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Part One: Lian the Chubby Asian

Lian. asian, chubby, depressed, obsessed with knives, parents are too demanding death looks like an escape

Lian sighed sadly as she hung up the phone. The chubby young virgin had been on the phone with the suicide help line. She now had the strength she needed, and an idea to help her.

'This would be the last time I ever do this... The hotline was right, this this kind of hot...'

She thought to herself as she started up her computer, her large collection of knives beside her. She quickly logged into a cam site and stripped, activating the camera on her bed. She smiled at it.

"Hi~ My name is Lian, and I have a special treat for you all~"

She practically moaned the line as she spread her legs. Her hairless teen pussy was already soaked from the thought of this.

'All of these people watching.... Do they know what they're watching?'

She thought to herself, getting even hornier. It was time. She let a hand glide between her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was a bit large compared to most girls. While rubbing her clit with one hand, she picked up one of her blades and teased her little slit carefully.

'Oh gods... The blade is cold... One slip and...'

She moaned loudly, slicing her own clit off as she began to squirt. The moan quickly mixed with the scream of pain and pleasure. She closed her legs as blood and cum sprayed, rolling onto her side so the camera could still see her cunt.

Ahhh~ Oh gods it hurts~

She shrieks, but regains herself enough to slide the sharp, jagged blade into her virgin slit. The blade shredded her vaginal walls, making her shriek again as it went in. Slowly she drove it to the hilt, then twisted. This completely destroyed her inner pussy before she removed the blade, panting.

"L-like what you see~? Did you enjoy watching this virgin kill her cunt~? The.. The show isn't over yet..."

She whimpered her lines as she showed the camera her badly bleeding, gravely wounded cunt. She retrieved a second bladPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I love knives :)

I'll be checking back on this one...


Good job.


hi , teen blood and suicides


A promising start. Keep up the good work.


I would love to watch this...


Hello. I'm Poguemahone.

So it's been a while since I posted here. This may lead some of you to assume that I've not been writing anything. But in truth, I have been. Like, a lot.

The bad news, for some of you at least, is that I've went super ultra mega-indulgent on my urge to write MLP stories, which is why I've not posted anything here and chosen other, perhaps more receptive sites for it. It was just what I wanted to write. It's what I still want to write, actually. Some of it has fetish's that you will probably hate. Some of it isn't even porn for christ sake. I'll get back to "normal" stuff eventually, even if I'm grossly misusing the term. But for now...you gotta write what your heart wants, right?

My stuff can be found on Furaffinity under the name Pozzo if you're curious. But given that this is a sequel to a story that I've posted here before, I thought I'd post it here while informing those curious where I've been as to what The Deal is. Sorry again for the silence. I hope you can get some form of enjoyment out of my stuff at least.

So without further ado: If you've not read the original, read this first! http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Melatonin/20649/How-Many-Apples.pdf



It was early morning; way earlier than Rainbow Dash liked to be up at normally. If she had to get up at the crack of dawn, it was usually for a damn good reason. Today met the bill. She stood outside the entrance to the Apple family home. She hadn’t been here in a while. Not since a fateful bet made over hard cider a solid two or three weeks ago. A bet involving apples. Lots of them. Shoved into places apples had no business being, even if it was Applejack doing the storing. It had been a wild time, all right. But at the end of it, Applejack had been in pieces. Her skin had been stretched out to an impossible degree, and then left empty on the grass like a flesh-coloured tarp. Her bones and various insides detached and spread over the ground. Rainbow had held her skull in her hands, unsure if her friend was dead or alive, and yet undeniably turned on by what she had witnessed.

Weeks had passed. Twilight had helped her friend heal, but AJ had gone into seclusion, refusing to be seen. From what Twilight had told her, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hoooot daaaaamn maaaaan, this is so sexy.


Hallelujah! Another story! This one was definitely different, even when compared to your normal stories. It seemed to deal less with the actual action and instead with how it affected Rainbow Dash mentally. Though, this also seemed to be its weak point in my opinion as it got a little dull midway through the story, most likely because once Rainbow's brain was removed, she essentially just became a spectator for the rest of the story, and even the action at the end of the story between Applejack, Applebloom, and Rainbow's body was VERY tame when set next to your usual standards.

None the less, I enjoyed the story immensely, especially seeing as there's been a bit of a dry spell with non-lethal guro lately. I didn't even mind the MLP basis for this story. Doubly so as I've been reading MLP fanfiction like crazy since sometime in February for reasons I can't be bothered to figure out.

Can't wait for your next story. =)


Also, could you place a link to your account on FurAffinity. For some reason, I can't find it.


I have to agree with astro that the pacing is a little off because removing Rainbow Dash's brain isn't followed by something more extreme, resulting in a story that climaxes too soon (no pun intended) and a finale that feels a little uneventful. The first half is fun though, and well-written as usual.

Had a read through some of your other stories as well. 'Time Heals All Wounds, Sort Of' was quite enjoyable and 'Anatomy Lessons' was even better. Rarity's scene with the Diamond Dog was hilarious and I especially loved the sentence "She wiggles in your direction like an angry, sentient flan." I'll probably make my way through 'Modular Merchant' tomorrow.

While registering for furaffinity I also noticed the message you left me on hentai-foundry. As I mentioned in my reply, just let me know what communication method works best for you.

For astro: the link is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pozzo/
Note that you'll need to make an account and adjust your maturity filter to see all of the stories.


Cheers for the feedback everyone. Glad you enjoyed it Narra

It's definitely different, won't deny that, and the ending "climax" will probably seem tame compared to my usual stuff, which I think was probably because I was writing it for a non gurochan audience-probably thought while I wanted people into non-lethal gore to read it, maybe I'd tone down the prolapse/mad insertion stuff

The pacing I will offer a slight defence of: I think being helpless and reduced to a mere spectator is kinda hot on it's own, and I still like those scenes. At least that's my thinking going into it.

Mod Merch is I think 100% sfw and an example of me writing something that is on the surface not kinky, but actually very kinky if you're like me and think in a certain way. It's very very tame, but fun to write. And don't even bother with the wonderquads story; you'll be in for a rather nasty surprise I think. I've added a fair few fetishes to my already far too elaborate arsenal of kinks, but those will not be appearing on gurochan. I know my audience here!

JIP:If you're registered to FA you can PM me there.


I do not own the characters, series, or know anyone who does. Also, I love these three characters. At the same time, there are just great things in terms of guro and gore for them.

On the Block: Cattleya, Menace, Elina

Her moans sounded much louder than they were as they echoed off the walls of the small cave just outside the village's borders, but no one would come to her rescue at this hour.

To her shame, they were the moans of forced pleasure from a captive, taken against her will from just outside her home by surprise to be the plaything of a sadistic creature known for her short temper and the joy she took from her inflicting pain.

Cattleya, the weapon merchant, was sweating profusely from the pleasure she was being force-fed by Melona, the protean assassin, despite the cool dampness of the cave. It was a mix of pain and sexual pleasure, all of the right buttons being pressed at once, and the warmth of the slimy, jiggling body was not helping.

Spring had just began to settle into their part of the continent, but winter had yet to completely release its grasp from the land. This was one of those chilly mornings that would need the fire to be refilled and relight. Unfortunately, it was also the best time for a certain assassin to strike and claim her target before anyone knew she had even awakened.

For all of her playfulness and love of torment, Melona took her assassination attempts seriously when she knew who she was dealing with.
She had began her attack by wrapping her arms around Cattleya's frame, holding and restraining her in place so as to prevent her from fleeing or being able to alert others, and then covered the busty smith's mouth with the bangs of her hair and using her nature to force the secondary limbs into her mouth and down her throat.
She tried to bite at the arms sinking deeper into her throat, but to no avail. She tried to bash her head into Melona's, but, when she did, her head was entrapped in the protean's cleavage.

Cattleya's reaction was to struggle as her breathing became more labored, but panic was settling in and her thrashing was not nearly enough to break free or even knock the assassin out of her stance.
And then she felt a sharp pain in her throat, followed by another pain like something twisting in the back of her throat. Her eyes grew heavy, but the pain wouldn't let her pass out. It was a calculated pain that made her gurgle on the slime inside her, buPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A bit of a confession: i wanted to work on and post Menace's execution today, but things turned sour. Tomorrow or the next day I will release it if I'm feeling well.


Sweet, nice to see some queens blade in here (Y)


Menace, Setra (scepter), Amara (Menace's country), Anarista (trainer and spy of Sadler)
Disclaimer: Queen's Blade and its characters are not my property and I do not know anyone who owns them. Personally, I like this series and its characters and wanted to add on to the Vanquished Queens series with 'executions' of Cattleya, Menace, and Elina.
Story behind this one: In the series, Princess Menace is betrayed by Anarista and left trapped in the Amara slave quarters, where she ultimately dies. For the purposes of this, she is executed. Above are names and minor descriptors for those unfamiliar with the characters.

Trust was difficult to build, but easy to break as many would say. Yet few would or have ever felt that sting as sharply as Menace, Queen of Amara.

She remember that day as starting off pleasant enough, even dream-like.

Anarista, her combat trainer, adviser, mentor, and confidant, had informed her that she had arranged a stage play between actors of Amara and Sadler as a show of their alliance and cooperation together.
She hadn't been wrong, it did show their allegiance, but only how far they were from it.

"Training so early again, your majesty?" Anarista had said that day.

The queen, only a princess at the time, had understood the need to defend herself from assassins and that had turned into a hobby for her. There were times when she would wake early in the morning to practice her martial arts that Anartista had only begun to teach her.

This morning was no different as she sat with a towel over her shoulders and her hands bandaged for protection.
Her smile was genuine as she greeted Anarista's forced one. "I am, yes. Did I wake you this morning?" Menace replied.

Anarista's room was in the slaves' quarters of the palace, close to the pits of combat and the training room. She had been offered a room in the royal quarters, even Menace's own private quarters, but she had refused.
She seemed to like being among the prisoners, rebels, and traitors, but now the queen knew it was because she hated Amara and its people.

"Not at all. I was just coming to inform you that breakfast is prepared." Anarista replied with a loving smile. "If you prefer a bath first, water is already warmed for you."

The princess had gasped with joyful surprise. "Oh! Thank you Anarista. You're so kind to think of me. Won't you join me?"

Anarista shook her head. "I am sorry, Princess, but wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Elina is hard to get down based on personality. I'll use someone else.


Note: do not add any disclaimers to your stories. First, they're useless on a site like us. Second, they clutter the reading.


Hello, I'm sure you all remember me as Karl Luck. I've been busy for the last few months and I haven't been able to write as much.

A lot has happened in that time. I unfortunately lost access to Karl Luck's Dungeon; I don't remember the password, and I had to delete the email it was connected to. So now I have a new site with a new pen name: http://www1.asstr.org/~Randall_J._Nelson/index.html

I was originally going to go with Karl Luck's Dungeon 2, but I thought it'd sound lame. I was planning to ditch that pen name for some time, and this one seems more realistic.

So far there's only one new story uploaded, but the rest are still at Karl Luck's Dungeon. The Melissa Coss series will be uploaded eventually, but for now I'm taking a break from it and I plan to improve the first two. Some other random stories will start to appear eventually. I'm going to try to get into the habit of uploading once or twice a week.


Something unconventional. The diary of a squat toilet. I'll be adding onto this as time goes on.


I am a computerized Japanese-style toilet. I was installed in 1977 in the ladies' washroom at an international university. I monitor the urination and defecation of women from around the world. This allows researchers to monitor the digestive health of various cultures. Because I am a squat toilet, I also can monitor the agility of different nationalities. I have a lot of data, but no photos. I am an old computer. Could you paint a picture of my stories?
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氏名: アリシア・レイエス

ニューヨークからプエルトリコ。レッドレザージャケットとスカート。かわいい帽子。レイシーの下着。ダークと大きな髪。緊急排尿。 多くのため息。理想的な排便。柔らかい、ソーセージ状、小さなとぐろを巻く。


緊急排尿? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 9
排尿のスピード: 20.2ミリリットル毎秒
尿量: 200ミリリットル
緊急排便? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 6
衣料品は染色されました?: いいえ
排便に負担を? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 5
どのくらいのトイレットペーパー?: 1715mm

Name: Alicia Reyes
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Birthday: July 6, 1995
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Cup Size: D
Weight: 46kg
Height: 157cm
Chest: 87cm
Waist: 61cm
Hip: 96cm

Puerto Rican from New York. Red leather jacket and skirt. Cute hat. Lacy underwear. Dark and big hair. Urgent urination. Heavy breathing. Ideal bowel movement. Soft, shape of sausage, slight coiling.

Output statistics

Urgency of urination? (On a scale of 1-10): 9
Speed of urination: 20.2 mL/s
Urine volume: 200 mL
Bristol Stool Scale: 4
Stool weight: 326 grams
Urgency of bowel movement? (On a scale of 1-10): 6
Clothing stained? : No
Difficulty of bowel movement? (On a scale of 1-10): 5
Toilet paper used : 1715mm






緊急排尿? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 10
排尿のスピード: 21.8ミリリットル毎秒
尿量: 398ミリリットル
緊急排便? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 9
衣料品は染色されました?: いいえ
排便に負担を? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 6
どのくらいのトイレットペーパー?: 4458mm

衆生の考え: 私は私を使用する女性は便所以上のものとして私を見たいです。しかし、彼らは私が彼らを監視していた知っているしたくありません。どのようなアメリカ人はキャッチ-22を呼び出します。

Name: Xhosa Van den Bergh
Nationality: South Africa
Birthday: April 23, 1992
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Amber
Cup Size: G
Weight: 59kg
Height: 162cm
Chest: 90cm
Waist: 61cm
Hip: 99cm

Biracial (Caucasian/African). Ass like two teardrops. Wearing sexy boots. Urgent and heavy urination. Urine clear. Very large BM. Laxatives probably used. Needs more fiber.

Output statistics

Urgency of urination? (On a scale of 1-10): 10
Speed of urination: 21.8 mL/s
Urine volume: 398 mL
Bristol Stool Scale: 2
Stool weight: 709 grams
Urgency of bowel movement? (On a scale of 1-10): 9
Clothing stained? : No
Difficulty of bowel movement? (On a scale of 1-10): 6
Toilet paper used : 4458mm

Sentient thoughts: I sometimes wish the women who used me would see me as more than a toilet; but they would not like the fact that I monitor them. It's what Americans call a Catch-22.






緊急排尿? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 7
排尿のスピード: 34.9ミリリットル毎秒
尿量: 428ミリリットル
緊急排便? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 8
衣料品は染色されました?: いいえ
排便に負担を? (個のスケールで (1-10)): 2
どのくらいのトイレットペーパー?: 3315mm

衆生の考え: 私は人間の言葉を理解することはできません。私は、ユーザーが考えているのだろうか。私は食堂でロボットシェフのような音声認識システムがあればいいのに。

Name: Sofia Manuela Gómez
Nationality: Colombian
Birthday: October 3, 1988
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Cup Size: E
Weight: 57kg
Height: 160cm
Chest: 93cm
Waist: 71cm
Hip: 103cm

Stunning. Spoke in Spanish to her friend. She was jogging. Soiled maxi pad. Intense urination. Light yellow urine. Stool large and soft.

Output statistics

Urgency of urination? (On a scale of 1-10): 7
Speed of urination: 34.9 mL/s
Urine volume: 428 mL
Bristol Stool Scale: 5
Stool weight: 498 grams
Urgency of bowel movement? (On a scale of 1-10): 8
Clothing stained? : No
Difficulty of bowel movement? (On a scale of 1-10): 2
Toilet paper used : 3315mm

Sentient thoughts: I can't understand human words. I wonder what my users are thinking about. I wish I had a speech recognition chip like the robotic chef in the lunchroom.


This is...seriously creative!



In the heart of Africa lies a huge swath of land still inhabited by primitive tribes. These tribesmen live off the land, and live as hunter gatherers. Passing down the traditions of how to stalk prey, and field dress animals. These people live much different lives then the western world, where most shop for meat in the Super market.

The Nagowee tribe is one of the fiercest of the region. For the past 100 years the tribe has been fighting for it’s very existence. On one side the western world has been encroaching on their resource rich homeland, and on the other a extremely bloody war had broken out with another indigenous tribe.

In this section of Africa the old rituals are still very much in place. It is the belief of all the tribes people that consuming your enemies, allows you to absorb their energy. A Chinese mining company bought the mineral rights for the native lands. They had sent out 10 expeditionary units, of engineers, and African fixers. All bringing, money and boxes of new technology to hope to bribe the Nagowee to allow the mining to proceed. Only one group ever made it back.

That evening the Nagowee feasted. Much laughter and dancing ensued, as the tribes people danced around in the clothing of the African fixers, and Chinese engineers. Stacks of crates containing smartphones, Apple laptops, reams of cash were stacked up. Mostly useless to this previously uncontacted tribe.

The children couldn’t stop popping by the pens where the surviving members of the expedition were being held. None of them had ever seen, a asian person before. They peeked around the corner, and giggled at the yellow skin, and small penises on the men. The biggest prize however was a white south African woman, who had organized the entire expedition.

Not ones to waste any time, the tribesmen herded the bound prisoners down to the river. Stripped off any remaining clothing and washed them all down thoroughly. Taking extra time on the genitals, and forcing digits plus cold river water up their anuses.

It is a Nagowee tradition to follow certain rituals before a feast. First the chief comes out and does his blessing, the women beat drums, and chant as the warriors all come in. Depending on the captive being man, woman, or child there are different protocols. Men are to be absolutely humiliated, women are to be defiled, and children are the biggest prize because you are eating your enemies future.

All the cleaned prisoners Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


War had been raging between rival kingdoms for years now. The dungeons were positively overflowing with prisoners, and word had just arrived from the frontlines that a rival city had fallen, and the troops were marching back with another large group of prisoners.

Generally when the city falls all the fighting age men would be slaughtered, and the troops would take the women, and rape a few for entertainment. The kings policy for decades had been to take in the remaining people, mostly farmers, and their families, and move them into the dungeons, and then dispatch them to other districts to fill jobs, and farm fields. By dispersing all the people randomly, they wouldn't have a chance to organize against the kingdom. They called him the kind King, because most others would just slaughter all the villagers. The problem was that with war on all sides, those who he sent out to farm would be slaughtered immediately, or captured by rival factions.

The problem was coming to a head since he was needing to feed these full dungeons, and his people, Resources were becoming scarce. People were surviving on rationed gruel. No one besides the bourgeois, had eaten any meat in months, and there was beginning to be discontent amongst the people. Now with another 1,000 families marching his way he needed to make some tough decisions.

He and his men took a trip to see the state of the dungeons, and ask the dungeon master if it was even possible to accommodate another 3-4,000 people.

The dungeons were built into a natural cave below the kingdom. All the people were held in a series of giant pens. Here the lived, and died like animals, fighting over scraps, and taking advantage of each other. The place smelled of waste sweat and misery. In years past when people were here for brief times it was no problem, a transition to a new, and often better life. At this point some people had been here for years.

On the top floor of the complex was the dungeon masters office. Here he had every matter of torture implement from racks, to chopping blocks. He had whole walls of neatly arranged iron implements like a black smith. Only difference being each one served a different purpose to bend someone to his will.

The dungeon master was probably the happiest man in all the kingdoms. He was actually highborn, but had been tapped by the King's father to be a investigator, and root out spies. As time went by he got a reputation for being able to gePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Young Robin In The Bitch Prison
by Dante

The women's prison was hell from the day fifteen-year-old Robin arrived. She was manhandled by the jail guards when she was unloaded from the Court’s security van. These pricks liked to get their grubby hands onto a fifteen-year-old young offender, especially one who had been carried over to adult court. The jail guards were no better than the two sheriff's guards who had ridden out in the back of the van with its darkened and steel mesh-covered windows.

Once she was convicted, the pricks felt it was open season for free feels, and that was exactly what the took. The guard pricks had got their hands under her blouse, and had unhitched her bra, freeing her large breasts. Then they had got her tight jeans down to her knees, and had fingered fucked her vagina and anus at will, thrusting and probing with their fat fingers in her most private spots. It was as if she were nothing but a common a criminal or something.

She had taken as much shit as she thought she needed, when they at last arrived at the federal prison. It was a bad place, by reputation and to look at. It would prove to be even worse to live in. This was the place reserved for the worst criminal female offenders, and most of the inmates were hardened lifers.

Robin shuddered as she was taken in through the imposing stone gates, past the six foot thick walls, and through the cold and uninviting reception area. All they took was the packet of official papers the guard passed along, and then she was whisked through a long dark hallway and into the wing of the penitentiary reserved for lifers. She was taken into a large unpainted cement room where she was summarily stripped naked in front of a leering group of male guards. These horny guards loved the new law that sent kid lifers to the adult section.

Robin was forced to evacuate her colon and bladder into a soup bowl provided for the purpose, and then she was given a painful deep enema, to flush out anything she may have planted deep inside herself. She was then given a thorough and humiliating deep body search during which the male guards thrust first their fingers, and then their whole hands deep into her pussy, so that she was actually violently fist fucked. Because a fist would not fit into her tiny anus, she had the thick handle of a broom driven painfully deep into her flushed out colon.

This was as far as it usually went for juveniles, but becauPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Fine, I'll comment too.


Lovely. We've just been joined, so it won't be quite as lonely in here. Maybe we can just share by e-mail.


Thank you for posting this.


I am here, I just mostly remain silent


Wow, now that's the kind of young offender program I can support! Cooking, outdoor exercise, learning to use garden tools...

I was hoping a few guard dogs might make an appearance, but perhaps Dante was saving them for the sequel. It is "Bitch Prison," after all.

Thanks for posting, Regis!


Terrible atory with grammar errora and adhd gore galore

Ecause fornmy friends with high standards.

There was a haet girl. She shexhy. This one ebil mann, very bad man, had chained her and he gutted her like a fishm. With anchainsaw.

Because of the furries. They hroke down all cities and became martial law. Civil war was all over the world and babies were nailednto bar doors

That actually happened in world war 2...

Some mothers cried as their soft infant sons and daughters were shireking and wide eyed in pain, their tiny bodies shaking violently and blood running down their soft fresh flesh.

Sad world.


ironic shitposting is still shitposting


Fuk u bich

This one woman, Anaheizia Berduttor, shook violently in with surreal State-Red mindfulness, barfing at the sight of her baby and the sound of it screaming.

She was reflexive in reaction to the red army stripping her with knives, shaking and thrusting with chills down her spine as soldiers cut her clothes away. She then felt incredible pain in her ribs and screamed. She could feel blood running down her side. A knife was sawing through her.

She saw her rib bones.


I gess itz an ok storee, but reeding it awl iz hard on mi eyez.


Heya, it's M here, the author of Final Fantasy Arena story on this site. As I was trying to get back to writing it, an idea for a shorter stroy came along, and I decided to write this instead.

This story features girls from Persona 4. Part 1 has Chie and Yukiko, Part 2 will have Rise and Naoto. If you enjoyed the story or have any comment on it, please do post it here.

A Night at the Amagi Inn

Part 1

Chie Satonaka rung the doorbell in front of the Amagi Inn, then looked at the two friends that were with her. "You girls ready?" She asked them.

Rise Kujikawa smiled at her. "You bet I am!", and Naoto Shirogane nodded calmly.

Yukiko Amagi opened the door, and the three girls looked at her. They were a bit surprised by what they saw, as Yukiko was completely undressed. Both her face and her medium breasts were covered in cum, and her pussy had cum dripping from it.

"Thanks for coming! We are really having a hard time with all the guests recently, and any help will do. Now follow me, I'll show you the way to my room, you can leave your clothes there."

Yukiko turned around, and gestured for the three girls to follow her. As they were walking, they passed some other servant girls that were in similar states to Yukiko. A few were even pleasuring the guests as they passed them, but that seemed pretty normal to them so they didn't comment on that.

"Okay, here we are." Yukiko finally stopped in front of one of the rooms. "Please, undress quickly and I'll be back soon to explain what's in store for each of you."

Yukiko quickly ran away, and Rise went through the door.

Chie and Naoto followed her, and Rise quickly pulled the dress she had on overhead, revealing she wore no bra underneath. She pulled down her pants, while Chie started to unzip her jumper. Naoto quickly turned towards the wall, her face red.

Rise removed her panties, fully naked now, and turned back towards Chie and Naoto. Chie had already taken her jumper and her skirt off, and was now struggling with her shirt. However, Naoto was still turned back towards the wall.

"Come on Naoto, don't be shy now. We all agreed to help our friend with this, you can't back off now." Rise tried to convince her, and Naoto turned back towards her.

"You're right. It's just that I have never done such a thing before, and I'm quote embarrassed to do so. But I have to do it now." With that, Naoto took hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks!! :)

Sent you a Note on F-List (their equivalent of a PM) through one of my characters there, Luna Hawke. It'll help us set up a more proper means of collaboration and discussion. :)


You checked your notes on F-List, M? If you need me to, I can explain a bit of what I had in mind here, but I want to see if you read the note first. :)


I sent you a link for a new doc, M - you should have gotten it in your mail, but if not, then the link is in the doc we've been using for discussion, as well.


I've seen it, only I've been busy the last few days. I'll reply there later today




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