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There was a story of a woman who had let her tits cut off in slices by a butcher for dinner with her husband. Does anyone know where to find it or does anyone have it?


Truly_Sarah - A Slice of Life (I saved this story from a website called 'Dolcett Girls Forum')

Genna’s naked breasts bounced lightly as she walked through the door and dropped her purse into the chair beside the phone. She had just gotten home from work at the meat plant and her naked body was glistening from the summer heat outside. Before she went further in the house though, she punched the button on the answering machine. “Hi babe,” she heard as her boyfriends voice sounded from the machine. “It’s almost 4pm and I’m about to leave work with Derrick. I’m going to bring him by to look at the barbeque to see if he can fix it for the cook out next weekend. We should be there about 5:30 or so. If you don’t mind and you get this in time, could you make up some sandwiches for dinner? Thanks babe,” his voice said as the machine clicked off.

“Sandwiches,” Genna asked herself with annoyance. “We don’t have anything for sandwiches. He’d know that if he’d paid attention to what he ate,” she continued as she turned and headed into the kitchen. Sure enough, a close examination into the contents of the refrigerator revealed that there was no meat as she leaned down and rummaged through the drawers and making her b-cup breasts jiggle pleasantly. “Well, it’s 5pm now so I should have time to run to the store and get something before they show up,” she said as she stood back up and shut the door. In just a few steps Genna had her purse and keys in hand and was driving her convertible to the grocery store several blocks away.

After parking her car, Genna strolled across the parking lot from where she had parked near the edge of the lot to keep her car from getting dinged. Her golden brown skin, bare and tanned from countless years of complete nudity, seemed to glow under the sun before she walked through the store doors and headed right to the meat deli. Fortunately there wasn’t a line when she stepped up to the counter and looked over the cuts of meat on display. “Hello Ms. Priss,” the woman behind the counter said with a smile when she saw Genna through the counter’s glass front as she was arranging the different portions of breasts and rumps on display with different flavors of cheeses that were available. Bending over like she was to reach the meats and cheeses in the display case, the woman’s own large breasts were clearly visible behind the narrow uniform apron that tried to conceal them.

“Hi Missy,” Genna responded as she continued to rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thank you.


Hi Gurochan!

This is my first ever work in English. Please tell me if you enjoyed it and how I can improve on it! Most of the stories here will be somewhat short, and they'll revolve around the untimely demise of doe-eyed damsels. ^^

All stories and characters are purely fictional, and should not be emulated in real life~



It was six in the morning, the orange hued rays brought warmth to a new beautiful day as the sun was just starting to rise. Amanda was just finishing off her breakfast, ready to kick off another day at work.

She had just graduated from university with a degree in Psychology, and was fortunate enough to have found a job as an assistant guidance counselor for the local high school. With fair face framed by perfectly groomed golden blonde hair and the body of a dancer, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she’s extremely popular among the boys and the male staff.

She arrived at her office at exactly half past seven. The school is empty as usual at around this time, only the songs of the dawn chorus mingled with the faint humming of the groundskeeper’s lawnmower in the distance could be heard when she opened the windows. The young woman hummed to herself as she pulled up a chair and began reviewing her tasks for the day, completely oblivious of the masked serial murderer lurking beneath the desk.

Her sapphire blue eyes widened in fear as she eventually caught a glimpse of him while standing up. Every cell in her body was telling her to run, but her body was frozen in fear like a deer caught in the headlights. He effortlessly pinned her slender body on the carpeted floor while covering her mouth with a gloved hand, and brandished a butcher’s knife in his other hand...


A school boy discovered Amanda’s lifeless body later that morning. Her stark naked corpse was cleanly sliced in half right below the waistline, with the upper half of her body suspended on a playground swing set. The look of unspeakable agony in her wide open eyes and teeth mark covered breasts told a story of cold blooded torture, rape and murder.

The innards of her body spewed out like a macabre curtain made out of flesh and viscera, bloody globs of small intestines draped over what appears to be her intact uterus and ovaries, while her liver and kidneys were jutting out of her body like ripen fruits ready tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The rating system is unneccessary.


That was fun!


I like the rating system


Thank you for the compliment! I will try to be more descriptive in the next story~

I guess so, but please let me have a little bit of fun with it.


Bump in hope of an update


this is the ultimate D/S. Stories were bad people are tortured by good revengeful ones" are boring.

More poor, weak, innocent the victim is, the better
morre rich, strong, perverse the dom is, the better.
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IMO, even more ultimate is a combination of
evil - wealthy - muscular - beautiful - arrogant
kind - poor - skinny - ugly - shy


I think this is most common BDSM story type and main fantasy of many women. like story "57 shades of grey" and many other clones.

It is extremely rare to encounter story where strong is dominated by weak.
except maybe in manga.


You may say that, but, personnaly, I had NEVER find a story were the dominant use explicitly her wealth as a weapon of humiliation. Nor than a mix between money and muscles (strong in wealth, strong in health).

Except one time, in "a quickie for suzy", an ASSTR story, and on some of stories of dark real of Polaris.

But I desperatly seek for other like that.


I wonder how you are even supposed to use wealth as weapon?
most stories are just about rich assholes who can do whatever they like and get unpunished or sadists who get along with masochistic women.

If you see story which focuses on how sadist is using his resources to ruin life for some poor homeless girl (as if her life can be ruined any more) by hiring some thugs to rape her then yes this is not common story.


You're probably seeing all those tags and wonder: "How the fuck does he cram all these fetishes into one story?"

Well, I've lurked for several years now, and written down my depraved fantasies (which is the only thing they are! Fantasies!), and as I did, I noticed that they became darker with each instance.

Thus, I decided to try and write a story that combined my many fetishes. Some of the tags will appear later on. Aside from the ones listed on top, I'll include more, but I'll put them on top of the reply which contains them.

The one thing I'll never include is rape, which is kind of funny to me, as there is so much unpleasantness contained here..

Have fun reading, I hope you're enjoying reading my story as much I as I did writing it.


My own town (Chapter 1)

Living in an enclave of the reformed world where I had free reign, I woke up on a particularly sunny day.

Of course, since the installation of holographic weather-cladding, every day was sunny, except when I don't want it to be.

My immense technological and scientific input had been important to establish the status quo, thus I was given a region to use as I see fit.

Banning all other natural doms from my land, I then established the rule that everyone should live their life as if the usual Free-Sex-Rules were not applicable.

Sexual contact was as it used to be during the heteronormative, unliberated world, with one man pairing off with a woman, building up a family.

I had no streets full of desperate people, willing to do literally anything with anyone, unlike every other town on the outside.

However, there was one factor that brought chaos into this seemingly “normal” town.


People were to exactly follow any order I gave them and in doing so, specially crafted brainchips would release endorphines.

People were literally addicted to following my orders.

Of course, while living normal lives, their spines always tingled pleasantly, as they followed their given orders passively.

But, as I had everyone implanted with special orgasm-inhibitors, I condemned the people living in this enclave to a life constantly aroused, but never able to achieve climax except for spare, glorious moments where I, their master used them as I pleased.

I also forbid any form of regeneration, since I like everything done to my slaves to be final.

The populatioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Chapter 2 - Morning Piss

Right behind the door, in the middle of the hallway was a large screen, set up specifically for me to inspect each class and student, giving me not only access to every single file about them, but also live-feed from class-, bath-, changing-rooms and the gym.

I could've hidden it somewhere for the sake of the small-town-illusion that turned me on so much, but an even bigger turn-on was the thought of the young children walking by it every day.

Them seeing the symbol of their waiting demise every day, as they entered a place that should actually be giving them shelter made my dick throb with sadistic pleasure.

I used the screen to scroll through the classes.

Lusting after something a little older, I went for classes 11, with the girls being between 16 and 17.

I didn't want to pinpoint an exact victim, as the classes were carefully selected to provide an equal share of diversity for me.

I went to the classroom of 11b, who just were being bored by the comparably ancient Miss Claivent, at 34 one of the oldest female citizens and teacher of history.

I knew her well and grinned fondly at the many memories of her torture as I entered without knocking.

The smoky voice of the scarred, armless woman trailed off as she saw me.

The image of her sticking her arms into a wood-chopper, only because I said that her nails looked horrible flashed through my mind.

If there was any reason for her still to be alive, it was her almost inhuman endurance and absolute submissiveness and eagerness to please.

The class, formerly bustling with side-activities, first went dead-quiet but suddenly almost exploded with movement, as the girls tried to pull their clothes in the right order.

In their eyes, I didn't seem like the cruel, sex-crazed maniac that I actually am, but rather a figure of public importance, admired and revered by every female (and the younger boys).

The male students meanwhile straightened their backs and some “menacingly” glanced at me, trying to look imposing.

The classes were specifically set up in a 50-50 male-to-female ratio, which made relationships in classes way more common.

Thus, the boys who seemed the most aggressive were trying to defend their girlfriends.

Their aggressive behaviour would soon vanish, when I acted out my dominance over them.

It would actually be laughable, if it wasn't such a turn-on.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


2 bad this isn't a manga.... ;)


Chapter 3 - Punishment and Rewards

Turning around, I smiled at her, as her hands were roaming her piss-covered flesh, as if to replicate my presence, while her boyfriend had actually reached over and caressed her wet shoulder while stroking his dick.

“Good girl”, I said and proceeded to the closet next to the blackboard.
Every classroom had a room like this, all of them equipped with basic tools for pleasure and pain.

As I was deciding on the girls fate, I could hear the moaning of the entire class behind my back, with sounds of rubbing and squishing and the smell of young pussyjuice and pre-cum filling the air.
Finally, I re-emerged with a large baseball-bat, a sight greeted with loud Ooohs and Uuuuhs.

Cynthia was practically screaming with delight as she saw it and rubbed her piss-covered body even more roughly, while her boyfriend's mouth hung open, eyes wide with terror.

Throwing it toward the class, I shouted: “Whoever gets to the bat first can punish that useless cunt over there as much as he or she wants, and if that girl dies in the process, her killer is given the special opportunity to visit my dog kennel. And my boys are just starving for some meat right now!”

Everyone jumped to their feet, running to the bat as fast as they could.
Some tripped over their pulled-down panties/trousers, but quickly tried to get back on their feet, hungry for the offered reward. The fastest one was a thin, pale goth-chick with jet-black hair and miniscule breasts.
She wasted no time as she took hold of the handle, rushing over to the panting, masturbating Cynthia and her boyfriend, who both watched the spectacle with awe.

Carlos still seemed terrified, but his never-ceasing masturbation told tales of his lust and willingness to experience this ultimate humiliation.

The goth stood there for a moment, holding the bat in her hand steadily, even moving it in small circles, as if to entrance her victim.

“Cynthia....” Carlos said weakly, his voice trailing off.

“I like you.” she said, with a polite smile, “but there is no way you could make me any happier than I was the last few minutes.”

His eyes were basically screaming in shame and anguish, but he quickly gained his composure, nodded once and kissed her piss-covered lips.
With her obviously concentrating less on her lover than the fate she had actively brought onto herself, the kiss seemed pretty stiff and dishonest.

CarPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Well, I expected something different from the tags and description since I like consensual stuff, but it is not exactly what I expected.

First it was pretty boring to read description of that utopia and it woud be much better to reveal this along with the action than dedicate entire chapter to bureaucratic nuances.
Also if you implant chips and control people or they follow orders it is not consensual anymore this is mostly rape if you claim to be one in control.

Of course it is your fantasy, but your description is not very acurate.
I woud say that you main fetish is politic and ruling LOL because you spend most of the time on that stuff.


So wonderfully perverse. I hope you continue.


Well, this could probably needs a little more time, but here it is. Let me know what you think!

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

I was waiting behind the counter when I first saw him coming. He was walking confidently towards me with a big smile on his face, and I hesitated for just a minute, looking at the other girls around me. No one moved, so I stepped up behind the counter, as we were supposed to do.

He stopped on the other side, laying his briefcase on the countertop. His eyes were locked on mine as he smiled, and soon I was trembling. He was at least 6 feet 5” tall and wide as a door, but what stroke me the most was his skin. It was so black that it seemed to be shining under the lights.

Looking into his eyes, I smiled as I dried my sweaty hand on my apron.

“Hello Sir, and welcome to XXXpresso. My name is Roanne, how may I serve you today?” I said to him.

I had been working there for over a week by then, but I still felt nervous with some clients, especially the ones like him. He looked at me with that big smile of his, running his tongue over his teeth, and then he checked his watch.

“Mmmmm… I got time today. Give me a double espresso with milk. I will be waiting in one of the couches, over there.” he said, pointing towards one of the corners of the shop.

After asking for his name I told him I would be there in a minute and he left. My hands were trembling as I wrote his name on the cup, but I knew better than to waste time. I went to the espresso machine and another girl took my place, greeting the next customer as I prepared the coffee.

Once it was ready, I carefully picked up the tray, trying not to let it fall and I took it to him. He was sitting in one of the couches, with a book in his lap as he waited for me. I could feel his eyes following me around as I placed his coffee on the little table by his side, leaving the complimentary cookies next to it.

“Aren’t you a little young to be working here?” he asked me a moment later.

I felt my face turning red as I clutched the tray to my chest. I was barely 5 feet tall and my body wasn't fully developed yet. It was one of the reasons I still felt nervous working here, thoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Good job.


To be honest, I might like it better without the last paragraph--having it cut out mid sentence gives it a note of finality imo





I hope you never stop writing.


Glad to know that people liked this one. Hopefully I will have the next one in a couple of weeks, but for now I am completely stuck...


Seems this story wasn´t posted anywhere then on the old Blackspectre site.

Original Quote from the previous poster on an old Snuff story forum.
"This is an old story from the Blackspectre site that has been
unavailable for about 8-10 yrs. "



A Hunt by Old1-@hotmail.com

A Hunt

@@@ If this is your first read continue on please. If not updates are
listed here. But check out the catalog if you are interested in
"Hunting" yourselves @@@

"ATTENTION!!! To all cannibals and all other adventurous beings who
enjoy hunting for their entertainment, trophies, or meals (or all of the
aforementioned): Join a weekend of hunting at our private hunting
grounds. We have stocked the grounds with 14 lovely dears' all healthily
and of trophy caliber for any discerning trophy collector; all are
highly entertaining' and great meal' companions. Check out the catalog
and reserve yours for a weekend of great sport and fun. Please call soon
to reserve yours (no more than two to a customer), and for prices and

I placed our ad down and turned to my brother-in-law, Jack and nodded my
approval. Jack slid the catalog across to me to review.


Ah my dear reader, male or female, here is your chance to become part of
the hunt. After reading the catalog pick out one or two you'd like to
hunt. Give me a brief description of you (and a friend(s) if you want)
totally fictional naturally, and what you'd like to have done with the
selection(s). I in turn will try to make your desires come to life in
this story. (Unless you care to write a little story of your own, which
I will incorporate into this collection).

Reading on you will find one of the selections "Shelly" already
"Reserved" as well as "Delivered".



I opened the catalog and looked at the first picture.

I opened the catalog and looked at the first picture.

Gerri-- Age 28, 4'11" long brown hair. Tits overfly big and round for
her short size, making her look like she could tip over at any moment.
fortunately her ass was ample enough to balance her top heaviness. Not
much hair between her legs. Gerri is one of Jack's daughters.

The picture next to Gerri'sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I got this from White Shadow's Nasty Stories (a sister site of Black Spectre) around 1999. I was kind of disappointed that only the first five stories were completed.


Good i could help with a complete story, Azalel. :-)


love this story!


Everyone likes a good hunt!


Great story!


Awakened by a splash of cold water, Julie took a moment to get her bearings. Her wrists were fastened by leather straps attached somewhere above her, pulling her hands out and high over her head, and her ankles were similarly strapped to the floor, granting her no wiggle room. And she was naked. These were the first things she noted as she clawed her way up to consciousness. Then she recalled how the previous night had ended.

She had just pulled up outside her house after a long night of work at Planet Fitness, and she had wondered at the dark van parked next door, but hadn't paid it enough attention. Had she been more cautious, perhaps she wouldn't have been caught off guard when a shadowy figure cloaked in black appeared from behind a bush and shoved a rag in her face. She had tried to struggle, but her attacker had been twice her size, and the element of surprise had yielded the advantage. Her body was enveloped by powerful arms, she couldn't get an angle to free herself, and the fumes from the rag had quickly put her to sleep.

Horror dawned as the peacefulness of sleep faded and Julie realized whatever was in store would not be pleasant. A man stood before her, stocky and tall, and in his hands he held the bucket with which he had just doused her. The water was freezing, and the temperature in the room was far below comfortable.

"Ah, you're awake, good. Now we can begin."

"Yeah, I'm awake, I'm soaking wet and freezing. What the fuck?"

"Yes, you do look cold." Julie realized she was shivering, although whether it was from fear or frost she could not be sure. The man reached out and flicked one of her nipples, which were hard as bullets. "I have the air in this room set to thirty degrees."

Julie was now noticing her surroundings for the first time. The room was more like a cell, with a low ceiling and steel walls on all sides. A reinforced steel door was bolted shut on the far side, and to her left was a stainless steel table with an array of pernicious devices spread out on top of it. Below her was a drain, and there were a few curious contraptions scattered here and there, whose functions Julie could only guess. She had a bad feeling she would learn what some of them do soon enough.

The man wore leather gloves, a leather jacket, thick jeans and heavy boots. He looked quite comfortable, and his sick smile seemed to confirm this. His face was blocky and brutish, with huge grey caterpillars over his dancingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Do you have more stories somewhere, bloodlust?


I'll post something new shortly. It's not exactly new, it's partly an old story, but I recently rewrote a lot of it.


Great story!


This story is awesome! Hope we get similar stuff!


still my favorite story :3


Christening the Lab

It was to be a great day, I knew it. My torture lab was fully completed and begging to be used. A true work of greatness; a wall-full of tools, a restraint system for multiple victims, and some other cleverly engineered agents of torture. It was completely 21st century, down to the "science lab" smell.

And of course, some victims for celebration. I had wasted no time making a Tinder account and cleaning up nicely, so as to attract only the most beautiful of women. A "test" date with each proved they had great personalities, too. And now I had them all to myself!

"Good morning ladies!" I said gleefully as I entered the lab, turning on the main lights.

They didn't look happy as they looked up, just realizing they hadn't been alone. Their bad feelings had just been confirmed as they looked around at the horror that was my lab, not to mention being bound and nude.

"I must say, it's an honor being here with you. I'm not self-conscious, but wow! You fine ladies really found me worth the time of day!"

"What the hell IS this?? What the fuck do you want?!" One of them shouted.

"Oh, you didn't look around?" I teased. "Well obviously I wanted you three, and I think the rest of the room speaks for itself"

"What the FUCK?!" Another one shouted. "I thought you were a nice guy! And now THIS??"

"Well Emma, I mostly am a nice guy, just not today" I smiled. "Today, we get to find out how not-nice I can be!"

"This is really fucked up," the third chimed in, "how could you fucking do this? We don't deserve any of this shit!"

"Absolutely not. And honestly it's a shame to see you go like this, you each have such great potential and now no one, not even I, will get to see it. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to christen my achievement"

"Achievement?? No, fuck you! You'll never get away with this shit, SOMEONE will rescue us from this hell-hole!" Emma shouted.

"Yeah; the Grim Reaper" I chuckled, "But that's a ways off. Until then, let's see: Cleared SIM cards? Check. Made sure no one knew who you were with? Check. Wiped you ladies from all existence? Well, still working on that one. But as far as history is concerned, you ladies just up and vanished. Even deactivated your Tinder accounts, as much of a shame as that was" I added.

Their dismay became much greater as they realized all practical expectation of leaving alive had gone.

"But pleasePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's gotta be the best compliment I've received so far, haha! Thanks guys, I expect to be uploading more in the near future (said every writer EVER) because these stories are a form of indulgence for myself as well. Glad to see I have at least a few readers :)


Love it! Really like how the girls were first mutilated before being disposed of!


As much as this was in line with my fetishes, I just couldn't get off to this. It's supremely well written and fun to read but...

Normally I get myself wet by putting myself into the place of the victim and imagining thee torment being done to me instead of them but I think this one was too well done. The torture was too much for even me to enjoy; please write more like it. This was an absolute treat to read.


Nice ty!


Thanks for bumps guys, I'm glad to see people appreciate this story!

No guarantee I'll be writing more but I'll be staying active on the forum!


I've been letting this down lately... But i had swear to write a story for every grimm fairy tale! This one was more than just well suited for it! I never read a fairy tale with this many vore and dolcett elements like in "brother and sister" :police: //www.grimmstories.com/en/grimm_fairy-tales/the_brother_and_sister . Well i also look forward for Rapunzel;)

Like alwals: The prey is a little bit older as in the original!

011 The Sister and the other Sister.
(You really believe you will see boy meat just because in the fairy tale it’s brother and sister? You are naive!)

The big sister takes her younger sisters hand and said. “We have to run away! Our stepmother beats us every day. She feed us with hart bread and water… even the dog get better food! If our mother knows… We can’t stay! There is a whole world open for us.” The two red heads looked lovely even in the poor garb they had to wear. So, they went out into the big world. It’s not easy to find a new home. The had to walk Barefoot and in torn clothes. But they even endured rain and cold. Because they only had each other. After a very long day, they climb a tree and slept immediately. This difficult their journey was!

The next morning… After the long last day, naturally the sisters got hungry and thirsty. The older sister was braver but not as clever as her younger sister. Still, she always looked after her little sister. That’s why she is determined to found a brook. She wanted to protect her sister, on any way possible. But they not had known, her stepmother was an evil witch! (one of the kind, that doesn’t eat girls! The very evil kind!) She cursed every brook in the woods.

The big Sister fast found a nice brook with clean water. But the little sister heard. "Her a snake will be who drinks of me, who drinks of me a snake will be!" (Yes, the water could rhyme.)
She cries anxiously.: “ Big sis please stop! If you drink this, you will become a Snake and strangle me to death.” This doesn’t sound this bad. Sadly, the big sister decides against it…
(These fairy tales have an educational mission! That is why we must, explain to everyone what could have happened!)
The big sister ignored the call and drink the water. It only takes a few seconds. Than in front of the little sister a hungry big snake arises. “Sister!?” The snake wrapped herself around the body of her little helpless sister. “Please Stop! You don’t really want to eat me!” But well…Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


DeviantArt: http://cuteandhurting.deviantart.com/gallery/60162034/Turning-to-Stone-Random-Petrification-Stori

HentaiFoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/CuteAndHurting/21698/Turning-to-Stone-Random-Petrification-Stories

Renamed of Turning to Stone, Random Petrification Stories, so be more generic.

Bunch of stories. Girls getting turned to stone, sex toys, furniture, food... out of system of other stories. Usually results in a bad way to live forever.

Magic Exists and It Can Be Petrifying

Everybody loves magic tricks. Young and old, boys and girls. There was a summer magic event at a Japanese town, where little Amy, or Eimi, had fun watching various magicians doing magic tricks. Unfortunately, she had to be back home until 5 PM, because her parents were worried about her 12 year old daughter. 'This is such a bother...' She thought at 3 PM as she was walking home, which was in another, smaller town. Her parents didn't know she would go to that magic show. She lied about that because they'd never let her go otherwise. 'My friends said they would be there...' But it turned out that they didn’t lie to their parents, so they weren't allowed to go. 'But it was so much fun! There were so many magicians!'

As she was walking through a suburb, nobody was there. They were either in town, or at work, or home having lunch or afternoon nap. But then she stumbled across a girl her age who was happily heading towards the town.

“HiiiI!” The girl greeted Amy. “Were you at the festival?”
“Yes, I was. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was fun!”
“It would be even more fun if I was around.”
“What? Are you a magician?” Amy said in a surprised tone.
“Of course! Want me to show you some magic?”
“Uh… I would love that, but I already spent all my allowance…” There were magicians on the festival who would do magic individually for a small amount of money. Amy had already spent her money.
“Doesn’t matter! Real wizards and witches do magic for the sake of magic!”
“You are a real magician?” Amy asked, even though she knew magic did not exist.
“Yup! Some of us pose as magicianPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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WARNING: No sexual content.

Vacuum Fairy

Vaky is a fairy. She likes to clean people’s homes when they aren’t at home. Many homes have lately been cleaned mysteriously, nobody knowing there’s a good fairy with good intentions doing that to them. Even witches and wizards didn’t know that little Vaky existed!

Vaky would always carry her little vacuum cleaner with her.


“Nina!” Yelled Ana with tears in her eyes. Ana was a 12 year old Bosnian blondie from Sarajevo. She was running away from someone.
“Ana!” Said Nina. Nina was a chin-length brunette and Ana’s classmate.
“Nina, please help me!”
“What’s wrong?! You’re scaring me!”
“Cops are after me…”
“Please, just listen! They caught me trying to smoke. They took a picture of me. They want to take me to my parents!”
“It’s just that? Jesus… You scared me so much…”
“My parents are going to take my new cellphone away from me! Please, Nina, help me! They are looking for me!”
“And what can I do?”

“You…” Ana calmed down and kept her voice quiet. “You do magic… right?”
“Uhh… Be quiet…”
“Please, do something… Turn me into a frog or something…”
“I don’t think you’d like that.”
“I will do anything, just please! They don’t know my name, all I need to do is hide for a day!”

Nina was in a secret family of wizards. Only her best friend Ana knew the secret. Naturally to a magician, when Ana offered to be transformed, Nina could barely resist. Although she knew it could be a bad idea.

Nobody was around, so Nina started chanting. Ana stood still, listening to Nina speaking all those words in a mysterious language, waving her hands around. After 1 minute, Nina was apparently done.
“Umm… That’s it?” Ana asked.
“Yes! You will now turn to dust and flow into this tiny vial.” Nina opened a vial and pointed it towards Ana.
“Huh?” Spoke Ana. That was also the last thing that Ana said. She started flowing, like sand, into the vial.

Ana had been reduced to a vial of dust that was just about 1 inch or 2.5 cm high. A whole human transformed into something so small. Worse yet, into pretty big grans of DUST, which means Ana became a large amount of small particles.

‘HUH?’ Thought Ana, whose sight and hearing was consumed by darkness. She felt weird. ‘I can’t move… Is my body a mush?’ She felt like minced meat. ‘I can’t breathe…’

Nina shut the vial.
“Now each part of your soul is tightly sealed toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Watching Filthy Frank, I got an inspiration.

It's just a prank, sis

In magic high schools, including our Academy of Magic of Japan, students are encouraged to do any type of magic to each other. Naturally, there are even pranksters who do magical pranks to people, bringing them discomfort, pain, death or even long term or eternal imprisonment (turning to stone and similar). And then they put it up on their social media for laughs. Why do wizards to bad magic things? Because magic is highly addicting and so is being mean. Just like most of you are good people who eat animal products, wizards are good people who sometimes do bad magic things to others.

Main reason for the encouragement to do bad magic to each other is to motivate magic students to learn protection against magic. After all, “normal” people don’t believe in magic, most of them can’t even do it, and worst yet, they are completely helpless against enormous powers of magic.


A famous YT prankster called Saito has brown spiky hair and does magical pranks. He is mostly known as a magician, and some even say his victims are actually actors. But what do YT people even know? In reality, he really does magic pranks.

It was a rainy spring day in a suburb that was mainly inhabited by magic highschoolers. It was basically a high school dorm, but with houses and apartments instead.

“This prank included a lot of preparation.” Said Saito for a video. “There is this girl called Chika and… I basically had to stalk her to find out what clothes she is wearing most often. So I made a copy of one of her favorite T-shirts, and I enchanted it. Now… She is wearing it today. As she will be coming home from her classes, I will teleport all her clothes away from her, so she will be naked. Then I will teleport THIS T-shirt in place of her real T-shirt. I will also need to teleport her bottom clothes little further away so she takes the T-shirt first, because it’s raining so she will be cold and in hurry. And when she takes on the cursed T-shirt… you will see what it will do to her!”

Then they finally saw Chika, a brunette with straight hair. Camera guy hid in a corner so she wouldn’t see him, and Saito was on the other side of the street, looking at her, waiting for her to get to a desired point where he would be able to do his prank properly. She wore her autumn clothes, including a light jacket.

Then, at one point, all of her clothes suddenly diPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Do you think you can do a story where a guy gets petrified and feels like he's cumming forever?


I honestly don't know. I don't have any inspiration on that.
BUT I do have an idea on having those 2 pranksters prank a femboi or a trap into gettin petrified while sucking their dick. I might write that one.


Petrifying Dental Surgery

Our story starts with several middle schoolers, of a witches and wizards girls’ school, waiting in the dentist waiting room, accompanied by a teacher. A week ago the whole class had to have a dentist check, and 4 of them turned out to have bad teeth. One of them was an anxious cute brunette Nadoka. She was scared of dentists… though they all were. But she was even more scared, so she decided to go last, even though that should have only prolonged her misery.

Of course, she was scared of dentists because she had had a tooth that needed fixing just a year ago. She would still remember the sound, the smell, the taste, the moments of pain… She didn’t want to go through that again.

Worse yet, this clinic had very special ways of calming people. If you would twitch or make a sound, the dental chair would quickly turn you to a stone statue. It’s simple sealing, and just as we described in earlier magical stories – it’s irreversible. Soul, thanks to its special physics, binds to the smallest particles of the statue material. So no one can unbind it anymore, not even by breaking or changing the material.

And when her first classmate went in, she would once again be reminded of the sound cruelly awaiting for her. But there was no screaming, or any type of speaking at all. When she was done, she came out being… normal. Same happened with the second classmate. They both told Nadoka it’s only a little painful, and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Though it was easy for them to say – they were already finished.

“You see, Nadoka-chan?” Said her friend Nakano quietly to her. “It doesn’t hurt. It will be OK!”

Then Nakano had to go inside. She didn’t make any sound either, and came out as normal as ever.

They it was Nadoka’s turn. She didn’t hesistate because otherwise the teacher would get mad. Her friend Nakano said to her:
“Be strong, Nadoka-chan!”
“What?” Nadoka asked just as the nurse was closing the door after.

“Hi, little Nadoka-san!” said the female dental surgeon. “Sit down here and make yourself comfortable.”

Nadoka looked at the dental chair, but couldn’t help but notice strange markings on it. Yup, those were supposed to turn her to stone in case she made a sound or a move.

“Uhh… Sensei…” She asked the dentist. “So I just sit there or…?”
“It’s safe to sit there right now. I will say when you should keep it still.”

Nadoka laid on the dentaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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