sie ist fast etwas neidisch auf Sie. Sie verliert sich etwas in Ihrer Aufgabe und testet auch die Flexibilität von Bocchis Armen und Beinen. „Sie ist wirklich perfekt!“

„Sin Si Sind wir fertig.“ Stottert Bocchi inzwischen rot wie eine Tomate. Sie fühlt sich etwas erregt. Das ist ein erstes Mal für Sie.

Nako beobachtet das ganze ebenfalls rot wie eine Tomate. „Ist das wirklich normal in Kaleas Heimat…“

„Eine Sache will Ich noch abtesten.“ Sanft kneift Kalea in Bocchis Hintern. Wie erwartet wird das ebenfalls ein sehr saftiges Stück werden. „Ich glaube Ich liebe dich doch.“ Kichert Sie.

„HÄ???“ Erschreckt Bocchi.

Kalea kneift in Ihr verführerisches gerötetes Bäckchen. „Mama hat immer gesagt, dass es nichts Besseres gibt. Als jemanden zu essen den man mag.“

Auf den Weg zu Bocchis Haus.

„Du Bocchi.“ Spricht Nako, Bocchi vorsichtig an. „Bist Du dir sicher, dass es dir gefällt, was Kalea mit dir macht?“

Bocchi ist immer noch etwas mitgenommen von den heutigen Ereignissen. „Ich bin mir nicht sicher… Aber wenn Kalea es gerne macht… Dann ist es okay!“

„Es ist okay, wenn Du es nicht machen willst.“ Erklärt Nako. „Freunde müssen ehrlich zueinander sein.“

In Bocchis Kopf spielen sich Horror Vorstellungen ab. Sie will es nicht riskieren. „Das war nicht so schlimm! Ich kann es schaffen!“ Möglich selbstbewusst antwortet Sie: „Mir gefällt es glaub Ich.“

Nako kauft es Ihr nicht wirklich ab. „Wenn Es dir doch nicht mehr gefallen sollte, dann sag Bescheid.“

Bocchi steckt sich nervös einen Keks in den Mund, den Kalea Ihr geschenkt hat. „Okay…“ murmelt Sie.

„Kaleas Kekse sind lecker…“ Wechselt Nako das Thema. Sie merkt, dass das Thema Bocchi unangenehm ist…

—Noch 1 6 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

Bocchi kann Ihr glück nicht fassen. Kalea hat Sie dazu eingeladen, mit Ihr nach der Schule einkaufen zu gehen. Selbstbewusst hat Bocchi ein Heft mit möglichen Gespräch Themen vorbereitet. Es war nicht einfach, da Sie nur während des Unterricht Zeit hatte. Aber Sie hat Ihr ganzes Herzblut reingesteckt.

„Wir haben eine Menge zu tun.“ Ist Kalea sehr aufgeregt. „Wir müssen ein paar Bambusstange kaufen, die dir gefallen und etwas Kohle besorgen. Außerdem brauchen wir noch Kohleanzünder und Feuerfeste Seile. Wir haben leider keine von Zuhause mitgebracht.“

„Darf Ich euch begleiten?“ Fragt Nako. Sie möchte sicherheitshalber auf Bocchi aufpassen. Kalea ist nett uns schenkt Bocchi ständig Ihr Essen. Aber irgendwas fühlt sich immer noch falsch an. Außerdem gefällt es Ihr nicht, wie Kalea Bocchi ständig anfasst, als wäre Sie ein Stück Fleisch.

„Natürlich. Dann wird das tragen einfacher.“ Lädt Kalea Sie ebenfalls ein.

Bocchi wird ohnmächtig…

„Das passiert Ihr oft.“ Kichert Kalea.

„Wahrscheinlich freut Sie sich einfach sehr darüber, dass wir zu dritt einkaufen gehen.“ Lächelt Nako.

Irgendwie gelingt es ihnen den Pflanzenladen ohne weiter Zwischenfälle zu erreichen. „Wir suchen stabile Bambusstangen!“ Grüßt Kalea die Verkäuferin.

„Bambusstangen?“ Fragt die Verkäuferin überrascht.

„Es ist für meine Freundin Bocchi.“ Ist Kalea ehrlich. „Sie möchte gerne Ihre Fantasie real machen.“

Auch wenn es nicht viele Kannibalen in Japan gibt, so ist es auch nicht explizit verboten. Kaleas Mutter hatte ein paar Läden empfohlen. Wissend lächelt die Frau. „Ich finde es großartig, wenn junge Mädchen wie Ihr, euch bereits dafür interessiert. Wir haben ein paar sehr gute Stangen auf Lager.“

Bocchie und Nako folgen Kalea und der Frau verwirrt.

„Sie ist sehr zart, Ihr solltet eine möglich weiche und dünne Stange verwenden.“ Berät die Verkäuferin. „Wie groß sind Ihre Maße?“

„Das habe Ich schon berechnet.“ Verkündet Kalea stolz. „2 Meter für den Spieß und 80 Zentimeter für den Stabilisator.“

„Eine Expertin.“ Grinst die Verkäuferin. Sie führt Sie zu einer Sammlung von 100 verschieden langen und dicken Bambusstangen. „Es ist bereits 1000 Jahre Tradition. Bambusstangen für junge Mädchen zu verwenden. Ich bin mir sicher, dass wir auch eine passende für dich finden.“ Sie zeigt auf Bocchi.

Bocchis Liste versagt bereits jetzt. Ihr fehlen die Worte. „…“

„Sie ist etwas schüchtern.“ Erklärt Kalea.

„Es ist eine sehr mutige Entscheidung. Natürlich ist Sie etwas nervös.“ Zeigt die Frau Verständnis. „Ich helfe euch bei der Entscheidung.“

„Was genau passiert hier.“ Fragt Nako unsicher.

„Wir suchen den Spieß aus, an dem Bocchi gebraten wird.“ Erklärt Kalea.

„Natürlich…“ Nako kann den ganzen nicht folgen.

Die Verkäuferin stellt eine Dicke Bambusstange vor Bocchi auf. Sie drückt Bocchi an die Stange dran. „Das scheint mit etwas zu dick.“

Kalea malt in Ihren Kopf aus, wie Bocchi von der Stange durchspießt wird. Wie die Dicke Stange unter Ihrer Uniform eindringt und aus ihren dünnen kleinen Lippen herauskommt. Es sieht unangenehm und nicht so erotisch aus, wie Sie es bei früheren Mahlzeiten beobachtet hat . „Das wäre wahrscheinlich viel zu schmerzhaft und würde kaum durch Ihren Mund passen.“

„Ich verstehe! Wahrscheinlich geht es um Fesselspiele!“ Versucht Nako sich Bocchi in einem solchem Szenario vorzustellen. „Das wäre wohl tatsächlich lustig, Sie an so eine Stange zu fesseln.“

Bocchi nickt einfach nur noch zustimmend. „Ja denke ich…“ Sie versteht nicht den Zusammenhang zwischen sich und der Stange.

Kalea hält eine besonders dünne und süße Stange an sie dran. „Vielleicht diese Stange? Sie würde bestimmt gut eindringen.“ Sie malt sich aus wie die dünne Stange, fließend wie ein Fisch, in Sie eindringt und Bocchi verträumt dabei lächelt. „Eine niedliche Stange für einen niedlichen B raten. Das wäre besser.“ Leckt Sie über Ihren Mund.

„In Sie eindringen?“ Fragt Nako. „Nee das wäre nicht niedlich!“ „Die Stange eignen sich auch nicht zum Fesseln.“

„Das ist zu dünn!“ verbessert die Verkäuferin. „Daran kann man kein Mädchen braten.“

„ja denke Ich…“ Sagt Bocchi. Obwohl Sie nicht weiß, was hier passiert, spürt sich diese Stange falsch an.

„Diese Stange sollte passen.“ Testet die Frau eine besonders schöne und stabile Stange. „Ja das würde niedlich in Ihr Aussehen.“

„Finde Ich auch.“ Pflichtet Kalea bei. Sie sieht vor ihren Augen, wie die Stange perfekt in Bocchi eindringt und Ihren Mund wunderschön ausfüllt, ohne Sie zu sehr zu belasten.

„Stimmt.“ Versucht Nako zu helfen. Sie weiß zwar immer noch nicht genau was hier passiert. Tatsächlich stellt sie sich vor, wie die Stange in Bocchie drinsteckt. Obwohl Ihr die Vorstellung Angst macht, muss Sie zugeben, dass es sehr niedlich Aussehen würde. Allerdings weiß Sie nicht, wie Sie nur auf eine solch Perverse Idee kommt…

„Ja denke Ich auch…“ Bocchi weiß noch viel weniger was passiert. Aber Ihr Körper kribbelt. Etwas In Ihr sagt, dass dies die richtige Stange ist. „Sie gefällt mir!“

5 Minuten Später.

„Wir haben zusammen eingekauft!“ Verkündet Bocchi stolz. Sie trägt die beiden Stangen wie eine Trophäe.

Weiter geht es in den Grillzubehörladen. Kalea findet schnell alles was Sie braucht. Und Bocchi versucht so gut es geht, Sie dabei zu beraten. Auch wenn Die antwortet meistens sehr einfach ausfallen.

Die Mädchen müssen eine ganze Menge tragen. Zu Feier des Tages lädt Kalea die beiden noch zu einer besonders großen Portion Eis ein.

—Noch 11 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

„Bocchi ich habe Nachforschungen angestellt.“ Nako hat endlich erkannt was Kalea vor hat. „Sie möchte mir dir ein kannibalistisches Rollenspiel machen!!!“ (Oder auch nicht!)

„Ist das schlimm?“ Fragt Bocchi verwirrt. Sie weiß noch nicht einmal was Kannibalismus ist.

„Es ist schon etwas verrückt. Denke Ich…“ Versucht Nako es beschämt zu erklären. „Sie möchte so tun, als wenn du ein Braten bist…“ Es fällt Ihr schon schwer darüber nach zu denken. „Die Mädchen auf den Bildern in Internet waren nackt! Und es sah sehr…“ Sie kann es kaum aussprechen.

Bocchi fühlt sich etwas beschämt. „Das klingt nicht nach etwas was mir gefallen könnte…“ Allerdings mag Sie Kalea. Sie ist auch zu unschuldig, um zu verstehen, was Nako Ihr erklärt. Es sind nur noch 11 Tage, dann sind Sie Freunde. Sie will das schaffen! „Das klingt peinlich… Aber Ich finde es auch interessant. Freunde sollten den Hobbys Ihrer Freunde eine Chance geben.“ Zitiert Sie aus Ihrem Buch.

„Stört dich das wirklich nicht?“ Fragt Nako überrascht.

Bocchi ist sehr beschämt. Doch Sie will es schaffen. „Ich will es einmal ausprobieren!“

Nako hat selten erlebt, das Bocchi so selbstbewusst gehandelt hat. Hoffentlich weiß Sie, was Sie tut. Sie malt sich aus, wie Bocchi wie eines der Mädchen im Internet serviert wird. „WOW? Warum gefällt mir diese Vorstellung?!“

„Wenn Ich ehrlich bin…“ Spielt Bocchi mit ihrem Rock. „Es fühlt sich merkwürdig an… Aber es fühlt sich auch schön aus. Ich werde versuchen Ihr Braten zu sein. “

Nako tätschelt Ihre Schulter. „Wenn es dir gefällt.“ Lächelt Sie bösartig. „Dann solltest Du ruhig weiter machen.“

—Noch 7 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

„Guten Abend mein kleiner Braten.“ Begrüßt Kalea Bocchi mit Vorfreude. Sie hat Bocchi nach sich zuhause eingeladen. Die heiße Phase der Vorbereitung beginnt. Sie trägt ein einfaches helles Kleid.

Bocchi trägt ihre Schuluniform. „Guten Abend… Kalea…“

Kalea ist etwas darüber überrascht, dass Bocchi eine Schuluniform trägt. „Willst Du eine Uniform an unseren großen Tag tragen? Ich fände das ganz niedlich.“

Bocchi wusste einfach nicht, was Sie sich anziehen soll. Sie nickt schüchtern. Sie hat nach Tipps in Internet gefragt, wie sie sich als ‚Braten‘ verhalten muss. Sie hat nicht herausbekommen, was es mit Kannibalismus auf sich hat. Aber Sie hat erfahren, dass Sie sich als Braten unterwürfig und unschuldig verhalten sollte. „So schaffe Ich es Ihre Freundin zu werden! Ich werde schon früh genug herausfinden, was wir kochen und warum wir mich Braten nennen. “

„Ich sehe schon. Du bist aufgeregt.“ Kalea lacht. „Es sind nur noch 7 Tagen!“ Sie ist ebenfalls aufgeregt. Bocchi wird das erste Mädchen sein, dass Sie ganz ohne Hilfe zubereiten darf.

„Was machen wir heute?“ Fragt Bocchi nervös. Sie erinnert sich an eines der vielen Sätze, die Sie vorbereitet hat. „ Soll Ich mich für dich Ausziehen Meisterin?“

„Ich habe den Spieß vorbereitet.“ Erklärt Kalea und ignoriert das Angebot. „Ich dachte Du wolltest vielleicht deinen Spieß noch etwas schmücken.“

„Das klingt nach Spaß.“ Strahlt Bocchi. Sie ist erleichtert, dass es nichts Peinliches ist.

Kalea hat Farbe vorbereitet. „Womit sollen wir es dekorieren?“ Es ist ein altes Ritual in Ihrer Heimat. Dass ein Mädchen seinen eigenen Spieß bemalt. Sie ist schon ganz gespannt, was Bocchi drauf malen möchte. So etwas sagt viel über ein Mädchen aus.

Bocchi betrachtet die Stange unsicher. Kalea hat die Stangen angespitzt und eine kleine Halterung an den langen Stangen angebracht, durch die man die kürzere schieben kann. Sie hat ein mulmiges Gefühl. Irgendetwas an der Stange macht Ihr Angst. Sie kann aber nicht sagen was. „Womit bemalt man es normalerweise.“ Fragt Sie verunsichert.

Kalea kneift In Ihre Brüstchen. „Etwas das dir Gefällt. Schließlich wird es dich auf deiner letzten Reise begleiten.“

Bocchi ist sich erst nicht sicher. Sie entscheidet sich jedoch dann dazu Bilder ihres geliebten Glücksbringers und Schmetterlinge drauf zu malen. Sie möchte Sich selbst Mut machen.

Kalea schaut sich den nun sehr niedlichen Spieß an. Wenn ein Mädchen den Spieß verniedlich, deutet es darauf hin, dass Sie etwas angst davor hat. Sie kann das natürlich nachvollziehen. So ein Spieß hat etwas Mächtiges und Bedrohliches an sich. Die Vorstellung eines Tages selbst einen Spieß zu reiten, erregt Sie… Aber Sie weiß, dass es sehr viel Überwindung kostet, es tatsächlich zu tun. „Du brauchst dir keine sorgen machen. Ich werde dich dabei so gut es geht unterstützen.“ „Vor allem möchte Ich nicht, dass Du einen Rückziehe machst, niedlicher kleiner Braten.“

—Noch 6 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

„Heute müssen wir das wichtigste vorbereiten.“ Verkündet Kalea. „Heute entscheiden wir das Rezept!“

Nako kann nicht glauben, dass Sie tatsächlich zugestimmt hat zu helfen. „Du nimmst es wirklich ernst…“ Sie war einfach zu neugierig.

„Wir wollen doch alle, dass Bocchis Geschmack perfekt entfaltet wird!“ Schiebt Sie beide nach drinnen.

„Alles damit Du Bocchi essen kannst, richtig?“ Fragt Nako mit einem ironischen Unterton.

„Richtig!“ Lächelt Kalea.

„Wie kann Ich helfen?“ Fragt Bocchi mit Überzeugung. „Ich hoffe, dass Ich sehr lecker werde.“ Verkündet Sie stolz einen eintrainierten Satz.

Kalea zeigt ihnen die Küche. Sie hat duzende sehr kleine Schüsseln mit Soßen, Gewürzen und Bratenfüllungen vorbereitet. „Indem Du, Du bist!“

„Indem Ich, Ich bin?“ Das ist schwerer wie Bocchi erwartet hat…

Kalea betrachtet Sie hungrig. „Also erstmal muss Du dich Ausziehen!“ Sie ist nicht mehr so nervös wie vor 2 Wochen. Sie beobachtet Ihre leckere Bocchi nun schon seit langen. Sie will endlich alles sehen, was auf der Speisekarte steht.

„Denk dran Bocchi… Du musst das nicht machen.“ Erinnert Nako gerötet.

„Wir sind Mädchen. Das ist überhaupt nicht peinlich!“ Redet sich Bocchi selbst ein. Langsam öffnet Sie Ihren Rock. Heute trägt Sie eine blau weiß gestreifte Unterhose. Noch viel langsamer öffnet Sie Ihre Uniform Jacke und zieht Ihr Oberteil aus. Sie trägt einen niedlichen Weißen BH. Schuhe und Socken zieht Sie auch schnell aus. „So richtig?“ Fragt Sie nervös.

„Du musst auch deine Unterwäsche Ausziehen. Für den Geschmacktest brauch Ich vollen Zugriff auf deinen Körper.“ Sabbert Kalea. „Ich will alles sehen, kleiner Braten!“

„Wirklich?“ Nako ist geschockt. „Bocchi Du solltest wirklich nicht…“ Sie wusste das so etwas passieren könnte. Aber es passiert so schnell.

„Ich schaff das!“ Entscheidet Bocchi. Ihr Bein verkrampft. „5,4,3,2,1,0,-7,-8,-9, 1“ Sie springt auf und reißt die Unterwäsche förmlich von Körper. „RICHTIG SO!?“

Bocchi sieht nackt sogar noch schmackhafter aus. Ihre kleinen Brüstchen und glatte Haut laden zum hereinbeißen ein. Lediglich ein paar kleine Schamhärchen trüben das perfekte Bild. „Die müssen wir noch wegmachen.“ denkt sich Kalea und befiehlt: „Nun lege dich auf den Tisch!“

„Das war eine Dumme Idee…“ flüstert Nako beschämt.

„Ich kann nicht!“ zittert Bocchi. Sie ist vor Nervosität erstarrt.

„Ich helfe dir.“ Schiebt Kalea Sie vorwärts zum Tisch. Es ist anstrengend, aber irgendwie gelingt es Ihr. Bocchi auf den Rücken zu platzieren. Dabei greift Sie bewusst an Ihren Hintern. Ohne Höschen fühlt sich das Fleisch noch besser an. Es fällt Ihr schwer, nicht testweiße hinein zu beißen.

„Ich glaube das läuft ganz gut…“ Versucht Bocchi die Situation zu bewerten.

„Fangen wir mit der Soße an.“ Entscheidet Kalea. „versuchen wir es erstmal klassisch mit einer honigsoße.“ Sie steckt einen Löffel mit der Soße in Ihren Mund.

„Köstlich!“ Schwärmt Bocchi.

„Okay… Testen wir es aus!“ Grinst Kalea und schmiert etwas Honig auf Bocchis Bauch.

„Wa Was…“ Bocchi stottert wie verrückt. Das plötzlich klebrig warme Gefühl ist einfach zu viel für Sie. Sie hat immer noch nicht erfahren was Kannibalismus ist und weiß nicht, dass das dazu gehört. Es ergibt für Sie keinen Sinn, dass ein Geschmacktest auf Ihr stattfindet.

„Bocchi willst Du aufhören?“ Fragt Nako mit etwas Hoffnung. Es sieht tatsächlich nach spaß aus. Aber sie glaubt nicht, dass es Bocchi gefällt.

„Ne Ne Nein!“ Zittert Bocchi. „Wenn wir das tun, werden wir bestimmt ganz feste Freunde!“

Kalea leckt die Soße von ihrem Bauch. „Sie schmeckt nicht schlecht. Aber Ich finde Sie passt nicht zu dir.“ Ihr Fleisch schmeckt noch besser wie erwartet. Der kurze Kontakt mit Ihrer Zunge hat sich wie ein Kontakt zum Himmel angefühlt.

„Du bist die Expertin…“ Bocchi versucht zu überspielen, dass es ihr extrem unangenehm ist. „Ich vertraue dir.“ Sie gibt sich mühe nicht wieder bewusstlos zu werden.

„Versuchen wir eine scharfe Soße!“ Kalea schiebt den nächsten Löffel in Bocchis Mund.

Bocchi gelingt es nicht zu überspielen, dass Sie die Soße nicht mag… „Scharfe Soßen mag Ich nicht…“ Gibt Sie niedergeschlagen zu.

„Du musst dich nicht schuldig fühlen!“ Versucht Nako hinzuschauen.

„Habe Ich mir gedacht.“ Lächelt Kalea. „Zu deinen Haaren passt vielleicht etwas Nussiges.“ Der nächste Löffel wird in Bocchis Mund geschoben.

„Lecker!“ schwärmt Bocchi.

Kalea testet die Soße auf Bocchis Bauch. „Ich weiß nicht… willst Du es mal ausprobieren Nako?“ Es hat etwas. Aber die Soße klaut Bocchis natürlichen Geschmack die Show…

„Eher nicht!“ Lehnt Nako schnell ab. Die Versuchung ist da. Aber Sie traut sich nicht.

Bocchi fängt zu weinen an. Sie glaubt, dass Nako Sie nicht mehr mag, da Sie schon die ganze Zeit so abweisend ist. Außerdem möchte Sie tief in sich drin, dass Nako ebenfalls probiert. Auch wenn Sie es selbst nicht weiß.

„Nicht weinen!“ Nako überwindet sich mit zu spielen. Mit geschlossenen Augen leckt sie Bocchis Bauch ab. „Ich Ich… finde das passt nicht…“ Sie ist überrascht wie süßlich Bocchi schmeckt. Ist überrascht Sie, dass Bocchi überhaupt gut schmeckt.

Kalea überlegt kurz. „Hast Du eine Idee was passen könnte?“ Sie will die perfekte Mahlzeit nicht vermasseln.

Nako traut sich kaum es zu sagen, aber Sie hat tatsächlich eine Idee. „Vielleicht etwas mit Pfirsich… Das würde zu ihren Augen passen und Ihren süßen Körper betonen…“

„Eine gute Idee!“ Lächelt Kalea. „Das ist ein Pfirsich/Aprikosen Soße.“ Steckt Sie den nächsten Löffel in Bocchis Mund.

Bocchi ist überrascht darüber wie lecker es schmeckt. Sie lächelt lediglich glücklich. Sie kann sich nicht selbst ablecken. Aber Ihr Instinkt sagt Ihr, dass es gut schmeckt.

Schnell testet es Kalea aus. „Perfekt!“ Die süßliche Soße passt perfekt zu Bocchis süßen Fleisch.

Nako traut sich ebenfalls zu probieren… „Das schmeckt wirklich gut…“

Kalea geht noch einen Schritt weiter und probiert es auf Bocchis Brust. Als Sie Bocchis Brust berührt, beißt Sie instinktiv leicht zu. Es ist himmlich! „Ja das nehmen wir!“

Bocchis Gedanken sind nun ganz woanders. Die gesamte Situation überfordert Sie. Sie spürt sich feucht zwischen Ihren Beinen und Sie versteht nicht warum.

Das Programm von Kalea geht allerdings bereits weiter. „Als Marinade würde Ich in den Fall eine Apfel-Birnen-marinade nutzen.“ Murmelt Sie. „Jetzt müssen wir uns noch überlegen, was wir als Füllung verwenden.“

„Wird das noch intimer?“ Fragt Nako ängstlich, aber auch erwartungsvoll.

„Nur etwas.“ Verspricht Kalea.

Bocchi ist erleichtert. Nur etwas hört sich nicht ganz so schlimm an… Sie stöhnt hektisch.

Plötzlich spielt Kalea mit Bocchis Scheide. „Ich muss nur kurz testen, wie Du hier schmeckst.“

Nako kann nicht glauben, dass das ganze Spiel tatsächlich so weit geht. „Es ist fast so, als plane Sie wirklich Bocchi zu essen…“

„Ich denke da passt ebenfalls etwas fruchtiges.“ Probiert Kalea den Geschmack, von Bocchi. Es ist nicht so salzig wie bei anderen Mädchen. Jedes Mädchen schmeckt anders. Bocchis Geschmack wird Sie wohl nicht so schnell vergessen.

Bocchi wird aufgeweckt dadurch, dass Sie Kaleas Finger in Ihren Mund fühlt. „süßlich und salzig.“ Spricht sie aus was Sie schmeckt. „Ist das mein Geschmack?!“

„Irgendwelche Ideen?“ Fragt Kalea.

„…“ Denkt Bocchi laut. „……… Bananen…….“

Kalea reicht Ihr einen Löffel mit einer Füllung die aus Bananen, Aprikosen, Pflaumen, alte Brötchen und fruchtiger Chilisoße besteht. „Wie ist das? Ich hoffe nicht zu scharf…“

Bocchi ist erstaunt. „Ich finde es sehr lecker!“

Nako probiert ebenfalls. „Japs. Das wird in einen Braten sehr lecker schmecken!“

Kalea trägt etwas der Füllung auf Bocchis Scheide auf und leckt Sie komplett sauber. Sie ist dabei viel gründlicher wie nötig, da Sie gar nicht genug davon bekommen kann und Bocchi Ihr auch noch etwas mehr ihrer süßen Flüssigkeit spendet. „Das ist eine Erregung die man nur als Fleisch fühlen kann.“ Ist Sie neidisch.

Nakos Herz ist rastlos. „Hat Sie wirklich da geleckt?“

„Okay dann haben wir unser Rezept: Bocchi gebraten an Spieß, gefüllt mit einer Bananen Füllung, Fruchtig gewürzt.“ Sabbert Kalea. Sie kann es nicht mehr erwarten. Bocchi zuzubereiten.

Bocchi überhört die Tatsache, dass Sie Teil des Rezepts ist. „Das klingt lecker!“ Sie weiß lediglich, dass es sich gut anfühlt und dass es lecker war.

„Dieses Rollenspiel wird langsam echt unheimlich.“ Denkt Nako. Sie macht sich langsam sorgen, ob es vielleicht doch echt ist. Es ist zwar niedlich und lustig… Aber Sie will nicht, dass Bocchi wirklich zu Fleisch wird! Oder will Sie es doch?!

—Noch 5 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

Bocchi schleppt sich rot und schwächlich in den Klassenraum: „Was steht heute an…“ Fragt Sie…

„Morgen kaufen wir ein und übermorgen bereiten wir alle Zutaten vor…“ Kalea betrachte Bocchi mit Sorge.

„Ich freue mich darauf…“ hustet Bocchi. Es fällt Ihr schwer gerade aus zu gucken.

Ohne Vorwarnung greift Nako Bocchis linken Arm und Kalea ihren Linken. „Du gehst Jetzt sofort zur Schulkrankenschwester!“ befehlen Sie zeitgleich.

„Es ist nichts schlimmes.“ Verkündet die Krankenschwester erleichtert. „Sie ist einfach erschöpft. Wahrscheinlich hat Sie sich in den letzten Tagen etwas übernommen.“

„Was können wir dagegen tun?“ Fragt Kalea mit furcht in der Stimme. Ihre Essenspläne drohen ins Wasser zu fallen.

„Mir geht es gut…“ Lügt Bocchi. Sie darf jetzt nicht krank werden. Sie ist so kurz davor sich mit Kalea anzufreunden.

„Unsinn!“ Verkündet die Schwester. „Du wirst dich morgen Ausruhen!“

—Noch 4 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

Bocchis schlimmste Alptraum ist eingetreten. Sie muss Zuhause das Bett hüten. Während Ihre Freunde Sie vergessen… Ihr Leben ist vorbei…

Fast ein ganzer Tag ist sie allein… „Wahrscheinlich wird Kalea unsere Pläne verwerfen…“

„Bocchi bist Du wach?“ Fragt Nako besorgt. Kalea und Sie haben Brei für Sie vorbereitet.

„Ich bin Hitori Bocchi.“ Stellt sich Bocchi vor.

„Das wissen wir noch.“ Lächelt Kalea.

Bocchi fängt zu weinen an. „Werden wir noch zusammen kochen?“

„Natürlich werden wir das.“ Kneift Kalea Ihre Nase. Sie streichelt über Bocchis Brust. „Ich will diese Kirchen verschlingen.“ Sie wandert nach unten. „Jeden kleinen Teil von dir in mir haben.“ Sie spielt mit Bocchis sex, so gut es über der Decke geht. „Dein süßes Fleisch riechen.“ Zum Schluss streichelt Sie nochmal über Ihren Kopf. „Und Ich werde dich niemals vergessen.“ „Vielleicht hänge Ich deinen Kopf sogar in meinem Zimmer auf.“ Denkt Sie Außerdem erregt.

„Was Sie sagen wollte.“ Räuspert sich Nako. „Wir sind deine Freunde. Wir sind dir nicht böse, wenn Du Krank bist.“

„Eben!“ Spiel Kalea noch etwas mehr mit Bocchis Haaren. „Es ist ganz normal, dass Du angespannt bist. Ich denke Ich weiß was helfen wird!“ Ohne Vorwarnung rennt Sie raus.

„Sie ist etwas verrückt.“ Lacht Nako.

„Aber Ich mag Sie und will Ihre Freundin sein!“ Verkündet Bocchi überzeugt.

—Noch 2 Tage bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

Heute treffen sich die Mädchen in einen Spa. Kalea hat inzwischen Ihr ganzes erspartes in Bocchi gesteckt. Wenn der Spa nicht ihrer Familie gehören würde, könnte Sie sich das Ganze nicht mehr leisten. Aber sie bereut nicht einen einzigen Yen. Mit jedem Tag, der vergeht, wird Ihr bewusster wie viel glück Sie hat. Bocchi könnte die beste Mahlzeit in Ihren Leben werden. Bocchie soll so fit und entspann wie möglich sein, am Ihren letzten Tag. Ein Spa wird Ihr gut tun.

„Ich war noch nie in einen Spa…“ zittert Bocchi. „Was muss Ich tun?“

„Du musst dich entspannen.“ Lacht Nako. „Lehne dich einfach zurück und hab Spaß.“

Nako mitzubringen war eigentlich unnötig für Ihren Plan. Doch Kalea mag Nako und Bocchi wird sich mit Sicherheit ebenfalls wünschen, dass Nako Ihr Fleisch isst. „Genau! Ihr müsst euch einfach Ausziehen und entspannen!“

Kalea Vater begrüßt die Mädchen respektvoll mit einer Verbeugung. „Aloha.“ Er ist ein sehr stämmiger hawaiianischer Mann. Er trägt nur eine Unterhose, weswegen man seine 100 Kunstvollen Tattoos begutachten kann. Jedes Tattoos symbolisiert ein anderes Mädchen, dass Er zubereitet hat. Kalea wird nach Bocchi Ihr erstes eigenes Tattoo erhalten.

„Aloha.“ Grüßen Sie zurück.

„Dieses delikat Aussehende Mädchen muss Bocchi sein.“ Begrüßt er Bocchi mit einem festen Händedruck. „Ich werde heute dafür sorgen, dass Du perfekt für deinen großen Tag Aussiehst.“

„Danke…“ Bocchi schaut ihn verlegen an.

„Euch beiden mache Ich natürlich auch einen schönen Tag.“ Zwinkert er mit einem Auge. Dabei kneift Er liebevoll Kaleas Backen. „Du hast einen sehr guten Fang gemacht meine kleine Halakahiki.” Mit festem Schritt führt er die Mädchen zu den Umkleiden.

Entspannt gleitet Nako ins warme Wasser. „Dieses Kräuter Bad fühlt sich wunderbar an.“

Der Spa von Kaleas Eltern hat natürlich einen kannibalistischen Stiel. Die Kunden werden so verwöhnt, wie auch Fleisch in Ihrer Heimat verwöhnt wird. Nur mit dem Unterschied, dass die meisten Kunden kein Fleisch werden. Bocchi allerdings wird Fleisch werden und Sie hat das immer noch nicht erkannt: „Es ist wirklich toll. Wenn wir Freunde sind, müssen wir So etwas öfters machen!“

Nako lacht sich kaputt: „Sie hat immer noch nicht bemerkt, dass Kalea bereits Ihre Freundin ist.“

Kalea denkt, dass Bocchi scherzt. „Es wäre schön, wenn es mehr als ‚Einmal‘ gehen würde.“ Lacht Sie ebenfalls laut.

Da Bocchi unsicher ist, warum die anderen Lachen. Steigt sie etwas verspätet mit ein.

„Du wirst echt großartig schmecken.“ Wird Kalea ernst. Sehnsüchtig betrachtet Sie alles, dass Sie von Bocchi sehen kann.

Bocchi kennt die einfache Antwort auf diesen Satz: „Bitte vermassele es nicht! Ein Mädchen kann das nur einmal tun.“ Zitiert Sie wie ein Roboter. Sie weiß nicht, was Sie nur einmal tun kann. Aber es ist nicht wichtig, solange Sie Freunde werden.

Kalea kann sich nicht zurückhalten. Sie stürzt sich auf Bocchi und spielt mit allem, dass Sie zu greifen bekommt. Sie spielt mit allem, was Sie bald essen wird. Sie kitzelt und kneift Bocchi.

„Aufhören bitte…“ Lacht Bocchi.

Nako steigt ebenfalls mit ein. „Das sieht nach Spaß aus.“ Und es macht tatsächlich Spaß Bocchi zu kitzeln

Kalea intensiviert das Spiel und konzentriert sich auf Bocchis privaten Bereiche. Sie ist nicht traurig darüber, dass Bocchi sterben wird. Aber Sie wird spiele wie diese trotzdem vermissen. „Naja zu Not habe Ich noch Nako.“ Etwas verspielter und weniger gierig fängt Sie an auch Nako zu kitzeln und zu kneten.

„Ich dachte wir ärgern nur Bocchi.“ Beschwert sich Nako scherzhaft. Sie versucht es heim zu zahlen. Doch Kalea ist ihr Körperlich überlegen.

„Eines Tages will Ich vielleicht auch dich essen.“ Knetet Sie Nakos Brüste. „Du siehst ebenfalls lecker aus.“

Erötet antwortet Nako: „Ich bin nicht so unschuldig wie Bocchie. Du siehst ebenfalls lecker aus. Vielleicht Esse Ich ja dich!“

„Vielleicht!“ grinst Kalea. Die Vorstellung gefällt Ihr.

Bocchi versucht ebenfalls aktiv zu sein. Schüchtern knetet Sie Kaleas Brüste. Sie sind viel größer wie Ihre Eigenen. Kalea sieht generell weiblicher aus. „Vi Vielleicht esse Ich ja dich…“ Ahmt Sie die anderen nach.

Kalea drückt sie als Reaktion darauf gegen den Rand des Bades. Sie presst Ihren ganzen Körper gegen das hilflose Mädchen und drückt sogar Ihr Knie zwischen Ihre Beine.

Nako weicht schüchtern zurück. Das geht Ihr etwas zu weit.

Kalea küsst Bocchis Stirn und flüstert In Ihr Ohr. „Wohl eher nicht. Alles von dir gehört bereits mir mein kleiner Braten. Dein Näschen,“ Sie küsst Ihre Nase. „Dein Öhrchen,“ Sie beißt In Ihr Ohr. „Deine Lippen,“ Sie leckt Ihre Lippen. „Deine süßen Brüstchen.“ Sie beißt in Ihre Brustwarze. „Und natürlich auch deine anderen Lippchen.“ Sie gleitet unter Wasser…

Einerseits gefallen Bocchi diese Art von Spielen nicht. Aber andererseits genießt Sie es. Denn es fühlt sich so an, als käme Sie Ihrem Ziel immer näher.

Kalea taucht wieder auf und leckt sich den Mund. „Das alles gehört mit! Und Ich werde jeden bissen genießen.“ Flüstert Kalea. „Verstanden kleiner Braten?“

Bocchi nickt schüchtern. Schnell wirft Sie eine Ihrer Antworten nach. „Alles was Sie sich wünschen gehört ihnen Madame…“ Sie ist stolz auf sich, dass Sie in der Lage war sich daran zu erinnern.

„Ich sehe Ihr habt Spaß Ladys.“ Kichert Kaleas Vater. „Seid Ihr bereit für eure Massage?“

Bocchi verdeckt schüchtern Ihre Brüste. Nako und Kalea wurden in einen anderen Raum geführt. Kaleas Vater will sich persönlich um Sie kümmern. „Was muss Ich tun… Iniki-sama…“ Es ist Ihr sehr unangenehm, nackt in Gegenwart eines Mannes zu sein.

„Du brauchst nicht schüchtern sein.“ Versucht er die Stimmung zu lockern. „Ich habe schon tausende Mädchen nackt gesehen. Es gibt nichts wofür Du dich schämen musst. In Hawaii bewundern wir die Ästhetik von Frauen. Und Du bist wunderschön.“

Bocchi spricht sehr langsam. „Doch Du bist ein Mann…“

Er lacht. „Ac darum geht es?“ Er hat noch nie ein so schüchternes Fleischmädchen gesehen. „Keine Sorge. Ich betrachte dich nur als Fleisch.“ Und das meint er 100% ernst. Er wäre ein sehr schlechter Koch, wenn er mehr in Ihr sehen würde, als einen leckeren kleinen Braten. „Wir fangen mit deinen Haaren an. Damit Du dich etwas daran gewöhnen kannst.“

Bocchi setzt sich schüchtern auf den Stuhl, der Ihr angeboten wird. Sie versucht mutig zu sein. Schließlich erwartet das Kalea von Ihr. Trotzdem bedeckt Sie sich weiter mit Ihren Armen.

Wie versprochen fängt Er mit etwas nicht so Peinlichen an. Er schneidet Ihre Haare. Er schneidet nicht viel ab, da Bocchi bereits sehr gut aussieht. Doch er gleicht die Spitze aneinander an und glättet Sie. Er nutzt traditionell hergestellten Kokosnussöl, um Sie zu behandeln und zu verjüngen. Durch die Behandlung fühlen Sie sich nicht nur noch besser an, sondern duftet auch noch etwas besser.

„Fühlst Du dich nun lockerer?“ Fragt er.

Bocchi nickt zögerlich. Sie kann sich nicht mit den Gedanken anfreunden, dass Sie nackt in seiner Gegenwart ist. Doch sie beißt die Zähne zusammen. „Es ist ein kleiner Preis, wenn wir dafür Freunde werden!“

Er nimmt einen Rasierer in die Hand. „Es ist die wahrscheinlich nicht bewusst. Aber deine Schamhaare müssen komplett Weg.“ Erklärt er. „Auch wenn es nur ein paar vereinzelte sind.“

Das war Bocchi nicht bewusst. Sie weiß nicht in welcher Form es ihr beim kochen hilft. Allerdings haben bisher nur wenig Schritte für Sie Sinn ergeben. Es ist bestimmt sehr wichtig. Sie lässt ihn seine Arbeit machen.

Der erfahrende Koch ist geschickt und effizient. Es sind ja nicht viele Haare, die er wegmachen muss. Er muss nur einmal sorgfältig drüber gehen auch wenn es Bocchi wie eine halbe Ewigkeit vorkommt. Ohne Vorwarnung beginnt er auch gleich mit dem nächsten Schritt. Er trägt eine Salbe bestehend aus Ananas und Heilkräutern auf Ihre Lippen auf. Es knetet Sie sehr sorgfältig.

„Was…“ Bocchi ist etwas entsetzt und kann nicht sprechen.

„Ups.“ Entschuldigt sich der Koch. Er hat bereits vergessen, dass dieses Fleischmädchen sehr unerfahren ist. Sanft erklärt er: „Diese Salbe sorgt dafür, dass Sie nicht so schnell reißen. Du willst Doch sicherlich, dass der Spieß glatt und sauber eintreten kann, ohne dich unnötig zu verletzen.“

„Verletzen?“ Warum sollte Sie sich verletzen.

Vorsichtig trägt er auch ein bisschen Salbe in Inneren auf. „Es wird dich stark und kräftig machen.“

„oh… okay…“ Bocchi tröstet sich mit den Gedanken, dass dies alles für die Freundschaft ist. „Sind wir nun fertig?“ Fragt Bocchi Hoffnungsvoll. Sie kann kaum mehr geradestehen.

Er hebt Sie hoch und legt Sie sanft auf eine Liege ab. „Jetzt kommt der beste Part!“ Der nächste Schritt ist tatsächlich nicht ganz so schlimm, wenn auch nicht viel weniger intim. Er bedeckt Ihre gesamte Haut mit einer Zitronen Flüssigkeit. „Damit Deine Muskeln schön weich und entspannt sind.“ Erklärt er. Er knetet Sie liebevoll und feste. Es ist eine richtige Massage.

„Das ist besser…“ seufzt Bocchi glücklich. Sie kann sich tatsächlich entspannen.

Kaleas Vater behandelt Sie etwas sanfter wie seine sonstigen Kunden. Er versucht es so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Trotzdem achtet Er penible darauf keine Stelle zu vergessen. Er ist sich zwar nicht sicher, ob seine Zitronen Behandlung wirklich das Ergebnis verbessert… Der Psychologische Effekt ist jedoch nicht zu leugnen. Zumindest glauben die Mädchen, dass es hilft! Das ist das wichtigste. Denn umso besser sich das Fleisch fühlt, umso besser schmeckt Es. Letztendlich dient der Schritt nur dazu, dass sich Bocchi entspannt. Deswegen nimmt er sich bewusst besonders viel Zeit bei den Stellen, wo er das Gefühl hat, dass Bocchi es besonders genießt.

Es erzielt seine Wirkung. Nach einer weile vergisst Bocchi sogar die Tatsache, dass ein Mann Sie berührt…

Und so neigt sich auch dieser schöne Tag dem Ende zu.

„Du siehst gut aus.“ Schwärmt Kalea.

Bocchi fühlt sich auch gut. „Danke…“ Strahlt Sie. Ihre Erschöpfung ist tatsächlich verflogen. Es ist fast etwas schade, dass es schon vorbei ist.

Nako hilft Ihr beim Anziehen. Da Sie eine Ausrede sucht Ihre weiche Haut zu berühren. Sie fühlt sich toll an! „So gefällst Du mir viel besser.“

Es scheint Kalea der richtige Moment zu sein, um es anzusprechen: „Willst Du uns bei der Zubereitung helfen Nako? Ich denke Bocchi würde sich sehr darüber freuen.“

Nako fühlt sich plötzlich ganz anders. Eigentlich sollte Ihr dieses Angebot gefallen. Die Rollenspiele haben spaß gemacht und sie würde gerne Bocchi scherzhaft zubereiten.



Da ist etwas, dass Ihr Angst macht: Es fühlt sich so echt an! Es fühlt sich so an, als wäre es kein Rollenspiel… Als wäre es echt! Sie hat angst davor. Sie hat angst davor, dass Sie wirklich Bocchi zubereiten und töten werden.



Sie hat viel mehr Angst davor, dass Sie es nicht aufhalten würde! Sie kennt Bocchi lang genug und weiß ganz genau, dass Bocchi nicht verstanden hat, worum es bei den kochen geht. Sie versteht mit Sicherheit nicht, dass Sie der Braten ist…



Sie ist eine schlechte Freundin! Sie weiß, dass Sie es aufhalten müsste. Dass Sie Bocchi vor sich selbst beschützen müsste. Allerdings will Sie es nicht aufhalten! Sie will noch nicht einmal die Chance dazu bekommen… „ Ich bin eine furchtbare Freundin . “

Sie schluckt Ihre Angst herunter. „Es ist nur ein Rollenspiel!“ Sie schafft es zu lächeln: „Ich komme lieber erst zum Essen vorbei.“

„Na gut.“ Kalea ist etwas enttäuscht. Ermutigt sich aber zugleich selbst. „Dann müssen wir beide uns halt besonders anstrengen, damit Du dich auf etwas freuen kannst. Stimmst du zu Bocchi?“

Bocchi nickt mit einem strahlenden Lächeln. „Wir werden etwas großartiges zaubern!“

—Noch 1 Tag bis Bocchi und Kalea Freunde werden.

Es ist spät abends und Bocchi kann nicht schlafen. Sie steht vor Ihren Spiegel und trainiert fleißig Sätze, die ein Braten sagen würde. Wenn Sie etwas falsch macht, will Kalea bestimmt nicht Ihre Freundin sein.

Plötzlich erhält Sie eine Nachricht von Nako: Bist Du dir sicher was es heißt, ein Braten zu sein.

Ja ich denke schon.

Sicher, dass Du auch Die Bilder gesehen hast.

Bocchi erinnert sich an keine Bilder. Sie war so sehr damit beschäftigt Texte einzustudieren, dass Sie immer noch nicht nach gegoogelt hat, was Kannibalismus ist. Sie weiß noch nicht einmal, was Sie morgen kochen werden. Trotzdem antwortet Sie selbstbewusst.

Es wird mit Sicherheit lustig.

Hoffentlich sehen wir uns morgen wieder… schickt Nako eine merkwürdige letzte Nachricht.

Wir sehen uns spätestens beim Essen. Antwortet Bocchi mit Zuversicht.

– Der große Tag.

„Guten Tag kleiner Braten.“ Begrüßt Kalea Bocchi mit einem hungrigen Blick. Sie trägt nur einen Rock aus Blättern, Kokosnüsse als BH und ein Blumen Krönchen. Sie hat Ihren Körper mit roter Farbe angemalt. Bocchi hatte es sich traditionell gewünscht und Kalea plant Ihren Wunsch zu erfüllen.

„Guten Morgen Meisterin.“ Grüßt Bocchi nervös zurück. Sie trägt tatsächlich Ihre Schuluniform. Sie traut sich zu Fragen: „Was kochen wir heute? Ich habe es leider vergessen…“

Kalea hält das für ein Rollenspiel. Sie spielt mit. „Wir kochen einen niedlichen kleinen Braten, mit braunem Fell und wunderschönen pinken Augen.“ Sie kneift Ihren Hintern. „Es wird sehr lecker schmecken.“

Bocchi weiß immer noch nicht was Sie kochen. „Wie kann Ich dabei helfen? Es ist mein erstes und einziges Mal.“ Sie versucht So viele gelernte Sätze wie möglich zu verwenden.

Kalea genießt das Rollenspiel. „Du bist bereits sehr hilfreich!“ kichert Sie. „Ich habe ein kleines Bad für dich eingelassen. Folge mir.“

Bocchi folgt Ihr. Zu Ihrem Erstaunen geht es weder Richtung Küche noch Richtung Badezimmer. Kalea führt Sie in den Garten. Es ist das erste Mal, dass Sie Ihren Garten sieht. Kalea hat einen sehr großen Garten. Ein großer Holztisch wurde auf der Terrasse aufgebaut. Viele bunt bemalte Masken schmücken die Wiese und den Zaun des überraschend großen Grundstücks. Eine klischeehafte Feuerstelle steht in der Mitte des Grundstückes. Sie werden wohl etwas großes braten. Direkt neben der Tür steht eine große Eisenwanne, die bis oben hin mit Äpfeln, Birnen und süßlicher Flüssigkeit gefüllt wurde.

„Willst Du nicht aus dieser nervigen Uniform schlüpfen, damit Ich dich esse…“ Kalea spielt die Märchenhexe. „Ich meine damit Du das warme Wasser genießen kannst?“ verspielt hängt Sie dran: „Störe dich nicht an den Äpfeln. Sie dienen nur als Deko.“

„Soll Ich dir nicht beim kochen helfen?“ Fragt Bocchi überrascht. Sie hat schon vermutet, dass Sie eventuell etwas Peinlichen tun muss, nach den Ereignissen der letzten Wochen. Doch Sie hätte erwartet, dass Sie trotzdem zusammen kochen.

„Ich brauche dich noch nicht für die einfachen Schritte.“ Verfällt Kalea nun endgültig ins Schauspiel. „Du wirst nachher die wichtigste Aufgabe übernehmen kleiner Braten… Ich meine Mädchen.“ Mit einen hexenhaften lächeln befielt Sie. „Ziehe dich bitte aus!“

Bocchi hat sich viele Antworten für diesen Satz gemerkt. Sie versucht es mit: „Willst Du mir dabei helfen?“

„Anscheinend spielt Sie das unterwürfige Dienstmädchen.“ Versucht Kalea aus Bocchis Rolle Schlau zu werden. „Ob Sie erwartet, dass Ich Sie fessele?“ Nach kurzer Überlegung entscheidet sie sich dazu, nur das Angebot anzunehmen. Sie hebt Bocchi hoch und setzt Sie auf den Tisch. Bocchi wiegt nicht viel, deswegen fällt das nicht sonderlich schwer: „Vielleicht hätte Ich Sie mehr füttern sollen?“

Bocchi Spricht Satz 83 von Ihrer Liste nach: „Du hast aber starke Arme… Meisterin…“ Sie vergisst den Rest des Satzes, der da lautet: Du hast mit Sicherheit schon viele Mädchen zubereitet.

„Sie dienen dazu, dass Ich dich besser knuddeln kann.“ Interpretiert Kalea Rotkäppchen. Sie kniet sich auf den Boden und öffnet Bocchis Schuhe. Langsam und zärtlich knetet Sie Bocchis Bein, während Sie ganz langsam Ihre schwarzen Socken herunterzieht. Einmal mehr Ist sie darüber erstaunt, wie zart sich Bocchis Fleisch anfühlt.

„Das kitzelt.“ Kichert Bocchi zurückhaltend, als Kalea ihren Fuß streichelt. Sie fühlt sich wie eine Puppe. Es gefällt Ihr.

„Ac das kitzelt?“ Scherzt Kalea. Wie ein Fiesling leckt Sie die Fußsohle von Bocchi ab.

„Aufhören.“ Lacht Bocchi laut los.

Kalea macht einen noch intensiveren Geschmacktest. Nicht nur um Bocchi zu ärgern. Sondern einfach da es gut schmeckt. Ihren Fuß hatte Sie bisher noch nicht probiert.

„Bitte Aufhören…“ Fleht Bocchi nun etwas ernsthafter.

Kalea kommt den Wunsch nach und arbeitet sich nach oben vor. Von Ihrer Position aus, hat Sie einen guten Blick auf Bocchis Höschen. Heute hat Sie etwas ganz Niedliches gewählt. Sie hat ein pinkes Höschen mit roten Schleifchen an. Kalea rutscht mit Ihrem Kopf unter Bocchis Rock und leckt einmal Ihre Wade ab.

Bocchi ist mal wieder überfordert. Sie fällt auf eine Default Antwort zurück: „Schmecke Ich gut?“

Kalea taucht wieder hervor. „Sehr gut sogar kleiner Honigkuchen.“ Sie greift an den Hintern von Bocchi und stellt sich absichtlich besonders Ungeschick dabei an, Ihren Rock zu öffnen. Sie knetet und kneift Bocchis Hintern soviel wie möglich und genießt dabei den schneller werdenden Herzschlag Ihres kleinen Bratens. Dann macht Kalea eine kleine Pause, um Bocchis Höschen und ihre appetitlich aussehenden Beine zu bewundern. „Bald werde Ich meine Zähne in diese s zarte Fleisch rammen.“

Bocchis Herz beruhigt sich etwas. Es fällt Ihr schwer nicht ohnmächtig zu werden. Doch Sie hat sich vorgenommen heute bei Bewusstsein zu bleiben.

Weiter geht es in Kaleas Mission, jedes Kleidungstück zu Zelebrieren. Mit reibenden Bewegungen führt Sie Ihre Finger an Bocchis Beinen entlang. Sie grault ihren Schambereich entlang, während Sie langsam In Ihr Höschen eindringt. Während Sie in Schneckentempo das Höschen runterzieht, streichelt Sie Sanft über das Loch, in welchen bald der Spieß stecken wird.

„…“ Bocchi stöhnt laut. Es fühlt sich sehr gut an und es kribbelt. Hätte Sie noch Haare da unten, würden sie sich wohl aufstellen.

„Es dauert nicht mehr lange, dann wird der Spieß diese einladenden Lippen aufspannen.“ Träumt Kalea einmal mehr von ihrer Traummahlzeit. Immer wieder träumt Sie davon, den Spieß durch diese Lippen hindurchzuführen, während Sie jeden einzelnen Knopf von Bocchis Oberteil zelebriert, als wäre es Geschenkpapier.

„Müssen wir nicht bald mit dem Kochen anfangen?“ Fragt Bocchi erregt und irritiert wie ein verlorenes Schaf. Zögerlich streckt Sie Ihre Arme aus, damit Kalea Ihr Oberteil ausziehen kann.

„Du hast Recht.“ Lacht Kalea über sich selbst. Sie hat bei dem ganzen Spaße vergessen, dass Ihr Braten pünktlich über der Kohle rotieren muss. Relativ schmucklos entfern Sie den Bh. Sie gibt sich damit zufrieden einmal kurz über die Brüstchen drüber zu streicheln. „Zeit für dein Bad!“ verkündet Sie und hebt Bocchi auf, um Sie sanft wie ein Baby in die Marinade hinein zu legen.

Bocchi ist anfangs etwas irritiert darüber, dass Ihr Bad klebrig und warm ist. Doch Sie gewöhnt sich schnell daran und versucht sich zu entspannen. „Wie lange muss Ich hier drinbleiben?“ Fragt Sie mit einem halbgeschlossenen Auge.

„Eine Stunde reicht.“ Erklärt Kalea. „Mache es dir gemütlich und Spiel ruhig etwas mit dir selbst.“ Sie nimmt einen Schwamm und bedeckt Bocchis Haar und Gesicht mit Marinade. „Und keine Stelle vergessen!“ Stupst Sie Ihre Nase.

„ M it mir selbst spielen? “ Bocchi hat schon oft allein gespielt. Aber ohne Computer oder Spielzeug ist das schwierig. Sie gleitet also so tief wie möglich in die Marinade und versucht sich etwas einfallen zu lassen. Erst versucht Sie die Früchte zu zählen. Diese Aufgabe wird schnell langweilig. Dann versucht Sie mit den Äpfeln zu jongliere. Da Sie aber zu tollpatschig ist landen die Äpfel allesamt auf Ihren Kopf. Schnell beschränkt Sie sich schließlich darauf Kalea zu beobachten während Sie ab und an in einen besonders süßen Apfel hinein beißt.

Kalea hat eine ganze menge zu tun. Einerseits muss Sie die Kohle anzünden und dafür sorgen, dass das Feuer die richtige Temperatur hat. Andererseits muss Sie die Füllung und Soße aus dem Kühlschrank holen.

„Es ist gemütlich…“ Bocchi versucht Smalltalk zu führen.

„Das hoffe Ich.“ Lächelt Kalea ihr zu und stürzt sich zugleich wieder in die Arbeit. Sie kann den Tisch noch nicht decken, doch Sie stellt schonmal fein säuberlich Teller auf den Tisch. Einen für sich, einen für Nako und natürlich zwei weitere für Ihre Eltern. Selbst an Bocchi ist zu viel Fleisch dran, um es mit zwei Personen zu essen.

Bocchi zählt mit. Sie wundert sich darüber, dass es vier Teller sind. Kalea, Nako und Bocchi. Sie fragt sich für wen der letzte Teller ist. Deswegen fragt Sie neugierig nach: „Wer ist den alles eingeladen?“ „Vielleicht ein weiterer Freund?“

„Nicht viele. Nur Nako, Ich und meine Eltern.“ Antwortet Kalea ehrlich.

„Fehlt da nicht ein Teller für mich?“ Bemerkt Bocchi die Diskrepanz.

Kalea wälzt sich fast vor Lachen auf den Boden. Bocchi kennt echt ein paar gute Scherze. „Den hole Ich nachdem wir fertig sind, damit Du dich selbst kosten kannst.“ Scherzt Sie zurück.

Das reicht Bocchi als Antwort. Verträumt beobachtet Sie wie Kalea einen Kartoffel Salat erstellt, der wohl die Beilage für das Fleisch wird. Sie ist schon gespannt, was für einen Braten sie braten werden. Neben den Salat mixt Kalea auch einige Fruchtcocktails zusammen. Es sieht nach einer menge Arbeit aus. Bocchi würde gerne helfen…

„Willst Du einmal probieren?“ Fragt Kalea und reicht Bocchi einen Cocktail.

„köstlich.“ Genieß Bocchi das süßliche Getränk.

„Es wird gut zu dir passen.“ Sagt Kalea. Sie nimmt erneut den Schwamm in die Hand, um Bocchie mit Marinade einzureiben. Dann fällt Ihr ein, dass Sie noch ein Geschenk für Bocchi hat. „Schließe deine Augen bitte.“ Befiehlt Sie.

Als Bocchi die Augen wieder öffnen darf, hat Kalea ihr Schmetterlings Haarband mit einer Vanille Blüte ersetzt. „Ist es echte Vanille?“ Fragt Sie mit glänzenden Augen.

Kalea beantwortet die Frage nicht. Stattdessen geht Sie rein, um den zweiten Star des Abends zu holen: Bocchis Spieß.

Bocchi bekommt ein mulmiges Gefühl, als Sie die sehr spitze Stange sieht. Sie hat Angst vor der niedlich angemalten Stange. „können wir eine andere Stange benutzen?“ Fragt sie, ohne zu wissen warum.

Kalea streichelt über Ihren Kopf: „Du brauchst keine Angst zu haben, dass wird genau so großartig, wie Du es dir immer erträumt hast.“

Bocchi hat immer noch Angst, aber sie glaubt Kalea. Auch wenn es Ihr langsam durchaus verdächtig vorkommt, dass Sie bisher kein Fleisch gesehen hat.

Um Sie vor Ihrer verständlichen Angst abzulenken, setzt Kalea zu einen Traditionellen Tanz an. Es ist ein Tanz, mit dem die Inselbewohner Ihrer Heimat den Meeresgöttern huldigen. Sie lädt die Götter dazu ein, von den Fleisch von Bocchi zu laben. Es erzielt seine Wirkung und lenkt Bocchi ab. Denn es ist ein sehr ausgefallender Tanz. Kalea bewegt sich wie das Wasser um Bocchi herum und singt dabei so eindrucksvoll wie der Wind.

Bocchi klatsch begeistert. „Ich habe noch nie einen so schönen Tanz gesehen.“ Schwärmt Sie.

„Das hoffe Ich. Du wirst schließlich einen viel schöneren Tanz über dem Feuer aufführen.“ Denkt Kalea. Es wird wahrscheinlich der schönste Tanz sein, den Kalea jemals gesehen hat. „Es wird Zeit den Braten vorzubereiten.“ Sagt Sie und hebt Bocchi aus der Marinade heraus, um Sie auf den Tisch legen zu können.

„Ich bin schon ganz gespannt, was wir essen werden.“ Lächelt Bocchi unsicher.

„Ich auch.“ Lügt Kalea, um das Rollenspiel fortzuführen. „Doch bevor wir den Braten vorbereiten können. Müssen wir erstmal dich vorbereiten, damit der Braten leckerer schmeckt.“

Einer der Sätze der passen könnte, fällt Bocchi ein: „Meine Scheide kribbelt bereits.“ Es ist sehr peinlich ihn auszusprechen.

„Hab noch etwas Geduld. Es ist fast so weit, kleiner Braten.“ Spricht Kalea verführerisch. „Ich muss nur noch eine Sache erledigen, dann wird der Braten endlich aufgespießt.“

„Wenn Ich diesen Schritt also überstanden habe… Dann bereiten wir das richtige Essen zu und werden endlich Freunde?“ Bocchi lächelt wie die Sonne.

„Es ist alles bereit, Bratenfüllung, Messer, Seile und natürlich der Spieß.“ Geht Kalea nochmal alles durch. Sie wird ebenfalls etwas nervös. Bald wird es ernst! Es fällt Ihr schwer sich auf die nächste Aufgabe zu konzentrieren. Auch wenn die Marinade und Soße den Großteil der Gewürze ausmacht, muss selbst ein perfekter Braten wie Bocchi noch etwas vor gewürzt werden. Da Sie jedoch nicht Bocchis natürliche würze überdecken will, hält Sie es sehr einfach.

So wie es Ihr Mutter gezeigt hat, massiert Sie die Gewürze in Bocchis Fleisch ein. Sie knetet Ihre Haut, wie ein guter Teig. Sie beginnt mit Armen und Beinen und vergewissert sich über jedes Stückchen Fleisch, dass Sie hergeben werden. Sie sieht bereits die braungebratenen Steaks, die insbesondere Ihre Beine liefern werden. Dann vergräbt Sie Ihre Hände in Bocchis noch viel zu dünnen Bauch: „Der wird schön rund und voll werden, nachdem Ich dich aufgespießt und gefüllt habe.“ tätschelt Sie Bocchis Bauchnarbe.

Bocchi fühlt wieder diese Erregung, die Ihr so merkwürdig erscheint. Es erscheint Ihr generell etwas merkwürdig, dass Gewürze auf Sie anstatt des Fleisches aufgetragen werden. Aber wahrscheinlich ist das Teil des Kannibalismus, von dem Ihr Nako erzählt hat. Es wäre echt praktisch, wenn Sie die Bedeutung des Wortes kennen würde…

Kalea beendet die Massage am Bauch und wendet sich der Stelle zu, auf die sich an meisten Freut. Verspielt und sadistisch knetet Sie Bocchis Brüstchen feste und gierig. Es wird nur ein kleiner Schnitt nötig sein, um sie von dem zarten Fleische zu trennen. Sie ist fast versucht e
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Looking for stories thread

Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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Aoi Hikari's thread

It's been a while since my last /lit/ thread was gone, so I think that maybe it's time to finally revive it. Like, maybe new people appeared here after all that time who might find my sotires to their enjoyment, or maybe some of the old folk want to reread some of my stories and never saved them to their hard drive (I know I always do that: don't save the story I like and then curse myself for it when the thread is gone).

And since this thread is aimed at new people too, I'll start with an introduction.
So, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia. I write stories, photoshop pictures (see the Alteration thread on /g/) and sometimes translate them (see the Translations thread on /g/). My favorite charachters are Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, so you'll find them more often in my works then other charachters from other fandoms. My favorite kind of guro is consensual and even casual, so this is what you can expect from my works.
I tend to come up with a lot of ideas but never turn them into actual stories. I often discuss them in this thread. Firstly, in hope that will help me shape it better in my mind and eventually actually write it (it rarely happens, but not entirely hopeless). Secondly, in hope that someone else might be inspired by those ideas and write something on one of them it or not necessarily eactly on one of them, but just write something good (it happened at least once!) For that note that you can freely use any of my ideas (and even complete stories) as inspiration or direct base for your stories (would be great if you credit me). That's one of the reason they are here for. thridly, I just enjoy discussing the story ideas, and I hope people who discuss them with me enjoy it too. Fourthly, I post the ideas, most of which will never turn into actual stories, for the sake of them not being in vain. At least people can read and enjoy them as ideas, which I hope is better then never seeing them at all.

Now, a little insight in my Russian works. In case you can read Russian, you can just read them here:
I just want to say that in addition to what I post here, there's also that profile of mine on ficbook (a Russian fanfiction site). There are Russian versions of some of the guro stories I post here (as of now there is nothing guro-related that is posted on ficbook, but not on gurochan) and some original Russian non-guro hentai stories in various states of completion (as of now none is really complete, but some are still worth reading). The one titled Innocence started with a little piece in English I originally posted here on gurochan, but it didn't interest people as it had no guro, so that's why since then I'm writing my non-guro hentai stories in Russian for ficbook. I would be willing to translate some of them into English though if people show interest (which is why I write about them here in the first place). So in hope that it ignites your interest, I'll put short summaries for them below. (Or maybe you're not really interested in reading the whole story, but reading it's summary here got you any thoughts, maybe an advice or idea I can implement in that setting, or you just want to voice your oppinion on it, anyway if you have anything to say, then by all means please do so).

Fandom: Vocaloids.
World summary: Near future (household robots - yes, space empires - no). The Vocaloid Project is a school for gifted children in Japan. Vocaloidville, where the school is located, is built just for the purpose of housing it's students and teachers, so it consists almost entirely of children. With all the new technology and households robots they can live by themselves just fine. Minimal control from adults outside school, and even inside school it's very liberal. It's like a children's paradise. Also, the Soviet Union stretches from China to at least France, I wrote it like that just because I could.
Story summary: In the center of the story is a pair of twins - Kagamine Rin and Len. They've been always studying at home before and somehow lack some basic knowledge. Namely, they are totally unaware that wearing clothes is not only for the sake of warmth and fashion. And also unaware of sex. As an example, in the beginning of the story there is a scene where Len accidentally rubs his penis all over Rin's face as he's trying to reach his clothes leaning over her. Len himself doesn't pay any attention to it, and Rin starts from paying little attention (a bit annoyed, but not enough to actually move away) to actually enjoying it (not in a sexual way though, but more like cuddling). Soon they discover masturbation and eventually sex, but it never occurs to think of it as something else but a fun game that can be played with friends (and a stranger for them is just a friend they haven't met yet). And so they do, adding more charachters in the fun, namely: Hatsune Miku who turns out to be quite perverted herself (she does realise it's perverted though), Luo Tianyi, a naive empathetic girl from Soviet Union who tries her best to befriend everyone, but happens to get the idea of how it's done in Japan from the Kagamine twins, kudere Gumi who brings ignored sex to the story, Gakupo and Pico who bring some yaoi (don't turn away at this point! It's really cute and sweet. Also just a little bit of it that can be skipped) and Flower who is planned to be into BDSM (haven't written this far yet though). Also, apart from sex, the story has a lot of pee showering, pee drinking, pee peeing and whatever. After I've added pee into the story it kinda got out of control, but I can't say I'm unhappy with the results.
Status: I keep updating it in short portions (like 2-4 pages) from time to time, the progress is not fast, but it's definitely alive. I don't have a long-term plan for the story, but so far it works just fint with cute kids doing cute sex. I also do have some short-term plan to keep going for now.

Alisa Seleznyova's dress
Fandom: Alisa's adventures by Kir Bulychov (alt. transliteration: Bulychev), a Soviet/Russian series of children sci-fi/fairy-tale books on adventures of a little girl (about 13 in most books, younger in first ones) Alisa Seleznyova (alt. transliteration: Selezneva) in the end of the XXI century (with spaceships, aliens, space pirates, time machine and whatnot). Alisa's father is the director of the Cosmozoo (a zoo where they keep space animals) and she herself studies biology, so there is also a lot of weird alien creatures in the books like tigerrats and flying cows (which for a hentai fanfitcion writer like me means lots of chances for beastiality).
World summary: Pretty much the same as in the books, but social norms evolved to see no shame in nudity and sex, even in public. The bio-engeneering of humans led them to not have any hair safe from on the head, so there's no unseemly bushes to hide behind panties. So the fashion of the future mostly reveals private parts (and it is not considered sexy, totally casual). A cat costume that includes a butt-plugged tail is even considered childish. The mentioned bio-engeneering also made people able to bear low temperatures, so winter clothes don't have to cover private parts either, but still use some traditionally winter parts and materials. Say, a pair of gloves and a scarf on a naked body constitute a totally casual winter costume. Wearing a lot of clothes is being showy, not wearing anything at all is being modest or just indifferent to fashion.
Story summary: On the first day of summer holidays Alisa vies through her wardrobe trying to pick what to wear today. A number of costumes are described, most of them don't hide privates, but some do to demostrate how there's no real difference if the privates are shown or not, that would be equally all right. Alisa can't choose and in the end decides to just not bother and go naked as it is a totally valid choice in this world. On her way to the bio-station [where she studies biology and conducts experiments with friends - that part is from the original books] she gets in an awkward situation where she has to give a stranger a blow job and eventually deepthroat him, but it's not the oral sex that is awkward, in fact it is totally casual and no one thinks much of it. The taste of cum leads Alisa to remember another such situation. Then she arrives at the bio-station, meets with friens, and some more situations that are sexy by our standarts but totally casual for that world occurs (namely: a girl having sex with a dolphin, boys shooting cum at each other as a part of a childish game, a girl having her face heavily covered in cum). There's even a bit of scat, but just a bit, where a boy puts his fingers in other boys' butts then lets Alisa lick the fingers to see if she can determine by the taste which is whose. See, totally innocent and cute, right? Or you can just skip this part.
Status: This one's complicated. My initial idea was no not even include any sex, just show a world where nudiy is casual and fashion is influenced by that. Just an ordinary day in Alisa's life, only she spends it naked, but the point was that it doesn't make any difference. And it was like that until Alisa got outside and that situation with the ice-cream she dropped on a stranger's dick got into my mind and it was so hot I couldn't hold back from writing it. Then the concept changed to a world where sex is not ashamed of, but still not something that happens on every step, and Alisa is still a virgin, and another girl is doing a research on wether virginigy has anything to do with innocence, and in the end of the story Alisa has sex, and everyone note that even if she's not a virgin anymore, she's still as innocent as ever. But as I kept writing, more and more sex popped up, and at this rate for Alisa to still be a virgin she had to intentionally avoid it, but that's not the way I want it. So now I have to think of another plot that won't deal with anyone's virginity before I can continue. I have a couple of ideas, but they're more long-term, and what I lack is a more short-term plan. So this sotry is paused for a while.

Swimsuit season
Fandom: same as above
World summary: same as above
Story summary: Alisa and her friends spend some time on a river, swimming, having sex and other fun things.
Status: It's just a couple of pages with only reaches the point where they go swimming (in the nude, of course). Also on the way to the river their costumes are described. I've started writing this story before the Dress one, but now I think I'll just turn this one into one of the future chapters of the Dress one eventually. So it's also paused.

Slavya and the horse
Fandom: Everlasting Summer, a Russian VN (English version available on Steam) and The Herbalist, a VN-styled puzzle game by some of the same authors.
World summary: The Herbalist's protagonist is the herbalist girl Slavya based on the same mascot Slavya-tan as the charachter by the same name from Everlasting Summer. The village setting from The Herbalist was perfect for sex with a horse, but The Herbalist doesn't have any other charachters then Slavya, and so I populated the village with the charachters from Everlasting Summer. Also, nudity and sex are casual, even if it's with a horse. Not that people have sex on every corner, but the fact that Slavya is willing to have sex with anyone, even with a horse, is not seen as anything other that her being a very nice and kind girl. Only for the male protagonist Semyon the local customs are a surprise.
Story summary: Originally was intended to be focused on Slavya having sex with a horse, then Semyon comes and asks her to go swim in the river with other kids to show how this is all casual. But in the middle of the horse scene where Semyon appears I wanted to write a couple of lines about him to introduce the charachter, but instead of couple of lines I've now written more than a dozen of pages of a flashback of Semyon arriving to the village, meeting other charachters, learning local customs, befriending Slavya etc... and I'm not done with it yet. For comparison: there are 2 pages before Slavya gets to the horse and 4 of actual horse action (which is not finished though, as Semyon with his flashback appeared in the middle of it). I'm now wondering if I should change the title and the concept.
Status: Last updated yesterday, so totally alive.

And this concludes the part about Russian stories.

I'll now post one of my old stories and will post another one every day or so until I post all of them.
You also must be wondering if I have anything new. Sorry, guys, not really. But just today I've read a guro story on Everlasting Summer which was in Russian, but I'm considering translating it. It's short and lacks detailed descriptions, girls die too fast and some of them (including my favourite Slavya) are already dead by the start of the story. So my first intention upon reading it was to rewrite it with proper details and also adding actual guro scenes for girls already dead. But then I thought as with many other ideas there's no guaranty of when and if I'll get to actually writing it. So I decided just translating it instead (and it doesn't mean I can't do a rewrite in the future, right?). It's short, as I mentioned, so totally doable and won't take long. I'll probably post it as soon as I finish translating it, so keep track on my thread to not lose it among all the old stories I'll be reposting. The title is "Guro in the mines".
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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: No Running in the Pool Area

No Running in the Pool Area
A lighthearted guro choose your own adventure story.


It is a sultry and sweltering summer afternoon, the kind of afternoon where you can fry an egg on the bonnet of your car.

Thankfully for Amanda, she's working as a lifeguard at an indoor pool this summer, safe and sound from the unprecedented summer heatwave.

You would think that the pool will be packed on a hot day like this. However, despite the scorching sun beating down outside, the pool is deserted and quiet, eerily quiet. Only two men in speedo shorts swimming silently back and forth in the Olympic size pool, the silence only breaks when one of them inevitably gets exhausted and pants heavily once he reaches the end of a lane.

As Amanda takes the last sip from her coffee, she feels this overwhelming urge to pee. She throws a brief glance at the two men in the pool as she dashes towards the nearest bathroom, scoffing at the "No Running In The Pool Area" sign.

The men stop swimming abruptly and pop their heads out of the water in almost perfect unison, they slowly turn towards her as she blazes across the wet ceramic tiles.

Where does she go?

* [Option A] The family changing room, it is a lot closer than the women's changing room, and a lot more private.

* [Option B] The women's changing room, the toilet stalls are by the showers.

* [Option C] The sauna room? She's next to it, and it looks empty. I mean…surely no one will notice, right?

* [Option D] You tell me.
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To Die For Honor

(TAGS: M/F, Guro, Necrophilia, Rape, Ryona)

I decided to write an erotic guro story based on For Honor.
Highly inspired by

Unlike his stories, This is going to be one longer story, following one character.
This is my first time ever posting something like this, so feedback is welcome. Especially for text-formatting and tagging. Those have me at a loss.
Now Chapter 2 is in the works, but I can't say anything about when I'm done.
In the meantime, feel free to give me feedback and maybe help me with ideas.
Chapter 1:

I thought I was dead.

Well, since I still had the ability to think and feel pain (At least, that was what my head and chest were telling me) that probably wasn’t quite true.

So I was alive. That’s a good start at least. It takes more than that to kill a Centurio (centurion). Not that i remembered exactly what had tried to kill me, other than it almost had. In fact, i had no idea where I was. I felt… cold. I smelled bodily fluids. I felt cold wood against my back and… warm moisture against my face and my… penis? What the fuck was happening? I had to force my eyes open.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a woman’s nether regions. Her pussy was wet and hairy. Licking my lips, I tasted blood and pussy juices. I looked downwards across my blood-stained chest too see a naked Viking playing with my cock. She was athletic with brown hair tied into a braid and shaven at the sides. Judging by the pair of axes lying by our side she was a Berserker. She had my cock grabbed with one hand, stroking slowly while licking my tip.

I tried to move, but she had pinned my arms down with her legs, and she was too heavy to simply throw off. But she seemed to notice my struggling. She stopped licking my cock, but kept jerking it. She spoke with a thick accent.

”Ah. De Varriör is finally avake…” She stated with a malicious tone. ”I vas horny. You earn few more moments of life.”

With this she pushed her smelly crotch onto my face. I could barely breathe and I don’t know if it was some sort of survival instinct or just plain reflex, but I started eating her pussy. This drew a moan of pleasure from the viking’s lips. She was getting off from this whole situation. Filthy savage.

Apparently this was a response she wanted since she raised her hips off my face slightly. Giving me space to breathe and collect myself, while leaning forward and sloppily sucking on my now fully erect cock. I took a quick moment to look around at my surroundings. We were in a Viking house of some description. Wooden walls and floor. I didn’t get a good look at the layout from where I was lying, but I did see something somewhat worrying next to us. A pile of bodies. Not a little group of bodies like you’d see spread out after a fight. But a huge, deliberate pile of corpses. The kind you only see if you collect a whole battle’s worth of bodies and just piled them on one another. I was in trouble. I didn’t know why they’d collect bodies like that, but I knew that if I wasn’t careful, I’d end up on top of it.

My momentary inactivity annoyed the Berserker. She grunted something and shoved her cunt onto my face again. I grunted back and continued licking her. But I had made up my mind…

I wrapped my legs around her head and pushed her down on my cock. At the same time I bit down on her clit. Hard. Blood flowed all over my face as I tore into her flesh. She tried to scream but she just gagged louder around my penis, but I knew she would soon get her wits together and realize that she could return the favor. So I had to act fast.

As I had hoped, her instinctual reaction was to try to get away from what was causing her pain. Me. This meant loosening her grip on my arms in a feeble attempt to get off me. I swiftly wrapped my arms around her waist and threw myself upwards, twisting her off me.

”Incredibilis” (incredible)I shouted through my bloody, clenched teeth as i wrestled myself on top of her.

I slammed her head into the floor with as much momentum as I could. Hoping this would buy me some time I pulled my cock out of her mouth and placed my foot on her throat.

”Never should’ve messed with an imperial, savage.” I muttered as I reached out and grabbed one of her axes.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t too keen on getting slaughtered like the animal she was. She screamed and swiped her arms at my leg, sending me off balance. She then swiftly rolled sideways, grabbing her other axe and getting on her feet in one swift motion.

I straightened myself and weighed her crude axe in my hand. I’d rather have my gladius right now, but I’ll take what I can get. I looked at her and smirked as she stood wobbled on her feet, a hand carefully investigating her ruined cunt. She looked at me with teary-eyed murder in her eyes.

”Djöfullinn!” (Devil) she snarled at me.

I spat out a bloody piece of her cunt that had remained in my mouth and grinned at her.

”Alea iacta est.” (the die is cast) I said and, with a quick flourish of the axe, assumed a defensive stance.

She made the first move.

”Þú ert dauður!” (You’re dead) she shouted as she leapt forward, swinging her axe in a high arc.

Not the most subtle of moves. But what do you expect from a savage?

The attack was easily parried. I guided her axe aside with a slap from my own and rewarded her effort with a close-up inspection of the back of my hand. The punch may not have been as powerful as if I had been wearing armor, but it sent my foe staggering backwards. I followed up with a strong kick to her gut, throwing her backwards onto the pile of corpses behind her. I took a step closer and saw my opportunity. Her weapon had ended up right beneath an arm extending from the pile. If she tried to raise the weapon straight up it would get caught up in the body pile. I could not miss this chance!

”Īnfirmus!" (weakling) I yelled as I leapt at her, axe falling in a high blow, as a mockery of her own failed move.

As i had hoped, she tried to raise her axe to block, but only managed to get it caught on the dead bodies. Her eyes filled with terror as she realized she didn’t have time to do anything else to save her life.

”Móðir…” (Mother) she had time to whimper before my axe bit into her naked flesh.

The strike hit her right between her perky breasts. Despite the hard bone, the weight of the axe carried it through with a wet crack. She let out another scream as a tear rolled down her cheek. I tugged on the axe and had to use both hands to pull it out of her with another wet sound.

I looked at her. She was still alive. Barely coherent and whimpering. The wound to her chest was spurting blood and her inner thighs were already covered in red. She wouldn’t be alive for much longer. Hell, just the wound to her crotch might’ve been enough for her to bleed to death.

But that wasn’t enough for me…

I kicked her in the gut again, causing her to give out an breathless gasp as blood spurted from both her wounds. I grabbed her by the jaw and raised her head. I forced her to open her mouth and without a single word shoved the handle of her own axe down her throat. Tears were running down her eyes. She tried to struggle… she tried to scream… but she was already too weak. All she could do was gag. Cry and gag. The axe deformed her throat as i shoved it further, inch by inch. At about the halfway point, she let out her last broken breath. She shivered as her life left her body, making her bloody breasts jiggle.

I took a step back to admire my handiwork. She was lying at the edge of the body pile, her back resting against the other corpses. The other axe still rested in her limp fingers. Her dead eyes had rolled back, leaving mostly just the whites visible. Her breasts weren’t very impressive, but they were fit and perky. And covered in blood. Her crotch was ruined and bloody and was dripping out blood-mixed urine. The sight was giving me an erection.

Well, i was already naked and covered in blood. Why not?

Taking a step forwards, I thought to myself how to best make use of this sexy, if damaged, corpse. Problem was, most of her holes were ruined and besides, I didn’t have all that much time.

I looked down at her bleeding pussy and licked my lips. I had only bit off a chunk of it. It was still a wet, tight hole. It would do.

I grabbed her by her feet and dragged her onto the wooden floor. The axe clattered onto the floor and landed in the trail of blood that her body created behind it. I spread out her body on the very spot she’d been raping me and lowered myself onto her.

I rubbed my still hard cock on the bloody remains of her pussy. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put my tip right into her slit and thrust inside her with all my might. The blood, urine and pussy juices made for a good if foul-smelling lubricant. Despite it’s ruined state, it felt incredibly nice. The part I had bit off only added a unique sensation. I grabbed her firm hips and began pounding her pussy with the might of all my built up adrenaline. While furiously raping her cunt I reached up and played with her bloody breast. It was firm and round and her softening nipple gently tickled my palm. I slid my hand over to the hole between her tits. I dug my fingers into her flesh, prying at her ribcage. I complimented myself at the blow. It had split her ribcage in half and I could feel her dead heart inside the wound. Molesting her insides had turned me on even more and I increased my pace. I grabbed the axe sticking out of her mouth and pounded her harder. Her breasts bounced with each thrust. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm. And a wicked thought crossed my mind.

I pulled out of her and stood up, a grin on my face. I grabbed her by the axe stuck in her throat. It made her neck creak as I lifted her into a sitting position, her arms hanging limply at her sides. I leaned her against the body pile again and crouched in front of her. I dug both my hands into the hole in her chest and pulled her ribcage apart a few more inches, giving me a perfect view of her still heart. I stepped forward and carefully positioned my cock into her hole. I pushed slowly into her chest at first, pressing against her heart. Having made certain no bones were in my way, i once again grabbed hold of the axe and thrust straight into her heart. I felt how the walls of her heart burst and gave way to my cock. I entered her heart and was overcome by an amazing sensation. The muscles of her heart were massaging my cock as I thrust back and forth into her heart. I reached down with my free hand to molest her breast while I pounded inside her chest. I felt myself on the verge of orgasm and steadied myself, both hands on the axe now. With a few final thrusts I released my seed right into her heart. I came hard, quickly filling her dead heart with my life seed. I felt her heart overflow and almost burst with the volume of cum. I slowly pulled out with a wet ’pop’. Looking down at my handiwork I admired her heart leaking of cum. A big blob of cum was streaming out of the hole I’d ravaged, but there were several tears in the flesh where I saw drops of cum slowly leaking out, as well as flowing out into her arteries. If she’d somehow still been alive, her heart would be pumping sperm instead of blood.

”How’s that for a heartbreak, lupa (whore)?” I told her to her dead face. I cracked my knuckles. Time to collect myself and get out of here…
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Top, or Bottom? (Various tags to be added later. Dub-con, pain, F/f, free use, suff)

Alright, I'm trying this again. Maybe I'll be able to get myself to write before the thread falls off the list this time.

(Sorry about that.)


“Top or Bottom?” The registration Officer asked unnecessarily, holding out one hand for my identification while he continued typing with the other, a rather impressive feat I had to admit, if only to myself as I passed him my ID card.

“Top.” I replied simply, looking up at the interior of my new High School. It seemed fairly standard, bland walls, bland ceiling, and a janitor just finishing his waxing of the bland floor. I turned for a moment as I heard the doors open behind me, the first of the other students beginning to trickle in. I had arrived early to complete my registration, a responsible person might have done so earlier but well, that would be a responsible person not me.

I noticed a severe lack of clothing among the students who entered, indicating that almost all of these were Bottoms as only Tops were allowed to wear more than a modicum of clothing so that class could be easily identified by sight. Civilised society had learned long ago that humanity was generally divided into Tops and Bottoms, those who had the potential ability and mindset to do great things as well as a much more assertive personality. These were of course the Tops. Then there were the Bottoms, those people who had either little ability, intelligence, personality or drive.

Over the years scientists and various types of psychologists have learned different methods to amplify one's Top or Bottom type of personality, making the segregation that much easier. One took a test when they were young, between five and ten years old depending on where they live, and it was determined which they would grow up to be. There were of course occasional people who registered as neither, but they were shipped off to small colonies at the edge of civilisation to live in the stagnating culture brought on by such people.

I was hardly surprised by the amount of Bottoms here, they were much more plentiful than Tops and tended too procreate a lot more due to a lack of responsibility and increased libido brought on by the chemicals put in their food. Of course two Bottoms would occasionally have a Top for a child, but that was rare and the child was usually moved to another family due to the fact that the power imbalance brought by law could be prove unhealthy for the child, as their parents and Bottom family members were required to obey their every command.

I absently took my ID and new student Identification card from the registration Officer, moving into the crowd of mostly naked people. Bottoms were allowed to wear one article of clothing while in public, but most of these teenagers decided to wear nothing at all. I allowed my eyes to drift over a few of them, my own simple tight jeans and dark purple jacket standing out in the midst of them, even though I left the front open, displaying my toned stomach and parts of my breasts, though the nipples were hidden behind the clothing.

A small and admittedly prideful smile moved over my lips as I felt many of their eyes on me. Each top would be recognised in a school like this, and a new one was bound to draw some attention. As if on cue I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a small group of three mostly clothed students, a boy, a girl, and one whose gender I couldn't place which I determined fairly quickly to be intentional.

“Hey, we haven't gotten someone new that wasn't an Ass for a while.” The boy said with a smile that I returned easily. He used a rather demeaning slang word for the Bottoms that had grown popular since I was a kid, though the word Bottom was rather demeaning on its own. “I'm Raphael, but people call me Rafe.” He then turned about to gesture at his two friends. “Carly,” Gesturing at the girl. “And that's Locke.” Pointing to the one whose gender I hadn't been able to identify. “Before you ask, they go by It, not ce or ze or whatever.” He said before leaning close for a loud whisper. “It thinks by making Itself seem less human It'll seem more impressive or something.” Locke smirked at that, but didn't refute the statement.

“I'm Abraxas.” I said drawing a few snickers from the surrounding audience of Bottoms, I made a note of two of them to deal with later. “People call me Abby though, less of a mouthful.” I took turns shaking hands, though Locke gave a flourishing kiss to the back of mine rather than simply shaking it. It was dressed rather foppishly as well, so the action was hardly a surprise. Rafe was dressed in a white, almost transparent suit, and Carly wore a fishnet shirt and thigh high boots as well as a skirt so short it didn't do anything except draw the eyes downward.

“How much do you want to bet that we're all in the same first class?” Carly asked in a quiet throaty voice with the subtle, refined southern twang that I wished most country singers had.

Rafe laughed. “Well that's hardly a fair bet Carly, we already know we're in the same class. And I highly doubt that Abby has to take the remedial shit everyone else is going through.” Remedial classes were rarely taken by Tops, which was part of the whole point of putting them at the beginning of the first few days of school, leaving them with plenty of time to get to know each other and play with with the more intelligent and driven Bottoms.

“Regardless, we ought to get out of the entryway. We're drawing a crowd.” Locke spoke up in a high almost musical voice. It led us all away from the small crowd of the Bottoms who had been congregating about us, though It did grab an unusually small boy who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, dragging him by the wrist to where we would be spending the first period of the day.

We chose the school's courtyard for now, sitting on the benches that surrounded a large tree in the centre of it. There were a couple other Tops sitting about the area, but they were on their own, one reading and the other tapping at her phone. There was also a Bottom girl, looking rather nervous and uncomfortable surrounded by Tops. I smiled at her but turned back to Rafe and Carly before she could return it. Locke was pressed up against the tree with the small boy suspended between them.

“So, what brought you here to our illustrious town?” Carly inquired waving her hand melodramatically at the mediocre place as she lay herself across Rafe's lap.

“My parents thought it would be best if I found my own place to live and “Finish Developing”.” I said, doing an intentionally poor imitation of Papa Shawn's deep and overly annunciated voice. “They think I'm too irresponsible and that leaving me in my own house and finding my own school and whatnot will help me with that. Leaving me to take care of myself.” It wouldn't be difficult, the state provided more than enough money for Tops to take care of themselves even without a job, the reasoning being that we would do what we loved and were good at when we grew up if we didn't have to worry about money. It was mostly right, Tops tended to get bored with just twenty-four-seven screwing pretty quickly after they hit thirty or so. Or so Papa Night Horse told me. I couldn't really picture myself getting bored with it though.

Rafe chuckled, running his fingers absently through Carly's red and black hair. It wasn't an unusual thing for parents of Tops to do. “Well welcome, we're always happy to have a new playmate around here. And playmates who are worth a damn to talk to are way too rare to...” He trailed off, noticing that I was eyeing the lone Bottom girl, who had taken to watching us until I looked up at her. “That's Beatrice.” He said with a smirk. “She's never been to a remedial class in her life as far as I know, her dad is a Top and I think he coaches her when she gets home.”

She was cute. Small and slender, though not overly skinny. She looked to be about sixteen with long brown hair that fell to her waist in waves. She wore a thin slip that covered small breasts and hung just low enough that I couldn't see her cunt. I could practically hear Rafe smile as I eyed her, and I could hear Carly choking as he squeezed her throat, her black painted nails pushing at her own pussy as he strangled her. She was in no real danger, even if Rafe did technically kill her the medical technology available to Tops mean that she could be medically dead until tomorrow and they would still be able to revive her, leaving her only problem being the inconvenience of missing the first day of school. The sounds set my decision and I stood, moving toward Beatrice with a clear purpose.

She looked to either side of her as I approached, seeming to half think I was looking at someone else, though I couldn't tell if she was hoping for that or not. Not that it mattered. I was still considering what to do to her when she stood up and held her hand out to me in greeting, from her fearful and shy demeanour I hadn't expected that. But it was probably the smartest thing she could have done when I thought about it, put me just a little off balance for a moment to allow her to get her bearings, it drew a smile from me when I caught it. “I'm Beatrice.” She said succinctly, I could hear the fear in her voice, most Bottoms didn't have fear of Tops, it had to be taught, and that was difficult due to the way they were generally raised to see us as the epitome of human, almost like benevolent gods that took care of them. It seemed to me that her father probably wanted her to grow up into someone important, at least as important as a Bottom could be.

After a few moments consideration I reached out and took her hand. I shook it, but didn't let go. She only tried to get it out once, to her credit, but it drew another smile from me. “Call me Abby.” I said, the sound of Carly gasping and gagging as Rafe finally let her breathe making both Beatrice and I shudder, though her more in fear I think. I sat on the bench that she had been seated in moments ago, pulling her reluctantly down next to me. I draped my legs over her and lay back against the arm rest, holding her hand in both of mine and playing with her fingers, less because I wanted to and more because it was clearly making her uncomfortable.

“So, I'm new here and am looking to see who's who around here.” I said, again more to make her uncomfortable than anything else. She knew that I'd be able to figure out who everyone important was within the first day or so of classes, meaning that my only reason for saying this was to force her to think of something to say. Or at least she did if she was as smart as I thought she was, that is to say better then the normal Bottom.

“Rafe, Carly and Locke you already met.” She said, her voice barely shaking after taking a deep breath. “They're one of the more important groups here, Rafe and Carly's father is the Mayor, Rafe's mother runs the school and Carly's runs the farms outside of town.” I wasn't overly surprised, important people liked to have kids together in the hopes that they became even more important when they grew up, and those three were probably the most important people in a small-ish town like this. Mayor for obvious reasons, Rafe's mother because how we're shaped in these schools is considered of more importance than how we act once we leave. And Carly's mother ran the farms, meaning that the majority of the food that came into town was from her. Again, obviously important.

“Locke's parents were both Bottoms.” She went on, letting out a quiet squeak when I bent one of her fingers a little too far. “It was grabbed by a retired Doctor and raised by her. There are lots of rumours about the things she's done to It, experiments and stuff. But I think Locke spreads them to add more to It's air of “Mystery.”” She tried to make air quotes when she said that, but I still had a grip on her hand and she gave up. “Other than them there's the Quintuplets. They're Identical Bottom boys who pretty much act like Tops whenever the real thing isn't around.” She was getting more comfortable, simply concentrating on talking rather than me, which I was fine with, these were good things to know and I enjoyed listening to her.

As Beatrice went on to explain the various groups in my new school I looked around the courtyard again. The boy Locke had previously had pinned to a tree was on his hands and knees. Or, well, hand and knees. His right arm was twisted behind him at an awful angle, though he looked up at Locke with a desperate sort of affection that I gathered came from years of experience with the Thing. Carly and Rafe had moved off toward the other two tops trying to get them to play. The girl on the phone had casually shoved Carly away when she had begun to lay kisses around her neck, but now had Rafe pinned happily under her heel, still texting. Carly had moved onto the boy who had been reading, they were now laughing as she moved up and down on top of him. Though I couldn't get a good look at where they were conjoined, it wasn't hard to imagine.

As I looked out over the courtyard, Beatrice had stopped talking. I let it go for a almost a full minute, waiting for her to continue. She had been talking about the jock Tops, her voice sounding relieved when she said they didn't pay much attention to the smarter girls. I turned back to her when it was plain that she wasn't going to keep going and caught her staring at me with an almost dazed expression. Her mouth was slightly open as she looked over my face, eyes scanning my straight back hair long enough to reach the small of my back. The way the aphrodisiacs put into the Bottom's food worked was contextual, not fully kicking in until someone made sexual advances, though it encouraged these as well. What was happening in the rest of the courtyard was obviously triggering hers, and she was obviously trying not to act on them. I considered kissing her, knowing that would more than likely make her self-control crumble. I broke her finger instead.

Beatrice screamed as the shocking pain tore through her hand, looking down at it for a moment with tears staining her bright green eyes before they moved back up to my face. I felt the small smile on my lips and eyes as I watched her thick lashes flutter in pain when I twisted the broken finger, her lips parting and letting out a quiet gasping sob, fighting her instincts so as not to struggle against me. I leaned forward, lifting the mangled middle finger to my mouth and biting softly down on it, drawing another pitiful sound from her. I felt the bones grinding between my teeth and I could see the reaction in her face with each one.

The bell rang. I stood slowly, my teeth still holding her finger for a few moments. I dropped her hand into mine and lay it in her lap, leaning down and planting a soft kiss on her lips, activating her still roiling sexual tension as I left. She curled up around her hand sobbing as I walked over to Locke who was being gathered up by a very happy looking Rafe. Carly had passed out while blowing the other Top boy who was now using her throat as a toilet. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off of him, hearing a quiet gurgling sound as she breathed through his cum and piss. I didn't think that she would be moving any time soon, so I dragged her along behind me by the hair. More for the aesthetics than because it was easier than just carrying her to class our first class which we did in fact share. I made a mental note to give Carly something for being right about that, even if it had been meant as a joke initially.

I offered her to Rafe when we got to class, but he told me to just keep her until she woke up and to take her to the nurse's office if she died. I found myself concentrating more on class than I had expected to with an attractive, almost drowning girl draped on her back across my lap, but it was history which had always interested me more than most subjects. It was just stories after all, some of which happened to be true. That's not to say that I let her presence there go to waste. My fingers dipped into her cunt every few minutes for the first half of class, pulling some of the seed that had been left there out and taking it to my mouth. I had never appreciated the male body, the shape in particular just failed to appeal to me, but I did enjoy some things about them, and the texture of their cum was one of those things though the taste less so.

Carly woke up with about ten minutes left to class and started moving, but I put my hand over her mouth to keep her from making a sound and plunged my fingers into her pussy, causing her barely conscious body to arch. Within the minute I had my full hand inside of her, still watching the Professor as he explained what had initially started the war between Northern China and Sweden which had sparked the last large scale conflict in the past hundred years. At this point I admit that my concentration was wavering considerably, but it's hard to focus on facts that you know when you have a beautiful girl squirming and cumming around your left hand while she's moaning and screaming into your right.

The bell rang finally and I shoved her into the aisle on my right, my hand leaving her cunt with a wet slurp. She worked her way to her hands and knees, panting and gasping as people moved around her. I gathered my things and was about to leave when Locke's boot came out of nowhere and slammed into the side of Carly's head, bouncing it off of the leg of a desk ad leaving her dazed on the floor, quiet moans coming from her as she tried to lift her cheek from the floor. Rafe's foot was on the back of her neck then, holding his sister's face to the floor as he looked at me.

“That you were playing with, Beatrice. She's probably still in the nurse's office for that thing with her finger.” He said nonchalantly. He was right, there were likely many more serious injuries on the first day than a broken finger, she would probably be there waiting for it to be set until lunch.

“Everyone else got to finish their entertainment during first period, but it looked to me as though you were just getting started.” Locke continued Rafe's thought, kicking away It's friend's foot from Carly's neck so that It could roll her onto her back, still moaning on the floor. “It looks like some clumsy person gave Carly a concussion. You should probably take her to the nurse's office.” It stood and held out It's hand to me, a long slender dueling knife offered out to me. “You should probably stay as long as it takes her to recover.”

Carly was almost on her feet by the time I took the knife. She was looking at me with a punch-drunk smile, slurred and indecipherable words flowing from her mouth as she practically climbed up me to get on her feet. Her lips pressed to my mouth in probably the sloppiest and most adorable kiss I'd ever been given, happy little giggles coming from her as well as a less than subtly lewd moan as she tried to rub her still open pussy along my thigh.

I smiled at her, pulling her away from me just enough so that I could slide the blade of the knife vertically into her neck, the point visible in the back of her throat when her mouth gaped and her eyes widened. Carly's hands clutched at her throat and she let out adorable little gargling noises as I lowered her to the ground. The fear was in her eyes, even though you knew there was no reason to be afraid it was always there at the moment you died. It was the main reason I ever allowed anyone to kill me.

Locke and Rafe had left when I pushed the metal into Carly, I spent several minutes there, touching and kissing her until I was sure that she couldn't feel it any more. I pushed the knife into her temple then, using how it lodged into her skull as a handle to pull her easily along behind me through the hills, blood trailing behind us.

The Nurse's office wasn't too far away, just up the nearby flight of stairs and across that hall. It was a well made room, sterile white even in the waiting room, with the janitor there to clean up anything that tarnished the purity of the room. Carly's blood that I trailed in for instance. He was a middle aged man, a Top, surprisingly, based on the fact that he was fully dressed. He gave me one of the sweetest smiles I've ever received when I came in and got to work. There were already almost a dozen children in here, all of them Bottoms. The boy that Locke had been playing with was leaving when I came in, his arm in a sling and a bandage hiding the cut that had taken his right eye.

I caught sight of Beatrice almost as soon as I started looking for her, and found that her eyes were already on me, though they occasionally flickered down to Carly's staring face. I smiled to her, but moved to the front desk, already occupied by what seemed to be the head nurse, likely warned by the Janitor that I was bringing in a dead Top. She sighed when she Carly, clearly more amused than upset but putting up appearances none-the less. “I'm going to have her in here a lot, aren't I?” She asked, her voice was filtered through an American accent built over years, but I could hear some sort of Slavic stuck in there. I just smiled and dropped Carly's corpse.

“I'll wait over there, let me know when she's waking up.” I moved over and sat next to Beatrice, I could smell the remaining heat from her, lingering still even after class. She was holding her broken finger in the other hand, huddled almost protectively over it. But when I sat beside her, draping my legs over hers just like I had in the courtyard she looked up fearfully. I smiled. “Hi.” Was all I said, prompting her to look away as I stared. We sat like that for quite a while, me watching her and she glancing at me only to quickly look away. After a little while though she lifted her broken hand and, still not looking at me, held it out as though offering it to me. My smile widened and I took it, placing the broken finger between my teeth again.
R: 0 / I: 0

Street Fighter: Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms (f/f, scat, lesbian sex, consensual, romantic)

* This story is set between Street Fighter IV and V.

Please feel free to mention if you notice any English mistakes or other errors.


Sakura Kasugano’s 17th birthday had been plenty of fun so far, but the thing she was most looking forward to was her cake.

She and her friends were nestled together on a blue plastic mat in the center of Tamagawa park, beneath the bough of a blooming prunus tree, shoes removed, legs curled up, intimate. Sakura’s Mom brought out her cake: a big, round, gateaux, topped with cream, chocolate flakes and the blossom falling from the tree above them, with a single cherry on top. All of the girls cheered, and started singing Sakura ‘Happy Birthday’.

Kei Chitose, Sakura’s bestie classmate was seated next to her, and held her hand as she sang. They had been friends as long as Sakura could remember, and it had been natural for them to touch like that just as long, but, adult that she was becoming, Sakura felt a little moistened by the feel of Kei’s fingers intertwining with hers. She wondered if Kei might one day understand the strange feelings that had blossomed inside Sakura these past few months, and perhaps one day join her on the dark, wonderful journey that seemed all she could think about these days, or if it would only ever be her and Karin’s special secret.

Karin Kanzuki was seated the opposite end of the group, keeping up the pretense that they were still just training rivals. Karin was acting stuffy as usual, but Sakura could feel in her gaze the burning jealousy that Kei’s handclasp was inducing. Sakura yearned to touch her blonde lover just as badly, but they would have to wait for the infinite darkness and silence of the night to swallow their secrets.

The girls finished singing and, aside from Sakura and Karin, gave a round of applause. Kei whispered a last “Happy Birthday!” in Sakura’s ear, kissing her on the cheek and putting her lithe arms around her friend in a full embrace. Sakura’s cheeks reddened, as did Karin’s. Sakura put a finger to her lips and gestured ‘quiet’ to her distant lover, trying to keep the lid on her envy and lust…at least until evening fell.

“Well, who wants some cake?,” said Sakura’s mom, cutting it into slices, oblivious. “First, Sakura’s…”

“…mine, all MINE!,” yelled Karin in frustration, reaching out across the mat and grabbing the two biggest slices, including the one with the cherry on top. She proceeded to stuff them into her mouth in a less than lady-like manner, while the others gazed at her in shock. Perhaps only Sakura noticed that Karin dropped the cherry, unbitten, into a pocket of her red dress.

“Karin!,” exclaimed Sakura’s mom, Kei, and many of the others who weren’t merely shocked into silence.

“It’s okay,” said Sakura, jovially. “Maybe if Karin wants my cherry that badly, we should let her have another bite!”

Karin smiled dirtily at her, and reached across the mat for another slice, followed this time by her little brother, Tsukushi, and others, hoping to get a more than crumbs by the time Karin was finished. But in the end, Karin was able to swallow more than half the cake before the nearby Ibuki pounced on and restrained her.

“Oh Sakura,” exclaimed Kei. “That spoiled pig…why is she even here?”

“Well, Kei, I’ve got a feeling that Karin is going to make it up to me later. She’s a better cook than you might think…”

“Really?,” Kei asked, her pretty face utterly puzzled.

Sakura sighed and just smiled. No, Kei probably never could understand this, any of it.

Karin and her had spent hours in sparring practice, day after day, together, alone. Holding each other, pinned down, forced into submission, sometimes insults, their bodies soaked in sweat. For too long, Sakura herself hadn’t realized how she had grown to love it, even after a loss: Karin’s body heat, her soft flesh, her scent. All it took was the first kiss - she didn’t know which of them initiated it, or if it was ever more than an accident when they were sloppy, late in the day as the sun went down - and they were all over each other, tongues wrestling as hard as their bodies ever had.

They found the other things very soon, as experiments between athletic girls who already knew each other’s bodies as lovers did: the parts of their anatomies that brought them the most joy to touch, and the parts that held the musk they wanted to smell and taste. It started with their sweat-soaked armpits, and then the soles of their feet, descending ever further when Sakura found what Karin had left in her panties when she didn’t wipe properly.

Staring at Karin, still struggling with Ibuki on the grass, Sakura knew what she would find tonight, and it made her heart race and her pussy drip. Oh yes, her birthday had been plenty of fun so far, but the thing she was *most* looking forward to was her cake.


“Oh…fuck…” mouthed Sakura Kasugano in the moonlight - silently, firmly, lavisciously. “Oh FUCK…”

It was right in her face, filling her vision, almost close enough to touch and certainly close enough to dominate her senses with its sweet rancidity. Karin Kanzuki’s firm, round ass was right in front of her, doing precisely what it was born to do, as a hard, thick turd spooled out of her engorged, reddened rosebud and dangled between the blonde heiress’s awesome buttocks.

“Like what you see, sweetie?,” hissed Karin, hearing Sakura’s unconcealed excitement over the filthy spectacle. She was kneeling on the large dining room table of the Kanzuki estate, still in her elegant red dress and sultry velvet heels, but her black tights and white panties had been lewdly and roughly pulled down, enabling her to lay out her thick shit into a cake pan placed beneath her ass. “I think this one has had just about long enough in the oven…” She slapped both hands on her buttcheecks, leaving a pinkened aura on the skin around her fingers, and pulled them even wider apart, accentuating the eroticism of her slithering bowel movement.

“Hell yeah, I like it,” said Sakura, softly, almost hypnotically as she watched Karin’s offering descend from between her rival’s creamy thighs and land on the non-stick surface, curling around as elegantly as Karin’s blonde tresses. Sakura was almost drooling as she corrected herself: “I *love* it. This is the kind of birthday cake I’ve been waiting *all day* for.”

After Karin’s turd cutter finished squeezing out the tip of her nasty chocolate sundae, she slid smoothly off the table onto her feet, and procured a can of whipped cream from the tabletop. Kneeling over the table with her bare, slap-imprinted buttocks still exposed shamelessly from beneath her scarlet pleated miniskirt, she sang “Happy Birthday, Dear Sakura” in a low, sultry voice as she sprayed her steaming brown dump with a layer of frothy cream that hissed and bubbled, running off-white where it touched the corrosive surface. Finally, Karin reached into her pocket and produced the cherry, still intact, from the ‘cake’s previous incarnation, placing it right on top of her masterwork. “Ta-da,” she said, offering Sakura her nasty treat with a wide grin.

Sakura had been slyly touching herself as she watched the preparations - just a few strokes up the sides of her cunny to wipe some overflowing juices up to her clit - but she had to stop now to embrace her friend. “Oh Karin, it’s beautiful! Thank-you *so* much!” She took out her smartphone to preserve the image before it was ruined - nobody on Instagram would be able to imagine what kind of ‘chocolate’ this was - and the girls posed for a couple of ‘V- sign laden, hugging and inexplicably blushing selfies. Only then did Sakura sit down in front of the pan, for this most intimate and lovingly-made of deserts.

“Please, go ahead!,” Karin gesticulated.

“Itadakimaaaasu~!,” Sakura responded, excitedly.

She ate with hands, of course; it was more sensual that way. Sakura picked up the turd in bare fingertips emerging from her favourite karate gloves, cradled its warmth like the gift it was, and gingerly licked some of the creamy frosting away until it melted into the bitterness beneath. Then she nibbled at the nutty surface of Karin’s melty teenshit. It was rancid, of course, but also surprisingly sweet this time. A lot of sugar must have passed through Karin’s bowels from the original cake…or maybe it was just the taste of love. “It’s delicious…” sighed Sakura.

And just as Sakura had weaned herself into the taste of her lover’s filth, just as she lowered a large chunk of the main turd into her mouth to caress with her tongue before biting it open, she felt a hot, wet thing, alive on the tip of her clitorus and almost choked anyway.

“You’re not the only one who gets dessert!,” exclaimed Karin from beneath the table, before stripping Sakura’s pussy-wet knickers from beneath her skirt and leaving them dangling between her bare, shivering legs with a single sharp, practiced motion. Sakura’s shocked squeal turned to giggles and then, very soon, into hot, needy moaning, as Karin’s dexterous tongue once again went to work on her shaven teen cunny, this time unimpeded.

Both girls ate of the other’s body delightedly. Karin was trapped in the hellishly hot embrace of Sakura’s strong thighs, tongue lapping its way through a steamily torrid cunt, soaked by perverse desire. Sakura was in heaven above, rolling chunks of Karin’s teen-baked turds around her mouth, scummy syrup drizzling out between reddened lips as she made an “Oh” of pure pleasure.

As Sakura began her wild climb towards orgasm, she frantically unbuttoned her shirt to grant herself access to her steely nipples. In her trembling frenzy, she cared nothing for the brown fingerprints she was leaving across her uniform - or even revelled in the despoiling, a synecdoche of her corrupt lust. She revealed her bra, then rapidly popped her firm young tits out above it, smearing excreta on that frilly white lace as well and - at last - her areolae: the color of ripe cherries, nipples hard like pips. She grabbed another chunk of Karin’s steaming crap, broke it open in her hand, then mashed the raw, stinking mess against the tip of each breast - left, then right, then left again - savouring the gristly texture of the undigested roughage as she ground it against her sensitive skin. In her mind’s eye she saw falling cherry blossom descending into a gutter, as the oral assault on her trembling pussy pushed her to new heights of pleasure.

“Playing with your food, are we?,” crooned Karin from beneath the table, between tongue-lashes against Sakura’s swollen, sweltering vulva. “Naughty girl!”

Sakura responded by hawking and spitting a lump of foamy, dissolving shit onto the blonde mass of curls bobbing up and down in her crotch.

“Ew,” exclaimed Karin as the lump of their shitty love juices dribbled off the side of her angelic face. “You’re wasting it!” Turning her head upward to face Sakura and opening her mouth wide she begged, “In here please!”

Sakura couldn’t resist what was revealed when her lover’s beautiful red lips opened for her: pearly, aristocratic teeth drawn wide and tongue quivering in the anticipation of becoming a toilet for her own sloppy-seconds shit. The brunette high schooler spat again, a small lump of crap drooling out of her mouth in a bubble of browned drool and finding its mark in the soft scarlet of Karin’s eager tongue.

Even as Karin’s eyes rolled back in the nasty pleasure of being served her own recycled ordure, Sakura decided to give the upper-class slut something to wash it down with by releasing control of her own bladder. An acrid spray of piss hissed and sprayed out of her exposed vulva like a popped champagne bottle, filling Karin’s mouth until it was a golden, babbling brook.

Sakura could see Karin’s hand reaching between her trembling legs, in the place where her panties and leggings had been so roughly pulled down, surely stroking her own exposed, clean-shaven pussy in excitement. Meanwhile, Sakura was pumping her remaining pee in wild arcs across Karin’s darling face, truly making the classy high-schooler into a ‘golden girl’, even as she whined thirstily for Sakura to “*pleeeease* make my throat into your urinal, sweetie!”

Doming the spoiled girl this way was so much fun for Sakura that she quite forgot about her own pleasure - at least until her stream died down to a trickle that compelled Karin to chase it back to its source, that dainty tongue now curling around her peehole and slurping on it to the last, dirty drop, before returning to Sakura’s bare, piss-glistening pussy. They both knew this would be the final round.

Sakura wriggled her feet out of her sweaty hi-tops, and wrapped her strong thighs around Karin’s head, pulling her ever deeper into an erotic vortex, as the little lady’s tongue invaded the birthday girl’s torrid, inflamed honeypot once again. While using one hand to stroke Karin’s glossy hair and embrace her head against a shit-smeared vulva that the blonde was only too happy to messily slurp clean, Sakura picked the final chunk of turd-cake up in the other and raised it high above her head: shit sundae with a cherry on top.

Sakura stared at Karin’s final birthday gift for a moment, mouth width open, not just to pant from the feeling of her girlfriend’s hot tongue running broken shit morsels over her clit, but slack and drooling with a sick hunger. The immaculately cut turd was dangling and stretching under gravity, just as it had minutes before when it was still adjoined to Karin’s jiggling ass, but now it was Sakura’s. She let go, let it fall, as all things must.

The slab of girlturd slid into her mouth and part of the way down her throat, immediately gagging Sakura with its heavy, nasty flavor, like milk chocolate but made with rancid, clotted milk. Even if the flavor was almost too much for her, she loved it dearly. Then, just seconds later, Karin went for the kill, nipping and gnashing hard on the sides of her clit.

Sakura was jolted over the edge in shock, nearly painfully pleasurable in the initial wave of orgasm, as everything inside her seemed to explode, before cresting into something mellower that still left her arms gripping the arms of the chair with white knuckles, and legs shaking uncontrollably around Karin’s neck.

Sakura then realised that she had bitten and crushed the log in her mouth in that first, brutal moment, breaking it open and spraying half the contents out of her mouth with a scream, like some kind of a sewer piñata. Now the remaining part was open in her mouth, swamping her senses with Karin’s intoxicating bowel gases, while the rest was raining down on the both of them like browned, decaying petals.

“Nice view,” commented Karin, continuing to aggressively eat Sakura out even as she consumed the remaining shitpaste. “I guess we don’t even need to go outside to watch the cherry blossom fall now!”

Feeling falling shitflakes lewdly splatter on her face as she rubbed the last of her birthday cake against her tongue and swallowed, and Karin sucked and kissed her clittie raw, Sakura fell back in the chair and came again, slower, longer, easier to appreciate as it rolled over her small body in waves. Her tongue swam through the the shitty chocolate milkshake that filled her drooling mouth until it found the cherry floating there, ripe and still unspoiled. She smiled as she bit it open, tasting sweetness again - sweetness all over her body as she came to her petite mort, both wholly ruined and utterly satiated.


“Oh…,” Sakura groaned, coming to her senses again. “I guess we’d better clean up…”

“Don’t worry about that, Birthday Girl,” said Karin, wiping the last dregs of her crap out of the cake pan with a fingertip, and licking it clean. “Mmm,
….damn, I taste good, if I do say so myself. We’ll have the help take care of it. I’ll just tell them I had a little…‘accident’.”

“Again…?” Sakura was a little incredulous.

“Sure. And I hope to have many more with you, Sakura Kasugano.” Karin embraced her lover again, and tenderly shit-kissed her on the lips.

Sakura giggled. “Me too, Karin. Me too!”
R: 1 / I: 0

Amy The Pussy Killer (F/F, g, non-cons, blood, medical)

Amy The Pussy Killer: Origin

It all started when we took our vacation the celebrate Amy's graduation from university. She was an engineering student, smart, slender and very athletic, with perfect breasts and flawless skin.

We swam naked in a lake in the countryside. The sky was deep blue with fluffy white clouds and the sun shimmered off her wet skin. Her dark brown hair was clinging to her shoulders. As I watched her walk naked along the beach, my penis couldn't help but swell, slowly twitching upward.

She covered her mouth and laughed. "Wow. That's really something you've got there!"

"Don't laugh at a man's penis," I said with a smirk, "You'll give me a complex."

"Oh, I didn't mean there was anything funny about it. It just took me by surprise. We've been dating for three months and I'm only now finding out that you've got a huge dick."

I rolled my eyes. "You've seen my dick before."

"Yeah, and I thought it was pretty big before, but I never saw it hard."

"This isn't hard!"

"Yeah, right. Are you trying to tell me it gets even bigger than that?"

"I guess so, but it's really not that big. I'm actually pretty average."

She laughed again. "If you say so. I guess since I'm still a virgin I'm not in a position to comment about male anatomy."

Amy slipped her flowing white dress directly over her wet skin, leaving her panties and shoes in the pile with my clothes. I wrapped a towel around my waist.

"Come on. Let's go for a walk," she said as she wandered barefoot into the rolling field.

I followed along, admiring how her every step had the grace of a dancer. She giggled as she flowed with the gentle wind and then bounced along like a gymnast, her unsupported breasts bouncing with her beneath the thin white fabric of her dress.

"We should probably get dressed," I said, fidgeting with my towel, "Someone might come along."

"Coward!" she said with a laugh as she stepped up onto an old wooden fence, walking along and holding out her arms for balance. "Live a little!"

She moved along the fence with effortless grace that would make any tight-rope walker jealous. It was as if she were weightless, taking long smooth strides.

"Hey!" I laughed. "Be careful up there!"

"What are you talking about? This isn't high! I used to walk the high steel with my father back when… Whoa!"

She wobbled and one foot slipped off the fence. Her arms flailed around wildly to catch her balance, then she came crashing down. She landed with one leg on either side of the fence and a jagged fence post was jammed deep between her thighs.

"Holy shit! Are you alright?" I ran up to put my hands on her shoulders.

Amy stared at me with huge green eyes, her mouth hanging open. She made tiny incomprehensible sounds and twitched hard in my hands. I looked down to see blood dribbling onto the ground between her feet.

"We've got to get you off there!" I leaned into her and hugged her tightly. I put a hand on her firm butt and a foot on the fence, trying to gently lift her.

"Ah! Stop! Stop!" she howled, "It hurts! Fuck! Fuck!"

She panted desperately for breath and tears flooded from her eyes as she clutched at my bare back.

"I can't breathe! My pussy, it hurts so much! Help me! Please, help me!"

"Hold on. Just hold on! Let me get a look."

I bent down and lifted up the front of her dress. There were jagged shards of wood embedded deep into her pussy, but there was no way to tell how deep. Small streams of blood were running down the post.

"We've got to get you to a hospital. This is serious. I know it's going to hurt, but we've got to lift you off and get to the car."

"No! No, damn it! Stop! Please, this can't be happening!" She shrieked as I wrapped my arms around her again.

She wailed in agony and went as stiff as a board when I slowly lifted her.

She clutched her pussy as I helped her lift her leg over to my side of the fence. Her face was as white as her dress and blood ran between her fingers.

"Oh no! Oh no. I… I can't feel my pussy. It's… It's all gone!"

I turned her away from the fence so she didn't see the bloody chunks of skin and flesh that were still stuck to the wood.

"Here. Use this to put pressure on it." I yanked off my towel and gave it to her.

She wedged the towel between her legs and then leaned against my side as I helped her limp hurriedly toward the car. We didn't have time to get my clothes, so I drove naked while she kept her dress pushed up around her waist and held the towel in place. By the time we got into town, the towel was soaked red and she was sobbing in agony.

The emergency room nurses took her away for surgery and gave me a hospital gown to wear. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour, but it seemed like a year.

"Are you Amy's family?"

"I'm her boyfriend. She's away from home on vacation."

"I see. Well, she's out of danger, so there's no need to worry."

"Holy shit." I sucked in a huge breath, suddenly realizing that I'd forgotten to breathe.

"It's really too early to say, but you should be prepared for the possibility that she won't make a full recovery."

"What do you mean?"

"Please, don't stand up. It's better if we stay calm about this. She's suffered a very serious injury. We've just finished removing every splinter of wood that we could find. Once she's recovered from that, we can start to look into the options for reconstructive surgery."

"Reconstructive surgery?"

"The options are quite limited, unfortunately. She's lost large areas of very delicate tissue, including irreplaceable nerves."

"Will she be able to…" My words trailed off. My throat was dry.

"It's probably best that you don't raise your expectations too high. She'll let you know what she feels comfortable doing when she's ready."

"Can I talk to her?"

"Only for a moment. She needs rest."

The doctor lead me into Amy's room. She was lying flat on her back with her legs held up in the air and spread wide by straps so that she could hardly move. She had a thick layer of bandage wrapped around her pussy.

When she saw me, she suddenly sobbed and covered her face.

"No! No, this isn't fair!"

I took her hand gently. "It's alright. It'll be alright. We'll figure this out."

"It's not going to be alright! Don't you understand? It's ruined! They won't let me see it, but I can tell. I'm never going to be the same."

"The most important thing is that you're safe."

"We were going to have sex. It was going to be wonderful. I love you, and now we're never going to be able to do it!"

"I love you too, and I don't care if we never have sex. We'll just do whatever you're able to do. I'm sure you'll be just fine. You'll see."

"You mean it? You won't…" She blinked back her tears. "You won't leave me?"

"Of course I won't leave you. This doesn't change the fact that you're still the most beautiful girl I've ever met."

She squeezed my hand and held it against her large, warm breasts. She bit her lip and nodded. "Alright. I'll be strong for you. Even if I don't have a pussy, I can still be a good girlfriend."

"It's time to let her rest. You can come back later. We've got a sleeping pill for her."

"I love you," I stammered as I left, "Try not to worry!"

I went to the hotel to get my clothing and a few hours sleep, then hurriedly returned to the hospital to wait for her to wake up. I sat on a bench outside her room and fell asleep again.

I jerked awake to the sound of screaming, then a loud crash.

I rushed into Amy's room to see her standing in the middle of the room completely naked. Her face was bright red and twisted in fury and her bed was flipped onto its side. Her hands were clenched like claws and her teeth were bared. Her eyes darted around wildly. Her bare breasts bounced as she sucked in harsh, furious breaths.

My eyes went immediately to her pussy. Her bandages were ripped open and dangled in shreds along her legs. Her pussy was a gaping whole ringed with stitches. Her skin was red and pulled as tight as a drum. The inside of her vagina was stretched wide open and exposed. It quivered as she screamed.

"No! Don't look at me!" She twisted around and covered herself with both hands, then her legs wobbled and she crashed to her knees. "It's… It's horrible! Horrible!"

I rushed to kneel beside her as nurses scrambled into the room. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight as tears streamed down her face and she clutched her mangled pussy. A nurse gave Amy an injection and she soon fell asleep in my arms.

Even after six months and two more surgeries, things were still not back to normal. They tried to use skin grafts to give her something like a normal pussy, but the way her mind had changed was far worse. She hated the sight of my penis and became furious any time I tried to bring up the topic of sex. Her urges had become strange and violent.

She bought a run-down house in an abandoned neighborhood. She told everyone else that it was a house flipping project, but she had me help her build a strange room of her own design. It had shackles, a one-way mirror, a tiled floor, and drains for blood. I tried to be supportive because I knew she was struggling with a terrible injury, but it was often difficult.

"Wake up," said an electronically distorted voice, "Wake up, you bitch."

Michelle's head jerked up and she looked around blearily. "Huh?! What…? What's happening?"

The beautiful 20-year-old woman gasped and screamed as she looked down at herself and realized she was naked. She frantically covered her large breasts with an arm and pressed a hand to her neatly trimmed pussy.

"What is this? Who are you?!" Michelle scrambled backward, dragging a chain from one wrist as she stared at Amy with huge eyes.

From the darkened room behind the one-way mirror, I watched Amy slowly stepping closer to Michelle.

Amy's head was covered in a black mask with tinted lenses over her eyes and a voice distorter over her mouth. Otherwise she was completely naked and she carried a very sharp curved knife.

"Oh my god, what's wrong with your cunt?" Michelle abandoned covering her breasts to cover her mouth instead, her body clenching as if to hold back vomit.

Amy's pussy had greatly improved since her latest surgery, but it was still a deeply scarred patchwork of skin. It looked more like a vertical gash than a vagina, and it tended to spray in random directions when she urinated.

"I don't have a cunt. Shut the hell up. I know all about you and how you treat people. I've seen how you torment your little sister, teasing her for being shy, for having small breasts and no boyfriend."

"What are you talking about? That's… That's not serious! I…"

"I know how you treat your boyfriends. You hit them. You force them to buy you expensive gifts and you only give them sex to keep them hooked until they run out of money, then you dump them."

Michelle's face flushed and she glanced around rapidly. "That's none of your business! I love my boyfriend."

"How many boyfriends have you had this year?"

"You can't kidnap me and expect me to answer your questions! Let me go!" Michelle scowled and tugged on the chain, trying to pull her wrist free and causing her very large breasts to bounce.

"You're going to pay for the pain you've caused."

Michelle gasped and got on her knees, her hands clasped in front of her chest.

"Wait! Please, don't hurt me! I haven't done anything wrong."

"You want to live?"


Amy went to a table in the corner and picked up a second knife. She tossed it to clatter across the tile floor and stop at Michelle's knees.

"There's your chance. Kill me and you'll live. I'm not afraid to die. I wake up every day wishing I were dead. If you can't do it, I'll stick my knife in you and find someone else."

Michelle gasped and grabbed the knife with both hands. She held it up against her breasts, her hands shaking, her blue eyes enormous, her blonde hair slick with sweat, her pale skin gleaming. Her pink nipples were plump and swollen with excitement.

"You… You just made a big mistake," said Michelle as she climbed to her feet, "I take self-defense classes!"

Amy spread her arms wide at her sides and walked slowly toward Michelle. Amy gestured with her knife toward her chest and said, "Take your best shot."

Michelle screamed furiously and lunged, jabbing with her knife. Amy twisted her body at the last moment, slipping out of the path of the blade, then she slammed her foot into the back of Michelle's knee.

Michelle tumbled hard, slamming her shoulder into the tile. Amy pounced on top, pressing a knee hard into Michelle's left breast.

With a single quick stroke, Amy stabbed Michelle's pussy. Blood sprayed and Michelle howled. She squirmed and bucked, her legs kicking at the air even as Amy's knife stabbed again and again.

Michelle dropped her knife and grabbed her crotch with both hands. "No! No, what have you done to me?! Oh god, you bitch! My fucking cunt!"

Amy stepped back and tossed a towel to Michelle. "Here. Put pressure on it. If you're still alive when I get back, I'll let you go."

Amy walked away and closed the heavy metal door with a clank, cutting off the sound of Michelle's screams. I came running down the hallway.

"You're bleeding!"

Amy took off her mask and looked down at her chest to see a thin line of blood on her right breast.

"Shit! She nicked me!"

"Get some clothes on. I'll start the car. We'd better get you to the hospital. You wouldn't want a scar."

"Are you serious?"

"Of course! Your breasts are beautiful."

Amy rolled her eyes and groaned. "Fine. Let's go."
R: 14 / I: 4

Belly focused stories.

I’m going to start an archive of all my stories. I have several and I will try to keep this updated.

Kate and her sister Carmen were both in their early twenties. They were on a mission trip to Guatemala with their local church. Both were very religious and virgins. Kate was 24 and of obvious Irish descent. She was 5’4 with wide hips and a small curve to her belly. She had pale white skin and huge bright blue eyes. Her natural hair color was a light brown but died her stomach length hair a dark black. She had nice bangs that came across her forehead like a curtain. Carmen was 22 and of sportier build. She was 5’6 with narrow hips and dirty blonde hair. She shared the blue eyes. Her breasts were large D’s and had caused her back problems even at her young age. Both of the belly buttons were low on their bellies.

They were riding in a ratty old Toyota pickup from the church area to a small village nearby to deliver food. They were with two Guatemalan guides and a youth pastor. The rest of the group was already at the village. They were straggling behind.

The truck slowed as a cow blocked the narrow jungle road. Suddenly there was a commotion and several armed cartel members swarmed the truck. Only one of them spoke English.

“Get your hands up and look down!” He yelled at the girls.

The men snatched the youth pastor and drivers. They told the drivers to leave. They quickly scampered into the woods. The English speaking one went up to the youth pastor with a 1911 in his hand and asked him if he had any money or if he could get a ransom for the girls.

“I’m just a pastor, I have nothing I swear, these girls are just congregation, they aren’t rich, please spare us!”

“So you have nothing to offer for us? There will be no reward for these pretty white girls?” He frowned.

He took two steps toward the pastor and shot him point blank in the forehead. The girls screamed.

“Bind them and take them!” He commanded to his men. “Take then to my tent.”

Black cloths went over their heads. Their hands were tied behind their backs with zip ties and their feet were zip tied as well. Kate fought hard and it earned her a hog tie from the cartel men. Her slightly pudgy love handles were showing between her tight pants and her ruined white shirt. Carmen laid beside her and cried.

The car ride was long and bumpy. The jungle rain was dripping through the cloth roof of the truck bed they were riding in. The truck came to a stop and they were manhandled into the leaders tent. When they pulled their masks off the leader was standing over them with a knife in his hand.

He made his way to Carmen and cut off her shirt. Her white bra barely held her d cup breasts.

“Well it looks like you two aren’t worth anything at all, but to me and my men you’re a find worth a thousand kilos. I particularly love you whites who think you can come to our country and fix it while you vacation in the name of god. You are a joke. Today we will teach you the real world.” He took out his penis and hit Carmen in the head with it.

“Fuck you you fucking pig!” The feisty Kate said from her hog tie.

“Oh you want to save your sister? You seem brave. Do you want to prove just how brave you are?” He cut the hog tie and sat her on her knees, still bound at the hands and ankles.

He cocked a gun and put it to Carmen’s head. “Her life is in your hands Senorita. Will you be a martyr for your sister?”

“Yes. Kill me and save her please. You can do whatever you like to me please, just not Carmen.”

“Well little Mother Teresa I’m going to make it interesting for you.” He quipped as he threw a K-Bar knife at Kate’s knees. It stuck up in the soft soil.

“Suicide is a sin, no? But is killing yourself for your sister a sin? What will your god think?” He said this as he walked behind Kate and cut her hands free.

Kate immediately went for the knife but he stepped on her hand and pointed his gun back at Carmen.

“Well, that was enthusiastic but for all the wrong reasons. We, well let me restate, ‘I’ really like a good belly stabbing. It gives the person a good long time to contemplate how they got there.”

He picked up the knife and handed it to his #2 man. The man held the knife to Carmen’s throat. He recuffed Kate’s hands in front of her. He swapped the gun for the knife with his beta. He handed the knife to Kate.

“Now I think you understand we’re serious here. When we turn the camera on I want you to tell the camera that you’re a fraud and that you’re only here for vacation and that this is the kind of real life experience you came here for. I then want you to take that knife and bury it in your cute chunky bellybutton that you’re so eager to show off.”

Kate looked down at the knife in her hands. It was about 6 inches from the hilt to the tip. She looked at her sister with tears in her eyes and a gun to her head. She looked back down at her bellybutton which was exposed by her white button down shirt which had been ripped open. She held the tip up to her belly button. She held the knife horizontal to her gut with both of her bound hands.

The leader flipped on the recorder. “So tell us why you’re here.” He said

Kate was still in shock. It was all happening so fast. The guard nudged the gun barrel into Carmen’s temple. Katie swallowed hard

“I come from the west where we think third world countries are a religious vacation. I’m sorry I came here. They’re going to kill my sister if I don’t do this. I’m so sorry to my family and to god.

The leader said “well fast or slow you gotta start sometime!”

Kate took the knife and pressed it toward her bellybutton easily. It stung a bit. The force needed to push the large blade into her body was much more than she was expecting. She applied more pressure and her belly sunk in around the blade. She was starting to sweat a little. It was very hard to overcome preservation instincts. She knew she had to do something though. They were going to rape Carmen if she didn’t. She pressed hard but still the blade didn’t poke through.

“Jesus Christ. You girls can’t even stab yourself. Pick the blade up and thrust it in or your sister gets to taste ever man’s balls in the camp!”

Kate looked up with tears in her eyes. When she withdrew the blade she hadn’t even penetrated. She shakily took the blade up even with her breasts and with a big deep breath she rammed the blade at herself with all her might. A wet snapping sound of her flesh parting came next. She had missed her bellybutton by about three inches. She had stabbed herself directly above her pants in her little pudge deeply to the hilt. She looked up wide eyed at the leader while doubled over forward on her knees. Both of her hands were still on the blade.

The leader clapped his hands “Wow! I didn’t think you had it in you.”

He walked over and touched her face, then he shoved her back over her own tied ankles. Her ass was now on her heels and the blade stuck straight up into the air. She breathed heavy with her hands up above he head. She peaked down at her belly over her bra. The knife handle quivered and shook with her jiggly lower belly. The leader came over and shook his head

“I said the bellybutton. You missed.”

He stepped on her hands that were above her body and unbuttoned her pants. She squirmed. He unzipped them and pulled them down around her folded knees. He grabbed the blade handle and Kate winced. He began pulling it out ever so slowly. It resisted at first but let out a loud slurping sound and slid free as she thrust her ass up in the air trying to keep the blade put. Thin liquid blood welled up and was replaced by darker deeper blood. It quickly soaked her panties. She thrust her ass up in the air more as blood spattered off her jiggling belly.

“One more chance to hit the target dear.”

He left the knife on her upper belly and stepped off her hands. Kate didn’t want to feel her wound. She just wanted to save her sister. She quickly grabbed the blade. She had to be more accurate this time. She took the blade up in the air and rammed it back down. *thwack* It was on target this time, ramming all the way into her inch deep belly button. Her back arched hard and she let out a guttural moan.

“Congratulations senorita you managed to do it! On my honor I won’t hurt you in any other way my love. You have proven your courage.”

Her hands were grasping the blade still. She was looking straight up, ass still on her feet, belly protruding upward. The leader came over and slid the blade out of her belly. Blood welled up and ran down both her sides and around to the small of her back where it smeared her feet.

“Jesus god please save us” she whimpered.

She peeked down at her belly to see a flow of blood running up her body toward her bra. The leader bent down and cut open her bra. Her large breasts popped free and were supported by her tied hands that were clutching her bellybutton area. The leader cut off her panties and jeans. He grabbed her up from the floor and put her curvy body on a low wooden picnic style table. He hooked her hands onto a cast iron hook in the table and cut her feet bindings free. Her ass was just supported by the edge of the table. The stab wound low on her belly was soaking her well shaven pussy area. Her innie vagina was beautiful and gleaming with shiny blood. He took out his penis and rubbed it around the edges.

Kate was in a a whirlwind of emotion. She was just staring blankly at the ceiling and trying to manage the pain. It was worse than anything she had ever felt. The blood on her pussy was wet as her thighs rubbed together. As the leaders sex pressed against her she felt her body betray her and become aroused. She couldn’t help it. She was being raped as she was bleeding out and for some reason she didn’t fight it. She just wanted to die.

The leader slipped his tip in her tight hole and rammed hard. Kate’s knuckles turned white in her binds and she gasped for air. Her big blue eyes were wide and her mouth was open. The pain for loosing her virginity was nothing compared to what she was feeling from her gorey belly. Carmen was crying from the corner

“Kate I’m sorry! I love you! Hang in there, you can make it through this!”

Kate started believing her sister. People had survived belly wounds before. He had definitely punctured her intestines though. Her belly felt like fire all inside. She knew she needed medical attention soon but her chances were grim. She was trying to block out being raped by thinking about escaping. She was shocked back into reality when the leader grabbed her belly shoving his thumb into her lower wound and his two middle fingers into her belly button like a bowling ball.

“Unnnnngghhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Kate’s head slammed back and then down at what the despicable man was doing to her. Carmen wiggled against the number two man.

“Boss what do I do with her?” He asked in his native language.

“Look at those tits! Spike her of course! Get Jorge and bring the rig in here. I have something to show the brave one here!” He spat out in a fury of Guatemalan as he fucked the milky white Kate who was writhing in agony against his cock. He blew his load in her and withdrew. Kate was left sobbing and oozing blood with every breath.

After a radio call the grim Jorge arrived. The device he had was a metal rack with two large spikes mounted to a horizontal rail. The spikes pointed upward and there was an adjustable set of stirrups and a small swing made of leather on a pulley system. They cut Carmen’s feet bindings and the number two man and Jorge strapped her into the stirrups. They cut her clothing off and her bra as they held her upper body and lifted her up.

The leader grabbed Kate’s face and forced her to look toward Carmen. “You’re a good obedient Christian, Kate. Too bad it didn’t get you anywhere.”

“Do it” he ordered Jorge.

They positioned Carmen onto the ass swing and forced her tits over the spikes. Her hands were still tied behind her. She looked at Kate with tears in her eyes. They dropped her onto the spikes by releasing the catch on the ass swing. Her full body weight fell onto the spikes and they went straight through her large breasts. They entered about an inch from her fold and exited about three inches above her nipples. There were holes drilled in the hollow spikes that exited every inch or so. As they filled with blood it dripped out over the victims nipples. The stirrups held her legs forward pulling her whole body weight straight down. They tightened the ass swing back up to take some weight off her breasts but not enough she could push up off of them.

“NoooooAaaaHHhhhhhhhhhHhHhh!” Carmen screamed.

Kate started sobbing heavily and blood dribbled from her welled up belly button. She rubbed her thick thighs together and felt more blood. She sobbed more. Every jiggle of her cries sent more pain and blood. She had failed to save her sister.

“You see Kate, you’re a brave girl and it’s going to take you a while to die. You’ll get to watch us have fun with your sister. “

Carmen’s breasts were leaking blood at a steady rate. With her ass hanging basically below her tits with her feet pulled forward she was open to be raped by any man in the camp. The commanders lined up at the tent, taking their turns raping Carmen and Kait. Some of them punched Kate’s wounded belly. Others jammed their fingers into her. She was covered in bright thin belly blood from her feet to just above her belly button. Men came up to Carmen and fondled her impaled breasts. She hadn’t stopped sobbing since being impaled. She couldn’t think past the pain. After the commanders had their way the leader stepped back in.

“Good news! You’re both free to go!” Unstrapped Carmen and lifted her off the spikes. “Unngggfghhg” she muttered as she was lifted. Carmen’s wounds were not nearly as deep or fatal as Kate’s. Her pussy was bleeding from the forced entry of several men and her breasts were leaking blood at a steady rate, but her innards were not damaged.

“Your brave sister kept you alive and if you can get her back to your people you will be a hero too. Good luck. One last parting gift by the way.”

He picked Kate up and kissed her and flicked a switch blade. He rammed the blade down super low just above her pussy mound, withdrew it and slid into her upper belly, then he withdrew it and rammed it into Kate’s bellybutton passed the hilt. Kate’s eyes went wide. She coughed up blood. She knew she was done for. Her pussy started bleeding too. He got Carmen over and propped Kate on her arms. The stumbled out of the back of tent into the rainy jungle. There was a small trail that went about twenty yards to a small clearing.

They made it into the edge of the clearing before Kate collapsed to her knees. She took a few deep breaths and collapsed backwards over her feet, switchblade poking up into the air. Her belly was bleeding so fast that the rain couldn’t wash it away fast enough. Her beautiful face coughed up bloody bile.

“Please…. go with out me.”

Carmen’s breasts were on fire in the rain. She had no idea how to get out of this place. “No, Kate. Please!”

Kate reached down and ripped the blade out of her belly. She handed it to Carmen.

“You can make it. Find a road please. Tell them what happened. Don’t make me die in vain little sister.”

Carmen took the knife and kissed her big sisters forehead before stumbling off into the jungle in search of her congregation.

Late looked down at her milk white belly and noticed the bleeding was worse than ever. She spasmed and groaned. Her heart felt like it was fluttering. She tensed up with a wide look in her eyes. Her mission was over.
R: 30 / I: 0

Three Little Bitches Beheaded

Three Little Bitches Beheaded

by Azalel


Tyra Fastenne, Renee Dupois, and Kelly Green sat in the waiting room. The other hopefuls had already left the studio. The three preteens sat waiting while the producers talked to the mothers of the three little actresses.

"Would you three like anything to drink," the receptionist asked.

Tyra looked up at the woman. Bernadette Andrews was likely the last person one would expect to work for Child Bondage Studios. She was stunningly beautiful, had a quick easy smile that put everyone at ease, and really cared about the comfort of her employers' guests.

"Do you have soda," the blonde 10-year-old asked.

"I sure do," Bernadette replied. "I have orange, cola, root beer, ginger ale, and grape sodas. What would you like?"

"I'll have a cola," Tyra said with a smile.

The other two preteens, emboldened by Tyra's success, also requested a soda. Renee went with a ginger ale and Kelly went with a root beer.

"I'll be right back," the woman said as she went to retrieve the drinks her young guests requested.


Leanne Fastenne was not pleased. She had expected her Tyra to be the only actress selected. Leanne did not like that anyone would be sharing the spotlight with her daughter. As the producers conferred amongst themselves, she looked at the other two mothers.

Monique Dupois was a large black woman who was new to the child bondage scene. From what she knew of the picture being planned, it was expected to be a smash hit. It was a surprise that this woman's daughter was picked to be in it. Leanne had seen Carol and Danii Naylor in the waiting room and surely, Danii would have been a better choice.

Looking at the other woman, Leanne's confusion lingered. Lauraine Green was pretty, but slender to the point of being emaciated. Her daughter was a little more solid, but not much. The one thing this woman's daughter had going for her was the red hair. It was very uncommon to see a redhead in these films.

Looking back at Monique, Leanne had a thought. As drab as these women's daughters were, they would provide excellent contrast for Tyra. Oh, all three were pretty (well, Tyra was stunningly beautiful), but they had very little else in common.

The little black girl had sizable tits for a preteen where both Tyra and Kelly were flat as boards. There was something about Kelly....a kind of innocence not seen very often...that separated her from Tyra and Renee. Leanne was still pondering this turn of events as the producers entered the room.


"Thank you for your patience," Jim Armbruster said as he entered the room. "I apologize for making you wait so long."

"We were just going over the videos of your daughters again," Arnold Buchwald said as he and Jim took their seats.

"And," Lauraine asked, breathlessly, "what's your decision? Did Kelly get the part?"

Monique glared at the red-headed woman but Leanne just sighed. If you're too eager, they'll pay you very little, thinking you're happy just to have your daughter on the screen,

"Well," Jim said, "that depends on you. You may not want your daughter to participate. This film's a lot more extreme than most child bondage movies. This isn't without compensation, but I'll be frank. If they participate, your daughters won't survive the filming of this movie."

"Before you object," Arnold interjected before the three women could start yelling, "you should know that for their parts in this film, each of you will receive $100,000 and 1% of the gross profits."

Leanne was stunned. Tyra had been in quite a few films but had rarely earned more that $10,000 for a single film. And they'd never made a percentage of the profits. The other two women, being new to the scene, had no idea how generous the producers were being. Then again, there was that 'won't survive' bit to think about.

"You're talking about a snuff film," Leanne calmly said to the producers. "You're going to do whatever to the girls but, in the end, you're going to kill them. Is that right?"

Lauraine and Monique sat in stunned silence. The snuff part wasn't such a big deal. Snuff films had been legalized for a decade now. As long as the actor or actress signed the waiver, they could be snuffed in a movie. The catch was the age of the victims.

"Yes," Jim said. "A new bill in congress just gave parents unlimited control over their dependents. If the parent covers at least 51% of the dependent's living expenses, the parents can do as they wish."

"Until this bill passed," Arnold continued, "you had the right to commit your dependent to anything non-lethal. With the rising cost of living and the increasing number of children living with their parents, congress finally passed the bill."

"Granted, " he continued, "most people will think this bill pertains only to adult children, but our attorneys assure us that minor children are also covered in this bill. Something about unmanageable minors putting too much of a burden on their parents."

"To our knowledge," Jim said, "no other studio has thought to do a snuff film featuring children, but, with the growing acceptance of child bondage, it's merely a matter of time. We're just getting a jump on them."

"Let me get this straight," Lauraine said, "you're going to torture my daughter and then kill her?"

"That's right," Arnold said.

"And I'll get $100,000 and 1% of the gross profits? Preposterous!"

Lauraine turned to retrieve her purse and was halfway to the door when Jim called to her.

"Mrs. Green," he said, "you may want to reconsider that. If this wasn't a snuff film, we never would've selected your daughter. She's too scrawny to be a decent bondage model. And though she is pretty, there're lots of pretty 10-year-olds to star in bondage films."

"The same goes for your daughter, Mrs. Dupois," he continued. Though Renee is a beautiful child, she looks far too mature to be in child bondage films. She may be only 10 years old, but she looks 13 or 14. Most people who want to watch those films want to see a young child get tied up and punished."

"As for Tyra," Arnold said to Leanne, "well, she's gorgeous but she's no longer a big draw. She's been in what....13 films now?"

"Fifteen," Leanne said with a sigh.

Though she hated to admit it, Arnold was right. So was Jim in his accurate description of the other girls. Then again, it was their job to know what the audience wanted. Tyra was too well-known for her own good. The jobs would dry up and soon, there would be no more films for the young girl.

"How were you going to do it," she asked. "Kill them, I mean."

"If you and the other ladies agree, Ms. Fastenne, we'll behead them."

"You're going to cut their heads off," Monique gasped, no longer able to stay silent.


"And when will they find out," Leanne asked, surprised to find that she had already come to terms with the death of her 10-year-old daughter. "I assume you won't tell them up front that they'll be dead in two weeks time."

"No," Jim said. "We want them to be willing for the first part of the film. They'll find out halfway through the second week. At that point, we'd need to keep them at the studio so they don't run away."

"Makes sense," Leanne said thoughtfully.

"It makes sense," Lauraine asked incredulously. "What makes sense? Are you really going to let these men cut your daughter's head off?"


With a nod from Leanne, Jim realized she wanted to speak privately to the other mothers. She was coping with the shock better than he had hoped. Maybe she could explain things to Monique and Lauraine.

"I'm going to get something to drink, ladies," he said. "Would you three like anything?"

"Do you have scotch," Lauraine asked. "I really think I need a drink."

"I hope you'll understand but we can't offer alcohol to you during the negotiations. Once we've finished, I can get you a scotch, but for now, we have soda, water, juice, or milk."

"I'm fine," Lauraine said.

As the other two ladies shook their heads, Jim left, motioning for Arnold to come along.


The door shut quietly and the men were gone.

"You two," Leanne said patiently as she looked from Monique to Lauraine, "are new to the industry. I have worked with Jim and Arnie many times in the last three years and they're the best producers in the business."

"Other producers I've worked with would've hidden a clause in the contract. I would've found out about the clause when I came back to pick up Tyra only to find out she'd been killed."

"This is a rough industry and I understand if you ladies can't give up your daughters. You should know, however, that this genre has gained a lot of acceptance lately. With this acceptance, the would-be actresses are coming out of the woodwork. Three years ago, Tyra made $20,000 for her first film."

"Now, the average salary for an average girl is between $2,000 and $4,000. Your girls are above average and could possibly make between $5,000 and $6,000. In Tyra's last three films, she made only around $5,750 per film."

"I don't tell you this to brag, but to give you a realistic view of what they're offering. It's unlikely that any new actress will earn $100,000 throughout her acting career. There's just too much competition now."

Leanne sat on the couch and massaged her temples. This was giving her a headache. A scotch after negotiations would be greatly appreciated.

"To answer your question, Monique," Leanne said, "I am going to do it. What they don't tell you when you begin in this business is that the girls become addicted to the abuse. Tyra's already begging me to take a strap to her when she gets home from school."

Both Lauraine and Monique stared wide-eyed at the other woman.

"She likes the pain. She doesn't know why she likes the pain, but that's her youth showing itself. She's been praised for taking abuse. That positive reinforcement, along with the sexual pleasure the producers mix in with the torture, conditions the girls to the point where they associate the pain with feeling good."

"What this means," Leanne continued, "is that Tyra's turning into a masochist. A victim, if you will. Your daughters may not be there yet, but, if you continue in this field, it's merely a matter of time."

"I keep coming back to these films because if I didn't, Tyra would get someone else to torture her. An amateur could maim her for life. What I realized as Jim was talking was this: by allowing them to behead Tyra, her life as a victim will come to an end. "

"Yes. I know that Tyra will die anyway, but, this way is merciful compared to what awaits her. Believe me."

Lauraine hung her head. Although everything Leanne said was right, it was just wrong to kill a kid. The blonde woman, however, had made several good points. Lauraine knew that Kelly was already a bit of a masochist. That was what brought them to this audition. The troubled expression on Monique's face told Lauraine that the black woman was also seeing the truth.

Without knowing it, both Lauraine and Monique had made their decisions. Their daughters would be in this movie.


Arnold and Jim came back into the room. They sat down and looked at the solemn faces of the three mothers.

"I think," Leanne said, "that we've decided."

"And your decision," Jim asked.

"I accept your offer," Leanne said.

"Me too," said Lauraine.

Monique hung her head and sobbed but nodded her head as well.

"There's one thing, though," Leanne said. "I know the bill you speak of and it does indeed give you the right to use children in snuff films. My question is this: will we have to be there for the beheading?"

"I am afraid so," Jim said. "The law is clear. We can do this, but the lawful guardian has to witness the deed to make it completely legal. You'll have to be with us when we film the end."

"I was afraid of that," Leanne said. "It doesn't, however, change my mind. We have a deal."

"And you two ladies," Jim asked as her turned to Monique and Lauraine, "what's your decision?"

Neither woman could say anything. They just nodded.

Jim picked up the office phone and dialed a number.

"Bernadette," he said into the phone, "please convey our apologies to Carol and Danii, but the roles have been filled."


Tyra looked at her mother. Since leaving the studio, Leanne hadn't spoken. This silence, Tyra knew, meant something was troubling her.

"So," Tyra said, "I got the part?"

"Yes," her mother replied. "I should tell you, though, that this movie will be harsher than any you've done before."


"They're going to torture you, Tyra. There will be real pain in this movie. I don't know the details but they may burn you, cut you, or push needles into you."

"Is that all?"

"Is that all," Leanne asked incredulously. "That's enough, isn't it? I mean it's really going to hurt."

Tyra grinned at her mother.

"I like pain, mommy. You know that."

"You're weird," Leanne said with a chuckle.

"No. I'm just extreme."


Renee was humming along with the music. Monique looked at the 10-year-old and wondered if Leanne had been right.

"Renee," she said. "Do you like pain?"


"Don't worry." Monique said. "You can tell me anything."

"Yes, mommy."


"Yes," Renee repeated. "I like pain."

"Have you ever hurt yourself?"


"I promise," the mother said. "I won't be mad."



"Nikki and me poked needles in our skin."


"Well, we were watching these video clips on the 'net where this guy pushed long needles through a girl's boobies. He also pushed them through her cunny. It looked cool so Nikki and I did the same thing."


"I had Nikki push a needle through my nipple."


"It did hurt," Renee said, "but it felt good too. So we tried more."


"In one of the clips, the guy sewed the girl's cunny lips together. In another clip, he pushed. like, 40 huge tacks in a girl's butt and had her sit down."


"We couldn't find any tacks," Renee said, "but Nikki put about 20 pins in my butt. The were the pins with the colored balls on the end. I had her push them all the way in and then I sat down on them."


"It hurt real good."

Monique shook her head in astonishment. Maybe Leanne had something there.

"At least, it wasn't as bad as the competition."


"We saw it on the 'net. Mothers were killing their daughters. The one who got the highest score won a prize."

"Really? Mothers killing their little girls?"

"No. The contest rules said the girls had to be at least 18 years old. In the one Nikki and I saw, this woman had a really big fake penis and she used it to fuck her daughter to death."

"Fuck," Monique asked. "Where did you learn that word?"

"Nikki's brother Billy. He was watching the clip with us and then her did it to Nikki to show us how it worked."

"He fucked his sister," the mother asked, incredulously.


"And did he do it to you, too?"


"Come on, baby. I told you I wouldn't get mad."

"Oh, yeah," Renee said with a sigh of relief. "Yeah he did it to me but it hurt a bit and he freaked out when I started to bleed a little."

"Hmmm...." Monique said. "He broke your hymen."

Neither had anything more to say so they finished the drive in silence.


Kelly was a chatterbug during the ride home.

"That was so fun, Mom," the little girl said. "Thank you for bringing me here."

"I'm glad you had a good time," Lauraine replied. "Tell me about the interview. You were in there for quite a while. What did they have you do?"

"Well, first, they hit me with their fists. Not too hard, but I think I may have a bruise or two later. Then, they had me bend over and the spanked me with a wooden paddle. It had holes in it."

"It was broken?"

"No, the holes were like a design."

"Ah, I see. That's to reduce air resistance. It allows the paddle to hit you harder. Did it hurt a lot?"

"Yes," Kelly said with a grin. "It hurt real good. I was screaming and crying and everything."

"Wow," Lauraine said. The studio must have excellent sound-proofing. Nothing was heard from the waiting room.

"What else did they do," the mother asked.

"They put clamps on my nipples and cunny."


"Yeah," Kelly relied. "Like those big black ones you use to hold your papers together."

"Damn, kid. Those must've really hurt. Were they big ones?"

"Yep. I couldn't even open them."

"I'm surprised you still have nipples after that."

"Then they put a rope around my neck and lifted me off the ground."

"They hung you? That could've killed you."

"No," the 10-year-old said. "I told them it wouldn't. I don't weigh enough."

"And how, exactly, do you know that?"

"Siobhan and I have done it to each other before. It gets hard to breathe and it hurts, but it is fun, too."

"Siobhan has done this too?"

"Yeah, we were reading a book in in the library and it mentioned hanging people. We wondered what it was like."

"Didn't it say the people who were hung died?"

"Yeah, but that was because they dropped. When they fell, the rope pulled them up short and broke their necks. We went into her cellar and hung a rope over a pipe near the ceiling. Then we tied a loop and put it over our heads. Then we took turns pulling each other up."

"You weren't afraid you'd die?"

"Well, we were a little nervous, but everyone dies. If I died doing something I liked, that wouldn't be too bad."

"Do you want to die?"

"Not really," the little girl replied, "but I could die getting hit by a car while crossing the street. If I die, I die. If you're always afraid you might die, you never try anything new. That's awfully boring."

"I see."

"Besides, I've seen people die before and it wasn't too bad."

"Sorry kiddo, but when they die on TV, it's part of the story. They are just acting dead."

"No. It was on the Internet. Siobhan and I watched this competition where mothers killed their daughters. This one mother cut off her daughters boobies and cunny. Then she took the girl's skin off."


"Yeah, and then she put the girl in a pot and cooked her. When the girl was dead, the mother cut her daughter's head off. It was so cool."

"Where was Siobhan's mother while you were watching this?"

"She was out running errands. Siobhan's big brother Seamus was watching us."

"Did he know you were watching this competition?"

"Yeah. He helped us find it on the net. He's helped us find other websites before."

"What websites," Lauraine asked, intrigued despite her mounting horror.

"There's this website called Brutal Master and another website called Torture Galaxy. They have movies of women really being beat up."

"Well," Lauraine said thoughtfully, "when we get home, I'd like you to show me these websites."

"Okay, mommy."


After Leanne and Tyra got home, the mother called Carol Naylor.


"Hi, Carol. This is Leanne, Tyra's mother."

"Oh, hello, Leanne. Do I understand correctly that congratulations are in order?"

"I guess. Hey, do you have some time to talk tonight?"

"Sure, if you want to come over around 9:00pm."

"Thanks, Carol. I just need to talk to someone and you'd understand me better than anyone else."

"Leanne? Are you okay?"

"I can't talk right now, Carol, but I'll be over there around 9:00pm."

"Okay. I'll see you then."


After hanging up, Leanne arranged for a babysitter. Tyra resented it, but Leanne was not comfortable leaving the 10-year-old at home alone at night.

Carol would understand. Those two other women - Monique and Lauraine - thought they understood the hazards of the child bondage industry. They didn't. Danii Naylor hadn't been in as many movies as Tyra but she was in enough for Carol to understand the situation.

It was 7:00pm. Tyra was just finishing up her dinner. The babysitter would be there in about 30 minutes. It wouldn't take 90 minutes to get to Carol's. The woman lived only four blocks away, for Christ's sake. Leanne, however, needed time to think and collect her thoughts.


At 9:00pm, Leanne knocked on the Naylor family's front door. She still wasn't sure what she was looking for from Carol, but she just needed to talk to someone. Of all the people Leanne knew, Carol was the only one who would truly understand.

"Come on in," Carol said as she opened the door.

As Leanne entered the house, Carol handed her a tall glass of wine. Leanne looked at it for a few moments before turning her attention to her host.

"You know," Leanne said, "don't you?"

Carol nodded.

"Let's go out onto the patio. We can enjoy our drinks and talk freely."

"Where's Danii?"

"Sleeping. One of the reasons I want to go to the patio is I can see the stairs from the patio. If she comes downstairs, we'll know it immediately."

Leanne nodded.

They went onto the patio.

"Drink," Carol said. "You look like you need it."

"How'd you find out?"

"Bernadette's an old college friend of mine. She inadvertently let it slip that this movie is a bit more extreme."

"Extreme," Leanne said with a humorless chuckle. "I guess you could say it's extreme. Damnit, Carol. What am I going to do?"

"It seems you already know that. Tyra's going to be in the film, right? When does production start?"

"On Monday. Jim said it would take about two weeks."

"And when do they plan on notifying the stars of the film's conclusion?"

"Tuesday of week two. They want to keep the girls there. That way they can make sure the girls don't run."

"I can understand that," Carol said.

"Oh, Carol, how can I face Tyra? In five days, she begins a film shoot that culminates with her losing her head. My little girl will be dead in three weeks."

"How are the other mothers handling it?"

"Poorly. They thought their little darlings were going to be starting a film career. Instead, the girls' first film will also be their last."

"You and I," Carol said, "understand this industry. Looking around, how many child bondage actresses do you know who are still alive?"

"What do you mean?"

"The business grows on you. I don't know about Tyra, but Danii's already showing signs of turning into a painslut. How long before the 'tame' bondage is not enough? Eventually, she'll go too far and that'll be the end of Danii Naylor, child actress."

Leanne looked at Carol. The other woman had tears in her eyes.

"How can you accept that so easily," Leanne asked.

"Easily? No. I did this to her. It started with that first film, but she did so well that there was another, and another. I got her involved in this shit and now, she is hooked. I wasn't going to take her to this audition, but I caught her playing with a kitchen knife."

"She was making small cuts on her chest. She wanted to feel the pain. These films are terrible but at least, the ones causing the pain know what they are doing. Danii, in her ignorance, could kill herself."

"Yeah," Leanne said sadly. "Tyra's acting the same way. I told the other mothers the same thing. Maybe it's better this way. This way, at least, they'll end their suffering."

Carol nodded thoughtfully.

"That was my thought. I could almost wish Danii had been selected. I am, however, a selfish mother. I can't let her go like that."

"Is there anything I can do for Tyra," the doomed child's mother asked.

"Well, there's no school right now. Take Tyra away for a few days. Create some loving memories that you can hold on to."

"Yes," Leanne said. "We can go somewhere. She has always wanted to see the redwoods or the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I went to both places when I was a kid and loved it."

"Well, you have five days. You have to pass the redwoods on the way to Santa Cruz. Why not go to both places?"

"Why not," Leanne asked agreeably. "Thank you, Carol. I really needed to talk to someone."

"I am always here for you, Leanne. Like you said, we understand each other."

"Thanks, Carol. That really means a lot to me. I should get home now. I have to pack."

Leanne put down her untouched glass of wine and left.

"Poor woman," Carol said as she pick up the glass of wine and went into the house.

Filming ~ Day 1

Leanne pulled into the studio's parking lot at 8:45am Monday morning. She and Tyra had had a great time in Santa Cruz and Tyra loved the Redwood National State Park. There was something awe-inspiring about looking up at a tree that had been there for over 2000 years.

Tyra had loved looking at the old trees. They were absolutely huge. Leanne, on the other hand couldn't help but look at Tyra and the trees and realize how fleeting life is. The trees had been there for thousands of years. Tyra, on the other hand, wouldn't see her 11th birthday.

Getting out of the car, Leanne saw Monique and Lauraine smoking at a picnic table about 50 feet away from the studio's front door.

"Go on inside, sweetie," Leanne told Tyra. "I'm going to talk to the other girls' mommies."

"Okay," Tyra said with a giggle. She was really looking forward to this shoot.

Leanne watched Tyra run to the building's entrance before heading over to the other mothers.


"I just couldn't believe it," Lauraine was saying to Monique as Leanne arrived.

"I know," Monique replied. She looked up as Leanne sat at the table, lit a cigarette, and took a puff.

"You were right, Leanne," the black woman said. "I couldn't believe it when Renee told me, but, she's been experimenting with BDSM and torture for years."

Leanne nodded sadly. These poor women were just now discovering the horror of child bondage. In adult bondage, the participants are usually mature enough to balance their self-destructive behavior with self-preservation. They could enjoy the bondage without letting it destroy them.

Children, on the other hand, had no such experience. The feelings were new and exciting. It wouldn't take long for these 'innocents' to discover extreme bondage. That, Leanne knew, could easily end in the death of the participant. Tyra was already heading down that pass. This movie, horrible as it was, could be a blessing in disguise.

"Kelly has, too," Lauraine added. "She and her friend have been hanging each other. Kelly likes it. I asked her if she was afraid to die and she shocked me. She said that she could die getting hit by a car or she could get killed doing something she likes to do. She said she didn't mind dying while doing something she enjoyed."

"I don't know how Renee feels about dying herself," Monique said, "but she's watched a snuff competition on the Internet before and she said that it looked cool."

"A snuff competition," Lauraine asked. "Did it involve mothers killing their daughters?"

"Yes," Monique answered. "The one Renee saw involved this mother fucking her 18-year-old daughter with a gigantic dildo. Apparently, the daughter had development issues and despite being 18 years old, she looked like a 13-year-old. The dildo was way too big for the daughter to handle safely and the mother fucked her daughter to death."

"Kelly saw something from that competition," Lauraine said. "She watched this mother skin her daughter alive. She cut off her daughter's breasts and pussy before skinning the girl. Then she boiled the girl until the girl died. Lastly, she cut off her daughter's head."

Leanne continued nodding sadly. She and Carol had discussed these things. This was where their daughters were heading. Whatever Jim and Arnie had planned for this movie, it would be terrible but it would be over in two weeks. Tyra, Renee, and Kelly would be dead and their suffering would end.

The three ladies were so engrossed in their discussion, they never saw Jim approach. When Leanne saw him, she frowned. She'd known him long enough to know the look on his face. He had something to talk to them about and he was uncomfortable with it. He was going to kill three preteen girls in less than two weeks. What could be worse than that?


"Good morning, ladies," Jim said with a smile that never touched his eyes.

Leanne sighed.

"Morning, Jim," she replied. "What's up?"

The man looked at Leanne and the other two mothers uncomfortably. Swallowing audibly, he gathered his courage.

"There've been some developments in the script for the movie," Jim said. "Developments in which you may have interest."

The three ladies looked at each other. What now?

"The client would like to have you three involved in the film."

"Us," Lauraine asked uncertainly. "What would we do in the film?"

"You would, if you agree, be the ones to kill the girls," Jim said. "Now before you answer, hear me out. The client has seen pictures of you and your daughters. She's very pleased with all of you."

"Wait a minute," Monique said. "She? The client - the person paying for the death of our daughters - is a woman?"

"Yes," Jim said. "I can't tell you who she is, but she's very wealthy. She's offered to increase your compensation from $100,000 to $300,000 and 5% of the gross profits."

"Whoa," Lauraine said. "Let me see if I understand this. This rich woman not only wants to see my daughter beheaded; she also wants me to be the one to cut off my daughter's head. For this, I'll be paid $300,000?"

"And 5% of the gross profits," Jim said with a nod. "There is more, though."

Leanne had assumed so. The kind of money this woman was throwing around was not insignificant. This woman would want something special for her investment.

"She knows," Jim said, "that this is a terrible thing to ask of you. Some people couldn't live with the knowledge that she'd killed her own daughter. If any of you accept the offer and have problems with it, you may volunteer to be killed on-screen as well. In return, she'll increase your compensation to $400,000 and send the money to your designated beneficiary."

"I should tell you," he continued, "that this'll not be as easy for you as it is for your daughters. You'd be tortured before being allowed to die. The pain would be extreme. I don't need an answer now, but by the time we take possession of your daughters next week, we'll need to know your intentions. If you agree to everything, you'll be held just as we'll hold your daughters."

The three women just looked at each other. That was a good point. Could they live with the knowledge that they had allowed their daughters to be killed? Could they be their daughters' executioners? They all knew someone they could name as a beneficiary.

In Leanne's case, it would be Carol Naylor. She had visited with Carol every night she'd been home since accepting the role for Tyra. Carol had become more important to Leanne than she would've ever imagined.

On the other hand, he'd said that they would be tortured. Leanne knew her pain tolerance was very high, but she had no illusions. If Jim said the pain would be extreme, they'd likely be begging for death before the end.

"Jim," Leanne said, "I don't know about Lauraine or Monique, but I'll need time to consider both issues. When do you need the answers?"

"Well, for the question of you joining your daughters as victims, you'd need to let us know by the time we take possession of your girls next week. As to the question of you performing as the executioner, wed like to know by Friday so we can make the necessary arrangements."

"What sort of arrangements," Monique asked. "I thought would be cutting their heads off."

"That is most certainly true," Jim said. "The girls will lose their heads. The arrangements concern the manner in which they lose their heads. The client, if you choose to participate, may have special requests. Those are the arrangements of which I speak."

"That's for next week, though," Lauraine said. "Well, we have to give you our answers by Friday. What are you doing with the girls today?"

"This week is almost entirely physical beatings and strappings," Jim said. "We'll use floggers on them. We'll use paddles on them. We'll smack them around and maybe punch them. On Friday, we'll hang them. We won't kill them, but we will scare them."

"Wow," Lauraine muttered. "You don't hold back, do you?"

"This is holding back," Jim said. "Next week, we'll introduce electricity, fire, and knifeplay into the action."

"What should we be doing," Monique asked.

"For now," he said, "not much. Think about the offer on the table. Make your decision and let me know on Friday."

He turned to head back into the studio.

"Oh, yes," he said as he turned back to the three mothers. "You'll want to pick up some analgesic cream. Leanne can let you know what works best."
R: 2 / I: 0

Steven and Amethyst: The Love That Transcends The Doors Of Inanity

Amethyst and Steven decide once againt to experiment the earthly delights of the carnal sensations. They are devouring foie gras at a fancy retaurant, burping loudly and being inconsiderate to the other guests.

"Hmm this shit's good!" says the purple midget woman of violet lactations with much pleasure in her bossoms.

"I know, right? I knew we had to eat here at some point!"

"Excuse me but you're going to have to leave!" said a woman behid them, she was a prep.

Amethyst takes immense dislike to this abominatory interruption of pleasure so offered, so she takes out her whips and lassos it at the devil old lady. The whips grabs her neck and pulls off her spine, making the woman paraplegic and bleed to death, whilst her uncontrolled bowels expell torrents of putrid black poop. The other guests are horrorfied at this display of whimsical carnicery, so they scream and run away, trampling themselves to death on the way out.

"Good, now we are alone…" says the Steven erotically.

Amethyst blushes her purple cheeks in an ocean of lavender. She does not know what to do: Steven is like a brother to her… or a nephew… doing it with him would be incest! But her heart of ultraviolet radiation cannot stop at here, her feelings are deep and as purple as a roman emperor's robes before the lacerated carcinomas of a lover so detested. Her blood boils, bubbles in extrications of the feelings so denied, she cannot hold it anymore, like a keetle cannot hold the power of the bubbles of water so fiery. She grabs Steven's face and kisses him passionately like a medieval witch kissing the devil's arsehole, tasting his wonderous saliva of gengivitis and putrid uncleansed gums.

"Steve… I… I love you!" says the Amethyst gem of conflicted emotions and passions so expressed.

Steve smiles, and it's his turn to kiss her.

"I love you too Amethyst."

"Oh my Steven, let us dance the waltz of life between a gem and her vessel of doom to her physical form of sorts!"

"Yes, amore mio, let us unite in the passion of a thousand red stars in the galaxy's swan song."

Amethyst and Steven return to their macarena of kisses, Steven licking the supple nigger lips of the gem with much pleasure and determination. Amethyst then licking upward in his face, intruding in his left nostril.

"Oh Amethyst, your wringling member of salivatory palatations feel so right in my nares!" moans the Steven as his virginity ends at last.

Amethyst nods and licks with much pleasure, stripping the nares of it's putrid, chartreuse snot of bacteria and fungi. It goes unwell in her umami taste buds, however, so she vomits and barfs up gruesome stomachal contents: foie gras, potato chips, gannet bones, mudpuppies and aborted fetuses. Steven devours this vulture supper with much pleasure, but the stomach acids burn away his olfactory nerves, so he can't smell anymore. The taste of the barfed up cocktail of moltovian inanity makes him very horny, so he grabs Amethyst's boobs. Unfortunately, the ultraviolet light of her gem makes his fingers cancerous, tumours consuming the youthful flesh of the digits.


"Don't worries, my wonderous juice of the milk boobies will clench the afflicted flesh in sphincterful ways!"

Steven nods, and he rips away the shirt and the bra underneath. The ample breasts of the Amethyst are the biggest among her kind, an accomplishment that only her bottomless hedonism and boarish feeding habits managed to conquer. Pearl is very jealous of Amethyst's breasts, as is Garnet and was Rose, so they plotted for years to slaughter the mammaries with progressively more inane food poisoning and "accidental" friendly fire. But the tits do not give up, they regenerate upon each thrust of the devil ambitions of the pitiful flat breasted girls. Unfortunately, each regeneration builds upon the ruptured tissue, so Amethyst's tatas are now filled with tumours and fetid absesses, folds upon folds of carcinomas, black necrosis tissue and vicious teratomas of teeth, gums, eyes and penises. The breasts ooze tremendous amounts of a putrid gorgonzola milk, mixed with decaying, yellowish and green pus, rotten gangrene fluids, blood and semen from the penis teratomas.

Steven is much aroused by the cancerous molds of flesh before him, so he sucks on the putrid, decaying nipples, licking and drinking the ghoulish mixture of woolly rhino biles and elephant bird arses. Amethyst moans in much pleasure as her titties are emptied of the vile contents of misconduit and infamy.

"Oh Steven, your penetrations of the supple tongue on the insides of my teratomaful flesh are anathema to the devil kami that reside in the corruptions of lobular ambitions!"

Steven nods in much apreciation, keeping consuming the purifying miasma of the putrid mammaries. Unfortunately, the necrotic, decaying fluids of fungi attributes have intentions for the digestive tract that are very badly shaped and evil. The rotten cheesecake bukake corrupts the Steven flesh, obliterating his stomachal linings and melting his intestines with unsavoury desires. The liver is the most corrupted organ, producing much pus in the bile that creates habitats for several species of demonic protozoa. This devilful eukaryotic flora devours the helpful and benign bacteria of good intentions and honest worker smiles. This is the last straw for the slaughtered intestinal tract, the small intestine now fully broken down into a bloody pulp. The fetid compost of the evil milk, pus, rotten fluids, blood, bile, digested living tissues and countless microbe worshippers of Ahriman flows down into the large intestine like the Tohoku Tsunami upon pitiful japanese children and elderly men.

The noble organ of the chinese element of Metal tries his best to secure the evil shit cataracts of hatred and calamity, tries to redirect as much water to Steven's blood stream and stall the demon swamp river of putridity and inconsideration.

"No… you will not fuck up the wonderous son of the Rose in his moment of passion and lust in Heaven so made!" cries desesperately the large intestine as he cramps itself.

"HAW HAW HAW thou shalt not stall mine devil intentions of shitty arseholes and virulent ruthlessness!" says the devil gorgonzola diarrhea of badly shaped ambitions.

Meanwhile, Steven licks down the supple Amethyst belly of carcinoma folds and large, dog-poop like warts. He sucks on the warts with much pleasure and divination, eliciting felicity the moans of the satisfied gem.

"Oh Steven, don't teases me, suck my pussy now!" says impatiently the purple Pandora.

"Okay my lover of feast and famine, I shall pleasure you more overtly!"

He then rips off the panties, brown and fetid due to uncleansed menstrual blood stains and shit. He finds an utterly unwashed pussy of codfish scent and oysters growing all over the labia majorae, while ticks cover the entirty of the clitoris. He licks the tainted pus-filled flesh and devours the parasites with much delight, eliciting the moans of Amethyst the pleasured. Unfortunately, this only does more the worst, sending parasitical allies to his slaughtered digestive tract.

"HAW, thou is numberless against mine mens of arms so arthropodical!"

"Yessss, open the passssssssage…" says the devil ticks and oysters.

"Ha, you only shit yourselves more! Now I have more things to block you, evil torrent of hatred and darkness!"

"Fuck, thou are right! Mine mans, stand behind myself, for I have to think of a new plans!" says unfelicity the demon diarrhea.

Meanwhile, Amethyst decides it is time to prepare the penis. She dislodges Steven off her, almost ruining the intestine's wonderous defense. The jeans of the little boy are hastily removed and thrown away, exposing his pinky panties of ukelele design.

"Lol, you haves the most unmanly underwear this side of the Meridian!" cackles happily the whore.

Steven is very ashamed of the satanic insults of the harlot Amethyst. He tried so hard to find panties that are apropriated to his style of existence, and now they are laughed at by the loved one of emptied breasts. Amethyst notices this distress and licks the still covered penis, making Steven happy again. Unfortunately, this cycle of depression and relaxation wears down the defenses of the magnificent intestine, and loads of evil cultist protozoa and ticks make their way into the blood stream. They are now free to wreck havoc and chaos in the young boy's body, slowly but surely contaminating and corrupting the organs within his torso, preparing them for the great finale.

Meanwhile, Amethyst rips off the Steven panties, exposing his short but thick cock of cigar shape. The head is much appealing in it's ice cream remindation, so the Amethyst licks and sucks the cock with much pleasure. Steven has been very horny the entire time, oozing copious amounts of watery precum, so it does not take long for the orgasmic contractions to begin.

"Uh uh, you're going to cum in my pussy, Steven boy!"

And so Amethyst rises and sits her vagina on the Steven phallus, going up and down like a botfly contominated cow. This is the golden opportunity the devil contagions have been waiting for! A Steven is too distracted by the fuckery, the ticks and protozoa and putrid fluids do quick work with the lungs, bladder, testicles, heart, stomach and liver, pancreas, most of the torso musculature and fatty tissue and even most of the large intestine. Without noticing, Steven's body has largely become a sack of putrid, bloody digested tissues assimilated into diarrhea. Steven's torso is basically a sack of fecal waste, some of it lactated by the man titties, but most awaiting into focal locations.

"Oh Steven, your rod of delights is most pleasurable in it's rhadamantian hardness of ages!"

Both lovers can't hold it much longer, and Steven grabs the bouncing Amethyst woman and kisses her passionately, one last time.

Then Steven ejaculates, and everything goes to hell. His anus and penis empty the gallons upon gallons of fetid dung liquid that are his torso, two distinct torrents of pitchy black diarrhea of gastroenteritic wolverine ass stench, one covering the fancy restaurant chair and the other filling the Amethyst pussy in one horrendous bullet-speed blast, quickly assimilating her tissues and converting them into more and more diarrhea. Neither party has even stopped moaning in orgasm, when Steven's torso has been completly emptied, leaving just skin on a ribcage and a spinal cord, an anorexic visage that aroused Amethyst even more. Unfortunately for her, most of her torso tissues had already become diarrhea when she noticed that, and it kept going upwards and consuming her internal organs, the internal tissues not even fully broken down and yet already sliding off, out of her vagina and anus, the dirrhea not fully pooling inside of her, but still clibing upwards thanks to her circulatory system.

"Nooooo… my love…" says Steven weakly, before he falls down the chair into the puddle of shit on the ground, his brain shutting down due to the lack of blood and oxygen, as well as sheer disgust and snobbery.

Amethyst cries in pain and grief as her lover is dead and so is most of her internal organs. The diarrhea infestation has reached it's craddle, the ample corrupted breasts, and pools in them, quickly turning them into sacks of shit that lactate diarrhea. The teratomas growl furiously, before silence falls upon them.

The police arrive to find the two lovers' corpses, now skeletons lying upon an ocean of excrement. The two gems still remain, albeit now brown due to the corruption. Pearl and Garnet arive to the scene of the crime.

"What seems to be the problem, officer?" asks Pearl samuraily.

"Well, these too fuckwads appear to have been digested alive by their own poo" says commissionar Gordon, spitting putrid globs of despise at her face.

The Pearl doesn't like it very much, and cuts the Gotham investigator's limbs and throws him into the shit pile, which makes no delay of consuming him and turning him into shit.

"Well fuck, this really worked better than expected!" says Pearl scaredaly.

Garnet and Pearl had contaminated Amethyst's milk in their last attempt to kill their envy object of fetid dementia, and as it seems that plan got over far too well. The flat breast duplicious gems of despise wanted to rejoice in their murder, but fear and guilt over killing their beloved Steven brought tears to their eyes and lamentation to their titties.

"I can't take it anymore!" cries the Pearl, "Steven my love, I'm coming with you!"

Then she jumps on the excrement pile, killing herself as her flesh melts and bubbles and turns into diarrhea. The Garnet is much displease, she does not like the sentimentality, but grief fills her empty heart of pus, and she too throws herself at the lake of shit. With a last few cries of agony, her skeleton is too rendered clean, and thus the gems are no more.

Steven's dad, who is responsible in the eyes of the law and much dear to the deceased little boy of ukelele dreams, says a last few goodbyes as he buries the gems into their sacred grave.

The toilet.
R: 1 / I: 0

M's Patreon Stories

While my main focus is Fire Emblem stories, I also let my Patrons pick non-FE girls for the polls. Last month, Asuka from Evangelion won - so here's her story.
If you want to suggest a character yourself, or to read my stories a week early, come and support me on my Patreon!

Asuka's Brain Rape
tags: non-con, M/F, rape, brainfucking

Asuka Langley Sohryu sighed, loudly expressing her disappointment with the whole situation she was in. Forcing to stay after classes to clean up was already annoying, but she was also forced to do it with those three stooges! She made every effort of showing them that she blamed them for the whole thing, screaming at them while she made her way to a distant corner of the classroom. Shinji Ikari seemed unphased by her rudeness, obediently going to clean by himself. However, neither Kensuke Aida nor Toji Suzuhara were too willing to do any cleaning. Asuka took breaks from time to time to look at them, but the two idiots were just talking about something while sitting on a few desks. They were just quiet enough that she couldn’t make out what they were saying, only hear their voices. They were also looking in her direction from time to time - with stares that were nothing but lecherous. Even if Asuka wouldn’t admit it, she was a bit curious about the topic of their conversation - it would help to ease the boredom that came with cleaning like that. With that in mind, the redhead began to move towards them while still cleaning the floor.

“Man, it’s great that you managed to get these photos, Kensuke. Even if she’s so harsh to deal with, she also has an amazing body.” Of course. The perverts were talking about spying on some girl. “Yeah, and this time I’m sure I took some good ones. This new hiding spot let me see all of it. I’m kind of jealous though… Shinji probably gets to see it every day.” Were they talking about her? “Dunno man, Asuka would kill him if he ever tried to spy on her.” They were! And they had also taken pictures of her! “Idiots! Perverts! I hate you! Give me that camera!” The German girl screamed out while suddenly springing to her feet, and ran towards them, as fast as the skirt of her school uniform let her. “S-she heard us!” Kensuke called out, while trying to run away. However, he didn’t get far, for Asuka slammed into him from behind, sending him to the ground. He landed on his back, and Asuka immediately punched him in the face, all while screaming: “Give! It! To! Me!”, each word accompanied by one hit - with loud cracks coming from the boy’s glasses as she hit them. However, as she raised her hand again, she felt someone grab it from behind. She turned around right away, with her arm painfully bending as she was now face-to-face with Touji. He was just as guilty as the glasses boy - and she tried to hit him with her other hand. However, he just pulled on the arm he was holding - and Asuka doubled over in pain as she felt it snap out of its socket. Once he heard the satisfying crack that confirmed to him that he succeeded, Toji let go of her arm - and it fell down, hanging limply at the redhead’s side.

“You know, Kensuke… Now that she’s helpless like this, we could get more photos of her! And they would probably show even more!” Toji exclaimed while looking at Asuka who was glaring at him from below. Kensuke got back up, stumbling at first, and looked at Asuka, his glasses tilted on his face. “Well, with how much she beat me, it’s only fair that we do that now. She slapped you for a peek at her panties when she first arrived here - just how much would so many punches to the face would be, then?” Kensuke replied while getting closer to Asuka. He reached towards her waist, finding the seam of her shirt, then began to lift it. Reacting to it, Asuka turned around, trying to hit him again with her healthy arm - but Kensuke got away in time. He let go of the shirt, however. With how feisty Asuka usually was, it was clear that just taking it off wouldn’t be this simple. Toji understood that as well - and he grabbed Asuka’s shirt by the cloth. Then, he began to pull - making it harder for Asuka to turn as the piece of clothing began to rip in his hands. Tearing off a huge chunk of the green material, Toji could now look at Asuka’s naked back - her flawless skin only covered by a white strap belonging to the Eva pilot’s bra.

“Pervert! I hate you!” Asuka lashed out at him again, once more trying to use her surviving arm to slap him. However, doing this she only showed off her back to Kensuke - who grabbed the flaps of her torn shirt and pulled on them, continuing to rip it. He managed to tear it all the way down, the whole thing coming apart. In surprise, Asuka saw that the front of it began to fall off too. She tried to keep in place with her arm, to keep herself covered up, but Toji grabbed it again, and pulled it to the side - letting her shirt fall down. Now, her white bra was revealed to him - with her breasts, huge for her age, held tight within it. Kensuke walked around her, camera in hand, and quickly took a few shots of her - taking in Asuka’s uncovered chest and her distressed, angry face. She screamed at him a few times as he did that, but he ignored her - Asuka’s frustration at the whole thing building up.

After taking what he decided was enough photos, Kensuke decided it was time to go ahead. Getting down, he reached for Asuka’s skirt - only to be met with an angry knee smashing into his hand. “Ouch!” He called out while dragging his hand back, a sadistic smile on Asuka’s face. This was just the first part of her getting back at them… Or so she thought - and so, she didn’t see the hand coming right at her head at all. Kensuke smashed her on the side of her head, paying her back for the times she hit him before, and stunning her for a few moments. Moments, which Kensuke used to go ahead and rip her skirt off - Asuka’s white panties revealed as well. He immediately backed off again, grabbing the camera and taking a bunch more photos of her, Somehow, though, he felt these were lacking. After getting to take pictures of her changing, and getting what he hoped was a few good shots of her naked, this just wasn’t that satisfying - even if his dick was already hard at just the sight of Asuka in her underwear. Well, why shouldn’t they take it a bit further, then?

Leaning over once more, he grabbed Asuka’s bra and began to tug on it. It required him to put more force into it, but after pulling on it for a bit he managed to rip it off. While he was doing that, however, Asuka screamed - even louder than before. “Shinji, moron! Help me! Why are you letting them do this to me? What are you, stupid? Help me already, Shinji!”
The black-haired boy was busy cleaning by himself, his ears plugged by his headphones - with the music from his walkman easily cutting all that had been happening in the other side of the classroom. He was so focused on doing the cleaning, that he remained completely oblivious of the state Asuka was in. Still, her attempts to grab his attention succeeded, as her strong voice managed to get to him through his ear buds, catching his attention. Looking up in the direction the voice came from, Shinji was greeted with the sight of Asuka’s bra being torn off, her breasts swinging free as they were no longer contained by it. The way they bounced around, their shape… Just seeing them like this was enough to give him a boner already. But why was she like that? Why were his friends forcibly removing Asuka’s clothes?

Getting up, Shinji removed his earbuds and began to watch towards them. Kensuke paid no mind to him, taking photos of Asuka with a wide grin on his face - both him and Toji’s faces red because of excitement. Toji was massaging his cock through his pants, his arousal clearly visible through them. Asuka’s face was just as flushed as theirs - but hers was with embarrassment. The girl was furious - and she was going to take that anger out on anyone around her. That included Shinji as well. Seeing him walk to her with a confused expression on his face, Asuka lashed out at him angrily. “What took you so long, idiot? Are you stupid or what? And stop staring, pervert! Ah, you’re so useless!”

Hearing Asuka insult him like that, even in a position like this… Something just snapped inside Shinji’s head. All Asuka ever did was to abuse him both physically and verbally… But no more he would simply take that. He has had enough. In a sudden burst of anger, he launched himself at her - and shoved her to the ground. Asuka had no time to react, no time to shove him off her as he ripped her panties off. Then, just like that, Shinji pulled his pants and his underwear down, revealing his cock. “No! Don’t you dare! Moron! Pervert!” Asuka screamed as she saw him do that, her free arm uselessly slapping Shinji on the chest. However, he wasn’t bothered by that at all - he just drove his dick inside her. Asuka screamed loud as he took her virginity, voicing her pain at having her hymen broken very loudly. She began to throw herself on the floor below him, but Shinji didn’t care - thrusting into her with powerful, rapid thrusts. He fucked Asuka hard with a fury fueled by the constant bullying he had suffered at her hands - giving him the energy to rape her as hard as he could. It was his first time with a girl as well, however - and so, he wasn’t able to last for long. After a short period of powerful thrusts, he came - spilling his seed right into Asuka’s cunt. “You did it inside? Aaaah! You idiot! I hate you!” Asuka screamed at him once more as his semen went into her body, but he just ignored her while the rest of his cum left his dick. Then, breathing heavily, he rolled off her - her pussy leaking his semen while he laid down next to Asuka’s body on the ground.

Kensuke snapped as many pictures of Asuka’s rape as he could. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening - he never expected Shinji to do something like this. Still, now Asuka’s naked form was on the ground, with nothing to cover her up at all. There was nothing stopping him from taking pictures of her tits, of her nice legs and of her bleeding pussy - and he did just that. He had to do it with one hand though, as his other one was in his pants - stroking his cock gently because of how hard it was. Seeing that Asuka was free to use now, and encouraged by Shinji’s example, Toji couldn’t control himself any longer. He forced himself on top of Asuka, and ignoring her screams he shoved his erection inside her too. He pinned her to the ground, using one of his hands to grab her by the wrist, and using the other to feel Asuka’s tits up. Just like Shinji, he had never done this before - and so he clumsily humped Asuka’s pussy with his dick. Asuka screamed at him as well, and her voice only grew louder when she felt him fondle her boobies. “Let go of them, you pervert! Moron! Eeeeek!” She screamed at him at the top of her lungs, and in response Toji squeezed them even harder - causing her to squeal in pain. These squeals continued while Toji raped her, but all Asuka succeeded in was arousing the boys around her even more - Kensuke stroking himself harder as his cock throbbed in his hands in response to her voice. These lewd sounds Asuka was making could never be replicated with just his pictures, so he made sure to burn them into his memory while documenting all of the redhead’s rape. Toji continued to thrust inside her for some more time, but his lack of experience got to him too - and so, he came inside her fairly quickly. As he pulled out, Kensuke moved on to replace him. However, with the amount of stroking he gave his dick, he was already on the verge of cumming. He realized just that - and so, he stopped while standing over her. Asuka looked at him with disgust - but the double rape left her in no state to move out of the way. She just called him names while he finished jerking off - his semen shooting all over her breasts and her face. Then, with his balls spent, he resumed taking photos of her - making sure to focus on her cum-stained face and tits.

“So? Are you done, you jerks? Or will you use your tiny dicks on me again?” Asuka asked in an angry voice a few moments later, unaware that she was only stirring them to do more things to her. While Toji and Kensuke needed time to recover, Shinji was ready again. Her words spurred him to fuck her again - and the other NERV pilot got to her with his dick again. “Shinji, idiot. Sure, go ahead - with such a tiny dick, I doubt I’ll even get to feel it.” Asuka spoke at him again, and in response Shinji thrust in once more. Asuka didn’t stop insulting his dick at all for the next few moments - Shinji’s anger building up at her again. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. ‘S-shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!” He screamed at Asuka while grabbing her by her throat. His hands squeezed it tightly, making it impossible for her to breathe - and successfully stopping her from throwing insults at him. But that wasn’t enough for him, however. Holding on to her head by her neck, he brought it down onto the ground - making it hit the ground with a lot of force. And then, he pulled it back up - and slammed it right down again. Although he didn’t say anything, his face showed, just how furious he was - with Asuka getting scared of him for just a moment. But then, she reminded herself that it was just Shinji. He couldn’t do anything serious to her, even if he wanted to… Or that’s at least what she told herself. As her lungs began to burn once she ran out of oxygen, however, she began to feel afraid again. It didn’t help that he was still ramming her head against the floor - it was making her so dizzy… Her face grew red as Shinji choked her, the girl only making out pained gurgles - which annoyed Shinji even more. As he thrust deeper inside her, he just wanted them to stop - but they continued all the way until he was on the verge of cumming again. Then, he swung her head down once more - and came hard inside her as he heard a satisfying crack.

Letting go of her neck, he backed away - and Asuka sucked in deep breaths as she was finally able to breathe again. Her head was pounding with a splitting headache, and her heart was beating very fast inside her chest too. Her head hurt… So for a few moments she just laid down while trying to recover. However, even once she got fresh oxygen into her system again, her brain oxidized properly with the dizziness going away, the pain at the back of her head was still there. What was going on?

Asuka couldn’t see that, but when Shinji slammed her head into the floor the final time, her skull cracked. Now, pieces of it laid shattered on the floor behind her head - with a lot of blood flooding out of it. Asuka got up to her knees to take a look around - and as she did that, more pieces of her skull fell off because of the shift in position. Suddenly, she felt very lightheaded - so she grabbed onto the one of the nearby tables to keep her balance. She was able to remain in an upright position, even if her head pounded once more - and that in turn made off just what Shinji had done to her to her two classmates. A huge part of her skull on the back of her head was missing now - and the girl’s brain was clearly visible inside the hole. Kensuke kept getting more shots of her, going around to get all the angles of the girl’s post-strangling state - he documented the strangling as well properly before - until he came behind her. “Toji! Take a look at this!” He screamed out while snapping pictures of the open back of Asuka’s head. It was hard to see between her hair, but her brain was shown from time to time as Asuka moved her head, making her hair shift too. Grabbing Asuka’s hair, he pulled it out of the way - taking an unobstructed look at the hole in her head and at Asuka’s brain. “Toji, can you hold it like this?” Kensuke asked his friend once he got to him, Toji looking wide-eyed as the opening Shinji had created - and so he just nodded and held Asuka’s hair the way he was asked to. With Toji doing that, Kensuke was able to get a good shot of Asuka’s exposed brain - all while the redhead was growing more and more uncomfortable. Although she didn’t know that it was the case, having her brain exposed like that against the cold air was causing her to spasm gently at random intervals - and she really didn’t like the feeling.

“W-what are you two perverts doing there?” Eventually, she called out to them - and once she got no response, Asuka screamed at them again. Oh, if only there was a way to make her shut up… And then Kensuke realized he was looking at one. His cock hardened at the thought. But, wouldn’t it be wrong? As Asuka threw yet another insult at him, he dismissed that thought. The bitch totally deserved it for all the things she had said to them, for all the times she hit them. So instead, he just put his camera down - and then moved forward. In the instant he walked, Asuka seemed to have understood what had been going on - and screeched with an ear-piercing voice. “Nooooo! Don’t… Don’t enter into me!” But something like that couldn’t help her at that point. “NOOOOOOO!” She screamed out as she felt Kensuke’s dick penetrate her brain. It slid right into the back part of her brain, and the effects were visible right away. Asuka’s blue eyes bulged in their sockets, tears flowing freely out of them as pain unlike anything she had felt before consumed her mind. Her vision got blurry, Kensuke’s dick impaling the part of her brain responsible for sight. As the boy showed his dick further in, her vision went completely black, her eyes going blank as well. Asuka spasmed violently as the dick continued further into her head, only making it move around inside her head and mash through more of her brain matter. She screamed, and she screamed hard, as Kensuke fucked her head - but for the first time that day, she wasn’t insulting or threatening her rapists.

“P-please, stop! Don’t peep into my mind! Please, don’t invade my mind anymore!” Asuka screamed, tears running down her face, but her words fell on deaf ears - Kensuke showing his cock all the way into her brain. “P-please… Pleashe… let me liiiiiveeeeeeeeee!!!” The redhead howled in pain as Kensuke began thrusting in and out, messing up more and more of her brain with his cock. “Shinji… Anyone! Help meeeeee!” Her body was spiraling out of control - and no matter how much she begged, the pain and the thrusts into her head wouldn’t stop. Her mind deteriorated quickly, and soon she the only language she could remember was German. “Nein… Bitte, nicht…” She muttered, no one able to understand her. Kensuke just fucked her anyways, and soon her voice just turned into incoherent babbling - which was well accompanied by her sobs. By the time he came, his semen shooting into her skull and into the still-intact parts of her brain, all of Asuka’s feelings were overloading inside her brain. “Shinji… Help me… Moron! I hate you! I hate everyone! Shinji, please! Help me! Mama… Help me! Anyone, please! I hate you all!” Asuka sobbed as these thoughts bounced inside her head. The figure of her mother - her real mother, not the adoptive fake one that she had always despised - flashed inside her head for a moment before her image was replaced with Shinji. She couldn’t even remember her face anymore… Who was that woman anyways? Her old memories began to disappear as Kensuke pulled his blood, brain matter-covered cock out of her head - but the elite pilot was still clinging to her life. Her determination allowed her to keep going where many others would fall - letting her survive even such brain damage. If she was to get help at this point, if she was carried to NERV, maybe they’d be able to make her recover - but no one in that classroom had any desire to do that.

Seeing just how Kensuke fucked Asuka now, Toji knew he had to do it as well. When his friend freed up the spot behind her, he was already waiting with one hand at his prick. However, he wasn’t the only one. Shinji also wanted to fuck Asuka’s brain - and the two of them stopped right in front of her, neither of them wanting to stand down. On any other day, Shinji would have given in and let Toji go first - but not this time. The two boys looked at one another, unsure what to do. “Let’s do it together.” Toji finally said after understanding that Shinji wasn’t going to let up now. Grabbing the opening in Asuka’s skull, Toji pulled on the edge of it. While these pieces of her head had not fallen out, Shinji’s assault had still cracked them before - and now Toji was able to rip them off. Shinji did the same on his side, and so they both exposed more of Asuka’s brain - her hair brushing against it and sending more thrills through her body. Then, once they’ve created enough of an opening, they both thrust inside at the same time - Asuka’s brain assaulted by two cocks now.

The pilot shivered some more as her brain was speared at an angle this time. Their cocks took away any resemblance of control she still had over her body - and so the German girl began to shudder. Her bladder was released with nothing holding it shut - and a streak of piss squirted from between her cum-stained legs, Kensuke taking a few pics of the yellow liquid as she released it. Her body was shaking powerfully as the cocks proceeded deeper into her head - squashing the more elaborate thoughts Asuka still had. Now, her brain was reduced to just the simplest of ideas: She was going to die. die. die. die. She didn’t want to die! But she would. And now it was inevitable. With her brain mostly turned into a mush because of their cocks, it was a miracle that she was still living. Her spasms let the boys enjoy themselves more - making fucking her brain and ruining it in the process even more pleasant than it felt when they took her cunt. Their thrusts were out of sync, one of them slamming their tool into Asuka’s head while the other was sliding out, and the other way around. Because of that, her head was bobbing around between both of them, pieces of her brain and skull sent flying each time it was forced to change direction. Eventually, first Toji and then Shinji came - both of them shooting their semen right into what still remained of her brain. Their cum mixed with the still intact matter of her frontal lobe, contaminating the final surviving part of her brain - Asuka’s life leaving her as her head was inseminated once more. The girl went limp between them, but the boys holding on to her head as they came kept her upright for a little longer - Asuka’s body only slumping down to the ground once they both pulled out and let go of her.

Following Asuka’s death, the three boys enjoyed her body for some more time. Kensuke was able to get more footage than he’d ever want - enough for all three of them to have all the fap material they would ever need, as well as a lot of spares they could sell to other people. Shinji was finally able to get back at Asuka for all the times she had teased him back in their apartment - shooting more than enough loads into her pussy, her ass and her brain. Now that Asuka was dead, her mouth was able to be used as well - before that, there was always the risk that she’d bite them. Fucking her face was a fun way to change things up as well. In the end, the three boys ended up getting more sexual education using Asuka’s body than ever before in their lives. They fucked her together as well - one of them taking her pussy while the other went for her ass, and the third one would fuck her face or the massive hole in her head. At one point, all three of them also fucked her head at the same time - ruining all that remained of her brain inside it. Her skull ended up as nothing more than a bowl for their semen. Eventually, though, they were done with her - no one of them was able to make his dick grow even a little because of how much they had all came. That was the time to dispose of her body - and the three boys carried Asuka’s corpse off to a nearby dumpster. Dumping her cum-covered corpse in the trash, Kensuke took a few final pictures of it - then, the three boys left it and returned to clean the classroom up after their prolonged orgy.

Asuka’s corpse would later be discovered by a homeless person who was going through the trash, with them getting to enjoy her sweet young body even despite all the cum all over it. Even if the boys had used her a lot, their dicks were still small enough to leave Asuka’s holes very tight - letting them man who found her enjoy her in full. Once he was done fucking her, though, he left her back in the trash - for it was all Asuka was now. A sack of skin and bones that was of no use to anyone, unless they wanted to fuck it - the dead pilot left in a dumpster with semen all over her.
R: 18 / I: 0

Halloween Anthology (Loli, Shota, Scat, Noncon and Vomit)

Hello and welcome! To a selection of stories all set on the spookiest, kid filled nights of the year! A day filled with terror and candy and not suprisingly a hand full of very messy situations. I will be writing a couple of stories that are all set on that most magical night, each with a different character and situation.

I haven't decided on all of them yet, but there will be a mix of boys and girls, lots of poop and pee, some vomit and potentially some rape! More kinks and such may be included but for now thats all i have planned. The first story should come within a day or two, I will post it here in this thread and then at some point in the future I will post the next one here as well. The plan is to post at least three Halloween stories (maybe more) before Halloween. I hope you guys enjoy, Ill be here to scare the shit out of some kids soon!
R: 5 / I: 0

Orcess tribe (futa, canni, moster girls, amputee, executions)

The orc camp was alive with activity with human, elf and naga (snake women) dances danced around a blazing fire. Each one showing off their bodies to their captors. The orcs were a proud race, they loved the finer things in life even if did disgust others. Normally, the orcs would be in their tends having their way with the slaves but today was different, today was a celebration of victory over another clan. This tribe of orcs were futanari orcs. Female orcs who have both male and female genitalia and loved women to fuck and eat.
The music began to slow and the dancers stopped before finding a partner in the crowd as a tall orcess walked up. This was Yakik the leader of the clan
“Today is a good day!” she declared. “We have beaten the Black tooth and absorbed them into ours,” that made the crowd cheer as a naked orcess was dragged by two more orcess. “And as tradition demands,” she said as she looked to the orcess who was forced to her knees. “The leader of the clan who has been defeated must offer their life,”
The orcess looked up with rage in her eyes. “You know nothing of our ways filth!” she spat.
“Well too bad Yukak,” Yakik said as a wooden block with a curve on the top was brought out. “Because your weak line is about to end,” as the orcess said that three young female orcs walked out of a tent and passed the crowd.
Each one of them was naked save only for cuffs around their wrists. As they walked they tried not to look at anyone in shame. Yukak watched in horror as the three lined up behind the block.
“No please,” she begged. “Not them! Amputate them, turn them into slaves, anything but please don’t kill them, please spare my daughters!” tears began to roll down her eyes as she said this but her pleas fell on deaf ears as a topless orcess walked up with an axe in hand.
The first of the three looked up at the executioner with tears in her eyes. To calm her the executioner stroked her face before leaning in and kissing her making the crowd whistle. Breaking the kiss, the young orc gulped and knelt down looking at the bloody block.
“Ple…please enjoy my meat,” she said before she leaned forward and resting her neck on the block.
There she waited for the axe to fall but something unexpected happened. A hand found its way around her cock and a mouth pressed itself against her pussy. She gasped with pleasure as her cock hardened and her pussy wettened. She knew what was going on, before a beheading a slave would arouse the body to make it more tender. Make the meat tastier. She should have realised this earlier, but decided to enjoy herself as the slave ate her out with ease.
She then felt her hair being moved from around her neck. The feeling of the blade followed before a moment of calm making her close her eyes before all felling in her body was cut. Her eyes opened and she watched as she was lifted to see her lifeless body slump off the block with the rest of the crowd cheered. She watched as her body was taken to a nearby table and cut up into pieces. But soon the darkness took her and all she could think about was people enjoying her meat.
The second daughter however had no such reservation of having her head cut off. She turned around and knelt down before bending her back resting her neck on the block looking up at the executioner. Her cock was already hard and pussy wet as she took shallow breaths.
“Do it,” she said,” Do it now,”
The executioner needed no more persuasion and brought down the axe on the daughter’s neck. Her head fell down as her body spasmed and came coating her body with cum. The head was placed on a spike with her older sister while her body was taken to be butchered. The final daughter just watched in erotic arousal as her two sisters were beheaded.
Her turn was next. The executioner walked her up to the block and made her kneel but didn’t lower her head onto the block. Instead her she was uncuffed and handed a blade while a bucket was placed in front of her. She got the meaning and took a deep breath and licked the blade before positioning it in front of her belly button.
“I give myself to Morc to keep my lines honour,” she said before sliding the blade into her gut.
She winced in pain as her mother screamed in horror. But the youngest daughter didn’t care she pulled the blade up still she reached her ribcage. Her hand then slid into the wound and began to pull out her guts and place it into the bucket leaving only her heart and lungs. Orcs had high tolerances for pain, and the youngest didn’t cry or scream only wince and tear up though it all. Once her gut was emptied she leaned forward and rested her head on the block. Her head was then removed from her body and placed in a spike with her sisters while her body was taken to be butchered.
Yukak was in tears as she was forced to watch her daughters executed and butchered in front of her. What was next was cleat, tradition demanded that the former chieftainess be cooked and eaten by the clan who won. A table was brought up and she was brought to it. She was then forced onto the table with four orcess holding her limbs. Yakik then walked up with a long metal pole in hand. She was about to be spitted and roasted alive.
For a long time Yukak had been going against tradition. Normally orcs are very cannibalistic. They eat both others and their own kind and she wanted to stop this. But doing this made her clan weak and a target for others. The strong eat the weak, she now knew the meaning of the saying now. She was weak and deserved to be eaten like a pig. The spit was positioned at the entrance to her pussy with the sharpened tip moving up and down her lips. This made her wet allowing the spit to enter her making her gasp with pleasure and her cock to harden.
The former orc chieftainess moaned out with pleasure as she was being fucked by the spit. The metal rod entered her slowly and soon pressed against the roof of her room. The executioner walked up with a knife in hand, but Yukak shook her head.
“No, roast me alive. Punish me for breaking tradition,” she said.
The executioner nodded and backed up as the spit pierced her womb sliding up her now but she still moaned in pleasure. The spitting of an orcess, human or elf was tricky at best. It took years to train someone in the technique of spitting. Thankfully Yakik had had that training and had spitted many people before. The orcess in front of her was enjoying her final moments as the spit continued its journey through her body.
Yukak soon felt the spit enter her throat. Tipping her head back she opened her mouth wide and watched in amazement as the spit exited her mouth. It had bits of blood and gore on it but was clean for the most part. It soon stopped in front of her and her hands were taken and placed on the spit. Both her ankles and wrists were then tied to the spit. But this was not the end.
Yakik then picked up a knife and slid open Yukak’s belly. That made the meat moan and wince in pain as she began to open up the belly and take out the guts leaving only her heart and lungs. Once emptied she then began to fill the belly with stuffing made from Yukak’s daughters. After being filled her belly was then closed as Yakik moved to Yukak’s ear.
“Your daughters made great stuffing,” she said while patting the swollen belly.
Yukak moaned with pleasure with the knowledge that her daughters would be joining her. But then she made a gagged cry as her cock and balls were cut off. Some metal was then placed on the wound cauterizing it making cry even more. Once it was done Yukak’s hair was then removed. With then done she watched as two orcess picked up the spit and placed her over a roaring fire. Sweat fell from her and onto the fire as she began to turn.
Hours later Yukak’s body was on display as people began to feast on her and her daughters. The defeated clan was now part of theirs.
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Yoga Class Slaughter

(cons, free use, casual, cuckquean, choking, deepthroat, gutting)

Women's home bathrooms each have their own unique feel to them. A personality of sorts, not always entirely matching that of the woman that cultivated them.

Kim's was a careful mess. Chaos crammed away into drawers and cabinets, kept out of sight so as not to mar the respectable outward appearance. At first glance, it was clean, orderly. Once you looked behind or within you found everything was dirty, half the products used up or dried up, but all in its own special place, following her own internal logic of order. Guy wasn't sure what that meant about her, really. All he was concerned with was where she kept the fresh razors.

Pulling open and rifling through yet another drawer, he passed over a box tampons, tarnished trimming scissors, the third makeup bag he'd found, and a bottle of dried out pink nail polish. Nowhere was a clean razor to be found.

Straightening with a grunt, he took a moment to think, rubbing slowly at his unshaven face. This was hardly the first woman's bathroom he'd visited, or the hundredth for that matter. If anyone was qualified to solve this puzzle, he was. A thousand one-night stands, some smaller number of short term relationships, and a few sharing circles meant he'd gone through some version of this predicament more times than he could really count.

He'd checked beneath the sink first, of course. That was where bulk items usually could be found, and razors were often sold so. Yet oddly, there was nothing at all there save for a single roll of toilet paper. All secondary locations were fruitless as well, every drawer, cabinet, and even the linen closet thoroughly explored. Taken together, they contained every toiletry one could wish for. Except razors.

Maybe she was just out.

He seriously considered the concept for a minute before discarding it. Her legs had been too smooth beneath his hands, a sign that spoke of frequent shaving by dint of how effectively she'd stripped her skin of every stray follicle. No one was that good unless they had a lot of practice, and a lot of practice meant going through a lot of razors. Ergo she should have some, somewhere.

Nakedness was starting to bother him as the air cooled, steam from his shower condensing and sticking to the walls and ceiling. Besides his bristly cheeks his body hair was well-kempt, trimmed to perfection. His last girl had been a hairdresser, able to adapt what she knew to give him a touch up… and more, once the stray hairs had been toweled away.

The memory caused a smile to touch his lips as he opened an small cabinet above the toilet, checking it for the second time. There were only boxes of over-the-counter medicines inside, none of them particularly interesting. Staring at the words writ on them, he spaced out briefly as he considered what a man's bathroom might be laid out like. Doubtless the razors would be in easier reach.

It was hard to know. He'd barely ever met another man, let alone spent time in one's home. The thought put him on the right track, though. For if a razor wasn't in easy reach, then there was only one place it could be…

Looking up, he saw the cabinet he'd been staring into had a flat top, though of course it was blocked from view to any on the ground. Reaching up blindly, he ran his fingers over dusty wood, finally feeling a plastic package tucked away against the wall. Triumphant, he pulled them down, satisfied to see a half-emptied 8-pack of disposable razors. Impossible to find, if you were only looking with your eyes.

Pulling one out, he put the package back and turned toward the bathroom mirror. It was still fogged over despite the cooling air, so he located the hair dryer beside the sink and gave the glassy surface a blast. It cleared instantly, letting him see his own face without obstruction. Another trick he'd learned in his years of vagrancy.

Wetting the razor, he looked at himself in the mirror, picking out the familiar features he'd lived with since puberty. It was strange to him sometimes, how his own face could seem so bizarre. Features never found on any woman jumped out at him like hideous deformities, despite the fact that he supposed they must have been quite typical for a man. Simple judgments on his own appearance eluded him, as he possessed neither the vocabulary nor the experience to describe them. How did one speak about masculine attractiveness? Women had called him pretty, but by the sheer scale of how many time he'd heard that word applied to females, he didn't feel it could be used on him. He was a wholly different creature, something carnal and strong, not like women at all.

Besides, they might have been lying. It was hard to know - there weren't enough other men to judge himself against.

Scraping away the small rough hairs from his face, he wondered about those other males. Most of them lived like him, an easy if lonely life of wandering from woman to woman, bedroom to bedroom, taking whatever offer seemed most appealing at the time. Did they know how to find the razors in a woman's bathroom without going to ask her? Or did they just not care about such things? He'd heard some of them actually let their face hair grow out, getting as long as the hair on a woman's scalp. He could never do that. It just seemed too freakish to him, too inherently unnatural. He finished shaving quickly, splashing water over his face afterward to soothe his slightly stinging skin.

When there were so few men in the world, it was hard to know what was normal for one to be like. For the most part he did what felt good, what worked. Most anything he wanted that a woman could give, he had. He was a rare and precious thing, and they vied to claim him, competing in displays that sometimes seemed ridiculous to him, and that despite how many times he'd seen such contention.

Kim had been lucky to get him, and she knew it. Merely attractive, her means were modest, personal qualities so so. He'd caught sight of her walking down the street one day while driving, on his way out of the hairdresser's life. Her generous body had intrigued him, his last few girls mostly slender, diets tightly controlled to maintain their weight. A woman that looked so naturally appealing when filled out was something he'd rarely seen. So he'd pulled up alongside her, and offered to drive her home.

Simple as that, he was her boyfriend.

Now barely a few days later, it was becoming clear to him that she was desperate to keep him for as long as possible, to milk her good fortune for every drop of prestige and pleasure that it was worth. She took him to parties to show him off, letting her friends look but not touch, draping herself across him and even seducing him into open sex in front of others just to make them jealous. He knew enough of women by now to realize how this indicated Kim's own jealous nature, a tendency towards envy and anxiety about other's perceptions.

While he didn't mind this much, he did make note of it. With so many lonely women in the world, he was never reticent about leaving one when he felt he'd given her enough of himself. Perfectly lovely girls might go their whole lives without even catching sight of a naked male in the flesh, let along getting to experience actually having sex with one. Wandering as he did was the right thing to do, to give as many as possible a taste. How some men let themselves be pinned down, practically captured by a single woman, he'd never understand. It was simply selfish.

A hesitant knock came at the bathroom door, surprising Guy out of his thoughtful reverie. Face smooth and clean, he'd been staring into the mirror at his naked body, not really even seeing it. The door cracked open and Kim's young face peeked in at him, expression mildly anxious beneath her cute smile.

"Hi…" She looked at him, eyes gravitating to his uncovered crotch before she managed to pull her gaze up to his face. Her Asian features were framed by her dark, perfectly conditioned bangs, empty glasses frames keeping any hair from falling in front of her eyes. "Sorry, I was waiting for you to come out. I didn't want to interrupt, but, um…"

He simply looked at her, starting to get dressed. Often women had trouble talking to him outside of sex or seduction, seeming unsure even how to hold a conversation with a man. While he wished he could say he didn't know why, he was aware of his sex's reputation. They were all regarded almost as wild beasts, inclined towards the carnal pleasures of life with little care for aught else. Fickle and dangerous, arrogant and strong… yet all the more alluring for those qualities, somehow. It didn't help to dispel such notions that at least some of that was objectively true. He was in fact much stronger than the average woman, and better at sex, although he considered the latter due mostly to practice. Part of what helped him feel safe entering so many stranger's homes was the knowledge that, if it came to a hand to hand struggle, he could overpower practically any woman with ease.

Kim had gone silent, seeming at a loss as she stared at his cock again. He let her look, waiting patiently. After all, it hadn't even been a week since she'd first seen one in person.

"I-I was wondering, if you could, um…" Swallowing, she closed her eyes, finally spitting it out once she couldn't be distracted by the sight of him. "My car isn't working, and I have this, um, like… Yoga class? So, uh. Since you're here, I was wondering if maybe… you could… drive me?"

Her voice rose in pitch to an almost comic squeak as she approached the end of her sentence, carefully plucked eyebrows raised nervously in entreaty. Guy pulled on his shirt, thinking it over for half a second. Of course, that was too long a time for the anxious woman's jangled nerves.

"I promise I'll do anything you want to thank you!" The offer burst from her lips, too loud, too desperate. She knew it, wincing as she tried to recover. Guy simply sat on the toilet to pull on his socks, observing her strange meltdown and comparing it others he'd 'caused'. So far, it was rather mild.

"Plus it's Yoga, so it's all like… making me sexier for you." Giggling half-convincingly, she pushed open the door a little more, giving Guy an unobstructed look at her curves. Somewhat presumptively, she had already slipped into a pair of yoga pants. Her ass squished pleasingly up against the doorframe as she swung her hips, trying to entice him.

Taking a long moment to appreciate her little show to its fullest, Guy finished dressing. Standing up, he smiled slightly at her.

"Sure, I'll take you."

Squealing in happiness, Kim rushed at him, giving him a tight squeeze of joy. From her reaction one might think she'd won the lottery, rather than a simple car ride.

However, Guy knew how it would be. Her intention wasn't really to get a ride, as she doubtless had friends she could call to take her, or a bus if all else failed. Her car probably wasn't even broken. She just wanted to show him off.

While that was starting to get tiring, he consoled himself that he was doing her one better in the area of deceit, having his own ulterior motives for taking her to her Yoga class. Motives mainly relating to the large number of fit, attractive women that tended to congregate at such places. If the mood struck him he might even give Kim a taste of her own medicine, taking one of the other women before driving her home. She could hardly complain if he did such a thing, unless she wished to risk losing him prematurely.

After the curvaceous Asian peeled herself off him, Guy went to her closet to retrieve his jacket and keys. They were two of his very few possessions, the leather garment of magnificent quality and fit. As for the keys, well… they weren't the part that cost. The brand new sports car they unlocked had been a gift, one of many cars he'd been given by women looking to hold onto him for a little longer. It hadn't worked to tie him down, but he still appreciated the vehicle. Few other things women tried to give him were useful, with his transitory lifestyle.

Kim was bustling about in her living room, the delay causing Guy to peek in on her. She was grabbing things to put into her suitcase-sized purse, plucking a catalog and display case of knives from her countertop and casually dropping them in. That more than anything confirmed his suspicions that she was going to use him to flaunt her status. In all previous instances that she'd taken him somewhere to show off, she'd also brought along a set of MLM-brand knives to try and hawk on all her friends. As far as he could tell she'd actually spent more on the company she bought the knives from than she'd made back so far, though it was her own belief that she was a 'small business owner' about to make it big. Since it didn't harm him any, Guy made no effort to inform her of her poor economic sense. Besides, with him along, she actually was making some sales.

"Let's go," he said simply, opening the door out of her apartment. Kim squeaked as if she'd pointed a gun at her, eyes widening before she quickly grabbed a few last items. Hurrying over, she gave him a peck on the mouth and another quick thanks before quickly descending down the stairs. Admiring her bouncing rear for a second, Guy closed the door behind him, starting down after her.

Walking into the yoga class was every bit the spectacle he had expected it would be. Of course, he was more or less always an object of attention regardless of where he went. It was a simple consequence of his sex's rarity, and he was used to it by this point. However, of all places in the world where one might expect to see a man, this was perhaps the lowest on the list.

Gasps sounded throughout the small gymnasium in the moments after Guy walked through the door, women with no expectation of anything more exciting than doing a King Pigeon pose suddenly finding themselves ambushed by the presence of a living, breathing male in their midst. Eyes gleaming with sudden interest looked him up and down, and two women that had been standing near the door practically stumbled away from him in their shock. He'd gone ahead of Kim as they entered the building, but she wasted no time in gluing herself to his side. Clinging to one arm and smiling at him, she gave little knowing glances to the other girls, waggling her eyebrows at them in haughty pride. Everything was still and silent for a moment as he and she walked together off to one side, taking a pair of chairs placed along the wall. No one knew what to say, how to react, when faced with such an unexpected guest in such an unexpected place.

Collectively, the unbalanced women seemed to silently agree to ignore Guy for now, though certain individuals seemed unable to keep glancing over at him as he scanned across the room. Motion and chatter resumed slowly, the energy in the room gradually increasing to a point even beyond what it had been before he entered. They were agitated by him, riled up like hens with a fox in their coop.

Playing as if she didn't care, Kim rifled through her huge handbag, pulling out a pink sweatband and sliding it on. Unzipping her hoodie, she shot a loaded glance at Guy as the tops of her breasts were exposed. Biting her lip slightly when she saw him looking, she shrugged off the outer layer to show the skimpy tanktop beneath, no bra to reign in her considerable chest. It was daring, in line with her tendency toward public display. That quality was one of the few things he really liked about her.

The rest could be seen as she stood up, stretching enticingly in front of him before swaying away to lay down her yoga mat. Few women in the room had curves to match her, and even fewer used them half so well. Despite that, Guy found his gaze wandering. Kim was a treat to look at, but he'd had her in bed more than once now, and had yet to be impressed. She was too eager to please, yet utterly unskilled at doing so. Not a crime… but he could easily have better.

The class was starting now, all the women forming rows as they stood to face their instructor. Sitting near the back, Guy had an excellent vantage to enjoy the show. His gaze absently slid from ass to ass, silently comparing and appreciating while the instructor started to speak. Glancing at her, Guy sat up a little, shifting in his seat as he realized the instructor was staring directly at him. More than that, she was boldly meeting his gaze, brown eyes boring into his own with a force like a physical connection. It was a display more confident than practically any woman he'd encountered, almost disrespectful.

Yet, he couldn't help but smile at her. Slimmer than Kim and of similar ancestry, the athletic Asian's face was as alluring as any he'd ever seen. High cheekbones and an angular jawline made her seem imperial, a queen before her subjects. Perfect petal-shaped lips showed a slight shine of gloss, her eyes half-lidded in an inviting stare as she continued to look straight at him. It was an expression he recognized well, seen before on the faces of hundreds of women like her.

If given the chance, she would steal him away in a heartbeat.

Not yet convinced, he gave her only his smile. Her almond shaped eyes returned a slow blink, accepting his challenge without ire. At once, she signaled the beginning of the routine by going to her knees. Whatever she'd been saying before as she and Guy had her their ocular spar seemed to be finished, the class ready to begin. Some thirty-odd women followed the instructor's example, settling into the starting position with varying degrees of grace.

"Let's begin by taking in breath," the woman said to her class. Her voice was deep, melodic. "Relax, and ready yourself to release all sources of stress and distraction."

Her chest rose slowly as she inhaled, eyes closing for a moment while the room filled with the soft sound of air entering lungs. Briefly checking the others in the room, Guy saw several of them noticeably relax, tense backs and shoulders spreading apart. He was no doubt one of those sources of distraction. The instructor was telling her class to ignore him, remove him from their minds. A well calculated move… despite how it irked him. No one else but her would be trying to get his attention now. A small smirk flitted over the instructor's lips when he looked back towards her, barely open eyes gauging his reactions.

"And… exhale." A sound like wind, every woman letting out her breath at once. Placing a hand lightly against her belly, the instructor murmured to them. "Continue to breathe deeply, from low… to high." Her fingers skimmed up from her navel to her cleavage as she took another breath, mirroring the rise of her chest, then reversing downward. "Keep a slow, steady rhythm as best you can." She gave her class a moment to do as she had said.

"Now, begin by spreading your knees slightly apart, but let your toes stay in contact. On your next exhale, we'll move into child's pose by draping our body forward, chest atop the thighs." She laid her upper body before her, extending her arms straight from her shoulders as she aligned her spine with the floor, legs folded beneath her. Her forehead touched the surface of her mat, and she spoke a little louder to be heard as everyone else copied her movements. "While we hold, seek calm inside yourself, and let it flow and spread through you while you hold. Let your spine relax and lengthen…"

Guy's mind soon lost the thread of her words, his attention becoming inexorably dragged towards the simply preposterous number of women presenting their asses in his direction. Soon the entire class had adopted the posture, shapely bodies supine, submissive. It was enough to make a man's heart pound, giving Guy a small taste of the erotic shock he had delivered when he'd walked into the room. To be unexpectedly faced with such sudden potential for sexual interaction was dizzying, snapping his body into readiness as if a fight or flight response had been triggered. Seeing the silhouettes of underwear through stretched yoga pants, he found himself stiffening rapidly, the inseam of his pants leg visibly shifting with each throb of his cock beneath.

Tilting her head slightly upward, the instructor locked eyes with him again the next time he turned her way. Face composed, her dark brown gaze slithered down his body, noting the shape of his shaft through his pants. Pink tip of her tongue showing, she licentiously licked along her lower lip, staring up at him again from the ground.

Voice betraying no hint of the game she was playing, the instructor called to the class, instructing them in how to round forward. Together they all unfolded themselves, straightening their legs without moving their calves, upper bodies lifting and moving forward upon the hinge of their hips. Bellies pressing to yoga mats, their breasts brushed the ground, shoulders up and upper arms perpendicular to the floor. His view from behind was still magnificent, each women's ass making a shapely swell on the way up from her legs to her head, the flattering magic of yoga pants helping to improve the sight.

Yet Guy found himself attracted elsewhere, drawn in by this bold woman. She had chosen the pose not for how it showed off others, but how it showed off her. Chest pushed forward between her arms, he could see her bosom pushing at the fabric of her tanktop, hard nipples showing slightly through her sports bra. From where he sat the smooth skin of her cleavage was visible almost to the bottom of her breasts, flawless skin lit for him by overhead lights. Her lips were parted, pink and wet. Something within him seemed to surge, to try and propel him towards her at once, to take her. Almost, he did.

Instead he simply reached down, thumb popping free the button of his jeans.

The instructor's face twitched, her body seeming to display the same sudden urge that had nearly driven him to leap at her. In an instant he saw her desire laid bare, a flash of utter need and feral determination. It was sweet to him, a reward more rare than sex. She was breaking down. Soon, he would have her completely.

For now, she was able to regain her composure. Some of the other women may have noticed, but gave no sign of it as the instructor lead them through a few slow cycles between the same two postures. Back and forth, back and forth, they rocked their bodies along the fulcrum of their unmoving knees. In turns he saw again the range of upthrust hips, asses put towards him, then the sweat-glistening valley hidden between his prey's pert breasts. In slow increments he unzipped himself, none able to see but the lone instructor.

"Bring your focus to the placement of your limbs," the instructor eventually said. Some color had come to her face, tinging the her smooth oriental skin with light shades of pink. "Let your mind run along them, and close your eyes. Keep them closed as we transition, maintaining full awareness of your position without sight. Now, on the next exhale, we'll move into Downward-facing Dog…"

Shins lifting from the mat, all the women moved into the same position in sync as they lifted on their hands and feet. Bodies making a right angle from the hips, their legs and arms were fully straight to start. Then the instructor had them bend a leg at a time, as if bicycling with their yoga mats as the pedals. One foot always stayed firmly supporting their weight, the other sliding as their knee bent, entire body tilting before returning to center. Many of the women wore faces of concentration, the position allowing them to face backwards for the first time. All eyes were closed, however, and so none saw as Guy finally let free his hardened cock.

It was a truly unique thing to him, and to any who saw it. Something so few had, and that was thus so highly sought by all those that vied for his favor. Veins showed faint beneath the slightly darker skin, stiff flesh firm and utterly rigid as his shaft pointed upwards. Shining with precum, the tip swelled slightly with each long throb as he let himself look again around the room, taking in the bounty of beautiful bodies that had been instructed to display for him.

Looking back at the instructor, Guy put a hand out, fingers loosely extended with the palm towards her. Flexing his pelvic floor, he slowly curled his digits inward, staring unblinkingly into her eyes as he tightened his grip around an invisible throat, squeezing tighter and tighter while he made his cock bounce in a slow rhythm.

In her posture, he could only see her face as she tilted it up to watch him, her slightly spread legs trembling despite all their strength. Her mouth was open in a small 'o', brown eyes smoldering while her hips slowly rocked back and forth. His hand tightened into a full fist, and she bit her lip, making a short, single nod. Then, she directed the others in one last yoga pose.

"Now class, in the next two breaths, we will go to standing rest, then I want you all to try Standing Bow Pose. Lift one leg now, take your hand to your ankle. If you need to start with your leg in front of you, that's fine. Explore your posture. Now, once we have the leg behind us, make sure your shoulder is rotated back, arm brought around."

After a moment to abandon their previous compromising posture, the women all began to follow her instructions, too intent on the difficult movements to notice Guy's exposure behind them.

Once all had their ankle in hand, arm and leg behind their back, the final set of instructions was given out. By now the instructor's voice was breathy, almost unable to hide her excitement.

"Alright now… lift your other arm up. Your chin should touch your shoulder, spine slightly twisted as you accomplish this. Keep your hips square, focus on your balance as you stretch forward and kick your leg slowly backwards. Stretch forward… keep your belly tight, chest spread…"

Staring directly at Guy as she spoke, the instructor lifted up her back leg in a magnificent display of flexibility, making a nearly 180 degree angle with her spread thighs as she demonstrated the pose to her class. All around him now women were getting the hang of the difficult task, holding onto their back leg as they bent their upper bodies forward. Stretchy yoga pants pulled tight across the crotch of each woman, highlighting the shape of their pubic mound, some few even forming noticeable camel toes across spread slits.

It was too much to resist any longer. Standing up suddenly, Guy startled some nearby women so much they toppled and lost their balance as they tried to turn to look at him. A stir of surprise ran through the room, everyone turning in his direction, everyone suddenly remembering the man in their midst. Everyone except the instructor, who was watching him come towards her with an eager, almost manic smile trembling on her lips. She swiveled her body towards him with a simple pivot upon her heel, vertically spread legs presenting him the stained spot on her yoga pants where arousal had soaked through, panties completely visible through the wet, translucent fabric.

Elegant hand still gripping her ankle to make herself available to him, she maintained the pose even as he reached her, foot skidding on her yoga mat as she was slammed back against the wall. One hand held her around her throat, squeezing lightly as he focused on tearing away the soaked layers between him and his prize. Behind him the women were gasping, buzzing with chatter and amazement. None tried to stop him as he ripped away her pants and panties, strands of stretchy fabric snapping while she moaned to him, begging.

"Do it all to me," she pleaded. Her heart was thudding, pulse rapid against the fingers he held to her throat. "Fuck me. Hurt me. Ruin me. I want it, I've wanted it so lo-oOOOHh YES." Letting out an exultant cry of pleasure as his cock slid into her, she squeezed down around him with strong inner muscles, almost crying as a blissful, stupid grin split her previously dignified features. Her shaved puffy pussy was hotter than almost any Guy had felt, something he recognized as either a sign of extreme arousal, or peak ovulation. Perhaps both.

Not wasting a single instant on such thoughts, the lone man pressed his woman harder up against the wall, pinning her in place while her uplifted leg found support upon his shoulder. She was unnaturally bent, a new position for the yoga master. Shoulders and skull flat against the wall, her spine curved a full ninety degrees towards him, one leg up and the other down while she shakily managed to keep standing. The position gave her an excellent view of her own pussy as he began to pound it, choking her in a sudden savage grip in the instant he slid himself halfway out before slamming back in.

Gasping past his strangling hand, the flexible Asian stared at his cock with a gleam of obsession in her eyes, face growing stupidly slack as she was made use of like the set of plentiful holes that she was. Almost painfully tight, she seemed to cling to him with every outward stroke, juices running down her thigh to stain what remained of her yoga pants. For a while she continued to grip her own upraised ankle, holding it as if for dear life while her body was taken, conquered willingly by the invader she had invited in.

Then Guy began to slacken his grip on her throat, the slightest mercy as he saw her face began to redden to an unhealthy degree. As quick as that she had brought her hand to his wrist, commanding gaze boring into his eyes as she put his fingers over his own, making him squeeze even harder than before. He obliged without further prompting, looking into the smiling face of the woman it grew slightly puffy, blood flow was restricted, oxygen cut off completely. The color of her skin deepened to maroon above the point where his hand held her, and her pussy seemed to grow even more slick, even more tight, heat drawing him in.

He realized what she wanted, what she really wanted, when she started to grow purple. Weakly rocking her hips against his hammering thrusts, she looked more pleasured than any woman on the brink of asphyxiation ought to, lips parted in a silent moan. Lips once so alluring, now dark and puffy on a face sluttier than any Guy had ever seen.

She came before him, a weak, short gasping noise squeaking past his obstructing hand while her eyes rolled up in pathetic pleasure. Her legs quivered, then collapsed, forcing him to hold her with his free arm cradled beneath her hip. Rhythmic contractions squeezed along his shaft, as if trying to push it out, hard nipples prominent against her tanktop while her whole body convulsed in a palsy of bliss.

Yet he didn't let up. He saw it in her eyes as she realized he wouldn't, one hand briefly scrabbling for his wrist, eyes meeting his one more time. Her face was frozen in the gape-mouthed expression of those in the throes of passion, red veins showing in her eyes, skin almost blue. Behind him, the room was utterly silent.

He started to cum then, grunting out his satisfaction for all to hear as he pushed deep, slamming home against her womb. Waves of ecstasy washed through him with each outpouring of seed, orgasm amplified by the thrill that this woman had given him, a gift bought with her life. He'd never done anything like this, never gone so far. It was amazing, beyond anything else he'd ever experienced.

With her final spark of life, the instructor smiled. Still holding his wrist, she caressed him, fingers forming a loose circle that held his hand in place. Her lids drooped slowly, not quite covering her pupils as awareness flickered, then died within her eyes. He kept holding, still riding his climax while her pulse faded, faded…

Cum dripped out of the corpse he was holding up, oozing out of her red, abused slit, sliding in sticky globs down her thigh. One limp leg was hooked over his shoulder, the other dangling from the hip he supported in one hand. Still warm, the instructor looked almost peaceful as he let go of her body, watching it slide off his cock and slump bonelessly onto her yoga mat. The imprint of his hand had been crushed into her throat, heavy bruising and divots in the skin marking the shapes of his fingers.

He'd heard of murder before. Knew it was what he had done. Yet, like the word 'pretty', was murder something that could really be applied to a man? Guy was not like the women who stabbed one another over petty problems, killed one another in quarrels. He was special, rare and prized, privileged in ways unique to his sex. No court would ever convict him of anything.

Beyond that, something about that had felt… right. Always he'd heard men described as brutal, dangerous. Why would they have such a reputation, if this was not the sort of thing that a man might do?

Even considering all that, all the arguments he could use to excuse himself if needed, there seemed to him to be one overriding, all-important factor.

She had wanted it.

Nothing could have been more clear to him. He'd given her a chance to live, to keep breathing. If she'd used that final touch to push his hand away, he would have let her go. Yet at both opportunities, she had decided to hold true to her final words. He'd ruined her, just like she wanted.

Turning slowly to face the group of gathered women, Guy looked out across their blank, shocked feminine faces. None seemed to know what to do. Half were staring at him, cock still out, the other half staring at their instructor's cooling corpse. Only one face stood out, meeting his eyes with hurt, embarrassed indignation. Seeming barely to care that he'd killed her, Kim was visibly jealous after seeing him so publicly fuck another woman when he was with her. Perhaps even moreso than she might be otherwise, considering the spectacle he'd made of it. Every woman here was sure to be talking about this for weeks, if not longer…

"Well… I g-guess we'll need a new instructor!", one of the women called out. Nervous laughs spread across the room, growing louder as Guy joined in with a grin. He realized then that it wasn't what had happened that they were afraid of - it was him. With no way to hold him back, those frightened by him were almost paralyzed, not even wanting to make noise lest he grab them too.

Yet oddly, a significant portion of the women seemed to be having the exact opposite reaction. Compared to when he had walked in they were even more overt in their interest now, nearly a full third of the class giving him shy, aroused glances. Noticing the increasing competition, Kim quickly moved to the front of the class, stepping close to Guy with a pouty expression.

"That stiff bitch couldn't have satisfied you, right?" Her fingers stroked along the top of his wet shaft as she pressed her breasts to his chest, other hand trembling as it took Guy by the wrist. It was true, in a way. With how intense it had been he was still mostly hard, arousal returning in a flash at her teasing touch. Guiding his hand up her body, Kim smiled tremulously as she pressed it to her throat. "Y-you can do me too… Just like her."

It was clear what she really wanted. She had been outdone, outperformed in front of all these women. Her instructor had seduced her man without a word, then given him something Kim had not. She had to match the display, to have her death uttered in the same breath as the instructor's when the others gossiped about today.

Heart beating faster, Guy started to tighten his hand, happy to oblige her. A tremor ran up Kim's spine, lips parting as she let out a squeaky breath, almost seeming surprised that he was so ready to do as she'd asked. Widening eyes looked at him unblinking, frozen in a state halfway between happiness and fear.

Using her throat as leverage, he pushed the curvaceous Asian down to her knees, then onto her back. A yoga mat cushioned her as he slammed her down, other hand stroking over her crotch. She was already aroused beyond dignity, his fingers feeling hot slickness even through the fabric of her stretch pants. Pathetically, the slut was wetter than any other time he'd taken her, just from watching him fuck and snuff someone else. A whimper left her as he roughly yanked off her pants and panties, tossing them away to expose her naked slit and shapely thighs to the entire room. Everyone saw what he had felt, then. Many women had left, but those that remained knew that despite her humiliation, or perhaps because of it, Kim was just as turned on by what she'd seen as they were. Titters and teasing small-talk sounded throughout the room, the gathered girls playing voyeur while they waited to see whose turn might come next.

Guy took his time, in no rush to get off once again. He was starting to warm to the spectacle of it all, appreciative of his audience as he started to constrict his fingers around Kim's elegant neck. Spread legs trembled as she silently begged for him to take her, to use her while she was given the privilege of dying for him.

Instead he teased her, pressing the head of his cock against her slit, barely not pushing in as he rubbed it across her labia and clit. Her spine arched, hips trying to push forward to get him inside, but he drew back. Smiling cruelly down at her, he felt her pussy pulse beneath him, a throb of perverse excitement. Her face was pink now, eyes leaking tears as they stared desperately up at him. She wasn't even trying to breathe, only to get him inside, growing more turned on with each moment her frustration was prolonged. This was a side of her he hadn't known, a perversion unglimpsed until now. His respect for her had crumbled away into nothing, contempt driving him to deny her while his lust urged him to push forward, to ravage her and give her the satisfaction she craved.

Sudden movement in the crowd around them drew Guy's attention away from his tormenting, some of the spectators taking a few steps forward from the sideline. His cock still threatening to penetrate Kim at any moment, he looked away from the asphyxiating slut, eyes flicking upward.

Standing patiently beside him, a dark-skinned older woman waited with a teenage girl before her, the two looking down at Kim with a shared gleam of envy in their eyes. Inspecting the pair, Guy came to the assumption that they were mother and daughter. Similar features echoed across both their faces and bodies, slender silhouettes with pert breasts, large for their frames. While the older woman was of apparently pure African ancestry, her daughter seemed mixed, cappuccino colored skin flushed across the bridge of her nose. Both of them had the same kinky hair, the girl's held back in a sporty ponytail while her mother wore it close cropped, professionally styled.

While the younger woman seemed lost in lustful fascination, the older woman soon noticed Guy's eyes upon them, a hand going to her mouth as she blushed suddenly. Gently stepping back, she tried to tug her daughter with her, into the general throng ringed at a discreet distance around Guy and Kim. A slow shake of Guy's head put a stop to that, beckoning them even further towards him.

"I'm sorry," the mother whispered once they were close. Supportive hands gently squeezed her daughter's shoulders. "She wanted to get a closer look." The teenaged girl was wide-eyed and said nothing, fascinated with the bare shape of Guy's cock. For all Guy knew, she might've been mute… but he suspected she was simply overwhelmed.

"She's welcome to," Guy said. Looking the two of them up and down, he pulled his cock away from Kim's cunt, turning it towards the mulatto teen. Pathetic choked moans of protest came from the woman on the ground, her curvaceous body writhing in need as it was held down by the throat. The teen girl's brown eyes followed the shaft as it swung towards her, two hands clutched to her chest as she wrung at her crop top.

"Oh… Oh my. Thank you, she's wanted to see one for so long," the woman breathed, starting to stare herself. "When you took the instructor, she almost fainted from excitement."

Finally, the dazed teen spoke. Her brown eyes were luminous with fervent lust, slowly pulling away from Guy's cock to look up at him directly. She seemed to be putting only now into words what she had been thinking for a good long while, confident in purpose.

"Please let me suck it, sir." Her voice was innocent, clear. Not nervous at all, she kept on. "I've wanted to taste one ever since I was seventeen, to choke on it while it was deep in my throat." She swallowed, whispering. "I've practiced on dildos, and I promise I'll make it good. You can even fuck my face as rough as you want. I won't mind. Just so long as you don't stop until I'm snuffed." Her earnest plea was capped off by a flutter of long, delicate lashes, hands shyly pulling up her shirt and bra to expose a beautiful pair of dark-nippled breasts. "Please, sir?"

Guy abandoned Kim without a second thought, lust for this new mixed woman overpowering any desire to satisfy her. Gasping for breath as he let go of her throat, the Asian beauty let out a weak whine as she was neglected for a second time. He could practically feel her hurt gaze on him as he stood up, taking the teenaged girl by the chin. Her hopeful eyes gleamed as he tilted her face towards him, breath coming quicker as he looked at her for a long moment. She was truly lovely, and he would want to remember how she'd looked before he ruined her.

"On your knees," he said simply. She dropped, a beautiful smile on her face as her chest heaved with panting breaths. The puffy peaks of her dark nipples were hard, light brown fingers slipping into her yoga pants as his cock rested across her face. She at licked it eagerly, eyelids fluttering as she moaned. Behind her the girl's mother kept a hand on her daughter's shoulder, rubbing slowly and watching with pride.

Pulling off the teen's hair-tie, Guy freed her from her ponytail, running his fingers through her beautiful kinked hair before gripping it tightly between his fingers. Eager, the girl was rapidly stroking him with her lips and tongue, suckling briefly at his cockhead like a pacifier each time she came to the tip. If he let her keep on like this he was half convinced she might start to nibble him, displaying a hunger to have cock in her throat that was ravenous beyond anything he'd ever seen.

Using her hair like handles, Guy pulled her head forward with a violent jerk, his entire shaft shoving down her throat with a surprisingly small amount of resistance. Perhaps her claims of practice had proven useful, for she barely gagged, fingering herself hard while he held himself deeply within her throat. Little jerks and gurgles signified sparks of pleasure, her happy eyes half-lidded while tears beaded in the corners. Obviously she could not breathe past the obstruction. As he held her there, Guy grew increasingly convinced she might be content to simply asphyxiate like this, to die with neither one of them moving a muscle.

He was not interested in such a passive path. Shifting his grip to the teenager's skull, Guy held it between his palms, giving him maximum ability to both push and pull. Once secure, he wasted no time before starting. His cock drew back, leaving her throat empty before violently filling it once more.

Guttural groans and cries came muffled through his dick as the girl gave sign of her enjoyment, sounding off each time his cockhead buried itself at its deepest point, her face slamming against his pelvis. He battered her with his body, thrusting against her to increase the impact each time, breaking her nose within a bare few thrusts and slowing not at all afterward. The pain must have been absolutely blinding, yet the girl kept on without recoiling, helping him put his cock as deep in her throat as she could get with every stroke. Tears poured down her cheeks unceasingly as her eyes grew glazed, her awareness focused now on the abuse of her body, the lack of oxygen in her lungs. He would hold himself within her for long moments, ensuring her slow asphyxiation while her hands almost mindlessly pleasured herself, fingers tugging her hard nipples and pumping within her slit.

Behind her, her mother watched her own daughter's slow death with lecherous appreciation, biting one lip while her dark fingers rubbed rapidly between her legs. Her mature body was upright, proud of herself and her daughter beneath the gazes of all the other women. Proud that they were good enough to entice a man away in the middle of sex, a feat impressive enough that no one here would soon forget it.

Almost the antithesis of the African mother, Kim lay abject on the ground behind Guy, crying silently at being abandoned again for another. Piteous in her dejection, she kept her legs spread wide while she tearfully masturbated, others smirking or giggling while subtly pointing at her. Red-faced and panting, the pathetic woman abused her own slit while she watched yet another woman get what she had wanted so much, too ashamed to look at anyone else, yet too desperate to run away.

Lungs starting to heave, the mulatto teen had wrapped her arms around Guy's legs, locking her body against his thighs while he punished her face with the rapid abuse of his violent thrusts. Sounds like sobbing came from her throat, blood leaking from her broken nose while drool ran down her dark red lower lip, dripping off her chin. Her face looked like the victim of abuse, bruising around the bridge of her nose, redness tinging the edges of her tearful eyes. Yet no victim could ever look so radiant as they received their blows, would never show such bliss while they were choked so cruelly.

Pushing himself in and staying deep, Guy held her face pressed up against his crotch, her saliva slick chin brushing against his balls. Lips formed a ring around the base of his cock, and he felt her frantic whimpers as vibrations through his flesh, signaling the beginning of the end. Instinct began to take hold, her body bucking and shaking as it tried to get air, his hands holding her head firmly in place. Her arms unclasped from around him, pushing at his thighs for a brief moment before she regained control. With desperate urgency, the girl rammed two fingers into her tight slit, other hand using two more fingers to rapidly circle her clit. A final drawn out scream came up from her lungs as she wasted the last of her breath, crying out her orgasm as her whole body twitched, twitched…

Then fell still.

Slowly, Guy watched the light go out of her eyes, felt the movements of her mouth cease and her muscles slacken. Her mouth popped off his cock as she collapsed like a lifeless doll, beautiful body folded unnaturally at his feet.

Despite the thrill of taking another life, despite how skillfully she had pleasured him, Guy's cock only twitched, not quite at the cusp of orgasm. Habit made him look towards the nearest woman, eyes meeting those of the girl's mother. The dark skinned woman was still playing with herself, looking back at him with a sultry gaze. Pulling down her blouse, she exposed chocolate brown breasts to him, nearly coal black nipples identical in shape and stiffness to those of her dead daughter at their feet. Kneeling down beside the corpse of her progeny, she took responsibility for the girl's unfinished business, reaching out and beginning to expertly stroke Guy's throbbing cock. Saliva eased her along, palm and fingers gliding across his skin in a delicious sensation while those mature, seductive eyes held him in their spell. Feeling the pleasure build, still riding a wave of sadistic thrill, a sudden idea took Guy as he received her expert service.

Though his eyes were enamored with her bouncing breasts, he out reached to her, taking the woman's head in his hands as he had held her daughter's. His grip firmed, holding her beneath the jaw on one side, at the temple on the other. It was clear she understood his intent, starting to stroke him faster as her other hand rubbed her clit.

"Do me too," she whispered to him. As she spoke, she came, tremors of orgasm running through her while she let out a deep, satisfied moan. He groaned with her, her blatant entreaty and expert hand pushing him past the brink. Her last act was to point his cock downward, doing so as soon as she felt the first throb of orgasm pass along his shaft.

Twisting her head sharply with both hands, Guy snapped the woman's neck as he painted her breasts with the first rope of his cum, cutting off her cries of pleasure in an instant. Wide brown eyes and a small, satisfied smile froze on her face, her body twitched slightly as he continued to paint her dark bosom white, thick droplets of seed sticking to her skin, running down her cleavage, dripping off her nipples like milk. His cock continued to throb within her dead grip, unloading everything she and her daughter had earned with their sacrifice.

When it was finally done, he let her fall, letting go of her skull and watching her drape limply across her daughter. Catching his breath, he looked across the room for the first time in a while, measuring once more the other women's reaction to his snuffing spree. Contrary to his expectation, the amount of watchers in the room had actually increased, several unfamiliar women leaning against the wall by the door. They appeared to have wandered in, perhaps catching sight or sound of the show as they passed by. Others were women who had left initially, then come back after curiosity had begun to overwhelm fear. Then, of course, were those who had never left. They were the ones masturbating, watching him with the ready eagerness of a dog hoping for its master to call it over. Any one might be ready to die for him, he thought. It was incredible that he'd never known this, never pushed to this ultimate limit of his masculine privilege. Here he thought he'd understood women, all while holding back from this most potent of pleasures.

Trembling fingers took hold of his hand, and Guy turned to see Kim by his side. Her alluring features were almost unrecognizable, misery and desperation making them into a pinkened mask of shame, a constant blush seeming to cover her entire face. She'd been utterly disgraced before everyone watching, passed over twice by the man she'd brought here. At the same time, she was as obviously aroused as the mulatto girl had been when Guy had let her taste him, her body craving more of his neglect, humiliation, and abuse. Bruises encircled her throat from when he'd begun to choke her, arousal coating her thighs from all she'd seen. She was fully nude now, having stripped for him to put her thickset figure fully on display. For the first time that day Guy felt some of the same fiery lust he'd experienced when he'd seen her on the street, her filled out curves seeming to beg for him to use her body for his pleasure.

Despite it all, it was apparent Kim was still determined to get hers, to receive the same gift Guy had given the other three girls. After her complete disgrace until this point, she wanted to go out as strong as she could. To that end, she had gone to her ridiculous purse and retrieved one of her cheap, MLM knives. Offering it now to him, she held it up like a squire giving a weapon to their knight, smiling pathetically through her tears.

"S-sweetie, won't you use this on me? I'd love it if you'd take it." Pushing it forward more insistently, her voice whined with desperation as Guy merely looked down at her, blank. "None of them would have let you cut them! Not like me, I'll let you, I'll be your snuff slut, I'll be anything you want please just take it and fucking stab me please!" Shuffling forward on her knees, fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. "Cut my belly or anywhere, I don't care. You can slit my throat, or take my insides out, whatever you want sweetie just take the knife, take it and stab me and cut my skin please please please. My guts will be pretty for you, prettier than theirs would be, prettier than any of them! Please, snuff me… please… please…"

Her shoulders shook, hunched as her eyes brimmed over. The blade shook in her hands as she began to cry in earnest, face turning downward. Almost Guy felt bad for the wretched woman, hearing her desperate nonsense for what it was. If he was not so intrigued by her offer he might have left her there, let her deal with her own snuffing if she felt so inclined.

Instead he took the knife from her, hefting in his hand as she suddenly looked back up at him. A hopeful little smile played about her lips, not quite able to stick as half-anticipated yet another humiliation, another round of watching him fuck and pleasure and snuff someone else while she watched and felt hot jealousy warm her slit from within. Her cow-eyed lust for her own turn at destruction only encouraged him more, giving Guy a fresh surge of bloodlust that lead to his hand wrapping itself around her throat, dragging her up onto her feet and pushing her up against the same wall where he'd snuffed the instructor.

Breathlessly watching, the other women had gone silent when he'd taken the knife, seemingly awed at the prospect of what might be about to happen. Kim had gone quiet too, save for a few soft little hiccups and pitiful whines. Her eyes never left him, filled with some broken kind of infatuation as he lifted the knife to her breasts.

She held still for him when he began to cut, only squeaking softly as her skin first broke, shivering against the wall as he traced slow patterns with the knifepoint. Red welled up in the path of the blade, droplets of blood dribbling down her body. The incisions were shallow, but hurt enough to make Kim begin to masturbate. She huffed weakly while she watched his face, seeming to love the sadistic glint in his eyes more than the agony itself.

The twisted cut trailed downwards in slow, meandering turns, the point of the knife finding its way to a spot a few inches below the bottom of Kim's sternum. Her body was arched, pushing out her hips and abdomen as if presenting them to her lover, offering up her body in her unquestioning willingness. Her whole body was twitching with her rapid breaths, hyperventilation making her stomach seem to flutter beneath the knifepoint, anticipation building to a fever pitch throughout the room. Kim's eyes were wide, biting her lip as she spared a glance down at herself. She was just in time to watch the knife slide in, a nearly effortless push providing the force to bury the blade several inches within her belly.

Kim's breath stopped in a sudden lurch, the feel of the cold steel within her reaching her brain before the pain. Guy's eyes did not see her smile, her silent laugh of exhilaration and joy. In that moment, she knew she'd gotten what she wanted. She was done for, had given herself to him a way no other woman he'd taken before her could boast. Not even the ones whose corpses littered the floor, cooling slowly while they awaited the next to join them.

Blood bubbled out around the blade as Guy heard a few cries of orgasm from around the room, women who'd been masturbating unable to help but climax from seeing him bury his knife in the beautiful Asian. It was a pity, he thought. They couldn't have held out for the best part.

Sliding the knife downward, he slit Kim's abdomen open as easily as one might cut through tape on a package, opening her up all the way down to her pelvis in a single slice. Intestines immediately began to bulge out, eager to be free of their long confinement, loops of the tangled organs starting to fall free from her. Kim herself seemed amazed, unable to comprehend what had done to her, only thrilled that it had been. Hyperventilating, her bloody breasts heaved as she reached down to touch her own guts. Her arms shook, hands useless except to dig into her own body as she suddenly giggled, a stupidly blissful smile on her face. Then she jerked in surprise, letting out a long gasp as her head tilted back, pleasure making her legs quiver uncontrollably. Squirt sprayed past Guy's fingers where he'd touched her, reaching past hanging guts to gently stroke Kim's clit. He felt her pussy twitch, felt the hot dribble of juices, her entire body reacting to the sharp, unexpected climax. He stabbed upward with the knife while she began to cum, driving it with all his strength below Kim's sternum and straight up into her heart.

He knew he'd made his mark when she shuddered violently, almost falling in sudden surprise. Blood poured down his forearm, buried up to the wrist within her body. The thrill of snuffing surged within him again as he watched her die from up close, her dazed face still smiling as her lifeblood rapidly ran out, pussy still quivering against his hand as her orgasm kept on. Leaning forward, he kissed her then, feeling her mouth weakly respond for a few seconds before life left her completely.

This time he set the body down slowly, cradling Kim's corpse in his arms and putting it down beside the instructor. His cock was a rod of steel before him, arousal at a fever pitch after such an incredible, passionate kill. Straightening, he looked out at the room once more, knife hanging from one bloody hand. His clothes were stained with blood, shaft sticky with the saliva and juices of the dead. In his eyes glinted a hunger he'd never known he had, the hunger that was the reason men had such a reputation in this world of women. Lust for both sex and blood were stoked within him now, and he would take his fill of both. Women around him began to approach, vying to catch his eye, to die or be used or both, as he pleased.

As he reached out to take another one, he wondered how many he would get through today, and how many he would have to keep for tomorrow.
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Buzzard's Fire Emblem Fics

I'm going to post what I've written so far here, so it's all in one thread rather than spread out. And any additional work will be posted here as well!
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Dipper and Mabel: The Virginal Birth

Dipper went down the stairs. He had been having some very good personal time by reading ancient sumerian manuscripts he found on the Gravity Falls bank, and they told of wonderous and wise things about ancient akkadian civilisations.

"Ah, if only I could share this knowledge with the scientific community" he sighed, he really hoped to share his discoveries with the world and be immortalised as a god scientist emperor and get all the babes so he could make Wendy jealous for not letting him rape her.

But alas, such tomfoolery would have to wait. He went down the stairs because he was really thristy, all that reading of desert city texts had made him invision the wonderous waters of the Tigris and Euphrates and made him want to crave fig juice. So he walked right down the stairs and-


Mabel Pines was laying on the floor, nude from the waist down, shoving her pet pig Waddles into her grostesquely engorged snatch, the poor animal kicking and screaming as most of his torso was within Mabel's hateful uterus, inflating her belly in a pig-shaped mound, her hands on the boar's arse and shoving him further into her vagina. Around her laid the mutilated corpses of goats, woodpeckers, crocodiles and children, the limbs hacked off and thrown together in a pile, while a massive goblet of gold laid beside her, full of filth and the blood of saints.

"Ah, just in time, Dipper my brother!" she moaned evilly and whoristically, "Watch as I transcend my pitiful existence and become the greatest of all calamities!"

And so she dipped (geddit) her fingers on Waddles' anus and covered them in bloody pig diarrhea, and wrote on her forehead "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth", and licked and swallowed the remaining dung with much pleasure. With a final thrust, she shoved the rest of Waddles body up her canal, only his hindhoofs remaining outside. Her womb then began to constrict, and Waddles was slowly and painfully masticated to death, his internal organs and bones completly smashed and crushed within those fleshy halls, blood, viscerae, fat, bile and shit flowing forth from Mabel's vagina as the pig was destroyed. Mabel moaned with much hatred and pleasure and bobbed her head wildly like Animal in The Muppets movie, screaming in eldritch tongues obscenities against existence. In a few minutes, a massive pool of Waddles' fluids laid before her, and his bump inside her was drastically reduced, only a small hill that barely indicated there was a pig previously inside. With a final push, Waddles' hooves came inside, and the dead pig was completly within Mabel's uterus.

"Now Dipper my twin, I am pregnant with the messiah of darkness and despair, the greatest Beast that shall lay the world in ruin! You shall do as I say, or else there will be grave…CONSEQUENCES!"

Dipper could only whimper, he was completly horrorfied by the whimsical display of violence and suinophobia before him, and much disliked the way the children's bodies were arranged. If only he could rape Wendy to get his mind off this.

"Good, now take me to hospital so that I may give birth the the Prince of DEATH with dignity and uncomplications!" Mabel said, taking a sip from her goblet of holy blood and shit.

"B-but you only got preganted now!" cried Dipper fearfully and confusedly.

"Indeed, but I am the Whore Queen, my pregnancy only lasts as much as I desire!"

And to prove her point, her belly was now fully round like at the end of pregnancy. Evil, eldritch noises could be heard from within her, and the bulges of what appeared to be tentacles and hooves appeared on it. Screaming faces of children occasionally appeared, frozen in abstract suffering and terror. Dipper swallowed a gob of spit, and led the way to the car.

"I have to prevent my sister from birthing!" he thought secretly to himself, "I musn't let this abomination be born and ruin my chances to get revenge on Wendy!"

So Dipper drove the car, but through a thin road in the middle of the forest. Tons of gnomes, squirrels and school children were trampled to death by the wheels, their intestines rolling around the tires and spewing blood and shit everywhere. Mabel much liked, devouring the filth with much pleasure, but she got suspicious of Dipper.

"Brother, the road to the hospital is not here!" she hissed evilly like a dementia siren with congenital vaginitis and hateful pus globs of despise.

"Uh, this is a short cut to the hospital! I musn't make the baby wait!"

"Oh, okay."

But Dipper…WAS LYING! He wasn't taking her to the hospital, he was taking her to the Gravity Falls ABORTION CLINIC! He had gone there many times to spy on Wendy having abortions, he secretly impregnated her in her sleep because abortion was his favourite fetish and he liked to inflict it on the woman he wanted to rape. So after a few minutes they arrived at a massive clearing with a large un-asphalted parking lot, full of red dust from fetus blood. The abortion clinic was a simple wooden building made of rotten wood that was falling apart, with huge flashing neon letters saying "GRAVITY FALLS ABORTION CLINIC: 100% DISCOUNT FOR NON-WHITE BABIES".

"Dipper, I don't think we're in the hospital" grunted Mabel.

"N-n-no Mabel we ARE in the hospital! The letters, they are out of order, so it's "Gravity Falls Hospital" spelled backwards!"


Just then, a huge flash of cancerous white light appeared, and out of it came an ugly looking perv man with green and gold clothes and stupid horn apparatuses on his helmet…LOKI!

"Mmm baby yeah fuck me!" moaned Loki whorily, humping the air like a Zeus ravaged Ganymede.

"…let's just go inside" Mabel concluded.

So the twins entered the devil and ugly building. Inside there was a small reception room, the seats were all mouldy and covered in fungi and lichens. Rats, lizards and centipedes run around everywhere, eating the remains of the previous abortions. A small flickering bulb illuminated the place, and in the reception cabin was an old man full of warts, tumours and abcesses oozing putrid necrotic pus, with broken glasses, blooshot eyes, rotten yellow teeth and wearing a dirty white lab coat full of diarrhea stains and brown trousers full of mould and obnoxious vomit.

"Good evening" he hissed devily, "I take your are our clients?"

"Yes, my sister is in desperate need of a… release…" said Dipper, chosing his euphemisms carefully.

"Ah, yes, I can see that" the devil man said, flickering his forked reptile tongue lustfully at Mabel, "Shall we go in?"

"My brother must come too, he must witness the triumph of darkness!" grinned Mabel satanically.

"Indeed, he shall do more than just watch…"

Dipper didn't like that implication one bit, but before he could protest the good Doctor opened the door to the operation room and Mabel grabbed his arm and dragged him there.

"My God, what have I done?" whimpered Dipper to himself in thought, "I should have never come to this clinic!"

The abortion operation room was in no better state than the rest of the building, all the equipments and machinery were severely rusty and dirty, the computer monitors were severely decayed and full of moss, and the tools were all embuded in blood and shit crust. Pools of stagnant, shitty water were spread all across the floor, and the only unruined and undamaged thing in the place were the two massive, hellish red lights that illuminated the room. The air was thick and humid, with a severe rotten stench that made Dipper gag and vomit his stomachal contents: french fries, burritos, elephant cum, undignified rotten nipples and oreos. Mabel eagerly sat on the operational chair, imediately taking out her pants and showing her cancerous, tumour-filled pussy, oozing black, oily blood and yolk-like fluids. Her labia were full of abcesses, while her clitoris was decaying and rotten.

"I'm not going to lie, this will hurt like a bitch" moaned the doctor, looking at her pussy with salivation in his mouth.

"Go forth. What is pain to a whore but her thrall of MADNESS!?" said Mabel wisely.

Dipper try to look away, incest was a line he would not cross. But in his endless misogyny and desire to rape women, he could not look away from his sister's rotten, but exceptionally virginal, vagina. As the machine approached the pussy and the serrated, shit encrusted blades touched the hatefully carcinogenic labia and bathed themselves in the putrid liquids, the animalistic sexuality instincts of a man began coursing through his veins… his heart began beating faster… his blood began to run more rapidly… his cheeks became rosier and blsuhing… his penis began TO ERECT! Not before long, he was a most morose drooling RETARD, his one inch prepubescent cock finding itself tight in his blue trousers and polka dot panties, which the hungry sexuality dick had sliped out of and was now touching the zipper, the beautiful soft penis head bruising against the cold, hard metal. So, with his mind shut off and his zoological drives in control, he took off his pants, revealing his sexual organ to the world, lacking no shame or publicity.

"I see you like pussy… OF YOUR OWN SISTER!?" cackled Mabel crudely.

Just then Dipper's mind snapped back to normal and he was feeling very ashamed, trying to cover his wonderous and hot man lavender fruit. But the doctor grabbed him and put him ON HIS CROTCH!

"Now you're going to see what a REAL man has!" said the doctor lustfully.

Dipper was terrified and tried to turn his head away, but the doctor zipped his pants, and revealed a huge, 17 inch cock, that he rubbed against Dipper's face, covering it in precum. Dipper was amazed, he never knew men were so attractive and sexy, and the doctor's strong, manly musk filled his nostrils with pure masculine pleasure and arousal. His penis darted like the mighty lance of Týr upon Fenrir's foul mouth, and he inhaled and savoured that fine man smell, filling his lungs like powerful clouds. And nothing until that point had felt more natural and right.

"Doctor, your wonderous phallus is very sexy in my face" moaned Dipper whoristically, rubbing his cheeks and nose against the powerful doctor erection.

Full of pleasure and desire, Dipper, licked the shaft, and the doctor moaned. He licked all over the underside, then he went down to the balls, inhaling that powerful odour as the pubic hairs brushed against his face, licking those tasty, huge, succulent bals, kissing them, wriggling them about with his tongue, sucking them. They were almost as big as his mouth, so he salivated a lot, and made them all the more delicious.

"Oh, my boy, you are the best ball sucker this side of Oregon, "moaned the doctor sexually.

Dipper felt very complimented, so he swiftly licked upwards until he reached the powerful penis head, and oh God was it amazing. The head was huge, almost a fourth of the penis, and so much more tasty than the balls, oozing with yummy precum that Dipper milked. The doctor was circumcised, his dick was a perfect fuck machine not designed to masturbate but to have someone else pleasure, and Dipper gladly took that role, licking the head all over. Dipper was so overwhelmed by lust that he could take it any longer, and began sucking on that wonderous penis of a scientific body, blowing on it like a baby on a rotten mother's teat with much fervor and passion, moaning into the cock and sending delicious slivers of pleasure up the doctor body. Even though Dipper had never sucked a dick before, he was amazing at it, not a single teeth touching the cock head and the tongue enveloping the underside perfectly.

"Oh, oh, that's amazing!" moaned the doctor, completly lost in reckless abandon.

Meanwhile, the machine began stretching Mabel's putrid hatchery of maggots she calls vagina. Because the vaginal walls were very rotten and decaying the endometrium was completly peeled off like banana skins, releasing gallons upon galoons of black, necrotic blood that mixed with the shit crusts of the blades. The cervix was completly closed off by a bundle of large, chartreuse pus filled cysts, so when the blades began opening it they completly burst, making the blood acquire a distinct greenish tone. Mabel was loving the pain, the sensation of her flesh being ripped apart was the most pleasurable she ever had.

"Oh, oh it's opening!" moaned Mabel like a castrated koala smashed by elephant foot pads of despondency and evil under Helios' harsh glare.

And indeed, it was. Her cervix was completly stretch, making her belly have a huge bulge that was as high as her legs, which aroused the doctor immensely. With Dipper sucking him off as he was, he couldn't hold it anymore.

"My love, I'm going to cum!"

And cum he did, completly emptying his balls on Dipper's mouth, who swallowed everything with much pleasure. He milked the doctor's cock completly, a perfect void where all the cum had gone. But he was unsatisfied, he needed to cum himself.

"Behold, my child is born! HAW HAW HAW!" laughed Mabel evilly.

"WHAT!? But I send you here to abort it, to kill!" cried Dipper.

"That was the plan ALL ALONG!" moaned Mabel hatefully, "I knew that if I went to the hospital the authorities would arrest me and kill my unborn child after following the trail of murdered saints, so I made it so you carried me to the abortion clinic where I'd be safe! Thank you so much, my brother!"

Crap! Dipper had unadvertedly been the architect of his own demise, had fallen into his sister's evil plan! Now the world would be doomed, and he'd never have a chance to take revenge against Wendy… so why did he find himself unable to care?

"By all the gods of Hell, he is beautiful!" said the doctor.

Dipper went to look. Between the machine blades was his nephew, a rapidly growing creature that looked like a satyr, with the body of a man but the hindlimbs of a goat, powerful horns, and tons of tentacles coming from the back. The creature continued to grow and grow, and within a few minutes it was a twelve year old boy like Dipper! He opened his icy blue eyes, and golden hair voered his head. Most important of all, he developed a wonderous matured set of genitalia, frozen in the state of puberty like Dipper, just like the rest of his body.

"Why, hello there, my sexuality uncle!" moaned the satyr boy lustfully, getting off the machine sexily like a prostitute.

Dipper got very horny, and the satyr boy winked, turning around and getting on all fours, twerking his beautful ASSSSSS! Dipper wasted no time, and positioned himself, grabbing his nephew's waist and pushing his penis inside. He was still covered by Mabel's rotten placenta fluids, so he didn't need lube. With a powerful thrust, Dipper was in, and fucked his nephew in wilderness abandon.

"Oh, oh, yes my uncle fuck me GOOD!" moaned the Antichrist, his own penis erect like a falcon upon pitiful pigeons.

His tentacles wriggled about, and all of them inserted themselves on Dipper's arse, double fucking him with much intensity and beauty. Dipper moaned like a mutated kangaroo upon a garden of wonderous lettuces and flowers, his prostate stimulated like never before by these wonderous tentacles. Nothing felt more right or pleasurable in the world.

"I'm going to cum!" moaned Dipper, and he did.

Both boys ejaculated with much pleasure, Dipper on his nephew's ass and the Antichrist on the ground, fertilising it with beautiful flowers of various colours. Soon the vegetation spread everywhere, destroying the abortion clinic and replacing it with untamed wilderness, the beauty of plants growing rapdily and consuming everything, of predatory birds hunting children and cutting them to pieces with their beaks. Mabel and the Doctor were completly destroyed by the plants, which filled their bodies and bursted out, spreading blood and bile everywhere, though quickly cleansed by the devouring roots. Only Dipper and his lover remained.

"That was amazing!" said Dipper, kissing his nephew in the lips.

"You were amazing" he said, his hands rubbing Dipper's back and grouping his ass.

And so the two lovers were forever united by a trail of passion and sexuable activities, as civilisation fell to the might of the wilds.

amen, Amen, AMEN!
R: 4 / I: 0

Preschool BBQ

It had been about 6 months since the apocalypse had suddenly hit, and so far everything had been okay at sunny side preschool program. The founder had been a bit of a disaster prepper, and always kept many months supplies of provisions on hand. They had lost contact with the outside world, and so far all the adults who they sent out to find help had never made it back. A few of the parents had however made it to the school, but it was down to 5 adults and 30 scared tots aged from toddler to around 6 years old.

Everything was going as well as could be considering the circumstances. They rationed their supplies, and read the kids stories, building small fires, and hunting small game nearby. That is until one day they heard the first sounds from the outside world in months. The rumble of motorcycle engines.

First a distant sound and then progressively getting louder, until suddenly it became a deafening sound coming down the semi hidden driveway leading down the wooden path to the school. The parents and teachers all rounded up the children and got them inside just as they caught sight of the first of 20 motorcycles all pulling into the lot. Followed by a box truck, and a off-roader suv.

The cacophony of all the bikes suddenly ended as they cut their engines. All the men on the bikes looked hard and gristled many of them tall and black, with other were muscular caucasians all covered in tattoos, and even a few rough looking women.

The headmistress of the school, and the unofficial leader of the group came out and tried to put on a brave face to all the bikers. She was only 29 years old herself but was the oldest, and was determined to protect the kids. She asked the whole group "can I help you folks with something"?

A large man of about 45 years old tall and handsome, walked over to her with his hand outstretched, smiling with a very welcoming toothy grin he introduced himself. "Hi my name is Vince. We are the destoyers motorcycle club, and we were passing through when we saw the smoke from your fire. We haven’t seen too many people left alive out here, and we figured we should come check on you, and maybe see if we get something to eat, and a safe place to rest for the night"

The way he spoke, and his devilish handsomeness really made the headmistress want to trust him, and his masculinity made her a bit tingly in the moment. But she also realized the perilous ness of this situation. She really wasn’t in any position to say no to this man and his gang, because they could easily overpower her, and take whatever they wanted, she looked over at the other gang members staring at her teenaged staff lustfully and decided her best bet was to just try to barter with the man, and get him to leave ASAP.

She said shakily "sure we can share share a little food, but please we have lots of children inside here, and we unfortunately can no accommodate-…." she stopped herself short as she spotted a young naked girl slung over the back of one of the bikes like a deer, her skin all black and blue, and from her vantage she could clearly see that her privates had been abused a thin trickle of blood leaked from her puffy vagina. Just then she started to hear banging and muffled voices coming from inside the box truck.

Vince traced her eyes to the girl, on the bike and said "I wasn’t asking…." he just let that linger in the air, and then said "don’t worry you will get something to eat too. Tyrone come over here." With that a strapping black man walked over "feed this young lady her dinner" Tyrone unbuckled his belt zipped down his fly and pulled out 9 inches of unwashed black dick into the warm late summer afternoon air. "Well don’t just stare at it bitch" said Vince in a intimidating tone. The woman tearfully leaned down and started sucking on the dirty cock that had been marinating in the mans jeans for weeks. Still white with rings of sex juices from all the unfortunate women he had raped since his last bath. She set out to suck the cream out of all these men still holding onto a glimmer of hope this was all going to be okay. But Vince was loosing interest, and his stomach was growling.

He informed the men to throw a huge amount of wood on the fire for tonight they feasted.

As he approached the door to the school one of the 2 dads tried to stand in his way, Vince effortlessly bitch slapped the frail former office worker, and yanked the door open to find the mother lode. The all you can eat buffet of his wildest dreams, you see in these months on the road since the world ended, and there was no more law and order, meat had gotten scarce, and all the grocery stores were cleaned out. It really didn’t take long at all before they started hunting humans to fuck and kill (in no particular order), and it took even less time to find out that the absolute filet mingnon of eating humans were the soft genitals of a prepubescent child. Here in front of him in the large one room school house were 30 young children all sitting Indian style looking up at him.

Instantly his dick was diamond hard.

Snapping out of it he pulled out a large Bowie knife and stabbed one of the staff right in her stomach to show he wasn’t fucking around. She hit the floor screaming blood pooling from her wound, and her white polo shirt with the schools name turning crimson red. He then pulled all the adults from the group inside besides the mistress who now was drinking her fifth ejaculation, and had a large cock stretching her fertile cunt.

Vince said "look make this easy on us and we will make this easy on you. I want everyone in this room completely naked in 6 minutes or I start hurting the kids. Vince made sure they new he meant business by driving his knife directly through the eye socket of the thrashing woman he had stabbed earlier killing her instantly. The adults all frantically started pulling the small clothes of off all the young children exposing smooth hairless mounds, tiny little penises, and cute fat bellies on toddlers.

Vince hesitantly took his eyes off of the erotic sight of his dinner getting undressed to venture into the walk in Cubard attatched to the room. Inside he found a huge cache of shelf stable foods. He opened up the back door ant told his men to come and get the food. Leaving only some condiments, a can of beans, and a few hot dog rolls for himself. He grabbed a big bottle of Hershey chocolate sauce off of the shelf and walked off.

Returning to the main room he found all the children and the adults standing there naked all looking at the dead woman by the entrance knife still protruding from her face.

"Any of you the parents of these kids" asked Vince. Sheepishly two fathers and mothers raised their hands. "Go ahead and grab your kids. We are going to show them how to have a good time with uncle Vince" The parents all wanted to fight back every fiber of their being wanted to attack this man, but they were so scared that they all without a word grabbed their kids and brought them to Vince as he was unbuckling his pants.

One of the fathers was the man he had slapped earlier. Sporting a black eye and a missing tooth he walked up with his 13 year old daughter who worked here, and his 4 year old daughter who attended. The other was part of a couple they had a very young son, and a 6 year old daughter which the presented to Vince who was now naked from the waist down his thick cock eye level to the young girl and a few short inches from her face. The last was a visibly pregnant mother who never even knew she was knocked up upon arriving here, and was now near her delivery date. Her young son had a nice little cock on him. Somehow hanging down pendulous with some smooth meaty testicles Vince could taste it in ha mouth already.

Vince said "okay I am going to rape you and your kids now. Me and the boys are going to fuck you all to death, and then eat you. Believe me though there is a easy way and a hard way. If you play along I will make it easy on you, if not I am going to make you suffer" The parents all took this news hard but he had so much gravitas they just resigned themselves to it. He then squirted a big dollop of chocolate sauce on his cock, and said "teach her how to suck it" and guided his cock to the little girls mouth.

The parents encouraged her to suck the chocolate off of his cock and she did the little to contentedly began to bob on Vince’s rock hard cock. He looked over at the father of the 13 year old and told him "fuck your daughter with our tiny cock". The man tearfully obliged and began to rape his daughter. To the pregnant woman he told her to bring her boy over. Leaning down he sucked the innocent tots cock into his mouth. Savoring the flavor, and being a bit surprised as it stiffened as he sucked on it.

Vince laid down on the ground and told the parents they had 5 minutes to get their six year old daughters cunt ready for his 10 inch cock so mommy better get to munching her pussy then daddy needs to break her in with his 5 inch cock, and leave a load deep in her belly to lubricte her. He relished watching their heart sink but sure enough the mom said’’ lay down sweetly mommy is going to lick your pee pee" then the blonde mom expertly began to suck on the puffy pudenda weaving her tongue deep into her daughters tiny slit. After a few minutes her father lines up his average sized cock and begun to fuck his daughters tight pussy bottoming out with only 3 inches in. Her pussy tight as a vice on his dick.

Vince all the while was lovingly sucking the young boys cock, lightly biting the balls and the head, sucking the whole unit into his mouth balls and all, lightly chewing on the base of his cock. He looked over at the father tearfully slowly raping his daughter, and suddenly he saw red. He reached over with his powerful arm and drug the rutting dad and daughter over near him. He said that’s not fucking, this is fucking and no lube slipped his dick up the fathers ass with him penis still firmly embedded in his daughters tight vagina. Vince started brutally raping the fathers ass forcing his penis to begin to brutally rape his daughter. Before long to dad couldn’t take it anymore and dropped his load deep in his daughters womb.

Vince said "look at the mess you made" and forced the fathers head down to clean up her vagina while still getting railed I’m the ass. The father cried as he was forced to lick the cum from the pussy while being totally immaculated by Vince in front of his wife. He looked up at the wife standing there naked her fingers in her snatch rubbing furiously, so turned on to see her husband cuckolded and her family dominated by a real man. He threw the man off of his dick and then fed it to his wife, letting her suck her husbands ass off of it, then he let her feast on her daughters cunt extracting some of the cum out of her sore hole. Then she guided Vince to the hole and he began pumping splitting the 6 year old cunt in two. Fucking deep in her stomach. The outline of his cock clear up by her chest as he brutally raped her.

He brought the boy back over and sucked deeper and harder on his cock. As he railed the tight 6 year old cunt he lavished more and more love on the succulent cock. Deeper, and deeper he fucked, until his balls began to boil. Then all at once he went over the edge and came deep into the young cunt, and simultaneously bit down on the little cocklet in his mouth right at the root. Looking deep into the boys mothers eyes huge tugged back on the cock in his mouth while his cock pumped load after load into the young girl. During his final climax his mouth finally tugged the boys cock free, and he laid back in total heaven chewing on the smooth raw penis in his mouth marveling at the taste of the boy sashimi, and wondering who to eat next.

Un prompted the slut mother dipped down and sucked the sex cream from her daughters ruined vagina, and the pregnant woman slowly sobbed as her son bled to death.
R: 2 / I: 0

Happy Cows

This is actually one of my favorite Fetishes. This is also the first time I had ever wrote a story like this, so please don't be upset with how it's written!

Callie Trishtan walked into the office of one Miss Victoria Bradshaw. Callie was a lovely woman, dark, mocha skin, with long black hair, though it was up in a bun at this time. She had a lovely, curvy body, though it was hidden under a grey suit, and wore black heels. She looked around the tastefully done decor with her greyish blue eyes, and waited for Victoria to speak.

Victoria had lovely, milky white skin, and long, chocolate brown hair that went right past her hips, and looked like a waterfall that flowed around her. She looked at her with her deep green eyes, and smiled with her ruby lips. She wore a pink blouse, with a black skirt that went just a bit above her knees, but she wore red sneakers. Along with a white coat most people would wear at farms and factories like this.

“So, would you like a bit of water?” Victoria asked her.

Callie wanted to refuse, but it did feel rather hot in that room. “Yes, I would love some.”

Victoria got her secretary to get her one glass. “So, you want a tour of my farm?”

Callie nodded, setting her suitcase on her lap. “Yes, your Happy Cow Farm is leading the market for woman meat, and my boss wants to make sure that it’s on the up and up before thinking of investing.”

“Of course, Of course.” Victoria said, as her secretary came in with the water. She waited for Callie to take a few sips of the cold water before continuing. “I can give you a tour right now, if you wish.”

“Yes, that would be prudent.” Callie said, rather cooly, standing up.

Victoria rose with her, and lead her out of the office, and down the hallway, leading to a door that leading out to a large, beautiful green field, lined with trees.

“Now, here at happy cows, we raise our own meat.” Victoria went. “We breed them, we raise them, we take good care of our cows, until it is time to process them.”

“I had heard-” Callie went, looking around. “That you use genetic engineering for your meat?”

“That is correct.” Victoria went. “We made our pretty cows ourselves.”

Just then, a few naked children were running past, trying to catch a ball someone threw. They all had cow ears, and a tail flying around them. Yet, there were maybe 2 boys she sees, and the girls looked like they were developing breasts already.

“They age rather quickly.” Victoria told her, watching Callie’s reaction. “Those children are only a month old.”

Callie whirled on her. “A MONTH?”

Victoria beamed. “That’s right! They start to grow rather quickly, and after another month, they will appear to be full grown adults. The females will be then taken to the barn to begin milking, and eventually, breeding.”

“And the boys?” Callie asked.

“They will be mostly used for Breeding. They impregnate the ones that are able to give birth, but they only have a small window available for them for breeding. After that, they are useless, and then become meat.”


Callie looked and saw one of the males, looking like a young teen, had tackled a female, and was thrusting into her.

“Whoops. Just a moment.” Victoria got a radio out. “Hey, Bill? Number 22 is starting to breed. You need to get him to the Breeding room, now.”

“On it!” A deep voice came from the radio.

Victoria looked at the vistorer. Callie was just staring intently at the male, as he thrusts into the female. The female did look like she was struggling a bit, but soon, she was trying to move against him.

Her lower stomach felt a little funny, suddenly.

Just then, a man came out of a nearby building, and went right for the male. He was 6’5, a mix of muscle and fat, and had a rough looking face. He was wearing only overalls, his arms and chest bear, and a cap over his dark hair. Callie watched as he picked the male up, and then down on the grown. The Male tried to fight him, but he was effectively pinned down. Bill locked him into a cock cage, and then bound his arms with rope.

“Now, what he is doing.” Victoria said next to the guest, making her jump a bit. “Is he is going to bring him to the room where we breed our cows.”

Callie watched as he shoved something up the male’s ass.

“Although he is getting ready to breed, he’s not quite there yet. So, he is kept in a constant state of arousal, and will watch other males mate until we deem him ready to breed.”

“That-” Callie’s voice cracked a bit, and she cleared it. “That seems rather cruel.”

Victoria nodded. “Well, yes, but it ensures that he doesn’t spend himself too soon. And he’ll be more willing to mate with females for hours a day.”


Victoria gave her a sensual smile. “Lets go to where the females go when we are ready to milk them.”

Callie nodded, and followed her into the other building. It was shaped like a barn, and the sounds of mooing, and machines, were loud.

Inside, they found stalls, with grown cow women inside. They were laying on their stomachs, on what looked like padded stools. Their arms and legs were cuffed, stretching out the limb, and keeping them in place. A fucking machine was working both of their asses and pussies, and a tube in their pee hole kept them from making a mess. Large suction cups were placed over each large breast, sucking out the delicious looking milk into huge containers next to them. An open mouth gag was secured around their heads, with a tube pushed into their open mouths.

Some weird, grey, oatmeal looking substance was flowing into their mouth. All of their eyes looked like they were in a sexual haze, and not aware of anything around them.

“This is the milking room.” Victoria told her. “For 16 hours a day, they are fed a special substance that keeps them fed and watered, and keeps them in a constant state of arousal.”

Callie’s legs felt a little weak, and she felt a strange heat forming in her. “So…they are orgasming constantly?”

“Oh, no, that would cause more harm than good.” victoria told her, waving a hand. “They are on the edge of an orgasm, only allowed to cum once every four hours. This way, we get more milk out of them, and we don’t have to worry about them cumming to death.”

Callie looked at one cow, and had to wonder what that felt like? As they walked along the rows, she was surprised to find one cow that was blindfolded, and looked like she had headphones on her head.

“What’s with this?” She asked looking at Victoria.

“Oh, that’s a volunteer.”


“Yes, sometimes, we have normal women volunteering to be cows.”

That heat was pooling in Callie’s nether regions. Her throat felt dry again.

“They…they volunteer?” she asked, sounding surprised, and a little aroused.

Victoria gave her a half smile, and put a hand on her shoulder. “That’s right. These women gave up their humanity to become cows. Once they sign up, we immediately bring them here. We strap them down, and give them our special mix to eat, and start up the dildos. Once they sign up, they are no longer human.”

Callie’s legs shook, something that Victoria pretended to miss.

“Oh…but why do you have blindfolds and headphones on them?”

Victoria sighed and waved her hand. “Sometimes, they regret giving up their humanity, so we blindfold them, so they can only focus on their arousal, the fucking, and the milking. The headphones pretty much tell them how their lives as human’s are over, and how they are now Happy Cows.”

She walked over to the cow, and took the wireless headset off. She went over to Callie and put them over her ears.

“-Happy cows. You are not human, you are a milk giving Happy Cow. You won’t be fucked like a human, you will be fucked like a Happy Cow. You won’t have to work in an office, you give milk like a Happy Cow. You won’t give birth to human children, you will give birth to Happy Cows.”

An overwhelming heat rushed through Callie as she listened to the message. Her face became flushed, and sweat ran down her face. Her legs started to give out as she felt an explosion between her legs. She was unable to hide the lustful moan as she felt her body assaulted by the intense pleasure. She felt Victoria catch her as her legs gave out from under her.

“Hoo, boy.” Victoria went. “Um…Come on, honey. Let's get you up.”

She pulled the headset off of her guest’s head, and put them on the stall door. Callie was in a bit of a haze as she was lead to a restroom, and to a stall. It was when Victoria sat her down on a toilet, that she started coming out of it.

“Ok, Um, I’m going to step outside for a moment.” Victoria stated. “And you can come out when you’re ready.”

Callie sat there for a few minutes, just waiting for the pleasure to let go of her head. As she came out of it, she realized, to her horror, that she just had an orgasm right in front of the Owner of Happy Cows.
R: 4 / I: 0

The Girl and the Basement (Torture, snuff, rape, gun play, loli, cannibalism)

Part 1
Akaine opened the door into her cold and dark basement. She shivered for a second and turned the light on. Many eyes opened and widened, some in weariness and confusion, and some in fear. She smiled.

“How is everyone?” She asked the room, but it stayed quiet. There were 4 different young women in the room, with the acception of one young man as well.

There was Yuri, a small girl at the age of 11. She had soft blonde hair in pigtails accompanied by a light pink ribbon. She loved Disney shows and liked playing video games with her older brother.

Nike, a senior in highschool, about to graduate. She had long, purple hair tracing down to her ass. Her body was very grown up, with D sized breasts and nice curves around her belly and thighs. She was a big anime fan and enjoyed the communities. She was a borderline weeaboo, even with a fictional “waifu”. Of course, no one in school knew that.

Jasmine, a 15 year old with short, light brown hair. Her face was very soft looking and she was mistaken to be younger often. She was the only one of the girls wearing clothes, having a light pink skirt on and a small laced bra over her B cup breasts. She likes to watch dramas like Shameless and frequents tumblr.

Christina, a 12 year old in the first year of middle school. She was a bit chubby but still had amazing curves and looked very pretty to Akaine. She had short, brown hair and had a purple ribbon covering most of it. She likes hanging out with her friends and enjoys chatting with people online.

Last but not least, was Adrian. He had dark brown hair that was down to his neck and only briefs covering him. He had been the only boy that Akaine had liked in school, hence why he was down here with the all girls. He liked a lot of video games and lurked on websites like Imgur and Reddit frequently.

Then there was Akaine, a 16 year old girl with long brown hair. She was very shy and girly, and loved cute clothes. She was wearing a short, purple dress that was sparkly and light.
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Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/

Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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Execution of two royal daughters

On this day, the evil incarnate named as Loya had captured and brought two girls to his colosseum to be sentenced to a painful long execution for his own pleasure. Runa and Sari were the daughters of a weak king known as Fuhay, who was inexperienced as a ruler and was mentally and emotionally weak as a person. Eventually the strain of his kingship came upon him and he fled from his home in search of refuge from his responsibilities, hoping to mend his broken confidence.

In his sudden leave, he left behind his two precious daughters who he loved, and all his other family members. With his absence, the evil Loya, an incarnate of evil that had threatened Fuhay for his entire existence, swept in and abducted Fuhay's two daughters and other family members. He planned to humiliate Fuhay through the humiliation of his daughters and executing them in front of a crowd for all to see the price of Fuhay's weakness.

Loya took the two girls to his private colosseum where they would be executed. They stood chained and surrounded by guards in the flat dirt grounds of the arena, surrounded by black and purple walls of spikes that were used to impale and hang victims tossed from the top of the wall. Behind them were high standing bleachers and stands where the crowd would watch the whole execution. Above the colosseum were only dark black clouds and a barrier that kept outside weather from coming into the colosseum.

The two girls were still in their daily home attire and had no wounds but a few bruises and scuffs from when they were subdued and abducted.

Sari was the tall eldest sister but was also a cyborg with her internal muscles, bones, and organs made of metallic parts and bio organic fibers. She was born this way from expirementation done on her mother by a demon named Menik during her pregnancy. Sari's cyborg body under her human skin had never been a drawback for her but would contribute to the pain she would soon experience.

Sari had a slim and tall stature, her body curved gently at the waist while her thighs, hips, and buttocks were rounded and small and her shoulders were short in length. Her arms and legs both were thin and bony with smooth muscle curves to them. She had reddish orange colored hair tied back into two small ponytails and had darker coffee bean colored skin. She had large neon blue eyes fit with a sharp chin and a mouth with pointed thin lips. Sari wore an orange dress that covered her torso and arms completely while going halfway down her thighs in length. She also wore long shiny smooth orange stockings and orange sneakers.

Runa was the younger and shorter of the two sisters, being a normal human instead and inspiring to become a heroic figure amongst her people. Runa had a soft and round chubby stature, her body being completely proportionate with itself. She had wide hips and a moderately busty shaped chest that evened out with a slightly chubby waist, round thighs and moderately beefy arms. Her entire body had muscle to it rather than fat though she was still soft. Runa had an angled chin, soft cheeks, and a small Nordic nose. She had red hair tied back into a short ponytail and also had jade green eyes that had sharp eyelashes. Runa was wearing a dark red t shirt and a pair of shorts that went down to her knees but was barefoot.

Both girls were stood stifling at the prospect of what was about to happen to them. Neither dared to move. Sari's expression remained cold and headstrong but with obvious shudders of fear. Runa on the other hand had her eyes wide and crying and she shivered.

Loya came into his arena and went to stand at the side. With him were Menik and Kossinov, two demons and long time enemies of Fuhay who he had brought to help with the execution.

A feather winged humanoid creature also flew in, followed by a few guards, and came to hover infront if the two girls. It had a scroll in its arms. The creature rolled out the scroll and began reading from it, "Runa and Sari, you are hereby sentenced to death for being the daughters of my sworn enemy, Fuckhay. Your death sentence will be an envon styled suspension, followed by whipping and crucifixion with nails."

With that the creature rolled up the scroll and flew off. As it flew off, the guards raised a tall tree sized metallic pole in the middle of the colosseum. The two girls watched in suspense as the guards prepared the equipment for their execution.

Two guards came up to Runa, one came from behind her and undid the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and held her by the wrists that she did not escape or resist. The second guard came infront of Runa. He gripped the sides of the collar of her shirt and pulled them hard, that the collar ripped and a tear went down its middle, revealing Runa's bare skin and black bra underneath. The tear was so big, the shirt began sliding down Runa's arms. The first guard behind her straightened them out while the second one pulled Runa's shirt down and off her body. She stood shirtless in just her bra and shorts and began whimpering from embarrassment.

The first guard moved Runa's arms forward where the second guard grabbed them and held them tight together. The first guard then grabbed Runa's bra strap and tugged on it until it came apart. He then slid the straps down Runa's arms, causing her bra to come off. The second guard temporarily released her arms to let the bra fall off. Runa's developed breasts with slightly pointed and tender pink nipples were now showing and she began crying. The guards paid no attention to her and moved onto her shorts.

The first guard undid the button holding them, then slid his thumbs down Runa's side and under her panties. He then gripped her shorts with the rest of his hand and yanked down hard, forcing the last of Runa's clothing to come off forcefully.

Runa was now crying tears with no sound as she couldn't cover herself nor hide her shame. Her smooth, slightly chubby but muscled navel was showing, her small puffy and tight vagina glistened between her legs as she tried to squish her thighs together to hide her genital. Her round buttocks showed though with a bit of pubic hair between her legs.

Sari could only stare in horror at what was being done to her sister and started spitting curses at Loya and the guards and demons. They paid no heed to her.

Kossinov then came up to Runa in his white coat and an injection device in his right hand. "This right here are tiny atom microscopic magnets. I will inject them into you and when your body comes in contact with electricity, these tiny magnets will draw out their tiny spikes, impaling your bodies from the inside on the microscopic level and causing you to bleed. They wont kill you though." Kossinov grinned sadistically as he came to Runa and pressed the metallic end of injecting device on her right shoulder. The faces of the two girls expressed the most horrific terror as Kossinov explained to them the effects and purpose of the injection.

He pressed down on the trigger and felt a small jab happen as the needles pierced Runa's skin. She whined from the injection while Kossinov simply grimaced. "This wont be the worst of your pain princess. Trust me". He pulled the device away and six 2×3 little horizontal holes were left on Runa's shoulder from where he injected. He then moved to her right wrist and did the procedure again, leaving behind 6 holes and Runa whining. He then moved to her left shoulder and left wrist and did the same.

Kossinov let Runa go and she instantly grabbed her shoulders, trying to stop the irritating pain from the injections. Kossinov turned to some of the guards and signaled for them. "Take her!". The guards came over and grabbed Runa by her arms and force walked her over to the large pole in the center of the colosseum.

Some guards brought over a long metal hollow bar and set it down on the ground. "Get on it!" the guards barked at Runa but she stood confused by what they meant. Seeing that the girl was refusing to cooperate, two guards took Runa by the arms and forced her down on the ground on her back. They lifted her back as she gasped trying to recover from the force while the guards moved the bar underneath her shoulders, then lowering her back down and spreading her arms out horizontally across the bar.

Runa looked over and saw the guards bring over a generator next to her and attached the cables from it to both ends of the bar. She became fearful of what they were gonna do, but before she realized her fears, the guards turned on the generator and a bolt of electricity shot into the bar and into Runa. Instantly she felt a wave of stinging and burning pain across the back of her shoulders, arms, and wrists. She suddenly felt as though she was attached to the bar and attempting to look over, she saw small spikes had come out the back of her arms and sowed her skin to the metal bar. She was now impaled to it.

Runa's eyes widened and she screamed in agony and terror. Her back arched and her feet kicked around as she tried to writhe from the pain.

Kossinov came over with the injecting device again to next inject Runa's feet. However he could not get her feet to stay still, so with annoyance, he kicked her in the side, causing Runa to spasm and buckle and quit flailing. Seeing his chance, Kossinov took Runa's right foot and placed the end of the device on the top of her foot. He pressed down on the trigger and a sharp twitch came from Runa. Kossinov ignored it and moved straight onto Runa's left foot and injected it. He then moved aside for the guards to come in.

By now Runa was weakened enough that her legs collapsed and fell to the side. One of the guards brought over a shorter metallic beam and placed just under Runa's feet. The guard then pulled her feet down onto the metallic bar so that their soles curved around the bar itself, them held her knees so her legs wouldn't buckle and move out of place.

Another guard took the cables from the generator and now attached them to the smaller bar. He turned the dial and the generator shot a bolt of electricity into the metal bar. Instantly Runa screamed and the guards looked over to see the soles of her feet pinned to the bar at multiple spots that it couldn't be removed. Some blood trickled from Runa's feet from the impalement.

Runa squirmed and whined from the pain, her body was now crucified to two bars to an excruciating degree. Her arms, shoulders, and the soles of her feet were all burning from the pain. Runa would arch her back upwards, showing her navel and causing her legs to spread and show her vagina.

After a few minutes of being left in that state, Runa was approached by Kossinov once more. He had taken out the phial of magnets he was using and input another one into his injector. He dialed through it a bit until it was in optimum condition. Satisfied, he turned back to Runa.

"Now these magnets don't permanently spike up and instead only do when electricity flows through them but then revert to normal." he explained and chuckled. Then he leaned down and placed the injector onto Runa's breast, just above the nipple, and squeezed the trigger. Her then proceeded to do the same to the other breast. Kossinov then moved down to Runa's navel and injected her just below the belly button. He then moved to inject her in her thighs and once more at the upper halves of her arms under the shoulders.

Runa moaned as 6 hole marks were left everywhere on her body. Feeling satisfied with his work, Kossinov ordered Runa to be hoisted up. Two guards came and each grabbed the end of the longer bar and pulled it up with Runa hanging by her skin off of it. The pull of the numerous spikes made Runa shriek from pain. One of the guards moved his hand to Runa's breast and began groping her and squeezing hard on it to create pain. The other guard moved his hand in between her legs and grabbed tightly, causing Runa to start spasming. They then dragged her by the metal bar over to the central pole and moved the bar up to the pole.

Instantly the bar stuck onto the pole from its magnetic pull and Runa groaned as her body thudded from the suddenly pull. The magnet pull began pulling the bar upwards and the guards let it be pulled up by just a bit until Runa was off the ground and hanging by her shoulders and arms. The guards then lifted the short bar with Runa's feet and brought it up against the pole. They then let go and the two bars went flying upwards. Runa screamed as her body was sent flying up. The first bar thudded as it hit the edge of the pole as it was carved out to prevent the bar from completely flying off the pole. Runa thudded as she hit the edge and her body flew up for a brief moment before falling back down in weakness. However the smaller bar kept going up without stopping and pulled Runa's legs into a kneeling position while also separating them apart and showing off Runa's wet vagina.

Runa shivered and whimpered as she hung hundreds of feet above the ground in a humiliating manner, her body exposed for everyone to see and positioned in such an uncomfortable way that it tore at her muscles and joints and made her moan from pain and agony.

Sari stared in horror at her sister, though the guards wasted no time getting to her next. The guard behind her unclipped her dress from the back and pulled the front forward so that it hung by her sleeves and down to her waist, leaving her entire top exposed for a single red bra. The guard ripped apart the thin straps of the bra and it fell away, revealing Sari's small cupped breasts with perky darkened nipples. Sari didn't react as she was in a dazed state.

The guard continued and pulled Sari's dress completely off, leaving her in just her panties, stockings, and sneakers. The tug of the dress being pulled off woke Sari back to her senses and she screamed in a sudden panic of shock and shame. She attempted to cover herself and whipped around to punch the guard but he was too quick and she felt a jab in her stomach and fell over.

The guard pulled back his fist from Sari and proceeded to casually lift her legs and pull the sneakers off each one as Sari lay in pain on tube ground, holding her stomach. He then proceeded to slowly peel down each of the stockings till they released their grasp on Sari's feet and fell off. Seeing as she hadn't yet recovered, the guard leaned down and grabbed the front of Sari's panties and pulled them down off her legs and her feet. Sari lay naked with her glossy smooth vagina in plain site.

Menik came up to stand over Sari's pathetic body and grinned. "You want suffer like your sister. You are part cyborg and that will make this even more painful for you! I will use your strength to my advantage and humiliate you with it!" he mocked her and then signaled to some guards. "Stand her up and take her to that wall over there and chain her!"

Immediately the guards grabbed and dragged Sari by the arms to a wall that had been filled with chains and torture tools. They raised her up and cuffed her wrists and ankles to the wall with her entire body spread against it. The guards then left her as she hanged in clear view.

Menik came up to Sari with small exacto knife in hand. "You are part cyborg so I will strip you down completely and strip you of your human skin. Now let us begin" he laughed and took his knife and moved it to the middle of her chest, just under her neck, without touching her skin with the blade.

Sari's clenched her teeth in a face of terror and anger and hatred at the demon. Her entire body was no exposed to him in whatever manner he wished.

Menik pushed the blade of the knife into Sari's skin and dug in until he felt the blade touch solid metal. White blue liquid came dripping out from the cut and Sari grunted loudly in pain. Menik dragged the blade down Sari's middle, between her breasts, down through her navel, and then through the middle of her vagina until he reached its end. Sari moaned from the pain, though her inner body being metallic prevented her from feeling as much pain had she been a normal human. The white blue liquid gushed out and spilled down onto the dirt ground and the wall Sari was chained too.

Next, Menik moved the blade up to Sari's right wrist and dug his blade in. He cut a line across the front of her right arm until it connected above Sari's breasts with the cut going down her middle. He then moved to her left wrist and made the same cut. Sari continued moaning, annoying Menik who would rather hear her scream.

Menik then moved the knife down to Sari's belly button and dug the blade in. He began cutting diagonally from it and then went down the middle of her right thigh and lower leg till he reached her ankle. He moved back to her navel and made the same cut to her left leg. Then he moved the blade back to the top of the middle cut and cut around in a circle around Sari's neck. She squirmed and groaned from feeling the severance of the skin on her neck.

Menik moved to both her wrists and and made a circular cut around them and proceeded to do the same with her ankles. Now with all the cuts being made, Menik grabbed Sari's skin from her back and she screamed from the amount of force he applied. Menik tugged fiercely at it as Sari shrieked and the skin around the cuts began pulling back more and more. Menik pulled again and this time he felt a large tear as Sari's body jolted up as she shrieked again and her skin slid back to reveal shiny metal parts. He pulled one last time and the skin slid off, revealing Sari's synthetic robotic body. It was a blue steel gray and decorated with synthetic metal muscles and organs., most of it consisting of wired and metal tubes and beams. Her breasts consisted of soft synthetic plating and her vagina was comprised of two metallic pieces that opened and closed.

Sari had dropped back into hanging and panted heavily as she tried to recover from the shock. Her synthetic lungs could be see expanding and minimizing as she breathed. Menik undid her cuffs and she collapsed on the ground in a heap. The guards came in and dragged her onto her feet and she was walked over next to the pole her sister was suspended on.

A few white figures in coats brought over a giant tub of green acidic liquid and placed it infront of Sari. Menik gave a simple snap of his fingers and two guards grabbed Sari by the arms and dragged her down to the tub and shoved her hands in it.

There was a sharp sound of sizzling and Sari shrieked in torment. The guards quickly pulled out her hands, revealing that the human skin had melted away and her metallic bandy hands were no smoking from the acid.

The guards lifted Sari up as she began to protest kick, but to no avail. She dunked her feet into the tub and loud sizzling followed. Sari continued shrieking as the guards pulled out her burning metallic feet and place them back onto the ground. Sari could not hold her own wait from weakness and collapsed on her knees.

Menik watched from behind her and proceeded to put on a long black glove. He walked over and grabbed Sari by the hair and bent her head over the tub. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to be done and screamed "NO! PLEASE N-". Her words were drowned out by guzzling and sizzling as Menik shoved her entire head and neck into the tub.

He pulled out a skeletal like face with organic muscles instead being replaced with synthetic ones. The teeth showed but had eroded to a black rusted color while the head's eyes were rusted gray metallic spheres with blue lights coming from the middle of them where the pupils would be. The eyes were rolled back as the face hung limp, unable to react.

Satisfied, Menik dragged the now stripped robotic skeleton that was Sari and pressed her against the pole. He attached cuffs on each of her wrists and ankles and had them latch onto the pole from the side, leaving Sari's entire front exposed while her limbs were binded behind her. Menik took out an injecting device and placed it against her neck and squeezed the trigger as all of it was emptied out.

"Your robotic body will automatically attract electricity and carry the magnets." Menik stated to Sari who was near unconsciousness. He walked back to stand with kossinov and loya to watch the party.

The barrier above the pole opened, and suddenly with sheer might, lightning struck down and hit the pole. Runa shrieked on top as her body spasmed and blood burst from tiny hole in her body. The pain made her cum and urinate down onto her sister below. Sari in turn shook frantically and her screaming was blocked out by a constant buzz as her robotic body shook and vibrated in the most violent of manners. The lightning quickly and both girls dropped back into hanging as their bodies were released from the pain. The physics of this realm did not allow them to die so easily though and both girls continued to hang as lightning bolts would hit the pole and cause both to spasm.

Loya, Kossinov, and Menik both stood and laughed as the two girls suffered their sentence on the pole. Soon a crowd began to gather and more executions took place of other family members as Sari and Runa hung in constant shaking and spasming.
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Orcess tribe (Dolcett, snuff, executions, amputee)

The orc camp was alive with activity with human, elf and naga (snake women) dances danced around a blazing fire. Each one showing off their bodies to their captors. The orcs were a proud race, they loved the finer things in life even if did disgust others. Normally, the orcs would be in their tents to have their way with the slaves but today was different, today was a celebration of victory over another clan. This tribe of orcs were futanari orcs. Female orcs who have both male and female genitalia and loved women to fuck and eat.

The music began to slow and the dancers stopped before finding a partner in the crowd as a tall orcess walked up. This was Yakik the leader of the clan.

“Today is a good day!” she declared. “We have beaten the Black tooth and absorbed them into ours,” that made the crowd cheer as a naked orcess was dragged by two more orcess. “And as tradition demands,” she said as she looked to the orcess who was forced to her knees. “The leader of the clan who has been defeated must offer their life,”

The orcess looked up with rage in her eyes. “You know nothing of our ways filth!” she spat.
“Well too bad Yukak,” Yakik said as a wooden block with a curve on the top was brought out. “Because your weak line is about to end,” as the orcess said that three young female orcs walked out of a tent and passed the crowd.

Each one of them was naked save only for cuffs around their wrists. As they walked they tried not to look at anyone in shame. Yukak watched in horror as the three lined up behind the block.
“No please,” she begged. “Not them! Amputate them, turn them into slaves, anything but please don’t kill them, please spare my daughters!” tears began to roll down her eyes as she said this but her pleas fell on deaf ears as a topless orcess walked up with an axe in hand.

The first of the three looked up at the executioner with tears in her eyes. To calm her the executioner stroked her face before leaning in and kissing her making the crowd whistle. Breaking the kiss, the young orc gulped and knelt down looking at the bloody block.
“Ple…please enjoy my meat,” she said before she leaned forward and resting her neck on the block.
There she waited for the axe to fall but something unexpected happened. A hand found its way around her cock and a mouth pressed itself against her pussy. She gasped with pleasure as her cock hardened and her pussy wettened. She knew what was going on, before a beheading a slave would arouse the body to make it more tender. Make the meat tastier. She should have realised this earlier but decided to enjoy herself as the slave ate her out with ease.

She then felt her hair being moved from around her neck. The feeling of the blade followed before a moment of calm making her close her eyes before all felling in her body was cut. Her eyes opened and she watched as she was lifted to see her lifeless body slump off the block with the rest of the crowd cheered. She watched as her body was taken to a nearby table and cut up into pieces. But soon the darkness took her and all she could think about was people enjoying her meat.

The second daughter, however, had no such reservation of having her head cut off. She turned around and knelt down before bending her back resting her neck on the block looking up at the executioner. Her cock was already hard and pussy wet as she took shallow breaths.

“Do it,” she said,” Do it now,”

The executioner needed no more persuasion and brought down the axe on the daughter’s neck. Her head fell down as her body spasmed and came coating her body with cum. The head was placed on a spike with her older sister while her body was taken to be butchered. The final daughter just watched in erotic arousal as her two sisters were beheaded.

Her turn was next. The executioner walked her up to the block and made her kneel but didn’t lower her head onto the block. Instead of her she was uncuffed and handed a blade while a bucket was placed in front of her. She got the meaning and took a deep breath and licked the blade before positioning it in front of her belly button.

“I give myself to Morc to keep my lines honour,” she said before sliding the blade into her gut.

She winced in pain as her mother screamed in horror. But the youngest daughter didn’t care she pulled the blade up still she reached her ribcage. Her hand then slid into the wound and began to pull out her guts and place it into the bucket leaving only her heart and lungs. Orcs had high tolerances for pain, and the youngest didn’t cry or scream only wince and tear up through it all. Once her gut was emptied she leaned forward and rested her head on the block. Her head was then removed from her body and placed in a spike with her sisters while her body was taken to be butchered.

Yukak was in tears as she was forced to watch her daughters executed and butchered in front of her. What was next was cleat, tradition demanded that the former chieftainess be cooked and eaten by the clan who won. A table was brought up and she was brought to it. She was then forced onto the table with four orcess holding her limbs. Yakik then walked up with a long metal pole in hand. She was about to be spat and roasted alive.

For a long time Yukak had been going against tradition. Normally orcs are very cannibalistic. They eat both others and their own kind and she wanted to stop this. But doing this made her clan weak and a target for others. The strong eat the weak, she now knew the meaning of the saying now. She was weak and deserved to be eaten like a pig. The spit was positioned at the entrance to her pussy with the sharpened tip moving up and down her lips. This made her wet allowing the spit to enter her making her gasp with pleasure and her cock to harden.

The former orc chieftainess moaned out with pleasure as she was being fucked by the spit. The metal rod entered her slowly and soon pressed against the roof of her room. The executioner walked up with a knife in hand, but Yukak shook her head.

“No, roast me alive. Punish me for breaking tradition,” she said.

The executioner nodded and backed up as the spit pierced her womb sliding up her now but she still moaned in pleasure. The spitting of an orcess, human or elf was tricky at best. It took years to train someone in the technique of spitting. Thankfully Yakik had had that training and had spat many people before. The orcess in front of her was enjoying her final moments as the spit continued its journey through her body.

Yukak soon felt the spit enter her throat. Tipping her head back she opened her mouth wide and watched in amazement as the spit exited her mouth. It had bits of blood and gore on it but was clean for the most part. It soon stopped in front of her and her hands were taken and placed on the spit. Both her ankles and wrists were then tied to the spit. But this was not the end.

Yakik then picked up a knife and slid open Yukak’s belly. That made the meat moan and wince in pain as she began to open up the belly and take out the guts leaving only her heart and lungs. Once emptied she then began to fill the belly with stuffing made from Yukak’s daughters. After being filled her belly was then closed as Yakik moved to Yukak’s ear.

“Your daughters made the great stuffing,” she said while patting the swollen belly.

Yukak moaned with pleasure with the knowledge that her daughters would be joining her. But then she made a gagged cry as her cock and balls were cut off. Some metal was then placed on the wound cauterizing it making cry even more. Once it was done Yukak’s hair was then removed. With then done she watched as two orcess picked up the spit and placed her over a roaring fire. Sweat fell from her and onto the fire as she began to turn.

Hours later Yukak’s body was on display as people began to feast on her and her daughters. The defeated clan was now part of theirs.
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Ryona Rumble

Hey guys, I'm assuming at least one of you has noticed Waifu Wars absence. Well yeah, it's dead. I got bored with it and had too much else to write. But I guess I wanna give it another chance and this is it! Ryona Rumble, basically a renamed Waifu Wars, but still. I have ten fights planned (two from season one of Waifu Wars) and will only work on them on weekends, and we'll see how it goes. Anywho. First fight is Chun-Li Vs Kitana voting ends June first
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Chaos Is A Ladder [Game Of Thrones – Joffrey / Ros] (non-con, human pincushion, torture, victim POV)

! -> This story is available in PDF and EPUB with pretty formatting, and is also posted on a couple more story-hosting websites. You can download / view them here:

With Season 7 of Game Of Thrones upon us, do you miss the older times when the problems – and the villains – were a bit more “down to Earth”? Lannisters who seemed like the worst people ever in the first season or two, Ramsay with his penchant for flaying and mind games, and, of course...

Joffrey “Baratheon” and his obsession with crossbows.

I used to write stories here on Gurochan before, under a different name, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve completed anything. This story is an attempt to recreate the events that were mentioned – but not shown on screen – in an episode from Season 3, namely the unfortunate demise of Ros and the hands of Joffrey. I originally wanted to write this right away, way back in 2013 when the episode aired, but life always seemed to be getting in the way. The story survived two major rewrites since its inception and lots of editing, and finally now I consider it finished. Better late than never, eh? :)

It ended up being quite “moody” – it has a long buildup and explores the warping of minds of both the victim and the sadist – but rest assured, it gets as violent as you expect it to be if you remember that scene. It’s mostly written from the victim’s POV, but occasionally switches to the POV of the torturer. It’s almost 16K words long, which translates to about 1-2 hours of reading. It was written without any explicit chapters in mind and is probably best consumed in one sitting for maximum immersion, but it’s split into 8 natural “parts” if you need to put it down for a while.

You don’t need to be familiar with Game Of Thrones to read it, nor do you need to remember Season 3 in detail. There’s a brief memo below, and the story has all the necessary exposition.

I hope you enjoy it! Let’s see if you identify with the sadistic King, or sympathize with his victim.


“Chaos Is A Ladder” is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or events is entirely coincidental.

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This work contains scenes of graphic violence, some sexually suggestive content and occasional use of explicit language. Readers who find this uncomfortable or are not allowed by law to be exposed to such content should not proceed. Suggested fiction rating is Mature.

The author strongly disapproves of practicing the depicted violence in real life, or any kind of non-consensual violence for that matter.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 - A Brief Memo

The story is set in Seven Kingdoms, a country occupying most of the vast continent of Westeros. The current King is a young 18 year old boy Joffrey Baratheon, a spoiled child who exhibits unnaturally cruel, unreasonable and at times outright sadistic behavior. He is a child of incest between the wife of the previous King – his legal father – and her brother, thus his claim to the Throne is invalid – which is probably the worst kept secret in all Seven Kingdoms, and something that Joffrey himself heartily denies. Children born out of wedlock – called bastards – do not inherit the lands, titles and wealth of their fathers, and are generally despised by society.

The King has a Small Council at his hand, which provides him with advice on various political and social matters. Among other members of the Small Council, the ones relevant to the story are Varys, a eunuch from faraway lands who has a network of spies in his employ and thus acts as the Crown’s head of intelligence (“master of whisperers”), and Lord Petyr Baelish, a nobleman coming from a small and powerless dynasty (“house”) who has schemed and plotted his way to the top of the food chain. The two have a sort of a rivalry relationship, trying to undermine each other’s plans both for personal gains and for the sake of competition.

Petyr Baelish also owns a brothel in King’s Landing, the capital of Seven Kingdoms, which provides him with additional income and helps him build connections with various noblemen who visit his establishment.

Ros is a red-haired prostitute in her 20s hailing from the northern region of the country, called simply The North. Initially employed by Baelish as a common whore, she proved to possess useful literacy and management skills and was later chosen by Petyr to be his personal assistant. Recently, seeing that Ros has access to many of his documents, Varys recruited her to spy on Petyr for him and offered his protection.
R: 3 / I: 0

Viande de Femme (Miraculous Ladybug, Cannibalism, Complete)

Viande de Femme
Tags: Miraculous Lady Bug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Cannibalism, Snuff, Reluctant Consent, Butchering, Decapitation.
All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

"'Viande de Femme' saw your lady blog and want to hire you?" Marinette asked curiously.

Alya nodded. "It's a very respected magazine, and it pays really well too! But, they want to make sure I can cover the subject matter well first," Alya explained. "Which is why I came to you for help."

Marinette lost herself in thought for a second as the dots started to connection her head. "But Alya, isn't the subject matter of Viande girlmeat? My mom bought an issue once. They're a cooking magazine, they interview a girl and then do photo-shoots both before and after she's cooked! How do you want me to help with that?"

Alya squirmed nervously in her seat. "Well, I talked to my mom, and as a chef? She's willing to cook a girl for me to help me get the job, but she has her heart set on one girl in particular; and… Well…" Alya trailed off.

"It's me isn't it?" Marinette asked, realizing just what Alya was asking of her. "Your mom wants to cook me, doesn't she?"

Alya nodded, grateful that she didn't have to spell it out directly. "Will you help?"

"I…" Marinette knew she should refuse out of hand. If she helped Alya, she'd die. She'd seen the spreads in Viande de Femme! There was no way she'd survive it!

And yet… Alya was her best friend, and she'd been given the chance of a lifetime! She was asking Marinette for help, what kind of friend would she be if she dismissed her out of hand?

"What…" Marinette paused, swallowing heavily as he built up the courage to aske her next question. "Alya? What does your mom have planned for me?"

Alya's eyes lit up. "Girl! You won't believe how much my mom's been looking forward to cooking you!" Alya gushed. "She told me she's been thinking about it for years! Ever since Chloé asked her how much it would take to get your parents to sell you so that she could have girlmeat for a party."

Marinette's eyes went wide with shock. "Chloé tried to eat me!?" she asked with a startled cry.

"Yeah, but don't worry. Apparently your dad wasn't willing to sell you to her." Alya assured her.

"If I agree to do this, you're not going to serve me to Chloé are you?" Marinette asked, suddenly suspicious.

"No way!" Alya protested. "You know I'd never do that to you, girl! If you're okay with it, my mom wants to use you for a dinner party for her friends. She said I could invite a few friends from our class, but… If you're not okay with that I'll try and get her to just throw you out once the photoshoots are finished," Alya reassured her.

Marinette couldn't help but shiver a bit in fear as she heard her options. She couldn't believe she was humoring Alya about this! But… she didn't want to let her friend down either…

"I… don't think I'm comfortable making that decision?" Marinette replied; and Alya nodded, only slightly disappointed.

"Right. That's fine then. My mom will be over the moon when she hears that, bt dubs," Alya replied.

The sinking feeling was back in the pit of Marinette's stomach once more. "Your mom, right. You… said she had plans?" Marinette asked, hoping to get Alya to distract her.

"So, mom's been planning this for years, like I said. I didn't wanna tell you cause I know it would weird you out, but you've kinda been her obsession? I've seen weddings that were planned out less thoroughly than the recipes and themes by mom's come up with for cooking you. She did some sketches and had some digital renderings done and… I have to admit? If you come out looking even half as good as my mom's imagined? There's no way I'm not getting that job," Alya confided.

"I don't think it's final? but… she gave me some of the concept art she had made in case it would help convince you," Alya admitted, digging into her book bag to retrieve them.

Marinette's jaw dropped as she caught her first glimpse of the printouts that Alya was passing her. There was no mistaking the girl starring on the page. There she was, in vivid and glossy color; naked, roasted.

Her body was an eye-catching golden-brown, but only the top half was intact. She'd been cut in half, with everything from just below her rib cage upwards resting comfortably on a short silver stand propped above a platter by a single argent pole. Her well-roasted arms had been pinned to her sides with silver studs, elbows bent with her hands resting on their respective shoulders. Her modest breasts were bared, her nipples perky and true to life save that they had been quite thoroughly cooked, and her face had been artfully locked in an expression that Marinette could only describe as 'orgasmic.'

Of her body below the waist, its fate was perfectly clear as well. A multitude of glistening juicy cuts of meat rested on the platter surrounding the central pole, each one perfectly matching the color and shade of the rest of her body above it to the point that anyone could tell from look alone that they stemmed from the same source. Of course, the nature of the cuts made their origin just as perfectly clear. Round slices of leg, the two curves of her rump, and in the center of it all, a photo-accurate rendition of Marinette's glistening sex all sat beneath her perfectly cooked torso.

It was clearly labeled as "Marinette Roast - Concept #32" but it looked real enough that for a moment even Marinette herself wondered if the image depicted in the photo had actually happened.

It was like looking into a twisted mirror and seeing her fate.

"Alya, how?" Marinette asked, stunned, the photo slipping from her hands to fall upon her bed. And it was a photo, it was her inside the shot. edited, certainly, but recognizably her in all the pertinent features; including her sex.

"I told you, Mom's been planning on snuffing you for ages. Remember last summer when we all went down to Cap d’Agde?"

Marinette's jaw dropped. Of course she remembered that! Cap d’Agde was her first nude beach. There hadn't been anything sexual about it; it was just a way to add some freedom and liberation to their lives! They'd all gone; mom and dad, Alya, Alya's sisters, her father, and… her mother. Alya's mom had brought a camera, hadn't she? It had seemed like such a normal thing to take on vacation that Marinette hadn't even registered it at the time! But she recognized that picture now, or rather, pictures. They were taken at different times for the different body parts, and some parts like everything below her waist had been heavily edited, but there was a reason that even Marinette's glistening cooked sex looked ripped straight from a photograph; it was.

A sinking feeling lodged itself in Marinette's gut as she looked over picture after picture, seeing herself perfectly, professionally prepared in each, in mouth-watering detail.

"Alya? What made you apply to Viande de Femme in the first place?" Marinette asked, dreading the answer.

"I guess it was kind of a blend of stuff?" Alya admitted sheepishly. "Mom's had a subscription to Viande de Femme for as long as I can remember, and the girls in it are always so sexy and beautiful. But… none of them can hold a candle to how pretty you are? And… You'll be even more beautiful after my mom cooks you. I want the world to see the Marinette I know you can be. I want them to see my best friend and be unable to stop themselves from drooling over just how perfect you look;" Alya paused, "both before and after."

"You want to cook me too," Marinette realized.

"I mean, not me personally?" Alya clarified. "I could never do you justice. But… I definitely want to see what my mom does with you, and taste the final product," the dark-skinned redhead admitted.

Marinette's heart was thumping like a drum in her chest. How long had this been going on? Months? Years? How long had Alya been fantasizing about having her sex on a plate?

Marinette's heart stopped as she remembered what Alya had said earlier, about inviting a few friends for their class to enjoy her. It had seemed… well, not innocent at the time? But almost innocuous among all the other revelation Alya had thrown at her. But now? The pieces were starting to pull together certain compliments she'd gotten this year; "that's a tasty outfit!", "you look good enough to eat!". The appraising searching looks she'd been getting; the way certain conversations stopped abruptly when she walked by; it was all making sense now.

"Alya? You said your mom promised to let you invite some of our friends from class? Who else in class… knows bout her plans for me?" Marinette asked nervously.

"Everyone?" Alya winced. "But, it's not my fault!" Alya protested. "At least, not totally?" she backtracked.

"Okay. So, I told Nino, cause we're dating and well, we were talking about kinks and turn-ons, and you came up because I told him I was bi, and he asked to see what kind of girls I liked and I have some of my mom's concept art scattered throughout my private folder on my phone that I didn't even think about and I couldn't just not explain that once he saw it, right!?" Alya explained hurriedly.

"And Nino may have told a few people about it cause he was asking if it was weird? and he had a picture cause I gave him one so that he could see if her liked it too?"

Marinette wanted to sink into a puddle until the ground cracked open and swallowed her whole! Nino knew!? Who had he told? Not Adrien, hopefully?

"But that was just a few people! Like Ivan and Mylené!" Alya explained, and Marinette's heart dropped at the confirmation of at least two names she'd caught whispering and glancing at her.

"Chloé told everyone else," Alya explained

"Chloé!?" Marinette chocked out in shock.

"She and mom talk about you all the time," Alya confessed. "Mostly about how close they are to getting you on a menu?" Alya confided. "But… Chloé will also bring her new pics that she had Sabrina take of you at school, and Mom gives her copies of her concept art in return. Chloé's not shy about sharing them. Everyone in our class has seen them."

"Everyone!?" Marinette wailed. "Even Adrien!?"

Alya nodded. "She shares every new piece she gets with him. He's…" Alya paused nervously, not wanting to say what came next but knowing she had to. "He's really looking forward to tasting you," the red-head confessed. "He reminded me to invite him if it ever happened just last week."

"Everyone in class knows!?" Marinette wailed in terminal mortification.

"Not just in class," Alya replied. "Remember how you gave Chloé the card with all the class photos on it? She switched yours with one of mom's pieces. So all the teachers know too. That's why they've been a lot easier on you lately. She convinced them that you'd be cooked before the year was out and so they haven't cared that much about your missing homework or when you're late," Alya's explanation, only served to embarrass her friend even further. Marinette looked up at her with horrified eyes as Alya explained so many things that hadn't quote made sense but hadn't bothered her enough to look into.

'They think your mom's going to cook me!?" Marinette squeaked.

Alya nodded. "The concept art of you that Chloé snuck in is your official yearbook picture, since Chloé deleted the other one. So, as soon as the yearbook comes out, everyone will see it.

"Why didn't you try and replace it!?" Marinette asked, plaintively.

"I did!" Alya replied. "The week after class photos I tried to get you to meet me and take a new one, but you flaked out on me."

Marinette winced. She didn't remember that happening, but she'd flaked out on Alya enough times that Alya's story wasn't at all surprising.

"How many people were you planning on inviting?" Marinette asked, desperate to change the subject.

"Everyone in the class," Alya confessed.

"Even Adrien!?" Marinette wailed.

"The boy is super into eating you," Alya reminded. "You want me to snub him?"

"No…" Marinette trailed off, the admission clearly almost physically paining her. "You're not inviting Chloé though, right?"

Alya nodded. "I'm definitely not doing that," she hesitated.

Marinette caught it. "What's going on Alya? You're hiding something."

"Well, i'm not going to invite Chloé, but my mom works at Le Grand Paris, and… she and Chloé are as thick as thieves on the subject of cooking you…" Alya admitted.

Marinette grimaced. Even if Alya's mom were not such good friends with Chloé, working at her dad's Hotel and denying Chloé a place at the table when she was serving the one meal that the blonde brat had been lusting over for what was apparently years? Losing her job would be the least of Alya's mom's worries! If she did this, there was no way she'd be able to cut Chloé out of the festivities.

'If she did this,' Marinette was already thinking about it, she realized. She didn't want to do it, didn't turn her on at all like it did her best friend, but… With the entire class looking forward to eating her? And Adrien at the front of the pack? How could she not? Alya was counting on her. She needed Marinette's help to get that job. And, knowing that her best friend wanted to eat her? That the entire class as well as the teachers were okay with it? It made Marinette think that she was the one in the wrong; that trying to keep on living and denying all her friends her meat was selfish!

"So?" Alya asked, even more nervously than when she'd broached the subject before. "Will you do it?"

Marinette wanted to scream! She want to shout about how sick this was! She wanted to tell Alya to go away and never mention this again. But it wasn't just Alya counting on her, was it? The entire class was looking forward to this! Her mother had been planning this for ages! And looking at the concept art Alya's mother had drafted? Marinette didn't have a hard time seeing why… the images were so sexy! They were racy in a way that Marinette had never imagined applying to herself! She could see why Alya had picked her… and while she didn't want to do it, it was clear that there really was only one choice…

"Of course I'll help…" Marinette agreed, and as Alya smiled, Marinette knew she'd sealed her fate.


"Alya! I still can't thank you enough for getting Marinette to let me cook her! You have no idea how happy I am!" Marlena Césaire gushed as she wheeled out the covered cart containing the dish that she had made from Alya's best friend.

“I think I can guess,” Alya grinned back with a smile on her face. She'd been there with Marinette every step of the way; from the initial conversation convincing her, to interviewing her, to their pre-cooking photo-shoot, to photographing her mom as she actually went to work butcher and coking her best friend all the way until just a few seconds ago when she finished taking the last few pictures of the beautifully prepared Marinette's final transformation into meat, and the absolute tamest way that Alya's mom could be described throughout this process, from the second Alya had told her that Marinette had agreed until now? Was absolutely ecstatic.

Not that Alya was any less excited, if she was being fair. Her mom had been planning this for three years, and she'd told Alya about every plan, every new twist of a recipe she'd love to try on Marinette's perfect body, every new sketch she'd made or concept art she'd commissioned. By the time that her family and Marinette's had gone to that nude beach together? Alya was this close to jumping her friend's bones! She even had a few snapshots of her own of Marinette's naked body secreted away on her phone for rainy nights. Of course, now she had a much better quality of 'entertainment' material to enjoy. The butchering process had been a bit bloody, which was why Viande de Femme usually left it out of their key spreads, but now? Thanks to the brand new professional-grade digital camera that Alya's mom had gotten her as a thank you gift for pulling this off, the whole world would get to see just how amazingly beautiful and delicious Alya's best friend really was!

The conversation fell to a hush as Alya's classmates began to realize what was happening. They'd all been looking forward to this moment to some degree or another, from idle fantasies to Chloé's near obsession. Even Nino, who was mostly just here in support of Alya as her boyfriend was looking forward to the absolutely wild night of sex that Alya had promised him to celebrate. Thanks to Chloé they'd all been thinking about this dinner for months, fantasizing about what Marinette would look like, what she'd taste like once she was finally cooked. And for Chloé it had always been a question of when, not if. Sabrina had confided in Alya that if she didn't get Marinette to agree, Chloé was going to have her kidnapped and roasted anyway, a plan that Alya's mom had seemed entirely okay with when she'd confronted her about it. “Chloé's plans won't matter if you get Marinette to agree, now will they?” had been Marlena Césaire's response. Not that Alya wasn't 100% on-board with cooking and eating Marinette Dupain-Cheng, but the incredibly vibrant girl was her best friend, so she wanted Marinette to be on-board with the plan too, even if it had been more of a reluctant need to not disappoint her friends driving Marinette into the oven rather than any true enthusiasm. Alya certainly had enough enthusiasm for both of them.

It was lucky that Alya had managed to convince Marinette in other ways too, of course. Since she'd secured the meat for this party Chloé was throwing she'd managed to eke out some concessions, the job at Viande de Femme, a magazine owned by Chloé's mother's fashion label, was one of them; but the true prize would be coming at this very party, and Alya was definitely looking forward to it.

The distinctive ring of silver against crystal sung out over the crowd as Chloé Bourgeois stepped up onto a small platform near the front of the room, glass in one hand, knife in the other.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to my party! I hope you've all been having fun!” Chloé stated, and the resounding cheer from her classmates made a smile beam across her face.”I just wanted to apologize if I made anyone upset over the past three years. Seeing Marinette Dupain-Cheng walking around uncooked despite all the work I put into trying to get her on a plate was just soooo frustrating! I know some of you came up to me over the past couple of weeks asking to know when she'd be ending up on a plate. Imagine that, but for three years. It was unbearable! But now that she's been cooked, I feel as if a weight's been lifted, and I'm going to do my best to be nicer to each and every one of you, especially Alya, the girl who made this party possible!”

Alya smiled happily as her classmates clapped and whooped and cheered for her.

“Alya's the one who finally got Marinette to agree to cook for all of us! So be sure to thank her before you leave. She and her mom put a lot of work into Marinette's preparation and I'm happy to say that the whole story including an incredible interview with out main course just made the cover of next month's Viande De Femme!”

Alya blushed as her classmates' applause washed over her. They were just as excited as she was over her achievement! And Alya made a note to remember to thank Chloé later for the strings she pulled to get her the job.

“I'd also like to thank Alya's mom, and our chef, Marlena Césaire. This incredible woman spent almost three years and thousands of Euros of her own money trying to get Marinette for me. If it weren't for Marlena? The concept art that I know many of you have enjoyed just as much as I have wouldn't exist! Marlena even took Marinette and her family on vacation to Cap d’Agde so that she could get some references to make that concept art even more accurate! So, please, take a moment to appreciate all the work she's done to bring this night into being, even before she started cooking that tasty little morsel, Dupain-Cheng!”

The class was clapping and yelling and in all ways praising her mom in a way that Alya knew she'd never been praised before. It felt good to see her mom appreciated like this.

“Anyway, as thanks for all the work that the Césaire family put into this dinner, my daddy is renaming the hotel's restaurant Césaire's, and maybe even more important, Alya and her mother are each getting a thick, juicy portion of Marinette's filet! Marlene? Can you do the honors?”

At Chloe's signal, Alya's mom lifted the giant silver platter lid keep Marinette concealed and warm, revealing her masterpiece to the world.

Marinette's golden brown flesh was spread across a silver platter, her entire body on display for the voyeuristic hedonism of her classmates. Her head, the only part of her uncooked, rested on a stand, her expression molded into one of orgasmic bliss. Alya had to hand it to her mother, the way she'd timed the swing of her meat cleaver to the very instant Marinette began to cum and then cleaved through her neck in one smooth motion was incredibly impressive. Alya had got the whole thing on film, from the moment that her mom had stuffed the industrial-strength vibrator into her best friend's cunt until after the final swing where Marinette's severed head had only just begun to understand what had been done to her before she bled out completely.

Directly below the small raised platter holding Marinette's head rested the clearly-cooked form of Marinette's torso, cut open right between her modest breasts in the butchering, before being sewn back up later. Her severed waist rested against the metal of the lower platter, and her neck had just reached the level below the upper platter where her head was being kept. Around Marinette's cooked torso were single serving-sized cuts of Marinette's plentiful thigh and leg meat, with some modest swells of petite-sized rump roast scattered throughout. Enough to serve every single guy and girl at the party all by itself.

All in all the whole thing looked a lot like the first piece of concept art that Alya had handed to Marinette except for two things. The first was that Marinette's head had not been cooked; a favor to Chloé who was planning on having her best friend's head stuffed and mounted on her bedroom wall to help remind her of this party and inspire her and her lover in the future. The second, was the position of Marinette's arms. Instead of being pinned to her torso they were left to fall in front of her, her cooked palms cupped together and resting inside those cupped fingers? Marinette's own perfectly roasted cunt, her own thumbs spreading the prize out like a flower, as if presenting her most tender cut, like a gift, to the entire class.

Alya had seen the pose before of course. She'd photographed it back inside the kitchen so as to avoid any accidents or delays when Marinette was actually being served, but… Something about the combination of her friend's clearly cumming face and her offering up her own plucked cunt was getting to Alya. She took another picture, just to capture the moment; trying to get as many of her classmates as she could in the background.

“That's a wonderful idea!” Chloé marveled. “Why don't you take a picture of your mom and me next to Marinette?”

Alya nodded her agreement. She did after all want a pic of her mom with her best friend, and Chloé, as the instigator for this whole thing had as much right to be in it as anyone else did.

Click! Click! Click! Alya smiled, waving her mom and newly found patron away, only for her to feel a hand on her shoulder. “Can me and Juleka get a picture with Marinette?”

On and on the procession of Alya's classmates went, each wanting a picture with her former best friend until Alya began to worry that Marinette would go cold before she was served.

“Alright!” Chloé called out. “I know you all want a photo that you can remember how lovely Marinette looks now that she's cooked, but she'll be in next month's Viande De Femme! I'll make sure to buy enough copies so everyone in the class can have one, on me okay?” Chloé asked, managing to stop the crowd. “Of course, there is one last photo that we need! Alya, hand your mom the camera. We need to take a class photo with Marinette, the way she was meant to be seen!” Chloé finished to a cheer of agreement.

Alya did as she was bid, and in short order everyone was arranged around the platter holding Marinette's meat. Alya was next to Nino, Chloé stood next to Adrien with her hand clasped firmly on the uncomplaining boy's butt, and even Juleka and Rose were smiling and happy, grateful that the roasted girl they were about to enjoy had helped to lift Juleka's photo curse. The flash strobed and shutter snapped three times, taking three perfect photos of their class.

Marlena Césaire turned the camera around to show Chloé the pictures. Chloé beamed. “This is perfect! I'm going to try and get this photo into the yearbook so that we can all remember Marinette at her best!”

The class cheered and formed a line, Chloé motioned Alya to the front of it, standing next to her as Alya's mother prepared their order, a third of Marinette's thick and meaty sex each, with the remaining third for Alya's mom to enjoy after everyone had been served.

Alya smiled and took her potion, hurrying over to a table and picking up her utensils to slice off a piece that she could sink her teeth into. The dark-skinned redhead bit into her prize and a smile bloomed across her face. It really was all worth it to share the whole of Marinette's beauty with all her friends like this.

The End
R: 2 / I: 0


I´m looking for stories about cutted, nailes, …. tits.
in German language would be fine!
R: 67 / I: 0

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary (Post-mortem Necro, Morgue, Sometimes Furry, MLP)

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary is a collection of stories surrounding the mortician Mort Momento and looking through the many corpses that head his way, figuring out their means of death, carrying out their terms for a funeral, and having some fun along the way.

This first entry is more of a pilot story. I had written it a long while ago (like a couple of years now) and I'm just now deciding to publish it here. If you have any ideas for future entries, please suggest them in this format:

Name: (this would be a character from MLP. It might branch out to other series, but for now, it's MLP. If your suggestion is an OC, please link to their appearence)
Cause of Death: (how did they die and how were they found at the crime scene?)
Death Outfit: (how were they dressed when they were processed by CSI?)
Funeral Arrangements: (what, if anything, have they requested happen to them for their funeral?)

Without further to do, let's begin!

Bittersweet (Pinkie Pie, 2nd person)

9:13 PM. That was the time they called it according to the note attached to the body bag of one Pinkamena Diane Pie. You were just a hapless mortician that was assigned to analyzing the body. You look at some of the notes attached to it, like how she was aged at 23 by the time of her death and that she died of cardiac arrest. You unzip the bag and by God was she gorgeous. Her eyelids were naturally closed and her face gave off a natural, peaceful look.

Her hair was long, curly to the point of it being fluffy like cotton candy and in a bright hot pink color. You continue to unzip the bag. She wore a pink sweatshirt and black track pants. Her body was a bit on the chubby side, but not to the extent of her being morbidly obese. You notice that CSI team have prepped her body for examination with the bagged hands and the fact that one of her feet are missing a sock. You take the body out of the bag and carry her to the metal tray that you prepared for her. Rigor mortis seemed to have passed for her as you notice the way her body limped as you carried her.

You sneak a grab at her butt as you lay her down and judging from that feel alone, you figure out what’s the first thing to be taken off. You take off the other sock and put it to the side. You observed both feet as you lift up Diane’s legs and worked your way to the waist. Tugging the pants down, you managed to pull down both her pants and panties down. The last tug to take them off was hard, so you turn and struggled. Her corpse flopped to its side as you pull them down. You pulled her down too, as you noticed her soles inching close to your dick.

You pull down your pants slightly and let your penis touch her soft feet for a moment. After that, you pulled them back up and go observe her body. You look at her smooth ass as it lined up with pink sweatshirt. The curves of her butt looked adorable. You take a squeeze on one cheek before squeezing the other. You pull down your pants, lower the tray, and mount Diane. You align your dick within the part where the two cheeks met the legs and plopped it there. You felt the coldness of the corpse, but can also feel your penis surrounded by soft, silk-like skin. You rub your penis in between her legs for a while, a few times your dick edged to her vagina, until finally you cum over her butt. Nothing that a quick wipe from a kleenex wouldn’t fix.

The time for more sex had to wait. You’re assigned to study the corpse, not fuck it after all. You flop Pinkamena over and try not to gaze at her vagina for fear of your sex drive taking over again. You figured that getting the shirt off would be more difficult. Rather than struggle with pulling it off, you decided to just grab a pair of scissors and cut the sweatshirt off her. You started at the bottom and began cutting upward. Her gut was revealed and you gave it a quick rub of her soft belly before you finished cutting. You take the shirt off her and all you’re left now is her bra. It was one of those lace bras that showed a bit of the nipple via see through fabric. You look at how the nipples were erect. With one cut, you take off the bra, put it to the side, and now you have a nude body.

Now was the time to look at her vagina. The first thing you notice is her fluffy bush of pubic hair. Already her appearance is giving you a hard-on. You part her legs and look at her vagina. You go to the sink and wet a cloth. You go back to the body and dab a little bit of the cloth onto her pussy to make it a bit more wet and lubricant. You lift her legs, undo your pants, and began to screw her lifeless body. With each thrust, you notice her breasts and hair bounce, her arms juggling a bit to keep up. Seeing the motion made you sick and you stop. You turn her body around to see her adorable butt.

You continue your sex. You can see her face rub against the cold steel, cheeks pressed up to the point where her lips parted. You hold her from behind and grab her large, soft breasts as you bury your head into her hair. You begin to wonder what kind of person she was and why she had to die. It often helped you making a personality for her. Eventually, with one last thump, you came inside Diane Pie. You got out and her body slumped to the ground.

You take out a small hose and began to wash her body, taking extra care with the pussy as your cum drained out of her. Soon, her entire body was wet and her once beautiful hair was now long and wet. Her mouth was open and you decide to give her a tongue before you set your sheet over her corpse. You’ll begin the autopsy in the morning.

Fortunately, someone else did the autopsy for you so you don’t have to go through the gruesome details. Looking at the scar on her nude body and her skin even paler made your dick hard. You raise her legs, inserted your dick into her body, and clung onto her for dear life as you humped her body.

Her nipples poked your chest as the scars rubbed against you. You hold her tightly as you ride out your lust onto her body. You could feel the embalming fluid inside her as you kiss her on the lips. Her breasts wobble a bit, but not by much. You comb your fingers through her hair and kiss her on the forehead.

Eventually, you cum inside her body. This time, you don’t clean it, but rather grab a cotton ball and stuff it into her pussy. You decided to do something different and take Diane’s hand. You pressed her fingers onto the cotton and shove it in. You leave her like that and get out your phone to take some pictures of the corpse “masturbating”.

You decided to go all out on her, licking her nipples, feeling up her pubic hair, even opening up her eyelids to look at her gorgeous yet lifeless blue eyes. You decided to go one more time, though this time, you’re going in protected. Although her holes were covered, you made an exception to her ass.

You go gently, as if she was alive and looking right at you. You massage her breasts and feel up her belly. You rub her legs before touching her soft soles. You grab onto her hands, continuing to pretend you and her were lovers. Eventually, you came again and took your penis out of her anus.

You close her eyes and get her clothes. She had been given a simple white dress with shoes that show off her cute toes. There was also panties for her, but you decide to put just the dress and shoes on. You bunched up the dress to see her pussy one last time. Taking a picture, you finally put panties onto her and leave her.
R: 7 / I: 0

AbbottWarr's Single-Chapter Story Thread

Thread for me to post any one-off stories I write.
R: 33 / I: 0

Miscellaneous short(ish) stories: The Second [various tags, but expect lots of asphyxia and f/f]

Previous thread:

And we're back in business. Well, I was never really gone, but just too busy/lazy/distracted to make a new thread after my old one was suddenly way past the bump limit. But I did write a couple of stories in the meantime, of my own design or inspired by people from discord, which I'll be posting over the next days in no particular order. Something something feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated.
R: 91 / I: 0

Car Fight (m/f, loli, vivisection)

This story is fucking silly, but I guess it's inspired by Susan, as far as light-hearted gore goes. Anyway, first time writer, and all that. Here you go.

Car Fight

(m/f, loli, vivisection)

The two siblings had spent hours in the backseat by this time, and as anyone with experience would expect, they both grew fidgety as their boredom skyrocketed. Alyssa had resolved to behave this time, sitting quietly in her seat for the first several hours of the trip, confident that if - or realistically, when - a fight broke out, she would be free of blame. By the time the first blows were struck, however, she was leaning to her side in what could be interpreted as an encroachment of territory, which was exactly the justification given for the light kicks she was now receiving from her left.
"I'm just resting, geez!" she said, righting herself. The difficulty of maintaining vertical posture was nevertheless taking its toll, and in her annoyance, she reciprocated a few playful kicks.
"Hey!" shouted Alex. Their parents winced, recognizing that the tension had reached its breaking point, meaning the end of peace and quiet, probably for good. Soon enough, the children were pressed against their respective doors, kicking each other relentlessly until everything below their shorts was bruised and scratched.
Alex, having had enough, grabbed his sister's leg in mid-kick and twisted it hard. Alyssa cried out in pain as she felt something tear. The smirk on her brother's face left her more furious than ever. The violence was clearly escalating - why not take it a step further?
Alyssa took a hold of her brother's arm and bit down blindly and with intense force. Their parents rolled their eyes as Alex screamed, until her teeth met, with his little and ring fingers still in her mouth. She spat them all out at him, then stuck out her tongue.
Enraged, Alex grabbed her hair with his left hand and hooked her collar with his remaining fingers, tearing the shirt open and exposing her bare torso. Having just hit puberty, breasts were only hinted at; she had never needed a bra, but now she wished she was wearing one. In the meantime, her chest was prominent enough that Alex, having obtained some scissors from his box of school supplies, managed to skewer the nearest breast with the scissorhead, eliciting quite a scream from its owner.
As he proceeded to punch her exposed stomach, she yanked out the unguarded scissors - another blow, derailing her grip - and a severed nipple fell onto her lap. Tears streaming down her face, she stabbed downwards with the scissors, landing directly between her brother's legs. Jerking the scissors away, she held up her brother's erect penis, severed at the base of the scrotum.
A kick to her stomach caused her to drop the scissors, along with the genitalia, which Alex extracted and tucked firmly back between his legs.
Meanwhile, the raucous was taking its toll on the adult passengers. When it appeared that the two were scrambling over their seats to get at each other, their father shouted, "Kids, sit straight! What if there's an accident while you're monkeying around? And keep your seatbelts on!"
"We are!" Alyssa shouted back, though her body had recently been carved in half at the waist (just below her navel), making the strap rather useless in the event of an emergency. As her top half clambored over her brother's shoulder, biting into the muscle, Alex took advantage Alyssa's loss of feeling to strip her lower half and jam his fist into her cunt repeatedly, widening the hole with each blow. Just as his right arm fell off under his sister's incessant gnawing, his left went all the way through, penetrating the cervix and puncturing the top of the uterus!
He reached forward with his hand until he found the organ he was looking for, and gripped it. Then he pointed the severed abdomen at Alyssa, who was swinging his severed arm at him, and squeezed. "GROSS!" she screamed as her face became soaked with her own urine. "Moooom, Alex made me pee on myself!"
As usual, the specifics of the accusation were lost on her mother, who could only sigh and shake her head. Without taking her eyes off the road, she chided, "it doesn't matter who started it. If you were really that much better, you wouldn't still be fighting!" Their father chimed in, hoping to lighten the mood: "It's only an hour more, kids. Tell you what, if you prove that you can behave for the rest of the trip, I'll buy you ice cream as soon as we get there. How about it?"
The offer was dulled somewhat by the looming boredom of staying in a motel for the duration of their father's dumb colloquium, but if it was the only pleasant thing they would experience on this trip, they sure as heck weren't giving it up.
Alex withdrew his arm from his sister's vagina, sat her bottom half in her upper half's waiting arms with a grunt, then folded his arms and pretended to look out of the window. She set it down and tried to scoop up stray intestines, which she stuffed into her abdominal cavity haphazardly before handwalking over her severed lower half, dropping down with a sigh, and getting comfortable until she could move her legs again. Suddenly, her pussy felt sore and raw; she clasped her crotch and rocked for a few seconds, shooting a glare at her brother. He didn't seem to notice.
Scooting back, she felt something under her butt. "Aw maaan," she moaned, realizing that she had put herself back together with the lower strap of her seatbelt still behind her. With little hope, she implored, "can I just quickly just unbuckle--"
"No!" answered her father, firmly.
Alyssa sighed and brought the strap to the small of her back, inching it back and forth until she felt it slide into her spine, severing feeling in her legs again. Suddenly, she felt a snag. Looking down, she saw more urine trickle onto the seat. For some reason, the sight was all the more fascinating in the absence of any and all feeling in her nether regions. She reached down tentatively and prodded her clit with her index finger. Nothing. The sensation of having no sensation was... well, sensational, if she had to describe it. Trying to remain discreet, she yanked sharply on the elastic belt, inching it past her spine and into her belly, displacing some of her entrails.
She could feel the friction of her intestines against her upper half, as well as the sliding of her two halves against each other. The feeling in her gut was similar to what she experienced during free fall, or on a roller coaster. She slid a hand over her belly button and fingered the divide before slipping them inside. She let her fingers run downwards across the inside of her abdominal cavity, her other hand following on the outside. Soon, she was pressing her pussy from both inside and out, and it was to this exhilarating sensation that her legs - and twitching pussy - awoke, causing her legs to shoot out in an electrifying (but still quiet) orgasm.
"Please don't kick the seat, dear."


"Holy moly, you guys really made a mess back there," chuckled their father. His wife eyed him with a stern expression. "Those stains could be very difficult to clean. I thought that you would have matured since last time, but it's like you just never learn," she said, looking to the sky in exasperation. Alyssa recalled their previous kerfuffle. If she recalled correctly, she had emerged the victor with one remaining limb.
The siblings were wearing towels now, standing next to their car in the motel parking lot. "Sorry," they mumbled together, looking at their feet. "I won't do it again," they mumbled separately.
"Because of your nonsense back there, you'll have to walk through the hotel lobby in towels. I sincerely hope you've learned your lesson this time," continued their mother. Indeed, the towels were embarrassingly small, and no matter how she held it, Alyssa felt that she was leaving something exposed. She eventually settled on her butt, which was her least mutilated private part for the time being.
"Yes, ma'am," responded Alex half-mockingly. After a few steps, he paused, darted back to the car, appearing to search for something in the back seat. Lifting up the seat cushions, he produced his somewhat deflated dick, which he held by the tip, letting it dangle comically for a few moments before tucking it discretely under his arm.


Her nipple held on by a band-aid, and her waist held together by sheer balance, and remnants of the ice cream she had just eaten trickling out of her belly, Alyssa threw herself onto the bed in exhaustion. The little twirl she always did to land face down on the mattress succeeded in planting her face in her own crotch. Opening one eye, she turned her ass on its front, fluffed up her buttocks like pillows, and finally went to sleep.
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Applicant for Death - Juan Gotoh tribute (consensual, snuff, videotaping)

Applicant for Death: The case of Kotori

Camera shows a young naked girl with short hair sitting on a massive chair with her legs spread and strapped to the chair's legs. A belt around her chest just under her underdeveloped breast fixes her tight against the back of chair. Her wrists are cuffed and loosely chained to the ring on the front side of chair. If she wanted, she could reach her groin, but not much higher. The girl smiles to the camera.

-My name is Kotori. I am about to die.

A kind mature female voice is heard near the camera.

-Kotori-chan, you want the blood vessels on your neck circumvented and your head cut off with a knife. That's quite a unique way to die. Would you tell us why you requested such a complicated death?
-Yes... Some time ago I have discovered guro art. Somehow, it made me very aroused. I gave into impulse and masturbated to it. Before I realized it - I was already masturbating only to death fantasies. My favourite way of killing was beheading. I thought a lot about what it should feel like - to suddenly lose connection to your body and die. But in reality people die very fast if you cut their head off, right? That's such a waste! They get no time to feel their one time and the last experience in their life. I saw videos of people having their heads cut off with a knife. And they still seem to bleed out even before their spine is severed. I want to live all the way though my head being cut off. So I thought of a way to delay my death. Keeping blood still running through my major neck vessels and feeding my brain even when my head is already separated is all I could think of.
-Very clever of you, Kotori-chan. But I must tell you to not expect too much. While your brain will still receive oxygen, your neck bleeding will quickly drop your blood pressure, which can make you faint. And as soon as I cut your wind pipe - blood will flow inside and disable your lungs. Your brain will soon die from the lack of oxygen. I'll have to work fast and cut around your spine and wind pipe first, then cut your windpipe and immediately break and sever your spine. That moment the pain will be so strong that you might faint and not wake up any more. Do you still want to go through with it?
-Yes, sensei. I thought about all those things before contacting you. If there's a chance for me to have this unique experience - I want to take it. And if something goes wrong - I'll still enjoy the thrill of being killed very much.
-Glad to know, Kotori-chan.

A naked adult woman with long wavy hair comes into camera focus behind the girl.

-Before you is a mirror where you can see your head cut off.

The girl looks past camera.

-I'll start circumventing your blood vessels now. I need you to cope with the pain and keep your neck and head still. If I fail - you risk to bleed out before I even start cutting your neck.
-Yes, sensei.

The girl gulps and takes a deep breath. The woman takes a tube with two thick needles on its end and jabs it at the girl's neck. The girl gasps and tenses, but quickly relaxes her neck again.

-That was to let you know how it feels and how to deal with it. Now comes the real thing.

The woman pulls the needle from the girl's neck and repositions it, quickly sliding it under the girl's skin near the top of her neck. Without pause she slides the other end needle in at the bottom. The tube quickly fills with blood. The girl watches in awe in the mirror as one by one the blood vessels on her neck are circumvented with tubes, her blood now running outside of her body. Her hands move to her pussy and rub over it. She pants lightly while trying to remain still. Her breast is heaving visibly.

-And done. Now you're safe from bleeding out too fast. Good work keeping still, Kotori-chan. Now I am going to kill you. If you want to cum - you better be fast. If I sever your spine - you won't feel your orgasm. But if I wait too long - you'll bleed out.

The girl opens her eyes wider and gasps at the word "kill" and instantly slides her fingers inside her pussy. Her face blushes brightly. The woman takes an army knife, grabs the girl's hair and with quick short motions starts cutting the girl's neck muscles from the back. The girl's face distorts in pain. She lets out a long moan, and her fingers dance faster in her pussy. She opens her eyes again, panting heavily, her expression changing to the one of the wild excitement even though tears start flowing from her eyes. Blood oozes slowly from the cut on her neck.

-I'm... being killed... Sensei... is cutting... my neck...

The girl's whole body tenses hard, more blood coating her neck, then convulses, a fountain of clear liquid gushing from her pussy over her hands. She starts panting heavily again.

-You came even before I got to your windpipe. Congratulations, Kotori-chan. We're almost done, I'm going to sever your head completely now.

Still cutting while talking, the woman quickly gets around the girl's windpipe, then starts cutting through it, bending the girl's head back. The girl's neck opens, exposing her throat and spine. With a hard short twist the woman crushes the girl's spine and then cuts through her spinal cord and lifts the head, making it face the mirror.

The girl's face is distorted in pain and horror. It twitches for few moments then gradually composes. Her lips move frantically, but no sound comes. Blood now flows freely from the both ends of her neck.

-Congratulations, Kotori-chan! Your head is now severed. And you're still alive to feel it. Have you got any final words? I'll read your lips and repeat it.

The girl's expression changes to beaming joy. Her lips start moving, and the woman watches her in the mirror and talks for her.

-It is awesome. I don't feel my body, and my neck really hurts. I can not breathe. I've become just a head. And I'm dying. Thank you for killing me, sensei.

The girl's lips stop moving and form a smile.

-You're welcome, Kotori-chan. I'm happy that you had your wish come true. It was a very unique experience. Good night, Kotori-chan.

The woman pulls off the tubes connecting the girl's head to her body and holds her head before the mirror until her eyes glaze over and her face loses colour. She then puts the head back on the girl's dead body and faces the camera.

-This DVD is not for sale to the general public. Even if you order it, we'll just send you some generic porn disc instead. We'll check up on you. We sell only to people who can keep quiet and pay enough. However, depending on the results of our investigation, we may give it to other people free of charge. Yes, to people like you. Having just watched this DVD I'm sure you understand that the performers in our videos have a very strong desire to die. They don't do it to escape the pain of an illness or debt. Apply for death. Just have fun dying as someone special. We are looking for talent like that. We can give you the kind of death you long for. As for hot to contact us... you already know even if I don't say it. I'm waiting for your call.
R: 10 / I: 4

Your Sister's Vigil (Necrophilia, funeral, incest)

Your little sister was the cutest person you ever knew. She was kind, sweet, but she was also delicate. She had a frail body and an even frailer heart.

The doctors tried everything they could, but unfortunately, they were convinced she would not live to see her 19th birthday.

And so, you cherished every moment you had with her. Though the one you cherished the most was her last Christmas. She looked so adorable in her red velvet outfit. However, it's what she said that made it the most memorable.

"Big brother… if… If I were to die… please… at least give me your love."

You had no idea what she meant until about a few days after she had passed away.
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Incest x Snuff

I created this thread for lover of snuff stories mixed with incest.For example a mother and son or brother and sister fucking and attacked or interrupted by burglars. I've read very good story here, a while back, about a brothers watching his sisters get shot in the bathroom and then having necro with them.I wish to see more like it and hopefully many will join me
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Star Wars - Genital Destruction

Anakin used his Force Choke ability to squeeze Padme’s clitoris. It popped like a stubborn zit. She howled and thrashed uncontrollably. Not even Obi Wan could save her now. Padme’s most sensitive organ beyond repair, Anakin then turned to his former Master. Kenobi was always proud of his large penis. Even though Jedi were supposed to be celibate, he did get aroused by the staring. The Twi’lek club girls were especially intrigued. Kenobi would spend hours meditating in the Temple, all the while thinking about his exceptional member, looking for every excuse to touch it. Knowing this, Anakin knew what to do. As Kenobi sprinted down the exit ramp, his foot-long flaccid penis swaying conspicuously inside his loose robe, Akanin concentrated. He started at the dense meaty head, taking a brief bashful moment to admire it one last time. Then his concentration meandered down the stellar shaft to the base of Kenobi’s famous member. He peered into his Master’s mind, sensing if he could be persuaded one last time. But alas, his mind was set. And as the Chosen One clenched his hand, his old Master collapsed to his knees. The galaxy as never known a more grisly scream. Kenobi reached down for his beloved penis, but he felt only sanguine dampness, and the sack carrying his enormous, virgin testicles. He fell down to his side, and slowly faded away while meeting Padme’s petrified expression. What a waste. “Save this recording for later. It could prove useful,” Anakin ordered his devoted droid. He knew the Emperor would be pleased.
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The Free Use Thread

Welcome to the free use thread. The free use world is just like ours, except a man can fuck any woman he wants at any time (and vice versa). Snuff is not necessarily encouraged but not prohibited either. Most people will watch or spare a brief glance before moving on. Most girls don't want to be murdered but a rare few might enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the stories I plan to write for this thread. Comments and feedback are welcome, as always.
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Deadly Erotica by RJN

This first story is a response to an entry in the Capital Punishment game in RP.

Two days ago, Freyja and Para became lovers. Freyja initiated their love, when she seduced the other with a kiss as they showered after gymnastics.

On that day, Freyja and Para stayed a little late to help the coach clean up the gym, and Hit the showers after everyone else left. Freyja caught herself watching as the water flowed down Para’s dark, chocolatey, skin. They were alone and naked for the first time, and Freyja couldn’t resist. She leaned against Para’s body and wrapped an arm around her petite torso.

“Let’s make out!” She whispered.

Para’s widened her eyes as she pulled away. “Haha! You’re very funny Frey!” Para faked a laugh and moved back.

“I’m not joking,” Freyja replied solemnly as she brushed a strand of black hair from her face.

“Come on,” she said nervously, “I don’t really see you that way. We’re just friends.”

Freyja laughed. “You and I both know that’s not true! I know you like to take awfully long glances at my body.”

“I just…” Freyja placed her index finger over Para’s lips.

“I’ve also seen you looking at my ass whenever I walk by you. You think I’m cute, and you are just too shy to say so.”

“We could get arrested for…” Freyja grabbed her torso and pulled her close, then kissed her on the lips.

Para’s muscles tensed up for a brief moment, then her body relaxed. Her arms gripped Freyja’s sides and pulled her tighter, as she began to kiss her back, lips locked. They broke off after thirty seconds; Freyja smiling as her hazel eyes gazed into Para’s brown, while the latter breathed heavily as if she just ran a marathon.

“I was right!” Freyja kissed her on the forehead and continued beaming.

“When did you first notice me looking at you?”

“Oh, about two months ago when I was at that pool party for your thirteenth birthday. I wore that small two-piece bikini and you could hardly keep your eyes off me. You were hardly subtle.”

Para laughed. “Well, I guess I was more subtle before that. I started developing a crush on you shortly after I turned eleven.”

“Now that we kissed, what do you think?” Freyja puckered her lips.

“I think I want another sample, but longer this time,” Para replied and closed her eyes.

They locked lips again, sucking the breath from the other’s lungs and twirled their tongues together in a sloppy, wet, dance of meat and saliva.

“Let’s not leave here with our virginity intact,” Freyja piped up, breaking off their kiss after two minutes.

Freyja cupped Para’s pussy and began rubbing it gently. She lowered herself, kissing her neck and torso. Freyja puckered her lips around Para’s perky buds and suckled her tits while her tongue licked the shower water from her nipples. Para threw her head back and grabbed a handful of brown hair, stroking Freyja’s head. She kissed and sucked the water from her tender stomach until her mouth reached her crotch. A finger slithered into Para’s asshole as Freyja’s tongue licked her pussy. The sensation overwhelmed Para, who began moaning as her legs lost the ability to hold her up. Freyja laid back as her new lover’s tiny weight pressed against her, until she was on the floor with Para’s cunt sitting on her lips. With Freyja’s tongue flicking her cunt and finger fucking her ass, Para climaxed quickly and her moans filled the shower room. The best orgasm she ever had washed over her, and her orifices contracted and sprayed Freyja’s face with cum.

Lost in indulgence, and deafened by the enjoyment of sexual pleasures, the teen lesbians failed to hear footsteps on the wet concrete. When Para opened her eyes for the first time since Freyja’s tongue touched her pussy, she screamed. A twenty-something blonde, the coach’s assistant, Ms. Hamilton, stood over them with a grimace on her face. Freyja immediately opened her eyes, and widened them.

“I’d never imagined you two could be such whores.”

Freyja and Para were arrested almost immediately, and tried the next morning. The judge sentenced them to death, and scheduled their execution to be carried out in public the following day.

In the town center, the girls stood next to each other on raised platforms, beneath the gallows with two nooses hanging before their faces. They were bound at the wrists, and naked as the day they were born. Both were sobbing uncontrollably as the executioner made preparations. A small crowd gathered around the gallows; most of them were just horny men looking for a show, but they were joined by the families, friends, and acquaintances of the condemned teens. Freyja’s mother, a busty woman in her thirties with bushy brown hair, continuously sobbed into a piece of cloth while her husband softly massaged her right shoulder. Her little sister, a miniature version of Freyja with matching brown hair and ponytail, minus the ample breasts, buried her face into her mother’s ribs. Para’s mother passed out in her husband’s lap, who watched with a severe expression.

The executioner finished routine paperwork and equipment inspection, and pointed to two guards and then the platforms. Para gasped sharply as one placed the noose around her neck and tightened it.

“Please let this be a dream,” Freyja muttered as the guard quietly placed the noose over her head. She clenched her eyes tightly, tears flying, and thrashed her head and repeating the same phrase several times.

The executioner stood between the two platforms with a notepad and paper in his hand, and read aloud.

“Freyja Nyx and Para Finn, you have been convicted of abhorrent sexual violations! The State has sentenced you to be hung by the neck until dead! Do you have any last words?”

Para shook her head. “I don’t wanna die! Please don’t kill me.”

Freyja shouted, “I’m sorry! This is my fault! I-I seduced Para in the showers, she tried to resist. Just execute me and let her go! I’m the only one who deserves to die.”

The executioner waited ten seconds after Freyja finished speaking, both girls waited in anticipation. Para opened her mouth as he approached the platform and pulled a lever on the side; her words were cut off as a trap door fell out beneath her; she fell several meters before the rope stopped her, with an audible snap as her neck broke. Piss and shit dripped from her ass and urethra as Para’s body relaxed forever, ending her short life.

“No! No!” Freyja cried out. “She didn’t do anything! Cut her down, save her, plea… aughck!” The door underneath her opened, and the world went black as her neck snapped. Another stream of piss and shit soiled the dirt as her bladder and bowels released their contents.

Freyja’s dad vomited as his wife buried herself into his stomach, and their only remaining daughter bawled until she passed out. Para’s dad remained motionless in his seat, until his wife recovered an hour later to discover that he died of a heart attack; she fainted again, and ended up taking her own life that evening. The girls were left hanging for two days until their bodies were taken down and buried in the community garden.
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Pris, Another Girl Apart (Trans-F/F, cons, non-fatal, various others)

Hello hello gurochan! New author with some short stories to share, most of which were inspired by the legendary Poguemahone and JestInPieces. I'll just be collecting whatever I put together in here, which will loosely follow the various gorey adventures of a young trans woman named Pris. Things to expect from me include: cons, non-fatal, regeneration, vivisection, blood, wild animals, cannibalism, and the majestic wild girlpeen.

This first story was thanks to a request from Poguemahone to start posting my things more widely, so you may thank him for this :D

Spin the Bottle
=Consensual, Non-Fatal, Skinning, F/F=

The glass Coke bottle spun around on the floor, mouth spinning between each of the girls sitting around it in a circle before finally coming to a stop pointing at Pris. A chorus of cheers and jeers went up as her face flushed a sudden deep, burning red. Across from her, the girl who had spun the bottle got to her feet and crossed the circle, grinning.

"C'mon Pris!" she said, gripping the smaller girl by the shoulders and bringing her to her feet. "We're all girls here, nothing to be ashamed of."

The brown-haired girl returned her crush's smile nervously, her face still flushed. "I… as long as it's you…" She gripped the hem of her nightgown and started to tug it over her head, revealing a lacy black negligee covering a small set of breasts, and a matching pair of obviously bulging black panties. Sandrine wolf whistled, squeezing her between the legs and earning a yelp from Pris.

"Someone was hoping to get lucky tonight~" she said.

"Well… I did, didn't I?" Pris shot back, rallying to her defense as she tugged the panties down around her ankles and the lingerie over her head. Her cock, furiously hard, stood upright at attention despite her efforts to cover it with her hands.

"I'd say," Sandrine said, looking down at her length and licking her lips. "We both did." She picked up the box cutter that Emily had borrowed from her mother's office, and extended with a quiet ‘’shik!’’ "Let's have a look, sweetheart."

Pris swallowed hard. ‘’S-sweetheart?’’

Without waiting for an answer, the blade dug into Pris's stomach, and swept upwards through her belly until it stopped, scraping against her sternum. Her slender hands were bathed in a rush of blood, staining her fingernails and soaking into the end of her sleeves. Sandrine pulled it free of her body, licked the dripping clear threads of peritoneal lining and thick crimson blood off the blade before setting it to the side. Pris wormed her fingers into the edges of her split skin and began rolling it backwards away from the cut in her belly, one hand holding the flap and the other sweeping just under the lifted layer, separating it from fat and muscle.

Sandrine joined her, working on undressing her on the opposite side and then, when they had gone as far as they could without widening the cut, both of them switched to her legs. Using the box cutter and a bit of careful maneuvering, they traveled the length of Pris's thighs and calves together, separating the tighter cartilage connections to her skin. She twitched at sensation of her crush's slender fingertips touching the inside of her thigh, causing the thick muscles to spasm and jerk under her hands.

"Oh, you little freak~" Sandrine said, smirking. "You're enjoying this, aren't you? Letting all of us watch you undress~"

"I-I-I'd be hard pressed to find a girl who didn't enjoy your head resting in her crotch."

"Well, you certainly are ‘’hard.’’"

Pris blew her a raspberry, then began to step out of the skin of her legs, rolling them down her body like a pair of long socks or tights. She wriggled to try to get her hips and thighs out of the split in her stomach, but was unsuccessful until Sandrine reached into her skin, gripped the base of her penis, and stripped the skin free of her rock hard cock like taking off a sock. Pris moaned.

"Focus, sweetheart," she said, holding the inverted penis skin and waggling it at Pris's face like a crop.

"S-sorry. I can never anticipate when you'll just grab hold of me…"

"What can I say? I take what I like."

With Pris's legs and hips free of her skin, slithering out like a flexing, powerful crimson snake shot through with strips of white tendon and yellow fat, the rest came quickly. Sandrine slid one hand under the skin of her back and gripped her shoulder, forming a knuckley bulge under the skin before pulling downwards, sweeping her other hand along the length of her arm from within. In a fluid motion, her arm pulled free, and her skin bunched and gathered at her shoulder all the way until her fingers pulled free, and it flopped down at her side limply.

Sandrine then pulled the skin free and held it to the side. Thick strings of mucous and internal lining stretched from her fresh, steaming muscle and the pristine skin peeling free from her torso. Her breasts hung as small, flattened masses of yellow fat, with a slight browning at the center end where her areola had been peeled off. Two red arms gripped the edges and helped Sandrine pull it higher off her body until her shoulders came free too, leaving only her head.

"I want to see all of you, sweetheart~" she cooed, and then in a single, powerful motion, tore her face off.

The skin of her head twisted inside-out, leaving a red, gaping negative of her features dangling from the end of the intact pelt. Through the holes of her former eyes and mouth, some of her long brown hair dangled through. Sandrine grinned then tossed the skin to the side where it slumped to the floor in a crimson heap.

"That's much better now, isn't it?" Pris covered her chest and cock self-consciously, but realized quickly that in her advanced state of nakedness resisting was largely futile. Through the cut in her abdominal muscles, the rapid pounding of her aroused heart was clearly visible.

"S… sure. I'm always nervous when I'm naked though…" she murmured, returning to her seat in the circle while her friends cheered. A couple gave her hugs and clapped her back, earning themselves deep, bloody stains in their nightgowns as well.

‘’Clink! Clink-clink-cli…clclink.’’

Everyone watched Pris's skinless skull, her bulging eyes, exposed teeth and flared, empty nose. Everyone watched the skin, bloody muscle suddenly drain of color, turning ashen and tan against her bleached white skull.

The mouth of the bottle once again pointed at her.
R: 25 / I: 0

Looking for story

I've been looking for this story for ages. It disappeared from Lit a while back.
It was about a girl who uses surgery and bodymod to literally transform her pussy into a flower. Like stretching her clit into a stem or prolapsing her cervix to look like the center of the flower.
Anyone remember, or better yet have it saved?
R: 0 / I: 0

Mind Glare

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, to be read only by individuals aged 18 or above. This is only meant to be a dark erotic FANTASY and in no way, form or fashion suggest that I myself want to do, or participate in anything like the content of this story. This story involves rape, non-consensual sex, sexual assault, dominance, abject submissiveness, sex with a minor, misogyny, torture, violence, and murder. I DO NOT condone of any of it in reality. Nor do I encourage or intend to enable any act of violence, misogyny, sex with anyone underaged or sexual assault. This is merely a FANTASY meant to engross a reader for entertainment and pleasure. I WILL report any hint of actual violence, sexual assault, or sex with an underaged person in the comment sections or forums on this site and in any re-posting or distribution of my work that is recognizable, to the authorities. The characters, places, and events of the story depicted here within are FANTASY and do not reflect real world events, places, people, or persons in any way. The content is also totally original I am not referring to any other work of fiction or fan fiction.

If you are in anyway remotely offended by the content mentioned herein DON’T READ MY WORK.

I do retain the rights to this story as author under the name < CunningTANUKI > in all posted forms through re-posting and re-distribution that is un-authorized as well as the authorized forms


Bathroom Closed For Cleaning

All it took was one glance into her eyes and she was following me around the store. I let go of my shopping cart and she left her mother’s side. At an instance I grabbed her hand and started leading her to the bathroom. There was a homely looking barista at the coffee shop who I looked directly at making eye contact. She had scathing thoughts about a middle aged white man dragging a teenage black girl along. So I began to erase myself from her mind.

When we got to the bathroom there was a young college aged guy. He looked at us and I went into his mind. He was going in about to take a shit. If there’s anything I despise more than the normal human mind, it is the normal human mind that thinks it’s okay to casually take a dump in a public bathroom. I dove further through his mind and could see that he lived minutes away from the grocery store. I started commanding his mind and then he stood frozen facing the mirror, staring perplexed.

I brought the girl to the stall near the back and then started kissing her, pushing her against the wall after I closed the stall door. I could see in her mind and feel how aroused she was. Sparks and fireworks seemed to be shooting off in between her thighs. I pulled back and looked deeply into her brown eyes again and turned up her little teenage sexual aggression. There was a melting heat around her crotch as my hand mad its way down under her skirt and over her panties. I could feel her tremble and she began to moan and cry out as I touched her little wet cunty through the cotton fabric.

I pulled her shirt over her head and then undid her little bra. Dark brown little perky tits popped out and had two little puffy mounds around the dark nipples. I kissed and licked her teenage breast and then began to suck on them hard until she cried out. Her voice echo through the bathroom and I remember the college boy I left out in front of the mirror. He marched off to a janitors closet that was just down the way and brought out a ‘Bathroom Closed For Cleaning’ sign and hung it on the door.

My hands were fully down the girls blue panties and I was prodding my middle finger into her little slit. I then told her mind to take it all off and she did so, pulling her skirt and panties off in one go. Then she unzipped my pants and pulled the belt loose. It was her first time seeing a man’s dick up close. I told her what to do without speaking and she fell to her knees. Her little hand grabbed the head of my cock and pushed it up. The young black lass started licking me, my undercarriage and balls. Then she took my dickhead in her mouth and pushed her face down as if she was a pro. Her head was bobbing up and down and I started getting hard watch her choke my shaft down her throat. Her eye makeup started to run as her eyes teared up.

I flashed in her mind telling her to stand up, turn around, and bend over arching her back. She was up on her feet then turned around hands on the wall. She came up on her tiptoes presenting her little pert ass to me. I stroked my cock a few times spreading her saliva. Then I pushed my dick to the entrance of her little teenage cunt hole. Her hot wet pussy lips parted around the head of my cock and then I pushed forward breaking right in through her maidenhead. She closed her eyes and cried out, howling in pain as her whole body seemed to retch slightly. A trail of virgin blood ran visible over my white dick as I started plunging deep inside her girl pussy. She was pressing one side of her black face against the bathroom wall with her eyes closed tightly. I could feel some of the pain in her mind, but then I began to replace it with pleasure.

I fucked her hard, faster and faster until I was full on bouncing her against my hips. She was still cueing and screaming out, more in ecstasy now than pain as her cute butt bounced. The sound of her ass clapping against my body started to ring out, but it was so early only the barista at the coffee shop heard it. The black girls pussy started making sloshing noises every few seconds from where her pussy juice flowed freely. Her body started spasming around my cock and I could feel her muscles start to squeeze. I only wanted it to be tighter.

I sent the college boy off to create a distraction. Then, I grabbed her head and chin and twisted both in a clockwise direction, snapping tendons and bone. I pulling her face around until I could see both eyes over her shoulder. She yelped and then lurched and bucked around for a few small seconds before the lights in her mind went out. My cock stayed seated inside her pussy as her body tensed and then squeezed harder around my girth. Still pushing my cock into the deepest region of her dying vagina as it constricted. I kept twisting her head until I could fully see her dazed eyes. She was blinking and her lips seemed to be murmur something. My dick went ridged and I came deep inside her little dead teen snatch.

After a few seconds of absolute heaven I let go and she dropped to the floor. She fell chest flat as if she was still trying to hold her bare ass up for me. My warm load began to run out of her blood hole and down her slit . She fell over on to her side and a stream of little girl pee began to trickle down her thigh pooling on the floor. I opened the stall door, pulled my pants back up and redid them. Then began to back out of the stall. I took one glance back at her little face, her head was still wrenched to her shoulder, lying on the bathroom floor. Her eyes were half open now and blood began to spill out of her mouth.

I walked out casually past the chubby barista at the coffee stand and looked at her. I delve in and erased myself from her mind again only leaving the college boy and the black girl in the spaces between her cleaning coffee machines. The college boy walked past the registers as I started my way to the door. I saw a manager stepping away from a phone look around and he looked at me. I showed him how he needed to go to the security office and erase the video tapes from the cameras. The college boy was on his way out the door, one of the store clerks from the meat section yelled at him and he started running. He made his way out the door and into the parking lot drive where he got hit by an SUV and immediately fell back on the pavement unconscious. He shit his pants and packages of ground beef fell out of his shirt.

The perfect time for me to find my parked car and get away. No groceries. Just another Saturday morning.
R: 7 / I: 0

Birthday Request (F/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism)

Birthday Request

A boy finds out that his sister wants something a little unusual from him for her birthday.

F/m, CBT, Penectomy, Castration, Cannibalism, Reluctant, Casual, Orgasm Control and Denial, Incest

"Mom?" he asked, as he poked his head around the door frame and looked into the kitchen and dining room.

"Yes, dear..?" his mother replied distractedly, as she moved before the oven, back and forth between simmering pots and sizzling pans.

"Umm.." he said, his voice low as he bit his bottom lip in apparent worry. "..I know you're busy with dinner, but could you.. uh.."

"Don't mumble, Jeffery." his mother instructed absently, with a glance and frown at her son.

"Sorry!" Jeffery said, his voice growing slightly more audible over the noise of his mother's dinner preparations. "Could you.. help me, please?"

As he said this last, he slid sideways into the doorway proper. His hands, which he had been twisting one against the other in agitation, relaxed slightly as he hooked his fingers into the front of his shorts. He then pulled them down to reveal his manhood, erect cock spring immediately upright and free, to his working mother.

His mother took in his aroused state with another short glance, her gaze flat and unimpressed.

"I don't really have time right now, Jeffery.." his mother finally replied with an impatient sigh, before she turned back to her cooking. "What about your sister? Why don't you ask her?"

"She's in the shower." Jeffery replied, shrugging apologetically. "She just got back from soccer practice. She doesn't like it if I bug her when she's in the bathroom.."

"..Mmm.." his mother hummed, noncommittally, without looking back at him.

"..Please..?" he asked, allowing just a hint of whine into his voice, as he looked up at her hopefully.

"It can't wait forty-five minutes?" his mother asked.

"Unh-uh." he said, shaking his head and doing his best impression of a begging puppy.

"Ohhh, alright. Bring that silly little thing over here, then." his mother finally relented, with another annoyed sigh. "I'll tend to you when I can, Jeffery, but cooking dinner comes first."

"Thanks, mom!" he replied, all hints of pleading vanishing as he bounced happily over to his mother.

He came to a stop beside her and thrust his hips, along with his still exposed manhood, out towards her. Then he looked up at her expectantly.

"Why couldn't I just have had two daughters, instead..?" his mother murmured with a roll of her eyes, before she set down her spatula and reached for his erection.

"Haa..mmmm.." he breathed, as his mother's strong, warm hand enveloped his flesh. "Ooh.. I've needed this for hours.."

"Boys.." his mother said, as she resumed cooking as best she could with only one hand.

His mother was a good as her word, using any free moments between slicing, chopping, stirring, flipping, frying, and steaming up dinner to stroke and caress his cock. There were, though, significant segments of time where she simply needed both hands for cooking, which meant that something that usually only took a few minutes was stretched out for much longer.

"Do you need any help, mother?" a voice behind them asked.

His sister had apparently finished her shower. Her hair was still wet, and she was clad in only a thin, damp shirt and tight cotton short shorts. Her eyes took in the tableau of her mother both cooking dinner and masturbating her brother right next to the stove top, a sight she apparently found entirely unremarkable.

"Set the table please, Lily." his mother replied, as she lifted a spoonful of sauce up to her lips with her left hand, even as her right pumped up and down the length of his shaft. "I'm almost done here. We'll eat in just a few minutes."

"Yes, mother." his sister replied, as she padded barefoot over to the cutlery drawer.

His attention wandered for a few moments, as he enjoyed the feeling of his mother's intermittent ministrations, before it was snapped back to the present by the sharp clatter of three plates being deposited right in front of him by his sister.

"Serve us up, will you, dear?" his mother instructed his sister, as she stepped back from the oven. "While I go ahead and finish off your brother."

Wordlessly, his sister dished up portions of pasta and sauce, steamed broccoli, meatballs, and garlic bread onto the plates. She set each plate down on the dining table as she finished it, saving her own for last.

"Bring your plate over here, dear." his mother said, as his sister finished serving herself. "Your brother's just about to pop, I think. We may as well not waste it."

"Yes, mother." his sister answered calmly, before she turned around and walked the few steps over to where his mother had pulled him back and out of the way.

She presented her full plate with both hands at waist height, standing expectantly before him even as his mother, who was now behind him, increased the pace of her efforts.

Despite the pleasure he was already feeling, it still took several more moments for those efforts to pay off. His sister spent those moments simply looking at him in apparent amusement, her gaze flicking back and forth between his eyes and the tip of his erect cock.

"Any time now, Jeffery." his sister said, her mouth twisting up into a slight smirk as she watched him begin to tremble and shake. "I'd like to eat my dinner before it gets cold, you know."

"Haahh.." he breathed, as his mother cupped and kneaded his testicles gently, even as her grip on his shaft firmed.

"Ahhh!" he exclaimed, his hands clenched at his side, his hips thrusting out as far as they could, as his orgasm finally overwhelmed him.

His mother and his sister watched as he ejaculated forcefully. His seed, aimed by his mother, splashed in thick ropes across the food held upon his sister's plate.

"There we go.." his mother whispered into his ear, as she continued to stroke him. "Get it all out, dear.. That's right, every little bit.."

"Hah.. haa.." he panted, as he collapsed back against his mother.

"Finally." his sister said when his ejaculation had finished, before she tossed her hair back over her shoulder and stepped away to set her plate down on the table. "I'm starving."

His sister sat down, and without waiting for him or his mother, promptly dug into her meal.

"Feel better, dear?" his mother asked, as she guided him on his wobbly, weak legs to his own seat.

"Ye.. yes, mom.." he said, as one last orgasmic shiver made its way up his spine. "Loads better. Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear." his mother said, as she eyed his still erect cock critically. "Just try to time it a little better next time, will you?"

"I'll.. I'll try." he promised, as he clutched the back of his chair for support.

"Good." his mother stated, as she drew her index finger up along the underside of his cock, using her fingertip to collect the little drop of semen that still beaded the end of his penis.

"Hmm.." she mused thoughtfully, as she popped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. "Well, sit down. Let's eat."

"So, Lily, what do you want for your birthday this year?" his mother asked some time later, as the meal progressed.

His sister, who had been in the middle of lifting a piece of broccoli to her mouth, one so liberally coated with his semen that it was actually dripping a little, paused for a moment, looking thoughtful. Then, after a quick, inscrutable glance towards him, she placed the broccoli delicately in her mouth and slowly chewed it up.

"I think.." she began, while patting her lips clean after swallowing. "..that I would like Jeffery for my birthday."

"You want your brother.." his mother asked, one eyebrow raised skeptically. "..for your birthday present?"

"Not all of him." Lily replied, with an amused little smirk in his direction.

"I just want his penis." she stated.

His fork clattered loudly as he dropped it onto his plate at his sister's casual words.

"Hmm.." his mother mused, as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "I see."

"Yes." his sister continued calmly. "My friend Annie told me that having a penis on your birthday is quite the treat. She received, with her mother's permission, her older brother's on her last birthday. I was there at the party when her mother and brother brought it out for her. She was quite delighted with the whole thing, and it made for a very memorable birthday."

"Wha.. what..?" he stuttered, his mouth hanging open.

"Well.." his mother pondered, as she shifted her attention away from his sister and onto himself, eyeing him speculatively. "If that's really what you want.."

"It is." his sister stated, firmly.

"Wha.. What did.. did she do with it, though..?" he finally managed to ask, his tone slightly confused and very worried at the sudden, unexpected nature of their dinner conversation.

"Well, she ate it, naturally." his sister said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "After her mother prepared and cooked it up, of course. The smell was absolutely mouthwatering. I wanted ever so much to ask Annie for a tiny bite, just to see what it tasted like, but I didn't wish to be rude."

"I mean, it was her birthday party, after all. Not mine." Lily finished, with a little giggle.

"Haah!" he squeaked, as he flinched slightly and squeezed his thighs firmly and fearfully together at the picture his sister's words painted in his mind.

"So, that's all then? Just your brother's penis?" his mother asked. "Nothing else?"

"Well.." his sister added, looking hopeful. "I'd really love to have his testicles, too. If that isn't too much to ask, that is."

"I bet they'd be just as delicious as his penis." she said, as she swirled another piece of broccoli around in a small pool of congealing semen at the edge of her plate. "Maybe even more so."

With her eyes locked on her brother, she slipped the cum coated vegetable into her mouth and chewed, rather forcefully.

"Hmmm.." his mother hummed, as she regarded her daughter for a moment, before returning her gaze to him once more.

It was a rather evaluative, calculating gaze, one which made him feel rather like a piece of beef or pork on display at the market. He quailed under it, squirming in his seat.

"I suppose that I don't see.." she began.

"Mom!" he tried to interrupt, outraged and shocked.

"..why not. Yes, you can have your brother's penis and testicles for your birthday." his mother finished, ignoring his outburst.

His sister's eyes lit up, even as his own heart sank.

"Thank you, mother!" Lily exclaimed, her mouth breaking into a wide, bright grin.

"Moom!" he protested again, more loudly this time. "I don't want Lily to eat my penis! She can't have it! It or my balls!"

"Dear.." his mother said to him, after shooting a quelling look at his sister, who appeared to be about to speak up. "Why ever not? Surely you can see how happy it will make her?"

"Because it's mine!" he replied, so loudly that he was almost shouting, causing his sister to wince. "I.. I don't want to give it up just so she can ee.. eat it!"

"Now, now, dear.." his mother said, placatingly. "I know that you're rather.. um.. attached to it and everything, but don't you think that you're being a little selfish..?"

"What.. but.." he stammered. "!"

"It's really not that big of a deal, Jeffery." his sister said, rolling her eyes. "It's only a penis. Annie said her brother didn't even really miss his much after a couple of weeks had gone by. Plus, he didn't have to bother her or her mother to take care of his silly erections anymore. Honestly, it's pretty much a win-win situation."

"But.. but.."

"Really, dear.." his mother said, her tone one of utmost reasonableness. "It's for the best. Whatever would you do with that silly thing later in life, anyway?"

"But.." he said, before his voice grew plaintive. "But I want to be a breeder!"

His sister made a shocked snerking sound, snorting around a small mouthful of pasta, before giggling suddenly behind her hand.

"Ah.. Dear.." his mother said, after frowning at his sister. "You realize that only about two out of a hundred boys qualify for breeder status, don't you?"

"I could make it!" he stated, emphatically.

"Well.. yes, I suppose that it is technically.. theoretically.. possible that you could end up qualifying.." his mother allowed, her skepticism showing through plainly in her tone of voice. "..but you only barely squeaked by on your last evaluation, and the standards only grow more strict each successive year."

"Barring some sort of extreme growth spurt.." she continued, with a glance down toward his lap. "..between now and your next evaluation, I think that it is all going to become something of a moot point anyway."

"It.. it could happen.." he said, gulping nervously.

"It could, but it very likely won't." his mother said, firmly. "Miracles like that only happen in story books, Jeffery. You're very, very likely to lose your manhood before the year is out regardless, so why not let your sister have it for her birthday? Really, you're just being selfish."

"I.. I.." he said, with his mouth moving but hardly any sound coming out.

"Jeffery.." his sister said, all trace of amusement gone from her voice, drawing his gaze to her once again.

"..please?" she asked, looking at him hopefully with her wide, guileless, beautiful eyes, even as she laid her left hand atop his own trembling right.

"I.." he stammered one last time, before seeming to deflate in his chair, his head sinking in defeat.

"Oh.. Okay." he finally agreed, disconsolately, as he stared down forlornly into his own lap.

The clatter of a chair being pushed back made him raise his head slightly. His sister stood up, then moved around to his side of the table. She reached out with one hand and gently tilted his chin up, then bent down and placed a warm, chaste kiss on his cheek. Her breath smelled a little like broccoli as it fluttered against the skin of his face.

"Thank you, Jeffery." she said, her voice full of genuine warmth as she smiled down winningly at him.

"Ah.." he replied, haltingly, as he looked back at his occasionally adorable sister. "You're.. you're welcome, I suppose.."

"I'm very proud of you, Jeffery." his mother said with a smile, as she patted his hand. "I know it can seem scary, but it's something almost all boys end up facing, sooner or later. Now you'll be able to look back on it later as a happy memory, as a gift you gave to your sister, rather than as something that was taken from you."

"..I suppose." he repeated, his tone heavy with doubt.

His mother just patted his hand again.

"So, Lily.." she said, her voice brightening as his sister sat back down at the dining table once again. "Have you chosen a recipe yet? For your, ahem, "big" birthday meal?"

He choked on a bit of broccoli at his mother's words and tone.

His sister's composure cracked at his mother's comment and his own reaction, and she broke out into giggles again.

"Not yet." she answered, grinning. "I wanted to see if you'd even let me have it before I started planning too much in advance.."

She shot him another amused glance, even as she popped a meatball into her mouth whole and began vigorously chewing it up.

"Well, I've got an old recipe book laying around here somewhere that you'll want to take a look at, then." his mother replied, smiling benignly. "I haven't had a use for it in ages, but I think I remember where I left it at."

"It'll be just the thing you need." his mother said, with a knowing little nod.

Jeffery sank nervously into his seat a little, as both his mother and sister turned to regard him thoughtfully.

He couldn't tell if they were licking their lips in appreciation of the meal they were eating now, or in anticipation of the meal to come.

His sister skipped out of the dining room a little later, small recipe book in hand, to go try and decide how exactly she wanted his penis cooked.

His mother had him clean off the table, even as she began to wash the dishes. His own plate was more or less untouched, as his appetite had pretty much fled after the conversation about his sister's birthday present. The only thing he'd really eaten was a little bit of broccoli, though his sister had reached over and stolen his meatballs at some point toward the end of dinner. He'd only realized he'd wanted them after they were already gone. The irony wasn't lost on him.

He spent the next several hours alone in his room, just staring down at his lap, contemplating his decision. He still was rather conflicted about the whole thing, but it had just been so hard to say no to his sister. Oh, his mother's arguments had influenced his decision, to be sure, but his will had only really broken down completely when his sister had asked him, outright, for his manhood. Though he had an oftentimes adversarial relationship with his sister, he really was rather fond of her, truth be told. Denying her something she so plainly wanted, something that it was obvious would make her very happy, was just not in his nature. It certainly wouldn't be the first time she had wheedled something of his away from him.

Thinking of his sister, especially the cute little face she made whenever she wanted something, caused the inevitable reaction. His manhood swelled, as it always did when he thought about his sister lately. Indeed, the only reason he'd needed his mother to give him some relief before dinner was because he'd accidentally stolen a look at his sister as she undressed for her shower. The sight of her peeling her tight, sweaty soccer uniform off as he passed by the only mostly closed bathroom door had brought his cock to full attention at once, and he'd been sorely tempted to tarry and see just how much he could see.

Common sense had prevailed, fortunately, as the costs of getting caught would probably have been greater than the potential rewards. It had been a very close thing, though, and he'd had to force himself to walk away from the sight of his sister's shower preparations. Still, thinking of Lily gave him an idea. Normally he'd limit the number of time's he'd ask his mother or sister to take care of an erection for him to just once or twice a day, so as not to unduly pester the two women in his life. Now, though.. Since he'd be losing his precious manhood in only a week's time, it seemed like he should take advantage of every opportunity available to him. In fact, he thought to himself as he hopped off his bed, one could almost say that his sister owed him as many orgasms as possible in the week he had left. It was only fair, after all, considering what he was giving up for her.

Grinning optimistically, he strode from his room, intent on collecting what he felt he was owed from his sister as soon, and as often, as possible.

Unfortunately, as he found out just a few moments later, his sister had some very different ideas about how he should spend his last week as a fully functional male.

"You've got to be kidding." he stated, as he voiced his complete disbelief.

"Nope, not at all." his sister said, without bothering to look up from the recipe book she was perusing on her bed. "It says right here that having the man or boy abstain before his penis and/or testicles are prepared and cooked enhances their flavor. Significantly, according to many accounts."

Abstain. What a horrible word, he felt. She wanted him to spend the entire next week, his LAST week, abstaining from orgasming and ejaculating. Utter madness.

"Nope, unacceptable." he said, making his voice as firm and unyielding as possible. "If you want my penis, you're going to have to masturbate me at least four.. no, at least FIVE times each day."

"And.." he continued recklessly, feeling perhaps a bit braver than was actually warranted. "..and you have to use your m-mouth on me at least one of those times, every day."

His sister finally looked up at him, as he stood there with his feet spread, his fists on his hips, and his chest thrown out, and snorted derisively.

"Yeah, okay." she said, her tone so dry that it would pull water out of salt. "I agree to those conditions, absolutely."

"Really?" he asked, hopefully.

"No." she replied, shortly, with a shake of her head and an exaggerated eye roll.

"Aww, come on.." he said. "I'm being serious!"

"I know you are." his sister stated. "It's cute."

"Well, fine then." he said, as he turned to leave. "I guess you can't have my penis after all."

"My penis." she shot back, still reading her new recipe book.

"What?" he asked, over his shoulder.

"It isn't YOUR penis." she stated, with a scathing look at him over the top of her book. "It's MINE. You already gave it to me. No. Take. Backs."

"I.. I did not! I said you could have it for your birthday." he retorted. "And it isn't your birthday yet!"

"You gave it to me." his sister replied, stubbornly. "That means it's mine, now and forever."

"Unh uh"

"Yeah huh"

"MO-OM!" they both shouted.

There was the sound of an exasperated sigh, audible even from the other side of the house. Before long, their mother, looking distinctly unamused, poked her head around the door frame.

"What?" she asked, flatly.

"Jeffery's trying to weasel out of his promise!" his sister complained, loudly.

"Lily says I can't come at all before her birthday!" he said, even more loudly.

His mother looked back and forth at the both of them for a moment, the directed her gaze to him.

"Is it true?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, she says that she won't help me if I get an erection for the rest of the week until her birthday!" he said, indignantly.

"Not that." his mother said, waving her hand dismissively at his concern. "I meant are you trying to get out of giving the gift that you've already promised?"

"W.. Well, yes, I suppose.." he said. "..but only because she says I shouldn't come!"

His mother simply raised her eyebrow even further at this.

"Supposedly it makes my p.. er.. a p-penis "taste better" if it hasn't ejaculated, or something stupid like that." he explained, using his fingers to make air quotes to emphasize his skepticism about his sister's claim.

"It does." his mother said, her tone perfectly flat once again. "Everybody knows that."

"What?!" he exclaimed. "It.. it does not. That's dumb!"

"Yes! Told you, Jeffery." his sister said, smugly.

"But.. but.." he stammered.

"It does." his mother repeated firmly. "And, you've already agreed to give you penis and testicles to your sister for her birthday, so that's that. They're hers now, and if she says they aren't to orgasm, then they aren't to orgasm. Period."


"Now, don't bother me again unless it's important." his mother said, as she pulled her head back and left. "I'm reading a novel. It's rather interesting."


"Jeffery, go away." his sister commanded, as she buried her nose in her little recipe book once again. "I need to find the perfect recipe for my birthday, and I can't do it with you standing there looking dumb and annoying me."



He looked at his sister, who was glaring up at him through narrowed eyes and radiating hostility, then back down at his still erect cock. Realizing that there was no hope or help to be had, he whimpered and beat a hasty retreat.

If he didn't figure something out, then it was going to be a long week until his sister's bithday.

Monday, 9:02 AM

"Lily, will you please take care of my erection? It's been bugging me all night."




"Look, I'm sorry about trying to.. to weasel out of my promise. Really, I am."


"So.. will you take care of my stupid penis?"



Monday, 9:27 PM

"Lily, will you please..?"



"No. Go away."

Tuesday, 8:37 AM

"Serious Lily, this thing is driving me crazy. Please just jerk me off. Even just once a day is enough."



Tuesday, 10:33 AM

"Hey Lily, could you.."


"I wasn't going to ask about my penis."


"Really, I wasn't.."


"..but, since you're here.. Would you please..?"


Tuesday, 12:02 PM

"Hey Lily, would you like me to make you lunch? I'm making sandwiches."


"What do you want on yours? Mustard?"




"Miracle Whip?"



"..I'll make my own sandwich."

Tuesday, 6:38 PM

"Hey Lily, I brought you some flowers. You know, for an early birthday present."


"..Sooo.. could you take care of my penis, please?"


Tuesday, 6:42 PM

"Hey mom, I brought you some flowers."

"Thank you, dear. That was very thoughtful."

"Would you help me, please? My penis has really, really been bothering me lately. It'll only take a minute, I promise."

"Did your sister say it was alright?"

"..Yes. Yes, she did."

"No, she didn't."

"No, really. I just asked her a minute ago, and she said it was fine. Really. So, please?"



Tuesday, 9:47 PM

"Hey Lily.."


"But I.."


"Seriously, this thing is.."



Wednesday, 6:01 AM





"Oh, hey. You're awake."

"Wha.. What time is it?"

"So, listen, I haven't been able to sleep. At all."

"How.. is that my problem?"

"Because of my stupid penis."

" is that my problem?"

"Please, Lily.. I'm begging you. Just once, that's all I need."


"Lily, seriously.."

"No. Get out, you jerk, and let me sleep!"


Thursday, 10:47 AM

"Hey Annie, how're you doing?"

"I'm fine, Jeffery. How are you?"

"Uh, well.. Not so good, actually. I wouldn't usually ask you something like this, but, seeing as how you're my sister's best friend, which sort of makes you my friend too, I thought that maybe.."

"What do you need?"

"Would you.. erm.. help me, please?"

"Oh, I haven't had to do that for awhile, ha ha. Not since my last birthday, anyway."

"So, will you?"

"Oh, ha ha. Sorry, no."

"What? Why not? Please, I promise that it'll only take a minute. Or less. Seriously. Please."

"Lily told me not to."

"She what?"

"Yeah, she said that she was going to have your penis at her birthday party. So, naturally, she called all her friends and asked them not to touch you at all."

"She.. She did that..? All her friends?"

"Yeah, she told me it took forever, too, ha ha. You know, seeing as how she's friends with practically everyone around. Honestly, I expected that you would have asked me days ago. It would have worked then, too."

"It.. it would have?"

"Yeah. Lily called all her friends in alphabetical order, and my last name starts with a "W". She only got to me last night. If you'd have asked me yesterday or the day before, I would have been happy to do it for you, ha ha."


Friday 3:23 PM



"I'm begging.."


"Please.. Oh my god, it hurts so much. I'll do anything. Anything!"



"ANYTHING anything?"

"Yes! Please!"





Saturday 9:12 AM




"Are you.. crying?"

"N-no!" *sniff*

"Jeez, that's kinda pathetic, Jeffery."

"S-shut up!"

"It almost makes me want to take pity on you.."



"So, w-will you..? Please?"


"Argh!" *sob*

It was Saturday evening. He was in the shower, simply staring down at his manhood as hot water beat down on him. His cock had been erect almost constantly for the entire past week, and it hurt. His balls ached even worse, a low grade pounding that echoed painfully up through his innards in time with his heartbeat. There was only one thing that would make the pain go away, and his sister had denied it to him.

His hands, which he usually only touched himself with in order to wash or urinate, hovered over his turgid member. It would be so, so easy.. But there was a lifetime's worth of taboo and stigma that he was struggling against. Boys couldn't touch themselves. Boys SHOULDN'T touch themselves.


If a boy had an erection, he had to go to a girl and hope she took pity on him. Usually they would, if they weren't busy with something else, that is. Penises, despite the fact that they were attached to boys, were for girls. They orgasmed and ejaculated only if and when a girl thought it appropriate. That's just the way it was and always had been.

What he was contemplating doing, as his hand drifted closer and closer to his own erection, was against all of that. If he was caught, even just once, no girl might ever touch him again.


But tomorrow was his sister's birthday party, wasn't it? She'd be taking his manhood tomorrow anyway. He really, truly didn't have anything left to lose, did he?

His hand wrapped around his length, and he shuddered in ecstasy at the pleasure the simple pressure of his own grip caused.

"Haaahhh.. ha haa haaah!" he laughed, almost maniacally, as he began to lightly stroke himself.

After an entire week's worth of denial and build up, it felt good. So terribly good. Exquisite. Heck, it almost felt worth it even, going without for the entire week, just for how good his cock felt right at that very moment.

He tightened his grip, and sped up the pace of his strokes, breathing heavily in the hot water of the shower. He was going to come, and soon. Nothing, nothing could stop him now!

"Hah! Caught you!" his sister crowed delightedly, practically in his ear, as she tossed back the shower curtain.

"Gaaahhh!" he shrieked, so startled that his feet slipped out from beneath him entirely.

Thankfully, he was already leaning against the back wall of the shower, arching his hips and manhood up toward the hot spray of the shower head. So, instead of paralyzing himself by landing on the lip of the large tub, he merely slipped down into it, coming to rest on his back.

"I knew you'd give in eventually." his sister stated triumphantly, as she stood over him with her hands on her hips, even as warm water began to splash onto her clothes. "Boys, boys, boys.. Can't even go a week, can you..?"

"L-Lily!" he said, once he'd recovered from his fright and caught his breath. "Go away. Go away!"

"Nope!" his sister said, with a quick shake of her head. "That's my penis you're manhandling there. I'll ask you to kindly remove your hand from it, please."

"Argh!" he groaned, even as he jerked his hand away from himself, a lifetime of indoctrination quickly reasserting itself. "Jeez, just leave me alone and let me finish! Just once before tomorrow!"

"And waste all the flavor that's built up over the past week?" Lily asked, rhetorically. "I don't think so. Get up."

Grumbling, he carefully climbed to his feet, doing his best not to slip again in the warm, slick tub. Petulantly, he refused to look at his sister.

"Good, now face me squarely, please." she commanded.

After a moment's consideration, he grudgingly complied, turning his whole body to look at his sister, his very erect cock pointing directly up at her face.

"What do you want?" he asked shortly, his mood thoroughly ruined by her sudden appearance.

"Several things, actually." Lily said, as she reached out and took his manhood gently in hand. "First, I simply want to see how these are coming along.."

He gasped at her touch, the first time he'd felt it in over a week, as she squeezed and hefted his member and gonads.

"Ooh, they feel good.." his sister mused, as she examined him closely.

"What.. what do you mean..?" he asked as he thrust out his hips, keen, despite his irritation at her, to prolong his sister's touch.

"Well, you feel rather plump and full." Lily said, as she rolled and kneaded his testicles in her hand. "Much more so than usual."

He shuddered at the sensation, the throbbing pain in his gonads somehow both easing and sharpening at the modest, pleasurable pressure she was subjecting them to.

"And I think that this is the largest I've ever seen your penis." she continued, as she ran her other hand appreciatively up and down his length. "The largest, by far. Not quite big enough to qualify as a breeder, of course, but still.. impressive, brother dear."

"Thanks..?" he said, a bit confused by the compliments coming from the girl who had cut him off so completely a week prior.

"You're welcome." she replied, with a little giggle. "It wouldn't have happened without me, after all. They're going to be perfect for my birthday, tomorrow."

The pit of his stomach dropped at the mention of the party the next day, the party which would mark the end of his manhood.

"Speaking of which, that's the second reason I'm here." his sister said, as she gave him another squeeze. "I've narrowed my choices about how to prepare this thing down to two, but I simply can't decide which one of them to pick."

"Y-yeah..?" he asked, with a shudder that wasn't entirely due to the feel of his sister's hand on his flesh.

"Thankfully, the authors of the cook book mom gave to me expected girls to have trouble choosing a recipe, and they had some advice about it." Lily explained. "They suggested a taste test."

"A taste..?" he repeated, before realization struck him. "..Really?"

"Yes." his sister said, her eyes locked on his penis, as she licked her lips. "Certain recipes work better with certain.. ah.. flavors of boy, I suppose you'd say."

"You're going to.." he started, hope blooming in his chest.

Neither his sister nor his mother had ever deigned to use their mouths on him before. He'd heard from other boys, ones who had female relatives and friends that weren't quite so reserved, that orgasming inside of a girl's mouth was another whole level of pleasure higher than mere hand stimulation. Sadly, though, he'd never been able to find out for himself.

"Well, it is my last opportunity, after all.." his sister admitted, with a little giggle and smirk. ".and it's for a good reason, too. I only get one chance to get the recipe right. It'd be a shame if your penis came out of the oven less than perfect, wouldn't it?"

"Haauuhhh ahh.." he moaned, as the two contrasting mental images, one of his sister sucking his cock, and the other of his sister eating it, conflicted with each other in his mind.

"So, hold still, will you?" his sister said as she bent down, her lips parting, even as she pulled on his manhood, encouraging him to thrust out his hips more.

"Haa.." he breathed, as his sister's face moved closer and closer to the tip of his straining, eager member.

She paused, only inches from his flesh, as the spray from the still running shower began splattering directly onto her face and into her hair.

"Hmm.." she frowned, looking slightly annoyed as she glanced up at the water streaming from the shower head.

"L-lily..?" he asked, his tone confused, as his sister released her hold on his manhood and straightened back up.

"Nope." she stated firmly, with a little shake of her head. "This won't work at all. My clothes are getting soaked."

Indeed, warm water from the shower had been splashing off of him during their entire conversation, and a not insignificant amount of it had wound up on his sister. Her shirt, which was a rather thin cotton spaghetti strap top, was already so damp that it clung tightly to her, showcasing the swell of her breasts, and especially the hard little nubs of her nipples, quite clearly.

"I guess that I'll just have to get into the shower with you." she concluded a moment later, with a thoughtful nod.

Then, without any further warning, and to his complete surprise and shock, his sister stripped down right there in front of him. She peeled her clingy, waterlogged top off to reveal her bare, bra-less chest in all it's nubile, perky glory, then casually tossed the damp garment aside. Her flip-flops, followed by her shorts and brief panties, went next, kicked off into a careless pile on the floor.

"Hah.. L-lily.." he sputtered, as his brain seemed to short circuit entirely.

"There we go, that's better." his now completely nude sister stated, seeming quite satisfied, as she stretched and gave a little shiver at the feel of the warm bathroom air on her bare skin. "Scootch over some, so I can get in, will you?"

Wordlessly, he complied, backing up against the rear wall of the shower. He watched, amazed, as his sister stepped boldly into the warm spray and then slid the shower curtain shut.

"This is cozy." his sister joked, even as she raised her arms up above her head and spun in place, letting the shower water run around, over, and across her smooth, flawless skin. The little beaded trails that clung to her curves drew his eye, and he simply couldn't help staring as she took a few moments to wet herself down completely.

"We haven't bathed together for ages, have we?" his sister stated, as she ran her hands vigorously though her fine, silky hair, causing delightful little bounces in her exposed, out thrust chest. "Not since you started having erections, anyway. I suppose that we'll be able to do it again after tomorrow, won't we?"

"It's something to look forward to, isn't it?" she finished, with a wicked little smile as she drew her finger tips down the length of her body, along and over her curves, allowing them to come to rest just above her bare sex, drawing his eyes like moths to a flame.

"Hahhahahaghh.." he whimpered, as his sister pressed up closer toward him, the tips of her breasts brushing against his chest.

"Now, hold still so I can get a taste of you, okay?" she whispered, looking him in the eye for a brief second, before she slowly knelt down in front of him.

Kneeling, she reached up and slowly trailed her fingers across his chest, then slid them down his flanks and abdomen, before finally encircling the base of his manhood once more. The moment she touched his cock, his hips bucked, and he gasped.

"Easy there, Jeffery.." his sister commented, as she began lightly pumping her hand up and down his shaft. "I still haven't given you permission to come, remember."


"If you do.." she murmured, looking up into his eyes even as she bent closer to him, her lips brushing his tip. "..I'm going to be very, very disappointed."

Then, she enveloped the head of his cock entirely.

"Gaaahhhh..!" he groaned, as his eyelids fluttered and his whole body trembled.

His sister, suckling gently, hummed her approval as her tongue darted and flicked curiously across his flesh, tasting him.

"Hmm.. not bad.." she breathed, as she released his tip and began brushing her lips down the underside of his shaft, licking him as she went. "Maybe I should have been doing this with you all along.."

"Ohh.. Oh, fuuu…" he gasped, as his stomach began flexing and heaving in a stuttery rhythm. "L-lily..!"

"Mmmm.." his sister sighed happily, as she first kissed, then sucked, each of his aching balls. "These feel soo full.. I love it.."

"Aaaahhh..!" he panted, his voice strained, almost breaking, as he looked down at his sister. "I.. I can't.. can't.."

If he'd been in a fit state of mind, what he saw when he looked down would have surprised him even more than it did. His sister, who had one hand firmly around the base of his manhood, had her other hand between her own legs, rubbing furiously.

"Ooh.." his sister said, as she leaned back away from him onto her heels, letting his testicles slide reluctantly from her warm, soft mouth. "Y-you'd.. better.. not..!"

"Haagh..?" he groaned, as the spray of hot water coming from the shower head played across his sister's beautiful face, heaving breasts, taut belly, and slick sex.

His sister stayed like that for several moments, the hand that had been holding his member now pressed back against the wall by her head, steadying herself, as she continued to masturbate. Her own tummy flexed in time with her breathing, in an ever increasing tempo, as she gasped and moaned herself closer and closer to climax.

Finally, after watching her gorgeous, slim form shudder and tremble for what seemed to be an eternity, but was really only a minute or two, his sister finally came. She closed her eyes and moaned as she orgasmed, thrusting her hips up toward him. He saw her sex pulsing and contracting as she slid her index finger in little circles around her clit, only a foot or two from his own hard, dangerously on-edge cock.

His hand, completely of its own volition, drifted back toward his penis, as he watched his sister collapse back down onto her heels, shivering with the aftershocks of her powerful climax. He simply couldn't help himself anymore. He needed to come, and the sight of his sister's nude body, splayed out brazenly before him in post climax bliss, only spurred him onward.

He grasped himself, and felt a boiling heat deep within his groin start to burble and bubble up.

Three strokes, that's all it would take, he knew.

One, looking at his sister laying there, water still playing across her bare skin.

Two, raking his eyes across her pert, shapely chest, then down to the lips of her slightly parted cleft.

He almost made it to three, was a mere half second from completing that one, final stroke that would put him irrevocably over the edge, when his sister's hand shot up and grasped his own, stilling the motion.

"Wha.. wha?" he gasped, his whole body spasming in unfulfilled need. "Lily, p-please..!"

"No." she said simply, a wicked little smile on her face, even as she drew her other hand up her torso to cup one of her own breasts and roll the nipple between her fingers. "No. This is mine."

"And it can't come." she finished, sighing in pleasure and writhing languidly in place on her knees at his feet. "Ever."

"Haah haha haugh.." he groaned out, practically sobbing as the orgasm he was so close to experiencing began to stall.

He had been so close to the edge that he could actually feel a small bit of his ejaculate, which had been primed and ready to explode out of him, oozing slowly up along his length. It was under such pressure that his body literally couldn't hold it back, and it beaded up just at the tip of his urethra, glistening white and pearly.

"Hmm.." his sister mused, as she dabbed at the bead of his essence with one fingertip, even as she stood up.

"Perfect.." she said, drawing the bead across her the tip of her tongue and smiling at him again.

"Gah.. guh.." was all he was able to reply, his eyes locked, pleadingly, on her own.

"Well, I suppose that I now know how I'm going to have your penis and testicles cooked, tomorrow.." his sister stated, her eyes sparkling and her smile turning mischievous. "You're definitely on the sweeter side, Jeffery. I have just the recipe for you."

"Haaa ahahhh.." he whimpered.

"Thank you, brother dear, for your co-operation." his sister breathed, as she leaned forward and hugged him, pressing her lithe, wet body up against his own.

Up on her toes as she was, she was just tall enough to allow his fervently, painfully erect penis to slide into the little gap between her thighs, right below her sex. Her lower lips brushed lightly along his length as she kissed him briefly, directly on the lips.

He could feel her heartbeat pulsing in her cleft, thrumming against his cock.

"I can't wait until tomorrow." she whispered into his ear, before pulling away from him once more.

His penis bounced slightly, bobbing up and down as it was released from between her thighs, as she reached back and turned off the water.

"So, keep your hands off my meal until then." she ordered, smirking, before she stepped out of the shower stall.

He saw her lean, shapely shadow silhouetted against the opaque curtain as she pulled out a towel and wrapped it around her torso, before she slipped out of the steamy bathroom, humming happily to herself. She left him there alone, with nothing but his aching erection for company, which he dared not touch.

The tune she had been humming was, of course, "Happy birthday to me".

"There you are." his mother stated, sounding a little strained. "Get into the kitchen, Jeffery. It's almost time to start your sister's birthday meal."

His heart dropped in his chest at his mother's words. He had been standing, hiding really, behind the enormous pile of wrapped presents that his sister had received from all the various girls who had shown up for her party. His sister had an inordinate amount of friends, all of whom seemed to have turned up for her party, hence his mother's strained demeanor. Keeping thirty or forty teen-aged girls under at least the semblance of control was taxing even her usually saint-like patience, apparently.

Him trying to hide, hoping that his mother and sister Lily would somehow forget about his own role in the birthday party, probably wasn't helping her stress levels much, either. At her words he gulped, then, with slow, dragging footsteps, made his way to the kitchen. The stares of his sister's friends, not to mention the giggles and low, whispered conversations held behind cupped hands as he pressed through the crowded party, didn't help his own unsteady emotional state either.

"Get undressed." his mother commanded, as she followed him into the kitchen.

"But, everyone'll see.." he protested, turning crimson and squirming at the thought.

"So?" his mother asked, rolling her eyes. "It's not like you've got anything they haven't seen before, Jeffery."

That was true. Heck, he'd even had a few of the girls out there help him with his erections on occasion in the past, when his mother or sister hadn't been available. But having just one girl give him a quick, impersonal hand job in a closet or bathroom was much different than standing completely naked in a big crowd. A crowd of his sister's friends, all of whom seemed to be just as intimidatingly pretty as she was.

Of course, the fact that they would be watching his sister eat his cock and balls drove the whole scenario well passed embarrassing and straight into mortifying.


"Now, Jeffery." his mother commanded, even as she began to pull items off of shelves and out from under cupboards. "I don't have any time for your nonsense, today."

"J-jeez.." he gulped, as he began to comply.

Most of the items, he noticed as he pulled off his clothes, were various spices, herbs, and sauces, ingredients his mother would use when she prepared his manhood to cook.

He shivered, and not at the sudden coolness of the air on his bare skin.

"Right, get that thing of yours over here." his mother said absently, as she finished pulling out an oddly shaped object from one final cupboard, set it down, then moved to the sink. "I have to scrub it down. It needs to be completely clean before we begin."

"O-okay.." he said, as he hesitantly sidled over towards his mother, erect penis bobbing before him.

"We haven't got all day, Jeffery." his mother sighed, before she reached over and took a firm grip on his cock.

She drug him over the sink, ignoring his squeaks of protest, and held him under the hottest water the tap could produce. Then, she started scrubbing him with a brand new, green and yellow wash pad. She wasn't very gentle about it, and she didn't use the soft yellow side of the pad, either. Not even when she cleaned the thin, sensitive skin of his cock head.

"Oww.." he whined, once his mother had finished, rinsed him, then dried him off.

"Put your penis on the cutting board." his mother instructed, as she drug him over to a counter she had cleared off and prepared.

"Y-you.. you're not going to cut.. cut me.. it up, are you?" he asked, his voice quavery with fear and trepidation. He had been dreading this moment for the past week. He had no idea how his sister wanted his cock and balls prepared, and images of flashing knives and hacking cleavers had been dominating his thoughts the entire time.

"What? No." his mother answered, as she pulled open a drawer and withdrew an implement.

It was a meat mallet. A heavy, metal one.

"Your sister wants your penis and testicles cooked up while they're still attached." she continued. "But they need to be tenderized first, of course."

He eeped, even as his mother raised the mallet up high over his vulnerable penis, his eyes wide with disbelief. Then, she brought the hammer down. Repeatedly.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

She showed his manhood no quarter, pounding on him for nearly ten minutes straight, despite his occasional attempts to wiggle away. Every heavy thwack of the hammer crushed the meat of his cock down hard against the firm surface of the cutting board, each blow making his manhood just a little more tender for his sister.

The only small mercy was that his mother didn't seem to go out of her way to give his balls the same treatment. They each only got a few wacks each, although that was more than bad enough, considering the weight of the hammer. Apparently she thought they were probably tender enough already.

He wasn't crying by the end, but it was close. He whimpered, eyes brimming with unshed tears, as his mother inspected his slightly flattened, very tender (in both senses of the word) penis carefully.

"Well, that looks good." she commented, as she finally set the metal mallet aside.

"Hahamaagha.." was his only response, as he trembled in reaction to the beating his meat had just endured.

"Right, time now for the seasonings." his mother stated, as she pulled him along the counter to another pre-prepared area. "Let's get that into the baking pan, then butter it up."

The baking pan was oddly shaped, elongated and only a bit more than twice the width of his member at the thickest point, with a divot on one end that the base of his cock and balls fit into perfectly. It was almost as if the little pan had been designed specifically for his penis and testicles.

"The pan's specifically designed for this." his mother said. "I had to dig it and the cooker out from behind a whole bunch of other stuff, but they should still work fine. I haven't had a chance to use it in years.. not since your father, anyway."

He didn't know how to respond to that. Luckily, it seemed that his input wasn't actually required, and his mother carried on with the one sided conversation by herself.

"Lily chose a good recipe, especially for a boy your size.." his mother stated, stroking his tenderized cock absently with one hand as she dipped a brush into a little dish of melted butter with her other.

"I was afraid she'd want to grill your penis.." she continued, as she began brushing the butter along his length, making him shiver in reaction to the touch of the soft bristles. "Grilled cock shrinks quite a bit, even if you baste it constantly, so you need a really big one."

The melted butter had little bits and specks in it, and seemed gritty against the skin of his manhood. Seasonings already mixed in, he supposed, with a nervous gulp.

"Fortunately, she chose an easier recipe." his mother finished, as she pinched the tip of his cock in order to lift it up and finish coating the underside. "There we go.. Now, for the stuffing."

"S-stuffing?" he asked, nonplussed.

"Yep." his mother confirmed, as she reached out and plucked up a surprisingly large, needless syringe. "Stuffing."

"Ahhh!" he groaned, when his mother jammed the pointed end of the very enormous, very full syringe right into the opening of his urethra.

"Hold still, Jeffery." his mother instructed, as her tongue poked out in concentration. "Quit squirming, I don't want to waste any!"

"Ahhhh!" he repeated, as he watched his mother depress the plunger of the syringe, and felt the sudden influx of foreign material invading his penis.

The stuffing, whatever it was made up of, was very thick and only slightly moist, which meant that it stopped up quickly within the tip of his penis, bunching up and ballooning out his urethra. After a moment, though, enough pressure built up to overcome the friction inside him, and he felt the large lump of material start to slide down the length of his cock.

"Arghh.." he moaned, still squirming, when his mother finally finished emptying the syringe into him.

It felt to him like the big initial bulge of stuffing had been pushed well past the bottom of his cock. It was extremely uncomfortable, lodged as deeply as it was inside him.

"That might have been a bit much.." his mother observed, as she set the syringe aside and plugged the end of his penis with what looked like a carved down bit of carrot. "..but better too much, than too little, right?"

"You're lucky that your sister chose the recipe she did, too." his mother commented. "The other one she had been considering had marinade injections instead of stuffing. For the penis AND both testicles.

He only whimpered, squirming at the sensation of his cock stuffed to bursting, not to mention the thought of his mother injecting marinade into his balls.

"There we go." his mother said, looking down happily at the progress she had made. "Just a bit more seasoning to do, then we pour in the sauce, then everything will be ready to cook!"

His mother then spent a few moments taking pinches of this, and dashes of that, sprinkling each little portion of whatever it was onto his cock and balls. By the time she was finished, his manhood was coated liberally with flakes of parsley and grains of ground garlic and onion, just to name a few. Most of the things seasoning his flesh he didn't even recognize.

"Hmm.. that looks pretty good.." his mother said, eyeing his prepared penis and testicles critically. "I think we'd better do the sauce after we fit the pan into the cooker. I'd hate for it to spill on the way."

"We'd have to start all over again. Ha!" she commented, with a wry little flip of her hand and a grin. "Pick up the pan and bring it over here, Jeffery. Carefully, too!"

After glancing from his mother to his penis and testicles, taking a moment to note how they now less resembled a set of male organs than they did a cut of well prepared, but uncooked meat, he gulped and then did as he was asked.

His mother, yet a little further down the counter, was fussing with the odd object she'd pulled out of the cupboards last. Finally, she slid it to the edge of the counter, used a set of built-in clamps to secure it, and then plugged it in.

"Now, just set the pan right down into the cooker, Jeffery." she instructed. "There we go.."

The pan slotted into the cooker easily, sliding home without issue. Everything was at the perfect height, as if it had been adjusted beforehand, for his manhood to lay perfectly level within the cooker as he stood at the counter.

"Very good." his mother said, beaming happily. "Now for the sauce.."

His mother picked up a small pan, which sat on the stove, full of thick, rich looking sauce.

"I turned off the burner a few minutes ago, but it might still be a bit warm.." she commented, as she lifted the pan up over his cock and balls. "..though probably not hot enough to burn you, at least."

Then she began pouring the sauce all around and over his seasoned, tenderized flesh.

It was still very hot.

"Of course.." his mother said, over the sound of his high pitched yelp of surprise and protest. "Even if it was still hot enough to burn you, I suppose that it wouldn't really matter much, would it? It would only be speeding things along by a few minutes.. Stop squirming, Jeffery, or the sauce might spill."

He whined, biting his lip, as the heat of the sauce sank into the sensitive flesh of his cock and balls.

"Now, we just put on the lid.." his mother said, as she fitted a clear glass domed lid over the cooker. "..and set the temperature and timer.."

She fiddled with a few of the dials on the side of the cooker. Other than a small clicking sound which emanated from somewhere on the underside of the cooker, there was no indication that anything had changed.

"..Annnd we're done!" his mother exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "About time, too. We're right on schedule."

"What.. what happens now?" he asked, glancing back and forth between his mother and his manhood, trapped as it was inside the cooker.

"Now?" his mother said, distractedly, as she began putting away the various ingredients and seasonings she had gotten out. "Now you just cook, of course."

"C-cook..?" he squeaked, the full gravity of his situation finally settling in at last.

"That IS the whole point all this, Jeffery. Try not to squirm too much, or sauce will leak out around the base." his mother said, over her shoulder as she strode out of the kitchen, after she'd dropped the utensils she'd dirtied into the sink and washed her hands. "I'm going to go see what your sister and her friends have gotten up to. I'll be back to check on you soon."

He whimpered again, as he looked from where his mother had disappeared back down to his cock and balls. He couldn't feel any difference in temperature yet..

..but he knew it wouldn't be long before he did.

It took much longer than he thought it would. Maybe it was because of how hot the sauce his mother had poured all over him, but it felt like ten or even fifteen minutes had passed before he noticed the temperature inside the cooker rising.

If anything, the long delay only made things worse for him. His emotions were running riot inside of him, as he waited for his manhood to begin cooking. The longer he simply stood there, with nothing apparently happening, the more extreme the swings in his emotions became.

Finally, though, when he'd worked himself into a near panic, his chest heaving, and his guts trembling and roiling, he felt the first little blossom of increased heat, directly under the center of his penis. He gasped and stilled, his frenzied emotions coming to a peak, then bucked his hips involuntarily against the cooker. He didn't orgasm, but it was a powerful spasm of mixed pleasure and pain that shot through him, regardless.

Perhaps the worst part of the whole ordeal, he realized, as he felt the heat begin spreading along his length, was how agonizingly aroused he still was. All throughout the uncomfortable, even downright painful preparation process, his penis had been relentlessly hard, despite his mother's mistreatment of it. He still needed to orgasm, so very badly, only now..

Now, it seemed, it was too late..

Even if he still wanted to (which he really, really did), he probably couldn't orgasm, let alone ejaculate, simply because of the sheer amount of stuffing now filling his penis and blocking his urethra.

A little sob escaped him, even as he felt the heat start growing beneath his testicles too, when he finally realized and accepted that he would never, ever orgasm again. He'd held out hope, even after his sister's declaration in the shower the evening before, that he'd be able to come one last time, before he was cooked. That his sister or mother would take pity on him, and grant him a last reprieve before the end.

He thrust himself into the cooker again, the motion almost an involuntary reflex, as his body desperately tried to orgasm. It wasn't to be, though, as there simply wasn't anything inside of the cooker that would give him the needed stimulation. The cooker contained nothing but sauce, spices, an ever increasing amout of heat..

..oh, and the meat for his sister's birthday meal, of course.

His mother found him like that a few minutes later, tears glistening in his eyes even as he desperately, hopelessly thrust himself into the device that was slowly beginning to cook his manhood.

"Didn't you listen to what I said?" his mother asked, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Don't squirm, Jeffery, or the sauce will leak!"

He turned to look up at his mother, expression stricken, bottom lip trembling, as she stood next to him and whisked off the lid covering the cooker.

"Now, now.." she commented, as she peered down past the steam beginning to emanate up from the sauce. "..don't give me that look. You did agree to this, after all."

"I know it probably hurts somewhat, but just try to think about how happy your sister is going to be, okay?" she said, as she took a few extra pinches of some seasoning or another and sprinkled it along his sauce coated length. "There's a good boy. I'll come back to poke some holes so the skin doesn't split in another few minutes, once everything's really heated up."

Then his mother left him to cook once more.

It wasn't his mother who came into the kitchen next, though, but his sister, along with a few of her friends.

The sauce inside the cooker had just begun to softly simmer, little bubbles forming and popping on the surface as it approached boiling point. His penis and testicles, immersed as they were in the sauce, were scarcely any cooler.

He was trembling and groaning, hunched over the cooker, staring down into it, watching his manhood slowly turn into meat, when he felt a light touch on his shoulder.

"Hey Jeffery.." his sister said, with an open, excited expression on
R: 1 / I: 0

Chinese Take-Out

Posted from a long-closed rag-doll-themed website, because some anon asked for it on /req. I think site and story were originally by Jessie the Ragdoll, so if that's true, all credit goes to her, obviously. Not sure if she's around any more :/ Anyway, it's a classic:


June 1997

Ashley Wong was the new girl in town and was nervous about making friends at the private school her mother had enrolled her in. After moving from city to city, she was hoping and praying this would be the final city. She did make some new friends. Three to be exact. Though she was comfortable with making just one good friend, the three girls, Beth, Cara and Devin seemed to be a group package. They were rarely seen apart, even going as far as having the same classes. Ash admired their loyalty to each other and was honored when they brought her into their fold as sister member of their clique. At first they seem a bit aloof, and at times downright mean, but Ash knew it was because she just needed to prove her worth. She was determined to do just that because she was so tired of being alone and having no other purpose than to get straight A’s for her mother. Today was report card day, and as Ash sat in her tiny, rusty car in the school parking lot waiting for her friends to arrive, she adjusts her glasses and feeling stupid in her school uniform. White dress shirt with school patch on left breast pocket, navy-blue skirt, white knee-high socks with Mary Janes, it was like being back in Hong Kong which seemed like a life time ago. She stared blankly at her single column of A+’s after every course she completed this past semester. Her enthusiasm was match only by someone forced to watch grass grow, or paint to dry. Suddenly, Devin’s hand snatches the report card from Ash’s hand, startling her.

Ash holds her hand out the open window, smiling with embarrassment, “Dev, please don’t look at it.” Devin ignores her plea as her ice-blue eyes study the card intently. “Come on, Dev,” Ash continued, “Hand it over, please?” Even at this moment, Ash always enjoys Devin’s womanly figure. She wishes she had Devin’s build along with the milky skin and the short blond hair combed to the side - almost a boy-cut, but with longer bangs falling over one of her steel-blue eyes. She sighs in constant defeat, knowing she’s stuck with her Asian-petite body.

Brushing back her bangs dismissively, Devin hands her back the card, unaffected by its content, walking around the car to the passenger side. “Shotgun.” She announces calmly, not concerned if she was heard, as she enters the car’s passenger side.

Before Ash can pull her arm in, Cara’s hand snatches the card from Ash’s hand. “What’s this?”

Ash again holds her hand out pleadingly, but is rather annoyed as well. “Cara, come on.”

Cara is slightly taller than the others with a shock of wavy red hair that hangs just above her shoulders. Ash looks up at Cara’s deceivingly soft features admiring her freckles and deep green eyes as she reads Ash’s report card. Cara’s fiery, hot head, easily provoked so Ash doesn’t say anymore and waits uncomfortably for her to hand the card back. At times, Ash has observed, she seems unstable and the only one she really listens to without question is Devin. There's something between them, but they keep it well hidden. Cara slaps the card back in Ash’s hand painfully.

“Ow,” Ash mouths the word. Her face contorts slightly in pain. Cara step with fierce purpose to sit behind Devin in the back seat, slamming the door behind her. Ash is always startled by her brutish manner as she watches Cara sitting in the back seat staring at the back of Devin’s head. To Ash, it looks as if she’s waiting for a command or she’s trying to read Devin’s mind.

“Don’t tell me, Ashie,” Ash flinches at the sound of Beth’s voice. She turns to see the half African-American/Latina mix bending over to speak directly in Ash’s ear. Beth gives her a wry smile, raising one eyebrow. Ash can’t help but stare at her full lips, almost feeling a desire she reserves for boys. She tears her eyes away to look at her face as she hands her the report card. Beth shakes her head amused. Her features are soft and kind with uncharacteristic hazel eyes that lighten her face, but she carries a very dark heart. She knows how to use her exotic looks to get what she wants, even when she is often mistaken for a Philippino.

“No, little girl,” continues Beth’s amusement. “I can give a shit about that. Let Mommy squeal over that.”

Beth stands and climbs into the back of the car. Cara exchanges a knowing glance at Beth as Devin notices. She gives the two in the back a look of warning; obviously she doesn't want Ashley tipped off to their dark plans.

Looking a bit rejected, Ash places the card in her breast pocket as she turns the ignition. She puts her safety belt on.

“Seatbelts,” she states in the most pleasant tone she can. The girl comply with an added glare of hatred unnoticed by Ash as she releases the parking break and slowly moves out of the parking lot. She carefully edges her way to the exit, diligently looking both ways to be sure it’s safe to go. When she’s satisfied, she drives the car onto the main boulevard, careful to stay a few miles under the speed limit. Devin and Cara stare darkly at Ash smiling in slight satisfaction as she drives down the road unaware. Beth inserts her earbuds and activates her mp3 player. She glares at the back of Ashley’s head before finally closing them, moving her head to the rhythms of the music only she can hear.


June 1997

Jealousy is the primary motive for what they intend to do with their friend Ashley. Jealous of her intellect, her potential physical beauty and her willingness to be a part of their group - which is impossible in their eyes. She's been a useful tool to get Devin and her cohorts in good standing academically, but now that school is coming to an end and graduation is near, Devin has pushed the need to do some clean-up.

Fear is the second motive for what they intend to do with their friend Ashley. Fear of the school finding out that Ashley was the one who carried the Devin, Cara and Beth through to graduation by copying her work. Fear that Ashley herself may have a moment of regret and decide to be very honest to the school. Devin has stated to the others that cannot happen, will not happen, according to what she has planned.

Devin forces herself to appear relaxed in the passenger seat as she stares at Ashley contently driving down the highway. She turns her gaze to the surrounding thick brush and forest speeding by her window. This is the way home, but Devin doesn’t plan to go home. She turns to look at Beth, her dark stare signals Beth to turn off her mp3 player and put it away. Devin doesn’t bother to look behind her as Cara, who trembles with excitement, but not because of what she’s about to say to the group.

“Hey,” Devin blurted in fake excitement and causing Ashley to flinch. “We should celebrate!”

The girls behind Ashley smile devilishly as she tilts her head in question, keeping her eyes on the road.

“Celebrate?” Ashley asked as Devin smiling knowingly.

She’s so fucking predictable, Devin thought as she stared at Ashley’s sickening innocent look while driving carefully down the road. “Yeah,” Devin stole a glance at Beth leaning close to the back of Ashley’s seat.

“Sounds cool,” Ashley stated happily. I sudden realization colored her face, “Oh, we have to pick up our cap and gowns by 5 o’clock.”

“Shoot, we have plenty of time!” Beth said in an excited tone.

“Yeah,” Cara chimed in. “Let get something sweet!”

“Okay then,” easily convinced. “Where to?”

Devin suppresses her laughter as she points to a logging road coming up ahead. “Um, take a right on that road up ahead.”

“What?” confused. “That’s a logging road.”

“Yeah, I know,” Devin, states impatiently. “This cuts through all the forest crap and empties out about a half a block from the mall.”

Devin can see the turn coming up rapidly and suppresses her sense of urgency behind a more innocent plea.

“Come on, Ash,” she says softly. “Trust me. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Ashley steals a glance at Devin’s puppy dog stare. She smiles, amused. “Okay.”

There’s a noticeable chorus of sighs from the three girls as they relax a little, their level of annoyance for Ashley just went up a notch. Ashley doesn’t register this as she concentrates on carefully turning onto the unpaved logging road. Ten minutes pass as Ashley becomes concerned. Devin tries valiantly to suppress her excitement and smile as she glances back to Cara and Beth. The two in the back seat are becoming tense with anticipation, waiting impatiently for Devin to make her move. Devin senses this, but keeps her cool as she switches to her next act in this deception.

“Oh, dammit!” Devin’s sigh is mock realization.

Ashley is a little alarmed as she fights to keep her eyes on the steadily increasing rough road. “What?!”

Devin moans for effect. “Oh, Ash,” she whines. “I just realized it’s the next logging road, not this one. I’m sorry…”

Ashley hides her annoyance as she looks for a turn out. “That’s okay, Dev,” she says in a comforting tone, which grates on Devin’s nerves. “I’ll just turn round and get out of here.”

Devin tenses as she waits for the moment to pounce. She looks to Cara and Beth, signaling with her eyes to get ready. Cara trembles with excitement as Beth licks her dry lips in nervous anticipation. Devin watches as Ashley stops the car to carefully turn around. In one quick movement, Devin unlatched her seatbelt and jumps atop of a shocked Ashley. Devin pulls the key from the ignition, her knees purposely digging into the top of Ashley’s thighs. Ashley begins to scream in painful confusion, but Devin cuts her off by wrapping the shoulder strap of her seatbelt around Ashley’s neck. She struggles as she pushes against Devin’s chest.

“Fuck!” Devin angrily looks to her friend in the back seat. “Grab her arms!!”

Beth and Cara each quickly grab one of Ashley's arms and pull back hard. Ashley’s silent screams of pain intensify as she's forced against her seat. Devin watches with slight amusement as Ashley attempts to plea for her life. Devin answers her plea by wrapping more of her shoulder strap tight around her. Cara lets out a loud, excited giggle as she watches Ashley’s eye grow wider in terror and pain. Devin watches as her body begins to convulse at the lack of Oxygen as she fights futilely to escape her fate. The extreme closeness of Ashley’s struggling body against hers begins to arouse Devin. Her breasts pressing against Ashley’s is enough to harden her nipples inside her bra. This sensation gives Devin the added strength to tighten the seatbelt around Ashley’s slender neck.

“Jesus!” Beth is becoming annoyed by the duration of Ashley’s murder. “Fucking die already!”

As if on queue, Ashley's struggles begin to weaken as Devin watches with fascination her eyes becoming unfocused.

Devin smiles in satisfaction. “She must be seeing spots now.”

The pain of asphyxiation is unbearable along with pain of the seatbelt wrapped so tight around her neck as Ashley fights to stay conscious. Tears begin to spill from her eyes as her face contorts in silent agony.

“Awww,” Devin gives Ashley a kiss on the cheek. “No need for tears babe. It’ll be over soon.”

Devin is suddenly pushed hard against the steering wheel as Ashley's body convulses one last time, her back arching to the breaking point. Very slowly, like air being released from a balloon, Ashley's body and face grow slack. Her eyes stare unfocused, almost cross-eyed as her life drains away.

“Dammit!” Devin yells at the pain of hitting the rigid steering wheel. “That hurt you bitch!”

Ashley remains still as Devin angrily strains to keep the seatbelt tight around Ashley's neck, forcing Ashley's tongue to protrude slightly out her mouth. Saliva spills from Ashley's mouth as her tongue swells inside her mouth. The last of her tears fall from her face as Cara and Beth let go of Ashley's limp arms.

“Hey, yo?” Beth looks at Devin incredulously. “She’s dead, Dev.”

Devin glances murderously at Beth who raises an annoyed eyebrow at her. Devin slowly regains her composure and stops, letting go of her grip on the belt as Ashley's head falls forward allowing the rest of the saliva in her mouth to spill out onto her blouse.

“So,” asks Cara excitedly. “What do we do with her now?”

Beth turns her annoyed look to Cara. It’s obvious that no one had planned what to do next - accept for Devin. She shifts her position on Ashley's lap for more comfort. Cara watches in renewed excitement as Devin’s fingertips begin to trace over the shape of Ashley's breast underneath her blouse and bra. Beth turns to watch with interest as Devin unwraps the seatbelt from Ashley reddened neck, and lifts her head up so Ashley is facing her. Devin notices the deep crease marks in the skin of her neck and studies the chaotic pattern before looking back at Ashley's vacant eyes. Devin places her fingertip on Ashley’s forehead and slowly traces it down between her eyebrows. Devin’s eyes follow her fingertip as it carefully traces the bridge of her nose. She stops at the tip of Ashley’s nose, removing it from view as she looks down at her lips. Devin places her lips lightly on Ashley's protruding tongue and gently pushes it into her mouth with her own tongue. Devin can feel Ashley’s tongue begin to squeeze back out as Devin takes her hand and cup Ashley's jaw line. Devin relaxes her mouth and opens it enough to match Ashley's lips and kisses her hard as her tongue pushes against Ashley's.

Beth rolls her eyes as she stops watching as she places her ear buds back to listen to her mp3 player. As Beth slumps back in her seat in boredom, Cara is completely enthralled with the show as she feels herself getting slowly aroused by Devin's actions.

“This is boring gang,” states Beth as she studies her mp3 L.E.D. readout. “We should change our venue if we’re going to get busy like this.”

Cara’s eyes brighten at Beth’s statement. “Yeah, Devin!”

Devin reluctantly opens her eyes as she finishes her kiss and slowly parts from Ashley’s slack face. She turns her frustrated stare at her two friends and holds up her finger authoritatively.

“I get her first,” she waves her finger at the two sitting in the back seat. “You gals can resolve who goes next.”

“Deal!” Cara agrees excitedly.

“Whatever,” Beth agrees flatly.


June 1997

Devin’s stepfather use to hunt. A lot. So much so that he built a cabin close to his “happy hunting ground” nestled deep in the Wenatchee National Forest. Far enough away from civilization, and her mother, to kill what he wanted when he wanted. It was not by coincidence that Devin misdirected Ashley down the wrong road to her fate. It was the long way to her stepfather’s cabin, a cabin now abandon since his hunting accident two years ago. The accident itself was a combination of too many beers and too many drunken men with rifles that caused an accidental discharge. Devin always found that description hilarious when talking about drunken men. At the time, it wasn’t funny though. No one knows who’s gun fired off, but the result was permanent for her stepfather. The bullet had severed his spinal cord, rendering him paralyzed from the chest down. Now he lives a Jabba The Hutt existence in an assisted living hospice in Olympia. At least, that was his state when Devin saw him a year ago. Currently, she had no idea what he was up to, and she frankly didn’t care if he was dead or alive at this point. She never had a real connection with him anyway, so whatever.

The only thing she cared about right now was her next move. Devin wasn’t surprised when Beth moved to the giant oak tree to sit in an old swing hung from a large branch, fiddling with her mp3 player. Beth’s shields were set to ignore as Cara helped her drag Ashley’s body out of the trunk of her car. Devin was having a hell of a time trying to negotiate the dead weight of her schoolmate’s body and the three steps to the porch. As soon as she felt the front door against her back, she dropped Ashley’s upper body on the porch like a sack of laundry. Cara flinched in mock pain at the sight of Ashley’s head hitting the old wooden porch with a loud thud. The sound causes Beth to turn at the sound with slight annoyance, rolling her eyes as she turned her attention back as she continued to surf through her play list.

Cara’s eyes move quickly from Ashley’s lifeless face and severely bruised neck to her exposed panties. She holds a leg under each arm and thanks herself for not dropping her end as she has a perfect view. At the angle she holds Ashley’s body, her skirt has fallen above her waist to reveal yellow trimmed, white panties. Like a target, right on the front of her panties is a small picture of a baby duckling, fuzzy, yellow, and sickeningly cute. Cara touches her top lip with her tongue as she imagines what lies beneath those smooth cotton panties. She can just make out the soft ridges outlining Ashley’s slit.

“Hey Cara,” Devin’s commanding voice breaks through Cara’s lustful stupor.

Cara looks up to meet Devin’s impatient gaze, “Hmmm?”

Devin intensifies her stare at Cara’s blank face, eyes widening with further impatience. Cara takes in her visual queue. “Oh, right!”

Devin crouches down to lift Ashley under her armpits, her head flopping back as her mouth hangs open revealing her swollen tongue. Devin shuffles her feet backwards as she strains to look behind her. Cara nearly trips through the door as her attention is focused exclusively between Ashley’s legs. Devin’s frustration with Cara is apparent on her face as she stops suddenly to glare at her. Cara gives her an apologetic look, but her eyes drift slowly back to Ashley. Devin rolls her eyes as they shuffle their way to an easy chair and ottoman situated close to a Ben Franklin stove. Devin and Cara drop Ashley’s body on the ottoman; her midsection is the only part resting on the footrest as the remaining hangs limp over the edges. Ashley’s arms drop to the floor above her head, which nearly touches the wood floor leaving her ponytail hair scattered in various directions.

Cara slowly rests Ashley’s feet on the floor, purposely spreading her legs in the same motion. Ashley’s legs stretch in a wide “V” due to the low profile footrest. The stretch of her flaccid body forces her school shirt to untuck from her hiked up skirt revealing her soft and smooth stomach. Cara fights the urge to run her fingers over the tiny vertical slit of Ashley’s bellybutton as she kneels beside the body.

“Wow,” Cara breathes in aroused excitement, eyes locked on Ashley’s limp form. “I never knew she had such a hot body.”

Devin stands inside Ashley’s arms resting on the floor, hands on her hips in thought. One corner of her mouth forms a smile of agreement to Cara’s words as she surveys Ashley’s body. Cara watches as Devin crouches low to look at Ashley’s face. Taking a handful of her ponytail, Devin turns Ashley’s head from side to side studying her vacant eyes.

Devin grunts satisfactorily, “She had beautiful brown eyes.”

Devin traces a finger along the length of her nose, admiring this feature as well. Her finger travels over her lips, which she notices are slowly turning blue along with her swollen tongue. She flushes with excitement, feeling her lower region tingle as she contemplates Ashley’s mouth rubbing against her. She releases her grip on her hair, watching it swing loosely to a stop. She looks to see Cara on her hands and knees between Ashley’s legs, her mouth hovering anxiously over the prize under Ashley’s panties.

“Cara,” Cara stops to look at Devin sheepishly. Devin gives her a threatening stare. “Why don’t you wait outside.”

Cara’s face is colored in disappointment as she slowly moves to a standing position, her eyes longing to see what lies under Ashley’s clothing as she slowly steps to the front door. Devin, still crouched, watches as Cara stop short of the threshold and turn licking her lips anxiously.

“Can you do me a favor?”

Devin raises an eyebrow at her.

“Can you…um…dress her when you’re done?”

Devin smiles out the corner of her mouth almost amused. “Sure, whatever.”

Cara’s face brightens, “Thanks!” She twirls to exit the cabin, shutting the door behind her.

Devin closes her eyes for a moment, shaking her head at Cara’s girlish enthusiasm. She opens her eyes to stare at Ashley’s exposed throat, studying the violet stained skin the seatbelt had made. She can almost make out the weave pattern of the belt as she moves her face closer. Her chin gently bumps Ashley’s chin as she takes in a slow tentative breath through her nose and discovers the subtle, sweet smell of honeysuckle.

“Mmmm,” she smiles at the scent as she reaches between her legs.

Devin’s body shudders as she feels herself wet with anticipation. With her other hand she begins to unbutton Ashley’s dress shirt revealing more of her smooth skin and a yellow trimmed camisole. Devin can see a hint of Ashley’s nipples pressing against the cotton fabric of the camisole. She touches one of them with her forefinger smiling as they feel firm to the touch. She hurriedly sits back and roughly yanks off Ashley’s school shirt, tossing it thoughtlessly into the corner of the room. She places both her hands on Ashley’s chest as she begins to gently fondle her breasts through the camisole, enjoying the feel of the fabric and the fleshy softness of Ashley’s tiny breasts. Devin’s mouth waters as she quickly, carelessly pulls the camisole up above her breasts to suck hard on her nipple. She presses her face against Ashley’s chest as she tries to fit as much of her breast in her mouth as possible. She squeezes Ashley’s other breast with her hand. Her teeth clench around her areola as she takes her free hand to grab Ashley’s ponytail. Devin straddles her face and with a firm grip on her hair, presses Ashley’s face hard between her open legs. Devin begins to slowly rub herself back and forth against Ashley’s slack mouth. To her aroused delight, Devin can feel her teeth, lips and nose as she presses harder and quickens her movements. Her breath becomes strained as she gasps at the shear ecstasy, releasing her mouth’s grip on Ashley’s breast and throwing her head back gasping and moaning at the overwhelming sensations between her legs. She grips Ashley’s other breast for leverage, digging her nails into her flesh as she feels herself just seconds from her explosive climax. She moans and gasps louder, not caring who’ll hear.

She wants this.

She wants Ashley to give it to her.

She is.

Suddenly, like slamming the breaks on a racecar, Devin freezes, eyes dart towards the door at the sound of a girl’s scream outside. It stops just as suddenly followed by gurgling sound. A second later, she hears a meaty thud hit the ground outside followed by a more forced gurgling sound. Then silence. Devin watches the door with Ashley’s face still pressed between her legs, but nobody enters, nobody calls her name. Nothing but dead silence.

As if to break the silence, Devin’s body shudders violently as she climaxes, releasing her grip on Ashley’s head. Devin doubles over falling forward hard against Ashley’s flaccid body. Her cheek rest against Ashley’s stomach as she strains to regain her focus on the door now skewed sideways in her view.

Her breathing slowly returns to normal and the pounding in her chest subsides as she takes a minute to rest. Her vision returns as she gathers herself and attempts to stand. Her knees feel like jelly as they tremble weakly. Devin, by force of will, commands her legs to walk towards the door. Caution and rage energize her physical and mental resolve as she quietly turns the knob and pulls the front door slowly open to peer outside.


June 1997

20 Minutes Earlier…

Cara stops short of the threshold and turns anxiously to face an apparently impatient Devin. Glancing at Ashley’s body draped over the ottoman starts her mouth to water once more as she licks her lips.

“Can you do me a favor?”

Devin raises an eyebrow at her. Cara doesn’t want this moment of Ashley to change one bit when it’s her turn. She mentally crosses her fingers for luck as she drums up the courage to ask her friend an important request.

“Can you…um…” Cara clears her throat, “Dress her when you’re done?”

Cara’s heart lifts just a little as Devin smiles out the corner of her mouth. “Sure, whatever.”

Cara’s allows her relief to brighten her face, feeling her heart swell with anticipation, “Thanks!”

She twirls to exit the cabin, shutting the door behind her. She skips happily off the old wooden porch towards Beth still sitting on the tree swing listening to her mp3 player. Cara bounces into Beth’s view excitement trembling through her body as Beth continues to noticeably ignore her. Cara glances back at the cabin for a brief moment before turning back to look at Beth with unabated glee as she watches Beth’s patience wear thin by the second.

Cara is relieved as Beth yanks her ear buds off and gives her a dark stare. “What, C?”

Cara gushes as she bends over to look at Beth, face to face. “Dev says I’m next!”

Beth rolls her eyes, “Bullshit.”

Cara is unaffected by her attitude. “Nah-uh, Dev said sooooo.” Cara shook her head back and forth with every syllable.

She watches with amusement as Beth sighs in mild frustration, squeezing her eyes shut. Cara could tell she was trying to control her anger and was half-hoping she would blow. She always got very colorful with her words when she got mad, and it always made Cara laugh. She loved Beth’s clever way of stringing the dirtiest words together to make her insults so poetic. To her disappointment, Beth just opened her eyes to stare at her. Cara wondered if that was pity in her eyes.

“Look C,” Beth said, fatigue in her voice as she held up an index finger. “I called dibs in the car on our way here.” She takes her finger and points it at her ample chest. “I am next.”

Cara’s grin got a little wider as she looked into Beth’s eyes and nods excitedly. “You’re absolutely right.”

Beth’s face turns to slight confusion at the unexpected response. Before she can respond, she senses someone behind her and begins to look. In the next second, the stranger’s hand grips her chin, places their other hand on top of her head, taking a handful of hair in the same move. Before Beth can raise her hands to stop this assault, in one fluid move the stranger wrenches her chin upward and twists her head. Cara’s mouth forms a soundless “whoa” as she witnesses Beth’s neck being snapped quickly, producing a sound not unlike celery stalks being twisted to the breaking point. Beth’s eyes immediately grow unfocused and the remaining air in her lungs expel out of her mouth with a gurgling sound.

Cara grins with satisfaction keeping her eyes on Beth’s lifeless expression, “Hi, Regan.”

Regan Twombly, still holding Beth’s limp body upright by her head, returns Cara’s smile.

“Hey babe,” her voice is calm, tempered with an intensity of a seasoned killer.

Cara stands, more relaxed now, feeling relief in watch Beth die quickly. Thank god! she thought. She was such a downer! She watches as Regan releases her grip on Beth. Her body immediately falls back to the ground with a meaty thud. Cara’s interest in Beth has never been very intense, but seeing her splayed on the ground with her legs propped up by the swing she was sitting on… Cara began feeling the same swelling inside her once more as she stepped closer to Beth. It’s like deja vu as her vantage point is the same as it was with Ashley. She looks down between Beth’s legs, noticing with much gratitude that her skirt has fallen above her waistline. The unobstructed view of her hot pink thong forces her mouth to water.

“Nice,” she almost whispers to herself.

Cara glances at the odd angle Beth’s head situated in relation to her body and nods with happy approval.

“Wow,” she states with respect. “Did your dad teach you that move?”

Regan makes a huffing sound that could be mistaken for a laugh. Cara continues her visual assault on Beth’s body as she listens to her friend.

“The Colonel??” Cara barely noticed the distain in Regan’s voice, or the common reference she used for her father, as Regan moved to stand beside her. “I suppose, but he was all about self-defense. He wasn’t keen on showing me kill moves.”

Cara turns to Regan, who is enjoying the same view as her. She pauses a moment to admire Regan’s athletic form. She notices that her build is similar to Devin’s, but her tan skin and long, silky brown hair is so much more enticing to her than Dev. Her secret crush on Regan is difficult to hide in her face as she fixates on Regan’s ample breasts stretching the limits of her school shirt. Cara’s eyes wonder downward as she folds her hands tight behind her to keep from lifting Regan’s skirt to check out what’s underneath. She quickly realizes Regan’s thousand-yard stare as she meets it with a sheepish grin. Regan responds with an amused smirk.

“You want this body?” Regan asks, placing her hands on the topside of her chest. “Or, do you want that one?”

Cara follows Regan’s gesture towards Beth’s flaccid body. Cara considers the one fact that separates the difficult choice. The fact that Beth has expiration and the clock is ticking. She giggles at the obvious choice.

“Thought so,” Regan states with a knowing tone.

Cara’s mouth waters once more, licking her lips as she concentrates on Beth. She begins to move around the swing when she feels a gentle, but firm hand on her shoulder. She turns to face Regan, melting from her deep brown eyes staring at her. Cara wanted to kiss her so bad as she watched Regan’s lips part to speak. She trembled as she restrained herself from the incredible urge.

“Before you have fun, babe,” Regan began as Cara forced herself to listen. “There’s one thing you have to do for me.”

Cara’s excitement was overwhelming her self-control. She was hoping Regan was beginning to feel the same way about her. Please ask me for a kiss! She prayed internally. She began to tremble with anticipation as she watched Regan display a wolfish grin. Cara returns with a grin of her own accompanied by an excited giggle.

Cara feels a sudden constriction around her neck. What the fuck is she doing?! thought Cara’s panicked brain as she took hold of Regan’s right arm. She could feel Regan’s vice-like hand painfully gripping her neck. The next second Cara finds her feet swept from underneath her and being slammed to the ground on her back. The force of the impact is enough to knock the wind out of her lungs. Cara desperately gasps for air as the sharp pain of Regan’s fingers dig into her neck. Regan moves to sit on her stomach, pinning her arms under Regan’s knees. Cara can barely squeeze out a feeble cry as Regan’s knees press hard against her biceps.

“This, Cara,” Regan calmly states. “Is what I want you to do for me.”

Cara sucks in oxygen hungrily as Regan releases her grip. Cara’s spotty vision returns in time to see Regan’s evil grin and her right hand balled in a tight fist. She watches in horror as Regan pulls her fist as far back as she can, cocked for a devastating blow.

“I want you to die,” Regan spits the words through her grinning teeth.

Cara hears a scream explode from her mouth as Regan’s fist hammers into her throat, instantly crushing her larynx and shattering the hyoid bone. Her scream is abruptly cut off, replaced by a gurgling sound as blood begins to flow from the trauma caused by the blow. The excruciating pain from the initial blow is nothing compared to the blood quickly flooding her lungs. With her voice box obliterated Cara can’t scream in pain as she writhes and convulses under Regan. Her lungs feel like burning lava has been poured into them and a 5-ton weight is pressing against her chest. Glittering spots appear before the eclipsing view of Regan satisfied face as her eyesight begins to fail, her body continues to convulse involuntarily. Her panic is slowly replaced by a strange euphoria as the pain of oxygen deprivation begins to shut down her senses one-by-one. Her eyes fail completely as she senses her convulsions slow as she feels her life slowly tearing away. Suddenly, cold blackness envelops her completely, eternally.

Regan watches with aroused satisfaction as Cara’s eyes lose their focus and her body’s convulsing slowly subside against her. To compensate for the lack of Cara’s movement, Regan begins rub against her body, feeling the heat of ecstasy tingle and surge between her legs. Just as Cara grows forever still under her, Regan gasps as she explodes in climax. She forces her head back, her back arching as her mouth opens wide and smiling as she pants heavily from the head rush that follows.

After a moment she regains her steady breathing and slowly relaxes, still sitting on Cara’s stomach. She places a hand on Cara’s chest, groping for her small breast. She smiles as she discovers a very erect nipple.

“Lovely,” she breathes as she turns her attention to Cara’s face.

Cara’s eyes are nearly crossed as she notices the bubbling froth of blood oozing from her nose and mouth. Regan’s hand slides from Cara’s breast to her neck, admiring the violet-blue bruise on her throat.

Devin opens the front door all the way to see Regan resting on her knees, sitting on Cara’s stomach near the tree swing. Her tense shoulders relax as she notices Beth lying dead, legs still suspended from the swing. She turns and gives Regan a warm smile as she steps onto the porch the make her way down the steps. Before she can greet her friend and lover, her eyes are drawn to the blood foaming from Cara’s mouth and nose. She feels a sudden lurching in her stomach and the taste of bile in the back of her throat.

“F…uck!” Devin gags out the expletive. “I think I’m gonna puke!”

Regan turns to the sound of Devin’s voice and pushes off Cara’s body to block Devin’s view. Devin senses Regan’s arms wrapping around her and walking her swiftly back into the cabin. Inside, Devin continues to swallow repeatedly, not wanting to lose it here as Regan leads her straight for the restroom.

Devin throws her face over the toilet and vomits violently, feeling her stomach muscles clench so tight she fears she might rupture something. She can hear the faucet turn on as Regan wets a washcloth with cold water. Devin’s spasms calm as she sits back against the wall facing the toilet. Devin gratefully accepts the cold washcloth gingerly place on her forehead. She feels a warm hand gently caressing her shoulder, causing an automatic smile. Her appreciation for Regan’s help is overshadowed quickly by her anger towards her weakness she just displayed. Her smile turns to a frown of frustration.

“Feeling sick again?” Regan asks, her voice full of concern.

“No,” Devin answers, louder than she intended. She clears her throat to give her a moment to calm herself. “I can handle anything, Anything. But….” She sighs, “Why does the sight of blood fuck me up?!”

She turns her head to look at Regan, hoping she might have an answer. Instead, Regan gives her a reassuring smile as she slowly shakes her head.

“You were in the military,” Devin continues to pursue an answer from Regan. “You’ve seen all kinds of shit. Is there something I can do??”

“Dev, honey,” Regan begins, soothingly. “I wasn’t in the military. My dad was.”

Not wanting to hear the truth, Devin squeezes her eyes shut. “I know, I know,” she moans. She pounds a fist against the linoleum floor. “Dammit!” she growls through her clenched teeth. “I hate feeling weak!”

There’s a small moment of silence before Devin opens her eyes again to find Regan still looking at her with loving concern. Devin can’t help but feel embarrassed by her actions as she looks away.

“Sorry, I’m being such a big baby,” Devin mumbles in embarrassment.

“Look at it this way,” Regan begins. “Your like a superhero.”

Devin forces down a laugh as she turns to stare at Regan incredulously. “What the hell are you saying to me?”

“A superhero,” Regan repeats, unaffected by the disbelief in Devin face. “Look, everything you do in my eyes has strength behind it. You fear nothing. I admire that about you,” she places a hand on Devin’s cheek. Devin can feel the electricity of her touch on her skin.

Regan takes a breath before continuing. “Like any super hero, you have a weakness, but a weakness your enemies don’t know about, right?”

“Okay…” Devin is beginning to understand where this might be going, but decides to let her finish without interruption.

“I’m like your plucky sidekick. The only other person who knows of your weakness, see?”

“I think so.”

“And, as your sidekick, I’ll never betray your weakness. Plus, I don’t dwell on it so I just see you as my superhero.”

“Sexy superhero,” Devin corrects her, unable to stifle her amusement.

Regan gives her a sly smile, “Sexy, of course.”

Devin watches her lean towards her to give her a soft kiss on the cheek. She pulls away to give Devin a mischievous grin. “Now get yourself cleaned up, we’ve got a whole lotta fun ahead of us!”

Devin can’t help but laugh and nods in agreement at the titillating thoughts of Ashley’s body.


June 1997

Regan, sitting on Cara’s stomach, finished tying Cara’s sock around her neck, just below Cara’s jaw line, forcing her tongue to swell in her mouth. Satisfied, Regan began to clean off the blood from Cara’s slack face with her other sock. She wet a part of the sock with her spit to remove the dried portions of blood from Cara’s face. After a moment of intense cleaning, Regan sat back to inspect her work.

“Good as new,” she smiled with satisfaction. She threw the used sock in a large trash bag sitting beside her. Cara’s shoes were already in the bag along with her skirt.

Regan didn’t bother to unbutton Cara’s school shirt as she ripped it open violently. Buttons flew off from the force of her actions as Regan placed her hands on the grey sports bra covering her petite breasts. Regan smiled, “Mmmmm,” came a deep growl from her throat as her groping fingers detected Cara’s erect nipples underneath the material of the bra. Her arousal began to smolder as she turned her desirous gaze to Beth still lying on the ground, legs propped up by the swing she was sitting on before her death by Regan’s hands.

Regan turns and leans close to Cara’s face and stares mischievously into Cara’s unfocused eyes. “We are gonna have so much fun!”

* * *

Devin had carried Ashley’s body to the main bedroom and placed her on the small bed. As she undressed herself, Devin studies Ashley’s body lying above the covers on her back. Her limp arms rest above her head and her legs spread as wide as they’ll go. Her skirt and school shirt have been removed along with her shoes. Her sports bra is slightly skewed from Devin groping her breasts underneath it earlier in the living room, but her panties were still on the way Ashley had dressed herself this morning. They were a perfect mold around her perfectly shaped body, revealing the sweet camel toe shape of her pussy underneath. Devin hurried to remove the final bits of her clothing as her mouth began to water at the sight. She wanted Ashley so bad, her body ached hungrily for her body and she could feel the wet heat between her legs as she climbed onto the bed on her hand and knees.

Devin straddled Ashley’s body like a predator as she surveyed her body as if to choose where she would strike first. She sat back on Ashley’s hips and with her hands pushed the sports bra up and over her head. After removing it, she carelessly threw it to the floor, never once taking her eyes off of Ashley’s petite breast. Her mouth watered at the sight of Ashley’s erect nipples. She wanted nothing more than to hug her lips around her nipple and nibble and suck for as long as she desired, but she couldn’t help admiring the perfect shape of her breasts. She stared for a good minute before she gently placed her hands upon them. They were soft, supple and she could feel the firm protrusions of her nipples against her palms. Devin shivered with excitement as she began to squeeze and pet Ashley’s breast. She swallowed several times as her mouth would not stop salivating and her breathing became more labored as she realized she was moving her hips back and forth instinctively. Devin took her left hand and grabbed the back of Ashley’s right knee. She maneuvered her left leg under Ashley’s right to create a scissor position. She slid forward to press herself against Ashley and began to undulate her hips. Devin mewed in deep satisfaction as she continued her gyrations.

* * *

Regan was disappointed.

Cara was skinnier than she thought. Regan stared at Cara’s nude body strewn on the floor of the living room, face down. Regan admitted to herself as she locked her gaze on Cara’s bottom, that she had a perfectly shaped ass, but her body as a whole was more like a 14-year-old’s than her 18-years let on.

If I wanted a fucking boy to grope, she thought angrily. I would’ve snuffed little 14-year-old shithead, Tommy.

Regan, clad in her camisole and panties took a step closer to Cara’s body. With her bare foot she lightly kicked Cara’s hip and watched how her limp body reacted. Regan began to feel her disappointment burn slowly into anger. She gave a harder kick to the soft flesh of her side between her hip and rib cage.

“To bad sunshine!” she growled through clenched teeth.

Regan stepped between Cara’s legs and used her feet to roughly spread her limp thighs. Her anger had flamed to rage as she kicked as hard as she could between Cara’s legs. She felt Cara pubis give way with a crack followed by numbness in her foot. The force of the blow was enough to raise her butt up a few inches for a second, and slide her body forward about a foot on the slick, dusty wood floor.

“You fucking waste!” she screamed at the lifeless form. The next second brought the twinge of pain to top of her foot. “Shit!” she plopped down on the ottoman, which supported Ashley’s body earlier, to gingerly inspect her foot.

* * *

Devin sat on Ashley’s chest, minutely wiggling her bottom to feel her nipples rubbing against her flesh. She faced the end of the bed and Ashley’s feet. Her limp legs were spread wide in a perfect “V” – just the way she wanted as she leaned forward to rest on her hands and knees. Devin swallowed with delight at the inverted view; her desire to taste her grew stronger by the second as she admired Ashley’s shaved pussy. She slowly leaned forward, jamming her nose inside her as her tongue and teeth worked together to find her clitoris. She pushed her face harder against Ashley’s soft, moist flesh as she tasted her, nibbled and painted her tongue in various probing patterns.

Devin lowered her bottom half against Ashley’s face, a little disappointed her Asian nose didn’t have the same affect. She began to rock back and forth, rubbing herself hard on Ashley’s face. This was a more effective position than the ottoman earlier as the bed kept her head still without the use of her hand. She could relax more and enjoy the sensation of her soft lips, swollen tongue and nose as she rubbed to and froe. Her movements bumped her lips rhythmically against Ashley allowing her the chance to gasp for breath as she continued to feast on her flower.

* * *

Beth’s body lay face down on the couch, her lifeless face obscured by her hair. One arm and leg hung over the edge of the couch seat cushions as Regan studied Beth’s nude form, tapping a forefinger lightly against her lower lip. I never realized just how fine her ass was, Regan thought as she sat on the arm of the couch admiring Beth’s shapely butt. In her other hand, she clutched Beth’s hot pink thong as she moved to sit on the arm of the couch next to Beth’s head. She had her regrets for breaking her soft, smooth neck, but the circumstances were not of her choosing. This was Devin’s show and she was facilitating her wishes. Clean-up duty is more like it, she thought dismissively as she toyed with the thong in her lap. She brushed away Beth’s hair to reveal the brown skin of her neck. Regan smiled at the purple stain of the bruise wrapped unevenly around her neck. Some of the blood vessels in Beth’s neck had torn during the neck break along with the trauma that cause the cloudy bruising around her neck. Regan lightly caressed the bruised neck as her smile turned to a frown. She wasn’t feeling any arousal at all. She turned to give Cara’s body a dark, scornful look, then turned back to look at Beth lying on the couch, almost apologetic.

“I wish I could’ve strangled you,” she stated quietly to the back of Beth’s head.

She looked at the crumpled thong in her other hand, wishing she could’ve used this as her weapon. She raised her eyebrows in realization. This could come in handy! She thought excitedly.

Regan began stretching the thong out then twisted it until it looked more like a short length of hot pink rope. She gathered it up and placed it in the front of her panties as she reached for Beth. She hooked her hands under Beth’s armpits, lifted and dragged her over the armrest of the couch. Regan stopped as soon as Beth’s breasts were directly over the armrest before dropping her hold carelessly. Beth’s head flopped over without hitting the side of the couch.

Perfect, Regan told herself and smiled in satisfaction.

Regan moved around the couch to sit on Beth’s soft butt, her knees hugging her hips. She wiggles her bottom feeling the cushiony flesh yield to her movements. She giggles at the ticklish sensation as she pulls out the twisted thong, tucked in her panties. She held the thong taught as she leaned forward to slip the thong around Beth’s neck. Using her weight, Regan leaned back as she pulled on the ends of the thong. Beth’s head bent all the way back as the thong slid to a stop at the corners of her jaw. The dead weight of her body and Regan tugging on the thong, compressed her neck forcing her tongue to swell in her mouth. The remaining saliva in her mouth was forced out spilling down the corners of her mouth as Regan began to strain against Beth’s arching back. Regan’s hands were becoming wet with sweat as she strained to hang on to the silky material of the thong. Beth’s back was almost ninety degrees in relation to her lower half, and Regan wished she had Devin doing this so she could touch Beth’s stretched stomach. She could feel the thong slipping from her grip as she fought the decision to let go, but she wanted to save her arm strength so she could move Beth around in other positions. She let go. Beth’s body fell quickly, her chest slamming against the arm of the couch hard forcing her head to swing wildly before settling.

“Well,” Regan stated to herself as she rubbed her cramped arms. “That was interesting.”

* * *

Devin lay on her back content with the weight of Ashley’s body lying on top of her face down. Ashley’s slack face was nestled in the crook of Devin’s neck and her arms splayed as Devin held her around the torso. Devin slowly ran the fingers of her right hand down Ashley’s spine as her other hand slid down to feel her soft, tiny bottom. Ashley’s legs were draped over Devin’s hips allowing easy access for her hand to trace the moist folds of Ashley’s pussy. She ran her hand further down where the back of Ashley’s thigh met the crease of her butt cheek. So smooth, she admired. Her right hand was slowly running back the other way up her spine until she reached the nap of her neck. Devin felt the tight material of a man’s necktie around Ashley’s neck. Her hand continued over the tie to the back of Ashley’s scalp. Devin made a fist, grabbing a handful of Ashley’s hair, lifting her head so she could look into Ashley’s lifeless eyes.

“Thanks,” Devin smiled.

Devin looked at Ashley’s mouth; the large knot under her chin was forcing her tongue to swell through her lips. Devin’s mouth watered at the urge to kiss her mouth. Devin pressed her open mouth against hers, sucking Ashley’s tongue as she softly bit at her lips. Devin squeezed Ashley’s butt cheek hard as she pulled her head back further to expose her neck. She nibbled and sucked on Ashley’s smooth, bruise skin as the nails of her left hand dug into the soft flesh of her bottom.

“You’re gonna draw blood,” came Regan’s voice.

Devin released a startled gasp as pushed Ashley’s body off of her, ignoring the meaty thud of the body landing on the wood floor. Devin burns her angry stare at Regan sitting in the corner of the bedroom, cross-legged in a chair. Regan, still clad in her panties and shirt, returns her stare with a pleasant smile. One of her hands is placed above her heart, the other tucked between her legs.

“I know how much you hate the sight of blood, babe,” Regan continued.

Devin takes a deep, cleansing breath as her anger subsides to annoyance. “Hm,” she eye’s her partner. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Regan raised an eyebrow as the hand on her chest began to drift downward over her breast. “I am now.”

Devin saw Regan’s eyes scanning her nude body sitting on the edge of the bed. Devin chuckled half embarrassed by Regan’s blatant once over. Looking down draws her attention to Ashley’s body splayed on her back in an odd angle. Her nude form lays perfectly still, eyes staring into nothingness. The red markings of the seatbelt that Devin used to snuff out her life have turned violet. Her swollen tougue and lips share the same tint of violet as she noticed her creamy beige skin was pale and turning a sickly color. At that moment, her fantasy ended and she sighed again. This time it was a sigh of disappointment.

“We need to pack it up,” Devin stated without turning her gaze away from Ashley’s lifeless face.

“Roger that,” Regan said enthusiastically as she hopped to her feet and strolled out the bedroom.

Devin turned at the sound of rustling plastic to see Regan in the other room collecting the remainder of Cara and Beth’s clothing. She watched as Regan paused before throwing Cara’s panties in the bag, playing with the material in her free hand. With surprise she watched as Regan tucked Cara’s underwear inside the elastic of her panties and moved to finish the clean-up.

Devin’s eyebrows raise as she smiled, amused at the uncharacteristic behavior Regan displayed. She slides off the edge of the bed to her feet, steps over Ashley’s body to the chair Regan had occupied. She headed for her change of clothing which lay stacked beside the chair. As she neared the chair, she noticed something white and yellow stuck in between the chair cushions. She immediately recognized Ashley’s panties, remembering this last article of clothing she removed and threw in this direction. She held the underwear by the corners of the waistband at eye level. She studied the too-cute yellow baby duckling image imprinted on the front. Devin glanced down at Ashley’s body, smiling appreciatively at the appropriate correlation between the panty she held and Ashley’s personality.

“You were incredibly cute, Ash.” Devin turned her stare back to the panties. “And so innocent.” She stated to herself. She admired Ashley’s unbending innocence and how vulnerable it made her. She stared at the panties, puzzled as to why she was fixating on this object. It wants me? She thought, but shook her head at the ridiculous idea. Still, the duckling panties were beckoning her, as if to say, “Don’t let me go!”

“Dev!” Regan yelled from the other room, startling her out of her daze. “Get dressed! We’re losing daylight!”

“Okay!” she responded, eyes locked on the panties. Get dressed? She projected her thoughts to the underwear. You want me to put you on?

Without another thought, Devin found herself putting the panties on. She expected they would be snug since Ashley’s hips were not as wide as hers, but that didn’t matter. She liked the tight feel of the cotton and didn’t care if the elastic banding cut into her skin. She ran her hand over the panty she wore, feeling every contour of her body underneath.

“Nice,” she said to herself will a satisfactory smile.

Devin turned her focus back to her change of clothing. She found the neatly folded stack exactly where she had left them last weekend, and hurried to dress herself.

* * *

To Devin’s satisfaction, Regan managed to collect all the clothing and shoes, including their school uniforms into on large yard waste bag. Devin glanced over her shoulder to admire Regan’s outfit. She wore black jeans, a yellow turtleneck and a black leather bomber jacket. She had tied her long hair in a ponytail as she knelt on one knee beside the stuffed plastic bag to finish tying the laces of her suede hiking boots. Devin turned her attention back to the task of tying Ashley’s ankles together with a rope suspended from a large tree limb. Once Devin was finished, she studied her knots and nodded to herself happy with her handiwork. She ran her palm slowly over Ashley’s cold skin, starting from her thigh and ending at her bruised neck. She stared hard at Ashley’s lifeless eyes. Even though the sun had fallen behind the horizon, the ambience of dusk light was enough to see her eyes were beginning to cloud over with a milky film. Her tongue was a dark violet, matching her lip color, and the bruising on her neck was dark and splotchy. Devin reached and caressed Ashley’s icy cheek with the back of her hand.

“Thank you,” she whispered, smiling gratefully.

Devin studied the red shirt tie wrapped tightly three times around Ashley’s. She reflected on the moment in the bedroom when she tied the tightest knot she could, grunting at the effort. She was glad to see the knot ball was still embedded deep in her neck, centered under her jaw line. Ashley’s tongue had swollen even further by the force of the knot. Devin smiled and touched her dry tongue with her fore finger. It felt sandy and rough to the touch as Devin pulled her finger away with a curious stare. Devin stood and looked to see Regan watching her with delight.

“What?” Devin asked almost defensively.

Regan chuckled, “Nothing babe. Just enjoying the show.”

Devin rolled her eyes in a show of slight annoyance in order to hide her embarrassment. Without missing a beat, Devin turned to step towards the other end of the rope and griped it removing the slack. She stopped as she looked at Regan, confused as to why she hadn’t moved to help her pull on the rope as she had just moments earlier to hoist Cara and Beth. She gestured with one hand towards the two dangling bodies strung up by their ankles, red shirt ties tied in the same fashion as Ashley’s.

“A little help here,” Devin returned her free hand to grip the rope as she widened her stare toward Regan.

Regan smiled mischievously, “Sorry babe.”

Regan sauntered over and gracefully gripped the rope. They pulled in unison as Ashley’s legs lifted slowly off the ground. Her body slid forward on the ground, about a foot, as the rest of her weight is hoisted up one tug at a time. Devin watched with enjoyment as Ashley’s flaccid body jiggled with each tug. The two stop as Regan gripped the rope tight while Devin moved to the nearby tree and tied off the rope next to the other knots holding the other bodies.

Devin studied the knot she’d made and nodded to herself. “Okay,” she says breathlessly to Regan.

She watched as Regan released her grip and rubbed her hands, gazing at the three nude bodies suspended by their ankles.

“From now on,” she began as Devin moved to stand next to her following Regan’s satisfied gaze. “We should do one at a time.”

“Agreed,” Devin nodded, never taking her eyes off the bodies hanging before them.

Devin studied their handiwork, the dangling bodies were a pleasurable end to a very exciting, educational day. Even though she had most of the day to satiate her newly discovered urges, she was still hungry. That hunger she felt was a sign that she would have to feed again, and again. The fear burning in the pit of her stomach she recognized was the fear of being addicted like a junkie was addicted to heroine. It was enough to consider not pursuing this. She glanced at Ashley hanging, arms slowly swaying by the movement of the tree being pushed by a growing wind; her thoughts went back to her time with Ashley. She reflected on the highlights of touching her body with her mouth, hands and her entire body. Realization of the desire to continue flooded her soul. She wanted this life. She wanted to have more of this, of girls like Ashley. A redhead would be nice to have, she thought inspirationally. She wanted complete control of a woman’s body without any of the emotional baggage. If she wanted emotions, she would turn to Regan.

Devin turned her gaze to Regan and smiled in appreciation. It had been her idea, but Regan helped her bring it to reality and she loved her for that. Regan had never asked for anything in return, and this puzzled her a bit.

“Why’re you doing this for me?” she asked in a soft voice.

She watched as Regan smiled, closing her eyes as she lowered her head. Devin wasn’t sure what was so funny, but she was about to ask again more forcefully. Before she could, Regan opened her eyes and turned to give Devin an adoring look; she sensed shyness in Regan’s demeanor as she took a breath before speaking.

“Because I love you Devin,” she breathed, barely audible.

Her quiet statement hit Devin in the chest with sweet impact. She lost all control of the grin forming on her face as tears welled up in her eyes. She had no words, just desire. Desire to kiss her beloved. She griped the back of Regan’s neck and pulled her lips to hers. She felt Regan’s arms wrap around her waist , squeezing her close as she flung her arms around Regan’s neck. They held each other for an eternity as they continued to kiss one another hard and deep.

If Devin had any doubts about what the future held, they were washed away as they continued their loving embrace while the darkness of night fell upon them.
R: 10 / I: 0

Dark Monster Town (Dolcett, torture, snuff, sex, monsters and humans, mixed)

After reading "Harpy Chase" in forbiddenfeast, I just typed until I was tired. Dolcett bonanza.


The monster town was a dangerous place to visit. The adventurers still had to go through, and rest there. Series of strange red buildings with spikes added to the menace of the mountainous villages dotted with farms, mines and mills, as well as the spectacles the adventurers saw. Monsters were strange humanoids, with a very harsh way of life.

Culture shock happened fast as they entered the monster town.

The entrance had a welcome sign with directions, which was fashioned from a whole skin of a captured woman nailed to a board. The skinned body could be seen hanging from a hook as an orc butcher cut it apart, not paying attention to the humans arriving at the town.

Right at the entrance, a shrine to Demon God had a family of dark elves praying to it, in front of them, a naked, young human girl, her arms and legs tied together at the wrists and ankles like a lamb, was clearly being offered as a sacrifice. The priestess was busy oiling the girl’s breasts with prayers, the girl clearly drugged out of mercy.

“I can’t look.” Emiko shivered, looking away.

The priestess knelt by the naked girl and kissed her forehead in respect, using her knife to slit the girl’s throat slowly. Gurgling, the human girl shivered and thrashed, spilling blood on the small altar. The family prayed and blessed the girl as she grunted and growled, the priestess sawing her throat and belly open, burning the offerings with Emiko staring in shock.

The girl’s blood was rubbed on the children’s foreheads and the girl, disemboweled, put on the altar to bleed out. Her guts were ignited with sacred oils, with the family praying for good fortune and that the girl’s soul is accepted into the Demon God’s harem.

“The Demon God accepts your offering.” The priestess kissed the children on the cheeks, her red robes showing her lithe body as she held the dead human girl to bleed out, cleaned her guts to the altar to burn, and put candles around the slaughtered girl and started to cut the body into dismembered limbs and parts as if she was meat.

And apparently, she would be.

A butcher shop they passed by explained the rest. Side by side hung animal carcasses from a window, as well as any dead humanoid, cut up and put up for sale, arms, limbs, torsos of mostly female humanoids, even a centaur’s horselike body hung as meat. Emiko gasped when she saw a headless body of a woman dangling from a meat hook by her ankles upside down. Her large, plump buttocks with a brand signifying her in four letters:


Her hands were removed and set on the display along with her lifeless head with open eyes, body written all over with cuts and prices.

Outside, several sides of cow beef…and whole gutted human girls were hung in a smoking shed, their body meat being cured and smoked for later sale.

“Well, they use anything or anyone for livestock.” Her companions pulled her to keep walking.

Overall, monsters happily chatted and worked, busy in fields and mines, busy in shops. One or two humans were around, half-dressed, following the monsters with collars and leashes working as slaves, particularly in the farms and mines with chains attached to each other in coffles. Some of them followed monsters as concubined dressed in silks, a happy looking human woman following her demon master behind her with a leash around her neck.

The tannery was no different. A smiling dark elf had a human woman on a skinning rack. She was dead, her throat had been slit, the dark elf flaying her body for leather with a curved knife. Next to the dead human, a pig, and a muscular, green orc woman were stretched in an X position, each killed with slit throats, being skinned for leather. The skins were being cured by happily humming, naked human women who didn’t care whether they were naked, working slaves with iron collars, or one of themselves was being processed into meat and leather as they skinned dead humans into articles of clothing.

“Gods, this is weird…”

“Maybe the dead one was someone else? Criminal? Killer?” Emiko mumbled, the fighter of the group wearing a skimpy leather armor with a thong.

“Probably…” The wizard girl shivered in her robes. “They don’t seem to abuse slaves who work, so I guess executed people…Right?”

The marketplace had strange goods for sale, as well as humans and other humanoids stripped to the skin as slaves. In series of cages, they sat quietly, staring at the adventurers as they passed. Naked human women, men, orc and goblin girls were fitted with shackles and price tags. Next to them was a butcher shop with beheaded bodies, hung upside down as sides of meat as a happy orcish woman cut dead bodies for meat, wrapping them up and handing them to shoppers for silver coins. Around them, hawkers promoted their wares with cheerful voices.

“Best side of orc ham!”

“Whole human girls for roasting!”

“Get your healthy minotaur girl meat! Fresh off the execution block!”

“Hard working slaves! Get your slave to do your work!”

Emiko shivered as a human woman was bought, taken out of the cage, handed a scythe and fitted with a collar to follow an orc to a farm to work. Her ass showed a brand saying “Slave”.

“And we will eat here in this town?”

The wizard girl shrugged. “When in Rome…We can try…”

The restaurant they found looked tidy, beautiful…yet had a heavy scent of cooked meat around it. Rona’s meat restaurant was always busy. Any kind of meat was available, pigs, chicken, human and elves. The visiting party of humans were still shocked by what they saw:

Especially Emiko chan.

The kitchen had small cages where livestock was kept fresh for slaughter. Chickens, pigs, and… naked humans were stuck in cages side by side, boys and girls’s hands and ankles tied . Fires blazed with fervor, meat roasting on pans, in ovens and on pits, judging from screams coming from the kitchen, most were still alive until gurgles and moans from slitting knives ended them into steaks for the patrons.

The spits inside the restaurant looked busy, blatantly showing that everyone was meat. One spit housed three stuck chicken carcasses, next, a piglet. And next to them, the third spit had a human girl’s headless body like another chicken, spitted from ass to neck, glazed with caramel, roasted slowly, turning on a small rotor. Already her cooked, strong legs were cut off and served to a table of happy orc girls, munching on the hard human flesh and smiling at Emiko.

“Whole roast human girl, table fourteen!”

Happy dark elf girls carried a whole roast human under strain, setting it to a table of ogre girls who dug in happily, tearing off legs like drumsticks.


The restaurant offered any kind of meat: from human to elf, from boys to girls. Mostly pork was on the menu, but “long pork” also was favored, the savage monster races enjoying whatever meat they find. The place was bustling, and one by one, the spits were empty, animals, and humanoid bodies on the spits thoroughly eaten and consumed.

One by one, the workers, monsters each, brought more meat to be roasted on the firepits. Three chickens, a piglet… and a human girl was being carried to the roasting spits as the adventurers gawked.

Emiko watched wide eyed when a couple of orc girls brought the new meat, the human girl.

It was a crying, live, naked human girl, spitted from ass to mouth like a piglet was being carried by two orcs, squirming on the spit. Her arms were bound tightly behind her back, ankles bound to the spit, the steel rod entering from her expanded, oiled asshole and exiting her open mouth like a grisly phallus. Her blinking eyes still showed she was surprisingly alive when they lay her on the firepit, fitted and started turning the spit. Her body was oiled well, with a brand showing on her ass, saying: “Meat.”

She was quite muscular and padded, suggesting she was a captured adventuress, brought here to be roasted and served. Impaled alive, she looked around with the spit exiting her mouth as she was laid on the fire and fitted with a crank, crying in tears.

When she started to turn on the coals, the thicc, spitted human gave pitiful moans, blinking as she started to feel the fire. The dark elf turning her thicc body on the fire smiled, pouring barbeque sauce on her body and rubbing her butt and massaging her pussy for some final pleasure.

Emiko noticed her pussy was dripping wet and responsive to the dark elf’s fingers, as she slowly turned, moaning and squirming on the spit, soon to die and carved to be served like another pig as the dark elf caressed her pussy.

On another table, a coterie of dark elves feasted on a small human boy, whose lifeless head was mounted on a spike with apple slices. The boy’s penis was roasted like a sausage, their leader laughing and eating it happily, their zombie girl assistant eating the boy’s brain with a spoon. Next to it on a table lay a plump elf girl, whose neck showed an iron collar. She had been cut apart and eaten by a happy wolf girl and a demon lord. Her ears were dipped in lemon sauce and fried like snacks, her body roasted with nectar dressing, the flowery scent of elf meat filling Emiko’s nostrils.

They were met by a strong, muscular orc woman who smiled and led them to an empty chair.

“What can we get you? Pork, chicken…or…human? ” The busty big orc woman looked without any aggression, as if the humans being cooked and served in her restaurant were nothing, as muffled screams from dying humans echoed amongst laughter. “We captured a raiding group and their females are most delicious. Don’t worry, only criminals, dead slaves and willing are cooked here. That one…” She gestured to the still alive girl, roasting on the coals with muffled moans, her plump pussy showing a meat thermometer stuck. “…was a raider. Want a part of her? I recommend rumpsteak.” She squeezed the impaled girl’s ass who mewled in tears.

“Wow.” Some of the girls gulped, looking at the human girl on the spit, as dying as she was, looked back, her mouth full of the spit, in their eyes with sorrow. “Is she in pain?”

The orc smiled. “Not for long. But her last moments being cooked should be a nice lesson not to kill a peaceful orc farmer and his family just because they looked “evil.”” Smirking, she leaned and pinched the cooking girl’s breast, who managed to moan even as she was spitted like a pig. “Irony, that family was vegetarian ye know…” The green, muscled beauty tsk’ed.

“You can order a part of her body once she is done…Else, we have mermaid grill, orc girl ham, elf stew, and some dark elf steaks as well, shall we start with a simple soup or appetizers?” Rona smiled.

The orc wore only a thong, her muscular, beautiful body for all to see with knives tied to her legs and arms for carving meat, large breasts hanging freely with piercings on her nipples. Emiko found her quite attractive, but could not help ask:

“You cook your own species too?”

The orc shrugged, pointing at a green ,muscular body on a grill, where a smiling dark elf sliced a few bits from her breasts and arms and took to her plate, and bit deep, inhaling with pleasure as she slowly ate the orc girl’s meat. It smelled like roast pork, obviously it was a beheaded orc girl served as a buffet to be cut like a pig, slabs of tough green meat from her body served as steaks, particularly her big breasts with erect nipples even in death.

“Criminals that are beheaded are not wasted, neither are the dead. We gut and clean their bodies and take them to the restaurant or the butchers outside. Then there is always the occasional volunteer, and temple sacrifices’ turnover. Human slaves we get, once they are dead, are processed into mincemeat. We don’t have the rich farmlands humans have. We don’t abuse slaves much, but we cannot waste bodies under the earth.” She gestured to a naked human girl happily serving meat to a table, who was thanked and given a tip, her slave brand showing.

“I don’t cook my slaves unless they die in an accident or are willing.” Rona patted her head and sent her along.

The adventurers were shocked. The young human barbarian couple, a young man and a woman, raised a hand:

“Do you have elf meat? We always wanted to experiment…”

The orc smiled, pleased the human visitors wanted to experiment. “Of course. A few steaks’ worth of elf cuts we have. Boy or girl?” Both barbarians looked at each other, wearing fur armor.

“Girl?” The male barbarian asked carefully as his wife raised her brows. “I’d like elf boy meat.” She added, frowning at her husband.

“Sure.” She bellowed a command to a orc girl wearing an apron, who nodded and got inside.

“As for you?”

Emiko, her priestess friend Shiri and Lia, the female wizard wearing big glasses thought long about it.

“Can we think it over? It’s a bit heavy for us…”

“Sure.” The Orc woman nodded, turning around and giving them a good look of her muscular rump with a hint of her green pussy and working.

The girls watched the dying human adventuress slowly being roasted to death on the spit. She kept turning on the coals, stuck as a piglet as her legs started to cook. Her breasts were fat, and she gave a muffled scream in the spit when a cook approached her and started to cut slices from a cooked leg.


Her legs were sliced for meat, the condemned girl howling in pain and mumbling.

“Oh Gods, they are cutting her alive.” The wizard winced, as another breast was cut away, the girl’s eyes going cross from pain. The adventuress wept, tears raining on the hot coals, and slowly, drifted away. Her ass was cut as well, taken a slice from her leg and put on a table to be served. Her cook and crank turner, the dark elf smiled at them as she cut the spitted girl’s throat to put her out of her misery.

“There! Happy? No more torture than what she deserved, if she was a temple sacrifice, she would be tortured slowly before her heart was cut out. Of course, her body will now feed us. What will you girls have? There’s just normal chicken and pork too. But, you tourists came for the forbidden feast, correct?” She winked at the girls, wearing only an apron on her nude, muscular dark elf feminine body. “You know what, that black girl with the big tits would make a nice roast.”

Emiko gulped, as the girls and the couple looked at her.


“Well, the wizard looks cute too, but a bit skinny. The priestess has some nice rump but her body looks a bit less on meat. You though, well, I’d say you’d give quite a show on the coals with the spit up your ass. Big black girls take time to cook.”

“I see…” Emiko gulped, looking at her plump body. A fighter with a bit of feline blood in her, she was human by all appearances save for a bit of tough tone across her beautiful, half-black heritage. Meaty, strong and curvy, she was the smallest, yet the heaviest of them all.

“How about a whole roast? Human? Orc? Dark Elf? I can see you all want something forbidden.” She smiled, serving cuts from the now dead adventuress to a neighboring table. “Here is your girl chops!”

The neighbors, a family of goblins, thanked her politely.

“I could eat human.” The wizard girl blinked, swallowing. “Emiko? Shiri? Let’s share a human girl to eat.”

“O-ok…” The priestess mumbled. “But I can’t…I mean, poor things captured…”

“…they are criminals and adventurers killing these monsters, Shiri…” Emiko mumbled. “Nothing we can do. They even eat their own.”

“Still…” Shiri looked down.

“I’ll be back, you decide meanwhile.” The dark elf nodded, going to serve other tables. Emiko bit her lips, watching the restaurant eat, smelling like roast pork, and grasped her skirt. All were intrigued, but were too shocked to decide. The smell of cooked elf meat roused them into hunger as the Orc woman brought pink steaks in two plates, one boy and one girl, serving them to the barbarian couple.

As the couple dug in, a black masked dark elf woman entered the restaurant. Obviously an executioner from the looks of it, carried a headless, naked human woman with a skimpy armor on her back, and gave it to the orc, as well as her separated head who looked open-mouthed and open-eyed, staring to the empty space.

“Here you go Rona. One female knight, beheaded…Ninety pounds of solid meat at least…”

The orc squeezed the headless body, testing it for firmness before paying the dark elf and carried it to the kitchen, slinging her over her shoulder to deliver it to the butchers to be weighed. In minutes, the cleavers worked, knives slit, armor was stripped and she was carried back naked, sans feet, guts and hands, the woman was mounted on a grill with vegetables around her as a gutted turkey, her head cleaned, washed and her face corrected to a sleepy, closed-eyed look.

When the waitress politely returned, Emiko motioned her over.

“Yes?” The black girl whispered something in her ear, leaning from the others away.

“Since we have some condemned captures, it’s fifty gold coins, worth every penny.” She smiled and nodded, as Emiko turned to her friends and mumbled.

“OK. Let’s share a girl to eat.” Slowly the group nodded, licking their lips.

The dark elf waitress grinned. “Race? Human? Dwarf? Elf? Dwarf is double. Meat takes too long to cook. Volunteer is triple unless one of you is on the menu, then it’s just ten gold for cooking fee.”

The girls looked at each other, licking their lips. “A human. They are criminals, right?” The dark elf nodded.

“Aye. How will you have her? Alive? Butchered? I recommend turkey roast with her organs ground and mixed with rice.”

The adventurers looked at each other and nodded, the priestess looking quite pale. “Please don’t torture her.”

“We won’t.” The dark elf smiled. “I’ll be back.” The waitress rang a bell as Rona nodded, and took out a struggling, naked, fattened girl out of a cage as Emiko winced. She was carried to a table, with Rona grabbing an axe, the girl’s eyes widening.


The girl was still struggling and screaming when Rona slammed the door shut, a scream cut off by a *thwack* of an axe, reduced to garbled sounds and meat tearing until a head rolled from the sounds of it.

“At least she was quick.” Shiri gulped.

“I wonder how is it to be cooked and eaten?” Emiko was thinking.


Rona arrived with their order.

“Here you go, whole roast human girl, stuffed for five. Bon appetit!”

The orcish woman brought a large plate with a steaming body of a human girl, on her back like a turkey. Her head was mounted on a spike, she had been cut open and stuffed with rice, her stomach sewn with bacon strips, her anus and pussy stuffed with carrots. She lay like a naked prize, steaming with her own juices

“Bandit girl, age thirty, caught and fattened for slaughter. Don’t feel bad for her now, she paid the price and I don’t torture meat.” Rona smiled, serving them knives and forks.

“Emiko…do the honors?” The barbarian couple stared up from their plates of meager elf steaks, thoroughly eaten.

Emiko gulped, taking the knife and starting to cut a generous amount across her pussy, and legs, taking the large slice of human meat to her table with rice and organ stuffing. Shivering, she took the first bite.

It was heavenly, like pork with caramel, chewy and smelling of carrots.


“Don’t mind if I do.” The barbarian couple started cutting a leg from the girl’s beautiful body free, and the mage, smiling, started to cut the girl’s ass into steaks.



They all dug in like wolves as the naked, poor girl’s steaming body was taken part by part as meat, Rona smiling at them.

“Lovely, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Thanks!” The Wizard girl grinned, biting deep into the girl’s rumpsteak and chowing down a generous portion. The barbarian couple took each a leg, carefully cutting the meat into savory bites and wolfing down the girl who died for them.

The priestess shuddered to the moment she bit a nipple, savoring the rubbery taste of breast meat.

“Gods, human meat is the best! Feels sinful though.”

Rona laughed, helping them dismember the turkey-like bound form of the girl. “Please, it’s a sin to waste. If you are concerned about her, pray for her soul, but now, enjoy the meat. She died because she was condemned to die anyway. I’m quick with my axe, and fed her only the best oatmeal, fruits and cream before her body fattened up.”

“Oh?” Emiko chowed down on the pussy meat, hard and tangy.

“I feed my cattle quite well, she was all skin and bones. She ate well, wasn’t branded and had all the sex she wanted last week, her only wish when I took her as meat.”

“Amen!” The priestess smiled. “Do you breed girls in a farm or something?” The orc woman shrugged.

“No. We can’t farm humans as livestock, not that we want it. Children of slaves are put to work in foster homes or sold abroad, not killed for sins they didn’t commit against our kind. These…” She gestured to the dead human girls on spits, a muscular female knight turning on a spit, massaged with barbeque sauce. “Are adventurers fighting against us. So, you are passing through?” Rona poured some wine to their glasses.

“Yes. We aren’t fighting those that don’t raid human villages.”

“That we don’t.” Rona nodded. “They just attack us, not that we mind. The Demon God wants sacrifices, and it’s good fortune they do. Of course, I always accept volunteers for meat, or slave waitresses.” She smiled. “I pay good money for the next of kin if you bring any captives, human or monster alike, no questions asked.”

The girl’s body was half eaten by the time they drank their wine, bellies filling with girl meat. Emiko cut the rest of the body, separating the ribs with stuffing and eating one. Rona turned the roasted girl around, cutting her spine out and cutting the body in two for better cuts, juicy girl muscles separating and the adventurers taking out large cuts of steaks from the body, the girl’s stuffed breasts going to the priestess who happily ate the pleasure orbs, her arms and back divided between Emiko and the barbarian couple.

The wizard was quite happy eating the girl’s asscheeks roasted to perfection, burping cutely.

“We saw humanoid meat and leather on the marketplace along with slaves.”

“Ah, yes, our customs.” Rona nodded, sipping the wine. “We use the skin for leather, especially gloves. Well, and for Sundays, a sacrificial girl for the temple of course, lamb works but you know, human girls are the best offerings to Moloch, especially when you open a business or farm.”

“Ah, like the Desert God Hubal. I once watched the sacrifice of a young girl when I visited the Demon Caliphate last year. I think they cut her throat before the doorsteps of a new shop at Friday prayers.” The wizard girl nodded, eating the rumpsteaks greedily. “He accepts animals, but virgin blondes are to his liking I think.”

“Yes!” Rona nodded. “Like that, we too slit girls’ throats open before new businesses’ doorsteps for good fortune. But don’t shudder: It’s rare, and the worst are chosen. Poor little humans who were only unfortunate to be caught or born into slavery are mostly off-limits. No challenge in it, you know. Unless…” She took a small bite from a quickly disappearing roast girl’s meat, sitting along. “…some are willing to be accepted to Moloch’s good graces in his palace, as servants and concubines. Even men. Moloch’s succubi accept them into their arms for an eternity of pleasure if they volunteer as sacrifices.”

“Oh?” The male barbarian’s quip was silenced by a death glare by his wife, a muscular, freckled redhead, adjusting her fur bra. “I would chase you to the afterlife and rip your balls off, Kren! You are mine!”

They all laughed happily, clinking glasses when the girl before them was nearly consumed.

A naked, blonde slave girl with a leather hat and freckles like that of the barbarian girl brought more wine, happily chatting with Rona as she poured.

“Bon appetit! Are the visitors enjoying the meal?” She asked happily, cuddling with Rona.

Emiko nodded, chewing her ribs with abandon. “I feel a bit guilty, but she is delicious. Uh, miss slave, I hope she wasn’t a friend of yours.” She burped cutely when her plate was empty, greedily taking the last arm as well.

“Nah, some dumbass adventuress raiding my master’s farm.” She shrugged, filling her glass. “Killed the orc family. I was working the farm when I heard them screams.”

“And I took Shiriley in. She is a good girl who was captured and sold here as a child.” Rona kissed Shiriley’s cheek, fondling her fat breasts dangling with silver chains between her nipples, and caressing her naked ass. “Works the kitchens, doesn’t complain, fucks anyone for ten silver.”

“Mistress!” Shiriley blushed, Rona laughing.

“Why, maybe Kren here would like her for the night? The tavern is right upstairs.”

The barbarian girl’s death glare stopped him short. “Don’t you fucking try, Kren.”

The man shrugged, laughing and ignoring her glare. “Fine.”


Emiko smiled, adjusting her leather armor. “Sure. Uh, can we buy slaves to carry our gear?” Rona nodded, pointing at the market.

“Ask Kayra for a discount, she has slaves who would love to get out and be used by humans. We got tiny goblin girls can fix your armor and fit in your backpack for a quick fuck, humans can carry stuff…I think there is a centaur girl to be used for a slave mount: she broke her in nicely.”

Emiko nodded. “We could use a mount. Lot of bandits between human towns. Supplies?”

Rona looked at the spits. “Well, you CAN eat or butcher the slaves but we frown on that stuff: you are supposed to take care of them. I can give you jerky and mystery meat, whatever is ground from dead slaves, orcs and so on, cheap.”

The adventurers had eaten the poor bandit girl completely, her flesh consumed thoroughly, only bones left.

“I’ll take the bones for soup, and the head will make a nice decoration once the zombie girl janitor snacks on the brains.” She told her slavegirls to gather the remains and take them away. The restaurant was emptier as night set in, meat and remains cleaned up from the tables, the butcher orcs, men and women busy storing the meat in iceboxes and feeding the still alive livestock through tubes, a few human girls and boys gurgling as the tubes filled their bellies with sweet fodder, the boys’ cocks erect with their female orc attendants grinning. The male orc busy grinding meat for sausages filled in girl intestines grunted and chuckled when a female orc stroked a boy in a cage, uncomfortably housed, to an orgasm. She kept jerking him off with a wet towel until the boy whimpered and shuddered, ejaculating into the towel. He was wiped clean before being fed another apple, and put away for his eventual slaughter tomorrow.

Shrugging, the male orc filled the girl sausages, hanging them to be cured, and left the restaurant with his wife and hanging his cook hat to a door hook where was a naked elf girl was hung, force-fed oatmeal by a young orc girl.

“Tavern upstairs?” Emiko asked the butcher woman.

“Aye, plenty of pre-cooked food and booze, male and female sex workers for your pleasure, except for Kren, obviously.”

His wife grinned. “Except Kren. But maybe…” Seeing his look go hopeful, she chuckled. “A strong orc woman to wrestle? Winner fucks the loser. Wanna bet your ass, husband? They have strap-ons here.”

The male barbarian, his handsome, angular features with a clean shave, slammed his hand on the table. “You’re on! I win, she shares your bed. Remember the time you were the captive slave of an orc tribe? You weren’t that unhappy when their chieftess wanted to roast and eat you even before I got through.” That made his wife grunt in discomfort. “You know, Miss Rona, the tribe roasted and ate her comrades even. I took Ulrike right from the coals when she was to be roasted alive, tied to the spit with a flower and fruit decoration looking quite happy.”

Ulrike grunted angrily.

“Fine. Yes, I swing both ways, I admit, besides we weren’t dating at that time! And she wasn’t that bad, I was supposed to be centerpiece feast of celebration…pity she was cooked herself when she was beaten. She was tasty though…” Ulrike grinned.

“Ohohohohohoh-“ Rona cackled with glee. “Hey we don’t judge! I like humans myself, my kids are half-orcs. Plus I don’t judge volunteer meat girls or interbreeding. Anyway, see you upstairs.”

Thanking politely, the adventurers stood up, Ulrike leaning on Kren for support, her leather thong quite wet, her shaven blonde pussy in Emiko’s sights.


When they ascended the stairs, the tavern with the rooms looked like another monster lair, with slave white elves wearing collars serving drinks with happy laughter, naked girls roasting in spits, wild sex and curvy, replacable goblin girls fucking customers owing to their legendary fertility.

Snacks and fast food were presented on small bowls and plates, booze flowing freely, naked slaves with plates and pitchers serving booze with a pit in the middle for wrestling. All sorts of monsters were present, as well as humans, to eat and fuck, tabled decorated with severed elf heads with candles stuck to their eyes.

“Oh, baby…” Emiko gasped. “Now this looks fun.” A small goblin girl was impaled on a stake, roasting with mushrooms with the spit exiting her smiling mouth, housing marshmallows and fruits.

Games were plenty as well, a white elf female whimpering as darts stuck from her body, tied to a dart wheel. The troll waitress whirled the dart, and she would be shot at with nonlethal darts glowing with aphrodisiacs, screaming in pleasure any time her plump tits were nailed, orgasms wracking her.

Hanging by her feet around a circle of chairs, a captured adventurer woman in skimpy underwear laughed wildly, thrashing in conflicted pleasure with dark elves tickling her naked, exposed flesh, slapping her ass or softly biting her nipples and arms, playing with candles to drip on her ass and breasts. Her mewls were mixed with pain and pleasure.

Rona grinned at Emiko gawking at the spectacle: “Sparing less dangerous captives’ lives comes with a price, human. Not that dey mind…”

The female knight was coughing from laughter when the female dark elf behind her tickled her armpits, her laughter muffled when a male dark elf undid his trousers to fuck her mouth. She gave all of herself to please her captors if she wanted to live at the end of the day. Particularly in a tavern where the disobedient losers were roasted on spits and served as piglets!

Sex was cheap, little goblin girls bouncing on laps of male patrons, their little forms used as fleshlights or fucktoys, patrons kissing their big ears and lips as they fucked. In the wrestling pit, a naked male and female orc wrestled, the male pinning down the female orc with a yell and thrusting his cock into her shaven, muscular pussy.

Pinned, she grunted at the male orc’s thrusts, the patrons clapping and tossing coins as they fucked wildly, with a male dark elf dancing in a thong to the glee of human and dark elven women cheering him on.

“Whoa. Fuck stalls?” The wizard girl’s eyes were wide.

“Seems so.”

Blindfolded slave goblin, orc and human women were put in wooden stocks with their arms and necks fitted in secure wooden holes. Their mouths and asses constantly used by male patrons with coin boxes next to them, with a few empty stalls reserved for volunteers.

“They even have empty stocks for those feeling adventurous.” Lia licked her lips, one hand adjusting her wet panties.

Food was simple, fruits, bread, cheese and fried chicken, or similarly sized goblin girls whole roasted were present on the tables. Patrons either busy with sex, or drinking while being sucked off by slave human and goblin women. Emiko could see a dark elf under a table, fellating a big orc’s green penis with her sucking lips wrapped around the shaft as he drank and talked to another orc, who himself had a young human girl’s head bobbing up and down on his shaft under the table. Both women were chained by their necks to the tables securely, more women waiting quietly in other tables, with their necks chained to them until patrons sat down. Quietly the women crawled and started fellating the orcish patrons with no attention being paid to them at all under the tables.

“HOLY…” The priestess gasped breathily. “…God this is hot.”

“Sit! Table for five!” Rona bellowed, and booze was put on the tables, steins of beer. “Girls, call for whores, male or female whenever you like! Goblins girls breed fast, and plenty of volunteers to eat too like chickens.”

Three goblin girls tied to spits alive with apples in their mouths muffling their sounds attested to that, fat pouring from their bodies as they writhed, and one by one, slid and dropped to big plates, screaming in pleasure, or pain as Rona tied them up to serve as live fried chicken sized meats to hungry orcs.

They all sat to the smell of good food and drinks, and took the beer steins greedily.

Ulrike grinned nudging Kren. “Hey, wrestle the male?”

“NO. FUCKING. WAY.” He rapidly shook his head, his erection quite focused at the toned, muscled orc woman lost in pleasure and screaming as the orc male kept fucking her savagely, music drumming all along. The orc thrust faster and faster, roaring in pleasure as the woman mewled, her muscled body turned to jell-o.

The audience clapped when the orc roared victoriously, slamming a final time before thrusting her off. Handsome for an orc, his penis was a foot long, making Emiko blush when he winked at her and took a towel, sitting for a beer. The orc woman sulked, satisfied, rubbing her pussy as she lowly ambled to a table with a drink of her own, massaged by naked white elves of her soreness.

“Grakha lost! Everyone! Place bets for a challenger! WHO WANTS TO RUMBLE!” Rona bellowed, serving beer to horny patrons. “ANY CHALLENGER STEP FORWARD AND CHOOSE A RIVAL! IN THE MEANTIME, OUR TROLL DJ JOMBA WORKS THE LEATHER!”

A tall troll male with jutting tusks cheered the crowd, playing a Carib tune as dancer girls around him, troll and orc females, busted moves with their hips, dressed in fur bikinis.


“Drumjockey.” Emiko told Shiri, the priestess.

“Guys, you won’t hold against me if I try some fun?” Lia adjusted her robes and finishing her beer, looking sweaty.

“Nah, knock yourself out. What happens in monstertown seriously stays in monstertown. We ate a roasted human girl killed for us for Gods’ sake.” Shiri looked up. “Please forgive us bandit girl, you were delicious.” She burped, giggling.

They all lifted glasses. “Thank you!”

Lia was a small nerdy girl with big glasses and short cut black hair, with a small frame looking like a hobbit sans hairy feet. Walking up to Rona, she whispered something, pointing to the empty bondage stocks and mumbling. Grinning, Rona took her by the hand, and led her to the back.

The adventurers watched intensely as Rona started stripping the wizard girl nude, taking off her robes, and underwear. One by one, Lia was naked, shivering as Rona oiled her body, and poured some with a finger, bending her over, Lia’s face grunting with discomfort. Then, Lia was led, much to their surprise, to a bondage stocks, Rona fitting her neck and arms to the wooden frame before locking it.

Before she was finished, goblin and orc men were lining up, Emiko giggling as Lia gave a scream with the orc’s thrust into her fertile, sopping pussy, cut off quick with a smaller penis gagging her, men lining up to fuck her into oblivion.

“Oi, Kren, wrestling. You promised.” Ulrike nudged her. “Or afraid I’ll dump a fucked male?”


Kren walked up to the pit, discarding his equipment on the chair, and gestured to Rona.

“Rona! Any orc females left for wrestling?”

Rona nodded. “Tayu! You up for it?”


A rumbling sound made them jump as an eight foot tall, green muscled beauty stepped forward, stark naked, with large, bouncing breasts big as melons, curvy hips and a beautiful, tusked face. She had been oiled well, and from the looks of it, had fawning human male prostitutes all around her scurrying aside.

“Boy, I’ll break you. You sure?” She grinned. “I always wanted to peg a human though. My boys don’t like it and I like a real challenge.” The young men wearing shorts smiled apologetically behind her, massaging her shoulders and muscles with oils.

“Don’t be so sure.” Kren laughed, stretching. He was nearly a match for her.


“50 silver on the orc! MAKE HIM SQUEAL LIKE A PIG, TAYU!” A troll woman applauded.

“60 says human fucks her silly!” An orc male bellowed, his cock in a naked dark elf woman’s mouth giving thumbs up as well under the table. The male roared:

“BOY KNOWS THE GREEN SUGAR! FORTY SILVER SAYS YOU WIN!” Another Orc pumped his fist, his cock buried in Lia’s throat who was unconscious, swallowing every drop, her ass split open by a bellowing minotaur who thumped his chest while savagely raping her. They didn’t know if she was alive, locked in the stocks for free fucks, her belly distended with semen. At least she was breathing from the movement of her chest.


They stared each other down, the naked orc woman smiling at Kren. “You look cute. Forfeit the match, and I’ll take you to bed. No pegging, we’ll do it nice and gentle with me on top, hm? I can be sweet, and I likes you, humie.”

Kren grinned. “No way, orky. Thanks for the compliment though. You are very beautiful yourself.”

Tayu grunted in anger…and a blush appeared on her face. No one called her beautiful in her life, and the human was hitting all the right buttons, warming her heart.

“You asked for it. In the circle, human. Get ready for da fakka-fakka in your ass if ya lose.” She tossed a leg over, revealing her cunt, shaven, to the unlookers as everyone cheered, both eager to fight. She whispered in his ear in a typical display of orcish seduction.

“I’ma make you squeal like a pig, boy. But don’t worry. I’ll lube up.” She winked with a grin.

“We’ll see.” Kren flexed, his cock already erect.

Orc woman and human male circled each other, naked, patting each other’s arms for weakness.

Ulrike licked her lips. “Emiko. That orc sent the dwarven beer.” She pointed to a new, huge glass. “You think?”

“Sure.” Emiko smiled, raising the glass and standing up, walking up across the tavern to the table where the orc, now in shorts, sat with a smile on his square jawed, handsome face, his muscles rippling after a short sponge bath by a goblin girl, sitting down on a meal of a whole roasted goblin girl on a plate. The goblin massaging him wasn’t even bothered.

“Hey, humie.”

“Hey yourself, orc.” Emiko sat close to him, in her skimpy leather armor, dark brown body bare for all to see on the long divan.

“There’s black humies like you so up north den?” He took a swig from his beer, adjusting his shorts with a bulge rising. Emiko’s dreadlocked hair and her plump lips were of darkest Carib blood, and looked quite exotic to him.

“Yeah, I hang around with my adventurers, plenty of stuff to do up north.” She took a swig herself. “That’s some wild establishment.”

“Yeah.” He grinned, drinking his beer clean and filling another. “Everythin’s meat, slaves are legal, fucking’s wild. So ye’re staying?” He was clearly flexing, light green skin without blemish, chest flat and toned, with a clear erection showing in his shorts.

“Don’t know. Might keep traveling, my kind is slaves and meat here.” Emiko shrugged, quite close to the orc who laid a land on her smooth, muscled leg. She didn’t mind, his hands were gentle. They clinked glasses as the fight started.

“Not unless ye’re willing, in debt or are criminal, lass. All of us are, even men.”

Tayu swung an arm, Kren locking it and pulling down, rolling the naked orc on the ground with a flurry of naked legs, evading a counterattack, a punch. Everyone roared, as orc girl and man locked each other in a grapple and the music went on. Kren got on top, trying to bend her arm backwards, only for Tayu to roll back and crush him under her big ass, grinding as she laughed.

“GO FOR IT BOY!” A succubus waved a glass of beer. “MAKE HER SQUEAL! SQUEEE! SQUEEE!” She mimicked a pig, laughing evilly with a human slave girl in her arms who giggled and kissed her.

“I PAID MONEY FOR YE!” An orc bellowed, using a tiny, tied up goblin girl as a fleshlight, who herself, cheered in pleasure as she was propped up with the orc’s penis filling her body, her big ass wobbling with an orgasm as her arms and legs were tightly bundled behind her as a tiny fleshlight.

“WO HOOOO! OH GODS I’M COMING!” She screamed as cum burst forth from her pussy lodged with a foot long orc cock, tied to his crotch as a living sex toy, laughing and convulsing in pleasure.

For several minutes, Emiko and the orc even forgot each other, cheering like game fans in a match.

“FUCK HER!” Ulrike screamed, slamming her hand on the table and her breasts jiggling.

Kren locked Tayu’s arms, bending her over with a roar, sliding under her muscular ass and spreading her legs with a knee.

“Artless!” Tayu grunted. “Now what? In my ass?”

“No.” Kren pushed her down with one strong arm, and leaned forward. “Turn your head.”

“Fuck you!” She spat, trying to kick his legs away.

“Fine.” Kren grinned, using his weight on her back to pin her down.

“The fuck are you…hey!”

With the other hand, Kren, pinning the orc beastess down, gently caressed a breast out of place. He tried his best to be slow, giving her soft brushes with his free hand.

“S-stop…” Tayu grunted, feeling waves of pleasure weakening her. Worse…

No one was gentle like him ever. Not once. He was cupping her toned breasts and flicking the nipples in front of everyone, gently.

“What…are…you…” She turned her head in confusion.

He kissed her softly, Tayu’s eyes snapping open. His lips were gentle on the rough orcish lips.


He was kissing her, and the orcish men stopped short of cheering, looking at each other and giving cheeky grins.

“SO THAT WAS WHAT WAS ABOUT! CLEVER MAN!” An orc male clapped his hands and whistled, the music rising in tempo.

“HOLEEE SHIT!” The minotaur pulled his penis out of Lia’s abused asshole wide as her legs now, and turned around. “CLEVER!” Lia fainted, another goblin taking her ass with his puny cock, sliding in effortlessly.

“HUMANS ARE SMART MAN!” An orc nodded, turning to violate a girl in stocks, a human girl who shuddered and moaned with pleasure.

“Hey! AH! What happened? I can’t see!” She yelped, accepting his penis with delight. “What happened, master?”

“Humie seduced orc Tayu in wrestling, that’s wot happened!” The orc nodded at the blindfolded slave, fucking her gently. “Easy. I’ll go slow on humies. You’re nice and I don’t wanna break yoz…”

“Alright, thank you master…AH!” The human girl whimpered, leaning into his strong hands. He was a good fucker, that orc. Not too rough, not too gentle, by the size of his penis in her, the slave girl without name, could make out that he was a regular, fucking her every evening. Surely she’d be pregnant by now with his child.

Shiri, in the meantime, had drifted off, sitting next to a dark elf male dancer in a corner.

“Hello!” She happily smiled, happy that the handsome dark elf was separate from the crowd and walked up to her with interest in his purple eyes.

“Greetings, lovely human.” He kissed her hand, making her blush. “Enjoying the brutes?” He raised a brow, his angular elven face and eyes focused on her innocent, white dress. “You look out of place.”

“I know, I know!” She nearly squealed, happy to be noticed by a handsome man.

Tayu was in bliss, Kren taking her gently, entering with great care and starting to fuck her in the pit with slaps on her ass.

“Of course, the human male seems to be an interesting specimen, we could use a breeder studs for our slaves in Drow Undercaves. I’m Drazir.” The dark elf shook her hand and kissed it.

“Shiri!” The priestess was in a fan glee seeing a Drow next to him.

“Amaranth flower?” The dark elf raised his eyes. “Do you by any chance, have parents who have been Drow slaves? It’s a famous name for humans in Undercave, especially for pretty human girls. Not all of our kind abuse you, my family owned several dozen well-treated human girls.”

“Oh no, I am from Mara Nostrum. Creta. I never saw your people.”

“I see.” The Drow kissed her knuckles. “Wine?”


The Drow and the priestess snuggling in the corner, Emiko turned to her orc partner, munching on a small goblin girl who had been roasted whole, and laid like a small chicken on the table. Taking a small plump goblin leg to eat herself, she asked while eating the green, sweet goblin drumstick with one hand.

“Kren’s great, huh?”

“Ye look mighty fine yourself, human. I’m Garu.” He smiled, and laying a hand on her leg back, caressing softly. Emiko smiled with her plump Carib lips and snuggled close, as orc and man fucked in the pit, Ulrike grinning along, bellowing instructions to bend her over and the intensity of sex, while collecting her earnings.

Garu looked deep in Emiko’s eyes, and mimicking the human mating ritual, pulled her for a kiss.

“When in Rome…” Emiko’s eyes closed as they kissed, Garu pulling her clothes off, revealing her sweaty, curvy black body to the public and cupping her ass before ripping off her thong.

Emiko surrendered completely, locked in a kiss before her head was being pushed down, coming face to face with an erect, musky cock.

“It’s…big…” Emiko swallowed.

“Suck it.” The orc grinned, pushing the tip to Emiko’s plump black lips.

Smiling, she opened her mouth and slowly took it in, only taking it out before talking.

“So what’s your plan?”

“Ugh…I…” Garu grunted, fucking the naked Emiko’s mouth. “I could use…ugh…a gift for my wife…a humie slave girl for her birthday.”

The idea was incredibly hot for Emiko with his cock stuck in her throat. “Concubine?*slurp*” The orc nodded.

“Yah…suck it girl…” He groaned, pumping his hips. “Bed slave, housework, the works…We could use a humie…ahh..” He let her fellate him, drinking. “Wife’s been nagging me for a slave girl I could fuck when she has headaches…OH YES!” He bellowed, his cock feeling the orgasm. “SUCK IT!”

Emiko was naked, on her knees as waitresses ignored her like meat, the big green cock in her mouth. She kept sucking until the cock lodged in her throat twitched, spurting warm, salty cum in her mouth. She dutifully swallowed it all, big black breasts bouncing with glee.


“Yesss…” Garu groaned, pulling his cock lodged in Emiko’s mouth back, pulling her to his lap for a face-to-face fuck. “So let’s talk price of yer ass. How much do yer friends want me to buy you?” He sat her on his cock and started bouncing her, Emiko’s eyes going cross.

“What…do you plan? Tell me.” Emiko mumbled, embracing him as they fucked on his lap, the orc squeezing her breasts.

“I’ll keep ye as house girl slave until wife gets bored, or you get pregnant.” He grunted, his cock quickly hardening inside her warm body.


“Probably barbeque after a few births and you turn ugly. She’s gonna cook you eventually.” He grinned, lifting her to the table and splaying her legs, using her legs as support to thrust and fuck in front of everyone, Ulrike watching them with a hand on her pussy. “We don’t waste human…” He grunted, thrusting inside Emiko under her. “Ye’ll be roast, skin gets leather, mebbe make that head of yours a nice trophy. Kids could use toys made from your bones.”

“That’s hot…” Emiko gasped. “Three hundred gold. Pay Ulrike 300 and I’m yours. They need the money.”

“Two hunnerd…” Garu kept fucking her pussy as his hips sweated, slapping with wet sounds bouncing the human girl on his lap. “I’m just…buying ye to discard one day!”


“Yeah!” The orc grunted, ejaculating hard inside Emiko who gave a bestial scream, along with Tayu, who’se orcish eyes snapped open when Kren pulled out his cock and stuck it inside her tight asshole, fucking her plump ass in the pit. She completely surrendered to the anal rape, screaming like a pig.

“Tayu loses! Ulrike, she is yours for the night, no killing her! Oh, by the way your room’s ready!”

Ulrike grinned, laughing at the screaming orc musclegirl who had been totally subjugated.

“Kren, finish her off and carry her to the room, I promised you a threesome.” She stood up, taking her equipment and sauntering half naked to the bedrooms where they would sample her sex thoroughly.

So was only Shirii left alone, Lia completely lost in a sea of cocks and cum inside her in the stocks, Emiko lost in orgasm. The black girl didn’t resist when Garu tossed the passing Ulrike a bag of gold. Rona, grinning, came over and clasped Emiko’s hands, neck and feet expertly with cuffs, slinging her over Garu’s shoulder like a side of beef.

“I bought the humie as my slave.” He slapped Emiko’s ass with a flourish, carrying her home, now the girl completely his property, in body and meat. “She mine now.”

“Well, so long Emiko, I guess this is goodbye.” Ulrike shrugged, clad only in a thong as she took the gold, hanging it to her belt clinging to her toned ass.

Garu nodded, carrying Emiko, in cuffs, to her new home, squeezing her ass. Life was good.

Lia gurgled as a giant minotaur cock entered her lips on the stocks, accepting it until it hit her stomach, Rona smiling and waiting until she’d take her off the stocks, only releasing the slaves from their sex duty as night set in. The surviving goblins quickly helped her clean the tavern as everyone went to bed for sex or sleep, Tayu, Ulrike and Kren in a passionate threesome, Shiri enjoying the dark elf dancer’s attention in a vacant tavern corner, thrusting between her legs with grace.

Meanwhile, Emiko was carried naked to a red bricked home, who was opened by a matronly orc. Her tusked lips curled in a smile when she saw a chained, black girl in the orc’s arms.

“What did you bring Garu?”

“Something I picked up in a tavern.” He put Emiko to stand before the orc woman, nude.

The matronly orc, his wife, took her time examining Emiko like a piece of meat, fondling her breasts and pussy, her buttocks as Emiko lifted her arms to be examined.

“Nice. She can work the house until I’m tired of her. Fucked her already, didn’t cha?”

Garu smiled. “Clean enough to share the bed, Luxa, wife. You don’t mind, do you?” He looked quite henpecked, but Luxa chuckled.

“I suppose, if she can give us strong babies and works hard. She can sleep in our bed for now after a bath.”

Emiko smiled and bowed, as Luxa grinned, taking her by the arm to the bedroom.


The night went easily, Shiri convulsing with orgasms under the Drow who paid special attention to her breasts and face with kisses. The orc woman was taken from every hole: even Ulrike had used a strap on where Kren was tired to fuck the muscular orc’s pussy. They woke in a haze, blissfully happy.


Selling Emiko as a slave recouped some good money the adventurers realized, relaxing in the tavern with a breakfast of goblin meat cuts, fruits and bread. Shiri sat with the dark elf who was dressed in purple silk finery and a white shirt, feeding her fruit with his delicate hand. Slaves were woken up and worked around them, cooking and cleaning the tavern and the restaurant.

They had become fast friends, dark elf and humans here…When in Rome indeed.

“So, got a good price for the fighter Emiko?”

“Yeah…” Ulrike smiled. “We move tomorrow? There is a lot to explore and eat.”

“Amen.” Kren nodded, their bedmate Tayu fast asleep in her own home by the dawn came, scurrying home to sleep the booze off. “Let’s get a few slaves to carry our gear, then we can leave. Drazir, you said you name was?”

“Indeed human.” The handsome dark elf smiled. “Your friend Shiri here is quite the lady I have grown fond of. My clan…does no longer abuse humans after getting a bit…more intimate with them in our history.”

“He tells me of his Undercave cities, of places so exotic!” Shiri giggled, clearly in love. “Maybe we can go visit one day…Right?”

Ulrike giggled. The only way Shiri would be there as a house slave, though she would love the prospect, and Drazir would likely treat her kindly. Lovestruck dummy. And Ulrike had no wish to end up digging for silver with a collar on her naked body as a Drow miner slave, only to be sacrificed or tortured to death for fun when she was useless…She had a husband.

Maybe if she was single…Maybe…She would look that prospect up if Kren died. Drazir seemed to be fond of her physique as well, complimenting the barbarian woman on her rich hair and freckles, and great musculature in harmony with her beautiful body.

“You would at least fetch three thousand on an auction block, no offense intended.” Drazir smiled. “My matron is…quite interested in wrestling barbarian girls. Alone.” He smiled. “She says she…punishes them for being inferior humans, women leaving at dawn, all spent…” When he winkled, Ulrike burst in laughter.


Leaving Kren to his booze and ogling naked goblin girls, they had chatted about how Drow sacrificed beautiful, strong human women in a very erotic ceremony, Ulrike listening intently to the ritual.

“So, a hundred orgasms are guaranteed before the drugged victim’s heart is cut out and she is cut up for meat?”
“It would be cruel not to.” Drazir nodded, sipping orange juice. “Once per month, we use an unfortunate girl to please the Spider Goddess. I am afraid it is an eventuality for Shiri if she comes with me, and…perhaps, you too, but we drug ours thoroughly before that.”

“Mmm…” Ulrike thought, before changing the subject.

Lia didn’t say anything, too tired after a bath and sleep, half dead in her robes, drinking coffee. Taking hundreds of cocks on a dare had worn her out. At least she had contraceptive potions…

“Good place this is…We exchanged Emiko for a dark elf dancer that can fight, I’m not complaining.”

“Who knows, maybe we’ll end up eating her as dinner when we return.” Ulrike laughed. “I like the idea of human barbeque.”

Shiri was quite in love with her new dark elf lover, since their women were quite dismissive of their own males for no reason. And Drazir liked the idea of spending a few decades with a human lover.

They clinked glasses, drinking after a good meal and sex. Monster towns were quite the places,to eat and fuck, and meet new friends.

Except Emiko, whose new life would be reduced to endless labor, a sex toy for her new orc master, and the slave of the orc wife. They didn’t even pay attention to her as they left the town passing her new home by, Emiko laboring in the garden naked, cutting grass and carrying Luxa the female orc’s laundry on her back.

Emiko looked up, watching them leave, as a voice boomed.

“Emiko! The laundry, girl! Then we get you registered and branded! Hurry!”

“Yes mistress!” She raced to carry the basket inside, to work, give birth and have sex until her body would wear out, and she would die on a spit, cooking as meat for the orcs in a family reunion. Already Luxa had grown fond of her, planning on the family name to be branded on Emiko’s plump black ass to be a meat slave and fattening her until her eventual slaughter. In the meantime, they could be good friends.


Before the adventurers left, they had bought rations made from executed adventurer women: smoked, feminine smelling steaks with a plump, spiced and deep-fried pair of breasts, a human girl’s whole leg, and a several sides of orc girlmeat jerky. They had bought two strong slave women from the slave market to carry their equipment, dressing them with Emiko’s clothes and a spare dress. Passing by the slave market and the curiosities, each had found something valuable. Even the slave girls were quite talkative, especially with the dark elf who didn’t treat them with the typical disdain of his species. These adventurers would definitely treat them better, maybe even taking them back to human lands where they could be free when they finished carrying the adventurers’ tools.

They didn’t even pay attention to a scream cut by a gurgle when another naked, fattened girl was suspended by her feet, her head being sawn off by happy looking orc butchers, dividing her still fresh meat to be packed for the customers even as she twitched. Next to her, a squealing pig was being dismembered the same way for morning shoppers, as well as chickens next to a white elf girl’s headless body, all part of the same business, human and pig squeals adding to the savagery of the butcher shop.

Though Ulrike slowed and watched a bit when they passed an orcish household with a barbeque pit outside.

A matronly orc wearing an apron on her beautiful body turned a spit, housing an impaled, alive human woman, her plate armor stripped and folded next to her. Her body showed bruises and cuts hinting at capture, her hands tied behind her back, her ankles tied to the spit, perfectly impaled, alive and in a perfect horizontal longpig spit position. Her eyes were red as if she’d been crying quite a bit, sobbing as the flames licked her naked body, now inevitably meat for dinner. The orc woman whistled happily, pulling the knight’s hair back and oiling it, tying it in a bun before decorating her ears with cherries, and tying several pineapple slices to her nipples.

The knight gave a moan when the orc matron buttered a long carrot, and took care not to hurt her as she inserted it, rubbing the knight woman with the butter stick gently with special care around her buttocks, breasts and belly, oiling her hair with cold olive oil not to burn up.

The knight even gave a muffled giggle when the orc rubbed the butter stick on her soles and armpits. Amused, the orc decided she could at least make her relax as the knight cooked slowly, giving her gentle tickles whenever the knight felt the flames cook her insides to distract her from the pain.

“Hmph…Least I can do to meat coming to my doorstep.” She greeted the adventurers amiably when they passed by, already the smell of human meat filling their nostrils..

The “goodbye” sign was a nice touch, Ulrike had to admit. A female adventuress was stripped naked, was tied, not nailed to a cross with the town’s name hanging from her pierced breasts, with districts written all over her beautiful, toned body. They could even hear her repeated promises to the caretaking monster woman, some demon girl, never to attack again even as she watered and fed her after cleaning her body from the night’s dirt and discomfort, wiping the woman’s ass and pussy and cleaning under her of shit and piss.

To the woman’s knee, a wooden box was tied. “Donations keeps infrastructure slaves alive.”

“If you work hard giving directions and entertain them with wit, in a week they might let you go…Hang in there, talk to the newcomers if bored. Be thankful they didn’t declare you meat like the girl you just ate.” The red skinned succubus grinned finishing bottle feeding her water, turning to sweep the street with a broom, the naked knight woman whimpering and blushing when the wind tickled her nipples.

Chattering happily, they left the monster town, with its human cattle, slave markets and meat, strange customs, and savagery, the knight woman giving directions to happy newcomers in a strained voice.

“Y-yes sir. Turn to the right after the temple district…it’s written on my right breast…” She whimpered. “C-can you leave a coin as donation to the box tied to my knee? Makes sure they’ll let me go…please…”

A silver clinked inside the box tossed by a merciful, civilized ogre family of tourists, the female captive sighing in relief on the cross. “Thank you sir…I swear never to attack your kind again.” She was genuinely thankful, though being naked and bound made her blush, much to the winking succubus’ amusement.

If they ever let her go, she would open a new chapter in her life and *never* go back to the badlands.

Ever…probably…her pussy felt incredibly hot and wet.

The adventurers would return. At least Lia looked back to another fun rape night in the stocks, and Ulrike if she was single again.

R: 6 / I: 0

Zhang Xiaofeng Series (dolcett, pixiv, translation, plotbeforesmut, slowburn)

Translator note: used square brackets for comments. Originally a chinese story posted on pixiv, with accompanying illustrations that were shared on /g/.

First post on new gchan, so no idea about formatting and all that…

Zhang Xiaofeng Series: Lulu's Live Steaming (Chapters 1-3)

The Zhang Xiaofeng Series is a set of volumes published sequentially, containing a variety of detailed culinary methods for preparing the delicious bodies of females! All characters appearing in this work are fictitious, any resemblance… please quickly contact me. Haha!

Zhang Xiaofeng Series: Lulu's Live Steaming


Zhao Yulu, who recently enrolled in high school, was unused so staying in the school dormitories, so she rented an apartment among the high-class flats overlooking the coastline together with Wang Meng.

"Hey Lulu! It's half past nine already!" Wang Meng shoved at Zhao Yulu who was still nestled in bed and shouted, "Is there anything we can eat at home?"

"Isn't there still half a fried chicken still in the fridge, jeez!" Zhao Yulu lethargically stretched out her hips saying.

"You already ate that yesterday night!" Wang Meng said with an expression of disgust.

"Then just grab instant noodles! The kitchen still has two packets of pickled beef noodles," Zhao Yulu stretched out her pale lithe arms and rubbed her soft chubby cheeks, messy short hair framing the charm of a girl who just recently awoke.

Wang Meng could not be bothered anymore, pulling away the blankets with a single move, Zhao Yulu's beautiful body and skin that was as white as snow was fully uncovered, with a pair of full breasts on slender shoulders, two soft pink nipples like drops of strawberry jam, a slightly plump yet toned waist leading to a smooth and pale stomach. Beneath was a thick black bush, covering a barely visible luscious slit and bright pink lower lips, giving one the impression that after peeling open the fat and thick vulva meat, the labia would ripen further, a faint fragrance of the forbidden part of a girl drifted out, giving one an impression of unusual delicacy; behind her lower lips was a bright red puckered anus, guarded by two amazingly tender buttcheeks squished together under her body of tender meat. Worthy of note was that, her large ass was unlike those of other women with big buttocks with a high fat content, and only had a small layer of light fat wrapped on the outside, while inside was entirely the most delicious lean meat, exceptionally tender, extremely seductive; two pale and juicy lower limbs curled up on the bed beneath her butt, after her round and moist calves were the most delicious part of her body, a pair of delicately pink and chubby feet, her alluring toes each with a layer of red polish on their nails. This scene was what the girl saw, but were it a normal male who witnessed it, they would surely rush over and dive into her snowy jade figure without caring for their own safety.

"A-ah! Didn't you know about how I like to sleep without clothes!" Zhao Yulu bolted upright on the bed, the baby fat on her delicate figure jiggling, lithe pink hands quickly covering her pleasing fat breasts.

"No one else is here. That's right, I almost forgot, yesterday the dean let me go over to the junior high campus, seems like some kind of officials' inspection," Wang Meng said with an expression of pride.

"Hmph! Which blind teacher would choose you to go over and receive officials? Be careful that you don't attract the attention of some rich and powerful heir, who'll stew you as a night meal!" Zhao Yulu said with fake sarcasm, feeling in her heart that Wang Meng's appearance could already defeat the top three beautiful women, so letting her do something like that was natural.

"What, as if they would you instead!" Wang Meng sent a sideways look towards Zhao Yulu, "Even if they wanted to eat me I would definitely be a main course, but you would only count as a…" Wang Meng giggled at Zhao Yulu.

"What's wrong with me!" Zhao Yulu gave an irritated pout, "My breasts and butt are larger than yours, other than that, only your looks are better than mine, if they want to eat I'm more tender!" She held her head high with an air of arrogance.

"How childish, clearly this me is too lazy to compete with you like this, I'm looking forward to letting you go in my place, or you'll forever blame me for holding you back," Wang Meng waved her hand, slowly swaggering out of the bedroom.

"Play well and have fun!"

Zhao Yulu hung up the phone, sighing. She thought of Wu Lina, that idiot who agreed to go for a holiday in Dali, but ended up running off to the Maldives on her own. Looks like this is a lonely summer again, come to think of it, Wang Meng was going to be away for a week with this, what if she really let herself be bought up by some rich guy!

Suddenly, the electricity in the apartment cut off, and she who left the aircon on while hiding herself in blankets could only crawl out of bed to go take a shower.

Zhao Yulu was not tall, at one meter sixty she could be described as an unusual existence, strolling into the bathroom fully naked to take a shower, when suddenly her phone rang.

"Who's that, to so coincidentally call me at a time like this, who would pick up…" she thought, toned and slender hands rubbing and kneading bubbles over her smooth fat breasts, under her ministrations, her originally small nipples gradually swelled and erected, perking up.

Her phone rang again not long after, and Zhao Yulu could only impatiently wipe her smooth skin off and wrap up in a bath towel to come out for the phone.

"Hello, who's this?" Zhao Yulu asked annoyedly.

"Is that Student Zhao Yulu? This is Teacher Wang, dean at the high school," an amiable voice, from a middle-aged man, "These two day the school officials are here for their inspection, and the president is interested in you, I hope you can quickly report back in the afternoon at 2 o'clock at the school office."

Listening up to here, Zhao Yulu felt baffled and asked, "I haven't been at school for these two days, how did the president become interested in me?"

The man on the other end gave only a cursory explanation before hanging up. Zhao Yulu sighed again, thinking, "Looks like I can't escape this one, no choice but to give up the tender meat I've developed for decades. Is female meat really that tasty and nutritious?" She nostalgically looked over her own pale white body, the hairs under her armpit and between her thighs still glistened with soapy foam, the whole situation was just too real. Wiping the water droplets from her delicate body, she put on her school uniform and went out…


Dong dong dong…

Zhao Yulu gently knocked on the door to the school office, the sound of high heels striking the floor rang out from within.

"Is that Student Zhao Yulu?" The door opened, inside was a beautiful woman wearing a black suit and high heels, with gold-framed glasses, "Oh, I am the president's secretary, the president is waiting for you inside!"

Zhao Yulu adjusted her uniform, boldly walking in. The president's office was spacious, with a rectangular office desk right in front, and two sofas arranged on the right on which two men were seated. One was the plump and amicable President Guo, and the other was the famous entrepreneur Zhang Xiaofeng.

"Student Zhao Yulu, come over come over," President Guo amiably waved a hand at her, after which he said to Zhang Xiaofeng, "This much is enough, right Boss Zhang, this little girl is the most tender and nutritious among all the new students this period, although I was planning on raising her till she became fatter and more beautiful, waiting until the dragon boat festival to gift her to my beloved son as a whole female, this is fine, but it's slightly cheapened to you!"

Standing between the two men Zhao Yulu shyly listened to comments about her succulent meat, her soft white face blushing slightly, both her hands fidgeting nonstop from anxiety.

Zhang Xiaofeng, seated on the right, examined her whole body while listening to the school president praise her, sometimes extending his hand to inch Lulu's buttocks or rub her fatty breasts, agreeing in his heart that this little lady was truly tender. Originally he had decided to slaughter her tonight as a night meal, but seeing how tasty she looked, letting little Feng [his head chef Feng Tao, mentioned later on] use the secret recipe for seasoning and marination to guide her for a few months, waiting until his own birthday to steam her whole, her body of tender meat would definitely be delicious. As he was thinking, one hand already wandered into Zhao Yulu's pants, kneading her fat buttocks as he wished, sometimes even extending a finger into her tender pink anus, causing Zhao Yulu to feel both shame and excitement, almost to the point that she was unable to sit still. Furthermore, she had a habit of not wearing undergarments, added to her belief that she would turn into the delicious meat inside someone's soup tonight, she even neglected to wear panties. After a few rounds of Zhang Xiaofeng's teasing, between her two beautiful legs, the crotch of her school uniform pants unexpectedly grew wet. Seeing this, Xiaofeng let out a "Heheh!" laughing dryly, pulling out the hand that was kneading her buttocks, deciding to rub the place between her two tender labia petals, but Zhao Yulu unexpectedly pushed away his claws with her soft hands. Zhang Xiaofeng assessed the plump and tender little girl, not only was she fresh and juicy, she even had a little temper, a female with quite a personality, exactly the kind that he liked! Before eating her, he definitely had to thoroughly play with her and make her beautifully serve his little brother.

Perhaps because she was truly afraid, in her first meeting with Xiaofeng, Zhao Yulu did not say a single word from the beginning to end, her body of tender meat kept on trembling, her weak and boneless tender white hands were cold from the tension. Zhang Xiaofeng and the school president's discussion ended quickly, the president's secretary stepping in at this time to hand over all of Zhao Yulu's records and a filled up sales recipe to Zhang Xiaofeng, signifying that Zhao Yulu already entirely became Zhang Xiaofeng's property. Xiaofeng bore a heart of satisfaction while leading his prey: the delicacy Zhang Yulu, to leave the school.

In the near evening, a car passed through flower-filled alleys to Xiaofeng's residence, a well-built villa. A three-story high building neighboured an outdoor pool, where two tall beauties in bikini swimsuits lay on lounge chairs beside the swimming pool, enjoying the last rays of the sun for the day.

The car slowly came to a stop, and a slim, middle-aged man wearing a tailored suit opened the car door. This was Zhang Xiaofeng's butler Fang Cheng, whom everybody called Old Fang.

"Young master, you're back," the man spoke politely.

"Yep, oh Old Fang, what Boss Han said he would give me two days ago, those two giant Atlantic shells, are they here?" Xiaofeng asked, getting off the car.

"Yes, young master, they have been delivered. Before he left, Master Han repeatedly informed us that those two giant shells must be prepared and served immediately, so I already placed them in the Binhai aquarium! This person is…" While speaking, Old Fang saw Zhao Yulu alight from the car.

"Oh, she's the one little Guo lost to me last week, originally I wanted to slaughter and eat her immediately, but seeing that this child's meat was pretty tender, I decided to raise her for awhile!"

Zhao Yulu, who thought that she would become another's delicious-smelling food tonight, after hearing Zhang Xiaofeng say this, regained a little of her usual vigour, and followed behind Zhang Xiaofeng to enter the villa.

Within the villa were unusually grandious decorations, the central view of the large hall occupied by one of Qi Baishi's peerless famous paintings, flanked on both sides by staircases directly leading to the second floor corridors, all kinds of treasure was laid around, that although could not called magnificent, was enough to add lustre to the surroundings.

Xiaofeng spoke a few more words to Old Fang before moving off alone to another end of the hall. Old Fang walked over, politely addressing Zhao Yulu, "Please come with me," and led her up to the second floor.

"Little miss, the maids have readied the milk bath, please change your dressing, dinner will be at half past six, so do arrive at the dining room at that time to eat."

"But…" before letting Zhao Yulu reply, the butler directly left.

Zhao Yulu helplessly entered the bathroom, where a woman who wore a white blouse warmly received her, bringing her in front of a wooden tub filled with milk. Zhao Yulu thought, she often took milkbaths when she was young as well, her father had not gone bankrupt at the time, ah, if only he was beside her now, she would not feel so afraid, but come to think of it, this milk truly had a thick aroma.

"Little sis, how should I call you?" asked the woman.

"I'm Zhao Yulu, what about aunt?" While speaking, she took of her clothes, lifted her beautiful legs and walked into the bathtub, lying backwards inside.

"It's fine if you call me Aunt Liu, I'll call you Lulu!" The woman gently smiled, using one hand, she lifted one of Zhao Yulu's tender legs out from the bathtub and began to lightly scrub, causing Zhao Yulu to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Ah, aunt-! I'll do it myself-ah, it tickles!" Zhao Yulu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"It's best if you tolerate it, Lulu, this is the job given to me by Boss Zhang, to wash you clean without leaving any dead ends," Aunt Liu was truly dedicated, earnestly washing, even using bamboo picks to scrape the black stains clean off Lulu's toenails, after which she lifted out the other leg and continued with this sort of cleaning job. After that was the two slender thighs, cleaning up until Zhao Yulu's pelvis.

"Ah, Aunt Liu, this place really isn't fine!" It was already too late when she spoke, Aunt Liu's hands diligently rubbed at both of Zhao Yulu's plump labia lips, after kneading for three to four minutes, Zhao Yulu's face became reddish, biting at her lips, softly groaning. Aunt Liu raised her head and asked, "Lulu, are you still a virgin?" Zhao Yulu shyly nodded her head, after which Aunt Liu only then took away her hands which were on her lower lips. Zhao Yulu already felt as if she had experienced an electric shock, her entire body lying limp and weak in the bathtub, her large eyes half-lidded, as if she had begun to feel pleasant. But what would let Zhao Yulu feel even more panicked had yet to come, Aunt Liu's hands actually extended towards her pink little anus!

"Ah! Aunt Liu, hey! No way! ~You can't~" Zhao Yulu powerlessly struggled in the milk bath, but she was helpless against Aunt Liu's experienced hands, on one hand playing with Zhao Yulu's little clit, on the other her index finger gently slid into her puerile and tender anus, repeatedly scrubbing, circling, although Zhao Yulu did her best to protect her backside, but because her clitoris was being teased, the strength left her body, and she was left at her mercy.

Afterwards was her two fat and beautiful buttcheeks, her soft and tender belly, a pair of mouth-wateringly large breasts, then her hands, small arms, armpits, after which she gave her a professional face SPA massage.

During the massage, the two began to talk.

"Lulu, how old are you?"

"Just turned sixteen!"

"No wonder Boss Zhang is treating you so nicely, even giving you a milk bath, letting you be served a feast!"

"Why, Auntie?"

"Lulu ah, it's not that I'm praising you, but your flesh is really too tender, white and smooth, even this old woman is becoming greedy for food!" Aunt Liu began to gush, "Lulu, you know, not every woman who gets eaten by him will be treated like this, only great celebrities or those females Master Zhang thinks are really not bad will be able to enjoy milk baths! Let me tell you a secret~" Aunt Liu quietly moved closer, "Do you know which celebrity also once entered this bathroom?"

Zhao Yulu's big, curious eyes stared at Aunt Liu's face full of expressiveness, and she shook her head.

"Zhang Baizhi!" [Cecilia Cheung, a Hong Kong celebrity]

"Really!" Zhao Yulu was shocked, opening her sexy little mouth to say.

"As if I could lie to you, that was something that happened at the start of last year, when I first arrived here to work, one day a man and a woman in usually good shape was brought here, Boss Zhang wasn't in at the time, so Old Fang received them. Afterwards, Boss Zhang came back, only then did Old Fang have a chance to escape to tell us that Zhang Xiaofeng's friend, for celebrating his birthday, specially bought Zhang Baizhi's account and wrote it off to give to boss Zhang as a birthday gift. After that day, our jobs were to let her swim, suntan, take milk baths, and train her body in the day, and at night to shave her and give her enemas. It was close to half a month of that torture, but we all managed to get her autograph! After that…" Aunt Liu purposely paused for a moment.

"After that, Zhang Baizhi, what happened to her?" Zhao Yulu's focus was completely taken in, asking, as if she had already forgotten that she herself was in captivity as well.

"The day of boss Zhang's birthday, he personally steamed her whole in a lotus leaf. But that day, there were beautiful girls made into delicious food to fill up quite a few tables, so an older female celebrity could also not be considered the banquet's main dish, but I heard friends who went in say that the thorough steamed Zhang Baizhi was like a fairy maiden, she was arranged so her upper body lay flat, her legs were bent, knees closed and calves opened, in her mouth was a candle, with a steamed corn cob protruding from her private parts, her entire body giving off fragrance and mist, incredibly beautiful!"

Zhao Yulu sighed after hearing this, if even such a famous female celebrity could not escape becoming delicious food in other people's plates, she herself would definitely have to face the fate of being steamed and turned into food.

After a while more, Aunt Liu urged Zhao Yulu up, moving her to the board for meats at the side, Aunt Liu picked up a showerhead and washed Zhao Yulu's whole body once again, that was the end of her bathing task. Zhao Yulu simply toweled off her milk-scented body, wearing the bathrobe and slippers given to her, with a glance at her phone, ah! It was already six twenty-seven, she set off at run out of the bathroom.

"Lulu ah, downstairs to the right, the second room is the dining room!"

"Thank you, Aunt Liu!"


The dining room seemed even more grandiose, a five, six meter long silver dining table was arranged in the center of the hall, with even lit candlesticks placed atop, against the backdrop of soft light given off by the chandelier, it was clearly a candlelight dinner. On the wall behind the head seat, a female head with beautiful and refined looks was mounted on a wooden board, the beautiful woman's head was meticulously given make-up, her watery large eyes lifelessly stared into the distance, under her high nose, her bright red lips were slightly pouting, as though helplessly protesting her own tragic fate.

"Quite punctual, ah, Yulu, sit wherever!" Following a bell that rang throughout the hall, Zhang Xiaofeng also walked into the dining room, "Truly not bad, after the milk bath the feeling is even more white and tender, that's right, have you eaten a human feast before?" While speaking, he sat at the other side of the long table.

Zhao Yulu fearfully took a seat as well, "Eat~eaten, once or t-twice."

"That's fine, where did you eat, Lulu?"

"Um~actually it was something that happened a long time ago, the annual meeting of the company where my dad worked, every year they would buy three girls to slaughter and eat, perhaps three or four times in total…"

"Then, Lulu, do you like it?"

"Ah?" Zhao Yulu's chalk-white complexion blushed, "This~ah, um, it is quite nice to eat, only…"

Zhang Xiaofeng was amused enough that he began to laugh, "Only that they are meat of the same type as you, let me tell you, the meat of women is this world's most delicious food, and it even has the effect of regulating the spleen and stomach, bolstering the yin and fortifying the yang." [yin and yang as in the concepts from Chinese medicine; loosely meaning coldness and heatiness respectively]

Zhao Yulu seemed to understand, nodded her head, and said, "Then, let me guess, tonight's dinner is also related to female meat?"

"Smart!" Zhang Xiaofeng spoke, then gestured for the food to come, a number people like kitchen chefs and a row of maids pushed in food carts filled with large and small plates, walking in.

First to be served was a number of cold dishes serving as appetisers, minced meat salad, cut cucumbers, fried skin and the like, followed by meat dishes, steamed fish, crispy claws, braised belly, marinated slices, stewed women's face and the like. Finally, what was pushed in was naturally tonight's main dish, two maids strenuously shifted a giant dish plate from the food cart to the centre of the dining table, then opened the huge silver cover, a thick haze of steam mixed with the fragrance of meat wafted forwards, after the mist began to dissipate, Zhao Yulu finally beheld the truth of the matter: a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body had a serene expression on her face, facing the right as she slept in the plate, her head of beautiful hair wrapped up in insulated foil, eyes slightly opened, lifelessly gazing downwards, a smooth and glistening little nose like a pearl above alluring lips. Her slender neck was marred by a deep slice at its left, it seemed like a knife cut through her aorta, directly interfering with her healthy little heart, reaping her transient little life. Her pink and tender hands interlaced naturally in front of her belly, her slender right leg extended while her left leg curled up in front, fully exposing her beautiful fat buttocks, both her fatty and tender feet as though preserving the anxiety she felt before dying, tensed and straightened from nervousness, her ten delicious toes tightly bound together. Zhao Yulu could clearly see between her two bulging buttocks, a delicately steaming chrysanthemum oozing white mist, and that spot between her thighs, the concave slit of her lower lips tightly pressed together at her crotch, from which hot steam billowed out. Her pair of originally voluminous breasts, after having been baked, became even more fat and fleshy, and sleeping quietly between her chest and hands, her originally tender belly flesh, as a result of her pregnancy, swelled up till it turned transparent, its plumpness both cute and captivating. This pitiful beauty was already unable to wait for her baby to be born before she died, becoming the outstanding main course of Xiaofeng's dinner table.

When the fog dissipated, Zhao Yulu looked closely, this delicious pregnant woman's skin had entirely turned a soft red, a red-coloured sauce covered and dripped from her entire body, she had clearly been braised, sauce flowed over her body, surprisingly bringing forth a different kind of beauty. The surface of the tray was also covered with a layer of green vegetable leaves, red and green blended together, refreshing and eye-catching, stimulating one's appetite even more.

A chef from the side sharply walked to the side of the table, carefully took the pitiful young woman's thoroughly cooked left leg and bent it forwards, completely exposing her fat and tender labia, plucked clean of pubic hair, steam could be seen wafting within that concave slit, sparkling and glistening, even the vegetable leaves lining the bottom were overflowing with grease.

Zhao Yulu did not often witness this sort of situation, and became shy to the point that she felt like suffocating, panting through her nose, she was surprised to find that her body even shamefully reacted, and worked hard to suppress it, who would have thought that she actually felt moved by a woman's delicious body of meat, her own luscious vagina gradually swelled with blood, becoming wet. Zhang Xiaofeng took a pair of chopsticks and walked to the middle of the table, aiming at the young woman's slightly swollen buttocks, he gently poked, with a puff, the chopsticks instantly slid in, letting a stream of thick fatty oil flow out, it could be seen that this pitiful girl was already incredibly well-cooked, from the outside to the inside.

Seeing that their employer had already made the first move, two chefs worked together and turned the pregnant woman over to face upwards. Xiaofeng walked to Zhao Yulu's side, and tenderly petted her golden blonde short hair and stroked her delicate cheeks, "My baby, don't just stare dumbly, whatever part you want to eat, uncle will help you cut!" While speaking, Xiaofeng slyly slid his hand into her bathrobe's wide collar, indulging himself in grabbing handfuls of her left breast a few times, while comparing in his heart whether this girl would end up being more tender than the little darling on the plate, he definitely had to hold back for a few months, before he finally could have a feast.

Zhao Yulu's body, which had already reacted to the sight, upon being teased by Xiaofeng, her mouth inadvertently let out a moan, raising her head she gave Xiaofeng a pitiful look, softly whining, "No~not, not here, there are so many people, ah~um, don't be like this!"

Xiaofeng also knew that it was too early and stopped pestering her, speaking to the chefs who had stood at the side for a while, "Take out the baby in her stomach first then!"

A chef took out a shimmering silver table knife, piercing in between her twin labia which glistened with oil, pulling upwards in one stroke, in a moment, that female's beautiful vagina was cut in two halves. The blade continued to cut upwards, as if it was cutting silk, separating the braised red flesh into two. A burst of hot air escaped, fragrance wafting about, as the blade meticulously ran across the stomach which was as thin as paper, gently coaxing out six month old baby girl from within, and cutting apart the navel. The baby girl who was just as thoroughly cooked as her mother was put into a dry pot of toufu which was being heated up with a slow flame, while the woman's organs were also being taken out and put into a specially made box to be fed to the dogs, except for the pair of kidneys which were handed to the chef to cook again into kidney soup. After which the chef lifted the knife, once again making a cut until her throat before stopping. They then turned the young female over to face her hips up, following the line between her beautiful buttocks to cut up to her waist, then further cutting up to her nape. Like this, aside from the beautiful pregnant woman's head which was left in one piece, she was already evenly divided into two halves.

"That…" Zhao Yulu raised her head, confusedly looking at Zhao Xiaofeng, "Boss Zhang, I~I remember, pregnant women, isn't it something that cannot~be eaten?"

Zhang Xiaofeng gave a small smile, downing a mouthful of red wine before saying, "I won't keep anything from you, recently this me, after visiting Southeast Asia and returning, I realised that my body became somewhat weak, then my diet consultant gave me a checkup and found that my kidneys were weak and I was overworked, and told me that the fastest diet therapy was this," as he spoke, he pointed at the young woman's already separated two halves of fragrant meat and said, "You too, know that pregnant women and the tender mothers who have just given birth are famously potent vitality boosters, I've already continuously eaten two weeks of pregnant women!"

"But, I remember, aren't pregnant women protected by the law?" Zhao Yulu continued to ask.

"Aiya, Lulu, this kind of thing is quite flexible, on this world there are so many things floating on the edge of the law, let me tell you a truth, when the wife of the municipal party secretary of our city became pregnant, the mayor sent the secretary two high quality pregnant women a month, afterwards even after the baby was due, there were still two pregnant women who hadn't been slaughtered yet, and there was even one who gave birth to her baby because they didn't bother slaughtering her!" Saying so, Xiaofeng once again spoke with the chefs at the side, "Help Lulu cut a breast, then scoop out the vagina, for Lulu and I, half for each of us, ah, Lulu, it's reasonable to think that whatever you eat will benefit whatever, I don't know about these breasts, but the ovaries are incredibly nourishing for yin, in the future your job is to eat virgin ovaries every day, so that when that time comes…" Thinking about how he would be able to eat her after another half a year of nursing, Xiaofeng could not hold back his excitement and "Heheh!" evily laughed.

Hearing this, the chef immediately took a knife to carve out one enormous breast, slicing it into a few thinner pieces before delivering it in front of Zhao Yulu, then scooping out the young woman's ovaries, which had already been divided in two, separately offering it to the two persons. Zhao Yulu, at a loss, picked up a slice of fatty breast meat to put into her mouth, a rich flavour mixed with milky fragrance invaded Zhao Yulu's taste buds immediately, although she had eaten the tender flesh of so many girls before, this was the first time she had tasted a breast this delicious, just as she was shocked, the slice of meat in her mouth dissolved, and Zhao Yulu impatiently picked up yet another piece, this time with the young woman's little nipple, which had been cooked to a dark red colour, although the nipple was small, it was incredibly tasty, firm to the bite, extremely chewy.

Xiaofeng used his cutlery to delicately cut up the ovaries and fatty vaginal flesh, the delicate slit giving out the unique astringent fragrance of a mature woman, although it could not compare to the tenderness of a ten year old girl, but in terms of nourishment, this sort of beautiful pregnant woman's vagina could only be equaled by soup broth made from mature ladies who were thirty or forty years old.

Opposite, Zhao Yulu ate as though she was enthralled, but slightly embarrassedly said to the chef beside her, "That~could you help me cut a bit?"

"Which part would you like?"

"That~that one, the i-inside of the thigh, can I?"

"No problem!"

"Not bad, Lulu, if you like it, you'll be able to eat it often in the future," Zhao Xiaofeng said.

"This~boss Zhang, could you tell me when I would become like this?" Zhao Yulu weakly asked.

"What is it, Lulu, can't wait to turn into a delectable dish?" Xiaofeng playfully teased her.

"How can that be!" Zhao Yulu shamefully and quickly explained, "I'm just asking, how~long do I have left."

"Don't be so sad, what you still have is time," saying so, Xiaofeng cut off the tender woman's beautiful head, slicing a piece of tender flesh off her face to chew on.

After passing through a series of wind and clouds, the two were quite full, at this time a maid pushed in a porcelain pot half her height, lifting the lid, a wave of fragrance burst forth, it seemed that this was a pot of clear soup for warming the stomach and cleansing the pallet, upon looking closely, the pale, tender, small body of a girl about twelve or thirteen years old was sitting in the pot, the soup level just covering the girl's delicate little nose, her two beautiful eyes were wide open, dully gazing at the surface of the clear soup.

"Master, the head chef knows your preference for thick soup, but today's main dish was braised meat, so he changed it for a lighter soup, to help in digestion," a chef by the side ran over to Zhang Xiaofeng, respectfully speaking.

"No problem, whether it's thick soup or clear soup, so long as it is soup made by Feng Tao, there isn't any that won't taste good to drink, you too should learn more from him, wait until he becomes famous, at that time even if you want to find a master that good it won't be possible, do you hear me?!"

"I've heard you, master, I will definitely learn with a modest heart!"

Saying so, two servants then served Xiaofeng and Zhao Yulu each a bowl of fragrant clear soup, and following Xiaofeng's habit, cut off one of the little feet of the pitiful girl in the soup, placing it in Xiaofeng's bowl.

"Lulu, come and try, the soup made by our chef is definitely a must."

Zhao Yulu took a spoonful and gently placed it in her mouth, a burst of unusual taste flooded her mouth, "Incredibly fresh!" Zhao Yulu praised continuously.

"Freshness is guaranteed! This sort of soup is coaxed from girls even younger than you, how can it not be fresh? Wait till tomorrow, I'll let you try thick soup which tastes even fresher than this!"

Zhao Yulu truly liked the soup, continuously drinking two bowls, and under Xiaofeng's persevering persuasion, she also ate a bit of shoulder meat from the girl in the soup pot. On Xiaofeng's side, he ate a bit more fried kidney before he could not eat anymore. Xiaofeng came over and pulled Zhao Yulu's soft, boneless little hand to leave the dining room.
R: 1 / I: 0

Assorted Short-ish Stories

I've been having way too many ideas and writing basically nothing, and I feel like Word's formatting options are far too distracting. Too easy to fiddle with them for hours doing no work.

So yeah, this is just a place for me to actually start writing. Hopefully I'll get the first story up today.

As general themes, expect a lot of piss, scat, underage and of course, snuff.
R: 48 / I: 3

Short Capital Punishment Stories

Death Row Destiny

The years leading up to the passing of the Brooke-Strickland Act were filled with mass overpopulation, societal decay, and violent crime. In 2046, the year before the Act mandated the death sentence for even the smallest crime, the homicide rate in 7/10 major cities in the former United States was at record highs.

A little known add-on to the Act also extended the death penalty to minors. This would soon arouse extreme controversy when it would be utilized to hang a gang of street children accused of raping the daughter of a wealthy executive.

"Alright Merle, what do you have for us today?", Charlie yelled.
Charlie was the executioner that day. I was the photographer in charge of documenting this historic event. The first time anyone under the age of 18 had been put to death in almost a century.

"Just some street rats, Chuck!" the guard answered with a chuckle.
Charlie handed Merle a sheaf of paperwork. He turned to the prisoners, and winked. The kids didn't react, their senses having been dulled beforehand with a tranquilizer solution added to their last meal.

There were 5 of them.
Tom, age 13, a slender, almost feminine boy with long blonde hair tied into a pony tail.
Sara, age 16, a latina short stack with a glare permanently plastered on her face.
Luca, age 15, a string bean with curly brown hair and freckles.
Mika, age 12, the youngest in the group, tan skin contrasting with an explosion of pink hair cut short on her head.
Nate, age 17, sharp eyes and a buzzcut, biceps and legs toned from daily hard labor.
All were wearing the disposable jumpsuits given to death row inmates. They stood listlessly as Merle scribbled on the sheet of paper authorizing the transfer of the prisoners to the executioner.

"Alright, that's it then", Charlie said as Merle gave back the forms.
"Let's go, guys". He yanked on the chain, and the doomed children slowly shuffled forward to the execution chamber. The chamber was simply a large featureless room with a digital clock, and a series of drains embedded into the floor. Several HD cameras tracked the prisoners as they walked in. A specific request from the father of the raped girl, the execution would be streamed live to the world.

The prisoners stopped, their eyes wandering up to the gallows. Five nooses attached to a solid steel pipe attached to the ceiling. The trap doors each had an X painted on them, where the prisoners would stand. A standard long drop would snap their necks, ensuring a quick death.
Charlie prodded them forward, and they slowly ascended up the steps.
Each kid stepped in front of a noose, and Charlie began to slip a noose over each head, tightening them as he went.

The tranquilizer had begun to wear off by then, and the kids were slowly realizing that the rest of their lives were measured in minutes. Mika began to cry, and Luca started trembling. Sara just uttered a string of Spanish and English profanities as the noose around her neck was tightened, and Nate just bowed his head and whispered prayers. Tom desperately pleaded with Charlie, but the executioner had heard it all before.

"Alright, all done". Charlie turned to me and asked if I wanted to take one final set of portraits of the convicts. I nodded, and walked up the stairs. Each prisoner had a different expression as I took their photographs. Luca averted his eyes, Mika had finished crying and just faced the camera with a blank face, Tom had tears in his eyes but tried to present a brave face, Sara stuck her tongue out at me in one final act of childish rebellion, and Nate smiled sadly.

I finished, and walked back down the stairs to rejoin Charlie. He had taken a remote control from his pocket, and scrutinized the clock. "Five, four, three, two-"
all of the kids had closed their eyes tight by now "-one!"

Charlie pressed the button on the remote. The trap doors clattered open, sending five children to their demise. Five corpses twisted and swung, twitching spasmodically as their nervous system shut down.

Two guards walked in to assist in taking down the bodies. I photographed each corpse, marvelling at the grotesque contortions frozen on their faces. I asked Charlie what would happen to the bodies. "Well, no next of kin, so we usually just send them to the medical school next door for autopsy practice", he answered absentmindedly as he checked off the names on his list.
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Epidemic Stories (scat, vomit) (from old GC)

This is something I wrote before GC switched domains, and now I can't find it here. I still had my files, so I posted it on AO3 so there's a permanent link.

I'm also open for story commissions if anyone's interested. Email me (the address should show up in the heading; if not, I'll just reply with it) to talk about pricing and content. I'll write just about anything as long as it's not based on real people. Anyway, enjoy this story!
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Power Snack (FF/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Non-Consensual, Superhero)

Power Snack

One girl shares her love of boy balls with a friend.

FF/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism, Non-Consensual, Superhero

"My favorite food? That's an easy one.. Boy testicles, for sure." said the well endowed blonde, as a quick, easy grin flashed across her face.

The other three women sitting at the table just gawked at her, clearly taken aback at her rapid (and unexpected) answer.

"When you say.. boy testicles.." began the oldest of the group, who was a statuesque, raven haired woman dressed in a brief red and blue battle suit that had gold accents, an outfit which more closely resembled a bikini than anything actually suited for combat. "What.. what exactly do you mean?"

"You know.. their balls. Their nuts." The first woman replied simply, with a casual flick of her bobbed hair. "They're really tasty!"

"You can't be serious.." the other woman said, snorting slightly in disbelief.

"Of course I am, Diana.."

"Oh, come on, Karen.." Diana replied, frowning slightly. "If you're not going to take the question seriously, then why answer at all? It's a pretty poor joke.."

"Hey, who's joking?" Karen stated, with a frown of her own. "Jeez.. a girl gives an honest answer to a simple question.."

"Okay, whatever." Diana said, rolling her eyes. "What about you, Kara? What's your favorite food?"

"Uh.." hedged Kara, who looked like a slightly younger, slightly slimmer version of the first woman.

"..Ice cream?" she finally answered into the tense silence, a little bit hesitantly, as she looked back and forth between the two women frowning at each other.

"What a surprise.." Karen said sarcastically, as she rolled her own eyes, causing Kara to redden and sink into her seat a little. "You girls are so boring. I'm leaving."

"What? Where are you going?" Diana asked, surprised at the other woman's abrupt declaration.

"All this talk about food is making me hungry." replied Karen, who picked up and downed the last of her drink. "I'm going to go find something to eat."

"We've got food here.." said Kara.

"Yeah, but not my favorite." Karen replied, while sticking her tongue out at Diana. "See you all later."

With that, the first girl pushed her chair back, stood up, then rose up gracefully into the air.

"Umm.." Kara hummed, as she and the other two girls watched the first fly away.

"Well, whatever.." Diana grumped, as she shook her head dismissively. "Maybe we can have a normal conversation now. Boy testicles.. Sheesh!"

"..I'm going to go after her.." Kara stated, before she too rose up out of her chair and flew off, in the same direction that Karen had gone.

"..well, it was nice chatting with you too, Kara." Diana commented dryly, into the silence that the two girls' departure had created.

"What's up with them, anyway?" Diana finally asked, directing her gaze to the last girl, who had so far remained silent. "You don't suppose Karen was serious, do you?"

The fourth girl, whose green hued skin contrasted vividly against the pale skin tones of the rest of the group, sipped delicately at her own drink before answering.

"You know.." said the psychic girl thoughtfully, once she'd taken the straw from between her lips. "..I think she might have been."


"Yes.. Most surprising, isn't it?" the green girl mused, as she tapped her chin with one finger. "And a blushing Kara decided to follow her. Interesting."

"You.. you're all crazy." Diana stated, shaking her head skeptically. "I'm surrounded by aliens. Weird aliens, at that. What'd I do to deserve this, Megan?"

"Said the half goddess, who's also a princess of a long lost mythical island.." Megan answered, smiling faintly.

"Oh, hush."

"Karen.." Kara said, once she'd caught up the the other girl. "Karen, you WERE joking, weren't you?"

"No." Karen replied shortly, looking over her shoulder as she slowed her flight through the sky.

"But.. but.." Kara said, obviously nonplussed. "You can't just.. You can't go around actually EATING boy testicles.."

"..can you?" she finished, questioningly.

"Why not?" Karen said with a shrug, as she came to a stop in mid air.

"It's.. it's so.." Kara started, before trailing off and blushing again as she halted just below Karen.

The girl had been about to say "..wrong", but something had stopped her before she could finish her sentence. That something was the surge of buzzing excitement in her chest. The little buzz, which had begun tingling inside her the moment she'd heard Karen first state what her favorite food was, began swelling rapidly as Kara really started imagining the implications of what the other girl meant.

"..Have you really..?" Kara finally asked of her white, blue, and red clad buxom counterpart, biting her lip nervously as she looked up imploringly into the face of the girl who'd always seemed so much more self assured, confident, and mature (in nearly every way) than herself.

"Sure." Karen replied, smiling easily down into her double's conflicted eyes. "Pretty often, too. It isn't like there's a shortage of boys here in this dimension, after all."

"R-really?" Kara asked, her flush deepening as she squirmed a little in mid air at the thought. "..How? How do you.. ah.. actually do it?"

"Well, I can just show you, if you like." Karen stated, after giving Kara an evaluating, calculating look. "I was about to go find some boys anyway. I feel like having a snack."

"Wow.." Kara breathed, looking excited. "And you'll let me watch?"

"Sure, why not?" Karen replied, easily. "Heck, you can even try some for yourself, if you want. Let me find a nice little group of boys for us.."

"Eep! Me, too?!" Kara squeaked, bringing her hands up to her mouth in shock, even as Karen's eyes narrowed, as the other girl directed her gaze down toward the ground below both of them. "I.. I don't know if I could.."

Karen merely shrugged, as if the matter wasn't very important, as she continued to scan the city's edge and surrounding suburbs below them. Her perception was not at all diminished or hindered by the long distance or occassional obscuring cloud.

"There we go.." she finally said, after nearly a minute's worth of searching. "I've found us a likely bunch of boys off on their own, hiking along a stream in a green break between subdivisions.."

"Let's go meet them, shall we?" Karen said, as she tossed a smirking grin over at her counterpart, before she dropped out of the air. "Don't dawdle, they look tasty!"

"Hey, fellas." Karen said, as she floated slowly down toward the ground a few moments later. "What're you boys doing all the way out here? Exploring?"

As one, the little group of boys, all six of them, looked up in surprise at the sound of the voice above them.

"P-p-power G.." one, who looked oldest and was evidently the leader, managed to stutter out, upon seeing Karen floating there before them.

"Yep.." Karen stated, grinning smugly, as Kara descended down next to her.

"And.. and Su.. Supergi.."

"Mmhmm.. Her, too." Karen continued, struggling to suppress the snickers that seeing the boys' reaction to their sudden appearance was causing.

"W.. Wow!" the boys all exclaimed, nearly as one, their mouths falling open in shock and excitement.

"Ah, I never get tired of their expressions.." Karen commented, as she finally couldn't help herself and gave out a light laugh. "It's funny, every time!"

Kara, who had always found the stunned, nearly worshipful looks she got from normal people (and especially boys and young men) every time she met them while in costume more embarrassing than anything else, could only giggle nervously in response.

"What.. what are you doing here..?" asked the lead boy cautiously, as if even voicing the question might lead to the pair of floating, beautiful of girls disappearing back into the sky just as quickly as they'd appeared in the first place.

"Well, my companion and I are looking for something.." Karen said, as she floated closer to the boy and leaned down toward him. "And we were wondering if you and your friends could maybe help us out.."

The boy, whose eyes (despite his best efforts) were drawn like moths to a flame toward the keyhole cutout that dominated the center of Karen's very large and very shapely bosom, could only stammer in response.

"..h-help you..?" he repeated, faintly, as the bare, shapely, and rather generous cleavage that Karen was displaying for him held his full attention.

"Yes.." Karen said, as she floated even closer to the boy. "You boys are.. uniquely suited, I think, to help us."

"Whu.. whuut are..?" the boy stammered, as Karen, still floating, came to rest at a very intimate distance, only scarce inches, from him.

"What are we looking for?" Karen asked, as she reached out and raised the boy's chin with a fingertip, forcing his eyes to meet her own startlingly blue ones.

The boy, mesmerized, only nodded shallowly in response, as he gazed up at her.

"Oh, I think that we'll recognize it when we see it.." Karen stated, with a knowing smile. "Now, why don't you and your friends all line up for me, okay?"

As the boys all scrambled to comply, one, the youngest seeming, blurted out a question.

"Are.. are you two sisters?" he asked, as he looked back and forth between Karen and Kara, his awed tone tinged with curiosity.

"Something like that.." Karen said, smiling at him. "Now, if you boys are going to help us out, you'll need to do exactly what we say, got it?"

All the boys eagerly nodded, clearly exited, most unable to hide the way their eyes kept returning to Karen's chest, or to her long, strong, and bare legs, or to Kara's own lean, exposed thighs and calves, which were made all that much more attractive by the way they were barely hidden by her short, floaty red skirt.

"Good. Now.." Karen continued, even as Kara floated slowly closer as well. "..the first thing I would you like all to do is.."

"..pull down your pants." Karen finished, as she licked her lips, her eyes alight in anticipation.

"Wh.. what?" the oldest boy asked, surprised, as all the rest of the boys looked at each other, confused.

"You boys heard me.." Karen said, before repeating her order, as a predatory grin, one which showed a lot of her perfectly white teeth, spread slowly across her features. "Pull down your pants for me."

The boys continued to glance back and forth to each other, as well as the two floating girls before them, before one, the oldest and the leader, hesitantly complied.

"Your underwear, too, silly." Karen commented, rolling her eyes, after the boy had unbuttoned his pants and rolled them down to his knees. "And pull your shirt up out of the way, while you're at it."

The boy, eyes wide in disbelief, did as he was told, pulling his shirt up and tucking it underneath his chin. Then, after swallowing hard, he hooked his thumbs into his underwear and pushed them down to his knees, to join his pants.

"Yes.. Good boy.." Karen murmured, her eyes locked on his now exposed crotch, even as she floated down directly before him. "Now, hold still while I take a closer look at these.."

Karen took her dark blue gloves off and tucked them into her slim, simple, and stylish (but ultimately unnecessary) belt. Then, to the boy's surprise and shock, if the hitching, breathy gasp he took was any indication, she reached out and delicately grasped his manhood in her soft, smooth, warm hands.

"Mmm.." Karen hummed, obviously pleased, as she gently manipulated the boy's quickly stiffening male member and cupped and fondled his relaxed testicles. "Mmmhmm Mmm.. Yes, these are very nice indeed.. Come and take a look, Kara."

"Oh, my gosh.." Kara (who looked very nearly as shocked and disbelieving as the rest of the boys) said, as she floated down beside Karen. "I.. I can't believe that you're just doing it.. Just like this.."

"Why not?" Karen replied, grinning mischievously as she moved a little to one side, to allow Kara space beside her. "There's nothing to stop us, really.. Why don't you give him a little feel too, before I do it? So you know what you're looking for, if you decide to do this on your own, sometime.."

"O-okay.." Kara said, after a moment's hesitation and indecision, before she reached her own hands out to take the boy's manhood from Karen's loose grasp.

"Oh.. They're so warm.." Kara stated, as she wrapped her fingers around him, even as the boy gasped and whimpered at her touch. "I've.. I've never touched a boy like.. like this, before.."

"Well, there's a first time for everything, right?" Karen said, her grin widening as she watched her counterpart begin stroking and playing with the boy in front of them both. "Why don't you give him a little kiss and taste, too? Just for the heck of it."

"Oh, I don't know.." Kara replied, suddenly looking more than a little indecisive, even slightly panicky, at the thought.

"Oh, go on.. What's the harm?" Karen said, laughing lightly at the expression on her friend's face. "It's all just in good fun, right?"

"Umm.. well, I guess you're right.." Kara said, her panicked expression turning sheepish and a little embarrassed. "Why not?"

As the rest of the small group of boys looked on incredulously, Kara licked her lips, leaned in, and planted a soft, hesitant kiss on the tip of the oldest boy's penis. The boy in question gasped again, then shuddered and hunched over forward as the beautiful young super heroine parted her lips and enveloped almost his entire length with her mouth.

"There you go!" Karen said, giggling at the cross-eyed expression on boy's face as Kara began to suck and nibble lightly on his hot, turgid male flesh. "I knew you'd like it if you gave it a try!"

"Now, why don't the rest of you boys get your pants down for us, too. Hmm?" she continued, looking up from the sight of Kara beginning to fellate the first boy in earnest to gaze at the rest of the line of shocked boys. "I don't think your friend is going to be enough to satisfy us on his own, after all.."

The boys glanced at each other again, then hurried to comply. Silly, eager grins broke through the open mouthed, disbelieving expressions they all had been wearing, as they quickly pulled down their pants or shorts and underwear.

"Good." Karen said, eyes alight as she scanned the line up of exposed boys, her gaze fixed at the level of their bare groins. "Now, just wait patiently for a few moments. Kara and I will get to each of you, I promise."

The first boy cried out, gasping and shuddering in pleasure, as Kara slowly pulled back from him, dragging her teeth lightly along his length before she leaned back up and away from his waist.

"That.. that was kind of fun..!" Kara said, after taking a couple of deep, steadying breaths and licking her lips clean. "And he didn't taste half bad, either. I thought boys' things were supposed to taste pretty unpleasant?"

"Nah.." Karen answered, smiling. "If you get them at the right age: not too old, but not too young either, they actually taste pretty good!"

"Oh, I see.." Kara said musingly, as she slowly licked her lips again, her eyes glancing back and forth between Karen and the boy's rampantly erect manhood.

He was, from the look of him, on the cusp of orgasm due to Kara's earnest, curious little mouth and tongue.

"So, ready to do what we came here to do?" Karen asked, her tone growing eager, even a little impatient. "I'm still pretty hungry, after all."

"Sure." Kara agreed, after glancing along the line of waiting, exposed boys, then drifting off the the side slightly to allow the other girl room. "How do you do it? Is it hard?"

"No, not hard at all." Karen replied. "It's dead simple, in fact."

"Show me?" Kara asked. "Please?"

"Sure!" Karen answered, her mischievous grin back. "Watch and learn, girl!"

"Okay, first, you've got to hold his penis up and out of the way.." Karen instructed, as she took hold of the tip of the boy's stiff, saliva slicked cock with the fingers of one hand. "It's easier to do this if they're still hard and haven't come yet, so he's perfect right like he is."

The boy, who was obviously awaiting the last few strokes that would make his apparently impending orgasm a reality, groaned and shook at Karen's light touch.

"So, with one hand on his cock, pull his balls to the bottom of his sack and hold them there with the last three fingers of your other hand. Then, trap the top of his sack in between your index finger and thumb.." Karen continued, as she wrapped her right hand around the boy's ball sack, isolated and held firm his testicles in her palm, and then curled her index finger around the top of his scrotum.

"Then, just use the pad of your thumb to pinch them off!" Karen finished. "Easy as pie!"

"Whu.. Wait, what..?" asked the oldest boy, whose manhood was in the hands and at the mercy of a girl whose grip could bend and tear plate steel, as he suddenly (and belatedly) realized, through the fog of his arousal, just what might be about to happen to him.

His realization came too late, however, as Karen, with scarcely any effort at all, pressed her thumb and index finger together. The boy's thin, tender, sensitive flesh was no match for her enhanced alien strength. The skin of his scrotum and the cords of tissue and vessels that connected his testicles to the rest of his body were compressed and crushed in an instant between her fingers.

"Gah!" the boy gasped out, as he was casually emasculated by the girl before him.

His scrotum and testicles, now completely severed, remained in Karen's firm grip, even as she pulled her hand away from his now half empty crotch.

"Agh.. Ahh!"

"Now, just give the little wound a quick, low powered zap with your heat vision.." Karen said, as her eyes glowed and a line of light briefly flickered between them and the spot where the boy's testicles had been attached only half a moment before. "To cauterize it and seal everything up nice and clean."

A small sizzling noise and a thin wisp of smokey steam curled up from the boy's reduced crotch.


"And, you're done!" Karen declared, finally releasing her grip on the boy's penis, which in turn allowed him to fall limply to the ground, even as she held up his now detached ball sack for Kara to see.

"Oh.. my.. gosh.." Kara breathed, as she gazed down raptly on the sad little lump of flesh that had been the boy's masculinity.

"Here, hold this set while I do another.." Karen said, as she pushed the bit of boy meat into Kara's empty hands. "You can do some of them too, if you want to try it out."

Kara squeaked and fumbled with the balls that Karen thrust into her hands, and would have dropped them if not for her superior reflexes and speed.

"Wow.." she sighed, once she'd calmed down a bit, as she gazed, enraptured, down at the severed, plump scrotum she held in her hands. "They're so.. soft.."

"And to think, these were attached to a boy only a few seconds ago.." Kara mused aloud, as she squeezed and poked curiously at the fleshy male orbs hidden from view by their layer of thin, protective skin.

"Yup." Karen said, as she nonchalantly dropped another set of boy balls into her friend's open hands. "Here's some more.."

"Oh!" Kara blurted out, surprised, before she looked up. "You.. you already did another one..?"

"Yeah." the other girl replied, grinning. "I told you it was quick and easy, didn't I?"

Indeed, there was another boy, the one who had been second in line, that was now laying on the ground just like the first, whimpering and groaning, clutching at his groin.

Grabbing for where his poor little balls, which were now resting lightly in Kara's hand, had been, only a moment before.

The excitement Kara had been feeling building up inside of her chest peaked, and she closed her eyes and shivered as a little thrill of pleasure shot up and down her spine, throughout her still floating body.

"So, do you want to try it out, yourself?" Karen asked, with a knowing little smirk, once Kara opened her eyes again.

"..Yes." Kara stated, after the breath that had caught in her chest finally released. "Yes, I do."

"Well, go ahead, then.." Karen said, a light laugh bubbling out of her at the intense and eager look that swiftly settled on her usually shy counterpart's features. "I'll take those back, then. You're going to need both hands free!"

Kara barely noticed Karen plucking the two already severed scrotums out of her hands. Her eyes and attention were locked on the next boy in line.

He, along with the remaining boys, all wore identical expressions. Where before they had sported goofy, eager grins, now their mouths were hanging open in shock. Their eyes, which had been hopeful and disbelieving of their stroke of good fortune, were now wide in horror, and filled with a completely different type of disbelief: the desperate kind.

Their eyes begged for this to all be a joke or trick, for the beautiful girls who had gracefully floated down from the sky like angles to not have casually ripped their two friends' manhoods away, and for the two girls to not appear quite intent on doing the same to the rest of them.

As Kara bent low and took the next boy's still erect cock and soft balls in hand, ignoring his panicked, nearly silent pleading, the nerves of the last boy in the line, who also looked the youngest, apparently broke.

"Ah, ah, ahhh!" Karen tsked, as she focused her suddenly laser-intense attention solely on the trembling and panicking boy, as he tried to slowly back away. "Not so fast, buddy."

The floating girl slid sideways through the air, as if in orbit around the little group, to come to rest directly in front of the whimpering boy. Face to face, her amused blue eyes stared right into his fearful ones.

"Now, where do you think that YOU'RE going?" she asked, her tone mild, even as her expression turned playful. "We're not done with you just yet.. So, why don't you stay right where you are, hmmm?"

Karen floated closer to him as she spoke, her aura of power, assurance, and confidence easily cowing the scared boy back into place at the end of the line.

"There we go.." Karen stated happily, after the boy edged back into his original position. "Don't you worry one little bit. We're not taking anything you actually need, after all.."

"Oh, you might miss them for a bit.." she continued, with a light, unconcerned laugh after several of the boys made disbelieving noises of protest. "But, really, you won't even notice they're gone after awhile."

"It's not like they're important, or anything."

The shivering boy, after looking her in the face one last time, refused to meet her eyes.

Kara was oblivious to this little drama, even as it unfolded mere feet from her. Her attention was fixed solely on the pair of testicles she holding in her hand.

"Okay.." she said to herself, with a little gulp of excited apprehension. "I can do this.."

"P.. P.. p-p.." stammered the boy, who was trembling violently, as he gazed down at the gorgeous girl who literally had his entire future as a man cradled in her fingers. "P-please.."

"Oh.." Kara said, as she glanced up to the boy's face, before reaching out her other hand to pat his cheek reassuringly. "Oh, I'm sorry.. But I really need to do this.."

"I've never been this excited about something, before." she said, before closing her eyes briefly and shivering again, in apparent anticipation. "And I'm kinda hungry, you see."

Then, without opening her eyes, she pinched her thumb and first finger together.

"W-wow.." Kara breathed, as another, stronger shiver ran up her body, as she floated back away from the boy she had just so easily castrated, even as he collapsed onto the ground with a plaintive little cry.

Her eyes opened and focused on the boy's balls, still grasped tightly in her hand. They were warm. They still felt alive, even. And would still, if only for a short time more.

Most importantly, though, was that they were hers now. Hers alone.

"Fun, huh?" Karen prompted, causing Kara to look up, breaking the little spell she had been under.

"Y-yeah.." she breathed, her chest light with a kind of happiness she'd never experienced before. "..It was.. Amazing!"

"If you think that was fun, just wait 'till you actually taste them!" Karen replied, with a wicked little grin. "They're soo good.. All the rest of you girls have no idea what you've been missing."

"Why don't you go ahead and do the rest of them, too?" she suggested, a moment later. "It's pretty fun watching you, actually. I should have dragged you along on one of these ages ago."

"You.. You don't mind?" Kara asked, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of taking the testicles of the three remaining boys.

"Nah, go for it, girl!" Karen encouraged. "Just don't forget to use your heat vision to cauterize them afterword."

"Thanks!" Kara replied happily, as she turned back to the little line up of boys.

The next boy in line watched, wide eyed and trembling, as Kara pulled apart the knees of the boy she'd just castrated and, after moving aside his clutching hands, gave his now reduced crotch a quick zap with her eye beams. The next boy's trembling increased, and he gave out a little whimper of fright, as Kara then turned her attentions to him.

The fact that his friend's severed testicles, which were still held in the super-powered alien beauty's palm, were pressed up against his own still (for now) connected pair as she took him in her hand didn't make what was happening any easier to bear.

Kara worked her way down the dwindling line of boys, her heart fluttering happily in her chest as she did, her excitement reaching a peak each time she pinched another set of balls off from their former owners. She very easily ignored the frantic pleading and begging of the boys, her attentions focused almost soley on the only part of them she had any real interest in.

Just as she was about to take the balls of the last boy in line, the youngest, she hesitated for a moment, seeming to be lost in thought.

"Karen.." she finally asked, as she glanced back over her shoulder toward the other girl. "What about their.. their penises?"

"What about them?" Karen replied, with one pale eyebrow cocked up questioningly.

"Are they any good to.." Kara began to say, before swallowing hesitantly. " eat, too? Like their balls..?"

"Why do you ask?" Karen replied, curiously.

"Well, I just noticed that this boy's is the largest, which made me wonder if it might taste as good as you said his balls will." Kara said, as she absently flicked the tip of the boy's erect cock with her fingertip. "It'd be a lot of extra meat. Boy's balls aren't real big, after all.."

Indeed, the youngest boy's penis was, out of the entire line up of boys, easily (and ironically) the largest.

"Hmm.." Karen replied, her tone turning musing.

"Well, I'm not much of a fan of them.." she stated slowly, before continuing on. "..but that doesn't mean that you won't like them. Why don't you take his dick off too, just to see?"

"Okay!" Kara agreed, enthusiastically, to the evident horror of the boy before her. "Do I do it just like his balls? Pinch it off?"

"No, you'll need to use your heat vision to cut it off." Karen instructed. "Otherwise it'll drain out and go flaccid pretty quick, not to mention that he'll bleed all over the place and make a mess."

"W-wait, please.." the boy whimpered, his already pale face blanching white, and his trembling suddenly increasing by an order of magnitude. "Not.. not my..!"

"Sorry, kiddo.." Kara replied, a little guiltily, after a brief glance at his terrified, pleading face, even as she firmed her grip on his manhood. "..but I'm way too curious to pass this up. You understand, don't you?"

"Gah!" the boy cried out, before he could utter another protest, as Kara pulled his balls out from his body, then quickly pinched them off.

He yelped in pain, as Kara directed a brief flash of heat vision at the spot his testicles had been attached. Then, he howled in shocked agony as the beam, far brighter and more intense this time, was redirected by the gorgeous alien girl. She made it pass directly across the base of the large cock he was so proud of, both slicing it off and sealing up both sides of the cut at the same time.

His cock, still plump and erect, and his balls, soft and loose in their sack, both came free from his crotch. His manhood, all of it, was now held in Kara's hands.

"Great!" Karen said, once the final boy had collapsed back onto the grass, clutching at his empty and mutilated groin. "Now we can leave. These guys don't have anything else we want, after all, and their whining will just be distracting when we eat. Let's go!"

The slimmer girl's eyes were fixed firmly on her full hands as she nodded absently in agreement. The four sets of boy testicles and rather large penis were then clutched possessively to her chest as she made to follow Karen, as the other girl flew up and away.

She did look back, one last time, as the line of curled up, crying boys began to fade into the distance behind them. Her enhanced senses meant that she could still hear every groan and sob, and see every twitch and shiver, as they clutched uselessly where their balls or, in one case, their entire manhoods had been. Before she and her companion had shown up and taken them, that is.

The excitement that had been filling her chest began to sour, and guilt began to churn in her stomach in its place.

"What's wrong with you?" Karen asked, as the two girls came to a halt several thousand feet up, puffy white wisps of cloud swirling around and past them.

"I.. I feel a little bad for those boys, now.." Kara said, as she bit her lip worriedly. "I mean, it was fun while it lasted, but.. I dunno.."

"It seems kinda mean, now, looking back at it." the girl said, uncertainly, as she looked down at the cooling boy flesh grasped between her two hands. "We hurt those boys, and I feel guilty about it.."

"Oh, Kara.." Karen sighed, as she drifted over to the conflicted girl and laid a hand (the one empty of boy's balls) across her cheek comfortingly. "You're being absolutely silly. You don't have a thing to feel guilty about."

"..Really?" Kara asked, hopefully, as she met her counterpart's bright blue eyes with her own identical ones.

"Really." Karen confirmed, with a firm nod of her head. "How many times have you saved this city.. even this entire world, from certain doom? Heck, how many times have you done so just in this past month alone?!"

"Uh.. a couple?" Kara replied, confused. "So?"

"So? So?!" Karen responded, laughing. "So, how much did you get paid for it? How much compensation did the world offer you when you punched that giant asteroid off course last weekend? You know, the one that would have made ninety percent of the Earth's population, human and animal alike, extinct?"

"Noth.. Nothing." Kara said.

"Exactly. How about when our silly cousin got himself trapped in the Phantom Zone, and you had to beat the villian that did it do him all by yourself while I was out in space?" Karen continued. "You saved both Clark AND the entire world from that guy's evil plan, and got nothing but a thank you and a brief pat on the back for your trouble."

"And speaking of Clark, what about last month, when he was forcibly switched with his evil counterpart from another dimension.. Again!" Kara said. "The only thing that stood between our cousin's jerky alternate twin's plans for world domination was you and me! And after we both punched him so hard in the balls that not only were his nuts rattling around inside his empty skull, but it actually knocked him back into his own dimension and yanked Clark back into ours, what did we get?"

"Nothing?" Kara supplied.

"Nothing." Karen echoed, with an eye roll of exasperation.

"Those boys we just took these from.." she continued, as she waved the two sets of balls clutched in her free hand in front of Kara's face. "..not to mention their families, friends, and everyone else they know, would have been dead or enslaved a dozen times over if not for us."

"So, I don't think a half dozen sets of balls is too much to ask after all that, do you?" Karen finished, her voice firm. "We save millions of people, and only take a few boy balls here and there in exchange.. That seems like a pretty good deal for pretty much everyone involved, to me."

"Jeez.." Kara said, as she looked back and forth between her counterpart and the bits of boy meat in her hands. "..when you put it that way, I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right, silly." Karen said, as she rolled her eyes and stroked the other girl on the cheek, before she curled her hand into a fist and punched Kara goodnaturedly on the shoulder.

Kara's guilt evaporated, and she giggled happily once again as her mood lightened.

"So, now what?" she asked, as she held up the boy bits in her hands. "Do you eat them raw..? Or cook them, or what?"

"Hmm.." Karen mused, as she floated next to Kara. "Well, I've had them raw before, and they're not bad that way.. but I prefer them cooked a bit first, to be perfectly honest."

"Oh.." Kara said, nodding. "How do you cook them, then? On a barbecue, or in an oven?"

"Girl.." Karen replied, with a roll of her eyes. " you have heat vision, or not?!"

"Oh.. Ohh!" Kara blurted, blinking in realization. "I guess that I do, ha!"

"Now, you're going to want to cook them a bit slowly.." Karen said, as she presented the two sets of testicles she'd pinched from the boys so far below up in one cupped hand. "..if you go too fast, they might pop when the juices start to boil."

With that, she frowned prettily at her hand, causing a faint beam of light to flicker into being, each emanating from one of her pupils. The beams played back and forth over the balls in her hand, in time with the slight movements of her eyes, and quickly began heating the severed boy meat up.

"You'll probably want to hold the cut end of your cock shut.." Karen instructed, as Kara made to copy her actions. "Otherwise all the fluids will bubble out, and the meat will dry out too much."

"Okay." Kara said, as her own heat beams blossomed out of her eyes, directly onto the bits of severed manhood held in her hands. "Thanks for the tip!"

Both girls stayed that way for several minutes, eyes and powers focused completely on the task of making sure that their stolen bits of boy meat cooked up perfectly. Soon, the sounds of sizzling flesh could be heard in addition to sound of the cool winds blowing past them.

"Hmm.. Karen mused, as she shut off her eye beams and bent down to sniff at the fried gonads in her hand. "I think these are just about perfect now!"

Kara ceased her efforts as well, then glanced over at her counterpart's cupped hand. She saw that the two sets of testicles, which had still been attached to the boy they came from mere minutes before, were now much darker, slick with bubbling juices, the steam of which was whipped away by the cold air around them.

"Wow.." Kara breathed, entranced at the sight. "Are mine done, too?"

"Not yet." Karen commented, after a quick glance into the other girl's hands. "Give it another minute or two. You're cooking up more than twice as much meat as I am, after all."


Karen watched her friend light her heat vision up once more and resume her efforts, even as she herself used her free hand to pop a freshly cooked testicle out of the fried scrotum containing it.

"Mmmm…" she moaned, as she flicked the little orb of succulent boy flesh up into the air and caught it in her mouth. "Gosh, I love these things soo much."

"Hey, no fair!" Kara protested, even as she kept her laser gaze on her own full hands. "Don't start without me!"

"Ha, sorry girl." Karen said, while not actually sounding very sorry at all. "But I'm hungry right now!"

Then she chewed up the testicle in her mouth, moaning appreciatively as the ball of boy meat burst between her teeth and squirted hot, delicious juices across her tongue.

"Now are they done, now?!" Kara demanded, a few moments later, just as Karen swallowed down her first mouthful of male flesh.

"Yup, looks like it. Or, close enough, anyway."

"Awesome!" Kara exclaimed. "I'm so excited! I can't wait to see how good they taste!"

"Good enough to be my favorite." Karen replied, even as she popped the second testicle out from within its scrotum.

She let the now empty flap of crisped skin drop, discarding it casually, even as she slid the testicle in between her pursed, sucking lips.

"You don't eat the.. the wrappers they come in?" Kara asked, even as she gently squeezed one of her own stolen scrotums, making both of its cooked contents plop out into her hand.

"Nah.." Karen replied, between chews. "They're not bad, but I'm really only interested in the balls."

"Well, here goes then.." Kara said, even as she let her own now vacant scrotum fall away into the empty sky below her, before raising both testicles to her lips. "They smell.. really good!"

"Hmmmm mmm.." she groaned, as she pushed both meaty little orbs into her mouth, sucking eagerly on them, savoring their full, rich flavor.

"Oh.." Chew "My.." Chew "..God!" Chew chew chew

"These are amazing!" she finished, as she finally swallowed. "Just fantastic! I can't believe I never knew about these before now! How long have you been doing this for?"

"Ever since I arrived in this dimension." Karen said, with a little shrug, even as she squeezed free her last two testicles. "I'd always wanted to try it out, but never did back home. I figured, since this isn't actually my original dimension, that it couldn't hurt to see what it was like just once.. Then, when I realized how good they taste, I got hooked!"

"Oh, I can totally see why you did." Kara commented, voice muffled slightly, as she stuffed another pair of balls into her mouth and began chewing.

Both girls floated there in the sky for a few minutes, eating contentedly, sharing equally happy smiles with each other.

"Hey, gimme one of yours." Karen asked/commanded, after she swallowed down her last well masticated testicle and licks her lips and fingers clean. "You've got twice the number of balls I do, plus you still have your cock to try."

"Sure!" Kara replied, not at all put out by the request. "You're the one who found the boys, after all."

She tossed one of her untouched, full scrotums through the air, which the other girl easily caught.

"Thanks." Karen said, with a smile at her friend, before she sucked both balls right out of the little pouch of cooked skin.

"Hmm mmm.. Mmmm..!" Kara moaned, as she gobbled down her last pair of gonads. "Wow.. those were great! I wonder how good the penis will taste..?"

"Well, try it and see.." Karen said, with a shrug.

"Hmm.." Kara mused, as she ran the tip of the cooked cock beneath her nose. "Smells good, a little different than the balls did, but still good.."

She took a curious, tentative lick, running her tongue over the head, collecting the beaded meat juices that had bubbled out as it cooked. Then, with an approving humm, she slipped the head into her mouth entirely, then sucked on it for a moment, before nipping it free.

"Well?" Karen prompted, as she watched her counterpart chew up and swallow her first bite, then take a second. "How do you like it?"

"Hmm.." Kara hummed again, as she frowned down at the length of shaft still held in her fingers.

"The tip was pretty good.." she said, after she swallowed. "..but the shaft.. hmm.. I'm not so sure about.."

"Yeah, it's pretty chewy, isn't it?" Kara said, nodding.

"REALLY chewy.." Kara said, after she took a second, smaller bite of shaft meat, then pulled a face.

Considering that both girls could literally bite through iron, or catch bullets with their teeth, their distain was somewhat ironic.

"Blech.. Nope." Kara said, as she grimaced and let the little bit of half chewed boy meat fall out of her mouth. "Don't think I'll try another one of these. Still, at least the tip was tasty enough."

With a casual, dismissive motion, Kara dropped the half eaten penis, allowing it to fall to the ground far below.

"I'd rather just have another testicles or two, though." Karen commented, as she watched Kara lick her fingers clean.

"Yeah, I think you're right.." Kara said. "Gosh, but those balls sure were good, weren't they?"

"Oh, yeah." Karen agreed. "That's why I love 'em so much. They taste great, and they always leave me full of.. energy, afterward. You know what I mean?"

"Hey, you're right.." Kara mused as she looked down at herself, then stretched out in mid air, her long, slim limbs pointing prettily in opposite directions. "Wow, I feel almost.. tingly!"

The super powered girl ran her hands over her body, as if gauging herself, then bit her lip.

"Yeah.. tingly.." Karen murmured, as she drifted a little closer to her beautiful counterpart. "Hey, have you ever thought about.."

"..about what?" Kara asked, looking up, right into the eyes of her friend.

"..about this." Karen whispered, before she pressed up against Kara and brushed her lips against the other girl's own.

"Karen!" Kara squeaked, her large, blue eyes wide with surprise, shock, but not, Karen noted, dismay.

"Eating boy balls always leaves me in a bit of a state.." Karen breathed, face to face with her nearly identical counterpart, her own eyes hopeful. "Do you think we could.. could work some of that energy off? Together?"

"I.. I.." Kara stammered, unable to look away from the eager, earnest expression on Karen's features.

"I.. think that.. I'd like that." she finally whispered, before leaning forward and pressing her lips into the other girl's, kissing her fully and enthusiastically.

They made love there, high up in the sky, floating like angels in the clouds. Made love for the first time, both with each other, and with another person at all, with the delicious aftertaste of boy meat in their mouths and fire of stolen sexualities lighting up and spurring on their passions.

"We've.. got to do this again sometime..!" Kara gasped, as Karen used her lips, tongue and teeth to nibble and lick her way down the girl's toned belly.

"Well, dinner time is only in another few hours.." Karen said, as she pulled down her counterpart's skirt and traced her tongue along the line where her hip and leg joined together. "..I think we'll be ready for a recharge by then!"

Kara's only response was a breathy sigh, as Karen found her center and attacked it with her mouth.

They were definitely, definitely going to be doing this again.


Author's note:

This one has been sitting mostly finished on my hard drive for months now. I'm glad I finally got it wrapped up and posted. It was inspired by a rather lovely image of Power Girl by Warren Louw that I came across on Deviantart, which I think may have been a comic cover or something at one point (I don't really follow comics). Link: hxxps://

Usually I don't like to write about already established characters, but the image of Power Girl was so good that the story just popped into my head and wouldn't go away. It helps that I've got a bit of a thing for strong, confident women, and blondes. The fact that she is (depending on the origin story) an alternate universe twin of super girl is just a wonderful bonus. All the benefits of identical twin lesbian sex, without any of the weirdness of actual incest, ha ha. I just couldn't pass it up. I hope you like it.
R: 0 / I: 0

CBT Shorts 4 (F/m, CBT, Castration, Penectomy, Cannibalism)

CBT Shorts 4

Four short stories, Central Heating, How Long..?, Elven Traditions, and Regret, all sharing the theme of casual male genital abuse, destruction, and occasional consumption. Sometimes consensual, and sometimes not, with a healthy helping of orgasm control and denial.

1 - Central Heating, or Punishing a Panty Thief

"Auntie caught you masturbating AGAIN, didn't she?" the girl asked, as she stared down at the nude, bound form of the boy sitting on the floor before her.

Her question was rhetorical (more of an observation really) because the boy was also gagged rather thoroughly. A wadded up piece of fabric was stuffed into his mouth, held firmly in place by several tightly knotted lengths of plain white cord.

"Mmph.." was all he managed through his gag, as he tried in vain to respond.

"Tsk, tsk.." the girl tutted, as she shook her head in mock chastisement. Her amusement at his condition leaked plainly past the air of disappointment she was trying to project. "That's what.. the fourth time just since I've come to visit? Or is it the fifth..? It seems like you just won't learn, will you, dear cousin?"

"Mmph." came another muted response, though this time the boy seemed a bit sheepish if the way he ducked his head and wouldn't look her in the eye was any indication.

"That's probably why auntie decided to put you where you are.." the girl mused. "Perhaps she's hoping the extra pain will drive the lesson home this time, hmm..?

The girl giggled briefly as she watched the boy wiggle slightly where he sat, and where he sat was almost directly on top of one of grates which allowed hot air to rise up from the central heating system that ran under the floors of her aunt's house.

The girl had awoken a mere few minutes ago, in the early morning as was usual for her, snugly and warm in her comfortable bed. After rising and then taking a few moments to order her sleep tousled hair somewhat, she had glided from her room, still clad in only her brief sleeping garments, in search of breakfast. Her light, barefoot steps down the hardwood hallways were accompanied by the breezy feel of the air of the house moving around and past her gossamer shift and bare skin. The central heating kept the floors warm, so her feet and toes were quite comfortable, but the air was a delicious mixture of hot and cold, as the heating system battled valiantly to keep the chill of snowy midwinter away from the occupants of the house. Passing through the alternating temperature extremes was quite invigorating, especially after just waking up, and gave her slight, pleasant shivers and prickly gooseflesh as she made her way through the large house.

Her progress had been halted when she came upon her cousin, however, and the sight of him had driven the thought of breakfast completely out of her mind. The boy had been bound so he couldn't move or even fidget, then placed, with his legs spread wide, at the corner edge of one of the heating grates. This left his bare penis and testicles laying directly upon the sturdy metal mesh of the grate, where his sensitive male organs would experience the hot air rising up from the heating system.

Normally, this wouldn't pose any issues for the boy or his manhood, but the past few days had been particularly cold ones, and the heating system had been turned up to nearly its highest setting to compensate. The rather hot air rising up through the grate and past his vulnerable cock and balls wasn't QUITE hot enough to cook them in place, but only just, and the experience of being left at the forefront of the battle between energy and entropy was clearly taking its toll on the boy. He squirmed in place, whimpering occasionally, as he looked up at his pretty cousin standing before him.

The girl's delicate little toes were hot and toasty, almost uncomfortably so, as she stood on the same grate his manhood was laying upon, and she'd only been on it for a minute or two. She didn't know how long her cousin's cock and balls had been subjected to the heat, but wouldn't have been surprised if it had been nearly the entire night, which caused her to giggle again.

"Auntie must have been very miffed at you, to leave you like this.." she mused, as she used the soft toes of one of her feet to poke curiously at the tip of his cock, which was, against all reason and despite its predicament, quite firmly erect. "Usually she just gives you a few wacks on your boy parts when she catches you, then sends you out to shovel snow.. So, what did you do this time to annoy her so much?"

"Did she find something on your computer that you shouldn't have? Certain types of pictures, perhaps?" the girl asked, her voice taking on a playful, teasing tone as the boy blushed and shook his head in denial. "Or maybe you had a naughty magazine?"

"Or maybe.. it was something else entirely?" the girl asked, as she narrowed her eyes.

She had taken note of the bit of fabric that had been stuffed into the boy's mouth, silencing him. Whatever it was made of was thin, sheer, and ivory white.

"Are those.. PANTIES in your mouth?" the girl asked, her voice taking on a tone of scandalized delight. "Panties? Really? Did auntie catch you with a pair of stolen panties?!"

The boy shook his head again, desperately, but the blush on his cheeks only deepened, confirming his guilt.

"No wonder she she was so angry.." the girl commented, mostly to herself. "To think, you stole some poor girl's panties from her.. used no doubt. You really ARE a naughty, perverted boy, aren't you..?"

"Hey, wait a minute.." the girl continued, as her eyes narrowed even further as she regarded her bound, nude cousin more closely. "..are those MY panties?!"

"Unmph ummph!" the boy tried to deny, quite fervently, but there was no masking the magnitude of his crime once discovered.

"You.. you..!" the girl stammered, as the delight left her voice entirely, leaving only scandalized outrage as words nearly failed her. "You.. little.. creep!"

"How did you even.. I haven't put any of my laundry out for washing yet! How did you even get them..?!" she exclaimed. "..Unless.. unless you went into my room! My private room that your aunt specifically said YOU weren't allowed into!"

"You.. you double creep!" she cried, as her shapely bosom swelled up with indignation. "Sneaking into my room and stealing my panties! You deserve everything you're getting, I say. How long did it take you to work up to courage to do it, I wonder? How long have you been coveting my panties?!"

Even bound and nearly helpless as he was; caught, punished, and embarrassed, the boy couldn't seem to help raking his gaze over the girl's barely covered form at hearing her rather loaded question. His eyes traveled from her pretty, heart shaped face down across her chest and slim torso, slid over the curve of her hips, then continued on down her long, smooth legs, before snapping back upward once again. His eyes locked on the hem of her slip, beneath and behind which was the ivory white fabric of the panties she was wearing, which he could, from his position sitting at her feet, catch brief glimpses of whenever she moved slightly.

"Gah..!" the girl cried out, clearly disgusted at being so thoroughly ogled by her cousin, as she fought the urge to tug the bottom of her shift lower to try to hide herself from him.

This feeling, more than anything, was what decided his fate. The feeling that she should have to hide herself away, rather than that he should try to control where his lecherous gazed roamed, transformed her disgusted outrage in anger.

Specifically, anger at him.

"So.. that's how it is, hmm..?" the girl stated, her voice growing somehow both hotter and colder at the same time. "Your lovely and loving cousin, who came for a visit with both you and her aunt over the winter holiday, is just a means to an end for you, am I? Just a pretty, panty wearing girl's body for you to stare at and steal from?"

The boy shook his head, trying to deny her words. It would have been a bit more convincing to her if he'd managed to take his eyes off her crotch for even a moment as he did so, however.

"Well, then.." the girl said, as if his latest action was the final straw. "If all I mean to you are my panties, then, by all means, let's give you what you want, shall we?"

This caught his attention, and his eyes widened in surprise, flashing upward to hers, as the girl's look of disgust slowly morphed into a confident, almost predatory smile.

"Mmph..?" he mumbled through the gag of her stolen panties, questioningly.

Instead of answering, the girl just stretched her arms lazily over her head, languidly arching her back and twisting her torso at the same time. An action which, of course, pulled the hem of her shift up several inches higher.

The boy's eyes, drawn like moths to flame, slid quickly back down her body. His sight riveted itself to the flashes and glimpses, which were now much larger and longer, of her panty covered womanhood. The girl reacted to this by smiling even more firmly and rolling her hips slightly.

"Mmm.." the boy murmured in apparent approval as he watched, entranced by her barely concealed form, his predicament seemingly entirely forgotten.

Forgotten that is, until the girl stepped forward. Stepped forward directly onto his cock.

"Here, have a closer look, since you're enjoying this so much.." the girl breathed, as she placed her entire weight, what little of it there was, directly onto the head and shaft of his penis.

The boy squeaked in surprise, the noise sounding quite comical muffled as it was by his gag, as the girl balanced herself on his length easily. She seemed to have no trouble at all keeping herself perfectly poised, even as she rose up off her heels, onto just the toes and balls of her feet, in order to further concentrate the downward force of her slight mass upon him.

If his cock had been laying on soft carpet, or even the solid hardwood floor, the boy probably wouldn't have minded what she was doing too terribly much. She was so slender, and weighed so relatively little, that the feel of the soft flesh of her soles against his hot, turgid length would have been easily worth a bit of minor discomfort. Unfortunately, however, his penis wasn't laying on carpet or hardwood, it was instead laying on the metal grating of the floor heating vent.

The metal wasn't sharp, exactly, so much as it was perfectly rigid and unyielding. The mesh was made up of strips of flat metal stood on edge, edges which dug painfully into the thin, sensitive skin of his cock. Still, even if rather unpleasant, it WAS tolerable, and he thought that, on the whole, it all might have been worth it, especially with the view he was currently enjoying.. until the girl started twisting her feet, legs, and hips in place.

"Haahhmph!" the boy attempted to cry out, through his gag, as his cousin ground her feet against his trapped flesh.

The girl, even as she mashed the boy's cock down ruthlessly against the mesh grate, kept her arms up over her head in a relaxed pose, her back arched in an easy stretch. Her smile held firm, her pleasure very obvious at inflicting this richly deserved punishment on her cousin, a fair balancing of the scales of justice against the weight of his crime.

"Graamph! Aumph!" came the muffled protests of the boy, as he twisted and squirmed in place, futilely attempting to escape the weight of the girl standing upon his cock.

"Ha!" exclaimed the girl, triumphantly. "I'll bet you'll never steal another pair of panties again, will you? Especially not mine!"

"Hhmmmph.." the boy whined, as if in agreement, before he fell forward against her legs, his face landing squarely against her panty covered pubis, his whole body shaking.

At first, the girl thought that this action, his falling against her, was just an expression of how defeated the boy now was. Until, she realized, that he hadn't fallen at all. He was leaning into her, quite deliberately. His face was rubbing back and forth across her crotch as he nuzzled his head beneath her shift, to bury his nose and gagged mouth against her sex. Possibly the worst was how she could hear and feel him snuffling and sniffing at her, as if he were a dog trying to get the scent of her womanhood.

"You.. You..!" the girl growled out, outraged once again at the temerity of her cousin, who was supposed to be being punished for his perverse actions against her, not rewarded with opportunities to commit even more such offenses. "That's it!"

"Since you can't seem to control yourself, I'll just have to do it for you!" the girl said, as her lips firmed into a grim line.

Then, she stepped forward again. Stepped forward off of his cock, and onto his balls.

The response she got from her actions was immediate.

"Hhiiiiignh!" yelped the boy, through his gag, as his head jerked back and his eyes widened in shock.

"Oh ho!" the girl cried, triumphantly, at the look of panic that suddenly flashed across her cousin's face, as her full weight descended upon his gonads. "Looks like someone's finally starting to learn his lesson!"

The boy struggled and squirmed beneath her, frantic motions that only served to make his predicament worse as they caused the source of his troubles to shift in place where she stood atop his trapped testicles, so she could maintain her balance.

"Now, now.. Do stay still, dear cousin.." the girl said, smugly, as she began to slowly rotate her ankles back and forth, grinding the balls of her feet down upon the balls of his manhood. "After all, you've earned this through your own naughty, naughty actions.. It's best if you just let it happen, it'll be over more quickly, that way."

"Hnnngh!" the boy squealed, into his gag, as he began to whip his head back and forth, desperately shaking his body at the same time, as if he could dislodge the weight of his tormentor.

"Here now, didn't you want to have your face up against my panties..?" the girl asked, her tone falsely sweet as she reached down and curled her fingers into her cousin's hair. "By all means, have at it!"

She used her new leverage to yank the boy firmly against her crotch, burying his nose into her panty covered womanhood once more.

"There we go, you're exactly where you wanted to be.." the girl cooed, as she felt the boy's frantic whimpers and muffled protests vibrate against her sex. "Isn't your cousin nice, allowing you to indulge in your perversity like this?"

"Mmmmph mmm mmmmnnnn.." was the boy's only response, as he began sobbing into the panties he'd been fantasizing about for the past several days, struggling feebly.

"Oh..! Oh, my.." the girl said, as an expression of surprise and pleasure flashed across her own face, as her body reacted to the presence and proximity of her pained cousin's face. "Mmm.. Maybe you're not a complete waste of space, after all.."

With that, the girl began bouncing in place, rocking and thrusting her hips slightly as she started to grind not only her cousin's testicles down into the metal grating, but her sex up against his mouth and nose.

She took her time taking her pleasure from him, enjoying not just the way his muffled moans vibrated out of this throat and into her womanhood, but also the feel of his balls beneath her toes, as they slowly deformed and flattened down into the grating of the floor vent.

She gasped, an exited thrill shooting up her body, as she felt his left testicle finally give way and burst beneath her. The right popped just a moment later, and the sensation of her cousin's second gonad crushing flat, the knowledge that his masculinity had just died under her weight, caused her to finally reach her peak.

She orgasmed, body arched up onto her toes, as she ground her cousin's face hard against her womanhood, while he wailed an agonized cry of utter despair into her panties.

"Ohhhh.." the girl sighed, as she slowly came down, her body relaxing, gasping a little for breath. "Oh, that was quite.. quite amazing.."

"Well.." she commented, as she patted her shuddering, trembling cousin on the top of the head fondly. "I suppose you've learned your lesson now, haven't you..?"

His only response was a gagging, choking noise, as his body heaved slightly in place, as if he were trying hard not to retch.

The girl giggled at this, the ridiculousness of the situation suddenly becoming apparent to her.

"My goodness, what would your aunt say if she saw us like this?" she asked, in a mock conspiratorial tone. "She might get ALL the wrong ideas, don't you think..?"

"Well, I suppose I'll leave you to your punishment.." she said, as she finally stepped back away from, and off of, her cousin, who only moaned feebly at the sudden lack of pressure on his crushed, ruined flesh. "I'm sure that auntie will come check up on you.. Sooner or later, anyway."

"It may seem a bit harsh to you, what I've done to you.. But stealing my panties WAS a rather naughty thing to do, after all.." she mused, as she regarded his utterly defeated form. "You more than earned this punishment, cousin."

"I mean, really.." she said, as a mischievous grin suddenly quirked up the corners of her mouth. "..if you wanted a pair of my panties, all you would have had to do is ask me, silly."

Then, with a fluid motion, she hooked the edges of her now quite damp panties with her thumbs, slid them down her hips, and stepped gracefully out of them.

"Here.." she said, as she turned them around and stretched them over her cousin's head, snapping the wet crotch over his blank, shocked face. " you won't have to steal from me again! You can do with them anything your perverted little heart desires!"

With that, she, while humming contently to herself, and with her bare, moist sex now peeking cheekily out from beneath the hem of her floaty slip, skipped cheerfully down the hallway away from him, once again in search of breakfast.

She did, however, not leave him without adding one final bit to his well earned and deserved punishment..

She slid the temperature controls on the thermostat, which controlled the amount of heat coming up from the floor vents, to its highest setting, as she passed by them in the hallway.

"It is pretty chilly, out, after all." she reasoned with another giggle, her grin growing Cheshire wide. "Bye, cousin! Stay warm!"

END Central Heating

2 - How Long..?

"How long has it been? Two weeks..?" she asks, her breath tickling me as it plays over my erect cock, as she examines my swollen, aching balls closely.

It's actually been closer to a month, not that I've been counting every day, every hour, even every damn minute. Why, oh WHY did I agree to put myself through this torment, again..?

"You've done very well to last so long, you know." she says, as she kneads and squeezes me, like my testicles are a pair of soft fruit she's checking over for ripeness. "It makes me so happy!"

Then she smiles up at me, brilliantly.

Oh, yeah.. That's why. Damn, but I'd do just about anything to make her smile like that.

"Tomorrow's the big day." she states, as she runs the tip of one finger absently along my length, making me shudder in response.

My physical reaction has more to do with her reminder about the next day, than it does with her light strokes on my dick. Tomorrow, and what is going to happen then, has been looming very large in my mind for the entire past month, ever since my wife told me what it was that she wanted as a present for our anniversary.

"I can't wait.." she continues, her voice growing excited with anticipation, her lips moistening as she licks them. "It's something that I've always wanted to do, ever since I was a little girl.."

I know, she's talked about it quite a lot with me, even before we were married. I never thought much of it, believed it was just an idle fantasy for her, actually.. But then, she popped the question a few weeks before our fifth anniversary. And how on earth was I to deny her, especially when she looked so hopeful, so sincere, so sure that I wouldn't let her down, when she asked