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A Thousand Worlds of Despair: Survivor's Doom

(suicide, sacrifice, torture)

Rena Ryūgū stood on the hill overlooking the remains of what had once been the village of Hinamizawa, the place that had once been her home. 20 years ago the population had died in a single night from what the government claimed to be volcanic gas released from the Onigafuchi Marsh. 20 years ago she had lost everything that had ever meant anything to her.

20 years ago she had done unforgivable things. She had never quite figured out what exactly had made her go so completely insane, but the end result had been her taking the entire school hostage and threatening to blow them all up, unless the ‘truth’ was acknowledged by the Sonozakis. 20 years later and she still doesn’t know what kind of truth she had wanted, what truth she had believed so zealously in.

Her thoughts had been drowned in delusions about bacteria and aliens, intense paranoia driving her to suspect her friends and the village elders of a conspiracy. She would have murdered the entire school if her friends had not stopped her... if Keiichi had not managed to snap her out of her psychosis. Even though everything should have ended well for her friends, disaster had struck.

20 years later and she still couldn’t cope with the fact that her father and friends had all died and she had survived, even though she had been the one to do terrible things, having been locked up in the police station at the time of the disaster. 20 years she had been separated from her dear friends and her loving father, 20 years that had left her with no more tears to shed.

Every new day was torture, her existence haunted by the past she could not, would not escape from. She had tried to live on, to continue on and to honour the memory of those who had been lost. With the resources that she had had, she had tried to find out the truth of what had happened, tried to make something good come out of the horrible tragedy, tried to atone for her sins. But it had been all in vain. 20 years later and she was no closer to the truth, her questions still unanswered.

She despaired that she would ever find out what had been going on regarding Rika. That night at the junkyard when Rika had tried to give her an injection, she had seen a Rika that was fundamentally different from the one that she knew. Occasionally this Rika would take her friend’s place, her purple eyes and voice dark with something that Rena Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Let's go on an adventure /lit/!

I am still learning English, so please tell me if you enjoyed it and how I can improve on my writing! ^^



You are an ordinary 16 year old high school girl, long hair, athletic build, and a face that'll make most boys turn their heads.

You wake up in a cold and damp room, the pungent stench of rotten flesh wafted in the air. You are still in your school uniform, white blouse tucked neatly into a teal pleated skirt. At least no one did anything rude to you while you were unconscious.

Your heart is pounding but you froze like a deer at caught in the headlights, dazed and disoriented. You have no recollection of how you got here.

_Where are you? Why are you here?_

All you hear is the muffled pattering of torrential rain in the distance, and faint slithering sounds coming from a bucket on the corner of the room.

Your bladder is bursting, you really need to pee!

What do you do? Feel free to provide some justification for your action. :)

[1] Leave the room via the door, gotta find a bathroom fast!
[2] Check out the bucket, what's making that slithering noise?
[3] Try to find what's giving off that foul smell.
[4] Relieve yourself here, no one's looking!
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>Check out the cubicle on the right, why is there a female staff in the boy's restroom?

The Price of Curiosity

You carefully push the stall door open a bit more and peek into the crack.

Dim light shines in through the fogged window, illuminating a macabre scene that should only belong in a horror film, or a gothic tale, but never in real life.

You stood there, eyes wide open, heart pounding, legs quivering, you can feel the warm fluid of your pee seeping down your inner thighs as profound terror takes over your body.

A naked blonde woman is 'sitting' on the toilet, with her back propped against the cistern, legs splayed open and her inner thighs stained with blood and semen.

You instantly recognises her as your homeroom Teacher Ms. McKinnon, an extremely popular among the students despite being a recent graduate from teacher's college.

Her powder blue eyes have been gouged out of their sockets and are nowhere to be seen, leaving behind two gaping holes gazing into the distance, streaks of milky semen and pink brain fragments cascades down her flushed cheeks like tears of agony and regret.

Someone must have a massive grudge against her to do something like this...

You feel something cold and metallic being pressed against the back of your neck, followed by multiple sharp electrical jolt of pain ripping through your body. Your world spins, and your body collapse like a bag of rocks, twitching and spasming on the piss covered floor.

Two hooded men towering over you, one holding a taser in hand, the other a bloodstained tablespoon.

"Second one tonight, and what a tender little thing she is. I can't wait to fuck her brains out." One mutters as he forcefully pries open your eyelids with his rough calloused fingers "Just look at those beguiling eyes, they'll make a good addition to our collection."

You feel the coldness of the spoon invading the space between your left eyeball and the warm flesh around it. As your eyeball goes sailing in the air, you see a man unzipping himself, and placing his engorged manhood in front of your ruined eye socket with your remaining good eye.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Pee on the ground

Relief at Last

You squat on the cleanest part of the toilet, after all you remember what you learned about the dangers of UTI. Skirts up, panties down, time to do the business you are here for!

A steady stream of golden urine arcs out of the crevice at the root of your thighs, creating a warm little puddle between your legs.

You are about halfway through unloading your bladder when you felt something cold and metallic pressed against the back of your neck, followed by sharp electrical jolts ripping through your body. You collapse in your own urine puddle, twitching and spasming on the piss covered floor.

Two hooded men towering over you, one holding a taser in hand, the other a bloodstained tablespoon.

"Looks like we got another one." One mutters as he forcefully inserts two fingers into your exposed womanhood, still wet with pee, and painfully stretching it wide open "How long do you think this one will last?"

"Around minute? The last one went limp at around 50 seconds, this one looks a bit sturdier."

He pins you on the ground effortlessly, pulling the lips of your womanhood wide apart with one hand, he thrusts the taser deep inside your canal with the other, sending a gush of blood and tiny bits of your once intact hymen seeping out between your legs.

He flicks the switch on, and starts a timer.




I'll do option 2 very soon~ Does anyone have anything they want to see in particular? Also, C&Cs are welcome. ^^



Not sure if it fits, but some feminine, motherly figure to lure her in then fuck her with a dick so big it breaks her would be fun


The stort was about a girl named Susan in a world where they had to train and become waiters for their early adultish life, and then they get free later. Can anybody help?
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Since I'm reposting most of my stories anyway, I only have a few more... My favorite of my works is this one:


There is a college in a growing town. It is a popular college, so there is no shortage of students trying to get into it. As a result, the college keeps a very long wait list and is always trying to expand its size. Thanks to this college, the town is on its way to becoming a city. This town also has plenty of people who are not attending or working for this college. After all, all these people need to eat, shop, have fires put out, be protected, and so on. There are also those who stay in this town after finishing college to start businesses, which has further accelerated this town's growth as more people fly in to work for these growing start ups.

One of these businesses is a restaurant near the campus. It is conveniently located, open twenty four hours a day, and has free WI-fi, making it a very convenient place for late night studying. It is also very cheap, making it particularly enticing to the college students. There are two dining sections. One of them is full of booths with high backs that help increase privacy and minimize distractions. This section is ideal for romantic dates or studying. The other section has many freestanding tables, more light, a bar, and a few televisions. This section is better for celebrating or socializing.

The restaurant only allows people over the age of eighteen. By doing so, they can allow nudity and even permit sex between patrons. There is no shortage of hormone filled young adults happy to take advantage of this policy. The restaurant's employees are mostly naked as well. Each employee wears a thin gold colored chain around their neck with an engraved name tag on the front. The worker behind the take out counter also wears a white butcher's apron. The wait staff each wear a white belt with pockets that rest on their hips for things like straws and napkins. The cooks wear white hats with the restaurant's logo on the front of them. The managers wear additional gold chains around their wrists. The bartenders, hosts, hostesses, and bussers do not wear any additional clothing. All positions are open to people of all genders, and the employees with penises are provided a generic Viagra pill before their shift to keep them erect while they work. Despite the nudity of the employees and the open sex policy, sexual acts with the employees are actually against the restaurant's ruPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Here's my other "setting" story. This one had an actual story written for it, of someone going through the process, but that was written by my wife, not by me... Anyway, here's that setting:

Facility For Helping Suicidal People

To start off, the facility is created to take the cases of people who have been in treatment for wanting to take their own life for a long time, or in and out of places for such treatment, such that they're considered to be unlikely to want to live from any amount of traditional help.

The theory presented for the treatment comes from the fact that many people who attempt and fail to jump to their death report that on the way down, they changed their mind. The treatment is supposed to create the same effect with a similarly extreme situation to push the patients to change their mind and decide that they want to live.

A healthy goop is engineered to have all the nutrients a person might need. It's not designed to taste good, but to be healthy as food, eliminating the need for any other food. A diet consisting entirely of this new food will be healthier than most patients' diets were prior to the program.

As a secondary part of the theory, regarding chemical imbalance, is that a healthier body will help lead to a healthier mind. This is why the healthy goop is engineered. Also present are plenty of exercise machines, mostly for cardio.

The patients must consent to participating, signing the appropriate forms themselves. It is explained to them that this treatment can last for months, but not more than half a year, and that everyone who has left this facility has walked away wanting to live.

Both the primary and secondary theories are explained to them, as well as pointing out that the treatment is rather extreme, stripping them of some of their basic humanity, like having a name, wearing clothing, or being able to contact the outside world, to simulate death.

The facility has a long hallway. On the end closest to the lobby, is the trial room where people can try the first stage of the treatment for up to a week. They can keep their names and keep their clothes on. There's a green button on the wall that dispenses the goop to eat. There are beds, treadmills, ellipticals, weights, televisions, video games systems, books, high quality condoms, lube, etc... and the lighting is done with those lightbulbs that simulate sunlight. There are no commercials, no internet, no contPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I came up with this fantasy this morning and wrote it down. It's not long, and it's not in the same world as my Susan story above, but it does have some similar themes: casual free use, casual cannibalism, people being bought and sold, etc...

I suppose it could take place in an earlier version of that same timeline, after sexual free use and cannibalism start, but before animals all get endangered, people stop eating plants, and the murder system becomes so formalized.

The same goes for the "Butt Cookies" short story above, with that being before cannibalism starts, shortly after some regions start to embrace sexual free use.

If we want to squeeze them all into one setting and start doing the whole timeline thing, that is. It's not what I was thinking about while writing these two, but looking back, it could work. I simply wrote these two as one-off short stories.


Peter's driving to the grocery store to get a few things and bringing his daughter Samantha along with him. She's happily bouncing on his lap, pretending to be the one steering the car.

Sam's mother had been purchased by Peter from this same grocery store many years ago and served him as a slave for seven years before being roasted for a holiday family reunion. Prior to that, she was a customer at the grocery store, and after she paid for a cart full of groceries, the register's lights flashed that she'd been selected. She was immediately tied up, wrapped in cellophane from the neck down, and had a price stapled to her left breast, through the cellophane, above the nipple. The groceries she paid for were simply put back on te shelves to be repurchased by another customer. Peter found her on the shelf the very next morning.

Once he finds parking and opens the door, Sam gets out of the car first. Peter's cum begins to drip down her legs, but she ignores it. It would feel stranger to her not to have cum lubricating her thighs.

Once out of the car, Peter lifts his daughter up and puts her in the front of a shopping cart. The front seat has an adjustable height, and Peter adjusts it so Sam's mouth is just the right height for his dick. As he pushes the cart, Sam keeps Peter's dick in her mouth, occasionally playing with it some, with her tongue, lips, teeth, and/or suction, but she mostly just keeps it warm for him.

As they enter the store, Peter takes a look at his list.

Cocoa powder
One pineapple
Three apples
One limePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


An answer I gave in a PM on a message board on another website that I posted my Grocery Store story on:

If Samantha had not been taken right away, it's highly probable that someone else passing by would've taken her. Owning another person is expensive, but sought after, so finding a freebie like Sam is something anyone would jump on.

If she beat the odds and was still in the store when it closed, she'd become property of the store, just like Peter did. Being younger, there's more potential for her, so her price would be higher. If not purchased, since she's smaller, she could be sold whole as a meat item, since she would be able to fit in a standard size oven, something adults cannot do.

Also, the rule applies at the moment of closing, even for customers who're already on line to buy their groceries, or who have their cart halfway out the door. People in this world are quickly accepting of their fate, whether they're becoming a slave or being murdered for their meat, but they still try to avoid landing in such situations while they still have their freedom.

While free, Peter would've kept Sam in his sight at almost all times to ensure no one kidnaps her, but if someone managed to while his back was turned (like if the first guy who fucked him near the meat counter had walked off with Sam), his response would be a simple "Oh well..." with a shrug. (The guy didn't primarily because there were too many people around that could've seen him take her, which prevents it.)

The man who took her can do whatever he wants with her, just like her father could've when he still had her. Being her Master or her parent aren't all that different, so she simply accepts this new man in place of Peter. She was trained to be a very obedient slave, so she'll make a good slave to her new Master as well, both for sex and labor, until her new Master decides to kill or sell her; or until someone else kidnaps her, becoming her new new Master.

She could wind up gutted and in an oven that evening, be used to make a steady supply of new children for her Master to own, or any combination of a wide variety of possibilities. I purposely didn't get into it because this was the story of Peter's snuffing, not Sam's, and by leaving her fate open, I give the reader something to imagine.

If the shopping cart she was in had rolled outside and she was miraculously not kidnapped by anyone else, since she no longer has parents and doesn't have a MastePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Here's an old one of mine... It's more of a written down fantasy than a story, but it's what got me started with writing to begin with about 5-6 years ago.


First a beautiful woman offers me her life to take and her body to eat. While making love to her just as she starts to climax, I put my hands around her neck and squeeze. When someone can't breathe, they get a high that can expand their orgasm to last longer and feel stronger. (Also, her spasms and clenching should feel great around my cock.) Her last feeling ever is this climax as she goes unconscious.

Then I put her in the tub and slit her femoral arteries (and probably a few others). Since she's still alive, just unconscious, her heart should pump away a lot of her blood. When it stops flowing, I do CPR on her, to force her heart to pump out the rest of her blood. Before letting the blood drain from the tub, I add bleach to it. This dilutes it and prevents anything in the drainage system from smelling like rotting blood. I wash off both myself & her body in the shower after this. This includes using shampoo on her hair and washing out all the blood.

By this point, I would likely be quite horny again, and I'm very curious as to how sex with a corpse feels, so I'd have sex with her again, and clean her out once more.

Next, I remove her head and set it aside in the sink, facing me so I can see her pretty face while I work (and so it kind of looks like she's watching). Carefully, I separate her skin from her meat, setting it aside to leatherize for bdsm toys (including floggers). I hear human skin isn't good for eating anyway. I gut and quarter her corpse, then butcher her into cuts of meat for the freezer. Some of her bones are also used for bdsm toys when possible (like canes or handles for other toys). By turning parts of her into toys, they're unrecognizable as human remains, but I know what they are, and would enjoy using parts from a woman's body on another woman during sexual play. Dead girlflesh striking against live girlflesh.

Of the remaining bone, I save whatever parts of the bones I can turn into gelatin (if possible). The rest would be baked in the oven until brittle & pulverized. Most of the internal organs are pushed through the garbage disposal (except the brain, which, while inedible, is useful for tanning the hide for leatherworking), which I also add occasional dashes of bleach to as I'm going. Her heart should be edible so I kePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cream and Juice

1 - Wednesday Morning

"Come on, Edward, I don't have all morning." said Miss Myers.

"My my, he is taking an awfully long time." observed Mrs Stevens.

"I-ahh! I'm trying, Miss Myers!" Edward panted, as he worked his hand up and down his rigid shaft.

"Well, if you don't come soon, my coffee will get cold." replied Miss Myers.

Edward was standing to the side of Miss Myers' desk, facing it, with his pants around his ankles. The bottom few buttons of his shirt were undone, and the corners were tucked up under his armpits, giving him unrestricted access to his bare crotch. He was stroking his cock vigorously, obviously trying to reach orgasm quickly.

Set on the edge of the desk, right below and slightly in front of his bobbing cock, was Miss Myers' full coffee cup. The coffee in it was an extremely dark shade of brown, apparently un-sugared and un-creamed.

"When I asked you to cream my coffee all this week, I didn't think you would have any trouble with it." Miss Myers said. "I mean, most boys your age can go from flaccid to cumming within a minute or two, especially in the morning."

"Maybe some of the girls have been keeping him a bit busy." said Mrs Stevens, with a knowing grin.

The girls had been keeping Edward busy, as a matter of fact, and one in particular. Maggie had come over to his house the previous night and kept him up until four in the morning. The little teenaged nymphomaniac had drained every last drop from him before finally allowing him to pass out.

That was why he was so slow to come this morning. He had barely recharged enough to get an erection when Miss Myers had presented her coffee cup to him half an hour before the first bell. If he didn't hurry, he would be late for his first class.

Miss Myers paused in her conversation with Mrs Stevens, and reached over to gently fondle Edward's warm, silky smooth testicles. All the pubic hair had been removed from his crotch, as it had in all of the other students of Cruftbert High.

Edward groaned as she rolled the soft orbs back and forth in her hand, occasionally giving them a small squeeze. She didn't squeeze hard enough to be painful, just enough to give Edward a little extra stimulation to help him on his way to climax.

After a few more minutes of Miss Myers' fondling, Edward stroking himself, and the odd grunt or moan failing to to produce any results, Miss Myers sighed and sat up a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Too bad she left his cock...



>>Too bad she left his cock...

Yep. And much more worse she left him alive.


I'm glad you guys enjoyed the story. Check back sometime in the next few days, and I should have another posted for you.


Have you been delayed or have I just missed the story? The people are waiting for you!



Ha ha I tried to write a short story and it is turning into a book. It is almost done though, I swear! Give me a few more days to finish it up, then check back.


The next special I have already devoted to Kamilla! aryion.com/g4/user/Kamilla But you can still choose the opponents. [​IMG] every choice is one enemy from my book^^.

Maybe become a little short, I hope you like it anyway!

Third advent special: A coupon for Agatha.

A few days ago, Agatha received a letter with a coupon. The sender merely said. "From a fan." It is a coupon for a butcher shop. This is perhaps the strangest gift that Agatha has ever received. Especially since you can only use the coupon at the 24th December. Who gives food to Christmas, that you have to prepare yourself? Agatha became curious. In internet, she found out that the butcher’s name is Jaimie and that he has a legendary reputation. Supposedly, pigs like to die through his knife. This is of course an exaggeration, but it sounds hot. Perhaps Agatha can watch the master at work, she hadn’t planned anything for the first Christmas day anyway. Fresh meat couldn’t hurt!

So, she appeared at his shop in the evening, as it was demanded on the voucher. She's dressed in one of her tighter evening gowns. Agatha hadn’t had a butcher for a long time, maybe she could get some more intimate information out of him. She loves to seduce men. But this is only a test! She hopes for a man who can turn the game around. But the most men disappoint her…
The master butcher has already expected her! He looks very young for a master. But his eyes are serious, and his strong arms show, that he has already killed many animals. He has a beard and short hair. He wears a green smock under which his muscles are visible. He looks at her very oddly. He seems interested, but it doesn’t seem as if he is interested in her as a woman. Agatha tries to break the silence. "I'm here for the voucher."
His face shows no emotion: "So it has come?" He says quietly and calmly.
It? It's getting strange. "I have a …”
He interrupts her. "That is unimportant, come in!" Wow. So, she’s never been treated! She likes him. To Agatha's astonishment he leads her into the processing area. What is he doing? He looks at her closely. "We're starting. undress yourself!"
This makes Agatha a bit angry! "Slowly, just because I'm a fetish model."
Again, he shows no emotion: "take off your clothes!"
His behavior confused Agatha. "I've been thinking about seducing you, but that's going too far!"
"take off your clothes!" he repeats calmly.
"Do you listen to me?" That no one has dared. He hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Today was a good day.

Earlier in the day I was informed by my commander that the ransom payments still haven’t arrived, and it was my privilege and honor to send an unmistakable message to the world by executing our first hostage. Collectively, we decided that the little French girl cowering in the corner should be the first one to go, she’s young and sexy, it will get plenty of media coverage.

The girl’s a natural beauty with a pretty face adorned with very little make up. Her long blonde hair tied was pulled back in a long ponytail, sporting a professional look with a pristine white shirt and a pair of light colored skinny jeans. Sophie is her name, according to the lanyard around her neck, and apparently she’s a trainee journalist at a local news agency. Poor girl must’ve just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and caught up with the wrong crowd, and now she’s going to be murdered on air for the whole world to see, how’s that for some quality journalism?

As I made my way towards her with a knife in hand, the frightened girl dropped on her knees and pleaded desperately in French. Although I had absolutely no idea what she’s saying, I could taste her fear and desperation, which transcended all language barriers and was invigorating as always.

With her hands tightly cuffed behind her back and legs bound together at the ankles, she attempted to wriggle away from me like a broken marionette, but to no avail. Screams of pain escaped her red glossy lips as I grabbed her ponytail with a vice like clench, and forcefully dragged the writhing woman to the gym’s changing room, or as we call it - the slaughterhouse.

Her eyes widened, and a ghastly expression that could only be described as pure horror slowly formed on her face as I slammed her on the floor of a shower cubicle. To be frank, her reaction was completely justified. The cracks between the tiles were covered with the dried viscera from a previous interrogation victim, a vivid and metallic scent of dried blood wafted in the air. If you looked closer you would know that out the source of the scent - a smelly pile of small intestines that got stuck on the grate in shower drain.

Not a pretty sight indeed.

“Hello my little angel.” I smiled, flourishing my knife in front of her face menacingly “Do you want to know what I’m about to do to you?”. Tears rolled down her face as I caressed her tender face with the dull side of the blade, she desperaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sweet. Great ideas. Love the descriptions.


Great story, loved it, but:
The guy has got be naked, and very horny after cutting her, so bit of delightful necro would be welcome


Next victim has to be pregnant housewife. Hopefully our beloved killer is assisted by his extremely perverted and cruel 13yo daughter




HELLO indeed! Loved it. Maybe the 13-y-old might also be strung up and done by the killer.


A little story to match the Christmas season. Little sisters are great.

A Christmas surprise for the best big brother!

My big brother is the best brother you can have! When I was in danger, he was there. If I could not sleep, he told me good night stories. He helped me at school and taught me how to ride a bike. Since we had no parents, he has been taking care of me. For him, I have always remained his cute little sister. For me he will always be my strong brother. But I am no longer a child! I realize that he gives up many dreams for me. As long, as I am here, he will never live for himself! I know exactly what my brother wants. Even if he thinks I don’t know. This is a gift that only I can give him!

My alarm clock is already ringing at 5 o'clock. For I must be awake before my brother! My brother gets up early, I should hurry if I want to surprise him. I quickly put all the ingredients on the table I prepared yesterday. Fortunately, our oven is big enough. I've tested it several times! I also bought a fresh baking pan for this day. Now if everything is prepared, there is only one thing to do. I jump quickly into the bath and put on my shirt with the cat and the panty with the red bow, I have worn when I was very small. Luckily, they still fit, even if the shirt emphasizes my body shape. I tie my golden hair to two ponytails, the way I used to wear them. Today I will be his cute little sister again! I don’t have much time left. I take the large silver plate and place it in front of his door. I tie a red ribbon around my neck. The recipe I put in front of the plate. I myself sit on the cold plate with crossed legs and try to look cute. Now I just have to wait...

It doesn’t take long, sleepy my brother opens the door. Like any Christmas, he wants to prepare sweets for me. This time I was faster!
He wipes the sleep out of his eyes: "What's the matter, little sister? Why are you ..." Loudly he reads the recipe. "Chocolate Baked Sister ... Signed Santa Claus. What does that mean?"
I look at him with wide eyes: "Stupid Big Brother! I'm your gift!"
He looks at me with interest. "You mean I should eat you?"
I laugh playfully. "Of course, not! Before you must bake your sister. Silly brother."
I see that he thinks about it. But he shakes his head: "No! I will not eat you! For you are too precious, little sister."
I put on a pout. "You're so mean, I'm not cute enough?"
He smiles. "You're the sweetePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I love this story, thank you


It was on the old chan, and I quite enjoyed it. Does anyone know where I can find it again please?


It can be found on dolcettgirlforum


Aaron woke up in a strange room all by himself. The last thing he could remember was swerving to avoid a dog crossing the road and crashing into a tree. Looking around the room, he then saw the most beautiful young girl. She must have been around 10 years old, with pale freckled skin, firey red hair, and just the beginning of budding breasts under her flowery sun dress. This beautiful lolita turned around and smiled with the an adorable smile.

"I'm glad your awake. My name is Anabelle, and welcome to heaven."

Aaron had so many questions. Was he really dead? Who was this Anabelle?

"Don't worry Aaron, it is perfectly normal to freak out a little. You died in a recent car crash trying to save a dog, and as a result you have made it to heaven. Here you get to have all of your deepest desires and fantasies fullfilled. Everyday you will wake up in a new dream world where you can do anything you would like, absolutely anything. Today, I am all yours. You can do anything and everything you would want with me. You are my absolute master."

Aaron, excited about the prospects of everything he had just heard, decided to try it out, and see exactly how far he could go.

"Take your panties off, and lean over, I want to inspect your pussy"

You could tell Anabelle was nervous, she had never been with anyone before, but she wanted to do anything to please her new master. She pulled her underware down and leaned over, touching her hands to her toes, and displaying her pussy for Aaron to see and do whatever wanted to up her sun dress.

Aaron couldn't believe his eyes. Here was this gorgeous young girl, who didn't even have any hair on her slit yet, exposing it for him to do whatever he wanted. As he reached his index finger up to slide along the edges of the outer labia, Anabelle shivered in delight. Aaron worked his fingers up and down her slit until it was dripping wet. Slowly, he slid one finger in and out until she was begging for something more.

Aaron promptly stopped playing with her and commanded, "Go to the kitchen and grab me a knife, it is time to really have fun with you.".

As Anabelle ran off to the kitchen, Aaron couldn't believe his luck. This truely was his deepest darkest dream. When the beautiful red head returned, Aaron told her to start fucking him, and no matter what, don't stop. She climbed up on top of him, her dress flowing around her as she slowly lowered her virgin sexPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'd like to see more. Maybe a cunt mutilation too?


For some reason this reminds me of that old "The Far Side" comic where the guy is in heaven but he keeps stubbing his toe, with a caption under it reading something like "It takes the average person 15 minutes to figure out they are in Hell."



After many wars, humankind dispersed into the stars, some more peacefully than others. A few of their groups survived, some more comfortably than others. Eventually, many unlocked the deepest secrets of the universe...

Time-travel led to incomprehensible wars and invincible utopias. Entire lineages were prevented to undo mild inconveniences. Paradoxes that brought both morality and reality into question became routine. Genocides killed endless masses to assure tyrants that their own displeasure simply never occurred.

Entire dimensions could be created, first a simple, random universe like their own; Most initially spawned with just thermal, electric, or kinetic energy and simple elements. Eventually complex self-aware multiverses that were crystaline and mechanical could be conjured in nanoseconds. Interdimensional sub-space God-Machines were like pennies to a True God.

Once these Universe-Machines were capable of creating atom-by-atom replicas of themselves, Identical-Parent-Machines, they could essentially create endless numbers of realms expanding infinitely in every direction. Hells filled with Ice or Fire, Heavens brimming with Life, and Voids of Nothingness- no more than a child's plaything!

As these humans- and aliens they encountered- became immortal gods, able to create new forces, shoot infinitely hot flames, teleport anywhere, and be threatened by nothing except their own kind, they had only their desires and a new plane of science and philosophy to contend with, if they so chose.

The Landing

Several large moons came into view, though no living creature knew it. The colossal ships slowed into orbit, measuring dozens of miles tall, hundreds wide, and thousands long. Their cargo was millions of humans with endless tons of colonization tools.

Fluid drained from the waking denizens' stasis-chambers, flowing through pipes and misting into the atmosphere. Having sustained the vessels' inhabitants, it now fertilized the soil and moistened the air. Seeds were strategically launched in massive numbers, followed by glass jars with extremophile worms

Ten-thousand shuttles descended from each intergalactic ship. Though they magnitudes smaller, each was larger than most buildings from where these colonists originated; a half-mile wide and a hundred meters tall. They were also shaped differently, being circular aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


"PLEASE!" I'M NOT A SYNTH!" Sophy thought it absurd to torture anyone, regardless of how they were born, but if not being a synth gave her rights, she'd scream about her dad fucked her mom from noon to midnight and back again. And that's what she did.

"SHUT UP RUNT!" A pale grizzled man slapped her, leaving a bright red-purple bruise covering her cheek and under her outer tear-duct.

"Why won't anyone listen to me?" She was a small soft girl, only 16, with flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. She was hanging from the ceiling by her chained hands, barbs digging into her wrists, and touched the floor with only her toes. Her back and ribs strained under the unwilling stretch.

"You know how they make a synth?" The other man in the room, slightly taller and tan, firmly rubbed her rump, chilling her skin and sending goosebumps up her back as he traced a finger through the crevice of her round ass, lingering over her puckered anus that reflexively cowered in anticipation. "It isn't birth. It's like making a tool, because that's what it is." He spanked her; it instantly hit her with jarring memories of humiliation and sizzling pain being reignited over and over by her domineering parents who literally sold her to the circus.

"They just slam oxygen and shit together like it's a normal human body part." Really, a synth was just as human on every physical level, there was simply no way to tell the difference. Synths came from artificial eggs being bombarded with sperm-cells, but they were the same as cells people produced biologically, except in machines tying simple elements together. "But it's not, it's like sculpting rocks to make nails. Speaking of which..." The tall slender man pulled a palm-sized wooden box from his pocket and opened it, taking some 2-inch nails and placing a few in the crevice, sideways into her her ass, and some thinner ones into her puckered anus. The slightly shorter but much bulkier man kept inserting much longer needles in each buttock.

Sophy only winced and whimpered at first, pleading "Please stop thiss..." as she cried, but started shaking, making her breasts bounce and her butt quake as she yipped. The needles in her rump shook with her, enlarging the swaying motion of her hind.


"Sid, how much before she pukes?" The pale grizzled man ask, turning to the tall tan man.

"Abouoot.." Sid's voice trailed on for a moment as he poured milk into a bucket, and Sophy squirmed at splattering noise echoed around her, "this much!" He cheerfully swung the jug he was carrying upright and set it down. He had already poured a smoothie of fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and hotdogs, but Sohpy didn't know what it was. He unzipped and pulled out his massive cock, pissing in the cauldron.

"You sure that's enough for her?"

"Well, Kork, feel free. Did you need to go to the bathroom?"

"No, I just pissed on that one broken kid." What broken kid? Sophy wondered. "But I do think she could use more protein."

"Always generous." Sid laughed and slapped Sophy's tits as Kork opened a closet with bug-filled glass boxes on shelves.

"OH GOD NO!" Immediately realizing what was happening, Sophy resumed squirming, more erratically than before, causing the needles in her rear to inflict more pain that enhanced her squirms, culminating in a vicious cycle.

"I know, I'm too sweet." Kork grinned as he picked a glass box with roaches and walked to the cauldron. Sophy shook her head wildly back and forth as Kork opened a lid and shook the roached in the already-disgusting mixture.

"Please, please! Don't do this to me! Ohh noOHHOhh!!" She pleaded for mercy, but Sid dropped a hose into the slushing roach-infested liquid and slammed down a shield-like lid with buttons and a hole for the hose to poke through.

Sophy started screaming again, "NOOO! oH Whhhhyyyyyy! Please I didn't do anything! I'll do wha-" SLOP Kork shoved the hoes in her mouth and flipped a switch.


Vile mush instantly shoved through the transparent tunnel into Sophy's mouth. She could feel the bugs panicked squirming in her mouth and did the same, dangling from her hands and kicking her legs everywhere in the air, swinging back and forth.

The thick liquid expanded vastly in her mouth, no longer constricted by the hose, and sent roaches flying into her nasal passages. The constant heavy stream of puke-like "sustenance" shot down her digestive track and out of her nose, bringing roaches with it. Giant blobs of snot with vermin nestling them drooped from her nostrils and landed all over her frantically kicking body but especially her breasts and legs. She peed herself in distress!

Every part of her girlhood and assPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


if people could recreate everything, why so much sick shit at all? I mean, if there is some Universe machine, why are there synth humans with retarded caste system?

you just made up some fiction that was shit the moment you imagined.


>>if people could recreate everything, why so much sick shit at all? I mean, if there is some Universe machine, why are there synth humans with retarded caste system?

Not every one has the same technology or is equally aware of each other.


>>you just made up some fiction that was shit the moment you imagined.

Did it get in the way of your pinky-extended masturbation?

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