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I was in the town square when they arrived. They were silent at first, almost ashamed at the situation, but soon more people started to arrive and the noise grew slowly.

A man was pushing a little girl forwards as she cried desperately. She was naked and pretty beat up. There was a trail of blood between her legs and one of her eyes was closed. Her nose was bleeding and it looked crooked. When she stumbled to the ground, the man kicked her in the ribs before lifting her from the ground by her hair.

As she rose, she tried to scream but it was somehow muffled or broken. I guess her jaw was broken.

At 15 years old, her body hadn't had much time to mature, but she was still very pretty. Dark skinned, slim and tall for her age, with long dark hair and green eyes. The girls around here were always gorgeous, a pity that they turned into hags as they grew older…

When they arrived to the center of the square, the man led the girl to a big tree. She was trembling as they stood there while more people arrived every minute. It wasn't long before a wall of people formed around them.

And of course, there was not a single woman in sight, except for the girl.

After a few minutes, the mob parted and three old men walked forward. They stood to one side, looking at the man with solemn faces. The man took one of her arms and raising it into the air, he addressed the people around them.

‘This is my daughter’, he screamed. ‘And she has shamed my family, I will pay that shame back with her life!’

The girl wailed in desperation but the roar of approval from the mob was deafening. A boy that was next to the old men threw two pieces of rope at the girl feet.

Taking the short one, he tied her arms behind her, pulling her elbows together. Her small breast stood proud in front of her as tears ran down her face. From where I was, I could see many bite marks on her breast.

With the other one, he started forming a loop. I smiled in satisfaction as I saw the rope. If you were going to be hung, your best option would be to pray for a thin rope, as it would dig deeply into your neck cutting the blood flow into your brain and giving you a quick and relatively painless death.

A thick rope, like the one he had, wouldn't be able to do that, and instead she would die of suffocation as her throat was slowly crushed by her own weight, a slower and much more painful death...

Unbelievably, she stood still while Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nicely told. Thanks for posting it.


Justice been done!


As it should be.


There used to be a massive Final Fantasy story here on Gurochan, looked to be an arena-based one. It's dropped off now.

I think the title was Final Fantasy Arena.

Anyone have it saved anywhere?
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The FFXIII Tournament

Serah and Lightning were sitting in Lightning's house. The two had a bit of a reunion after the time Serah spent at the arena, and now were just sitting in her bedroom. They were both naked, but they didn't really have sex yet, as Lightning seemed more reluctant than usual, but they masturbated a lot to the stories she told. Serah didn't try to push, but after just a couple of hours she realized she needed to get on with her job. Just getting the crystal didn't seem right for her, as Lightning finally seemed peaceful now. Apparently all the things that happened changed her, and Serah suspected she won't be willing to go back to the Arena one more time.

"Light, there's something I need to ask you. As you know, I was busy running the arena one last time, but one thing remained. We agreed we had to choose one girl from each of those worlds, and after we're done they are gonna fight each other soon. We also gather all the crystals, as we decided we are going to need their energy. So, I have to ask: Do you want to come back to the arena?"

Lightning looked at her, surprised by the question. She actually wanted to stay here, to keep it just a memory, but she knew it was necessary. People coming back from the dead weren't something that was supposed to happen, and from what Serah said it was happening everywhere, not just because of the crystal magic. Yes, it needed to be stopped. Just as she was opening her mouth to reply, another thing hit her - one of those eight girls was going to become the new Goddess, and she didn't want it.

"Sorry Sis, but I have to refuse. Even though I want to feel the thrill of fighting again, and the pleasure of killing as the victim is being raped, but there's no way I'm gonna agree to a chance of becoming the Goddess. You can take the crystal, but I'm gonna stay here." As she was saying that, she got the crystal from some shelf and handed it to her. Serah looked at her with disbelief, but it was soon replaced by the familiar arousal. She sighed, and then spoke again.

"I didn't want it to come to this, or maybe I secretly hoped for it to happen? I have to bring all four of us to the arena, and since you don't want to come..." Serah jumped at her sister, calling her weapon on the fly. She slammed into her, pushing her down on bed, and cut with the sword at her neck.

Lightning felt a familiar pang of pleasure and pain as her head was cut off, and as her world was gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Final Tournament - Day 1

A few days passed since the fight between Fang and Serah. Serah, Yuna and Terra all agreed to take a few days off, knowing it might as well be their real last few days living. After they’ve all had their free time, they came again back to the arena. Yuna brought Tidus with her, knowing her lover was going to enjoy watching her fight, no matter the outcome. Serah didn’t get Snow there to watch, as she wasn’t going to fight, only oversee and control that everything happens correctly. Terra also didn’t bother bringing Locke with her, as she just considered him a toy she just used for pleasure and didn’t care about him otherwise.

The girls were arriving one by one, as they’d told them to. Rydia arrived with her ninja husband, Edge, who had already been there with her the last time. Lenna arrived alone, and they all noticed she was really apathetic. Rinoa arrived with Squall, and as he looked at the other girls there he actually hoped Rinoa asked him to help her kill one of them again. Garnet came alone, as she didn’t want her husband to get involved in it. Penelo arrived alone too, much for the same reason as Garnet did. Finally, Fang arrived alone as she didn’t have anyone she could take with herself.

When they all gathered, Serah spoke up:

„Okay girls, here’s what’s gonna happen now: we fight in usual battles, but if you die we will just send you back to your world. The girl that wins is getting a really special prize, one we can’t tell you about yet. Let’s start the fights now.”

„For the first fight, Garnet and Terra are going to fight. The weapons are a rod for Garnet and a sword for Terra. Prepare yourselves!”

Both Terra and Garnet suddenly were transported to the arena, looking at each other. Garnet was a bit afraid, fully aware her fighting skills aren’t good enough to let her win in a normal battle.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” The countdown sounded the same, yet it felt a lot different than usual, having some tone of finality this time. They both shrugged it off and went on to fighting.

Terra immediately started running towards Garnet, who just stood there, waiting. While running, she was slowly transforming into her esper form, as she knew becoming resistant to most spells and being faster could only help her.

Garnet prepared to cast some spells, hoping to overcome Terra’s defense just by sheer amount of them. Then a thought struck her, and she tried to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Loose Ends

Lenna opened her eyes and looked around. She was in her bed back at her castle. This place seemed emptied than usual… Then she remembered. She killed her sister, and she wasn’t going to come back this time.

She tried to get up, but the feeling of loss overwhelmed her, and she fell back between the sheets. Then she realized – no one knew she was here! If she sneaked out now, everyone would still think she’s still on the search for Faris she used as an excuse when she went to the Arena. Sneak out, and never return – that seemed like a good plan to her.

She slid out of bed, not caring that she was naked, then soundlessly moved through the castle’s secret passages, going through her home for the last time. Finally, she jumped out through a secret entrance, landing on one of the fields that surrounded her castle.

“What do I do now?” Lenna wondered. “I can go to Bartz and tell him what happened, he will surely help me decide what to do.”

The idea sounded pretty reasonable to her, and she quickly searched for him with some magical spells, transporting herself to him. The first thing she felt was heat – Bartz was currently exploring a volcano!

“Baaaaaartz!” She shouted, and she saw him turn around.
“Lenna? What are you doing here?” He replied, surprised by her sudden appearance.
“I was looking for you. I need your help.” She walked to him, and asked:
“Is there any place to seat nearby? It’s a long story.”

She knew he was staring at her breasts, and only smiled inside – he deserved it for what she was about to ask him. He just pointed to a pair of rocks they both could sit at, and then they walked there.

When they got there, Lenna started describing what happened to her and Faris over the last few months. As she was talking, a solution started to form in her mind – a perfect way to solve all of her problems! She continued with the story finally getting to the last final day.

“Sooo I decided to find you, as you are the person I’ve though would be most likely to help me come up with a solution, but as I talked an idea came to me.” She stopped, and Bartz replied
“That’s great! You told quite a sad story there, but if you think you can still make it better then I’ll be happy to help!” That was Bartz, always helping anyone who asked.
“The solution I’ve came up with is pretty simple.” She drew a deep breath.
“Kill me.”
“What!?” Bartz certainly wasn’t expecting that.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Final Tournament - Day 2

Penelo spent the night with Vaan, but even as she did, she couldn’t stop thinking about the girls she killed, the pleasure it was taking lives, watching the life slip away from the eyes of dying. She never felt it the way she did in the arena even though she killed quite a lot people by herself, so the arena must have triggered something in her. As soon as the night was over, she slipped out of bed, not bothering to get clothed, and went to the arena using a special spell she was taught.

When she got there, she saw the other girls were as eager as she was, waiting for fights to start. Both Yuna and Rydia seemed pretty happy after a night spent here, but Terra was nowhere to be seen. She ran to her spot she watched the fights from yesterday, then turned and looked at the portal just in time to see Terra coming out.

The green haired girl ran to her spot. When she reached it, Serah spoke to them.

“Let’s get it done, shall we? The first fight is going to be between Terra and Yuna. I know you girls have fought already twice, but you both killed each other once, so I’m giving you a chance to settle it once and for all.”

Both girls immediately moved to the arena. Yuna, as if remembering something, moved her hands to her braid and set it on fire, knowing it caused her death once. Her hair started burning, but she didn’t care, waiting for the fight to start with a sword with one hand and her guns in a holster on her hips.

Terra saw what Yuna was doing, and prepared herself. She transformed into the Esper Form, still holding the sword in one hand while her body changed.

“Three… Two… One… Fight!” Serah spoke quietly, knowing both girls knew perfectly when to attack.

Serah's countdown didn't surprise them. Yuna aimed her guns towards Terra and started shooting. Terra was already running at her, and she dodged the shots without problems. Her body was helping her, magic flowing through her.

As she ran, she attacked Yuna back with some spells. They were empowered by her body, and Yuna was forced to stop her attacks. She had to dodge the missiles herself, so she couldn't shoot at the same time.

She discarded her guns. It let her gracefully evade them, her body moving continuously in some kind of a dance, as if she was performing a Sending. While she weren't doing that, she was using the dance as a way to power up her own attack, inspired by the Sending taking energyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Things that are coming to this thread soon-ish:

The rewritten final chapter;
A series of short stories similar to >>8735 with FFXV characters;
Possibly something with Edea Lee and Magnolia Arch;


My name used to be Aaron Morr, but now, I go by the name ‘Cutter’. My body, that was once human, has been completely replaced by a witches curse. I am now all metal, electronics and just the hint of organics that keeps my mind intact. Yet within this mangled mess of wires, screws, bolts and washers is the heart of a real monster. To feed a human heart you eat food, you take in nutrition, you pump blood. To feed a monster’s heart… well, a different kind of sustenance is required altogether. Tonight - I was very hungry.

Three floors up, around sixteen rooms including two living spaces, six bathrooms and eight bedrooms - the Alpha Sigma Phi’s sorority house stood at the edge of a university campus. The sorority was famous for taking in freshmen to bolster their ranks, and it was still true this year. Two first year college students, at the age of seventeen, took up residence at the house. Two upperclassmen at the ages of eighteen and nineteen watched over them. Most of the campus was - what it seemed - on vacation.

Everyone was enjoying some holiday, as surveillance by any sort of law enforcement was low. It was the perfect time to cause a little power outage.

I willed it. Inside me, I felt the gears turn, the soldering flare and the parts come together. After only a minute my right hand had transformed itself into a small array dish. Using my left hand I took my right by the wrist and gave it a quick turn. The device that used to be my right-hand unlatched and I gently put it down on near my feet.

I pointed a finger at the device and a deafening low frequency burst erupted from the EMP device and all the lights went off in the house. Their nearest neighbor was half a mile away, so even if they looked out the windows they couldn’t see if the rest of the area was lit up. Only their house and the lights outside flickered into darkness.

Quietly, I walked to the back door and my right stub of a hand turned into a small antenna. I inserted it through the keyhole and a high pitched beep erupted into the house. Instantly a map of the whole house was made for me, along with its occupants. Three males, and the four girls.

They were all in one of the living areas, all naked, probably having one of their damn orgies. Everyone was trying to get dressed as exclamations of the lights turning off and the beep alerted everyone. Further analytics caught some voices.

“Fucking hell I can’t see anything!” a male’s voice yelPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Amy's quest for Sonic heart.

Sometimes Amy doubts, if Sonic really loves her… A stupid question! Sonic loves her! He is just a little bit shy with girls. But this doesn’t mean he is uncool! Sonic is the coolest person you can find on this planet, if not even in the universe! But still… Sometimes Amy doubts... After all, Amy tries everything to seduce Sonic. But every time he runs away. She trained to become stronger, cooler and more stylish. Sonic doesn’t care. She wears shorter and more sexy dresses. Sonic not registers. She even tries bondage. Sonic safe her, and this is cool… But, well… Sometimes Amy wish to get a little bit more intimate with her boyfriend and future groom. It looks a little bit like, as if Sonic not even is interested in her. But this can’t be true! Amy doesn’t give up. She will confront him! He will tell her, what he wants!

“Sonic!!!” Amy shouts as lovely, as she can.

“Oh Shit… Amy.” Sonic hasn’t see her coming. He tries to run, but it’s too late.

“Sonic! Don’t run away!” Pooh, he really is a shy hedgehog...

Pooh, she really is an annoying brat… “Hi Amy… I'm busy. Eggman, world saving. The usual.”

Cool as ever! A true hero. This is the biggest reason, Amy loves him. “I know… I just want to ask you some think…”

“Can’t it wait? I have no time.” He tries to find an opening.

Not this time! Amy will ask him… Now! “Stop!!! You have enough time! It’s very important for me!”

She never understands… “Okay. I am the faster hedgehog after all.” He tries to sound cool. “Just ask!”

Amy get a bit shy herself but she needs to ask. “What can I give you, to make you happy? I mean, what do you like about me?”

“I want, that’s you leave me alone! I hate you!” he just thinks… Well, he can’t tell her the truth. “ähm… I like your cooking… I guess.”

“Cooking!?” Okay this is easy! More info she doesn’t need! Amy needy to find a good recipe! She runs back home as fast as she can.

“Yes!” Sonic should with relieve… He hopes this wasn’t a failure. You never know, what this crazy girl is planning.

Sonic likes her cooking! She need to cook him something. But what? She has been thinking for two days… She can’t just cook a meal, it must be something special! She wants to make Sonic proud. She need to think about what he has said. “Amy rose. I love it, when you cook.” (this is how Amy remembers) … “When you cook.” … Wait! Does he mean “when you cook yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


My name is Aaron Morr, or at least it used to be. Countless years ago a rip opened in what is now known as the space-time-continuum. I was with my friends Jonas and Lars, and we were pulled into it.

We thought we died because we awoke in a paradise. It was not Earth, but all the common sense rules we knew applied to this new place. We drank fresh water always, all the fruit was completely ripe and always delicious and finally the world was populated by beautiful young women.

So what did we do? What any young men in such a paradise would. We ate everything, drank everything and fucked everyone. The women were absolutely amazing and they seemed to be defenseless and almost infinite. We fucked them whether they wanted to or not.

That was life - fucking the willing and raping the rest. They all ranged from as young as six to as old as twenty. At least, that’s what they seemed like. Life was the best - what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns out that world was owned by a trio of powerful witches. The witches came one day, captured us and to punish us for our, what had now been years, of transgressions against their women.

They casted spells on us and turned us into monsters. Helpless monsters. They turned Jonas into a vampire, they turned me into a robot and they turned Lars into a dog. They transformed us into their own personal kinks and for centuries forced us to be their sexual slaves. The witches raped us, and beat us, and treated us like complete tools. We deserved it. But we lost our minds and our will to live,

Centuries later a scientist found their way to the dimension and encountered us. Seeing us something to be pitied he returned our minds and gave us the power to steal the witches powers if we could eat a part of their anatomy.

The next day, the witches ordered us to eat them out. It was our chance. During the sexual session we all, at the same time, ripped into the witches genitals and the moment we tasted their blood the scientist’s power took effect. Jonas got the power to create blades and barbs from any part of his body. Lars got the power to create devouring and stabbing tentacles from his body. And I got the power to create power tools at any point of my robotic body.

We then destroyed the witches with our new powers and went back to the scientist. We felt tired, and worn out. The scientist told us it was because we needed to fuel our power and our fuel type was dictated by Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Eh... Kind of rushed and rather cringe-worthy.


Agreed, but its a part of the story that I expect people to skip on.

I just kind of wanted to get it out of the way so we can get to the parts that matter.

I didn't need this to be good, I just need it to exist.
I'm spending much more time and effort on the upcoming parts. :)


Don't be discouraged, I liked it!


Don't be discouraged, I liked it!


Hahaha no worries - I'm not discouraged at all.
I'm very excited that I've covered material that I don't want to talk about while I'm writing about the more "interesting" stuff.

I'll be writing Part 2 tomorrow as I continue working on my usual 3D stuff ;)


My name is Jonas Eva Von Hearth, and I am a happy man right now. In front of me, at the end of a long hallway cowered a young teenage girl in a beautiful blue dress, with white trim. It flow nicely along her nice maybe… fifteen? Sixteen year old figure? Delicious C cups, smooth white skin, dark long hair draped along her back. But her eyes, yes - her eyes were wide, dark and large with fear as I approached her. It was a big disappointing that as I looked down her dress. I noticed it was spoiled by her own urine. It had traveled out of her, through her now stained panties and all over her dress and legs, to what was now a running puddle on the floor.

“NO! NO! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” the girl shrieked seeming to try to move into the wall she was pressed against. I just smiled and bent over down at her.

“Now, why would you think I’d do that?” I asked. Her eyes flickered back and forth between confusion and panic.

“You… you raped my friends and killed them.” she stuttered. I stood straight slowly, growing to my full seven foot height. My own dark brown trench-coat swayed back and forth as I pondered her statement. Tipping my Fedora hat up I smiled down at her.

“Well, not exactly. I killed them by raping them. Though you do have a point, history does predict that I will do the same to you.” I said softly gently putting one of my hands against the back of her head as she whimpered and started to shake.

Without any warning I clutched her hair and yanked her to her tip toes where she screamed out, tears running down her face. “NO! NO! NO! HELP ME! SOMEONE! OH GOD! OH GOD!”

“God won’t help you.” I whispered into her ear and slowly led my other hand to her thigh, along her silky smooth skin, savoring each moment, and tracing the path of her urine to the point between her legs. My fingers slowly nudged aside the cotton white panties and I stroked her soft pussy. Her shrieks increased as she felt my fingers at her most sensitive region.

“Now… scream for me.” I said and felt the extension of several sharp barbs extend along my fingers. I put my pointer finger and middle finger together and forced them between the lips of her vagina. The barbs ripped into her vaginal canal as my fingers invaded her. Her screams erupted in full force as I slammed her into the wall, her legs and arms flailing as I ripped and finger raped her. Blood gushed out from between her legs staining her cute dress and splatting on the floor. I fePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


reminds me of this scene a bit:


reminds me of this scene a bit:



Man, I'm glad they tried to put that scene in the anime as far as they could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZtlWpkB710&spfreload=5

Please look forward to more of this sort of writing :)


"Don't be afraid," the hulking man standing over me says. His voice is gruff and menacingly contradictory to his words.

A single incandescent dangling from a wire lights the room. I allow my eyes to flick upward though the fringe of my bangs toward the man's shadowed face. I'm not sure how long I've been here, and the details of how I got here are still fuzzy in my mind. I do know, however, that this is his third visit to the room in which he is keeping me.

All I know is that my name is Kaylin, I'm fifteen, and I live in Harrisburg, VA. I have a pet dog named Rosie, my mom told me she loved me last time we spoke; and I'm really cold.

There's a rough woolen blanket on which I am sitting, naked, with my wrists bound behind my back. The tightly tied rope feels like it has rubbed my skin raw.

"Miss." He says again. "Please don't be afraid." He takes a step forward, his heavy boot lands only a few inches from my leg and I instinctively recoil, pressing my back up against the wall.

It's the cool damp wall of an unfinished basement. I can't contain the tremors that run the whole length of my body from a combination of terror and cold. I shut my eyes, trying to shut off my brain.

It never works.

I feel something rough brush my cheek and then run across the top of my head. I realize he is patting my head. "Pretty girl." He says almost childlike. "I'm sorry. Tomorrow it will be your turn. Just don't be afraid. It will not be much longer."

I shut my eyes tight. The screams come again not long after his visit, just as they have after every visit. They are the screams of a different girl every time, but they begin the same: with whimpered pleadings accompanied by the sound of a body being dragged past right outside my door. "No, please. Please don't hurt me."

Then a door is opened somewhere down the hall and they change to confusion and fear: "Oh my God. No! Oh my god! What is that? Please no!"

It ends not long after with bloodcurdling cries of pure terror and pain, cut short just a few seconds later.

I cannot imagine what awaits me.

I awake from a nightmare with a start. Has it been hours or minutes? I'm trying my best to not think. I've spent days locked in this cell, thinking. Thinking of ways to get out. Thinking of ways I might die. I've tried to remember how I ended up here. But thinking, I quickly realized only makes things worse. I somehow remember every singlePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Her name was Melody Garcia and she was young - only 17 – and had never taken the bus before by herself, let alone to the bad part of town. She tried her hardest not to let people see that she was crying.

When the bus finally came to her stop, she gathered her few things together and waddled off. It would all be over soon. It would all be over soon… she kept telling herself. An hour from now, she’d be back on the bus, headed toward home, and it would be like the whole thing had never happened.

She had scrawled the address on a scrap of paper, stuffed in her pants pocket. She shivered as she walked through the diseased and broken streets. Sirens wailed in the distance. She finally came to the storefront… looked like it had been a convenience store at one time. There were still shelves, with stray cans of tuna and tomato paste here and there. Halogen buzzed and flickered.

In the middle of the store sat a woman with a pale face. “May I help you?”

“Y-yes, I’m here to see Dr. D-Devon,” Melody stuttered.

“Dr. Devon?” The woman smiled. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The password, the password… Melody closed her eyes and recited, “Cherry blossoms.”

The smile vanished from the woman’s face. She pulled out a clipboard. “Sign at the bottom, Ms. Garcia,” she instructed.

Trembling, Melody did as she was told.

“The doctor will see you now.”

The stock room was gray and cold. There was a table in the center of it. An old man wearing leaned against a walk-in freezer, sucking on a cigar. “Hi-ya,” he said, then coughed violently. “You’re Melody Garcia?”



“Ch-cherry Blossoms.”

He nodded. “How old are you?”


He nodded. “Good… that’s good. Hop up on the table, Ms. Garcia.”

Mutley, she nodded, did as she was told.

The doctor took out a walkie-talkie. “Send them in.”

A door opened, and in walked around a dozen men. Many of them were wearing long trench coats, hats pulled down low.

Melody panicked… was she about to be arrested? Was this some elaborate sting operation?

“Gentlemen, please say Hello to Ms. Melody Garcia. Melody is 17 years old and nearly 9 months pregnant.”

There was a murmur of excitement amongst the men.

“Wait… what is this? What’s going on?” said Melody. “Who are these men?!”

“How do you think we’re able to stay in business and offer late-tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Major deviant - we missed the fun of her tummy being sewn before she pulled up her pants. I'd guess the next girl might be as young as 14, but who knows? Thanks for the story!


Each day, the lowest performing female student in the class was to be snuffed. To encourage the male students to work almost as hard, the best performing students always got to 'participate' in the event.

This explains why Mindy was nervous when she sat down in her desk for the final period of the day. She knew that she was near the bottom of the list right now. Her and her best friend Shannah had far too often cut class and wasted time trying to get the attention of the few boys in the class.

She sat down, worried. She looked around the room and didn't see Shannah anywhere. It should be easy, given that she was the only black girl in the class, and had a head long frizzy hair (though she usually kept it tied back pretty tightly). There was still 5 minutes before the bell.

At that moment the teacher cleared his voice and addressed the class,

"As you guys know, it's that time of the week again! I know you're all excited to find out who this week's lucky students are!"

Some of the boys were grinning at this point, a few were crossing their fingers hoping that they would make the cut. Cassie glanced her way and gave her a wicked smile.

"But this week we have an interesting situation. It seems that both Shannah, and Mindy are tied for the lowest marks in the class! So depending on whether or not Shannah is on time or not, we won't know who didn't make the cute for a couple more minutes."

Shannah sighed. She knew it was close, just not that close. Either way today was going to suck.


Oh shit! The bell rang. That meant she was spared today, but, well. Too bad for Shannah she guessed, she knew what position they were in.

It was another 5 minutes before Shannah came through the door. the teacher simply told her she was late, and that would be another demerit on her record. Shannah sighed and sat down beside Mindy.

"So who's getting it today?" she whispered.

"It's you dumbass, what were you doing anyways? The only reason it's you and not me was because you were late today"

"Ha, it was going to happen sometime. As if either of us were going to make it through the year. Anyways, can I borrow a hair

"Shush Shannah. Just because you've figure out this is your last class doesn't mean you have to ruin it for the other students"

Shannah, rolled her eyes and sat back, putting her hair into a bun. Not seeign a reason not to, she slipped her hand into herPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You... Skipped the snuff?


you don't seem to be able to keep the names straight - the girls switch names 3 times over the course of this introduction. Plus, with daily snuffings, there would need to be around 300 students per class at the start of the year, which seems highly impractical.


might want to give it a quick edit, but I ADORE casual school snuff and very much am looking forward to the next part


You say daily, but at one point you talked as if it was weekly.


Wow, daily snuffings would be totally impractical. Everyone knows schools murder their students on a weekly basis.

*Insert eye roll*

I never get what breaks suspension of disbelief.

That said, this story was riddled with flaws of both grammar and content.
Why is Mindy stripping at the end? Do you mean Shannah? That's kind of important.


April's Soup Selfie

“Thank you very much for volunteering to help Miss O'Neil.” Chef Murakami said as he and April entered the kitchen of his restaurant.

“It's no problem at all Murakami-san.”April admitted with guilty pleasure. Her intentions in helping weren't exactly pure-hearted after all. “So, what do you want me to do?” She asked, as she closed the door to the dining area behind her.

“First, I have regular customer coming in, he loves Sushi! So go to refrigerator and get fish!” Murakami asked making his way to the counter to prepare a cutting board and suitable knife.

As soon as Murakami's back was turned, April shucked off her t-shirt, revealing the fact that despite a sizable set of breasts for her age, the redhead wasn't wearing a bra. April dropped the shirt to the floor and kicked it under another counter, a guilty thrill passing through her at the action. This was why she had volunteered to help Mr. Murakami.

“So what's next?” April asked Chef Murakami as she snapped another selfie on her phone of herself leaning against the kitchen counter, completely naked. April grinned as another illicit exhibitionistic thrill hit her as she looked at it. The sheer excitement if being naked right beneath Chef Murakami's nose was building in her and April wanted more.

“Next dish is Turtle Soup!” Murakami announced to his helper as he placed the large soup tureen on the burner. April blinked as she saw it, the pot was huge! Big enough to fit her entire body inside if she squeezed a bit. April had a hard time pulling her gaze away from it as chef Murakami filled it with broth and turned on the flames beneath it.

“April, can you grab turtles from the fridge and place them in the pot?” Chef Murakami asked the naked girl, unable to see the excitement visibly dripping down her inner thighs.

Turtle Soup? She wasn't going to help cook turtles. The image of her friends being boiled in that pot raced through April's brain before a slight shiver from the cold air caused the whisk to shift inside her pussy, abruptly changing her train of thought from outrage at the turtles being cooked, to oddly erotic thoughts of herself being cooked in their place.

April shook her head but she couldn't get the image of herself being boiled for soup out of her mind. There was only Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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