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A new RPG based on this story called "Fleshscape" is now available for free on DriveThru RPG (PWYW Pay What You Want, even $0).


Log One
I awaken. I don't know it at the moment, but this day marks my fourth straight year of existing in the dogscape. I push myself up from the carpet of writhing, twitching dogflesh beneath me and rise to my feet, stretching in the morning sun. It took me a while to learn to balance on the layer of solid dogs that now blankets every inch of solid ground, but nowadays I can walk and run as easily and as fast as I ever did on soil or concrete. Perhaps faster...
This was a city once, I think, though which one I can't remember. I only owe my guess to the massive pillars of dogs jutting into the sky, perhaps ancient buildings now completely filled and overgrown by canine biomatter. I climbed one once, sinking my fingers and toes deep into the dogwall to gain purchase, and after hours and hours of climbing was rewarded with an incredible vista - fur and eyes, panting tongues and wagging tails, hugging the contours of the once-barren land and stretching in a single aeomebic mass farther than the eye can see.

Now I don't do that, though. Now I merely go about my day. I hike to the Gardens, where the dogplants sprout up in bizarre shapes from the floor of the dogscape, and reach up to pluck the fetal puppyfruits right off the wagging, energetic branches. I bite into the succulent flesh, the juices dribbling down my chin and dripping down to be reabsorbed by the groundflesh, and revel in the savory taste. I'm thirsty, so I range until I find one of the Mothermounds, and there I suckle at a teatpatch until I've had my fill of milk. Sometimes I see other humans around me, as well-adapted to the dogscape as I am, but I barely acknowledge them, say nothing. What, after all, is there to say? The world is different now - what meaning would our old words have?

Free-ranging dogs are becoming rarer and rarer to see now, and those I do see seem as lost, as passive as I am. They too graze on the dogplants, step carefully over the undulating, bleeding dogfloor, dimly acknowledge myself and one another. In the distant sky, and on the far horizon, I sometimes see massive forms sail or crawl or undulate, and I wonder if in this new world normal, singular, ambulatory dogs have become as obsolete as I am.

Log Two
I dug down once. Down beneath the dogs. Beneath the hair and the ears and the barkingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Log Thirteen
While archaic, tribal worship of the Dogmother, in all its visible and fleshy glory, is the most common form of "religion" in the barbaric Dogscape, there does exist another mythology. One practiced only in distant, isolated pockets, and by a few of the older survivors. The exact details change from tribe to tribe, year to year. But the basics never change. It is the legend of the Beginning of the Dogscape, the genesis of the world we know. It tells of a time when humans were plentiful, and walked upon ground that wasn't alive.
There is a god. Or a demon perhaps. A dog that lived amongst the humans was even accepted and provided for by a human family. But it was no ordinary dog. This beast lived for over 50 years, while canines of the time rarely lasted more than a decade. It was greatly powerful, more in control of its owner family than they were of it. They say, it went out at night and hunted human prey, bringing back large collections of bones as trophies to its home. But the humans tried to ignore it, convince themselves that it wasn't a problem.

Soon though, as the Origin Dog reached a century of age, it became increasingly powerful and unlike others. More strange disappearances and even attacks during the day. Vehicles were found with deep bite marks through metal, and homes were burrowed into from below.

The government of the time, many times more powerful than any chieftain of today, captured the hellhound. They performed experiments, tried to understand where it channeled its energy from. Progress was good; it looked as though even the secret to immortality could be gained from this dog! But accidents occur. The Betrayer, as they call her, who worked at the government facility, felt sympathy for the GodDog. She released him, and concurrently, the all-consuming hell that is Dogscape.

The enraged beast no longer held any sympathy for humanity. As it thrashed recklessly through the lab, mutated samples adhered to its flesh, growing like a cancer. Soon, what would become Dogscape was spreading like wildfire, its maw gnashing at everything that moved, its hide spreading over soil, stone, and sea.

What is the name of this horrible demon? It varies, but they all come from a similar etymological origin, I believe. I've taken down names from all over the world, Armad, Me'arm, Aduke.

And yet, the DogMother is most certainly feminine. Well, it is said that The Betrayer was in fact, the first human assimiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Log Fourteen
It's cold here. Jets of moist breathe dot the landscape amid undulating hills. There are no proper dog trees, only short piles of huddling dog limbs. Teats are few and far between, and when I find one I must work to coax the milk into a skin bladder.
I move across the hills, my feet numb through the shoes I have fashioned. I move in the direction that seems easiest, a subtle and mangy slope that I only just noticed was guiding my path in a general downhill fashion. Where there is fur it is thick and rancid with matted oil. I don't know why The Mother does what it does, but all of her fruits have their uses. I hack at a fur clump, separating it from the flesh below. There is only a little blood from a grazed skin tag. I fold and shape the waxy fur onto the insulating hairy coverings on my body. The dogflesh rumbles beneath me in a more than disconcerting way. It has been doing that for the past several weeks, more so the further I have traveled. It is getting colder.

I can hear only the wind now, tearing across The Mother. The howls, warbling and mournful, have stopped. The sharp barks and yips no longer form a background cacophony. I huddle into my coverings, and shoulder ahead. I have no path to follow but forward.

The ground feels harder here. The gentle give of the dogland has ceased, giving way to a dull sound absorbing thud of matted fur. I slipped yesterday on what seemed to be a lake of solid piss. It was not reabsorbing into The Mother. My own shivering seems to syncopate with the occasional rumbles of The Mother. Her flesh no longer seems like a living being, but I know that deep within her the blood flows. It is so cold here.

I continue forward every day. The ground slopes more, and I struggle to sleep in a forgiving skin fold. There is no purpose but to move forward now. One foot in front of the other. It has been dark for as long as I can remember. How long will this night last?

The air is dry. The land is mostly featureless and hard as I walk. The wind blows clumps of brittle hair across my face, and they hurt. A soft pop, a subtle blue flash, and then they blow past me. My hands are deep within my coverings. They are numb, and if I expose them to ward off the shocks then the cold will take them from me. I have already lost three toes. I can no longer feel that foot. I no longer bother to light fires in the deep crooks where I sleep, but the last I saw of that foot it was black and swollen. It felPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



"My name is Charles Mountel, of Arctic Ice Station one. The abomination is not here, it is too cold. Tigger and I are the last survivors. We are 14 nautical miles South of the North Pole, directly North of Vancouver. Triangulate our position based on this radio signal. This message will repeat in five minutes."

The radio broadcast the message again, as it had thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of times. A cold, dead, desiccated body sat huddled before the radio systems in a chair. At its feet lay the curled, dead body of a mutt.




Alright, this was pretty amazing. Not many people apply animals enough in their stories, but I think there's a lot of potential in it, so I do enjoy and can appreciate how you depicted this furry, twisted post-apocalypse here.

I think my favorite part definitely had to be the descriptions of men fucking dog mounds dotting the dogscape. It's so horrific, yet so erotic to imagine.


Right. I sort of backed myself into a corner on naming these things. Technically this is part of my "Offers" universe, but it's a side story with absolutely zero connection to any of the other stories in the series.

Also, technically this is incomplete because I'm planning on adding two or three epilogues. But as far as the story itself goes it's self contained and concluded. So read away, but expect more to be posted later.

Liselle offers Aria her Life

"Do you know why you are here?" Aria asked her daughter, Liselle, from atop her throne from the top of Afterlife. Next to her, restrained at the base of her couch was another Asari, covered in an Asari-leather set of bondage restraints that emphasized her bright blue tits, each one pierced with a set of silver studs through the nipples. The restraints came complete with a full face mask to hide the Asari's identity, with tiny holes for Ara's prized lover to see through, and a ball gag to keep her quiet. Liselle knew it was Councilor Tevos beneath the mask, her other mother; the bright blue skin and piercings gave the game away to those who knew her. But despite Tevos being the Asari counselor, it was hard to fear the powerful politician when her arms were strapped behind her and she was unable to speak the slightest word through the gag stretching her jaw. Liselle herself was naked, her soft purple almost lavender skin shining in the wild lights of the club.

Liselle was nervous. This wasn't the first time that her mother had called her to her seat of power, the older matriarch was incredibly controlling and had taken every opportunity to enforce Liselle's purpose upon her. To Aria, Liselle wasn't just a daughter, or her most effective employee, she was also Aria's prized possession; an absolutely pristine Azure filet that had been aging for nearly three centuries. A filet that as of yesterday was no longer untouched.

“No, mother,” Liselle responded, hesitantly. Her mother was obsessed with the proper care of her Azure, telling her since she was young that her sole purpose in life was to one day have her sex harvested to fuel one of her mother's orgies. The diets her mother put her on since a young age were never designed with her health in mind (though they were hardly unhealthy), but aimed instead at giving her azure extra flavor for Aria to enjoy once she took it from Liselle, killing her in the process. The friends her mother had found for her had been focused on tePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You write good, really good, kudos! I love the ME universe and extreme fantasies but dislike consensual snuff fantasies, but thanks to your writing skills this was still an amazing story!




nice story ,really good :) ,can you write a story wher eis a girl mutiladed and formed into a oral doll,by removing her limbs,then pelvis and shoulders and breast,and also some face parts? i would love it too!


Wow, missed this the first time around. I love your Mass Effect stories, keep them up!

Have you considered writing one with Ashley 'starring'?


I don't take requests. But even if I did that idea probably isn't something I'd write.

I have a story on Hentai Foundry where Male Shepard and Ashley destroy Liara, but I haven't finished it. I probably won't do one with Ashley by herself on my own (not a huge fan of her), but I am doing one with Jack and Miranda as part of a trade and I probably wouldn't have done taht on my own either.


I´ve found this realy old story.

Naked Balls (by ????)

Nobody can guess by just looking at me what I have in the crotch of my
jeans. I smile as I go about my daily business, imaging the reactions of
the people around me if they could only see what I look like down there.
It all began a couple of years ago when I discovered a sex shop in my
local city. I was very fascinated by all the sex toys on the shelves –
butt plugs, tit clamps, etc.—but most of all by the leather devices for
binding balls.
I bought myself a black leather strap and hurried home. My heart was
pounding as I pulled off my jeans and briefs, exposing my cock and balls.
I lifted my hard dick out of the way with one hand, and wrapped the strap
around my ballsack.
My excitement grew as the skin stretched tight, clearly showing the
outlines of my nuts. I grabbed my cock and started jerking off. It only
took a couple of minutes before my jizz squirted from the tip of my dick.
It was one of the best orgasms I ever had.
For the next few days I continued binding my balls and jerking off. I was
surprised how tight I could tie the strap before I had to stop. My sack
turned purple as my cock swelled harder than ever.
Now I began wearing the strap all the time. It was on when I woke every
morning with a hard-on. It was on when I sat at my desk at work. I wore it
in the shower, the soapy water spilling over my tight ballsack.
Gradually, I became obsessed with seeing what my balls looked like. It was
fun squeezing them and slapping them, but I just had to take a look at
what was inside my sack.
So one day I tied the strap tighter than ever. My sack turned a dark
purple, and my balls squeezed against the side of the scrotum.
I picked up a small, sharp knife and pressed the tip against the outline
of my right ball. My heart pounding, I gently increased the pressure until
the blade penetrated the skin. The sharp sting was bearable, so I began
moving the blade down, creating a red line on the edge of my sack. My cock
was as hard as a rock.
There was less blood than I thought. I took the knife and put it into the
shallow cut I had already made, repeating the procedure. ThePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yes, I'm still working on my MLP series (and I need a proper title for it - right now, the best I have is the descriptor "anthro-pony guro series"), but I have other random guro and cannibalism ideas I'd like to get out there as well. Here, now, are a few that may or may not be complete, and are of varying quality. And are generally not in canon with one another, unless otherwise noted. Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcomed.

To (mostly) quote my other thread, my likes and dislikes:

I hate grimdark stuff. Bloody violence disturbs me; torture for the sake of torture (especially of the graphic kind that landed several films on the "Video Nasties" list - that is, a list of films which were banned from video distribution in certain parts of the world in the 70s, 80s and 90s, due to scenes of graphic violence) turns me off.

On the other end of the spectrum:

I like reading about a girl's willing sacrifice.

I like scenes that imply and/or confirm that the victim will survive the whole experience and, potentially, get to do it again at some point. (I also like settings where the characters are gifted with regeneration and resurrective immortality - no matter how many times they die, they always get better.)

I like reading and writing about creative use of human meat in cooking, from whole roasting to dishes made from the victim's flesh. (As long as it stays in the realm of fantasy. Though use of real cooking methods - roasting, grilling, boiling, etc. - is fine. There's a series called "Dolcett CA", and the related "The Society of Lilith", where they use creative methods of cooking women.)

I like my porn to have a plot. (No, not the unusual euphemism, though that is also a part of such works - wink wink, nudge nudge.) Mindless sex and violence aren't that entertaining. Hence the worldbuilding I do.

I like fics with incest. I don't know why, I just do.

I like same-sex (well, female same-sex) pairings. Especially when the females involved can perform genital morphing - that is, shifting their sex organs from male to female and back.

I like fics with casual cannibalism as a normal part of everyday life. (Especially when combined with the resurrective immortality concept, so the characters can be cooked and eaten as many times as they want.)

All of these things are, always have been, and always will be a majPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bumping for preservation. And as a reminder that yes, I am still working on stuff.


Bumping for preservation and as a reminder that yes, I'm still out here and will one day post more.


Bumping yet again. And inspired by a certain fic... I have a half-formed idea where Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna have the ability to swallow, digest and then resurrect others, especially their students, and Sunset learns about this when she gets vored by Principal Celestia as punishment for her past actions soon after the Fall Formal.


Yet again, bumping for preservation...


I think you rushed too quickly through the eating part. You never put any real feeling about how you ate the fillies. I also feel that because you are eating them anyway you might as well have some fun preparing them. Maybe sexually first. It seems like you have a great buildup and no payoff.


Your dragon and you couldn’t have been happier. It’s been months together, and in that time he’s been nothing but sweet, and gentle, and loving in every way a dragon can. He brings you treasures from other hoardes, dresses you in fine cloaks from old kings, and tells you stories about the centuries he’s lived. He’s been a lonely one all his life, but with you he lights up and scampers like a pup, always excited to do everything he can for you. He doesn’t even mind his hoarde anymore, opting to sleep with and around you instead because he tells you you’re his only and greatest treasure. But dragons have to eat and he doesn’t want to spend a moment away from you to hunt, so when he finds out about your ability to grow back from any injury and your eagerness to be his meal he jumps at the opportunity. He’s always nervous about it, because he fears for your safety, but as the sessions become more common, he starts to be more and more aggressive.
The latest time, he started by thrusting his tongue into your hole, using the tip of his nose to rub gently at your hooded cock between pumping his thick, slick tongue deep into you. Then you feel a warmth at your entrance followed by a searing sensation as liquid fire pours into you, instantly cooking your cock and innards with a smell of smoke and cooking meat. It doesn’t hurt, not much, but it feels so *damn good*; you can barely manage a grin at him because your body is quivering from the pleasure and warmth burning through your hips. He returns the smile, his reptilian, slitted eyes and grinning bony skull showing nothing but affection and adoration for you, then withdraws his tongue from your smoking, cooked hole. He opens his mouth again and a tremendous wave of fire engulfs you like a gentle, passionate hug, and you coo and moan and though he can barely hear it above the sound of the flame pouring from his throat, the sound of your arousal and happiness encourages him to share in those sensations.

When the great wave of flame is finally done, you can see his cock protruding from his sheath, glistening at the tip. You want to go over there and help him, to suck it and feel it pound into you, but you’ve become just a charbroiled human boy - a delicious snack for your monstrous lover. Fortunately, he knows what you want, and as he begins his feast by biting down on your now supple and giving belly and tearing out a loop of your intestines, you can feel his monstrous cock resting on your pelvis, grindinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Lilly, the cutest doll!

It's Lilly's birthday. Lilly is just 1:39 meters tall. She has silver blonde hair that is long enough to reach her butt. She has blue eyes and almost white skin. Lilly is a doll maniac! She doesn’t just collect dolls. She cares for them like as if they were her own child’s. She even dresses herself like a doll. Today she wears a black dress. It consists of more frills than dress. She also wears black shoes a white pantyhose and a red bow in her hair. Thanks to her delicate body structure, you could really mistake Lilly as a doll! To celebrate the big day, she wants to buy a new doll. A new store has been opened which is said to be selling incredibly realistic dolls. Of course, this has aroused her attention. The store is a bit offside the inner city. Another advantage! In the city people often looked at her strangely. Many sellers don’t take her seriously. But she is sure that a real puppeteer will understand her!
Lilly enters the store. A little golden bell announces her entrance. The interior of the shop, is decorated in an old fashion. Old Screen lamps illuminate the room. A handful of hand-sewn clothes are standing by the window. In an antique cabinet, various craft supplies are to be seen. On self-made shelves, dolls were placed lovely. Each doll is unique! They all look different and have different sizes. Some are even bigger than Lilly. She is thrilled! They are beautiful… She would love to take them all! It was a good idea to visit this store.

The shopkeeper suddenly stands behind her. “Young maiden did you find a doll that interested you?”
Lilly not startled. She is too busy to choose a doll. She doesn’t even look at him when she answers. "They all are beautiful; how should one be able to decide?" She stands on tiptoe and tries to reach a few of the higher located dolls. She doesn’t even notice as the owner helps her.
The Shopkeeper turns her around. Only now does she notice that he was standing behind her all the time. He is an old man, who’s looks a little bit like Gepetto. “What kind of doll are you looking for?” he asks.
Lilly is no longer certain. "It must be something special! but they all special ... How do find a doll that stands out?"
"Well, a special doll is standing right in front of me!" He says, laughing.
Lilly turns red. Finally, someone notices the effort she put in her dresses. “Thank you. I've been working on the dress for two months.”
“You would surely be a gooPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anyone know a series of mind control cannibalism stories featuring a man who uses a hyponotic computer program, or phone app to make women want to be whisked away and eaten by him, complicit in their kidnapping and eventual death.

I remember it pretty well but i just cant seem to find it in the archives.


hello, where can i see link for destroyed daughters?


Post requests in /req/

/lit/ is not the place for that.


Only True Lord of the Sith

Deactivating his crimson lightsaber, Darth Sidious clipped the energy weapon to his belt as he let the storm of emotions rage through his mind. Having detected that his new apprentice was in danger, the Sith Lord had travelled to Mustafar as fast as he could, even forgoing gathering a battalion of Clone Troopers.

Unfortunately, he had arrived just as the Jedi Master Kenobi was preparing to finish off his apprentice. The Emperor had engaged the Jedi in a duel and had managed to drive him off, leaving his personal guard the task of tracking down the Jedi.

He had done this so that he could heal his apprentice as fast as possible, but looking at the living corpse that was Darth Vader as it lay on the shore of the lava stream, Sidious felt disgust and crushing disappointment. It had taken years and two apprentices to make the Chosen One fall to the dark side and in the end his apprentice had been slaughtered by his old Jedi mentor. Even worse, that mentor was now on the loose, as Sidious was sure that his guard was no match for the Jedi Master.

With an angry swipe through the air, Sidious used the Force to telekinetically hurl his apprentice into the lava stream, Anakin Skywalker’s scream echoing in the Force as he was consumed.

Hearing a feeble moan to his right, the Sith Lord shifted his attention to Anakin’s lover, who was lying on her back at the foot of her space yacht. She had been a part of his plan to make the Chosen one fall, but now, heavily pregnant as she was, she was only a liability for his future reign and she would serve as the first victim of his unleashed powers as Emperor.

With a gesture from his right hand, he telekinetically raised her onto her feet and then into the air, holding her suspended with her front turned towards him. With a few gestures from his free hand, he made use of the same power to shred her dull grey shirt to pieces, revealing her modest breasts swollen due to impending motherhood, her areola a darker pink than usual with her nipples stiffening at their sudden exposure to air. Beneath them bulged her distended abdomen, her womb stretched to its limits by the twins inside that were almost ready to be born, a faint linea nigra curving vertically over her abdomen. Her dark boots and light grey trousers were also torn to pieces, revealing her strong long legs and the shaved nether lips that guarded her sex, as well as a hint of her firm buttocks.

AsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I quite enjoyed it, though I'd have done a few things differently. Mostly due to personal preference. For instance, I'd have had her debreasted by his lightsaber and either stabbed or shot in the pussy while still pregnant.


Tasty, erotic demolition in the tradition of Dante.


So I've been looking all over for this story there was five separate chapters
The first chapter had to do with two sisters the woman cut off one of the sisters cunt lips, and made the eat it

I don't remember what the second chapter was about

the third chapter was about a girl who wanted everything done to her

the fourth chapter was about then going to one of her research facilities and one of her assistants have her breasts ripped off in the machine in an accident and there was also about using nanomachines to be able to see through someone's eyes

I thought the woman name was Annabel but I haven't had much luck in finding it. It was on here before a lot of stories got lost

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Part 3 - Continued

As I held the little piece of my sex, staring at it, I was beginning to realise the finality of what I had allowed Bianca to do. I felt tears form in my eyes as I looked at the main source of all my sexual pleasure. Destroyed. Gone. I had let her deprive me of my precious clitoris without a single protest, probably forever ending the possibility of any future orgasms. "Oh my god..." I began to sniffle. It was gone, all of it. I'd sacrificed my sex to save my breasts, but the cost was only just hitting home. I would never again be able to feel my finger run up my labia, the cute, soft, amputated lips lying in the bowl where Bianca had just dropped them, bloody and raw. I could no longer enjoy tugging on my clitoris as I climaxed. I looked at the little nub, once a huge part of my adolescence, now just a piece of dead tissue. "What have I done?"

Suddenly a mouth was on my own as Bianca's lips met mine. I tried to speak, but she used the opportunity to thrust her tongue into my mouth as her hands found my breasts and began to caress them gently. Despite my situation, I began to lose myself in lust again, wrestling her tongue with my own. She gave me a smile that somehow caused a rush of pleasure through my vagina. I wasn't sure how that worked, I mean there wasn't much left to feel pleasure with down there. She broke the kiss. "Okay, you kept up your end of the deal. Consider your tits spared, for now. Just so you know, that was so fucking hot, watching you do that."

Despite the horror of what I had done to myself, I felt a sense of relief that I had bought time for my breasts' continued existence. I even felt a little thrill from her compliment. She thought I looked sexy. She liked watching me mutilate myself. I leaned in and kissed her passionately again. I'd never felt this way before, this indescribable attraction to another girl. She took my severed clit from my fingers and dropped the bloody gobbet into the dish with my lips, then as she started stripping off her clothes, I tried to help. She pulled her shirt over her head, and I gasped as I saw her breasts, cupped in a bra that concealed almost nothing. Her left was beautiful and unmarred, but her right tit just had a raw looking wound where her nipple should have been. "Oh my god, what happened?"

Bianca looked down at her chest. "Someone cut it off. They wanted to do it, and I wanted tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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Part 3 - Continued


I grabbed the headset off my head and tossed it on my pillow as I rolled off the bed, a sticky wet patch remaining where I had orgasmed repeatedly. I dashed down to the basement, bursting in to see Bianca leaning over Nicola's unconscious form, an expression of worry on her face. "She's bleeding out."

"I know, kitten." I made a beeline to the fridge, punching a code into the pinpad on the second door. Opening it, I reached in and grabbed the spare can of medical spray I kept there and tossed it to Bianca. "Seal her up, quickly." I turned back to the shelves. Blood packs were stacked there, appropriated from the labs. I had gleaned Nicola's blood type from her memories, and I took a pack of it and grabbed some tubing before hurrying over to the bed.

Bianca had stopped the bleeding. She looked at the blood bag in my hands. "You're going to save her?"

I thought about my reasons while I set up the transfusion, pushing a peripheral IV line into her stomach. Normally I would have used an arm, but that obviously wasn't possible in this case. "I guess you could say I feel a connection to her." Setting up a stand I hooked up the blood bag and watched the precious red liquid flow into her. "I know her intimately, and I don't think I want her to disappear from this world just yet."

Bianca looked at me as I pulled up a chair and sat down, exhaling. "What are we going to do with her?"

I looked at her. "She was right about never being able to go back to her old life. Without arms or legs, she's going to need someone to take care of her. That means feeding her, cleaning up after her... Think you're up to it?"

Bianca nodded. "I'm okay with that." She looked down at the limbless body sleeping on the bed. "What kind of life can she lead though? She's going to get pretty bored lying in bed all day."

I looked down and Nicola. Just a head and torso. No arms, legs, breasts or vagina. "You can teach her to be a fantastic pussy licker." Bianca unsuccessfully tried to stifle a laugh. "She's stabilised for now. I'm going to have to do a bit of work on her though, repair some of the damage. For now, I'm starving. Nicola might have eaten in the last few hours, but I haven't and my stomach is about to mutiny."

Bianca went into the kitchen. "Want me to cook you up onePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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The 4th part involved Annabel using the nanotech on the blank clones of herself so she could possess them and cook/eat herself alive with no lasting repercussions. It was quite nice but I neglected to save it. :(
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Confession time... Part 4 died early on. I was posting on a high after finishing part 3 and I realised I didn't really have a narrative properly done.

I've outlined it better since then, but with my spare time limited, I haven't been able to motivate myself to continue it. The self cooking is gone, at least in the beginning, and I'm still trying to come up with a personality for Alice. I don't want a copy of Bianca, but I don't want her to be a domme either. Annabel is in charge. I'm leaning towards a bubbly innocent persona, with a sexual attraction to her twin but no real penchant for s/m.

Also having difficulty with introducing a male encounter as I'm not really sure how to do one. The mindset just feels mystifying to me and comes off feeling a bit fake.

I've considered posting again, comments are a huge motivator, but I'm a bit worried about ending up teasing everyone if I don't keep up the pace. I know how it feels to check the board and not find an update to the stories I'm excited about.

Might entertain trying to give myself a weekly deadline... In the meantime, here's a small bonus. I added content to the end of Perspective. Someone said that the interactions with Cristiana as the main antagonist seemed rushed and I agreed, so I padded it out a bit. Feel free to keep whichever version you prefer.
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Before the pussy removal...
I stood up, letting out a yelp as Bianca slapped my behind. "Well done." She went to a cupboard and took out a narrow tray, bringing it over to the chair and placing it on the table beside us. It was full of long steel skewers of varying lengths and thicknesses. Next to them was a large box with some wires coming out of it. Some vicious looking alligator clips decorated the end of each cable. I just looked at her, waiting for her to explain. She stepped behind Cristiana and reached around my friend's body, fondling her breasts.

Cristi was getting furious now. "This screwed up sex game of yours has gone on long enough! Do you think I'm going to beg for mercy or something? I doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks! That's it


any more from this author?

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