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Mary-Jane: Snuff Double
Tags: Spider-man, Spitting, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Cannibalism

“Are you sure you want to do this MJ?” Peter asked as his girlfriend as she walked to the filming site with the paperwork that she'd filled out with her aunt Anna's help last night. “I mean, it's sort of... fatal.”

“I think I am, Pete.” Mary-Jane replied. “You know I always wanted to be an actress, to be seen by thousands of people. And... well... I can't deny that the whole idea is really turning me on, a lot.” Mary-Jane explained, her voice slowly dropping to a whisper as she gave her boyfriend Peter Parker a meaningful glance and a nod towards her own privates at the end.

MJ paused as she clutched the papers she had filled out and signed in her hand. Legally, she'd be dead as soon as she delivered it. Mary Jane Watson would be gone, replaced by a company owned snuff-slut. Her heart raced in fear even as her pussy dripped with excitement.

Sighting the director as he walked toward the building that she had been told to go to when she auditioned, MJ approached him.

"Can I help you?" He asked, politely, but still making it clear that he had more important claims on his time.

"I'm Mary Jane Watson, you told me to be here for today's shoot?" She asked, handing over the consent forms.

"Ah, right! The snuff double for Ms. Dunst! I wasn't sure you'd come back." The director smiled broadly. "Everyone loved your audition tape, and I hear your stills are very popular among the crew. Everyone's really looking forward to snuffing you."

Mary Jane blushed, remembering the show she put on at the audition, not to mention the nude stills she had to submit just to get that audition! "Thanks," MJ smiled, slightly nervously.

"And who's this?" The director asked, looking at Peter.

"He's... my boyfriend," Mary Jane admitted, blushing slightly at her statement.

"Oh, you want us to let him watch then?" The director asked knowingly. He'd seen this several times before. "You know there's an option in these forms to send him a copy of the raw footage of your scenes after the premiere," the director offered off-handedly as if he were talking about an every day occurence rather than the end of her life. Maybe, MJ realized, because for him it was an everyday occurence, or at least, not an uncommon one.

"I... I already filled those out," MJ admitted. She'd wanted the recordings to be a surprise, her last gift tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Always exciting to see another of your stories! This was a fun one.


It was impossible for Paula to not feel at least a little nervous, this being her first visit to the mortality section of the yoga studio. She'd heard that it was a life-changing experience, a grounding in reality that gave you a true appreciation for the here and now, and lately she had begun to feel like that was something she really needed.

Immediately she took note of the drastic change in decor, where the rest of the studio was carpeted floors and tall windows, this room was cold and sterile like a hospital ward. Cushioned walls, stark lighting, and a pale woman in a long plastic lab coat. Whose expression was pleasant and welcoming, but her eyes had a crazed and predatory look to them, darting back and forth across Paula's body, drinking it all in.

"Hello, I'm Prill, I assume you're here for the Mortality experience?"

"I'm Paula, and yes, I just don't think yoga's cutting it anymore."

Prill's eyes darted up and down, and her head twitched subtly.

"Well then, you'll need to take your shoes off and sit on the floor here."

Paula obliged, prying off her footwear and sitting cross legged in the middle of the room, Prill slowly began to circle her.

"Breathe deeply and calmly. Close your eyes. Clear your thoughts."

She found it difficult to follow Prill's instructions, adrenaline flooded every inch of her body, she focused on breathing. She knew the rest would come naturally. Her breasts gently rose and fell, as her knuckles turned white from clutching her knees. Paula focused on the darkness inside her eyelids, letting her mind mirror that seeming emptiness, the only sound was the barely audible squeak of Prill's footsteps.

"Breathe Paula. Exhale, and blow away all your tension."

Suddenly Paula felt a light string fall around her neck, and she was uncontrollably getting on her feet, her eyes were glued shut, and she hadn't even noticed that Prill had stopped moving.

"Paula, why can't you breathe?"

She felt Prill's ice cold hand on her face and flinched, the string instantly tightened, like a vice around her neck, the air was forced from her lungs and she swatted desperately at her noose as it slowly begun to lift her into the air. Her eyes were open now, and Prill was staring up at her with an almost childlike look of wonder, tarnished by a vile undercurrent of lust.

"Why can't you breathe?"

Paula flailed and kicked the air, tears streaming as her face turnedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Short and to the point. Very good.


That was good. I'd hardly call that consensual, but it was an enjoyable little story.


loved it. more please?


Uuugh, my story fell off the end of the list again. I continue to patiently await the day the staff get around to changing /lit/ to not do that, hint hint nudge nudge wink wink stab stab.
In the meantime, enjoy reading this story again as one massive wall of text with no formatting! xP


Tonight was the night - I could feel it in my gut. The night I’d finally go all the way with her. We’d been flirting off and on for weeks, and gone out a couple times, but never really done anything. But after the sickeningly romantic events of this evening, it was all but inevitable.
The minute school had ended, we had met up and spent the late afternoon going through every attraction the town had to offer, ending with a picnic of sorts under the waning spray of Mount Eri. It wasn’t really a mountain - people just ended up calling it that - but rather a geyser that erupted like clockwork twice every day, so regularly the villagers had come to use it to tell time. While the water coming out was extremely hot at the beginning, after a few minutes of erratic bursts it would lose some of its power, and by the time the water droplets had drifted through the air and returned to the ground they were at a very pleasant warmth. In the current situation it was making both of us feel very aroused.
“The food’s gone soggy,” I commented casually.
“So it has. I guess we didn’t really think this through,” responded my girlfriend.
“Guess we might as well do something else.”
I’d said exactly what she wanted to hear and I knew it. Within moments the ruined snacks had been swept away and I found myself lying flat on my back under her. Her hands began to wander across my naked skin, exciting me even more than the tickle of the water droplets had. One found its way to my face, while the other drifted down, lower and lower, across my belly and toward my legs.
One hand brushed against my eyelash while the other was beginning to probe my crotch, when suddenly she drew back in horror.
“You! You haven’t… What am I doing?” she exclaimed, aghast. “You haven’t blossomed!”
“What? No! Don’t stop!” I begged her, suddenly irrational and desperate. It couldn’t go wrong now, of all times! I grabbed at her arm.
“Get away from me! I’m not a pedophile!” she shouted, and then she ran off and disappeared into the darkness.

I arrived at my house in tears. I didn’t even care how many people had seen me trudging dejecPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Reposted by request. I might go back and add more if I feel like it, but for now here's what was in the thread before.

The Business Trip

Day 1

“Welcome to Risa 12.1, one of the shining jewels of the Risa system! Here you can find an introduction to what this beautiful moon has to offer as well as its rich history and culture.
Risa 12.1 was actually colonized long before its sister world Risa 9, but in our case the world didn’t really open up to tourism on a large scale until much more recently. It was first settled 200 years ago by what is technically a cult, founded upon a belief that many of the modern world’s problems come from humans’ isolation of themselves from our world through covering up our bodies, especially the parts which would contact it most intimately - the feet.
The settlers developed a belief system centered around finding happiness in the world and in each other through going barefoot, and as is often the case with small societies, to protect their beliefs they grew more radical over time. Before long they had reached a point where all members had both of their arms removed at the shoulder in order to maximize the interactions of their feet with the world and with each other, a tradition which has been proudly continued on Risa 12.1 to this day.
For a while, the unusual policies of our founders largely minimized interest in tourism, but after Risa 9’s re-terraforming to make it into the beach world it is now, the entire Risa system received renewed attention from the travel industry, and now 12.1 has become nearly as popular a destination itself.
As you most likely are aware, all residents born on Risa 12.1 have their arms removed at birth, and all immigrants are required to submit to a double shoulder disarticulation on arrival, coupled with a NanoBlock injection. In recent decades, the rules have been relaxed somewhat, and visitors are allowed to wear a pair of cybernetic arms, although you’ll likely find little use for them during your stay!
Shoes do not exist on Risa 12.1, and consequently for the duration of your visit we strongly encourage you to follow suit and keep your feet bare. Don’t worry about this, as heated floors and clean, plush carpets await you everywhere you go.
It may seem odd at first, but 12.1’s barefoot policies have been shown through professional studies to have contributed vitally to its present happy and peaceful culture. People on the moon hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lovely as usual, I really like the M/S Topless universe because of the casual nature but also the really going into the details of being amputated.


Thanks. To both of you. I have tried to pick up on where I was with the m/s topless but win 10 update fucked my hard drive and I lost a chapter that was never posted anywhere and I also suffered a major medical set back in real life...


Don't mind me, just harmlessly bumping the thread so it doesn't poof ;)


Another monthly bump to keep the thread alive ;)


Bump time again~


I got this idea recently and I quite liked it, so I thought I'd toss it out here and see if we can get some people to play. The rules are as basic as it gets: majority vote, in case of a tie I flip a coin or something; write-ins generally allowed and will be considered if they get substantial support (or I really like the idea).

Here's the twist, though. The point isn't so much 'winning' the story, as it is repeatedly encountering ways to die gruesomely; not unlike I Wanna be the Guy or Demonophobia, as interactive fiction. (I was half tempted to keep this part secret at first but I didn't want to piss off people coming here expecting a long and dramatic story.)
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Yes, A2, A


Bump to keep from losing this. :)


Bump to keep from losing this. :)


I'd like to contribute but lost all sense of what is even going on ono


Bump in hope the next update comes soon. :)


The first story I write without translator. I hope it works! I am not an expert but I think it sound a little bit more solid this way… ;)

The Live of Number 562.

Today is her day! She knows not much but you never forget your own big day! After all, 562 have fulfill her training last month. 562 is small and hasn’t much meat but she helps herself with her naturally cuteness. With her smooth skin and nature red hair, she gets through all big test. This makes her happy, because she wants to be a “full body”. After all, all want to be “full body”. Girls that’s are not cute enough become just parts. For the first time in her live, she allowed to wear the maid uniform, every meat girl wears if her day comes. The day, when customers can order you.
Her first customer want a girl with a little bit more meat. The second one search for a blonde girl… But with the new pair, at table 3, she has a good feeling.
“I am 562. I will be happy to be your main dish!” She speaks her text. She never forgets this, because the teachers hit you, if you make a failure.
“She looks to young and unexperienced. I think we better take another girl” The Woman of the pair say.
562 explain friendly. “I’m trained for 7 years. I have learned everything, you need to know as a meat girl.”
“Look at her, I am sure, she makes a great spit roast.” The men say.
“You sure? I not see much meat at her body…” the women say skeptical.
The men already sound confident. “look how cute she is, I’m absolutely sure!”
562 don’t want to lose this chance. “I can promise you, that’s my meat will be delicious. My parents earn much money as the sell me. I also get great grades in every meat test!”
“Well, it’s your present.” The women answer. “If you like her.” She takes out a coupon and push it into 562 hands. “We order 562. Live spit roast!”
Overzealous, 562 run to the cook. “We have a new order.”
The cook looks shortly on the coupon and say. “You know, what to too right?”
She nods. “Yes! I got a A at preparation.”
Like in her training, she picks her own Spit. She knows that it is important, that the Spit thickness fit to herself. It’s her last ride after all, she will not get another try. She finds just the right one. It’s the same spit, that she has used for her training. This one fit just right. With her old friend, she returns to the table. The cook already prepared the grill set. Next part in the preparation striping! It’s a little bit sad, bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's pretty good, despite the grammar issues.
What's important is that the story is enjoyable.


Hi guys, just a quick little story this time.

Caroline was sitting alone in a sterile, tiled room in the local meat processing plant. She was just minutes from death, the excitement made her pulse rise and her breathing became fast and shallow. She had been expecting this for some time, more than half of her friends had been taken away during the last couple of months and Caroline had figured out that one day they would come for her too. A truck had come to her house early in the morning, and two uniformed men had knocked on the door and informed her parents that their oldest daughter had been selected for processing, and had to come with them immediately. Within a couple of minutes Caroline had been woken up, gotten dressed, and said goodbye to her whole family. At the processing facility she had been stripped, washed and shaved before being placed in a room to await her execution. There were many others there, and they were collected in groups of four at a time. Caroline had watched group after group leave the room, until only five remained. After some time four more names were called, but not hers. The four others left, and after the door closed she was alone.

The room was eerily quiet. Caroline tried to calm herself down and focused on taking long, deep breaths. Her mind drifted off and all kinds of thoughts filled her mind. She wondered what dying would be like. She had heard that it was painful and frightening, but she had also heard rumours of pleasant, even erotic deaths. The young girl had recently discovered the pleasure she could get from her own body, and had lately masturbated almost every night before going to sleep.

Her hands were resting in her lap, but somehow they found their way to her crotch. Her fingers traced the area around her outer labia and she was enjoying the sensation of a completely bare pussy. She had never shaved it before, after all it had only recently started growing, but she liked the feeling. Slowly she moved to her outer lips, moving her hand up and down its length and slipping a finger between her outer and inner lips. She moved even further in, gently massaging her inner lips and the area around her clit. Caroline licked her fingers and coated them with her saliva, before moving her hand to her pussy again, rubbing it in with her spit. After a little while she could feel her own lubrication coming from her vagina. She knew she was ready, and inserted a finger, working it in and out, slowly but fiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I think my favorite part is knowing that she could have been revived and snuffed again. Maybe some lucky girl will earn that assignment.


Posting random short stories here.

I haven't written in awhile, and I wasn't that great the last time I tried either. So any feedback to help me improve is welcomed.

Sarah emerged from Larissa's cunt with a face dripping with pussy juice "Okay! It's my turn to get eaten out!" She repositioned herself so that she was laying on her back with her legs spread wide open, and her right hand holding up her black miniskirt to display her nicely shaved cunt.

Katie, currently sitting on Larissa's face having her own cunt munched on, responded, "As soon as Larissa... oh... is finished with me I'll do you." Katie was close to cuming, but Sarah was impatient.

"Oh come on baby! Eat me now!" Sarah pouted, parting her pussy lips as a tease.

"Horny are we... ugh" Katie's response was cut short when a man entered the room with a gun drawn and fired a bullet into her head. Katie collapsed onto the bed with blood steadily pouring from the small hole, soaking her hair and the fabric of the mattress; piss sprayed from her pussy onto Larissa's face, who didn't respond to the situation fast enough. As soon as she tasted the warm urine emptying from her dead friend's bladder she scrambled off of the bed, but barely made it an inch towards the door before the gunman put three bullets into her lower back. She hit the floor in agony, but before she could scream the man pressed the gun against the back of her head and put her out of her misery.

Sarah could only observe in horror, too scared to move herself, as her friends were snuffed out one by one at the hands of a strange man. He finished putting a bullet in the back of Larissa's head and turned towards her; she could only watch through tear-filled eyes and sob in despair.

"Are you Sarah Chang?"

The shock hadn't worn off yet and Sarah hadn't the will to show defiance at that point. Her only response was to shake her head in confirmation and hope it would be over quick.

It wasn't; the hitman took the opportunity presented by her still-spread cunt to fire seven rounds into her spread womanhood. Sarah's body shuttered and waves of pure agony washed over as each bullet tore through the tender flesh. He only let her scream for a few seconds before emptying the the remaining into her chest, ripping holes into her perfect DD tits and puncturing her lungs and hear. The killer intentionally takes his time reloading his gun, watching Sarah cough up blood with eacPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Panic and horror were being washed away from Simon’s mind by an itching despair and a painful yearning to accept what has happened to him. The desire to make peace with what he was going through was searing his mind. He felt like peace was just one more step away, but hope was pulling him back relentlessly, gently strangling him with its caring hands.

It felt like many years have passed since the day when Simon was an ordinary man living an ordinary life. Once again he tried to remember the last day of that life. He was hanging on to every detail, looking if there was something he missed or forgot, anything that could be a hint to what was about to happen to him. But no, it was an ordinary cup of coffee, those were his colleagues having an ordinary conversation about football, a usual fake smile on the TV screen in the cafeteria, those were the usual buttons he pressed in the elevator… It was a very usual day, and that memory was fading away, losing its colors, turning to ashes as it was smoldering in his mind.
Simon was surrounded by darkness, in most literal and horrifying sense of the word. He felt like his feet weren’t touching anything, neither did he feel anything keeping him suspended above ground. He could move his hands and feet freely, but he couldn’t see them or figure out why he didn’t feel his own touch on his skin. The sensation that his body is made of gas was so unnatural and scary that Simon would spend hours, convincing himself that he exists. His mind was a slowly sinking ship in an endless sea of madness, and he knew, that even if by some miracle his life would return to normal he will never be who he was again.

He tried to pinch himself, bite his tongue, break his finger, poke his eye, anything that would make him feel something, anything that would keep him from going back to pointlessly rummaging in his memories. But his movements were so slow and weak he’d hardly be able to push a crumpled piece of paper in zero gravity. The fact that he was still breathing was one of the most disturbing things he was rediscovering again and again. He was trying to scream, but either he was too weak to make any sound or the ominous void around him was absorbing the sound before it was coming out from his lungs. At some point he realized he can’t even hear his own heartbeat.

Sometimes Simon would just stare into the endless blackness when his mind got too exhausted to shuffle thoughts around, he was falling to a short shalPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Chair:

the 16 year old busty blond didn't think this was fair! Francine just turned 16 just yesterday, she shouldn't be in this room with that thing! It's not fair that she was chosen! Maybe in a month after she got to do the things she would get to do as a 16 year old, but not before she could enjoy it!

Still, once the door closed behind her, the only way it was going to open was when she was dead. Her naked body shivered as she walked to the metal chair in the middle of the room. If she had to die, she wished it wasn't this way! but it was the death that was chosen for her.

On it, there were two vibrators, one for her pussy, the other for her ass. There was also a small table for lube should she need it.

She poured it onto the toys, her body shivering. "I never even got to have sex with anyone."

She tried to sit down, and winced. Oh they were so big! Her ass and pussy stretched painfully as she slowly sat down. She whimpered as the toys violated her holes as she sat down on it. She clenched around them, trying to relax, but unable to.

"I can't do this!" She cried out. She tried to stand up, but the chair was quicker.

clamps slid from the chair, around her waist and her legs, keeping her from standing up. She pulled and struggled, giving a choked sob as she realized that there was truly no escape now!

She whimpered, and realized that she will die either way. Either by the chair, or by dying of thirst or starving. She saw recordings of girls dying slowly on this chair, and it wasn't pleasant.

Francine reached up and found the mental plate and straps for her head. She pressed the plate on her head, and used the straps to tuck it under her chin. She had to make sure it was tight enough so it didn't slip off. It locked in place, and only those in charge can get it off of her.

"Oh god." Francine looked at the armrests. She was suppose to press her arms down on them, and then they would lock into place. It was the last step before the chair would kill her.

"I don't want to do this." She whined. She tried to pull at the restraints on her, but they were firm and unmoving. There was no escaping her faith.

"Please." She sobbed. She was shaking so hard, and she felt herself piss all over the chair. "Please don't make me do this!"

But she had only two choices: Die Quickly or Die Slowly. Neither appealed to her.

She whined, and put her arms onto the armrests. the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cool, sexy and short story.

Thanks for the ride!


Poor girl haha!


I liked this


Too many exclamations

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