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The story goes something like this...
A girl gets a job to clean a lab for a scientist. She walks into a tube to clean it but the door closes and the scientists younger daughter shrinks her. Then takes her and plays with her like a doll. The scientist daughter ties up her breasts and eventually bites them off.

Anyone remember this or know where it could be found would be much appreciated.



Awesome thanks!


Rin was a good child. Loyal, obedient and trusting of and to her guardian. An innocent, if somewhat clumsy soul to whom the many terrors and tribulations of the world were rendered as little more than inconveniences in the face of her beloved mentor, guide, and protector.


He was the opposite kind of creature, murderous, rapacious, elegant... cruel. In both name and nature, cruelty he exemplified, save with the singular exception of his childish companion. He loved her like he loved nothing else in this world. And he knew that even her innocence could never protect her forever from the darkness which was his true dwelling place. But he also knew that whatever she became, whether she recoiled in horror from him or embraced him still ignoring what he truly was, that she would never break. It was the supple durability of her spirit, battered and beaten but never, not even in death, broken which drove him to her.

This was why, when the first time that he had brought home with him a woman to satisfy his demonic hungers, that he had expected a far different reaction to what he was dealt. Realistically he knew that he could have done the deed elsewhere, out of her sight, out of the way to keep her from possibility of turning against him, but Sesshomaru was a proud creature, hiding his nature a thing as foreign to him as flight was to the vast majority of fish in the ocean.

“Sesshomaru?” she asked, innocent eyes gazing with pity upon the naked female form huddled against the wall sobbing, “What are you going to do with her?”

It was not often that the demon dog would speak, much less explain his actions, but Rin was a unique case. She was a special precious thing to him, she worshiped him as the parent, a father, whom she had never known, and a creature closer to him than any other being had ever come.

“This Sesshomaru nears his time. The woman is here to relieve his hungers,” he spoke, the calm clear and heavy tones of his voice echoing about the chamber. The woman curled tightly into a ball, her sobs covering the room. She was a young thing, not much more than 4 or 5 summers greater than his own charge.

To his surprise, Rin did not flinch from his announcement, instead the nine year old girl moved over to embrace her trusted protector.

“Will she suffer?” the little girl whispered, remembering from long in her past the day of her death. The cries of wolves as they tortured and savaged the living abPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lunar Eclipse (Loli, torture, rape, cannibalism, oral, anal, snuff)

It was his secret, dark and terrible, a burden which he could not share. On the nights new moon he became a man, on the nights of the fully moon he grew closer to a beast... but in the time of an eclipse, Inuyasha could not be anything but a Monster.

Eclipses of the sun were fine, they gave him a boundless hunting spirit which he expressed in gleefully chopping down any youkai which he could find nearby, never a hard proposition and with the rarity of the Sun dark times, he could excuse the urge as merely coincidence while his friends were near.

But there were other times, time far more often when the earth darkened the moon from the sun... when the eclipses of the moon shook from within the opposite end of his bestial self. Where the Darkness of sun would force him to hunt those of his youkai half, on occasion within the darkness of the Moon, Inuyasha would find instead of the vaulted transformation to his fully human form... he would find a hunger, deep and wild for the human form. It had been a long, long time since last he had felt the beginnings of his horrifying predatory urge, but he knew it could not last. And thus when finally it came upon him like a great storm, he would absent himself from the company of his friends least he begin to see them for the tender morsels that they were.

Hunting at such a time was always far too easy for him, the ability to close massive amounts of distance in leaps and bounds, as well as his inhumanly sensitive nose would allow him to find and take prey. His raids quiet, precise and practiced, and he was like a deadly breeze, there in one moment, the gone the next. This night he had struck it lucky. A woman, traveling lightly with a girl child not more than twelve years old, hurried along old forested trails smelling of hope and desperation. The woman was quite lovely, not more than 28 years of age her black hair hid amoung the shadows of the night, but the sunburned complexion spoke of her work in the outdoors. Her child was a cute black haired, doe eyed affair, the blackness of her eyes swallowing the night. It wasn’t far from the Mother’s target of a nearby village that Inuyasha found his way through to make his ambush. Snatching her and the child up in a single movement, she never even had the chance to scream before the Hanyou smacked her, a solid blow across the head removing her from consciousnessPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Annnnndddd found the other one.


edgy boiiiiiiii

innocent lolis not comprehending eternal torture!

what are you, 13?


Not actually sure what you're trying to say?







It was noon, and the waves lapped at my toes as I walked along this stretch of coastline. I was wearing light blue bikini bottoms and my favorite Joan Jett tanktop.

This was my favorite spot on the beach. I usually had it all to myself. So I was surprised to see a figure in the distance. he was wearing a black speedo, and nothing else. the closer I got I could tell he was reasonably fit. not muscular, but not flabby either. A very attractive man. As I got even closer I began to notice that those weren't speedos, but in fact hip hugging black panties. They weren't frilly, so they could pass as a speedo, but I could tell. I could tell too that he had no bulge. I mean, none at all. Was he tucked? Was he an F2M? Was he simply unlucky at the genetic lottery? As we came closer and closer to crossing paths I could not break my gaze as I wondered.

"Hey, my eyes are up here" he said, as I realized we were now standing right next to eachother and my curiosity had been exposed.

"um, I... uh... sorry?"

"HAHA, it's okay, really. Most men don't mind a pretty woman staring intently at their crotches."

Still embarrassed, but glad that he cut the tension I continued,

"well, it's just so, so..."


"Well, yeah." surprised that he wasn't ashamed.

"Hehe, its okay, I get that alot. However, it's a bit more complicated than that..." he gently took my hand, and placed it on his groin. Normally I'd get very upset, but my curiosity had taken full control of my faculties. It was smooth. There was almost nothing there. no penis, no testicles. Just mostly smooth flesh. I did feel what I thought might be some sort of very short nub, and a bit of a vagina-like cleft, but nothing else.

"You probably have some questions, don't you?"

"Yeah, what happened? Was there an accident? are you a transman?" I said blushing.

"Well first, it's not completely gone. It's merely been altered. I'm still sexual, just in a different way. More like a woman, but like a man too."

"So it's a pussy?" I asked. Not realizing my hand was still cupping it, I began to tickle it with my finger absent-mindedly.

"mmm... not quite..." He pulled my hand off, lifted the front of his panties, and moved my hand under the fabric. Now I could feel something. It felt like a very wide clit. It had a hood that ran down and became unusually large lips. But as my finger explored further, thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.





Yeah....it's true. All of it. I was in the Poker Club, and during the weeks I played with them I was good and made a name for myself. But that's skipping ahead a little too far. I am about to graduate from college now, and have earned my degree, and so that time in my life is just one of those things that I just don't like to think about anymore. Still, it was a hell of a club. Now that I've left them I've gone on to other things, and cards don't even interest me anymore. Still, it was a hell of a time too; a good time even, and without any question those poker games were the best I ever played. Now don't look at me like I was someone evil, or did something that another man wouldn't have done. I'm not that different, and I really haven’t done anything that was that radical. But poker fucked up my life, and I guess the story is worth telling.

Yeah, yeah...the questions are always the same. My name is Jared, and I was a jock. I can say that without bragging, because it’s true and all of my friends would agree. And yes, it happened to me. But still, the questions linger, and I’m sure you are curious. I know, why would a guy ever bet his balls in a game of cards? And how could a man castrate someone and get away with it once it was done? Well, I know too that you're thinking that if I cut your nuts off then you'd go straight to the police. Perhaps you would. Perhaps you wouldn't. The only way to really know what you would do for sure would leave you with an empty space beneath a soft cock hanging lifeless between your legs. So, well, don't judge me. You have no idea.

It all happened two years ago, during the fall semester of my sophomore year at the university. I was twenty, and cocky as hell, a college stud who was into fucking the girls and I was having the time of my life. I've got bright red hair and vivid blue eyes that sparkle, with freckles on my face, and I was built and had that perfect body that all the girls crave. I liked to lift weights, and while I wasn't big or really muscled, I was well-toned, with a firm body and a flat stomach that was laced with horizontal lines. Being a red head, I didn’t have much body hair, except for the thick red patch above my cock and two small circles under my pits. That, and a very slight dusting that covered my legs. My chest was smooth, and I could get by shaving every other day. I liked my body, and I was proud of it and I liked to show it off and use it to get tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I asked around the dorms and thought of pawning something, but I really didn’t have shit that was worth very much. The next day, Monday, the deadline day, I went to the credit union and was there as soon as it opened. They laughed at me when I tried to get a loan. Hell, I didn't even have a job. Next, I tried the “Advance Payday” places, but of course that didn’t work either. After that I just had no idea what to do. I was really in the dumps then, but even so I attended two classes and begged my professors, but again I got two lectures that I didn’t need and no money for my efforts. My mind wasn’t on studying that’s for sure! After my last class and around one in the afternoon one of my drinking buds jokingly recommended I call up Jennifer Torrance, because she was well known to be from an affluent family and she had always had a reputation for being a bossy rich girl. She also had a reputation for being a loan shark of sorts, and right now I needed the money from wherever I could find it.

He laughed when he had made the suggestion of course, and I knew he was joking. Jenny and I had gone to high school together, and even back then she was a girl everybody laughed at. My buddies and I called her the “Rich Bitch” and she sure had a reputation, but back then it had nothing to do with money. Supposedly she had paid guys to take her out, and it was rumored she had once offered the school’s quarterback a grand if he would fuck her. Needless to say, she was also known as the class slut. Consequently, I didn’t appreciate my friend’s joking suggestion, but I sure as shit was desperate and it did put the thought into my mind.

Jenny knew me, and that wasn’t exactly in my favor. She had once tried to get me to go to a Sadie Hawkins dance when I was sixteen, but at the time I had just laughed it off and walked the other way. She tried again my senior year, and that time she asked me in front of my friends in the school hallway. I don’t know what she expected me to say, but when I replied I was more than cruel. I called her a “Fat Ass Rich Bitch” to her face and I sent her away in tears. My friends had laughed at her as she ran away, and at the time I thought it was funny as shit. For sure I wasn’t about to date her in high school. In fact, I didn’t know anyone that would admit they had ever dated her, much less fucked her, and so I sure didn’t want to call her now.

We definitely weren’t friends, and never had been, and I didn’t see how I could juPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


And so after that I was really pounding her pussy, and as I did I felt her fat snatch as it enveloped and gripped my cock. Even though she was very overweight, her pussy was tight, very tight, and the way her pussy was squeezing my big dick felt incredibly good; surprisingly so. Even so, the truth was I felt used, and in some ways it was the worst fuck of my entire life. But in other ways it was the single most intense fuck I had ever had. She was extremely wet and so turned on my cock was sliding easily within her well lubed hole, and so in spite of her extreme tightness I was soon pulling almost out and then driving into her balls deep, doing full strokes and really pounding her pussy. It felt like the walls of her virgin cunt were literally massaging my dick as I pumped in and out of her, and the feeling was incredible. But no matter how hard I fucked her she wanted it faster and harder and as deep as I could go. And the strange truth was that she was so slippery and so tight that her cunt felt better than any pussy I could ever remember fucking before.

“That’s it Jared…fuck my pussy. Yeah! Harder boy…fuck me harder damn it! I want it….yeah…that’s it. Yes! YES! That’s it, fast and deep! Yeah. YEAH. I want to feel your big nuts slapping against my ass. Yeah. That’s it! Give it to me. God your cock feels good! Come on stud, give it to me! Oh fuck…FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK! Yeah, give me your load Jared! I want to feel you empty your balls and fill my pussy with your spunk!”

She talked like some porn star or something, and she was ordering me to fuck her exactly as she wanted. I had always been in control when I had fucked a girl, but I wasn’t now. I felt like she owned me. She was ordering me and I was doing what she said. The weird thing is that part of it was a huge turn on in a strange kind of way. It was almost like I was her fuck toy, and she was in total control. I was being paid to do it, but of course at that point I still didn’t know how much. All I knew was my performance would dictate the amount, so in a very real way I was being graded. Shit! But even so I did her bidding, and as I pounded my cock in and out of her hairy hole and watched her two giant water melons bounce and quiver as she felt my thrusts, she just stared into my eyes and kept ordering me to do what I was doing. And as she did she seemed to savor the moment. She was clawing at my back with her fingernails, and my body was soon slick with sweat as I worked my polePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Then she added: “I know you didn’t want to do me, but you did. And I was tired of being a virgin. Now that I’ve had a stud’s cock, I am going to want it again. Nobody else will fuck me, and I like being fucked. So, make a decision, and either take the money or don’t. You whored yourself out, not me. But you got off, and you certainly shot a big load, so clearly you weren’t too grossed out fucking the fat girl. Well, don’t worry. Nobody will ever know you’re fucking me, much less doing it for money, unless you tell. But if you try and get out of our contract or if you avoid me or cheat, then I’ll make you infamous on Facebook. If you skip out on me before June I’ll ruin you. So, it’s your decision. Take the check, or leave without it.”

I took the check. Fifteen grand is a lot of money, and the “job” was potentially a way to make some real money in a few short weeks. And with the twenty I had in the bank, and the fifteen she was loaning me, if I added my truck to the pot I had enough to pay off Henry. I figured that ought to make him very happy. By a miracle I had basically come up with a way to pay off the debt. But of course now I felt like a whore, and in a way I was. I was a prostitute; a gigolo. A male whore. Who would have thought? Oh God….Jenny owned me now! And how long would it take me to pay her back? Oh God…could I really do what I was committing to? I felt so ashamed at that point and I was of course scared shitless my friends would find out. But there was hope now too, and I had the money now to pay of the debt and that should get Henry off of my back.

After Jenny gave me the loan and I finally got out of her dorm it was ten minutes past nine pm and I was suddenly rushed. I had no choice but to skip the shower and go direct to the warehouse, and the traffic was terrible and the trip took me over an hour to get there.

On the way my heart was pounding, and as I drove I was screaming at the idiots on the road and the slowness of the traffic, but there was nothing I could do to get there faster. Well, Henry would just have to be patient! I had the twenty grand in cash in my backpack, and a fifteen-grand check from Jenny to hand over to him, and then there was my truck and I planned to sign over the title as well if he needed to be paid in full tonight. So, I had the bet paid, and if I fucked Jenny often, I could make some real money and get back on my feet. Things were looking up!

As I was driving to the warehouse I was fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


He leaned over and spat on it....letting the drool from his mouth fall down and wet my stub of a pole. As he did he said: “I can see you are terrified Jared. Hell, you are covered in sweat, and you look like you just ran a marathon. Well, I suppose I would be terrified too, if I knew I was about to be castrated. But you bet your balls, and lost, and you should have known this would happen when you made the bet you couldn’t cover. I certainly gave you enough warning. Right now, I think it’s best for you just to calm down, and relax, and let me nut you. Sometimes it’s just better to accept what has to happen.”

No! God no! His words once again got me to struggle, and I jerked against the ropes and arched my back once again, but it was a hopeless gesture and after another few minutes of uselessly struggling and pouring out more sweat I fell back again until I was flat on the table, the air rushing in and out of my nose as I gasped for air. Every muscle was hurting from the intensity of my struggling and the truth was that I was more scared than I had ever been in my entire lifetime.

As he was talking to me he was holding my cock, and he leaned over and added more spit to it, and then he started to rotate it in his hand and slide the skin up and down along the length of my shaft. Even though I was petrified and had fucked a pussy less than two hours earlier, and in spite of the three plus shots of high-class booze that was messing with my head, my dick started to stiffen anyway, the way it always gets hard when it’s getting attention. I stared at him as he worked my dick, and I grew harder and harder as his slicked up fist worked my rod up and down. As I became boned, he said: "Yeah....I thought you'd get hard if I played with it. You’re a hell of a stud. In spite of you being close to losing your nuts, your cock doesn’t care, and instead it’s just rising up and getting hard and eager just from the chance there could be sex in the air. Something sure is exciting it! Maybe your cock is eager for your castration to happen, even if you are not? Yeah, you are one very hot twenty year old! Jared, without a doubt you are a truly a stud.”

Then he smiled, and said: “You know, I ought to just nut you right now and collect the bet you lost, but well, I’m not in that big of a hurry. And looking at the panic in your eyes I figure you don’t want me to rush to get it done either. So, since neither one of us is all too eager for me to start cutting, I thiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Then without another word he laid the sharp steel right up against the skin at the top of my sac, just between the two rubber donuts that were squeezing the top of my scrotum closed. I tried to struggle one more time, pulling against the ropes with all of my strength, but the ropes were tight and the four goons were still pinning me to the table with their full body weight. I couldn’t move at all! Oh GOD, he was going to do it! I didn’t want to lose my balls!

He looked at me, and our eyes locked, and then as he stared into my soul said: “You made the bet kid. You knew your balls were on the line but you made the wager anyway. Well, you lost. Losing always hurts, but hopefully the half glass of booze you drank will help make it bearable.”

He grinned then, and I felt him pull outward on my scrotum a little harder, and then I could feel the sharpness of the blade resting against the bunched up skin at the top of my sac. He hesitated, and let the moment linger, between a debt owed, and a debt paid. Between me being a man, and being a sexless neutered nothing.

Then his eyes sparkled, and he winked at me, and as he did he started to saw the razor back and forth, very slowly. He clearly wanted to drag it out, to make me feel it for a while as he was castrating me. Or perhaps he just wanted to savor nutting me? What I know for sure is that I was screaming, but the socks that were stuffed in my mouth muffled it. He didn’t care about my struggles or screaming, and instead he just ignored me and worked his blade, and as he was doing that he was grinning the entire time. I stared into his face, and I noticed some of my semen that was drying in the corner of his mouth. He looked into my eyes then as he castrated me, and as he was making the cut he said: "Yeah...oh yeah Jared.....this is very hot. You've got a big sac boy....a lot bigger than the other boy's I've cut. I'll always prize having it and for sure I'll never forget you. Too bad for you that you dared to play cards with the big boys."

He then looked up at his friends who were holding me down hard against the poker table and grinned, and then he said "This is fun.....Jared sure doesn't like losing his balls, does he?"

The men watching were grinning too as I was being castrated, and one of them said: "Nope. He’s struggling with every muscle in his body, and I don’t think he’s enjoying this nearly as much as you are Henry. Well, you warned him. Wonder what his girl will say whenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.





Uncle Jim was my mother’s half-brother. I was just thirteen when my father left us and suddenly he was always around. Although he was seemingly eager to help and support us, I found him a little creepy. This podgy figure with slightly receding greying hairline would hug me a little too long and on occasion I would be aware of him being sexually aroused. Then slowly, as I got older and more confident, I felt a sense of gender superiority creeping in and brushed off his grubby groping with overt distain.

I’d just turned sixteen when he started making innuendos about my reaching the age of legal consent. Then the touching became more intimate. I’d smack his hand away but that just appeared to encourage him.

“Is everything ok, with you and Uncle Jim?” My mother asked one day.

“Fine.” I said. I didn’t want my mother to know the truth as she trusted him and he did do a lot of odd jobs about the house.

Finally, one day he arrived when mum was out and I’d just got back from tennis. I was wearing a short sports skirt and I could feel his eyes tearing it off. “I’ll just get changed.” I said turning to leave the lounge.

“No, come here.” He murmured and took my arm, pulling him to me so that I could feel his hardness. “You’re very sexy.” He growled.

“Fuck off.” I snapped and tried to pull away.

“Now, now Ariadne.” He hissed in my ear. “That’s no way for nice girls to talk is it?” And he rubbed himself against my hip. “Would you like some of this?”

“Touch me and I’ll cut your balls off.” I spat.

“Ooh, yes, I’d like that.” He snarled, and pushed me onto the sofa. “It would be worth it to sample your delights.” And fell on top of me.

I thought it would be easy to stop him, but he was stronger than I thought, deceivingly so, and with his hand around my throat he tore my panties off with his other and I felt his hard member pushing its way into me. “I’ll tell mum!” I said.

“No you won’t you little tramp. I know you’re no virgin.” And started to thrust within me.

“Make me pregnant and I won’t have to cut them off, mum’ll do it for me.” I cried.

The thrusting grew more urgent and suddenly he withdrew and I felt his ejaculation splatter across my stomach. Gasping he took his hand from my throat and pulled away. “Yeah, yer right. Next time I’ll use a rubber.” He muttered.

I lay with my legs open, skirt around my waist, not ashamed nor humiliaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


An excerpt from Lami Pi Productions
by Regis

Jackson was careful in serving only select clients who had their
hands clean, with no criminal records or having any known
connection to organized crime. On the other hand, having had
many meetings with them and having served their human
transportation needs for years, he was certain some of his
clients were Mafia Dons.

After all, the slave trade, whether it be white or international
cunts, would be a fundamental moneymaker for the Mafia, and
Jackson was certain the mob controlled all of the areas where
the quiet movement of humans would be valuable, such as
prostitution and the production of violent and possibly deadly
child pornography.

Two of his special customized containers bearing restrained
and anaesthetized human cargo were due to arrive in San
Francisco from the Philippines. They contained a fresh
shipment of 48 beautiful young females of various ages, about
half of the shipment consisting of delightful pre-teens, age 12
and younger.

His packers had informed him 6 of the girls were American, 18
were Europeans, all taken captive in either Manila or Jakarta.
The remainder or the girls were classic young Pilipino
beauties, several of them children as young as 6 years old.
Jackson knew the consignment would end up at a private
country club, one that with good reason privately referred to
itself as the Cuntry Club.

Their destination would be at the Club’s private resort in the
hills of Southern California, just over 100 miles northwest of
Los Angeles. Jackson had been a guest there at an event a
couple of years ago, an experience in which he got to practice
his horsemanship.

It was incredibly rare that anyone was ever invited to attend
an event at the Cuntry Club, as it was necessarily very private,
but because of the services he provided, Jackson had earned
special standing with a couple of key members, including the
Club’s president.

The invitation surprised him, but he was happy to accept. The
man who had invited him arranged for Jackson to be picked up
and taken to the Club’s estate by his personal chauffeur. He
was given a riding outfit, and joined a group of a dozen Cuntry
Club members on what they called a Doe Hunt. Only members
got to carry rifles.

A tall, lanky 14-year-old girl, naked except for a deer tail stuck
to a postPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great piece thanks. I would like to be a member of that Cuntry Club. Glad to see you back here.


@Anonymous - The Country Club has a couple of openings, and here's how to join:

Put $500,000 cash in a briefcase and have it with you;

Obtain a feisty 8-year-old girl you can safely travel with;

Contact 3 members of the Cuntry Club willing to sponsor you;

On a public park bench put the child on your lap and anally rape her; and

At the Club facility, during your introductory banquet, strip her naked and impale her.

That's how easy it is to join!


The ‘Aa-hua were an all-female civilization with limited contact to the outside world. In the following excerpt, an anthropologist describes one part of their prison system.

* * *

… This next section is markedly less accessible. There is no stairway or ladder to go back up; it explicitly requires physical cooperation from above in order to exit. Personnel are forewarned that this floor and below will not be evacuated in an emergency.

The prisoners in this section are known as “the ones whose urethras burned.” They are kept in long narrow cages, on their backs. Their wrists are bound to one end of the cage, and their ankles to the opposite end. Within the cages, they can barely move. Unlike the general population of prisoners, they do not wear a shred of clothing, save for a tight-fitting cloth sack over the head. Tied off at the neck, it covers all but the prisoner’s mouth. These prisoners who could not move have no need to see. Packed within inches of one another, they experience the worst parts of both of solitary confinement and overcrowding.

One of the few degrees of freedom allowed to the prisoners is that they can thrust their hips upward. This movement is a critical part in managing their body waste. For while imprisoned as “one whose urethra burned,” it is impossible to urinate normally. In order to rid the one’s bladder of urine, there is a convoluted mechanism built into each cage.

First, a rigid metal collection tube descends from the top of the cage and is kept buried tightly in the prisoner’s urethra, blocking the urine from escaping. This tube has a small opening on its side of its tip. By thrusting her hips up against the top of the cage, a prisoner can cause the tip of the tube to penetrate into her bladder, allowing urine to flow into the hole. It is only by voluntarily raping their own urethra that these prisoners can ever relieve themselves.

For the best-behaved prisoners, the collection tube is smooth and narrow. Sometimes the prison guards modify the tubes to be more punishing. For minor discipline, they force the prisoner’s hips down to expose the tube, then rub an irritating substance on the outside of the tube, such as chili paste. For more lasting abuse, the guards intentionally damage the tubes, such that they become bumpy and crooked, in order to make it more challenging for the prisoner to accept into her urethra. And for especially detested prisoners, the guards wind rough fiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Lovely story, especially the end


Always glad to know that someone found it worthwhile to take a look. >>9895, thanks for replying. You’re two for two now!

Part of the fun is trying out different formats. This one is meant to be something like an article you might find in an old academic journal. Some of the “scenes” would have worked well in a traditional narrative format too, but I think this is nice. I typed most of this on my phone during a long bus ride. It would be embarrassing if someone saw, so I should be careful.

This story explores the idea of drawn-out death, taking place in the presence of persons who do nothing to stop it. I find that very exciting, so I tried to develop a few in this story. I hope you like them too.


The clinical detachment makes a nice change of pace from the normal fare here. Plus, lesbian prison snuff!


Hey guys! This is my first attempt at writing snuff or things like scat or piss, so tell me if you like it or how I could improve. This first chapter is just a prologue before the real snuff and killing begins so you could skip this if you’re reading after the first chapter has come out. I will also be taking suggestions on writing other scenarios with the cast of RWBY (female centred only) like toilet stuff or gore on it’s own or together like this story. I will only be writing the suggestions after I’ve finished killing team RWBY with the grimm in this story, but go ahead and type them so I can see if I like them and plan ahead. Also fair warning the actual snuff chapters won’t be as long as this prologue as I really wanted to set up the scenario and the background as much as I could with my limited writing experience (it really shows.)
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Ffs continue this story


Finish this story


Please finish!
Wanna see Weiss get brutally fucked to death by the trio of Minotaurs!




First time posting on Guro Lit. Got a little hot and bothered after reading a few of the more... prominent pieces here and decided to make one of my own. Noticed a lack of necro here. Well, that's not good. Time for an intervention.

Tags: rape, ryona, snuff, necro, teen, loli, breath-play more to come...

xxXX Tit for Tat XXxx

Part 1

The Rusty Nail was an old bar, with a rundown and dilapidated exterior that belied a warm and tastefully decorated interior. There were two floors in the bar; the ground floor for casual patrons and people looking to get drunk, and the first floor for patrons who had a little extra coin to afford the peace and ‘service’ that awaited them. Usually, no-one would ascend up to the second-floor without paying first at the counter lest they get kicked out.

You walk in, coat soaking wet from the rain outside. You take it off and hang it on one of the provide coat racks before walking to the counter.

People whisper at your back when they think you aren’t listening. They call you names. Titles earned from your line of work. You have many, but one in particular sticks out; Hellbound. Not because you had some kind of hellish power at your beck and call. No, it was because your soul was bound for Hell when you one day die.

You’ve come to accept it. It was an inevitability when working as an assassin. Killing people was a sin and sinners go to Hell. If that was the case, then you’d have some fun before your time was up.

The barkeep sees you and points a finger up to the second floor. A customer. Goody. You ascend the stairs and a barmaid leads you to him.

Or rather, her.

Your latest client; a redhead wearing a dress and corset showing off her eye-catching curves and bountiful bust. Her slate grey eyes see you, and you see them glint in arousal as she looks over your frame. You sit down across from her, arms crossed patiently on the table.

“…Are you the Hellbound?” she asks. You nod, not bothering to say anything. “You look less intimidating than I thought you would be. And far more dashing, as well.” She licks her lips. “I am… Well, you may call me Ann. And I have a job for you.” The woman places a piece of parchment in front of you. On it is a name and directions. “I assume you are familiar with the tiny ball of fat and bastardry known as Count Lobreck?”

Count Lobreck. One of the assistant administrators of this province, he is a small man with Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You pad up the stairs quietly, bloody hands leaving behind red smears along the walls. Blood drips down your clothes and equipment, staining the fine carpets red. Your boots leave behind bloody imprints on the tiled floors. You glance at the tracks you’re leaving behind somewhat worriedly, then decide that you’ll have to get a new pair of footwear once the job’s done. Can’t have assassins sent after you because your victims’ next-of-kin managed to identify you, after all.

You reach the third floor and hear the sound of women giggling. You crouch and move to the source of the sounds, preparing your crossbow. They lead you to a spacious bedroom, full of fluffy stuffed animals, a dresser overflowing with frilly dresses next to a study table laden with books and pictures of people, and a large bed. On the bed are several naughty far too big for any child to use.

Unless they were adventurous and or brave.

The bedroom is connected to a slightly open door where steam wafts out. From the open door, you hear more giggles and a few squeals over the sound of splashing water. A bedroom with its own bathroom? Damn, the Lobrecks must be richer than you thought.

Ah, so the girls were talking a bath. And with hot water, too.
Good. You have to wash off the blood sooner or later and it comes off easier with warm water.

You pad over to the candles and blow them out one by one. With the room darkened, your bloody bootprints would be hidden long enough for you to act. You tuck yourself into the dresser, draw a knife, and wait. A few minutes later, the giggling and splashes stop.

“Wha- why is everything so dark?” you hear a voice ask. It was young and high pitched, likely a child. The target.

“Did someone leave a window open?” another childish voice says. Wait, two children? You were told there was supposed to be one.

“The windows are closed, so it couldn’t have been the wind…” you hear a more mature voice say. A maid. “It must have been Hailee. Damn that girl, playing pranks at her age… I’ll light them back up, wait here you two.”


“Alright, big sister.”

Big sist- Ah, so one of the maids was a child. The Lobrecks must’ve hired her to keep their youngest company.

You hear footsteps approach and you hold your breath. They pass you and rummage through the table next to you. A chance.

You open the dresser a crack and peek out. You spot the maid, her back to you as her hands work Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Whew. Took me a while, but I finally did it. Man, I suck at writing loli guro. Guess that's what happens when someone tries to do something they aren't interested in.

Oh well, what's done is done. Tell what you think, and let me know if you guys want more!


I love it, although loli isn't really my thing either :P Hoping for more.


Wow some great stuff, long anticipated and didn't disappoint. Loving the creativity with the victims like the young maid, and hey the entire loli part fit nicely as well. Since in the end it tied in by being part of the orders, if the ol assassin was more simple and straightforward about it things would've been fine as well. Would love to see more, this is quality.


in case anyone missed the detail, reason for maid in the beginning asking for towels was the kids in the bath and head maidish character was shoveling coal to keep the bath hot. Way to go with the plot coherence :OOO


Your dragon and you couldn’t have been happier. It’s been months together, and in that time he’s been nothing but sweet, and gentle, and loving in every way a dragon can. He brings you treasures from other hoardes, dresses you in fine cloaks from old kings, and tells you stories about the centuries he’s lived. He’s been a lonely one all his life, but with you he lights up and scampers like a pup, always excited to do everything he can for you. He doesn’t even mind his hoarde anymore, opting to sleep with and around you instead because he tells you you’re his only and greatest treasure. But dragons have to eat and he doesn’t want to spend a moment away from you to hunt, so when he finds out about your ability to grow back from any injury and your eagerness to be his meal he jumps at the opportunity. He’s always nervous about it, because he fears for your safety, but as the sessions become more common, he starts to be more and more aggressive.
The latest time, he started by thrusting his tongue into your hole, using the tip of his nose to rub gently at your hooded cock between pumping his thick, slick tongue deep into you. Then you feel a warmth at your entrance followed by a searing sensation as liquid fire pours into you, instantly cooking your cock and innards with a smell of smoke and cooking meat. It doesn’t hurt, not much, but it feels so *damn good*; you can barely manage a grin at him because your body is quivering from the pleasure and warmth burning through your hips. He returns the smile, his reptilian, slitted eyes and grinning bony skull showing nothing but affection and adoration for you, then withdraws his tongue from your smoking, cooked hole. He opens his mouth again and a tremendous wave of fire engulfs you like a gentle, passionate hug, and you coo and moan and though he can barely hear it above the sound of the flame pouring from his throat, the sound of your arousal and happiness encourages him to share in those sensations.

When the great wave of flame is finally done, you can see his cock protruding from his sheath, glistening at the tip. You want to go over there and help him, to suck it and feel it pound into you, but you’ve become just a charbroiled human boy - a delicious snack for your monstrous lover. Fortunately, he knows what you want, and as he begins his feast by biting down on your now supple and giving belly and tearing out a loop of your intestines, you can feel his monstrous cock resting on your pelvis, grindinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I know it's an outlandish request, but any chance of a followup where the man eats the dragon instead, maybe through magic enhancement to their stomach and teeth (but not size)?

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