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Spin the Bottle
by Regis

Francine was totally pissed off when she saw her boss showing the mail clerk Lacie how to use the computer in the next cubicle. She had applied for the new job, wanting to learn computer instead of pushing a pencil all day, checking incoming orders before passing them on to the computer people to enter the data. As well as prestige, the computer job paid better, and had a better future.

Francine had worked here longer than Lacie, and had even had sex with the boss several times to make up for some stupid errors. Francine wasn’t stupid, but the job was sometimes complicated, and the boss was willing to forget about her mistakes if she fucked him. It was no big deal, really, because she had got through school every term since grade 4 by letting her male teachers screw her.

This new kid Lacie, just out of school, had taken a computer course in grade 10, which hardly qualified her for a job this important. That hot little bitch had only been in the mailroom for three months, and had probably let the boss screw her in the private interview, just to get the good job. Francine wasn’t just guessing; she had seen twenty different girls going into the stock room, where there was a cot in the back where he got into whoever he wanted to.

That was just how things worked in this big regional distribution office. The six managers had all the tail they could manage, whenever they wanted it. They never used protection, and fired any girl who started to grow a belly on her. That meant a high rate of turnover, with lots of fresh young pussy hired every month.

Francine waited for Lacie by the time clock after work, and told her they were invited to a great party the next night at the Long Bottle Bar. Lacie, wanting to celebrate her new job, was in. “Its free drinks for any girls willing to play Spin the Bottle!” Francine told the 18-year-old rookie. With their low wages, free drinks made anything worthwhile. They met the next night at the nearest bus stop to the bar and walked the last 3 blocks, giving Francine enough time to earn the trust of her unexpected rival.

The bouncer saw the two classy looking girls in their micro-minis and spike heeled shoes, and let them in ahead of others lined up to get in. Hot ladies were in demand, and when he spotted some he always got them in first, which drew more guys with fat wallets. Inside, Francine met up with her friend Joe who took them throughPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not sure Anonymous liked the alternate ending. I certainly don't.


>>9749 It's actually not so bad, despite your efforts xD


Understood. I'm pretty much a wank wannabe, and can't even screw up effectively.


Understood. I'm pretty much a wank wannabe, and can't even screw up effectively.


Understood. I'm pretty much a wank wannabe, and can't even screw up effectively.


by Regis

Rachel was still wondering just what this assignment was about.

She had found out too late that what the company referred to as "assignments in situations that involve serious risk to life and limb," in its recruiting materials were more accurately described as "situations in which the survival of the contracted employee is considered unnecessary or undesirable" when they were looking for customers.

Within twenty-four hours of signing her contract, she'd found herself being prepped for surgery as a "volunteer" donor for a heart-lung transplant. The surgical team had been scrubbing up when the intended recipient had a stroke, giving the family an excuse to cancel the operation (and thus preserve their inheritance). After her lucky escape, the company had kept her busy with errands and "personal service" assignments in their facility while trying to find a more permanent use for her. After about a month, they had come up with this one.

For the past week, she'd been living and working in this blacksmith's forge. Doing odd jobs like pumping the bellows and sweeping up at the end of the day, but mainly kneeling passively while the smith (she'd never heard his name used) lectured his apprentices, Henry and Jeff, about Damascus steel and the fine art of sword making. Rachel vaguely remembered the term from high school history, but couldn't figure out why it worried her.

The apprentices had taken advantage of Rachel's presence in the shop, discreetly harassing her during the day and taking turns sleeping with her at night. The smith, however, seemed indifferent to her, aside from giving curt orders when he had work for her to do. The apprentices were mainly interested in her as a decorative woman who didn't have the right to say "No." If they knew why she was there, they weren't willing to talk about it. Somehow though, she doubted that the smith had paid the company's enormous fee just to have a nude woman to do the menial work around the shop and be a plaything for his students.

Today, she'd gotten the impression that the sword that they'd been working on was nearly done. The smith was talking in terms of "the final heating," and had kept her at the bellows most of the morning while he did finishing work the blade. Even at a slow and steady pace, Rachel was getting tired. Finally, he was satisfied. He gave orders to his apprentices, "Henry, take over the bellows. Jeff, gePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for the feedback, Anon, I'm pleased to see how concerned you are about making me a better writer of fiction, the kind that totally mirrors reality. I understand there are people for whom suspension of belief is outside their range. People in that narrow category were unable to grasp the message or enjoy stories such as Gulliver's Travels and Mobey Dick, which are clearly, by your standards, deeply flawed literature. Had you been the writer of this tale, you would have to put the young lady through a blender first, to ensure an even slurry. That would, unfortunately, ruin the intent, which was to follow historical practices.

I'm not a medical guy, but I do know there is relatively good consistency inside the torso, all of it a high percentage of water, as long as you avoid the bones, not too difficult in a human torso, and somewhat denser meat of organs, which are also mostly water. I've read in several accounts that this is how Damascus Steel was first made, as far back as 300 BC.

Here is an excerpt from a story printed in the New York Times, Sept. 29, 1961

In a recent letter to the museum a Pakistani told of a sword held in his family for many generations, quenched by its Afghan makers in donkey urine. Some medieval smiths recommended the urine of redheaded boys or that from a three-year-old goat fed only ferns for three days.

For eight centuries the Arab sword makers succeeded in concealing their techniques from competitors -and from posterity. Those in Europe only revealed that they quenched in red medicine or green medicine. A less abrupt form of cooling, according to one account, was achieved when the blade, still red hot, was carried in a furious gallop by a horseman on a fast horse.

Writings found in Asia Minor said that to temper a Damascus sword the blade must be heated until it glows like the sun rising in the desert. It then should be cooled to the color of royal purple and plunged into the body of a muscular slave so that his strength would be transferred to the sword.

In the ancient accounts there is more than one reference to such homicidal quenching. In a recent interview, Dr. Nickel pointed out that while many of the quenching techniques were based on superstition, they may have contributed to the success of the process, as by adding nitrogen to the alloy.

No ideas are new, it's what we do with them that counts.


Nitrogen perhaps, but it seems like _carbon_ would be the most relevant element added by quenching the sword by thrusting it into an unfortunate participant. As we know now, it's the addition of carbon to iron that turns it into steel.


My thanks too to the anon(s?) trying to improve the story with believable scientific/historical details. I'm one of those people who finds fiction, including erotic fiction, more compelling the more I can picture it actually happening in real life.
Heavy disbelief suspenders get in the way of my fun, as it were ;P


@ Psy & Anon

The concept is based on both myths and proven research on a barbaric practice that has sexually stimulating potential. I attempted to harness that potential in a brief and easily dismissed bit of fiction that, if moved to be technically accurate, means the story idea is fatally flawed. If it doesn't work for you, then please move along to something more satisfying for you, stories that bring you pleasure. That, after all, is the point to the exercise, is it not?

If you are unable to suspend disbelief, and I fully understand such people exist, the 2nd paragraph gave you all the information necessary to bail out and move on, as it describes an extremely unlikely situation in which Rachel is entrapped.

Continuing this conversation is singularly unrewarding, and I'm going to get on with my life. Enjoy good health and prosper.

Oops, that's dangerously close to an idea borrowed from a ridiculously unlikely and unsupportable concept for a science fiction story not worth producing. The late Eugene Wesley Roddenberry must have been a delusional fool, thinking people would enjoy a TV series with a misspelled title, Star Trek.


I think anyone interested in some pretty steamy text might want to research Damascus Steel history. A lot of people died in blacksmith workshops testing the stories on it's amazing properties, particularly in the creation of weapons.


I'm a full-figured 58-year-old M-F trans furry who prefers "Shklee" and "shkler" as my pronouns. Today I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30 (I slept in, usually I'm an early riser) and made sure to check my privelidge before going outside to have a vape. On the way to my car this pompuos asshole wite supremacist (he's not actually white, he's Mexican - well technically he's from Korea but same diff)_ literally rapes me by saying "hi" like I have time for his bullshit, and that's when I decided, I should right an auto biograhy for my followers on gurochan and then kill myself bc I'm to good for this world.
I was born with autism (never got diagnosed but I can tell because I like science and like to keep everything real neat n organized) and even though I was the popular kid in school and had all the best people as my friends, somehow I always knew I was special inside, like Harry Potter. I couldn't do magic but I was a total badass like Katniss Everdeen except actually sexy.
When I got to college I decided I didn't need to follow society's dumb as fuck gender norms any more and started dressing as my true self. I have a bit of a muffin top but nobody really notices because they're always staring at my epic boobs anyway, so I wear midriff shirts alot. You can also see my pubes sticking out bc I don't believe in shaving since it demeans women.
uFnortunitly some rasist fuckweed was ubllying me one day saying I was fat even though I'm not and I'm on a diet even though I shouldn'thave to since fat is beautiful and I got back at him by flashing my boobs and then kicking his balls so he'd get conditioned like the dog he is and maybe learn to respect people's choices and one of the police was there and I got arrested for indecent exposure and assalt? Like it was my fault? Why people have to be such fags.
But anyway that's basically my life story so to take out my anger I've been writing guro ever since and imagining it happneing to real people like that who are inconsiderate aholes.
So now that's done I'mma go kill myself but I'm not saynig how because your all sick fux and don't deserve to know and I hope you all rot in H word with the niggas and the jews and the mexicans and the rasists and the nazis and the trump voters and all the other cis people who make the world aa shitty place.
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That's exactly how I think


Not bad as guro story, but not as prank.

After all that description, most upsetting thing is that we wont get to see your suicide video LOL


Can I have your car, dad?


Wow! I read the whole thing thinking please pleas plz!! be a joke cause it was so well written. It was perfect. people actually talk like that. Great writing.


yeah Aiko that was hilarious


lf. Apr. 22, 2359

- No Unauthorized Access or Distribution -
- Be aware this report has been marked distressing by Cpt. Maria Buchann -

Priority Addendum: This is Buchann. I know many of you view it as disrespectful, but we're keeping a log of what happened to Sarah. We have to follow protocol. I'll mark the file as distressing. Don't forget that we're going to wipe these things out when the orbital squad arrives.

REPORT: Fate of Astronaut and Alien Life Researcher, Lt. Sarah Jules
SUB-REPORT: Reproductive Behavior of Hostile Titan Organism (Exact Species Unknown)

SUMMARY: Drop rescue team deployed 50 seconds from distress signal to Lt. Sarah Jules research vessel, marked 145.66hacc from Titan northpoint. Recorded events simulated by site findings.

Vessel hull was breached by native Titan organism, which entered main corridor behind cockpit, trapping Lt. Jules. Cockpit was sealed, and emergency distress signal sent. Magnetized cockpit security doors were torn through moments later. Sidearm of Sarah Jules discovered in cockpit, unloaded. High durability personal body armor of Sarah Jules discovered in cockpit storage, unworn. Audio-pressure logs (summarized below) indicate Lt. Jules falling to her knees and attempting to reason with the creature, irrationally. Unknown appendage grips Sarah's hair, pulling her up, off of her feet, and finally suspending her, no doubt uncomfortably. Lt. Jules cries, shouting obscenities in a manner our psychological department has described as "panicked." A, organic pop and tear are heard in succession, along with incoherent screaming from Lt. Jules. Pressure logs then indicate the weight of one female arm colliding with the cockpit floor. Each of Sarah's limbs are similarly ripped from her, along with her uniform in its entirety. The Lt. discontinues screaming, now rather howling in pain, but surprisingly (and unfortunately) retaining consciousness. Extended research team believes the creature was removing any potential threats with these actions; suspending and disarming its prey of the arms and legs where it might retain natural weaponry. Following her limbs, by that same logic, the breasts of Lt. Jules were subsequently removed, pulled from her chest individually with great force. It is a testament to the will of Sarah that she was able to beg coherently, after the removal of four limbs and one breast, that the creature not take her second. However, the organism removed her secoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


pretty good, anymore coming?


reminds me of the SCP stories <3


Fun read! Now what's this about SCP guro stories?? Where can I find?


The unique title really catches my attention. Nice, albeit short read. Would like to see more of it!


It’s been a long time since posting here! Here’s my latest story for you guys. It features April O’Neil from the ninja turtles. (The one where she’s a teenager, not the adult one of the old days)

It’s based on this particular episode:


If you didn’t watch it and don’t feel like doing it, here’s what you need to know:

The earth is going to be blown up by space triceratops, the turtles, April and Casey are off to space with a cyborg names Fugitoid to stop them. Their first stop is at a pirate spaceport and the turtles cause a hell of a mess and now have to fight or run.

Now, on to the story!

April gulped as the whole marketplace seemed to glare at her and her friends. She was kinda pissed that that crystal had been so fragile. She had barely dropped it and it shattered in a thousand pieces. She was even more angry at the turtles for causing so much havoc on purpose.

“You know we don’t have any money. Why did you eat some guy’s food?” she hissed.

Michelangelo scratched his neck self consciously with a chuckle. “It was space pizza, April. How could I possibly pass on that?”

“It wasn’t space pizza! It was some kind of alien species!” She yelled, slightly horrified that her friend had eaten something alive.

Hearing the other boys laugh at their flustered orange bandanaed sibling, she whirled to face them. “What are you guys laughing at?” she asked with a dark glare, instantly shutting them up. “You decapitated a robot back there. He could have been sentient. Like the one that saved our butts. Remember that one?”

“Actually, the Fugitoid is more of a cyborg than a robot. Remember that he has a brain...” Donatello started before the full fury of the redhead’s frown fell on him. “Errrr… Nevermind,” he wisely finished.

April took a deep breath. She was mad at her companions, of course, but she was mostly mad at herself. The boys were always rambunctious. It was one of the main reason that she enjoyed hanging out with them so much after all. That, plus the fact that they had a second chance to save the earth had everyone acting hyperactive, herself included.

As the group bickered, a large alien with tentacles for arms separated himself from the crowd. “Are you gonna pay for what you broke and stole or do we Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nice story, I enjoyed the read! I'm sure I would've appreciated the irony more if I'd seen the show though :P


Very nice!


I'm happy you enjoyed it! And not really. That little paragraph I posted is pretty much all you need to know for the premise.

Thanks! Always happy when you enjoy my stuff.


by Regis

"C'mon, silly!" Kerrie said, pulling me up the last few of over a hundred steps, well above the structure where the audience eagerly awaited at the bottom of the water slide. I don't know why I was nervous, although being buck naked except for the spike heels provided by the Park was not usual for me. That’s the kind of park it was; everyone parked his or her clothes at the entrance. We all got a crazy upper as we entered, and the guys also got a blue pill to bring on a sustained woodie. It made it easier for everybody to play wild.

Kerrie was a recruiter for the Park, known as LAAP, which was short for Libido Amusement & Amazement Park. I’d met her just an hour ago at the bar where I worked as a topless waitress. Several taverns and bars in town had a back room where 13-year-old girls wearing only open-crotch panties and heels served drinks. We weren’t allowed to date clients, but they could tuck folded tips into our cunnies. That was instead of pay. The customers liked that, and I did real well.

She met me as I was going off an early shift, when I’d got into my blouse, jeans and sneakers. She said I was very pretty, and I’d love this amazing new park, where sexy girls like me were allowed in free. Kerrie was older than me, probably in grade 10 or 11. She promised whatever happened in the Park was kept secret, so it was okay to be nude. All the girls went nude, and when we got in I saw the guys did too. Staff members got a short t-shirt to identify them. Kerrie wore only heels, and a tight t-shirt with “The Park” across her impressive natural breasts, and “Staff” on the back. Otherwise she too was nude. She even pulled the neck of the low-cut t-shirt down below her tits, making them stick up, so I’d feel less self-conscious.

The Park was in the open air, inside a 16 foot wall, with several specific purpose buildings throughout, for different amusements, and had a midway where girls earned points by enduring sexually punishing games that always drew crowds. The sound of the midway was the screams of girls being hit by whips or darts or worse. That was not my style, and Kerrie knew it. Only high school girls were taken there. She said the rides were best, and assured me I’d love the water slide. The building into which it dropped through a dark Plexiglas roof seated a hundred onlookers, who could see me preparing at the top of the tower, but the tinted glass prevented me seeing iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great stuff! Nothing like a sharp surprise. Is this a new one? Arch


I sure do hope there's more to come. This park seems like the kind of place of which sis and I couldn't get enough.


Please, continue! It seems there is plenty that can be done with this setting.


(grin) The whole point of this park is that for one of you, enough is guaranteed! No second chance.


Yes, this is a new work. I'm thinking of writing more of these very short stories. They don't take me long, and can be satisfying.


While I am trying to get back into writing, I thought I'd let y'all see some short stories. Let me know what you think c:


Terra 5'10 25 soft pale dirty blonde blue eyes DD breasts
Jani 5'9 28 tanned muscular brown eyed D cups
Alicia 5'7 19 pale platinum blonde blue eyes A cups

In a world where wildlife is gone, the tradition of hunting took a turn for the underground. The prey was human and the hunters had to capture their prey. Rare genetic specimens were seen as prime game.-

Terra woke up to find herself lying in the middle of an open field at dawn. the startled woman looked around herself to find nothing but a circle of trees around this oddly deserted area.

"Who the fuck?!" The startled woman yelled out, quickly noticing that her top was missing and covering her bare chest. All she had on was the pajamas and slippers she wore when she went to sleep. She could feel her heart hammering, choking her breaths as she felt vulnerable and watched. She had no idea how she got there but she knew whoever put her there had a plan. Without any clue where she was she decided to take a direction and walk toward the trees. it all looked the same and there were no mountains or distinct features to be seen beyond the tall redwood trees and dense bushes.

As she approached the trees, she started to walk faster and faster, breaking into a full sprint as she open field felt more and more dangerous.

"Shit, shit, shit. What happened?! I hope this is a joke" she let out in labored breaths, sweat starting to bead down her face and body, making her hair stick to her shoulders. However as son as she entertained the thought it left her mind.

A quick snap made her jump as something hit the tree behind her. She looked around and saw something sticking out of the tree, it wasn't natural... it was unmistakably modern. a thin metal shaft connected to the needle lodged into the bark.. This was a dart... She froze for a split second in utter terror as she realized what it was and a sudden thud hit the leaves by her feet.

Without hesitation, Terra ran deep and aimlessly into the forest to lose whatever was shooting at her. she yelled "STOP, STOP" at the top of her lungs before disappearing among bushes, running fast and hard, pushing herself as hard as her body could muster. As she ran out of breath she lie down curled int he fetal position panting and sweating. Her legs were covered in cuts from the brambles. A river caught her eye a little in the distance but the open and uncovered territory was frightening. She couldn't even begin to know who her capPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


4'11 white haired red winged stocky and toned demon clad in leather. Long thick slick back horns and a crest of a skull with another set of smaller horns. Leather clad. Red eyes
21'3 winged and clawed Kitsune with mossy green hair and a toned body. Her upper chest covered in feathers leaving exposed the bottom half of her chest and the bulbous form of her breasts. red eyes.

In a small world overrun by monsters of all feminine shapes, a peaceful town was awaken. A fair skinned human woman came running into town.

"Everyone, a demon in the woods! There is a demon in the woods, she has awakened! We must stop her!" She yelled into the streets as people and their companions all gathered around her in the village.

"Please, relax, Lillian - We shall send our Guardian, Nauma to find and trap this demon away." The metal clad sword-mistress looked up at a massive yet rather gentle looking 21 foot giant.

"Nauma, please put an end to this. Go into the woods and trap that demon. put her back into the ground!"

The kitsune's wings fluttered happily as she sprang up from sitting and shook the ground as she sprinted dutifully toward the woods from where Lillian has come.

The demon, Furia, had awoken from an unusually long sleep. thousands of years had passed since she had awakened. Unlike the hundred years or so they typically awakened, she had been suppressed, banished from the world successfully by generations of locals who wielded a strong spell to keep her from summoning. However, it could not last forever and she broke through finally. She took a moment to walk around the forest. Nothing, not a peep of life was there to be seen as if even nature had learned to avoid the area where she had been banished.

"Ugh..." Her claw lowered to her stomach. She had an intense hunger. Existing was torture. Looking at the ground again, she wanted to go back and sleep, but she knew she would just come back hungrier. She knew she had to hunt for life. She needed a soul, she needed fear, she needed blood and meat. Her powers and her body was begging for sustenance.

Furia started to walk away from her center of the forest, knowing that something must be alive somewhere. However nothing seemed to move or chirp. The trees themselves were the only things vibrant and full of life. She leaned on one to think, turning her head to rest on it she suddenly heard something... a rhythm.

As she pressed her ear against the tree she Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Kayla was working at the end of her shift at a small cardiology clinic when her boss came in and asked her to stay late because a patient needed her care for a few extra hours after closing. The request was strange, as the patient in question seemed to be a healthy and athletic woman in her mid twenties who complained of chest pains, she hadn't spoken except to stay since she was admitted and all of her blood work was fine thus far.

"Yeah, sure. I'll do it"

He smiled and walked off "Thanks, she is really adamant about having you take care of her, she a friend of yours?"

"No, I don't recognize her."

He made a bewildered smirk and carried on. Kayla was just as confused but thought it was time to check in on her unusually healthy patient. She waled into the doorway and smiled.

"Can I get you anything?"

The woman just weakly shook her head to say no.

As she walked out her phone buzzed in her coat. She pulled ot out and saw text in all caps from her roommate. "KAY COME HOME NOW!" "EMERGENCY!"

Her heart sank as her suspicions were affirmed



She knew it then. Her roommate was with her in witness protection after they called out a massive drug scandal between a few crime organizations and the last hospital she worked at. She then remembered the knife in the woman's belongings.
Kayla was watching people leave and was walking out the door when her boss called her back.

"What do you think you're doing? Forget your patient?" He said, laughing it off as he was getting ready to leave.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that" she said in a soft, noticeably distraught tone.

She didn't want to raise alarms but she couldn't be int he hospital by herself. She also couldn't be sure the woman was the person after her, or that her leaving wouldn't be just as dangerous. Right now, before the shift was finally gone she had the best chance. She walked in again and had to think quick.

'I touch the knife and she'll know...' she muttered to herself. She had to act like a cardiologist again. She looked at the pillow... but she was barely 100lbs and the woman on the bed could easily overpower her in a struggle. She went bedside, the woman's eyes opened slightly and looked toward the glass door where two nurses were still there waiting for the last minute to head out; the woman just shook her head to say no.

Kay wanted to get the upper hand but didn't want to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great stories


First time actually posting something... Enjoy!

Sirens' Last Song=

Chapter 1: The Last Dazzle

After a month of that song being on top, I'm sick of listening to this no-good hack and her cronies stealing my crowds.... but it would be a crime to just waste her gorgeous body. And since she's the leader, she can go first. Getting her alone was first part, and luckily, it wasn’t the least bit difficult. I found her trying to “sing” alone in an alley close by.

With the element of surprise on my side, I quickly was able to chloroform her without a struggle. I picked her up and brought her to my empty warehouse to enact my revenge. Once there, I strip her carefully, sit her in a chair by a bed, bind her arms and legs with heavy duty rope, duct tape her mouth, and wait for her to wake just out of sight.

I watched her wake and panic. I let her fret for a bit before revealing myself. Her eyes first narrow as she recognizes me, when widen as she sees the knife in my hand. I walk towards her slowly and as intimidating as possible. When I reach her, I give her my ultimatum.

“Your mouth opens, You die. Understand, Adagio.” It wasn’t a question.

I ripped the tape off her mouth quickly. She doesn't make a sound. Good, I thought. Don't want this to be over too quickly. I shallowly cut her along each thigh once, twice, finally a third time. She whimpers, but her mouth doesn't open, so I move to her midriff. A single cut there and she screams.


Before she can realize her mistake, I hilt her face hard. I pounded her face until I hear her choke on my cock, then I pull out. I grab the back of her head and pull it so I can look her in the eyes.

“Now, I take your pride and joy.” I said.

I slit her lovely little throat and watch the light leave her eyes. After I’m sure she’s dead, I untie her and move her to the bed so can enjoy her more thoroughly. I insert my dick into her virgin pussy and start thrusting slowly. As I fuck her corpse, a thought comes to me.

This is a nice fuck. I wonder if the boys at the Mirror Pool can make me a subservient clone of this bitch and her goons. But first, I finish inside and finish cutting her head off.

I gotta finish the set.


Don't know if anyone liked Ch. 1 but, Gotta finish the set

Chapter 2: Blaze of Glory

I didn’t have to look for the second one on my list, as she literally came to me a week later. She knocked on my warehouse’s door with a single flyer in one hand and concern on her face. I was sitting in my surveillance room at the time, having just rewatched my performance from before yet again. I pushed the button for the intercom at the door.

“Hello, my name is Aria Blaze. I’m looking for my friend, Adagio Dazzle. She sometimes hides around here. She’s been missing for a week and we’re worried.”

“We?” I faked concern. I knew who she was talking about, but I did have one question myself.

“My other friend Sonata and I.”

“And you haven’t gone to the police?”

“We have no legal papers, so they can’t help.”

I open the automatic door. “Come in and maybe I can help you see her again.” I said before turning off the intercom. I watch her walk in before grabbing a couple tools for my meeting: a pistol, fishing wire, rope, and brass knuckles. Adagio may have been the leader, but Aria was the first one I thought of killing. Before ending her, I needed to release all of my stress. I went to "greet” her.

She had her back to me as I entered the front area, seemingly looking for me. I quickly and quietly approached her, taking care not to reveal myself. When I got right behind her, I struck her in the head with the pistol. She fell out cold. Knowing she’d be out for awhile, I got to work stripping her, binding her hands to her with the fishing line and tying the rope into a noose especially for her neck.

I finished securing the noose as she came to. As she couldn’t break the line, I picked her up and placed her on the stool so that she was standing.

“What do you want? I have money.” The purple-haired cunt asked.

“Your life,” I placed the noose around her neck. “Ended brutally.” I pulled out my pistol and blew off both her kneecaps. As she started to hang, I put on the brass knuckles. For a full minute, I treated her body as a punching bag. I didn’t strike her face, but every other part of her body was fair game.

With my fury sated, I removed my pants and fucked her until the only movements were twitches. Then, I cut her body down and finished in her throat. With the second part of my project done, I gently removed a couple hairs for the Mirror Pool and removed her head for later fun timesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Chapter 3: The Last Siren Song

Three weeks had passed since I relieved myself of the second siren. Now, it was time for the last one: Sonata. I had an anonymous note delivered to her earlier and now I was sitting in the front area waiting for her to arrive. I had both previous recordings on televisions on either side of me.

I watched her knock on the door so timidly, no sound came from it. I opened the door anyway and beckoned her to approach.

“Y-y-you know where my sisters are? Adagio and Aria?”

I nodded and she came in. I closed the door and locked every lock in the building. She would not leave this place still breathing.

I pointed to a second chair, this one facing the TVs. “Sit.”

As she did as instructed, I turned both TVs on and played the first video on one TV. After that one finished, I played the other one on the second TV. Sonata saw everything. Not a single detail did I allow her to miss. After the second video finished, she was in tears.

“You’re going to kill me as well.” She cried.

“Not if you follow my directions to the letter.” I said. Unfortunately, I planned my directions so the last one wouldn’t be doable. “Now, Strip, and do it slowly.”

I watched what would be her last show with excitement, my member jumping to full mast when she got to her undergarments. After she finished, she looked to me and paled and the sight of my now ten-inch dick.

“Come hear.” I said. Reluctantly, she listened. “Suck me off and swallow. No teeth.”

She put her mouth at the tip and eagerly began sucking as if a quick finish would save her. Each bob took her a little farther down my shaft. When she got halfway down my shaft, I grabbed her head and hilted her face and came. She tried to swallow, but there was just so much that it spilled out her nose. I didn’t comment on her early failure, but Instead said, “Now it’s time for your pussy. Go to the bed.”

She swallowed what was still on her lips and laid on the bed face up. When she was in position, I came over to her and stuck my middle finger in her cunt. I fingered her until she came.

“Time for the main event.” I said as I tasted her honey-sweet juices. “Flip over.”

I gently poked my dick on her pussy before roughly shoving it in and fucking her doggy-style. Her virgin moans were like music to my ears. However, as with all good things, it had to come to an end. I felt myself on the verge, so I sat Sonata up Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Remarkable. But I'd love to see more depth. Why is this person doing it..who are they..

The mirror pool idea isn't too bad. I may borrow that..though i..don't know how to explain where I found the idea ;)

Either way I'd love to see more. Clones unaware they are clones can be so satisfying when they realize it.


I was preparing to write something new, and forgot I wrote this little bit. Here's the epilogue...


I had just come home from another stressful day. Another song-writing deadline passed in the nick of time. As I enter my home, I smell something lovely coming from the kitchen. Four sets of cloned eyes lock onto me as I slam the door.

“Another rough day, Honey?” One of the Aria clones asked as she took my coat.

“Nothing a ‘Night Session’ can’t fix.”

As I say that, two more figures come from the kitchen. “Night Session?” One Adagio clone asked.

“Yes, and this time I’ll be taking three of you.”

All six clones in the room do some sort of different happy dance as I go to prepare the tools for tonight. Rope, knives, brass knuckles, and more sit in the back room specifically for these night snuff sessions. For tonight, I grab a silenced pistol, a garrote wire, and a knife.

I have to thank those Mirror Pool guys later, I thought as I remembered the fun I’ve had with the thirty or so clones I’ve ‘playtested.’ But now, I have Bitches to kill.


This is a prompt thread based on the kill-the-above games in RP. Instead of you playing the roles of characters as if you were in the story, you will simply be writing stories with the characters mentioned.

As this isn't an RP, you do not have to respond to the previous post with a story before posting your own prompt. In fact, you should post your story in another thread or off-site; however, you should link to the story so other people can know that the prompt was already used.

For appearance, outfit, and weapons in the template you may link to images or write a description. I don't see any rules regarding links to images of real people, but if you do use one, make sure they're 18+; however, if we're told by a mod or admin to stop linking to real pictures we should stop. If they tell us to stop linking images entirely then ignore this paragraph. The outfit and weapons description/image obviously doesn't have to agree with the appearance image.

Here's the templates;


Personality: (Optional)


Weapons/Powers: (Optional) (
Personality: (Optional)
Preference: (Optional) (How does your killer prefer to kill?)


Unnamed Characters: (Optional)
Location: (Optional)
Scenario: (Optional)

You can just post a victim, multiple victims, a killer, a killer and victim, or any other combination. The authors can create their own killers or victims if one isn't provided.

Here's the first

Name: Holly Black
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Fair skin, short wavy red hair, slender, busty.
Outfit: Tight bra and underwear.
Personality: Strong, confident, calm, ambitious, and intelligent.

Name: Heather Alford
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Light-brown skin, short curly brown hair, athletic, small breasts.
Outfit: Tight bra and underwear.
Personality: Strong, sympathetic and loyal towards friends, aggressive to those she dislikes, brutally honest, overtly confident, and intelligent. She has a crush on Jana Zhang, and is extremely overprotective of her.

Name: Jana Zhang
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Dark-skinned Asian, medium-length hair dyed green and pink, athletic, and medium-sized breasts.
Outfit: Tight bra and underwear.
Personality: Extremely shy around strangePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Name: PFC Lyza Androvsky
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: A Eurasian with pale white skin, green eyes, messy unruly black hair cut short, tall, but with a fit physique (visible muscles). Large breasts, and wide hips/ass.
Outfit: A helmet, and load bearing vest (with all items stripped away). Along with a damaged, blood and sweat soaked combat uniform, dog tags, and wearing a sports bra and spats underneath.
Personality: A quiet and stoic girl.

Name: CPL Paige Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Appearance: A woman of mixed european and middle eastern heritage, dusky tan skin, brown eyes, brown curly hair kept up in a short pony tail. Short. Lithe and slender physique. Flat chest but skinnier hips than Lyza, and a nice tight ass.
Outfit: No helmet, no vest, only a bloody and torn combat uniform. Her underwear (which is the same as Lyza's) is visible through the rips and tears of her uniform.
Personality: An outgoing and cheerful young woman prone to joking around.


I'll leave this up to the writers, but generally they should be members of the enemy forces who've captured the two girls alive after an intense battle.

The ruins of a farming village.


Interrogation of the two survivors, then execution.
Or just skip straight to the execution, whichever you feel like.


Dropping one more for the night.

Name: Cynthia Fields
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Appearance: Fair complexion, short blonde hair, slender frame, and large breasts.
Outfit: Green dress and black shoes.
Personality: Sweet and motherly.

Name: Ashley Fields
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Milky-white complexion, long blonde hair, petite, small breasts.
Outfit: White sleeveless dress, black thigh-high stockings, and black shoes. White bra, but no panties.
Personality: Shy and quiet.

Name: Amber Fields
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Milky-white complexion, long blonde hair, petite, small breasts.
Outfit: Pink dress, pink knee-high stockings, and pink shoes. No bra or parents.
Personality: Kind and outgoing

Location: City square.
Scenario: The city was captured by an invading army. The Lord of the city chose to resist, and as his punishment and message to the town, his wife and two eldest daughters are going to be publicly executed.


Hmmm. I like this.

Name: Roobot Blaspheme
Gender: 3 dudes 4 chicks and 2 that shift.
Age: 30-35
Appearance: usually as 25 y.o. humans with a few obvious cybernetic augmentations.
Outfit: Various robes and cloaks, cargo jeans, lightweight armor.
Weapons/Powers: Their skeletons are made of super strong lightweight materials with many tools attached. The can use energy weapons, jump vast distances quickly, etc.
Personality: Various. Polite to each other, though they might not say much, generally reserved or conversational, not usually instigating conflict, but united in a quest for revenge that has gone haywire.
Preference: They use plasma throwers that are like flamethrowers but with much better range and can melt through vehicles and buildings. They like to ignite their enemies pain nerves a lot.



Name: Alexis Bailey
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Appearance: Light-brown complexion, short brown hair, slim, busty.
Outfit: White t-shirt, camouflage shorts, black boots, and a green leather purse.
Weapons/Powers: A 9mm semi-automatic pistol and several clips of ammunition.
Personality: Cold and cruel.
Preference: Alexis prefers to torture her victims and make them beg for death before she actually kills them.

Name: Luna Hendricks
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: Milky complexion, medium-length blonde hair, slender frame, and small breasts.
Outfit: Green-striped button-down shirt, khaki skirt, brown boots, and a silver purse.
Weapons/Powers: Two 9mm semi-automatic pistols with several clips of ammunition.
Personality: Playful and prone to joking around in serious situations.
Preference: Luna enjoys making her victims suffer a lot, and likes to watch them bleed out rather than giving them a quick death.

Named Victim

Name: Monica Nguyen
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Asian, shoulder-length hair dyed bright red, a little plump, and busty.
Outfit: Red low-cut sleeveless minidress, hot-pink knee-high stockings, and red shoes. She's not wearing anything underneath her clothes.
Personality: Kind and outgoing, extremely flirty to men and women, and enjoys partying.

Unnamed Characters: 12 girls between the ages of 14 and 16.
Location: A suburban house.
Scenario: Monica's hosting a party for her closest friends and forgot to send an invitation her closest friend. That girl's psychopathic father hired two assassins to kill Monica and every single girl at the party.


Tags: unspecified/f, watersports, non-con, slice of life

This story picks up one Thursday in May. It was just after dinner, before dessert.

It'd been about six hours since I last checked on her, the girl that lives in the basement. I shut the blinds in the kitchen and headed down to her home.

* * *

Only a nightlight cast its faint glow into the darkness. I flicked a switch to turn on some old fluorescent lights in the ceiling. The noises and light elicited a tiny squeak from over where she stood, on the right side of the room. There she was.

She was exactly where I saw her last, with her childish figure against the wall, facing it. She had been standing there, nude, occupying that same spot for the majority of the past four days. I locked the door behind me and made my way down the stairs.

She couldn't move from the position I left her in when I last visited, during my lunch break. A tube with a clip on the end was tied to a hook above her head. The tube extended down, between her legs, and into her urethra. Inside, a balloon kept the end from slipping out. She could not sit or lie down---with any deviation from standing, and the balloon and tube would uncomfortably pull and chafe her crotch. A pair of handcuffs on her thin wrists locked her arms behind her back. She could not reach around herself to tamper with the catheter apparatus or to soothe her aching genitals.

She pressed her knees against each other and leaned them painfully against the hard concrete wall of the basement. Her feet hurt even worse. She curled her toes and stood on the outer edges of her feet, temporarily to let the other areas of her soles rest. She kept her head down, with her forehead touching the wall. Droplets of cold sweat had formed on her back from stress.

As I came in, she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. She squinted from the jarring brightness. Her pupils shrank down to adjust, after which she opened her eyes to look at me again. She looked sad. I don't think she'd given up hope that her parents will show up and take her home.

Some of her hair was stuck messily to her face from the sweat. She was breathing heavily through her nose. A shiny metal ring in her mouth forced her jaw open, and a heavy leathery patch covered her mouth. This kept her from potentially disturbing the neighbors in case she cried out. A strap that looped behind her head held both of these implements secPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I couldn't stop laughing at some point. Wonderful story all around. The humor, the psychological horror, the realism and relatable characters. I love it.


Thanks, seeing that someone has already read it and taken the time to leave a comment made me really happy.
I had a lot of doubts about posting something that didn't even contain anything sexual.
If I had known someone would be able to see it for its good points, I would have liked to post under a pseudonym instead of anonymously.

This is the first time I've written a piece of fiction, unless I'm forgetting about something in grade school.
I want to keep trying.


Please do! I loved her painful punishments where she had to do X or else endure Y. And how she was hathed like a baby. Just all of the crushing disappointment. The cold water and unconventional suffering.


I'd love to see more of your work, or even a continuation of this one! Also, please don't be afraid of writing stories that don't have sex! The lack of it actually flaunts the kinks you display, and works to make the story less predictable~

Be sure to post the name you're going to be writing stories on here so that we know it's you when one does come!

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