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Tell me what you think. A lot of what I do is furry right now.


A little fox girl sits in a closet. She's comforted by the close walls. Her tail is hooked up between her legs, her knees curled up into her chest, and in her hand she slowly inspects a silvery, dark revolver, twirling it around in her soot black paws.
"I... don't know if I want to do it any more."

She speaks for the rabbit boy that stands outside the closet door, his hand on the wall and his expression a snarl as if he's waiting impatiently for the bathroom.

"You're in a lot of pain because you're a fox right?" He says

"I guess." She replies.

"It's not going to get less painful if you wait it out."

"Maybe... I could..."

"You can't be a vegetarian and a fox." He says. She doesn't reply, so there's an awkward pause and he wonders if he's losing her. "You already ate meat, your parents fed you when you were a kid. So there's no going back." Still very much a kid now, the little fox girl starts to cry. She's done nothing but cry for two days, cry and hide in this closet. It makes her feel even worse when she thinks about the fact that that's all she's done.

"I'm nervous." She squeaks out.

"Would you be able to do it if you were looking at me?"

"I... maybe."

The rabbit boy opens the door. She's taller than him, but he looks much bigger as he stands, towering over her form which is balled up against the back wall of the closet, framed by adult clothing hanging from a bar. She shyly looks up at him.

"Do it. Now."

There's a bit of hesitation, it's quiet. The girl takes the revolver up towards her neck. She points it in at herself. There's a explosive sound that shakes the closet walls. It's louder than she could've imagined. The rabbit boy smiles, the fox herself is driven deaf by the noise.

The rabbit watches blood pour out from the fox girls neck. It bursts out of her in red waterfalls at first, and she coughs and scrambles randomly. She tries to leave the closet, and the rabbit boy pushes her back, slamming her against the wall. Blood splattering from the hole through the side of her neck and painting the wall in big red circles.

"No, open your mouth. Do it like we planned."

Blood now seeps from her neck in rhythm with her heart beat, trickling out and then flowing out and then returning to trickling as her confused heart wastes blood by pumping. She can Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Good story I hope there will be some karma in the future for the Rabbit maybe a fox girl bites it off. I just love a good karmic justice ending.

You said you alot of others are they on here under the same name Guiltstar?


Inkbunny.net/guiltstar is where I keep my stuff lately.

This is basically my first story, what I do mostly is art. I'm glad you like it and I very well might make more, especially if I get comments.


Guiltstar! I know you! Might remember a certain squirrel with a superhero complex on f-list. This is a pretty good first story, for sure. Look forward to seeing more.


definatly sexy. especialy love that the bunny boy explicitly recives no cumuppance.... would be hot to see him destroy other pred fems.


With both a Persona 5 and a Persona 4 story, it was inevitable that I'd also write a Persona 3 story. A lot of thanks to Blau Sturm for the story idea and discussing it a lot with me.

Gekkoukan High School Reunion

Part 1

Yukari Takeba pulled a pink sweater on over the white shirt she was wearing. She stopped for a moment, wondering how Mitsuru had managed to find the exact model she used to wear 4 years ago, when the two of them were still students at Gekkoukan High School. The short black skirt she had on was also similar to the one she wore back as a student, and so were the black stockings that reached to her knees.
She was currently alone in one of the private rooms in a building owned by the Kirijo Group. The whole building was now the site of the Gekkoukan High School Reunion – an event organized with the resources of the Kirijo Group by Mitsuru Kirijo. People who went to Gekkoukan High School at the same time she did were finally given a chance to reunite in one big gathering. And to witness a grand performance – in which she’d play the main role. She blushed as she thought about it, and that’s when Mitsuru walked through the door.
The ex-Student Council President also wore clothes similar to what she did when she was a student – a white blouse and a longer black skirt, along with black knee-high boots. The whole meeting was her idea – as was the performance the two of them were about to give. When Mitsuru first proposed it, Yukari wasn’t sure, but after she convinced her it would give them a chance to reunite with their leader, who sacrificed herself those 4 years ago, she immediately agreed.

“Are you ready, Yukari?” Mitsuru asked her, and Yukari replied with a smile. “Of course, let’s go!” Yukari jumped from her seat and followed her redheaded friend through the door. The pair walked through a few corridors towards the main hall, until they ran into a group of former Gekkoukan students. It was a trio of men with their cocks out, and Chihiro Fushimi on her knees in front of them. She still had a black skirt on, but the top of her uniform lay discarded on the ground near them. She was sucking one of the men off, while her hands were giving the other two handjobs. By looking at her now, no one would be able to tell that those 4 years ago she was afraid of even talking to men. Of course, that girl was long gone by now – Chihiro replaced Mitsuru as the Student Council President after she graduated, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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For anyone not familiar with the game, the her the story's referring to is the player's character - she dies at the end of the game.

Gekkoukan High School Reunion

Part 2

Aigis looked at her friend sitting next to her on a bed. They’ve watched Mitsuru and Yukari hang, but after they finished Fuuka just kept staring at their bodies on the screen. She still wanted to go through with her own death – Aigis already asked her that much, and it broke her away from just looking at the screen.

Suddenly, Fuuka got up and walked towards her.
“Let’s do it!” she spoke while grabbing Aigis’s hand.
“You first need to get ready, Fuuka.” Aigis told her, and Fuuka froze in place. She realised she needed to undress herself before they began. Because she knew that before, she didn’t bring her school uniform and instead just wore a white sundress and a black pantyhose underneath. Her boots were standing next to the bed.

Since Fuuka wasn’t moving, Aigis decided she had to act. “Don’t be shy. If it makes you feel better, I’ll take off my clothes too.” She spoke, and eagerly pulled down her black skirt, then grabbed the hem of her shirt and took it off, too. Her robotic body was quite modified for the event, and Fuuka’s eyes widened as she saw the realistic-looking nipples on the sizeable breasts Aigis had now. Fuuka moved her eyes downward, and to her bigger surprise she saw a vagina between the robotic legs.

“Your body, it looks different now.” Fuuka commented as her eyes immediately snapped away.
“I asked for a few modifications so that it fit in more with the theme of this event.” Aigis replied, moving her hands towards her breasts. “They should give me the same feeling any human would feel. It just felt appropriate to do this.” Then she moved her gaze back towards Fuuka. “It’s your turn to undress now.”

Fuuka nodded to show that she understood, and her fingers went towards the front of her dress. She quickly undid all the buttons, and pulled it open, revealing her small breasts. She pulled her arms free of it and let it fall to the ground. After a quick pause, the blue haired woman grabbed the seam of her pantyhose and pulled it down her legs. She got it off her feet, then took a step forward and looked at the table in front of her. At the knife that was waiting there for her.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Not bad, but what about Saori's severed arm? I thought she would play with it. At least it deserved a mention being put away from the table (or, if Saori put it from the table's side, laying on the floor beside her head).
Also Aigis's reasoning to kill herself sounds so sad. But apparently there'll be another part on Elizabeth and Margaret, who sound pretty casual about is, so I'm looking forward to it.


At first I wanted her to play with it, but I wanted her to be a virgin so I decided against it, and then I just forgot about the arm. And I felt a bit bad for Aigis while writing this part – she loves the player’s character in game canonically, and with the setup in part 1 she couldn’t get a happy ending. One might argue that her suffering makes her death all the hotter though.
As for Margaret and Elizabeth – they’re incredibly powerful, so dying isn’t that much of a deal for them. I think you’ll like the way I’m writing Margaret. Thanks for replying!


Here comes part 3!

Fun in the Velvet Room

Elizabeth watched the screen with increased interest. She was sitting on a couch in the Velvet Room, and the screen was showing her the body of Aigis as it was being used by some man. Her gloves were laid out next to her, and one of her hands was buried beneath her dress. She was moaning as she used the hand to touch herself.
“Hello, sister. What are you doing?” Margaret, Elizabeth’s sister, asked her the question as she suddenly appeared next to her on the couch.
“One of our old guests just committed suicide along with a few of her friends, and I’ve been watching them. It proved to be quite… entertaining.” She answered without stopping the rapid movement with her hand.
“I see. Do you also wish to do so?” Margaret asked her sister, and when she received a nod in response, she smiled at her. “Then I’ll be joining you in that.”

“Thank you, sister. But before we start, there’s something else we have to do.” As Elizabeth said that, she stood up from the couch and pulled the hand out of her pussy. She gently placed her hat on the couch, then bent over and grabbed the hem of her blue dress. She pulled it upwards, and she quickly took it off. As she was pulling it up, both her wet pussy and her moderately sized breasts were revealed since she wore no underwear. Then she sat back down and pulled the blue knee-high boots off. She put the clothes down on the couch, completely naked except for her blue hat which she put back on.
“Why are you taking your clothes off?” Margaret asked her, unfazed by her sister’s sudden nudity. “The girls I’ve been watching did so too, and I want this to be similar to what they did.” Elizabeth replied, and Margaret smiled again. “I shall undress too then.” She undid the belt of her high-cut blue dress, then pulled the dress upwards. She kicked the high heels off her feet as she did, and she put the dress over her sister’s clothes after she got it off. She sat down and took her black tights off, then looked at her sister. “Are we going to get started now?”

Elizabeth didn’t answer her. She sized up her sister’s breasts, noting with satisfaction that hers were still a bit bigger, then moved her eyes down to Margaret’s snatch, confirming her sister still wore no underwear. She then moved closer to her, and placed the hand that was already stained with her juices over Margaret’s pussy. She moved her face closer to her sister’s and leaned in for a kissPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I had fun working on this with you!! :D

Even if I mostly provided feedback and ideas, I really enjoyed working on this.

I'm looking forward to our next one, and I'm on the relevant doc for conversation purposes. :)


I went for a Heroes-verse take on this, working off of Zephiel running across the woman who attempted to kill him. Who knows how death works in that world, honestly, but hey.


While the Askrian keep that held the Order of Heroes was massive, it was inevitable that Heroes from all times and worlds would have a chance of bumping into each other. Usually, this was no issue. At times, however, sparks would fly. And at other times still, the absolute worst would come out in those who crossed paths.


Those with more villainous natures, when not on the front lines under Kiran’s orders, tend to stick to themselves, in the less populated areas of the keep. Zephiel is one who sticks to his isolation with a fierce tenacity, only seldomly backed up by his former subordinate, Narcian. Today is one such day, and the two walk the halls in silence, taking in the nostalgia of each other’s presence. Until, however, their peace is disturbed.

Another disreputable Hero is making her way down the hall toward them, and the sight of her causes Zephiel to grind his teeth. The former king had survived countless attempts on his life, the most prevalent of which was his own father’s attempt to poison him. But another that always stood out in his mind was the Blue Crow’s attempt to end his life.

And now, by chance, she crosses his path. Either this incarnation of Ursula hasn’t failed in her attempt to assassinate him yet, or she simply doesn’t recognize him after his many years of training and growth.

“Narcian,” he growls, keeping his voice low. “What say we have some fun here? I have quite a bit to pay this wretched woman back.”

“Gladly, milord. Things have been far too boring for Narcian’s taste of late!” the Wyvern Lord answers, still showing reverence to the man who once gave him his orders. That is, to his face, at the very least. Zephiel is not a man one wishes to anger, with his tenuous grip on sanity.

And yet the very sight of Ursula, the Blue Crow has enraged him. As their paths converge, the two men spread out, blocking the blue-haired assassin from progressing any further.

“What is the meaning of this?! Is there some grievance between us?” Ursula asks, her tone demanding. “I’ll have you know, harassing an assassin of my caliber does not end well.”

“Quite the tongue you’ve got there!” Narcian says, “But you should really watch how you speak to your betters.”

“Betters? You two?” she scoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great writing Buzzard ^_^


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!


Outnumbered and cut down again

I love it


I just realise now that absoulte amazing opportuities Heroes offers so many grudges left unfinished, and repeatable

Thank you for opening the door


A request from a friend, Maribelle's attempts to intercept Plegian soldiers goes even worse than in canon.


“Plegian troops, crossing the border to pillage and loot? I hope your captain understands this is an act of war!” Maribelle says, tall on the back of her horse. The rank and file soldiers look up at her, dazed by the noble’s sudden appearance.

“And who’re you to stop us?”

“A noble of Ylisse! I demand parley, before you take any more innocent lives.”

Another soldier steps forward, a bit better groomed than the others. Taking him for the captain, Maribelle turns her horse to face him.

“Are you the one in charge here?”

“Yes. So if you've got something to say, spit it out. We've got orders to follow, after all.”

“I'll do nothing so vulgar as ‘spit it out,’ we're talking life and death here! You and your men had best turn back for Plegia, lest you bring war down on all our heads,” Maribelle says, hoping to appeal to the men's reason.

“Gangrel wants war. And if we know what's good for us, we want what the king wants,” the man says, shaking his head. “‘course, a noble bitch seems like a much better target than some stinking village.”

It takes a moment for his words to sink in, and that hesitation would spell disaster for Maribelle. When his men grew so near to her, she isn't sure, but their hands around one of her ankles, tugging her from the back of her horse. She falls to the hard earth, tangled up in her saddle, and the sudden commotion is enough to spook her horse. Her mount flees, leaving the noble dazed and immobile.

Worse yet is the group of Plegian soldiers surrounding her, distasteful expressions plain on their faces. She struggles to rise, extracting herself from the tangle of rope and leather that is her now-useless saddle.

“What do you think you're doing?!” she asks, incredulous.

“A declaration of war, like you said. This is easier on us, and likely to be a lot more effective anyway.”

“W-what are you referring to?”

“Raping and killing a noble, and leaving her mutilated corpse practically within sight of her keep? Even your peaceful bitch of a ruler can't stand for that.”

Panic seizes her heart. She turns, frantic, looking for any opening, and when finding none, bolting for the smallest looking enemy. With a shove, however, she's sprawled on her back in the center of the circle. The captain moves first, straddling her.

“This'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You know that used to be my thought but kids today are really more mature sexually its actually rather scary. Still dumb as kids but with the sexual appetite and knowledge of a sailor on shore leave


Is it a theme in fire emblem for pegasus knights to get taken hostages again


Well they do tend to be royalty the ones that get caught and the ones we save are either the guards of royals or last of their unit kinda like Cordellia and Syrene so they make good targets and are or used to be all female till Fates. Honestly would probably be easier to catch and hold a pegasus knight than a wyvern rider


You talking bout Tana, she was so close to being murder and after being told not to go by everyone


Yeah Tana that trouble maker she got good later but took so muc hto just rescue her


I wrote this after some talk in the 2d board for fire emblem. Someone mentioned wanting to see Gray strangle Clair, and... I can't draw, but I can write!


Gray finds it harder and harder not to resent her. He confessed, he poured his damn heart out to her, telling her he loved her… and was told never to speak with her in response. Clair, who always speaks her damn mind, no matter how much it hurts. Clair, who he can't even think of without shaking, without getting angry.

Yet, she's so infuriatingly gorgeous he can't help but think of her. Before, he wanted her to be happy. Now, he wants her to hurt like he does. The villager lies awake at night, thinking of it. Of how badly he wants to hurt her. Of course he feels awful about it, but the desire doesn't fade.

And each night, it gets worse. Eventually he can't even try to sleep. Instead, Gray paces the camp, trying to keep his mind on other things. Trying to keep his thoughts away from making it so she can't speak to him. From her face, twisted as she gasps for breath. From his hands, locked around that slender, pretty neck. So alluring, so fragile…

And suddenly, Gray notices where he is. A very familiar tent is before him, dark, its entrance unguarded. He knows she's asleep inside, not a worry in her head. She can just cast him out, throw him away, and sleep like a baby? It isn't right.

Before he can stop himself, Gray is lifting the flap of the tent. He leans in, gazing at Clair. The light of the Moon makes her radiant, as she sleeps, her hair sprawled out beneath her head. That neck, so enticing… her chest, rising and falling with each breath, while he suffers under her words.

He can't take it. Gray steps in, crossing to her bed. He lowers her covers, slowly, so he doesn't disturb her. In the dim lighting, he can still make out her curves under the thin night gown, and he wishes things could have been different. He feels a stirring of arousal, and Gods does he wish it was different. But now, this is the only way. He'll win. Clair will be his, and no one else's.

So he climbs into the bed, straddling her. Each of his legs pins one of hers. The weight causes her to stir, to open her eyes and see the dark outline of her uninvited guest. Before she can scream, however, his hands clasp around her neck. It's so thin he can easily wrap his fingers around it, and squeezing feels so natural. Her hazel eyes go so wide, when she realizes her breath won't comePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you kidding? I love incest. And honestly have considered writing Luthier x Delthea anyway. I'll take a crack at it.


I await with baited breath


This gonna be good since she thinks everything she does is gold let me see that golden stream


Nice work I honestly cannot wrong Gray for this nobles tend to need to get strangled more often I say


Thinking about that I thought Fernand was going to kill Mathilda when he switched sides.


Hello! I'm Lilac. I've decided to start posting the short stories and drabbles I've written and am writing to the public! Feel free to critique and comment! In any case, I hope you enjoy the stories!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Chapter 1: Black Hats

M/F | Snuff | Non-Con | Shooting

Twin black hats rode on a train to the lawless west. The first and the second were practically identical in clothing and appearance, resolving to change in the same room even. Though the former had only just arrived, the second was a seasoned veteran. He had snuffed a generally large sum of his hosts in his time and was one to brag back home. His feats were only brag worthy in the sense that he had gone farther than anyone in the house, be it a good or bad run, and in secret, he was hoping that his sister would change that.


“I’m still so glad you’ve decided to go black hat with me,” Leonard said giddily, bouncing up and down the street. Erin hated it. He generally made an ass of himself, but this was too much, even for her. “No one comes here to do good, trust me! Those who do only do it because their family is watching or cause that little nazi killing zealot inside hasn’t smashed enough fucks over the head with a bike lock!”

“Glad to see you’re having fun, Leonard…” She replied, following his lead and tying her own honey colored hair back into a bun before placing her stetson over it. “I’m more here to prove to you that not everyone is a goddamned sociopath once left to their own devic-” Air leaves her stomach in a hacking cough as a stray bullet in a showdown slammed into her gut. The lithe blonde fell to her knees, blue eyes wide as she dug into her black blouse for a bullet wound she couldn’t find. She blinked, tapping the flesh until a grape sized welt appeared on her stomach, denoting a hit.

“The guns can’t hurt guests, sis,” He chortled before grabbing his twin by the shoulders and picking her up. “Now… Go on to the Mariposa. The family that tried their hand against Bethany failed and ran off. I wanna have a go,” He tipped his hat and walked twenty paces away from a brunette with dazzling green eyes. Bethany, as her brother put it, was dressed in a checkered shirt, crossed and tied back to expose a toned, tanned belly. Leather chaps lingered over light brown leather boots the same tone as a the handkerchief over her mouth and the brown of her hat. Erin let her feet go stable under her as she jogged to get closer to the bar but still in view of the show down.

“Bethany! Do you remember me?” Leonard called, hands cupped around his mouth. “Robbed a bank or two together? All Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great depiction of violence and suffering in this. I want to write something with violence too.

I didn't realize that this was based on a show until after I read it. Thanks for including enough explanation about how the premise works.

What did the Nazi bike lock thing refer to?

It's nice to see siblings that get along and can play together. I'm happy for them.

Does "The lanky blonde" refer to Leonard?


Rural Laws

When I stop the Jeep, Tanya’s wet little mouth slowly slides off my cock and she looks up at me with a grin.

“That’s just a preview, you know. Just make sure I can show you the rest.”

Her perky little tits have been on display since we left the ranch, but as she climbs out onto the low grass her bikini bottoms follow, dropped on the passenger seat. Her slit is hairless as she turns to let me see, and glistening slightly with her excitement.

“So now I’m a trespasser.. Five minutes, we said that, OK?”

And then she is off, running lightly over the firm surface like the young athlete she is. Not quite twelve, and getting off on being hunted by grown men. It’s a strange world, but I can do nothing but shrug and start my preparations. It’s taken me almost four hours this morning to locate the kinky little thing on the net and pick her up. I hope it won't be a waste of time.

By the time I have started the vehicle and reduced the distance a bit, she is almost a kilometer out on the prairie. A bit closer and I see her looking back at me, finding a bit of extra speed, but she is clearly nearing the end of her endurance, hair lank with sweat, drops glinting in the sun as they fall. Just as I like it.

Time to engage cruise control before I stand up to get a better view. Forty meters now, one hand on the steering wheel as I take aim. A neat line on her tanned skin, from her perky bubble butt up along her side, eight red spots blossoming in less than half a second as I let the .22 sub drift up.

Tanya drops without a sound, slowly rolling onto her back with her legs spread as I stop the Jeep beside her. I used squirrel rounds, of course, to avoid an instant kill, and her wet cunt squeezes me nicely as I lift her hips and press in my cock, still slick from the blowjob.

I hear a bubbling breath when I lean forward to squeeze her tit. Her lips are flecked with blood and saliva as she looks at me, frowning.

“Idiot, I liked you,” she manages.

I shrug, of course, and press the gun up under her chin.

“Love you too, baby!”

The twitch and clench of her cunt as a single shot blows out the top of her head almost makes me cum, but I let her body grow limp before I fill her up.

Pictures for Instagram then, face up, face down, and tied to the hood of the Jeep before I drive back to the smokehouse. Worth the effort, this one.


This is good. Short and tightly written, self-contained, and sexy.


You're a really good writer and I enjoyed this tantalising taste. Hope to see more. :)


A shame it's so short. I would have liked a little more detail, but still not too bad.


Loved it. Short, to the point.
Specifically I loved the age of the girl, the direct way in which you snuffed her, and how the setting worked perfectly with the story. You are an excellent writer and I look forward to more from you.





Angelina sat beside her brother Marcus in the waiting room, her underwear damp with her juices, his cum still leaking from her pussy. Their mother was sat beside them looking up the the LED display waiting for their names to be called. None of them said a word to each other.

Marcus sat with his head hung low trying not to thinking about what was about to happen. Angelina was looking around the waiting room at all the other boys and girls, wondering why they where here. She briefly made eye contact with another girl a little older than herself wearing a low-cut top, who was sat the other side of the room with her mother. Their gaze was almost a sympathetic one, they both knew each others tender flesh would soon be going under the knife.

Angelina watched as another teary blonde haired girl and her mother emerged through a door back into reception. She could tell that walking was causing her some discomfort, the girl didn’t look at anyone as her mother lead her over to the reception desk. Angelina listened into their conversation.

“How are you feeling now?” The receptionist asked.


“Well that’s what happens when you can’t stop touching yourself,” her mother snapped.

“They ruined my pussy. My perfect pussy,” the girl sobbed, wiping away her tears on her sleeve.

“Well the soreness will go in a couple of weeks. And you’ll get used to the smooth look eventually, it might look a mess now but once it’s healed it’s going to look so clean and tidy,” the receptionist said handing her an information pack. “If you have any questions just call out information hotline,”

The girls mother took the pack and thanked the receptionist, she then lead her daughter slowly out of the building.

Angelina was now more worried and anxious than before. When the display bleeped she almost jumped out of her skin, nervously she looked up. Much to her relief it wasn’t her name on the screen. She looked around to see who it was, the girl she’d made eye contact with a few minutes earlier and her mother stood up.

“Mum please I don’t wanna,” the girl said sounding really afraid.

“I don’t care what you want Rebecca, now come on,” she said taking the girls arm and dragging her off practically screaming through the door.

Angelina looked at her older brother, he was still just looking down at the floor. She wondered if he was feeling as nervous as she was, he must havPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


bump. castration is pretty far from my thing, but the setup you have is very cute. I picture the same vibe but ending in snuff! thanks for a fun little read! <3



Yep! Snuff and non-con!!!


This time I wrote a Persona 5 story. While my Persona 4 story was mostly cons this one is non-con. Part 1 features Ann and Makoto dying and Part 2 will have Futaba and Haru.

A Heist Gone Wrong

Part 1

Makoto Niijima looked at the other Phantom Thieves that were with her. Ann Takamaki, Haru Okumura and Futaba Sakura were all waiting close to her and chatting. She looked back at the screen of her phone, and read the message from their leader.

“Okay, so apparently none of the guys can come with us today. Since we are all here, I propose we should go check out that Palace we discussed earlier.” As Makoto said that, Futaba interrupted her:

“Should we do that without Joker?” The hacker asked with a concern in her voice.
“Oh please, we will be fine” Ann replied jauntily.
“I’d like to go too, if it’s okay with you.” Haru joined in.
“If you all want to go, then I’ll come with you. You’ll need me to navigate for you.” Futaba smirked and stood up abruptly. “Let’s get going then!”

The four girls quickly made their way towards their target. After entering the Metaverse they magically changed into their usual thief outfits: Ann wore a red leather catsuit, Makoto into her skintight black and blue bodysuit with a metal chest plate, Futaba into her black and green skintight bodysuit and black leggings, while Haru wore a black corset over a pink blouse, purple bloomers and a black pantyhose.

“Everyone, please be careful. We don’t know what’s going to await us in here.” Makoto reminded the others as they walked into the Palace.

The first few rooms didn't cause them any problems - they simply blew through any Shadows in their path.

"I sense the Treasure fairly close to us. A couple more rooms and we should find it." Futaba reported as they entered the next room.

The room was pretty empty, with no shadows inside. In the center of the room there was a table with a vase on it. On the other side, opposite the door they just came through, there was another door. The walls were all empty, without a single ornament on them.

"Might as well grab that case before we go." Ann commented and sprinted towards the table.

"Panther, no!" Makoto shouted with a pang of fear, and Futaba also asked her to stop: "Get back here, Ann!"

The red-clothed burglar turned around as she reached the table. "What's up with you two? Why are you so fired up?" She asked them before turning bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nice story, and you're welcome.

Looking forward to our next piece. :)


Set to work on our P3 story yet, M?


Anything yet, M?

Apologies if I seem pushy, but I'm really looking forward to working on that thing with you. :)


This is awesome ;)

(Although I am playing the game out of the list of girls I've only met Ann)



I believe you would love this discord board.

It is where guro artists and fans can share and Enjoy eachother


This is awesome ;)

(Although I am playing the game out of the list of girls I've only met Ann)



I believe you would love this discord board.

It is where guro artists and fans can share and Enjoy eachother


Kate And the Family Jewels Club
by Regis

The favorite drink in the bar was called a cuntail, because nude pre-pubescent girls served it, wearing only provocative heels. They were appropriately called cuntail waitresses. There’s no way to know if the drink or the girls were named first. The name came because the very young ladies serving drinks, none yet growing breasts, were far too young to be in a place that served alcohol.

These were not your average grade 6 girls, who never wear such provocative stiletto heels, as these did, and would certainly not in public display so blatantly and aggressively their stimulating hairless little cunts to the appreciative customers.

It was the latest style in an emerging culture that continually pressed the limits of acceptability, and the latest trend, to employ naked little girls in heels to serve drinks proved to be outrageously popular. This was one of the minor changes to what were quite a number of dark activities, undertakings that were not monitored, nor prohibited by a populist and totally permissive new government.

Everyone was comfortably settled and the doors locked. The bar was open, but none of the guests bellied up, because the precocious naked children were serving them. Five nude 8-year-old girls, tall for their age, appeared to be even taller because of the provocative ballet heels they wore.

These shoes forced them to walk on pointe. Instead of clicking like regular heels, these tapped as they walked. These were extreme bizarre shoes with slender spike heels, placed in front because of the acute angle at which their feminine feet were bent in them, heels that provided little balance.

The gorgeous little ladies had either been ‘borrowed’ from their parents, abducted from a park or a birthday party, or had been recruited from a ballet school which was a professional training center, where they had been in residence since the age of 5, brought forward from the National Nursery, and had early along been separated out from the main group to be developed as erotic ballet entertainers.

They depended entirely on their tiptoe skills in walking on their severely arched feet in the skimpy 9-inch ballet heels, a skill only acquired with many hours of practice for weeks, months, years; often with extensive encouragement to their pretty bare bottoms and delicate cuntlets from their trainer’s slashing whip.

The slender young girls were cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you just spend a long time describing long tortures in a dissonant retarded way, and make bad jokes like cuntail, and use preteen characters.


I prefer older bodies and more emotionally mature villains, not idiots who talk and talk without action and describe their deeds in a morally disparaging tone.

Own it. Own the villainy.


I'll bet there's lots of Joker fans out there. Can you find any of his creative work?


Do not bother yourself with Joker, just a bored retard. I loved the story, and I'm in love with Kate, very sexy story, thanks for it!


Kate is an unusual woman, as she views her work as 'normal' and sees nothing disreputable about it. I love that kind of personality and attitude.


I personally thought that story was very good. I enjoy preteen and teen characters and killings. I particularly loved the part about men betting their wives family jewels and not caring if they survived.

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