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Becky’s Private Grad Party

By Regis

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get her panties off. The little cunt was actually eager! Greg, Rick and I had picked her up leaving the girl’s junior high school graduation party. Because their lives had been so protected, two thirds of the 14-year-old beauties didn’t have a date to their own grad!

They left early, bored to tears at a dance with so few guys. They came out of the school gym in pairs, but parted as they headed home, making each of them vulnerable. We talked Becky, our absolute favorite, into our pickup by promising to take her to the bar. She’d never been to a bar.

We’d paid Hank the bartender fifty bucks to look the other way, knowing he was going to watch everything. It was a slow night, and we were in the nearly private area beside the bar, which was high enough to block the view of the foursome on the far side. Hank had given us fake ID’s a year ago, on the condition that we bring some young pussy in on Friday nights before it got busy at midnight. More than a dozen young girls had horror stories they’d never tell.

Our talk over beers was about sex, and the differences between guys and girls. I got a laugh from her when I told her I was jealous, because I couldn’t hide anything in mine, while girls could hide all sorts of things. We suggested a comparison, and to get things going, I slipped my dick out of my jeans. It was rigid, and her eyes said it all – Becky had never seen a guy’s erection before.

I stroked it, bringing a drop of moisture to the end, and to keep things going forward, Greg and Rick pulled out their dongs as well. I tapped a finger into the moisture on the end of my dick, and then licked the finger, to show her how good the product of my balls tasted. We were on our third beer, and Becky was feeling frisky from being with three guys who were not shy about talking about or openly displaying their sexuality.

When she slipped out of her panties I could see Hank behind the bar pull his dick out too. It was long and firm, and he stroked it evenly as he watched the three of us in a show and tell party. I invited Becky to sit on my lap for a sexy little dance. Without hesitation she slipped onto me, sliding her moist pussy down onto my stiff cock until her rectum pressed against the bottom of my tummy.

The little bitch, two years younger than us, had taken my whole shaft into her. She surprised me by contracting Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


She's not voting age, but the guys found a semi-private place to rape, torture and snuff the cute little cunt.


Nice. The face crush really seals this one for me.


These teen boys have a good thing going!


They've definitely got a good thing going, and they've got the right attitude about it. Certainly would be hot to read more of their bar adventures! I wonder how many pussies and cunnies these boys will use up and dispose of by the time they're 20? I wonder if they play with any of them longer, and I wonder how they are with girls who aren't just bar toys, but are part of their group socially in the outside world. I wonder what else Hank gets up to. Very hot story.


This is another excerpt from Lami Pi Productions.

Third Grade Kick-Fighters
by Regis

Jackson checked a second video in this hidden folder on his wife’s computer, and this one was set in a living room again, with the mandatory cover over the expensive carpet. This cover was stretched canvas, held in place by lead weights on each corner. The first thing Jackson noticed that was different was that there were 4 large batteries for the electric fence that defined the ring, instead of the usual one.

Together this heavy-duty power supply was capable of putting out a very high level electric shock on a sustained basis, easily enough to cook the meat of a girl if she was locked on to it in protracted contact. It also had the power to burn her badly if she remained in contact for even a short period of time. They might as well have used razor wire for the fencing.

The electric fence forming the ring was going to at the very least give whichever girl leaned or bumped into it a significant and very unpleasant jolt. Jackson wondered if these little girls would have the ability to get themselves off contact with a hot line, as the current would cause their muscles to quiver, and not respond normally.

With sufficient current, muscles would not respond at all. Any little bitch pressed against the wire would simply quiver erotically. Surely these ladies wouldn’t electrocute a little girl at one of their parties. He supposed anything was possible, considering the conspicuous enjoyment the young ladies got from the punishment their little girls were absorbing.

The mothers were obviously quite serious about making this a very hurtful experience for their daughters. The children who would fight had yet to discover this. A title came up on the screen that Jackson didn’t immediately understand. It read “Pepper Fight”. That meant nothing to him. Were the kids going to use pepper spray on each other? That was bizarre, and although everything about these videos was, he was sure it would be explained by what followed.

Two very pretty slender eight-year-old girls, a blonde and a brunette, were lifted into the ring. They too wore no diapers. Their cuntlets were amazingly swollen and open, reddened by what must have been some kind of strong irritant. Their forearms were bound tightly together behind their backs, wrists to elbows.

With only their lithe legs free, this was obviously to be a brutal kick fightPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for this. What a great story.


This is part of a much larger story, Lami Pi Productions, in which Jackson, inspired by his wife's secret habit, started a company with a private retreat where vicious fights between naked little girls were featured. I've posted some other excerpts from the larger work.


Great to see the interest these excerpts are getting. Arch


Thanks, Ar3ch,

I'm sending the large story (over 300 pages to date) to anyone who PM's me on dolcettish.com. I don't include the illustrations, as agreed.


With permission of the owner of the pictures, the version with pictures is now available. PM me at dolcettish.com with e-mail address for send.


This is unfinished work, unpolished and to be continued, but it should have some perks some of you might like. Feedback welcome :)


Tatjanas fetish had always remained fictional. An exercise of the mind, fueled by written word, artistic depiction, and the occasional gory video footage you could find on-line, which she watched with fascination and forbidden pleasure.

What got her going was the fantasy of inserting things into and through her body. Not the normal way, how other girls would enjoy inserting something into an orifice or another. No, for her it had to be fullon impalement. Stories of Vlad the IIIrd, impaling his enemies on a field of stakes. Medieval depictions of gruesome executions, but also the odd accident where someone fell or got run through with the odd, long and pointy object.

But, although the object of such depictions might have been in encruciating pain or died a horrible death, Tatjana could imagine nothing but bliss at the thought of being in their place, feeling a foreign object invade, and possibly even traverse her body, while she jerked in blissfil orgasm.

This fantasy of course clashed with reality, as she found out the painful way every time she tried to push anything into herself any further than her body would allow. All she could do was stick the odd pole, be it from a broom or a ruler or even the handle of a toilet brush (a brand new one, not a used one) as deep as it would go in, and then masturbate to the pressure and slight pain that accompanied her imagining it going further. All the way...

Usually that was enough to send her over the edge, and most likely that would have been as far as her secret fetish would have ever goten, had she not met Sai.

Sai was just an ordinary student in Tatjanas age. He spoke with slight accent, since his parents came from India. He normally was a bit shy, but when alcohol found its way into a birthday party of a fellow student they were both invited to, Sai had gathered enough encouragement to get closer to Tatjana, and she didn't object, and somehow they ended up leaving the place together, unsure where to go. Sai's parents were strictly asketic when it came to alcohol. Tatjanas parents on the other hand weren't even home, so the logical solution to the problem was to spend the night together at her place.

One thing led to another, and a few hours later, Tatjana lost her virginity, although by then Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm in favor of letting her live a long and happily perverted life


I was a bit scared when I started to read the story because of the tag combined with realistic set-up, but at the end I happy to have read it. I would prefer if you could let her live so I can read the rest of the story. The idea of ripping of her breasts could be fun, that could happen by accident and the two could use the pins they have to try to fix them. They would attache the piece of her breasts together and then back to her body and hop it heal well.
It could be also practical if Tatjana discovered by luck on her an acupuncture point that suppress the pain. So she could use a needle for this instead of a drug.
Maybe in addition of only needle the couple could also use some string to do recreational suturing. It may even have practical purpose : http://g.e-hentai.org/s/967c33b55d/69352-16
I have a last idea but its in my opinion the most random, after stretching enough a perforation (in breasts or belly for example), Sai could put an onahole inside it so he can fuck it “safely”.


Bump, I'm hoping for another chapter soon, I love all your other stories Black Raven and hoping you'll continue this one


Good story. Bump.




I've not really written Gore before this, so, hey. Hopefully it's decent. The first part is mostly non-con with elements of ryona, while the second is snuff.


She had beaten one with her bare hands before, but this particular Faceless simply would not go down. Charlotte had hit it time and time again, but it seemed to have insane durability. Honestly, she was impressed. Not much could survive a blow from her at her best, yet this faceless kept coming back for more.

"I'll rip you in half!" she exclaimed, tired of dealing with the monster. Charlotte prepared what she hoped would be a final hit, taking the beast out for good. She leapt at the monstrosity, swinging with all her might. And she landed the blow! She breathed a sigh of relief, as she saw the Faceless drop.

Then, the warrior woman paused to catch her breath. That fight had been rough, and she wasn't sure she could handle much more of it. Suddenly, her back exploded in pain, and she flew forward, slamming into the ground.

The blonde groaned in pain and surprise, and turned back to look at her attacker. A second Faceless loomed over her, even larger than the first, and Charlotte desperately tried to gain her feet. She didn't want to think about what such a foul creature would do to her, if she couldn't fight it off.

She scrambled, trying to push herself up, but the monster slammed its fist into the back of her head. The force slammed her face-first into the muddy earth, and she lay dazed for a moment. Finally, she regained her senses and started trying to rise once more.

But before she could stand, it was upon her. She felt its surprisingly warm hands lock around her wrists, pinning them down to the ground, then felt its weight press against her. She urgently tried all she could to break free. Despite her shocking strength, however, no amount of kicking, tugging, or squirming was loosening its hold on her.

"Help," she cried out, desperately. "I can't handle this thing!" she clung to her facade, even when there was little chance someone would hear her. Suddenly, one wrist was freed, but before she could push herself up or find a grip on the monster, she felt its fist slam into her head, then felt her head slam into the ground again.
Her vision swam with stars, and the pain was unbearable. She was too dazed to notice her hands were free, and the weight that forced her down lessened. By the time she gained her senses, however, her wrists werPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You switch tenses from past to present, but it's good.


When I started the fic I wrote in past tense, but overall I switched to present later on. I always struggle to stay in past tense when I go back and work on stuff, ha. Thanks, though!


Terminal Fist Butt-Fuck
by Regis

“I have to tell you," Billy told Jackson, "I have no problem putting the rocks to kids. Having a cuddly naked little girl lying with you in your bed, bouncing on your prick, or kneeling down screaming as you drill her up her asshole is fantastic, something you’ll never forget. Driving your cock into her until she screams while you hammer the head of her uterus with your rigid prick is an amazing feeling.

If you’ve never tried it, you should. Once pretty little girls are properly trained they always give amazing sex. Best of all, in nearly every situation, they have no idea who you are, in their eyes you’re just another dirty old man, so they are never able to come back and bite you.

“A buddy of mine has an operation set up on the top three floors of an adults-only condominium downtown. He takes in street kids, or ‘borrows’ them from homeless single mothers, cleans them up and trains them, and for $500 you can fuck kids seven to ten years old. Most of the kids are girls, but little boys can be had by those who favor them.

“That’s not all, and this is really over the top. For only $2,500 he’ll set up a client to off a kid in a special studio or in his special dungeon room, everything provided. I get there at least once a month, but I’ve never done a kid, I mean like killed her. I’m not into that shit. What I say is let the little cunts do each other.

“Let someone else do the dirty work, or even better, for my taste, let the little cunts do each other. I prefer watching that. Either that or have a client who gets off on that shit do her. Offing a kid is a badass thing to do, but it’s interesting to see. I’d never do it, but I’ve paid to watch a few times.

“Once I watched when a client paid $5,000 for a pair of 8-year-olds to fight each other, armed with the small blades open on jackknives. The hot little cunts were high on speed, and they actually managed to kill each other! They were a lot more aggressive than they were good with those little blades, and it took 45 minutes before the 2nd one died.

“Organized kid fights are not that rare, believe it or not, but this was special. I couldn’t believe them letting a fight between little girls go all the way to a fucking double kill, but I’ve got to tell you, it was super hot and I loved it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

“One of the most unusual demonstrations I ever saw was done in a phPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Interesting that the one guy casually started jacking off while the other spoke. Thought there mightve been a fuck scene or something


It was all about what was in his mind, the locus of erotic passion.


E-Sarah, PM me on dolecttish.com



done Regis ;)


Got it and replied.


Testicle Pregnancy: A Miracle of Modern Medicine

"Welcome! Welcome to Ordinary Daytime Talk Show!"

"I'm your host, Opal Winters, and do we have a show for you today!"

"Originally, we had an entirely different topic planned for today's episode. However, when we learned of an incredible new discovery, and the amazing people behind it, we knew that we just had to share their story with you immediately!"

"As I'm sure many of you know, the specter of cancer haunts nearly everyone's thoughts these days. It affects one in three people during their lifetimes, so even if you are fortunate enough not to be a victim of it yourself, you're sure to know people, probably many people, who haven't been so lucky."

"My first guest today is on the front lines of the battle against this deadly scourge. She is a researcher and scientist at the Geminine University of Medicine, head of their experimental cancer research laboratory, and, as you'll see from today's show, an brilliant woman responsible for one of the most fantastic, and potentially revolutionary, discoveries in modern times."

"So, please, help me welcome Doctor Jennifer Washington!"

Thunderous applause greeted this, as a woman, dressed in elegantly casual clothes, walked on to the set. She was smiling widely, and waved cheerily at the audience as she made her way over to the show's host. She was a fit, slim woman of good health and vigorous energy. She looked to be in her late thirties or early forties and unabashedly confident about her age, judging from the small amount of un-dyed silver threads running back from her temples into her long, dark hair.

"Doctor Washington, welcome!" Opal said, as she shook her guest's hand and motioned for her to sit.

"Thank you, Opal. It's great to be here, and, please, Jennifer is fine." She replied, smoothing her clothes as they both took their seats.

"So, Jennifer. Can you tell us a little about what you do first, at your research laboratory, before we get into the main reason you're here today?"

"Of course." Jennifer said, smiling at the question.

"Just as we women must always be on guard for breast cancer, examining ourselves regularly," she said, laying a hand lightly upon her own chest. "so too must men Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Then the host of the talk show frowned, a thought suddenly occurring to her.

"Wait a moment." she said, thinking. "If Beverly's DNA fertilized a million different testicle cells, each of which was a precursor to a normal sperm cell, wouldn't each embryo have slightly different genetics, different DNA, from Victor?"

"Yes, indeed." Jennifer agreed, nodding. "Victor's DNA is made up of half of his mother's DNA, and half of his father's. When a new sperm cell is made, it gets a randomized assortment from both these sources, which means that every sperm cell, and every sperm precursor cell, has a unique set of DNA. Combining all these different cells with half of Beverly's DNA resulted in millions and millions of unique embryos, each of which was competing with all the others for space and resources."

"So.. what, they fought each other?" Opal asked.

"Sort of." Jennifer replied. "At first, they simply grew, and those embryos that were able to grow more quickly, either through luck or innate ability, soon began to crowd out their slower siblings."

"Were all of these embryos compatible with each other?" Opal asked, fascinated.

"Most were not." Jennifer answered, shaking her head. "However, just as in our own society, the ones that could work together fared much better than the ones who couldn't. Eventually, after about two weeks, the cooperative groups resolved themselves into two extremely large embryos, one in each testicle, made up of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of different cell lines."

"I seem to remember that we did a show several years back on people who were made up of two or more separate lines of cells. I believe they were called.. chimeras?" Opal asked.

"Yes, that's the proper term for such people, Opal." Jennifer answered, nodding. "The new embryos in each of Victor's testicles were a sort of super-chimera. It was at this point that the struggle between the cooperative and the lone wolf cells truly became a fight. Once the new chimera embryos came into being, began growing, and eventually started differentiating, they began to see every other cell line not involved in the process as outsiders, a threat, and began attacking them. Every cell line that wasn't either Victor's own or a part of the growing embryo was isolated,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Of course." Jennifer said, rocking Violet back and forth slightly.

"Victor's reaction to the surgery was quite extreme. Did you elect to do that procedure without painkillers, as well?"

"Yes." Jennifer answered. "Once again, we were unsure how anesthetics might interact with Victor or the girls, and wanted to take no chances."

"I see. And Victor's reaction, to when Doctor Amari was handling the newborns while they were still connected to him. It almost seemed like he could feel her touching the girls, most especially when she shocked them into taking their first breaths." Opal said. "Is that normal? Pregnant women can't feel what their babies feel, can they?"

"Now, that is actually a very interesting question." Jennifer said, looking thoughtful. "Victor reported, both during his pregnancy and afterwards, that he could indeed still feel what was happening to his testicles, even after they ceased really being his reproductive organs and had become growing fetuses."

"We think that when the super chimera embryos were destroying their competition within Victor's testicles, they didn't target any of his own cells in the same manner. That means that, even as they began to differentiate and grow into true fetuses, they still had a network of living, active nerve cells within them, separate from their own developing nervous system, passively sending Victor sensory information. Most of the original structure of Victor's gonads was pushed aside by the expanding fetuses, but, for whatever reason, the nerve cells seemed to be excepted from this process. They remained and were incorporated."

"Victor said that he could even feel it, both through his own flesh and theirs, when the girls began moving of their own accord." Jennifer finished, grinning. "Near the end of their gestation, he said it sometimes felt like they were having a wrestling match in there."

"Fascinating." Opal said. "Is that why he reacted so strongly to having the umbilical cords cut?"

"Yes." Jennifer said. "What looked like umbilical cords were actually the blood vessels, as well as sperm and nerve cords, that had originally connected Victor's testicles to the rest of his body. The blood vessels had greatly expanded, to accommodate the increased demand for resources, and the sperm cords atrophied nearly ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


... This one was strangely satisfying, and I don't know why. Maybe the detailed sciency bit got me, maybe the story itself (yada yada for plot), maybe the form of the narrative. I'm not even into castration or anything close to it. Anyway, good read!


Awesome combination of sci-fi and fetishy body horror...


I was a 14 year old boy. Tall and lean. I was told I had matured quickly. I was lean but with a decent amount of muscle. Skinny, but not stringy. I spent nearly every day tending the fields with my father. My mother had passed when she gave birth to me. My skin was bronzed from the sun and body toned due to the nature of the labor. I had yet to experience the pleasures of a girl but occasionally I would sneak up to a particular cliff and watch girls who were slightly older than I was bathe in the pool below. It was magical. I would often rub myself while imagining kissing them. I wanted so badly to touch them, but while I was attractive, I was quiet and shy.

It was a July morning, when my dad woke me up early. "Wake up boy! We've got a summons to the castle." I quickly got out of bed and threw on some clothes. "Grab the wheat we've got in the barn and load it onto a cart." I did as I was told.

We made our way into the city and up to the castle gates. The guards were very tall muscular men. They were meant to inspire intimidation. On the front side of the castle was a grand stage. On the stage sat various instruments of public execution. There were gallows, a block, several impaling poles, and a guillotine. The guillotine looked modified from others I had seen.

We left our cart at the castle store yard and made our way into the main courtroom in the castle. Many farmers from all over were already there. From what I could tell it was a mass collection of supplies for the castle as a tax for using the land. I was much younger the last time we came and don't remember much, but I remembered staying overnight in the city.

We found a seat and shortly the proceedings began. A skinny bearded man was explaining to the farmers what was expected of them and was babbling on about percentages and numbers. My eyes wandered to the front of the room where I saw the king seated at his throne. He was a large angry looking man. To his right was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, the princess. She had long flowing hair, soft skin, large blue eyes, and a body that took my breath away. She had to be about 17 or 18. I must have stared for far to long because I noticed horrifyingly that she was staring back. I dropped my face immediately to the floor and flushed red in embarrassment. I slowly looked back up and she was still staring. Then, something unexpected happened... she winked at me and smiled. I dropped my face again in disbelief. Was sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ch. 1

Rahul’s birthday gift
“Yes! Yes! Rahul harder, harder!! ”, screamed Sapna “OOH! Mom, here it comes!!” screamed Rahul. “Do it baby, fill your mother’s pussy with your hot, white spunk my son!” she screamed in throes of passion. Not needing anymore encouragement than that, Rahul emptied his balls into his mother’s overflowing snatch. As both mother and son came together, they kissed each other deeply, exchanging each other’s saliva. As they slowly calmed down, both were panting from the intense lovemaking session that they just had.
Rahul is a 21 year old guy. He is fair skinned, well built and muscular. He is studying electrical engineering at a college in his town, so he was able to live in his home. Sapna is Rahul’s mother. She is an obstetrician and gynecologist, currently working in the local city hospital. She is a fair skinned woman, 42 years old, fat, huge tits which were 44ddd in size and long black hair that flowed right up to her knees. Even though she is fat, she isn’t ugly. In fact, because of her beautiful baby face and huge tits, she looks like a bomb.
The mother and son pair moved to the city of dolcett nearly 5 years back, almost 3 years, after they had begun this phase of their relationship.
Lying down beside his mother, Rahul looked her in the eyes, “Mom are you sure about this? Absolutely sure, that you want to do this?” he asked her, as he slowly teased her huge, right nipple, from over the thin blue salwar that she was wearing. Sapna looked right back into the eyes of her son “I think I have said this a hundred times by now beta [son], I am sure about this.” “Knowing, that you might not survive the night, mother?” Rahul asked her. “You have already told me everything I needed to know beta, I am not going to change my mind about this.” she said, with a most determined look on her flushed face. “This is going to be the last time I ask mom,” Rahul said in his most serious voice, “I am ready son” said Sapna.
With an almost sad look on his face, he kissed his mother deep and said, “Goodbye, mother…” Suddenly, Sapna felt a pang of cold fear, “he might actually kill me…” this sudden realization took her unprepared. “Happy birthday son,” she said and then whispered “and goodbye.”
It was almost 6 months back, that Rahul, upon entering his room, found his mother using his PC. As he slowly tip toed into the room, in order to surprise her, he noticed that Sapna was watching one of the snuff movies that he had kept in Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hahaa not bad, but I was hoping for a killer other than the son! Nice story btw, hope 2 see more!


nice story, but please try paragraphing better. Sorry, I'm a snob when it comes to writing.


Incest and snuff its a rare thing and i love it everytime i see it.I also like your style.I would also love to see someone stalking and attacking the mom and son couple, a maniac or neibhors maybe, as an alternate plot.Gj btw!


The snuff movie entertainment park (cons, snuff)

"Hi I'm Tanya and I will be your guide through our park", the naked attractive bimbo with GG tits smiles at you. "The rules are simple. You can do whatever you want to every women and they all do whatever you order them to do. There are different studios with different settings. There is a filming crew in every studio for the technical stuff, eg. cameras, audio recoding,... and you can chose from an incredible large number of actors and statists to use however you please. I see you chose the Roman setting for your first scene, so let's go there".

The actresses for the big battle scene had already prepared and got dressed. On the one hand where the "Romans", athletic women with Mediterranean features and big boobs wearing nothing but having huge shields and sword as well as helmets. A centurion, even taller than the rest of them, additionally wore a fancy thing on her head and was shouting order in Latin. Following the order the "Romans" placed themselves in different formations. There were around 50 of these Romans.

On the other side of the studio were around 200 women from Germanic tribes, all naked, more than 6 feet tall and huge boobs. They had different weapons from axes to maces. They did not fight in formations or anything fancy like that, they liked to prove their manliness, eh womanliness by charging at their enemy without fear. As Tanya explained the numbers were chosen in a way that the battle was fair, the Germanic women had to make up their lack of discipline with numbers. They were preparing themselves for the battle by shouting and jumping, working themselves into a frenzy.

You walk over to the Germanic tribeswoman an ask one of them to suck your cock. She dutifully takes your cock into her mouth. You take the sword she lay next to her on the floor and just while your cock is in her throat you cut through her throat (below you cock of course). While cutting through her throat she makes gurgling noises and her feet start to trembe, but otherwise she dutifully holds her position. You throw her head into the group of frenzied German women, encourage them to fight like beasts and paint themselves in the now dead women's blood.

Via loudspeaker you also tell all women that they will be expected to fight until all warriors of at least one faction are dead, but when there is a loud signal ,they should stop in their track. Then you give the signal for the fight to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The ninja scene looks promising. I hope to see more, i.e., the narrator coming inside the impaled ninja's wound.


The ninja scene looks promising. I hope to see more, i.e., the narrator coming inside the impaled ninja's wound.


Should have fucked her with the lit bunsen burner






I performed an autopsy on the body of ANILINE, CAROLINE L. at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases

In London, England on the date of October 31, 2009 @1430 HOURS.

From the anatomic findings and pertinent medical history I ascribe death to:




Anatomical Summary:

I. Pulmonary edema

II. Anorexia Nervosa (clinical).

III. Cachexia

IV. Distended abdomen

V. Dehydration

VI. Liver necrosis and enlargement

VII. Leukopenia (found on microscopic analysis of bone marrow)

VIII. Distention of intestines


External Description:

The body is unclothed and un-embalmed and is that of a well-developed, frail 20 year old pale white female which measures 5 feet 11 inches in length and weighs 95 pounds. The body is at room temperature. Rigor mortis is not present. Liver mortis is in the dependent portions and is unfixed, blanching with pressure. The hair is dark black. The pupils are widely dilated and are round, regular and equal. They measure 0.6cm in diameter. The eye-colour is green. The nasal cavity is clear. The mouth is clear. No abnormalities are seen. The teeth are natural. The ear canals are clear. No injuries are seen of the neck. A small superficial abrasion measuring 1/4 inch is seen over the left breast. The abdomen is extremely distended. The female genitalia reveal no evidence of injury or disease. Multiple needle puncture marks are seen on the thighs bilaterally. The legs show no evidence of injury. The toe nails are unpainted. The arms are thin. An intravenous needle is present on the left arm. Fresh needle marks are seen in both wrists and on the back of the right hand. A superficial abrasion measuring ~1/8 inch is present on the back of the left hand. The finger nails are long and are painted black. The right hand shows minor desquamination.

Internal Examination:


The scalp and pericanial tissue reveal no evidence of injury or disease. The skull is intact and shows no
fractures. The dura is intact and shows no hemorrhages, either extradurally or subdurally. The arachnoid is thin and transparent. The cerebrospinal fluid is clear. The arteries of the circle of Willis have their normal anatomic distribution and reveal no arteriosclerosis. The brain weighs 1100 grams and shows no focal alterations of the surface layers. On multiplPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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