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Iris slowly approached the majestic creature, a big cat with a golden mane. She smoothed his black and white maid clothes and approached the lion, approaching slowly for caress him, making no quick gestures for not rushing him. When she placed his hand on the muzzle, the lion approached his head, rubbing against her. Then he stood up, revealing himself slightly smaller than her and he gently passed his large head against that of Iris, before giving him a little lick, while his fangs could tear it in an instant. Iris knelt down, running her hands through the soft fur, starting to rub the lion, laughing at his licks. She ran her hands all over her body and lion prides itself on that attention, rubbing himself to her, so that he overthrew her in his ardor.

Iris looked at him staying on the ground, waiting, breathlessly. The lion approached her and put a paw on her chest, which had the effect of causing breathe faster. the claws sprang of the paw and began to tear very slowly. Iris did not utter a cry, the lion is soft enough to tear her clothes without touching her skin. The claw went down her skirt up, the cutting through also. The lion raised his paw and Iris slowly undid the remains of his clothing, staying on the floor. The lion gently licked her body nibbling her neck, her shoulders and breasts. Obeying his signal, Iris stood up, putting on all fours beneath him, before revealing her neck, pushing her hair, leaving the lion plunging her fangs, making her moan of pain and pleasure.

Iris raised her buttocks, caressing the object of her desire from the beginning. The lion growled and the girl froze immediately. The lion released her neck and got up to put his paws on the shoulders of Iris, and brutally transfixed with his manhood. Iris groaned before to move for better welcome him in her, allowing her to move into her intimacy already wet with anticipation. An approver purring was heard and the lion began to move, making slow back and forth before to accelerate, making moan with pleasure as the claws sprang to his paws and to penetrate her skin.

Iris slumped forward, lion pressing harder on her shoulders. She knew that her shoulders were bleeding and knew that the lion was well enough educated for withdraw its claws if she were rejected him. But instead of that she will accelerate its movement , laying to the lion a new pace, to be more tired. The animal responded to his leadership, going faster in it. Soon she felt his semen fill her. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Hey little boy." The strange lady was tall and beautiful. Her skin was pale and her eyelashes were long and numerous. She wore black clothes, matching her straight silk, which draped over her big perky breasts. Her curvy ass was also large yet firm.

"Hello miss!" He was normally shy but started to grow very interested in her. She was always lurking in alleys and around corners. Sometimes they'd make eye-contact when he was with his oblivious mother in a coffee shop. Today hew wore his spider man t-shirt.

"Come home with me." She smiled. "I love spiderman."

"Oh, uh." He really wanted to, she was his crush. For that day and all eternity, as it would turn out.

"It wouldn't be a bad thing. Your mother and I see each other all the time."

"I guess she does know you. But I'm really supposed to come right home."

"Oh you can come right home alright..." She leaned in, her giant tits swaying in his face. The soft skin of her neck splashing into and over her collar bone and then her shoulders, like a skin waterfall; her veins were like streams of pure sugar in frosting of creamy cake.

"I'll give you a treat." She chirped, then swayed her breasts lightly.

"Oh, well I do love food!" He chirped, "I suppose just for a minute."

What would the harm be? She was beautiful and cool. Cool like his older sister's friend (who had warned him to stay away from her- she was a good Christian social conservative who hated drugs, but she wore dark clothes and argued with the elders a lot), or her other friend's cousin (whom he was also warned against and was far more of a rebel; Her clothes were black with twisted red symbols on them, she did drugs, drank, and fucked, and she had many tattoos and piercing- but she herself also warned him to stay away from this mysterious lady).

She brought him back to the basement she turned into a game room. He enjoyed playing games for some time, as she fed him finely cooked meats and sweets. He was so concentrated on gorging that he lost track of time.

"Oh!" He jumped up, "I m u s t . . uh" He stopped speaking as he realized the room was different. The walls. The walls were fuzzy and dark. There were patches of various brown and black shades shifting around. Spiders. "AAA AAAAAHHHAAAHHAAHHHH"

"It's okay." She walked around the corner into the doorway. She was naked.

A handful of tarantulas chilled at her feet, some brown recluses and black widows swamPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Honestly this is my favorite story that I've written, though others might be my focus, I really want constructive criticism on this one. Give me good.


I have a fear of spiders but I'm also really aroused by the thought of being friends with them, us enjoying our victims



The Spider Queen has arachniphobia!



Jetzt bin ich 25 Jahre verheiratet, aber das hätte ich nicht erwartet!

Kam heute doch mein Mann, Max, von einer Geschäftsreise zurück...

Alles der Reihe nach! Erst will ich mich einmal vorstellen.
Ich heiße Gisela und bin seit 25 Jahren mit Max verheiratet. Das wissen Sie schon? Ach, ja, habe ich Ihnen ja schon erzählt. Wie alt ich bin? Tja, wissen Sie, das fragt man aber keine Frau. Na, was soll's, Sie können es sich ja selbst ausrechnen. Ich bin 48 Jahre jung und kann mich noch mit vielen dieser jungen Dinger messen, wenn's um die Figur geht. Mein Max meint, schon wegen meiner Zitzen würde er mich allen anderen vorziehen. Außerdem hätte ich eine ganz heiße Muschi und könnte ganz hervorragend ficken. Na, ja, er ist halt etwas deftig in der Aussprache. Auch in der Liebe hat er es lieber etwas handfest. Wenn er beim Ficken meine Titten bearbeitet, spüre ich das noch am nächsten Tag. Er packt dabei immer eine mit beiden Händen am Brustansatz und drückt sie so zusammen, als möchte er sie mir abzwicken. Und manchmal beißt er mich ganz schön in die Warzen. Wenn ich dann vor Schmerz aufschreie, kommt er sehr schnell zum Abspritzen. Was er nicht weiß, ist, was ich dabei träume. Das erzähle ich im besser nicht, sonst …
Ich träume immer, ich wäre im Folterkeller der Inquisition und ein Mönch in weißer Kutte foltert mich zum Geständnis.
Wenn Max dann eine meiner Euter drückt, so ist der Mönch gerade dabei, eine riesige Zange daran zu legen und sie mir abzuzwicken. Dann schreie ich auf vor Schmerzen, wie mein Max glaubt. In Wirklichkeit habe ich mich so in meinen Traum hineingesteigert, das ich vor Angst schreie...Es läuft mir eiskalt den Rücken 'rauf und 'runter, die Warzen richten sich steil auf und meine Votze krampft sich ruckartig zusammen.
Ich bin also eine heimliche Masochistin! Bis heute!
Ich hatte den ganzen Tag schon auf ihn gewartet, meine Votze wurde immer feuchter, nein, sie triefte vor Geilheit, wie immer, zwei Tage nach meiner Periode. Ich erwartete ihn - und besonders seinen heißen, harten Schwanz - sehnlichst
Und da kam er!
Irgendetwas musste ihm gegen den Strich gegangen sein, sein Gesicht war ernst und er schnauzte mich an: „Wie sieht das hier aus! Was hast denn du den ganzen Tag gemacht?" Ich war ganz verzweifelt! Ich öffnete meinen Morgenmantel, ließ meine Brüste wackeln und spreizte etwas meine Beine. "Was soll das? Es ist 5.00 Uhr abends und du bist noch im Morgenmantel! Der Haushalt ist nicht Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


If I was a dictator, my country would be isolationist, and very censoring, a bit like the DPRK. On the surface, we would claim to not want to get involved in world affairs, hoping to instead focus on the "best interests of our own people". We would absolutely not start any wars against enemy countries, nor would we act aggressively or vie for revenge if a country has wronged us. There would be no tourism, no immigration, no emigration, and no international embassies allowed. We would be the "mysterious country which forbids outsiders". I wouldn't even meet other world leaders in person, instead preferring to speak through advisors or via webcam, claiming to be for "security's sake."

The country's society would be divided into three parts: The Government, The Enforcement, The People. The Government is made of the people who run the country's politics, myself include. The Enforcement would be the armed forces, which would also act as the police force. The Enforcement would also include teachers. The People would make up the average citizens: manual labors and such.

The Government is the absolute highest caste of society, consisting of people hand-picked by me for the job. The Enforcement, as the iron fist of my rule, would have to be conditioned severely. Training would be absolutely brutal, to make sure no shirkers of duty slipped through the cracks. There wouldn't be mandatory conscription, as only those who are willing to escape the life of The People are necessary. Any dissent or disobedience is punished with immediate execution of said person, with their immediate family being put into a labor camp. Every 2 months, the least obedient person of a battalion shall be executed, either by person vote or the commanders choice. The quality of life in The Enforcement would have to be better than The People, no matter how much money it costs the government, or how bad the life gets for The People, as there would need to be a reason to join. The People are your average citizens, working mostly manual labor jobs like farming, sometimes working at more prestigious civil jobs, such as doctors. Every male 16 or older that can pass some sort of loyalty test can apply for a weekly People's Care Package, which would consist of a box full of basic foodstuffs like bread, water, meat, and some incredibly addictive drug to keep the people dependent and stupid, probably meth or heroin. Enough would be included for about three people. The People would live in inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wonder how are you going to sustain all that police state if your citizens are dumb like chicken and even if they work all day they barely do tiny fraction of the work which is done in western society.
You will not collect enuogh funds to pay to police. unless you probably have huge oil or other stuff deposits and sell that
Hand picking people does not work in practice neither there can be any loyalty tests.

If I was dictator I wold do exact opposite I woud give nearly total freedom for everyone but also I woud maintain total surveillance so while you can do pretty much anything you want if you do some harm you get what you deserve

Amount of freedom to break the law woud be dependent on the status where smart people who can do innovations and discoveries woud be almost totally untouchable by police unless they do some severe damage and they woud get priority over simple citizens.

This would start from the school where smart kids would be immediately awarded by various privileges up to the ability to control whole class and decide rewards and punishments of stupid kids or even make them do whatever they want.
Of course this woud continue as they grow where smartest people woud get to control everything.

This system would ensure that my state woud stay on the top with newest technology and science.

Unlike most other societies that are built on lies and delusions I would teach my citizens truth about society politic and government along with the usual lies and propaganda.
demanding to live them if half virtual reality where you say one thing while you believe something else.
I woud bring that to the level of sarcasm where everyone woud be required to praise and worship government all time in same way like in north Korea.

To make life more interesting I would all lots of stupid laws with very tiny penalties just to give people opportunity to break them.

People who oppose me woud be given chance to take my place as dictator until they find out that they cant do anything better.



lol. This is in reference to the sister-threads of similar theme. It seems there's a thing for nation states going on. I meant that if I was also a dictator, I'd war with his and oust him.

I might decide to use my own propaganda to do him in, though. Use spy drones to learn the language and nuances of his people. Drop letters everywhere informing them of what's going on. Eventually, pamphlets with information on how to build and train. Drop 3d printers, numbering enough for every man, woman, and child.

I'd probably ally with Onix, despite some minor differences elsewhere in theoretical sciences, because his goal is similar.v

It would be a rather easy task. If anything, having a trustworthy population that's trusting for your actions can be better trained and equipped. You'll need not fear being damned by them at all, and even fear losing power to them in the first place is relatively minor and unlikely compared to torturing them.

This isn't to say that I'd be a saint. Anyone caught consistently torturing innocents for fun would be executed, perhaps pained in various ways beforehand. I'd be very vindictive towards many sorts. All the same, it would be a clearly sensible place.


I'd make a law saying all firstborn daughters gotta reach my palace
and Then i'd fuck their eyesockets. just one eye.
Then I'd say "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" and just get rid of the other with an ice cream scoop as I chuckle very slightly


This scenario has long been one of my fantasies.

I would resemble Khadaffi. I would have a large rape/torture basement where I have guards bring me girls that I target. They could be anywhere in the age range between 8-18.

I would rape the girls for weeks, torturing them occasionally, but only without leaving any marks. I would not want them to lose their beauty yet. I would put them through many degrading and humiliating situations. I would only urinate in their mouths, have one sleeping in my bed for when I need a piss at night and the occasional midnight blow-job to help me get back to sleep.

Then when I have girls to replace the ones I already have, I would throw some of them naked before my guards as a reward so they could rape young pussy too before I torture them to death in all kinds of painful ways of destroying their pussies before anything else.


I will use taxes money to commission all artists I like in the world to draw more guro stuff!! lol
If they don't do it, I will send secret agent to threaten them until they do it.


John Trimbell's eleven year old daughter, Trish, moped into the kitchen that morning and sat down with a sigh. He looked up from his paper and asked, "something wrong honey?"
"I really don't want to go to school today daddy."
He looked at her inquisitively, "It's Friday baby, just this one more day and then you're on the weekend."
He got up to pour himself another cup of coffee, and as he did she rose and slowly walked over to him.
"But dadddyy, you aren't going to work today." She almost whined at him.
"I have the day off and...." He cut himself off as he felt his daughter hug him almost sensually. He began to get hard as her little body pressed against his. She was just beginning to enter puberty, her chest was still almost completely flat and her tight pussy was just beginning to be fertile. He was noticing changes in her behavior as well, she was much more flirtatious with boys, and the looks she gave him made him start to think of her less as a daughter and more as a sex object. He tried to hide his hard on from his daughter, but she pressed right against it and unconsciously rubbed it, making him rock hard. She definately felt the bulge in his pajama pants, but pretended not to notice as she smiled up at her handsome daddy.
"Pleeeassseeeee Dadddyyyy???"
He thought for a second, "Alright honey, just this once."
She jumped up and down, "Thank you daddy, you are the best" and then gave him a kiss right on the lips, lingering just a moment too long.
then bounced into the living room.
John, couldn't help but watch her ass as she went. She had outgrown her nightgown an he could just see the bottom of her ass through it.
"Don't you think you should be wearing underwear young lady?" He asked.
She flopped on the couch, without realizing it that her night gown rode up to her waist giving him a clear view of her young hairless pussy. She noticed him staring and smiled, "It doesn't look like you mind daddy."
His hardon seemed to get even stronger, and he blushed as she stared at it.
Just then her mom came downstairs, and with one look instantly could tell what was going on. "Young lady, stop teasing your father this instant. If you don't I'm going to have him teach you what happens to little sluts like you."
She instantly snapped her legs shut, but was curious enough to ask, "What does happen mom?"
"They get fucked honey."
Trish felt a shudder run though her body as she imagined her father fucking hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Girls getting turned to stone, out of system of my other stories.

Magic Exists and It Can Be Petrifying

Everybody loves magic tricks. Young and old, boys and girls. There was a summer magic event at a Japanese town, where little Amy, or Eimi, had fun watching various magicians doing magic tricks. Unfortunately, she had to be back home until 5 PM, because her parents were worried about her 12 year old daughter. 'This is such a bother...' She thought at 3 PM as she was walking home, which was in another, smaller town. Her parents didn't know she would go to that magic show. She lied about that because they'd never let her go otherwise. 'My friends said they would be there...' But it turned out that they didn’t lie to their parents, so they weren't allowed to go. 'But it was so much fun! There were so many magicians!'

As she was walking through a suburb, nobody was there. They were either in town, or at work, or home having lunch or afternoon nap. But then she stumbled across a girl her age who was happily heading towards the town.

“HiiiI!” The girl greeted Amy. “Were you at the festival?”
“Yes, I was. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was fun!”
“It would be even more fun if I was around.”
“What? Are you a magician?” Amy said in a surprised tone.
“Of course! Want me to show you some magic?”
“Uh… I would love that, but I already spent all my allowance…” There were magicians on the festival who would do magic individually for a small amount of money. Amy had already spent her money.
“Doesn’t matter! Real wizards and witches do magic for the sake of magic!”
“You are a real magician?” Amy asked, even though she knew magic did not exist.
“Yup! Some of us pose as magicians, but we actually do magic. But you mustn’t tell anyone!”
“I would like to see some magic. But don’t ask me money if you say you do it for free!”
“No way would I trick you like that! Now prepare for the transformation!”

“Eh?” That made Amy confused. “You’re going to do a trick on ME?!”
“Of course! Now don’t talk, you’re interrupting my channeling!” The girl said while with closed yes, her hands moving in a conjuring motion. “What is your name?”
“My name is Amy. It’s an American name, spelled in Katakana as e-i-mi, but in Romanji it’s just a-m-y… Wait…” She was scared. “If this is real magic… It’s not, is it?” Amy knew it wouldn’t be, but you can never be sure.
“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ll turPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I'm really glad people you bump this one. Continuation of this compilation has been Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality and special one Statue and Hell Department. You should focus on those instead lol.


I've already paid for part of a comic that will be at least 4 pages by a talented 2D artist, but I just can't come up with a script or outline that I am happy with. I have some ideas which I'll list below, but if anyone wants to write one, or even part of one, or if there are parts I want to use, it'll be made into a comic which I'll be posting back here.

What I'm having done in general terms is a story about girls who appear around 9-13 years old being hurt and killed by strong male characters via beating, blunt weapons, knives, swords, guns, and/or any combination. The lolis are possibly raped or seduced as well. I like to have many victims, not lingering on any one of them, just getting plowed under by the "heroes." Ideally, the girls start out either unaware of what's going to happen, or very overconfident in their ability to fight and/or get their way via seduction. Their unexpected and violent death has a humiliating factor. Bonus points if the male characters are either virtuous and justified in their horrific behavior, or at least sarcastically so, like raping and killing some sexy bratty lolis for littering.

I have all kinds of basic ideas for a setting that would lead to this kind of action but I can't come up with details I like. Here are some ideas you can use, or come up with something else, or combine them! If I like it, I'll use it, and you'll see it. I have 4 pages coming but I might do way more.

Here are some rough concepts I have, which you are free to use or ignore:

-One or two heavily armed male characters facing down a horde of lolis in a Smash-TV style televised tournament, or in an arena
-Sexy loli cops raiding the criminal hideout, which doesn't go well for the girls
-Infiltration of the school/training center for the evil loli schoolgirl terrorist organization which must be systematically cleaned out, for justice
-Invasion of the loli aliens, who look like regular 9-13 year old human girls except for extremely skimpy outfits, high heels, and cute little antennae so we know they are weird aliens. They're here for our purses and makeup, and must be stopped before any more damage is done!
-Sworn to protect and serve, a police man must patrol the streets and dish out harsh justice to the evil criminal girls who jaywalk, loiter, chew bubble gum, and solicit prostitution probably

If anyone has anything they can come up with, I'll really appreciate it and I'll put it to use! Thank you!


The idea is intriguing, I'll give you that. I might see if I can come up with a few rough draft proposals if you want. I can't promise much, but if you are interested, you can contact me via my writing e-mail. XPAuthor(at)Gmail(dot)com. Maybe flesh out a few more ideas, style of kills, style of girls, so on.


I'm open to giving this a shot, drop an email I can send the script to. I actually have some ideas formulating now that seem really fun.


How about a group of sadistic pedos raiding an all-girl school. Keep all the hotties and rape them for several months and need to get rid of the surplus of girls. Getting rid of them in gruesome torturous ways. I have plenty of ideas for that


Maybe something along the lines of:

A uniformed girl (like a girlscout or something) is selling treats on a popular corner.
Another rival troop comes along and beats her up and takes over her spot.
She runs home to get her big brother, takes him back to the corner. The arrogant bullies attack him with knives, which he takes from them; and kills them all, after holding down and "properly disciplining" their naughty little cunts.
In the end, the smitten little sister's on her knees worshiping her big brother's cock like a whore and still covered in the bruises she got earlier; while a "faceless" crowd cheers for the "hero" brother.
Maybe in the last panel add among the faceless crowd, on of the dead girl's mothers; crying from losing her daughter, but smiling and clapping for the hero anyway. As kind of a ironic, meta-level, "fuck you" to the dead girls.


So a while ago I read this story that was called the message. It was about a young girl that was kidnapped by a mafia too send her dad a message. I have not been able too find it for a long time. If anyone has any idea where I may find this story please tell me


She was cute. But scarred. So am I. I'm not a slayer though, I've just been... through a lot. Not as much as a vanguard berzerker or Top Class Assassin, though. She was the latter, and hunted many of my fellows. Just my luck, here I was.

"Have you ever known love?" My question was met with tired contempt.

"I'm saving myself for marriage." Typical of her sort. She was disciplined. I knew her training involved staying in frigid, fetid swamp water, getting frostbite and bug bites for hours. And everything she fought, that they fought for... was to fight against my personal freedom.

"And you think I should too? That I'm evil for being with the girl you murdered? You sick bitch." I saw her eyes go wide.

"Please, I thought she was someone else..." Oh, don't they always.

"You knew she probably wasn't. Just saw a fine girl, dark hair, rebel outfit, wore a symbol you disagreed with. You think 'eh, fuck it. Probably should kill her.'"

"I'm sorry. Just kill me and be done with it, please. If you let me go, I'll make it worth your while. I'll retire, and you can have anything." Killing her was her first suggestion. This meant that she knew where she was and who she was dealing with. At leas the likelihood was enough to scare her into preferring death.
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Another ADD ridden moron who thinks he is hot shit, probably an overweight virgin boy with soft titties from hormonal imbalance and a sugary drink addled brain


Well aren't you just an entitled cunt.


Lol. Thank you!

Real sick of these entitled shits who got nothing to contribute.


No problem, it bugs me seeing cunts like that twatsicle.




The warm summer waters washed over Maria's toned caramel figure. The latina was enjoying the hot day at a small beach, half submerged a bit off the coast in her red bikini with yellow trim. Her long black hair stuck to her back after a small wave splashed over her. She wasn't far out, still standing in sand and with the water coming just over her navel. She took a glance back over her shoulder at the white sands in the distance, scanning the scant scattered crowd amidst blankets and under umbrellas. She spotted her own towel, set beside the half-finished coke she had ordered from the nearby beach bar.

Maria turned and began to wade further out when she felt something brush her ankle. She half leaped as her heart sunk, not sure whether it was just a stray fish being washed ashore or something worse; like a jellyfish. She turned back towards the beach, deciding to head back and then enter the water in a different spot when suddenly she felt her bikini bottom being pulled until it slid half-way down her plump buttcheeks. She started to glance over her shoulder when something pressed against her exposed sphincter.

"Ooomph..." The latina groaned as the thing pushed into her, sliding deep into her back entrance.
"Unhg...Oh my god..."

It was thick and slimy, like the inside of one's mouth. The girl shuttered and gave a loud gasp as she felt a rush of fluid explode into her. She tried to look back over her shoulder as a sharp pain exploded in her lower gut. Whatever it was, it was pumping water up her butt and fast! She held her stomach as it began to expand. The girl was panicking at this point, sweat gracing her forehead as she moved around in the water, panting and groaning as her silhouette surged forward.

"Nnng....Oooooh..." Was all the girl could manage as her belly expanded beneath her hands, pushing forward and rounding like a balloon being held under a faucet. She massaged the taut, glistening caramel flesh, trying to ease the pain as the huge enema continued. The water was too dark for her to see through but this thing had to get out and quickly before her stomach exploded! She waded forward, holding her growing belly as sweat ran down her face. Her swollen belly and the pain were both growing in succession, causing the latina to bite her lip to keep from screaming.
She continued forward as her massive belly bulged above the water, becoming more and more exposed as she neared the shore. Finally the water was shallow ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Belly inflation is so sexy don't ya think


Belly inflation is so sexy don't ya think


Bump to save


Love this story. Bump it up.


Bump it.

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