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OfixN Original Short Stories (non-cons, stab, shot, strangle, rape)

Since I have several short stories to share, I prefer to create a single thread. There will be a lot of stabbing, some shooting and strangling. Non-cons, female victims (not pre-teens), usually realistic. Rape sometimes, depends on the story. No cannibalism, crushing or extreme torture, they are not for me.

I hope you like my story, please skip over grammatical errors, I'm not english. However, advice on language and writing is welcome.

I prefer skip tag on the single stories to keep a little surprise (if you prefer otherwise, let me know)

Stories coming up!
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Grim Erotica

This thread is for my new site: Grim Erotica.

I'll frequently post links to new stories, as it's easier than trying to format it just to post it here.

Feedback and tips are welcome, just keep criticism constructive; random insults will be ignored.

Here is the first story;
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The Death Factory (Tags inside)

Tags: mf/fsnon-con crushing mashing ripping shredding destruction rape scat lolli teen (probably more to follow)

Hello sickos. I'd never done creative writing before, so thought I'd give it a try. 4 days later I've roughed out nearly 20000 words, and am pleased enough with it to upload it here.

Feedback is welcome. I'd like to know if I'm deluded, so I don't have to waste any more time on this.

If you spot any glaring errors, keep them to yourself, and hopefully no-one else will notice ;)

The general theme is a modern underground dungeon. Girls and young ladies get brutally raped, and then meet annihilation in various machines. Lots of gore and minimal plot. The format is pretty open ended, so I'll probably keep adding chapters as I go along.
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A Very Special Event

My first story in a while, feels good to be writing again. This is only the first part, more action to follow soon. The story is set in something very similar to Edward Hyde's Sidney's universe. How similar depends on how well he reacts to me stealing his ideas! But yeah, big thanks to Squunch, Ellen and Edward Hyde for inspiring me to write again. Comments and critique are very welcome!

Chapter 1

Frank could see the three girls from a mile away, they were just what he was looking for. Eager to get their attention when they would eventually walk past him, he quickly ended his conversation with the young woman he had been talking to for the last couple of minutes. Frank was sitting at a table out on the street, and above the table there was a big sign, saying “MEATGIRLS WANTED” in big, bold letters. The sign had worked excellently so far and he prayed to all the gods for it to work just one more time. If it did, his boss would be very pleased and the promotion he had been seeking just might be within reach.

As the girls slowly approached Frank eyed them from a distance, confirming what he had known by instinct when he first spotted them: they were strikingly beautiful. Appearing to be about thirteen, they were clad in sports bras and tight leggings showing off their developing bodies. They carried small bags clad with Nike and Adidas logos, and it was obvious that they were on their way to or from some kind of sports activity. This was further backed up by their slim, well-proportioned bodies. The leftmost among them was a mulatto sporting wild, frizzy dark hair half-tamed by a bright green hairband. The girl on the right flank was the complete opposite, light blonde with tidy, straight hair that graced her shoulders elegantly as she walked. Her skin was lightly tanned, giving her skin a healthy glow. Frank was thinking of girl roast already. The blonde was also an inch taller than the other two, who Frank guessed would come in at roughly 5 feet.

The girl in the middle was something else though. She had long, red, wavy hair that flowed all the way to the small of her back. Her face was absolutely stunning, and she had the fairest, smoothest skin Frank had ever seen. To top it all off she had covered her lush lips with rose red lipstick. Many looks and glances were cast her way as she walked down the street, and from the way she behaved she didn’t seem to mind it one bit. The ginger girl also had the biggest breasts in the trio, though compared to most grown women’s they were still on the small side.

Frank could see the trio looking at him as they approached, casting quick looks and peaks at him and his sign, before commenting and giggling about it among themselves. Clearly, this was not the first time they had seen a representative of the meat girl industry. They might actually have been recruited already, Frank thought, and felt his mood darken as he realized that could very well be the case. He had to give it a shot though, this opportunity was too good to not at least try.

“Hey girls!” he half shouted just as they were almost about to pass him. To his delight, the group immediately diverted off their course and came to a halt by his stand, smiling shyly at him.

“Well aren’t you a bunch of beauties!” he said, and they giggled in an adorable, girly way. “What are your names?” Frank asked.

“I’m Claire,” the blonde one said, “and this is Kayla,” she said while pointing to the black one, “and finally Emily,” she said, poking the redhead playfully in the shoulder.

“We’re just on our way home from track and field practice!” Kayla said, eager to take part in the conversation.

“Nice to meet you, girls, I’m Frank. You bunch are just what I’m looking for, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you three walking along! Have you heard of girl meat before?”

“Yes, we were actually just talking about it!” Emily said. She leaned in closer to Frank and put her cupped hand over her mouth, “Kayla’s biggest fantasy is to be spitted and roasted!” she pretended to whisper to him. Kayla quickly looked down, looking a little bothered. Were it not for her dark skin, she would certainly have been blushing heavily.

“She actually came close to volunteering yesterday when some dude at the mall tried to recruit us. He was a bit shady though, he just ran a simple kebab shop across town so we said no.” Claire explained.

“To be fair, you said you were into it too, Claire,” Kayla darted, not wanting to be the only one embarrassed in front of this stranger. It clearly worked, as Claire’s face turned pink immediately. “You even said that your dad was thinking about taking you down to Sidney’s, ‘cause he needed the money.”

“It’s true,” Emily chimed in, coming out on top of the argument. Frank had a feeling that she usually did.

“Well, you’re in luck then,” Frank said. “I need three beautiful, healthy girls for a big event at the best hotel in town.”

“The Continental?” Kayla asked. After an affirming nod from Frank, she exclaimed “that’s the best hotel in the country!”

“It certainly is. They are hosting a very special gala, with very special guests, and for that we need three very special girls. You mentioned Sidney’s, well, this event pays five times as much. You can mention that to your dad!” Frank teased the blonde girl.

“Wow,” she responded. That’s a lot of money!

“My parents would certainly not decline that kind of money,” Emily said.

“Mine neither I think,” Kayla said. “Besides, I’ve got five sisters so barely any would notice that one was missing!” she giggled.

“Do me a favor and take these home with you,” Frank said and handed the girls one brochure each. “I’m only asking you three, there are not anyone else getting this special offer. But you have to be quick, there are a lot of parents that would throw their kids at us for that kind of money so if you don’t answer quickly there will be others to take your place. Does that sound good?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Emily said, and the other two nodded.

“Now, off you go, and hopefully I’ll see you soon at the Continental!” Frank said, and off they went, straight home to their parents who were all quite enthusiastic about the prospect. Not long after they had all phoned Frank and informed him of their eager consent. About a week afterwards they had all been delivered in the lobby of the hotel, the day before the event was to take place.
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Sidney's (Cann, loli, cons, snuff)

Hi all, I often compose these stories in my head for my own amusement but I thought I'd share this one with you. Not a lot of snuff in this first one, perhaps, but it is meant to introduce you to the setting for all future stories which will be told from different perspectives and focus on different aspects of the goings on at this very special restaurant! Hope you enjoy!


15th August 2026

Katherine Harcourt
Food & Entertainment
West Midlands Chronicle

Last night I was invited to attend the official opening of the first branch of Sidney’s Family Restaurant in the UK. The popular American chain, which currently has 23 locations in the US with plans for 15 more within the next two years, has plans to open at least 5 branches within the UK by 2030.

While the evening was clearly intended as a gala presentation showcasing the restaurant and their unique menu, it is clear that visitors on a regular night will not be disappointed. The evening’s presentation included a tour of all the facilities as well as details of what can be expected in the near future.

For those unfamiliar with the chain, it was founded by business tycoon Orin Roebuck in memory of his youngest daughter Sidney after, with his support and financial backing, she successfully lobbied for a change in the law allowing her to be slaughtered, butchered and served as meat. Sidney Roebuck began the campaign aged 8 after reading an old book of cannibal-themed jokes and deciding that she wanted to be eaten. The campaign included appearances on chat-shows to put forth her case, that those who wanted to volunteer their meat should have the right to, and a series of high-profile billboard and magazine ads showing the little girl naked with captions implying how good her body would taste. The legality of such ads were challenged but were allowed to continue after it was ruled that the nudity was not sexual in nature. During the campaign, Sidney worked with both personal trainers and livestock farmers to ensure that her body was kept in prime condition. After much campaigning and petitioning, Sidney’s wish was finally granted and she was slaughtered and butchered on 15th August 2022, her twelfth birthday.

Always quick to spot a business opportunity, Orin Roebuck successfully lobbied for an exclusive license to prepare and sell girl meat. The first Sidney’s restaurant was opened two years later in 2024 on what would have been Sidney’s 14th birthday. All the meat served in every Sidney’s comes from volunteer girls aged 8-14 with their parents or guardians paid for their meat in an arrangement akin to livestock farming.

To coincide with his plans to open branches within the UK, Roebuck pressed for a similar meat consent law to be passed by the UK government but, due to the technical issues and cross-department agreements required, Parliament was unable to pass the law before the Summer Recess. They were, however, able to confirm an amendment to existing laws whereby people classified as livestock in their country of origin may be imported and processed as such. This is why the private dining facilities are not yet available at this restaurant and all the girls currently on the menu are American. It is planned that girls will continue to be flown to the UK to satisfy demand over the summer. It is believed the full legislation of “Sidney’s Law” will be passed without opposition when Parliament returns in September, at which point it is hoped that local, British girls will fulfil the bulk of the demand.

I will give an overview of the building itself before describing the evening’s events and, of course, the food!

Visitors first enter a lobby where they are greeted by a smiling, waving waxwork of Sidney Roebuck herself at around 9 years old, naked apart from the trademark cowboy hat and boots she wore for her television appearances. Behind her is a display about Sidney’s life, stills from interviews, samples of the magazine adverts and photos taken of her sat on a butcher’s block, beaming happily, in what must have been the last minute or so of her life. There is a small fountain connected to the larger one inside the restaurant, decorated with Greco-Roman style carvings of pre-teen nymphs. Flanking the doorway into the main dining room, behind the stand where diners wait to be seated, are two more nude statues of girls I would estimate to be around 12, posing in a classical style but, with a humorous nod to the nature of the establishment, typical cuts of meat marked out on their bodies. I noticed that there was a lift in the corner of the lobby, presumably for those who cannot manage the stairs up to the private dining are, but more on that later!

The ground floor is a fairly typical family restaurant layout with tables arranged to seat 4-6 but which could presumably be pushed together for larger parties. At one end is the live cooking area, which I will describe in more detail shortly, and typical carvery with trays of vegetables and meat-carving area under hot lamps. At the other is a large marble staircase leading up to the private dining area. The kitchen is also located on the first floor. Set around six feet up the wall are alcoves which, on this opening night, were occupied by living statues – local girls from gymnastics, dance and sports clubs in the area painted with light stone-effect paint. Some wore Greek-style drapes while others were completely nude. I am not certain if these “statues” will be a regular feature or whether they were just there for the special occasion. To one side, against the wall connected to the lobby, there is a large water feature that put me in mind of a penguin enclosure at a zoo, with an artificial rock heap at the centre and a clear surround allowing guests to see into the water. This fountain was decorated not by carved nymphs but by live “mermaids” - more local girls in shimmering, colourful wigs and Hollywood quality tails which stopped just short of the hips, leaving their vulvas and buttocks exposed. These tails were blended to their legs with impressive makeup and prosthetic scales which matched their wigs and continued up their bodies and around their faces.

I spoke to one of these mermaids, a very pleasant 12yo girl by the name of Melissa, who confirmed that they would be a regular presence but that she, along with several of the other girls there that night and others among her friends, had already signed up to be cooked and served once the relevant laws were passed. I couldn’t help wondering as I looked around, how many of the girls there to assist with the entertainment, not to mention those there with their families to sample to cooking, would end up on the menu before too long. From the conversations I overheard, I do not think there will be a shortage of volunteers and I found myself wondering, if I were still the eligible age, whether it would be something I would consider myself.

Dominating the room is a larger than life white marble statue of Sidney Roebuck again, completely nude this time and appearing slightly older, clearly modelled on how she looked at the end of her life. This statue is slowly revolving on its plinth and the giant Sidney is presenting a platter on which a life-size, realistically painted, of Sidney once more but this time cooked like a suckling pig, complete with apple in her mouth. This statue is symbolic, of course, as the real Sidney was butchered and her meat prepared by a number of different highly respected and celebrity chefs, whom she had interviewed and chosen in advance, over a number of days. Her chosen recipes make up the bulk of the regular menu.

I can honestly say that the whole dining area is a celebration of the young female form, with the fact that is is the bodies of young girls that are being served and eaten there adding to this celebration. One cannot help but feel that flavour is another, less explored but equally important, kind of beauty!

The restaurant was officially opened by Orin Roebuck and, following speeches from himself and the woman who would be managing this location, there was some entertainment. A group from a local drama and dance club performed a cutely amusing musical skit about explorers being captured by stereotypical cannibals, played by older teenage boys, who, of course, stripped them naked then argued among themselves about the best way to cook their prey until the girls got bored of waiting and gave cooking instructions themselves. A mixed choir then sang three of Sidney’s favourite songs (other than the speeches, this was the one part of the entertainment that involved no nudity), a gymnastics team performed a naked routine set to some classic rock music then invited any girls considering volunteering as meat to join their club and get in good shape. Following this, the head chef gave a short presentation about what they look for in a meat girl, assisted by two of the girls I later saw on the spit, and finally the choir returned to the stage to sing a final song specially written for the occasion, joined for the last chorus by dancers and nude gymnasts.

Once this opening ceremony was over, the public were invited to eat while those of us with press-passes were given a behind-the-scenes tour.

Up the marble staircase is a mezzanine dining area designed for larger parties who want to order a whole girl. The tables are much larger and circular, designed to seat 15-20. While this area is not open to the public yet, it was explained that customers will be able either to reserve their via a list of available girls on the website when they book or provide their own, at a reduced cost. While there will still be health-checks on the bring-your-own girls, they will be less stringent and the quality checks required for public meat will not be necessary. In cases where a party has ordered a girl, their chosen meat will be introduced to them when they arrive and they will have 15 minutes to get to know a little about her, introduce themselves and discuss her preparation with her. Parties that provide their own meat will be given a short tour of the kitchens before their girl is taken for cooking.

Off this area are three private dining rooms, intended for corporate events and very special occasions, where a team of chefs are provided and the girl or girls are cooked in front of the diners rather than in the kitchen.

On our press tour, we did not witness any girls being slaughtered, but we were shown the area at the back of the kitchen where this takes place and the walk-in fridge where some butchered carcasses were hanging. The set-up closely resembled any small-scale abattoir and it would be interesting to see it in use and observe the process. Perhaps, once the restaurant is able to make use of local meat, I will be able to follow a girl along the entire process from door to table.

The kitchen has all the facilities you would expect of a large, working kitchen along with ovens, rotisseries, woks and pans large enough for cooking whole girls. Since this was a preview night, the kitchen staff were hard at work creating a taster menu of all that was on offer. I was curious as I had never tasted human meat before last night but I was not disappointed. It is a difficult taste to describe, somewhere between pork and chicken, very much influence by the preparation style, but I can honestly say that, in my limited experience, little girls are delicious!

This brings me to the public cooking area and carvery at the far end of the ground floor from the stairs. There, a cooking area is set up with three girls being cooked. One in a pot for stew, one in a clear-fronted over and a third, attracting the most attention, turning on a spit. Once a girl other than the one in the stew was conformed to be cooked she would be moved to the carving area and a new, live girl would take her place. Once a stew girl appeared to be dead, she would be pulled out and cut up into small chunks before being returned to the pot along with another new girl once the water had been allowed to cool a little.

Witnessing this entire process was quite thrilling and is sure to be the most popular option for casual diners. The imported girls assigned to be cooked in this area during the course of the evening all stood around chatting with the guests, all seeming as excited to be cooked as the guests were to eat them. The girls wore coloured wrist-bands designating their assigned cooking method. Green for the pot, blue for the oven and red for the spit. I couldn’t help noticing that it was the most athletic, sporty-looking girls who were assigned to the spit, sightly thicker-set but still healthily toned girls to the oven and the girls who were either on the skinny or chubby side to the stew pot.

When a girl on the spit or in the oven was coming to the end of her time, the chefs would select the next girl and prepare her. This mostly consisted of having them stand on a small plinth and being rubbed with flavoured oil. The girl for the oven would then lay on a backing tray, have tin-foil wrapped around her hair to prevent it burning then have stuffing and chopped vegetables pushed with a kind of piping-bag into her vagina and rectum, both of which were then “sealed” with a small silver onion. The girl for the spit would have her hair taken up in a bun and position herself on a frame which was then tilted forward, allowing the chefs to insert the spit into her vagina and push it through until it came out her mouth. A stabiliser was then slid into her anus and her hands and feet were fixed to the spit with something that looked like handcuffs that slid on from either end. Once the cooking girls were done, these newly-prepped girls would be set on to cook in their place and the cooked girls taken to the carvery. Diners could help themselves to stew from the pot or, while she was still feeling able, the live girl in the pot could ladle it out for them. This was something a lot of the guests seem to enjoy.

I made sure to sample meat cooked in all three different ways and, honestly, I would be very hard pushed to choose my favourite. I had expected to like the spit-roast girl best but all three had their own special appeal. I definitely want to visit again once local girls are being served and see if home-grown girl meat has a different flavour!

In conclusion, the ambience of the main dining room is very family-friendly with prices and menu choices that reflect this (I will write more about the food after my next visit but be assured that there is something for evening – from steaks to burgers, lasagne, etc.). I’m sure small girls will be entranced by the mermaids and, if tonight was in any way typical, there will be plenty to entertain the boys! I did not get to experience the more high-end offerings of the establishment but that only gives me all the more reason to return in the future!

Go eat at Sidney’s – you’ll be glad you did!
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Looking for stories thread

Okay, so from time to time somebody would create a thread looking for an old story, asking to repost it. Sometimes here on /lit/, sometimes in /req/ which seems more right according to the rules, but I bet threads in /lit/ have more chances, I think I've even seen one or two in /dis/. So it ends up:
- All over the place and sinks quick.
- Each request takes a whole separate thread.
- When a story is reposted in a separate thread, it takes up one more thread.
- When a story is reposted in the same thread it was asked for, while it saves a thread, is makes it harder to notice judge it from the title which would still be saying 'looking for a story' instead of having its title and tags for it.

So, what I suggest is let's have a dedicated thread (this one) for repost requests like we have for ideas. It will:
- Keep it all in one place and it will preserve better, meaning someone with that story saved on their hard drive will be able to notice your request even after, say, half a year, and can still repost this story, and you won't need to ask for it again once in a while in case they haven't noticed it before it sunk.
- Take only one thread for all requests.
- When reposting a story, please repost it in a separate thread with proper title and tags, then give a link in this thread to the new thread.
- If a story is hosted elsewhere, you can also reply to this thread with a link to it.

Okay, so I'll start. There was a short story I've read here on gurochan some years back, I don't remember the title or the author, but it was about a brother and his older sister. They were going to enter some room where the sister said a bunch of man waited for them and the boy asked excitedly if the men would kill them, and IIRC the sister said "i dunno" and the boy said "would be nice if they did". Then they entered the room and the men started fucking them hard to their pleasure and in the end tore their heads off (maybe their limbs too?) and the heads were flying all over the room and they were totally happy.
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An old combat story I never got round to post/finish (Combat. Bladed. Debreasting? Gutting? )

Cleaning my old Portable HD and I came across this I wrote years ago. Its a bit shaky in parts and I kind of just jumped in without even describing the characters lol. But I feel like some of you guys might like it.

Im considering re working it/finishing it and adding some actual detail with the characters with an actual conclusion too if people are interested. I did also write this when I was younger so if stuff doesn't make much sense then sorry lol. I think I was just in a hurry to write a guro story based on my kinks.


Rumer turned around in a panic and was met with the piercing eyes of her opponent. Within that instant she was met with the cold steel of a dagger inside her stomach. She gasped and jolted at the impact, the both of them taking a second to let the moment sink in until Farren quickly drew another and drove it brutally into Rumers right collarbone, scraping it as it sunk deep into her flesh. quickly screaming in pain, her body jumped into action, raising her right leg and kicking Farren in the stomach to push her away, only to stumble back slightly herself as her body familiarized itself with the fresh wounds and the feeling of the cold blades ripping out of her flesh. “Shit…she fucking stabbed me.” Rumer thought in a panic, knowing this would get very messy for her soon if she did not end this quick…But there was no time to think.
Farren swiftly was up and on the offence before Rumer could even gather her thought, swing with her left knife towards Rumer’s neck, with Rumer barely managing to block it with her arm at the elbow

But pain shot through her once again. Her body jerked in agony feeling Farren’s second knife plunge into the side of her left butt cheek with a quick spurt of fresh blood, a misdirection for her to focus on the first knife aiming for her neck, while Farren used the other to sneakily land a hit.
Farren’s blades were sharp, specifically made for cutting through flesh and muscle. With even average force, her 6-inch blades easily sank into an opponent’s flesh, making them even more dangerous with Farren’s training and technique.
Farren continued, dancing around Rumer as she tried to avoid her blades, but more and more Farren tore into her body.

“Dammit fuck!’ Rumer cursed to herself with each slice she took. Her white tank top now torn to shreds and stained with her blood. Her perky tits dangled and jiggled with her body shuddering with each strike, blood trailing over her nipples.
She had to do something quickly. Screaming with a quick grunt once again as her blocked another kill strike aimed for her neck. The knife drove straight through her forearm, the tip of the blade just scraping the center of her neck.

Farren pushed down with her might, overpowering Rumer and pushing the blade further into her arm and closer to her neck. Panic began to set into Rumers mind. She could feel herself getting weaker with these flesh wounds, and as much as she pushed her arm against Farren, it was no use.
With frustration, Farren brutally drove her free blade into Rumers stomach, and in a frenzy repeatedly stabbed her over and over. Rumer shrieked, but grit her teeth though it, knowing she would be dead if she focused on the second knife, now stuck deep in her gut with a sickening twist and jerk from Farren.

The blade painfully slipped into her arm further and closer to her neck with another push From Farren. The tip piercing the skin of her neck and making a tiny hole.
Rumer took a sharp breath and had no choice but to sacrifice her arm or die. With a sudden twist, she jerked her arm, slicing the blade through her arm further along into the muscle and flesh, but locking and catching the blade in-between her radius and ulnar, managing to leverage it away from her neck and giving her a chance to counter attack.

She began to push back. Raising onto her feet once again as she began to overpower Farren. Rumer was stronger than her nimbler opponent. This fight would have been over before it even began if it was a straight hand to hand fight…but those knives tipped the scaled immensely in Farren’s favor.

Farren refused to let this happen violently tearing her blade from Rumors gut with a torrent of blood. Rumer felt her body violently jerk as she opened her mouth with a silent scream. Her eyes widened as something felt wrong, her mind couldn’t process this weird feeling of pain…but she could feel her stomach bulge and shift around.

She glanced down at her belly, and time seemed to freeze with what she saw.

“No…no no no that’s my guts. Shit no no no they aren’t meant to be there!” She thought to herself.

Seeing her intestines spill from her belly in tight jiggly coils.
The wound was deep but somewhat small, making a tight opening from her guts to squeeze through, as if her belly was a tube of fresh toothpaste being squeezed for its contents.

She continued to struggle with Farren. Each breath she took and each movement she made squeezing her guts out more and more, as coil after coil seemed to pop from the wound and then gently spill, dangling against her belly and thigh.

Farren swiftly placed her free blade behind Rumers knee, and with one quick slice ripped into her joint. Her knee buckling with the torn muscle and ligament supporting it, and ending her potential comeback.
Her lower body failed her, Rumer watched helplessly as Farren Reclaimed her two knives ad swiftly carved her up even further. As if in slow-motion, Farren slid her left hand downwards against Rumer’s right arm, dragging the blade with her and slicing cleanly into Rumors forearm with a long-jagged gash.
She followed with a well-placed, near perfect twist of the knife into a backhanded grip once she was under Rumer’s Arm pit, and then sliced across her chest and breasts horizontally as if she was swinging a brutal left hook. The blade ripped across her areola’s and barely missed her actual nipple. Rumer’s tits sliced open with flash of blood and fat. She had hardly any time to assess the damage, looking for just a split second deep into the wounds of her breasts, accurately recognizing her glands that made her perky tits.

But just as the blade ripped across her breasts, the second one returned, slicing the opposite way and ripping from the outer side of her left breast into the top towards her sternum…almost as if Farren wanted to slice it off. The attack happened so fast that Rumer took a few seconds to process what just happened. Kneeling there wide eyed for a second, her face contorted into a scrunched mess of agony and shock, glancing quickly at the mess of her chest. Her body acted on pure instinct, swinging her wounded right arm with force towards the back of Farren’s knees and making her fall.

Taking the chance, Rumer pounced on her opponent as she took her by surprise, and with a combination of desperation, rage, and anger, she slammed her fists down onto Farrens face, making use of her strength
Having trained in various forms of hand to hand combat and strength training, she could easily break bones with enough force…but could she use this moment to end this in her state?

“CRUNCH” went Farren’s Jaw, as Rumer shattered it and dislocated it with her fists. A fresh spurt of blood erupted from Farren’s mouth and nose as bone shattered. But she couldn't keep it for long. Her left arm burned with every punch and her wounds stated to affect her power…but a flash of Farren’s blade caught her eye slashing a deep cut across her thigh and forcing Rumer to retreat. Quickly gaining some space between the two of them, Rumer took a few seconds to compose herself. She was losing blood, and her wounds were beginning to take effect. “I need to end this now” She thought clutching her stomach. The attack opened her stomach up a little more, allowing more of her insides to empty with the hole. She shuddered at the feeling of her guts, sticky and warm.
A sense of dread overcame her. She was best in close quarters combat and could have easily taken Farren out as her strength far surpasses her opponent…but getting in close means getting close to those blades…which Farren specializes in. “If I get close, I can make something work.” She thought…but looking down at the body, she hesitated.
Time was up. Rumer had to react fast as Farren charged directly at her.
She swiped her knife upwards at Rumer with blinding speed, but Rumer successfully anticipated this and jumped back, narrowly missing another deep cut.
She stumbled slightly in her torn leg, but now was her chance to counter attack! With a strong step forward, Rumer clenched her just and swung a dirty uppercut at her opponent, followed by swiftly getting into a grapple with the intention of disabling Farren access to her blades.
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Writing prompts/requests thread for everyone. Find or post ideas/suggestions/requests for /lit/

Maybe you're like me and enjoy writing, but just can't come up with ideas for what to write. Or you have a very vague idea and are spotty on the details. Or maybe you do have this idea that would make for a way cool story, but think you can't write for shit (in which case you should totally give it a shot, a lot of people are actually pretty decent with just a little criticism/refinement).

Either way, this thread is gonna be about writing prompts. Leave an idea/request for some writer to pick up. Writers, find ideas or request more detailed ones based on your loose outline. And if you do a story based on a suggestion, do leave a link to that here (but not the story itself, just a link to your thread).

Note that for most people “Kill [character] via [method]” isn't nearly enough to work with, at least without appearing awfully generic. Instead, give one or two sentences with such things as location/setting, motivation (if applicable), or a brief scenario, and whatever details. (And maybe some of the more common tags for reference).

Then let's see how this turns out.
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An Incredible Lesson (f/f/f, cons, vivisection, lethal, nonlethal?, incest)

An Incredible Lesson
written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

The room was silent, every student watching on with a sort of fascinated morbid curiosity at the unique sight they were being treated to. Even the teacher found herself staring. How could she not? Even if she had been the one to arrange this, to actually see it…

Suddenly, she realized that she had been asked a question.

“Yes, Jane?”

“Why’s Mrs. Parr turning red?”

Helen Parr was indeed turning a bright red – more a very strong pink, really – as she seemingly floated in mid-air. She was only really identifiable as Helen, or as a human at all, because the class had seen her walk in to help demonstrate some basic anatomy in a very special way. What that turned out to be was Helen letting her daughter Violet swallow her hole, which really meant Helen squeezing herself down that throat like toothpaste. Subsequently she had continued to fill out all of Violet’s insides, snaking from the mouth and going nearly all the way through her intestines. Helen was nude, her non-descript street clothes lying folded up on the floor, but all that meant was that the tube was pink rather than beige and blue.

“Ah, that would be the digestive juices working her skin…”

A muffled voice could be heard: “Miss Green, have you finished your explanation yet? This is starting to get a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh dear, I’m afraid I’ve barely started.”

“Oh. Well, if you could maybe hurry it up a little?”

“Right, no problem. Now class, as you can see, this really squiggly bit is the intestines…”

Helen thought it would be Violet’s anatomy they were studying, not hers. At this point, her skin was really starting to sting.

“Oh well, I was going to do sex ed at a later date, but… could you possibly spread your legs?”

Helen grumbled as she tried her best. It was cramped in there.

“Mom, what are you doing?” asked a disembodied voice

“Violet, you can spread yourself but… well, you’re invisible. We can’t see what you’re doing,” said the teacher. Violet thought about this, smiled, and started thumbing her clit.

Some of the more perceptive students noticed small droplets of whitish liquid starting to pop into existence a little below the now completely naked squished-up woman and falling to the floor.

“Miss Green…”

“Almost done, just another minute or two,” the teacher said in reply to Helen’s increasingly annoyed voice. “Here on the top, where Mrs. Parr’s arm is, you can see the esophagus…”

“…and that’s what I wanted to show you today, class,” she finished about two and a half minutes later. “You can come out now, Mrs. Parr.”


The pink mass of Helen’s body snaked its way out of Violet’s digestive system until she was standing on her own two feet again, her skin a very angry red that was sizzling all over. Barely a few seconds after she had exited, holes started appearing all across her torso, growing in size until they combined to make even bigger ones. The skin rapidly gave way and, as a surprised class of students looked on, she was soon turned into an anatomical model herself as all of her internal organs were revealed.

There was a moan, followed by a squirt of mysteriously appearing liquid spraying the floor and Helen’s bony, red feet. Violet reappeared, hands between her legs, doubled over, and looking mortified as the class laughed at her.

“Er, sorry mom…”

Helen rolled her eyes.

“Oh please, it’s not as if anybody doesn’t know you’re a slut already. What I’m angry about, aside from this, obviously,” she said, gesturing at her pulsing insides, “is that now I can’t do whatever it was that you were doing anymore. Just look at this!”

She spread her legs a little, showing off the fact that her labia and clit had been completely eaten away, leaving only a fairly featureless slit in the surrounding red meat.

The teacher took the opportunity to clear her throat.

“Well, Mrs. Parr, we’re always looking for a subject for more in-depth anatomy lessons if you’d like to volunteer…”

The skinless super thought about it.

“Well… only if this one joins me,” she says, poking Violet. The teen turned invisible, but Helen quickly grabbed her.

“Nope, no walking out of this one, young lady.”

“Aww, mom…”

While Violet herself couldn’t be seen, Helen’s arms twisting and deforming showed that Violet was struggling to get free.

“Violet Heather Parr, if you don’t turn visible and behave this instant, getting grounded for the next month will be the least of your worries.”

The black-haired girl immediately popped back into view and froze.

“That’s what I thought.”


The teacher cleared her throat in an attempt to defuse to tension.

“Since you’re already mostly… prepared, shall we say, would you mind lying down on my desk, Mrs. Parr? And class, if everybody could come up to the front and form a circle so you can all see? Now, since all of the skin covering Mrs. Parr’s insides is already gone, all that’s needed now is to get rid of the rib cage. Normally that would require a saw or something similar since bone is quite strong but, judging by all the pock marks, the acid has done most of the work already, so I should be able…”

The teacher bent her arm and slammed her elbow down on the white arches of Helen’s ribs, shattering them in several pieces. She picked them up one by one, making a pile by Helen’s side.

“Violet, could you show off your mothers organs for the class?”

Nervously, the naked teen reached into the now fully exposed ribcage and went for the most obvious target. She pulled the two lungs out, stretching them so that they were both lying over her mother’s yellow, fatty breasts. Then she pulled up the beating heart, stretching it out still attached to the rest of her, to let all the other students see it working.

“Good, good,” said Miss Green. “Now pass it around. Looks like we can all have a feel safely…”

The students wasted no time, and about two dozen hands all reached in, grabbing whatever they found.

“Careful now,” the teacher said, but her warning fell on deaf ears. The children took full advantage of Helen’s elasticity, and yanked her organs out of her torso with the same eagerness as a crowd of shoppers on Black Friday. The two students closest to her head each grabbed a lung, stretching her bronchi taut. Others grabbed her liver, her stomach and her pancreas. Four boys started a sort of tug of war with her intestines. She could see her ovaries being pulled over two feet apart by some girls trying to get a closer look. Within seconds, her entire torso had been emptied out, save for a few tubes that still connected it to its previous contents.

The teacher tried to regain control of the lecture.

“Ah, yes, everyone take a good look at what an empty human torso looks like…” she said, as everyone played around with all the still-attached organs. Helens face – well, the red mask that she had for a face – was going through various levels of annoyance. Her eyes kept bulging as curious students squeezed her lungs, her mouth opening to let gusts of air out before she quickly drew precious oxygen back in, inflating the organs back up to size.

“Grr…” growled the suburban superheroine, who then gasped as she felt her most feminine organ being squeezed. Violet stood by her legs, squeezing the womb that still had it’s two ovaries stretched apart.

“Just… getting to know this better,” explained the teenager, before pushing against the soft, rubbery roof, pushing it down into Helens’s vaginal passage and down further still.

When a mass of pink flesh started emerging from Helen’s flayed slit, her fallopian tubes reached the limit of their stretchiness and, to the protest of the girls examining them, her ovaries shot back to her womb like a rubber band, producing an audible grunt from the manhandled woman. With the resistance now gone, Violet pushed the uterus the rest of the way outside, completing her reverse fisting.

“Well, um, that’s something you don’t see every day,” Miss Green said hesitantly. “I wasn’t planning on covering this, but this is called a ‘prolapse’, and it sometimes happens during childbirth. Though, um, not usually to this extent.”

“Eeewww!” said one of the girl students. I am never having children!”

“Now girls, don’t worry, I assure you it’s very rare. There’s less than a– oh, my. Violet, what are you doing?”

The raven-haired girl had forced her hands into the two small holes at the sides of Helen’s womb, pulling the twin egg sacs out into the open once more, and had started vigorously sucking on them.

“Oh, just getting rid of some eggs,” she said casually, licking her lips. “I think having two siblings is quite enough.”

“Er, I mean, there’s a good chance that won’t be a problem anyway–” spluttered the teacher, only to be interrupted by an audible pop as Violet bit the entire ovary in her mouth clean off. Helen convulsed on the table, her tongue lolling out; then she screamed sharply as the other met the same fate.

“Young lady!” she said, in between heavy breaths. It was a good thing she couldn’t sweat anymore, or she would be covered in the stuff. “Just remember, you’re scheduled for the vivisection table as well.”

“All the more reason not to hold back then, and get all the ‘edutainment’ I can get,” Violet replied coolly. She looked her teacher dead in the eye as she trailed her tongue all the way down the pink sock in her grip.

“So, teacher, anything else you want to teach us all?”

The teacher suddenly seemed to regain her composure at this challenge to her authority.

“Yes, there is, actually:” she said coldly, “some respect. For me, but, more importantly, for your mother. Mrs. Parr, would you be okay if we got back to you in a bit and dealt with your daughter first?”

“Oh, absolutely. Do you need any help with anything?”

“Well, now that you mention it… children, please let go of Mrs. Parrs insides.”

Helen grunted again as all of her organs snapped back into place.

“If you would be so kind as to prepare your daughter?”

Violet, sensing what was about to happen, tried to run, but she was lifted off the ground by four flexible limbs, which proceeded to pull and tear off all of her clothes. When she was completely naked, her mother lay down on the ground, keeping Violet suspended in the air in a spread-eagled position.

“Now,” said Miss Green, rummaging around in one of her desk drawers, “we’ve seen what the inside of the human body looks like from the front, but it’s also instructive to look at a cross-section. Now where is that… ah, here we go.”

She pulled out a hand saw, and walked over to a spot between Violet’s spread legs.

“Fortunately, we have a volunteer today to help us with that.”

“Volunteer, my ass,” scoffed Violet.

“Glad you agree,” said the teacher, choosing to ignore the sarcasm. “Then I guess we’ll start there.”

She held the saw vertically, placing the sharp teeth against Violet’s perineum.

“Now remember, class, this is what happens when you don’t respect your teachers,” she said as she pushed down on the handle, making the first shallow cut.

Helen made sure to press down hard so that her daughter didn’t move around too much. After all, the cut needed to be straight. “Now, now, be a big girl. And don’t bother turning invisible either; this is happening, so you might as well let everyone see.”

“Like I could concentrate enough for that while there’s a saw destroying my pussy!”

“Ah, yes, I suppose that’s true.”

The other students gathered around, eager to see more of Violet than they had ever seen before – and not just because she was naked. The saw blade worked slowly but surely up through the belly button, occasional loops of intestines yanking up before being cut through. Miss Green made sure to keep her mostly together for now, pausing to press the split part of the girl together every now and then.

When she got to the ribs, she stopped sawing, instead pushing a hand into the cut and rooting around for a moment. Violet gasped, causing Helen to giggle.

“Oh, hand around your heart, dear? Feels strange, doesn’t it?” she said, her skinless elastic limbs coiling around Violet’s own to keep her in place.

“Yes, just pushing that out of the way of the cut,” said the teacher. “ A lot of people assume the heart is on the left, but really it’s dead center.” Satisfied with her work, she continued on. The blade slowed down as it worked through the tough sternum, and a few student gritted their teeth at the sound. After about half a minute, the grinding stopped as the final connection between the two halves of Violet’s breastbone was severed. The teacher stopped and pulled out the saw.

“There we go, that’s far enough for now. After all, this will be more instructive if our subject is still alive. Now, in order to prevent everything from spilling out: Mrs. Parr, could you please turn your daughter upside down so that she’s hanging from her feet?

Helen extended her legs, until Violet was hanging with her head down.

“Wonderful. And now could you slowly start spreading her legs?”

Violet’s mother obliged, but soon it wasn’t just her daughter’s legs being spread; her entire body was coming apart like a banana peel. She was doing a split that even the best ballerina in the world wouldn’t dream of. And on both sides of her gaping body, the students could see her organs merrily pulsing away. Here and there, a bit of fluid leaked out where the intestines or some other organs had been cut in two.

“Marvelous,” said the teacher. “Excellent work, Mrs. Parr. Okay, Violet, could you breathe in, please, so we can see your lungs expand?”

She did as instructed, after a moment’s hesitation, still slightly resentful at having being forced into this ultimate invasion of privacy. But as her mother had said, this was happening, so she just got on with it. The students got a good look at her lungs fill all the way up with air, and then emptying.

“Take a good look at the anatomy of her spine and ribcage as well,” said Miss Green, poking at a sawn rib, and then tracing her finger up the spine. All the vertebrae and nerves were on display, and she helpfully twisted Violet about so that the students could see clearly, leaning in close.

When they were done, the teacher nodded at Helen, who unwound and laid her daughter out so that she looked like a proper banana peel – her two split body halves cut-side down on the table, with her grumpy head looking on in the middle. Helen patted the head.

“See? That wasn’t so hard, sweetie.”

Just then, the school bell rang, and the students rushed to their desks, grabbed their books and bags, and started storming out.

“Remember to read chapters 7 and 8 for next time, kids!” the teacher yelled after them.

As the door slammed shut behind the last student, she sighed.

“If only one or two of them were even half as excited about my lessons as they are about getting out of them… I thought for sure this demonstration might help, but from what I could see all the girls were just as disinterested as usual, and all the boys were just watching your pussy and boobs, Violet.”

“Yeah, thanks for that, by the way. Now everybody knows I’m flat as a board.”

“Um, honey?” said Helen, “that wasn’t exactly a secret.”

“Bite me.”

“Oh, I might. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that little stunt you pulled earlier.”

The teacher cleared her throat.

“If I might interrupt for a moment? Do you want me to call you a cab or something? I hadn’t really counted on you two, you know, surviving.”

“Oh yeah, we’ll just go right back to our normal lives,” said Violet, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, I don’t want to even think what Jak-Jak would do to my organs if I held him like this,” agreed Helen.

“Alright, so what do we do then?” asked the teacher.

“Well, since your students don’t seem to care, you might as well satisfy your own curiosity, right?” said Helen. “What’s the wildest biological experiment you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the girls to perform them on? And don’t worry about keeping us alive.”

Miss Green stroked her chin, nervously. They seemed pretty certain about their fates, but to actually ask it of them… it seemed awfully selfish. But she might never have this chance again.

“Well… if you really don’t mind…”

The teacher paused and looked at them again, and they nodded before she continued.

“I think it would really help the class out if we had some more permanent anatomy models. The damn board won’t give me the budget for a full-sized skeleton, and–”

“Hah, yeah, I see where you’re going with this,” interrupted Helen. “You’ve already taken my skin, so now you can take the rest of my soft parts, and leave a nice clean skeleton hanging by a hook for your students to mess with.”

“Technically, Violet took your skin–” Miss Green argued hesitantly.

“You were at least complicit.”


The teacher didn’t argue the point, given that Helen had already done her more than a few favors today, and was now offering one final gift: her own bones.

“Are you still going to be stretchy as a skeleton?”

“No idea. Please try to ask your students not to stretch my spine around like elastic after I’m gone… oh hell, what will I care, let them have fun.”

The skinless super shrugged, and actually giggled at the morbid image.

“What about me, teach?” asked Violet, still lying on the table like a human banana peel.

“Go on, be creative.”

The teacher looked the teenager up and down – or, rather, side to side. She briefly considered stuffing and mounting the girl, but since she didn’t have any taxidermy supplies the skin would probably start to rot in a matter of days. Then her eyes fell on Violet’s beating heart and her lungs. Perhaps she could get another model for her class…

“Hold on, let me go check something,” Miss Green said. She rushed over to the storage room connected to the biology lab, stopping briefly to lock the door to the hallway. The two Parr women heard her rummaging around for a while before she re-emerged carrying a large empty water cooler jug.

“What’s that for?” asked Violet, looking at the blue-tinted transparent plastic bottle.

“You. I thought of a way to use you as a display model too. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Um, I know I’m not exactly the most curvy girl out there - seriously, mom, what is up with that? You’re all boobs and hips and dad’s just… gigantic, while I can fat-shame a pencil; was I adopted or something? Eh, not like it matters anymore I suppose… aaaanyway–”

Violet’s sidetrack had left her out of breath, so she briefly paused to inhale, causing her lungs to puff up noticeably.

“–even with my complete and utter lack of T&A, I don’t think I’m going to fit in there. Unless you plan on pureeing me and pouring me inside.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not.”

The teacher grabbed the saw again, and started sawing off the top of the bottle, leaving a round jar as the top fell to the ground, bouncing a few times before coming to a halt.

“Okay, I guess that solves one problem, but that thing’s still too small for me.”

The teacher turned around, still holding the saw.

“You’re quite right. Let’s fix that, shall we?”

The teacher approached Violet, circling her. She really wanted to keep her alive for as long as possible, so that meant she had to think about how to do this. She decided to do the obvious thing first, and started to saw open Violet’s skull. She didn’t bother to scalp her first- a few stray bits of hair weren’t going to kill Violet after all of today’s events. Once the skullcap was off she neatly popped it off and set it down on her desk.

“Oh, jarring my brain, huh?” asked Violet, trying to look up at her own mind.

“Not the part of her I would have thought work keeping…” her mother joked.

“Well she’s not keeping your tits and ass, and that’s the only parts of you worth keeping,” the daughter shot back. Miss Green poked her in the brain, which shut her up for a few seconds.

“Not just your brain; there’s a few other parts that will keep you alive at least for a little while if I can pull this off, so shush…”

Part two involved slowly, painstakingly taking apart the teenager’s skull, sawing off the back, and then the front halves. Violet’s face had time for one last bratty eye-roll before it fell forwards, the eyeballs threaded through the sockets to keep them attached. Her tongue lolled and tried to speak before it was neatly cut off, along with the rest of her jaw, and soon Violet’s head was in pieces, leaving a brain over an empty stump.

The teacher then cut through the last few inches of skin on the front and back of her torso holding the two halves of Violet’s body together. When only a small scrap remained, she tore them apart, leaving only Violet’s organs in the middle. She nudged her intestines aside as well; in their current state they were completely useless.

Violet had to focus to make sense of what she was seeing. Normally her eyes were both looking in the same direction, but now one was pointing at the wall with the blackboard on it, while the other one was looking down her… what, for lack of a better term, should probably be called ‘body’. Though ‘heart and lungs’ would be equally accurate, as that was all that was left of her aside from the contents of her head. She might have made a sarcastic comment about how she really hadn’t needed to lose any more weight, but that would have required having a mouth.

The teacher put the jug in the sink in her desk and turned on the tap. When it had filled most of the way to the top, she turned off the water, gently picked up Violet’s innards and lowered them into the water. When the water level neared the top of Violet’s lungs, she noticed the hole at the top of the girl’s windpipe.

“Whoops, wouldn’t want to drown you, now would we?”

“Yeah, because that would be so much worse than what you just did to her,” laughed Helen.

“Hey, I’m just doing this for science,” huffed Miss Green.

“Riiiight. You’re not getting any personal enjoyment from this. So I assume the massive wet spot in your pants is just coincidence?”

“What the…? Ah, damn it, I only bought these last week!”

The teacher kicked off her shoes and yanked her pants to her ankles. Whereas her pants were merely wet, her panties were absolutely soaked.

“Ugh. Let’s hope these dry.”

She stepped out of her pants and hanged them over one of the student’s chairs. She pulled down her underwear as well and tossed it on the matching desk, where it landed with a wet slap. She was about to resume her work when Helen called out:

“Hey, don’t stop on my account. You were overdressed anyway.”

“Well, if you insist…” the teacher smiled before pulling her shirt over her head and unclipping her bra, leaving her buck naked.

“Now, what was I doing? Oh, right.”

She disappeared into the storage room again before re-emerging with a plastic tub and a roll of tape. She fed the tube several inches into Violet’s trachea and taped the end shut, making sure to keep the other end out of the water as she lowered the girl into the jar.

“There we go,” she said. “Nice and comfy?”

There was no reaction.

“Ah. Right. Well, no news is good news, right?”

“She looks pretty peaceful to me,” said Helen as she looked at the floating organs in the plastic jug, like a sort of macabre fish bowl. “So, now that you’ve finally shut up my daughter, I guess I’m next?”

Helen went to sit down on the desk in between the two halves of Violet, and the teacher slid her across so that her legs were dangling off the side. Her womb, still prolapsed and missing her ovaries, sat looking a little squashed on the edge. Then the teacher took her scalpel and began slowly cutting all of the woman’s meat away, starting at the bottom and working her way up. She scrapped it off the feet, cut the tendons around her ankles and her knees, and so on. Red muscle started to pile up on the floor.

“This is going to be a bitch to clean…” muttered Miss Green.

“Oh, I sympathize. I’d love to help after you’re done, but I won’t be much help, I’m afraid,” quipped Helen. She tried to kick her feet, or flex her toes, but her body had no response to her commands. “Weird. I’m not really used to not being able to move around well.”

“I can imagine you got around a lot, yes.”

“Well yes, I– hey, was that a sneaky way of calling me a slut?”

The teacher just giggled as she stared to slice off the quad muscles. Once Helen’s legs were bare bone, she started on the arms. Helen watched – and felt, or rather, did not feel – as her limbs were slowly skeletonized. While she could, she used her free arm to stroke the pure bone of her legs, her skinless finger slipping around the exposed femurs and gripping them. She decided against trying to stretch in case her skeleton flew apart – that would defeat the whole point of this, after all.

Then, all of a sudden, Helen was lying spread eagled on her back, arms and legs nothing but bone. Only her head and torso had any muscle left.

The teacher stood with the scalpel poised over Helen’s lower body, but she paused.

“Say… just how stretchy are you, really?”

Helen followed the woman’s eyes to her prolapsed uterus. She laughed.

“They don’t call me Elastigirl because I collect rubber bands. Go on, get in there.”

“Wait, what?”

“You. Crawl inside. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“I, err… I mean… could I?”

Helen rolled her eyes.

“Yes. Don’t worry, I’ve had bigger things than you in there.”

“Holy shit. What kind of things?”

“Well, one summer when the kids were in summer camp and Bob was away for the weekend on some work thing I got so horny that I fucked the car.”

“Oh my god!”

“Hey, it saves money on the car wash.”

“Okay, so how do I do this?”

“Same way you put on your pants: one leg at a time.”

Still a little nervous, Miss Green lifted Mrs. Parr’s torso off the table and held her upside-down, one foot positioned near Helen’s crotch as if she was putting on a stocking. With her toes, she pushed the womb back inside before slipping her whole foot inside. To her surprise, there was barely any resistance. Helen encouraged her to continue, and soon the teacher’s entire lower leg was engulfed by the other woman’s cunt. It poked out of the front of her torso, surrounded by the pink flesh stretched around it. Since she didn’t want to step on her soon-to-be skeleton, she sat down on the floor before guiding her other foot to the entrance. She felt her ass get wet as a puddle of liquid slowly spread beneath her.

Ignoring the feeling of the juices leaking out of her pussy, she slid in her other foot as well, going deeper and deeper until both of her knees were at the entrance of Helen’s hole. She looked at Mrs. Parr, who gave her an encouraging nod.

“Go on, you’re doing fine.”

The teacher laid back, lifted her legs into the air and firmly but gently grabbed the limbless woman’s hips. She started pulling her down, changing the angle a little every now and then as she gradually shimmied the torso down her long legs. Soon Helen’s face was obscured behind the ever-growing, obscenely stretched uterus poking out of her. Though the feeling was dampened by the flesh surrounding them, she was pretty sure she felt Helen press a kiss to one of her calves.

Taking this as a sign to continue, she placed her elbows on the ground and pushed, lifting up her ass along with her legs as she quickly braced herself with her hands. While yoga had never really been her thing, those lessons she took a year or two ago were paying off now. She started wiggling her ass, waiting for gravity to help now that her hands were occupied. It was slow going, but it did work, and the teacher marveled at the elasticity of Helen’s pussy as it slowly expanded to engulf her hips. The amputee woman came to rest somewhere around her waist, where her curved back was blocking the progress. If she could do a full handstand she could’ve kept going, but she’d quit yoga long before reaching that point. Spreading her legs to avoid crushing Mrs. Parr’s head beneath her feet, she lowered herself back down to the ground, and quickly rolled over to avoid smothering the woman beneath her own womb, which now covered almost her entire body like a blanket.

“Still okay, Mrs. Parr?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Like I said, don’t worry, you’re not going to break me. In fact, it feels rather nice. You’re a lot softer than the car was.”

“I’m not sure how I would have handled it if you had said I was tougher than the car.”

Miss Green, now lying flat on her stomach, started to inch herself backwards further inside. She wanted to ask Helen to hold herself in place a she lay on top, but given that her arms were now useless and skeletal, that option was now gone. So she just had to be patient, and not complain too much as her tits rubbed on the ground.

She could feel her feet pushing against the back of Helen’s womb, forcing her to bend her knees and really start pushing with the elbows. This meant that, when she was eventually neck-deep in super pussy, the teacher had to leave her arms out as her head went inside.

“Oh, are you bringing that with you?” asked Helen, looking at the sharp gleaming object in the teacher’s hand.

“Well, I am meant to be stripping you clean after all, and this seems like a fun way of getting out.”

“Hey, your call. See you when you’re ready to come out.”

Then Miss Green’s head was fully encompassed by the wet canal as she pushed herself backwards with her arms, back into the depths of the ridiculously large womb. Now this was a sex ed class her students could only dream of…

It was almost pitch-black now, with only a glimmer of light coming from the entrance. She curled herself into a fetal position and pinched the walls of Helen’s birth canal with her fingers, pushing them together in an effort to close up the hole. Her grip slipped, and the knife slide out of her hand, but the entrance closed, leaving her in total darkness. It was warm and wet in here, but strangely comfortable. She allowed herself to relax, and after half a minute or so she became aware that she could hear the pumping of Mrs. Parr’s heart. She focused on the sound. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. It was quite soothing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay like this forever. She estimated she had about half an hour left before the next period, and she couldn’t exactly let the students find her like this unless she wanted to get fired. Probably by an actual firing squad. She started looking for the knife by rubbing her hands along the floor of Helen’s uterus. Where had that thing gotten off to? Logically it should be pretty close to the cervix, but when she didn’t feel anything she started exploring further, sliding her hands in bigger and bigger arcs until a few of her fingers poked into a hole. Taking a quick mental inventory of her surroundings, she concluded it had to be one of Mrs. Parr’s fallopian tubes.

“Everything okay in there?” came Helen’s voice, just about audible over the beating of her lovely heart.

“Uh, yup! Just, uh–”

“Did you drop the scalpel inside my womb?”

“No! Only, well, yes,” admitted the teacher. She shoved more of her hand into the hole, frantically feeling around. “Just a quick check of your fallopian tubes and we should be good to go.”

“It’s not like I’ll be able to complain if you scratch anything…”

The teacher managed to fit most of her forearm into that small tube but found nothing. She felt around for the other hole with her right arm still stuck inside, then plunged her left hand in when she did. After just a little search, she damn near cut herself on the thing, but was able to withdrew her arm with her prize.

“Got it!” she said, before turning to her other hand. She could just take it out… but hey, this was a good place to start cutting. So she pierced just above the fallopian tube and started cutting around it in a circle. It was a little awkward, but she managed it.

“Feel that?”

“Okay, that was a little tougher than the car was.”

Then Miss Green pinched the fingers of her right hand, and pulled, hoping to take the tube with her as she did so.

The fallopian tube came loose from the surrounding flesh, leaving a hole about two inches across in the lining of Helen’s womb. The teacher, whose eyes had adjusted to the darkness, had to blink against the bright light pouring in through the opening. Given how stretchable Mrs. Parr was, she could probably squeeze herself out through the small hole. But why bother? It wasn’t like she had to keep the woman in once piece, after all. So instead, she tossed the disconnected piece of flesh out through the hole and, now that she could somewhat see what she was doing again, sunk the tip of the scalpel into the side of the womb a few inches above the cervix and started cutting along the side, almost as if she was unzipping a sleeping bag. She curved around the fallopian hole and continued to the back of the womb, then back down the other side. When she had made almost a full loop, she rolled so that Mrs. Parr was now beside her instead of on top of her, and she extended her limbs, pushing the two uterus flaps apart and emerging back into the classroom like a baby being delivered in an overzealous Caesarean birth.

“I bet that was a lot easier than your other kids,” grinned the teacher, before pausing and remembering who she was talking to. “Or maybe not.”

“I had to fake a lot of discomfort for the wet-nurses, yeah,” admitted Helen, getting a good look at her bisected womb. “Guess there won’t be a fourth kid now.” Miss Green got to her feet, dripping with juices, and wiping her face with what turned out to be Violet’s discarded scalp. She checked on Helen’s jar, and found the heart still beating for now. Then she took a deep breath.

“Well… time for the rest of you. I’ll try to keep you alive for as long as I can.”

“Don’t stress about it. I know you’re on a schedule. I want to be stripped clean and ready to be shown off for your next class.” Helen’s skinless face smiled up serenely. Despite all that had happened, she had never lost her cool. As could be expected of a world-class heroine. The teacher checked the clock. Twenty five minutes. She knelt down and got to work, starting with the pelvis.

It had been a while since she’d dissected anything herself. These days she only put out the trays of frogs for students to cut open. But handling a scalpel was a bit like riding a bike, and she soon got back into the swing of things. Due to the small size of the blade she couldn’t really carve off any big chunks, so she settled for a sort of ‘shaving’ technique, cutting off wedges a few inches long and maybe an inch or so deep. This worked pretty well, and after maybe a minute or two she had exposed the entire pelvis. Small bits and flecks of meat still remained in all of the corners and crevices, but it would do for now. She’d give the skeleton a thorough cleaning once she had the whole thing mounted. This reminded her that she needed to buy wire to connect all the bones together. The students would have to settle for a lying down skeleton for the time being, but Mrs. Parr being splayed out on her desk had seemed to work well enough last period.

Now that the last of the meat below Helen’s waist had been removed, the teacher shifted her attention to the woman’s abdomen. This should go a little quicker, as getting rid of the organs was a simple matter of severing the connections and pulling them out.

Out came the intestines, the kidneys, the liver, spleen, and of course the stomach. It was while the teacher was holding that last one in her hands that Helen gave a short laugh.

“Was always worried I’d gain weight after retirement,” she said. “Joke’s on me; I am going to leave one thin-ass body.”

“What’s a size below size zero?”


It made it easier, the almost playful way Helen had talked to her though this. Helen laughed again, then stopped as she felt a tug at her throat. The teacher cut the stomach free – she would deal with all the flesh part of the neck when she got to that. For now she dumped the organs and removed the rest of the abs and other muscles, using the same technique as before. She looked at the clock over her desk.

“Fifteen minutes till class starts. We’re close, though.”

“I’m going to feel at least partially responsible if you get caught. As much as I’ll be able to feel anything at all,” deadpanned Helen. Her spine was now exposed, connecting her lower half to her ribcage.

“Don’t distract me!” said Miss Green, as she approached her new target: Helen’s chest. She grabbed Helen’s esophagus, and, reaching up into her neck a bit, sliced it off just below the pharynx. Since she’d promised to keep Helen alive as long as possible, she didn’t touch the lungs or the heart yet. Instead, she turned Mrs. Parr over onto her – for lack of a better word given its absence – stomach, and started stripping off the muscles and flesh of her back. When she cleared the rib cage and shoulder bones of everything surrounding it, she moved on to the neck, carefully carving away while avoiding Helen’s windpipe. The head was next; she first sliced off the ears and nose, after which exposing the skull was kind of like peeling a particularly big potato. She glanced up the clock. Seven minutes remaining. Mrs. Parr, at this point, was looking a lot more skeletal already. The only things left that didn’t belong were her eyes, her tongue, her heart and her lungs. And her brain, technically, though that wasn’t as easily visible. And speaking of visible… she had the feeling something was missing. She just couldn’t put her finger on– she slapped her forehead. Right. The ribs. Couldn’t leave those out, could she?

She got up, rushed into the storage room, grabbed a tube of superglue and ran back to her desk. She scooped the shattered pieces of bone into her arms and sat back down next to Helen, trying to match the fragments to their proper positions. Fortunately there weren’t too many of them, and after a minute or two of craftwork she’d restored the vaulted ceiling of Helen’s chest cavity.

“Well, Mrs. Parr, I think it’s time for us to say goodbye. Sadly I don’t have the time to give you as big of a sendoff as you deserve, but is there a specific way in which you want to go out? I owe you at least that much.”

Helen was effectively immobilized at this point, unable to even move her head – or rather, her skull – as she answered.

“Can’t even cum anymore. Don’t even feel horny. No pussy will do that to you.”

“Uh, noted.”

“Just slice my ticker out, nice and quick. Are you going to get my brain out as well? You could shove a hook up my nose and mince it up to make it easy. The ancient Egyptians did that. I read it in a book.” Helen was smiling but now it was more of a default look, with her permanent skeletal grin.

“I’m ready. Take care of Violet. Unless she turns invisible in her jar, then just flush her down the toilet or something.”

“These are your last words, you know…”

“Okay, okay, I’m really ready now. Do it.”

In the end it was very straightforward. The teacher severed the arteries holding her heart in place. There were a few spurts, a few more beats, and then that was it. The lungs went still, and were swiftly removed. It wasn’t until she was scooping the eyes out that it occured to the teacher that she had just killed one of the world’s most beloved former superheroes. She looked down a the skull, where the tongue still remained. Then she leaned down and shared a final kiss with the still-warm tongue, before slicing it off.

With barely any time left for cleanup, she got a broom and swept all the chunks of Mrs. Parr into the storage room. As long as nobody went in there everything should be fine. She remembered to unlock the classroom door and moved the bones of Helen’s torso back into place between her limbs. The school bell rang, which meant that very soon the first students should be arriving. She cast one final glance around the room to see of she had missed any body parts.

“Ah, crap!” she said as her eyes fell on her clothes. She knew she’d forgotten something. She roughly pulled on her shirt and buttoned it. One of the buttons popped off, bouncing away across the floor. She rolled her eyes when she noticed she’d forgotten her bra. She grabbed it, along with her panties, which were still absolutely sodden. She opened the storage room, tossed them inside and slammed the door shut once more. She stepped into her pants and started pulling them up, trying to shove her feet into her shoes in the meantime. Barely two seconds passed between her pulling her zipper closed and the door opening, admitting the first set of students. Miss Green tried to mask her heavy breathing, and conjured as many non-sexual images in her mind as she could in the hopes that her nipples would stop poking through the fabric of her shirt as much as they were. She wasn’t having much luck though; with her panties gone, the rougher material of her pants rubbing against her labia was doing absolutely nothing to reduce her state of arousal, and she could already feel the crotch of her pants getting slightly damp. She walked behind her desk before the students could notice and resolved not to do any walking around this period.

When the last of the students filed in and took their places, so took a steadying breath.

“Hello class, today I’ve got a surprise for you…”
R: 7 / I: 0

The Foot Cleaning Challenge (non-guro, male, feet, humiliation)

This was based off a personal fantasy/daydream of mine. I'll unfortunately never get to live it out, so, I wrote it down. (If, though, you're in NY and want to RP, perhaps . . .)

It was the final challenge of the evening. De(feet), the 18+ foot-themed gameshow, was clocking in 3 million viewers at 9PM, a studio record. With only thirty minutes on the clock, the host was cool and collected, knowing the next challenge, always something that the (by then) intoxicated crowd loved.

"Alright," the Host said to the crowd into his microphone, "I need one person from the crowd for our finale. Let's take . . . you," he said, pointing to the back of the crowd. A young man had the spotlight shining on him, and he grew nervous under it's heat.

"Uh . . . no thank you," he said, the shyness in his voice becoming apparent. The crowd was having none of it; they started chanting and cheering, and the young man gave into pressure. He rose from his seat and started towards the stage.

"Excellent! Knew you could do it," the host said. "Have a seat right here, front and center."

"Alright," the man said, and sat down, looking around nervously and smiling.

"What's your name?"

"Jay," the man said into the microphone.

"Alright, Jay. How old are you?"


"25! Great age. Random question: Do you have a foot fetish?"

The crowd roared with scandalous laughter.

"Well . . .", he said, nervously giggling, "Sure. I love women's feet."

"Just women's feet? Say – put your feet up here." The host dragged a white footstool from the corner of the stage and place it right in front of Jay.

More nervous laughter from Jay. "Haha . . . why?"

"Ah, no questions! I ask the questions here!" The host went around the footstool, grabbed Jay's legs and put them on the footstool. Jay shook his head with laughter.

"Atta boy! Now . . . let's get rid of these." Jay was too nervous to resist. Instead, he grew very red but was still laughing. "What size feet do you have, Jay?"

"Ten, ten and a half, depending on the shoe." Before long, both shoes were off and tossed aside haphazardly.

"Do you like your feet?" The host playfully and mockfully began to massage Jay's feet.

"I mean, I've been told I have nice feet, and –"

"Well, that's a funny way of saying, 'Absolutely!'" Jay tried to shake his head and refute that, but the crowd went wild at the accusation.

"You all love that, don't you? You guys are the best." The crowd hungrily agreed.

"So . . ." the host continued, ". . . Who wants to see Jay's feet?"

Before Jay could move, in one quick movement, the host pinched the very tip of Jay's socks and removed them in one fell swoop, throwing them behind his shoulder. "And won't you look at these!" The crowd was uncontrollable; some people were whistling, some were cheering, but all were laughing. Jay buried his face into his hands and grew red as a tomato.

"I have to say, Jay – you have some of the nicest feet I've ever seen. The tops, your soles, the toes . . . phew, it's getting hot in here!"

"I . . . wow," Jay said, unable to speak a word both from entertainment and embarrassment.

"Alright, Jay. Here's the deal. Why do you think I have you showing your delicious soles to the world?"

"I have no idea," Jay said.

"We're about to start the Spring Cleaning challenge, and you're the first contestant. It may sound icky, but do you like the idea of five thousand dollars?"

"I mean, sure! Who wouldn't?"

"Let's see if you keep that enthusiasm. This is what the Spring Cleaning challenge is. It's quite simple. What I do is this: I take this bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup . . ." At that moment, the host produced a small squeeze-bottle of chocolate syrup from his jacket pocket. "And I cover one of your tootsies here in chocolate. Are you following me so far?"

". . . Yes," Jay said, looking quite worried, much to the audience's chagrin.

"Then . . . you have thirty-five seconds, only thirty-five, to clean your foot to the best of your abilities . . . with your tongue."

The crowd lost it again.

"Oh my god . . ." Jay again buried his face into his hands.

"What do you say?"

"I can't. I'm sorry."

The crowd boo'd.

"What about for $10,000? That's the highest I can go."

Jay's heart dropped to his stomach. The money was good, sure. It required him to do something gross. And, he was quite tipsy, and all his friends knew what happens when he gets tipsy . . . what if . . . he embarassed himself on stage in more than one way? He thought of his friends, his family . . . but they wouldn't be there to help him with his student loans. his rent. 10k could go very far.

The host, the crowd all saw him thinking, fighting with his own mind. "C'mon Jay. What do ya say?"

"Fuck it. Fine." Screams, cheers from the crowd.

"Alright! Here we go!" The host unlatched the bottle's cap. He turned it upside down, hit it a few times, and stopped any syrup from coming out. "Which foot, Jay?"

"I . . . I don't know. My right foot. I can't believe . . ."

"Oh, believe it!" The cap was undone, and a stream of cold, chocolate syrup covered Jay's foot, leaking through between his toes and dripping onto his sole. It was a messy situation, and the host called Diana, his attractive Chinese assistant, to help. She walked out with a latex glove on, took the squeeze bottle, and smothered Jay's foot in chocolate syrup. To make things a bit fair, most of the syrup was massaged onto his sole and into his toes, and off the top of his foot.

"Feel good?" The host asked. His assistant flashed a smile into the camera as she slowly and sexily rubbed Jay's foot with chocolate.
"I . . ." He couldn't finish the sentence and just shrugged his shoulders.

"Again, that means yes! Almost done, Diana?" She nodded her head yes, and stepped away from Jay. He looked more and more worried as the seconds went on.

"Alright, gang. You ready?" The crowd answered with glee.

"Jay . . . I'd suggest you prepare and position yourself." Jay's heart was pumping hard, almost through his chest. He sat crosslegged in the couch and rested his right leg across his left thigh. He shook his head from the ridiculousness of it all. His sole was so close to his face that his nose almost touched the chocolate. But Jay didn't hate it so much . . . as much he didn't want to admit that.

"On your marks . . ."

Jay gulped.

"Get set . . ."

Diana, too, was gifted with slight of hand. She reached to Jay's pants, unbuttoned and unzipped them. The boxers were moved around and, soon, his cock was poking through the hold of his boxers. The crowd went absolutely wild. Before Jay could resist, the host shouted . . .

"GO! 35 . . ."

Jay hesitated, but only for half a second. Something kicked in and his tongue immediately attacked his sole.

"32 . . ."

He didn't know where to go next. There was brown syrup in the wrinkles of his sole. He ran his tongue quickly along the wrinkles, but saw more dripping down the edge of his sole. Grabbing hold of the foot, he ran his tongue along the outer edge of his sole like the drippy edges of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now, his face was absolutely flush. Oh my god . . . he thought, I . . . I can't believe this is fun!

"27 . . ."

Still more syrup on the sole, near the instep and a bit on the heel. Jay worked his tongue up and down, left and right, and sucked the heel a few times, moving in and out with his mouth, lapping up what he could. He entered into the game, and all walls were down. He felt a rush in between his legs. I'm getting hard, he thought . . . Oh fuck . . . I'm getting hard . . . I can't believe this is happening.

"22 . . . WOW! Ladies and gentlemen, look at that!" The host pointed towards Jay's rock-hard cock. "And he said he didn't like his feet! Boy, what a lie!"

Jay was losing track of time. He was entranced with passion, but still kept the goal in mind. He ran his tongue and lips over the inner edge, repeating the same action as before, but as he approached the top of his big toe, his lips opened over it and the toe went in, and he began to suck it like a lollipop, his ecstatic face betraying his dignity.

"16 . . . c'mon, Jay! Clean that tasty foot!"

Jay was losing control. He was in a state of ecstasy. He traced his tongue back over his slicked sole, enjoying every slippery inch. There was still small spots of chocolate, but those were quickly cleaned up.
"8 . . . 7 . . . Don't forget those four lovely toes!"

Oh! Jay had forgotten about them in the discovery of his new object of affection. He went first towards his baby toe, and stayed there for a second, but it wasn't enough. A large Black lady screamed from the crowd, "Suck those toes, boy! Suck them good like you know you want to!"

"5 . . ."

In one motion, Jay stuffed all four toes into his mouth, frantically moving his tongue around them. It was too much to bear. Four wasn't enough, and bound by passion, all five were jammed into his mouth. It was pure embarassment but pure bliss. The camera panned in on his face, his foot in his mouth, and his eyes slightly were rolling back, and were ever-so-slightly crosseyed.


Maybe it was the loud bang from the confetti dispensor that startled him and jolted his body. It scared Jay, but the look on his face was priceless and would make network history. The camera zoomed in on him, and his face was a perfect mix of surprise and ecstasy. His whole foot was stuffed in his mouth, but that was the least controversial – a jet of cum, just at the moment time was called, shot into the air in front of him, and he was looking directly into the camera. It was a perfect snapshot that would be used for the show's advertising for years to come. The crowd was so wild with excitment that the host almost had to cover his ears.

"Oh my GOD! Ladies and gentlemen, THAT'S what we call Spring Cleaning! SO, how are you –"

Jay was panting in and out. About ten seconds had passed, but his foot was still firmly planted in his mouth, despite him being

"Diana, why don't you help him . . ."

"On it," she said. She calmly walked over and pulled his foot from his mouth. Jay slumped in his chair.

"Did . . . Did I win?"
R: 4 / I: 0

Quest Complete! Collect Feral Neko Tails (20/20) [combat gore, necro]

The herbalist, Tamira, had much going for her. Huge rack? Check. Extensive supply of potions and tonics? Check. A quest for an adventurer in need of some quick silver? Check.

"Twenty feral neko tails," she said, ferrying a dozen different concoctions back and forth across her hut. "That's how much I need."

Soren watched her as she worked. Though he stared intently at her jiggling breasts, he heard her request loud and clear. "Twenty feral neko tails. Got it. The notice said ten silver for each tail. That still good?"

Tamira hummed an affirmative, transferring a vial of liquid into an empty vessel. "Try to keep them intact. It won't work if they're excessively damaged."

He was glad for simple work. After a string of failed dungeon dives, he needed an easy quest to get him back on his feet.

"Don't worry. I'll get it done. Be back in a couple of hours."

* * *

Soren yawned and stretched the soreness from his limbs.

The depth of the forest yawned back at him, like the gaping maw of some antediluvian beast, taunting him with the promise of completion. He had spent the better part of the day scouring each copse, clearing and thicket in search of the feral cats that roamed the woods. Dusk approached and he had long since lost the path.

"One more tail," he mumbled, wiping sweat from his brow. "One more fucking tail."

He touched the bundle at his waist, all nineteen, tied together with a length of rope. The fuzzy texture tickled his fingertips with the caress. Some of the blood had crusted on the older tails; the newer ones were still slick with cat gore. Twenty tails was his quest, to help brew healing potions for the village of Landon entire. He'd assumed it wouldn't take him longer than a handful of hours to complete.

He'd assumed wrong.

The sky's blue faded into bruised orange. Soren sought a tree trunk to rest against when he heard a rustle in the bushes off to his right.

"…berries, berries! Need some berries!"

He followed the hissing lilt to its source, a feral neko shuffling around on hands and knees on the other side of a cluster of thickets. His heart leapt at the sight.

"Berries, berries…red ones, blue ones…come to mama…must eat!"

He observed his prey over the top of the thicket. She was tanned, with thick thighs, lean arms and a bushy tail striped through with white. Her ears were tall, the fur at the ends rough and jagged. She was older, tougher and meaner than the rest. His cock twitched to attention as her ass jiggled with each inch she crawled.

Soren slipped his sword out of its scabbard. The bushes parted at his approach. He crept with a hunter's grace toward her, fingers tight against the grip. She turned her head just as he raised his steel and narrowly avoided the downward arc of the blade.

"Outsider!" she hissed. "I smell the blood of my sisters on you! As Akara is my name, I shall avenge them!"

The neko bared her claws and fangs. Soren watched her tail stand up, her back arch and her heels dig into the grass, the telltale signs of a cat about to pounce. He leapt back as she leapt forward, narrowly avoided his face being clawed in half. She was fast. Too fast.

"Die!" growled the cat.

Soren shifted his grip, clasping his longsword's pommel for an upward slash. He waited, watched for his prey's next move.

She didn't disappoint. Darting sideways, the neko leapt at his side. He pivoted on his heel, turned his hip into the swing and sent his steel sailing through the air in a soaring arc that split her from pelvis to sternum.

The cat cried out as his blade hewed through her flesh. She fell to the grass with a thud, blood dripping from the bright red gash that lanced across her chest. She tried to rise, screamed from the pain and collapsed against the ground, shivering, spent. Soren let his smile stretch from ear to ear. Triumph, at long last."

"Nice moves, kitty. Too bad it didn't save you."

She snapped her fangs at him as he approached, a cute but powerless gesture. "Fuck…you…"

"Gladly." He laid a hand on her toned belly, felt the heat thrumming underneath. "After."

The neko shuddered as his fingers traced light trails against her flesh. Her skin, kissed by the sun, glistened wet with a slick sheen of sweat. "Not enough…to kill me…? You must…shame me…as well?"

"Don't think yourself so special, meat." He pressed his thumb on a small tattoo etched into her hip. "I just want your tail."

Her eyes darted to the collection of feline appendages hanging from his belt. Her nostrils flared. Fresh horror blanched her face. "No…my daughters…you…you…"

"Killed them? Yea." Soren rolled his thumb over her nipple. The brown nub hardened from his touch. "I figured you for a mother, body like this. Ready to join them?"

She maintained her facade of defiance, even as tears gathered under her eyes. "Hells take you, shitstain…"

Soren rolled his eyes. "Spare me. Nothing awaits you but the void." He drew his hunting knife. "Any last words?"

The sight of his steel bared over her heart broke the neko. She sobbed out a pathetic plea, grabbing him weakly by the wrist. "No…please…n-not yet…"

Soren plunged the knife down. She let out a long, strangled scream until the blood bubbled up into her throat and turned her cries into gurgles. He took her face in his hand, thumb against her cheek, gaze locked with her own.

"All you're good for," he whispered. "Snuffed and forgotten."

The neko held his gaze. Her eyes were tight with pain, anger and naked fear. Moments later, they softened and those emotions bled away. Her pupils dilated then relaxed and her body sunk heavy into the grass. She drew her last breath, chest expanding then deflating as a single, ragged exhale passed from her lips. He watched the light go out in her eyes, life fading into oblivion.

His cock was rock solid.

Soren removed her only article of clothing, a loin cloth thong tied together with a vine. As he eased the scrap of garment down her legs and off her feet, he found it drenched with girlcum.

"You slut…"

He wasted no time spreading her legs and stuffing her with hard pipe. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust, her cunt clenching around his length, the last vestiges of life in a dead slab of meat. He creamed her hole, filled her womb with hot seed and stuffed all her other holes until his balls were empty and she was leaking sticky white from every orifice.

With his nut still freshly dripping from her, he rolled the corpse over and clipped its tail. That was how he left it, as food for the beasts or the worms, whichever was lucky enough to get a first bite.

* * *

When, after night had long fallen, Soren knocked on the herbalist's door, the petite woman stared at him, not a hint of recognition in her bleary eyes.

"Neko tails," he said, holding up the bundle. "Twenty, as promised."

Tamira's eyes brightened and then her face turned red. "Oh…um…" She touched her index fingers against each other. "I reread the ingredients while you were away. Turns out I really only needed one."
R: 47 / I: 0

The Story of Jenna (Feet, Torture, Cannibalism)

He licked his lips for reasons he couldn't explain. The texture, shape, and color of those two objects made his stomach stir. This couldn't be happening, could it? Brian continued staring down at the two flip-flopped feet in front of him. He became mesmerized when she flashed a glimpse of her young, immaculate sole. It cried out to him, begged him. "No, he thought to myself. What's wrong with me?" He glanced at the perfectly tanned tops and the dark painted toes. There wasn't a single flaw or blemish anywhere on these 21-year-old feet.

Her name was Jenna. She was a conceited, wealthy sorority girl who majored in marketing. She had always treated him like dirt, and used men. She was widely known as "the bitchy one" by her classmates, but she was beautiful. She was slender with tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and perfect legs. Typically she rejected all but the best-looking, wealthiest, and most self-centered males. Jenna was the kind of girl who didn't deserve to have such nice feet.

"No, not at all," Brian thought to himself while staring at those two perfect feet propped underneath the chair in front of him. The soft wrinkles of her creamy white soles exposed as she removed her foot from her flip-flop and crunched her cute little toes. He imagined what it'd feel like to be holding those two feet in his hands, freshly severed from their owner, her face crying in pain, sheer shock and disgust. He could do whatever he wanted with them, hell, even eat them. Yes, eat them. Mmmm.

Brian licked his lips and came up with a plan to get those feet off Jenna's legs and onto his dinner plate.

He continued to stare at them, his mind racing. Jenna sat at her desk, her luscious smooth soles bringing odd sexual urges that Brian had never felt before. They really were flawless soles, so creamy white and so soft looking. The pinkish tan line at the sides made them all the more beautiful. Each toe was a work of art, long, but perfectly proportioned and descending in size from big to little. Each ended in a plump, juicy head with a nice dark nail polish from a fresh pedicure. Her arches were high and heels perfectly round, almost like she never walked on them. There wasn't a callous anywhere. How she made it to this age with such unblemished feet was hard to believe. He swallowed hard as Jenna moved her feet back into her flip-flops. The show was over.

After class, Brian went home to his girlfriend, Leah, who happened to be one of Jenna's sorority sisters. She was attractive, but did not have quite the intense sex appeal that Jenna had. She was a good lay though, that was for sure. Brian really liked her personality too. She was smart and very open with him. He couldn't really ask for much better. For whatever reason, he decided to ask Leah if she knew Jenna.

"Do you hang out with Jenna much?"

"Oh God no, she is SUCH a bitch! I hate her," Leah quickly responded.

It was an odd reaction, but Brian decided to dig deeper. "Yeah, I kind of figured that. I have a class with her and she seems really stuck up and mean. I get the impression she hates everyone not as lucky as her and thinks she walks on water."

"Oh yea, that's Jenna alright. She thinks she's God's gift to men. She's a huge slut too. I can't believe how many guys she has slept with. She's probably the biggest slut in my sorority."

"Well, she is pretty," Brian continued.

"Oh, not you too?!" Leah countered. "God, every guy is always hitting on her. It really gets to her head. I agree she's pretty, but when you're that big of a slutty bitch, nothing can make up for it."

"Oh yeah, I would never date someone like that!" Brian commented. "It's just I can see why guys like her. She's got a nice body too. She seems to take care of herself."

"If by take care, you mean constant pedicures and manicures, and tanning booths, you're right." Leah started laughing. "She probably spends more money on that than schoolbooks! She's obsessed with keeping her hands and feet looking good. One chip in her toenail, and she has the pledges do a full pedicure!"

Brian imagined those perfect feet and got a little aroused. "Man, that's horrible!"

"I know, right? The pledges all hate her. They literally have to wait hand and foot on her. I did too when I pledged. I spent so much time down at her feet it made me sick!" Leah seemed riled up and full of resentment. "I always had to paint her toenails like a little slave! Fucking whore!"

Brian couldn't believe the anger coming out of Leah. Sure, Jenna was horribly mean to him in class, but it wouldn't ever get to him that much. His earlier daydreams were just fantasy. He didn't actually want to hurt her or anything. It sounded like his girlfriend did.

"I'd love to get that bitch back. She always borrows my stuff without asking too. Ever since I moved into the house, Jenna has just gotten worse and worse." Leah continued until Brian grabbed a couple of beers and they started drinking before the night out on the town.

"Jeez Leah, sorry I brought it up. Let's just have some fun tonight."

The night wore on and they got drunk and partied. They met up with some friends, and then later retreated back to Brian's place for more drinking. The next morning they had a wicked hangover.

"Jesus, it's 10am, I got to go to class!" Brian jumped out of bed and nudged Leah, who was still sound asleep and ignoring him. She moaned and turned over. She probably wouldn't be making it to class.

Brian threw on some clothes as fast as he could and literally ran to his class. He got there ten minutes late, which no doubt would peeve the professor who always got mad if anyone was more than five minutes late. Surprisingly, as he walked in, it wasn't the professor who made an issue of it, but Jenna.

"Are you kidding me, Brian?" Jenna laughed, obviously trying to kiss the professor's ass. "Fail him for the semester!"

"God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be late." Brian fumbled his words as the professor looked up at him.

"Brian, you know my policy. What's your excuse?"

Brian couldn't think anything up and just blurted out the truth, "I went out drinking last night."

"I appreciate your honesty, but from now on, show a little responsibility." The professor seemed like he was going to let it slide this time.

Jenna on the other hand couldn't let it go. Brian sat down behind Jenna in his usual seat and she turned back and glared at him with her pretty brown eyes. "You are pathetic, Brian. Probably out with my ugly bitch sorority sister, Leah, right? Fucking loser."

Brian couldn't believe how mean Jenna was. "You are horrible, Jenna. And don't give me any shit. I see you out drunk all the time on weeknights. You came in late yesterday!"

"I can do whatever I want. Every professor at this college wants me."

Sadly, Brian knew she was right. It was horrible how girls like Jenna skated by on their looks, but it was the way things were at this university. Brian was really starting to hate this girl.

After he was done with classes, Brian came back to his apartment to find Leah crying. "What's wrong, baby?" Brian asked.

"Jenna stole my favorite shirt and lost it at a guy's house. It cost $80 and I don't have the money to replace it. You know my parents aren't rich like hers. Why does she keep doing this to me? I've done nothing to her."

Brian put his arm around her and comforted her. He knew Jenna just was a horrible person deep down with a very inflated ego. She was a classic spoiled rich girl who didn't identify with anyone who had to work hard for their place in life.

"Have you ever thought of getting back at her?" Brian asked. He wanted to get back at her too for all her insults.

"I want nothing more in this world." Leah replied, a burst of energy filling up inside her. "She has done nothing but insult me and talk shit about me since the day we met."

"What if we did something to scare her so much that she would never bother us again?" Brian was thinking back to all those images of her beautiful size 8 feet displayed in flip-flops every day in class. She always dressed the same with jeans and those beautiful feet on display in all their glory.

"It's about time, Brian!" Leah exclaimed. "Let's get her good! I mean really hurt her!" Leah had an evil glint in her eye.

Brian had found his partner in crime, but he still had some second guesses. He never had hurt anyone before, not even hit anyone before. He was a nice guy, but he knew he had to stand up for his girlfriend. And he couldn't lie to himself. He desperately wanted to feel those feet.

"You said that Jenna always likes to make the pledges give her pedicures. Maybe we can give her a pedicure she'll never forget." Brian swallowed hard, starting to contemplate the full implications of what he was proposing.

Leah smiled, "I'd love to."

And so it was set. Brian and Leah hashed out their plans over drinks. Leah knew Jenna's every move. They'd get her on one of her drunken stupors around town. Brian knew of a house that was currently vacant that had a basement that would be perfect for hiding Jenna. Tonight would be the night.

Leah knew Jenna was a attending a party and then bars, then maybe another party or going home with a guy. Leah and Brian stayed up late drinking and tracked her whereabouts. Leah had gone to all the same parties and bars as Jenna and relayed the information to Brian. She told him to be ready for Jenna at 3am on the far side of town.

Sure enough, Brian caught a glimpse of Jenna leaving a house where it looked like a party was going on. He couldn't help but notice she was wearing flip-flips. He could hear the little pitter patter of her walking on the pavement. As she got some distance from the house, he ran out and drugged her. She screamed a little but was out cold in seconds. Than Leah came out of the house and walked up the street.

"God, I hope no one heard her," Brian gasped, panting nervously about what he just did. "You sure you want to do this?" Brian held up Jenna's limp unconscious body and noticed one of her flip-flops fell off. He slipped it back on her foot, making sure to let his hand graze across the underside. He couldn't believe how soft and smooth it was.

"No one heard anything. They're all wasted. Let's get her to the house."

Brian and Leah carried Jenna two blocks before they came upon the vacant house. The door was locked. "Dammit, Leah, let's just leave her here and forget about this. We're doing something illegal here. We can't just kidnap her like this. If we stop now, we'll be fine. She won't be able to identify us."

Leah looked disgusted. "Quit being such a pussy. It was your idea." Leah was obviously drunk, slurring her speech as she spoke. Brian had a lot to drink too that night, but he could tell he wasn't as drunk as Leah. But both of them were in no condition to be making such reckless decisions.

"C'mon, Leah, just think about this. This is really wrong." Brian set down Jenna on the front porch and started to walk away. "Don't be dumb. This isn't worth it."

Drunkenly, Leah broke out a window on the front door of the house with a piece of wood lying on the porch. She opened up the creaking door, and started to drag Jenna inside, struggling to get her legs in the doorway. "Help me, dammit!" Leah gasped.

Brian had to make a quick decision. Either he went back and helped his girlfriend, or he walked away, and who knows what would happen to Jenna. Judging by how much Leah drank, Brian knew she was not going to make any smart decisions that night. She looked like an animal claiming its prey. Brian hesitated, but figured he was already in too deep. If anything happened to Jenna, he was at least partly responsible. Maybe he could convince his girlfriend to go easy on her.

Brian reluctantly walked back up the porch and picked up Jenna's feet. He couldn't help but notice how warm and soft they were. The glossy painted toes gleamed in the moonlight. One of the feet brushed his groin, and he actually got an erection. Leah grabbed Jenna's arms and started heading into the house. She drunkenly made it to the basement door. Together, they carried Jenna down the stairs and set her down on a table in the middle of the room. They grabbed some rope and tied her wrists and ankles down. Jenna didn't move. She was still unconscious.

Leah went back upstairs to shut the front door of the house and door to the basement. She drunkenly stumbled down the stairs. "Let's get that bitch, Jenna!" She burped loudly.

"Leah, I can't do this." Brian realized how drunk he was. He wasn't thinking straight. This whole thing was a very bad idea.

"You're fucking doing this Brian, or I'll tell the cops it was all you. You're a terrible boyfriend."

Leah looked down at Jenna and started stroking her lush brown hair. She ran her hands over her breasts, then down her stomach. She continued down her legs, squeezing them through the jeans, and then made it down to her ankles. She let her fingers graze over the tops of Jenna's feet and pinched her toes. She then slid her fingers underneath her flip-flops and rubbed them along the soles, making sure to feel Jenna's arches and heels. She pulled them out and grinned at Brian.

Brian glanced at Jenna to look for any reaction. There was none. She was really out cold. He didn't know what to do. There was his girlfriend standing there with the most diabolical look on her face, and there was Jenna lying helpless to do anything.

Leah grabbed Brian's hand and put it atop Jenna's left foot. "Take off her flip-flops. I want to see her bare feet."

Brian did as he was told and slid off Jenna's flip-flops, revealing the immaculate, creamy white soles of her feet. They were so smooth, she probably just had them pedicured that day. Brian ran his hand over the arch of Jenna's left foot, feeling its perfect contours and then stopping at the butter soft, fleshy round heel. He played with each meaty toe before stepping back trying to stop himself from going any further. But the primitive feelings inside his stomach were coming back. Despite his resistance, his mouth started to water. The soles of Jenna's feet looked like two fine pieces of meat. Her feet would be delicious. He felt a mix of arousal and hunger.

"I think it's time to give Jenna a pedicure," Leah grinned while pulling out a bookbag. She unzipped it and inside were various knives and cutting utensils.

Brian had a sinking feeling in his stomach. "Leah, let's just think about this for a second." He noticed Jenna start to wake.

Leah took out a marker, rolled up Jenna's jeans, and drew a line around both of her slender, nicely tanned ankles.

Jenna blinked and glanced down at the end of the table. "What the hell?"

Leah got excited. She wanted Jenna to be awake for this. Leah started tickling the bottoms of Jenna's perfect peds. Jenna started to wiggle her toes and flex her arches in protest. "Where am I?"

Jenna noticed she was tied down tight and couldn't move. She got a glimpse of Leah. "Oh my God," she gasped with a shiver of fear trembling down her spine and through her beautiful bare feet. She then noticed Brian, who at this point looked nuts. "Oh Jesus, what the fuck is going on?!"

Brian started to talk, but Leah interrupted him, "Hi Jenna, it's going to be a long night, my little slut. I've got big plans for you."

Truthfully, Brian wasn't sure what these plans were, because they never actually discussed them beforehand. This was one drunken disaster unfolding before his eyes. There was no turning back now. Jenna identified them both. Plus, in his drunkeness, he was getting pretty hungry.

"You fucking ugly losers! Untie me!" Jenna yelled. "What the hell are you doing?!" Jenna noticed the lines drawn around her ankles, and that the bottoms of her jeans were rolled up. She didn't know what to think of it, but it really creeped her out.

Leah started tickling her bare feet. "You sure do love making pledges give you pedicures, don't you Jenna?" Leah felt her stomach stir. "I'm hungry, how about you Brian?"

Brian stared at Jenna's luscious soles. "Yeah, sure am."

"Do you think anything is open? It's getting pretty late?"

"Doubt it. We're gonna have to think of something else. I thought maybe Jenna's feet would do."

Jenna looked stunned and froze in terror. "Oh my God, untie me Leah! Get me away from this creepy fucking loser!"

Leah just smiled and bent down at the end of the table. She stuck out her tongue and started running it along Jenna's smooth soles, swirling it in her arches and sticking it between each of her juicy toes. She even started to nibble on the soft heels. Leah went to town on both of the high arched wonders. Jenna knew she was doomed.

"Yeah, Brian, I think Jenna's feet will do."

Brian decided to go in and lick them too. He sucked on her large big toe that was just begging to be eaten. He started to bite into the base as Jenna let out a scream.

"Oh my God you sick fuck, let me go! Do you have any idea what you're doing?!"

Leah looked into her bookbag and started pulling out all the knives. "How are we going to get through those ankles of yours, Jenna? I mean, we're going to have to cut off your feet before we can eat them, right?"

Jenna whimpered in fear. "Leah, I know you've had a lot to drink, but just stop and think about this. I'm sorry I've been so mean to you. Just don't cut off my feet!"

Leah pulled out a large serrated knife and set it on the table. "I'm starving, Brian! Jenna's feet look so tasty! Just look at those delicious soles and tan lines! I bet there's some good meat in those tootsies!" Leah started poking into her fleshy soles, which just further sent Jenna into a writhing frenzy.

Brian couldn't believe his eyes. It turned out his girlfriend had all the same desires he did. His mouth was watering just watching his girlfriend feeling up Jenna's helpless bare feet. No matter how hard she tried, Jenna could not escape Leah's grasp. Leah picked up the knife and handed it to Brian. He wanted him to be the one who did it.

"I don't think I've got the strength for a foot amputation. Why don't you do me a favor and cut off both of her feet for me, hey honey?"

Jenna couldn't believe her ears. "Help, please God, somebody help me! Ah!! They're going to cut of my feet! Oh my God, they're psycho! Somebody, anybody, help me!!!!!"

Brian walked down to her terror-stricken face and whispered in her ear. "No one can hear you, Jenna. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to cut off your feet and eat them."

Jenna tried with all her might to break free from her bonds as Brian walked down to her left foot. He grabbed it tightly around the arch and squeezed hard, pushing her heel into the wood. Then it came. The first cut caused worse screams than Brian had ever heard in his life. It was like nothing he had experienced before. She was shaking violently on the table screaming her head off as he continued cutting into her ankle.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooo! Oh God!!!! Stop!!!!!!! Please God! Stop!!!!!!"

Tears were pouring out of her eyes. Blood was pouring profusely from the wound. Brian had to readjust his grip since so much blood now covered her foot and made it slippery. He felt her toes twitch and arch spasm as he wrapped his hand around her midsole. Then he continued cutting. The knife went deeper and deeper into the bone. The pain Jenna was feeling was beyond comprehension. Her screams just grew louder and more desperate as her entire face was coated with tears.

Leah had to leave the room. She couldn't take Jenna's screams. Despite how drunk she was, it turned out it was too much for her to handle.

Soon, Jenna's left foot stopped moving. The knife was over halfway through the ankle. Brian could feel the life leave Jenna's foot. He again wrapped his fingers around the arch and pushed down onto the table. Jenna's screams never stopped as the sawing continued. Eventually, he reached the other side of the bone, and with a few quick strokes, severed her achilles tendon. The foot fell off in his hand. He set it down on the table and examined himself. He was covered in her blood.

Jenna was moaning in extreme pain and complete shock at what had just happened. Her foot was really just amputated like something out of horror film. Her leg ended in nothing but a stump. The bottom of her pant leg was completely soaked in blood. Through the tears in her eyes, she could see her severed foot lying at the end of the table in a pool of blood. The pretty toes were freshly painted, but blood trickled off the tips of them. She got sick to her stomach upon seeing the ankle bone and raggedy flesh where her foot used to attach to her leg.

Leah came back into the room, and looked around nervously. Brian just shrugged his shoulders. Leah walked to the end of the table and looked at Jenna's pain-torn face. She had never seen a look of despair like that before. She was crying and moaning like there was no tomorrow.

Leah picked up the severed foot, wrapping her hand around the arch. Fresh blood oozed between her fingers. It was still warm. She glanced at the pedicured toes, completely lifeless. She looked over the creamy white sole, which now had blood stains on it. Then she gazed over the tan top, which was nearly covered in blood. Jenna's foot was now just a piece of meat. "It's heavier than I thought it would be."

"Yeah, I know." Brian wiped his bloody hands on his shirt. Jenna stared into his eyes. She had the look of total shock.

Brian took the foot from Leah, marveling at how soft and warm it still was. He licked some blood off the sole. "Mmm, not bad. Try it, Leah."

Leah grabbed the foot and started sucking the toes, cleaning all the blood off of them and the top of the foot. Soon, she worked her tongue around the ball of the foot and heel. The tan top of the foot still had great color, and once the blood was off of the sole, it too was still fresh and creamy white in color.

Jenna was barely conscious at this point, ready to pass out from blood loss and shock. Her painful moans started to quiet a bit. The blood loss from her ankle was slowing, but it was clear she was not in good shape.

Brian and Leah continued to play with Jenna's severed foot without a care in the world. Brian unzipped his pants. "I wonder what it would feel like on my dick?"

He lowered Jenna's severed foot onto the head of his erect penis. He let the toes brush across the top and soon started rubbing his dick over the high arch of the foot. It felt wonderful. It was smoother and softer than anything he ever felt on his penis before. Eventually, he worked his way to the incredibly soft heel, thrusting into the soft flesh. He started running the size 8 appendage up and down his shaft, letting the toes curl over the head. Soon he came all over the sole of the foot.

Leah looked shocked. "Wow, I guess you like Jenna's feet more than just dinner items."

Brian took the cum covered foot and brought it up to Jenna's horrified face.

"No, please, no, take me to a hospital, please God!" Jenna cried. "My foot! Oh my God, what did you did to my foot!"

Brian bent down and whispered into her ear. "If you lick it clean, I won't cut off your other foot."

Jenna started crying uncontrollably as Brian ran the sole of her severed foot over her lips, his cum coating her face. "Please don't do this!" Jenna tried shaking again, but had little strength because of all the blood loss. She turned her head to the side as Brian grabbed her jaw and jerked her head back.

"C'mon, you slut, lick your sexy little foot clean."

Leah started laughing as Jenna's tongue lapped along the smooth underside of her amputated foot. It was a ridiculous sight. Brian shoved the toes of of the severed foot into Jenna's mouth. She wrapped her tongue around her big toe while crying. She sucked it clean and moved onto the next. This continued until all the cum was off of the toes. Then she stuck her tongue into her arch, lapping up all the cum, making sure it was spotless.

"C'mon slut, that's not good enough. We need this clean enough to eat! We're starving!"

Jenna kept crying and started lapping up the cum off the soft heel of her severed appendage. Within a few more minutes, her severed foot was spotless, but covered in her saliva.

Jenna kept crying, "Please get me some help!" She could tell by the look in Brian's eye that the night was still young.

Brian took Jenna's amputated foot and set it back down at the end of the table. "Jenna, Jenna, Jenna," he laughed while running his fingers up and down the sole of her right foot, marveling at its texture. "Hmmm, I don't think one size 8 is going to big enough for the two of us. We might need some more meat!"

Jenna's eyes opened wide. Not only had she just experienced the nightmare of a lifetime having her left foot amputated by these sickos, but they now were planning to cut off her other foot. "You promised you wouldn't!" Jenna cried to no avail. "Please, get me to a hospital! I'm begging you! Stop this! Don't cut off my other foot!" Jenna trashed violently, trying to escape the table, her footless left leg banging against the wood.

"Sorry, Jenna, I guess I lied. I appreciate you cleaning your foot, but this tootsie has a date with the oven too!"

Brian grabbed the knife and gripped Jenna's right foot in his hand. As soon as he ripped into the delicate ankle, Jenna's screams once again got out of control. Her voice was cracking up from all the earlier screaming.

"I can't take it!" Leah yelled while watching Brian saw into Jenna's slender ankle. Blood was flying out of the wound. "Her screaming, I can't take it!"

Brian was in another world as he continued cutting off Jenna's right foot. It convulsed and writhed in his hand like prey trying to escape its impending doom. The toes flexed and spasmed as each cut brought Brian closer to his prize. He loved the feeling of Jenna's helpless foot in his hand.

The screams just grew louder and louder, even worse than before. Jenna glanced down at the torture scene. The knife was deep into her ankle and blood kept flying up her pant leg. Some even got on her face. The tears kept rolling out until she had no more tears left. Brian smiled at Jenna and kept sawing and sawing like a woodsman immersed in his craft. Leah's stomach churned as the drunken hunger became too much to bear.

"Hurry up Brian, I'm starving! Cut off that slut's foot!"

Jenna knew it was almost over. She started to lose her bearings. The pain was just unbearable as the knife continued its descent into her ankle bone. Soon, she no longer could feel her foot at all. The knife was all the way through the bone and Brian severed the achilles tendon.

Her moans grew more desperate as she feared she was going to slip away.

"Just ignore her, Brian," Leah said as she walked up to the table and picked up the freshly severed right foot of Jenna. She licked the warm sole and sucked on the pretty painted toes.

"God, Jenna's feet are going to be so delicious." Leah couldn't contain her excitement. Brian felt himself getting aroused again. "Here you go, baby. I want Jenna to watch. The slut can watch what we do with her sexy little feet."

Leah unzipped Brian's pants and took out his dick. She grabbed both of Jenna's severed feet and wrapped them around his shaft. "Feel good, baby?" Leah asked while glancing back to laugh at Jenna. "Hey Jenna, look at your feet!"

Jenna was moaning and whimpering from the pain of just having both her feet chopped off. She glanced towards Leah then looked down to see her severed feet used as sex toys. She could see the blood-soaked footless ends of her jeans at the end of the table, and beyond that, both of her amputated feet stroking off Brian's erect cock.

Brian shuddered in pleasure as the unbelievable soft soles of Jenna's now amputated feet worked their way up and down his shaft. The soft, beautiful toes rubbed against the head of his penis, and butter soft heels pushed against his balls. Leah adjusted the severed feet and placed Brian's dick between the high arches. This aroused Brian further.

Jenna just kept crying while watching this horror show unfold with what used to be her beautiful feet. They were now just two pieces of meat that were being used in some sort of sick sexual act. "Why?" Jenna whimpered. The pain was still unbearable, but seeing her severed feet used in such a debased manner just made things worse.

"She could've been a foot model with such perfect feet. Well, I guess could've been before tonight, haha," Brian said as the soft, creamy white soles worked their way up his penis. Leah was now rubbing them all over, making sure he felt every inch of those flawless feet one last time before their journey into the oven. He eventually came all over both of Jenna's amputated feet.

"Should we let Jenna play with her feet again?" Brian asked, looking at Leah with desire.

"Naw, I'll take care of it this time. I want to enjoy them before we eat them." Leah grabbed both of Jenna's severed feet and starting lapping up the cum on the soles. She sucked the toes dry and ran her tongue in circles around the supple heels.

Jenna just kept crying, and crying. "You sick fucks, get me to a hospital. Please. Oh, my feet," she whimpered.

Leah ignored her and continued to enjoy her beautiful tan feet. She even sucked a little blood from where the ankles used to attach to Jenna's legs. "Hmmm, Jenna, I'm sorry, but we're keeping you around. Don't you want to watch us enjoy our meal? You're staying put you little slut. You're going to watch us dine on your beautiful feet.

Jenna kept crying and asked them to kill her. "Please, please, just end it. I'm in so much pain. How could you do this to me?" Her moans grew louder as she writhed and trembled, looking in horror at her severed feet being held in Leah's hands.

"We said we weren't going to kill you Jenna. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine. It's not like people liked you for your feet, right?"

Brian and Leah walked upstairs to the kitchen of the house. They realized how drunk they still were as the climbed the stairs. As they reached the kitchen, they turned on the oven. "Hey, still works!" Leah exclaimed.

Brian started going through the cupboards looking for seasonings and a baking dish. He found what he needed. Leah set Jenna's feet down on the counter and helped Brian prepare a rub. They found some lemons, cut them up, and put them to the side. Brian threw some oregano and basil into a bowl. He lightly tossed Jenna's feet in it, making sure the soft, tender soles got a good amount. He then grabbed a jar of honey he found. "How about some sweet feet, Leah?"

Leah smiled. "Honey will go great with Jenna's feet." Brian set both feet soles up into the large baking dish and drizzled honey and lemon all over them. He rubbed it over the soles, toes, heels, and tan tops of Jenna's feet. He made sure to get the sides and tan lines too. The oven was soon ready, and Leah smiled.

"Let's put them in, and bake them rare. I can't wait any longer, plus I'm sure feet as perfect as Jenna's don't need much cooking."

"Honestly, Leah, I used to look at her feet and think how good they might taste, even raw. I can't believe we're actually going to eat them for real." Brian burped, tasting the beer from earlier.

"I am so hungry," Leah continued, as her mouth started to water. The sweet, aromatic smell of Jenna's baking feet filled the air. "Hey, we didn't have a choice. Everything is closed and we had to eat something, right?"

Brian nodded, and opened up the oven. A incredibly sweet smelling steam filled the kitchen air. Brian salivated as he looked at the lightly cooked soles of Jenna's incredible feet. They were still creamy white in color, but it was obvious the honey and seasoning had worked its way into the soft meat. The toes glistened as foot juices pooled in the baking dish. Leah stuck her finger in the foot juices, and licked it. "Oh my God, this is incredible."

Brian grabbed a plate and lifted out both of the hot feet. They kept their shape as well as their color. The tops stayed tan and the soles stayed creamy white with light pinkish tan lines at the sides. He placed them both soles up on the plate and drizzled the honey foot juices over the mouth-watering soles. "Show time."

Leah smiled and opened the door to the basement. She grabbed two chairs and started taking them downstairs. Brian followed with both of Jenna's cooked feet lying soles up on the plate. He went down the stairs and greeted Jenna. "Wow, fifteen minutes, Jenna. Your feet cooked up real nice real fast. Let's take a seat, shall we?"

Brian walked to the end of the table where Jenna's head was. Jenna looked in terror at the sight. On the plate were both of her pretty feet lying soles up in a pool of foot juices like two pieces of rarely cooked meat. It was a horrifying sight, and she started crying uncontrollably again. "Please, please, what is wrong with you?" The tears poured out of her beautiful eyes, streaming down her striking face.

Leah grabbed a knife and fork and sat down next to Brian. "I want to watch her cry while we eat." Leah took her fork and pierced the big toe on one of the feet. She then sawed it off with her knife. She popped it in her mouth and looked shocked. Juices exploded from the incredibly tender meat and rolled down her chin. Brian moved in to lick it off. Leah started to chew the soft flesh and swallowed hard. "Oh my God, Jenna, I don't know what you did to your feet, but these are just incredible! I've never tasted anything like this! It's so sweet and tender!"

Brian couldn't wait any longer. He sliced off a hunk of arch meat from the same foot and stuck it in his mouth. Words could not describe the flavor explosion he experienced. The sweetness and texture was unlike any other meat he had eaten before. It was so soft, it practically melted in his mouth. He chewed and swallowed the delicate sole meat, and continued to cut off a hunk from the ball of the foot. He didn't think it would be as tender since Jenna put her dainty weight on it as she walked to and from class, but he was wrong. Another flavor explosion filled his mouth with delight.

Jenna was crying harder now. "Please God, oh please God, help me," she whimpered. "My feet! My poor feet!" Tears kept streaming down her pretty face.

Leah decided it was time to try what she had wanted to eat more than anything, Jenna's immaculate, pedicured heels. "I spent so much time making sure Jenna's feet didn't have a callous or blemish on them. She has softer heels than a teenager." Leah pierced the round heel of Jenna's half-eaten foot and sliced out of a large hunk of juicy meat. She stuck it in her mouth and her eyes light up in surprise. "Wow, maybe even better than her big toe!" The heel meat was some of the juiciest and most well-marbled. Rich foot juices flowed out of her mouth as she leaned over Jenna's face, making sure to let some of the juices land on Jenna's lips. "Sorry Jenna, just thought you might want to try some of your feet."

Brian cut off Jenna's second toe and pierced it with his fork. He lifted it up and ran it over Jenna's lips. "Eat up, bitch."

Jenna clamped her mouth shut, but it was no use. Brian shoved the toe into her mouth. She immediately spit it out while crying. Brian leaned in over her lips and clenched it between his teeth, letting his tongue rub all over Jenna's face. He chewed loudly and spit out the bone. "Wow, Leah, these toes are incredible. They taste different from the arch and ball of the foot, but still great in their own way. I've got to try some of Jenna's heel meat."

Leah sliced another hunk of heel meat from Jenna's now mostly eaten left foot. Brian's reaction was the same as Leah's, sheer shock and satisfaction. "Just incredible. It's as good as the arch meat. That's just incredible since Jenna put more weight on this than any other part of her feet. I figured it would be less tender, but I was wrong." Juices flowed out of Brian's mouth as he savored each luscious bite of Jenna's foot meat.

Jenna continued to cry and moan in pain.

"Well, I guess all those pedicures finally paid off!" Leah laughed as she finished slicing off the toes of Jenna's left foot. She ate two and gave the baby toe to Brian. Brian shoved it in his mouth. It was small, but the meat was incredibly tender. Still, he wondered what the big toe was like. He looked down at the right foot and his mouth watered in anticipation. Jenna had large big toes that were perfectly shaped.

Leah finished off the sole meat on Jenna's left foot. All that remained were skeletal remains. As she was chewing in delight, Brian started cutting off Jenna's other big toe. He picked the severed digit up between his fingers and stuck it in his mouth. The flesh on the pad of the toe was just as soft as he could have imagined. It was even softer than the arches and heels. He lightly chewed as the tender meat fell apart in his mouth. He pulled out the bone with his fingers and dropped it on the table.

Leah got to work on the arch of the right foot. She sliced out a mouth-watering hunk of meat. She brought the fork to her face and took a few small bites. Her face exploded. The sole meat was just incredibly tender and textured. It had a little more flavor than the heels or big toe, but Leah couldn't decide which part was better. "Jenna, every part of your feet is just exquisite. I never knew something could taste this good."

Jenna whimpered as she noticed her right foot was now half gone as Brian took out another large hunk of her sole. She wanted out of this nightmare, but it was clear they wanted her to continue to suffer. It was bad enough they cut off her feet, but now they were devouring them right in front of her eyes. There was no point in asking for any help. It would be over soon enough.

Brian and Leah continued to eat the meat from Jenna's right foot until it was nothing but bones and ligaments. They just had the best meal of their lives. Every one of Jenna's toes was a tender morsel fit for a king. Jenna's soles were a work of culinary art. Jenna's heels were beyond comprehension in flavor and texture. Overall, Jenna's feet were a meal that would never be topped.

Brian and Leah walked home and went to bed, still drunk, but no longer hungry. Hours later, Brian woke up with a bad hangover, not remembering much from the night before.

"Leah, you're not going to believe this, but I had the most horrible nightmare. You know that Jenna girl? I dreamed we kidnapped her and ate her feet! Isn't that crazy?"

Leah rolled over, "dreamed?"

Brian glanced at the floor of the room and noticed two flip-flops that didn't look familiar. They kind of looked like the ones he'd seen Jenna wear to class...
R: 17 / I: 2

Meatgirl's adventures.

So after reading Edward Hyde stories after a long pause is text story writing, I decided to write my own version as well.
English is not my native language and I will try some experimental formatting for easier reading.
I will post the story as I write in the real-time, without much of proofreading, but let's hope my spell checker will do a good job.
Probably this time it is more suitable to be in the /lit/ board even if it may contain few 3d pictures.
Whoever is willing to participate in proofreading or other ways to improve the story pretty, please.

I can't think a good title so let's call it *Meatgirl's adventures*.
This is almost the typical story about girls getting cooked, but not in the typical style and plot.
In some way, it can be regarded as Dolcett parody.
As can be expected from me, it will likely include all possible fetishes in existence. ;)

It was the last week of the summer vacation.
The day was nice, Lily still had some free time to enjoy before going back to school.
Everyone knew Lily as top student good grades and high ambitions in the carrier after finishing school.
Suddenly she heard a voice shouting on all street:
-"Hey! Lilly! Here!"
Lily turned around and gasped. In front of her was her schoolmate Candy, as if the girl materialized from the thin air, standing just a few steps away wawing her raised hands, calling her name.
Candy was a well-known troublemaker in the class exceptionally energetic and mischevious girl almost total opposite of Lily, her grades were not even nearly as good, but anyone who ever underestimated smarts eventually was very surprised.
Lily did not expect to meet Candy in this town, but she was even more surprised to see her schoolmate totally naked right on the street she was only wearing sporty shoes, plastic bracelet, and colorful wristband. Lily also noticed something shiny attached to her left nipple, It looked like a gold metal tag with some numbers something similar to the tags used to mark cattle in the farm. (No point to continue description just look at the picture and assume that you read 1000 words here LOL)
When candy got full Lily's attention candy continued:
-"Hi! What are you doing here?"
-"Uh, I came here with family for a vacation. I am just exploring the town looking around for something interesting" quickly responded lily just to ask: "And what about you? Why are you all naked? Don't you feel shy walking like that in front of all people?"
Candy grinned:
-"Looks cool, doesn't it?" she moved her hand down to her crotch slipped fingers between her legs, slightly spread her pussy apart and lightly rubbed it there right in front of all people. "It feels so good without those stupid panties would you like to take yours off too?"
Lily blushed from such offer
-"Thanks, but no. I can't walk naked in the street I am a human being."
-"He, he" smiled candy, "poor Lily, fortunately, I am not a human anymore look at this" Candy tugged her nipple tag "this means that now I am a meat girl, essentially just a piglet. So I can do anything I want and I do not need to wear clothes or feel shy about being naked. I can even play with myself anytime I want or peed right on the street " Candy slipped her fingers into her pussy and spread it in front of all people " ahh just what I needed, she moaned while letting a stream of yellow liquid right on the pavement. Not even bothering to finish she walked towards Lily. She could see yellow streal running down Candy's legs and shoes dripping on the ground leaving a trace as she walks. Candy took Lily's hand and dragged her down the street.
Lily was aware of meat girls existence it was on her family plans to visit a restaurant to order girl meat on this vacation it was quite expensive but she could not even imagine seeing her schoolmate in that position or god forbid volunteer herself. although she heard that manly girls are very willing to get served for dinner.
-"Uh, yes that… " Lily paused. "You know piglets eventually get served for dinner in the restaurants."
-"Yes, of course, I know wouldn't you also love to get all naked in front of many people covered in the cooking oil and then big cold steel rod getting inserted right here," Cady said while slipping her hand under Lily's pants and pushed her finger into Lily's but. " then it goes in deeper and deeper until it comes out of your mouth. chef ties your hands and legs and puts you to roast on the slow fire until you get all nice and crispy like a tasty piglet. All crowd of drools while looking at you being cooked and shivering in pain on the spit from being cooked alive, They eagerly waiting for you to get ready. In the end, all those people cut pieces of your body, your but your nipples and put then on the plate to enjoy the best meal in their life." Candy continued her lecture with great big grin and enthusiasm giving extra pointers on Lily's body with her fingers. and all of that while walking right on the busy street in front of the crowd of people.
-"Oh, no. I do not want that. Being a meat girl is not for me. I have other plans"
-"Really?" said Candy with a big grin while looking at her face "then why your shirt is covered with your drool" she swiped her finger over Lily's face getting it covered with her saliva. Candy licked the dirty finger making Lily gasp again. "I suppose you are now daydreaming how you go back to school for 8 more years, listen all that crap from boring textbooks then spend 5 more years in college and when you become old hag you can spend the rest of your life helping rich fat businessmen to evade tax." continued Candy with a big evil grin on her face.
Lily was got totally off guard here, with the Candy's astonishing persuasion abilities meat girl perspective was not looking so bad anymore. Lily started to think and imagine both scenarios one of her being a respectable lady doing paperwork in the prestigious lawyer agency for rich customers, being paid big money for her work. And another: being impaled on the steel rod cooking on the fire, or maybe being boiled in the big bowl of stew, or maybe getting butchered into pieces or …. all of that in front of lecherous men, boys girls women who are waiting for her meat with shining eyes dripping saliva from their mouths.
-"Umm, well, I don't know, I need to think about that more," she said reluctantly.
-"Yes, Of course, you need to think about it… maybe you will share your thoughts about being impaled with me ?" Candy winked her eye making Lily face blush all red. it felt as if Candy could read her mind.
R: 21 / I: 3

Straight Shota Guro

We need Stories of Adult Women fucking and Killing Young Shotas (not necessarily in that order, or separately)
R: 5 / I: 0

Random Necro Stories

She was dead.

David looked at the girl lying at his feet. Her eyes looked lifelessly into the sunset as the rope marks faded from her neck. A young high school freshmen, with blonde laces, and beautiful blue eyes. She had been wearing a fluffy white jersey top and denim shorts.

Her parents were out for the weekend. Off to a trip to the Bahamas leaving her alone to take care of the house. Well, that was until he showed up. He sniffed, taking a look around to make sure no one had seen him before putting the rope next to the side of the house.

He lifted her up by her armpits, and then got her on his back, before piggy backing her inside. He sanctimoniously dropped her dead body off in the living room on a couch and locked the door behind him before making his way to the kitchen to fix himself some dinner.

He was starving. It had been a few days since he had a proper meal. A side-effect of being a runaway homeless teen. But, even homeless teens had perks. He fixed himself a sandwich and scarfed it down. The TV was right by the couch and he sat next to her,
sitting her upright, as he flipped on the channel.

Her head leaned grossly to the side. Her mouth hung open, tongue sticking out.

“I guess it’d be too much to expect a conversation, huh?”

He touched her on the lips, savoring the light pinkish lipstick she had on. He wasn’t sure if she had been planning to go to a party later that night. Maybe, that’s why she opened the door.

“I don’t even know your name. I wonder if you taste good.”

He seductively pushed her down on the couch, closing her dead eyes. He wanted to make it look as if she was enjoying this, if she was asking for this. It was a game he liked to play with his dolls. They always like this. They always ask for it.

His hands fingered her mouth drawing her tongue out like a fish. He laughed, looking on how ridiculous she looked. Does it taste good? My fingers?

He pressed down on her lips, sucking on her soft succulent lips, tasting her like fruit. Strawberry flavor? It could be better. His right hand glided down to her shirt, feeling her breasts, cupping them in his grip. He took a moment to admire the firmness of her assets and then moved his left hand down to her shorts, unzipping her flier, and pressing his fingers on her clit.

He leaned over her, feeling her up before plunging his fingers deep into her vagina. It was lukewarm. He then unzipped his pants, letting his dick slide out, and slowly pushed it into her wet open flier.

He grunted as it pushed through her vaginal walls, slowly worming its way up her uterus. He could feel a slight stiffness as he got half his dick in, but he firmly gripped her shoulders with both his hands and shoved it all the way in.

“Uhh,” he moaned, erotically feeling the pleasure rising up his hips. He kissed her, twisting her tongue in his mouth. He smiled, feeling deep inside her body. His dick exploring all of her bodily wonders. He curled her legs around his waist, and tucked his arms under hers, and began to pump his hips.

Her legs began to bang on his sides, as if inviting his fucking. Her breasts bobbing up and down. He moved his hands under her bra, and fucked her while holding them tight.

“It feels good doesn’t it?”

He laughed and began to talk while still kissing her. His voice, echoed in her throat, as if she was alive.

“I’m dead and I’m getting fucked. Your dick is so big! It feels great. Keep fucking me. I don’t need my parents. I don’t need anyone. Just your big fat cock in my pussy.”

He held her tight, pushing all of his weight into his hips, before letting it all go. His legs quivered as he ejaculated, feeling her soft bossom between his legs.


He lay on top of her gasping, leaning his head on her chest.

“Hey, that wasn’t half bad for a blonde.”

He leaned in, feeling up her breasts, before watching televsion. His hips fucking her as he watched.

“It’s strange isn’t it?” he said, as her legs softly bobbed to his fucking, “I’m here in another person’s house fucking someone I don’t even know. Life is weird.”

He looked over and felt up her phone in the pocket of her shorts.

“Oh, that’s right. I wonder if she has friends.”

David smiled softly, before burying himself back in her dead cunt.
R: 74 / I: 0 (sticky)

How to Format Stories for Easy Reading

Gurochan isn't exactly Word when it comes to formatting options, but you've got a lot of basic tools at your disposal to make your story not a pain to read.


Each new paragraph should be on a new line with a blank space in between.

Like so.

It might look like you have a lot of blank space at first, but it's much easier to read in the long run. This helps mitigate walls of text.


You're writing a story, presumably with characters, who presumably speak at some point. Every time a different character speaks, their dialogue gets its own paragraph. Again, it looks like it leaves a lot of space, but it's easy to read (and professional).

Use quotation marks for dialogue, not hyphens, and certainly not nothing at all. You need something in there to differentiate dialogue from narration.

I think I need a hug, said Maya. No worries, said Steve. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
"I think I need a hug," said Maya. "No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Incorrect, but better than the previous example:
- I think I need a hug.
- No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace.

"I think I need a hug," said Maya.
"No worries," said Steve. "I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

"I think I need a hug."
"No worries. I've heard the oven has a nice, warm embrace."

Tags and Titles

Let potential readers know what to expect from your story before they dive into it. If accurate tags would potentially spoil the story, at least tag the big ones (/g/, /f/, /s/, /fur/, maybe loli/shota). If you'd rather not deal with tags, at least make your title descriptive (e.g. Ruki at the Snuff Club). Tags are especially helpful in stories with less indicative titles.

Note that titles not indicating the included fetishes are not bad titles. Titles are merely supposed to summarize the story, or symbolize the theme, etc. It's not like "Hunger Games" would have been better titled "Teenagers Murdering Each Other for Rich People's Entertainment," is it?


A general rule of thumb is that if you get lost while rereading your own story, so will your readers. Check your formatting and grammar; make sure it's not painful to read.

Feel free to add, criticize, comment, etc.
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Alien Abduction

I like bondage, blood, forced orgasms and milking, regardless of gender. And this story has all of them.

Chuck was walking out into the field behind the barn, enjoying the nice warm summer air. Enjoying the clear, starry sky, and the soft chirping of crickets. His sandy blond hair was dirty from his work for the day, his muscular, tanned body trapped under his red shirt and overalls.

He laid out the blanket he brought out, and pulled out the bottle of hand lotion. Though his family had a large farm, they had a rather small house, and it was difficult for him for him to have a moment to himself. He couldn’t find a closet that the kids wouldn’t get into, he couldn’t stay in the shower because everyone else needed it, and he shared a room with too many people, who were light sleepers. Plus, his bed squeaked.

So here he is, at 2 Am in the morning, needing a bit of time for himself. He slipped out of his overalls, and laid back on the blanket. Getting a generous amount on his hand, he took hold of his 7 inch cock, and started rubbing himself. He moaned as it hardens, getting nice and thick at 9 inches, pumped up with arousal.

He tried to keep himself from moaning, in case someone came out to look for him. However, it had been weeks since he was able to come out and do this, so he couldn’t stop himself. Sweat formed on his body, his toes started to curl as he pumped himself faster. He thought of every woman he fucked hard in the pussy and in their ass. He thought about their warm mouths on his hot cock, sucking him down, and drinking every damn drop.

He felt his balls tighten up as his orgasm started to wash over him. With a happy cry, he shot his seed straight up into the air, like a fountain. Thick spurts shot out of him, after a much needed release. His vision went white, and he started to drool as his orgasm just carried him away.

He felt all the tension leave his body, and just laid there in the afterglow. He gave soft sighs, tempted to fall asleep now that he felt saited. But, he knew he couldn’t. He had to gather the blanket, wipe the cum that fell on his body, and get back into the house before someone realizes that he’s out there. He was just going to throw the blanket in with his laundry for tomorrow anyways.

He closed his eyes, giving a nice, big stretch, feeling good all over.

Then, a bright light hit him. His eyes flew open, and he was nearly blinded by the brightness of a light shining down at him. He tried to cover his eyes with his hands, but found that he couldn’t move. Chuck tried to sit up, tried to wiggle, but it felt like he was frozen in place.

Then, he felt himself being lifted more towards the light. He tried to scream, tried to call for help, but no sound came out. His overalls slipped off his hips, and was left behind along with the blanket. His family would never learn what happened to him.

He found himself on a table, his arms and legs spread out. Straps were tight over his wrists, his ankles, his elbows, his knees, along his waist, chest, and head. He tried to look around, but the light above his head made it difficult to see where he was. From what he could see, it looked like some kind of surgical room.

He heard a strange sound suddenly. A voice that spoke a strange language, that hissed and purred at different points. A cloth suddenly shot out from the table, and around his eyes, holding him down, and blinding him.

“Hey! HEY!” he was shouting, struggling anew. “What’s going on?! What the fuck is going on here? Who are you?!”

He felt something press against the tip of his cock, then it felt like a sharp pinch. He cried out, struggled more, but he then felt that feeling on his two balls. He cried out as the pinch was even sharper.

Chuck started screaming, until something thick was forced into his mouth. It took the shape of the inside of his mouth, filling every nook and cranny of it, shaping over his teeth and holding down his tongue. He felt something being pushed down the back of his throat, a tube he thinks, and it was pushed down into his stomach.

He struggled, but then stopped. Chuck thought he was hearing the sound of a saw?

When it bit into his upper arm, where it connected to the shoulder, he knew it was a saw. He tried to scream and thrash as the saw cut through his arm. Tears stun his eyes, and he whined as he felt the saw at his other arm, and cutting his legs away from his waist. He felt something stabbed him in his chest, and into his belly button. Blood spurted out all around him, and he felt sick and faint.

He passes out, but it wasn’t over yet.

The creatures that had him, smeared a cream over his wounds. They pulled away the arms and legs, and watched as the cream closed the wounds, healing the skin there so Chuck didn’t bleed out. The drug they put into his system, would strengthen his organs, so they wouldn’t wear out so quickly. His life was extended by another 50 years.

As for his cock, it was starting to grow to three times its size, and three times as thick. His balls kept growing until they were the size of watermelons. Each.

His body was now floating, and slowly rotated, as two nozzles came down, and started to spray him from head to toe in a strange black liquid. A pair of tubes were shoved into his nose, down into his lungs so he could breathe as the spray covered his face. As it dried, it sealed him into his new prison, the nanotech in the concoctions would keep his skin and body healthy. The spray went over his face, over his closed eyes, sealing them away forever. The gag in his mouth was sprayed, so he could never speak again. Two smaller nozzles filled his ears with the stuff, so Chuck could never hear again.

He was taken to the lower reaches of the ship, into a room with others like himself. Men who were abducted, amputated, and sitting upright, with a pole in their ass that kept them in place and clean.

Chuck started to come too as the thick pole entered his ass. He moaned in distressed at the pain, and tried to move, but couldn’t. He strained to hear, but couldn’t. He tried to see, but couldn’t.

It went deep inside of him, his butt hitting the platform the pole was on. He felt his balls being wrapped in something, and a tube going over his cock. Chuck barely had time to think about what was coming next, when wrapping around his cock started to vibrate, and the tube started to suck his cock.

His back arched, and a tube connected to the one in the gag. It poured some feeding in it, that would keep him full as well as aroused. He came, hard, into the tube, which sucked every drop of the thick cream. He never got soft, probably never will be again, as he already felt another orgasm start to overtake him.

His seed went to the ships fuel supply, allowing the aliens to travel to another planet. Chuck was just a source of gas for them, and slowly, he forgot that he had ever been anything else.

He soon went into one, continuous orgasm. An orgasm that was never ending, and mind breaking. His limbs became dinner for his new owners, as they went hunting for their next source of food and fuel.
R: 54 / I: 6

Ultra Short Stories Mk2 - 100 words

The old thread isn't bumping anymore. This seems to be a limitation of the new gurochan. Time for a renewal.

Old thread full of ultra hot ultra short stories can be found here:

Keep them coming!
I'll start it off with this one (repost, since I'm lazy):

=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!
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Yoko's Pain in the Neck

This one's a commission - hit me up on the email attached to the post if you want one (the queue's getting long tho :P )
This story was posted to my Patreon a week early!

Yoko's Pain in the Neck
tags: Futa/F, non-con, necro, stabbing, navel fucking

Seeing Adiane the Elegant jump onto the deck of the Dai-Gurren with the intent to take over it, Yoko Littner knew she couldn’t allow her to continue. Their Gunmen were all away from the battleship, leaving no one but her to protect it. Even if the woman was one of the Spiral King’s Supreme Generals, Yoko knew she could handle her. She tried shooting the woman with her rifle, but the scorpion beastwoman had no issues deflecting each of her shots using her tail. Seeing that, Yoko realized she’d have to fight the woman up-close - and set out to do just that. Going down to the deck, she continued to fire at her - but Adiane kept redirecting each of her shots with her tail. “A piece of garbage like you could never hurt me!” Adiane taunted her as she did that. Even Yoko going full auto with her rifle didn’t help, the black, segmented tail knocking all of her bullets off course. The only result of her attack was taking out the beastmen that had arrived on the ship with Adiane - leaving the two women alone on the deck.

The loud click of her clip having run of ammo was the sign Adiane needed to go on. “Now, human trash, learn your place!” She called out while swinging her tail towards Yoko. The sharpshooter bent her back backwards, only barely avoiding the attack. As Adiane pressed on, Yoko bent even further back - eventually ending up just inches from the ground. “Get it through your skull that it’s hopeless, girlie!” Adiane told her while stepping on the end of her ponytail, stopping Yoko’s movements in place. The girl forwards slid across the deck, trying to get away - but the heel of Adiane’s pink shoes held pinned her hair down, preventing her from escaping. Then, with Yoko laid out on the ground in front of her, Adiane attacked her with her tail again. The first smack only barely missed the girl’s body as Yoko managed to roll to the side to avoid it, but the next one connected. It knocked the air out of Yoko’s lungs, restricting her movements for the moment - and allowing Adiane to deliver one more attack. One that would end up fatal as she stabbed the sting at the end of her tail straight into the girl’s neck. The sting injected a poison into the girl, one that was undeniably lethal - and its effects were almost instantous. Yoko’s eyes grew wide at the pain, her mouth opening in surprise. “K-kami-” She tried to call out the name of her first love, but didn’t even get to say all of it - the girl dropping dead to the Dai-Gurren’s surface.

“A piece of human filth like you could never stand against me, Adiane the Elegant!” The scorpion lady called out while smacking Yoko’s body with the tail again - the girl’s corpse sliding away limply. The lack of reaction from the girl confirmed something Adiane was already certain of - that the girl was dead. And looking at her… While Adiane never shied away from showing her contempt for the human scum that tried to oppose the Spiral King, there was one thing she appreciated about them. Just like Lordgenome himself, and Guame did, she too thought that they made for amazing playthings. The girl’s body was very fine - enough that Adiane decided she wanted to play with it. The battle was already pretty much won at this point, she could definitely afford it… That filthy human had made her a favor by disposing of all the thrash that would watch on otherwise. Without them, there was nothing stopping the woman from descending on Yoko’s corpse to have some fun with it.

Pulling out her sting and approaching Yoko from the side of her head, Adiane looked at the girl’s face. It was frozen in her dying expression of pain and confusion - her golden eyes staring blankly upwards. Her mouth was still open, the final words she didn’t manage to speak still frozen on her lips. The pink depths of her mouth and the tongue she could see inside it caught Adiane’s attention. Kneeling down, the woman grabbed Yoko’s head by its sides - and lifted it. Leaning down a bit, she placed her lips on Yoko’s dead ones - and pressed them hard against Yoko’s, leaving a powerful kiss across them. Her tongue - split in two like a snake’s - slid into between her lips, sliding against the walls of her mouth before latching onto the girl’s tongue. She licked at it hard with hers while sucking a little on the human’s lips, her own saliva mixing with Yoko’s. Finally, she parted the kiss - a trail of saliva connecting their tongues for a while before falling down and onto Yoko’s cheek.

The kiss was just the beginning, but it had awakened a lust in Adiane’s loins. Tugging the front of her red dress to the side, and pulling her black panties down, the woman’s futa dick was revealed. It was already hard - and she was eager to use it on Yoko’s body. Smacking it around with her tail - Yoko’s huge tits jiggling in her tight top with each hit - the scorpion lady easily turned the corpse around so that its abdomen was near her crotch. Then, she pulled the girl’s black shorts down her ample thighs - her panties going down along with them. Yoko’s pink slit was revealed to the beastman general - and she immediately thrust her cock inside it. Yoko’s body was still warm, her pussy walls clamping down nicely around Adiane’s erection - the woman happily thrusting right into her cunt with quick, strong motions.

While her cock worked on Yoko’s pussy, her hands began to explore the rest of her body. Her long fingers traced paths across the girl’s skin - each trip inevitably ending with her fingers coming back towards Yoko’s toned stomach. She rubbed her nails against the girl’s abdomen for a while, dragging them along her flawless skin. Pressing her fingers deeper against her soft skin, she could feel them sink into her flesh too - and even the force of her thrusts into her pussy. After dragging them like that for a while, she moved her fingers higher up - comparing the hardness of her abdomen with the much more vulnerable skin and flesh of her upper stomach. It would cave in under her touch, letting her fingers slide right into the girl’s body with no resistance at all - her soft, warm meat encompassing her fingers. She held her fingers inside for a while, just pounding her pussy with satisfaction - before pulling her fingers out. Finally, her hands returned downwards, and Adiane moved them into the girl’s bellybutton. Only one finger fit into it initially, but after some wiggling, Adiane was able to force a second one into it, too. And eventually, after stretching it enough with two fingers she was even able to fit a third one in. The navel was such a fascinating thing… Adiane had one too - but the beastmen were unable to produce offspring. As such, it was only an artifact of the human dna left in them, with no real reason to exist at all. With those human scum, however… It had connected the girl to her mother back when she was born. Playing with it now that she was dead amused Adiane - and so she continued to finger Yoko’s bellybutton while still using her pussy. Eventually, the scorpion woman came - her spunk shooting straight into the girl’s womb. Watching the girl’s stomach directly, Adiane was able to see the skin of it raise slightly as her womb was filled.

Pulling out - some of her semen leaking out of Yoko’s opening - Adiane needed to give her cock a bit of a rest. With a quick punch of her tail, she forced it underneath Yoko’s back, propping her body up. Then, going a little back herself, Adiane only needed to bend over a little to reach the girl’s stomach. Just exploring it with her fingers wasn’t enough - she wanted to feel it with her mouth, too. She pressed her lips against the girl’s skin a few times, enjoying the way the skin of Yoko’s abdomen resonated against them. She left a few kisses all over - having a bit of a trouble believing that a filthy human like that could have skin this pristine. The dolls trained for Lordgenome’s - and once he was done with a girl, his generals - enjoyment were so useless in comparison… The moment she got home she’d have to get rid of them. This corpse was all she needed! After dragging her lips across the girl’s skin for a while, Adiane’s mouth ended up at Yoko’s navel. She pushed her lips against it too, with yet another kiss - then, she forced her tongue into it. The small opening was pretty shallow, but Adiane put enough force that her tongue was eventually able to enter the girl’s body through it - the woman batting her tongue around on the inside and getting to feel some of Yoko’s insides directly.

Tonguing the girl’s bellybutton only heightened Adiane’s curiosity towards it. However, it also allowed her cock to spring to action pretty quickly - and so, Adiane decided to let it be for a while. Straightening back up, she wondered, which part of Yoko’s body she should play with next. Removing the tail that was supporting Yoko’s limp form, she let it fall to the ground. The momentum her body carried caused her tits to bounce as her torso stopped - drawing Adiane’s attention to them. Yes! She should make use of them next. With a few quick hits of her tail, she rotated Yoko’s body around, enough so that her head was in front of her again. Moving a little forward, Adiane lowered herself over the girl’s chest - forcing her cock right in between her tits. Sliding it through the valley between them, it also passed beneath the strip of cloth that connected the two parts of the girl’s top together - ensuring that it’d stay on as Adiane titfucked her.

Grabbing Yoko’s tits with her hands, Adiane felt them up through the girl’s revealing piece of clothing. Their size was significant, making them comparable to Adiane’s own breasts - something the scorpion woman took as an insult. How dared that piece of human garbage have breasts that could rival hers? Having gotten her hands on them let her appreciate them a bit more, though. They felt pretty nice in her hands - their flesh and fat pushing back against her fingers in an interesting way. These were just so tender! She could feel her nipples press against her palms through the fabric, too - another part of human anatomy that she found very fascinating. Still, Adiane’s jealousy got the best of her - the woman using her nails to scratch at them for a few moments. She stopped herself from doing anything permanent to them, though - deciding it’d be better if they stayed intact. With the girl dead, she couldn’t really show them around anywhere anymore - making sure that Adiane’s chest would be appreciated all the more. She could keep her like that and play with it some more… And give them more attention later.

Giving Yoko’s tits more rough gropes, she pressed them around her cock - and began moving her cock back and forth between them. They squeezed her dick perfectly, their creamy flesh bringing her a lot of pleasure just by pressing against it. She continued to thrust her cock between them, all while bringing Yoko’s boobs in the opposite direction of where her dick was going - and just enjoying the boobjob she was giving herself with Yoko’s tits. Grinding them like that, the scorpion beastwoman began to moan - slowly putting more and more force into both her thrusts and the way she was rubbing Yoko’s boobs against her cock. Finally, the scorpion woman came again - her member spewing her seed onto the woman this time. Her initial spurts had a lot of force in them, cum flying forwards and splattering across Yoko’s stomach. Adiane felt a weird satisfaction as she managed to aim her cock in a way so that her cum hit the girl’s navel - her semen sinking into the girl’s bellybutton. The following cum spurts didn’t have that much force, covering the girl’s midsection in them. The final batch of her semen covered the base and sides of Yoko’s tits - Adiane wiping her cock into them and the girl’s top to get the last droplets of cum out.

With her second climax out of the way, Adiane moved back - looking at the corpse again and pondering, what to do next. She still wasn’t satisfied, she still wanted more! Where else she could use her cock on? The human’s lips were still tantalizing open, as if they were inviting her to probe them with her cock - have it rub against her tongue and slide down her throat. Lashing at the girl’s corpse mindlessly with her tail to turn it around, Adiane then looked at the girl’s lower holes. Her pussy was just as inviting. It was certainly very pleasant the first time… There was still a trail of her semen flowing from the opening - making it clear to Adiane that her cum slickening the girl’s slit up would make using her pussy feel even better the second time. A little below it laid the definitely tight hole of the human’s anus. These were usually so tight that it was very fun using them. However, most of the human filth she subjected to an assfucking was still alive - their cries of pain as their anuses had to stretch around her dick a huge part of her enjoyment of it. She couldn’t help but wonder, though… Would it be as fun to use it if the girl was already dead? There were just so many options to consider…

Her mind tried to pick between these options for some time - with her cock still limp, she had plenty of time to figure it out. Of course, she wasn’t going to wait idly in the meantime. Adiane’s hands moved towards Yoko’s stomach again. It wasn’t as soft as it used to be before, her body tensing up a little since some time had passed since her death now. Adiane didn’t mind, though - just rubbing her hands against the girl’s skin again. As it was covered in her spunk now, she just rubbed it into both her hands and Yoko’s corpse. At the same time, she just leaned over - pretty much crawling on top of Yoko. She had ignored the girl’s shoulders before - so now, she just covered it with some kisses. Moving the girl’s scarf out of the way, she also placed it against her neck - getting to experience how cold her skin was now as opposed to the warmth it had right after Yoko died. Her hands eventually came across the girl’s navel again - feeling the cum she left inside it again. To her surprise, some of it had seeped into the girl’s body through the small hole her tongue had created earlier - and that gave her another idea. By the time her cock was ready for round three, she knew just what hole should she fuck.

With a flick of her tail, Adiane stabbed the spike at the end of it directly into Yoko’s bellybutton. Then, she spun it around - making the hole that was there much bigger than it was before. Big enough for her cock to fit through. Once she was satisfied with the size, the scorpion removed her tail - bringing her dick towards it instead. With an excited groan, she pushed it right into the hole - immediately getting to feel Yoko’s flesh clasp around her tool. The girl’s enlarged navel stretched around her dick, along with the tissues that made up for the outer wall of her abdominal cavity. Going past it, Adiane’s cock went right into Yoko’s guts - the meaty tubes of her intestines coiling around her dick right away. Adiane groaned louder as she felt it, picking up the pace with her thrusts - and driving her dick further into the girl’s bellybutton, and through it, into her stomach.

By doing it, Adiane could feel her cock grazing against the many squishy organs human stomachs were filled with. Angling her cock differently, she could even see it bulge through the walls of her stomach. After first seeing it, she couldn’t hold her curiosity in - and poked that bulge with her fingers. It was a pretty weird sensation… As if she was stroking herself off while wearing a flesh sheath over it. Still, it didn’t feel bad - so she rubbed her hand along the shaft a few times. She stopped afterwards, however - she didn’t want to cum too soon. Angling her cock in different directions, Adiane was able to make it press against different organs inside the girl. Some of them were pretty cold to rub her dick against - but many of them were very slippery, too. It also helped that the hole she had created was bleeding - weakly, as Yoko’s heart had stopped beating long ago, but still providing her with extra lubrication. Thrusting in from a very specific angle, Adiane was even able to rub the tip of her cock against the girl’s womb - from the outside. It was such a different feeling from breaking through a girl’s cervix and hitting it from the inside!

Continuing to thrust into the navel hole from different directions, Adiane had to hold onto the corpse to keep it stable - her hands ending up catching it by the sides of her midsection. As her climax began to approach, her muscles began to tense up - and so, her grasp on it tightened. The sides of the girl’s abdomen caved in because of it, if only just a little - forcing everything inside it a bit closer together. The extra pressure on Adiane’s cock was enough to push her over the edge - her coil snapping as her cock tensed up before spasming inside Yoko’s belly. The scorpion general released her seed straight into Yoko’s abdomen, her sticky seed mixing with the red-haired girl’s guts and splashing all over her insides. Adiane held her cock inside her for the whole duration of her climax, her body shivering in pleasure - all while depositing her third load in a part of Yoko’s body cum was never supposed to go into.

Once her orgasm had finished, the beastwoman pulled out. Some final spurts of semen still left her cock as she did, landing on the hole that once was her bellybutton. Like this, Adiane was truly spent - and was done with the corpse for now. However… This was a pretty exquisite corpse for a piece of human trash - and she wanted to do more with it in the future. Pulling the girl’s shorts back up - and then returning her own panties back up and tugging her limp dick inside them - she knew what to do next. The venom she had injected into the girl before was a good start, but there were definitely even better ways to preserve her corpse even further. Grabbing Yoko’s corpse by its ponytail, Adiane dragged it back towards her mech. “Thanks, human filth, for the entertainment you gave me! That’s all you’ll ever be good for!” She told Yoko’s corpse while throwing her into her mech - very happy with her new toy.
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Megumin and Tina: an explosive Allianz.

A little story idea i wanted to write for long. Not my best work i think but whatever;)

Megumin and Tina: an explosive Allianz.

Megumin and Tiny Tina are friends now. Don’t ask how it happened. Somehow the two crazy girls manage to meet each other. Maybe Megumin has torn a hole in the space-time continuum with one of her explosions. Maybe a fast-travel station on Pandora had a malfunction. The fact is, they met somehow.
They discovered a lot of similarities. They both love explosions. They love the sound and destruction.
It didn’t take long before they started a little contest. Tiny Tina showed her best "ladies". Megumin showed the full power of her explosion spell. They laughed and enjoyed themselves and destroyed a whole abandoned village.
However, Tiny Tina is a bit crazier than Megumin. She had the idea to go a little further. "Which of us would explode better?"
"What do you mean?" Megumin asked.
"Have you never thought about becoming a bomb yourself?" Tiny Tina asked with glowing eyes.
The thought actually excited Megumin. Quickly the girls made a crazy plan. They planed to meet the next morning.

Next Morning…
"I wrote a song:" Tina greets Megumin excited. “The itsy-bitchy spider. Climbed up the water spout. Then she exploded into 1000 little pieces!”
Megumin is a little bit more embarrassed. “I stored my spell into two crystals… Careful They are very unstable.” She hands over two glowing magical crystals.
“Trust me! I am an expert! Tiny Tina doesn’t even know the word accident.” Tina giggles. “It is as unknown to me as decency or order.”
“Are we really doing this?” Megumin asks red like a tomato.
“Of course, we do it girl.” She fills her masterfully created tube bombs with the crystals. “Look at these beautiful ladies. They are already looking forward to it.”
Megumin is fascinated by the bombs. "Will they fit?"
“With a little force, everything fits.” Tina testily throws them into the air. “Miss Schnuggelpuff would agree. Sadly, she had a deforce and can’t join us in this badass event.”
It gets more and more seductive the more Tina jokes about it. “Let's do it!” Megumin can’t wait any longer.
“doesn’t want to eat a cookie first?” Tina asks. “I’m just joking. I have prepared extra-long fuses. We have almost 10 minutes time before it makes boom!”
Megumin takes off her panties. "I would like a cookie with raisins.”
Tiny Tina looks shocked at her. “I am very glad that you explode! How can you like raisins? cookies must be eaten with chocolate!" She drops her pants and panties very pissed.
“Sorry.” Megumin excuses.
“No problem I can’t be angry with you.” Tina pushes Megumins bomb into her hand.
The plan is simple, but the implementation will be harder as expected. Megumin tries to push the bomb into her sex. But it is too thick. She worries because the bomb could explode prematurely. “It doesn’t fit…”
“Just push!” Tina orders. “She will not explode!”
Tina founds a working strategy: She sits down on the bomb. Her whole-body weight is enough to push it in. Her vagina is completely overloaded. But Tina is not irritated. It feels strange. But she likes it.
Megumin does the same. It feels weird to sit down onto a big thing like this. However, she enjoys it. With much force, she also managed to push it in.
Tina does not hesitate and ignites the fuse. “Time to become bombs.”
Megumin giggles aroused. “We actual doing it.” She plays with the pipe. She never had an orgasm like this.
“don’t extinguish the fire.” Tina jokes. She is even more wet as expected.
“This will be the best explosion ever!” Megumin is now really into it.
Tina served some tee. It is not easy to move with such a big bomb in the vagina. Nevertheless, she jumps around as if it were normal.

8 minutes remaining.

“Do you like the Tee, crimson demon?” Tina asks playfully while eating a cookie.
Megumin watches the fuse. "It’s very tasty." She does not fully pay attention. The bomb is just too distracting.
Tina wants to have even more fun. She leans forward and touches Megumin’s cheeks.
Megumin blushes. “What are you doing?”
“Did I already tell you that I'm into girls?” Tina giggles and reaches under her clothes.
Normally Megumin is not interested in girls. But the bomb arouses to an unimaginable level. Especially since Tina is something like a soulmate. Tina is almost as sexy as an explosion. She plays along.
Tina pushes her to the ground. She sits down onto Megumin’s sex. The pressure on the bombs aroused them even more. Tina engages further and pushes her tongue into Megumin mouth. She really likes her taste.
They fuck each other passionately. The hard bombs collide again and again. The deadly fat toys make sex even better. Time flies by…

1-minute remaining

Megumin pushed Tina exhausted away. “This was fun!” She pretty much fulfilled all her fantasies. She does not just become an explosion. She also fucked an explosion.
“Time is running out I guess.” Tina giggles. The fuse is now very short.
The girls start to get nervous. Even Tina is not sure anymore if she really wants to detonate. Still, no one dares to back out now.
The fuse disappears between their legs. “Here we go.” Megumin trembles.
“Do you want to say it?” Tina asks with a lot of fear in her voice now.
Megumin made up one final cool-sounding incantation. She tries to sound all-mighty: “The power given by my great Crimson demon ancestors. I now fulfill the last ultimate task and delete myself. Nobody, not even a crimson demon like me can escape this final Spell! The ultimate power to destroy everything! The most erotic spell;”

3 seconds remaining

The girls scream it together: “EXPLOOOOOOOSSSSIOOOONNNN!”
The magic explosion can still be seen from far away and it destroys the whole environment …
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Beyond Sidney's (Loli/teen, snuff, cons, cann)

This is a thread for my stories in the "expanded universe" of stories set at Sidney's Family Restaurant. The expanded setting gives me slightly more scope for variations and the chance to work some other stories that have been buzzing around my head for some time into continuity with my first thread. Enjoy!


By 2032, American Family Restaurant chain Sidney’s, owned by tycoon Orin Roebuck and named for his youngest daughter had four locations within England, two in Scotland and one in Wales. All the meat served in every Sidney’s restaurant came from girls aged 8-14 who willingly surrendered their bodies in exchange for financial compensation for their parents or guardians. Regular diners could enjoy girl-meat dishes from the menu or indulge in the all-you-can-eat carvery while large parties could reserve a whole girl and have her cooked to their specifications and families had to option of dining on a girl they provided at a lower cost. There was also ultra-exclusive option for the extremely wealthy which constituted a kind of dinner-and-a-show deal where live girls were prepared and cooked in front of them often in far more entertaining and painful ways than the same girls could have expected in the general kitchen.

Unlike in America, however, differences in British monopoly laws meant that Roebuck could not obtain an exclusive license to procure and serve girl-meat within the UK. Restrictive regulations, however, meant that, for the time being at least, Sidney’s remained the only establishment with the right to slaughter on site and to provide an exclusively girl-meat menu. Many other restaurants added one or two girl dishes to their menu with the meat sourced from local butchers, most of whom had seen the newly-emerging opportunity in the market and added girls to the list of exotic meats they could provide. Due to the promise of freshly-killed meat, competitive prices, the opportunity to watch live cooking and the general appeal of the whole experience, customers continued to flock to Sidney’s while regular diners at other establishments considered the girl-meat dishes a curious novelty to be sampled when one was not in the mood for steak or chicken.

What did become incredibly popular in the wake of the new legislation, however, was girls cooked in private by their own families. At Christmas time, large families would get together to enjoy a sister or cousin rather than turkey and in he summer it became increasingly common to see the large brick BBQs in public parks that would once have been filled with burgers, sausages and chicken legs with a little girl or young teen turning on a hand-cranked spit above them.

It would still be a few years before village fates, church garden parties and school fairs could start cooking live girls as part of their fund-raising activities, although the general feeling was that it would not be too long before that was the case. There had already been events where live girls were raffled or auctioned off as meat with the law requiring that they be slaughtered by a licensed butcher prior to being handed over to the winner.

This is the world in which this batch of stories take place – a Britain in which eating young girls has become normalised and widely accepted but still carries some restrictions and all girls are “naturally sourced” from their families rather than farmed for their meat.

I hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I will enjoy writing them!
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Secret Desire Series

This is my Secret Desire serie, that follows a family with special fetchies, they like bondage and some more extreme plays.
Focus on the females in the story.

You can find the pdf versions for free on my blog, with the including 3d images. Also of course my other work (3D videos and 3D Images)

Tags are only for the first two episodes that I will post now.
Tag: Lesbian, Bondage, Cannibalism, Snuff, Asphyxiation, Incest
R: 121 / I: 0

The Many Deaths of Julie (non-con, snuff, gutting, gun/knife play, hard vore, rape, and more)

There is far too little non-con snuff on this board, so I decided to post some stuff and hopefully inspire and/or attract some non-con fans here. I'd also like to say that violence against women and sexual assault are very big problems in society, and these fantasies are not meant to condone or perpetrate those issues in any way.

Julie is a character that embodies just about everything I enjoy in my fantasy victims, and although her personality may vary slightly from story to story, she remains fairly consistent. I've penned quite a few of her demises, and hopefully some of these tales you'll also find enjoyable. Some are reposts I've shared here previously, and some are new.
R: 21 / I: 4

Belly focused stories.

I’m going to start an archive of all my stories. I have several and I will try to keep this updated.

Kate and her sister Carmen were both in their early twenties. They were on a mission trip to Guatemala with their local church. Both were very religious and virgins. Kate was 24 and of obvious Irish descent. She was 5’4 with wide hips and a small curve to her belly. She had pale white skin and huge bright blue eyes. Her natural hair color was a light brown but died her stomach length hair a dark black. She had nice bangs that came across her forehead like a curtain. Carmen was 22 and of sportier build. She was 5’6 with narrow hips and dirty blonde hair. She shared the blue eyes. Her breasts were large D’s and had caused her back problems even at her young age. Both of the belly buttons were low on their bellies.

They were riding in a ratty old Toyota pickup from the church area to a small village nearby to deliver food. They were with two Guatemalan guides and a youth pastor. The rest of the group was already at the village. They were straggling behind.

The truck slowed as a cow blocked the narrow jungle road. Suddenly there was a commotion and several armed cartel members swarmed the truck. Only one of them spoke English.

“Get your hands up and look down!” He yelled at the girls.

The men snatched the youth pastor and drivers. They told the drivers to leave. They quickly scampered into the woods. The English speaking one went up to the youth pastor with a 1911 in his hand and asked him if he had any money or if he could get a ransom for the girls.

“I’m just a pastor, I have nothing I swear, these girls are just congregation, they aren’t rich, please spare us!”

“So you have nothing to offer for us? There will be no reward for these pretty white girls?” He frowned.

He took two steps toward the pastor and shot him point blank in the forehead. The girls screamed.

“Bind them and take them!” He commanded to his men. “Take then to my tent.”

Black cloths went over their heads. Their hands were tied behind their backs with zip ties and their feet were zip tied as well. Kate fought hard and it earned her a hog tie from the cartel men. Her slightly pudgy love handles were showing between her tight pants and her ruined white shirt. Carmen laid beside her and cried.

The car ride was long and bumpy. The jungle rain was dripping through the cloth roof of the truck bed they were riding in. The truck came to a stop and they were manhandled into the leaders tent. When they pulled their masks off the leader was standing over them with a knife in his hand.

He made his way to Carmen and cut off her shirt. Her white bra barely held her d cup breasts.

“Well it looks like you two aren’t worth anything at all, but to me and my men you’re a find worth a thousand kilos. I particularly love you whites who think you can come to our country and fix it while you vacation in the name of god. You are a joke. Today we will teach you the real world.” He took out his penis and hit Carmen in the head with it.

“Fuck you you fucking pig!” The feisty Kate said from her hog tie.

“Oh you want to save your sister? You seem brave. Do you want to prove just how brave you are?” He cut the hog tie and sat her on her knees, still bound at the hands and ankles.

He cocked a gun and put it to Carmen’s head. “Her life is in your hands Senorita. Will you be a martyr for your sister?”

“Yes. Kill me and save her please. You can do whatever you like to me please, just not Carmen.”

“Well little Mother Teresa I’m going to make it interesting for you.” He quipped as he threw a K-Bar knife at Kate’s knees. It stuck up in the soft soil.

“Suicide is a sin, no? But is killing yourself for your sister a sin? What will your god think?” He said this as he walked behind Kate and cut her hands free.

Kate immediately went for the knife but he stepped on her hand and pointed his gun back at Carmen.

“Well, that was enthusiastic but for all the wrong reasons. We, well let me restate, ‘I’ really like a good belly stabbing. It gives the person a good long time to contemplate how they got there.”

He picked up the knife and handed it to his #2 man. The man held the knife to Carmen’s throat. He recuffed Kate’s hands in front of her. He swapped the gun for the knife with his beta. He handed the knife to Kate.

“Now I think you understand we’re serious here. When we turn the camera on I want you to tell the camera that you’re a fraud and that you’re only here for vacation and that this is the kind of real life experience you came here for. I then want you to take that knife and bury it in your cute chunky bellybutton that you’re so eager to show off.”

Kate looked down at the knife in her hands. It was about 6 inches from the hilt to the tip. She looked at her sister with tears in her eyes and a gun to her head. She looked back down at her bellybutton which was exposed by her white button down shirt which had been ripped open. She held the tip up to her belly button. She held the knife horizontal to her gut with both of her bound hands.

The leader flipped on the recorder. “So tell us why you’re here.” He said

Kate was still in shock. It was all happening so fast. The guard nudged the gun barrel into Carmen’s temple. Katie swallowed hard

“I come from the west where we think third world countries are a religious vacation. I’m sorry I came here. They’re going to kill my sister if I don’t do this. I’m so sorry to my family and to god.

The leader said “well fast or slow you gotta start sometime!”

Kate took the knife and pressed it toward her bellybutton easily. It stung a bit. The force needed to push the large blade into her body was much more than she was expecting. She applied more pressure and her belly sunk in around the blade. She was starting to sweat a little. It was very hard to overcome preservation instincts. She knew she had to do something though. They were going to rape Carmen if she didn’t. She pressed hard but still the blade didn’t poke through.

“Jesus Christ. You girls can’t even stab yourself. Pick the blade up and thrust it in or your sister gets to taste ever man’s balls in the camp!”

Kate looked up with tears in her eyes. When she withdrew the blade she hadn’t even penetrated. She shakily took the blade up even with her breasts and with a big deep breath she rammed the blade at herself with all her might. A wet snapping sound of her flesh parting came next. She had missed her bellybutton by about three inches. She had stabbed herself directly above her pants in her little pudge deeply to the hilt. She looked up wide eyed at the leader while doubled over forward on her knees. Both of her hands were still on the blade.

The leader clapped his hands “Wow! I didn’t think you had it in you.”

He walked over and touched her face, then he shoved her back over her own tied ankles. Her ass was now on her heels and the blade stuck straight up into the air. She breathed heavy with her hands up above he head. She peaked down at her belly over her bra. The knife handle quivered and shook with her jiggly lower belly. The leader came over and shook his head

“I said the bellybutton. You missed.”

He stepped on her hands that were above her body and unbuttoned her pants. She squirmed. He unzipped them and pulled them down around her folded knees. He grabbed the blade handle and Kate winced. He began pulling it out ever so slowly. It resisted at first but let out a loud slurping sound and slid free as she thrust her ass up in the air trying to keep the blade put. Thin liquid blood welled up and was replaced by darker deeper blood. It quickly soaked her panties. She thrust her ass up in the air more as blood spattered off her jiggling belly.

“One more chance to hit the target dear.”

He left the knife on her upper belly and stepped off her hands. Kate didn’t want to feel her wound. She just wanted to save her sister. She quickly grabbed the blade. She had to be more accurate this time. She took the blade up in the air and rammed it back down. *thwack* It was on target this time, ramming all the way into her inch deep belly button. Her back arched hard and she let out a guttural moan.

“Congratulations senorita you managed to do it! On my honor I won’t hurt you in any other way my love. You have proven your courage.”

Her hands were grasping the blade still. She was looking straight up, ass still on her feet, belly protruding upward. The leader came over and slid the blade out of her belly. Blood welled up and ran down both her sides and around to the small of her back where it smeared her feet.

“Jesus god please save us” she whimpered.

She peeked down at her belly to see a flow of blood running up her body toward her bra. The leader bent down and cut open her bra. Her large breasts popped free and were supported by her tied hands that were clutching her bellybutton area. The leader cut off her panties and jeans. He grabbed her up from the floor and put her curvy body on a low wooden picnic style table. He hooked her hands onto a cast iron hook in the table and cut her feet bindings free. Her ass was just supported by the edge of the table. The stab wound low on her belly was soaking her well shaven pussy area. Her innie vagina was beautiful and gleaming with shiny blood. He took out his penis and rubbed it around the edges.

Kate was in a a whirlwind of emotion. She was just staring blankly at the ceiling and trying to manage the pain. It was worse than anything she had ever felt. The blood on her pussy was wet as her thighs rubbed together. As the leaders sex pressed against her she felt her body betray her and become aroused. She couldn’t help it. She was being raped as she was bleeding out and for some reason she didn’t fight it. She just wanted to die.

The leader slipped his tip in her tight hole and rammed hard. Kate’s knuckles turned white in her binds and she gasped for air. Her big blue eyes were wide and her mouth was open. The pain for loosing her virginity was nothing compared to what she was feeling from her gorey belly. Carmen was crying from the corner

“Kate I’m sorry! I love you! Hang in there, you can make it through this!”

Kate started believing her sister. People had survived belly wounds before. He had definitely punctured her intestines though. Her belly felt like fire all inside. She knew she needed medical attention soon but her chances were grim. She was trying to block out being raped by thinking about escaping. She was shocked back into reality when the leader grabbed her belly shoving his thumb into her lower wound and his two middle fingers into her belly button like a bowling ball.

“Unnnnngghhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Kate’s head slammed back and then down at what the despicable man was doing to her. Carmen wiggled against the number two man.

“Boss what do I do with her?” He asked in his native language.

“Look at those tits! Spike her of course! Get Jorge and bring the rig in here. I have something to show the brave one here!” He spat out in a fury of Guatemalan as he fucked the milky white Kate who was writhing in agony against his cock. He blew his load in her and withdrew. Kate was left sobbing and oozing blood with every breath.

After a radio call the grim Jorge arrived. The device he had was a metal rack with two large spikes mounted to a horizontal rail. The spikes pointed upward and there was an adjustable set of stirrups and a small swing made of leather on a pulley system. They cut Carmen’s feet bindings and the number two man and Jorge strapped her into the stirrups. They cut her clothing off and her bra as they held her upper body and lifted her up.

The leader grabbed Kate’s face and forced her to look toward Carmen. “You’re a good obedient Christian, Kate. Too bad it didn’t get you anywhere.”

“Do it” he ordered Jorge.

They positioned Carmen onto the ass swing and forced her tits over the spikes. Her hands were still tied behind her. She looked at Kate with tears in her eyes. They dropped her onto the spikes by releasing the catch on the ass swing. Her full body weight fell onto the spikes and they went straight through her large breasts. They entered about an inch from her fold and exited about three inches above her nipples. There were holes drilled in the hollow spikes that exited every inch or so. As they filled with blood it dripped out over the victims nipples. The stirrups held her legs forward pulling her whole body weight straight down. They tightened the ass swing back up to take some weight off her breasts but not enough she could push up off of them.

“NoooooAaaaHHhhhhhhhhhHhHhh!” Carmen screamed.

Kate started sobbing heavily and blood dribbled from her welled up belly button. She rubbed her thick thighs together and felt more blood. She sobbed more. Every jiggle of her cries sent more pain and blood. She had failed to save her sister.

“You see Kate, you’re a brave girl and it’s going to take you a while to die. You’ll get to watch us have fun with your sister. “

Carmen’s breasts were leaking blood at a steady rate. With her ass hanging basically below her tits with her feet pulled forward she was open to be raped by any man in the camp. The commanders lined up at the tent, taking their turns raping Carmen and Kait. Some of them punched Kate’s wounded belly. Others jammed their fingers into her. She was covered in bright thin belly blood from her feet to just above her belly button. Men came up to Carmen and fondled her impaled breasts. She hadn’t stopped sobbing since being impaled. She couldn’t think past the pain. After the commanders had their way the leader stepped back in.

“Good news! You’re both free to go!” Unstrapped Carmen and lifted her off the spikes. “Unngggfghhg” she muttered as she was lifted. Carmen’s wounds were not nearly as deep or fatal as Kate’s. Her pussy was bleeding from the forced entry of several men and her breasts were leaking blood at a steady rate, but her innards were not damaged.

“Your brave sister kept you alive and if you can get her back to your people you will be a hero too. Good luck. One last parting gift by the way.”

He picked Kate up and kissed her and flicked a switch blade. He rammed the blade down super low just above her pussy mound, withdrew it and slid into her upper belly, then he withdrew it and rammed it into Kate’s bellybutton passed the hilt. Kate’s eyes went wide. She coughed up blood. She knew she was done for. Her pussy started bleeding too. He got Carmen over and propped Kate on her arms. The stumbled out of the back of tent into the rainy jungle. There was a small trail that went about twenty yards to a small clearing.

They made it into the edge of the clearing before Kate collapsed to her knees. She took a few deep breaths and collapsed backwards over her feet, switchblade poking up into the air. Her belly was bleeding so fast that the rain couldn’t wash it away fast enough. Her beautiful face coughed up bloody bile.

“Please…. go with out me.”

Carmen’s breasts were on fire in the rain. She had no idea how to get out of this place. “No, Kate. Please!”

Kate reached down and ripped the blade out of her belly. She handed it to Carmen.

“You can make it. Find a road please. Tell them what happened. Don’t make me die in vain little sister.”

Carmen took the knife and kissed her big sisters forehead before stumbling off into the jungle in search of her congregation.

Late looked down at her milk white belly and noticed the bleeding was worse than ever. She spasmed and groaned. Her heart felt like it was fluttering. She tensed up with a wide look in her eyes. Her mission was over.
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M's Patreon Stories

While my main focus is Fire Emblem stories, I also let my Patrons pick non-FE girls for the polls. Last month, Asuka from Evangelion won - so here's her story.
If you want to suggest a character yourself, or to read my stories a week early, come and support me on my Patreon!

Asuka's Brain Rape
tags: non-con, M/F, rape, brainfucking

Asuka Langley Sohryu sighed, loudly expressing her disappointment with the whole situation she was in. Forcing to stay after classes to clean up was already annoying, but she was also forced to do it with those three stooges! She made every effort of showing them that she blamed them for the whole thing, screaming at them while she made her way to a distant corner of the classroom. Shinji Ikari seemed unphased by her rudeness, obediently going to clean by himself. However, neither Kensuke Aida nor Toji Suzuhara were too willing to do any cleaning. Asuka took breaks from time to time to look at them, but the two idiots were just talking about something while sitting on a few desks. They were just quiet enough that she couldn’t make out what they were saying, only hear their voices. They were also looking in her direction from time to time - with stares that were nothing but lecherous. Even if Asuka wouldn’t admit it, she was a bit curious about the topic of their conversation - it would help to ease the boredom that came with cleaning like that. With that in mind, the redhead began to move towards them while still cleaning the floor.

“Man, it’s great that you managed to get these photos, Kensuke. Even if she’s so harsh to deal with, she also has an amazing body.” Of course. The perverts were talking about spying on some girl. “Yeah, and this time I’m sure I took some good ones. This new hiding spot let me see all of it. I’m kind of jealous though… Shinji probably gets to see it every day.” Were they talking about her? “Dunno man, Asuka would kill him if he ever tried to spy on her.” They were! And they had also taken pictures of her! “Idiots! Perverts! I hate you! Give me that camera!” The German girl screamed out while suddenly springing to her feet, and ran towards them, as fast as the skirt of her school uniform let her. “S-she heard us!” Kensuke called out, while trying to run away. However, he didn’t get far, for Asuka slammed into him from behind, sending him to the ground. He landed on his back, and Asuka immediately punched him in the face, all while screaming: “Give! It! To! Me!”, each word accompanied by one hit - with loud cracks coming from the boy’s glasses as she hit them. However, as she raised her hand again, she felt someone grab it from behind. She turned around right away, with her arm painfully bending as she was now face-to-face with Touji. He was just as guilty as the glasses boy - and she tried to hit him with her other hand. However, he just pulled on the arm he was holding - and Asuka doubled over in pain as she felt it snap out of its socket. Once he heard the satisfying crack that confirmed to him that he succeeded, Toji let go of her arm - and it fell down, hanging limply at the redhead’s side.

“You know, Kensuke… Now that she’s helpless like this, we could get more photos of her! And they would probably show even more!” Toji exclaimed while looking at Asuka who was glaring at him from below. Kensuke got back up, stumbling at first, and looked at Asuka, his glasses tilted on his face. “Well, with how much she beat me, it’s only fair that we do that now. She slapped you for a peek at her panties when she first arrived here - just how much would so many punches to the face would be, then?” Kensuke replied while getting closer to Asuka. He reached towards her waist, finding the seam of her shirt, then began to lift it. Reacting to it, Asuka turned around, trying to hit him again with her healthy arm - but Kensuke got away in time. He let go of the shirt, however. With how feisty Asuka usually was, it was clear that just taking it off wouldn’t be this simple. Toji understood that as well - and he grabbed Asuka’s shirt by the cloth. Then, he began to pull - making it harder for Asuka to turn as the piece of clothing began to rip in his hands. Tearing off a huge chunk of the green material, Toji could now look at Asuka’s naked back - her flawless skin only covered by a white strap belonging to the Eva pilot’s bra.

“Pervert! I hate you!” Asuka lashed out at him again, once more trying to use her surviving arm to slap him. However, doing this she only showed off her back to Kensuke - who grabbed the flaps of her torn shirt and pulled on them, continuing to rip it. He managed to tear it all the way down, the whole thing coming apart. In surprise, Asuka saw that the front of it began to fall off too. She tried to keep in place with her arm, to keep herself covered up, but Toji grabbed it again, and pulled it to the side - letting her shirt fall down. Now, her white bra was revealed to him - with her breasts, huge for her age, held tight within it. Kensuke walked around her, camera in hand, and quickly took a few shots of her - taking in Asuka’s uncovered chest and her distressed, angry face. She screamed at him a few times as he did that, but he ignored her - Asuka’s frustration at the whole thing building up.

After taking what he decided was enough photos, Kensuke decided it was time to go ahead. Getting down, he reached for Asuka’s skirt - only to be met with an angry knee smashing into his hand. “Ouch!” He called out while dragging his hand back, a sadistic smile on Asuka’s face. This was just the first part of her getting back at them… Or so she thought - and so, she didn’t see the hand coming right at her head at all. Kensuke smashed her on the side of her head, paying her back for the times she hit him before, and stunning her for a few moments. Moments, which Kensuke used to go ahead and rip her skirt off - Asuka’s white panties revealed as well. He immediately backed off again, grabbing the camera and taking a bunch more photos of her, Somehow, though, he felt these were lacking. After getting to take pictures of her changing, and getting what he hoped was a few good shots of her naked, this just wasn’t that satisfying - even if his dick was already hard at just the sight of Asuka in her underwear. Well, why shouldn’t they take it a bit further, then?

Leaning over once more, he grabbed Asuka’s bra and began to tug on it. It required him to put more force into it, but after pulling on it for a bit he managed to rip it off. While he was doing that, however, Asuka screamed - even louder than before. “Shinji, moron! Help me! Why are you letting them do this to me? What are you, stupid? Help me already, Shinji!”
The black-haired boy was busy cleaning by himself, his ears plugged by his headphones - with the music from his walkman easily cutting all that had been happening in the other side of the classroom. He was so focused on doing the cleaning, that he remained completely oblivious of the state Asuka was in. Still, her attempts to grab his attention succeeded, as her strong voice managed to get to him through his ear buds, catching his attention. Looking up in the direction the voice came from, Shinji was greeted with the sight of Asuka’s bra being torn off, her breasts swinging free as they were no longer contained by it. The way they bounced around, their shape… Just seeing them like this was enough to give him a boner already. But why was she like that? Why were his friends forcibly removing Asuka’s clothes?

Getting up, Shinji removed his earbuds and began to watch towards them. Kensuke paid no mind to him, taking photos of Asuka with a wide grin on his face - both him and Toji’s faces red because of excitement. Toji was massaging his cock through his pants, his arousal clearly visible through them. Asuka’s face was just as flushed as theirs - but hers was with embarrassment. The girl was furious - and she was going to take that anger out on anyone around her. That included Shinji as well. Seeing him walk to her with a confused expression on his face, Asuka lashed out at him angrily. “What took you so long, idiot? Are you stupid or what? And stop staring, pervert! Ah, you’re so useless!”

Hearing Asuka insult him like that, even in a position like this… Something just snapped inside Shinji’s head. All Asuka ever did was to abuse him both physically and verbally… But no more he would simply take that. He has had enough. In a sudden burst of anger, he launched himself at her - and shoved her to the ground. Asuka had no time to react, no time to shove him off her as he ripped her panties off. Then, just like that, Shinji pulled his pants and his underwear down, revealing his cock. “No! Don’t you dare! Moron! Pervert!” Asuka screamed as she saw him do that, her free arm uselessly slapping Shinji on the chest. However, he wasn’t bothered by that at all - he just drove his dick inside her. Asuka screamed loud as he took her virginity, voicing her pain at having her hymen broken very loudly. She began to throw herself on the floor below him, but Shinji didn’t care - thrusting into her with powerful, rapid thrusts. He fucked Asuka hard with a fury fueled by the constant bullying he had suffered at her hands - giving him the energy to rape her as hard as he could. It was his first time with a girl as well, however - and so, he wasn’t able to last for long. After a short period of powerful thrusts, he came - spilling his seed right into Asuka’s cunt. “You did it inside? Aaaah! You idiot! I hate you!” Asuka screamed at him once more as his semen went into her body, but he just ignored her while the rest of his cum left his dick. Then, breathing heavily, he rolled off her - her pussy leaking his semen while he laid down next to Asuka’s body on the ground.

Kensuke snapped as many pictures of Asuka’s rape as he could. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening - he never expected Shinji to do something like this. Still, now Asuka’s naked form was on the ground, with nothing to cover her up at all. There was nothing stopping him from taking pictures of her tits, of her nice legs and of her bleeding pussy - and he did just that. He had to do it with one hand though, as his other one was in his pants - stroking his cock gently because of how hard it was. Seeing that Asuka was free to use now, and encouraged by Shinji’s example, Toji couldn’t control himself any longer. He forced himself on top of Asuka, and ignoring her screams he shoved his erection inside her too. He pinned her to the ground, using one of his hands to grab her by the wrist, and using the other to feel Asuka’s tits up. Just like Shinji, he had never done this before - and so he clumsily humped Asuka’s pussy with his dick. Asuka screamed at him as well, and her voice only grew louder when she felt him fondle her boobies. “Let go of them, you pervert! Moron! Eeeeek!” She screamed at him at the top of her lungs, and in response Toji squeezed them even harder - causing her to squeal in pain. These squeals continued while Toji raped her, but all Asuka succeeded in was arousing the boys around her even more - Kensuke stroking himself harder as his cock throbbed in his hands in response to her voice. These lewd sounds Asuka was making could never be replicated with just his pictures, so he made sure to burn them into his memory while documenting all of the redhead’s rape. Toji continued to thrust inside her for some more time, but his lack of experience got to him too - and so, he came inside her fairly quickly. As he pulled out, Kensuke moved on to replace him. However, with the amount of stroking he gave his dick, he was already on the verge of cumming. He realized just that - and so, he stopped while standing over her. Asuka looked at him with disgust - but the double rape left her in no state to move out of the way. She just called him names while he finished jerking off - his semen shooting all over her breasts and her face. Then, with his balls spent, he resumed taking photos of her - making sure to focus on her cum-stained face and tits.

“So? Are you done, you jerks? Or will you use your tiny dicks on me again?” Asuka asked in an angry voice a few moments later, unaware that she was only stirring them to do more things to her. While Toji and Kensuke needed time to recover, Shinji was ready again. Her words spurred him to fuck her again - and the other NERV pilot got to her with his dick again. “Shinji, idiot. Sure, go ahead - with such a tiny dick, I doubt I’ll even get to feel it.” Asuka spoke at him again, and in response Shinji thrust in once more. Asuka didn’t stop insulting his dick at all for the next few moments - Shinji’s anger building up at her again. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. ‘S-shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!” He screamed at Asuka while grabbing her by her throat. His hands squeezed it tightly, making it impossible for her to breathe - and successfully stopping her from throwing insults at him. But that wasn’t enough for him, however. Holding on to her head by her neck, he brought it down onto the ground - making it hit the ground with a lot of force. And then, he pulled it back up - and slammed it right down again. Although he didn’t say anything, his face showed, just how furious he was - with Asuka getting scared of him for just a moment. But then, she reminded herself that it was just Shinji. He couldn’t do anything serious to her, even if he wanted to… Or that’s at least what she told herself. As her lungs began to burn once she ran out of oxygen, however, she began to feel afraid again. It didn’t help that he was still ramming her head against the floor - it was making her so dizzy… Her face grew red as Shinji choked her, the girl only making out pained gurgles - which annoyed Shinji even more. As he thrust deeper inside her, he just wanted them to stop - but they continued all the way until he was on the verge of cumming again. Then, he swung her head down once more - and came hard inside her as he heard a satisfying crack.

Letting go of her neck, he backed away - and Asuka sucked in deep breaths as she was finally able to breathe again. Her head was pounding with a splitting headache, and her heart was beating very fast inside her chest too. Her head hurt… So for a few moments she just laid down while trying to recover. However, even once she got fresh oxygen into her system again, her brain oxidized properly with the dizziness going away, the pain at the back of her head was still there. What was going on?

Asuka couldn’t see that, but when Shinji slammed her head into the floor the final time, her skull cracked. Now, pieces of it laid shattered on the floor behind her head - with a lot of blood flooding out of it. Asuka got up to her knees to take a look around - and as she did that, more pieces of her skull fell off because of the shift in position. Suddenly, she felt very lightheaded - so she grabbed onto the one of the nearby tables to keep her balance. She was able to remain in an upright position, even if her head pounded once more - and that in turn made off just what Shinji had done to her to her two classmates. A huge part of her skull on the back of her head was missing now - and the girl’s brain was clearly visible inside the hole. Kensuke kept getting more shots of her, going around to get all the angles of the girl’s post-strangling state - he documented the strangling as well properly before - until he came behind her. “Toji! Take a look at this!” He screamed out while snapping pictures of the open back of Asuka’s head. It was hard to see between her hair, but her brain was shown from time to time as Asuka moved her head, making her hair shift too. Grabbing Asuka’s hair, he pulled it out of the way - taking an unobstructed look at the hole in her head and at Asuka’s brain. “Toji, can you hold it like this?” Kensuke asked his friend once he got to him, Toji looking wide-eyed as the opening Shinji had created - and so he just nodded and held Asuka’s hair the way he was asked to. With Toji doing that, Kensuke was able to get a good shot of Asuka’s exposed brain - all while the redhead was growing more and more uncomfortable. Although she didn’t know that it was the case, having her brain exposed like that against the cold air was causing her to spasm gently at random intervals - and she really didn’t like the feeling.

“W-what are you two perverts doing there?” Eventually, she called out to them - and once she got no response, Asuka screamed at them again. Oh, if only there was a way to make her shut up… And then Kensuke realized he was looking at one. His cock hardened at the thought. But, wouldn’t it be wrong? As Asuka threw yet another insult at him, he dismissed that thought. The bitch totally deserved it for all the things she had said to them, for all the times she hit them. So instead, he just put his camera down - and then moved forward. In the instant he walked, Asuka seemed to have understood what had been going on - and screeched with an ear-piercing voice. “Nooooo! Don’t… Don’t enter into me!” But something like that couldn’t help her at that point. “NOOOOOOO!” She screamed out as she felt Kensuke’s dick penetrate her brain. It slid right into the back part of her brain, and the effects were visible right away. Asuka’s blue eyes bulged in their sockets, tears flowing freely out of them as pain unlike anything she had felt before consumed her mind. Her vision got blurry, Kensuke’s dick impaling the part of her brain responsible for sight. As the boy showed his dick further in, her vision went completely black, her eyes going blank as well. Asuka spasmed violently as the dick continued further into her head, only making it move around inside her head and mash through more of her brain matter. She screamed, and she screamed hard, as Kensuke fucked her head - but for the first time that day, she wasn’t insulting or threatening her rapists.

“P-please, stop! Don’t peep into my mind! Please, don’t invade my mind anymore!” Asuka screamed, tears running down her face, but her words fell on deaf ears - Kensuke showing his cock all the way into her brain. “P-please… Pleashe… let me liiiiiveeeeeeeeee!!!” The redhead howled in pain as Kensuke began thrusting in and out, messing up more and more of her brain with his cock. “Shinji… Anyone! Help meeeeee!” Her body was spiraling out of control - and no matter how much she begged, the pain and the thrusts into her head wouldn’t stop. Her mind deteriorated quickly, and soon she the only language she could remember was German. “Nein… Bitte, nicht…” She muttered, no one able to understand her. Kensuke just fucked her anyways, and soon her voice just turned into incoherent babbling - which was well accompanied by her sobs. By the time he came, his semen shooting into her skull and into the still-intact parts of her brain, all of Asuka’s feelings were overloading inside her brain. “Shinji… Help me… Moron! I hate you! I hate everyone! Shinji, please! Help me! Mama… Help me! Anyone, please! I hate you all!” Asuka sobbed as these thoughts bounced inside her head. The figure of her mother - her real mother, not the adoptive fake one that she had always despised - flashed inside her head for a moment before her image was replaced with Shinji. She couldn’t even remember her face anymore… Who was that woman anyways? Her old memories began to disappear as Kensuke pulled his blood, brain matter-covered cock out of her head - but the elite pilot was still clinging to her life. Her determination allowed her to keep going where many others would fall - letting her survive even such brain damage. If she was to get help at this point, if she was carried to NERV, maybe they’d be able to make her recover - but no one in that classroom had any desire to do that.

Seeing just how Kensuke fucked Asuka now, Toji knew he had to do it as well. When his friend freed up the spot behind her, he was already waiting with one hand at his prick. However, he wasn’t the only one. Shinji also wanted to fuck Asuka’s brain - and the two of them stopped right in front of her, neither of them wanting to stand down. On any other day, Shinji would have given in and let Toji go first - but not this time. The two boys looked at one another, unsure what to do. “Let’s do it together.” Toji finally said after understanding that Shinji wasn’t going to let up now. Grabbing the opening in Asuka’s skull, Toji pulled on the edge of it. While these pieces of her head had not fallen out, Shinji’s assault had still cracked them before - and now Toji was able to rip them off. Shinji did the same on his side, and so they both exposed more of Asuka’s brain - her hair brushing against it and sending more thrills through her body. Then, once they’ve created enough of an opening, they both thrust inside at the same time - Asuka’s brain assaulted by two cocks now.

The pilot shivered some more as her brain was speared at an angle this time. Their cocks took away any resemblance of control she still had over her body - and so the German girl began to shudder. Her bladder was released with nothing holding it shut - and a streak of piss squirted from between her cum-stained legs, Kensuke taking a few pics of the yellow liquid as she released it. Her body was shaking powerfully as the cocks proceeded deeper into her head - squashing the more elaborate thoughts Asuka still had. Now, her brain was reduced to just the simplest of ideas: She was going to die. die. die. die. She didn’t want to die! But she would. And now it was inevitable. With her brain mostly turned into a mush because of their cocks, it was a miracle that she was still living. Her spasms let the boys enjoy themselves more - making fucking her brain and ruining it in the process even more pleasant than it felt when they took her cunt. Their thrusts were out of sync, one of them slamming their tool into Asuka’s head while the other was sliding out, and the other way around. Because of that, her head was bobbing around between both of them, pieces of her brain and skull sent flying each time it was forced to change direction. Eventually, first Toji and then Shinji came - both of them shooting their semen right into what still remained of her brain. Their cum mixed with the still intact matter of her frontal lobe, contaminating the final surviving part of her brain - Asuka’s life leaving her as her head was inseminated once more. The girl went limp between them, but the boys holding on to her head as they came kept her upright for a little longer - Asuka’s body only slumping down to the ground once they both pulled out and let go of her.

Following Asuka’s death, the three boys enjoyed her body for some more time. Kensuke was able to get more footage than he’d ever want - enough for all three of them to have all the fap material they would ever need, as well as a lot of spares they could sell to other people. Shinji was finally able to get back at Asuka for all the times she had teased him back in their apartment - shooting more than enough loads into her pussy, her ass and her brain. Now that Asuka was dead, her mouth was able to be used as well - before that, there was always the risk that she’d bite them. Fucking her face was a fun way to change things up as well. In the end, the three boys ended up getting more sexual education using Asuka’s body than ever before in their lives. They fucked her together as well - one of them taking her pussy while the other went for her ass, and the third one would fuck her face or the massive hole in her head. At one point, all three of them also fucked her head at the same time - ruining all that remained of her brain inside it. Her skull ended up as nothing more than a bowl for their semen. Eventually, though, they were done with her - no one of them was able to make his dick grow even a little because of how much they had all came. That was the time to dispose of her body - and the three boys carried Asuka’s corpse off to a nearby dumpster. Dumping her cum-covered corpse in the trash, Kensuke took a few final pictures of it - then, the three boys left it and returned to clean the classroom up after their prolonged orgy.

Asuka’s corpse would later be discovered by a homeless person who was going through the trash, with them getting to enjoy her sweet young body even despite all the cum all over it. Even if the boys had used her a lot, their dicks were still small enough to leave Asuka’s holes very tight - letting them man who found her enjoy her in full. Once he was done fucking her, though, he left her back in the trash - for it was all Asuka was now. A sack of skin and bones that was of no use to anyone, unless they wanted to fuck it - the dead pilot left in a dumpster with semen all over her.
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Miscellaneous short(ish) stories: The Second [various tags, but expect lots of asphyxia and f/f]

Previous thread:

And we're back in business. Well, I was never really gone, but just too busy/lazy/distracted to make a new thread after my old one was suddenly way past the bump limit. But I did write a couple of stories in the meantime, of my own design or inspired by people from discord, which I'll be posting over the next days in no particular order. Something something feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated.
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ICE Raid - Official Report

A short report on one of the recent immigration raids, with some slight modifications to current judicial processes. I would like to read reports from other officers as well, so please submit your own.

Documentation of encounter

The target, a male age 28-32, was apprehended at his home in [REDACTED]. His non-US citizenship was confirmed, and he was advised that he would be repatriated immediately. He stated that his wife and their four daughters were US citizens. This information was confirmed. He further stated that his repatriation would result in the family having no income, as his wife was pregnant with their fifth child. He was advised that he would be handed over to his consulate per treaty, and that his family would be subject to US law regarding indigency. This information was poorly received.


The indigent citizens were encouraged to remove their clothing for resale. They refused and were stripped unwillingly. As required by treaty, the detainee was asked whether he preferred to witness the indigency penalty, or impose it himself. He was not cooperative. Penalty was imposed by agents on scene.

3yo female: Single gunshot to back of head, resulting in death.

8yo female: Subject rushed to aid of 3yo and was restrained. Suffocation by boot on throat.

5yo female: Subject protested loudly. Initial nightstick blow to face for quiet, continued blows to head resulting in death.

12yo female: Subject obtained a knife from kitchen. Disarmed. Death from multiple stab wounds to chest, torso, and genitals.

Adult female: Subject restrained by light chokehold throughout. Chokehold increased to full strength after death of 12yo female.

Unborn female approx 7mo: Abdomen of adult female opened from sternum to pelvis using knife previously wielded by 12yo female. Uterus opened, baby removed. Throat opened for exsanguination.

Detainee: Injuries sustained while failing to cooperate with officials were not life-threatening. Delivered to [REDACTED] consulate with a copy of Form 1069-EZ (reimbursement for value of property seized), and video of the judicial proceedings.
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Death Addict (9:45 AM) [snuff, semi-cons] suggestions welcome!

Katie McIntosh died this morning. More specifically, she killed herself. Hanged by the neck in the bathroom, the cord from her hairdryer hooked around the doorknob.

She hadn’t meant to kill herself. She was choking herself and masturbating. She was only sixteen, and she didn’t know there was an actual term for it. And she didn’t know that people often killed themselves while performing autoerotic asphyxiation. Maybe if society was more open about sexuality and eroticism, she would have known.

At first Katie hadn’t understood what happened. Death, as it turned out, was complicated for her. A few moments after she died at 10:15 AM on 1/9/2018, she woke up in her bed. It was 1/9/2018. 9:45 AM.

She had done this before she was certain of it. She sat up in bed. Confused by what she told herself was just an intense sex dream, she shoved her fingers into her panties. She was getting wet quickly. She felt a strong sense of déjà vu. But she was quickly preoccupied with rubbing her throbbing clit with her wet fingers.

She stuffed her face into her pillow and moaned as she shoved two fingers into her pussy. Her loins were begging for more. She knew her fingers weren’t going to get her to come. She had tried before. Her body needed something more intense.

She got out of bed and opened the door to her bedroom. The house was quiet. Her parents should both be at work. Her brother had spent the night at a friends house. He probably wouldn’t be back until dinner time. She confirmed she was by herself and went into the bathroom.

She pulled out the green handtowel and her hairdryer. She pulled off her panties and kneeled on the floor next to the door. She looped the cable of the hairdryer and secured it on the door handle. She put the looped cable over her head and pulled it up under she jawline.

Gently, she let her weight fall against the cable. It tightened just enough to cut off a bit of her airflow. She felt the familiar rush of endorphins and the twinge of fear in the pit of her stomach. Her pussy was practically dripping wet now. She rammed her fingers in hard. She was so near climax. The cable was digging into her neck. She was trying so hard to come. She just needed it a little tighter. A little less air. A little less oxygen getting to her brain. Her face felt hot. Her tongue was swelling. She was riding the wave of pleasure right up to the peak.

She came. It was glorious. She felt herself squirting all over her hand.

She tried to get her knees back under her, but they slipped on the tile. Her full weight cinched the cable tighter into her swift neck. She grabbed at it with her hands but she couldn’t get her fingers under it. Her legs kicked at the slick tile. What she had been imagining a moment ago suddenly became all too real. She knew what was happening. She knew she was dying. She knew it had happened before. This exact same thing. She fought to remember.

She woke up in bed. 9:45 AM.

She remembered it clearly—too clearly to have been a dream.

Her pussy was begging to be filled. She ignored it, climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom. It was just the was she had remembered it. She ran her hand absently over her neck. She remembered the sensation of dying. She was sure.

The more she thought about it the more she got wet.

But she realized it wasn’t just about the strangulation. Her heart was racing and her hands were shaking. She was thinking of doing something. It was something crazy.

What if she was just imagining dying? She asked herself. What if it was just a vivid sex dream of a disturbed mind?

But she knew it wasn’t. She knew it was her memories.

Her dad’s gun was in his nightstand. It was a handgun that he had shown her how to use. He stated multiple times that it wasn’t a toy.

If this didn’t go the was she was hoping, he would be super disappointed in her.

She pulled it out, cocked it, and opened her mouth. She rhythmically shoved it to the back of her throat as she pleasured herself with her hand between her legs.

Climax. BLAM!

9:45 AM. Bed.

It came rushing back to her quickly this time. She remembered things more clearly. The taste of metal and oil. Her pulsating pussy. The light the noise and the split second splitting headache.

She still wanted to come. Every time she woke up in her bed she was back to where she began. The desire was still there. She tried it again. This time, she told herself she wouldn’t pull the trigger after the came, she tried as hard as she could, but knowing that death wasn’t a moment away, she couldn’t climax. She put the gun away. She went back to the bathroom and hung herself, but she didn’t reach climax this time.

It was 9:45 AM and her need for satisfaction was more intense than it had ever been before. She grabbed her phone. She pulled up her Messenger app.
She scrolled through, looking for who was online.

Boys. Being a freshman in high school meant she only really knew boys. She gave up on that idea. Instead she got dressed. She put on a pair of Soffe shorts and a tank top that showed her bra a little. She had tried to leave the house like this last week and her dad had been livid. “What do you think will happen if you go out dressed like that?” He had yelled.

She was about to find out.

Her house was situated near downtown so she headed that way. As she walked she racked her brain back to news articles she had read or reports she had watched on TV about girls her age being murdered. She realized they usually were vague never gave too many specifics on how exactly they got themselves killed.

She took a side street. She knew it was a rough part of town. And she knew she looked vulnerable in her too tight tank top. Cheap flip flops, and shorts that showed the bottom curves of her asscheeks.

Would anyone take the bait?

She meandered for a while. She got some attention, but no one had made a move.

Finally, she passed by an alleyway and heard voices. She walked that way.

The walls were graffitied. The air stunk. Back in the corner of a recess in the building were two men. One guy, black and about six feet tall and muscular was talking to a white guy who looked greasy and gaunt. They fell silent when they saw her.

“Y’lost cupcake?” Asked the black guy.
“Um, I might be.” She replied. Trying to seem unsure of where she was going.
“Cupcake. That’s a good one. Cause she looks tasty.” The other guy laughed a little nervously.
“Shut it, Davis.” The first guy snapped. “Can I help you?”

“Maybe you can.” She gave spin as she looked around. Giving the guys a complete view of her body.

Davis actually licked his lips. She caught this out of the corner of her eye. She put herself within a foot of him. “Do you think you could help me?” She asked him

“Ya. I ain’t think you should be hanging out round here kid.” The black guy shifted uncomfortably.

“I think she’s fine right where she is.” Davis said.
“Davis. Leave it alone man.”
She ran her hand through her hair, poking out her chest. She could see the desire in Davis’s grey eyes.
“Listen, girl. You should get out of here.”
“You get outa here, man.” Davis snapped back. “Cupcake and I got some business.”
She placed her hand on Davis’s arm. The black guy glanced around nervously.
“Are you gonna interfere, Mack? You know when happens when you interfere wit my business right?” Davis said suddenly much more threatening.
“Man, you gotta be fuckin wit me.”
“You can either stay and enjoy or get the hell outa here.”
“I don’t fuck wit dis shit man.” Mack said and left. He glanced back before he rounded the corner.

She was left alone with Davis. He had a grip on her arm now. “Let’s go.”

He led her to a little beat up car parked further back in the alley next to an overflowing dumpster.

“Get in.” He pulled open the back door. The seat was covered in old magazines and empty chip bags. She sat down on the seat and scooted back into the car. He climbed in after her. He pulled off her shorts and panties and pushed her knees apart. She grabbed his pants and pulled out his dick. He pushed her hand back and pinned her down. He was so close to her. She could feel his dick touching her crotch.

“Ya got rates?” He asked her.
“Um.” She wasn’t thinking clearly. All she could think about was how bad she wanted to be fucked.
“Fuck it, it don’t matter.” He laughed in the same manic way as before. “Ya wanna know why?”

His body was tense now. She could feel just how strong he was. She tried to push back but he had her immobilized. “Mmm.”

“Get the idea? You ain’t gonna be collectin’ nothin’ no more.”

Her adrenaline was kicking in. The rush of fear and uncertainty. This was going better than she could have imagined. Her fight or flight kicked in. He pressed his dick against her and she opened her mouth in a gasp. In a surprisingly fast move he stuffed her panties into her mouth. Stifling any noise she might have made. He kept her arms pinned over her head with one hand and guided his dick into her wet pussy with the other.

“Heh. Your body wants me, bitch.” He laughed.

Her mind went wild. The pleasure of the man’s dick contrasted sharply with the pain of his rough handling. He squeezed her little tits hard. When she began mowing involuntarily he smacked her across the face and pushed her panties deeper down her throat. She gagged and coughed on them. They were drenched with saliva and they made each breath difficult. Her head was knocking against the inside of the door again and again, but she could feel herself nearing climax. The more she struggled the rougher he got. So she fought. She fought with all her waning strength. She needed him to end her.

She arched her back and kicked her feet. Finally, one wrist slipped from his grip and she hit him across the face. This did it. He grabbed her head in both his hands and bashed it against a hard edge on the door. With each smash he forced himself deeper inside her. Everything was going fuzzy. She heard a cracking. She felt herself coming harder then she ever had before. He was coming to. There was blood spatter on the window and the seat. There was red. Then there was black.

9:45 AM. Bed.

Her pussy was wet again.
R: 33 / I: 0

The drill (Loli, Shota, Scat, Pee, No gore)

It was the second hour the of the schools first ever school shooter drill and the 19 year old substitute teacher was begining to grow concerned about her class of 23 2nd graders. She had only been a teacher's assistant up until this point, but today she was asked to sub for an elderly teacher who was apparently having hip surgery

She now doubted that was the case as the drill entered its third hour. The point of the drill was to test new protocols and systems to protect students in case of a school shooter. The primary protocol was a complete lockdown of classrooms. The teacher had first thought this was a great idea! It would potentially save the lives of students and allow the authorities to deal with the danger without putting children in danger

However an hour later and she realized the drill was a little too intense…and someone in charge didn't account for the near constant need of 7 year olds to use the bathroom!

The first request had came an hour and half in from darling little girl in little red shorts and a white shirt with a big sunflower on it, she didn't realize then, but the moment the girl asked a wave of squirming overtook the class and every few minutes a student would come to her asking to use the bathroom. Unfortunately the the doors were locked and she had no idea when the drill was do to end…she had little choice but to tell the kids to just 'hold it' a little longer.

Nearing the third hour and some of the children were quivering, apparently in dire need of relief and the teacher began to worry about the fallout that would follow when the kids began to piss themselves one by one. The crying and screaming, laughter and teasing.

She would utterly lose control of the class! Let alone when the next kid did it, or the next or…god for bid when any of them shit their pants! Christ! The teacher began to look around desperately hoping to find some sort of solutions to the kids ever worsening problem. There was little in the small classroom that could help and before she settled on a solution that was better than just picking a corner she felt a tug on her sleeve from a different little girl clad in denim overalls, a look of distress on her face as she squirmed. Her legs clamped tightly together.

"I can't hold it anymore…I gotta go bad! Miss…please" the little girl pleaded

'Oh god' the teacher thought looking around the room. She considered everything, the floor, the desks, the teachers desk, chairs, drawer's in the teachers desk, a waste bin…

A WASTE BIN! It all clicked together, she grabbed the girls hand and tugged her across the room, woth her other hand she grabbed the waste bin, a small little paper bin no larger than a bucket, and dumped its contents on the floor. Some crumpled paper, a pencil, gum, an a few broken crayons scatter on the floor.

The teacher pulled the little girl behind the teachers desk. Hiding her from the view of the rest of the class. She set the plastic blue wast bin on the floor and stepped back. It was perfect, just big enough for the kids to sit down on, and made of plastic so it wouldn't leak.

"There you go hun, go on and do your buisiness" She told the little girl, only to turn and find her bowed over quivering, her hands buried in her crotch.

"I… can't" The girl whined, her little body twitching as she reached her limit, her face red. The teacher's eyes widened. She knew right away, the kid was absolutely about to pee herself.

She took a deep breath and knelt down and began to unbuckle the straps of her overalls pulling them down untill they snagged on the little girls hands.

"Move your hands honey, I'm going to help you" she said softly in her best friendly-teacher voice.

"I… can't…I'll pee!" The little girl whined back. Causing the teacher to sigh, the child no realizing that standing there holding like this wasn't going to stop her from peeing on herself.

Taking charge the teacher grabbed the girls hands and pulled them away from her crotch, the girl yelped and sure enough, almost immediately began to pee, a surge of urine splattering her little pink panties and spraying the denim with urine.

The teacher remained calm and moved swiftly yanking the girl's overalls to her ankles as urine ran down her thighs, moving as fast as she could she tugged the little girls pink panties down too before practically shoving her down into the waste bin. The sound of urine gushing against fabric quickly shifted to the much louder sound of piss blasting against the thin plastic wall of the round waste bin.

The little girl sighed and continued to pee a look of blissful relief overtaking her young face. The teacher felt an odd sense of pride as she looked down at the little girl pissing wildly into the waste bin, her panties and overalls mostly spared from the slight accident, the dark denim of her overalls would hardly show any dampness. She had done it, she didn't break protocol and she had solve the kids issue, they could all just use the waste bin. Her ego swelled as she stood up to look over at the class, most of whom were curiosly looking over at the commotion.

The teacher smiled, the few who weren't looking were clearly more focused on not wetting their pants. The teacher smirked, they would soon get their turn to use her genius solutions.

She was riding high for a moment, feeling indomitable until something pulled her attention away. A loud wet fart and a disgusting sounding splatter. She turned around in horror as she spotted the little girl grunting and red faced, the splattering sounds continuing as a foul stench hit the air.

Immediately the majority of the kids began to giggle and chatter amungst themselves, but a good number of them remained silent…perhaps the ones that themselves needed the waste bin for more than just a tinkle.

The teacher gulped, she had briefly forgotten that these kids would at some point need to do more than just pee, and she neglected to tell the girl not to dump in the waste bin.

The little girl didn't seem to care about the chuckling, she was very much consumed by the relief she was feeling from emptying her bladder and her bowels. With one final grunt and a plop she was done.

She looked up and smiled at her teacher. Thankful for the help, but her eyes showed that she was expecting something. It took a moment for the teacher to realize.

"Oh!" She said before quickly grabbing a box of tissue paper from off the desk and handing it to the girl. It took a few minutes of wiping but soon the girl stood, pulled up her wet panties and overalls and skipped back to her class as if nothing happened. She was met with giggles and teases and for a moment the teacher feared she might cry…but she met her classmates with giggles of her own and made a bunch of mock fart noises with her mouth before she herself began to laugh loudly.

The teacher sighed, that could have gone much worse. She looked back, daring to peer into the foul stinking waste bin. Contained within was a thick slop of messy light brown filth with one small darker brown turd laid above it, sitting in a sullied pool of urine. It was foul…but it was a good solution to her students problem.

"Okay" she said. Turning back around to face the class. "Who else needs use the potty?"

(That's it for now folks! More to come soonish, this little story is far from done, the teacher as at least 14 other students who need to use the bathroom and 23 kids in total. I hope you like the set up so far!)
R: 3 / I: 0

Kate’s casting call. (Belly stabbing, gutting, cons/noncon)

Kate was a beautiful 20 year old girl with dark hair, blue eyes and pale unblemished skin. She was short and thick standing around 5’3” with wide hips and a long torso. Her belly button was low on her body and her torso made a beautiful arc from her hairless vagina up to her large almost D cup breasts.

She had grown up strict and was out on her own now. She lived in a small single wide trailer and quickly put her newfound privacy to work. She had been focused sexually on her own body for years. As a little girl she loved playing doctor and pretending to be wounded. She loved the idea of squirming in pain. As her teenage years came and went she realized she was asexual. She never cared for boys and she certainly wasn’t attracted to women. She had developed quite an addiction to masturbating throughout high school.

As she gained her independence she realized she could use her body and her addiction to make money. She was raking in money as a cam girl with her striking features. Over time she started doing more and more fetish videos. She would pour hot wax into her deep belly button or push scissors into herself enough to draw blood. Eventually she found Fetnoir and fantasy snuff producers. She did a few videos for some American producers as a model and loved the role of being shot or stabbed.

One day she awoke to a message in her inbox from a new film producer. She hadn’t heard of them before but they money they offered was very good. Better still, the location was in her state. She had never heard of someone offering this kind of money for custom work, but it did say it was going to be “involving.” Never one to turn down a challenging role, she agreed to meet them that weekend at their studio.

She pulled up to the address that they gave her. It was an old warehouse in a shady part of town between two sets of rail road tracks. She walked down the narrow alley way to the entrance. She tried the door but it was locked so the girl knocked on the door. After the second knock the door buzzed and lurched open. She looked up at a CCTV camera above the door and gave a shy smile and wave.

A man in a suit greeted her and led her to a small office area. It was lavish compared to the way the building looked from the road. A thick mahogany desk sat in the center of the room, and behind it an older woman in her early 60s in a business suit. Her blonde hair was in an up Do from 30 years prior. She clicked her fingernails on her desk

“Come, sit. I need to ask you some things. You’re very pretty. We might be able to make a good amount of money together.”

As Kate sat down, her white sun dress exposed her luscious milky white thighs.

“Some girls do this for money, or drugs. Others do it as a step towards becoming an actress. Some do it because they like it. Which one is it for you?”

“Uhm, what do I call you miss?” Kate asked sheepishly.

“I don’t give out my name to just anyone. You can call me miss, or master if you prefer.”

Kate scoffed a little at the ladies arrogance. “Okay miss. I like to think I started because of the money, but it’s me really. I dream of being stabbed or stabbing a partner in the belly. I dream about the blood and pain. That’s why people pay for my videos. I’m not selling a lie. I haven’t admitted that to many people.”

“Good. That will make this easier on you. The second you stepped in that door you were as good as dead. You do have a choice in the matter though. We can make you rich beyond your dreams. We can give you what you want, we can give you a release like no other. That is, if you play along. If you fight back you will be rewarded with eternal torture and an ending not becoming of your fantasy.”

Kate was confused and trying to figure out what was happening “What do you mean if I play along?”

“We’re funded by the richest people, some of them are in the government. Some of them come here themselves to experience the fun, others just like to watch. You said you had dreams of stabbing other people, specifically bellies. A customer has paid well for a few disembowelments. This particular video would have you do that to an unwilling girl, a willing girl, and then yourself.”

“But you said I could get rich, how will I enjoy anything if I’m dead?” Kate asked aggressively.

“My love, you will gain the world knowing you beloved parents aren’t deposited across the county in different dumpsters. You will know your sister is safe in her dorm. As a matter of fact, here’s a key card to her building. Would you like me to snap a selfie with her liver? We could remove it and show it to her if you’d like……. Or, you can follow that same curiosity that lead you to this literal dead end. Find out what it feels like once and for all.”

Kate was filled with anger and fear for her family. She had tried so hard to escape them but she still cared. She thought about her life. She couldn’t do this her whole life. She wouldn’t be beautiful forever. Kate wanted to die beautiful and bloody. She swallowed back her tears and defeatedly said

“Okay. I’ll do it. When do we start?”

“I thought you’d come around. Every room is filmed from multiple angles. Also there are vibrators under your cot. We encourage sexual release of tensions. You’ll be bedding with your willing scene partner tonight. Maybe you’ll get to know each other. We will start tomorrow at noon. Oh and one more thing, I prefer master.”

Two men in suits and balaclavas entered the room. “This way. Easy or hard.”

Kate stood up and walked over to them. “I’m not an easy kind of girl, but it doesn’t look I have much choice here.”

They led her through a series of prison style doors and down a hallway that lead to what looked like holding cells. “Here it is, #17. You’re cute as hell. I’m looking forward to see what they make you do.”

“Thanks, I guess” Kate mumbled.

As they shoved her into the cell she was greeted by a nude girl drawing on a scratch pad.

“Hi, I’m Rowan.”

Kate extended her hand “I’m Kate. Nice to meet you, maybe it would be better under different circumstances.”

She looked over her cell mate. She was about 5’5’ and had D sized breasts and a bit of a gut at 150 pounds or so. She had a beautiful face though that reminded one of a blue eyed Audrey Hepburn and a stark white complexion.

“I don’t mind. I’m here to die after all. My dad is a senator and I caught him watching these videos when I was 14. I’m 20 now and all I could think about when I saw that video is how much I wish I was the one being stabbed. I’ve been here for two weeks since he set up my “abduction.” This is my birthday present.”

“Wow. I wish I was as certain as you. You, uhh, you want it in your belly too?” Kate asked surprised that other girls were this into her fetish.

“Yeah. I got caught pushing a metal skewer into my belly a few years ago. My parents are very smart and they realized the only way to avoid political sabotage was to let me finish myself off, in a private kind of way. They’re kind of generous in a way. Most parents would be upset that their girl wants to die for an orgasm. Mine just want me gone. I really want it in my belly button the most.”

“Wow, the leading class is so fucked up here. I’m being blackmailed to do this, not that I don’t want to experience this, but I thought I’d do it as an old lady. Not 20. Then again it’s for the best. We will get to live out a dream without burden. I have no choice technically, plus they said that one of you would be willing and one of you wouldn’t be. I’m supposed to be the one who stabs you, then I guess I do myself or they do something.”

“Wow they only told me that I would get to choose how, not much more. So you’re going to be my killer. I’m grateful. I hope you make it hurt. I want to suffer. I feel like I’ve lived too well. I need to make things right with the world. I live with a lot of guilt. I know what my dad has done to get his money and I’ve lived on it for years.”

The two pale brunettes embraced and slept together that night. They held each other tight knowing they would both be dead this time tomorrow. Their dinner was a protein shake. They had to keep their bowels clean for the video. They talked about their deaths and had sex several times. It was hard to sleep on the last night of their lives. Finally it came.

They awoke to two more glasses of protein laden water being shoved through the glass.

“An hour to showtime girls.”

They drank and mulled about nervously before the guards came to fetch them. They were lead down through an air lock and to a shower room. There they were forced to shower clean and then go on to a makeup room. They powdered their faces and did their hair and lead them out naked into the next room.

Kate stepped into the filming studio and froze at the sight in front of her. A girl was chained to a large X frame with bright lights illuminating her face and torso. They had some sort of fucking machine aimed at her vagina that had a large dildo on its end. Kate recognized the girl from the news. Montana Shilling was all over it for the last month. The 18 year old ginger girl had been abducted after a concert and the case had gone cold. The girl was about 5’4” with small A cup breasts and a bit of a belly that was mostly baby fat still. Her freckled pale belly reflected the bright lights. Her wrists and ankles were bruised from weeks of captivity.

“Hello again girls.” Said the Master from behind them. “I see you recognize our third player, I hope you are able to do your job Kate. They want you to give her just one. A jab to the belly just below her navel and right in the center. If they can get her to cum after the stab their going to mail her a clip to show them how kind I am. Her father should have paid me what he owes. I hope you can give them a show. Pay attention to the TelePrompter. You can take some liberties but do as you’re told. Lives depend on it. Break a leg.”

Rowan and Kate walked over to the center of the room in front of the teenager. There were two large double sided knives on a tray in the center. There was plastic stretched nearly and professionally across the floor. She looked back at the prompts, one for Rowan one for her. Rowan’s said “kneel on the Red X” she took her place. Cameras were all around, even one on a drone.

Kate’s prompt said “Place the tip of the machine into the girl. Stab her. Pull the blade out. Look into the camera with excitement.”

Kate was hesitant to stab this young girl. “She hasn’t even grew her breasts in all the way” she thought to herself.

Kate walked over towards her and the fucking machine whirred into life. She guided the dildo to the young girls vagina. It was much larger than her virgin vagina. She pushed the tip in and the machine locked in place and slowly started moving in and out. The girl was whimpering and trying to scream around her small ball gag. The torque of the machine was nothing for the small girl and soon her Hyman was ruptured and a small amount of blood showed on the dildo. Kate waited a second and rubbed the girls clit.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a murderer, but I’m going to die right after you are. Please take some solace in that. Try to let it feel good.” The girl on the X blinked at her with a confused look. Tears filled Hazel eyes.

Kate took the blade and positioned it below the girls small innie navel which was around chin level with Kate. Montana was peering down over her underdeveloped chest with wide eyes. Kate pushed slowly. She had always dreamed of someone slowly punching a blade through her guts while being penetrated. She would give this girl the death she wanted for herself. The young gingers belly dipped around the blade point. The pressure continued and the girl tried to suck her belly in away from the blade. Kate was pushing further still until she felt the blade reach a new resistance. The girl had no more room to suck in. She shoved a little more and reached up and punched the girl in the upper belly. She couldn’t suck in with the wind knocked out of her and just as she lost control of her muscles Kate shoved the knife in with all her might.

The blade popped and ripped through the young girls lower abdominal muscles and though to her guts and onward puncturing her vaginal cavity. The fucking machines dildo hit against the blade inside the girl. Kate left it there. She figured the girl would be in ecstasy. She knew that she would love to feel a knife deep in her own pussy. She looked up at the girl who was in anything but ecstasy. She was firmly biting down on the ball gag and making a snarling noise around it. Every time the dildo hit the blade buried in her guts she would let out a whimpering “unf.” Kate sawed downward as she withdrew the blade. Blood pumped out of the newly made hole in her belly and covered her crotch, running down onto the dildo that was unrelentingly pounding the small girl. Kate stood back taking in what she just did to this innocent girl. The wide blade left a huge gash in the girls belly. She was fighting against her bindings

Kate found herself extremely aroused at the sight of the bloody girl. So much so she put the tip of the blade to her own belly and started masturbating while looking down at the bloody knife. She realized what she was doing and collected herself. A little of the ginger girls blood was smeared around her wide belly button. She glanced at the prompter “go to Rowan. Do as you wish with her”

Rowan was masturbating hard at the sight of the ginger girl suffering on the cross. One low belly stab while stretched out on the cross seemed amazing to the girl with a death wish. As Kate approached Rowan stood up. “I’ve always thought my belly was gross and pudgy. I want you to bury that blade in it and punish it. Please kill me badly.” Kate walked around behind the slightly chubby girl and placed the blade into her deep belly button. She felt the girls large breasts with her left hand. Rowan put her hands up above her head “now please” she whispered to Kate.

Kate rammed the blade into Rowan’s soft midriff. Her blue eyes shot open and her mouth made a great big “O.” Rowan’s arms slammed down over Kate’s and onto the blade handle.
Kate squirmed free and stood to the side as the larger Rowan struggled to stay standing with the large blade firmly in her belly.

“Hunnnh hhhaaahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” The girl couldn’t find her words.

The immense pain and pressure of the knife in her belly was too much for her to comprehend. Her eyes were big and she looked toward Kate. They had agreed for Kate to stab her four times. Once in the belly button, twice below the belly button and to either side, and a final blow to her upper stomach. Kate was holding Rowan up under her right shoulder keeping a clear view of her punctured belly for the cameras, ready to grab the blade and shove it back in to fulfill this girls fantasy.

Kate glanced at the TelePrompter and it read “blue X face forward, NOW.”

“I think I have to let you go, I’m sorry I’m going to put you up on your knees. I’ll help you finish this like we talked about. I promise.”

Kate let the girl down to her knees. Rowan was holding the blade with both hands and making little whimpering cries with every breath. A small stream of blood started dripping down from around the blade.

Montana was squirming in her binds against the unstoppable fucking machine. Her blood had soaked the dildo and she was pumping blood with every thrust. Her guts had started poking through the 3-4 inch vertical gash in her lower belly. Her hips swayed forward and back with the waves of pain and encroaching pleasure. Her mind was reeling from the pain. She retreated into the only thing she had, the sex. Her young body had never even felt a man, but now she knew in her heart she would die. This would be as close as she would get. She focused all she could on her pussy and the friction. Every time it bottomed out against the wound in her vaginal cavity she shuddered with pain and pleasure.

Kate took three steps to the right and stood on the blue X. She couldn’t see anything beyond the lights of the stage. A small cracking sound is all she heard. She looked down to see 4 inches of a 10 inch crossbow bolt sticking straight ahead out of her snow white bellybutton. The pain followed quickly. It felt like the weight of the world was pressing down on her belly button.

“Hmmmph. Hah! Oh god! Oh god, yesssss unnmhhhhh”

Kate took two steps back toward Rowan and fell to her knees. Rowan was still holding the blade still in her belly and was now sobbing and crying.

“W-w-wwwow, y-y-you look great w-w-ahhh, with aaahhhhh-That arrow.” Rowan barely managed to get the words out as she nodded towards Kate’s shaft.

Kate was starting to feel sick with the shafts every jostle. She fell back on her hands with her belly jutting out forward. The shaft wiggled in her guts.

“Pull it hnnnngggg, together.” Rowan said to Kate as she took hold of the shaft with her right hand and tugged it out of the other girl.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Oh god oh god!” Kate said as blood came rushing out of her bellybutton.

“Get this out of me! Now!” Rowan spat out while gripping Kate’s left arm hard.

Kate came to her senses a bit and shimmied over in front of Rowan while holding her bellybutton with her left hand. Blood was dripping through her fingers as her hand slipped back and forth over the wound. She gripped the large blade in Rowan’s belly and pulled back with all her might. Rowan puked clear water all over the floor to her left as the blade lurched free. A torrent of blood shot out of the girls split navel and onto Kate’s leg. They were face to face with their knees at each other’s vaginas. They started stimulating each other with their knees. Rowan leaned her head forward against Kates shoulder. Camera drones hovered all around to provide clear views of the girls.

Montana was cumming hard on the fucking machine. As her moans got louder through the machine pounded further and further inside her. It eventually ripped through the poor girls womb and into her guts which further pushed out of the huge gash in her lower belly. Her hips relaxed as she started going into shock. The machine kept going further and further up into the girl until the pressure against her stomach cavity caused the red haired girl to puke against the ball gag. With nowhere for the bile to go she began to aspirate. The girls body shook violently against her chains for several seconds. All that remained was a slight sway from the machine which was still going.

“Get it in low please” Rowan whispered to Kate. Kate took the large blade and held it horizontally and rammed it into the chubby lower belly of the blue eyed girl. She buried the blade up to the hilt. Rowan sucked in a huge gasp of air and fell over to her side away from Kate with her hands on the blade. She was tugging at it and unable to get a grip as the wooden handle was soaked with her life juices. She started rolling on her back and picking her ass up off the ground.

Kate crawled forward on her hands and knees to try to retrieve the blade from Rowan’s body. As her ass was exposed she heard footsteps from behind and heard another *clack* of the cross bow. A man in all black with a balaclava had walked onto the stage within 3 feet of her and fired the bolt directly into the girls asshole and down towards the ground. The bolt went through the girl and wound up sticking about 5 inches out of her Lower belly just above her pubic hairline.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She let out as she collapsed down onto her elbows with her ass poking up into the air.

Blood hemorrhaged out between her spread ass and down the shaft of the bolt. She flipped over onto her back and tugged at the bolt. The bolt was right through her G-Spot and every tug sent quivers of pain and pleasure up her spine. She looked down at the bolt gyrating around in the air sticking up proudly out of her belly. She kicked her feet and slid up next to Rowan.

The girls started making out and grasped each other’s protruding instruments of death. Rowan slipped her fingers into Kate’s blood soaked pussy and started stimulating her. Kate’s hands were wrapped around the crossbow bolt that stuck a few inches out of her belly. She was tugging it with the rhythm of Rowan’s fingers. Every movement brought her closer to orgasm.

“Ngggghhhh, guh, g-gut me please!” Rowan spit out between waves of pain.

Kate grasped the big knife handle that jutted out from the chubby girls lower belly. She weakly sawed back and forth up the girls belly to connect her two wounds and withdrew the knife with a slurp. Rowan gripped down on Kate’s pussy with her left hand and ripped the bolt from Kate’s midriff as her own guts started slipping out of the gape in her lower belly.

Rowan tossed the bolt and rolled over onto her back while trying to hold her guts inside of the gash that ran from her pubic bone to her belllybutton. She couldn’t stop dry heaving and with each contraction of her torn abdominal muscles, more of her intestines squeezed through the gaping wound. Blood poured out from between the coils of intestine. She peered down over her chest at the damage she had sustained. She knew she was past the point of no return. She slid her left hand down to her clit and started pleasuring herself. Her right hand grabbed a few coils of intestine. As she pulled she heaved and a large section of guts flopped out over her right leg. Some draped over her right flank and some slid between her legs. The masturbation increased and she began to climax under the pile of fatty tissue and intestine that now covered her hand.

Kate was on her back staring up at the stage lights and bleeding from multiple holes in her torso. She glanced toward Rowan who was trying to cum one last time before she bled out. The chubby girl reached her climax as her heart started to enter arrhythmia from the loss of blood pressure. She started seizing and shaking while taking short rapid deaths. Kate hoped the girl’s death satisfied her dark desires.

Two men dressed all in black with balaclavas switched off the fucking machine still inside the dead girl on the cross. One man carried the dead girl over his shoulder while the other swept her wet guts away with a push broom. Kate was clutching her wounds attempting to slow her bleeding and occasionally rubbing some blood down onto her clit. The two men returned and lifted her up onto the X shaped cross and buckled her hands and feet in. The pale blue eyed girls head was swaying back and forth. She was trying hard to not go into shock. She wanted to feel everything.

One man inserted the fucking machine into the young woman’s blood weeping vagina while the other lowered a chain on an industrial winch. At the end of the chain was a large gut hook. One of the men in black left the stage while the remaining one started up the fucking machine. Kate moaned in pleasure and pain. She was really having her fantasy fulfilled. She couldn’t believe how much pleasure she was getting from the pain of the puncture wounds. Every time the dildo hit the puncture in her womb her whole body shuddered. The man noticed how much she was enjoying it and made a hand gesture. The drone cameras came in close and focused on her face and her belly. They allowed the girl to build up multiple orgasms over the next few minutes. Kate was drooling and cumming hard as her lower belly leaked her life blood.

The man in black then took the large gut hook and flipped it around so the rope eye faced down and the large hook also pointed downwards. He looked up at the bloody masochistic girl. He was struck by her beauty as most men were.

“If you pooch your tummy out this will be easier for us both” he whispered up at her.

The blue eye girl managed a nod and a wink. She took a deep breath and tried to make her belly big and round. The man shoved the gut hook down through the hole in her belly button and wiggled it around trying to align the tip with the hole just above her pubic mound. She tried as hard as she could to keep her stomach distended but the foreign object seared pain into her flesh. Finally the man found the hole and twisted the hook through. The giant belly piercing was in her bellybutton with the eyehole for the chain near her sternum and the lower end of the hook poking out forward and away from her. The man hit a button on the industrial winch and it moved on a track away from Kate. The winch was now about 6 feet in front of the girl with the chain making a 45 degree to the ceiling.

Kate’s belly was heaving with the pain of being impaled by the hook. She was still enveloped in pleasure but the pain was so intense it was hard to concentrate on the dildo anymore. The man buckled her into three more straps. One just below her breasts and two more around her upper thighs. His hands slipped with blood as he clasped the belts near her crotch.

“This is the end here. You’re adorable. Our customers will be very pleased. Here’s so you don’t break your teeth from the pain” he whispered as he placed a cloth wrapped popsicle stick in her bite.

She knew what was coming. She saw the winch. She wanted to scream but she knew it wouldn’t help. The man hit the button on the slow industrial winch and walked off. Her first 10 seconds were spent waiting for the winch to loose slack. She tried to focus on the machine still fucking her blood-lubricated vagina instead of the winch which was about to literally tear her belly open. The winch suddenly lost slack and she felt the tension building. As it pulled forward blood squirted out of her penetrated anus and vagina. She glanced down to see her belly distended about 4 inches and slowly stretching more. She bit down hard on the stick. The 20 ton winch was slow and relentless.

Her first scream surprised even her. Her belly was stretched more than 6 inches when the rim of her belly button began to tear. Her muscles and skin were holding back the best they could but the winch continued. Her second scream was uncontrollable as the hook started tearing her belly skin from the bottom. The winch continued on. She twitched and fought against the bindings as the winch slowly ripped up through her belly. She started grunting and crying. Her big beautiful blue eyes shot open. The winch made its final tear and the gut hook swung forward with a large chunk of Kate’s intestines looped over it. Her whole body, finally relieved of the forward tension, smacked back against the x-frame. Her small intestine made a trail from the huge rip in her stomach to the swinging hook and back.

Kate couldn’t handle the pain. She never thought she would still have consciousness through it all. Her heart fluttered as blood poured out of her abdomen. She looked up at her guts hanging in front of her. She rested her chin on her chest and stared down at her ruined torso and waited. She couldn’t even feel the dildo anymore. More guts slid free from her fatty deep tissue. She heaved and her heart failed her, fluttering pointlessly. She shook hard for 10-20 seconds with her large baby blues wide open for the last time. She expired with one final breath.

The headmistress yelled “Cut” as she prepared herself for a long night in the editing room.
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Easter Snuff-Bunny

A slightly goofy piece of "fan-fic" inspired by Ellen's story about the New Year Fireworks (which I recommend everyone reads first!)

Part 2 to follow.



“Do I really have to be naked?” 14 year old Suzie whined. “Can’t I wear a bikini or something?”

“No, sweetie.” Her father Aaron chuckled, “We want to put on a good show for the neighbours don’t we? And anyway, it’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of with that tight little body of yours!”

“Then can I at least get rid of the ears?” she pleaded, “I feel so stupid!”

“You can’t be an Easter Bunny without ears!” Aaron pointed out, “Which reminds me, turn around!” The naked teen rolled her eyes and turned her back on her father. She felt something furry being pushed into the top of her butt-crack. It obviously has some kind of sticky pad or tape on it as it pulled on her skin uncomfortably. “There! Now you have a proper bunny tail too!”

It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday and the neighbourhood committee had decided to hold their regular party on the Saturday rather than the Sunday as many people would be out of town visiting family on the day itself and they didn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun. Aaron Jacobson was hosting and had roped in his daughter Suzie to assist with the entertainment. It could hardly be claimed that she was a willing participant but neither did she protest all that much, knowing that, short of running away from home and probably ending up getting raped and murdered on the streets, she didn’t really have a lot of choice in the matter.

“Hey! Looking good!” Her twin brother Brandon teased as he walked through the living room on his way to grab a drink out of the fridge. “If you like emo chicks that is!”

“Everyone prefers goth chicks over hippies!” she retorted, making sure to emphasise the word “goth”. Despite their many apparent differences, the twins were far more alike than either would care to admit. Both were metal-heads although Suzie was a goth while Brandon favoured the grunge look. Both had been born with light brown hair but while Brandon, who was in a band with a couple of his friends, let his grow wild and unkempt, Suzie kept hers straightened and dyed jet black. Even today, stark naked apart from a pair of bunny-ears and a stick-on tail, she was wearing black eyeliner and dark red lipstick. Brandon was trying to grow a beard on his chin but, being six months shy of his 15th birthday, it wasn’t going so well. Suzie had decided to shave all over for the occasion figuring that, if she was going to be humiliated and killed in front of the whole neighbourhood, she should at least look her best while she did so!

“So,” Brandon asked, wandering back over and sipping a cold can of Coke, “ready to go boom?”

“You’d better hope I do!” Suzie glared at him darkly. “Remember our bet!”

“Yeah I don’t think I have too much to worry about!” he chuckled, “I’ve seen what Dad’s got set up outside. You’re not gonna last one minute! Anyway,” he flicked her perky left nipple, “looks like you’re kinda looking forward to it to me!”

“It’s cold in here.” she muttered, not wanting to admit that she was indeed finding the thought of what was about to happen rather thrilling. Everyone had enjoyed seeing Vanessa blown up with fireworks at New Year but she had been a chubby, rather plain girl whereas Suzie was pretty, trim and athletic with a figure many of her friends were envious of. Surely people would enjoy watching her more than they had poor Vanessa and, unlike Vanessa, there was the slimmest of chances that she might actually survive her ordeal.

“Everyone’s here!” Their neighbour, Ted, stuck his head through the French windows. “Ready when you are!”

“I guess this is it!” Aaron grinned at his daughter. “Remember what you have to do?”

“Collect eggs, try not to blow up!” Suzie rolled her eyes again. It wasn’t as if there were really a lot of instructions to remember.

“That’s it!” her dad grinned, “Ready?”

He led the way out through the French window into the garden, Suzie following close behind and Brandon following, checking out his sister’s pert round backside as she walked. He’d honestly never really thought of his sister that way before, after all, she was his sister! But a naked girl was a naked girl and he had to admit she was pretty easy on the eye.

All the neighbours clapped and cheered as the family emerged. The Jacobsons had the biggest back yard on the street and Aaron had taken full advantage of it. On the massive lawn behind the house, he had marked out a square arena roughly fifty feet across. Around it were scattered various brightly-coloured eggs. As he reached the edge of the patio, his wife Karen handed him a whicker basket with what looked like a control for a model helicopter or something similar in it.

“Good luck, sweetie!” Karen kissed her daughter on the cheek and patted her bare behind.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Aaron began, “As most of you know, the company I work for manufactures covert explosive devices for militaries around the world. I was lucky enough to be able to snag a few free samples to set up this afternoon’s entertainment for you.” There were hearty chuckles and a little more applause from those assembled.

“First of all,” he fished in the basket and pulled out a metal pellet about the size of a peanut in its shell, “I need you to swallow this.” He handed it to Suzie who did as she was told. “That pellet,” he explained to the onlookers, “contains a powerful explosive. Once I remotely activate it, it will begin to count down three minutes. The only way to deactivate it is to place the correct, pre-programmed weight on the scale in the middle of the arena.” He pointed to a shiny metal platform. “That will also disarm all the landmines. Oh?” He asked somewhat theatrically, watching Suzie’s eyes go wide, “did I not mention those? I’m afraid the arena is peppered with those and a few other surprises but you’ll find out all about those in due course. The scale is exactly calibrated to recognise this basket and ten of the Easter Eggs you see scattered around. If Suzie can collect ten and put the basket on the scale within three minutes then the pellet bomb and all the mines will power down. If she cannot, well, I’ll be sure to get her feet to send a postcard to her head!” There was more laughter. Suzie was beginning to feel incredibly nervous now.

“Don’t forget,” Aaron reminded his daughter, “you’re a bunny so you have to hop. Oh, and some of the eggs are boobie-trapped.” Suzie could feel her odds diminishing by the second. “To make things a little more interesting,” Aaron announced to the audience, “I have a couple of sniper-rifles we can pass around. They take a few seconds to reload so it’s really only one shot at a time and I know most of us aren’t too proficient but it should give our little bunny here and incentive to keep moving and not stay still for too long! Ready, sweetheart?”

“I guess so.” Suzie gulped. He handed her the basket and led her to the edge of the arena where there was a small opening in the fence. She stepped inside and took a few tentative steps forward.

“Okay!” Aaron held the large remote in front of him and hovered his thumb over a large red button. “Arming the explosives… NOW! Good luck, Bunny!”
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CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead (snuff, zombies)

Spoiler Alert: Does not involve ACTUAL Cosplayers. The title is a means of having an all-inclusive mutliverse of characters to choose from. Some of you may remember my VGBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead series. This is the reboot of that. If you'd like to help choose who shows up in it and get other bonus goodies, feel free to check out my Patreon page: Beyond that, enjoy the mayhem!

CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead

By Deathstalker

Chapter One: Hermoine Granger

The sprawling city had been a bustling hive of vibrant life once upon a time. That all ended with a single snap of the Omni’s fingers. Over eight million people died in an instant. In another instant, a vast majority of them came back, possessed by an ancient evil. All memories of their former lives vanished, replaced by the primal urges to feed and mate. The Omni looked upon the newly formed Necropolis and smiled, knowing it would make a perfect arena for countless playthings to amuse him. As the hordes of living dead shuffled their way through the city’s streets, eagerly seeking out anything they might be able to fuck or feed on, the Omni turned its attention away from its playground and focused on the limitless choice of potential toys to be broken and devoured for its amusement.

The sheer number of options would have left a lesser being reeling with nausea, but the Omni craved the freedom of ultimate power. It had long ago learned to let its mind wander aimlessly, operating largely on whims and instincts instead of conscious choice. The Omni’s choice may not have been truly random, but it might as well have been. A swirling mass of a million different forms formed within its consciousness, gradually filtering down to a single entity. She was young, but possessed an impressive intelligence. The magical blood flowing through her veins gave her strength enough to not be utterly helpless against the Legions of the Undead. The Omni learned every detail of Hermoine Granger’s life in a single instant. And in another instant, it plucked the young woman out of her reality and dumped her into the Necropolis.


Hermoine’s brow furrowed as she looked out onto the hellish landscape before her. Her gut stirred with unease both from the sudden teleportation and the distinct stench of rotten meat. Her thoughts immediately turned to Voldemort. It had been nearly a year since the dark wizard had been vanquished once and for all, but he still haunted Hermoine’s dreams. It would explain the sudden, unnatural abduction, but the venue felt more like a nightmare than reality. Even at a glance, she could tell the city she’d appeared in was huge and sprawling, but there were no signs of life. No activity on the streets. Everything about the area felt wrong. Sliding her wand free, the young witch darted into an alleyway to avoid being seen, desperately needing a moment to gather her bearings and try to figure out what had happened.

The first thing to strike Hermoine as she entered the alley was the stench. She’d noticed it out on the street, but it was so much worse in the closed in space. Rancid, putrid meat left out to rot mixed with something else. Hermoine’s brilliant mind had no trouble linking it to the lingering aroma left in the air in the wake of her and Ron making love, but she desperately did not want to accept the disturbing connection. In her shocked disorientation, it took a moment for her to notice the soft guttural yet feminine grunting coming from deeper in the alleyway. Wet, fleshy slapping accompanied the grunts. As much as Hermoine did not want to interrupt the act she was so certain was taking place just behind the nearby dumpster, she needed to find out where she was. She moved towards the sound of passionate rutting, clutching her wand tightly in her hand, feeling equal parts embarrassment, worry, and disgust.

Hermoine stopped short as her eyes full upon the couple working out their physical urges in the alley. The scene looked fundamentally wrong. The woman – lying on the ground with her legs splayed wide – appeared to be wearing what had once been a nurse’s uniform. The front of it had been ripped open, allowing her full breasts to spill free. The pliant flesh – dirty and discolored – jiggled with each thrust the man gave his lover. The man’s clothing was in just as much disarray, but it looked like the traditional garb of a priest. The bizarre pairing was only the first thing to strike Hermoine as wrong. Their skin was a greyish-green color, dry and cracked in some places and gooey and oozing in others. She caught the woman’s eyes and saw a milky haze over them. The stench of death and decay wafted off of them in heavy waves, forcing the young witch to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep from puking.

Knowing with utter certainty that she would get no help from the couple, Hermoine stumbled back from them towards the opening of the alley. She let out a sharp shriek as her back connected with something solid and spun around. A more distinct scream passed her lips as she found herself looking up into the half-rotten face of another of the living corpses. Wiggling maggots dribbled from the thing’s sunken nostrils. The dead man showed her his yellowed teeth as he grinned down at her and lunged forward. Hermoine brought her wand up instinctively and pressed the tip of it against his skinny chest, muttering a magical word that sent the zombie shooting away from her. The corpse’s compromised physical stability caused his spine to shatter as it connected with a nearby lamp post, sending him crumbling to the ground. The man didn’t seem to mind the paralyzing damage, stretching his arms out in front of him to crawl his way back towards the young witch.

Hermoine ran. As far as plans went, she knew it wasn’t a good one. The disturbing reality she’d been transported to helped to prove that point as another of the undead creatures sprang out of a shadowy corner beside her. She tried to twist away from it, but only managed to get her feet tangled together. “No!” she screamed as she fell, wide eyes fixed on the lecherous gaze of the zombie reaching for her. Air rushed from her lungs as her back it the hard ground. The clatter of her wand skittering across the cement rang in her ears. She turned towards her lost wand, knowing it was the only weapon she had against the unnatural monsters. Rolling onto her side, she stretched her arm towards her salvation, curling her fingers to regain her grip on it.

Hermoine’s fingers lightly brushed against the vine wood before a pair of rough hands clamped down on her slender hips. She shrieked as the hands yanked her away from the wand, tears stinging her eyes as she twisted her head around to look up at the zombie looming over her. The thing slipped his fingers into the waistband of her skirt and yanked downwards roughly. The skirt slid over her perky rear, exposing her white cotton panties, before bunching up around her knees. The zombie dropped onto the backs of Hermoine’s legs, keeping her effectively pinned as he brought one hand down to the crotch of his soiled pants. He clawed at the fabric until the button popped open and the zipper crept down. Hermoine’s sobs intensified as her eyes bulged with sickened horror, watching as the dead man’s throbbing member sprang free of his pants.

The zombie ripped through the seat of the young witch’s panties, exposing the smooth, flawless flesh of her buttocks to the cold light of the streetlamp overhead. Hermoine squirmed and flailed as best she could, trying to get out from under the monster before he did what he so clearly wanted to. The frigid, hard slab of cock-meat slid against her warm flesh as the zombie scooted over her, taking up position atop her. His hands came down on her shoulders, shoving Hermoine against the ground and further pinning her as his hips began to lightly grind against her. Hermoine stretched her left arm out towards her wand, straining her fingers and nearly popping her shoulder out of its socket in an attempt to reach far enough to save herself from the macabre assault.

After a few humps, the tip of the zombie’s cock mashed against the dry lips of Hermoine’s cunt. The heat of her sex against the coldness of his dead dick contrasted greatly and told the zombie he had found his target. Tightening his grip on the girl’s shoulders, the dead man slammed his hips forward. Hermoine screamed through clenched teeth, fresh tears gushing from her bulging eyes as she felt several stiff inches of zombie cock slam into her unwilling sex. Her clever mind had no trouble determining that the undead monster violating her was significantly larger – both in length and girth – than Ron. It was yet another comparison she desperately wished she hadn’t made. The pain radiating up from her crotch wasn’t quite the distraction she wanted from her analytical mind, but it was the only thing she had. Her left hand continued to slap at the ground, fingernails scrapping against the rough cement as the zombie’s thrusts picked up speed, urgently hoping she could somehow reach her wand and save herself.

The pleasure of Hermoine’s tight snatch clinging to his prick like a second skin was exactly the sort of stimulation the undead man had been searching for since he’d been returned to his shell of un-life. Her warm flesh felt like a drug to him, encouraging him to ravage her – first sexually and then in other ways. But the young woman’s single flailing arm managed to stir his attention, despite his muddied yet focused instincts. The zombie’s hips continued to pump away at the girl, feeling her gripping hole slowly slicken as her body responded to his rough penetration, but his eyes roamed up the length of Hermoine’s arm to the tips of her fingers and beyond, spotting a slender length of wood just over ten inches in length. The zombie tilted his head, perplexed by the object. He had no way to comprehend what it was or what it could do, but the young witch’s interest in it stirred the last vestiges of his survival instincts. If his prey desired the object, he needed to ensure she could not obtain it.

Hermoine let out a pathetic wail as the undead monster raping her from behind leaned across her. She shook her head, blinking the tears from her eyes and letting out fresh sobs as she watched with sinking dread as the creature used his greater arm length to reach past her outstretched hand and scoop up her wand. “No, please,” she whimpered. “Give it back!” She cried out as the zombie cock speared into her again, rubbing against her aching inner cunt walls. Her hope of escaping faded, leaving behind the terrible near certainty that she most likely would never discover who or what had transporter her to the hellish city. That she would never see Ron or Harry or any of her other friends again. That the remainder of her life would be as a rape-puppet for the grotesque monstrosities inhabiting the city. The innocent young witch – as clever as she was – could not comprehend the true horror that awaited her.

The zombie continued to pump his prick into Hermoine’s pussy, examining the wand with dull, milky eyes. His curiosity led to him not pinning the witch quite as effectively. She managed to lift her upper body and twist to the side, making a frantic grab for her wand. Her fingers came within an inch of her target, but the zombie instinctively yanked its newly discovered toy away from his slightly not-so-new toy. The undead man’s annoyance grew as the girl kept trying to grab the wand. Unable to figure out what was so important about the slender length of hard wood, he let out an angry snarl and decided to return it to her.

The zombie dropped one hand down on top of Hermoine’s head, digging his fingers into her scalp firmly. The girl continued to writhe and flail beneath him, jerking her arms back to grab at her wand. The zombie growled with annoyance, forced to slow his thrusts as he shifted the limited resources of his putrid brain towards doing something beyond plundering the depths of the young witch’s lightly pulsing cunt. He brought the thin tip of Hermoine’s wand down to her head, managing to slip it into the canal of her ear. Hermoine’s struggles faltered as she felt the wand touching against the side of her head. She didn’t know what the creature was doing, but she refused to believe the horrible monstrosity actually possessed any form of magical ability. She was right, but the zombie hardly needed magical powers or the knowledge of spells to use the wand against its owner.

With a heavy grunt, the living corpse shoved Hermoine’s wand into and through her earhole. The young woman’s eyes widened with sudden horror, realizing what the creature was going to do to her a fraction of a second before her eardrum ruptured. She let out a sharp scream that abruptly transformed into dulled groan. Hermoine Granger’s trusty wand skewered her brilliant brain, transforming her into nearly as much of a brainless dullard as the dead man fucking her from behind. The wand was more than long enough to impale Hermoine’s head, the base of it extending from her right ear while the bloody tip emerged from her left. The girl’s mouth dropped slack, eyelids drooping as muscle spasms crept across her face. Her arms flopped back to the ground. As the zombie picked up the speed of his thrusts again, she released an awkward moan. The zombie fucking Hermoine from behind took hold of either end of the girl’s wand, using it for leverage as he hammered into her snatch, finding the penetration further eased as her bladder drained.

The zombie priest – having left the undead nurse with a cunt packed full of his jizz – shambled out of the alleyway, drawn by the source of the commotion he’d heard. His dull eyes fell upon Hermoine’s slackened face – still alive, but brutally brain damaged. Even more alluring was her mouth, hanging open, grunting, groaning, and letting out the occasional little squeak. The zombie’s cock – in a state of perpetual half-stiffness – twitched and rose back to full attention as he moved towards the doomed young witch. He guided the bulbous tip of his erection to her gaping mouth and pushed into the warm dampness, feeling her slightly twitching tongue wiggle against the underside of his dick. The zombie priest took over holding onto the ends of Hermoine’s wand, yanking on the thin piece of vine wood to pull her face against his crotch.

The pair of zombies enjoyed double-teaming the twitching teenager between them, ravaging her holes. Hermoine remained trapped, both physically and mentally. Her skewered mind occasionally managed to work well enough to deliver a shocking dose of reality upon her, but for the most part, she was left in a near vegetative state, drooling around her mouthful of zombie cock-meat and lightly grinding her perky butt against the dead man behind her. Blood dribbled freely from her ears and oozed from her nostrils as her eyes lazily swayed and crossed. The young woman’s bright future was a thing of the past now that she’d been transformed into a husk nearly as mindless as the things raping her.

As the zombie priest neared his climax, he yanked harder on the two sides of Hermoine’s wand. Tears dampened the girl’s flushed cheeks as she reflexively gagged around the rancid prick plugging her throat. She managed to get a brief taste of the undead spunk as it blasted across the back of her tongue. The zombie priest groaned loudly, tightening his grip on the wand and giving it one last yank. The thin wood could take no more. It snapped in half, severing the dragon heartstring within it and unleashing the magic infused within it. In an open environment, there would have been impressive bit of fireworks. Trapped within Hermoine’s brain, the result was a good deal more graphic. The girl’s head seamed to expand outwards like a balloon being inflated. Her features took on an almost comical exaggeration as the soft creaks and strain of her bone and skin crept out of her. Hermoine’s eyes bulged, tears staining red as heavier globs of blood sneezed from her nostrils and ears. And then – roughly half a second after the wand snapped – Hermoine’s head exploded.

The zombie priest stumbled back, the upper half of his cock ripped away, and landed hard on his ass. The remaining stump continued to pump bloody cum out onto the street. Hermoine’s headless corpse slumped forward, the zombie behind her hammering into her sweet young snatch harder until he shot his own load deep into her convulsing cunt. Death spams rocked through the young witch, causing her arms and legs to flop about wildly for nearly a minute before starting to fade off. The zombie priest – seemingly unbothered by the loss of most of his dick – leaned forward to scoop up a few chunks of Hermoine’s steaming, half-scorched brain matter and shoveled it into his waiting mouth. The rest of her young flesh would soon be devoured as well, leaving behind little more than a few broken bones and bloody smears to signal the remains of the Necropolis’s first unfortunate visitor.
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Assorted Works of Ellen

I have been writing more recently, and I wanted to make one thread for all of my stuff. I like affectionate and well endowed executioners, I like pullups, I like gentle flirting and snuggles, and mostly semi-con situations. So my stuff will have these things a good bit of the time.. Not always. I made a new thread because the Nobles stuff wasn't getting the creative juices flowing but I did have ideas. This will be assorted stuff, there will be some Nobles and Clones, but there will also be other setups, and one-shots. if you don't like one, you might like the next. If you like it, definitely let me know! :) the first couple posts will be my stuff from other threads.
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Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary (Post-mortem Necro, Morgue, Sometimes Furry, MLP)

Tales from the Canterlot Mortuary is a collection of stories surrounding the mortician Mort Momento and looking through the many corpses that head his way, figuring out their means of death, carrying out their terms for a funeral, and having some fun along the way.

This first entry is more of a pilot story. I had written it a long while ago (like a couple of years now) and I'm just now deciding to publish it here. If you have any ideas for future entries, please suggest them in this format:

Name: (this would be a character from MLP. It might branch out to other series, but for now, it's MLP. If your suggestion is an OC, please link to their appearence)
Cause of Death: (how did they die and how were they found at the crime scene?)
Death Outfit: (how were they dressed when they were processed by CSI?)
Funeral Arrangements: (what, if anything, have they requested happen to them for their funeral?)

Without further to do, let's begin!

Bittersweet (Pinkie Pie, 2nd person)

9:13 PM. That was the time they called it according to the note attached to the body bag of one Pinkamena Diane Pie. You were just a hapless mortician that was assigned to analyzing the body. You look at some of the notes attached to it, like how she was aged at 23 by the time of her death and that she died of cardiac arrest. You unzip the bag and by God was she gorgeous. Her eyelids were naturally closed and her face gave off a natural, peaceful look.

Her hair was long, curly to the point of it being fluffy like cotton candy and in a bright hot pink color. You continue to unzip the bag. She wore a pink sweatshirt and black track pants. Her body was a bit on the chubby side, but not to the extent of her being morbidly obese. You notice that CSI team have prepped her body for examination with the bagged hands and the fact that one of her feet are missing a sock. You take the body out of the bag and carry her to the metal tray that you prepared for her. Rigor mortis seemed to have passed for her as you notice the way her body limped as you carried her.

You sneak a grab at her butt as you lay her down and judging from that feel alone, you figure out what’s the first thing to be taken off. You take off the other sock and put it to the side. You observed both feet as you lift up Diane’s legs and worked your way to the waist. Tugging the pants down, you managed to pull down both her pants and panties down. The last tug to take them off was hard, so you turn and struggled. Her corpse flopped to its side as you pull them down. You pulled her down too, as you noticed her soles inching close to your dick.

You pull down your pants slightly and let your penis touch her soft feet for a moment. After that, you pulled them back up and go observe her body. You look at her smooth ass as it lined up with pink sweatshirt. The curves of her butt looked adorable. You take a squeeze on one cheek before squeezing the other. You pull down your pants, lower the tray, and mount Diane. You align your dick within the part where the two cheeks met the legs and plopped it there. You felt the coldness of the corpse, but can also feel your penis surrounded by soft, silk-like skin. You rub your penis in between her legs for a while, a few times your dick edged to her vagina, until finally you cum over her butt. Nothing that a quick wipe from a kleenex wouldn’t fix.

The time for more sex had to wait. You’re assigned to study the corpse, not fuck it after all. You flop Pinkamena over and try not to gaze at her vagina for fear of your sex drive taking over again. You figured that getting the shirt off would be more difficult. Rather than struggle with pulling it off, you decided to just grab a pair of scissors and cut the sweatshirt off her. You started at the bottom and began cutting upward. Her gut was revealed and you gave it a quick rub of her soft belly before you finished cutting. You take the shirt off her and all you’re left now is her bra. It was one of those lace bras that showed a bit of the nipple via see through fabric. You look at how the nipples were erect. With one cut, you take off the bra, put it to the side, and now you have a nude body.

Now was the time to look at her vagina. The first thing you notice is her fluffy bush of pubic hair. Already her appearance is giving you a hard-on. You part her legs and look at her vagina. You go to the sink and wet a cloth. You go back to the body and dab a little bit of the cloth onto her pussy to make it a bit more wet and lubricant. You lift her legs, undo your pants, and began to screw her lifeless body. With each thrust, you notice her breasts and hair bounce, her arms juggling a bit to keep up. Seeing the motion made you sick and you stop. You turn her body around to see her adorable butt.

You continue your sex. You can see her face rub against the cold steel, cheeks pressed up to the point where her lips parted. You hold her from behind and grab her large, soft breasts as you bury your head into her hair. You begin to wonder what kind of person she was and why she had to die. It often helped you making a personality for her. Eventually, with one last thump, you came inside Diane Pie. You got out and her body slumped to the ground.

You take out a small hose and began to wash her body, taking extra care with the pussy as your cum drained out of her. Soon, her entire body was wet and her once beautiful hair was now long and wet. Her mouth was open and you decide to give her a tongue before you set your sheet over her corpse. You’ll begin the autopsy in the morning.

Fortunately, someone else did the autopsy for you so you don’t have to go through the gruesome details. Looking at the scar on her nude body and her skin even paler made your dick hard. You raise her legs, inserted your dick into her body, and clung onto her for dear life as you humped her body.

Her nipples poked your chest as the scars rubbed against you. You hold her tightly as you ride out your lust onto her body. You could feel the embalming fluid inside her as you kiss her on the lips. Her breasts wobble a bit, but not by much. You comb your fingers through her hair and kiss her on the forehead.

Eventually, you cum inside her body. This time, you don’t clean it, but rather grab a cotton ball and stuff it into her pussy. You decided to do something different and take Diane’s hand. You pressed her fingers onto the cotton and shove it in. You leave her like that and get out your phone to take some pictures of the corpse “masturbating”.

You decided to go all out on her, licking her nipples, feeling up her pubic hair, even opening up her eyelids to look at her gorgeous yet lifeless blue eyes. You decided to go one more time, though this time, you’re going in protected. Although her holes were covered, you made an exception to her ass.

You go gently, as if she was alive and looking right at you. You massage her breasts and feel up her belly. You rub her legs before touching her soft soles. You grab onto her hands, continuing to pretend you and her were lovers. Eventually, you came again and took your penis out of her anus.

You close her eyes and get her clothes. She had been given a simple white dress with shoes that show off her cute toes. There was also panties for her, but you decide to put just the dress and shoes on. You bunched up the dress to see her pussy one last time. Taking a picture, you finally put panties onto her and leave her.
R: 1 / I: 0

Vacation in hell (FMg/F+, rape, torture, snuff, nc, feet, zoo, scat, pee, cannibalism, gore)

Vacation in hell (FMg/F+, rape, torture, snuff, nc, feet, zoo, scat, pee, extreme, cannibalism, gore, vomit)

Do not expect too much from this story, only some simple extremities about the torture and murder of sexy ladies.

This story involves quite a lot of horrible activities. In most case they are done in a non-consensual, unhealthy, insane, destructing, disrespectful, politically- and socially incorrect ways. If you do not like to read such things, I strongly advise you to stop here and now.

This is a work of fiction. The characters and actions depicted in this story live only in the twisted mind of their author. Hopefully they will grow in the mind of my readers as well. However, I do not condone, approve or recommend the acts I describe. This is fiction and should remain as such. Do not do this at home!

No animal got harmed during the writing of this story.


OK, if you want I can tell you what was happened in that castle. But you must promised that after my tale you take me to hospital. I'm in so much pain, you can't imagine. Why dont you take me there now? Please! OK, just dont hurt me! I tell you everything. What kind of cop are you? Find a nude, seriously wounded woman on the road 20 miles away from every villages, and don't help her but ask such questions. No! Ok, no need that pistol, I speak!

What? Yes, I'm not American, I came from Europe, I spend my holiday here, that's why my english is so poor.
OK OK, I start, just take back that fucking gun!

As I said I'm on holiday now, I'm working as secretary in a small country in Europe. My name is Gina. This trip was organized by a tourist agency, I thought it is to be safe and refreshing. But I was kidnapped from the front of the hotel on the second day. Three men grabbed me in the parking lot and carried me to their car. They throwed me in the back seat, blindfolded me and took me there, in that castle behind this forest.

DAY 1.

They tore off my clothes, I was totally nude, my hands were tied behind my back. I heard noises, a door opened and we stepped through it then they finally removed my blindfold. We arrived to a great room, a really great, old style castle room. Big windows, very high ceiling, large paintings. What was strange that long chains were hanging from the ceiling. In the other end of the hall was an huge armchair, almost like a throne. A tall, muscular man was sitting on it, he wore dark suit, he was very handsome but smiled very cruelly. There were lots of people in the room, tall men in black leather clothes, as I recognized they were the guards of the castle. I saw other 4 men and 5 women in different kind of very smart clothes, all of them wore lots of jewelries.

In front of the throne 4 nude women were laying on the floor with collars around their neck and chains attached to their collar led to the King's hands. Two of the women was actually licking the shoes of the guests, the other two were rather heatedly sucked on two guests' cock. In the middle of the room a nude girl hung by her wrists from the ceiling, her feet were around 1 metre above the floor. 2 guards were standing on her two sides and with leather whips they beated the poor girl's ass and legs. She was screaming and kicking, angry red welts covered her white soft skin. The guests and the King watched her smiling, the girl's eyes were covered with tears. I was totally scared, the room was a little bit cold but I shaked from fear not from cold. I was led to the throne, my legs were trembling.

"What a pretty piece of meat!" said the King. He asked for my name and I had to answer without hesitation, I was so scared. During this the guards stopped beating the girl, everybody paid attention to me.

"Well, Gina, I explain you what's going on here. You are my slave now, just as these cunts around us." he pointed the four girls.

"You will do everything we order you, or you will get punishment. Look there!" he wavws towards the hanging girl.

"She is Jane, and she didn't obeyed me. Understood? These nice people here are my guests, you are here to satisfy them. The guys in black clothes - as I'm sure you already guess - are the guards. Ah, and let me introduce you Victoria, she is the slave trainer."

A tall woman stood before me, she had long, black hair, dark eyes. She was slender with the body of a supermodel, her face was very pretty too, only that evil smile on her face was very frightening. She wore black leather clothes, leather boots, she had a black bag in her hand.

"Come here, slave!" she said.

"On your knees!" I did what she ordered, I was far too scared to disobey. She took a metal collar from the bag and fastened it around my neck. A chain was attached to my collar and I became the King's sixth slave.

"Let's see how can we train this brand new cunt!" laughed the King.

"Victoria, please show us something, I'm sure you can convince this slut to obey."

The beautiful woman smiled on me, the cruel expression on her face made me to start crying. Victoria began to laugh loudly, the guests and King cheered. She grabbed my hair and slapped my face.

"Silence, slut! Save your tears for tomorrow! You will need them!"

At the meantime one of the male guest started to cum, his face showed incredible joy as one of the suckers, a young asian girl made him explode. The slim beauty didn't let any of the sperm wasted, she drank every drops of it.

"We were very unpolite, Honey, I'm sure you are thirsty, I want you to feel good. So open your mouth and drink what I give you! If you miss any drop you will change place with Jane. She didn't want to swallow all the sperm was given to her. Got it?" asked Victoria. I nodded, I was so scared that I wouldn't dare to disobey.

Victoria stood above my face, with her fingers opened her pussy lips and let her hot, yellow urine flow into my mouth. It was bitter like hell but I managed to drink the rest of it. Unfortunately she peed too fast and I couldn't drink that quantity at once. The piss spilled out of my mouth and flow along my breasts. She became very angry, the guests were smiling widely, they knew what was going to happen.

"You worthless, fucking piece of shit!" she shouted.

"I said drink it all! You will get your punishment! Guards, prepare her for a… hmmm, sole tickling!"

Two men grabbed me, others brought a small device. It has a horizontal wooden plank which stood on four half metre high metal legs. Two holes were on the surface, which were openable. They inserted my legs into the holes then closed it around my ankles. I was laying on the floor belly down, knees bent, my soles pointed the ceiling.

"No… please no…" I started to beg but Victoria kick me on my ribs.

"Shut up, bitch! You will get what you deserve! If you are going to beg again, you will suffer much harder!"

She stepped to my bare soles and ran her fingers along my skin. She had extremely long, deep blue painted nails, she started to tickle me with them. I'm very ticklish, but I was so terrified I didn't even laugh.

"Oh, you don't like what I'm doing with your pretty sole? Then we are going to do something more motivating thing to make you react!" she laughed, one of the female guest laughed together with her loudly. The other four girls changed their places, they kneeled before the women then and they were to licki their shoes. Suddenly sharp pain ran through my left sole, Victoria had beaten my foot with a vicious tool. It was a long metal chain with lots of small, metal spikes, every strike bit into my skin and flesh. She was beating me for long minutes, striking both soles. I was shrieking and trashing so hard that two more guards had to come to hold me down. It hurt so much! When she finished beating me I was totally under her controll! I can't bear pain! I would had done anything just avoid further torture.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" said the King.

"It's late, your rooms are prepared for the night! Sleep well, tomorrow we will have long day! Good night!"

Guards grabbed me, released me from the stocks and pulled me onto my feet. It was horrible feeling, but somehow I managed to stand and walk although every step caused me sharp pain.

"Take her to Miss Angel's room with Geraldine! I want to know this cunt better." Victorie ordered, and they led me along cold corridors into the uncertain future.


Angel's room was huge and full of luxury. It was actually a bedroom furnitured in a XVIII. century style. Angel was a luxury herself too. I have had never seen such a beautifull woman before, long blonde hair, incredibly pretty face, she was like a real Angel. I had to soon realize, she was actually the cruelest demon from the pits of hell. Geraldine was one of the six (including me) slaves of the castle. She was a German beauty, an European tourist just like me. She was about 30, tall, had long brown hair, slender body, long feminine legs, small but very firm tits. And she was the loser of that night. Angel wanted to play, and Victoria assisted her.

The guards lead me and Geraldine into the room, chained my hands and ankles together as they did with Geraldine's, then left the room when the two bitches, Angel and Victoria arrived. They walked in kissing, laughing and were very happy, poor Geraldine didn't even think what was to happen to her. First we were ordered to lick our torturers' pussies, and we did it without hesitation. I licked Victoria. Our two tormentors were just laughing, talking, moaning during this, we licked them kneeling in front of them for 20 minutes, using our fingers too and made them cum for the first time. The sexual pleasure brought out Angel's sadistic lust.

I was ordered to clean Victoria's leather boots with my tongue - I did it well although my mouth dried out after 5 minutes of licking. I was tasting awful dirt, while Angel was fisting herself, using one hand, pushing the other deep into Geraldine's vagina. Later they changed position, Geraldine was forced into an ass up position. Her legs were bent such a way, that her knees were tied to her shoulders, she was half way on her back, her pussy was half way hidden between her thighs, but her anus was totally exposed. I had to lick Angel's barefeet and toes, had to clean them and covere them with my saliva while Victoria fistfucked the German girl's asshole.

The sight of the cruel assfisting and my footworship turned on Angel, I could see as the cruel lust appeared in her eyes. She ordered Victoria to change her fist with a baseball bat, with the wider end of the bat, as I was ordered to play with her pussy. I couldn't believe how was is possible to force that baseball bat into a woman's anus, but Victoria somehow managed to do that. Geraldine was screaming and screaming in such an earpiercing voice, that I had to close my ears with my hand. Victoria muscles tightened as she pushed the baseball bat deeper and deeper into poor Geraldine's stretched shithole.

"Yes! Push, push it deeper, Victoria! More! Scream, scream you tight ass German bitch!" laughed Angel as she grabbed my hair and pushed my head to her cunt harder.

"Yeah, lick bitch, lick!" she giggled, her sharp nails cut into my nape. I didn't see more but I heard the poor girl's pitifull screams as Victoria played with the bat in her ass further. I licked Angel hard, I wanted to pleasure her in order to save my life, so she reached the top soon. She started to cum, screamed out loud, I felt as her nails dig deep into my neck. Angel and Geraldine's scream filled the room.

Only 5 minutes later Geraldine was on her fours, they kept the bat in her asshole, it was pointing to the ceiling. Blood and shit covered around her stretched anus, her pretty face contorted in pain, her eyes were full of tears. Angel was sitting on her back, a rope was inserted into her mouth like a bridle.

"I hope you enjoy riding, Angel. Your horse has a beautifull tail!"said Victoria. Angel smiled on her and started hit Geraldine's ass with her lap.

"Go, go! Run little German girl! Run!"

Geraldine tried to crawl, only could go 2-3 metres then collapsed under Angel's weight.

"What a week horse, Victoria! I thought your King gives only first class objects to his guests."

"Sorry, Angel!" Victoria smiled.

"Let's see what can we do with her to wake up."

She stepped to Geraldine, grabbed the bat and pulled it out. Geraldine screamed out as the baseball bat wide end left her tortured ass, it was covered with blood and shit, small amount of light brown liquid started to leak out from her still wide open shithole.

"It will never close perfectly again!" laughed Victoria. Angel stepped to the fire-place and took a red hot glowing pincer.

"Please… please… no!" moaned Geraldine in hoarse voice.

"Sorry, honey, but I must do this." said the blonde bitch and pushed the glowing iron into her open asshole. The girl's shriek was so horrible that I lost controll and pissed under myself, fortunately the two sadistic bitches didn't recognized it. Steam raised from the tortured hole, Geraldine managed to stand onto her four again. Angel was smiling.

"Oh, i knew its possible to wake you up, but I'm afraid it's not enough!" she said cruelly and started to touch the red-hot pincer to the German's girl different bodyparts. Her wrists still bound together she tried to crawl away in order to avoid Angel's hot toy, but the Blonde followed her, playfully dancing around her. Geraldine screamed out after every touch, the glowing iron burnt her back several times, the semi-spheres of her pretty ass, her thighs, her hands, her small breasts. Victoria took another hot iron and the two cruel bitches played with poor girl for another quarter hour.
After about 20 minutes hot poker torture Geraldine fall onto the floor, she was unable to move more. The sadist women burnt her body, forced her onto her back and burnt her nipples off, pierced her tits with the pincers, inserted them into her pussy, burnt and burnt and burnt her until she lost consciousness.

"What a pity!" said Victoria.

"Well, I think I'm getting bored of her. It's late and I think we must go bed soon."

"As you want, Angel." Victoria replied. "Do you want me to wake up and kill her?"

"Yes, do that please."

Victoria forced a glass of water like fluid into Geraldine's mouth and she woke up suddenly emitting a loud scream.

"Please, no, please! Don't do that more! I…" Victoria kicked her in the ribs and she curled on the floor gasping for air. Victoria and Angel tied Geraldine again into the butt up position and Victoria inserted a metal funnel into her still wide open, roasted asshole. She pushed it deep into her, it ran easy deeper and deeper, the funnel's tube was much thinner than the baseball bat.

"Geraldine! You've found guilty of being tight ass bitch, and sentenced to death by fill your ass and guts with acid!"said Victoria, and from a glass bottle started to pour water like liguid into Gerladine's ass through the funnel. Geraldine started to scream again, smoke rised from her ass as Victoria poured the whole bottle into her intestines. It was the most horrible sound I have ever heard in my life. Her screams were full of pain and suffering, it was inhuman and pitiful like nothing else. Angel sat before Geraldine's face and started to kiss her, bit her on her mouth as the poor girl was screamed with wide open lips. Geraldine's eyes was bulging and she suddenly stopped screaming. Angel spat into her face and smiled
"Good night, German cunt!" she whispered. Geraldine collapsed with open eyes, she was dead. I was trembling in the corner of the room as the two sadistic bitches kissed each other and stepped to me.

"Look at this worthless, little slut! Did she pleasure you well?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, she did, and I'm sure she will serve us well the following days too." Angel smiled.

"Its time to rest."

Guards carried out the corpse, Angel and Victoria were sleeping together on the bed, and I was sleeping on the floor. I was hungry, my soles hurt, my mouth was full of the taste of piss, dirt and Angel's cunt, but I was alive!

DAY 2.

I was unable sleep, Geraldine's pitifull screams filled my mind. Victoria woke up first, I curled into fetal position at the end of the bed and cried softly, but she didn't hurt me, just made me lick her cunt a bit and I had to awake Angel by licking her feet again. Both of them were very happy, kissed each other like lovers then called a guard who lead me out. The guard took me into a small wooden cottage outside the castle, in the yard. I was chained to the wall by my hands tied behind my back and left alone for about 2 hours. Later I've heard noises, and a small group arrived into my small, stinky and straw covered room. Victoria, 2 male guests and a guard stepped in, Victoria was leading two huge dogs on leash. Both of them were black, as tall as a German sheppard although their shape was wolf like.

"Ah, Gina! My darling! I'm soo happy to meet you again!" Victoria said.

"These two gentlemen would like to see a really dirty fucking scene, and occasionally take part in it, so they need a really filthy whore. Like you. I'm sure you will give them what they want!"

The men started to laugh. The guard released my chains and pushed me to the floor. I fall onto my knees just before the two dogs. They had large and scary teeth, more like fangs, but I soon realized they didn't want to attack me. What they wanted was clearly visible between their back legs. Both of them were males, and had extremely large red, wet, shiny cocks with hundreds of red veins under the skin.

"Ok, Gina, my little pet, it's time to give us a presentation how can our pets satisfy each other!" whispered that cunt Victoria.

"They know their job, Darling, just give them the sign and they will do what they have to do!"

With tears in my eyes I stay in all fours and took a step towards them. One of them turned onto his back without hesitation, his large cock was standing upwards, it was at least 20 centimetres long and was thicker than the thickest dick in my life. The other jumped behind me, and just as I just reached the laying dog the other was in me. I could fell as his legs closed around my chest, and that long and hot rod tried to enter into my pussy. He couldn't find the right hole, but Victoria stepped to him to help, I could feel as her fingers opened my pussy lips, and suddenly an enormus object entered into my most private part. My mouth opened and I couldn't give any sound, everything happened so sudden and fast. The dog started to pump, he started to fuck me hard and fast, it was difficult to take breath because his huge member stretched me to the limit. It was painfull (though was bearable at least), I didn't feel any pleasure but I was ashamed beyond any anything. The dog was moving faster in and out, I started to cry, I could never imagined once I was to be raped by a dog.

"Give him a head, you fucking, worthless cunt!" shouted suddenly Victoria. The other dog's cock was standing before my face, I didn't even glance at it since I felt the other tore into me.

"Suck it or I will order them to fuck your guts after ripped them free!" she said, and I knew she didn't lie. With one hand I grabbed that blue veins covered hot dick at the base, closed my eyes, and - as I tried to imagine that I was fucking with humans -, slowly took that cock into my mouth. Ohhhhh… I fucking felt it was an animal's dick! It's shape, it's taste, even the surface was different. I started to suck it, giving him the best blowjob he would had ever got, but I felt so sick and disgusted that sometimes I have to stop with the sucking and focus on not to vomit. When I opened my eyes I could see as the two male guests were stroking their cock, both of them were hard as they were looking at me. Victoria helped them, she gave them short handjobs for some seconds and was smiling at me with that cruel expression on her face.

"Very goooood, Ginaaaaa!" she purred and I felt sick. Suddenly the dog behind me started to cum, he shot some liquid into me earlier too, but it was a much greater amount of hot dog cum, I could feel as his legs were wrapped even tighter around me, and he shoved his cock deeper into me while he was filling me. After cumming he didn't left me, I could feel that he slided off my back but was still standing behind me, and his cock was still inside. The one was enjoying my blowjob also let some small drops of salty liquid into my mouth, but I managed to smear it along his cock and didn't swallow it. Suddenly I could feel his cock was convulsing in my mouth, and without warning an extremely big load of cum was shooted into my mouth. The salty and stinky, sticky sperm filled my mouth.

"Don't spit or swallow it, Cunt!" screamed Victoria, she could see clearly what happened. I did as I was ordered, I didn't let any drop spill out my mouth. After half a minute the dog finished with me, and without any warning shaked his cock out from my mouth then walked away. I was standing on my all four, with a dog cock in my pussy, with a full load of dog cum in my mouth, and two men was playing with their cock before me, their huge dick was red and ready to cum.

"Two more loads, darling!" laughed Victoria and one of the guest stepped to me, his cock was directly above my face as I turned my head upwards.

"You must hold their cum in your mouth too without losing any drop, understand?"

I nodded. She kneeled before me, grabbed one of the cocks and started to stroke it fast, the end was pointed onto my lips.

"Open your filthy fucking mouth, you Cunt!"

I did as she said.

"Wow, you can't imagine how sexy you are! That sticky white dog cum fills your mouth and covers your tongue, Darling! It's even between your teeth!" she laughed. The man whose cock was in Victoria's hand began to cum, new wave of sperm begin to poured into my mouth, it was a huge load too but nothing compared with the dog's shot. Victoria was tugging it longand hard until every drop fell into my mouth, then with her long tongue licked the cockhead around sometimes before took it back into the pants. The other man took his place and in 2 minutes his sperm was in my mouth too. I felt that the 3 loads was very much, mixed with my saliva it filled my mouth almost completely, I couldn't move my head without riskingto spill out the cum between my lips.

"Gooooood. No, close your lips, Darling, and start to chew! If you do it well you will get a sperm chewing-gum after some minutes! I want to see it!"

Having the dog cock still embedded in my pussy I started to chew on the cum, its salty and strange taste filled my mind, I could smell its strange smell from inside me, it was disgusting but somehow I managed to hold it and chew it without vomiting. I knew, if I would had vomited that had been my last mistake. While I was chewing the two men was smoking, talking about their last night and telling jokes to Victoria who was laughing and smiling like we were in a ball. What I've heard proved me, that not only Angel and Victoria played cruel games last night.

The two men were bisexual and they raped and tortured one slave last night, the Asian one called Kyoko. They fucked her in every hole, fisted her, then forced her to fist the two men simultanously in the ass, while she was giving them head. Unfortunately the girl had long fingernails and she hurt one of the man's rectum, so they removed her fingernails one by one. The poor girl suffered unimaginable pain. For Kyoko's luck they didn't have the opportunity to torture her to death, they were told Kyoko was to survive that night and only minor injuries were allowed.

I felt the sperm was forming into a huge cumball in my mouth after 10 minutes of chewing, and after 15 minutes I was ready with the chewing gum. Victoria ordered me to spit it into her palm, and I did so. It was an unshaped sticky, wet, whitish jelly, and was very disgusting.

"Good work, Gina! This is the most beautifull cum-gum I have ever seen! We dont need this one now, but later you will have the possibility to make more!" smiled my cruel tormentor.

"Now, swallow it!" she said and forced it back into my mouth. It was very difficult to swallow the cumball, it was impossible to chew it into smaller pieces or bit it into two half. I had to try swallow it in one piece. It was sliding slowly down my throat, it felt like I would had to try swallow my own tongue. I felt my throat bulging and for some seconds I felt panic, but finally managed to force the cum-gum into my stomach.

"Very well!" she said. I was chained again, the dog finally removed his cock from my pussy at least. The men and guard left for having lunch (it was around lunch time) with the dogs together, but Victoria didn't join with them. She led me out from the wooden bulding and we went to the other end of the castle yard. There was a large wooden stable, some beautiful horses were standing inside. We entered just to meet the King who was standing in the middle with a female lady. Ooh noo, it was Angel again. They were chitchatting lovely as we entered.

"She was doing very well! The guys were satisfied!" Victoria told.

"Hmmm… ok, my Dear, let us see it as well!" replied the King, and I was led before the King and his guest. They were standing before a brown, tall, really beautiful horse. A stallion of course.

"OK, Gina! Just some nice blowjob, no more, understood?" Victoria asked.

The horse had an enormous cock. It was as long and thick as my arm, it was black and had an unpleasant stink. I knew they didn't want me to stroke it but to lick and suck it, so while I was moving my hands up and down along it I took the cockhead into my mouth. It was impossible to took the whole cockhead into my oral cavity, I couldnt open my jaws wide enough but I took in as much as I could and licked hard. It's surface was rough, not soft like human cocks, after short time my tongue started to hurt but I licked it further, I knew I must had made that animal cum into my mouth.

And it happened. It was an awfull experience. I knew it must had had much more cum than a man or the dog I sucked earlier, but the amount of that yellowish gluey fluid that filled my mouth was so extreme, that it went wrong way and I started to choke. I had fallen to the ground and tried to breath, the horse cum still fall onto me from the huge cock as I coughed and coughed. I felt like liters of cum was coughed out from my windpipe and gullet, it was flowing not only from my mouth but from my nose too. Angel, Victoria and the King burst into loud laugher, I wished they would hade died of laughing. I tried to catch some air, I spat out another globe of cum and grabbed the cock again, I had to play with it more if I wanted to pleasure my tormentors. I stroked it and kissed it for another 5 minutes when they got bored of my suffering.

"That was nice, Gina! You did well, we loved it!" said the King and ordered Victoria to take me in. The woman led me into a small and stinky room near the stables. The room didn't have door or windows just the empty frames of them. She chained me to the wall by my ankle and left me alone with another girl called Maria who was in the room too. Maria was a short and slender girl of age 20, she had long, straight brown hair and very deep brown eyes, pretty face. She was like a sweet, short, brown barbie. She was sitting on a metal chair, the seat was full of long and pointed metal spikes. Only her ankles were chained to the chair, but she couldn't stand because under her soles were spikes too. Her full weight was resting on her ass, on her bleeding ass as the spikes punctured her skin. Her face was a mask of pain as she tried not to move, but the increasing pain in her ass made her trembling. Victoria smiled on her and with her boot she stepped onto her left foot, pushing Maria's sole into the spikes. Maria shrieked out, the cruel bitch laughed.

"Rest, Girls, a little bit, the evening and the night will be really hard for you!" she said and left.

They left me there for half an hour, Maria begged to me in trembling voice for speak to her. I started to speak but I realized that it didn't really help her to endure the suffering, so finally I was just sitting on the cold floor and tried to relax and listened to Maria's pitifull moans. 30 minutes later guards came in and released us, than led us to the main building, where we went into the shower room. We were cleaned and Maria's wounds were carefully treated. Then we went into another room, it was like a beauty saloon, where young girls (they weren't older than 16) made our make-ups and painted our nails. I felt much better, but didn't know why they did that, what was coming next.


I was waiting in a small room alone during the whole afternoon, was just laying on the hard stone floor, but nobody tortured me, so it was a really resting period. I managed to sleep one hour or so, but the rest of the time I was sitting in the corner and was trembling in fear about what was to happen to me. I knew only one thing, I wanted to survive!

After long hours spent in my cold room guards came in and led me along long corridors into the castle. Finally we entered a large room, into a beautifull and old dining room. A long wooden table was standing in the middle of the room, chairs were around (about a dozen), the table was set in XVIII. century style. On the main place the King was sitting, and his guests were sitting around. Fantastic foods, roasted meats, cakes, juicy fruits were all over the table, as I didn't eat for days only some cum and piss, so I felt really hungry.

Other 3 slave girls were in the room with me. Maria, a very attractive model blondie called Syl, and the very slender but extremly sexy girl called Jane. She was the girl suffering the horrible whipping yesterday, when I have arrived in the castle. Maria was kneeling before a man - one of them who cum into my mouth in the morning - and gave him a head. Syl, who has so beautiful that despite the fact of being straight I almost fell in love with her at first sight, was dancing on the top of the table totally naked. Her long and shapely legs were perfect, her body was the body of a goddess, her shaved pussy was so sweet that all men and women around the table couldn't get their look away from it. She had medium sized perfect shaped tits, and pretty face with big blue eyes. Soft music filled the air during her sexy dance, the candlelight was dancing on her oil covered skin.

Jane was massaging the milk white neck of my favourite Angel, while that cunt was fingering herself staring at Syl. When Victoria, who was sitting at the table wearing her usual mistress outfit recognized we stepped in, she took my leash from the guard and made me kneeling before her under the table.

"Hmmm… you are really sexy now, dear Gina! I love your make-up! Now come to your queen and pleasure me!" she whispered and force my head to her cunt, which was uncovered and wet of course. Without hesitation I started to lick her, somehow I felt that she like me and if I was to serve them well they wouldn't had killed me just like thy did with poor Geraldine. When the music finished Syl was ordered off the table just like the other slaves and the dinner started, these rich and cruel people started to eat just like in the Dark Ages, without knife or fork just using their hands.

And of course our new torment began too. We had no free time. I was under Angel's chair, her naked feet were on my face. She had very lovely, small feet with long toes and light pink painted sexy nails, but licking her sole for about 10 minutes wasn't too joyfull activity. I've heard noises, the guests were talking and laughing loud, symphonic music filled the room as the slaves satisfied their masters and mistresses. Cock sucking and pussy licking were our main job during the savoury dish, but I saw much more heavier things too.

I had to feed Angel with a cluster of grape, giving her the grapes one by one from between my lips when a very tall, muscular black man ordered one of the guards to hold Maria in place before him. He touched Maria's left tit with his burning cigar, smoke rised from the burning flesh and the poor girl's screams filled the room. This cruel play went on for about 5 minutes, he touched on different places, so the poor maiden's breasts soon possessed angry red marks everywhere on them. Maria's eyes were full of tears but the people around the table enjoyed the show, cheered and laughed. Suddenly Angel screamed out.

"Oh, my God! We forgot to feed our pets!" she said and everybody laughed happily.

"Victoria, my love, I think that as you are the trainer of them it is your duty to feed them! But if you dont mind I would love to help you!" she giggled. I was kneeled before a male guest and gave him a blowjob while Victoria climbed onto the top of the table.

"Karl, darling, please come here!" Angel asked the black man who had just burnt Maria's breasts. The big man stepped to Angel. The angelic blonde removed his cock from the trousers and started to play with it, stroking it with her soft hands. After some hardon she kissed it and licked along it. No more than half minute later Karl's 25 centimetres long inhuman monster was in full erection. The rather average dick in my mouth started to convulse as my guest reached the top. Victoria placed a plate under her ass as she squated on the table, and from the expression on her face I recognized that she wanted to shit. And she managed. A very long and thick turd appeared in her opening shithole in the very same moment when the man started to cum in my mouth.

I could clearly see as Victoria's ass gave birth to a very long and stinky brown piece shit. I swallow every drop of the cum and staired at the shit on the top of a fancy plate. 'Who will going to eat that?' I was wondering. The turd was smelling, the air was filled with the stink of it. Angel took a fork and with slow movements she bent it to a circle.

-Karl, please!-smiled the girl on the black man. Karl stood before the plate and started to stroke his large dick, soon started to cum, shot the sperm onto the top of the shit. He was a real Robin Hood, dont waste any drops, all of them landed on the shit or in the middle of the circle. The circle-shit with the incredible amount of white cum look like some bizarre chocolate, even its disgusting stink was far away from sweets.

-OK, slut, com here, I want you to feel good! Its dinner time for you too!-she said and smiled on me. I kissed once more the man's tiny cock headed towards Angel. She inserted a finger into my pussy, it was tight and dry from fear, but she just move it in and out a bit than let me sit besides her. She took a spoon and carved into the soft turd.

-Open your, mouth, darling!-she giggled like we were mother and baby daughter. She placed the shit into my mouth, I closed my mouth and eyes shut.

-Chew it, OK? Chew it, baby!-she whispered into my ear, as her other stand played with my pussy again. It took at least 10 minutes for me to eat those stinky, messy Victoria-shit. Angel was really nice, she told me not to vomit unless I want to eat my own guts. The taste was awfuly bad, I can still smell it although that dinner was days ago. Was extremely bitter and sick thing, but I managed to swallow it all. Angel called it Mummy's Cake, and was very happy that I could eat all of it. Meanwhile Maria was licking Victoria's ass, that cunt didn't use toilet paper.

"My dear friends! This is time to serve the main dish!" said the King, the door opened and something was rolled in. I felt terrified what was that meaning, but the people just cheered. It was an X shaped metal cross rolling on small gears, also possessing a metal tray at its sdie.The tray was equipped with some smaller and larger knives and with a gas-torch, it had long, flexible tube. A girl was fastened onto the cross with crossing metal chains around her ankles, wrists, waist, kneed and elbows. She was the same Asian girl I had seen the day before in the throne room. Her name was Kyoko. She was very nice girl, her face was very pretty, she wasn't more then 18. Her long black hair was shoulder length, and she had very large tits compared to her body. Her face was covered with tears and showed rather painfull expression. I recognized that her body was whipped, red marks covered her abdomen, and she lost all her fingernails. Her fingers were swollen and bloody, nobody cleaned them after ripping her nails out.

"Oh my god! Chinese food, I love it!" screamed Angel.

"Japenese." corrected Victoria and kissed that dumb blonde.

"Victoria, please, let's start with the preparations!" the King ordered, and Kyoko's terrorfilled screams filled the room as Victoria stepped to the tray and took a knife.

"Before eating I think we must cook this raw meat!" she smiled and kissed softly Kyoko's left nipple.

"But there is risk, maybe this meat is poisoned! I think we should have ask a pet to try it first!" she said, and pointed with her long finger to Jane. Two guards grabbed Jane and dragged her in front of Kyoko and Victoria. Jane was a really lovely woman, about 25 years old. She wasn't as tall as Syl and her body was too slender, but she was fairly attractive. She had long, dark blonde hair, grey eyes, and her face was very pretty. Again, not so perfect than Syl's but somehow much more charming. Despite her thin figure she had very large and very shapely tits with small, pink, pointed nipples. She was screaming and struggling but the men were much more stronger.

"Calm down, darling! Or would you like to take her place?" Jane started to cry but finished fighting.

"Gooooood!" the demongirl smiled.

"Well, which part will be the first? Would you like to taste a small piece of titflesh, or better a juicy one from this asian ass?" Victoria asked. Actually, she asked more and more questions during the upcoming 10 minutes. Kyoko became a screaming, shaking, mad piece of flesh. Victoria's cruel questions brought so much terror that she became hysterical, although she wasn't hurt actually.

"I hope you like it a little bit raw, Jane, you know its impossible to cook the flesh well while connected to the living body!" Victoria smiled and switched on the gas torch. Short and thin, light blue coloured flame appeared. Victoria held it before Kyoko's eyes from some seconds, the poor girl couldn't scream just staring into the flame with wide open eyes. When Victoria let the flame to touch her left armpit Kyoko let out an ear piercing shriek, but that was only some warm up.

In the next two minutes Victoria systematically burnt the poor girl's left inner thigh, during this time nothing could had been heard only Kyoko's inhuman screams. When that cunt finally remove the flame from Kyoko's body her skin was charred black on that place, smoke was rising from it, Kyoko was gasping for air with open mouth. When Victoria cut a small piece of burnt flesh from the roasted thigh, Kyoko didn't even screame out. Only some drops of deep red blood leaked from the wound. Victoria held the still smoking, little bit bloody, halfway cooked girlflesh to Jane's face.

"Take it and eat it, but be careful, honey! Its hot!"

Jane took the knife with trembling arm, shut her beautiful eyes and start to blow the flesh for half a minute. She bit into the flesh with still closed eyes, ripped a small piece off and without chewing she swallowed it. Her face contorted in disgust, but somehow managed to swallow it all.

"No no no, little Jane girl! We dont want you to upset your stomach, darling! Chew it!"

And Jane did as she was told. She took another piece between her sexy lips, chewed it and swallowed it. I could see that the cruel game nauseated her, her face turned to white. She just finished with the piece of flesh when Victoria switched on the torch again.

"Please… please… please…" moaned Kyoko and began to scream again when the flame touched her right foot. Victoria burnt her petite foot in kneeling position, played with the silver painted toes first, she burnt the toes one by one until the nails darkened and fell from the heat. After the toes she continued with the sole of Kyoko's foot, burnt her heel and finally the top of her foot. After 10 minutes of burning Kyoko's right foot turned into a charred, blackened, partially reddened piece of smoking flesh, small pool of fat formed under the sole. Her toes were just like five small pieces of charcoal. Kyoko's voice went totally harsh, in the last 5 minutes she couldnt even scream just groaned, but somehow she didn't lost consciousness.

It took 20 minutes for Jane to eat Kyoko's foot, Victoria sliced small pieces off and after some blowing and chewing Jane swallowed them. No blood, only more and more fat flow from the wounds, yellowish-whitish disgusting liquid. Jane just finished swallowing the ruins of Kyoko's big toe when the japanese girl suddenly started to vomit. I was massaging Karl's naked foot when this happened, I felt only the smell of burnt human flesh not the smell of the vomit, but almost started to vomit myself too. From Kyoko's stomach half-chewed, half-digested earth worms poured out! Poor girl was forced to eat living worms before that cruel torment! Jane eyes went wide with shock when she look at the worms and she started to vomit too, directly into Kyoko's vomit, the girl's burnt flesh mixed with the earth worms within moments.

"Ohhh… girls! What a mess you made! Bad girls! Somebody has to clean it up… well… I'm afraid Kyoko cant do that… so Jane, its your duty! Dont use your hand! If you clean up everything I wont be angry and wont punish you, ok?" Victoria asked and winked at Angel. It was horrible to see as poor Jane pushed her pretty face into the disgusting vomit and started to suck it from the floor just to swallow it afterwards. She vomited it back two more times, but without stopping she started to slurp it again and again, and after 15 minutes she managed to clean all up.

"Wow, very good, Jane! You are the best cleaner I've ever seen! Maybe we will keep you!" Victoria giggled.

"It's time for the main dish, our guests are very hungry!" said the King, and the horror went on. In the next hour poor Kyoko's whole body was burnt, Victoria cooked her different bodyparts only deep red. Kyoko screamed, groaned, then just moaned, she finally died when both of her tits were removed. Her roasted bodyparts were eaten by the guests of course, fortunately I wasn't forced to taste it. I was fingering then fisting Angel's cunt and asshole while she was chewing Kyoko's left tit, she ate it all alone, as she did with Kyoko's 3 toes and 2 fingers too. The pussy flesh was the King's meal.

When they all had enough Kyoko's mutilated corpse was rolled out. The guests drank red wine, and as a closing part of the dinner they all, women and men, pissed into a glass dish, then the men with our help cum into the piss-pool. Victoria mixed the disgusting liquid, and all the slaves got a full glass of it, except Maria. It was very bad, but I could see in Jane's face that she found it tasty compared with her former meal.


After the dinner me, Jane and Maria were led into the basement by that fucking slut Victoria and 2 guards. They attached chains to our collar and we were led like cows.

"Its time for some rest, my dear slaves." Victoria said when we entered a small, stinky, dark room. No windows, only the heavy wooden door, only one dim light. It was cold, the walls, the floor and the ceiling was made of stone. The room was almost empty. Jane was forced to sit on a heavy wooden chair what was fixed to the floor. In the middle of the chair's seat there was a big hole, when Jane sat on it her ass was actually totally in the hole. Victoria chained her ankles to the chair's legs, and she secured Jane by her waist too.

Maria was forced to lie under the chair face up, her head was under Jane's ass. Her collar was attached to an iron ring on the floor, her arms were tied to the chair's front legs in such a way she could grab Jane's ankle. Victoria drove a thick, flexible plastic tube into Jane's asshole, she forced it deep into the girl's rectum, than secured it with adhesive tape. The other end of the tube of course went into Maria's mouth and was secured with the tape too. Victoria took a small red pill and made Jane swallow it.

"Its laxative, slaves. Unfortunately Maria ate very few during the dinner but in the night we'll make her bowels full!" the bitch laughed. They secured me to the ground by my ankles behind the chair, I could sit down or even lie, Maria's beautifull feet were directly in front of my feet. Victoria stepped to me and handed me iron pliers.

"You have only one job tonight, my little dog. For the morning I want you to have that slut's all toenails!" she pointed to Maria's feet.

"Rip them off for me or morning I will do that to yours! Understood?" I nodded, Victoria and the guards left.

"Do you really want to do that?" Jane asked. We couldn't see each other, I was facing her back so saw her long hair only. Maria couldn't speak just moaned something. She might had been uncomfortable with the thought of having her toenails extracted.

"If you don't shit into her mouth I won't pull out her nails!" I answered angrily. What a stupid bitch! Of course I was to do it, one of us had to lose her nails, and I didn't want to be that poor. We all knew Victoria didn't lie. Maria moaned something and opened her legs so her pretty feet were moved as far from me as far it was possible in our positions.

Uhhh… it was a horrible night, but I'm sure Maria hated it most. After 1 hour Jane started to shit, she apologized but the watery shit flowed freely into Maria's open mouth. She didn't want to swallow it, but I had chosen that time to lie ony my belly and grab her left ankle. She tried to kick but some shit went wrong way and she started to cough, some yellowish shit leaked out from her nose. While she coughed I managed to grab her feet but didn't manage to rip out nail. She swallowed it all the shit at least.

Jane shitted five or six times during the night and Maria drank all of it. I fighted with Maria the whole night, it was very difficult to grab her foot, secure it then rip off a nail, fortunately she had whorishly long toenails so it was easier to secure the pliers on them. I pulled out her nails one by one, needed 15-20 minutes fights before every nail-removing action. She was moaning, I screamed when she kicked me, Jane remained silent, she screamed out only when Maria's sharp fingernails cut into her ankle as the poor woman suffered the losing of a toenail.

Of course the extracted toenails broke during all this, my hands and her feet were everywhere bloody at morning time, but I managed to rip off all red-painted nails. When Victoria came back she was satisfied, despite the fact that the toenails were in really bad condition.

"I hope you slept well! Oh, I see you pull out all of them. Good girl!" she caressed my hair. All of us were released, Maria couldn't walk, she just stared at me with hatred in her eyes. Me and Jane were led back to the house, we left Maria behind with two guards.

DAY 3.

I was extremely tired, felt sick but I knew I must had been as good as I could if I wanted to survive. It wasn't easy at all. I was forced to participate in horrible acts, witnessed the horrible torture death of other women, was forced to perform lesbian sex, was forced to fuck with a dog and to drink litres of animal cum, I was forced to swallow shit and drink pee, was forced to torture other innocent human beings in order to save myself. I hated myself, the world, the castle's people. Still, I wanted to survive.

I was separated from Jane and played with Victoria for an hour, I had to play I was her little pussycat who love to lick pussy and drink piss directly from pissholes. I played the role of the cat very well, and she loved it. I was so fucking tired that I've almost felt asleep while playing with Victoria's private parts, but fortunately managed to fulfil her desires, I don't want to know what would had happened with me if I had started to snore.

"Well, its almost 10! Come on my little Kitty, Angel and a very nice young guest are waiting for us!" Victoria said and led me by my collar through the castle. I had to walk before her on all my fours, sometimes, just for fun, she kicked my sole with her pointed leatherboot hard enough that I fell onto the floor.

"Ohhh, Kitty, you should care much more about yourself!" she said and smiled. We entered a huge room. It was very strange, the walls and every furniture was covered with bright red velvet, big and strong lamps gave extremely strong light. The rear wall of the room was prepared well, iron rings and chains were hanging from it, and already two bodies were chained to it. Syl and Jane, two of my poor mates. Victoria led me to that wall, and chained me by my collar to the wall but so close to the floor, that I had only one option to get a comfortable position, I had to place my head onto Syl's perfect legs. Syl was in sitting position just like Jane, their collar was chained on much higher rings on the wall.

Victoria walked to the left side of the room, where a big crimson curtain separated something from the other parts of the room. I heard something, some kind of muffled, strange moaning. She smiled on us, and with fast motion she pulled away the curtain. Jane screamed out, I felt that my heart was pounding as my blood froze, it was such a sight that even Kyoko's death seemed to be a mercifull fate compared with this. It was a horror!

Maria was sitting in a metal chair, just like an electric chair I've seen in movies. She was secured to the chair with leather straps by her ankles, wrists, waist, neck and forehad. She was well prepared. Her eyelids were sewed to her eyebrows and to the skin under her eyes, so her big brown eyes were staring at us grotesquely. A metal spider was inserted into her mouth so her lips were stretched extremely, I've never seen such a wide open mouth, I saw that the spider's thin metal legs were driven through Maria's white teeth and through her facial flesh too. A horrible sight. Her tongue was sticked from her mouth by a metal skewer driven through the top of her tongue what was attached with thin, tight chains to the top of the backrest of the chair. Her tongue was extremely stretched too, it was hard to understand how could be a human tongue so long. The base of her breasts were forced into two holes of a metal plate, that held her tits high, the holes were so small that her tits were extremely bulging and were bright red, her nipples almost exploded. Her hands were secured well, each finger was secured with leather straps, only her fingertips and her long unpainted nails were over the end of the chair's arm. The seat of the chair possessed two holes under her pussy and ass, and I could see two pointed rod under these holes. They were made of metal, were as thick as a beer bottle. Her nailless feet were rested in a closed, small glass tank, the two holes on the top were closing around her ankle.

I was wondered what will happened to Maria, but I was sure that the only preparations were a living hell for poor girl. Suddenly a door opened on the right wall, a second entrance to the room, and two females entered the room. Firstly a very small, and very young girl stepped in, she wore only a long t-shirt with a nice, winged, smiling angel on it. I could see that she was totally naked under the t-shirt. After her Angel came, she was almost totally naked except some red velvet band she wore on her waist, they covered her tits but her cunt was exposed totally, I saw she was wet and was smiling with a wild, childish smile. The little girl was no more than 10 years old, she had lovely, long, blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, her skin was extremely pale, her pretty face was covered with nice flecks. She was smiling just like a really, innocent angel.

"Wow, Auntie! These bitches are beautiful!" chattered the girl as she checked us, but soon lost interest on us as Maria catched her eyes. Angel stepped to the little girl, her long fingers reached under the t-shirt, I saw as she started to massage slowly the girl's hairless, pink pussy lips.

"Slaves! This is Kim, Angel's niece, and this is a great day for her!" Victoria said as stepped to the the others, then kissed Kim, gave her a long, passionate french kiss. The little girl's hand touched Victoria's shapely breasts, I didn't believe my eyes! It couldn't be that a young girl like Kim could be so perverse as the adult women! Angel pointed at Maria as she kissed Kim too.

"She is yours, Honey! Happy birthday!" she said to the little girl, whoes eyes stared at Maria like any normal child would had staring at her christmas present. Her pretty, innocent face looked so happy as she smiled back at Angel.

"Thank you, Auntie! She is beautiful!"

I've just sitting chained to the wall with Syl and Jane and in the next 2 hours watched a horror show of human merciless and cruelty performed by a 10 years old child! Angel and Victoria sitting the two sides of the torture chair, fingering themselves, talking with the girl, giving her instructions sometimes how to do some torture methods. The whole scene was like a sick mother-daughter play, but there were two mothers and the toy was not a doll but a living female human. Kim took a scalpel first, and started to "shave" Maria's tongue. I couldn't see it well but I think she made small cuts around the base of the girl's tongue, then hinted salt there. I could see only some drop of blood flow from the corner of Maria's mouth. It was so extremely stretched that Kim could easily insert her small hand into her throat. Maria couldn't scream just moaned and trembled in her bonds, her big, wide open eyes showed so much pain that I couldn't look into them.

The next step was the insertation of that extremely wide metal rods under the chair into Maria's most private parts. I wouldn't call them dildos, as their width was far over everything a human orifice ever supposed to receive in. Victoria helped the girl to raise the first rod, the rod's were mobile vertically. Victoria inserted her fingers into Maria's cunt and forced it open wide, Kim raised the rod until it reached the pink flesh and slided some centimetres into it. With that she pushed a button at the base of the rods and with a strange noise the rod started to move upwards with extreme slowliness. Inhuman gurgling sounds could be heard from Maria's wide open throat, as the beer bottle thick rod was driven deep into her body. I'm not sure but as I saw Kim let it at least 20 centimetres deep into her body. She was filled to the maximum, but when the two bitch started to drive the other rod into her anus I knew she was not to survive that. To my surprise she did.

The angle of the second rod was very bad for poor Maria, it was vertical just like the other one in her cunt, so after Victoria's help Kim pushed the button and the inhuman dildo started its way into Maria her whole lower body raised a bit, but as her bonds didn't let it further the rod stretched her ass. The pain and horror in Maria's open eyes were the most horrible sight I've seen in my life. The screams of Maria's filled the air, but I thought I could hear the sound as the two metal rods sliding on each other, there were actually about one centimetre away from each other. The second rod was driven as deep as the other. I don't know human anatomy too well, but I was sure that her vagina and rectum were opened into one during this. Small pool of blood started to emerge under her slowly, as thin blood rivulets ran along the rods. Then Kim pushed another button and smiled on Angel.

"I don't want her to bleed out, maybe hot metal cocks would cauterize those wounds, unlike cold!" she giggled. It took about 10 minutes for the metal rods to become hot. The perverted females was playing, kissing, both adult women gave as much pleasure for the child as they could, licked her pussy and the small, not even developing tits. They licked Maria's bloody tongue, sucked the blood from it. Smoke started to rise under the chair, Maria's body began to convulse as the heat in her holes reached a certain level. I couldn't imagine how Maria suffered, but her muffled screams were blood-curdling. Kim switched off the button, then Maria's torment continued. It must had taken some time to cool for the dildos, but she soon forgot about the pain of the hot iron.

Kim's next target were her hands, and it was obvious that the child was very talented and experienced torturer of fingers and nails. She was giving attention to Maria's hand for about one hour, but that time included lots of pins under the strong, long nails, the extraction of every nails from her left hand, and five broken fingers on her right hand. Every piece of bones in her right hand were broken into small pieces with the aid of a hammer and a strong, flat iron. Kim's imagination, her cruel creativitness and her merciless child mind frightened the shit out of me.

When she with the aid of Victoria and Angel skinned Maria's both tits letting only the nipples untouched, Syl shitted herself. The only problem was that she shitted actually under my face and nose, but I couldn"t do anything, I tried to hold my head on her thigh and not to touch the shit. Of course the smell of burnt human flesh was strong in the room, but Syl's turd didn't help me. After Maria's titskin was removed, and her bloody, once beautifull fatglobes quivered in pain Kim bit off her nipples, than gave them to Angel and Victoria through a deep fench kiss. They chewed and swallowed the raw, bloody nipples.

With Victoria's help Kim rolled a bigger plastic like water tank to the water tank of Maria's feet. They placed the tap of the standing tank above a small hole on the top of the other one, and opened it. Of course it was not made of plastic but glass, and the liquid in it was not water, but extreme strong acid. As the water like, a little bit yellowish liquid started to fill the tank, and some drops reached Maria's feet smoke started to rise inside the tank, and her tortured body began to convulse again. I didn't understand how she could keep her consciousness through these torments, but she didn't faint, I think she was given some amphetamines before the "birthday party". The acid started to eat her feet-flesh. In the first minute I could see her feet were moving up and down, her mutilated toes - oh, how sorry I was about them - wriggled, but after smoke rised and the escaping blood hide her feet. The liquid cleared out after some minutes, when the acid almost filled the tank, and the red blood was discoloured.

Maria was still alive, I could see that in her eyes, she was still breathing and suffering, but her feet were gone. I saw no flesh, blood or muscles only white pieces of bone swimming in the liquid and slowly dissolving. Kim closed the tap, and pushed the button at the metal rods, the torture instruments started to move downwards, both of them left the girl at the same time, and were followed by lots of blood, and by lots of disgusting, snake like guts. Maria's guts actually gushed to the floor under her through the holes used to be her shit- and loveholes. Right that time Syl's piss hit my face, but I didn't even recognize what was happened. As a final act Kim cut off Maria's left tit, and pushed it into the still breathing woman's throat, she forced her hand deep into the poor girl's gullet with the bloody tit, her hand could had been seen through Maria's esophagus as the child forced her slim arm deeper and deeper into the woman. Maria's eyes bulged out even more from their sockets and she started to tremble, after 2 minutes a strong convulsion ran through her body, then she collapsed in her bonds. Kim removed her arm from the corpse without the tit, disgusting strings of saliva and other liquids were attached to her pale skin. She was smiling like and angel and licked her arm along with great pleasure.

"That was fantastic, Auntie and dear Victoria! I love you both!" she giggled.

"What's coming next?"

"Oh, my dear! We have three more toys for your birtday! We've got the whole afternoon. The only rule is, that it's forbidden to hurt them seriously!" Angel replied. So we stayed in the room, Maria's corpse were sitting in the background all the day.

Syl and Jane had to play poker. A really cruel type of it. I was licking Kim's little, hairless cunt while she shouted her sick instructions to the girls, and I gave thanks to God that not I was the one who suffered the perverse child's ideas. Angel was the dealer. Syl and Jane was sitting in a strange position face to face around a table, both of them were fastened to their chair. Their feet were fastened with leather straps onto the table, so only their ass was touching the chairs' seat. Their soles were face to face about 0.5 metre distance. The rules were simple. Both girls had to smoke cigars with one hand, with the other they held their cards. The winner had the right to snuff her cigar on her opponent sole - Angel lit it again. After 5 burnings one toenail was won, so Angel took pliers and riped off one toenail of the loser. The winner of the game was the girl who managed to collect the set of 10 toenails. Jane had orange while Syl had black toenails, the extracted pieces of horns were collected in the middle of the table.

It was a long, and for me a very boring game. Of course I was the happiest woman on Earth that it was boring from my point of view. I licked the sick child's pussy all the time, while the two beauties played that cruel game for the great pleasure of Angel, Victoria and Kim. Only after 5 minutes they hated each other! They not hated our tormentors as much as the other poor victim of the torments. None of them could play poker in the right way, but in that type of game of course the luck was the most important factor. They screamed a lot, tried to play as good as it was possible, but somehow on every four soles more and more blisters and charred spots appeared, and when Angel removed with extreme slowliness Syl's first black painted toenail every human sense were gone from the two girls.

They started to curse their opponents, played and burnt their cigars deep into each others' sole. Our tormentors enjoyed the game very much. It took 2 hours for Jane to win the game, poor Syl fainted two times during the removal of her toenails, but Jane lost 6 toenails too. Kim collected the nails as she did with Maria's extracted fingernails too and took them into a small leather pocket. For her new necklace, she said.

Kim's next game was another cruel competition. With Angel's help they pierced the tongue, the inner labias, the nipples and the big toes - at the place of the removed toenails - of Syl and Jane, than inserted metal rings into them. Syl's toe-rings were attached with thin chains to Jane's nipple-rings, Syl's tongue-ring to Jane's cunt-rings, and via versa. Finally both girls were in standing position face to face. The game was simple, Angel and Kim took a whip and started to whip the girls, while they had to touch me. I was sitting in the other side of the room shackled, I had to deep fisting my pussy during this. Who could touched me first was the winner.

This game was more faster like the first, but took about 10 minutes for the girls the crawl to me. They didn't know what will be the punishment of the loser, but they were fighting so hard that I was taken aback totally how can such beautiful women degraded into such wild beasts. It must had been very painfull for them to make any move, they fell onto the floor soon a
R: 6 / I: 0

A Witch Less in the World (snuff, shooting, non-cons, harassment)

I don't know if harassment it's the correct tag (It's not rape but however…) and if the title is grammatically correct.

Anyway, enjoy the story!

A Witch Less in the World

Marta was 16 yo, brown curly hair, a pair of jeans and a light blue sweater. She was home alone, her parents were at work and she had recently returned from school. She was in the living room, lying on the sofa, tv on, cell phone in hand. She didn't notice that someone had entered the house. A man entered in the living room and pointed a gun at her and shouting:

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" He was about 30 yo but he showed more, eyes wide with anger, ripped clothes.

Marta, surprised, raised her hands in surrender.

"STAND UP!" She obeyed trembling "Tell me what the fuck are you doing in my house!"

"Thi… this is my house, I live here…"


The man hit the girl with a slap throwing her to the ground. He bowed on her, pressing the gun again her chest.

"They sent you, right? You are here to kill me, right?"

The girl tried to get away by crawling but the man didn't let her go.

"Please, I don't want to hurt you, I don't know what are you talking about!"

"You are a lying whore!"

He pressed the trigger but there was only a click.

"Shit, it's unloaded!"

To Marta, that second lasted an eternity: he would have shot her! The gun was unloaded only for a miracle! Terrified, she could not hold the pee and dark stain began to widen in her pants. Seeing him distracted with the magazine, Marta got up and ran to the door as fast as she could. The man swore and ran to catch her. The girl arrived just a meter from the door when his arm clung around her neck.

"Where are you going, bitch?" He dragged her again in the living room and throw her to the ground.

"I don't know what you did to my gun, you were good but no more jokes" he pointed the gun to her head "How many are you? I know you are hunting me, I killed another one just yesterday. You won't put me back in, I guarantee you"

"Please, I don't know what are you talking about, you are wrong, I don't wanna die!"

He laughed "Do you think you are so smart? So why are you in my house?"

He grabbed her neck with one hand and began to squeeze it, she felt out of breath.

"I know what you do to the people, I saw your labs, your factories! You hide in the crowd but I can see you, do you know? I can recognize you! For this reason I can stop you, for this reason you can't win!"

Marta was in panic, she tried to loosen the grip on her neck, even with both hands she failed to win the man's strength.

"Do you know why am I saying you this? Because you can't tell it to anyone!"

He pressed the gun against her stomach, Marta hit him with weak fists, the face red with fear.

"Oh, are you afraid? Then you also have feelings, I didn't expect it"

A loud bang, the slug entered the girl's body leaving behind a bleeding wound. Immediately after, a second shot. A smile showed on the man's face. Marta is shattered. In shock she stopped hitting him.

"I bet it hurts. Do you know how much you hurt me with your experiments?"

"I… I don't know what… are you talking about" Marta managed to say pressing the hands against the wounds.

He got up from the ground, she looked at her blood-stained hands, she looked at her sweater, now dark red. He paced back and forth, chuckling; he laughed watching the girl agonizing, then he threw himself on her trying to take off her clothes. She screamed and fought with all the force she had, he panted trying to tear her sweater, she pointed to his face and hair. The man, furious, grabbed both her hands in a grip, she screamed for the pain, he raised her hands to have a clear view and fired. The slug entered from under the right breast and went up diagonally. Marta jumped at this new blow.

"Then you want to get yourself killed? Is it better this way? IS IT BETTER?"

Another shot, with a trajectory similar to the previous one. Marta could no longer resist with four bullets in her body. Smiling excited, always keeping her hands above her head, he raised her sweater and bra, he squeezed her breasts, he lingered over her wounds. He then lowered her pants and underpants, just enough to have a clear view.

"It's the cunt of a witch… but anyway it's a beautiful cunt!"

She began to tremble, she spat blood as he began to masturbate.

"I won, again! Tell your empress! Tell her that you can't catch me!"

Marta didn't even try to contradict him, she was barely conscious. She coughed a large blood clot, he moaned and came, splattering her face. He had lasted just over a minute.

"A witch less in the world. Today I did my duty"

He stood looking at her, touching her satisfied. With a last one moan, Marta died.

This too was done. But now they knew where he lived, he had to leave. They couldn't get him! Not again!
R: 7 / I: 0

Sarahs Epic Life

Let me know what you think post suggestions here if you want to suggest scenes or discuss it there. Hybrid of Sarinas Payback and its spiritual successor sarahs epic life.


But you can’t do this to me! The Latina screamed.

Liz giggled at her lover as Sarah gave the delicious round olive-skinned bubble booty infront of them a hard smack.

Bon Appitit my love. Liz said seductively with a wicked grin.

Sarah smiled and opened her mouth wide. She then slowly lowered her head towards their meal and with a satisfying squishing sound sank her teeth into the supple ass flesh.
Aaagghghh stop please STOP! Screamed their meal as Sarah savored the morsel as the quaking ass flesh jostled around her jaws.

The coppery taste of blood and sweet taste of raw flesh filled sarah’s mouth as she forced her jaws deeper into her food, before ripping out a nice sized mouthful of ass.

Liz’s pussy wept as she found herself more turned on than she had ever been before in her life. The sight of the morsel inside of Sarahs gaping maw combined with their foods delicious screams nearly sent her over the edge right then and there. Sarah leaned in close and Liz locked her lips to Sarahs. Together the lovers passed the flesh between their mouths with their tongues, coating it in their saliva. By all rights under the sun the thing screaming below them had ceased mattering to the universe, and now only mattered to their rumbling stomachs, weeping pussys and soon to be filled colons.

As the two passionately kissed and took turns chewing on the same chunk of ass Sarah’s mind raced through how beautiful this moment was. She imagined the food soon to be snaking its way through her and her lovers bodies, turned into the shit that it deserved to be.

Then, liz broke off her kiss from her lover and swallowed the ass chunk.
Sarah grinned as she saw Liz’s throat bob and gave her lover a quick follow up kiss in response.

Liz then took her own bite, this time out of the foods right cheek, and Sarah did the same again to the left.
Sarah would one day recall this as being the most romantic moment that they two of them ever had, and Liz would agree.

The preys screams alternated between crescendos of high pitched begging for its life and plain almost animalistic howling.

The food tried to dislodge the humans from eating it alive but only succeeded in shaking its ass in an incredibly erotic way, fueling the womens appetite and lust. About five mouthfuls in Sarah noticed that the preys screams wernt as loud as before, and refused to let the food ruin their romantic mood, she needed music dammit, she needed it to scream!

Sarah then dug her nail into the foods clit, turning its screams into pure animal howls that shook the very room.

The beautiful music of screaming, chewing, smacking, the rending of ass flesh and the bouncing buttocks as they were devoured by them filled the room.

Liz then sank her teeth into its anus and tore it out, causing the foods eyes to go wide. She swished It around in her mouth and then pushed it to the front of her lips, to show Sarah. Sarah nearly doubled over laughing as the sight of the severed asshole between her lovers lips, but she was incredibly turned on by the sight.

To think that all of the foods track exercises and home cooked meals were just to satisfy the hunger of Sarah and Liz cannot be understated.
After liz had swallowed the anus, she let out a loud belch which caused Sarah to have a micro orgasm. Not to be outdone, Sarah tore out the biggest chunk of ass flesh yet and swallowed it whole, then followed it up with an ear piercing but cute as all hell burp. Their food started to show signs of weakening, so Liz nodded at her lover and got up from her feast and then positioned her ass directly infront of the foods face. The foods screams turned into wailing tears as it read what Sarah had tattooed to Liz’s ass, “Gateway to Heaven.” With an arrow from the tattoo to Liz’s anus.

“That is where you are going Natalie, not to heaven or hell, just oblivion and my anus. Your going to be nothing but shit. Food for people who actually deserve to live because they use their own bodies instea of living a lie.” Sarah couldn’t help herself and had a massive orgasm. The look on the foods face as it realized that its life was a lie and where it was headed broke it, and Sarah yelled out as she furiously rubbed her own pussy, “That’s right bitch, your going to be our shit, my shit, nothing but SHIT!”

Sarah had another orgasm that shot through her body.

Liz laughed at the preys furiously shaking its head no and added while slapping her own ass, “ Your also going to be extra fat and muscle. Food for women. It’s a shame that you abstained from sex, you will never how how good this feels.”

Liz then rubbed her ass in the foods face while furiously fingering herself.

The food realized, it had wasted its life, and was now about to go to waste itself. That final realization was what welcomed it into oblivion as it died from blood loss.

After it died, the lovers cut out the top of its skull and threw the brain into the toilet, before Sarah shit on it, liz pissed on it and they flushed it down the commode.
As her final act of revenge, Liz then shit the foods digested ass into it’s’ skull before replacing the cut off part. They would leave the rest for their Doberman, they wanted to feast on another ass tomorrow, this time they hoped it would be a catholic virgins.

Sarah shut off the camera recording the meal and added a really classical piece of music to it, another similar version was made this time with hard metal. She wanted to watch this with Liz when they both wanted to make love or furiously fuck. Either way, she was happy that they got the food to shake its ass as much as it did during the feast, it would drive them to orgasm for many years to come.

5 months later….

Just 30 minutes later, the limp body had been placed in the middle of the grassy field. Twilight was almost gonecas the cold pangs of the chilly rocky mountain nighttime air curculated through the mountainside. All around Sarah and Liz, were the scattered skeletal remains of dozens of women. Most of the bones had been chewed on, though there were a few carcasses where maggots were still picking at some of the remaining flesh.

In a nearby pen, three Rottweilers were fighting over a severed tit, each one ended up tearing off a piece, and taking it back to it's little corner.

Liz took a large syringe out of her pocket, then said, "Now, let me inject her with the stimulant, and haul ass before she wakes up." Liz held her breath as she carefully injected the stimulant into the teens thigh. Once she was finished, Sarah and her ran out of the enclosure, locked the gate, and stood up on a rampart overlooking the mini "arena'

"You definantly keep good care of your dogs, just look at those kennels!" Sarah exclaimed in awe.

Liz nodded and replied, "Yep, I believe in giving all animals a fair chance at life, I can't bear the thought of an animal dying or being hurt, I provide them the best dog food that I can." Liz said

"Same here, In thinking of starting an animal rescue mission." Sarah responded.

While the two were conversing, the all-you-can-eat human buffet in the middle of the field's eyes fluttered open, and it's first instinct was to run it's hands over it's naked body. Once it realized it wasn't clothed,and was sitting in the middle of a massive bone yard, it stood up and panicked.

Liz noticed how much its very nice ass swayed every time the teen moved, she hoped that would be devoured while the teen was still alive.

Sarah was busy eying the teens tits, when it noticed both her and Liz.

"Let me out of here!" It pleaded.

"Sorry, food doesn’t get to choose!" Liz shouted back, as she pulled a lever to her right, which unlocked all the dog-cages.

Immediatly, the dogs stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash
for their supper.

Sarah noticed a cute brown palmeranian outrace all the others, she hoped it would get the first bite. Sure enough, it was the first to nip at the prey's legs, unfortunantly for the poor animals, the bitch didn't want to
be supper.

The teen ran with all of the energy in it's body towards the outer gate. The anxiety caused sweat to pour off of it's body, little beads of sweat dripped off of it's nipples, and streamed down it's lucious ass.

Much to the utter amazement of both Sarah and Liz, the prey made a nearly impossible leap up into the air, and caught ahold of the gate rail bars some twelve feet above the ground.

"What the fuck!?" Liz exclaimed. Soon, the teen used it's agile body to climb over the gate, and fall out the other side into Liz's main backyard.

"Motherfucking bitch!" Liz cursed as she pulled lever two, which released another set of hounds on both sides of the teenager.

Forced with no other alternative, the teen ran toward the backdoor of Liz's house. Finding out to her horror that it was locked, she got on all fours and tried to squeeze through the doggy-door, but got stuck when her round heart shaped ass lodged in the door.

It was beautiful destiny that genetics had been just right to give her ass the perfect size to be feasted upon by the dogs. She had worried about her ass size for years, tried to hide it at church and never exposed it to anyone before in her life, but now it was finally serving its one purpose in all its glory.

It desperatly tried to claw it's way through, but couldn't grab onto anything to pull itself further in. Its D cup tits bounced in a very enticing manner as it struggled to try to fit itself inside. Its ass bobbled each time it tried to push itself in further

By now, Sarah’s doberman Max, raced forward and sunk it's teeth into the teen's delicious thigh, tearing off a chunk of delicious red meat.

Am orgasm inducing ear-piercing shreik echoed through the woods as the other dogs pounced on the teens lower half and began to feast. Liz nearly doubled over as her pussy constantly spasmed at the sound. Sarah bit her lower lip as her eyes focused on the sexy bouncing brown ass, with each bite from the ravenous dogs causing it to bounce more and more.

Liz then ran over to a nearby backpack and took her iphone out of it, after selecting the bluetooth network for her outdoor speakers, she settled on the perfect tune to blast into the backyard as they watched, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" and set it to repeat.

Sarah shouted out at the top of her lungs, using her left hand to cup her mouth to shout and her right to masturbate, “GO Max! EAT HER! EAT HER! EATTT HEERRR!” Liz blushed at how erotic Sarahs command was, and joined her lover in the chant. “EAT HER EAT HER EAT HER!” Their voices filled the night sky and terrified the food.

Finally, the brown Pomeranian ran up to the teen, then tore off a rather large chunk of the prey's ass, causing blood to squirt all over it's coat.

Sarah and Liz watched with joyful tears in their eyes, as it dragged the ass-flesh over Liz’s limping dalmation Fred which had long struggled with arthritis and thus has been relegated to the back of the pack. The little dog sat the meat down on the ground, and the two shared what Sarah could only discribe as a heart-warming romantic dinner.

Back at the doggy door, Sarah’s Doberman sunk it's teeth into the teen's pussy, and tore off a rather nice-sized chunk. It thoroughly enjoyed the taste of human flesh, and enjoyed this treat alot more than
what it had previously had. This vicious assault on the foods genitals caused it to piss itself violently.

HELP ME SOMEBODY! PLLLEAASSSE! The food sobbed and screamed as it felt itself being dragged outside of the doggy door. No PAWEEWSSE! It begged as it struggled to maintain its hold on the inside of the door.

Sarah would later recount hearing its begging as her favorite moment from the night. Liz had set up cameras with monitors in every corner of her house. Its beautiful cascading black locks of hair were coated in sweat from its terrifying ordeal, giving the food a very sexy look, that combined with the music as its ass was devoured, made for an incredibly erotic night.

And then, after two Dobermans latched onto its legs, the wide eyed selfish food was thankfully ripped from the door and into the waiting maws of the very hungry pack. "JESUS HELLLLLLP MEEEEEEEE!"

BINGO! Liz laughed and clapped joyously. Sarah grinned at her lovers goofiness and cupped Liz’s soft but firm ass with her right hand as they continued to watch the feast, snaking her middle finger into Liz's butthole.

A German Shepard set its sights on the preys right tit and tore into the brown half inch wide nipple, causing the flesh to bounce and stretch, finally after a loud ripping sound it freed the morsel from the prey and scarfed it down its majestic maw before burping loudly.

Liz then took Sarah by the hand and they casually walked over to the gory scene.

The preys screams filled the night air and grew in intensity as the two approached.

"Hows your night going?" Liz said casually to the food while cocking her head to the side.

The prey only screamed animalistic howls in responce as one of the dobermans began to tear off its right arm.

Sarah grinned and then positioned her pussy about 4 feet over the preys face and relaxed her body. Within seconds her pussy let out a golden stream that coated the preys entire face, entered its nostrils and filled its screaming maw. As it choked and sputtered, Sarah moved off to the side as Liz squatted over the prey and spread her ass cheeks, carefully sealing her ass over its maw which the prey forced closed. Liz sighed then whistled to Max and pointed at the foods left tit. Max happily barked an affirmative and sank its teeth into it, shredding the flesh.

The trick worked and the preys mouth flew open with a delicious scream that vibrated up through Liz's colon and sent shivers down her spine. Liz quickly took the oppretunity and began to shit. The preys throat bobbed violently as a torrent of shit filled its stomach and lungs. Liz stroked her dogs beautiful coat and whispered encouragement to it as it feasted. Liz's bowels took a full three minutes to finish emptying their contents, and then the food started to violently convulse. Liz stepped off to the side and grabbed Sarahs face, and passionatly kissed her. "I love you baby" Sarah whispered in response as they then turned away to go inside of Liz's house.

The foods beautiful latin face, which had never kissed anyone before in its life, was summarily ripped apart as two Dobermans started gnawing on its cheeks, one managed to rip off its nose and another tore out one of its brown eyes.

Immediately afterward, Max sank its jaws around the skull and with a very appetizing crunch ripped a hole in it, allowing the Pomeranian, which had returned, to access the delicious grey matter inside.

Unfortunately for the two lovers, the dog food died and didn’t scream anymore. The show was almost over and the most fun part for them had passed. As the two walked back toward the house, Sarah saw the Pomeranian and Dalmatian each drag away a half-eaten brain towards it's kennel.

Make me a pair of panties from the bitches hair. Liz pleaded to Sarah with doe shaped eyes.

Sarah smiled and replied, “I promise."


The grilling Platform was something that didn’t cost either of them as much as they thought. It was essentially two wooden tables placed on either side of a charcoal grill, with room for the ladies to stand in the center with their legs slightly parted, while their food roasted on the grill in the center.

Right now it held a brunette Australian woman who was suspended above the grill by only half of an inch, just enough for the womens thrusts to cause it to cook upon contact with the hot grill below.

Their supper was nicely shaped and toned, suntanned, with a soft but firm yet rounded set of ass cheeks, a very beautiful face, round lips, two nice d sized tits, auburn hair, green eyes, and genetically determined via sex appeal due to its ass size and lack of any sexual history in its 24 years of existence to be their lunch for today.

Liz had found her walking the Australian outback looking for kangaroos to photograph. Liz had almost immediately stopped their Jeep when she saw the wonderful creature walking alone in the desert from what looked like a church, and pointed at its ass to sarah. “What we got ‘ere, is a prime cut of ass in its native habitat.” Liz joked as Sarah took in the view of the prey.

Sarahs hand instinctively went to the band around her shorts and plunged beneath, she casually stroked the outer edges of her labia as she whispered to Liz. Find out everything you can, If she checks out, I want her grilled. Shame about how much her shorts block the outline of her meat though.

“I thought you preferred your food raw and alive?” Liz replied. Sarah nodded then said, “Yes but its Australia, I should have a proper Australian Barbecue, but we can still eat it while its kickin.”

Liz smiled and said, “Ive got the perfect idea, if she checks out let’s bring her to my uncles house, hes gone for the summer and Ive got the keys, but first, we need to pick out a proper grill…..”

Five hours later….

Ugghh, Ugggh Ughhhhhh” Liz moaned in unison with each pelvic thrust, as she rode the food. Sarah quietly masturbated off to the side as she watched Liz erotically arch her back and breasts in turn with each thrust. Nothing better in life than fucking, and today, Liz fucked, she fucked HARD. Ohh, Ohh Yes, Oh Yes Grill for me bitch, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, grill you cunt, you virgin piece of shit, Ohhhhh Fuck. Oh God, Fuck. Fuck FUCK FUCK! Liz increased her tempo, each time sending the food smack into the grill below. With each moan Liz made, the food screamed out in agony as its flesh cooked with each impact onto the grill. The orchestra grew and grew.

With each orgasmic primal moan, came a corresponding horrified agonizing complaint from her fuck toy. “Ohh God Yes.” “AAGGGGHHH” Oh Jesus fucking God YES!” “HEEELLLLP MEEE PLEEEEASSEE” “SCREAM, SCREAM FOR ME YOU CUNT! OH GOD YES!” “HEEELP OH GOD STOOOOP” “THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS FUCK, THANK YOU FOR THIS FUCKING MEAT OH YESSS!” “GOD SAVE ME HELEEEP” “OH FUCK FUCK FUCK, SCREAM! SCREAM!, PRAY, BEG, JUST FUCKING SCREEEEAAAAM!” Lizs thrusts were so rapid now that the flesh on the food below only had a second between each thrust that would cause it to sear.

Sarah increased her masturbation technique, she had been using two fingers on the side of her pussy as she watched, now she took her right hand and thrust two fingers in and out of herself while rubbing her pussy lips with her left hand. Occasionally she would reach behind with her left hand and cup her own ass before returning to rubbing her pussy.

“Your my LUNCH YOU FUCKING BITCH OH GOD YES FUCK YES IM SO FUCKING HUNGRY” “AGGGHH. SAAAAVEEE MEEEEEE!” the lunch looked over at Sarah with tears in its eyes but that was the wrong thing to do, her pleas and sexy horrified face turned sarah on so much that Sarah joined in on Liz’sexual frienzied cries.

Sarah’s eyes fixiated on the bbqs bouncing ass, her lovers bouncing tits, and back onto her foods ass. “Oh Baby, Make her your Lunch, RIDE THAT ASS, WHOOOOT! FUCK IT! FUCK THE Barbecue! FUCK THE MEAT! FUCK MY LUNCH!FUCK IT FUCK IT!” Sarah then began to cheer her lover on with a frenzied chant, “FUCK, ROAST FUCK ROAST FUCK ROAST FUCK ROAST, I CAN”T WAIT TO EAT THAT ASS, MAKE IT BOUNCE! BABY PLEASE MAKE HER ASS BOUNCE! Sarahs body started to convulse as she began to orgasm, but by god she made sure to never let her eyes off of her foods bouncing ass.

Liz was in an orgasmic frenzy of her own but she complied with her lovers request, after all, she was only interested in the foods ass as well, and today they would be entertained to their hearts delight .She tried to alternate each thrust to make it bounce in a slightly different way, sometimes going towards the left cheek, other times the right, other times rapid back and fourth tempos, some times giving it a hard smack, as hard as she could physically hit it.

The aussie bitch wasn’t human anymore. It only existed for their pleasure, and for fucks sake, they got it. Every bit of it belonged to them by natural right, and they fucked to their fill with their property.

Liz’s vision started to blur and the ass infront of her began to fade from her view as her brain exploded in bliss. Liz then gave one more extremely hard thrust, then collapsed off to the side of the grill platform.

“Oh Jesus thank you for that ASS!” Liz moaned. “Jesus help me.” The food cried. Liz’s response was to reach over and smack the foods ass hard then say breathlessly, “fairytales ain’t coming for you sister, only my stomach. I’m so glad you have this ass. I’m lucky your parents had good geans.” She sat and gathered her breath together as she kneaded the ass flesh next to her with her left hand and lazily masturbated with her right. The food shook its head in denial about the truth of the universe, causing its nice crispy toasted tits to sway from side to side and kept on sobbing.

Sarah got off of the ground and walked over to the front of the grilling platform, licked the foods face before giving it an impish smile. “Mmm, your tears taste so fucking good, better get used to this tongue, because it will taste every bit of you.” Sarah said huskily before slowly lowering the womans face towards the grill. The woman struggled manically as its beautiful features first hit the hot metal, sending it shrieking into a new crescendo.

Sarah and Liz both laughed as Liz got back behind her toy and slid back onto the double dido, before giving their food another mighty thrust, causing the rest of its body to bounce off of the grill, the food let out a howl that caused both of their pussys to weep. Sarah allowed the face flesh around twenty seconds to cook, then released the pressure on the back of the bbq’s neck, causing it to immediately pop its head back up off of the grill. Sarah licked her lips and gave the now whitish stained features another round of licking, all the while stroking its luscious auburn hair.

In response to the twinge in her own pussy, Liz resumed the strap ons pounding into her foods ass as she massaged the ass flesh and said to Sarah, “Let’s roast it babe.”

Sarah nodded as she once again lowered the womans face to the grill,”WHHHYYYY STOOOOPPP PLEEEEASSSEE” It begged as Sarah held its features down for about two minutes before once again raising the face.

By now the flesh had begun to crack and burn in places in response to the flames, the woman would never win any beauty contests anymore, not that it mattered at all at this point. As it begged for its life, Sarah licked the face again, this time tasting the hint of jucy roasted flesh and savored the taste. Liz pounded the foods ass as rapidly as she could, causing her own tits to wildly bounce back and fourth and the bbq’s ass flesh to ripple erotically in sync with each thrust.

By now their meals tits had started to firm up and brown in response to the grills heat, but it was nothing compared to what was about to be next.

Sarah looked at the thrusting Liz and Liz gave a silent nod, Sarah then went over to the nearby table and grabbed the lighter fluid, before dousing their meals entire luscious hair in the fluid. “Be careful with the flaes baby.” Sarah cautioned Liz. “Good Idea Sarah.” Liz replied as she backed partly off of the dildo, enough to keep the tip connected to her cunt and her foods ass but far enough away so she could enjoy the show without being singed.

Sarah then untied the preys ponytail and lowered the tip into the flames below. A sudden burst of Flame nearly sent Sarah flying backwards and almost caught her hand as the hair went up into a huge roaring fireball. WHAAAAAAAAGHGGGGHGHGHGH The food shrieked gutturally like the animal it was as its entire head was engulfed in flames. Liz had a tremendous immediate orgasm as the food thurst manically backwards and forwards as it tried to put out its own head, but to no avail. Liz’s moans turned into a satisfied deeply sensual yell as she nearly blacked out in orgasmic bliss.

Sarah picked herself off of the ground and waited about twenty seconds for the flames to die down enough for her to climb on the platform over the prey. I’m going to put it out, don’t worry. She said giggling to the charred form below. Sarah then knelt down and began to piss onto the head, dousing the flames and sending the food into a fresh bout of painful hell.

Liz was incredibly turned on by the erotic sight but then said, “Baby clean off the head before we eat it, you know how I don’t like tasting piss.”

“Aww Don’t be such a buzzkill babe.” Sarah said jokingly but in a loving tone. I’ll get some water.

Sarah then washed off the now black and red face, before basting it in a different brand of bbq sauce than they had put on the rest of the body. Sarah then sniffed the food, and hunger winning over patience, decided to go ahead and tear off a piece of meat from the screaming right face cheek with her teeth.

“So much for waiting to eat” Liz sighed as Sarah scarfed down the mouthwatering morsel.

Its already got a smokey salty taste. Sarah commented as she finished. “Wonder where the SALTY flavor came from?” Liz replied in a mock-annoyed tone as Sarah giggled
Liz’s stomach began to rumble as well, as she motioned for sarah to give her a nearby steak knife and fork, she briefly paused thrusting as she grabbed the silverware and then thrust herself further back onto the dildo. Taking in one more lustful gaze of the ass while kneading the flesh, Liz then started to carve into the still raw living backside from the top corner of the left cheek, about three inches down towards the dildo. Careful to not let the knife slip and cut into her. After getting a nice sized chunk out, Liz separated the meat from the rest of the ass and raised it to her mouth.

“Shouldn’t you say something first, she is catholic after all?” Sarah said wickedly. “Hmm, your right, though that didn’t stop you.” Liz pouted before holding up the forked meat and said, “Mary bless this food which we are about to receive, and… fuck it, I’m famished.” With that, Liz tossed the chunk into her mouth and began chewing, purposefully smacking loudly while doing so. (It’s a turn on of Sarah’s to hear Liz smack).

Ahmen.” Sarah replied as she lowered the head back down onto the grill. Every two minutes or so she would rise it back up and bite off another chunk. After about ten minutes Sarah stated into the terrified green eyes of her prey, who at this point was still shrieking, but had long ago stopped vocalizing anything.

“Aww, we browke it.” Sarah said in a childish sorrowful accented way before she snaked her tongue into the right eye socket and wrapped it around. Using her left thumb she managed to pop out the eye and into her waiting maw. The orb rolled around a couple of times before Sarah swallowed it hole, savoring the feeling of it sliding down her own throat and into her waiting stomach acid. Sarah then took out the other eye and tossed it to Liz. Liz caught it like a pro and lifting her head as if to ponder something, got off of her ride and took the dildo out of the ass.

What are you going to—-Ohhhhhhh! Sarah trailed off as Liz took the eyeball and inserted it into the gaping asshole, positioning it to where the eye looked outwards from the anus. Grabbing the camera Sarah quickly made her way behind Liz and snapped a photo. Guess she can’t see shit. Liz joked, sending them both into bouts of laughter.

Sarah then stretched out and took a moment to relax and ponder. “Today is fucking awesome!” She thought, as she glanced at her naked lover, their supper and felt a deep sense of inner peace as her endorphens held her in a natural high. Nothing could top moments like this with the woman of her life.

Liz glanced over at her silent lover and smiled, She knew whenever Sarah was happy she would silently reminisce, and Liz always loved how Sarah’s face looked while doing it. Feeling happier than she had in months, The twos silent moment of shared intimate bliss was interrupted by a loud farting sound. Turning back to their food, they noticed in the nick of time to see the eyeball
shoot out of the asshole onto the grill below followed by about four logs of shit. Realizing that they hadn’t heard a peep out of their food all this time, they shrugged as they realized it had expired before they wanted it too.

“Aw Fuck it girl, I wanted to feed it my shit before it died.” Sarah said disappointingly. Liz then grabbed Sarah’s face and gave her a passionate kiss, before removing her lips and saying, “Baby I got you, nothing will ruin today for us.” That’s why I bagged us some Soul Food earlier today.

Huh? Sarah asked quizzedly. “Look over by the pool” Liz pointed towards a large brown sack that was starting to move on its own slowly back and forth on the ground.

Sounding like a kid in a candy shop, Sarah clapped her hands together and said, “Oh my God, please tell me you got one with a bubble ass, I LOVE IT on black chicks!”

“The bubbiliest baby” Liz smiled.

“Can we PLEASE tie her up, I REALLY have to take a shit, like right now, I think the bbq isn’t agreeing with me.!” Sarah said in an urgent tone. Liz nodded and said, “Of course, help me set her up.”

Leaving the food behind on the grill, Liz quickly helped Sarah tie the struggling bag onto supports that they had drilled into the concrete, and opened the bag revealing a tied up ebony teen with luscious lips, curvy breasts and a very enticing backside that’s cheeks curved beautifully, already naked and ready to play with, even better, Liz had already fastened a ring gag in its mouth, she quickly held the head in place as Sarah rushed over and spread her cheeks, making a seal with the toilets mouth and almost immediately filling it with a torrent of solid shit.

Liz held the head (its eyes wide open in disgust and horror) firmly in place as Sarah’s shit forced its way down the toilets throat, out its nostrils and into its stomach. Liz marveled at how big the toilets throat got as Sarah kept on rapidly shitting into its stomach.

“Great job baby.” Liz congratulated Sarah as Sarah sent two final farts into the toilets maw.

“Thanks, That makes five months to the day of using nothing but virgins as toilets.” “You did make sure she was a virgin right?” Sarah said in a playful accusatory tone. “Yes hun, Virgin and religious like you like. You know I don’t believe in eating anyone either who deserves to live and has actually used their body the way it was meant to be used.” “I know, they aren’t human at that point, but I just had to ask.”

Are you finished yet? Liz asked. “Yes baby.” “Good, then its my turn, I think we’ll have to feed the aussie to jack again, I hate feeding him “Dogfood” when he has perfectly good virgin meat.

As the two girls discussed the preparing of their food below, the food looked into the empty sky above in horror as it listened to every intimate detail, the smell of cooking flesh only a few yards away making her want to vomit. The portable toilet almost gagged right before Sarah grabbed its head and Liz’s soft firm backside filled her view and the domed cheeks wrapped around her face….

Any suggestions for future meals for the two are welcome, just keep in mind their tastes in women and the one part we all know they like the most” Hope you all enjoyed that segment.
R: 9 / I: 0

Happy birthday, the girl that lives in the basement

Tags: unspecified/f, watersports, non-con, slice of life

This story picks up one Thursday in May. It was just after dinner, before dessert.

It'd been about six hours since I last checked on her, the girl that lives in the basement. I shut the blinds in the kitchen and headed down to her home.

* * *

Only a nightlight cast its faint glow into the darkness. I flicked a switch to turn on some old fluorescent lights in the ceiling. The noises and light elicited a tiny squeak from over where she stood, on the right side of the room. There she was.

She was exactly where I saw her last, with her childish figure against the wall, facing it. She had been standing there, nude, occupying that same spot for the majority of the past four days. I locked the door behind me and made my way down the stairs.

She couldn't move from the position I left her in when I last visited, during my lunch break. A tube with a clip on the end was tied to a hook above her head. The tube extended down, between her legs, and into her urethra. Inside, a balloon kept the end from slipping out. She could not sit or lie down---with any deviation from standing, and the balloon and tube would uncomfortably pull and chafe her crotch. A pair of handcuffs on her thin wrists locked her arms behind her back. She could not reach around herself to tamper with the catheter apparatus or to soothe her aching genitals.

She pressed her knees against each other and leaned them painfully against the hard concrete wall of the basement. Her feet hurt even worse. She curled her toes and stood on the outer edges of her feet, temporarily to let the other areas of her soles rest. She kept her head down, with her forehead touching the wall. Droplets of cold sweat had formed on her back from stress.

As I came in, she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. She squinted from the jarring brightness. Her pupils shrank down to adjust, after which she opened her eyes to look at me again. She looked sad. I don't think she'd given up hope that her parents will show up and take her home.

Some of her hair was stuck messily to her face from the sweat. She was breathing heavily through her nose. A shiny metal ring in her mouth forced her jaw open, and a heavy leathery patch covered her mouth. This kept her from potentially disturbing the neighbors in case she cried out. A strap that looped behind her head held both of these implements securely in place.

The girl was skinny. Emaciated, literally. I never gave her much to eat, and sometimes, as was the case this week, I would starve her as a punishment. It was admirable how hard her body fought to stay alive.

She got three days without food for saying the wrong thing when I had a bad day. One more for not reminding me when my dumb ass forgot about this and brought her down some breakfast the very next morning. And another three---as well as the tube---for drinking too much water and peeing herself while I was away. These durations piled up with no interruption. There was no mercy for screwups during ongoing disciplinary action.

She turned her head back to face the wall and squeezed her eyes shut. That was kind of cold. She evidently didn't love me as much as I loved her. Well, I love her in a kind of creepy, kidnap-ey way. Probably good that nobody "loves" me that. Whatever she'd been feeling, she'd been smart enough to behave herself lately.

I walked up to her from behind and gave her a playful slap on her defenseless bottom. "Hmmg!" she squealed, from behind the gag. She straightened her legs and pressed her bony figure against the wall, as if to escape any further spanking. Her chest scraped against the unpainted concrete. She drew in a sharp breath and held it. Meanwhile, her butt tensed in apprehension that I might strike her again.

Luckily for her, I didn't. "I'm back," I told her cheerfully, with a grin that mocked her pitiful situation. She relaxed again, and her body slid back down against the wall as she settled back into her previous stance. I put my hand on her head and slightly ruffled her sweaty hair. She did not appreciate this, as it added that much more pressure on her aching feet. "Did you miss me?" I asked, not sure whether rhetorically or not. I'd leave that up to her.

She was silent for a moment, wondering too whether I expected her to respond. There was an air of desperation about her, so she quickly decided to do something, so as not to prolong these pointless pleasantries moment further. "Huuaa," she groaned, looking back at me with pleading eyes.

I couldn't figure out whether that was a yes or no, but it didn't matter anyway. "You made it through the six hours. Are you ready for your break?"

Still looking at me over her shoulder, she nodded vigorously, with an emphatic "Uh-huh!" This time she knew how to make herself clear.

"Okay then, come on."

She turned her head back to the wall and repositioned her feet flat on the floor. She then laboriously forced her legs to straighten again.

"Higher!" I demanded. I added a sharp slap on her butt to encourage her.

"Uuhm!" she whined. She drooped slightly, leaning one shoulder against the wall for stability. A fall backwards would be catastrophic for her precious place. She took a few shallow breaths, inhaled, and held it, while she painfully stood up on her toes.

A tiny bit of slack returned to the tube, and it dangled between her and the wall. She craned her neck back to stare impatiently at the hook above, as her exhausted legs trembled under the weight of her body. I unfastened the tube from the hook and brought it down.

The girl dropped down on her heels, and her knees gave way after that. She landed unceremoniously on the arms behind her back. Her legs finally attained the relaxation that they longed for. They sprawled out in a rather un-ladylike manner. On the floor now, she turned her neck to face me and tilted her head back slightly, pushing her gagged mouth forward.

"Alright now, I know," I said soothingly, sitting down on the floor beside her. I unfastened one side of the leather patch over her mouth and flipped it away, to hang from the opposite side of her face.

She looked back up at the ceiling and panted heavily through her mouth, now that it was unobstructed. "Aah! Uh," she stuttered, remembering something important as she caught her breath. "Hiank you," she told me with a certain gratitude that grew less forced the longer she'd been living here.

I sat with her for a couple of minutes and kept an eye on the time on my phone. Her breathing calmed, and she brought her legs together into a more modest position. I looked over her body to get a coarse sense of her health. I could easily see the ribs pressing out under her skin. They moved gently with each breath she took. She was starving horribly, but she would definitely make it to the weekend.

Her scheduled break time was coming to an end. She squeezed her thighs together and looked over to the far corner of the room. It was where I kept a bucket around, to take care of, you know, certain natural functions. She moaned quietly, fearing that her long awaited break would come and go without getting to perform those functions.

I rubbed my hand over her sunken belly. It was smooth and slightly cool to the touch. "You feeling okay? If you need something, you know you have to say it," I reminded her, as I pressed my fingers into her abdomen.

"Iiyaa!" she yelped, as I prodded at her bladder. She squirmed in discomfort, under my focused pressure. She couldn't get away with the little strength she had left. "I hawe to ..." she started, though she was not able to make the right sounds through the gag. I pressed a little harder, feeling around for the swollen globe of liquid inside her. "Uaah!" The girl crossed her legs and drew up her knees. "I hawe to hee," she managed to get out.

It was close enough, given that she was gagged. "Ohhh! We can go take care of that." I took my hand off her abdomen and stood up beside her. Meanwhile, she turned to her side and painstakingly got back on her barely rested legs.

I led her to the bucket. She hobbled along behind me, with the tube between her legs dragging on the floor. When she reached the corner of the room, she stood with her feet apart and thrust her hips forward to present the tube. I grabbed it from between her legs and reeled it in, bringing the clipped end into my hand, and positioned it over the bucket. She winced, as my careless manipulations of the tube caused it to tug and thrash about, irritating her tightly clenched pee hole. "Okay, go ahead," I commanded, as I unclipped the end of the tube.

Immediately, a stream of her pee made its way through the tube and came out the end. The light yellow liquid quietly splashed onto the side of the bucket and flowed down to the bottom of the container. The tube grew warm as her hot waste coursed through it. "Haaa," she sighed in relief.

The girl stood motionless with her legs spread out and head down, watching the bucket fill up. In her weary state, her balance shifted, and she seemed to be gradually tipping over. She stumbled a little but remained standing. I wrapped my free arm around her shoulder. "It's okay. Come here." She leaned in toward me and buried her sweaty face in my stomach. She seemed pleased to have something warm and soft against her skin. "You better not get anything on my shirt though." I felt her nod in agreement. She pulled away a little and readjusted to press against me with her neck and cheek, just to be on the safe side.

It took more than a minute for the flow to slow down to a trickle and stop. She let out a deep breath that she had been holding for the majority of the business. I tapped the last few drops off on the side of the bucket and raised the tip of the tube up high, allowing the liquid that remained inside to flow back into her body. "Hnnn," she complained, as the small amount of her own urine, now slightly cooled, went back into her bladder. Finally, I kinked the tube and put the clip back on the end and put the lid back on the bucket.

Now that she was finished, I pushed her shoulders away so that she was once again standing on her own. She watched me run my hand down my shirt to check for any wet spots---it was pretty clean, albeit a little wrinkled. I gave her a smile of approval and a pat on the head. She blushed, as she was prone to doing whenever she realized that she liked something I did.

I coiled up a few loops of the tube and held it out toward her. She turned around and spread out her palms to receive it. She sat down carefully next to the bucket of her pee and continued to rest her legs. The individual bones of her spine showed when she slouched forward.

"I have a surprise for you," I said. The girl brought her legs together. Her fingers curled around the bundle of tube, and she gave me a fearful glare. "C'mon, don't be like that! It's something nice." She kept her eyes on me with continued suspicion as I placed a lid over the filled bucket. "So, I saw your mother today. She came in to my bookstore around closing time."

"Uaa-a?" She stared at me intently, curious to hear anything about the family she still counted on emotionally.

"You remember the place, right? You would always come by every week when you got your allowance. She knows you loved the place. I never talked to her much, since you would usually visit with your friends.

"I found out that she actually thinks pretty highly of me. She thanked me today for being so nice to you back then. I should really thank you for putting in such a good word for me." I squatted down next to her put my hand on her cheek. She looked away, thinking about her earlier life.

It had been the first time the girl's mother visited since her daughter disappeared. A few months ago, the news outlets reported that the girl went missing after visiting my bookstore, and they speculated that she was kidnapped on her way home. Today the girl's mother apologized for hesitating to talk to me about it; she explained that it was to avoid making me feel guilty. How thoughtful.

"Anyway, the reason she came in was to buy a present. Because today 'would have been' your birthday! You know, I still have your wishlist on the store's computer. She bought the first thing on it. Do you remember what your number one book was?

She lowered her head and stared at the floor, trying to remember. "Auhh ... Huu ..." she whimpered. It had been so long since she ever thought about books. It was something fantasy, but she couldn't recall the details, much less figure out the title. All she could focus on now was how hungry she was. And a few minutes ago, I'd wager that the one thing she couldn't wait to read was "that warning about drowning, printed on the bucket where I can pee." Her eyes unfocused as she tried to shift her mind over to something other than hunger.

"Don't quite have it just yet? You can have a reward if you tell me what the title was. Your mother took a copy of it home with her. She said she's going to put it in your old room. It's too bad she couldn't bring it to you here, huh?

She looked a little distressed now. Probably about how her normal life was over. She'll never be able to read the books she liked again.

"There, there. Cheer up," I consoled her. "I haven't even told you the surprise yet!"

No response. Or not much; she was still lost in thought.

"For your birthday, I bought you ... a cake!"

Her eyes snapped back to the present.

"And you know what? How about you come up to the kitchen to eat it with me? It's been a while since you got to leave the basement, right?"

"Ah, can't ... hhhunishwent," she reminded me, having learned from her mistake on Sunday. Argh, why did I bring this on myself? Now she's going to call me out on every little inconsistency. As fun as it is to have the girl participate in implementing her own torture, it didn't make me happy.

"That's---I know that! This is an exception," I rationalized, "You can have something to eat on your birthday. Today is special, don't you understand? So you better watch your smart mouth before I change my mind about this."

At some level, she didn't know whether to believe me or not. On the other hand, it wasn't like she really had a choice. If I would take her up to the kitchen, then she would go, and if there would be a cake waiting for her, then she would gladly eat it. Her mouth watered at the prospect. It would be the first thing she got to eat this week. She didn't know what to say about this. She simply tipped her head back and swallowed to keep the drool from spilling out.

"Let's go. Right now," I instructed, with an upward gesture. I took the tube from her hands.

"Ah, hyeah." she replied. Slowly but surely, she had convinced herself that finally something good was going to happen to her after several days of her suffering. She in her legs and got herself on her feet before I would start pulling.

I led her to the stairs and guided her up the steps, using the tube like a perverted leash. At this point, I showed far less restraint in delivering painful tugs of encouragement, as there was now a smaller chance of making a mess. She worked her way up the steps to the basement door, enduring the sharp irritation between her legs.

* * *

Getting to come out of the basement was a small reward of its own. The air in the house carried the warmth of early summer. To the undressed girl, it was decadently comfortable compared to the perpetual chill of the underground. Light filtered in from the setting sun, through closed window blinds. The natural glow was easier on the eyes than what the aging fixtures in the basement could provide. Fluffy carpeting cushioned her every footstep, a feeling that was exotic again after the months she spent living on bare concrete flooring.

She followed me obediently through the house. We reached the threshold of the vinyl floored kitchen, bringing an end to one of her few pleasures.

True to my word, I did indeed have a cake for her. It came in an unmarked brown box on the kitchen table. It was a smallish one, although it was still more than the two of us could---should, let's be honest---eat in one sitting. But children's birthdays ought to be a little grand, right?

I loosely tied the tube I was holding to one of the table legs and proceeded to free the cake from its cardboard enclosure. I set the cake on the edge of the table, along with a plastic knife and a couple of forks that came with it.

This was the first time that I went to a bakery and bought a cake. It was a spur of the moment thing, so I just picked out one that they had on hand. It was a simple looking cake, covered with white frosting and topped with curly chocolate shavings. Maybe next year I can order in advance and have one with her name written in frosting. Oh and candles! I can think of one thing she would wish for. Although, could she blow out candles with this kind of gag on? Things to ponder.

The girl leaned in to get a closer look. The sweet smell of the frosting wafted into her nostrils and made her salivate. Condensation had gathered on the cool dessert, making it glisten in the evening light. While she was engrossed in admiration, I picked up the plastic knife and put it in her hands. She took in a startled gasp and stepped back a few inches. Her hands clumsily grasped at the unexpected object. She transferred it to one hand and pulled her cuffed wrist out to the side, trying to see what she was holding.

"Go ahead and cut yourself a piece," I instructed. "Since this is still during your punishment, you can only have a half-inch slice. You think you can manage that?"

She nodded excitedly. The chain connecting her handcuffs rattled as her arms strained to maneuver the knife up and out to the side. She turned to point the knife in the cake's general direction and twisted her head around so she could see what she was doing. Due to her short stature, it was a struggle to reach the knife up to the cake on the table. She got the knife into position and brought it down, making the first cut. After that, she found that although she could pivot the knife about her wrist, it was hard to move the knife enough to make the next cut. After a few moments of adjusting her stance and finding her footing again, she sloppily cut into the cake a second time.

"Okay, that's enough," I told her. I took the knife back and transferred the slice onto a plate for her. Her eyes were trained on this plate as I set it in the center of the table, out of her reach. I put away the rest of the cake and the remaining fork. Meanwhile, she stood hunched over at the table, with her head lowered to the edge, deadlocked in a staring contest with the slice. The wedge lay seductively on its side and taunted her with its alluring appearance and smell.

"Here, you can sit on my lap," I said, pulling out a chair for the two of us. I sat down, and she promptly hopped up onto my lap. That was the most energetic thing she did in these past few days she'd gone without food. She shuffled a bit to position herself strategically, for optimal cake-sitting-in-front-of.

"Alright, let's eat!" I declared, and I brought the plate up to her face. The anticipation was overwhelming. She didn't care what book she once wanted. She didn't care that there was a tube in her urethra. She didn't care that she was tied to the table. All she had on her mind was how hungry she was and how tasty this cake was going to be.

That, and the fact that she couldn't grab the fork with the handcuffs on. Consciously or otherwise, her head gravitated toward the plate, as if she was ready to eat the thing with her face.

"Heh heh, I get that you like cake," I remarked, "but you can't eat it like that, darling." I put my hand over her throat and pulled her head back. A warm wet feeling on my hand startled me. "Eww, you're wet!" I exclaimed, putting the plate back down, "Is this your drool?"

My sudden rebuke caught her attention. She turned and gave me the most sincere apologetic look she could manage. Her mind raced at the thought that she might earn herself another extension to her punishment if she didn't handle this just right. "Aaa ... hyes," she stammered and gulped again to prevent any more from coming out.

I let out a sigh of disappointment. I cleaned off my hand with a napkin. "Here, wipe it off," I offered. I held the napkin in front of her.

She arched her back to rub her neck against the paper in my hand. She stroked her cheeks and chin across to dry her face. "Hiawry," she tried to apologize.

"Aww, I guess it's understandable." I ran my fingers over her neck and sternum to make sure she got it all. She squirmed a little from the intimate, ticklish sensation.

She was back in the clear, and she returned her focus to the cake. Arms cuffed behind her back, her only hope was that I would feed it to her piece by piece. She looked up at me, acknowledging that the situation was in my hands.

"Since it can't be helped, I'll feed you this time," I conceded. I picked up the plate again and brought a piece of the cake to her mouth with the fork.

She made an "ahh" sound, probably a behavior she picked up when she was younger. With the ring gag already holding her mouth open, this was purely ceremonial. The fork carrying the precious cargo passed through her gag and rested on her tongue. Her teeth clenched around the metal ring, but she could not close her mouth around the cake. "Ugaah," she cried in frustration.

Her lips and tongue fumbled about, trying to access the treat. A hint of sweetness seeped into her mouth, increasing her appetite further. Meanwhile, I was distracted by her awkward slicing job. The irregular shape gave me pause. Her tongue aggressively pushed at the fork, but I kept it in place. Curved plastic tines pressed into the sensitive organ, making her wince. "Not so fast."

I withdrew the fork, taking the cake along with it.

"Eaah?" she murmured, confused.

I raised the plate up to her eyes and inquired, "How much cake did you agree to cut?"

She swallowed down the saliva that had been graced with the cake's passing sweetness. "A ... haa-" she testified.

"A half inch," I answered for her. "And how big is this slice?"

"Iih a haa ..." she stammered and trailed off.

The two cuts diverged at the bottom, resulting in the piece being wider than she intended at its base. She messed up. She stared for a few seconds, trying to believe that it wasn't true. But the evidence was right there. She looked away from the slice, not knowing how to respond.

"Such a greedy little scoundrel," I scolded her, "You don't get any cake today." I grabbed the leather patch dangling from her gag, pulled it back over her mouth, and fastened it in place.

"Since you already cut this piece, I'll eat it for you." I brought the fork over her head and into my own mouth. The first piece was warm and moist from her mouth. "Mmm, it's so rich and sweet!" I gloated. "You really would have liked this." I tried to sound especially happy to eat it. This communicates that the cake was so good that it cheered me up; you see what I did there?

She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head, trying to distract herself. I'm sure that if her hands weren't cuffed, she also would have covered her ears to block out my aggravating commentary. I put my hand on her head and casually rested my chin on it, effectively subduing her limited means of protest. She was forced to acknowledge the loss of the cake she worked hard to cut for herself. Her stomach growled, announcing that it was expecting to digest something, but found itself empty.

"Hmhmhm," I chuckled through my nose as I chewed a bite, "You're so cute when you're starving!"

She sniffled, and her breathing tensed up. Tears flooded her eyes and blurred her vision.

"Maybe next year you'll be able to have some cake, if you're good."

A tiny muffled whine came from behind the gag. She tried to keep the sobbing as quiet as possible. I've let her come out of the basement a few times before, and she already understood that it was seriously in her best interest not to cause a commotion up in the house. I never specified an exact penalty for making too much noise. A child's imagination is a wonderful thing.

I made sure to eat the cake agonizingly slowly. I continued to talk to her between each bite. As for a topic, I settled on fabricating news about her family. With her mouth gagged and covered, it was a one-sided conversation.

"Going back to your mother this afternoon. There was something kind of troubling, but I think it's right for you to know. She told me to delete your wishlist from the computer. She wants for your new--- Oh! I forgot to mention! She was pregnant! It's going to be a baby girl, and they're naming her after you.

"Your mother was worried that it might be too scary for your new sister if she found out how you died before she was old enough. They think you're dead. They really want their new baby to have a normal, happy life without the trauma of knowing what happened to you. I know they're trying their best, but don't you think that's kind of sad? It was like they were trying to erase you and start over.

The girl was doing her best to keep quiet, but the thought of her parents abandoning her seemed to hit a nerve. A long, pained wail seeped through the leather patch.

Yikes. Maybe I overdid it. "Shh, shh, it's not your fault," I reassured her, "But you have to be quiet up here, remember?"

"Try to understand how hard it must be for them. I hope you won't hate them for it." I didn't need her to resent her family, I just wanted her to believe that her family had given up on her. I stopped eating for a while and put my arms around her lithe torso. We waited until she calmed down a little.

"Your baby sister has such a loving family. She's going to live the life you'll never live. She's going to read that copy of Th--- Aaahaha, I almost gave it away! You still don't remember the title of that book, do you? She's going to read that book your mother bought today, the one you ranked first on your wishlist. And she won't know that you ever existed.

Ugh, now I really wished all this was true. For one thing, it'll be a weight off my shoulders when her parents gave up. But also, I would love to show the girl pictures of her little sister, making her watch her replacement grow up and lead a normal life.

In any case, I was finally finished with the slice of cake. The girl looked mournfully at the empty plate that was meant for her, at the crumbs that remained from her only chance to eat something until next week. "Ah, that was so delicious! The vanilla frosting is unadventurous, but I love a traditional approach. And the cake had a really smooth texture that's pleasant to eat." I taunted her one last time, "What a shame you couldn't try it too!"

She was a mess. Her eyes were red. Tears flowed down her cheeks in great torrents. Some mucus had come out of her nose. She needed a bath. And for that, we'd go back down to the basement.

* * *

After the disappointing visit to the kitchen, the girl was back in her austere but familiar dwelling. The nightlight greeted her with its dull shine.

I turned the lights on, and they flickered to life. It made her uneasy to see the basement lit up. The lights meant that she wasn't alone, and more often than not, that something cruel and unusual was about to take place. Right now, she was to take a bath.

In terms of facilities, there was a wide utility sink for this purpose. She was small enough that she could take a bath in it, although she couldn't straighten her legs inside. A faucet came out of the wall above the sink, with a hose and sprayer available as well. Strictly speaking, she wouldn't precisely take a "bath;" it was more akin to a supine shower.

One of the nice things about bath time for her was that she didn't have to wear the gag. I'm going to be frank here: it's not to prevent the leather from getting wet. It's not real leather, and she drools on it all the time anyway. The straps just make it hard to wash her face.

I unbuckled the strap that goes behind her head. The metal ring clicked against her teeth on its way out. Usually she would take this opportunity to talk to me after being gagged for a long time. Somehow she didn't feel like saying anything this time.

I hung the coiled tube on one of the faucet handles and lifted her up from behind. I placed her face up in the sink, with her cuffed arms pinned under her body. She was relatively immobile in that position, and walls surrounded her on all sides. It was an intimidating arrangement.

"Before your bath, there's one order of business we need to discuss," I said. "You were not very well behaved upstairs today. First, you cut the cake bigger than you agreed to. People who don't keep their word don't deserve to live. Second, you cried out loud upstairs. I've warned you about making too much noise in the house. You're in trouble, missy."

"No! I'm sorry. It was an accident, I swear," she asserted, "It just ... I didn't mean to do it! I'm so sorry."

"Apologizing to me won't do anything for anyone. You can't un-disturb our sensitive neighbors. I have to punish you."

"Ahh, I don't want to be punished. Please don't make me starve to death," she begged. "I'm really going to die if it goes on any longer."

I guess that makes sense; she thought the major punishment was a lot of the normal punishment. Kind of anticlimactic. Goodbye, my sense of wonder. Why'd she even read all those fantasy books?

"Alright, since this is the first time, I'll give you a bargain. If you can endure a special punishment, I won't add to your current one. Do we have a deal?

"A special punishment ..." she repeated cautiously. "W-what is it?"

Uh-oh, what is it, really? Wait a minute, she wasn't in a position to ask things like that. "No questions," I snapped back, "You don't have to agree if you're afraid. You can always try going without food a little longer." I broke eye contact and scanned the room, searching for any ideas. "It's not too bad yet, right?"

I put a hand on her sunken stomach and gave it a deep rub. Her body rocked back and forth in the tub under the alternating force. She squeezed her legs together and grunted through clenched teeth, "Urrrgh!"

"You know, dying of starvation hurts a lot," I warned. "I'd feel bad for you." I withdrew my hand to let her ponder the situation.

She gulped, as if to gather up her courage. "Okay ... I'll do it."

"'Okay'? 'I'll do it'?" I mocked. "That's not how you accept a favor. Try again before I change my mind."

"Aaah I'm sorry. Please ... please let me have the special punishment! Anything, I'll definitely endure it."

"Ahaha, what a courageous girl you are. Very well, as you wish. Stay right there."

She watched me disappear over the edge of the sink. Her heart pounded with anxiety, and the surface surrounding her seemed to focus every beat into her head. She heard the clunk of her gag being put down. She heard cabinets and trunks open and close. The cramped sink started to feel like a coffin. My footsteps came closer. I was holding something out of view.

"Got it," I said, and I raised it up for her to see.

Her eyes widened. "That's, that's the ... What are you going to ..." she stammered. It was the bucket she peed into a few minutes ago. Before she could finish her sentence, the salty, lukewarm water cascaded onto her face. "Hmmmf!" she squealed. She quickly squeezed her eyes and mouth shut, trying to keep the vile stuff out. I poured it slowly to draw out the torture. Her head thrashed, trying to avoid the stream, but she couldn't get far.

A drop of the urine found its way up her nose. She reflexively coughed, propelling some droplets across her body. The movement from the cough made her bang her head in the sink. This would rapidly make a mess, so I stopped pouring momentarily.

"Hey, you still alive?" I asked. She groaned and tried to catch her breath. Her eyes remained closed. "Try not to move around, or you'll hurt yourself."

She was just panting, unresponsively. "Hey," I called out, "you listening?" I put my hand on her soaked face and pulled open her eyelids, allowing the briny substance to sting her eyes.

"Aaaahh ow!" she screamed. "I'm listening! Ah ... don't move around or I'll hurt myself," she echoed.

I released her eyelids and wiped off my fingers on a washcloth. Her eyes were red and irritated, but she resisted closing them while I was still talking to her. "And don't cough too much. If you get any pee out of the sink, you lose. You understand?"

She responded between pants, "Yes. I un---"

I cut her off again with a brief pour from the bucket. Catching her mid-word, the fluid splashed into her throat and made her cough and sputter violently. She wrenched her eyes shut once more.

"Ho ho ho, that was mighty close." Droplets of the pee had made it up almost to the edge of the sink. "This was a bad idea. I don't think you can do it. Let's see if you can survive without food until ... ehh, Monday. No, maybe Tuesday ..."

"No, please!" she pleaded, "I can endure this. I have to!"

"I don't know, what if you cough again? I really don't want you to mess up my basement," I said apprehensively.

"I definitely won't cough again. I promise!"

"Yeah, right! You coughed immediately after I told you not to."

"Ahh, that time was ... Please, I won't cough again," she reiterated.

"Tell ya what, I think I know a way you can do it. Let's put a washcloth over your head," I proposed, "That way, even if you cough, it won't make much of a mess. Does that sound good?"

As far as she knew, this would only help her endure this strange ordeal. She gratefully accepted the idea with a nod.

I laid the washcloth across her face and tucked the ends behind her head to keep it from being shaken off. "There, how's that?" I asked. Even through her closed eyelids, the cloth made things darker for her. The pee that was on her face and in her hair began to soak into the fabric, making it cling to her head.

"Thank you. I'll definitely endure it this time," she proclaimed in a muffled voice. She took a deep breath through the cloth and held it. Whoops, I wasn't supposed to give her a chance to do that. Her eyelids squeezed shut even tighter, rumpling up the cloth over her eyes. She drew in her neck in a defensive instinct. Her body trembled with nervous tension.

It wouldn't do much good to pour when she was so prepared for it. I needed to stall or something. "You look like you really hate this. Should we stop, maybe?" I questioned.

"Huh? No ... Don't stop, please."

"Eww, you dirty thing! You want to go on?" I teased.

"Yes, please. I'll be a good girl." She was getting the idea. She had to ask for it. "Please pour the ... please pour the pee." she requested. "On my fa---"

I stopped her mid-request by pouring the pee. On her face.

The pungent liquid ran through the washcloth and invaded her mouth and nose. She struggled to breathe as the wet fabric constricted around her head. Every exhale pushed precious air through the cloth, never to return. Every inhale drew liquid into her burning nostrils and throat.

The girl writhed in the sink. Her metal cuffs scraped against the metal basin and dug into her back. She ended up swallowing some of the offensive liquid, making her stomach heave. Her chest pumped dramatically in the simulated drowning. I poured until the bucket was empty.

At last the deluge stopped. It took almost as long as she took to expel it. The girl lay in the sink relatively still. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, with a raspy sound from her throat. She did her best to clear her throat without coughing. The wet cloth bulged around her mouth as her breath seethed through its pores.

I sprayed out the inside of the bucket and dumped the water by her feet. The cold water startled her as it ran to the drain by her butt. I took the saturated cloth off her head. "You did it," I congratulated her, "Looks like you'll be having food this weekend after all."

"Th-thank you," she sobbed, "Thank you so much. For the special punishment ... and letting me live."

"Look at you, being so polite while you look---and smell---like that!" I ridiculed, "Let's get you that bath."

* * *

I ran the dirty washcloth under the faucet and wrung it out. Cold water splashed over the side of her stomach. "Uaah, it's so cold!" she complained.

Warm water was for good girls. More importantly, permission to wait outside the sink while the water warmed up was a luxury reserved for girls who weren't dripping wet with their own pee. "Can't help it, dear. Just live with it," I told her. I went on to scrub her body in the frigid water.

Mild soap broke down days of sweat and made her skin lustrous and slippery. Back and front, the rough washcloth scrubbed every inch of her. Her thighs squeezed defensively against each other, but no sensitive crevice was spared. Shoot, we're almost out of shampoo. Or so I'd been thinking for the past few baths; I told myself I'd bring some more down here, but something always comes up before bath time to make me forget. It's convenient that the last little bit seems to last forever, you know?

The girl cowered from the sprayer as I tried to rinse her off. It took some inelegant manhandling to get everything. Droplets of cold water pelted her all over, pushing away the last of the suds.

The girl knelt shivering in one end of the sink. Her head down, water dripped from hair onto her chest and legs. The water had just barely warmed up. (Anyone know why that is, btw? The water heater is literally right across the room from us.) But we were done with the bath.

"While you're here, do you want to drink some water?" I asked. Water was okay during this regimen. Necessary, even.

She nodded. It was the only thing she could have in her stomach, so this was an important opportunity for her.

"Sure, just a sec." I ran the faucet in front of her. There was this really scary video on the Internet about how warm tap water is super gross, and you're not supposed to drink it. We waited for cold water to flush the pipes, which was amusing in and of itself, like making a dog wait for a treat. I reduced the flow to a thin column and signaled, "'Kay, go for it."

She leaned her mouth under the faucet and hungrily lapped up the water. It was comforting to have at least something in her belly. Eyes closed, she gulped down mouthful after mouthful, perhaps in reckless disregard of her tomorrow's self. In the morning, she would have to pee like hell.

She can be a little irresponsible with this kind of thing, so it was up to me to know how much is enough. At my (conservative) estimate, I reduced the flow gradually to a stop. The girl kept her head under the faucet to catch the last of the valuable water. She shot me a disappointed look.

"Come on, let's get you dried off," I said.

Drying off with a nice fluffy towel was probably the most comforting thing in her day-to-day life, so she's usually well behaved. It's a little complicated with her arms behind her back, so I've been taking off the cuffs for this. I patted down her skinny body with the towel. Now, I'm just gonna gloss over the hair drying procedure, because a) who cares, and b) I don't need everyone telling me how I've been doing it wrong and how I'm destroying this poor girl's hair. I dried off her hair, okay? It's fine. I used whatever you think I should use.

Next, I handed her the gag so she could practice putting it on herself. Starting with the easy part, she maneuvered the ring into her mouth, the bottom half, followed by the top. When you first start using a gag, part of the fun is figuring out all the straps and fasteners. The tidiest configuration for ladies is for the strap to run under the hair, hopefully without the hair interfering with the buckle. By now, she's discovered a reliable way to put it on by herself. She'll bend down and part her hair so that it hangs out of the way. Then, she'll bring the straps around her neck and buckle them with the use of both hands. Little girls are so clever these days. After demonstrating this piece of ingenuity, she stood up and turned around, holding her hair to the sides, to show off what a good job she did.

"Ah, not bad," I praised her. I squatted down and tugged on the ends to check the snugness of the fit. "Really. Good job."

She lowered her arms behind her back, ready to have the cuffs put back on.

"Look at that," I remarked, "you can be good if you try, can't you?" I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her to face me. "Let's not put the cuffs on just yet."

* * *

"I've got something for a good girl like you," I announced.

The girl drew her unrestrained arms up to her chest in a cautious gesture.

"A birthday present, of course!" I brought her a grocery bag and set it at her feet. "It's nothing special. Pick the one you want, and I get the other one."

She looked through the contents of the bag. A bag of chips. Food! (What a thing to find in a grocery bag.) And the other item in the bag? A can... Fruit cocktail. Yay, more food.

"Sorry I couldn't get you something more exciting. This was on pretty short notice. But these are useful too, right? Even when you can't get regular meals during a punishment, you can do whatever you want with your own possessions. So which one do you want?

Her eyes bounced between the two. She held the can to her chest. "Thih one," she decided. Maybe it was the heavier weight. Or was it the bright colors? "Can I hawe it now?" she asked. Okay, it wasn't the superior shelf life.

"Already yours, champ," I assured her, "Knock yourself out." I took the chips for myself.

She turned the can around in her hands a few times and piped up, "Auh, can you owen it?" At least, that's what her mouth said. The rest of her face said, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Oh, I see! You're still missing something important before you can eat it, huh? Well you're going to have to keep being a good girl if you want to borrow the can opener," I explained, almost breaking out into a dance for how annoyingly evil I was being. "Glad I don't need anything to enjoy these." I tore open the bag of chips and started munching on them. "Mmm, good choice. Salty chips are great after some sweet cake."

You could see the wheels turning in her head as she learned this stupid lesson.

She suddenly held out the can. "Can I hawe the chiws then?" she asked urgently. Tempting. Everything looks bigger when tiny hands are holding it, and I could get a lot of use out of maybe ten gallons of fruit cocktail. No! Focus. Surely bullying this cute girl was finer than any fruit cocktail could be. I resisted.

"Aww, these? You don't want these; there's hardly any left," I lied, shoving several chips into my mouth.

"Eaa staw, hlease! Yeh I do wan' thew!" She held out the can even further.

"No way, the chips are mine." I dragged my tongue across the top edge of the bag.

"Grrrh." She clutched the can back to her chest. It usually wasn't worth her energy to get mad, but this time she felt so close to being in control that her emotions boiled over. She gave me her best scowl from behind the gag. "Tha's so unhwair," she grumbled.

Now fellas, I'm just reporting what she said, but she was wrong. Yes it was fair. I let her choose first, after all. Birthday parties can turn children into monsters. Don't let them walk all over you.

We're just going to skip a couple of minutes here, because transcribing her gagged speech makes me want to shoot myself. Just take it that I managed to calm her down. The thing is, I had to agree to let her lick my fingers after I was done eating. She now sat on the floor facing me, watching me eat the last few chips, for real this time. The hands folded on her lap provided at least a veneer of the patience I had negotiated.

Her rapid breathing and fixated eyes suggested otherwise. The agreement prohibited any further shenanigans from me, so she was rather confident. I don't even remember how the heck she managed to work that into the deal. I need to pay more attention to these things.

There was no choice but to give her what she wanted. "Here." I held out my hand for her, as low as I could, as a statement of defiance.

The girl had to get down on all fours to reach my hand. She brushed her hair behind her ear and lowered her head to the floor. Her tongue moved quickly, swirling around my fingertips and squeezing between them. It had to work hard to pick up the slack from her immobilized lips. Short, choppy breaths buffeted my palm as she eagerly went to work.

The gag made it hard for her to control where her saliva went, and what didn't land on my hand fell to the floor in heavy strings. A thin layer of spit enrobed my fingers as she lapped up the salt and oil. Satisfied that she couldn't find any more nourishment, she pulled back and returned to a seated position. Aside from the wetness, she did a good job of cleaning up my hand. How about that? She was actually being useful.

I reached into the empty bag of chips and wiped off the inside onto my hand. She deserved to be spoiled a little, on her birthday if nothing else. "This is unexpectedly fun, so you can have a little more." I lowered my hand again, offering more salt, oil, and this time, even a few potato crumbs.

The girl dove in for my hand again. I felt her tongue from all angles as it scoured my fingers. Maybe I was enjoying this a little too much. This was something I wanted to commemorate with a photo. Snap. The flash on my phone went off, and her adorable subservience was recorded for eternity, or until I get a new phone. Whichever comes first. However, this had the effect of making the girl stop and look up with an expression like I had somehow betrayed her.

"I couldn't help it. You just look so goofy, down on your hands and knees with your tongue out like that!" I teased. That didn't make her feel any better. "Aww, what? It's not like I'm going to show your friends." Neither did that.

She took a shaky breath in. "Uo're so wean!" (mean?)

"Come on, it's just a picture. Would you finish this up and then I'll leave you alone?" I put away my phone and held out my wet hand, this time respectfully in front of her instead of on the floor.

She knelt up and turned away. Barely audibly, she muttered, "I don' wan' ih."

I had taken this too far. Now I was in a pickle. My hand was still dirty, and the girl was not willing to clean it for me. "Fine!" I responded, probably a little louder than I should have, making her flinch. I put my hand down and wadded up the empty bag. "See if I ever do anything nice for you again."

* * *

I was too ashamed to take my phone out again to check the time, but it had certainly been more than five minutes. "Break time's over," I informed her. "Go put yourself back on the hook." I washed my hands at the sink.

The girl picked up the coil of tube sitting next to her. The way she does it, she uses one hand to brace it against her thigh, so that the movement doesn't travel into her privates.

She scurried over to the hook and looped the tube over it. With her hands uncuffed, she could easily reach. Quickly turning her head to check how closely I was watching, she determined that she had better pull the tube tight. She gingerly pulled while breathing out and leaning into the wall. Tension spread up and down the tube, eventually hoisting her crotch up. She turned around again and confirmed that I was still looking on, now drying my hands on the damp towel. Her heels left the floor, her calves pressing her pelvis into the concrete in front of her.

She tied the tube around the hook, fastened her gag's cover, and used the last few moments of her hands' freedom to nervously adjust her hair. As she placed her arms together behind her back, I could see her shoulder blades shift. She mentally prepared herself to spend the final stretch of the day not moving an inch from this position.

I clicked the handcuffs into place and locked them. Now she could no longer reach the hook or her gag. She understood this well by now. It actually looked like she was concentrating on how best to position every joint in her body to minimize discomfort. And on how to spread out the pressure in her feet over time and space for optimal endurance. It felt like she could have designed a spacecraft with that kind of focus.

"This is yours, so hold on to it," I interrupted, referring to her fruit cocktail. I stuck the cold metal can between her warm thighs.

"Hmmp!" Her legs jerked from the sudden contact, and the tube dug itself in nice and snug. Her vulva stretched tight between her faltering perineum and the unforgiving tube. The obstacle between her legs hindered her efforts to regain balance.

She squeezed the can as instructed, compromising her meticulously planned posture. Her strength was diverted to keeping the can in place, leaving less available to support her body. The girl had a difficult time ahead of her.

On my way out, I unplugged the nightlight, remarking, "Big girls don't need these." I flicked off the lights and locked the door, leaving her alone as promised.

* * *

Later, when I was putting her to bed, she cried. She apologized for not licking my hand. It was dark and scary after I had taken the nightlight. She had a lot of time to reflect on all the ways she relied on me. She pledged to do what I asked, if I would please still do nice things for her. Maybe she was still a little afraid of the dark, but she was growing up.
R: 21 / I: 1

Yoga Class Slaughter

(cons, free use, casual, cuckquean, choking, deepthroat, gutting)

Women's home bathrooms each have their own unique feel to them. A personality of sorts, not always entirely matching that of the woman that cultivated them.

Kim's was a careful mess. Chaos crammed away into drawers and cabinets, kept out of sight so as not to mar the respectable outward appearance. At first glance, it was clean, orderly. Once you looked behind or within you found everything was dirty, half the products used up or dried up, but all in its own special place, following her own internal logic of order. Guy wasn't sure what that meant about her, really. All he was concerned with was where she kept the fresh razors.

Pulling open and rifling through yet another drawer, he passed over a box tampons, tarnished trimming scissors, the third makeup bag he'd found, and a bottle of dried out pink nail polish. Nowhere was a clean razor to be found.

Straightening with a grunt, he took a moment to think, rubbing slowly at his unshaven face. This was hardly the first woman's bathroom he'd visited, or the hundredth for that matter. If anyone was qualified to solve this puzzle, he was. A thousand one-night stands, some smaller number of short term relationships, and a few sharing circles meant he'd gone through some version of this predicament more times than he could really count.

He'd checked beneath the sink first, of course. That was where bulk items usually could be found, and razors were often sold so. Yet oddly, there was nothing at all there save for a single roll of toilet paper. All secondary locations were fruitless as well, every drawer, cabinet, and even the linen closet thoroughly explored. Taken together, they contained every toiletry one could wish for. Except razors.

Maybe she was just out.

He seriously considered the concept for a minute before discarding it. Her legs had been too smooth beneath his hands, a sign that spoke of frequent shaving by dint of how effectively she'd stripped her skin of every stray follicle. No one was that good unless they had a lot of practice, and a lot of practice meant going through a lot of razors. Ergo she should have some, somewhere.

Nakedness was starting to bother him as the air cooled, steam from his shower condensing and sticking to the walls and ceiling. Besides his bristly cheeks his body hair was well-kempt, trimmed to perfection. His last girl had been a hairdresser, able to adapt what she knew to give him a touch up… and more, once the stray hairs had been toweled away.

The memory caused a smile to touch his lips as he opened an small cabinet above the toilet, checking it for the second time. There were only boxes of over-the-counter medicines inside, none of them particularly interesting. Staring at the words writ on them, he spaced out briefly as he considered what a man's bathroom might be laid out like. Doubtless the razors would be in easier reach.

It was hard to know. He'd barely ever met another man, let alone spent time in one's home. The thought put him on the right track, though. For if a razor wasn't in easy reach, then there was only one place it could be…

Looking up, he saw the cabinet he'd been staring into had a flat top, though of course it was blocked from view to any on the ground. Reaching up blindly, he ran his fingers over dusty wood, finally feeling a plastic package tucked away against the wall. Triumphant, he pulled them down, satisfied to see a half-emptied 8-pack of disposable razors. Impossible to find, if you were only looking with your eyes.

Pulling one out, he put the package back and turned toward the bathroom mirror. It was still fogged over despite the cooling air, so he located the hair dryer beside the sink and gave the glassy surface a blast. It cleared instantly, letting him see his own face without obstruction. Another trick he'd learned in his years of vagrancy.

Wetting the razor, he looked at himself in the mirror, picking out the familiar features he'd lived with since puberty. It was strange to him sometimes, how his own face could seem so bizarre. Features never found on any woman jumped out at him like hideous deformities, despite the fact that he supposed they must have been quite typical for a man. Simple judgments on his own appearance eluded him, as he possessed neither the vocabulary nor the experience to describe them. How did one speak about masculine attractiveness? Women had called him pretty, but by the sheer scale of how many time he'd heard that word applied to females, he didn't feel it could be used on him. He was a wholly different creature, something carnal and strong, not like women at all.

Besides, they might have been lying. It was hard to know - there weren't enough other men to judge himself against.

Scraping away the small rough hairs from his face, he wondered about those other males. Most of them lived like him, an easy if lonely life of wandering from woman to woman, bedroom to bedroom, taking whatever offer seemed most appealing at the time. Did they know how to find the razors in a woman's bathroom without going to ask her? Or did they just not care about such things? He'd heard some of them actually let their face hair grow out, getting as long as the hair on a woman's scalp. He could never do that. It just seemed too freakish to him, too inherently unnatural. He finished shaving quickly, splashing water over his face afterward to soothe his slightly stinging skin.

When there were so few men in the world, it was hard to know what was normal for one to be like. For the most part he did what felt good, what worked. Most anything he wanted that a woman could give, he had. He was a rare and precious thing, and they vied to claim him, competing in displays that sometimes seemed ridiculous to him, and that despite how many times he'd seen such contention.

Kim had been lucky to get him, and she knew it. Merely attractive, her means were modest, personal qualities so so. He'd caught sight of her walking down the street one day while driving, on his way out of the hairdresser's life. Her generous body had intrigued him, his last few girls mostly slender, diets tightly controlled to maintain their weight. A woman that looked so naturally appealing when filled out was something he'd rarely seen. So he'd pulled up alongside her, and offered to drive her home.

Simple as that, he was her boyfriend.

Now barely a few days later, it was becoming clear to him that she was desperate to keep him for as long as possible, to milk her good fortune for every drop of prestige and pleasure that it was worth. She took him to parties to show him off, letting her friends look but not touch, draping herself across him and even seducing him into open sex in front of others just to make them jealous. He knew enough of women by now to realize how this indicated Kim's own jealous nature, a tendency towards envy and anxiety about other's perceptions.

While he didn't mind this much, he did make note of it. With so many lonely women in the world, he was never reticent about leaving one when he felt he'd given her enough of himself. Perfectly lovely girls might go their whole lives without even catching sight of a naked male in the flesh, let along getting to experience actually having sex with one. Wandering as he did was the right thing to do, to give as many as possible a taste. How some men let themselves be pinned down, practically captured by a single woman, he'd never understand. It was simply selfish.

A hesitant knock came at the bathroom door, surprising Guy out of his thoughtful reverie. Face smooth and clean, he'd been staring into the mirror at his naked body, not really even seeing it. The door cracked open and Kim's young face peeked in at him, expression mildly anxious beneath her cute smile.

"Hi…" She looked at him, eyes gravitating to his uncovered crotch before she managed to pull her gaze up to his face. Her Asian features were framed by her dark, perfectly conditioned bangs, empty glasses frames keeping any hair from falling in front of her eyes. "Sorry, I was waiting for you to come out. I didn't want to interrupt, but, um…"

He simply looked at her, starting to get dressed. Often women had trouble talking to him outside of sex or seduction, seeming unsure even how to hold a conversation with a man. While he wished he could say he didn't know why, he was aware of his sex's reputation. They were all regarded almost as wild beasts, inclined towards the carnal pleasures of life with little care for aught else. Fickle and dangerous, arrogant and strong… yet all the more alluring for those qualities, somehow. It didn't help to dispel such notions that at least some of that was objectively true. He was in fact much stronger than the average woman, and better at sex, although he considered the latter due mostly to practice. Part of what helped him feel safe entering so many stranger's homes was the knowledge that, if it came to a hand to hand struggle, he could overpower practically any woman with ease.

Kim had gone silent, seeming at a loss as she stared at his cock again. He let her look, waiting patiently. After all, it hadn't even been a week since she'd first seen one in person.

"I-I was wondering, if you could, um…" Swallowing, she closed her eyes, finally spitting it out once she couldn't be distracted by the sight of him. "My car isn't working, and I have this, um, like… Yoga class? So, uh. Since you're here, I was wondering if maybe… you could… drive me?"

Her voice rose in pitch to an almost comic squeak as she approached the end of her sentence, carefully plucked eyebrows raised nervously in entreaty. Guy pulled on his shirt, thinking it over for half a second. Of course, that was too long a time for the anxious woman's jangled nerves.

"I promise I'll do anything you want to thank you!" The offer burst from her lips, too loud, too desperate. She knew it, wincing as she tried to recover. Guy simply sat on the toilet to pull on his socks, observing her strange meltdown and comparing it others he'd 'caused'. So far, it was rather mild.

"Plus it's Yoga, so it's all like… making me sexier for you." Giggling half-convincingly, she pushed open the door a little more, giving Guy an unobstructed look at her curves. Somewhat presumptively, she had already slipped into a pair of yoga pants. Her ass squished pleasingly up against the doorframe as she swung her hips, trying to entice him.

Taking a long moment to appreciate her little show to its fullest, Guy finished dressing. Standing up, he smiled slightly at her.

"Sure, I'll take you."

Squealing in happiness, Kim rushed at him, giving him a tight squeeze of joy. From her reaction one might think she'd won the lottery, rather than a simple car ride.

However, Guy knew how it would be. Her intention wasn't really to get a ride, as she doubtless had friends she could call to take her, or a bus if all else failed. Her car probably wasn't even broken. She just wanted to show him off.

While that was starting to get tiring, he consoled himself that he was doing her one better in the area of deceit, having his own ulterior motives for taking her to her Yoga class. Motives mainly relating to the large number of fit, attractive women that tended to congregate at such places. If the mood struck him he might even give Kim a taste of her own medicine, taking one of the other women before driving her home. She could hardly complain if he did such a thing, unless she wished to risk losing him prematurely.

After the curvaceous Asian peeled herself off him, Guy went to her closet to retrieve his jacket and keys. They were two of his very few possessions, the leather garment of magnificent quality and fit. As for the keys, well… they weren't the part that cost. The brand new sports car they unlocked had been a gift, one of many cars he'd been given by women looking to hold onto him for a little longer. It hadn't worked to tie him down, but he still appreciated the vehicle. Few other things women tried to give him were useful, with his transitory lifestyle.

Kim was bustling about in her living room, the delay causing Guy to peek in on her. She was grabbing things to put into her suitcase-sized purse, plucking a catalog and display case of knives from her countertop and casually dropping them in. That more than anything confirmed his suspicions that she was going to use him to flaunt her status. In all previous instances that she'd taken him somewhere to show off, she'd also brought along a set of MLM-brand knives to try and hawk on all her friends. As far as he could tell she'd actually spent more on the company she bought the knives from than she'd made back so far, though it was her own belief that she was a 'small business owner' about to make it big. Since it didn't harm him any, Guy made no effort to inform her of her poor economic sense. Besides, with him along, she actually was making some sales.

"Let's go," he said simply, opening the door out of her apartment. Kim squeaked as if she'd pointed a gun at her, eyes widening before she quickly grabbed a few last items. Hurrying over, she gave him a peck on the mouth and another quick thanks before quickly descending down the stairs. Admiring her bouncing rear for a second, Guy closed the door behind him, starting down after her.

Walking into the yoga class was every bit the spectacle he had expected it would be. Of course, he was more or less always an object of attention regardless of where he went. It was a simple consequence of his sex's rarity, and he was used to it by this point. However, of all places in the world where one might expect to see a man, this was perhaps the lowest on the list.

Gasps sounded throughout the small gymnasium in the moments after Guy walked through the door, women with no expectation of anything more exciting than doing a King Pigeon pose suddenly finding themselves ambushed by the presence of a living, breathing male in their midst. Eyes gleaming with sudden interest looked him up and down, and two women that had been standing near the door practically stumbled away from him in their shock. He'd gone ahead of Kim as they entered the building, but she wasted no time in gluing herself to his side. Clinging to one arm and smiling at him, she gave little knowing glances to the other girls, waggling her eyebrows at them in haughty pride. Everything was still and silent for a moment as he and she walked together off to one side, taking a pair of chairs placed along the wall. No one knew what to say, how to react, when faced with such an unexpected guest in such an unexpected place.

Collectively, the unbalanced women seemed to silently agree to ignore Guy for now, though certain individuals seemed unable to keep glancing over at him as he scanned across the room. Motion and chatter resumed slowly, the energy in the room gradually increasing to a point even beyond what it had been before he entered. They were agitated by him, riled up like hens with a fox in their coop.

Playing as if she didn't care, Kim rifled through her huge handbag, pulling out a pink sweatband and sliding it on. Unzipping her hoodie, she shot a loaded glance at Guy as the tops of her breasts were exposed. Biting her lip slightly when she saw him looking, she shrugged off the outer layer to show the skimpy tanktop beneath, no bra to reign in her considerable chest. It was daring, in line with her tendency toward public display. That quality was one of the few things he really liked about her.

The rest could be seen as she stood up, stretching enticingly in front of him before swaying away to lay down her yoga mat. Few women in the room had curves to match her, and even fewer used them half so well. Despite that, Guy found his gaze wandering. Kim was a treat to look at, but he'd had her in bed more than once now, and had yet to be impressed. She was too eager to please, yet utterly unskilled at doing so. Not a crime… but he could easily have better.

The class was starting now, all the women forming rows as they stood to face their instructor. Sitting near the back, Guy had an excellent vantage to enjoy the show. His gaze absently slid from ass to ass, silently comparing and appreciating while the instructor started to speak. Glancing at her, Guy sat up a little, shifting in his seat as he realized the instructor was staring directly at him. More than that, she was boldly meeting his gaze, brown eyes boring into his own with a force like a physical connection. It was a display more confident than practically any woman he'd encountered, almost disrespectful.

Yet, he couldn't help but smile at her. Slimmer than Kim and of similar ancestry, the athletic Asian's face was as alluring as any he'd ever seen. High cheekbones and an angular jawline made her seem imperial, a queen before her subjects. Perfect petal-shaped lips showed a slight shine of gloss, her eyes half-lidded in an inviting stare as she continued to look straight at him. It was an expression he recognized well, seen before on the faces of hundreds of women like her.

If given the chance, she would steal him away in a heartbeat.

Not yet convinced, he gave her only his smile. Her almond shaped eyes returned a slow blink, accepting his challenge without ire. At once, she signaled the beginning of the routine by going to her knees. Whatever she'd been saying before as she and Guy had her their ocular spar seemed to be finished, the class ready to begin. Some thirty-odd women followed the instructor's example, settling into the starting position with varying degrees of grace.

"Let's begin by taking in breath," the woman said to her class. Her voice was deep, melodic. "Relax, and ready yourself to release all sources of stress and distraction."

Her chest rose slowly as she inhaled, eyes closing for a moment while the room filled with the soft sound of air entering lungs. Briefly checking the others in the room, Guy saw several of them noticeably relax, tense backs and shoulders spreading apart. He was no doubt one of those sources of distraction. The instructor was telling her class to ignore him, remove him from their minds. A well calculated move… despite how it irked him. No one else but her would be trying to get his attention now. A small smirk flitted over the instructor's lips when he looked back towards her, barely open eyes gauging his reactions.

"And… exhale." A sound like wind, every woman letting out her breath at once. Placing a hand lightly against her belly, the instructor murmured to them. "Continue to breathe deeply, from low… to high." Her fingers skimmed up from her navel to her cleavage as she took another breath, mirroring the rise of her chest, then reversing downward. "Keep a slow, steady rhythm as best you can." She gave her class a moment to do as she had said.

"Now, begin by spreading your knees slightly apart, but let your toes stay in contact. On your next exhale, we'll move into child's pose by draping our body forward, chest atop the thighs." She laid her upper body before her, extending her arms straight from her shoulders as she aligned her spine with the floor, legs folded beneath her. Her forehead touched the surface of her mat, and she spoke a little louder to be heard as everyone else copied her movements. "While we hold, seek calm inside yourself, and let it flow and spread through you while you hold. Let your spine relax and lengthen…"

Guy's mind soon lost the thread of her words, his attention becoming inexorably dragged towards the simply preposterous number of women presenting their asses in his direction. Soon the entire class had adopted the posture, shapely bodies supine, submissive. It was enough to make a man's heart pound, giving Guy a small taste of the erotic shock he had delivered when he'd walked into the room. To be unexpectedly faced with such sudden potential for sexual interaction was dizzying, snapping his body into readiness as if a fight or flight response had been triggered. Seeing the silhouettes of underwear through stretched yoga pants, he found himself stiffening rapidly, the inseam of his pants leg visibly shifting with each throb of his cock beneath.

Tilting her head slightly upward, the instructor locked eyes with him again the next time he turned her way. Face composed, her dark brown gaze slithered down his body, noting the shape of his shaft through his pants. Pink tip of her tongue showing, she licentiously licked along her lower lip, staring up at him again from the ground.

Voice betraying no hint of the game she was playing, the instructor called to the class, instructing them in how to round forward. Together they all unfolded themselves, straightening their legs without moving their calves, upper bodies lifting and moving forward upon the hinge of their hips. Bellies pressing to yoga mats, their breasts brushed the ground, shoulders up and upper arms perpendicular to the floor. His view from behind was still magnificent, each women's ass making a shapely swell on the way up from her legs to her head, the flattering magic of yoga pants helping to improve the sight.

Yet Guy found himself attracted elsewhere, drawn in by this bold woman. She had chosen the pose not for how it showed off others, but how it showed off her. Chest pushed forward between her arms, he could see her bosom pushing at the fabric of her tanktop, hard nipples showing slightly through her sports bra. From where he sat the smooth skin of her cleavage was visible almost to the bottom of her breasts, flawless skin lit for him by overhead lights. Her lips were parted, pink and wet. Something within him seemed to surge, to try and propel him towards her at once, to take her. Almost, he did.

Instead he simply reached down, thumb popping free the button of his jeans.

The instructor's face twitched, her body seeming to display the same sudden urge that had nearly driven him to leap at her. In an instant he saw her desire laid bare, a flash of utter need and feral determination. It was sweet to him, a reward more rare than sex. She was breaking down. Soon, he would have her completely.

For now, she was able to regain her composure. Some of the other women may have noticed, but gave no sign of it as the instructor lead them through a few slow cycles between the same two postures. Back and forth, back and forth, they rocked their bodies along the fulcrum of their unmoving knees. In turns he saw again the range of upthrust hips, asses put towards him, then the sweat-glistening valley hidden between his prey's pert breasts. In slow increments he unzipped himself, none able to see but the lone instructor.

"Bring your focus to the placement of your limbs," the instructor eventually said. Some color had come to her face, tinging the her smooth oriental skin with light shades of pink. "Let your mind run along them, and close your eyes. Keep them closed as we transition, maintaining full awareness of your position without sight. Now, on the next exhale, we'll move into Downward-facing Dog…"

Shins lifting from the mat, all the women moved into the same position in sync as they lifted on their hands and feet. Bodies making a right angle from the hips, their legs and arms were fully straight to start. Then the instructor had them bend a leg at a time, as if bicycling with their yoga mats as the pedals. One foot always stayed firmly supporting their weight, the other sliding as their knee bent, entire body tilting before returning to center. Many of the women wore faces of concentration, the position allowing them to face backwards for the first time. All eyes were closed, however, and so none saw as Guy finally let free his hardened cock.

It was a truly unique thing to him, and to any who saw it. Something so few had, and that was thus so highly sought by all those that vied for his favor. Veins showed faint beneath the slightly darker skin, stiff flesh firm and utterly rigid as his shaft pointed upwards. Shining with precum, the tip swelled slightly with each long throb as he let himself look again around the room, taking in the bounty of beautiful bodies that had been instructed to display for him.

Looking back at the instructor, Guy put a hand out, fingers loosely extended with the palm towards her. Flexing his pelvic floor, he slowly curled his digits inward, staring unblinkingly into her eyes as he tightened his grip around an invisible throat, squeezing tighter and tighter while he made his cock bounce in a slow rhythm.

In her posture, he could only see her face as she tilted it up to watch him, her slightly spread legs trembling despite all their strength. Her mouth was open in a small 'o', brown eyes smoldering while her hips slowly rocked back and forth. His hand tightened into a full fist, and she bit her lip, making a short, single nod. Then, she directed the others in one last yoga pose.

"Now class, in the next two breaths, we will go to standing rest, then I want you all to try Standing Bow Pose. Lift one leg now, take your hand to your ankle. If you need to start with your leg in front of you, that's fine. Explore your posture. Now, once we have the leg behind us, make sure your shoulder is rotated back, arm brought around."

After a moment to abandon their previous compromising posture, the women all began to follow her instructions, too intent on the difficult movements to notice Guy's exposure behind them.

Once all had their ankle in hand, arm and leg behind their back, the final set of instructions was given out. By now the instructor's voice was breathy, almost unable to hide her excitement.

"Alright now… lift your other arm up. Your chin should touch your shoulder, spine slightly twisted as you accomplish this. Keep your hips square, focus on your balance as you stretch forward and kick your leg slowly backwards. Stretch forward… keep your belly tight, chest spread…"

Staring directly at Guy as she spoke, the instructor lifted up her back leg in a magnificent display of flexibility, making a nearly 180 degree angle with her spread thighs as she demonstrated the pose to her class. All around him now women were getting the hang of the difficult task, holding onto their back leg as they bent their upper bodies forward. Stretchy yoga pants pulled tight across the crotch of each woman, highlighting the shape of their pubic mound, some few even forming noticeable camel toes across spread slits.

It was too much to resist any longer. Standing up suddenly, Guy startled some nearby women so much they toppled and lost their balance as they tried to turn to look at him. A stir of surprise ran through the room, everyone turning in his direction, everyone suddenly remembering the man in their midst. Everyone except the instructor, who was watching him come towards her with an eager, almost manic smile trembling on her lips. She swiveled her body towards him with a simple pivot upon her heel, vertically spread legs presenting him the stained spot on her yoga pants where arousal had soaked through, panties completely visible through the wet, translucent fabric.

Elegant hand still gripping her ankle to make herself available to him, she maintained the pose even as he reached her, foot skidding on her yoga mat as she was slammed back against the wall. One hand held her around her throat, squeezing lightly as he focused on tearing away the soaked layers between him and his prize. Behind him the women were gasping, buzzing with chatter and amazement. None tried to stop him as he ripped away her pants and panties, strands of stretchy fabric snapping while she moaned to him, begging.

"Do it all to me," she pleaded. Her heart was thudding, pulse rapid against the fingers he held to her throat. "Fuck me. Hurt me. Ruin me. I want it, I've wanted it so lo-oOOOHh YES." Letting out an exultant cry of pleasure as his cock slid into her, she squeezed down around him with strong inner muscles, almost crying as a blissful, stupid grin split her previously dignified features. Her shaved puffy pussy was hotter than almost any Guy had felt, something he recognized as either a sign of extreme arousal, or peak ovulation. Perhaps both.

Not wasting a single instant on such thoughts, the lone man pressed his woman harder up against the wall, pinning her in place while her uplifted leg found support upon his shoulder. She was unnaturally bent, a new position for the yoga master. Shoulders and skull flat against the wall, her spine curved a full ninety degrees towards him, one leg up and the other down while she shakily managed to keep standing. The position gave her an excellent view of her own pussy as he began to pound it, choking her in a sudden savage grip in the instant he slid himself halfway out before slamming back in.

Gasping past his strangling hand, the flexible Asian stared at his cock with a gleam of obsession in her eyes, face growing stupidly slack as she was made use of like the set of plentiful holes that she was. Almost painfully tight, she seemed to cling to him with every outward stroke, juices running down her thigh to stain what remained of her yoga pants. For a while she continued to grip her own upraised ankle, holding it as if for dear life while her body was taken, conquered willingly by the invader she had invited in.

Then Guy began to slacken his grip on her throat, the slightest mercy as he saw her face began to redden to an unhealthy degree. As quick as that she had brought her hand to his wrist, commanding gaze boring into his eyes as she put his fingers over his own, making him squeeze even harder than before. He obliged without further prompting, looking into the smiling face of the woman it grew slightly puffy, blood flow was restricted, oxygen cut off completely. The color of her skin deepened to maroon above the point where his hand held her, and her pussy seemed to grow even more slick, even more tight, heat drawing him in.

He realized what she wanted, what she really wanted, when she started to grow purple. Weakly rocking her hips against his hammering thrusts, she looked more pleasured than any woman on the brink of asphyxiation ought to, lips parted in a silent moan. Lips once so alluring, now dark and puffy on a face sluttier than any Guy had ever seen.

She came before him, a weak, short gasping noise squeaking past his obstructing hand while her eyes rolled up in pathetic pleasure. Her legs quivered, then collapsed, forcing him to hold her with his free arm cradled beneath her hip. Rhythmic contractions squeezed along his shaft, as if trying to push it out, hard nipples prominent against her tanktop while her whole body convulsed in a palsy of bliss.

Yet he didn't let up. He saw it in her eyes as she realized he wouldn't, one hand briefly scrabbling for his wrist, eyes meeting his one more time. Her face was frozen in the gape-mouthed expression of those in the throes of passion, red veins showing in her eyes, skin almost blue. Behind him, the room was utterly silent.

He started to cum then, grunting out his satisfaction for all to hear as he pushed deep, slamming home against her womb. Waves of ecstasy washed through him with each outpouring of seed, orgasm amplified by the thrill that this woman had given him, a gift bought with her life. He'd never done anything like this, never gone so far. It was amazing, beyond anything else he'd ever experienced.

With her final spark of life, the instructor smiled. Still holding his wrist, she caressed him, fingers forming a loose circle that held his hand in place. Her lids drooped slowly, not quite covering her pupils as awareness flickered, then died within her eyes. He kept holding, still riding his climax while her pulse faded, faded…

Cum dripped out of the corpse he was holding up, oozing out of her red, abused slit, sliding in sticky globs down her thigh. One limp leg was hooked over his shoulder, the other dangling from the hip he supported in one hand. Still warm, the instructor looked almost peaceful as he let go of her body, watching it slide off his cock and slump bonelessly onto her yoga mat. The imprint of his hand had been crushed into her throat, heavy bruising and divots in the skin marking the shapes of his fingers.

He'd heard of murder before. Knew it was what he had done. Yet, like the word 'pretty', was murder something that could really be applied to a man? Guy was not like the women who stabbed one another over petty problems, killed one another in quarrels. He was special, rare and prized, privileged in ways unique to his sex. No court would ever convict him of anything.

Beyond that, something about that had felt… right. Always he'd heard men described as brutal, dangerous. Why would they have such a reputation, if this was not the sort of thing that a man might do?

Even considering all that, all the arguments he could use to excuse himself if needed, there seemed to him to be one overriding, all-important factor.

She had wanted it.

Nothing could have been more clear to him. He'd given her a chance to live, to keep breathing. If she'd used that final touch to push his hand away, he would have let her go. Yet at both opportunities, she had decided to hold true to her final words. He'd ruined her, just like she wanted.

Turning slowly to face the group of gathered women, Guy looked out across their blank, shocked feminine faces. None seemed to know what to do. Half were staring at him, cock still out, the other half staring at their instructor's cooling corpse. Only one face stood out, meeting his eyes with hurt, embarrassed indignation. Seeming barely to care that he'd killed her, Kim was visibly jealous after seeing him so publicly fuck another woman when he was with her. Perhaps even moreso than she might be otherwise, considering the spectacle he'd made of it. Every woman here was sure to be talking about this for weeks, if not longer…

"Well… I g-guess we'll need a new instructor!", one of the women called out. Nervous laughs spread across the room, growing louder as Guy joined in with a grin. He realized then that it wasn't what had happened that they were afraid of - it was him. With no way to hold him back, those frightened by him were almost paralyzed, not even wanting to make noise lest he grab them too.

Yet oddly, a significant portion of the women seemed to be having the exact opposite reaction. Compared to when he had walked in they were even more overt in their interest now, nearly a full third of the class giving him shy, aroused glances. Noticing the increasing competition, Kim quickly moved to the front of the class, stepping close to Guy with a pouty expression.

"That stiff bitch couldn't have satisfied you, right?" Her fingers stroked along the top of his wet shaft as she pressed her breasts to his chest, other hand trembling as it took Guy by the wrist. It was true, in a way. With how intense it had been he was still mostly hard, arousal returning in a flash at her teasing touch. Guiding his hand up her body, Kim smiled tremulously as she pressed it to her throat. "Y-you can do me too… Just like her."

It was clear what she really wanted. She had been outdone, outperformed in front of all these women. Her instructor had seduced her man without a word, then given him something Kim had not. She had to match the display, to have her death uttered in the same breath as the instructor's when the others gossiped about today.

Heart beating faster, Guy started to tighten his hand, happy to oblige her. A tremor ran up Kim's spine, lips parting as she let out a squeaky breath, almost seeming surprised that he was so ready to do as she'd asked. Widening eyes looked at him unblinking, frozen in a state halfway between happiness and fear.

Using her throat as leverage, he pushed the curvaceous Asian down to her knees, then onto her back. A yoga mat cushioned her as he slammed her down, other hand stroking over her crotch. She was already aroused beyond dignity, his fingers feeling hot slickness even through the fabric of her stretch pants. Pathetically, the slut was wetter than any other time he'd taken her, just from watching him fuck and snuff someone else. A whimper left her as he roughly yanked off her pants and panties, tossing them away to expose her naked slit and shapely thighs to the entire room. Everyone saw what he had felt, then. Many women had left, but those that remained knew that despite her humiliation, or perhaps because of it, Kim was just as turned on by what she'd seen as they were. Titters and teasing small-talk sounded throughout the room, the gathered girls playing voyeur while they waited to see whose turn might come next.

Guy took his time, in no rush to get off once again. He was starting to warm to the spectacle of it all, appreciative of his audience as he started to constrict his fingers around Kim's elegant neck. Spread legs trembled as she silently begged for him to take her, to use her while she was given the privilege of dying for him.

Instead he teased her, pressing the head of his cock against her slit, barely not pushing in as he rubbed it across her labia and clit. Her spine arched, hips trying to push forward to get him inside, but he drew back. Smiling cruelly down at her, he felt her pussy pulse beneath him, a throb of perverse excitement. Her face was pink now, eyes leaking tears as they stared desperately up at him. She wasn't even trying to breathe, only to get him inside, growing more turned on with each moment her frustration was prolonged. This was a side of her he hadn't known, a perversion unglimpsed until now. His respect for her had crumbled away into nothing, contempt driving him to deny her while his lust urged him to push forward, to ravage her and give her the satisfaction she craved.

Sudden movement in the crowd around them drew Guy's attention away from his tormenting, some of the spectators taking a few steps forward from the sideline. His cock still threatening to penetrate Kim at any moment, he looked away from the asphyxiating slut, eyes flicking upward.

Standing patiently beside him, a dark-skinned older woman waited with a teenage girl before her, the two looking down at Kim with a shared gleam of envy in their eyes. Inspecting the pair, Guy came to the assumption that they were mother and daughter. Similar features echoed across both their faces and bodies, slender silhouettes with pert breasts, large for their frames. While the older woman was of apparently pure African ancestry, her daughter seemed mixed, cappuccino colored skin flushed across the bridge of her nose. Both of them had the same kinky hair, the girl's held back in a sporty ponytail while her mother wore it close cropped, professionally styled.

While the younger woman seemed lost in lustful fascination, the older woman soon noticed Guy's eyes upon them, a hand going to her mouth as she blushed suddenly. Gently stepping back, she tried to tug her daughter with her, into the general throng ringed at a discreet distance around Guy and Kim. A slow shake of Guy's head put a stop to that, beckoning them even further towards him.

"I'm sorry," the mother whispered once they were close. Supportive hands gently squeezed her daughter's shoulders. "She wanted to get a closer look." The teenaged girl was wide-eyed and said nothing, fascinated with the bare shape of Guy's cock. For all Guy knew, she might've been mute… but he suspected she was simply overwhelmed.

"She's welcome to," Guy said. Looking the two of them up and down, he pulled his cock away from Kim's cunt, turning it towards the mulatto teen. Pathetic choked moans of protest came from the woman on the ground, her curvaceous body writhing in need as it was held down by the throat. The teen girl's brown eyes followed the shaft as it swung towards her, two hands clutched to her chest as she wrung at her crop top.

"Oh… Oh my. Thank you, she's wanted to see one for so long," the woman breathed, starting to stare herself. "When you took the instructor, she almost fainted from excitement."

Finally, the dazed teen spoke. Her brown eyes were luminous with fervent lust, slowly pulling away from Guy's cock to look up at him directly. She seemed to be putting only now into words what she had been thinking for a good long while, confident in purpose.

"Please let me suck it, sir." Her voice was innocent, clear. Not nervous at all, she kept on. "I've wanted to taste one ever since I was seventeen, to choke on it while it was deep in my throat." She swallowed, whispering. "I've practiced on dildos, and I promise I'll make it good. You can even fuck my face as rough as you want. I won't mind. Just so long as you don't stop until I'm snuffed." Her earnest plea was capped off by a flutter of long, delicate lashes, hands shyly pulling up her shirt and bra to expose a beautiful pair of dark-nippled breasts. "Please, sir?"

Guy abandoned Kim without a second thought, lust for this new mixed woman overpowering any desire to satisfy her. Gasping for breath as he let go of her throat, the Asian beauty let out a weak whine as she was neglected for a second time. He could practically feel her hurt gaze on him as he stood up, taking the teenaged girl by the chin. Her hopeful eyes gleamed as he tilted her face towards him, breath coming quicker as he looked at her for a long moment. She was truly lovely, and he would want to remember how she'd looked before he ruined her.

"On your knees," he said simply. She dropped, a beautiful smile on her face as her chest heaved with panting breaths. The puffy peaks of her dark nipples were hard, light brown fingers slipping into her yoga pants as his cock rested across her face. She at licked it eagerly, eyelids fluttering as she moaned. Behind her the girl's mother kept a hand on her daughter's shoulder, rubbing slowly and watching with pride.

Pulling off the teen's hair-tie, Guy freed her from her ponytail, running his fingers through her beautiful kinked hair before gripping it tightly between his fingers. Eager, the girl was rapidly stroking him with her lips and tongue, suckling briefly at his cockhead like a pacifier each time she came to the tip. If he let her keep on like this he was half convinced she might start to nibble him, displaying a hunger to have cock in her throat that was ravenous beyond anything he'd ever seen.

Using her hair like handles, Guy pulled her head forward with a violent jerk, his entire shaft shoving down her throat with a surprisingly small amount of resistance. Perhaps her claims of practice had proven useful, for she barely gagged, fingering herself hard while he held himself deeply within her throat. Little jerks and gurgles signified sparks of pleasure, her happy eyes half-lidded while tears beaded in the corners. Obviously she could not breathe past the obstruction. As he held her there, Guy grew increasingly convinced she might be content to simply asphyxiate like this, to die with neither one of them moving a muscle.

He was not interested in such a passive path. Shifting his grip to the teenager's skull, Guy held it between his palms, giving him maximum ability to both push and pull. Once secure, he wasted no time before starting. His cock drew back, leaving her throat empty before violently filling it once more.

Guttural groans and cries came muffled through his dick as the girl gave sign of her enjoyment, sounding off each time his cockhead buried itself at its deepest point, her face slamming against his pelvis. He battered her with his body, thrusting against her to increase the impact each time, breaking her nose within a bare few thrusts and slowing not at all afterward. The pain must have been absolutely blinding, yet the girl kept on without recoiling, helping him put his cock as deep in her throat as she could get with every stroke. Tears poured down her cheeks unceasingly as her eyes grew glazed, her awareness focused now on the abuse of her body, the lack of oxygen in her lungs. He would hold himself within her for long moments, ensuring her slow asphyxiation while her hands almost mindlessly pleasured herself, fingers tugging her hard nipples and pumping within her slit.

Behind her, her mother watched her own daughter's slow death with lecherous appreciation, biting one lip while her dark fingers rubbed rapidly between her legs. Her mature body was upright, proud of herself and her daughter beneath the gazes of all the other women. Proud that they were good enough to entice a man away in the middle of sex, a feat impressive enough that no one here would soon forget it.

Almost the antithesis of the African mother, Kim lay abject on the ground behind Guy, crying silently at being abandoned again for another. Piteous in her dejection, she kept her legs spread wide while she tearfully masturbated, others smirking or giggling while subtly pointing at her. Red-faced and panting, the pathetic woman abused her own slit while she watched yet another woman get what she had wanted so much, too ashamed to look at anyone else, yet too desperate to run away.

Lungs starting to heave, the mulatto teen had wrapped her arms around Guy's legs, locking her body against his thighs while he punished her face with the rapid abuse of his violent thrusts. Sounds like sobbing came from her throat, blood leaking from her broken nose while drool ran down her dark red lower lip, dripping off her chin. Her face looked like the victim of abuse, bruising around the bridge of her nose, redness tinging the edges of her tearful eyes. Yet no victim could ever look so radiant as they received their blows, would never show such bliss while they were choked so cruelly.

Pushing himself in and staying deep, Guy held her face pressed up against his crotch, her saliva slick chin brushing against his balls. Lips formed a ring around the base of his cock, and he felt her frantic whimpers as vibrations through his flesh, signaling the beginning of the end. Instinct began to take hold, her body bucking and shaking as it tried to get air, his hands holding her head firmly in place. Her arms unclasped from around him, pushing at his thighs for a brief moment before she regained control. With desperate urgency, the girl rammed two fingers into her tight slit, other hand using two more fingers to rapidly circle her clit. A final drawn out scream came up from her lungs as she wasted the last of her breath, crying out her orgasm as her whole body twitched, twitched…

Then fell still.

Slowly, Guy watched the light go out of her eyes, felt the movements of her mouth cease and her muscles slacken. Her mouth popped off his cock as she collapsed like a lifeless doll, beautiful body folded unnaturally at his feet.

Despite the thrill of taking another life, despite how skillfully she had pleasured him, Guy's cock only twitched, not quite at the cusp of orgasm. Habit made him look towards the nearest woman, eyes meeting those of the girl's mother. The dark skinned woman was still playing with herself, looking back at him with a sultry gaze. Pulling down her blouse, she exposed chocolate brown breasts to him, nearly coal black nipples identical in shape and stiffness to those of her dead daughter at their feet. Kneeling down beside the corpse of her progeny, she took responsibility for the girl's unfinished business, reaching out and beginning to expertly stroke Guy's throbbing cock. Saliva eased her along, palm and fingers gliding across his skin in a delicious sensation while those mature, seductive eyes held him in their spell. Feeling the pleasure build, still riding a wave of sadistic thrill, a sudden idea took Guy as he received her expert service.

Though his eyes were enamored with her bouncing breasts, he out reached to her, taking the woman's head in his hands as he had held her daughter's. His grip firmed, holding her beneath the jaw on one side, at the temple on the other. It was clear she understood his intent, starting to stroke him faster as her other hand rubbed her clit.

"Do me too," she whispered to him. As she spoke, she came, tremors of orgasm running through her while she let out a deep, satisfied moan. He groaned with her, her blatant entreaty and expert hand pushing him past the brink. Her last act was to point his cock downward, doing so as soon as she felt the first throb of orgasm pass along his shaft.

Twisting her head sharply with both hands, Guy snapped the woman's neck as he painted her breasts with the first rope of his cum, cutting off her cries of pleasure in an instant. Wide brown eyes and a small, satisfied smile froze on her face, her body twitched slightly as he continued to paint her dark bosom white, thick droplets of seed sticking to her skin, running down her cleavage, dripping off her nipples like milk. His cock continued to throb within her dead grip, unloading everything she and her daughter had earned with their sacrifice.

When it was finally done, he let her fall, letting go of her skull and watching her drape limply across her daughter. Catching his breath, he looked across the room for the first time in a while, measuring once more the other women's reaction to his snuffing spree. Contrary to his expectation, the amount of watchers in the room had actually increased, several unfamiliar women leaning against the wall by the door. They appeared to have wandered in, perhaps catching sight or sound of the show as they passed by. Others were women who had left initially, then come back after curiosity had begun to overwhelm fear. Then, of course, were those who had never left. They were the ones masturbating, watching him with the ready eagerness of a dog hoping for its master to call it over. Any one might be ready to die for him, he thought. It was incredible that he'd never known this, never pushed to this ultimate limit of his masculine privilege. Here he thought he'd understood women, all while holding back from this most potent of pleasures.

Trembling fingers took hold of his hand, and Guy turned to see Kim by his side. Her alluring features were almost unrecognizable, misery and desperation making them into a pinkened mask of shame, a constant blush seeming to cover her entire face. She'd been utterly disgraced before everyone watching, passed over twice by the man she'd brought here. At the same time, she was as obviously aroused as the mulatto girl had been when Guy had let her taste him, her body craving more of his neglect, humiliation, and abuse. Bruises encircled her throat from when he'd begun to choke her, arousal coating her thighs from all she'd seen. She was fully nude now, having stripped for him to put her thickset figure fully on display. For the first time that day Guy felt some of the same fiery lust he'd experienced when he'd seen her on the street, her filled out curves seeming to beg for him to use her body for his pleasure.

Despite it all, it was apparent Kim was still determined to get hers, to receive the same gift Guy had given the other three girls. After her complete disgrace until this point, she wanted to go out as strong as she could. To that end, she had gone to her ridiculous purse and retrieved one of her cheap, MLM knives. Offering it now to him, she held it up like a squire giving a weapon to their knight, smiling pathetically through her tears.

"S-sweetie, won't you use this on me? I'd love it if you'd take it." Pushing it forward more insistently, her voice whined with desperation as Guy merely looked down at her, blank. "None of them would have let you cut them! Not like me, I'll let you, I'll be your snuff slut, I'll be anything you want please just take it and fucking stab me please!" Shuffling forward on her knees, fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. "Cut my belly or anywhere, I don't care. You can slit my throat, or take my insides out, whatever you want sweetie just take the knife, take it and stab me and cut my skin please please please. My guts will be pretty for you, prettier than theirs would be, prettier than any of them! Please, snuff me… please… please…"

Her shoulders shook, hunched as her eyes brimmed over. The blade shook in her hands as she began to cry in earnest, face turning downward. Almost Guy felt bad for the wretched woman, hearing her desperate nonsense for what it was. If he was not so intrigued by her offer he might have left her there, let her deal with her own snuffing if she felt so inclined.

Instead he took the knife from her, hefting in his hand as she suddenly looked back up at him. A hopeful little smile played about her lips, not quite able to stick as half-anticipated yet another humiliation, another round of watching him fuck and pleasure and snuff someone else while she watched and felt hot jealousy warm her slit from within. Her cow-eyed lust for her own turn at destruction only encouraged him more, giving Guy a fresh surge of bloodlust that lead to his hand wrapping itself around her throat, dragging her up onto her feet and pushing her up against the same wall where he'd snuffed the instructor.

Breathlessly watching, the other women had gone silent when he'd taken the knife, seemingly awed at the prospect of what might be about to happen. Kim had gone quiet too, save for a few soft little hiccups and pitiful whines. Her eyes never left him, filled with some broken kind of infatuation as he lifted the knife to her breasts.

She held still for him when he began to cut, only squeaking softly as her skin first broke, shivering against the wall as he traced slow patterns with the knifepoint. Red welled up in the path of the blade, droplets of blood dribbling down her body. The incisions were shallow, but hurt enough to make Kim begin to masturbate. She huffed weakly while she watched his face, seeming to love the sadistic glint in his eyes more than the agony itself.

The twisted cut trailed downwards in slow, meandering turns, the point of the knife finding its way to a spot a few inches below the bottom of Kim's sternum. Her body was arched, pushing out her hips and abdomen as if presenting them to her lover, offering up her body in her unquestioning willingness. Her whole body was twitching with her rapid breaths, hyperventilation making her stomach seem to flutter beneath the knifepoint, anticipation building to a fever pitch throughout the room. Kim's eyes were wide, biting her lip as she spared a glance down at herself. She was just in time to watch the knife slide in, a nearly effortless push providing the force to bury the blade several inches within her belly.

Kim's breath stopped in a sudden lurch, the feel of the cold steel within her reaching her brain before the pain. Guy's eyes did not see her smile, her silent laugh of exhilaration and joy. In that moment, she knew she'd gotten what she wanted. She was done for, had given herself to him a way no other woman he'd taken before her could boast. Not even the ones whose corpses littered the floor, cooling slowly while they awaited the next to join them.

Blood bubbled out around the blade as Guy heard a few cries of orgasm from around the room, women who'd been masturbating unable to help but climax from seeing him bury his knife in the beautiful Asian. It was a pity, he thought. They couldn't have held out for the best part.

Sliding the knife downward, he slit Kim's abdomen open as easily as one might cut through tape on a package, opening her up all the way down to her pelvis in a single slice. Intestines immediately began to bulge out, eager to be free of their long confinement, loops of the tangled organs starting to fall free from her. Kim herself seemed amazed, unable to comprehend what had done to her, only thrilled that it had been. Hyperventilating, her bloody breasts heaved as she reached down to touch her own guts. Her arms shook, hands useless except to dig into her own body as she suddenly giggled, a stupidly blissful smile on her face. Then she jerked in surprise, letting out a long gasp as her head tilted back, pleasure making her legs quiver uncontrollably. Squirt sprayed past Guy's fingers where he'd touched her, reaching past hanging guts to gently stroke Kim's clit. He felt her pussy twitch, felt the hot dribble of juices, her entire body reacting to the sharp, unexpected climax. He stabbed upward with the knife while she began to cum, driving it with all his strength below Kim's sternum and straight up into her heart.

He knew he'd made his mark when she shuddered violently, almost falling in sudden surprise. Blood poured down his forearm, buried up to the wrist within her body. The thrill of snuffing surged within him again as he watched her die from up close, her dazed face still smiling as her lifeblood rapidly ran out, pussy still quivering against his hand as her orgasm kept on. Leaning forward, he kissed her then, feeling her mouth weakly respond for a few seconds before life left her completely.

This time he set the body down slowly, cradling Kim's corpse in his arms and putting it down beside the instructor. His cock was a rod of steel before him, arousal at a fever pitch after such an incredible, passionate kill. Straightening, he looked out at the room once more, knife hanging from one bloody hand. His clothes were stained with blood, shaft sticky with the saliva and juices of the dead. In his eyes glinted a hunger he'd never known he had, the hunger that was the reason men had such a reputation in this world of women. Lust for both sex and blood were stoked within him now, and he would take his fill of both. Women around him began to approach, vying to catch his eye, to die or be used or both, as he pleased.

As he reached out to take another one, he wondered how many he would get through today, and how many he would have to keep for tomorrow.
R: 146 / I: 9

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition

I'm starting a longer story using a bit reshaped version of the Fire Emblem Heroes universe. Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated, especially suggesting characters, since the game already has about 90 girls to choose from.

Fire Emblem Heroines: The Guro Edition


As he saw a flash in some dark alley, Kiran decided to check it out against his better judgement. The light disappeared when he got there, but there was a weird gun on the ground. He picked it up and examined it with some interest. Since looked quite weird, he didn’t believe it to be a real gun. Still, he had to make sure. He aimed it at the wall, and squeezed the trigger. The gun did fire, but instead of a bullet, Kiran was greeted with a portal opening in the wall. Before he could react, he was sucked inside it, and then everything went black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself on some grassy hill. The gun was on the ground next to him, so he picked it up. Far in the distance he could see a gigantic castle, so he decided to walk towards it.

Anna was furious. Their ancient relic, the Breidablik, had disappeared from its resting place! She could only think of how the Askrian royalty would nag her about it when they find out, not to mention the potential profit it could give them if it was still there. She didn’t even consider that it might have been found by someone who would abuse its power.

A knock on the door made snapped out of her moping. “Come in!” She shouted, and the door to her office opened. “Ma’am, we found this man wandering around our castle grounds. He claims to have come here through a portal, and your orders were to bring all like him to you first.” She nodded, remembering she had said something like that. Since the man was unarmed, she decided she didn’t need the guards. “Leave us alone.” She ordered, and the two guards let go of the man and left.

Kiran stared at the redheaded woman behind the desk. The golden adornments on her armor, as well as the beautifully crafted axe on one of the side walls, not to mention the guard’s words which he could miraculously understand, all told him she was an important figure. Being left alone with her presented him with a certain opportunity...

“So, what’s your story?” She asked him, and he stopped admiring her for a moment.
“Uh, I found this weird gun in some alley, and I was suddenly transported here.” He replied, and placed the weapon he found on her desk. She clapped her hands and exclaimed happily: “Oh, you found the Breidablik! I was considering ordering my people to search for it just now. It’s great news that we don’t have to do that anymore.” She stood up and walked around the desk, then bent over to inspect the gun. Kiran took a step back as he watched her do that, his feet taking him straight towards the axe hanging on the wall.

He stared at her ass through her skirt, but one of his hands crawled up the wall until he could feel the handle of the axe. Since the woman’s attention was still on the handgun, she didn’t notice as he grabbed it and raised it above his head, trying not to make a sound. She only noticed when he slammed it into her back with all his strength.

She didn’t even get a chance to scream in pain. As a huge gash opened in her back, Kiran raised the axe again, and swung it at her for the second time. Another cut opened in her back as she fell to the ground, the attack shattering her spine. Surprise and pain appeared on her face, but Kiran couldn’t see it - he just struck her with the axe for the third time, just at the base of her neck. The attack took her life, with her head nearly cut off by it.

Kiran lowered the axe and stared at Anna’s body. His heart was beating rapidly, and he tried a few deep breaths to make it calm down. He wasn’t sure why he decided to kill the woman, and what exactly he was going to do now, but he knew he had to calm down and think. The guards in front of the door would probably stop him if he tried to leave, and even then, he still had no idea how to return home. But how could he stay here after killing one of their officials?

As he wondered that, the door suddenly opened. A blonde girl walked through it, smiling brightly as she slammed the door shut behind her. “Hello Anna, I’m here to talk about-” She stopped suddenly as she noticed Anna’s dead body on the ground, and Kiran standing over her. He didn’t know that, but the visitor was Sharena, an Askrian princess and another of the leaders of the Order of Heroes.

Kiran moved without thinking as he saw the girl enter. He pulled the gun from the desk, and aimed it towards Sharena. He knew he couldn’t let her leave. As he pulled the trigger, another portal opened in front of him - he had forgotten that it wasn’t a real gun. To his shock, another redheaded woman came out of the portal - one looking exactly the same as the one he just killed.

“Anna?” The princess asked, just as confused as he was.

“I’m Anna, leader of the Or- Oh hello Sharena, how are you?” The redhead began to speak as she stepped forward. However, her foot ran across her body on the ground, and she looked down to see what it was. “Oh.” She then turned around towards Kiran, who was staring at her with wide eyes. A forced smile appeared on her face. “Since you have summoned me, I’m bound to obey your wishes.” She told him, trying to sound cheerfully - she knew obeying her summoner was the correct choice. She didn’t really care for her self from this realm, and only hoped that the man who killed her wouldn’t decide to end her life as well - and she wanted to give him no reason to do so.

“For real? You will do anything I say?” Kiran asked her, not believing his ears. That would solve all his problems! “That’s the case - a magical contract forces the people you summon to obey you.” She explained, while Sharena watched with growing fear in her green eyes.

“If that’s the case, then grab the girl -I believe you called her Sharena?- and stop her from leaving.” Kiran ordered Anna, and she descended upon Sharena. “Sorry, princess.” She told her, only out of respect for the princess from her own world. She crashed her body against Sharena’s, overwhelming her without using her weapon. Sharena didn’t have her lance with her, since there was no need for her to have it inside their castle - not that it would help her even if she had it. Anna had her pinned to the ground in seconds, and Kiran just watched her, still not believing his luck.

Eventually, he managed to decide what to do next as he watched Sharena struggle on the ground. The position she was in caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her white panties, and the suggestive position proved too much for him to give up on. He quickly walked over to her, and with a gesture shooed Anna away from there. She proceeded to sit on top of Sharena, holding her down with her entire body weight. The princess sobbed quietly her cheerful demeanor broken as she felt Kiran tear her panties away, exposing her virgin pussy to him. She was hoping to save her virginity for a hero from another world, but a villain arrived instead.

Kiran quickly removed his pants, his cock already erect. Anna watched with some sadistic pleasure as Sharena squirmed underneath her, trying desperately to break away. That was not happening though - and as Kiran finally stabbed her cunt with his dick, she could only scream. The pain of having her hymen broken proved to be quite strong, but the embarrassment also got to her, and she resumed her sobbing as the unknown man continued to rape her.

Anna, sitting on top of her, also didn't rest. She knew perfectly well how to undo the knots holding her armor in place, since it was the same as the armor of the Sharena she knew. She removed Sharena’s armor, and with more sadism showing on her face, quickly did the same for the top of Sharena’s battle dress, pulling it down so that her small breasts were exposed. She gleefully grabbed them in her hands, fondling and squeezing them as Sharena’s sobs intensified.

Eventually, Kiran had enough, and he blew his load inside Sharena’s snatch. The princess briefly shivered at the thought of getting pregnant with the man’s baby, but that wouldn't be something she would be worried about for long. As Kiran stood up, pulling his pants up as well, he also took the axe out of this world’s Anna’s corpse. And as the redhead continued to play with Sharena’s bosom, Kiran brought the axe down on the blonde’s throat. Her head was severed neatly, and get eyes continued to stare blankly as her body went motionless.

He let go of the weapon again. Anna released Sharena’s body, and stood up with questions in her eyes. “Did I do well?” She asked, her safety being her main priority. “Yes, I appreciate your help. However, it's not over yet.” She smiled brightly. If he needed her, then he couldn't kill her! “I need someone who can convince the guards that I'm now running this place. Since you're basically their leader, you can easily do that - and will still be in some control of them, just reporting to me. Is that clear?” Kiran asked her, and she nodded. “To my knowledge, all Askr kingdoms look and work pretty similar, so I won't have any trouble with that. Oh, I can already see the profits I could make here!” She almost moaned as she spoke the last sentence, visibly excited. She calmed down almost right away, and continued: “But before we do take over, you need to summon another Sharena - we need her to avoid any suspicions. Fortunately, I think I know how you can do it - just fire that weapon again in the same way you did before.”

Kiran agreed that she raised a valid point, so he walked over and took hold of the weird gun. He aimed it at the wall, and fired. As expected, another portal opened, and through it came another version of Sharena. “Oh! This must be another Askrian Kingdom!” She exclaimed as she looked around. Her cheerfulness faded as she saw two corpses on the ground, recognizing one as belonging to another version of her. “My idea worked, then. I thought that if you just fired it now, it’d still open a portal to another Askr and hopefully pull her.” Anna commented, and Sharena looked towards her again. “Anna? What’s going on?” She asked, the commander being a reasonable figure for her.

“That man can use the Breidablik, and he killed this world’s you and me. He summoned us so that he can take over it without any troubles.” Sharena nodded carefully, deep in thought. Seeing her dead body shocked her, making her rethink some of her values a bit. She also realized that the man would kill her if she refused to cooperate.
Eventually, she looked at the man again. “I’ll do it.”

Kiran looked at her for a moment, then decided to test if she would obey him. “Remove your underwear. From this moment on, I forbid you from wearing it.”

Sharena bit her lip as she heard the order. She tried to ignore the cum stains on her doppelganger’s dead body, but with that order she knew her life would be more sexualized from now on. Still, she didn’t falter - it was better than dying anyways. She removed her boots, and slid her white panties down her legs. As she was doing it, Kiran looked at Anna. “That stands for you, too.” The commander just nodded, and removed her panties as well.

When Sharena was done, she handed Kiran her panties. He stuffed them into her pocket, then looked at the pair, surprised and emboldened by their compliance. It already gave him some more ideas for the future...

Getting rid of the bodies wasn’t easy, but the trio managed to do it eventually. Getting to know the chain of command in the kingdom required some effort, but after some time Kiran managed to do so. Anna and Sharena got everything running smoothly - Anna’s usual weird antics were an easy explanation for any changes in her behaviour, and Sharena impersonated the other her perfectly, her fear constantly reminding her that she had to. She was sure she could even fool her brother when he returned home from his mission.

As Kiran finished settling into his new quarters, having changed into this world’s clothes, Someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” He asked, and Anna walked in.
“Now that you’re all ready, we need to test that thing!” She yelled ardently, her eyes glowing as she imagined all the various possibilities his power could open. Kiran knew she was right again, so he asked her. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s a summoning circle on a hill nearby. The weapon you wield was originally stored there, and according to what we know, it will help you with your magic - especially since you still have no idea how to control that power.”

Soon the two of them were walking up the hill. As Anna lead him there, he recognized the place as where he first arrived to this world. When they reached the top, he approached the magic circle, while Anna stayed behind to watch from the sidelines. He felt the energy flowing through him, and as he fired the gun, he could focus a bit better. His mind wanted to summon another woman, and his wish was fulfilled.

“I'm Lyndis of the House of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?” The woman spoke as she appeared, Kiran stunned as he saw her. He devoured her exposed legs with his eyes, arousal building up as she shifted sideways, her shapely ass showing to him for a moment. “Hello, Lyn. By the magic of summoning, you are bound to do as I order.” The woman nodded to show she understood, and Kiran decided to try it out.

“First, I want you to undress.” Her smile disappeared as she heard that, but she knew she had to obey. Reluctantly, she undid the sash on her waist, letting it slide down. She also removed her sword, the Sol Katti, that was still in its scabbard, and gently set it down on the ground. Then she stopped for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Since no man had seen her naked before, she was slightly nervous as she pulled her blue one-piece outfit over her head. She didn’t wear any panties, so her slightly hairy pussy was exposed to Kiran. She shivered in the cold air, feeling the summoner’s hungry gaze, and removed her gray undershirt as well. Her breasts bounced freely as they were released, and Lyn blushed heavily as she saw the man undo his pants and free a growing erection. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t like it - but she also knew she had to obey. She looked away as he approached her, until she could feel his hands grabbing her by her wrists.

The thought of resisting briefly flashed through her mind, but she rejected it, preferring not to anger the man and hoping that after the intercourse he would treat her better. She turned towards him and allowed him to force her to the ground, his dick sliding inside her. She closed her eyes for a moment to hide the pain she felt as he broke her hymen, but after she got the pain in control, she started to enjoy the feeling, moaning ever slightly as she looked at the man’s face. After concluding that she wouldn’t resist, Kiran let go of her hands and started moving them down her ass and legs, wishing to feel them with his own hands. He could feel Lyn’s breathing speed up as he did, enjoying her trembling beneath him. He could see her face flushing, with arousal instead of shame this time, and concluded it felt a bit better than just simply raping the girl like he did with Sharena.

As Kiran continued to fuck her, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated with her sword. It was on the ground just next to them, so at some point he reached over and took the Sol Katti out of its sheath. He examined the golden blade with interest, the artful handle raising his curiosity as well. The summoner held the sword between himself and Lyn, but he could still see most of her body, so he could also see her looking at him with caution. He figured she was probably worried about her sword more than about him using it on her - and it gave him the idea of actually doing that. Thinking about it, he recalled the thrill he felt while killing the two women before, and he realized he wanted to experience it again. As he was nearing his orgasm, he concluded he should kill Lyn. She was squirming in her orgasm now, her pussy squeezing on his cock as she moaned. With one hand, he brushed her green ponytail away from her neck, causing her to jerk underneath him. As she opened her eyes, he brought the sword down from the side, slitting her throat. Her eyes widened at the sudden betrayal, her hands moving to the gush in her neck in a futile attempt to tame the blood squirting from her neck. She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but only blood and gurgling came out of it. Her body started to twitch wildly, a feeling that Kiran enjoyed a lot. He blew his load inside her snatch almost right away, her dying pussy milking him for all semen it could as she watched her slowly lose her strength. She realized that trying to stop the bleeding wouldn’t work, so she let go of her throat, her arms falling limply along her body. Her green eyes seemed to be asking him one thing: “Why?”, but after she seemed to have accepted her fate, Kiran could see it slowly transforming into resentment and then hate. He rested on top of her until her body shook with a final twitch, and she stopped moving forever.

As he got up, and pulled up his pants, Anna came over from the spot she was waiting in. The sweat and redness on her face made him suspect she had been touching herself - with her being forced to wear no panties, it certainly would make it easier for her.

“That was nice and all, but please do not kill every heroine you summon straight away. After all, your power has much more potential than that - and additional manpower is always good.” She scolded him, but her obvious arousal made Kiran treat what she said with some skepticism. Still, she was right about that, and after moving the body away so that it wouldn’t scare off the people he summoned, he got back in the summoning ring. With his arousal sated for now, he managed to summon quite a number of people before deciding it was enough practice for the day. Returning to the castle and having Anna assign the rooms to all of the summoned heroes, he already had a few ideas of which girl he should kill next…
R: 65 / I: 3

Short Capital Punishment Stories

Death Row Destiny

The years leading up to the passing of the Brooke-Strickland Act were filled with mass overpopulation, societal decay, and violent crime. In 2046, the year before the Act mandated the death sentence for even the smallest crime, the homicide rate in 7/10 major cities in the former United States was at record highs.

A little known add-on to the Act also extended the death penalty to minors. This would soon arouse extreme controversy when it would be utilized to hang a gang of street children accused of raping the daughter of a wealthy executive.

"Alright Merle, what do you have for us today?", Charlie yelled.
Charlie was the executioner that day. I was the photographer in charge of documenting this historic event. The first time anyone under the age of 18 had been put to death in almost a century.

"Just some street rats, Chuck!" the guard answered with a chuckle.
Charlie handed Merle a sheaf of paperwork. He turned to the prisoners, and winked. The kids didn't react, their senses having been dulled beforehand with a tranquilizer solution added to their last meal.

There were 5 of them.
Tom, age 13, a slender, almost feminine boy with long blonde hair tied into a pony tail.
Sara, age 16, a latina short stack with a glare permanently plastered on her face.
Luca, age 15, a string bean with curly brown hair and freckles.
Mika, age 12, the youngest in the group, tan skin contrasting with an explosion of pink hair cut short on her head.
Nate, age 17, sharp eyes and a buzzcut, biceps and legs toned from daily hard labor.
All were wearing the disposable jumpsuits given to death row inmates. They stood listlessly as Merle scribbled on the sheet of paper authorizing the transfer of the prisoners to the executioner.

"Alright, that's it then", Charlie said as Merle gave back the forms.
"Let's go, guys". He yanked on the chain, and the doomed children slowly shuffled forward to the execution chamber. The chamber was simply a large featureless room with a digital clock, and a series of drains embedded into the floor. Several HD cameras tracked the prisoners as they walked in. A specific request from the father of the raped girl, the execution would be streamed live to the world.

The prisoners stopped, their eyes wandering up to the gallows. Five nooses attached to a solid steel pipe attached to the ceiling. The trap doors each had an X painted on them, where the prisoners would stand. A standard long drop would snap their necks, ensuring a quick death.
Charlie prodded them forward, and they slowly ascended up the steps.
Each kid stepped in front of a noose, and Charlie began to slip a noose over each head, tightening them as he went.

The tranquilizer had begun to wear off by then, and the kids were slowly realizing that the rest of their lives were measured in minutes. Mika began to cry, and Luca started trembling. Sara just uttered a string of Spanish and English profanities as the noose around her neck was tightened, and Nate just bowed his head and whispered prayers. Tom desperately pleaded with Charlie, but the executioner had heard it all before.

"Alright, all done". Charlie turned to me and asked if I wanted to take one final set of portraits of the convicts. I nodded, and walked up the stairs. Each prisoner had a different expression as I took their photographs. Luca averted his eyes, Mika had finished crying and just faced the camera with a blank face, Tom had tears in his eyes but tried to present a brave face, Sara stuck her tongue out at me in one final act of childish rebellion, and Nate smiled sadly.

I finished, and walked back down the stairs to rejoin Charlie. He had taken a remote control from his pocket, and scrutinized the clock. "Five, four, three, two-"
all of the kids had closed their eyes tight by now "-one!"

Charlie pressed the button on the remote. The trap doors clattered open, sending five children to their demise. Five corpses twisted and swung, twitching spasmodically as their nervous system shut down.

Two guards walked in to assist in taking down the bodies. I photographed each corpse, marvelling at the grotesque contortions frozen on their faces. I asked Charlie what would happen to the bodies. "Well, no next of kin, so we usually just send them to the medical school next door for autopsy practice", he answered absentmindedly as he checked off the names on his list.
R: 1 / I: 1

2 random stories i did as gifts for friends.[furry,human,necro,teen,school and more]

Maybe someone will enjoy them I usually dont write anything and those are not even check after i read them so ther will be a LOT of errors and stuff. But maybe one person will like them.

It was already 10 minutes since bell ring to signify end of the recess and called all the students in a small rural village school. Mark was standing in boys toilet wearing gear he collected from his pap garage locker. Pap was alweys warning him to kips his paws away from it but he did show him how to use most of his police gear. he even took Mark few times to a shooting range and let him shot his glocks and semi automatic rifle.
Mark never enjoyed it, not really. His father was a jackass and alweys treated him the same way his classmates did - as a weak and useless nobody.

Today he decided to make everyone recognize him and see that he could do SOMETHING big on his own.
Last beating from his clase bullies made something snap in his head.Or maybe it was the grins on the girls faces as they pulled his underwear down and made him stand there exposed and humiliated before the whole class…

He looked around and walked out toward his classroom.
beside his class and two teachers there shouldn't be anyone else at the school at this time of day. It was friday and his integrated class had most of the kids form the town attending. Mark would be just turning 14 next month home but in his class there were kids younger and older then him… The oldest and the biggest bully was Jake a 16yo athletic wolf and a school best football player that every girl - from 10yo Magy to 15yo Jenny - worshiped…
Then there were Adam 15yo cat and Carl 16y lepard - Jake sidekicks, alweys first to show their loyalty but humiliating Mark…

He had it… He pull the safety off the guns. Two colts and semi-auto rifle gun. His head go blank with only one purpose pushing his legs forward - anger and revenge. No One would help him if he won't fight for himself - just like his father alweys told him before kicking his ass again for being a sissy…
He make sure everything is ready and with one hand on the the rifle he pushes the door open.
- Oh Mark! Finally you decided to show up! - Miss. Merry a 30yo deer woman and Jenny mother says after seeing his head lean inside the class.
- No move your butt to your desk! And as a punishment you will - BAM! - loud crack and Merry's brain splatters on the blackboard… she let out a loud whimper and spins on her heels before her legs give up and she collapses on top of her desk beside her… flashing Mark her black lace panties…
Mark turns to the class and see all of his classmates frozen in shock some looking at him and some at their clearly dead teacher.

After a second or two of complete silence Jake stands up quickly and tries to run for the doors but Mark just swing the rifle his way and let it go. Two bullets pierces Jake chest and one rip a chunk off his neck he collapses on the ground gurgling blood and looking up at Mark with tears in his eyes.
In a moment later the whole class goes into panic mode kids crys, some hides under desks other try to scream at Mark one of the girls throw her book in his direction and only menages to hit him lightly in the leg.
Mark aim his rifle at random and let the bullets fly. After a 20 maybe 30 seconds as he looks at the bodies he more feel than hear the door behind him open.
Mis. Abygale their young fox PE teacher stands in the door in shock. She jumps at Mark and pins him to the floor. They struggle for a moment and she manage to pull the rifle out of his small hands. She holds the gun with one hand and with the other she holds Marks arm pinned to the ground.
After another secund a singular loud BANNNG! is herd and Aby's eyes go wide then roll into her head as her pierced heart stops pumping blood into her brain… she collapses on top of Mark her breasts suffocating him for a moment before he pushes her off of him.
Mark sits there and look at the smoking colt in his hand then at the teacher spasming body…

He hear some noise behind him and he see Jenny a slim deer girl trying to crawl closer to her mother desk.
Mark alweys had a crush on her and 13yo Sally their class one and only hyene girl… He aims his glock at Jenny and as her eyes meets his he pull the trigger - neat round hole appears on Jennys forehead and with a soft moan she collapses just inches from the teacher desk.

Mark sits there for a minute scanning the class and thinking about what he just did.
He did not think what he will do AFTER. He was thinking it would not work. Or that he will die in the process himself…
Now it was only him and a class full of dead bodies. He knew he dont have a life after this. But what he still had he will use wisely.

He closed and blocked the door to the class with a chair.
Then he walked to the PE teacher and with one swift motion ripped her button up shirt open and with another pulled her bra off her huge firm breasts. He runs his fingers over the soft warm flesh and fur tweaking her nipples and making her breasts bounce
After a while he looks at his classmates and get an idea. He will go like a KING. He will humiliate them ALL!

He walk around the class pulling bodies into a corner and undressing them… he laughs when he gets to Jake - big wolf had a little pecker and its all stiff and standing at full mast now. He places him and his two buddies on both sides of Jake making them look like they are kissing,pulling their tongues out and even puting Adam head on Jake laps so that his face is just inch from his dick…
- You 3 were alweys acting like faggots…

With a grin Mark looks at the 3 girls he left fo last… Sally, Jenny and Magy.
Magy small mouse body and as the youngest one in the class is the easiest to move so she goes first.
Mark enjoys taking off her summer dress and pulling her wet wanties off her smootch crotch. Even for him she is small, her cunt and her small butt still leaned with baby-fat making it all extra soft and pussy. He small whiskers and little pink lips make mark pause to run his hands over her soft short fur and kiss her lips… She was alweys the most nice one to him, its a shame…
He put her on the side of the pille of nude bodies.
He then gets to Jenny - her eyes wide open look at the ceiling… He quickly pulls her shirt and tight jeans off her body and looks at the lean corpse in front of him… her breasts just started to grow and were miles behind her mothers - that can now be seen in all their glory behind him on the pile- he undo the bra straps and let her dark nipples see the sun she had a huge stiff nubs for the nipples and they looked a bit silly on her small body but they were still appetizing - like cherries on top of two sweet jelly desserts! He lean in and kisses them his hand kneading her breasts and then sliding over her slim belly to her crotch. His fingers find a small bush of thicker and darker fur and then end up in her moist almost HOT slit. he moves away and pulls her panties off of her and lean her over next to Magy making them both look as if they were posing for a very lewd picture with their legs spread and faces cheek to cheek.

Last he looks at Sally. He spots something he didynt expect to see… her skirt is sprouting a small tent of cloth. Intrigued he pushes her skirt up and pulls off her stretched panties. He gasp as he looks at a combo he didynt expect to see- small stiff penis looks like its growing just from the top of her small pink slit… It looks almost like a normal one but lacks balls under it. Instead ther is a full fledged pink lipped and glistering with golden drops pussy…
Mark did heard about it but never saw it in his short life. He leans in and let his hand stroke her semi-penis - its still warm and quite hard but soft to the touch. Very interesting and contradicting thing. He smiles and finally let himself go. His own fully erect penis penetrates Sally virgin hole and her member twitches and bounces off her belly…
As its his 1st time mark only menages to play with Sally - kissing her and running his hands over her small breasts, stroking her penis - only for few moments before his ass clenches and he let his load off deep inside Sally womb.

"Well girls and boys. I WON!" Mark says as he sets his telephone on the desk pointing it at the big body pile to stream video onto an social media profile- " Now to pay the price. I hope that the pictures i taken and posted online of each one of you will go viral! I hope your families will feel shame and know the same pain i did!"
He strokes Sallys hair as he pulls her between his legs. He leans in and kisses Magy small nose and look at Jenny pussy still dripping some of her fluids… "See you all in hell!" Mark says looking at Jake and his pals. With one swift motion he opens his maw and puts berel of his glock into his mouth pulling the trigger second after. BANG!

Marks body goes limp but his penis still sending fully erect twitches and spasm before spraying himself and some of the girls around him with his seed before going limp and resting on top of Sallys head…
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The day it happen.

The day it happen.

Bisection, lesbienne, gore, sex

I was going to see my newest date, oh my name is Mia, and my date is Sarah. We was going to meet up in this old building that she owns.

Before getting there I did a warm up, I inserted an vibro egg, love those things. When I arrived she popped open a bottle of champagne and we just started to drink, and thing could up hot very quickly.

She started to go down to my skirt and in my panties, where she discovered the wet and horny pussy waiting, she looked at me and I ask her to search deep in, she kneed in front of me, I was on the couch, and she started thrusting slowing, licking her fingers, licking my pussy and in few minutes she was deep grasping the egg and drop it in my mouth, and was I love my taste, by joking around i said, I wounder if the taste is the same from the source. She continued licking my pussy and rubbing her pussy.

Suddenly a big crack from the ceiling, bits falling then a big rope just want through me, I felt light, the orgasm was still there but different she looked at me holding my hips, then she drop then on the fall, I looked at my hips, i wasn't crying just felt light one of my hand was still on my ti, playing with it, twisting it, she was looking at me, and still had her hand down her pussy.

I told her that I didn't want to die, she stood up, I looked at her sex wet, dripping, when she arrive at next to she sat down, I drop on her hips, she told that she is here, I felt the wet form her pussy behind my neck, i ask her to touch my tits, and she did, I ask her to show me my lower half, she pulled it toward her.

See told me it's still shining of com, it's still smell good, she lean towards it and pick it up, my legs was hanging, my pussy facing her and I can see it from above my head, i started to lower my hand just like i would to start and finger myself but there it was, above me, she put my pussy down in front of me with me legs open, she take one of my hands and started to finger my pussy with it.

There I was seeing my thumb sink into my pussy, she was playing with my tits, I was playing with myself in a way that bo girl ever did, the pleasure was different, I turned my head and started licking her when she stopped me and lean me in front of my pussy, I grap my cheeks, justvlike I would, and licking from top to bottom, the taste was different, it was orgasmic, I was hearing Sarah moaning like no other girl, I looked at her was had the bottle of champagne up in her pussy humping it, she wanted more.

She turn me around sat on my face, I licked her, sucked her, she pick up my half and did the same she ripped out my pleasure organ and show it to me, there it was, she gave it to me, putting my down, I played with it then she started to finger herself again in front of me hard I started to feel weak, she put my half on me again before I die, she was licking my tits hard. Then black
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Sacrificing Sophie (Snuff, loli, crush, ritual, con, cann)

Okay, so maybe I had one more in me!


Tradition for tradition’s sake – that’s how some anthropologists described the trend of continuing or even reviving old folk-festivals which had long-since been stripped of any real meaning in the industrial era. Perhaps when people lived in mostly agricultural societies and their lives revolved around the changes of the seasons, such ceremonies and celebrations had had a real meaning but now, it seemed, people just continued them because that’s the way things had always been or, in some cases revived old festivals or created new ones inspired by the most throw-away of comments in a historical writing or the flimsiest evidence of archaeology. The more generous observer would claim it was an attempt to find roots and identity in an increasingly impersonal world whereas the more cynical would say it was an attempt by more rural communities to generate some tourist revenue for their towns and villages. The latter was almost certainly the case in Summertown!

Summertown was a small coastal village in the north of England. Once, like most coastal villages, everyone had been involved in some way in the business of fishing but these days the only fishing boats left were preserved antiques to appeal to tourists. These days, most of the working-age residents commuted to surrounding larger towns or cities. There was a pub, of course, and a small guest house along with a newsagent and small convenience store but otherwise very little to do. There was only one school, for children aged 4-11. Those old enough for secondary school had to catch a bus over to the next town. A few people had made a decent profit by buying houses from families tired of living somewhere so inconveniently small and renting them out as holiday lets to urban folk looking to “get away from it all.”

There was an interesting historical feature, however, apparently unique to Summertown that those with a vested interest in the tourist trade sought to promote. There had been some fairly academic books written about it, short articles in popular history magazines and even a documentary by a well-known presenter with a fondness for archaeology but, given the changing laws and cultural norms over recent years, the Summertown Village Council had decided it was time to do a little more than broadcast the village’s strange history and planned a festival where history would be brought to life!

As expected, when the plans were announced there was a great deal of media interest, including some of the foreign press. There were those who condemned the plans, of course, either on the grounds that it was a sacrilegious practice that had no place in modern, still ostensibly Christian Britain or it showed deep disrespect to the ancestors of Summertown for whom it had been a deeply sacred annual ritual, believed to secure the village’s future and prosperity for another year, and to parody such a ritual, as the detractors saw it, stripped of the fundamental belief behind it, was a grave insult. Most, however, were intrigued and excited by the prospect and, several months ahead of the celebration, all the holiday cottages were booked out as well as all the inns, guest-houses and hotels within an hour’s drive. The owners of local farms happily rented out their unused fields to families and individuals looking for somewhere to pitch their tent or park a caravan.

At the top of the cliff, just outside the village, was a fairly large green which, as well as being a haven for wildlife and popular with bird and insect spotters, offered spectacular views across the sea. Right at the cliff edge was the historical curiosity around which the well-publicised festival was to be based.

It was a large, flat piece of rock, sandstone or lime, about seven foot long by four foot wide. Quite impressive in itself but what made it intriguing was the network of penny-sized holes along its surface which seemed to all connect up to a single “tunnel”, no wider than a fist, which emerged out the end which sat directly at the edge of the cliff. It had been demonstrated that water or any other liquid poured across the surface would run down the holes and pour out the end of the tunnel like a drain pipe in the rain. About a foot from the other end was a groove – a sharp-sided, inverted triangle running the full width to a depth of about four inches. At the four corners were little “bridges” - carved out tunnels which ran below the surface and re-emerged about an inch away, leaving a hole through which you could slide your finger. It looked like somewhere hooks could be attached should anyone wish to life the stone with a crane and yet there was nobody who doubted the strange stone and its presumably man-given properties were ancient.

Next to it lay a similarly sized stone, far planer than the first and only approximately one foot thick whereas the first was around three feet high. What was notable about it, however, was the iron rings fixed very securely at one end, one in either corner. Over the years there had been many origins and uses suggested for the stones, ranging from the fairly sensible to the outlandishly silly, but from the 1990s onwards, the scholarly consensus had been that it was a sacrificial altar. The belief of archaeologists was that a victim would be laid on the first stone and possibly tied down using ropes passed through the hooks while the second stone, which had presumably at one time rested permanently on top of its larger neighbour, would be positions above, resting in the groove and being held up by ropes threaded through the iron rings. The ropes would then be released or cut and the stone would fall, crushing the victim. The blood, released at high pressure from the body, would be forced down the holes and out through the pipe where it would pour down the cliff into the sea, presumably as a thank you to the sea for its bounty of fish which sustained the community.

These theories had been all but proven by the archaeological dig in 2023 which discovered smashed bone fragments of people and animals, but mostly of children, both around the stone and at the bottom of the cliff. An unexpected bonus came when the remains of a fire pit were found and, close by, deposits of bones from human children, showing signs of having been cooked, cut open for the marrow and chewed, mixed in with fish bones. The archaeologists concluded that, possibly alongside the sacrifice or possibly at other times, the villagers would eat a stew made from at least one child and lots of fish, presumably to honour the symbiotic relationship they had with the sea.

Although the archaeologists had been able to offer no firm information about what time of year this celebration would take place, the Village Council had decided to opt for May 1st for their recreation so that they could incorporate other popular folk customs like a May Pole and Morris Dancing to pad the day out a little.

The question of catering for the even had come up. Certainly a local girl would be chosen for the sacrifice and it seemed appropriate to recreate the accompanying fish-and-girl stew but, with the hundreds of tourists expected to attend, just how many girls were they willing to make use of in this way? So small was the village that to feed everyone in attendance on local girl-meat would essentially mean sacrificing an entire generation of girls and young women, an idea which made very little sense both financially and for the future of the community. On top of that, they were reliant on girls giving up their lives and bodies voluntarily and, the more that were needed, the more challenging it would be to fulfil the requirement. Eventually it was settled that, in addition to the sacrifice herself, the village would provide six girls to be eaten – four in the stew and two, by popular demand, as medieval-style spit-roast. It was decided that the stew girls would be from the younger end of the eligible spectrum as their meat was sweeter and their bodies better suited to boiling than to oven-cooking or spit-roasting so cooking them that way would not feel like too much of a waste.

To keep the masses fed, it was agreed that outside caterers would be invited, for a small fee, to set up in around the edge of the field so they did not spoil the rustic ambiance. There would be burger-vans, hog-roasts and various other portable establishments, many of whom would bring their own live girls or pre-prepared girl-meat to sell while others would rely on more conventional meat sources. There were also a few offering vegetarian and vegan options, despite the cultural shift which seemed to have occurred whereby all but the most strict vegetarians, or those who followed the diet for health rather then ideological reasons, were willing to eat human meat. Most, if asked, would explain that girls slaughtered for their meat had a choice in the matter whereas animals did not and therefore it was not a moral equivalent.

The next stage was to find their volunteers! Of course all the families in the village were in on the plans and many had discussed the idea with their daughters at home but, in order to get the girls really excited about putting themselves forward, school field-trips were organised to the cliff-top site and members of the Council were invited to give an assembly to the whole school about the planned event, making it sound like the most exciting and important thing they would ever experience and ensuring that many itched to be a part of it.

First to be picked was Sophie, the girl would would be crushed and her blood poured into the sea as a sacrifice. She was super-excited. At 12 years old, she had yet to start developing as much as some of her friends and was probably too skinny to make a particularly good meal but she was a very pretty girl with nice little bumps on her chest that she was eager to show off and long, light-brown hair that she liked to wear in twin braids. In honour of being chosen for the role of May Queen, she was allowed to help pick the meat girls from the rest of the volunteers.

Of course, as she had promised, she put in a good word for her little sister, 10yo Emma, who was far chubbier than her sister and wore her dark hair in a shoulder-length bob, was sure to make a delicious roast piggy. She was chosen along with Sophie’s best friend Catherine who, despite being the same age as Sophie, looked at least two years older. She had dirty-blonde hair, a meatlily athletic figure that was developing nicely, a cute round bottom and small but nicely-formed breasts over which she was often complimented. Sophie knew she would look amazing on the spit, turning a delicious golden brown!

The four girls from the pot were picked from among the younger girls, the youngest of which had just turned six and the oldest was barely 18 months older than her. All four were just adorably cute with pretty, soft, prepubescent bodies and a mixture of hair colours and styles.

All seven of the girls destined to die by the end of the May Festival had been short-listed as much for their photogenic prettiness as how good it seemed they would taste, although that had of course been a significant factor in the final outcome!

Preparations began in earnest, with the second stone with its iron rings being hoisted onto the first and practice runs carried out of raising it up with ropes and settling it into the groove before allowing it to fall. The men of the village knew that there would be no second chances or do-overs on the day, in front of the world’s press, and were determined to get it right.

A new fire-pit was constructed, large enough to accommodate two spits and a large cooking pot. The spits were a simple enough construction but the pot, in order to look authentic and fit the theme of the event, had been specially ordered from a company specialising in re-enactment supplies and museum replicas. It was large and black, looking very much like the stereotypical witches cauldron, and would hang over the burning coals by chain from a wrought-iron tripod.

A colourful Maypole was erected a safe distance from the cliff edge, television producers visited the site to plan their broadcasts, extra rubbish bins and portaloos were shipped in to deal with the numbers expected, semi-permanent signs explaining the history of the site and ritual were set up and soon, with a few days yet to go before the big day, everything was ready!

Finally, after what had seemed like a lifetime of planning, the day of the May Festival arrived!
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Girl-Meat Expo 2080 - an anthology (loli/teen/young, cons, snuff, cann)


It is more than fifty years since the slaughter and consumption of young girls was legalised in Britain. Although at first, only the American chain Sidney’s had a license for on-site slaughter, with any other establishments having to rely on local butchers for their girl-meat, the passage of time and the easing of regulations to stimulate economic growth had reduced Sidney’s status to the largest of a number of chain restaurants where diners could enjoy girl-meat, not to mention the many independent pubs, restaurants and cafes that began to include this delicacy on their menu.

In response to the increased demand, the age of meat-eligability was extended in both directions, down to 6 at the lower end and 20 at the top. In theory, conversation remained an entirely voluntary matter but it could not be denied that the financial incentives offered to the immediate family, particularly tantalising amounts for those from more deprived backgrounds, meant that some meat-girls went to slaughter more willingly than others. Half-hearted laws were passed to try to prevent “farming” as it had become known, among Council Estate families but they were of limited scope and were hardly ever applied. There was simply too much money in girl-meat for vendors to be too picky about their suppliers. As long as a girl was healthy, of an adequate weight and not actively protesting when she was led to slaughter, that was enough to satisfy most.

The following stories all take place at or around the Girl-Meat Expo 2080 – a chance for companies in the girl-meat trade and those hoping to break into it to showcase their latest innovations, promote new products, network with others in the business and, in the case of individuals or small companies, attempt to see their inventions to the industry. The Expo is also open to the public and many thousands go along to look for ideas for special meals, decide if they want to get cooked themselves and how or simply to check out the many hundreds of naked girls of all eligible ages waiting to be prepared in the live cooking demonstrations.

I am going for a different kind of anthology approach with this thread, partly to it fresher and also to make it more interesting and challenging for me as a writer. I will be telling a number of stories alongside each other so each chapter will have its own title.



Frank tore open the envelope enthusiastically, knowing from the logo on the outside what it would be. For the past two years he had been working on an invention to automate the process of killing, gutting and spitting a young woman, designed to make it easier for small business owners to keep barbecued girl-meat on their menus without the need to hire skilled butchers or chefs. There might, he hoped, even be a place in the larger establishments for his device, ensuring speed and consistency in their slaughter process. That very weekend he was to show off his prototype at the Girl-meat Expo and hopefully make enough money from sales or licensing to secure his family’s future, at least for the next few years.

Frank was a widower and father of three. His wife had been killed in a car accident on her way home from work nearly ten years ago and since then he had raised his three children on his own. He had enjoyed every second of being a father but it had meant giving up his full-time job and surviving on a mixture of state benefits and what he could earn working from home as a freelance design engineer. He had spent nearly all what was left on his savings on developing his device and on a space at the Expo but he felt in his bones that it would be worth it.

As he had thought, the envelope contained a parking pass, two all-access passes for the Expo itself on lanyards, a map of the venue showing where his allocated space was located and a covering letter laying out some basic rules and expectations for exhibitors, as well as useful phone numbers and email contacts. What he saw at the bottom of the letter made his blood run cold.

“Please be reminded that all exhibitors pitching slaughter or cooking devices are required to provide at least one demonstration with a live model provided at the exhibitors own expense.”

There had been no mention of this requirement when he applied, he had been sure! Every penny he had, short of the petrol money required to drive to the expo and the £5 or so he had in his wallet was already tied up in his device and ticket. There was no way he could afford to buy a live meat-girl too, especially at such short notice! Having no job and very little contact with others other than his children’s teachers and the parents of their closest school friends, he couldn’t even think of anyone he could ask to help him out! Frank felt his dream of financial security for himself and his children shatter. Worse than that, even, he was ruined! There was no chance of a refund on his ticket this close to the event and the chance of being able to sell the parent on his device was minimal without the right contacts, contacts he had hoped to make at the expo!

Just then, his oldest child and only daughter arrived home from football practice still in her kit, her clothes and legs muddy and the bag containing her cleated boots slung over her shoulder. Natasha was a few months shy of her 15th birthday and pretty, despite being something of a tom-boy. She hardly ever wore makeup, usually kept her long black hair in a pony-tail and was far sportier than either of her brothers – 11 year old Max and Kevin who had not long turned 13.

“Hi, Daddy!” She grinned as she closed the door behind her but, seeing her dad slumped on the sofa, resting his head forlornly with one hand and clutching some kind of letter in the other, she threw her boot-bag in the corner and sat down beside him.”What’s wrong?” He handed her the letter to read for herself. She read it top to bottom twice but could not see anything to explain his despair. “Sorry,” she handed it back, “I’m not seeing the problem?”

“I need to provide a model to prepare on my machine or I won’t be allowed to show it off,” he explained, “and I’ll blow any chance of being able to sell it!”

“So find a model, then?” Natasha suggested with the kind of matter-of-factness only a young teen could manage.

“Even if I could find one at this short notice,” Frank explained gently to his daughter who sat with her hand on his shoulder and a deeply concerned look on his face, “there’s no way I can afford one and there’s no women I’m close enough to even think about asking them to volunteer!”

“What’s wrong with the one sat right next to you?” Natasha asked, “Not pretty enough or something?”

“Oh, sweetheart!” he tapped her hand affectionately, “Even if I would even consider cooking you, which I won’t, this device is for preparing women, not little girls. It’s been legal to eat children a lot longer than it has to eat grown women and there’s more than enough girl-prep devices out there. I was hoping to fill a bit of a gap in the market! Natasha signed, rolled her eyes at her day and stood up.

Without ceremony, Natasha pulled off her football shirt and threw it aside then pulled her shorts and underwear down to her ankles in one motion, letting them fall on her feet below her thick, red, muddy socks. Finally she pulled her black sports bra over her head and stood with her hands on her hip.

“Well?” She asked with a cheeky grin, “Do I look like a little girl to you?” Frank had to admit that she did not. Although she was on the short side of average for her age and had a pretty baby-face, Natasha’s body was remarkably well developed. Her hips were wide, with a neatly trimmed but thick patch of black hair between. Above her round belly, her breasts were full and round, much larger than they had seemed contained within her normal sports bra. Her arms and muddy legs were shapely but thick and toned. She had certainly grown up a whole lot in the few years since he had last seen her naked!

“Not so little any more, for sure!” Frank agreed, a little embarrassed and confused by the turn the situation had taken. “But I’m still not sure if…”

“Oh! Sorry, I…” It was the older of Natasha’s two brothers and Franks middle child, 13 year old Kevin, letting himself through the front door into the living room. He was shocked to see his big sister stood naked right there in the open, apparently posing for their dad. He was not as shocked, however, as his best friend James who had come home from school with him to work on a homework project. His jaw dropped when he saw the naked teen stood there, her firmly round bare bottom towards him. He blushed furiously and thought he was going to pass out when she turned around to face them, giving an amazing full-frontal view and, incidently, giving her dad a chance to grudgingly admire her shapely rump.

“Don’t worry.” She smiled at the boys as if nothing was amiss. “We’re just chatting about Dad’s invention but he’s being a bit silly. Hey James,” she greeted her brother’s friend, “can I ask you a question?” The scarlet-faced boy nodded weakly, not trusting his voice. This was the last thing he had expected when Kevin put his key in the door moments earlier! “If you went to a restaurant with your family and ordered a woman, would you be satisfied if this arrived?” She indicated her own body with a sweep of her hand. James nodded again but with a little more enthusiasm this time. “See?” the nude girl turned back to her dad, “You’ve got a perfectly good woman right her happy to be your model and you’d be very silly indeed not to use her!”

“Are you really sure, sweetheart?” her dad took her hands and held them gently as he looked up into her expectant face with her big, dark blue eyes. “I would never sell you for meat or ask you to volunteer but you do look delicious and I cannot deny it would solve a lot of my problems if you really didn’t mind?”

“I wouldn’t have offered if I minded,” she assured him, “I’m no tease!” James couldn’t help feeling that this was not entirely true but he kept his mouth shut. “If using me for a demo means that you can sell your machine and make lots of money for you and the boys then I’m more than happy to help!”

“Oh sweetheart.” Frank smiled a little sadly and shook his head. “I love you so much!”


“What are we going to do?” Chris asked, desperately checking his watch. “If we don’t get started pretty much now, we’re not going to be done with the photos and prep in time for the broadcast!” He pulled out his phone and checked again but there were no messages or missed calls. He cursed himself for not having noted down the number before he left the office.

“What do we do if they don’t show?” his assistant Mandy asked.

“We’ll have to cancel the broadcast.” Chris sighed, “But that would mean pushing back the launch and advertising campaign at least another month. You can I will be out on our arses for sure!” He knew that their employers already had millions invested in the campaign for their new product and would certainly not welcome a delay which would cost them thousands. Running his fingers frustratedly though his hair and scanning the room for any sign of the group he was expecting, Chris’s eyes settled on something that could just be the miracle he needed.

“Ma’am? Excuse me? Ma’am?” he ran after the young mum who had just passed the performance area, pointing things out to her daughters. Chris caught up with the tall woman with the highlighted brown hair and patted her gently on the shoulder. She stopped and turned around, greeting him with a smile.

“Oh, sorry,” she smiled, “I didn’t realise you were calling me.”

“That’s okay,” Chris replied, relieved at how nice the woman seemed. Hopefully that would make the conversation he was about to have a little easier. He looked down and saw the woman’s lovely daughters smiling up at him. It was they who had caught his eye in the first place in fact and could provide the solution to his problem.

They were clearly twins, around 10 or 11 years old, incredibly pretty with twinkly brown eyes and light olive skin, a mass of curly, chestnut hair tumbling around their shoulders and down their backs. Both were dressed in tight denim jeans and white crop tops that left very little to the imagination and showed off their toned stomachs.

“Hi girls!” He flashed them the most charming smile he could muster then returned his attention to the woman. “Are these your daughters?” he asked, “They’re gorgeous!”

“Thank you!” the proud mother beamed, “Yes they are! This is Georgia and Kelly. Say hello, girls!” The girls smiled a little shyly and did as they were told.

“A pleasure!” Chris grinned at them then held out his hand to the woman. “I’m Christ Summerton, with Hartwell Location Catering. We’re filming a commrcial here today and launching our new ad campaign.”

“Ooh how exciting!” the mum grinned, shaking the handsome blonde man’s hand. “We’re here to find a fun way to cook these two, aren’t we girls?” she smiled proudly down at her stunning twin daughters. “They’ve been asking for years and even took up gymnastics to get their bodies in the best condition. I thought it was one of those phases at first, you know how kids can be!” Chris nodded, unable to believe his luck. It seemed the pitch he was about to make was going to be far easier than he had anticipated! “But they’re still insisting they want to be meat!” She chuckled. “They turn 11 at the weekend and I promised I’d cook them as their birthday present so we’re here looking for ideas!”

“Well is that so?” Chris knelt down to address the girls who both nodded enthusiastically. “Well, ladies, I may have some good news for all of us! You know how I said I was here filming an commercial?” the lady nodded, “Well we had a pair of twins cast to star in it. The plan was to take photos for magazine and billboard ads then cook them live on air. The live broadcast is going out in all regions and will then be repeated at least five times every day for the next six months.”

“Sounds exciting!” grinned the twins’ pretty mum.

“Yeah, it’s something quite special!” Chris agreed. “But here’s the thing. The girls we’ve cast haven’t shown up. I’m not sure if they’re stuck in traffic or changed their minds or what but we’ve not had any contact with their mum and have to assume they’re not coming. As you can imagine, if we’re going to get our photos before the live broadcast, as the stars would hardly be in a state to pose for them afterwards, we’re on a really tight schedule and really, if we don’t get started within the next ten minutes, we’re not going to make it!” The young woman’s face fell, pitying his predicament. Chris was about to ask the all-important question when he noticed the girls exchange a meaningful glance.

“We’ll do it!” Georgia grinned. “We’d love to be in your advert!”

“You sure?” Chris knelt down again, “You know you’d cooked for real, right?”

“Of course!” Kelly exclaimed enthusiastically. “It’s why we came here today after all! And if we get cooked on telly then we’ll be famous!”

“Oh you will!” Chris assured her, “A week from now, everyone will know your faces! So,” he stood up and addressed their mother again, “what do you think?”

“If the girls are keen then it’s fine by me!” she grinned. “After all, saves me the trouble of working out how to cook them at home! Can I at least come watch?”

“Of course!” Chris felt the relief wash over him. “You’ll get £6000 for the photographs and another £8000 performance fee for the commercial. On top of that, we’ll pay premium rate for their meat.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!” the delighted woman exclaimed.

“Worth every penny, I assure you!” grinned Chris, “Now let’s go get the paperwork sorted and we can make a start! Follow me, ladies!”
R: 34 / I: 0

Club Meat Grinder (loli/shota, /fur/, snuff, mutilation, consensual, futa/herm)

These are stories I've posted on my inkbunny account, but think are sufficiently gorey enough to also be worth posting here. The first story introduces the setting of Club Meat Grinder, the second and third stories going into how the two characters from the tour are snuffed. All in all it's about 30,000 words of nearly nonstop furry cub snuff, every 'victim' eagerly consenting to their fate. Enjoy.

Taking the Tour

(loli/shota/cub, snuff, consensual, futa, beheading, bathroom, asphyxiation, dolcett, electrocution, castration, abortion, urethral play)

In an alley between two of the tallest skyscrapers rising from the heart of downtown, two pedestrians turn off a main road, silhouetted against the light of a streetlamp as they gaze down into the dim, dank environment. They are smaller than most out tonight, a pair of young children out past their bedtime, looking excited and anxious to have found what they've braved the darkness to reach.

As they take their first short steps down the alley, the crunch of bottle glass beneath one of their shoes draws the attention of a bear standing midway down the alley. His shaggy head turns towards them, arms folded and expression impassive as he watches them approach, looking them over with a professional interest.

From the shapes of their shadows stretching down the alley, it was clear both were girls, height indicating neither could be much older than ten. Walking with synchronized steps, the shorter of the two leaned against the other, both of them coming into clearer view as they passed through a pool of lamplight.

The first child was shorthaired canine of a particularly unintimidating breed, fur colored in splotches of clean white and warm brown. Demure, she pressed close and held onto the arm of her friend, eyes looking down. Something about her very bearing suggested submissiveness, like she were simply showpiece putting herself on display, waiting for someone to tell her what to do. Her clothes were exaggeratedly feminine, making up for her prepubescent body with a tantalizing pink dress. The thin fabric clung tightly to her, conforming so perfectly to her budding breasts and soft stomach that it seemed like it had been painted on. A single stud gleamed dimly in one velvety ear, high heels clicking softly against the pavement as she walked. With her slight figure, just a shade too filled out to be called thin, she seemed almost a short, flat-chested woman. Only her childish face and proportions made the truth clear beyond a doubt. On her lips she wore a small, anxious smile, fingers tightening around her friend's arm as the two continued down the alley.

The other child was bolder, a horse filly with long, elegant limbs. Appearing utterly confident, she held her shoulders set and long face tilted slightly upward as she strode imperiously down the alley. Letting her puppy friend cling against her without concern, she held her arms relaxed by her sides, seeming used to providing comfort to her companion. From her very stride she displayed more maturity than the quiet canine, hooves making each step assuredly, as if she were in charge of this little adventure. Given her appearance however, it was more than possible her self-assurance was a mask over hidden embarassment. Nearly completely nude, nothing about the little equestrian girl was hidden, and there was plenty there to see. Her young, curveless shape was rounded by a pregnancy that seemed huge on her tiny tan body, full belly pushing out beneath lightly leaking little breasts, puffy brown nipples wet with milk. Her poise was all the more impressive for the weight she carried, gliding down the dirty alley like a model down the runway. As the guard continued to examine her, a stirring between her white-dappled flanks caught his eye. Between her thighs a small horsecock was pumping quickly to hardness, the erection pressing up against the lower curve of the girl's pregnancy.

Nobody spoke as the two children came close, both of them seeming to grow subtly more tense as they reached the guard, though the pregnant pony's cock began to leak precum as she made the last few steps. The canine girl trembled lightly as she tried to stand still, unable to look the great bear of a guard in the eye. Her nipples grew stiff, making little peaks against the tight fabric.

Without a word of challenge, the ursine bouncer stepped aside, revealing the small door he'd been guarding. Its top crossbar was set no more than four feet off the ground, so low that an average adult might walk right by without noticing it. If one did chance to look at it, they might have the thought that only children could fit through such a tiny entrance.

Such was the intent.

Glancing at each other with suddenly peaking anticipation, the two girls nodded shakily, the equine herm grabbing at the handle and turning it without a second glance towards the guard. As it swung open, warm, muggy air spilled out in a steaming cloud into the light chill of the alley. Both girls were enveloped in the creeping mist, forms growing indistinct as the odors of blood and sex surrounded them, faint echoes of the moans and happy screams of children reaching their ears.

"Welcome to Club Meat Grinder," the guard said quietly. The girls entered, still tightly grasping each others hands as he shut the door behind them.

Shivering in the last gust of cool outside air from the closing door, the children relaxed as the warmth of the club began to sink into their skin. Naked as she was, the filly's smooth sack had been tight beneath her cock, drawn in against the chill to nestle close to the warmth of her body. Now her scrotum relaxed, egg-sized testicles descending to hang between her dappled thighs. Her puppy companion mmm'd softly as her hard nipples grew warm and sensitive against the fabric of her dress, keen nose catching the vivid scents of the club. Both growing excited already, they descended the last, short staircase down into what awaited them below.

First laying eyes upon the club, they both gasped softly at the size of it. The huge underground building was shaped like a downward pointing cone, a single room with three tiers of balconies that ran around it. At the uppermost level, they could see down through the entire club, all the way to the massive meat grinder that was the club's namesake. It was placed at the base of the building, situated at the center of the bottom floor so that it could be seen from almost anywhere in the club. Even three stories up, they could hear its whirr, see the bloodstains on its spinning blades. Both girls shivered, wondering what it would feel like to fall in...

Even as they thought it, they saw a shape fly out from the balcony below them. A mutilated but still squirming child, spinning through the air in a long moment as they fell down, down... and disappeared in a spray of red blood and pink gore, chewed up completely by the grinder. It wasn't long before they spotted another one falling, holding each other's hands tightly as they watched in fascination. Soon their attention wandered to the balconies themselves, wide eyes taking in the endless variety of ways adults were fucking and snuffing children, filling the room with cries of blissful agony, screams of orgasm, and death rattles.

Neither of them able to take their gaze from the bloody orgy taking place across every floor of the club, the two watched in stunned fascination, standing side by side and hand in hand with twin trickles of wetness running down their thighs. After a few minutes of watching, a pair of white-furred hands lightly touched each girl on the shoulder, a slender panda woman lowering her head down between their faces. She wore a smile, following their gazes as she knelt behind them.

"It's just so much to take in, isn't it?" the panda said. Both girls nodded, remaining quiet. The woman's hands rubbed their shoulders slightly, making the puppy shiver and whine softly. Her filly friend had lost her air of boldness, the pretense gone the moment her thighs had started trembling in anticipation.

"Would you like a tour?" the woman asked the two, still watching with them. "I'd be happy to show you around... make sure you find the right place for that final fuck." Her smile turned devious, tone growing sulty. The horse's face flushed, eyes still locked on the snuffings going on before her as she vigorously nodded.

Curious, the puppy turned to look back at the woman, managing to tear herself away from the show to give their new guide a glance. She was slender, short for an adult but still a foot taller than either of the little girls. Age was difficult to determine, but she barely seemed to be out of her teens, perhaps only a few years past being eligible to be meat for the grinder herself. The pattern of her black and white fur drew attention to her cleavage and wide hips, pale pink nipples placed at the border between light and dark. However, what caught the eye most was the massive brand that had been burned into her belly, smooth scars spelling out a message in a pattern of furless skin. 'STAFF - DO NOT SNUFF'.

"I'm Lin," the tour guide said, smiling at the puppy. "What're your names?"

"J-Jesse," the canine stammered softly. She suddenly realized how close they were standing at the edge of the balcony, no railing between them and the long fall to the grinder. If she'd had the inclination, Lin was in the perfect positon to push both girls off the edge with no more than a simple shove. Jesse's heart started to beat faster at the thought, the massaging hand against her shoulder seeming suddenly threatening. It thrilled her, being so close to death, so much at someone else's mercy.

Lin gave her wink, then nudged her lips against the filly's ear, making it flick at the sudden stimulus. "How about you, little mommy? What's your name?" Her hand slid around the slender equine's body, resting on her pregnancy and stroking down to tap the tip of her cock. It was a way to draw the girl out of her reverie, proving effective as her flanks bucked so hard Jesse almost thought her friend might fall forward to her death. The pregnant horse gasped at the sudden shock of pleasure, closing her eyes to the entrancing sights as a shudder ran through her. Biting her lip, she panted for a long moment, nostrils flaring as she took deep breaths to keep her lust under control.

"Tala," the girl finally answered, sounding hoarse. She swallowed briefly before continuing, "Please... don't touch me so. I haven't cum in weeks. I want my last to be special..." Her voice had a slight Arabic lilt, almost musical with its rhythmic emphasis. Opening her eyes, she finally turned around to look at Lin, the older woman's hand finding a safer perch upon her ass. Some of her cool self-control seemed to return as she regarded the guide, glancing her up and down. "A tour sounds perfect. It will help me find what I want that much quicker."

Grin growing broader, Lin stood up, taking each girl by the hand. "Excellent! I love showing new little ones around! Come on, I don't want to make you wait any longer than you have to." Seeming to barely restrain herself from running, Lin started to lead the two little girls counterclockwise along the topmost ring balcony.

"In Club Meat Grinder, there are four sections on each floor, quadrants placed at north, east, south, west," she explained to them as they trotted, a tiny tour group. "Three floors, so 12 sections, in case you haven't learned multiplication in school yet. But a section on both the top and bottom floor are dedicated to entrances. So there's really 10." Pausing, she pointed back at the door they'd come through, a small, lonely staircase coming out in the middle of a large empty area. "That's the child entrance section, not much there except me waiting for any new little guests to greet. The adult entrance is on the bottom floor. If you make it down there alive, you're sure to get snatched up right away."

Tail wagging as she listened attentively, Jesse gazed over the edge, trying to see if she could catch a glimpse of anything on the bottom floor. Besides the massive meat grinder there wasn't much she could make out through the haze of the air, but she knew at once she wanted to go to see it. Wanted to be where the adults were, so they could see her, use her...

A sharp sound of slicing metal drew the attention of both girls, the little group coming up upon the first of the top floor's attractions. Lin let them take it in for a while as they walked along the inside rim of the balcony, passing by the section without entering it.

It was a quadrant marked off by deep black tiling upon the floor, smooth ceramic joined perfectly to let the blood run in rivers off the edge of the balcony. Their feet splashed in it, the crimson liquid tempting them to slip and fall into the churning blades far below. Here the lights were kept low, the sensual shapes of adults and children writhing together in the dimness. They each fucked passionately, but in simple positions, with children laid down on strange waist-high tables.

Neither girl understood what was going on until they saw and heard a snuffing happen, getting an intimate view of a mouse girl and thick-maned lion rapidly pumping into her preteen pussy. Her moans were quiet, but increased in intensity as they drew nearer on their way past. Both children noticed her neck was locked in some sort of wooden stocks, keeping her in one place as she squirmed and bucked. Wooden rails extended upward from the outside edges of the stocks, disappearing into the shadows of the ceiling.

The girls legs tensed, her voice rising in a high pitched cry as she suddenly climaxed. "Daddy!" she moaned, hands gripping the edges of the table. "Kill me Daddy!" Her toes curled, thighs trembling as wetness trickled out around the lion's shaft. He reached for a rope that hung above the table from the ceiling, yanking down on it with one powerful paw.

There was a bright flash of light as a blade descended down the wooden rails of the table, slipping through a slot in the stocks and severing the girl's neck with a wet swish. Her orgasming body thrashed more violently, the lion's cock swelling and throbbing inside her as he came into her twitching corpse. Something rolled down the slight incline of the tiled floor, and Lin stopped walking, letting go of both girls' hands as she knelt to grab it.

It was the mouse girl's head, mouth open in an 'o' of pure ecstacy, eyes closed in pleasure. Jesse and Tala both flushed, staring at that shameless expression. Envying it.

Lin gave the head a kiss, and its eyes opened slowly, seeming to focus on the panda. Lin's tongue traced the mouse's lips, then she lowered it, grinning at the two girls. "The Guillotine Lounge is one of our more private areas, very secluded and romantic. Perfect for just having that last, lovely fuck before you're snuffed." Tossing the head away and into the grinder, the panda took the girls' hands again, leading them further along. "Of course, you might want your last time to be a little more... intense." Her grin was salicious as she looked down at Tala, though she missed Jesse's deeper blush at the words. Meanwhile, the equine simply appeared to ignore them, glancing away towards the next quadrant coming up. A light curtain obscured it from view, but she caught glimpses across the curve of the balcony. What she could see intrigued her...

Drawing the hanging cloth aside for the children, Lin spread her arm towards the area. "Here we have the Restrooms. Feel free to use them before we leave... it might be the last chance you get."

'Restrooms' did not do the area justice as a name. While it was true that there were toilets here, and adults and children using them, the porcelain thrones connected to no plumbing. Instead their pipes fed directly into the mouths and other holes of children bound beneath them, their bellies swollen with the shit and piss of strangers. Some of them had grown so full they had split, filthy insides spilling out, dying in the mess. New children would remove the corpses and toss them into the grinder before replacing them, eagerly taking up their last duty as a disposable septic tank.

Aside from these toilets, which stood in a row along the back wall, there were other attractions scattered about the quadrant. A giant piss trough was filled by the men of the club as they used it like a urinal, occasionally drownfucking a cub or two in the yellow liquid once they'd emptied their bladders. Waterproof daybeds were spaced throughout the place, adults and cubs having messy, excrement-smeared sex upon the soft slippery material. Water bottles, enema kits, and laxatives were provided upon a concessions table, some adults stopping by to refill after their previous plaything was dead.

"Go now if you need to," Lin said in a mockingly stern, motherly tone. "I don't want to interrupt the tour halfway through to come back."

Both girls glanced at each other, gauging their braveness and bladder capacity. Tara's stoic expression cracked slightly, and she stepped into the area. Lin lead Jesse behind her, keeping close so no other adult could snatch up the vulnerable child. They watched the filly start to tremble as she approached a toilet, the little kitten girl beneath it doing an impressive handstand so the toilet would drain into her pussy. Her wet whiskers twitched as she smiled at Tala, her orange-furred belly seeming almost as swollen as the equine's.

"Please, piss in me, mistress..." the kitten panted, her arms trembling from maintaining her handstand. Her legs were wrapped around the toilet bowl to help her keep upright, soft pink footpads smeared with globs of shit. Tala gasped softly as she carefully took hold of her half-erect cock, droplets of precum oozing from the tip as she aimed it downward. Piss dribbled out weakly at first, then the stream grew more powerful, jetting against the porcelain and swirling down into the girl's shit-stuffed pussy. The kitten mewed and moaned, finally quieting into a purr as the warmth of Tala's urine spread through her. "Thank you," she whispered as Tala's stream tapered off, seeming short of breath.

Nodding hesitantly, the horse stepped away, shyly refusing to meet Lin's eyes. Trotting over to the concessions to grab a water bottle, she missed seeing an adult donkey stride up to the bloated kitten, taking his turn next. The little feline was quivering, sure she wouldn't survive his deluge.

Sipping water and trying to get her embarassment under control, Tala took Lin's hand again as the panda continued the tour. Passing through another curtain at the other end of the quadrant, she saw that there were fans situated in the ceiling to blow the odors of the Restrooms back into it, keeping them from spreading into the rest of the club. Indeed, as soon as they were on the other side of the curtain, she could only detect the familiar scents of blood and sex that permated the air of the club everywhere.

Lost in imagining herself in the place of that kitten girl, Jesse almost didn't notice when they entered the eastern quadrant of the floor, the final one before they made a complete circuit around the topmost balcony. It wasn't until she heard Lin's voice that she finally looked up from the floor and paid attention, eyes widening at what she saw.

Right before them, a huge gallows had been built with room for over a dozen cubs to hang along its crossbeam. Nearly every space was filled, either by a blue-faced corpse or still squirming slut, adults attending those still alive. She watched one futa girl hang, piss dribbling down her leg and dripping off her toes as she choked and swung, hard cock enveloped by the mouth of a matronly cow in front of her. The gecko futa spasmed a final time, eyes bulging and lips an unnatural color, the bovine woman pulling back to let the girl unload onto her lactating breasts as she died.

Shooting a glance over at Tala, Jesse found the herm watching the same thing with an impassive expression. Feeling sure that her friend must only be supressing her excitement, the canine looked around some more, listening to Lin explain.

"The Breathplay area offers some of the most diverse snuff methods in the club, at least in my opinion. The equipment isn't too complex, but there's a lot of it. We have drowning baths, nooses, garottes, all that. The adults really get into it, plenty of them even preferring to do it with their bare hands."

Pointing out each of the things she mentioned in turn, Lin let the girls get a good look, standing behind them and enjoying their interest. Despite her attempt to pretend she didn't care, Tala's eyes were locked on where a woman was suffocating an otter boy with her toned ass, a specially formed chair making it easy for her to be comfortable with all her weight resting over his nose and mouth. The lithe gazelle looked almost bored as she sat upon the child's face, watching his hard cock twitch and throb while he ran out of breath. Finally he started to cum, weak jets of seed pumping out of him and trickling in thick globs down his shaft. Smiling and shivering in sudden apparent anticipation, she waited until his quivering stopped, then climbed on his stiff cock and rode the boy's corpse, scooping up the seed to rub into her slit.

Meanwhile, Jesse was breathing shallowly, hand clutched to her chest as she watched a game of real life Hangman taking place. Several adults and cubs surrounded a mechanized platform, a chubby opossum girl standing on her tiptoes on top of it with a noose around her neck tied to a beam above. Whenever the crowd got a letter right, she platform she stood on dropped an inch or so, bringing her closer to a slow death by strangulation. The puppy gasped as the word was finished, the platform dropping completely to the ground. Dangling, the opposum girl rubbed herself frantically with her shaking fingers, abusing her clit while her body swung erratically, neck stretching from her whole body weight being supported by the rope. Her final squirt sprayed the audience, who cheered or moaned in sympathic orgasm. An adult picked up the child who'd guessed the final letter, carrying them up to be the next victim.

"And that's the first floor!" Lin said cheerfully, giving both girls a squeeze as the targets of their voyeurism died. Kneeling in the same position she'd first greeted the girls in, she whispered to the both of them. "Of course, it only gets more brutal as you go down further... Want to keep watching? Or can't you wait to join in?"

Her fingers curled between Jesse's legs, giving the puppy a slow, shallow stroke along her soaking slit. Tensing against Lin's body, the girl cried out softly, pressing backward against the panda's breasts as her legs went rigid. Her clit twitched as a fingertip pressed gently against it, and she felt sure she would cum, almost gave into it before the touch disappeared. Lin giggled in her ear, leaving her whimpering needily, wanting to run off and find an adult to make her cum and die. Tala she left untouched, as per her request... though she did give the filly a kiss on the cheek. Blushing deeply, the pregnant horse anxiously ran a hand over her belly, then glanced over at the panting puppy.

Resting a hand on her friends forearm, Tala gave her a comforting little squeeze, murmuring to both her and Lin. "We'll keep going. Together. Until we each find the perfect way to..." Her blush grew deeper, her gaze unable to look in the direction of any of the child corpses strewn about.

"Die in the sexiest, most painful and exhilarating snuff fuck you can imagine?" Lin suggested.

Jesse whined, tail wagging so violently that her hips shook. Tala's cock gave a spurt of clear precum, the sticky strand splattering to the carpet in front of her. Both of them reached to take Lin's hands, shyly nodding their silent agreement.

"You shouldn't be so coy about it," the panda chided, leading them to a staircase set at the border of the eastern and southern quadrants. "That's what everyone here comes for. Maybe you had to hide it before, but not at Club Meat Grinder. Here, you can be bold, seductive. An honest, open masochist. After all, you'll have to ask at least one adult to kill you... some of them might go for the shy stutter, but most love a brazen snuff slut more."

Frowning slightly, Tala looked thoughtful as the trio descended the wide staircase. She knew what she wanted, but hadn't really thought about how she'd have to ask for it. It bothered her that she hadn't considered that, since she'd decided to come to Club Meant Grinder primarily because she wanted her final fuck to be perfect. Every one of her twisted kinks rolled up into one ultimate orgasmic release...

While Tala brooded, Jesse practically skipped along, only held back from dashing down the stairs by Lin's hand around hers. Not seeming to care about the advice, she only wanted to see all the ways she might die, to hurry so she could finally be used until she was used up. Perhaps sensing her eagerness, Lin immediately launched back into her tour as the group stepped onto the third floor.

"We call this quadrant the Toybox," she said, stepping over a huge dildo lying on the ground, the thick rubber cock nearly a foot around. The girls walked around it, staring into the busier parts of the area, eagerly taking in every detail. The northern section of the second floor was a colorful place, full of childishly bright colors and shiny objects, patterned linoleum covering the ground. All around, huge chests were stuffed with sex toys of all types, their lids unable to close due to the amount of fun fuck accessories loaded into them.

More impressive than the volume of toys was their sheer variety. No two were the same, each one some sort of mixture between adult sex toy, children's plaything, and torture device. Huge dildos of every shape stood about the area like trees, many of them with cute happy faces on them, streaks of blood coloring the latex where a cub had been split apart. Mechanical stuffed animals rocked their hips to thrust plastic cocks, holding knives above their heads in plush arms so they could stab down into a soft young belly. Tala's foot nudged a rabbit vibrator with sharp edges on it, and as it slid slightly across the ground, she saw it was really a pair of vibrating scissors that could cut while they fucked.

"You can see why of course, but toys aren't the only things that it offers. There's also a pair of lovely stallions back there, sort of behind that dildo if you look. And the kennels of course. Every child wants a puppy!" Lin rubbed Jesse's head teasingly, though the canine child seemed pleased by the praise.

Picking out the animals Lin referred to, the girls saw they were impressive specimens, both feral stallions sporting huge, hard cocks just as blood-streaked as any of the dildos. The feral dogs barked excitedly from their kennel, which had an open top for a child to leap in or be tossed. Little bones decorated the floor of where they were kept, one dog still humping at the corpse of a dead cub that clung to the bars in a death grip. Another dog bit at the soft belly, tearing it open and sniffing at the guts that spilled out. Smiling at the dogs, Tala reached up to touch a semicircle of tooth-mark scars upon one of her breasts, remembering fondly how she'd gotten it.

On their way out, they walked by an older zebra herm and little squirrel boy, barely older than a toddler. Neither noticed the passing spectators, too absorbed in each other as the thick futa let the cub nurse at her dark nipples, slipping tan anal beads up his ass one by one as he suckled. After the last popped in, she pulled him away gently, handing him a lighter and kneeling down in front of him. While she started to stroke herself, lifting up her balls to show him her pussy, the squirrel lit the end of the string that dangled out of his tight pucker. It started to burn, sparking as the fire crept up towards his asshole and the beads within. Trembling, he pointed his cock down at the woman's crotch, obeying some murmured instructions from the equine woman.

With a series of wet pops the anal beads exploded, the boy's cock shooting a jet of seed as he screamed. His ass became a meaty crater, legs giving out as his pelvis broke into shards. Blood and gore made a sticky splatter behind him, the force of the explosion pushing him forward against the ready zebra. One of his balls was half-gone, scrotum torn by the explosion, though his cock continued to feebly twitch and spurt as it prodded into the zebra's pussy. Tearful, he resumed nursing, suckling weakly at her nipples as his organs started to slide out of the open bottom half of his torso. As he went still, the herm's cock throbbed, sticky thick ropes of her own seed splattering all over her own breasts and face as she stared in complete arousal at his ruined body.

"Wow," Tala said softly, certain none of them had missed the show. She glanced up at Lin, her Arabic lilt making her words clear despite the near whisper with which she spoke. "I think... I might want to die like that. It looked so exciting, to be ripped apart." Blushing at her own feelings of awkwardness at the admission, her spine seemed to grow even stiffer as she tried to make up for the shy words with more of her practiced poise. Despite her reluctance, it was clear she'd meant what she said.

Lin gave her an encouraging pat on the shoulder. "That's more like it. Don't be afraid to practice more, I want you to be able to march up to the adults and tell them just how to carve you up!" They left the area, Tala smiling faintly as she held to the panda's hand, her fingers lightly resting atop her pregnancy.

Jesse paused and raised her nose, sniffing the air with a sudden focus. "Something smells tasty!" she said, licking her lips. Lin gave a knowing grin, and as they walked past another staircase, the source of the delicous scents came into view.

The western quadrant was an array of fully stocked little kitchens, with large ovens and sharp knives plentiful, spits and baking pans lying about in racks. Here, children were butchered as they were fucked, their guts cleaned out and hollow bodies stuffed before being shoved into ovens to cook. Tables were filled with children and adults eating, sometimes even with the former being eaten alive by the latter. They saw a panther woman holding down a canine boy, taking greedy bites off of his cock while he shuddered, being fed chunks of breast meat by a girl on the other side of the table. As the panther tore free the last inch of his shaft, his hips bucked violently, cum bubbling out of the ragged round wound as his torn urethra tried to pump it through a cock no longer there. Every variety of meat odor wafted through their noses as they watched, plenty of adults getting inventive in their cooking and cannibalism.

"Dolcett is one of our most popular attractions," Lin said as soon as the girls looked away. "There's a resturaunt in the back wall that takes leftovers and serves them outside, or prepares specialty dishes for adults and cubs that want to eat but don't know how to cook. There's so many ways to make a meal, and that means there's a lot of variety in the way you can be made into one!"

Walking around the inner edge of the quadrant, they got to see some of the specialty kitchen equipment in use. There was a spitting machine, spearing through children with a pnematic 'thunk' while their adults held them in place, then carried their impaled bodies away to turn over a fire. A huge microwave had a swelling lizard girl in it, their face one of agonized ecstacy while her body boiled, then exploded in globs of gore. There was even a few miniature meat grinders, adults passionately fucking their meat while feeding them into the churning blades. All this and more made the girls simultaneously grow wet while their tummies growled, wanting to taste and be tasted all at once.

Tala bit her lip, then murmured, soft and serious, "I think... I will come here, later. It gives me such naughty ideas." Her cock was half-hard, drizzling precum in a string down her leg, but it grew slowly harder as she lightly patted her baby belly. Both of her golden eyes were focused on the meat grinder,

The smell of ozone reached them before they saw what the southern quadrant contained, weaving in through the greater odors of gore and cum. Jesse noticed her hair starting to stand on end, making her slightly poofier. Stepping onto the rigidized steel floor, she let out a sudden yip as she felt current jolt through her pawpads to the ground, leg reflexively twitching upward. Lin laughed softly, though Tala took a more deliberate step, cockshaft pulsing and milk briefly squirting as she got her own shock.

"There! Now you've already gotten a taste of what this place is like," Lin said, leading them into an almost industrial setting of sparks and flashes. "This is the Voltage area, and it's a real heart stopper... and restarter... then stopper again." High capacity transformers decorated the support beams held up the balcony above, thick black cables leading from them to all sorts of machinery strewn about. There were electric chairs, banks of nipple clamps, conductive metal rods to stick inside a cub ranging from as thin as a toothpick to as thick as a soda bottle. Defibrillators and tasers were plentiful, and they even had to circle around where a cub lay shuddering on the ground, lightning-shaped burn marks crawling down her leg as two adults tended to her. One applied the defibrillator while the other fucked her mouth, the girl's pussy steaming from her juices evaporating after the shock.

"It's a little one dimensional for my tastes," Lin commented. "But the cubs that like it make a beeline for it, so, I guess that's why we have it. What about you two?" She eyed the pair, fixating on Jesse after Tala shook her head. "No craving to have that much juice running through your body?"

Jesse's demure gaze was turned down at the floor once more, but at Lin's questioning, she glanced over at a nearby occupied electric chair. The dragon girl in it was quivering, the man at the controls fucking her pussy after giving her what seemed to be the latest of a series of shocks. She heard the girl's moans, her sweet voice saying almost blissfully, "I've never been in so much pain... every nerve is burning, oh... oh please sir..."

The man pulled out of her, slamming a lever all the way into the red as soon as his cock was free of her wet confines. Her body seized, every muscle going completely tight as her eyes bulged. Her teeth cracked in her rigid jaw, arms dislocating at the shoulder as her overtensed muscles ripped her own body apart. The scent of cooking meat came to them as her eyes melted out of her face, piss arcing in a crackling stream that lead electricity in a path down to the metal floor. Her executioner turned off the power, slamming his cock back inside to use her meat for the only thing it was good for anymore.

Jesse looked up at Lin as they left the area, meeting the panda's gaze with a strange confidence for such a submissive girl. Her lips curled into an adorable smile, one that looked too innocent for a child that was where she was. "I love it. I'd be so happy to have someone snuff me here, especially if I made them cum. Even if I did it after they died." Her tail swished in a slow wag, brown eyes shining in excitement.

"Well, aren't you just the most sincere little slut," the tour guide said proudly, squeezing the puppy's hand a little. "I'm sure you'll make our adult clubgoers very happy."

Tail swishing even faster, Jesse let out a happy bark, eager for her fate. Tala smiled, imagining how her friend would look, grinning ear to ear as she was fucked and destroyed. Her mind wandered, gaze drifting towards the upcoming section of the club as she considered her own death... how would she look? It had to be perfect...

That was when saw it. Her eyes widened as she stopped dead, Lin taking a few more steps before glancing back, then following her entranced stare.

Sterile tiling covered the floor of a hospital-like setting, gurneys and surgery tables used as beds, sometimes hidden behind blue canvas privacy curtains. Few enough of those were in use that there were plenty of snuffings to see, castrations and amputations seeming to be merely foreplay in this place. Tala's attention was focused on one child in particular, held between two women who were licking his hard shaft, a urethral sound pushed deep into his piss slit. His balls were stapled to a board, one testicle crushed by a bloody hammer lying on a tray of tools nearby. Both women held knives as they delivered their double-blowjob, and as the boy came, the tenderly slid the sharp steel into his skin, slicing his throat open and removing his cock and balls while semen squirted out around the metal rod. By the time his orgasm ended, he was dead, one of the women still sucking his sticky severed shaft.

"I need that to happen to me," Tala breathed, all thoughts of Dolcett forgotten. Suddenly her heart was pounding as if she'd galloped through the entire club to reach this destination, adrenaline making everything bright and intense. Her cock had swollen to a painful rigidity, flare half-inflated while she stood frozen. "Oh... I want that more than I've ever wanted anything. To be taken apart like that, my cock cumming as it's cut away..." In her absorption, her fingers upon her belly wandered low, accidentally giving her shaft a stroke with the back of her hand.

Even that slight stimulus was too much for her after all she'd seen, and she felt the beginnings of climax start to tighten her pelvic muscles, that pressure from within that signalled her hot, white flow was about to burst forth. Her legs trembled, and she shut her eyes, ripping her hand from Lin's and suddenly interlacing her fingers tightly before her chest. Deep breaths made her nostrils flare as she shuddered, whispering softly, "Don't cum don't cum don't cum don't cum..."

Throbbing, her shaft seemed on the verge of shooting a sticky spray all over the sterile tiles. Both balls pulled up tight, the horse's flanks quivering slightly as she repeated her mantra. She tensed her inner muscles trying to hold back the orgasm, feelings of sharp panic and guilty pleasure overwhelming all else. Almost she thought she'd been too late, and it was half a minute before her shaft finally stopped twitching, precum sparkling on the tip as it caught the light. The filly exhaled in relief, taking a few deep breaths as she slowly relaxed, then opened her eyes to look up at Lin. Despite the interruption, her excitement was still fresh, eyes gleaming with lust.

"Nothing in this club could be more perfect for me," she said with confidence, her spine straight as she smiled up at the panda.

Lin nodded slowly, then asked, "Do you want to complete the tour?" Her gaze flicked to Jesse, who seemed interested in the scene, but not overwhelmed as her friend had been.

Tala shook her head. "No. You'll have to find your own fun without me, Jesse." Going up to the shy puppy, she put her hands on the girl's brown and white shoulders, leaning close to give her a kiss. It was deep, and lasted long, her pregnant belly pressed between them while the hem of Jesse's dress grew sticky with wetness and precum.

Finally, she broke away, whispering to her companion. "You'll be so sexy when you die."

The puppy grinned, shyness disappearing for a moment as she said her final farewell to her friend. "You too."

Sharing a final smile, the filly turned away, striding over to the two women as Lin gently guided Jesse along.

"Ah, it always makes me so happy to help one of you little ones find what you want," the panda sighed, idly pinching one of her pale nipples with her newly free hand. "Too bad she didn't get to see the rest of this place... she certainly fixated on that one cub's snuffing. Well, anyway. This is the Medical quarter. Every kind of evisceration, dissection, drug, surgery, injection, amputation, or abortion you could ask for can be performed with the tools available here. Plus some other stuff."

Waving a hand at all of the medical equipment, Lin let Jesse glance over it, though most of it was either beyond her understanding or just looked like a fancy knife. It was still intriguing, but not so much as much of the other things she'd seen. Some of them she could hardly wait to go back and visit.

"That's all four, right?" Jesse looked out towards the other side of the balcony, seeing all three other areas they'd visited on this floor. From their angle, the top balcony's occupants were obscured, but she could still see the occasional corpse being flung off the edge.

Nodding, Lin smiled at the puppy. "I don't suppose I have to ask if you want to see the third floor. Eager as you are, you seem to want to take it all in before you get yourself bloody."

Blushing, Jesse murmured, "I want to do it all... I want to see how much of it I can try, before I die. I want to be fucked by everyone in this club if I can manage it, adults and kids and... and even you." They started walking down the stairs. "I love being a slut," the puppy whispered, her voice soft and private, as if she'd never admitted it out loud before.

Lin stopped on the steps, turning to the little puppy with a considering expression. Then, she suddenly picked her up, Jesse letting out a surprised yelp as three of the panda's fingers shoved into her soaking pussy, the adult woman's mouth covering her own. Lin's hot, experienced tongue played against her own, and the puppy's lids flickered in a half-closed expression of ectacsy as she felt the pleasure of being helpless, used by an adult who could completely control her.

Whining and bucking her hips as her back pressed against the concrete stairwell, Jesse's juices dripped down Lin's forearm while the tour guide passionately kissed her in a moment of privacy between floors. No one saw them as the girl's belly fluttered, muscles contracting as the tension of climax built up in her. Her tight young cunt contracted around the fingers massaging her g-spot, a thumb knuckle grinding against her clit making shocks of pleasure go up her spine. Her moan was muffled by Lin's mouth as she came, squirt spraying over the brands in the panda's skin, her entire body convulsing in a paroxysm of pleasure and joy.

The two panted together for a moment, sharing another quick kiss before Lin gently put the girl down on shaky legs. "You're so cute," she said casually, grinning like they shared a secret. "I couldn't resist. Can't snuff you myself, but... I can do that for you. One less person to fuck in order to be the biggest slut this club has ever seen." She gave Jesse a wink. "Lets finish up the tour so you can get started on the others."

Looking down at the floor, the puppy reached up for Lin's hand, smiling in quiet contentment as her pussy tingled with residual warmth. Together they descended the rest of the way, finally reaching the bottom floor of Club Meat Grinder.

Coming out between the northern and western quadrants, the panda immediately directed Jesse down to the west, giving her shoulder an eager squeeze.

"Now, this area I've been waiting the whole tour to show you... almost a shame your friend is probably getting snuffed right now. I thought she might like it." They entered something strangely out of place in the large, open club - a hallway. Made with 'walls' of cloth hung from metal rails on the ceiling, the hall ran in a curving line directly through the middle of the western section. Occasionally there would be doorways cut in the cloth through which light and sound would filter through, showing the true nature of the quadrant in little glimpses.

Walking by, Jesse caught snatches of snuffings in progress, a variety of methods being used with no clear theme. Through one door she saw an adult wearing a hockey mask, shoving a running chainsaw through a boy and girl as they fucked. In the next, there was what seemed like a fake magic show. A deer girl stood in a wooden box with only her head poking out, her expression one of pain and pleasure as swords were inserted into slots in the box by other cubs, all under the direction of an adult leopard in a top hat. Another had a young bird plucked naked and quivering in a baking pan, an oven warming behind him while a badger woman seemed to talk to herself about the recipe she was using to cook the child.

After glancing in at one more room to see only an adult and child having loving, passionate sex on a bed, only with a dagger sticking out from the cub's belly, Jesse finally gave up and asked, "What's the connection? I don't get it..." In response, Lin laughed, stopping to spread her arms in a dramatic pose.

"This is the Film Studio! 90% of all cub snuff porn produced worldwide is filmed here, by the cameras all throughout these rooms. You can't really see them from the hall, but they're there, recording every gory detail. We let people film what they want to make, sort of improv, though some adults even write scripts. And of course, we provide them with the proper tools for their art." She stopped to pull aside part of a cloth wall, showing that there was a huge variety of hidden props. Costumes, sex toys, medieval torture devices, power tools, all were hidden between two layers of cloth wall seperating the hallway from the rooms - or rather, film stages.

"Wow," Jesse breathed, imagining thousands of people watching her final moments. It gave her a sort of thrill, like stage fright but more exciting than terrifying. Sort of the same way she felt about being snuffed. "That's amazing... I never knew. I must've watched some of those videos. They're really good."

Winking, Lin said, "It's even more impressive when you consider that they only ever get one take." Jesse giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand.

Coming to the end of the hallway, Lin stopped beside a table that had been set out, grabbing two sets of earmuffs for herself and Jesse. Confused, the puppy pulled up her ears to put them on, glancing at the guide to affirm she'd placed them correctly. The panda gave her a thumbs up, raising her voice to explain.

"They're to protect your ears, so you can hear the rest of the tour. If you come back here, I suspect you won't need them." Putting on her own set of earmuffs, Lin tucked her tiny black ears beneath the foam cups, then took hold of Jesse's hand to lead her along.

A scattered burst of gunfire prevented the panda from explaining the area for a moment, loud enough to be heard even through their earmuffs. Looking towards the source of the noise, the puppy saw a line of adults standing a firing range, each of them holding some variety of firearm. One even had a bow, a bull with powerful shoulders that flexed as he drew back and loosed a stone-tipped arrow.

Jesse's attention shifted downrange, expecting what sort of targets she would find. Her assumption was right - lines of cubs stood at the inside rim of the quadrant, the meat grinder churning right behind them as they touched themselves, waiting for their flesh to be torn apart by bullets. She watched with a tiny smile as a young colt was pelted with buckshot, his belly riddled with holes as his cock flared and throbbed. He fell backwards with a spurt of cum, blood running down his crotch and thighs as he tumbled into the grinder. It made her think of Tala, and how her friend might've liked to get her big belly shot a few times.

Taking advantage of a sudden lull in the shooting, Lin finally got to explain a bit about the area. "This is the Armory," she shouted, still barely audible through the earmuffs. "Every kind of weapon you could want to be at the wrong end of is here. I see you noticed the shooting range, but there's also swords, clubs, tasers... you name it." She waved an arm at the other side of the club, which Jesse hadn't noticed until then. Circular concrete brick walls like unfinished igloos clustered at the outer edge of the section, narrow door-like gaps allowing her to peek inside. There she saw cubs being treated to a more up close and personal sort of gun execution, fucked with rifles or merely having sex with the barrel of a pistol pressed to their head. The concrete walls were for the safety of the other adults, she was sure.

In between her and the little concrete bunkers, adults were perusing racks stocked with more up close and personal types of weapons. Small sand pits like little colosseums offered a place for them to try their new toys, spilling the blood or breaking the bones of girls and boys. In one, two twin canine girls wielded knives, fighting in a playful manner while they took cuts and stabs with winces of pleasure. An older wolf that seemed to be their father looked on, giving a grinning thumbs down as one of the girls sent the other to the ground. Defeated, the one on the sand dropped her knife, starting to stroke her cuts and play with herself as her sister knelt to slit her throat. In others pits, clubs and baseball bats crushed bones, swords sliding through stomachs and spears being shoved into holes. It was gruesome. It was glorious.

Stepping over a stray tooth knocked out of some long dead cub, Jesse started to look ahead at the next area, realizing with a sudden start that it was the final one she would see. Save for the adult entrance, there were no more quadrants left to show off. The tour was almost over.

That meant she was almost ready to die.

Her heart thrilled in her chest, and her breathing quickened as she squeezed Lin's hand slightly. Suddenly anxious and eager all at once, it was an effort to keep her legs from trembling as they crossed the border in to the eastern area of the third floor.

Seeming to sense her anticipation, Lin let go of her hand, running her paw up the puppy's arm to her shoulder, petting her soothingly as she took it in.

"This is the Gym," the guide murmured, gently massaging the child's narrow shoulders. "It's got some of the most excrutiating snuff methods we have in the club." Her lips tickled one of the girl's brown and white fuzzed ears as she bent down, making her shiver as she whispered, "I think you'd love it here."

Jesse couldn't even speak up to agree, her eyes wide as she watched children being beaten, broken, used. Here, a cub was little more than a punching bag, a piece of exercise equipment, or at best, a sex toy. She saw several children all hanging by their ankles, their bellies at shoulder height with their faces at crotch level. Adults, mostly burly men, pummeled them until their were covered in bruises and had so many broken ribs they coughed blood, occasionally interrupting the brutality to quickly slam their shaft in and out of their punching bag's throat a few times.

She saw a gangbang where a group of shrieking, happy bunny girls were being tossed about, stomped on, even torn apart. A dismembered ear lay on the ground beside one of the battered sluts, her mouth a wide 'o' of climax after a steel toed shoe had slammed into her pussy. Her broken femur bent unnaturally at a right angle, the corpse of one of her friends grinning in an expression of stupid pleasure beneath her, brains spilled in a gooey pink puddle from where her skull had been shattered.

There were cubs locked into stocks where they were fucked literally nonstop by queues of adults coming from the entrance area, one finishing and another taking their place instantly. All holes were used, the helpless but happy children raped until they died, bloody bodies stretched out and used up.

The sweet ache of arousal that had lingered in her pussy since Lin's quick fingering suddenly became a deeper, more insistent need. Feeling herself panting and quivering beneath the guide's stroking, squeezing hands, Jesse let herself watch, eyes following the final fucks of several children while her slit dripped and clenched, hard nipples throbbing against her sweaty, tight pink dress.

Two boys were forced together by a group of vulpine women, their bushy fox tails swishing in excitement as they grabbed the sheep and bat cubs. One of them held the boy's cocks, keeping them perfectly aligned and fully erect while her friends shoved the boy's hips together. Pressed tip to tip, their shafts squished slightly, but were too hard to give way. Precum threatened to make them slip past each other, but the woman holding them in place was strong, her arms steady. The sheep boy's eyes started to widen while the bat's started to close in pleasure, the immense force of the women pushing starting to make his cock push slowly into the urethra of the other child. Squirming, panting and moaning, the sheep watched in shock and petrified bliss as his cock was filled, stretched beyond anything it was ever meant to accomodate, seeming twice as thick as the bat boy's shaft slid inside. Finally bottomed out inside the other cub's cock, the bat boy twitched, squeaking in orgasm as his cum started to pump. His shaft swelled as he climaxed, and the final little bit of girth was too much for the meat of the sheep's cock to handle. It split, shaft tearing along the bottom from tip to base, freeing a sticky waterfall of cum and blood that the fox women shrieked in joy to see. Raising the bat boy's arms like a wrestling referee declaring the victor, they brought forth another boy for him to pit his cock against, dragging the loser sheep away to dispose of.

Nearby, a young panther futa was enticing an older otter to fuck her skull, smiling and licking her lips while he pushed his cock into the fluff of her ear. Her body trembled, the surprisingly large breasts on her little body giving a bounce when he finally pushed his way inside. A few inches buried in at first, blood trickling out of her ear as she jerked. Claws extending to rake at her own pillowy chest, she shivered and gasped, spasming occasionally as the otter grabbed her head and slid more and more of his shaft into her brain. Her tiny cock throbbed like a pink little finger poking from between her sleek black thighs, barely bigger than a clit. As the otter bottomed out, her eyes crossing and a dopey grin splitting her mouth while her body convulsed uncontrollably, her cock surged and shot a surprisingly large load out over the ground in front of her. It soon stopped as the otter began fucking her skull in earnest, her body slowly going slack as her brain was stirred into a useless paste by the rough strokes of his cock. Piss streamed out of her still hard penis, and her shivering stopped.

A little pregnant girl, a mouse that couldn't be much older than Jesse, held her legs spread apart as she lay on a table. Thinking of Tala, the puppy watched as a a beautiful, elegant kangaroo woman wrapped her knuckles, then made a fist. With a lightning quick jab, she punched the young mouse in the slit, eliciting a scream and a squirt of juices. Ignoring the clear spray on her face, the kangaroo hit again, and again. Moaning, the mouse clutched the table as her pussy began to swell and bruise, soft flesh splitting at the repeated impacts. Blood started to trickle onto the table as well as juices, and the woman's fist started to make wet, sloppy noises as it slipped inside the girl's pregnant pussy, needing to be pulled out for the next punch. Then, after several deep fistings, the kangaroo stepped back, winding up a more powerful blow. Her entire forearm slammed up into the mouse like a rod of steel, the shrill squeak of the young mother's pleasure able to be heard throughout the area. Ripping out the little mouse baby, the kangaroo whipped it backward into the huge grinder without a second glance, focused entirely on the girl squirting and squeaking nonstop on the table. She slammed her hand in deep again, and seemed to grab something, almost wearing the mouse as a glove as she braced herself and yanked. The child's entire reproductive system inverted, pulled out of her like a sock while her squeaks went still, expression one of utter shock and surprise. Then her belly fluttered, chest heaving, an expression of demented joy overtaking her face. Her prolapsed uterus convulsed, juices dripping off of it like the tip of a strange cock, squirt and piss making a puddle beneath the hanging pink meat of her pussy. She couldn't seem to stop cumming, not until the kangaroo took her head between her powerful hands and twisted sharply to snap her neck.

Reaching up to her own chest with trembling fingers, Jesse gripped her nipples through her dress, feeling the hard, puffy peaks. Taking a shuddering breath, she twisted, then fell to her knees in a soundless cry. Her shoulders shook beneath Lin's hands as she sobbed and climaxed, slit and nipples seeming to throb in sympathy as the pleasure overtook her in pulsing waves, slowly retreating until she could breathe again. Standing with the panda's help, Jesse smiled up at her, wiping away tears.

"Take me back upstairs, please, Lin," she murmured. Her body felt like it was on fire, every inch of her skin tingling. It felt like she would cum again from the very next thing to touch her. "I want to see how close I can get to reaching this place again before someone snuffs me. Maybe the reward of making it here will help me resist giving in before then."

She grinned, and Lin grinned back, taking her hand so they could walk back up together. "I'll take you by the adult entrance on our way back. It's not much, but you should see, just in case."

Indeed, as they crossed it, Jesse found the most interesting thing about it was the people. Adults milled about, coming in through a pair of double doors. She caught glimpses of locker rooms behind those two sets of entrances, places where they could strip and store their clothes so they wouldn't get dirty with the blood of the cubs they killed. Some of the adults sipped drinks at a small bar set into one wall, the only other feature in the entire northern quadrant of the area.

Ascending the rest of the stairs in comfortable silence, Jesse felt the butterflies in her stomach start to flutter as they reached the top, warm melty feelings filling her up as she finally gave up her life for lost. All that was left to her now was to be the best slut she could be. Giving Lin one last kiss, she skipped off to see how she'd be used by the adults she found, already anticipating how it'd feel to be ground up into nothing at the bottom of Club Meat Grinder.
R: 15 / I: 0

Kim's Last Night (snuff, stabbing, non-cons)

Already post it on Reddit. I'm not a good writer and I don't speak english very well. Anyway I hope someone likes it!

Kim is a lonely girl, pale skin, long brown hair and big blue eyes. She is 21 years old, she likes reading: books, manga, comics, for her it’s the same. Unfortunately, her peers don’t have her weakness for reading so she hasn’t friends. For this reason, when Monika, the newcomer girl, proposes her a girl night at her home, Kim accepted immediately. Monika is a beautiful girl, black hair up to the shoulder, fringe. She approached Kim apparently without reason. She is also passionate of books, in few days they became friends.

Evening starts with a pizza at Monika’s home, they are alone. Kim wears a dark green t-shirt, very large for her. It’s a warm night and she doesn’t wear trousers, only a pair of underwear hidden under the shirt. Monika wears a light pajamas, light pink which highlights a shapely body. The two girls are chatting all evening, they watch a film on Nextflix, Monika show to her friends her library, she reads her an excerpt of Rant, her favourite books. Evening flows nicely, the two girls joke, eat and drink a little. Kim feels that she might have finally found a friend!
It’s the one o’clock, Kim begins to be tired. She looks around but Monika is not here, maybe she is in the kitchen. She get up to go to the bathroom. The door is at the end of the corridor, she walks humming a silly song. She is almost at the door when Monika come out from an adjacent room and rushes against her banging her against the wall. Kim feels a severe pain in the stomach. The other girl takes a step back, Kim feels something get out of her abdomen, she doesn’t understand what is it until she sees Monika with a long knife a knife stained with blood in her hand. She laughs. The left hand is in her pants moving slowly. Kim looks down, she sees blood, a lot of blood, a deep wound in her flesh. The girl trembles, mouth and eyes wide open, looking at who she thought was a friend.

“Beautiful! Very beautiful! The knife that penetrates into the flesh! What a wonderful feeling Kim! You should see your look now!”

“Please, you do…”

“Aw, sorry! I forgot a thing!” she hits her again, a deep stab above the right breast. Kim is terrified, she can't hold back the pee and a warm trail runs down her leg. She would like to move but the pain is too much and she slides along the wall un to the ground. Monika watches her breathing with difficulty continuing to masturbate. She sits next to her, almost tenderly, she caresses her hair, looks at the wounds with a curious air. Kim can’t believe it, she’s dying and her friend looks her aroused.

“Monika, call an ambulance ple…”

she sticks two fingers in the stomach wound, Kim tries to scream but what comes out is more like a gurgle. Monika sticks her blood-stained fingers in her underwear again “I beg…” another gurgle, a bubble of blood explodes from her lips, Monika pants more and more excited, she has the knife in hand again.

On the ground blood mixes with urine, Kim's getting weaker. Monika accelerates the rhythm, she feels the orgasm is near. Another lunge in the stomach and the girl cums, screams for pleasure while she continues to stab her victim dirtying everything with blood. After not less than ten stabs, Monyca stops, catches her breath, the knife still stuck in Kim's side. She has cuts every, defense wounds on her arms, a lot of wounds in the chest and abdomen. Monika get up faltering, ecstatically, a broad smile on her face

“It's a shame you can't prove it sweetheart. It’s… heavenly!”

Kim no longer has the strength to respond her. She is choking in her own blood, her lungs full of liquid, the eyes wander aimlessly. She remain alive for several minutes, spitting and gasping until she bends his head forward with a last gurgle.

Monika stays for a while looking at her work, her first murder. Still aroused she goes to bed. She will take care of cleaning tomorrow.
R: 1 / I: 0

Interruption of studies (snuff, stabbing, non-cons)

My second translated story, faster than I thought. I hope my grammar has improved and that the tense it's adeguated.


“Hurry up Lu or we’ll miss the train”

Michela was 19yo, long hair, auburn, with a single blonde lock. She wore a green sweater and a white jacket. Lucia plodded behind her, shorter than her friend, black bobbed hair, a nice round face, a black coat closed with a zip. They were at the train station, it was october, both had just begun the university. Best friends since middle school, they attended high school together and finally they enrolled at the same university. Both had a handbag with a couple of recently started notebooks.

“We're on time, don't get upset!”

“Get a move on!”

“Otherwise we don’t get the nice assistant of the first hour, don’t we?”

Michela turned away pretending to be scandalized “How dare you?”

“Come on, here we go” they stamped the ticket and walked calmly towards their train, a few dozen meters ahead.

“So, I was telling you” Luisa said “We were at Mauro's when, around eleven, Mirco entered, drunk. You had to see how he staggered! And nothing, practically he was with his pants down, the broken belt or whatever”

“Why wasn’t I there?” Michela said, laughing.

Neither of the two girls noticed it, but two figures come out of an alley, black sweatshirts and hood.

“He held his pants with two hands and asked Mauro, peacefully Can I have a beer?”

Michela laughed “Poor guy, it's getting worse!”

“And then Mauro said…>

From behind, an hand tapped Lucia’s mouth, she raised her hands to defend herself but a long kitchen knife penetrated her stomach. The other man took Michela for her hairs and cut her throat, then threw her to the ground face forward. The first man hit fast, Lucia was stabbed four more times; Michela was turned on her back “Wait, wait…” she gurgled something before the blade sank two times in her left breast. With an hand on her throat and the another one that tried to defend her, Michela could not offer real resistance, another deep blow reached her at the stomach.

Tufts of bloody feathers came out of Lucia’s coat while the stabs piled up. Eyes wide open, she can’t react, she was thrown to the ground. The two girls were lying on the floor, stained with blood, agonizing, the two men threw themselves back on them hitting them without stopping. Two stabs at Lucia’s throat, other lunges to her chest, Michela received several stabs at the groin and at the chest, three at the abdomen. Satisfied, the two attackers looked around and ran away after taking some bills from the two girls' wallets. Not a lot, maybe one hundred euros.

Everything lasted less than a minute, the few people who were at the station rushed to help but it was too late. The two young women were dead, slaughtered without a reason. They were lying in a lake of blood, with their handbags, notes and hopes.
R: 101 / I: 0

Basement (kidnap, drugged, mutilating, debreasting, cutting, uterus, torture)

My first ever work. This might be long so I'll take my time. Enjoy.
Basement (by Kami-sama)

Chapter 1: Party

She needed something to relax; the final exams were finally over. For the past few weeks, she had been cramming day and night, Monster in one hand, a book in the other. Now, she felt the energy drink wearing out and fatigue slowly taking over her body. She was tired, very tired. But she wasn't going to let it end like this. She deserved a good break. She deserved a good time. The dorm was empty, emptier than any other day. She knew the reason: it was Friday. No soul would stick around on Friday especially if it's the last day of finals.

She unbuttoned her coat and threw it on the bed. She has been feeling stuffy all day. She unzipped her skirt and let gravity do the rest. She walked towards the mirror, which was large enough to see her whole body. She stared at it feeling frustrated. It wasn't so long ago that she bought an expensive bra from Victoria Secret: it's jet-black and has delicately sewn frills. Now, her favorite bra was strangling her breasts, limiting the oxgyen her lungs could breathe in. She wasn't disappointed at the size of the bra because it fitted her perfectly when she bought them. Instead, she was upset with her breasts. They have grown considerably again. She's already in her twenties, but her growth hasn't seceded yet. With one thumb, she unhooked her bra. The pent up tensions in her teats were impressive. Like a sling, her bra flew forward, revealing huge yet perfect pair of bosoms. They swung opposite to each other for a few seconds before coming to a still rest. It wasn't just her breasts that were big. Her nipples too adjusted to the size of her chest and budded with a pink glow. They were asleep; if aroused, these pink protrusions could further expand themselves, doubling, no, tripling in size. It wasn't the size of her breasts that envied her roommates, but the perfect alignment her nipples have on them. They weren't drooping too low nor hanging up too high and just jutted out straight towards the horizon as if begging to be sucked immediately.

She wore matching lingerie so her panties were also black. Her chest wasn’t the only thing that grew. This was obvious when her bust jiggled with every slight movement. She slid one finger into the side of her panties and gently tugged it. The thinnest lining of her undies had been resting in the crevice between her legs, the surrounding lips biting tenderly at it. Clamping it between her thumb and index fingers, she brought the black garment down to her knees. A little shake from her legs and soon the panties fell down to the ground no longer covering the treasure underneath it. She looked down and saw what was expect: her mount was still smooth, hairless from the adorning she did yesterday. Her puffy lips closed, hiding the secret entrance. They were tight but not tight enough to stop the scented moisture from seeping between them. A little above the lips protruded something delicious. Her panties had been pressing on this little bud all day, but now, it was free. Her young tender clit extended its full length, letting the chill air lick its surface.

Last week, her roomies invited her to a party. She agreed to go with them. They said it would be hectic, but she didn't care. She had been looking forward to this day. Nothing could be more hectic than the painstaking studying she had to go through the past few weeks. She stepped into the shower, closed the curtain and let the cool water flow down her body. She was still tired but very excited. Excited indeed, for she didn't know what was coming. She didn't care to lock the bathroom but that was okay. Nobody was in the building… at least that's what she thought. Her room door was still wide open. She didn't know she hadn't closed it. She didn’t know there was somebody standing out there.
R: 6 / I: 0

chef mikey idea

ok so i had idea for storys 1 were disney chefs from chef mikey cooks little toddlers and little boys another ide was disney charecters snuffing them but when they get hugged they get regeneration powers

i cant write stories so if somebody wants to take the task look forward to seeing it non sexual just affection for the kids
R: 2 / I: 0

Penguin Fucker (shota, degeneracy)

Matt loved penguins. I mean he really loved them. He showed up one day at the beginning of second semester wearing this penguin backpack. It was actually pretty cute: the beak unzipped and you could slide your books and stuff in so it looked like the penguin was eating them. He was assigned to the seat right in front of me in Earth Science, so I had to stare at the backpack every single day. I didn’t mind at first. On his first day I tapped him on the shoulder and told him his backpack was great, and that I loved penguins. He gave me a meek smile, said “not like I do,” and turned back around. It was a little creepy, but I thought it was probably just first day jitters.

Rumors went around school about Matt getting expelled from his last school for “inappropriate behavior,” but I didn’t believe them. Matt seemed so shy, quiet, and nerdy that it didn’t seem possible. I figured the rumors were just normal high school gossip.

As the days went by I began to notice a trend: each day he would add another penguin related accessory to his wardrobe. A different penguin shirt each day, then a penguin watch, a penguin necklace, a penguin handkerchief, a penguin bracelet, even shoes featuring cartoon pictures of penguins sliding down icebergs. It was definitely weird, but hey its high school: fads come and go and people get extremely obsessed over weird things, then burn out and move on to something else.

But now I couldn’t stop noticing things: a snow cap with a fluffy penguin head instead of a ball on top; a scarf covered in tiny dancing penguins; penguin erasers and pencils; and all of his notebooks had pictures of penguins on the front of them. He spent every class quietly drawing pictures of penguins on his binder, and they were really good too; he had a real knack for it. He even had pictures of penguins hanging in his locker, instead of the fast cars, rappers or scantily clad women which the other boys used to decorate. Sometimes we had to peer edit each others papers and his were always, without fail, related to penguins somehow; even his math papers! When we had math word problems he would change every name to “penguin,” and for equations he would cross out every variable and change it to solve for “p”.

I wasn’t the only one to notice. People started talking about him behind his back, calling him “the penguin weirdo.” He was almost always alone. He had no friends. Sometimes I would feel bad and try to talk to him, but he’d just look up, smile, nod, and go back to doodling his favorite aquatic bird. If you weren’t a penguin, he wasn’t interested in interacting with you.

His only friends were a group of meme spouting gamer/weebo types. He’d been walking by their lunch table one day and heard them joking about some game called “Club Penguin.” His eyes lit up and he asked if he could sit with them and then launched into a long speech about how penguin club was the greatest video game ever created, the absolute pinnacle of the evolution of gaming. They thought he was joking and played along, agreeing with everyone of his points and adding their own reasons. He left lunch that day beaming with pride and with the first genuine smile I’d ever seen on his face.

He sat with the gamers the next day and told a long winded story about his top 10 Club Penguin moments, and how depressed he was when the game shut down. They listened half halfheartedly. The next day he gave a lecture on what a complete disappoint the new Club Penguin Island game was, and how it tarnished the legacy of the original, and I could see the gamers getting annoyed. All along they thought he’d been playing a character or something, but now it was slowly dawning on them that Matt wasn’t being ironic; the dude really loved Club Penguin that much.

Finally one of them told him to shut the hell up about Club Penguin, that it was a stupid game for little kids, and that none of them actually liked it. They just thought the club penguin memes were funny, and had taken part in the “speed runs” trend that had occured right before the servers shut down, to see how fast they could get banned from the game by saying horrific things in the game chat.

I saw rage in Matt’s eyes. He got up without saying a word, picked up his tray, and walked to an empty table at the other side of the cafeteria. The gamers just about died laughing.

After that, Matt’s behavior got more bizarre. He drew even further into himself and wouldn’t speak to anyone, not even teachers. He stopped caring about his appearance; instead of fresh new penguin shirts, he now wore the same one every day, along with penguin print pajama pants, and big fluffy orange slippers shaped like penguin feet. He stopped even pretending to care about class. Now he’d just sit there with headphones in drawing ever more elaborate penguin murals. Once he left his phone on his desk and I glanced at it. He was listening to the Happy Feet soundtrack on repeat.

During that time period, I only heard him speak one other time. One of the teachers, in her continual quest to be “cool” and “relatable” to the kids, had posted a meme on her wall. It was an advice animal. You probably know the one I’m talking about: its called “Unpopular Opinion Puffin” and it had some lame line about homework actually being good for you. Except, the teacher accidentally called it “Unpopular Opinion Penguin,” and Matt completely flipped out. I mean he lost it, screaming that it was a picture of a puffin—an ugly, dirty, disgusting bird, the rats of the arctic—and absolutely nothing at all like the majestic penguin. He called the teacher an “uneducated, backwards-ass, redneck ignoramus” and started spouting off facts about the differences between puffins and penguins, while the teacher stood there in shock. Matt got in some trouble for that one, but nothing too serious came of it.

Things finally came to a head near the end of second semester. Our Earth Science teacher was trying something new to get us students more engaged. Instead of a midterm test, he was assigning a project: a presentation in front of the class on a topic of our choosing. Matt ripped out his headphones and perked up in his chair.

To make sure no topics were doubled up on, the teacher had everyone pick a number out of a hat. Which ever number you got was the order in which you picked your topic. Matt got second and he was grinning ear to ear. We all knew what he would pick. But then one of the class clown types in the back row drew first choice. And if you know anything about school bullies, you already know what he chose for his topic.


Matt screamed and slammed his fist down on his desk. He stood up fuming, picked up his book and threw it at the wall. Then he flipped his desk over and stormed out of the room raging. And I swear to God, he ran out waddling, flapping his arms, and honking like a penguin.

The entire classroom burst into laughter. The teacher gave us the evil eye and told the class clown who’d started this whole thing to see him after class.

Matt got suspended for a day for his outburst. When he came back the next class my teacher made the other kid apologize to him. He said he’d only been joking and that Matt could have penguins for his topic, and he’d choose something else. Matt jumped up, hopped over to him, draped his arm over him like a wing, and cooed appreciatively in his ear. The other kid arched his face away from Matt, called him a weirdo under his breath and then sat down awkwardly, his face glowing red from embarrassment. The rest of us sat in silence wondering if that had really just happened.

Our teacher gave us a week of class time for research and to prepare our presentations. Matt spent the entire week in the back glued to his computer screen, typing feverishly, and stopping every once in awhile to laugh to himself as if to say: Ohh Matt… you beautiful, beautiful genius. That line’s gonna kill!

Finally the day for our presentations came and everyone was on the edge of theirs seats waiting to see what Matt was going to try and pull off. And he did not disappoint.

Half way through class Matt waddled in dressed head to toe in a full penguin costume. I mean a super detailed, expensive looking, full on Comic-Con cosplayer level costume. The current presenter stopped mid sentence and the room was dead silent as Matt waddled over to his seat.

My teacher had told us we could bring snacks to eat during the presentations, popcorn and such, as a reward for working so hard on our presentations. Matt plopped down at a desk in the front row and popped open a can of sardines. They stank like death, and he spent the class period slurping them down, apparently swallowing them whole.

One of the other students did her presentation on sea lions, and when Matt saw the subject he honked, threw his head down on his desk to hide his eyes, and covered his ears for the entire presentation.

Finally it was Matt’s turn to present. We held our breaths as he waddled up to the front in his ridiculous penguin costume. Here’s the contents of his speech, as close as I can remember:

“My name is Matt and I'm here today to explain why Penguins are the greatest animal that has ever, and will ever, grace the face of this planet! Before I get too scientific allow me to introduce some food for thought: Penguins are an aquatic, flightless bird. Think about that for just a second. They're birds, but instead of using their wings to fly, they use them to swim underwater! Ha! Imagine that! They’re God’s little enigma. There’s nothing else like them on earth!”

“What about the flying fish?” the class clown yelled out. A snicker went through the room and Matt glared at him.

“Wha… what? No. That’s totally different. Shut up. YOU JUST SHUT UP OK?”

“Stay calm please Matt,” said the teacher. “No more interruptions class, it’s extremely disrespectful. Next person to interrupt a presenter is heading straight for the office. Please procede Matt.”

“Thank you, allow me to continue after being so rudely interrupted. Here’s some penguin facts. FACT: there are 17 species of penguins and they all live exclusively in the southern hemisphere. FACT: the earliest penguin fossils are from 60 million years ago, that means the ancestors of the birds you see today outlived the extinction of the dinosaurs! FACT: Most penguins mate with the same member of the opposite sex every year and return to the same place every year to use the same nest they were born in. How's that loyalty, am I right? FACT: Most penguin species are feminists! The male incubates the egg while the female goes out to hunt. Talk about gender equality! Also, fat male penguins are the most desirable in the eyes of females because of their ability to keep eggs warm. Doesn’t sound so bad, right fellas? I myself have been trying to put on a few pounds to make my costume more realistic.”

Now that I think about it, he did look fatter. He began to strut and waddle back and forth across the front of the room in his penguin suit, hopping on one foot then the other and flapping; apparently to demonstrate his penguin-ness. We all sat in stunned, awkward silence, even the teacher. “Don’t I look great? God I wish I was a penguin…” this he said quietly, staring off into space, as if he were the only one in the room. Then he snapped out of it and walked back behind the desk and put a powerpoint presentation up on the screen. He began to flip through pictures of the different species of penguin.

“Here is the Gentoo Penguin: the fastest swimmer of all penguins, clocking in at 22 mph. And here’s the Chinstrap Penguin, the most common penguin of all with a worldwide population of over 13 millions. This one’s the Rockhopper Penguin, so named for its ability hop from rock to rock up to their nesting place. They jump with both feet together and can reach heights up to five feet! And finally, the largest, greatest, the most magnificent, the most majestic, and the most beautiful of all the penguins, my personal favorite, the Emperor Penguin!”

“The Emperor Penguin can reach heights over 4 feet tall, and tips the scales at up to 90 pounds. That’s almost the same size as some of you ladies here!” He said this with a wink that made me cringe so hard I felt nauseous. The second hand embarrassment was killing me, and looking around the room I was far from alone. He seemed not to notice at all and continued: “In fact, penguins are very similar to humans in a lot of ways. They’re intelligent, loyal, hardy, hard working. They lay only one egg at a time, just like humans only have one baby at a time. Mommy and Daddy penguins take turns warming the egg too, just like human parents take turns caring for the baby.”

He switched to another picture, a close up of a female Emperor Penguin. He stared at it with stars in his eyes, the way some boys might stare at a picture of Jennifer Lawrence or Gal Gadot.

“Such beautiful, feminine creatures. Just look at her. The most beautiful animal on the planet: The glowing yellow patches on the sides of her head like blush, the graceful wings like a dancer, the sleek curves of her body, the nice juicy thighs, that slender sexy beak…”

An awkward silence descended on the room. The second hand embarrassment was practically palabale. And looking at him, I swear to god, he had a boner. A tent pole in his penguin costume, right there in the middle of class. A bird boner. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at the teacher. The color had drained from his face, his mouth hung open, and he appeared to be frozen in shock.

Matt was sweating profusely now. He clicked the button and the picture on the projector screen changed again, this time to a very graphic video of two penguins mating. The entire class let out a groan of disgust.

“My god, just look at that. So natural, so beautiful, so damn sexy. I swear to God, if I was a penguin I’d never stop breeding. It’s all I’d ever do. I’d let that penguin sleep in my bed every night, I’d take her sleek, puffy, wet little body in my arms, I’d kiss her beak, I’d turn her around and I’d–”

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” screamed my teacher, finally. “THAT'S WAY WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH MATTHEW! This is completely inappropriate for this class, and just downright…. Disgusting! Get the hell out of my classroom right this instant. You go straight to the principal's office or I’ll send security to hunt you down and drag your ass down there!”

Matt looked utterly confused. “But… I’m not done with my presentation.”

“Out! Right goddamn now! Get out of my classroom!” My teacher jumped up and unplugged the projector, cutting off the penguin porn. Matt hung his head and trudged out of the classroom, the penguin beak on his costume flopping down over his face making him look extra dejected.

We sat in awkward silence for about ten seconds. Then someone said “Well, that was… something.” The room burst into laughter, and this time the teacher was laughing with us.

There was a blizzard that night and we had off of school for snow days the next two days. The day we got back Matt was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t show up the next day either, or the day after that and we just assumed he’d been expelled.

But on the fourth day the Principal showed up in our Earth Science class with the Guidance Counselor and two Grief Counselors in tow. He stood in front of the class and told us there had been a tragic accident and Matt had passed away, and that Grief Counselors were available if anyone needed someone to talk to. A few of the girls cried, but most of us were just confused. I raised my hand and asked what had happened to him. The Principal looked embarrassed and avoided making eye contact. He said it was insensitive to those grieving to go into details at this time, but suffice it say it was an accidental death and a tragedy for the family and that we should all offer them support in anyway we could.

A few days later we got the real story from one of the Juniors who’s dad was a police detective that had been on the scene. Apparently, on the day of Matt’s bizarre presentation, he had gone home after school and built a snowman during the blizzard. Then he’d spent hour after hour filling buckets with water and dumping them over the snowman. He did this late into the night and by the next morning his snowman was a block of ice. Then he’d spent the next day meticulously carving his ice-snowman into a beautiful sculpture: a majestic, to scale, and anatomically correct statue of an Emperor Penguin. A female Emperor Penguin.

The detective said it was a true thing of beauty. Matt had got it perfect down to the last detail. He had the eye of a true artist. The detective said that the ice sculpture could have been in a art gallery somewhere. But the weird thing, or rather, the first weird thing was, the penguin was bent over, its belly touching the ground.

It didn’t take long for the police to put together what had happened next.

That night, with the snow storm still raging, Matt had gone back out to his sculpture in the empty field. This time he was dressed in his penguin costume, his penguin-feet slippers, and nothing else. He cut a hole in the front of his costume, and then packed the penguin-statue vagina full of snow.

Then, he fucked the penguin.

And when he came, his dick froze to the ice of the sculpture. It froze just like that kid’s tongue froze to the flagpole when he licked it in that “A Christmas Story” movie.

And that's how they found him two days later. Alone in a field, frozen to death, his dick stuck to the inside of a penguin ice sculpture with a HUGE smile on his face.
R: 0 / I: 0

Persona 4: Heartbeat(en), Heartbreak

Another commission - if you want one, there's an email attached to this post :)
This story was posted to my Patreon a week early!

Heartbeat(en), Heartbreak: Part 1
tags: Futa/F, F/F, cons (sex), non-con (snuff), beating, brainfucking

Standing in the electronics section of Junes, Naoto Shirogane wondered how she allowed herself to be convinced to do this - but deep down she knew why she agreed.. When Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi and Rise Kujikawa came up to her, asking her to shoot a porno with them, she was so confused! But they were so convincing - telling them they needed another dickgirl to make it work, since Chie couldn’t fuck both of them at the same time. They had come at the perfect time to ask her about it - for in the recent days she had been jerking off to Rise’s latest nude photoshoot. Some of Yukiko’s very suggestive photos also made it into the young detective’s fap material. She was fantasizing about fucking them… And now they were going to do just that. And as if that wasn’t enough, Chie was also there! Naoto was curious how much more muscular the tomboy had grown beneath those clothes of hers… And how big her dick was. Was hers bigger? It was a matter of pride - and Naoto was eager to find out if that was the case.

Well, with how things were, she was certain she was going to find out soon. “In we go!” Commanded Chie - the tomboy wearing her usual, grey pleated skirt and her green top on - before jumping right into the tv. The other three girls followed suit - going through the usual sensation of entering the tv world. Arriving on the other side, she was surprised to see numerous cameras already set up at the stage what used to be the base for their ventures into the tv world. With the fog gone after their victory over Ameno-Sagiri, the cameras would have no issues capturing every inch of their bodies. “I took care of setting everything up, so we can get started right away!” Rise expressed eagerly, her voice dripping with excitement. The idol was wearing an orange summer dress, and white leggings underneath it. “Ah… Here, in front of all these cameras… My heart is aflutter…” Yukiko expressed her excitement and stage fright like that - the beautiful Amagi heiress wearing her red cardigan, a similar skirt to Chie’s and her black stockings. Naoto herself couldn’t deny that she was excited as well - staring directly at one of the cameras. Right now, she had a light blue dress shirt on - dark suspenders over it that kept her grey pants in place. If this wasn’t just an elaborate joke from the other three, soon these clothes would be on the floor… And Naoto was looking forward to it.

For a moment, the four girls kept standing there, not sure how to begin. Soon, a carefree voice broke that silence. “Well, let’s get started!” Rise exclaimed happily while pulling her orange top off - revealing that she was wearing her orange swimsuit top underneath it. She had worn it for a few commercials back in the day - and decided putting it on for this video would make for a nice throwback. Facing towards one of the cameras, she threw one of her signature poses while smiling directly at it. “Hello! I’m Rise Kujikawa, but you probably know me as Risette~!” She winked at the camera while saying that. “I know that all of you guys are just dying back at your homes, wishing you could see me naked, so I decided I’d finally give it to you all, and more! Along with a few of my dear friends” Rise used one of her hands to point at Chie, Yukiko and Naoto “-we will give you all the sexual performance to die for!” She finished explaining, then looked towards her friends again. “You three should introduce yourselves too!” She added, while looking at them expectantly.

The other three girls weren’t sure, in which order to go, but finally Chie just went ahead. Looking at one of the cameras herself, she give a few kicks towards it while showing off her muscular, trained legs. “I’m Chie Satonaka! I’ll make sure to give you a great show with my fists and my dick!” She called out while throwing a few punched towards the camera and showing off her flexibility. Hearing that, Yukiko followed - looking at the camera at a distinguished, yet seductive look. “I’m Yukiko Amagi. I’m hope you’ll find my services… Entertaining, to say the least.” She gave the camera a suggestive smile while saying it. Naoto herself didn’t really know what to say, though. She looked at the camera shyly. “I’m N-Naoto Shirogane… Please, enjoy our show!” She asked with a blush - finishing the girls’ intoductions.

“Aaaw, she’s a shy one!” Rise called out with a small laugh - knowing who should she start having fun with. “I’ll help you out, Naoto!” She called out while going for the blue-haired girl. “You don’t need this here anymore, silly!” She told the detective while taking Naoto’s gun out of her hands and chucking it aside. Naoto insisted on taking her weapon with her just in case something had attacked her… But she had to agree that there were no shadows in sight. Rise’s hands quickly snapped her suspenders off, before taking hold of the buttons of her shirt and undoing them from top to bottom. Her massive breasts were basically bursting out of it anyways - Naoto enjoying the reduced strain on them as Rise proceeded to remove her shirt. “Hands up!” The brown-haired girl added as she finished unbuttoning her shirt - and Naoto obeyed, letting Rise take it off in full.

“Omigosh, they’re so huge! How did you get them this big, Naoto?” Rise asked after seeing Naoto’s tits - which had only grown bigger since their high school days. Deciding that for this day she could go as daring as she could, Naoto picked up some string lingerie for both bra and panties - meaning that her tits were basically exposed now. Only small pieces of cloth covered her nipples for now - but her giant titty flesh was pretty much all visible. Rise couldn’t help herself, and just groped them with her hands - massaging them gently with her nimble fingers.
“A-ah, they g-grew like this b-by themselves…” Suddenly, the great idea of going with that underwear didn’t seem that great to Naoto - the girl blushing in embarrassment. However, having her tits be fondled like that excited her - enough that she could feel her cock slowly rising in her pants. It began to press through them, the bulge it created in her pants clearly visible. Enough that Rise took notice of that. “Wow, they must be very sensitive if you’re this hard already!” She exclaimed while letting go of Naoto’s chest - and sliding down to her knees. As she went down, she also dragged Naoto’s pants with her - uncovering the thin thong that Naoto had on. It only barely covered her slit - and her erect dick was already out of it along with her balls, the purple cloth just tugged around her cock.

“Woah! This is pretty huge, too!” Rise exclaimed at the sight, while quickly pulling the thong down too - knowing that sideways pressure on a cock like that could be pretty annoying for Naoto. The detective blushed at the praise again while looking down at Rise - just as the twintailed girl began to work on it. Spitting onto her small hands to lube them up, she then grabbed Naoto’s dick with both - and proceeded to stroke it. Naoto’s dick was huge enough that it barely fit into her hands, but Rise was no stranger to working on big dicks - even if this one dwarfed them all. She went slowly at first, feeling each and every throb of the short-haired girl’s cock. She could feel it pulsing in her hands - Rise telling herself she could even feel Naoto’s heartbeat like that. She moved her hand up and down the detective’s cock for some time - its tip leaking precum that Rise smeared down Naoto’s dick. “Are you liking it, o great detective? To have a nation-famous star work on your dick?” Rise asked as she picked up the pace - her hands suddenly going really fast.
“Y-yes, Rise! You’re i-incredible…” Naoto stammered out in between her moans, groaning hard because of the pleasure she was feeling.
“Ah, such praise! I’m not sure I’m worthy…” Rise chuckled while pumping her hands even harder on Naoto’s dick - until it finally came, spurting its seed all over Rise’s hands, face and chest. Through that, Rise kept pumping her hands on it - all while feeling a warmth awaken in her abdomen, too. Naoto just looked down in embarrassment as her cock continued to fire off more and more cum - her balls having stocked up quite a lot of semen.

While Rise worked on Naoto’s dick, Yukiko approached Chie. “Shall we, my love?” She asked quietly, and Chie nodded. The two of them have been lovers for quite some time before this - and they were just as excited to do it as Rise and Naoto were. The idol originally only came to Chie with the invitation, but once Yukiko had heard of it, she just wouldn’t have it without coming herself. “Yeah, let’s do it!” Chie called out energetically while starting to pull her green jumper off. Below it, she wore a yellow shirt - a shirt that Yukiko ripped off her quickly afterwards. Underneath it, Chie wore a sports bra - one that hugged her tits tightly while also binding them down. However, they weren’t really Yukiko’s main focus. Without the shirt in place, some more exciting parts of Chie’s body were revealed. Her muscular stomach was one of them - her clearly ripped abs visible at first sight. Yukiko’s hands moved straight for it - her fingers tracing along the muscles she could see. Even if she had seen them many times in the past, their sight still amazed her - and also turned her on. As she continued to touch them, she could feel herself getting more and more wet - until finally she couldn’t control her urge to fuck Chie anymore.

“C-chie! I need you inside me!” She called out while grabbing Chie by her muscular shoulders - Chie letting her push her over to the ground. Flipping her lover’s skirt over, Yukiko quickly pulled her spats down - Chie’s dick flopping out of them. With one hand Yukiko began to stroke her off to bring her to hardness. With the other one, she hastily pulled her tights down onto her thighs and tugged her lacy panties to the side. By the time her wet pussy was available, Chie was sufficiently hard - enough that she sat down onto her dick, plunging it into the depths of her drenched vagina. “Chie! Ah, Chie!” Yukiko moaned out as her inner walls were stretched out from within with Chie’s thick, meaty shaft. She continued to make these noises for a while longer while grinding her pussy up and down Chie’s dick - happily riding her lover cowgirl-style. Her hands seeked out Chie’s abs again, and proceeded to massage them again - feeling her pussy fire up even more because of it. Chie was enjoying it a lot too - praising Yukiko’s pussy as she continued to ride her: “Ah, Yukiko! You’re as tight as ever!”

Eventually, though, Chie grew fed up with being passive. Stretching out her strong, muscular arms, she reached right for Yukiko’s neck. Her hands closed around it, squeezing her windpipe shut right away. If she put in enough force, the tomboy could easily snap Yukiko’s neck like that… The dark-haired girl only turned on more by that thought. However, Chie knew how much strength could she apply without causing any permanent damage - her grip on Yukiko’s neck just strong enough to choke her, but nothing more. Yukiko’s face quickly began to turn red because of the lack of air - her lungs starting to burn. Ah, but it felt so great! Her pussy only grew more sensitive at the feeling - making each of her bounces on Chie’s dick only even more pleasurable than before. The lack of air fueled some great pleasure for her, cranking her arousal to the max - and causing her to start sliding up and down Chie’s member with even more speed and force than before. Her slit was overflowing with her love juices, allowing for her to go as fast as she desired without hurting either her insides or Chie’s cock - until finally Yukiko was able to come. The girl left out only a muffled moan as Chie was still holding her by her neck - but the shakes of her hips and the squirts all over Chie’s belly and both of their skirts clearly signalled that she came.

With pleasure washing over her and the most welcome numbness spreading through her body, Yukiko just went limp in Chie’s grip. Chie felt it happen with no surprise - she had done this enough times with Yukiko to know just what the girl’s limits were. She let go of her neck, letting her breath again - but continued to hold it. Since Yukiko herself didn’t really had the strength to do it, Chie needed to push to her climax by herself. Yukiko’s cunt was clamping down around her tool, but that wasn’t enough for Chie to cum. Because of that, the brown-haired girl began to push her hips upwards, putting the effort to fuck Yukiko’s slit by herself. Pushing her pelvis up, Chie had to hold back - in the past, she left Yukiko’s vagina all bruised because of her strength. To help with the sex, Chie also proceeded to lift Yukiko and then bring her down by her neck - mimicking the movements Yukiko was doing by herself before since she couldn’t by herself. By doing so, Chie was slamming the head of her cock against Yukiko’s cervix repeatedly. Fairly quickly, she was able to reach a climax of her own - her cock sending its seed straight into Yukiko womb. “I’m cumming!” Chie called out while her dick continued to throb inside her girlfriend’s slit - pumping a lot of cum into her.

Naoto’s cock slowly throbbed down to a half-limp state in Rise’s hands as her climax finally finished - still big enough that Rise had troubles keeping it in them. “S-should I r-return the favor, Rise?” Naoto asked, but Rise just smiled and shook her head. “Nah, I’m having lots of fun just servicing your dick. In fact… Kanzeon!” Rise called her Persona forth - and then directed it to revitalize Naoto’s cock. With the girl specializing in support, it was fairly easy for her to come out with a spell like that. Her persona was a reflection of her amorous nature - so a way to keep her partners’ dicks going was a natural addition. Naoto watched with surprise as her dick was energized, springing back to full hardness in seconds - and throbbing hard. She thought she knew what Rise could do with her persona… But it seemed that she was very much in the dark. Well, it’s not like she minded - in fact, that only meant more pleasure for her right away. “O-okay, as you wish…” Naoto replied, her voice trailing off - then let out a surprised, yet pleasant growl as Rise got to work again.

This time, instead of using her hands on her cock, Rise bobbed her head forward - pressing her lips against the head of Naoto’s prick. Planting a kiss upon it - which drew another pleasant sigh from Naoto - she then quickly let her tongue out. Wrapping it around Naoto’s cockhead a few times, she licked it dilligently - cleaning it from all the semen that was still there after the girl’s last climax. She did her best to wipe all of it away, licking even at Naoto’s glans and cleaning her cockhead. As she did that, Rise couldn’t deal with her own excitement anymore. With one hand, she got her leggings down, then pulled her swimsuit bottoms down as well - getting access to her own pussy. Stabbing a few fingers inside it, Rise began touching herself. She had enough practice to know precisely which spots in it to attack with her fingers - her body twisting in pleasure at the feeling. Back at Naoto’s cock, she decided it was sufficiently clean - and then opened her mouth. Moving her head forwards, she took more and more of it into her mouth. It was thick enough that Rise’s cheeks puffed up as her mouth was filled with it. Taking it inside her was truly a challenge - but one that the idol was going to enjoy. She pressed on without any pause as she felt her mouth stretch wide - enough that she was even able to take the tip of Naoto’s cock into her throat, all in one motion. “H-how did you do it, Rise?” Naoto asked in disbelief while watching the bulge that has appeared in Rise’s throat - bulge she knew was her dick.

Although it was pretty hard breathing like that, Rise still managed to - and after having her mouth get used to the sensation of having Naoto’s dick inside it, she began to move her head forwards and backwards on it. Sucking Naoto off like that, Rise still used her throat to lick at the parts of Naoto’s shaft it could reach - and feeling it twitch in her mouth in response to it. Just getting to take in all of Naoto’s dick like that excited Rise to no end. But she still had some ideas she wanted to try. One of her hands was working on her pussy, but the other was still free… So she directed it towards Naoto’s balls. Fondling them for a while, she gave them a quick, yet very potent massage. She could feel them tense in her hands… Rise kind of wanted to hold them as she made Naoto cum again. However, there was one more thing she wanted to test out before that. Moving them below Naoto’s balls, she found the futa’s pussy - which was dripping wet, too. Probing it with a few of her fingers, she proceeded to work on Naoto’s vagina - all while still sucking her off. The combined stimulation was something Naoto had never felt before - and that pushed her to a climax very quickly. Having confirmed that Naoto’s vagina functioned just like any other one she had played with in the past, Rise moved her back to Naoto’s balls and gave them a squeeze - just in time for them to tense up to their limits before swelling again as Naoto began to cum once more.

This time, Rise’s throat was sprayed with Naoto’s semen - the girl letting her cock stay in there for as long as she could. Like that, she needed to hold her breath - and eventually, she needed to pull back. Swallowing Naoto’s semen, she still let it shoot the rest of Naoto’s load into her mouth - with cum leaking out from between her lips and even from her nose. Unbothered by that in the slightest, Rise continued to furiously masturbate - until she, too came, her body shivering in pleasure. Her face was twisted with pleasure, covered in cum. She made sure to seek out one of the cameras, and look at it directly - then wink enticingly. She was certain that many, many of her fans would find this scene she was in incredibly hot, even if they weren’t into what would transpire later - so she wanted to give them, too, something to remember. She just rode her orgasm out, her arousal squirting all over her hand, her swimsuit bottoms and her leggings - while making sure to suck every single drop of Naoto’s cum of her slowly slumping down cock.

Once she was done with that, however, she sprung to her feet - her dripping pussy clearly visible. Pulling her leggings further down and kicking them off her legs, she called out towards the other pair only. “Yukiko! I wanna switch now!” The idol ran over to them once her pants were off, her breasts bouncing in her swimsuit and her pigtails swinging around as she ran. At that point, Yukiko had all but recovered from her own climax - her slit dripping with Chie’s cum. Her face was still red, though - both because of her excitement and the asphyxia Chie put her through. “Alright! I should serve Naoto’s dick, then.” Yukiko replied while getting off Chie, and walking over to where Naoto was. While she went away, Rise stared at Chie’s body - taking in the sight of the girl’s muscular belly and her trained thighs. Her cock was still recovering from its climax, however - so Rise decided to help it with her persona as well. “Kanze-ugh!” As she did that, Chie kicked out at her with one of her legs - hitting Rise right in the belly. Rise doubled over in pain as Chie got up herself - and delivered another punch to the girl’s gut.

“I’ll be fine without it, Rise! I can keep you satisfied with just my fists!” She explained, more for the cameras than for Rise herself. She asked her to be as rough with her as she wanted beforehand - and Chie was very happy to indulge in her strengths. With Yukiko, she usually had to hold herself back in order not to hurt her - but Rise had requested her not to hold back. From the way she was whimpering in pain right now, it seemed that she might have gone too hard on her… However, Rise lifted her head with a wide grin on her face. “A-ah, C-Chie! H-hit me harder!” She called out, her voice cracking because of the pain - clearing the brown-haired girl’s doubts. She followed with another strong kick - this one directed towards Rise’s shins. She made sure to put a lot of force into it, a satisfying crack resonating in the air as Rise fell over to the floor, crashing onto her back.

Not wasting any time, Chie got down near her. Rise was splayed on the ground, her face twisted with both pain and pure masochistic pleasure. Getting down to her knees at the level of her hips, Chie slammed her knuckles into Rise’s ribs this time - enjoying the way the idol’s bones cracked back against her fist. For a few moments, she showered Rise’s body with a flurry of blows from both of her hands, treating the girl as a punching bag. Each time she hit Rise, the girl moaned, her body shivering in pleasure - her knees shaking as she started to rub her thighs together. Chie took notice of that - seeing just how much sexual tension that had build up in the brown-haired girl. Well, if she was trying to get off… The martial fighter could help her with that as well. Ripping off the girl’s bottoms, Chie put one of her hands in front of Rise’s vagina - and then proceeded to insert her hand into it. One finger… Two fingers… three… and finally, all five. But that wasn’t all. As Rise’s walls stretched around all of her fingers, Chie clunched then into a first - which she then punched deep into Rise’s vagina.

The sudden penetration with quite the thick object left Rise moaning even harder than before. She was used to taking things like that up her vagina, but the feeling never failed to excite her. Chie also made sure to force her hand deep into her snatch, enough that she was forcing her inner walls to stretch around it to make it fit. It was so deep in! As if that wasn’t enough, Chie didn’t just keep it there - dragging it up and down her vagina, her fingers scraping against her inner walls. Rise slithered on the stage’s floor in pleasure as she did it - but Chie could still make her feel even better. As she needed to focus on the initial insertion of her hand into Rise’s slit, she stopped beating her. However, now that all she needed to do with that arm was to just pump it in and out of Rise’s slit, her attention returned to Rise’s body. Her other hand was still free - so Chie began to beat Rise up with it once more. This time, she attacked the girl’s tits as well - sending them into a bouncing spree. The girl’s nipples were clearly popping through her top, but for now Chie decided to keep it on - just hitting her breast from time to time while leaving bruises all over the front of Rise’s body. As she kept doing that, Rise just kept calling out her name in pleasure - the idol loving all the physical abuse. She was getting closer and closer to cumming again - and finally, she did, her come pouring all over Chie’s arm.

In the meantime, Yukiko and Naoto weren’t wasting any time either. Upon Yukiko’s suggestion, Naoto laid down on her back on the stage - with Yukiko climbing on top of her. After taking the girl’s hat off, she placed her plump ass right on top of Naoto’s face - sitting on it. Her pussy - still leaking Chie’s come - ended up directly over Naoto’s mouth, with droplets of Chie’s semen dripping into Naoto’s open mouth. Naoto’s nose was poking right into Yukiko’s asshole, too - providing both of her lower holes with stimulation. Pushing her tongue out and moving her lips towards it, Naoto did her best to reach for Yukiko’s slit - trying to eat the girl out. At the same time, she used her hands to grab Yukiko’s ass, and pull her further onto her face - while squeezing it kindly with her fingers. Yukiko laughed at her eagerness a little - Chie never showed that kind of initiative, instead preferring to be rough with her. That good mood persisted as she stretched her legs - most of which were still clad in her pantyhose - forwards, over Naoto’s body. On the way, they bounced off Naoto’s giant tits - and these caught Yukiko’s attention.

“Naoto! They’re so big! They’re like… watermelons! While mine are just… apples?” Yukiko snorted at her last word, before bursting into one of her usual hysterical laughters. They were pretty overwhelming… But she still managed to use her hands while laughing, using them to pull Naoto’s bra - if one could even call the ridiculously skimpy piece of underwear that - off. Without it in place, she grabbed Naoto’s chest with both of her hands, giving it a hard, hard groping. Chie’s tits were nowhere this big, and same went for Yukiko’s - so she wanted to get to feel every inch of them. She played with them for a moment, then a thought came to her. There would be people watching this afterwards. She compared Naoto’s tits to her own, but haven’t revealed hers yet. Letting go of Naoto’s breasts for a moment - and noticing a slow-down in the tongue working at her pussy, as if Naoto was disappointed that she let go of them - Yukiko grabbed the bottom seam of her cardigan, and pulled it up and off her body. All she had beneath it was a lacy bra, the lingerie a matching pair with her panties. Grabbing her tits and squeezing them together, the fan-wielding girl smiled towards one of the cameras.

“Here! You! Go!” She called out towards it, presenting her tits properly to it - then, her attention returned to Naoto. Her hands grabbed the girl’s titties again - but she continued to stretch her legs out like she initially intended - towards Naoto’s crotch. At that point, having to eat her out, and feeling Yukiko play with boobs caused Naoto to grow hard again - her cock in full, erect form. Yukiko’s feet ended on either side of it - and she immediately began to rub them against the sides of it. They were still covered by her black pantyhose, but it was thin enough that she could feel everything through it - including the way Naoto’s cock began to throb at the new stimulation. Squeezing her feet together, she also made them grab Naoto’s dick properly. Then, she just began moving them up and down, giving Naoto a footjob. She pumped her feet down hard while shifting them around, touching the detective’s tool from different sides. For some time, she also used her clothed toes to play with the tip of Naoto’s dick, enjoying the way her precum got her socks wet. While doing that, Yukiko still used her hands to work on the girl’s heavy chest - working hard on setting her off.

But Naoto wasn’t giving up without a fight. The stimulation to her cock made her pick up the pace, working even harder with her tongue and lapping away at the big-assed girl’s pussy. The two of them fought hard against the other, trying their best to make the other cum first. For a while, they were evenly matched. However, the head start Naoto got on Yukiko proved to be too big of an advantage - and soon the black-haired girl squealed in pleasure while her pussy squirted all over Naoto’s face. With the amount of her love honey filling the big-chested girl’s mouth, she had troubles breathing - Naoto growing red in the face while she tries swallowing Yukiko’s come. Yukiko’s body tensed up above her, shaked with some orgasmic spasms. Her legs stretched out and kicked a little - bending her dick just a bit too far for Naoto’s comfort - but soon Yukiko was able to pull herself together. Her moves were still weaker, but she was still able to use her feet to make Naoto cum - the girl’s cock firing off semen all over Naoto’s belly and Yukiko’s pantyhose and feet.

Having done that, Yukiko realized that Naoto was probably having troubles breathing now. Moving her ass to the side, she got off Naoto and sat down on the ground near her - the semen from her feet dripping onto the ground. Breathing heavily, Naoto sucked in delicious, precious air. The asphyxia helped her cum harder, but she had investigated too many autoerotic accidents involving it - the fear the same would happen to her keeping the detective from enjoying it fully. On the other side, she could see Rise getting up, multiple bruises all over her body. The girl didn’t seem to mind at all, however - and that made Naoto reflect. Yukiko, too, was treated very roughly by Chie… She almost choked her out! Both of her friends seemed to have enjoyed all that pain they were put through. Would… Would she also enjoy it if the very muscular police officer in training hurt her, too?

As she wondered that, Naoto failed to pay attention to what the other girls were doing. In the corner of her eye, she could see Rise bending over and then picking something up from the ground, then walking towards her. She couldn’t really see, nor really cared, for whatever Rise had in her hand. She only was able to realize her mistake as Rise pointed her own gun at her. What? Why would Rise do- Bang! Rise squeezed the trigger, sending a bullet right through the palm of Naoto’s right hand. “Can’t have you summoning your Persona now!” Rise explained cheerfully - before shooting her other hand in the same way. Her arm was a bit shaky, but she still hit Naoto’s hand - tearing a huge chunk of it off. Naoto looked on at Rise in confusion. Why was she doing it? “R-rise? What’s going on? Why?” She asked, completely confused, and Rise smiled. “We’re doing a porn shoot alright - but we left out a crucial detail before. You see, this won’t be a normal video… But rather, a snuff one.” Rise explained, before firing off another shot - this time into Naoto’s right knee. Her bullet shattered the joint, leaving the rest of Naoto’s leg just hanging limply - and ensuring a sudden burst of energy wouldn’t let the detective escape. Naoto screamed out in pain as her leg was brutalized like that, her eyes filled with surprise and pain at the sudden betrayal. A snuff movie? Were they… Were they going to kill her?

“What? A snuff movie? Then… Why me? Because you knew I’d trust you?” She asked once she had regained her composition - her voice showing her pain. They were the first people she opened up to… And now they’d do this to her? Upon hearing that, Rise shook her head a little. “No, that’s not it Naoto! We asked you to join precisely because you’re a dear friend to us, too! You won’t be the only one dying here - me and Yukiko will follow you soon after!” Rise explained excitedly, and Yukiko popped up at her side, nodding. “We couldn’t just leave you behind, Naoto!” She joined in - only for Rise to suddenly kiss her. Yukiko blushed as she did it, feeling a bit guilty… But as her eyes darted to the side, she saw that Chie seemed fine with it - so she kissed Rise back. Naoto listened to it with surprise and confusion. So, Rise and Yukiko were both going to die here as well… But first, they wanted to kill her? She had never expected her friends to be this twisted… And yet, a part of her was grateful that they didn’t leave her out of it. She looked at the girls for a few moments, unsure of her feelings - but the others weren’t going to let her think about it forever.

“Let’s do it already!” Chie called out while getting to her knees behind Naoto’s head. “Yukiko, hold her down… l-love.” Her voice stammered as she said the last word - still embarrassed to call Yukiko that in public. “Sure!” Yukiko called back, getting to her knees next to Naoto’s chest. At the same time, Rise went for Naoto’s lower body - but not before procuring something from the pile of things she had set aside earlier when setting the cameras up. It was a strap-on - one she quickly put on. Then, getting down between the detective’s legs, she pulled them apart. Her cock was pretty limp, but she wasn’t going for it. Below it and the girl’s balls was Naoto’s pussy - one she had already confirmed earlier was completely functional. Then, she just simply thrust the strap-on into Naoto’s slit - and proceeded to fuck her with it. At the same time, since her hands were free, she grabbed Naoto’s cock - her hands working on stroking it to hardness again.

In the meantime, Yukiko grabbed Naoto by her shoulders and pressed her down, making sure that the girl wouldn’t struggle. This next step was going to require a lot of precision… They wouldn’t want to kill Naoto prematurely. Chie watched as Yukiko did that - her hand holding a small, yet very sharp saw. “Yukiko, d-dear… Hold her head, alright?” Chie clarified, and Yukiko nodded. Right, pinning her head was even more important. Yukiko’s hands moved towards Naoto’s face, stroking it gently while pushing it down. It was so warm… Looking at Naoto’s face while carressing it, Yukiko just couldn’t hold it in. She needed to feel more of it! Bending over, she lined her lips with Naoto’s - and then, kissed her. Naoto did nothing to kiss her back, unlike Rise - who, in their brief moment before, already showed that she was a great kisser. But Yukiko didn’t care - she was happy to hold Naoto like that and kiss her, even if it was a one-sided kiss.

Meanwhile, Chie put her saw against the top of Naoto’s head. Lowering it a little, she then gently pushed it in - slicing through Naoto’s scalp. Then, she began to grind the saw against Naoto’s skin, flesh, and the skull that laid beneath them. She proceeded to move it back and forth, the sharp teeth mercilessly sinking deeper and deeper into Naoto’s head. The pain in Naoto’s head forced her to struggle, but Yukiko was holding her head steadily, preventing it from moving - and ensuring that Chie would pull it off without any issues. As it was happening, Naoto had troubles believing it. They were opening her head up? But why? If they wanted to have her dead, wouldn’t it be easier if they just shot her? It’d probably be less painful, too… She tried struggling, but without really putting in an effort into it - for each time she moved, her wounded hands and knee caused her more pain. If they weren’t hurt, she would be able to fight back… Would she? Would she be capable of hurting her friends to get out of here? They were very much capable of hurting her… But Naoto doubted that she could hurt them herself. They were her first real friends… She didn’t really want any harm to happen to them. Ah, why were they willing to throw their lives away like this! And why did they have to insist on taking her with them!

Finally, Chie finished the cut - a part of Naoto’s brain exposed to the air. She sat the saw down with a clung that alarmed Yukiko that she was done - and making her let go of Naoto’s head. As she looked over at Chie, Yukiko saw that her lower already had her cock in her hand - and was guiding it towards Naoto’s head. “Chie, wait a little, alright?” She called out - Rise had whispered an idea into her ear before. Getting up, she quickly ran over to one of the smaller cameras - and was able to pick it up. It was small enough that she could even hold it with one hand - its screen giving her a view of what it was aimed at. Returning to the other three girls, she made sure to zoom in on Naoto’s face - then gave Chie a thumbs up with her other hand. Like this, she would capture every moment of Naoto’s painful demise. However, since she only needed one hand for it, she directed the other one towards her pussy. Like this, the footage would be a little shaky… But Yukiko didn’t care.

Upon seeing Yukiko’s gesture, Chie went ahead - thrusting right into Naoto’s brain. The detective’s eyes bulged hard in their sockets as the brain which had solved so many criminal cases was now just reduced to cock fodder. Her vision was taken away from her as Chie’s huge, thick cock crashed through the part of her brain responsible for it. She was still able to feel everything that was happening to her, though… Could feel the cock moving inside of her head, could feel Rise pounding her pussy aggresively with her artificial cock… And could feel her erection getting the hardest she ever remembered. Rise was pretty surprised to see it suddenly grow hard like that, but she didn’t mind at all - just carefreely jerking Naoto off while watching her face.

Next, Chie thrust further in - crushing the middle section of Naoto’s brain. Now, she wasn’t really able to feel the rest of her body anymore - nor control it. Her body began spasming hard on the ground. Chie’s dick and Rise’s strap-on kept her head and her abdomen mostly stable - but her limbs were sent swinging. Her arms threw blood around from the wounds in her hands, one of them hitting Yukiko and shaking the camera - as well as pushing her hand a little deeper into her pussy. With her arms bouncing up and down, so did her chest - her abundant breasts jiggling hard. Her legs were kicking out on both sides of Rise - or at least, trying to. The one still whole did just that, while the other one just tensed and released next to Rise - the idol still getting to feel all of it. Naoto’s face showed no signs of the girls significant intelligence anymore. Her eyes were rolling around - one of them stopping while directed far to the side while the other one looked out directly forward. Blood began to leak out of her small nose along with some snot. Her mouth was open, foam all over her lips and teeth - completing the image of a brainless, dying slut.

Naoto’s mind was still holding on though, if only barely. Was coming to Inaba in the first place a mistake? No… Those were the best days of her life… She found such great friends here… Even if they were also her killers, she still appreciated all the great time they’ve spent together. Grandfather… I’m sorry… She apologized to him internally - for now the Shirogane line of detectives would come to an end. I wonder what he will think of this… Naoto’s final thought went towards the leader of the Investigation Team. Would he miss her? Or would he enjoy… Watching her be raped and killed?

Chie pushed her cock all the way in, smashing the rest of Naoto’s brain - and ending her life. Her body would spasm some more, but the great Detective Prince Naoto Shirogane was dead. Once she hit the front of Naoto’s skull, Chie knew she could fucking her head properly - and began grinding her hips in and out of it, enjoying finally able to fuck something with her full force. Her cock smashed against her skull again and again, Naoto’s brains grinded into a paste under Chie’s great strength. Yukiko just masturbated at the sight, eventually cumming hard as she felt Chie thrust into one of their trusted friend’s head again and again. Rise fucked her pussy hard throughout the whole thing - eventually getting it to squirt out some cum. Her cock didn’t take that much time to work on, once more releasing quite a plentiful load all over Rise - not that she minded. She still continued to hump the strap-on into the detective’s pussy, working on a climax on her own - while wondering how hard Naoto’s pussy must have been gripping her sex toy now that she was dead. Chie would go on with brainfucking Naoto for some more time - until finally she came, flooding her skull with her semen. Some of her semen even leaked out of the dead girl’s eye sockets.

Pulling out, Chie looked at the other two living girls in anticipation - a look that both Rise and Yukiko shared with her. One of the girls of the Investigation Team was dead… But the night was still young - and the others were looking forward to more deadly fun together.
R: 14 / I: 0

Tit Butchery

Tit Butchery by Bill (a debreasting story)
 "Hey girls, where are we going for lunch today?" called out the tanned brunette as she intercepted her two friends on their way out the door of the office.

"Hi Tai, we're going down to the butchery and Liria is having her tits chopped off for my lunch." The slender, asian Liria nodded and blushed as Tai ogled her plump breasts.

"Wow, you too Liria? I'm going to have my boobs butchered today." Tai cupped her big breasts and gave them a squeeze.

"Hee hee, this is going to be great fun for me to watch then isn't it girls? Come one, let's go. I want to watch you two get your tits chopped off." Tammy's spunky black hair shook as she giggled and led Tai and Liria out of the office.

Liria eyed Tai's firm bust as they were dragged to the butchery by the pale Tammy. "What's the occasion for giving yourself to the butchery Tai?"

"Oh, I bet my boobs in a game of poker last night and lost out. So, all the gals from the game are waiting for me to fill in my end of the deal and get hacked up."

"That's a bummer! I lost mine gambling to Tammy yesterday so I'm paying up now."

"Hurry it up girls, we're almost there!" Tammy tugged them around a corner and then into the gleaming glass doors of the butchery. "Hi Meg!" Tammy called out to a well-endowed girl with short curly black hair who was working behind a counter.

"Hi Tammy, are you bringing more meat for us?" Tammy smiled wickedly. "You've got to be our #1 supplier of tits girl, you're awesome!" Meg got up and led the three girls through a pair of double doors into a bloody slaughterhouse.

"Ok girls," said Meg, "shirts off, lets get your tits out and ready to be chopped up."

"You've got it!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Tai and Liria glanced around eagerly as they peeled off their tops and exposed their braless boobs to the chill air of the butchery. Tai's well-tanned tits were large and firm with perfectly round aereole that crinkled in the cool air. Liria's big tits were smooth and pale with prominent pink nipples that were rigid from the cold.

"Well, well, you sure found some nice titmeat this time Tammy. These girls have some excellent breasts." Meg rummaged around and pulled out a clipboard. "Ok, who's getting their tits chopped up and how? Don't forget Tammy, you can volunteer your meaty chest anytime you want." Meg winked at Tammy and licked her lip suggestively.

"Hee hee," Tammy giggled and clutched her ample chest protectively, "Don't forget Meg, for just a couple of bucks I can have any Butchery employee butchered too."

"Ooh, that's mean of you girl, teasing me like that." Meg lowered her clipboard to afford them all a clear view of her large breasts and stiff nipples poking at the fabric of her shirt. Her pen poised over an important looking check mark on the clipboard, "Let me know if you want them chopped girl, I have your credit card on file so the charge can be deducted automatically, all you have to do is give the word." She winked at the other two girls as they appraised her breasts.

"You know I'm just joking Meg! Who would I flirt with if you weren't here any more." She ran up and gave Meg a big hug, both of them laughed as they squeezed their big tits together and ground their nipples into one another.

"You're right. Although, I do have some excellent tit meat and I'm sure you'd have a great time watching me get chopped up." She cupped her voluptuous breasts proudly before returning to the clipboard. "Now, speaking of excellent tit meat, who are you two and what are we going to be doing to you today?"

Tai stepped forward first and thrust her chest forwards, "I'm Tai, I lost my tits in a game of poker and there are a bunch of girls in processor 3C waiting to see me pay up." Meg nodded and made a check on her clipboard.

Lirai stepped up next and presented her full boobs to Meg. "My name's Lirai and I'm getting my tits chopped up so Tammy can have them for lunch today." 

Meg looked at Lirai and then at Tammy, "Nice job Tammy, how'd you talk her into it?"

Tammy blushed, "I didn't have to do anything, she asked me if I'd like to place a bet yesterday. She bet she had bigger nipples than me. After she lost she asked if I'd prefer pumpernickel or rye with her tit meat in a sandwich." 

Lirai nodded as Meg glanced at her, "I even brought the bread and fixings with me, they're in my purse for once I've had my tits hacked off."

Meg smiled at her, "Good plan girl, there's nothing like planning the condiments to your own titmeat to guarantee a good meal." Meg made a final few checkmarks on her clipboard then announced "Ok, all set, who's first?"

"How about we do Lirai, I'd like to get my lunch and eat it while I watch Tai's tits get chopped."

"That sounds like a good plan Tammy." Lirai cupped her tits at Meg, "Where do you need these?"

"We can do that right here." Meg slid a vicious looking slicer out to the middle of the room and waved Lirai up to it.

Lirai stepped up nervously. A gleaming steel plate with two holes was braced up against the cutting board and a dizzying array of blades were poised above it. "Wow, is that a Slicer 310?" Exclaimed Lirai as she eyed the machine.

"Yes it is, good eye girl!"

"Thanks, I read Tit Meat Monthly so I've heard all about this model. Does it have the automatic tit-grippers and self-flushing system?"

"It does, slide your tits through those holes and you'll get a chance to experience them first-hand."

"Sure thing, this is going to be awesome." Tammy and Tai looked at one another with a silent 'she's nuts' message as they watched Lirai slide her juicy globes through the slots in the machine and snugged her chest up to it.

"All ready?"

"Yup!" There was a brief whirring then Lirai started and fluttered her hands across her breasts. "Oh, those are the tit-grippers, right?"

"Yup, they've gripped the base of your tits so you can't back out."

"Oh come on, who'd do that? If you've come this far, just accept that you're meat and suck it up."

"That's the spirit Lirai!" cheered Tammy, "Now, hurry it up and get your tits sliced for my lunch, I'm hungry."

Lirai winked at Tammy, "One succulent tit-sandwich, coming right up!" She rummaged through her purse and arranged the sandwich fixings on the chopping table in front of her. Four slices of bread were laid out with veggies, waiting for the juicy meat of her tits to complete them.

"Ready?" asked Meg. Lirai nodded and gripped the sides of the slicer firmly as Meg started adjusting the blades. "That should get those primed, now lets get these beauties in place." Lirai watched nervously as Meg handled her breasts, cupping them and pulling gently to make sure they were fully through the holes then squeezing them softly and settling them squarely on the board. With a pinch of her nipples, Meg was done playing with Lirai's breasts and Lirai was breathing heavily.

"Getting ready for the big moment Lirai?" asked Tai breathily, her own nipples betraying her arousal.

"Um… yup…" whispered Lirai nervously as Meg brought the overhead mesh of blades a notch closer to the tender meat of her bulging tits.

"Brace yourself for it babe, it's time for you to give 'em up like you promised."

"Yeah… You're next don't forget…"

Tai grinned cockily, struck a pose and cupped one melon sized-tit, "You mean one of these beauties? I can hardly wait!"

"It's all set Tammy, just hit this button and it'll start." said Meg indicating a button on the remote she passed to Tammy.

Tammy looked up at Lirai and smiled, "Goodbye Lirai!" *click*

"Bye Tammy, I hope you enjoy my mm-mea-argh!" Lirai clenched in pain as the whirring blades descended on her trapped tits. The meat of her boobs was pierced by twin prongs through their center to hold them in place, then a spinning blade lashed out and sliced off Lirai's tender nipples.

Tai & Tammy winced sympathetically as Lirai screamed in pain. Meg watched fascinated as the blades worked, quietly rubbing her clipboard against her rock-hard nipples.

Two more passes of the spinning saw-blade sliced of two juicy slices of Lirai's tits as she shuddered in pain. Then the saw retracted and a large chopping blade descended swiftly, slicing through Lirai's tits once, twice then a third time. The final chop was nearly level with Lirai's chest and as it completed, the machine whirred and retracted the bloody blades.

"There we go!" Exclaimed Meg as Lirai collapsed to the ground clutching her bleeding chest. "Your sandwich meat is ready girl, wasn't that fun to watch?"

Tammy nodded and stepped forward over Lirai's trembling form. Picking up bloody slices of tit she slapped them onto the bread and fixed up her sandwiches while Lirai struggled to compose herself. Tammy took a great big bite of a sandwich as Lirai rose to her feet. "Mmmm, dsh zs vry gdd!" she mumbled through a mouthful of Lirai's tit.

Meg caught Lirai as she was about to collapse again. "Whoa there girl! It's ok, I have you. Good job on giving up your tits there, that was incredible to watch. Now come on, follow me and I'll get you checked out."

Lirai smiled faintly as she was lead away to the cooler. There Meg hung her up by her ankles over a grate in the floor. With a quick slash, Lirai's throat was slit open and her lifeblood began gurgling down the drain.

Tai nudged Tammy as she watched Lirai get checked out. "Think they'll do that to me?" she asked.

Tammy swallowed a mouthful of delicious tit sandwich and replied. "Of course, every girl I bring here gets checked out after they get their tits chopped off. Your tits are bigger than hers so you'll take longer to chop up, but once you're done you'll get hung & bled before you can make too much of a mess on the floor."

"Hmm… I guess I should've worked on my poker skills then!" laughed Tai. "Oh well, my tits are toast, but at least it's fun to watch so the girls can all enjoy watching my big boobs get chopped up." As she spoke, Tai stroked the smooth skin of her huge tits and tweaked her nipples.

When Meg returned from the cooler both girls noticed her rigid nipples poking through her taught shirt. "All right ladies, what's next on the agenda now that you have lunch?"

Tai spoke up, "There are a bunch of girls waiting for me in 3C so I should get my tits chopped up soon."

"Right, follow me." Meg turned and walked to a door on the far side of the room. The girls followed her shapely ass as she led them down a corridor into a mid-size hexagonal room. There were rows of seats on one half of the room and an elaborate chair-like device in the middle. The chairs were mostly occupied by a gaggle of beautiful girls in sexy outfits, they were playing cards as Meg entered the room but stopped as soon as they saw the half-naked Tai.

"Ooooh! Hi Tai!" One of the busty girls squealed and waved from her chair.

"Hi Sue, are you girls all here to watch me lose these?" Tai cupped her big, tanned tits and squeezed them firmly.

"You bet babe, just hold on a sec - we have an awesome game going on here and Jill is about to lose her boobs if she can't pull a straight flush this round."

"Is that right Jill?" a busty brunette nodded nervously as Sue dealt her in to a hand of cards. Her big boobs were already bare and were topped by a pair of rigidly aroused nipples as she watched the cards land in front of her. "Well, good luck girl, it'll be a bitch on monday if we're two short tomorrow - the Stepford account is due."

"It's time…" Sue said and the girls both flipped their cards… to reveal a full house for Sue against Jill's pair of 8s. "That's just a two-pair Jill, you're up next!"

Jill inhaled deeply and stared at the cards as they lay in front of her. Her hands strayed up her body to cup her plump breasts and tweak her stiff nipples. "Yeah…" she muttered, "that means I'm up. Ok girls, are you going to watch me lose my boobs?"

"You better believe it!" said the busty Sue as she and the rest of the ladies grinned. "Give her a hand there… Meg! We have the fixins, all we need is a double batch of breast meat."

Meg stepped up to Jill and lead her to the chair-like machine. "This is it Jill, all you have to do is climb in." Jill had her sexy long legs guided into the seat and her firm rump slid into place then locked with a belt. Her chest was level with a tray and Meg quickly folded up a metal panel with two holes in it. "Your tits go through here, need a hand getting them in?"

"No, I can do it." The office girls leered as Jill carefully slid her large breasts through the holes. Her tits bulged as Meg gently folded her arms behind her back and tied them in place.

"There all tied up, let me adjust these quickly…" Meg grabbed Jill's breasts in a business-like manner and Jill gasped as her tender tits were tugged, squeezed and pulled into position before having her nipples gently tweaked. Satisfied with their position, Meg gave Jill's tits a final prod then pressed a button.

"Oh!" Exclaimed Jill as the grippers sunk dozens of small needles into the base of her breasts to hold them in place. The rest of the girls stared hungrily at her trapped bust, many of their own nipples tingling excitedly as they waited for Jill's tits to get sliced off. Meg breathed heavily as she smoothly activated the slicer and stepped back as the blades whirred to life.

Jill watched in nervous anticipation as a thin buzzsaw blade descended on her tits, biting into the flesh of her bust and neatly severing her nipples. She screamed in pain and the rest of the girls tittered among themselves as the spinning saw blade made two more passes at her meaty bust, making two neat slices of juicy meat fall away from her chest. Then the saw retracted and a razor-sharp butchering blade came down with two solid THWACKs, chopping her breasts into thick slices of meat, with the final slice coming down even with her chest.

The girls applauded as Meg stepped up and quickly caught Jill as the machine released her and she slumped out, clutching her bloody chest. "Great job girl, everybody really enjoyed watching you give those up. Now come on, let me help you check out so Tai can have her turn." Meg winked at Tai who smiled back eagerly as the woozy Jill was lead to the corner. With practiced ease Meg hooked her up by her ankles over the drain and smoothly slit her neck from ear to ear. Jill gurgled and bled out as Meg walked back to the group of girls who were excitedly serving up Jill's sliced boobs with crackers and other snack foods.

"My turn?" Asked Tai breathlessly, stroking her melon-sized breasts as she stepped up to the machine.

"You bet!" Hollered Sue from the group of sexily-dressed office girls. They were all gathered around the platter of food they'd made from Jill and were hungrily staring at Tai's big boobs.

Tai smiled proudly as Meg helped her into the blood-spattered seat. Leaning forward she carefully eased her big breasts into place and grinned eagerly as Meg tugged and tweaked them into perfect chopping position. She gasped as the grippers locked her boobs in place then held up one hand as Meg reached for the start button.

"Can I?" She asked.

"Of course!" Said Meg, stepping out of the way so everyone had a clear view of Tai strapped into the machine with her great big boobs ready to be sliced.

"Ready for the show?" Teased Tai, one finger on the button. Her co-workers shouted and cheered in response. "Then let's get it started!" She shouted, clicking the button.

The machine whirred to life and everyone stared as the buzzsaw came up and descended on Tai's rock-hard nipples. But, rather than screaming in pain, she cried out in ecstacy as her nipples were severed and, with two more swift passes, great meaty slices of her bust were carved away. Tai's hips bucked as she furiously worked one hand in her crotch while the razor sharp butcher's blade rose up and lashed out at her remaining bust. With swift strokes, and cries of passion from Tai, it was soon over and the machine went still.

Meg was stunned by Tai's butchering show and almost missed catching her as she slumped out of the machine. "Wow… that was awesome girl, you really gave those up like a pro." She said as she helped Tai to her feet. "Ready to get checked out now?" Tai smiled woozily as she was lead over to the drain and hooked up by her ankles. She smiled and gave Meg a thumbs up as she bared her neck for the knife. As her throat was slit she gurgled softly and shuddered as her blood ran down into the grate.

"Wow, that was incredible!" Cried Sue as Tai's breastmeat was arranged with the rest of the snacks.

"Yeah…" Muttered Tammy, stroking her own impressive bust as she gazed at the machine.

"Tempted to go for it?" Teased Meg. "Or how about watching me?" She thrust out her own big breasts temptingly.

"Doesn't it sound fun?" Interjected Sue, holding a deck of cards. "Come on and take a risk for some fun. Low card gets the chop - you can even pick which one of us you want to bet against." The sexily dressed office girls murmured their approval and gathered around, presenting their full busts to Tammy.

"Well…" Muttered Tammy, looking over the array of breasts. Then she gasped as she spotted one huge rack belonging to a curly redhead. "You! Ok, you're on!"

"Ha! I knew it'd be you Clara!" Laughed Sue as she shuffled the cards.

"Me too, jealous?" Teased the redhead as she calmly drew a card and tucked it between her bulging breasts without even looking at it.

Tammy stared, mesmerized, at Clara's huge boobs as she drew her card. Looking down she saw the eight of clubs and held it up for all to see.

"Not bad, how'd I do?" Clara closed her eyes and thrust her chest forward.

Sue plucked the card from her cleavage. "Three of diamonds girl, you're up!"

Clara shuddered excitedly, stiff nipples straining the fabric of her top as everyone applauded her. "Oh wow," she said, carefully unwrapping her top to bare her huge, yet still firm, breasts, "this will be intense." She looked at her co-workers and grinned. "And you're all going to love watching it aren't you?"

"They aren't the only ones." Said Tammy cheerfully as she ogled Clara's smooth-skinned bust and light pink nipples.

"No kidding!" Blurted Meg, eagerly admiring Clara's bust as she waved her over to the machine.

Clara complied, calmly taking a seat and moaning with pleasure as Meg eased her huge boobs into place. Meg had to struggle to get Clara's massive bust through the rings properly, but nobody seemed to mind, least of all Clara who moaned each time Meg squeezed her stiff-nippled melons.

"There we go!" Exclaimed Meg as Clara's huge boobs finally settled properly, the fleshy mounds spilling across the tray. Clara grunted as she locked the grippers in place, then smiled proudly as the start button was pressed and the machine whirred to life. Everybody was stunned, Clara included, as the machine suddenly flashed red lights and beeped, then shut down.

"Did I break it?" Clara asked disappointedly as she watched the buzzsaw retract.

"Nope." Said Meg, examining the side of the machine. "It just needs adjusting to handle a set of boobs as big as yours!"

Clara blushed proudly as everyone applauded her magnificently huge bust while Meg adjusted the machine. After just a moment Meg finished pressing buttons and slapped the Start button with a flourish. "There we go!" she said as the machine whirred to life again and the buzzsaw raised up once more and made its way towards Clara's erect nipples.

"Oh!" Gasped Clara as the buzzsaw bit into her massive boobs with a bloody spray and quickly severed her first nipple. She bit her lip and writhed in the seat, bucking her hips as one hand frantically worked her pussy while the machine carved her meaty chest into succulent slices of mammary. Three juicy slices of her huge boobs lay on the machine and the buzzsaw was busily chewing through her smooth flesh to make a fourth when Clara erupted in orgasm, crying out as the mix of pleasure and pain overcame her. 

The gathered crowd applauded and cheered as they watched their gorgeous co-worker shudder in the machine as the buzzsaw carved her incredible boobs into slices of meat. Five thick slices of flesh lay on the machine before the buzzsaw retracted and the razor-sharp butcher's knife emerged for the final slices. Clara blew a wayward strand of hair out of her way and stared woozily at her friends, emerging from her haze long enough to blow her friends a teasing kiss before the blade sliced into her smooth-skinned breasts and she cried out in pain again as two swift slices carved away the last of her mighty chest.

The applause was thunderous as the machine beeped and unlocked Clara, who slumped into Meg's waiting arms. "That was terrific! You put on a great show for everybody, and you had such a rack to give up. Everybody loved it, now come on and I'll get you checked out."

Meg helped Clara over to the drain and quickly hooked her up next to the other girls. She held her head back with one hand in her mass of red tangles as she smoothly sliced through Clara's neck and left her gurgling gently as she bled out.

"That was awesome!" Crowed Sue. "But, I still want to see yours on the block sweetie. How about another wager, same deal as before?" The office girls displayed themselves again as Sue held out the deck of cards.

"I… think I'm done…" Said Tammy indecisively as she eyed the tempting array of flesh that was being presented.

"What if I sweeten the pot?" Chimed in Meg.

"How?" Asked Tammy.

"With these…" Meg removed her top in one smooth motion, baring her voluptuous breasts. "Whoever wins," she gulped excitedly, "gets them."

Everybody admired Meg's proudly displayed bust, then turned back to Tammy.

"So, what do you say?" Asked Sue, "Yours against one of ours, plus Meg goes to the winner."

"Oooohhh… Meg, baby, those are beauties!"

"Thanks!" Said Meg, beaming proudly as she displayed her pale, dark-nippled mounds to the hungry crowd.

"Ok, you're on!" Said Tammy, flushing excitedly as the girls all applauded. "And I'll wager with… you!" She said, pointing one finger at Sue.

Sue proudly showed off her stylishly displayed bust to the room. "Me? Well, I guess I must have the finest boobs here, It'll be an honor to compete with you. And a delight to sink my teeth into your tits when you lose!" She laughed brazenly and passed the deck to a busty crew-cut co-worker to shuffle.

The deck of cards was shuffled and held out. Tammy rested her hand on it, looked over at Meg who smiled and nodded, then drew a card. Sue leered predatorily at Tammy's big bust as she drew her card, flipping it up immediately. "Seven of clubs!" She called.

Tammy looked down at her own card and gulped nervously.

"Come on girl, spit it out. Or you could save time and climb into that chair right now…"

"Seven of hearts." Said Tammy, slowly revealing her card to the room.

"A tie?" Gasped Meg. 

"Holy shit!" Blurted Sue. "That's a win for the house, we all get the chop!" She laughed and looked back at her co-workers. "Looks like you all get one hell of a show girls."

"Wow!" Said Meg excitedly. "This will be a great show, you're so lucky! Now, I've called for a new staffgirl to help out while I get chopped and she's just about h…"

"Hi Meg!" Called the tanned blonde in the straining butchershop outfit as she entered the room. "What's up, you getting bought? Or is someone making a request for big tanned tits and I'm on the menu?" She grinned, squeezing her big boobs together so everyone could see her firm nipples straining her shirt.

"Ha! Maybe later Teri, it's my turn right now." Meg said, proudly showing off her bare breasts.

"Oh? We'll miss you at the Meat Party this Friday girl, Zammie was looking forward to demonstrating her new toy on you."

"Shit! That's right…" Meg looked crestfallen at the thought of disappointing her friend. "Wait, could you take my place here Teri?" She asked hopefully.

"Sure thing!" Teri smiled and proudly pulled her top off to bare her incredible breasts. They were tanned, pertly nippled and rode high on her chest, despite their size. "What do you say girls, are these good enough?" She asked, displaying them to the room full of hungry girls.

The applause and catcalls seemed to satisfy her and Meg, so she slid into the machine and eagerly squeezed her breasts through the holes. "Mmm… it's bloody, you've been having fun in here haven't you?" She asked as Meg groped and squeezed her bust into position.

"And we still are!" Called Sue as she ogled Teri's bulging tits.

Meg quickly adjusted the machine and whispered. "It's ready whenever you are. Thanks doll." 

"You're welcome, have fun at the party and give my best to Zammie!"

Teri gave a thumbs up to the crowd and hit the start button. She braced herself as the buzzsaw came up, then cried out passionately as it sawed off her nipples in one smooth pass. One hand worked her pussy as she writhed in pain as the saw passed back and forth, sawing through her big tanned tits and spraying blood. The girls applauded and cheered her as slices of her impressive bust hit the tray until the buzzsaw finally retracted. "Enjoy them!" She cried as the sharp knife came out and made two swift slices to sever the last of her breasts.

Meg stumbled as she caught Teri, then helped her up and over to the drain. "Great show Teri, your tits looked great as you gave 'em up and everybody loved it, right?" The girls applauded as Teri was hoisted up by her ankles and had her throat smoothly slit.

"Come on girl, out with your tits!" Sue hollered at Tammy as she undid her own top and hauled her big breasts out for all to see.

Tammy smiled and pulled open her top, proudly showing off her great big boobs. Everybody gasped as they saw what her baggy top had been concealing - a succulent set of tits with erect quarter-sized nipples.

"Oh yum." Said Sue. "Ok, heads mine go first," she thrust out her firm tits, "tails it's yours," she indicated Tammy's plump mounds, "ready?" Tammy nodded and Sue flipped a coin. It landed with a *clink* and they both looked at it - heads.

"Get ready for my show!" Sue called to her co-workers, then sat herself down in the machine and thrust her breasts towards the two holes. She closed her eyes and grunted in satisfaction as Meg squeezed her breasts through the holes and settled them in position.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she saw Meg reach for the Start button, Sue braced herself as she heard the *click* and then the whine of the buzzsaw. Her eyes flung open and her body went rigid as her nipples parted with a crimson spray. Looking down, wide-eyed, at the buzzsaw as it whirred back for a second pass, Sue moaned deeply and thrust her chest against the machine, grinding her hips erotically as she pressed more of her soft flesh into the machine.

The office girls applauded and cheered as Sue's bust was sliced up amidst cries of passion and pain. Three, then four slices of her big tits were laying on the tray before the buzzsaw retracted and the knife came up to make the final slices. Chop, chop went the blade, reducing the last of Sue's firm bust to sliced meat and dropping her into Meg's waiting arms.

"Good job, that was a great show." Muttered Meg encouragingly as she helped Sue to her feet. "Your tits looked terrific as they were chopped up, now lets get you checked out." Sue smiled proudly as she was hung up and bravely tilted her head back, offering her smooth neck to the knife. Meg obliged her and in no time she was bleeding out.

"M-my turn?" Asked Tammy in nervous anticipation as Meg returned.

"Yeah!" Said Meg excitedly as she stared at Tammy's tits. "God those look juicy girl, I can't wait to see them sliced. Come on, give me a hug!" The two girls embraced in a tit-grinding hug while the office girls watched and whistled. "It's a shame we couldn't go together." Whispered Meg as she tweaked Tammy's erect nipples.

"A tease to the end eh?" Said Tammy as her groping hands gave Meg's firm nipples a painful squeeze.

"Mmm… yeah." Muttered Meg, thrusting her tits into Tammy's hands for more rough treatment. She gasped and rose up on her toes as Tammy viciously dug her nails into her nipples and twisted. "Ohh… fuck!" She gasped as her hips shuddered in orgasm from the sudden pain. "Wow…" She breathed. "Ok, your turn!" She said, smiling as she put one arm around Tammy and guided her to a seat in the machine.

Tammy took her seat and looked nervously from her big bust to the two holes before thrusting her tits forward and easing them through the holes with both hands. Meg helped her guide her smooth flesh into the machine and the extra set of hands teasing her breasts and nipples sent tingles of excitement through them.

Tammy sighed in satisfaction as her chest snugged up against the holes. The tightness around the base of her breasts squeezed her fleshy mounds pleasantly and made them bulge as they lay displayed on the tray. "They look great don't they?" She asked Meg, then again, louder, to the office girls.

"Yeah!" Cried Meg while the office girls hooted and applauded.

"Think they'll look even better sliced up?" Shouted Tammy, pointing proudly at her succulent boobs.

The office girls hollered their assent and Meg smiled proudly at Tammy as she readied the machine. She gave Tammy's smooth tits one final gentle stroke and pecked Tammy on the cheek before indicating the Start button and stepping aside.

Tammy smiled at Meg then turned to the office girls. "Let's find out!" She cried, then hit the Start button.

The whir of the buzzsaw sent a breeze streaming across the tingling flesh of Tammy's trapped breasts as it descended on her engorged nipples. Tammy gasped as the blade bit into her flesh with a burning pain and didn't stop. The erect flesh of her nipples slowly peeled away from the rest of her big breasts as the blade sliced through it and they fell neatly onto the tray with a slight bloody spray.

Tammy's grip on the machine tightened as a wave of intense pleasure unfolded in her loins and overrode the pain in her tits. A throaty cry crept out of her as the buzzsaw returned and dove into her tender flesh a second time. As it passed through the juicy flesh of her bust, Tammy reveled in the feeling of helpless submission and the agony she was willingly submitting herself too. The wave of pain in her pussy erupted into an orgasm and her hips began bucking uncontrollably as the buzzsaw finished its second pass through her meaty chest and returned for a third violation.

The office girls were on their feet, applauding and cheering as Tammy writhed and howled with ecstasy as a third slice of her firm tits was sliced away. The buzzsaw soon reversed itself for a fourth pass through Tammy's still-impressive breasts, giving Tammy barely enough time to take a deep breath and grin cockily at the office girls before it buzzed into her flesh again, parting her skin and causing her to cry out in pain.

The wet slap of her flesh hitting the tray signaled the final pass of the buzzsaw and Tammy watched it retract woozily as the burning agony in her carved breasts pulsed through her, matched by the rushing pleasure of her submissive high and multiple agony-induced orgasms. She licked her lips eagerly, anticipating her coming end, as the butcher knife rose up above her remaining bosom. Thrusting her chest forward she panted passionately as she offered herself to the descending blade, craving the kiss of its steel blade even as it sliced down through her breasts.

With two pounding *CHUNK*s Tammy felt the blade strip away the last of her once-proud bust and she gasped in trembling orgasm as she slumped into Meg's waiting arms.

"Great show babe, your tits were fucking fantastic and watching you give them up was awesome." Smiled Meg as she escorted Tammy past the cheering office girls and over to the drain.

"Wait!" Cried one tall blonde office girl as the pair staggered past.

"Yes?" Asked Meg.

"We've all decided that," she glanced back at her half-dozen co-workers who nodded encouragingly, "we'd like to volunteer as meat!" She blurted, face flush and nipples erect with excitement.

"All of you?"

A chorus of affirmative voices replied. "This is way too much fun, and we're all sick to death of the damnable Stedman account anyway!" Said the blonde. "So, how do we volunteer?"

As she spoke a slim brunette held up some papers. "I found these volunteer forms by the door, is this it?"

"That's it!" Said Meg with a smile. "Just sign on the bottom, toss your clothes into the bin, and you're meat!"

"Oh, this is so exciting!" Squealed a beauty with blue hair, clutching her sumptuous bosom as she penned her name on the form. "Just think, someone will be able to buy us as food!"

"Actually," interrupted Meg, "you'll probably all get allocated to the annual Meat Party this Friday. It's a big event and as new staff it'll be your job to be meat on the hoof, anybody at the party will be able to do anything they want to you." The office girls muttered excitedly, bragging about who would be chosen first, as they peeled out of their clothes, revealing a bevy of curvy bodies, rounded rumps and full breasts.

"Perfect! Thank you so much for volunteering girls, especially you," an especially busty brunette blushed and thrust her proud breasts out brazenly, "but I need to take care of Tammy, I'll be back in a minute." Meg gave the woozy Tammy a shake and helped her the rest of the way to the drain.

Tammy felt a sharp pain in her ankles that faded to a dull sense of tension as her world flipped upside down. A hand grabbed a fist-full of hair and she knew what to expect as her head was pulled back. Her view of the drain was suddenly obstructed by Meg's smiling face. Tammy grunted in surprise as she was kissed full on the lips. She moaned softly as Meg's sensuous tongue probed her mouth and she did the same. Meg broke their fierce lip-lock after a long minute and pecked Tammy softly on the cheek, whispering "You taste great…" as she swiftly drew something ice-cold across Tammy's neck.

The cold started to burn, then a warm wet sensation trickled up her face as Tammy started to bleed out. Gurgling gently she smiled and relaxed into a sublime sense of satisfaction as her world faded to black.
R: 22 / I: 0

BabeHunt VIII

Recently, someone emailed this story to me. I can't see it posted anywhere on the interwebs, but I really enjoyed it, so thought I'd repost it here.

If anyone knows who the author is, or if it goes by a different title, then do say so.

Just to be absolutely clear – I didn't write this.
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Nui's Gonna Kill-ect Them All!

Here's my first commission! If you want one, contact me through the email attached to this post ^^
This story was uploaded a week earlier to my Patreon!

Part 1: Losing More Than Her Way
tags: non-con, F/F, rape, beheading, necrophilia

Having charged into Honnoji Academy on her own, Ryuko Matoi intended to finally take out Nui Harime and Ragyo Kiryuin. Wearing nothing but a bedsheet she had turned into a coat, and wielding only her red Scissor Blade, the young woman demanded for the two to come out and fight her. Nui Harime obliged, and Ryuko quickly began to exchange blows with the Grand Couturier. However, Ragyo was nowhere to be seen. Ryuko wasn’t really bothered by that - figuring out she could start off with killing the spiral-haired woman. For a while, she and Nui crashed in a flurry of blows - the black-haired girl doing her hardest to finally defeat the woman who had killed her father. Finally, she saw an opening - using her coat to catch Nui as she was recoiling from one of her attacks, and pull her closer to her. Then, she impaled the girl through the chest with her scissor blade. Nui lowered her head, screaming out in pain while coughing out blood. Ah! She had done it! She finally avenged her father!

Or so Ryuko thought. “How lovely! You're more wild and cooler than ever today, Ryuko!” After giving Ryuko just a moment to think she had won, Nui just chuckled back at her - the life fibers that were a part of Nui’s body protecting her from any harm. “I’m the same as you! Life fibers also flow through my body! That makes me your soul sister!” Nui called out while jumping away from Ryuko - who just stared at her angrily. That woman… How could she hurt her for real? As the exchange student wondered that, she suddenly felt something tearing at her body from all sides. Looking down, she did it just in time to see the bedsheet she was wearing be ripped to a billion pieces - leaving her in the nude. Without it, she could see that dozens of life fibers were now stuck into various spots on her body. Even worse, the way they were pulling at her left her completely immobilized - the Scissor Blade falling out of her hands. Nui’s threads lifted her a bit higher in the air - the girl suspended spread-eagle in the air… Completely naked and helpless.

“Nui Harime! What is the meaning of this?” Ryuko barked at Nui angrily, and Nui just cheerfully smiled back at her. “While we were fighting, I took your measurements and shot you full of tacking needles! Now, you cannot escape! You can't fight the threads of fate!” Nui told her in her usual, cheerful voice while getting closer to the girl. “Noooooow, Ryuko… You must be so lonely! But don’t worry, I’m here for you! I’ll take good care of your body!” As she said that, Nui put her own Scissor Blade aside - and instead moved her hands towards Ryuko’s body. Immediately, she proceeded to brush them against her skin. “Ah, Ryuko-chan! Your skin is so soft!” Nui called out happily after a few moments of rubbing her hands against the skin of her belly, legs and arms. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!” Ryuko asked Nui furiously, but Nui didn’t respond. Instead, her hands went for Ryuko’s breasts instead - giving them a good groping. “And your tits feel great in my hands, too!” She added after squashing them with her fingers for a while. “L-Leave them alone!” In response, Ryuko called out to Nui again - and surprisingly, Nui obeyed.

Letting go of Ryuko’s chest, the blonde maniac lowered herself a little - enough for her face to line up with Ryuko’s vagina. “Your pussy is so cute, Ryuko!” She called out before moving her hands towards it - poking at her labia with her fingers. “Ghh!” Ryuko grit her teeth while drawing a sharp breath at the unwanted surge of pleasure. Nui was skilled at manipulating life fibers - and so, as she proceeded to massage Ryuko’s slit, she proceeded to draw more of these reactions from her - enough that Ryuko’s cunt began leaking with her arousal. “You’re already wet! You’re such a dirty girl, Ryuko!” Nui laughed at the girl while forcing her fingers inside her for the first time - proceeding to finger her. She used one hand for that, her digits poking and wiping against the inner walls of Ryuko’s pussy - bringing out the most pleasure from within them she could. With the other one, she rubbed Ryuko’s clit - all while enjoying the way the girl writhed in the threads and fought hard not to moan. But Ryuko couldn’t hold out like that forever - and finally, a proper moan escaped from her mouth.

“Ah, perfect! See Ryuko? I really know what’s best for you!” Nui called out before pulling her fingers out, and instead moving her mouth in. Her small mouth opened, letting out a surprisingly large tongue - which she them proceeded to lick Ryuko’s slit with. “Mmm, Ryuko, you taste so good!” Nui let out a muffled comment while continuing to eat Ryuko out - the black-haired girl continuing to unsuccessfully struggle against the threads holding her in place. Nui lapped at Ryuko’s slit for a while longer - until she finally managed to bring Ryuko to the first climax of her young life. Ryuko’s juices gushed straight onto Nui’s face, the Grand Couturier making sure to eat it all up. Then, she backed away a little - taking in the sight of Ryuko’s body, which was shivering in her first orgasm. Seeing her like this, Nui was filled with desire to play more with her body. “I know!” She clapped her hands as she got the perfect idea - and as her hands parted, a double-ended dildo was in between them. She quickly weaved it from some life fibers - and shoved it under her pink dress, right into her own fiber-infused snatch. “Here we go, Ryuko!” She called out while getting back to the black-haired girl again - Ryuko staring at her with fury.

“Ah, no fair Ryuko! Don’t give me that look! You already put on a Kamui created by someone else as your first, so let me have this part of you at least!” Nui called out while guiding the dildo towards Ryuko’s slit. Then, she shoved it right in - her life-fiber dildo stealing Ryuko’s virginity. Staring down, Nui felt just the greatest thrill of all as she saw some blood trickle out of Ryuko’s pussy. Seeing that pushed her into some heightened state - and she just began humping at Ryuko’s pussy with the same speed and force the two of them had exhibited during their duel earlier. This time, however, Ryuko had no chance to keep up with her - the girl just groaning in pain as Nui hammered the dildo into her body again and again. Her pussy was lubricated with the come that had gushed out of her during her forced climax before, making it so that Nui had no problems doing just that. However, it was still too much for her pussy to work with - even despite the fact that the life fibers resonated within her, too. Being battered with them again and again led to her inner walls being pretty bruised - her pussy aching through the whole thing. Nui, however, was able to feel each and every of her thrusts, her pussy pleasantly pounded by the dildo’s other end. The life fibers of the fucktoy connected with those in her own slit as well, granting her pleasure in just the right way - the blonde quickly working towards a climax. “Ryuko! Your pussy feels amaziiiiing!” Nui called out as she finally came - her juices gushing out of her and all over both her and Ryuko’s thighs.

Even amidst her own orgasm, Nui was still the chaotic ball of energy she ever was. As coital pleasure flowed through her body, she pulled herself back - enough to drag the dildo out of Ryuko’s slit. Then, she quickly encircled Ryuko, getting behind her - and slamming her life-fiber dildo right into the girl’s tight asshole. She didn’t struggle with it at all, the life fibers shrinking momentarily to fit into the tight hole - and then growing in size again as Nui proceeded to rape Ryuko anally. “Get out of there!” Ryuko screamed at her as she felt the intrusion in her rectum, feeling her ass’s walls stretch as the life-fiber dildo within her began to swell. However, Nui just giggled. “Ah, Ryuko, don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this too!” She called out before starting to pummel her captive’s anus with the same vigor she showcased on her pussy - both of Ryuko’s lower holes forced to take the same abuse. Nui continued to play with Ryuko’s ass like that for some more time - but eventually got bored of the sensation. “Aaaw Ryuko, this is no fun!” She called out while pulling out of Ryuko’s now-swollen sphincter - and immediately dismissing her latest creation, the life fibers she formed it out of dispersing into the air.

“Now, Ryuko, why don’t we play with one of your toys?” Going downwards, Nui retrieved Ryuko’s Scissor blade. Then, picking her own as well, she quickly combined it in one quick motion - forming the Rending Scissors. The sudden outburst of energy that that caused blew at Ryuko, making her just a little afraid - the black-haired girl slowly recovering from the rough rape Nui subjected her to. “Put them down! My father made them! They’re mine!” She called out to Nui, and Nui turned back to her with a bright smile. “Right, they are! I should let you feel them!” She called out - pointing the deadly weapon towards Ryuko. Getting closer again, she pressed it directly against Ryuko’s skin - letting the woman feel the deadly hardened life fibers pressed against her. Ryuko looked at it with jealousy as Nui rubbed them against her skin - her anger slowly boiling over. As if that wasn’t enough, Nui began to play with her body again - massaging her breasts once more. “Give them back to me! They’re my birthright!” Eventually, Ryuko screamed at Nui like that - no longer able to control her feelings.

“Ah, Ryuko… I’d love to do that! But what would you do with them? Kill me? And then Lady Ragyo? I can’t have that happening!” Nui called out while backing away, for once in her life sounding serious. But then her tone became as carefree as ever. “Fancy joining us instead, mon cher?” She asked happily while looking directly at Ryuko. “Never! I can’t let you guys win!” Ryuko called out in return - and a small pout formed on Nui’s lips for a moment. However, it disappeared as soon as it appeared - Nui calling out to her happily again. “Then just die!” The contrast between her carefree voice and the weight of her words wasn’t lost to Ryuko as Nui swing the scissors towards her - the deadly crimson blades cutting through the air right towards her. Even if Ryuko knew that they couldn’t hurt her - nothing could, just like with Nui and Ragyo - the sight still scared her. That fear managed to pop up on her face - Ryuko staring at the blade in horror as it flew towards her.

However, Nui stopped it just an inch or two away from Ryuko’s body - and burst into a heavy laughter. “Ah, you should have seen the look on your face! You look so cute even when you’re scared, Ryuko! However-” As she added that, Nui opened the scissors instead of treating them like a single blade “-this is the proper way to kill you!” She finished while moving the now-open Rending Scissors so that Ryuko’s neck rested between its blades. “W-wait, Nui, don’t do this!” Ryuko called out to Nui, but Nui just shook her head. “Why not? I’ll have some more fun with your corpse!” Nui explained, before slamming the scissors shut - the twin blades cutting through Ryuko’s neck from both sides. This was one wound life fibers couldn’t heal - slicing through them like that was the very purpose of those scissors. The life fibers fused with Ryuko’s neck were severed for good - the black-haired girl beheaded with what should have been her own weapon.

Ryuko’s head slid forwards - the threads keeping her head in place also cut with the scissors. Her face bore the expression of pure shock - was this really it? She couldn’t feel that weird sensation that followed Ragyo pulling her heart out - there were no life fibers popping out of the stump of her neck and trying to pull her head back towards it. Instead, her head just fell - only for Nui to discard the scissors and pick it up instead. With some adjustments to the threads holding Ryuko in place, she rotated her headless body so that it was now held horizontally - all while lifting Ryuko’s head to her face and squealing at it. “You’re just a head now, Ryuko! How cute!” She told the girl before placing the head down on top of her body’s breasts - having Ryuko’s face turned towards her. The stump of her neck fountained blood, splashing onto her tits and the ground below it - the sight of it driving Nui mad with lust again. Nui couldn’t control herself. She quickly formed another dildo, and rammed it right into Ryuko’s open windpipe - then quickly mounted it herself. Ryuko was given a perfect view of her father’s - and now hers, too - killer fucking her neck wound with a life fiber dildo. "Father… I’m sorry I couldn’t avenge you…" Ryuko’s thoughts went towards the man who had created the scissors - the fiber-infused girl dying while watching Nui grind her pussy against the stump of her neck.

Nui only barely noticed that Ryuko was gone - the other fiber-infused girl just going with the flow of fucking Ryuko’s open neck. She put as much force into it as she did while working on Ryuko’s lower holes - while slowly reducing the amount of threads keeping Ryuko in place. She dismissed most of them - only keeping those without which Ryuko’s corpse would fall to the ground. Because of that, Ryuko’s dead body was shaken in the air with each of her thrusts - her limbs shaking and her tits jiggling each time she pushed in. She made sure to take the part of the dildo sticking out of Ryuko as deep inside her own slit as she could as well - pressing her pussy lips against the open wound in Ryuko’s neck from time to time. She even managed to touch Ryuko’s flesh with her clit a few times! Fucking the life fiber dildo and Ryuko’s neck stump like that, Nui began to feel a familiar warmth inside her pussy - a warmth that soon had turned into the pleasant numbness of another very potent climax. “Ah, Ryuko! This feels… SO GOOD!” The Grand Couturier gave a voice to her pleasure while cumming hard all over Ryuko’s upper body.

Following that, once she had recovered from her climax, Nui lowered Ryuko’s corpse to the ground. Pulling the dildo out of Ryuko’s pussy, she walked around her body again - and forced herself in between Ryuko’s legs again. Her pussy was now unresponsive - but Nui couldn’t tell anyways. She just proceeded to fuck her, but couldn’t really put as much energy into it as she did before. It would be boring to keep going in the same way! So instead she just began fucking Ryuko’s body at a very slow, yet steady pace. As she did, she picked up Ryuko’s head and turned it around, before placing it on the girl’s stomach - getting another look at Ryuko’s slack face. Her mouth was open, her tongue hanging out of it - with some drool having escaped from it as well. Her eyelids have slid down quite a bit - her eyes reduces to just small slit through which Nui could barely see her empty eyes.

Nui stared at Ryuko’s face for some time while absentmindedly humping the dead girl’s corpse, her hands playing with Ryuko’s tits again. There was still quite a charm to it even with the girl dead. But… It wouldn’t stay like this forever! A huge part of it was just floppy, labile flesh! If she left it unattended… It just waste away, turning into an ugly, filthy, rotten corpse! It would be such a waste! She couldn’t let that happen! “Ah, Ryuko! Don’t rot away on me!” She begged the corpse in front of her while trying to come up with something. Fortunately, she stumbled upon just the right idea. Ryuko’s body was infused with life fibers… So, what if she used the same preservative REVOCS used on all the COVERS they created… It’d react with the life fibers contained within the girl’s corpse, and hopefully protect it from the ugly aftereffects that came with the passage of time!

With that idea filling her mind, Nui took off from the grounds of the Honnoji Academy. Taking Ryuko’s corpse with her, she quickly made it for the clothes laboratories. REVOCS have taken over it, so their tech was all over the place - letting Nui get just what she desired. Applying the preservatives to Ryuko’s corpse - along with some extra adjustments she had made to the corpse with some well-placed stitches and some extra sewing - the Grand Couturier had turned Ryuko’s body into quite an enjoyable fuck doll. Her head had been put through the same treatment, too - Nui blessed with not just one, but two new sex toys. She would have preferred for Ryuko to join their side - for the girl to willingly come and make love with her - but this result satisfied her too. Taking the Ryuko sex doll back to her quarters, she put her head on one of her shelves - making sure it was facing her bed. Like this, Ryuko’s dead eyes would watch her no matter what she did to the rest of her body. Then, she threw the corpse on top of her bed - and climbed onto it herself. This time, instead of making a dildo to use on her, she decided not to use any extra toys. Instead, she just interlocked her legs with Ryuko’s. Like that, her pussy was lined up with her victim’s. Pushing her hips forward, she began to rub her slit agianst Ryuko’s - Nui and Ryuko’s corpse scissoring on the blonde’s bed.
R: 24 / I: 0

Chaos Is A Ladder [Game Of Thrones – Joffrey / Ros] (non-con, human pincushion, torture, victim POV)

! -> This story is available in PDF and EPUB with pretty formatting, and is also posted on a couple more story-hosting websites. You can download / view them here:

With Season 7 of Game Of Thrones upon us, do you miss the older times when the problems – and the villains – were a bit more “down to Earth”? Lannisters who seemed like the worst people ever in the first season or two, Ramsay with his penchant for flaying and mind games, and, of course...

Joffrey “Baratheon” and his obsession with crossbows.

I used to write stories here on Gurochan before, under a different name, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve completed anything. This story is an attempt to recreate the events that were mentioned – but not shown on screen – in an episode from Season 3, namely the unfortunate demise of Ros and the hands of Joffrey. I originally wanted to write this right away, way back in 2013 when the episode aired, but life always seemed to be getting in the way. The story survived two major rewrites since its inception and lots of editing, and finally now I consider it finished. Better late than never, eh? :)

It ended up being quite “moody” – it has a long buildup and explores the warping of minds of both the victim and the sadist – but rest assured, it gets as violent as you expect it to be if you remember that scene. It’s mostly written from the victim’s POV, but occasionally switches to the POV of the torturer. It’s almost 16K words long, which translates to about 1-2 hours of reading. It was written without any explicit chapters in mind and is probably best consumed in one sitting for maximum immersion, but it’s split into 8 natural “parts” if you need to put it down for a while.

You don’t need to be familiar with Game Of Thrones to read it, nor do you need to remember Season 3 in detail. There’s a brief memo below, and the story has all the necessary exposition.

I hope you enjoy it! Let’s see if you identify with the sadistic King, or sympathize with his victim.


“Chaos Is A Ladder” is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or events is entirely coincidental.

Game Of Thrones, the characters depicted within, and the imagery used are property of their respective owners. This story is a derivative work written under the principles of fair use.

This work contains scenes of graphic violence, some sexually suggestive content and occasional use of explicit language. Readers who find this uncomfortable or are not allowed by law to be exposed to such content should not proceed. Suggested fiction rating is Mature.

The author strongly disapproves of practicing the depicted violence in real life, or any kind of non-consensual violence for that matter.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 - A Brief Memo

The story is set in Seven Kingdoms, a country occupying most of the vast continent of Westeros. The current King is a young 18 year old boy Joffrey Baratheon, a spoiled child who exhibits unnaturally cruel, unreasonable and at times outright sadistic behavior. He is a child of incest between the wife of the previous King – his legal father – and her brother, thus his claim to the Throne is invalid – which is probably the worst kept secret in all Seven Kingdoms, and something that Joffrey himself heartily denies. Children born out of wedlock – called bastards – do not inherit the lands, titles and wealth of their fathers, and are generally despised by society.

The King has a Small Council at his hand, which provides him with advice on various political and social matters. Among other members of the Small Council, the ones relevant to the story are Varys, a eunuch from faraway lands who has a network of spies in his employ and thus acts as the Crown’s head of intelligence (“master of whisperers”), and Lord Petyr Baelish, a nobleman coming from a small and powerless dynasty (“house”) who has schemed and plotted his way to the top of the food chain. The two have a sort of a rivalry relationship, trying to undermine each other’s plans both for personal gains and for the sake of competition.

Petyr Baelish also owns a brothel in King’s Landing, the capital of Seven Kingdoms, which provides him with additional income and helps him build connections with various noblemen who visit his establishment.

Ros is a red-haired prostitute in her 20s hailing from the northern region of the country, called simply The North. Initially employed by Baelish as a common whore, she proved to possess useful literacy and management skills and was later chosen by Petyr to be his personal assistant. Recently, seeing that Ros has access to many of his documents, Varys recruited her to spy on Petyr for him and offered his protection.
R: 12 / I: 0

The Lesson

This is my first story, so feedback is appreciated.

Obviously I don't advocate this stuff in real life, all a fantasy, etc. etc.

The Lesson

By Cuntbasher

It was a hot afternoon and the school gym had been filled with chairs for a whole school assembly. The few boys stood out, with their harems of favourites competing for seats next to them, but after a few minutes the students quietened down, and the principal began to speak.

“I have decided that it is time that some of you learned a harsh lesson about the world you live in” declared Mr Arnell. He glanced at his notes, held up by a kneeling 14 year old girl, and continued.

“Some of you girls are under the impression that just because you are pretty, you do not need to apply yourselves to your studies. You think that your bodies will ensure that you sell for a high price to a good bidder, and you will live long and happy lives, maybe even becoming someone’s wife. I am here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.”

He made eye contact with several girls whom he felt could benefit from this message before continuing. “For every man in our society there are hundreds of women, and I promise girls that none of you is as sexy as you think you are. Without applying yourselves to being the best fucktoys you can be, you will be lucky to be sold as anything other than mince. Even roasters need to be able to entertain their butcherers while they wait for a spit or an oven; the truly inept are just shaved and thrown in the mincer”.

With this last comment two students who were hidden off to the side set to work opening the curtain that had been hung behind him, revealing a naked redheaded girl suspended from the ceiling by her hair and with a strip of duct tape over her mouth.

“Many of you will recognise Eleonora; she is without a doubt the single most exquisite beauty to come through these halls, and unfortunately for her she knew it. She would blow off assignments, and relied on her looks to get boys to fuck her, never bothering to learn or improve her abilities to please them.”

Eleonora was not a happy girl. She was, as Mr Arnell described, truly beautiful. Her long red hair reached her butt when she wore it down, and at the moment reached all the way to the top of the frame of the large removable walls which revealed the stage that assemblies took place in. Her green eyes were red rimmed, and snot blew in and out of her nose as she hyperventilated. She had a slender figure but truly magnificent tits, and long legs that kicked out vainly looking for the ground. Until that morning she had been unshaven between her thighs, but since no one likes hair in their meat one of the cafeteria workers had roughly shaved her clean.

In truth, she may have been right about her beauty being able to carry her through life, but the staff had to make an example of her to inspire the rest of the girls to work harder, and Mr Arnell had managed to convince her parents that she was indeed barely worth more than meat on the hoof.

She hung suspended above an ominous looking meat grinder, a specialty kind designed specifically for schools and other establishments that traditionally both minced their meat live, and had other uses for the heads. There was a wickedly sharp aperture in the ring directly above the grinder, which would snap shut at the press of a button.

“Her parents know the way the world works, and as she showed no sign of shaping up they willingly sold her for just $200, barely a third again as much as they could have gotten handing her over to a butcher, and they did this because they knew that come graduation at the end of the year, that’s all they would have been able to sell her for.”

Her rapid breathing increased in speed, and her heaving breasts hypnotised most of the boys in the audience. Mr Arnell didn’t care, he was here to scare the girls straight, not the boys.

“Now you will all see the fate that awaits lazy students”, and with this Mr Arnell gave a gesture to the two girls holding the rope that was suspending the terrified Eleonora, and they began to lower her down.

As soon as she felt herself begin to descend, and heard the grinder begin to whirr to life, Eleonora began to scream so loudly even with the duct tape on the entirety of the hushed crowd could hear it. The girls were so terrified they could barely breathe, whilst the boys were all captivated by her heaving breasts and kicking legs, and they reached out to their favoured fuck toys and dragged them by their hair down to begin sucking them off.

As first one leg, then the other was caught in the whirring machinery, Eleonora’s eyes crossed in pain and she let out a single protracted scream. Her hands reached up and tried to climb to safety by grabbing fistfuls of her own hair, but by now the machine had too good a grip on her.

One of the boys looked at the cocksucker in his lap and sniggered as he said “she gave better head than you are now Becky, maybe I should put up your name for the lunch lotto next week?”. The blonde nerd with thick plastic glasses and vivid blue eyes gave a squeak and redoubled her efforts, and he laughed and shoved her all the way down, smacking her on the back of the head for good measure.

Mr Arnell had instructed the girls lowering Eleonora to go slowly, so that they were always fighting the grinder and the poor screaming girl was constantly being stretched by it. As her hips began to be consumed she started losing strength, and as her screams began to subside her arms dropped just low enough to get caught up and ripped off, and suddenly all that was left was a terrified head and a torso with a pair of tits being shaken to ridiculous extremes by the grinder.

As her neck reached the aperture mark, Mr Arnell pressed the button decapitating her, and as her head was released from her body the two girls fell backwards causing her head to fly up into the air before descending again with a series of bounces.

The two girls who had operated the curtain were now beginning to push the newly filled barrel of mincemeat off stage, while the rope girls tied off the rope and went to help them.

“As always the heads of girls executed on school grounds are sewn into volleyballs for our team to play with, to supplement those of the cheerleaders of teams we defeat. All students are invited to dine on Eleonora burgers which will be served on the oval in an hour’s time, and those that do will be able to watch her head being used to stuff a ball. Other than that, I hope the girls have learned something valuable today, and enjoy your holidays. Dismissed”.
R: 2 / I: 0

Mary-Jane: Snuff Double (Complete, Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism)

Mary-Jane: Snuff Double
Tags: Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism

“Are you sure you want to do this MJ?” Peter asked as his girlfriend as she walked to the filming site with the paperwork that she'd filled out with her aunt Anna's help last night. “I mean, it's sort of... fatal.”

“I think I am, Pete.” Mary-Jane replied. “You know I always wanted to be an actress, to be seen by thousands of people. And... well... I can't deny that the whole idea is really turning me on, a lot.” Mary-Jane explained, her voice slowly dropping to a whisper as she gave her boyfriend Peter Parker a meaningful glance and a nod towards her own privates at the end.

MJ paused as she clutched the papers she had filled out and signed in her hand. Legally, she'd be dead as soon as she delivered it. Mary Jane Watson would be gone, replaced by a company owned snuff-slut. Her heart raced in fear even as her pussy dripped with excitement.

Sighting the director as he walked toward the building that she had been told to go to when she auditioned, MJ approached him.

"Can I help you?" He asked, politely, but still making it clear that he had more important claims on his time.

"I'm Mary Jane Watson, you told me to be here for today's shoot?" She asked, handing over the consent forms.

"Ah, right! The snuff double for Ms. Dunst! I wasn't sure you'd come back." The director smiled broadly. "Everyone loved your audition tape, and I hear your stills are very popular among the crew. Everyone's really looking forward to snuffing you."

Mary Jane blushed, remembering the show she put on at the audition, not to mention the nude stills she had to submit just to get that audition! "Thanks," MJ smiled, slightly nervously.

"And who's this?" The director asked, looking at Peter.

"He's... my boyfriend," Mary Jane admitted, blushing slightly at her statement.

"Oh, you want us to let him watch then?" The director asked knowingly. He'd seen this several times before. "You know there's an option in these forms to send him a copy of the raw footage of your scenes after the premiere," the director offered off-handedly as if he were talking about an every day occurence rather than the end of her life. Maybe, MJ realized, because for him it was an everyday occurence, or at least, not an uncommon one.

"I... I already filled those out," MJ admitted. She'd wanted the recordings to be a surprise, her last gift to Peter, but there was nothing for that now. "But..." Mary Jane paused, blushing slightly at talking about this with a stranger, even if that stranger had seen photos of her naked, and watched her audition tapes...

"But?" The director raised his eyebrow in askance.

"I read the contract, so I know what you're going to do with me... after," MJ blushed heavily. "I'd appreciate it if, I mean, I want you to give Pete my pussy." Mary Jane finally managed to explain at a volume just low enough that Peter couldn't hear it.

"Really?" The director asked. "Well, I was hoping to have that piece for lunch myself," he admitted. "Your audition tape made it look... juicy. But, if that's your last request, I'll make sure your boyfriend gets it."

MJ flushed slightly as she nodded. The redhead was embarassed, especially by the director's frank appraisal of her probably flavor, but she was too turned on by what was about to happen to let that stop her.

"Follow me," the director addressed both Mary Jane and her boyfriend as he began walking down the sunken stairs and into what looked like some sort of burlesque speakeasy, "I'll bring you to the shoot."

Mary Jane didn't have far to walk, since the movie crew was set up just inside the extremely spacious main room.

"You should get into costume," the director ordered. "Did you memorize the script we sent you with the consent forms?"

The script was short, less that five pages including the title page, and no dialogue, just stage directions and descriptions. "Of course," Mary Jane replied.

"And your boy-toy isn't going to try and play hero and save you, is he?" The director asked. "I had that happen a couple years back, the girl was snuffed anyway, but he ruined the shot so none of the footage was usable. Total waste. We ended up having to reshoot the whole scene with a new snuff double."

"Peter knows better than that," Mary Jane reassured him.

"Great!" The director paused. "Now get into costume! We're wasting daylight."

Mary Jane sauntered over to a door marked 'make-up' and disappeared behind it without a single look back.

The next few minutes were something of a blur to MJ as a whirlwind of makeup artists and costumers stripped her naked and artfully applied foundation, blush, and other sorts of product, not just to her face, but to her young pussy as well, before dressing her up in a black leather corset that laced in the front and obscured only the bottom third of her perky young breasts and absolutely none of her cunt.

The make-up artists had poked and prodded her, blushing her nipples and fluffing her clit. They'd even pulled her pussy open, spreading it wide to look inside only to be surprised by the existence of her hymen. Mary Jane didn't know why. She'd said she was still a virgin in her audition video, and it was the truth. She and Peter hadn't gotten past heavy petting yet. They never would, MJ realized with a mix of regret and eager anticipation for what was to come.

Whether it was their intent or not, all these pretty girls and boys fondling her was certainly getting her ready for the main event, and Mary Jane had never felt more eager in her life than she did once they were done with her.

The job itself was simple, Mary Jane was going to be the Snuff Double for the climactic scene where Kirsten Dunst's heroine, knowing that the man her twin sister loved was marrying another girl in the morning, snuck into the club where he was having his bachelor party at and switched places with the snuff-bunny his friends had hired with the intention of giving her twin sister one last chance to woo him away from his fiance the next day while the memories of snuffing her at his bachelor party were still fresh.

MJ had read the script and the scene was absolutely amazing. All throughout the film, Dunst's character was slowly discovering snuff and realizing how much she enjoyed it, before finally putting her fetish to work to help her sister in the sexiest way possible; by letting herself be spitted and roasted for the male lead's bachelor party. Mary Jane hadn't been able to keep her hands off herself while she read it.

Of course, the movie would end happily with Dunst (playing the twin) running off with the man she loved, but MJ didn't really care about that bit. No, the scene that interested Mary Jane, the scene she was focused on, was the scene she'd be starring in; the climactic snuff scene!

As MJ walked out of the make-up room, her heart started to race. While she'd been getting into costume, the stagehands finished setting up the spitting rig. The rig itself was pretty simple, a thick table made of some dort of non-distorting bulletproof glass, but there were cameras set up all around it. There were cameras hanking from the ceiling above the table, a ring of cameras around the table, and at least 6 cameras beneath the table, in addition to the 2 camera men with their own portable cameras in harnesses meant to steady the devices despite sudden movements. There was even a boom mic there to record her voice, which Mary Jane thought sort of odd since she didn't actually have any lines. Normally, MJ would have thought that the amount of cameras was excessive, but since they couldn't exactly snuff her twice, the director would only have one shot at this which made the amount of cameras a lot more reasonable.

After the rig, MJ's eyes were drawn to her co-star for the scene. An attractive hispanic actress whose name she didn't know, but who was playing an employee of the club, the one that would snuff Ms. Dunst's character on screen, and Mary-Jane in reality.

The woman was dressed in the same kind of crotchless leather corset as MJ, and was holding a large gleaming steel spit whose butt was propped against the floor in one hand. She looked incredibly hot, and MJ could see the same traces of moisture gracing the lips of the actress' pussy as she knew graced her own.

"Don't worry," the actress smiled, reassuring Mary-Jane, "I made sure to get lots of practice spitting girls for this scene in the local clubs, I won't mess up."

MJ relaxed, normally a woman promising to kill her properly wouldn't have that effect on her, but MJ wanted to be spitted, she was looking forward to it, the only thing that she was worried about is if they messed up and made the footage unusable. Knowing that her co-star would do it right was a big relief.

In fact, knowing that the other woman had practiced snuffing other girls just like her all to prepare for MJ? Well, that was actually pretty hot.

"How many?" MJ asked eagerly, doing her best to keep from touching herself so as not to disturb the makeup covring her pussy.

"A girl a night for the past two weeks," MJ's Hispanic executioner smiled. "I needed the practice," she added wryly.

"Over a dozen?" MJ asked, shocked, but even more eager than before.

"Yeah, all redheads like you, we only have one chance at this, so I didn't want to mess up," MJ's co-star admitted slyly.

Mary Jane swallowed softly at the thought of this incredibly sexy women snuffing redheads night after night all just to prepare for her. Her cunt blazed with warmth at the thoyght, and she hoped her newfound dampness didn't ruin her makeup.

"Are you ready to go?" MJ's co-star asked cheerfully.

"Incredibly..." MJ replied, her voice sultry with lust.

"No one you want to say goodbye to?" The woman asked, arching an eyebrow in the direction of Peter.

MJ's stomach lurched a bit as she realized that she'd forgotten about him in her excitement. Did she want to kiss him? To wish him goodbye? She hadn't before make up but, searching her feelings MJ found that she didn't want to wait. She didn't want any tearful goodbyes or tender kisses. She wanted to be snuffed! And she was ready for her close up. Peter would just have to be satisfied with her roasted pussy once she'd been snuffed and roasted.

"I'm too hot for goodbyes," MJ declared. "I just want to be snuffed."

Her co-star laughed, her cupped breasts jiggling mirthfully as she looked at Mary Jane. "Well, you definitely know what you want, I'll enjoy snuffing you!" The hispanic actress surned around and with her incredibly toned ass swaying whind her beckoned Mary Jane to follow her. "Lets get you set up so that I can make that dream of yours a reality, okay?"

MJ grinned eagerly. "Definitely!"


Mary Jane shivered as she sat on the clear glass table that had been set up especially for her. The table wasn't cold, in fact, the bulletproof glass was actually somewhat warm from being under all the stage lights as it waited for her. No, MJ was shivering because she knew that now that she had climbed onto the table, she wouldn't be leaving it alive.

Trembling with anticipation, MJ leaned back until she was laying completely on her back, her legs dangling off the edge of the table, looking down the length of her naked body.

She looked over at her co-star. The incredibly hot Hispanic woman was picking up the spit she would be using to snuff her. The spit gleamed beautifully in the light of the club and MJ could barely wait to feel it entering her for both the first and last time.

MJ's metal lover had sat beneath the hot stage lights for over an hour, and now felt warm as it entered her sensitive folds. The heat made it feel alive, almost like a real lover, though the virgin girl would never know for sure.

Looking down Mary Jane could see her body heaving as the spit moved within her. It was large, she could see it beneath her skin stretching her out, only her co-star's careful handling keeping it from tearing her apart before it was time to finally snuff her.

MJ flinched as she felt the tip of the spit press against her hymen. So far the spit had been almost harmless, merely filling her to the point where she thought she might pull or tear something inside her sex. This was different. Where before the spit had been straining, now MJ knew it would hurt her. Though Mary Jane knew her maidenhead was meant to be broken, this was the first time the spit would draw her blood, beginning its fatal journey through her body.

"Ah!" MJ cried out as her Latina co-star thrust the spit forward, destroying the last vestige of MJ's virginity. She could see a strange mix of kindness and cruelty in the older woman's smile, but her executioner remained silent; this take wasn't about her, this take was about snuffing Mary Jane.

The directional microphones hanging from the ceiling captured MJ's cry, the multitude of cameras recording her every move as they stared at her through giant lenses.

She could feel the warm tip of the spit poking at her cervix, knocking on the doorway to her womb as if requesting a way in. MJ squirmed and her co-star thrusted; the point tearing it's way through her cervix and sliding past into her womb, the blood of the wound lubricating it.

Technically, it was too late to back out of her contract once it was signed, but Mary Jane's wound drove that home. The latina actress pulled on the spit, withdrawing it until only the very tip was left sheathed inside her, the rest of the metal shaft coated in her blood to prove the reality of the show. From what MJ could see it was certainly a money shot, the spit was almost soaked with her vital essence, dripping her blood onto the clear glass between her legs as the actress held the instrument of MJ's demise poised steadily at the entrance to her cunt.

MJ gasped! Her co-star slammed the spit back inside her in one fluid motion, tearing through the remains of her bloody cervix and jamming the point into the beck wall of her womb. MJ spasmed, unable to control her reaction to the brutal thrust. Her own blood aided the motion, coating the spit and making it slippery enough to slide all the way inside her with just the barest amount of resistance; a problem easily compensated for by her co-star's strength.

MJ whimpered as the Latina actress began to slowly push the tip of the spit into the back wall of her womb. She could feel the point, pressing, stretching her from the inside out as she gradually neared the breaking point.

'Pop!' Mary Jane could feel it, her entire body shook as the skewer punctured the back of her womb. She was dead now, or as good as. This wasn't like her cervix, she could feel the pain, the blood leaking into her sex from the wound as the spit traveled beyond it. She gasped, moaning at the pain. Blood smeared her lower lips as the pointed metal pole pushed aside her organs, it dribbled down her taint, staining both her ass cheeks and the glass beneath. It was absolutely excruciating, and Mary Jane was loving any moment.

The cameras caught her every mewling whimper as her co-star skillfully avoided her heart and lungs, wiggling the spit inside her like the most over-sized joystick in the world as she tried not to let the game end early, an attempt not at all helped by Mary Jane shivering and moaning in agonized pleasure on the other end of the spit.

You could see the faintest outlines of the spit against MJ's belly as it traveled through her body inching ever closer to its exit point.

Mary Jane let out an agonized gurgle as the spit penetrated her windpipe, robbing her of words. As the red-haired girl threw her head back in shock, her co-star thrust the fatal skewer up her throat, slowing only once she felt the tip begin to slide into MJ's gaping mouth.

Staring almost straight back, Mary Jane could see a camera-man approaching, closing in to film a close up of the spit emerging from the depths of her throat.

The skewer slid out of her, the tip crimson with her vital essence, covering the roof of her mouth in her own blood as the dripping steel caressed her tongue. Mary Jane wanted to gag, but she couldn't, the sheer girth of the pole stopping her. Soon she could see the tip as it slipped from behind her lips out into the world beyond, bloody and fatal.

She was spitted. Nothing more than meat for the grill now, but her final scene wasn't over yet.

MJ could feel the pole shifting inside her as the extras crowded in to carry her to her next scene. The camera in front of her had zoomed out and MJ remembered that this part, the transition from the spitting table to the rotiscerrie, was planned to hapen all in one continuous take.

It was hard to look around with her head locked into place by the metal pole jutting out from between her lips, but MJ managed to see a camera girl strapped into some sort of odd, wheeled contraption following her, filming her last moments. MJ's stuffed cunt dripped with arousal at the thought.

The extras grabbed the spit from both ends, picking her up and sending the metal invader inside her pressing into places that had never been touched before. MJ practically bounced on the pole as they carried her off to her fate.

The redhead's eyes widened as she saw the machine that would cook her. It was like the rotiscerrie machines she'd see in the windows of restaurants down in Chinatown. They were always full of poultry; chickens and turkeys and other birds. She'd always wondered what it would be like for a bird to ride one of those machines. It looked relaxing, slowly turning around and around as you evenly roasted to a golden-brown perfection. Mary-Jane would have smiled, if not for the spit occupying her mouth. How appropriate that she'd be placed in one, the redhead's brain decided, now that she was as naked as a plucked hen.

The cameras continued to roll after MJ was placed in the machine, but Mary-Jane paid them no attention. Her part as an actress was over now. Here, in the warm embrace of the rotiscerrie oven there was just one thing left for her to do, close her eyes and go to sleep.

Mary-Jane began to roast in earnest, her life fading away with the merest ghost of a smile gracing her lips.
R: 1 / I: 0

Abby's Sister

This is a story based of off a roleplay I had with someone a while ago.
R: 31 / I: 0

Children Murdered (Short Stories)

Random short stories involving the deaths of children; all of them featuring looks, but a few might have a shots or two thrown in.

Others are free and encouraged to write stories of their own.

Slutty Daughter

Mg(11), necrophilia, shooting, piss.

John groaned as he sprayed cum into the eager mouth of his eleven-year-old daughter. Samantha gagged, but sucked down every bit she could, with only a few trickles spilling down her chin. She gripped his shaft once more while nibbling the tip, licking excess cum off like ice cream. He was sure he’d cum again, when…

“What the hell is this? You fucking pervert!!” His wife, Martha, stood in the doorway, glaring at them as they turned their dumbstruck faces in her direction.

“This isn’t what it seems…”

“She seduced me,” he interrupted, pointing at Samantha as she licked cum off her lips.

Martha sighed. “I suppose I can’t blame you, Johnathan. You’re horny and I know you can’t help it when someone offers.”

She glared at Samantha. “As for you, my nasty little slut.” Martha reached into her purse and pulled out a .44 Magnum. Samantha’s eyes grew as her mother forced her head back and placed the nuzzle against the bottom of her chin.

“Please mom, I won’t… ACK!”

The bullet tore through her chin and mouth, and exited through the top of her head, leaving a gaping hole as blood and brain splattered all over the room. John watched, his mouth agape, as her lifeless body collapsed onto the bed beside him. The crotch of her shorts turned dark, the contents of her bladder gushing out for a final time.

“I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be back in ten, this better be cleaned up when I get back.”

She walked out, slamming the door behind her.

A sigh escaped John’s lips as he looked down at Samantha’s corpse. “Well, suppose I shouldn’t waste this.”

He removed her shorts, no panties underneath, as usual, revealing a pristine cunt moist with her last piss. It was smooth and, owing to John’s fear of getting her pregnant, untouched. Looking into her vacant brown eyes, he inserted his dick into her tight hole for the first time, after so many months of her begging for it, and tore her hymen. As virginal blood soaked his shaft, he fucked his dead little girl harder than he would have dared if she were alive. It didn’t take long; after only a few minutes he came, spraying his hot and sticky seed into her underdeveloped womb. He pulled out and shot the remaining squirts into her asshole.

“I wish I could do this a little longer, sweetie,” he said, kissing her forehead. He got dressed and went to work disposing her body, albeit after taking a few good snapshots with his phone, and scoured the room of any evidence that a gruesome murder took place.
R: 12 / I: 0

Farmex™ Reduction.

"Sign here, please." said the attendant in a monotone voice.

Reduction booths had become all the rage, recently. The ads promised a viscious cycle of sexual pleasure while your body is made useful to humanity, before being disposed at the end of your pre agreed term.

The attendant gave our protagonist a keycard, and pointed down a hallway. The hall smelled like sex and scat.

"This is promising." the 19 year old thought aloud.
"1, 2, 3…" she counted the numbers, and made it to number 12. She stuck her card in the slot, and the door opened. She entered the 2x2 meter room, which immediately closed behind her.

"Welcome to the Farmex™ centre. Please take off all clothes, and put them in the red recepticle along with any personal property." sounded a warm voice that belonged to an older woman over a speaker.

As she began taking off her clothes, the speaker resumed it's prerecorded tutorial.

"If you need to relieve yourself, feel free to do so, as this booth is steriled between uses."

She pondered this for a second, and as she put her neatly folded clothes in the red indent in the corner of the room, and squat over it to take a leak.

While she emptied her bladder, the speaker continued.

"During registration, you selected the ten year service option. This is what you can expect:

After processing, you will be taking to a de-education facility, before being surgically modified and put into service. Your de-education does not count towards your service time. We hope you enjoy your life for Farmex.

Please get on your hands and knees, putting your hands in the small holes near the red recepticle, and your legs in the the indentations near the door."

She obeyed. Each of her four limbs being locked in place as they touched their intended position. Her head right above the indent containing her piss soaked clothes, phone, and wallet.

She got to take a good look as a hatch opened, and her everything fell into an incinerator.

Now she waited.

R: 95 / I: 0

School Selection

Disclaimer: just a horror fetish, entirely fictional, don't do anything that will harm somebody in real life.

School Selection

[non cons]

A loud whistle caught Nina's attention. She stopped her crawl and started to tread in the water. After a few moments Nina saw what was going to happen. As the other students stopped swimming their teacher signaled to get out of the water. “All girls are required to go to a changing booth and wait there for the meat inspector” said the coach, “the boys will continue with 4 laps of the butterfly stroke”

Nervously talking the girls quickly went to the changing booths. Nina sat about halfway down the line. “Shit I hope they don't pick me” thought Nina. A soft crying from her right assured her of a better chance, only 25% was selected from each class. She heard the meat inspector getting closer every few minutes. He was only a few lockers away from her now and she heard him say, “swimsuit straps off your shoulders and stand with your face to the wall”. Nina put the straps off her shoulders, better make it easy for the inspector, she thought. Suddenly she heard another girl crying in the booth next to hers. “Nice” she thought, that was Emily, she never liked her.

“Name” said the inspector as he opened Nina's door. “Nina, ID number 230867” said Nina. “Thank you” said the inspector, I see you already put your straps down, very nice, can you turn your face to the wall” “sure sir” said Nina and she turned her back to the inspector. The inspector checked her butt, “nice and firm” she heard him say. The inspector made her turn around and started peeling her swimsuit down. Softly he took her breasts in his hands and checked them. After a confirming mumble he pulled Nina's swimsuit to her feet. After a quick look on her pussy he said: “I'm not sure can you wait for 10 minutes, keep your swimsuit off” “of course sir” said Nina. The inspector went to the next changing booth.

“Shit” thought Nina, “I might be meat within an hour or I can be free for the rest of my life”. A strange thought occurred to Nina: this was her last chance to have an orgasm. She sat down naked on the little bench and started to rub her pussy. Within a few minutes she reached the point of no return. She took a deep breath and tried to keep quiet as her orgasm took control of her body.

Minutes later the inspector opened her door. “Can you come out and get in this line?” said the inspector. “Of course sir” said Nina and she saw 2 other girls from her class. “What do you think?” said the inspector to his assistant. “Well that one seems to be nice and sporty, good meat I bet,” said the assistant and he pointed to Nina. “The other two are a bit bigger, I think they'll have a nice yield,” said the assistant. “All three of you, what sport and how many hours?” said the inspector. “Swimming and fitness” said Nina, “about 4-5 hours a week”. The girl next to her said: “nothing besides school sport, so about three hours a week” and the last girl said: “bicycle racing, about 6 hours a week” “Second girl, what was your name?” said the inspector. “Kyla” said Kyla. “According to my data you play softball, about 5 hours a week” said the inspector, “our society doesn't need people who lie, you are selected” “no no, please I was afraid that you would take me earlier if I did a lot of sport” said Kyla. “I would've taken Nina if you would have been honest” said the inspector, “take her away”. The assistant guided Kyla away. “Ladies I'm sorry that I let you pose naked but you were the girls I wasn't sure of” said the inspector, “and Nina, I wouldn't have taken you, Kyla was not cooperating and needed to be taught a lesson, I just said it to make her feel worse as a extra punishment” “no problem sir” said the girls. “Well then get dressed and we'll see you in the pool.

Quickly the girls put their swimsuit back on and went back to the pool. A crowd stood around the showers and when the girls looked there were already three girls hanging with a noose around their neck. They had thrown nooses over one of the pipes on the ceiling. The fourth girl was being prepared for hanging. It was Nadia a cute looking girl from Nina's class. She seemed not to care too much, she casually handed her arms so that they could be tied together. When they were done with her she positioned herself under the rope and nodded to the butcher that she was ready. With firm pulls he hoisted the girl by her neck. She started kicking her legs but there was not a single tear to be seen. The three girls who were already dead clearly had been crying. After a few moments Nadia's legs kicked way less powerful, and suddenly the group could see her urine flowing. She was nearly gone. Kyla was pushed to her knees by the butcher. “What are they going to do to her?” whispered Nina to Paul, “she's Jewish, and will be drained of blood, it's a tradition” said Paul. The butcher pulled her head back and suddenly he pulled the knife along Kyla's neck. A spurt of blood flew out of the cut and the butcher let go. Kyla fell to the ground and grabbed her throat she was making wild movements but after half a minute it stopped. The butcher took a hose and sprayed the blood through a little sink. The assistants started to collect the girls and loaded them into cooling crates. As quick as they had come they were gone.

The rest of the girls came home proudly with their release form, they were free humans now.
R: 40 / I: 0

The Last Field Trip (Tags by chapter, but expect Cons, Non-Cons, Loli, Watersports)

The Last Field Trip

Chapter One, Intro and First Exhibit (Non-Con, Watersports, Young)

I was laying in my bed on a Saturday morning when I was roused from my sleep by the sound of my phone ringing. Grunting, I held up one arm to shield my unadjusted eyes from the sun's ray's bleeding through my blinds while my other arm reached for my phone, to determine the identity of whoever it is that has deigned to interrupt my rest. It was Nick, My own Brother, Nick, who had committed this grievous sin of waking at this ungodly hour of 11:42.

“What do you want Nick?” I grumbled upon answering the phone.

“Oops, did I wake you? Must have figured the time zone wrong, thought it was almost noon for you.” He replied, sounding to me more that a little sarcastic.

“Shut up,” I said. “Now you gonna get to the point or should I just hang up?”

“Alright alright” He said. “You know how I was asking you for advice on engagement rings a couple weeks back?”

“Yeah...” I replied cautiously.

“Well last week I proposed to Stacy, and she said yes.”

“Oh my God! Congratulations!”

“Yeah, thanks, anyway, she's been jumping right into brainstorming wedding plans, and she had an idea that I liked.”

“Well? Out with it already.”

“We were thinking that you and her sister would make a good centerpiece for the recital dinner, and were wondering if you were down for that.”

Feeling myself quickly become aroused at the thought I said “Ohh, that does sound hot, but I dunno, any thoughts on how you'd cook us?”

“Nothing's set in stone yet, but one idea we had was to spit roast you both on the same spit, facing each other with your mouths pressed together. Kind of a parody of the whole 'Together til death do you part' thing.”

“Oh man” I said, my free hand having wandered south and was now rubbing my pussy over my panties. “That sounds really hot, you've convinced me, I'll do it.”

“Great! I'll tell Stacy. Thanks for doing this she'll love it.”

“Glad I can be of help to you both on your special day, congratulations again.”

“Thanks, well I should get back to it, you should probably get out of bed and enjoy your Saturday, you're not gonna get too many more of those,” He joked.

“Idiot,” I said halfheartedly, before ending the call.

Putting my phone down I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror mounted on the wall across from my bed. My long brown hair was a mess and I had been sleeping in just my panties so my full breasts were on display. My face was flushed and my nipples hard from the conversation I had just had. Cupping my breast with one hand I imagined my brother and his new wife cutting into it together as I lay there, dead and thoroughly cooked. My other hand wandered down into my panties and I imagined the spit going into it, first just like any girthy dildo, but then going even further, tearing into me, irreversibly damaging me, before emerging from my mouth, then quickly being joined by Stacy's hot sister, a petite blond girl of 16. Together we're slowly rotated over an open fire as the wedding guests chat and dance. I came. Breathing heavy I pulled my hand from my panties and thought about what I should do today. Belatedly I thought about the 7th grade class I'm the homeroom teacher for.

“I should probably send the principal an email, I hope it's not to hard to find a new teacher in the middle of the year” I thought to myself.

Quickly I drafted an email detailing the need to seek a replacement teacher. Upon sending the email I looked up, and seeing myself in the mirror again I soon became overpowered by arousal once more. Fantasizing about my own impending death I masturbated myself to orgasm twice more before finally getting out of bed and starting my day.

The following Monday, before class, I was sitting at my desk drinking my coffee when I received an email from the principal asking me to come in whenever I had time, to discuss my “early retirement”.

I still had some time before class, so I went to his office and stuck my head through the open door.

“Ahh, come in Ms. Brooks, sit,” the principal said.

“You needed to speak with me?” I said once seated.

“Yes, Unfortunately it is the case that we simply cannot find a replacement for you at this time.”

“What do you mean you can't find anyone?”

“It's just too late in the school year, and we're already dealing with a shortage of capable staff in our district. I'm afraid we can't just have a class without a teacher.”

“Excuse me sir, I wasn't asking for your permission, I was just doing you a courtesy in telling you the situation. If you refuse to pay my remaining salary that's fine, it wont matter to me soon anyway,” I replied angrily.

“Please calm down Ms. Brooks, you misunderstand me, you can, of course, do whatever it is you feel you need to do here, I'm just saying we can't have a class without a teacher.”

“What do you mean? Aren't you contradicting yourself?” I say confused.

“I mean that if there was no class, we would have no need to keep you on as staff.”

“You mean disperse the students between other classes?” I ask.

“A few, just the especially gifted, but no we don't have the extra space for all of them. What I'm getting at is that the school, and by extension you, have total autonomy of the students during school hours. If you went on a field trip, say to the Historical Museum of Life and Death, and none of your students returned, that would absolve you of any responsibility.”

“You want me to kill all of my students?” I asked, feeling my thighs dampen at the thought.

“Not all of them, no, and I wouldn't use such harsh language, but effectively yes, if you want to leave your teaching position I need you to get rid of your class.”

“If that’s what I need to do, I can do it,” I said, squirming in my seat.

“Great” the principal said. “You're actually really doing me a favor here. As you've probably already heard we've been having some budget problems, and if we had to cut staff wages it would become even harder to attract new staff. I'll send you a list of those who are to be relocate and a stack of forms to send home with the kids.”

As I had heard it, it was the principal's own egregious salary, and not the rest of the staff's, that was at risk of being reduced, but I wasn't going to argue.

“Thank you,” I said to the principal before excusing myself.

The following morning I arrived at school to find a small stack of paper on my desk and a new email on my computer.

Reading over the email and attached list I thought it a little strange. The list was all boys, in fact every boy in my class, and many of them I wouldn't consider especially “gifted” as the principal had described them. Well enough of that, I thought, before moving on, preparing for my class to arrive.

As I watched my class file in, admiring the skimpy attire many opt for, I noticed that already there were no boys. After the final bell rang one of my students, a cute 13 year old girl name Cindy, a blond with short pigtails, wearing low-cut unbuttoned short shorts that afforded a glimpse of her pink panties, knee high socks, and a small form-fitting tube top that showed off her pierced nipples, stuck her hand up in the air and began waving it about energetically.

“Yes Cindy?” I asked.

“Where are all the boys?” She asked.

“They've been temporarily moved to a different class, the principal seemed to have something he wanted them for, for a few days.”

“Hmmmm,” Cindy intoned, seemingly not entirely convinced.

“Enough on that for now” I said “On Thursday we have an impromptu field trip to a museum planned, seems another school had to pull out last minute.”

“What kind of field trip?” asked Elly, a raven haired 12 year old who sat closer to the back, wearing a short skirt and a necktie that hung between her bare, large for her age, breasts.

“Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would I?” I dodged “But don't worry I'm sure everyone will find it exciting. Now Pipe down and lets get to today's lesson.”

Two days later it was the big day. After ushering the girls onto the bus and getting us on our way, I looked over my class. Watching them talk, giggle, throw glances at the well muscled bus driver, and occasionally getting more intimate with each other, I felt myself dampen as I thought about how it was my job to ensure that none of them go home today.

As we arrived near the end of our trip we passed through a gate labeling the beyond facility the “Historical Museum of Life and Death”, next to the gate was a large bronze statue of a nude woman hung from the neck. This sparked much chatter amongst the girls, Cindy, today wearing a similar outfit but with thigh high socks a white almost transparent tube top, shot her hand up in the air.

“Ms. Brook!” Cindy shouted. “Don't people sometimes die on these field trips!”

“Oh yes,” I said. “This museum has many dangerous exhibits, and you'll all be free to volunteer to demonstrate them.”

This got the wide-eyed girls chattering even more.

The bus rolled to a stop at the front of the building. After all my students got off, and I had spoken to the man at the ticket window, I led the students into the museum that they would never leave.

As we entered the lobby the first thing I noticed was the chair in the center of the room, the second was the large openings along the walls to different halls of the museum, and last, was the entrance to the gift shop. The gift shop had some posters advertising things like “Wallets, Bags, Belts! All made from real girl leather kindly donated by visitors!” and “Going Home a few members short? Why not buy a video to remember them buy! All exhibits filmed and sold!”. Once everyone was inside I turned to speak to them.

“Now you may remember earlier when I said you'd all be free to volunteer to demonstrate the exhibits?” I asked.

The girls murmured their ascent while nervously nodding.

“Well that was only half the truth. You all are free to volunteer, but if you don't of your own free will you will be volunteered by me.”

“What do you mean?” Alice, a wide-eyed redhead wearing only black elbow-length gloves, black thigh-high stockings, and a black choker, leaving her pale flat chest and hairless pussy bare, said nervously.

“I mean I've been told the school is having some budget issues, and it was determined that one class would need to be cut. I've been instructed to make sure none of you return to school.”

“You can't do that!” exclaimed a girl named Kathrine.

My eyes met Kathrine's, she was one of the more conservatively dressed girls, wearing a skirt that fell to just above her knee and a blouse that only exposed about an inch of belly skin and fully concealed her medium sized breasts, her hair was in long twin braids and she wore thick rimmed glasses. She has always been kind of a stick-in-the-mud, complaining about rules and always acting like she was above her peers. I would enjoy proving her wrong.

“Oh yes I can, the school has complete autonomy of its charges during school hours and functions.” I said, smiling at her.

“But you forgot to collect our permission slips!” She replied smugly.

“Those slips were purely informational, your parents consent to this trip was assumed as soon as you arrived at school today.”

“You can't do this” she said, quietly, no longer meeting my gaze.

“You know, I think I've decided who to volunteer to show the class whatever that chair over there does,” I said, before signaling at one of the cameras hanging from the lobby ceiling.

Two burly museum attendants appeared from a service door and began walking toward Katherine. Panicking, Kathrine tried to run, but the men quickly had her cornered and grabbed her by the arms.

“No!, Please!, Please let me go!” Kathrine started wailing as she was dragged to chair. As she was screaming and being strapped down I began walking to the chair, signaling to the class to follow, upon nearing the chair I noticed a placard bearing words and a large switch next to it.

“The electric chair was first conceived in 1881 by a dentist named Alfred P. Southwick as a more humane alternative to hanging. The chair kills by passing various cycles of alternating current through an individual's body. The first more powerful jolt of electric current was designed to pass through the head and cause immediate unconsciousness and brain death. The second less powerful jolt was designed to cause fatal damage to the vital organs. Death may also be caused by electrical over-stimulation of the heart.

The chair fell out of favor due to the rise of lethal injection, deemed to be more humane, during the late 1900's. Our chair here is a replica of the chair used to kill Martha M. Place, the first woman to die to the electric chair in 1899, for the murder of her stepdaughter. Our chair has had the voltage reduced and the duration increased from its historical values, in an attempt to provide more of a spectacle to those watching.” I read out loud to the class.

While I read out the sign, the attendants had finished strapping Katherine down to the chair. They had also fastened electrodes to her head and legs and had shoved a rag in her mouth, letting me finish reading the sign with quieter, more muffled screams.

I walked up to Kathrine, flashed her a wide smile full of teeth, and asked “You ready?”. She muffled protests and tried to tug her arms from her bindings, tears staining her face. “I'll take that as a yes” I said pulling the rag from her mouth before closing the almost comically large switch.

She barely had time to begin screaming before the current cut her off. Her body went stiff, straining against the straps. Her eyes went wide and her mouth agape, a quiet scream, almost a whine, just barely escaping it. A few seconds passed like this before the electricity shut off. She let out a painful sounding sob as she went slack in her bonds. After a couple of seconds of respite the electricity resumed, this time her open mouth made no noise. As the current turned off Katherine let out a ragged shriek before going limp.

“Plea–” she started, before being cut off by the current resuming, her glasses being thrown from her face by her spasming body. Watching her sexy taught body I sat on the floor and pulled my skirt up to my hips. Having not worn any panties today I had immediate access to my pussy and began rubbing it in earnest. This continued for a few more cycles at which point the air began to smell like burning meat. After one off cycle where Katherine was barely twitching the electricity began flowing again, her eyes rolled back in her head and visible smoke started to rise from her body. This last cycle lasted several seconds longer than any of the previous, and when it finished and Kathrine's body went limp she didn't move at all. Kathrine's bladder gave out, urine cascading over the sides of the chair.

Standing up, I walked over to the chair and climbed onto it. Standing on the armrests with my legs spread, I began pissing on Kathrine's steaming head while rubbing my clit furiously. Staring into her eyes that didn't stare back as my piss ran over them and down her face and body to join her own on the floor, I came. Almost falling off the chair, I rode out one of the best orgasms of my life.

When I came back to myself I climbed down off the chair and straightened my skirt. I looked at my class and saw a variety of reactions, some girls were cowering, looking at me in fear, others were in shock looking at Kathrine's body, others still were looking at either me or the body with heated faces and arousal in their eyes. A few of these were, or had been, openly masturbating, and two were rubbing each others pussies while staring at my former student's body.

“Well,” I said “Enough standing around, let's keep moving.”

Feedback is appreciated, all my work can also be found on AO3 here:
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Crucifixion and Stoning of a queen

A steel caged door clanged a subtle echo within Fuhay's castle dungeon. The form of a small female figure was pulled to her feet and out into the light. Her name was Ameeha, the wife of the king Fuhay, and she was among the last survivors of his family.

Ameeha's daughters had already been executed, Sari and Runa were both mangled to death in the Demon Loya's personal arena. While Loya was now gone, the kingdom was left in turmoil without its former king and it demanded blood.

Ameeha had been found hiding within secret passageways spread throughout the city. She had escaped the siege of the castle by Loya but not the anger of the citizens who were suffering from her husband's disappearance. Now she was to be publically executed for her husband's abandonment of her people.

Ameeha was lead out into the light of a torch, her hands tied together and her body covered only by rags that barely hid her private areas. An old woman stepped forward to examine her unnaturally white hair and looked deep into her blue eyes.

"The people demand justice, Ameeha" the old woman croaked. "Seems like your luck and cleverness have run out. Are you ready for the upcoming display?"

Ameeha stifled and grunted, then looked away with a glare. The old woman simply scoffed. "If you aren't willing to keep your life, so be it. Entertain the people and they'll be happy and content despite a lack of leadership." The old woman beckoned to the civilian guards and they dragged Ameeha by her hands up the steps out of the dungeon.

The guards dragged Ameeha out into the light of early morning in the courtyard of the castle. Ameeha desperately wrestled against the guards but they refused to let her go. Her feet tore against the sandy hard ground to try and pull away and she screamed at the two guards. They gave no response but cold stares.

Ameeha was dragged up to the front gates leading outside into the city. The guards cut the roped binding her hands together and places a wooden beam onto her shoulders instead. The weight of it caused her to waver back and forth as the guards tied her arms to the ends of the beam. They hung a sign around her neck, saying "Blood sacrifice to appease the people".

The gates to the city opened and Ameeha stared out into the endless streets of the city. People had just began starting their daily routines and leaving their houses. She was pushed through the gates with the beam on her shoulders and stumbled onto the streets, into the building crowds of people walking about.

A bark from the guards was issued behind her and a hand on her back began forcing her to walk forward. She walked, wavering from side to side as she tries to balance the heavy beam on her shoulders. The people around her began to stare and their gazes were anything but sympathetic.

A wad of spit hit her in the cheek and she noticed some of the people were glaring at her. Somehow they felt she deserved this treatment. Ameeha continued stumbling through the streets but then felt a stabbing pain in here ribs. A rock fell onto the ground from the spot she felt the pain and she quickly grew terrified of the people who were now beginning to throw rocks at her.

From the side she felt a smack on the cheek and a red tomato slid off her face. Another one hit her in the thigh and unbalanced her, the beam weighing her down so much that she fell to the side of the road, the end of the beam stopping her from completely landing on her face.

The guards hauled her back up and pushed her forward to keep walking. A rain of small sharp pebbled came from the onlookers and pelted her bare feet that it was painful to walk without flinching.

Suddenly Ameeha felt a thud in her head and the next thing she saw was the ground infront of her face. She landed hard into the dirty ground and the beam weighed down only more on her, causing her to wail in pain. Another tomato lay next to her where she got hit, its juices spilled onto her neck. Despite the constant pelting, all people remained silent at Ameeha's march of shame.

Once more the guards only lifted her back up and she had resumed walking, her nose now bleeding heavily down her mouth from falling face first into the ground. Ameeha kept as silent as she could despite her humiliation.

Finally, wooden gallows appeared in view. Ameeha was at her place of execution. The guards led her up the steps and into the middle of the gallows in clear view of the surrounding people. Chanting began as they demanded her bloody death.

Ameeha grimaced as her death sentence was read and the guards proceeded to rip off the rags still protecting her dignity. Her soft pale body stood naked and visible to everyone. Her cupped breasts and their soft pink nipples shined in the morning sunlight, bathed in sweat from her toil in getting to the place of her death.

The guards pushed her down onto her knees and placed a carved edge wooden board on her thighs. Then they push her down onto the board, exposing all of her back. One of the guards reared back with a whip in his hand and struck Ameeha, causing her to jump up a bit and shriek. The guard did not stop and followed with a second lash, then a third, and kept going. The board underneath Ameeha increased her pain even more as she could not rise up enough to avoid its edges while the lashes scored down on her back.

Ameeha shrieked continuously in pain as the whip dug into her skin and left bloody gashes. She was about to accept the call towards unconsciousness when the pain of the whip was lifted from her. She began raising her head and saw the guard putting away the whip.

She was about to take a few breaths of relief when another guard grabbed her beam from behind, raised her up and then threw her on the ground on her back. The wooden beam knocked the breath out of her as she hit the ground and she spent the few minutes gasping for air.

She wasn't given a chance to regain her breath when she felt the cold end of a nail pressing against her left wrist. A second later she felt a searing pain from crushing bone and tearing blood vessels and she shrieked at the top of her lungs. A nail had been driven through her and onto the beam.

The guard that had nailed her left arm moved to her right side and pressed another nail against Ameeha's right wrist. She was still shrieking from the pain of the first nail when the second one was struck and driven through her flesh and onto the wooden board.

The guard stood up and proceeded to help the other guards raise a large vertical beam with a slot at the top, upright. Ameeha was still screaming and shrieking and her back was arching from the pain. The tug of the nails at her wrists made her shriek more as she was lifted up by the horizontal beam and slotted into the vertical one. The two beams now formed a T shaped cross.

The guards took Ameeha's feet and paired them together, closing beer thighs together from where she hung. They put nails up to each foot and nailed them individually next to each other.

With the new found grasp on some weight underneath her legs, Ameeha reared up on her cross in pain and cried out. She was now crucified in public view for all to see.

For a while she hung there, whimpering as blood and sweat trickled down her body. Then she felt a stabbing pain in her thigh. She looked up and saw a crowd gathering, people picking up stones in their hands and preparing to throw them.

Among crowd, a boy picked up a sharp pebble and looked at Ameeha. He held the pebble in his hand, then threw it at her. The pebble hit Ameeha in the thigh, leaving behind a bleeding bruise. She gasped from the pain but fear filled her eyes as all the others began preparing to throw.

Pebbles and stones pummeled Ameeha, bruising and tearing at her body. She gasped for breath repeatedly as she felt her bones break where heavier rocks struck. She couldn't get any room to breath to even scream from the pain. The stones battered her body endlessly and Ameeha did not know how long she could last. Then a sharp pain hit her in the ahead everything began going dark. She could still feel stones thunking into her body but she could no longer see them. The pain almost went away and her eyes closed, embracing the warm darkness.
R: 141 / I: 1

Aoi Hikari's thread

It's been a while since my last /lit/ thread was gone, so I think that maybe it's time to finally revive it. Like, maybe new people appeared here after all that time who might find my sotires to their enjoyment, or maybe some of the old folk want to reread some of my stories and never saved them to their hard drive (I know I always do that: don't save the story I like and then curse myself for it when the thread is gone).

And since this thread is aimed at new people too, I'll start with an introduction.
So, I'm Aoi Hikari from Russia. I write stories, photoshop pictures (see the Alteration thread on /g/) and sometimes translate them (see the Translations thread on /g/). My favorite charachters are Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, so you'll find them more often in my works then other charachters from other fandoms. My favorite kind of guro is consensual and even casual, so this is what you can expect from my works.
I tend to come up with a lot of ideas but never turn them into actual stories. I often discuss them in this thread. Firstly, in hope that will help me shape it better in my mind and eventually actually write it (it rarely happens, but not entirely hopeless). Secondly, in hope that someone else might be inspired by those ideas and write something on one of them it or not necessarily eactly on one of them, but just write something good (it happened at least once!) For that note that you can freely use any of my ideas (and even complete stories) as inspiration or direct base for your stories (would be great if you credit me). That's one of the reason they are here for. thridly, I just enjoy discussing the story ideas, and I hope people who discuss them with me enjoy it too. Fourthly, I post the ideas, most of which will never turn into actual stories, for the sake of them not being in vain. At least people can read and enjoy them as ideas, which I hope is better then never seeing them at all.

Now, a little insight in my Russian works. In case you can read Russian, you can just read them here:
I just want to say that in addition to what I post here, there's also that profile of mine on ficbook (a Russian fanfiction site). There are Russian versions of some of the guro stories I post here (as of now there is nothing guro-related that is posted on ficbook, but not on gurochan) and some original Russian non-guro hentai stories in various states of completion (as of now none is really complete, but some are still worth reading). The one titled Innocence started with a little piece in English I originally posted here on gurochan, but it didn't interest people as it had no guro, so that's why since then I'm writing my non-guro hentai stories in Russian for ficbook. I would be willing to translate some of them into English though if people show interest (which is why I write about them here in the first place). So in hope that it ignites your interest, I'll put short summaries for them below. (Or maybe you're not really interested in reading the whole story, but reading it's summary here got you any thoughts, maybe an advice or idea I can implement in that setting, or you just want to voice your oppinion on it, anyway if you have anything to say, then by all means please do so).

Fandom: Vocaloids.
World summary: Near future (household robots - yes, space empires - no). The Vocaloid Project is a school for gifted children in Japan. Vocaloidville, where the school is located, is built just for the purpose of housing it's students and teachers, so it consists almost entirely of children. With all the new technology and households robots they can live by themselves just fine. Minimal control from adults outside school, and even inside school it's very liberal. It's like a children's paradise. Also, the Soviet Union stretches from China to at least France, I wrote it like that just because I could.
Story summary: In the center of the story is a pair of twins - Kagamine Rin and Len. They've been always studying at home before and somehow lack some basic knowledge. Namely, they are totally unaware that wearing clothes is not only for the sake of warmth and fashion. And also unaware of sex. As an example, in the beginning of the story there is a scene where Len accidentally rubs his penis all over Rin's face as he's trying to reach his clothes leaning over her. Len himself doesn't pay any attention to it, and Rin starts from paying little attention (a bit annoyed, but not enough to actually move away) to actually enjoying it (not in a sexual way though, but more like cuddling). Soon they discover masturbation and eventually sex, but it never occurs to think of it as something else but a fun game that can be played with friends (and a stranger for them is just a friend they haven't met yet). And so they do, adding more charachters in the fun, namely: Hatsune Miku who turns out to be quite perverted herself (she does realise it's perverted though), Luo Tianyi, a naive empathetic girl from Soviet Union who tries her best to befriend everyone, but happens to get the idea of how it's done in Japan from the Kagamine twins, kudere Gumi who brings ignored sex to the story, Gakupo and Pico who bring some yaoi (don't turn away at this point! It's really cute and sweet. Also just a little bit of it that can be skipped) and Flower who is planned to be into BDSM (haven't written this far yet though). Also, apart from sex, the story has a lot of pee showering, pee drinking, pee peeing and whatever. After I've added pee into the story it kinda got out of control, but I can't say I'm unhappy with the results.
Status: I keep updating it in short portions (like 2-4 pages) from time to time, the progress is not fast, but it's definitely alive. I don't have a long-term plan for the story, but so far it works just fint with cute kids doing cute sex. I also do have some short-term plan to keep going for now.

Alisa Seleznyova's dress
Fandom: Alisa's adventures by Kir Bulychov (alt. transliteration: Bulychev), a Soviet/Russian series of children sci-fi/fairy-tale books on adventures of a little girl (about 13 in most books, younger in first ones) Alisa Seleznyova (alt. transliteration: Selezneva) in the end of the XXI century (with spaceships, aliens, space pirates, time machine and whatnot). Alisa's father is the director of the Cosmozoo (a zoo where they keep space animals) and she herself studies biology, so there is also a lot of weird alien creatures in the books like tigerrats and flying cows (which for a hentai fanfitcion writer like me means lots of chances for beastiality).
World summary: Pretty much the same as in the books, but social norms evolved to see no shame in nudity and sex, even in public. The bio-engeneering of humans led them to not have any hair safe from on the head, so there's no unseemly bushes to hide behind panties. So the fashion of the future mostly reveals private parts (and it is not considered sexy, totally casual). A cat costume that includes a butt-plugged tail is even considered childish. The mentioned bio-engeneering also made people able to bear low temperatures, so winter clothes don't have to cover private parts either, but still use some traditionally winter parts and materials. Say, a pair of gloves and a scarf on a naked body constitute a totally casual winter costume. Wearing a lot of clothes is being showy, not wearing anything at all is being modest or just indifferent to fashion.
Story summary: On the first day of summer holidays Alisa vies through her wardrobe trying to pick what to wear today. A number of costumes are described, most of them don't hide privates, but some do to demostrate how there's no real difference if the privates are shown or not, that would be equally all right. Alisa can't choose and in the end decides to just not bother and go naked as it is a totally valid choice in this world. On her way to the bio-station [where she studies biology and conducts experiments with friends - that part is from the original books] she gets in an awkward situation where she has to give a stranger a blow job and eventually deepthroat him, but it's not the oral sex that is awkward, in fact it is totally casual and no one thinks much of it. The taste of cum leads Alisa to remember another such situation. Then she arrives at the bio-station, meets with friens, and some more situations that are sexy by our standarts but totally casual for that world occurs (namely: a girl having sex with a dolphin, boys shooting cum at each other as a part of a childish game, a girl having her face heavily covered in cum). There's even a bit of scat, but just a bit, where a boy puts his fingers in other boys' butts then lets Alisa lick the fingers to see if she can determine by the taste which is whose. See, totally innocent and cute, right? Or you can just skip this part.
Status: This one's complicated. My initial idea was no not even include any sex, just show a world where nudiy is casual and fashion is influenced by that. Just an ordinary day in Alisa's life, only she spends it naked, but the point was that it doesn't make any difference. And it was like that until Alisa got outside and that situation with the ice-cream she dropped on a stranger's dick got into my mind and it was so hot I couldn't hold back from writing it. Then the concept changed to a world where sex is not ashamed of, but still not something that happens on every step, and Alisa is still a virgin, and another girl is doing a research on wether virginigy has anything to do with innocence, and in the end of the story Alisa has sex, and everyone note that even if she's not a virgin anymore, she's still as innocent as ever. But as I kept writing, more and more sex popped up, and at this rate for Alisa to still be a virgin she had to intentionally avoid it, but that's not the way I want it. So now I have to think of another plot that won't deal with anyone's virginity before I can continue. I have a couple of ideas, but they're more long-term, and what I lack is a more short-term plan. So this sotry is paused for a while.

Swimsuit season
Fandom: same as above
World summary: same as above
Story summary: Alisa and her friends spend some time on a river, swimming, having sex and other fun things.
Status: It's just a couple of pages with only reaches the point where they go swimming (in the nude, of course). Also on the way to the river their costumes are described. I've started writing this story before the Dress one, but now I think I'll just turn this one into one of the future chapters of the Dress one eventually. So it's also paused.

Slavya and the horse
Fandom: Everlasting Summer, a Russian VN (English version available on Steam) and The Herbalist, a VN-styled puzzle game by some of the same authors.
World summary: The Herbalist's protagonist is the herbalist girl Slavya based on the same mascot Slavya-tan as the charachter by the same name from Everlasting Summer. The village setting from The Herbalist was perfect for sex with a horse, but The Herbalist doesn't have any other charachters then Slavya, and so I populated the village with the charachters from Everlasting Summer. Also, nudity and sex are casual, even if it's with a horse. Not that people have sex on every corner, but the fact that Slavya is willing to have sex with anyone, even with a horse, is not seen as anything other that her being a very nice and kind girl. Only for the male protagonist Semyon the local customs are a surprise.
Story summary: Originally was intended to be focused on Slavya having sex with a horse, then Semyon comes and asks her to go swim in the river with other kids to show how this is all casual. But in the middle of the horse scene where Semyon appears I wanted to write a couple of lines about him to introduce the charachter, but instead of couple of lines I've now written more than a dozen of pages of a flashback of Semyon arriving to the village, meeting other charachters, learning local customs, befriending Slavya etc... and I'm not done with it yet. For comparison: there are 2 pages before Slavya gets to the horse and 4 of actual horse action (which is not finished though, as Semyon with his flashback appeared in the middle of it). I'm now wondering if I should change the title and the concept.
Status: Last updated yesterday, so totally alive.

And this concludes the part about Russian stories.

I'll now post one of my old stories and will post another one every day or so until I post all of them.
You also must be wondering if I have anything new. Sorry, guys, not really. But just today I've read a guro story on Everlasting Summer which was in Russian, but I'm considering translating it. It's short and lacks detailed descriptions, girls die too fast and some of them (including my favourite Slavya) are already dead by the start of the story. So my first intention upon reading it was to rewrite it with proper details and also adding actual guro scenes for girls already dead. But then I thought as with many other ideas there's no guaranty of when and if I'll get to actually writing it. So I decided just translating it instead (and it doesn't mean I can't do a rewrite in the future, right?). It's short, as I mentioned, so totally doable and won't take long. I'll probably post it as soon as I finish translating it, so keep track on my thread to not lose it among all the old stories I'll be reposting. The title is "Guro in the mines".
R: 6 / I: 0

A Heist Gone Wrong (Persona 5, Snuff, M/F, non-con)

This time I wrote a Persona 5 story. While my Persona 4 story was mostly cons this one is non-con. Part 1 features Ann and Makoto dying and Part 2 will have Futaba and Haru.

A Heist Gone Wrong

Part 1

Makoto Niijima looked at the other Phantom Thieves that were with her. Ann Takamaki, Haru Okumura and Futaba Sakura were all waiting close to her and chatting. She looked back at the screen of her phone, and read the message from their leader.

“Okay, so apparently none of the guys can come with us today. Since we are all here, I propose we should go check out that Palace we discussed earlier.” As Makoto said that, Futaba interrupted her:

“Should we do that without Joker?” The hacker asked with a concern in her voice.
“Oh please, we will be fine” Ann replied jauntily.
“I’d like to go too, if it’s okay with you.” Haru joined in.
“If you all want to go, then I’ll come with you. You’ll need me to navigate for you.” Futaba smirked and stood up abruptly. “Let’s get going then!”

The four girls quickly made their way towards their target. After entering the Metaverse they magically changed into their usual thief outfits: Ann wore a red leather catsuit, Makoto into her skintight black and blue bodysuit with a metal chest plate, Futaba into her black and green skintight bodysuit and black leggings, while Haru wore a black corset over a pink blouse, purple bloomers and a black pantyhose.

“Everyone, please be careful. We don’t know what’s going to await us in here.” Makoto reminded the others as they walked into the Palace.

The first few rooms didn't cause them any problems - they simply blew through any Shadows in their path.

"I sense the Treasure fairly close to us. A couple more rooms and we should find it." Futaba reported as they entered the next room.

The room was pretty empty, with no shadows inside. In the center of the room there was a table with a vase on it. On the other side, opposite the door they just came through, there was another door. The walls were all empty, without a single ornament on them.

"Might as well grab that case before we go." Ann commented and sprinted towards the table.

"Panther, no!" Makoto shouted with a pang of fear, and Futaba also asked her to stop: "Get back here, Ann!"

The red-clothed burglar turned around as she reached the table. "What's up with you two? Why are you so fired up?" She asked them before turning back towards the table and trying to grab the vase.

As soon as she touched it, both doors were cut off by metal bars, and the table let out several mechanical arms that took Ann by surprise. As she was forced onto the table, she could see that the other girls suddenly disappeared from her sight.

They didn't simply disappear, though. The three other Thieves immediately ran over to try and help her, but as they got to her, the floor suddenly started moving downwards, carrying them down with it.

When it stopped, the girls needed a moment to get over the dizziness caused by their surprising trip down.

"We are now several floors beneath the ground level. I-I'm not sure how we'll get back up. I sense enemies from all directions, and I can't even sense Ann anymore!" Futaba exclaimed furiously, barely holding back tears as she was scared if they could get out. She fell down to her knees as she recalled her persona.

"Calm down Oracle, I'm sure that if we focus and don't do anything reckless we'll be able to get out." Makoto kneeled next to her and grabbed her by the arms. "So let's work together to get out of here." She told her while looking into her eyes.

"O-Okay. I just wish Joker was here with us. He'd easily be able to get us out..." As Futaba got up, Makoto looked towards Haru, who was busy checking the walls of the room they ended in.

"How are you holding up, Noir?" She asked the auburn-haired thief.

"Pretty good, actually. I think I found an exit out of this room, so we can get on going. I just wish we could know how Panther is doing..." Haru answered her with some concern in her voice.

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Makoto replied, then approached her. The doorway seemed fairly safe, and Futaba nodded to sign that she sensed no traps.
"Okay, let's get going." She concluded as she walked through the door.

Ann struggled against the shackles that held her on the table in a spread eagle position. She wasn't sure where did the other girls disappear to, but that wasn't that important for her at the time. Her focus was on getting out. However, the metal proved stronger than her and she quickly gave up.

"Carmen!" She shouted, trying to summon her Persona, then stopped. Fire wasn't going to work on what was keeping her in place anyways, and healing wouldn't help either. She tried looking around for anything else she could try burning, but nothing seemed to be of any help.

With a resigned sigh, she gave up on trying to get out. "I guess I'll have to wait for the others to come and rescue me. Too bad. I wanted to go with them."

Ann waited for a few minutes, but she grew bored with time. As if to answer her need for entertainment, the table she was on started making some sounds. She could hear something moving inside of it, and she saw the floor of the room coming back up.

A gun emerged from the ceiling, pointing right at her. She screamed in horror as she thought she was about to die, but the gun didn't kill her.

Instead of bullets, the gun was firing a laser. The laser hit the table between her ankles, and slowly started moving upwards. Ann could only watch in fear as it was getting closer and closer to her, until it finally connected. She let out a shriek of pain, but it caused more by a reflex than real pain - the laser didn't actually hurt her, only burning her skin a little.

What the laser did, however, was cutting through her leather catsuit. It was creating a line of redder skin over her body, right where the zipper of her outfit was. The rest of it rolled away a bit from the cut spot, exposing more of her naked skin. Ann closed her eyes, trying not to think about how she was slowly being undressed, while the laser got up to her neck and turned off.

More mechanical hands emerged, and tore the costume away from her, making her fully naked as her outfit didn't include any underwear. Only a mask remained on her face as she was forcefully stripped.

When it was over, she opened her eyes again. She could see her clothes in shreds on the ground around the table, and once again tried to struggle against her bonds as anxiety took hold of her - If the machine took her clothes, what else it was going to take next?

She didn't have to wait long for the answer. Suddenly, a small gap opened along the whole table, along the same line the laser was firing earlier. A circular saw emerged from the gap between her feet. And started rotating rapidly.

Ann screamed in fear as the saw slowly began to move towards her. She started thrashing against her shackles in one final effort to break free, but once again she was proven powerless.

The saw got so close to her that she could sense the air the blade was moving. Time seem to slow down as the saw moved through the final distance, and finally began cutting through her.

She let out the most powerful scream of her life as the saw shredded her cunt. She started crying as the saw moved through her uterus, quickly cutting through her pelvis before cutting through her abdomen.

The saw quickly reached her sternum while moving along the line of redder skin. Her legs started to spasm uncontrollably as the saw cut through both the sternum and her heart. She could feel her control slowly fading away from her body as her breasts were separated by the saw. When the saw reached her throat, and stopped, she was somehow still alive.

Her mind briefly wondered why didn’t it go all the way through, but her thoughts were abruptly interrupted as her head was cut off. Another crevice opened beneath her neck, and a simple blade went up through her neck. The part of the table where her head tilted over, making the head roll down. The saw restarted, and cut through the rest of her headless body.

Her life finally faded away from her as her head rolled to the ground. Her final thoughts went towards the other girls that went in with her. “I hope at least you girls will make it out of here…”

Makoto was breathing heavily as her fist smashed into the head of another Shadow. The three girls managed to move stealthily for most of the time, but a few fights were unavoidable. That was one of such fights. As she fell to the ground, she took a look around. Haru had her axe buried into another Shadow’s flesh, and Futaba just jumped out of her Persona, but the room seemed empty otherwise.

That fight has really exhausted both her and Haru, but she knew they couldn’t stop just yet. Futaba’s scans only reminded her how much more they had to climb before they reached the surface again.

“We’ve now about a half of the way to the surface now.” Futaba commented as she took off her goggles. “We’ll get there in no time.” She commented as she ran towards the door. As she opened the door, Makoto could get a glimpse inside. The room was seemingly empty, with a single elevator on one side. “I detect no Shadows there, let’s go” Futaba ran into the room, with Makoto and Haru following her slowly.

When Futaba reached the middle of the room, a flash of light blinded the three girls. When they could see again, Futaba screamed. She was now surrounded by multiple Shadows. She immediately called upon her UFO Persona and entered it, but the Shadows started attacking it. As she tried to fly away, the Necronomicon was forced back to the ground.

Makoto knew right away that there were too many shadows for them to fight. She looked at Haru.
“We need to get her out of there!” Makoto shouted and they both nodded. As Haru ran towards the Shadows, Makoto called out “Johanna!” and her motorcycle Persona appeared in front of her. She got on and rode towards the Shadows, overtaking Haru as she went.

With an angry scream she slammed into the Shadows, drawing their attention away from Futaba. As they turned towards her, the Necronomicon disappeared and Futaba fell to the ground. Haru got to her right away, and helped her go away. As the pair walked towards the elevator, Haru turned back towards Makoto, who was now atop her Persona again and surrounded by the Shadows.

“Don’t worry about me; I’ll catch up with you. Now go!” She shouted towards them. Haru obeyed with a heavy heart, not wanting to leave another of her friends behind. The last thing she saw before the door closed was Makoto casting one of her usual spells to cause an explosion that forced the Shadows away from her.

Makoto watched the door close behind them in the corner of her eye, while her gaze shifted from one Shadow to another. The monsters were staying in their humanoid forms instead of changing into demons, but it didn’t make them any weaker. The ones she knocked down with her last explosion were already back on their feet, and they were all moving towards her.

“I should work on them systematically.” She thought before driving towards one of the Shadows. She jumped of her motorcycle and as it crashed into the monster, her fist collided with its head. The monster recoiled a bit, and as she fell she followed up with a kick to its head. As she fell on her bike, she spun and hit him once again before casting another explosive spell. It vaporized the weakened Shadow, and the blast also reached a few of the monsters closest to her.

She repeated the same process a few times, with a fear at the back of her head reminding her that she’d eventually ran out of energy for her magic. She tried to conserve it, but the mass of Shadows melted far slower than she burned through her reserves. She also noticed that those Shadows were learning somehow, as each Shadow she attacked reacted to her a bit quicker than the one before.

When her magic ran out, she was already exhausted. Her outfit was torn in several spots on her legs and arms, and one particularly well aimed strike loosened her chest plate, but it was still hanging on.

Instead of charging at another Shadow, she instead pulled out her revolver. She knew that the gun wasn't as strong as her melee attacks, but she was convinced another Shadow would catch her as she attacked. She shot a few quick shots into one of the incoming Shadows, and she even managed to defeat it, but when she did, the shadows finally got to her.

She attempted to ride away with her Persona, but was instead brutally thrown away from it as one of the Shadows hit her. She hit the ground hard, and she could feel her chest plate loosening further, and as she got to her fours it fell off, leaving her just in her black-blue bodysuit. Her Persona disappeared, and she didn't feel strong enough to summon it back.

She tried to get up, but another strike, this time from the side, threw her down to the ground again. She knew she couldn't escape now, so she just laid on her back and looked at the Shadows as they approached. She was expecting a quick death now, as she knew that they monsters would show her no mercy.

It wasn't what the Shadows planned for her, though. To her horror, the monsters took on nearly human forms - naked males, to be exact. She could clearly see the effect her body had on them, and she realized she was still in for more pain.

The first Shadow sat on her abdomen, pressing her to the ground. Slimy black hands moved over her breasts, and after a few squeezes the Shadow tore parts of her suit off, exposing her tits. She was only glad that those weren't real humans, but it was still humiliating. The Shadow forced his dick between her breasts, and the tip of the cock touched her face. As the monster started to ram his cock forwards and backwards, she opened her mouth so that he didn't hit her with every push.

That monster wasn't the only one to get to her. Another shadow was already kneeling between her legs, and quickly removed the crotch part of her suit, exposing her pussy to all. She could only prepare herself mentally as another Shadow cock violated her pussy. She cried out as she felt her hymen breaking, but the shadows ignored it - one more source of blood on a girl who was already hurt heavily.

Her rape continued for some time, with Shadows using both her face and her pussy or ass at the same time. Their semen was as black as their bodies, and she could feel nothing but repulsion as load after load were blown into her pussy and over her face and breasts. Since the change was almost instant, she was quite surprised when a Shadow moved from her and wasn't immediately replaced by another one.

She blinked to clear her eyes, covered with black cum and full of tears, and noticed a shadow that looked different from the others. He seemed to be the leader of the group, but her eyes were drawn to his hands. To her revolver that was now held by the Shadow.
When he forced himself into her, she noticed he was thicker than the ones before. Her mind was then frozen in terror as he moved the hand with the gun towards her head. She could feel the cold touch of her own weapon on her forehead. She knew that it was the end for her, and she pissed herself in fear.

The loud bang of the revolver marked the end of her life, her brain matter and blood spraying the ground. Her head hit the ground, and her mask disappeared, truly showing she was dead. The Shadow didn't seem to care, as he simply pumped her body until he came.

As the intruder was dead, the group of Shadows slowly dispersed, leaving Makoto's lifeless and covered in spunk body on the ground.
R: 18 / I: 0

Young Ladies and Death

This thread will contain short stories (less than 500 words) about the teen and preteen girls meeting an early end to their lives. Mostly via murder or suicide, but accidental deaths may happen occasionally.

Other people are free to contribute stories; you can make them longer than 500 words if you wish.
R: 0 / I: 0
The chubby Xebtron Rex stood in line, fidgeting non-stop– twiddling his thumbs, twisting the Death Venman action figure in his pocket, stroking his hands through his greasy black hair. His body quakes with nerves. The Lily Scott. He was going to meet The Lily Scott.
The twisting turning line that spread cross the convention floor inched obnoxiously closer. He was so close he could almost smell her. Not that he knew what she smelled like, but he sure had his suspicions (vanilla and cardamom, probably).
He anxiously swung the thin cloth sack which brandished the con’s icon onto the cold cement ground and rifled through its contents. His inhaler, his worryingly thin Transformer-themed wallet, his boy-scout pocket knife, and– yes, there it was. His gift to Lily, which he simply knew she loved. Maybe so much she’d ask for his number– or something.
Xebtron took a deep breath and steadied himself, tying up his bag and standing to move with the crowd.
Everyone he ever knew mocked him for what he loved. Said 46 was too old to still be into that stuff. But he always knew they were wrong, and that he should follow his passion no matter what. And when he dates the cutest girl in all of Hollywood they’d all know just how wrong they were.
He stood at the black curtain, two con volunteers standing at either side. His hands were shaking profusely, and in a last ditch effort to prove just how much he was willing to sacrifice for Lily, he wiped the sweat off his brow and sneakily rolled on some deodorant. A couple of whiffs to make sure any hint of body odor was gently snuffed, and he was absolutely ready.
The curtains pushed open, and a small, chubby boy pushed through, face buried in his hands and read with tears.
Oh my god… Xebtron thought to himself, She’s really that beautiful?
“Next in line, please.”
He had to stop himself from pissing his pants. His hands shaking, legs quivering, he made his way forward through the part in the black curtains.
And there she is. Lily Scott. The perfect brown hair, the pale soft skin, the big green eyes– she’s truly more beautiful in person. A smile made its way to the edges of his mouth as she stared him down intensely.
“Well?” She said. Her tone was more snappy than he expected, but that was okay. It wouldn’t take long for him to make his impression on–
“Fucking hurry it up, asshole. There are other people behind you.”
Xebtron stopped dead in his tracks. Did she call him an asshole? Flustered, he shuffled through his bag. His throat grew dry, his palms clammy and sweaty. Lily breathed out, frustrated. She smelt like lavender.
He pulled it out. A handmade exact screen-to-life replica of Rayva's hunter outfit from Space Tales Episode LXIX: Rayva's Journey. The product of months worth of work– blood, toil, and sweat to make sure it was exactly as seen in the film. His most prized piece of cosplay art yet.
He handed it to her with shaky outstretched arms. Lily looks at it as if someone farted, snatches it from his hands, and examines it. She seemed… unimpressed.
“The hell am I supposed to do with this, faggot?”
Xebtron looked at her with wide eyes. She was so cruel, unforgiving. And for seemingly no reason. He felt his heart begin to shatter. His jaw quivered.
“W-wear it?” He nervously stammered. Lily laughed.
“Jesus, fuck. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You pervert nerds get off to anything. I bet you’d like me to change into it right here, wouldn’t you?”
He stared wide-eyed, no single word coming to mind. He felt his innards revolting, the very fibre of his being being crushed before his very eyes.
“Alright, fuck off, asshole. And take your filthy fucking rags, or whatever.” Lily chucked the costume back into Xebtron's arms. He stood perfectly still– shaken and afraid. What just happened? Was this hell?
“I said get, fuck-face!”
Her tits jiggled a little when she yelled.
She stood, the chair squeaking against the floor.
A single tear dribbled down Xebtron's cheek, and he stumbled back, accepting that his idol and celebrity crush was– to put it frankly– a fucking cunt.

Xebtron sat in the family bathroom, sobbing to his heart’s content. Why did she do it? He worked so hard on that gift for her and she turned it down? Why?
And what was it she called him? “Asshole?” “Faggot?” “Fuck-face?” “Pervert nerd?” Oh, yes– she called him all of those.
He held his plastic Death Venman toy out, and spoke to it in a hushed tone.
“Oh, Death Venman,” he said quietly, voice shaky with tears, “You’d never betray me. You’d never let me down.”
“Kill that cunt!”
Xebtron stared at his toy.
What the fuck just happened? Did it just speak? Was he hearing things.
“Little Xebtron, it’s me! Death Venman!”
“Death Venman? What the hell? How are you talking to me?”
“Through the force, Xebtron. Now listen to me, you must do exactly as I say, understand?”
“I… I mean, yeah– what?”
“Xebtron! Don’t get distracted! Listen to grand-papa.”
“Um… yeah. Okay, yeah, sure.”
“Kill her.”
“Fucking kill her.”
“Cut off her head or something. That bitch deserves it.”
“I don’t know, Death. I’m not sure–”
“Have I ever steered you wrong, Xebtron?”
“You’ve never steered me anywhere.”
“Trust me on this! Trust the force!”
“Yeah… yeah, you’re right. I’ll trust the force–”
Just then the door swung open. Had he forgotten to lock it? Xebtron stood to attention, immediately embarrassed. The door slammed shut behind the figure, who with a dramatic spun to face Xebtron.
It was Lily herself.
As if the force had willed it.
Only she immediately looked past Xebtron and pushed past him toward the sink.
“Finally, some fucking time away from those loser nerds.”
“Lily Scott?”
She ignored him entirely, splashing water in her face and scratching her crotch.
“Hey– hey, um…” his voice faltered, but just as quickly as he lost it he forced himself to gain confidence.
“Hey bitch!”
Lily turned immediately, her soft brown hair flicking with her and her sultry green eyes staring Xebtron dead in the soul.
“What the fuck do you want, piss-wipe?”
“You can’t be in here.
He shuffled awkwardly, pushing himself against the door.
“Fuck off. Get out.”
“No! I was here first, you– you cunt!”
Lily's face contorted in sudden extreme anger.
“Excuse me? What the fuck did you say to me, you worthless piece of garbage? You speak to me like that one more time I’ll have your brains splattered across the convention floor, you hear me, you pig? Is that making it through you thick fucking skull?”
Xebtron quivered a bit, then forced stoicism.
“Get. Out.”
Lily looked at him, assessing the threat he pose: not much. She chuckled to herself, then inched forward.
“The fuck are you gonna do about it, nerd?”
In a fluid motion, she snatched the satchel from his hands.
“Let’s see what’s in this, piggy, shall we?”
She tore the bag open and began rummaging inside, yanking out the costume and tossing it haphazardly into the toilet next to her.
“No!” cried Xebtron, who was helpless in watching her rampage.
Lily proceeded to toss away his inhaler (after calling it a waste of perfectly good air), then his deodorant, then his wallet. At last Lily grabbed and held up his pocket knife. It looked so big in her dainty, evil hand.
“What’s this, shit head?” She flicked it open and examined the blade. “What were you gonna use this for?”
Xebtron quivered in his black boots, eyes glued on the knife.
“Tell you what,” she inched closer, “how ‘bout I cut your dick off? If I can find it, that is. Sound good–?”
Before Lily could even finish her threat, Xebtron grabbed her wrist and squeezed with all his might. Her hand wretched open and the knife went flying, directly into Xebtron's open palm. He closed his fist around the handle and slashed at her wrist. Immediately her flesh opened, and an onslaught of blood exploded from her arm.
“Oh– jesus, fuck!” Lily's eyes glued to the constant explosion of blood, her other hand pressed against it as if to stop it. It only made her hand bloodier.
In the midst of the chaos as Lily attempted to attain control of her unruly bloody wound, Xebtron locked the bathroom door.
Pissed and in wild amounts of pain, Lily looked at him with a crippled fire in her eyes.
“You son of a–”
Then he tackled her to the ground. She yelped and struggled, but his intense weight kept her properly pinned. One arm bent behind her back, pressed against the filthy bathroom floor (which was no doubt soaked in the piss of a thousand nerds), Xebtron grabbed her bleeding hand and pushed it to the ground beside her head.
“You fucking fucker! You’re going to fucking die for this, you son of a bitch! You hear? You’re going to fucking die!” Lily complained and screamed, but she was cut short as Xebtron dug the blade into her wrist one more time.
Her head shot back as an agonal scream exploded from her wretched open lips. Her body pushed and struggled against his as the knife began to saw.
“OH FUCK! YOU SHIT-HEAD– GOD, FUCK!” Lily screamed profanity after profanity as Xebtron violently sawed her hand off her wrist. Blood splattered everywhere: on the floor, the wall, the mirrors, Lily's face. The bathroom was quickly painted red– and all from the blood that spurted from her now-becoming stump wrist.
Xebtron found the easiest cuts were the fleshier areas, but the tougher area– which required the most dedication– was, quite obviously, the bone. He also found that Lily seemed to feel the most pain in that area. As a result, Xebtron spent a majority of the time hacking away at the two bones within her arm.
Lily screamed relentlessly for help, but none would come, and eventually Xebtron made it through the arm entirely. With some additional flesh tearing and tendon snapping, he pulled her hand away from her wrist and held it high.
“She that, you fucking bitch? That’s why you don’t fucking mess with me.”
It felt good to be in command. He wanted more.
He wanted Lily.
Xebtron stood, releasing her from his pin. She hopped to her feet immediately, slipping only for a second in the puddle of her own blood. Tears streaming down her face, she cradled her stump-arm in unforgiving pain, her other hand getting recklessly soaked with blood.
“You fuck! You sick fucking fuck!” She hobbled away from him, reaching for the door-knob. In a swift movement, before she could even reach the door, he grabbed her by the hair and bashed her head against the cement wall.
Lily dropped to her knees, the blood beneath her splashing in every direction. Her eyes drooped immediately, her tongue practically dangling from her mouth. Her arms fell to her side, stump-hand dripping excess amounts of dark blood from the ragged flesh and serrated bone. She blinked once, and moaned loudly as her full lips twitched in brutal agony. A chunk of her thick, soft hair still bundled in his fist, he reeled back and slammed her head again.
This time Lily fell flat. Not quite dead but not happy to be alive. A splatter of her blood dripped down the white wall, and just before passing out, her tired fingers traced the lining of a dent in her skull.

When Lily came to, something was off. What it was, she couldn’t quite tell. She was dazed and dizzy, her vision blurry and fuzzy. Her head was pounding, but the rest of her body was numb. She blinked hard, to push away the grogginess, and finally realized the weight of her situation.
She was bent over the bathroom sink with a cock ramming into her open asshole repeatedly. Lily looked in the mirror ahead of her. The greasy nerd was naked behind her, dripping sweat onto her clothes.
But hold on a second– these weren’t the clothes she was wearing before.
While she was out, unbeknownst to her, sweaty Xebtron Rex had stripped her naked and dressed her in his pervy little Rayva costume, now sopping wet with toilet water and a stranger’s piss. And it smelt it.
“N-no… what are you–?”
Xebtron pressed his hand over her mouth. She groaned, but she was entirely too tired to physically revolt at this point.
“You will soon– realize– the power– of the force!” He grunted heavily in her ear, between deep huffs and puffs.
“Stop now… you… piece of sh–” Lily was still tired and dazed, and she’d be lying if she said the world wasn’t entirely fuzzy at that point. But she knew this reality was true– she felt his cock fill her tight anus (he would have gone for the pussy but it was too tight– clenched in refusal– and he simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slam his dick over and over and over again into a throbbing, gaping asshole. God knows he’d never have the chance again.)
There was something about her pained and fearful screams that were so cute to him, too. Maybe it was something to do with the accent, he just knew that making her yell and grunt brought him immense satisfaction.
“People– will– AHH FUCK!– know about this!”
“How? You dumb fucking…”
He pulled her struggling body in close to his. He sniffed deep, smelling her soft, sweaty brown hair. She fought, pulling away, kicking and screaming, but he continued to rape her.
Finally, as his cock swelled with anticipation, he removed his sopping, dripping dick from her gaping anus, which opened and closed slowly and repeatedly, recovering from the size of his penis. Lily had given up on fighting, and now resorted simply to sobbing. Her face was stained with tears and glowed red. Xebtron was just about ready to paint it white.
With little to no resistance, he pushed Lily to the ground and spun her so she faced him. Her big, brown eyes, tinted red with pained tears, stared right down the barrel of his cock, watching him stroke it back and forth, hand sweaty with her ass’s natural lube.
He grabbed a handful of Lily's hair and pulled her close to him, pressing his throbbing dick against her closed lips.
But Lily wasn’t about ready to take his dick in her mouth, and she kept it wretched closed, no matter the amount of pushing and slapping her captor fell unto her.
“You dumb-fuck!!” He screamed, face turning red with brutal anger. “I’m so fucking close to cumming– you’re not gonna deny me this!”
He began fondling his balls, stroking them and pressing them against Lily's sweat-soaked drool-painted face, who responded with groans and anguished bemoaning.
“Fucking suck my dick! Or my salty balls will be all over your fucking face, you bitch! You fucking bitch!”
Lily's face now contorted and twisted as she valiantly attempted to keep back tears while keeping her mouth closed shut. She sobbed quietly, her body heaving. There was no way for her to escape this.
Especially when he whipped out his little knife and pressed it against her throat.
“You want me to kill you– you piece of shit? Do you??”
Lily didn’t respond, simply tried to keep from sobbing. He stroked his cock in her face.
“DO YOU??”
He stared down at her with fiery eyes. He was ready to burst, but he wasn’t going to waste his opportunity to be blown by the Lily Scott. He pressed the knife further into her flesh. Any more pressure would cut skin.
Reluctantly, with a downpour of tears, she opened her mouth.
Without any hesitation, Xebtron grabbed the back of her head and threw it forward, his entire dick entering her mouth and sliding into her throat. Lily's eyes bulged, her lips stretched wide open as her body tried finding every way possible to eject this cock from her throat.
Nothing worked.
No gagging, no choking, no sputtering or retching could yank the dick from her mouth. Her face grew red, veins popping in her forehead as the possibility of getting any air was thrown out the window. Slobber dribbled down her chin and decorated the shaft of his penis.
He’s not even fucking me… Lily thought to herself as she struggled violently for air, He’s just… sitting there.
Yet he seemed to enjoy it. His face was twisted with joy, head thrown back as he pushed her face closer into his body.
Then, after what felt like an eternity to Lily, he pulled her head away, so that just the head of his penis penetrated her throat. Then he pushed her head back into him. Then away. Then in. Then away. Then in.
In no time he was fully raping her throat, forcing the slobbering, drooling, sputtering, coughing celebrity to gag repeatedly on his massive cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and as airflow left her brain, her body slumped, reduced to simply taking it.
“Swallow… my fucking… cock… bitch!” He slammed her head into his body over and over and over again, dick engulfed in her throat fully every pump.
Then finally–

Complete euphoria.

Xebtron screamed at the top of his lungs as semen exploded from the tip of his cock into the back of Lily's throat– the stream so powerful, a bubbly, snotty glob of jizz burst from either one of her nostrils upon completion.
He slid his cock from her throat, still shooting heavy loads of cum. His cock pumped the white goop into her mouth (where it pooled on her tongue and brought Lily near to vomiting), over the bridge of her nose, into her open eye, and over her sweat-matted hair.
Lily's tear-stricken face was plastered with his jizz, her eyes closed shut in an effort to keep the dripping goo from entering there more than it already had. It tasted salty, awful, and the moment he finished creaming on her pale, scared face, she spat it out. The foaming, spit-mixed cum dribbled off her chin and onto the still wet Rayva costume, which had been pulled aside to reveal Lily's small, supple breasts.
She was messy– a sight Xebtron thoroughly enjoyed, as he continued to stroke his cock even after raping her and covering her with his cum. In complete and total despair, Lily collapsed onto her side, cradling herself and entirely exhausted from her brutal raping.
It wasn’t much to her surprise that even as she rocked back and forth, sobbing heavily, asshole gaping wide open and thick loads of cum dripping off her red face she began to feel droplets from above. Xebtron was still cranking his cock, pushing out dollops of jizz, which would land on her side and trickle down her stomach.
“You’re a… piece of… shit….” Lily barely had the strength to speak.
Suddenly, with a ferocious speed, Xebtron grabbed a handful of her brown hair and yanked her up again. She yelped in pain but abided, stumbling upwards and following the will of his meaty fist, which lead her (still tender from almost being caved in) head to a violent smash against the mirror over the sink.
Lily was bent over again, her asshole a throbbing hole that dripped pre-cum and lubrication. She closed her eyes, ready for another brutal round.
But that would never come. Instead, Xebtron yanked her head back again, using his still hard and cum-dripping cock to press her against the dingy sink. Her long, tender throat was now stretched towards the mirror, her head pulled back and open eyes darting around worriedly. He stroked her neck with his finger, admiring the length and the tenderness. So soft and so warm.
He adjusted her head once more so her chin pointed up but her eyes could look into the mirror. Lily made eye-contact with herself, then quickly became shocked and depressed at the sight of countless strands of cum dripping down her face.
She was pretty at some point, wasn’t she?
“What’re you– what are you doing you fat–” The exhaustion slowly made way to fear. He wasn’t raping her or attacking her, but he had her poised for something. Something bad was going to happen.
And then she saw it, the glimmer of a blade in his free fist, which he moved up to her neck. He pressed his knife into her neck, watching her skin indent under the pressure.
Now Lily was full blown anxiety-mode. She struggled slightly, her eyes wide open.
“You wouldn’t… you wouldn’t dare–”
He leaned in close to Lily's ear, his heavy breath panting warmly on her cheek. He licked her earlobe, then sensually whispered:
“Try me.”
Lily's eyes darted to the mirror, and the last thing she saw were her own huge brown eyes, filled to the brim with terror.
Well, that’s not entirely true.
The last thing she saw was the explosion of her own blood plastered on the mirror before her as Xebtron yanked the blade across her neck.
Immediately, almost scared, Xebtron jumped back, bloodied knife still in hand. Lily crumpled to the ground, face wide in excruciating pain and hands crossed over her neck, trying to push the blood down. The spray of crimson liquid was continuous and brutal, splashing on Lily's face and drenching the room in red. Her whole body writhed in agony, twisting and turning and kicking and fighting. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t see. She was choking, gagging, sputtering, shouting, spitting, bleeding. All she felt was agonizing pain.
Xebtron swept back into the action, getting on top of the struggling celebrity and pinning her down. He immediately was soaked in blood, but he failed to let that stop him.
He was convinced Lily hadn’t been looking anywhere the whole time she bled to death on the public bathroom floor. Until, that is, Xebtron leaned in in front of her, at which point he could’ve sworn she looked her murderer dead in the eyes.
The fear was palpable.
He smiled at her pain, then dug the knife deeper, severing nerves and cleaving meat. Lily's chest rose, a useless protest to the unimaginable pain that ravished her poor, tiny body. Her brown hair, splayed out on the filthy tiles, became soaked in the pool of her shimmering blood that formed around her and matted together. Her face was still covered in cum. Pubes littered her sweaty, drooly face. Blood seeped out of her widening and tightening nostrils and her large mouth. She sputtered violently, choking on her own blood.
Strangely enough, she remained alive for the entirety of her beheading.
Xebtron hacked through eventually the spine, and with a flick of the wrist fully severed Lily Scott's head from Lily Scott's body, which still exploded excess amounts of warm blood from the jagged messy neck stump between her bare shoulders.
Lily knew she was dying– subconsciously that is. Her last moments of life were too filled with blinding pain that she was unable to form any sort of coherent thought pointed to any particular topic. She just felt a searing pain in the neck and– well– nothing below it.
Her final ture vision was looking into Xebtron's eyes as he held her bleeding head aloft, staring deep into her, waiting for her to die. Waiting for the twitching in her perfectly trimmed eyebrows and the corners of her thin pink lips to stop.
Then everything grew fuzzy. Then black. Then nothing.
And like that, the chubby Xebtron Rex had slaughtered Lily Scott. Her head dangling in his hand and her spasming body squirting blood out onto his shoes.

He stood that way for some time. Examining her dead cum-covered face. Even dead she was sexy. He sat down on the floor next to her body in the pool of blood, which still dribbled out of her neck.
The throat-hole opened and closed repeatedly, dripping saliva posthumously.
Xebtron held Lily Scott's decapitated head in both his hands, cradling the back of her skull and feeling the blood trickle down his hands. The throat stump was messy, and still dripped cum. He observed her twinkling brown eyes, which had rolled way back when life finally left her. He played with her thin, soft hair, which was sticky and sopping with her blood.
Then he got to work on it. Sitting in the silence, next to the still-bleeding headless corpse of his celebrity crush, tying her hair into the iconic multi-bun hairstyle from Episode LXIX.
Sorry, Space Tales fans, no Rayva spin-off.

It took some time and research, but after long Xebtron held– as he told himself– the head of Rayva, antagonist to the righteous New Evil. The buns were perfect– the right amount of give with the perfect steadiness. The blood was tough to work around, but he found his way.
He stood and raised Rayva's lifeless head up to the sky with an extended arm, her face facing his.
“I have defeated you, Rayva! At long last!” He declared proudly to himself. “The New Evil will applaud me for my heroism and spectacular form in our duel (of which is the one where I beheaded you!) If all goes according to plan, perhaps Mega Lord Snalk– back from the dead– will allow me to keep you as a trophy.”
He jumped up and down, giddy and enthused, then brought Lily's decapitated head down, pressing his face against hers. His mouth tangled with hers, his tongue prodding the cold, pillowy, unresponsive lips. He pulled away, her face the same as it had been before. Xebtron let out a sigh of joy.
Then, all at once, it sunk in.
Oh, shit. He thought to himself, Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I just killed the star of fucking Space Tales. What the fuck did I just do? Why did I do that? I just raped and killed Lily Scott! Oh, fuck– I can’t go to jail! How do I–
Then a knock on the bathroom door.
“Just a minute!” He shouted. He needed a game-plan. How could he get out of here without looking like he just raped and decapitated seductress-model-celebrity-and-star-of-the-greatest-franchise-on-earth-Lily-Scott? He had to think quick– and then he got it.
He was in a Comic-Con. Plain sight was his closest ally.
Quickly he got to using his small knife to saw away at her shoulder. He sliced open the flesh of her arm (which, surprise, lead to somehow more blood exploding out) and cleaved deeper and deeper, until her arm was separated from her body. He folded it at the joint and crammed it into his relatively empty bag.
Then her other arm, which came off her body relatively easily. That went into the bag, too. Hand-up.
Then he got to sawing off her legs at the thighs, which, because of her sexy girth provided a slight bit more work. But despite occasionally getting caught on bone, Xebtron managed to slice off both of her legs.
Now came the interesting part, which he figured would tie the whole thing together. Xebtron straddled her body once again (though the circumstances before left Lily with all her limbs and a head) and brought the knife down into her doughy stomach.
Xebtron sawed and sliced with all his might as quickly as possible, splitting her torso in two and pulling out and tossing her organs as fit to keep them intact. When the deed was done he stood sweating, looking at the Lily Scott's halved torso– missing arms, legs, and a head and entrails strewn about the room.
Then he got right back to work.
He crammed the bottom half of her hollowed-out body into the bottom of his sack, then placed both meaty thighs into the body-bowl. At an angle, the legs stuck out either way, dangling and flopping however possible.
Next, he stuffed the top half of her torso in, her stump neck at the top peeking out between the splayed out arms and legs. Surrounding that, and as a final touch, he slid her organs and entrails into the bag. Her small intestine draped outside the bag, and various smaller innards poked out. The bag was bloody, and with all his might he tried to close it.
It was perfect. His years of cosplay had finally paid off.
He slung the bag containing Lily's corpse over his shoulder and grabbed her head by one of the buns. It was a gruesome display– this he know.
He steadied himself, then pushed the door open into the massive crowd.

Whoever had knocked left some time ago, clearly. Now Xebtron just had to push through the horde of excited nerds, covered in blood and carrying a real decapitated head with a bag full of real Lily Scott parts without being seen–
“Holy SHIT!” A voiced shrieked from behind him.
Xebtron froze in his tracks, wide-eyed, then slowly turned.
Some incredibly young girl dressed as Alliki from Clan of Mythology stood staring at Xebtron with an astonished look.
“It’s not what it–” Xebtron started.
“That costume is amazing!”
Xebtron took a beat and recognized his flawed plan had managed to work. The young girl pranced up to him, her skimpy outfit bouncing– as well as some other parts.
“I take it this is your prediction for X?”
“Y– yes..”
“It’s so gruesome– it’s amazing! I love the added touch of her entrails in your backpack.”
“T-Thanks. Thanks a lot.”
“And that prop-head– I mean… It looks just like Lily Scott! How’d you do that?”
“Um– practice? I’ve been sculpting for–”
“What’s that white stuff on her face?”
Xebtron's face grew red.
“I, uh– I got some milk at concessions– and I– I uh… spilled some? Milk– um– doesn’t come out of the mold very easily.”
She laughed a small giggle.
“You’ve got some funny looking milk! Can I try?”
Xebtron tried to interject, but before he could do so, the young girl swiped a finger across Lily's dead face and grabbed a full strand of semen. She sucked it clean off her finger. Xebtron stared in shock.
“Mmmm! Tastes good! What kind of milk is this?”
“Australian. Comes from… down under. Sorry– could I–?” He motioned to leave.
“Sure thing, sir! Just wanted to admire your costume. You did a great job with it!”
“Thanks–” Xebtron turned and began to walk away.
“Oh– um, mister?”
He turned to face her again.
“Just– um– one note. A plasma-blade would actually cauterize the wound, so while the goriness of it is fun (I like how gritty it all is) it doesn’t really make sense.”
Xebtron stared at her.
“I’ll take note of it.”
The girl giggled. “Have a good day, mister! And if we meet up again, you’ll have to give me some of your Australian Milk!”
Xebtron had already turned and was speed-walking away.
The girl giggled to herself, watching the blood-trail behind the nice man and his cool costume as he walked away towards the exit. She turned and headed back, wondering if her dad would know where to get some Australian Milk.
R: 0 / I: 0

The Die Hard Fan

The chubby Kylo Ren stood in line, fidgeting non-stop– twiddling his thumbs, twisting the Darth Vader action figure in his pocket, stroking his hands through his greasy black hair. His body quakes with nerves. The Daisy Ridley. He was going to meet The Daisy Ridley.
The twisting turning line that spread cross the convention floor inched obnoxiously closer. He was so close he could almost smell her. Not that he knew what she smelled like, but he sure had his suspicions (vanilla and cardamom, probably).
He anxiously swung the thin cloth sack which brandished the con’s icon onto the cold cement ground and rifled through its contents. His inhaler, his worryingly thin Transformer-themed wallet, his boy-scout pocket knife, and– yes, there it was. His gift to Daisy, which he simply knew she loved. Maybe so much she’d ask for his number– or something.
Kylo took a deep breath and steadied himself, tying up his bag and standing to move with the crowd.
Everyone he ever knew mocked him for what he loved. Said 46 was too old to still be into that stuff. But he always knew they were wrong, and that he should follow his passion no matter what. And when he dates the cutest girl in all of Hollywood they’d all know just how wrong they were.
He stood at the black curtain, two con volunteers standing at either side. His hands were shaking profusely, and in a last ditch effort to prove just how much he was willing to sacrifice for Daisy, he wiped the sweat off his brow and sneakily rolled on some deodorant. A couple of whiffs to make sure any hint of body odor was gently snuffed, and he was absolutely ready.
The curtains pushed open, and a small, chubby boy pushed through, face buried in his hands and read with tears.
Oh my god… Kylo thought to himself, She’s really that beautiful?
“Next in line, please.”
He had to stop himself from pissing his pants. His hands shaking, legs quivering, he made his way forward through the part in the black curtains.
And there she is. Daisy Ridley. The perfect brown hair, the pale soft skin, the big green eyes– she’s truly more beautiful in person. A smile made its way to the edges of his mouth as she stared him down intensely.
“Well?” She said. Her tone was more snappy than he expected, but that was okay. It wouldn’t take long for him to make his impression on–
“Fucking hurry it up, asshole. There are other people behind you.”
Kylo stopped dead in his tracks. Did she call him an asshole? Flustered, he shuffled through his bag. His throat grew dry, his palms clammy and sweaty. Daisy breathed out, frustrated. She smelt like lavender.
He pulled it out. A handmade exact screen-to-life replica of Rey’s scavenger outfit from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The product of months worth of work– blood, toil, and sweat to make sure it was exactly as seen in the film. His most prized piece of cosplay art yet.
He handed it to her with shaky outstretched arms. Daisy looks at it as if someone farted, snatches it from his hands, and examines it. She seemed… unimpressed.
“The hell am I supposed to do with this, faggot?”
Kylo looked at her with wide eyes. She was so cruel, unforgiving. And for seemingly no reason. He felt his heart begin to shatter. His jaw quivered.
“W-wear it?” He nervously stammered. Daisy laughed.
“Jesus, fuck. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You pervert nerds get off to anything. I bet you’d like me to change into it right here, wouldn’t you?”
He stared wide-eyed, no single word coming to mind. He felt his innards revolting, the very fibre of his being being crushed before his very eyes.
“Alright, fuck off, asshole. And take your filthy fucking rags, or whatever.” Daisy chucked the costume back into Kylo’s arms. He stood perfectly still– shaken and afraid. What just happened? Was this hell?
“I said get, fuck-face!”
Her tits jiggled a little when she yelled.
She stood, the chair squeaking against the floor.
A single tear dribbled down Kylo’s cheek, and he stumbled back, accepting that his idol and celebrity crush was– to put it frankly– a fucking cunt.

Kylo sat in the family bathroom, sobbing to his heart’s content. Why did she do it? He worked so hard on that gift for her and she turned it down? Why?
And what was it she called him? “Asshole?” “Faggot?” “Fuck-face?” “Pervert nerd?” Oh, yes– she called him all of those.
He held his plastic Darth Vader toy out, and spoke to it in a hushed tone.
“Oh, Darth Vader,” he said quietly, voice shaky with tears, “You’d never betray me. You’d never let me down.”
“Kill that cunt!”
Kylo stared at his toy.
What the fuck just happened? Did it just speak? Was he hearing things.
“Little Kylo, it’s me! Darth Vader!”
“Darth Vader? What the hell? How are you talking to me?”
“Through the force, Kylo. Now listen to me, you must do exactly as I say, understand?”
“I… I mean, yeah– what?”
“Kylo! Don’t get distracted! Listen to grand-papa.”
“Um… yeah. Okay, yeah, sure.”
“Kill her.”
“Fucking kill her.”
“Cut off her head or something. That bitch deserves it.”
“I don’t know, Darth. I’m not sure–”
“Have I ever steered you wrong, Kylo?”
“You’ve never steered me anywhere.”
“Trust me on this! Trust the force!”
“Yeah… yeah, you’re right. I’ll trust the force–”
Just then the door swung open. Had he forgotten to lock it? Kylo stood to attention, immediately embarrassed. The door slammed shut behind the figure, who with a dramatic spun to face Kylo.
It was Daisy herself.
As if the force had willed it.
Only she immediately looked past Kylo and pushed past him toward the sink.
“Finally, some fucking time away from those loser nerds.”
“Daisy Ridley?”
She ignored him entirely, splashing water in her face and scratching her crotch.
“Hey– hey, um…” his voice faltered, but just as quickly as he lost it he forced himself to gain confidence.
“Hey bitch!”
Daisy turned immediately, her soft brown hair flicking with her and her sultry green eyes staring Kylo dead in the soul.
“What the fuck do you want, piss-wipe?”
“You can’t be in here.
He shuffled awkwardly, pushing himself against the door.
“Fuck off. Get out.”
“No! I was here first, you– you cunt!”
Daisy’s face contorted in sudden extreme anger.
“Excuse me? What the fuck did you say to me, you worthless piece of garbage? You speak to me like that one more time I’ll have your brains splattered across the convention floor, you hear me, you pig? Is that making it through you thick fucking skull?”
Kylo quivered a bit, then forced stoicism.
“Get. Out.”
Daisy looked at him, assessing the threat he pose: not much. She chuckled to herself, then inched forward.
“The fuck are you gonna do about it, nerd?”
In a fluid motion, she snatched the satchel from his hands.
“Let’s see what’s in this, piggy, shall we?”
She tore the bag open and began rummaging inside, yanking out the costume and tossing it haphazardly into the toilet next to her.
“No!” cried Kylo, who was helpless in watching her rampage.
Daisy proceeded to toss away his inhaler (after calling it a waste of perfectly good air), then his deodorant, then his wallet. At last Daisy grabbed and held up his pocket knife. It looked so big in her dainty, evil hand.
“What’s this, shit head?” She flicked it open and examined the blade. “What were you gonna use this for?”
Kylo quivered in his black boots, eyes glued on the knife.
“Tell you what,” she inched closer, “how ‘bout I cut your dick off? If I can find it, that is. Sound good–?”
Before Daisy could even finish her threat, Kylo grabbed her wrist and squeezed with all his might. Her hand wretched open and the knife went flying, directly into Kylo’s open palm. He closed his fist around the handle and slashed at her wrist. Immediately her flesh opened, and an onslaught of blood exploded from her arm.
“Oh– jesus, fuck!” Daisy’s eyes glued to the constant explosion of blood, her other hand pressed against it as if to stop it. It only made her hand bloodier.
In the midst of the chaos as Daisy attempted to attain control of her unruly bloody wound, Kylo locked the bathroom door.
Pissed and in wild amounts of pain, Daisy looked at him with a crippled fire in her eyes.
“You son of a–”
Then he tackled her to the ground. She yelped and struggled, but his intense weight kept her properly pinned. One arm bent behind her back, pressed against the filthy bathroom floor (which was no doubt soaked in the piss of a thousand nerds), Kylo grabbed her bleeding hand and pushed it to the ground beside her head.
“You fucking fucker! You’re going to fucking die for this, you son of a bitch! You hear? You’re going to fucking die!” Daisy complained and screamed, but she was cut short as Kylo dug the blade into her wrist one more time.
Her head shot back as an agonal scream exploded from her wretched open lips. Her body pushed and struggled against his as the knife began to saw.
“OH FUCK! YOU SHIT-HEAD– GOD, FUCK!” Daisy screamed profanity after profanity as Kylo violently sawed her hand off her wrist. Blood splattered everywhere: on the floor, the wall, the mirrors, Daisy’s face. The bathroom was quickly painted red– and all from the blood that spurted from her now-becoming stump wrist.
Kylo found the easiest cuts were the fleshier areas, but the tougher area– which required the most dedication– was, quite obviously, the bone. He also found that Daisy seemed to feel the most pain in that area. As a result, Kylo spent a majority of the time hacking away at the two bones within her arm.
Daisy screamed relentlessly for help, but none would come, and eventually Kylo made it through the arm entirely. With some additional flesh tearing and tendon snapping, he pulled her hand away from her wrist and held it high.
“She that, you fucking bitch? That’s why you don’t fucking mess with me.”
It felt good to be in command. He wanted more.
He wanted Daisy.
Kylo stood, releasing her from his pin. She hopped to her feet immediately, slipping only for a second in the puddle of her own blood. Tears streaming down her face, she cradled her stump-arm in unforgiving pain, her other hand getting recklessly soaked with blood.
“You fuck! You sick fucking fuck!” She hobbled away from him, reaching for the door-knob. In a swift movement, before she could even reach the door, he grabbed her by the hair and bashed her head against the cement wall.
Daisy dropped to her knees, the blood beneath her splashing in every direction. Her eyes drooped immediately, her tongue practically dangling from her mouth. Her arms fell to her side, stump-hand dripping excess amounts of dark blood from the ragged flesh and serrated bone. She blinked once, and moaned loudly as her full lips twitched in brutal agony. A chunk of her thick, soft hair still bundled in his fist, he reeled back and slammed her head again.
This time Daisy fell flat. Not quite dead but not happy to be alive. A splatter of her blood dripped down the white wall, and just before passing out, her tired fingers traced the lining of a dent in her skull.

When Daisy came to, something was off. What it was, she couldn’t quite tell. She was dazed and dizzy, her vision blurry and fuzzy. Her head was pounding, but the rest of her body was numb. She blinked hard, to push away the grogginess, and finally realized the weight of her situation.
She was bent over the bathroom sink with a cock ramming into her open asshole repeatedly. Daisy looked in the mirror ahead of her. The greasy nerd was naked behind her, dripping sweat onto her clothes.
But hold on a second– these weren’t the clothes she was wearing before.
While she was out, unbeknownst to her, sweaty Kylo Ren had stripped her naked and dressed her in his pervy little Rey costume, now sopping wet with toilet water and a stranger’s piss. And it smelt it.
“N-no… what are you–?”
Kylo pressed his hand over her mouth. She groaned, but she was entirely too tired to physically revolt at this point.
“You will soon– realize– the power– of the force!” He grunted heavily in her ear, between deep huffs and puffs.
“Stop now… you… piece of sh–” Daisy was still tired and dazed, and she’d be lying if she said the world wasn’t entirely fuzzy at that point. But she knew this reality was true– she felt his cock fill her tight anus (he would have gone for the pussy but it was too tight– clenched in refusal– and he simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slam his dick over and over and over again into a throbbing, gaping asshole. God knows he’d never have the chance again.)
There was something about her pained and fearful screams that were so cute to him, too. Maybe it was something to do with the accent, he just knew that making her yell and grunt brought him immense satisfaction.
“People– will– AHH FUCK!– know about this!”
“How? You dumb fucking…”
He pulled her struggling body in close to his. He sniffed deep, smelling her soft, sweaty brown hair. She fought, pulling away, kicking and screaming, but he continued to rape her.
Finally, as his cock swelled with anticipation, he removed his sopping, dripping dick from her gaping anus, which opened and closed slowly and repeatedly, recovering from the size of his penis. Daisy had given up on fighting, and now resorted simply to sobbing. Her face was stained with tears and glowed red. Kylo was just about ready to paint it white.
With little to no resistance, he pushed Daisy to the ground and spun her so she faced him. Her big, brown eyes, tinted red with pained tears, stared right down the barrel of his cock, watching him stroke it back and forth, hand sweaty with her ass’s natural lube.
He grabbed a handful of Daisy’s hair and pulled her close to him, pressing his throbbing dick against her closed lips.
But Daisy wasn’t about ready to take his dick in her mouth, and she kept it wretched closed, no matter the amount of pushing and slapping her captor fell unto her.
“You dumb-fuck!!” He screamed, face turning red with brutal anger. “I’m so fucking close to cumming– you’re not gonna deny me this!”
He began fondling his balls, stroking them and pressing them against Daisy’s sweat-soaked drool-painted face, who responded with groans and anguished bemoaning.
“Fucking suck my dick! Or my salty balls will be all over your fucking face, you bitch! You fucking bitch!”
Daisy’s face now contorted and twisted as she valiantly attempted to keep back tears while keeping her mouth closed shut. She sobbed quietly, her body heaving. There was no way for her to escape this.
Especially when he whipped out his little knife and pressed it against her throat.
“You want me to kill you– you piece of shit? Do you??”
Daisy didn’t respond, simply tried to keep from sobbing. He stroked his cock in her face.
“DO YOU??”
He stared down at her with fiery eyes. He was ready to burst, but he wasn’t going to waste his opportunity to be blown by the Daisy Ridley. He pressed the knife further into her flesh. Any more pressure would cut skin.
Reluctantly, with a downpour of tears, she opened her mouth.
Without any hesitation, Kylo grabbed the back of her head and threw it forward, his entire dick entering her mouth and sliding into her throat. Daisy’s eyes bulged, her lips stretched wide open as her body tried finding every way possible to eject this cock from her throat.
Nothing worked.
No gagging, no choking, no sputtering or retching could yank the dick from her mouth. Her face grew red, veins popping in her forehead as the possibility of getting any air was thrown out the window. Slobber dribbled down her chin and decorated the shaft of his penis.
He’s not even fucking me… Daisy thought to herself as she struggled violently for air, He’s just… sitting there.
Yet he seemed to enjoy it. His face was twisted with joy, head thrown back as he pushed her face closer into his body.
Then, after what felt like an eternity to Daisy, he pulled her head away, so that just the head of his penis penetrated her throat. Then he pushed her head back into him. Then away. Then in. Then away. Then in.
In no time he was fully raping her throat, forcing the slobbering, drooling, sputtering, coughing celebrity to gag repeatedly on his massive cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and as airflow left her brain, her body slumped, reduced to simply taking it.
“Swallow… my fucking… cock… bitch!” He slammed her head into his body over and over and over again, dick engulfed in her throat fully every pump.
Then finally–

Complete euphoria.

Kylo screamed at the top of his lungs as semen exploded from the tip of his cock into the back of Daisy’s throat– the stream so powerful, a bubbly, snotty glob of jizz burst from either one of her nostrils upon completion.
He slid his cock from her throat, still shooting heavy loads of cum. His cock pumped the white goop into her mouth (where it pooled on her tongue and brought Daisy near to vomiting), over the bridge of her nose, into her open eye, and over her sweat-matted hair.
Daisy’s tear-stricken face was plastered with his jizz, her eyes closed shut in an effort to keep the dripping goo from entering there more than it already had. It tasted salty, awful, and the moment he finished creaming on her pale, scared face, she spat it out. The foaming, spit-mixed cum dribbled off her chin and onto the still wet Rey costume, which had been pulled aside to reveal Daisy’s small, supple breasts.
She was messy– a sight Kylo thoroughly enjoyed, as he continued to stroke his cock even after raping her and covering her with his cum. In complete and total despair, Daisy collapsed onto her side, cradling herself and entirely exhausted from her brutal raping.
It wasn’t much to her surprise that even as she rocked back and forth, sobbing heavily, asshole gaping wide open and thick loads of cum dripping off her red face she began to feel droplets from above. Kylo was still cranking his cock, pushing out dollops of jizz, which would land on her side and trickle down her stomach.
“You’re a… piece of… shit….” Daisy barely had the strength to speak.
Suddenly, with a ferocious speed, Kylo grabbed a handful of her brown hair and yanked her up again. She yelped in pain but abided, stumbling upwards and following the will of his meaty fist, which lead her (still tender from almost being caved in) head to a violent smash against the mirror over the sink.
Daisy was bent over again, her asshole a throbbing hole that dripped pre-cum and lubrication. She closed her eyes, ready for another brutal round.
But that would never come. Instead, Kylo yanked her head back again, using his still hard and cum-dripping cock to press her against the dingy sink. Her long, tender throat was now stretched towards the mirror, her head pulled back and open eyes darting around worriedly. He stroked her neck with his finger, admiring the length and the tenderness. So soft and so warm.
He adjusted her head once more so her chin pointed up but her eyes could look into the mirror. Daisy made eye-contact with herself, then quickly became shocked and depressed at the sight of countless strands of cum dripping down her face.
She was pretty at some point, wasn’t she?
“What’re you– what are you doing you fat–” The exhaustion slowly made way to fear. He wasn’t raping her or attacking her, but he had her poised for something. Something bad was going to happen.
And then she saw it, the glimmer of a blade in his free fist, which he moved up to her neck. He pressed his knife into her neck, watching her skin indent under the pressure.
Now Daisy was full blown anxiety-mode. She struggled slightly, her eyes wide open.
“You wouldn’t… you wouldn’t dare–”
He leaned in close to Daisy’s ear, his heavy breath panting warmly on her cheek. He licked her earlobe, then sensually whispered:
“Try me.”
Daisy’s eyes darted to the mirror, and the last thing she saw were her own huge brown eyes, filled to the brim with terror.
Well, that’s not entirely true.
The last thing she saw was the explosion of her own blood plastered on the mirror before her as Kylo yanked the blade across her neck.
Immediately, almost scared, Kylo jumped back, bloodied knife still in hand. Daisy crumpled to the ground, face wide in excruciating pain and hands crossed over her neck, trying to push the blood down. The spray of crimson liquid was continuous and brutal, splashing on Daisy’s face and drenching the room in red. Her whole body writhed in agony, twisting and turning and kicking and fighting. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t see. She was choking, gagging, sputtering, shouting, spitting, bleeding. All she felt was agonizing pain.
Kylo swept back into the action, getting on top of the struggling celebrity and pinning her down. He immediately was soaked in blood, but he failed to let that stop him.
He was convinced Daisy hadn’t been looking anywhere the whole time she bled to death on the public bathroom floor. Until, that is, Kylo leaned in in front of her, at which point he could’ve sworn she looked her murderer dead in the eyes.
The fear was palpable.
He smiled at her pain, then dug the knife deeper, severing nerves and cleaving meat. Daisy’s chest rose, a useless protest to the unimaginable pain that ravished her poor, tiny body. Her brown hair, splayed out on the filthy tiles, became soaked in the pool of her shimmering blood that formed around her and matted together. Her face was still covered in cum. Pubes littered her sweaty, drooly face. Blood seeped out of her widening and tightening nostrils and her large mouth. She sputtered violently, choking on her own blood.
Strangely enough, she remained alive for the entirety of her beheading.
Kylo hacked through eventually the spine, and with a flick of the wrist fully severed Daisy Ridley’s head from Daisy Ridley’s body, which still exploded excess amounts of warm blood from the jagged messy neck stump between her bare shoulders.
Daisy knew she was dying– subconsciously that is. Her last moments of life were too filled with blinding pain that she was unable to form any sort of coherent thought pointed to any particular topic. She just felt a searing pain in the neck and– well– nothing below it.
Her final ture vision was looking into Kylo’s eyes as he held her bleeding head aloft, staring deep into her, waiting for her to die. Waiting for the twitching in her perfectly trimmed eyebrows and the corners of her thin pink lips to stop.
Then everything grew fuzzy. Then black. Then nothing.
And like that, the chubby Kylo Ren had slaughtered Daisy Ridley. Her head dangling in his hand and her spasming body squirting blood out onto his shoes.

He stood that way for some time. Examining her dead cum-covered face. Even dead she was sexy. He sat down on the floor next to her body in the pool of blood, which still dribbled out of her neck.
The throat-hole opened and closed repeatedly, dripping saliva posthumously.
Kylo held Daisy Ridley’s decapitated head in both his hands, cradling the back of her skull and feeling the blood trickle down his hands. The throat stump was messy, and still dripped cum. He observed her twinkling brown eyes, which had rolled way back when life finally left her. He played with her thin, soft hair, which was sticky and sopping with her blood.
Then he got to work on it. Sitting in the silence, next to the still-bleeding headless corpse of his celebrity crush, tying her hair into the iconic three buns from Episode VII.
Sorry, Star Wars fans, no Rey spin-off.

It took some time and research, but after long Kylo held– as he told himself– the head of Rey, antagonist to the righteous First Order. The buns were perfect– the right amount of give with the perfect steadiness. The blood was tough to work around, but he found his way.
He stood and raised Rey’s lifeless head up to the sky with an extended arm, her face facing his.
“I have defeated you, Rey! At long last!” He declared proudly to himself. “The First Order will applaud me for my heroism and spectacular form in our duel (of which is the one where I beheaded you!) If all goes according to plan, perhaps Supreme Leader Snoke– back from the dead– will allow me to keep you as a trophy.”
He jumped up and down, giddy and enthused, then brought Daisy’s decapitated head down, pressing his face against hers. His mouth tangled with hers, his tongue prodding the cold, pillowy, unresponsive lips. He pulled away, her face the same as it had been before. Kylo let out a sigh of joy.
Then, all at once, it sunk in.
Oh, shit. He thought to himself, Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I just killed the star of fucking Star Wars. What the fuck did I just do? Why did I do that? I just raped and killed Daisy Ridley! Oh, fuck– I can’t go to jail! How do I–
Then a knock on the bathroom door.
“Just a minute!” He shouted. He needed a game-plan. How could he get out of here without looking like he just raped and decapitated seductress-model-celebrity-and-star-of-the-greatest-franchise-on-earth-Daisy-Ridley? He had to think quick– and then he got it.
He was in a Comic-Con. Plain sight was his closest ally.
Quickly he got to using his small knife to saw away at her shoulder. He sliced open the flesh of her arm (which, surprise, lead to somehow more blood exploding out) and cleaved deeper and deeper, until her arm was separated from her body. He folded it at the joint and crammed it into his relatively empty bag.
Then her other arm, which came off her body relatively easily. That went into the bag, too. Hand-up.
Then he got to sawing off her legs at the thighs, which, because of her sexy girth provided a slight bit more work. But despite occasionally getting caught on bone, Kylo managed to slice off both of her legs.
Now came the interesting part, which he figured would tie the whole thing together. Kylo straddled her body once again (though the circumstances before left Daisy with all her limbs and a head) and brought the knife down into her doughy stomach.
Kylo sawed and sliced with all his might as quickly as possible, splitting her torso in two and pulling out and tossing her organs as fit to keep them intact. When the deed was done he stood sweating, looking at the Daisy Ridley’s halved torso– missing arms, legs, and a head and entrails strewn about the room.
Then he got right back to work.
He crammed the bottom half of her hollowed-out body into the bottom of his sack, then placed both meaty thighs into the body-bowl. At an angle, the legs stuck out either way, dangling and flopping however possible.
Next, he stuffed the top half of her torso in, her stump neck at the top peeking out between the splayed out arms and legs. Surrounding that, and as a final touch, he slid her organs and entrails into the bag. Her small intestine draped outside the bag, and various smaller innards poked out. The bag was bloody, and with all his might he tried to close it.
It was perfect. His years of cosplay had finally paid off.
He slung the bag containing Daisy’s corpse over his shoulder and grabbed her head by one of the buns. It was a gruesome display– this he know.
He steadied himself, then pushed the door open into the massive crowd.

Whoever had knocked left some time ago, clearly. Now Kylo just had to push through the horde of excited nerds, covered in blood and carrying a real decapitated head with a bag full of real Daisy Ridley parts without being seen–
“Holy SHIT!” A voiced shrieked from behind him.
Kylo froze in his tracks, wide-eyed, then slowly turned.
Some young teenage girl dressed as Akali from League of Legends stood staring at Kylo with an astonished look.
“It’s not what it–” Kylo started.
“That costume is amazing!”
Kylo took a beat and recognized his flawed plan had managed to work. The young girl pranced up to him, her skimpy outfit bouncing– as well as some other parts.
“I take it this is your prediction for X?”
“Y– yes..”
“It’s so gruesome– it’s amazing! I love the added touch of her entrails in your backpack.”
“T-Thanks. Thanks a lot.”
“And that prop-head– I mean… It looks just like Daisy Ridley! How’d you do that?”
“Um– practice? I’ve been sculpting for–”
“What’s that white stuff on her face?”
Kylo’s face grew red.
“I, uh– I got some milk at concessions– and I– I uh… spilled some? Milk– um– doesn’t come out of the mold very easily.”
She laughed a small giggle.
“You’ve got some funny looking milk! Can I try?”
Kylo tried to interject, but before he could do so, the young girl swiped a finger across Daisy’s dead face and grabbed a full strand of semen. She sucked it clean off her finger. Kylo stared in shock.
“Mmmm! Tastes good! What kind of milk is this?”
“Australian. Comes from… down under. Sorry– could I–?” He motioned to leave.
“Sure thing, sir! Just wanted to admire your costume. You did a great job with it!”
“Thanks–” Kylo turned and began to walk away.
“Oh– um, mister?”
He turned to face her again.
“Just– um– one note. A lightsaber would actually cauterize the wound, so while the goriness of it is fun (I like how gritty it all is) it doesn’t really make sense.”
Kylo stared at her.
“I’ll take note of it.”
The girl giggled. “Have a good day, mister! And if we meet up again, you’ll have to give me some of your Australian Milk!”
Kylo had already turned and was speed-walking away.
The girl giggled to herself, watching the blood-trail behind the nice man and his cool costume as he walked away towards the exit. She turned and headed back, wondering if her dad would know where to get some Australian Milk.
R: 2 / I: 0

Elincia's Failed Gambit

Even though it's a Fire Emblem story, it's not really connected to my usual ongoing one - and with how massive it is, I decided it deserves its own thread.
Elincia's part of the story is based on Veiled's current set about her, which can be seen on his fanbox now and will be up on his pixiv in a week.
The scenes from this story have been posted to my Patreon as I finished them!
I'm open for commissions now! If you want one, just dm me on Pixiv or Patreon.

Elincia's Failed Gambit
tags: M/F, non-con, bestiality, beheading, neck snap, hanging, impalement, shooting, cut-in-half

In the time since her capture at the hands of Ludveck’s goons, Lucia had been subjected to quite the rough life. Her battered, bruised body was the best proof of that. The rebellious noble had already found out that Elincia had relocated to fort Alpea - but that didn’t stop his men from torturing her. Were they hoping to pry out some extra information from her? She’d never tell them anything. Not that it mattered to them - they were happy enough to just inflict pain on her. And use her body… Use it hard… Her slit - up to that point, a virgin one - had been rapidly violated by the men in service of the duke of Felirae. However, the duke himself showed restraint in raping her, only visiting her once - and even then, mostly to gloat at her. That didn’t make the fucking he subjected her to any less painful - both to her body and her pride. However, despite that, Lucia still didn’t break down - she took all the abuse they dished out at her with as much grace as she could.

Now, the rebels have put fort Alpea to siege - and Ludveck himself had made it to the field of battle as well. However, judging by the rushed movements and the panic she could sense from outside her holding spot, it was clear that the battle was going in her lady’s favor. Overhearing a conversation, she heard that Ludveck himself had been captured by Elincia’s forces as well! And it seemed that the loyalists have cut quite many of the rebels. As happy as hearing that made her, it also made Lucia a little afraid… For she knew she was available to all this men, allowing them to take their frustrations out on her. And take their frustrations out they did - angry soldiers storming into the tent that served as her prison. They had torn off her clothes - what remained of them, at least - leaving her in ripped pink tights and parts of her shirt. Her breasts were exposed, and subjected to quite the groping by hands that only desired to hurt her - a rebel’s cock going up her pussy raw. Quickly, another one joined in - forcing his cock into her tight anus. The two of them fucked her hard, Lucia suffering between them as their cocks pulverized two of her fuckholes - but her resolve still haven’t faltered.

After a few round of rape, however - and multiple very degrading creampies, both up her pussy and straight into her rectum - the soldiers brought her out. Having to walk through their camp basically naked, hearing them throw insults at her… It was embarrassing, to say the least. To her surprise, they led her towards the castle’s walls. They’ve led her up some wooden steps onto a hastily-constructed platform… And what she could see on it terrified her: a chopping block. The implication was clear - they led her here to execute her. If they couldn’t hurt Elincia directly, they’d do so by killing her instead… Lucia was surprised these men would stoop so low. Then again, they’ve constantly raped her ever since her capture - it was clear that her body and life didn’t matter to them at all. Standing there, the blue-haired woman stared at the chopping block - and the axe that laid next to it. She was just drawn to its sight… She had fought in many battles during the Mad King’s war, and the occupation of Crimea that came with it. Then, she could have fallen in battle any day - and yet, her mortality was never so real to her as it was in this moment.

Once the soldiers were sure that the defenders on the castle walls have spotted them - their queen’s unmistakable green hair and golden armor had been spotted on the walls - they were sure that their words would reach Elincia directly.
“Queen of Crimea, we demand that you release the duke of Felirae, along with your unconditional surrender! Refuse, and your slut Lucia will die!” One of the soldiers called out towards Elincia - who was standing directly above the castle’s gate. “N-no!” Elincia called out upon seeing Lucia’s naked form there - her oldest friend bound in chains. Even from a distance, she could spot the bruises all over her body. This had all happened because she asked the woman to investigate the rebels… Ah, she had gone through so much agony because of her! She couldn’t abandon her now! Lucia’s brother already had fallen in battle earlier that day, protecting her from the traitors who had opened the way directly to the castle for the rebels. Elincia knew that Lucia would willingly die fighting for her country… Or more specifically, her. Tears flashed in the woman’s eyes as she stared at her blue-haired friend. Ah, what should she do?

Hearing the man call out, Lucia looked towards the castle - and saw her queen on the walls. She looked so heartbroken there… No! Was she considering listening to the rebels’ demands? No! The rebellion was on its final steps! Elincia couldn’t give in now! “Queen Elincia, d-don’t listen to them! Don’t worry about m-me!” The swordswoman called out, only to feel a rebel’s elbow be slammed into her stomach. “Guh!” The noble called out as she doubled over - the pain making her drop to her knees. Normally, she’d be able to take such a weak hit without any issues… But the prolonged abuse in the past weeks had drained her strength - and so, the woman landed on her fours on the planks below. Right in front of the chopping block.

“Quiet! You can die sooner, if you like!” The man told her from above, his hand grasping the handle of the axe. Elincia couldn’t help but hold back her tears at the sight. Ah, it was all her fault! If only she had been a better queen… And now her country had been plunged into a civil war - all because she was willing to forgive Daein for its invasion of the country. Was she wrong in seeking peace instead of crushing the country with a painful occupation like so many of her subjects seemed to have wanted her to? Elincia shook her head. She couldn’t hand over the country to Ludveck! If she did, then what was the point of all this fighting? She shook her head, more tears flowing down her cheeks. The r-right choice… Was to let Lucia die here. Ah, if only lord Ike was here! He’d be able to change this situation over! Or Bastian… But she sent him away to Daein. With these away, and Geoffrey dead, her last aide was on her knees, about to be beheaded - leaving Elincia without anyone she could rely on. All of her allies back in the castle were fighters, not politicians… No one would be able to help her out with this decision.

The continued lack of response from Elincia made the rebels decide the woman needed another nudge. With a crash of his boot, the man who served as the spokesperson for the rebels slammed his foot on top of Lucia’s back. Her spine ached under the heavy blow, the woman shoved forward - and right onto the chopping block. Her neck landed directly on it. Her would-be-executioner lifted his axe, then lined it up with her neck - all while the soldier standing on Lucia called out to Elincia again:
“Your Highness! Your trusted friend will now die. Let this burn forever in your memory!”
If she just craned her head to the side, Lucia could still see Elincia from this position - and how devastated she looked. She needed to reassure her that this was the right choice!
“P-People of Crimea… B-behold a true queen! YOUR queen! Long l-live Queen Elincia!” Lucia screamed out with all the dignity she had in her - her voice cracking. Was it because of the pain? Or was she really scared in that moment? Lucia wasn’t sure herself. The axeman had finished lifting his axe - and was about to bring it down. Elincia looked at him as he did it - her heart screaming out in agony. She had lost so many already… She couldn’t bear to lose Lucia too! In a cruel twist of fate, that decision would lead to her losing everything.
“No! Stop the execution! I surrender!” Elincia blurted out as the axe began to go down - the man stopping his weapon just inches from Lucia’s neck. The heiress to castle Delbray could feel the air moved by the swing lick her on her exposed neck, the deadly blade so close to her she could nearly feel it. “N-no!” She screamed out. Elincia couldn’t surrender! Not now! It’d make everything pointless… And yet, a part of Lucia was also glad - glad that her life wouldn’t end here. The executioner pulled the axe away, letting her breathe out a sigh of relief - all while being worried about the future. Ludveck had won, after all… What was this going to mean for Crimea?

The feet from her back was removed, letting Lucia straighten herself back up again - the woman going to a kneeling form in time to watch the gates to fort Alpea be opened. Through them flooded the rebel soldiers - nearly all of those who had survived the earlier battle. However, a number of them remained there - to watch over her, she presumed. However, their real intents were made clear painfully quickly - Lucia forced to the planks of the wooden execution platform again as another rebel forced himself into her aching, cum-dripping cunt. And yet, this time, her pussy was a little more welcoming than before. The stress and then relief of such a near-death experience caused her muscles to release involuntarily - and that included her inner walls too. With them more relaxed, it was far easier for the men to slide into her slit - and for the first time, Lucia enjoyed it too. The relief of not having to die really made her appreciate being alive - so she was going to experience all the pleasures life offered her. Just this once, she’d give in… Lucia grinding her hips against the man fucking her slit, her own arousal providing him with lubrication that any intercourse he could have had with her lacked.

With Lucia finally being willing to pleasure them, the men that had decided to use her body found themselves truly lucky. She’d use her hands to stroke them off, her slit and later ass grinding hard against the cocks filling them up. She even used her mouth to suck them off - something the men never dared to try before in fear that she’d bite them. But now, Lucia had no desire to fight back left in her - just enjoying herself in the group rape the men subjected her to. She and Elincia had experimented together a few times, the queen and her loyal lady bringing the other off with their fingers and mouths on a few occasions. However, since neither of them was really skilled at it, the pleasure they had given one another there couldn’t compare to how Lucia was feeling now. Even if the men weren’t thinking about her pleasure at all, their steady, systematic thrusts were still enough to make her cum - and make her cum harder than she had with Elincia. And the men didn’t stop with just one climax for Lucia - they kept using her for quite some time, driving the blue-haired woman to multiple amazing orgasms.

Seeing a man approach them back from the fort’s gates, Lucia didn’t really pay any mind to him at all. Was he also going to use her body? Just for today, she didn’t mind… However, his words brought her out of her pleasure-ridden state - the noblewoman sobering quickly in mere second.
“Lord Ludveck had called for Lady Lucia’s execution. I am to bring her head to him.” He announced, Lucia looking at him in disbelief. What? W-why would Ludveck do this? They couldn’t… He had won already, hadn’t he? Why, then, would he order her dead?
“No!” She called out as the men quickly overpowered her again, bringing her into a kneeling pose in front of the chopping block again. She struggled against them as hard as she could, but once again the weeks of abuse took her toll on her - making her unable to resist. Within seconds, her neck was pressed against the chopping block again, a man holding her down by her head while another two held her back down. One of them was still fucking her pussy from behind, his thrusts picking up the pace - the rebel obviously trying to cum soon.

“T-this has to be a mistake! No! Don’t kill me!” Even being held down, Lucia could still speak - and speak she did. Her voice was dripping with fear. Now that she had been at the brink of death, she had realized just how terrified the idea of returning there made her - and it seemed that she wouldn’t be spared this time. “No! Please! Let me live! Don’t do~” A whoosh of the axe, and then a loud thud - along with sharp pain in Lucia’s neck - and the woman suddenly lost contact with the rest of her body. Her head flew forwards, but the man who was holding her head down kept it in his hands. Lucia didn’t realize what has happened for a few second - her lips still moving, trying to mouth out words that would never come. The realization only came to her moments later - her mouth staying open in shock. Drool began to leak out of the corner of her mouth as Lucia desperately tried to come to terms with what just had happened.
"No! no! no no no no this can’t be happening nooooooooooo!" Her mind rapidly shot out these thoughts, the woman starting to cry as she was forced to accept that her life was already over. Those tears pooled in the corners of her eyes, with some of them flowing down her cheeks - cheeks that were just a little flushed from all the sex she had had before. Lucia’s eyes stared emptily at the patch of ground in front of her as her head began to get more and more clouded. She could barely feel that the man holding her lifted her head, giving her a good look at the fort she had chosen as her queen’s hiding place. And what now would also be the place of her death. "Elincia… Please, be safe…” Lucia’s final thoughts went towards her green-haired friend - the noble expiring as her eyes rolled up, her irises only barely visible. With her brain shutting down, her nostrils also loosened up - a dribble of snot flowing out of her nostrils and towards her agape lips.

With her head cut off, Lucia’s body began to spasm. Her corpse twitched hard, her pussy clenching around the cock that was buried inside it - hard enough to milk a climax out of it. The man fucking it shoved his cock all the way in - the tip of his cock slapping against her cervix - and then began to release his load, the tension in his balls finally relieved. With the execution carried out, the men holding her all let go - letting her body twitch and jerk all it wanted to. Her muscles contracted randomly as her blood fountained out of her neck - her arms swinging randomly. Her legs kicked out too, her pale feel twitching at the ends of them - each of her toes moving in a different direction. Her corpse would continue to spasm for a little longer, even after the man in her pussy pulled out - her headless body collapsing over to one side with his meaty shaft no longer in place to keep it stable. Its final shakes sent the woman’s tits into a slight bounce - enough for them to garner the attention of the rebels again.

Lucia being dead was no barrier for the rebels to stop enjoying her body - to a lesser extent that before, though, as she no longer could help them cum faster. The newly-made hole in the stump of her neck offered some relief - but not enough to make up for it. Still, they kept using her body for some more time - before finally wandering into the castle in search for some better fuckmeat. Lucia’s head took that journey before them - the soldier who announced her execution carrying it back to the triumphant lord who had ordered Lucia’s death.

As the gates to the castle opened on Elincia’s orders, the rebels charged straight in. So many of them had already died in the siege… Those that survived were brimming with rage directed at those who supported the queen. They ventured straight in, slaughtering anyone who wasn’t with them - in an attempt to get back at least a little at those who they had fought against. Upon Ludveck’s release from the castle prison, he only encouraged that - for he agreed that it was time to crush Elincia and those who supported her once and for all. He was very much aware that the queen’s allies from other countries would come to support her very soon - so it’d be best to deal with her before that happened.

Calill shook her head as she watched the rebels pour into the castle. Why? Why would Elincia surrender now? That confusion soon made way to fear as she saw just what the men were doing - going on killing anyone in sight. Well, anyone that was armored, at least… And even worse, for the female dead combatants.. They’d rip their clothes off! And then rape their corpses! Even with as much confidence in her abilities as Calill had, she knew that trying to resist this many men was pointless. She could fry a few of them with her magic, sure… And then the rest would rip her apart. So instead… She’d have to swallow her pride. Leaving her tome behind, the woman in red left her hiding spot - which was the castle’s tavern. Immediately, some soldiers ran over towards her - but she lifted her hands in the air to show that she wasn’t armed. “D-don’t kill me! I’m not a soldier!” She called out - and the soldier who was about to impale her with his lance hesitated. She took advantage of that, and followed up: “I’m just a barkeep! I’m not someone who’d get involved in all this fighting! Please, let me go!”

However, these words fell on deaf ears - making Calill realize that she needed to try something else. She eyed the men for a moment… Eh, they weren’t that bad-looking. “Well, studs… How about I jerk you guys off and you let me go? I can even suck you off too, if you want…” She asked, flapping her eyebrows at the men seducingly while throwing a provocative, slutty pose. Her leg was to the front, the woman exploiting the high cut of her dress to show off as much of it as she could - quickly loosening the clamps on it at the cut to flaunt even more of it at them. Flirting with the men was one thing - she enjoyed it quite a bit - but actually doing sexual favors for them was another… Still, she was sure Largo would understand. It’s not like he was going to find out about it either way…

The men didn’t reply, so Calill took that as an invitation - dropping to her knees in front of the men. Her hands quickly pulled down the pants of the soldier directly in front of her, freeing his cock. Grabbing it with her hands - that were covered in fingerless gloves., she stroked it off with one, while the other massaged his balls. “Ah, that’s a big one!” She called out with fake surprise as his dick slowly sprung to action - growing hard right in front of her face. Spitting onto her palm, the woman jerked him off for a little longer - licking her lips while giving his cock enough lubrication. Once she was satisfied with it, she let go of the cock - and pushed her head forwards instead. Licking the tip of his cock with her tongue for just a moment, Calill’s eyes flicked to the left so that the man couldn’t see the disgust it filled them with. As it happened, she looked towards the crotch of the soldier standing next to her in that direction - with a noticeable bulge in his pants. She directed her hand towards it, pulling the pants down - and exposing the man’s erection as well. Grabbing it with her hand, she proceeded to stroke it off - his girth barely enough to fit in her hand. Returning to the man in front of her, she was able to look at him seducingly while taking the head of his member into her mouth - her lips wrapping around his cock.

Calill proceeded to take the rebel’s cock deeper into her mouth, all while her eyes drifted to the right this time - only to see a similar bulge in the pants of the man standing over there as well. Her second hand was still free - so, as the cock inside her mouth moved towards the back of it, she managed to unravel that cock too. Just like with the other one, she began stroking it off - servicing three men at the same time. Her throat clenched as the mage struggled to push it onto the cock filling her mouth, but she eventually succeeded in it - bobbing her head forwards and backwards on his dick while sucking the man off. A few times, she needed to rest it in her mouth so she could suck in a breath through her nostrils - but throughout that, she managed to keep his cock inside her mouth. The woman proceeded to help the men towards their climaxes for a while - up until they finally came. The man inside her mouth was the first to go, filling her mouth with his semen - some of it leaking out of her mouth as well as her nose while the woman did her best to swallow it all. The two rebels she was jerking off took a little more time to cum - but once they did, they splashed her mouth and her upper torso with their semen. She wondered how hard it’d be to get the cum stains off her dress as she let go of their cocks and released the flaccid dick from her mouth - semen dripping down her chin as well.
“So? I did a great job with your cocks, didn’t I? Now, let me pass!” She demanded, her usual bossy personality speaking out through her - all while getting up as the men pulled their pants back on.

For just a moment, it seemed that her words have worked - for the men didn’t reply yet again. However, as she began to leave, trying to walk past the men, they got out of their post-orgasmic haze. The man who she sucked off grabbed her by her arm, stopping her. “All who support the bitch queen shall die!” The rebels called out, before quickly getting right on her. His rough hands felt up her boobs through her cum-covered dress from behind - the fire mage shivering under his touch. “N-no, please!” She called out, but the man just laughed. “I’m not a monster, though - since you haven’t actually fought us, and you also made us cum, I’ll give you a quick death.” He explained while his hands let go of her tits and moved up - stroking her thin neck. “N-no!” She stammered out as she felt the man grab her head by its sides. Largo, I’m so-Crack! Her head was suddenly turned 90 degrees sideways from its original position, her spine breaking and instantly severing her connection to the rest of her body. Her eyes widened in agony for just a moment - before the shards of her broken spine shot right into the stem of her brain, killing her on the spot. Her body went limp in the man’s hold right away - and as he let go of her, her corpse collapsed to the ground.

It wouldn’t lay discarded for long, though. As a streak of piss shoot out of her slit, staining her high-cut red dress, a few of the rebels were already on it - their weapons quickly slicing through her clothes. Her red dress as well as her purple cloak were both sliced apart - revealing her underwear to them: purple, lacy panties and bra. Even if her husband didn’t come to fort Alpea - Largo stayed back at the capital to look after their inn - Calill enjoyed dressing in these, if only for herself and no one else. Now, their sight was appreciated by the men who would defile her corpse - even if they removed both of them in seconds. But these seconds were already enough to make them hard again, for the underwear accentuated the woman’s curves nicely - and giving her average titties a much-needed boost in attractivity. The fact that she skipped them also helped them with that. Uncovering her pinkish slit, a man quickly forced himself into it - taking Calill’s pussy while the woman laid motionless.

With her neck broken, fucking her face didn’t allow the man to go that deep inside her - as her throat was squeezed shut. The one she sucked off was the only one who was able to get her cock this deep into her mouth. For the others, a part of their cocks would still have to stay outside - so instead the men preferred to just fuck her tits. From both sides: The rebels’ climaxes ended up showering both her face - at least, the parts of it they could reach with it twisted to the side - and her belly with their spunk. Their cum even made it into her bellybutton. While Calill’s face wasn’t really that useful for the men, the female rebels very much appreciated it - rubbing their slits against her cum-covered lips and nose. In life, Calill spend the last three years serving people of Crimea at the inn she run with her husband. Now, her body still provided services to them - ones decidedly more sexual than what she had been doing before. Her face, pussy and ass all had taken their share of both male and female cum. Her hands were used to jerk off more cocks because of how willing she seemed to to it in life. They were also utilized to finger the female rebels’ pussies as required. Her feet were freed from her heeled shoes, their higher arches helping people towards a number of climaxes as well. In the end, the blonde’s corpse got quite the attention from the rebels - but overall, she was just one of the many corpses abused by them.

Nephenee watched the rebels pour in with a look of confusion on her face. Why were they coming in? Didn’t they beat them? …Was their earlier retreat just a ruse? If so… The halberdier gripped her spear tightly. She needed to stop them. The girl’s fighting prowess was quite significant - enough for the men to immediately recognize her. She fought hard against the rebels who were entering the castle - her actions only growing more intense as she saw the men murder those that had surrendered to them. She fought tooth and nail to defend herself, and anyone who couldn't fight as good as her as well. However, even with the extra strength that knowledge seemed to grant her, she, too, would eventually fall. What the rebels couldn’t make up for quality of fighting, they covered with quantity - overwhelming the spearwoman by attacking her from all sides. Spinning her weapon around, Nephenee was able to keep them at bay for some more time. Still, in the end, they were able to knock her weapon away from her - leaving the green-haired woman completely at their mercy.

“Get ya’ dirty hands off ma’, ya’ basterds’!” She screamed out as the rebels surrounding her began groping her. Their hands went specifically for her very meaty thighs - fondling them and making her face flush bright red. “Lemmy’ footies go!” She called out, writhing under the men’s touch. However, that only caused the men to start squeezing her ample flesh stronger - their hands going up the inner sides of her thighs. More of them also went for her upper body - removing both her chest guard and her pauldrons. The hands rubbing against her thighs ventured under her skirt, making their way towards her crotch - and rubbing her skin there. The country gal felt panties were just for them fancy nobles, not wanting to wear them herself - and so, their greedy fingers were free to rub even directly against her slit. “Aaah! Feelin’ all weirdish now…” She called out as one of them began rubbing his fingers against her labia - her pussy growing damp at the man’s caress. Her breathing got all rushed up as he did that, her resistance quickly melting away. The men took advantage of that - ripping her green tunic off.

Without it, her chest was suddenly exposed again - and the girl blushed even harder than before, quickly crossing her hands in front of her chest to cover her tits up. “Ah! My knockers’! Y'all can see them!” She called out in embarrassment, completely flustered. Now, all she had on was her white skirt - but that, too, was quickly removed. “And me’ cunty’ too!” Nephenee suddenly craned her neck upwards, moaning loudly as the man who was playing with her pussy shoved his finger in. “Ooooh!” She voiced her pleasure out. With her traditional, country upbringing, she had no experience with sex at all - so it was her first time being pleasured in this way. And horsefeathers, if it didn’t feel so darn great! “A-ahhh… W-whaddya doin’ ta me?” With her pussy opening up under the man’s touch, her arousal began leaking freely down her thighs - Nephenee looking down curiously to see the man’s fingers circling around her slit. The girl’s reaction to their initial abuse quickly quenched the men’s desire to kill her right away - now, each of them really wanted to take advantage of her inexperienced body.

Nephenee’s face was burning as the man finally let go of her pussy - the girl already halfway there to her first orgasm. She… She didn’t know, what was going on… But it felt so good! The man used his hands to pry her thighs apart, opening up enough space between them - holding them apart with one hand while using the other to remove his pants. Nephenee’s eyes went wide as she saw the man’s cock, her mouth forming a small circle. “Eh? Whasdat’?” She asked curiously, only for the man to push his cock inside her. Her eyes widened again as he penetrated her. With her self-lubrication brought on by his hands, he was able to enter her easily - only the slightest trickle of blood leaving her slit as he broke through her hymen. “Shucks, thatta’ hurt!” The country girl called out as the man proceeded to bury more of his length inside her - not giving her any time to adjust to the feeling. However, with the girl being pretty tough, and the man having eased his entrance in through some foreplay before, it didn’t take her long to start finding pleasure in this - Nephenee starting to moan while continuing to blush. Ah, this was so embarrassing! And yet, these pleasant thrusts were more than enough to get her to lower her guard. When the other men - who were quite jealous that their friend got to steal this gorgeous girl’s virginity - went for her arms, Nephenee let them move them. The girl’s arms finally went down, uncovering her tits for good - their abov