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Invasion: Diner

It was approaching ten in the evening, but the small diner was full of activity. Surrounded by trees, nestled at the foot of the hill, it would take a keen eye to spot it from the highway as the tarred road ascended the hill. The location could have been better, but during the day the diner drew in enough customers to keep afloat, daylight helping to make the signs leading to it more noticeable.

As it was holiday season, the number of customers was usually quite low as people left for the coast and the national parks. It was rare for evenings to be a busy time, which is why the manager had left the diner with only one cook and one waitress. Serving 12 customers with such a skeleton staff was a difficult task, but they were up to the task.

Tami Patel was a university student, her mother having insisted that she get a part-time job in order to get experience. Tami’s submissive personality did not allow her to argue, but the job itself was not that bad. Unfortunately that same personality had also not let her argue with the manager, resulting in a hectic night as she worked to serve all of the customers. She moved gracefully around the diner, her Indian heritage clear in her dusky skin, cheerful brown eyes and shoulder length black hair. A sweet smile was on her face as she delivered orders, her baggy black and red uniform hiding any possible curves.

Next to the door sat the Bartlett family. All four were tired and hungry, having spent the better part of the day in the hospital. Josh Bartlett had had what he had thought to be a heart attack, but tests had ruled that out as a possible cause for his crushing chest pain. The doctors thought he had had a panic attack and he had been discharged, having been told come back in a few days for additional tests.

All of the Bartletts had short cropped brown hair, except for 6 year old Vicky, whose long brown hair was tied into a ponytail. Vicky and Anna both wore dresses, the girl’s a pale blue and her mother’s a white one with a print of pink and blue flowers. Anna’s green eyes were shared by Adam, her 8 year old son. He was dressed in blue shorts and a green T-shirt, contrasting with the formal blue trousers and collared white shirt of his father, who shared his blue eyes with his daughter.

Further along sat Claire St. James and her boyfriend Edward Stresny. The teenagers had dropped in for a bite, hungry after the concert that they had attended. Edward was drPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I love this story. Thank you Shadowstrider


Thanks for this lovely story, enjoyed it a lot, especially the burning/grilling parts :) i would have preferred non-pleasure agonies and more details but still a fantastic tale, congratulations!


Contrary to what I thought, I just finished another story and I thought I could share it here until I have my site up and running (its not that easy to find a good host for something like this, especially as I want to start adding the photos I use as reference...). As always, if you read it, please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

tags: M/f, MMM+/f, non-cons, teen, first, rape, anal, throating, prostitution, bagging, snuff

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

I nervously checked the time one more time, but the time was still the same. One more minute, and the day was over. On the front of the classroom, Ms. Campbell was trying to explain how to solve for X in the equation she had copied in the blackboard, but I wasn't really paying attention

When the bell finally rang, all the students jumped out of their seats, wanting to be the first out.

“Remember that you have to finish the exercises in pages 33 and 34 by Monday, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to start preparing for the exam on Friday!” she said, raising her voice above the noise, but no one was paying her any attention

Ms. Campbell was a good teacher, but she was a bit too soft sometimes.

“Jasmine!” she said looking at me as I passed by her desk. “Can you wait for a minute, I want to talk to you.”

Suddenly feeling a bit worried, I waited while everybody else left. I looked longingly at the door as they all walked away, and then we were alone.

Ms. Campbell sat on her desk, running her hands over her skirt as she always did when she was about to give a speech. She was only 25 years old, with blond hair and a beautiful face, but looking into her brown eyes made me uncomfortable.

“Jasmine, I am a little worried about you. Is everything okay?” she asked me.

I wasn't sure if my voice would crack, so I simply nodded quickly. I turned around towards the door, but she grabbed my arm with one hand.

“I have been paying attention, Jasmine. Something is happening. Your grades are down, and you stopped participating in the class. I talked to Mr. Johnson, and he said it was the same in his class.” she said, after letting me go.

I stood still, looking at the flooPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh man I have to say this is a little too dark even for me. :) Nonetheless excellent story as always. I am hyped for the site!
Are you going to do a more... SC/C stories in the future again (like the very first story I saw you post here about a girl watching her older friend get spitted and then getting strangled herself) or are you set on sticking to non-cons, prostitution stories?


Thanks man, glad you liked it! This one was a bit darker than usual, but I wanted to use that idea for a while. I am already working on the next one, and it will be purely consensual (I think). The girls really want to get snuffed and the guys are more than happy to help them... For now the setting is on a coffee shop, Starbucks style, were you can ask for a latte and a blowjob from the barista... its going slow but I like the idea so far!


Thank you for sharing this story, Eficient. Looking forward for more :p


Holy shit Eficient, at first I thought "he, it can't be all that bad, I am accustomed to reading fucked up things". Then I readed this.

It was an emotional rollercoaster, and the characters really dug inside my brain.
Poor Jasmine, she only wanted to protect Lily, and I hate Jacob.


Thanks! I know this is not a story for everyone, but I really wanted to write it and I like how it turned out


"We fucking killed that brat and we're proud of it!" Bellowed the scarred, tight muscled and thoroughly evil beauty to the citizenry below. Her fate, along with the fates of several female bandits under her employ, had been decided.

The axe.

It's a shame, thought much of the crowd watching the prisoners on stage, that such a lovely lady had to be such a wicked bitch. Her erotic and trained body was a marvel, though she wore only a prisoner's rags to display it. Her sculpted abs only served to make her soft chest more exciting, and her hips flared just enough to tell anyone at a glance that she was ripe for the breeding.

And yet, a rotten fruit cannot be tasted. The bandit captain was bent forward to her hands and knees, kept in place by chains. Her head rested securely on a stump with many notches. Men and boys at the stage's back cursed the rags wrapping her waist and hanging behind, as they hid the most forbidden areas of her perfect bottom from sight.

"As is custom—" Began an executioner's voice, hushing the procession. "—The victim's closest of relation may decide the fate of the aggressor. Step forward, Johan, brother of Jacob, the slain."

A boy took the stage, no more than thirteen years old. The vengeful brother of the 'brat' this criminal had so casually killed.

"Gimme the axe boy. Tell the man." Smiled the bandit lady with intimidating venom. "Or do you not have the guts? Gonna set me free?"

He stood silent. The crowd shifted uncomfortably. Just before the head executioner could step in, he spoke, giving the woman a fate vastly worse than death.

"Do whatever you want..." He mumbled. "I don't care."

Her confidence faltered. This was, deceptively, the most terrible fate the law could allow. The citizens would have their way with her like meat now. Bandits shared stories in hushed tones of this horror.

The boys rushed the stage first, as is always the case when a female offender is given to the people for justice. Ladies in the crowd rolled their eyes as the boys tore off her rags, quickly forming a line for the chance to fuck a fearsome female warrior from behind.

An yet, despite their lust, the young men pulled Johan forward to take the first turn.

"This bitch is the devil." Said a slightly older boy to Johan. "And she's pretty as heck. Getting the first turn with her... Man, this is poetic justice."

Her face was rage and growing fear as Johan felt the fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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no problem, it's good. Though I'd like a small epilogue where the other bandits break down, beg, beg and beg, and are taken as town prostitutes to make up for the damage they caused, maybe one or two cleanly beheaded, the least harmful/meek accomplices commutted to prostitution.

We see them several weeks later in the brothel, popular visit of many youths to enjoy them.


I drew a scene of your story.



Ah, amazing! Wonderful! Thank you.


This was fantastic! If you choose to continue it with her bandit sisters though, I believe you owe us a beheading! ;)


This was fantastic! If you choose to continue it with her bandit sisters though, I believe you owe us a beheading! ;)


So, I will be writing this off and on.

Once one girl is dead, another girl will be brought in for the slaughter. There is always extra ways to get into the story (such as google pics of the girls themselves, I can't post them on here, but you can email if you're curious to see the pics I use to base these girls on at esteemikey@yahoo.com)

and here... we... go...

Stephanie and her minion waited patiently in the dungeon for their first victim to enter. Stephanie was in her mid to late 20's. She was short and petite, with short black hair and deep brown eyes. She was in a leather corset, fishnet stalkings and black thigh high boots.

Her minion was the complete visual opposite of her, which was only to be expected considering he was a demon. He was easily over 8 feet tall and weighed at least 500 pounds of solid muscle. He grinned at Stephanie, showing his long white fang like teeth, as a glitter in his black void eyes seemed to shine. His body was sleek yet greasy body, except for the sharp, dark, bristly hair that covered his naked nether region which boasted an impressive 9 inch unhardened cock.

"Patience minion... Patience... Our first girl will be coming soon" Stephanie said stroking her minions arm while awaiting their first victim. It wasn't more than a minute when the door opened and 19 yearold Lacy was pushed in with her hands handcuffed behind her back.

Lacy had long dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. As she stood up it was clear that she was a little bit taller than Stephanie, and was wearing a light blue pushup bra and matching thong. The bra itself made her 36ddd tits look amazingly massive, which both Stephanie and Minion took notice of immediately. But it was when she spoke that their interest peaked. "Please! I don't know why I'm here! Please help me!" She sobbed as looked up at the 2 deviants.

They smiled down at her, and looked at each other. "She has braces!" Stephanie said with a girlish enthusiasm, as if having braces was something special, but Lacy did not understand. Minion looked down at Stephanie and smiled back.

Stephanie made her way to Lacy, grabbed her by her hair and pulled it as hard as she could causing Lacy to scream in a pathetic voice. "Listen hear you little cunt, if you want to make this easy, you lay down on your stomach and wait for my instructions!"

Lacy looked up at Stephanie as fresh tears fell down her face. "Please mistress... I don't know why I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I know, I never write as often as I use to.

But, I'll hopefully have updates once a week. I'll try at least.


(slow, but steady)

Minion finished chaining Lacy to the wall, placed one of his massive fingers on her chin and lifted her head. The lower half of her face was completely unrecognizable and covered in bubbling blood. Her tongue wagged up and down like a dog in the summer heat, with no more oral restraints, it was open to flopping violently.

Her eyes were dazed, but had the hint of someone "coming to". Minion smiled at her half empty eyes and let her head drop down to close to her chest.

A door opened in the dungeon and in walked a masked man dragging a body by the arms. Stephanie smiled as he brought her next victim in, Samm. 18 yearold Samm had long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Samm's arms and legs were bound and a white cloth was placed in her mouth as a gag as she sqirmed and screamed while being brought into the dungeon room.

"Hello Samm! How are you sweetheart?" Stephanie said as the man dropped Samm to the ground and made his way to the door. "Oh, sir!" Stephanie said in a sweet voice. The masked man turned to face her. "Did you bring in my tools?"

The masked man turned toward the door, walked halfway out and grabbed a gigantic box which he brought into the room and placed next to Samm, who was still kicking and screaming through her gag.

"You're a sweetheart". Stephanie looked down at Samm and smiled. "Dont you have the prettiest mouth? I mean, from the pictures I've seen of you, you have a gorgeous smile? Just like Lacy over there?"

Samm looked over at Lacy. Her eyes bulged in horror and quickly shot back to Stephanie as she began shaking her head "no" in horror.

Stephanie laughed, "oh don't worry, your not going to be curbstomped like that little skank chained over there, i'm thinking something more intiment. Minion? Honey, how would you like to mouth fuck our little Samm over here?"


Good stuff, man. I always like finding stuff you write. Hope you continue this one.

Is there anywhere I can see all your stories in one place?


A story for Kamilla//aryion.com/g4/user/Kamilla with herself and Stella. Unfortunately the last special for this year!

Stella’s gift for Kamilla

I no longer try to make friends with Humans. It is always way to sad, to see them age… But I was so lonely in the last 80 years. Then I met Kamilla. While I have closed the way to another dimension, she fallen through accidentally. Unfortunately, I couldn’t send her home. Naturally, I could leave her alone, in this world completely alien to her. I wanted to help her to get around in my world. That was the plan ... But she fascinated me! She comes from a town called Paris. Her pink hair, were considered rather strange in her World, But I find it very beautiful. She is creative and open-hearted. She may be somewhat naive, but she is curious and very friendly. She manages to make me laugh. Before I knew, I could no longer separate myself from her. We didn’t just get closer to each other as friends. She also showed me some new things that I haven’t felt for a long time. In the end, I fell in love with her, although I would have to know better…

It is now almost 9 months since Kamilla stranded in my world. It’s a hard winter... In the cold season, I normally don’t like to travel. But I have a surprise for Kamilla! In their world, today they would celebrate a festival called Christmas. I haven’t understood everything, but apparently, you give your special ones, very special gifts. She thinks I don’t know. Well, her thoughts are easy to read! It seems that the idea of being in a cannibalistic situation aroused her. A strange fetish, but I can do it without problems! I never would hurt Kamilla, but I can offer her something that will fulfill her imagination.
"What we want in this cave? She asks me curious but also exhausted. Even with my magic, I couldn’t shorten the trip. We had walked for several hours… I hope it will work the way I planned it! Relieved I see that they still live here. The whole cave fills with small furry balls. The Cho Cho! These cute creatures I have visited many times on my journeys. Cho Cho’s have a ball-shaped body. They have short arms and legs but they are stronger as they look. They wear Red-brown, white or black fur, in all sorts of sweet patterns. They look at Kamilla with their button eyes. Cho Cho’s are friendly and harmless creatures, but they have a strange habit, which I would like to use for my present.
"Chi cha hie chae hae chi?" Ask the oldest.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A bit hard to read, but cute and fun.


First, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm gonna try to post this in /lit/ and /req/ so if this goes away it's because I did a bad.

Looking for someone who can write me up a comic story board for me to send out for an art commission. Story wouldn't hurt either.

Please contact me at tctheladykiller@yahoo.com if you are willing and able. Thanks!


A young girl awakes slowly, only to realize she's chained naked to a wall. In I walk slowly, I begin to feel her slender body and small mounds. She lets out a whimper and begs that today not be her last. I as executioner begin to bring out my tools, her death will be long from now and as excruciating as possible. I put my long slender knife tip just between her two small breast and give it a small jab. She begins to sob as it sets in that she will not leave here alive. I slowly work the knife from breast bone to the tip of her little slit. I begin to cauterize the wound. I slowly stick my hand into her warm gut and begin the disembowelment. She screams at the foreign pain in her guts. I slowly untangle her bowels in a trough on the floor pulling slowly to make sure she sees every foot. After a third of her intestines are out she begins to shit down her leg. At first just little spirits but the more I pull the more that shoots out. She is sobbing uncontrollably and begs to be killed. I finish removing the bowel and cut out her rectum and stomach and cauterize them as well. I slowly slide my penis into her narrow slit only to realize she is a virgin. She cries for her father as I cum in her deep. When I pull out I begin my work again. I slowly cut out her liver and kidneys. And show them to her. She is in total shock and only whimpers. I reach down and start removing her woman hood and she pisses one last time. With all her organs laying in the trough I slowly reach up and squeeze her heart till it stops to beat


You should repost this formatted in a readable way.


Hi guys, this is a story I wrote quite a while ago, and it was posted on the previous incarnation of gurochan. The story was inspired by School Selection and was written by someone called Percy at first, but he only posted a couple of paragraphs before abandoning it. He gave me permission to write a continuation, as well as to rewrite the previously mentioned paragraphs. My storytelling and writing skills has improved significantly since I wrote this story, but I think some will find it enjoyable.

Ben’s Day at Work

Chapter 1

Ben walked swiftly to the order desk with his butcher order for the day. After briefly looking at the list, he picked it up and carried on towards the selection hall. While opening and closing the door, he saw his cattle already undressing as though they wanted to die. All of which were under thirteen years old and although most of them were female, he saw a few males there too. As the last ones were removing their final pieces of clothing, the grade inspectors began their job of sorting the cattle into Grade A, which was for live spitting, and Grade B for hanging and butchering. A stern young woman in her late twenties addressed the now two groups, saying;

"Grade A’s, would you please follow Ben for you sanitation process, and Grade B’s would you please follow me". Ben waved his hand for the Grade As to follow him.

Ben was an honest man and he made an honest living. If someone walked up to him and asked if he enjoyed his job he would not give much of an answer. To him a job was a job, and as the global banking system was showing cracks any job was worth doing. Plus, someone had to supply the spit roasts for the world.

Ben led the group down a plain white corridor before arriving in a waiting room. Two more stops laid ahead of them, first the sanitizing chamber and then the spitting hall. Several spit workers came in to have a quick look at the spitting subjects before heading back into a side door. The group consisted of half boys and half girls, and this would make life easier for Ben and his colleagues as they could do one boy and one girl at a time. Ben waved his hand again so he could speak, and the group went silent.

"You will all receive a number in a moment. Two and two of you will receive the same number. That is your waiting number." Ben gave out little cards with numbers on them.

"You may have noticed the little screen above the dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>6125 The old Gurochan was something.... You should post more stories like this if you have them!


Requesting permission to continue this line of stuff .

Another writefag here



Sure, go ahead! I'm very busy and have little time left for writing. If you want to use any characters or settings from my stories you are welcome to do so, as long as you post them here so I can read them!


hurray! I'll do my best! I keep paragraphs limited to each talker and use Hemingway app mostly




Brian Jurk had enough. Sally Bech (7 months pregnant and just a week away from turning 18), and her younger sister, 13-year-old Suzie, pushed him too far when they tattled on him to 23-y.o. Ms. Buht. She was generally sweet and in her first year of teaching, but didn't want to be seen as a pushover so gave him detention.

He had a shotgun his older friend legally gifted him. He put his smartphone in his shirt pocket and hiked a mile to Sally's house, knowing where it was because he picked his friend up from there several times, often hearing him complain about how he didn't want a kid and was worried Sally poked holes in the condoms she kept.

Her parents were at work and she was home alone. He opened the back door and crept quietly in. He heard music from the bathroom and as he got closer, her moaning in the bathtub. Her belly floated above her, her eyes were closed, and her feet rested high on the windowsill. The water covered her ears and reached her deep red lips.

He moved silently toward her, slowly raised his gun, aimed right at her pussy being palmed, and took a long but quiet breath. She moved her hand up and down, side to side, circling her womanhood as she played with her boobies and lips with her other hand. She lowered her feet into the water and arched her pussy into the air, unwittingly making a glaring target for his slug, and moved her fingers in and out, eventually inserting her thumb into her asshole and pinching herself deeply, using her pink on her clit and her other 2 fingers deeper.

} - \ ! B A M ! / - {

Her eyes went wide and she made no noise; she then felt overwhelming pain and splashed wildly, holding her pained right arm up to her face and seeing her right hand had been blown off. She quickly gasped and screamed in pain, thrashing in the water. Suddenly seeing Brian in there with there with her, she stretched her arms out, one a bloody cracked stump where her wrist used to be, and begged "NO PLEASE BRIAN I'M SO SORR-" He stomped on her chest, holding her with all his might beneath the water. Bubbles flew up from her shocked face and she tried to get him off, her left arm grasping his leg and pulling as hard as she could, then punching his knee. Her right leg was entirely useless and in immense pain, more than even her arm but not as much as her pelvis. Her right arm, just a bloody stump flailing away and pushing at his leg, was as effective, and her left leg scrambled in the air as she tried tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.









ily dipped a finger inside herself and rubbed gently, then extracted it
wet and shiny. She dabbed the finger at the three girls who surrounded
Samantha, wetting them down, then pushed them aside and ran her finger
sensuously up and down Samantha's tiny body. At last she released
Samantha, and placed her whole hand over top of both her and the three
other girls, making a jail of her fingers. Carefully she drew them into
her hand and lifted them before her flushed face.

"You morsels are going to make me very happy," said Lily, and blew them a
kiss. "And hey, Samantha... if you see my folks tell them I said hi."

Then with a wicked leer, Lily lowered her hand to her pubis and rubbed the
tiny, hot bodies against her labia while they screamed and fought with all
of their miniscule strength. Slowly, Lily rubbed them into her folds,
working them ever deeper inside herself. When all four had slid inside,
Lily used a finger to push them in as deeply as she could.

"Uh," grunted Lily as she felt them start to squirm. The little tingles
their struggling caused were maddening but insufficient to satisfy. Her
hand reached out and grabbed a handful of little pink bodies from the table
and shoved them rudely inside. The rest of the girls began screaming and
running in all directions to escape their fate but not one escaped. By
ones and twos and whole handfuls, Lily snatched them up and fed them into
her ravenous cleft. They filled her totally in a way Lily had never
experienced. Each tiny girl exerted her own pressure as she writhed in the
grip of Lily's vaginal muscles. Lily had to pinch herself shut with her
fingers to keep her little occupants from falling out, so stuffed full was

Two girls who had the dubious luck of being last and hence unable to fit
inside were held pushed against the Lily's outer labia by her squeezing
fingers and were quickly crushed to death, their blood mixing with Lily's
juices to make her slick and lubricated.

Unable to remain standing on her increasingly wobbly legs, Lily let herself
fall to her knees and then to her back on the kitchen floor, gasping for
breath and bearing down as tremor-like orgasms rumbled through her from end
to end, slowly gaining force, until it was a full-fledged tower-toppling
earthquake that threatened to tear Lily's heart apart with its intensity.

"Uhhhhhh!" Lily threw back her head and hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh... Sarina replied.

In just a short while, the limp body had been placed in the middle of
the field. All around Sarina and Lily, were the scattered skeletal
remains of hundreds of women. Most of the bones had been chewed on, though
there were a few carcasses where maggots were still picking at some of the
remaining flesh.

In a nearby pen, three Rottweilers were fighting over a severed tit,
each one ended up tearing off a piece, and taking it back to it's little

Lily took a large syringe out of her pocket, then said, "Now, let me
inject her with the stimulant, and haul ass before she wakes up." Lily
carelessly injected the stimulant into the teens thigh. Once she was
finished, both her and Sarina ran out of the enclosure, locked the gate,
and stood up on a rampart overlooking the mini "arena'

"You definantly keep good care of your dogs, just look at those
kennels!" Sarina exclaimed in awe.

"Yep, I believe in giving all animals a fair chance at life, I can't
bear the thought of an animal dying or being hurt." Lily said

"Same here, I once worked at an animal rescue mission." Sarina

While the two were conversing, the all-you-can-eat human buffet in the
middle of the field's eyes fluttered open, and it's first instinct was to
run it's hands over it's naked body. Once it realized it wasn't clothed,
and was sitting in the middle of a massive bone yard, it stood up and

Lily noticed that it had a very nice ass, that wobbled every time the
teen moved, she hoped that would be devoured while the teen was still

Sarina was busy eying the teens tits, when it noticed both her and

"Hey guys, let me out of here!" It pleaded.

"Sorry!" Lily shouted back, as she pulled a lever to her right, which
unlocked all the dog-cages.

Immediatly, the dogs stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash
for their supper.

Sarina noticed a cute brown dog outrace all the others, she hoped it
would get the first bite. Sure enough, it was the first to nip at the
prey's legs, unfortunantly for the poor animals, the bitch didn't want to
be supper.

The teen ran with all of the energy in it's body towards the outer gate.
The anxiety caused sweat to pour off of it's body, little beads of sweat
dripped off of it's nipples, and streamed down it's lucious ass.

Much to the uPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


While inside, Lily and Sarina took their time messaging each others
bodies, Lily using her fingers to squeeze Sarina's tits, Sarina pumping
her fingers in and out of Lily's pussy, Lily briefly eating out
Sarina's anus after washing it out with soap, only to find a rather
disgusting shit-covered, long dead, shrunken prey fall out of it and into
her hand. "Sarina, you forgot one!" Lily laughed as she showed it to

"Oh shit, I did!" Sarina giggled. Toss it into the toilet will you?
Sarina asked.

"Sure" Lily then stepped out of the shower, tossed it into the bowl,
urinated on it, then flushed it down, watching as it's body was thrown to
and fro in the yellow mixture then sucked into the sewage system.

Sarina suprised Lily by sneaking up behind her and thrusting two
fingers up Lilys' ass. Causing Lily to yelp. "Don't do that!"

"I was only checking to see if you had any left in you." Sarina joked.

"Very funny, let's see how good you check my pussy then bitch!" Lily
replied coyly as she playfully threw Sarina onto the bear-skin rug on the
ground and wrapped her legs around Sarina's head. Sarina responded by
digging her tongue deep into Lily, then sucking on Lily's clit. Lily
then began to grind her pussy against Sarina's face, with Sarina placing
her arms on Lily's tits to keep some of the immense pressure off of her

Soon, Lily's juices squirted into Sarina's mouth as she had a very
delightful orgasm, which Sarina drank deeply.

In only three minutes, the pair toweled off, and lay in the same bed,
with Lily's ass nesled nicely next to Sarina's pussy.

The two then slept soundly, well into the next day...

--- Colorado Lodge, Day 2.

Lily awoke to Sarina's middle finger sliding into her pussy, then
circling around Lily's pussy walls, before leaving as Sarina put her
finger to her own mouth and sucked it dry.

"Morning sleepyhead." Sarina said as she turned Liltih to face her and
smothered Lily in between her tits.

"Morning to you two, the view is lovely!" Lily replied yawning and as
she began to lick Sarina's right tit.

"You in the mood to replace the toilet we have in our room and go get
some fresh virgin meat?" Sarina asked.

"Sure, though I might want my order extra religious with a side of
degradation and torture." Lily replied as she playfully swatted Sarina's
tits and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


ewark DE, Outer City Limits

Careening around the sharp bend, a rusting 1997 Dodge Pickup Truck nearly ran off the road before it's driver corrected for the drift and managed to keep it from running off of the Road.

Inside of the cab, 25 year old Sarina Wallice shakily brushed aside her sweat-soaked hair from her face and floored the vehicles gas pedal. Nerviously Sarina checked the rear view mirror to see if she had lost the Five Swat Vans that had been chasing her ever since she had left Starbuck DE, unfortunatly fate was not in her favor today, as the first of the lead vehicles rounded the bend and it's driver opened fire at her tires with a pistol.

"Oh shit shit shit shit...!" Sarina thought panicing as she realized that she couldn't outrun them forever. Wither they had a tracer on the truck or not, Sarina realized that this was quickly becoming the most decisive hour of her life. It all started like a normal day, she left her house to visit her long time lover Lily, who (unbeknownst to all but he local and corrupt law enforcement) was also her partner in a long spree of "questionable meals and disposal of said meals". (The term Cannibal seemingly archaic, coniseur of fine cuzine was Sarina's preferred title.)

Several hours ago, As the morning sun had just began to peek over the mountains behind Lilys mansion, Sarina had pulled her Jeep Grand Cherokee up the path leading to the reclusivee manor, when she noticed a lot of blue and red flashing lights at the top of the hill. Much to Sarina's dismay, i tured out to be Federal Agents, nott local police. Who were in the midst of a Raid on Lily's property, As to why Sarina could only guess. Prehaps one of them had discovered the files in the local law enforcment office that detailed Lily's "company" Ecto's Furnature Shrinkers as being a frpnt for Lily to remove the counties "undesireables" (the people that the officials couldn't bribe or intimidate, usually goody-two shoes teenagers or religious types. )

Lily had many uses for the shrink ray, her main ones being shrinking unlucky virgin women who crossed her path in order to shove them in places that they'd normally never ever consider being.

Whatever the cause, Sarina heard the sounds of gunfire from afar off. After parking safely far enough away, Sarina had crept up the hill into a hidden entrance in the mountainside where Lily's backup security station was located/ It hadn't beeen used since one of Lily and SariPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Scene 5

Oh my God! Penny started to panic as the cheers of the gym students deafened the barking od the dogs. She ore nothing but a simple semi transparent gown that hung loosely about her shoulders, she slightest move and it would fall from her body, all around her, the cheers of the students as the announcer counted down the time until the dogs were to be released towards their meal started to change, to something that sent her further into panic. “Eat her Eat her Eat her Eat her Eat her!””SHIT THE BITCH OUT!” cheered her former cheerleader captain Lana to her favorite dog, Sam/

The blaring of the loudspeaker joined the chant. Women and girls, welcome to tonight's entertainment! Before you stands a convicted christian, 100% guaranteed virgin, who has always dressed modestly her entire life! Now, in a few moments , watch as the gown falls from her shoulders and her bouncing bubble ass gets ripped to shreds by our school mascot dogs! Hear her screams and let them pass through you and to orgasm! Let her cries for help send youy over the edge, for tonight, she becomes Dog Shit! Meat for the dogs!” The stadium erupted in applause and cheers and the crioes of EAT HER grew only louder and faster.

To be Continued?? DId yall enjoy this and any suggestions for more/other chapters?

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